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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

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                      Zelda: Majora's Mask Boss FAQ (N64) 
                   Version 1.1 - Last Revised on 03/16/2001 
                        By Dallas (sdallas19@yahoo.com) 
              http://www.gamefaqs.com - http://www.dallasmac.com 
Legal Disclaimer 
 This document is Copyright 2000-2001, Dallas (sdallas19@yahoo.com) and may 
 not be reproduced nor retransmitted in any form without advance permission 
 from the author.  It may not be altered, edited, sold, given as an incentive 
 to buy, published, etc. without prior consent from the author.  If the above 
 terms are broken, legal action will take place on account of Copyright 
 Infringement.  This document is unofficial and is in no way affiliated with 
 any company.  Logo is Copyright 2000, Nintendo of America/Nintendo of Japan. 
Table of Contents 
  i.  Introduction and Revision History 
  I.  Mini-Boss Strategies 
 II.  Dungeon Boss Strategies 
III.  Final Boss Strategy 
 IV.  Information 
                     i.  Introduction and Revision History 
Version 1.1 (03/16/2001) 
Exactly four months later, I'm updating this guide.  I now have a new e-mail 
address, so I've updated that and I've also changed the format around a bit. 
No more updates coming unless needed. 
Version 1.0 (11/16/2000) 
Added remaining Mini-Boss and Dungeon Boss strategies, along with the final 
boss strategy. This FAQ is now 100% complete, and I've also decided to let any 
web site use it as long as they e-mail me asking for permission first. Hope 
this FAQ comes in use. 
Version 0.4 (10/13/2000) 
Strategy for the Great Bay Dungeon boss (Gryorg) has been added, along with 
two new mini-boss strategies. This FAQ can now be hosted by HYRULE: The Land 
of Zelda (http://www.htloz.com) so I've added them to the list of FAQs who 
may have this FAQ posted on their site. 
Version 0.3 (10/12/2000) 
Two more mini-boss strategies for the Great Bay Dungeon added. Also listed 
another site who can use this FAQ (changed the design for that chart a little 
as well.) Another Dungeon Boss strategy is coming within the next few days. 
Version 0.2 (10/11/2000) 
Added the strategy for the Gerudo Guard Trio in the Gerudo Fortress area of 
the game. Also added another site to the list of sites who may have this FAQ 
listed on their site. Many more bosses to come, as I'm just now entering the 
Great Bay Dungeon. Check out my other FAQs for this game if you are seeking 
additional help with the game. 
Version 0.1 (10/07/2000) 
Added the first 2 Dungeon Boss strategies, along with the first 5 Mini-Boss 
strategies in chronological order. Final Boss Strategy will be added once I 
beat the game, and updates shall follow to this guide as I progress through 
the game. Make sure you check out my other 2 guides for Majora's Mask if you 
are having trouble with something in the game. 
                          I.  Mini-boss Strategies 
   You have 3 types of enemies in this game: 1.) The basic enemies, which are 
just there so you can gain a quick item or two on your pathway to a new area, 
2.) Mini-Bosses, which are mainly located in dungeons and are there to stop 
you from proceeding any further in the game, and 3.) Dungeon Bosses, which are 
the big guys, who must be defeated in order to proceed in the game. You won't 
be gaining much from mini-bosses, other than some useful items, etc. but they 
must be defeated, and this guide tells you how to defeat 'em. 
Skull Kid (Stalkid): Clock Town 
Items Gained: Ocarina 
Songs Gained: Song of Time 
   Skull Kid uses his powers on the moon above in order to help him with the 
battle. Anyway, he doesn't have any attacks, so you can't really get hurt. Just 
shoot him once with your Bubble Shooter and he'll drop your OCARINA. Pick it 
up, and Link will have a flashback of the time when Princess Zelda taught him 
the SONG OF TIME (Zelda: OoT) he then re-learns the song now. When played, this 
song will take you back 1 day in time (it will also save your game in the JP 
version of the game.) The battle continues with Skull Kid, but there is no way 
you can defeat him, so just play the Song of Time to end the battle. You will 
be left back in the main part of Clock Town on Day 1 again. 
Metal Dinalfos: Woodfall Dungeon 
Items Gained: Hero's Bow, 30 Arrows 
   This is semi-easy battle. The Metal Dinalfos only has 2 basic attacks. First 
he will slash at you with his weapon, then after you give him a shot when it's 
safe to do so, he will breath a stream of fire. To defend his attacks, use 
your shield (Left) and then attack when he does his leap attack. When you hit 
him, he will blow fire at you, just back away to avoid this one. Continue this 
method until he's defeated, where a treasure chest will then appear. Open it 
to gain the HERO'S BOW already equipped with 30 ARROWS. Leave back out through 
this door, and test out your new arrow. 
   Use your new Hero's Bow by aiming at the eyeball across the room. Shoot it 
to make the middle platform down below start moving up and down. Transform 
into Deku Link, and launch over to the platform, then launch to the ledge 
from there. Go through the door and another mini-boss battle will engage, this 
time it's with Gekko. 
Gekkho: Woodfall Dungeon 
Items Gained: Boss Key 
   This fight is pretty much un-fair, because you have to fend off 2 enemies 
rather than just Gekkho himself. The battle starts out with Gekkho fighting 
solo, but after you give him a couple of good shots, he summons his buddy, the 
Tuttle to help him. Transform into Deku Link, burrow into a nearby Deku 
Launcher and wait for the tuttle (who has Gekkho on his back) to slide over 
the launcher, then let go to send them both flying into the air. It will take 
Gekkho a while to get back onto the tuttle, so use your Fairy Bow to give him 
a shot. Continue this method of attack until he's defeated (the Tuttle will 
die with him) then go into the next room and pick up the Boss Key from the 
treasure chest. 
Wizrobe (Phase 1): Snowhead Dungeon 
Items Gained: Fire Arrows 
   Wizrobe only has one attack: shooting a giant ball of frozen ice and you, 
causing Link to freeze. There are 4 teleportation pads on the ground that he 
uses to move. Once you see him on a pad, quickly run over to him as Goron Link 
and give him a Fire Punch (before he shoots the ball of ice at you.) 
Alternatively, as normal Link, you can shoot arrows at him, but they do little 
damage and you'll end up wasting a lot of time and energy. Continue this method 
of attack until Wizrobe becomes upset and clones himself 3 times. Now there 
will be 3 clones and 1 real at the teleport pads, he's not too hard to find, 
since his clones are transparent. Continue attacking the same way you have been 
and he will soon be defeated, leaving you the Fire Arrows in a chest. 
Wizrobe (Phase 2): Snowhead Dungeon 
Items Gained: Boss Key 
   You'll be using the same tactics you did the first time, the only difference 
is now Wizrobe has 6 platforms to teleport with instead of just 4 like the 
first time. As he comes out of a teleportation pad, give him a fire punch as 
Goron Link (or use arrows, but punching is faster and easier.) After a few hits 
he will once again clone himself, but this time he'll have 5 clones instead of 
3 (the clones are transparent, so he's easy to find) continue attacking like 
you have been until he is finally defeated for the 2nd time. Collect the Boss 
Key from the treasure chest, and leave this room. You must now lower the 
main platform in order to gain access to the boss' lair. 
Gerudo Guard Trio: Gerudo Lagoon 
   There are a total of 3 female Gerudo guards blocking you from collecting 
the three zora eggs in the settlement of Gerudo Lagoon. Each one can see you, 
despite if you are wearing the Stone Corro Mask or not. They should be a breeze 
if you have the Kongo sword equipped, if not, you are in for some tough fights. 
With the Kongo Sword, just slash them about 3-4 times (depending on which one 
you are fighting, it may take more slashes) and they will disappear, but with 
the standard Kokiri Sword, you may have to stun them with a bomb first, 
followed by sword attacks. The first is the easiest, the 2nd is the fastest, 
and the 3rd is the strongest. Once you defeat each one, they will unlock the 
door leading to the tank holding the zora eggs. 
Big-Eye: Great Bay Dungeon 
Items Gained: Ice Arrows 
   First, you need to remove all the mini-eyeballs surrounding the big-eye 
before you can do anything. This is 80% of the work for this battle. Using 
your Fire Arrows, Sword, Hookshot, Bombs, and Mask of Explosion, constantly 
remove mini-eyeballs from the big-eye and kill them before they reattach to 
it. While you are doing this, make sure you get a few arrows into the big-eye 
when he has it open. Once all of the mini-eyes are gone, the big-eye will 
begin charging at you. Use any remaining arrows you have on him followed by 
slashes from your sword until he's defeated, leaving the Ice Arrows in a 
treausre chest behind. 
Gekkho: Great Bay Dungeon 
Items Gained: Boss Key 
   He's back and tougher than before. Slash him with your sword which will 
cause him to engulf himself into a large blob on the ceiling. Fire an Ice Arrow 
at this large blob before it falls on you, or you're in for some major damage 
to your health meter. Continue this method of attack until he dies, and talk 
to the frog he leaves behind using the Ribbit's Face. Go through the only open 
door, and open the chest to gain the Boss Key. 
Skeleton & Cohorts: Ikana Graveyard 
Masks Gained: Captain's Hat 
   Awaken the skeleton by playing the Sonata of Awakening, then give chase as 
it runs from you. When you see 2 things on the sides of the walls, fire is 
going to rise from the ground. The only way to remove the fire is to defeat 
the two mini-skeletons that pop up from the ground. Shoot arrows at the 
skeleton while you are chasing him to slow him down. If you don't catch up to 
him, he'll dive into the ground at the end and you won't get the mask. Once 
you catch up to him, hit him with your sword a few times, then use Ice Arrows 
to freeze/slash him until he gives up and gives you access to the treasure 
chest holding the CAPTAIN'S HAT. 
Iron Knuckle: Inside the Grave 
Songs Gained: Song of Storms 
   Iron Knuckle is by far the most powerful boss in the entire game, but he 
is so slow, it doesn't really show. When you first find him, hit him with 
your sword to engage the battle, and whatever you do, make sure you avoid 
getting hit by his mighty axe. If you do, you can lose up to 8 hearts total on 
your health meter, making you an easy kill if you stand too close to him. 
The easiest way to kill him off is to Z-Target him and run around in circles, 
waiting for him to swing at you, then when he misses, run up and give him 
some counter attacks. When part of his body falls off, he's almost dead. Once 
you kill him, view the stone slab to learn the SONG OF STORMS. 
Wizrobe: Ikana Ruins 
   He is a little tougher than the last two times you fought him. Now, instead 
of shooting ice, he shoots fire, and lots of it. When he appears on one of the 
transportation pads on the ground, go up to him and slash him with your sword 
before he shoots fire at you. If you wait too long, he'll shoot the fire and 
you'll be harmed. You can also freeze him with an Ice Arrow and hit him with 
your sword, but it may be more difficult. It is also possible to reflect his 
fire attacks back at him with the mirror shield, but you have to be very close 
to him to do so. Continue doing this until he clones himself to make it a 
little more difficult for you. Just keep hitting the real one a few more times 
and he will be defeated, unlocking the door as he leaves. 
Ghost of Garo: Stone Tower Temple (Reality) 
Items Gained: Light Arrows 
   This is a larger form of the normal Garos that appeared in Ikana Canyon, 
and he attacks using his fire swords. Put on your Bunny Hood, and when he 
attacks you, move out of the way so he misses. Most of the time he will stand 
there for a few moments, allowing you to slash him with your sword. Otherwise, 
after he misses, he will disappear, then reappear right above you. Move out of 
the way and slash him again when he does this. After 4 or 5 hits, he will be 
dead, and a treasure chest will appear, containing the LIGHT ARROWS. Go through 
the open door, and hop up onto the little ledge, then jump across the to the 
platform. Z-Target the enemy in front of you, and throw a bomb at him, followed 
by a slash from the sword to kill him. 
Wizrobe: Stone Tower Temple (Illusion) 
   Wizrobe is a bit more powerful than he was the last time you fought him, 
but there is an easy (yet long) way of defeating him. Run behind the gate you 
see in the corner of the room, and wait for him to appear on the transportation 
pad across from you, then shoot him with an arrow. He can't hurt you from 
any other pad but that one, and when he appears, you'll be there to shoot him. 
This will take a while because you have to wait for him to appear on that 
pad. After a few shots, he'll clone himself as usual. Just continue hitting 
him the way you have been until he is defeated and a treasure chest will appear 
on the ledge above you. 
Gomez: Stone Tower Temple (Illusion) 
Items Gained: Boss Key 
   Gomez is pretty tough because of his primary weapon: a scythe. He has a pack 
of bats that surround and protect him, and the only way to get rid of them 
is to shoot a light arrow at him to scatter them off. Once they aren't covering 
his body, give him a slash with your sword, then quickly run away using the 
Bunny Hood before he hits you with his scythe. You can get some extra magic 
by killing a few bats, and there are hearts in the four pots in each corner 
of the room. Continue shooting light arrows and slashing until he dies, then 
go through the next door, and open the chest to get the BOSS KEY. 
Eyegole: Stone Tower Temple (Illusion) 
Masks Gained: Giant Mask 
   Run up to him to make him attack (if you don't run fast enough, he'll start 
shooting his eye laser at you, in which case, you can deflect the laser with 
your mirror shield) and then quickly back away to make his eye turn yellow. 
Make sure you are close to him when you shoot the arrow at his eye, otherwise 
the rocks that appear when he attacked will hit you and you won't have time 
to shoot him. Continue this method of attack until he's defeated, leaving a 
golden treasure chest behind. Open it to get the GIANT MASK which you will be 
using shortly to defeat the boss of this dungeon. 
                       II.  Dungeon Boss Strategies 
   The other main type of boss you will encounter are the Dungeon Bosses. Each 
Dungeon has one main boss who's causing all the trouble, and below are 
strategies on how to beat each one in each dungeon. Dungeon Bosses differ from 
Mini-Bosses because there are fewer of them, and you get more important items 
after you defeat them, plus they are more difficult than mini-bosses, but not 
as difficult as the final boss. 
Odoruwa: Woodfall Dungeon 
Items Gained: Heart Container 
Masks Gained: Odoruwa Guardian Mask 
   This is one tough battle. Odoruwa is a huge, robotic dancing machine with 
a 50 foot sword, and knows how to use it. The easiest method to defeating him 
is to constantly shoot arrows at him while he dances around the room (if you 
run out of arrows, you can find more in the bushes in the corner of the room) 
but the quickest way is to constantly hit him in the legs with your Kokiri 
Sword (which seems to do more damage than arrows.) Either way, you will have 
to hit him a good 20 or so times before defeating him. Beware of his super 
slicing attack, where he very rapidly swings his sword around for about 10 
seconds (this one does a lot of damage.) He also summons skulltullas from 
above, and has an overhead chop attack. Once you defeat him, collect your 
items from the glowing orb. 
Goht: Snowhead Dungeon 
Items Gained: Heart Container 
Masks Gained: Goht Guardian Mask 
   When compared to the first dungeon boss (Odoruwa) this one seems like a 
piece of cake. You won't be losing much health in this battle, but it will 
take some time to defeat Goht. When you first enter, unfreeze the boss by 
shooting a fire arrow at him, then transform into Goron Link. You will be 
rolling around the room, running into Goht from behind (doing a Spiked Roll.) 
After you hit him about 5 times, he will fall, allowing you to hit him a 
few more before he gets back to his feet. He starts out just kicking up rocks 
in your face, but then advances to having rocks fall from the ceiling, 
tossing up bombs in your face, and lightning attacks. Collect magic from the 
green pots and continue to ram him until he crashes into the wall and dies, 
which is your cue to collect the items he left behind. 
Gryorg: Great Bay Dungeon 
Items Gained: Heart Container 
Masks Gained: Gryorg Guardian Mask 
   This is one of the toughest battles you will encounter in the game. Gryorg 
is a huge fish and 4 main attacks that do a lot of damage (well 3 of them do 
a lot of damage.) You have two ways of defeatin this guys, or you can do a 
combination of both, you can either: Stand on the platform as normal Link, fire 
an arrow to stun Gryorg, then quickly transform into Zora Link, dive down into 
the water and hit him with your swords, quickly swim back up, and repeat. This 
method takes a long time, but it's safer than the other. Alternatively, you can 
just sink down as Zora Link and stun Gryorg with your swords, then attack. 
   The preffered method is to combine both methods, meaning you should start 
out by going under and attacking directly until he releases skellfish from 
his mouth, then you should stand on the platform and fire arrows. One last 
thing I must mention, you _must_ have at least 2 faries in bottles, preferrably 
three. If not, you will end up dying, no questions asked. Once he's defeated, 
collect the HEART CONTAINER and the GRYORG GUARDIAN MASK to finish off the 
battle, and view the cinema. 
King Yigorse & Company: Ikana Ruins 
Songs Gained: Mekegara's Elegy Song 
   This guy has two soldiers to help him do his dirty work. When the battle 
first begins, shoot fire arrows at the curtains on the windows to burn them 
off, letting the sunlight in, then begin fighting with the two soldiers. Hit 
them with your sword, and when they fall to the ground, reflect sunlight onto 
them with your Mirror Shield. Once they are both gone, the king will get up 
and fight you himself. He is a lot tougher than his soldiers, and has three 
basic attacks: His main attack is his leap attack with his sword, it isn't 
as dangerous as the other two, but it can do so heavy damage. He also has an 
attack where he decapitates himself, and sends his head to attack you while 
his body attacks from the ground. 
   His final attack is blowing his poisonous breath on you, which does quite 
a bit of damage to your health meter. The easiest way to defeat him is to 
just attack him with your sword until his guard is down, then stun him with 
the sunlight. Once you eventually knock him down to the ground, quickly shine 
sunlight on him with your shield to kill him off. You will then view a cinema 
of the two soldier ghosts arguing, then they disappear, followed by the King's 
ghost who teaches you the MEKEGARA'S ELEGY SONG which allows Link to create 
a stationary clone of himself in any form. 
Twin-Mold: Stone Tower Dungeon 
Items Gained: Heart Container 
Masks Gained: Twin-Mold Guardian Mask 
   Use the Giant Mask to transform into Giant Link and begin slashing at the 
tail/head of each mold (the flying dragons are called "molds.") This mask uses 
up tons of your magic, so make sure you slash and break the pillars to release 
magic jugs. Once you are out of magic, run over and pick up the jugs or use 
your green potion(s). It _is_ possible to attack the molds as normal Link, 
but it's not even worth it. You have to wait for the mold to rise from the 
ground, and slash it in the head/tail. This will never work because the molds 
will kill you before you kill them, so you must be Giant Link for this to work. 
Continue slashing their heads/tails until both are defeated (after about 6 hits 
they will each die.) 
   Collect the HEART CONTAINER and step on the glowing orb to get the TWIN-MOLD 
GUARDIAN MASK. View the cinema of Ikana (Ekhana) Valley turning back into 
normal; all the gibdos dying; all the redeads dying; Stone Tower turning back 
into normal; and everyone & everything is all peachy once again. 
                         III.  Final Boss Strategy 
Yep, the final boss strategy. 
Majora's Mask (Phase 1) 
   The only way to attack the mask in this form is to hit it from behind. No 
matter what you use, you won't be able to do _any_ damage by hitting it on the 
front. Wait for it to start spinning on the ground, then do a spinning slash 
to knock it down to the ground, followed by a quick slash on the back before 
it gets back up. Alternatively, you can wait for it to dive down at you, then 
run out of the way while wearing the Bunny Hood, then shoot an arrow at it 
from behind. After you hit it about 3 times in either of these manners, the 
four guardian masks will come from their portals and begin attacking you with 
light orbs. Shoot about 3 arrows at each to kill them, while at the same time 
keeping an eye on Majora's Mask so he doesn't pull any sneaky tricks. Once the 
masks are gone, the mask will constantly use its fire beam attack. Just keep 
avoiding it until he starts spinning again so you can slash him. Soon enough 
he will be dead, but he then re-incarnates himself. 
Majora's Mask (Phase 2) 
   Stand in one place and wait for the mask to come near you, when it's within 
range of your sword, slash it to make it stop moving, then continue to slash 
it with the Gilded Sword (or whatever sword you have) until it spins away 
again. If it doesn't come near you, or you just don't feel like waiting for it 
to come near you, use a light arrow on it to make it fall, then run up and 
slash it with your sword. This is the easiest form of the mask, and it 
shouldn't take very long to kill. 
Majora's Mask (Phase 3) 
   Obviously, this is the hardest form of Majora's Mask. He will use his 
newly grown tentacles to whip at you, and it's almost impossible to avoid his 
attacks. Stay in one part of the room (facing the mask) and wait for him to 
whip you, then fire an arrow at him right before he whips you. Try using your 
other forms of Link to stun him then hit him with any light arrows you have 
left. When he begins to dodge your attacks, just try to stun him with any form 
of link then run up and hit him with your sword or any remaining items that 
can do damage. He will soon be defeated and you can view the ending of the game 
in peace. To defeat all three forms as Fierce Deity Link, just use the same 
methods, only it will be much easier as FDL because he has a more powerful 
sword than normal Link. 
                               IV.  Information 
Credits and Sources 
Jeff "CJayC" Veasey - http://www.gamefaqs.com 
  For hosting this FAQ on his website. 
Contact Information 
Have any comments, questions, suggestions, complaints, contributions, praise, 
constructive criticism, or anything else about this FAQ (or any of my others?) 
Please contact me via one of the following, and I'll get back to you as soon 
as I can.  All questions asked that have already been answered in the guide 
will be ignored: 
E-mail Address:  sdallas19@yahoo.com 
ICQ Number:      100893080 
Want to host this FAQ on your website?  Please contact me via one of the above 
methods and send me the URL of your site, and I'll give you the terms I have 
for webmasters hosting my guides.  If you post this (or any of my other FAQs) 
guide on your site without asking first, your host and/or ISP will be contacted 
and notified of your illegal actions. 
          The latest version of this document can always be found at: 
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