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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games


                The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask Enemy List
                             For the Nintendo 64
                       Version 1.0 (Created 11/10/2000)
                               By Devin Morgan

    This file is Copyright (c)2000-2006 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved.


Table of Contents

1. What's New
2. Enemies
3. Copyright Notice
4. Contact Information


-=  1. What's New -=

Version 1.0 (11/10/00): This is the first, complete version of this FAQ. I'm 
about 100% sure that I found every regular enemy in this game, but I could 
always be wrong, so e-mail me with information from enemies I missed (that 
doesn't include mini-bosses or bosses).


-=  2. Enemies  -=

    Tatl Description: You know about the Armos, right? Shhhh! Don't touch it!
                      Blow it up before it wakes, please!
    Strategy: This armored statue acts like it's just a regular stone statue,
              but if you come near it, it'll come to life and attack. Defeat
              it by bombing it, then get away before it explodes!

Bad Bat
    Tatl Description: It's a Bad Bat. If you don't do something before it
                      swoops down on you...Well, just don't come running to
    Strategy: This small, black bat flies around in the air, then swoops down
              at you to attack. Block it with your shield or attack it
              quickly to avoid getting hit.

    Tatl Description: What?! You don't know about the Beamos? Don't let its
                      beam scare you. Just give it a good blast!
    Strategy: This rotating statue with an eye on one side can be annoying at
              times. It shoots a laser when it sees you, but you can block it
              with your Mirror Shield. Destroy this statue by using bombs to
              make it crumble.

Bio Deku Baba
    Tatl Description: Bio Deku Baba... Just calm down and aim carefully! And
                      don't blame me if one hit doesn't get rid of it!
    Strategy: This upside-down hanging plant is one pain in the neck to
              fight. If you come near it, it'll extend towards you quickly to
              attack. Stay at a distance and hit it with arrows to kill this
              dangerous plant.

Black Boe
    Tatl Description: It's a Black Boe... Just calm down and attack it! Look,
                      there are just a lot of them, that's all.
    Strategy: This black creature is usually found in packs of 5 or 6 of them
              at once. When you come near, they all try to attack, so quickly
              dispose of them with your Sword.

Blue Bubble
    Tatl Description: That's a Blue Bubble! Quick! Run! Don't let it curse
                      you! If it comes after you, defend yourself to block
    Strategy: You really wouldn't want this creature to make contact with
              you! It's a flying skull with a bluish flame surrounding it at
              all times. If it hits you, you will be unable to use your
              Sword. Use the Song of Storms to cure that curse or wait until
              it wears off.

Blue Chuchu
    Tatl Description: Blue Chuchu... This doesn't have anything inside of it,
                      so it's really just a blob of water.
    Strategy: This version of the Chuchu is just as easy to beat as the rest
              of them. However, this one doesn't have any items inside of it,
              so when you beat it, don't expect to get anything out of it.

Blue Tektite
    Tatl Description: Don't you know about the Blue Tektite? Use Z Targeting
                      to follow it as it bounces.
    Strategy: This blue, spider-type enemy isn't really too much of a problem
              for you. It just bounces around and tries to jump on you, but
              you can easily avoid it. Just attack it quickly to get rid of
              this nuisance fast.

Death Armos
    Tatl Description: Death Armos, a temple guard... Look at that red mark on
                      its chest! I know you've seen something like that
    Strategy: This floating version of the Armos is even worse than the
              regular one. If you come near, it'll float towards you and try
              to crush you from above. Shoot its body with a Light Arrow,
              then watch out as it flips over and tries to crush you. Get out
              of the way and it'll explode on the floor.

Deep Python
    Tatl Description: It's a Deep Python. Get close to it and stun it. If you
                      fail, it'll getcha!
    Strategy: This giant water-type serpent inhabits the Pinnacle Rock area.
              They live in underwater caves and come out to attack if you get
              close. Defeat it as Zora Link by using the Barrier attack (B +
              R) twice.

Deku Baba (Short version)
    Tatl Description: Don't tell me you don't know about the Deku Baba! Cut
                      it down when it has extended its body and Deku Nuts or
                      Sticks will come out.
    Strategy: This Deku Baba is the smaller type, but this one actually
              attacks you! When you get close, it'll extend its body to try
              and hit you, so watch out. Attack it with a couple hits to
              defeat it and get anything it leaves behind.

Deku Baba (Tall version)
    Tatl Description: Isn't that a Deku Baba? But it looks a little
                      withered... Just cut it. You should at least get a Deku
                      Stick out of it.
    Strategy: When you come near this bluish plant, it'll come out of the
              ground and try to attack you. Just cut it down quickly and take
              the Deku Stick(s) it may leave behind.

    Tatl Description: It's a Desbreko. Once it bites you, it's not going to
                      want to let go, I haaaate this thing!
    Strategy: This creature is a larger and more powerful version of the
              Skullfish enemy. Try to stay away from it since it'll pursue
              you when you get near. I advise you to hit it from far away as
              Zora Link, or with arrows/the Hookshot.

    Tatl Description: It's a Dexihand. Just be careful... Look, it's not my
                      fault if you get too close and it grabs you!
    Strategy: This long and thin arm with a hand attached to it will try to
              grab you when you swim near it. Defeat it quickly by using Zora
              Link's special Boomerang attack from a distance.

    Tatl Description: What?! Don't you know about the Dinofols? Use targeting
                      methods while defending. And watch out for its fiery
    Strategy: This sword-wielding dinosaur enemy jumps at you to attack with
              its sword. Attack it with your sword and it'll retaliate by
              breathing fire at you. Watch out for the fire and keep
              attacking when it gets close to defeat it.

    Tatl Description: Isn't that a Dragonfly? As long as you stay away from
                      its tail, it's no big danger.
    Strategy: This flying creature with the electrifying tail shouldn't be
              too much of a problem for you. Just attack it when it comes
              near, or finish it off from far away with a long-range weapon.

    Tatl Description: That's an Eeno. It's persistent! ...And it's
                      susceptible to heat!
    Strategy: This snowy-type creature comes out of the ground to attack if
              you come near it. It's fairly easy to defeat since it's slow
              moving, but it attacks by throwing snowballs at you. Block them
              with your shield and defeat it quickly with your sword. Fiery
              attacks will also kill it quicker.

Fire Keese
    Tatl Description: Don't tell me you don't know about the Fire Keese!
                      Defeat it before it swoops down on you. I do not want
                      to roast!
    Strategy: This is the version of the Keese that has fire surrounding it.
              If it touches you, you'll take damage because of the fire. Stay
              away from it and shoot it down with arrows from a distance.

    Tatl Description: You know the Floormaster, right? If you don't do
                      something about its pieces before they can reunite...
    Strategy: This giant walking hand is somewhat different than the
              Wallmaster enemy. This version doesn't pull you back to the
              entrance or anything, but its ramming attack really hurts!
              Attack it with your Sword to split it into 3 pieces, then
              quickly destroy those pieces before they come together again.
              You can also reflect light on it with your Mirror Shield to get
              the same effect as if you used a Sword to attack.

    Tatl Description: Don't tell me you don't know about the Freezard! Watch
                      out for its icy breath! I hate the c-c-cold!
    Strategy: This icy statue of an enemy blows icy breath in a specific
              direction. If you step in that breath, you will become frozen
              for a few moments. Defeat this icy guy from far away, or just
              come in close and attack it.

    Tatl Description: It said that it's a Garo... Just concentrate on
                      blocking and dodging those sharp swords!
    Strategy: This masked ninja enemy only appears when you wear Garo's Mask
              and walk around in certain sections of Ikana. It'll create a
              circle of fire around the battlefield so you can't escape it
              either. Just avoid its swords and attack it with your sword to
              defeat it and learn some helpful hint.

Giant Bee
    Tatl Description: That's a Giant Bee. Don't ask me! You can either fight
                      or run... It's up to you.
    Strategy: This large-sized bee isn't something to really worry about.
              Just stay away from it if you don't want to get hurt, or run in
              and kill it quickly with the sword.

    Tatl Description: It's a Gibdo. You won't be able to move if it glares at
                      you, so be careful! Got it?
    Strategy: This mummy that walks around in the later areas of the game can
              be quite annoying. If you go near it, it'll stop you in your
              tracks and it'll jump on you, causing you to slowly lose
              hearts. Shake it off and attack from a distance with Fire

Green Chuchu
    Tatl Description: That's a Green Chuchu. It's nothing to be afraid of...
                      It usually has something in its stomach that's of use.
    Strategy: This green-colored version of the Red Chuchu is just like its
              other counterpart. It usually has an item inside of it, and you
              can kill it easily with your sword.

    Tatl Description: It's a Guay. You don't know about this one? Just attack
                      it before it swoops down on you. That's all there is to
    Strategy: This black bird is found in many areas of the game. If you go
              near it, it'll swoop down to attack you. When it comes close,
              just kill it with your sword.

    Tatl Description: Hiploops are hotheaded, so they'll charge if you look
                      it in the eye. If it comes at you, assume the defensive
    Tatl Description (if wearing mask): It's a Hiploop. Quickly dodge it if
                                        it charges at you. But can't you
                                        first do something about that mask
                                        it's wearing?
    Strategy: This creature can be pretty annoying whenever you encounter it.
              When you come near, it'll turn towards you, revealing its giant
              eye. Turn away immediately or it'll charge at you. As Deku
              Link, attack it to stun it temporarily, then shoot a bubble at
              it to cause damage. Repeat that a second time to kill this

Ice Keese
    Tatl Description: You know about the Ice Keese, right? Destroy it before
                      it swoops down on you, I hate the c-c-cold!
    Strategy: This version of the Keese has a bluish color surrounding it. If
              it touches you, you will become frozen for a few moments.
              Defeat this flying menace from far away to avoid the icy

Iron Knuckle
    Tatl Description: You know about the Iron Knuckle, right? Stay away from
                      its ax attack, then look for a chance to retaliate.
    Strategy: This armored knight is strange because it looks lifeless until
              you try attacking it. At that moment, it'll come to life and
              attack you with its ax. Be quick and avoid the attacks, then
              hit it from behind with your Sword. Continue that type of
              attack pattern to beat it.

    Tatl Description: What?! Don't you know about the Keese? Use Z Targeting
                      when it gets close. Even if it flies off, I'll follow
                      it for you.
    Strategy: This black bat is found mainly in the dungeons, unlike the Bad
              Bat. Take the same precautions as you would with any other
              flying creature. Just Z Target it and attack when it comes
              close enough to quickly defeat it.

    Tatl Description: You know about the Leever, right? It actually moves
                      pretty fast. That's not exactly good news, is it?
    Strategy: This green creature comes out of the ground in sandy areas. If
              you come near, it'll chase you away really fast. I'd recommend
              you finish it off from far away to avoid damage.

Like Like
    Tatl Description: You know about the Like Like, right? It eats whatever
                      you're carrying. You'd better defeat it if you want
                      your stuff back.
    Strategy: This blob-like creature can be very annoying since it'll
              swallow you whole and cause damage. It'll also take your shield
              if you are regular Link, so be careful and defeat this creature
              quickly to avoid losing your items!

Mad Scrub
    Tatl Description: That's one Mad Scrub! Even though it's weak, it sure
                      likes to attack!
    Strategy: This Deku Scrub pops out of flowers in the ground and spits
              nuts at you to attack. Deflect them with your shield, or get in
              close and kill it quickly with your sword.

Mini Baba
    Tatl Description: That's a Mini Baba. It won't attack unless you get too
                      close to it, so watch your step!
    Strategy: This smaller version of the Deku Baba isn't too hard to avoid.
              Just attack it once with your sword to get a Deku Nut from it
              at least.

    Tatl Description: That's a Nejiron. Don't get too close to it. Sniff...
                      Sniff... It smells like gun powder!
    Strategy: This tan-colored rock enemy comes out of the ground in certain
              areas. It won't really do anything to you, but if you attack
              it, it'll explode in your face! Destroy it from far away using
              arrows, or wear the Stone Mask to avoid it altogether.

    Tatl Description: You know about the Octorok, right? All you have to do
                      is deflect that rock it spits out.
    Strategy: This octopus-type creature pops out of the water and spits
              rocks in your direction. Either avoid the rocks, or deflect
              them with your shield.

Pea Hat
    Tatl Description: Don't tell me you don't know about the Pea Hat! Just
                      remember that its root area is soft!
    Strategy: This weird creature is a giant thing that sits on the ground
              for a while. It will then get up and fly in the air, spinning
              towards you to try and cause damage. When it gets close, attack
              the point underneath its body to hurt it.

Pea Hat Larva
    Tatl Description: Pea Hat Larva... You don't know about it? If it comes
                      at you, get in the defensive position to knock it back!
    Strategy: This smaller version of the Pea Hat comes out to attack if you
              try attacking the regular Pea Hat when it's not moving. Simply
              defeat these things with your sword when they come near you.

    Tatl Description: What?! You don't know about the Poe? If you try to use
                      Z Targeting, it vanishes.
    Strategy: This ghostly creature floats around in a room, then disappears
              if you try Z Targeting it. Shoot it with arrows or hit it with
              your sword to defeat it.

Real Bombchu
    Tatl Description: That's a Real Bombchu! It runs at you with its pack of
                      explosives, so protect yourself or else!
    Strategy: Just as its description implies, this creature has a bomb on
              its tail. It'll charge at you, then explode upon impact to
              cause you damage. Just avoid it or use a long-distance weapon
              to kill it.

Red Bubble
    Tatl Description: What?! You don't know about the Red Bubble? If it comes
                      at you, get in the defensive position to bounce it
                      back...Got it?
    Strategy: This red version of the Bubble enemy is surrounded by fire, and
              it won't prevent you from using your sword for a while. When it
              comes at you, raise your shield to make its fire disappear and
              it'll bounce around on the floor. Then, just quickly kill it
              with one of your weapons.

Red Chuchu
    Tatl Description: That's a Red Chuchu. It's nothing really to be afraid
                      of! It's not unusual to find something in its stomach
                      that might be of use.
    Strategy: Here's a rather simple enemy found in the Termina Field. It
              contains a small item in its transparent stomach, and you can
              defeat it quickly with a single sword slash to gain that item.

    Tatl Description: ReDead... If it catches you in its paralyzing glare,
                      you won't be able to move. Shake it off if you get
    Strategy: This enemy isn't really that much different than the Gibdo. If
              you come near it, it'll stop you in your tracks and jump on
              you, causing you to take damage. However, you can avoid having
              to battle it by wearing the Captain's Hat or the Gibdo Mask.

Shell Blade
    Tatl Description: Don't tell me you don't know about the Shell Blade!
                      It's impossible to beat it if you aim for anything but
                      its ligament inside the shell.
    Strategy: This shelled fish is really annoying because if you come near
              it, it'll swim towards you and try to cause damage. The only
              way to damage it is by hitting its soft inside, so get close to
              get it to open, then shoot an arrow at it.

    Tatl Description: Isn't that a Skullfish? Look, don't ask me about
                      everything, all right?
    Strategy: This skeleton-type fish is found in the watery parts of the
              game. As Zora Link, easily take them out by using the boomerang
              attack or by punching them out.

    Tatl Description: What?! You don't even know about the Skulltula? It's
                      protected by a hard shell, but its stomach is soft!
    Strategy: When this creature comes down from the ceiling, wait for it to
              turn around to see its softer, unprotected backside. Attack
              that part with the Sword or another weapon until you defeat it.

    Tatl Description: It's a Snapper! The way these things move, they never
                      expose the weak part of their body!
    Strategy: This turtle enemy has an armored shell surrounding it. It'll
              spin around and try to move around and hit you. Hit it with a
              Bomb or use the Blast Mask to flip it over, then use your Sword
              to quickly kill it.

    Tatl Description: It's a Stalchild. They were the cursed soldiers of the
                      Kingdom of Ikana...What are you gonna do?
    Strategy: This skeleton-type enemy really isn't something to worry about
              at all. One quick hit from your Gilded Sword should take it out
              right away!

    Tatl Description: It's a Takkuri. Run! This bird steals your items!
                      C'mon! What are you doing just standing around?!
    Strategy: This giant bird flies around in the south area of Termina
              Field. It'll follow you around and attack, which makes you lose
              items, hopefully just rupees. It can also steal better items
              from you as well. Z-Target it and keep using your sword to
              attack it while collecting all the rupees it drops.

    Tatl Description: It's a Wallmaster! Keep an eye out for it by watching
                      for its shadow on the floor. Get it before it goes back
                      up to the ceiling.
    Strategy: In certain rooms of the game, you may suddenly see a round
              shadow coming from right above you. Move quickly and get out of
              the way since a giant hand known as the Wallmaster comes down.
              Defeat it with your sword when it lands, but be careful that
              you aren't too slow and it grabs you. It won't kill you, but
              it'll bring you to the entrance of the dungeon or cave you're

White Boe
    Tatl Description: It's a White Boe... Just calm down and attack it! Yeah,
                      yeah, yeah... There are just a lot of them, OK?
    Strategy: This white version of the Boe enemy is found in the snowy
              regions of the game. You usually find this creature in large
              groups, so quickly defeat them to avoid getting hurt.

White Wolfos
    Tatl Description: It's a White Wolfos. Lure it in and watch its
                      movements. It doesn't like its tail to be touched...
    Strategy: This white wolf-like creature is found mainly in the snowy
              regions of the game. It'll come near you and slash at you with
              its claws. If you try attacking when it's safe, it'll shield
              itself from attack. The best time to attack is right before it
              attacks you since it's not guarding itself.

    Tatl Description: So you don't know about the Wolfos? Lure it in and
                      watch its movements. It doesn't like its tail to be
    Strategy: This version of the Wolfos is just a weaker version of the
              White Wolfos. Wait until it tries to attack you, then quickly
              hit it to cause damage. Do that a couple more times to defeat

Yellow Chuchu
    Tatl Description: It's a Yellow Chuchu. That's nothing to sweat about. It
                      usually has something in its stomach that's of use...
    Strategy: This is the yellowish version of the common Chuchu creature of
              Termina Field. Instead of the other two Chuchus, this version
              carries arrows in its stomach, so defeat it and collect the
              goodies inside.


-=  3. Copyright Notice -=

This file is Copyright (c)2000-2006 Devin Morgan. All rights reserved. Please 
view the following URL to see the list of sites that are allowed to post my 


This list is comprised of sites I know and trust well. If your site is not on 
the aforementioned list, you are not currently not allowed to post any of my 
files on your site. If you wish to acquire permission, feel free to email me 
(see the section below); permission may or may not granted at my discretion. 
Please respect my work and do not steal it or post it without my permission. 
I only want my most recent work to be available and I do not feel that can be 
achieved if others take from me without my knowledge or permission.

If you are writing a FAQ for this game as well, and would like to use some 
information, contact me and we'll talk. Please do not rip me off, as that is 
blatant plagiarism and such will not be tolerated.


-=  4. Contact Information  -=

As of this version, the file contains all the information I know to date. If 
it is a work in progress, give me time before bombarding me with emails about 
things being missing. All I ask is that you READ THE FAQ before emailing me, 
since that's what it's here for! Don't waste my time (and yours) by asking me 
for information obviously covered in the guide. If it's in reference to a 
side quest or item, chances are they can be found in another section besides 
the walkthrough, so check the appendices as well.

If you have any questions, comments, or things to add that are not already in 
this FAQ, feel free to email me. I usually do post submissions, credit given 
of course, so long as I feel they are relevant to the game in question. My 
email address is: dbmfaqs(at)gmail.com. Thanks for reading, and be sure to 
check out the rest of my work at this URL:


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