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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

Majora's Mask Best Route Walkthrough
by Franck Knight (franck_knight@sympatico.ca)
Version 0.2
March 28th, 2005
Finished on April 8th, 2005

Copyright 2005 Francis Levesque

==v0.1 :  April 8th, 2005
  First version submitted to GameFAQs.

==V0.2 : January 28th, 2006
  Finally got off my lazy butt and made the few changes needed, as well as
  fix the 80 character wide spacing, heh. Thanks for all the emails.

To quickly find the section you want, type in the capitalized named, using 
the Match Case option or including the (). Either way should quickly let 
you find the start of the section.

1.  Introduction (INTRO)

2.  The 3 Deku Days (DEKUDAY)

3.  Before the Swamp (PRESWAMP)
3b. Anju and Kafei Part 1 (ANJU-1)

4.  Southern Swamp (SWAMP)
4b. Woodfall Temple (WOODFALL)
4c. Cleaning up the Woodfall Swamps (POSTWOOD)

5.  The Icy Mountain Village (VILLAGE)
5b. Snowhead Temple (SNOWHEAD)
5c. Cleaning up the Mountain (POSTSNOW)

6.  To the Great Bay (GREATBAY)
6b. Ahoy, Pirates! (PIRATE)
6c. The Great Bay Temple (BAYTEMPLE)
6d. The Blue Ocean (POSTBAY)

7.  Ikana Canyon (CANYON)
7b. Anju and Kafei Part 2 (ANJU-2)
7c. Ikana Castle (IKANA)
7d. Stone Tower (TOWER)
7e. Ikana's Dawn (POSTTOWER)

8.  The Moon (MOON)

9.  End Word and Disclaimer (END)

1. Introduction (INTRO)

Going through the new Zelda Collection's games, I checked on various
walkthroughs to be able to get through the game and find every item and do
every quest. This is quite a task on Majora's Mask, considering all the
time events, large world and equally large amount of items to find, such as
the Heart Pieces.

All of the walkthroughs have something in common. They all tell you how to
get through the game and tell you how to find the heart pieces and masks.
But none of them tell you in which order it is possible to get them.

So here I decided to write up my very first walkthrough, in the kind of
presentation I believe will benefit most those that try to shoot for a
100% game.

This walkthrough will try to list everything that can be found at a certain
point of the game. For example, how many heart pieces can you actually get
before you find the Hero's Bow? How many masks can you get before beating
Odolwa? Basically, how early can you get these items in the game?

So pulling the time critical knowledge out of every FAQ I've read, plus
using that into my own game, I've been playing, testing and writing
everything down here as it goes. Everything I write here is from my own
hand, even if some information has been pulled out of FAQs used in previous
games. I'm writing this as I'm playing through the game, thus testing how
early its possible to get those items first hand.

I've also tried to keep it as Spoiler free as possible. If you're reading
too much ahead, you will get a few spoilers of course, but if you read the
events as they are happening, you shouldn't get any more spoilers than what
you're seeing on screen anyway.

So let's get into the subject.

2. The 3 Deku Days (DEKUDAY)

Items Possible : Adult Wallet, Ocarina, Deku Nuts
Heart Pieces   : 4 (Total 4/52)
Masks          : None (Total 0/24)
Miscellaneous  : Song of Time, Moon Tear, Town Title Deed

To-Do Checklist :
 ___ Introduction (find Rupees, Deku Nuts)
 ___ Deku Game Round 1 (Day 1 only)
 ___ Find Stray Fairy and Reunite Great Fairy
 ___ Play Tag with the Bombers
 ___ Head to Observatory and get the Moon Tear
 ___ Exchange Moon Tear for Title Deed
 ___ Deku Game Round 2 (Day 2 only)
 ___ Learn to Count to 10 with the Postman (3pm Day 1 or 2) (Heart Piece)
 ___ Give a 'Hand' to a Hand (Midnight only)
 ___ Get 200 Rupees in the Bank (Adult Wallet)
 ___ Deku Game Round 3 (Day 3 Only) (Heart Piece)
 ___ Crash SkullKid's party (Heart Piece, Ocarina)

I don't need to explain to you how to get through the first Deku 'training'
in the introduction, I hope. Anyway, the actual item hunting starts with
being a Deku. You'll get the Deku Nuts in the introduction as well. While
you are limited in what you can do, it is possible to get a few things
done. Why not get those out of the way while you got nothing else to do as
a Deku anyway?

So, let's see. Mandatory to the story and surviving those three days, you
need to do these events :

-Retrieve the Stray Fairy
-Bombers Secret Code
-Moon Tear Trade to the Deku

Those take no time at all to do. What you should start with is getting a
few Rupees. You should already have a few from the Introduction, but if
not, the easiest way I've found was to get to North Clock Town and spin
through the bushes. They try to flee, but nearly every one you nab will
give you a rupee. Its pretty fast. Get 10 or 20 to start, but no more than
40, you'll see why. Those bushes regenerate by exiting through a door and
coming back. Use a few to buy a map of the town from Tingle. He doesn't
have his Baloon yet, so its a good idea to do it right away. Its only 5
Rupees anyway.

Another way to get some rupees that I've found that is reliable but a bit
more mind numbing. There's 3 Jars at the bottom of the Observatory,
containing a total of 10 rupees. Just exit the door upstairs, reenter, and
get those rupees again and again. Comparison of the two spots :

-Speed : Observatory is seemingly faster, as the door is just over the
         steps. The two are almost the same walking distance though.
-Reliability : Observatory's money doesn't try to run away.
-Distance : North Town bushes are closer to the Deku Game and the Bank.

So I'd say that its better to use the bushes until you got the Adult
Wallet. After that, filling it at the Observatory is less of a hassle.

Use the Deku Flower in North Town to fly over the fence near the Great
Fairy's cave. The Deku Scrubs there will challenge you to a game. Since you
can't slow down the time yet, its best to get it done as early as possible
during the day, but you should pull it off before Noon anyway.

The game costs 10 Rupee to play, and if you win, you get 50 Rupee, + the
10-odd rupees that were part of the game (yes, they count). You'll overfill
your wallet if you had too much to start with, meaning you've wasted time
whacking bushes. The game itself is pretty simple. Just fly over to the 6
floating boards in order. Always shoot out when your own plank is at the
highest, and you shouldn't have any troubles moving from one to the other.

Once you've won, go get that Stray Fairy. If its still Day, she's waiting
at the Laundry, the south-western most part of town. If its night, she's in
the Eastern Clock Town, and you might need to use the Deku Flower to shoot
over to it, but its not hard. Get the Fairy back to the cave, and as you
get out, use your Rupees to buy a Clock Town Map from Tingle, and go put
the rest of the rupees in the back in West Clock Town. Note that Tingle
will have a Baloon only when you get your Magic Meter. Before that, he's
standing on the ground waiting. Don't buy any maps that aren't the current
area from him, he charges too much for nothing and you can get better
prices in those area.

If its still early, go pop the Majora's Balloon in North Town, and get the
Bomber's done. They are easy to catch if you spin for extra speed. In fact,
I think its easier to catch them as a Deku than as Human, because your spin
has a wider range than Link's roll attack. The 5 kids are hidden as such :

-One right near the door that leads from North Town to South Town.
-One behind the kid's playground structure of North Town.
-One in East Town. As you get there from North Town, go straight to the
 stairs near the wall, and climb up. The kid will try to flee with a
 chicken, just chase him down.
-One more in East town, on top of the Inn. Shoot up from the Deku Flower, 
 and chase him.
-One in West Town, near the houses in the northern part of it.

You need to catch him before the next Day (6 am). Its not hard to do, and
that's perfect for us as well. If you still got time to kill before 6am, go
cut more bushes for money. You need another 10-20 for the second round of
the Deku game. The second round is much harder, but still simple enough if
you take a moment to watch the boards before starting the game.

Try to shoot at the outside board as its coming toward you from the left
side. Don't wait too long, else it will pass you. Shoot for it when its
just a bit way off the corner, and you should sail over to it easily. After
that, go for the middle ones, they don't move as much and are easier. Then
go for the last exterior one, shooting toward it when you see it coming
toward you, but still a little way off. Since its moving toward you, you'll
catch it. Don't try to 'chase' a board, you'll miss for sure.

Once won, you can put the rupees to rest in the bank, and then go back to
West Town and give the kid the Bomber's password, so you can go to the
observatory and get the Moon Tear. Exchange it to the Deku Merchant in
South Town, and you're done with the Mandatory stuff. What's left? The 3rd
day of the Deku game, and more Rupees.

It should still be early after finishing the trade game. Go back to hacking
bushes, and when you have lots of rupees, toss them in the bank. It
shouldn't take long to get the 200 Rupees for the Adult Wallet after you're
done with the Deku game twice (50 Rupees each, after all). And instead of
waiting, its a good thing to get done for the rest of the game. 

Around 3pm, you can go to the Postman's house in West Town and try to win
his game. You need to count up to 10 in your head, and press the button on
exactly 10 seconds. Its harder than it sounds since you don't see the timer
after 4 seconds of 'warming up'. You can always wait until you got the Bunny
Hood to do this part, since with the Bunny Hood, the timer stays on screen
for you, making it much easier to win. But since we get the Bunny Hood only
later, after getting the Ocarina back, you might want to wait a bit for it. 
But this is the soonest possible.

When its around Midnight, stop by the Inn in West Town, and go trade the
Deed to the Hand that sprouts out of the toilet for a Heart Piece. You
didn't have anything else to do with that Deed as a Deku anyway. Just
remember that while its supposed to be in the Bomber's Logbook, you don't
have it yet, so even though you got the prize, its not complete. You'll have 
to redo it later just for the benefit of having the entry in your book. If
you wonder how to enter the Inn, use the Flower to shoot up to the second
floor, where you caught a Bomber previously. That door is always unlocked.

For the next Deku Game round, you only need your playing money, since you
don't win Rupees this time, so don't worry about busting your wallet with
the prize. Spend the time you want gathering rupees. Once 6am arrives, go
play the last round of the Deku Game. The prize is a Heart Piece (that makes
two or three already!). The last round is the hardest. Some boards move up 
and down, and some move sideways. Use your experience from the first two 
rounds to get them all. I got it on the first try, so just be bareful of 
your landing, and you'll be fine. Remember the height when shooting for the 
vertical ones.

I think the easiest way to start is to use the Left flower and aim for the
nearest vertical board. Shoot out when the board is near top height, and you
should arrive when the board is low, giving juuuust enough dropping distance
to land on it. The outer ones are very fast, so it might be a good idea to
do them first, from the vertical ones. The two middles are easy. Once you
have one, just shoot straight up, and wait for the next one to move under
you, and drop. Just be careful of your timing, this is definitly the
hardest one.

The last Heart Piece to get is of course on the Clock Tower itself. You
practically can't miss that one. While waiting for Midnight, grab the 50
Rupees on top of the large tower, using your newly acquired Deku Flower in
South Town. Every bit counts in the bank. Remember you need 5000 Rupee in
the bank for a Heart Piece. All that is left is retrieving your Ocarina and
you're done with the Deku Days.

Last notes : I've managed to get all the mandatory stuff done in the first
day (as well as the first round of the Deku Game), but I've given you a time
guide that allows for some error. The Deku game can eat alot of time if you
fail a few times. Basically, just remember to go to the Deku Game as early
as you can every game day, and use the rest of the time to gather Rupee and
do the required events. By 6am (Dawn of Second Day warning), I had 148
Rupees (128 in Bank), and the Heart Piece from the Inn. The Trading was done
before Noon on the 2nd day.

3. Before the Swamp (PRESWAMP)

Items Possible : Bomb Bag, Big Bomg Bag, Bombs
Heart Pieces   : 8 (Total 12/52)
Masks          : Deku Mask, Great Fairy Mask, Kafei Mask, Bremen Mask, 
                 Bunny Hood, Blask Mask, Kamaro Mask (Total 7/24)
Miscellaneous  : Song of Healing, Scarecrow Song, Bombers Notebook,
                 Swamp Title Deed

To-Do Checklist :
 ___ Talk to the Mask Saleman (Deku Mask, Song of Healing)
 ___ Clash Owl Statue
 ___ Play on the Kid's Playground (Heart Piece)
 ___ Buy Bomb Bag from the Shop
 ___ Complete Swordsman's Training (Heart Piece)
 ___ Watch the Deku through the Telescope
 ___ Haggle with the Deku Merchant (Heart Piece)
 ___ Dance with the Peahat (Heart Piece)
 ___ Destroy the Dodongos (Heart Piece)
 ___ Reunite the Great Fairy once again (Great Fairy Mask)
 ___ Start the investigation of the missing son (Kafei Mask)
 ___ Listen to the Musician's sad story (Bremen Mask)
 ___ Learn Kamaro's Dance (Midnight) (Kamaro's Mask)
 ___ Save Granny's Bag from the Thief (Midnight 1st Day only) (Blast Mask)
 ___ Spread Kamaro's Dance to the world (Evenings) (Heart Piece)
 ___ Save up 5000 Rupees in the Bank (Heart Piece)
 ___ Clash swords on the Owl Statue of Milk Road / Romani Ranch
 ___ Play 'Follow the Leader' with chicks (Bunny Hood)
 ___ Bet on a Dog Race (Heart Piece)
 ___ Give a 'Hand' to a Hand (Heart Piece or 5 Rupees)

Well, that certainly was a fun 3 days. Now you're a human, and there's a few
more things to get around. Let's see what we can gather before we even step
into the swamp area. 

Oh, and doesn't that Mask Salesman look a bit schizo to you as well?
Anyway... Start by playing the Inverted Song of Time. Now you have more time
to do everything. Sure would have been useful in the first chapter, don't
you think? From here on, I won't tell you to play the song when you return
to Day 1, but I will tell you if its not necessary to do so for a reason or

First thing to do, strike the Owl Statue right next to the Clock Tower. It
will be useful in the future. Next head to North Clock Town. In the kid's
playground, you can hop on the blocks to jump into the tree, and catch
another Heart Piece. 

Time to pay another visit to the Bombers. Blow his balloon again as a Deku,
and then talk to him as a human this time. I find it a bit harder as Link to
catch them, but it just requires a bit more time and patience, as they are
exactly hiding in the same place as before. Now that you have the Notebook,
you'll record everything down. Remember that the Hand from the Inn isn't
recorded yet either. And the Postman time game either if you already done it.

Now, you could withdraw a few rupees to try to get another Heart Piece from
the Swordman in West Town. He asks 10 rupees to try to cut 15 logs using
only the jump attack. Its easier said then done, but after a few
(frustrating) tries, you'll finally understand how Link is controlled enough 
to do it. I found this harder to cut wood than attacking most monsters in 
this game.

You should also get rupees to buy the bomb bag at the shop right in front of
the bank, for the price of 50 Rupees. See why I made you hunt so many rupees
at first? You had nothing else to do, and you can go right away and get
things done now.

Now, since its still early, with the Inverted Song of Time helping, how
about going a bit out of town for more stuff? We won't go far, Termina Field
is the limit of this chapter. You can teach the Scarecrow a song of your
choice, but he will remember it only until you return to the 1st Day.
Basically if you ever need him somewhere, you'll have to come back and give
him a song first.

And then go look through the Telescope. If you check toward the south,
you'll see a Deku merchant flying by. If you manage to follow him, he'll
disapear into a hole. Go back to town, and exit and try to find that hole.
He'll be inside with a Heart Piece, which he'll sell you for 150. Refuse
him, and he'll let it go for 100. Good deal? If you didn't see which hole he
got in, its easy, its the hole right in front of the Observatory, near the
tree with a guy trying to grab a few Red Rupees out of the branches.

By the way, roll into that tree, and you'll get 40 Rupees, and the guy hurts
his leg. Hm. He says he stole it from a Crow?

While you're outside, there's another piece to get. Near Milk Road, there's
some high grass. There's a Deku Baba hiding there, and some butterflies
nearby. Most of the time, these butterflies fly around a hidden hole. If you
drop in, you'll find a huge Peahat monster. Once dead, it will leave a Heart
Piece behind. Fighting it is easier than said though. If you stay in his
'open' angle though, he won't hurt you, and you can just do normal attacks
to wear it down.

And there's a last one to get outside, if you're brave. Two Large Dodongos
wait for you inside a hole in the snowy area off North from the town, near
one of those big Dodongos. Fighting them in such a small space is pretty
hard, but possible. Just remember to let it breath its fire, strafe around
it, strike its tail once (jump or normal) and then pull up the shield QUICK.
Two of them can kill you pretty quick at this point of the game. It takes 6
jump attacks each, and try not to stay close to them, else even with the
shield you might get hurt. When they die, stay clear of their exploding
bodies. If you can't do it, come back later with arrows. I find them
increadibly easy with arrows. Oh, and they both net 50 Rupees each too, as
a bonus. Come with an empty wallet. With this part, it makes 8 Heart Pieces,
meaning a new full heart!

Now we're done with what's outside for the moment. Back in town, you should
take care of reuniting the Great Fairy again as a human, so you can get the
Great Fairy Mask. But since there's no time limit on this, just pick up the
fairy whenever you see it and drop it off whenever you pass near the cave.
You won't be using it so quickly anyway.

And whenever you walk past, stop by the Mayor's house in East Town, and
check on his wife. She will ask you to investigate about her son's
disapearance, and give you the Kafei Mask. You can't do much with it yet
though, but might as well pick it up.

While its night, go to the Laundry area as well, and talk to the musician,
who will tell you his sad story and give you the Bremen Mask. He's there
starting around 10pm, so you can do this right before the next part.

If you feel you're quick, its possible to get the Kamaro Mask at the same
time as the Blast Mask, but time is very short. Kamaro appears exactly at
Midnight, and the Granny gets attacked around 12h20-30. So you need to be
very quick to do it both. If not, leave Kamaro for another time, the Bomb
Mask is more useful. But it can be done, as the one writing this done it,
with a few in-game minutes to spare. Roll all the way for better speed
(trick taken from Ocarina of Time for Dampe's race and the Biggoron's Sword

To get the Kamaro Mask, go through the North gate, and scale the fence
toward the west until you see a Mushroom on the other side that has a circle
of rocks on top of it. At midnight, the ghost of Kamaro will appear. Talk to
him, then play the Song of Healing to get his mask.

Around Midnight, go in North Town to help the Granny with the thief. This
part is easy if you prepare yourself well. Just stand on the road right in
front of the gate that leads to South Town. The thief will run there first,
so just nail him with your sword as he runs past you. If you miss, his first
turn is around the tree behind you, so just wait for him on the other side.
Really, he doesn't run fast either.

In thanks, Granny will give you the Blast Mask. Since you already have the
Bomb Bag, its not incredibly useful, but you can use it to Bomb something
before finding any at the beginning of a new sequence. Like that 100-rupee
chest in the path to the Observatory, just left of the entrance through the
water tunnel. Its an easy 100 rupee picking for you everytime you restart
the 3 days, so why not?

Now, if you've helped Kamaro and retrieve his mask, you have another Heart
Piece available. During the night, just go to West Town and use the mask to
Dance in front of the two girls. That's all you need to do to get it. The
girls don't appear on the 3rd day, but you should get it done well before
that anyway.

Now if you saved Granny, the Bomb shop will almost immediatly hold the new
Big Bomg Bags for the low sum of 90 Rupees! You could just get that
100-rupee chest in the underground path and buy this, its a steal! Now you
can carry 30 Bombs instead, so its a great thing to get early. Remember, we
haven't even reached the Swamp yet with all of this! (and in my game, all of
this is done and we're not even on the 2nd day.)

If you got some free time, why not redo the trade to the Hand in the Inn
with the Title Deed? It will complete your NoteBook at least, but if you
already done it, it will give you a mere 5 Rupees. Ah well.

This actually takes care of most tasks for this chapter, but there is one
(and optionally two) more things to do. You can either use the Song of
Double Time to speed up to the last day, or wait it out by hunting Rupees.
Everything counts toward the 5000 Rupee goal for that Heart Piece. I've
listed that Heart Piece here, but really, you shouldn't aim for it this
early in the game. Just get the Rupees here and there when you got some
time, and get it done later. I'm listing it here because its actually the
earliest possible to get it, even if its not really the most conveniant.

Now, on the Final day, you can finally head into Milk Road. Buy a map from
Tingle while you're there for 20 Rupees, and head down the road to where a
Rock was previously (if you visited before, there was nothing to do and a
huge rock blocking the path). Now you'll see Epona there, but you can't get
your horse just yet. But you know where it is now. And Malon... err Romani
there is apparently spaced out for some reason. Hm. And her sister in the
barn isn't more helpful.

Anyway, head to the back of the ranch to see two doors. One of them leads
into the chicks pen. Go there, and talk to the guy. He'd like to see his
chicks turned into Cucoos before the end. So whip out the Bremen Mask, and
gather them around. DO NOT let go of the button under any circustance, and
don't try to use any items or speak to someone, else they will all fly away.
Once you've gathered all 10 of them, they will turn into Roosters, and the
owner will be happy, and give you the Bunny Hood. That mask is probably the
one you'll use the most throughout the game. Just remember, don't let go of
the March button until all of them are turned into roosters and the screen
turns black.

The other door on the ranch is optionnal, and even very hard to get the
Heart Piece from. Its possible with lots of luck, and it is the earliest you
can expect to get it, so that's why its listed here, but its best to return
later with the Mask of Truth. With the Mask, you can talk to the dogs, and
one of them will say "There’s no way I can lose!" so bet on that one. Its
not a 100% sure win, but its your best bet anyway. Otherwise you'll rely on
sheer luck to pick the right one in the dozen dogs there. To get the Heart
Piece, you must win a bet for at least 150 rupees return prize.

While you're in the ranch Area, hit the Owl Statue there too.

Now we're done with this part, let's play the Song of Time and return to the
first day.

Now you can take this new 3day to complete what you missed, or head to the
next chapter. You can also partake in a good ammount of the Kafei and Anju
quest to get another mask. Its not needed, but its the soonest you can get
it as well. Anju and Kafei's quest cannot be completed until much later
though, but there is a good ammount of it possible to do to get a mask or
two. There is alot of things to do still, which is why its not really a good
idea to insert it with the dozen other things we've done in this chapter.
Its almost a chapter on its own in fact. If you want to partake in this, go
to the chapter 3b. Else skip to chapter 4, and head to the Swamp.

Also, since you got the Bunny Hood, you can go back around 3pm on Day 1 or 2
and challenge the postman’s game. It will be much easier as the timer stays
on screen the whole time, and shows only the 10th digits instead of 100th.
Also with the Bunny Hood, you can hop over Honey and Darling's door signs
from the north part of East Town, and head all the way south along the wall,
for another eays 100 Rupees to pick every new 3 days.

Last Notes : Whenever the items needed to make the task 'easier' will be
found later, I'll point to the various tasks I already mentionned. The goal
of this walkthrough is to point out the earliest you can get the items,
masks and Heart Pieces, but several items make those tasks alot easier. Like
the Bunny Hood for the Postman and the Mask of Truth for the Dog Race. I
will mention to return to those later when we have found these items, for an
easier time. So don't worry about missing out a few things yet.

3b. Anju and Kafei Part 1 (ANJU-1)

Items Possible : Bottle (1/6), Chateau Romani
Heart Pieces   : 2 (Total 14/52)
Masks          : Keaton Mask, Postman Hat (Total 9/24)
Miscellaneous  : Pendant of Memory, Letter to Kafei, Priority Mail

To-Do Checklist :
 ___ Watch Kafei mail a letter
 ___ Reserve a room at the Inn (1:45pm 1st day)
 ___ Interrogate Anju on Kafei's case
 ___ Meet with Anju at night (11:30pm, 1st Day)
 ___ Mail Anju's letter
 ___ Meet with the Blue Haired Boy at the time of the delivery (3:00pm 2nd Day)
 ___ Agree to keep his secret
 ___ Deliver the Pendant of Memories to Anju
 ___ Go back to the Blue Haired Boy (1pm, 3rd Day) (Keaton Mask)
 ___ Deliver the Letter to the Postman (Postman Hat) 
 ___ Deliver the Letter to Ms. Aroma (Chateau Romani)
 ___ Check the Mailbox with the Postman Hat (Heart Piece)
 ___ Take the Quiz of the Keaton (Heart Piece)

Now, I'm putting this in a sub 'chapter' for the reasons given previously. You 
don't have to do this, but since its part of a bigger quest later, I'm dubbing 
it 'part 1' so you can refer to it when its time to do the entire quest.

IMPORTANT NOTES: Don't catch the thief in Granny's Bomb quest if you want to 
do this quest. Catching him means he won't come back to sell the goodies, and 
some events won't happen because of that. Also don't try to check in with Anju
before the appointed time, else she will refuse giving you the room key later
on, since you already named yourself to her.

First thing to do, right off when you start a new 1st Day, you'll see a blue
haired boy walk down from the Laundry and Mail a letter. Its not recorded
anywhere, but its a nice little bonus to this story.

Don't worry about playing the Inverted Song of Time this time around, because
you'll actually be waiting alot on everything to happen. Well you could always
just go do other mini-quests, as given in the previous or next chapters. Like
the Deku Game, or the Archery game or Honey and Darling's Alley when you get
your Bow in the next chapter. Either way, you have to wait until 1h45pm 1st Day.

At that time, enter the Inn and Anju will step in. Talk to her as she takes her
place  behind the counter, say you have a reservation. That will give you a room
key for the night, and you can freely enter the Inn without using the second
floor's door this time. You can get the key until 4pm.

Optionally, stick around 2pm to 2h30pm or so and listen to the postman deliver a
letter to Anju. Anju looks surprised, but the postman has no information on
where that letter is from.

When she's done with the postman, try putting on the Kafei mask and talk to her.
Since its for Kafei's investigation, she will tell you what she knows about it.
Well actually she asks you to go to the Kitchen at 11:30 that night for that
information. Hmm, curiouser and curiouser.

Meanwhile, you can stop by your room. Its on the second floor, the middle door.
There's a chest with 100 rupee inside waiting. Interesting, isn't it? I wonder
if its the bonus for reserving early or something.

At any rate, come back or hang around until 11:30, and head to the kitchen. Anju
will arrive there actually at midnight, so she makes you wait... Meh. But Anju
will actually wait there all night if you're late anyway. How do I know that?
Look at your Notebook. Its the best way to try to coordinate events like these.
After talking a little, she asks you to mail a letter for her. 'Trade' it to any
mailbox around town, like the one you saw the boy use the first day, and you're
done for that day. 

When you exit the Inn, hear that sound? If you look on the ground level near the
Inn's door, you'll see a sleeping Goron. I believe he's the one you took the
reservation from, or rather Anju made a mistake. Poor Goron. Its for the fate
of two lovers, please excuse me! 
--Added note : If you hang around the Inn until 4pm You get to see The Goron
sleeping outside entering and asking for his room. His name is Link-Goro (or
whatever you named yourself-Goro). If you peek on the conversation, you'll find
this info. Poor Goron.

Zoom in to the next day. Follow the postman around on this delivery route until
he goes to the Laundry. Or just wait at the Laundry, same thing. He should get
there around 3:30 on Day 2. If you can't wait, its faster to ask the granny at
the Inn to tell you stories. Each time you ask her the Carnival of Time, 2 hours
will pass, but its only good until evening, which should suit you fine at the
moment. Around 3h00, the postman will ring the bell, and the blue haired boy
will come out running for it. Take that chance to jump over the water with the
Bunny Hood or swim over, and get inside the door before he comes back.

Inside, you'll meet with the Blue masked boy. Agree to keep a secret, and he'll
reveal to you the shocking truth! Surprise, he's Kafei! I wouldn't have guessed!
I mean, the blue hair doesn't give it away, there's 4 other blue haired guys in
town, right? Anyway, he'll tell you what happened to him, why he's hiding and
will give you the Pendant of Memories for Anju.

Go back to the Inn to give it to Anju as Kafei requested. She looks delighted to
see that you met him, when he was supposed to have completly vanished. Now
you're done for this day. Warp or kill time until 1pm Final Day.

If you go back to see Kafei around that time, the door will be unlocked, but
instead the Curiosity Shop owner will be there. He says he has a message from
Kafei for you, and he'll give you the Keaton Mask, and also an Express Mail to
Kafei's Mom, Madam Aroma. Now you have two alternatives. Give it yourself
(Completing Aroma's notebook entry) or give it to the postman so he can do it.

Giving it to the Postman, follow him until he delivers it. Once he exits the
house, he'll give you the Postman Hat. Use it right away on a MailBox to get a
Heart Piece! To reach him, wait until 6pm and go see him at the post office.
He'll be in distress because of the state of town, but will deliver that letter
for you still. Just follow him from there, enter the bar and listen on their
conversation. Then exit the bar, and the Postman will be ready to flee town, so 
take the Postman Hat before he does. Watch him sproing out the gate afterwards.

Giving it to Ms. Aroma will net you a new Bottle filled with Romani Milk, giving
you unlimited Magic Power until the rest of the 3 days. She's waiting in the
Milk Bar, if you're not a member (which you shouldn't if you followed me) get in
before 9pm, when membership is not required, and she will be there. Ms. Aroma
doesn't arrive before 6pm though, so you might have to wait or warp over to the
Evening. Hang in the Milk Bar until then if you want to see Ms. Aroma
'magically appear' on her stool without seeing her walk in, heh. Talk to her
while wearing the Kafei Mask , else she won't remember that she asked you to
investigate that matter, and won't take the letter.

The choice is yours anyway, but remember that either way, to complete the quest
later you'll need to redo this part to complete Kafei and Anju's quest, so
whatever you pick this time, choose the other one next time, so you can get
everything done properly.

I would recommend the Postman's route the first time, so you can complete the
hat gathering and get another Heart piece. But the extra bottle might be very
useful in the near future too. If you got time to spare, why not redo the quest
twice to get both done right away? Anyway, this is all you can do right now
since the last part requires tools you don't have.

So after getting either the Postman Hat or the Bottle, if you have enough time,
go over to North Town, put on the Keaton Mask and try to slash the bushes there.
A Keaton (two-tailed fox) will pop up and ask you questions. Answer 5 questions
currectly for another Piece of Heart! The questions are random, and several FAQs
and Walkthroughs list them already, so I'll skip that. Refer to those for the
Questions/Answers found. Your prize is yet another Piece of Heart! If you do it
again afterwards, you'll get 20 Rupees everytime.

Last notes : As said, you can always just do it twice right away, but you won't
get anything more doing it a third time later to actually complete the Anju and
Kafei quest. But that extra bottle sure can be nice so early in the game. When
you actually do it to end the quest, it might be easier to get the Chateau
Romani milk

4. Southern Swamp (SWAMP)

Items Possible : Bottle (2/6), Pictograph, Deku Stick, Magic Beans
Heart Pieces   : 6 (Total 20/52)
Masks          : 0 (Total 9/24)
Miscellaneous  : Song of Awakening, Song of Soaring

To-Do Checklist :
 ___ Watch the cutscene as you approach the Swamp
 ___ Escalate a tree (Heart Piece)
 ___ Blow Tingle out of the Sky (Map)
 ___ Clash the Owl Statue
 ___ Trade the Title Deed (Heart Piece)
 ___ Follow the Monkey through the Woods of Mystery
 ___ Get a Red Potion from Kotake (Bottle)
 ___ Follow the monkey back to Koume and give her the Red Potion
 ___ Go back to the Boat house for a free ride.
 ___ Borrow the Pictograph at the Boat House (Pictograph)
 ___ Take the ride to the Deku Palace.
 ___ Get a closeup picture of the Deku King
 ___ Sneak into the west maze (Heart Piece)
 ___ Sneak through the east maze
 ___ Get your sample of Magic Beans.
 ___ Go around the castle and sneak over the wall with the Magic Bean
 ___ Shoot you way from East to West through the castle
 ___ Meet up with the Caged Monkey (Sonata of Awakening)
 ___ Ride the Flowers to the Waterfalls
 ___ Talk with the Owl (Song of Soaring)
 ___ Fly over the Woodfall Swamp
 ___ Clash the second Owl Statue
 ___ Float over to a chest (Heart Piece)
 ___ Trade the Deku King picture at the boat house (Heart Piece)
 ___ Play your song to the Gossip Stones (Heart Piece)

Now, let's see what we have. If you don't count the 5000 Rupee and the Dog
Racing, you should have collected 2 or 3 full hearts, meaning you start with 5
or 6 Hearts. It should make your life much easier since you usually don't get
here with more than 4 hearts when you don't search out everything like we've
done. You might have a bottle from the chapter 3b. as well, which is a bonus,
you usually get your very first bottle in this area.

Now, start by playing the Inverted Song of Time as usual, and before you leave
town, go make the Trade to get the Town Title Deed once more. This time it will
be used. And then move south through the gate, toward the forest area, named
Southern Swamp.  You'll get a cutscene as you approach, explaining a bit more of
Tatl, Tael and the Skull Kid's relationship.

The first area is composed of 2 stretches, with a tree at the junction. The
North/South one is the one we'll follow, since the East one ends up on the
Archery game, and we don't have the Bow yet, so its useless for now. If you
take the time to get rid of the bats around the tree, there's another Heart
Piece right on top of it. You can climb the bark of the tree easily on one
side. If you didn't get the Postman's Hat, this will complete your 3rd Full

Before you leave this area, grab the Woodfall map from Tingle floating there.
Use the Deku Bubble as usual. Soon you won't need to switch shapes for that. If
you need the money for it, drop down the hole near the tree for 20 Rupees.

The area to the south has a floating house. First go right along the wall to the
Owl Statue, and clash your sword on it. Then climb up the ladder to the house,
and trade the Title Deed to the Deku there. Use that new Deku Flower to launch
up on top of the house for another Heart Piece. That's all to do in this area.

On the left side of the house, there's a bunch of lilypads. Use your Deku form
to hop from one to the other, following the patch until there's a gate. Cross it
to reach the Witch's house.

But don't enter it yet, its not useful. Just go through the gate behind it, and
you'll get into the Woods of Mystery, this game's version of the Lost Woods.
Here a monkey will offer to show you the path. Every day that path changes, but
the monkey will always be there to guide you. Just keep off the sort of
turtles, and follow quickly with the Bunny Hood. Careful, that monkey often
fakes you out, turning left, but doing a large U-turn to go right instead.
Since you got the Bunny Hood, just stop in the door and wait for it to make
its mind first, and then catch up.

At the end of the path, you'll see Koume, one of the Witches, which was downed
by the Skull Kid. She asks for a potion, which you don't have, unless you bought
one. You shouldn't have anyway. Just go back to the Witch's house, and she'll
give you a Bottle with its fill of Red Potion already. Go back to Koume, and
trade her the bottle. Remember, give it to her in the dialog, else you'll just
drink it yourself and flip her the bird. Seriously, many do that mistake.

When she asks for it, equip the bottle while the dialog box is up, and give it
to her. Now, you'll get to keep the empty bottle, and she'll be good. Now you'll
get a free boat ride if you return to the boat house (the one with the Deku
Flower). The monkey doesn't let you move out without asking you something first,
and that's to meet with his brother which is captured in the Deku Palace. That's
where we're heading next, but for that we need to get back to the Boat House.

Return there, and enter the house, and talk to Koume behind the counter to get
a free boat ride as a thanks, and a Pictograph for the contest in bonus. No use
taking too many pictures yet, we just want one in particular. Now take the boat
ride until you disembark near a monkey and a gate. That's the Deku Palace. As
you should expect, you'll need to sneak in using your Deku body, else they will
be after your hide.

If you look behind you, toward the north, you'll see a sort of 'hive' structure.
That's the Swamp Spider House. But you don't have what's needed for that yet, so
just ignore it and get inside the Palace, following the monkey through the gate.

The next area is pretty large, with the Palace right up front. That's the only
place you can go right now, so go ahead, and past the two guards as a deku.
Inside, there's 3 doors. Start by the middle one, and get in front of the
pedestral to get a clean picture of the Deku King. Keep that picture, don't take
any others.

Now go back to the three doors, and take the west one. Avoid being seen by the
guards, and you'll find a Heart Piece waiting at the end of the small maze.

Now go back, and get through the east one. Mind you, if you get caught, its
okay, they throw you out the front door, but you can enter again right away.
Its a speedy way of getting out of the mazes.

At the end of the East Maze you'll drop through a hole. A bean seller will be
there. He'll give you a free sample, and then you can buy some others for 10
rupees each. If you want to test your free sample, that cave has some soil near
a pond of water. Plant a bean, and take some water with your bottle, and pour it
over the plant for it to sprout into a platform. Ride the platform to a chest
containing 20 rupees. Make sure you have at least one bottle of water and one
bean before you exit the cave.

On the east side of the Palace outside, you'll see more lilypads you can hop
over. Go the whole way around the Palace until you see some soil. Plant your
bean and water it, it will lead you over the wall of the castle.

Now you'll have to do some tricky shooting, but each time you can, try to snipe
The Deku Scrubs before moving on. Else they can snipe you out of the sky, and
you'll have to start all over from outside. Just take your time and time your
jumps between each platform. If you won the Deku Game from the first sequence,
it will be a piece of cake for you.

Once you've managed to reach the far west side, you'll get to drop down and meet
with the Monkey imprisonned. He won't want to talk to the Deku, so change back
to Link, and talk to him. But when he asks you to play an instrument, go back to
Deku. The Ocarina isn't loud enough, you need the Deku Pipes for this. Then
you'll be thrown out once again, but you'll have learned the Sonata of

Going to the east side once again, this time shoot up the rock steps to the
large door, which leads into a the area right in front of the Palace, but this
time, overhead on large flowers. And the area is filled with electrical
DragonFlies. Quite annoying, but shoot them with your Deku Bubbles, and then use
the Deku Flowers to move from one huge flower to another, aiming toward the rock
and waterfall to the right. If you miss, don't worry. Just fall into the water,
and let yourself sink, you'll reappear on top of the flower you were on last.

Once there, you'll see an Owl, but not a statue this time. When he flies away, 
check the stone he was perched on for the Song of Soaring. This will be useful, 
but not now, we're too close to the goal to quit now.

The cave entrance is nearby, so use it, and you'll reach the Woodfall area. Its 
a large swamp, instead of a Jungle-like area. This one is inhabited by only a 
few bugs, Deku Scrubs, and barely any vegetation. Try not to fall down here, 
most of the time you won't be able to get back up. Circle the area by the right 
side from the entrance, using the Deku Flowers and taking care of the bull-
charging mobs on the logs with your bubbles. Until you reach the Owl Statue. 
Open it up as usual, and look around.

Remember that there are several ways to take care of the Deku Scrubs. If you
are flying over one, drop a Deku Nut. If you land on the area near it, spin
attack. If you are approaching it, use your bubbles. But the sort of ramming
enemies can't be hit by anything else than your bubbles. Two bubbles will
kill it.

See that big cave in the back? That's the Great Fairy for this area, but since 
you don't have the Stray Fairies yet, ignore it. If you look at your map,
you'll see several chests around. Most of them have money, but one of them has
a Heart Piece. It should be the nearest one to the south entrance of the area,
in a gold-plated chest. The other chests in this area are Rupees, if you want
to fill your wallet a bit more.

After the Heart Piece, play your newly acquired Song of Soaring to return to
the Southern Swamp area. Go in the boat house, and trade your Picture of the
Deku King for another Heart Piece! You should have completed yet another
Heart by now!

There's yet another Heart Piece you can get out of Termina Field at this point
too. There is four holes around Termina Field, and each of them has a large
Gossip Stone instead. Switch to Deku, and play to all four large Stones the
Song of Awakening. You'll know it worked when it spins and changes colors to
green. The four holes are found :

-One is near Southern Swamp. From it, hug the left wall, and you'll find the
 hole next to tall grass.
-Another near the Observatory, north side of it, in the corner of its fence
 and the wall.
-Right outside the North Town gate, near the fence and where the snow starts,
 slightly east.
-Between the gates to North and West town, there's a Gossip Stone and a rock.
 Blow the rock away to reveal the Gossip Stone hole.

You'll notice that each time you get one to a color, in the next one, one of
the 3 smaller ones will be green as well. That's a sign that you're doing them
right. Just get all 4 green and you'll get a Heart Piece as a prize. 

Once you're done, you might want to use your Song to return to town, bank in 
your rupees, and restart from day one, even if its early. You're about to
tackle the actual dungeon, so having the most time is best, not only for the
actual dungeon, but for the wrap up that comes after. If you were well into
the 3rd day when you're done with the dungeon, you wouldn't have enough time
left and would need to return and beat the boss a second time. Just give
yourself as much chances as possible. 

With the Song of Soaring and the last Owl Statue you just opened, you'll be
back where you were in no time at all.

4b. Woodfall Temple (WOODFALL)

Items Possible : Hero's Bow
Heart Pieces   : 0 (Total 20/52)
Masks          : None (Total 9/24)
Miscellaneous  : Odolwa's Remains, Oath to Order

Okay, so maybe I need a walkthrough for the Stray Fairies. The order to get
them is debatable, but its possible to get them all in one time, instead of
returning inside a second time. So I'll just do a quick walkthrough of the
temple, pointing out which door to head to, basic puzzles and where the
fairies are. This section contains no Heart Pieces, and no Masks beside the

Now unless if you are very patient and lucky, you should have 7 hearts for your 
life meter. If you managed to get the 5000 Rupees and win the Dog Race, you'll 
have 8. Either way, you have about 3 hearts more than you probably would have
at this point, I'm sure you won't complain! It will make this dungeon way
easier, especially if you have 2 bottles. Put two fairies inside them as soon
as you can.

Wether you decided to return to Day 1 or not is your choice, but either way you 
can use the Song of Soaring to get back to Woodfall in a second. As soon as you 
get there, break the pots for a fairy, and take it in one of your bottles. 
That's your safeguard against death if you were unlucky. But this dungeon is 
really easy overall. Just learn to use your Deku powers even more, and switch 
between Link and Deku alot.

To enter the Temple, play the Song of Awakening as a Deku on the round thing in 
the middle of the area you are standing on. That will make the Temple rise out 
of the swamp. Use the Deku Flower to glide over it. You should barely make it, 
don't worry.

As soon as you enter, put on the Great Fairy Mask for your first Stray Fairy 
(1/15). Its right there in front of you. Use the Deku Flower to shoot to the 
left, and then back to the right toward the chest. The chest holds another
Stray Fairy (2/15). From there use the Deku Flowers to shoot toward the door
on the other side. If you fall down, the monsters are black like the shadows
around you, so keep using the spin attack toward the entrance, where you can
use a ladder to get back up. Ignore the two Skulltulas hanging from the
ceiling, just move right between the two safely.

This room is the Main Room of this place. It has several doors and puzzles to 
get through. Go down the ramp on your left, kill the Deku Baba for a stick (you 
might need a few later), and then down to the other Baba. Once defeated, it 
releases another Stray Fairy (3/15). The door is locked here, so cross by 
bouncing over the water to the flowers floating there, to the other side of the 
room. When you reach the door, look right, and cross over to the pots. Break 
them for another Stray Fairy (4/15). Now go through the door.

The trick to crossing longer distances is spinning before you fall off the
ledge and over the water. You'll be faster and cross longer distances
without drowning easily in this stage if you use this trick.

In this room, more floating flowers and a Deku Flower in the center. Start by 
shooting to the chest on the left, which will net you a Small Key. Look to the 
left of the chest, and there will be a Hive hanging on the wall. Shoot it with
a Bubble for Stray Fairy (5/15). Just get it out of the water with the Great
Fairy Mask. Spin back to the Deku Flower, and then left toward the door,
opposite of where you entered. This one has a few plants right next to it, if
you have doubts on which one it is between the two.

Your first mini-boss. Kinda. Its not truthfully a mini-boss, but the door is 
locked so you can't get out without winning. But that's pretty easy. Dive into
a Deku Flower next to turtle-like monster, called a Snapper. When it tries to
roll over you, jump out when its right over the flower, and you'll kill it as
you jump out. Do that for all 3 to win the Dungeon Map.

Go back to the Main Room (The big flower room) and open the locked door. Grab 
another stick from the Babas while you're here too, you can't have too many of 
them for the next part.

This room will require mostly Link, so take off the Deku Mask. Push the block 
forward, and move right along the path. Shoot Bubbles at the hive hanging right 
over were the block was for a Stray Fairy (6/15). Get rid of the Skulltula on 
the ceiling with a bubble when it shows its belly to you, else it will knock
you away if you try anything else. It will release a Stray Fairy upon death
(7/15). Change back to Link, pull out a Deku Stick and the Bunny Hood, and then
zoom acroos the room to the barred door. Lit the torch to open it. Don't worry,
from there on, the door will stay open and the torch lit. Phew. Go through the

Dragonflies... You can kill those with bubbles or the Deku Flower technique you
used on the Snappers, although its harder to aim on the flying critters. Victory
brings you the Compass. Now head back to the torch room.

Now put the Bunny Hood again, pull out another Deku Stick, and zoom up the 
stairs on the left of the door near the torch. You might want to survey the 
field before lighting your Deku Stick thought. Your goal is the cobweb on the 
left side of where you get up, jumping over floating blocks on the way, to use 
your deku stick fire to burn the path open. The Bunny Hood is useful but not 
required if you're unsure of the speed of your feet. There's a torch to lit on 
the way, to relit yourself if you think you need it. In fact, your main problem 
here are the butterflies chasing your fire and hurting you. They might distract 
you from jumping properly.

Go up the stairs, and it will be pitch black. Use the Deku-Link spin attack to 
take care of the nuisance. You'll know you're done when the treasure chest 
appears. Open it for a Stray Fairy (8/15) and then use a Deku Stick to lit up 
all of the torches in this room, using the only lit one as a start and running 
along the wall. Its easier to run counter-clockwise because you hold the stick 
slightly to the left, so you can just run past the torch to lit them.

The next room is just like the very first one in many aspect, except you have a
couple of Dragonflies in the way. Try to snipe them with bubbles from the
furthest you can before moving on. If you fall down, be wary of the holes in
the ground. They drop back down to the Main Room, and you'll have to take a
short walk back up.

Back down to the main room, but on the second floor of it this time. Start with 
the switch, which you can't push as a Deku. It makes two ladder appear so you 
will never need to go back the long way around. Go through that door right
away, and through the next door on that floor.

You'll be faced with the real Mini-Boss, the Dinofols. Just defend and counter 
attack as needed to win the Hero's Bow! A whole new plethora of things to do 
open up to you now. Just head back out for now thought.

Right as you get out, notice the Eye on the other side? Target it with your new 
Bow to make the center platform rise up. Now you can use the Deku Flowers to 
reach the other side. Go through the door and...

Whaaaat? Another Mini-Boss? This time you're against Gekko, the mean frog. Just 
hit it a few times with the bow, and it will summon a Snapper to its aid and 
ride it. Use the Deku Flowers to topple the Snapper, and quickly switch back to 
Link to shoot Gekko with an arrow before he rides the Snapper again. Just shoot 
him 3 times when he's off the Snapper to win, and get the Boss Key out of the 
chest behind him. Now go back to the Main Room by whatever means.

Back to the Main Room, move to the second floor (use the ladders if needed) and
pop the bubble to get a Stray Fairy (9/15). Use the Deku Flower to shoot toward
the right of the barred door toward the unlit Torch and a switch. Press the
Switch as Link to make a chest appear. Fall down below to where the Deku Baba
is, and run up to the chest for a Stray Fairy (10/15). 

Go back up and stand on the pressed Switch, and take your bow out. Try to aim so
that your arrow goes through the fire in front of you, and carries the fire over
to the torch in the center of the large flower. Notice the water changed colors?
That's because the water is safe to swim into now. So from where you are, drop
down or use a ladder and use the door on the opposite side from the switch,
lower level.

Right under the block here hides another Stray Fairy (11/15). Just swim under 
the boards to get it. Now back to the main room.

Run up the wooden path to the open chest, and jump on the spinning flower. Aim 
an arrow so it goes through the fire and lit up the torch in the corner, near 
the switch that made that chest appear earlier. That will unbar the door. Use 
that door. 

This is the final room of this dungeon. Put up the Great Fairy Mask, and look
to the left for a bubbled fairy. Open her bubble with an arrow (12/15). Look a
bit to the right, near the fire, and you'll see another one. Shoot it open
(13/15). Now drop down straight, and use the Deku Flowers to shoot up the
stairs on the right side for the two last Stray Fairies (14 and 15/15). And
you're done. Drop down one step, shoot the Crystal Switch, use the Deku Flower
to fly over where the fire was put out, and then jump over to the door to the
boss. If you're quick enough, the Dragonflies won't bug you too much.


Now let's face Odolwa. You should have a Bottled up Fairy from the begining, 
unless you used it (on what monsters?). But don't worry too much, Odolwa isn't 
that hard. He was easiest to me using Link only, so ignore the Deku Flowers 
around. But equip your bombs, just in case, and keep your arrows handy. That's 
all you'll need.

Start by keeping your shield up alot. His attacks don't hurt too much, but
avoid too much damage anyway, just in case. Remember that his sword hurts even
when he's waving it passively. You can use arrows to stun him as well, and get
a few sword hits in. But only shoot when he's not looking passive. He's
actually in his defense stance and will block the arrows off. Its better to use
your arrows as a counter attack.

After a few hits, he'll summon a few bugs. Just kill them easily for some extra 
items. When there's butterflies after you, drop a bomb to have them go boom. If 
you're out a bombs, grab the Bomb Flowers around the walls. Sometimes he'll
just keep disapearing and reapparing on top of you. When that happens just
keep attacking to stun him as soon as he lands. Overall he's not hard.

4c. Cleaning up the Woodfall Swamps (POSTWOOD)

Items Possible : None
Heart Pieces   : 4 (Total 24/52)
Masks          : Mask of Scents, Mask of Truth (Total 11/24)
Miscellaneous  : Large Quiver, Largest Quiver

To-Do Checklist :
 ___ Catch the Deku Princess in a Bottle
 ___ Claim your prize at the Great Fairy
 ___ Return the Deku Princess to the Deku Castle
 ___ Race the Butler (Mask of Scents)
 ___ Challenge the Swampside Skulltula House (Mask of Truth)
 ___ Archery on the Boat Ride (Heart Piece)
 ___ Play the Archery in Woodfall (Quiver Upgrade, Heart Piece)
 ___ Play the Archery in Town (Quiver Upgrade, Heart Piece)
 ___ Challenge the 3 Rounds of Honey and Darling's game (50 Rupees, Heart Piece)
 ___ Bet on the Dog Races (Heart Piece if not done previously) 

Once you're done with Odolwa, you'll get to carry the Deku Princess in a small 
bottle. How you fit her in there, I got no idea, but anyway it works. But
before we carry her home, use the Song of Soaring to return to the Woodfall
point. Turn around, and aim for the Great Fairy cave I pointed out earlier.
First you need to reach that very tall log, and then shoot to the cave. Return
the Stray Fairies to get a Sword Technique, which basically just enchances your
spinning attack for a wider range when you keep charging it.

Return to the Deku Castle, which isn't too hard from the Swamp. When at the 
waterfalls, just drop down to the lilypads, and move toward the castle right in 
front of you. Pop the bottle open in front of her dad to see her royally
trample the king. Now the monkeys will be left in peace. The Butler wants to
thank you as well.

Remember the soil spot outside the castle? Well instead of goind around the
East side, go around the West side. You'll get into a cave in which the Butler
will ask you to race him. Just follow him with the Bunny Hood, its not too hard,
but you might miss a few times due to the several jumps and the fact that its
possible to lose sight of the Butler if you get hit by fire or something on the
way. At the end you will get the Mask of Scents as a reward.

Now, since you're near, wanna get the Gold Skulltula Swamp House done? Its 
easier when you have the Hookshot, but its not that hard to do without either. 
First go back through the East Maze of the Deku Palace to buy 2 Magic Beans. 
You'll need them. The rest you can get inside the Skulltula House. 

While inside the house, if you need bugs, just go to the entrance where the dog 
is. Lift the rock to find bugs. The first room has spring water for you to use. 
There's no order to find all of the Skulltulas, but this list has them all by 
room. Room 1 is divided in two since you can't easily get from floor 1 to 2, 
like in the other rooms.

When I say Roll, its the Roll attack you do when you press the A-Button while 
running. It can destroy crates. Unlike what other guides say, you don't need 
Goron Link to break these.

Swampside Skulltula House

Pillar Room, first floor
1. In the water, left of the entrance stairs.
2. In the pots, left of the entrance.
3. Soil on the upper wall, use Bottled Bugs.
4. Same as 3, opposite wall.
5. On the right side, middle pillars. It moves up and down. Wait for it to be
   low enough. If its easier for you, get it from the second floor.

Pillar room, second floor
1. Middle north wall, shoot it, and then use the Bunny Hood or the Deku Flower 
   to jump to the central pillar with a Deku Flower on top. Shoot over to the 
2. Behind the far north Pillar, visible from 1.
3. Soil on the wall, use Bottled Bugs.

Big Jar Room
1. Slash the vines for a tunnel that leads to one.
2. Roll into the second leftmost jar.
3. Roll into the second rightmost jar.
4. Destroy the pots.
5. Use the Song of Awakening as a Deku to wake up the Deku Scrub. Use the
   Flower to shoot up right over it. The Skulltula there moves up and down,
   just wait for it to get lower.
6. Shoot the hives on the ceiling to have one drop.
7. Same as 6.

North Room (Don't have any better name for this one, its rather bland)
1. Behind the right Pillar.
2. On the middle of the left wall. Make the ladder appear with the crystal 
   switch on the second floor.
3. Shoot the hives on the ceiling.
4. Use a Magic Bean on the soil and water it. The Skulltula is over the high 

Stone Plate Room
1. Roll into the crates in the corner.
2. Keep rolling through all of the crates for another.
3. Jump on top of the stone plate from the second floor.
4. Behind the torch near the top door.
5. Bomb the rock, plant a bean in the soil and water it. Use it to nab the 
   Skulltula underneath the upper ramp.

Tree Room
1. Hidden on the left side in the grass.
2. Hidden on the right side in the grass.
3. Roll into the tree.
4. See #3
5. See #4 :P
6. Shoot the Beehive on the wall.

End of Swampside Skulltula House

Return to the boat house, and request another boat ride. If Koume isn't there, 
you might need to heal her again in the woods. Kotake will give you a red
potion for free as long as you have a free bottle when you talk to her.

But since the water is cleaned, she will propose you a game of archery. Hit the 
target under her 20 times to win a Heart Piece, but don't hit her more than 10 
times or its game over. It takes some practice to learn the pattern that she 
moves, but its always the same, so after 2 or 3 tries, it should be a piece of 

Now with your new Hero's Bow, there's a few things to do. First, go to the 
Archery Alley at the entrance of Woodfall that you ignored earlier. Play his 
game and shoot for the perfect score. Its not too hard, just be careful of the 
time limit.

In the first wave of Deku, there's two at the extreme left and right of the 
screen, high on branches. After that, just snipe the crows, check for a wolf 
every time you hear it howl, and take care of every Deku that pops out
randomly. If you get a perfect score, he will give you a new Quiver for your
arrows. Play again, and do another Perfect Score to win a Heart Piece this

Now return to town, and go to the Town Shooting Gallery. This time you are 
shooting Octoroks. Don't hit the Blue ones, you lose 3 seconds everytime, and 
shooting even one will kill your attempts at a perfect score, as every salvo of 
Octoroks are spaced by 5 seconds. The order and position of the Red Octoroks 
never change, so just learn how they pop up by heart. At first, you need to beat
the score of 39 to get a new Quiver. But the Heart Piece prize here requires a 
perfect score of 50.

Note that I've given you a logical order for the two Shooting Galleries since
you were in the Swamp to start with anyway. But if you decide to win the
Town one first, it doesn't matter for the Quiver Upgrades. If you get the 
Large  Quiver in town instead, the Swamp will have the Largest Quiver.

Now there's another game in town, but that one requires, like the Deku Game,
that you get the perfect score 3 days in a row. You might need to return to the
first day to get this Heart Piece. Honey and Darling's Gallery has 3 different
games, the third being the Archery, which is why you couldn't get this Heart
Piece before now. Just start from Day 1, and warp time to every morning once you
clear a round. Its fast like that, you just need the starting money. Just grab
one of the 100-rupees chests in town for that.

The first game is Bombchu Alley. You need to time the Bombchus so they zoom
along to the ground and hit the targets. Just stand straight toward the wall,
and remember the height of your ground before releasing. The higher your are,
the more time the Bombchu needs to get to the bottom. So if you're high,
release the bombchu a bit before the target is in front of you. If you're low,
release it when its nearly in front of you.

The second day is Bomb-sketball. Its my favorite. Just toss normal bombs into 
the baskets on the walls. This is plain easy compared to the Bombchus. Just 
remember that the more of a walk you do before throwing, the further it goes.

The last day is simple archery. Just shoot the two rows of targets on the wall 
as you're spinning. Its quite simple, and all you need is some rythym to hit 
them in order. You can get them one row at a time, or alternate high low if you 
feel confident. Its faster that way, but you might miss more often.

The prize for every day is 50 Rupees, and the 3rd day, if you have 3 perfect 
scores, you get a Heart Piece.

Finally, on Day 3, after winning Honey and Darling's game would be best, head to
Romani Ranch and bet on the dog races if you haven't won the Heart Piece from it
before. I told you I would remind you of this. Bring as many Rupees as you can, 
just to be on the safe side. Using your Mask of Truth, talk to the dogs until 
you find the one that says "There's no way I'll lose". Betting on that one gives
your highest chances of victory, but its not 100%. That's why you should carry 
as much money as you can. If you manage to win over 150 Rupees with a single
race, you get your Heart Piece. Its much easier with the Mask of Truth.

And if you want to, go beat that ugly bird (named Takkuri) near Romani ranch
using your new arrows. 12 Arrows fell it, and he gives you a whopping 200 Rupees
everytime! Just go put them in the bank, and return. That 5000 Rupee shouldn't
be too hard to get if you do this a few times, plus the easy 200 Rupees in town
you can do once every restart.

Last notes : You've found all of the Heart Pieces that were hidden in the
Southern Swamp and Woodfall after this part. In fact, you got all there was to
do here. The only reason you'll ever come back in the next chapters is for the
Title Deed swap, which is right next to the Owl Statue of Southern Swamp anyway.
Next stop, the Mountains.

5. The Icy Mountain Village (VILLAGE)

Items Possible : Lens of Truth
Heart Pieces   : 2 (Total 26/52)
Masks          : Goron Mask, Dong Gero's Mask (Total 13/24)
Miscellaneous  : Biggest Bomb Bag, Mountain Title Deed, Goron Lullaby

To-Do Checklist :
 ___ Exchange Title Deeds at the Southern Swamp
 ___ Climb up the Mountain
 ___ Clash swords with the Owl Statue
 ___ Buy a Snowhead Map from Tingle
 ___ Meet with the Crying Goron
 ___ Hop over a chasm (Lens of Truth)
 ___ Follow a Ghost to his grave (Goron Mask)
 ___ Unthaw the Elder Goron (Lullaby Intro)
 ___ Deal with the Deku Merchant (Biggest Bomb Bag)
 ___ Swap your Title Deed (Mountain Title Deed, Heart Piece)
 ___ Stop the tears (Goron Lullaby)
 ___ Lit up the Cave
 ___ Launch up to find the Rock Sirloin
 ___ Feed the Hungry Goron (Gero Mask)
 ___ Roll up the Snowhead Path
 ___ Clash the Owl Statue
 ___ Put the Biggoron to sleep
 ___ Roll up the path to the Temple's Entrance
 ___ Find your way through the maze (Heart Piece)

First thing you should do is get the Swamp Title Deed through the usual trading.
Moon Tear ==> Town Title Deed ==> Swamp Title Deed. You'll be doing this a few
times, its not all that long or hard to do anyway. And before you head over to
the mountain, how about taking in 100 Rupees with you? Just grab the ones on the
Observatory path since you need to open it anyway. You'll be using those

After that, go North through the gate, and you'll see the Mountain Path. It has
an ice block barring the path up. How do you open it? Shoot two arrows (wait
a second or two between each) at the stalactite over them, and it will fall
on the ice blocks. If you shoot the second arrow while its still wiggling, it
won't register, so just wait a second. Before you start scaling it, cut through
bushes near the town to find Bombs, or else you'll have to use the Blast Mask.

Kill a Dodongo as well for 50 rupees, you'll need 200, but you'll get some more
before you need to use them.

Scale up the mountain, taking care of the pesky Tektites along the way. Soon
enough you'll find a row of large snowballs blocking the way. Bomb them out,
and you'll soon reach Mountain Village.

First follow the left wall. You'll see a hungry Goron on top of an ice block,
and the Owl Statue right beside it. Ignore the hut and the path next to the
statue as there is nothing to do there yet, and head up the path that goes to
the east, or since you don't have a map, along the right wall from the place 
you entered from. From the Owl Statue, the path is hidden by the house.

Follow the wooden bridges in this area, taking care of the Wolfos around. You
can mostly just ignore them thought. Grab the Showhead map from Tingle for 20
Rupees, and keep going to the next area. Not much to do here yet. But do take
note of the last 'island' with the Wolfos and the ice block. You'll come back
here shortly with a way to get inside the hole it hides.

The Goron Village. Talk to the Goron near the entrance so that he opens the
way inside the GOron Shrine.

WAHHHHHHH! Crying baby... Find where its from first. He's cold and he wants 
daddy, neat. Nothing else to do, all you had to do is take note of the crying
Goron for now. Now head back outside, and toward the back of the Village.
You'll see your friend the Owl (the real one) again. He'll leave a trail of
feathers on invisible stones. Jump from one feather to the other to reach the
cave in the back. Its actually safer to do the hops without the Bunny Hood. 
Just be careful of slipping too much when you land and fall off, its not
that hard. The Bunny Hood makes you jump too far and run too fast for this
slippery surface.

Inside the cave, you'll find the Lens of Truth. There's some boulders around
you can blow, and there's a 50-rupees chest in one of those. Activate the Lens
of Truth to see a Skulltula and another chest that were invisible too. 20 Rupees
are waiting inside, completing your 200 Rupees even if you didn't picked any
along the way.

When you exit the cave, you can use the Lens of Truth to reveal the invisible 
blocks yourself this time. When you reach the other side... Wait, there's a
Goron Ghost there, waiting for you, invisible without the Lens of Truth. Talk
to him, and he'll ask you to follow him back to the Mountain Village. If you
don't want to use up your Magic Power yet, just follow the shadow he somehow
leaves on the ground under him. But you need to put them up when he stops near
a door everytime, waiting for you.

When you reach the village, he starts rising up near a lake with icy footholds
that leads to an apparently barren wall. But there's actually an invisible
ladder on the wall. So pull up the Lens of Truth, and climb it, going Right,
Left, and Right at each fork you find. At the top, a frozen Goron, a near
frozen one and the Goron Ghost waits for you. Follow the Ghost inside.

The Ghost will tell you his tragic story. He is called Darmani, the Goron Hero,
and his soul cannot rest until he helped the Goron Village. So play the Song of
Healing to soothe his soul, and he'll give you his Mask. Now you can change into
the powerful Goron Link!

Start by moving the grave, by pulling it from behind, and you'll find a Hot 
Water source. Fill up one bottle, and quickly get out and return to that Block 
of Ice I told you to take note of before, in front of Goron Village. Open your
bottle of Hot Water near the ice block, and it will melt, revealing a hole.
Jump down, and you'll find another Hot Water source. This one is much more
conveniant. You just have to be quick, because the water can cool down and 
turn into Spring Water if you take too long. Its faster to use Link with the
Bunny Hood.

Now fill up another bottle, change into Goron Link, jump out of the hole, and
fall down toward the north of the island. See that snowball that is bigger than
the rest? Tatl will even lock on it. Punch it to reaval a Goron trapped in ice.
Use your Hot Water to free him, and talk to him twice. Its the father of that
crying Goron. He'll teach you... well try to teach you the Goron Lullaby, but
he can only remember the first part. But it should be enough to calm the kid.

Go back to the Goron Village, and go to the right side to the Deku Flower and
the Deku Merchant. First talk to it as a Goron. He'll ask you to trade your Big
Bomg Bag and 200 Rupees for the Biggest Bomg Bag. Do so! Next change to a Deku
and talk to him again, this time trade the Swamp Title Deed. Use the free flower
to shoot up to the Heart Piece over head.

Next go inside to the crying baby. You can open the door by doing a Goron
Pound yourself this time. Play him the song you've been taught, and he'll teach
you the rest of it, putting the whole room to sleep in the process. Nice. By the
way, like with the Sonata of Awakening, the Goron Lullaby only has effect when
you are a Goron.

Notice the torches are lit? Change to Link and the Bunny Hood, pull out a Deku
Stick, and take the fire around the Temple to lit every torch, way down toward
the entrance where 3 are set in a triangle. You actually don't have much time,
and that's why it requires the Bunny Hood. You practically have to get them all
lit up in the time a single Deku Stick will burn.

That will start up the chandelier on top of the Temple. Go back to the Crying
Kid's room, and use the lenght to roll yourself over to the ramp, and launch
yourself at the spinning chandelier, hopefully breaking some of the jars. If you
find a sort of meat-shaped rock, carry it back to Mountain Village to the Hungry
Goron on top of an ice block. You'll have to carry it overhead, you won't carry
it like in a trade sequence this time. Throw it on top of the ice Block, and he
will reward you with the Don Gero Mask, which you can't use just yet. By the
way, that rock is called Rock-Sirloin. Whatever.

Now take the path nearest to you, and roll up that path. Aim for the large
snowballs to replenish your Magic Power. Just be careful about not hitting the
wall, else you'll rebound like a superball. And of course, don't fall down.

When you reach the next area, you'll notice a strong wind, and the Snowhead
Temple over the hill in front of you. If you take out the Lens of Truth, you'll
see that a Giant Goron is blowing the wind. Hit the Owl Statue before moving on.

The last thing you can get before going inside the Temple proper is back in
town. Go back there, and go to East Town, find the Treasure Chest shaped
house there. If you play the game as a Goron, you can win a Heart Piece.
Its easier said than done, requires a good deal of luck to reach it.
Remember that you cannot switch masks before or after. You need to talk to the
lady as a goron and open the chest as a goron. Sucks, but it is possible.
The prize is worth it.

Now you can always play the Song of Time and return to the first day before
continuing, ensuring maximum time to get this large dungeon done. If you do,
warp back to that last Owl Statue of course.

5b. Snowhead Temple (SNOWHEAD)

Items Possible : Fire Arrows
Heart Pieces   : 0 (Total 26/52)
Masks          : None (Total 13/24)
Miscellaneous  : Goht's Remains

Pull out your Ocarina (or drums) and play the Goron Lullaby to put the big guy
to sleep. Now that the wind is gone, roll your way up to the temple. Go along
the left side to get to the entrance. When the path narrows down, stop rolling
and try to evade the snowballs rolling down by standing near the edges of the
ramp. Its possible, even if it looks too small to dodge. Its way easier than
trying to roll up that narrow path.

This Temple will mainly require you to use Goron Link for the blocks and rolling
over gaps, and Link for the jumping and arrows. That's about what this dungeon 
is about.

The first room presents you with a single block that you need Goron Link to
push. The white poes will appear when you approach it, but you can use a
Goron Pound to kill them all in one hit. Push the block all the way in until
it falls into a hole, and a Wolfos will attack you. Take care of it, and head
through the right door, with a Blue Frame.

The next room has a trio of Freezards, but they won't bother you much. Start by
dropping down the hole, and go to the far side. Use the Lens of Truth to look
up to the central pillar, and you'll see a Stray Fairy. You could see it before,
but it was actually an invisible wall. Snipe the bubble with an arrow, and
use the Great Fairy Mask to retrieve it. (1/10) Take note that the lava
doesn't hurt you as a Goron. Well it does, but takes longer.

Go back upstairs, and use your Goron Roll to jump over the gap. Use the snowy
part to build up speed, else you won't have enough. Aim for the crate on the
other side and it will halt your course. Look under the stairs and you'll see
another Stray Fairy. An arrow and the Great Fairy Mask later, its yours (2/15).
Use the stairs to go up.

Upstairs you'll find a Bombchu, not the one you can use but similar. Its a 
mouse that will explode in your face. Just raise your shield and it will
bounce off hamrlessly off you and explode a little away from you. Grab the chest
for the Dungeon Map, and take the Stray Fairy (3/15) before heading back down.

This time, go through the Blue Framed door on your right. Welcome to this
Dungeon's Main Room. As you can see, its pretty big, and has at least 7 
different floors. And the center is a big pillar that you'll need to operate
in a moment. Start by falling down the center.

On this floor, find the switch in the middle of the lava, and grab the chest
that appears from it for a Stray Fairy (4/15). Find the stairs, and ignore
the door here. You'll be right beside where you started in the main room. From
there, cross over to the Golden Framed door and enter.

Not much to do here, but its better to do it now. Pull the blocks out, and push
them all the way to the end of the snowy area. They will drop down, and lock
themselves there. You will use them as stepping stones later. Where the blocks
where is a chest with a Small Key. Go back to the main room.

Move to your right, where the iced door is. Use an arrow to shoot through the
torch and melt the ice down, and enter the Red door. You're back in the first
room with the Wolfos, but this time you have a key, so head through the right
light blue door.

The Wolfos here are BEHIND the ice, not in it, so they will attack you when you
approach. Take care of them first, and open the chest for the Compass. Bomb
the crate overhead (time yourself so the bomb explodes in midair) for a
Stray Fairy (5/15) and get it with the Great Fairy Mask. Bomb the nearby wall
and use the stairs behind it.

In this room, shoot arrows to every stalactite to have them destroy the ice
blocks first. Use the Lens of Truth toward the right wall to see a hole. Jump
inside it to find a chest with another Stray Fairy (6/15). Bomb the large 
snowball for a Small Key here, and then exit through the only door using it.

This is the infamous Goron Puzzle, but really its not that hard. There are
four pillars that can be pound. Pounding one on the side rises one in the
center. First pound the one near you, and hop over to the one that rose up. It
also made one rise up to block the door. That simply means that to unblock the
door, you will need to pound back in the one that you rose up in exchange. But
before that you need to make the second pillar rise so you can jump back here,
as Link isn't tall enough to climb.

Cross over and pound the other switch, making the middle one rise slightly.
Move back to the first one that rose, pound it, switch to Link and climb up
the one that is left on the bottom ground, and exit before the timer runs out.
Its not hard at all! Reenter the room and look at the ceiling with the Lens of
Truth for a Stray Fairy in a bubble. Catch with the Great Fairy Mask (7/15).

Through the door is the main room, but 3rd floor (the lava ground is the 1st
floor and the entrance floor the 2nd). Goron Roll over the gap, and then roll
on the right side along the slope. Enter the green door near you.

Inside, use the Lens of Truth to reveal steps on the other side of the room.
Don't use the Bunny Hood to climb those or else you will overjump them too
easily. At the top you'll find a chest with Stray Fair inside (8/15). Jump back
down toward the door from the two blocks in front of the chest, and head back
to the main room.

Roll over the gap in front of this door to the other side, and enter for a
mini-boss fight, Wizzrobe. Just stand in a corner, and shoot him once he starts
spinning. If you shoot too early he'll flee. When he starts sending several 
clones around, shoot the only one that is spinning on himself, that's the real
one. If you notice your map, you'll see a red dot where the real one is too. It
takes 6 arrows in all to kill him, and your prize is the nifty Fire Arrows.

Now you have a shortcut you can use, just to let you know. The room you
used the Lens of Truth to make small steps appear, there's an iced eye there.
If you shoot a Fire Arrow while on the middle pillar, it will rise to the upper
floor. You won't have to treck around the place to get up anymore.

Return to the main room, and drop down to your right toward the Red door, and
right through to the Light Blue door again. That's where you found the compass,
but now you can melt the ice to make a switch and a block available. Step on
the switch first, and then push the block North, East and South to reach the
chest for a Stray Fairy (9/15). 

Drop back down and push the Block West, North and West to reach the door on the
ledge. This is the room you pushed the two blocks earlier. Just cross over to
the chest, shielding from the two flying pots, and grab the chest for yet
another Stray Fairy (10/15). Use the door here to return to the main room.

Melt the ice on the door to your left, and go in to see 3 Freezards. Kill them
with Fire Arrows, and then shoot Fire Arrows at the three torches to unbar the
door. Grab the chest while there for a Stray Fairy (11/15).

Through the door, pound the switch to make the central pillar lift up. Then
return to the Freezard room, and exit to the Main Room through the south door.

Exit through the red door, go through the left (Blue) door, cross the gap, 
and kill the 3 Freezards with Fire Arrows to get a Small Key. use the stairs
up to reach that Freezard room with the iced eye to move up to the next floor,
you'll end up on the 3rd foor. Unice the stairs on the right, and head up.

On the next floor, start walking toward the central pillar, and look to the
right and down with the Lens of Truth. See that hole in the wall? You can jump
right into it with the Bunny Hood. Do so, and take that Stray Fairy (12/15).
This is probably the hardest one to get. Use the Deku Flower to float back 
toward the left, and down to the stairs. Head back up again.

This time use the slope on the right to roll over to the locked door and open
it. Here you're pit into a snowball fight with Eeno. Take care of them first. 
Look on the south wall with the Lens of Truth for a bubbled Stray Fairy
(13/15), and then unfreeze the stairs north of the room and go up.

A pair of Dinofols will attack you here, both leaving a Stray Fairy behind
(14 and 15/15, done!). Leave through the door and back in the main room,
but at the highest floor. Go through the door right in front for the second
Wizzrobe battle. He's the same as last time, only has more warp points to 
appear from. Just watch the red dot on the map for the real one, and shoot him
with normal arrows.

Go through the only open door for the Boss Key, and exit into the Main Room.
Now the Pillar is too high, we need to make it lower. How do we do that?
By knocking pieces out of it. Go on the central pillar, and look north. Drop 
down here, and use the stairs down. See those blue Pillar parts? Knock them
out from the pillar with Goron Punches. Go back upstairs, knock another piece,
roll to the right side and knock the last piece out.

Roll back along the slope, and head on the central pillar itself. Now you have
stairs in front of you, and on the next floor, crossing the pillar with a 
rolling jump, the boss room. In the boss' room, melt Goht's ice, and the
fight will start.

For Goth, all you need to do is roll. Evade the rocks and bombs he throws as
you the best you can, move sideways alot to avoid this thunder attack, evade
the stalactite that fall down from the ceiling to block your path, and lastly
roll over the pots to replenish your magic. Don't worry about running out of
pots, they reappear constantly as you roll around and ram him with your spikes

Another way is shooting Fire Arrows at him from the entrance door, but its
a very slow process, albeit very safe. If you're low on Life, switch to
this technique to finish him off.

Toward the end of the fight, he seems to be frantic and throws tons of stuff
at you. Just don't give up.

5c. Cleaning up the Mountain (POSTSNOW)

Items Possible : Bottle (3, 4 and 5/6), Razor Sword, Gilded Sword
Heart Pieces   : 1 (Total 27/52)
Masks          : Romani Mask, Garo's Mask, Stone Mask, Captain's Hat 
                 (Total 17/24)
Miscellaneous  : Gold Dust, Power Keg Certificate, Chateau Romani, Epona's Song,
                 Enchanced Magic, Song of Storm

 ___ Get your reward from the Great Fairy (Enhanced Magic)
 ___ Leave your sword for an upgrade
 ___ Blow up the path to the Goron Racetrack and Romani Ranch
 ___ Agree to help defend the ranch (Epona's Song)
 ___ Race the Gorman Brothers (Garo's Mask)
 ___ Defend the Ranch from 'them' (2am 1st Day, Bottle, Milk)
 ___ Win the Goron Race (Bottle, Gold Dust)
 ___ Retrieve your sword at the Smith (2nd Day, Razor Sword)
 ___ Lend your sword again along with Gold Dust 
 ___ Defend Cremia's Milk carriage (6pm 2nd Day, Romani Mask)
 ___ Retrieve your new upgrade sword (Gilded Sword)
 ___ Help Shiro the Invisible Soldier (Stone Mask)
 ___ Duel the Ikana Graveyard Skeleton (Captain's Mask)
 ___ Open up the grave and face Red Iron Knuckle (Song of Storm, 1st Night)
 ___ Tackle on the White Iron Knuckle under the grave (Heart Piece, 2nd Night)
 ___ Guide Dampe to dig up a Big Poe under the 3rd Grave (Bottle, Final night)

Now that the mountain's ice has disapeared, you can now take care of a few
more things around here. Some of them will require a new 3 Day sequence,
but there's a few things to do before you go back to Day 1.

First return to Snowhead and roll around the right side of the temple. That's
the Great Fairy's cave. Since you have all 15 Stray Fairies, fetch your reward,
which doubles your Magic Meter.

In Mountain VIllage a Frog asks you to find all of its friends to sing.
But you can't do it right now, so don't bother. Just remember where this
frog is for later. For now return to Goron Village, and head left from the
entrance to find a cave with a large Goron inside. He'll offer you a test so 
you can use Power Kegs in the future. He'll give you a bomb that you need
to carry over to the RaceTrack within a set time, before it explodes.

Throw the bomb up the slopes, and Goron Roll them up after it. Go back to the
island area where Tingle is, and cross all the bridges. At the last bridge look
to your right, and you'll see more slopes. Head up these, and leave the Power 
Keg next to the boulder to open up the race track. Go back to the big goron 
to get your certificate.

You could go race right now, but you wouldn't get much out of it. We'll have
to race again anyway starting from day 1 in the next part, so wait off.

In fact, you can't do anything else if you're not on Day 1, so play the Song
of Time (put any rupees in the bank before that, of course). Buy a Power Keg
for 50 rupees in the Bomb Shop in West Town before you leave.

Warp to Snowhead again, and enter the Temple. No you won't have to redo it
again. Since you got Goht's remains, right when you enter you'll have a
crest on the floor that lights up. You'll warp straight to the boss. Beat
Goht again, and then warp over to Mountain Village. Use 100 Rupees to drop
your sword over in the house near the Owl. Don't worry, you won't need your
sword for a while, and there's a few things you can do meanwhile. Use your
Power Keg to open the Race Track. Return to town to buy another Keg, and open
up Milk Road with it.

You need to check on Romani early to get that quest. We'll have time to do some
Goron Racing later. She'll ask you to help her protect the cows from 'them'. In
exchange, she'll teach you Epona's song, and she'll give you a small training
session where you hit balloons from Epona's back. Breaking the record doesn't
seem to help anything but your ego.

Wait until 2am. If you want to, you have enough time to go race the Gorman
Brothers, which are on the other fork of Milk Road. Talk to them with Epona
and they will ask you to race.

Winning the race nets you the Garo's Mask. Its not a hard race. Just remember
to keep at least one carrot. If you use all carrots, it takes alot more time
for them to replenish. Instead use your carrots a bit more sparringly, and
use one each time one pops up. Use some to jump over the fences to stay
inside the track, for better speed.

Head out until 2am if you have anything you want to do like getting rupees off
the Takkuri bird nearby. With the Fire Arrows it takes only 6 arrows now, and
you can get more magic with the Blobs around and the bushes easily. With Epona,
the Takkuri can't hurt you either. If you really have alot of time before 2am,
you can go win the Goron Race. Jump to the paragraph below for it if you choose
so. If you still have time after the Goron Race, you can take care of helping 
the invisible soldier and look into the Ikana Graveyard (see below as well).

At 2am, come back and fend 'them' off with your arrows. If you want time to
go faster, don't play the Inverted Song of Time. But 'they' will move faster
too, so beware. If you played the Inverted Song of Time, you'll find that they
move way slower, but if you kill them quickly, another one pops up as soon,
so you'll end up shooting alot. The easy way to conserve arrows is to wait for 
them to be near the house, and then shoot them. They will reappear at their 
starting point, way off, and just wait again. Its a bit boring, but its much
easier. Fending them off will reward you with a new Bottle filled with
normal Milk. Not bad!

Goron Racetrack
When morning comes, head over to the Goron Racetrack, and this time take up
the challenge. To win the race, try to keep your spikes up all the time, avoid
the obstacles, and try to ram your opponents instead of having them ram you to
push them off course. It takes a bit of luck and several tries for this overall
frustrating race. You can lead the whole race and suddenly one of them will
zoom past you right at the finish line. Its annoying like that.

End of Goron Racetrack

For the race you'll win a new Bottle filled with Gold Dust. With the Gold Dust
in hand, head back to Mountain Village and get your new Razor Sword. It has 
twice the power, but it lasts only 100 hits. If only you had gold dust you could
make it permanently stronger... Wait... you DO have Gold Dust! Talk to the guy
and offer it to him, and he'll take your sword for another day, for free this

Now you gotta wait until 6pm. If you don't have anything left to do, you
can always start looking at the begining of the next chapter. Don't get too
far in though, you still need to get back to the ranch at 6pm to help Cremia.
But you can namely get the Zora Mask and go get a piece of heart or two with it.

Go back to the ranch around 6pm and Cremia will ask you to escort her to town.
Two thief will attack on the way, and try to break the bottles of milk. Snipe
them off with your unlimited arrows. When they scream, they will charge the
chariot and whack one bottle. 3 whacks and the bottle is gone, meaning
you need 9 whacks to lose. Just keep pumping arrows into them and you souldn't
have too much trouble. She will reward you with the Romani Mask, which lets you
enter the Milk Bar during opening hours from now on.

On the third day, return to the Mountain Village to get your sword back. The
Gilded Sword is 3 times as powerful as the Kokiri Sword, and won't reset when
you play the Song of Time!

Ikana Graveyard
If you have time left, buy a Red Potion from any shop, and use Epona to head
East from Town this time, and toward the mountain. Use Epona's speed to clear 
the fences. When you see a circle of rocks, stop, and pull out the Lens of 
Truth. What was that soldier doing there? Trade him the Red Potion, and he'll
give you the Stone Mask, the second most useful mask in the game!

The Stone Mask makes you invisible to just about every monster and NPC in the
game, except for a few. 

Now if you take the north path from Shiro, you'll find the Graveyard, and
under an arch sleeps a huge skeleton. Wake it up with the Sonata of Awakening
(you don't have to be a Deku this time), and it will jump up. Now if you don't
have your sword back its a little more tedious, but it is still possible 
(I've done it). Before starting, equip the Bow with normal arrows and the Goron

Stun it with an arrow, and switch to Goron to punch the skeletons off as quickly
as possible. Return to Link quickly, and stun the skeleton again. The goal is
to get into the same area delimited by the fire fences than the big skeleton.
If you manage it, the Skeleton will give up the race, and start fighting you
instead. Switch to Goron to defend and punch back accordingly. He's not
very tough, but takes lots of damage to kill still. He only swipes at you,
and toward the end of the fight, tries to stomp you. Just evade it and keep
punching until it gives up.

Talk to the Skeleton, and then put on the Bunny Hood. To clear this gap, climb
on top of the small fence, and clear it with a jump. If you try to jump from the
ground, you'll slide off. Take your prize, the Captain's Hat! Now you can talk
to the skeletons around the graveyard for other things.

Every night the skeletons are guarding a different grave. Use the Captain's Hat
to ask them to open the grave for that night. Every night is a different grave,
no matter if you opened one on the previous night or not.

On the first night, the grave opens on an area filled with bats (Keese).
You can kill several by getting them to swarm you and use bombs (or Blast Mask,
even better), and snipe the rest with arrows. A chest will appear for 50 rupees,
but that's not the main prize. Lit up the 3 torches with Fire Arrows, and
the barred door with open. 

You'll have to face an Iron Knuckle. Evade its axe at all price, and counter
attack. Don't try to block it, its too heavy for you. Once again, this is
possible without your sword, but its a bit tougher to evade with your slower
Goron. (I've done it again, yes, so it can be done). If you try without a sword,
try to ensure yourself one or two fairies. Because that axe hurts like hell! 
The prize for your battle is the Song of Storm, taught by the ghost of Flat, 
the composer of the Ikana Royal Family. With this song you won't need to
carry anymore Spring water to sprout magic beans, and it probably will have 
more uses later, count on it.

On the night of Day 2, the Grave will open on a jar and a few rupees? No, wait,
don't go back out yet. Just use the Lens of Truth to reveal a door! Keep your 
Lens of Truth handy because this room is filled with invisible monsters and
an invisible path over the bottomless pit. Bomb the cracked wall near two
jars to reveal another door. And wouldn't you guess it? Another Iron Knuckle,
clad in nice white armor. He's not any harder than before, but if you don't 
have your sword back, it will be pretty tough as only Goron punches can hurt it.
Your prize is a Heart Piece this time.

On the final night, the grave will open on a large room with soil patches and
Dampe walking around. He says he lost his torch and asks you to use your fairy
to guide him around. Z-Target him and have him follow you over to the soil
patches. Make him dig up all of them until you find 3 blue flames. There's
4 patches on the ground, and 2 on higher grounds. There are good chances
the blue flames are up there. Just be careful of the Wall Master that will
drop down eventually (the hand that falls from the ceiling).

For the right block, make Dampe walk on the gold tiled platform from the west
side (left from the entrance). Then climb the nearby blocks and go wait for him.
Z-Target him and he will follow you over to the soil. If you made him face any 
other directions, he might have fell down trying to turn around.

For the left block, make Dampe walk on the platform from the back (north) of it.
Go back south (toward the entrance) and you'll see a ladder. Climb it and wait
for Dampe to arrive.

Once all 3 flames are found, a Big Poe will appear. Block its spinning attack
with your shield, and snipe him with arrows. 4 arrows will fell it, and a chest
containing a Bottle will appear! That was the hardest bottle to find.

End of Ikana Graveyard

This can all be done before heading to Great Bay, the next area, but if you
had alot of time on your hands with this section, you could have been doing
parts of the next chapter too, but swordless. Nothing you do there requires
a sword either, mind you. Just keep a good look on the time to avoid missing
the appointments here (Romani and Cremia), and you can do whatever meanwhile.

6. To the Great Bay (GREATBAY)

Items Possible : None
Heart Pieces   : 6 (Total 33/52)
Masks          : Zora Mask, Circus Leader's Mask (Total 19/24)
Miscellaneous  : None
 ___ Drag the floating Zora to the shore
 ___ Listen to his plight and heal his soul (Zora Mask)
 ___ Clash the Owl Statue at the Marine Research Lab
 ___ Buy the map from Tingle
 ___ Dive down the waterfall (Heart Piece)
 ___ Explore the islands of the mountain (Heart Piece)
 ___ Play the Ballad of the Wind Fish (Circus Leader's Mask)
 ___ Bomb a boulder near Great Bay (Heart Piece)
 ___ Jam with Japas
 ___ Teach the song to Evan (Heart Piece)
 ___ Feed the fishes at the Marine Research Lab (Heart Piece)
 ___ Swap your Title Deed (Ocean Title Deed, Heart Piece)
 ___ Clash the Owl Statue at Zora Hall

Start by redoing the whole trade sequence to get the Mountain Title Deed.
Remember you need to be a Deku to trade the Swamp Title Deed to the Mountain
Deku Merchant. You'll be trading this one again soon.

Exit town by the west side, and call Epona. Ride straight down toward the
fences, using Epona's speed to jump over them. Once on the other side, you've
entered Great Bay area. Ride over to the middle of the area, near the water.
Take note of two things : Tingle near the floating house, and seagulls
circling a spot a bit to the left of the house. Swim over to the seagulls, and
you'll see a Zora. Swim behind it, and you'll be able to use the B Button to
grab it, and push it toward the sand.

Talk to him again to listen to his sad story, and use the Song of Healing to
soothe his sorrows. You will get the Zora Mask. Now the underwater areas
are open to you, and you got two nifty boomerangs on each arms (your fins),
which works just about like the boomerang in Ocarina of Time.

Use your new abilities to swim over to Tingle, and grab the Great Bay map
from him. It will be useful. Clash the Owl Statue while there too. Head back to
the beach after that, and go south on the beach. Follow the beach until you see
a Waterfall. Sink down and you'll find a Heart Piece at the bottom, guarded by
a Like Like and two Fishes.

There's another underwater Heart Piece to be found if its Spring (Mountain 
Uniced) is back in the Mountain Village. Return to the small island (where the 
Goron Racetrack entrance is), and right as you enter, walk down the path right 
(opposite of the slopes leading to the racetrack). In the water you'll find a 
gold plated chest with a Heart Piece inside. It might be better to get it in
the Temple section, since you need to make it Spring again. Hold off until
then if its not Spring.

In the evening, go to the Milk Bar using the Romani Mask, and talk to the
manager of the Indogo-gos. He will ask you if you want to play for him. Do so,
switching to every race mask you have (Deku, Goron, Zora and Link), to complete
the whole melody. It will move the Gorman brother sitting there, and he'll
give you the Circus Leader's Mask.

Go back toward Great Bat, but in Termina Field, look near the entrance, there's
a large boulder. Bomb it, and inside you'll see some lilypads with monsters
hanging under them. Use your boomerangs to cut them, and then kill them somehow,
using boomerangs or arrows, or diving down to fight them as a Zora. Your
choice. Once dead, shoot or boomerang the hives hanging on the ceiling to
reveal a Heart Piece. Dive down to get it.

Back at Great Bay, go through the south exit, and then swim over to the
large fin you see in the sea. That's the Zora Hall. Go around the big clam in
the center, and change into Zora Link (Mikau) to enter each door. Let's start
by the rightmost one, and move toward the left.

The first room is the drummer's. He just tips you off why the singer Lulu is a
bit down. Listen to his music. I think its heard in A Link to the Past. Move on
to the next room.

The next room is Japas, the bassist. He asks you to jam with him for a while.
The partitions were written in Evan's room, on the second floor, but I'll
give them here, they are easy. By the way, listen to the song Japas is playing.
Nice retro, don't you think? Pull the ocarina (or guitar) out for the jam

The jam will go like this (Right, Left, Down, Up, A-Button)
Japas : R R D A
You   : A D R A
Japas : L L R D
You   : D R L D

Its easy to remember because both yours and his are just one note higher
on the score the second time. Now head out to the next room.

Evan is the next one. Start by talking to him a bit, and then change to
Link, and play the whole song from your Jam Session with Japas, playing
his part as well. Evan will like it, and reward you with a Heart Piece.
Another retro music in this room. Its fun.

Move on to the last room, which is Lulu's. Why is that Deku in there anyway?
Trade him the Mountain Title Deed, and shoot up to another Heart Piece. He won't
ask for a trade unless you talk to him as a Goron, as a note.

Catch fishes in your bottles for the next part. It took me 7 fishes, so you
might need to do several trips anyway. There's a fish in a hole behind the
fisherman's hut, near the entrance from Termina, but also several if you follow 
the right wall from Termina. You'll find a pool of water there with a few of
them. Put the fishes in the fish tank next to the door of the Marine Research
Lab (the floating out with the Owl statue in front), and after a few, one
fish will eat the other, and then spit out a Heart Piece for you.

Now go back toward the rightmost room, and keep going. You'll see a path going
up. Follow head, and turn left at the fork, leading outside. You'll see the
mute Lulu, and an Owl Statue. Hit it, so you won't have to trek here again for

And this is all that can be done before the next part, the Pirates Fortress.

6b. Ahoy, Pirates! (PIRATE)

Items Possible : Hookshot, Bottle (6/6), Giant's Wallet
Heart Pieces   : 8 (Total 41/52)
Masks          : All-Night Mask (Total 20/24)
Miscellaneous  : New Wave Bossa Nova
 ___ Infiltrate the Gerudo Pirate's Base (Heart Piece)
 ___ Scare the Pirates away with bees (Hookshot)
 ___ Take a good picture of a Gerudo Pirate
 ___ Find the 4 Zora Eggs scattered in the Pirate's Hideout
 ___ Leave the eggs in the care of the Lab
 ___ Exchange your picture with the fisherman to free the golden seahorse
 ___ Free the Seahorse at Pinnacle Rock
 ___ Follow the Seahorse to the Sea Snakes's pit
 ___ Dispose of the Sea Snakes to reunite the Seahorses (Heart Piece)
 ___ Take the 3 Zora eggs from the Sea Snakes pit
 ___ Reunite the 7 brother eggs at the lab (New Wave Bossa Nova)
 ___ Race the Brother Beavers (Bottle, Heart Piece)
 ___ Ride the plant near the Pirate Fortress (Heart Piece)
 ___ Hop the invisible ledges at Snowhead (Heart Piece)
 ___ Clean the Oceanside Skulltula House on Day 1 (Giant's Wallet, Heart Piece)
 ___ Save Granny's bag from the thief (Midnight, Day 1)
 ___ Check on the Curiosity Shop's sale (All-Night Mask)
 ___ Listen to Granny's story at the Inn and answer her question (Heart Piece)
 ___ Listen to Granny's other story and answer her question (Heart Piece)

This area earned a chapter of its own since its like a Mini-Dungeon. Its all
you need to do before you can get access to the Temple of this area. This area
also rewards you with the hookshot, which will allow you to get even more
stuff before the Temple itself.

If you have followed this guide, you'll have 5 bottles by now. Most players
reach this area with 3, so you know this can only be good for you, especially
since you'll need to put the Zora Eggs in the bottles to carry them back
to the Marine Research Lab. With 5 bottles you can do this in one trip.

Before leaving town, you might want to go teach a song to the Scarecrow. 
Remember there's a few location for it, one of them under the Observatory,
but he might be hanging in the trade shop too.

The fisherman near the entrance of Termina Field wants a Gerudo Pirate
picture. Providing him with one with the Stone Mask is very easy. I'll list in
advance where to get them, so you choose the method of your choice.
 -If you stand on the front of the boat, you have a good shot of the pirate
  piloting the ship.
 -Within the fortress, just stand a few steps in front from any Pirate and take
  a picture.
As long as you got a clear head and chest shot of the pirate, the fisherman
will be happy. This was just a forward warning, head to the Pirate Fortress
itself now.

After that, warp to Great Bay Coast, and dive into the water, going north. At 
the north wall, you'll notice some Pirate boards placed there. Ram them as a 
Zora to break them, and one of them will have a path through the wall.

On the other side, its a large bay area with Pirates patrolling on ships.
On your map you'll notice a few chests, but don't worry with those, they only
carry small amounts of Rupees. Put on the Stone Mask and hitch a ride on one of
the boats to the other side, center of the north wall. There's a Goron Switch 
there that will open up a gate underwater. Hop down as a Zora, and go through
the open gate, which is on the east wall, toward the south side.

In the first room inside, ram the Pirate Board, and you'll see a Block in front
of you. Ignore it, as pushing or pulling doesn't really help you. Head left
inside, and ram two more boards for a second block. Push that one in, and 
follow the narrow fenced path to the first block, and pull it into your
corridor, opening a straight path to the next area from the entrance.

If you want the chest here, just float over the fences near the second block.
Its only worth 20 Rupees, but you might be curious about it standing there
anyway. Have to wonder why they put chests underwater too.

At the end of the area, the current will push you up a floor, and you'll see
mines. They won't move, so walk around. If you try to float up, you might get
caught in the current which will lead you back outside with the pirate ships.
Avoid that, and head over to the door.

Another relatively harmless mine field, with another 20 rupees chest. That's 
the 5th one up to now in this area, in case you're interested. Head up the ramp,
and you'll spot a Heart Piece inside the cell. The switch is upstairs, but ready
your Bunny Hood and Goron Mask before that. Use the Goron Punch to destroy the
barrels and press the switch down. Switch to Link and Bunny Hood quickly,
and dash into the cell before the door closes. Get the Heart Piece, and press
the switch inside the cell to escape. Why did they put a switch inside the
prison again? Video game logic.

Head upstairs again, and use your boomerangs to hit the crystal switch. Quickly
dive down in the waters below you, and head through the open gate before it

This new area is just like the one you saw before, but the position of the mines
and current are exchanged. Just swim carefully between the mines instead of
risking it, and you'll find a ladder at the end.

The next floor is pretty annoying. Press the switch down, quickly move on top
of the grate, and either use arrows or boomerangs to hit the crystal switch
before the gate closes back down. If you're not standing on the grating before
shooting, you'll miss on the ride to the next floor.

Use the ladder here to check through a telescope if you like. You can see
the fortress' layout and where the guards are. Check on your goal if you wish.
Look at the tower, and look to its left following the wooden bridge. The door
right below the bridge is your target.

Look behind you, and you'll see mines blocking sight to a crystal switch. Use
your boomerangs repeatidly and the mines will explode. Just hit the switch and 
jump straight down to the door below.

You're back outside with the guard ships, but this time on top of the east wall.
Go along the wall toward the north to find another gate that leads back in. Pull
up your Stone Mask to evade the guards easily. Head up the tower, across
the bridge, and use the door right behind the pillar in front of you.
Peek through the grating to catch a conversation between the Pirates.

Once they are done babbling, look up to the hive, and shoot an arrow at it. The
bees will clear the area. Go back outside, and jump down to the right of the
door. Head inside and open the chest for the Hookshot! Probably the most
useful tool in the game. In fact, you need to use it right away.

Look to the left of the chest and you'll see a large aquarium, with a glowing
orb inside. Use your hookshot to aim at the woodplank over the aquarium,
and you'll pull yourself on top of it. Dive time as a Zora, and capture the
egg in an empty bottles. That's one Zora egg, 3 to go! Head back out of the 

Move down the ramps on the left and jump down the left edge. Walk over to the
hookshot target, and you'll see another one higher to your left. Hootshot to it,
and look at the nearest wall for a gate. Head through it. Small barrel maze.
With the Stone Mask, you don't even need to bother with it, and go through the
door. A pirate will attack you, this one can see you even with the Mask. This
is fought a bit like the Dinofols, but she can evade alot better. Just keep
attacking, and your attacks should pierce through sometimes when she tries to
attack at the same time as you do. It doesn't take much with the Gilded Sword.
Head through the open door next to the torches for another egg aquarium, just
like the first one. Head out through the nearest gate when acquired.

Head straight ahead to the north of the complex to more hookshot targets.
Hookshot up the first one, and then to the left one over you. Go through the
nearby gate. Another pointless barrel area, and a Pirate attack, another
egg awaits you nearby. This aquarium is filled with Desbreko, those
skeleton fishes. Hookshot them out one after the other and claim the egg.
The chest has another 20 Rupees. Head out with the nearby door.

Head left from where you pop out, and you'll see the same hookshot as before.
Use it, but this time move up until you're on the right side of the first one,
facing the door you just used. A small stone bridge leads over the area to
another door. The chest here has 100 Rupees, which is pretty good to get right
away. Head through the door for yet another Pirate fight, the last one, and
the aquarium is in the next room. Nothing special here, take your egg, and
warp to Great Bay Coast.

Enter the Marine Research Lab, and climb up the large aquarium. Open the
bottles with the Zora eggs which standing on the grating, and the eggs will 
fall down below harmlessly. Now there's 3 missing. Head over to the beach,
and go trade that Pirate Picture to the fisherman. His hut is the right round 
one near the Termina Field entrance. He'll put the Golden Seahorse into one
of your empty bottles. By the way, talk to the Seahorse for the trade, as
the fisherman will just ramble about the seas and the Zoras.

Go back at sea, and from the Marine Research Lab, head north to the two pillar
like stones in the back. Go through them, and you'll be in Pinnacle Rock. This
area is like Lost Woods. If you go in the wrong direction, you'll end up at the
begining. Instead, free the Sea Horse, and follow the path he shows you.
Walking on the sea floor is easier here. 

Once you reach the pit area, drop down to the very bottom, staying dead center
if you can. Else try to avoid the caves, else the Eel-like Sea Snakes will try
to eat you. You'll get revenge soon.

The Sea Snakes have only one attack, and its to bite. Just stand on the edge
of their cave, as much to the side as you can, and you can shoot boomerangs
at their necks. 2 times does the trick. The electrical attack is too much
troubles to aim properly in my opinion.

Start with the bottom caves, and head up gradually. There are 8 Sea Snakes. 3
of them will hide a Zora egg in the back of the cave once the Sea Snake is
defeated. 2 of them will have a chest with 20 Rupees. Once they are all dead, 
the Sea Horses will be reunited and reward you with a Heart Piece. 

Be sure you have all 3 eggs before heading  back to the Marine Research Lab,
and dump the eggs with the others. All 7 Zora eggs will be reunited, and hatch
together, teaching you a new song, the New Wave Bossa Nova. 

Now we could head to the Ocean Temple, but there's tons of things to do
using your new Hookshot. One of them might require you starting from Day 1,
but there's several you can do in a single game day.

Head back to the beach and go south. Follow the sand until you reach the area
near the waterfalls. But this time, use the Hookshot to zoom up the ledges using
the trees above you. Keep going until you get over the waterfall, and go 
through. The two chests might look tempting, but despite their difficulty, they
only have 20 rupees each.

Inside, go in the water and Z-Target the beaver swimming around. Sink down the 
water and talk to him. He'll challenge you to a race of some sort. You don't 
have to beat him, he'll just admit defeat if you manage to swim through all the
rings in the time given. Once beaten, his older brother will appear and 
challenge you to the same, but with more rings. You'll earn your Bottle for

But don't go away yet, go back to the small island and talk to them again. You
can challenge them to exactly the same game, with 10 seconds less to complete,
for a Heart Piece this time.

For another Heart Piece, bring some Magic Beans and Spring Water with you.
You can buy some from the Deku Merchant in Southern Swamp if you're a Deku.
Spring Water right down from this merchant. Just bottle it up, or else use
the Song of Storm when you get there. Warp back to Great Bay Coast after that.

Go North near the Pirate Fortress entrance, but instead go to the rocky area
east of there. There's a few Like Like around there. Look up, and you'll 
notice Hookshot targets. Shoot up the lowest one near the pond, and you'll
notice some soil there. Plant your bean and water it. Ride the plant over to
the next ledge. Notice that Tatl is attracted to something there? Play
your Scarecrow Song and he will appear. Use it as a Hookshot target to reach
the Heart Piece.

Next go to Mountain Village, and head up the path you need to roll over the
chasm, heading toward the Snowhead Temple. Before the last jump, stop and look
to the right with your Lens of Truth. Use the ledges to cross over, and play
the Scarecrow song to give yourself a hookshot target to the Heart Piece.

For the last part, you will need to go back to Day 1. Head back to Great Bay,
and enter the door near the Fisherman's hut. The Ocean Gold Skulltula House.
Your hookshot will be used vastly in this one. You need to finish it on Day 1
to get the prize, else you will only get Rupees for your work. Let's list out
where each Skulltula is hidden.

While you are here, use the Captain's Hat to inquire the skeletons about
the order to shoot the masks for a Heart Piece. It changes every new game,
so write it down.

Gold Skulltula Ocean House

Entrance room
1. One the way down the slide, hookshot from the bottom.
2. See 1.
3. Burn the cobwebs with a Fire Arrow.

Stairs Room, top floor
1. On the rafters
2. Moving up and down behind a mask on the wall next to the stairs.
3. In one of the pots in the corner, roll into it.
4. In the pot covered by cobwebs, burn it first, then roll into it.

Stairs Room, bottom floor
1. Crawling near the top of the ceiling.
2. Roll into the pot in the middle of the room.
3. Inside small square hole, burn the Cobweb first.
4. On the wall in front of square hole.
5. Pot on top of the boxes in the corner.

Library Room
1. Small square hole behind the dressers.
2. On top of the shelves
3. In the area near the ceiling.
4. Hookshot some paintings to reveal one.
5. Same as 4. but this time you need to be on top of the shelves to
   see it through the square hole.
6. Push the shelf away from the wall to reveal an alcove
7. See 6.

Meeting Room (Heart Piece is here)
1. Goron Pound the table
2. See 1.
3. See 2.
4. Behind one of the paintings on the wall.
5. Crack high on the wall, near the cobweb in the corner.
6. Roll into the pot in the corner.

Storage ROom
1. Under the cobweb, under the rafters.
2. In a pot on top of the rafters.
3. Behind the big shields against the wall.
4. Inside a crate against the right wall.
5. Inside a small alcove behind a crate against the left wall.

End of Oceanside Skulltula House

So where is the cursed guy? He's not around this time. Once you're done with
all 30 Gold Skulltulas, head to the exit and someone will be there. He'll give
you the Giant's Wallet if you're still on Day 1, otherwise he'll give you 50
Rupees. Now you can carry 500 Rupees, and that's what we'll need for more 
Heart Pieces.

Wait until Midnight on Night 1 to save Granny's bag from the thief once again
in North Town. On Final Night, head to the Curiosity shop and talk to the
guy, so you can buy him the All-Night Mask for 500 Rupees. Return to Day 1.

Head to the Inn, and go talk to Granny while wearing the All-Night Mask. You
won't fall asleep with her stories this time. Listen to the Carnival of
Time, and answer "On the Eve of the Carnival" to her question to get the first
Heart Piece. Listen to the Four Giant's Story this time, and answer
"I dunno" to the question for a second Heart Piece.

Phew, that was a long sequence, but you've done all you could in this area.
Now its time to tackle the Great Bay Temple. By the way, if you wonder where the
Great Fairy's cave is, its over the small islands at Zora Cape. You need to
hookshot over the islands to a cave and bomb the entrance. Just remember where
it is for later.

6c. The Great Bay Temple (BAYTEMPLE)

Items Possible : Ice Arrows
Heart Pieces   : 0 (Total 41/52)
Masks          : None (Total 20/24)
Miscellaneous  : Gyorg's Remains
Because you go on to the Bay Temple, you might want to do something. On the
same 3-Day sequence, you can take care of gathering the first few frogs for
the Frog Choir at Mountain Village. First go back to Snowhead to unthaw the
mountain, else the frogs won't go there. Same battle as usual with Goht. This
is the last time, I promise.

Once beaten, talk to the frog there with the Don Gero Mask, and he'll ask you
to get the others. Go to the Laundry Pool in town for one waiting there. Use 
the Don Gero Mask with all frogs you find like this.

Reminder here, there's a Heart Piece in the 'small island' section leading to
the Goron Town, if you didn't get it yet. Since its spring, you just need to
dive to the chest to get it. Its a good time to do so, but it should be have 
been done in chapter 6a, so its not listed here.

Another frog  is in Southern Swamp. Use the Lilypads from the boat house, and 
keep going past the witch's house, until you see a log. You'll hear the frog 
croaking too. Its on that log.

Third frog is in Woodfall Temple. Remember Gekko? I'll give you instructions 
to find him quickly. Since you already have the arrows its quick work. Ignore 
the request to go beat the boss, since its not what we want to do. Go ahead 
to the Main Room (with the big flower), and lit up the torch in the center
of the big flower with a fire arrow. Cross over on the second floor, and take 
the door on the right of the entrance, where the swtich is. Shoot an arrow at 
the eye to make the deku flower platform rise, and Gekko is in that room. 
Beat him, and when he gives up he'll turn into an ordinary frog. Talk to it 
with your Don Gero mask, and you're done. Use the Song of Soaring to get to 
the Entrance, and exit the place.

Where is the last Frog? In Great Bay Temple, wouldn't you know. That's why
I made you do this before heading there. Once you've found that last frog,
you'll never have to return to Great Bay Temple again. And doing it up to
here only took a few game hours too.

Now you're ready for the Great Bay Temple. Personally its the one I find the
most frustrating because of the currents. Warp to Zora Cape, and play the
New Wave Bossa Nova to Lulu as Mikau. It will heal her voice, and call up a 
giant island turtle. That turtle will carry you to Great Bay Temple if you
hookshot to its back. Do so, and we're going in.

As soon as you disembark, wave buh-bye to the turtle, and lit up the four 
torches with some fire arrows. A chest will appear with your first Stray 
Fairy (1/15). Head through the door.

Right under the platform you're on is a Stray Fairy (2/15). The water isn't
dangerous around here, so go ahead and dive. Look up and left for a 
Skulltula. Snipe it from below for a Stray Fairy (3/15). That ledge up 
there only has a few rupees, so no need to use the elevator there. Instead go 
straight from the door and dive underwater to the far right corner. There 
will be a sort of crank there. Push or pull it until it locks down to bring 
a geyser up. Go back to the door, and ride the right elevator up. A pair of 
Skulltulas will try to block you. Then hop on top of the geyser when its down. 
When it rises up, hop on the other side. Take note of the pipes, they show you 
which current is working right now. Go down the hall for now.

In this room, jump down to the left and climb the ladder to a barrel. Smash it
for a Stray Fairy (4/15). Dive down into this room to the bottom. Be ready to 
spin around alot since there's a Stray Fairy in that pot in the center. I 
think using boomerangs is easier (5/15).

Rise back up through the water, and aim for the upper corridor in the water,
where the green AND red pipes go into. Try to use the current to sweep you 
inside that one as you swim. This room is filled with fishes, quite annoying,
but you can take care of them easily as a Zora. For now, head to the lowest 
platform outside of the water, and hookshot to the chest for the Dungeon Map.
In front of the chest there is two pots. Use Hookshot or arrows to blow them
up for a Stray Fairy (6/15).

Back underwater, look for a corridor that has only a red pipe going through 
it, and two hands sticking out. Snipe those hands off before moving on, and 
swim through the opening. You'll meet a bunch of underwater deku babas. Slice 
them off with your boomerang and hop on the lilypads they left behind. Its 
easier to hit them if you don't target them. Slice the last Bio Deku Baba to 
have a chest appear with a Stay Fairy (7/15). Go through the door on the 
other side.

Take care of the Bio Deku Babas and the Bombchu first. Where the Bombchu was
you'll find the Compass. Dive down for another chest that contains a small 
key. Before going anywhere else, go back near the door and look down on the 
right of it. You'll see two Bio Deku Babas and a pot. The pot contains 
another stray Fairy (8/15). Then jump down to go back to the spinning blade 

Now the only other way you can go into is the bottom level. There's a path
with only a red pipe there, so use it. This room has a few clams waiting for 
you. You can hit them with your punches and kicks as a Zora, using boomerangs
is a bit hard. It will take a few tries. Use the red pipe to cling out of the 
water to the locked door. Use your only key there, and get ready for the 

Equip yourself with Arrows and the Hookshot. The mini-boss is on the ceiling,
so look up. Ewww, what a bunch of ugly eyes. If you played a Link to the Past,
you probably don't even need me to tell you how to beat it. Hookshot the eyes
away from the core, and damage them anyway you can before they return. The 
Gilded Sword is good enough for this. Try to get rid of as many eyes as possible
before attacking the main eye. You can use your hookshot to damage the main
eye. Once hurt enough, he'll throw every eye he got left around the room, and
start ramming around the wall. Just stay close to a wall, and shoot an arrow
when you see his eye open. He often opens his eye when he goes straight as well.
It only takes a few arrows to kill him. 

You get the Ice Arrows as a reward. Now there are many more things to do in
here. With the Ice Arrows you can make ice platforms to cross over the water,
and can freeze monsters into blocks of ice to climb on.

Go back to the previous rooms. When you get to the switch and water room,
head to the corner in the far left, and Ice the Octorok with your new arrows
to make a platform to reach the switch in the center. The block stays for 10-15
seconds only, so make haste. Turn the handle and you'll see that you returned
power to the red pipes. Dive back down and find the Blue Corridor to return
to the Blade Room. 

Swim back up to the surface, and check where the waterfall is. Shoot an Ice 
Arrow at the overhead grating and you'll be able to move up the ladder, and
through the door. In this room use Ice Arrows directly in the water to create
platforms. Cross over to the switch on the right side of the room. Turn the
switch to give power to the green pipe, and then look up toward the left of
the room, to the ceiling. Notice there's some part of the grating missing?
Make platforms to get under there, and then you can hookshot upward and onto
the grating for a Stray Fairy (9/15). Taking care of the Tektite first might
be smart.

Return to the Blade room, and dive down. Take the upper path once again,
going back to the Dungeon Map. Hookshot to the chest, then use Ice Platforms
to reach the far door. Inside use the Chuchu to create a block of ice and
climg up to the switch to make the curret pass. Go back into the water of the
previous room and where the Dexihands are sticking out, all the way to the
Compass room.

Take care of the monsters here, and look to the right. There's a path there.
You can easily cross over with your Ice Arrows now. Take out the ice spikes
and melt the door with a Fire Arrow.

Its Gekko time again! This time he got new tricks. There will be a bunch of
blobs around the room. Go around them, and follow Gekko. Fire an ice arrow 
at him if you have a clear shot, but its usually easier to wait for him
to lift a blob and ready to chuck it at you. When hit, he'll jump on the ceiling
with all of the blobs into a huge mass. Try to stay far, else he'll drop on
you and trap you inside while he pummels you with hits for 1-3 hearts damage
total. Freeze the giant blob, and he'll fall into pieces on the floor.
Chase him right away as you got a good shot at him and he'll try to lift a blob
very soon after. Repeat until dead. You'll earn the Boss key.

Before moving out of the room, use the Don Gero Mask to talk to the leftover
frog. That was the last frog! So when you are done with the Temple, you'll just
need to get back to the Mountain Village for your prize. But let's keep on, 
we're almost done with this temple.

After getting the key, just climb out of the grating, and use the strong
current near the door to carry you back to the blade room. Then head to the
very first room, with the elevators and the geyser. Notice that both red and 
green pipes are active now? There's more to do in there now.

As soon as you get it from the blade room, look up and right for a hookshot
target. Use it and you'll fall on a geyser below. Use it to reach the switch.
This switch directly controls the direction of the current in the blade room.
Right now we need to reverse it to continue. When you turn this switch,
the watersheel stops. The last switch you didn't use in this room will close
the first geyser, thus reversing the current. Do so, and return to the
blade room.

Now in the blade room, dive down, and you'll see that you got two new rooms
that can be accessed with this current. The one you want has both green
and red pipes, near the center of the room, and ride the current to the end.

This room has a few mines and a fish. Hop up where barrels are, and use the
elevator to ride up to the waterwheels. When near the top, use an ice arrow
to freeze the grating where the water is coming from, stopping the elevator 
and the wheels.

Now jump to the nearest wheel, and hop down the middle pipe that holds it, and
hop up the other side. Your target is the hole on the wall just left of the
elevator. Using the sloped 'fan', you can use the chest as a hookshot target
for a Stray Fairy (10/15). As you exit that alcove, hop down to the platform
under you to the left, and look down to the left for another chest. Hookshot 
to it for another Stray Fairy (11/15). Jump back down, melt the ice with a fire 
arrow then repeat the icing of the grate. When done, head over to the door on 
the other side of the room.

In this room, drop down as soon as you enter, and you'll see a sort of hole
in the floor. Head down, and dive-ram the barrel for a Stray Fairy (12/15).
Climb back up, and head to the second sea-saw like device, in the other
corner of the room. Melt the ice overhead and it will lift your side up.
Do the same with the second saw-saw, and jump over to the switch. Turn it,
and then follow the green pipe along the current, as Mikau since he's taller
to climg up. When you can't follow anymore, jump down into the fenced area.
Hookshot to the chest for Stray Fairy (13/15).

Drop down and go to the final sea-saw to lift yourself up to the exit. You'll
end up in the Dungeon Map room again. Dive down and follow the current to the
blade room, and this time take the bottom path, where only a green pipe goes

In this new room, look up for a bubbled Stray Fairy. Use the Green pipe nearby 
to move out of the water and shoot it with an arrow (14/15). Use the Great
Fairy Mask to pull it to you, and then sink back down and head in the corner
of the room where the current would flow you back out. The last Stray Fairy is
there. Just pop it open with a boomerang, and use the Great Fairy Mask again
from the pipe (15/15). Now head up the pipes, turn on the switch, and jump over
to the Great Bay Temple Boss, Gyorg.

Gyorg is one of the most annoying bosses in the game. This underwater fight
is pretty much a nightmare. You have to be quick on the mask change, unless
you can dish out unlimited magic (Chateau Romani). But using this walkthrough,
I didn't suggest it since it would be waiting a while to get some. Its still
very possible to beat him without anyway.

Stand near the water and shoot arrows it at until it stuns. Quickly change to
Zora and dive down to ram it with your eletrical field. Quickly move back up
on the middle platform before it counters, and repeat. That's about the easiest
way. Just hope you have a few fairies with you just in case.

When you hear him stop moving (the wobbling noise), move to the center of the
platform, since he's going to ram it and try to throw you in the water. When
you don't see where he is, try to find the air bubbles for his position. 5
electrical rams should take care of him like this.

6d. The Blue Ocean (POSTBAY)

Items Possible : Ice Arrows
Heart Pieces   : 2 (Total 43/52)
Masks          : None (Total 20/24)
Miscellaneous  : Gyorg's Remains, Enchanced Defense

 ___ Claim your prize at the Great Fairy
 ___ Listen to the Frog Choir in Mountain Village (Heart Piece)
 ___ Play the Fisherman's Jumping Game (Heart Piece)

Now that you have finished the Great Bay Temple, start by claiming your
prize with the Great Fairy. Hop along the islands near Zora Cape, and
hookshot to the trees on your way, over to a set of boulders blocking her
cave. Bomb it open, and she will reward you with Enhanced Defense! Now you
can take twice as many hits to die.

After that, go back to Mountain Village to listen to the frog choir, using
the Don Gero Mask to lead them. Funny little song, but you get a Heart Piece
as a thanks for reuniting everyone.

Next warp to Great Bay Coast, and head north until you find a boat. Enjoy the
ride on it, and hookshot the tree when you near the island. The Fisherman is
here, and offering you a jumping game. But he won't let you play during the
evening and before 7am in the morning.

Its pretty easy, all you have to do is jump from the middle platform to the
only platform that has a lit torche, 20 times. Just be careful of the camera
work, it can make you jump straight in the water and lose the game. Don't use
the Bunny Hood for added control.

And that's all you can do at this point really. The last area, Ikana Canyon,
awaits you.

7. Ikana Canyon (CANYON)

Items Possible : Mirror Shield
Heart Pieces   : 2 (Total 45/52)
Masks          : Gibdo Mask (Total 21/24)
Miscellaneous  : None

 ___ Swap for the Ocean Title Deed
 ___ Befriend the Garos with the mask
 ___ Exchange your Ocean Title Deed (Heart Piece, 200 Rupees)
 ___ Cross the canyon river
 ___ Clash the Owl Statue
 ___ Buy the map from Tingle
 ___ Challenge the 4 Poe Sisters (Heart Piece)
 ___ Show Sharp the tears of his brother
 ___ Sneak into the Music Box House
 ___ Heal the Gibdo (Gibdo Mask)
 ___ Trade with the Gibdos (Mirror Shield)
Now that you have the Ice Arrows, the main area of Ikana Canyon will open
up. The Graveyard can be accessed as early as you have Epona, and some other
part as soon as you have the Hookshot/Garo Mask, but there's another part
that can't be accessed without the Ice Arrows.

This area is pretty large. 2 areas you could call Mini-Dungeons in
themselves, both with their reward. So this area will be divided in several
chapters for that reason. Each chapter will hold a mini-dungeon or dungeon.

But first, let's do that Trading Game with the Title Deeds for the last
time. We'll meet up with the last Deku soon. Remember to swap the deeds by
being the right race everytime (Mountain as Deku and Ocean as Goron). Also
bring some rupees with you for a certain mini-game. Before you send the
Swamp Deku off, change into a Deku yourself and buy 5 Beans from him. You
will use those soon. If you already sent him to Town, he'll be in South
Clock Town now, and will sell you even as a human.

Before heading out, make sure you're filled with the basic items too,
like Deku Sticks and Nuts. Yes, you will be using those soon as well,
oddly. Arrows and Bombs are always useful.

Once you're done, ride Epona out of the East Clock Town toward the
Graveyard area you were in before. But stop at the circle of rock where
you found Shiro the invisible soldier, and pull up your Garo Mask to talk to
a Garo friend on top of the cliff. He will offer you a Hookshot point so you
can climb up toward the next area.

Dead looking town huh? And there's the thief that tries to steal Granny's bag...
Hmmm. He wants to take a look at your sword? I wouldn't trust that one bit.
Anyway, if you wear the Garo's Mask around here, a Garo will appear and fight
you. He will reveal clues to what to do in the area. Tatl might go bug the
thief for more info too.

Head to the right from where you enter and follow the mountain to spot the Deku
Merchant. First buy a Blue Potion from him for 100 Rupees, since you'll need it
soon. Then he'll only exchange the Title Deed if you're a Zora, so go ahead and
use the Deku Flower to cross the chasm and claim a Heart Piece! And you got 200
Rupees for the Title Deed too, as a bonus.

Head to the small bridge, and use Ice Arrows to freeze up the two octoroks so
you can cross to the other side of the river. If you don't have any supplies,
you can follow the river toward the left of the Octorks to find a cave and a
'Secret Temple' area behind the waterfall. Nothing to do here yet, but there's
a few supplies in the jars and bushes at least.

As a note, if you follow the right side of the river instead, you'll end up
in Southern SWamp, right beside the Witch's house. Gee.

Anyway, once crossed the Octoroks, look on your left for a Hookshot tree.
Then look on ther side of the river for another, and the final one is on the
other side again, with Tingle nearby. Buy the area map from him, and clash the
Owl Statue so you won't have to do this ever again!

Now take note that you can actually finish Anju and Kafei's quest here, but I
suggest, since you're already this far in, to wait until you're done with this
chapter first. Just noting this is the earliest you can do it. Refer to chapter
7b. for all the details about it.

From Tingle, keep following the left wall until you find house with a sign
written "Spirit House". You'll basically be fighting the 4 Poes from Ocarina
of Time. For those that didn't play it, the first 3 are beaten by having
them bounce off your shield, and when they appear quickly slash with your
sword. Two hits will be enough to kill them. For the last one, it will split
in 4. Three of them are false. When they appear, the real one will do an
extra spin. If you can see it, fire an arrow at it. The false ones will drop
random stuff like spare arrows. You have to beat them all in 3 minutes, which
is more than enough if you don't lose too much time on the last one. Your
reward is a Heart Piece.

Right next to the house is a cave that leads to the dried up river. The sign
talks about ghost apparitions. Hmm, alright. Let's see inside. A ghost? Didn't
you see that one before? Oh, its Flat's brother, Sharp! How about showing
him the tears of his brother as Flat asked you to do? Play him the Song
of Storm. Play it quick because every second his song will damage you. That
will calm him down. Sorta.

And now the river is back to normal. The water pumps up the music box house...
and that doesn't please the Gibdos at all apparently. And out of the house
comes a little girl. Wait for her to move away from the house, and sneak inside.
Quickly go downstairs and find the trapped Gibdo. Don't get too close else
Pamela will suddenly be back and protect him. Heal his soul with the Song of
Healing to free a man and reunite him with his daughter.

Now head out of the house, and head to the west side, up the ramps. You'll find
a dried up well. Hop inside, and go into the Beneath The Well area. This area is
filled with Gibdos, so naturally put on the Gibdo Mask to talk to them, and they
want things from your inventory. Most of the items can be found within the area,
but you need that Blue Potion and the 5 Beans before entering, which is why I
made you get them earlier, since it was on your path.

Keep trading until you find the exit. This is the list of what I had to trade
around the place. Those marked with *** are not found within the dungeon.
-5 Magic Bean***
-A Blue Potion***
-10 Deku Nuts
-10 Bombs
-A Big Poe
-2 Fish
-3 Bugs
-Hot Water

The exit is at the upper right area of the map. When you get there, you'll see
a sun on the wall, and 4 torches. Lit them up with your fire arrows to
retrieve your Mirror Shield! Is it just me or this Mirror Shield is damn ugly?
I way prefered the one in Ocarina of Time... Anyway.

Reflect the light on the two Sun faces in this room to show the way out. It
leads into the Ancient Castle of Ikana.

7b. Anju and Kafei part 2 (ANJU-2)

Items Possible : None
Heart Pieces   : 1 (Total 46/52)
Masks          : Couple's Mask (Total 22/24)
Miscellaneous  : None

 ___ Don't save Granny's Bomb Bag
 ___ Complete Part 1 of Anju and Kafei's Quest (Chapter 3b.)
 ___ Meet with Kafei at Ikana Canyon before 7pm on the final day
 ___ Challenge the Hideout's traps to retrieve the Sun Mask
 ___ Attend to the ceremony in the Inn (Couple's Mask)
 ___ Calm down the Mayor's Office (Heart Piece)

The earliest you can do this quest's final part is when you've hit the Owl
Statue at Ikana Canyon. Why? Because while its debatable it could be done with
lots of speed, I doubt that without warping to the Owl Statue you'd have enough
time to reach the area before 7pm, especially since you can't deliver the mail
any faster than handing it to his mom at 6pm on the final day.

First go back to Chapter 3b. to redo the first part of this quest. Make sure
that you let the thief get away with Granny's Bomb bag. You don't need to
witness it, just don't stop it.

If you followed my tips, you should have done it twice, so you won't get any
new prize from it. Else, follow the path you haven't taken last time. Although
I suggest ending it with delivering it yourself, so you can get a bit more time.
Be sure you've played the Inverted Song of Time now too.

Now warp over to Ikana Canyon and go over the west side, toward where the Deku
Merchant is. Put the Stone Mask on so that the thief won't notice you, and
meet up with Kafei behind the rocks on the side of the blocked cave. Take off
your Stone Mask before talking else he won't even notice you there. Wait until
7pm and the thief will open the door.

Be sure he doesn't see you, even behind the rock, else he will flee and you'll
have to redo the whole 3 days again for it. Just put the Stone Mask back on
once you've talked to Kafei.

Inside the cave, go through the door and you'll see the Sun Mask, Kafei's
wedding mask that he talked about. Trying to take it activates the convoyor
belts its on, so now you have to get through the puzzle to get it.

Kafei will handle the puzzle side, pushing blocks in place as needed. Put the
blocks on the blue switch in the first room. Avoid pressing any other switch
in the second room. For the last one, you'll need to walk over one other switch
to reach it, make it the green one.

Link will take care of the fighting side and dispatch the monsters that appear.
The first room has 1 Deku Baba. The second room 2 Deku Baba. The third room
as a Wolfos. Just quickly dispatch them as step on the 2 switches at the end
to finish this part.

Once at the end of the small maze, you'll find Kafei's Sun Mask. You'll notice
you only have 6 minutes left now, that means its midnight. Warp to town quickly,
and go into the Inn. Right atop the stairs is a door that was always locked, and
marked "Employees Only". It will be unlocked this time, so get in, and wait for
Kafei to arrive. He walked here after all. He'll arrive with barely a minute
and a half left too.

You'll see the couple finally meeting again. Your reward after the ceremony is
the Couple's Mask.

Warp to the first day, and after 10 am visit the Mayor's office with the
Couple's Mask to calm everyone down. They will give you a Heart Piece as a

Now you're completly done with the Masks and the Heart Pieces in Clock town!
This was possibly the most difficult Mask and Heart Piece to get in this
game. This also completes your Bomber's logbook. Now you can head back to
the main quest. Return to Day 1 if you want to first.

7c. Ikana Castle (IKANA)

Items Possible : None
Heart Pieces   : 1 (Total 47/52)
Masks          : None (Total 22/24)
Miscellaneous  : Elegy of Emptyness

Before leaving town, make sure to buy a Power Keg first. You'll need it, and
you wouldn't want to go through that castle more than once, probably.

With the Mirror Shield, you won't have to go back through the well again, so
you don't have to worry about saving out once you get the shield and returning
to day 1. You've done most of what's to do outside the castle, so now the next
part is infiltrating the castle. If you did save, return to the Music Box house,
and look on the right side of the house.

You'll see the castle gate there, and if you go along the left wall from there,
you'll see a hole through the wall. Gee, nice security. Just get inside, hit
the crystal switch to make some light, and use that light to make the sun block
disapear, letting you step inside the fences.

Enter the castle from the front door. With the Gibdo's Mask, you can just ignore
the dancing ReDeads here. If you don't have the mask, youll have to fight.
Shoot the iced eye on the pillars with Fire Arrows to open the two doors. Take
the left one first.

In this room, hit the switch and the ceiling will lift up. But it won't stay up
very long. Use the Deku Flowers to hide inside, and when the ceiling crashes
down, you can lift it back up when you pop out of the flower. Work your way
toward the last flower, and use it to reach the pillar on the right side of
the room. That spot is safe, so don't worry. Change back to Link to press the
switch down and open the next room. Landing on top of the ceiling will hurt you,
so jump toward the door. The Bunny Hood is safe to use.

In this room, look to the left of the door for a switch. Put on the Lens of
Truth and you'll notice an invisible block. Use it to reach the switch safely,
then move back to the door. To the right, take out the Skulltula with an Arrow,
and then use the Deku Flower to hover to it. Use Zora Boomerangs or the Hookshot
to hit the mines until they explode on one another. Then you can use the Deku
Flower to reach the door, or some more tricky jumps where the Skulltula were.

The next room as a pair of Blue Bubbles, try to avoid them and head upstairs,
nothing to do here. You'll be back outside on top of the castle this time. Climb
up on the ledge that goes around the right side, and look to the right of
the castle. There's a switch, 2 flames, and a Heart Piece. Hit the switch, and
use the Bunny Hood to jump down where the flame was. Change into a Deku and
quickly move to the next pillar toward the Heart Piece.

Now you need to fall back down and retrace your steps into the castle until you
reach the top of it again. Sorry, but that's the only way to get that Heart

Now jump back to the ledge and head over to the entrance to the left this time,
over the entrance door. Jump on top of the entrance to the Deku Flower. Use it
to reach the switch right in front of you on top of the pillars. Once done,
jump done and head back in, but through the right door this time in the
ReDead hall.

This room is well-lit... Reflect the light directly on the hand to kill it,
and also its smaller version that appear. Use the same light to take care of
the sun block too, and four ReDeads will be waiting. Use your Gibdos' mask to
watch them dance... very interesting. Move over to the door.

Do you remember this guy? He's the same as before. Watch for the red dot, and
aim for the real one when he splits. Put your Gibdo's Mask on and head through
the door.

Phew, look at all of these ReDeads. Good thing you put your mask on. Move up the
stairs and you'll be outside again, but on the other side of the castle. Gp to
the center of the place, and set down your Power Keg to light up the Dancing
ReDeads hall. Put the Gibdo and jump down that hole, and you can get rid of
that big sub block now, and open the way through the center of the castle.

Now get ready to face off the King of Ikana. When his sends his henchman after
you, take your Fire Arrows and burn the two curtains that closed up when the
battle started. The henchmen are pretty much like Stalfos or Dinolfos you've
seen before, so they aren't very hard. But when they are down, take your shield
and shine the light on them to kill them for good, else they will rise back
after a few moments.

Now the King fights about the same, but has more attacks. Put on the Captain's
Hat for an extra dialog where the King thinks your the Skull Captain, Keeta.
His attacks can be of breathing ice or slashing with his sword. Using the light
on him can stun him if he's not ready too. Sometimes he'll detach his head and
keep attacking you. You can't do a thing when he does that, so evade and defend
until he goes back in one piece. Finish him when he's done by shining the light
on him.

Once dead he will teach you the Elegy of Emptiness, which can leave a copy of
the space you're using where you were standing. Look at the Link statue you
just left too. Creepy face...

Now you can warp back to Ikana Canyon, we're heading toward the last dungeon,
the Stone Towers. But we're not there yet. We'll be using the Elegy of
Emptiness to climb up that weird area, and find that final Owl Statue somewhere
before we enter the dungeon.

Head back to the Music Box, and to the right of the river cave you'll see a sort
of stone slope. Climb it up to enter the Stone Tower area.

This area can be very confusing, with all the switches and the moving blocks.
Cross over the first set of blocks to the switch, and play the Elegy of
Emptiness on it to leave a copy of yourself there. Then Hookshot up where
the boulders are falling for another switch. Press it down with a different
race (Goron or Zora) and play the song again. The Deku is too light for the
switch after all.

Hop on top of the hookshot target and you'll see another target to the left
and up. Move on to it, and you'll see another switch. Press it down with the
Song of Emptiness once again, with the last of the three race you haven't used
yet. Now the blocks will have moved out of the way, and up a level, right
where you are. 

Hop across to find 3 more switches. Ignore them, as they have no use at the
moment. Just keep going up with the hookshot to your right. The first switch is
near the first hookshot. On the next hookshot you'll find a beamos and a switch.
Use another hookshot target to reach a third switch to your left.

Across the 3 blocks you'll find 3 switches again. Those are trios are only used
to go back down if you need, so you can skip those too. Hookshot up to the
target where boulders are rolling on each side of you here. Where now? Look up
a bit, and you'll see another target. But its too far? Don't worry, just jump
down and walk toward it. Near the end of the ledge, you can hookshot over to it.

The next target is up and slightly to the right. And you'll finally find the
Owl Statue! Now you can get back here anytime. Phew, good thing too. You
probably know the Elegy of Emptiness by heart now do you? But here you can take
a break, because all that is left is 3 switches and you're clear for thedungeon.

7d. Stone Tower (TOWER)

Items Possible : Light Arrows
Heart Pieces   : 0 (Total 47/52)
Masks          : Giant's Mask (Total 23/24)
Miscellaneous  : Twinmold's Remains

Wether you saved or not, you can go back to this point. Entering the
Stone Tower is just a matter of pressing down the 3 switches near the Owl
Statue as to be able to cross over to the entrance. Start by the rightmost
one, the left and finally the middle.

Jump over the blocks, and notice the red gem there? We'll come back to it later.
Just remember where it is. Head inside the dungeon for now.

This place is pretty odd. Look up, and you'll see things hanging there. How
do you get to them? We'll get to that later again, don't worry. This whole
dungeon can be flipped upside down to get everything done, which is pretty long
to do, making this the most confusing dungeon in the game.

In the first room you enter, shoot the eye overhead to make a chest appear in
the middle of the room. Use the Bunny Hood or Hookshot to reach it for the
first Stray Fairy (1/15). Take the door on the left of the entrance.

This room has 4 switches, one for each of your copies. The size of the switch
should tip you on which to press down. You should start with Goron for the
biggest switch, and keep them all down except for the one in front of the vined
gate. Near one of the switches you'll find a cracked wall. Bomb it open, and
you'll have 2 small crates you can pick up here. Use one of them to keep the
last switch down, and that will keep the gate up.

In this room, two patches of darker ground. One with plants. Bomb the other one
to find a way down. Shed light on the sun block to reveal a chest. You can
hookshot or walk as Goron Link over the lava to retrieve the Dungeon Map.
Careful of the two Armos statue here, those come to life in a very small space.
Bug the two other in the middle of the lava with arrows and dispose of them
for another chest, which you should definitly retrieve using Goron Link.
That will net you a Small Key.

Before heading back up, look up when standing in the light to see a hookshot
target. Move up to it and you'll find a chest for a Stray Fairy (2/15). Now
head back up the stairs. Use the key right here.

In the new room, jump in the water and go to the other side. Let the Dexihand
grab you and it will throw you out of the water and on the ledge. Retrieve the
key in the chest, and then take care of the Dexihand, and go through that tunnel
until you find a large and deep room. At the bottom press the switch to make a
chest appear on the ceiling? Well leave it there.

Float up to the top of the room, and stand in the narrow walkway. Shoot the
iced eye with a Fire Arrow to reveal another chest on the ceiling. Now walk
over to the cicle of light, and reflect the light to the mirror at the back.
This mirrow will charge up and keep emitting light for you once you stop,
for about the same time you charged it. Once you have enough time in, 
move to the light the mirror gives out, and reflect it on the cube. That was
only your training with this technique, as you'll be using it several times
in this dungeon.

Take the chest behind the sun block for the Compass. The door here heads back to
the first room, so no need to go there. Juse use your key on the locked door

Clean the room of the black boes, and then Goron Punch the pillar right in front
of the entrance for a circle of light. Use it to make the Suns disapear from
the nearby walls first, and one of them will make a chest appear with a Stray
Fairy inside (3/15). Now use the light and the mirrors to make the sun blocks
disapear. The right one is easy, but the far one will demand that you use
two mirrors. Charge the first to maximum, and then use its light to charge
the second one with as much time as you have. Then use the second mirror to
shine out the sun block.

The right block was hiding a chest holding a Stray Fairy (4/15). The far block
was hiding a door, that you should use once done here.

In this room, use the air currents as Deku to float around. First go straight
ahead, and at the cirst air current go left toward the rupees. The chest holds
a Stray Fairy (5/15). Jump back into the air current, and go back to the
entrance. Change to Goron, and pound the switch. Now you have to race the clock
by using a Goron Roll, following the lava until you find the chest. It might
take a few tries to do this within the time limit. Hit the switch and the fires
around the chest will disapear.

Now go back to the entrance, and change to Deku, but this time go straight along
the path, using the current to keep you up. Land on the first beams, and jump
from there into the next current.

Avoid the next beam altogether. For that, just float through the left side that
is higher up. You'll barely reach the next current if done right. Landing here
means being stuck. Once at the end, you'll see a chest and pots. Open the chest
for a Stray Fairy (6/15). Stocking up time? That means a mini-boss.

This time its Garo, which is stronger than the Garos you might have seen before.
He has flaming swords, which puts you on fire. He has excellent defense as well.
The best way to defeat it is to do a backflip before he attacks, and he will
miss and look around for you. That's the best opening, hit him hard. He will go
down fast. Your reward is the Light Arrows!

Go through the open door, climb on the beam, and take care of the beetle-like
monster by taking his mask off with the hookshot (another move I've seen in
Link's Awakening). Go through the door at the end, and you'll be in a familiar
room, this time on the walkway.

The monster here is called Eyegore. Maybe a cousin of that mini-boss in Great
Bay? Anyway, the only way to kill it is to shoot him when his eye turns yellow.
Which does only when he tries to attack you by throwing boulders you way. Just
stand near him until he attacks, and shoot him. He'll leave a chest behind with
a Stray Fairy (7/15).

Go through the door behind Eyegore and you'll be back in the first room. Go
back through the door on your right, and over to the room with water. Let the
dexihand throw you on dry land, and bomb the switch over the fence. Move back
to the other side. This is annoying, but you need to use the dolphin jump
technique of the Zora to get out of there. Its possible, but you need to make
a very precise jump. Use a Light Arrow on the sunblock, take care of the Beamos
and claim another Stray Fairy (8/15).

Go back to the entrance, and before you exit, find the Sun face in front of the
chest you opened earlier. That will make a chest appear on the ceiling. We'll
get to it in a moment.

Head out of the dungeon. Yes, there is something to do there. Leave a copy
on the left of the door (Link's right when he exits the dungeon), and walk on
one of the remaining blocks. Remember that red gem down there? Shoot it with
the Light Arrow. WAAAAAAAAAAH! Phew, you're not dead. But everything is upside
down? Neat, now the second half of the dungeon is open to you.

Head back inside by skipping the blocks. Right as you enter you'll get that
chest you just made appear and retrieve a Stray Fairy (9/15). Head up the
right ramp and through the door.

You're in that large underwater room again... but upside down, so the water is
gone, and replaced with rising currents. Float over to the door right in front
of you as you enter. There's a chest you made appear earlier there. Walking
on the slopes you can hookshot to the chest for a Stray Fairy (10/15).

You don't need a Deku Flower to get back up, just walk into the currents as a
Deku to fly up. The current you want to use is to your left, from the chest you
just opened. Leave a clone on the switch so you can access the chest surrounded
by fire. But the current you just used isn't strong enough to reach it.

Jump toward the far current, and use it to reach the high chest to retrieve a
Stray Fairy (11/15), and then jump off toward the center walkway, and into the
passage. From the passage, look behind you to where the chest was for a sunface.
Shoot it with a Light Arrow for a chest to appear on the ceiling. Go through the
passage for a switch, and back in the room you just left a chest will appear,
holding the small key you need. The end of this hall is on a bottomless hole,
which the dexihand will save you from, and reward you with a few rupees.

Head back to the chest, grab your key and go up to the locked door. This room is
odd. Use a Light Arrow on the red gem to flip the room over. Cross over the
lava, and then reflip the room. That's the only way to cross this room where
lava drips from the ceiling.

In this room, the Chuchus will help you replenish your magic if you need any.
If its late in the day, you might consider going back to town and getting some
Chateau Romani for unlimited Magic until the end of the 3 days. But in this
guide, I will play without. It is very possible without, just harder.

In this room, basically, the goal is to get the block near the entrance, to the
other corner of the room. The way to do this is moving the block to the far end,
flip the room over, move the block again, and flip the room as needed until it
reaches the goal. Once there, the door will open and you can use the block
to jump over to the door.

Mini-Boss time! Wizzrobe again? Gee, this guy doesn't quit. Well, he's not
different than the 3 or 4 other times you've seen him, so dispose of him. Use
the ceiling chest as a hookshot target to reach a few pots, and then hookshot
to the new chest to reach the door. A Stray Fairy awaits freedom inside that
chest (12/15). Go through the door.

No floor here, and a poe bugging you right as you enter. Use the Deku Flower
when safe to reach the other side. Use the Deku Flower to reach the hole on
the right of where you entered. You can see on the map there is a small
maze there. Here you'll meet the Death Armos.

They are quite annoying, but notice the sign on their chest? That's right.
Shoot it with a Light Arrow and it will flip upside down. Then make it try to
attack you, and it will ram down into the ground head first. Stay clear of it
when it explodes. Leave a copy on the switch inside and take the chest for
a small key.

Nothing else here, so head back to the nearest door where the Poes were and
go through it. Use your hookshoot to make the mines explodes on each other.
Use the small area freed by the mines to float there, and use that Deku Flower
to reach the other side. The Blue Bubbles yeild 50 Rupees if you kill them
with Light Arrows. Cross over to the door.

Another mini-boss! How many of them is there anyway? Gomess is very easy.
Shoot a Light Arrow to disperse the bats, then attack at him directly.
Move back to avoid the spinning scythe, and repeat. He goes down quickly
too, and leaves the Boss Key behind.

Head back to the previous room, and float back across. On the wall there is a
door. Shoot the Death Armos, and then jump over to his ledge. It will try
to attack you and explode. Hit the switch for another ceiling chest. Hookshot
to the chest on the ceiling, and you'll drop down near the entrance.

Hookshot upward toward the highest chest you can see, which should still be
closed. Enter the door there, and you'll face another Eyegore. Kill it like
before, and you'll get a treasure chest... which contains the Giant's Mask!
That's the key to defeating the boss.

Head through the door, and hit the switch. A chest will appear on the ceiling.
Head back out, and flip the place over to normal again. Remember the three
switches. Right, left and middle. Then head back inside.

Drop down to find a chest you made appear earlier, for a Stray Fairy (13/15).
Use the right hand door to head into the water room, and sink down for another
chest and Stray Fairy inside (14/15). The last Stray Fairy through the north
door. Cross the mirror hall, and float across the currents once again to
reach the door. Through the Garo's room, and the chest will be right below
the next room. Just drop down, claim it, and then head through the high door
to the entrance.

Head back outside to flip the place over again, since this was only to get the
last fairies. Head inside, and hookshot to the highest chest again. Head over
to where you made appear the last chest, but this time we're going to the boss.

Instead stand in front of the door and hookshot up to that chest. Hookshot over
the spiked pillar using the target a bit further away, and fall down to the
boss door. Behind the beamos you can find pots to refill your supply, and then
head in.

Now with the Giant's Mask, Twinmold's size isn't that impressive. But the
problem is your magic. The Giant's Mask sucks up the magic meter like crazy.
If you have the Chateau Romani, you have nothing to worry about. Just whack
away at the boss. Else, hit some of the pillars for some magic jars and try to
keep it as high as possible. You have to go little to claim the bottles though.

Try to save your magic by taking the mask off when you aren't in a good
position to attack. Saving your magic meter is crucial without Chateau Romani.
Without any magic, its possible to hit the very end of the tail for some damage.
This might take awhile though.

As a giant, just slice the head or tail end, and it will go down quickly enough
with the Gilded Sword.

7e. Ikana's Dawn (POSTTOWER)

Items Possible : Great Fairy's Sword
Heart Pieces   : 1 (Total 48/52)
Masks          : None (Total 23/24)
Miscellaneous  : None

 ___ Claim your reward with the Great Fairy (Great Fairy's Sword)
 ___ Challenge four old opponents (Heart Piece)

Now that Twinmold is dead, Ikana's Canyon is back to normal. There is only
two things left to do before the final battle.

You'll start near the Music Box house. The Great Fairy's Fountain is in the
hole between the gates of Ikana Castle and the entrance to the Stone Tower
area. Reunite the missing fairies and she will reward you with the Great Fairy's

This sword is set to C-items, but is used just like the regular sword, except
for one thing. You can't press the button down for a charge attack. You'll
have to spin the controller around for that attack. Ah well. This sword is
more powerful than the Gilded Sword!

Now the last thing to get is in the Secret Shrine. Jump down to the river, and
head west in the water to the waterfall. Enter the cave behind it, and
open the door with a Light Arrow.

Talk with the ghost, and take one of the paths. I'll cover them from leftmost
to rightmost.

The first room has threes Dinofol in it. Nothing too strong, right? Just beat
them with your usual techniques. The Great Fairy Sword is sure to make short
work of them too, one hit each! 100 Rupees is your reward this time.

Through the second room on the left, you'll face... Wizzrobe again? Gee... And
no new tricks, except the pillars in the room trying to block your sight. Just
stand in a corner. And you have no map either, so use your eyes to find him
this time. Remember, the spinning one is the only real one. The reward is
100 Rupees.

The next room is empty? Look up. Yup, Eyegore again. Same old trick, nothing
new here. Maybe smaller room? DOesn't matter really. Another 100 Rupees to
claim after the fight.

The rightmost room has the Garo Master that you've seen in Stone Tower. Same
attack pattern, not to worry about him too much. Another 100 Rupees awaits
the victor.

Return to the entrance, and that ghost will be there. For defeating all four
rooms, he will leave a chest that holds the final Heart Piece of the game!
At least from Termina. Now you've collected everything you could before
the final area of the game. Save your game and return to day 1.

8. The Moon (MOON)

Items Possible : None
Heart Pieces   : 4 (Total 52/52)
Masks          : Fierce Deity's Mask (Total 24/24)
Miscellaneous  : None

Technically speaking you've acquired everything you could up to now. When I said
the final Heart Piece, I meant that you have nothing else to get before this
area. The last four pieces are in this area, in the 4 mini-dungeons.

You don't have much to do here. Just wait until the final night, and enter
the Clock Tower at midnight. You don't have to use the Deku Flower this time.
Link is tall enough to climb from the side. Remember what happened the first
time? Well this time, instead of playing the Song of Time, play the Oath to
Order. Been a while since you learned that song huh? I don't blame you for
going into your menu and learning it again.

When played, the 4 Giants will come to the rescue... and hold the Moon up? Wow,
what display of power! While the moon is stopped from crashing, your job is to
get on it and take care of Majora itself. Don't worry about the time now, its
stopped while on the moon, probably thanks to the Giants.

Go to the tree, and you'll see 4 kids running around it. They all are wearing
the Boss' masks (remains). Each one asks you for a certain ammount of masks,
that you need to trade to them to enter. Keep the Bunny Hood as long as you can,
just in case. Each kid brings you to a mini-dungeon. Each mini-dungeon as a
Heart Piece inside. So let's go in order that we fought them in the game.

Odolwa's Mask
He only wants one mask to let you get in. The goal is to find the kid. But you
don't want to find him before getting the Heart Piece. So where is it? Its at
the very far right of this room. Use the Deku Flowers to hop over from
ledge to ledge, using the large spinning platforms as needed. Careful of not
being pushed off the last one with the spikes. Use the door on the very far left
after getting the heart. On the last spinning platforms, you might want to aim
for the one that has a golden flower, since it shoots further. Its easier to
reach where you want to go with that one. Through the door the Odolwa Kid
will be waiting, and he asks you for another mask to finish the game.

Goht's Mask
As you would suppose after Odolwa's Mask, you'll mainly need to use the Goron
Mask this time around. He wants two masks to let you in. You'll need to roll
alot on narrow ledges. But don't worry, all you really need to do is be straight
on the first one. At every corner a chest is placed to rebound you in the next
direction. So as long as you were straight on the first one, you'll clear the
rest easily. Let go of the control and keep the A-Button down, that's all.

When you reach the first pots, you could stop here and reach the exit. But we
want that Heart Piece first. So you actually need to take control again and
navigate the curves around the place, keeping your speed for the jumps. Its a
bit tricky, but at the end you'll get your Heart Piece.

When you want to reach the door, stop near the first pots, cross the bridge,
stand near the teleporter there, and you'll have just enough rolling space to
get speed to clear the gap. He'll want two masks to leave the place.

Gyorgs' Mask
Mainly Zora stage. He wants 3 masks to enter the maze. Its a swimming maze.
All you need to do is swim with the current, taking the right turn. For the
Heart Piece, go Left, Right, Left, Left. Basically just follow the wall I told
you, as you'll notice paths on the other side from where you are.

For the exit, its Left, Right, Left, Right instead. He'll want 3 masks to end
the maze. If you find him before the Heart Piece, just don't give him any Masks.
He'll send you out of the maze, but he will still be running around the tree.
Talk to him again, and he'll ask you to play again, without any masks this time.

Twinmold's Mask
He wants four masks to play, the greedy bastard. This is just a gauntlet of
foes for you. The first one is a single Dinofols, nothing to it. The second is
a Garo Master, same as before. Hookshot to the chest he leaves behind to access
the door. The third one is Iron Knuckle, our old fiend. He's much easier with
the Great Fairy Sword, isn't he? Not that you need your sword against himanyway.

Iron Knuckle leaves behind... Bombchus? You can use those. Look up, there's a
x-marked tile there. Stand as fas as you can, align yourself with the mark,
pull out a bombchu. Wait until it gets bright for the 3rd time and let it go.
It should hit the mark directly. Shoot the eye with an arrow. That will make
a ladder appear. The last Heart Piece is waiting for you in the next room.
Congrats, you've found all 52 Pieces now!

Now you have to Bombchu the ceiling this time. Wait until it links bright twice
before setting it down. Use a Fire Arrow to thaw the eye, and you'll meet the
kid. To exit the maze, give him your last 4 masks.

Now all that's left is the single kid under the tree, with Majora's Mask. If you
have no more masks left when you talk to him, he'll give you the Feirce Deity's
Mask. This mask makes the Final Boss very easy! Be prepared, this is the final
boss now.

Majora's Mask
That's all that is left between you and the happy ending. Put on the Fierce
Deity's Mask for a quick fight overall. Majora has three forms.

With the FD Mask, just attack Majora straight. You can just ignore the other
masks and keep on going. Even if Majora is far away, your FD Mask's new sword
shoots fireball, knocking down.

Majora's Incarnation
He grows legs and runs around real fast. He also shoots fireballs real quick
once in a while. But most of the time he just runs around and looks weird.
Here again, the FD Sword will make quick work of it, stunning and attacking
while its down.

Majora's Wrath
Majora's final form, he's almost... demon? Human? Whatever it is, it has
tentacules at the end of each arm. Once again just keep a lock on, let Majora
be hit with the fireballs from your sword, and it will stun repeatidly. It
won't even have time to attack once.

Congratulations! You've beaten the game with 100% of the items! Enjoy the
ending. Thank you for following my guide to its completion.

9. End Word and Disclaimer (END)
That wraps up my first walkthrough. This is only the first version as I'm sure
some people will suggest better ways to find those items sooner. Your feedback
is greatly appreciated as such.

Note that you could theoritically just get the item out of a dungeon and go
item fetch or even start on the next dungeon, which would give you certain
items quicker, like using the Bow to get upgraded quiver and heart pieces
before beating Odolwa. But what's the point really? While you're in there,
might as well clean up the place fully. That's why I divided this into areas.
I don't jump to the next area unless there's a good reason to, Ikana
Graveyard being a notable case for the Stone Mask.

I had fun playing this game though for this guide thought. My game froze twice
in the Great Bay chapter. Once right when I was doing the Fisherman's Jumping
game, the very last thing to do before saving that chapter. I used my own
walkthrough to redo the whole thing, heh.

It was also interesting to figure out what could be done when, using the Heart
Piece guide mainly (listed below). Even more fun following the walkthrough for
the stray fairies and figuring out if there was a better order for them. That
was especially true for Stone Tower Temple where he didn't even bother telling
us where to find the last Fairy, and that the order is a bit screwed up for some
reason. I believe mine is easier to follow as far as getting the Stray Fairies
is involved.

This game was also a personal challenge on some level. Despite what several
guides suggest about the Chateau Romani's use, I prefered going through as
supposed to. Its not cheating to use it, but it does make the temples tons

All in all, I hope you enjoyed following me step by step through the game I've
played, through my eyes and ideas.

I've used several walkthroughs to complete the information, but the bulk of the
writings and boss strategies are those I used for the game, written from my
personal ideas and info gathered from my previous games. Here are the main
references used for this guide.

==Heart Piece FAQ, written by Nocturne [templarnocturne@yahoo.com]
-->Most comprehensive guide for the heart pieces, it was a great help finding
   the right order to get the hearts.

==Walkthrough, written By Dark Phenomenon [the_majical_sponge@hotmail.com]
-->The best walkthrough in terms of finding all the fairies on the first go,
   instead of only catching a few and going back in later. Thanks for that info!

==Bomber's Notebook Guide, written by Croco~ [croco64@yahoo.com]
-->Most detailed Notebook I've seen. It was huge help for the timing of the Anju
   and Kafei quest. Its thanks to this I realized that you could do the Kamaro
   and Granny quest on the same night too.

==Kafei/Anju Quest FAQ, written by Nocturne [templarnocturne@yahoo.com]
-->Another good guide from Nocturne, very useful for that quests as well.
   Combined with the Notebook Guide, it was all I needed to figure out the exact
   timing for the events and up to where I could carry the quests without the
   required items (see chapter 3b. and 7b.)

==The Gold Skulltulas House Maps, by Chaos Control [gold_majic@hotmail.com]
-->Superb pictures of where the Gold SKulltulas are and how to reach them, even
   if I found better ways to get them :P I personally only needed the Swampside
   map because I attempted it without the Hookshot or Goron Mask. Oceanside is
   so easy compared...

For the rest, you can contact me at Franck_Knight@sympatico.ca if you found a
better way to get something sooner in the game than I proposed here, or if you
have any questions about some part that isn't clear enough.

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders. Majora's Mask, Link and all names
official names are owned by Nintendo.

Thank you for appreciating the hours spent into figuring this game out for your
enjoyment. I hope you had fun going through the game reading this, as much as I
had writing it.
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