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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

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                     SHOPS GUIDE
                      VERSION 1

This guide was written by Cyber Predator, who resides at 
http://www.geocities.com/Area51/Chamber/1301 and can be e-mailed at 

This document is copyrighted by Cyber Predator, as of its original release date 
(detailed in the Version Information).  Any entities used in this document that 
are copyrighted by anyone else remains the property of the original owner; Cyber 
Predator is simply giving information about these copyrighted entities that the 
copyright owners aren't making very public.

You may....
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    and/or show it to friends AS LONG AS you don't make ANY money from doing
    so AND you don't leave ANY part of the document out or change anything.
....Use this document to research a guide of your own AS LONG AS you credit
    this document AND specify the author and where a copy of the guide can be
    found in a credits section.

You may not....
....Use this document to make money in any way, shape, or form.  NO
....Distribute this document indiscriminately.
....Make copies of this guide and put them in public places (eg Internet,
    hard-copy game guides) without Cyber Predator's express permission.
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  Failure to observe these guidelines is a violation of international copyright 
  A list of all the websites authorised to show copies of this guide is 
available at http://www.geocities.com/cyber_predator2/games.html#legit

  Please make sure you view this document in Courier New font so the tables and 
lists line up correctly.
  This document uses compass directions to tell you where to move.  Remember: 
north is up, south is down, east is right and west is left.

Version Information
Author's Note

The Dark World

Credits and Taglines

VERSION 1 - 0115 GMT, 7-Jan-2000
  Contains a full list of where shops are in Hyrule and the Dark World, what 
they stock and how much each of those items cost.  Naturally, the copyright 
info, author's note and credits sections are also included.

  As I wrote my complete walkthrough for the SNES version of Zelda, I noticed 
that it was very big....171 kilobytes, to be exact.  In the interests of 
conservation I compressed the full walkthrough, but I realise that not all 
people have WinZip.  For the convenience of those without WinZip, the large 
guide has been broken into several smaller uncompressed documents so you can 
still enjoy the information.

  Scattered throughout both Hyrule and the Dark World are stores with many 
useful items to sell.  Although most of these shops a situated within a building 
of their own, some daring salesmen venture into caves at Death Mountain to sell 
their items there.  The shops of one world usually sell the same wares; these 
'standard' shops are called Goods Shops.
  This guide is written to be used in conjunction with other guides Cyber 
Predator has posted.  If you don't know the location of a landmark listed here, 
look up Cyber Predator's guides to Hyrule and the Dark World to learn where that 
landmark is.

  Hyrule's Standard Shops are located: in the hut west of Kakariko Inn, on the 
north-west shore of Lake Hylia (the cave), and in the east twin cave in the 
western area of Death Mountain.
LIFE MEDICINE: 150 Rupees and you need an empty Bottle to buy it.
BOMBS: 10 Bombs for 50 Rupees.
HEALING HEART: One restored heart in your Life Meter for 10 Rupees.

  The Magic Shop is located in Hyrule's north-east area, along Zora's River.  
You need an empty Bottle in order to buy anything from this shop, and by talking 
to the shopkeeper you'll get your Life Meter fully refilled.
LIFE MEDICINE: 120 Rupees.

  The Dark World's Standard Shops are located: in the house along the Dark 
River, in the house blocked by purple stakes in the Village of Outcasts, in the 
house in the far north between Death Mountain and the Skeleton Forest
LIFE MEDICINE: 150 Rupees and you need an empty Bottle to buy it.
BLUE SHIELD: 50 Rupees, but you can't have a Shield of your own if you want to 
buy it.
BOMBS: 10 Bombs for 50 Rupees.

  The Isolated Shop is the north building between the Village of Outcasts and 
the Pyramid of Power.  Enter the shop by jumping over the fences that otherwise 
obstruct entrance.
RED SHIELD: 500 Rupees, but you can't buy this item if you already have the Red 
or Mirror Shield.
BEE: 10 Rupees and you need a Bottle to put it in.  You can only buy it from 
this shop.
ARROWS: 10 Arrows for 30 Rupees.  You can only buy them from this shop.

  The Bomb Shop is located just north of the Swamplands, in the building that 
corresponds to Link's House in Hyrule.
BOMBS: 30 Bombs for 100 Rupees.  This is the cheapest place to buy Bombs.
SUPER BOMB: 100 Rupees.  You can only get this item if you have cleared the Ice 
Lake Cavern AND Misery Mire.

  The Mountain Shop is located in the east twin cave in the west area of Death 
LIFE MEDICINE: 150 Rupees and you need an empty Bottle to buy it.
BOMBS: 10 Bombs for 50 Rupees.
HEALING HEART: One restored heart in your Life Meter for 10 Rupees.

  All the information in thid guide was obtained by me travelling to the last 
corners of Hyrule and the Dark World and making a note of where to find the 
shops, what they sell, and how much each item costs.

Cyber Predator

"Anyone who seeks fame need only become familiar with all that I have acheived." 
- Claudius Galen
The Force will be with you, always
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