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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

                Zelda 4 Text Dump
                Original U.S. Version

Dumped by David Butler (davogones@hotmail.com)
for The Legends of Zelda (http://loz.zeldalegends.net/)
Last Revision: 2/9/02

What is a text dump?
A text dump contains all the text in a video game, ripped
straight from the ROM. I use a script to convert the ROM code
into formatted, readable text, in either TXT or HTML format.
Why is this useful? It is often useful, when theorizing about
Zelda, to have exact quotes handy. These text dumps put all
the text in the Zelda games at one's fingertips.

A word of warning though: internally, the ROMs arrange the
quotes in essentially random order. There is a little bit of
structure: for example, though one person's dialogue may be
split up into separate quotes, these quotes will generally
be all together, in order. But if you wish to find a specific
quote from the game, you will have to already know a few words
from the quote so that you can search through the entire text
dump. Any decent text editor should have a Search function,
and you'll need to use it to find anything specific in the
text dumps.

Where can I get the latest version of your text dumps?
If you downloaded this file off of a site like GameFAQs.com,
you might have an out-of-date version. This is because I only
submitted the text dumps to FAQ sites once, just so people
would know that these text dumps exist. Updated versions can
be obtained at my web site (The Legends of Zelda -
http://loz.zeldalegends.net) in the Emulation section.
Compare the revision date at the top of this document with
the one in the files on my site to see if you have the latest

How do you make text dumps?
I include the following information for those who are curious.
If you don't understand any of it, just skip ahead.

The first step in making a text dump is to have a copy of the
ROM. Then, if you have a quote from the game, you can search
for the text. Newer games (like OoT, MM, and LA) use standard
ASCII values for raw text, so it is possible to find the text
using any common text editor. Older games (like LoZ, AoL, and
ALttP), unfortunately, don't use ASCII standards, so it's
necessary to do a relative search using a hex editor like
Thingy. Then you can make a translation table that will allow
Thingy to translate ROM text into standard ASCII text. (There
are many freeware utilities available that will help you do
relative searches and make translation tables.)

To make things even more difficult, some games compress, or
encrypt, the text. For example, in Oracle of Seasons the hex
value "02 0E" translates to "Twinrova." ALttP uses compression
and doesn't use standard ASCII values, so this is the most
difficult game to dump. OoS and OoA use ASCII standards but
have text compression. Fortunately, I already have TBL files
for both of these games, so dumping is not as difficult as it
could have been. ^_^

After you have found the text (and you're sure you've found
ALL the text), copy and paste all the text you can find into
a new file. This is what the DMP files on my site are: all the
text I could find, copied and pasted straight out of the ROM.
Once this is done, I wrote a PHP script to parse the DMP file
and translate everything into a readable format (TXT or HTML).
Making a program is the easiest thing to do in the long run
(though something more powerful than PHP is usually preferable),
because it takes a while to find out what all the codes in the
ROM translate to. Using the standard Find/Replace function of
a text editor is too much work if what you're searching for
constantly changes.

Further References / Acknowledgements
 • For more information on ROM hacking, and emulation in
general, here are some good sites to visit:

Zophar's Domain - http://www.zophar.net/
Romhacking.org - http://www.romhacking.org/

 • A special thanks to EvilGiegue (EvilGiegue@hotmail.com),
who helped me figure out how to hack ROMs. Without his
catalyzing influence, these text dumps probably wouldn't
be here today. Make sure to check out his text dumps as
well, which are available on my site and on GameFAQs.com.

        The Text Dump

                + = Control Stick
                > = Right Arrow
                < = Left Arrow
                ^ = Up Arrow
                v = Down Arrow

NOTE: To view the formatting properly, make sure you are
using a monospaced font like Courier.

You've found a  
Golden Leaf!    
You can see how 
many you have on
the Sub-Screen.

At last!  You've
got the final   
Golden Leaf!    
Now go and see  
Richard about   
that key...

You've got a    
Guardian Acorn! 
It will reduce  
the damage you  
take by half!

You've got the  
Mirror Shield!  
You can now turn
back the beams  
you couldn't    
block before!

You've got a    
more Powerful   
Bracelet!  Now  
you can almost  
lift a whale!

You found a     
Secret Seashell!
If you collect a
lot of these,   
something good  
is bound to     

Want to go on a 
raft ride for a 
hundred Rupees? 
    Yes  No Way

Okay, the raft  
is ready for you
outside!  Enjoy!

Waterfall at the

 South of the   

Entrance to the 
 Animal Village

We were born of 
nightmares... To
take over this  
world, we made  
the Wind Fish   
sleep endlessly!
If the Wind Fish
doesn't wake up,
this island will
never disappear!
We would have   
been the masters
of this place...
But you had to  
come here and   
disrupt our     
plans!  Heh heh!
You can never   
defeat us!!!    
Let's rumble!

This island is  
going to dis-   
appear...  Our  
world is going  
to disappear... 
Our world...    
Our... world... 

Wow!  Link , can
I try this?!    
What do you say?
    Okay No Way

C'mon!  I want  
to do it! Can I?
It looks so fun!
    Yes  Okay

You're good!    
You're a pro,   
aren't you?     
... ... ... ... 
Well, beat it!  
Pros aren't     
allowed in here!

Go away!

Quit it!

This is not a   
chest...  What? 
You knew that?  

Link  checked   
the chest.  Wow!
This is a nice  

It's all ready, 
it is!  Take    
care, as there's
not much there! 
Why not try a   
bit in my hut?

Hey!  What are  
ya doin' in my  
chest?!  Where'd
you learn ta do 
such a thing?!

Ha ha ha! Do it!
Do it!  Do it   
moooore! ... ...
Hunh?  No, it's 
nothing... I    
didn't mean it.

Not very good...
Eh?  What?  Did 
I say something?
No, you're hear-
ing things...

Link , do you   
always look in  
other people's  

Great!  Dig it! 
Dig it!  Dig to 
the center of   
the earth!!

Whew!  What a   

Ohh!  I'm sorry!
Are you okay?!  
Link ?

Hey Mon!

You know me, I  
like short names
the best...

It can display  
millions of     

I definitely    
need it, as soon
as possible!

Whoa, boy! Where
ya off to in    
such a hurry?   
Set a spell, I  
got somethin' ta
tell ya!

What a relief! I
thought you'd   
never wake up!  
You were tossing
and turning...  
What?  Zelda?   
No, my name's   
Marin!  You must
still be feeling
a little woozy. 
You are on      
Koholint Island!

Follow the lane 
south to reach  
the beach where 
I found you.    
Since you washed
ashore, lots of 
nasty monsters  
have been in the
area, so be     
careful, okay?

Hi!  Tarin went 
to the forest to
look for toad-  
stools, but I'd 
rather sing.    
Listen to this, 
it's called the 
'Ballad of the  
Wind Fish.'

Hey!  That's a  
nice Ocarina you
have there! Will
you accompany   
me as I sing?

I just love to  
sing-- what can 
I say?  What do 
you like to do, 
Link ?

Link , Tarin's  
taking a nap at 
home.  I don't  
know how he can 
sleep on such a 
nice day!  It   
makes me want to
sing a song...  
Yes, the song is
'Ballad of the  
Wind Fish!'

Eh? It's locked!
You can open the
door with the   
Nightmare Key.

You got a Piece 
of Power!  You  
can feel the    
energy flowing  
through you!

Ahhh... It has  
the Sleepy Toad-
stool, it does! 
We'll mix it up 
something in a  
jiffy, we will!

The last thing I
kin remember was
bitin' into a   
big juicy toad- 
stool... Then, I
had the darndest
dream... I was a
raccoon!  Yeah, 
sounds strange, 
but it sure was 

I'm all tucker'd
out...  I think 
I better set a  
spell before I  
head home...

Double double,  
toil and trouble
a toadstool mix 
makes powder for

As a raccoon, my
nose is verrry  
sensitive, ta   
stuff like dust 
and powder...

It's the toad-  
stool you picked
in the woods.   
What is it for? 
You hold it over
your head and a 
mellow aroma    
wafts into your 

You pick the    
toadstool... As 
you hold it over
your head, a    
mellow aroma    
flows into your 

Hunh?... If'n ya
don' know...call
old man Ulrira! 

I'm tired... I'm
goin' ta sleep  
now... Zzzzzz...

Well that was a 
surprise!  Hey! 
I'll tell you a 
secret! Use your
sword to poke at
dungeon walls...
If you hear a   
hollow clank,   
you can break   
the wall with a 

You've learned  
the 'Ballad of  
the Wind Fish!' 
This song will  
always remain in
your heart!

Please remember 
this song!  You 
should play it  
every once in a 
while to keep it
fresh in your   

Please!  I want 
you to learn it!
This song is my 

So, how do you  
like it?  It's  
really touching,
isn't it?  Does 
it stick in your
    Yes  No

Hi there, big   
guy!  I'm Crazy 
Tracy!  I've got
a little secret 
for sale that'll
pump you up!

Will you give me
28 Rupees for my
    Give Don't

How about it?   
42 Rupees for my
little secret...
    Give Don't

All right, come 
here and I'll   
rub it on you!  
...There... I've
applied my own  
secret medicine!
It will take    
effect when you 
lose all heart! 
Drop by again,  
big guy!

Beat it, then!  
Come back when  
you have some   

... ... ... ... 
But I won't sell
it to you!

Well!  I'm only 
offering you a  
secret that will
make you strong!
You're such a   

...You're so    
cute!  I'll give
you a 7 Rupee   

You got Marin!  
Is this your big


Heh heh heh ho! 
You're goin' ta 
be lost, thanks 
to me!  Heh heh!

BOW WOW!        

YIP YIP!        

Let's heal your 
wounds and get  
rid of all that 
stress... Close 
your eyes and   

You dirty rat!  
You k-k-k...beat
my brothers!    
You'll pay!!    
I'll never      
forget you!

Hey runt!  You  
think you can   
take me?!  All  
right boys, get 
this punk out   
of my face!

Yep!  Those're  
my boys!  I'm   
Papahl, pleased 
ta meetcha! I'll
be lost in the  
hills later, so 
keep a look out 
for me, hear?

Yes!!  Yes!!    
Break them!     
Break them all! 
... ... ... ... 
What?  What's   

Aye Caramba!    
Kid, you have a 
lot to learn,   
trying to buy   
something you   
have no use for!

You've got a    
Heart!  Thump!  
One of your     
Heart Containers
is filled!

Bow & Arrow Set 
Only 980 Rupees!
    Buy  No Way

   10 Arrows    
   10 Rupees    
    Buy  Don't

Hey!  Welcome!  
See something   
you like?!  Just
bring it here!

Hey! You! Stop! 
You gotta pay!  
Put it back!

  Deluxe Shovel 
   200 Rupees!  
Seems expensive!
    Buy  No Way!

   Three Hearts 
    10 Rupees!  
    Buy  Don't

    20 Rupees!  
    Buy  Don't

    Ten Bombs   
    10 Rupees   
    Buy  Don't

Sorry, kid!  You
don't have the  
Rupees!  Come   
back when you   
have the cash!

Thanks a lot!   
And come again!

Guess what?  You
got it for free.
Are you proud of

I wasn't kidding
when I said pay!
Now, you'll pay 
the ultimate    

Hunh?  It sounds
like the castle 
gate opened! You
can easily leave
the castle now!

 One Play 10 Rs.
    Play No

The A and B     
Buttons move the
crane...The rest
is just timing! 
Go over to the  
buttons to play!
Good Luck!

It's a Shield!  
There is space  
for your name!

Challenge Again?
    Play No

Good Luck!

We're closing up
for today!  Come
again, anytime!

You got some    
Magic Powder!   
Try to sprinkle 
it on many      

It's 30 Rupees! 
You can play the
game three more 
times with this!

Cough Cough...  
Don't sprinkle  
that on me...   
...I'll have to 
curse you!      
Cough Cough...

You got a Yoshi 
Doll!  Recently,
he seems to be  
showing up in   
many games!

How about some  
fishing, little 
buddy? I'll only
charge you 10   
    Fish Not Now

You have to have
more passion!   
Live a little!

Okay, here's how
you do it.  Use 
< and > on the +
to aim a cast.  
Once you hook a 
fish, press the 
Button rapidly  
to reel him in!

Why not try one 
more time,      
little buddy?   
    Cast Not Now

Wow! That one   
got away!  Want 
to try again?   
    Cast Not Now

Wow! Nice Fish! 
It's a lunker!! 
I'll give you a 
20 Rupee prize! 
Try again?      
    Cast Not Now

This pond's all 
fished out.  Why
not try your    
luck in the sea?
    Okay No

Did I say that? 
Forget it, okay?
Run along now...

It's a runt!    
I'll only give  
you a 5 Rupees  
prize for that. 
You should try  
    Okay No

You're short of 
Rupees?  Don't  
worry about it. 
You just come   
back when you   
have more money,
little buddy.

You've got a    
Piece of Heart! 

You collected   
four Pieces of  
Heart.  Now, you
have a complete 
Heart Container!

Brrrr... This is
a block of solid
ice!  It's very 

can't hurt me as
long as I have  
my bottle!

Waaaah! You- you
broke my bottle!
Why, you... You 
make me hopping 

Well, Link , ya 
finally snapped 
out of it...    
Name's Tarin... 
Hope yer feelin'
better...  What?
How did I know  
your name?  You 
think it's weird
eh?  Well, I saw
it on back of   
this shield!

Oh, yeah... Some
other stuff like
this washed up  
on the beach... 
If'n you go look
watch out for   
monsters! Ever  
since you showed
up, Link , I've 
seen 'em all    
over the place!

Level 1--       
     Tail Cave

Level 2--       
   Bottle Grotto

Level 3--       
      Key Cavern

Level 4--       
 Angler's Tunnel

Level 5--       
   Catfish's Maw

Level 6--       
     Face Shrine

Level 7--       
   Eagle's Tower

Level 8--       
     Turtle Rock

Wind Fish's Egg 

Mountain Bridge 

Sale's House O' 

Pothole Field

    House By    
     The Bay

   Trendy Game

  Town Tool Shop

Marin and       
   Tarin's House

   Witch's Hut

  Yarna Desert

  Ukuku Prairie

Mysterious Woods

  Mt. Tamaranch 

     Tal Tal    
 Mountain Range 

  Signpost Maze 

  Mabe Village  

 Animal Village 


   Rapids Ride  

Koholint Prairie

 Toronbo Shores

  Martha's Bay

East of the Bay

  Goponga Swamp

   Face Shrine 

 Kanalet Castle

Tal Tal Heights

Tabahl Wasteland

  South of the  

  Fishing Pond  

Madam MeowMeow's
 Beware of Dog!

Old Man Ulrira's

Weird Mr. Write 

Crazy Tracy's   
 Health Spa


  Dream Shrine  

Telephone Booth 

Seashell Mansion

Richard's Villa 

     Hen House  

Village Library 

    Raft Shop   

    Warp Hole   

This rock has   
many cracks...  
There must be   
some way to     
shatter it...

Oh? What a weird
object!  There  
must be some way
to tackle this  

Hunh?  This rock
has a key hole! 
You should come 
back with a key!

Wow!  This looks
pretty heavy!   
You won't be    
able to lift it 
with just your  
bare hands...

Well, it's an   
Ocarina, but you
don't know how  
to play it...

No!  No!  Poor  
hen!  Stop that!

You found the   
Power Bracelet! 
At last, you can
pick up pots and

You got your    
Shield back!    
You can use it  
to flip enemies!

Ahhh... Yess... 
That dust was so
For that, I'll  
tell you a hint!
Use a Bomb in a 
place where the 
sand swallows   
you... There is 
a treat on the  
other side of   
the wall... Bye!

You've got the  
Hook Shot!  Its 
chain stretches 
long when you   
use it!

You've got the  
Magic Rod!  Now 
you can burn    
things! Burn it!
Burn, baby burn!

You've got the  
Pegasus Boots!  
If you hold down
the Button, you 
can dash!

You've got the  
Ocarina!  You   
should learn to 
play many songs!

You've got the  
Roc's Feather!  
It feels like   
your body is a  
lot lighter!

You've got a    
Shovel!  Now you
can feel the joy
of digging!

You've got some 
Magic Powder!   
Try sprinkling  
it on a variety 
of things!

You found your  
Sword!  It must 
be yours because
it has your name
engraved on it!

You've got the  
Flippers! If you
press the B     
Button while you
swim, you can   
dive underwater!

You've got the  
Magnifying Lens!
This will reveal
many things you 
couldn't see    

You've got a    
new Sword!  You 
should put your 
name on it right

You've got the  
Tail Key!  Now  
you can open the
Tail Cave gate!

You've got the  
Slime Key!  Now 
you can open the
gate in Ukuku   

You've got the  
Angler Key!

You've got the  
Face Key!

You've got the  
Bird Key!

At last, you got
a Map!  Press   
the START Button
to look at it!

You've got the  
Compass!  Now,  
you can see     
where the chests
and Nightmare   
are hidden! This
Compass has a   
new feature-- a 
tone will tell  
you if a key is 
hidden in a room
when you enter! 

You found a     
fragment of a   
Stone Slab!  Now
you can read the
message on the  

You've got the  
Nightmare's Key!
Now you can open
the door to the 

You got a Small 
Key!  You can   
open a locked   

   You got 20   

    You got 50  
    Very Nice!

   You got 100  
  You're Happy!

   You got 200  
You're Ecstatic!

Leave me alone! 
I'm trying to   
sit still so    
Schule can paint
my portrait!


You can't find  

  GLUB!  GLUB!  

Ssso...you are  
the outsssider, 
come to wake the
Wind Fisssh...  
I shall eat you!

HO HO HO!       
I'm your bad guy
this time!!     

You don't ssseem
to know what    
kind of island  
thisss iss...   
What a fool...  

Hey dummy! Need 
a hint?  My weak
point is... !!  
Whoops!  There I
go, talking too 
much again...

Okay, listen up!
If the Wind Fish
wakes up, every-
thing on this   
island will be  
gone forever!   
And I do mean...

My energy...    
But you will be 
lost too, if the
Wind Fish wakes!
Same as me...you

BAH!  I'm not   
going to hold   
back!  I'm going
to make you wish
you were never  

You're finished!
I will never let
you play the    
Instruments of  
the Sirens!!

Why did you come
here?  If it    
weren't for you,
nothing would   
have to change! 
You cannot wake 
the Wind Fish!  
Remember, you...
too...are in... 
...the dream...

Hoot!  Ho, brave
lad, on your    
quest to wake   
the dreamer!    
Welcome to the  
Mysterious Wood!
Much of mystery 
you will find on
this uncharted  
Koholint island!
I'm afraid you  
may find it a   
trifle difficult
to leave the    
island while the
Wind Fish naps. 
...By the by,   
have you ever   
visited the Tail
Cave, which is  
south of the    
village?  Go    
there with the  
key you find in 
this forest...  
The Wind Fish is

Hoot!  Take the 
key and go to   
the Tail Cave.  
Retrieve the    
Instrument that 
is hidden there!
Go now!  The    
Wind Fish is    
waiting!  Hooot!

Hoooot!  That is
an 'Instrument  
of the Sirens!' 
I have to admit,
at first I did  
not believe you 
were real...    
That Instrument,
along with the  
seven others in 
the set, has the
power to wake   
the Wind Fish!  
You must collect
them all!  I was
instructed to   
give you direc- 
tions...  Your  
next goal is    
north, in       
Goponga Swamp!! 
Hoot, indeed!

Hoot!  That is a
fearsome looking
animal you have 
there!  Do not  
forget, the next
Instrument is in
Goponga Swamp!

Hoooot! The Wind
Fish sleeps long
and dreamily in 
the Egg above...
When you play   
the eight Siren 
Instruments in  
front of the Egg
he will awaken. 
This, my friend,
is the only way 
for you to leave
the island! Hoo!

Hoot!  How many 
have you gotten 
so far?  When   
you play the    
Instruments in  
front of the    
Egg, the Wind   
Fish will wake  
and you will    
leave this      
island.  Now,   
you must hasten 
to the Yarna    
Desert!  The    
dark, monstrous 
inhabitants of  
the sand will   
show you the    
way! Hoot Hoot!

Hoot!  The shape
of the key shows
a fish, swimming
up a cascade of 
water!  Go now  
to the mountain 
waterfall!  A   
leap from the   
top and you will
reach your goal!

Hoot!  There are
two shrines, one
to the north,   
the other to the
south.  First,  
head south,     
where ancient   
ruins speak of  
the Wind Fish...
You will learn  
much there...

Hoot!  I see you
have read the   
relief...  While
it does say the 
island is but a 
dream of the    
Wind Fish, no   
one is really   
sure...  Just as
you cannot know 
if a chest holds
treasure until  
you open it, so 
you cannot tell 
if this is a    
dream until you 
awaken...  The  
only one who    
knows for sure  
is the Wind     
Fish...  Trust  
your feelings...
Someday you will
know for sure...

Hoot!  The many 
monsters of this
island fear that
the Wind Fish is
about to awaken!
The monsters'   
power is real!  
They may conquer
the island and  
destroy their   
foes!  That day 
may come soon!  
Now, go to the  
mountain tower! 
Fly like a bird!
Hoot! Hoot!

The going is    
much more trying
from this point!
You have only   
two more tasks  
to accomplish!  
The first is in 
the east part of
the mountains,  
the second in   
the west.  Go!  
The Wind Fish   
grows restless!

Hoot!  It has   
been some time  
since our paths 
crossed, lad.   
You must dive   
into the waters 
of Martha's Bay 
to enter the    
Catfish's Maw...
The closer you  
get to the Wind 
Fish, the more  
restless he     
sleeps.  Carry  
onward!  Hoot!

Hoot!  That girl
sang her song in
front of the    
Egg! Her 'Ballad
of the Wind     
Fish' is a song 
of awakening!   
Did she actually
intend to wake  
the Wind Fish?! 
The next Sirens'
Instrument is in
the west.  Play 
your melodies so
the unliving    
stones might    
hear!  Show your
courage!  The   
Wind Fish waits 
for you!  Hoot!

The time has    
come... The Wind
Fish awaits...  
Enter the Egg...
Hoot! Hoot!

Hoot! Young lad,
I mean... Link ,
the hero!  You  
have defeated   
the Nightmares! 
You have proven 
your wisdom,    
courage and     
... ... ... ... 
As part of the  
Wind Fish's     
spirit, I am the
guardian of his 
dream world...  
But one day, the
entered the     
dream and began 
wreaking havoc. 
Then you, Link ,
came to rescue  
the island...   
I have always   
trusted in your 
courage to turn 
back the Night- 
mares.  Thank   
you, Link ... My
work is done... 
The Wind Fish   
will wake soon. 
Good bye...Hoot!

... ... ... ... 
 ... ... ... ...
     AND WAS    
... ... ... ... 
... ... ... ... 
 COME, Link ... 


Mermaid Statue  

...Link , you   
have beaten all 
the Nightmares! 
Climb the stairs
before you!

Ach! Vat are you
looking at vith 
zat magnifying  
lens?  Stop it  
at vonce!

  Hoot!  Hoot!  
So you are the  
lad who owns the
sword...  Now I 
understand why  
the monsters are
starting to act 
so violently... 
A courageous lad
has come to wake
the Wind Fish...
It is said that 
you cannot leave
the island      
unless you wake 
the Wind Fish...
You should now  
go north, to the
Forest.  I will 
wait for you    
there!  Hoot!

Annoyance!  You 
are only getting
in the way!

Ribbit!  Ribbit!
Hey, man, I'm   
Mamu, on vocals!
Brother, you    
look like you   
don't know      
squat about     
music!  Ribbit!

Ribbit!  Ribbit!
I'm Mamu, on    
vocals!  But I  
don't need to   
tell you that,  
do I?  Everybody
knows me!  Want 
to hang out and 
listen to us    
jam?  For 300   
Rupees, we'll   
let you listen  
to a previously 
unreleased cut! 
What do you do? 
    Pay  Leave

Thank you...    
Thank you very  
much... Croak!

Well, that's a  
shame, but we   
don't play for  

You've learned  
The Frog's Song 
of Soul!  It's a
very moving     
tune... It can  
even liven up   
unliving things!

If you play this
song, you'll    
make everything 
around you feel 
more alive!

Hey, Kid!  You  
woke me up from 
a fine nap!!    
...Thanks a lot!
But now, I'll   
get my revenge! 
Are you ready?! 
    Yes  N-No

I'll let you    
carry more Magic
Powder!  He He! 
Are you ready?! 
    Yes  N-No

Okay, I'll let  
you carry more  
Bombs! He He He!
Are you ready?! 
    Yes  N-No

Fine, I'll let  
you have more   
arrows! Heh Heh!
Are you ready?! 
    Yes  N-No

Heh Heh Heh!    
You deserve it! 
Now look at all 
that junk you   
have to carry!  
Hah!  Take care!
See you again!

??  There is a  
picture carved  
on the wall, but
you can't see it
because it's too
dark in here...

 SEA, SKY... A  
  EYE...  AWAKE 
... ... ... ... 
What?  Illusion?

You've got the  
Full Moon Cello!

You've got the  
Conch Horn!

You've got the  
Sea Lily's Bell!

You've got the  
Surf Harp!

You've got the  
Wind Marimba!

You've got the  
Coral Triangle!

You've got the  
Organ of        
  Evening Calm!

You've got the  
Thunder Drum!

Turn aside the  
spined ones with
a shield...

First, defeat   
the imprisoned  
Pols Voice,     
Last, Stalfos...

Far away...     
Do not fear,    
dash and fly!

The glint of the
tile will be    
your guide...

Dive under where
torchlight beams
do cross...

Enter the space 
where the eyes  
have walls...

The riddle is   
solved when the 
pillars fall!

Fill all the    
holes with the  
rock that rolls,
this (+) is the 

Something is    
inscribed on the
stone slab, but 
you can't read  
it because a    
piece is gone.

'I've got what  
was inside this 
box.  Come and  
get it, if you  
can!'  Master Ü

Gulp!  You found
me!  You're a   
real pesky kid, 
you know that?!

Arrgh!  I can't 
beat you!  I'm  
outta here!

You again?!  You
keep going and  
going... I can't
outlast you!    
All right, let's
do it!


You put the     
missing scale in
the mermaid     

Hey, man!  When 
you want to save
just push all   
the Buttons at  
once!  Uhh...   
Don't ask me    
what that means,
I'm just a kid!

Well, it seems  
that after you  
save, you will  
start at the    
last door you   
went through... 
I'm not really  
sure why that is
'cause I'm just 
a kid!

I heard that you
can press SELECT
to look at the  
island map...   
But, I don't    
understand what 
they mean by    

When you're     
running out of  
Hearts, you'd   
better enter a  
house or cave...
Why?  I have no 
idea, I'm just a

Hey, dude! What 
do you think of 
Marin?  Uhh...  
I don't know,   
I'm just a kid!

Where are you   
from, brother?  
...Outside the  
island?  What is
'outside?'  I've
never thought   
about it...

The giant egg on
top Tamaranch   
Mountain?  They 
say the Wind    
Fish is sleeping
inside of it... 
Why?  I don't   
know either...

Dude!  You're   
asking me when  
we started to   
live on this    
island?  What do
you mean by     
'when?'  Whoa!  
The concept just
makes my head   

Marin? She likes
to go stare at  
the ocean all by
herself...  Why?
Hey, I'm just a 
kid, don't ask  

Hey... Where're 
you two going   
together?  Hunh?
Uh, I didn't    
mean anything...
I'm just a kid!

Hey hey, bro!   
About the Dream 
Shrine there... 
They say there's
something good  
inside... ...   
I better not say
anything else   
as I'm just a   

Hunh?!  Marin's 
not with you?   
What happened to

Tsk tsk...  What
a shame...

Oh thank you!   
You are indeed a
generous person!
Ah!  I will give
you this in     

You traded your 
à for á!  Maybe 
you can trade   
the ribbon for  
something else!

Because they all
look alike, even
I am sometimes  
By the way, do  
you know Yoshi? 
My baby keeps on
asking for a    
Yoshi Doll and I
don't know what 
to do about it!

Oh!  Will you   
give that doll  
to my baby?!    
    Yes  No

Because they all
look alike, even
I am sometimes  

Ahem!  Really, I
must insist that
you not bring   
that awful beast
in here!  Leave 
that creature   
outside and then
we can talk!    
Good Bye!

Ho ho ho!       
I really appre- 
ciate what you  
did for my poor,
precious BowWow!
You are such a  
nice boy!  How  
can I ever repay
you?  I know... 
You got a reward
from Madam Meow-
Meow... ... ... 

Ho ho ho!  My   
BowWow is so    
proud of his    
fine fur coat!

It's terrrrbile!
My BowWow was   
dognapped by... 
Please! Somebody
help my poor    

Oh thank you!   
I'm so happy you
brought my baby 
back! Now, would
you be a dear   
and take him for
a walk? It would
really help me  
out a lot!  You 
will?!  Thanks!

Well... I pretty
much stick to   
myself, me and  
my letters...   
My name's Write!
The only thing I
don't like about
my hobby is that
I never receive 
a response...

What's this?!  A
letter for me?! 
I'm so happy!   
...And look! The
letter came with
a photograph!

Mmm... She's so 
I must give you 
something for   
your trouble... 
Hmm...  Well, it
looks like all I
have is this    
broom... how'll 
that be?        
    Fine No...

You got a Broom 
as your reward  
from Mr. Write! 
But that photo  
was not of...

Please! I really
must insist you 
have this è!    
    Okay No Way

Oh boy!  Letter 
writing is such 
a great hobby!

Hello!  I'm     
writing back to 
Christine now!

You wouldn't    
know by the look
of me, but I    
used to live in 
the castle! My  
servants went   
berserk and I   
was forced to   
flee to my      
villa... So, you
want the key to 
Ukuku Prairie,  
do you?  I may  
be able to help 
you...  Let's   
make... a deal, 
shall we? I want
you to retrieve 
the Golden Leaf 
I left behind in
the castle when 
I fled...       
    Okay No Way

Smashing!  To   
tell you the    
truth, there are
five leaves, and
I want them all!
Oh, you'll need 
to do some dig- 
ging, so buy a  
shovel! Are you 
off, then?  Good

Well, I never!  
I thought you   
looked cowardly,
but...  Please, 
leave me... just
get out here!

Ahh!  Tres Bien!
I see you have  
recovered all of
the leaves! Now,
move this box   
and you will    
find your       

I am forever in 
your debt for   
getting my      
leaves back!

Ah!  Bonjour!   
Link , for the  
love of justice,
and my own sake,
you must find   
all the leaves!

How to say...   
Please call...  
Outside...  ... 
It seems that   
old man Ulrira  
is a shy guy,   
in person...

Hello!  It's me,
Ulrira!  Ask me 
anything about  
the island!  If 
you get lost,   
give me a call! 
Bye! CLICK!'

Hello, this is  
Ulrira! ...Well,
most Moblins    
live in the Mys-
terious Forest, 
but some live in
the caves of Tal
Tal Heights...  
I hope that is  
what you wanted 
to know! CLICK!'

Yes, this is    
Ulrira.  The    
Flowers of      
Goponga Swamp...
Those flowers   
are BowWow's    
favorite.  Why  
don't you take  
him for a walk  
there?  CLICK!'

Hi, it's Ulrira!
...Have you met 
everyone on the 
island?  There's
a man named     
Richard who     
lives in Pothole
Field, southeast
of the village. 
Why not pay him 
a visit?  That's
all I can tell  
you for now!    
Bye!  CLICK!'

Old man Ulrira  
here! ...Do you 
like bananas?   
Try talking to  
people in the   
village again!  
Bye!  CLICK!'

Ulrira speaking!
You know, there 
is a library in 
the village that
might have some 
good information
for you!  Talk  
to you later!   

Yeah, it's me,  
Ulrira!  Hmmm...
You can't find  
all the leaves  
you say?  That's
a stumper!  Ahh,
check out the   
raven by the    
castle!  In any 
case, try many  
things!  CLICK!'

Ulrira here! ...
Shovel...  Did  
you purchase a  
shovel?  You may
find something  
if you dig here 
and there!  Bye!

Ya, it's Ulrira!
The cave in the 
Ukuku Prairie is
the key!  Yes, I
mean the key    
cave, no pun    
intended!  Bye! 

Hi, this is     
Ulrira!  In the 
Yarna Desert,   
which is located
in the southeast
of the island,  
you will find   
something called
the Angler Key. 
Hmmm... How much
more obvious do 
I have to be?   
Bye! CLICK!'

This is Ulrira! 
Now you're being
haunted by a    
ghost?! Well,   
how about taking
him where he    
wants to go?    
Bye! CLICK!'

Hi, it's Ulrira!
The Catfish's   
mouth is wide   
open?  It sounds
like a great    
place to dive!  
Bye!  CLICK!'

Ulrira here! ...
Have you been to
the Face Shrine?
It is north of  
Animal Village. 
That is a very  
ruin... CLICK!'

Hi, it's Ulrira!
Have you heard  
of the Flying   
Rooster of Mabe 
Village?  In the
good old days,  
it used to give 
us rides if we  
held it above   
our heads... Now
it is lying     
under the       
Is that useful  
for you?  I hope
so! Bye! CLICK!'

Hi, it's Ulrira!
The head of the 
turtle is in    
your way?  Put  
life into it and
it will move!   
It's true! True!
Bye!  CLICK!'

 A path opens...
in the blooms...

 The Prairie is 

It is hidden in 
the waterfall...

Your road goes  
into the bay... 

An island secret
in the shrine...

Something calls 
  ...from the   

The music of the
Ocarina leads...

The Egg on the  
mountain calls!

Then YOU sweep  
the island!

YAHOO!   I'm    
fine, and you?!

YAHOO!  I worked
too hard and now
my broom is worn
to the handle!

A new broom?!   
For me?  It is, 
isn't it?!      
    Yes  No

Okay!  In return
you can have    
this fishing    
hook I found    
when I swept by 
the river bank!

You exchanged è 
for the fishing 
hook é!  What   
will the fishing
hook become?

YAHOO!  A new   
broom!  Superb!

Kiiiki!  What?! 
All right, mutt!
Let's battle!!

Chi-kiita! Chi- 
kiita!  Kiki the
monkey!  Hungry!
Kiki the monkey!

    ã!    ã!    
Oooh! Ooh! Kiki!
Monkees!  Come! 
Repay him! Kiki!

Monkey business!
Done!  Bye bye! 
Oooh!  Kiki!

You found a     
stick a monkey  
left behind...  
You take it!

    ã!    ã!    
  Oooh!  Oooh!  
 Give to Kiki!? 
    Yes  No!

You don't know  
the proper      
etiquette when  
dealing with a  
lady, do you?   
You should have 
brought flowers 
or something,   
then I might be 
more inclined to
talk with you...
Oh yes, in my   
case, hibiscus  
are best...

Oh, you brought 
me a hibiscus!  
How sweet! Well,
since you are   
such a gentleman
I have a request
to make of you. 
Will you listen?
    Yes  No

I would like you
to take this    
letter to a Mr. 
Write who lives 
on the border of
the Mysterious  
Forest, please!

...Is that so?  
And I thought   
you were a      

You traded ç for
a goat's letter 
í!  ...Great!?

You know, some- 
times I can't   
help eating a   
delicious piece 
of paper, even  
if it's a letter
to my darling   
Mr. Write... How

You've saved    
BowWow!  What a 
fearsome beast!

Wow! The Rooster
has recovered!  
He seems very   

Yep, Papahl got 
lost, just like 
he said!  Now, I
am so famished I
can't move!  Can
you give me some
    Yes  Nope

You're one cold 

This æ is so    
delicious!  I'm 
going to eat the
æ right now!    
 Bon Appetit!

AH!  This isn't 
meant to be a   
reward...  Here,
take this ç!    
It's a hibiscus!

You traded the æ
for the ç!

Delicious!  Yum!
I'm filled with 
energy, now!

I've got to say,
thanks again!

Yep, Papahl got 
lost, just like 
he said!  Now, I
am so famished I
can't move!  Can
you give me some
    Nope Can't

She's had an    
awful tradgedy  
in the house    
across the way! 
It's just awful,
and all I can do
is sweep!

Make-up! Jewels!
Dresses!  I want
it all!  Sigh...
And some new    
would be nice...

Make-up! Jewels!
Dresses!  I want
it all!  Sigh...
And some new    
would be nice...
Oh! That Ribbon!
I need it!  Will
you trade for my
dog food?       
    Yes  No!

You exchanged á 
for â! It's full
of juicy beef!

Lucky!  Thanks! 
Well, here's    
your â!

Eh?!  I can't   
believe it!  You
are the worst!!

I am Manbo,     
child of the Sun
Fish!  Have you 
got an Ocarina? 
    Yes  No

Very well...    
Glub Blub Bloop!

Ahaha!  Then I  
can teach you my
song! Bloop!

You've learned  
Manbo's Mambo!  
When you get out
of the water,   
play it!

I am Manbo,     
child of the Sun
Fish!  When you 
play my Mambo,  
you can warp to 
Manbo Pond!  Try
this tune in the
dungeons, too!  

Aha... You don't
have an Ocarina,
so...Glub glub!

Chickens these  
days don't have 
the fighting    
spirit they used
to!  In the old 
days, they could
fly, flap flap! 
But now, see?   
Cluck cluck!

Wow!  Amazing!  
That rooster is 
actually flying!
It's just like I
said, eh?  Have 
you tried to    
hold him over   
your head? Cluck

Wooo!  Finally! 
This flying     
rooster is the  

 Here Sleeps The
 Flying Rooster

Ennh?  Who's    
this suspicious-
looking runt?!  
Okay boys, let's
get ridda him!

You must be an  
assassin sent by
Madam MeowMeow  
to rescue the   
mutt!  You came 
here to get me, 
but it is I who 
will get you!!

Oh, Link .  I   
often come to   
this village to 
sing, too!  It  
seems that just 
about everyone  
loves my 'Ballad
of the Wind     
Fish!'  Link ,  
what is your    
favorite song?

Please, don't   
ever forget this
song...or me...

Thank you for   
Link , you are  
the kindest boy 
I know.  One day
I made a wish to
the Wind Fish...
What was the    
wish?  It was...
No, it's secret!

Link , some day 
you will leave  
this island...  
I just know it  
in my heart...  
...Don't ever   
forget me... If 
you do, I'll    
never forgive   

... ... ... ... 
It seems to be  
totally absorbed
in Marin's song!

They say the    
'Ballad of the  
Wind Fish' is a 
song of awaken- 
ing.  I wonder, 
if the Wind Fish
wakes up, will  
he make my wish 
come true?

Eh?  You want me
to go in there? 
No, I think I'll
wait out here...
Take care of    
yourself, Link !

Ahhh!  Ahhh, you
are a bad boy,  
Link !

Here's some     
bonus treatment!
Behold!  Your   
Hearts are full!

Ya, I am Schule 
Donavitch!  Zee 
mermaid statue  
by zee bay iz my
masterpiece! ...
To tell you zee 
truth, zis werk 
iz not complete!
Zee art, it'z...
difficult for   
you to grasp, iz
it not?

    By SCHULE   
? ...A scale is 

Seashell Mansion

Entrance to     
  Yarna Desert >

 (It's a little 
 bit mysterious)

Do you want to  
challenge the   
river rapids on 
a raft?  Proceed
to the office at
once, please!

East > Ukuku    
Farther East    
  Animal Village

Mt. Tamaranch   

> Tail Cave     
v Toronbo Shores

> Gopongo Swamp 
v Mysterious    

Beware of floors
with cracks!  A 
heavy person    
should not stand
on them!

Telephone Booth 

    Keep out!   
(Except BowWow)








> Crazy Tracy   
v Manbo's Pond

> Animal Village
v Martha's Bay

> Welcome to the
 Animal Village!

> Cemetary      
v Ukuku Prairie 

Tal Tal Heights

> Tamaranch Mt. 
< Goponga Swamp 










Oh?!  Link , I  
see ya have a   
nice stick...   
Can I borrow it 
for a second?   
    Can  Can't

ä became the    
honeycomb å!    
You're not sure 
how it happened,
but take it!

Hmmm, Link , you
are mean!

Beware of Sea   
Urchins!  Don't 
touch them with 
your bare hands!

I was hungry    
somethin' fierce
so I went and   
got bananas at  
the beach...    
Link , if you   
want some, you  
should go and   
get some!

Welcome to      
Sale's House O' 
Bananas!  I'm   
Sale, this is my
house! Actually,
my hobby is col-
lecting rare and
unusual canned  
food. My brother
is an artist, so
I guess strange 
hobbies run in  
the family!

What's that you 
have?!  It's    
canned food! For
heaven's sake,  
man, give that â
to ME!!  PLEASE!
He's hysterical!
What do you do? 
    Give Don't

Oh thank you!   
I'll take that!

I don't suppose 
it would do any 
good to beg?    
Well, if you    
change your     
mind, tell me.

... ... ... ... 
That was great! 
I know it's not 
a fair trade,   
but here's some 
bananas! YUM...

You gave him â  
and got bananas 
ã in return!    
Good deal!

Thank you again!
That was yummy!

Hey friend! Have
you ever ridden 
the rapids on a 
raft?  You can, 
near Tal Tal    
Heights!  You   
ought to try it!

Rik'm rak'm! I  
ran out of      
ingredients!  If
I had honey, I  
could make this 
fit for a king!

Hi ho! Hey you! 
Is that possibly
a å you have?   
I just ran out! 
Will you swap it
for a pineapple?
    Yes  No

You exchanged å 
for æ!  It's not
as sweet, but it
is delicious!   

That's a crying 
shame, but I    
realize those   
are a rare      

Hi ho! Yeah, I  
know, that tub  
of goo is asleep
right in the way
to Yarna Desert!
Once he's asleep
he won't budge  
for a loooooonng
time.  But hey! 
Take Little     
Marin and wake  
him up with her 
song!  That slob
would wake up   
with a jump if  
he heard her    
sing, for sure! 
Heh heh heh!

My ultimate plan
is to open a    
branch in Mabe  

HI HO!  Little  
Marin!  Welcome!
... ... ... ... 
Oh, shucks!  You
are here too... 

Oh, Link , I'm  
glad you found  
this place.     
Will you stay   
and talk to me  
for a while?    
    Yes! No...

Okay, I'll just 
watch the waves 
for a while...

At the beach... 
 Marin  Þ

I wonder where  
these coconut   
trees come from?
...Tarin says   
there is nothing
beyond the sea, 
but I believe   
there must be   
something over  
there...  When I
discovered you, 
Link , my heart 
skipped a beat! 
I thought, this 
person has come 
to give us a    

... ... ... ... 
... ... ... ... 
If I was a sea  
gull, I would   
fly as far as I 
could!  I would 
fly to far away 
places and sing 
for many people!
...If I wish to 
the Wind Fish,  
I wonder if my  
dream will come 
true... ... ...

Hey!  Are you   
Link , are you  
listening to me?
    Yeah No...

I want to know  
everything about
Ha ha ha ha!

Hunh? The walrus
wants me to go  
to him?  It     
doesn't matter, 
I will go with  
you to him...

Unnnngh! Owwwww!
... ... ... ... 
I've sure lost  
my taste for    

Humph! Your head
is always in the
clouds! Will you
please listen to
me next time?!

 ... Þ ... Þ ...

Yes, it's that  
lazy walrus!    
Shall we give   
him a little    
    Yes  No...

Aha ha ha!  Wow!
He certainly    
woke with a     

Hunh?  Oh, he's 
calling me...   
It's the same as
always... Ha ha!

You're right, it
would be mean to
wake him up now!
Let's let him   
sleep some more!

Link , I'm going
to the Animal   
Village!  Please
drop by, okay?

Arfh! Arfh! Arf!
 Þ  Þ!  Þ   Þ!  
..... Ý?? 

It's no use,    
little buddy!  A
fish took my    
hook... I keep  
casting my line 
into the water, 
but I haven't   
got a bite... I 
thought this    
would happen...

Oh! What is that
you have in your
hand?  It's not 
a fishing hook, 
is it?  You had 
better let me   
have it.  I'll  
give you my next
catch if you let
me have it...   
    Okay No

All right, boy, 
feast your eyes 
on a display of 
fishing skill!

You should be   
more kind to me!
I thought we    
were buddies!

Whoooah nellie!!
It's a big one!!
Big! Big! Yaaah!

The é became a  
necklace ê!     

I can't wait to 
see what I'll   
catch next!

When I was swim-
ming in the bay,
the waves took a
very important  
necklace from   
around my neck! 
If you find it, 
I will let you  
take a scale    
from my tail!   

I have already  
looked around   

Ahh!  That's it!
That's my neck- 
lace!  Give it! 
Give it back!  I
will give you a 
scale as I said!
    Give Keep

Promise!  You'll
only take one!

You are heart-  
less and cruel!

You returned the
necklace ê and  
got a scale ë of
the mermaid's   
tail.  How will 
you use this?

An artist once  
asked me to pose
for him, and he 
wanted a scale, 
too...  Can the 
legend of the   
Magnifying Lens 
be true...?

Richard's Villa 

Kanalet Castle  
10 Min. > ^

Kanalet Castle  
5 Min. >

Kanalet Castle  
50 Paces ^

Yeees!  It's the
Bucket Mouse!   
Thanks for call-
ing! ...Well... 
CLICK!'  ??? ...
You must have   
dialed a wrong  

Oh!  It's a big 
one!  And it has
a Piece of      
Heart, too!  You
get a 20 Rupee  
prize on top of 
that! Try again?
    Yes  No

Oh!  It's a big 
one!  And it has
a Piece of      
Heart, too!  You
have completed  
another Heart   
Container!  On  
top of that, you
get a 20 Rupee  
prize! Want to  
try again?      
    Yes  No

 'How To Handle 
   Your Shield  
   Like A Pro!' 
Read this book? 
    Read Don't

'If you hold the
Button down, you
can defend your-
self from enemy 
attacks, and you
can fillip some 
enemies, too... 
Besides the     
standard shield 
there is also a 
mirrored variety
which can defend
against beams!'

 'Selecting The 
   Item That's  
  Right For You'
Read this book? 
    Read Don't

'You can select 
your favorite   
item for the A  
and B Buttons on
the Sub-Screen. 
Using different 
items, you can  
fight without a 
sword!  Try many
different things
to find what's  
right for you!'

 'Auto Map and  
Memo Guide Book'
Read this book? 
    Read Don't

'You can see an 
island map by   
pressing the    
SELECT Button.  
The dark parts  
of the map are  
places you have 
not yet visited.
Move the cursor 
and press the A 
Button to get   
more information
about an area,  
or to replay the
message you got 
there...'  Ahhh!
How convenient!

 'Secrets Of The
 Whirling Blade'
Read this book? 
    Read Don't

'The Whirling   
Blade technique 
has been handed 
down from gener-
ation to gener- 
ation by the    
family of the   
hero. To use it,
hold down the   
Sword Button and
build up your   
power.  When you
have enough, you
can release the 
Button!  Can you
master this?'

'The Properties 
  Of Warp Holes'
Read this book? 
    Read Don't

'There are some 
Warp Holes on   
Koholint Island.
You can warp to 
and fro using   
these holes.  If
you jump into   
the Warp Hole   
at which you    
arrived, you    
will go to the  
next one in the 
sequence.  You  
can only warp to
a hole you have 
seen with your  
own eyes...'

'Fun With Bombs'
Read this book? 
    Read Don't

'After you put a
Bomb down, you  
can pick it up  
by pressing the 
Button again.   
You can then    
throw it by     
pushing the     
Button one more 
time.  Did you  
know that?'

   'Atlas Of    
Koholint Island'
You can move the
cursor and look 
up the name of a
place...  Do you
want to look at 
this map?       
    Look Don't

 'Dark Secrets  
  And Mysteries 
   Of Koholint' 
Do you really   
want to read it?
    Yes! N-No

Gasp! Wha-What's
this! ... ...   
You can't read  
the tiny print  
without the aid 
of a magnifying 

...my grave...  
...take me...   
...my grave...

...the house... 
 ...take me...  
...the house... 
...at the bay...

...N-not there!

 ...my house...

 ...boo hoo...

  ...take me... 
 ...my grave...

...Thank you... 
 ...a jar...    
...in my home...
...look inside..

Round and round,
the passageways 
of the Egg...   
< < ^ > > ^ < ^ 
??  ...Hmmmmmm, 
this book reeks 
of secrets...

Round and round,
the passageways 
of the Egg...   
> ^ ^ > ^ ^ > ^ 
??  ...Hmmmmmm, 
this book reeks 
of secrets...

Round and round,
the passageways 
of the Egg...   
< ^ > ^ < ^ > ^ 
??  ...Hmmmmmm, 
this book reeks 
of secrets...

Round and round,
the passageways 
of the Egg...   
> > > > ^ ^ ^ ^ 
??  ...Hmmmmmm, 
this book reeks 
of secrets...

...You're late! 
I thought you'd 
never come back!

...EEEK!  You're
hurt!  Arrrgh!  
Don't be so     

Link ! You're   
back!  Are you  

...You idiot!   
I told you this 
would happen... 
Eh?!  What?  I  
didn't say any- 
thing, really!

Hey buddy!  It's
serious!  Yeah, 
really serious!!
Yeah, it is!    
The Moblins came
to the village! 
Yeah, that's    
right!  A whole 
gang of Moblins!
Then... It's for
real!  They all 
went to the     
house...  Yeah, 
that house, and 
then they did   
something at Bow
Wow's house!!   
It was a really 
bad scene, with 
the M-m-moblins!
So, I mean, ahh!
... ... ... ... 
... ... ... ... 
It might be     
faster to find  
out for yourself
what happened!

I found a good  
item washed up  
on the beach... 
I'll trade it to
you for what you
have in your B  
    Okay No

Okay, let's do  
it!  When you   
don't want the  
Boomerang any   
more, come back!

Oh, yeah, uh... 
okay, whatever.

You got the     
Boomerang in    
exchange for the
item you had.

Give me back the
Boomerang, I beg
you! I'll return
the item you    
gave to me!     
    Okay Not Now

The item came   
back to you. You
returned the    

Ah... Don't give
me that item... 
How about some- 
thing else?

Hunh?  A keyhole
here?  It says, 
'Tale Keyhole'

Hunh?  A keyhole
here?  It says, 
'Slime Keyhole'

Hunh?  A keyhole
here?  It says, 
'Angler Keyhole'

Hunh?  A keyhole
here?  It says, 
'Bird Keyhole'

Hunh?  A keyhole
here?  It says, 
'Face Keyhole'

Somebody, HELP!

Hey!  Link !    
Some monsters   
put me up here! 
What should I   
do?!  I'm afraid
of heights!!

Yow!  That was a
surprise! Link ,
thank you!

... ... ... ... 
... ... ... ... 
Say... Link ... 

Uhh... I don't  
know how to say 
this... but...

Hunh?!  Tarin??!
... ... ... ... 
Uh... Nevermind,
I... I gotta go!


This is Ulrira! 
Oh, I heard from
grandma that    
there is some-  
thing hidden    
behind the falls
in the Tal Tal  
Mountains.  Does
that help?  Bye!

Ulrira here...  
Yes, when I was 
just a lad, I   
recall seeing a 
high tower in   
the mountains!  
You should go   
there!  Is that 
helpful for you?
Bye! CLICK!'

Hello, this is  
Ulrira speaking!
Link , it's time
for you to face 
the Egg on Mt.  
Tamaranch!  Be  
careful, Link ! 
Bye!  CLICK!'

This is Ulrira! 
You're lost in  
the Egg?  Hmmmm.
No sir, I can't 
help you on that
one.  How about 
the library?    
And hey, don't  
stop calling me 
because I didn't
know one little 
answer!  CLICK!'

Ulrira at your  
service!  Oh?   
You should take 
BowWow home now,
Madam MeowMeow  
would appreciate
it! Bye! CLICK!'

Yeah, this is   
Ulrira!  You are
starting to like
to music, eh?   
Well, a frog    
named Mamu, who 
lives in the    
Signpost Maze,  
might know some 
new songs, but  
he charges a lot
to play them!   
Bye!  CLICK!'

Hi, it's Ulrira!
You are doing   
great!  Your    
efforts will end
soon... By the  
way, have you   
visited the Hen 
House on the    
mountain?  There
is a cave nearby
with something  
important in it.
Bye!  CLICK!'

Ulrira speaking!
Are your enemies
too strong for  
you?  In that   
case, you better
collect all the 
believe in your-
self and do your
best!  CLICK!'

Ulrira here! ...
Go for it!      
You're almost   
there! I'm pull-
ing for you!    
Bye!  CLICK!'

Yarna Desert?   
There's a way to
get there to the
south, but you  
might not be    
able to get     
through if that 
lazy walrus is  
in the way!

Ahhh... Sigh... 
On such a nice  
day, we need a  
song from Marin!

Hey! Did ya know
Animal Village  
and Mabe Village
are sister      
cities?  Yes,   
even though they
aren't large    
enough to be    
called cities...
Anyway, I heard 
from a very good
source that they
have a Dream    
Shrine in Mabe, 
and that it has 
something good  
inside...  Is   
that true?

Lately there    
have been a lot 
of monsters in  
the area, so we 
can't go to Mabe
Village...  I   
wonder how Marin
is doing?

Have you heard  
of the Flying   
Rooster?  They  
say it lived in 
Mabe Village a  
long time ago...
I wonder if it's

Aaaah, Little   
Marin... I want 
her to come back
again...Her song
is the best...

I dreamed that  
I turned into a 
carrot last     
night...  What  
an odd dream...

Eh?  How can an 
animal talk?    
How?  Hey, I'm  
just a rabbit,  
so I don't know!

Ahhh!  It's her!
Little Marin!!
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