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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

                 ||||| The Legend of:|||||
                 |||||A link to the past|||||
                    ***A FAQ by LJones***
                    |||||Version 1.1|||||

 Hi peoples! Welcome to the new and inproved version of the BOSS FAQm
for the greatest game of all time, The Legend of Zelda: A link to the
PasT! In these pages, I've fixed a few typos, added a few sarcatic
remarks,and all in all, Improved this FAQ! I hope you enjoy the newer
version as much as I did! AS I quote as with my other FAQs, on with the

Revision History
Version 1.0- the original version of this FAQ, with ALOT of bad things
in it.. 

Version 1.1- The site has been improved aLOT since last time! Now
there's breathing room, and all those bad things have either been
removed or fixed up, all thanks to Gamefaqs. Thank you, Grachous
Gamefaq's updater!

 *~?Table of Contents?~*
 2.For Starters
 3.Light World Bosses
   a.Ball and Chain Trooper
   b.Armos Knights
 4.Dark World Bosses
  a.Helmassaur King
  d.Blind the Thief
 5.*Sob*The End

 1. Introduction
  Well, here I am, with another FAQ, fvor SNES this time.This FAQ was
made for the best game of all time, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the
Past.It's for those bosses that seem to nag and nag and nag at you...
and you cant seem to beat. Hey, I know how it feels! That's why I made
this FAQ, to help cowards like me(lol).No, really, I made this FAQ to
help people who are having trouble and can't beat the bosses NO MATTER
WHAT THEY TRY. And so, as I come to the closing, I must give you a
you want to spoil the whole entire game,because I AM going to spoil it
for you. You know that, don't you?So, read this AFTER beating the game,
or if you really, REALLY need help. Understood? Okay, now that we
understand each other, please let me get to the next section? (Not that
I'm going to let you stop me)

 2. For Starters

 Okay, here we are ankle deep in my FAQ! I can't seenm to close my
mouth, can I? Oh, well, I love to talk, and... well, I'm getting off the
subject, so let me get into what this second section is about.It tells
you a litle about the bosses.Well, anyway, as in the other Zelda
games,the items in the big chest are the key to defeating the boss, as
in the Swamp palace,Eastren palace, and others.All the bosses have
something in common, that you probably could see- they all have a weak
spot, or something that will make killing them a WHOLE lot easier.And of
course, I have a rating for the bosses, on a scale or one to five stars,
five being VERY hard and one being ridiculously easy.With that in mind,
let's go!

 3. Light World Bosses

 The light world bosses are easy compared to the ones later on. To help
you out, I'll tell you the location and how to get there, on top of
everything else, as you will see in a few minutes.

1st boss: Ball and chain trooper
Description: an armored soldier with a spiked ball on a chain
Location:Hyrle Castle
How to get there:Defeat the soldier who has the key
Items needed:Pots, Boomerange, or Sword
What to do:Throw the pots at him for an easy win,or throw the boomerang
and hit him with the sword. Watch out for his spiked ball attack!

2nd boss: Armos Knights
Description:six moving statues
Location:Eastren Palace
How to get there: Kill all the enemies in the room prejourning it
Items needed:bow & arrow , or sword
What to do:This boss is pretty easy,all you have to do is hit it with
three arrows, until you get down to the last one. It will turn red and
charge at you, trying to stomp you.Just move around and shoot! If no
arrows are handy, the good ol sword will work just fine

3rd boss:Lamolas
Description:Three large centipedes
Location:Desert Palace
How to get there: have big key and lantern handy
Items needed: sword or Arrows
What to do:This boss is easy too, just a tad harder, not much troble.
The lamolas with spit out 4 rocks before coming up.Hit them in the head,
until there is only one left.He will spit out EIGHT rocks. Approach him
quickly, but with caution, or you will get hit. You can also use Arrows,
but for less damage

4th boss: Moldorm
Decription:A bigger version of the littler worms.
Location:Tower of Hera
How to get there: go up the stairs, then drop down the ledge
Items needed:Sword and/or spin attack
What to do:This guy is easy, if you know what to do.See that tail? Hit
it,preferably with the spin attack.Be wary of the edges, or you will
have to start all over again (ugh). After you hit him five or so times,
he starts going really fast! One more hit to the tail should do it.

5th and final boss (of the light world)Agahnim
Descriiption:A large,evil wizard
Location:Hyrule Castle
How to get there:After the cinema,hack open the curtain
Items needed:Master sword and gool luck(seriously)
What to do: He is much easier than he seems. All ya hafta do is reflect
his yellow beams, hack at the blue ones, and get at the sideswhen he
goes to the top.A couple of hits, and her gives you a message, then you
are taken to the Dark World.

 4.Dark World Bosses

 Much harder bosses in this part, folks!Time to get down and dirty with
it.Much harder, as you should know. Same as last time, just follow the

 1st boss:Helmassaur King
 Description:A large helmassaur with a green jewel in his head
 Location:Dark Palace
 How to get there: Big key and lantern
 Items needed:Sword and bombs,or hammer
 What to do:I saved him for the last boss.He is even harder than
Trinexx! Anyway, first things first. Take off his mask with hammer or
bombs.threee hits will do it. Avoid his tail(When it starts swinging
fast) by getting into one of the unspiked corners.After you get off his
mask,hit the jewel in his head several times for a victory.Watch out for
the fireballs!
Difficulty:************** (No joke)

2nd boss: Arrghus
Description:jellyfish surrounded by his larvae
Location:Swamp palace
how to get there:water fall and key
Items:lucky charm and hoookshot/w sword combo
What to do:Circle around when the larvae do, pull them off and kill them
/w hookshot , then go after him when they are all gone, after each hit
he tried to smash you, so do it FAST

3rd boss:Mothula
Decription:Giant moth
Location:Skull Palace
How to get there:Secret passage and hole
Items:Fire rod and sword
What to do:You will drop into a room with the moth. The floor will
moves, but if you have gotten the treasure from the Ice palace already
 It won't take off as nearly as much damage, if you are
slammed into the spikes.Also, the spikes move, making him the hardest
boss yet.Aslo, beware of the beams he shoots from his body. Make sure to
have a bottle of blue potion on hand, and a fairy, as you will need
both.8 hits with the sword, so this is the reccomended route to take,
but it's easier to hit him from a distance,with the fire rod, only takes
about 13 hits to kill him once and forever.

4th boss:Blind the theif
Decriiption:Lovely lady, alias ugly demon after exposing in sunlight, in
the empty boss room.
Location:Gargole's domain
How to get there:Lead the locked maiden to empty room with the square of
light in the center of it. 
Items:Tempered sword
What to do:After getting the maiden to the locked room, lead her to the
center of it where the patch of light is! After exclaming on how bright
it is, she will turn into Blind the Theif.Hit him as fast as you can,
and avoid the floating heads that shoot beams at you and circle the
room. After losing 3 heads, he dies.He's not as easy as he looks.

5th boss:Kholdstare
Description:3 frozen eyeballs
Location:Ice Palace
How to get there:Drop down hole on the left, in room 6-4, pick up the
silver block with the Titan's Mitt.
Items:Fire rod and sword
What to do: Once you enter, shoot ice sheild 8 times to make the shield
melt, all the while avioding the falling ice balls that plop down from
the cieling .Then shoot them as many times as possible,in a sequence
preferabbly ,avoiding the same ice balls that come down from the
ceiling. Each eye takes 6 hits with the fire rod.

6th boss:Viterous
Description:Large eyeball with little eyeballs surrounding it.
Location:Misery Maze
How to get there:Use big key to open the door- many steps to get there,
but that is enough info to make this a walkthrough!
What to do: Stay clear of the slime and the middle,as the slime will
hurt you, and Viterous  will shoot lightning from the
center, exactly like Aganhim's surpreme attack the first time around.
Get rid of the little eyeballs  then kill the big one that climbs out of the slime to
attack you.It only takes a few hits to lay this monster to rest.

7th boss:Trinexx
Description:Big turtle with three heads
Location:Turtle rock
How to get there:Cane of Somaria and big key
Items:ice rod, fire rod, sword < Golden preferably>, and sheer good luck
What to do:Take out the ice head to avoid hassle, If you don't, you will
be slipping while Trinexx is buisibly freezing you over> by using the
fire rod, vice versa on the other head, use your sword once you do
that..It will turn into a snake creature,hit it in the middle < It
flashes, and that part only takes about 4 hits>.Watch out for that
"unmovable" head, as when you least expect it, it will move out where
ever you are, and try to attack you! Be quick and move!

8th boss:Agahnim
Description:Crankly old wizard with two ghost wizards
Location:Ganon's tower
How to get there:C'mon... you know the routine
Items:Good aim and sword
What to do:Aim all  beam attacks at him, don't bother with the
others. Now he has two clones with him! Don't worry, you can tell easily
which one is him, the other two are tansparent, but can hurt just as
much> Aim at the real one, and after ahwhile, he will fall and Ganon's
spirit will come out of him...poor old guy...

9th boss:GANON!!
Description:Evil man in pig suit
Location:Pyramid of power
How to get there:Drop into the hole
Items:Prayer and every other item that's a weapon
What to do:Hit him with the sword as many times as possible, avoiding
his attacks,which is extremely hard to do, or use magic cape.. Also use
Cane of Bryna, as it does double duty, protecting while attacking, as
you counter Ganon's attacks with the Sword< golden, hopefully!>He will
then send blasing things at you. Use the Hookshot to foul things up, and
hit him if possible.
     Then the outer tiles will break off.
Hit him if ya can,. Then the lights will go out. Light them back up, hit
him with the sword.He will turn blue, then hit him with the silver
arrows, as you can kill him with only four arrows of this type, if your
aim is true.After every turn make sure you light up the torches, or you
will die. If you have not gotten the Silver arrows, you are in for a
long and hard battle.After he is defeated, he will yield the
TRIFORCE!Seeing it spinning is just spectacular... but I will leave it
up to you.. congrats, you have beaten the game!
(That good enough?) 

6.*sob* The End
Well, it's time to go now. Any questions, e-mail me at the address
above. See you next time on the Pokemon Boss Guide!
(Oh, and if yhey ask, tell them Wizard sent ya)

This is copyright of LJones.Do not copy, in any form, unless you ask my
permission , Lyndonjones@sprintsite.com, and mention my name in the
credits.This can only be used in Gamefaqs.com. If you sell this, you are
breaking the law.

Copyright  1999 LJones

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