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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

--- "Zelda 64: Majora's Mask" Stray Fairy FAQ ---

****LAST UPDATED: NOVEMBER 10, 2000			VERSION 1.0****
|   -- Table Of Contents --   | 				
| 1. About this FAQ	      |
| 2. Contact		      |
| 3. Updates		      |	
| 4. Why Bother Getting Them? |
| 5. What Items You Need      |
| 5. Woodfall Temple          |
| 6. Snowfall Temple          |
| 7. Great Bay Temple         |
| 8. Stone Tower Temple       |
| 9. Credits & Copyright      |
| 10. The Next Update...      |
| 11. FAQ's by Nocturne       |

This FAQ was made by Nocturne [templarnocturne@yahoo.com] to help solve the
puzzles associated with the Stray Fairies in Zelda 64: Majora's Mask.
If you have any questions about the FAQ or its contents, please e-mail the
author.  Replies 'usually' in less than 24 hours.

This FAQ should be viewed at 800 x 600 Pixels using MSIE, otherwise margins
will be off, making this look rather poor.

--- CONTACT: ---
The author of this FAQ can be contacted by the following:

E-Mail: templarnocturne@yahoo.com
ICQ: 15945725
AOL Instant Messager: Templar Nocturne

--- UPDATES ---
09 Nov 2000:  After beating Majora's Mask and getting all the fairies, I 
              decided to write an FAQ guide for it, because in some
              areas, it is quite difficult.

--- WHY BOTHER? ---
In order to complete the game fully, you need to grab all 15 Stray Fairies
in each of the four dungeons you'll encounter.  Each holds a special and 
unique reward.  This is quite lengthy, so set up a large block of time to
complete it.

Questing for these fairies also results in you getting some items or powers
that allow you to progress in the game MUCH easier than without collecting

To do these quests, I suggest that you first beat the dungeon for ease of
use.  This will make you more acquainted with the dungeon, and understand
where to go a lot easier than if you just read.

You CAN do this as you progress through a dungeon, but do NOT lose track
of the Time of Day.  Focus on the DUNGEON, not the Fairies for now.

You should have gotten the Great Fairy Mask from the Fairy in CLOCK TOWN
before you even start on this quest.  If you don't have it, GO GET IT!!!

You should have a few bottles, but make sure you have at least three. I 
recommend you have the Giant's Wallet, but the Adult's Wallet will
be fine.

Fill a bottle with Green Potion in case you need magic and there aren't
any areas around with pots.  Fill the rest with Fairies.  Leave one bottle

You'll need a little bit of time around, at least an hour per dungeon, 
since they are very confusing at some points. There are few points that
reset, such as the Puzzles in various rooms of dungeons, but often
you'll be able to just run through.

Each dungeon has a total of 15 STRAY FAIRIES, hidden in chests, bubbles,
or just floating around in the open.  Wearing the GREAT FAIRY MASK will
show you when there is a STRAY FAIRY in close proximity to you, as the
hair will start SHIMMERING.

LOCATION: Found after playing the SONATA OF AWAKENING as DEKU LINK in
DIFFICULTY SCALE: 4; Most Fairies are contained within the same room.
TIME FACTOR: 25-45 Minutes.
EQUIPMENT YOU NEED: Arrows, Hero's Bow, Great Fairy Mask, Deku Sticks,
                    Deku Mask.
SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT: Hookshot, Chateau Romani, Fire Arrows.

For completing this quest, you will master the CHARGED SPIN ATTACK. To use
this form of attack, press and hold [B] to let your sword charge energy.  
Release a devastating wave of energy at your target by letting go of [B].

1. In front of you will be a Stray Fairy hovering.  Put on the GREAT FAIRY
   MASK, and it will fly to you.

2. In that same room (the entrance room), you'll see a chest on a nearby
   platform.  If you have the HOOKSHOT, fire to it, otherwise change into 
   DEKU LINK and propel yourself to it.  Open the Chest.

3. In the second room (north of the Entrance Room), you'll notice a Deku
   Baba (purple plant that munches at you) next to the Locked Door. Kill it,
   and a Fairy will appear.

4. In the room with the GIANT FLOWER, hop over to the far door.  Turn RIGHT
   and notice the platform with the pots.  If you have the HERO'S BOW, you can
   shoot the pots to shatter them, then wear the GREAT FAIRY MASK to collect
   it. If you don't have the bow yet, turn into DEKU LINK and hop over.

5. In the room with the FOUR VENUS FLY TRAPS surrounding a DEKU LAUNCHER on 
   an island, take note of the treasure chest.  To the left of it is a
   beehive, which looks small and brown.  Shoot it with an arrow or a DEKU
   BUBBLE, and wear the GREAT FAIRY MASK.

6. In the room with the STONE BLOCK that you have to push (behind the Locked 
   Door where you collected Fairy #3), there is a Stray Fairy.  You can
   position yourself after you get the HERO'S BOW and shoot it (you'll have to
   push the block around and move until you have a clear shot at the side of
   the bubble). Wear the GREAT FAIRY MASK to collect it.

7. Above the STONE BLOCK in that same room are a few beehives.  Shoot them all
   with the HERO'S BOW, and one contains a fairy.

8. In that same STONE BLOCK room, there's a Skulltula hanging from the wall 
   near the torch.  Kill it to reveal a fairy.

9. In the DARK ROOM, kill all of the BLACK BOES to make a chest appear.  Open 
   it to get the 9th Fairy.

10. In the GIANT FLOWER room, you can see a bubble from one side of the room.
    You can run over to the other side to kill it or use the HERO'S BOW and
    shoot it from a distance.  Put on the GREAT FAIRY MASK to claim it.

11. In the GIANT FLOWER room, use the DEKU LAUNCHER near the unlit torch and 
    switch.  Fire yourself onto the switch and step on it to activate it.  
    Then, fly over and open the chest that opens.

12. In the DEKU LAUNCHER ROOM before ODOLWA, the fairy is in a BUBBLE on the 
    first ledge on the right side of the room.

13. In the same room above, there's another fairy on the third ledge up on 
    the right side.

14. In the same room above, there's another fairy on the third ledge up on
    the left side.

15. In the same room above, there's a fairy trapped in a bubble in the Flames.
    Shoot the bubble with the HERO'S BOW to free it, then wear the GREAT FAIRY
    MASK to save it.

The WOODFALL FAIRY FOUNTAIN is located in the large cave behind the ledge where
you played the SONATA OF AWAKENING to bring up the temple.  Use the DEKU LAUNCHER
to fly to a nearby ledge with another DEKU LAUNCHER, and use that final blast to 
get into the fountain!

LOCATION: Top of Mountain in SNOWHEAD.
DIFFICULTY SCALE: 7; Due to tricky jumps.
TIME FACTOR: 30-60 Minutes.
EQUIPMENT YOU NEED: Fire Arrows, Bunny Hood, Hero's Bow, Great Fairy Mask, Goron
                    Mask, Empty Bottles.
SUGGESTED EQUIPMENT: Hookshot, Chateau Romani.

For completing this quest, you will DOUBLE YOUR MAGIC METER. The GORON ROLL uses
a lot of magic over time, this bar is a necessity for most gamers.

1. In the room with the BROKEN BRIDGE and the three FREEZARDS (Ice enemies that 
   breathe frost at you), shoot the bubble under the platform at the end of the
   bridge and wear the GREAT FAIRY MASK to collect it.

2. In the same room, drop down to the bottom.  Look at the STONE PILLAR where 
   the end of the bridge is connected.  Shoot the bubble with an arrow and put

3. In the room with the COLORED DOORS and large CENTRAL PILLAR, drop down to the
   bottom and become GORON LINK.  Hit the SWITCH and open the CHEST to get it.

4. In the room with the FROZEN EYE SWITCH with a FREEZARD and BOMBCHU, it is in
   a bubble to your right.

5. In the same room, use the LENS OF TRUTH to reveal platforms and an alcove on
   the wall across from the FROZEN EYE SWITCH.

6. In the room with the DOUBLE BLOCKS stacked on one another (where you get the
   first small key, I believe), pull the blocks as GORON LINK until the end.  
   A chest will appear, but you won't be able to access this until you make your
   way into the COMPASS ROOM.

7. In the room with the ICE PILLARS (this is room where you shoot the Icicles on
   the ceiling with your Hero's Bow, and they fall and crack the ice below), use
   the LENS OF TRUTH to search near the ICE MARKS on the room.  Jump inside.

8. In the COMPASS ROOM, (the one with the White Wolfos and structurs frozen under
   the ice), use FIRE ARROWS to melt the ice and step on the switch.  Then, move
   the BLOCK near the ledge and climb up.

9. In the same room, throw a BOMB at the crate on the right pillar near the 
   bombable passageway.

10. In the room with the GORON SWITCHES, use the LENS OF TRUTH to look at the
    ceiling.  Use the HERO'S BOW to pop the bubble and wear the GREAT FAIRY
    MASK to collect it.

11. In the room with the NUMEROUS ICE PLATFORMS and torches (near the Goron 
    Switch that activates the Central Pillar), kill all the Freezards to make
    a chest appear.

12. In the room with the many EENOS (snowmen), use the LENS OF TRUTH to locate
    ICE MARKS on the wall.  Get it.

13. In the CENTRAL PILLAR ROOM, When you are on one of the higher floors - 3rd
    or 4th - use the LENS OF TRUTH to target ICE MARKS on the wall.  Put on the
    BUNNY HOOD and jump into it.

14. In the room with the TWO DINALFOS, kill one.
15. In the room with the TWO DINALFOS, kill the other.

The Fairy Fountain is located on the way up to SNOWHEAD TEMPLE.  It's on the
mountain, and it's a big cave as you start scaling the mountain.

LOCATION: Accessed by playing the NEW WAVE BOSSA NOVA song to LULU as ZORA
          LINK, then HOOKSHOTTING onto the TURTLE as LINK.
DIFFICULTY SCALE: 9; Due to tricky jumps, repetitive nature, and confusion.
TIME FACTOR: 45-90 Minutes.
EQUIPMENT YOU NEED: Fire Arrows, Ice Arrows, Bunny Hood, Hero's Bow, Great
                    Fairy Mask, Goron Mask, Zora Mask, Empty Bottles, Deku

For completing this quest, you will receive DOUBLE DEFENSE.  This is 
displayed as a WHITE OUTLINE around your hearts, and it lessens the 
damage you take from enemies by 50%! A necessity for most, if not all 

1. In the first room you appear in, light all four torches to reveal a 
   chest, a Fairy is inside.

2. In the second room with the elevators, put on the ZORA MASK and sink 
   down to the bottom.  There's a fairy under the platform to the left.
   Use the Zora Boomerangs to pop the bubble, then grab the fairy.

3. In the same room, the Skulltula that guards the platform with the
   rupees has a Fairy.  Kill him to get it.

4. In the GIANT BLADE ROOM, smash the barrel (you can Hookshot to it)
   as GORON LINK, and a fairy is inside.

5. In the GIANT BLADE ROOM, there is a pot at the very bottom.  Shoot
   it with an arrow, then wear the GREAT FAIRY MASK.

6. In the room with the DUNGEON MAP, use the hookshot to shatter the
   pots across the chest, then wear the GREAT FAIRY MASK.

7. In the LONG NARROW ROOM prior to the COMPASS ROOM, kill the four
   Deku Babas to reveal a chest.

8. In the COMPASS ROOM, find the two Dixihands that are guarding the pit.
   Shoot the bubble or Dixihands with an arrow, then wear the GREAT FAIRY

9. In the room BEHIND THE GIANT BLADE ROOM (behind the WATERFALL you 
   froze with ICE ARROWS), launch some ICE ARROWS into the water after you
   HOOKSHOT to the platform with the barrels.  Look at the ceiling, and hit 
   the HOOKSHOT TARGET.  The Fairy is in a chest.

10. In the GIANT SPINNING FAN ROOM, freeze the waterfalls.  Run along the 
    axle of the Blade, and jump onto the FAN, then turn to the RIGHT and 
    look to see a chest in a small alcove.  Use the HOOKSHOT.

11. In the same room, go on the SECOND elevator.  Look to your right side
    and you'll see another alcove with a chest.

12. In the SEE-SAW ROOM, become ZORA LINK after you hit the GREEN SWITCH.  
    Run up the pipe and drop into the small FENCED IN ALCOVE for a chest
    and another Fairy.

13. In the same room, swim into the barrel underwater (under one of the 
    See-Saw openings) and smash it for another fairy.

14. In the room prior to GYORG, shoot the bubble in the VENT HEADING TO
    THE GIANT BLADE ROOM, and get the Fairy.

15. In the same room, under the GREEN SWITCH there is a fairy.

This fountain is a bit out of the way.  Head to GREAT BAY COAST, and go
into the second area (where you enter Zora Hall).  Swim out and look for
the islands with palm trees on them.  Use the HOOKSHOT to get to each one,
then use a BOMB to blow open the fountain.

LOCATION: Accessed by playing the ELEGY OF EMPTINESS on numerous switches to
          maneuver blocks that allow entry to the temple.
DIFFICULTY SCALE: 10; Due to repetitive nature, confusion, and lengthy
                  sequences that require you to go back and do things again.
TIME FACTOR: 60+ Minutes, depending on efficiency.
EQUIPMENT YOU NEED: Fire Arrows, Light Arrows, Bunny Hood, Hero's Bow, Great
                    Fairy Mask, Goron Mask, Zora Mask, Deku Mask, Empty
                    Bottles, Bombs, Hookshot, Mirror Shield.

For completing this quest, you will receive the GREAT FAIRY SWORD.  Although
big, bulky, and there's not a whole lot you can use it for at this point in
the game, it's fun to run around back in time whacking things silly with it.
The sword is etched with a Black Rose, and doesn't look that bad. :)  It's not
required in any way, shape, or form to beat the game, but if you are one of
the gamers going for the COMPLETED GAME like myself, do it.


1. In the FIRST ROOM you enter, shoot the EYE SWITCH with an arrow to get
   a chest with a fairy.

2. In the MIRROR ROOM (with the Black Boes), shine light onto the RIGHT MIRROR
   with your MIRROR SHIELD.  Run up to the rays it puts out and melt the SUN 
   BLOCK, and a Fairy is in a chest behind it.

3. In the same room, use the MIRROR SHIELD to deflect the sun's light onto one
   of the six SUN CRESTS on the wall.  A chest will appear.

4. In the DUNGEON MAP room, use the HOOKSHOT on the target above the two ARMOS
   STATUES and open the chest.

5. Inside of the LAVA VENT ROOM, turn into DEKU LINK and propel yourself to the
   ledge with rupees, and open the chest.

6. Inside the same room, stomp on the GORON SWITCH as GORON LINK. QUICKLY (I 
   know, this is VERY hard, you have to keep trying!!) GORON ROLL through the
   lava.  DO NOT let yourself go into GORON-SPIKE mode, because you'll lose
   control.  Roll around as smoothly as possible to the other side, and roll
   over the SWITCH to put out the flames around the chest.

7. Inside the HIPLOOP BRIDGE ROOM, kill the Hiploop.  Then jump down onto the 
   ledge to your right and grab the rupees.  Plant a BOMB over the CRYSTAL
   SWITCH and get the chest that appears.

8. In the WATER ROOM, let the DIXIHAND throw you up onto the ledge.  Use a 
   bomb and hit the CRYSTAL SWITCH, making a chest appear.  Use LIGHT ARROWS
   to melt the SUN BLOCK, and open the chest, guarded by a Beamos Statue.

9. In the room to the EAST of the entrance, sink to the bottom as ZORA LINK.
   Shoot the spikes with your Zora Boomerangs, then step on the switch. 
   When you come back here after the temple is flipped, launch up to the 
   switch platform.  Play the ELEGY OF EMPTINESS as LINK on the switch, then
   fly over to the platform as DEKU LINK. 

10. In the room after you beat the GARO MASTER, kill the EYEGORE enemy.  Open
    the chest to get another fairy.

11. In the MAIN ROOM, go forward a few steps and turn around.  Shoot the SUN
    CREST to reveal a chest.

12. Kill WIZROBE and open the CHEST that appears.

13. In the room prior to the SECOND EYEGORE, there's a CHEST you can hookshot

14. Sink to the bottom of the WATER ROOM, and you'll find a chest on a ledge.

15. While the temple is UPSIDE DOWN, enter the EAST ROOM.  Run out onto the 
    narrow strip, turn, and fire a FIRE ARROW at the EYE SWITCH.  Sink to the
    bottom and open the chest. 
This fairy fountain is found in IKANA CANYON.  Hop down the ravine and into the
water below, then swim to the EXTREME RIGHT and into the cave to find the last
Fairy Fountain.


Credits for this FAQ goes to GameFAQ's for having an awesome site and being
an unlimited source of information.  I've been using GameFAQ's for over two years, 
and plug them constantly on forums and messageboards.  

Other noteworthy names are Dallas and Nemises; because I used their 'walkthroughs'
to beat the game.  Both FAQ's are awesome, and if you're stuck, check them out!

Thanks to the Nintendo 64 team for doing it again, and revolutionizing the 
industry...we thought we saw it all after 'Ocarina of Time'.

This FAQ was designed fully by myself.
Any use without my authorization is prohibited by GameFAQ's privacy statements. 

I look over many FAQs on various sites to see about their Heart Piece section
and make sure it is their own, and not stolen in any way, shape, or form from me.

If you'd like to use it, just E-Mail me [templarnocturne@yahoo.com] so I know 
you're using it, send me a URL of the site, and then put me into your credits.

Please keep this file in its entirety, Beginning to End, upon using it on a site.

Zelda 64(r) "Majora's Mask"(tm) is a copyright of Nintendo of America, Inc. 

Visit the official Zelda website at:

--- THE NEXT UPDATE... ---
10 Nov 2000:  This will be updated only if I missed something or can clarify.

1) Zelda 64: "Majora's Mask" Heart Piece Location FAQ, November 2000.
2) Zelda 64: "Ocarina of Time" Heart Piece Location FAQ, July 1999.
3) Zelda 64: "Majora's Mask" Anju/Kafei Trade Series FAQ, November 2000.
4) Zelda 64: "Majora's Mask" Title Deed Trade Series FAQ, November 2000.
5) Zelda 64: "Majora's Mask" Stray Fairy FAQ, November 2000.

Hope this helped you! -Nocturne

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