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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

                              -THE LEGEND OF-            
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                         - M A J O R A S  M A S K -
                        o SPOILER-FREE WALKTHROUGH o
                              By AdrenalineSL
                    Version 1.0: Released August 14, 2002
                              Total Pages: 14
Any inqueries and death threats should be sent to toiletrabbit@hotmail.com


Why I decided to create this quick guide:

• Unlike my other FAQs, this is compacted and travel-size for printing and 
  organizing purposes! So considerate of me...
• The FAQ has been abbreviated to save loading time and easy navigation.
• It's a short, quick step-by-step guide to completing the whole game with no
  worries of ruining your gaming experience.
• I've always wanted do a guide for Zelda:MM. And here it is. Well, it wasn't
  supposed to be like this initially.

Things you should know:

• The lack of detail was intentional. 
• The guide exists as it is and no changes will be made to it no matter how
  much hate mail I get.
• As you probably already know, the game runs on an in-game three day cycle.
  I will not tell you when to reset the time; that's up to you. The guide 
  will flow along normally. So search for where you've left off and pick it
  up from there.
• This walkthrough will not incorporate locations of Heart Pieces, Stray
  Fairies, Masks or any other story-related elements, except the walkthrough 
  and maybe some songs.
• I only want to help your through the game, not beat the game for you. You
  must do, figure out and molest everything on your own, but consult this 
  guide if you're totally stumped.

Things you won't find in this FAQ:

• Just about everything except a bare-boned walkthrough.


This Zelda: Majora's Mask Spoiler Free Guide was written by AdrenalineSL, who  
holds all copyright for this document, in whole and in part. This guide may 
be used for private and  personal use only.  You may  not permit anyone under 
any patents to reproduce it, in part or in whole, or use it for profitable 
purposes. All content within this file is owned and created by Stephanie Lee.  
Should you attempt any infringement of these terms under the false belief 
that you are safe from  international copyright law, it must be said that you 
are a moron.

With the legal stuff and conditions out of the way, let's get a move on!

                    I N T R O D U C T O R Y  E V E N T S

- Pursue the Skull Kid into the cave deep in the forest.

- Burrow into the flower launch pods and use his newly acquired Deku abilites 
  to reach the other end of the cavern.

- Encounter a psychotic Happy Mask salesman as he requests for your help.

- Leave through the double doors and enter Clock Town.

                           C L O C K  T O W N

- Tatl suggests you find the Great Fairy Fountain in North Clock Town.

- Go to Laundry Pool to recover a stray fairy you'll need.

- After the Great Fairy grants you magic powers, use it to pop the Majoras
  Mask balloon in North Clock Town.

- Play the Hide & Seek game with the Bombers, find them before the strike of
  dawn to get the passcode to the Observatory.

- Input passcode in East Clock Town, then follow the path to the Observatory.

- Look into the telescope and retrieve the Moon's Tear that falls from the
  grimacing moon.

- Trade Moon's Tear with Deku Shrub in South Clock Town, now wait until the
  3rd Day at midnight when the doors to the clock tower open.

- Use the flower to fly over to the clock tower and confront Skull Kid.

- Play the Song of Time, return to the patient Happy Mask salesman.

- Play the Song of Healing to lift the Deku Curse and acquire your first 

- If you want, you can obtain the Bomber's Notebook now, enter Observatory
  and come back out to officially join the gang.

- Exit through the south gate and head to the Southern Swamp.

                     T H E  S O U T H E R N  S W A M P

- Trade the Land Title Deed for the Swamp Title Deed if you want.

- Wade through turbid waters to Kotake's Potion Shop.

- Help Kotake save Koume.

- Enter Lost Woords and follow the monkey to Koume, return to Kotake and get
  the Red Potion from her.

- Bring the Red Potion to Koume, then help monkeys to rescue a friend at the
  Deku palace.

- First, get the Pictograph from contest judge then embark on a swamp cruise.

- Slap on the Deku Mask to legally enter the Deku Palace, go into the throne
  room and snap a picture of the king.

- Go back to the hallway and into the right room; Infiltrate the place, don't 
  let the guards catch you.

- Use Deku Link's trumpets to learn Sonata of Awakening.

- Once outside, hop across the lily pads to the small platform on the right.

- Learn the Song of Soaring, soar through the slimy marshes of WoodFall, play
  the Sonata of Awakening on the huge seal in the ground.

- Using the flower, fly to the entrance of your first dungeon—Woodfall Temple

                         W O O D F A L L  T E M P L E

- Soar through the first cavern using the flowers, beware of skulking Big 

- Hop to the only unlocked door, inside use the flower in the center of the
  room to collect a Small Key.

- Use the same flower to launch yourself across the room to the door on the
  otherside, inside you fight some Snappers for a Dungeon Map in return.

- Unlock the chains on the door and enter to a tortuous intersection, push
  the block forward and loop around, push the block back towards the door 
  you came from.

- Resourcefully use a Deku Stick as a torch to light the unlit torch.

- Kill the Dragonflies for the Compass and to unlock the door.

- Prepare a torch, run upstairs and jump the platforms, then burn the flimsy 
  web-covering to the next area.

- Slash wildly in the dark room until all the Black Boes have been 
  eliminated, light a Deku Stick and routinely light the other 3 torches.

- Like what you would usually do, fly across the cavern with your amazing
  un-Superman antics.

- Step on the switch as human Link, go through the door to face feisty
  Lizalfos, the prize is a Hero's Bow, so you WANT to win.
- Equip the bow and shoot the animated eye on the ledge on the opposite side
  of the room, use that to meet Gekko.

- Backtrack all the way to the large room with the huge flower in the center,
  fire an arrow through the torch on the ledge and onto the unlit torch on 
  the rotating flower.

- Standing on the huge flower, launch another arrow through the torch, into
  the unlit torch, this unlocks the final dungeon room.

- Launch Link from flower to flower until he reaches the door chained with a 
  massive lock on the opposite side.

- Inside, you fight the Masked Jungle Warrior Odolwa, he's not easy the first

- Afterwards, rescue the princess, encapsulate her in a bottle for easy

- NOTE: If you have gathered all the Stray Fairies in the WoodFall Temple, go 
  to the cave in the WoodFall marshes to assemble the Great Fairy who will
  fortify Link with the spin attack.

            S O U T H E R N  S W A M P / T E R M I N A  F I E L D  

- Empty the bottle in front of the king to ensure that the King knows she's
  safe and sound, he frees the monkey, who is quite happy.

- Follow the king's butler to the back of the palace and through warrens, it
  is like the sick game with Dampe in Z:OoT, you get the Mask of Scents in
  the end.

- When all is happy, peddle to Termina Field and find the "icy" part of it.

- Shoot an arrow at the dangling icicles at the top of the mountain pass, go
  up the trail to Mountain Village.

                      M O U N T A I N  V I L L A G E 

- Follow the pass behind the Mountain Smithy to Goron Village, do NOT attempt
  to head to Snowhead yet.

- Cross the network of bridges, buy a Snowhead map from Tingle, then continue
  to Goron Village.

- In Goron Village, run along the lowest level to find an owl perched on a 
  pole, it leads you to the cave.

- Use his remnants as a marker to as where exactly is a solid platform for 
  Link to stand on, be careful, they're slippery.

- With limited help from the Lens of Truth, chase Darmani around wherever he

- Once you reach the huge cliffside, continue using the Lens of Truth to find
  invisible ladders.

- Play the Song of Healing inside the chamber of Darmani's sacred grave, then
  making use of the Goron's strength, pull/push the grave aside.

- Bottle up some hot water for a lot of ethical purposes, keep this in mind 
  for future reference.

- Race to the frozen lake and defrost the ice block near the entrance, inside
  is some more hot water.

- In Goron Village, visit the large building ahead, stomp at the entrance and
  plug your ears to prepare for some horrible noise.

- Bottle some hot water from the spring and find the largest snowball you can 
  possibly find, punch it to a snowflake, then use the water to thaw the 
  Elder. NOTE: The Elder can be at different places depending on the day. 

- Learn the first half of the song, play what you have of the song to the  
  baby to learn the other half.

- Go back to the main Mountain Village and take the trail to Snowhead.

- As a goron, harness the power of the nifty charged rolling Goron technique,
  use it to jump the wide chasms, watch out for the falling snowballs. 

- A huge Goron is guarding the temple entrance, from a distance, play the
  Goron Lullaby.

- Then take the winding path to the top of the mountain and into the dungeon

                         S N O W H E A D  T E M P L E 

- Knock the stalagmites down that are blocking the entryway, push the block

- Roll across the bridge Goron style, go through the left door for the 
  Dungeon Map.

- In the massive chamber, you can first melt the entrance with red borders,
  but go to the only accessible door.

- Pull the block, push it all the way to the notch in the northwestern corner
  of the ice for a Stray Fairy and Small Key, that was a freebie.

- Back at the entrance, take the left locked door, grab the compass and bomb
  the discolored wall at the end.

- Shoot the dangling stalagtites with the arrow to send them crashing on the
  ice blocks below, then hop across them and repeat.

- Smash the large snowball for the Small Key, then exit to the next room.

- As Goron Link, stomp the nearby switch, hop across the two pillars, stomp
  the switch on the other end, finally pound the switch nearest the first
  switch you flattened. Confusing much?

- Turtle roll across the snowdrift, beyond the door is Wizrobe and your Fire

- In the large chamber, defrost the ice on all the doorways using the newly
  acquired Fire Arrows.

- Afterwards, go to the room with lava below, shoot the Freezard on the right
  with a Fire Arrow, use a sword on the remaing two on the left ledge for a
  Small Key for services rendered.

- In the room with a large chasm and a dozen of pillars, light the torches to
  open the barred door, smash the floor switch.

- Return to the main chamber using the shortcut in the room you obtained the
  Dungeon Map from.

- Roll over the snowdrifts, continue onwards, past the moving snowmounds 
  until you hit a rematch with Wizrobe, he's a bit tougher because of the 
  diverse portals. 

- Lower the central pillar by going around all the levels and smashing the
  blue columns. 

- At the very top, power roll over the gap to reach the boss door, inside,
  you'll meet the Masked Mechanical Monster Ghot, who circumnavigates the

- The BigGoron commits suicide, well, not really, but...

- NOTE: If you've managed to amass the Stray Fairies, go to the cave at the
  foot of the corkscrew to find her humble abode, she enhances the Magic Bar.

           M O U N T A I N  V I L L A G E / T E R M I N A  F I E L D
- It's Spring now, and if you have the right stuff, upgrade your sword to a
  much more powerful variation of it--The Gilded Sword!

- In Goron Village, visit the Bomb Shop to earn to be a certified Powder Keg
  handler, partake the Biggoron's trial.

- Now that you can carry Powder Kegs, there are a few side trips you can
  attempt including Romani's extraterrestrial ordeal, you can also get an
  extra Empty Bottle by coming in 1st in the Goron Race.

- This is a good time to complete miscellaneous tasks before continueing the
  mainstream of the game.

- Go to Romani's Ranch to find Epona if you haven't gotten her back yet, then
  use her to jump the Great Bay gate in Termina Field.

                      G R E A T  B A Y / Z O R A  H A L L 

- There's a nearly dead Zora floating in the water, that is the Indigo-Gos' 
  guitarist, Mikau; help him to shore.

- Play the Song of Healing to calm his soul and put him to an eternally 
  peaceful sleep.

- Make a quick visit to the Marine Lab in the waters ahead, learn about the
  Zora eggs.

- Travel to the North Bay and swim abroad to the huge fish, submerse into the
  water and enter Zora Hall.

- Slap on the Zora Mask to come and go anywhere as he pleases, not only that,
  we can gain some valuable information.

- The most information that can be wringed is from Evan, the band manager,
  and Lulu's diary sitting in her trashed room.

- After garnering and piecing information together, head back to North Great
  Bay, swim to the far eastern end to find a secret entrance to the Gerudo's 

- Underwater, smash the wooden plank with the Zora's fish ram ability, enter.

                        P I R A T E ' S  F O R T R E S S 

- NOTE: If you want to cross the line between cheating and playing fair, put
  on the Stone Mask for insane ease in this dungeon.

- Drop into the water and swim underwater, avoiding the sight of those chicks
  patrolling on the surface, swim to the ramp on the opposite side.

- NOTE: You can knock guards unconscious temporarily by shishkabobing their

- Trip the switch and dive back into the water, swim to the unlocked green 
  duct, this proves to be much easier than infiltrating the compound out in
  the open.

- Pull the first block, push the second block, surface to the top afterwards.

- Avoid the mines, they hurt, also avoid the horizontal current that will
  expel you back to the entrance.

- Boomerang the crystal switch and quickly swim for the gate.

- Shoot the switch and ride the geyser up back to the surface.

- From here, it's all pretty self-explanatory, the four eggs are isolated 
  from one another and they're kept in buildings located in all 4 directions,
  they're guarded by fiercely trained Gerudo warriors.

- After collecting all the eggs from the Gerudo Fortress, drop them off at 
  the lab, then head off to assemble the remaining 3.

- NOTE: Did you snap a picture of a female guard? If not, go back and do so.
  You'll need it to trade it in to free the seahorse that plays a role of 
  helping you get the last 3 eggs.

                    P I N N A C L E  R O C K / Z O R A  H A L L

- Follow the seahorse very closely to avoid being swept away by the current.

- Lure the Sea Snakes out of their homes and murder them, jerk.

- NOTE: There are a total of 8 Sea Snakes, and among them, only 3 contain the
  last of the Zora Eggs. 

- After the event, not only will you get the Zora Eggs, the seahorse bestows
  you a Piece of Heart as a gratuity.

- Take the eggs back to the lab, watch them hatch and learn a new song.

- Go back to Zora Hall and play the same tune for Lulu who is mulling on the 
  otherside of the entrance.

- A giant turtle awakens after a long slumber, and offers to take you to the
  Great Bay Temple, hookshot the palm tree on its back.

                         G R E A T  B A Y  T E M P L E 

- Dive into the water as Zora Link and swim to the northeastern corner, push 
  or pull the switch below.

- In the room with the whirlpool, sink in and let the fierce currents take 
  and stay aligned with the top columns, enter the entryway with yellow 

- From the ledge, cling onto the Treasure Chest using the Hookshot and pull
  Link toward it.

- As a Zora, swim through the vent directly across from the chest, but watch
  out for the Dexihands.

- Neutralize whatever Bio Deku's and Dexihands you can get with your Hookshot
  before taking a swim, the Small Key is in the chest underwater.

- Climb back up the platform and ride the current to a different room, walk 
  on the red pipe and head to the locked door.

- Inside, you'll find Wort, a bubbly, bouncing eyeball who is annoyingly 
  difficult to beat, you get the Ice Arrows for beating him.

- Freeze the Octoroks back in the red room, use them as stepping stones to  
  the red turnkey, turn it.

- In the room where you got your Dungeon Map, create icebergs in the water by
  directing an ice arrow into the water, hop across them to the door.

- Turn the Chu Chu into a sliding block, use it to climb onto the turnkey and
  push the switch.

- Create more icebergs leading to the stalagmites in the northeast in the 
  room where you had gotten the Compass.

- Melt the ice using a Fire Arrow and duke it out with Mad Jelly, a stronger
  variation of Gekko with some hazardous jelly a Boss Key is the reward.

- Back at the room with the water sprout, hookshot your way to the final red
  switch and crank it.

- In the whirlpool room, shoot an Ice Arrow to plug the mouth of the 
  waterfall, a green crank is beyond that room.

- Dive into the currents and get sucked into the top passage.

- Freeze the waterfall the moment the propellers on the gear end up in a
  horizontal position for Link to walk across.

- Freeze the waterfalls on the ceiling to balance the seesaws until you get
  it right.

- Take the bottom level passage and confront the Gargantuan Masked Fish 
  Gyorg, an agile fish whose fangs are deadly.

- NOTE: If you have all the Stray Fairies, bring them to the Great Fairy in
  South Great Bay to be fortified with double life!

- Watch the slammin' rock concert performed by the Indigo-Go's! 

                           I K A N A  C A N Y O N

- Jump the gates to Ikana Canyon using Epona, the valiant steed!

- Visit the Ikana Graveyard, play the Sonata of Awakening and pursue him, use
  the Bunny Hood to cheat, then defeat him for the Captain's Hat.

- Slip on the Captain's Hat on the first night and order the Stalchilds in 
  the graveyard to break the tombstone open.

- Light the torches and enter the room to face an Iron Knuckle, who's not so
  tough, learn the Song of Storms.

- Back on the trail, Z-Target the Garo watchmen with the Garo Mask on.

- NOTE: You get the Garo Mask by racing the Gorman brothers in Milk Road.

- Make ice blocks out of the Octoroks and cross the broken bridge.

- Play the Song of Storms for Sharp to refill the river with water.

- Stealthly enter the Music House without being noticed, plant a bomb and
  jump out of the scene, then sneak into the house.

- Play the Song of Healing to receive the Gibdo Mask, you can talk to Gibdos
  and ReDeads with it on.

                       B E N E A T H  T H E  W E L L  

- NOTE: Have with you an Empty Bottle, bottled milk, 5 Magic Beans, 10 Deku
  Nuts, 10 Bombs, bottled bugs, fish, Blue Potion, a Big Poe and some Hot
  Water, all of these can also be found within the well.

- Dive into the well on the west side of Ikana Canyon wearing the Gibdo Mask,
  give items to Gibdo on the immediate right, fish to the northern Gibdo and
  Big Poe to the Gibdo further ahead, continue moving north, and give up the 

- Routinely light the unlit torches for the Mirror Shield, reflect the light
  onto the sun switch.

- NOTE: You might want to buy a Powder Keg before entering Ikana Castle.

                          I K A N A  C A S T L E 

- Slap on that Gibdo's Mask, while the ReDeads dance, shoot a Fire Arrow at
  the frozen eye switch.

- Flip the crystal switch, hit the second one twice, then float to the switch 
  on the other end.

- Discover an invisible platform, step on the switch as human Link and jump
  across to the exit.

- Fly over to the floor switch atop the pillar, trip it as human Link.

- Reflect the sun beam to dissolve the sun block and butcher the Floor Master
  in the room, keep the Gibdo Mask on.

- Beyond that room is Wizrobe, rematch no.3 except he's much more difficult.

- Plant a Powder Keg on the cracked circle in the ground, hop back down to 
  the entrance.

- Reflect the powerful source of sun light onto the sun block, then face some
  skeletal guards, tough ones at that, learn Elegy of Emptiness as a reward.

- In Ikana Canyon, there's a ramp sort of behind the music house that leads 
  to the entrance of the Stone Tower.

                            S T O N E  T O W E R 

- Leave a mockery of life, aka a clone, on the first foot switch by playing
  the Elegy of Emptiness.

- Play Elegy of Emptiness on the other ledge with another foot switch as a

- On the next ledge, play the Elegy of Emptiness one more time, hop across to 
  the otherside, repeat.

- Inside the actual Stone Tower, clone yourself on each of the switches, bomb
  the weak wall.

- Transport a small crate from the cargo and place it on the last switch.

- Use the Mirror Shield on the Sun Block to open a new path leading to the
  Dungeon Map.

- Wade into lava as a Goron and instigate battles with the Armos in the room 
  for a Small Key.

- Use the key on the locked door upstairs, dive into the water and let the
  Dexihand throw you onto the platform which contains another Small Key.

- Take the underwater route to a new dungeon room.

- Strike the sun mirror with sunlight for enough time to concurrently reflect 
  the Sun Block, a Compass awaits for you.

- Cross the bridge to use the Small Key on the door.

- Obliviate the pillar in the center with Goron punches, incinerate the first 
  sun block, charge the left mirror and use the light it emits to charge a
  second mirror, then finally reflect it onto the sun block. 

- Fly over the wide gap using the air vents to boost your height slightly, on
  the otherside, you will find Garo Master and Light Arrows.

- Afterwards, warp back to the entrance of the temple.

- Step on and clone forms of Link on the three switches in proper order, fire
  a Light Arrow at the red switch to invert the Stone Tower.

                  S T O N E  T O W E R ( S E C O N D F O R M )

- NOTE: Stone Tower has, in fact, been turned upside down, but it really is a
  mirror image of what Stone Tower used to be before it was inverted. This 
  form of the temple is delusional and can make you confused, but know this:
  All the rooms are in the same position as they were before, except that the
  ground floor is now actually the ceiling. Shwa?

- Shoot a Light Arrow into the sun block. NOTE: The air vents act as passages
  to other areas of the temple now.

- Fly over to the switch and grab the Small Key that appears, then ride the 
  air vent to an unlocked door.

- Hit the red switches with a Light Arrow, slap on that pseudo-Goron form and
  wade across the lava to reach the other red switch.

- Shoot the switch again, push the block towards the center notch, then shoot
  the switch yet again and fool around with the rotating room until the block
  meets the notch that unlocks the door.

- Fight Wizrobe, rematch no.4, he just never gives up, and he's even trickier
  than ever.

- From the platform, hookshot the Treasure Chest to pull Link up, at the top,
  Gomess awaits you, as well as the Boss Key. 

- Kill the Death Armos before jumping over to the final switch, hookshot it 
  to reach a locked door.

- Tangle with Eyegore for the Giant's Mask.

- Hookshot the chest on the ceiling and prepare to face an exceptionally hard

- NOTE: You should fill your stock on Magic and Arrows.

- Use the Boss Key to battle the Giant Masked Insect, TwinMold, remember to 
  use the Giant's Mask to be able to fight it effectively.

- NOTE: If you have in your possession all the Stray Fairies, you can find 
  the Great Fairy by the dungeon entrance, she bequeaths you with the Great
  Fairy Sword. Go figure.

                             T H E  M O O N 

- NOTE: If you want to be absolutely invincable and make the last boss easy
  for you, you'll want to bring 20 normals masks.

- Speak to the Oldolwa mask-wearing kid to play his sick game, and do this to
  all the other kids wearing boss masks in the order you defeated them, each
  time giving up a certain number of masks.

- When you've finished all their "dungeons", you'll receive the ridiculously
  powerful Fierce Deity's Mask, which turns Link to a semi-adult wielding a
  huge sword that shoot projectiles.

- If you have that mask, the only strategy is to keep shooting projectiles at
  Majora's Mask. If not, then...

- Good luck, Majora's Mask is hard, you'll need some Chateau Milk, plenty of
  magic, arrows and nimble skills.

- His four forms are:
   *A regular floating mask waiting for you to kick its ass.
   *All the other boss masks accompany him in the fight.
   *Majora has legs and he's quick.
   *A full grown humanoid thing with loooong whips.
  I pray for thee, and bonne chance!



For details and further elaborations on everything in the game, consult 
DMorgan's, Dallas' or Nemesis' FAQ/Walkthrough's.

Thanks for scanning. Have a nice day, punk. Until the next FAQ, see ya...

                                MUCHAS GRACIAS!!

               A Zelda: Majora's Mask Spoiler-Free Walkthrough
                      Copyright 2001-2002 Stephanie Lee
                               September 2001

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