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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

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        |  O  |                               ***
         \___/                                 *
         |___|              =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=
    _    |___|    _          T H E   L E G E N D   O F   Z E L D A
   / \___|___|___/ \        =~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=~=
  | O |_________| O |                          *
   \_/  {|   |}  \_/            L I N K ' S   A W A K E N I N G
    V   {| b |}   V                            *
        {| y |}                               ***
        {|   |}            ____________________*____________________
        {| S |}           |                                         |
        {| n |}           |          FAQ/Walkthrough V 1.0          |
        {| o |}           | (C) July 26, 2003. All rights reserved. |
        {| w |}           |                                         |
        {|   |}           |            TABLE OF CONTENTS            |
        {| D |}           |            =================            |
        {| r |}           |                  Intro                  |
        {| a |}           |                Storyline                |
        {| g |}           |             Link's Controls             |
        {| o |}           |                  Items                  |
        {| n |}           |      Heart Piece Location Appendix      |
         |   |            |    Secret Seashell Location Appendix    |
         |   |            |   Map Diagram w/ Important Localities   |
          \ /             |            The Trading Cycle            |
           *              |               Walkthrough               |
--------------------------|            Fun Secret Extras            |--------
                          |      Credits and Legal Disclaimers      |



Hello, and welcome to what is now my 33rd FAQ/Walkthrough, for The Legend of
Zelda: Link's Awakening for Game Boy, a project of massive scope and breadth.
At least, I hope someone thinks that.

Anyhow, I've already attempted this project once and failed to find the proper
angle to tackle it from, but now I think I have it, and I'm ready to approach
this project anew. The original Game Boy Zelda quest has always been one of my
favorites, and seeing as how the Game Boy is one of my favorite systems to
cover of late, I figured I'd go ahead, combine the two loves, and give this
nifty FAQ a spin.

If you should ever have to drop me a line about anything in this or any of my
FAQ/walkthroughs, you can reach me daily at . This is
where all of my FAQ-related mail goes - that's right, to my spam-flooded
Hotmail account. With that in mind, make sure you specify what the nature of
your e-mail is so that I don't get it confused with advertisements for pills
with indescribable side effects and endless forwards from people I don't even
know. And if it's a question about something in the game, make triple-sure that
it was already answered somewhere within the walkthrough, or else it has a
100.1% chance of summarily being deleted.

Other than that, this walkthrough is designed in the hopes that it addresses
every problem you might ever have in extremely specific detail. (That, by the
way, is not the same as adding egregious amounts of filler to a walkthrough.)
Whatever you hope to find within the text of this monster, it is my only wish
that it would be in there. This document is here to serve you, O humble

Also, there is a good bit more humor in this thing than in most of my FAQs, and
some of it has a tendency to get pretty stupid. Please don't e-mail me saying
there's no such Canadian beachfront resort as Toronto Shores. I know that. In
many cases I'm just lightening the mood and adding my own whacked-out brand of
humor to the mix.

So peace out, and have fun playing Link's Awakening!



The main story, as interpreted from the cinematic sequence at the beginning of
the game:

Link is sailing along in his boat whilst in the throes of a raging tempest. The
wind is blowing so hard that the rain is moving sideways through the night sky,
and lightning is meeting the water at every possible coordinate. As he attempts
to batten down the masts to keep his tiny little vessel from capsizing, a bolt
of lightning strikes him directly, and the screen fades to white. Has our
valiant elfin hero passed on to the Hyrulian afterlife?

Hardly. Unconscious on the sun-baked shores of a distant uncharted island, our
hero, if not found or woken up, may very well get himself a third-degree tan,
if you get this FAQ author's drift. Luckily for him, a fair maiden named Marin
(as in "I have to go Marin-ate the steaks before I put them on the grill")
finds him and takes him in her arms as the camera pans upward to the Wind
Fish's egg resting peacefully atop the island's tallest mountain.

Now you see why I am mainly a reviewer and not a FAQ writer.

In any case, it is apparent that Link needs to gather his bearings about
himself, journey out into this brave new world with such mortals in it, and
find out just how he can get off this island, named Koholint, in one piece.
Just one problem, though - the island is rumored to be inescapable. Can Link
lay his doubters' doubts to rest and make it back to Hyrule where a king-size
bed and a scantily-clad Princess Zelda await him?

You'll just have to play the game to find out.



Link is a fairly easy critter to move around and make perform basic tasks, but
his weaponry and the mystical items he will receive throughout his journey
allow the standard few buttons on the Game Boy to see many uses. What follows
is an exhaustive appendix of all the things you can do with a directional pad,
Start and Select, and a couple of action buttons. You'll be surprised at how
much versatility Link has been given in this game!
 _| |_
|_   _|
  |_|   D-pad

>> Move the cursor between letters and options at the naming screen.
>> Move Link up, down, left, and right.
>> Move the cursor along Link's island map.
>> Make selections on in-game menus.
>> Select a tune to play on the ocarina.

 ___   ___
(___) (___) Start and Select

>> Begin the game (Start).
>> Confirm menu choices (Start also).
>> Pause the game by bringing up your inventory menu (guess which one).
>> Select actually does have a couple of uses! But one of them is part of a
   broader cheat that encompasses the use of several buttons at once. So I've
   tucked it away in the Fun Secret Extras section at the end of this
   walkthrough. You can see the other use just by scrolling down a little.
>> Press Select any time while playing to reveal a map of the entire island
   that keeps track of important landmarks and milestones in your quest.
 _   _
|_| |_| A and B Buttons

* Depending on what button you have certain items assigned to, you may have
  to press either A or B to produce the effects listed here.

* Items on the right half of your inventory screen are used automatically
  when the situation calls for them.

>> Press A to talk to people in towns and other areas, and again to scroll
   through their words.

>> Press B to skip the dialogue of the game's more tedious ramblers where

>> Press B in front of a treasure chest to open it.

>> Use the respective button to choose an item off the inventory screen. (For
   example, press B when your cursor is on the Pegasus Boots if you want to
   assign them to the B button, and press A on the Roc's Feather if you want
   to assign it to A.) You can carry no more than two items at once.

>> Sword: Press the button you have assigned it to to swing it. If you have
   full energy and the L-2 Sword, you can fire a beam of energy.

>> Roc's Feather: Press the button you have assigned it to to execute a small
   but handy jump.

>> Toadstool: Hold this up in front of the witch by pressing a button and
   she'll whip up a batch of magic powder for you.

>> Magic Powder: Press the button to sprinkle a light dab of the pixie dust
   in front of you.

>> Pegasus Boots: Hold the button you have assigned them to to perform a dash
   maneuver. You will have to use the dash in conjunction with other items
   throughout the game in order to proceed.

>> Hookshot: Press a button when you are across from a compatible surface
   (e.g. a rock, a post, certain walls) to latch onto it and drag Link over
   to it. Useful for crossing large pits.

>> Arrows: If you have the Bow (it costs 980 rupees in the shop), you can use
   it to fire arrows by pressing A or B.

>> Bombs: Lay a bomb by pressing whichever button you have assigned them to.
   When you get the Power Bracelet, you can lift your own bombs.

>> Boomerang: Press the button to throw it, and watch as it magically comes
   back to you! This can both kill and paralyze certain enemies.

>> Shovel: Press a button to dig up the 1x1 square of earth you're currently
   standing on. Digging in certain locations can reveal useful items such as
   Secret Seashells, rupees, hearts, and sometimes even dungeon keys.

>> Power Bracelet: Press the button you have chosen to lift certain objects
   that are too heavy to relocate under normal circumstances.

>> Fire Rod: Pressing A or B will shoot a fireball out of this magical wand
   that can make quicker work of most enemies than the sword or other items

>> There are some other neat but rather unorthodox tricks this pony can do,
   and I've saved those for the Fun Secret Extras section, which is located
   after the walkthrough portion of this document.

 _   _   ___   ___
|_| |_| (___) (___) A, B, Start, and Select

>> Press all at the same time to bring up a screen that allows you to either
   resume your game or save and quit. When you load your game next time, you
   will start at the last entrance you went through.

>> There's also a cheat involving this - as always, look in Fun Secret Extras
   for the full scoop.



NOTE: The uses and control schemes for some of these items can be found in
      the above section entitled "Link's Controls," but this is the quickest,
      cleanest one-stop reference for the items you'll find in this game. You
      will also notice that the section is divided into two parts: the
      Interactive Items subsection (for items you use yourself) and the
      Automatic Items subsection (for items that are used when the
      corresponding situation arises).

   Interactive Items

  Link first regains his shield from Tarin, the wise old Mario-faced father of
Marin who tends to be a doddering old fool from time to time. When Link's
shield is selected as one of his two items, he does not hold it up at all times
like in previous installments of the series; it needs to be activated with a
button press. Hold down the button it is on to keep Link guarded from direct
fire. At a late point in the game, Link will get an improved shield that allows
him to deflect beams.

  Most of the time, you will wield the sword in battle. It is Link's most
trusted weapon, and he will find it wedged in the sands of Toronbo Shores (not
to be confused with Toronto Shores, Canada's most elegant beachfront resort).
Once you have it, assign it to a button and swing away! Later in the game, if
you meet a certain requirement, you will be given a better sword that is
capable of shooting beams of energy when all of Link's energy hearts are

  Not a steep buy at just 200 rupees, but well worth it. Use the shovel to dig
up generic items here and there like rupees and hearts or to root out bigger
and better things like Secret Seashells and, in one case, a dungeon key.

  In the Mysterious Woods, Link will happen upon a lone 'shroom growing up out
of the soil. Pick it up and take it the witch's hut, and she will make you a
nice beautiful bag of magic powder. Unlike most items of its ilk, it must be
equipped and held up in the witch's hut to have the proper effect (as opposed
to it automatically working when you talk to her).

  Magic powder is the catalyst for some of the wilder reactions in the game.   
 Sprinkle it on certain objects to get a rise out of them or activate certain
events. It can be used in dungeons to light up dark rooms with torches in them,
or to kill certain allergic enemies on the spot. However, its most applicable
use is in the Mysterious Woods, in which you will need it to get past a very
troublesome furry woodland creature.

  Use these explosive babies to cause weak spots in walls to crumble or to get
large, structurally weak obstacles out of your way. They can also kill enemies
if the enemies are in close proximity to the blast site and are the key to
defeating certain bosses.

  You'll have to strain your wallet to afford one of these puppies (980
rupees), but in return you will be granted the ability to use arrows whenever
you pick them up.

  Later on in the game, you may happen upon a gentleman willing to take one of
your items so that he might give you the super-duper-handy-dandy boomerang. The
boomerang can kill most monsters and it can only paralyze others, but its
versatility makes it a mighty long-range weapon.

  Link is able to jump once he equips this item that he gets early on in the
first dungeon.

  When you hold the button you have equipped this super brand of footwear to,
Link will dash hurriedly along the ground. Combined with the Roc's Feather, you
can perform some real pole vault-style jumps with these.

  Link can travel over long chasms quickly with the Hookshot provided he has
something on the other side he can latch onto. The Hookshot can paralyze and
kill enemies and is needed for going over pits that Link cannot jump over even
with the combined aid of the Pegasus Boots and Roc's Feather.

  When Link slips the Power Bracelet onto his wrist, he will be able to lift
great and mighty objects because the Power Bracelet sends the muscle power of
fifty mortal men coursing through his body! Later in the game, there is a more
powerful version of the Bracelet that allows you to lift even heavier things.

  Link can learn up to three tunes on this oval-shaped flute and play them on
certain occasions to make things happen. The ocarina is especially important in
the waking of the mysterious Wind Fish, but it has the odd use here and there
as well, making it an item you can't afford to pass up.

  Late in the game, Link will receive a wand that can shoot fire and burn
enemies to death. While it has the tedious connection of being integral to
beating its particular dungeon's boss, it can mostly be used as a flashy way of
killing enemies and for making your magic powder all but obsolete. Good for
offensive measures if you don't yet have the L-2 Sword.

   Automatic Items

  When Link conquers a dungeon, he will receive an Instrument of the Wind Fish
for beating that particular dungeon's boss. Link cannot play any of the
instruments on his own, and the instruments have no magical effect of any sort
unless all eight are played in unison. To wake the Wind Fish from his slumber
and escape from Koholint Island, Link will have to play all eight Instruments
in front of the Wind Fish's Egg by playing Marin's song on the ocarina.

  When Link finds four of these heart fragments, he'll receive one full heart
container to add to his maximum count. There are 12 Pieces of Heart scattered
throughout Koholint Island in total.

  Each dungeon boss leaves behind a heart container when it perishes. When Link
holds it over his head, one whole energy heart is added to his total. Link can
have up to 14 heart containers.

  Enemies of all types drop these at random. When Link picks one up, the damage
done to him by all enemies is halved - sometimes the damage done by weaker
enemies is so negligible that it will appear as though the enemy did no damage!

  Looking like a fully pieced-together Triforce, a Piece of Power will make
Link's sword do a great deal more damage. Pieces of Power only work on the
sword, not any other items.

  Fairies sometimes lie in wait in caves, or they spawn from the death of
enemies, or can be coaxed of hiding places such as trees. No matter where he
finds them, they will always restore Link fully if he comes into direct contact
with them. (Whoa baby! Better hope Zelda doesn't find out about this!)

  Secret Seashells are hidden all over Koholint Island in many different
places. There is a mansion where if Link turns in enough of the ones he has
collected, he might win himself a right nice prize - and not some cheap decoder
ring out of the bottom of a box of Cracker Jacks either. The inventory screen
is the quickest way to determine how many seashells you have.

  Small keys open locked doors in dungeons and can only be used inside
dungeons. They are used automatically when Link walks up to a door. Small keys
can only be used in the respective dungeons in which they are collected.
  Nightmare Keys open the door to the boss's lair in a dungeon. There is only
one in each dungeon, and like the small keys, each one cannot be used except in
the dungeon where you find it.
  Dungeon keys open the entrances to certain dungeons. Of the game's eight
dungeons, four require keys to open. They are found on the overworld map as
opposed to inside the dungeons.

  Compasses are only found in dungeons, and have three different uses: 1) they
tell you where every treasure in the dungeon is located, 2) they tell you where
the Nightmare's room is located, and 3) once you obtain the compass, you will
hear a beep when you enter a room where a key can be found.

  The map simply shows you the shape of the dungeon and where to go inside it.
You might want to find this as soon as possible if you don't want to risk
getting lost.

  Find a stone slab in each dungeon to reveal the words written on the tablet
with the huge hole in the middle. Once the stone slab is used to reveal what is
written on the tablet, you will often be rewarded with a subtle, cryptic hint
to nudge you along if you are absolutely stuck in a dungeon.

  Once Link collects the Flippers in the Angler's Tunnel, he will be able to
swim through the water anytime he falls in it (as opposed to before where he
would sink like a Brink's truck filled with money).

  For a small fee, a lady named Crazy Tracy will make Link some medicine. If
Link should happen to lose all his hearts and is carrying this special tonic in
his inventory, he will automatically be refilled to maximum strength.

  On your way to the third dungeon, a prince named Richard asks that you make a
detour at Kanalet Castle and retrieve his five valuable Golden Leaves for him.
When you do, he'll reveal a passage that will allow you to come ever closer to
that mysterious third dungeon.

  Throughout the game there will be a long-running sequence in which Link must
trade certain seemingly useless items that he collects for other seemingly
useless items. It all forms a long chain that culminates at an end that is
necessary to your discovery of the path to the Wind Fish. So the items aren't
so useless after all, are they now? If you have trouble finding out where you
have to take certain items, you can find the whole chain in the section
labelled "The Trading Cycle," which is located just prior to the walkthrough
portion of this document. To make sure you're actually participating in the
cycle, there are certain points in the game that you cannot pass if you have
not traded items up to the proper point.



Three of Link's energy hearts come from finding large containers around the
island known as Pieces of Heart. When four are collected, they converge to form
one whole heart container, which is then added to Link's maximum total. Seeing
as how all the Pieces of Heart in the game add up to three heart containers
total, it stands to reason that there are twelve heart segments in the entire
game. Here they are, listed for the most part in the order in which you get

1) When you have your sword, go west of Mabe Village to a cliff with tufts of
   grass guarding the edge. Below these is a well; cut the grass (there will
   always be hearts or rupees under them) and jump into the well. The Piece
   of Heart rests in the middle of the puddle. Use the staircase to get back
   up to the surface world.

2) At the Fishing Pond in Mabe Village, catch the large fish near the wall
   in the pond. Not only will you get 20 rupees, it will also have a Piece
   of Heart inside it. (first time only)

3) Near the witch's hut is a circle of holes surrounding a Piece of Heart.
   When you have the Roc's Feather from Tail Cave, come to this area and
   jump in the middle of the bottomless pit circle to grab the Piece.

4) Return to the cave in the Mysterious Woods that you went through to get
   the toadstool once you have the Power Bracelet. Pick up the skulls in the
   final room of the cave to allow yourself access to the Heart Piece.

5) Once you have the Pegasus Boots, go to Ukuku Prairie and look for a
   cave entrance that must be bombed open. Inside the cave are several
   crystals that must be dashed through and a 50-rupee treasure chest. Feel
   along the cave's far right wall until you find a weak spot. Bomb that weak
   spot and go in the resulting "door" to find a Piece of Heart.

6) In the Yarna Desert, fall down the center hole in the mini-boss's (the
   worm's) lair. Feel along the northern wall of the cave you land in until
   you locate a weak spot, then bomb the wall and go in the hidden room for a
   Piece of Heart.

7) Explore the moat in Kanalet Castle, swimming around until you find one to
   the left of the castle's gates (you'll have to dive to get it).

8) Go one screen south of the witch's hut (where you received the magic
   powder) and lift the rocks with the Power Bracelet to get to the staircase
   within. Go one screen right, then use a combination of the Pegasus Boots
   and the Roc's Feather to leap the wide chasm to the right. From there, it
   is a simple bounce to the next Piece of Heart.

9) In a cave consisting totally of water east of Angler's Tunnel, dive in the
   center of the cave (press B) to find a Piece of Heart under the lake. You
   must first have the flippers from Angler's Tunnel to find this one.

10) In the Animal Village, there is a cave in the northeastern corner that
    you can only get to by going all the way around the village and bombing
    it open. Once there, find a cracked rock across from a pit that is too
    long to dash-jump across. Equip the bombs to one button and the arrows to
    another, and fire both at the rock to create a "flying bomb" of sorts.
    The amalgamation of the two items will destroy the rock on impact, which
    will allow you to Hookshot across and grab the Piece of Heart.

11) In the Tal Tal Mountains, go west of the hen house and cut down the
    shrub to reveal a staircase. In that first room there, bomb the southern-
    most wall to reveal a new passageway. Follow the one-way path to the
    easy Piece of Heart.

12) At the north end of Turtle Rock is a staircase that takes you outside.
    Up there, you will find the Piece of Heart resting atop a mountain with
    another door leading back into the dungeon.



The quest to find all the Secret Seashells is by no means an imperative one,
but if you do happen to find 20 of them, you will be rewarded with a more
powerful sword if you take the 20 you have to the Seashell Mansion (located
near Kanalet Castle; it looks sort of like a State Fair blue-ribbon pumpkin).
To help aid you in this side quest, there are actually more than 20 Secret
Seashells scattered about the island of Koholint. There are 25 in total, and
this encyclopedic listing is designed to help you find at least 80% of those,
if not all of them. Can you track them all down?

1) One screen east of Marin and Tarin's house is a 6x6 square of grass tufts.
   Cut somewhere near the middle of this square until you locate it.

2) When you have the shovel, dig in the bottom right corner of the side
   building next to Madame MeowMeow's house (where the smaller version of
   BowWow resides). The seashell should pop right out of the ground.

3) One screen west of the entrance to Tail Cave there is a tree. Return there
   when you have the Pegasus Boots and charge into the tree to reveal the

4) Return to Tail Cave when you have bombs and go inside. In one room there
   is a wall to your left that has a crack in it. Put a bomb next to the weak
   spot and wait for the wall to explode. Equip the Roc's Feather and go in
   the new entryway. Jump to the isolated floor in the middle and open the
   treasure chest to reveal a Secret Seashell.

5) When you have the Power Bracelet, return to the Mysterious Woods. There is
   a rock guarding a small enclosed area with a treasure chest. Lift the rock
   and discard it, then open the treasure chest to garner another shell.

6) As you may know, the Seashell Mansion will gauge how many seashells you
   have collected every time you go there. If you go to get your seashells
   measured when you have five of them, you will receive a present. Inside is
   a sixth seashell.

7) Return to the Mansion when you have ten shells. Again, you will receive a
   present; open it to find the 11th.

8) At Kanalet Castle you will discover a long pit with a flight of stairs at
   the end that you are not able to jump across even when using the Pegasus
   Boots and Roc's Feather in conjunction with each other. However, come back
   to it when you have the Flying Rooster tagging along with you. Use the
   Power Bracelet to pick him up and have him fly you over the long chasm to
   the staircase. Inside the room is a Seashell.

9) In Ukuku Prairie, go one screen east of the entrance to the Key Cavern and
   go up the stairs. Dig in the soil surrounded by tall grass to reveal a

10) After getting the flippers, go one screen east of where you got Seashell
    #9. There is a lone island with a plant on it. Swim to it and hit the
    plant from above to just barely prevent the Seashell from plunking into
    the water.

11) When Richard moves the wooden crate for you after you give him all five
    of his Golden Leaves, go down the staircase and take the path on the
    left. Push the boulder into the abyss, then jump over it with the Roc's
    Feather and open the chest to reveal a Seashell.

12) There is a Secret Seashell hidden in the grass to the right of the
    Seashell Mansion.

13) North of the maze of signs is a tree sitting next to one of Old Man
    Ulrira's telephone booths. Charge the tree with the Pegasus Boots to
    reveal a Seashell.

14) Go to the very southeastern corner of the Yarna Desert and lift up the
    lower of the two rocks sitting next to each other. There will be a Secret
    Seashell under it.

15) Go one screen west and one screen south of the witch's hut (the one where
    she made you the magic powder) and cut down the lone tuft of grass, then
    dig in the area surrounded by curly weeds to remove a Secret Seashell
    the soil.

16) When you return the ghost that follows you to his grave after taking him
    to his house (before you proceed to the Catfish's Maw), he will tell you
    to look in a jar in his house. Return to his house and lift up the pot in
    the lower right-hand corner to locate a Secret Seashell.

17) On the way to the southern Face Palace, where all the Armos statues are,
    there is one blocking a staircase that leads underground. In the newly
    uncovered room there is a lone treasure chest with a Seashell in it.

18) In the northernmost room on the left side of the Face Shrine is a
    staircase that will transport you to a closed-off island in the rapids
    north of there. Get the Secret Seashell and then return to the Face

19) Down south of the bay, find a waterway that winds around to an island
    with a singular plant on it. Cut down the plant to reveal the Seashell.

20) On the same screen as the mermaid statue, there is another single plant
    on the piece of land across from it. Cut it down to find the Seashell.

21) Also in the bay, there is an owl statue located near the water. Dig
    around it while you still have the shovel to find it.

22) From the Seashell Mansion, go one screen south, one screen west, and two
    screens south. Lift up the single rock on that screen to find a Seashell.

23) Along the way through the Tal Tal Mountains, you will find a cave with
    a path marked by water and a single square of sand. Bomb on the single
    sand patch to reveal a new corridor that eventually leads to five chests
    containing 20 rupees each. Through the door south of those chests is one
    containing a seashell.

24) Also in the Tal Tal Mountains, east of the henhouse, there is an
    assemblage of three rocks, one of which is a decoy; another of which has
    a Secret Seashell under it.

25) In Eagle's Tower, go to the lower left-hand corner room of the second
    floor, where you will fight the cyclops from the Bottle Grotto. Fall in
    one of the holes to the left to go down to the first floor, where you
    should find yourself standing on the raised border around the room. Go up
    to find the seashell in a chest.



Provided here is an ASCII map covering the whole of Koholint Island (so you
could say the Ko-"whole"-int island! HAHA! ........ or not). It is here for
your cross-referencing convenience and for checking to see how far one place is
away from another. Sure, you can do that by pushing Select in the game, but
while you're here, why not take a look? A legend is provided at the bottom of
the map.

    a   b   c   d   e   f   g   h   i   j   k   l   m   n   o   p

1                               ?!  H       ?!              D

2   D   #                       H

3                   D                           D

4   ?!  #                                                       S

5       H               S                       #


7                   H   S


9   H   S   ?!  ?!                  #       ?!      D

10              S                                   H   H

11      ?!  ?!      #                               H

12  ?!  ?!  #   S       D   H


14          H   D           ?!          D   #

15              ?!                  #                       H

16          H               ?!

D = Dungeon. The following coordinates correspond to each dungeon, listed in
    the order that you visit them:

Tail Cave - D14                  Catfish's Maw - J14
Bottle Grotto - E3               Face Shrine - M9
Key Cavern - F12                 Eagle's Tower - O1
Angler's Tunnel - L3             Turtle Rock - A2

H = A location where Hoot the owl delivered you a message. To read the
    message that you received at that particular screen, press A while the
    cursor is on that square. To list all of those messages here would only
    serve to bore an unfillable bottomless hole in your brain, so I'll spare
    you the grief. They can, however, be found scattered throughout the
    walkthrough portion of the FAQ in the sections appropriate to when they
    occur in the game.

?! = As in the game, this symbol represents a landmark that you need to
     remember for later. The following is a list of these punctuated
     locations, starting from the top-left corner and going down by rows from
     left to right:

H1 - Wind Fish's Egg               C11 - Marin and Tarin's House
K1 - Hen House                     A12 - Village Library
A4 - Weird Mr. Write               B12 - Old Man Ulrira's House
C9 - Quadruplet's House            G14 - Richard's Villa
D9 - Dream Shrine                  D15 - Sale's House O' Bananas
K9 - Seashell Mansion              G16 - House By the Bay
B11 - Madame MeowMeow's House

# = The pound sign represents any place that a telephone booth can be found.
    Call Old Man Ulrira from a telephone booth to get a hint out of him if
    you happen to be lost or confused on an issue.

S = Shop. The following coordinates correspond to each shop in the game, in
    no particular order:

P4 - Raft Shop
F5 - Crazy Tracy's Medicine Spa
F7 - Witch's Hut
B9 - Fishing Pond
D10 - Town Tool Shop
D12 - Trendy Game



All throughout the course of his quest, Link will be going around the island
not only foiling the schemes of the ne'er-do-well Nightmares and making friends
with various indigenous folk, but passing random items along to people who need
them. This may all sound like a fun little side thing that you don't
necessarily have to complete, but in actuality the end of the sequence will
give you an item that is necessary to completing the game. In case you don't
know where to take your next item, this section should serve as a handy
reference in that regard. Bon Appetit!

1) The first thing you need to go is go to the Trendy Game shop in Mabe
   Village; the guy who runs it looks somewhat like the PBS logo, what with
   his enormous schnozz and all. Pay 10 rupees to play the game, then go over
   the crane and follow the instructions the PBS logo gives you. Position the
   crane directly above the Yoshi doll in the middle when you are moving it
   forward, and then bring the crane down so it is above the Yoshi doll's
   head and "on" the top conveyor belt. The crane should move down directly
   on top of the Yoshi doll, thereby picking it up and moving it over to the
   conveyor belt that will allow you to claim your prize. Pick it up and

2) With the Yoshi doll, go a couple of screens north to the quadruplets'
   house (it looks like a duplex). The mother inside is carrying many babies
   that she has presumably just given birth to (and by God, I admire her for
   it). Give her the Yoshi doll, which you can do simply by talking to her.
   She will be grateful for the stuffed toy and will give you a ribbon in

3) Go to the side building next to Madame MeowMeow's place (the woman with
   the Chain Chomp "dog" named BowWow out front). Inside is a miniature Chain
   Chomp who barks all day long about wanting accessories, jewelry, and the
   like. Talk to her when you have the ribbon. She will gladly accept it and
   will give you some canned food in return.

4) With the canned food, go to the lone hut on Toronbo Shores, run by a
   distinctly Cajun alligator named Sale. Talk to him and give him the canned
   food and I gair-ahn-TEE that he'll give you a bunch of his ripest bananas
   on the house.

5) After you have the bananas, you must trudge through the game until you
   reach Kanalet Castle. You cannot enter normally due to the mischievous
   monkeys guarding the palace. However, a bunch of Sale's ripest bananas is
   gair-ahn-TEED (okay, I'll stop saying that now) to get them out of the
   way. They are also so grateful for the new horde of bananas that they will
   kindly build you a bridge leading into the castle. When the bridge is
   built, a stick will be left behind. Pick it up.

6) When you have the stick, wander through the woods near Kanalet until you
   see Tarin poking around a beehive. Give him the stick and he'll try to get
   some honey out of the beehive. A hilarious animated sequence follows in
   which the bees chase Tarin away in defense of their precious yellow nectar
   of life. When he and the bees are gone, the honeycomb will drop gently to
   the ground. Grab it.

7) With the honeycomb, proceed to Animal Village in the southeastern part of
   Koholint. There lies a bear chef who's looking for the perfect ingredient
   to add to his stew. You should have it with you - talk to him and let him
   have your honeycomb. In return, he will give you one of his most exotic
   edible items - a pineapple.

8) When traveling in the mountains on the way to the Angler's Tunnel, you
   will find Papahl, the father of the quadruplets who are now happily
   playing with a Yoshi doll, starving to death and lost. Give the poor
   malnourished father of four your pineapple, and in return he will give you
   a hibiscus flower that he found in his mountainous travels. Return to the
   Animal Village.

9) Once back at the Animal Village, go to the house where you find the goat
   writing the letter to her dear penpal (who is actually Mr. Write from way
   over on the other side of the island). Give her the hibiscus to put in the
   vase beside her writing area and she will in turn give you the letter she
   has written, which you must now deliver to Mr. Write.

10) When you give Mr. Write the letter from his crosscountry lover, he's at a
    loss for how to reward you, and gives you a broom in lieu of nothing.
    Such a generous bachelor.

11) In Animal Village, there's an old woman outside a house sweeping. That's
    Old Man Ulrira's (the guy who always gives you hints on the telephone
    that you don't need now that I'm here to save the day =D) wife, and you
    will see her that her broom is broken. Give it to her and she will give
    you a fishhook that she found by the bay while she was sweeping.

12) In the same body of water that the Catfish's Maw (the fifth dungeon) is
    located in, there is a bridge southeast of that point. Get on the right
    side of the bridge and dive underwater by pressing B. Under the bridge is
    an old fisherman; equip the Roc's Feather to jump onto his boat. When you
    give him the fishhook, he'll promise to give you the first bit of loot he
    happens to catch. Out of the water he will draw up a necklace. Take it
    and leave the shady fishing area.

13) Give the necklace to the mermaid in the bay near the Catfish's Maw. She
    will repay you with her sincerest gratitude by giving you one of her

14) Ahhh, it's all falling into place now, you see! You have presumably also
    seen a mermaid statue in your travels around the bay. Locate it by
    stepping onto dry land and going around past the Animal Village. Place
    the mermaid scale on the mermaid statue. A small tremor will take place,
    and the statue will move to reveal a cave. Go in and get the magnifying
    glass amid the initially invisible enemies (which you'll be able to see
    once you have the magnifying glass). This is the final item in the
    trading sequence - congratulations on your consistent applications of

15) Now, with the magnifying glass, go to the library in Mabe Village. You'll
    know it by the two kids playing catch outside. Go in and read the book on
    the desk in the lower right-hand corner. Where before the writing was
    tiny and indecipherable (as you were able to tell if you tried to read it
    before now), the mystery of the small print is suddenly elucidated. The
    random sequence of arrows revealed in the book have relevance, oh yes,
    for they are the path you must take to successfully navigate the never-
    ending maze once you are inside the Wind Fish's Egg. Write these arrows
    down, because you won't be able to beat the game without remembering
    their sequence!



  Chapter 1: In Which Link Retrieves His Most Basic Effects

After you enter your name, the scene shifts to Marin and Tarin's house, where
you are seen in bed tossing and turning in restless sleep. Finally, you wake up
and look over at Marin, who tells you that you are on the island of Koholint.
After she is finished talking, press Left or Right to hop out of bed and go
talk to Tarin, the mustachioed gent to the right. He'll tell you that he knows
your name because he saw it on the back of your shield, and will proceed to
give it to you. With your shield, leave the house and head due west.

When you get to the well, go south past the two kids playing catch outside the
library. Use the holes at the edges of the cliffs as a shortcut; you can jump
off a cliffside to the ground below if there is no boundary at the edge. Keep
going south while avoiding the Octoroks - you don't have your sword just yet!
When you get to the southernmost part of the island (you'll see and hear the
surf, head east.

Ignore the Leevers that emerge from the sand the best that you can and keep
going east until you go through a narrow passage in the cliffs. You will be
trapped in by a spiked creature who doesn't move. Hold down the B button (your
shield was automatically assigned to it) and push the sea urchin gently out of
the way. Keep it held up as you walk away from him, then approach the sword. An
owl named Hoot, who will pop up at annoying intervals for the rest of the game,
will swoop down from out of the heavens and begin talking to you.

"Hoot! Hoot! So you are the lad who owns the sword ... now I understand why the
monsters are starting to act so violently ... a courageous lad has come to wake
the Wind Fish ... it is said that you cannot leave the island unless you wake
the Wind Fish ... you should now go north, to the Mysterious Forest. I will
wait for you there! Hoot!"

When he is done talking, retrieve your sword. If the spiked thing is close
enough, you'll kill it when you pull off that little flashy 360-degree power
swing. Now that you have your sword, return to Mabe Village. There's lots of
stuff you can get done before heading to the Mysterious Woods.

  Chapter 2: Mabe Village

Retrace your steps to Mabe, killing as many enemies as you can along the way.
You'll want to pick up at least 10 rupees for the Trendy Game shop, and then
about 20 or so for the Fishing Pond, where you'll want to go if you're
interested in a Piece of Heart. The first thing to do when you return to Mabe
is to go around to the cliff above the well and cut the grass down so you can
jump into it. When you land in the puddle at the bottom, retrieve the Piece of
Heart. Four of these will net you a new heart container, so try to seek out as
many as you can - look everywhere! Take the stairs when you have the Piece of
Heart to find yourself just outside the well.

From the well, go three screens east to find a 6x6 patch of weeds. Cut them all
down until you get to the middle, looking for money along the way. In the
middle of the patch is a Secret Seashell; collect 20 of these and you can take
them to the Seashell Mansion and redeem them for a more powerful sword.
Awesome! When you have the shell, cut down grass until you have 10 rupees.
Then, go south from the 6x6 grass patch to the Trendy Game shop. Go in.

Talk to the man and give him your money to play. The directions are right next
to the crane, so it should be easy enough to run the gadget. Hold B until it
moves horizontally and position it above the Yoshi doll. Then, hold A until the
shadow of the crane is touching the Yoshi doll's feet. As long as the crane is
in the general vicinity of the doll, it will register and pick it up. When it
dumps it over on the conveyor belt to the left, seize your prize and leave. Go
north from the Trendy Game shop to the house that looks like a duplex, cutting
down grass along the way to look for rupees.

Once at the house, enter the door on the right and talk to the woman cradling
the babies. Agree to give her your Yoshi doll, and in return she will give you
a ribbon. With this ribbon, go to Madame MeowMeow's house. She's the chick with
the Chain Chomp out in front of her house on a leash. Go in the side shed next
to that house and give the barking dog the ribbon. She will give you a can of
dog food in return. You can trade this to somebody else before you head off to
the Mysterious Woods, but for now, look for 15 rupees and head north from
Madame MeowMeow's house to the Fishing Pond.

Give the guy ten rupees to fish and catch the small fish at the top of the pond
first. Hold Right and press A to cast the hook as far inland as possible.
You'll have to catch the runt, whom you'll only receive five rupees for, but
that will still give you enough for another try. Repeat the hold-Right-press-A
cast and drag the line back in as far as possible without actually bringing it
out of the water by pressing A repeatedly. Let the hook sink. Eventually, a
large fish will latch on. Bang the A button rapidly with all your might. If you
manage to bring him to shore, you'll get 20 rupees and a Piece of Heart, adding
two to your total toward a whole heart container. If you want, go ahead and
catch the other big fish - if you succeed, you should come out with roughly
forty rupees. Not bad! Now, with the canned food, return to Toronbo Shores and
look around until you find a cabin.

If an alligator in a hat wagging his long tail is standing there, you've found
the right address. Give him the food and he'll give you a bunch of his freshest
bananas. Why an alligator nearly foams at the mouth over a can of Alpo is
beyond me, but this FAQ author is frankly not one to question the chaos theory
of the trading cycle. This is all of the trading cycle that you can complete up
to this point - you won't be doing any more trading until you're halfway to the
third dungeon, actually. Now that everything important is taken care of in Mabe
Village and the surrounding environs for now, head north from the well where
you got the Piece of Heart to the Mysterious Woods.

  Chapter 3: The Mysterious Woods

Hoot will meet you at the entrance to the woods with another of his annoying
cryptic owl messages:

"Hoot! Ho, brave lad, on your quest to wake the dreamer! Welcome to the
Mysterious Wood! Much of mystery you will find on this uncharted Koholint
island! I'm afraid you may find it a trifle difficult to leave the island while
the Wind Fish naps. ...By the by, have you ever visited the Tail Cave, which is
south of the village? Go there with the key you find in this forest ... the
Wind Fish is watching ... hoot!"

Journey through the forest looking for a cave with a sign out front warning
heavy people not to stand on floors with cracks (this applies to caves). If you
happen to find a raccoon, DON'T GO NORTH! The raccoon somehow has the ability
to place a hex on you, and if you go north after he laughs at you and tells you
you're going to be lost, you'll end up in a random part of the forest. Avoid
the raccoon and find the cave.

When you enter, there will be several Keeses (bats) lying in wait. Approaching
them will make them fly; have your sword at your side ready to swing when they
wake from their slumber. When all are eradicated, crush the crystals with your
sword and push the rock out of the way of the treasure chest. When you get the
50 rupees out of it, go north.

Kill the Gels and go west, pushing rocks out of your way until you can exit the
cave. Remember this spot; when you get the Power Bracelet, you'll be able to
lift the skulls above your head and get the Piece of Heart trapped inside their
boundaries. But for now, leave the cave and pick up the toadstool to the left.
(It's got a mellow aroma that flows into Link's nostrils ..... is he gettin'
high? Whooooo!) Retrace your steps through the cave, and when you end up back
on the other side, go north, east, south, and east as far as you can in each
respective direction. You'll be at a gnarled hut with a skull above the door.
This is where you need to take the toadstool you just collected.

Unlike most minor items of its ilk, you must equip the toadstool for it to
work, so do that and hold it up with the button you equipped it to while
standing next to the witch stirring up who-knows-what in her cauldron. She'll
take time out from her eyes of newt and brains of rat to whip up a special
formula just for you. Take the magic powder and find the raccoon, whose loopy
effects you may have already suffered depending on whether or not you learn
things the hard way. You can experiment with it by lighting the torch in her
hut with it, but don't overdo it. You only have so much, as she told you.

Return to the raccoon and sprinkle magic powder on him. He will have a highly
allergic reaction to the funny powder and will bounce around the screen like a
tennis ball shot out of a cannon. Finally he will explode and reveal himself as
Tarin, who's obviously been having some mellow-aroma-induced dreams of his own,
if you get this author's drift. Now you may pass to the north. There lies a
treasure chest. Inside is the Tail Key; grab it and listen to that stinkin' owl
yak again for a few moments.

"Hoot! Take the key and go to the Tail Cave. Retrieve the Instrument that is
hidden there! Go now! The Wind Fish is waiting! Hooot!"

You heard the bird: get moving!

  Chapter 4: Tail Cave

From the library in Mabe (where the kids are tossing the ball back and forth to
each other), go south one screen and east as far as possible, then south and
east until you reach the cave. Go up to the weird-looking column with the
keyhole on it. Link will automatically insert the key and the ground will quake
for a few seconds before the entrance to the Tail Cave is revealed. This might
be a good place to save, so enter the dungeon, do that, then start the game
back up and keep moving.

Start by going left one screen and knocking the indestructible turtles into the
provided bottomless pit surrounding the floor. When they are gone, a small key
will fall from the ceiling onto the decorative tile in the room. Grab it and
continue left, killing all the Gels in the room before the torches start
throwing fire at you. Open the treasure chest to get a compass. You'll get a
little spiel telling you how to use it and what cool things it does;
unfortunately, you can't skip this no matter how many times you get one, so
scroll through it if you tired of it and return to the room you started in,
this time going north.

Kill the two mini-Gels and the turtlish creature in the middle of the room,
then step on the button. As the compass indicated to you with its beeping
noise, there is a key in here that is inside the treasure box you just
revealed. Grab it and go left, killing all the Keeses to open the shutter
doors. Go north and kill the mini-Moldorm to find 20 rupees, then go north one
more screen. Slay the bat and wait for the wall trap to zoom in front of you,
then move past it while it retreats back to its wall. Unlock the door ahead and
go in.

Go all the way around, seeing as how the long pit obstructs an easy getaway to
the upper half of the room, and push the block separated from the other four in
the zigzag pattern to the right. This will open the shutter door behind you.
Equip the shield for the enemies that looking like running Leevers in here;
when they run into the shield, they will land on their backs, giving you time
to swing away at them. You can't read what's on the stone tablet; for that you
need a Stone Slab (also found in every dungeon, but not necessarily a helpful
item). Anyhow, when you kill both running Leevers, a staircase will appear in
the upper right-hand corner. Go down it to arrive at a side-scrolling area much
like those found in Zelda II.

If you jump on a Goomba down here, you'll get a heart, but you can't right now,
so just slash them with your sword and take the rupee as you head left. Go up
the ladder on the second screen to wind up at a very thin corridor. As you head
north you'll notice a flying heart. You can't get it just yet, but keep going.
Avoid the wall traps and open the treasure chest - voila! The Roc's Feather!
Equip it to the A button and your sword to B. On your way, hop over the wall
traps and get the flying heart now that you can jump. Sa-weet! Now, return to
the room where you fought the mini-Moldorm and got 20 rupees and go east from

Get the small key in the chest when the flashing Bubble is on the top of it.
You'll see on this screen that when you can either go to the upper right or the
lower right. Choose the former and go until you get to a room with a pit and a
locked block. Jump the pit with your new Feather and unlock the block, then go
left until you find a chest. The Nightmare Key is inside; this is the key that
allows you to access the main boss's lair at the end of each dungeon. Take the
aforementioned lower right path now and kill the Stalfos and Keeses, then
unlock the door to the right.

Hop over the pit surrounding the pathway to the right. You'll encounter a
mini-boss who likes to roll a big spiked log across the room. The only way to
avoid this menace is to have your Roc's Feather equipped, so jump over the log
when he rolls it your way and slash repeatedly at him as he attempts to get
back over on the other side of it to roll it again. You can only hit him as
he's on his way back over to the spiked log, so try to get him as many times as
you can before he's able to push it again. Eight hits will do him in; when he
dies, he'll leave behind a fairy and a cloud in the center of the room. Most
mini-bosses will leave behind this cloud; stand on it to warp back to the
beginning of the dungeon, and stand on the one at the beginning of the dungeon
to warp back to the mini-boss's lair. It's a great system, and works wonders in
terms of cutting down travel time in some instances.

From Log Boy's room, go north. Ignore the staircase - it's where you'll be
exiting from if the Moldorm knocks you into one of his pits. He's the Nightmare
in this particular dungeon, and the fancily adorned door at the top of the
screen should alert you that you are near him. When you've tricked the corner
traps into closing in on you, enter and prepare to face the biggest worm you've
seen in your life.

The Moldorm is a fair challenge for an elfin hero with so few heart containers,
but he's a lot easier if you equip the Roc's Feather instead of the shield. The
object of the battle is to whack the Moldorm in some area of his body besides
the head - tail, stomach, thorax, whichever you fancy. After you hit him, he
will scramble around very fast for a minute before slowing down again. DON'T
GET KNOCKED INTO THE SURROUNDING PITS - if you do, you'll be in a dank,
desolate dungeon area and you'll have to start from square one in terms of
fighting him. Jump over him when he scrambles near you and deliver three hits
to his posterior segments. After the third hit, he will engage in permanent
fast movement. Don't panic, just slash his tail one more time. He will
disappear segment by segment, leaving behind a heart container. Pick it up to
increase your total to four and go in the room above amid the heavenly music to
find the Full Moon Cello. Hear its legato notes play and watch as the screen
fades to white. The screen will then give you a subtle hint as to where you
need to go next.

"...SWAMP... A path opens ... in the blooms..."

Now you have the Roc's Feather, you can actually access the swamp. First
though, head back to Mabe Village. You'll have to put up with some more of that
annoying moron Hoot though. He sees you've found the first of the eight
instruments and decides to "harp" on it a little bit (HAHAHAHAHA!!!!).

"Hoooot! That is an Instrument of the Sirens! I have to admit, at first I did
not believe you were real ... that Instrument, along with the seven others in
the set, has the power to wake the Wind Fish! You must collect them all! I was
instructed to give you directions ... your next goal is north, in Goponga
Swamp!! Hoot, indeed!"

So there you have it - find all eight Instruments, collect the whole set. No
problem! NOW head back to Mabe - more specifically, to Madame MeowMeow's house.

  Chapter 5: In Which BowWow Is Missing

The two kids aren't playing ball right now; instead, they're running up to you
sputtering and trying to tell you the story of what happened. After they get
done rambling, head to Madame MeowMeow's and find out the scoop in clearer
detail. Take the route through the Mysterious Woods and take the route you took
to get to the witch's hut. Along the way you noticed a Piece of Heart
surrounded by holes you couldn't cross. Now, with the Roc's Feather, you can!
Excellent! From there, hop north.

Take the path until you see a cave next to an owl statue. Go in the cave and
you'll begin fighting Moblins. The first room has just one Moblin, with a sword
and shield. Kill him and move on to the next room with four arrow-shooting
Moblins. Kill them all and move east, where the king Moblin resides. He's a
huge, nasty creature, and can't be hit in his conscious state. Jump over the
arrows he throws at you with the Roc's Feather, then get him to charge at you.
Move out of the way. If he hits the wall, he'll be temporarily dizzy - use this
time to take a chunk out of his face. Eight hits will kill him; take the fairy
and go into the next room. Touch the rock to release BowWow, who will now
follow you and eat troublesome enemies for you. His iron stomach will be needed
in the swamp. For now though, go back through the Mysterious Woods to where you
found the Tail Key and go west from there.

Take the winding path around to the swamp. You'll notice that the supposedly
indestructible swamp flowers here are nothing when put up against the likes of
the mighty-toothed BowWow, who has no problem with swallowing them whole,
including the really large ones that shoot energy pods at you! Take the winding
path through the swamp to reveal a chest with 50 rupees in it and an entrance
blocked off by five of the wetland blossoms. This entrance is to the second
dungeon, the Power Bracelet, where you'll get another useful item and find a
mighty boss to fight. Wait for BowWow to clear out a path to the entrance, then
go in. You won't be able to take him in with you.

  Chapter 6: The Bottle Grotto

Immediately to your left you see a treasure chest closed in by pots. Up until
now you haven't been able to lift anything - you always got a warning about it
being too heavy. This dungeon will change all that. For now, go through the
open passage to the north.

Equip the magic powder and light both lamps in the middle of the room. The new
light dawning on the room will open the shutter to the right. Go that way and
kill the two hopping Stalfos to reveal a small key. Don't go through the door
immediately to your south - you won't be able to get what's hidden in there
yet. Instead, go right and whack the crystal ball with your sword. The raised
blocks below you will lower. Go south and nestle Link in the upper right corner
of the raised block formation in the middle. Point him down and swing the
sword; the crystal ball should register and you'll be able to get the treasure
- another small key. Head right.

Equip the Roc's Feather and hop across the platforms where the blocks are
lowered, replenishing your magic powder supply along the way. Stand on the
button to reveal the treasure chest containing your third small key, then hit
the crystal ball to clear a path to the north. Ignore the Shyguys that make
movements opposite yours in the next room and go right, unlocking the door and
avoiding the Leevers because this room yields nothing special. Evade the Bubble
and kill the Keeses once you get behind the locked door, then push the two
blocks in the center of the room towards each other so that they are touching.
This will reveal a staircase that you need to go down.

Drop down to the moving stone platform and get out your Roc's Feather so that
you can jump to the next cliff, then jump to the one moving up and down and
climb the ladder to the dark room. Don't waste any magic powder in here; if you
jump north to the winged heart refiller, it's a safe ledge. From that ledge,
jump up again and go in the rotating door to the mini-boss, a cyclops.

The cyclops will toss bombs at you to keep you away from him; get in the odd
swing here and there, but watch out when he charges at you. To keep him from
grabbing you and tossing your frail elfin body across the room, hit him with
your sword before he is able to grab you. Eight hits will reveal a fairy and a
quick warp to the beginning of the dungeon. For now, go in the newly opened
passage to the right.

Move around the Keeses and go into the next room, where you'll find a
contraption that sucks you in toward the pit at set intervals. Let the bats get
inhaled by it. Then, go up into its gravitational pull and follow its natural
motion to the treasure chest, which has the Stone Slab in it. Jump over the
diagonally aligned pits and head into the next room, where you're treated to 20
rupees. Unlock the door to the left and go in. Light both torches to get the
ghosts that are following you to leave the room. When they are gone, a treasure
chest will appear containing the Power Bracelet. Grab it and return to the room
where you fought the cyclops. Along the way, read what's on the tablet with
your newly found stone slab. It reads:

"First, defeat the imprisoned Pols Voice, last, Stalfos..."

This is a subtle hint referring to the room in which you get the Nightmare Key;
I'll refer back to it in a minute. For now, warp back to the beginning of the
Bottle Grotto.

Uproot the pots that were once un-uproot-able to find out that the chest you
were longing after contains 50 rupees. Go up and this time, unlock the small
key door to the left. Kill the Keeses (don't waste your magic powder) and go
north, then equip your Roc's Feather and jump past the pit in front of the two
torches (use your powder in here if you need to see). Get the map and backtrack
to the beginning of the dungeon. Warp back to the mini-boss's room.

Return to the room just east of where you got the Power Bracelet and take the
lower path. Uproot the pot in front of the crystal ball, then jump over to it
and hit it. Get the small key in the chest and stand on a lowered block square
while hitting the crystal ball. You should be standing on top of the raised
blocks. If you are, go two screens east and one screen south.

This is where the hint from the completed stone tablet applies to you. Move
blocks until you are able to "free" the imprisoned Pols Voice (the rabbit),
then kill him with a pot, which is the only way _to_ kill him at this point.
The Keese is not mentioned in the riddle, but since it says "last, Stalfos",
kill the bat second, and then finish off the robed Stalfos shooting arrows at
you. If you did it in the proper order, the chest with the Nightmare Key in it
will be revealed. After obtaining it, go one screen north and unlock the door
to the right. Have out the Power Bracelet so you can kill the Pols Voices with
pots, then dispose of the Gel as you see fit. A staircase will appear; go down

The first ledge will sink under Link's weight, but for the second one he must
be holding a pot also for it to go down. Discard the urn when the grunting
ledge is at its lowest point, then climb up the ladder. Hop across the pits,
then equip the Power Bracelet before entering the Genie's chamber.

The genie will pop out of his bottle and taunt you by saying that you can't
hurt him as long as he has it. Your objective, then, is to get rid of it! When
he is out of the bottle, he will throw fireballs at you; walk back and forth
across the room to avoid being hit by them. When he retreats to the bottle,
paralyze it by hitting it with your sword, then lift it up using the Power
Bracelet and throw it at any wall. When you do this three times, the bottle
will break, leaving you to fight an infuriated genie. Quickly pause and equip
the Roc's Feather in place of the Bracelet so you can jump over his fireballs.
Hit him once and he will start spiraling around the room. He will reappear and
toss a fireball at you; jump over it and move in for another swing. Repeat this
process until the genie is banished to the land of wind and ghosts.

This time you'll collect the Conch Horn, which makes a nice, mellow,
flugelhorn-ish sound. The screen will fade to white and you'll be provided with
your next hint:

"...PRAIRIE...PRAIRIE... The Prairie is waiting..."

  Chapter 7: In Which Link Returns BowWow to a Grateful Madame MeowMeow

After conquering the Bottle Grotto, you must now return BowWow to his rightful
owner, and that will require going through the Mysterious Woods. There are a
few useful detours to take in this place now that you have the Power Bracelet.
First of all, from where you picked up the Tail Key, go one screen east (which
you are capable of with the help of the Roc's Feather) and one screen south.
There is a rock in the corner of this screen with the two Moblins on it. Lift
it up and go down the staircase you just revealed. There is an altar in here -
use magic powder to activate it.

Out of the lamp will come a batlike creature, who is angry that you woke him
from his slumber. When he asks if you are ready for his revenge, say yes.
Definitely say yes when he asks if you would like to be able to carry more
magic powder. He will strike you with a large bolt of lightning, which may
appear to hurt, but when he's finished, you'll be able to carry 40 helpings of
powder as opposed to 20. Excellent! Now go to the cave that led you to the

Once at the cave, return to the room that had the Piece of Heart in it. Now
that you have the Power Bracelet, you can lift the skulls and access it! This
should also now be your fourth piece, so you should now have six heart
containers total. Not bad for only having beaten two dungeons thus far! Lave
the way you came and look for a treasure chest guarded by a rock. Lift the rock
and chunk it at either a wall or an unsuspecting Gel. In the chest is a Secret
Seashell, bringing your total to two. Return to Mabe Village, but don't give
BowWow back just yet.

Go to the shop in town, as you should now have enough cash on you to buy the
shovel. When you have the shovel, go to the side addition to Madame MeowMeow's
house where you gave the mini-Chain Chomp dog the ribbon. Almost immediately,
BowWow will alert you to the presence of something in the ground. Now that you
have a shovel, you can look for what he's pointing out to you. Equip it and dig
in the lower right-hand corner of the building. This will reveal a Secret
Seashell, your third of the game so far. Now, talk to Madame MeowMeow, who will
be grateful for your rescuing of her beloved dog - so grateful, in fact, that
she'll plant a big wet one right on Link's lips. Such a ladies' man, he is!

Without someone to tag along now, buy some bombs at the shop, then head east of
town and lift up the rocks blocking access to the prairie. It's time to reveal
a bigger world than hitherto seen on Koholint Island.

  Chapter 8: In Which Link Searches for Richard's Golden Leaves

First of all, hit the cave to your north real quick and push the rocks around
strategically to gain access to a chest containing 50 rupees. Leave and go
south one screen, east one screen, and south again. You will see the keyhole to
the third dungeon along the way, but since you don't have the key yet, keep
moving. Go a couple more screens to find a house in front of a very large field
full of mowable grass. Go in. There are many frogs hopping around; ignore them
and talk to the neatly coiffured gent at the back of the room.

Agree to find all five of Richard's (for that is his name) Golden Leaves, then
leave his little shanty and head east. Do not take any detours, just keep going
until you come to the drawbridge. You'll see that the bridge is down, but the
portcullis is shut off. Head right to look for an alternate way in and you'll
happen upon a monkey. If you have not completed the trading sequence up to the
bananas yet, you will have to do that before you will be able to get into the
castle. (See either the section titled "The Trading Cycle" or the Mabe Village
chapter of this walkthrough for more information.)

If you got the bananas from Sale, you're good to go right here. Talk to the
monkey, who will chitter excitedly about the bananas. He and his comrades will
immediately set to work on a bridge and will leave behind a stick. Take the
stick, then head north into the Kanalet courtyard.

When you get to the telephone booth, go left and swipe the plant to reveal a
staircase. Go through the side-scrolling level with ease and come out on the
other side, going east until you come upon a series of holes. A Darknut will
pop out of the holes and throw bombs at you; your job is to kill him, sort of
like a whack-a-mole deal. He takes four hits to kill, and his bombs are a bit
easier to avoid if you have the Roc's Feather out. When he's deceased, you'll
get the first of the five Golden Leaves. Continue south.

Don't go into the castle when you find the entrance; instead, keep going left
until you meet a Darknut and a raven sitting in a tree. Destroy the Darknut,
then coax the raven out of the tree by picking a rock up with the Power
Bracelet and chunking it at the tree. Lure the raven over to you, then hit it
twice to reveal the second Golden Leaf. Now go into the castle.

In the second room of the castle, kill the two arrow-firing Darknuts and the
Gel that splits in two to reveal the third Golden Leaf. Afterward, head north.
In the room to the east, there is a button. When you stand on it, the earth
will shake. You can't see it right now, but you just opened the portcullis to
the front of the castle, meaning you can now come and go as you please.
Continue on up the stairs to the second floor of the castle. You will see two
imprints of Darknuts on the wall in the lower area. Bomb the one on the left
(see why you bought bombs before you left Mabe now?) and kill the Darknut to
reveal the fourth Golden Leaf. One left!

Follow the path that leads out of the castle. You'll be on the roof now. Go in
the other door to find a room with a shutter door. Lift up a pot and toss it at
the door to open it. When you go in, you'll face an armored knight wielding a
morningstar. When he extends it toward you, move away and then close in for the
swing. Repeat this swinging at him in his vulnerable attacking state until he's
dead. He holds the final Golden Leaf. Grab it up to have all five in your
inventory. With all five of Richard's Golden Leaves on your person, return to
his shack. First though, we'll take a quick detour.

When you come to the large body of water near Richard's little lean-to, cross
over to the left side of the trees and go down a screen. With the Roc's
Feather, jump across. When you get to the screen before the entrance to the Key
Cavern, go up the staircase. Defeat the winged Octoroks and equip the shovel.
Dig in the small square surrounded by four patches of tall grass. You'll reveal
another Secret Seashell, bringing your total up to four. Now, hop off the cliff
to the left and proceed south to Richard's house.

When you talk to Richard, he will thank you and allow you to move the wooden
crate next to him, thereby revealing a staircase. Descend into the cave below
and take the leftmost path that leads up first. Push the rock into the hole and
then jump over it, taking the Secret Seashell in the chest. Backtrack and go
the other way, where the staircase will take you to another room, which will
take you to the large field that was previously inaccessible.

The grass is not quite totally safe here; some of the grass that you cut down
will have holes under it that will take away half a heart if you fall in them.
Begin, from the cave exit, by cutting the grass below you, then foraging a path
all the way to the right. On the second screen, cut the one in front of you,
then go down. Cut down, right, down, and all the way right on the third screen
and jump over the hole to get over to the far right. From here, you can cut
down grass all the way to the top of the second screen, at which point you must
make a left. Go down, left, and up as the holes in the field dictate. You will
come to a plant in front of an owl statue, which indicates in rather obtuse
terms that you should dig where the plant is. Cut it away and dig to reveal the
Slime Key, which will fit into the keyhole north of Richard's house. Retrace
your steps through the field and go back through the cave. Exit through
Richard's front door and go north.

When you unlock the Key Cavern, turn back around and go south; take the same
route that you took to get to the Secret Seashell, except this time go left
from the staircase. You'll be right there at the entrance to the cavern; go in
and prepare to face another boss and get another item.

  Chapter 9: The Key Cavern

Throw a pot at the door above you to open it and go through it. Kill the
Stalfos and the bomb enemies (who bounce randomly all over the place when you
strike them with your sword, so watch out) to reveal a chest with a small key
in it. Go up through the door on the right half of the room and slash the four
Gels into oblivion. The treasure chest is a decoy; it also contains a Gel, so
don't bother with it. Instead, go up until you find a staircase. Eliminate as
many Gels as you have to and go through it.

Four Gels will immediately surround you; cut through to the left and get rid of
the miniature one before killing the other four. You now have four choices of
doors to go through. Take the southern door first. There is a Stalfos, several
Gels, and a creature who disappears, reappears, and fires projectiles at you.
Get rid of your other foes first, then equip the Bracelet, pick up a pot, and
throw it at the teleporting thing with the goofy face from a distance. One pot
will cause it to die, so grab the key before it moves through the conveyor belt
to the pit. Return to the previous room and take the door to the left, but not
before equipping the Roc's Feather.

Go in and kill the Gel. The beak-faced dudes will disappear, but just jump over
their projectiles when they reappear. Hop across to the other side and kill
that Gel while they disappear, then bound over the shurikens they shoot yet
again. Now, anticipate where they will reappear; go back to the side nearest
the door and make them disappear, then immediately cut back to the side past
the pit and slash one to bits. The other will appear in opposite corners on
each side; study the pattern and anticipate his moves to get him out of the
way, then grab the small key before it rolls into the pit. Grab it, return to
the four-door room, and go north.

Kill the two skeleton enemies to reveal the small key, then hit the crystal
ball for good measure. Only hit it once though; you've just affected the blocks
on the first floor, which you'll need to do to get some important items down
there. Don't worry about the stone tablet in this level, but do return to the
room south of this one and unlock the last door - the one to the right.

Go along the conveyor belt, ignoring Teleporting Beakhead as best as you can,
and get to the staircase. Hop off the ledge you end up on and kill the five
Gels scattered about the room to end up with a small key. From there, head
north until you reach a screen with three bomb enemies. These three won't go
off immediately, but they'll get a big goofy grin on their faces and start
following you. Hit them away repeatedly, as if it were a game of hot potato,
until they reach their respective countdowns and explode. When all are blown
up, go in the newly opened door to the left.

The compass will be found in this room, but that's not the only secret it
holds. Bomb the wall to the left for even more. (To tell when a wall without a
crack in it can be bombed, just tap the wall with your sword. If the resulting
noise sounds more like a "clang" than a "clink," you can take it out with a
bomb.) The next hidden room will have three bounce-off-the-wall bombs in it who
will give you a small key once defeated. Backtrack to the room just north of
where you fought the five Gels for the small key and go left from there. You
will be in a room with a large Gel surrounded by five miniature ones. Defeat
them to open both shutter doors, but choose the northern of the two to face a

If you ever fought a Dodongo in Link's original NES quest, you'll know what do
with these wormy fellows. Lay bombs in the path of their mouth; they will
swallow the bombs, causing them to explode inside their bellies. It takes three
bombs per worm to destroy them, so make sure you have at least six bombs in
your arsenal before taking on these critters. Each one will provide you with a
fairy upon its explosion, and when both are defeated, a warp to the beginning
of the dungeon will appear and the shutter doors will open. Go right from this
room and push the blocks out of the way to receive the Pegasus Boots, which
when worn will allow you to dash when the button they are equipped to is held
down. Use them to crush the crystals below you, then push the block out of the
way and go down and up again. Go right.

The tiles appear to be forming a downward-pointed arrow - a less-than-subtle
hint that you should bomb the section of wall that it points to. Clear the path
and get rid of the two Stalfos in the cloaks, then equip both the Pegasus Boots
and the Roc's Feather in order to clear the pit to the right. Hold down one
button to dash, then jump with the other when you reach the edge of the pit.
Voila! You're over there! Go up along the narrow hall to get the Nightmare Key,
then return to the room with the four mini-Gels flanking the mother Gel. This
time, go left.

Kill the disappearing chaps and the Gel to reveal yet another small key (this
_is_ the Key Cavern, after all) and go through the revolving door ahead of you.
When you kill the Stalfos knight and the two Gels, a treasure chest that is out
of your reach will appear. Continue north and replenish your bomb supply, then
go up the stairs and take the southern path to get the map that killing those
baddies uncovered a couple of screens back. Continue south and head back to the
staircase that brought you here. You'll be back in the area with the four
rooms; go back to the very first area.

You'll now notice that the blocks have been reversed in your favor. Grab the 50
rupees in the chest next to you and go two screens south and one screen east.
Since the blocks are now lowered, you can now get to the chest with 200 rupees
in it. Return to the first room of the dungeon and go east. Equip the Pegasus
Boots and stand right in the doorway until the machine stops sucking stuff
inward. At that point, charge at it with your sword pointed ahead of you and
destroy it. If successful, you'll get a small key. Warp back to the mini-boss's
lair and go south.

You now have enough keys to make the circular path around to the final
staircase of the dungeon. Go down the staircase and equip the Pegasus Boots.
Once you have them on, charge into the Thwomp-like creature ahead of you to
make him fall to the ground. Use the Pegasus Boots/Roc's Feather trick to leap
to the ladder on the next screen. When you go down the ladder, you'll have to
have out the sword and the Pegasus Boots to get through the crystals. If you
charge the teleporting shuriken-shooting enemies, it will catch them by
surprise and they won't have time to teleport away, thus giving you a distinct
edge. Jump to grab the winged heart and move left.

If you kill all the Keeses in the room just before the Nightmare, you'll get a
small key, but it matters not - it's essentially an extra. Go ahead and plod
bravely across the conveyor belt into the boss's lair.

At first, you won't even be able to see the giant slime because he's above you.
To reveal him, charge into the wall using the Pegasus Boots. The giant slime
boss cannot be hurt by the sword alone - it will take a more forceful blow to
damage him. Knowing this, put on the Pegasus Boots you just received in this
dungeon and equip the sword to the other button. Charge into the slime
repeatedly until it splits in two. If you don't do it fast enough, he'll morph
back into a whole eye, so persevere until he is two halves of his normal whole.
At this time, put away the Pegasus Boots in favor of the Roc's Feather and cut
whichever eye is closest to you. When you hit an eye, it will soar up into the
air. Wait for its shadow to blanket you, then walk away and jump so that the
force of the eyeball's impact does not immobilize you. Each eye takes four
hits, so when you defeat the final one, take the heart container it leaves
behind and retrieve the Sea Lily's Bell from the chamber ahead.

And again, the cryptic message:

"...WATERFALL... it is hidden in the waterfall..."

With your new dashing (pardon the pun) boots, head back to Mabe Village.

  Chapter 10: In Which Link Seeks Out the Angler's Key

When you cross over to the right from the Key Cavern, Hoot will stop you and
will clearly indicate that he has not been paying attention to your quest so

"Hoot! How many Instruments have you gotten so far? When you play the
Instruments in front of the Egg, the Wind Fish will wake and you will leave
this island. Now, you must hasten to the Yarna Desert! The dark, monstrous
inhabitants of the sand will show you the way! Hoot Hoot!"

Despite his pleadings that you head to the Yarna Desert first, there are a
couple of things to do back in old Mabe Village, so go back there for a minute.
Remember the quadruplets' house? Well, go one screen east of there to find an
abandoned stone building surrounded by rocks. Now that you have the Power
Bracelet _and_ the Pegasus Boots, you know have a use for this area. Heave the
rocks over your head and remove them from your path, then go inside the area
and hop in the bed. You will now enter a sort of dreamy palace area.

Equip the Pegasus Boots and your sword once you enter the dream world and
charge the amorphous jelly blobs that move along with you. Move in a circle
around the room until you come to the staircase just in front of the crystal
(the one that requires the Pegasus Boots to crash through). Go up the two
flights of stairs to find a chest that gives you 100 rupees, then return to the
ground floor and crush the crystal in your path. Go up the next two flights of
stairs and open the treasure chest to reveal the Ocarina, the most important
item in the game (in that it will eventually be your one-way ticket off of this
two-bit Popsicle stand). When you have the Ocarina, leave the dream world and
visit Marin in the town plaza directly above her house.

Equip the Ocarina and talk to Marin. She will compliment you on your lovely
oval-shaped flute and ask you to play with her as she sings a beautiful tune of
her own. Your accompaniment is not a choice; rather, you already seem to have
the skill to play one of these things! Say yes when she asks if it is touching
and if it sticks in your mind, and you will already have learned a song on it!
Remember the Ballad of the Wind Fish - you will need it much later in the game
as a catalyst to kick off the game's final sequences. Now, head back east out
of the village.

There is a quick way to get to the Yarna Desert by warping, but there are a few
important detours to make, so this walkthrough is going to take you there on
foot. From the warp pit in the prairie (the one with the steps and the spinning
circles), go east. Two screens over from it, you should see a cave entrance
blocked by rocks. Bomb it and go inside. Dash through the crystals with the
Pegasus Boots and get the treasure chest with 50 rupees in it, then go up a
screen while positioning Link directly above the treasure chest. Feel with the
sword along the far right wall. When you hear a clanging sound, bomb the wall
and enter the new corridor to find a Piece of Heart. Leave the cave and
continue east. You will find Tarin at a tree with a beehive in it. Talk to him.

Tarin will compliment you on your stick (should we be hearing this? But
seriously, folks...) and will ask to borrow it. Allow him to in order to see a
comical sequence in which a hive full of bees engages in hot pursuit of their
mustachioed aggressor. When he runs off to the west to recuperate from his
hundreds of stings, take the honeycomb that falls off the tree. Continue

Bomb the large pig-faced rock and go up the stairs and to the right, then
continue on north as if you were on your way to Kanalet Castle. Go to the
screen where the monkeys built the bridge for you and go south, west, and north
until you reach a pumpkin-shaped building. This is the Seashell Mansion, the
place that will gauge how many Secret Seashells you currently have. You should
have five at this point if you have been following this walkthrough to the
letter, so go in and have your shells checked. As a reward for having exactly
five, you will receive a sixth Secret Seashell. Leave and cut the grass to the
right to find your seventh one, then hop off the ledge using the side below
you. From there, go two screens west, one south, and one east. Cut the grass to
reveal a staircase.

Go in the cave and equip the Pegasus Boots, charging right to get through the
diamonds growing out of the ground. When you find that the staircase
transported you to the other side of the water, go south until you see a sign
welcoming you to the Animal Village. At that point, go east into it.

In the southeast corner of the village is a house that is home to a grizzly
bear chef. He has just run out of honey and would gladly trade you a pineapple
in exchange for the honey he needs to complete his recipe. Accept his offer to
gain a pineapple, the next item in the trading sequence. After you give him the
honeycomb, he will make a reference to the "fat tub of goo" blocking the
entrance to Yarna Desert. He also says that Marin would be the perfect remedy
for his heavy slumber, which is a sly way of saying that you need to go back to
the Animal Village and track her down. Luckily, you don't have to make the
journey on foot. There's a faster way.

Take the path directly south of the bear's house to find one of those warp-zone
dealies. There are three of these placed strategically throughout Koholint
Island. Step up and fall inside to be transported directly to the part of Ukuku
Prairie that is just east of Mabe Village. Go west into the village. She is not
in her normal spot in the village, however - talk to the kid there for more
information. He will tell you that Marin likes to stare at the ocean sometimes.
And where can you find an ocean on this island? Well, of course, all around
you, dingbat, but where specifically?

Here's a hint: where did you get your sword?

That's right! Toronbo Shores! She's in a distant part of it, however, but
there's an easy landmark to help track her by. Find Sale's House O' Bananas and
proceed east from there. Pass by the monkey in the tree with a penchant for
throwing coconuts at you and keep going east. Lift the rocks and get the 50
rupees out of the chest, then go south. There you will find Marin standing and
staring at the surf. Agree to stay and talk for a while. Listen to her spiel,
then say you were paying attention even if you weren't, otherwise you'll have
to sit through the whole thing over again. After learning that she must sing to
the walrus blocking the entrance to the Yarna Desert, she will follow you. With
Marin in tow, return to the warp pit east of Mabe Village and go in it until
you are back at the Animal Village.

On second thought, before you head for the warp, go south once you lift the
rocks blocking the way to Ukuku Prairie. You will find a telephone booth and a
tree sitting next to each other. Charge the tree with the Pegasus Boots to get
a Secret Seashell. NOW go to the warp pit until you get to the Animal Village.

At Animal Village, go west from the bear's house and then south. Cut down the
grass and go east to the walrus. Marin recognizes him and asks you if you want
to give him a little surprise. Say yes to hear Marin sing the Ballad of the
Wind Fish for him. He will collapse into the water roundabout the middle of the
song, at which time a rabbit from the village will come and ask for her company
and her voice. Marin will leave you now, allowing you to journey into the
desert alone.

From the screen with the two long-faced skulls, go north twice and fight off
the Leevers before going north again. You'll fight a mini-boss worm that comes
in and out of the sand. Equip the Roc's Feather to be able to jump around, and
be careful to stay away from the middle of the room - if you get in that area,
you will fall to a cave below and have to start all over. Score eight hits on
the worm's head to destroy it and reveal the Angler's Key. If it falls into the
pit below, don't worry about it - just fall into the hole to collect it.
Regardless of whether you fall down the pit or not, that's where you need to go

Once down there, feel along the northern wall of the cavern to reveal a weak
spot. Bomb that weak spot and go in the newly discovered room to find a Piece
of Heart. Return to the previous screen and head east, going up the stairs and
back into the desert. Fight off the Leevers from inside the doorway, then take
the southern path on the right. Kill the Pokey (from SMB2 and Super Mario
World) by taking him out section by section starting with the bottom and ending
with the head. Keep going south until you find two rocks guarded by two plants.
Lift the bottom of the two rocks to find a Secret Seashell.

When you attempt to leave the desert, you will be stopped by Hoot, who is again
at the ready to point out the painfully obvious:

"Hoot! The shape of the key shows a fish, swimming up a cascade of water! Go
now to the mountain waterfall! A leap from the top and you will reach your

Now you must get to the Angler's Tunnel and unlock it in order to enter it. The
fastest way there is to take the warp zone in the Animal Village back to Ukuku
Prairie. But, as usual, we're going to make a few pit stops first. From the
spot you land in, go north and lift the rock at the top of the stairs,
continuing until you reach the witch's hut. Jump over the holes there and go
west, then make a detour south at the stairs below you. Cut the grass
surrounded by the curly weeds and dig there to reveal the Secret Seashell
buried underground (it should be your tenth). Go right and lift the rocks to
access the staircase trapped within.

Go right and bomb the rock with several cracks in it to make it explode. Then,
equip the Pegasus Boots and Roc's Feather and leap across the wide pit to your
right. Simply jump to the ledge above you after that to get the Piece of Heart.
Only one away from another container (or at least, you should be!). Push the
boulders out of the way to reach the staircase, which will take you to the
graveyard near the Tabahl Wastelands.

Don't mess with any of the ghosts in the graveyard - just go up and left to
return to the witch's hut. Go north to reach the Tabahl Wastelands. They have
no particular use in the game, but for now it shall serve as the quickest way
to get to the Angler's Tunnel. When you reach Crazy Tracy's house, go left and
then up. This should be familiar territory; it's where you went to find BowWow
when he was missing. Locate the cave where you found him with the owl statue
out front and go up.

Kill the albino Moblins and lift the rocks blocking the east-to-west path. Pass
the first staircase by - it leads to the Wind Fish's Egg, which you are by no
means ready to approach yet. Go right and go east at the second staircase
there, lifting the rock that blocks your path. Continue along the northern path
until you find a keyhole. Have Link walk into it; the water will fade away to
reveal a palace entrance that looks like a fish's face. This is the door
leading into the Angler's Tunnel - good work! Now go back to that second
staircase you passed by a while ago (the one to the right of the one leading to
the Wind Fish's Egg). You'll be in the Tal Tal Mountains.

Lift the rocks you see to gain access to a cave of quite extended length, as it
turns out. Advance a screen over after killing the turtle and Keeses, then push
the rocks around and destroy crystals until you can reach the staircase. You'll
pass through a horizontal hallway with some Keeses and Gels, then end up on a
screen across from a presently inaccessible Piece of Heart. Ignore it and go
right and outside to locate a chest with 50 rupees inside. Re-enter the cave
and dash through the diamonds using the Pegasus Boots. Leave the cave on the
other side to return to the mountains.

Shortly you will see Papahl waving for help from the top of another mountain.
Go in the cave door near him and wade through the water to the next staircase.
The treasure chest you start next to is a mimic, containing only a Gel. Head
south without opening it and through the parade of Keeses to end up on the same
plane as Papahl. He is lost and, more importantly, starving. Give him the
pineapple that the bear chef in Animal Village gave you. He will chow down on
it and give you the hibiscus flower he has in return. Backtrack through the
cave the way you came and continue east.

You will soon see a place where you can hop off the cliff's edge. If you jump
off the mountain right there, you'll be directly in front of the entrance to
the Angler's Tunnel. Enter.

  Chapter 11: The Angler's Tunnel

Go up one screen and use your shield to flip the running Leevers. Kill them and
the Gel and go up the stairs and east as far as you can. You will eventually
come upon the treasure chest containing the Stone Slab. Get it and backtrack a
screen. Go north and through the small tiny corridor until you find the map. Go
back to the room north of the starting room in the dungeon (you'll have to kill
the Leevers and Gel again) and head east when the door opens.

In the next room, you'll have to fight another Gel and two more Leevers, and
the treasure chest will reward you with the compass. Already you have the three
dungeon essentials - nice work! When the shutter doors open, go through the
bottom one. Slash the water-walking spiders with your sword and cut through the
crystals to get the small key in the blockaded chest. Be careful also not to
step in the deep water (indicated by a darker shade of grey) - at least not
yet. You'll be able to with the help of an item you receive later in this
dungeon. But for now, return to the room north of you and unlock the eastern
door, but don't go through it. Go one screen south of where you got the map and
use the Pegasus Boots/Roc's Feather dash-jump to clear the plus-sign-shaped

Bomb the cracked block in the next room and push the solid one into the water
to clear the path to the chest with the small key in it. Continue north, going
that direction for two more screens. You'll end up in a dead-end chamber with
another explodable block. Blow it up and get the small key and the winged heart
refill to the left if you need it. Now, return to where you unlocked the door
with the small key and go east. There is another locked door in here to open.
Go to the vertical end of the plus-sign hole and use the same dash-jump
maneuver to get past it. Unlock the locked block and push a block up. You won't
be able to get to the staircase for right now, but that's okay. Slice the
twirling butterfly and the Gel that pops up out of the ground and go left.

Kill the two Gels in the middle of the room. The small key will fall down a
hole, but never fear! It's safe, but you can't get to it just yet. Instead, go
south. There will be a lot of deep water along this route, but it's okay. When
you get as far south as you can, go left. Go up through the trio of Peahats and
the room with the fake treasure chest to a room with five tiles arranged
somewhat like an X. If you read the Stone Slab on the way, you may have learned
that "the glint of the tile will be your guide." That is referring to this
room, as I hope you were at least able to deduce partway. However, you can't do
this right now either, thanks to not having the item in question. Go east and
get the small key out of the chest, then return to the room where the small key
fell through the hole. Unlock that door and go in to face a mini-boss.

This water bug-looking creature is quite easy to defeat - just equip the Roc's
Feather, jump over him when he comes directly at you, and turn around quickly
and swing your sword at his backside (his vulnerable area). He only takes four
hits to kill, so when he dies, collect the fairy that spawns from his timely
death and go north. You will notice the blocks close in on this room so that
they block the doors. Using the Power Bracelet, pull the cord over to the right
as far as out as you can. The blocks will separate according to how far you
pull it out. Pull it out as far as possible and quickly get through the door to
the left before the blocks close in again. In the next room is the treasure
chest containing the flippers. Once you get them, the dungeon's possibilities
will suddenly open up. Go south twice and right two screens. Go down the
staircase to the side-scrolling area.

Now that you have the flippers, you can get the small key that fell down that
hole. Press Down when you land in the water to go under and get the key, then
go to the room with the stone tablet. Go left one screen and get the 50 rupees
in the chest, then go to the room from before where I mentioned the tiles
arranged like an X. Now that you have the flippers, you can go in the order
needed to reveal the staircase in this room. Step on the tiles in this order to
make the flight of stairs appear: middle, lower left, upper right, upper left,
lower right. When they appear, go down them.

Wait for the cycloptic Thwomp to go down before moving past it, then go under
the one on the second screen. Make it come down again, then quickly climb up
the ladder and jump on its head to allow yourself access to the ladder. (You'll
need the Roc's Feather out to pull this off.) Go south one screen once back in
the dungeon proper to reach the chest containing the Nightmare Key. Before you
head to the dungeon, however, there should be one treasure chest left that you
haven't gotten yet. Locate it and get it, for the 50 rupees inside will help
you toward the bow you're about to have to buy for the next dungeon. Now, go to
the room with the button in front of the shutter door. Stand on it to open it,
then get the winged heart refill and unlock the block in front of the

After defeating a series of Cheep-Cheeps, you'll be right at the door to the
Nightmare's room. The door ahead of you will shut automatically, but there's no
boss in there. For that, you'll have to travel down the staircase. Dip into the
water next to the ladder and prepare the face the ugliest lantern fish you've
ever seen in your life.

The lantern fish is an easy kill just as long as you stay out of his way. The
easiest way to avoid him is by getting in his face and slicing away a few
times, then using the Roc's Feather to get a big boost when he gets ready to
charge at you. Avoid the small fish that approach you and the bricks that rain
down from above after the lantern fish bashes the other side of the screen.
Just move up and down and slash repeatedly at the fish's face, and before you
know it, he'll be dead. Swim down to collect the heart container and then go
back up to the surface to collect the Surf Harp. You've got half the
instruments in the game now! Excellent work!

"...BAY... your road goes into the bay..."

  Chapter 12: In Which a Strange Apparition Starts to Follow Link

No, not yet it doesn't. But wait a few screens. It will.

For now, go left and into the cave with fish adorning the area above the door.
This is the home of Manbo the fish, and he will teach you another song for your
ocarina. Do not lie if you don't have an ocarina, because it won't work.
There's no reason you shouldn't have it by now though, so say yes and listen to
his incredibly dumb song. Contrary to advice, you should NOT play the song when
you come out of the water, and it is quite possibly the most useless song in
the entire game. In fact, don't ever play it. Ever.

With that out of the way, go east of Angler's Tunnel (not down the staircase)
to another cave. This one will be filled totally with water. Press B to dive
into the deep water; in the center of the room you will find a Piece of Heart
by diving. This should yield another heart container, bringing your count up to
nine. Leave the cave and return to dry land, then use the warp zone near
Angler's Tunnel until you get to Ukuku Prairie. Around this time, a ghost
should begin following you, and it's not going to let up either. This is a
ghost with a purpose, and it wants you to take it somewhere. Head for Toronbo

Enough wandering around should get the ghost to tell you that he wants to be
taken to the house by the bay. Go to the screen above where you found Marin
sitting and staring at the waves washing ashore. You may or may not have gotten
the treasure chest here, but if you haven't, go ahead and get the 50 rupees
inside it and continue eastward. Two screens ahead you will find a house. The
ghost will tell you that this is the place where you need to go. Enter the

A wave of nostalgia will rush over the ghost, who apparently lived here before
his untimely departure to the afterlife. He will look around for a second, then
ask you to take him back to the cemetery. The quickest way to get to the
cemetery is to just backtrack to the warp zone in Ukuku Prairie. Go to the
witch's hut north of there and west one screen. Go down the stairs and left,
then up the stairs to the single tombstone lying there. This is the ghost's
headstone, and he will return to his sad death underground after telling you to
look in a jar in his home. Hoot will then appear to give you one of his
ultra-boring messages:

"Hoot! It has been some time since our paths crossed, lad. You must dive into
the waters of Martha's Bay to enter the Catfish's Maw ... the closer you get to
the Wind Fish, the more restless he sleeps. Carry onward! Hoot!"

Return to the ghost's house as he said, but first, we're going to make a few
more stops. Go back to Tail Cave on your way to the ghost's house. At the
screen west of the entrance, charge the single tree there to reveal a Secret
Seashell. (This will be your eleventh; if you want an extra one from the
Seashell Mansion, go there when you have ten shells. When the meter gets up to
ten, it will give you a present containing the eleventh seashell. If you don't
want to take that detour, however, just go for this one). Now, go inside Tail

Return to the room where you fought the mini-Moldorm and got 20 rupees out of a
chest. Bomb the wall to the left to get to an area with a single treasure
chest. It too contains a seashell, bringing your count up to either 12 or 13
depending on whether you went out of your way to get the one at the Seashell
Mansion or not. Now, return to the ghost's house by the bay. Look under pots in
his house (lift them with the Power Bracelet) until you find a Secret Seashell
under one. Wow! Your third in what feels like almost as many minutes! Amazing!

Here's what you must do next: buy the bow. It is excessively important that you
do this before going to the Catfish's Maw, because you'll need it to get
through that dungeon. Fortunately, you should almost have the funds needed to
get it by this point in the game (you should have at least 900 rupees if you
have followed this particular walkthrough's path very closely). Stay on Toronbo
Shores and fight Octoroks and Urchins until you have the 980 rupees required to
buy the bow, going in and out of Sale's House O' Bananas to regenerate them.
(Or you can steal it - see the Fun Secret Extras section following this
walkthrough for more details.) This may take up a good chunk of your time, but
there's no need to worry. We'll wait on you.

W A I T I N G . . . . W A I T I N G . . . W A I T I N G . . . . W A I T I N G
W A I T I N G . . . . W A I T I N G . . . W A I T I N G . . . . W A I T I N G
W A I T I N G . . . . W A I T I N G . . . W A I T I N G . . . . W A I T I N G
W A I T I N G . . . . W A I T I N G . . . W A I T I N G . . . . W A I T I N G

All right! That didn't take too long! With the bow in your possession, warp to
the Animal Village. This will put you closest to the Catfish's Maw. While in
Animal Village, take the hibiscus flower that you received from Papahl in the
Tal Tal Mountains to Christie. She lives in the house on the left in the
northeastern corner of town. Listen to her request and agree to take the letter
to Weird Mr. Write at the edge of the Mysterious Woods. For now, though, hang
onto the letter. You have a different mission to embark upon.

Leave Animal Village through the passage to the west and head northwest to the
bay. You will find a staircase going down into the water. Thanks to the fact
that you have flippers, you can now successfully swim in the large bay! Make
your way to the middle of it and you'll find a large catfish enclosed in rock.
His mouth is the way to the fifth dungeon. Go around to the left side of the
stone encasement and press B to dive in the alcove on that side. Swim through
the two-screen water area and go up to surface at the mouth of the catfish.
Once inside near the mouth, go inside.

  Chapter 13: The Catfish's Maw

Head two screen west and kill the Keeses and armor-faced enemy to open the
shutter door to the left. (You must hit the armor face's backside to score a
valid salvo.) Go in the door once it opens and get the Compass located in the
chest. Go down the staircase to the left and use the Roc's Feather to jump to
the scale-tipping ledges. Use their own weight against them in order to move to
the next screen, and be sure to stand on each one long enough to balance it so
you can get to the ladder at the end.

In the room you end up in, kill the jumping Stalfos knights and then crush the
crystals around the blocks so that you can push them in towards each other.
When you do this, a small key will fall from the ceiling. Return to the room
that had the small key-type locked door.

Unlock the door and go north one screen and west one. You'll have to kill the
armor-faced dudes amid some dangerous corner traps, but defeat them and you'll
open the shutters above you and to your left. Go left and defeat the two armor
faces to reveal the treasure chest containing this dungeon's map. Return to the
previous screen and go back east two screens, then north. Kill the three
Stalfos knights to open the northern shutter, then go through and prepare to
fight the first of this dungeon's FIVE mini-bosses. I hereby grant thee
permission to do a spit take.

Well, actually, it's not five mini-bosses per se - it's just that one of them
appears four times throughout this dungeon, and the one you're fighting is that
one, Master Skull. His pattern is rather simple; just equip your bombs and
sword and wait until he jumps at you. When you score a direct hit, his skeletal
structure will crumble. This is only one-half of a hit though; to really
agitate him, you have to stick a bomb next to him while he is so immobilized.
Perform this sword-bomb combo three times, and Master Skull will soar away to
fight another day. Also, remember the fact that there is a single block in the
corner of this room. There is a sequence to the rooms in which you fight Master
Skull - the next room will have two blocks in two corners. Let's go seek that
one out by first heading east.

Master Skull has taken what was in the treasure chest in the room to the right,
as indicated by the sinister note he leaves in his tracks. That rapscallion!
You could have had an easy special item to add to your inventory, but he's
going to make it a hassle! I hate it when mini-bosses do that! Go up to the
next screen and push the block in the middle up. Go left and then return,
pushing the block right this time. Stand on the button to open the door. Go up
and come back down, push the block down, and go right to face Master Skull for
the second time. Repeat the procedure for beating him that you used in the
first room, except this time you can take him down in two hits. Is Master Skull
showing signs of weakening? Possibly...

Go back to the room that led you here and head north and one screen west. Kill
the two Gels that you can and then pick up the pot in the middle with the Power
Bracelet. Push the block beside it to the left to get the last Gel to come out
of hiding. Slash him and go in the door above you, where you will again meet
Master Skull. Two sword/bomb hits again will take him down; when the doors
open, go left for a probably much-need heart refill and the Stone Slab. Now, to
find Master Skull in his fourth hideaway, you'll have to do some heavy
backtracking. Go back to the room where you got your first small key in this
dungeon (you had to push the two blocks together, remember?). The door to the
left is already open and will lead to the final encounter with Master Skull.

This time he takes three hits with the sword/bomb combination to kill - can't a
diabolical undead genius make up his mind?!? When you finally destroy the beast
once and for all, he'll relinquish the Hookshot, which will latch onto certain
objects and pull you over to them. A handy item, indeed! You'll need it for
many areas through the rest of this dungeon.

For a start, return to the room with four Keeses and an armor-faced fellow
(whose face you can whack off with the Hookshot - now you don't have to worry
about hitting their backsides!) and take the upper of the two east paths. Use
the Hookshot to latch onto the treasure chest across the large pit. It contains
200 rupees, and if you weren't able to buy the bow before you came here, then
this little reward sure as heck ought to help towards that (unless you stole
it, THIEF). Return by shooting the Hookshot at the block across from where you
are now and go north past the button that opened the door to the second Master
Skull room. Jump to the small tile in the corner of that room and pull yourself
over to the treasure chest to find 50 more rupees. Go right from that chest.

The chest in the next room contains a small key; when you have it, go back to
the left one screen and up. Now here's what makes this Hookshot such a cool
weapon. Shoot it over at that hook that looks like the end of a coat hanger. It
will actually show itself to be an expandable bridge that you can now walk
across! God bless the Catfish's Maw for making Link into a lazier person. This
will also yield 50 more rupees. Link is rollin' in the money now! Go left to
the next room with your awesome new weapon, then south one room. You'll notice
a patch of deep water. Dive in the middle of it.

Cross over to the ladder on the left side of the room. When you come out, get
out the Hookshot and attach it to the coat hanger on the other end of the room
to pull out the bridge. This will let you get to the treasure chest, which has
the Nightmare Key in it. Now from the room where you first fought Master Skull,
go down two screens, left one, and up one. Pull the expandable bridge out and
lift the pot to find a fairy. Grab it and replenish what life you've lost
before going north to the room with the block door. Unlock it and go in the
room with the two Gomas.

You might recognize the Gomas from the original Legend of Zelda. If you do,
you'll know that this is why you need the bow right here. Concentrate on the
lower one first, and shoot it in its single eye with an arrow when it opens up.
If he stops and vibrates, he's going to close in on you. Move away at those
points and wait for it to stop and sit still. That's your sign that he's going
to open up. Shoot the eye and move before his projectile can hit you. The lower
one requires three hits to destroy; when he dies, he'll leave behind a single
heart. Concentrate now on the upper Goma, who also takes three hits to
eradicate for good. When they are dead, the ubiquitous dungeon warp will
appear. Leave through the southern door and go down a screen and left a screen.

Jumping across with the Roc's Feather will only prove to harm Link. You now
have the Hookshot, don't you? Use it to pull yourself over to the other side
(use the black block as a secure latching spot) and speed right past them,
making sure to also slash the two Gels that appear to flank you on both sides.
Go left one room and pull yourself over to the treasure chest by shooting the
Hookshot at it. It contains a small key. Now, go to the room with the treasure
chest that contained the note from Master Skull. Go down the staircase to the

Use the Roc's Feather for faster transit over the water, but slice a
Cheep-Cheep should it happen to hop out of the water. Go right through the
hordes of enemies and push the block over. You'll be forced to go down the
stairs; just go right back up the ladder and unlock the small key block. Use
the Hookshot to cross the enormous pit, then head west and unlock the
Nightmare's chamber door.

This boss's swinging tail is the toughest part of him to avoid, and you can
choose to either follow it and swings around or stand tucked away in a corner
so that it can't hit you. My advice goes to the latter, in the hopes that the
worm will pop out of the wall on your side. If he does, immediately hit him
with the Hookshot. This will cause him to stretch out of his hiding place.
There is a segment next to his head with a heart on it; that is his weakest
area, and the place where you need to hit him with your sword. At some point
after hitting him in the heart segment, he will pop out of his hole and start
squirming after you. Hit him once to make him retreat. This, however, appears
to be a random attack tactic that he uses; keep hitting him in the heart
segment, that's the most important thing. When he dies, collect your heart
container and Instrument (which this time is the Wind Marimba) as per the

"...SHRINE... An island secret in the shrine..."

Leave the Catfish's Maw and head to the stairs by where the mermaid waits.
There are a few stops to make before we head to the island shrine the message
speaks of.

  Chapter 14: A Few Pit Stops Before Heading Off to the Face Palace

Climb out of the water and go up the stairs next to the mermaid. Go northwest
until you find a cave. When you enter, it should expand out to the right and
there should be a skull to your upper right. Go left and go to the leftmost
part of the wall. It should be a weak spot (i.e. ripe for bombing). Demolish it
and use the Roc's Feather to jump across to the staircase. Go all the way
around the rocks until you reach the exit and are on top of a mountain. Walk
north one screen and dig around until you find a Secret Seashell (hopefully
your 14th). This is the only thing of interest here, so leave the cave entirely
and head for the Ukuku Prairie warp. Take it to the Angler's Tunnel warp. There
are a few things to do around here.

First and foremost, you need to make the long trek westward to Mr. Write's
house. He's at the very western edge of Koholint Island, just north of the
Mysterious Woods. Go in and talk to him, thus effectively giving him the
letter. You even get to see the picture inside. (This Christie girl is some
kind of liar! She just knows that interspecies dating won't work and she wants
to toy with this fragile loser's emotions as long as she can before she breaks
his heart. I mean, a human, a goat .... it just won't fly .... but I digress.)
Take his broom off his hands and go further north still to a cave you haven't
been in yet. Use the Roc's Feather to get to a chest with 20 rupees and the
Power Bracelet to get to a chest with 50 rupees. When you have the 70 rupees
total, go through the Mysterious Woods real quick.

There is one cave you have not visited here yet, and that is because until now
you have not had the Hookshot in your arsenal. That's right, it's the one with
three rocks in front of the entrance. Lift up at least one of those rocks and
go inside, Hookshooting yourself to the chest with 50 rupees. Now, leave the
cave and swing by Mabe Village real fast. Been a long time since you've been
there, hasn't it? Go east of it and south. Use the Pegasus Boots and the Roc's
Feather to dash-jump past the pit.

Just past the pit is a sign. When you read it, it says GO THIS WAY and points
down. This is the beginning of the sign maze; successfully complete it and
you'll get to learn the third song on your ocarina. (Make sure you have 300
rupees before coming here, because that's how much the guy charges you to sit
in on his jam session - no reason you shouldn't have it though.)

You'll notice there is a sign directly across from where that first one was.
This parallelism is the key to the sign maze. The next sign in the sequence
will always be across from the one before it. Here's the sequence in words if
you need it, or I shall also be so kind as to point out to you Devin Morgan's
Signpost Maze GIF, which is located on the same page as the link to this
walkthrough, if you need a visual aid (I hope he's cool with this plug!).

1) GO THIS WAY > (next screen)
2) GO THIS WAY V (next screen)
(kill decoy plant enemy in front of sign)
3) < GO THIS WAY (next screen)
(cut plant, use Hookshot to get to rock, discard rock)
4) ^ GO THIS WAY (next screen)
5) > GO THIS WAY (next screen)
6) V GO THIS WAY (next screen)
7) > GO THIS WAY (same screen)
8) ^ GO THIS WAY (next screen)
9) < GO THIS WAY (next screen)
10) V GO THIS WAY (same screen)
11) > GO THIS WAY (next screen)
12) V GO THIS WAY (next screen)
(discard rock in front of sign)
13) < GO THIS WAY (next screen)

Upon reading the last sign in the sequence, a stairwell will open up across
from the last sign (would you really have it any other way?). Go down it and
talk to Mamu, the guy in the center of the room who looks extremely similar to
Wart from SMB2 - probably the same sprite, for all I know.


You should come out with your final song, the Frog's Song of Soul, which as far
as I know has just one use in this game (which we'll get to in the chapter
following the Face Palace). All signs in the sign maze, you shall notice, now
read GONE ON TOUR - MAMU. While he's doubtlessly off opening for (I can only
assume) awesome groups like The Grateful Dead and The Dave Matthews Band, you
have a mission to embark upon. Find the Ukuku Prairie warp and head to the
Animal Village for a moment. There are two things to do here.

Outside Christie's house (you know, Ms. Pen Pal Liar?) you'll find Old Man
Ulrira's wife sweeping despite the incredible handicap of not having a broom.
Talk to her and give her the one you're carrying, and in return she'll give you
a fishhook. Go outside Animal Village to the south and walk all the way around
to the blocked-off cave entrance that you saw when you gave the broom to Old
Woman Ulrira. Blow it up and enter.

Push the boulder ahead of you up into the hole and hit the indestructible
turtle (whom you first encountered way way back in Tail Cave) into the hole.
Proceed left and up. You'll be at a hole with a cracked rock across from you.
Here's where you'll get to employ a REALLY cool trick. Equip your arrows to one
button and your bombs to another. Press both buttons at the same time and
BLAMMO! Both will fly across the screen and destroy the rock on impact!
Hookshot over to the rock and grab the Piece of Heart there. Now, hop off the
cliff where the heart piece was and go right. Fight your way through myriad
Gels and Keeses until you get to the south-facing dead end. Blow through it
with a bomb and leave the way you came. Now, head to the bay west of Animal
Village with the fishhook.

Find the bridge at the southeastern end of the bay and dive under on the right
side. You should end up under the bridge, where you'll find the guy from the
fishing pond looking for fish in the bay. Talk to him and give him the fishhook
you got from Old Lady Mrs. Ulrira. He'll promise to give you his next catch if
you give it to him, which will turn out to be a necklace. As it turns out, the
necklace needs to be transported elsewhere in the bay, to the mermaid at the
other end. Give her the necklace (which she apparently hasn't been looking hard
_enough_ for if it was lost in the same bay she was in) and you'll get to dip
under the water and take one of her scales. Link, being the scrupulous hero he
is, will only take one, and man alive! did he choose a big honkin' one to take
or what!

Now, go two screens south of the entrance to Animal Village (you will pass a
telephone booth along the way). While we're getting so much of the trading
cycle knocked out in one fell swoop, why don't we finish it out? After going a
screen south of the telephone booth, go west. When you get to the bridge where
you dove to get the necklace, go south again and Hookshot yourself to the rock
across the water. You will find a statue of a mermaid designed by one of the
residents of the Animal Village. Press A when touching it to insert the mermaid
scale and it will shake the earth while moving? (Why _do_ statues do that? No
moving statue can ever make a smooth transition even when moving mere inches

There are enemies inside the cave, but you will not be able to see them because
they're microscopically tiny. Go left and up to avoid getting hit by any of
them, then grab the magnifying glass in the center of the room. This is the
last item in the trading sequence - and thank goodness too, that thing was
taking forever! Return to the previous room, where you will now see a boatload
of enemies that were invisible to the naked eye prior to now. Just worry about
the Gels and leave the cave. With the trading cycle complete, you are go to
head back to the warp zone in the Animal Village. Take it until you reach the
area near Angler's Tunnel. Head east.

Go until you find the little things that look like fat rolls with a black spot
in the middle (you have to go east three screens or so. Hookshot over to the
one across the water and look around the island that you're on. You will come
to a raft shop. Go in and pay the 100 rupees for the raft ride - you should
have it on you anyhow. When you go outside, the raft will be pushed into the
water so you can ride in. A couple of things you should know first:

1) There will be A LOT of winged refills for your equipment on this ride.
   Before getting on, equip your Roc's Feather so you can jump to get them.

2) There is a lot of stuff to get on this ride, and I want you to be able to
   get it all the good stuff in one ride because I think you're kinda cool.
   So, try to go along the exact route I describe here for maximum item
   grabbage. Only go again if you don't get everything important the first
   time around.

3) Pregnant women, people with a problematic cardiac history, and children
   under 48 inches should not ride this ride.

Okay! We're good to go! You can speed up the raft by holding Left for the first
part of it, but when you head down the waterfall, you're going to want to move
as slowly as possible so you can get everything. Don't go down the first skinny
waterfall though; go down the one to the far left. When you hop down, hold Down
and Left simultaneously. Don't worry about the rupee boost over there. Stay
left to get the arrows and the magic powder, then go right to get the bombs.
The treasure chest on dry land only has 20 rupees in it, but pick it up just in
case you'll end up feeling like you want to ride the rapids again.

There is another 20-rupee chest on the screen next to you, sitting next to
another of those eerie owl statues. Hang far down to find another powder
refill, then hang way up for the bombs on the next screen. Go down and left a
screen, then take a sharp turn toward the downward path. You can get four
upgrades right there in that small tiny cramped space. Let the current carry
you along from this point and jump to get the three 10-rupee upgrades (the
flying ones along the top path. The next screen is the waterfall that will drop
you off, conveniently enough, at the area in the immediate vicinity of the Face
Palace. If you want to go back and ride rafts to your heart's content, go
immediately left, up the stairs there, and into the cave to the right. You'll
be led straight back to the raft shop. The rest of us shall stop being amused
by rectangular wooden objects and head for the Face Palace.

Farther left is another staircase to dock the raft at. Stop there and bomb open
the cave you see if you so desire; inside is a fairy who will restore any
hearts you've lost. Dip into the water and go one screen south. You will see an
island with two Armos on it. Hoot the owl will appear (just when you thought
he'd been mauled by a bear, too - well, you can't have all the nice things you

"Hoot! There are two shrines, one to the north, the other to the south. First,
head south, where ancient ruins speak of the Wind Fish ... you will learn much

Go back up a screen to dry land and go east one screen and south one (you will
have to use the Power Bracelet to get through). Take the southbound path all
the way to the right, then go straight down and to the right, only attacking
the Tektite if provoked. Take the south passageway into a courtyard filled with
Armos knights. Don't get hit if one should happen to come to life when you
touch it - you'll get two whole hearts sucked away! Go down and left and touch
the one blocking your path so you can get through. Search the premises until
you find an Armos standing on top of a staircase leading to an underground
chamber with a single treasure chest in it. In there is yet another Secret
Seashell; you would do well to grab it. After that, continue along the supplied
route to the palace.

Under the pots in the foyer lie arrows, another gentle nudge toward your
discovery of what weapon will work in this situation. That said, equip your bow
and head into the next room, where you will fight something that I will not
attempt to bestow a name upon but rather a panda in a phantom helmet with a
severe head trauma. Equip both the bow and the Roc's Feather, because he makes
those earthshaking jumps that make Link lose his footing. Hit him on the
shieldless side until the helmet comes off to reveal his incredible panda-ness,
then kill him in panda form to yield the Face Key. Grab it and go into the next

(I swear, this part of the game coming up really freaks me out for some

Light the room with your magic powder so that you can read the inscription and
see the picture on the wall, then go up and press A to see a picture of - who's
this? - Hoot the owl above the monstrous humpback whale of a Wind Fish. After
giving you time to quickly peruse the visual contents of the picture, it moves
on to the verbal:

KNOW THE TRUTH! ... ... ... ... "What? Illusion?"

After closing the dialogue box, you may continue to look at the picture as long
as you wish (it is elegantly drawn for a Game Boy, is it not?). When you leave
the palace, Hoot will approach you again for the second time in roughly ten

"Hoot! I see you have read the relief... While it does say the island is but a
dream of the Wind Fish, no one is really sure... Just as you cannot know if a
chest holds treasure until you open it, so you cannot tell if this is a dream
until you awaken... The only one who knows for sure is the Wind Fish... Trust
your feelings... Someday you will know for sure..."

With that, return to the screen where he talked to you before that had the
small island with the Armos knights on it. Go upstairs and touch the one on the
left to uncover a staircase leading underground. Go back into the water until
he follows suit and drowns, then go through the cave at the bottom of the
stairwell. You will be on top of a plateau above the water when you exit; go
around to the right and unlock the Face Keyhole. Once the brick ceiling has
unveiled the entrance, enter.

  Chapter 15: The Face Shrine

Of the two paths provided, start by taking the one leading left. Kill the
Wizzrobes that appear and disappear with arrows. They take several per, so if
you run out, just head north without complaint. If you do manage to kill them
all, you'll get 50 rupees from the chest next to the elephant statue. Turn back
and go north through the other corridor when you have them. Go to the room with
the crystal ball and place a bomb next to it. Before it goes off, run to the
upper part of the room above the lowered blocks. After it has gone off and the
blocks have changed position, go up.

As you will see, the tiles run into a wall which appears to be a dead end.
Seeing as how this game is full of hints like that, you know that's not the
case. Bomb it and make your way to the upper right-hand corner after killing
all the Gels in the room. Pass through the side-scrolling part of the dungeon,
making sure to avoid the giant sparkling blobs, and kill the mini-Moldorm on
the other side. If you do not have enough arrows to kill the two Wizzrobes,
place a bomb between them at just the right time so that it goes off while they
are in their corporeal form. When you do that, the shutter above you will open.
Walk through it.

Under the pot on the right is a fairy; grab it if you need your life restored.
On the other side is a treasure chest containing the first of a few item
upgrades you'll receive in this last half of the game: the L-2 Power Bracelet.
Now that you have it, you will have the ability to lift those enormous elephant
statues lying all about the place (if you've tried to give them the old
heave-ho already, you know that you've been met with grunts and groans by a
presently weak Link). Crush the two in front of the revolving door and go
through it. You will have made somewhat of a circle, as you will see, because
you are back in the room with the Shyguy and the crystal ball. Repeat the
bombing trick and go up to the left side of the next screen when the blocks
have risen.

With the new bracelet, lift the pot in the upper left corner to uncover a
button that will open the door to the left. Get the 10-arrow refill and watch
out for the appearance of more Wizzrobes. Killing them is not mandatory, but if
you do go the extra mile you'll get the map, which in this dungeon is a major
plus. Use the arrows or the Hookshot to hit the crystal ball from a distance
and keep yourself on safe ground, and reserve your bombs for the Wizzrobes.
After collecting the map, head north one screen and east.

You will find the Stone Slab in the treasure chest there. Make a U-turn and
throw a pot at the door to open it, then go east and get the compass out of
that chest. Go up the stairs and hit the crystal ball, then return to the
previous room and throw an elephant at the door to open it. The block in front
of the treasure chest will be lowered, allowing you to make off with the 100
rupees inside. Go to the stairs behind the chest to find a Secret Seashell
tucked away on a closed-off island in the rapids where you rode the raft. When
you return to the Face Shrine, you must toss the horses so that you land them
right-side-up twice in a row, or else they will tip back over and you'll have
to do it again. When both horses are standing erect, the door below will open.
Return to where you got the compass and go down a screen.

You will find yourself going all the way around to a room where several blocks
should already be lowered; if they are not, locate the nearest crystal ball and
hit it, and they will be when you return to this room. Kill the Wizzrobes with
bombs (more and more I find that that seems to be more effective) to make a
small key fall from the sky. Grab it and return to the beginning of the
dungeon, this time going right. (To return to the beginning of a dungeon
quickly without the aid of a mini-boss warp, play Manbo's Mambo on the ocarina;
it's song #2.)

Pick up the elephant statues - now that you are able to, anyhow - and stand in
the doorway when you get to the next room. This is the safest point from which
to slice away at the seemingly demon-possessed tiles that rise up from the
floor and twirl at you. When all of them are gone, the door above you will
open. Lift either elephant statue and throw it at the door to the right to open
it up. In that room are four Wizzrobes, and if timed and positioned properly, a
single bomb can take out three of them. Dispose of the remainder however you
see fit and go north into a puddle of water-walking spiders.

Keep heading north until you find a small key in a chest. Go back from there,
because there's nothing farther north from the vantage point of the puddle, to
the room with the locked door and the two elephant statues (where you had to
throw the statue at the other door to open it). Use one of your small keys to
unlock the door on the northern wall. The wall above you has a weak spot in it
that can be easily bombed down. When you go through, prepare to face a
mini-boss. He's a hoppity little critter who throws a large steel ball at you.
Use his own weapon against him by equipping the more Powerful Bracelet and
picking it up when it lands near you. When you have the ball, he will hop about
in a cowardly manner with no form of defense. Four hits with the steel ball
will destroy him, and you'll get a fairy from both the ball and the boss, for
some oddball reason. From here, continue north.

Underneath the elephant statue on the left is a staircase. Go down it and
proceed left, going along each ladder until you reach the next room. This time,
the demon-possessed tiles will reveal no floor beneath them. Use the bottom
left corner as your safety net; if you use the upper left corner, you risk
getting hit back onto the stairs and having to start over. Get the small key on
the isolated tile when all are gone and unlock the block to the right. Again,
use the almighty power of the elephant statue to open a door. Again, toss the
two horse statues so that they land face-up, then go down the staircase to the
right. Use the rarely equipped (these days, anyhow) Pegasus Boots to dash past
the mini-Thwomps.

In the next room, kill the Pols Voices with either the pots provided or arrows
and go either north to get 200 rupees or south to fight the two bomb-digesting
worms you found in the Key Cavern. It's a little bit harder with all the holes
around you this time, but persevere until both are deceased and the door to the
left opens. Hookshot over the puddle and unlock the block (you do have one more
small key left in you, right?), then take the path north to the treasure chest.
You will notice that you cannot open it with your bare hands; no, like all
things, pot makes everything better. No! Wait! The message that that convoluted
pun meant to get across is that if you throw a pot at the treasure chest, it
will open and you'll get the Nightmare Key. Return to the room with four
Wizzrobes now and head south, but MAKE SURE THE BLOCKS IN THIS ROOM ARE LOWERED
SO YOU CAN GET BY THEM. If you can't, seek out a crystal ball and hit it once,
then return here.

You will have to walk up the stairs to the left, hop down to the raised blocks,
and then use the Roc's Feather to get to the single one that is supposedly
"blocking" the staircase. Go down to the stairs and avoid the corner trap (it's
a crafty one, it is) and go up to get 50 rupees. Return to the start of the
dungeon and go left again. Go north to the room where you got the first chest
of 50 rupees and lift the elephant statue. As you go farther north, you will
encounter a treasure chest with 100 more inside (as if you need the money - by
now you're probably back at the maximum of 999).

After seizing these final monetary prizes, go back to where the floor tiles
came up to reveal pits, but this time, go south. This is the only part of the
dungeon you haven't explored yet, and you should come across one of those
gravitational pull devices from the Bottle Grotto. Resist its pull and move
around the room killing Gels or letting them fall into the hole around the
vacuum device. When all four are eliminated, the eastbound door will open. Go
through to the room and push the upper of the two blocks in front of you up
into the hole. Bomb the Wizzrobe while trying to avoid the spinning eye that
shoots beams. Don't worry if you take too much damage, as you'll get a fairy in
the next room, as you'll get two fairies if you sprinkle magic powder in the
unlit lamps. With a new burst of energy and the Nightmare Key in your hand,
trudge onward.

First, all the tiles and pots in the room will be uprooted as the ground
shakes; use the Roc's Feather and jump over everything that comes at you; don't
bother to hit anything with your sword or you'll take more damage than is
necessary. After the decor in the room is reduced to shambles, the face will
resort to creating artificial holes in the floor. Walk into the middle of the
face (you can't be hurt by it) and lay a bomb. The face will disappear
temporarily, but the holes will keep going. Stay in the middle of the room and
plant bombs on the face until it dies, leaving you with three things: a spooky
warning about the Wind Fish, another heart container, and the Coral Triangle.
Only two instruments left!

"...MOUNTAIN... Something calls ... from the mountains..."

  Chapter 16: In Which Link Heads for Eagle's Tower

Again, Hoot is ready to greet you as soon as you walk away from the Face

"Hoot! The many monsters of this island fear that the Wind Fish is about to
awaken! The monsters' power is real! They may conquer the island and destroy
their foes! That day may come soon! Now, go to the mountain tower! Fly like a
bird! Hoot! Hoot!"

Again, this is a lightly worded hint directed at you telling you where you need
to go. The key to getting to Eagle's Tower lies in Mabe Village somewhere, and
now that you have the L-2 Power Bracelet, you can get to where you need to with
ease. Return to the plaza in Mabe Village where Marin used to sing her ballads.
If you have noticed, there is a statue that lies there dedicated to the
magnificent Flying Rooster. With your raging biceps, get on the side of the
statue where the plaque faces you and push it up. You will uncover a staircase
that requires your immediate attention.

At the middle of the cave you will find the bones of what was apparently an
important enough fowl of the air to be given a king's burial. Now, you require
his services to get to the Eagle's Tower. I know what you're thinking: a pile
of bones will give me access to the seventh dungeon? Yeah right! Actually, you
have to think back a little bit to the sign maze. Did not the talented swinger
who looked like Wart say that the song he gave you was a song of awakening? Why
yes he did! Get out the ocarina and play the third song that Mamu gave you. The
rooster's spirit will come back to him and he will valiantly hold up his wing
to show you that he has grown all his muscle tissue, epidermis, and feathers
back and that he is ready and willing to follow his new master. To get the
Flying Rooster to carry you above the ground, equip the Power Bracelet and
press the button that you have it equipped to (you don't have to hold it). When
you want down, press the button again. Piece of cake! Now head to Toronbo
Shores and look for a cave that requires bombing open.

Inside is a bulldog-looking character, who has been there since you got the
magnifying glass (he's apparently one of those miniature breeds - HA!). He will
give you the boomerang, which, believe me, is a quite excellent weapon. BUT!
you must trade him an item in return first. Don't give up ANYTHING
super-important, which needless to say is almost everything in your inventory.
Luckily, one of your items has outlived its usefulness: the shovel. Equip the
shovel to the B button and you'll get the boomerang, which would probably be
good to equip as your primary item. Now, head east.

After dash-jumping over the long pit, go ahead south of the telephone booth in
the sand. There is a part of the water that winds around to a small island with
a lone plant on it. Slash the plant to find a Secret Seashell, then continue
farther east. There is another plant in the corner with a Seashell to be found,
and after that you need to go down one screen and right one. Cut through grass
(risking falling in a hole is likely) to the stairs in the middle. Swim through
the cave. When you come out on the other side, bop the electric cactus thing
with the boomerang for the instant kill and go down the stairs at left.

As you shall notice, this is a room much like the one where you raised the bat
creature from his slumber so that he could give you more magic powder. This is
a similar habitat, and again the bat thing will rise to give you more storage
space. Sprinkle magic powder in the cistern and run through the recycled
conversation, only this time you'll see that he's prepared to increase your
bomb allowance. Agree to be horrifically zapped by an enormous lightning bolt,
after which you'll find your maximum bomb count increased to 60 instead of 30.
Sweet! Now, head to Kanalet Castle. Yes, Kanalet Castle. There's one important
thing you missed there that you can now obtain.

When you get to the castle gates, go left. You will see an extremely long pit
with a staircase at the other end. Equip the Power Bracelet and have the
Rooster fly you over to it. Go in the room and get the shell, then head to the
Seashell Mansion (but don't go in - you only have 19!). Go one screen south,
one west, and two south from that coordinate and lift up the only rock on the
screen to find the 20th. This is a momentous occasion, for you can now pick up
the L-2 Sword if you feel so inclined. If you want to, head back to the
Seashell Mansion. (Or don't - you can challenge yourself by trying to find the
25 total that are located in the entire game.)

If you want the sword though, go to the mansion and have the device gauge how
many seashells you have. When it registers 20, it will drop the L-2 Sword in
front of you. With it, you can shoot energy beams if you have full energy. Just
like with the wooden sword in the first game! (...) Now, you can go to the
Eagle's Tower feeling well enough equipped for anything that comes your way. Go
to the Tal Tal Mountain Range to where you jumped off the water's edge to get
to the Angler's Tunnel, but now from there go right. Hoot will meet you right
when you get to the mountains:

"The going is much more trying from this point! You have only two more tasks to
accomplish! The first is in the east part of the mountains, the second in the
west. Go! The Wind Fish grows restless!"

Now that you have the Hookshot, there is a treasure you can get along the way
to the Angler's Tunnel landmark; however, as it is merely 50 rupees, it is
rather useless to you at this point in the game (when you shouldn't have to
drop by shops anymore). Continue past the drop-off to Angler's Tunnel and go up
the first staircase you see, turning left to get onto the wooden bridge.
Dispose of the Tektites however you can and go in the cave to the left (on the
same screen as the house where the man is feeding his chickens). Push the rocks
out of the way into the pits so that you can go north, where you will encounter
an enormous hole in the ground. Use the Rooster's flying capabilities to get
yourself past it. On the other side is the Bird Key, which is required to get
into Eagle's Tower. Grab it and leave the way you came. (If at any point in
this cave you fall in a hole, you will be transported back to a point near here
in the Tal Tal Mountains.)

With the key, continue your travels eastward from the hen house. You'll be
another wooden bridge, and to the right you shall three rocks, one of which is
a decoy. Kill the decoy by sneaking up on him, lifting his rock, and throwing
it at the sneaky turtle underneath. (If you haven't gotten the L-2 Sword yet,
there is a seashell under one of these rocks.) Afterward, return to the bottom
of the staircase that brought you here. To the right is another cave.

You will notice a lone patch of sand among the water on the first screen of
this new cave. Bomb in that spot and go up the stairs on the rock ground,
avoiding the two jumping shark-fish as you go along. When you travel down
through the new corridor, you will find five treasure chests, blocked by
boulders like so:

          OOO T    T = Treasure Chest
       OTO  OO     O = Boulder
        O T T O    X = Exit

All of the chests contain 20 rupees, so you aren't missing anything just
absolutely important by not getting them all, but keep in mind that you leave
the room without opening any, they will have been emptied the next time you
return. If you want them all though, here's a step-by-step for ya:

1) Push the rock to your immediate left .... well, left, and get those 20
2) Push the boulder below you down. Get the next accessible 20 rupees.
3) Go directly right and push the nearby boulder out of the way to bring the
   total to 60 rupees.
4) Go around to the treasure chest on the far right and push the boulder down
   to bring the total to 80.

So you missed one, big deal! Leave the cave to the south to pick up a Seashell
out of a treasure chest, or more rupees if you've already cashed your shells in
for that better sword. Once you've collected all the goodies you can from this
secret stash, return to the lone patch of sand and continue east to leave this

This cave is very straightforward, just walk through it and come out clean on
the other side is all they ask of you in this one. Once outside, make the
circle back into a different part of the same cavern and head downstairs. From
the plus-sign-shaped mass of land you are on, go right and up the stairs, then
around to the rock that requires your Hookshot for you to get to the exit. Hop
off to the floor below and exit.

The bombable entrance to your left contains a fairy's chamber in case you
require its services; if you don't, go up and right to the next cavern. In the
second room, go left to the floor that looks like the holes in a skull. Exit
through the southern door, fight off the Tektite duo, and go left to find the
strangely doorless Eagle's Tower. Lift the rocks that are blocking the keyhole
and insert the key to cause the tower to rotate. When you go in, the Flying
Rooster will stay outside - and for good reason. I wouldn't want to go in there

  Chapter 17: The Eagle's Tower

Go east to a room with two Like-Likes (the monsters that look like wedding
cakes without the plastic bride and groom) and the skull floating around the
room. Kill both the Like-Likes to make a small key fall from the ceiling, and
use it to unlock the door directly ahead of you. Go through the corridor to the
stairs and waste no time in moving to the second floor.

Go north in the room you end up, as it's the only way to go for the moment.
Equip the Power Bracelet and tug the cord to pull the closing block doors all
the way open, then quickly grab the steel ball and hop off the side of the
platform it's in to shave time off of getting through the doors. If necessary,
place the ball next to the doors and walk over to grab it as you move over to
the room to the left. However you do it, you need to transport the ball with
you to the room to the left.

In that room is a large column. Demolishing those columns is key to getting
through this dungeon, because you cannot access the fourth floor where the boss
is located without knocking all four columns on the second floor down. It will
require much crystal ball-hitting to get the entire dungeon to work in your
favor, but it can be done without cheating. (As I have heard many accounts of
people becoming unable to beat this dungeon by using the screen-skip technique,
this walkthrough will tell you how to beat the dungeon the right way without
doing any of that junk.) In any case, throw the ball at the pillar and watch it
crumble. One down, three to go. After crumbling that pillar, go down the hole
below you. Trust me, the ball will remain in place. You need to do this.

From here, equip the Roc's Feather so you can walk freely along the raised
blocks. Go one screen west and one screen north (obviously on the right half of
the screen, as you need to stay on the raised blocks) to a room with two
Peahats and a miniature Moldorm. Go up the stairs to the second floor to find
the enemies from Tail Cave, who as you may recall must be hit so that all three
of them freeze on the same suit. It matters not the suit, only that all three
match. Destroying them all simultaneously reveals the compass. With it, go down
and right, pushing the block out of the way. Continue south until you find a
crystal ball, then return to where you left the ball. Take it one screen down
to the second pillar and bring down the house with it. Two down, two to go.
Leave it in the room where you found the first pillar and go north from there.

Assemble both horses in an erect fashion to unveil the map, then go downstairs
and find your way to the room where you got the small key. Then, go through the
staircase that originally took you to the second floor. The blocks will now be
lowered, as you can see, allowing you to get this dungeon's special item, the
Mirror Shield. Get it and fall in the hole above the crystal ball. You will
land on the raised border surrounding the entire first floor. Follow the path
up to get a small key, then hop off at the staircase that takes you back to
where you just got the Mirror Shield. While standing on a lowered block, hit
the crystal ball with a long-range object to raise them (you'll still be
standing on them). Find the steel ball, bring it back to this room, and fall
down the pit in the room where the first pillar was. (Are you keeping up? I
sure hope you are!)

Go one screen right and hit the crystal ball once, then find your way back
upstairs to the room where the ball is. The blocks will be lowered, and you'll
be able to get it. Before grabbing it, raise the blocks while both you and the
ball are on top of them. When they are up, grab the ball and go south and then
west as far as you can. Be sure to stop and freeze the card deck monsters on
the same suit to reveal the treasure chest (which you can't get yet) along the
way. The path will culminate at a room that is home to the cyclops from the
Bottle Grotto. With the steel ball, he takes only four hits to kill, so use
that while avoiding the predictable pattern of the torches shooting fire at
you. When you kill him, get the small key and the fairy he leaves behind.

There are two things you can do from here: if you don't have all the seashells
you need for the L-2 Sword yet, you can fall down the hole to the left and end
up again on the raised border of the first floor, where you can go up to find
the Seashell in a chest. Or, you can pick the ball back up and keep moving. For
now, let's keep moving (although take this detour if you need or want to - I am
by no means stopping you).

After fighting the cyclops, take the ball two screens north. Rest assured, it
will go through the door with you - there's nothing to worry about in that
regard. Throw the ball either to the right or left as soon as you enter and
fight off the floating demonic floor tiles. When they are all gone, jump over
to where you tossed the ball and take it through the eastern door. Throw it at
the pillar inside; three down, one to go. Now, feel with your sword along the
southern wall. Between the wall torches you will find a weak spot to bomb. Open
the door and take your ball through that new corridor. Throw the ball in that
thin corridor, then take it with you after you bomb the next wall to the south.
That leads to a room where you can Hookshot over to the treasure chest if it's
there (and you'll eventually need to). For now, return to the previous room
where you just destroyed the third pillar. Push the block to your right into
the hole next to it and throw the ball across before jumping over it yourself.

Pick it up and take it south to the closed-in crystal ball and throw it below
that border. As always, use that J-shaped hole in the room where you felled the
first pillar to make a descent to the first floor. Repeat the process of
hitting the crystal ball one screen to the right with a long-range projectile
and returning to the second floor where you got the Mirror Shield and hitting
the crystal ball in there while the blocks are lowered. Now, go south and west
one screen each. The ball should be there for you to pick up. Take it to the
next room and walk up against the thin boundary facing north. Throw the ball
over the pit that you must Hookshot across to get the treasure chest, then go
around to that treasure chest via the two corridors you bombed earlier. All
this will allow you access to the fourth pillar.

After knocking down the fourth pillar, you will see a small cinematic cutscene
in which part of the Tower collapses on itself. Fall down the hole that you
used the Hookshot to get over, which will drop you off at the beginning of the
dungeon. To get to the third floor, go to the second floor and go one room
south and one room west (where the closed-in crystal ball is) and go up the
staircase you see there.

From where you start on the third floor, go up one screen and right one to
fight the mini-boss, a skeleton man who summons hordes of bats with the flute
he possesses. You don't have to hit him at all; just successfully slay all of
the bats in any wave that he sends out. You'll get the warp to the beginning of
the dungeon, but it's mostly useless now. Go up to the next room and kill the
Bubbles that roam the walls with your boomerang for fairies, then push the two
blocks in the center of the room together to reveal the Nightmare Key chest.
Before you leave, be a dear and hit that crystal ball. It'll help you greatly.

On the way to the mini-boss, you probably noticed a door shut by itself with no
apparent provocation. (There was also a staircase leading up in there.) Go left
to find four Goombas walking around. Slay them all as you see fit, then open
the Nightmare door. As you can see, many rooms on this floor do not require
exploration. Take the stairs up to the raised plateau and take the Hookshot
route over to the right. When you go around, you'll find a staircase above
where that door shuts on its own. To go up it is to be on the outside of the
tower on the roof. With the Mirror Shield and the sword equipped, go up the

The eagle has a couple of different forms of attack. The most basic is fly
directly at you, which makes for an easy slash with your sword or whatever
weapon you choose to hurt it with. If it flies just above you, point Link up
and hit him as he flies by. If he swoops in and the wind starts to blow, hold
up your shield and walk against the wind current. The shield will block the
talons that the eagle fires at you, and obviously walking against the wind will
keep you from getting blown off the tower (if that happens, you have to start
the whole ordeal over). If he comes down vertically and pauses, he's going to
slant his trajectory and try to hit you. In that case, swing frantically on the
high chance that you'll hit him as he throws himself at you. A combination of
the above tactics is more than enough to take down the eagle atop the tower.

After defeating the eagle, climb back down the ladder and hop off the platform
to the right. The room is now open, allowing you to pick up the Organ of
Evening Calm, which makes a great sound that I thought I'd bring up here
because it's so cool. When you exit the tower, drop off the hole to the right
instead of the left.

"...OCARINA... The music of the Ocarina leads..."

  Chapter 18: Heading West

With the Flying Rooster no longer a part of your company, backtrack to the
staircase just to the right of the dropoff to Angler's Tunnel. If you want,
make a quick stop by the henhouse to find the Flying Rooster hamming it up with
the guy who lives there. After the temporary diversion, head west and use the
Hookshot to go across the long broken section of the bridge.

On the next screen you'll find Marin stranded on a very thin slice of bridge.
She needs someone to save her because of her raging agoraphobia. Luckily, you,
her valiant hero, have shown up to save the day. Hookshot across the bridge to
save her from her predicament. As you rescue her, she appears as though she's
about to profess her feelings for you (I only came to this conclusion after
intense study of previous encounters with Marin). However, she doesn't get to,
as Tarin calls her home and she goes away with a fancy little butt-shake. After
she leaves, Hoot will appear:

"Hoot! That girl sang her song in front of the Egg! Her 'Ballad of the Wind
Fish' is a song of awakening! Did she actually intend to wake the Wind Fish?!
The next Sirens' Instrument is in the west. Play your melodies so the unliving
stones might hear! Show your courage! The Wind Fish waits for you! Hoot!"

Continue west and slash the plant to reveal a staircase. In the first room of
the cavern, feel the southernmost wall to reveal a weak spot that you should
bomb immediately, because it leads to a Piece of Heart. Cross over to the right
in the new room. You'll find that it's the same Piece of Heart you couldn't get
hours ago on your way to Eagle's Tower! Excellent! Go back to that first room
and head left.

Hop off the cliff's edge and go downstairs and extend your Hookshot to the
boulder across the abyss. Once you leave the cave, you will have to bypass a
series of falling rocks. Cross the winding path around the avalanche and make
it to the top of the mountain. There are several rocks up here - one of which
has a handy surprise under it. Go left to the screen with the chest which has
50 rupees in it. Under the rock near it is a staircase that it would do you
well to go down. Inside is the final altar that summons up the bat creature who
wants his revenge on you for waking him up. This final upgrade will increase
your maximum arrow allowance to 60. You know the drill: say yes, let him zap
you, leave, continue west, etc.

You will soon come to a large gathering of unmovable rocks with a bombable cave
entrance above them all. Bomb the rocks that are shutting the cave off to you,
the intrepid journeyman, and enter. Have your Mirror Shield out, because you'll
need it to get past a fire-blowing machine that is otherwise uncrossable. Hold
up your shield and walk against the fire to make it split off in two
directions, unable to harm you. Keep it held up as you walk to the left, and
then when you're in the clear, go to the staircase to the left to exit the

Continue west to a rock formation with what appears to be turtle legs and a
turtle's face sticking out of it. This is the entrance to Turtle Rock, but
clearly some major obstacles are keeping you from entering the place at this
time. After killing the two buzzards perched on each leg, equip the ocarina and
prepare to do the Mamu Jam. The stone around the turtle's head will crumble,
and you'll have to do battle. It's not a tough battle - just position yourself
near the center but below his head, equip your sword, and slash frantically
until the head is gone. It will probably leave behind an inconsequential
reward, often a single heart refill or rupee. In any case, the major threat is
out of the way, and now you're clear for take-off to enter Turtle Rock.

  Chapter 19: Turtle Rock

Equip the boomerang and go north, quickly killing the flying creature with it
to open the shutter doors on either side of you. Go left and kill all three
Ropas; when this is achieved, the northward door will open up. Again, you'll
fight the cyclops from the Bottle Grotto and Eagle's Tower. Four hits with the
boomerang will do him in, leave you with a fairy, and allow you access west.

In here you will find a device that you can control the path of with the D-pad.
Simply push it to get it going along its way. If you fill in the entire hole in
this room (left, up, left, down will do it), a chest containing 20 rupees will
appear. Go south. Kill the Bubbles with the boomerang to receive health refills
from them. You shouldn't need the 50 rupees in the chest by this point, but if
you just so happen to be a compulsive collector, get them and head left to find
the log-rolling boss from way back yonder in Tail Cave. He is so weak now that
one hit with the boomerang will destroy him. When the doors open, go south to
get the compass and north to get a small key once you kill the hovering bat
creature. This is all this path will yield for the moment; now, use Manbo's
Mambo (the second song on the ocarina) for a quick trip back to the beginning
of the dungeon. Go up a room and then right.

The button to open the two doors is in the upper left-hand corner near the
L-shaped lava pit. Move pots to get to it and hit the Bubbles with the
boomerang so that they aren't a distraction. Stand on the button when you find
it and go right. The chest is a decoy with a Gel inside, so keep moving. You
will be in a room with another of those floor-creating devices on the other
side. The floor on your side looks like a staircase formation; walk to the
corner of the second "step" from the top and make the diagonal jump with the
Roc's Feather. It takes timing and a confident jump to make it over the pit,
but when you finally do, get the floor-filler headed on its course. Fill in the
entire floor by guiding it in the following order of directions:

left, up, left, up, left, up, left, down, right, down, right, down, right,
down, right, down, right, up, right, down, right

A small key will drop from the sky; grab it and then feel with your sword along
the middle of the wall to the north. Find the weak spot in it and bomb it.
Inside is a single crystal ball. Hit it and bomb the obviously cracked wall to
the left (for quick transit later on; you don't need to go that way now).
Return to the previous room and continue your journey east.

You will now fight the ball-tossing galoot from the Face Shrine. You STILL
can't use any of your own weapons against him, so pick up the ball when he
throws it your way and give him four good chunks to the face to do away with
him. When he's out of your way and you've collected the two fairies he yields,
go south. Killing all the Ropas will open the door again, and the treasure
chest you will open contains this dungeon's Stone Slab. For the time being,
this item is unimportant. What you need to do is make your way to the staircase
in the corner. Go down and equip the Roc's Feather for jumping purposes, and go
past the fireballs that shoot out of the lava after they descend. As soon as
you get back to the dungeon proper, you will see a crack in the wall you're
walking along. Bomb through it to get to a treasure chest. There are three
blocks to your left; push the top and bottom blocks to the left and the middle
one up. This will allow you to receive the map. Return north to the previous
room and backtrack to where you fought the Face Shrine mini-boss (you will have
to fight him again). This time after fighting it, go north.

Use the Power Bracelet to lift the pot and the Mirror Shield to deflect the
revolving eye's beams as you stand on the button to reveal the staircase. Make
your way to the staircase and go down it. It will take you to a room with the
amorphous creatures from the Dream Shrine in Mabe. Go north and then west to a
room that should be quite familiar by now. This time, take the only path you
haven't taken yet - the one leading north.

The path will take you to the rolling floor-maker, which is especially
important now that you are traversing lava. There is a five-block zigzag
formation at the top of the screen; guide it between the bottom two and push
the one on the right out of the way to be able to go north. Use one of your
small keys to unlock the block. At this point you should go right, to another
locked door requiring your last small key. If you go downstairs, the
underground tunnel will lead you to a room full of rewards - refills for your
magic powder, bombs, arrows, and hearts. Otherwise, go through the revolving
door above you (mind the corner traps).

The room is full of cracked blocks, but they are mostly inconsequential. What's
important in here is the west wall. Just under the backwards-L-shaped block
formation to the far left is a weak wall. Bomb it, but don't go through it.
We'll come back it to later. Go north and kill the two mummies with your
boomerang, staying in constant motion so that the very fragile floor doesn't
cave in beneath you. When you get the small key, go left to find the
bomb-eating worms from the Key Cavern. Ignore them and go left some more,
unlocking the door you find over there with your newly obtained small key.

Go around and get the arrow refill, then go even farther west to find a
staircase. It leads outside to an easy Piece of Heart. As you go right, you
will find another of the warp tunnels that you use to get between places
easily. Pass it and go right to end up on the top floor above the bomb-eating
worm mini-bosses. Throw bombs at them from the top floor, preferably when they
are up against a wall so that you can line up with them, throw it straight at
them, and watch them eat it instantly. When both are dead, a treasure chest
will appear on your level containing a small key. Grab it and return to the
room that led you to the Piece of Heart, this time going left and up in order
to Hookshot to a 50-rupee chest. From the chest, go south.

There is a cycloptic statue in this room surrounded by lava. Fire an arrow at
its eye to make a small key fall from above. Go down for bomb, heart, and arrow
replenishment, then left for another tone reminding you of a key. Use the
Mirror Shield to block the occasional beam that the sentinel eye fires at you
and get the small key. Now, do you remember the room with all the cracked
blocks where you bombed the wall on the left? Go to it and go through that
bombed wall.

The room will be dark with a small key block in the bottom left corner. Use a
dab of magic powder on the lantern nearest you to reveal the location of some
sneaky pits, then use the small key to unlock the block. Go left and kill the
Ropa to open the door, then go in the next room and head upstairs to unlock
that small key door. You should now have one small key left, which will be used
on the one blocking the staircase. Hookshot across to it, using the blocks on
either side as a safe object to hook to, and unlock it. Go across the lava to
end up in another room.

WAY-MEGA-MUY-IMPORTANT-NOTE! If the blocks across from you are raised up, you
will need to find the crystal ball in this dungeon and hit it once before you
come here. Without the blocks being lowered, you won't be able to get this
dungeon's very special treasure.

When you have the blocks lowered, go south to this dungeon's main mini-boss.
You will need your sword and shield out for this guy. As you'll notice, he's
quite the pugilist, taking his lefts, rights, hooks, and jabs very seriously.
Use the shield and trudge forward through his tiny jabs. When he makes a HUGE
wind-up, get one quick hit in and then move out of the way. If he lands a
successful blow with the mega-wind-up punch - even if you're using your shield,
you'll get blown away to the beginning of the dungeon. He also has a medium
punch between the two extremes designed to knock you unconscious. Don't get
dizzied under any circumstances, because if you do, it leaves you open for the
mega-wind-up punch, which he is guaranteed to use should you find yourself so
immobilized. Keep swinging through the jabs, however futile it may seem,
because occasionally one will get through his rapid weak punches. If worse
comes to worse, you can try getting above or below him to get in a hit, but the
best time to hit him remains when he is getting ready for the wind-up punch.
When he is deceased, go up a screen to get the almighty Magic Rod, which is the
key to beating this dungeon. Use the warp the tough little boxer dude left to
get back to the beginning of the dungeon.

Go to where you fought the cyclops (who dies in two hits under the sheer power
of the Fire Rod) and then use the floor-maker to fill in a path to the north.
It will be dark in this next room; use the power of the Fire Rod to reach the
previously out-of-reach lamps. Lighting both lamps will reveal a chest
containing a small key. Return to the beginning of the dungeon and go north to
the floor creator on the lava. This time, make it curve around to the staircase
across from you. When you go in the room, you will see several ice blocks
impeding your forward progress. You can eliminate them in one easy swing with
the Fire Rod. (I know I'm not calling it the Magic Rod - but I like Fire Rod
better, so nyah!) Use the Roc's Feather to jump and eliminate the second row of
ice cubes so that you have a stepping stone (or cube, as it were) to the
ladder. When you descend the ladder, unlock the small key door to face the
swimmer thing from the Catfish's Maw. Use the same jumping-and-slashing
technique you used to kill him in that dungeon. His death will open the door
above you.

In this room, you must fill in the entire floor in order to obtain the
Nightmare Key. Here is the sequence of directions you have to move it in to get
that key:

up, right (all the way), down (halfway), left, up, left, down, left, down (all
the way), right, up, right, down, right, up, right, down, right

After getting the Nightmare Key, use Manbo's Mambo to make a quick return to
the beginning of the dungeon and return to the floor creator that hovers over
the lava. This time, make it to where you can go to the screen east of this
one. The staircase will take you to another room loaded up with ice cubes.
Equip the Fire Rod and the Roc's Feather and go up the ladder above you. Shoot
left, up, left, and down to the far left. Make a circle and shoot the ice cube
blocking access to the screen west of you. In the second room, shoot the bottom
row of ice cubes, and then the second column of them from the right. You will
cozily located next to the Nightmare's lair. Enter, and with the Fire Rod and
Roc's Feather still equipped, prepare to get that last Instrument.

This boss is ridiculously easy as long as you don't get hit. When he jumps out
of the lava, shoot a rapid stream of fire at him using the Fire Rod. Get in as
many salvos as you can until he hops back into the lava. At no time should you
allow him to hit you, as he will take away roughly four hearts if he touches
you. This constant stream of fire is the way to go, and after so many hits, the
fireball facade will crumble away to reveal a substantially weaker opponent,
who gives in after only two or three hits. The heart container will not fall in
the lava, but rather from the ceiling and on top of you; grab it and go
retrieve the final instrument - the Thunder Drum!

"...EGG... The Egg on the mountain calls!"

  Chapter 20: En Route to the Wind Fish's Egg

Before we go anywhere else, let's make a checklist to make sure we have
everything we need before going to the Wind Fish's Egg.

+ Do you have the L-2 Sword? If not, go find at least 20 Secret Seashells and
  then make your way to the Seashell Mansion to get it. The Secret Seashell
  Location Appendix found in this walkthrough will help you find any that you
  have not located yet. Having a more powerful weapon will make the final
  Nightmare that much easier.

+ Do you have at least 12 heart containers? If not, use the Heart Piece
  Location Appendix to help you seek out some of those.

+ Do you have the magnifying glass? If not, you should - it is integral to
  learning the path to the final Nightmare. Complete whatever you have not
  completed of the trading cycle in order to obtain it.

+ Do you have the maximum amount of bombs, arrows, and magic powder in your
  repertoire? Having it all is not necessary, but you should have as much of
  these items as you can in order to be prepared.

If all of these tasks are complete, you are definitely a force to be reckoned
with! (Not to mention a devil with the ladies!) With all of these items, go to
the library in Mabe Village, where the twins are playing catch. Go in and read
the book in the bottom right-hand corner, entitled "Dark Secrets and Mysteries
Of Koholint." Confirm that you really want to read it, which will lead to the
following text:

"Round and round, the passageways of the Egg..."

And then you will receive a sequence of arrows. Do not question me on this:
WRITE THIS DOWN. For you see, the path through the Wind Fish is an endless
maze, sort of an extended version of the Lost Woods from other iterations of
Zelda. These arrows are the sequence that will lead you to the final
Nightmare's lair. The sequence is pretty much a random ordeal as far as I can
tell, so you will get a different arrow pattern each time you go through the
quest. After you have the arrow pattern written down, head to the Egg. It is up
the staircase west of the one that takes you into the Tal Tal Mountains.

If you have not already visited the Egg once, Hoot will be sitting there as
soon as you get there to give you this message:

"Hoot! The Wind Fish sleeps long and dreamily in the Egg above... When you play
the eight Siren Instruments in front of the Egg, he will awaken. This, my
friend, is the only way for you to leave the island! Hoo!"

Walk up to the Egg and select the first song you learned on your ocarina:
Marin's "Ballad of the Wind Fish." When you play it, the instruments will form
a circle around the egg and play their own melody. After the quite beautiful
(if a tad off-tempo) song plays, the front of the Egg will burst open to form a
door inside, and Hoot will appear for yet another message:

"The time has come... The Wind Fish awaits... Enter the Egg... Hoot! Hoot!"

  Chapter 21: Inside the Wind Fish's Egg - The Final Nightmare

The inside of the Egg is extremely dark, and you have no way of lighting it.
You don't need to worry about lighting up the place though - just move forward
until you fall into a pit. You will be in a blank maze, free of enemies. This
is where the sequence of arrows you read in the book comes into play. If you
wrote that sequence down or committed it to memory, get it out of your notebook
or brain or whatever and follow the path. If you correctly complete the path,
you will be before a pit. Jump into it to square off with the final Nightmare
in a duel to the death. Hope you've got everything you need by now!

After the spiel the boss gives, you will find yourself standing on top of him.
The circle will expand outward into a worm-like object, and then will take a
few seconds to morph into a giant Gel-like creature. This is his first form; as
you will come to find out, the nefarious final Nightmare has many of them, some
harder to defeat than others. While you will find that the first form is
impervious to even your mighty L-2 Sword, it can be easily defeated with three
dashes of magic powder.

Next, the black blob will turn into a magician sort of silhouette. When it
creates a giant ball of energy, hit it back at it with your sword. Swing your
sword when he throws the pitch, but be careful not to strike out, if you get my
drift! After four of these, he will abandon the magician approach and turn into
a Moldorm similar to the one from Tail Cave.

Notice the flashing spot on his tail? Unlike the other Moldorm that took hits
everywhere except its head, this one is vulnerable nowhere except for his tail.
Like his predecessor, he will shuffle around very quickly after taking a hit in
the tail. He takes eight hits to destroy in this form, after which he will turn
into a quite muscular, almost Moblin-like creature.

Watch out especially for the fiery Keeses this guy summons. Walk away from them
and also be sure to avoid his double-bladed battle axe when he throws it at
you. The only way to hit this guy is with your sword, but a single swing won't
work. You need to use another item in conjunction with the boots in order for
the hit to register. Try charging into him with the sword and the Pegasus Boots
and see what happens. It works, doesn't it? Get in six of these hits to send
him reeling and scrambling to look for another form to assail you with. It is a
simple thing that moves around very rapidly. One hit with the Fire Rod will do
it in. After this, you will meet the final form.

Equip the bow and the Roc's Feather. You'll need the Feather to jump over the
constantly swinging arms and the bow to shoot at it when its single eye opens
up. When the arms come together, either jump over them or in and out of them,
whichever is more comfortable and easier for you. There will also often be
short bursts in which he will open his eye several times in succession; use
those lucky instances to get in many hits in a row. After about 15 successful
hits in the eye, the Nightmare will die and you will have beaten the game ...
almost! A voice will tell you to climb the stairs ahead of you. Do so to watch
the game's final moments in a quite depressing little movie.

  Epilogue: In Which Koholint Disappears From Existence


When Link climbs the stairs, they will expand outward into a celestial realm,
leading him to a small platform. When he gets to it, Hoot the owl will appear
to you one last time:

"Hoot! Young lad, I mean... [your name], the hero! You have defeated the
Nightmares! You have proven your wisdom, courage and power! ... ... ... ... As
part of the Wind Fish's spirit, I am the guardian of his dream world... But one
day, the Nightmares entered the dream and began wreaking havoc. Then you, [your
name], came to rescue the island... I have always trusted in your courage to
turn back the Nightmares. Thank you, [your name]... My work is done... The Wind
Fish will wake soon. Good bye ... Hoot!"

Sure, he was annoying, but you almost want to grab him by the neck and give him
a good-bye noogie. Or not.

Now, the Wind Fish will appear in full noble regalia with that doped-up look on
his face, and he has a message for you as well (we'll skip all the ellipses
there at the beginning):

MEMORY MUST BE THE REAL DREAM WORLD... ... ... ... ... COME, [your name]... LET

He will then command Link to play the eight Instruments, and while you hear
them play, the entire island of Koholint will vanish before your very eyes;
BowWow, the kids playing ball outside the library, the beach where you first
found your sword, Tarin and his crazy mushroom hallucinations, Marin ...... all
gone, just like that. And all of a sudden, a tsunami will come from out of
nowhere and propel Link into infinity .... into the waking world...

And there he is, stranded on a single piece of his boat out in the ocean. When
he wakes up, he'll hear the Ballad of the Wind Fish playing in his mind.
Sitting on the single piece of driftwood out in the lonely sea, he looks up and
sees none other than - you guessed it - Marin falling from the sky at breakneck
velocity on top of him!

No, seriously, he sees the Wind Fish floating above him. They've both awakened
together! That leaves only the gaping plot hole of how Link got back to Hyrule.
Let's just say he was saved by, oh, I don't know ...... Tingle? Yeah, that
works. And so the story of Link's Awakening comes to an abrupt close with a
gripping ending and a satisfying made-up conclusion. It's just what Link
dreamed of.

Congratulations on beating Link's Awakening!



What doesn't fit into the rest of the game is tucked away here, whether it's a
glitch or fun cheat or cool trick or whatever it is. Here you'll able to find a
listing of well-known tricks, but they may not be well-known to you! So if you
want to enjoy the buggier aspects or weirder physics of Link's Awakening, then
by all means enjoy this section. There are only a couple of tricks in here, but
enjoy them nonetheless!

  At the stage select screen, register a new file under the name ZELDA, just
like that, in all caps. You'll hear an interesting remix of the classic Zelda
theme that you can listen to until you start the game.

  This can make the game easier (especially when traveling across open plains
or attempting to solve the riddle of Eagle's Tower) or it can make it a pain.
How you choose to explore with it is your prerogative.
  To execute it, push A, B, Start, and Select simultaneously as you cross over
to the next screen. Choose to continue without saving. When you do, you will
have warped over to the other side of the screen you just went to. This can
either get you across chasms that take a long time to cross with ease or it can
put you in situations that lead to weird glitched rooms. In any case, if you
get yourself stuck while exploring, push the four buttons again and save and
quit. You'll be at the last door you entered.

  You need your arrows equipped on one button and your bombs equipped on the
other for this one. Push both buttons at the same time to fire a huge flying
bomb across the screen, which will explode on impact with the first surface it

So you think the bow is awfully expensive, do you? And you don't want to walk
around slaying monsters and cutting down weeds looking for that huge whopping
980 rupees, do you? And you want the bow, don't you? Well, there's nothing like
a good old-fashioned five-finger discount to get you what you want in a hurry.
Here's what you do:
  Go into the shop in Mabe Village after you have bought the shovel. Make the
shopkeeper look up by walking in that general direction. Once he is looking
away, he will not be able to see you lift the bow from his shelves (if he sees
you, he'll catch you at the door). Just move quickly, don't make any sudden
noises, annnnnnd ...... VOILA! You've stolen your bow! There are two catches to
owning this purloined piece of archery equipment, however.
  The first is that everybody calls you THIEF. Just like that. In big old
marquee capital letters. THIEF. If you can live down the initial guilt
(especially hearing it from sweet innocent little Marin), that's not too big a
  But say you run out of bombs and need to go back to the shop to buy more.
You'll be met at the door by an angry shopkeeper, and who wouldn't be mad at
you? 980 rupees is probably a year's worth of meals for this poor guy and his
family, and you just took it all away from him by swiping one important little
weapon! Obviously, he won't let this unscrupulous deed go unpunished. If you
walk back into the shop after having stolen the bow, you'll be hit with a huge
lightning bolt of magic that will drain all your energy until you're dead.
D-E-D, dead. After that initial bad experience, you can enter the shop safely
once again - but not without being called a THIEF for the rest of your life.
  Ouch. That's gotta leave a mark on Link's ego.

Even if you do buy the bow fair and square with your hard-earned megabucks,
there's a way to cut down the amount the shopkeeper takes without being
considered a grimy bow pilferer for the rest of your days. Conduct the
transaction as normal, then when he's done with his small talk, press A, B,
Start, and Select at the same time and choose "Save and Quit." When you load
the game again, you'll be at the shop's door, but you'll have however much
money the downward counter was on when you froze the game to save and quit.
You've got your bow, your fat wallet, and your reputation, all intact! It's a
win-win scenario!

Find a chicken bouncing around anywhere you can and slash it with your sword
repeatedly (roughly 40 times). If you swing away at one until you've basically
made a poultry kebab out of it, its chicken brethren will swoop in from all
directions to save it from your inhumane treatment of their sibling! These
divebomber hens are impossible to kill, and the mass influx of them causes
quite a slowdown and flicker on your game, but to escape their wrath, simply go
one screen over to make them all disappear.



Whoo! Big project overwith, and I feel great! I do sincerely hope you've
enjoyed this, my 33rd FAQ/walkthrough. It's been fun to write, and now I hope
to get back to the reviewing game after turning to FAQs to get my out of my
reviewer's mental block. First of all, there are several people, institutions,
animals, etc. to thank for making sure I saw this walkthrough out to the end.

** Brian P Sulpher, who was so impressed with the title art that I thought
   was crap that I decided to see it through to the end just for him.

** Ruffles Cheddar & Sour Cream potato chips and Pepsi, which when combined
   form a potent elixir that can give anyone the temporary caffeinated energy
   boost needed to get through an intense FAQing session.

** BGB, the emulator I mapped all of this thing out on. Though I own the game
   myself, doing it all on the computer makes life easier.

** Nintendo for making this game, my very most favorite in the Zelda series
   until they make a sequel starring the walrus from the desert.

** All my writing peers on AIM and mIRC who appreciate my efforts and
   encourage me to go forward with them.

** My family, who actually likes the fact that I write FAQs and reviews in
   order to keep my writing saw sharpened, and who listens to them when I
   ramble on in video game jargon they could never hope to understand.

** Anyone else whom I have not listed that has helped my writing talent
   blossom into what it is today.

** And, finally, because of recent events on the FAQ Contributors board, I'd
   like to thank MYSELF for kicking myself in the pants and getting in gear
   when I didn't want to do this thing, and I'd like to thank MYSELF for
   typing every single word of every single letter, and I'd like to thank
   MYSELF for thanking MYSELF, regardless of whatever bearing that may have
   on anything. Oh, and anything I didn't mention that I wanted to thank
   MYSELF for, I'd like to go ahead with this all-encompassing statement and
   thank MYSELF for that too. Wow, that felt good.

In no way do I tolerate plagiarism of any sort, and because of the quite unique
language used in this walkthrough, it won't take any more than a string search
through Google to find you out. Plagiarism is against the law, and I would much
appreciate it if you would not do something so blatantly stupid for your sake.

If you want to host this FAQ on your site, I would very much like you to,
because I believe that any publicity is good publicity. Send me a short letter
requesting permission at . I recently cleaned out my
inbox and replied to a year's worth of e-mails, so if you send me something, I
should reply to it! And if you ask permission nicely, I'll say yes! Also use
the above e-mail address if you have a question, complaint, suggestion, or
request regarding any of my guides.

When you put the guide up on your site, I shall ask you to not change the words
in any way, shape, or form other than for cosmetic purposes (changing the font,
adding screen shots, re-arranging paragraph structure, etc.) Don't change
anything of what I said, because the way it's written is conducive to beating
the game in a thorough manner and to change that would be to mar its original

And if someone needs the guide, I frankly don't care if you give it away to
them, since in two years of writing I have not made a cent off of this hobby.
Don't sell it, however, for your own monetary gain. Distribute it freely to
those in need; don't be greedy and try to make cash off of my hard work.

This version of this FAQ/walkthrough (1.0) is the intellectual property of Snow
Dragon (C) July 26, 2003. The latest version of this FAQ can always be found at
GameFAQs and IGN.com, and you can bank on that.

That's all, folks! Have a nice day and have fun playing Link's Awakening!
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