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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

  _______ _                       .                                      _
 '   /    /        ___            /       ___    ___.   ___  , __     ___/
     |    |,---. .'   `           |     .'   ` .'   ` .'   ` |'  `.  /   |
     |    |'   ` |----'           |     |----' |    | |----' |    | ,'   |
     /    /    | `.___,           /---/ `.___,  `---| `.___, /    | `___,'
                                                \___/                    `
        ,__             _______          .        _       
   __.  /  `           '      /    ___   |     ___/   ___ 
 .'   \ |__               .--'   .'   `  |    /   |  /   `
 |    | |                /       |----'  |   ,'   | |    |
  `._.' |              ,'______/ `.___, /\__ `___,' `.__/|
        /                                         `       
 __   __                                         
 |    |    ___      .    __.  .___    ___    ____
 |\  /|   /   `     \  .'   \ /   \  /   `  (    
 | \/ |  |    |     |  |    | |   ' |    |  `--. 
 /    /  `.__/| /`  |   `._.' /     `.__/| \___.'
 __   __               \               .___                            
 |    |    ___    ____ |   ,           /   \ ,   . \,___,   ___    ___ 
 |\  /|   /   `  (     |  /            |__-' |   | |    \ .'   ` .'   `
 | \/ |  |    |  `--.  |-<             |  \  |   | |    | |----' |----'
 /    /  `.__/| \___.' /  \_           /   \ `._/| |`---' `.___, `.___,
 .____     .      ___   
 /        /|    .'   `. 
 |__.    /  \   |     | 
 |      /---'\  |  ,_ | 
 /    ,'      \  `._.`-.

           ~~~~~~~~~Table of Contents~~~~~~~~~
Legal Info:..........................................#----0

What is this FAQ for?:...............................#12345

Frequently Asked Questions:..........................#54321

Version History:.....................................#----v

Clock Town:..........................................#00000
     Silver Rupees:
        Bomber's Hideout:............................#00001
        East Clock Town:.............................#00002
        Stock Pot Inn................................#00003
        Stock Pot Inn................................#00004
     Three Red Rupees:...............................#00005
     Purple Rupees:
        East Clock Town:.............................#00006
        Milk Bar:....................................#00007
        South Clock Town:............................#00008
        East Clock Town:.............................#0v201
        East Clock Town:.............................#0v202
     Red Rupee:......................................#00009
     Nine Green Rupees:..............................#00010
     Infinite Green Rupees:..........................#00011
     Green Rupee:....................................#0v203

Termina Field:.......................................#11111
     Two Hundred Rupees:.............................#10001
     Purple Rupees:
        Blue Bubbles:................................#10002
        Snow Monsters:...............................#10003
     Two Red Rupees:.................................#10005
     Red Rupees:
        Near South Swamp:............................#10006
        Near South Swamp:............................#10007
     Three Red/Blue:.................................#10009
     Two Blue Rupees:................................#10010
     Three Green Rupees:.............................#10011
     Green Rupees:...................................#1v201
     Green Rupee:....................................#1v202

Southern Swamp:......................................#22222
     Purple Rupees:..................................#20001
     Fifty-Two Rupees:...............................#20002
     Thirty-One Rupees:..............................#20003
     Red Rupees:
        Skulltula House:.............................#20004
        Swamp Path:..................................#20005
        Lily Pad Path:...............................#20006
     Two Blue Rupees:................................#20007

     Purple Rupee:...................................#30001
     Red Rupees:
        Goron Village Path:..........................#30002
        Lens of Truth Cave:..........................#30003
        Smithy's Shop:...............................#30004
        Hot Spring Secret Path:......................#30005
     Four Blue Rupees:...............................#30006
     One Blue Rupee:.................................#30007

Great Bay:...........................................#44444
     Silver Rupee:...................................#40001
     Purple Rupees:
        Like Likes:..................................#40002
        Jumping Game:................................#40003
     One Red/Three Blue Rupees:......................#40004
     Red Rupees:
        Pirates' Fortress:...........................#40005
        Pirates' Fortress:...........................#40006
        Pirates' Fortress:...........................#40007
        Pirates' Fortress:...........................#40008
        Pirates' Fortress:...........................#4v201
     Blue Rupees:
        Pirates' Fortress:...........................#40009
        Pirates' Fortress:...........................#4v202

Ikana Canyon:........................................#55555
     Silver Rupees:
        Secret Shrine:...............................#50001
        Secret Shrine:...............................#50002
        Secret Shrine:...............................#50003
        Secret Shrine:...............................#50004
     Purple Rupees:
        Ikana Village/Canyon:........................#50005
        Ikana Village:...............................#50006
        Ikana Graveyard:.............................#50007
     Thirty Rupees:..................................#50008
     Twenty-Six Rupees:..............................#50009
     One Red/Three Blue Rupees:......................#50010
     One Red/Three Blue/ Two Blue:...................#50011
     Seventeen Green Rupees:.........................#50012
     Nine Green Rupees:..............................#50013

Contact Information:.................................#----1


To search this FAQ, simply copy (CTRL+C) the code next to the section, press
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press ENTER) and you should be at that section. Enjoy my guide!

~~Legal Information~~ #----0

This FAQ is property of me, LOZLTTP. It may not be used without my express 
permission. Thus far, the only people permitted to host this FAQ are GameFAQS
and its associates, as well as neoseeker.com.

If you wish to host my FAQ upon your web site, I request that you send me an
email stating such, though realize I may deny you the right to use it.

~~What is this FAQ for?~~ #12345

This FAQ is about the various ways to make rupees in The Legend of Zelda: 
Majora's Mask. It is divided by location, and each location has its rupees
ordered from greatest to smallest.

~~~~~FAQ~~~~~ #54321
Q: What are rupees?
A: Money.

Q: What do the different colors of the rupees mean?
A: The colors signify the value of the rupee. Green Is the least valuable at 1,
then blue is worth 5, red is worth 20, purple is worth 50, silver is worth 100,
and gold and huge orange rupees are worth 200.

Q: Why doesn't this FAQ cover dungeons?
A: Most dungeons do not actually contain very many rupees, and in order to get
the ones that do exist, you would need to beat part or most of a level, which
would require me either creating a walkthrough for each level, or constantly
telling you to link to a walkthrough for a particular dungeon for every rupee.

Q: What type of rupees does this FAQ cover?
A: This FAQ covers hidden rupees that are found both in treasure chests and in
everyday objects. It also covers many rupees found out in the open. However,
this FAQ does not cover random rupees (i.e. rupees dropped by enemies, rupees
won in the lottery, etc.) except in special cases. The rupees in this FAQ have
to have a very high consistency rate (meaning that they have to appear all or
almost all of the time).

Q: Why doesn't this FAQ cover Milk Road or the Skulltula Houses?
A: Because, Milk Road has only one (completely unreliable) way to make rupees,
and thus would be a waste of space. I have also yet to find any rupees
important enough in the Skulltula Houses to warrant there own sections.

Q: Where do I find upgrades to my wallet?
A: There are two different upgrades to your basic 99-rupee wallet. The first can
be found in West Clock Town. If you deposit a total of 200 rupees to the bank,
you will receive the Adult's Wallet, capable of carrying 200 rupees. To get the
Giant's Wallet, which can carry 500 rupees, you must complete the Great Bay
Skulltula House on Day 1. To find out how to complete the Skulltula House,
please refer to its specific FAQ, provided by Nemesis.

~~Version History~~ #----v

Version 1.00- Added, well, everything, obviously.

Version 1.01- Several new rupees were added (specifically: #0v201, #0v202,
#0v203, #1v201, #1v202, #4v201, and #4v202.) Additionally, the Table of
Contents was reorganized to be more readable, and this section was added.
And, uh, my REALLY crappy title is new, too...

Version 1.02- I fixed some spelling/grammar errors, and replaced my crappy
title with a more professional one. I also added another not-so-frequently
asked quesion to the FAQ (don't you people have any questions?) and hunted
and killed the last of the stupid " and ' replacing ?s. So there.

version 1.025- Not much new, just some revisions to older rupees and a
grammatical overhaul and a new Frequent;y askled question. I also redid the
spacing to make the FAQ more reader-friendly,

~~Clock Town~~ #00000

Within Clock Town there are many treasure chests that contain rupees, usually
silvers (100 rupees.) Here are the ones that I have discovered, listed by

++Silver Rupee++ Bomber's Hideout #00001
Required Items: Bombs/Blast Mask, Access to Bomber's Hideout

This is one of the first silver rupees I ever discovered. It is also pretty 
simple to get. Once you have either the bombs or the Blast Mask, talk to the 
little kid guarding the Bomber's Hideout in Clock Town. He is located in East 
Clock Town, right next to the Mayor's Office. Once you get in, swim to the left 
through the narrow pathway. Beware, however, for a giant skulltula will fall 
from the ceiling when you get close. Towards the end of this corridor there is 
a small nook that you can enter. Once you clamber onto it, you will notice a 
cracked wall. Destroy this up with a bomb (or the mask if necessary) and you 
will be rewarded with a chest containing a silver rupee. Note that this chest 
will refill every time you start back at Day 1.

++Silver Rupee++ East Clock Town #00002
Required Items: None, though the Bunny Hood helps a LOT

This is another silver rupee I discovered rather early in the game, though it 
is considerably more difficult to get than the last. This one is located in 
East Clock Town, just above the Honey and Darling's Shop. To get it, you should 
start outside the Bomber's Hideout, and then head up the stairs directly next 
to it. Continue along this path until you come to a gaping hole. If you have 
the Bunny Hood on, this is going to be very easy. Run and jump, easy as that. 
If you do not have the Bunny Hood, be sure to roll before you get to the edge, 
so as to make you jump just far enough to reach it. Once on this new piece of 
land, you will notice that the face (composed of two targets and a basket) is 
directly in front and slightly below you. If you have the BH (Bunny Hood) then 
keep running and aim at the basket; once you land in it continue running and 
you will jump to the last platform. For those of you attempting this without 
the BH, you will need to roll-jump both to and from the basket, which requires 
good timing. Once you reach the final platform, continue running through it 
until you reach a small treasure chest; in it lies your reward.

++Silver Rupee++ Stock Pot Inn #00003
Required Items: None

This is the last silver rupees I ever found in Clock Town. It is, however, very 
easy to get. All you have to do is talk to Anju, the inn keeper, at 
approximately 1:45 in the afternoon on Day 1. If you do so, you will receive a 
room key. If you stick around long enough, you'll see why (heh heh.) Once you 
have the key, go upstairs and enter the second-to-last door. Inside is a 
treasure chest with a silver rupee in it.

++Silver Rupee++ Stock Pot Inn #00004
Required Items: None

During the evening of the Final Day, it is possible to enter the "Employee's
Only" room that you are normally unable to access. Inside is a chest which
contains a silver rupee. Note that Anju will also be waiting for Kafei in this
room if you are performing their side quest.

++Three Red Rupees++ Laundry Pool #00005
Required Items: None

At the laundry pool, there are three red rupees that can be seen through the 
grate in the small river. However, at a particular time these three red rupees 
become very easy to grab. These red rupees are only available to you on the 
Night of the Second Day. When you reach this particular day, head to the 
laundry pool and the rupees are right in the rupee. Enjoy an easy 60 rupees!

++Purple Rupees++ East Clock Town-Shooting Gallery #00006
Required Items: Bow and Arrows

This method is not recommended for making rupees, especially if you plan to do 
it for a long period of time. In this mini-game, two different types of 
octorocks will appear in various patterns. One type of octorock is blue, while 
the other is red (though it looks purple, but oh well.) The object ones the 
game is to shoot the red octorocks while avoiding the blue ones like the 
plague. The premise is pretty simple: shoot red, avoid blue. However, it gets a 
little more complex. The first time you break the high score, you get a bigger 
quiver. Every consecutive time you break your own new record, you get a purple 
rupee. However, the high score doesn't reset at the beginning of the three day 
period. Instead, you will find that, by setting that near-perfect score of 47, 
you've basically shot yourself in the foot. There are 50 red octorocks; you 
have one minute and fifteen seconds to hit them all. Hit a blue one and it 
becomes impossible to get the last few, for the blue octorocks deduct from your 
time, and you'll need almost every millisecond to get the perfect score. Also, 
some of the octorocks are outrageously difficult to hit, without hitting any 
blue octorocks that is. However, for the insanely skilled (or those people are 
simply insane), there is an excellent prize for the perfect score: a piece of 
heart. After you get that, you'll likely never look at this game again.

++Purple Rupee++ Milk Bar #00007
Required Items: Kafei Mask, Letter to Mom

Normally when you deliver Kafei's letter to his mother (you get it during the 
Kafei & Anju side quest from the curiosity shop owner on Night 3, in the 
building at the Laundry Pool) she gives you a bottle. However, if you repeat 
this whole process over again by starting at Day 1, she gives you a purple 
rupee, which is worth fifty rupees. If you have not completed or do not know 
how to complete the Kafei & Anju side quest, then I suggest you visit its 
specific FAQ.

++Purple Rupee++ South Clock Town #00008
Required Items: Hookshot/Moon's Tear

There are two possible ways to get this rupee; one that is easy and one that is 
a bit harder, but both must be done on Day 3. The easier method involves 
hookshotting up to the area where the red rupee is located (see "-Red Rupee- 
South Clock Town"), and then facing the giant tower that the carpenters have 
been building for the Carnival of Time. Atop it one will notice a treasure 
chest. Hookshot up to it and claim your reward. To get the purple rupee without 
the hookshot, one will first need a Moon's Tear. To get this, go through the 
Bomber's Hideout until you reach the observatory. There talk to the old man, 
whom will then ask you if you want to look through the telescope. Move the 
telescope's view until it is looking towards the top of the Clock Tower. Zoom 
in and a short cut scene will begin. At the conclusion of this cut scene, exit 
the observatory via the metal door and collect the Moon's Tear. Bring it back 
to South Clock Town and give it to the resident Deku Shrub. In exchange, he 
will give you the deed to his deku flower, which you may now use as you wish. 
Dive into the flower and, once you jump out, immediately start flying towards 
the tower that the carpenters have been constructing. Once you reach the edge 
of it, press the "A" button and deku Link will climb up the ledge. Then, simply 
open the chest, and the fifty rupees are yours. 

++Purple Rupee++ East Clock Town- Honey and Darling's Shop (Day 1) #0v201
Required Items: Bombs

Okay, now, if you want to get these rupees, you're going to either be really
good with bombchus, or really patient. This game is only 10 rupees to play, so
even if you lose miserably four times in a row, and then win, you will still
break even. The game starts with the platform constantly rising and spinning;
not a good thing. Your shots will be most accurate while the platform is low,
and while you are directly facing the platform. Don't rush; the lovely couple
have given you plenty of time to complete their little game. Even if you miss
a few targets, you should still have enough time  to get them at the end, and
don't hesitate to move backwards on the spinning platform to get a target.

++Purple Rupee++ East Clock Town- Honey and Darling's Shop (Day 2) #0v202
Required Items: None, as far as I know

The challenge for Day 1 is a little more difficult than this one. All the same,
it can be quite difficult your first time. You must get a bomb into each basket,
wothout falling off (just like in the Bombchu Game.) I've foundm that, so long
as you're facing the general direction of the basket and not off by more than a
few degrees with your shot, the bomb should land in the basket most of the time.
However, this is only true if you are at an elevation equal to (or slightly
higher, which is even better) to that of the basket. If you somehow find this
fun, or simply like making the task of collecting rupees difficult, then by all
means play this little game.

++Red Rupee++ South Clock Town #00009
Required Items: Hookshot

This red rupee is very easy to get once you have the hookshot. In South Clock 
Town there is a tower that is being built by the carpenters. Next to this tower 
is a torch. Stand next to this torch, and then pull out your hookshot. Aim it 
to the right of the Treasure Chest Game building; there you will find a 
treasure chest. Hookshot to it, and open it to reveal 20 rupees.

++Nine Green Rupees++ East Clock Town #00010
Required Items: Bow and Arrows

These nine rupees are probably not worth your time, but if you really wanted to 
you, you could try to get them. The Honey and Darling's Shop has a face 
directly above it; the eyes are targets from their bombchu game and the 
nose/mouth is a basket from their bomb basketball game. Hit each of these with 
an arrow, and you will be rewarded three rupees for each. Keep in mind, 
however, that a considerable percentage (probably about half on average) of 
these rupees will get stuck either on the basket, in the basket, or on a 
target, thus reducing an already miniscule reward.

++Infinite Green Rupees++ Any Postbox #00011
Required Items: Postman's Hat

This method, theoretically, will gain you infinite rupees. In practice, 
however, the fact that you must read three boxes of test between each and every 
rupee makes it highly impractical, but it isn't bad for raising a small amount 
of money. First, go to any postbox (the two easiest ones to find are the 
postboxes in East Clock Town and South Clock Town, the former being between the 
Honey and Darling's Shop with the latter being right next to the entrance to 
the Laundry Pool.) After you find a postbox, put on the Postman's Hat and 
start, er...being bored out of your mind for a few rupees.

++Green Rupee++ East Clock Town #0v203

This rupee is guaranteed to exist; however, it can only be gotten once during a
three day period. It is in one of the two boxes outside the Stock Pot Inn and
next to the Juggling Twins. The other box also is guaranteed to have heart
(once) and is worth getting at the same time.

~~Termina Field~~ #11111

Termina Field offers several techniques for getting tons of rupees very fast. 
It also has a few treasure chests that contain large amounts of rupees.

++Giant Orange Rupee++ Near the Entrance to Milk Road #10001
Required Items: Bow and Arrows; Heavilly Suggested Items: Epona


Now that that's over with, onto this very useful technique for collecting 
rupees. In Termina Field there are four different paths that lead to different 
places. One of these paths leads to Milk Road. At the entrance to this path, 
there is a giant bird flying around. Hit the giant bird with your arrows. This 
will cause it to drop two or three green rupees. Do not go for these, however, 
for then you put yourself at serious risk. You see, this bird can and will 
steal your sword (at least, it works with a razor sword, but I'm not to sure 
about the other types) or one of your bottles, forcing you to buy them back 
from the curiosity shop. To prevent it from doing so, however, all you need do
is ride Epona. Additionally, you hit this bird twelve times with arrows, it will
die and leave behind an orange rupee that is taller than Link! Needless to say,
it's worth a fortune (200 rupees to be exact.) To make things even better, the
bird respawns every time you leave the area and come back, making it the ideal
way to max out on rupees.

++Purple Rupees Galore++ Termina Field (Night Time) #10002
Required Items: Light Arrows

I actually got this idea from a Wind Waker board, and thought it might work in 
Majora's Mask, but it turns out that someone has already thought of this. 
However, a very good way to make a ton of rupees very quickly is to stock up on 
arrows and magic power and then enter Termina Field at night. At this time many 
Blue Bubbles will be out and about. Do not touch these! Blue Bubbles will jinx 
you, rendering you incapable of swinging your sword. Instead, fire a light 
arrow at one. The arrow will instantly kill the Bubble and, in addition, a 
purple rupee will be left by it. This is an excellent way to make rupees, 
especially since Termina Field gets flooded with Blue Bubbles at night.

So, credit goes to discoinferno84 for this one, I guess.

++Purple Rupees Galore (continued)++ Snowy Area (Night Time) #10003
Required Items: Light Arrows

This trick is identical to the one above, except I discovered it before anyone 
else (on record, anyway.) Not only will the Light Arrows force Blue Bubbles to 
drop purple rupees, but it will also make the snowball chucking enemies that 
appear in the snowy area of Termina Field at night drop them too. There is also 
an advantage to doing it this way: the Snowball Monsters can't jinx you. 
However, it should be remembered that shooting a Large Snowball Monster with a 
light arrow is simply a waste of magic and arrows, for it simply causing it to 
split into smaller ones (which means you should slash it with your sword and 
then use Light Arrows on the little ones that come out.)

++More Purple Rupees and Red Rupees++ Snowy Area (Daytime) #10004
Required Items: None

I can safely say that I did discover this method, and that it has not yet been 
made public by other people. In the snowy area of Termina Field Dodongos gather 
during the day. There are two types of Dodongos: the Giant Dodongo and the 
Small Dodongo. The Small Dodongos, when slain, will drop a red rupee. The Giant 
Dodongos, however, will consistently drop purple rupees. Above the ground, 
there are two Giant Dodongos and one small one. Once you defeat them and rake 
in the 120 rupees, there is a hole in the ground through which you should jump. 
At the bottom, there are two more Giant Dodongos (which means 100 more rupees.) 
Also, if you have never defeated these two Dodongos before, then you will also 
be rewarded with a piece of heart. To defeat Dodongos, however, takes skill. 
The method that I always use is 1) Z-target the Dodongo, and walk around him 
until he starts breathing fire, 2) the moment the Dodongo begins to take in 
breathe for the attack, circle around to the back of him while still Z-
targeting it, and 3) perform a jump-attack (press "A" while Z-targeting it) and 
strike its tail. Immediately upon striking it, continue to Z-target and get out 
your shield to avoid the Dodongo's counter-attack. Lather, rinse, repeat.

++Two Red Rupees++ By the Observatory #10005

Leave Clock Town and walk towards the Ikana Canyon path. Once you reach this, 
turn right and climb run up the hill to the observatory. Next to the 
observatory there are two trees and a hole in the ground. Roll into the tree 
that is farther from the hole and a man and two red rupees will fall out. 

++Red Rupee++ Near the Entrance to the Southern Swamp #10006
Required Items: Hookshot

This red rupee is very easy to get once you obtain the hookshot. Right by the 
entrance to the Southern Swamp there is a giant tree trunk that has been shaped 
into a tunnel. Stand in front of it and look around. Eventually you will notice 
a tree stump, and upon it, a treasure chest. Hookshot up to it and reap your 
reward: a red rupee.

++Red Rupee++ Near the Entrance to Southern Swamp (In a Hole) #10007
Required Items: None

This rupee is very near the last one, and indeed it is much easier to find if 
you start at the last one. If you don't have a hookshot that's okay, simply 
stand next to the stump. Start by facing the tree trunk tunnel. Next, make a 
180 degree turn (turn around) and start walking. After a very short while you 
will come to a patch of grass (not the weeds that they call "tall grass", but 
normal grass.) Start running around like crazy in it (there isn't very much) 
and you will eventually fall into a hole. Inside there are three Boko Baba 
Babes. You may choose to kill them or not, it really doesn't matter. Walk 
through the little cave and you will find a treasure chest with 20 rupees 
inside of it.

++Red Rupee++ Beach #10008
Required Items: Zora Mask

This rupee isn't very hard to get. Simply exit Clock Town via the West Gate and 
head straight to the beach. In the lefternmost corner of it you will find a 
small body of water with a treasure chest in it. Dive down there using the Zora 
Mask and open the chest. Behold! 20 rupees!

++Three Blue or Three Red Rupees++ Snowy Area #10009
Required Items: Ocarina of Time

In the snowy are of Termina Field is a musical staff with several notes written 
next to it. If you play the song depicted by the notes, either three blue or 
three red rupees will fall from a nearby drawing of the skullkid. This is 
common knowledge, so I do not really expect this to help too many people. There 
is, however, a way to make it slightly easier to play the song. Instead of 
trying to memorize the song, you can simply face the opposite direction of the 
notes, so that when the camera angle changes you will be able to see all or 
part of the song, depending upon where you stand.

++Two Blue Rupees++ Beach #10010
Required Items: None

By entering Termina Field from West Clock Town, one will find that they are 
facing the ocean. One will also see that there are two fountains continually 
spurting water. And, if one were curious enough (like me) one will also find 
that, in the middle of the streams of water coming from each fountain is a 
single blue rupee. Simply put, you can make 10 rupees in a jiffy by walking 
into both of these fountains.

++Three Green Rupees++ Near the Entrance to the Southern Swamp #10011
Required Items: Sword

Directly next to the entrance to the Southern Swamp there is a tree. On this 
tree there is a sketch of the skull kid. Strike this with your sword and three 
rupees will come out. That's...useless.

++Green Rupees++ Termina Field (Groups of Tall Grass) #1v201
Required Items: Full Life Meter

Scattered along Termina Field are several bunches of "tall grass". Around these
are either a green or red sludge monster, which also happen to continually
respawn. If you kill the red ones (the ones that normally give you hearts) with
a completely full life meter, you will get a rupee instead.

++Green Rupee++ Near the Entrance to the Southern Swamp #1v202
Required Items: None

This rupee is really notworth the effort, but if you're in the area you might
want to pick it up. Near the hole for rupee #1007, there is a Boko Baba Babe.
Directly next to this plant beast is a green rupee in the grass. Yeah, um...

~~Southern Swamp~~ #22222

The Southern Swamp is host to many vile beasts, as well as several highly 
valuable rupees.

++Purple Rupees++ Swamp Shooting Gallery #20001
Required Items: Bow and Arrows

About halfway through the Swamp Path there is a fork in the road. One route 
turns left while the other continues straight ahead. If you follow the fork to 
the left, you will eventually come to the Swamp Shooting Gallery. Here, for a 
mere twenty rupees, you can test your skills as an archer and try to win 
prizes. The game is quite hard, but the only advice I have to offer is this: 
DON'T MISS. Seriously, you have to get a perfect in order to get the prize. The 
first time you win, you will get a bigger quiver. Any consecutive times that 
you win you will be awarded 50 rupees. Not a bad deal, but there are far easier 
ways to make money.

++Two Red and Twelve Green Rupees++ Deku Palace (Right Wing) #20002
Required Items: Deku Mask, Bottle; Heavily Suggested Items: Stone Mask

Once you enter the Deku Palace (the only thing you need the Deku Mask for) you 
can then choose to take either the right or left wings, or continue straight 
ahead. All of the rupees, however, are to the right and left, so...For these 32 
rupees, take the right path. There you will find several Deku Shrub guards, who 
will not hesitate to throw you out regardless of the mask your wearing, save 
for the stone mask. If you are one of those who are unfortunate enough not to 
possess this map, do not fret; it is still entirely possible for you to get 
these rupees. All you must do is avoid being seen by the Deku Shrubs, which 
shouldn't be very hard, considering you have to do this to enter the first 
temple. However, if you do have the stone mask, imply avoid touching the guards 
(which is really, really easy to do.) The first red rupee and six of the green 
rupees are at the end of the first half of this wing bunched together in a 
circular pattern. Continue through the door into the second half of the wing 
and immediately take a right. There you will find an alcove with one green 
rupee. Head to the left and dodge the first guard using the rock as cover. 
Immediately afterwards dodge into another alcove where you will find a green 
rupee. Avoid the final guard (wait until he is at the rightmost corner of the 
box that he moves around) and grab the four rupees around the tree. Jump into 
the hole, and take the left path. At the end of it lies a man who will sell you 
magic beans. Buy one for ten rupees. Then fill your bottle with water, plant 
the bean, and water it. After it grows, ride it up to a treasure chest 
containing a red rupee.

++Five Blue Rupees and Six Green Rupees++ Deku Palace (Left Wing) #20003
Required Items: Deku Mask; Heavily Suggested Items: Stone Mask

Immediately upon entering the left wing, turn right and grab the three rupees 
by the plants. Continue to the left and avoid the two Deku Shrubs (when they 
both turn away take the time to dodge into an alcove where there is an elevated 
torch; after they both meet up again, run behind the path of the closer one and 
wait for them to separate again. When both of the Deku Shrubs meet up again, 
run to the three rupees and continue on.) After this there is only one guard 
left who is very easy to pass. Instead of continuing onward, however, pass the 
door and grab the two blue rupees behind the tree.  There are three guards in 
the second half; the first is very easy to pass, the second two are not. To 
pass the second guard, first wait until he begins walking away from you. Follow 
him. However, when the guard goes around the plant wall and starts going the 
other direction go left one row and then head down, collecting the three blue 
rupees as you go. There is also a heart piece that you could grab if you want; 
if you got this far it doesn't take a whole lot more effort. Either way, enjoy 
your 31 rupees.

++One Red Rupee++ Just Past the Swamp Skulltula House (In a Hole) #20004
Required Items: None

There are two ways to get this red rupee; one for those of you who have the bow 
or the hookshot, and one for those who don't. If you do not have the 
bow/hookshot, then you must take the boat ride to the Deku Palace (see a FAQ if 
you don't know how), and then continue hopping along the lily pad path to the 
skulltula house. Once there, you will notice a strip of land not too far away. 
Jump to it, and then start searching for a hole. Once inside, defeat the Boko 
Babas and open the treasure chest for your reward.

++One Red Rupee++ Swamp Path (In a Hole) #20005
Required Items: None

Once you enter the Swamp Path, walk straight ahead until you reach the tree 
covered with the "Bad Bats." Just to the right of this tree (by one of those 
goop monsters that continually respawn and give you magic power) is a hole in 
the ground. Jump in, kill the Boko Baba Babes (if you like) and open the small 
chests. 20 rupees for you! Woohoo! 

++One Red Rupee++ Southern Swamp Lily Pad Path (to Deku Palace) #20006
Require Items: Deku Mask, Magic

As you, Deku Link, happily skip along the water from lily pad to lily pad 
through the deadly and poisonous Southern Swamp, you will eventually reach the 
entrance to the Mysterious Woods. However, to get this red rupee you must 
continue past it. After you reach the lily pad that is inside the stone tunnel, 
stop and look up. Charge up one of your magic bubble attacks and aim for the 
nest-like object. After you hit it, a red rupee will fall from it into the 
water. Simply hopping over the water that it lands in should be enough to net 
you the rupee.

++Two Blue Rupees++ Southern Swamp Lily Pad Path (to Deku Palace) #20007
Required Items: Deku Mask

Continuing from the red rupee which is also upon this path (see "-One Red 
Rupee- Southern Swamp Lily Pad Path [to Deku Palace]" if you have not already), 
skip to the next couple of lily pads until you reach the log floating in the 
swamp. From here, skip to the solid flower (meaning a flower which can support 
Link's weight), and then jump to the next solid flower. Here an octorock will 
begin to attack you. If you have magic power, then kill the octorock and 
proceed. If not, then simply deflect its first shot and continue on. The next 
solid flower will have a blue rupee on it, and one more jump to the final solid 
flower will gain you another.

~~Snowhead~~ #33333

++Purple Rupee++ Cave Containing the Lens of Truth in Goron Village 
Required Items: Bombs

In this cave (see "-One Blue Rupee- Cave Containing the Lens of Truth in Goron 
Village") there are three rocks. The one on the left contains a treasure chest; 
blow up the rock and retrieve your 50 rupees.

++One Red Rupee++ Path Leading to the Goron Village (In a Hole) #30001
Required Items: Fire Arrow/Hot Spring Water, Bombs

This hole is covered in ice, so you will need something to melt it. If you 
already got the fire arrows from Snowhead temple, then just use those. If not, 
however, then you will need to get the Hot Spring Water from Darmani's Grave. 
To do so, you will first need to get the Goron Mask (go read a FAQ if you 
haven't already) and climb the invisible ladders located on the ice wall just 
left of the Sword Smithy's Shop. Once you do so, you must push the tombstone so 
as to open up the spring, and then fill your bottle with the water. On your way 
to the hole, which is located directly on the path leading up to the Goron 
Village, you must not take overly long or land in the freezing water at the 
bottom of the cliff. Once you unfreeze the hole, jump in to reveal another hot 
spring, some Boko Babas, and several huge rocks. One of the rocks contains a 
chest, which in turn contains a red rupee.

++One Red Rupee++ Cave Containing the Lens of Truth in Goron Village #30002
Required Items: Though not absolutely necessary, the Lens of Truth is suggested

To find out where the Cave containing the Lens of Truth is, either consult a 
FAQ (recommended) or see "-One Blue Rupee- Cave Containing the Lens of Truth in 
Goron Village" for an idea of where it is. Anyhow, behind the chest that 
contains the Lens of Truth there is an invisible chest, guarded by an invisible 
skulltula, in which there is a red rupee.

++One Red Rupee++ Under the Smithy's Shop (Spring) #30003
Required Items: Goron Mask

Once you have defeated Goht and brought spring to Snowhead, head underneath the 
patio of the Smithy's Shop. Down there you will find some red rocks. Smash them 
as Goron Link and collected the red rupee that is hidden there.

++One Red Rupee++ Hidden Cave (Spring; In a Hole) #30004
Required Items: Goron Mask

Once you have defrosted Snowhead, you will notice that a new cave has appeared 
just to the right of the pond that blocks the path to the invisible ladder 
leading up to the hot spring. As a Goron, roll up the first few slopes and kill 
the large horde of little enemies (I always called them fuzzes) until you come 
across a hole. Inside will be some Boko Baba Babes; dispatch them if you like, 
but the real prize lies in the treasure chest at the end of the cavern.

++Four Blue Rupees++ Path Leading to the Goron Village (Spring) #30005
Required Items: Zora Mask

Four blue rupees are scattered about the floor of the newly-unfrozen lake that 
surrounds the path that leads up to the Goron Village. Don the Zora Mask and 
let the searching begin! But do beware of skeleton fish...

++One Blue Rupee++ Cave Containing the Lens of Truth in Goron Village 
Required Items: Lens of Truth

In the cave where you formerly found the Lens of Truth (the same cave that 
Kaepora Gaebora leads you to using his feathers, which is on the farthest side 
of Goron Village), if you try to open the treasure chest that once contained 
the Lens, then you will receive one blue rupee. What joy! Not...

~~Great Bay~~ #44444

The Great Bay has many different ways to get rupees. Here are some of the more 
efficient ones. Keep in mind, however, that the like-likes which tend to patrol 
this area do not give up their treasures easily. And remember; pirates become 
much, much easier to deal with once you have the stone mask.

++Silver Rupee++ Pirates' Fortress #40001
Required Items: Hookshot

To get this silver rupee, you must first start at the Main Fortress (in other 
words, the part that is actually like a fortress, with guards instead of traps. 
Also, note that the term Main Fortress does not refer to the very beginning of 
the area, but to the part with the giant tower and all of the pirate guards.) 
From there, proceed forward and left until you reach a hookshot post. Hookshot 
up to it, then turn back around and hookshot to another post. From here, 
however, you must turn around again and hookshot to a final post. After this, 
cross the bridge and subdue the pirate (preferably from a distance), and enter 
through the door into the main building. Here you will notice a golden treasure 
chest being guarded by three pirates. Use arrows or the hookshot to get the 
pirates out of the way long enough for you to claim your prize. If you just 
happen to have the stone mask, then feel free to walk right up to them (with it 
on of course) and start hack-and-slashing away.

++Purple Rupees Galore (Part III)++ Left Side of the Beach #40002
Required Items: Light Arrows

This trick works identically to that of the Blue Bubbles and Snow Monsters, 
except it uses Like-Likes instead. Additionally, Like-Likes require two light-
arrows to die, so expect to run out of magic just a bit more often. Each Like-
Like you dispatch in this manner will give you the same thing: one purple 

++Purple Rupees++ Jumping Game #40003
Required Items: Hookshot

Remember that fisherman who wanted the picture of a pirate? Well, now that 
you've defeated Gyorg, he's got a little jumping game started. To start off, 
you head towards the pirate base until you notice a strange boat. You ride it 
and, as it passes the island that the fisherman is on, you try to hookshot to 
the tree that is on the same island as him. Then he offers to let you play a 
game for twenty rupees. The way the game works is there are four five islands; 
four of them bearing torches surrounding one that is smaller than the others 
and has no torch. You start from the center island and continually jump from 
island to island trying to reach the island with the lit torch. You must 
successfully land upon the island with the lit torch twenty times within the 
time-limit and without falling off. Upon initially defeating this fisherman's 
idea of a game, you receive a piece of heart. Every win after that gets you 50 
rupees. Not exactly the best way to make rupees...

++One Red or Three Blue Rupees++ Left Side of Beach #40004
Required Items: None

I would only suggest raising money like this if you do not have the light 
arrows necessary for killing Like-Likes. Despite their appearance, Like-Likes 
are fallible. All that you have to do is waiting until they stop they're 
stretching attack (the thing during which they extend their, um, mouth, I 
think, at you to try and take your shield), and then perform a jump-attack. 
Additionally, you could use regular or fire/ice arrows, bombs, Zora Link's 
special boomerang attack, bombchus, Deku Link's bubble attack; the list goes on 
and on.

++One Red Rupee++ Pirates' Fortress #40005
Required Items: Hookshot

Upon entering the Main Fortress (the first place where you encounter the guards 
other than on the boats) head to the right until you hit the wall. From here, 
head up until you find a hookshot post, and hookshot up to it. Follow the 
narrow strip of land until you reach the treasure chest; in it is a red rupee.

++One Red Rupee++ Pirates' Fortress #40006
Required Items: Hookshot, Zora Mask

Starting from the Main Fortress (see above for definition), head to the left; 
when you reach the wall start moving forward until you see a hookshot post. 
After hookshotting to it, look directly behind you (in the direction you just 
came from) and hookshot to the next post. Go through the door and prepare to 
sneak past some pirates. Or, a pirate, to be exact. After subduing the enemy, 
take the path to the left and enter through the door. Here you will do battle 
with one of the dual-wielding pirates; stay on your guard. After defeating her, 
move onto the next room. Here there is a tank with a Zora egg. Hookshot up to 
the tank by aiming at the wooden ceiling immediately above it. Be sure to 
eliminate the fish that lurk in the tank before you try to retrieve any rupees. 
To do so, simply shoot the biggest skeleton fish with two arrows and they will 
all die. Drop to the bottom of the tank as Zora Link and open the chest. 20 
rupees is your reward. Not to mention the Zora egg, which you should probably 
grab before you leave.

++One Red Rupee++ Pirate's Fortress #40007
Required Items: Hookshot

Starting at the Main Fortress, run to the tower--subduing any pirates you meet 
along the way--and climb up the ladder. Knock out the pirate who patrols this 
area, then cross the bridge. At the end of this bridge, jump down slightly to 
the right, so as to land right next to a hookshot post that I two floors above 
the ground. From here, aim upwards and hookshot to another post. On this 
platform is a treasure chest that contains your spoils: 20 rupees.

++One Red Rupee++ Pirates' Fortress (Underwater Interior) #4v201
Required Items: Zora Mask/ Goron Mask

Once you open the grate leading into the underwater portion of the fortress
(the button is towards the farthest possible corner as compared to where you
start out, and must be pressed down using the Goron pound), enter as Zora
Link and sail through as you normally would until you come to the maze. To
start, push the block imediately in front of you forward, go through the little
path, and oull the next block toward you, which, while not need to get the red
rupee, is necessary for the next.) After that, head back to the beginning of
the maze and turn left. Break the wooden barrier that blocks yourpath, and
continue on to destroy the next barrier. After this you shopuld arrive to the
block that you pulled not too much earlier. Instead of continuing on, however,
float up and you will notice that you can walk above the maze. There is hole in
maze ceiling here, which leads to the treasure chest containg the red rupee.

++One Red Rupee++ Pirates' Fortress (Underwater Interior) #4v202
Required Items: Zora Mask/ Goron Mask

Continuing from (#4v201), exit through the hole in the maze and dive back into
the maze. Now continue through the path that you made by pulling the block
backwards. At the end of it there is a device which forces you to go up. Go
through it and, when you reach the narrow area with the various landmines, dive
to the florr. Avoid the landmines as best as possible, but avoid the currents
like the plague, for they will firce you back outside the Pirates' Fortress.
Luckily, the currents are above you, so you have nothing to worry about. At the
end of this corridor there is a door; enter it and continue forward in the next
room. You will eventually find a small body of water that contains several
mines. Dive down to the bottom, you will find the chest that holds your reward. 

++One Blue Rupee++ Pirates' Fortress #40008
Required Items: Bow and Arrows, Hookshot

To get this blue rupee, you simply have to open the treasure chest containing 
to hookshot after you have the hookshot. Once you possess the hookshot, go to 
the highest elevation possible and enter through the door there. Inside you 
will find a barred window looking down into the Pirate Leader's room. You will 
also notice a bee's nest. Shoot down the nest and then enter the Pirate 
Leader's room and grab your...5 rupees.

++One Blue Rupee++ Pirates' Fortress (Underwater Interior) #4v203
Required Items: Zora Mask/ Goron Mask

Continuing from (#4v202), head back towards the door and turn left. Here you
will find land, upon which there is a prison cell containing a heart container.
Instead of going up the stairs to your left, however, continue forward and turn
to discover another body of water that contains mines. Dive to the bottom and
open the treasure chest to receive...5 rupees...

~~Ikana~~ #55555

Ikana Canyon and the near-by graveyard are haunted by hordes of vile monsters, 
which make it all the more rewarding to collect the treasures that abound here.

++Silver Rupee++ Secret Shrine #50001
Required Items: Light Arrows

To get into the Secret Shrine, see "++Seventeen Green Rupees++ Secret Shrine", 
but instead of planting a bean fire a light arrow at the Sun Crest above the 
door at the end of the room. Enter the door, and you will be greeted by the Poe 
Fighting Game man. Jump to the platform he was on, and then turn right. Jump to 
the door and enter. Here you will do battle with a Garo Master. His swords are 
of flames, and you cannot counter his attack with a sword swipe. Instead, Z-
target the Garo Master and continually run around it until it stops it sword 
attack. After this, slash at him with your sword. Repeat this process until the 
Garo Master falls. Your reward is 100 rupees.

++Silver Rupee++ Secret Shrine #50002
Required Items: Light Arrows

Start from the room with the Garo Master (see directly above) and exit through 
the door. Jump back to the main platform that the old man was at and then jump 
to the next door. Alternatively, you could start back at the beginning and then 
jump to the door on the left. Inside, you will find three Dinoflos, the fire-
breathing sword-wielding lizards. To battle them, Z-target a Dinoflos and wait 
until it tries to strike you. When it does, wait until it misses and then 
counter with a jump-attack. Keep your distance from the other Dinoflos, though, 
for they attack quite fast and their fire breath will deal a bit of damage (and 
throw you off guard.) After you slay the monsters, open the chest for your 
silver rupee.

++Silver Rupee++ Secret Shrine #50003
Required Items: Light Arrows

After you enter the Secret Shrine and open the door with your light arrows by 
hitting the Sun Crest (see "++Seventeen Green Rupees++ Secret Shrine"), jump to 
the platform that the old man was standing upon and then jump to the next 
platform which is straight ahead. There are two possible routes: one on the 
left and one on the right. For now take the path on the left. It leads to a 
door where you will fight yet another mini-boss. This time you're fighting an 
Ice Wizzrobe, so be prepared. Have your bow ready at all times, and continually 
rotate your view around the room. When you see the Wizzrobe, open fire before 
he can do the same to you. After a few hits the Wizzrobe will split into four 
different Wizzrobes, three of which are illusions. Once again, keep your bow 
out, and when you see the Wizzrobe that is dancing around like a maniac, open 
fire. A few hits will take him down and allow you to retrieve your silver 

++Silver Rupee++ Secret Shrine #50004
Required Items: Light Arrows
Heavily Suggested Items: Hookshot, Bow and Arrows

The directions for getting here are identical to those for the silver rupee 
directly above, except you take the right path instead of the left. In this 
room you will fight Wart, the mini-boss from the Great Bay Temple. Though not 
absolutely necessary, the hookshot will make this battle much easier. When you 
first enter the room, look up at the ceiling so as to make eye contact with 
Wart. It will then fall down to the ground and the battle will begin. Z-target 
any of the pink bubbles that rotate around Wart and use the hookshot to draw 
them towards you. Strike the bubble with your sword and Z-target another 
bubble. Wart will gradually become less and less covered with the bubbles, and 
when about half of the bubbles are dead start going for Wart itself. Get out 
the bow (or the hookshot if you insist) and aim for Wart's eye when it opens 
up. After a few hits, Wart will go crazy and start charging around the room, 
causing all of the bubbles to bounce around the room. As soon as he does this, 
start slashing your sword around like a mad-man in an attempt to slay the 
bubbles. After you've killed most of them, start targeting the few that are 
left and eliminate them. Wart isn't too hard to dodge, so don't be afraid to 
leave him unattended. After the bubbles are slain,, follow Wart around as he 
goes on his rampage. As soon as Tatl starts to hover over Wart, Z-target him 
and get out your bow (be sure to Z-target him before you get out the bow, 
though) and wait until he turns around. Fire at his newly open eye to damage 
him. Repeat this until Wart dies. Your reward: a silver rupee. Also, if you get 
this silver rupee as well as the three I have listed above  it, the creepy old 
man/spirit-thing will give you a piece of heart.

++Purple Rupees++ Ikana Canyon, Ikana Village #50005
Required Items: Light Arrows

This trick is identical to the one in Termina Field; at night Blue Bubbles will 
appear. They have the ability to jinx you, but if you hit them with a light 
arrow, they will drop 50 rupees for you to take and spend. Nice and 

++Purple Rupee++ Ikana Village #50006
Required Items: Bow and Arrows/Hookshot

In Ikana Village there is a building in which a creepy cycloptic man will allow 
you to fight some "troubled spirits" for a fee. In order to win a purple rupee, 
you must have done this before. If you have ever played Ocarina of Time before, 
you will be well prepared for this fight, for it also occurs in the Forest 
Temple in said game, but this time there is a time limit (3:00 to be exact.) 
You start off fighting the Green Poe. Either Z-target the poe and fire an arrow 
at it, or run up to it and start slashing at her with your sword. When she 
becomes invisible and impervious to damage, or if she begins her spinning 
attack, stop attacking and get out your shield. When the Poe Sister becomes 
damageable again, attack again. Repeat this until the Green Poe dies. After 
this, you will face the Red and Blue Poe Sisters at the same time. Try to get 
them away from one another (run around like a mad chicken for a while; that 
should do the trick), and then attack them one at a time. When one becomes 
impervious, go for the other, This fight shouldn't last overly long, so prepare 
for the next (and final) battle. This time you fight the Purple Poe Sister, the 
strongest of the four. This battle practically requires a bow, but a hookshot 
is acceptable. This Poe Sister split into four identical copies, and if you 
fail to strike her before you eliminate the three phonies, then she will become 
momentarily invincible and begin her attack on you. Once this attack ends she 
will momentarily disappear, and then reappear with three more identical copies. 
Though it may seem like it requires pure luck to defeat this poe, there is a 
trick to identifying her. Once you take out your bow, instead of firing at each 
and every copy (though that might actually work if you do it long enough), 
begin rotating your first person view in the same direction that the Purple 
Poes are moving. When you reach the poe that begins to go abnormally fast to 
dodge your arrow, you'll know you've found her. Continue to rotate until your 
view gets just the slightest bit ahead of her, and then open fire. Repeat this 
process a few times and your enemy will fall. If this is your first time doing 
this, then you will get a Piece of Heart; if it is your second time (or third, 
fourth, etc.) then the crazy old Cyclops will give you a purple rupee.

++Purple Rupee++ Ikana Graveyard (Night 1) #50007
Required Items: Captains Hat

At night, the Stalchildren come out in Ikana Graveyard. If you wear the 
Captains Hat, they will talk to you. Three Stalchildren are patrolling a grave. 
Talk to them and tell them to open the grave. After they have destroyed it, 
jump in and start going through the cavern. In the very next room there are 
many keese (or "bad bats" if you prefer), and if you slay them all you will be 
rewarded with 50 rupees from a treasure chest.

++Thirty Rupees++ Ikana Graveyard (Day 2) #50008
Required Items: None

As you enter the graveyard, you will notice a host of bats terrorizing poor 
Dampe. However, if you slay the bats and talk to the grave keeper (without 
wearing the Gibdo, Garo, or Captain's Hat masks) he will reward you with thirty 

++One Red and Six Green Rupees++ Ikana Graveyard (Night 2) #50009
Required Items: Captain's Hat

Much like the night of the first day, Stalchildren will appear in Ikana 
Graveyard during the night of the second day. Talk to a particular Stalchild 
While wearing the Captain's Hat and you can have them open another grave. Right 
when you enter the grave, you will see one red and six green rupees. Grab them 
if you like. Also, there is an Iron Knuckle at the end of this grave, and if 
you defeat him you can get a Piece of Heart.

++One Red or Three Blue Rupees++ Ikana Castle #50010
Required Items: All items required to get into Ikana Castle

This is a pretty easy way to get money, since it has minimal risk and you get a 
fairly good amount of rupees per run. Simply put, you are slaying Redeads. 
Though Redeads are notorious for taking forever to kill, there is nearly no 
risk in fighting them, if you do it right. Redeads are transformed from the 
terrifying, grotesque beings that they are into friendly, dancing freaks with 
the help of a few different masks. By wearing the Captains Hat, Garo Mask, or 
Gibdo Mask--all of which are required for getting into Ikana Castle--the 
Redeads will quickly becoming dancing bags of money. Just keeping hitting them-
-they don't seem to mind--and they will eventually die, leaving a rather nice 
sum of cash behind. To make things even better, by simply leaving the area 
(i.e. going through a door), the Redeads will respawn and you can kill them 
again, and again, and again...

++One Red Rupee, Three Blue Rupees, or Two Blue Rupees++ Ikana Castle #50011
Required Items: All items required to get into Ikana Castle, Fire Arrows

In the very first room of Ikana Castle (the one with four Redeads that will be 
dancing like maniacs if you've read the Redead trick), there is a switch 
encased in ice upon one of the four stone pillars in the room. Stand in the 
middle of the room, take out your fire arrows, and start searching the pillars 
for the switch. Once you see it, shoot it with your flaming arrow; if it opens 
the door on the right it is the correct switch. If it opens the door on the 
left, however, then you hit the wrong switch, but don't worry, just keep 
looking. When you do finally find the switch, you will be in a room with one of 
the ever infamous floormasters, except this one has a special ability. When you 
slay the ghoul, it will split into three miniature floormasters, all of which 
will drop one of the aforementioned sums of money when defeated. The 
floormaster will respawn when you leave the area.

++Seventeen Green Rupees++ Secret Shrine #50012
Required Items: Magic Bean, Bottle of Water

The Secret Shrine is located behind the waterfall at the very beginning of the 
river flowing through Ikana Canyon. The fastest way to get there is to warp to 
Ikana Village (or walk there if you like) and then jump down the cliff into the 
river. Once you land starting swimming in the opposite direction of Sakon's 
Hideout (if you come to a huge waterfall that will cause you to fall down you 
are going the wrong way; if you enter a cave then you are going the right way.) 
Once you get far enough into the cave you will be able to get onto dry land. 
Once you have done so, walking around to the back of the waterfall. There is a 
door leading to the Secret Shrine. Once you enter the shrine, you will notice a 
patch of soil directly in front of you. Plant your bean, water it (there's a 
pool of water there if you don't have any), and ride the bean stalk to the 

++Nine Green Rupees++ Ikana Graveyard #50013
Required Items: Bow and Arrows/Hookshot

These rupees are very easy to get and are replenishable (they come back each 
day), so you might want to grab them if you are in the area. In the graveyard 
there are three lanterns; two are hanging from trees while one stands atop a 
grave. Shoot them with either your bow or your hookshot and you will get three 
rupees from each.

~~Contact Info~~ #----1

There are many, many, MANY rupees in this game. As such, it would be nearly 
impossible to create a complete and comprehensive guide to all of their 
locations. I have done the best that I could, but I have undoubtedly missed at 
least a few. Please send me an e-mail if you know of any rupees that meet the 
requirements of this FAQ (see Frequently asked questions at the top of this 
guide if you haven't already), or if you would like credit for the Bird Killing 
method in Termina Field. Feel free, also, to send me constructive criticism 
(constructive being the operative word), grammatical/spelling corrections, or 
to notify me of any mistakes I made in this guide. I will update the guide 
every time I learn of new rupee locations, and will credit anyone who sends me 
an e-mail about legitimate rupees to be collected.


DO NOT send me hate mail.
DO NOT send me spam/chain-letters/forwards. I can and will spam-block you.
And last but not least, do not send me anything that is not related to this 
guide or any future guides that I may make.
If you wish to send me an e-mail, my address is:

~~Credits~~ #----2

Myself, obviously, for writing this FAQ.

charmandermaster1015, for helping me formatting my guide and giving me
several suggestions that have helped make this guide more readable.

Nintendo, for making this great game.

CjayC, for founding this web site.
GameFAQS, for hosting my FAQ.

discoinferno84, for thinking of the Blue Bubble killing method before I did,
as providing the correct amount of rupees that need to be deposited into the
Clock Town bank before you receive the Adult's Wallet.

Jorg Seyfferth, for programming http://www.network-science.de/ascii/, the web
site responsible for my ASCII title.

rcacamis, for pointing out an error I made in the description I made on
getting silver rupee #00003 (it turns out I had originally thought it was
much harder than it actually is).

Billy R., for informing me about being able to use Epona to avoid having
your items stolen by the bird in Termina Field. Also, he is the person who
has assured me that bombs are indeed necessary on rupee #0v201.

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