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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

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			    A Link to the Past

	          Welcome to Zelda; A Link to the Past for SNES
			     Complete Walkthrough
			   Author: David Zabroski
	         Check out my Dragon Warrior/Quest Website at:

I.	Introduction
	a.	My Thoughts
	b.	Story
	c.	Tips
II.	Quest to Save Zelda
	a.	Link's House
	b.	Hyrule Palace
	c.	Sewers
III.	Search for the Sages
	a.	Kakariko Village
	b.	Minigame
IV.	Quest for the Pendants
	a.	Sahasrahla's Hideout
	b.	Eastern Palace
	d.	Kakariko Village II
V.	Extra Stuff
	a.	Bee Cave
	b.	Ice Cavern
	c.	Sanctuary II
	d.	Lake Hylia Cave
VI.	Quest for the Pendants II
	a.	Hyrule Desert
	b.	Wise Men Cave
	c.	Desert Palace
VII.	Extra Stuff II
	a.	 Hyrule Desert II
	b.	Graveyard
	c.	Zora's Waterfall
	d.	1st Fairy Pond
	e.	Reservoir
	f.	Castle Bridge
	g.	Fountain of Happiness.
VIII.	Quest for the Pendants III
	a.	Death Mountain
	b.	Mountain Tower
IX.	The Master Sword
	a.	Lost Woods
	b.	Sanctuary III
X.	Extra Stuff III
	a.	Witches Potion Shop
	b.	Death Mountain II
XI.	Quest to Save Zelda II
	a.	Hyrule Palace II
	b.	Hyrule Palace Tower
XII.	Find the Lost Maidens
	a.	Pyramid
	b.	Passage to Level I
	c.	Level I
XIII.	Extra Stuff IV
	a.	Kakariko Village IV
	b.	Village of Outcasts
	c.	Kakariko Village V
	d.	Woodcutter Hut
	e.	Dark World Grave Yard
	f.	Swamp
	g.	Lake
	h.	Death Mountain III
XIV.	Find the Lost Maidens II
	a.	Marsh
	b.	Level II
XV.	Extra Stuff V
	a.	Death Mountain IV
XVI.	Find the Lost Maidens III
	a.	Level III; Skull Woods
	b.	Level IV; Blind's Dungeon
XVII.	Extra VI
	a.	Catfish Maw
	b.	Village of Outcasts
	c.	Village of Outcasts II
	d.	Hyrule Desert III
	e.	Hyrule Desert IV
	f.	Cemetery
	g.	Death Mountain V
XVIII.	Find the Lost Maidens IV
	a.	Lake Hylia
	b.	Level V; Ice Palace
	c.	Hyrule Desert IV
	d.	Level VI; Mire Swamp
XIX.	Extra Stuff VII
	a.	Bomb Shop
	b.	Pyramid II
	c.	Fountain of Happiness II
XX.	Quest to Save Zelda III
	a.	Death Mountain VI
	b.	Level VII; Turtle Rock
XXI.	Stop Agahnim
	a.	Ganon's Palace
XXII.	Defeating Ganon
	a.	Pyramid III
	b.	Triforce
XXIII.	Heart Pieces
I.	Introduction
	a.	My Thoughts
		i.	If you have used my previous walkthroughs
			you know I recommend this as a guide. A
			true RPGs player can ask for help, but not be
			told how to finish the game. Sometimes to
			get everything you need a push. Please note
			that there may be some Heart Pieces missing
			in the walkthrough. Check the Heart Piece
			Section to get the missing ones.
	b.	Story
		The world of Hyrule once a calm and peaceful
		place. The goddess of Hyrule create the land
		of Hyrule with their immense powers. As a
		symbol of their work they left the Triforce. It
		was said that whoever touched it a symbol of
		true selves will change the world, but what
		people were attracted to was the gift of wishes
		when the Triforce was touched. It was held in
		the Golden Land where it was through to be

		One day a group of thieves who practiced
		black magic accidentally opened the gate to
		the Golden Land. They sought out the Triforce
		for it's power.

		Ganon, leader of the band of thieves was the
		one to touch it and make a wish. None know
		what that wish was, but the Triforce showed
		what was in his heart, evil. The evil radiated
		and swallowed the Golden Land. Most suspect
		that Ganon's wish was to not only control the
		Golden Land, but the whole world in all it's
		The evil that radiated from the Golden Land
		called all evil men and spirits to arms to take
		over the regular world as well as the Golden
		Land. There was a horrible war between the
		minions of Ganon and the Knights of Hyrule.
		Until 7 wise men learned of the troubles in the
		Golden Land, destined to protect the Golden
		Land they created a seal to block Ganon in his
		new evil world. The real world was protected
		from doom.

		Ganon swore revenge and he would some way
		find a way back to the real world. Years went
		by then famine, drought, and natural disasters
		appeared in Hyrule. The King assumed that
		the seal was breaking, sending the descendants
		of the Wise Men to check. They found
		nothing. Then Agahnim appeared and with a
		flick of his wrist stopped the troubles.
		Claiming black magic has been cast on the
		land. The King made him his advisor.

		Agahnim was the one who caused it, and
		when the time was right he took over the
		castle, collected the 7 maidens that were
		decedents of the Wise Men. His plan was to
		break the seal of the Wise Men to allow
		Ganon to overtake the Real World.
	c.	Tips
		i.	Take your time to look around, you never
			know what you'll find
		ii.	Bottles can carry more than potions and
		iii.	Take the time to help your fellow man
		iv.	Things that are changed in your world,
			change in the Golden Land.
		v.	Bosses are most likely weak to the items you
			find in their dungeons.
II.	Quest to Save Zelda
	a.	Link's House
		i.	You will wake to a voice in your head, a cry
			for help
		ii.	Get up take the Lamp in the chest.
			1.	Lamp
				a.	This will allow you to see
					some light in the dark
				b.	It also lights torches.
		iii.	Go outside and go behind your house and
			head to the castle gates.
		iv.	Go to the left and pick p the bush at the end.
			You should see a hole, enter it.
	b.	Hyrule Palace
		i.	Go left and get a sword and a shield from
			your uncle
		ii.	Sword Level I
			a.	You can spin attack if you
				hold your sword button
			b.	You can not block when you
				swing your sword
		iii.	Once you are inside work your way
			down to the third basement,
		iv.	Be sure to pick up the boomerang on
			the first basement floor.
			a.	Boomerang
				i.	Use this to throw at
					your enemies, it will
					stun or kill them
		v.	On the third floor, you will
			encounter a Ball and Chain Trooper.
			Defeat him to rescue Zelda.
			a.	Just pick up a pot and throw
				it at him
			b.	Repeat and he will be dead
		vi.	Open the Door with the Big Key and
			take Zelda back to the throne room.
			a.	Big Keys
				i.	They will open any
					jail doors, large
					chests, and Big
	c.	Sewers
		i.	Go to the throne room and push the alter
			over for the exit to the sewers.
		ii.	Follow the sewers through, when you get to
			a dark spot use your Lamp on the torches.
		iii.	Pull the right switch when you reach the
	d.	Sanctuary
		i.	Now that you saved Zelda you will get a full
			Heart Piece.
III.	Search for the Sages
	a.	Kakariko Village
		i.	Go west from the Sanctuary and you will
			find Kakariko Village.
		ii.	Go to the northwestern part of town and
			over the ledge with the well.
		iii.	Fall down and get the bombs and money.
			1.	Bombs
				a.	They can blow up enemies,
					shells, and cracked walls
					i.	Even unseen cracks.
		iv.	Exit and go to the short green house.
		v.	Go down the basement and blow up the hole
			in the back to get a heart piece.
			1.	4 make a complete heart container.
		vi.	Then push the blocks to get the chest. If you
			can't get them all exit and go back in.
		vii.	Go see the man on the carpet and buy a
			1.	Bottle
				a.	You can keep flies and other
					things in here including
					potions and fairies.
		viii.	Look for the sick kid's house and get a Net.
			1.	Net
				a.	You can catch flies and other
					things and put it in a bottle.
				b.	If you catch a fairy the fairy
					will revive you when you die.
		ix.	Exit and go to the back of the pub right in
		x.	Hit the chicken, if you feel like it, and take
			the chest
			1.	Another bottle
		xi.	Go to the center of town and talk to the boy,
			he will mark your map for your next
		xii.	The lower right shack can be bombed open.
	b.	Minigame
		i.	Exit from the south entrance and go through
			the double door house
		ii.	Once inside bomb a hole between rooms.
		iii.	Exit and talk to the woman and you will
			have a challenge
			1.	Run through the maze in 15 seconds
				and get a Heart Piece.
			2.	The best route is to go around via the
				top and cut the bushes, not too tough.
IV.	Quest for the Pendants
	a.	Sahasrahla's Hideout
		i.	Follow the mark on the map the boy gave
		ii.	You will find it lead through the ruins in the
			northeast part of Hyrule.
		iii.	Talk to Sahasrahla and he will tell you that
			you need the Master Sword to beat the Evil
		iv.	You need the three Pendants of Virtue to get
			the sword. Which is no easy task.
		v.	The first, Courage is in the Eastern Palace
			next to here, if you get it he will give you a
		vi.	Bomb the wall and get the Heart Piece.
	b.	Eastern Palace
		i.	Enter the first room and lift up the middle
			pot to reveal the switch. Go through the
			nearby door, take out the three enemy
			Leevers, then step on the raised part of the
			floor to open the door.
		ii.	 In the next room, there are two large arches
			built into the walls, the one to the north
			firing cannonballs and the one to the south
			receiving them.
			1.	Usually small balls are fired down
				one part of a narrow corridor, but big
				ones require you to take refuge
				behind the barriers.
		iii.	Go to the door above the cannon and enters
			the main room. You'll now be in the main
		iv.	Turn right and break the pot to open the
			door. Enter it and go to the next room.
		v.	A key is under one of the five pots. The
			center pot hides the switch, go through the
			opened door and you'll be within reach of
			the chest containing the Map.
		vi.	Go down from the ledge to reach the stairs
			taking you back to the long room, then exit
			through the west entrance to return to the
			main room.
		vii.	Exit the main room using the doorway to the
			far west. The door leading out of this next
			room is in the southwest corner.
		viii.	In this next room, lift up one of the pots and
			grab its contents to make the four Stalfos
			appear then kill them all to open the door.
		ix.	The next room has the Compass, take it and
			the exit is on the east side. Reach it by going
			down the steps first.
		x.	The room you're now in is nothing more
			than a T-junction; walk straight through it
			from west to east and you'll come to another
			part of the main room.
		xi.	Again, walk straight to the east side and
			through the door. Don't mind the enemies.
		xii.	The next room is also deserted, but the exit
			is to the south.
		xiii.	The next room is dark and contains two
			Bubbles; start you walk by turning east until
			you step on the switch in the floor, then
			backtrack slightly to enter the adjoining
			room, which is also dark and guarded by
		xiv.	The north pot against the east wall contains
			a necessary Key.
		xv.	Return to the previous room, then start
			walking south and follow the path (taking
			out the Leever) to the locked door.
		xvi.	Go through the door and across the bridge in
			the next room, and then you'll come to a
			long room guarded by a Cyclops, some
			Leevers and Stalfos.
		xvii.	Destroy all of the Leevers and Stalfos, then
			walk near the Cyclops to bring him to life
			and toss some pots at him. Towards the
			north of this room (on the blue alter), the
			Bubbles will fly away from one of the pots;
			lift it up to reveal a switch that will make the
			chest containing the BIG KEY appear.
		xviii.	Exit this room to the north, push the east
			block forward to proceed, then exit the room
			using the north-east door.
		xix.	You'll return to the main room and will be
			able to recover the Bow from the large chest
			in the center of the room.
			1.	Bow
				a.	You can shoot a arrow at
		xx.	When the Skeleton heads appear just ignore
			them and make your way to the north door
			and climb the stairs, then go through the
			next door.
		xxi.	In this dark room are leevers and Cyclops.
			One of the Cyclops has a key. Light a torch
			and take out all the enemies.
		xxii.	When you go through the door you are in
			the dark again. The east l door leads to the
			second floor.
		xxiii.	The first room of the second floor contains
			pots and is guarded by a Bubble. Lift the
			south-east pot to reveal the switch to the
			next room.
		xxiv.	Here, defeat the three Cyclops with Arrows
			and step on the south switch.
		xxv.	Dodge the cannon balls in this room and
			make it to the upper left switch. Exit through
			the left door.
		xxvi.	Kill the Skeletons and Cyclops, but the red
			ones can only be killed by arrows. Proceed
			to the next door.
		xxvii.	Kill the leevers and move close to the two
			red Cyclops to start them moving and take at
			least one of them out with Arrows before
			they stop again.
		xxviii.	Before entering the Keeper's lair, ransack
			the pots for Arrows.
		xxix.	Boss
			1.	Armos Knights
				a.	They are very easy. Just keep
					firing arrows at them as they
					jump around.
				b.	The follow a pattern
					i.	Circle, Line up and
				c.	When you defeat all ,but one
					the one left will change into a
					red Knight, but he will follow
					you and stomp on your head,.
				d.	Just keep firing arrows.
		xxx.	You have a new heart container and the
			Pendent of Courage.
				c.	Sahasrahla's Hideout II
		xxx.	Go back to Sahasrahla and receive the
			Pegasus Boots.
			1.	Pegasus Boots
				a.	Hold the A button to run
					really fast
					i.	Hit trees, walls, and
						knock stuff down
						from a high place.
	d.	Kakariko Village II
		i.	Go back to Kakariko Village and head to the
			south exit.
		ii.	Enter the library and knock down the book
			from the top shelf.
			1.	Book of Mudora
				a.	This is a ancient book that
					can translate ancient Hylilian.
V.	Extra Stuff
	a.	Bee Cave
		i.	There's a cave east of Lake Hylia. Go there,
			bomb the wall in the back, and ram the
			statue with the Pegasus boots to reveal the
			Bee. Catch it, but remember: You only get
			one. If you want, release it near the bottle
			catcher in Kakariko Village and talk to him
			and he'll buy it for 100 Rupees. Personally,
			I'd keep the bee. 100 Rupees is nothing
			Thanks to the gambling house in the Lost
	b.	Ice Cavern
		i.	If you bomb the wall next to the entrance,
			you can get the Ice Rod in the chest.
		ii.	Ice Rod
			1.	The ice rod, in my opinion, is one of
				the most useless weapons in the
				game. It freezes an enemy when it
				hits them, letting you kill them with
				another weapon.
			2.	There is one significant use for it
				though: If you smash a frozen enemy
				with the Magic Hammer, they
				usually leave a Magic Potion behind.
	c.	Sanctuary II
		i.	Dash into the rock pile just west of the
			Sanctuary to reveal a stairway. Under it is a
			Piece of Heart waiting to be taken.
	d.	Lake Hylia Cave
		i.	On the way to the Lake Hylia cave, there's a
			small patch of grass near the bottom edge of
			the lake that stands out in the relatively
			parched area.
		ii.	Bomb the wall nearby it and kill the worms
		iii.	When they're all dead, a pathway opens
			where you can get 3 bombs, 320 Rupees,
			talk to the thief for the 300-pack, and 10
VI.	Quest for the Pendants II
	a.	Hyrule Desert
		i.	The best way to get here is by way of Link's
		ii.	Go south of the house into the field.
		iii.	Head west until you see the path. Follow it
			to the Desert
	b.	Wise Men Cave
		i.	Go to the northern part of the desert and
			enter the cave.
		ii.	Bomb the south wall in the Wise man's
			room and get a heart piece.
	c.	Desert Palace
		i.	Head west and you should see a three
			headed  statues. Go to the tables and is the
			book. This will activate the statues and let
			you in.
			1.	It also blocks you in.
		ii.	Dodge the monsters and watch out for the
			laser eye.
		iii.	Go to the left side and break the pots.
			Follow the path.
		iv.	When you reach the top kill the quicksand
			monster and go left.
		v.	Head up, and into the doorway
		vi.	Go left until you see two Cyclops Knights.
			Break the pot and step on a switch and get
			the map.
		vii.	Head left, and through the doorway at the
			bottom of the screen.
		viii.	Then, head left to the next screen, and up
			through the top doorway. Dash into the torch
			pillar to get a key.
		ix.	Now go south, then east two screens.
		x.	Keep going south for one more screen. Open
			the locked door and enter.
		xi.	Kill all 3 monsters to open the exit.
		xii.	The chest contains the Compass. Head
		xiii.	Go to the north end of the room for the Big
			Key, just dodge the cannons, if you time it
			right you can get through.
		xiv.	Go back to the main area. Where you place
			just before you knocked down the key.
			1.	I call this the main area because you
				return here often.
		xv.	Go to the western door, once inside look for
			the switch and go to the next room.
		xvi.	Gram the power glove and go back to the
			main area again.
			1.	Power Glove
				a.	This will allow you to pick
					up stones and other heave
					i.	You can only pick up
						Light Green stones.
		xvii.	Head south, east, south, and west to a room
			with 3 torches in it.
		xviii.	If you want to get some faeries, push the
			third block from the left on the left row
			upward and walk through the doorway.
		xix.	Go south and outside.
		xx.	Follow the cliff to the west and grab the
			Heart Piece.
		xxi.	Go back and head behind the entrance you
			took to get here.
		xxii.	Use the glove to pick up the stones.
		xxiii.	Go down the stairs and work your way back
			to the corridor.
			1.	You have to go under bridge several
		xxiv.	When you get there head to the next room
			and dodge the flying tiles.
		xxv.	There is a key under one of the blocks take it
			and head back.
		xxvi.	Once you get the key you can open the door
			to the next area above the bridge.
		xxvii.	Go through and dodge the laser eyes. There
			is a key under one of the pots.
		xxviii.	Go to the next room and kill red Cyclops
			and light the four torches for the boss room
			1.	Lanmolas
				a.	There are three giant sand
					worms. Just hit them in the
					head when they pop out.
				b.	The can fly for a short
					distance so watch out.
				c.	They pop up random
					depending on where you are
		xxix.	When they are dead you get the Pendent of
			Power and a Full Heart Piece.
VII.	Extra Stuff II
	a.	 Hyrule Desert II
		i.	East of the Desert of Mystery, south-west of
			the sleeping man are two large boulders one
			above the other. Under the lower one is a
			staircase with a thief guarding 50 Rupees
			under the pots.
			1.	This is great place to get free rupees.
				When you get the hammer you can
				easily plug away at these guys.
	b.	Graveyard
		i.	Go to the Graveyard located east of the
			Sanctuary and go to the upper right side.
			Throw the rocks and push the headstone to
			reveal a hidden passage. Bomb the walls and
			get chests containing 4 hearts, 300 Rupees, 3
			bombs, and 10 arrows.
	c.	Zora's Waterfall
		i.	Go to the Witches house, east of the castle.
		ii.	Follow the route all of the way around the
		iii.	Stay on the shallows and keep going until
			you see a fork in the road.
		iv.	Take the lowest path and talk to King Zora.
		v.	He will sell you his Flippers for 500 Rupees!
			1.	Flippers
				a.	The flippers will allow you to
					swim in deep water.
				b.	You can also use the warp
					points too.
		vi.	Go straight back and fall off the waterfall
			and go left to get a Heart Piece.
	d.	1st Fairy Pond
		i.	Once you get out of the river go to the first
		ii.	When you enter approach the pond and you
			will have a item select screen.
		iii.	Throw the following in
			1.	Shield
				a.	You will get a better shield
					that blocks fire
			2.	Boomerang
				a.	You will get a Magic
					Boomerang that goes even
			3.	Bottle
				a.	You will get a refill of Magic
					Potion in your bottle.
	e.	Reservoir
		i.	Go South of Link's House and push the
			blocks out of the way.
		ii.	Go in the back and pull the lever to release
			the water.
		iii.	Now go back outside and take the Heart
	f.	Castle Bridge
		i.	You can get the third bottle now that you
			can swim.
		ii.	Go to the bridge between your house and the
			rock formations near the castle.
		iii.	Follow the river east until you have a chance
			to go in the water.
		iv.	Backtrack in the water and go under the
			bridge. The man will give you a bottle.
	g.	Fountain of Happiness.
		i.	This Fountain is located in the middle of the
		ii.	Throw 100 rupees in and you will get a raise
			in of your maximum of Arrow or Bombs.
			1.	Bombs: 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 50
			2.	Arrows: 35, 40, 45, 50, 55, 60, 70
VIII.	Quest for the Pendants III
	a.	Death Mountain
		i.	The final pendent awaits for you in your
		ii.	Head to the Sanctuary and just a few screens
			over then a few screens north you will find a
			large wooded area.
			1.	Not the Lost woods with the mist,
				just right of it.
		iii.	Enter from the side of the mountain and
			follow the path inside.
			1.	It isn't hard to find your way through
				so I won't do a step by step.
		iv.	When you reach the end of the sections an
			old man in at the exit.
			1.	He was lost and needs you to walk
				with him because he has no light.
			2.	He will direct you to the exit.
		v.	Once you get outside he will thank you and
			reward you with a Mirror.
			1.	Mirror
				a.	The Mirror is a small portal
					than can bring you back from
					another Place of existence.
				b.	If used in a dungeon it will
					send you to the beginning of
					the dungeon.
		vi.	Now head into the cave the old man entered
			and listen to his story and he will refill your
			hearts for you.
		vii.	You can take the caves to the next ledge, or
			climb the stairs and dodge the boulders,
			either one.
		viii.	Go all of the way left on the next level and
			climb the huge stairs.
		ix.	When you get to the top jump down the left
			side and get a Hear Piece.
		x.	When you get to the top go to the left side
			and step on the warp tile.
			1.	This will bring you to the Dark
				a.	The Dark World amplifies
					who you are as a character in
					life into a actual new physical
		xi.	Go to the top part and edge of the ledge and
			use the Mirror to bring you back to the real
		xii.	Take the Heart Piece and jump down to
			enter the final tower of pendants
	b.	Mountain Tower
		i.	Hit the switch to lower the blue blocks.
		ii.	Now, go left and down the steps to the floor
		iii.	Here, simply throw your boomerang through
			the orange barrier when the Mini-Moldorm
			isn't in the way and take the Key with the
		iv.	Take the key, go back upstairs to the second
		v.	Stand just north of the lowered blue barriers
			by the first crystal switch and hit it with
			your Boomerang to lower the orange barrier
			that's in a row across the room.
			1.	You can also throw a bomb and run
				back before it explodes.
		vi.	Go up and left through the room and open
			the chest if you want to get a Map, then
			unlock the door with your Key and go down
			the stairs to the first floor again.
		vii.	In this room, the tiles will come out and
			fling themselves toward you to attack.
		viii.	Go to the lower-left corner of the room and
			lift up the pots, then hit the crystal switch to
			lower the blue barriers.
		ix.	Stay in a corner and block all of the tiles
			with your sword.
		x.	After the tiles stop flying and the door
			opens, go right into the next room.
		xi.	Here, hit the crystal switch to lower the
			orange barriers, then defeat the sand worms
			and  head down into the next room.
		xii.	In this room, defeat the monsters and lift the
			pots to recover your magic meter if it isn't
			full yet. Then, light the four unlit lanterns
			with the Lamp to make a chest appear.
		xiii.	Open it to get the Big Key. Now,
		xiv.	Head back to the entrance.
		xv.	Go to the right staircase, hit the next switch
			to lower the orange barriers, if needed, then
			go up the stairs to the third floor.
		xvi.	In this new room, kill or knock the beetles
			into the holes and go to the next room. Now
			go left into the next room.
		xvii.	Head to the door, but if you are blocked by a
			pit then use the tile to change the holes, if
			you are now  blocked by the blocks hit the
			switch crystal.
		xviii.	Here, go up and right around the wall while
			defeating the Hardhat Beetles and trying not
			to step on the star tiles.
		xix.	Go right over the lowered barrier, then go up
			and right over another one.
		xx.	Get to the right side of the room, then hit the
			crystal switch to raise the blue barriers
		xxi.	Then, go up the steps to the fourth floor.
		xxii.	When you enter this room, go down and lift
			up the pots and throw them at the 2
		xxiii.	Then, go down and left and lift up the next
			row of pots so they're not in your way
		xxiv.	Go left into the middle of the room and open
			the chest to get the Compass.
		xxv.	Now, continue left and lift up the pots, then
			go left and up, then take the second left
			while trying not to get burned by the
			enemy's fireballs.
		xxvi.	Then, go up the stairs to the fifth floor. As
			soon as you enter this room, go down and
			step on the star tile to rearrange the pits in
			the room.
		xxvii.	Knock the Hardhat Beetles into the pits with
			your Sword, then get to the middle part of
			the room.
		xxviii.	You'll see a bouncer in the middle of the
			room and a square pit just above it.
		xxix.	Get to the north side of that pit and drop
			down into it.
			1.	Hold the Up button on your control
				pad or you will land on the wrong
				spot and clear the floor from under
		xxx.	Open the chest and take the Moon Pearl.
			1.	Moon Pearl
				a.	This will keep you from
					changing into the rabbit form
					when you enter the dark
		xxxi.	Now, go down and walk across the star tiles
			to move the pits so you won't fall in.
		xxxii.	When you get to the large middle area of the
			room again, go left and up to the stairs and
			get to the fifth floor.
		xxxiii.	At this point, if you need any health, lift up
			the pots in the right side of the room since
			each of them has a single heart in them.
		xxxiv.	Go up the stairs and prepare for the boss.
			1.	Boss
				a.	Moldorm
					i.	He is a somewhat
						easy boss, but at the
						same time he isn't
					ii.	You must hit him in
						the tail to hurt him, it
						only takes 5-6 hits to
						kill him
					iii.	He also makes you
						bounce If you get hit
						by him or hit him
						other than his tail.
						1.	With pits all
							around you
							and one in the
							center of the
							floor it isn't
							too easy.
		xxxv.	When he is dead take the heart piece and
			receive the Pendent of Wisdom.
IX.	The Master Sword
	a.	Lost Woods
		i.	The Lost Woods is a dark place. Mist covers
			the woods.
		ii.	There are tons of swords, but only one true
			Master Sword.
		iii.	There is a mushroom in the area so be sure
			to take it.
		iv.	The Master Sword is actual in the upper left
			side of the forest.
		v.	It is in it's own section.
		vi.	When you reach it just step up to the alter
			and take it.
			1.	The Master Sword; Sword Level II
				a.	This has more power than
					your regular sword.
				b.	When you Hearts are full you
					can shoot a spinning attack
					from your sword.
	b.	Sanctuary III
		i.	You get a telepathic call from Zelda.
		ii.	The guards have found her and have taken
			her away to the castle.
X.	Extra Stuff III
	a.	Witches Potion Shop
		i.	Give the mushroom to the woman in front of
			the potion shop.
		ii.	Exit the area and return. When you enter the
			shop you will get Magic Powder
			1.	Magic Powder
				a.	You can do some cool stuff
					with the powder.
					i.	Turn creatures into
					ii.	Make bushes
					iii.	Summon Monsters
						1.	at certain
	b.	Death Mountain II
		i.	You can get Ether from the Alter west of the
			Mountain Tower.
		ii.	Just use the book to summon Ether
			1.	Ether
				a.	A Elemental spell that will
					freeze enemies to death.
XI.	Quest to Save Zelda II
	a.	Hyrule Palace II
		i.	To get to Agahnim and save Zelda you must
			reach them first. You goal is to get to the
			room where you saw the girls disappear in
			the introduction.
		ii.	Go into the Palace and head to the top
			floors. Go on the outside edges to reach.
			Once you are on the edges of the building go
			to the back part where you see a electric
		iii.	Hit it with your sword and prepare for the
	b.	Hyrule Palace Tower
		i.	The tower is very easy to manage. You just
			have to go from one room to the next.
		ii.	Once you reach the top you will see
			Agahnim with Zelda on a bed. He will make
			her disappear before your eyes.
		iii.	When he retreats swing at the curtains to see
			the secret hiding place.
		iv.	Boss
			1.	Agahnim
				a.	He is actually one of the
					easiest bosses in the game
				b.	He will use three attacks
					i.	Fire Ball
						1.	A white ball
							of evil magic
						2.	Knock it back
							with your
					ii.	Spinning Flame
						1.	A blue circle
							of fire that
							will spread
							into all
							when touched.
						2.	Have it hit
							your shield,
							the extra
							flames will go
							around you.
					iii.	Thunder
						1.	Just avoid it.
				c.	The only way to kill him is to
				reflect his magic fireball back
				at him.
					i.	Hit it with your
						shield. The best spot
						is with a direct
					straight line drive.
		v.	Once he is dead he will suck you into the
			Dark World.
XII.	Find the Lost Maidens
	a.	Pyramid
		i.	You start off here, Let me explain the Dark
			1.	This place is like an opposite reality
				of the real world. The houses and
				land are similar, but different.
			2.	Things that happen in the real world
				can change things in the Dark World.
			3.	The Mirror is a portal between the
				two worlds, but the mirror only
				world as long as there is not
				interference between the two worlds.
			4.	When the mirror is used the spot
				remains a portal in the real world
				until you re-enter and change the
			5.	Some layouts are different in the two
			6.	You can use the portal in the Dark
				World and come up into a higher or
				unreachable area in the real world.
		ii.	There is a heart piece located on the side of
			the pyramid. You have to jump down the
			left side to reach it.
		iii.	When you make it to the base ram the tree
			on your left to get a fairy if you need it.
	b.	Passage to Level I
		i.	If you look on your map there is only one
			level that is shown. You must complete this
			level to be shown where all the other levels
			are located.
		ii.	The level is in the same place as the Eastern
			Palace, but the difference is there is a small
			maze to get there.
		iii.	Once you reach the general area go past the
			hut and go through the small passage with
			the arrow pointing up.
		iv.	Go up and around.
		v.	You must enter the big square from the top
			to get out.
		vi.	Once you get out you find a small monkey
			following you.
		vii.	He will ask for 10 rupees, give them to him
		viii.	When you reach the palace the way will be
			blocked, give Kiki 100 rupees to open the
	c.	Level I
		i.	This can be a tough level if you don't know
			your way around. I am going to take you
			through this the easies way possible.
		ii.	From the opening screen, go left.
		iii.	Step on the switch tile top open the door,
			then go down the stairs to B1.
		iv.	There's a switch under the lower-left pot that
			reveals a chest. Inside is a key.
		v.	Head back to the entrance. There is a switch
			under a pot to open the door.
		vi.	This time, take the right exit.
		vii.	Go down the stairs, and step on the warp
		viii.	Dash into the lower wall to bust it open. Go
			down, kill the jellyfish, and head left.
		ix.	There's another wall you can dash open.
		x.	Go through and defeat the two monsters.
			1.	The green ones will follow you
				around the room. Shoot them with
				arrows when you position them next
				to or in front of you.
			2.	The red one will shoot fire if you are
				in it's path. You can not shoot him
				like that.
				a.	The key is to fire a arrow and
					move him into the line by
					following you.
		xi.	Once you kill them go to the next room.
			1.	Take the key from the bomable wall
				on your left
			2.	Bomb the right to get a fairy pond.
		xii.	Return to the entrance one more time.
		xiii.	Take the center path.
		xiv.	Go right bridge , and push the lower block
			on the bridge.
		xv.	Go right, into the pit.
		xvi.	Head left, and lift up the lone skull to reveal
			a switch.
		xvii.	Step on it to reveal a chest containing a key.
		xviii.	Head right, step on the teleported tile, then
			backtrack to the Dual Bridge Screen.
		xix.	Now go to the left bridge that you passed.
			Bomb the crack in the middle to open a pit
			that will take you to a new section.
		xx.	Go up, right, and through the locked door.
		xxi.	Open the chest for the Big Key, then jump
			off the ledge to your right.
		xxii.	Go back to the bridges again and go right.
		xxiii.	Now, take the right bridge and go up to the
			doorway at the end of it.
		xxiv.	Open the chest for a key, then hold UP on
			the arrow to jump. This will drop you to the
			next platform.
		xxv.	Head up a bit, then left. Go north through
			the locked door.
		xxvi.	Here is a bridge with some skulls and head
			butting monsters.
			1.	No time to waist pick up the skull,
				and dash over the bridge, you should
				knock the monsters over. Gram the
				skull that's blocking the way and get
				back onto the platform.
				a.	If you are too slow you will
					fall and lose a heart.
		xxvii.	Go up into the top right room.
		xxviii.	Follow through and get the chest with the
		xxix.	Take either stairway, and you'll reach a
			room loaded with Rupees, and two chests.
		xxx.	Exit and go to the room locked opposite of
			the room you went in for the falling bridge.
		xxxi.	Follow through the maze and get to the key
			and then head for the bomable wall on the
		xxxii.	Open the chest and get the Hammer.
			1.	Hammer
				a.	This Hammer is as strong as
					your sword
				b.	It does the following
					i.	Hits enemies
					ii.	Pounds Stakes
					iii.	Knocks things over
					iv.	Secret
						1.	When you
							freeze an
							enemy and hit
							them with the
							hammer they
							will give a
		xxxiii.	Go to where you got the compass and  head
		xxxiv.	The easiest way to do this screen is by going
			along the left edge, then pushing the statue
			right which blocks the bouncing spike from
			hitting you.
		xxxv.	Head south. Now, go left a bit and jump
			onto the center platform.
		xxxvi.	Hit the toggle switch near the bottom of the
			screen with your Boomerang or a skull.
		xxxvii.	Go east. There are 3 skulls to either side of
			the sealed door.
		xxxviii.When you get to this room you have to
			make the switch to open the door hold
			1.	Pick up the 3 Skulls on the right side
			2.	Pull the Statue onto the block to
				open the door.
		xxxix.	Go through the door and kill the mimics,
			and head north again.
		xl.	Hit the crystal switch, then go right.
		xli.	Shoot a arrow in the eye of the statue. This
			will open a secret stairway.
		xlii.	Use the Hammer to knock the purple
			obstacles down (along with the two Turtles)
			and look along the north for a Crystal
		xliii.	Plant a Bomb near it and head west past the
			retracted blocks, then wait for the bomb to
			go off and trigger the Crystal Switch to
			reach the door.
		xliv.	Head south, and prepare for some hurting
			while you attempt to kill all of those turtles
			and go east.
		xlv.	Now, push the upper-right tile down or left
			and step on the teleported tile.
		xlvi.	Boss
			1.	Helmasaur King
				a.	There are two ways to kill
					this boss
					i.	Place Bombs next to
						him so they crack his
					ii.	Hit him in the head
						with the hammer.
						1.	Gee #2!
				b.	Just keep running up and
					hitting him in the head. He
					shell covering will break off.
				c.	Once it is totally off he will
					become more aggressive. Hit
					the Glowing jewel in his
		xlvii.	Once you kill him you get a full Heart Piece
			and a Crystal.
			1.	The crystal is actually one of the
				maidens used to break the seal. She
				will tell you a story and show you
				where the other girls are hidden.
XIII.	Extra Stuff IV
	a.	Kakariko Village IV
		i.	Now that you have the hammer almost the
			whole world is open to you.
		ii.	Magic Up!
			1.	Go to the Blacksmith's Shop in the
				village and knock down the pegs in
				from of the ledge.
			2.	Jump down into the well and use the
				Magic Powder on the alter.
				a.	The Grumpy/Nice Moth will
					make you use ½ of your
					i.	This is good, your
						magic capacity
						1.	It is not a curse,
							but a blessing
							in disguise.
		iii.	Head to Kakariko Village in the real world
			1.	Many people think you can't use the
				warp point in the village unless you
				have the Level 2 Glove, but you only
				need the hammer.
			2.	Go to the upper left side of the
				village and go into the woods. Take
				the first right and then go south.
			3.	Knock down the pegs and pick up
				the stone to open the Warp Point.
	b.	Village of Outcasts
			1.	There are men here that will knock
				you down and take your items, watch
				out for the FOX
				a.	You must pick up and many
					items as you can before he
			ii.	Treasure Game
				1.	This is in the Northern part of the
					village. Enter a house and you will
					see a ton of chests.
					a.	Pay 30 Rupees and you can
						open 2 chests.
					b.	You can win anything from
						nothing to money.
					c.	There is also 1 Heart Piece
						somewhere in the room, good
			iii.	Mo-Money!
				1.	There is one house that has all of the
					booty that was taken from people.
				2.	Steal from the Outcasts to feed
			iv.	Digging Game
				1.	You can get another Heart Piece in
					the Digging Game.
			v.	Lost Boy
				1.	Head south of the Village to where
					you would see the boy play the flute
					in the real world.
					a.	You find the boy is turning
						into a tree.
					b.	He asks you to get his flute
						for him.
						i.	He hands you a
					c.	Use the Mirror to go back to
						the real world.
					d.	Use the Shovel to dig in the
						flower bed on the
						northwestern side of the
					e.	Return to the Dark World and
						talk to the boy. He will ask
						you to play it one more time
						for him and take it to his
	c.	Kakariko Village V
		i.	Take the flute to the Man in the tavern. Play
			the flute in front of him to get a response.
			He will ask you to play for the Bird in the
			village square.
		ii.	When you play this at the village square you
			can fly to any spot on the world marked by
			the map.
		iii.	You can get another Heart Piece near the
			grove you just left.
			1.	When you are back at the Dark
				World go southwest of the grove
				when you see a circle of flowers.
			2.	Use the mirror and get the Hear
				Piece from the cave.
	d.	Woodcutter Hut
		i.	If you talked to the woodcutters before they
			would have said the tree feel weird.
		ii.	Return to it now and dash into it. The top
			will disappear allowing you to get another
			Heart Piece.
	e.	Dark World Grave Yard
		i.	If you go to where the Graveyard would be
			in the Dark World and position yourself at
			the top you could get another Heart Piece.
	f.	Swamp
		i.	In the Dark World head to Level II, go far
		ii.	When you see a circle of bushed stand in the
			middle and use the mirror.
		iii.	When you emerge in the Real World you
			will be on a cliff.
		iv.	Go left and use the book to receive the
			Bombos Medallion.
			1.	Bombos
				a.	Shoots a huge circle of fire
					and cooks everything near it.
	g.	Lake
		i.	Go to the Lake in the Dark World and look
			for the small shallows.
		ii.	Use the mirror and get a Heart Piece.
	h.	Death Mountain III
		i.	Staff of Byrna
			1.	Go back to the first Warp point on
				Death Mountain.
			2.	Go directly south and get the Staff of
			3.	Make sure you have plenty of
				potions because there are spikes
				along the path.
				a.	Staff of Byrna
					i.	This will place a
						magic field around
						you making you
						invincible as long as
						you have MP.
XIV.	Find the Lost Maidens II
	a.	Marsh
		i.	Go to Level II, the Swamp where you
			released the Watergate in the Real World.
		ii.	Once you arrive use the Mirror and return to
			the Real World.
		iii.	Release the water and go back through the
			portal to the Dark World.
	b.	Level II
		i.	Now that you filled the water you can get
			through Level II.
		ii.	From the entrance, swim west. Kill all three
			bugs to reveal a chest containing the key.
			1.	The water can't be killed, just hit it
				and run before the next one comes
		iii.	Go through the door and go to the back of
			the room, and pick up the bottom pot for the
		iv.	There's a spot on the western wall which can
			be bombed to reveal a passage to the Map.
		v.	Head through the locked door in the south-
			west corner of the room.
		vi.	Go left, down into the trench, and through
			the doorway. Under the pot is a key.
		vii.	Go back to the previous screen and through
			the locked door.
		viii.	Hit crystal switch, and push the switch left
			to flood the trench.
		ix.	Go back to the previous room, and exit west.
		x.	Enter the main room
		xi.	 Take the southern exit and loop the entire
			area clockwise for the Compass.
		xii.	Go back to the main room.
		xiii.	Now, take the south-west exit, go left, into
			the trench, and through the doorway.
		xiv.	Lift up the pot for a key. Go back to the
			main room, and take the north-west
		xv.	Flood the trench again after hitting the
			toggle switch, then hit the toggle switch
			again, red.
		xvi.	Go back to the main room, and take the
			south-west exit again.
		xvii.	Dive into the trench, and exit west.
		xviii.	Head left into yet another trench.
		xix.	Go left, push the lower block left, and then
			the middle block up.
		xx.	Go up the stairs, and then exit south.
		xxi.	Push the block in the north-east corner up or
			down, then jump into the pit.
		xxii.	Head east and open the chest for the Big
		xxiii.	Head back to the main room and open the
			big chest for the Hooks hot.
			1.	Hookshot
				a.	Allows you to fire a hook and
					latch onto things.
				b.	This will allow you to pass
					over trenches, platforms and
				c.	It kills some enemies and
					stuns others.
				d.	It can also crab things like the
		xxiv.	Latch onto the skull in the south-east corner
			of the room, and break the pot on the right
			side for a key.
		xxv.	Then, latch onto the skull in the top of the
			room and exit north.
		xxvi.	Head west, lift up the upper skull, and push
			the statue on top of the switch.
		xxvii.	Now logic would dictate you go into the
			open door right?, Wrong! Instead go to the
			opposite end o the room and go through the
			left doorway.
		xxviii.	Go down the staircase at the top of the
			screen, hit the switch and go down into the
			drained area.
		xxix.	Go west, then north. The exit to this screen
			is hidden behind the waterfall second from
			the right.
		xxx.	Work your way into a flooded room. Lift up
			the pot on the right for the key.
		xxxi.	There's a bomable wall near the center
			where you can refill some stuff.
		xxxii.	Exit through the door on the left.
		xxxiii.	Boss
			1.	Arrghus
				a.	Use the Hook shot  to grab
					onto it's fuzz balls that spin
					around him.
				b.	Once you get one wack away
					at it with your sword until it
					dies and repeat.
				c.	Once they are all gone the
					giant eye will jump up into
					the ceiling and come crashing
					down on you.
				d.	If you walk around and it you
					misses it will bounce around
					the room for a short time.
				e.	Hit it with your sword when
					it bounces around the room.
		xxxiv.	Once he is dead you get a Heart Piece and
			another Crystal.
XV.	Extra Stuff V
	a.	Death Mountain IV
		i.	Now that you have the Hook shot you can
			go around the bottom of Death Mountain
			and pickup some lost treasure mostly
			from the bridge below.
XVI.	Find the Lost Maidens III
	a.	Level III; Skull Woods
		i.	Level III isn't exactly one place. It is several
			places mixed together.
		ii.	Head to the Village of Outcasts and go into
			the woods.
			1.	Normally the Lost Woods in the Real
		iii.	Bombos is your best friend here!
			1.	Bombos will kill all the enemies on
				the screen
				a.	Hands will only die if they
					are on the screen.
		iv.	Once you enter the forest, head north.
		v.	When you see a bunch of bushes next to the
			skull cut them down and fall down the hole.
			1.	BEWARE!
				a.	There is a hand that will fall
					on your for almost every part
					of this level, it will bring you
					back to where you started.
		vi.	Step on either of the two star tiles, then
			bomb the left wall.
		vii.	Go through the opening, and pull the switch
			to bomb the way to the Big Chest.
		viii.	Go back east, then south.
		ix.	Pick up the map in the chest, head west, then
			south to the outside.
		x.	Jump in the hole south-west of where you
			should now be standing.
		xi.	Work your way to the exit in the south-east
		xii.	In the next room, don't open the chest.
		xiii.	First, head north. Open the chest in the
			north-west corner for a key.
		xiv.	Now head back south, and open the chest for
			the Compass.
		xv.	Head east. Open the chest in the center for a
			key. Exit through the locked door in the
			upper-right. Go west, then south to the
		xvi.	Now, go north-east a bit, around the bushes,
			through the ribcages, and in through another
			skull entrance.
		xvii.	Look for the hand to come down and cast
			Bombos. This will eradicate all the monsters
			in the room.
		xviii.	Now quickly pull the statue onto the switch.
			If you take too long stop and wait for the
			hand, quickly dodge it and kill it, and then
		xix.	Head north, and open the chest for the Big
		xx.	Head back south, then east twice.
		xxi.	Pick up the left skull for a key, then head
			south to the outside.
		xxii.	Take the right bone path, and work your
			way to a hole.
		xxiii.	Jump in, and step on the star tiles.
		xxiv.	Work your way to the south-east exit, then
			go south to the outside again.
		xxv.	Backtrack to the 9-bush cluster, and jump in
			the hole again.
		xxvi.	Step on a star tile, then go west, then south
			to the big chest.
		xxvii.	Open it for the Fire Rod
			1.	Fire Rod
				a.	This will burn anything it
					aims at.
				b.	It will also light torches from
					a distance.
				c.	Mummies are weak to fire.
		xxviii.	Keep heading west through the tunnels until
			you reach a room with an exit leading south.
			Get the Key from the north-west pot and
			exit, then go via the north-east rib cage and
			follow the path to a pit. Jump down the pit,
			step on a Star Tile and travel south, then go
			west and north through the locked door for
			some goodies. Keep heading south for the
			exit, then take the north-west rib cage.
		xxix.	Once you see the large skull with the spine
			sticking out stop.
		xxx.	Use the Fire Rod on the bones to destroy the
		xxxi.	Once you enter go down the stairs and
			weave in and out from under the bridge to
			make it.
		xxxii.	Take they key and head back to the entrance
			of this section
		xxxiii.	No over the bridge into the north door.
		xxxiv.	The next room you will se a bunch of holes
			and the tiles that make the holes move.
		xxxv.	Work your way around or use the Hook shot
			to get through.
		xxxvi.	Once you make it to the four torches light
			them to open the pit to the boss.
		xxxvii.	Boss
			1.	Mothula
				a.	The boss isn't the hard part, it
					is the room
				b.	You have to dodge the spikes
					as the floor moves and hit
					him with the Fire Rod.
				c.	Be sure to reserve you magic
					and use it when you can get
				d.	If  you are fast you can get 3-
					4 shots in one turn.
		xxxviii.Once he is dead you get a full Heart Piece
			and a Crystal.
	b.	Level IV; Blind's Dungeon
		i.	This is my favorite dungeon.
		ii.	The first floor can seem complicated, but it
			is actually quite simple.
		iii.	From the entrance, go straight up fall off the
			ledge and keep going straight up.
		iv.	Stop when you see a head statue with a
			fireball rotating around it.
		v.	From there, go west and get the map from
			the chest.
		vi.	Go back to the statue, then go right, and
		vii.	Now, go north a bit, and east to the next
		viii.	Head south, up the stairs, left a bit, down,
			right, and up to the chest for the Compass.
		ix.	From the Compass chest, move down about
			3 tiles, then jump off the ledge to your left,
		x.	Continue west to the next screen for the Big
			1.	The main key to this is finding the
				chest that is blocked by 3 walls, and
				pinpoint where you must go to get
				through by going under the bridges.
		xi.	Go back east to get to the previous screen,
			and keep going east until you hit a junction.
		xii.	Now go north until you reach the next
			screen. From there, go north and up the
		xiii.	Go right a bit, up, right, and through the big
			locked door.
		xiv.	Go to the top of the room and lift up the
			right skull for the key.
		xv.	Now open the locked door in the south-west
			corner of the room. Head west twice.
			1.	The monsters that looks like a orange
				cloud can get to be a pain
				a.	Kill him by hitting the
					smaller "heart" of the body,
					but it must be separated or
					you can not harm it.
		xvi.	Keep going west
		xvii.	Take the north exit.
		xviii.	Lift up the skull for the key, hit the toggle
			switch, and head up the stairs.
		xix.	The exit switch is under the lower-right
			skull. Pulling the lever only releases a bunch
			of snakes.
		xx.	Work your way east until you reach a room
			with light shining on a cracked spot in the
		xxi.	Throw a bomb on top of the cracked spot to
			blow it open. Backtrack to the staircase, and
			go down it again.
			1.	If you take Blind up here she will
				leave because of the light.
		xxii.	Head south, then take the north-east exit.
		xxiii.	Go to the north door.
		xxiv.	Pull up the big block and go south, then east.
		xxv.	You find a girl locked in the dungeon. Taker
			her with you and get the key next to her.
			1.	No SM here folks! This is a kids
		xxvi.	Exit through the south-west exit and head
			west, then west through the locked door.
		xxvii.	Open the big chest for the Titan's Mitt.
			1.	Titan's Mitt
				a.	You can now lift almost
				b.	The main things are the Light
					& Dark Blocks
		xxviii.	Go all the way back to the Big Key door you
			opened after you get the Big Key, not the
			main entrance.
		xxix.	Head up through the corridor and enter the
			room at the end.
		xxx.	Boss
			1.	Blind
				a.	The thief who lived in the
					house in the village is here
					now. The sun you brought
					down from the upper room
					changer the maiden into
					Blind, a monster.
				b.	There are three parts to the
					battle, because Blind has
					three heads.
					i.	Just like the Dragon
						in Zelda when you hit
						Blind enough her
						head will fall, float
						around the room, and
						a new one will
					ii.	The first two use Fire,
						the last one uses
					iii.	Just keep wicking at
						her head and she will
		xxxi.	Take the Full Heart Piece and the Crystal.
XVII.	Extra VI
	a.	Catfish Maw
		i.	Head to the place where the Witches Shop is
			in the Real World, but in the Dark World.
		ii.	Follow the river all the way north until you
			get to the circle of rocks in the water.
		iii.	Throw something in water and get Quake.
			1.	Quake
				a.	This a ground slamming
				b.	Things will fall apart all over
					the place!
			2.	Throw something else and see what
				you get.
	b.	Village of Outcasts
		i.	Blacksmith
			1.	Go to the Village of Outcasts and
				head through the south exit.
			2.	You should see a red frog blocked in
				by some Green Blocks. Free him and
				take him to the real world.
			3.	Take him to the Blacksmith and he
				will join his friend.
			4.	Exit and come back, they will temper
				your sword for you.
			5.	Go to the Dark World and then the
				Real World and get your sword.
			6.	Sword Level III
				a.	The Master Sword was
					tempered and lost all the rust.
					The sword is even more
					i.	The shooting sword is
						always at Level I.
	c.	Village of Outcasts II
		i.	Now open the area of the Blacksmiths, but
			in the Dark World.
		ii.	Hit all the pegs down and a passage will
			open for you. Take the Heart Piece and exit
			the cave.
		iii.	Now go into the building and take the chest
			that is in the house.
			1.	You can only do this after you save
				the Blacksmith.
			2.	It will say you can not open it
				because the key is inside.
				a.	Take it with you!
	d.	Hyrule Desert III
		i.	Take the Chest with you into the Real
		ii.	Warp to the swamp area,
			1.	Not the desert area yet.
		iii.	Take the chest to the man sleeping with the
		iv.	Pick up the sign and he will open the chest
			for you.
		v.	The Fourth Bottle is inside!
	e.	Hyrule Desert IV
		i.	Go to the Warp point in the desert's ledge.
		ii.	When you reach the Dark World Swamp go
			into the left shaped like a mouth.
		iii.	Take the Heart Piece and exit.
		iv.	Now go to the upper right corner of the
			marshes. Use the mirror and you should end
			up on a ledge in the Real World.
		v.	Pick up the stone and enter the cave.
			1.	Move the blocks diagonally to get
				the Heart Piece.
	f.	Cemetery
		i.	Go to where the Cemetery was in the Real
		ii.	Go as far north as you can go and use the
		iii.	Enter the cave and get the Heart Piece and
		iv.	Now go to the far right crave and pick up the
		v.	Run and dash into it to open a stairwell.
		vi.	Take the Magic Cape
			1.	Magic Cape
				a.	Will make you invisible
	g.	Death Mountain V
		i.	Go to the Dark world and go to the side
			entrance of Death Mountain. Read the sign
			and it says only a person with a Cape can get
			the Heart Piece. Enter and get the Heart
			Piece with the cape on.
XVIII.	Find the Lost Maidens IV
	a.	Lake Hylia
		i.	Go to the middle of the lake and go to the
			Fountain of Happiness.
		ii.	Open the Warp hole in front and get
			transported to the inside of the Ice Palace;
			Level V
	b.	Level V; Ice Palace
		i.	This is one of the most difficult levels in the
		ii.	You can always go to Level VI first and get
			the Cane of  Somaria.
		iii.	Let me give you this tip if you get lost.
			1.	The main goal is to hit the crystal
				switches in a way that when you first
				go around the level you set all the
				switches, and then repeat the process
				and be able to push a block down
				that is used to keep the door open in
				a lower floor.
				a.	The Cane of Somaria creates
					a block for you. If you get
					this first you only need to do
					the level once.
			2.	Bombos is your best friend!.
				a.	When you get to the gators or
					a large amount of enemies
					just cast Bombos.
					i.	They usually leave at
						least one full
						container of MP.
		iv.	Make sure you have full MP and have all
			four bottles filled with blue potions, green as
			a minimum.
			1.	Blue Fills full HP & MP
			2.	Green fills Full MP!
		v.	Enter the cave upon entering you will be
			attacked by a ice spider. Your Fire Rod will
			take car of him..
		vi.	Go west, kill the jellyfish, take the key
		vii.	Now head north, step on the tile switch, and
			head east.
		viii.	Push the middle block right, and head south.
		ix.	Kill the gators with Bombos, and a chest
			will appear with the Compass inside.
		x.	Head north, push the middle block up, and
			go east.
		xi.	Pick up the lower pot, step on the switch,
			head back west, and go north.
		xii.	Place a bomb near the toggle switch, then go
			to the upper half of the room.
		xiii.	Bomb the center and jump in the pit.
		xiv.	Walk around the room to fight skeleton
			1.	Hit them once with your sword and
				place a bomb in the bones, that is the
				only way to kill them.
		xv.	Exit south and go through the sliding room.
			Kill the jellyfish for the key, for the south-
			west exit.
		xvi.	Make sure you hit the red switch before you
		xvii.	Just hit the switch under the south-west
			skull, then grapple on to the skull to go
			across the room.
		xviii.	Exit east and then exit north.
		xix.	Kill the gators, Bombos, then exit north.
		xx.	 Wait for the spike cross to go back up, then
			exit west.
		xxi.	Head to the staircase, go down it, and then
			jump into the pit.
		xxii.	Go east twice, and look for a key under all
			the skulls.
		xxiii.	It should be in the upper-left area.
		xxiv.	The switch is under the skull just north-east
			of the axis of the fire chain.
		xxv.	Exit south. Next screen is all timing. Exit
		xxvi.	Pick up the skull and hit the switch.
		xxvii.	A chest will appear containing a key.
		xxviii.	Exit north.
		xxix.	Exit through the northeast exit.
		xxx.	Hit the switch under the left pot on the right
			side, then leave for the north-east exit.
		xxxi.	Kill off the jellyfish and grapple onto the
			block on the right side to pull yourself over.
			Exit south.
		xxxii.	Work your way to the north-west exit.
		xxxiii.	Grapple onto the skull to pull yourself over.
		xxxiv.	Exit for the north-east staircase.
		xxxv.	Work your way to the left side of the room,
			and lift up the lower-left skull.
		xxxvi.	There is a hidden switch for the map.
		xxxvii.	Pull the tongue on the statue to open the east
		xxxviii.Exit east, go up the stairs, and open the chest
			for the Big Key.
		xxxix.	Push the lower block left, the upper block
			up, and exit west.
		xl.	Lift up the lower skull and hit the switch.
		xli.	Exit west, then north.
		xlii.	Using the same strategies as before, work
			your way back to the room with the spike
			cross in it, then head west.
		xliii.	Go down the stairs, and bomb the cracked
			floor on the left until a hole appears.
		xliv.	Jump in the hole, and open the chest for
			Blue Mail.
			1.	Blue Mail
				a.	This will cause to receive
					50% less damage
		xlv.	Exit east, then north through the heavy-
			locked door.
		xlvi.	Go north, then south, then east. Hit the
			crystal switch, then go back to B5.
		xlvii.	If you jump down either hole, you'll wind up
			in a faerie pond. Anyways, head south.
		xlviii.	Go east, find and hit the switch, go south,
			then east, then north, then through the
			doorway, hit the crystal switch, go through
			the south-west exit, jump in the hole, and go
		xlix.	Sheesh, lotta movement just to get to the
			other side of the room...
			l.	Push the lower-left block right into the hole,
				then jump in.
		li.	Pick up the skull, then push the block above
			it onto the switch. Exit south.
		lii.	To get out of this room, pull the right statue
			on the left side upward, then push the block
			in and you all set for the boss.
		liii.	Boss
			1.	Kholdstare  (ColdStare)
				a.	He is so easy it is stupid! Just
					keep firing the Fire Rod at
					the iceberg. Dodge and
					icicles as they fall.
				b.	When you do enough damage
					the ice ill shatter and 3 snake
					cloud things will appear.
				c.	Just hit each one with your
					sword and they will die.
		liv.	Take the Full Heart Piece and Crystal
	c.	Hyrule Desert IV
		i.	Warp to the desert in the real world. You
			should arrive on a ledge with a warp point.
			Enter it to go to the Mire Swamp
		ii.	There are two heart pieces here, but you got
			may have found them already in the Extra
		iii.	Go to the middle of the swamp
	d.	Level VI; Mire Swamp
		i.	To open the entrance to the palace, stand on
			the little Ether medallion and use Ether.
			1.	The swamp will actually clear after
				you use this
		ii.	Use the hook shot to get over the pit. Go up
			the stairs.
		iii.	Kill all the wizards and take the north exit.
			1.	To kill the Wizards wait for them to
				appear totally solid and hit them.
		iv.	Go down the stairs, and go left, up, right,
			and through the north-east exit.
		v.	Head right. Pick up the upper-left skull for a
		vi.	Grab the skull on the bed of spikes, press the
			switch, then open the chest and get a key.
		vii.	Head north twice, then west twice.
		viii.	There's a toggle switch and a key on the left
			side of the room. Hit the toggle switch, take
			the key, then exit south.
		ix.	Walk across the spike and then exit south,
			then east
		x.	Take the southwest door, kill the jellyfish
			for a key, then exit west.
		xi.	Wait until the tiles stop attacking you,
			1.	The best bet is to hit them with your
				sword as you stand in front of a door,
				but watch your sides.
		xii.	In the next room light all 4 torches and take
			the north door.
		xiii.	Open the chest for the Compass, then go
			south twice.
		xiv.	Work your way to the north-east door.
		xv.	This can seem impossible to a amateur
			player, but that's what I am here for.
			1.	There are two rooms with two
				torches. Simple
			2.	If you go in the "Cage" room you see
				a few pits and junk.
			3.	You have to light all four torches to
			4.	1st Sections
				a.	Push the two side blocks
					forward then push the middle
					block north. Do the same for
					both sides and walk in and
					light the torch.
				b.	Just shoot the Fire Rod to
					light the bottom two.
				c.	After the rumbling stops go
					to the east door of the lower
		xvi.	Jump down the first, and new, pit and get
			the Big Key.
		xvii.	Go west, step on the teleport tile, then go
			north, and step on that teleport tile.
		xviii.	Head north through the heavy-locked door,
			and go over the bridge a bit.
		xix.	Grapple onto the chest on your right with the
			Hooks hot, then open it for a key.
		xx.	Head south two screens, west, then south
		xxi.	Pick up the skull to your lower-right to
			reveal a chest containing another key.
		xxii.	Go south to the wall, then left, up, and down
			the stairs.
		xxiii.	Work your way through the maze to the
			locked door in the upper-right. Open it, and
			pick up the map from the chest.
		xxiv.	Jump off the ledge, and head down.
		xxv.	Climb the stairs to the upper level, and go
			1.	The floor will start to fall out almost
				immediately. You need to be fast and
			2.	Option I
				a.	Dash down the path stop, and
					do it again,
					i.	If your timing was
						right the path will
						start to fall behind
						you, keep moving.
			3.	Option II
				a.	Hook shot the skull and then
					dash to the edge of the path.
					i.	Shortly after the floor
						will start to fall, so be
		xxvii.	Open the chest to get the Cane of Somaria.
			1.	Cane of Somaria.
				a.	The can has itself has one
					effect. To create a block.
				b.	The truly unique item is the
					block it can do the following.
					i.	Hold Switches.
					ii.	Create Platforms on
					iii.	Shoot fireballs in for
						different directions
						1.	Hit the item
							button again,
							while the cane
							is equipped,
							for this to
	xxviii.	Head east, then north twice.
	xxix.	Jump down into the trench, and go left
	xxx.	Go through the northern exit, then cross the
		bridge and go down the stairs.
	xxxi.	Go to the left side of the room, pick up the
		skull, and create a block on top of the
	xxxii.	There's a locked door in the lower-right
		corner which leads to a load of Rupees, if
		you want it.
	xxxiii.	Go east from the next screen, and you'll
		wind up in a room with a few fireball turrets
		and spike bouncers.
	xxxiv.	Change the crystal switch to the red
		position, then head the south-east door.
	xxxv.	There's a bomable wall in the upper-left
		corner of the room with the crystal switch
		which leads to another Rupee room as well.
	xxxvi.	Anyhow, in the room you get to from the
		south-west exit, bomb the top wall, go in,
		and hit the crystal switch to your left.
	xxxvii.	Go back south, and to the west door.
	xxxviii.The slime constantly fall from this room,
		just dodge them.
	xxxix.	Hit the toggle switch at the top, and go up
		the stairs.
	xl.	Once upstairs, head left, and into the boss
		room where you fight.
	xli.	Boss
		1.	Vitreous
			a.	First off, the water is
				poisonous, so back off at bit
			b.	Now as the little eye things
				come at you just keep
				swiping your sword, they will
				back off and die in a short
			c.	Watch for the big eye, when
				he comes out he will shoot
				i.	It is almost
					impossible to dodge it
					so take it like a Hylilian!
			d.	When all the little eyes stop
				coming at you the big eye
				comes out of the water.
			e.	He will just jump up at you,
				just treat them like the little
				eyes and he'll suffer from
	xlii.	Take the Full Heart Piece and the Crystal.
		1.	One more Crystal left, it's Princess
XIX.	Extra Stuff VII
	a.	Bomb Shop
		i.	Now that you have defeated Levels V and
			VI you have a new item up for grabs.
		ii.	Go to your house in the Dark World. It is
			now a Bomb Shop.
			1.	Super Bomb
				a.	The man will sell you a Super
					Bomb for 100 rupees.
				b.	WALK it to the Pyramid
					i.	Do not run, jump off
						ledges, or hit and
						active button
					ii.	If you do quickly run
						back and run over it,
						this will make it
						follow you again.
	b.	Pyramid II
		i.	Remember that big crack in the pyramid
			wall that look suspicious. If you tried
			bombing the wall with a regular bomb it
			won't work.
		ii.	Place the Super Bomb in front of the crack
			and it will open.
		iii.	There is a Fairy in here!
			1.	Drop your Arrows
				a.	Silver Arrows
					i.	They are twice as
						strong as regular
					ii.	The only thing that
						can kill Ganon.
				b.	Level IV Sword
					i.	This is the final form
						of the Sword
					ii.	It has been totally re-
						charged and given
						even more power!
				c.	Bottle
					i.	You will get Green
	c.	Fountain of Happiness II
		i.	If you are not already maxed out in the
			Bombs and arrows do it now!
XX.	Quest to Save Zelda III
	a.	Death Mountain VI
		i.	Go to Death Mountain.
			1.	Take the time to explore the area.
				There are several items and heart
				pieces here.
		ii.	Once you get to the Mountain Palace go
		iii.	Cross the Bridge and hammer the pegs down
			that block your way.
		iv.	When you reach a small plataue go to the
			top. Hit the pegs in a COUNTER
			CLOCKWISE order. A Warp point will
		v.	Step on it.
	b.	Level VII; Turtle Rock
		i.	Bring plenty of Medicine with you, your
			going to need it.
		ii.	You start on top of the turtle. There is no
			stairs so the Warp point is the only entrance
			to this part.
		iii.	Go onto the Quake Emblems and, get this,
			use Quake.
			1.	Didn't see that one coming.
			2.	Be sure to have 4 Blue Potions
		iv.	You see the rope in the middle of the pit.
		v.	Use the Cane of Somaria on the Question
			Mark to make a platform.
			1.	The best way is to stand close to the
				edge and use the cane.
			2.	The other way is to make a block and
				toss it onto the ? mark.
		vi.	When you reach turns and junctions you will
			automatically go in the directions you are
			already going, to turn hold down the D-Pad
			in the direction to turn.
		vii.	Head north, create another platform, and
			head right.
		viii.	When you hit the question mark, hit up, then
			wait until you stop at the northeast exit.
		ix.	Create another platform, then pick up the
			skulls for a magic recharge: You'll need it.
		x.	Head down on the platform, and equip your
			Fire Rod.
		xi.	Wait until you are just to the left of the
			lower-left torch, aim the fire rod to your
			right to light the two torches, then ignore the
			upper-right one when you are between the
			top two, then light the upper-left one when
			you are above it.
		xii.	Rush to the door before the flames go out
			and lock the door again.
		xiii.	Work your way north (stay along the sides
			to avoid getting hit by the rollers) and pick
			up the map and a key.
		xiv.	Go back south, then west again.
		xv.	Create the platform again, head up, and
			work your way to the north-west exit.
		xvi.	You'll encounter a bouncing monster in the
			rooms. He will shoot off segments when you
			hit it.
		xvii.	Head north.
		xviii.	Avoid the old Balls and Chains and , hit the
			toggle switch with your boomerang and
			hooks hot, and push either of the upper
			blocks on the lower half of the screen closer
			to the center to reveal a chest with a key
		xix.	Exit north. Work your way to the pipe
			entrance in the south-east corner, and enter
		xx.	This will take you to a set of pipes. Go
			through the right pipe.
		xxi.	Exit west, and head down. Kill the springy
			monster for the key.
		xxii.	To get through the door, just pointing to the
			right and walk through the door backwards.
		xxiii.	Go through the pipe to get the Big Key, then
			through the next pipe.
		xxiv.	Take the east door, then go through another
			pipe. Get the magic under the skill and drop
		xxv.	Go through the south-east pipe and take the
			west door.
		xxvi.	Now head through the left pipe.
		xxvii.	Take the south door, south again, and finally
		xxviii.	Watch out for the eyes.
			1.	The top will automatically shoot you,
				the others will ignore you as long as
				you don't face them.
		xxix.	Bomb the lower wall and exit south to the
		xxx.	Go over to the east cave entrance, but don't
			go in
		xxxi.	Use your Mirror, and walk into the cave.
		xxxii.	Kill the mimics (arrows work nice) and head
			north for a Piece of Heart. Go back to the
			Dark World and into the cave.
		xxxiii.	Create a platform, and move to the chest.
			1.	Mirror Shield
				a.	The Shield is the most
					powerful shield in the game.
				b.	It Blocks Lasers, and fire!
		xxxiv.	Take the north door and then north again.
			Go through the pipe, and take the north
		xxxv.	Now there are two walls. If you want to get
			rich, bomb the right one, kill the 3 slimes
			around the room, then push the upper block
			left, pull the left statue's tongue, and go
			north into a room full of Rupees.
		xxxvi.	Either way, leave via the north door and
			through the wall you bombed.
		xxxvii.	Now for an easy puzzle: Just hit the toggle
			switch with your Boomerang, head left, and
			pick up the key. Leave going north.
		xxxviii.This is one of the hardest parts in the game.
			It took me a lot of energy to get through this.
		xxxix.	You have to click a switch to open a door in
			the south east corner. The trails are
			overlapping and it can get really confusing.
			1.	There are a few enemies her, but it
				may take you long to track the trail.
			2.	If you do it right you only need to
				stay in one side of the room.
		xl.	In the next screen dash straight down and
			once you're past the little helmasaur, go
			around and exit south.
		xli.	Block the Laser shots with your shield.
		xlii.	Bomb the south wall, and go outside if you
			want to set the mirror exit.
		xliii.	If you are low on magic or energy head back
			to the shop. If you do this right you can use
			the mirror at this exit and return here with
			the Warp Point that was opened when you
		xliv.	Now take the north door, then west through
			the locked door.
		xlv.	You now have some crystal switches to hit,
			just make it to the north door.
		xlvi.	Boss: Trinexx
			1.	This is my favorite boss. It is a multi
				headed Dragon type monster. It has
				two sets of heads that both have
				different weaknesses.
					a.	Red=Fire
						i.	Weak against Ice
							1.	Ice Rod as
					b.	Blue=Ice
						i.	Weak against Fire
							1.	Fire Rod
			2.	Hit the Ice side first. Equip the Fire
				Rod and hit him once with it. Whip
				out your sword and attack as fast as
				you can.
				a.	If you are fast enough you
					can kill him in one round
					before he creates a ice slick.
			3.	Now go for the Fire side now. Use
				the ice Rod and then, just like before,
				attack him while he is stunned.
			4.	Final Form
				a.	Now that you destroyed both
					sides the shell will fall off.
					Attack the single glowing
					rind on it's back with your
		xlvii.	Congratulations You have saved Zelda and
			the other Maidens. Take the Full Heart Piece
			and Zelda Crystal and exit.
XXI.	Stop Agahnim
	a.	Ganon's Palace
		i.	This is the final level. You shall meet some
			new and old enemies, be sure to bring 4
			bottles of Blue Potions.
		ii.	There are several different locations you can
			start at. You must wither go left or right
		iii.	Take the left staircase to B1. Dash into the
			right lamp to knock down the key.
		iv.	Pick it up and exit west knock down all the
			tiles and push the center block in any
			direction to open up the west exit.
		v.	Pick up the key from under the lower-right
			pot and exit west.
		vi.	Grapple on to the platform to your left, then
			to the one below it (it's attached to the
			western wall), then the one to your right,
			then finally to the bottom area.
		vii.	Grapple onto the skulls to go over, then exit
			right. Use your Cane of Byrna and open the
			chest for the Map.
		viii.	Exit west. Hit either toggle switch so the
			blue blocks go down, then fire your
			boomerang straight up and move so that
			when it returns, it hits the toggle switch
			again, pushing the blue blocks up again. Exit
		ix.	Pick up the skull in the lower-right for a key,
			then use the boomerang return trick again to
			get out. Exit east.
		x.	Next screen's a bit tricky. Hit the toggle
			switch, then try to get to the teleported tile in
			the back of the room.
		xi.	You'll wind up in a room full of fireballs.
		xii.	Near the left side of the map is a lone block.
			Push it in any direction to reveal a chest.
		xiii.	Grapple on to the chest, open it for a key,
			then exit south.
		xiv.	You'll reach a room full of teleported tiles.
		xv.	Take the right one, then the left one, and
			then the one in the lower-left corner.
		xvi.	Work your way to the next teleport tile.
		xvii.	Step on it, then step on the only teleport tile
			in the room.
		xviii.	Exit east. Now this is an interesting room...
			Shooting the enemies with your Hooks hot
			knocks most of them off the edge.
		xix.	Work your way to the northern exit, then
			exit north again.
		xx.	Go east, use your Cane of Somaria to create
			a block on the switch under the lower-left
			pot, then exit east.
		xxi.	Let yourself get hit by the bunnyizer and
			wear it down.
		xxii.	Don't swing your sword or you'll be in for
			some pain.
		xxiii.	 After the blocks stop flying at you, kill the
			hand when it comes down. A chest will open
			up containing a key.
		xxiv.	Take it, sprinkle magic powder on the red
			bouncer if you need some health, and exit
		xxv.	Work your way to the right side of the lower
			conveyor (you should be right above a
			torch), and push the lower block left.
		xxvi.	Arm your fire rod, and shoot the torch below
			you, then go left, up, shoot the torch to the
			right, go down, and shoot the other two
			torches. Exit south.
		xxvii.	Use your Ice Rod on the mummies and
			smash them with your hammer to get rid of
		xxviii.	To hit the switch, you must plant a bomb,
			pick it up, and throw it on to the conveyor
		xxix.	You have to do this twice to leave, so it
			would probably be nice if you had the bomb
			upgrade from the Fountain of Happiness.
		xxx.	Exit west. Open up all four chests, but open
			the upper-left one last. It contains the
			Compass. Step on the teleport tile.
		xxxi.	The key you need to exit is in the upper part
			of the room. Exit east.
		xxxii.	I seriously advise you to use your Cane of
			Byrna here.
		xxxiii.	Quickly work your way to the east side of
			the room and then stop the Cane. Exit west.
		xxxiv.	There's a star tile under the statue. Step on it
			and exit via the teleport tile.
		xxxv.	Work your way back to the room with all
			the "floating" bumper monsters.
		xxxvi.	Use Ether to see the bridge, light the torch if
			you can, and exit via the doorway near the
		xxxvii.	Bomb the cracked spot in the lower-right
			corner of the room and jump down to fight
			the Armos Knights again, only this time
			with an icy floor.
		xxxviii.Use the same strategy as before to beat
		xxxix.	Head north for the Big Key and some
			supplies. Go south, then west. Dash into the
			upper wall to reach a Faerie Pond. Go back
			and take the staircase. Open the chest for the
			Red Mail.
			1.	Red Mail
				a.	The strongest armor. Now
					you receive ¼ of the damage
					as you would if you had no
		xl.	Head north, and then up the staircase in the
			middle. Exit north.
		xli.	Push the block in the north-west corner of
			the room down to open the door. Exit south.
		xlii.	Kill the mimics and exit east.
		xliii.	Now kill the ones that shoot fire! exit south.
		xliv.	Go through the heavy-locked door.
		xlv.	This is one of my favorite parts of the game.
			1.	You have to hit the crystal switch
				which will drop the blocks. There are
				tons of Spiked Blocks here and some
				Cyclops near the switch under the
			2.	After you hit the switch hit the
				crystal switch to block off as many
				spikes as you can. Exit east.
		xlvi.	Work your way to the south-east exit.
		xlvii.	Kill the monsters and exit west. A moving
		xlviii.	This looks fun. Kill the skeletons, and head
			south. Now 2?  Fun stuff, huh?
		xlix.	Kill all enemies, and exit south. Now 2
			moving turrets with ice on the floor and
			projectiles flying everywhere from the red
			snakes. Cane of Byrna time!  Exit south.
			l.	Kill the skeleton and exit east. What a
				pointless room...
		li.	Exit west. Fight the Lanmolas again, this
			time with a turret in the corner. Kill them
			and exit north.
		lii.	Pick up some supplest and go north again.
			Kill the wizards with your Fire Rod, then
			use Ether to see the bridge. Cross it and go
			to the next room.
		liii.	Work your way to the north-east exit. Kill
			the wizards and head north.
		liv.	Don't stop just go straight to the north-east
			door or you'll get stuck on the conveyors
			fighting spear troops.
		lv.	Light all 4 torches with your Fire Rod and
			go east.
		lvi.	Face upwards and joust to block beams
			while moving up the stairs.
		lvii.	Quickly move to the right edge and light the
			lower-right torch, then light the others going
			clockwise from the lower-right. Take the
			North door.
		lviii.	If you screw up, head down the stairs and
			then go back up. Kill the helmasaur for the
			key. Take the west door.
		lix.	Bomb the southern wall and head south.
		lx.	Hit the toggle switches
		lxi.	The chest in the middle contains a key. Get
			it, then exit south to fight Moldorm again.
		lxii.	When he dies, grapple onto the chest at the
			bottom of the screen. Inside is 20 Rupees,
			but that's not what's important. Head west.
		lxiii.	Try to stay on the conveyors, since your
			footing and control is even worse on the ice.
			Use your Hooks hot to stun the helmasaur
			and exit north. Go west, and through the
			door to fight...
		lxiv.	Boss
			1.	Agahnim
				a.	His weak point is the same as
				b.	The only difference is there
					are three of him, one real one,
					two shadows.
					i.	The Shadows are
						untouchable, just use
						your sword to throw
						their magic and
						Agahnim's magic ball
						at the REAL
XXII.	Defeating Ganon
	a.	Pyramid III
		i.	Once he is dead Ganon's Spirit will rise out
			of the dead wizard the turn into a bat.
			1.	The next scene is of Ganon, the bat,
				crashing into the Pyramid creating a
		ii.	Your flute will go off and the bird will take
			you to the Pyramid.
		iii.	Before you jump in take some time to recap
			all the stuff.
			1.	Do you have all the hearts
			2.	Do you have 4 bottles filled with
			3.	Do you have full life and magic?
		iv.	Boss
			1.	Ganon
				a.	He is actually a tough boss to
					beat. Here is a list of the
					transitions he makes.
					i.	Regular
						1.	He will throw
							his Staff at
							you and it will
							spin around
					ii.	Fire Bird
						1.	Same as the
							Regular, but
							fire birds
							come and
							attack you.
					iii.	Pits
						1.	He will jump
							on the floor
							creating a hole
							around the out
							layer of the
						2.	If you fall
							down the hole
							you have to
							start over
					iv.	Darkness
						1.	He will turn
							off the lights
							so you see
						2.	You must re
							light the
						3.	When he gets
							near you hit
							him then fire
							your silver
				b.	After several hits by the
					arrows Ganon will die. You
					completed the game
					i.	If you are crazy or
						just stupid and fall
						down the pit after you
						kill Ganon he will
						1.	I'm Crazy
	b.	Triforce
		i.	Congratulations! You have received the
XXIII.	Heart Pieces
	a.	I did not list the locations of all the Hear Pieces.
		Here is a listing of all of them and where they can
		be found
	b.	There are a total of 24 heart pieces in the game here
		is where they are located.
	c.	Sanctuary
		i.	One Full Heart piece from the Sanctuary
	d.	Kakariko Village
		i.	Jump down into the well and blow the weak
			spot in the northern wall.
		ii.	There is a small green house the is located
			on the northeast part of town. It belonged to
			Blind. Go to the basement and blow the
			north wall.
		iii.	Go to the south of the town, past the library,
			and into the two brothers house. Blow the
			wall in between and play the race game, beat
			it in under 15 seconds and get a hear piece.
	e.	Swamp Ruins
		i.	Go to the swamp and let the water out.
			There will be a piece of heart left there in
			the drained water.
	f.	Desert
		i.	Northern part of the desert, next to the
			temple is a cave, Aginah is there, Bomb the
			south wall. There is a small room with
			another piece.
		ii.	Go into the Desert Palace, when you get to
			the exit on the left side of the palace, there is
			a heart piece in the ledge.
	g.	Sanctuary II
		i.	West of Sanctuary, on a plateau, is a pile of
			five light-colored rocks. Use a Dash Attack
			to reveal a cave entrance.
	h.	Spectacle Rock
		i.	Reach Spectacle Rock, where two platforms
			can be reached by jumping off the ledge.
			The western cave allows access is the
			entrance to a passage leading to a Piece of
		ii.	Enter the Dark World and travel to the place
			equal to Spectacle Rock. Use the Magic
			Mirror here to appear on top of Spectacle
			Rock, you should be on the island with the
	i.	Lost Woods
		i.	Go to the entrance of the Lost Woods just
			north of Kakariko Village. The one next to
			the Fortune Teller's House. Travel north,
			and you'll eventually reach a clump of nine
		ii.	The middle one hides a cave entrance, inside
			which is a Piece of Heart
	j.	Pyramid
		i.	Go jump down of the left side of the
			pyramid. There is a piece on the edge.
	k.	Zora's River
		i.	Once you get the flippers go directly south
			of the King. Fall off the waterfall and go to
			the land on the left. Here is another piece.
	l.	Lumber Jack's House
		i.	Once you get to the Dark World return to
			the Light World and visit the tree the
			woodcutters were working on. Dash into the
			tree and fall down the stump.
	m.	Ice Lake
		i.	Near the Ice Palace is a circle of stones,
			stand in the water inside this circle and use
			the Magic Mirror to warp back to Hyrule,
			You should find another piece.
	n.	Haunted Grove
		i.	South of the Dark World's Haunted Grove is
			a circle of bushes. Stand in these and return
			to Hyrule, where a cave can be reached.
			Enter the cave and push the blocks out of the
			way to reach the Piece of Heart.
	o.	Graveyard
		i.	Go to the where the Graveyard would be in
			the Dark World. Go to the back center and
			use the mirror, you will be warped onto the
			ledge in the Light World, there is a piece in
			the cave.
	p.	Death Mountain
		i.	Go to the entrance to Death Mountain, but in
			the Dark World. Enter the cave. Go through
			the cave and use the Magic Cape to get past
			the Blue Bouncer. The piece is located not
			too far from there.
	q.	Village of Outcasts
		i.	Play the Chest Game in the village. There is
			one Heart Piece hidden in one of the boxes.
		ii.	There is another one hidden in the Digging
			game south of the village. Where you go the
			race piece.
		iii.	Go the Blacksmith's house, except go to the
			place in the Dark World. Pound the stakes
			down to open a set of stairs. The piece is
			down here.
	r.	Misery Mire
		i.	There is a piece located in the Northeast part
			of the swamp stand in the corner. Use the
			mirror and lift the green block to open the
			stairs to another piece. Just move the blocks
			up and down.
		ii.	There is another next to the Misery Mire's
			entrance. It is on the east side.
	s.	Death Mountain
		i.	At the Dark World's Death Mountain, travel
			west of Turtle Rock. There is a large boulder
			which conceals a cave entrance. Enter the
			cave and walk north to reach an invisible
			bridge which can be crossed using the Staff
			of Somaria or Ether Medallion to guide you.
			Bomb the west wall and go south through
			the exit, then use the Magic Mirror to find
			the waiting Piece of Heart.
	t.	Turtle Rock
		i.	In Turtle Rock is an exit in the same room as
			the chest containing the Mirror Shield. Exit
			here and you'll find yourself on a narrow
			ledge. Return to Hyrule and you'll find
			yourself on a platform near a cave, which
			cannot be accessed any other way. Destroy
			the green Mimics with your Sword and
			Arrows to enter the next room containing
			the Piece of Heart.

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