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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

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 /     ` , __   |   ,   ____
 |     | |'  `. |  /   (    
 |     | |    | |-<    `--. 
 /---/ / /    | /  \_ \___.'
     .                   \                                  
    /|    ,  _  /   ___  |   ,   ___  , __   ` , __     ___.
   /  \   |  |  |  /   ` |  /  .'   ` |'  `. | |'  `. .'   `
  /---'\  `  ^  ' |    | |-<   |----' |    | | |    | |    |
,'      \  \/ \/  `.__/| /  \_ `.___, /    | / /    |  `---|
   ___    .      .           _           .____     .      ___   
 .'   \   |   ` _/_     ___  /           /        /|    .'   `. 
 |        |   |  |    .'   ` |,---.      |__.    /  \   |     | 
 |    _   |   |  |    |      |'   `      |      /---'\  |  ,_ | 
  `.___| /\__ /  \__/  `._.' /    |      /    ,'      \  `._.`-.
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Glitch FAQ
By Christopher Marsh
E-mail: jellysoup at gmail dot com
GameFAQs: jelly soup
GameSpot: Jelly_Soup
NeoSeeker: Jelly Soup

Copyright 2003 - 2006 Christopher Marsh

This FAQ was first started on 11/28/2003.


Table of Contents

1. Copyright Info
2. Warning!
3. Glitch? Why? < ----- READ BEFORE YOU SUBMIT A GLITCH!
4. Version History
5. Glitch Archive
 2. Helpful Anomalies
 3. Oddities of Life
 4. Other Worlds
 5. Detrimental Screw-Ups 
 6. Spell of the Unknown
6. Q&A
7. E-mail Policy
8. Acknowledgements


1. - Copyright Info

This FAQ cannot be duplicated, in any way, without the permission of the
author. Only the following sites are allowed to host this FAQ:

GameFAQs - http://gamefaqs.com
GameSpot - http://www.gamespot.com (via linking from GameFAQs)
Neoseeker - http://www.neoseeker.com/

No other sites and/or individuals will be given permission. EVER.

The newest version of this FAQ will always be on GameFAQs first.


2. - Warning!

If you attempt to use ANY of these glitches, you run the risk of messing up
your save file and/or game cartridge beyond repair. Use at your own risk. I,
in know way, shape or form, will be held responsible for any damages that may
occur (to your game nor yourself) when manipulating these glitches.

EXTRA WARNING: This FAQ contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.


3. - Glitch? Why?

There are many glitches in Link's Awakening and every so often, I see topics
spring up about them across the internet. As these screw-ups are numerous,
a list is needed. Which is the purpose behind the text file before you.

Bottom Line: This FAQ is a catalog of all the glitches that can be found in
Link’s Awakening/DX, not including all of the crazy things you can do with
them (see next paragraph).


Dear Internets,
In case you missed the ALL CAPS at the top of this FAQ, this file is no longer
being updated. Anything that needs to be here is already here. If something
super important pops up, it will be added, but I doubt anything amazingly
amazing will surface. Thank you,
                                                 - The Management

There will be a few small updates here and there (grammar and such) as I feel
the need for them.


4. - Version History

-A few simple fixes. Pay no mind.

-Updated *Redshift*
-Added *Too Hurt*

-Added *Longshot*
-Added *Redshift*
-Added *Spank My Rod*

-Added Risk Factor thingy for each glitch.
-One last grammer check.

-Reworded a few things here and there.
-Went all grammar-nazi up in dis here place.
-Added *NightBLARG!*.
-Added info to *The COLORS do! The COLORS!*.
-Added info to *Link to the Past*.

-Added *You got !!!*.
-Added *Moonwalker*.
-Touched up a few entries.

-Added a few things here and there.
-Moved a few minor things around.

-Added a Risk of Danger rating to each section.
-Changed a few section names.
-Fixed a few typos.
-Touched the Mermaid inappropriately. Wait.....

-Added a few notes on some glitches.
-Corrected some spelling and grammatical errors.
-Messed with the format a bit more.
-Moved a few things around.
-Rewrote a few entries for accuracy.
-Removed some useless info.

-Added some stuff.
-Changed some of the format.

-Added a few things.
-Fixed some grammar.
-Moved a few things around.


5. - Glitch Archive

5.1. - Master Glitch

*Screen Warp*
-Risk: Depends on what is done with it.

This trick must be preformed for a great deal of the glitches listed here.
This glitch will only work in some copies of the original Link’s Awakening
(mostly, part of the first printing, but I’ve heard tail of it working in
later versions too) and select copies of the DX version.

-1. Go to the edge of a screen (any screen).
-2. QUICKLY press the direction you are facing and the select button (ie: if
    you are on the right edge of the screen, hit right and select).
-3. If done correctly, you will be on the opposite side of the next screen. 
    (ie: you are on the right side of the screen, you do the trick, you are
    now on the right side of the next screen).

songwilbur@hotmail.com has a few tips:

If you are very "far" into the next screen before warping, you end up a
little farther from the side in the next screen. The inverse is also true.
So if Link's halfway into the next screen before he warps in a dungeon,
he'll be halfway in the wall and halfway out of the wall and he can't go

Apparently, not all of the GB Link's Awakening cartridges will be able to
perform this glitch. As I understand, Nintendo caught on to the error and
fixed the problem for the next print.

-Thanks to regulus63 (GameFAQs) for bringing this problem to my attention.-

I've got a number of e-mails about how this glitch won't work on the GB 
version. Here is my solution:

-1. Download an emulator and a Link's Awakening ROM.
-2. Try the glitch there. Preform the trick the same as you do on your 
-3. If the glitch STILL doesn’t work, then your timing is off. If the
    glitch DOES work, then your copy of the game can't perform the glitch.

NOTE: Do NOT e-mail me about ROMs. I will not distribute them nor help you
      find them. Emulators, however, you can find here:


5.2. - Helpful Anomalies - Screw-ups that have an actual use.

*Level 1, No Bums*
-Risk: Very Low.

-1. Go to the screen that is to the left of the screen with the key.
-2. Stand on the left side of this screen.
-3. Perform the Screen warp glitch to the left. You should them be able to
    get the key without waking up Tarin.


*Level 3, No Leaves*
-Risk: Very Low.

-1. Go the screen to the right of where the key is found.
-2. Perform the screen warp glitch to the left. You should them be able to
    dig up the key. (NOTE: Make sure you have a shovel with you).
    This glitch will also work coming from the screen to the left of where 
    the key is found.


*Secret Seashell+*
-Risk: Very Low.

-1. Go to the area in Mabe Village where you ordinarily obtain a Secret
    Seashell (the screen with all the bushes), but don't get it.
-2. Perform the screen warp glitch up and the seashell will appear. Grab
-3. Return to the bushes and get the seashell there.

Jelly Soup says:

I've played around with this a bit, and I got it to work several times in
one file. In theory, one might be able to generate an unlimited amount of
seashells this way.


-Risk: Very Low.

-1. Go to where you obtain the mushroom in the Mysterious Woods.
-2. Enter the cave on the right side.
-3. Perform the screen warp glitch to go into the next room. Once there,
    head east.
-4. You will then appear in the cave where you would ordinarily obtain the
    Magnifying Lens, except if you have not finished trading the item you
    are currently carrying will be on the pedestal instead of the
    Magnifying Lens.


-Risk: Very Low.

This code works in many of the caves around Koholint Island, including the
caves in Tal Tal Heights as well as the one to the east of the House By the 

-1. Screen Warp onto a screen that contains a ledge to one side. You will
    appear on top of the ledge where you ordinarily could not go. Now you
    can walk around and it will take you to other caves as well as other

One of the best places to use this glitch is in the cave that is east of the
House By the Bay, the cave entrance that is surrounded by bushes.

-1. Go three rooms into the cave, to the room where there are the steps out,
    and then screen warp to the right.
-2. Once on top of the ledge, walk up. You will be in the room in Level 6-
    Face Shrine where the tiles come out of the floor to attack you. As
    you cruise around the dungeon you will notice that the floor is still
    the floor of a cave, as well as the cave music is still playing. If
    you ever go out of the entrance or go down a set of stairs, the
    dungeon will go back to normal.


*Raft Ride*
-Risk: Very Low.

-1. Once you have the Flying Rooster, go to the Raft Shop.
-2. Pay to ride and then head down to the second waterfall.
-3. Drop down the right side and then Screen Warp as soon as you disappear
    off the screen.
-4. You will reappear on an island. Use the bracelet to grab the rooster
    and you can now fly around and collect all the items.


-Risk: Very Low.

-1. You need the Boomarang and the Flying Rooster.
-2. Throw the Boomarang.
-3. Immediatly after throwing the Boomarang, pick up the Flying Rooster. The
    Boomarang will hover below Link and kill anything that he pasts over.


*Power Bracelets X Bazillion*
-Risk: Very Low.
-Thanks to dark_link4444@hotmail.com for this.-

-1. When you go to the cave in the Mysterious Woods that leads to the
    mushroom, Screen Warpwhen going from the first screen to
    the second screen. If done correctly, you should be on an elevated area
    with cracks.
-2. WALK QUICKLY around the area (or you’ll fall down the cracked floor and
    mess it all up) and soon you'll find a place that has a layout like a
    room from lv6 dungeon.
-3. There is a chest there. Open it to find the lv2 power bracelet. You can
    do this as many times as you want. You'll still get a Power Bracelet
    from Bottle Grotto and Face Shrine. 


-Risk: Very Low.
-Thanks to dark_link4444@hotmail.com and MasterAsh42@aol.com for this.-

-1. Go to any dungeon (I would suggest looking up a  map of said dungeon,
    unless you already know the layout).
-2. Now, Screen Warping from room to room, you can move around the boss
    room and straight to the instruments. This isn’t fool proof. You might
    has to warp out into the ‘dead’ area between rooms.

MasterAsh42@aol.com says:

Gathering all the instruments without fighting the bosses (and thus
skipping all of those Heart Containers) does work in practice. I can say
is it takes several permutations of dungeon screen warping to pull off,
since of course not all instrument rooms are simple straight-shots (I
remember having to do some wall drops on a few, and some rather unnerving,
but fun, "unmapped" warps on others.).


*Wall Walker*
-Risk: Very Low.
-Thanks to kristianthewhite@hotmail.com for this.-

-1. Go to a dungeon with a staircase down to the side-scrolling thing and
    enter it.
-2. Screen warp from one screen to another down there. Most of the time,
    you land on an object that you're not supposed to be at. Pushing
    right should make you hop past the object and end back up in the
-3. Now enjoy! If it worked correctly, you should be able to walk through


*Free Stuff*
-Risk: Zero.
-Thanks to keyblader1985 (GameFAQs) for this.-
-Thanks to sivart0@gmail.com for pointing out the rupee requirments.-

-1. Go in to the shop and select which item you want, then take it up the
    shop owner.
-2. When he asks you if you'd like to buy the item, hold Select, Start
    and B, then (while holding all these buttons down) press the A button.
-3. The Save & Quit screen will automatically appear, so save and quit.
    When you restart, you will have the item, plus every single rupee you
    had before!

Note: You need to have the required amount of rupees for said item for
      this to work.


*Death of a Dodongo*
-Risk: Very Low.
-Thanks to Lucid Faia (GameFAQs) for this.-

-1. While fighting the mini-boss in Level 3 (Key Cavern), kill only ONE of
    the Dodongos.
-2. Exit the room, using the stairs.
-3. Go back in. The other Dodongo will be dead.


*Kingdom Hearts*
-Risk: Very Low.
-Thanks to songwilbur@hotmail.com for this.-

-1. Find a Heart Container.
-2. Get across the screen from it and Screen Warp repeatedly (don't let up).
    You will obtain the Heart Container one time for each warp (up to 8).

Note: If you max out your health and then obtain another Heart Container,
      your game may crash.


*You got !!!*
-Risk: Mid.

-1. Collect all the Secret Seashells (ALL of them), but don't get the Lvl.2
-2. With just the Lvl.1 Sword, beat all the dungeons, get all the items
    (except for the Lvl.2 Sword) and all the Heart Containers.
-3. Go to any place that is on the edge of the map (in other words, the spaces
    that are farthest to the north, south, east or west) and Screen Warp out
    into the nothingness. You will end up in a rather glitched room with an
    object in the middle. Pick is up and a random assortment of  letters will
    pop up. After that the game will reset.
-4. Load up your game and you will be in Marin and Tarin's house. Equip the
    screwed up item and leave the house.

NOW. One of two things will happen. 7/10 of the time, your game will crash and
the file won’t load any more, forcing you to delete the file. The other 3/10
of the time, you will be able to play and your sword will kill EVERYTHING with
one hit.

A few things:

I tried this out (with aid from a GameShark) and can't say that it's 100%
true or flase. Many people have e-mailed me saying that they got it to work,
others say otherwise. It only seems to work with very early versions of the
game, which leads me think that it might be part of the test version (see
*Link to the Past*).

Quck note: Steps 1 and 2 are done simotaneously, manily because you can't get
           all of the Secret Seashells without some items.


*Spank My Rod*
-Thanks to stephen.joys@gmail.com for this.-

-1. Get the shield and head down to the beach.
-2. Stay in the furthest left screen, until you reach the water (screen with
    land jutting out at left and a ladder going down clif edge).
-3. Screen-warp down into the water from where the ladder is, and press down
    quickly to loop to the top of the world map. You will land in the cliffs
    above Level 8.
-4. Get the heart piece, but travel right and enter the right most enterance
    into Lvl. 8. You will be in a room with bomb-eaters.
-5. Stay at the top, and screen warp right, across the room with broken
    floors. Make sure you press to the right to jump over this wall.
-6. You should be in the room with the boxer mini-boss. One screen up, the
    Magic Rod is in a treasure chest.
-7. Simply line up the Screen-warp going upwards, jump down to where the chest
    is, and you now have the magic rod!
-8. Save and Quite to leave.

Note: You will still need to get the sword if you wish to continue with the
      game. The Lvl. 1 boss can't be harmed by anything but the sword. 


5.3. - Oddities of Life - Glitches that are essentially worthless, but rather
                          interesting in their own right.

*Owl #1*
-Risk: Very Low.

-1. Go one screen left and one screen down from Crazy Tracy's Health Spa 
    (there will be a pond on the left side. Like your going to the Witch's
    Hut from the forest.).
-2. While standing on the dirt path, go to the bottom (south) edge of the
    screen and Screen Warp.
-3. If done properly, you will be on the other side of the rock on the next
    screen. Head down. In the next screen you should see the owl who will
    say the something to you that Tarin does at the start of the game (Whoa,
    boy! Where ya off to in such a hurry? Set a spell, I've got somethin'
    to tell ya!).


*Owl #2*
-Risk: Very Low.

-1. Start a new game.
-2. Go down to the beach where you get your sword, but don't pick it up.
-3. Screen Warp from the left so the sword goes with you.
-4. Take the sword and leave the screen to the right.
-5. (You may see a shield here, just ignore it.) The owl will appear and
    will say the same thing to you that Tarin does at the start of the game
    (Whoa, boy! Where ya off to in such a hurry? Set a spell, I've got
    somethin' to tell ya!).

Warrn (GameFAQs) adds:

Owl glitch #2 doesn't always give Tarin's "set a spell" message but will
sometimes give the correct sword collection message.


*Owl #3*
-Risk: Very Low.

NOTE: If the owl has already shown up at the grave one screen to the left
      of the Witch's Hut, this glitch will not work.

-1. Go to the screen to the left of the Witch's Hut.
-2. screen Warp to the right.
-3. The owl will fly down and say "Witch's Hut", as if you were looking at
    the map, and fly away. (I, personally, thought this one was the
    funniest of them all :))

booshi@fuse.net explains why this happens (all three of the OWl glitches):

For each screen, there is a value for "O" (owl, I don't know the variable
though, just guessing:)), 1 or 0. 1 means the owl enters and says set thing
for the area (the beach he gives his dumb "go to mysterious forest, hoot").
Using the screen warp glitch just carries the value for "O" to the next
screen. If no predetermined value, he'll say what you'd see on the map,
or, on some screens, he'll say tarin's message. A value of 0 means no owl.
As to why he says Tarins thing, we're all scratching our heads.


*Level 0 Shield*
-Risk: Very Low.

-1. Start a new game.
-2. Go down to the beach where your sword is, but don't pick it up.
-3. Screen Warp to the left of that screen.
-4. Grab the sword and go back to the screen where the sword is supposed
    to be.
-5. You will see a shield washed up on the beach. Pick it up.
-6. From here on, anytime you use your shield, it will be invisible, yet
    it will still work. On random screens, the music will change to the
    tune that plays at the beginning of the game (when your on your way
    to get your sword). Go back in to Tarin's house and he won't let you
    leave. When you talk to him, he will give you the level 1 shield.

Warrn (GameFAQs) adds:

I've collected the level 0 shield and upon returning to the beach there is
still a shield there, though nothing happens if you collect it (possibly
because I still have the shield).

Jelly Soup's note:

I assume this is because you aren't supposed to have a Level 0 Shield to
begin with. 

sivart0@gmail.com adds:

There is an alternate way to get the Level 0 Shield:

-1. Start a new game. After that, get the shield from tarin.
-2. Next, press A+B+start+select and go to save+quit. This is the tricky
    part; you gotta turn off the game at the same time you press A (on
    save and quit).
-3. Reload the file and, if you did it right, Link will be in the
    bed, but you'll have the Level 0 Shield. You have to get the level 1
    shield from tarin again to leave.


*Grandma Ulrira #1*
-Risk: Very Low.

-1. Stand at the end of the dirt road in front of Tarin's house.
-2. Screen Warp down. You should now be on top of the
    tree infront of the Telephone Booth.
-3. Walk forward.
-4. The octorocks will look like Grandma Ulrira and will attack you until
    you leave.


*Grandma Ulrira #2*
-Risk: Very Low.

-1. Stand to the right of the Telephone Booth in Mabe Village.
-2. Screen Warp to the right.
-3. You should now be in the pond on the left side of the Trendy Game shop.
    Swim to the right.
-4. The moblin on the other side will be replaced with Grandma
    Ulrira and she will have a sword.


*Grandma Ulrira #3*
-Risk: Very Low.

-1. Go to the screen to the right of the fishermans pond.
-2. Screen Warp to the left. You will be on top of the trees above the
    fishing pond.
-3. Walk north to be in the woods were the chest with the seashell is found.
-4. The Moblin that is usually there is turned into Grandma Ulrira and she
    will race around the screen shooting arrows.

Warrn (GameFAQs) adds:

This also works when screen warping from the screen below the fisherman
(I don't see how it could possibly work coming from the screen to the
right O_o;).

Jelly Soup's note:



*Door to Nowhere*
-Risk: Very Low.

-1. When you have the Power Bracelet, go back to the toadstool in the
    Mysterious Woods.
-2. Cut the bushes down and pick up the toadstool.
-3. Take one step east and then face south.
-4. Then try to pick up the wall. If you do it correctly you will pick up a
    stone and you will see part of a door.

NOTE: This will also work on just about every upper right corner of the
      solid areas the trees are on.


*Ghost of Marin*
-Risk: Very Low.

-1. When you are heading to the desert with Marin. Screen Warp on the
    screen just before the walrus. This will put you in the desert still
    with Marin.
-2. Pick up the key and then head on to Level 4. Marin will wait for you
    outside of the dungeon.
-3. Then when you come back out she will be a ghost! Then you will also
    get the normal ghost following you. To end it, take the ghost back to
    his grave and take Marin back to her house. If you still are carrying
    BowWow with you then he will become a ghost as well!


*Walk of the Pond*
Risk: Low.

-1. Go to the fishing pond.
-2. Pay to play. Catch a fish/let one get away.
-3. When the Fisherman asks if you want to cast again say "Not now".
-4. He'll say something about having more passion, as soon as this message
    disappears press A + B + Select + Start to bring up the "save and quit"
    or "continue" screen.
-5. Choose to continue. You'll appear back at the fishing pond, but you
    can now walk around as though it were a normal area. If you have the
    flippers you can swim to the left and appear in the Raft shop, or you
    can go right to appear in Bow-Wow's house.

NOTE: This glitch is somewhat like the Fisherman Land glitch, but without
      all the scrambled graphics.


*Cold Heart*
-Risk: Low-ish.

-1. You need to have the boomerang and three pieces of a heart container.
-2. Go into an area from which you can exit the screen relatively quickly
    and that has a piece of heart container.
-3. Throw the boomerang at the piece of heart container and try to catch it
    precisely as you exit the screen.
-4. If you time it right, you will collect it as you are going to another
    screen, the game will start going berserk at this point. The music will
    go haywire, the graphics will mess up, and the game will freeze up.
    Doing the glitch when you don't have 3 heart pieces already results
    in an immediate crash. 


-Risk: Very Low.

-1. Start a new game.
-2. Get the shield back from Tarin, but DON'T leave the house.
-3. Go to the map. It will say that you're somewhere in the mountains at
    the top of the map. Once you leave the house this will fix itself.


*Cardiovascular Exercise*
-Risk: Very Low.

-1. Equip the Pegasus Boots and the Shovel.
-2. Hold the button the Pegasus Boots are on to start "charging" up for a
-3. While Link is still "charging" press the button for the Shovel and
    immediately release both buttons. Link will run on the spot until you
    do something.


-Risk: Zero.

-1. You must have the flippers and the Mermaid's necklace to do this.
-2. Go to the mermaid. Get right in front of her, and dive. She should
    swim to a different spot.
-3. Dive in the new spot she moved to.
-4. Now, after she moves, go back to the spot she was in first. She
    SHOULD dive and come up in different place.
-5. Now, give her the necklace. She should dive away like normal, but this
    time she will be diving on land.


*My Shadow and Me*
-Risk: Zero, but it may mess with some parts of the game.

-1. Complete the first three levels and get Marin as a follower.
-2. Use the teleport hole to travel to the Animal Village.
-3. Screen Warp on the left side of the screen.
-4. If done correctly, Marin will stay with you for the rest of the game.


*Autistic Canine*
-Risk: Zero.
-Thanks to asherlev@earthlink.net for this.-

-1. Starting from the Fishing Pond, Screen Warp 1 (one) screen
-2. Walk one screen up.
-3. Screen Warp 2 (two) screens down. Bowwow SHOULD be frozen.
    Also, when you walk, you go slowly and Bowwow says what the fisherman
    would say.


*Attack of the Marin*
-Risk: Zero.

-1. Go to Tarin and Marin's House in Mabe Village.
-2. Screen Warp to the right.
-3. Walk through the trees.
-4. Go down one screen. Marin SHOULD be there and have a sword.


-Risk: Low, but may mess with some parts of the game.

-1. Go to any room, in any dungeon, that has the tiles that attack you
    (meaning, the ones that lift of the ground and fly at you).
-2. Warp to another room (either by using the flute or the screen warp
    glitch) so that the tiles follow you. I find that performing the 
    screen warp glitch JUST when the tile is about to hit you works best.
-3. Now, when they come out of the floor, they will destroy any
    wall/tile/anything they pass over while following you.


*Two of a kind*
-Risk: Zero, but could screw your game.

-1. Go to the screen in the Forest where you get the Mushroom.
-2. Enter the cave.
-3. Screen Warp to the right.
-4. Walk to the right and you will appear in a room with a lot of enemies
    in it.
-5. Walk up to the next screen. You are not in the place where you get
    the Magnifying Lens, except if you haven't finished the trading
    sequence the Lens won't be there, and instead the item you have
    will be. If you haven't yet started the trading sequence the Yoshi
    Doll will be there.

NOTE: DO NOT pick up this item. If you do the Magnifying Lens will not
      be there once you complete the trading sequence.


*Raft Runner*
-Risk: Low.

-1. Go to the raft shop and rent the raft.
-2. Board it and sail two screen to the left.
-3. Screen Warp to the left. You and the raft will appear on land. Now you
    can sail the raft anywhere on land.

NOTE: Some areas of the game will become glitchy when you enter on the
      raft and this CAN crash your game.


*Invisible Swordsman*
-Risk: Zero.

-1. Stand in any place where you can use Link's sword in any direction
    (ie: an open field).
-2. Press all the directional buttons and the A and B button at the same
    time. Link SHOULD turn invisable with the exception of his sword. To
    fix this, enter a building.


*Got Crabs?*
-Risk: Zero.
-Thanks to C104K3D (GameFAQs) for this.-

-1. Start at the Signpost Maze.
-2. Screen Warp to move across the screen where the final sign is, to the
    bottom right of the rocks. You SHOULD get stuck on the ledge and not be
    able to move anywhere.
-3. Use the pegasus boots and go down. You will appear in the area where
    the monkey on the tree is throwing rocks at you. Guess what? NOT A
    MONKEY. It's a diffrent monster and he's throwing crabs at you!


*Petrified Weed*
-Risk: Zero.
-Thanks to Cory Culley (via e-mail) for this.-

-1. Go to the main entrance of the Mysterious Woods (where the sign is),
    go two screens up, and to your left just past the tree. There, you will
    find some tall grass you can't walk in (there are similar patches of
    grass like this found throughout the Mysterious Woods).
-2. Equip the Power Bracelet, then go to the top right corner of the grass
    and pull on it. Out comes a rock out of nowhere and the area where you
    pulled the rock out is all jacked up.

NOTE: This was done in the DX version, but it should work in the other 
      versions as well.


-Risk: Low, can cause your game to crash.
-Thanks to s742617000027s1 (GameFAQs) for this.-

-1. Go to the screen near Torombo Shores where Marin sits and talks with
    you. NOTE: She dosen't need to be there for this to work.
-2. Move one screen up, two screens to the left and one screen down.
-3. Go up one screen and go to the far right side of the screen.
-4. Screen Warp to land in the water outside of the rock boundary. Go down
    one screen and you will be in the air on Tal Tal Heights


*Maddness Tower*
-Risk: Low.
-Thanks to s742617000027s1 (GameFAQs) for this.-

-1. Head to the secret passage to the graveyard (marked by a rock, in the
    same screen as the grave of the lost ghost).
-2. Pick up the stone and head down the stairs.
-3. Screen Warp to the right. You will end up in a room with a Power
    Bracelet. Head either down or right to end up in a room in Eagle Tower.
    Now, this is where the fun is. Go up and end up in the room with the
    card-like enemies. Screen Warp up to end up in the caves, back where
    you started. Go down and you'll be in the tile room (the tiles will
    attack super slow).

But wait, there’s more:

In the tile room:

-1. Fall down one of the holes and you'll be on the bottom floor of the
    tower (now back to normal).
-2. Head South, to the bottom of the dungeon and Screen Warp on the south
    most wall. SOMETIMES you will be able to move down and other times you
    won't be able to move at all.
-3. Keep going down and you will end up at the top of the tower. Go south
    one more time and room will repeat. You can do this 3-4 more times,
    then you end up on a room two South of the tile room.


*Meta-Physical Deviance*
-Risk: Zero.
-Thanks to kahootsbro@earthlink.net for this.-

-1. In any cave with a Big Fairy (that heals you completely), use the
    Pegasus Boots to run up to her. You will be healed, but you will also
    see the running animation and hear the running sound, but you aren't
    moving. Moving in any direction will fix this.

This can also be done with the Roc's Feather (you will be healed while in
the air) and the Flying Rooster (same as Roc's Feather).

NOTE: This was done in the DX version, but should work in any version.


*Skeleton Key*
-Risk: Zero.
-Thanks to Draco Falconi (via e-mail) for this.-
-Thanks to felixgsilver@yahoo.com for corrections.-

Requirements to activate:
Arrows (I had 60 before Level 5)
Bombs (I had 60 before Level 5)

-1. Start playing through Catfish's Maw as normal, until you come across
    the Giant Stalfos miniboss for the first time. 
-2. Predict his landing and strike him on it’s right side with your sword
    (This will cause his message to NOTpop up.).
-3. Now equip Arrows to A and Bombs to B.  While he's down, press A
    and B simultaneously to launch a missile. Hit the Giant Stalfos with
    these "missiles" until he explodes as a normal boss would. (If you are
    too slow, he will get away and you will fail the glitch until the next
-4. Once he dies, he will leave behind a Small Key...one that you are NOT
    supposed to get! Also, the battle music will not stop until you
    enter a stairwell or until you leave the dungeon.


-Risk: Zero.

-1. Go through the trading sequence until you have the bananas.
-2. Go to the area where Kiki the monkey is (right side of Kanlet Castle).
-3. Screen Warp to the left OR down. Make sure Kiki comes with you (keep
    trying until he does).
-4. Give him the bananas. He’ll call the other Monkeys and they'll build the
    bridge in the middle of nowhere. Not only that, but if you pick up the
    stick he leaves behind and return to where the bridge is supposed to
    be built, you’ll find a second stick waiting for you there.


*I C U*
-Risk: Low, but could screw up the works.
-Thanks to songwilbur@hotmail.com for this.-

-1. Screen Warp on to ANY trade item (items used in the trading game).
-2. You will not be able to get the Magnifying Lens. At all.
-3. Finish the trading game anyway and you will be able to read the book
    and see the boomerang dog without the Lens.


-Risk: Zero.
-Thanks to Ben_Brooks766@hotmail.com for this.-

-1. Start anywhere and go to a different screen.
-2. During the transition from one screen to the other, press and hold the 
    directional button in the opposite direction from which you are going.
    Ex. You are heading to the left, to hold down right.
    If done correctly, Link should be walking backwards.

Note: This was done in the DX version. I (jelly soup) have been unable to
      make this work in the GB version.


-Risk: High, can cause crash damage to your game.
-Thanks to BrandMan211 (GameFAQs, afronova@optonline.net) for this.-

-1. Take the following path in the Wind Fish's Egg:
    Left, Left, Up, Right, Right, Up, Left
-2. There is a (by Jelly Soup's estimate) 6/10 chance that you'll end up in
    a glitched the hell out battle with the Nightmare.


-Risk: Zero.
-Thanks to alfred.agrell@skola.partille.se for this. (slightly reworded)-

-1. Get to any place in Goponga Swamp with the flowers that shoot at you
    (I prefer the top-middle area).
-2. Stand right at the edge of the screen (any edge, right side works
    best). You need to have enough distance between you and the shot
    to do this.
-3. As the shot is about to leave the screen, you leave too.
-4. The shot will follow you to the next screen and keep going.

Warning: It is surely much harder with BowWow, since he may eat the


-Risk: Zero.
-Thanks to alfred.agrell@skola.partille.se for this.-

-1. Bring up the map, while holding A+B.
-2. Push START, without releasing any other buttons.
-3. Some sprites then will be on the "save screen", but red/orange! They
    disappear after a while.


*Too Hurt*
-Risk: Zero.
-Thanks to alfred.agrell@skola.partille.se for this.-

-1. Fight the boss of Turtle's Rock (Hothead).
-2. Shoot the wall behind him, and then himself.
-3. If you're fast enough, and aimed well, the damage soundfx will play a few
    times (I'm not sure how much damaged he gets). It also work with the
    stupid living mushrooms, at least in platform levels. I'm preety sure
    that it will work with any enemy.


5.4. - Other Worlds - Map screw-ups that show us a world beyond Koholint.

Risk of Danger: High

*Messages from Another World*
-Risk: High
-Thanks to songwilbur@hotmail.com for this.-

This is a method to activating ‘world glitches’.

I have found several ways of interdungeon exploration and pinpointed a
couple surefire (as close as you get) ways of activating them.

One is to screen warp in a side-scrolling area. You will jump into a hole on
the other side and appear in a twisted form of the dungeon where you can swim
through walls, etc. Using this method, it is possible to travel between

Note: You cannot escape from boss rooms. You will swim back into the same
      room. You can only screen warp away, which I have found ALWAYS takes
      the boss with you.

Do this in the fifth dungeon. I know it works in the fifth, but I haven't
tried elsewhere. Open chests while you're exploring to trigger music changes
with incongruous texts. e.g. "You're going to be lost now, thanks to me!",
Boss music plays.

Note: Once, the game froze and I had to try several times before I could turn
      it back on. All save files were erased. Glitches can be real bitches...


*Fish World 2003*
-Risk: High

NOTE: Make sure you have the Flippers before trying this.

-1. Go to the Fisherman’s pond in Mabe Village.
-2. Screen Warp down so the fisherman is stuck in the tree (this might take
    quite a few tries).
-3. Talk to him, pay the rupees. Weird-ness abound.

To exit:
-1. Save your game.
-2. Go up one screen and out the door. You'll be in front of the shop in
    Mabe Village.


*Nightmare Lounge*
-Risk: High

-1. Go to the boss area in the first dungeon.
-2. Fall off the platform and, as your falling, jump with the Roc's Feather
    (as your passing form the top floor to the 2-D area).
-3. You should reach a glitched out area. Weird-ness abound.

Asherlev@Earthlink.net submitts:

We got the Flippers and went back into that area. If you explore the area
fully, you can warp to other places. The farthest I've gotten is Level 6.


*Dungeon Smuggling Route*
-Risk: Very High

-1. Go in to almost any dungeon and go straight UP into the next room.
-2. Screen Warp down and exit the dungeon.
-3. In some of the dungeons, this will warp you to another location. In
    others, this will put you in a blank room. A few don't do anything.
Below is listed which dungeons do what. The dungeons that say "doesn't
work" are the dungeons that do not have the second room directly above the
first. Therefore, the glitch can't be used.

Tail Cave - puts you in a blank room
Bottle Grotto - warps you to a room in Level 3
Key Cavern - puts you in a blank room
Angler's Tunnel - warps you to the room where the instrument is in Level 5
Catfish's Maw - doesn't work
Face Shrine - doesn't work
Eagle's Tower - doesn't work
Turtle Rock - takes you to a repeating room similar to a room in Level 7.
              Follow it long enough and you will come to a room with the
              end boss in it.
Egg - takes you to another repeating room that will eventually dump you out
      in one of two places in the Tal Tal Mountain Range
Southern Shrine - you appear in the Hen House with the graphics scrambled.
                  Once you go outside the graphics will return to normal

songwilbur@hotmail.com adds:

Use the dungeon entrance screen warp glitch in the eighth dungeon. Instead
of walking down through the entrance, screen warp. Go down one more screen
to fight the final Nightmare.

Note: I destroyed my game by saving during this battle. Everything became
      blank in all my files except Link, monsters, and things like
      buildings. My game remains in this state and I have no emulator...


*Karma Zone*
-Risk: High

-1. There are two versions of this world. Which one you land in depends on
    if you kill monsters or not before performing the glitch. If you don't
    kill any monsters, you will be taken to Gopongo Swamp (DX) or Yarna
    Desert (B&W)).
-2. Go to the Screen with Madam Meow Meow's house.
-3. Stand above the dog house, touching the roof.
-4. Hold down.
-5. While holding down tap right so that Link moves one pixel to the right.
-6. Continue step five until Link goes to the right so far that he is able
    to move down the right side of the dog house.
-7. You will now be standing next to the dog house but will be further
    "into" the dog house than you can normally be.
-8. Hold down and left. You will enter the dog house door from behind and
    will appear in the glitch world (unless you killed no enemies). Which
    rendition of the glitch world you appear in is decided by the number
    of enemies you have killed since loading your save file. Worlds 10 -
    31 (10 enemies to 31 enemies killed) are for the most part completely
    useless/cannot be navigated. World 32 is the same as world 1, world 33
    is the same as world 2 and so on. When you first appear in the glitch
    world you will not be able to see Link, hold up and left to move the
    screen up then hold left to move the screen left where you will be
    able to see and move Link (this screen you move up and left to is the
    screen which I use as the starting screen, not the one that you first
    see upon entering the glitch world). Or, if immediately after
    entering the glitch world you tap up (but don’t move the screen) and
    then use the Pegasus boots you'll skip down 3-4 screens.

Warrn (GameFAQs) adds:

Using the dog house land glitch, I got the five golden leaves and slime
key before level 3. Beginning from the Tail Cave (level 1), I headed
back to Mabe Village, killing all the octorocks along the way (8 I
believe). I then performed the dog house land glitch and was sent to
what I recognized as a graphic glitch version of Bottle Grotto (level
2). The floor plan didn't match the graphics though, so I was
wandering around wherever I could find a path. Eventually I ended up a
screen down and to the left of where the Link sprite shows up (a room
with two Stalfos (skeletons) where you receive a key). After killing
the Stalfos, a golden leaf fell. Once this is collected, exiting and
then returning to the screen will cause it to appear over and over. This
way the five golden leaves can be collected before you reach the castle.
Also, if you collect it a sixth time, you receive the slime key (though
it appears as another golden leaf). Eventually I wandered through a wall
into Tail Cave (O_o;) and wandered there for a bit, the game glitched on
the miniboss room but allowed me to save and quit. Upon reentry I was
placed into Tarin and Marin's house with the Slime Key (which no longer
appeared as a golden leaf). Considering the early slime key glitch you
already have, I'm assuming that it doesn't cut off possibility of game
completion (though I guess it screws the Richard sequence?).

Jelly Soup's note:

Getting the Golden Leaves/Slime Key using this glitch DOES blow the
Richard sequence to hell, but it doesn’t matter. You do the Richard
sequence to get the Slime Key. Using the glitch just cuts Richard out
of the picture.

Warrn (GameFAQs) continues: 

I decided to explore the DX version with the same method (kill 8
enemies). If Bottle Grotto (level 2/DHL spawning area) has not yet been
explored (chests not yet opened), move one screen to the right and the
chest there should contain the Face Key (once again, exiting and
returning will get you a copy).

Also (though I have no idea where I was at the time) I eventually found
a chest with the bow in it (as well as a random message). This, however,
affects the Mabe Village Shop, making the shovel inaccessible if it has
not already been retrieved (though it too may be hidden somewhere in
Dog House Land).

Also in the DX version of Dog House Land, you can NOT go down a screen
(it will tell you to get the nightmare key). If you wish to go down
you have to scroll to the left or right until you find the area you
want to be in (which could take hours unfortunately). You could also
venture upwards (probably with similar results).

And the last thing I noticed was that picking up any of the instruments
in Dog House Land causes an immediate freeze (after the random message
that appears instead of "you got whatever"), though fighting the bosses
is sometimes fine (the game will sometimes freeze you in place and your
sprite will disappear, sometimes bringing the start menu up will fix it).

Two important notes: 1) Saving in Dog House Land always re-spawns you in
Tarin & Marin's house and causes no file corruption. 2) Going up or down
stairs will un-glitch whatever area that you are in, and in most cases
you WILL be stuck.

Jelly Soup's note:

Someone said something about the dungeons being connected on the message
board. It seems that this is correct. The world map is on one plain, the
dungeons on another and the caves/underworlds on a third.


5.5. - Detrimental Screw-Ups - Handle with care. 

NOTE: Any glitches listed in this section can and, more than likely, WILL
      seriously damage your game, including, but not limited to, the
      cartridge, the data, your Gameboy or even you. I will not be held
      responsible for any damages incurred whilst fooling with these
      glitches. You have been warned.

*Eternal Cycle*
-RisK: Extremely High

-1. Once you have used up 3 keys in Level 4, go to room 5C.
-2. Jump north over the water towards the switch. The jump looks impossible 
    but you can do it. Once you make the jump go north and unlock the block.
    This puts you in an interesting predicament. You cannot get the fifth
    key without the flippers and you can't get the flippers without the
    fifth key.

slimj89@juno.com has found a way around this glitch, via Screen Warping:

How to do this is as follows:
Enter room 3B dungeon four and walk to the east side. Stand as far south in
the doorway as possible and perform the screen jump glitch.  You should
land on the wall but next to the deep water as well. Equip the Roc's
feather and jump south west. If you mess up and land in the water you
drown, but reappear on the wall again. Head north and step on the five
squares as they light up in order then go north to claim the flippers. Now
you can get the fifth key and fight the mini-boss.
Interesting note: If you go east then south from the flipper room to fight
                  the mini boss, the game scrolls you down that screen
                  and spits you out just below it.

Quijo (via e-mail) says:

In the DX version, an extra tile of water has been placed where you could
jump from on the original version, rendering the trick impossible.


*God is Dead?*
-RisK: Extremely High
-Thanks to Nicholas Harvey (GameFAQs) for this.-

-1. Go to the main menu to delete a save game (preferable one where you
    have done everything).
-2. Select a file and instant you click OK to delete it, turn the Game
    Boy off.
-3. Turn you game back on and see if the save file is still there. If it
    is, see if anything has changed. All your items may be gone, and when
    you look at the map, it looks like you haven't visited any squares. If
    you're lucky enough to still have your items but your map says you
    haven't been anywhere, explore Koholint Island and see what weird stuff
    you can do. Some treasure chests you already opened can be opened
    again, you can re-fight bosses you've already fought, and even get the
    Instruments a second time. The Owl will be bugging you a lot, too. You
    can go down to the beach and talk to Marin, and when she joins you, the
    game freezes. When you go to the place where you found your sword,
    you'll see a shield instead... get it and you'll have the L-0 shield.
    When you have the L-0 shield the music changes in some parts of Mabe
    Village! It sounds like you're just starting a new game in Marin and
    Tarin's house! When I went to the Mabe Village Tool Shop (I had stolen
    the bow) the shopkeeper killed me as usual, when I chose to continue
    without saving, the game froze!

NOTE: This should work in the DX version.


This isn't so much a glitch as it is a corruption of your save file.
Attempting to explote this 'glitch' may result in more than just a loss of
a save file.


Turning the GameBoy off while it is saving data or doing anything to saved
data could potentially delete or corrupt all saved games.

booshi@fuse.net explains why this happens:

It occurs because you pause the deletion process. I.E. if you put all the
info in the shredder and turn it off before it completes shredding, you
only retain part of it. I beleave it takes 3 seconds to delete the file. By
turning off the gameboy, it stops the "shredding". First goes the map, then
dungeons and caves, then hearts, chests and rupees, and finally items and
the file.

Quijo (via e-mail) says:

If you redo some of the dungeons and get over 14 hearts, the game will
seriously screw up. The bleeping you get when you're on low health
will play constantly, and each time you take damage the music will loop
over itself. In the end, it'll sound completely awful. May I also add that
when I eventually died and saved, it froze. But something even more
horrifying happened: I could no longer access the file screen. When I got
to the title screen and pressed START, the screen locked up. Despite my
efforts to wipe the data through physical means (namely, smashing it
against the wall extremely hard >_>), I'm now stuck with a broken Link's
Awakening. Brilliant. (NOTE: This all works on DX, but files seem to erase

More on DX: I fought the mini-boss of Level 1 after doing this and the
colours were all screwed up. The door on the north wall was open, and I
could walk straight through the long spiky thing. Odd.

Jelly Soup says:

XD I had an odd visual of a large man with a deep German accent taking a
hammer to a Gameboy, saying “Ohh, I can fix it!”.


*100lbs. O' Crap, 10lb Bag*
-RisK: Extremely High
-Thanks to Muzikmkr4@aol.com and booshi@fuse.net for this.-

-1. Start a new game, grab the shield and sword.
-2. Get the following items in the following order: feather, powder,
    bracelet, boots, buy/steal(I think you have to steal) the shovel,
    trade the shovel for the boomerang with that monster in that sealed
    cave on the beach, go back and steal the shovel from the shop again.
    THEN buy/steal the bow, bombs, and grab the chain and ocarina.
-3. By now you should have no more places to put any more items so go to
    the eighth level and grab the magic rod but little did you know that
    by opening that chest you have just blown all that work ta hell in a
    handbasket, the rod should be nowhere to be found on the menu even
    though the game said you have it!

booshi@fuse.net explains why this happens:

All that's happening is you're getting the shovel twice, thereby making
no room for the rod. The game asseses the tool shop as follows: If you
have no shovel, shovel is in stock. If you have shovel, bow is in stock.
If you have bow, arrows are in stock. When you trade the shovel, it makes
it reaccesible at the store. Simple, eh?


-RisK: Extremely High
-Thanks to Sivart0 (GameFAQs) for this.-

-1. First you need a game with all 14 heart containers.
-2. Preform the *God is Dead?* glitch.
-3. Next, get 4 more heart pieces. After you get another heart container,
    you'll still have 14 containers, but the game will beep like you only
    have 1 heart left. If you have the level 2 sword, the beam won't
    shoot (even with full hearts). 
-4. After that, get killed and on the save screen, select save
    and continue or save and quit. If you selected save and continue,
    you'll have to turn the gameboy off then on again (because the game
    freezes). Everything will look normal until you get to the file select
    screen. The only thing you'll be able to see is Link walking in place.
    If you select the same file, the game freezes. The only way to fix the
    game is to delete the messed up file, then restart the game.

NOTE: If you go to any file other than the one you used to do the glitch
      (say file 1 was the one you used) you can go to another file or
      start a new one, and all you'll see is sprites. Also note you'll
      have to remember where delete is as you won't be able to see
      anything other than link.


*Link to the Past*
-RisK: Extremely High
-Thanks to Gospel for this.-

A Few Notes: - If done wrong, this WILL KILL YOUR CARTRIDGE!
             - This only works on the first few copies of Link's Awakening
               (GB) released.
             - This allows you to play in the databug version of the game
               (the version used by the development team to test stuff).

-1. Turn on your game boy and allow it to come to the nintendo sign, then
    turn it off, then do it once more.
-2. Slide the cartridge out part of the way, turn it on and slide it all
    the way in (Note that this only works on GBC and GBA), and if it
    worked properly, there should be a name as Terry, or John there, two
    of the co-creators of the storyline for the game. The games are just at
    the beginning, with the magic rod, Lvl.2 sword, all twelve hearts, and
    the pegasus boots, but to play the full extent of this game you must
    have it plugged into an AC adapter (or play fast with full batteries).
    If you turn this off you will lose the rare Debug twilight game, and it
    is very hard to get it back after doing so.

Jelly Soup says:

I've been able to get this glitch to work ONCE and only ONCE (and then, it
was a bit glitchy). I got my copy of the game the day it was released, so
I'm assuming that this will only be possible in the first printing of the
game. I'm not sure how many copies were in the first printing, but I'll see
if I can find out.

BrandMan211 (GameFAQs) asks:

Is this glitch possible on a ROM?

Jelly Soup says:

I assume if your ROM was ripped from a first-print copy, yeah, it would be
possible. But I've never tried it myself and, as far as I know, there is no
way to tell the difference when it comes to ROMs.


5.6 - Spell of the Unknown - Most of these are just random graphical errors,
                             or once-in-a-blue-moon glitches that you
                             wouldn’t be able to reproduce if you wanted too.

Note: This section has no risk factor. Seeing as you'd be hard pressed to 
      recreate any of the following, I see no need for a risk factor.

*Soft Swords*

Originaly  e-mailed to me by omni_zer0@hotmail.com
Contains of e-mail:

I have the sword and Roc feather equiped pretty much all the time.  When
an enemy hits me at some random time, Link does something strange and then
disappears from the screen. Some plus sides are that the enemies seem to
not be able to see him, I can walk through them and their random fireing
(usually from the squid type things found on the beach) go right through. 
Some negative sides are, well not seeing Link at all, Pits are still a
problem, and the only way i can see if he exists is when i swing the
sword.  What would have happened, and how could i fix it? 
ps: i've tried dieing... 

Jelly Soup says:

0_0 This sounds like a memory glitch. Something might have screwed up your
savefile or the cartrage just might be faulty. Try starting a new game on
that cartrage and see if it happens agine. If it does, then your cartrage
is the problem.

omni_zer0@hotmail.com adds:

It is a rom, and the problem has occured again. The emulator I use is a
VirtualBoyAdvanced and its version is 0.9.1, assuming you know about it.
The problem seems to start sometime after the first dungeon, though thats
still a mystery as to why. 

Jelly Soup says:

It's the ROM then.


If you run into this problem while playing the ROM version of Zelda DX,
then chances are your ROM is a corrupt file. I've also been told that 
sometimes the ROM for Zelda DX won't work correctly on VisualBoyAdvance
(the emulator). Best solution is to get on ebay and find a used copy of
the game. omni_zer0@hotmail.com also adds that another simple solution is
to 'save state' constantly (for those who don't know what this means, it
has to do with the emulator).


*Scrambled Eggs*

Originaly e-mailed to me by arckra@dreamtheater.zzn.com
Contains of e-mail:

I don't know if this can be called a glitch, but it 
happened right when you are about to battle the nightmares in the 
Wind Fish's Egg.  I was using the original version of Link's 
Awakening and the original gameboy.  Anyhow, I remember pressing 
start during the Nightmare's speech about how the island is going to 
disappear if they are defeated.  I think I was hoping that pressing 
start over and over along with A would make the speech move faster.  
Anyhow, just as the speech box was disappearing my item menu popped 
up but all of my instruments and items weren't normal.  They were 
the faces of the nightmare and some parts of the screen were glitchy 

I've tried it over and over to get it to happen again, but it seems 
that's the only time I've been able to pull it off.  I guess it just 
takes precise timing.

Jelly Soup says:

This sounds like a simple graphics glitch. It might have been triggered by
the button combination or it could have been something else. I don't think
its anything to worry about and I doubt that you caould produce the same
results again (meaning, if you got the glitch to work again, it might be 
a little diffrent).


*The COLORS do! The COLORS!*

Originaly e-mailed to me by pandaren_emperor@hotmail.com
Contains of e-mail (slightly edited):

Hey dude, I've got a weird glitch happening in my game of Link's
Awakening DX, this happened last year, I think, as I haven't played the
game for so long, but while playing it, and after the first Dungeon I
think, Link suddenly became red! As in red tunic, and all the effects
of that, but it's impossible! It must be a glitch, as he only has four
hearts and Lv 1 Sword, Lv 1 Shield, Roc's Feather and Magic Powder,
it's not possible to enter the Color Dungeon yet. And since I never
used any warp screen glitch (been DX and all), I don't know what caused
this, I just suddenly realised that he's red, and it doesn't seem to
affect the rest of the game what so ever, not even the Color Dungeon.

Jelly Soup says:

Ok, you got me on this one. I'm guessing that its some sort of graphics
glitch. Maybe the cart (or at least the data) was damaged in that one year
gap. I really don't know what to tell you about this.

squeak_5hi7@hotmail.com adds (slightly edited):

I had the same glitch. I was weird. I went though the first dungeon, then
went into the Mysterious Forest and kept killing the goblin guys, going
back to Mabe Village, then went back to the forest and killed a guy who
dropped a Piece of Power. But when I picked it up with my sword by
swinging, I hit and killed another guy and became red!?  I tried to do it,
again but it wont work.

Jelly Soup says:

This sounds a bit different that pandaren emperor's glitch. The Piece of
Power makes Link flash red for a limited time. You timed the sword swing
so as to get the power boost AND kill the monster at the same time. The
game got, for lack of a better word, confused for a time and the flashing
effect didn't take place. By this same logic, it would be possible to make
Link turn blue by getting hit in the same moment as picking up a Power


*Use the Unicorn Tears!*

Originaly e-mailed to my by crackerboy88@hotmail.com
Contains of e-mail:

I was readig your glitch faq on gamefaqs, and suddenly i remembered a
glitch of my own..I was playing DX, and when i was falling down the pit
to the nightmare in the egg, and fell in the boss room, i was pressing
start a lot, hoping i could quickly skip it.. The item screen appeared,
but when i pressed start again, the screen was black, but the music kept
playing. When i pressed A or B, i still heared the voice going (till
the conversation ended) but the 'battle music' didnt start and the game
simply stuck (couldnt press a+b+sel+start either).

Jelly Soup says:

It seems as thought you just happen to hit Start at just the right moment
to trigger a graphics glitch. Then again, it could have just been the
emulator acting up (I'd place money on it being both).


*Planet Htrae*

Originally e-mailed to me by Star Man (GameFAQs):
Contains of e-mail:

Years ago, while I still had my original Gameboy, there would be days
that trying to play Link's Awakening would be pointless. It would glitch
up so bad for whatever reason that just getting a game started could
take me ten minutes before it would work normally. Alas, these problems
no longer exist with it (I never saw another glitch in the game after I
had gotten my Gameboy Pocket), but there was one that was not mentioned
on your FAQ.

Trust me, it's a very odd one, and I have no idea how to get it to work,
because it would just happen. Occaisionally, all files would turn into
AAAAAA in the names (sometimes other weird characters, but this is the
one I saw the most frequently). Starting any of them would result in the
same thing. You'd end up very close by Angler's Tunnel. By looking at
the item bar, I'd see that I had a full set of Heart Containers, 999
Rupees...and two Roc's Feathers. Looking at the start menu showed that
all of my selectable weapons were Roc's Feathers, but all of the quest
items, like keys and instruments, were all there. It was very weird. You
couldn't get around too much in the game because you were locked in by
boulders that could only be moved with the Power Bracelet and the warp
hole wouldn't take you anywhere else. You were essentially be locked in
the eastern part of Koholint Island. After a couple of resets, the files
would go back to normal or be completely wiped clean. One instance of
the refresh gave me two swords on one game, which was strange.

I have no idea how this glitch came to be, nor how to get it to work. It
was just an annoying thing to have pop up when I was younger, and when I
got a Gamboy Pocket, these glitches were never seen again. I had never
known about any of the other glitches because at the time I didn't have
Internet and I didn't learn about GameFAQs until a little while later.
Still to this day, I can't even perform any of the glitches (nor do I
want to). My Link's Awakening is from clear back in 1994, and I can
actually remember getting the game brand new. Strange it is, strange it

Jelly Soup says:

0_0 Ya know, I live for stuff like this.
Anyway, I’ve heard about something like this once before. Sometimes, a
game just gets screwed for no reason at all. Maybe it messed up in the
factory, maybe the GameBoy was messing with it. Who knows? The only sure
fire method I’ve found it fixing this is to just get a replacement.

Combot55 (GameSpot) says:

If it's the GameBoy, you could use the GameBoy Cleaning Kit.

Jelly Soup says:

True, that might solve the problem. The GameBoy could just have a dust
problem on the contacts.


*Secret SeaGems*

Originally e-mailed to me by indio6@gmail.com:
Contains of e-mail:

While playing the DX version of this game, I noticed a small graphics
glitch. I dug for the Secret Seashell at F6. However, when I dug in
the spot, a rupee was unearthed. The message said I received the
secret seashell and after that message was cleared, I heard the rupee
"ding" sound. When I checked my inventory, I had indeed received a
secret seashell. I did not check to see if I also received a rupee as
well. I can only assume that I hit the variable for receiving a rupee
when digging at the exact same time I dug the secret seashell spot.
What really happened?

Jelly Soup says:

When digging, you randomly will find rupees. That spot you dug in is
exclusively for the Secret Seashell. You probably just hit the random
mark for a rupee in the seashell spot.


*Balls of Steel*

Originally e-mailed to me by ubern00b62@hotmail.com:
Contains of e-mail:

In Eagle's Tower, I came to the first room with the card guys. I tossed
the orb in and set about getting all of their cards to look the same.
After which, the treasure chest pops up. Unfortunately, I threw the orb
where the treasure chest appears. Now it is impossible to get the orb off
the chest. I'm not sure if that counts as a real glitch, but I won't be
able to beat the game now.

Jelly Soup says:

Hey, you found a glitch I forgot about! How do I know about it? It
happened to me! So, here's all I can do for you:

-1. Walk around the chest, trying to pick the damn thing up. It might
    be in a possition where you can only pick it up in one spot.
-2. If that doesn't work, try doing the screen warp glitch in the
    direction of the chest. It might move the ball along with you to the
    next screen.
-3. If the above didn't work, I hate to tell you this, but you're stuck.
    You'll have to start a new game.


6. - Q&A - Answers to questions I'm frequntly e-mailed with and ones I see
           most often on the message boards.

Q: Why can't I get this glitch to work?
A: Why would you want to make work a glitch that has the potential to delete
   your save file? Seriously though, these aren’t sure fire things. It may be
   that you're doing it wrong, it may be that you're using the DX version of 
   Link’s Awakening. I have heard that some of the copys of the gameboy
   (not color) version are inable to preform Screen Warp glitch.

Q: Hey! Why did you steal information from my
   site/form/FAQ/weblog/kidney/whatever without permission/crediting me?!
A: 'I' didn't steal anything. These glitches all came from submisions from the
   Links Awakening board on gamefaqs, the Cheat! board on the G4tv.com forums
   (there was a topic there about it a while back) and various users who
   e-mail me stuff.

Q: Will -insert glitch here- work on the DX version?
A: For the most part, any glitches requiring the use of the Master Glitch
   won’t work on the DX. I say this because the copies of the DX version
   that can use this glitch seem to be random.

Q: DUDE! Your glitches screwed my save file/game cartridge! I hate you!
A: -_-' It's a glitch. It's not supposed to be taken advantage of in the
   first place. Besides, you were warned on what might happen.

Q: DUDE! I was making a glitch guide for this game! How DARE you steal my
A: Firstly, I didn't. I saw the lack of a glitch guide for this game, so I
   made one. Next, you would not believe how many e-mails I got about this.
   Apparently, quite a few people were working of glitch guides for this game,
   all at the same time -_-'. If you have something that isn't in this guide,
   feel free to e-mail it to me. No, I will not pull the file (for those of
   you who keep sending me threats if I don't).

Q: What did you mean when you said that the dungeons and world map were on
   different plains?
A: Think of a BIG piece of paper. Now, imagine that you drew all nine dungeons
   maps on this paper. That’s what I'm talking about. It's easier for the
   programmers to load one giant map in to the game instead of 9 individual
   maps. Here’s a better example:

   -----------------  <-- World Map
   -----------------  <-- Dungeon/Caves/Underworld Maps
   When you enter a dungeon, you switch from the top layer (World Map) to the
   bottom layer (Dungeon maps). Where you enter from the top layer determines
   were you come out on the bottom layer (ie: On the World Map, you go into
   the Tail Cave, therefore you enter the Dungeon Map on the Tail Cave
   section). This glitch seems to let a person go from one area to another on
   the Dungeon map, without having to exit and re-enter from the proper point
   on the World Map.

-Thanks to BrandMan211 (GameFAQs) for reminding me to correct the above.-

Q: How do all these monster graphic glitches happen?
A: Jigglysaint explains: 
   All that's happening is that the enemy graphics are messed. Each screen has
   a value that determines which enemy set graphics is displayed. If the byte
   is set to FF, then it uses the last. In this case, you are (I think)
   accessing a screen that has such a value(FF) from a screen that has
   graphics similar to the ones you experience.
   In the game many sprites are re-used with different graphics. You couldn't
   tell, but stalfos and moblins are the same sprites, just with different
   graphics. With this it's possible to have darknut mimics and other things,
   even townspeople!

Q: When I warp onto a ledge or a tree with the screen warp glitch I can't
   move on them. Why?
A: Glitches aren't fool proof. They don't always work. I've been told that
   the type of gameboy you use (original, pocket, color, advance) and the
   year it was made can contribute something to the effectiveness of
   a glitch. How true this is, I have no idea. I'll look into it one of
   these days. Your best bet is to just keep trying, eventually it will
   work the way you want it to.

Q: I know you warned that they may do harm to the game (just screen warp
   glitch), but what is the worst you’ve been e-mailed or seen happen
A: Firstly, using ANY glitch (screen warp or not) can potentially damage
   your game. The worst? About a month ago a friend of mine was trying to
   figure out how to perform the screen warp glitch when his game glitches
   out. Now, I don't know where abouts in the game he did this, but the
   game was deleted. I don't just mean the save files, I mean the GAME.
   The cartridge. Deleted.

   It would seem that I forgot to add something to the above (thanks to
   Michael.Zinn@gmx.de. making me realize this). After the game
   stopped working, we tried to extract the game (using a flash card
   program) to see what the problem was. According to the device, the
   cartridge had no ROM information. We assumed that means the glitch
   wiped the cartridge clean.

   Now, the save file, that, now that I think about it, might still be there.
   It, technically, is stored on the battery. I'll have to ask him if he
   still has the cartridge to experiment with.

   3/7/2006: He tossed the game away some time ago. Guess we'll never know.

Q: So, helpful glitches won’t mess with my game?
A: They might. A glitch is a glitch is a glitch. All of them have the
   potential to harm your game. Some more than others. I note (read:
   sectioned off) the ‘dangerous’ ones so you won’t run across them

Q: I don't get the joke on *Use the Unicorn Tears!*. Where can I find this
A: XD It's not in Link's Awakening. It's mythology (or, at least, D&D).
   Unicorn Tears have the ability to cure blindness.

Q: Isn't performing glitches on ROMs safe if you use Save States instead of
   Battery Saves?
A: Yes. You can have an unlimited amount of Save States per game, but only
   one Battery Save.


7. - E-mail Policy

You may e-mail me if:

- You want to submit a glitch you found that isn't already on this list (you
  will be credited). Please double check before openning your e-mail client.
- You want to correct something listed here (you will be credited).
- I e-mailed you saying I would give you credit for some info, but didn't.

To be credited, please enclose your username from one of the following sites:
-Gamefaqs  (www.gamefaqs.com)
-GameSpot  (www.gamespot.com)
-NeoSeeker (www.neoseeker.com)
-NSider    (http://forums.nintendo.com/)

If a username from one of the above sites is not found, I will use your e-mail
address to credit you, unless otherwise specified. If I'm going to credit you
for something, you will be e-mailed in advance (unless I forget).

*Please title all e-mails 'Links Awakening Glitch'*

You may not e-mail me if:

- You want to comment on the FAQ/my spelling/whatever in a bad/hateful way.
- You want to bitch and moan about something or other. I don't care about your
- You want to inform me that such and such was yours and you want credit for
  it. I list where I get each glitch in this FAQ (for the most part).
  It's too hard to prove where any one bit of information came from in the
  Internet ocean.
- You can't get the glitch to work/can't figure it out. Ask on the message
  boards. If you're having an unusual problem when performing a glitch, then
  drop me a line.

You can reach me at: jellysoup at gmail dot com.


8. - Acknowledgements

Credit goes to:


- Links Awakening/DX boards on gamefaqs.com
- Cheat! board on the G4tv.com forums
- EOL (http://eol.init1.nl/index.php)
- Zelda Chaos (http://zeldachaos.hostsurreal.net/index.php)
- AskCheats (http://www.askcheats.com)
- Zelda 4 Glitches (http://z4g.cjb.net/)
- ZeldaClassic (http://www.zeldaclassic.com/)
- ASCII Generator (http://www.network-science.de/ascii/)


- Half the damn internet. No, really. Well, mainly, various message boards
  that house users who pay an absurd amount of attention to detail.
- All of the people who have sent me information. Without whom, this FAQ
  would be shorter by at least 65%.


End of Document.
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