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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

--- "Zelda 64: Majora's Mask" Sword FAQ ---

****LAST UPDATED: NOVEMBER 23, 2000			VERSION 1.0****
|   -- Table Of Contents --   | 				
| 1. About this FAQ	      |
| 2. Contact		      |
| 3. Updates		      |	
| 4. Types of Swords          |
| 5. Why Get Better Swords?   |
| 6. The Kokiri Sword         |
| 7. The Razor Sword          |
| 8. The Gilded Sword         |
| 9. The Great Fairy's Sword  | 
| 10. My Strategies           |
| 11. Credits & Copyright     |
| 12. The Next Update...      |
| 13. FAQ's by Nocturne       |

This FAQ was made by Nocturne [templarnocturne@yahoo.com] to help solve the
puzzles associated with all 4 of the Sword varieties in Zelda 64: Majora's Mask.
If you have any questions about the FAQ or its contents, please e-mail the
author.  Replies 'usually' in less than 24 hours.

This FAQ should be viewed at 800 x 600 Pixels using MSIE, otherwise margins
will be off, making this look rather poor.

--- CONTACT: ---
The author of this FAQ can be contacted by the following:

E-Mail: templarnocturne@yahoo.com
ICQ: 15945725
AOL Instant Messager: Templar Nocturne

--- UPDATES ---
23 Nov 2000: The debut of the Sword FAQ.  This was compiled using my
             in-game experiences, and includes tips about getting them,
             and *when* it is a good time to go for the swords.

In order to complete the game, you'll have to recover four kinds of swords.
Three are used by the traditional [B] button, and the remaining uses a 
[C] button, which allows two swords to be used briefly near each other, if
need be.

To see which kind of sword you have at any time, press [START] and locate the 
QUEST STATUS SCREEN.  It is located on the right-hand side, depicted by the
sword icon.

Some things you need to know about Majora's Mask is that everything revolves 
around 'time'.  Although you can alter it and go back, you don't keep some of 
the items you had during trade sequences.  At the bottom in MY STRATEGIES, I
explain some of the sequences. 

This game is quite hard with the Kokiri Sword.  What may take it three or
even four swings to kill will only take the Gilded Sword one swing. I strongly
urge all gamers to at least make the effort for all the swords, as it makes
life a lot easier. 

WHEN YOU HAVE ACCESS: You start the game with it.
COST: 0 Rupees.
FOUND: You start the game with it.
BACKGROUND: The reliable sword from the "Ocarina of Time" that you pulled
            out of the chest in Kokiri Forest so long ago... It's back now.
            The blade is relatively weak, but since you aren't facing any
            enemies that are super-hard, it will last.
TRADE SEQUENCE: Not Appliable.
TIME-BASED: No, this item is with you until you upgrade to the Gilded Sword.

WHEN YOU HAVE ACCESS: Beat the Woodfall Temple; Hero's Bow is Required.
COST: 100 Rupees; Must be on Day 1 or 2.
FOUND: In the Mountain Smithy.
BACKGROUND: The Kokiri Sword can't really "cut it" after you get to the
            Snowfall Temple.  The Razor Sword is an upgrade that doubles
            the strength of the Kokiri Sword.  The downside is that you
            only have two days to use the sword after you upgrade.  Also,
            it costs you money. 
TRADE SEQUENCE: Not Appliable.
TIME-BASED: Yes, it resets to the Kokiri Sword when you go back in time, but
            you *CAN* get it again.

WHEN YOU HAVE ACCESS: Beat the Snowhead Temple; Blow up Goron Racetrack
                      boulder; Win Goron Race for Gold Dust.  Must be on
                      DAY ONE.
COST: 100 Rupees; Must be on Day 1!
FOUND: In the Mountain Smithy.
BACKGROUND: Although the Razor Sword is a great addition, gamers simply need
            a source of more power.  The Gilded Sword is the answer.  With 
            double the swing-range of the Razor and Kokiri variations, the
            Gilded Sword lets you dispose of enemies with just a few swings.           
TRADE SEQUENCE: GOLD DUST REQUIRED! You must blow up the Goron Boulder by the 
                Racetrack, then win the Goron Race in the DAY of Day 1.  Then,
                bring your sword to the Smithy and buy the Razor Sword.  Day 2, 
                pick up your sword, then give the Smithy the GOLD DUST you have.
                Come back Day 3 for the sword.
TIME-BASED: Yes; Trade Sequences.  Just make sure you save it after you get it.

WHEN YOU HAVE ACCESS: Located after you gather all the fairies in the STONE
                      TOWER TEMPLE.
COST: None!
FOUND: In the Ikana Great Fairy Fountain.
BACKGROUND: Sometimes, extra power is a necessity, especially in rooms with huge
            numbers of enemies.  By giving up your shield, you dish out a crazy
            amount of power.  By swinging like a 'loon', you don't need the 
            shield -- because the sword is HUGE and has a massive swing radius.
TIME-BASED: No, but make sure you save after you get it.  

If you need more help with this temple, check out my STRAY FAIRY FAQ, located
at GameFAQ's!

I have many strategies I used to get the four Swords.  Most of them, especially
for the the Great Fairy's Sword, was just luck! The main thing to remember is
NEVER give up.  Sure, you will get aggrivated, pissed, annoyed... It's just a
game.  Don't forget that, just laugh it off.  I spent three hours getting the
damned Fairies in the Stone Temple Dungeon. It's annoying, but it's a challenge. 
That's why we play these games, for a challenge.

Here's some strategies to use if you get stuck.  If you need additional help,
and there's no hint here, E-Mail your request to the author of this FAQ,
[templarnocturne@yahoo.com] and I will add the question the next update, along
with a new In-Depth FAQ for it to clarify.

1.  The Kokiri Sword -- That Bird Just Took It!
*   If you don't have a massive amount of rupees or any other item that you 
    won't lose, just reset the game.  But if you've gotten masks, go to the
    Curiosity Shop in Clock Town...your items will be there!

2.  The Razor Sword -- I can't afford it!
*   If you need cash, you can find an easy 100 rupees in the Stock Pot Inn on
    Day 1 by checking in around 2:00-3:30 and getting the room key.  In the
    room, there's a chest with a Silver Rupee.  
*   You can also find an unlimited source of rupees by killing the bird in 
    Termina Field.  Be careful, because he can steal your items.

3.  The Gilded Sword -- Damn Gorons!
*   The Goron Racetrack is one of those crazy "coordination and luck" games.
    I got very frustrated by losing over and over, and after an hour, I got
    the Gold Dust! Little did I know, I was on Day 2... After I pulled myself
    together and stopped crying like a wuss, I went and got it again.
    Just try hard, never give up, and you'll get it.  Avoid Contact at all costs.

4.  The Great Fairy Sword -- Here, Fairy, Fairy, Fairy....
*   If you can't find all the fairies, check out my STRAY FAIRY FAQ, located
    at GameFAQ's!


23 Nov 2000:  Well, this section's new, and I think I covered everything.

Write in with your tips to get the Swords!

Credits for this FAQ goes to GameFAQ's for having an awesome site and being
an unlimited source of information.  I've been using GameFAQ's for over two years, 
and plug them constantly on forums and messageboards.  

The updated versions of this file can ALWAYS be found at GameFAQ's.

All submissions for addendums to this FAQ become the property of Nocturne,
but credit will be given. (In other words, it becomes part of my FAQ once I
add it, so don't think that you have rights on this FAQ because you're mentioned
in 1% of it.)

Other noteworthy names are Dallas and Nemises; because I used their 'walkthroughs'
to beat the game.  Both FAQ's are awesome, and if you're stuck, check them out!

Thanks to the Nintendo 64 team for doing it again, and revolutionizing the 
industry...we thought we saw it all after 'Ocarina of Time'.

This FAQ was designed fully by myself.
Any use without my authorization is prohibited by GameFAQ's privacy statements. 

I look over many FAQs on various sites to see about their Heart Piece section
and make sure it is their own, and not stolen in any way, shape, or form from me.

If you'd like to use it, just E-Mail me [templarnocturne@yahoo.com] so I know 
you're using it, send me a URL of the site, and then put me into your credits.

Please keep this file in its entirety, Beginning to End, upon using it on a site.

Zelda 64(r) "Majora's Mask"(tm) is a copyright of Nintendo of America, Inc. 

Visit the official Zelda website at:

--- THE NEXT UPDATE... ---
23 Nov 2000:  The next update will include the readers' tips, otherwise I 
              wouldn't expect major changes.

1) Zelda 64: "Ocarina of Time" Heart Piece Location FAQ, July 1999.
2) Zelda 64: "Majora's Mask" Heart Piece Location FAQ, November 2000.
3) Zelda 64: "Majora's Mask" Anju/Kafei Trade Series FAQ, November 2000.
4) Zelda 64: "Majora's Mask" Title Deed Trade Series FAQ, November 2000.
5) Zelda 64: "Majora's Mask" Stray Fairy FAQ, November 2000.
6) Zelda 64: "Majora's Mask" Sword FAQ, November 2000.
7) Zelda 64: "Majora's Mask" Bottles FAQ, November 2000.
Hope this helped you! -Nocturne [templarnocturne@yahoo.com]

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