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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask FAQ/Walkthrough	
This is currently version 1.5 of this walkthrough by KyleShi.
If there is anything not in here you think is important, e-mail me at 
KyleShi@AOL.com, with Majora's Mask in the subject. 
This is my first walkthrough, so don't complain if it is really bad.

This document is © 2000 by KyleShi (a.k.a. DragonHunter7911) and may NOT BE 
reproduced in ANY way shape or form without my permission. To post this up, 
you MUST have a non-profit website. Thank you!

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Version History:				Updated: 1/28/2001
Version 1.5: Okay, okay, don't kill me for not updating for a LONG time, but I 
just got the English version a couple weeks back. I have completely revised 
the Japanese names, and seperated the glitches section for English and 
Japanese glitches. I also have stopped work on the Guide to Termina, and I'm 
currently working on a Fairies section! I totally lost all the e-mails you 
guys have sent me, with English names and stuff, so if you don't see your name 
in the credits, but there is something you sent in the guide, then give me a 
ring. Happy now?

Version 1.4: Fixed some minor problems, and I have the English Name of Goato, 
which is Goht. Oh, and did I mention I now have a HUGE collection of glitches? 
I have ways you can have infinite life, ride Epona in Clock Town, and use Oni 
Link in Clock Town. Come check them out!

Version 1.3: Well, it's been a while since the last update. The second to last 
chapter is in! Yahoo! Celebrate! Enjoy! I'll update soon…

Version 1.2: As you can see, I've made some changes to the above. I also added 
another section that explains the differences between the english and japanese 
versions, as well as some rumored changes. There is also a guide to the land 
of Termina now! I will only be able to answer e-mail and update on weekends 
and Fridays now, due to school. Cheerio!

Version 1.1: Some corrections and another step of the walkthrough is complete. 
I also deleted the Notebook section, for now. I won't be updating for a while, 
because I am working on a HM64 walkthrough, but don't worry! I'll update soon.

Version 1.0: Nothing much, just some more corrections and one more FAQ. Oh, 
and I found some official ENGLISH names of the dungeons and some characters! I 
also added a glitch section. What's a game without glitches? And I'm finally 
into the 1's and out of the 0's (regarding versions). 

Version 0.9: Yeech, I'm making plenty of mistakes. If anyone finds any 
spelling or grammatical errors, could you send them in? I also have the 
Twisted Maze Dungeon (Illusion) walkthrough up to keep you busy.

Version 0.8: Yes! I am one of the first walkthroughs to have ALL the Heart 
Pieces up! Special thanks to SockerBon and GoldenKnight for help on the last 
one. I also have this walkthrough's first FAQ up!

Version 0.7: Boy I'm updating a lot! This time however, I'm honoring the 
websites that helped me with a new section; the "Links" section. I also have 
the Twisted Dungeon (Reality) walkthrough up, and another Heart Piece.

Version 0.6: A minor update, just a few more small corrections and another 
Fairy Fountain location.

Version 0.5: Whoa! A bunch (and I mean plenty) of more Heart Pieces, plus the 
boss section of the Enemies are complete! I also added a new section, the 
"Stuff to Send In" section.

Version 0.4: The Enemies section has started finally, and I have the first 
three bosses in there. More coming soon. I also have a Heart Piece, thanks to 
my first e-mail helper. C'mon, the rest of you need to start e-mailing!

Version 0.3: Made a few grammatical errors, so I corrected them. I also found 
another Heart Piece!

Version 0.2: Made some areas easier to understand, and changed some parts. I 
erased the map of Termina, because it was too hard to understand.

Version 0.1: A basic walkthrough, still need some heart pieces, final dungeon, 
the final battle, and the location of the 24th mask coming soon.

Author's Statement:
This was an awesome game. For those of you with an import, I highly recommend
you to play Zelda: Ocarina of Time first. It is not mandatory, but it can help 
you a
lot. I also must thank BabyRyoga, for his awesome guide that allowed me to be 
able to write this. Also, you may post this on your site if you would like to, 
so long
as I'm not ripped off and given credit. And here's the walkthrough…

Table of Contents:
I. The Game Manual (roughly translated)
II. Enemies
III. Introduction
IV. Walkthrough
1. Clock Town
2. Helpful Side Quests (opt.)
3. The Poisoned Southern Swamp
4. Deku Scrub Palace
5. Woodfall Temple
6. Helpful Side Quests 2 (opt.)
7. The Mountain of Ice
8. Goron Shrine
9. Snowhead Temple
10. More Side Quests (opt.)
11. Dynamite Race for Epona
12. Goron Races (opt.)
13. The Troubles of Great Bay
14. Zora Hall (partly opt.)
15. Gerudo Lagoon
16. Save the Zora Eggs!
17. Great Bay Temple
18. Side Quests Again (opt.)
18a. The Golden Sixty (opt.)
19. Rise of the Undead
20. The Parched Valley of Ekhana
21. The Plight of Kafei and Anju (opt.)
22. Dried Well of Ikana
23. Ekhana Ruins
24. Scaling Rockville Cliff
25a. Stone Tower Temple (Reality)
25b. Stone Tower Temple (Upside-Down)
26. Into the Heart of Evil
27. Battle For Termina
V. Heart Pieces
VI. Masks, Items, and Songs
VII. FAQ and Hints
VIII. Glitches and Tricks
IX. Japanese vs. American
X. Notebook Guide
XI. Fairies
XII. Links
XIII. In a later version…
XIV. Stuff to Send In
XV. Permissions
XVI. Credits

The Game Manual:
The Story:
After Link defeated Ganon in Ocarina of Time, he set out in search of 
his friend Navi. No one knew he left. So when he disappeared, no one looked 
for him….

WARNING: This game uses the 4MB Expansion "Pak". Without it, the game will not 

The Game Screen:
In your upper left corner is your life meter, which is several hearts. If you 
lose all of them, you will restart at the beginning of the map or dungeon with 
only three
full hearts. You can collect more as you progress in the game. Directly below 
that, is the Magic Meter, if you have it. It will slowly drain of magic as you 
use magical attacks, like the Fire, Ice, and Light arrows. To the right is a 
green circle, for the B button. Usually it is an attack, like Link's sword. 
Right next to that is a blue circle, the A button, which is usually to perform 
an action, like "Open", or "Speak." The next three yellow circles, are where 
you assign weapons and items to the left, bottom, and right C buttons. When 
the top C button appears, press it to talk to your fairy, Chat. In the lower 
left corner is the amount of money you have, in the form of crystal shaped 
"rupees." A green rupee means you can carry up to 99 rupees, a blue means up 
to 200, and red for 500. You collect different rupees throughout the game.  To 
the right of that, is the in-game clock. The smaller, faster circling sun is 
the minute hand, and the bigger, slow, green sun (or moon, depending on the 
time of day) is the hour hand, and the green diamond shows what day it is. At 
midnight of the third day, the clock changes into a countdown, showing your 
final minutes before you get a Game Over. Directly to the right of that, is 
your mini-map. Some areas automatically give you one, while some don't have 
one. You can also buy mini-maps from the little elves floating on red balloons 
you will see, while in dungeons, you need to find the Compass, and the Map to 
have a complete mini-map.
The Save System:
To save the game, you can play the Song of Time to return to Day 1, saving in 
the process. There is also an Interrupt Save feature if you need to quickly 
exit the game. Just move to the nearest Owl Statue and press A in front of it. 
Choosing yes will save and return you to the Main Menu. An owl symbol will 
appear next to your save file to show that it's saved using the Interrupt 
feature. However, if you start that file, the save will be erased, so there's 
no save-fail-restart scenarios.

The Game Controls:
Normal Link:
B button: Link's sword, if you have one.
Holding B button: Link's spinning slash, uses a little magic.
With Z button: Holding Z, and pressing A with your sword out will make
Link do a Leap Attack. Holding Z, and walking forward while pressing B will 
make Link do a stab. Holding Z and pressing B will make Link do an overhead 
A button: Perform an action; see "The Game Screen."
With Z button: Will make Link roll, jump, or backflip, depending on where the 
control stick is.
R button: Will make Link hold up his shield. You can change the angle with the 
control stick.

Deku Scrub Link:
Deku Link can hop 5 times on water before he falls in and drowns. If he 
touches fire or lava, he will restart at the beginning of the room or map.
A button: Attack by spinning around.
B button: Will spit a bubble, hold for a larger bubble, uses a little magic.
R button: Will make Deku Scrub Link hide under a huge shell.
Special: Press and hold A on top of a flower shaped launcher, release A to 
launch up. Yellow launchers will make you glide higher and longer.
While launching: Pressing B will make you throw a Deku Nut, if you have some.

Goron Link:
Goron Link can walk on lava, and is resistant to fire. If he falls in deep 
water, he will restart at the beginning of the room or map.
A button: Will make him roll up, use the control stick to make him roll. At 
peak speeds he will use magic little by little.
B button: Will make Goron Link do a "Fire Swipe" combo.
R button: Shield.
Special: Hold A and press and hold B to make Goron Link stomp the ground.

Zora Link:
Zora Link can stay underwater forever. If fire or lava hits him, he will 
restart at the beginning of the room or map.
A button: When underwater, will make him swim at high speeds if held down.
B button: Will make Zora Link punch and swipe and kick at enemies.
Holding B button: Will release two boomerangs.
With Z-Targeting: If on land, and Zora Link Z targets something, pressing A 
will make him do super cutter attack.
Special: While swimming, holding R will make Zora Link become enshrouded in a 
powerful shield, becoming invincible. However, it eats up magic very, very 
fast. When on land, you can press R and B to the same effect.

The hero of our story, he somehow finds himself in a doomed world called 
Termina. He needs to find a way to get back to Hyrule, his home, but to do 
that, he must first save Termina, using magical songs and masks.

Skull Kid:
An imp with only two friends, Chat and Trail, he somehow found and wore 
Majora's Mask. Now he is under the Mask's control and is doing evil things.

Tatl and Tael:
Two fairies who steal just to survive. When they find themselves apart, Tatl 
decides to help Link get back to Hyrule and stop Skull Kid.

The Deku Scrubs:
A race that lives in the Southern Swamp, they can't stand other races entering 
their Kingdom. Their princess has disappeared, and a monkey is being held for 

The Gorons:
A race that live on the warm Snowhead Mountain, which has suddenly frozen, 
making it hard for them to survive.

The Zoras:
A race that live in the Great Bay, their watery home has suddenly grown too 
warm, and their band is in a wreck.

Romani and Cremia:
Two sisters who live and work on the Romani Ranch on Milk Road. Lately though, 
their famous milk-producing cows have been abducted by UFOs and Poes that 
appear in the night.

The Happy Mask Man:
He is the holder of Majora's Mask, and asks Link to help get it back. He also 
asks him to get back the other masks as well.


Odoruwa: A giant warrior, his weakness is his shins. Arrows can stun him. His 
attacks are to either slash you, call a bunch of Skullawalltullas to help him, 
or trap you in a ring of fire. He will also sometimes call a swarm of locusts 
to help, but you can kill them easily. He is the first boss.

Goht: A mechanical giant bull, you need to roll after him as Goron Link to ram 
him. After each successful hit, he will shoot a bolt of energy at you. If you 
get too far behind, he will gear up a huge electrical blast, which will stun 
and hurt you. After a while, he will start throwing powerful bombs in your 
tracks as well.

Gyorg: A huge mutated fish, you need to fight him underwater as Zora Link. Use 
boomerangs to stun him, then run up and punch him. Watch out for his eat 
attacks; it can build up on damage quickly, as well as his mini-fish swarm.

Twin-Mold: These are two huge insect/worms that fly up into the sky, and bury 
into the ground. Wear the "Giant Mask" at the start of the fight, and you'll 
become a giant. Whack the Molds in the head or tail; if you touch anywhere 
else, you will get hurt. Each Mold takes around 4-8 hits to kill, and don't 
forget that it is two versus one. 

3 Months after Ganon was Sent
Into the Void of the Dark Realm…

Epona and Link ride through the woods, searching for Navi. Suddenly, two 
fairies appeared (Tatl and Tale), surprising Epona, and Link falls from his 
horse, unconscious. A mysterious figure, Stalkid, appears, and searches Link 
for goods. He finds and takes Link's Ocarina of Time, and Epona, and escapes 
just as Link wakes up. He gives chase but loses him, and follows Stalkid's 


Chapter 1: Clock Town
Follow Skull Kid at the start, and chop the bushes you see until you 
gather 10 Rupees. After a short cinema scene, put your new Deku Scrub body to 
use by launching from flower to flower until you reach the twisted hallway. 
Continue upwards to the giant steps, and climb them. You will see another 
cinema scene involving the Happy Mask Man. Go up the steps and through the 
huge door. When you begin, turn right and go up the ramps you see until you 
find a small park-like area. Talk to Tingle the elf there, and select the 
first choice to get a map, if you have 10 Rupees. Go back to the start and go 
straight forward until you see some stairs. Climb them, and then hop across 
the small river to catch the Stray Fairy there. Go back to the park place, and 
climb the huge ramps to reach the Great Fairy Fountain. Give the Stray Fairy 
back to the Great Fairy so she can heal herself. The fairy will grant you the 
ability to shoot bubbles. Go outside, and pop the blue balloon with a bubble. 
The owner of the balloon, Jim, leader of the Bombers, will tell you that if 
you find the rest of the Bombers before sunrise, he will tell you the code 
that leads to their hideout. Say yes! Two of the kids are in the park area. 
Look behind trees and the slide to find them. The next two are in the right 
section of the town. One is on the balcony of a building (the Stock Pot Inn), 
use the launcher to get him, and the 4th is above the guard that won't let you 
out. He will jump off when you go after him, and if you follow, he might hide 
under boxes. The last one is on the left side of town. When you catch him, he 
will give you a password. Go to the stairs next to the inn, and find the boy 
blocking a small alley. Give him the password, and go through. Hop from 
platform to platform, and kill the Skulltulla. Pop the balloon around the 
corner, and go up the ladder. Go up the stairs, and talk to the old man next 
to the telescope. Say yes when he asks you if you want to peek in the 
telescope, and zoom in with A on the top of the Clock Tower. Go out the door 
after the short cutscene and pick up the "Moon's Tear." Head back to Clock 
Town, and find the Deku Launcher in front of the tower. Give the TearDrop to 
the Deku Scrub there to receive the Town Land Title Deed, which could be used 
later to launch to the landing on the Clock Tower. Wait until midnight of the 
third day to continue. Head up the stairs to engage in battle with Skull Kid. 
Z-Target him and spit a bubble at him. Grab your ocarina, and you'll see a 
scene, ending with Link learning the Song of Time. There is no possible way to 
defeat Skull Kid right now, so play the Song of Time. Every time you play that 
song, you will save, and go back to Day 1. Turn around after traveling through 
time and go back through the big door. Talk to the Happy Mask Man to get out 
of your wretched Deku Scrub form, receive the Deku Scrub Mask, and learn the 
"Song of Healing." Use this song when you see people under curses to heal 

Chapter 2: Helpful Side Quests (opt.)
1. At night, talk to the Mr. Guru-Guru in the Laundry Pool where you caught 
the Stray Fairy as Normal Link to receive the Burru Mask.
2. Go to the inn at 0:00 AM on any day and go to the first room on your left 
on the first floor. Give the hand you see any Land Title Deed to receive a 
heart piece.
3. Go to the park area at 0:00 AM on the first day and watch the small scene. 
Cut the burglar with your sword to receive the Blast Mask.
3a. After you receive this mask, go to the store on the left side of town that 
only opens at 10:00 PM on the third day to buy the All-Night Mask for 500 
4. When you travel back in time, you lose all your money. On the left side of 
town, you will see a beggar-type man. He is the banker. The first choice is to 
deposit money; the second is to take out money. When you have 200 in the bank, 
you will receive the Adult Wallet. If you have 5000, he will give you a piece 
of heart. Going back in time doesn't affect your bank account.
5. Take the south exit of Clock Town, and veer slightly right to get on Milk 
Road. Wait until the third day, or play the "The Song of Double Time" (Right-C 
x2, A x2, Down-C x2, repeat) until the third day, and the rock blocking Romany 
Ranch will be gone. Head in, and go to the chicken shack in the back. Talk to 
the man next to the tree, and then put on the Burru Mask. Hold B, and march 
around the room, until all the Cuccos are following you, to get the Bunny 
6. Go to the Mayor's House (next to the password kid) as Normal Link and take 
the first door to the right. Talk to everyone there to receive the Kafei Mask 
and sign up for the search for Kafei.
7. Enter the Bombers' Hideout and take the small alley to the left when you 
enter. Blast open the crack in the wall to receive 100 Rupees. Now, when you 
exit the hideout, Jim will approach you and make you an honorary member of the 
Bombers and give you a Notebook.
8. Return the pixie to the Great Fairy as Normal Link to get the Great Fairy 
This makes any nearby Stray Fairies fly toward you in the dungeons.
9. Go to the follow the postman all day until you reach his office. Put on the 
Bunny Hood and talk to him. Stop the clock at exactly 10:00 sec. to get a 
Heart Piece.
10. To the left of the postman's house is the Swordmasters' School. Talk to 
the man and choose the second choice. Use your Leap Attack on the logs to get 
three points. Get 30 points to win another Heart Piece.

Chapter 3: The Poisoned Southern Swamp
	Take the southern exit of Clock Town and go forward. Destroy the Blobs 
to get health and magic. You will then see a cinema scene involving Tatl, 
Taell, and Skull Kid. After that continue forward to the swamp. You can climb 
the big tree, killing the Keese around the tree first, here to get another 
Heart Piece. Find the river area and slash the Owl Statue with your sword. 
Remember to do that everytime you see one (there is one in Clock Town). Follow 
the lily pads to the left until you reach a path with a sign above it. Go down 
the trail, killing the Deku Babas for Deku nuts, and go up the ladder and into 
the Tour Guide Hut. You will then meet Kotake, from the Spirit Temple in 
Ocarina of Time. Talk to her and leave. It's best to play the Inverted Song of 
Time (the Song of Time backwards) now because it slows down time, and this 
next part may take a few tries. Find the Woods of Mystery behind the hut and 
enter. Talk to the monkey, and follow him, avoiding the Snappers, until you 
reach Koume. Talk to her as Normal Link, and then travel back to Kotake. Talk 
to her, and you will get a potion, as well as your first bottle. Again, go 
back to Koume, talk to her, and when the C buttons appear, press the one with 
the potion. After a cutscene, get out of the woods. Talk to the monkeys 
blocking your path to learn that the Deku Scrubs captured one of their 
brothers. Go back to the area with the Owl Statue. Go in the Camera Hut (next 
to the merchant) and talk to Kotake through a slot in the corner of the room. 
Say yes to the offer for the Boat Cruise. You will get a free Pictograph Box 
also. When the boat asks you if you want to get off, say yes. (You can buy a 
map of this area from Tingle on the balloon in the very first swamp area. 
Every time you see Tingle, you can buy a map of the current area from them buy 
selecting the first choice.) Turn into Deku Link, and enter Deku Scrub Palace. 

Chapter 4: Deku Scrub Palace
	Go forward to reach the throne room. If any Scrubs block your path, talk 
to them to get them out of the way. Talk to the Deku King, and take a picture 
of him. You can later give that picture to the fat man (Tingle's father) in 
the Camera Hut to get a Heart Piece. Z-Target the monkey in the cage and talk 
to him. You'll learn that he was captured because the king believes that he 
kidnapped his daughter. Go outside again, and you'll meet another monkey. Talk 
to it and it will ask you to save his brother. Take the first door to your 
right to find one of the Inner Palace Gardens. Sneak past the Deku Gaurds, 
hiding behind walls and plants until you reach the next room. Continue 
sneaking past the guards until you find a Heart Piece. Get caught, then you'll 
be thrown out. Enter the other Inner Palace Garden, and move around the 
boulders to avoid getting caught, until you find a hole in the ground. Talk to 
the man in there to receive a Magic Bean and learn how to use it. Now that you 
know how to use it, you can buy some from the Buisness Scrub back at the Tour 
Guide Hut anytime you want for 10 Rupees in Deku Scrub form. Hop on the lily 
pads to the right (coming out from the palace gardens) until you reach a 
landing with a tan square with a hole in it. That's a Magic Bean Square. Plant 
the magic beans there, and either go to the camera hut area to catch some 
water in a bottle, or wait for it to rain on the second day. Either way, when 
the bean sprouts, ride it to the upper level of the Palace Gardens. Launch 
from flower to flower to reach the other maze. If any Mad Scrubs get in your 
way, stun them with a Deku Bomb (press B in mid-launch), then land next to 
them, and attack them to turn them into a flower launcher. In the next maze, 
do the same thing, until you reach the cage where the monkey is. Talk to it 
and show it your Deku Trumpets, to learn the Sonata of Awakening and be kicked 
out. Go back across the lily pads, but this time, hop to the launcher you see. 
Launch up to the Honeycomb area. 

Chapter 5: Woodfall Dungeon
	Kill the Dragonflies with bubbles, and launch from one giant flower to 
the next until you reach a landing next to the waterfall. You'll meet Kaepora 
Gaebora, the owl. Z-Target the slab of stone, and read it to learn the Song of 
Soaring, which warps you to any of the Owl Statues you have cut of your 
choice. Launch over to the next landing and enter the door. Launch, hop, and 
run over to the central platform. If the Hiploops get in your way, spit at 
them twice to defeat them. On the central platform, cut the Owl Statue, and 
catch the fairy in a pot with a bottle. Stand on the pedastal as Deku Link, 
and play the Sonata of Awakening and launch over to Waterfall Dungeon.

	You will see a fairy at the entrance. Wear the Big Fairy Mask to get it. 
In each of the dungeons, finding all 15 fairies and returning them to the 
Fairy Fountains nearby will get you special rewards. I have not found them 
all, but I know where most are. Every time you go back in time, your progress 
in the dungeon will be erased, but if you already beat the boss, then 
restarting the dungeon by going back in time will be easy, a teleporter at the 
beginning will warp you to the boss if you've already beaten it. Launch from 
platform to platform, and open a chest you will see for a fairy, but be 
careful not to fall, unless you want to face a horde of Black Boes, annoying 
little weak creatures. Enter the next room. Head down the plank, and kill the 
Deku Baba for a fairy. Hop across the Venus flytraps to reach the next room. 
Use the launcher in the center of the room to get a key along the left wall. 
In the next room, you will have to fight 3 Snappers at once. You can buy bombs 
in Clock Town to fight them with, or use Deku Scrub Link, by hiding in the 
launchers, and launching up when a Snapper is spinning above you to score a 
hit. Kill them all to get the Dungeon Map. Go back to the room with the Venus 
flytraps, and unlock the locked door. There is a fairy in the poisonous water 
in this room. You need to beat the boss to get it. Push the giant block you'll 
see forward one space, the go around to the other side, killing the Skulltula 
along the way to get a fairy. On the other side of the block, push it the 
other way two spaces. Light the unlit torch you see with a Deku Stick (go to 
the lit torch and light the stick, then light the torch with the flaming 
stick) to open the barred door. In the next room, spit bubbles at all the 
Dragonflies to get the Compass. Go back to the previous room and put on the 
Bunny Hood. Light a Deku Stick and dash up the stairs next to the room you got 
the Compass from. Light the first torch and jump across the platforms then 
burn the web away. Without the Bunny Hood, you can use the first torch you 
light to burn the web. Go up the stairs and follow the dark path. Kill the 
horde of Black Boes to get another fairy in a chest. Be careful, though, they 
can hide very well in the darkness. Use a Deku Stick to light the three 
torches. Since you can't see, use the map to guide you. One is next to the 
barred door, the other two are in the corners on the map. Lighting them all 
opens the door. Proceed into the next room, and launch your way from platform 
to platform, ignoring the Dragonflies. If you fall, use your map to get back 
to the first launcher, and don't step on the squares in the map, they take you 
back to the first room. On the other side of the room, head through the hall. 
Explore the ledges a bit, until you find a room with a mini-boss.

Mini-Boss: Metal Dinalfos
	Z-Target him at the start of the fight as Normal Link and shield his 
slashes until he does a leap slash. Run forward and hit him, then back away, 
because he will breathe fire. Repeat until he falls to get the "Fairy Bow".

	Exit the room, and shoot the eye switch across from you. Take the 
floating launcher across to another mini-boss.

Mini-Boss: Gekko
	At the beginning, run up to him and chop him twice to make a Snapper 
join the fight. Turn into Deku Link, and hide in a launcher. When Gekko and 
the Snapper are above you, launch up to hit him. Turn into Normal Link, and 
hit Gekkh with an arrow. Repeat until he's finished. Grab the Boss Key from 
the back of the room and leave.

	Go back to the room with a huge flower in the middle on the upper level. 
Shoot an arrow through the lit torch on top to the unlit torch on the flower. 
The flower will rise up and start spinning. Jump on, and use the torch on the 
flower to use an arrow and light the torch in the corner of the room. I know 
it sounds confusing, but when you see it, you'll understand. Then jump to the 
newly unlocked door. Launch up the right side of the room. On the middle 
ledge, fire and arrow at the crystal switch, and launch to the top ledge. 
Quickly launch to the pillar, and from there to the boss door collecting the 
fairies along the way. Change to Normal Link and enter the boss room. 

Boss: Odoruwa
	Man, this guy has a big sword! At the start of the fight, just slash him 
as much as possible in the shins. After a while, he'll start doing a strange 
war dance. Kill all the Skullawalltullas that drop from the ceiling, and wait 
form him to do a leap slash. Get behind him, and quickly fire an arrow at him, 
then run up and leap slash him twice. You can also just slash him a lot, or 
just fire a bunch of arrows. Sometimes, he'll trap you in a ring of fire. Just 
stay put, and fire an arrow at him. If a swarm of locusts surround you, ignore 
them and continue fighting, they go away quickly. His most dangerous attack is 
one where he kneels down and spins around with his sword. It's easily blocked, 
but it can really hurt you a lot. After a whole lot of hits, you will win and 
get a Heart Container. Go in the teleporter and grab the mask. On a short 
cinema scene, Link will learn the song, Oath to Order which is used at the end 
of the game. The poisonous waters will then drain from the dungeon and the 
surrounding area. You will then be teleported to another area of the dungeon. 
Cut the vines away, and talk to the Deku Princess. Catch her in a bottle (yes, 
she does fit) and take her back to the Deku King for another cinema scene.

Deku Scrub Method:
This is a quicker, but MUCH harder way of defeating Odoruwa. Hide in the Deku 
Flower in the middle of the room, and when Odoruwa comes on top of you, launch 
up to score 2-3 hits on your trip upwards. Start strafing in mid-air and look 
for Odoruwa. Start dropping Deku Bombs on him, and strafe to avoid his sword 
swipes. Repeat a couple of times and he'll be finished!

Chapter 6: Helpful Side Quests 2 (opt.)
1. After beating Odolwa, go back to the Camera Hut and talk to the witch 
again. Say yes to do a Boat Cruise again, but this time, the witch will fly 
around, holding a target. Shoot it 30 times to win (infinite arrows for this) 
but if you hit the witch 10 times, you lose. You get a Heart Piece.
2. In the area with the Waterfall Dungeon, there is a platform on the left of 
the dungeon with a Heart Piece.
3. After clearing the first dungeon, go to Deku Scrub Palace as Normal Link 
with the Bunny Hood, and take the left lily pads. Talk to the Deku Scrub 
butler there, and he'll tell you he wants to reward you for saving the 
princess. Chase him through the tunnels. If you manage to keep up until the 
end, you get the Mask of Scents
4. If you take one of the side hallways before the Deku Scrub throne room, you 
will reach little flashlight mazes. At the end of one, you will receive Magic 
Beans from a monster in a hole in the ground, and in the other maze, you get a 
Heart Piece.
5. Wearing the Mask of Scents in the swamp will allow you to see little purple 
clouds next to the Owl Statue. Use a bottle there to get a mushroom. Give the 
mushroom to the witch in the potion shop, and come back later to get a blue 
potion for free.
6. On the right side of Clock Town, there is a shooting gallery. Pay twenty 
rupees to play, and try to shoot 30 or 40 red Octorocks. Don't shoot the blue, 
because that makes you have less time. If you beat the record, you get to 
carry a max of 40 arrows.
7. On the first day near midnight, take the northern exit of Clock Town. Get 
on the small blue fence, and edge left, until you see a mushroom with a 
dancing man on it. Play the Song of Healing for him to get the Kamaro Mask.
8. Go to the left side of Clock Town at night on the first or second day, and 
you'll see two dancing twins. Wear the Kamaro Mask in front of them, and hold 
B to dance. You'll get a Heart Piece.

Chapter 7: The Mountain of Ice
	First, make sure to buy a bunch of bombs from the Bomb Shop in Clock 
Town. Exit Clock Town from the north, and head up the hills. You can slay the 
Dodongos there for 50 rupees each by bombing their tails. When you reach the 
path blocked by ice, shoot the icicle above a few times to pass through. 
Continue down the path, avoiding the Tektites and White Wolfos until you are 
blocked by a bunch of giant snowballs, which you need to blow up with bombs 
until you reach the Mountain Village. Find the Owl Statue here, and cut it 
with your sword so you can come back any time. Explore the following areas a 
bit, until you find an area with rope bridges. Be sure to buy a map here from 
Tingle on the balloon, you'll need it!  Follow the rope bridges to reach the 
frozen Outer Goron Shrine. Look around until you find Kaepora Gaebora on a 
pillar. Talk to him, and it will fly away, dropping feathers on invisible 
platforms along the way. Follow its feathers to reach a cave. Enter and open 
the chest you see to get the Lens of Truth. Wear the Lens outside and go back 
across the platforms to find the ghost of the Goron hero, Darmani. Talk to 
him, and take off the Lens, and follow his shadow with the Bunny Hood (yes, 
you must wear the hood) until you reach the first area again. Follow him 
across two icebergs, and put on the Lens again. Rapidly tap the C Button 
assigned for the Lens to not waste magic. Follow the now visible ladder to 
reach the Goron Grave. Play the Song of Healing for Darmani, to get the Goron 

Chapter 8: Goron Shrine
	In the Goron Grave, use the Goron Mask to become Darmani to pull back 
the gravestone. Turn into Normal Link, and put on the Bunny Hood. Catch some 
of the Hot Spring Water in a Bottle, and use it to unfreeze the Goron outside. 
Go and get more Hot Spring Water, and run as fast as you can back to the rope 
bridge area. Be careful, the Hot Spring Water will turn into normal water if 
you take to long. Jump down to the lower level, and bomb all the snowballs 
until you find a frozen old Goron. Unfreeze her and talk to her as a Goron to 
learn part of the Goron Lullaby. Go back to the outer Goron Shrine, and talk 
to all the Gorons you see (some are in the rolling snowballs, punch them with 
Goron Link) as a Goron, until one shows you the Goron Stomp. Go to the door 
you saw open, and do the Goron Stomp to open it (hold A with Control Stick in 
nuetral and press B) and enter the real Goron Shrine. Find the throne room 
there, and play the part of the Goron Lullaby you learned for the crying baby 
to learn the entire Goron Lullaby. Now go back to the area where the Goron 
Grave is, and find the exit that leads to an area with a lot of ramps and 
rolling snowballs. Roll across the ramps, avoiding the snowballs and Ice 
Keese, to reach the Snowhead Dungeon area. Cut the Owl Statue with your sword, 
and use your Lens of Truth to see a giant Goron blocking the entrance to the 
palace (the dungeon).

Chapter 9: Snowhead Dungeon
	Face the giant Goron and play the "Goron Lullaby" for him as Goron Link. 
Roll up the mountain until you reach the entrance. You may have to fight a 
couple White Wolfos along the way. A little ways below the entrance is the 
Great Fairy Fountain. Find all 15 Stray Fairies (see Fairies section) to get a 
double Magic Meter!
At the beginning of the dungeon, you'll face a swarm of White Boes. They 
are slightly more powerful than Black Boes, but will fall from a couple of 
Goron Fire Swipes. Punch or slash away the icicles, and push the block forward 
to move on. Defeat the White Wolfos and take the door to your right. Roll 
across the bridge as Goron Link, avoiding the Freezard's icy breath, and take 
the door against the left wall. This is the main room of the dungeon, so 
remember the way to get to it well. Explore the area a bit, until you find a 
room with a stack of blocks in an indentation on the left wall. Pull and push 
these blocks to the end of the white area, and go back to where the blocks 
were to get a small key. Now backtrack to the first room with the Wolfos, and 
unlock the door to the left. There is a chest in this room with the Compass. 
Ignore the Wolfos you see, and bomb the wall at the end of the room to 
continue. Jump from pillar to pillar with the Bunny Hood in this room. When 
you see a stain of ice on the wall, jump toward it to find a secret room with 
a fairy. Jump from the secret room to the next ledge, and from there to the 
next ledge and grab the small key. Use that on the locked door in the same 
room. In the next room, Goron Stomp the first big switch and jump to the other 
side. Stomp the blue switch, and quickly jump to the pillar that raised when 
you hit the first switch. Stomp down on that, and go to the first switch. Jump 
on the other pillar and go to the other ledge. Open the door. Roll across the 
broken bridge and roll up the steep, snow-covered section of the wall. When 
you are on level ground again, turn, and roll across the bridge and open the 

Mini-Boss: Wizrobe
	This wizard will teleport around the room into each of the corners. Wait 
for him to spin around, and then shoot and arrow at him, or Goron Punch him. 
After a few hits, he will clone himself, and his clone and him will swotch 
corners before the real one attacks. At this point in the fight, I found it 
easier to shoot arrows at him, but quicker to just punch him. Either way, 
after a few more hits, he will fall, and leave behind the Fire Arrows.

	Head back to the first floor of the central room, and melt all the 
frozen doors you can, until you find a room with a bunch of pillars and 
Freezards. Melt all the Freezards, and light all the torches with Fire Arrows. 
Then head through the now unlocked door. Stomp the switch to raise the pillar, 
and backtrack to the room where you first encoutered the Freezards, and had to 
jump over the bridge for the first time. Kill all the Freezards to get a small 
key, and jump over the small gap next to the door that leads to the pillar 
room and head up the stairs. You can pop the bubble under the ledge for a 
fairy if you'd like. In the next room, there is a chest with the Dungeon Map 
in it. Jump on the small pedastal, and kill the Freezard above and melt the 
switch. Jump to the next door. Back in the pillar room, keep moving up. You 
might need to roll up walls again to reach the next staircase. When you reach 
the top of the pillar, enter the next door to fight two mini-bosses.

Mini-Boss: Twin Dinalfos
	Exactly like the mini-boss in Waterfall Dungeon, just use little more 
caution while fighting them. Killing them gets you two fairies. This fight is 
optional, you can just enter the next door and skip it.

Now move across the pillar and punch away the ice stalagmites to find another 
mini-boss that you should be very familiar with.

Mini-Boss: Wizrobe
	Not him again! And in the same dungeon too! Oh well, he's basically the 
same as the first time, except with more clones, more teleporters, and less 
time to hit him before he freezes you. No problem, just 2-4 hits with a Fire 
Arrow will beat him easily. Go into the next room to get the Boss Key.

	After you have done that, you need to go to the pillar room and punch 
out all the blue sections. It's a little confusing at first, though. The four 
blue parts are spread out in groups of two. You need to punch out ONE from the 
bottom pair, then go up and punch out BOTH of the top ones. Then go back down 
and punch out the remaining section. Now, go back to the top floor, and jump 
down to the pillar. Don't worry if you lose some health, this boss is easy. 
Punch out the snowballs, and go up the stairs. Roll across the gap and open 
the door. It is sort of hard to roll across, and it may take a few tries, just 
start as far back as you can, and as close to the stairs as possible.

Boss: Goht
	When you first see the boss, he will be frozen solid. Melt him with a 
Fire Arrow, and then change into Goron Link. Roll after him, and ram him. 
After you ram him, he will shoot a bolt of lightning at you. No big deal, it 
doesn't even do much damage. If you need magic, roll into the green pots. 
Don't worry about the rolling rocks, they don't do ANY damage. After enough 
hits, stalactites will fall from the ceiling. Those are what you need to watch 
out for, if you ram into one, nothing happens, but if one falls directly on 
you, you'll lose some major health. Keep ramming him until he starts throwing 
bombs. Then you know he's almost dead. However, now he runs a little slower, 
but that's because when you get ahead of him, he will ram YOU, and you will 
automatically lose if you have less than 5 hearts. 3-5 more hits will short-
circuit this robot for good. Grab the Heart Container, and step into the 
teleporter. Death Mountain will then thaw out, and the Blacksmith will be able 
to upgrade your sword now.

Normal Link Method:
This is a much safer, but very tedious way of beating Goht. Stay in the 
entrance alcove, and keep your bow ready. Fire arrows at Goht when he runs 
past your sights. You can also move in the opposite direction as Goht and stay 
on the snowbanks, firing as fast as you can as it approaches.

Chapter 10: More Side Quests (opt.)
1. After beating Goht, head back to the map with rope bridges, and look at the 
newly melted river. You will see a chest at the bottom, and you will need to 
use the Zora Mask to get it, as it contains a Heart Piece.
2. Go to the Owl Statue on Death Mountain. The building you see is the 
blacksmith. After Goht is dead, the blacksmith will upgrade your Kokiri Sword 
to the Feather Sword for 100 rupees. It takes until the next morning until it 
finishes, however, and also, if you go back in time, the Razor Sword will 
become the Kokiri Sword again. Read the next step to see how to get the Gilded 
Sword, which is permanent.
3. This is the easiest way to get the Gilded Sword. First, beat Goht once, and 
save. Play the Inverted Song of Time and warp to the Blacksmith. Melt their 
furnace and upgrade your sword, then go kill Goht while the blacksmith is 
working on your sword. Then go complete the Dynamite Race (see Chapter 11) and 
finish the Goron Race in first place (see Chapter 12) to get the Gold Dust in 
a Bottle. Skip to day 2, and pick up your Razor Sword. Give the Gold Dust to 
the blacksmith, and skip to day 3. Then go get the Gilded Sword and save.
4. Before you beat Goht, go back to Goron Shrine (indoor) and play the Goron 
Lullaby for the crying baby. Use a Deku Stick on the now lit torches in the 
throne room, and light all the rest of the torches in the shrine to make the 
pots on the cieling spin. Use the ramp in front of the throne room to roll up 
and break them. After they are all gone, a piece of Rock Sirloin will fall 
out. Go pick it up, and run back to the blacksmith area. Look for a shivering 
Goron on a ledge and throw the meat at him to get the Don Gero's Mask
5. With the Don Gero's Mask talk to the 5 frogs found in Clock Town, Death 
Mountain, the Southern Swamp, and the 1st and 3rd dungeons. The one in Clock 
Town is in the same area as the first fairy you found, the one in Death 
Mountain is found after you beat Goht, the one in the Swamp is next to the 
Camera Hut after you beat Odoruwa, and the ones in the dungeon are found after 
you beat Gekko in each. After you find and talk to them all, go back to the 
one on Death Mountain to receive a Heart Piece.
6. Outside of Clock Town, next to each of the entrances is a cave with only a 
bunch of Gossip Stones. Using Goron Link, play the Goron's Lullaby to turn the 
stones in each cave red to get a Heart Piece.
7. Walk in the tall grass around Milk Road to find a secret cave. Defeat the 
Peahat inside by Goron punching it to get another Heart Piece.

Chapter 11: Dynamite Race for Epona
	After Death Mountain thaws, head to the Outer Goron Shrine and jump down 
to the lower level. Find the previously frozen cave and talk to the HUGE Goron 
as Goron Link to get a Powder Keg. Quickly, grab this Powder Keg (this is 
timed) and run as fast as you can to the hills at the beginning of the rope 
bridge are, and place the bomb next to the giant rock to open the Goron Races. 
After that, you can go back to the Big Goron and buy more Dynamite from him 
for 100 rupees (free the first time, though) or the Goron in the Bomb Shop of 
Clock Town for 50 rupees. Now get another Powder Keg (the ones you buy are C 
Button items) and warp to the Owl Statue on Milk Road (right next to the 
entrance of the swamp) and use the Powder Keg on the big rock to get to Romani 
Ranch. You must do this next part on the first day, and it is NOT optional. 
Talk to Romani (the little girl, Cremia is the teenager that looks like Adult 
Malon from OoT) and tell her your name. She will refer to herself in the 
third-person and will call you Grasshopper. She will ask if you will become a 
ranch hand to help her. Say yes, and you'll need to pop ten balloons with 
arrows on Epona. Don't worry about the time limit, that's just optional. After 
popping all ten balloons, you will learn Epona's Song, which calls Epona from 
anywhere in Termina. You can also do a side quest here for another bottle, 
filled with Chatuea Romani, special milk that makes you have infinite magic 
for a couple of days. All you have to do is wait until 2:00 AM and Romani will 
walk out of the house. Follow her into the barn, and go back outside. After a 
while, a whole swarm of Poes (UFOs?) will appear. You need to keep them all 
away from the barn until 5:30 AM. The easiest way to do this is to play 
Inverted Song of Time which slows time, AND the Poes, or have a friend watch 
the locations of the Poes on the map, while you kill them all. You can only 
kill them with arrows. If you succeed, you will get another bottle. The next 
day, you can talk to Cremia and Romani in the barn; they will ask you if you 
want a ride to Clock Town. Come back at 6:00 PM sharp, and talk to Cremia on 
the coach. She will attempt to make conversation, but when Milk Road is 
blocked, as you see, you'll have to go through the Gorman Ranch to reach Clock 
Town. Cremia will ask you to get your bow ready, and use it to draw off any 
pursuers that are after her milk. Shoot the Gorman brothers, disguised as 
Garo, to keep them at bay and protect the milk. Get to Clock Town safely to 
get the Romani Mask, which is used later to get the Circus Leader's Mask.

Chapter 12: Goron Races (opt.)
	Remember that first rock you blew up on Death Mountain? Well, behind 
that is the Goron Racetrack. Talk to the Elder's son there, and you can 
participate in the race. The easiest way to beat the race is to ram your 
little Goron buddies into the wall, bombs, or trees and rocks. In the middle 
of the race, you will cross a small bridge. Knock as many Gorons as possible 
off the bridge; half the time, they land facing the wrong way (disqualifying 
them) and sometimes they land on a tree (where they can't move) or hit a bomb! 
Use you map extensively, and when you round the last corner, there is always 
one Goron ahead of you (it is impossible to get in front of him before) who is 
actually going very slowly. If you get in first place, you get another bottle, 
filled with Gold Dust, which can be used to get the Gilded Sword (see Chapter 
10). If the fight against Goht was a cinch for you, this should be right up 
your tree.

Chapter 13: The Troubles of Great Bay         
	With Epona, you can now leap over fences, and enter new areas. Take the 
western exit of Clock Town, and take Epona down to the beach, where you'll 
have your first look of Leevers. Get used to fighting swarms of them, you'll 
be seeing them a lot. Trample them with Epona, and leap over the fence to 
reach Great Bay. The first thing you'll notice is the HUGE size of the place. 
You really need a map of this place, and you can buy it from Tingle on Milk 
Road (the second choice). Trot along the beach until you see a circle of 
seagulls out in the ocean. Swim over to them to find a Mikau, the guitarist of 
the Indigo-Gos, the Zoran Band. Try to talk to him, and them get behind him 
and press A to grab him and push him until he gets to the beach. Talk to him 
again, and he'll play his last song. He'll sing about Lulu, the singer, and 
how she laid 7 eggs, but they were stolen by Gerudo Pirates. He'll say that he 
was sent to get them, but he got caught in murky water, and here he is. He'll 
ask you to heal his soul. Play the Song of Healing for him to see a short, but 
a little sad cutscene that ends in Link getting the Zora Mask. Now, as Mikau, 
swim out into the ocean until you see a building in the middle of the water. 
Use your swimming ability (holding the A button underwater) to swim down, then 
quickly go up to jump out of the water and land on the little landing. Cut the 
Owl Statue, and head back to land. Watch out for the Like Likes and the 
Skullfish, though, they can build up on damage if your not careful. On the 
beach again, find the small tunnel that connects to the second area of the 
Great Bay. Look out into the ocean and swim out to the giant fish tail you 
see. Go under the arch (underwater) near it, killing the Like Like guarding 
it, and enter the mound with the fish tail on it to find Zora Hall. 

Chapter 14: Zora Hall (partly opt.)
	All you really need to do here is find the other exit (next to the shop) 
and cut the Owl Statue here, and talk to Lulu (as Mikau). The river here is a 
great place to practice your Zora abilities underwater. I found it 
particularily appealing to do a swan dive off the ledge up the hill opposite 
of the Owl Statue area (roll off the ledge) then jumping a few times like a 
dolphin. When you come back with the Hookshot, you can help the Indigo-Gos 
(the Zora Band) practice to get a Heart Piece. Now exit the area, and go back 
to the first map of Great Bay. Swim to the right of the Owl Statue, and when 
you reach the end, sink down (B button) and walk along the wall until you find 
a bunch of wooden boards with the skull and crossbones sign. Ram into them 
while swimming until you find a tunnel that leads to the Gerudo Lagoon. Before 
you enter, though, you can do something that will make the next section a lot 
easier. First, buy a red potion. Then, take the east exit of Clock Town and 
call Epona. Head into the mountain area. Jump over a few fences until you find 
a small circle of stones. Use the Lens of Truth there, and give the potion to 
the soldier, Shiro, you see to get the Stone Mask which will make you 
invisible to the Gerudos in the next chapter and all enemies in the game, 
except for bosses.

Chapter 15: Gerudo Lagoon
	When you enter the lagoon, put on the Stone Mask and swim over to the 
right side of the lagoon until you find a small ramp leading out of the water. 
You can also hitch a ride in one of the Gerudo's boats; with the mask, they 
can't see you! Anyways, stomp the switch with Goron Link, the dive down into 
the water as Zora Link. Swim over to the gate that opened and follow the 
passageway to reach a small underwater maze where you must push and pull 
blocks to get through. It is not to hard, just don't forget to ram the wooden 
boards if you need to.
Next, swim over to the fountain-like structure, and ride it upwards and follow 
the current to the next area. Be careful not to hit the Spikes or get pulled 
into the gaps in the wall, it will take you back to the entrance. The next 
room has a jail with a Heart Piece in it. Climb up the stairs, and Goron Punch 
the barrels. Stomp the switch, then roll back down to the jail before it 
closes to get the Heart Piece. Clambor back up the stairs, and smash the 
barrels at the edge of the ledge. Hit the switch, then swim to the gate that 
opened as Zora Link. Follow the corridor, again avoiding the gaps in the 
walls, to reach another room. Hit the crystal switch to make the metal switch 
visible, then stand on the drain-like circle, and fire an arrow at the switch 
to reach yet another room of the Gerudo's sewers. This is the strangest room 
yet. Be careful not to walk under any of the hanging spikes, they're booby-
trapped to fall if you do. Search for another metal plate, then hurry over to 
the door it unlocks to end up on the inside wall of the fort. Follow the path 
to get inside the fort. Put on the Stone Mask and climb up the ladder in the 
middle of the fort. Walk across the bridge, and enter the Gerudo leader's 
chamber. After a short cutscene, shoot the beehive through the bars with an 
arrow to chase the Gerudos away. Then you can jump down and get the Hookshot. 
You can go back in time here, or stay in the same area and continue on. If you 
decide to save, you can skip the whole trip through the sewer system by going 
to the first switch in the entrance lagoon and using the Hookshot to get over 
to the wall of the fort.

Chapter 16: Save the Zora Eggs!
	If you could read Japanese in the Japanes version, then you know that 
the Gerudos were holding 7 Zora Eggs , but 3 are lost. You must rescue those 
Zora Eggs now. Make sure you have at lest 4 bottles before attempting the next 
section, and a lot of patience. The first egg is being held in a tank in the 
Gerudo leader's room. Hookshot the plank above the tank to get it. Watch out 
for the Shellblade, though, and catch the egg in a bottle. The next egg is 
being held in a room high up next to where you first entered the fort. You 
need to Hookshot a few times to get up there. A little mini-boss is guarding 
the egg.

Mini-Boss: Gerudo Warrior
	This is a simple fight. Two hits from the Kongo sword will prevail over 
her daggers. However, if you don't have the Kongo Sword, you could be in for a 
challenging battle. Wait until she does the spin type attack, then shoot a 
Fire Arrow at her. However, if you are hit by the spin, you will be kicked 
back outside. Hitting her will stun her for just long enough for a Leap Attack 
with your sword, which should defeat her. In the next room is the next egg. 
Get it, and go back out to the fort. 

	Right after you get back to the fort, Hookshot up to the next target, 
and sneak past the guard. Ignore the chest in the next room, and knock out all 
the guards with arrows. Run up the stairs to the next room.

Mini-Boss: Gerudo Warrior
	This Gerudo is the quickest of all the mini-bosses guarding the 
tadpoles. If you don't have the Kongo Sword, you might want to try stunning 
her with a Hookshot or a Deku Nut, she will be stunned enough for some good 
slashes with you sword. Get the egg in the next room, and exit.

	The last egg is in the back of the fortress. Hookshot up to the ledge 
that it is held in and prepare for another mini-boss fight.

Mini-Boss: Gerudo Warrior
	This Gerudo can take the most damage out of all the rest of the Gerudo 
Warriors, so you may want to try using the Blast Mask or a Bomb and Bombchu 
combo. After a nice big BOOM, follow up with a quick Hookshot burst to stun 
her, then Leap Slash her. If you did that fast enough, she will barely have 
time to attack at all! In the next room is the 4th tadpole. 

You can now go back to the Marine Lab in Great Bay (its where the Owl 
Statue is) and climb up the tank and deposit the eggs. If you only hold up the 
bottle, try standing somewhere different, you must stand in certain places. 
Now go back outside and look for two sharp pointed rocks jutting out of the 
sea. Sink down, and walk between them to reach a confusing underwater maze 
called Pinnacle Rock. From the start, walk forward to reach a sign, walk in 
the direction it points to, passing another sign. Follow that sign (don't 
worry if you can't see the next sign, just walk in the sign's direction until 
you get to one) to another one, and follow it to the next. Look around, and 
you should see a sign nearby. Walk over to it, and then in the direction it 
points into to reach a HUGE crater. You could also wear the Stone Mask and 
take a close-up picture of a Gerudo. Give it to a fisherman in his hut at 
shore to get a Seahorse. Take the seahorse to Pinnacle Rock, and set it free. 
It will lead you straight to the Sea Crater.

Mini-Boss: Family of Sea Snakes
	At various heights in the crater are caves with giant eels in them. Some 
of the caves have the remaining tadpoles in them, and the rest are empty, or 
contain boxes and hearts. The two eels at the very bottom of the crater are 
easy kills. Just lure them out, then use your boomerangs on them to kill them. 
The rest are a bit more complex. Use your Electric Current on them (R button 
while swimming) to kill them. If they touch you without your barrier on, you 
will be turned into a statue and sink to the bottom of the crater. To break 
off the curse, rapidly tap A, B, and the R buttons. If you brought the 
Seahorse here, he'll find his mate; talk to them to get a Piece of Heart.  
After you find the last 3 tadpoles, return to the Marine Lab and drop them in 
the tank. All 7 will hatch, and write out some notes. Z-Target the professor, 
and take out your Ocarina as Normal Link. Play the song he tells you to, and 
he will say that it works. Turn into Zora Link, then show him your guitar to 
learn the New Wave Bossanova. He'll tell you to play it for the person who 
laid those eggs, and that's Lulu. 

Chapter 17: Great Bay Dungeon
	Warp to the Owl Statue at Zora Hall, and play the New Wave Bossanova as 
Zora Link in front of Lulu for her to get her voice back and to wake up an old 
turtle. Hookshot over to the palm trees on his back to find the 3rd dungeon. I 
HAVE found all the fairies before, but I didn't return them to the Fountain in 
time. The fountain is on the same map as the Zora Hole, you need to jump 
across some platforms in the water, and Hookshot to some trees on the 
platforms. On the last platform, you can jump to a ledge with two connected 
rocks. Blow them up to find the Fairy Fountain.

	First thing I will say is that this dungeon deserves the Impossibly-
To-Confont-Him Award. Now, with that out of the way, here's the walkthrough 
for it. Enter the door directly in front of you. Jump in the water, and swim 
over to the right-most corner on the opposite wall. As Zora Link, sink down to 
the underwater turnstyle, and pull it. Now go back to the entrance of the 
room. Jump on the right-most elevator, and kill all the Skulltullas. Jump on 
the fountain, and let it raise you upwards. From there, jump to the next 
platform, and go through the hallway. The next room the central core of the 
dungeon. Every major room can be reached from here. Dive down, and work with 
the current, not against it. Find the topmost yellow corridor, and follow it 
to a rectangular room. Kill of all the Skullfish, and climb up to the red 
platform. Hookshot over to the chest, and open it to get the Dungeon Map. Now 
dive down into the water, and find the next corridor. Boomerang the two 
Dexiehands guarding it, they can suck off a lot of hearts if you aren't 
careful. In the next room, you can kill off all the Bio-Deku Babas to get a 
fairy. Enter the next door. Hookshot over to the chest to get the Compass, and 
kill the Live Bombchu before it knocks you into the Dexiehand guarding a 
chest. Fire a few arrows at the Dexiehand, and dive down to the chest to get a 
Small Key. Remember the way to this room, you need to come back later. Swim 
back to the central room, and take the passage all the way at the bottom. Zoom 
through the next hallway, dodging anything in your way. Climb up the red pipe, 
and fire arrows at the Live Bombchus, to reach a locked door. Open it, and 
kill the Blob in the next room, and open all the chests. Enter the door, and 
look up.

Mini-Boss: Big-Eye
	Equip the Hookshot, Bombs, and the Fire Arrows for this fight. Start off 
by firing a barrage of Fire Arrows at the boss. Kill as many of the little 
blobs that fall off as possible. When your Magic Meter runs on empty, lob 
bombs at the blobs to knock them off. After that, use all your normal arrows 
on him, too. If there are still blobs surrounding him, take drastic action, 
and try using your Hookshot. If that takes to long, use the Blast Mask or cut 
them off with your sword. When all the little blobs are gone, hide in a 
corner, and wait until he charges you. If his eye is open, slash him a couple 
of times. If it's closed, use your shield to block his attack. Keep at it, and 
he'll be dead soon, and you'll get the Ice Arrows!

	Now go back to that room where you got the Compass, and stand on the 
first lily pad. Use Ice Arrows to make platforms over to the next door, which 
is enshrouded in ice. Use Fire Arrows to melt it, and chop the icicles to get 
Magic and health. When you are good and ready, enter the door.

Mini-Boss: Gekko
	At the beginning of the fight, Leap Slash him to make him call for help, 
just like your fight in the Waterfall Dungeon. Watch him jump up in the blob, 
and move out of the way. If the blob falls on you, you'll lose a ton of 
health. While the blob is on the ceiling, fire and Ice Arrow at the blob to 
freeze it, and make it shatter. Slash the boss to make him call for help 
again, and repeat the process. A few slashes should do him in. After killing 
him, go in the next room to get the Boss Key.

	Now go back to the central room, and jump on the rotating blades up top. 
Freeze the waterfall you'll see covering a ladder, and then jump over to it. 
Climb it to reach the next room. Hookshot over to the barrel, and kill the 
Blue Tektite. Freeze your way to the next platform, and pull the turnstyle. 
Now head on over to the room where you got the Dungeon Map. From the chest, 
freeze your way to the next door. Lure the Bloober near the platform in the 
middle, and freeze him into a block of ice. Jump on top of him, and from him 
to the platform. Turn the next turnstyle, then head back to the room before 
the Big-Eye boss. Freeze the Octorock (the octopus that spits rocks) when he 
jumps up to turn him into an iceburg. Use him to jump to the next turnstyle, 
and pull it. Now go back to the very first room. The red pump in the right-
hand corner when you enter should be spraying water now. Hookshot the target 
above it, then jump from ther to the next turnstyle. Pull it, then go to the 
yellow turnstyle on the other side of the room. Pull that to reverse the 
current in the central room. Now go back to the central room, and take the 
other hallway at the very bottom. Climb up the green pipe, hit the green 
turnstyle, and remember this location. Now go in the other previously 
unaccesible hallway in the central room, and follow it into another room. Jump 
on an elevator in the corner, and from there jump to the pipe. From the pipe, 
jump to the next elevator, which takes you to the next platform. Now freeze 
the waterfall in the other corner to stop the rotating blades. You need to 
time it so that the rotating blades will stop almost even with your platform; 
it may take a few tries.
Now enter the next room by crossing the blades. Stand on the seesaw farthest 
from the entrance, and melt the ice on the ceiling above the other end. Jump 
to the next one, and do it again. Hit the last turnstyle switch, and go back 
to the room I told you to remember. The green pump should be spraying water 
now. Use that to jump to the Boss Door.

Boss: Gyorg
	This is a VERY, VERY hard boss. There are two ways to beat him. You 
could do it the long, but slightly easier way, or fight him head on, which is 
quicker. I recommend the second way. The long way is to run over to the edge 
near where he is, and fire a bunch of arrows to stun him, then sink down to 
the boss as Zora Link, and punch him. The second, and preferred way, is to 
stay underwater, and use boomerangs to stun him, then punch him. 8-10 punches 
will slay him. There's a final, easier, but untested way. Basically, always 
swim in the water until you get near Gyorg, then activate your Electric 
Current. However, he has four attacks, which he uses depending on where you 
are. If you are on the platform, he will ram the platform, causing no damage, 
but with the chance he might knock you in the water. When on the platform and 
on the surface, he might also jump up and swallow you, which does different 
quantaties of damage, depending on what form you are in. His last two, and 
most dangerous attacks are used only if you are trying this the quick way. One 
thing he will do is swallow you, doing massive damage, or he will call a swarm 
of armored Skullfish to ram you; each fish does ¼ damage, but considering the 
size of the swarm, they can build up more damage than Gyorg! One hit defeats 
each mini-fish. Keep at it, and never stop attacking to finally beat him! Grab 
the Heart Container and step in the teleporter to grab the Gyorg Mask.

Chapter 18: Side Quests Again (opt.)
1. Go to the second map of Great Bay, and find the waterfall. Kill the Like 
Like at the bottom of the pond there to get a Heart Piece.
2. Inbetween the Gerudo Lagoon and the Marine Lab, you will find a boat if 
Gyorg is currently defeated. Jump on, and Hookshot to the island you see. Talk 
to the man under the tree, and jump to the center island. You need to jump 
from there to another island, and back. If you get it right 20 times you win! 
Use trial and error to win.
3. In Zora Hall, find the drummer's room. Hookshot to the tree on the ledge in 
the room, and read the diary as Zora Link to learn two melodies. Exit, and go 
to the next room on the left. Take out your guitar in front of the Zora, and 
he will play half of a song. Play the first melody. He will play another half, 
and you need to play the second melody. Remember the whole thing. Now go to 
the next room on the left, and play the whole song as Normal Link to get a 
Heart Piece.
4. To get the Circus Leader's Mask, go to the Milk Bar "Latte" late at night 
(I'm not sure, maybe after 10:00 PM) using the Romani Mask. Talk to the Zora 
there as Normal Link, and you will learn a short piece (you may have to take 
out your Ocarina). Go up on stage, and find the correct light that the Zora 
tells you to. Play the melody under it (it may take a while to find) then talk 
to the Zora as Deku Link to learn another melody. Find the correct light with 
Deku Link and play the melody. Repeat with Goron and Zora Link to get the 
"Chairman Mask."
5. On the second map of Great Bay, look for a dead pile of branches on the 
beach. Stand on that, and Hookshot up to the tree on a ledge. Hookshot up and 
up and up, until you reach the top ledge. Enter the cave, and Z-Target the 
beaver. Sink down, and talk to him. Follow him through 20 rings, to get 
challenged by his brother. Follow him through 25 rings to get another bottle. 
Race them a second time after that by talking to them to get a Heart Piece.

Chapter 18a: The Golden Sixty (opt.)
	On the first map of Great Bay, and the map in the swamp where you 
learned the Song of Soaring are Skulltula Houses. Defeating all the Golden 
Skultullas inside each house will get you different prizes. In the swamp 
house, you will receive the Mask of Truth, for slaying all the spiders. In the 
Great Bay house, you will get the Biggoron Wallet, which can let you carry up 
to 500 rupees, IF you beat it on the first day. The first Skultulla House is 
pretty self-explanatory.
Just start from the first room on the left, and work your way around the 
house. Have around 5 Magic Beans for that one. You can water them by catching 
water in a bottle in the first room. Put Magic Beans in all the bean holes in 
the ground, and look behind pillars, and on statues. If you find bean holes on 
the wall, catch some bugs, and let them go in front of the wall to find some 
more Skulltullas. The second house is a little harder, particularly the 
library room. Some Skulltullas are hiding behind the wooden blocks on the 
wall, and others are behind bookshelves and desks. You can use a bookshelf on 
the back wall to climb like a ladder, some are up on the bookshelves and the 
ceiling. When you find a room with a bunch of colored masks on the wall, you 
can shoot them in a certain order to get another Heart Piece. In the same 
room, stomp the table as Goron Link to get three more Skulltullas. Some of the 
drums all over the house have Skulltullas as well. In the room with the Big 
Skulltulla, smash the crates for mre Skulltullas. Climb up the boxes next to 
the entrance, and Hookshot to the barrel on the ceiling. Smash all the barrels 
to get another Skulltula. When you get them all, Goron Roll up the entrance 
hill and talk to the man to get the "Giant Wallet," or 20 rupees, depending on 
what day it is. To find a complete list of where all the Skulltullas are, look 
at BabyRyoga's guide to Majora's Mask at GameFAQs.com.

Chapter 19: Rise of the Undead
	Take the eastern exit of Clock Town, and ride Epona to the next area. 
Jump over the fences, ignoring the Live Bombchus (Epona is invincible) and 
find the next area. You should be in a graveyard now. Ignore the Keese, only 
killing them if you have to, and run to the next area. Find the Big Skeleton 
in the next map, play the Sonata of Awakening, and prepare for battle.

Boss: Skeleton Captain and Army
	First of all, the skeletons in Ikhana Village are ALL cursed soldiers, 
so if you're wondering why it's called a village, that's why. Chase after the 
Captain, firing arrows to slow him down, and when flames block your path, 
whack the Stalchildren that appear to clear the path. When you finally catch 
up to the Captain, slash him to start the real fight. At this point, Ice 
Arrows are very useful. While he's frozen, he's open to some real whacks in 
the shins. He will try to stomp you, and might call for help. After a whole 
lot of punishment, you will win the Captain's Hat. 

	Wait until the first day night, and go back to the first map of the 
graveyard. Watch out for the Blue Bubbles (flaming skulls) roaming around, 
they can lock out your sword for a while. Wear the Captain's Hat and talk to 
the Stalchildren around the gravestone. Tell them to break down the grave, 
then jump in. Leap across the platforms, then kill all the Keese (there are a 
lot). Light the torches in the room with Fire Arrows to unlock the door.

Boss: Iron Knuckle
	This guy might be a problem the first few tries. If you don't have the 
Gilded Sword, try using Bombs and Bombchus (Bombchus are slightly more 
powerful). When he swipes you with his axe twice, run up and stab him once. 
When he leaps at you, run up and slash him twice. If he hits you with his axe, 
you'll lose around 4-8 hearts! Using the shield is pointless; you'll run 
slower, too. Circle around him, and keep countering his swipes. After a while, 
he will drop his armor, and start moving a lot faster. Just run near him, then 
quickly back away so he will strike. At this point of the fight, try going for 
only one slash at a time. After a lot of hits (4-5 from the Kongo Sword, 6-8 
from the Kokiri Sword), he will fall, and a ghost will appear next to a stone 
slab. Z-Target the slab to learn the "Song of Storms."

Chapter 20: The Parched Valley of Ikhana
 	Head on back to Milk Road. Find the other ranch on the Road (not Romani 
Ranch) and talk to the Gorman Brothers there when Epona is next to you. He 
will challenge you to a race. Say yes, and pay the 10 rupees. This is a hard 
race, the best thing to do is to always save one carrot in reserve. When you 
can see the finish line up ahead, go all out and use all the carrots. When you 
win, you will receive the Garo Mask. Wear this mask, and go back to the area 
where you got the Stone Mask. Find the man sitting on the cliff, and talk to 
him with the Garo Mask. He will dissappear, and make a tree you can Hookshot 
to. Run past the rolling boulders, and the Bomb-Rock Monsters. You will reach 
Ikhana Valley. Follow the ledge while wearing the "Garo Mask" to face a mini-

Mini-Boss: Garo, Keeper of the Valley
	When the fight starts, he will enshroud you in a ring of fire. He is an 
easy kill, still. Just run up and whack him, ignoring his attempts to attack 
you. Even with the Kokiri Sword, he still takes only 4-5 hits. Killing him 
makes you free to go on.

	Go back to the entrance area, and freeze the Octorocks with Ice Arrows, 
like in the Great Bay Dungeon. Use them to leap to the next ledge. From there, 
Hookshot up to the next platform, and to the next, and so on, until you reach 
the Owl Statue. Cut it so you can come back anytime. Now run past all the 
Gibdos, and up the left ramp. Find the empty riverbed up top, and enter the 
cave there. Play the Song of Storms to clear out all the Gibdos, and make the 
Musical House play music again. Now go to that house, and open the door. The 
girl outside should kick you out. Now head up the ramps to the right of the 
Musical House, until she walks outside. Wait until she is far away, then enter 
the house. Head into the basement, and find the closet. Play the Song of 
Healing for the Gibdo/person that walks out to receive the Gibdo which lets 
you talk to Gibdos, and makes the ReDeads in the Ekhana Ruins ignore you. Now 
go to the highest point of the left wall, and look for a big hole in the 
ground. Jump down with the "Mask of Gibdo." If you are continuing from here, 
skip the next chapter, it is optional.

Chapter 21: The Plight of Kafei and Anju (opt.)
	Kerfay and Anjyu were two happy people. They loved one another, and got 
engaged. Cremia at Romany Ranch was competing with Anju, and was also her 
friend, until they announced their engagement. Cremia then decided to just be 
friends with Kafei. The day before Anju and Kerfay were married, Kafei stole a 
mask from the Happy Mask Man; the Sun Mask, because Anju owned the Moon Mask, 
and those together would create the Mask of the Wedded Couple. However, when 
the Happy Mask Man found out, he cursed Kafei, and turned him into a little 
boy. Kafei retreated to his home, and hid his face in a Keaton Mask, ashamed. 
For Kerfay lost the Sun Mask, the only way for him to restore himself. Anju 
went back to her job at the Stock Pot Inn as the Innkeeper, but still looked 
for Kafei. This also affected Kafei's father the Mayor. He lost track of time, 
and his meetings couldn't be run well. This next important side quest will 
gain you 4 masks (if you haven't received the Kafei Mask) another bottle, much 
of your Log Book will be finished, and will change the ending entirely. Read 

First Day:
10:00-12:00 AM Go to the Mayor's Office (next to the alleyway that goes to 
Observatory) and enter the right door. Talk to everyone to receive the Kafei 
Mask and be asked to search for him by the fat lady (Mrs. Aroma deTall).
2:00-2:15 PM Postman will bring Anju mail at Stock Pot Inn. Talk to both of 
them, and then wait for Postman to leave.
2:30-3:50 PM Talk to Anju with no mask on, and say yes when she asks if you 
have a reservation. You will get the Inn Key.
2:16-3:00 PM Talk to Anju with "Mask of Kerfay." She will ask you to meet her 
in the kitchen of the Stock Pot inn at midnight.
11:50 PM-12:00 AM Go to the last door to the right on the first floor of Stock 
Pot Inn. Talk to Anjyu when she comes to receive Kafei's Mail.
12:00-6:00 AM Go outside and post the mail on any of the mailboxes (push A to 
open mailbox, then push the C button assigned to the mail).

Second Day:
About 3:00 PM Go to Kafei's House at the Laundry Pool and wait for the Postman 
to come. While he is talking to Kafei, go in his house, and wait for him. Talk 
to him to get Pendant of Memories.
4:00-8:30 PM Go to the Inn, and give the Pendant to Anju.

Third Day:
1:00-6:00 PM Go to the room where you met Kafei, and talk to the Mani Shop 
owner inside. You will get the Keaton Mask, and Mail Express for Mrs. Aroma 
deTall, Kerfay's mother.

Choose which of the next ones you want to do. You can go back in time and do 
the other later.

1. Go to the Milk Bar "Latte" and give the "Mail Express" to Mrs. Aroma deTall 
with the "Mask of Kerfay" on. You'll get another bottle.
2. Go to the Post Office and talk to the Postman. Give the "Mail Express" to 
him, and follow him into the Milk Bar, and back out. Talk to him outside to 
receive the "Postman's Cap."

6:00-7:00 PM Go to the area in Ekhana Valley where you fought Garo. Continue 
along the ledge to the next area, and find Kerfay hiding inbetween two stone 
slabs. Wear the Stone Mask and wait for the burglar, Sakon, to come open the 
cave. Follow him, and enter the door. 

For this next section, you will control both Link and Kafei. Don't panic. Be 
calm, and play. This is a time trial, so do this as fast as you can.

1. Link: Kafei will ask you to step on the switch to open the door and get 
into it.
2. Kafei: Push block and keep it on the green switch.
3. Link: Enter left room, and avoid the red switch. Defeat the Bio-Deku Baba.
4. Kafei: Push right block down. Push center block left. Push center block 
down and exit through the right door.
5. Link: Defeat Wolfos.
6. Kafei: Step on green switch.
7. Link: Step on other switch.
8. Kafei: Get the Sun Mask.

5:00 AM Go to Nabekama Inn second floor, first door to the right. Wait for 
Kafei to come. You will get the Mask of the Wedded Couple.

Chapter 22: Dried Well of Ekhana
	For this next chapter, bring Milk (from the ranch that you got the Garo 
Mask from) 10 Deku Nuts, 5 Magic Beans, 10 Bombs, a fish in a bottle, and an 
empty bottle. Use the rest of your bottles on fairies. Find the giant hole in 
the ground in Ikhana Valley (see Chapter 20) and jump in with the Mask of 

The first Gibdo on the right of this area wants the Magic Beans. Give it 
to him and proceed on. One Gibdo in this room wants the 10 Deku Nuts. Give it 
to him, and continue on. The second Gibdo you see in this room wants 10 Bombs. 
Give him the bombs, and kill the Big Poe in the next room with 4-5 arrows. 
When he dies, catch the flame he leaves behind in a bottle. Go back to the 
Deku Nut Gibdo, and give the fish to the other Gibdo in the room. Run as fast 
as you can through the next area, because there are Wallmasters in this room. 
They drop from the ceiling, throw you out of the well, AND drain 1 entire 
heart. The Gibdo here wants the Big Poe Flame. The next room has spiked walls. 
Run past them, and ignore the Wallmaster. The last Gibdo in this room wants 
the Milk. Give it to him to find a brightly-lit room. Light all the torches 
with Fire Arrows to get the Mirror Shield. This is a good time to save.

Chapter 23: Ikhana Ruins
	Go to the Owl Statue in Ikhana Valley with a Powder Keg (bought for 50 
rupees from the Goron in the Clock Town Bomb Shop) , and search the right wall 
for a crack next to the huge embroidered door. Slash the Crystal Switch to the 
left, and use the Mirror Shield to reflect light onto the Sun Block. Enter the 
Ruins with the Captain's Hat, Garo Mask, or the "Mask of Gibdo on, and keep it 
on for the rest of the time that you are Normal Link. The ReDeads in the first 
room will start dancing, and ignore you. Melt the frozen eye on the left with 
a Fire Arrow, and enter the door that opens. Become Deku Scrub Link, and hit 
the Crystal Switch. Run to the other end of the room, in front of the door, 
and hit the other switch. Use the Deku Flower to launch up to the pillar, and 
hit the switch. Enter the door that unlocks. In this room, launch to the 
switch on the left, then use the Lens of Truth to see the invisible platforms 
leading to the door. Kill the Big Skulltullas on the ceiling first, and enter 
the door. Run past the Blue Bubbles and climb the stairs. Jump up on the low 
wall next to the edge when you reach the roof. Hit the switch by launching to 
it. Jump back down and enter the Ruins again. This time, melt the frozen eye 
on the right. Enter the door and you will fight a wimpy mini-boss.

Mini-Boss: Floormaster
An upgraded version of the Wallmaster, all you need to do is stand under 
the light and use the Mirror Shield to reflect light on it. It will split into 
three. Reflect light at the small Floormasters to beat them. If a small 
Floormaster grabs you, it will drain 3-5 hearts, and grow into a full-grown 

After you beat the Floormaster, reflect light onto the Sun Block to make 
it vanish. Run past the ReDeads and enter the next room.

Mini-Boss: Wizrobe
	Remember him from Snowhead Dungeon? Well, he's upgraded his attack, and 
now he shoots fire. Freeze him with Ice Arrows, then slash him. You can 
reflect the fire beams with your Mirror Shield, but you have to be very close 
to score a hit that way. Beat him to open the way to another part of the roof.

	Find the green arrow point, and drop the Powder Keg there. Jump into the 
hole that appears, and you'll be back in the first room. Shine light on the 
Sun Switch and prepare for a boss fight.

Boss: King Yigorse of Ikhana
	First thing to do is shoot the curtains blocking the windows with Fire 
Arrows. Fight the two soldiers on the ground, and when they fall on the 
ground, shine light on them with the Mirror Shield to burn them. When they are 
defeated, the King will get up. You need to shine light on him to stun him, 
and slash him. When he falls, shine light on him to kill him. Bring a few 
fairies for this battle. The King has three main attacks. He will leap at you 
most of the time, taking off ½ of a heart. He will also spit dust at you, 
which is easily dodged. His most dangerous attack is when he takes off his 
head and lets it fly around. There is no way to avoid it, and when it touches 
you, it will hold you and suck out 2 hearts. When you defeat him you will 
learn the Elegy of Emptiness, which lets you create a staionary clone of Link. 
You can use it once for Goron, Zora, and Normal Link. 

Chapter 24: Scaling Rockville Cliff
	Head to Rockville Cliff. It is a bit northeast of Ekhana, and can be 
reached from a path next to the cave where you played the Song of Storms. Jump 
across the first three blocks to reach a switch. Stand on the switch, and play 
the Elegy of Emptiness to make a clone of Link on the switch. Hookshot up to 
the next platform, and bomb the Beamos. Turn into Zora Link, and make a clone 
of him on the switch there. Hookshot to the next platform, and use Goron Link 
to make a clone on the switch up there. Turn back into regular Link and jump 
across the blocks. Hit the three switches there to reset the blocks again. 
Hookshot to the next platform, and clone yourself on the switch. Stand on top 
of the Hookshot post (hit it high with a Hookshot) and Hookshot to the next 
platform. Kill the Beamos, and create a clone on the switch there. Hookshot to 
the next ledge, and create a clone on that switch. Jump across the blocks, and 
hit all the switches to reset the blocks. Hookshot to the next post, and avoid 
the rolling rocks. Stand on the edge and Hookshot to the next platform.  From 
there, Hookshot to the highest ledge. Hit the Owl Statue so you can come back 
anytime. Make clones on the three switches (you need to hit them in a certain 
order; right, left, and then middle) and jump across the blocks to reach the 
4th dungeon.

Chapter 25a: Stone Tower Dungeon (Reality)
	Finding all the fairies in this dungeon (a nearly imposssible feat) will 
reward you the Great Fairy Sword, the strongest weapon in the game, if you 
return them to the Fairy Fountain in Ekhana Valley. To get a good map of all 
the fairies, check out my Links section for Sockerbon's Webpage.

	The first thing you will probably notice is that this dungeon is 
outdoors. Another thing you might notice is that the teleporter that takes you 
to the boss if you've already beaten it is on the ceiling. You don't need to 
worry about that now. Wear the Stone Mask as much as possible in this dungeon; 
the enemies are very clever and can throw you off track easily. In the first 
room, just kill all the enemies and shoot the switch in the left eye of the 
giant statue of the room to unlock the next door. The next room has a couple 
of Real Bombchus and 4 switches. Find the huge switch, and clone Goron Link on 
it. Clone Zora and Normal Link on the next two switches which leaves one more. 
Find a wall with cracks in it, and bomb it to find a bunch of big crates. 
Punch them all to find some small crates. Pick one up, and place it on the 
remaining switch to unlock the grate blocking the next room. Bomb the light 
square in that room, and jump down. Hookshot over to the chest, which contains 
the Dungeon Map. Punch all the statues (Armos) as Goron Link; four of them 
will come alive and attack. Kill them all to get a Small Key. Head back 
upstairs, and use the key on the locked door in the room. Swim across the next 
room as Zora Link, and let the Dexiehand catch you. Let it flail around a bit, 
and it will throw you onto a ledge with a key. Go through the hallway to find 
a big room. Jump up to the pathway in the middle, and reflect light onto the 
mirror. The longer you reflect light to the mirror, the longer it will shine 
after you're done. Run to the mirror when your done, and shine light onto the 
Sun Block to get the Compass. In that room, find a little pathway that leads 
to a locked door. Punch away the pillar in the middle as Goron Link, and 
defeat all the Black Boes. Before they regenerate, reflect light onto the 
first mirror for about 20 seconds, and reflect that light onto the next 
mirror. Run over to that mirror, and reflect the light onto the Sun Block. If 
the Black Boes regenerate and hit you, you need to start over. Use Deku Link 
in the next room, and launch over to the gusts of air in the lava to extend 
your flying time. Make your way to the next door around the wall in the 
middle. It may take a few tries. Just remember, don't take any unnecesary 
turns, even if it means you will risk hitting an enemy, you will just have to 
start over. The next room has a mini-boss.

Mini-Boss: Ghost of Garo
	Let the ghost leap at you, and jump out of the way. If he misses, he 
might stand there and look around, which will let you be able to hit him, or 
he will dissappear. When he does the latter, he will reappear right above you. 
Move out of the way, and slash him. You will not be able to hit him anytime 
else, he will just swipe and block. When you defeat him, you will get the 
"Light Arrows."

	In the next room, jump up onto the platform in the middle, and defeat 
the Hiploop with a bomb and a slash to reach the next door.

Mini-Boss: Eyegore
	When he awakes, lure him into attacking by running close, then back off. 
If you don't get hit, his eye will turn yellow, letting you shoot it with an 
arrow. 5-6 arrows will finish him off.

	The next room is the first room. This is a good time to save, you won't 
lose anything except your fairies. Besides, you're done with this dungeon for 
now; but not it's twin…

Chapter 25b: Stone Tower Dungeon (Upside-Down)
	Jeez. Leave it to Nintendo to add a twisted mirror copy of the final 
dungeon in what could be the best game for the N64. Warp to the Owl Statue in 
front of the 4th dungeon, and activate the three blocks. Jump to the block 
closest to the dungeon, and you should see a red ruby on the wall. Fire a 
Light Arrow at it, and watch the world flip upside down. Enter the dungeon, 
and you will see a whole new side of it. In this version of the dungeon, you 
will see enemies on the ceiling, chests on the ceiling, and DeathArmos. The 
DeathArmos look a lot like miniature Iron Knuckles. The only way to kill them 
is to shoot their shield with a Light Arrow to make them flip around, then get 
near them. They will press themselves into the ground, killing them. Of 
course, you can just wear the Stone Mask to avoid the whole encounter. 

	When you enter the dungeon, take the door to the right this time. You 
will see a Sun Block, but you cannot reflect light at it. Instead, shoot a 
Light Arrow at the center of it to make it dissappear. Launch to the air hole 
in front of you as Deku Link, and launch to the walkway with a Hiploop. Kill 
it, and follow the passage until you find a switch. Hit it, then double back 
and grab the chest for a key. Take the other air hole to a platform with a 
locked door. Enter it, and shoot a Light Arrow at the red ruby on the wall. 
Walk to the platform in the lava as Goron Link, then shoot the ruby again to 
reach the door. In the next room, shoot the gem, then push the block over a 
bit so it will fall in the middle-right, then reverse the room again. Push the 
block to the other side of the room, and shoot the gem again. Push the block 
as far as it will go against the raised floor, and shoot the ruby. Now push 
the block onto the switch, and use it to get to the door.

Mini-Boss: Wizrobe
	Him again. This time you can use a little cheat. Hide in the corner 
where the netted gate is, and he won't be able to hit you except from one 
teleporter. Guard that warp, and whan he appears there, shoot him with an 
arrow. This method takes a while, but it is better than be charred. When he 
dies for the final time, a chest will apear on the platform above. Hookshot to 
that, and enter the door.

	The next room has a bunch of Poes. You can bottle a few to sell to the 
Mani Shop. Launch across the room, and enter the door. Hit the Spikes with a 
few Hookshot bursts, so they will explode when they touch another one. Launch 
to the platform they were guarding, and ignore the pots there, they are really 
Tiles in disguise. Hookshot from that platform onto the chest above the next 

Mini-Boss: Gomez
	When the fight starts, put on your Bunny Hood, this guy is fast. Shoot 
him with a Light Arrow to clear off the bats for a couple of seconds, then 
slash him with your sword. Watch out for his grim reaper scythe, he can build 
up damage with it quick. If you run out of magic, slash the bats with your 
sword until one drops a magic vial. Defeating him will yield the Boss Key.

	Go back to the room with the Poes, and launch to the left right when you 
enter (coming from Gomez). Run past the DeathArmos, and hit the switch. Now go 
back to the room with the Spikes. Right when you enter (from the Poe room) run 
to the right and enter the door. Defeat the DeathArmos (see the beginning of 
this chapter) and hit the switch. From there, Hookshot to the chest that 
appears on the ceiling in the middle of the room (surprise! You're back in the 
first room). Follow that path, and unlock the door.

Mini-Boss: Eyegore"
	For the people that are wondering what those quotes next to the title 
mean, it means that this is an improved clone of a previous creature. This 
Eyegore will still pound the ground to create earthquakes, but he also has an 
eye laser. Reflect his laser with the Mirror Shield, and get REALLY close to 
him so he will pound the ground. Deflect the rocks that appear, and shoot his 
eye when it turns yellow. Repeat until he's finished. You will receive the 
Giant Mask which you can't seem to use. Yet…

	Go through the next door, and hit the switch to make a chest appear. 
Hookshot to it and from there hit the Hookshot target on the ceiling to reach 
the Boss Door. Make sure you have the Giant Mask equiped on a C button before 
entering. Jump down the pit.

Boss: Twin-Mold
	Use the Giant Mask when the fight starts to become a giant. This mask 
uses magic like there is no tomorrow, so bring at least 2-3 magic potions. You 
can't Z-Target the bosses when you are using this mask so start whacking the 
bosses on the head and tail when they are flying through the sky. Make sure 
one of them doesn't touch you with their body, because it is covered with 
spikes. Slash the molds until they die; each one takes 5-8 hits. Make sure to 
hit the pillars when you are Giant Link, many reveal magic vials. However, you 
cannot pick them up while you are a giant, but they don't dissappear like most 
magic vials. You can grab them when you have no more magic. After both molds 
are dead, pick up the "Mask of Twin-Mold" and a Heart Container. After a short 
cutscene, the Gibdos and ReDeads haunting Stone Tower and Ikhana Valley will 
dissappear. If you look closely too, you will notice that the whole tone of 
the area will be much happier, too.

Chapter 26: Into the Heart of Evil
	You should have all the guardian masks by now, so you are ready to 
confront Link's worst nightmare. Catch some fairies, and bring at least one 
magic potion if you are planning on grabbing the last mask. Stock up on all 
items, and have at least 14 hearts before attempting this next part. You'll 
find the 15th inside. When your all good and ready, enter the top of the Clock 
Tower at midnight of the third day. After Skull Kid speaks his bit, play 
"Order to Vow" and watch the next cinema scene. After it ends, you'll be 
warped into the Moon. You will now be in a very pretty and peaceful green 
field, with one giant tree in the middle. There will be 5 kids here, 4 running 
around and one sitting in front of the tree. To get the last mask here, you 
need to have all the masks except that one. If not, then talk to the kid 
sitting down to warp to the final battle. Each of the other kids are wearing 
the mask of Odolwa, Goato, Gryorg, and Twin-Mold. Each kid will warp you to 
the remains of the boss whose mask they are wearing, by giving them a certain 
amount of masks.

Remains of Odolwa (1 mask to get in, 1 to get out):
This mini-dungeon consists of a bunch of Deku Launchers spread around the 
room. There are also two Launchers are spinning around in the center of the 
room; when you reach there, aim for the yellow one, and dig in as soon as you 
reach it, or you will be knocked into the bottomless pit with a spinning 
spiked bar. After you dig in, you can go to the right corner for a Heart 
Piece, or to the left to reach the kid that brought you there. Give him masks 
to get out.

Remains of Goato (2 masks to get in, 2 to get out):
This mini dungeon consists of a bunch of ramps and chests. Go straight down 
the first path as Goron Link (rolling) until you hit the ramp. If you went 
perfectly down the middle, you can let go of the Control Stick now, but 
continue holding A. You should bounce off the chests, leading you to the next 
ramp. When you get to the area with two magic pots, stop, and try exploring by 
walking. That kid is around here somewhere, as well as a Heart Piece.

Remains of Gryorg (3 masks to get it, 3 to get out):
This mini-dungeon consists of a maze of high speed water caverns, in which you 
need to swim in as Zora Link to avoid getting pulled out. To get to the end, 
take the first left, then the second right. Take the next right to get to the 
kid, or the next left to reach a Heart Piece. You're almost to the final mask.

Remains of Twin-Mold (4 masks to get in, 4 to get out):
This mini-dungeon is a slugfest of enemies. Just go straight forward, 
defeating Metal Dinalfos, Iron Knuckles, and Ghosts of Garo. In the Iron 
Knuckle room, you get a pack of Bombchus for defeating it. You will see a 
crack on one of the walls. Use the Bombchu on it to open the door. The next 
room has a crack on the ceiling; do the same to it to reveal an eye switch 
that opens the next door. Continue in this fashion to get to the kid, and the 
Heart Piece along the way.

Your Reward, Finally:
	You should have NO more masks at this point, except for the 3 
transformation masks. Talk to the last remaining kid, and say yes to his 
offer. You will now receive the "Oni Link Mask," the highlight of your game. 
However, you will not have the mask saved, until you beat the final boss. 
After you have this mask saved, you can use it in any boss battle, but only 
boss battles. So accept his second offer to go straight to the final 
boss…actually, a weird psychedelic room.  

Chapter 27: Battle For Termina
A soon as you step forward in the room, the guardian masks will fly from your 
body onto the walls, Majora's Mask will appear, and attack! I have divided 
this section into two parts: fighting Majora's Mask without Oni Link, and with 
Oni Link. Good luck, brave warrior…

Without Oni Link:
This is a hard battle without Oni Link. Come equipped with full arrows (Big 
Inkhorn should be enough) and full magic. Bring one magic potion, and spend 
all the rest of your bottles on blue potions or fairies. Remember, you have a 
lot of time, so don't rush. 

Majora's Mask:
In my opinion, this is the hardest form of Majora's Mask. You can't attack it 
when it's floating around, because you can only harm its back. Wait until it 
comes down and starts to spin before trying to hit it. Stay in a corner, and 
don't move, let it come to you. After some more hits, the guardian masks will 
come off the walls, and fire sparks at you. Kill them all with arrows, while 
avoiding Majora's Mask. Wait for Majora's Mask to concentrate a beam of fire 
energy at you, and reflect it back to the mask with your Mirror Shield. Be 
patient, the mask uses this attack more often than it's spin attack now, and 
you can still hit it when it spins. After enough hits, it will burst into 
flames…and mutate.

Zora Link Method:
Transform into Zora Link, and guard his attacks with your shield. When it 
pauses, shoot a boomerang at it. The return flight will nail him. Quickly 
transform back and start hacking away at it with your sword.

The Incarnation:
OK, this is just plain easy. Stay in one place, and wait until he starts 
dancing within slashing range. Hit him, and keep whacking. If your lucky, you 
can hit him right when he's about to spin away making him stay in one place 
and never getting a chance to attack! If your finding he never comes near you, 
and you can never run near enough to him, you can use a Light Arrow to stop 
his crazy dance movements. Be persistent, sooner or later, it will fall…and 
start growing…

Goron Link Method:
Transform into Goron Link, then start spiraling around the room while rolling. 
Don't try to Z-Target, and swerve toward him when he gets near. This method is 
really quick, and you'll be able to beat him without taking a sweat.

Majora's Magic Sorcerer:
If you don't have a lot of magic, you're in big trouble. This is the final 
enemy in the game, and he will whip at you with magical tentacles. Use your 
shield and stay in a corner. Don't try to close in on him, just wait until he 
lifts his tentacles preparing for another whip at you, and fire a Light Arrow 
at him. You can also try to ram him with Goron Link, or stun him with 
boomerangs as Zora Link. When you run out of magic or arrows, go all out and 
risk closing in on him, or use Bombchus. When he starts dodging your arrows, 
shoot one to make him jump, and shoot another right when he lands to score a 
hit. Again, be persistent…you will prevail sooner or later! You know he's 
almost dead when he start throwing spiked tops at you.

Deku Scrub Method:
Believe it or not, there IS a Deku Scrub Method. Just guard yourself with the 
shield (it works better than the other forms for some reason) and when he 
lifts his whip, shoot bubbles at him. In my opinion, I think bubbles are more 
powerful than arrows, but this is a LOT harder than the other method.

With Oni Link:
OK, with Oni Link, this is hands down the easiest boss I have ever seen! All 
you need to do is Z-Target it, and start slashing at nothing. Your sword will 
fire particles of energy at it, which can kill each form in less than 10 or so 
hits! You really don't need to use a strategy for this, just start swinging!

More to come soon…

 The Heart Pieces:
1. Get the Moon's Tear-Drop from the Observatory, and give it to the Deku 
Merchant in front of the Clock Tower. Launch up to the Heart Piece on the 
2. Take the Brown Land Owner Paper you get from trading with the Deku Merchant 
above to the Deku Merchant in the swamp, next to the Camera Hut as Normal 
Link. Launch up to the roof to get it.
3. Take the Yellow Land Owner Paper to the Deku Merchant outside of the Goron 
Village as Deku Link. Launch up to the ledge to score a Heart Piece.
4. Take the Blue Land Owner Paper to the Deku Merchant in the Zora Hole as 
Goron Link. Launch to the bookshelf to get it.
5. Take the Red Land Owner Paper to the Deku Merchant in Ekhana as Zora Link. 
Launch across the river to get it.
6. In the north area of Clock Town, climb the small wood block next to the 
slide. Jump from there to the pillar and then to the slide. From up there, 
jump across two more pillars to reach the tree where the Heart Piece is.
7. Take a picture of the Deku Scrub King, and give it to the man in the Camera 
8. In a hole in the Deku Scrub Kingdom mazes.
9. In the sewer area of the Gerudo Lagoon. Hit the switch, and roll down to 
the gate before it closes.
10. In the second map of Great Bay, kill the Like Like at the bottom of the 
11. Climb a tree at the beginning of the swamp area.
12. Score over 2180 points on the second day in the shooting gallery in the 
13. Beat Odolwa, and go back to the witch in the Camera Hut. Talk to her to 
start a shooting mini-game, and shoot the target 30 times to win.
14. Use the "Kamaro Mask," and dance in front of the twin girls on the left 
side of town at night.
15. In the rope bridge area of Death Mountain, you need to beat Goato and dive 
down as Zora Link to get it.
16. In the Ekhana Graveyard, tell the Stalchildren to break down the grave on 
the second night. Beat the Iron Knuckle and all the Keese (invisible) to 
receive it.
17. Outside Milk Road, walk around the tall weeds to find a hidden hole. Kill 
the Peahat inside to get it.
18. In a hole in front of Death Mountain, kill the Dodongos inside to make it 
19. In a hole outside of the Great Bay, you need to shoot all the beehives 
down, and kill the Mecha-Deku Babas.
20.+21. Talk to Anjyu's Grandma with the "Mask of Staying Up Late" on, and 
tell her to read a story (first or second choice). After the story she will 
ask you a question with two choices. Answer it right to get a Heart Piece. Ask 
her to read the other story, and answer the other choice. You will get another 
22. In Zora Hole, you need to help the Indigo-Gos practice. See Chapter 18.
23. Race the Beaver Bros. a second time in the same day to get a Heart Piece.
24. Put on the "Postman Cap" and check all the mailboxes in Clock Town. One 
has a Heart Piece.
25. Wear the "Mask of the Wedded Couple" and go to the Mayor's Office. Talk to 
everyone to receive a Heart Piece.
26.-30. In the Moon before fighting Majora's Mask. Explained better in a later 
31. Talk to the 5 frogs with the Don Gero's Mask found in the Swamp, Death 
Mountain, Clock Town, and the 1st and 3rd dungeons.
32. Go to the Post Office after the mailman has finished his rounds, and talk 
to him. Stop the clock at 10:00 sec. to receive another Heart Piece.
33. In the same area as the first dungeon, you need to launch over to it.
34. In the Skulltulla House at the Great Bay, you need to shoot the colored 
masks in a certain order.
35. Take a close-up picture of a Gerudo Pirate, and give it to the person in 
the house next to the Skulltulla House in Great Bay. Catch the Golden Dragon 
Fish in a bottle, and go to the eel crater. Kill all the eels, and find the 
rest of the Dragon Fish. Let the one you have go next to them.
36. Give 5000 rupees to the banker in Clock Town.
37. In Ekhana, you need to find a Poe Hunter. Kill 4 Poes in 3:00 min. to win.
38. In the Samurai Gym next to the Post Office, choose the second choice and 
Leap Slash all the targets to win.
39. In Romany Farm, win more than 150 rupees at a time by betting on the dog 
40. Launch over to the hole next to the Fairy Fountain in Clock Town, and win 
the mini-game once per day to win.
41. Go to the game shop on the east side of Clock Town. Win the different 
games each day to win.
42. After beating Gyorg, find a boat in the middle of the Great Bay. Use it to 
Hookshot to an island, and win the mini-game there at night.
43. Go to the Marine Lab in the Great Bay, and go to the small tank on your 
right when you enter. Drop 6 small fish in there, and eventually, one of the 
bigger fish will eat the other one, and spit out a Heart Piece.
44. Go to the ledge above the Gerudo Lagoon, and Hookshot up the ledges. When 
you reach a ledge with a Magic Bean planting hole, plant one, and let it take 
you to another ledge. Play the Scarecrow's Song there and Hookshot to the 
scarecrow when he appears. The Heart Piece is in the cave there.  
45. Take any of the Land Title Deeds, and take it to the Stock Pot Inn on the 
first or second day at 0:00 AM to the first door on the left, first floor. 
Give the paper to the hand that comes out of the hole to get another Heart 
46. Get a perfect game in the shooting gallery in Clock Town after getting the 
Big Inkhorn to get another Heart Piece.
47. Go to the building shaped like a chest in Clock Town, and play the game as 
Normal, Deku, Goron, and Zora Link to get another Heart Piece.
48. In Termina Field, there are four holes with four different sized Gossip 
Stones in each one. Play the "Goron Lullaby" in each hole as Goron Link (I 
think) to get a Heart Piece.
49. Go to the area of Death Mountain right before the Snowhead Dungeon area, 
and search the left side of the area (coming from the dungeon) for a bunch of 
invisible platforms with the Lens of Truth. Jump across, and when you reach 
the last one, play the Scarecrow's Song and Hookshot the rest of the way. 
50. Wear the Keaton's Mask, and go find the bushes that move when you pick it 
up on Milk Road, and make them all move by picking one up. If you have the 
Keaton Mask on, you can talk to the Keaton that appears, and she'll ask you 5 
questions. Use trial and error to get them all right, and she will give you a 
Heart Piece. 
51. Warp to Ekhana Valley, and jump into the river from the Owl Statue. Use 
Zora Link, and go against the current to a small cave. Go behind the 
waterfall, and shoot a Light Arrow at the Sun Elbelm. You will be in an arrow 
that branches off to small rooms, where you will have to fight Metal Dinalfos 
Triplets, Wizrobe, Big Eye, and Ghost of Garo. Basically, the bosses that 
guarded the 4 arrows in the dungeons. Each door has a limit though, you need 
to have a certain amount of hearts to enter. Count the hearts above the doors 
to see how many you need to get in. If you have 16 hearts, you should be able 
to enter them all. Beat all the mini-bosses to get another Heart Piece.
52. On the roof of Ekhana Ruins, you need to hit the crystal switch to make 
the fire go out around the pillar, the launch to it as Deku Link.

Masks, Items, and Songs

Masks (*= transformation masks)
1. Postman's Cap- Go through the side quest in Chapter 21.
2. All Night Mask- Stop the Burglar on day 1, and buy it from the Mani Shop on 
Day 3 for 500 rupees.
3. Blast Mask- Stop the Burglar on day 1.
4. Stone Mask- Give some red potion to the ghost soldier outside of Ekhana 
Valley. Use the Lens of Truth to see him.
5. Great Fairy Mask- Give the lone fairy in Clock Town to the Fairy Fountain 
as Normal Link.
6. Deku Scrub Mask*- After receiving your Ocarina back, go back to the Happy 
Mask Man and talk to him.
7. Keaton Mask- Go through the side quest in Chapter 21.
8. Burru Mask- Talk to the man outside of Kerfay's House on the first night as 
Normal Link.
9. Bunny Hood- In Romany Farm, march around the chicken shed with the Burru 
Mask to make the chickens follow you.
10. Don Gero's Mask- In Goron Village, light all the torches, and break the 
spinning pots to get some meat. Take the meat to the Goron in the Blacksmith 
11. Mask of Scents- Beat Odolwa, and chase the Deku Minister through a maze on 
the left side of the Deku Scrub Village.
12. Goron Mask*- Follow the Goron Ghost to the Goron Grave, and play the "Song 
of Healing" for him.
13. Romani Mask- Go through the events in Chapter 11.
14. Circus Leader's Mask- Go through the events in Chapter 18, #4.
15. Kafei's Mask- Talk to Mrs. Aroma deTall in the Mayor's Office, right door, 
on the first day.
16. Mask of the Wedded Couple- Go through the events in Chapter 21.
17. Mask of Truth- Kill all 30 Golden Skulltullas in the Skulltulla House at 
the swamp. You can talk to dogs with it.
18. Zora Mask*- Push the Zora at sea in the Great Bay to shore, and play the 
"Song of Healing" for him.
19. Kamaro Mask- Play the "Song of Healing" for the man on the stone 
structures outside of Death Mountain at midnight of the first day.
20. Gibdo Mask- Make the Music House play music again, and heal the mummy in 
the basement with the "Song of Healing."
21. Garo Mask- Beat the two Gorman Brothers on Milk Road in a horse race.
22. Captain's Hat- Beat the Skeleton Captain in battle at the Ekhana 
23. Giant Mask*- Found in the 4th dungeon, right before the boss. Use to fight 
the boss, Twin-Moldu.
24. Fierce Deity's Mask*- Find all the other masks, and beat the 4 mini-
dungeons in the moon. It allows you to turn into a super powered Samurai Adult 
Link. You can only use it in boss fights. Z-targeting someone and swinging 
your sword makes you fire magic blasts out the tip of your sword. Can beat 
Odolwa in 5-6 hits, and all 3 forms of the final boss in 10-15 hits!

Items and Weapons
Kokiri Sword- Your primary weapon, it is not very powerful until you upgrade 
it later in the game. You have it when you first start.

Razor Sword- An upgraded Kokiri Sword, it can kill most enemies. Find it at 
the blacksmith on Death Mountain.

Gilded Sword- An upgraded Feather Sword, it can kill Iron Knuckles and other 
tough enemies. Also found at the blacksmith on Death Mountain.

Big Fairy Sword- The most powerful normal sword, it is a C button item, and 
you can't use your shield with it out. Bring all the fairies from the 4th 
dungeon back to the Great Fairy Fountain in Ekhana Valley

Hero's Bow- Beat the first mini-boss in the Waterfall Dungeon.
Arrows- A standard projectile weapon, about as powerful as the Kokiri Sword. 
More accurate than Deku Scrub bubbles. Found with the Fairy Bow and all over 
Termina, under pots and bushes.

Fire Arrows- Can melt ice. Very effective against enemies that use ice. Beat 
the first mini-boss in Snowhead Dungeon to get it. Uses 2MP (Magic Points).

Ice Arrows- When fired at water, it can create icebergs. Can freeze enemies in 
place. Beat the first mini-boss in the Turtle Island Dungeon to get it. Uses 

Light Arrows- The most powerful arrow of all. Beat the first mini-boss in the 
Twisted Maze Dungeon to get it. Uses 4MP.

Bomb Bag- Buy it in the Clock Town Bomb Shop. Lets you carry bombs.

Bombs- Standard explosive weapons that can destroy damaged walls. Found all 
over Termina.

Bombchu- Mobile bombs. They move in a straight line and can climb walls and 
walk on ceilings. Bought in the Clock Town Bomb Shop.

Powder Keg- Powerful explosives that can break apart whole walls. You need to 
complete the Dynamite Race to get the right to carry one. Bought from the 
Goron in the Clock Town Bomb Shop or the Goron Village. Only Goron Link can 
use it.

Inkhorn- Can carry up to 30 arrows. Get it with the Fairy Bow.

Big Inkhorn- Can carry up to 40 arrows. Win the shooting game in Clock Town to 
get it.

Biggest Inkhorn- Can carry up to 50 arrows. Win the shooting game in the Swamp 
(not the one with the witch) to get it. You must already have the Big Inkhorn.

Magic Bean- When watered, can sprout into a special plant that can carry you 
to special places and areas.

Bottles- Can carry numerous things. There are six in all:
1. Follow the events in Chapter 3 to get it.
2. Get it by winning the Goron Race.
3. Save Romany Farm from the Poes at night.
4. Complete the Beaver Race in the Great Bay.
5. Complete the side quests in Chapter 21.
6. Talk to the Stalchildren in the Graveyard on the 3rd night. Lead Dampe over 
to the mounds of dirt to search for ghosts. When you find three, kill the Big 
Poe to get a bottle. 

Hylian Shield- Abasic defense item, you have it when you start. It can block 
physical attacks, like swords and such, but cannot block elemental attacks, 
like fire and ice.

Mirror Shield- This can block almost anything, except the axe of and Iron 
Knuckle. Find it in the Dried Well of Ekhana. It can also reflect light.

Hot Spring Water- Catch it in a bottle in the Dried Well, or the Goron Grave. 
Used to melt ice if you don't have Fire Arrows. 

Bugs- Catch in caves and under rocks. Can be sold to the Mani Shop.

Fish- Found in shallow water. Can also be sold to the Mani Shop.

Milk- Heals up to 5 hearts. Each bottle can be used twice. Buy it from the 
Gorman Brothers for 50 rupees, or play "Epona's Song" in front of a cow to get 

Chateau Romani- Special milk that lets you have infinite magic for a limited 
time. Found in certain side-quests, or bought at the Milk Bar for 200 rupees.

Small Poe- Defeat a Poe, and catch the flame it leaves behind. Sell it to the 
Mani Shop to get rupees.

Big Poe- Defeat a Big Poe, and catch the flame it leaves behind. One of the 
Gibdos in the Dried Well wants this.

Camera- Save the witch in the Swamp, and she'll give it to you. Certain people 
want certain pictures.

Lens of Truth- Allows you to see the invisible, and see through the unreal. 
Follow the owl feathers in the Goron Village to get it.

Money Wallet- Lets you carry up to 99 rupees. You have it when you start.

Adult's Walleet- Lets you carry up to 200 rupees. To get it, store over 200 
rupees in the bank.

Biggoron's Wallet- Lets you carry up to 500 rupees. Beat the Skulltulla House 
in the Great Bay to get it.

Hookshot- Lets you latch on to chests, trees, and special Hookshot Targets and 
Posts. Find it in the Gerudo Fort.

Fairy- Heals you to full. If you catch one in a bottle, and die, it will 
revive you in place. Perfect for hard bosses and enemies.

Red Potion- Heals your life to full. Buy it in many stores.

Green Potion- Restores all your magic. Found in a lot of stores, too.

Blue Potion- Wear the Mask of Scents and sniff out the mushrooms in the Swamp. 
Catch some in a bottle, and give it to the witch in the potion shop. Come back 
in an hour to get one for free. Heals you to full, and restores all magic.

Songs, Both Hidden and Useful
Song of Time- Transports you to the beginning of the first day, and saves your 
game. Learn it when you get your Ocarina back.

Song of Healing- Heals cursed people. Talk to the Happy Mask Man after you get 
your Ocarina back.

Song of Soaring- Warps you to any of the Owl Statues you have found and cut. 
Find the owl in the Swamp to learn it.

Epona's Song- Learn it by talking to Romany on the first day, and popping all 
the balloons. Makes Epona come to you.

Song of Storms- Creates a rainstorm. Defeat the Iron Knuckle in the graveyard 
on the first day to learn it.

Sonata of Awakening- Save the monkey in the Deku Scrub Village to learn it. 
Lets you enter the first dungeon.

Goron Lullaby- Learn it from the frozen Goron, and the crying Goron baby. 
Allows you to enter the second dungeon.

New Wave Bossanova- Learn it after saving all the tadpoles. Wakes up the 
turtle that will take you to the third dungeon.

Elegy of Emptiness- Creates a stationary clone of Link, which is needed to 
enter the fourth dungeon. You can use it once for each form of Link. Beat King 
Yigorse of Ekhana to learn it.

Oath to Order- Learn it after beating Odolwa. Summons all four guardians to 
the Clock Tower to catch the moon when played. You must have all the guardian 
masks (Odoruwa, Goht, Gyorg, and Twin-Mold) to use it.

Inverted Song of Time- A hidden song. Makes time run at about 1/3 of it's 
normal speed. It is the Song of Time backwards, and you can use it anytime 
from when you get the Ocarina.

Song of Double Time- Skips forward to the next dusk or dawn. It is Right-C x2, 
A x2, Down-C x2. You can also play it anytime from when you get the Ocarina.

Scarecrow's Song- Play eight notes in front of the scarecrow in the 
Observatory, and it will become a song. The song will be erased when you go 
back in time, so you'll need to do it again.  

FAQ and Hints

Q: I can't seem to get the All Night Mask! The man in the Mani Shop won't give 
it to me!
A: First of all, you need to stop the burglar in the park section of Clock 
Town on the first day midnight. Besides that, you need to have the "Biggoron's 
Wallet" and the "Keaton Mask." After that, warp to the 3rd day 10:00 PM and go 
to the shop at the bottom of the left side of town (the Mani Shop) and pay 500 
rupees to the man.

Q: Where is the end of the Gryorg mini-dungeon in the moon?
A: Take the first left at the beginning, then the second right. Take the next 
right turn to reach the end, or take the left to reach a Heart Piece.

Glitches and Tricks:

Import ONLY Glitches:
Get Hurt By Falling In the Water: 
Enter Zora Hole, and face the band. Take the water to the left as Zora Link, 
until you reach the ledge with the Deku Merchant Room. Turn around, while 
hugging the left wall, and use Top-C and look for a small hill in the water 
right in front of the ledge. Swim toward it, until you can stand on it above 
the water. Slowly get off the hill while simultaneously going to the left 
(facing the camera) until you fall in the water. Then face the area right next 
to the area of the hill where you can stand up. Swim at it, and you should 
bounce up, then fall in the water, and mysteriously get hurt. This leads to 
another glitch, explained below.

Bouncing Glitch (infinite life):
The infamous bouncing glitch is back from OoT, except this time in the water. 
Do the above, except aim a little lower in the hill. When you hit it, you 
should jump backwards, and 80% of the time, hit the point of the ledge and get 
hit, but if you hit the exact angle of the hill, you should bounce off, and 
hit the next hill, and continue bouncing back and forth, losing health each 
time. When you lose all your health, you will still be alive, as long as 
you're still bouncing. You will need to reset the game to stop bouncing, but 
sometimes, you will start with absolutel no health, but if you hit an enemy, 
you die automatically. Weird!

Oni Link in Clock Town:
You can walk throughout Clock Town as Oni Link. In order to do this you have 
to wait until the 3rd day. On the 3rd day, turn into Deku Link and enter the 
loving couple game. They will talk to each other and say that they will let 
you play by using the bubbles. You must have the Oni Link mask assigned to a 
C-Button. Once the game starts and the time counter starts decreasing, press 
the C-Button with the Oni Link mask twice and voila! You will show up as Oni 
Link. You can't throw arrows or do anything but wait until the time expires. 
Once the game 
ends you can leave the room and walk freely inside Clock Town as Oni Link!! 
Caution, if you don't wait until the counter starts decreasing or do not press 
the C-Button twice quickly, the game may freeze with a white screen. If you 
talk to most people as Kishin Link the game will freeze. You can, however, 
talk to guards (who won't let you get out of Clock Town). If you try to go to 
the observatory, you will find that you can't. If you enter the inn, you won't 
be able to leave it, but you can see a cool glitch: enter the kitchen (the one 
where you talked to Anjyu to get the letter for Kerfay). Climb up the box in 
the left-side corner and you will realize that you can reach the second floor 
from there!!

Ride Epona in Clock Town:
Maybe you have realized that you can't enter with Epona inside clock Town. 
However, it is possible. Go to the east gate riding Epona when the day is 
drawing to a close (just before 6 am). Keep running as if you are going to 
enter the town. As soon as the next day starts, you will magically appear 
inside Clock Town riding Epona!!!

Dancing Skeleton Soldiers:
When you are fighting the two soldiers of King Yigorse of Ekhana, you can make 
them dance with the "Burru Mask" on and playing the march. Pretty funny!!!

Break Into the Burglar's Lair:
Go to the burglar's (Sakon) cave in Ekhana Valley, where Kerfay got the sun 
mask. You can enter the lair by yourself, without waiting for the burglar to 
open the rock entrance. This is a bit difficult to perform, but it is 
possible. Go to the right side of the big rock that blocks the entrance. You 
will see the edge of the rock, just beside the sign. Face that edge and 
perform a rolling attack against it. You must be as close as possible to the 
edge (walk towards it until you can't advance more). You may have to roll 
several times until you get the proper angle/position to enter the cave. Some 
times you enter the cave but the angle is wrong and you fall off into a void 
space. If you manage to enter the cave in any of the first two days you won't 
find anybody there.

Dark Black Pit #1:
Go to the Skulltula House of the Great Bay. In the basement, as soon as you 
enter from the stairs, in the left-hand corner there is a pile of boxes. Climb 
it as Zora Link. Then face the opposite wall (you must see the hanging masks 
on your left side), jump forward and keep advancing. You will enter a black 
void world, but you can't advance further without resetting.

Fall Into Dark Black Pit #2:
Give the Deku Merchant in Clock Town the Moon's Teardrop so that he flies 
away. As Deku Link, launch yourself towards the closest gate (to the east). 
Cross the gate while flying and you will fall into the void, then you will 
appear in the east side of the town.

English ONLY Glitches:

Flying Zora Link:
Use the hill I explain above in the Japanese glitches (the first two). Instead 
of bouncing or getting hurt, this time, if you use the back side of the hill, 
you'll jump up out of the water and continue swimming in mid-air! You can turn 
and swim all over the hall, but sooner or later, you'll sink back down to the 
water. Sort of strange, yet cool also!

Japanese vs. American:
No, no. This section is NOT about whose better or that junk, but just 
differences between the Japanese and American editions of [Majora's Mask]. 
There are also some rumored changes too.

1. Well, now it's official! You can save at ANY Owl Statue, but you will only 
have two save slots.

2. When you find Epona, a different cinema scene will occur in the American 

Notebook Guide:

Day 1: 
All Day: Learn the code from Jim at Clock Town
Day 2: 
All Day: Learn the code from Jim at Clock Town
Day 3: 
All Day: Learn the code from Jim at Clock Town

Day 1:
2:30-3:15 PM Talk to Anju with no mask on. You'll get the Room Key.
2:16-3:45 PM Talk to Anju with Kafei Mask on. She'll ask you to meet her in 
kitchen at 11:00 PM.
11:50 PM-12:00 AM Talk to Anju in kitchen. You'll receive Mail for Kafei.
Day 2:
5:00-8:00 PM Give Anju Pendant of Memories.
Day 3:
5:00 AM Wait for Kafei with Anju in Employee Room of Inn.

Day 2:
3:00-4:00 PM While Postman is giving Kafei his mail, head into his house and 
talk to Kafei afterwards to receive Pendant of Memories.
Day 3:
6:00-7:00 PM At Ikhana Village, find Kafei hiding behind two slabs near the 
Buisness Scrub. Put on the Stone Mask and wait for Sakon to come open the 
cave. Solve the puzzle inside to help Kafei get the Sun Mask.
5:00 AM Wait for Kafei with Anju in Employee Room of Inn.

Trading Post Owner:
Day 3:
1:00-6:00 PM Head to Kafei's House and talk to the Trading Post Owner inside. 
You will get the Keaton Mask.
Day 3:
10:00 PM-5:50 AM Buy the All Night Mask from Curiosity Shop for 500 Rupees.

BombShop Owner's Mother:
Day 1:
0:00 AM Stop Sakon from running off with Bombshop Owner's Mother's luggage. 
You will get the Blast Mask.

Day 1:
6:00 AM-6:00 PM Talk to Romani and she will hire you to defeat evil spirits at 
2:00 AM in the morning.
2:00 AM-5:15 AM Guard the barn from the assault of the evil spirits using 
arrows. You will get a bottle.

Day 2:
6:00 AM After protecting the barn at night, talk to Cremia inside the barn. 
She will ask if you need a ride back to Clock Town. Say yes to her!
6:00 PM Talk to Cremia on the carraige in front of the barn. Protect the 
carraige from the Gorman brothers using your arrows as you head to Clock Town. 
You will get the Romani Mask.

The Mayor:
Day 1:
10:00 AM-10:00 PM Talk to mayor with Mask of Wedded Couple on. You will get a 
Piece of Heart.
Day 2:
10:00 AM-10:00 PM Talk to mayor with Mask of Wedded Couple on. You will get a 
Piece of Heart.
Day 3:
10:00 AM-6:00 PM Talk to mayor with Mask Wedded Couple on. You will get a 
Piece of Heart.

Zora Toto:
Day 2:
10:00 PM-5:00 AM Enter Milk Bar "Latte" using the Romani Mask. Talk to Zora 
Toto and help her test the stage sound. After doing everything she tells you 
to, you will get the Circus Leader's Mask from Chairman Gorman.

Chairman Gorman:
Day 2:
10:00 PM-5:00 AM After helping Zora Toto test the sound system, Chairman 
Gorman will weep and become happier after hearing his favorite song. You will 
get Circus Leader's Mask as thanks.

Day 1:
3:00 PM-0:00 AM Enter the Post Office and talk to Postman with Bunny Hood on. 
Stop the clock at EXACTLY 10 seconds to get a Piece of Heart.
Day 3:
6:00 PM Give the Postman the Express Mail for Mama you got from Kafei's 
friend, the Trading Post Owner. Follow him to the Milk Bar, then follow him 
back out. Talk to him outside to get the Postman's Hat.

Rosa Sisters:
Day 1:
6:00 PM-6:00 AM Dance in front of the Rosa Sisters using the Kamaro Mask to 
get a Piece of Heart.

Any Day:
0:00-6:00 AM Enter the Stock Pot Inn's bathroom to find a hand coming out of 
the toilet. Give it anything made of paper to get a Piece of Heart.

Anju's Grandma:
Day 1:
8:00 AM-6:00 PM Talk to Anju's Grandma using the All Night Mask and let her 
read the first story. After the story, she will ask you a question. If you get 
it right, you get a Piece of Heart.
Day 2:
8:00 AM-6:00 PM Talk to Anju's Grandma using the All Night Mask and let her 
read the second story. After the story, she will ask you a question. If you 
get it right, you get another Piece of Heart!

Any Day:
0:00-6:00 AM Find Kamaro dancing on a giant mushroom shaped rock near the 
North Gate. Play the Song of Healing for him to get the Kamaro Mask.

Mr. Nadeklo:
Any Day:
6:00 AM-8:00 PM Use the Burru Mask to line up all the chicks in the Chicken 
Shed. When all ten are lined up, they will turn into roosters. Mr. Nadeklo 
will give you the Bunny Hood in graditude.

Gorman Brothers:
Day 1:
6:00 AM-6:00 PM Speak to one of the brothers on horseback, then win a race 
against the two of them to get the Garo Mask.
Day 2:
6:00-8:00 PM Guard Cremia's carraige from the brothers using arrows. You will 
get the Romani Mask.

Any Day:
Any Time: Find Shiro using the Lens of Truth on the outside of Ikhana Valley. 
Give him a Red Potion. You will receive the Stone Mask.

Mr. Gul-Gul:
Day 1:
6:00 PM-6:00 AM Listen to his tale of self-regret at the Laundry Pool using 
Normal Link. He will give you the Burru Mask.

Woodfall Temple:
Bring all the fairies from the temple to the Fairy Fountain to receive a new 
spin attack. I'm still working on this one.

Snowhead Temple:
Bring all the fairies from the temple to the Fairy Fountain to receive a 
longer magic meter. I haven't time to post this up yet.

Great Bay Temple:
Bring all the fairies from the temple to the Fairy Fountain to receive a 
double health meter. Here's the list of fairies:

1. Light the 4 torches at the entrance
2. Shoot the left skulltula when entering room 2
3. Below the platform in room 2
4. In the pot in the middle at the bottom of the turning room
5. In the central room in the big vessel (break with Darmani)
6. In the room with the 4 Bio-Deku Babas (kill them all)
7. In a dry pot in the room where you got the map (or was it the compass?)
8. In the room were you get the first key (at the bottom with the Dexiehand), 
there is a pot in the water next to the other two hands. Break it with 
hookshot and use Great Fairy Mask
9. In the large room with the green switch, the Big Skullfish and the two 
floating Shellblades. There are three holes in the ceiling where you can use 
the hookshot to get to the hidden attic. Two of the three hookshot targets are 
in the middle of the hole. The third target (back left) is above the edge of 
the hole. The hard way is to make an ice platform against the far wall and 
hookshot from it. The easy way is to hookshot to the target at the entrance 
and hit and slash with the sword as you start to fall. Somehow you jump in 
midair and end up on the edge of the hole.

The nine fairies above can all be obtained before changing the rotation 
direction at the entrance.

10. In the room with the turning fan and the two platforms (three underwater 
mines are at the entrance of this room) When on the sideways moving platform, 
look around at hookshot to the burning fire
11. Same room as number 10; when you have halted the turning thing, balance 
over to the middle, walk up one of the fan blades and hookshot to the chest in 
the hole in the wall.
12. Room with three Blobs and three water elevators: under water below the 
lowest elevator there is a barrel. Break it with Mikau.
13. Same room as number 12, when on top of the green switch, walk over the 
pipe and climb up as Zora Link in order to get to the chest behind the fence.
14. In the underwater exit from the last room before the boss. Burst the 
bublle with arrows or boomerangs from a distance.
15. Under the structure in the middle of the same room as number 14. Stand on 
the green pipe, shoot with arrow and wear mask to get two fairies (14 and 15) 
at once

Stone Tower Temple:
Bring all the fairies from the temple to the Fairy Fountain to receive the 
Great Fairy's Sword. Here's a list of fairies:

1. Shoot the eye at the entrance chamber
2. Hookshot up in the room with the 6 statues
3. Water room with Dexiehand: when on the ledge activite the switch by 
throwing a bomb over the fence. You'll have to come again to this room from 
the beginning in order to collect it.
4. In the water room with the golden switch between three mines, push the 
switch (collect in upside down dungeon)
5. Same room as 4, shoot frozen eye with fire arrow (collect in upside down 
6. (Upside-down) in a chest beside the warp point.
7. (Upside-down) in room with 3 hot air lifts: put a clone of yourself on the 
switch at the east wall
8. Same room as seven. Shoot the sun and collect under water with Zora Link 
after turning the dungeon back to reality
9. Defeat wizrobe
10. In the chest that appears when you push the gold switch on the small 
platform with the flying DeathArmos. Yes that's the chest you have to hookshot 
to in order to get to the room with the lock for the Boss Key. (Thus you need 
to turn the dungeon back to reality)
11. Room with 6 suns: shoot one of them for a chest.
12. Same room as 11, in a chest behind a sun block
13. In the room with 3 hot air pipes and the lava floor, near the rupees
14. Same room as 13. Goron Stomp on the switch in the lava and race/roll 
across the room to push the gold switch. Collect the fairy when you cross the 
room as Deku Link.
15. In the room where the door to the boss is, but then again in reality mode.


Easy Money:
1. Kill the Dodongos outside of Death Mountain. They give 50 rupees each when 
they die.
2. With the Bunny Hood, jump across the ledge up the stairs next to the 
Mayor's Office. From the ledge jump on top of the door, and from there jump to 
the roof. There is 100 rupees in a chest up there.
3. With the Inn Key, open the second door on the second floor of the Inn. 
There are another 100 rupees in there.
4. Go to the first door on the second floor of the Inn on the third night. 
There are another 100 rupees in a chest there.
5. Finish trading with the Deku Merchants and the last one will give you 200 
6. Kill the big bird guarding the entrance to the Milk Road. He will leave 100 
rupees behind.
7. On the third day, launch up onto one of the tents in the Town Square. From 
there, Hookshot to the chest at the top of the tower in front of the southern 

Helpful Hints:
There is always a fairy in a pot next to the Owl Statues in front of the 
entrance to each dungeon. Use those for the bosses of the dungeons.

If you find a tough enemy, try using his weaknesses to your advantage. Ice 
enemies will fall to Fire Arrows and vice versa.

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RMBreems for the location of the fairies in the 3rd and 4th dungeons.

Carlosyreme for a huge collection of glitches and tricks he sent me.

RSchw76409 for some corrections.

GoldenKnight for clearing up the exact location of the last Heart Piece and 
official info on the US version differences.

SockerBon for the locations of a lot of fairies and the last Heart Piece.

Dennis for the location of the third Fairy Fountain.

Al Amaloo for helping to advertise my walkthrough

Mark Andrews for sending me the locations of a bunch of Heart Pieces and some 
fairy locations.

BabyRyoga for his awesome guide that helped me through the game. Without his 
guide, I wouldn't be where I am now.

Nintendo Power for many facts and fundamentals about this game.

Nintendo for making this game. Especially Shigeru Miyamoto for thinking this 
game up.

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