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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening

Copyright 2005 Brian McPhee

Author: Brian McPhee
E-mail: Kirby0215@aol.com
Most Recent Update: December 17, 2005
Originally Created: February 13, 2005
Version 1.0

---------------------------Table of Contents---------------------------

Section 1*


Section 2*

Tail Cave*
Bottle Grotto*
Key Cavern*
Angler's Tunnel
Catfish's Maw*
Face Shrine*
Eagle's Tower*
Turtle Rock*
Wind Fish Egg*

Section 3*

Pieces of Heart*
Secret Seashells*
The Trade Sequence*
Secrets and Tricks*
Enemy Index*
The Zelda Timeline*

Section 4*

Credits and Legal Information*
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||----------------------------Section 1*-----------------------------||
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Welcome one and all!  For all of you were blind and just miraculously 
regained your vision, this is a guide for The Legend of Zelda: Link's 
Awakening.  Now, to stick with my formulaic introductions, I shall 
review the game.  I did not plan to write a guide for this game from 
the beginning.  But, as I started to write more and more Zelda 
walkthroughs, I decided to write one for them all.  For me, this game 
is the worst in the series.  Honestly, I don't see how it couldn't be.

Link's Awakening was Zelda's first shot at portable games, and its 
success probably led to the release of future portable Zelda games.  
Well, I didn't dislike Link's Awakening at first, but playing other 
Zelda games showed me the light.  First, let me establish that I'm not 
a shallow player; I do not take the graphics into account when I judge 
a game (although the game is in black and white and the graphics 
slightly resemble A Link to the Past, downgraded a bit).  However, this 
game has plenty of problems outside of its view.  I love Zelda games.  
I think that it's the best series of videogames for any system ever.  
But, this feels less like a Zelda game than Adventure of Link did.  As 
much as like the Mario series, too, this is like a mix of Mario and 
Zelda (you will definitely know what I mean when you play the game), 
and although most people like the mix, I'm more of a Zelda purist.

First, they named absolutely everything.  No joke.  I swear; they 
practically gave a name to every tree and enemy in the game.  This is 
more annoying when you're writing a guide than when you're playing it, 
though.  Second, this game is not set in the familiar land of Hyrule, 
but on Koholint Island, whose inhabitants name everything.  It was the 
first Zelda game to do this, but not the last, and this game 
incorporates as few elements from other Zelda games as it can get away 
with.  Aside from items, enemies, and Link himself, you'll find no 
characters from Hyrule.  This means that new characters, all of whom 
are corny or weird, had to be introduced.

Then we have one of the worst aspects of the game - the ending.  The 
game isn't too easy to beat, although it's not the hardest I've ever 
played, and the ending is seriously disappointing.  It is un-heroic, 
not very satisfying, and it makes you feel like you just wasted a lot 
of time.

But let's not overlook the good in this game.  First, despite its 
cheesiness, this game is not without its charm.  This game is also one 
of the longer Zelda games.  A lot of people criticize games like 
Majora's Mask for having only a few dungeons.  Well, this game leaves 
little to be desired in that respect.  There are eight dungeons and 
quite a bit to do beforehand.  Collecting keys to enter dungeons can be 
a bit bothersome, but it only adds to things.  This game has sort of 
stupid bosses, but you'll see some familiar faces when you fight the 
final, Zelda-worthy boss.  This game also features quite a few old 
items (many from A Link to the Past).  In fact, this game inherits many 
qualities from A Link to the Past, my favorite Zelda game.

And I admit, before I played Ocarina of Time (this was the second game 
I played in the series), this was a great game to me.  Also, it is very 
popular.  It was on the top-ten best-selling portable game for over 90 
months (seven and a half years, putting it right up there with Super 
Mario Land 2).  Although I say that it's the worst game in the series, 
that doesn't say much; this game is better than the vast majority of 
other games that you could be playing.  Link's Awakening also has its 
fair share of secrets, and you might be impelled to replay it.  Also, 
you can steal stuff from merchants, the greatest redeeming feature of 
the game!  Sorry for my ramblings.  Let's get on to the guide, shall 

By the by, if you see my walkthrough on any site other than 
GameFaqs.com or GameSpot (it is an affiliate of GameFaqs), please e-
mail me.  With your help, we can put an end to plagiarism of this 
guide, which is illegal.


You may be wondering what the deal was with all the asterisks (*).  
Well, they are pretty festive.  Other than that, you can use them to 
easily go to different parts of the guide.  Press CTRL and F (Apple if 
you own a Mac) to make a search box pop up.  Type in the name of the 
section, asterisk and all, and press Find/Search to go to the first 
time it was used (the Table of Contents).  Search again to skip right 
down to where that section begins.  It's very useful in navigating this 
document.  Anyways, the asterisks differentiate the title names from 
times I might say the words in text (navigation, navigation).


I don't really like the storyline of the game.  Below I summarize it 
(based on the manual).

Ganon has been dead for a while, and the people of Hyrule are wondering 
what fate awaits them.  In a quest for enlightenment, the hero of 
Hyrule Link sails to foreign lands.  While sailing back to Hyrule, a 
storm overcomes his ship and it is destroyed.  Shipwrecked, Link washes 
up on a mysterious island called Koholint Island.  Awakened to the 
voice of a girl who resembles Princess Zelda of Hyrule, Marin takes 
Link to her father's home.  Link, anxious to leave the island, equips 
himself with a shield given to him by Tarin, Marin's father, and sets 
out to find a way off the island and back to his homeland.

That's all well and good.  Below is a list of important characters in 
the game.

                         |    Characters    |

Link: The hero of the story, Link has washed up on Koholint Island 
after an accident to find all his gear scattered along the beach.  
While collecting it, he encounters a strange owl that tells him to 
awaken the Wind Fish.  How he will do it and what will happen remains a 

Marin: Marin is the name of the local that found Link on the island.  
An excellent singer, Marin is Link's best friend throughout his stay on 
Koholint Island.  Perhaps she has more to do with the ancient riddle 
than Link might guess...

Owl: a mysterious and wise owl, it is leading Link to awaken the Wind 
Fish.  What its awakening portends it will not reveal, but it will, 
apparently, allow Link to go back to Hyrule.  I find it kind of funny 
that Link goes through this entire quest just so he can get off this 
island.  Ha!

Wind Fish: A mythical creature that slumbers eternally within an egg 
resting on top of the central mountain of Koholint Island, little is 
known of the Wind Fish.  How it will help Link leave this island is a 
mystery, but it must be done.

Of course, there are many, many more colorful characters to meet on 
Koholint Island.  There is also one cameo that I find incredibly 
clever.  Just wait; I'll point it out when the time comes.
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||----------------------------Section 2*-----------------------------||
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==============================Tail Cave*===============================

             |    The Wooden Shield and Wooden Sword    |

Link wakes up to see Marin, the girl that rescued him after his 
shipwreck.  Although he mistakes her for Zelda, the princess of his 
homeland of Hyrule, Marin takes a liking to you and welcomes you to 
Koholint Island.  Move to jump out of bed and then go talk to the man 
with the large nose.  This is Tarin, and he is Marin's father.

They knew your name because it was written on the back of your shield, 
which he then gives to you.  Go south to exit the house into the 
outside world.  The large chicken is called a Cucco.  Go west a screen 
to see a fox and what would seem to be a Chain Chomp from the Mario 
series.  Go west again and then head south twice.  To the east is Tail 
Cave, whatever that is, and to the south is Toronbo Shores.  Marin 
recommended that we go to the beach, so let's go that way.

At first, it might seem that we cannot.  However, an interesting part 
of Zelda games is Link's ability to jump down ridges.  Stand at the 
opening in the ridge and hop down.  Go south again, this time jumping 
south a screen, and you'll encounter your first enemy - an Octorok.  
These are real old-timers in the Zelda world.

As of right now, you cannot defeat it.  However, you can block the 
rocks that it shoots by lifting your shield, which has been 
automatically set to B.  Take the stairs down (the steps to the right) 
and hop the ledge to go south.  This time there are two Octoroks to 
threaten you.  They are pretty passive though; just take the ladder 
leading south.  In the sand of the beach are enemies called Leevers.  
They are particularly tricky because you can never predict where 
they'll come from.  Again, you cannot beat them due to your lack of any 
offensive item at all.

So, go right and then north.  Here, we have no choice but to go right.  
Here, you'll see a Kirby enemy, the name of which I'm unsure at the 
present time.  To move it, simply put your shield up and push it aside.  
When you can, go south.  Here in the surf is your sword!  Touch it to 
take it back.  Before you can, though, a mysterious owl swoops down.  
After figuring out that you own the sword, it makes sense to him that 
the monsters are acting violently.  They want to prevent you from 
waking the Wind Fish, for legend speaks of a courageous man who will 
come from the seas to awaken it.  After setting up a rendezvous point 
in the Mysterious Forest, it flies off.

Now you can pick up your sword.  Although the game never tells you, I 
assume that this is Link's classic starter sword, the Wooden Sword.  It 
is automatically set to A, although you can switch it with the shield.  
Now the heroic music starts to play.  That's more your speed.

                      |    The Owl's Message    |

Look to the left to see another one of those enemies we pushed earlier.  
With a single slash of the sword, you can make meat out of it.  Hold 
the sword out and it will become charged.  Release now to perform the 
Whirling Blade Technique, which I will call the Spin Attack.  Go left 
and defeat the enemies here.  Leevers take several hits, as do 
Octoroks.  However, they may drop behind a rupee.  In Hyrule, Termina, 
Holodrum, Labrynna, and on Koholint Island (all the lands Link has 
visited), the rupee is the official unit of currency.  In Link's 
Awakening, you can hold a maximum of 999 rupees at any given time.  Go 
left again and then take the ladder up.

Now go north to see that first Octorok.  Cut it down and go right.  Go 
north from here and go to the northern limit of this screen.  Follow 
this path left and then go back north into town.  Go north again and 
then go right.  Feel free to explore the village.  One screen has many 
bushes and some grass in it.  Slash the bushes and you'll find a Secret 
Seashell.  What they are good for, no one knows.  There is a town north 
of that screen.  Although you are able to steal, it is not worth it 
right now (when you steal, the shopkeeper will kill you the next time 
you enter his store).  For now, we're saving up for that 200-rupee 

When you're ready to leave town (called Mabe Village), go to the 
northwestern-most screen.  Here, slash the bushes near the top and jump 
over the ledge into a pit.  Inside is a Piece of Heart.  Introduced in 
this game's predecessor, A Link to the Past, you get a new Heart 
Container (your life meter) every time you get four of these valuable 
items.  Take the stairs up to exit and then go north into Mysterious 
Forest.  Slash the bush and go north a screen to see the Owl.  
Actually, Owl calls it Mysterious Wood.  Either way, he tells you that 
the Wind Fish is watching your quest to wake the dreamer.  He advises 
that you visit Tail Cave, south of the village.  Enter it with the key 
you find here.

                    |    The Mysterious Forest    |

Go north and you'll see two new enemies, although they're not new to 
the series.  Moblins are common enemies that populate the forest.  They 
attack by throwing spears, but you can beat them in two slashes.  From 
that screen go east and then north, skipping over enemies unless you 
need the practice.  Go right from here to see a cave.  Enter it and 
you'll see cracked floors for the first time.  If you stand on such 
terrain for about a second, it will crumble and create a pit.  To avoid 
this, just run around until you reach non-cracked floor on the other 
side.  Here, slash the crystals to destroy them.  Push the block into 
the pit by walking into it and then go around and slash the other 
crystals on the other side of the remaining rock.

In the meantime, you'll be fighting bat enemies called Keese.  If you 
open the chest, you'll get 50 rupees.  That's a good step toward our 
goal of 200.  Now go north in this cave.  The enemies on the floor here 
are called Zols.  When you slash a Zol of this nature, it will die 
instantly.  That in mind, go left.  In here, we won't be able to get 
the Piece of Heart for the time being.  However, you can go south out 
the cave.  Push the lowest block you can access left and the one that 
was diagonal of it left.  Now go south.  Pick up the mushroom out here.

This is a toadstool called a Sleepy Mushroom, the primary ingredient of 
Magic Powder, but more on that later.  Reenter the cave and push the 
second block you pushed last time right and the first one you push 
right.  Above that, push a block up and go right.  Now it should be 
easy to exit the cave.  Outside, go north and you'll see a Moblin 
swordsman.  They are tougher than your average monster, but they aren't 
hard in the least.

Go north to see some advanced Zols.  Slash them and they split into 
Gels.  However, this is not the right path either.  Go south twice from 
here and then go left, then north.  This is where a devious raccoon 
lives.  If you try to go north, it will make you lost and return to the 
starting point.  Obviously, we must find a way to defeat that raccoon.

                      |    The Magic Powder    |

Make sure that you got the Sleepy Mushroom as I instructed earlier.  Go 
to where you first saw the Zols that divide into Gels (go south, right, 
and north twice).  Defeat the Moblin here.  Usually, this particular 
Moblin drops something called a Piece of Power or a Guardian Acorn.  
Getting these temporarily doubles the strength of your sword, or, in 
the case of the latter, doubles your defense.  Go right and slash the 
Moblins with the powered-up sword and they'll go flying.  They may drop 
items called Recovery Hearts, which I will just call hearts.  These 
items refill your Life Meter, also called the Heart Meter.  When it 
reaches zero, you get a Game Over.

Anyways, go right and south.  The enemy here is a Buzz Blob.  Try to 
slash it and you'll be electrocuted.  Also, a Zola is in the water.  
These water monsters are violent female Zora, a race that is made 
peaceful in Ocarina of Time (in A Link to the Past, they stood to make 
a quick buck off you by selling you the Flippers).  South of that 
screen and to the right is Witch's Hut, the home of a witch (duh!).  
The screen is already dark because she hasn't lit her room.  With no 
background light, it can be hard to see in here.

Talk to the witch in here and she'll establish that she needs a 
toadstool.  Give it to her (set to A or B and then use it) and she'll 
go nuts.  After a brief burst of energy, the Magic Powder is made!  
There's a limit to how much you can hold at a time, so use it wisely.  
For instance, you can use it to light the torch in here, lighting the 
room.  Now it's time to go pay that raccoon a visit.

                        |    The Tail Key    |

Exit the witch's hut and head on over to where that raccoon was (left, 
north twice, west twice, south twice, west, north).  Sprinkle Magic 
Powder on him and he'll ricochet around the screen.  In a poof, he 
becomes Tarin!  Apparently, he bit into a mushroom and so it began.  
Now that he's out of the picture, go north.  Open the chest for the 
Tail Key.  With it, you can access Tail Cave.  What lies in that cave 
we shall find out in due time.  The Owl flies down and tells us to 
retrieve an instrument inside.  The Wind Fish is waiting.

                        |    To Tail Cave    |

Return to Mabe Village.  From where you enter, go south three times in 
the direction of Toronbo Shores.  Instead of going there, though, go 
right three times.  Go down from here and take the other path left.  
Here, you can push the Octorok into the pit (ha-ha!) using your Wooden 
Shield or Sword.  Go south from here and then right.  This is Tail 
Cave, which looks much more manmade than natural.  Step up to the lock 
and the place will rumble before unlocking.  Walk forward and enter it.

                          |    Tail Cave    |

Of course, this is a Zelda game.  Tail Cave is Level 1, a dungeon.  
Yes, this game is the first one to officially use dungeons instead of 
palaces of labyrinths, although A Link to the Past started the trend.  
There are four basic items in a dungeon.  They are the Dungeon Map, 
which shows the layout, the Compass, which pinpoints the location of 
the boss (called Nightmares in this game) and chests, the Nightmare's 
Key, which opens large locked door that lead to the boss, and there are 
Small Keys, which open regular locked doors.

For now, go west.  Here, you'll see two new monsters called Hardhat 
Beetles.  They can be beaten by knocking them down pits, which you 
should do with your blade.  When both are down for the count, a Small 
Key falls down.  Take it and go left again.  Open the chest for the 
Compass.  This is the first Zelda game in which the Compass shows where 
treasure chests are in the dungeon (which is so useful, trust me).  
Also, if you enter a room a tone will alert you if there's a Small Key 
hidden in it.

Defeat the Zols to open the door that slammed shut to the right and 
then go through it.  Go right again to the starting room.  Now go 
north.  In here, defeat the enemies to make things easier and then step 
on the switch (the circle on the floor).  This makes a chest appear, in 
which is a Small Key.  Go right, defeat the Stalfos, and a chest 
appears containing the Dungeon Map.

Now go left twice.  Be wary of the cracked floors and defeat the Keese 
using the Spin Attack.  Go north and you'll see a new enemy called a 
Mini-Moldorm.  Slash it twice to beat it.  Also, there's a chest in 
here containing 20 rupees.  You might have reached 100 right about now.  
Now, go north.

Unlock the door to the north.  Along the way, you'll encounter a common 
trap called a Razor Trap.  If you step forward, it will swing out to 
slice you.  Wait for it to stop and retract and then set forward.  Go 
right and then go around the blocks to go left.  The enemies here are 
called Sparks, and they cannot be defeated as of now.  In here, the 
door slams shut as soon as you take a step toward it.  To unlock it, 
avoid the Spark and push the leftmost block right.  Through the door 
you'll find two Spiked Beetles.

Use your shield to defend against their charges and they'll be flipped 
over.  Attack their undersides and they'll die.  Beating both makes a 
stairwell appear.  Take it down and you'll find a 2-D screen.  You 
thought that they learned their lesson from Adventure of Link, but no!  
The enemies on the bottom are called Goombas from the Super Mario Bros. 
games.  You can jump on them by falling from above, or you can slash 
them.  When you're ready, go left using the ladder.  Now take the 
ladder up back to the overhead view.

Go north and you'll see an aerial heart.  Go north again to see a 
chest.  Open it for Roc's Feather!  This soon-to-be-classic Zelda item 
lets you jump.  It is very useful, especially in this game.  Jumping is 
a great way to avoid enemies, too.  Go back south and jump to the 
recovery heart.  Go south again and take the stairs back to a previous 
room.  Here, jump over the hole below and go south.  This time, go 

Wait for the Spark to pass and open the chest for a Small Key.  Defeat 
the Mini-Moldorm and go right via the upper path.  Go north and jump 
over the pit to the left with Roc's Feather.  Unlock the locked block 
here and go up the ladder to go left.  Open the chest for the 
Nightmare's Key.  With it, you can unlock the door to the Nightmare, 
which I call bosses.  Go right, jump over the pit, go south, go left, 
go down and go right.  The enemy here is called a Stalfos.  Defeat it 
with a sword slash or two and then go right through the locked door.

Here, go north to see some card-based enemies.  It is kind of tough, 
but you must hit them to freeze them.  If all three of their marks are 
the same - spade, club, heart, or diamond - then a chest appears.  The 
easiest way to do this is to wait for them to gather in one place and 
use a Spin Attack them.  If you open the chest that forms, you get the 
Stone Beak.  It is also called the Stone Fragment in the original.  
With it, you can read the inscription on the north wall.  Go south and 
then jump over the pit and go right.

                       Mini-Boss: Rolling Bones

Every dungeon in this game has a sub boss.  In this particular dungeon, 
the sub boss is very easy.  Jump over the spiked cylinder it tosses 
around the room and slash it multiple times.  Keep doing it and it will 
die.  Not only will it leave behind a Fairy, but a transport is made as 
a shortcut to this room.  Go north into a new room.


Stand in the doorway to avoid the razor traps.  Now go forward and take 
the stairs down.  To the left are several corpses, each hanged to 
death.  Is that supposed to intimidate us?  Apparently so.  Go back up 
and open the door ahead.

                        |    Boss: Moldorm    |

It can talk!  Seriously though, this is an old Zelda boss that has been 
used many times, this being the second game it appears in.  Moldorm is 
a larger version of the Mini-Moldorms that you saw in the dungeon.  The 
boss's difficulty lies completely in its ability to knock you around.  
If it knocks you into a hole, you end up back at the hanging corpses we 
saw before and you must reenter the room to find a healed Moldorm to 
fight.  The easiest way to beat it is to slash furiously while standing 
against the north wall.  After exploding segment by segment, we find a 
Heart Container.  It adds one heart to your Life Meter.

Go north and you'll see an instrument.  Is this what the Owl was 
referring to?  Pick it up.  You got the Full Moon Cello!  It plays a 
mysterious and enchanting melody that warps you to the beginning of the 
dungeon.  It also tells you something... in the swamp.

============================Bottle Grotto*=============================

                  |    The Meaning of the Cello    |

Go left and the Owl appears.  The Full Moon Cello is an Instrument of 
the Sirens.  Along with the seven others, those instruments have the 
power to awaken the Wind Fish.  Our next goal lies north in Goponga 
Swamp.  Return to Mabe Village.  As you enter, two villagers run toward 
you.  A band of Moblins came to the village and abducted BowWow.  Who 
that is, you'll find out.  Go north and go right to see that the Chain 
Chomp is gone!  You'd think that it could kick Moblin butt.  Anyways, 
we're headed for the Moblins' lair.  Head over to the entrance of 
Mysterious Wood and take the following directions: north twice, right 
three times, and then jump over the holes to the Piece of Heart.  Now 
jump to go north.  Go right and go through the cave to enter the lair 
of the Moblins.

                      |    The Great Moblin    |

A swordsman is the first to notice you.  From where you're standing, 
walk forward a bit and slash to beat him in two swipes.  Now go north 
to see a group of Moblin spearmen.  The Spin Attack, twice as strong as 
normal sword slashes, can take them off quickly.  Go right to see the 
Great Moblin.  He's the one who instigated the whole kidnap.  BowWow 
belonged to Madame MeowMeow (that's...  no, too easy to make fun of).

"It is you who came get me but it is I who will get you" - Great 
Moblin.  He's much stronger than his minions, but he's still a 
pushover.  Stand against the wall opposite him with your shield raised 
to block his spears.  When he charges you bull-style, move out of the 
way and he'll hit his head, stunning him.  Slash quickly to finish him 
off after eight hits.  When he explodes, go right to BowWow.  This pet 
will be extremely useful to us.  Yes, the Great Moblin has come in 
handy.  Without him, we'd never have been able to steal him!

                        |    Goponga Swamp    |

With BowWow, we can now destroy some road blocks in Goponga Swamp where 
we were told we could find the next instrument.  Exit the Moblin 
compound and go left.  Go south from here and jump over the pit to go 
west back into Mysterious Woods.  Go left three times utilizing Roc's 
Feather.  Go north and then go right.  The monster there - the 
pulsating tube of flesh as I am fond of calling it - is a Like Like.  
It will eat your shield if you're not careful.  Luckily, BowWow will 
eat the enemies instinctively.  Go right again into Goponga Swamp.  
Explore, letting BowWow eat the swamp monsters that are otherwise 
impassable, and you'll find a chest containing 50 rupees.  Also, you'll 
find the entrance to Bottle Grotto, the second dungeon.

                        |    Bottle Grotto    |

This dungeon has a fairly useful item within.  Every dungeon has an 
item or piece of equipment inside that I call the prize.  Also, it has 
the instrument, but that's not nearly as important.  Go forward and 
you'll enter a dark room.  You need to light the room to see.  One 
function of the Magic Powder is the more useful one.  That is, sprinkle 
it on the torches and they'll light.  Lighting both opens the door to 
the right.  Take it and you'll see two Stalfos.  Defeat them both and a 
Small Key falls down.

Use it on the door to the south.  Here, you'll see a mimicking monster 
similar to a Shy Guy in Mario games, although it is officially a Mask-
Mimic in Zelda games (because it mimics).  It copies your moves and 
reverses them, and the mask makes it hard to beat them.  To do so, 
though, lure them around the room so that you're facing away from it 
and you're back-to-back.  Charge a Spin Attack and use it to attack its 
vulnerable back, thus beating it.  A chest containing the Compass 
(most-useful item ever) appears.

Now go north and then right.  The object in here is called a crystal 
switch.  Not original to this game, it is very new in the Zelda world.  
Hit it and the blocks that are raised lowered and those downed rise.  
Hit it so that the blocks to the south lower and then go down.  The 
enemy present is an advanced Stalfos called a Stalfos Knight.  Defeat 
it and slash the crystal switch in here to make the treasure chest 
accessible.  Open it for a Small Key.  Now go right.  Pull out Roc's 
Feather and get ready to use it.

First, the floating object is Magic Powder, just in case you're low.  I 
recommend getting it anyways, even if you have plenty.  Right of it is 
a switch.  Press it and a treasure chest appears to the north.  Jump to 
it and open it for a Small Key.  Now jump back and hit the crystal 
switch.  Jump back north and then jump left.  Now go north one room.  
Here, you must defeat two Mask-Mimics.  Use the same strategy as before 
(stand back-to-back with it and use a Spin Attack) to beat it and a 
Small Key falls down.  You cannot reach it now, so we'll return for it 

For now, go south.  Hit the crystal switch and go west.  Go north and 
then east.  Take the Small Key to have two.  Now go left, hit the 
switch, and go left again.  In here, beat the Stalfos and go west 
again.  Use your Small Key on the west door in this dark room.  Stand 
in the doorway to avoid the razor traps and go left to light the 
braziers with your Magic Powder.  Go north and jump over the gap to 
open the chest for a Stone Fragment/Stone Beak, depending on which 
version of the game you're playing.

Go south and east.  Light the torches and go right.  Go right, and go 
through the old square pattern (south, right, north).  Here, go right 
and you'll see two Spiked Beetles.  Like our bout with them in Tail 
Cave, lift the shield up to them and they'll collide with it.  When 
flipped over, slash their underbellies and they'll be defeated.  Go 
north using the locked door.  In here, beat the Keese if you so desire.  
More importantly, push the two blocks toward each other and a staircase 
appears.  Take it down to a 2D screen.

Drop onto the platform over the spikes and jump when needed to the 
left.  Do the same here and climb the ladder to a new dark room.  Use 
Roc's Feather to jump forward.  The panel in the wall will flip and 
allow you to pass through to a new room.

                           Mini-Boss: Hinox

This muscle-bound Cyclops looks intimidating, but he's no trouble at 
all.  He's definitely the most memorable of all the sub bosses.  
Approach it with a charged Spin Attack.  Occasionally, Hinox will toss 
a bomb at you.  Retreat for this and then close in to hit it again.  
After a few hits, it explodes.  In its place are a Fairy (they restore 
all your health, for now) and a portal that you can use a shortcut to 
and from the first room.


Go right a room.  Here, defeat the hiding Keese and jump across the 
pits to go north.  The owl there really helped by the way (uniting a 
Stone Beak/Stone Fragment with an Owl Statue/Stone Slab gives you a 
hint).  The eye object in here acts as a vacuum and sucks you in, as 
well as the other residents of the room.  However, it is easy to resist 
its pull, allowing you to open the chest for the Dungeon Map.  As you 
can see, this dungeon is arranged in the shape of a pot.  When you can, 
go north.  Open the chest in here for 20 rupees.  If you've been 
following me, you probably have close to 200 rupees now, if not more.  
For now, go left into a dark room.  These two ghosts, called Ghinis, 
are known as the Boo Buddies (they name everything, what did I say?).

Use Magic Powder on the two torches in here to make them vulnerable to 
sword attacks.  Defeat them and a chest appears.  Open it for the Power 
Bracelet!  With it, you can lift objects formerly too heavy for weak 
little Link, like pots and rocks.  Go right and cross the blocks to the 
raised one.  Hit the crystal switch and fall into the pit, then go 
right and hit the switch again.  This time, go right to open the chest 
for a Small Key.  Before going east a screen, hit the crystal switch so 
that the majority of them are up.

To the right are a Hardhat Beetle and a Gel.  Defeat them and go right 
again.  In here you'll find a locked door.  Instead of taking it, go 
south.  In here are two enemies - a Pols Voice and a Stalfos Knight.  
Pols Voices are mysterious ghosts that seem invincible at first.  Push 
the front blocks (right down, left over) to free the beast and then 
throw a pot at it.  Kill the Keese in the corner before the other 
enemy.  Now defeat the Stalfos Knight as you would normally.

Open the chest that forms (if you beat the enemies in the right order) 
for the Nightmare's Key.  Go north and then east using the Small Key 
you got earlier on the door.  In this room, defeat both Pols Voices 
with pots and slash the Zol and resulting Gels to make a staircase 
appear.  Take it down to a 2D screen.  Stand on the first platform to 
make it fall.  Right a screen, lift the pot and stand on the platform 
and it will lower.  Take the ladder up to a new room.  Here, use Roc's 
Feather to jump forward and unlock the door to the Nightmare's Lair.  
Also, there's a chest in the first room containing 50 rupees if you're 
interested.  Now for the boss.

                         |    Boss: Genie    |

Quite a creative boss, huh?  "He's our bad guy this time."  These 
bosses are such dorks.  Genie, who looks more like a clown with issues, 
will pop out of the bottle here to attack you (which consists of him 
throwing fireballs around the room).  To beat him, slash the bottle 
when it is bouncing toward you.  Then pick it up and throw the bottle 
against the wall.  Three hits like this breaks the bottle and frees 
Genie.  Now you can attack all you want with your sword.  It will feel 
good after listening to that loser ramble.  But, Genie still has a few 
tricks up his/her sleeve.  Keep slashing it and it will spin around you 
with a double and throw a fireball.  A few hits like this and Genie 
will be defeated.  Genie wasn't that easy.  Its attacks do a lot of 
damage.  But when you have won, go west with another Heart Container.  
Here you'll find Conch Horn.  Playing the same song as the Full Moon 
Cello, it warps outside Bottle Grotto.  It tells us to search in the 

==============================Key Cavern*==============================

               |    The Deluxe Shovel and the Bombs    |

Note: If you're playing the DX version of this game, now is the perfect 
time to start collecting photographs.  That is, go east of the Moblins' 
hideout where you rescued BowWow and talk to the storeowner.

I know that you and BowWow have grown close, but it's time to return 
him to his owner, Lady MeowMeow.  Don't ask me; I didn't name them. To 
easily return to Mabe Village, no swamp involved, go right of Bottle 
Grotto's entrance and lift the stones.  Now go south to jump over the 
ledge down to where you fought the Great Moblin.

Now go to the southwest and then left into Mysterious Woods.  When you 
enter, go left to see rocks around a cave.  Lift the rocks with the 
Power Bracelet and you'll see that we can do nothing (yet).  We'll keep 
this place in mind for when we get a new item in the future.  Also, 
there's a chest blocked by a rock to the south.  The chest contains a 
Secret Seashell.  Now return to Mabe Village.  Talk to Lady MeowMeow in 
the house that BowWow was chained to and she'll give you a kiss for 
rescuing her poor puppy dog.

Exit quickly (awkward moment alert) and go right two screens, then 
north.  And there are two items on sale that we'll want to purchase.  
One item can be bought in bulk, ten of them, for ten rupees.  The 
Shovel, on the other hand, costs a whopping 200.  Buy the Deluxe Shovel 
(you should have enough after going through the dungeons) and the 
Bombs, the rightmost item.  Bombs are very useful.  Place them 
strategically when in battle to hurt enemies or use them to blow up 
fragile walls.  In fact, if you return to Tail Cave, go north, left, 
and north.  Bomb the left wall and open the chest in here for a Secret 
Seashell.  You want to collect them all, but what do they do?

                           |    The Bow    |

Replacing the Shovel, which digs hole, is the Bow.  It costs an 
outrageous 980 rupees.  Yes, the shopkeeper is running a lovely little 
monopoly.  Well, you have two options.  If you're incredibly honest and 
saintly, you can go out and kill monsters, collect treasure, etc. until 
you have enough rupees.  I laugh at you fools!  The easier way is to 
steal the Bow, which can and probably will be done.  Now, before 
stealing, I must warn you about the effects.  First, you will be called 
THIEF instead of whatever name you chose for Link from then on.

Second, the shopkeeper will kill you the next time you enter his shop 
in a manner much resembling the way the Emperor tries to kill Luke 
Skywalker in the sixth episode of Star Wars.  If you're aiming for a 
000 score on this game (not dying once), you must save up for it.  
Personally, stealing it isn't so bad.  Just don't mimic these actions 
in real life.  It's all just a game.  Remember that.  Now, if you want 
to steal it, here's what you do.  Pick up the item from the shelf and 
stand north of the shopkeeper so that he turns his head to look at you.

Now quickly run out the door.  Chances are he won't catch you and 
you'll get it for free.  After a little blurb about stealing, you go on 
with your life.  Just don't enter his shop again.  Now you can shoot 
arrows!  Plus, if you set your bombs and arrows to your two selected 
items and hit the button at the same time, you can fire an arrow with a 
bomb on it (kind of like a missile).  Cool!

                        |    Link's Trade    |

Before we advance, we need to prepare ourselves for the future.  In 
Mabe Village, go south twice of the normal shop to find the Trendy 
Game.  Although a major rip-off, we must play it in excess.  We are 
trying to win the doll of Yoshi in the center.  So, fork over the ten 
rupees it costs to play and step over to the switches.  Here, B moves 
the crane horizontally and A vertically.  Move the crane over until the 
shadow is exactly over the doll.  Now move the crane down with A so 
that the bottommost tips of the crane are between (in the space in the 
middle of) the two tracks moving around the board.  If done correctly, 
the Yoshi Doll will be picked up and dropped at your feet.  Yet another 
Mario cameo in a Zelda game, this time it's Yoshi, Mario and Luigi's 
trusty steed.

Regardless, we need this doll for tea parties, err, trading.  Three 
screens north and one left will lead you to the house of the Quadruplet 
Family, so called because they had quadruplets, or four babies at once.  
Talk to the mother with your Yoshi Doll and she'll want it.  Trade her 
it for the Ribbon.  And there's someone in town looking for one of 
these, too.  Go to Madam MeowMeow's house and enter by the right 
entrance.  Use the Shovel to dig in here for your fourth Secret 
Seashell.  Talk to the Chain Chomp here and it will give you Dog Food 
for the Ribbon.

Now, who would want Dog Food (sounds like a dumb question)?  Well, we 
only know a few freaks...  We'll have to find a new person for this one.  
Go to Toronbo Shores, the place where we found the Wooden Sword.  
Follow the north coast and you'll eventually reach an alligator.  After 
eating your Dog Food, he gives you the Bananas.  And that's where we 
stop this trade.

                        |    Ukuku Prairie    |

Go north of where you fought Great Moblin for BowWow and you'll see two 
Moblins by some rocks.  Defeat the former and lift the latter.  Now go 
right a screen to see a ladder.  Take it up and you'll find the Owl.  
Here on Mt. Tamaranch sleeps the Wind Fish in its egg.  Right now, it's 
not important too us, but we might as well get that Owl run-in out of 
the way.  Now that we have that established, let's return to Mabe 
Village (I know, I'm so annoying).  Our next destination is actually 
quite close to the village.  East of the shop is the entrance to Ukuku 
Prairie.  Lift the rock in the way and go east once more (jump into the 
hole, too.  The effect isn't obvious at first, but it'll pay off 

If you went north instead of east, you could find a cave with a chest 
with 50 rupees inside (push the blocks, obviously).  Now, east like I 
said, go east again.  Follow the path north and bomb the wall to the 
left to form a cave.  Enter if you want, but there's nothing we can do 
as of now.  Go right and you'll see a wall to the north that can be 
bombed.  Doing so reveals a Great Fairy Fountain.

Great Fairies (there's one in Mysterious Woods, too) heal all your 
wounds.  In this game, they appear as they did in the first Zelda game, 
The Legend of Zelda.  Go south of there to see a huge skull blocking 
your way.  Bomb it and it crumbles.  Follow the path to the right.  
Defeat the winged Octoroks here and go south.  Follow this path south 
around a huge garden until you reach a house, Richard's Villa to be 

                      |    Richard's Request    |

Richard, an avid amphibian-collector, is the prince of ancient Koholint 
Island, back when a king ruled it (that is, he has no power today, but 
he does still own a castle).  His servants went berserk and he fled to 
this dump.  He knows that you want the key to Ukuku Prairie.  He left 
behind a Golden Leaf in his castle.  Actually, there are five.  Agree 
to help him and he'll help you.  If you own a Shovel, which you should, 
you're ready to roll.  Go back up to where I first told you to go south 
until you reach Richard's Villa.  Instead of going south, go north.

Follow the path to the gates of Kanalet Castle, the oldest standing 
structure on all of Koholint Island.  It's locked right now, so let's 
go right twice to see a monkey.  Kiki here can be traded for the 
Bananas that we got from the alligator named Sale earlier.  For doing 
this, a gang of monkeys pop out of nowhere and build a bridge leading 
north.  Go forward to find the Stick, a left over part from the 
construction of the bridge.

It will be our next trade item, but for now let's go north.  Follow the 
path until you see a telephone booth.  Go left from it to see a bush.  
Slash it to reveal a staircase and take it down.  Go left using Roc's 
Cape.  When you emerge on the other side, go left and around the castle 
grounds to enter Kanalet Castle.

             |    The Golden Leaves of Kanalet Castle    |

As you already saw, some enemies called Kanalet Soldiers are roaming 
the castle with ready swords.  Inside, go left.  Here, you'll see two 
Gels and two Kanalet Soldiers.  Also, there's an enemy present called a 
Bubble.  It bounces around the room and will hurt you if it makes 
contact.  Defeat all the other enemies and a Gold Leaf falls down (I 
don't know what to call them!), even though everyone refers to them as 
Golden Leaves.

Pick it up and go north.  Defeat the spearman and the swordsman and 
then go right a screen.  Press the switch and the gate to the castle 
opens, allowing easy access.  Now take the ladder north and follow it 
left to a staircase.  At the top, go down into the pit.  See the two 
outlines of soldiers?  Bomb the wall there and they'll pop out.  Kill 
them both and the second drops a Gold Leaf.  That makes two.  Now take 
the ladder back up and go right.  Go south and then left to find an 
exit to the roof.

Take it and then go through the large door to the right to reenter it.  
Lift the pots for bombs and hearts, but save one at the end.  Toss it 
at the door to force it open and then go north.  It's a Ball & Chain 
Soldier, the most elite of the knights of Kanalet Castle.  To make it 
cake, shoot it twice with the Bow.  It drops the third Gold Leaf.  Now 
exit the castle to be back on the grounds outside.

Two more of those leaves are hidden out here.  First, go right of here 
to see six holes in the ground.  Kind of like Whack-A-Mole, a Kanalet 
Soldier will pop out randomly and throw a bomb at you.  Slash it if you 
can manage to and it will eventually kick the bucket, giving you the 
fourth Gold Leaf of course!  Go to the left (the castle is symmetric in 
layout, and it is the exact opposite of where you are) to see a bird 
sitting on a tree.  This enemy, called a Crow, sits there and does 
nothing.  To rouse it, throw a rock at it and it'll come flying at you.  
Slash it twice and it dies, leaving the fifth and final Gold Leaf 

Huzzah!  Let's return to Richard now.  After a bit of French, Richard 
moves to let you push a box beside him.  Do so and take the stairs you 
find down.  Take the northwest path and push the block.  Jump over the 
gap and open the chest for the fifth Secret Seashell.  With it, go to 
the northeast to a new level of the cave.  Go left and take the ladder 
down.  Now exit the cave.  Your goal is to south, then east, then north 
and left to that owl statue.  This is made difficult as most of the 
bushes have holes under them.  When you reach the owl, hear what it has 
to say.  Dig in front of it for the Slime Key.  Perfect.

                    |    Unlocking Key Cavern    |

Return to Richard's Villa and exit it.  Go left of it and follow the 
path to a keyhole.  Use the Slime Key there to open the dungeon.  To 
enter it, go back to Richard's Villa and go right of it until you see 
water to the left.  Step on the leftmost path and follow it down until 
you see an island to the left.  Jump to it with Roc's Feather and jump 
across these islands to land.  Climb the ladder up to an elevated 
platform, on which is some grass.  Dig in the center of it for the 
sixth Secret Seashell.  Now take the ladder back down to go west and 
into the third dungeon.

                         |    Key Cavern    |

Step forward and the door slams shut.  How rude!  Throw a pot at it 
with the Power Bracelet and proceed north.  Two enemies in here similar 
to Bob-ombs from the Mario series are called Bombites.  Slash them with 
your sword and they will ricochet around the room before exploding.  
Defeat the Stalfos Knight, too, and the Gel to make a chest appear.  
Open it for a Small Key.  Go north through the right door.  Defeat the 
four Zols that pop up and open the chest.  It is a dud, as you'll see 
when a Zol comes out to attack you.

Defeat it and go north.  Here, you'll encounter two Stalfos.  Defeat 
them and go north.  Take the stairs down to a lower floor, a B1 of 
sorts.  There are four locked doors, one in each cardinal direction.  
Go through the southern door using your only Small Key.  In here, 
you'll see an enemy that warps around the room and shoots spells at 
you.  I don't know the name, but boy does it look stupid.

Defeat the enemies in here, including the Zols hiding in the floor, and 
a Small Key falls down.  Take it and go north.  This time, go right.  
Take the stairs in here up a floor and walk around the room to lure all 
the Zols out.  Defeat them and a Small Key drops down.  Take it and go 
north.  Go left and you'll see a Zol surrounded by four Gels.  Defeat 
them all to open the doors.  Go north.

                       Mini-Boss: Dodongo Snakes

They've made the Dodongos into snakes.  You need at least six bombs to 
beat them, so come prepared.  If you're short, go south and then east.  
Here, lift the corner pot to find bombs.  Go south, take the stairs 
down and then back up, go north, and the pot will have a new bomb under 
it.  Repeat this until you have enough bombs (more is recommended) to 
fight these beasts.  Originally, Dodongos were dinosaur-like creatures 
that ate bombs and were vulnerable to them.  In this game, the snakes 
are the same way.  Place a bomb directly in front of their gaping 
mouths and they'll swallow a bomb.  After three explosions rock their 
tummy, they explode.  Each releases a separate Fairy and beating both 
makes a portal appear.  They really need to up the difficulty on these 


Go south and then left.  Why did we beat the Dodongo Snakes?  To open 
the portal of course!  In here you'll find two enemies.  Defeat it, as 
well as the Zols, to make a Small Key fall down to you.  Now go north 
through the flipping panel.  Defeat the Zols in here to make a chest 
appear to the right.  We'll get it later.  Now go north.  Use the 
Bombite to kill the Stalfos Knight and then lift the pots to jump for a 
bomb.  Take the stairs leading south to find a chest containing 50 
rupees.  Go back north and follow the path right.

You cannot access them, but it is a preview of the next rooms.  Go back 
left and follow the path south to a block.  Push it down and then go 
right a screen.  Go north and then east.  Defeat the Stalfos Knights 
and go north.  In here is a new type of Bombite.  Slash them and they 
start following you.  After three seconds or so, they explode.  When 
all are defeated, go left.  Open the chest here for the Compass!  
Defeat the other enemies and bomb the wall to the left.  Go through and 
take out the Bombites.  Beating them all makes a Small Key fall down.

Go right twice and head south.  Go left, south, and left.  Unlock the 
three blocks to the north.  Now we can go on no further.  Go down and 
go left to a door.  Take it and you'll be back in the Dodongo Snakes 
room.  We could've gotten this much earlier, but I didn't feel like it 
(what can I say?).  Go right and push the lower block in the pair left 
and the one above it forward.  Open the chest for the Pegasus Boots, 
this dungeon's prize!

With the Pegasus Boots, you can dash quickly.  Ramming into certain 
objects destroys them.  Try it on the crystals to the south.  Push the 
block to the right aside and go south, north, and then right.  Once 
there, beat the Stalfos Knights and bomb the south wall that the arrow 
points to.  Here, defeat the Stalfos Knight and equip Roc's Feather and 
the Pegasus Boots.  When dashing, jump to go even further than normal.  
Use this move to go right over the pit.  Go north and repeat it to open 
the chest.  It contains the Nightmare's Key.

Now that we've plundered all the treasures in the area and have wasted 
all our Small Keys (technically, we didn't waste them, but we're out), 
let's restock earlier in the dungeon.  Use the mini-boss portal to 
return to the start of the dungeon.  Starting by going right.  The eye 
here is repelling you with wind.  When it stops, dash to the right past 
it.  You can slash it to kill it.  Open the chest for a Small Key.  
That's all we need, but we'll be opening some other chests while we're 
in the dungeon.  Go back left and throw a pot at the door to go north.

Go to the northwest and charge the crystals ahead of you.  Go north and 
follow this path, killing the Gel as you go.  At the end, turn right 
and go down.  Defeat the Stalfos in the room that the Gel was in to 
make a chest appear.  Open it for 200 rupees (nice!).  Now that we have 
it, go north and take the stairs down.  This time, lets use our Small 
Key to go left.  Defeat the enemies here for another Small Key.  Now go 
north.  Defeat the Stalfos Knight and the Stalfos for a Small Key.  Now 
hit the crystal switch and go south.

Take the stairs up.  To the left you'll find the Stone Fragment/Stone 
Beak, depending on what version you're playing.  Now go south twice to 
a room with Zols.  Slash them and go right.  Follow the path right and 
open the chest for the Dungeon Map.  Now that we have opened all the 
chests, go left and south to the starting room.  Warp using the portal 
and go south.  To the right is a path leading north.  Follow it, 
unlocking all blocks you may or may not have before, to a set of 

In here is a Thwomp, another Mario enemy, against a 2D background.  Get 
onto the same level s it by using the ladder and dash into the Thwomp 
using the Pegasus Boots.  Now go right.  Here, use the Roc's 
Feather/Pegasus Boots combination to cross the spike bed to a ladder.  
When the Piranha Plant is down, go right over the pipe and take the 
ladder down.  In here, dash across the room to defeat the enemies.  
Also, jump for the recovery heart if you need it.  Go left to a room 
filled with Keese and conveyor belts.  Defeat the former to make a 
Small Key fall down to us, not that it's very useful to us now.  Go 
north into the Nightmare's Lair.

                      |    Boss: Slime Eyes    |

After taunting you like a two-year old, the boss starts dropping Zols 
down on you.  To lure it out, dash into the north wall with the Pegasus 
Boots.  A huge eye falls down from the ceiling.  Quickly run in front 
of it and slash the pupil.  Slowly, it starts to divide into two eye, 
hence the "eyes."  When they are as divided as they'll ever be, charge 
through the center with the Pegasus Boots.  This divides the monster 
into two separate entities.  Slash both, but focus on one at first.  
They will repeatedly jump and fall down, stunning you momentarily.  
Defeating one will make the task of beating the boss twice as easy.  
Keep slashing, not necessarily the pupils, and they die in an explosion 
(what else?).  Pick up the Heart Container they leave behind and go 
north.  Take the third instrument, the Sea Lily's Bell!  Its chimes 
play the same song as before, warping you back to the starting point.  
The instrument seems to whisper waterfall...

===========================Angler's Tunnel*============================

                      |    To Animal Village    |

Go right and hop to the island.  And then comes the Owl.  Mostly, he 
echoes what we heard earlier and tells us to go to Yarna Desert.  Go 
right across the islands and then go north.  Go north and then right.  
Now go north twice and then east.  Now go south twice.  Go down in that 
maze the Moblins are in and lift the rock for the seventh Secret 
Seashell.  Go back north and then right.  Here, slash the bush to make 
a staircase appear.

Take it down and go right.  Make sure stay in the shallows.  Here, dash 
through the crystals to take the stairs up.  Go south twice and go 
right using the lower path to enter the Animal Village.  Go south and 
then right.  Go down into the water.  Here, you'll see a portal similar 
to the one near the beginning of Ukuku Prairie.  You can now warp to 
the village quickly without having to go through all that effort.

Reenter Animal Village and go left in it.  Go south twice and then head 
east.  A large walrus is blocking the way to Yarna Desert.  Take the 
portal back to Ukuku Prairie and go left into Mabe Village.  You'll 
find Marin north of her house (you started the game there).

                         |    The Ocarina    |

Talk to her and she'll sing a song - the Ballad of the Wind Fish.  It 
sure would be nice if we could play it on some instrument...  Go left and 
then north.  See the house?  Lift the rocks in front of it and enter.  
Sleep here and you will have a vivid dream.  It is what this house is 
famous for.  The monsters inside are almost invincible.  However, they 
are very weak in essence.  Dash through them with the Pegasus Boots to 
beat them.  Follow the path to a set of stairs.  Take both up here to 
find a chest containing 100 rupees.

Now go down and look to the left to see a crystal.  Dash through it and 
take the stairs north.  Open this chest for the Ocarina.  This is the 
first Zelda game to use the Ocarina as an instrument, but it's 
definitely not the last.  The next game in the series is Ocarina of 
Time, by far the most famous of any Zelda game.  Now dash right out of 
this creepy place.  Go to Marin and get her to start singing by talking 
to her.  Make beautiful music with her and say that it sticks in your 
mind.  You learned the Balled of the Wind Fish!

                        |    The Tag-Along    |

Go to the portal in Ukuku Prairie and go right.  Go north and then 
right to see Tarin.  He is looking at something that might've caught 
your eye earlier - a beehive.  Talk to Tarin and he'll borrow your 
Stick we got from Kiki earlier.  With it, Tarin hits the hive and they 
all start chasing him.  Ha!  This game is better than I thought.  Lift 
the Honeycomb that fell.  Surly someone wants it somewhere.  Yes, 
that's true.  Go to the warp portal near Mabe Village and warp to 
Animal Village.

Go right and north to a house.  Inside is Chef Bear, a cook out of 
ingredients.  If you let him have the Honeycomb, he'll give you a 
Pineapple.  He also suggests that we take Marin to wake it up.  Go over 
and talk to the walrus.  Sound asleep.  Now warp to Mabe Village and go 
left twice to where Marin usually is.  However, Marin is not there.  
The boy here says that she went to the ocean.  Go south to Toronbo 

Go down until you can see the sea and then go right until you find her.  
The Leevers, Octoroks, and Sea Urchins are cake for you now.  When you 
go as far right as you can, go north, east (while in this screen, lift 
the rocks to take the content of a chest here, 50 rupees), and south.  
Go south and talk to her.  Sitting on a log together, they stare out at 
the sea with seagulls above.

Honestly, there has never been a moment like this in a Zelda game, let 
alone Nintendo.  I, err, my "friend," was so crying when I, I mean, he 
saw this.  After making religious reference to the Wind Fish, she asks 
if you're listening.  Say yes and she says something.  I hate it when 
this happens in Zelda games (especially Ruto in Ocarina of Time...).  
Well, Marin is now going to follow you.  You got Marin!  What do they 
mean by "is this your big chance?"

Before you go to Yarna Desert, there are a few things you need to do 
with Marin.  I recommend doing the following (very funny): the Trendy 
Game (Marin wants to play with your money), dig holes, fall in the with 
the Piece of Heart, throw a pot, check chests in houses, play the 
Ocarina, and attack Cuccos over and over.  When you're done having fun, 
let's move on.

                        |    Yarna Desert    |

Northeast of that portal to Animal Village is a cave we blew up earlier 
(before Key Cavern).  Enter it and equip the Pegasus Boots.  Dash 
through the line of crystals while avoiding the Spark to go north.  
Here, go south.  Crush the crystal, push the block aside, and open the 
chest for 50 rupees.  Now exit the cave and go to that portal.  Take it 
to Animal Village.  Go back to where that walrus was and unleash Marin.  
When the walrus wakes up, it rolls over into the water.  A bunny then 
comes to take Marin back to Animal Village to entertain the masses.  So 
long!  She was holding us back, anyways.

Go right into the desert.  If you explore, you'll find Pokeys (Mario 
reference #...  I lost count) and Leevers.  If you go north from the 
start several times, though, you'll find a monster.  It's the Lanmola!  
It's a classic Zelda enemy.  Attack the head and it will eventually 
die, making for a very easy battle.  Just make sure the quicksand 
doesn't take you in.  If it does, go right, take the stairs up, and go 
west back to the boss.  When it explodes, take the Angler Key.

Afterward, be sucked in by the quicksand and go right.  Take the stairs 
and then go south along the right wall.  At the end, lift the rocks to 
find the eighth Secret Seashell.  Go south of the quicksand along the 
left wall and the Owl swoops down to hoot at you.  He says that the 
next dungeon is in the mountain waterfall.  Great.  Return to Mabe 
Village, restock, and get ready for the worst dungeon yet.

                       |    Tal Tal Heights    |

Go north into Mysterious Woods and exit it to the east.  Jump over the 
pits to the north to be by the Moblins' Hideout.  Go north, beat the 
baddies, and then lift the rocks.  Head right along the north path.  
Eventually you'll reach two Moblins by a rock.  Defeat the former and 
lift the latter.  Now go right.  Take the ladder down and then go 
north.  Watch the water.  You'll see a cave one space to the right.  
Here, there are two new enemies called Tektites.  Simply slash them to 
defeat them.  Right again and you'll see a keyhole before a waterfall.  
Unlock it and the water ahead of you drains to form the entrance to 
Angler's Tunnel.

Go right again to see a warp portal (go through the cycle).  Now we can 
warp to this area easily using the Animal Village/Ukuku Prairie warp.  
Now go left continuously until you see stairs leading up (they're right 
of the stairs leading to the Wind Fish's egg).  Take them up once and 
then enter the cave.  Defeat the Hardhat Beetle and go right.  Here, 
jump over the top pit with Roc's Feather and quickly run to the right, 
slash the crystals, and stand there.

Defeat the Zol that hops toward you and then quickly rush in and push 
the uppermost block right.  Push the lower block right and then the one 
below it down.  Now take the stairs.  Go right and take the stairs up.  
Go right again, go south using the cave door, and open the chest for 50 
rupees.  Reenter the cave and dash through the crystals to the right.  
Dash again and exit the cave.

Here, go right until you're positioned on the map above Angler's 
Tunnel.  When you are, jump off the mountain and down in front of the 
dungeon.  Enter it if you dare...

                       |    Angler's Tunnel    |

Go north into a room with two Spiked Beetles and Gels.  Use the shield 
to flip the former and then slash them.  As for the Gels, you know what 
to do.  Go right and defeat the enemies.  Open the chest for a Compass 
and then go south.  Defeat the aquatic enemies present here with a 
sword slash and the door will open.  Now slash the crystals to make a 
path to the chest, which contains a Small Key.  Go north and then left.  
Here, take the stairs up and go north.  Go right and follow the path to 
eventually take a ladder down.  Run toward the hole with the Pegasus 
Boots and leap over the gap using Roc's Feather.

Now go right.  Defeat enemies as they threaten you and then bomb the 
cracked block to the right.  Push the block to the right and open the 
chest for a Small Key.  Now go north.  The enemies here are called 
Peahats.  Like the first Zelda game, they are only vulnerable when they 
are still, that is, not moving.  Defeating them does nothing for you 
anyways, so go north.  Ahead of you is a cracked block.  Bomb it and 
open the chest for a Small Key.  Now that we're armed with three, 
backtrack to the room north of the room that held the Compass (which is 
northeast of the first room).

Go right using one of your Small Keys.  In here, jump over the water 
and enemies to go north through the locked door.  Go north from here to 
that intersection room we made a leap of faith in earlier.  This time, 
dash forward and jump o'er the pit to go north.  Unlock the key block 
here and push the block forth.  Defeat the Stalfos Knight and kill the 
Star, a brand new enemy that bounces around the room.  Go left a room.

Defeat the Zols and resulting Gels.  A Small Key falls down...  right 
into the hole.  I hate it when that happens.  Go south twice and use 
Roc's Feather to jump the water gaps.  Just avoid the Peahat and jump 
left to go west a room.  You have no choice but to go left, so do so.  
Go north and you'll see two Stalfos Knights and two Zols.  What?  You 
see only one?  Well, open the chest and you'll find the second.  Go 
north and then go right.

Here, you'll find a chest.  Open it for a Small Key, but be sure to 
avoid the Spark and fireballs.  When you have it, go left, then south.  
This time, go left.  Return to the room with the locked door, which is 
the one that the Small Key fell into a hole in.  Unlock the door there 
and go north.

                          Mini-Boss: Cue Ball

This boss is pretty darn easy.  The back of its head is the vulnerable 
part.  Yes, this boss acts much like Big Octo in Ocarina of Time.  That 
is, it dashes around the room to hurt you.  Pull out the Pegasus Boots 
and dash around the room until you get behind it.  When you have the 
sword out when dashing, you automatically perform a Dash Attack.  Seven 
such hits in the back of the head will defeat Cue Ball, leaving behind 
a Fairy and a portal.


Go north and pull out the Power Bracelet.  Pull the lever back and the 
blocks blocking the left exit repel.  When the Spark is out of the way, 
make a run for the western exit.  In this new room, climb the stairs 
and open the chest for this dungeon's prize...  the Flippers!  We can 
finally swim in water now.  With it, go south and defeat the Zols to 
open the door.  Now go down a room.  In here are two new enemies of the 
same card.  Called Iron Masks, they are invulnerable to frontal 
attacks.  Slash their behinds twice to finish them.

Regardless, go south.  Go here and walk down to the water and swim 
right a screen to the fallen key room.  Go right a screen and take the 
stairs down.  Jump across the platforms and go left.  Here, the Small 
Key falls into the water.  Swim down to it and take your reward.  
Surface and go left, then south.  Swim to the left and in this screen, 
swim to the chest containing 50 rupees.  Go south and then head left.  
Go north twice from here.  The tiles here must be stepped on in the 
correct order.

Step on the center, the upper-right, the lower-right, the lower-left, 
and then the upper-left tile.  Lo and behold!  A staircase forms.  Take 
it down to a 2D screen.  Walk left so that the Thwomp starts to fall, 
then pull back.  As it rises, go left to a new room.  Repeat this 
process here to go left.  Step forward so that the Thwomp falls and 
then jump to the ladder, then to the right onto the Thwomp's top.  Jump 
left and take the ladder up.  Go south from here to find the 
Nightmare's Key in a chest.

If we wanted to, we could go fight the boss.  However, I always get, at 
least, the Dungeon Map and other accessories.  From the starting room, 
go forward and take the ladder up.  Head right and you'll soon reach a 
ladder leading down to the Stone Beak/Fragment.  Go north of that room 
using the path you opened the locked door to reach a room with another 
chest.  Swim to the left and open it for 50 rupees.  Go left a screen 
and then go north continuously until you reach the chest with the 
Dungeon Map in it.

Now that we've opened every chest, let's go fight the boss.  From the 
start, warp to Cue Ball's room.  Go south three times and then swim 
west twice.  Go north and then left.  Here, it would seem that we 
reached a dead-end.  However, it's certainly not.  Jump diagonally to 
the left and then go north into the Nightmare's Lair.

                      |    Boss: Angler Fish    |

It would seem that you could go north into the instrument room.  
However, you can't!  The door slams shut and a staircase is sitting in 
the middle of the floor.  Take it down to a 2D room.  Yes, we fight 
this boss, Angler Fish, in a 2D screen.  It reminds me of Adventure of 
Link, in which the entire game was 2D.  Quite possibly, this is the 
easiest boss in the game.  Very slowly, miniature monsters appear 
called Cheep Cheeps, Mario enemies.  However, the monster is very weak.  
Slash its face beneath the light fixture quickly and furiously and it 
will die in about ten seconds.  Take the Heart Container that sinks 
(they're denser than water) and swim up to the ladder.

Take it up and go north to find the Sea Harp.  We're already halfway 
done in terms of collecting the Instruments of the Sirens.  After 
playing that mysterious song, you warp to the entrance of Angler's 
Tunnel.  It speaks of the bay...

============================Catfish's Maw*=============================

                        |    Manbo's Mambo    |

Get in the water and swim left a screen from the entrance to Angler's 
Tunnel.  Enter the cave here.  It's Angler's brother!  No, but 
seriously, swim to it and it starts to talk.  It is Manbo, child of the 
Sun Fish.  See, they have fish for everything on this island.  Tell him 
that you have an Ocarina, which you should, and he'll teach you his 
song.  It is called Manbo's Mambo, and it is your second song.  And it 
sounds pretty good, too.

Now go right until you see a cave above the water.  Enter it and you'll 
be in a large empty room.  Press B to dive and wander around the water 
floor until you find a Piece of Heart.  Swim back left and take the 
stairs near the entrance to Angler's Tunnel.  When you take them, go 
right to a stone.  Push it in and jump over the block here.  Take the 
stairs up and behold!

You're on the surface.  Play Manbo's Mambo and you'll reappear in a 
strange pool of water.  To the north is Crazy Tracy's shop.  She will 
sell potions that revive you when you die.  Yes, they replaced Fairies 
with this.  Also, a strange apparition should be following you by now.

                          |    The Ghost    |

Lift the rock to the left of Crazy Tracy's, and then go left again.  Go 
through all of Mysterious Woods and Mabe Village to Toronbo Shores.  
You know where you met Marin?  It is the most southeastern space in the 
place.  Go north from there and lift the rock to the right.  Go east a 
screen and then go south.  Here, there's a house.  When you approach 
it, the ghost demands that you enter.  Thanks for leading the spirit 
back to its house.  After checking it out, the ghost demands to be 
taken to the cemetery.  How much nostalgia can it stand, really?

Use Manbo's Mambo to warp to the pool in front of Crazy Tracy's Health 
Spa and then go right.  Lift the rock.  Welcome to Tabahl Wasteland.  
South of it is the cemetery.  Go south, go left, and then go south.  
That's the Witch's Hut to your left.  Jump over the hole and go left.  
Lift the rock and go down.  Avoid the monsters here and go south.  Go 
left and then north to a lone gravestone.

The ghost tells you to look in a jar in its home before leaving.  Then 
the Owl swoops down to deliver another well-planned, ultra-boring 
speech.  After hooting you off, he leaves. Phew!

                        |    The L-2 Sword    |

Go to the ghost's house and lift the pots in the corner for a Secret 
Seashell.  You did all that for that?  Well, that's a very good reward.  
We need twenty Secret Seashells to reap their rewards, and that leaves 
us with eleven more to get.  The Flippers make this possible.  However, 
if you haven't been following my guide, I will just re-list the Secret 
Seashells we've gotten now.

1) East of Marin's house in Mabe Village is a screen with many bushes.  
Slash them and a Secret Seashell will pop out.

2) In Mabe Village, dig in the dog house by Madam MeowMeow's house for 
a Secret Seashell.

3) In Mysterious Woods, when you enter, go north.  Now go right.  Lift 
the rock here with the Power Bracelet to open a chest containing a 
Secret Seashell.

4) In Tail Cave, go north and then west to a room where you can blow up 
the wall, revealing a room with a chest containing a Secret Seashell.

5) In the basement of Richard's Villa, take the northwest passage and 
jump over a hole to open a chest holding a Secret Seashell of all 

6) Go right one screen from the entrance to Key Cavern and climb the 
ladder here.  Go left and dig in the center of the grass for a Secret 

7) You know the staircase we used to go to Animal Village the first 
time?  Go left of it and then south.  Lift the rock in here for a 
Secret Seashell.

8) There's a cave in the northeast part of Yarna Desert.  Hug the right 
wall and go south to eventually find two rocks, under one of which is a 
Secret Seashell.

9) After leading the ghost back to its grave, you can check in its 
house under some jars for a Secret Seashell.

That's as far as we've gotten right now.  However, we can continue on 
this quest by collecting eleven more with little difficulty.  It just 
takes a bit of traveling.

10) West of Tail Cave is a lone tree.  Dash into it with the Pegasus 
Boots for a Secret Seashell.  Dash into it from the right.

11) Go to the gates of Kanalet Castle and stop.  Go right twice to 
where you met Kiki and then go south.  Go south again, then left, and 
then north.  This is the Seashell Mansion, where you go to redeem your 
Secret Seashells.  If you have exactly ten, pass through the bars and 
you'll get a Secret Seashell in return.

12) East of Seashell Mansion described in # 11 are several bushes.  
Under the northeast corner hedge is a Secret Seashell.

13) Swim south of where you got # 12 and jump over the ledge.  Enter 
the water via water and swim down the southern stream to reach two 
ladders.  Take the southern one and head south from there.  Enter the 
water and swim left twice to reach a ladder.  Take it and go south (on 
land) and then east.  Slash the bush here for a Secret Seashell.

14) Go left of where you got # 13 and then go south.  Here, enter the 
water and swim to the island, which has a Secret Seashell hidden under 
the bush on it.

15) In Ukuku Prairie, there's an island one screen northeast of the 
entrance to Key Cavern.  Slash the bush here from the north end of the 
island and a Secret Seashell flies south, just barely remaining on the 
island.  Get it.

16) This is also in Ukuku Prairie.  Two screens east of where you heard 
the Owl speak to you after Key Cavern (you cannot go east directly; 
you'll have to go east, north, east, north, north, east, and south 
twice).  This is the same screen that we got Secret Seashell # 7.  
Here, go west via the southern path and enter the cave.  Go west a 
screen in this cave and bomb the western pocket.  Go left and jump to 
the staircase.  Take it up and go left.  Here, defeat any Zols you 
encounter and push the block to the left by the hole into the hole.  
Jump over the hole and go left once.  Now go down and around that path 
to go right again.  Here, do you see the stone you pushed originally?  
Look directly south of it two stones.  Push this stone over and the one 
above where it was north.  Now exit the cave.  Go north once to see an 
owl statue.  Talk to it and it says something about nigh secrets.  As 
always, this means that you must dig around it for a Secret Seashell.  
Whoa!  That was a long, but easy and cleverly hidden, shell.

17) Go to the Witch's Hut.  One screen west of it is a rock.  Lift it 
and take the ladder down to the living dead zone.  Slash the bush here 
and dig where it was for a Secret Seashell.

18) When you enter Ukuku Prairie from Mabe Village, go south once to 
find a telephone booth.  Dash into the tree right of it and a Secret 
Seashell flies forth.

19) You know where the Wind Fish's egg is, right?  Go there and then go 
south twice.  You should now be in Tal Tal Heights.  Go right and take 
this ladder up.  Go through the cave here to end up outside, as if we 
were going to Angler's Tunnel for the first time.  Go as far east as 
you can and you'll end up at a pool of water.  Swim right in it and go 
right a screen to a cave.  Enter it and you'll see lots of shallow 
water, but one spot is dry.  Bomb the wall touching there and go north.  
Take the stairs up and go south.  Open the chests here if want (you can 
get 80 at most), but go south afterward.  Here, go south, defeat the 
Tektite, and open the chest for a Secret Seashell.

20) In the above shell, we went to a part of Tal Tal Mountain Range 
that had Flippers-required water, right?  Go there and take the ladder 
north.  From here, go west twice, north once, and then east twice to 
three rocks.  Lift the corner one for a Secret Shell.

Although there are 26 Secret Seashells, you only need to collect 
twenty.  There is no reward for getting all 26, and it is quite 
possible to make it impossible for you to get a few of them (hence, 
there are 26).  Go to Seashell Mansion when you have all twenty and 
pass through the bars.  The bar fills and the spirit of Seashell 
Mansion makes lightning forge a blade.

Take it for the L-2 Sword!  It is far superior to your horrible Wooden 
Sword.  It is twice as strong and is capable of defeating most enemies 
in one swipe.  Also, if you're health is full, you can make a sword 
beam fly from your blade as a projectile.  Neat-o!

                       |    Into the Jowls    |

Now that we have the new sword, we're ready to continue our adventure 
by heading into Catfish's Maw.  With the Flippers secure in our 
possession, we can enter it quite easily.  In fact, you've already seen 
the entrance if you used my guide to get the L-2 Sword.  By the way, if 
you decided not to steal the Bow from the shop in Mabe Village, you 
should have just enough to make the purchase about now (I think losing 
one life was worth having it three dungeons early).

From the House By the Bay (the home of the ghost you led back to the 
cemetery), go right to a gap.  Jump it using Roc's Feather and the 
Pegasus Boots, then go north.  Go right and then north again.  Here, 
get in the water and swim right.  Here is the entrance to the dungeon.  
However, there's the small matter of getting in.  After all, the place 
is surrounded by rocks.  If you dive along the sides, you'll eventually 
come to a 2D screen (it's the small pocket on the left side).  Swim 
right and surface to be within the ring of rock.  Now enter Level 5.

                        |    Catfish's Maw    |

This dungeon's prize is quite useful.  It will let us do a few things 
we couldn't earlier.  Go left a room and you'll see a Spark, an Iron 
Mask, and a Zol.  Skip over all of these to go left again.  You'll find 
another Iron Mask here among the Keese.  Defeat every enemy to open the 
door to the left and then take it.  Obviously, open the chest for the 
Compass.  It is undoubtedly my favorite dungeon item, and I am happy.

With it, take the stairs in this room.  Use the chained platform, which 
act as balances, to cross the gap and go left.  Repeat this process on 
a larger scale to the left and then take the ladder up.  As the tone 
will tell you, there's a key in these parts.  Defeat the Stalfos and 
then slash the crystals away.  When this is accomplished, push the 
blocks together so that they form a box.  A Small Key falls down to 

Take it and go left.  There's nothing in this room at first glance, and 
there's nothing in it at second glance either.  So, play Manbo's Mambo.  
Rather than appearing outside Crazy Tracy's, you appear at the 
beginning of the dungeon.  Go left twice and head through the north 
door using your Small Key.

Defeat the enemies if you'd like and go left a room.  Here, stand still 
when you enter to avoid the blades of two razor traps.  Step forward as 
they retract and defeat the two Iron Masks by attacking their 
unshielded rears.  Go left from there to a new room.  Defeat both Iron 
Masks in this room and a chest appears.  Open it for the Stone 
Slab/Beak, differing based on which version you're playing.  Make sure 
to jump for the bombs and return right.  Go right again and head north.  
Defeat the Stalfos here and the door opens.  Take it.

In a somewhat mini-boss-like battle, you must fight Master Stalfos.  
He's one resilient fighter.  You'll face him a total of five times in 
this dungeon.  He looks intimidating at first glance, but they behave 
just like Skeleton Knights do in A Link to the Past.  Slash his 
vulnerable side and it'll collapse.  Bomb its remains quickly before it 
springs back to life to do damage.  Three hits like that and he runs 
away.  If only Link could jump like that...  Go right and open the chest.  
Up, nothing... only a note stating that Master Stalfos took the 
contents of the chest.

Go north to a room with blocks in the shape of an X.  Yes, this dungeon 
is a lot like Ice Palace from A Link to the Past, both in Skeleton 
Knights and this room.  Push the block forward and go left, then return 
right.  Push the block aside and go north.  Return south, press the 
switch, and push the block down to go right one room to your old 
friend, Master Stalfos.

This guy's a grade "A" coward.  He's afraid of you - a guy a fraction 
of his age (Link is a kid in this game) with explosives.  Beat him like 
last time.  This time, though, he's weakened; he takes two hits.  Go 
left out of this room afterward and go north.  Defeat the dual Stalfos 
Knights and a Star.  Go north from there and go left.  In here, defeat 
the Zols (stand near the edge to make one to the southwest appear) and 
go north.  It's our third encounter with Master Stalfos, your best pal.

You know the drill.  He still takes only two hits.  Go left after hand-
delivering a whooping to him and you'll find a room with a chest.  Lift 
the pots and defeat the Stalfos.  Open the chest for the Dungeon Map.  
Sweet deal.  Now play Manbo's Mambo to reappear at the beginning of the 
dungeon.  Remember the room where we got the first Small Key?  Go there 
and go left.

This time, he's not the official mini-boss.  This time, though, he's 
determined.  He takes three hits, unlike his previous two battles.  
Although you already know, I'll cover it here.  Slash his vulnerable 
side, which depends on the way he's facing.  He will collapse into a 
pile of bone.  Bomb it and he takes a hit.  After dying, Master Stalfos 
leaves behind the dungeon's prize... the Hook Shot!  With its 
retracting hook, you can grapple to different objects.  It's the height 
of Hylian technology.  Normally, this item is spelled "Hookshot," and I 
will refer to it as such throughout the rest of the guide.  Now play 
Manbo's Mambo to return to the start of the dungeon.  It's so useful!

We're going to sweep through the dungeon, collecting all of the 
Hookshot-related prizes within.  Go left from the start twice.  Go 
right on the upper path and then Hookshot to the chest.  Open it for 
200 rupees.  Hookshot to the block to the left and go left again.  Go 
north, left, and north.  Go left from here to a room filled with pits.  
Hop across them using Roc's Cape (or Hookshot to the block) and go 
left.  Hookshot to the chest to your left and open it for a Small Key.

Take note of the Iron Masks.  With the Hookshot, you can kill them from 
the side with the greatest of ease.  Or, you can pull off their masks 
from the front and then slash them like a weak Zol.  Go right afterward 
and Hookshot right over the gaps.  See that rolled bridge?  Hookshot it 
to drag it toward you on the rebound, forming a path over the gap.  
Walk across and go left using your Small Key.

                           Mini-Boss: Gohmas

You need the arrows (or the Hookshot or sword) to best these beasts.  
Gohma used to be a boss in the first Zelda.  You wouldn't know it, 
though, because it's so easy.  I suggest that you use the Hookshot and 
shield.  The shield can block their fireballs, and your newest item can 
hurt them.  The Gohmas only attack one at a time; you must be in their 
range to be attacked.  Remember, you can use the Hookshot many times 
when the eye is open because it's so fast.  Take the hearts from 
beating them and a portal appears.  Personally, I liked Master Stalfos 
much better as a sub boss than any Gohma any day.


We will return there later.  For now, go east through the lower door 
and head south through the first exit.  Go south again and head east.  
Take a north here and defeat the Stalfos.  Try it; the Hookshot can 
beat each in one shot.  Go right from here and go north to the X room.  
Push the block forward, go left, go right, push the block over, and go 
north.  Here, jump to the right space and Hookshot to the treasure 
chest north of you.  It contains 50 rupees.

Go right and Hookshot to the block.  Go down and open the chest for a 
Small Key.  Hookshot back and go left.  Now head north.  Pull the 
bridge to you and cross it to a chest holding 50 rupees.  Grapple to 
the block to the left and go south two screens to the X room.  Push the 
block down and go left.  Go north and get in the water.  Dive in the 
center to enter a 2D screen.  Swim left and jump up to a ladder.  You 
can tell that this room was meant to be secret.  It's not on the map or 
the Compass.  Grapple to the bridge south of here and cross the path to 
a chest.  Open the chest for this dungeon's Nightmare's Key.

Now play Manbo's Mambo.  Take the portal here to the mini-boss room and 
go right through the upper door.  Take the stairs down to a 2D screen.  
Climb down the ladder and jump left with Roc's Feather.  Hookshot to 
the Bowser head here (another Mario cameo!  Sheesh!) and go left to the 
ladder.  When you emerge, unlock the key block.  Go left using the 
Hookshot and go north into the Nightmare's Lair.

                       |    Boss: Slime Eel    |

It's a ssssnake.  I wonder how the game's text writers were paid...  In 
fact, this is the first boss to acknowledge the Wind Fish's existence.  
First, the tail of Slime Eel breaks through the floor.  Then its head 
breaks through the wall.  Let's get ready to rumble.  Stand on one side 
of the room, either one, facing the tail.  If the head pops out on 
either of the closer holes, Hookshot it and attack its second segment, 
the vulnerable one (you can even see its Heart Container).  After nine 
slashes, it speaks.  It says that we must not know what kind of island 
this is...  After calling you a fool, it leaves a Heart Container 

Slime Eel was wiser than most of these idiot bosses.  What did he know 
that we didn't?  Regardless, go north and take the Wind Marimba.  It 
plays the song of the Wind Fish and takes you outside the dungeon.  It 
speaks of the shrine...

=============================Face Shrine*==============================

        |    The Secret of Koholint Island - The Face Key    |

Exit the circle of rocks by diving to the left.  Now swim east and take 
the ladder up.  Follow the path north and go east.  Go north, following 
the path, and you'll officially enter a part of the map called Face 
Shrine.  Pretty soon, the Owl swoops down in an attempt to force you to 
dislocate your jaw by yawning.  Ahead are ruins, to the south and to 
the north.  The southern ruins speak of the Wind Fish.  I don't know 
what that was all about, but let's go south.

Go right and take out the Power Bracelet.  Defeat the Red Tektites as 
you come by them and go right.  Go south from here to the ruin areas.  
On the file select screen, you know that suit of armor in the 
background?  That is an Armos, and they are the enemies that make up 
this area.  Explore the area if you want, just don't touch any Armos 
(some will spring to life to attack you, at which point you must bomb 
them to defeat them) unless you need to.

Eventually, you'll reach the southwestern-most screen.  You'll have to 
push aside Armos to do this.  The best path is south, west twice, 
north, south around the other side, and then west.  Go north of here 
and enter the shrine, which looks like Eastern Palace from A Link to 
the Past on the outside.

Apparently it is.  Go north to find the Armos Knight, which was the 
boss of Eastern Palace in A Link to the Past (only there were several).  
In this game, it behaves in much the same way.  Activate it and then 
stand toward the south.  The Armos Knight will inch toward you, 
occasionally making a big jump that stuns you for a second.  However, 
it is very easy.  Shoot arrows with your Bow at it nonstop and it will 
get hit.  Every five times, it loses a layer of armor, eventually 
cracking its armor and then its helmet.

Take the Face Key that drops down afterward.  With it, you can enter 
the northern shrine.  Now go north.  Light the torches with the Magic 
Powder.  Here you'll see an inscription.  Read it.  It is as follows, 
and is very important text.


And to this, Link (or the narrator, I don't know) wonders what it means 
(kind of stupid, really).  Well, this is definitely the strangest Zelda 
game yet.  I finally know what they based the Matrix on...

                     |    The Northern Shrine    |

Exit and the Owl comes to talk to you.  He just tells you to take a 
chance and see what happens.  After all, you might be discouraged from 
awakening the Wind Fish if you thought you would disappear afterward.  
While you're in the southern region of the shrine, go to the screen 
that is two north of the northwest corner of Yarna Desert on the map.

In here, you can find a staircase on the left with stairs leading to a 
chest holding 20 rupees.  Go north to the area beneath the two ends of 
the shrine.  Go left of here and pick the rocks up as you make your way 
to the northwest.  Go left of here and you'll see two ladders.  If you 
bomb the north wall here, you'll find a Fairy Fountain.  When you've 
healed, exit and go south into the water.  Swim south to the island 
with the two Armos we saw earlier.

Here, defeat the left one to reveal a staircase.  Of course, take the 
stairs down.  Swim left and to a new screen.  Hookshot over the gap and 
take the stairs up.  Go north on the lower tier of this island to find 
a lock.  Unlock the dungeon here.  Actually, the ruins rise from their 
grave.  Go down and head up the ladder this time to enter Level 6.

                         |    Face Shrine    |

Oh, you'll just adore this dungeon.  Like all dungeons in this game, 
it's painfully obvious what the prize is.  Go left and you'll 
experience Wizzrobes.  These fiendish monsters cast spells to hurt you 
and are invulnerable to the vast majority of your weapons.  If you want 
to waste bombs, though, go ahead and fight them.  If not, go north.  
Defeat the Mini-Moldorm and go left.  Here, you'll see a Mask-Mimic.  
We haven't seen these losers since Bottle Grotto!  Remember how we beat 
them?  Make them move so that you're back-to-back and then finish it 
with a Spin Attack.  That accomplished, make the orange blocks down and 
go north through either passage.

Lift the pots to find a switch under one in the corner.  Pressing it 
makes the door to the left open.  When it's open, go south and hit the 
crystal switch to raise the orange blocks in the room.  Then go north 
through the left opening.  To do this, you'll have to leave a bomb by 
the crystal switch and go past the orange block but not north.  When 
this is done, go north and then left.  Head north again and throw a pot 
at the top door in here.  Go through it and go right to find a chest, 
which contains the Compass.

Take it, defeat the Star, and go up the stairs.  Hit the crystal switch 
and follow the elevated path right.  At the end, you'll reach an arena 
of sorts, the foes being two Wizzrobes.  To effectively beat them, 
equip the Hookshot and Bombs.  Stun them with the former and then blow 
them into bits with the latter.  When both are defeated, a Small Key 
falls down to you.  Now follow the path back to the Compass chest.  Go 
left.  By hitting the crystal switch, you lowered some orange blocks in 
here, letting you go north.

Unfortunately, it slams shut when you approach it.  Go south and then 
right.  Open the chest here for the Stone Fragment/Beak.  Now that we 
have it, go left and then south.  In this room are three Wizzrobes.  
Defeat them like last time with the Hookshot and your explosives.  Note 
that you can defeat Wizzrobes with four arrows instead.  Doing this 
makes a chest appear.  Open it for the Dungeon Map.  Now play Manbo's 
Mambo and go left at the start.  Beat the Wizzrobes and go through the 
northeast door, you'll reach a chest with 50 rupees.  We cannot advance 
yet on this side of the dungeon, but we did pretty well for ourselves - 
the Compass, the Stone Fragment/Beak, and the Dungeon Map.

So, let's get the dungeon's prize now.  From the starting room, go 
left, north twice, left, and then north.  In the room below here, make 
sure that you go north when the blocks are up in it (leave a bomb by 
the crystal switch so it explodes before you go north).  Here, bomb the 
wall that the tiles lead to and you'll be in a dark room.  Light the 
torches with two doses of Magic Powder and then defeat each Zol in this 
room to make a staircase form.  Take it down and you'll see a giant 
flashing object called a Giant Spark.

Time your jumps with Roc's Feather correctly to go left safely.  After 
a repeat of that screen, you'll surface.  Defeat the Mini-Moldorm 
present and the dual Wizzrobes to open the door to the north.  Take it 
and open the chest to the left for the Powerful Bracelet!  This is the 
L-2 Power Bracelet, and can lift the elephant statues.  Try it by 
lifting the ones in this room.  Remember the 50 rupee chest we got 
earlier?  Go to it and lift the adjacent elephant statue.  Go north and 
open this chest for 100 rupees.  Jump for the heart and be proud.

Return to the starting room and go right.  Here, use Roc's Feather to 
jump over razor traps and conveyor belts to go right again.  In here, 
the tiles will fly at you.  Stand in the northwest corner (this works 
because Link is left-handed) and face the east wall.  Slash your sword 
rapidly and the tiles will break on it.  When all are gone, the door 
leading north opens.  Take it to a locked door.  Open it with the Small 
Key we got earlier and advance.  Defeat the Zols and bomb the north 

                          Mini-Boss: Smasher

Remember Rolling Bones from Tail Cave?  This is his long lost twin.  
Normally, it is invincible, but this is not so when you have the 
Powerful Bracelet handy.  It's not too tough, but its attacks are quite 
effective.  It throws its ball around the room to hit you.  Only the 
Powerful Bracelet can enable you to lift it.  To deal damage to 
Smasher, throw the ball back at him.  It must be made of lead or 
something.  After a few hits, it explodes and you're rewarded with a 
Fairy and a teleport.


Go north.  If you go north again, you'll be in a never-ending maze 
comparable to Hebra's Hill from The Legend of Zelda.  So, instead of 
going north, lift the elephant statue to the left to find a staircase.  
Enter it and immerse yourself in a 2D world.  Avoid the Sparks and go 
left via jumping.  Climb the ladders to the top and fall off to the 
left.  Repeat this until you can surface.  Much like before, tiles will 
fly at you.  However, this time they leave holes.  Stand in the 
southeast corner and face north.  Slash the sword repeatedly and you 
won't take much damage at all, really.  Take the Small Key that falls 
and use it on the block here.  Go north and lift the elephant statue.  
Toss it at the door to the left and take it to a strange hallway.

To open the doors, first discard the pots.  Now you must throw these 
horse-head puppets (Horsehead was a boss in Adventure of Link) so that 
they land upright.  When you can manage to do this, go left.  Take the 
staircase here and take out the Pegasus Boots.  See those Thwimps 
(mini-Thwomps)?  Dash under them to avoid being crushed.  Repeat this 
at the next screen and then take the ladder up to a new room.  So far, 
you've seen very few of these enemies - Pols Voices from Bottle Grotto.  
You can beat them by throwing pots at them, or you can stun them with 
the Hookshot and then bomb them.

Beating them silly makes the doors open to the south and north.  Go 
north, of course.  Here, use Roc's Feather in combination with the 
Powerful Bracelet to dodge the Sparks and head up the path laid out 
here.  Go north afterward to a room with two horse-heads.  Use the 
Hookshot to lower the blocks and open the chest for 200 rupees.  This 
is just as frustrating as normal.  You must not only throw the horse-
heads upright in the correct order, but you must do it in sequence; you 
cannot throw one right and miss the other or you'll lose them both.  
When you get lucky, go south twice.  This time, go south once more to 
see the Dodongo Snakes!  Gasp!

You thought that we left them in the dust, but it wasn't to be.  Like 
last time, you must plant three bombs in their stomachs, but unlike 
last time there are holes in the floor.  When you've beaten these 
mighty beasts, the door leading west opens.  Take it.  Here, jump into 
the water and go north.  You'll find several creatures skimming on 
water and a chest.  Open it for a Small Key, your third in this 
dungeon.  Continue south afterward to reach a room with four Wizzrobes 
in it.

Defeat them to unlock doors leading south and west.  Go south and 
you'll see blocks, hopefully lowered.  This is a big if, and you may 
have to go back to a crystal switch to reset the blocks.  If you need 
to return here, in the room west of the room north of here, throw an 
elephant statue against the door.  If the majority is down, get on the 
elevated platform to the southwest and hop off the edge to the block.  
Jump from block to block to get to the southeast corner and follow the 
path north.  Open the chest for Secret Medicine, which revives you when 
you die.  It is the same medicine that Crazy Tracy sells.

Return to where you defeated the Dodongo Snakes and went left.  Here, 
Hookshot over the gap and unlock the key block.  Go north twice to see 
a chest.  If you try to open it, it will resist you.  To open it, chuck 
a jar at it.  Inside is the Nightmare's Key.  Before we head over to 
the boss, let's open the last chest in the dungeon, which happens to be 
in the corner.  From the first room (play Manbo's Mambo) go left, north 
twice, left, north once (before you go north, use the bomb/crystal 
switch trick), left, north, right, hit the crystals witch, and then 
left.  Throw an elephant statue at the upper door to force an entry.

In here, open the chest for 100 rupees.  Take the stairs up to be 
outside Face Shrine (in Rapid Rides, to be specific).  Open the chest 
if you want 20 rupees, or a Secret Seashell if you haven't gotten the 
L-2 Sword yet.  Now play Manbo's Mambo and warp to Smasher's room with 
the portal.  Go north, lift the left elephant statue, go through this 
2D screen, and go south.  Welcome to a new room!  Walk around the 
vacuum to make Zols appear, which will subsequently fall down the pit 
thanks to the vacuum.

Go right afterward and you'll see your first Beamos.  From A Link to 
the Past, these creatures are annoying with a capital a-n-n-o-y-i-n-g.  
As of now, you cannot block nor defeat them; push the block to the 
right to reach the Wizzrobe.  Since its over a gap and fighting is made 
risky due to the Beamos, you may want to consider using a Hookshot/Bow 
combo.  When the Beamos turns its eye and the Wizzrobes is no more, 
jump north and push the block aside.  Now quickly run north to exit the 
room.  If you light the torches, two Fairies made from Sparks will aid 
you.  Now go north into the Nightmare's Lair.

                        |    Boss: Facade    |

How clever!  This is the Face Shrine, after all.  In fact, the map 
shows that this place is in the shape of a face (Angler's Tunnel was in 
the shape of a fish and Bottle Grotto was a jar).  Well, Facade is 
another enemy hiding in its lair.  Walk forward and a giant face 
appears on the floor.  Hello there!  It taunts you like normal before 
engaging you.  Facade is one simpleton in the enemy department.  At 
first, it will toss pots and tiles at you.  When it's out of them, 
holes appear randomly in the floor.  To weaken the boss, lay bombs on 
its vulnerable face when it is out.  Here's a hint, by the way.  When 
the holes are appearing, stand on its face.  You'll take no damage and 
holes never appear there, obviously.

After several hits, Facade tries to plead with you.  He tells you that 
if the Wind Fish wakes up, everything on this island will be gone 
forever.  After blowing up excessively, take his Heart Container.  Were 
the Nightmares we've fought just trying to protect the island from 
annihilation, or are they lying?  Regardless, go north and take the 
sixth instrument, the Coral Triangle.  After playing that mystical 
tune, you reappear outside Face Shrine.  It calls you to the mountains...

============================Eagle's Tower*=============================

                      |    To the Labyrinth    |

Go south and the Owl comes to hoot at you.  He says that the monsters 
fear that the Wind Fish is about to awaken, which heralds their 
extinction.  However, the power of the monsters is real!  It is no 
element of this dream thought up by the dreamer.  You must awaken the 
Wind Fish to stop them from conquering the island.  Will do, Mr. Owl.  
For now play Manbo's Mambo and go left of Crazy Tracy's.  Go left twice 
to a tunnel.  Maybe, if you were using my guide, you remember when I 
said we'd return here.

Enter the cave and use the Hookshot to reach the chest, which contains 
50 rupees.  With it, return to Mabe Village.  Enter Ukuku Prairie to 
the east and go south.  Go south again and you'll see a huge pit 
accompanied by a Moblin.  Hop the gap using the Pegasus Boots and Roc's 
Feather, read the sign, then go south into Signpost Maze, a series of 
misleading signs.  What they lead to, none know.

                   |    The Frog's Song of Soul    |

You must read the signs in here in the right order, starting with the 
one that you just read by the pit.  In this screen, you'll find several 
signs.  Read the southernmost sign first.  Follow the sign's 
instructions and go right a screen.  Again, read the southernmost sign.  
When you go down, read the southernmost sign again.  Go left and use 
the Hookshot to reach and read the southernmost sign.  Now go north to 
the first screen.  Read the northernmost sign.  Go right and read the 
northernmost sign here.

Walk straight south of this sign to another one, the leftmost sign of 
the screen.  Now read the rightmost sign here.  Go north and read the 
rightmost sign.  Go left a screen and read the sign by the pit.  Read 
the sign directly south of that this time.  Go right and read the 
second-southernmost sign.  Go south, read the northernmost sign, and go 
left.  Read the northernmost sign here and a staircase forms in the 
pond, provided you did everything right.  Enter the stairs and to see a 
huge frog creature named Mamu.  This is the most clever cameo EVER!

You might recognize him by looks, or you might recognize the name.  
Mamu is the Japanese name of Wart, the boss of Super Mario Bros. 2 
(once again, Mario cameos prevail).  See, this all makes sense because 
Wart existed in Subcon, the land of dreams, in Super Mario Bros. 2.  
For 300 rupees, Mamu will let you listen in on his unreleased cut.  Pay 
up and listen to their song, which isn't all that great.  This is the 
Frog's Song of Soul, and it is added to your collection on the Ocarina.  
With it, we can advance to the next dungeon.

                  |    The Flying Rooster Lives    |

Go to Mabe Village.  You know the screen where Marin would normally 
hang out were she not in Animal Village, right?  It is north of her 
house.  Go north and push the statue that serves as the tombstone of 
the Flying Rooster, as the epitaph tells us, and take the stairs down.  
Your ability to push the statue was brought to you by the Powerful 
Bracelet.  Anyhow, go straight forward to see the bones of some winged 
animal.  Remember, Mamu told us to play our song to liven things up.  
Do so here and the heap of bones becomes a Cucco!  Better yet, it's a 
Flying Rooster!

This legendary bird lived long ago, back when chickens could fly (as 
the man in the Hen House on Tal Tal Mountain Range told us).  It will 
follow you for a while now.  This must be what the Owl meant when it 
told us to fly like a bird to the mountain tower.  If you lift it, it 
will fly until you let go, making it easy to cross otherwise impossible 
crevices.  For instance, you can pass the five holes left of the gates 
to Kanalet Castle, which would lead to a Secret Seashell if you hadn't 
already gotten the L-2 Sword.  Get ready to rock.

                     |    Into Eagle's Tower    |

Go to Tal Tal Heights.  Specifically, go to the Wind Fish's egg.  Two 
spaces south of it and one right is a ladder.  Take it and then Owl 
will come down to harass you.  To think, Link records everything he 
says on his map...  He's like a talkative, semi-wise stalker!  Enter 
the cave when it's left and go through it.  This should be your third 
time through it, so you know what to do.  When you reach the screen 
left of the exit, use the Flying Rooster to reach a chest containing 50 
rupees.  Now exit the cave.  Go right, take the ladder down, and head 
right until you reach water.

Take the ladder up and go left twice.  Here, enter the cave.  Walk west 
once and use the Flying Rooster to go north.  Use it again to cross the 
huge gap here and go left.  Fly one more time to the heart of the cave, 
in which you'll find the Bird Key.  It's our last key and it unlocks 
Eagle's Tower, the next dungeon.  Now exit the cave the way you came.  
Go right twice and take the ladder down.  Go east and enter the cave.  
Go right in here and exit it.  Go right again to find an owl statue.  
Not only is Owl annoying, but he has cryptic copies of himself all over 
the place.  Take the ladder by it up to a cave.  Go right in it and 
you'll find an exit back to the outside world.

Go left and enter another cave.  In it, go right and descend down the 
stairs.  Take the ladder up and go right, following the path south.  
Hookshot across the gap and jump down to the south to exit this cave.  
If you're low on health, bomb the wall to find a Fairy Fountain.  After 
healing, go north through the obvious cave entrance.  Head north in 
here to a staircase (why are there staircases built in random caves?) 
and take it up.  Go left and exit the cave.  Go left again to see the 
tower.  The keyhole is in a rock in the northwest corner.  Use the Bird 
Key and the tower flips around to expose the doorway.  Take it to Level 

                        |    Eagle's Tower    |

Unfortunately, the Flying Rooster cannot come with us.  Because it is 
four stories high, Eagle's Tower's map is divided into four sections.  
In case you're wondering, let me tell you now that this level is 
neither fun nor pretty.  Start by going right.  Stop here and the razor 
traps will not hit you.  Jump over them and go right.  Defeat the Like 
Likes here with a single swipe of your L-2 Sword and a Small Key falls 
to you.  Use it on the locked door in this room.

Go north to a staircase leading to 2F.  Go north of here, as it is your 
only option, and you'll see two items of interest.  First, you'll see 
an orb.  Such orbs are instrumental in Eagle's Tower, and we must carry 
it through the place.  Second, you'll spy a lever.  To get through this 
room with orb in hand, lift the orb (Powerful Bracelet) and place it by 
the blocks impeding your progression to the west.  Pull the lever back 
all the way and run for the exit.  Grab the orb as you go and go left.

In here, there are Zols that you want to clear out.  Set the orb down 
(IMPORTANT!  If the orb falls down a hole, it will reappear in its 
original position) and raze them to the ground.  Afterward, lift the 
orb and go north.  Set the orb down and then toss around the horse-head 
puppets until both are standing tall.  This makes a chest form.  It 
contains the Dungeon Map.  This place is quite large on each level, not 
quite so on the fourth, though.

Go back south and stop.  See the pillar?  Throw the orb against it and 
the pillar will crumble.  If you do this to every pillar on a floor, 
what do you think will happen?  We'll see if you were right in due 
speed.  To the south in this room is a gap.  At one point in the gap 
the hole is three "squares," or the size of Link, long.  Throw the orb 
south while standing on the edge here and it should make it across.  
Use Roc's Feather to jump diagonally to the orb.  Lift it and go south.

Here, try to throw the orb over the gap, but not into the spikes.  If 
it does land in the spikes, you'll have to go fish it out personally, 
and that can cost a few hearts.  Throw the orb into the pillar to 
topple it and then go south.  It's a crystal switch!  Hit it to lower 
the blocks in the area and go north.  You can now go west; do so by 
pushing the block and going west.  In here, throw the orb over the gap 
to the north and hop the spikes.  Go north to find a Three of a Kind, 
the same thing we saw and despised in Bottle Grotto.  I think that the 
most effective way to do this is to enter, wait for them to gather in 
one area, and then unleash a Spin Attack on them.  Remember, the goal 
is to make their symbols match.  Doing so makes a chest containing the 
Compass appears.  There aren't many chests in Eagle's Tower, and some 
of them have to be mandatory.

Go north, right, and south.  Go right again and then north.  Take the 
stairs down and you'll see a Beamos.  Quickly run right and go south.  
Here, stand on the lowered block and Hookshot the crystal switch from 
here so that you'll be on it when it's elevated.  Go left and jump over 
the break in the blocks to go left again.  Go south from here to a 
chest containing a Stone Beak/Fragment.  Go right to see a pit and some 
mummies.  Hookshot across the gap and attack the mummies, called 
Gibdos.  Go right from here and climb the stairs.  Jump off the side to 
the right.  Go north and go right to the crystal switch.

Hit it to lower the blocks and go left, then south.  Walk right and 
take this path out to an old room.  Go south and go left twice.  This 
is the main room.  Go left and then north to a set of stairs.  Take 
them up to 2F.  Go south to find a Hinox, the mini-boss of Bottle 
Grotto so long ago.  Like last time, you must slash it only a few times 
to beat it.  It takes only a few hits with the L-2 Sword, but don't let 
it throw you into a pit.  Beating it makes a Fairy appear as well as a 
Small Key.

Take both and head right.  Defeat the Three of a Kind here to make a 
chest appear, which we will collect later.  Go right to see the crystal 
switch.  The blocks to the right should be high.  Hit the crystal 
switch to lower them and go right.  Use the Small Key on the key block 
here and jump off the side to the right and open the chest for this 
dungeon's prize, the Mirror Shield!

The L-2 Shield, the Mirror Shield, reflects beams from Beamos.  No, 
they couldn't think of a better item to put in here.  Go south and then 
left.  Take the stairs up to 3F.  Go left and you'll find a ladder.  Go 
south here and go right, down, right, north, and right.

                        Mini-Boss: Grim Creeper

The Grim Creeper and his minions, the Battle Bats, are here to fight.  
Like Master Stalfos, this mini-boss can talk.  The Battle Bats must be 
beaten all at once.  To do this easily, stand in the northeast corner 
and slash your sword rapidly.  It's like flying tiles only easier.  
After beating his brothers, Grim Creeper vamooses.  The portal is the 
best part of this deal.


Go north.  The chime of the Compass indicated a key, but where?  Push 
the blocks in here together and a chest containing the Nightmare's Key 
forms.  This is particularly dangerous due to the Spark infestation.  
When you have the Nightmare's Key, go south.

We've been avoiding it, but we need to destroy the remaining pillars on 
2F.  Let's get to it.  First, go west and south of here to a staircase.  
Take it down to 2F and go left.  It is probable that the Three of a 
Kind needs to be defeated again.  Do so if you must and then go left, 
north, and then north through the wall tile.  Wait for the flying tiles 
to get through their cycle and then go right.  It's the orb at last!  
Toss it at the pillar to bring it down.  Push the block to the right 
and go right, then south twice to the crystal switch.  Throw the orb 
over the rim here and then play Manbo's Mambo.

Warp to the Grim Creeper's room and go west, then south, and then down 
the stairs.  Pick up the orb, go left, and throw the orb north over the 
rim here.  Make sure to hit the Three of a Kind to make a chest form.  
Return to the room where you rediscovered the orb.  Now bomb the wall 
between the torches.  Go south of here and bomb the wall to the south.  
Hookshot to the chest, open it for a bundle of bombs.  Now lift the orb 
and go north to the final pillar.  Throw the orb against it and you'll 
see a scene in which the third floor of Eagle's Tower collapses.

As a result, the third floor is now changed around.  Use Manbo's Mambo 
to return to the beginning of the dungeon and warp to Grim Creeper's 
room, which has not changed.  Go left and you'll see a locked door.  
Also, the place is filled with Goombas.  Normally, I'd collect all the 
treasure chests in a dungeon, but this place just reeks and I could not 
stand to guide you to them all.  Go through the large locked door.  
Climb the ladder and use the Hookshot to grapple to the block to the 
right.  Go down and right to a ladder.  Take it to a 2D screen.  
Another 2D boss battle!

                      |    Boss: Evil Eagle    |

This name just screams originality.  Grim Creeper waits at the top of 
the tower to kill you for killing his brothers.  Down swoops his pet, 
Evil Eagle.  Evil Eagle is really easy if you use your shield to block 
its attacks.  If wind is released, walk toward it to prevent from 
falling off the tower.  Also, avoid the feathers it fires at you 
occasionally and use your shield to defend against when it flies at 
you.  When it flies close enough for you to attack it, slash its 
underside.  When it starts coming at you diagonally, stand on the 
ladder with an extended sword and lower as it flies at you.  After 
many, many hits, Evil Eagle is no more.  It is actually really easy if 
you stand in the center with a raised sword and you Spin Attack it 
constantly.  Grim Creeper has lost, but he says that you will be lost 
too if you awaken the Wind Fish.  Same as him, you are in him dream...  
This was really cheap because I fell down a screen before taking the 
Heart Container and I had to fight him again!

Regardless, take the Heart Container after an unusually long explosion 
and reenter the tower.  Go right and enter the room to claim the Organ 
of Evening Calm.  The eighth instrument calls to us from...  the 

=============================Turtle Rock*==============================

       |    Magic Powder Upgrade While We Go to Turtle Rock    |

There's nothing to it but to do it.  That is, we're going to find the 
Owl once and then head to the next dungeon.  From Eagle's Tower, go 
straight down over the ledge and you'll fall in a hole that leads to an 
underwater cavern.  It's the same one we got the Piece of Heart in 
earlier while exploring the region around Angler's Tunnel.  Exit it and 
swim south.  Take the ladder up and go north.  Use the Hookshot on the 
rock-thing to go right.  To the south is the raft ride shop, but it's 
not important right now.

Now that we know where it is, go northwest and Hookshot across the gap.  
Go west until you reach the steps leading to Tal Tal Mountain Range.  
Enter the cave and pass through it.  Since this is your fourth time 
through it, I won't need to guide you.  When you exit, go right until 
you reach deep water.  Take the ladder up and go left twice on the 
bridge.  Welcome to the Hen House!

Go left of it to an out bridge.  Hookshot left and go west.  Hey look!  
It's Marin!  Some monsters left her there.  And she's afraid of 
heights.  Hookshot to her and she'll ride with you across the gap to 
the other side.  She says something along the lines of "I don't know 
how to say this," when Tarin comes looking for her.

She goes left and away with her pop, leaving the Owl to come down to 
give you a verbal thrashing.  He says that Marin went to the egg of the 
Wind Fish and sang the Ballad of the Wind Fish, her song of awakening.  
Did she intend to wake up the sleeping fish?  He tells you to look to 
the west for the next instrument.  Hoot!

Go left to a shrub.  Slash it to unearth a staircase.  The reason 
people hate mountains in Zelda games is because they're filled with 
caves!  Take it down and go left.  Jump into the pit and take another 
staircase down.  Go left, Hookshot across the gap, and take the cave 
out.  Yup, this is definitely the prelude to the final dungeon.

Boulders rain relentlessly upon those brave enough to enter the western 
region of Tal Tal Mountain Range.  Go left and defeat the Mini-Moldorm, 
previously a dungeon-exclusive monster.  Afterward, climb the ladder 
and go right.  Climb this ladder and you'll be on the summit.  Oddly 
enough, there are no boulders rolling here.  Go left to a treasure 
chest sitting out in the open.  It contains 50 rupees.  Defeat the 
Mini-Moldorm and lift the rock.

This reveals a staircase.  Take it down to find an altar of some sort.  
A Link to the Past players will know what to do.  Sprinkle Magic Powder 
on the altar and a bat flies up.  He's a bit confused on whether to 
take revenge on you or to help you.  He "curses" you by doubling your 
Magic Powder capacity.  Now you can carry 40 servings of it.  Just look 
at all that junk you have to carry!  Ha!  Surface and go west on the 
bridge.  Jump over the ledge here.

This place is like the monster headquarters!  Defeat the Stalfos Knight 
and the Like Like.  Then blow up the wall here that is fragile.  Enter 
the cave and walk forward.  A machine here blows fire at you.  There 
are two ways to get past it, one of which being a glitch.  To get past 
it normally, hold up the Mirror Shield and go left to the staircase.  
With that you're outside again.  Go left past some Leevers to a new 
screen.  Go south and then left again.  It's a telephone booth.

Go left of it to find the head of a huge turtle.  Play the Frog's Song 
of Soul to revive it and the turtle pops out.  Get ready for a brawl.  
It's sort of mean that Link resurrected the beast just to kill it.  To 
do so, slash at its head constantly.  It's only attack, which he seldom 
uses, is a lunge at you.  When it's defeated, enter the cave.

                         |    Turtle Rock    |

This dungeon is not new.  No, Turtle Rock first appeared in A Link to 
the Past, and was much harder, too!  Still, Turtle Rock in this game 
reminds me of a certain fiery place filled with evil, if you catch my 
drift.  You're lucky you have a guide, because I didn't and I hated 
every second of it.  You ready for this?  Go north to see lava and a 
flying demon monster.  For lack of a better name, I will call this 
enemy an Ache, an Adventure of Link enemy that looked like a bat but 
could transform into a similar demon.  When you slash it enough, it 
splits into Keese (much like a Vire from The Legend of Zelda).  Beating 
it opens the doors to the left and right, meaning you should go left.

Here you'll find a Beamos and three Ropes, snake enemies that charge at 
you.  Defeat them or wait for them to wander into the lava and then go 
north.  Hey look!  It's Hinox, our good pal from the second and seventh 
dungeons.  Slash him into a corner and slash furiously.  After 
delivering him a royal whooping, take the Fairy and go left.  In this 
room you'll find a block, which is one of the great puzzles in this 
level.  Push it and you'll start controlling it.  When it gets all the 
way out, go north and around to go south.

As it goes, it fills the gap.  When it is filled completely, you can 
open a chest for 20 rupees.  Now go south.  Jump to the chest for a 
good 50 rupees and then head go west.  Hey look!  It's that loser we 
totally massacred in Tail Cave, Rolling Bones.  Jump over its spiked 
cylinder and then beat it down with your blade.  Four hits of the L-2 
Sword beat it.  Take the Fairy and go north.

Defeat the Ache here like before and a Small Key drops down.  Take it 
and go south twice.  Here, be dragged toward the vacuum by its suction 
and slash it to beat it.  Open the chest for the Compass.  This dungeon 
has quite a few chests about it.  Compass in hand, go north and then 
right.  Head north and right again to enter the second room.  Re-defeat 
the Hinox and go south, then right.  Here, defeat the Ache again and go 
right.  Under a jar in the corner of this room is a switch.  Press it 
to open the doors and go south.  There are two enemies we saw in the 
Dream Shrine here.  They are called Arm-Mimics.  Dash through them with 
the Pegasus Boots to beat them and a staircase appears.

Take it down to a 2D screen.  Use Roc's Cape to get through it.  In the 
room you emerge in, lift the pot while under the cover of the Mirror 
Shield to find a switch.  Press it and go south.  This time we get to 
fight Smasher again.  Like before, throw the ball it carries at it four 
times and it dies, leaving two Fairies behind.  Go south afterward.  
Jump to the chest and you'll gain the Stone Beak/Fragment, the last one 
in the game.  After beating the Ropes and taking the treasure, go to 
the southwest corner and use the staircase to enter a 2D screen.

Use Roc's Cape to go left and surface, being wary of the fireballs that 
leap from the magma all the while.  When you emerge, bomb the south 
wall that is cracked (use your sword to hear the weak part if you 
must).  Go south from it and you'll see a classic Zelda puzzle.  Push 
the upper and lower blocks forward and the center one down to gain 
access to the chest, which contains the Dungeon Map.  This dungeon is 
shaped like a turtle.

Return to Smasher and beat him again.  Go left this time.  Here, you 
must go through a slightly harder fill-in-the-hole puzzle.  Push the 
block left and have it climb up the block like stairs.  At the end, go 
left and down to repeat this process.  When you reach the last stretch, 
go up and down as needed to fill in the rest of the hole.  Should you 
fail, go right and reenter the room.  When you succeed, take the Small 
Key that falls down.  Before you leave the room, check the north wall 
with your sword.  Chances are good that you'll find a weak wall.

Bomb it and go through the passage you made (the chest in the room to 
the left is a dud, anyways).  Hit the crystal switch once.  Now bomb 
the west wall and pass through it.  Take the ladder to the south and 
drop off the ledge.  Open the chest for a Zol and go left twice.  This 
time, go north.  Go right to a block that makes floor.  It is 
impossible to fill the gap completely; make a path that ends between 
the two southern blocks on the north end.  Take it and push the block 
to the right.  Go north from there to a key block.

Use a Small Key here and go right.  Use your final key in this room on 
the door to the east.  Stand in the doorway to prevent damage to 
yourself at the hands of razor traps.  Go north through the wall panel 
and you'll reach a room filled with cracked blocks.  Rather than 
blowing them to smithereens, kill off the Zols in the room and go 

There are two Gibdos here.  Really, the cracked floor makes them easier 
because you have to move around.  You see, Gibdos are always strange 
foes because they do not get knocked back like other enemies.  Beating 
them brings a Small Key down; take it and go left.  Go left to see some 
Dodongo Snakes.  Now, I know you really want to ruff them up, but 
restrain yourself and go west again.  Here, jump over the lava and go 
north on the elevated platform.

Hookshot to the chest and open it for Secret Medicine.  It revives you 
when you die (Crazy Tracy sells it.  Her shop is by where you warp when 
you use Manbo's Mambo outside a dungeon).  With it, jump off the side 
and go north.  Take the stairs here.  In this 2D screen, Hooskhot to 
the Bowser head to cross the fiery abyss and go down with the ladder.  
It brings you to a former room.  Go north twice and then left twice.  
This time around, use the Small Key to go left.

This, the room before the Nightmare, is useless to us at the present 
time.  Go west to a room with a staircase.  Take it to be outside on 
Tal Tal Mountain Range.  Above you is a Piece of Heart.  Also, go right 
to see a teleport, allowing you to teleport to this area whenever you 
choose.  Now go right again to an alternate entrance to Turtle Rock.  
Specifically, you're above the Dodongo Snakes we skipped earlier.

Although somewhat challenging, you must throw bombs into their mouths 
from above.  Yes, you can lift bombs by pressing the bomb button twice, 
and you can toss them by pressing it again.  If you're able to beat 
them, open the chest that forms for a Small Key.  Go left and jump down 
to the lower level.  Go left twice and then south.  Here, align 
yourself with the Cyclops statue and wait for the Sparks to be out of 
the way.  Shoot the statue with the Bow and a Small Key falls to you.

Now that you have it, go left.  Here, run down and push the block 
diagonally below the chest up, the one in front over.  Open the chest 
for a Small Key.  Now go right and south.  Jump for supplies and go 
north twice.  Defeat the Ache to make the door to the west open.  Take 
it and head up the ladder.  Go right and Hookshot to the chest, which 
you should open for 50 rupees.  Now we're ready to explore more of 
Turtle Rock.  Hop down and go right four times to the room with the 
Gibdos.  Go south to the room with all the cracked blocks.  If you blow 
up some on the west wall, you'll find a hidden door.

That is, bomb the west wall and go west.  Here, hop the hole (you can 
tell where it is because it is the western limit for the Sparks) and 
use a Small Key on the key block.  Go left to another dark room.  In 
it, go left.  As soon as you enter, go north to a ladder.  Use a Small 
Key on the right block and go right.  Light the torches with Magic 
Powder and Hookshot south to the blocks on either side of the key 
block.  Use your final Small Key there and take the stairs.  Head 
through this 2D screen with Roc's Feather.  When you emerge, go south.

                           Mini-Boss: Blaino

Poor Blaino...  He lives in Turtle Rock and spends all his time 
practicing boxing.  Viewing you as a worthy opponent, he tried to pick 
a fight with you.  He's really, really easy.  Face him and charge a 
Spin Attack.  When he's punching the air three times (standing there), 
walk below him and use a Spin Attack.  If you had a Piece of Power like 
I did, one more hit will beat him.  After an explosion, Blaino the 
boxer explodes.  How come Link never explodes when he loses all hearts?  
Regardless, a portal forms.


Go north.  The blocks should be down, assuming you hit the crystal 
switch like I said much earlier.  If not, go to the crystal switch, hit 
it, and use the teleport formed by beating Blaino to return.  Take the 
ladder up and open the chest for the Magic Rod!

This is by far the best dungeon item in the game.  It lets you unleash 
an unlimited amount of fire, not that arsonists are cool or anything...  
Try it on Cuccos, foxes, shrubs, and enemies!  It is essentially the 
same as the Fire Rod from A Link to the Past, or the Magic Wand that 
you get in The Legend of Zelda (if you have the Magic Book), but the 
Magic Rod uses no magic power, letting you use it over and over and 
over.  Now let's go take for ourselves the remaining chests.

Return to the first room of the dungeon.  Go north, left, and north, 
left, and north.  This will require that you beat an Ache and fill in a 
gap, but it shouldn't prove difficult.  Try killing the Ache instantly 
with the Magic Rod.  You can defeat the Hinox with two flames.  When 
you're in the room I directed you to, light both torches that you 
couldn't reach previously with the Magic Powder using the Magic Rod.  
This makes a chest containing a Small Key form.  It's the last Small 
Key in the game.

Use Manbo's Mambo to return to the first room.  Go north twice and then 
right.  Push the block here right so that you can access the stairs.  
Here, you can finally torch the ice blocks in here that were impassable 
earlier.  In the second screen, take out the Magic Rod and Roc's 
Feather.  Jump so that you're level with the second row of blocks and 
then flame them all.  Use the first row as a stepstool, so to speak, 
and go left.  Jump to the ladder and take it down.

Here, go down to a locked door.  Open it and go left.  This time, you 
get to face Cue Ball again.  This time, though, it's a battle in lava.  
You'll lose about four hearts or so, but get in the corner of the room 
and let it pass you.  Keep your sword out and it will take damage after 
passing by you.  A few hits and it dies.  When my prophecy comes true, 
go north.  The block puzzle in here can be solved in many ways, but I 
like the way I list the best.  Push the block forward and go right.

When all the way right, go down until you're one level below the torch 
and go left.  When left of the first torch, go up and left (down at the 
second torch).  Go left and then complete this puzzle by alternating up 
and down until the gap is filled.  Open this final chest for the 
Nightmare's Key, the last one in the game.  Return to the first room 
with Manbo's Mambo.  Go north twice and right once.  Make the block 
create a path leading to the space in the southwest corner.  Follow 
this trail to another room.

Enter the 2D screen here via the staircase.  Melt the ice blocks in 
here (melt the left one blocking your progression while falling) to go 
west.  Here, take the ladder down and burn the entire first row.  Then, 
stand under the right column of three blocks and burn them all.  Now 
you have a staircase leading to the exit, the ladder.  When you 
surface, go north into the Nightmare's Lair.

                       |    Boss: Hot Head    |

Hot Head is a giant living ball of fire.  This boss just comes out and 
tells you that you've no chance in Turtle Rock of ever playing the 
Instruments of the Sirens.  Although it doesn't attack you directly, 
Hot Head jumps in and out of its home of molten rock, called lava.  His 
splashes are lethal, as well as his only attack.  To beat it, you must 
use the Magic Rod against it.  Hit it with the Magic Rod again as many 
times as you can before it disappears beneath the surface.  Eventually, 
its fiery shell breaks.  It unveils a strange creature that takes a few 
hits of the Magic Rod.  Dying, it asks why you came here.  If it 
weren't for you, nothing would have to change.  Remember, you too are 
in the dream.  Take the Heart Container and head north.

The final instrument is the Thunder Drum.  It plays that mysterious 
melody to transport you outside the dungeon.  The Egg on the mountain 
calls to you...

============================Wind Fish Egg*=============================

                     |    The Magnifying Lens    |

It is time to complete the trade.  Really, we could have done this much 
earlier, but it was not necessary.  First, go to Tal Tal Mountain Range 
(take the ladder up right of the Wind Fish's Egg).  Enter the cave here 
and go through it.  When you exit, go right.  See that man?  He's our 
next trading partner.  Enter the cave here and walk forward to a 
staircase.  Take it up and open the chest to the left for a Zol.  Now 
go south to exit this cave.

Go down and left to find the head of the Quadruplet Family in Mabe 
Village.  His name is Papahl and he is famished.  Give the starving guy 
a Pineapple for the Hibiscus.  Now go to Animal Village.  In the 
northeast corner is a house home to a goat.  The goat requests that you 
take a letter of his to Mr. Write.  He lives north of Mysterious Woods.  
From where you got the Tail Key, go left and then north.  Hop the pit 
and you're at Mr. Write's not-so-humble abode.

North of here is a cave (this is just for treasure).  Enter and jump to 
the chest for 20 rupees.  Jump right and lift the skull before the 
chest for 50 rupees.  Anyways, at Mr. Write's home, trade the Letter 
for Mr. Write.  With it comes a photograph.  It shows Princess Peach, 
yet another Mario reference.

Take the Broom from him as a reward.  Return to Animal Village.  
Outside the goat's house is Grandma Ulrira.  Exchange the Broom for the 
Fishing Hook.  To make use of it, swim to Catfish's Maw.  Swim east and 
then south of it to find a bridge.  Dive under it and you'll find a 
fisherman.  Give him the Fishing Hook and he'll give you his next 
catch, which turns out to be a Necklace.  The next step in our trade is 
very close.  Swim north of Catfish's Maw to find Martha, the mermaid 
that the bay is named after.

Trade her the Necklace and you'll receive the Scale.  Now, go to the 
entrance of Animal Village.  South of it you'll eventually find the 
bridge that the fisherman was under.  South of it, Hookshot to the rock 
on your left.  Go north of here and you'll find a mermaid statue.  
Place the Scale here, which was missing previously, on it and the 
statue slides over.  Take the staircase down and you'll be assaulted by 
invisible foes.  Go north and pick up the item here, the Magnifying 

Like the Lens of Truth in Ocarina of Time, it lets you see invisible 
objects.  Go south and you'll see that it was merely a group of Arm-
Mimics and Zols causing you pain.  Well, the Magnifying Lens has two 
other uses.

                        |    The Boomerang    |

We could've gotten this earlier, but it was not particularly useful, 
except for beating a few mini-bosses we re-encountered in Turtle Rock, 
which were easy anyways.  Return to Mabe Village and go south to 
Toronbo Shores.  Jump south over the ledge from Sale's House O' Bananas 
and go right.  Bomb the wall here to make a cave.  If you've completed 
the trade process, then you'll meet someone new inside.  Enter to find 
a formerly invisible monster - a Goriya.

These are classic boomerang-wielding enemies of the Zelda world, 
although this one seems friendly.  Talk to it with your Shovel equipped 
as your B Button Item.  He will trade whatever you have in your B slot 
for what he found on the beach (it is probably Link's since he found it 
washed up on the shore).  Now, it is very possible to, in vulgar terms, 
screw yourself.  This is because you can give away anything - your L-2 
Sword, your Bow, etc.  However, the Shovel has no uses now that we have 
the L-2 Sword, and therefore makes for a great exchange item.

If you ever want the Shovel back, trade him again.  Now, what's so 
great about the Boomerang, you ask.  Go on, ask it.  Well, it is a 
secret item that stuns or kills most enemies in one shot.  In fact, 
some mini-bosses we've fought die instantly after a single blow (like 
Rolling Bones).  It will also prove very useful in the near future.

           |    Dark Secrets and Mysteries of Koholint    |

In the southwestern screen of Mabe Village you'll find the Library.  
There are several useful books.  There's an atlas, a bunch of how-to 
books, and one book in the lower-right corner that you need the 
Magnifying Lens to read.  The book will have a bunch of arrows in it.  
Write these down, or remember them if you have a good memory.  I've 
played this game around three times and it's always random.  That in 
mind, let's leave.

                           |    The Egg    |

Go to the Wind Fish's Egg.  In case you forgot where it is, go north of 
the Moblins' hideout (remember where you rescued BowWow all that time 
ago?).  Go right and climb the ladder here.  Go north again to the 
summit of Mt. Tamaranch.  Stand before the Wind Fish's Egg and play the 
Ballad of the Wind Fish taught to us by Marin on your Ocarina.  The 
eight Instruments of the Sirens come out and play one awesome song.  
This song makes the Wind Fish restless and opens a path into its egg.  
Suddenly, the Owl comes...  to kill you!

No, just kidding.  You know, I bet you thought the Owl was a traitor 
this entire time leading you to open the egg.  Well, we'll see inside.  
He simply tells us to go enter the Egg.  Winged words, Owl, winged 
words.  Enter and you'll be in a giant maze.

Follow the path that the book in the library - Dark Secrets and 
Mysteries of Koholint - laid out to you.  To do this, go north and fall 
into the pit.  Here's the maze in which you must follow the correct 
path.  There are no monsters, no traps, nothing.  After taking the 
right route, you'll reach a huge pit.  Jump in.

                |    BOSS: DETHL & THE NIGHTMARES    |

"We were born of nightmares...  To take over this world, we made the 
Wind Fish sleep endlessly!  If the Wind Fish doesn't wake up, this 
island will never disappear!  We would have been the masters of this 
place...  But you had to come here and disrupt our plans!  Heh heh!  
You can never defeat us!!!  Let's rumble!"

With that, the battle for Koholint begins.  From the Wind Fish insignia 
rises a dark beast - Giant Gel's Shadow, also known as Shadow Bot.  It 
is invincible to physical blows, but it dies with five sprinkles of 
Magic Powder.  From its ashes rises a new dark creature designed to 
reflect Link's deepest fears.

It is Agahnim's Shadow, the evil incarnation of an evil wizard.  You 
fight it just as you do in A Link to the Past.  When it makes a spell 
that is three large circles atop each other, hit it back at the fiend 
with your blade.  It may also fire a non-deflectable spell in the form 
of an X.

After four hits, it will fade from the dream, a new dark guardian 
taking its place.  It is Moldorm's Shadow, similar in form to the 
Moldorm we fought in Tail Cave, but it is far more insidious.  Several 
slashes delivered to its vulnerable tail will defeat it.

Then rises the worst Nightmare yet - Ganon's Shadow.  It is the 
concentration of evil that Link fought in Hyrule countless times.  Like 
Agahnim's Shadow, it behaves much like Ganon does in A Link to the 
Past.  Flaming monsters called Fire Keese fly from his Magic Trident as 
he warps about the arena.  Use the Pegasus Boots to ram into him six 
times and the next shadow guardian replaces him.

It is Lanmola's Shadow, the simplest of the villains.  With one hit of 
the Magic Rod, the final form appears before you.  The music becomes 
much more dramatic, as if it was intended to be the toughest boss in 
the game.

It is Dethl, the mastermind of the Nightmares!  It is a heartless 
specter with two muscular arms and a single eye.  When it opens its 
eye, shoot arrows into it.  20 arrows does the trick.  Or, you can hit 
it once with the Boomerang to defeat it (behold my might!).  With that, 
Dethl accepts that their world will disappear, and he dies with the 
island of Koholint...

An unknown voice calls Link up to it by making stairs form.  It is the 
Owl.  You have proven your wisdom, courage, and power.  The Owl reveals 
that he is a part of the Wind Fish's spirit, and that he is the 
guardian of his dream world.  But, one day long ago, the Nightmares 
found a way into the dream and wreaked havoc.  The Wind Fish could not 
control its power and Koholint Island, a thing of his dreams, became a 
real, physical thing.  That is why Link was able to wash up on it.  The 
Owl thanks you and then flies away.  Soon, the Wind Fish will awaken.  
In place of the Owl appears the Wind Fish.  It is a whale with wings, 
bejeweled and elaborately tattooed.


Link plays the song and slowly the world disappears in a flash of 
light.  Water overtakes Link, and he awakens in the sea, seagulls 
flying overhead.  The Wind Fish flies overhead into the horizon, and 
Link watches in amazement.  And the credits roll!

CONGRATULATIONS!  You beat the game.  There's not much more to do, but 
keep playing.  Chances are good that you don't have every item in the 
inventory.  Long live the dream!
  /                                                                 \
 /                                                                   \
||----------------------------Section 3*-----------------------------||
 \                                                                   /

===========================Pieces of Heart*============================

In every Zelda game, Link has a Life Meter that can be increased by 
finding Heart Containers.  Notice that I said Life Meter, not Heart 
Meter, because Link has a segmented bar in Adventure of Link that 
drains to show his health.  Well, in most Zelda games you get a Heart 
Container immediately after beating a boss.  This is true of Link's 
Awakening.  In The Legend of Zelda and Adventure of Link, entire Heart 
Containers were hidden in Hyrule as very useful items.

However, A Link to the Past changed the formula to make the game 
include more side quests.  It split Heart Containers into four basic 
parts called Pieces of Heart.  Ever since, many Zelda games have had 
plenty of side quests revolving around collecting Pieces of Heart.  
This game is no different.  Finding four is just like finding a Heart 
Container, you see.  Of all the games that have them, this game has the 
fewest.  Majora's Mask had 44 Pieces of Hearts, which made for eleven 
optional Heart Containers.

This game, on the other hand, has 12, allowing for three additional 
Heart Containers.  Well, it makes my job much easier.  There are a 
total of fourteen Heart Containers possible, eight bosses, and you 
start with three Heart Containers to your meter.  Here's where to find 
the Pieces of Heart.  I list them in the order in which you can get 

#) Location


Above is the guide to the list.  Now for the list.

1) Mabe Village

Obtain: You can get this right after you find your sword.  North of the 
library is a well.  You can jump into it from the ledge above, which is 
blocked by bushes.  Slash the shrubs and jump into the well, which 
contains the first Piece of Heart.
2) Mabe Village

Obtain: Two screens north of Madam MeowMeow's house is a pond where a 
fisherman pursues his hobbies, namely fishing.  It costs ten rupees to 
play.  If you catch each fish (catching each fish is optional, but it 
makes it easier to catch the necessary fish) and the "lunker," you'll 
be rewarded with a Piece of Heart...  from inside the fish.
3) Koholint Prairie

Obtain: Koholint Prairie is the name of the small strip of land that 
leads to Witch's Hut.  Well, east of the exit to Mysterious Woods is a 
Piece of Heart encompasses by pits.  When you have Roc's Feather, jump 
to the Piece of Heart.
4) Mysterious Woods

Obtain: You need the Power Bracelet to get this.  In Mysterious Woods 
is a cave that leads to the Sleepy Mushroom.  In it, go to the third 
screen and lift the skulls to reach the Piece of Heart.
5) Ukuku Prairie

Obtain: From the warp portal in Ukuku Prairie, go right and north.  
Here, bomb the wall to the north to find a cave.  Enter and use the 
Pegasus Boots to dash through the crystals.  Go through it until you 
reach the rightmost wall in the northern end of the cave.  Bomb the 
wall that sounds weak and go through the opening to find a Piece of 
6) Yarna Desert

Obtain: Go to where you fight the Lanmola.  Fall into the quicksand, 
first.  Bomb the wall north of where you land and you'll find a room 
with a Piece of Heart in it.
7) Tal Tal Heights

Obtain: When you have the Flippers, swim right of Angler's Tunnel to a 
cave.  Enter it and dive in it for a Piece of Heart.
8) Kanalet Castle

Obtain: When you have the Flippers, traverse the bridge that Kiki made 
for you to Kanalet Castle and go north until you see a bridge leading 
to water.  Enter the water and swim left until you are left of the 
gate.  There's a Piece of Heart in the water (dive for it) one screen 
left of the gate.
9) Cemetery

Obtain: The cemetery is southeast of Crazy Tracy's Health Spa.  In the 
southwest corner of the Cemetery, push the lower-right gravestone 
forward.  Take the stairs down and you'll be underground.  South of 
you, bomb the cracked stone and Hookshot right to another stone.  Then 
jump north to a Piece of Heart.
10) Animal Village

Obtain: Go to where the walrus is normally sleeping.  North of it 
you'll eventually find a cracked wall.  Bomb it and enter the cave.  
Here, jump left and go north.  To the left is a cracked block across a 
gap.  To destroy it, take out the Bow and the Bombs.  Face the cracked 
block and use both items at once to fire a missile at the rock.  
Hookshot to this rock and go up the steps to the Piece of Heart.
11) Tal Tal Mountain Range

Obtain: Go to the Hen House on Tal Tal Mountain Range.  Go left of it 
to some bridges and Hookshot across.  At the end, slash the bush and 
take the stairs down.  Bomb the south pocket in the wall and go south, 
then right twice.  Here's your Piece of Heart.
12) Tal Tal Mountain Range

Obtain: While playing through Turtle Rock, you'll need to take a flight 
of stairs out of the dungeon before you can defeat a pair of Dodongo 
Snakes for a Small Key.  When you emerge, the Piece of Heart will be 
right above you.

And that's a wrap.  Having every Heart Container can be very helpful, 
but it takes progression all the way into Turtle Rock before you can 
get them all.  Happy hunting.

===========================Secret Seashells*===========================

There are many Secret Seashells - 26 in total.  However, you only need 
20.  For this reason, I'll guide you to get twenty and not the other 
six.  After getting the first 20, the other six turn into rupees or 
disappear.  Actually, you can collect all 26, but six disappear after 
you get the L-2 Sword.  These are the easiest Secret Seashells to get, 
listed below.

Note that two of the Secret Seashells I list here were not gotten in 
the guide (there were easier ones to get and I eliminated a few of the 
tougher ones).  Also, two of the Secret Seashells listed here can only 
be gotten at a certain point in the game.  As a result, lead the 
caption beneath the list to learn how to get two other constant shells 
at any time.

#) Location


The setup is above.  Below is the list.

1) Mabe Village

Obtain: Slash the bushes south of the shop and a Secret Seashell pops 
2) Mabe Village

Obtain: Go to Madam MeowMeow's house and enter the right door.  Here, 
dig the floor for a Secret Seashell.
3) Mysterious Woods

Obtain: When you enter, go north and then right.  Lift the rock here 
and open the chest for a Secret Seashell.
4) Tail Cave

Obtain: Go north and then west when you enter.  Defeat the Mini-Moldorm 
and bomb the wall to the west to find a Secret Seashell in a chest.
5) South of the Village

Obtain: Go left of Tail Cave and use the Pegasus Boots to ram the tree 
there from the west.  A Secret Seashell flies out.
6) Seashell Mansion

Obtain: When you have exactly five, no more, no less, go to Seashell 
Mansion (go right twice, south, left, and north of Kanalet Castle's 
gate).  Pass through the bars and the spirit will give you a 
supplementary seashell.
7) Ukuku Prairie

Obtain: When you enter the prairie, go south to a telephone booth.  Ram 
into the tree to the left for a Secret Seashell.
8) Ukuku Prairie

Obtain: Go right of the entrance to Key Cavern and climb the ladder.  
Defeat the flying Octoroks and dig in the center of the grass for a 
Secret Seashell.
9) Ukuku Prairie

Obtain: When you first enter the basement of Richard's Villa, go to the 
northwest.  Push the rock forward and jump to the chest.  It contains a 
Secret Seashell.
10) Ukuku Prairie

Obtain: Go right of the entrance to Key Cavern and enter the water.  
Swim north to an island.  On it, slash the bush from the north to gain 
a Secret Seashell.
11) Seashell Mansion

Obtain: When you have exactly ten Secret Seashells, go to the mansion 
and pass through the bars.  You are reward for your efforts with a 
Secret Seashell.
12) Ukuku Prairie

Obtain: One screen east of Seashell Mansion is a group of bushes.  
Slash them to find a Secret Seashell.
13) Ukuku Prairie

Obtain: The first time you entered Animal Village, you used a 
staircase.  Go left of it and then south.  Lift the rock here to find a 
Secret Seashell.
14) Ukuku Prairie

Obtain: Go west of where you got the above Secret Seashell to find a 
cave.  Enter it and go left.  Bomb the fragile wall here to create an 
opening.  Go left and jump to the staircase.  Take it up and go left.  
Here, defeat any Zols you encounter and push the block to the left by 
the hole into the hole.  Jump over the hole and go left once.  Now go 
down and around that path to go right again.  Here, do you see the 
stone you pushed originally?  Look directly south of it two stones.  
Push this stone over and the one above where it was north.  Now exit 
the cave.  Go north once to see an owl statue.  Talk to it and it says 
something about nigh secrets.  As always, this means that you must dig 
around it for a Secret Seashell.
15) Koholint Prairie

Obtain: Go left of the Witch's Hut and lift the rock.  Take the steps 
down and slash the bush.  Then dig where the bush was to unearth a 
Secret Seashell.
16) Martha's Bay

Obtain: Go south of the entrance to Animal Village and you'll 
eventually be able to go left to a bridge.  Take it to an owl statue.  
It hints at a nearby Secret Seashell gotten by digging around it.
17) Martha's Bay

Obtain: Go south of the telephone booth to the west and you'll see an 
island.  Swim to it and slash the bush for a Secret Seashell.
18) Martha's Bay

Obtain: After you lead the ghost back to his grave (it starts following 
you after Angler's Tunnel), it thanks you by telling you to look under 
a jar in its home.  Go there (it's where you took it) and lift the pots 
to find a Secret Seashell.
19) Martha's Bay

Obtain: Go northeast of where we got # 17 and slash the bush there for 
a Secret Seashell.
20) Tal Tal Mountain Range

Obtain: From the Wind Fish's egg go south twice and then right.  Take 
the ladder up, enter the cave, and go through it.  When you exit, go 
right until you reach deep water.  Swim right in it and you'll find 
yourself a cave.  Enter it and you'll see shallow water covering the 
place, save one dry spot.  Bomb the wall that the dry spot borders and 
go north to a new room.  Take the stairs and go south.  In the chest 
puzzle here, you can get at most 80 rupees.  When you exit the cave to 
the south, open the treasure chest for a Secret Seashell.

As you've seen, all of the Secret Seashells except for # 6 and # 11 can 
be gotten at any point in the game, provided you have the right items.  
That is, it is possible to make it impossible for you to get # 6 and # 
11.  To get around this, there are two alternate Secret Seashells I'll 
list here.

21) Tal Tal Mountain Range

Obtain: Follow the instructions of Secret Seashell # 20 until you reach 
the deep water.  There, take the ladder up.  Now go left twice, north, 
and then east twice.  Lift the rocks here for a Secret Seashell.
22) Yarna Desert

Obtain: When you fall into the quicksand, go right and exit the cave.  
Hug the right wall and go south to find two rocks.  Lift them and claim 
the Secret Seashell beneath them.

And those are the 22 you can get after Angler's Tunnel.  But, if you 
want to get the other four, I'll give you hints.

In Face Shrine (the place, not the dungeon), you can find some Armos 
statues.  Under one is a staircase, and the chest contains a Secret 

In Face Shrine the dungeon, you can surface in Rapid Rides by using a 
staircase on the left side to find a chest containing a Secret 

In Eagle's Tower, if you fall to 1F from the room of 2F where the tiles 
fly at you on the west side, go north to a chest containing a Secret 

The final Secret Seashell can be found only when you have the Flying 
Rooster.  Left of Kanalet Castle is a pit you can never pass.  Fly over 
it with the Flying Rooster and take the stairs down.  Open the treasure 
chest down there for a Secret Seashell.

And that's how you get every single one, I just didn't feel like 
writing them all down's all.  No, but seriously, the list is intended 
to be used before Level 6, which is why I didn't include the final 
four.  The reward for getting twenty of these items is a great one.  Go 
to Seashell Mansion and pass through the bars.  Down drops the L-2 
Sword, the ultimate weapon in terms of offense.  It is great, truly.

==========================The Trade Sequence*==========================

The barter system is alive and thriving on Koholint Island.  Throughout 
the game you'll need to trade items to progress the plot.  There are 
similar trading sequences in most other Zelda games, but this is the 
one that started it all.  There are fourteen steps to the trade, and 
I'll list them below.

1) Yoshi Doll

Obtain: Start the trade off by going to the Trendy Game in Mabe 
Village.  When playing, move the crane so that it is above the Yoshi 
Doll in the center and then lower the crane so that the tips of the 
crane are between the two tracks moving around the game board.  You 
should pick up the Yoshi Doll.  In the Super Mario Bros. games, Yoshi 
is the trusty dinosaur steed of Mario and Luigi.
2) Ribbon

Obtain: Go north of the shop in Mabe Village and go left.  Enter the 
house here.  It belongs to the Quadruplet Family, so called because 
they had four children at once.  Give the mother the Yoshi Doll to 
entertain her children and she'll give you a Ribbon.
3) Dog Food

Obtain: Go to Madam MeowMeow's house and enter by the right door to a 
dog house.  Talk to the Chain Chomp here and they'll give you their Dog 
Food for the Ribbon.
4) Bananas

Obtain: In Toronbo Shores you'll find an alligator named Sale living in 
a house along the northern border.  He'll eat anything, especially 
canned food.  Give him the Dog Food and he'll eat it, can and all, in 
one gulp.  In exchange for a delicious meal he gives you Bananas.
5) Stick

Obtain: Right two screens from Kanalet Castle's gate is Kiki the 
monkey.  Talk to him and he'll go nuts for your Bananas.  Summoning his 
monkey brethren, they construct a bridge to Kanalet Castle in exchange 
for the delectable food.  They have a spare stick; go pick it up.
6) Honeycomb

Obtain: When you enter Ukuku Prairie, go right, north, and right to 
find Tarin.  He wants to see your stick.  He uses it to poke a beehive, 
which is pretty dumb on his part.  The bees fly out and chase him back 
to Mabe Village, but they also leave a Honeycomb behind.  Take it.
7) Pineapple

Obtain: Go to Animal Village.  In the southeast corner is the home of 
Chef Bear, who is all out of honey.  Add a Honeycomb to his inventory 
and he'll have enough for the recipe.  He gives you the Pineapple in 
8) Hibiscus

Obtain: From the Wind Fish's Egg, go south twice and right once.  Climb 
the ladder to find a cave.  Pass through it and go right when you 
emerge.  The man on the tier above you is our next trading partner, but 
we cannot reach him as of now.  Enter the cave here and walk north to a 
staircase.  Go south to find Papahl, the father figure in the 
Quadruplet Family.  He's been lost for a while now and he's starving.  
Give him the Pineapple and he'll thank you with a Hibiscus.
9) Letter

Obtain: Go to the northeast corner of Animal Village.  A goat here is 
an expert of love and believes that the Hibiscus is the best flower in 
courtship.  Give it to him and he'll ask another favor of you.  He 
gives you a Letter to Mr. Write north of Mysterious Woods.  It's your 
job to deliver it.
10) Broom

Obtain: In Mysterious Woods, go left one screen from where you got the 
Tail Key.  Hop the pit here and enter the house to find the wacky Mr. 
Write (his house is marked on your map as "Weird Mr. Write").  He opens 
the letter, which happens to have a picture of Princess Peach, yet 
another Super Mario Bros. cameo.  As payment, he gives you a broom.
11) Fishing Hook

Obtain: Outside of the goat's house in Animal Village is Grandma 
Ulrira, the loudmouth wife of the man that calls you in the telephone 
booths.  Her broom wore out, and she'll be happy to take yours.  You 
receive a Fishing Hook in return.
12) Necklace

Obtain: Swim right and then south of Catfish's Maw.  Swim under the 
bridge here by diving.  A fisherman lives here and he can't catch a 
thing without his hook.  Give him the Fishing Hook and he'll give you 
his next catch.  The expert fisherman shows you his fishing prowess by 
catching a Necklace.
13) Scale

Obtain: North of Catfish's Maw is Martha, the mermaid that Martha's Bay 
is named after.  She's lost her Necklace, and you happen to own it.  
Give it back to her and she'll let you pluck a scale from her tail.
14) Magnifying Lens

Obtain: Go south of the entrance to Animal Village and you'll reach a 
bridge.  South of it is a gap.  Hookshot to the rock to the left and go 
north to a mermaid statue.  One scale is missing, and you have it.  Put 
it on and it slides over.  Take the stairs down and go north quickly.  
If you linger, invisible foes will attack you.  Pick up the Magnifying 
Lens here and you'll be able to see invisible enemies.  Also, you'll be 
able to read a book in the library you previously could not.  The 
Magnifying Lens is an early version of the Lens of Truth, which does 
the same things.

And that's how the Yoshi Doll became the legendary Magnifying Lens, 
grasshopper.  It is important to two very important causes.

==========================Secrets and Tricks*==========================

Here I shall compile all the cool things in the game, as well as 
upgrades and the like.  Of course, I'll list upgrades first.

                        |    The Boomerang    |

You can get this only after you've gotten the Magnifying Lens, which 
can be gotten after Catfish's Maw.  From Sale's House O' Bananas, jump 
off the ledge to the south and go right.  Immediately you'll notice 
that the wall here can be bombed.  Enter it and you'll see a Goriya.  
It found your Boomerang on the shore and will trade it to you for 
whatever B item you have selected.  Trade your Shovel for it (or 
anything else, but it would be stupid) and you'll have the Boomerang, 
capable of killing many enemies in one shot (like the final boss).  If 
you ever want your B item back, just trade the Boomerang back to him.

                      |    The Bomb Upgrade    |

In Mysterious Woods, you can lift a rock south of where the tunnel 
surrounded by three boulders is.  This reveals a staircase.  Take it 
down to see an altar.  Sprinkle Magic Powder on it and a bat rises.  To 
"punish" you for waking it up, the bat will force you to carry more 
bombs.  How diabolical!  Where before you could hold 30, you are now 
able to carry sixty.  Thanks a lot!

                      |    The Arrow Upgrade    |

In Martha's Bay you'll find a screen filled with bushes that is two 
screens south of Catfish's Maw.  Here, use the Magic Rod to destroy the 
bushes to the right and then use the Pegasus Boots/Roc's Feather combo 
to leap over the gap.  Take the stairs down to a cave.  Swim left to a 
staircase that leads to the surface.  Go west and walk down these 
stairs to find an altar.  Sprinkle Magic Powder on it and a bat pops 
out.  Like the previous, this bat curses you by making you carry more 
stuff.  Now you can carry sixty arrows.  Neat-o.

                  |    The Magic Powder Upgrade    |

Along the path to Turtle Rock you'll find a chest containing 50 rupees.  
Lift the nearby stone to find a staircase.  It's another altar.  
Sprinkle some of that Magic Powder in it and the bat comes up.  You're 
so annoying!  You keep waking him up, jerk.  Anyways, this time he 
forces you to carry 40 Magic Powder servings at a time.  It's actually 
a great curse.  He sure is (giggle) batty!  Oh, I'm punny.

                          |    L-2 Sword    |

This isn't a guide to getting it, but you can get a sword upgrade if 
you collect twenty Secret Seashells.  See that section for the details.

                      |    Alternate Ending    |

If you beat the game without losing a single life, you'll see Marin 
flying over the skies when you see the "The End."

                       |    Alternate Music    |

To hear alternate music, simply name your character ZELDA, all caps.  
This is a code in most Zelda games.  It's not that noticeable, but it's 
a welcome addition.  It's only on the File Select Screen.

                        |    The 000 Trick    |

To prevent ever losing a life, press A and B right after you lose all 
health.  Since Link doesn't die instantly, you'll be able to save and 
quit before you die.  Best of all, though, is that the death won't be 
counted on your record.

                          |    The Thief    |

You can steal items from the shop.  I suggest doing it only for the 
Bow, which can be extremely costly otherwise, unless you have 980 
rupees to throw around.  However, I must warn you about two things.  
First, the shopkeeper will kill you the next time you enter the shop 
(Star Wars Episode Six Emperor-style) with a bolt of lightning.  He's 
got mad powers, man.  Second, everyone will call you THIEF instead of 
your regular name.  If you still want to be a shoplifter, pick up and 
item and stand north of the clerk.  Make sure he turns his head toward 
you.  Now run to the left and go down out the door with the item in 
hand.  If all goes well, the clerk won't turn his head in time and 
you'll make out like a bandit.

                   |    The Money-Saving Trick    |

When you purchase a very expensive item - the Shovel or the Bow - you 
can save rupees afterward.  Press A, B, Start, and Select quickly to 
save the game and then save and quit.  If you're quick, you'll cut off 
the rupee-draining period and save yourself a ton of money.

                      |    The Missile Trick    |

If you have the Bow and Bombs selected, you can have your bomb ride on 
your arrow to give it a missile effect by pressing both A and B at 
once.  You need to get one Piece of Heart.

                 |    The Early Turtle Rock Trick    |

Normally, you cannot enter Turtle Rock because a wall of flame prevents 
you from passing unless you have the Mirror Shield.  Well, you can 
enter early if you have some Secret Medicine purchases from Crazy 
Tracy.  When you die due to the flames, you'll be transparent and 
immune to pain for a while.  You'll be able to walk through the flame 
for a few seconds.  Doing this, you can enter Turtle Rock before 
beating the sixth dungeon.  Of course, it isn't really that useful...

                |    The Rooster & Boomerang Trick    |

When you have the Flying Rooster and the Boomerang, throw the Boomerang 
and quickly lift the Flying Rooster.  The Boomerang will follow below 
you while you fly.  It's a safe way to kill enemies in a screen.

                       |    Cucco Invasion    |

This is a great Zelda trick introduced in A Link to the Past.  If you 
keep slashing a Cucco, the chickens around Mabe Village, hordes of them 
come to beat the living daylights out of you.  Exit the screen or run 
inside a building to stop their onslaught.

                   |    The Strange Song Trick    |

If you play Ballad of the Wind Fish by Pols Voices, the bunny ear 
enemies, they will explode.

                    |    Marin Dialogue Trick    |

You can make special events and certain script occur that you'd 
normally pass up.  Namely, when Marin is following you, try doing many 
things.  She's a card, really.  Try playing the Trendy Game, digging, 
playing the Ocarina, slash chickens, fall down the well on the west 
side of town, and breaking pots.  What a freak...

                |    The Boss Battle Sequel Trick    |

This happened to me while fighting Evil Eagle.  When you beat Evil 
Eagle, if you fall off the tower before it is done exploding, you'll 
have to fight it again.  However, the boss music isn't playing as if 
you beat it but didn't take the Heart Container yet and the cinema with 
Grim Creeper doesn't play.  I'd imagine that this works with other 
bosses, too.

                      |    Spin Attack Sound    |

Below is a tip sent in by Gokusupersaiyn4 via e-mail.  It is slightly 
edited, mind you (capitalize certain words, etc.).  Note that I'm not 
looking for more glitches to be added.

After you get the Power Bracelet from Level 2, you can set your Sword 
to A and the Power Bracelet to B (and vice versa) and hold your sword 
for a spin attack, but right before you do a spin attack, pick up a 
stone (while still holding the a button) and you'll here the spin 
attack sound like you already did a spin attack, but your sword isn't 
charged and you don't do a spin attack.

Those are all the significant tricks.  Let them serve you well.  Note 
that I'm not interested in adding to this list.

=============================Enemy Index*==============================

Enemies are one awesome part of Zelda games.  This game has lots of new 
enemies and quite a few one-timers, too.  Here, I'll list all enemies 
and mini-bosses, but not the bosses.  I like to be surprised when I 
face bosses, and I'm sure the same is true of yourself.  The setup is 
as follows.

Enemy Name



And now for the list.  It's alphabetized, of course.  It's a hobby of 
mine.  Note that the Boomerang can beat most enemies, and I will not 
mention it for all of them.


Location: Turtle Rock

Notes: Because they're Keese-like, they fire fireballs, and they 
slightly resemble Aches from Adventure of Link, I call these monsters 
Aches (although they may well be Vires).  Slash them twice and they 
separate into Keese.  They can launch fireballs and fly over the wall 
to reposition itself.

Location: Eagle's Tower

Notes: This may or may not be their actual name, but I call them this 
for lack of a better title.  Very rare, these enemies suck you into 
their mouths and are just like Kirby.  To beat them, let them suck in a 
bomb or use the Magic Rod, not that you'd have the Magic Rod in Eagle's 
Tower, of course.

Location: Dream Shrine

Notes: These are rare enemies found in a few dungeons that I didn't 
list, namely because there are so few of them.  The L-2 Sword can beat 
them instantly, but you must dash through them with the Pegasus Boots 
if you have any hopes of beating them with an L-1 Sword.  They mimic 
your movements.

Location: Face Shrine

Notes: Armos are statue warriors that inhabit the southern region of 
Face Shrine.  They are generally peaceful, but some come to life when 
you touch them.  You can either bomb them, shoot them with arrows, or 
use the Boomerang to beat them.
Armos Knight

Location: Face Shrine

Notes: In the southern part of Face Shrine is a monster that guards the 
Face Key.  It slowly hops toward you and is covered in armor.  To beat 
this A Link to the Past enemy, shoot arrows at it.  After a few the 
armor will come off.  A few more and the helmet busts.  The last few 
defeat it.
Ball & Chain Soldier

Location: Kanalet Castle

Notes: One of the soldiers in Kanalet Castle has a ball and chain, 
which it swings around to do massive damage.  To take a Gold Leaf from 
it, shoot it with arrows.  Two of them do the trick.
Battle Bat

Location: Eagle's Tower

Notes: There are eight Battle Bats, six of which fought Link.  Under 
the guidance of the Grim Creeper, they fly at Link in formation and you 
must defeat all six at once to keep them down.  The other two were 
destroyed with Grim Creeper in the boss battle.

Location: Eagle's Tower, Turtle Rock

Notes: These are those black cylinders that spin around and shoot 
lasers.  They cannot be beaten, but you can block their laser attacks 
with the Mirror Shield.

Location: Ukuku Prairie

Notes: Coming from some pits in the prairie are tiny spider enemies.  
They're endless and insignificant; I wouldn't bother sticking around.

Location: Turtle Rock

Notes: He's the mini-boss of Turtle Rock.  Blaino spends all his time 
boxing, but he made a mistake when he picked a fight with Link.  To 
beat him, quickly run in and hit him on his sides.  Facing him and 
using a Spin Attack works well.

Location: Water

Notes: These are mixes of octopuses and squids, very similar to 
Bloopers in the Mario series (in Mario games, they originally were 
called Bloobers).  VERY similar.  Yes, the Wind Fish must have been a 
Mario junkie.  Slash them to beat them.

Location: Martha's Bay, Tal Tal Heights

Notes: The western region of Koholint Island is home to many flying 
mushrooms that drop bombs.  They can be hard to beat and I'd just run.

Location: Key Cavern

Notes: Obviously copies of Bob-ombs from the Super Mario Bros. games, 
Bombites come in two types.  One type ricochets around the room before 
exploding, while the other counts down to three while following you 
before exploding.  To trigger the explosion, slash them.
Boo Buddies

Location: Bottle Grotto

Notes: The two Ghinis that guard the Power Bracelet in Bottle Grotto 
are known as the Boo Buddies  Light the torches in the room and they 
become solid, allowing you to finish them with your sword.

Location: Various

Notes: The name is derived from the Adventure of Link enemy that is 
very similar to this monster.  These are skulls that ricochet around 
the room to hurt you, kind of like Sparks.  Sprinkle Magic Powder on 
one for a Fairy.
Buzz Blob

Location: Koholint Prairie, Martha's Bay

Notes: In some regions of Koholint Island you can find green creatures 
that will electrocute you if you slash them.  I'd just avoid them, but 
if you must kill one, stun it and slash (Hookshot, for instance) or 
beat it with projectiles.

Location: Water

Notes: Yes, this is a total copy of the Cheep Cheep from Mario games.  
However, they slightly changed the name and they have a new enemy for 
Link's Awakening.  Cheep-Sheep jump out of the water occasionally and 
are also found in 2D screens.  Use your sword to beat them.

Location: Toronbo Shores

Notes: A rare find indeed, Crabs that roam around and attack enemies.  
They move faster horizontally than vertically.  Slash them to beat 
them, although you'll have few encounters with them at best.

Location: Tabahl Wasteland, Kanalet Castle

Notes: These are somewhat rare enemies.  They fly at you and will give 
you a thrashing if you don't kill them.  In other words, slash them 
because they're tough to run from.  One in Kanalet Castle holds a Gold 
Leaf in its possession.  You must throw a rock at it before it stirs.

Location: Mabe Village

Notes: This is not an enemy, but they can attack you.  Attack the 
chickens in Mabe Village and hordes of them come after you.  If you 
want, burn them to death with the Magic Rod, although I wouldn't try to 
fend off the army of chickens.
Cue Ball

Location: Angler's Tunnel, Turtle Rock

Notes: Cue Ball was an early Big Octo for the Zelda series.  Each time 
you fight him, there's an arena of water or lava with a block in the 
center.  Cue Ball dashes around the room to attack you.  To beat him, 
slash his head.  I recommend you use the Pegasus Boots in the first 
fight, but that you just stand in the corner with an extended sword in 
the second bout.

Location: Koholint Prairie, Martha's Bay

Notes: If you sprinkle Magic Powder on a Buzz Blob, it turns into a 
glasses-wearing freak. It started in A Link to the Past, but now they 
are "advanced."  You can talk to it and it says random stuff that makes 
perfect nonsense.  It behaves much like the Buzz Blob, too, in terms of 
electrical defense.
Dodongo Snake

Location: Key Cavern, Face Shrine, Turtle Rock

Notes: Dodongo Snakes are long, black-versions of the Dodongos from The 
Legend of Zelda.  You must throw or set three bombs in their mouths, 
and they always come in pairs.  A duo of Dodongo Snakes was the mini-
boss of Key Cavern.
Flying Octorok

Location: Ukuku Prairie

Notes: These creatures are winged versions of Octoroks.  They spit 
rocks like their cousins but they have wings and jump around when you 
try to slash them.  Spin Attacks, dashing, and projectiles are all good 

Location: Various

Notes: When you slash a pink Zol with the L-1 Sword, two smaller Zol-
like creatures called Gels pop out.  They cannot hurt you, but they can 
cling onto you (which makes you move slowly and prevents use of your 
sword and other items).  One slash will kill it.  Also, one Zol in Key 
Cavern surrounds itself with Gel-shields.

Location: Cemetery

Notes: When you touch the surface of a tombstone, a Ghini comes out.  
It takes many hits but you should beat it anyways if you don't plan on 
Giant Buzz Blob

Location: Secret Dungeon

Notes: In the Secret Dungeon in Link's Awakening DX, you'll fight this 
monster.  It can generate huge amounts of static electricity to harm 
Giant Ghini

Location: Cemetery

Notes: One particular grave in the Cemetery unleashes a Giant Ghini, 
which can be beaten like the smaller versions for a Fairy.
Giant Goponga Flower

Location: Goponga Swamp

Notes: These are rare and can be defeated in any one of three ways.  
The first is to use BowWow, the regular way, after rescuing him from 
the Moblins.  You can also Hookshot them or use the Magic Rod.

Location: Turtle Rock

Notes: Taking three hits of the L-2 Sword, these mummies do not flinch 
or fly backward when you hit them.  Therefore, you should not stay 
stationary when fighting them.

Location: Catfish's Maw

Notes: There are only two on all of Koholint Island.  A pair of these 
was the sub boss in Catfish's Maw.  Like in The Legend of Zelda, their 
weak point is their eye, which they keep closed often.  Stand near them 
and they will occasionally open it to fire fireballs at you.  At that 
time, either slash their eye, Hookshot their eye, or shoot their eye 
with arrows.

Location: Various

Notes: In many 2D screens, as well as the top floor of Eagle's Tower, 
Goombas roam around aimlessly.  They are from the Mario series (indeed, 
they were Mario's first common enemy) and can be defeated in a similar 
fashion - jumping.  Of course, just about anything else works, too.
Goponga Flower

Location: Goponga Swamp

Notes: Like their big brothers, these are swamp-dwelling plants weak 
only to BowWow, the Hookshot, and the Magic Rod.  A group of them 
blocks the entrance to Bottle Grotto.

Location: Toronbo Shores

Notes: Not quite an enemy, but there is a Goriya in Toronbo Shores.  It 
hides in a cave there and you can see it only when you have the 
Magnifying Lens.  It will trade you a Boomerang it has for whatever 
you've got selected for B, making the Shovel a trade item.  If you want 
it back, simply trade it again.
Great Moblin

Location: Tal Tal Heights

Notes: The Great Moblin is responsible for kidnapping BowWow, Madam 
MeowMeow's dog.  Why, we will never know.  This crime ultimately cost 
Great Moblin his life because Link went to rescue BowWow, who would aid 
him in entering Bottle Grotto.  The Great Moblin was much larger than 
normal Moblins and shot arrows.  These distracting arrows let him 
charge Link bull-style.  However, if you move, he'll ram into the wall 
and be stunned, completely vulnerable to attack.  Great Moblin also 
appears in Oracle of Ages, which is where I got the name from.
Grim Creeper

Location: Eagle's Tower

Notes: Grim Creeper was master of eight Battle Bats and the boss of 
Eagle's Tower, all of which he controlled to fight Link.  Grim Creeper 
died with the boss of the tower.
Hardhat Beetle

Location: Dungeons, Caves

Notes: Black creatures that slide around the room, Hardhat Beetles are 
invincible.  The only way to beat them is to slash them (pushing them 
backward) into pits.

Location: Bottle Grotto, Eagle's Tower, Turtle Rock

Notes: A pathetically easy Cyclops is an accurate description of Hinox.  
It throws bombs around the room, and may lift you up to toss you across 
the arena.  However, he can be slashed repeatedly to be beaten in under 
ten seconds, especially when you wield the L-2 Sword.
Kanalet Soldier

Location: Kanalet Castle

Notes: An insane band of servants to the king of Koholint Island, long 
since powerless, they tried to capture Richard, the heir to the throne, 
but failed.  They took his Gold Leaves knowing that they were valuable 
to him and Richard deployed Link.  They are nearly the same as Moblins, 
and should be fought as such.  There are only two variations of the 
Kanalet Soldier - the Mad Bomber and the Ball & Chain Soldier.
Iron Mask

Location: Dungeons

Notes: They stop appearing after Catfish's Maw because they would be 
pointless afterward.  With iron masks, they are vulnerable only on 
their backs.  Slash there or use the Hookshot to pull off their masks, 
making them the equivalent of Zols.

Location: Various

Notes: Keese are bats.  They usually hide in dark areas and fly at you 
in random patterns.  One slash beats them.

Location: Yarna Desert

Notes: The guardian of the Angler Key is a long snake-like creature 
that appeared in A Link to the Past as a boss.  It's quite easy to 
beat.  First, the arena is filled with quicksand; do not fall into the 
center.  To hurt it, slash its head when it pops out.

Location: Toronbo Shores, Yarna Desert, Tal Tal Mountain Range

Notes: Leevers are sand-dwelling creatures that poke their heads out of 
sand and shift through it.  They attack by bumping into you, which 
makes them easy to slash.
Like Like

Location: Various

Notes: Like Likes are fairly scarce, but they have the potential to 
really frustrate you.  They can eat the Wooden Shield, which forces you 
to buy a replacement at the shop.  They cannot eat the Mirror Shield, 
Mad Bomber

Location: Kanalet Castle

Notes: One Kanalet Soldier has found himself six holes and uses tunnels 
to travel between them and throw bombs at pedestrians.  He holds a Gold 
Leaf, meaning that you must beat it.  Stand with a charged sword for a 
Spin Attack and wait for it to emerge.  If you're fast enough, you can 
slash it a few times and it will die.

Location: Bottle Grotto, Face Shrine

Notes: These are identical to Shy Guys from the Super Mario series.  
They mimic your moves and are protected in the front, kind of like a 
cross between an Iron Mask and an Arm-Mimic.  To defeat them, lure them 
behind you and stand back-to-back, then use a Spin Attack to hit them.
Master Stalfos

Location: Catfish's Maw

Notes: Master Stalfos was obviously based on the Skeleton Knights from 
A Link to the Past.  It's a giant Stalfos with sword and shield that 
stole the Hookshot from its chest.  When Link beats it for the fifth 
time, he receives the Hookshot.  Master Stalfos can be slashed at the 
sides, which causes him to collapse.  Bomb his remains to do damage.  
Repeat this until he flees or explodes, depending on which battle 
you're fighting.  

Location: Various

Notes: Moldorms are black worms that randomly move around the screen.  
They are weak to sword attacks.

Location: Mysterious Woods, Tal Tal Heights

Notes: Classic Zelda enemies, Moblins will either throw spears at you 
(possibly arrows; I can't tell), fight you with swords, and may have 
shields.  Regardless of this, they're total pushovers.  Slash them 
twice with the L-2 Sword and they're history.

Location: Toronbo Shores

Notes: One monkey in Toronbo Shores throws coconuts at you.  Just avoid 
it as it's hardly worth mention.

Location: Mabe Village

Notes: Some dogs in the village attack if attacked.  Although you 
should just steer clear of them, you can kill them with the Magic Rod.

Location: Toronbo Shores

Notes: Octoroks have appeared in every Zelda game to date.  They shoot 
rocks at you, which can be blocked with your shield.  A single swipe of 
the sword will beat them.

Location: Key Cavern

Notes: These are weird monsters in Key Cavern that can warp around the 
room.  They always warp to the same spots which means that you should 
run to the other spot as soon as they warp to catch them off-guard.

Location: Angler's Tunnel

Notes: Peahats are quite uncommon.  Like in The Legend of Zelda, they 
can only be defeated by a sword attack when they are stopped 
completely.  Otherwise, they're invincible while spinning.

Location: Ukuku Prairie

Notes: Inhabiting a few holes of Ukuku Prairie are Pincers.  I run from 
them, but you can slash their heads when they lunge at you if you'd 
Piranha Plant

Location: Various

Notes: In early 2D screens, we saw more Mario enemies.  This time, it's 
a Piranha Plant.  They pop out of pipes, just like in their home games.  
Slash them or jump over them.

Location: Yarna Desert

Notes: Although Zelda purists might argue that these enemies are 
rightfully Geldarms, Pokeys are rare enemies found in Yarna Desert.  
Just avoid these, although you can slash them if you choose.
Pols Voice

Location: Bottle Grotto, Face Shrine

Notes: These bunny-eared ghosts are very strange.  If you play Ballad 
of the Wind Fish on the Ocarina, they explode.  Otherwise, bomb them, 
shoot them, or throw pots at them.
Rolling Bones

Location: Tail Cave, Turtle Rock

Notes: This was the sub boss of Tail Cave, but it made it to Turtle 
Rock to face Link one more time.  It tosses a spiked cylinder around 
the room to hurt you.  Jump over it with Roc's Feather and slash the 
beast until you've won.
Sea Urchin

Location: Toronbo Shores

Notes: Sea Urchins are spiky black objects that look like they're from 
Kirby games.  One slash does them in, although you can move them by 
pressing against them with your shield.

Location: Face Shrine, Turtle Rock

Notes: It looks just like Rolling Bones, but it has a different 
strategy.  Smasher pelts a huge ball at Link to attack, but his 
greatest attack is also his greatest weakness.  Lift the ball with the 
Powerful Bracelet and throw it back at Smasher.  Four hits beats the 
thing.  If you can, aim the ball so that it bounces off Smasher right 
in front of you.  That makes the battle very short.
Snake Rope

Location: Various

Notes: Although I call them Ropes throughout the entire guide, Snake 
Ropes are snake creatures that charge at you should you fall into their 
line of sight.  Slash them before they reach you to beat them.

Location: Various

Notes: Rotating about objects, mostly walls, Sparks are balls of 
electricity that can be beaten with only one item.  That's the 
Boomerang, and it is worth it.  Hit a Spark with a Boomerang and a 
Fairy results.
Spiked Beetle

Location: Tail Cave, Bottle Grotto, Angler's Tunnel

Notes: They sidle left and right very quickly, but they move vertically 
very slowly.  They have spiked on their heads and must be defeated by 
flipping them with your shield.  Then attack their undersides.
Spiny Beetle

Location: Various

Notes: Hiding under some hedges or rocks are Spiny Beetles.  You must 
first slash/lift their covering and then attack their vulnerable 
bodies.  They're kind of like hermit crabs.

Location: Various

Notes: These are skeletal enemies that are found in many dungeons and 
parts of Tal Tal Mountain Range.  The basic type of Stalfos jump, some 
throwing bones at you.  The more advanced type are hooded and I refer 
to them as Stalfos Knights throughout the guide.  Stalfos Knights are 
just like Moblins.

Location: Angler's Tunnel, Catfish's Maw

Notes: Stars are similar to starfish, only they bounce around the room.  
Slash them to kill them.
Stone Hinox

Location: Secret Dungeon

Notes: The Stone Hinox is a tougher version of the Hinox.  It's made of 
stone and is found only in the Secret Dungeon in Link's Awakening DX.

Location: Tal Tal Mountain Range

Notes: Along the path leading to Turtle Rock are a bunch of Crow-like 
enemies.  They are simply stronger versions of them, stronger versions 
that I advise against fighting if you can help it.

Location: Tal Tal Heights, Tal Tal Mountain Range

Notes: Jumping around the place are Tektites, which look like upside-
down U's with eyes.  They are actually similar to spiders and should be 
fought with the sword, obviously.
Three of a Kind

Location: Bottle Grotto, Eagle's Tower

Notes: Ugh.  I hate these, and you do too if you know what's good for 
you.  There are three and they each have alternating spades, hearts, 
clubs, and diamonds on their chest.  Slash one and it will freeze with 
the sign on its chest.  Hit the others and, if they all match, they 

Location: Dungeons

Notes: In quite a few 2D screens you'll find Thwomps, giant stones that 
come crashing down on you when you're close.  You cannot beat them, but 
you can dash under them or walk past them when they're rising.  They 
also come in smaller versions called Thwimps.  It's a Mario enemy, too.
Turtle Rock

Location: Tal Tal Mountain Range

Notes: Blocking the entrance to Turtle Rock, the dungeon, is a giant 
fossilized dinosaur.  Play Frog's Song of Soul to resurrect it and then 
slash its head repeatedly to beat it.  It's kind of mean bringing 
something to life just to kill it...  And it was really easy, too.

Location: Various

Notes: These either suck or blow air, and can be defeated with sword 
slashes, bombs, and various other items.  They are often found in rooms 
with holes.
Water Bug

Location: Angler's Tunnel, Catfish's Maw

Notes: Gliding on water, these are somewhat rare enemies.  They take 
one slash and look exactly like their A Link to the Past counterparts.

Location: Face Shrine

Notes: Wizzrobes appear, cast a spell, and shortly vanish before 
reappearing to repeat the process.  Lay a bomb by them so that they 
feel the explosion when they reappear, or shoot them to death.

Location: Various

Notes: Sometimes, Zols jump out of the ground when you walk by.  They 
are round creatures that can be beaten with a single slash of the 
sword.  If you slash a red one with the L-1 Sword, it will split into 
Gels.  Also, one Zol in Key Cavern surrounds itself with Gels as 
shields, although hardly effective.

Location: Water

Notes: Violent female members of the Zora race are known as Zola.  Zola 
rise from water and shoot a fireball at you.  Block it with your 
shield, dive underwater, or just move.

Location: Koholint Prairie, Cemetery

Notes: Zombies are earlier Redeads in the Zelda world.  They rise up 
endlessly to fight you, although they can be beaten individually with 
one sword attack.

And that's a wrap.  Yep, there are a lot of enemies in this game.  I'd 
even go so far as saying that this game has the most enemies in it 
(including bosses).  A few names here and there might by incorrect 
(specifically, Ache, Bubble, Water Bug), but I tried to classify every 
enemy.  If something exactly the same appeared in a previous or future 
game, it was classified that way.  A big thanks to Zelda.com/universe 
for all these names.  Really, their encyclopedia helps in the case of 
Link's Awakening because they have more Link's Awakening entries than 
anything else, but they have lots of wrong entries.  Thanks anyways.

==========================The Zelda Timeline*==========================

Because I like it the best of all my timelines (they all have the same 
order of games, but I think that this one explains it the best), I'll 
put my generic timeline below.  I love timeline e-mail; argue with me 
to your heart's content.

Note: Reading this might spoil the endings for a few of the Zelda 
games.  Read only if you know what happens in each, because I need to 
draw from important game events to make the timeline.  Read at your own 

The Legend of Zelda is a series of twelve separate games at the present 
time.  Since these games were not released in an order that made sense, 
many people argue with one another about just how it should be 
organized.  That's what this timeline is here for - to express my views 
on the subject.  I think that the series in bad need of better 
organizing.  Many timelines are awful and don't make sense.  The 
timeline must abide by certain rules.  But before that, here's a list 
of every Zelda game that either was new when it was released or had 
something new on it.

The Legend of Zelda
1987 for the NES
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
1988 for the NES
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
1991 for the SNES
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
1993 for the GB
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
1998 for the N64
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
2000 for the N64
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of the Ages
2001 for the GBC
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of the Seasons
2001 for the GBC
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Four Swords
2002 for the GBA
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest
2003 for the GCN
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
2003 for the GCN
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
2004 for the GCN
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
2005 for the GBA

Note that these release years are all North American.  First, notice 
that A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time are listed twice.  This is 
because those games had a new game on them when they were re-released.  
Ocarina of Time had Master Quest, which was a harder version.  Master 
Quest has the same events in it as Ocarina of Time, so it will not be 
counted.  A Link to the Past was re-released with a multi-player game 
called Four Swords.  Link's Awakening DX does not count because it only 
included an extra dungeon.  It is an actual game, and it shall be 

As I said, there are a few rules one must follow when making their 
timeline.  Here are common errors people make.  First, what Link or 
anyone else looks like has nothing to do with the chronological scheme 
of things.  Wind Waker Link was a very popular look so Nintendo showed 
him that way in a few extra games.  This doesn't make Link different.  
Secondly, items (unless they are extremely important, like the Master 
Sword) do not determine anything.  That is, whether Ganon used his 
trident in one battle or not does not give us a good timeline.  Third, 
there is only one timeline.

Many people think that there are two (the Alternate Timeline Theory) 
because Link time-traveled in Ocarina of Time.  If you think about it, 
this is a really stupid theory.  After all, at the end of Ocarina of 
Time, Zelda sends Link back to relive the seven years of his childhood 
that he lost (to quote Zelda exactly, "Link, give the Ocarina to me...  
As a sage, I can return you to your original time with it.").  It is as 
if the latter part of Ocarina of Time never happened.

Fourth, there will be no dates.  Many people try to use dates in their 
timeline and that is completely false.  Fifth, comic books have no 
bearing on the timeline.  Sixth and foremost, if it's not in the game 
or the manual, then it is speculation and it doesn't count.  For 
instance, one could add tons of different events that weren't in the 
games or manuals and connect things together (like Ganon revivals, 
descendants, and other "events").

Now we can truly start.  This is quite anticipated because everyone 
wants to know how Minish Cap is placed on the timeline.  Remember that 
the timeline tries to string the games together in an order that makes 
sense for the existing games only.  It will be modified should a new 
game be released.

Note: In my timeline, it is very important to remember that Link did 
not have the Triforce piece of Courage at the end of Ocarina of Time, 
nor Zelda or Ganon theirs.  He had it when he was an adult, but Zelda 
sent him back to the past "to regain his lost years."  Even if you do 
disagree with this for whatever reason, it wouldn't matter (if he did, 
Link would lose the Triforce of Courage in Majora's Mask due to what 
the King of Red Lions says in Wind Waker).  Also, the timeline focuses 
a lot on Ganon.  Ganon is the only character that is completely unique 
(that there are no descendants of) and he has different conditions in 
each game.

Ocarina of Time is obviously the first game.  This is a universally 
accepted fact and it should not be argued with.  Then comes Majora's 
Mask.  Again, this is universally accepted.  The best reason for 
Majora's Mask coming next is that Link has the Ocarina of Time in it, 
although there are many more.  Now here's where my timeline becomes 
unique.  Now, recall that I said earlier that the adult part of Ocarina 
of Time didn't matter.

Well, it basically never happened as far as the timeline is concerned 
because Link was sent back to his past to relive his childhood.  Ganon 
is, therefore, trapped in the Sacred Realm/Dark World whatever you want 
to call it at the end of Majora's Mask.  There are only a few games 
that start out with Ganon in the Dark World.  Four Swords could come 
next (although it really can't, as I will explain later) and Four 
Swords Adventures would follow.

This cannot be because the Four Sword, which is used in both those 
games, is broken and you must restore it in the re-release of A Link to 
the Past in an optional side quest.  Yes, it seems like a cheap shot, 
but it is how things happened.  The only other game in which Ganon 
starts out imprisoned is A Link to the Past.  Therefore, it is the only 
game that actually can come next logically.

This presents a new problem.  At the end of A Link to the Past, it 
would seem that Ganon is dead.  Yes, one might think that Ganon really 
is dead, but in truth, he is not.  Again, this is a very random 
observation, but in the credits of A Link to the Past (by completing 
different events you can see different credits) they show Link's uncle 
and the king of Hyrule.  This is important because both of these people 
were dead earlier in the game.  Also, in one scene of the credits ("The 
Bully Makes a Friend"), they show two characters on Death Mountain that 
would normally be in the Dark World in the Light World.

This means that, when Link's wish was granted by the Triforce, he 
wished those that died as a result of Ganon back to life and that all 
those in the Dark World be transported to the Light World.  Well, this 
includes Ganon, which means that Ganon is alive again and he's in the 
Light World.  There are only two games like this at the beginning and 
Wind Waker cannot come yet (if it did, Adventure of Link would later 
and this is impossible).  Therefore, the original The Legend of Zelda 
has to come next.

Ganon dies at the end of The Legend of Zelda.  Even more importantly, 
he dies leaving a pile of ashes behind at the end of The Legend of 
Zelda.  This is very important.  There are only two games in which 
Ganon is dead throughout the entire game.  These games are Link's 
Awakening and Adventure of Link.  Now, all games in which Ganon is dead 
in must be consecutive, right?  If you disagree with me, think about it 
for a second and you'll realize what I mean.  So, this leaves us to put 
Link's Awakening and Adventure of Link in the right order.  At first 
glance, it seems like it doesn't matter, but it actually has a huge 
bearing on the timeline.

Remember that in Wind Waker the King of Red Lions tells us that the 
legendary hero of ages long past left the land of Hyrule and lost the 
Triforce by doing so (the guidebook of Link's Awakening says that Link 
traveled to many different lands to seek enlightenment)?  Well, Link 
gets the Triforce piece of Courage in Adventure of Link.  If Adventure 
of Link came first, Link would lose the Triforce piece in the very next 
game.  Besides, the next two games in the timeline (the games in which 
Ganon is resurrected) have Link using his piece of the Triforce at the 
very beginning.

Even though the instruction booklet of Adventure of Link says that Link 
never left Hyrule after The Legend of Zelda and before Adventure of 
Link, he has to.  However, we know that Link MUST have the Triforce 
piece in the game after these two, and that Link's Awakening must come 
either before or after this one.  So, Link's Awakening comes first 
(Link would not lose the Triforce piece in this scenario) and then 
comes Adventure of Link.  Easy.

Now, we are out of games in which Ganon is dead, and that means that he 
must be resurrected in the next game.  However, it takes two games to 
revive Ganon.  These games are the Oracle of Ages and the Oracle of 
Seasons.  In the secret ending in a Beowulf-like plot, Kotake and Koume 
(Ganon's surrogate mothers) revive their son after trying to kill Link.

After another defeat by Link, Ganon is sent back to the Dark World 
right after being revived.  There are few games remaining, and they are 
rather easily sorted.  First, Four Swords comes before Four Swords 
Adventures.  The proof for this is rather obvious.  The Four Swords 
Adventures manual refers to three separate occasions in which Vaati 
appeared (Four Swords, Four Swords Adventures, and a very long time 

Well, this means that Four Swords comes next and then comes Four Swords 
Adventures.  Now we're left with two games, The Minish Cap and Wind 
Waker.  The Four Sword was forged in The Minish Cap, but it was used in 
Four Swords (Adventures, too).  This means that Wind Waker comes next.  
So far, I have only covered the previous eleven games.  Now I'll give 
Minish Cap a home on the timeline.

There are three proofs of my theory.  I'll list them in order of their 
obviousness.  First, the Four Sword was created in Minish Cap.  It is 
later used in Four Swords.  Therefore, Minish Cap must come before Four 
Swords.  However, the Four Sword also made a brief appearance in the 
re-release of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, which means that 
Minish Cap comes before ALttP.  However, since Zelda had a piece of the 
Triforce in Minish Cap (that's what the light force is, obviously), 
then Minish Cap must come BEFORE Ocarina of Time.  If Minish Cap came 
after Ocarina of Time or Majora's Mask, then Ganon would not have the 
complete Triforce in A Link to the Past, which he does.  That is proof 

Proof two and three are a bit smaller and not as effective, but they 
get the job done.  First, Vaati appeared as a black eye-like creature 
in Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures.  Well, a figurine in Minish 
Cap (# 135.  To quote it exactly, "Once Vaati's body has been 
shattered, this dark form rises up, all that remains of the evil 
sorcerer.  Only the sacred Four Sword can defeat him.") says that 
Vaati's human body had been shattered.  This means that Vaati appeared 
in FS and FSA the way he did because something happened to him before.  
The instruction manual of FSA makes reference to a boy who split into 
four to beat Vaati before even Four Swords.  This just supports what I 
said earlier, although this proof alone cannot move this before Ocarina 
of Time.

The third "proof" is implied.  At the end of Minish Cap, Ezlo returns 
to his Minish-sage form and he gives Link a green hat, a token to 
remember him by.  This seems to imply that this is the first time Link 
ever wore such a hat, and it became a tradition afterward for heroes of 
Hyrule.  That's a bit of a stretch, though.  Why would the Kokiri have 
adopted it?  Like I said, proof one up here is the best answer to the 
placement question.

Below I have a list made of where the games in the timeline go 
according to my theory.  Notice that Oracle of Ages comes before Oracle 
of Seasons.  I decided to alphabetize them.

The Minish Cap
Ocarina of Time
Majora's Mask
A Link to the Past
The Legend of Zelda
Link's Awakening
The Adventure of Link
Oracle of Ages
Oracle of Seasons
Four Swords
Four Swords Adventures
The Wind Waker

Now I will try to clarify things by explaining a few items mentioned 


                      |    The Picori Blade    |

A lot of people would consider the Picori Blade and the Four Sword the 
same weapon.  Well, newsflash people, they aren't.  First off, "Four 
Sword" and "Picori Blade" are definitely human names.  That is, these 
are the titles of the swords as declared by the Hylians/Hyruleans.  
Why, therefore, would these titles be different?  And, if you think 
about it, the broken Picori Blade is mended by Melari using two 
elements.  This makes it the White Sword.  Well, the Picori Blade must 
not contain any elements at all.  So, these two swords are different, 
which keeps my timeline in check.  By the way, if you think that Four 
Sword is the Minish name for the Picori Blade, you're wrong.  After 
all, it is referred to as the Four Sword by many humans (Borlov is a 
good example).

                 |    The Light Force = Triforce    |

Vaati and the guards of Hyrule make several references to the "light 
force."  This is the Triforce, but to be specific, it is the Triforce 
piece of Wisdom.  We find out that Zelda contains the light force near 
the end of the game.  They show stained glass that details the legends 
of the Picori in the Elemental Sanctuary.  Since they show Zelda 
holding one golden triangle, we can safely assume that this is her part 
of the Triforce.  By the way, Vaati does take some of the Triforce from 
Zelda, but she gains it back when she wishes on the Minish cap at the 

        |    The Adventure of Link/Link's Awakening Theory    |

It's not uncommon for people to say that Link's Awakening, which we 
find out is a dream, happened during the raft ride in The Adventure of 
Link (when you have to raft from western Hyrule to the east).  Well, 
this can be easily disproved.  Who could forget the opening cinema in 
Link's Awakening?  Remember Link, journeying on his ship into the 
storm.  Well, ships and rafts are two different vessels.  I think that 
that is a very important difference made in his journey across the sea.  
It doesn't affect the timeline that much, but it is a storyline flaw in 
many a timeline.

                   |    The Wind Waker Theories    |

Many people think that the timeline should start with OOT, MM, and then 
go to WW.  At first, I could not disprove this theory.  But now I can.  
In WW, Ganon died.  Since it's the last game in my timeline, this makes 
no difference.  However, it does in the proposed theory.  You see, if 
this were true, than Adventure of Link would have to come after Wind 
Waker.  In Wind Waker, recall that all knowledge of Hyrule was lost.  
Adventure of Link had towns named after characters from Hylian myth 
(the sages of Ocarina of Time, plus Mido and someone named Kasuto).  If 
all knowledge of Hyrule was lost, how could they regain it?  Clearly, 
Wind Waker comes last in the series.

                 |    The Nature of the Triforce    |

The King of Red Lions and Sheik, collectively, told us a lot about how 
the Triforce works.  First, the Triforce does one of two things when a 
person touches it.  But first, I should explain that the Triforce is 
divided into three equal parts, each representing the goddesses that 
created the world.  There is Wisdom (Zelda), Power (Ganon), and Courage 
(Link).  When there is an imbalance of virtue in the person that 
touches it (that is, they believe in one of these forces more than the 
others), that person receives the one that they believe in most.  The 
other two pieces are placed in other "chosen ones."

The person who touched it must gather the pieces to get a wish granted.  
You see, the Triforce grants a wish that reflects a person's soul.  
Regardless, there is another possibility.  If someone with balance in 
the virtues touches the Triforce, their wish is granted automatically 
(they receive the "True Force").  However, the Triforce has another 
strange property, revealed to us by the King of Red Lions in Wind 

If a person that harbors a piece leaves the land of Hyrule, then they 
lose their piece.  This is very important to know in understanding the 
order I placed the games in.  Note that the Triforce piece of Courage 
is used by Link in the beginning of Oracle of Ages.  I hope this 
clarifies things - why Link's Awakening must come before Adventure of 
Link.  In AoL, Link gets the Triforce piece of Courage.  If he got it 
in that game and Link's Awakening came next, he would lose it right 
away.  And since Ganon's revival has to come next, he would have no 
Triforce piece in Oracle of Ages, which we know that Link does.

                     |    The Losers of Zelda    |

A company called Phillips released three hugely unsuccessful games - 
Link: Faces of Evil, The Legend of Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, and The 
Legend of Zelda: Zelda's Adventure.  Well, these games were AWFUL.  I 
have never played them personally, but I've seen screenshots, examples, 
etc. enough to know.  First, they were made by Phillips using a system 
that was a complete and utter flop called the CD-i.  These games were 
all very corny.  For instance, two of these games use Zelda instead of 
Link and they take place in different lands (one land is called 
Tolemac, which is Camelot backwards).

Also, Ganon kidnapped (but didn't kill, for some reason) Link in two of 
these games, as well as the King of Hyrule in one of them.  From what 
I've heard, all three of these games were not good, actually terrible, 
and that Zelda's Adventure was the best.  Well, that's all well and 
good, but why I am writing this?  Simply put, these three games are not 
counted in the timeline.

They are not, after all, Zelda games.  Maybe they are legally, but I 
will never consider these games to be a part of it.  After all, they 
were not made by Nintendo, and the makers were obviously uneducated 
when it comes to Zelda (for example, they call Ganon the "dark king of 
the underworld").  Also, Soul Caliber 2 and the Super Smash Bros. 
series do not count (they're fighting games where people get to use 
different characters from different series).

                   |    A Re-Release Side Quest    |

I mentioned that the re-release of A Link to the Past allowed me to 
safely determine the placement of Minish Cap.  I think, personally, 
that this is pretty under-the-belt, but in A Link to the Past's remake, 
they included a side quest that involved the Four Sword.  Since it was 
forged in Minish Cap, Minish Cap must come before.  Since Zelda has her 
Triforce piece in Minish Cap but not in Ocarina of Time or Majora's 
Mask, Minish Cap comes first.  If I didn't explain things well above, 
here it is in simplified form.

These are the most common e-mail objections I get, so I disproved them 
in full for you above.  If you want to argue with me, please read all 
the notes above and consider how your theory affects the timeline as a 
whole.  I'll be happy to disprove you, but you could lessen my e-mail 
load that way.  You can write to me at Kirby0215@aol.com.

And I'm back.  Yep, that was my boring, generic timeline-writing twin.  
Anyways, listen to the guy and send me e-mail about this if you've got 


And the let the interrogations begin!  FAQ stands for Frequently Asked 
Questions.  Below are the questions, with answers.  Please don't e-mail 
me about these.  I'm not going to turn you into a toad or anything, but 
it's a bit frustrating.

Question: I noticed some chests' contents are switched around in the 
guide, like in Bottle Grotto with the stone slab and the map.  Why's 
Answer: Due to laziness, I've yet to correct this, but I can explain.  
You see, this guide was written using the DX version; I only used the 
original version as a reference for differences between the two (Link's 
Awakening DX is just easier to see, and it helped in making the new 
sections for the DX FAQ).  Well, I've figured out, thanks to Brok3n 
Arrow (who pointed out the Bottle Grotto mix-up and informed me of 
other switch-ups' existences), that some chests' contents have been 
switched between the original and the DX version.  Rather pressed for 
time lately, I don't have a strong desire to play through the game 
again to look for mix-ups, so anyone who wants to e-mail me concerning 
these changes would be much appreciated.

Question: What does FAQ stand for?
Answer: It's right above this question.  It stands for Frequently Asked 

Question: You mentioned "Secret Dungeon" in the guide.  What is it and 
how do I get to it?
Answer: In the DX version of this game, which was in color, a red-and-
blue-themed dungeon called the Secret Dungeon was included.  By beating 
it, you'd have a choice of the Red Tunic or the Blue Tunic.  They 
raised your offense and defense, respectively, like having a constant 
Piece of Power or Guardian Acorn.

Question: I heard about photographs.  What are they?
Answer: Again, in the DX version of this game for the Game Boy Color, a 
shop called the Camera Shop was added to Tal Tal Heights (right twice 
of the Moblins' hideout).  There, you can collect twelve photographs 
and print them if you own a Game Boy Printer.

Question: How do I beat the Secret Dungeon and get the photographs?
Answer: Please see my guide for Link's Awakening DX, released right 
after this one.  It has all the answers.

Question: How do I get the L-2 Sword?
Answer: Collect twenty Secret Seashells and go to Seashell Mansion near 
Kanalet Castle.  See that section for details.

Question: How do I beat ____?
Answer: Ahem, ahem.  Read the walkthrough.  That's what it's there for.

Question: How do I reach the mermaid statue?
Answer: Go south from Animal Village's entrance until you reach a 
bridge.  South of it are rocks that you can use as Hookshot targets.  
Go north of the left rock to the statue.

Question: Do I have to get the Magnifying Lens?
Answer: If you want to beat the game you do.

Question: I heard of a screen select code.  Explain it to me now.
Answer: You're quite demanding.  In the original (that is, not in the 
DX version) you can warp across screens by pressing select in the 
transit of two screens.  It can mess up your game, and I advise against 
it.  However, it can be useful in cheating in the game if you're into 
that kind of thing (like getting items in the wrong dungeons, getting 
"hidden" items that don't do anything, like an L-3 Power Bracelet, 

Question: What became of my Flying Rooster friend?
Answer: That's an interesting way of putting it.  After Eagle's Tower, 
Flying Rooster has a change of residence.  If you want to see him 
again, look in the Hen House.

Question: Can I use your guide on my site?
Answer: Absolutely not.  No way.  NEVER.  See my legal section for 
details 'cause I'm tired of having to explain this.

Question: What other guides have you written?
Answer: Whoa!  The list goes on and on, my friend.  This guide is my 
twenty-second.  I know what you're thinking.  The other twenty-one are 
as follows (read 'em and weep): The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords 
Adventures, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 1, 
Sonic Heroes, Mario Kart: Double Dash, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of 
Time, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest, The Legend of 
Zelda: The Wind Waker, Super Smash Bros. Melee, The Legend of Zelda: 
The Adventure of Link, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, The Legend 
of Zelda, Super Mario 64, Super Mario 64 DS, The Legend of Zelda: 
Majora's Mask, Sonic Adventure 2 Battle, Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario 
Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, and The Legend of Zelda: 
A Link to the Past comes next.  Also, I'll be releasing a guide for 
Link's Awakening DX on the same day that I release this guide.  Check 
it out if you're wondering how to clear the Secret Dungeon and such.  
All guides can be found on GameFaqs.com exclusively.

Question: How can I contact you?
Answer: I no longer take IM's, so please don't IM me.  If you do, you'd 
better be armed with a handful of four-leaf clovers and a rabbit's foot 
because I hardly ever answer them any more.  E-mail is my preferred 
method of contact.  You can e-mail me at the address at the top of this 
document - Kirby0215@aol.com.  I cannot guarantee you anything, but I 
usually respond to e-mail very quickly (within a day or two of its 
sending).  In your e-mail, please indicate what game you're playing.  
As you've seen, I have many guides and I won't be able to help you 
unless I know what game you're wondering about.  Remember that my e-
mail is not given for socializing.  That is, no a/s/l junk.  Don't send 
me Spam, chain letters, or "tags," because I definitely won't respond 
nor will I circulate them.  Yes, so far I haven't sent a dozen chain 
letters yet I haven't seen Bloody Mary coming to kill me once.  Also, 
please try to be as specific as possible (not "How do you get the thing 
at the place?") and use the right names for places and items.  Follow 
these guidelines and I'll be able to help you much more easily; you'll 
be helping me to help you.

If I get enough of the same question, I'll add it to this section.  Now 
the guide is almost over *sob*...  But we still have the legal section to 
look forward to!  Huzzah!
  /                                                                 \
 /                                                                   \
||----------------------------Section 4*-----------------------------||
 \                                                                   /

====================Credits and Legal Information*=====================

I know that all of you just skipped right down here to read this part.  
After all, who wouldn't?  Undoubtedly the best part of the guide, this 
never gets old.  Let's get-a started, shall we?

                           |    Credits    |

First, I'd like to thank myself because I wrote this guide, I played 
the game, and I'm one of those jerks who thank themselves.  The man!  
The myth!  The legend!

Second, I'd like to thank Nintendo for making Link's Awakening and re-
releasing it in wondrous color.  Another winner, Miyamoto.

Third, three cheers for GameFaqs.com.  They are really great and have 
been a tremendous asset to posting guides.

Recently, other people have helped me.  The list is below showing who 
they are and what they did.

- Zelda.com for providing the names of certain enemies in the index.

- Gokusupersaiyn4, who sent in a glitch in the Secrets section.

- Brok3n Arrow, for telling me about switched chests.  This is now 
addressed in the FAQ section.

That's all for now, but I'm sure the list will grow.  Now it's time for 
the legal section.  Truly, it is the bomb.  It is at least twice as fun 
as watching a foreign-language movie about the production of boxes in 
slow motion and black-and-white (with no sound).

                        |    Legal Section    |

First of all, I take no credit for the creation, distribution, 
productions, idealizing, or in any way making this game.  That honor 
goes to Nintendo, not me, and I do not deny this.

Second, this document is Copyright 2005 Brian McPhee.

Third, this may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

To phrase that first item legally, all trademarks and copyrights 
contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and 
copyright holders.

To make it clear for those of you who might having problems absorbing 
information, no one but the website GameFaqs may use my guides on their 
sites, books, magazines, etc.

That was SO cool!  Did you see my delivery?  Well, for all things there 
is an end.  This is the last paragraph of the guide, I know.  But be 
strong, grasshopper.  May the force be with you.  Seriously, though, it 
was a blast writing this guide.  My opinion on Link's Awakening has 
greatly improved, too.  So, until we meet again, adios.  Nah, I'll end 
this in my catchphrase, trademark good-bye.  It's the classic cool, my 
great escape.  And now to Houdini out of here.  Get ready for it...  Drum 
roll please...  See ya later.
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