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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

--- "Zelda 64: Majora's Mask" Kafei/Anju Quest FAQ ---

****LAST UPDATED: NOVEMBER 9, 2000			VERSION 1.0****
|   -- Table Of Contents --   | 				
| 1. About this FAQ	      |
| 2. Contact		      |
| 3. Updates		      |	
| 4. Why Bother With Quest?   |
| 5. Items You'll Need        |
| 6. The Quest Begins!        |
| 7. Credits & Copyright      |
| 8. The Next Update...       |
| 9. FAQ's by Nocturne        |

This FAQ was made by Nocturne [templarnocturne@yahoo.com] to help solve the
puzzles associated with the Kafei & Anju Trade Sequence in Zelda 64: Majora's Mask.
If you have any questions about the FAQ or its contents, please e-mail the
author.  Replies 'usually' in less than 24 hours.

This FAQ should be viewed at 800 x 600 Pixels using MSIE, otherwise margins
will be off, making this look rather poor.

--- CONTACT: ---
The author of this FAQ can be contacted by the following:

E-Mail: templarnocturne@yahoo.com
ICQ: 15945725
AOL Instant Messager: Templar Nocturne

--- UPDATES ---
09 Nov 2000:  After beating Majora's Mask and gaining all the masks, I 
              decided to write an FAQ guide for it, because in some
              areas, it is quite difficult.

--- WHY QUEST? ---
In order to get the famed Fierce Deity Mask, you'll need every other mask in
the game.  The Fierce Deity Mask is very powerful, allowing you to dispose
of Majora or any other Guardian you encounter in the game with only a few
swift swings.  Not to mention, he looks really cool! 

The quest also results in you getting a bottle and three heart pieces, as well
as the Couple's Mask, Keaton Mask, and Postman's Hat!

To do this quest, you need to have beaten many other obstacles in the game.
You will need to have Epona, have quick access (Song of Soaring) to the
following areas: Clock Town, Milk Road, and Ikana Canyon.

You should have the following Masks: Garo's Mask, Stone Mask, Romani Mask,
and the Bunny Hood.

You should have a few bottles, but make sure you have at least two. I 
recommend you have the Giant's Wallet, but the Adult's Wallet will
be fine.

You'll need a little bit of time around, at least an hour, since it's 
time-related.  There are few points that you can actually warp, but often
you'll just find yourself sitting around. 

These kinds of times, as mentioned above, are good times to complete
Heart Piece Quests in town or nearby, so look at my Heart Piece FAQ. :)

KEY TO READING: - are suggested items, -- are REQUIRED for the Quest.

Dawn of the First Day:


   -6 AM: Run out of the South Gate of Town. Don't play the Inverted Song
          of Time.  Slice bushes around you and get arrows and other items.
          Find the Takkurri Bird and kill it.  If you have the Giant's 
          Wallet, kill it again so you have 400+ rupees.
   -8 AM: Around now you should head back to town.  Do some of the Mini
          Games to get Pieces of Heart. Keep track of the time.
  --10AM: Go to the Mayor's Residence, located in EAST CLOCK TOWN.  It's
          near the Bomber Kid who is in the way of the Astral Observatory.
          Go in the room to the right, and talk to the Mayor's Wife, 
          Madame Aroma.  She'll give you the MASK OF KAFEI to look for her
  --2 PM: Go to the Stock Pot Inn, located in EAST CLOCK TOWN.  Go inside,
          talk to Anju as Link.  YES, you have a reservation. (Evil Laugh)
          You'll get the room key.  If the Postman is there, talk and 
          watch the cutscene relating to Kafei.
  --3 PM: Talk to Anju in the Stock Pot Inn while wearing the MASK OF KAFEI,
          then accept her challenge.  You have the ROOM KEY, so go to it.
   -4 PM: Go to your room.  Second floor, second room.  Inside, open the
          chest, it has a SILVER RUPEE worth 100 rupees! If you want, you
          can play mini-games now, or you can accelerate time with the
          Song of Double Time. (C-Right, C-Right, A, A, C-Down, C-Down) 
          Don't skip into Daytime, because you're supposed to meet Anju.
   -10PM: Buy a Bottle of CHATEAU ROMANI from the MILK BAR.  Hey, it can't
          hurt to have unlimited magic.  Is it necessary?  Maybe.
  --11PM: Go back to the STOCK POT INN, and go around the stairway. You
          should still be on the first floor.  Make your way to the end
          of the hallway and turn right, wait here for Anju.
  --12AM: You should be talking to Anju about now.  When she asks you to 
          help her, say YES, and she'll give you a piece of Mail for Kafei.
  --1 AM: Put the mail in any mailbox.  They are the orange pointy things 
          that Tael turns green over.  Set it to a C-Button and insert it.
          Warp to Day 2 unless you have something else you'd like to do.

Dawn of the Second Day:
   -6 AM: If you did any mini-game that required you to play again on the
          second day, do it now. You have a lot of time to kill.
  --2 PM: Go to the LAUNDRY POOL, located in the southwest corner of CLOCK
          TOWN.  Find the bell and slash it with your sword.  See Kafei?
          Run to where Kafei was and wait.
  --3 PM: The Postman will come along and ring the bell to drop off the 
          Letter you dropped off.  Open the door and go inside.
  --4 PM: Kafei will return. Talk to him. Tell him you CAN KEEP A SECRET.
          He'll give you the PENDANT OF MEMORIES for Anju.
  --5 PM: Go back to the STOCK POT INN and give Anju the PENDANT OF 
          MEMORIES that Kafei gave you.
   -6 PM: Mini-Games and stock up on supplies or just wait.
          Feel free to warp to day three.

Dawn of the Final Day:
   -6 AM: If you did any mini-game that required you to play again on the
          final day, do it now.  You have a bit of time to kill.
  --1 PM: Return to the LAUNDRY POOL and enter Kafei's House.  Instead of
          Kafei, the Curiosity Shop's Owner will be inside.  Talk to him
          to get the KEATON MASK, which will later allow you to get a 
          piece of heart! The man will give you EXPRESS MAIL, which you
          can do two things with. I recommend 'A':
  --6 PM: You can do one now, then go back in time for the other...
      A:  Take the Express Mail to Mama. She'll be in the MILK BAR
          at night.  Talk to her while you have the MASK OF KAFEI on.
          Give her the EXPRESS MAIL, and she'll give you a bottle with
          Take the Express Mail to the Postoffice. Give the Postman the
          EXPRESS MAIL, and he'll go deliver it to Kafei's Mother.  Follow him.
          Once he delivers it, he'll go back outside.  Follow him, and talk to
          him to get the POSTMAN'S HAT, which allows you to go through the 
          mailboxes and get a HEART PIECE!
  --7 PM: Get to IKANA CANYON ***BEFORE*** 7 PM! Use the SONG OF SOARING to
          warp there.  Jump down the cliff into the water, and pull yourself
          up.  Put on the STONE MASK now! Run to the Right Side of the Map, 
          you'll go under a small pass, then you'll see a DEKU SCRUB in the 
          distance.  Keep running.  Kafei is behind a large boulder.  Once
          behind the boulder, take off the STONE MASK and talk to him.
          Sakon, the thief, will open the entrance to the lair. Go Inside

Inside Sakon's Hideout
Night of the Final Day
   -- You now play as Link and Kafei.  Kafei has no weapons, and involves
      the "logic" portion of this quest.  Watch the cutscene, and Kafei 
      activates Sakon's security system with the SUN'S MASK on the conveyor belt.
   -- The GOAL as Kafei is to hit the BLUE switches.  If you hit a RED or YELLOW
      switch, the conveyor belt will accelerate.  You can only push a block the
      direction its hash marks on the top are facing. 
   -- As LINK, you will fight enemies - Deku Babas and eventually a Wolfos.
      A strategy I used is to charge the sword, and once the Wolfos arises,
      lash out at him with the CHARGED SWORD ATTACK.  Repeat it until you kill
   -- Now as Kafei again, run through and step on the BLUE switch in the final
      room.  Well done!    
   -- As Link, run through and hit the final switch.
Outside Sakon's Hideout
Night of the Final Day
--Less Than 6 Hours Remaining--

   -- Kafei will run off to Clock Town.  Use the SONG OF SOARING to get to 
      Clock Town fast.  Disable the INVERTED SONG OF TIME by playing it again
      and returning the flow of time to NORMAL.  Run to the STOCK POT INN
      and go to the second floor.  If you noticed, one door said "Employees
      Only - No Admittance!"  This is Anju's Room.  It will be unlocked,
      so go inside.  Hit the chest for another 100 Rupees.  Wait until the
      timer reads 1:12:00, and Kafei will enter.  Watch the ceremony as they
      wed, and you'll get the COUPLE'S MASK! 

   -- If you want, slow down time again using the INVERTED SONG OF TIME.  Run
      to the BANK, and deposit those Rupees!
   -- Play the SONG OF TIME, warp back to DAY 1, saving the game.

Dawn of the First Day

   10 AM: Head to the Mayor's Residence.  Go in the room to the LEFT, and 
          listen to the argument between the Carpenters and the Soldiers.
          Put on the COUPLE'S MASK and talk to the MAYOR, he will give
          you a HEART PIECE!

          IN ZELDA 64: MAJORA'S MASK!!!

Credits for this FAQ goes to GameFAQ's for having an awesome site and being
an unlimited source of information.  I've been using GameFAQ's for over two years, 
and plug them constantly on forums and messageboards.  

Other noteworthy names are Dallas and Nemises; because I used their 'walkthroughs'
to beat the game.  Both FAQ's are awesome, and if you're stuck, check them out!

Thanks to the Nintendo 64 team for doing it again, and revolutionizing the 
industry...we thought we saw it all after 'Ocarina of Time'.

This FAQ was designed fully by myself.
Any use without my authorization is prohibited by GameFAQ's privacy statements. 

I look over many FAQs on various sites to see about their Heart Piece section
and make sure it is their own, and not stolen in any way, shape, or form from me.

If you'd like to use it, just E-Mail me [templarnocturne@yahoo.com] so I know 
you're using it, send me a URL of the site, and then put me into your credits.

Please keep this file in its entirety, Beginning to End, upon using it on a site.

Zelda 64(r) "Majora's Mask"(tm) is a copyright of Nintendo of America, Inc. 

Visit the official Zelda website at:

--- THE NEXT UPDATE... ---
09 Nov 2000:  This will be updated only if I missed something or can clarify.

1) Zelda 64: "Majora's Mask" Heart Piece Location FAQ, November 2000.
2) Zelda 64: "Ocarina of Time" Heart Piece Location FAQ, July 1999.
3) Zelda 64: "Majora's Mask" Anju/Kafei Trade Series FAQ, November 2000.
4) Zelda 64: "Majora's Mask" Title Deed Trade Series FAQ, November 2000.

Hope this helped you! -Nocturne

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