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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

Legend of Zelda - A Link to the Past

(Insert fancy ASCII art here)

FAQ created by Steve Rusher
<< tern@rochester.rr.com >>
Release #1
DATE: 7/31/00


This document is formatted in the same way all of my walkthroughs are.  
Basically, = dividers mean large sectional changes, while - dividers 
symbolize basic sectional changes.  Since this game has more divisions than 
that, * dividers symbolize small sectional changes.  I have inserted NOTEs 
at various places.  Notes are basically my unofficial additions to the 
guide, or things that are critical to your success.  Just read notes, it's 
good for you.  :)

I have also inserted various notes that read: NEW WEAPON, ITEM, or GOODIE.  
These symbolize lines giving info on your new weapon (something that can 
cause damage), usable item (A non-automatic item which can be used by 
pressing Y), or "goodie" (behavior-modifying item).

Long live emulation!  Since many people are using emulated copies of this 
game, I've decided to include a micromanual to assist them.

A - Dash (req. Pegasus Boots), Swim (req. Zora's Flippers), pick up 
    objects, talk to people

B - Swing your sword.  Hold to charge a spin attack, which does about 
    double the damage

X - Bring up a dungeon map (in dungeons only), or show where in the world 
    you are.  Doesn't do anything in caves or unmappable dungeons.

Y - Use your selected inventory item or special weapon

Start - Bring up your inventory

Select - Lets you save and quit at any point in the game

New weapons, items, and goodies will be covered as they are brought up!

ROM Type:  Nintendo Super Famicom/SNES
ROM Size:  1MB
Save RAM:  Yes
Players:   1
Genre:     Adventure/RPG
Publisher: Nintendo of America
Year:      1992

You start off in Link's house, weaponless, with 3HP.  I will use HP as a 
reference to "health points", in which one heart equals one HP.

Link has a bad dream and hears Zelda calling him, then Link's father 
leaves for the castle, with a shield and sword in hand.  After he leaves, 
open the chest for your first "special weapon": The Lamp.  The lamp 
consumes magic energy (also called mystical energy or MP.  I like calling 
it MP.  When I refer to MP, it is based on the assumption that each fire 
blast from your lamp consumes 1 MP)   At the start, Link has a maximum 
MP of 32.

MP CONSUMED: 1/usage
The lamp does no damage to enemies.  All it is useful for is lighting 

Leave Link's house, head right a bit, then up to the next screen.  Go left 
to the castle bridge.  At the end of the bridge is a guard.  Head right, 
following the brick path until you see a bush surrounded by bricks.  Go up 
to it, listen to Zelda again, then pick up the bush to reveal a hole.  
Jump in, then head left.  Talk to Link's father to arm yourself.

The sword is your essential weapon.  You can joust, swing, and 
spin attack with it.

The first shield you get can deflect arrows and thrown spears, but nothing 
more.  Still it's quite useful.  When charging attacks, your shield is 
turned to the side: If facing left or right, the shield is pointed up.  If 
facing down, it's pointed left.  If facing up, it's pointed right.

Go through the door to the next screen.  Head right, killing the two 
guards on your way.  Pick up the jars to reveal a few magic viles.

NOTE: Each magic vile contains 4 MP.  A large magic vile refills your 
magic meter to 100%!

Now, head left, go up the stairs, and outside.  Work your way through the 
courtyard and into the main entrance.  Welcome to the first (and easiest) 

Most enemies here leave hearts behind.  Dying here is a challenge.  :)

Anyhow, from the first screen, head right.  On the next screen, go right 
until you reach a staircase, then go up it.  Head up to the next screen.  
Now, either jump off the edge or go to the top and go down the stairs.  
Either way, take the north-west exit, head left, then decend the staircase 
to B1.

Kill the guard for the key, and open the chest for a map.  Head down.  The 
next screen is a complete one-way path.  Kill the guards, or knock them 
down the pits, it doesn't matter.  Next screen, work your way to the 
north-west exit.  You'll encounter a lone green soldier.  Kill him, then 
go right.  Kill the guard for a key, then open the chest for the boomerang.

The boomerang is a relatively short-ranged weapon for one that has range at 
all.  It only fires 4 tiles.  For the most part, it doesn't do much 
damage.  Usually, it just stuns whatever you hit with it.  If it doesn't 
stun it, it usually deals a small amount of damage.  One of the best uses 
for the boomerang is using it to retrieve distant items.  Items caught by 
the boomerang will return to you, obviously.  The boomerang is, however, 
the only weapon which can be fired diagonally!  Oh, it can knock arrows out 
of flight too.

Anyways, head west, then through the locked door.  Decent the staircases 
until you hit B3.  Time to fight your first boss!

Oh, wow, what a challenge!  There are 3 ways I see to beat this guy:

HARD: Smack him with your sword a lot
MEDIUM: Hit him with your boomerang then hit him with your sword a lot
PATHETICALLY EASY: Hit him with 2 pots and he dies

Grab the Big Key, open the cell and take Zelda with you.  Work your way 
back to the entrance, then just go straight up to the throne room.  Go all 
the way to the top, stand to the left of the shelf thing in the back, and 
push it right to reveal a passageway.  Now the real fun begins...

Rats only do 1/2HP damage when they hit you.  Ouch!  When you enter the 
first screen, head left and ignite the torch to light up the screen.  
Then, head up and ignite another torch.  You don't need all 3 lit, but it 
helps a bit.  Exit is in the upper-right.

Next screen there are two torches, one in each lower corner of the room.  
Kill the snakes (they take 2 hits or one spin-attack hit to kill) and head 
a spin attack, and execute it when those two snakes come down.  :)  Go up 
and the path will fork (sort of)    Head right, open the chest and get the 
key.  Light a torch, then go left and up to the door.  Open and go to the 
next screen.

Go right, light the torch, make quick work of the rats, and head left to 
the next screen.

Now there are two torches, one in each left corner.  I just go for the 
lower-left one, then exit.  The doorway's in the upper-center.

Now there are two torches, one in each lower corner.  One of the rats has 
the key, so kill them all, and exit via the doorway in the upper-right.

No more darkness!  Head up, push the upper-left block upwards, and head 
through the doorway.

Next screen, just exit through the doorway at the bottom.  Screen after, 
pull the right switch.  Pull the left one and a bunch of snakes will drop 
down.  Exit to the Sanctuary.  Whee, that was easy!

Anyhow, open the chest for a heart container.  Leave.

Head west twice then south once to reach Kakariko Village.


Find a house with Link's sick brother in it.  If you don't have any of the 
4 bottles yet, leave his house, then go straight down into the pub.  Open 
the chest for a bottle, then talk to Link's brother.  You'll get a 
bug-catcher's net!

You can have up to 4 bottles at once.  They can contain potions you buy or 
get at various places or stuff you catch with your bug-catcher's net.

Just arm it and use it.  It can't hurt enemies, but it can catch useful 

BEE: When released, it hones in on other enemies and usually kills them
GOOD BEE: Explained in the "secret stuff" section.
FAERIE: Yes, you can catch faeries!  This is VERY useful!

100 Rupees for a bottle.  GET ONE!

There's a building with two doors in the northern end of town.  Inside is 
an old woman.  You MUST talk to her.

Start talking to people in town.  DON'T talk to the woman in the yellow 
dress or the old woman with a veil on and a blue dress.  They will just 
summon soldiers.  You MUST talk to the guy tending the chickens.  He'll 
tell you where the elder is!

That yellow-dressed lady has a secret.  Go inside her house, and pull on 
the painting.  A bunch of Rupees will spill out!

Well, nothing new here except bombs!

Oh, these are hard to use.  You can have two on the screen at once.  After 
a couple seconds, they explode, doing little damage.  They can, however, 
blast open cracked walls.  To test a cracked wall (so you don't waste a 
bomb), clank on it with your sword, or with your Boomerang or Hookshot.  
You can also pick up bombs and throw them.  However, when it starts 
flashing, throw it or prepare to eat explosion.  Yes, bombs hurt you too!

Next to the two-door building with a leaf-covered mini-house next to it.  
Go inside and down the stairs to toy with the old theives' hideout chest 

I've labeled the blocks with letters and the chests as *'s.  Here are your 

   *  *
 *   HI *
J        K

Push G down, F left, B down, A left, C down, D down, D right.  Grab your 

You can also bomb the wall for a PIECE OF HEART.

Stand on the ledge above the well in the north-west corner of the village 
and jump in for some goodies.


When you're done with Kakariko Village, work your way to the Elder's 
Hideout.  Be sure to bring a bomb or two!

It's really not that hard to get to.

When you get there, talk to him.  Blast a hole in the back wall with a 
bomb to open up a passageway where you can swipe a few Rupees and bombs.

And so ends the prelude...

First pendent you should get is the Pendent of Courage.  Well, actually, 
you HAVE to get that one first.

It's just east of the Elder's Hideout.

WARNING: Your boomerang does NOT stun skeletons!  It DOES, however, deal 
damage.  4 boomerang hits kills one, but that's very little compared to 
what you'd get if you just jousted them.

Easy stuff.  When you first walk in, pick up the skull in the middle of 
the room and step on the switch.  Head up through the newly opened door.  
Next screen, kill the pathetically easy snake-blob things (They appear 
throughout the whole game even though they are probably the easiest enemy 
ever created) and step on the odd-looking floor tile to open up a door.

Now, you'll encounter a cannon-ball launcher.  Go to the lower level and 
go against the flow.  Remember, after every 5 small cannonballs, a large 
one is launched, requiring you to take cover.  When you reach the end, 
head left, down, and to the upper level.  Go right, and grab a ton of 
Rupees from under the jars and in the chest.  Now work your way to the exit 
at the top of the screen.

Head left, stepping on the odd floor tile to open up the doors.  You'll 
reach a room with a bunch of skeletons on the ground.  Walk around the 
room and a bunch of live skeletons (?) will spawn.  Kill them and exit 
north.  Open the chest for the compass.

Now go east two screens (if you have trouble with cyclops knights, hit them 
with pots when their eyes open), then south once and you'll reach a dark 
room.  Step on the switch-tile to open the right door.  Enter it, and 
search the pots until you find a key.  Go back to the previous screen, then 
left through the locked door.  Go west another screen.  Kill everything and 
the anti-faeries will scatter.  Hit the switch under the pot they 
scattered from to reveal a chest.  Inside is the Big Key.  Go north through 
the heavy-locked door.

Push the block on the right up, then exit through the north-east exit.  
Open up the chest in the center of the room for the bow.

These are exactly what their name implies.  I find these to be very 
inefficient, since firing them has a slight delay.  Still, they are very 
powerful against heavily armored enemies like cyclops knights and the boss 
of the East Palace.

Head north through the heavily-locked door.  You'll reach a dark room.  One 
of the two Cyclops Knights has the key.  There are two exits now.  Take 
the right one, since you can get 90 Rupees, then take the left (locked) 
one to 2F.

The switch you're looking for is under the lower-left pot.  Exit left.  
Kill all 3 Cyclops Knights for some stuff.  All the tile-switches are 
defunct except for the lower one, so use it!  Exit west.  Welcome to the 
Firing Range!  Hit the upper-left tile switch to leave.  Exit west.  Now, 
you need to kill the red Cyclops Knight with two arrows.  Exit north.  Kill 
the two red Cyclops Knights, then head north to fight a boss.... well, 
actually 6 of them.

Not too hard.  Think you won't get hurt if you stay in the center?  Think 
again.  Stay in either of the lower corners to deal maximum damage.  When 
they charge you, try pegging whichever one is above you with a bunch of 
arrows and it usually dies really fast.  Each knight dies after 3 arrows.  
Don't be over-zealous and the first part is really easy.  After 5 of them 
croak, the fifth decides to take some real initiative...

Anyhow, what you're SUPPOSED to do (I think) is move around and peg him 
with arrows when you've got a good shot.  Nah, I like being SLEAZY:

Run around so he's north-west of you, then look up and hold Attack to 
joust.  When he takes damage, release Attack and hold it down again until 
he hurts himself again.  Really easy.  You get the Pendant of Courage!

Return to the Elder's Hideout, talk to the elder, and you get Pegasus Boots!

Now you can dash around.  How fun.  Anyhow, there are a few basic 
advantages to this:
1.) You can run around, making this game mush less time consuming
2.) You can running-joust, which is useless in my opinion
3.) You can collide with rock piles, which shatters them (sometimes 
    revealing secret places!)
4.) You can run in to trees, revealing any of the following:
      - A faerie
      - A bomb (primed to explode of course)
      - Arrows or bombs
      - Apples (Worth 1 HP each, not retrievable via hookshot or boomerang)
      - A lot of bees, all of which don't like you
      - Nothing
5.) Running over mines with Pegasus Boots diffuses them.

Finally, if you collide with something while dashing, all nearby soldiers 
will know where you are, and will start chasing you.

Whee, another Steve Rusher exclusive... Basically, I've taken the 
initiative to document all the secrets that become available when you get 
a key item.

-= GOOD BEE =-
There's a cave east of Lake Hylia.  Go there, bomb the wall in the back, 
and ram the statue (with boots) to reveal the Good Bee.  Catch it, but 
remember: You only get one.  If you want, release it near the bottle 
catcher in Kakariko Village and talk to him and he'll buy it for 100 
Rupees.  Personally, I'd keep the bee.  100 Rupees is nothing thanks to the 
gambling house in the Lost Woods.

If you bomb the wall next to the entrance, you can get the Ice Rod in the 

The ice rod, in my opinion, is one of the most useless weapons in the 
game.  It freezes an enemy when it hits them, letting you kill them with 
another weapon.  There is one significant use for it though: If you smash a 
frozen enemy with the Magic Hammer, they ususally leave a Magic Vial 
behind.  Oh, and yes, I know "ICEROD" is supposedly misspelled, but that's 
what it appears as in the inventory.

Dash into the rock pile just west of the Sanctuary to reveal a stairway.  
Underneith is a Piece of Heart waiting to be taken.

On the way to the Lake Hylia cave, there's a small patch of grass near the 
bottom edge of the lake that stands out in the relatively parched area.  
Bomb the wall nearby it and kill the worms inside.  When they're all dead, 
a pathway opens where you can get 3 bombs, 320 Rupees (talk to the thief for 
the 300-pack), and 10 arrows.

I see a few ways to kill the side worms: Arrows (wasteful...), Hookshot 
(recommended), Fire Rod (wasteful), and bombs (Very effective)

There's a rock pile in the eastern end of the woods just south of Hyrule 
Castle.  Ram it and go inside to visit a Faerie Pond.

NOTE: Faerie Ponds and Faerie Fountains are two different things.  Faerie 
Fountains have one big faerie who will heal you completely.  Faerie Ponds 
have a bunch of smaller ones which can be caught, and you can usually heal 
to full health there anyways.

To gain entrance to the palace, you need the Book of Mudora.  To get this, 
go to the library south of Kakariko Village.  It's a building with a quill 
and book above the doorway.  There's a green book on top of one of the 
shelves.  Dash into the bookshelf that it's on top of to knock the book 
down, then pick it up.

This lets you translate the giberish at Hylian Monoliths and lets you get 
into the Desert Palace.  Not much more it can do though.

Getting into the Desert of Mystery is a bit tricky.  Look around the Swamp 
area (West of Lake Hylia) for a sign near the western edge of the swamp.  
There's a small passageway just south-west of it which leads to Lake 
Hylia, bypassing the large rocks.  When you find the 3 snake-head things, 
use the Book of Mudora on the gravestone-like object in the middle of 
them.  They will rotate, letting you in.

The Desert Palance introduces the Turret, a notorious laser cannon that 
will annoy you for the rest of the game.  Anyhow, from the first turret 
(the one in the center of the opening room), head right.  Go up right 
after the pots.  Head up, and into a doorway, then go left until you see 
two Cyclops Knights.  The pot between them hides a button, which reveals a 
chest containing the map.  Head left, and through the doorway at the bottom 
of the screen.  Then, head left to the next screen, and up through the top 
doorway.  Dash into the lamp post that the key is on top of to retrieve it.

Head south, then east two screens (you should hear cannonfire), then south 
one screen.  Open the locked door and enter.  Kill all 3 monsters to open 
the exit.  The chest contains the Compass.  Head north.  Go to the north 
end of the room for the Big Key.  Now go south one screen, then west, 
north, west, west, and west again.  You should be in a room with a turret 
and a bunch of pots.  The exit switch is under the upper-left one.  Head 
north and grab the Power Glove from the big chest.  Head south, east, 
south, and west to a room with 3 torches in it.  If you want to get some 
faeries, push the third block from the left on the left row upward and walk 
through the doorway.  Go south and outside.

Once outside, head south until you find a Piece of Heart.  Now go north as 
far as you can, then east until you see a doorway blocked by a bunch of 
stones.  Remove the stones, then enter.

To exit the first room, push the middle block on the right side upward.  
Head north to a FLYING BLOCK ROOM!  Argh, I hate these!  The key is under 
the lower-left pot.  Go north to 2F.  Head south, kill all the monsters, 
then east.  The key is under the third pot in the row of four.  Watch out, 
because you'll be the target of two turrets (ouch).  Head north, grab the 
key from under the upper-right pot, then north again.  Kill the Red Cyclops 
Knight, and light all 4 torches to reveal an exit.

Not as pathetically easy as the Armos Knights, but oh well.  I recommend 
you bring a bottled faerie to this fight.  Pretty self-explanitory: Just 
don't be diagonal to the dirt spots when the Lanmolas emerge or you get 
nailed by a rock.  Just hack away and you win.  Be warned: When the first 2 
die, the third will shoot rocks in all 8 directions when he emerges.

You get the Pendant of Power!

East of the Desert of Mystery, south-west of the sleeping man are two large 
boulders one above the other.  Under the lower one is a staircase with a 
thief guarding 50 Rupees under the pots.

Pull away the stones from the upper-left gravestone in the cemetery (east 
of Sanctuary) and push it up to fall back into Edward Castle.  Dash into 
the wall or bomb it to reveal a little storage area containing 4 hearts, 
300 Rupees, 3 bombs, and 10 arrows.


From the Witch's Hut (north of the Elder's Hideout), head east (lift up the 
big boulder to get by).  The whole area's essentially a one-way path, 
until it forks into 3 streams.  Take the lowest one to reach Zora's Falls.  
Zora will sell you flippers for 500 Rupees.  Expensive stuff, but you NEED 

These just let you swim in deep water.  Very useful.

Once you get the flippers, head south over the waterfall, then west.  
Go up into the little cove area for a Piece of Heart.  Then go east and 
south down another waterfall.  Backtrack until you see the land crabs 
again.  Along the west side of the area is the Waterfall of Wishing.  
To enter, just go through the center of it.  Throw your Boomerang and 
Shield in.  If you want a free Medicine of Magic, throw an empty bottle in.

Same as your old shield, except now you can deflect fireballs.

Infinite range, goes MUCH farther, and looks cooler.

Finally, in the center of Lake Hylia is the Fountain of Happiness.  Throw 
100 Rupees in for an upgrade to your arrow/bomb capacities.  You can hold 
up to 50 bombs and 70 arrows.  Keep throwing cash in for additional 
benefits.  You can also bomb the wall on the east side of the fountain area 
for a Faerie Pond.

Upgrades go 5 at a time until you hit 10 under the limit in which case 
it'll go 10 up.  What's this mean?  Here's a more specific display:
Bombs: 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50
Arrows: 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 70

Just east of the Lost Woods (which is north of Kakariko Village) is a cave 
blocked by a large boulder.  Enter it.  Take the paths in this order:
East, south-east, north.  You'll meet up with a man who got lost in the 
cave.  Go east to the next room.  Go east as far as you can, then south.  
Welcome to what I believe to be the easiest to die in part of the game.  
Go south-east and the man will give you a mirror.

This has to be the single most useful item in the game.  It has two major 
1.) If you use it in a dungeon, it warps you back to the entry point... 
    Even when fighting bosses!
2.) It lets you teleport from the Dark World and the Light World.  There 
    are two ways to enter the Dark World: Through a Warp Tile, and through 
    the sparkling portal created when you use the mirror in the Dark World.

Enter the tunnel, and talk to the man for a health recharge.  Head up, and 
into the cave.  Just work your way through until you make it outside.  The 
exit from the dark room is in the southern end.  Once outside, head west 
and up the ladder.  Then go east until you see an eye-glass shaped rock 
with a piece of heart on top and a cave leading inside.  That is Spectacle 
Rock.  If you want a Piece of Heart, some faeries to capture, and perhaps 
a bit of health back, stand to the left of the rock pile in front of the 
cave, and jump off the ledge.  Enter the cave on the ledge you land on, and 
follow the one-way path to the Piece of Heart.

Anyhow... From Spectacle Rock, head east to a Warp Tile.  Step on it to be 
transported to the Dark World.  Go west to a light spot on the ground 
which resembles the top of spectacle rock.  Stand on what would be the 
right lens (think about it...) and use the Mirror.  Grab the Piece of 
Heart, then jump off the top edge and head east to the Tower of Hera.

I find this dungeon to be very easy.  First off, head up to the top of the 
first floor and open the chest for the Map.  Then go down the left 
staircase near the entrance.  Don't hit the toggle switch to get the key, 
just retrieve it with your Boomerang.  Head back up to 2F.  Go to the 
north-west corner and open the locked door to go back to 1F.  Prepare for 
a little game of survival (*groan*).  If you survive, head east, then 
south.  Light all 4 torches to reveal a chest containing the Big Key, then 
head back to 2F.

Now go up the right staircase.  Watch out for bumper monsters.  Head east, 
then north (use star tiles if you can't get by the blocks) and work your 
way to 4F.  Inside the chest at the center of 4F is the Compass.  Try to 
ensure that the toggle switches are red when you go up to 5F.  If they're 
red, you can grab a heart cache under the pots in the lower-right corner of 

NOTE: When you enter 5F, there are 3 pits to your upper-right.  If you fall 
down the upper-right one, you can get some faeries.

Anyhow, before fighting the boss, step on the star tile to the left of the 
block being used as an axis for the fire chain, then fall down the pit just 
above the center point of the room.  Go up and grab the Moon Pearl from 
the big chest.  Work your way back to 5F, then go up to 6F to fight the 

This is what you get for picking on all those smaller worms down below.  :)

I don't see any other strategy for fighting this guy than just hit the red 
thing on the end of his tail 6 times (a spin-attack doesn't do any extra 
damage) and don't fall off the edge...

NOTE: Only his head can hurt you!  The rest of his body doesn't even have 
much of a purpose.  Use this to your advantage.

You get the Pendant of Wisdom!

Okay, time to climb back down Death Mountain!  Actually, that's pretty 
annoying, so I prefer using the Warp Tile to teleport to the relatively 
benign version of Death Mountain.  Then, I head left to the base of the 
ladder I used to climb to the top, stand below the purple bush, and use my 
mirror.  Enter the cave, and return to the Kakariko Village area!  One way 
or another, enter the Lost Woods.  In the north-west corner of the woods is 
a log which leads to an area containing the Master Sword.

To pull the sword, stand above it and press A (Dash).

Well, first off, this does DOUBLE DAMAGE, which is the biggest advantage.  
Aside from that, it's not all that great.  The only other advantage is that 
if you're at full health, a ring of energy gets shot off when you swing 
the sword.  The ring of energy does the same amount of damage as one swing 
from your original sword, and always will, making it a very second-rate 

NOTE: The dud-swords around here do some SERIOUS DAMAGE if you throw them 
at enemies!

There's a small log in the south-east section of the forest which has a 
thief inside it.  Well, there's a bundle of bushes just north-east of 
that, with a pit under the middle one.  Jump in for a Piece of Heart.

Bring 200-300 Rupees with you if you want to do this.  Basically, you can 
wager 100 Rupees and open a chest containing a random prize:
1.) 1 Rupee
2.) 20 Rupees
3.) 300 Rupees

Well, if you do the math, that means you'll either lose 99 rupees, lose 80 
rupees, or gain 200.  (200-99-80)/3 = 27

So basically, you should average a gain of 27 rupees per visit... DO IT!

Be sure to look around for the mushroom!  It's really easy to spot, since 
it's orange and red, which tends to stand out in a green forest.

All this is useful for is trading in for Magic Powder.

Take the Mushroom to the Witch's Hut, and use the mushroom on the witch 
(dunno how else to describe it...) and she'll take it.  Play around for a 
few minutes then go inside the hut for Magic Powder!

MP CONSUMED: 2/usage
Well, this stuff does a few... Unique things
1.) Turns those tall slimy green things into potato-heads
2.) Turns bees and those red diagonal-bouncing skull things in dungeons 
    into faeries (USEFUL!)
3.) Turns many other enemies into bouncing bulbs.  Using powder and Quake 
    magic are the only ways I know of to defeat those things on Death 
    Mountain that solidify when you hit them.

West of the Tower of Hera is a monolith.  Use the Book of Mudora on it for 
Ether Magic.

MP CONSUMED: 8/usage
As far as I know, ether just freezes all enemies onscreen.

Go to the castle, and re-enter it through the front gate.  Once inside, 
go up to the top and climb the stairs (not the ones through the doorway) to 
the upper level.  Head west, then south to the outside.  Then, go east and 
break the seal on the castle by hitting it with your sword.  Running in to 
the seal does a WHOLE 1/4 HP DAMAGE!

Welcome to another easy dungeon.  First you face two gold ball-and-chain 
troopers.  Be careful: The boomerang does NOT stun them for very long at 
all!  Too bad they're not very smart.  Just make sure they're not up 
against the wall and hit them backwards.  Not getting hit by them is a 
sinch.  Next you'll face two nasty sword jousters.  Just hack away, but be 
fast.  A chest will appear with a key inside.  Go north.

Woo, now it's dark!  Too bad eyeball bats still only take 1 hit before they 
die.  Go west into a dark maze.  I'm not gonna walk you through this.  
Torches are all over the place, and the key's in the chest along the left 
wall.  If you need to go back, use the mirror or push the block along the 
south edge to the left.  Exit east.  Make short work of the two chargers 
and head north.  It's pretty much a one-way course from here on.  When you 
reach the two red spear-throwers, use your shield and pummel them.

You'll eventually reach a room with a gold ball-and-chain trooper, a blue 
sword charger (fast one), and a red spear thrower.  Stun the spear thrower 
with your boomerang, then concentrate on the sword charger, kill the spear 
thrower, and then worry about the ball-and-chain trooper.  When you're 
blocked in by 4 statues, push the left one to the left.  Eventually you'll 

Can you say easy?  To get to him, slash the curtain he runs behind with 
your sword.  Basically use your sword to knock solid energy balls back at 
him.  When he moves to the top of the room, move around and if he doesn't 
change direction, move to the side of him or he'll blast you with a 
lightning bolt.

DO NOT strike him with your sword!

Well, now he pulls you into the Dark World.  Seriously, if he hadn't done 
that, you probably would never be able to beat him in the end.  ;)

NOTE: If you use the warp tile on the top of Death Mountain and need to 
get back to the "rest of the dark world", go through the front gate of 
Hyrule Castle and you'll be ported to the Pyramid.

Well, first things first...

When you arrive, head down the stairs, down the right staircase, then jump 
off the ledge to your right.  Go right some more and then up for a Piece 
of Heart.

Wanna kill one-eyed giants (the ones that throw bombs at you) fast?  Bomb 
them!  One bomb spells their doom.  They're also prone to boomerang 
stunning, so stun and bomb!

Near the Lake of Ill Omen (Waterfall of Wishing in the Light World) is a 
circle of rocks.  Toss something in for Quake Magic!

MP CONSUMED: 8/usage
All I know is that Quake will shake up any trees on your screen and turns 
a lot of enemies into living bulbs (same as Magic Powder)  Aside from that, 
it's pretty useless compared to magic like Bombos.

South-east of the Pyramid is a bridge blocked by a 3x3 set of purple 
pegs.  To the right of it is a dock and a triangular rock formation with a 
dry spot in the middle..... Use your Mirror in the center, then head left 
under the bridge.  Talk to the guy camping there for the third bottle!

There's a circle of rocks on the west side of what is Lake Hylia in the 
Light World.  Use your mirror in the center for a Piece of Heart.

On the eastern side of the "Dark Lake Hylia" is a Dark World equivilent of 
the cave you found the Ice Rod in.  Bomb the wall and it's a faerie 
fountain.  The cave just has a hand telling you a "profitable story."  Lift 
up the rock for a room containing a little hint...

East of the Lost Woods, the two lumberjacks have finished their job.  Look 
for a tree with a lighter-green top, and ram it.  Go down to reach a 
Faerie Pond.

Time to find the first maiden!  Go to where the East Palace area was in 
the Light World, and you'll find things have changed...

Well, OK: From the start, go right and follow the dark-brown dirt trail 
until you see an arrow shape on the ground.  Follow the arrows and go up as 
far as you can.  Now head left as far as you can.  Now go up until you see 
a break in the bushes to your right.  Go through them, down a bit, and 
into the large bush cluster.  Work your way to the right exit, and Kiki 
the Monkey will be following you.  Pay him 10 Rupees.  Be EXTREMELY careful 
not to get hit, or you'll have to go back and get him again!  Go right, 
through the bush column, up, right, down, right, and up through the bushes 
again to get to the Dark Palace gate.  Ask Kiki to open it... for 100 
Rupees (blarg).

From the opening screen, go left.  Step on the switch tile top open the 
door, then go down the stairs to B1.  There's a switch under the lower-left 
pot that reveals a chest.  Inside is a key.  Go back to 1F.  Can't get 
back?  Push the switch under the upper-left pot.  Go back to the entrance 

This time, take the right exit.  Go down the stairs, and step on the warp 
tile.  Dash into the lower wall to bust it open.  Go down, kill the 
jellyfish, and head left.  There's another wall you can dash open.  Go 
inside.  Now you meet two pesky new enemies:

MIMIC: The green one.  Pathetically easy, usually you can just walk right 
up to them and slash them to death with your sword.

ANTI-MIMIC: The red one.  Negates your every move.  He also fires a 
fireball at you if you look at him.  To beat him: Fire an arrow in a 
direction, then move so that he moves into position to get hit by the arrow.

Hard to explain, but look at it this way: If you're at the bottom of the 
room and the anti-mimic is at the top, move right so he's to your left, 
then fire an arrow upwards, then move right so he intercepts the arrow.

Anyhow, progress north (twice) and grab the map, and bomb both walls (the 
one to your left and to your right)  There's a key behind the left one, and 
a Faerie Pond behind the right one.

Work your way back to the entrance.  This time take the center path.  Go up 
through the locked door to what I call the "Dual Bridge Screen."  You'll see 
two turtles.  Do NOT try to kill them yet.  To kill them, you need the Magic 
Hammer.  Go right, and push the lower block on the bridge to the right.  
Go right, into the pit.  Head left, and lift up the lone skull to reveal a 
switch.  Step on it to reveal a chest containing a key.  Head right, step 
on the teleporter tile, then backtrack to the Dual Bridge Screen.

This time, head left.  Place a bomb on the bridge, and jump into the chasm 
formed when it explodes.  Go up, right, and through the locked door.  Open 
the chest for the Big Key, then jump off the ledge to your right.  Once 
again, backtrack to the start of the Dual Bridge Screen.  Now, take the 
right bridge and go up to the doorway at the end of it.  Open the chest 
for a key, then hold UP on the arrow to jump (All the arrows are jump 
platforms), then head up a bit, then left.  Go north through the locked 

You have to be quick here!  I recommend just picking up one of the two 
skulls, then dashing all the way to the top.  Take the right door.  Inside 
the chest is the Compass.  Take either stairway, and you'll reach a room 
loaded with Rupees, and two chests.  The right one contains a key, and the 
left one contains AN ARROW!  Anyhow, head back up either stairway, then 
WEST, not south.... Head west again through the locked door, into a 
familiar maze scenario...  Only this time you don't get any torches.  There 
are two chests: The upper-left one, which has 3 bombs, and the lower-right 
one which has a key.  There's also a bombable wall along the right side.  
Bomb it and grab the Magic Hammer.

My personal favorite weapon.  First off, it does a LOT of damage.  Second 
off, striking the ground near a turtle makes it flip.  A turtle on its back 
is vulnerable...

It's also useful for pounding down stakes (Light World), purple pegs (Dark 
World) and those Whack-a-Mole tiles (Dungeons... what else was I supposed 
to name them?)

Okay, work your way back through the minimaze, and go back to the "Turtle 
and Compass Room."  Pummel the turtles.  >:)  Head south.  The easiest way 
to do this screen is by going along the left edge, then pushing the statue 
right (not too far!) which screws up the bouncing spike block.  Head 
south.  Now, go left a bit and jump onto the center platform.  Hit the 
toggle switch near the bottom of the screen with your Boomerang or a 
skull.  Exit east.  There are 3 skulls to either side of the sealed door.  
Pick up the 3 on the right, then push the upper-right statue right into the 
wall, then up onto the switch.  Exit north.  Kill the mimics, and head 
north again.  Hit the toggle switch, then go right.  Shoot an arrow into 
the eye of the green statue to open up a new path.  Head down, knock down 
the Whack-a-Mole tiles with your hammer, and progress left.  If you need 
to hit the toggle switch, use a bomb or your Boomerang.  Head south, and 
prepare for some hurting while you attempt to kill all of those turtles.  
Exit east.

Now, push the upper-right tile down or left and step on the teleporter 

Now this I can call annoying.  You have to smash his mask with your hammer, 
then slash his face with your sword.  Watch his tail motions so you can 
tell when he's about to strike.

Remember the rock pile that hides the Faerie Pond in the Light World?  
There's one in the same place in the Dark World!

Have you been to the Haunted Grove in the Light World?  It's the center of 
the horseshoe-shaped forest south-east of Kakariko Village.  Go there in 
the Dark World and talk to the creature on the stump for the Shovel.

This thing has one use: To dig up the Flute.  Sorry Link's Awakening fans, 
that's all there is to it!

Use the mirror outside the grove, or the delay will force you back through 
the portal, then re-enter the grove.  Dig near the flower bed in the 
upper-left corner and you'll find the flute.

Actually, it's an Ocarina, but oh well.  You can use this to summon the 
duck who can transport you to various places in the Light World.  Don't 
have the Duck?  Play the flute in front of the weather vane at the center 
of Kakariko Village!

Go to Smithy's Shop (east of Kakariko Village) and pound down the stake to 
the right of the doorway.  Jump into the well, go up, and use Magic Powder 
on the altar.  The Mad Batter will appear, and in "retalliation" for waking 
him up, doubles your max MP to 64!

In the Dark World, stand in the center of the small bush circle just 
south-west of the Haunted Grove entrance, and use the Mirror.  Walk inside 
the cave and pick up a Piece of Heart.

Near the place where the 15-second game takes place is a Treasure Field.  
You can almost always make a profit if you dig fast enough, and if you're 
patient, you'll eventually dig up a Piece of Heart!

Yes, there is one.  In the Light World, in the upper-left corner of the 
swamp area is a stone with a Warp Tile underneith.

Remember the place where you found the first warp tile into the Dark 
World?  Well, there's a small gap in the ledge below the bush ring that 
surrounds your entry point.  Jump down, and go into the cave.  Smack the 
Whack-A-Mole tiles down, and head through the spike bed.  Oh, and bring a 
Life Potion, and preferably a full magic meter.  You'll need it.

When you reach the end, you'll get the Cane of Byrna!

MP CONSUMED: 4 to start, after that, 2/second
What's this do?  Put a ring of light around Link which makes you unable to 
take direct damage (discluding pitfalls and such), and hurts any enemies 
that touch you.  However, it consumes MP extremely fast.  Press Y again 
after you start it to stop.

Use your new toy to walk back over the spikes without taking damage.

Remember the sleeping man near the Desert of Mystery?  Go west of where he 
would be in the Dark World and you'll see some purple pegs.  Stand between 
the pegs and the wall, and use your mirror.  Walk west, and use the Book 
of Mudora on the monolith for Bombos!

MP CONSUMED: 8/usage
Bombos usually just plain kills everything on the screen.  Fun, eh?

To enter the Swamp Palace, you must first open the floodgate.  To do this, 
go to where the Swamp Palace (Dungeon 2) is in the Light World.  There are 
3 blocks in your way.  Push the center one upward, and either of the others 
to the side.  Go up and pull the right switch.  Go outside, and take the 
Piece of Heart.  If you want a few Rupees, pick up the fish that's 
flopping around, go one screen right, then back left again, and toss the 
fish into the deep water.  If you want 21 Rupees, a full magic meter, 8 
bombs, and 10 arrows, haul it all the way back to the bottle seller in 
Kakariko and throw it at him!

If you go back to the Swamp Palace and it's still dry, open the floodgates 

NOTE: To kill those pesky water blobs that occasionally come flying out of 
the water, slash them with your sword.

From the entrance, swim west.  Kill all 3 water striders to reveal a chest 
containing the key.  Head North.  Go down, and pick up the bottom pot for 
the key.  There's a spot on the western wall which can be bombed to reveal 
a passage to the Map.  Head through the locked door in the south-west 
corner of the room.  Go left, down into the trench, and through the 
doorway.  Under the pot is a key.  Go back to the previous screen and 
through the locked door.  Pound down the Whack-a-Mole tiles, and push the 
switch left (from the right side of course) to flood the trench.  You can 
bomb the left wall for some goodies too.  Go back to the previous room, 
and exit west.  You'll enter what I call the "Center Room."  Take the 
southern exit and loop the entire area clockwise for the Compass.  Go back 
to the Center Room.

Now, take the south-west exit, go left, into the trench, and through the 
doorway.  Lift up the pot for a key.  Go back to the Center Room, and take 
the north-west doorway.  Flood the trench again after hitting the toggle 
switch, then hit the toggle switch again (It should be red now).  Go back 
to the Center Room, and take the south-west exit again.

NOTE: Yes, I know you could go south and over the downed blue blocks, but 
there's a reason I told you to do otherwise...

Dive into the trench, and exit west.  Head left into yet another trench.  
Go left, push the lower block left, and then the middle block up.  Go up 
the stairs, and then exit south.  Push the block in the north-east corner 
up or down, then jump in.  Head east and open the chest for the Big Key.  
If you want, go back to the room you jumped down from and jump down the 
north-west hole for 20 Rupees.  One way or another, work your way back to 
the Center Room and open the big chest for the Hookshot.

This is an EXTREMELY useful weapon!  It picks up stuff just like the 
Boomerang, lets you grapple on to certain things (including just about 
anything that you can pick up), stuns enemies (including skeletons) when 
it hits them more often than the Boomerang, kills many enemies (especially 
those pesky jellyfish, worms, and those annoying mushroom bombers in the 
Dark World) in one shot, and even makes Link invincible when it's being 
fired!  What more could you ask for in a weapon!?

Anyhow, grapple onto the skull in the south-east corner of the room, and 
pull up the pot on the right side for a key.  Then, grapple onto the skull 
in the top of the room and exit north.  Head west, lift up the upper skull, 
and push the statue on top of the switch.  Now go right, and go through 
the left doorway.  Go down the staircase at the top of the screen, hit the 
switch and go down into the drained area.  Go west, then north.  The exit 
to this screen is hidden behind the waterfall second from the right.  Work 
your way into a flooded room.  Lift up the pot on the right for the key.  
There's a bombable wall near the center where you can refill some stuff.  
Exit through the door on the left.

This guy's not too hard.  Just pull the little fuzzballs away from him with 
your Hookshot, then kill them.  Then, he'll start jumping around and 
bouncing off the walls.  Just smack him with your sword a lot and put him 
out of his misery.

NOTE: Can't figure out how to get to all these places?  See the intro to 
the Skull Palace section for info on how you're supposed to get to the 
next area of the Dark World!

There's a place on Death Mountain where you can cross over a broken bridge 
with your Hookshot.  Once you get there, head right.  Lots of treasure in 
the caves!

You thought you needed a Titan's Mitt to pull up the black rocks and get 
to that upper-right gravestone?  WRONG!  Head to the left side of where 
the cemetery is in the Light World, go to the upper-left corner, and dash 
the rock pile.  Walk along the back edge until you reach the upper-right 
corner.  Lift the bush up, stand inside the fence, and use your mirror!  
Stand below the grave, and dash into it.  With one tile to work with, it 
is a bit tricky, but doable.  Inside is the Magic Cape!

MP CONSUMED: 4/second!
Use this the same way as the Cane of Byrna.  This makes you invincible in 
the same way as the Cane, but doesn't hurt nearby enemies.  It does have 
its advantages though... Unfortunately, it hogs a tremendous amount of 
magic.  If you want a simple invincibility solution, the Cane of Byrna is 
much more practical.

While you're there, go back to the Dark World, go west a bit, climb the 
small staircase, and use your mirror on the ledge.  Walk into the cave, 
bomb the back wall, and pick up a Piece of Heart.

Remember the cave that lets you climb Death Mountain?  In the Dark World, 
it's a mini-challenge.  To get across the chasm, use a hookshot.  To pass 
through the bumper, use your cape.  You get a Piece of Heart!

In the north-west end of the Village of the Outcasts (Kakariko Village in 
the Light World) is a treasure game.  Play it!  Be patient, you COULD win 
a Piece of Heart.   ;)

Looks like all the thieves in the Village of the Outcasts have been 
stashing their Rupees in a chest inside the little building near the area 
where all the chickens are running around.... Bomb the lower wall to get 
in!  300 Rupees await.

I can only imagine how many people will get stuck here.  North-east of the 
Pyramid is a broken down bridge.  North of the bridge on the right side is 
a small grass formation (a couple tiles north of the large boulder) that 
looks like an arrow pointing left.  Stand on the tip of the arrow and fire 
your hookshot left.  You should grapple onto 2 skulls and pull yourself 

Anyhow, the Skull Woods (Lost Woods in the Light World) are a Palace all 
to themselves.  The boss area is the only part that's above the surface 
though.  I recommend entering via the entrance just north-east of the 
fortune teller, which is north of the Village of Outcasts.

NOTE: If those mummies are annoying you, freeze them with your Ice Rod and 
smash them with your Magic Hammer.

Anyhow, once you enter the forest, head north.  Go around the hole in the 
ground, and head up a bit.  See that cluster of 9 bushes?  There's a hole 
under the middle one.  Jump in!  Step on either of the two star tiles, 
then bomb the left wall.  Go through the opening, and pull the switch to 
bomb the way to the Big Chest.  Go back east, then south.  Pick up the map 
in the chest, head west, then south to the outside.

Jump in the hole south-west of where you should now be standing.  Work your 
way to the exit in the south-east corner.  In the next room, don't open 
the chest.  First, head north.  Open the chest in the north-west corner for 
a key.  Now head back south, and open the chest for the Compass.  Head 
east.  Open the chest in the center (watch out for the hand) for a key.  
Exit through the locked door in the upper-right.  Go west, then south to 
the outside.

Now, go north-east a bit, around the bushes, through the ribcages, and in 
through another skull entrance.  To open the north door, pull up the skull 
in the middle of the room, and drag the statue on the right on to the 
switch (This means walk up to it, hold A, and hold the D-Pad in the 
direction you want to pull it)  Head north, and open the chest for the Big 
Key.  If you want, bomb the right wall for a large Magic Vial.  Head back 
south, then east twice.  Pick up the left skull for a key, then head south 
to the outside.  Take the right ribcage, and work your way to a hole.  
Jump in, and step on the star tiles.  Work your way to the south-east 
exit, then go south to the outside again.  Backtrack to the 9-bush cluster, 
and jump in the hole again.  Step on a star tile, then go west, then south 
to the big chest.  Open it for the Fire Rod

What do you honestly THINK this does?  ;)
It shoots a fireball out, which incinerates most units instantly.  Very 
useful weapon, but also very harsh on MP if you use it regularily.  It also 
allows you to light torches from a distance.

For a quick exit, use your hookshot to grapple onto either of the two statues.  
Exit south.  Go back through the ribcages and into the palace again.  Head 
west twice, then south to the outside.  This time take the left ribcage.  
Use the Fire Rod on the head of the bug statue for entry.

Assuming you didn't waste that spare key earlier, you should be able to go 
right to the top and through the door.  Otherwise, good luck getting to the 
chest down below...  The next screen isn't too hard to figure out.  Use 
your Hookshot if you must.  Exit east.  Next screen is irritating.  Take 
out all the mummies, use your lamp to light the first 3 torches, then use 
your Fire Rod to light the last one.  Exit west.  Let yourself get 
bunny-ized, then just wear it out.  To exit, slash the vines in the 
upper-center of the room.  Kill the mummy in the next room for the key.  
Exit east.  Jump in the pit to fight...

Not as hard as it looks.  Just carry a Red Potion or two with you when you 
fight this boss.  Play it safe.  Once you hit the wall, you're pretty much 
dead.  Aside from that, stay out of Mothula's line of fire, 8 sword hits, 
and it's over.

Once outside, backtrack to the start.  It's not that hard.

Pretty much none...  E-mail me if you know of any secrets requiring the 
Fire Rod...

You can (optionally) do this dungeon before the Skull Woods if you want.  
To enter, just stand in front of the statue in the Village of the 
Outcasts, and pull on the pitchfork.

Okay, first things first.  From the entrance, go straight up (as in jump 
off the ledge and keep going up) until you see a head statue with a 
fireball rotating around it.  From there, go west and get the map from the 
chest.  Go back to the head statue, then right, and north.  Now, go north 
a bit, and east to the next screen.  Head south, up the stairs, left a bit, 
down, right, and up to the chest for the Compass.  From the Compass chest, 
move down about 3 tiles, then jump off the ledge to your left, and 
continue west to the next screen for the Big Key.

Go east to the previous screen, and keep going east until you hit a 
junction.  Now go north until you reach the next screen.  From there, go 
north and up the stairs.  Go right a bit, up, right, and through the 
heavy-locked door.  Go to the top of the room and lift up the right skull 
for the key.  Now open the locked door in the south-west corner of the 
room.  Head west twice.

Now you'll encounter what I call "The Blob Monsters."  To kill them, wait 
until the opaque blob separates from the larger transparent one, and strike 
the smaller one with your sword.  Head west again.  Work your way to the 
north exit.  Lift up the skull for the key, hit the toggle switch, and 
head up the stairs.  The exit switch is under the lower-right skull.  
Pulling the lever only releases a bunch of snakes.  Work your way east 
until you reach a room with light shining on a cracked spot in the floor.  
Throw a bomb on top of the cracked spot to blow it open.  Backtrack to the 
staircase, and go down it again.

Head south, then take the north-east exit.  Go east to the "Conveyor 
Room."  Hey, wanna have some fun?  Just shoot the enemies once with the 
hookshot and they'll be pulled into the hole by the conveyors!  Anyways, 
exit north.  Pull up the big block and go south, then east.  Go talk to 
the maiden at the north end of the room and she'll go with you.  Take the 
key in the chest to her right.  Exit through the south-west exit (the way 
you came in) and head west, then west through the locked door.  Open the 
big chest for the Titan's Mitt.

This lets you pick up those darker boulders that are too heavy to lift with 
the Power Glove.  Aside from that it's useless.  Still, you can now access 
a large amount of the world you couldn't before.

Go back east, then exit via the north-east exit.  Go north, pick up the 
upper-right skull, step on the switch, exit east, then go north.  Walk 
into the light so that it shines on the maiden, and she'll reveal her true 

9 hits with your sword trashes him.  Be very careful and shield yourself 
from fireballs whenever possible.  If you want to be REALLY cheap, use your 
Cane of Byrna and just hack away!  If you do that, you can easily win the 
fight without using any medicines.  When I did it, my magic meter ran out 
right when Blind died, but hey, I got it all back after the fight anyways!

South of the Village of the Outcasts (north-west corner of the screen just 
south of the Village) is a frog trapped behind some rocks.  Lift up the 
rocks and talk to him.  Using the Magic Mirror, go to the Light World 
blacksmith's shop (east of Kakariko Village), and he'll rejoin his 
partner.  Leave the shop, and re-enter.  Talk to the right one, and ask 
them to temper your sword.  For 10 Rupees!?  YEAH!

Leave the shop, go to Kakariko Village, and occupy yourself for about 2 
minutes killing soldiers or something.  Use your Hammer if you're really 
that dependent on a close range weapon.  After 2 minutes, return to the 
shop, and your sword should be tempered.

50% stronger than the Master Sword!  Aside from that... Same old Master 

There are a bunch of purple pegs outside where the blacksmith's shop is in 
the Light World.  Pound them all down and a cave appears below them.  
Inside is a Piece of Heart!

After your sword is tempered, go to where the blacksmith's shop is in the 
Dark World.  A chest should be inside.  Take it with you (You can't dash 
or you drop the chest!), and haul it to the man at the entrance of the 
Desert of Mystery in the Light World.  Talk to him, don't let his secret 
out, and bottle #4 is yours!

North of Kakariko Village is a warp tile blocked by a large boulder.

Use your flute and go to Location 6.  Lift up the boulder on the right to 
reveal a warp tile.  Go to the north-east corner of the area into a little 
cove and use your mirror.  Lift up the rock, and go down the stairs for a 
little puzzle.

 A B *
 F G H
 L M N

Push I up, F up, G right, E right.  Wow, hard.

In the same area as the Block Puzzle Heart, except down in the swamp area 
of the Dark World, enter the minicave left of the Ether emblem.  Head up to 
the two treasure chests

A  B

Push G left, F left, C up, and D left.  Pick up your heart and 20 Rupees!

To get in to the Ice Palace, lift up the boulder outside the Fountain of 
Happiness (center of Lake Hylia) and step on the warp tile.  Go down the 
stairs, and you're in.

NOTE: To kill those pesky monsters that come out of the wall, shoot them 
with your Fire Rod.  Those penguin/gator hybrids can be killed with the 
Hookshot.  DON'T let yourself get hit by the ice creatures, it hurts like 

SERIOUS NOTE: Bring a medicine of magic with you on this level, and don't 
use it until you reach the boss...

Enter, head west, kill the jellyfish, take the key, head north, step on 
the tile switch, and head east.  Push the middle block right, and head 
south.  Kill the penguin/gators, and a chest will appear with the Compass 
inside.  Head north, push the middle block up, and go east.  Pick up the 
lower pot, step on the switch, head back west, and go north.  Place a bomb 
near the toggle switch, then go to the upper half of the room.  Bomb the 
center and jump in the pit.  Walk around the room to fight skeleton 

NOTE: To kill skeleton knights, hit them with your sword and then bomb them.

Exit south and you'll wind up in a scrolling room.  How annoying.  One of 
the jellyfish has the key, so kill 'em all and leave via the south-west 
exit.  Make sure the toggle switch is red before you go!  I find the next 
room annoying, so I just hit the switch under the south-west skull, then 
grapple on to the skull to cross the rest of the room.  Exit east (watch 
out for those dumb green slimes) and then exit north.  Kill the 
penguin/gators then exit north.  Wait for the spikeball to go back up, then 
exit west.  Work your way to the staircase, go down it, and then jump into 
the pit.  Go east twice, and look for a key under all the skulls.  It 
should be in the upper-left area.  The switch is under the skull just 
north-east of the axis of the fire chain.  Exit south.  Next screen is all 
timing.  Exit west.  Pick up the skull and hit the switch.  A chest will 
appear containing a key.  Exit north.  DO NOT lift up either skull until you 
exterminate the green slimes throughout the room, as well as the ice 
monster that comes out of the wall.  You will get bunnied if you disobey 
me.  :p    Exit through the north-east exit.

Hit the switch under the left pot on the right side, then exit via the 
north-east exit.  Kill off the jellyfish and grapple onto the block on the 
right side to pull yourself over.  Exit south.  Work your way to the 
north-west exit, faking out the spikeballs.  Grapple onto the skull to 
pull yourself over.  Exit via the north-east staircase.  Work your way to 
the left side of the room, and lift up the lower-left skull.  There's a 
switch which reveals a chest containing the Map.  Pull the tongue on the 
statue to open the east exit.  Exit east, go up the stairs, and open the 
chest for the Big Key.  Phew!  Push the lower block left, the upper block 
up, and exit west.  Lift up the lower skull and hit the switch.  Exit west, 
then north.

Using the same strategies as before, work your way back to the room with 
the big spikeball in it, then head west.  Go down the stairs, and bomb the 
cracked floor on the left until a hole appears.  Jump in the hole, and open 
the chest for Blue Mail.

This stuff cuts the damage you take in half, and makes you look cooler!

Exit east, then north through the heavy-locked door.  Go north, then 
south, then east.  Hit the toggle switch, then work your way back to B5.  
If you jump down either hole, you'll wind up in a faerie pond.  Anyways, 
head south.  Time for more tedious backtracking...  Go east, find and hit 
the switch, go south, then east, then north, then through the doorway, hit 
the switch, go through the south-west exit, jump in the hole, and go 
east.  Sheesh, lotta movement just to get to the other side of the 
room...  Push the lower-left block right into the hole, then jump in.  
Pick up the skull, then push the block above it onto the switch.  Exit 
south.  To get out of this room, pull the right statue on the left side 
upward, then lift up the block, and jump in.

Such an easy boss for such an annoying level!  Just shoot him with your 
Fire Rod until he thaws out, and then just hack away at the three eyeball 
things that start bouncing around the room.  Use the Cane of Byrna trick 
again if you so desire, but be warned that you probably will run out.  Keep 
an eye on your health meter, and use Medicine of Life if needed.  160 
Rupees is well worth making sure you don't have to do this level over 
again!  :P


You MUST have the flute and duck by now!  If you don't, go back to the New 
Secrets section after the Dark Palace.

Just use the flute in the Light World, go to location 6, and lift up the 
right boulder to reveal a Warp Tile.  To open the entrance to the palace, 
stand on the little Ether emblem and use Ether magic.  Don't have Ether?  
Refer to the New Secrets section past "The Master Sword!"

To add on to how easy this area is, the little cave to the right of the 
main entrance.... IS A FAERIE FOUNTAIN!

Okay, when you first walk in, there's a gap to your right.  Grapple on to 
the right block to get over it.  Exit via staircase... Hey, aren't those 
snake things the exact same monster you saw on the FIRST DUNGEON!?  Well, 
they certainly haven't gotten any more difficult...  Kill all the wizards 
and exit north.

Go down the stairs, left, up, right, and through the north-east exit.  Head 
right.  Pick up the upper-left skull for a key, then use your Cane of 
Byrna.  Pick up the skull on the bed of spikes, hit the switch, then open 
the chest for another key.  Head north twice, then west twice.  There's a 
toggle switch and a key on the left side of the room.  Hit the toggle 
switch, take the key, then exit south.  Use your cane to cross the spikes, 
then exit south, then east.  Take the south-west exit, kill the jellyfish 
for a key, then exit west.  Wait until the block raid is over, then light 
all 4 torches and exit north.  Open the chest for the Compass, then go 
south twice.  Work your way to the north-east exit.  Now, move the blocks 
out of the way so you can reach both torches, then head south and do the 
same.  Go north again, light the 2 torches, then quickly go back south and 
light the other 2.  After about 17 seconds of rumbling, head east.  Jump in 
the pit and open the chest for the Big Key.  Go west, step on the 
teleporter tile, then go north, and step on the teleporter tile.  Head 
north through the heavy-locked door, and go over the bridge a bit.  Grapple 
onto the chest on your right with the Hookshot, then open it for a key.  
Head south two screens, west, then south again.  Pick up the skull to your 
lower-right to reveal a chest containing another key.  Go south to the 
wall, then left, up, and down the stairs.  Work your way through the 
minimaze to the locked door in the upper-right.  Open it, and pick up the 
map from the chest.  Jump off the ledge, and head down.  Climb the stairs 
to the upper level, and go right.

Now, you must do this screen QUICKLY.  When you enter, fire your hookshot 
right to grapple onto the block.  Then, face up the narrow stretch and 
dash all the way to the top.  Open the chest for the Cane of Somaria.

MP CONSUMED: 2/usage
This basically creates a block wherever you use it.  Useful for bricking 
switches and stuff.  You can pick up and throw blocks as well, and if you 
press Y while a block is onscreen, it'll detonate into 4 fireballs.

Head east, then north twice.  Jump down into the trench, and go left.  Go 
through the northern exit, then cross the bridge and go down the stairs.  
Go to the left side of the room, pick up the skull, and create a block on 
top of the switch.  There's a locked door in the lower-right corner which 
leads to a load of Rupees, if you want it.  Go east from the next screen, 
and you'll wind up in a room with a few fireball turrets and spike 
bouncers.  Change the toggle switch to the red position, then work your 
way to the south-east exit.  There's a bombable wall in the upper-left 
corner of the room with the toggle switch which leads to another Rupee 
room as well.  Anyhow, in the room you get to from the south-west exit, 
bomb the top wall, go in, and hit the toggle switch to your left.  Go back 
south, and exit west.

Now, if it seems like there's an endless shower of yellow slimes, it's 
because there is.  Hit the toggle switch at the top, and go up the stairs.  
DON'T get bunnied!

Once upstairs, head left, and into the boss room where you fight...

This guy has two stages: Really Annoying, and Really Easy.  Let's start 
with Really Annoying:
I like to just use my Cane, walk up to the eye, and slash up all the 
eyeballs.  Watch your magic meter: The upper half of the room is 
poisonous!  Whenever the big eyeball moves above the surface, it fires a 
lightning bolt.  Once all the little eyeballs are dead, it's time for 
Really Easy:
Just slash the eyeball until it dies!

Don't got Medicine of Magic?  GET SOME!  Don't got the 1/2 magic upgrade?  
GET IT!  The boss of this level consumes about 120+HP of magic to beat.  I 
recommend bringing along 2 green potions and one red one for this level.

NOTE: The skulls floating around remind me of the ghosts from Mario 
Brothers 3 and Mario World: They will only attack if you look away from 

There's a warp tile near the southern tip of the part of Death Mountain 
across the broken bridge.  Find it and use it, then go north-east and into 
the left cave.  The cave is totally one-way except for the start (go left!) 
and a place where there are 3 holes to jump in.  Jump in the lower one, 
then push the upper two blocks up, the remaining block down, and the left 
one to the left.  Grab your treasure and go left.  Eventually, you'll be 
outside.  Head east to Turtle Rock.  It looks like a big turtle so it's 
hard to miss.  Use your mirror, lift up the big boulder in front of the 
stairs, and pound the stakes in counter-clockwise starting on the 
lower-right one.  A warp tile will appear.  Step on it, and use Quake on 
the Quake emblem to gain entry.  Don't have Quake?  Reference the New 
Secrets section start of the Search For Maidens chapter.

When you enter, use the Cane of Somaria on the question mark to create a 
platform.  You will need to do this in various places throughout the 
level.  Step on the platform to be transported to the other side.  
Remember: If you're on a platform and you hit a junction, you can control 
which way you go by holding that direction on the D-Pad.

Head north, create another platform, and head right.  When you hit the 
question mark, hit up, then wait until you stop at the north-east exit.  
Create another platform, then pick up the skulls for a magic recharge: 
You'll need it.

Head down on the platform, and equip your Fire Rod.  Wait until you are 
just to the left of the lower-left torch, then fire a shot to your right to 
ignite two torches, then ignore the upper-right one when you are between 
the top two, then light the upper-left one when you are above it.  Exit 
via the newly available exit.  Work your way north (stay along the sides to 
avoid getting hit by the rollers) and pick up the map and a key.  Go back 
south, then west again.

Create the platform again, head up, and work your way to the north-west 

NOTE: If you are in terrible need of a health/magic recharge, go to the 
north-east exit, play survivor for a while, then head north to recharge 
your magic to full and get a faerie.

You'll encounter a wierd monster that bounces around the rooms and shoots 
off segments when you hit it.  A single shot from your Fire Rod kills it.  
Head north.  Now it's time for a painful memory of the Mario Brothers 
days... Avoid the ball-and-chain monsters, hit the toggle switch with your 
boomerang and hookshot, and push either of the upper blocks on the lower 
half of the screen closer to the center to reveal a chest with a key 
inside.  Exit north.  Work your way to the pipe entrance in the south-east 
corner, and enter it.  Exit west, then head through the right pipe.  Exit 
west, and head down.  Kill the springy monster for the key.  To get through 
the door, joust pointing to the right and walk through the door 
backwards.  Go through the pipe to get the Big Key, then through the next 
pipe.  Exit east, then go through another pipe.  Recharge your magic (lift 
up the skull) and drop down.  Go through the south-east pipe and exit 
west.  Now head through the left pipe.  Exit south, then south again, then 
west.  Watch out for the eyes: The top 3 shoot if you look at them, while 
the bottom 2 shoot whether you're looking at them or not.  Bomb the lower 
wall and exit south to the outside.  Go over to the east cave entrance, but 
don't go in.  Use your Mirror, and walk into the cave.  Kill the mimics 
(arrows work nice) and head north for a Piece of Heart.  Go back to the 
Dark World and into the cave.

Create a platform, and walk across.  Open the chest for the Mirror Shield.

Well, aside from the fact that it is HUGE, there's not a terrible amount of 
difference.  It blocks lasers from the eyes on the wall, but that's about 
it.  I'm pretty sure it still doesn't deflect turret fire, making size the 
major benefit.

Exit north, then north again.  Go through the pipe, and exit north.  Now 
there are two walls.  If you want to get rich, bomb the right one, kill the 
3 slimes around the room, then push the upper block left, pull the left 
statue's tongue, and go north into a room full of Rupees.  Either way, exit 
north through the wall you bombed, but watch out: There are spiders or 
something coming out of the hole.  Now for an easy puzzle: Just hit the 
toggle switch with your Boomerang, head left, and pick up the key.  Exit 

Now this is annoying.  Work your way to the switch at the center of the 
room, then exit through the south-east.  Just trace the rails visually, 
I'm sure you can figure it out.

The next screen is irritating.  Just dash straight down and once you're 
past the little helmasaur, go around and exit south.  Next screen is easy 
stuff: Face the eyes to block their shots, and when going away, joust so 
that your shield is facing the eye.  Bomb the south wall, go outside, then 
back in.  This changes your restart point for the Mirror... If you don't 
have Medicine of Magic or Cure-All Medicine on-hand, go outside, use the 
mirror, get some, and come back via the portal created by your mirror.

Anyhow, exit north, then west through the locked door.  The next screen is 
really easy to figure out.  Just equip your boomerang, and head for the 
exit in the upper-center.  Go left, don't pick up the skulls, create a 
platform, then pick up the skulls to refuel your magic.  Prepare for...

This boss has 2 stages as well: Incredibly Annoying, and Incredibly Easy.
Incredibly Annoying:
You have to hit each head about 12 times with the rod opposite of what it 
does.  This means hit the blue head 12 times with the Fire Rod and the red 
head 12 times (maybe more) with the Ice Rod.  I recommend starting with 
the blue head so you don't slide around the boss room later on.  Watch his 
tail movements: When he starts wagging rapidly, he's preparing to strike.

Incredibly Easy:
When his midsection lights up, hit it.  5 hits and he dies.


Now that you have rescued all 8 maidens, head to where the Tower of Hera 
was in the Light World.  Go up to the front, and the maidens will break 
the barrier, allowing you to go in.

If you haven't already, blow all your cash at the Fountain of Happiness 
and upgrade your bombs and arrows!  You'll need it!

Another huge level, but personally I think this place is much more amusing 
than the Ice Palace.  Basically, all of your skills will be tested here.  
Stuff that you tried to forget will come back to haunt you... And you'll 
face Agahnim again... This time easier than ever...

There are many ways to do this level, actually.  Here's how I did it:
Walk in, take the left staircase to B1.  Ram the right lamp to knock down 
the key.  Pick it up and exit west.  knock down all 4 Whack-a-Mole tiles 
and push the center block in any direction to open up the west exit.  Pick 
up the key from under the lower-right pot and exit west.

Grapple on to the platform to your left, then to the one below it (it's 
attached to the western wall), then the one to your right, then finally to 
the bottom area.  Grapple onto the skulls to go over, then exit right.  Use 
your Cane of Byrna and open the chest for the Map.  Exit west.  Hit either 
toggle switch so the blue blocks go down, then fire your boomerang 
straight up and move so that when it returns, it hits the toggle switch 
again, pushing the blue blocks up again.  Exit south.  Pick up the skull in 
the lower-right for a key, then use the boomerang return trick again to 
get out.  Exit east.  Next screen's a bit tricky.  Hit the toggle switch, 
then try to get to the teleporter tile in the back of the room.  You'll 
wind up in a room full of fireballs.  Near the left side of the map is a 
lone block.  Push it in any direction to reveal a chest.  Grapple on to the 
chest, open it for a key, then exit south.

You'll reach a room full of teleporter tiles.  Take the right one, then 
the left one, and then the one in the lower-left corner.  Work your way to 
the next teleporter tile.  Step on it, then step on the only teleporter 
tile in the room.  Exit east.  Now this is an interesting room... Shooting 
the enemies with your Hookshot knocks most of them off the edge.  Work 
your way to the northern exit, then exit north again.  Go east, use your 
Cane of Somaria to create a block on the switch under the lower-left pot, 
then exit east.  Let yourself get hit by the bunnyizer and wear it down.  
Don't swing your sword or you'll be in for some pain.  After the blocks 
stop flying at you, kill the hand when it comes down.  A chest will open up 
containing a key.  Take it, sprinkle magic powder on the red bouncer if 
you need some health, and exit east.

Work your way to the right side of the lower conveyor (you should be right 
above a torch), and push the lower block left.  Arm your fire rod, and 
shoot the torch below you, then go left, up, shoot the torch to the right, 
go down, and shoot the other two torches.  Exit south.  Use your Ice Rod on 
the mummies and smash them with your hammer to get rid of them.  To hit 
the switch, you must plant a bomb, pick it up, and throw it on to the 
conveyor QUICKLY.  You have to do this twice to leave, so it would 
probably be nice if you had the bomb upgrade from the Fountain of 
Happiness.  Exit west.  Open up all four chests, but open the upper-left 
one last.  It contains the Compass.  Step on the teleporter tile.  The key 
you need to exit is in the upper part of the room.  Exit east.  I seriously 
advise you to use your Cane of Byrna here.  Quickly work your way to the 
east side of the room and then stop the Cane.  Exit west.  There's a star 
tile under the statue.  Step on it and exit via the teleporter tile.  Work 
your way back to the room with all the "floating" bumper monsters.  Use 
Ether to see the bridge, light the torch if you can, and exit via the 
doorway near the torch.  Bomb the cracked spot in the lower-right corner of 
the room and jump down to fight the Armos Knights again, only this time 
with an icy floor.  Use the same strategy as before to beat them.

Head north for the Big Key and some supplies.  Go south, then west.  Dash 
into the upper wall to reach a Faerie Pond.  Go back and take the 
staircase.  Open the chest for the Red Mail.

Protects better?  Well, I don't know about that... Most stuff seems to do 
the same amount of damage.  Oh well, looks like monster attacks are cut in 
half again.

Head north, and then up the staircase in the middle.  Exit north.  Push 
the block in the north-west corner of the room down to open the door.  Exit 
south.  CHEAP TRICK: Hold on to the statue and press directions on the 
D-Pad and the anti-mimics will counter them anyways.  Use this to move 
them into position to die.  Kill both of 'em and exit east.  Now for a 
real challenge.  Kill the two anti-mimics while avoiding turret fire, and 
exit south.  Go through the heavy-locked door.  Welcome to the Gauntlet!  
Hit the toggle switch, head up, watch out for the cyclops knights, and hit 
the switch under the middle pot.  Exit east.  Work your way to the 
south-east exit.  Kill the monsters and exit west.  A moving turret?  This 
looks fun.  Kill the skeletons, and head south.  Now 2?  Fun stuff, huh?  
Kill all enemies, and exit south.  Now 2 moving turrets with ice on the 
floor and projectiles flying everywhere from the red snakes.  Cane of 
Byrna time!  Exit south.  Kill the skeleton and exit east.  What a 
pointless room...  Exit west.  Fight the Lanmolas again, this time with a 
turret in the corner.  Kill them and exit north.  Pick up some supples and 
go north again.  Kill the wizards with your Fire Rod, then use Ether to 
see the bridge.  Cross it and go to the next room.  Work your way to the 
north-east exit (it's not too hard).  Kill the wizards (their shots are 
dragged by the conveyors!) and head north.  Don't hesitate, go straight to 
the north-east exit or you'll get stuck on the conveyors fighting spear 
troops.  Next room is odd... Light all 4 torches with your Fire Rod and go 
east.  The left skull has a heart under it, the right one a large magic 
vial.  Get the right one at all costs.  Face upwards and joust to block 
beams while moving up the stairs.

Quickly move to the right edge and light the lower-right torch, then light 
the others going clockwise from the lower-right.  Exit north.  If you 
screw up, head down the stairs and then go back up.  Kill the helmasaurs 
(use hookshot then hit them from any direction but the front) for the key.  
Exit west.  Bomb the southern wall (tricky) and head south.  Sprinkle 
powder on the red bouncer before hitting the toggle switches to diffuse 
half the threat.  The chest in the middle contains a key.  Get it, then 
exit south to fight Moldorm again.  If you use your Cane of Byrna, it can't 
push you off the edge, but sword impacts still knock you back.  When he 
dies, grapple onto the chest at the bottom of the screen.  Inside is 20 
Rupees, but that's not what's important.  Head west.

Try to stay on the conveyors, since your footing and control is even worse 
on the ice.  Use your Hookshot to stun the helmasaurs and exit north.  Go 
west, and through the door to fight...

Um... Not exactly boss material in my opinion.  I like charging a spin 
attack, then waiting for all 3 to fire, which deflects them all back to 
their sources.  You can only hurt the "real" Agahnim, which is easy to 
tell apart from the rest (the others are translucent...)

Afterwards, Ganon will appear and crash through the top of the Pyramid.


Before you do this, get one cure-all medicine, one life medicine, and one 
magic medicine (throw an empty bottle into the Mysterious Pond in the 
Waterfall of Wishing)   If you want more, release your Good Bee near the 
bottle seller in Kakariko Village, he'll buy it for 100 Rupees, and you can 
get more medicine.

Also you NEED to get Silver Arrows.  To do this, go to the Bomb Shop 
(Link's house in the Light World) and buy a Super Bomb for 100 Rupees.  
Haul it back to the Pyramid, and don't jump off any ledges or dash while 
carrying it or you have to pick it up again.  If you don't pick it up, it 
blows up and you need to buy a new one.  When you get to the pyramid, look 
for a large brown block with a crack in it.  Place the bomb in front of it 
by pressing A.  After 3 seconds, it blows a hole in the wall.

Welcome to another mysterious pond where you can upgrade items:
Empty Bottle -> Magic Medicine
Tempered Sword -> Hero's Sword
Bow & Arrows -> Bow & Silver Arrows

33% stronger than the Tempered Sword, aside from that, same old Master 

Twice as strong as normal arrows, and can hurt Ganon during the last stage 
of his attacks.

When you think you're ready, jump through the top of the pyramid to fight...

Stage 1:
Avoid the pitchfork, and hit him with your sword when he solidifies.
Stage 2:
Get as far away from him as possible to avoid the fireballs when they 
expand.  When they contract back in, hit Ganon, then keep moving around to 
avoid the bats.
Stage 3:
Cane of Byrna helps... Try to stay away from him, and just hack 
away when he solidifies.
Stage 4:
Most difficult.  Light both torches to make him vulnerable, then hit him 
when he solidifies.  He'll turn blue and stay still for a second or two.  
Shoot him with an arrow.  Eventually, he dies.  Exit north and you win.

There's a two-door house south of Kakariko village.  To get to the left 
half, enter the right door and bomb the wall.  Outside is the 15-second 
maze.  My record for the maze is 7 seconds, and I had to be innovative to 
do that.  Anyhow, the fastest way through the maze is as follows:

From the start, clear out the 5 bushes in a row, then immediately head 
left.  There's a column of 3 bushes.  Clear those out, then go to the 
sign.  From the sign, go down (You can jump the fence) and talk to the guy 
at the end for a Piece of Heart.

There's a cave in the north-east corner of the Desert of Mystery.  Inside 
is another elder.  Bomb the southern wall for a Piece of Heart.

In both worlds, hitting a chicken 35 times makes a ton of chickens fly at 
you and attack you until the distressed chicken leaves your screen.  You 
can pick up the flying chickens if you try hard enough.  This is one of the 
all-time favorite secrets in Link to the Past and Link's Awakening...

Q. The second time I fight Agahnim, all 3 Agahnims look the same OR I only 
   see one.
A. Chances are you're using an emulator with Transparency Effects turned 

Q. How do I beat Ganon!?
A. You need Silver Arrows

Q. Where are the other 3 Piece of Hearts?
A. Dunno, if you do, e-mail me.

Q. Have you written any other guides?
A. As of the publication of this document, I've written an extremely 
   comprehensive guide to Illusion of Gaia, as well as a walkthrough to 
   Segasoft's Obsidian, and an easter egg compilation for Super Mario 
   Brothers 3.

Q. Where can I get those?
A. The most recent versions should always be posted at www.GameFAQs.com

Q. Why didn't you include  in this document?
A. Got something to say?  E-mail me!

Q. I liked this game.  What other games are like it?
A. Illusion of Gaia, Terranigma, and Secret of Mana are good places to 
   start.  If you want, try the two NES Zeldas.

   I would seriously recommend Seiken Densetsu 3 (Secret of Mana 2).  You 
   can find Japanese versions of it all over the internet, and you can get 
   a translation patch by going to AltaVista and searching for:

   +"Seiken Densetsu 3"+"translation"

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