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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

	                Update   Ver. 1.2 - DEC 29/1998
			Original Ver. 1.0 - DEC 19/1998


Well, here it is!

My FAQ on the colour game boy extra dungeon, the "colour dungeon".  
Fight your way through this dungeon and you will be given the "gift of 
colour," either a blue (defensive) or red (offensive) tunic for Link 
to wear!

Here's what to do!

** This FAQ may be copied and distributed as long as it remains AS IS. 
                  It may not be reproduced for sale. 

All contents Copyright 1998/99  R. Grant (bomberman@gamesages.com) 

**Please note that this is all I will do in regard to this game.  There
  are plenty of FAQ on the B&W version of the game already.  Please
  don't e-mail me with questions on the whole game, as I haven't
  written down anything other than the information for the new
  "Colour Dungeon."


1) Introduction and copyright
2) What was updated?
3) Map
4) Object locations
5) Where to find it and how to get into it
6) Walkthrough



1.2   Updated the fact that you must be alone when you try to enter 
12/29 the dungeon.

1.1   Updated room 22.  You can change your colour tunic as many 
12/22 times as you'd like by simply re-entering the dungeon and 
1998  working your way back to the fairy.
      Also, Complete the game with no deaths and you'll see a 
      special ending!
                       Special thanks to "Quaker X" for the update!


3) MAP

******    ******                        ******    ****** 
* 21 * ** * 22 *                        * 11 * ** * 10 * 
******    ******                        ******    ****** 
  *                                                  *   
  *                                                  *   
******    ******    ******    ******    ******    ****** 
* 20 * ** * 19 *    * 16 * ** * 17 *    *  8 * ** *  9 * 
******    ******    ******    ******    ******    ****** 
            *         *                   * 
            *         *                   * 
          ******    ******    ******    ****** 
          * 18 * ** * 15 * ** * 14 *    *  7 *
          ******    ******    ******    ******
                                *          * 
                                *          * 
          ******    ******    ******    ****** 
          *  2 * ** *  3 * ** *  5 * ** *  6 * 
          ******    **O***    **^***    ****** 
            *         *         ^          * 
            *         *         ^          * 
START     ******    ******    ******    ****** 
HERE >>>  *  1 *    *  4 *    * 13 * ** * 12 *      
          ******    ******    ******    ****** 

LEGEND:  O - False walls
	   ^ - One way door


4) Object Locations

1 -
4 - Lots of 5 point rupees
5 - 
6 - BEAK
7 - 
8 - 
9 - 
16- MAP



The dungeon is located in the GRAVEYARD.  You must enter the graveyard and
go to the only section that has 5 HEADSTONES (Bottom right section of the
graveyard).  To open the path to the dungeon you need to push all of these
headstones a certain direction. Here it is:

**The NUMBER on the gravestone indicates the ORDER in which you have to push
them.  Start at #1 and go to #5.

         XXX             XXX               XXX
        X   X           X   X             X   X 
        X 3 X           X 4 X             X 5 X
        X   X           X   X             X   X
        XXXXX           XXXXX             XXXXX
       PUSH UP        PUSH RIGHT         PUSH UP      
         XXX             XXX	                      /\	     
        X   X           X   X 	                 LEFT<  >RIGHT
        X 2 X           X 1 X                         \/ 
        X   X           X   X 	                     DOWN
        XXXXX           XXXXX  
      PUSH LEFT       PUSH DOWN 

After pushing HEADSTONE 5 up, you'll find stairs underneath it leading to

**NOTE!!  You must be ALONE when you try to enter the dungeon.  If you
have Marin or the Rooster following you, you can expect to see the 
following message: 
	"If you have no courage, then you have no strength.
         Cowards don't move grave stones." 
Complete the tasks that require Marin and the Rooster and then come 
back to the graveyard.



Don't try to do this room too early in the game.  The normal time to do 
this dungeon is after you've found the PEGASUS BOOTS (it lets you knock 
the book stuck up on the high shelf down).  Try to do it then.

----- ----------

1)  When you enter, you will see a red ghost and a blue ghost, simply 
    talk to one of the ghosts and tell them what colour they are.  They 
    will move out of your way.

2)  In the pots in the top left corner is fairy dust.  Walk towards the 
    eyes on the floor and they will become slime monsters.  They can only 
    be killed when they have popped up from the floor.  Kill them all to 

3)  In this room you must make all the heads on the floor blue.  To do  
    this hit the top left head first, then the bottom right head.  Also, 
    poke around the southern wall of the room and you'll find a weak 
    spot.  Bomb this spot and you'll find and opening to room 4.  You'll 
    also find the COMPASS in this room once it is clean.

4)  This room is filled with 5 point rupees.

5)  The squares on the floor only let you step on them so many times.  
    The sequence is:  BLUE - YELLOW - RED - HOLE.  Watch your self.  
    When you step on a square, you will bounce into the air.  To kill 
    the flying creature I found holding my sword out and bouncing at him 
    works very well.

6)  You'll find two holes in the ground, a red one and a green one.  You
    also find two creatures that when hit will become either a red or 
    green ball.  Hit the "Cue Ball" creature and then push it into the 
    matching color hole.  Do this and receive the BEAK.

7)  This room has squares and flying beasts similar to room 5. 
    See Room 5.

8)  This room is similar to room 3.  You must turn all the heads blue.
    To do this hit bottom right once, then top left until all heads are 

9)  In this room you must kill all the slime creatures before continuing.

10) This is the first "boss" you'll meet.  It is a slime boss.  You sword 
    is useless so arm yourself with FAIRY DUST.  You must sprinkle the 
    blob with 6 hits of FAIRY DUST to kill it.  Kill it and collect a 

11) In this room you'll find the NIGHTMARE KEY.  You'll be blocked by 
    three blocks.  To solve this puzzle, push the TOP block to the left,
    then push BOTTOM block to the left.  Lastly, push the MIDDLE block UP 
    into the place where the top block used to be.  Head to room 12.

12) Kill all the slime to continue.

13) More squares and flying creatures like room 5.  Kill them all and
    receive a SMALL KEY.  Go through the one way door at the top of the 
    room that will lead you to ROOM 5.  Go through the locked door in 
    ROOM 5.

14) The second "boss" is a Rock Monster.  He will jump up in the air and 
    upon landing will knock Link onto his butt.  Try to dodge the rocks 
    he tosses at you.  To kill him you must strike him with your sword 
    about 8 times(maybe 9?).  Your reward will be another FAIRY.

15) Kill all the flying creatures again, and lift the pot up in the top 
    left corner to reveal a button.  Step on it to open all doors.  

16) This room is filled with jelly balls.  Kill them all and your prize
    will be the dungeon MAP.

17) This room is like room 6 only this time there are four Cue Ball 
    creatures. As with room 6, hit the creatures to turn them into a 
    ball, and then push them into a matching colour hole.  Your reward?  
    A SMALL KEY.  Head to room 18.

18) In this room you must again turn all the heads on the floor to blue.  
    There are nine this time.  Unfortunately I don't have the exact 
    sequence for this, but can tell you that hitting a CORNER head will 
    rotate it and the two beside it.  A MIDDLE EDGE head will rotate the 
    whole side plus the center. Hitting the CENTER head rotates it and 
    all heads beside it.  Good luck.  Keep on hitting until you get it!   

19) In a pot in the top right corner you'll find another FAIRY. Grab it,
    you'll NEED it!

20) Walk along the bottom of the room and hit the switch.  Walk up to the 
    top and prepare for the FINAL boss!

21) Meet the Dungeon boss!  It looks like a JellyFish.  The JellyFish has 
    three colours, blue, yellow and red.  As you hit the JellyFish its 
    head will change colour.  Be warned!  The JellyFish spits out little 
    starfish at you.  Also note that the JellyFish is always SELF
    HEALING, that means that you must strike furiously!  If you use your
    shield the starfish will push you away from the JellyFish letting it
    self heal and forcing you to start all over again.  If you can make 
    the head change to yellow, then you can relax a bit (according to the 
    game - I didn't relax).  Once you have killed it, you can collect 
    your prize!  NOTE: I trapped the JellyFish in a corner and then beat 
    upon it mercilessly WITHOUT USING MY SHIELD.  Yes, I took a lot of 
    damage, but don't worry!  When you kill it you will receive
    another FAIRY.

22) Enter and find a fairy fountain!. Talk the to fairy and she will give 
    you the choice of either a RED (Offensive) tunic, or a BLUE 
    (Defensive) tunic.  If you get bored with your tunic, or wish to
    try the other colour, simply go back through the dungeon and
    ask the fairy for the other tunic.
    If you use the blue tunic, it will aid you in your quest to finish the
    game with no deaths (special ending).  When you save, the three
    digits that appear beside your save game is how many times you have


Good luck and I hope you enjoyed the new dungeon!

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