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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

All trademarks and copyrights contained in his document are owned by their
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Version 1.8

           _____ _              __                           _
          /__   \ |__   ___    / /  ___  __ _  ___ _ __   __| |
            / /\/ '_ \ / _ \  / /  / _ \/ _` |/ _ \ '_ \ / _` |
           / /  | | | |  __/ / /__|  __/ (_| |  __/ | | | (_| |
           \/   |_| |_|\___| \____/\___|\__, |\___|_| |_|\__,_|

                            __   _____     _     _
                      ___  / _| / _  / ___| | __| | __ _
                     / _ \| |_  \// / / _ \ |/ _` |/ _` |
                    | (_) |  _|  / //\  __/ | (_| | (_| |
                     \___/|_|   /____/\___|_|\__,_|\__,_|

      _____ _                   _       _     _         ___
     /__   \ |__   ___    /\/\ (_)_ __ (_)___| |__     / __\__ _ _ __
       / /\/ '_ \ / _ \  /    \| | '_ \| / __| '_ \   / /  / _` | '_ \
      / /  | | | |  __/ / /\/\ \ | | | | \__ \ | | | / /__| (_| | |_) |
      \/   |_| |_|\___| \/    \/_|_| |_|_|___/_| |_| \____/\__,_| .__/

The Legend of Zelda - The Minish Cap (ASCII title provided by Naomi Frosdick).

This FAQ/Walkthrough is copyright of Alan Quirino (grayfox2510 (at) gmail
(dot) com).

Ok, so let us go over a few basic things...

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4) I try, but perhaps my efforts alone are not enough and thus I end up
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So what if it's a long TOS, it needs to be done nowadays... *Rolls eyes*

##. Section                       [Key] Status                        Updated?

00. To do & Updates               [000] Some items to do...           V 1.6
01. Story                         [001] Done                          V 1.0
02. Controls                      [002] Complete                      V 0.5
03. Walkthrough                         Updated name references       V 1.3
 03.01. Big Earth Element         [031]
 03.02. Burning Element           [032]
 03.03. Wind Ocarina              [033]
 03.04. Water Drop Element        [034]
 03.05. Wind Element              [035]
 03.06. Final Battle and More     [036]
04. Heart Pieces                  [004] Complete?                     V 1.3
05. Kinstones
 05.01. Types                     [051] Done                          V 0.8
 05.02. Fuse List                 [052] Complete!!                    V 1.3
06. Item List
 06.01. Weapons, Utilities, Etc...[061] Updated                       V 1.2
 06.02. Key Items                 [062] Missing some items            V 1.1
07. Tiger Scrolls                 [007] Complete                      V 1.1
08. Figurine List                 [008] Complete                      V 1.0
09. Sidequests                    [009] Updated                       V 1.5
10. Conclusion                    [010] Done                          V 1.8
 10.01. Thank                     [101] Done so far                   V 1.8
[000]------------------------00. To do & Updates-------------------------------
Ok, basically, this section denotes what I still have to finish (In more depth
than the above section) and with what I could use help.

To do:
 -> Perhaps some sidequests...

 -> Version 1.8 - August 29, 2005. 150Kbs
      No new updates, just changing Thanks/Copyright into Conclusion and
      a Thanks section.
 -> 1.7: Small updates here and there.
 -> 1.6: Just modified the TOS...
 -> 1.5: Updated TOS and the SideQuest section.
 -> 1.3: Hmm... Ok, it seems the Heart Piece section is complete... Other than
         that, I corrected some stuff here and there.
         Added the Sidequests section.
 -> 1.1: Ok, done revising the walkthrough for name changes I believe. Still
         missing that deam Heart Piece. I also corrected the Tiger Scrolls
         section. Apparently I duplicated an upgrade with different stuff
         for some reason... I got all the Kinfusions done!
 -> 1.0: European version released. Working to change all the names, add the
         story summary, redo parts of the walkthrough, add the info for each
         figurine... Oh yeah, also updated stuff like the Tiger Scroll
         section. Just one more heart piece to go and 2 Kinfusions left~
 -> 0.9: Some more hearts and all the figurines, plus some more fusions.
 -> 0.8: Added a few more figurines, started the Kinfusion list and updated
         the Skills section in which I apparently missed one and some more
         Heart Pieces.
 -> 0.7: Added almsot every figurine and their translated names with as much
         as my crappy self-taught Jp allowed me to... And my programs.
         Some more Heart Pieces.
 -> 0.6: Added some more heart pieces, added the Skills section and filled in
         some items I was missing.

 -> 0.5: Started it all... Did all the walkthrough in two days. Yes, two days
         and then started to do the rest.
[001]-----------------------------01. Story------------------------------------
A long, long time ago...
When the world was on the verge of being swallowed by shadow...
The tiny Picori appeared from the sky, bringing the hero of men a sword and a
 golden light.
With wisdom and courage, the hero drove out the darkness.
When peace had been restored, the people enshrined that blade with care.
[002]----------------------------02. Controls----------------------------------
-> D-Pad
   -> Moves Link around, fairly obvious.
   -> Moves the cursor around in the menu screen and such.

-> A Button
   -> Talks to NPCs if in range.
   -> Uses the item under the A button.
   -> Assings items to the A button.
   -> Swims faster.

-> B Button
   -> Uses the item under the B button.
   -> Assings items to the B button.
   -> Backs out from certain screens.
   -> Makes you hide underwater while swimming.

-> L Button
   -> Uses the Kinstone bag when possible.

-> R Button
   -> Does the listed action. Basically, your action button. The situation
      modifies the command.

-> Start Button
   -> Pauses the game, bringing up the menu screen.

-> Select Button
   -> Makes link talk to his hat.
-------------------------------03. Walkthrough---------------------------------
Now, before we begin, let me say that I first wrote this based on the Jp
version. I then started to go again through the game in english and thus
rewriting most of this. But, if I left some terms from the Jp version remain
here, please let me know.

For now, if you see Pikoru, it means Picori. MAV was supposed to be the Gust
Jar, and the Patch Cane is the Cane of Pacci. (Which strangely enough, Pacci
written in katakana is basically patch, but...)
[031]---------------------03.01. Big Earth Element-----------------------------
Ok, first things first, we gotta start a new file... So load up the catridge,
start and make a new file. I named my character Link just for the sake of

After the first scenes detailing the story ends you'll see Zelda go inside the
house there and speak to the Master Smith about how she wants to take Link to
the Picoru Festival. You'll wake up soon afterwards. Head down and take the
Smith's Sword. Before you go out however, take the 20 rupees there. And go out,
follow her north to Hyrule Town.

Once in Hyrule Town, follow her as well, talking to her wherever she stops.
She will then win you a Shield. After modeling it, feel free to equip it. And
take Zelda to the northern part of the town to reach the Hyrule's Castle
Fields. Go north and deflect the nut of the Deku Scrub using your shield.
Proceed north to the castle. After the few scenes, and the introduction of this
game's villian, well, just watch... It's name in JP is Gufuu by the way and
the name for the english version is Vatii.

Once it's over and you are sleeping, hit A to wake up and exit the room. After
some more dialogue you'll get the Broken Picori Blade, and a Smith's Sword (The
latter which you can now equip and use). You will also get a map, in which I'm
sure you noted the red, flashing checkmark. Keep heading south on the castle to
leave it. Head south in the castle field and surprise, you can't go through...
So head right from the carpenters instead and cut the small trees with a quick
swipe to go through.

Welcome to LonLon Ranch.

Start heading down, being careful with the mole enemies. Go past the entrance
to the farm and down another screen. Go down the set of stairs directly in
front of you and keep heading south until you see a bridge to your right. Take
it to reach the... Minish Woods. Head right from the start until you
have the choice to head north or south, you can't do anything heading north so
take the south path instead.

Once you reach the stump head left and immediately up then left again to hear a
call for help. First though, head left for a heart piece, then head
back to the stump and straight north to reach the area. Save the weird talking
hat from those two enemies. After the talk start heading south, the hat will
follow you. Keep heading south, and repeat it again to finally make it go on
top of you. Now head south to the stump. By the way, his name is Ezlo, or
Ezero if you wish from the Jp version.

So basically, jump on the stump by moving onto it and once you are atop it,
press the R button to shrink yourself. At this size, and at this current point
of the game, you can't go into shallow waters, it'll be the same as if you'd go
into deep waters as normal Link.

Proceed left and into the wooden log with a hole carved in it. Time yourself to
board the leaves floating in the water and head north to the Minish Town of
the Pikoru of course. Head north to trigger a small event then head all the
way north to a house surrounded by water. Talk to the Picori inside, his name
is Festari. He mentions how you might have trouble with their language and that
a Jabber Nut could help you.

Go right and take the path down, using the bridge that should be to your right
almost immediately to enter a house. Go north and push the box to a side to get
the weird looking red seed, the Jabber Nut... So go back to the Picori
we just talked to. Head out and go left now to a house with a set of green
stairs. Climb up and talk to the sage-looking Pikoru. He's actually the
elder of this village and will tell you that to reforge the blade, you will
need the four elements. He will then mark their locations on your map.

Head back to the middle house but take the upper right path to reach a Heart
Piece, then go back Festari and he'll move aside, granting you passage to
the Deepwood Shrine.

First, head north and push the statue aside to enter the doorway. In the next
room kill the slugs and then step on all the switches to light the torches.
Open the chest for a small key and use it on the door to go through.

In the next room head north to the lever. After a quick explanation, use the R
button to pull it and move back to make the bridge appear. Grab the mushroom
with the R button as well and move back as much as you can, then let go of the
directional pad (Keep holding down the R button). This will launch you to the
other side. Remember this for later use, you'll see more of these mushrooms.

In the next room first head right to a set of stairs, go up them and after
another talk hit the switch. Then go down and inside the barrel, taking the
other exit inside. You can't harm the mushrooms for now, so avoid them. Simply
go down to be able to go up the stairs, move the statue over one of the
swtiches and step on the other to liberate the barrel from its restrains.

Go inside the barrel again. This time when you move north or south the barrel
will spin. Directly from where you are start walking south and eventually the
barrel will spin enough so you'll hit the exit. Head west from there to the
next room. Grab the mushroom and pull it back all the way, go up the stairs
and get the Dungeon Map. Then go back down and jump off.

Grab the mushroom but pull it only until the first mark in the floor ends, this
will launch to the place between the two arches.

Enter the left room and hit the switch if you wish, even though it won't be of
use. After another explanation, kill the enemies and push the vase into the
switch (Read: push). Cross to the other side and enter the next room. Push any
statue into the switch next to it. Then pull back the other one (Grab with the
R button) just a space, then go to the other side and pull it back into the
switch so you'll be inside the square when the chest appears to get a key.
Head back to the barrel room and take the upper right exit inside the barrel
(Spin it if necessary).

Head right and pull the mushroom only until the mark in the floor ends. Then
hit the switch to make the bridge extend. Then pull this mushroom all the
way back and enter the door to your right. Kill all the slugs and pull the
right statue all the way back, then push the left one into the switch to go

Kill the 3 beetles to get a key and proceed left. Now head up the stairs and
jump off to your right. Go through the arch and go through the stairs at the
top of the room. You can't do much here, except grabbing the big chest with
the Compass inside.

Go back up and enter the left room. Careful here, there are mushrooms hiding in
the spore-covered floor. Hit the switch and keep moving left to unlock the door
and prepare for a mini boss.

Basically, a giant caterchipillar. Hit the face with your sword first and it'll
petrify. Once the tail goes into a red color unleash as many slashes with your
sword as you can. After it recovers the whole worm will go red and start
running like crazy. Once it cools down as well repeat the process. Open the
chest that will then appear for the Gust Jar.

This thing is basically a vacuum with a dark hole inside. Simply hold down the
button you have it equipped to to start sucking anything inside. Try it out in
the spiderweb blocking the southern exit of the room. You can also suck the
spores from the floor and if used to suck in the mushrooms, you'll dazzle them,
you can hit them at this time to kill them.

If you headed south, you'll get a Heart Piece. In the room adjacent to the
miniboss one, start blowing the spores in the floor right when you start. You
should uncover a switch that'll make a mini chest appear that contains 10 sea
shells (I'll explain their use later). Two squares to the left there's another
switch, which will also give you 10 seashells.

If you go right in this room and suck in the spores between the torches you'll
uncover another switch for a chest with 20 seashells. Now head back to the

If you head to the door in the south of the south, there's another switch
covered in spores, exactly 3 squares away from the other switch.

This will make a blue portain appear in the structure above you. Head back to
the entrance by going south from this room and take the portal for another
Heart Piece. Take the panel back to the entrance and clear the left staircase
from the spiderweb to go in. Push the block below the chest to get 20 rupees.
Back to the barrel room, take the upper left exit inside the barrel and clear
the spores in the floor for a switch to reach a chest with 10 seashells.

Now go back inside the barrel. You should have noticed an opening in the
middle covered with a spiderweb; clear it, and then fall through while the
opening is exactly in the middle of the screen.

See the lillypad in front of you? Use the Gust Jar to pull it in, then board
it and use the air projectiles the Gust Jar sends to move.
Keep following the only path and take the right passage when possible. Go
up the stairs and push a vase atop the switch, the take the new path that
opened up with the lillypad. In the next screen move the lillypad all the way
on the water, so you can use it as a bridge so that when you press the switch
with a vase, you can use the lillypad to cross the water in order to grab the
chest with another Small Key.

Now, using the lillypad again, go back to the fork where you took the right
path (right before the place where you had to push a vase atop a switch in
order to go through). This time however, keep going north and left right away
for a locked door.

In the next room, pull the mushroom to your south and jump to the floor in the
north. Here, stand in front of the mushroom and use the Jar to suck it in and
then let go of the button so you'll be thrown to the other side. Repeat this
process until you land in front of the big chest and get the Boss Key. Press
the switch here to make a red portal open up.

Clear the spiderweb on the right stairs and go up. Use the Jar to suck in the
mushroom and head left, then go down and use it again to head to the boss room.

Ok, big slime... Right... First, use the Jar at the base of the enemy to suck
all that jell-o into nothingness. After a while that thing will lose balance
and will drop, use the time to slash it's head to kingdom come. Repeat. You'll
get the Earth Elemental. Grab the Heart and take the green panel.

Go back to the Picori town and to the elder in the upper left part of town. He
says that you should look for Melari, a Minish of unsurpassable knowledge in
these things apparently. He will then open a path for you to leave town.

Enter the mushroom house out there to receive a Bomb Bag. Go back to normal
size in the stump there. Head north and activate the Wing Crest there. You
won't use this for a while however. You'll need the Ocarina of Windfirst
and that's a long ways off.

Head left and down, break the rocks with a bomb and change screens to your
left. Head north (Don't bother with the mushroom for now) and go left. Bomb
the wall here if you want to get 20 seashells. Go up and and bomb the rocks for
a quick route back to the forest if you wish, but head left instead for the
fields of Link's house. Go up to town and watch the pseudo-cat-looking person
give a Kinstone bag. Once the thought bubble with the heart appears, use the L
button to open up the Kinstone combination screen. You only have one Kinstone,
so use it.

Well, just for short, Kinstones are basically medallions. You get them in
chests, killing enemies or from grass and stuff you can cut/break. Some persons
have those thought bubbles; use the L button to open up this screen and try to
make a match with your Kinstones and the one the other person has. The normal
colors are red, blue and green; these, when making a match can do one of the
following: Open up the vines in a tree or making an entrance somewhere (denoted
by a cave symbol in the map), opening paths (an arrow pointing up), creating
golden enemies (Evil-looking egg in the map), making mini chests appears
(scrolls on the map), making a giant plant grow to the clouds, filled with
items (a plant symbol on the map) or creating a special NPC or making one need
help (a person in the map). There are also golden Kinstones, but they are used
for special situations.

Ok, once you have used the Kinstone you just got, you should see that a cave
symbol appeared in the map of Link's house. Go there if you wish, there's a
Heart Piece there. By the way, I won't really go around mentioning Kinfusions
in the guide, since they can be so random. Instead, I list all the Kinfusions
that you can do by the end of the game. And yes, you can get them all even
by that time.
[032]-----------------------03.02. Burning Element-----------------------------
So now we start with the next elemental. On town, go directly left from the
entrance, inside the house with a chick on its roof. Talk to the teacher
inside, his name is Swiftblade and he will teach you the Spin Attack (The
usual, hold down the sword button to charge up and release).
Go up to the square; see the puffs of dust piled up? Use the Jar to clear them
up. For now, we are done in town. Head up the stairs and to the left. You
should see a guard, first, talk to him then do a Spin Attack in front of him
to make him let you go through.

Immediately in the next area head to the wooden stairs. Head down and blast
down the wall to the right. Make sure you have 20 rupees and use your shield to
deflect the Deku Nut back to the Deku Scrub, then buy a bottle from him for 20
rupees. Go outside and up, then head left when you can (just before the bridge)
and then down between the rocks to go a screen to the left.

Welcome to Mount Crenel. Fill the bottle with water and use it on the seed
in the hole to make it grow. Follow the path around and be careful of the
white, spiny things, as they can hurt you (You can suck them in with the Jar
though). Head right as you hit a fork and bomb the wall between the two fence

Go inside and up the stairs. Bomb the stone block before going into mini and
head to the green water pond. Fill up your bottle with this Crenel Hot Spring
Water. Now go back, grow up and head down and out to the fork. Take the
left this time. If you ran out of bombs, take the left entrance and deflect
the attack of the Deku Scrub in order for it to sell you 10 bombs for 30

If you are good, them bomb the cracked wall you should have seen moments ago
and go inside. Kill the Keeses and use the mushroom. Go up and head right to
the exit. Once outside, jump into the mini-hurricane and you'll be floating for
a while with your hat as a parachute. Float to the left and into the other

Here, go left and ignore the stairs for now as you keep heading up until you
change screens. Bomb the space between the two trees to open a secret entrance.
Inside you can get a Heart Piece, 50 rupees from the right chest and a blue
Kinstone. Now go back out and to the stairs we dissed a moment ago.

Go up and to the right. Use the Jar to suck in the spore-thingies here. You
should find a stone suitable for going into mini. Before you use it, suck in
the spores above you to uncover a hole in the ground for a Kinstone. Now go out
and use the stone to shrink. If you want another piece of a blue Kinstone,
then head right once you are chibi and go up the vine and follow the only
path there for a chest.

Otherwise, just go back to where you saw that green seed and enter the place.
Yes, believe it or not, you can carry the seed as chibi (Use the R button when
walking against it). Carry it out and place it on the hole in the ground then
use that green water I told you to collect before, of course, once you have
grown back to your normal size.

Once up, first head to the left and up the stairs, and bomb the wall between
the two rocks, just slightly right from the sign to get a Heart Piece and some

Go back down and start heading right all the way until you see a bridge. Bomb
the wall on the other side and go in. Get another blue Kinstone from the chest
and head upstairs.

Careful, the gray slimes turn into spike balls, and you can't hurt them at that
time. Simply kill them if you wish but bomb the blocks to get to the other
side. Back outside, use the tornadoes again and head left. Then up the ladder.
Head right and bomb the wall for another Deku Scrub. You better have more than
40 rupees, 'cause you are gonna need 'em.

Buy the Grip Ring from it. With this, you can climb those walls now. Now head
back left and down, then jump through the left ledge. Head west and you should
see one of those walls. Being careful with the falling stones, start climbing

First of all, head all the way right and bomb the fairly obvious entrance to
reach a Great Fairy. Throw a bomb into the pond and choose the 3rd option
(Neither) to upgrade your bomb bag to 30. Go out and head up. In the next
screen head right for a mushroom. Use it.

After the rain starts and we get a better background music (In my opinnion
anyway), use the stone to shrink yourself and head south to the mini passage.
Careful of the droplets, they can hurt you while you make your way east. Once
you are out, use the stone to go back to normal size and push the stone
directly next to the hole. Then get the stone on the far right to fit in the
hole directly right from the first shrinking stone. And head down the ladder.

Head down being careful from surprise rushes from those things. Then push the
upper block.

In this puzzle of sorts, push the block on the south and then push the block
that's slightly above and to the left so you can push the one that was
previously adjacent to it to the north. Before we go further, push the block
directly south from there. Go around and push the lower one of the two blocks
together, then the leftmost of the line of blocks. Then the one on top of them,
move the one directly below you and then the final one to go through (Did any
of that made sense?).

Make your way right and enter the next door. Now, before you think of the
mushroom, stand directly north of it and use the Jar to suck in the vase so
it'll be out of the way, then rocket yourself to the other side with the
mushroom, go up.

Go for the vases if you need bombs. Then go south and stand in the piece of the
bridge there, place down a bomb and use R to pick it up, then throw it to the
other side so it'll hit the switch. Almost there...

In the next cavern you can enter, move the rock around to fit in the hole; then
go down. At the bottom, where there are two blocks together, push the bottom
one to the left and the upper one out of the way. Then simply move the upper
one of the next set to get yet another blue Kinstone. Head out and we are
there. Go chibi and enter the mini passage you can see to reach the Mountain
town of Melari (Melari's Mines).

Yattoko~ Yattoko~

Just keep heading down in a clockwise fashion until you reach the furnace in
the middle. And talk to the giant Picoru there.

Yes, he is Melari and he'll fix you your Broken Picori Blade. But while they
are working, your hat suggests you go looking for the next element. So head
up and talk to the Picori blocking the exit. You will be able to go through.

Grow back to normal size and activate the Wing Crest, then go up to reach
the 2nd dungeon: the Cave of Flames.

Once inside, head right and hit the bombs but be careful. They go totally nuts
when hit and start running around. If you hit one a second time, its legs will
go off and you can carry it, but be warned they have a short fuse. Bomb the
wall you see there. In the next room, use your shield to flip around the
enemies, then whack 'em crazy with your sword. Grab the Compass once you are
done and head left.

Careful with the rupees. The lower, middle one is actually a green Like-Like,
and they got some endurance. Anyway, head down the stairs. Keep heading left
and up the steps. Then follow the railroad track, go down and right at the
Board the mine cart and watch. In the next room keep going left and bomb the
wall at the end, either with bomb enemies, or with yours. Kill all the enemies
here to make a shrink stone appear.

Go chibi and use the upper, mini exit. Head right all the way through the mini
holes and south when you can to change screens. Go left in order to jump down
and use the shrink stone to grow up. You can clear the fire with a quick swipe
of your sword by the way. Go up and grab the chest for the Dungeon Map.

Start heading south, but beware of the rocks in the lava. They will collapse
when you stand on them, so move quickly. Go to the chest for a blue Kinstone
and press the switch. Then make your way to the door. Use the moving tile to
get through and don't kill the worms by sending them to the lava. Instead, use
them as stepping stones to fill the holes. The chest there contains 50 rupees.
Go up the stairs and don't fill that hole. Go right and down and use the
tornado there, and the other to go around. Then move the block out of the way
and push the chest atop the mini pillar into the hole so you can get the chest
for a Small Key. Oh yeah, press the switch and go through.

Head left and board the mine cart again then open the door there and hit the
switch. Ride the cart again. Go left and head up the room I told you to avoid
as chibi. Walk on the track to head right, then bomb the southern wall to get
a Heart Piece and go back up twice.

Jump down the ledge and destroy all the spike slimes. With this you'll get
the Patch Cane, or as I prefer, the Golden Rod, but the official name is the
Cane of Pacci so.... With this, you can hurl shiny, yellow balls in a
straight line. If they hit certain objects, they'll flip around (like the
cart we saw just before), if used on a hole in the ground, they'll fill it
and if you drop in and jump out, you'll jump higher. Nifty thing indeed.

In the next room, see that tile with spikes? Step on the first one and use the
Cane of Pacci to flip it around and move quickly. Then use it to fill the hole
and jump upwards. Go down and turn the cart around. Push the chest atop the
pillar into the hole for another Small Key. Ride the cart back and head north,
jump down and unlock the door there.

Ignore the switch for now and go chibi. Make your way left avoiding the green
spike balls. And go all the way to the other shrink stone. You saw those red
things right? Well, now they will pursue you as you make your way back. Once
you are done, use the Cane to flip the cart and ride it. Then hit the
switch, and ride it again.

Use the grubs there to fill in the four holes at the bottom, the pull the
switch on the pillar to the top hole and hit it. Go up the steps and to the
next screen.

Jump down the northern ledge to get a blue Kinstone, then push the block out of
the way, then use the Cane to fill in the hole below the chest to get a
green Kinstone. Take the right exit. Use the Cane on the moving tile to
flip it around and take it so you head north to hit a switch that'll make the
red portal appear. Then go back to the entrance and board the tile to the south
and do the same with the next 2 you see. Before you board the next tile, flip
around the top vases. Then make your way to the upper exit.

Go up the steps and jump down the ledge and head right. Go to the chest on the
far side for a green Kinstone. Then head back, fill up the upper hole and jump
to the other side. Use the tornado to go to the northern ledge and follow the
path. Use this next tornado to go slightly to the left as you head south to
reach another ledge.

Use the tornado and head south. Use this next one to reach the small place
filled with fire. Clear them and use the Patch Cane to jump up and use the
tornadoes to the left to reach a chest with a green Kinstone. Use the next set
of tornadoes to reach the Boss Key. You have the door just north of you, so go

Fill up with life if you need and equip the Cane and Sword.

Welcome to Gleerok's lair.
This boss is fairly easy, just try to make a shot from the Patch Cane hit its
back so the shell will flip around and harm him. It will then lower its neck to
the ground. Use this time to go up it and attack like a madman at the romboid
thingy on its back. After each attack session this thing will spit loads of
fire, which you can clear with your sword... Nonetheless, it's annoying...
Repeat this process until you get this guy down.

You'll get the Fire Element and another Heart. Take the portal to head out
and go back to the Mines, back to the blacksmith to get the White
Sword. Melari then explains about infusing your sword with the power of the
elements and all that. So hear the Picori say Yattoko~ One more time before
you leave to Hyrule Castle.

Once you are in keep heading straight north to the next room and take the right
path to find the stairs going down. Head south and left when you can to take
the exit you should see to the backyard. Go north and enter the Elemental
Sanctuary. Go to the next room, stand in front of the pedestal and user your
sword to charge it up.

Time to do some cloning! Simply stand in one of those glowing tiles and charge
your sword to the max, a small orb will appear in the panel and then you have
to move to the other panel without letting go of the sword button. This will
create a clone of you. In short, if this clone were to collide against a solid
object, it'll disappear. Pressing the R button, taking damage, or special
attacks and destroy your clones too, but right now you can only make one.

Head down and use the cloning technique so you can your clone hit both switches
at the same time to go out. Once you are back at the Castle Fields... Mini boss
time. Simply hit these things from the back. Once you are done, you'll will see
how Gufuu became what he is, and about Ezero, your hat. Go back to town and
with the trainer to learn a new technique, which is in fact the ability to
break pots with your sword.

Feel free to do some other stuff, like going all the way right with the cuckoo
girl and get some cash. Ok, things get weird now... Remember the place where
you got the first bottle? Go there again but instead, use the cloning technique
to push the 2x2 block there. Go up the ladder and bomb the wall for a red
Kinstone. Head south and go inside the tree there, and speak to the person
there if you wish, but head east and down a screen for more events.

I suggest you head down to push the rock to the right so you fill the hole.
Then go back up and push the other rock right above the stairs to fill another
hole. There's a fairy pond between the two rocks, if you wish to bomb it open.
Go back down again and head left all the way and up to reach the Castor Wilds.
After Ezlo speaks, go back to Hyrule Town and go inside the shoe shop (The
upper left one in the middle square). The person there should fall asleep.
Shrink yourself and go up the desk to speak to the Picori there.

They want you to go speak with Syrup, and they'll place a checkmark on your
map. Go to the LonLon Ranch and shrink yourself in the stump above the house
and make your way in. Go back to your normal size and break the vases for the
key. Shrink yourself and go out, then to normal size and speak to Talon.
They'll open the house and you can now go through. Go slightly north and the
left to go inside a cavern. Use the cloning technique to get a chest with 50

For now, head right and you should see a tornado. Take the upper path and
follow it to a hole. First, push the rock you can see to fill one up. If you
want a Heart Piece, head left and up to another hole, fill it with the Cane and
jump up. In the next screen, head to the right going down the stairs and go
right for it. Once you are done, head back to the previous screen.

Using the Cane to fill up the hole to your right, jump up and shrink yourself,
then head right and enter the hole in the ground for a red Kinstone. Go back to
your size and use the tornado to reach the ledge directly to your south. Go
right and use this other tornado to go south all the way, passing a small water
patch. Head right to Lake Hylia. Just head south and then left to go back to
Chiroria's Forest. Head down and up the stairs, follow the path and enter the
house. Buy the mushroom for 60 rupees and head back to the Hylia's Lake screen.
Take the left path here so you can push another rock into its place. Then go
back to the shoe shop... Oh, if you have the money (80), I suggest you get the
upgraded rupee bag at the shop. This can hold up to 300.

Oh yeah, go all the way north of town and to the right to one of those stone
wings. Activate it.

Now, in the shoe shop, simply press A or R in front of the guy to wake him up.
You'll get the Pegasus Boots out of this. With these, you can dash into trees
(some) to make the leaves sprawl out so you can use the stumps to shrink
yourself. Be sure to go back with Swiftblade the trainer to learn your third
Tiger Skill.

So, remember the Castor Wilds? Let's go back there.
[033]-------------------------03.03. Wind Ocarina------------------------------
Here, if you try to walk on the swamp you'll simply sink. Use the Boots to dash
instead. Go left from where you begin and go up the vine you see there. Take
the upper left bridge and once you reach the next stop, go down the vine and
into the opening there. Simply follow the path and once you see the chest,
well... It'll go *poof* leaving you instead with an armed knight. These guys
block your attacks, so you gotta catch him offguard, like when he attacks. Hit
him enough times to make him go *poof* instead and give you back the chest for
a golden Kinstone. Golden Kinstones are special, they are the only Kinstones
used for story purposes.

Head back out. Go up the vine there and take the upper right bridge. Head down
that vine and go left to another swamp which you should cross using the boots.
The spiny vines won't hurt you if you mad dash into them. You should see a
shrink stump; use it and enter the small passage on the left and on the
water... Use the Jar to navigate the lillypad. Once on the other side, go down
the hole and start slashing like crazy to kill all those blue beetles. You'll
get the Bow from this. Go back and return to normal size.

Once you are on the other side of this swamp, you see that statue with one eye?
Shoot at it with the bow and then hit it again 3 times when it attacks you. Go
up and use the tornado to head down and left, in an attempt to clear the water
patch there. Then head down to another swamp. Keep heading down and left and
you should find another of those wing stones. Destroy the eye guardian there
too. Before you go up the vines, go left and push the rock you see there to
fill a hole.

Now go up and take this bridge to a tornado, which you should ride all the way
down and left, clearing the water. Push the rock and enter the cave for another
golden Kinstone. Now, for the last Kinstone, go left from the cave and up,
through where we pushed one rock a few moments ago. Head north and up a vine,
take the upper bridge, then the next and the next. Head down here to find
another eye guardian. Destroy it and head up and left to another cave, here's
the last one. Now go back and south to push another stone. Ok, now look at your
map at the lower left corner. You see those three heads? Well, we should head
there, but instead, go back to where the last eye guardian was and take two
bridges back. In this platform, take the other bridge to reach yet another eye
guardian, kill it to reach a blue Kinstone; oh, and the rupees that appear here
are actually red Like-Likes. Now you can go to the giant heads.

Each giant head asks for a certain golden Kinstone, in total 3, which we just
got. Just press L in front of each head and find the matching Kinstone for the
one it has.

Welcome to the Wind Ruins.
So yeah, go up and bomb the wall for a blue Kinstone. Then head south.
See that statue there? It'll go alive when you touch it, at which time you have
to kill it. Do so and proceed.

Use the stump to shrink and go inside the hole to get a red Kinstone. Then go
the guardian, still in small size and go up the mini ladder in its shield to go
inside and hit the switch. Return to your size and kill it. Go around and push
the stone. In the next room just go if you wish, but kill all the enemies in
the next to open the path. Keep going until you see another stump. Use it and
do the same to the guardian, go inside and flip the switch so you can destroy
it. Push the stone when you can and keep going.

In the next room you can only kill three guardians, the other will flee and
block your path. Kill the ones you can for now and grab the chests for 50
seashells and 50 rupees. Now use the stump to shrink and go inside the last
guardian and flip the switch to turn it off. This way it won't block your path
anymore. Kill all the snakes here and also the weird enemies that hide under
the rocks so you can go through.

Welcome to the Fortress of Winds. First, head left and into the door you can
see. Head up the stairs and go around above to the next screen. Shot the eye
with an arrow. In the next room you'll be attacked by 4 Stalfos; deal with them
and head south. One of the green rupees is a Like-Like, so kill it and head
right to deal with a red Like-Like, then go up the ladder. Follow the only path
to the next room. Here, shoot the 2 eyes in front of you while moving on the
platform to open this door to a room with two sleeping eye guardians and two

Use the cloning technique to hit both switches and deal with the guardians to
get the Compass. Head right and hit both eyes to open that door. Kill the
snakes and make a clone of you so that you are a vertical line and push the
block all the way right, then the one below all the way left. Cancel the clone
and now make a horizontal line so you can push the right block up. Pull the
lever to make a key fall and follow it. Back to the very first room, ignore
the central door and take the first one to your right.

Go up and being careful of the sparkling, thingy enemy pull the right lever for
a chest with a blue Kinstone. Then open the left chest for another blue
Kinstone. Pull the lever there to open the door. Simply head up the ladder here
and into the next room. Go left and kill the guardian that is active. Then use
that panel to make a clone and the one by the right wall. Move to hit the two
switches we just saw and go in to shrink yourself. Go back, flip the guardian
on (How wrong did that sound?) and use the shrink stone there. Kill the
guardian afterwards and pull the lever to see another key fly by. Before you
drop down, go to mini Link and then drop, take the mini path there to get a
Heart Piece. Leave the room and go back for the Small Key.

Now you can take the central door. Do so and go up the stairs, kill the Stalfos
and the eye guardians and grab the chest for the Dungeon Map. Go up and open
the left door first. (If you took the right one first, then simply go through.
You should see a room with 4 switches; use the statues and the clone panels
to press them all and get another key. Head down and all the way left to
be back in the room with the two doors.)

Use the platform to get to the other side and hit the eye in the next room
ASAP. You can find that loved, hand enemy here that'll drag your behind out
of the dungeon if it gets you. Go to the next room for another of those armed
knights. Dispose of it to get the blue portal.

In the next room, avoid the spike balls and hit the switch to go through the
door. In the room to the right, you see those three floor panels with a design
on them? Bomb the middle one to get the Mole Mitts.

With them, you can dig through the sand thingies you see there, as well as
digging on ground in the world map. Get 100 rupees from the chest there. Head
out and right to reach the room with the two locked doors.

For now, some backtracking. In this room, go straight south and use the claws
to dig the statue free so you can push it onto the switch for a chest with
another blue Kinstone. Leave this room and take the stairs down to where we
started. If you go all the way to the right, you can find another 100 rupee. If
you go back to the first room right of the main one and go up until you find
the dig-able walls you can get a red Kinstone. Going up will net you another
red Kinstone. Go up again and drop through the floor hole while you are in mini
Link to use the hole there to get to a Heart Piece. To get out, push downwards
the 2nd block from left to right.

Now go out and left all the way to reach a chest with a blue Kinstone. Enter
the door closest to you and kill the wind wizards to get 80 seashells. Go out
and to the door right next to it. Go up and into the first room with dig-able
walls. In the right corner, near where you start is a chest with a red
Kinstone. Once you've grabbed it, head up and press the switch after going
through the walls for a chest with, surprise, a red Kinstone. Go back now to
the room with the two locked doors.

Open the right door and equip the Pegasus Boots. Pull the ledge and dash
through the bridge. Head right and kill the hands to make a shrink stone
appear. Pay no attention to it for now and instead head right. In this room
head around it to reach the cloning panels. First though, push/pull a statue
onto the upper left switch and the lower right one. That way you can make a
clone in the opposite way; one on the upper right and you on the lower left.
Grab the key that falls and open the door.

Go back a room and use the shrink stone. Go back and move between the rolling
spikes to go south, then head west. You see the entrance there? Go in and
return to your size before pressingthe switch. Now dig through the walls to
reach the key. Head down the ledge, return to your size and lay the smackdown
on the hands.

Then head right and down the door. Dig through and go up the ladder. Use the
key here and drop through the RIGHT hole. Open the chest for the Boss Key. Push
the block to the left and go back to the room that had the two locked doors and
head south.

Remember that room with a statue, a switch that created a chest with a Kinstone
and a ladder that I didn't even mention? Go up there, dig through and push the
upper right block to your right to trigger the red warp. Open the Boss' chamber
and prepare.

The whole boss isn't that difficult, but might catch you offguard.
Simply use the bow to shoot at the eye that's not attacking you to stun the
hand, then whack it like a mad maniac. Once you get both hands out of the
business, the whole thing will go into sleep mode. Shrink yourself and go
inside the boss and hit the flashing pillar like crazy. 3 times should suffice,
but after the first one, the pillar chamber will be filled with sand and you
gotta dig through, not to mention you can't see which pillar to attack until
you are right next to it (Because of the flashing...).

No element this time, so grab your heart piece and go up. Check the giant
tablet and obtain the Ocarina... of Time! Ok, bad joke... Just a plain Ocarina
this time. It's actually the Wind Ocarina. You'll be warped outside the
dungeon. Use the Ocarina to head back to town.

Ok, but lets get something else right now. Go to the LonLon Ranch and head
south a screen and down the stairs. Go right, and using the Cane of Pacci, jump
with the hole to the ledge above. Go right and enter the groove to find a
Great Fairy, which will raise you wallet to a max of 500; just select the
first option twice.

Ok, now we are done with that. At this time, Tingles, 4 to be precise have
appeared all around Hyrule. One is to the right of Link's house, another one by
the Lake Hylia spot you can get to with the Ocarina, in the screen right before
the swamp, go north and through the underground passage to find another, and
the last one is in the LonLon Ranch, just take the underground entrance in
their lawn to get to it. Complete their Kinstone swaps if you want the Magical
Boomerang. If you need green Kinstones, simply cut the grass/bushes and repeat
until you get the one you need.

Ok, so for the boomerang go to each place they opened up and light each torch.
You can also find the following: 200 seashells and 3 red Kinstones. Once all 4
torches are lit, you can access the central chamber from the outside. I just
saved you from wasting 300 rupees in the normal Boomerang.
[034]---------------------03.04. Water Drop Elemental--------------------------
Ok, back to the general walkthrough. Go back to the Lake Hylia spot with the
Ocarina, shrink yourself and go inside the Picori house and talk to the Picori.
Now, go back to Hyrule's Town and to the building to your left, the one
previously guarded by an old man. The libary is now open. Go in and talk to
everyone, also, check the bulletin board in the back. Then go up and outside,
turn the vase over with the Cane and shrink yourself. Go back in and to the
bookcase. Go out and back to your normal size.

This part was hell in the first run. Go near the cuckoo girl house, but first,
load up some water in your bottle. If you go above the cuckoo girl, you should
see two houses with a small wooden path above them, right? Enter the left one
and put out the fire. Then turn around the vase there and shrink yourself. Go
up the chimney you just put out and into the house next to it. Go around
inside avoiding the cat (It will pounce on you) and go up the mini stairs to
the bookcase, push the book from above and go back. When you are in normal
size, come and retrieve the book from the floor.

Ok, go to the cafe and use the jug there to shrink yourself. Exit using the
south-western exit and go left to a small bridge. Head up until you see a dog,
talk to it while shrunk and it will finally move away. Now enter the house
right next to you and go into the only other exit you can take which will take
you to a Picori home. Talk to to it and leave the house entirely, then head
slightly south. You see that flower path? Take it to enter the carpenter's
house. Use the jug there to grow back. Go back to the libary and talk to the
female librarian on the left twice. The first time you'll give her the book you
just got and the next is a small briefing. So go now to the house next to the
dog and try to open it. You should be able to now, put out the fire inside it
with a water bottle and go back to the carpenter's house to shrink yourself.

Go back to the house we came from and go inside the small hole on the right and
talk to the Picori there. Then go up and out the chimney. Go north and enter
the yellow house, then take the exit on the other side. Follow the water side
and go into a small flower patch with two cats. Avoid them like the plague and
head down to the fountain, enter the mini cave there. Once inside, head right
and use the Patch Cane on the hole to jump up. Kill the 4 blue beetles to get
the Power Bracelets. With these, you can move objects as mini link. Nifty. Now,
leave this place and go back to the house of the guy that's just reading, the
one whose chimney we just used. Push the first drawer (the left one) to the
left and do the same with the right one so you can reach the higher exit. Now,
clear the dust with the Jar and on the left side you should see cloning panels.
Make a vertical line and maneuver yourself to the falling book on the right
side. Stand with the Picori to make it drop. Once done, pick the book when you
are of normal size.

Ok, remember the witch we bought the mushroom from? Go to her house, but if you
see carefully, there is a sand entrance right next to the stairs leading to the
witch's house. Go in using the digging gloves and head up the ladder on the
other side. Go right once outside and up past the house to the tree. Bump it
with the Pegasus Boots to uncover a stump and shrink yourself. Use the small
stone path you can see and then once in the mini passage, use the lillypad and
the Jar to go south and enter the house. Use the mini lillypad to cross over,
then move the shelf to the right so you can climb and drop the book. Go back
out and careful of the flies, return to your size to pick up the book. Now go
back to the library and hand them in.

Now go up, outside, shrink yourself and go to the bookshelf. Take the first
blue book up and follow the path, at the end talk to the old Picori and be
dropped... Push the lower left blocks to leave this cage of sorts and head
down. Using the Jar, pull in the mushroom and head left. Then head up to fight
a pair of ants. You can either hit them in the back, or whack 'em when they
throw their pincers at you. This will net you the Flippers. Basic controls, A
to swim faster, B to hide under the water or to simply dive.

Jump into the water and head south at the crossroads to exit this place. Use
the Library's Jug to return to your size. Now, warp yourself to the Lake Hylia
spot and go north from where you begin. Jump into the water near where the
Tingle is and keep heading south, as if you were going to the house that we got
the 3rd book from. You should have seen that Heart Piece, right? Well, get it
and head left and up the stairs there to enter the house inside the tree for
another Heart Piece. We can't learn a technique here yet. But go left from here
and push the rock into the hole, then go back and jump into the water. Head
slightly north and west to the ice floor. Jump on it and shrink in through.

The fourth dungeon at last, also known as the Temple of Droplets. You should
have seen the name I got for this dungeon back in the Jp version...

So you go down and head up, move the ice out of the way and take the upper
exit. Head right and down the stairs. Turn the switch down there and head up
then drop through the hole.

Now, move the frozen key to the light to melt it. Go back up and left to use it
and with no other choice, fall down. Head right and what? Is that the Boss Key?

Ok, push the ice block further down all the way down and then left, then push
the one on top to the left and do the same for the Key one. Push the one with
the key up and then left again, then down, left, up and finally right. Now turn
the switch around to close the floor above.

No, if you though we would face the boss so soon, well, you think they will let
us do it so easily? Head down and left then all the way south for the Dungeon
Map. Go back north and go in for a swim to the west. Go up the stairs and
head east, following the only path until you see a mushroom in which, as usual,
you'll use the Jar to go over. Press the switch and drop through the waterfall.

Start heading south and press the switch you see there and go right. You see
that structure in the water? Go to the middle and dive with the B button for a
Small Key. Then go back and up the wall besides the waterfall. We passed a
locked door on the way down, so go there, hit the switch on the other side and
board the lillypad. Steer it all the way down the waterfall. Then move it right
to the switch we couldn't hit earlier. Head right for another worm enemy, the
big ones. Once it's down, head up through the newly opened door to get the

Board the lillypad and head to the previous room then up. Steer the lillypad to
the first ice chunk and press the switch. From there, head directly to the ice
chunk right above you so you'll be in the main piece. Head left and down to see
loads of ice cubes and a switch. At the very top, you should see that there are
two in vertical alingment. Push the one on top down, right, down, left and up
to land on the switch. But before we go back, head north for a chest with 50

Go back to your ride and steer it all the way around so you can reach the door
on the upper-right corner of the room. Can't see anything huh? Just stick to
the wall as you go north-east. In the next room simply take the staircase up to
fight 3 ants and get the blue portal. Head down and left to see a giant switch.
Go down and make a clone, then go for the switch.

Proceed to the place melted up and follow the only path, getting a blue
Kinstone in the way. Maneuver through the ice carefully and get the chest for
a blue Kinstone if you wish. Then go  down and time yourself with the green
spike balls. You want to head left at this point to move on, as there are only
2 vases on the right side. Go up in the next room since you can't do anything
about the ice cubes yet.

Head down the stairs, twice and flip the switch. Then go up and flip the switch
there which you couldn't access previously. Go down again and flip the switch
once again to reach the friggin Key. Go back to the room with the ice cubes and
unlock the door there. Flip the switch there and prepare to fight a cheap copy
of the first boss, except that this guy is electrified and while the energy is
on, you can't suck its base off. So wait for the energy to wear off and suck
with the Jar. Then hack at it.

When the thing finally explodes into nothingness, open the chest for the
Flame Lantern... Or just Lantern, heck... So head back up and burn the ice
cubes there. Simply press the button the Lantern is equiped to to light it up
and you can walk around with it. Head down the stairs and get 100 rupees from
the chest and head right. Fight 3 more ants. If you want, you can lit the
torches, but they won't be of use.

Head right again. First, take the lower path to hit a torch, light it up to
open another path. Take the newly opened path and at the fork head left for
a red Kinstone, then go right to lit another torch. Head north from there and
go left at the first fork, and keep going left. Bomb the wall there to reach
a room full of beetles. Kill them all to get a key. Go back to the previous
room and immediately head up then right at the fork for another red Kinstone
and another torch you should lit. Back to the fork head left and down through
the second line when you can to reach yet another red Kinstone and the last

Just head left in this next room. Carefully make your way to the upper right
door and go below the structure and to the left side. First, make a vertical
clone and push the block at the top all the way left. Then, with a horizontal
clone push the one above you all the way down. Push the next one only one
square down and finally, with another vertical clone, push back the first block
you pushed.

In this next room, first of all, push the ice cube to the left. Then head left
and push the cube there down and to the left. Now, either place yourself at the
northernmost panel of either set and make a clone in the northernmost panel of
the other set and make your way carefully to the other side to press the
switches. Then head down.

Here simply push the upper right block one space up. Melt the ice cube in the
next room and make a vertical clone so you can push the block partially hidden
by the ice bridge and go up the stairs to the next room where you have to lit
all 9 torches and they can unlit as time passes, so make haste. Make your way
down in the next room and then go right. Careful with these flies as you press
the switch for the red portal and bomb the wall.

Inside another dark room, use the Lantern to not only give you light, but to
burn the spiderweb and dispose of the two giant worms. Go right once you are
done and follow this path to the other giant switch. Again, make a clone and
flip the switch to free the element! Which will be taken by a bigass Octorok...

This boss ain't so hard. First, equip your shield and sword and deflect the
giant rocks it shoots at you. After three it will go crazy and freeze the whole
place. Now, lit the Lantern and try to touch its tail. Once you are done with
that, take cover. It will start trashing around and make stone slabs fall
everywhere. Repeat this process about 2 more times to be done with this thing.
He might also use black ink to turn everything dark, in which case, simply lit
up the Lantern.

Finally, when it's down, get the Water Elementl and your Heart. Use the
green portal to go to the entrance, then stand in the ray of light and press R.
So we have our new destination.
[035]-------------------------03.05. Wind Element------------------------------
Begin by heading back to town. In the square town, enter the middle shop on the
left and speak to the person there. Basically, you pay him 10 Rupees and then
you dream of a lot of enemies and if you kill them all, you get a Heart Piece.
Head to the cafe and shrink yourself, the move the shelf to the left so you can
climb up and head to the left in the attic.

Inside the attic of the shop, there is a chest with 10 seashells. Head up from
there to enter the shop itself and grow big there. Check the bottle and get a
request. Use the Ocarina to head to Lake Hylia and go into the house above of
where you start and press R when facing the bowl. Go out and dive into the
small pond next to it to get a Heart Piece by the way.

Before we proceed further, head to the left part of town and right below the
Post Office, in the yellow house. Fuse with the person inside to make a weird
warp show in in the Southern Hyrule Fields. Go there and to the 2nd floor of
the house and using the Jar, suck in that ghost circling around the old man.
Just hold down the Jar button and move around so it doesn't escapes the suction

Head back to town. Head up the Castle Fields and go left right away. Jump to
the water and surface on the other side. Head up the steps and using the Pacci
Cane, bounce up and hit the switch to extend the bridge. Now head north to the
middle of the four trees and left from there. Head down the stairs, twice to
get another Heart Piece then go back up and to the castle.

Head left immediately and you should see the guards patroling. Avoid them like
the plague, or like you did in OoT if you played it and head to the other side.
Clear the bush field and go down the stairs. Follow the path and press the
switch. Then simply go up from there and back into the sanctuary. Power up
your sword once more and go back to where we got that last Heart Piece. Oh
yeah, now you can make up to two clones.

Head outside the castle and go south a screen. As you begin here, make your
way left. You should see a wodden stair going into the gound, take it.

Use the panels you see there to clone and to move that 3x3 block out
of the way so you'll end up on the other side. Head up and left to reach the...
Valley of the King's House? Wtf... I really need to resume my Japanese... Or
perhaps it’s Valley of the King’s Tomb...

Ok, head down and careful of the ghosts. They are really bothersome. And the
crows will send your money flying away. Follow the only path and you'll hit the
Lost Woods. People have said the route changes, but in my case, it was north,
west, west, north, east and north, and this happened twice (In my first game
and on this one). Just try to follow the signs. In the next place head north
and follow the path; taking north at the fork to the house of Dampe, whom'll
give you the key to the graveyard...
NOTE: My mention of Klara I decided to add this, for me, that path above
remained the same through my several plays. But yeah, just read the signs and
do yourself a favor.

But oh boy, the crime rates are high if a crow just swiped the key away from
you. This is fairly easy, simply find the tree that the crow is on and ram it
with the Pegasus Boots. Then go back to Dampe. In the graveyard, go to the
upper left and push the tombstone to enter a room with a Heart Piece and a 3x3
block, just make clones to push it out of the way. Now go back out and all the
way right and down to the stones. Break them to uncover cloning panels. Make
the clones and carefully move to the switches. Then go inside this tomb.

Kill the mummies and get the key, then use the left mushroom to rocket
yourself. Only the middle door is real. Head right and make the two clones
on the two vertical, adjacent panels and move up to hit the switches for a key.
In the left side do the same with the vertical panels and use the floating ones
to move for another key. Use both keys in the middle locks and keep going
through. Eventually you'll reach a trap room, simply light up the candles and
fight two more mummies then head north for some more story and a golden

Head back to town and go to the castle fields, taking the upper right exit.

If you haven't been here before, welcome to the Veil Falls.
From there, dive into the water for the Heart Piece you clearly saw and then
go back up, taking the stone bridge to a stone where you have to use the
Kinstone we just got. Make use of the Lantern and follow the only path but bomb
the wall between the two rocks at the upper floor to get 50 seashells and
further above, after moving the 3x3 block, 100 seashells. Go back down and take
the exit we ignored.

Once out head up the climbing wall and activate the wing stone there. Then head
north inside a cave. Bomb the fairly obvious wall to your right for 50
seashells. Then head up the stairs in the previous room to get 100 rupees and
exit this place through the right exit. Climb up some more and go into the
giant tornado. Ok, this place involves a lot of warping and 5 golden Kinstones.
First, head right and take the red tornado. Once up, you get the first golden
Kinstone. Drop down through the hole there and head north to another tornado.
Head north while digging through the clouds and jump down. Use the Kinstone we
just got here.

Then go back up and with the normal tornadoes head left and drop off there. You
can kill these fishes with your bow, but they are rather troublesome. Kill them
however to get another golden Kinstone and head back up. Dig to your left and
use the tornado and the next one to head up and left to a chest with another
golden Kinstone. Above them you can also find 50 seashells in two chests, for a
total of 100 partially hidden in the clouds. Use the tornado to head to the
cloud mass below the one we just were on. Drop off here.

To beat the Lakitu thingy, use the Patch Cane to flip it off and then hack at
it. Fuse a pair of Kinstones here and go back up. Start taking the tornadoes
down and left to another cloud mass with a chest surrounded by clouds with 50
seashells (Growing tired of these things?). Drop off the hole here and go right
for another Lakitu-type enemy. Fuse this Kinstone as well. Take this tornado
and open the chest for the 4th golden Kinstone. Go back down a floor and head
south to take the right red tornado up and drop off to the right. Kill the two
fishes here to reveal the last golden Kinstone then take the red tornado
closest to the Kinstone.

Grab this chest for 50 seashells and use the tornado to head directly below and
slightly right. You see that small space in the cloud formation that you can
dig through? Head there to fall off and take the red tornado you can see there,
then drop off slightly to the north to fuse another Kinstone. Head north and
west with the tornadoes and dig through. You are back near where you began,
simple take the tornado there and start heading east and south when you can to
reach the very first stop. Yes, the first Kinstone you saw is the last one to
fuse. Follow the two guys up the tornado and activate the wing stone there.

Enter the house and in the above room you can get two green Kinstones. So head
up a floor and in the alcove you can get another green Kinstone. I hope you
listened to me when I told you to fuse with a strange guy in town and aid the
guy being haunted by a ghost... If you did, you'll get the Light Arrow. If
you didn't, I believe there's no other way to recover this.

Go up another floor for not one, but two blue Kinstones AND one red Kinstone,
woo~ Another floor up... Grab the two red Kinstones and speak to the
elder-looking person then go back and speak to the kid blocking the staircase.
This is the entrance to the 5th dungeon. Ready?

Welcome to the Palace of Winds~
Follow the only path and hit the switches as you have to in order to cross the
bridges and for your sake, you better have the Magic Boomerang, otherwise, get
out of here and get it, trust me... Once you see the clone panels, make two
clones after you extend the bridge and push the block up then go on.

Use the floating panels to go through and land on the other side to go left.
Head up the stairs and go left in the wiring. Go down the stairs and after
Ezero speaks to you, head down to hit the switch to go down, hit it again to
move further left and then try to hit while you are OUT of the bridge but on
the left side. Yes, you need the magic boomerang or a bomb. Go up and kill
the various waves of wind wizards to get the Roc's Cape! (I love this thing!)
Press the button you assign it to jump, pressing it again will make Link glide
over and the longer you press it, the further it glides. So jump/glide to the
right and before you go into the clouds, head right.

Go all the way up into a small square that seems cut off from the wiring, jump
on it to go down and open the chest for a red Kinstone, then jump back and go
to the clouds. Simply press B and hold it to automatically do the second
jump/glide so you can go up faster. Head right here with a jump/glide twice. In
the next room simply play with the blocks so you get to the panels and make
your clones in the southernmost line (yourself included) then charge up your
sword and go down. Release the spin to hit all four switches and kill the
enemies that appear.

Be careful in here, the wind can, and will blow you away if it gets you. Head
north and then jump to the other side and south there. Once you are down all
the way south, equip the Cane and try to launch a ball into the hole when
the wind is gone, then bounce up. Proceed left and jump down in the wired
square. You guessed it, the red rupee is a Like-Like. Jump up and time the jump
on the left with the floating panels, then jump up the other side and do the
same for the cloud stairs.

Here you need to time yourself with the platform so you release the clones not
long before the platform gets to you so you can still board without losing much
energy. Then head down and push the block. In the next room, drop the panel in
the middle of the floor with designs and jump to the platform. Careful with the
crows, you have to jump between platforms several times. Then it's just
standard jumping in the next screen as you head right.

Drop down and go north, then use the Cane to fill in the rightmost hole to
bounce up. Make your clones on the other side, using each corned adjacent to a
switch to him them all. Use the shrink stone and head south. Push the vases out
of the way as you make your way left then north and in the next screen head
north as well to grow back to normal. Hit the switch, grab the key and head to
the rolling spikes to unlock the door there and go up the clouds.

Head left and be careful of the breezes as you walk through the bridge. Right
now, you can only head down when you hit the blocks, do so and head right
avoiding the traps and the slimes, then use the air to propel you in mid jump
all the way to the other side and go north. Careful of the Lakitus, use the
Cane to flip them out of business as you head north.

Jump up the clouds and then jump to the right as you yell "Geronimo!" Head up
the stairs and right for a blue Kinstone then go back, jump right and do the
same "Geronimo!" routine if you wish. But go to the floor above when you are
ready and down a door.

These things will only attack you when you are in a straight line of them. So
let them see you and as they attack, pounce at them like those cats in Hyrule
did to you when you were small! This will make a key fall, which you will use
right away. Here keep going left until you see the clone panels. You can either
use 4 vases, or just place one and clone yourself to stand on the other
switches. But head left nonetheless and hit the switch to start the fan. Use it
to head down and kill the enemies that will trap you. Then head right twice and
repeat the fan routine but northwards this time. Push the block directly below
the chest for a key, which you'll use right away and get the Boss Key. Head
back down and right to the room with the boss door.

Oh, but this isn't really it, another armed Knight... Yep, the blue portal told
you, didn't it? The next room is pitch dark. Simply head slightly right and you
should see stairs going up, take them and grab the Compass from the chest, then
go left from there to another structure but with an actual flight of stairs.
Once up, head north and right, then drop through the middle hole to reach a
chest with a key. Go back up but this time take the first exit south.

Destroy the enemies here before you decide to clone yourself. Now, use the
panels on the far right, the far left and the very middle, then charge up your
sword and head down pronto to hit the four switches and head left. Avoid the
rolling spikes as you go north and open the chest for another Small Key. Head
right and jump down the ledge to open the door there.

Be careful with the timing here, as the floating bombs can wreck you up as you
make your trip rightwards and upwards. In the next room head north first and
hit both switches with a spin attack, then head back down and up the stairs.
Head left, drop down, kill the mages for the red Kinstone and head right to go
back up. This time go right, up and then left to another room with flame
wizards. Dispose of them for the Dungeon Map and head left. Kill the Wall
Masters and pull the lever.

Head upstairs in the next room. Head left and up, killing the mummies, then
drop a block and head up for a Heart Piece we saw earlier, but couldn't reach.
Head back down and drop down then head back up. Go right and watch the bomb
floating; destroy it when it's besides the cracked blocks and jump away. Head
north and hit the switch, then circle around to grab the chest for 200 rupees.
Go back to the right and open the locked door but don't go up yet. Instead,
head right and kill everything, then light the torches for the red portal.
Now go up, bomb the wall and go out. Head up and exactly where that Stalfos was
besides the wall, bomb there to open the exit, bomb the cracked blocks and go

Here, DO NOT attack the bombs. You gotta make it around WITHOUT hitting the
switch, that's right, don't touch the switch and go to the door on the other
side. Grab the chest for another Small Key and go back down twice. Stand on the
cracked panels to fall down in front of the locked door.

If you want a blue Kinstone, head right from where you begin and push the two
panels besides the floor with pattern and below the chest. Otherwise, continue
through the north, and fairly direct path. You have to try heading south and
east to a floor with a design under two skulls to jump to the other side, of
course, after pushing the blocks down. Before you head up the cloud stairs,
jump to the right and use the cloud staircase if you want a red Kinstone.
Otherwise, go up the other and into the boss room. Use the tornado and...

This boss is fun if you ask me. You start in a blue thing that looks like a
fish then you see a red bigged one. Jump on the red when it comes from behind
you. Ok, you see all those clone panels? Well, the fish thing will open up
three out of the eight, you have to make clones in the same fashion and hit
the eyes at the same time, then go and whack them like crazy. After each
hitting session, the red one will retreat and you have to board the blue one
while avoiding some attacks and as you hit the eye it pops open. As you
progress, the fish thing will shoot some orbs that if they touch your clones
(or you), the will disappear. Good luck. Just to tell, the blue small one will
fall first, then the red one bites the dust.

Enjoy the Wind Element and your new Heart container, then head back to town.

BUT! Before you go to the castle, take into account that once you power up
the White Sword one last time, the town will go into an irreversible state, so
you might want to make a back up of your game. No, you won't miss anything if
you don't do it, just mentioning.

Now go the castle and power up your sword. Go up and watch the stained-glass
with the cool music and then Vatii attacks...
[036]---------------------03.06. Final Battle and More-------------------------
Head out and use a spin attack to throw a small energy wave at each petrified
person to unpetrify them. Once all three are back to normal head down. Now it
isn't Hyrule's Castle, but Dark Hyrule's Castle... Head left and north a screen
and avoid fire in the next screen as you head up. Bomb the wall on the right
here. Use the shrink stone in this room and head back to the room with the fire
and drop through the hole.

Head up from this room once and use the small passage to go into the first
cell. Grow back and press the switch to open the prison locks. Use a charged
attack on the King to unpetrify him. After you get the Small Key, head back up
to the very beginning. You remember the first locked door we saw? Well, go down
from there to find the real locked door. Follow the only path and take the
stairs to the right and go up to get the Dungeon Map. Then head back and go

From here you can leave the castle, and I suggest you do. Here you can go out
and try to get everything else. Head to the Heart Pieces, the Kinstone section
and the Items section on how to get everything else. Be sure to get the Tiger
Scrolls too! Otherwise, here we go.

Head straight up once you are back in the castle and left on the next screen.
Use the panels to make 3 clones and deflect the cannon balls with a sword slash
at the same time, so all four statues are destroyed in the same motion. Head up
and be careful with the vases and the Wall Masters.

In the next room you have to walk through all the tiles just once, or you will
fail the puzzle.
From the beginning, in simple directions of D (Down), R (Right), L (Left) or U
(Up), go:
And you are set. Head right and down for some more cloning fun.

Simply lead your clones and yourself down the path to hit the switches and grab
the Small Key. Go back to the main room, or the entrance if you wish and take
the right stairs for the locked door and head downstairs.

Follow the path but do not jump down. Head up and using the panels try to make
the following clone formation.
 _ _ _ _
|X| | |_|
|¯|¯ ¯|X| Where X stands for where a Link should be.
|X|   |¯|
 ¯ ¯ ¯ ¯
Charge up your sword and time yourself, then move between the four statues and
try to bounce back their attacks with the spin attack. It might end up taking a
few tries, but once you are done, head up and kill everything, but bomb around
the lower left wall. Head up and take the stairs.

Keep going for one of those Knights. Go right for the Compass then push the
throne and head downstairs, follow the only path to head back up on the other
side. And head up until you are out. Use the tornadoes to head down and enter
the tower here.

Clone yourself and be very careful with the fire as you head down to push the
block. Then go out right and head down with more tornadoes. Ignore the entrance
and keep heading left. Using a Boomerang or arrow shoot at the switch to extend
the bridge and head inside that door. Clone yourself in accordance to the
switches and hit them to proceed. Kill the two enemies there and head left and
up. Destroy the blocks there somehow and then jump into the wiring to hit the
switches and proceed through the door.

Head right and up for another Knight. You see all those Knights that showed up
when this one went down? Well, we gotta take care of them now in order to get
the 4 Small Keys we need. Head down and right for the first set then take the
big door there, lit all the candles and kill all the ghosts in the next room so
you can then reach the Small Key.

Head to where we fought the last set of Knights and head down from there, jump
up into the wire and jump off the ledge on the other side and fight the lone
Knight and go down the giant door. Don't even think of cloning, you can simply
head down, stand in the very middle of the switches and spin to get them all.
Get the key after that by going up after pressing the switch. Go back to the
last Knight room and take a left twice.

Kill the double set and head down for more panel fun. Go, from the normal
Get rid of the ghosts and go out, left to the inside of a tower and up the
steps for the key. Go back to the Knight room and head up twice.

Once this Knight is down, head up. Kill the red Stalfos and careful of the
Wall Masters then head up and shoot at the four eyes. Push the blocks on the
next room out of the way and fall down then head back up the stairs twice to
get the key. There's nothing outside, so just head back to where we fought the
very first Knight here and go up again. Open all the locks and make clones to
push the block away and get the Boss Key. You know where the room is, so head

Head up the bridge and kill the mini guardian then head up then make clones to
kill the Kobolds and press the switches and take down the knights. Then head up
to find Vatii.

Prepare yourself. For this fight, you see the small eyes he sends out? First
destroy them with your sword and then hack at the eye of Vatii's body. If the
eyes are surrounded in a black aura, use the Jar to suck the aura away and
destroy them. Repeat until done. Be careful though, the eyes can shoot out
lasers and Gufuu can teleport around, as well as send out balls of fire.

The next form is slightly irritating... First, use the Bow to shoot the small 8
balls that surround him until you get 4 in red color (The pattern changes per
session), then make the same pattern in clones and hit them at the same time
and hack away. Repeat. This guy can jump around and send a lot of debris around
that will stay in the floor and can damage you if touched. Can be cleared with
sword swipes though as well as sending electricity balls at you. Repeat until
this guy goes down, again... Once you are back in the Dark Hyrule Castle, head
up to find Zelda, still petrified... Use a charged attack to send the energy
wave at her and restore her to normal. The castle will start to colapse and you
start heading out but the exit is already blocked!

Head down, to the garden, just before the shrine and Vatii will strike back!
This time, you have to wait until he plugs and arm down and it surfaces, then
use the Cane to stop it and make it show a small entrance. Shrink with
the stone and go inside. There, out of all the drones that fly around, try to
hit the one with the eye in any other direction that's not in the center of the
eye. This will destroy the arm, if you destroyed that drone though. Repeat with
the other hand.

Then grow back and make your clones. Wait for the eyes to shine and shoot an
energy ball and bounce it back to hit the eyes. If done correctly, you will
stun Vatii and then hack at him. Repeat until that guy finally goes down. This
one ain't so hard...

"Thus did Link's quest come to an end."
"But surely, this is not the end of Zelda and Link's adventures in Hyrule."
"The legend will continue..."
"...As long as the power of the light force echoes throughout the ages."

And it's over... Watch the closing and for now, you can save the game, as this
will allow you to continue and collect whatever you missed, but for now, sit
back, hold your GBA/SP up proudly and watch the ending...
[004]---------------------------04. Heart Pieces-------------------------------
Only one more...

The first name is the english official one, the one between ()'s was my first
translation attempt.

Castor Wilds: (Swamp)
 -> On the upper right corner, go inside the wall there and on the right side,
    push the top one, then skip the one in the middle and push left the one
    below it; finally, push the one above you up and you are in.
 -> On the middle left part, there's a giant stone, go inside to get a Heart
    Piece, as well as a trainer.
 -> Shrink yourself and use one of the mini lillypads you get from Kinfusing
    with the kid with the flowing nose to head south and then take the tunnels
    around until you can head to the southeastern body of water. Enter the
    cave and on the back you'll find the piece.

Cloud Tops:
 -> Inside the fifth dungeon, pretty much around the middle of the first part.
    Hard to miss.

Eastern Hills: (Left of the Minish Wood/Forest of Chikoria)
 -> Left of the Minish Woods (Go left from the wing stone), cross the
    dark pit with the mushroom and shrink on the other side to enter the
    house. Kinfuse with the Picori to make a plant grow. Climb it to find a

Hyrule Castle Garden: (Hyrule's Castle)
 -> Head right on the gardens and cut down the bushes to find a trainer and a
    Heart Piece.
 -> Kinfuse to dry up the right fountain and go down the stairs to find this

Hyrule Town:
 -> Inside the middle left shop on the square, defeat the nightmare challenge
    to get a piece.
 -> Go inside the school (upper right building), shrink yourself and take the
    right exit to the playground and go into the mini passage for a piece.
 -> As mini Link, go to the hotel and enter it from the backside, through the
    hidden path showed by the flower path to get a piece.
 -> Inside the fountain cave, if you head left you can find one. You would
    need the Cape to get it since there is no shallow water. (Correction by
 -> Tricky one, jump above the bell and one will drop. Took me a while to
    find this little...
 -> Once you've completed the 136 Figurine list, talk to the person outside
    the cafe and to the left to open the house with the robot on top. Go
    inside and finally get this piece down.
 -> Complete the Chicken game... It's friggin long, there are about 8 rounds
    or more and well, good luck.

Minish Wood: (Forest of Chikoria)
 -> One standing right outside the Deepwood Shrine entrance.
 -> Inside the first dungeon, you can get another piece by heading south from
    the mini-boss.
 -> Using a hidden switch in the first dungeon, you'll uncover the blue portal
    which will take you to another piece.
 -> Go to Syrup's house but from the steps of her house head southeast to
    find the piece you should have seen the first time you went into this
 -> Go inside the Minish Town and head north all the way to the middle house
    from which you can access the first dungeon, but head right instead to a
    change of screens and there's your piece.
 -> Once you have the Flippers, warp there and go mini, then go up, take the
    bridge left and go up for three entrances. Take the left one and follow the
    path for the piece.

Mt. Crenel: (Gonguru Mountain)
 -> Heading left all the way and up, to a place where you see two dead trees
    and a wall between them. Bomb the wall there for a chest with a piece.
 -> Inside the Cave of Flames, after you see the first cart that's flipped
    around head right and bomb the southern wall to get one.
 -> After using the green water on the plant to climb, head left and up the
    stairs and plant a bomb between the two rocks on the wall slightly right
    of the sign there.
 -> Once you've obtained the cloning technique, go back to Mount Crenel
    near where you bought the Grip Ring and head up the wall, enter the cave
    and using your clone push the block away to get another piece.
 -> Below the giant plant on the upper left most area, or just go all the way
    up from the Great Fairy pond and take the left stairs down, you can find
    the piece inside the dig-able wall.
 -> Go inside Melari's Mines and fuse with Melari to make a giant plant grow.
    Climb it to get a piece.

North Hyrule Field: (Hyrule's Castle Fields)
 -> Take the upper left exit to find a set of stairs down, take them and the
    next too to get another piece.

Lake Hylia:
 -> Directly left from the house with the 3rd book or south from the Temple of
    Droplets you can get another piece.
 -> From the previous one, head left to that house tree and you can get another
    piece inside.
 -> In the upper left house, then one with the dog you have to feed for a
    bottle, dive (as in really dive, with B) in the pond next to it to get
 -> Just head right from the white Tingle to see it. You need the Roc's Cape.
 -> Go up the plant you create by Kinfusing to find one.
 -> From the White Tingle, head right and up to the cave, head west inside past
    the first fork and south on the second to leave the cave and find a piece.
 -> Kinfuse in order to open a hole near the stump near the wing stone, take it
    and go through to end up in the island in the middle, talk to the Picori
    inside the house to get a full, yes, a full heart container!

LonLon Ranch: (LonLon Ranch)
 -> Go to the backside and ram the tree there to uncover a stump. Use it and go
    slightly right to find a mini path, go there and find the piece.

Royal Valley: (King's Tomb Valley)
 -> Push the top left tombstone to get a piece inside.

South Hyrule Fields: (Link's House Map)
 -> After the very first Kintsone fusion, the tutorial one, a tree will open up
    with a piece inside.
 -> Go to the lower left corner, shrink and jump into the water as you head up
    and right, enter the small hole you see in the wall to get a piece.

Veil Falls: (Sera Waterfall)
 -> Using the Cane of Pacci on the northwest corner of the LonLon Ranch and
    heading right in this screen you can get one.
 -> If you go up and right from the Castle Fields, you can get another one
    by swimming a little.
 -> By Kinfusing you can open up the waterfall near the very top, there's a
    piece inside.
 -> After kinfusing with a Picori in the Morest Town you'll gain access to a
    dig-able wall. Go inside and you can find one.

Western Wood:
 -> After fusing with the Picori in the house near the Wing Crest in Lake
    Hylia, a tree will open up here with a piece inside.

Wind Ruins: (Wind Ruins)
 -> Inside the third dungeon, drop down the right upper hole in mini size and
    head right to grab another piece.
 -> Head outside the dungeon and go left for a stump, use it and head down,
    then use the vines and enter the cave for another piece.
---------------------------------05. Kinstones---------------------------------
[051]-----------------------------05.01. Types---------------------------------
There are several Kinstone designs. In general, blue, red and green are used
for everyday normal fusing, whereas Golden ones are used only for story
advancement. You can find green ones from defeating enemies and cutting grass,
but red and blue are only obtained from chests.

Instead of trying to make a cheap description of each Kinstone, go here instead
and look at the picture:

Simply link the [Letter]/[Number] with the ones show in the Fuse List.
[052]---------------------------05.02. Fuse List-------------------------------
I won't list the original fuse, the special ones (Golden) and the Tingle ones

Before we start though, take in mind that some of the green Kinfusions can
produce random effects. Some are set, and some apparently aren't... Also,
about 80% of the list below was done after the you power up your sword to the
last level, which modifies some things in town. So if you start Kinfusing
before that, you might end up doing one of these with other characters, as if
you don't Kinfuse at first, and that character leaves, you can still fuse with
another for the same results... Yeah, sounded odd but heck.

About the digging Gorons. Well, there are 6 fusions that involve them, one
of the farmer and 5 wall devices. The first one, whichever you do, will trigger
the whole event and subsequent ones will add Gorons to the cause.

About the names, the first one comes from the European version, and the one
between ()'s is my translation from the Jp version or what I used to have
written in here.

Castor Wilds: (Swamp)
 -> Business Scrub:
  -> Head all the way up, to where there are two caves pretty close (You found
     a Golden Kinstone on the right one). On the left, dazzle the Bussiness
     Scrub and fuse a B2 open a tree in the Minish Woods.

Cloud Tops: (Sky Villa)
 -> Kid:
  -> In the fourth floor, use a G1 to make a Golden Tektite appear in the
     Veil Falls.
 -> Sage:
  -> In the fourth floor, in the upper room, use a G3 to make a Chest appear in
     the Graveyard.
  -> You can also fuse a G1 to make a second Chest appear in the Graveyard.
 -> Women:
  -> In the bottom floor, using an R2 you'll open a waterfall in the Veil
  -> In the second floor, use a G2 to create a Chest in the Veil Falls.
  -> In the third floor, use a G1 to make a Golden Rope (Snake) appear in
     the Castor Wilds.
  -> With the same NPC of the third floor, you can then fuse another G1 to open
     a path in the screen left and down from town.

Eastern Hills: (Below LonLon Ranch)
 -> Carpenter:
  -> Can only be done when the boss appears here after the first dungeon I
     believe, but he will accept a G3 for random results.
 -> Lower Farmer:
  -> Use a G1 to make a Chest appear in Gonguru Mountain.
 -> Upper Farmer:
  -> Use a B2 to make the Goron punching a wall in the LonLon Ranch destroy it.
 -> Picori:
  -> Going left from the lower exit of the Forest of Chikoria use the stump to
     enter the house there and use a B1 to make a giant plant grow in the
     screen above.
 -> Wall Device:
  -> Dig through the wall near the farmers and find a weird device on the wall.
     Use a B1 to give some help to the first Goron punching the wall.

Hyrule's Castle:
 -> Trainer of Skill 2:
  -> Trainer of Skill 2, simply fuse an R1 to open up a waterfall in the
     Sera Waterfall map.
 -> Picori:
  -> Ram into the tree to find a stump, shrink and head up and right to a hole
     in the ground. With a G1 this will open up a path in the Western Wood.

Hyrule Castle Fields:
 -> Picori:
  -> On the lower right part there is a tree that can be rammed for a stump.
     Use it and climb the vine there then drop into the hole/home and with a
     G2 reveal a Chest in the Wind Ruins.

Hyrule Town:
 -> Brown-haired guy:
  -> Sometimes in the hotel's lowest floor, use a B1 to open up the upper
     right tree in the Castle Fields.
  -> In the house left from where you found the first book (Sometimes), with
     a G3 he'll make a Golden Rope (Snake) appear in the Castle front Court-
  -> Inside the Cafe, the one sitting; use a G1 to make a Chest appear in the
     Forest of Chikoria.
  -> Outside the Cafe, this guy will sometimes accept a G3 in order to make a
     Chest appear in the mini path to the Picori Forest Town.
 -> Din:
  -> Fuse an R1 (I think it was R1) to make a Butterfly appear in the
     Wind Ruins, this will allow you to shoot arrows faster!
 -> Dog:
  -> Inside the house left of the one with the first book, use a G3 to make a
     Chest appear in the Castle Fields.
 -> Carpenters:
  -> Right besides the Post Office, one should appear sooner or later, fuse a
     R3 to start making a house in town.
  -> Inside the carpentry, the boss will accept an R2 to dry up a fountain in
     the Castle Courtyard, revealing an entrance.
  -> The left-most carpenter might ask for a G3. This will dry up the other
     fountain in the Castle Courtyard.
 -> Cat-like person:
  -> Inside the Cafe, use a G3 to make a Chest appear in the Forest of
 -> Farore:
  -> Inside the Hotel, use an R1 to make Goman appear in town.
  -> Inside the Hotel, use an R1 to make a Golden Enemy appear in the Wind
  -> Inside the Hotel, use an R3 to make a Butterfly appear in the Castor
     Wilds, this will allow you to dig faster!
 -> Guy:
  -> Sitting in the room next to the one where Din, Nayru and Farore used to
     be; fuse a G2 to make a Golden Rope (Snake) appear in the screen with
     the two farmers.
 -> Kid:
  -> Inside school, use a G1 to make a Chest appear in the LonLon Ranch screen.
  -> Inside the house that had the first book (After Hyrule's Castle goes
     dark), use a G1 to make a Chest appear in the Forest of Chiroria.
 -> Kid with a leaking nose:
  -> Outside near the middle left house or in the hotel, use a G1 to make a
     lillypad appear in the swamp.
  -> Same as above, but with a G2 to make another lillypad appear.
  -> Same as above, but with a G3 to make another lillypad appear.
 -> Little boy:
  -> Either found outside or on the hotel, he'll make a Chest appear in the
     mini path on LonLon Ranch in exchange for a G2.
 -> Little chick:
  -> In the roof of the Trainer's room, fuse a G2 to make a Golden Rope
     (Snake) appear in the map below the Ranch.
 -> Little girl:
  -> Outside near the fountain or on the hotel, with a B2 she'll create a land
     mass near a dig-able wall left from town.
  -> Inside the house left of the one with the first book, use a G1 to make a
     Chest appear in the Forest of Chikoria.
 -> Mailman:
  -> Running around, get him and use a B2 to add Mail (An NPC...) in the Post
 -> Nayru:
  -> Inside the Hotel, use an R2 to make a Butterfly appear in the Graveyard,
     this will allow you to swim faster!
 -> Picori:
  -> In the attic of the Cafe, fuse a G2 with the blue Picori to dry up an
     entrance in Link's House map.
  -> In the mini chamber of the wood workshop, with a G3 this Picori will pop
     a Chest in the mini path on the School's backyard.
  -> In the library, go to the sage-looking one and use a G2 to create a
     Golden Octorok in the Wind Ruins.
 -> Purple Teacher:
  -> Use a G2 to pop up a Chest in the area left of town, it is said that you
     have to change your cloth color to purple prior to be able to do this
     Kinfuse. Simply put Farore in a house so she can give you the stuff.
 -> Scholar:
  -> In the house below the school, use a ?? to make an entrance dry up in the
     LonLon Ranch where you can get the 999 Wallet.
 -> Sky-villager:
  -> Inside the house below the Post Office, fuse an R3 to make a warp appear
     in Link's House map leading to their house.
 -> Woman:
  -> In the Cafe, use a G1 on the brown haired woman to crack a hole-entrance
     in the Forest of Chiroria, near the Picori Town.
  -> In the Cafe, use a G3 on the blond woman to create a land mass granting
     access to a Dig-able wall in Lake Hylia.
  -> Inside the house with the first book, use a G2 on the blond woman to
     make a Golden Octorok appear in the Forest of Chikoria.

Lake Hylia: (Lake Hylia)
 -> Trainer of Skill 4:
  -> Inside a tree left from the house with the third book, use a B2 to open
     passage to one of the Secret Masters hiding in a waterfall near the
     Castle Fields.
 -> Picori:
  -> Shrink and go all the way right in the water to a vine, climb it and drop
     into the hole/home. Fuse a B2 to make a plant grow in Lake Hylia.
  -> After taking a hole next to the wing stone and ending up in the lone
     island, go inside the mushroom and fuse a G2 a Golden Rope in the Wind
  -> Inside the mushroom house right near the Wing Crest, fuse an R3 to open
     up a tree blocked with vines in the Western Woods.
 -> Wall Device:
  -> From where Tingle is, head right and up to the cave, enter it and go left
     and down and follow the path to the dead end, you should find the Device
     there. Fuse a ?? to aid the Gorons.
 -> White Dog:
  -> Inside the house on the upper left part of the lake, fuse a G2 to make a
     Chest appear in the path to the rear mini entrance of the house with the
     3rd book.
 -> White Tingle:
  -> Use a G1 to make a Chest appear in the mini path that leads to the Picori
     Town in Gonguru Mountain, Merta Town.

LonLon Ranch:
 -> Goron:
  -> The one punching the wall, use a B1 to make Uri Goron, the one who sells
     Kinstones appear in town.
  -> Once you are done with the 6 Gorons, one of them will accept an R3 to
     make the giant Goron show up.

Melari's Mines: (Merta Town)
 -> Picori:
  -> The one right next to the left exit, use a G3 to make a Chest appear in
     the Forest of Chikoria.
  -> In the lower right room, a G3 will make a Golden Tectite appear in
     Gonguru Mountain.
  -> The one right next to the right opening; with the use of a G1 you will
     make a Chest appear in the mini passage that's being plummeted by constant
  -> The Picori closest to the upper left exit. A G2 will produce a Chest
     in the screen with the green water.
 -> Smith
  -> Use an R2 to make a plant grow in Gonguru Mountain.

Minish Woods: (Forest of Chikoria, I liked this so much better...)
 -> Deku Scrub:
  -> By Kinfusing you should open up a tree somewhere there, go in and dazzle
     the Deku Scrub to fuse with him a G3 for a Golden Octorok in the map
     left and down from the town.
  -> You can fuse a second time with a G2 for a hole to open in the Castor
     Wilds, near where you got the Bow.
 -> Picori:
  -> In the mushroom left of the town (Outside) use an R3 to create a Chest in
     the Wind Ruins, just outside the 3rd dungeon.
  -> Inside town, go up and right and jump into the water as you head right to
     find another house, fuse an R1 to create access to a dig-able wall in the
     Sera Waterfall.
  -> With this same Picori, fuse an R3 to open a hole near the Lake Hylia's
     Wing stone.
 -> Sage Picori:
  -> Inside the Picori Forest Town, go left and enter the Sage's hut and with
     an R1 he will allow the previous Picori to change your bombs between
     fuse and remote as you like.
 -> Wall Device:
  -> Go inside the wall next to the steps leading to the Witch's Hut and dig
     all the way to the northeast to find this one, fuse a B1 to aid the Goron

Mt. Crenel: (Gonguru Mountain)
 -> Picori:
  -> In the Mt. Crenel Base, near the shrink stone where the green plant was
     used there's a hole in the ground covered by spores, find it and go
     inside to fuse a G1 to create a chest in this same map. (Thanks to
     Cr4zyBr4dy for this)
 -> Sage:
  -> Go all the way up from the Great Fairy's pond, head left and down the
     stairs and enter the right opening. With a G2 you'll create a Chest in
     Link's House map.
 -> Trainer of Skill 6:
  -> Fuse a ?? to open up a waterfall in the swamp where you can meet another
     trainer. (Had this in the wrong place, thanks Kenneth)
 -> Wall Device:
  -> From the one above, go through the dig-able wall left from the Sage's
     chamber and find the device; use a B2 to give more help to the Goron
     punching the wall.

Royal Valley: (King's Tomb Valley)
 -> Blue Ghost:
  -> In the Graveyard, fuse a B1 to add a second level in the guessing game
     in Town.
  -> Then, with a B2 he'll make that ghost in town finally disappear,
     granting you access to the cuckoo girl house.
 -> Dampe:
  -> Go inside his house and fuse a B1 to make a tombstone open in the
  -> Then use a G3 to open a hole in the ground in the Wind Ruins.
 -> Ginya:
  -> After doing Dampe's Kinfusion, you can find this ghost, she will take a
     G3 to open a waterfall in Town.
  -> Use another G3 afterwards to fix a broken log in the area left of town.

South Hyrule Field: (Link's House Map)
 -> Green Tingle:
  -> Use an R3 to create a Golden Tectite in the Gonguru Mountain.
 -> Smith:
  -> Inside Link's house, with an R2 you'll make a Chest appear near the farm.
  -> Then, with a G2 he'll create a Chest in the area left of town.
 -> Picori:
  -> Go to the lower left and enter the mushroom (Ram the tree to make the
     stump appear) and use an R2 to make the witch sell Red Potions.

Trilby Highlands: (Area left from town)
 -> Picori
  -> From where the Blue Tingle is, shrink and go up to find this Picori and
     fuse with him a G3 to dry up an entrance in the area left of town.
 -> Poems
  -> Go left from town and as you hit the left wall head down to a tree house
     and inside fuse an R1 with Poems to open the path to a house in the map
 -> Wall Device:
  -> Go left from town and enter the dig-able wall that you can reach with a
     bridge just right of the Mountain Path and use a B2 on the device to
     give more help to the Goron.

Western Woods: (Left from Link's house)
 -> Picori:
  -> Going left from town and down (Or left from Link's House map) and going
     down you can find a stump and a house. Inside fuse a B2 to make the
     plant right outside grow.

Wind Ruins: (Wind Ruins)
 -> Picori:
  -> As you head down, go inside the first hole in the ground as mini Link and
     fuse an R1 to make a plant grow in the same map.
---------------------------------06. Item List---------------------------------
[061]------------------06.01. Weapons, Utilities, Etc...-----------------------
Boomerang/Magical Boomerang:
 *The normal one is obtained by buying it for 300 rupees in the shop. The Magic
  is gotten from completing the Kinstone fusing with the 4 tingles and yes, you
  can skip the normal one.
 -> If using the normal Boomerang, it will simply fly in the direction straight
    ahead from you.
 -> The Magic Boomerand however, if you hold down the button you have it
    equipped on and move the pad, you can steer it somewhat.

 *One is gotten from a Deku Scrub, and is part of the storyline.
 *Another is from going behind the shop and acceeding to feed the dog in Lake
 *Kinfuse with the Smith in your house and he'll make a chest appear with it.
 *Complete the Goron quest.
 -> Four in total. They can store stuff like water, faeries and the like.

 *Found in the Swamp, storyline section.
 **Upgrade the quiver from the shop, for 600 rupees.
 **A second upgrade comes from Kinfusing with a Picori in the Wind Ruins.
 **Directly below the staircase as you enter the Graveyard is a wall between
   two fence pieces, bomb it and truthfully answer all the questions of the
   Fairy to get the last upgrade. (Thanks to Mathieu Sivade)
 **The Light Arrows can be obtained by Kinfusioning with a guy in one of the
   houses on the left side of the river that makes a weird symbol appear near
   Link's house. Go inside and up the stairs, then use the Jar to suck in the
   ghost you see (Move around so it doesn't escapes the suction). Then, when
   you go back there prior to the fifth dungeon, talk to the person to get the
   Light Arrows.
 -> Shoots an arrow in a straight line.
 -> Later on, it will be upgraded and you can shoot stronger arrows by holding
    down the Bow button until the arrow is charged up.

Cane of Pacci: (Patch Cane/Golden Rod)
 *Found in the second dungeon, the Burning Cave.
 -> Flips things around, such as carts and some enemies.
 -> Use them on holes in the ground, go in and bounce out to jump higher.

Flame Lantern: (Burning Lantern)
 *Found in the fourth dungeon.
 -> Press the button you have it on to lit it up. You can lit up some enemies
    and torches this way.
 -> Press the button a second time to turn it off.

Four Sword:
 *Gotten from the smith, not long after Gufuu's attack.
 -> Your normal sword. Use the selected button to make a quick slash forward.
 -> Once you get certain techniques, you can perform special movements. Please
    refer to the skill list.

Gust Jar: (Magical Air Vase)
 *Found in the first dungeon.
 -> Use the selected button to start sucking air in. This thing is like a dark
    hole, so it will never fill up.
 -> You can suck in dirt, spores and such, as well as attracting several
    objects such as pots and dazzle some enemies.
 -> Use it on the mushrooms that launch you away if you can't reach them
 -> Aboard a lillypad, use it to ster with the puff of airs this thing lets go.

Mole Mitts: (Moggle Gloves/Digging Claws)
 *Found in the third dungeon, the Wind Dungeon.
 -> Dig through certain types of walls.
 -> Digs on the ground spot ahead of you.

Ocarina of Wind:
 *Found at the end of the Wind Dungeon, after the boss.
 -> Calls the wind bird to fly you to any wing stone you've activated.

Pegasus Boots:
 *Obtained from the shoe maker after waking him up.
 -> Press and hold the button to dash in a straight, suicidal way.
 -> If used on trees with sparkle around them, you can disperse the foliage.

 *Normal Bombs are found from a Picori just outside the Picori town, on the
 *After making a Kinstone fuse with the Picori elder, you can change between
  Remote and Normal bombs with the aforementioned Picori.
 **First upgrade can be found from a Great Fairy while climbing your first wall
   in Gonguru Mountain, simply head right and bomb the wall. Throw a bomb in
   the pond and select the 3rd answer.
 **Another upgrade comes from Kinfusing for a chest that's exactly below the
   third dungeon.
 -> Press the button to lay one down. It will go off in a few moments...
 -> ...Remote bombs however won't go unless you press the button again. You can
    only have one of these out at the same time however.

Roc's Cape: (Mantle)
 *Found in the fifth dungeon, the Palace of the Winds.
 -> Press the button to jump once.
 -> If pressed a second time, Link will perform a second jump and then glide
    down, the longer you press it, the further the second jump will allow you
    to get. The distance covered also depends on your movement.

 *Gotten from Zelda near the beginning of the game.
 **After you complete the Goron Sidequest from fusing and getting the 3rd
   bottle, fuse with one of the Gorons to make the Bigoron show up. He'll
   eat up your shield and after a while he'll give you back the Mirror
   Shield. This actually takes a while, so go around Kinfusing, hunting stuff
   and what not.
 -> Simple enough, hold down the button to cover yourself from some blows.
 -> The Mirror version can also deflect some projectiles.

[062]--------------------------------06.02. Key Items--------------------------
Carlov Medal:
 *Get all 136 figurines.
 -> Just a reminder on how much you lost hunting all the figurines down. ^^;;

 *Big Earth Element: Obtained after the boss of the first dungeon.
 *Burning Element: Obtained after the boss of the Burning Cave.
 *Water Drop Element: Obtained after the boss of the fourth dungeon.
 *Wind Element: Obtained after the boss of the the fifth dungeon.
 -> They power up your sword, allowing you to create more clones.

Grip Bracelet:
 *Bought from a Deku Scrub in the Gonguru Mountain.
 -> You can climb those walls that look climbable with this.

Power Wrist:
 *Obtained from the mini dungeon above the fountain in town.
 -> Allows mini Link to move objects.

 *Obtained after the 3 book library quest.
 -> Allows you to swim on water, as normal and mini Link.

Kinstone Bag:
 *Obtained from a pseudo-bard that looks like a cat.
 -> Holds your Kinstones.

Skill Scrolls:
 *There are eight in total, refer to their own section for more info.

 *Obtained all around the world.
 -> Trade them for image collections of characters, enemies and what not in the
    lower left tree house of Hyrule's Town.

Tingle Trophy:
 *Obtained by completing all the Kinfusions.
 -> Just a reminder on how much time you lost kinfusing. ^^;;

 *You start with a normal one that holds 100.
 *Upgrade to the next level by talking to the Great Fairy in the Forest of
  Chikoria, simply use the Patch Cane in the screen below the LonLon Ranch (To
  the right of the stairs) to reach the groove, chose the firs option twice and
  you are set for 500 rupees.
 *Kinfuse a Red, 'E' looking Kinstone to dry some water in LonLon Ranch. Go
  inside and claim the biggest wallet for 999.
[007]--------------------------07. Tiger Scrolls-------------------------------
Tiger Scroll 1: Spin Attack
 -> Gotten from the trainer in town after clearing the first dungeon.
  -> "Press and hold your sword button. Charge and release!"
     Basically, you do the standard spin attack.

Tiger Scroll 2: Sword Beam
 -> Obtained from a secret trainer hidden in a room under the castle. Simply go
    right on the castle's main garden and cut down the grass to find a set of
    stairs. Light up the candles with the Burning Lantern and learn this skill.
  -> "When your hearts are full, swing your sword!"
     If at full health, perform a simple sword slash to send out an energy
     beam in a straight direction.

Tiger Scroll 3: Dash Attack
 -> After getting the Pegasus Boots, speak to the trainer in town to learn
  -> "Equip your Pegasus Boots and sword, then dash away!"
     Simply equip the Pegasus Boots and the Sword and dash to hold your sword
     ahead of you for a quick surprise attack.

Tiger Scroll 4: Peril Beam
 -> After having 10 or more Hearts, go to Lake Hylia and find a tree groove
    slightly left from the house with the third book to learn this.
  -> "When you have only one heart left, swing the sword!"
     Like the Tiger Scroll 2, but this only works when under one heart of

Tiger Scroll 5: Rock Breaker
 -> After the second dungeon I believe, speak to the trainer in town.
  -> "Break pots with your sword! That's all there is to it!"
     This one allows you to break pots, vases, and what not using a simple
     sword strike.

Tiger Scroll 6: Roll Attack
 -> Go to the wing stone in Mt. Crenel and jump down the ledge and head
    right all the way then climb the wall. Clone yourself and open the door.
  -> "Roll! Then swing your sword as you start to get up!"
     Simply move forward and press R to roll and then use the sword to end
     with a thrust.

Tiger Scroll 7: Down Thrust
 -> After getting the Mantle return to the trainer in town to learn this.
  -> "Equip the Roc's Cape and the Sword!! Jump and swing!"
     Jump once with the Mantle and use your sword to make devastating thrust.

Tiger Scroll 8: Great Spin Attack
 -> Obtained from the ghost trainer under a tomb in the Swamp after you have
    gotten the other 7 Skills.
  -> "Perform a Spin Attack... and the hit the button repeatedly!"
     Charge up your sword and as you spin, keep hitting the sword button to
     advance forward on the spin.

Skill Upgrade: Sword Charge Speed Up
 -> Obtained from the master behind the waterfall on the upper right corner of
    the swamp which is opened up by a Kinfusion with trainer 6.
  -> Simply speeds up your charge speed.

Skill Upgrade: Cloning Speed Up
 -> Obtined from a secret master behind a waterfall in the Seki Waterfall
    screen after Kinfusing with the trainer of Skill 2.
  -> Speeds up the time for the clone bar to fill up.

Skill Upgrade: Extended Great Spin Attack
 -> Obtainted from a secret master behind a waterfall in the Castle Fields.
    Kinfuse with the trainer of Skill 4 to open it.
  -> Raises the distance you can cover in a Great Spin Attack.
[008]--------------------------08. Figurine List-------------------------------
So what are figurines you ask? Well, go to the tree house in the lower-left
corner of town to find out. Basically, as you keep punching in those SeaShells
you get a figurine that goes into your collection. Each time you get a new
one, the percentage probability for obtaining another new one decreases. Such
percentage can be increased by using extra SeaShells.

Ok, it seems you can only get the figurines whose character you have seen, but
some don't fall under this category (I believe only enemies do). So if you are
missing some figurines, then you haven't spotted that enemy yet.

By the way, the last 6 figurines can only be obtained after you finish that
data. I.e., beat Vatii and save the game afterwards.

001. Capless Link. (Change Link with the name you input while making the file)
 -> "A young boy who lives in Hyrule. He is close friends with Princess Zelda."
002. Ezlo and Link. (Same, change Link with the name you used)
 -> "A young boy on a quest with Ezlo to restore the Four Sword."
003. Princess Zelda.
 -> "A bright and cheery princess from Hyrule's royal family."
004. Ezlo (Cap).
 -> "A strange creature that looks at first like a cap. He speaks roughly and
    treats Link like a child, but he actually really likes Link."
005. Sorcered Vatii. (Or Gufuu, as you wish)
 -> "When the young Minish donned Ezlo's magic cap, he took this evil form.
    Now, he searches for the light force in his quest to become all-powerful."
006. King Daltus.
 -> "The king of Hyrule. Reported to have been a fine swordsman, he appeared in
    the Picori Festival tournament as a youth and fought to a draw with Smith."
007. Minister Potho.
 -> "The supporting pillar of Hyrule. He is also in charge of Princess Zelda's
    education, so when she goes missing, he gets frustated."
008. Smith.
 -> "The finest swordsmith in Hyrule. As a young man, he was a great swordsman.
    He and King Daltus are friends and enjoyed a pleasant rivalry as youths."
009. Mayor Hagen.
 -> "The mayor of the town of Hyrule. He is a collector of masks. He's built a
    shelter into his garden just in case monsters ever attack Hyrule."
010. Marcy.
 -> "Second in command at Hyrule's post office. She's mellow and laid-back,
    entirely unlike the high-strung and easily excitable Stamp."
011. Stamp.
 -> "A busy, hardworking postal employee, although he can be a touch edgy. The
    stamp he uses is his own personal one, so please don't borrow it. Thanks."
012. Rem.
 -> "The propietor of Rem's Shoe Store. Using his "secter technique," he makes
    shoes in his sleep. Princess Zelda is his single biggest source of income."
013. Dr. Left.
 -> "A gruff-talking academic type who is obsessed with styding the Picori. He
    doesn't seem to be aware that there is a Minish living in his own house."
014. Carlov
 -> "A sculptor of finely crafted figurines. Many consider him the best
    sculptor in all of Hyrule. He enjoys collecting Mysterious Shells."
015. Borlov
 -> "Owner of the Chest Mini-Game Shop. Carlov's younger brother. He detests
    gambling, but he has made the biggest gamble of all: entrepreneurship."
016. Stockwell.
 -> "The handy neighborhood gear seller, also called Stockwell the Well-
    Stocked. He complains that he's been too busy lately to see his dog,
017. Simon.
 -> "His mysterious dungeon-simulation game is very popular in Hyrule. It gives
    players the illusion of fighting real monsters in real dungeons."
018. Gorman.
 -> "He wants to rent out his house in town but he's too overbearing to attract
    a tenant. He doesn't even seem to realize what the problem is..."
019. Anju.
 -> "This young woman tends to her cuccos in Hyrule Town. If you help her
    gather her loose cuccos, she'll give you a reward."
020. Brocco.
 -> "Hyrule's vegetable vendor. He sells fine produce. He also argues
    constantly with the fruit vendor, Pina, over the health benefits of
021. Pina.
 -> "Hyrule's fruit vendor. She hates vegetables, so she won't even sell
    tomatoes, even though they technically ARE fruits. Freak."
022. Beedle.
 -> "Though he is an adult, he is very good at finding Picolyte made by the
    Minish. And he is very, VERY convincing about their healthful properties."
023. Postman.
 -> "A very serious mail deliveryman. He continues to make every delivery right
    on time every day."
024. Crenel Hermit.
 -> "A hermit who lives on Mount Crenel. He has lot of Kinstone pieces. He
    brags that he won the festival tournament when he was younger."
025. Monster Lady.
 -> "A weird old lady living in Percy's house without his permission. She
    doesn't want you to turn on the lights, because she's actually..."
026. Dampé.
 -> "The gravedigger at the cemetery. They say he has the power to speak with
    the dead. He fuses Kinstones he digs up with the local ghosts."
027. Gustaf, Royal Spirit.
 -> "The spirit of an ancient king of Hyrule who wishes to secure peace in his
    land from beyond the grave. He was very fond of the people of the Wind
028. Syrup.
 -> "A wizard who lives in the Minish Woods. She sells magic items with odd
    powers. She's looking for an apprentice to whom she can teach her mystic
029. Great Butterfly Fairy.
 -> "The Great Buttefly Fairy of Mount Crenel. She provides you with a larger
    wallet, allowing you to carry more Rupees with you."
030. Great Mayfly Fairy.
 -> "The Great Mayfly Fairy of Mount Crenel. She provides you with a larger
    bomb bag, allowing you to carry more bombs with you."
031. Great Dragonfly Fairy.
 -> "The Great Dragonfly Fary of Mount Crenel. She gives you a larger quiver,
    allowing you to carry more arrows with you."
032. Percy.
 -> "A poet who lives in Trilby Highlands. He comes from a long journey to find
    his house occupied by an unwanted guest. Poor guy..."
033. Nayru.
 -> "She's looking for a house in Hyrule to move into. She is descended from a
    land of priestesses in the land of Labrynna."
034. Farore.
 -> "She's looking for a house in Hyrule to move into. She's a very helpful
    person, but people take advantage of her kind nature. This really bothers
035. Din.
 -> "She's looking for a house in Hyrule to move into. She is a famous dancer
    from the land of Holodrum."
036. Joy Butterfly.
 -> "A rare butterfly said to bring happiness to those who catch it."
037. Gina.
 -> "A strange Ghini who wants to fuse Kinstone pieces, which is somewhat
    peculiar for a monster. She has a lot of pieces, so keep on fusing."
038. Festari.
 -> "A priest living in Minish Village. He speaks some human languages. He sees
    that Link is human with one look. He's a bit of a human enthusiast."
039. Gentari.
 -> "The elder of the Forest Minish. He has lived among humans for a long time.
    He knows where the four elements are. He has a twin borther in Hyrule's
040. Forest Picori.
 -> "Not visible to the eyes of adults, they delight in making humans happy by
    hiding helpful items and Rupees under grass and rocks all over the world."
041. Librari.
 -> "This Town Minish elder is Gentari's twin borther. Those large wings that
    he is so proud of are trophies from a duel with a chicken as a young
042. Town Picori.
 -> "These Minish like humans so much that they moved from Minish Village into
    Hyrule itself! They try to make humans happy, but it sometimes backfires."
043. Melari.
 -> "He lives with his seven apprentices in Mount Crenel, which contains all
    the mineral riches they will ever need. He seems gruff, but he's
044. Mountain Picori.
 -> "These seven students followed Melari from Minish Village to Mount Crenel.
    Their song is actually a sign that they are full-fledged Mountain Minish
    now." (Yattoko~ Yattoko~ ^^)
045. Goron.
 -> "These rock- and iron- eaters once lived on Mount Crenel in Western Hyrule.
    Now their numbers are few, and they live quietly in a cave."
046. Minish Vatii. (Or Gufuu...)
 -> "Before he became a sorcered, he was a simple minish. He had always been
    entranced by the evil that lives in the hearts of men..."
047. Vassals.
 -> "These vassals serve the king of Hyrule. They are loyal and diligent. Like
    the king himself, they are courteous yet frank."
048. Library.
 -> "The Royal Hyrule Library. Although the library is well loved, many forget
    to return their books, causing no end of trouble for the librarians."
049. Blade Brothers.
 -> "All of these self-trainer swordsmen have won the fighting tournaments at
    the Picori Festival before. They see great potential in Link."
050. Wheaton & Pita.
 -> "This couple bakes bread in Hyrule. Their tasty pastries hold a secret...
    If you are extra lucky, there'll be a helpful item hidden inside!"
051. Funday School.
 -> "This is where all the children of Hyrule learn. Linka and Princess Zelda
    studied here, too. The two teachers are twins name Tina and Dina."
052. Mama's Cafe.
 -> "This is the best place in town to relax. You can also pick up some good
    tips, from the latest gossip to observations about the world."
053. Happy Hearth Inn.
 -> "This generous inn gives a gift to every guest who stays the night. Guests
    can unwind in the lobby on the second floor.
054. Zill and Friends.
 -> "Zill is the one in the middle. He likes to wander around town with his
    friends. He knows a lot about the town, and he might even have some info
    for you."
055. The Carpenters.
 -> "These carpenters may be rough around the edges, but they do good work.
    They may seem tough, but they're in touch with their feminine side."
056. Young Couple.
 -> "Romio and Julietta grew up next door to one another. They're dating now,
    but they plan to marry once they get their pets' approval."
057. Peaceful Hyrule 1.
 -> "Carlov's Peaceful Hyrule. Scenery Series No, 1."
058. Tranquil Hyrule 2.
 -> "Carlov's Peaceful Hyrule. Scenery Series No, 2."
059. Tranquil Hyrule 3.
 -> "Carlov's Peaceful Hyrule. Scenery Series No, 3."
060. Cucco!
 -> "With a boisterous crow and a cute crest, these feathered friends are the
    most popular pets in Hyrule. The baby chicks like small bugs."
061. At Lon Lon Ranch.
 -> "This small ranch lies just outside Hyrule Town. Father-and-daughter team
    Talon and Malon run it, and they sell the finest milk in Hyrule!"
062. The Wind Tribe.
 -> "The people who built the Wind Ruins. They now live above the clouds,
    suspended by their own magic ability to control the wind."
063. Gregal & the Ghost.
 -> "An old man plagued by an evil spirit. Coming to his aid will bring you
    benefit in the end, so if you meet him, you must find a way to help him."
064. Tingle Siblings?
 -> "Older brother Tingle (green) and his twin younger brothers Ankle (purple)
    and Knuckle (blue). They believe fusing Kinstones will help them to meet
065. Eenie & Meenie.
 -> "The Hyrulean vegetables grown in the fields are exquisitely delicious.
    Apparently, Brocco sells the best of their crops."
066. Goron Merchant.
 -> "This Goron appears when you successfully fuse certain Kinstone pieces. He
    will sell you expensive, but rare, Kinstone pieces."
067. Spookter & Spekter.
 -> "Ghosts from the Royal Valley. The one in the blue cap is Spookter, and the
    one in the red casp is Spekter. Spookter tries to be scary, but he's just
068. Sluggula.
 -> "Appears in Minish dungeons. They drop from the ceiling unexpectedly. They
    are slow, so take your time, and defeat them one by one."
069. Scissors Beetle.
 -> "Appears in Minish roads & dungeons. These monsters have sharp mandibles.
    Hit them when they shoot these away. Avoid their attacks to get in close."
070. Moldworm.
 -> "Appears in Minish roads & dungeons. They come out of the ground when they
    sense prey. If you get swallowed, you take damage and get all dirty!"
071. Spiked Beetle.
 -> "Appears in dungeons. Covered in hard, spiny shells. Fre attacks work on
    them. You have to flip them over to hurt them."
072. Eyegore Statue.
 -> "Appears in Castor Wilds. They move when you put an arrow in their eye. No
    other attacks work. You can always just let them pass..."
073. Business Scrub.
 -> "Appears in caves, etx. Normally stay underground. They'll pop out and spit
    seeds at you, but if you get to know 'em, they're not so bad."
074. Armos.
 -> "Appears in the Wind Ruins. Built by the Minish for the Wind Tribe long
    ago. They look like stone statues, but if you get too close, they move!"
075. Keese.
 -> "Appears in various areas. These bats live in dungeons and caves. Thier
    movement is umpredictable, so use range weapons from a safe distance."
076. Keaton.
 -> "Appears in various areas. This thieving fox preys upon travelers and
    merchants. He may not be strong, but he will attack very quickly, so be
077. Ghini.
 -> "Appears in the Royal Valley, Dark Hyrule Castle, etc. These dark beasties
    are attracted to light, and if they attack you, they may suck your life
078. Gibdo.
 -> "Appears in the Palace of Winds. These mummies keep coming at you when you
    attack. It's better to fight from a distance if you want to avoid damage."
079. Rollobite.
 -> "Appears in various areas. His hard shell protects him from swords, but
    once he rolls into a ball, you can use the Gust Jar to draw him in."
080. Spark.
 -> "Appears in dungeons. They cling to walls and move quickly. Normal attacks
    may not work, but the boomerang is pretty effective."
081. Dark Nut. (Nut? Wtf...)
 -> "Appears in Dark Hyrule Castle. These armor-clad soldiers are tough. Use
    your shield and Roll Attack to find an opening in his defenses..."
082. Red Dark Nut.
 -> "Appears in Dark Hyrule Castle. These Dark Nut commanders are strong, but
    if you relax and find an opening, you can still defeat them."
083. Chaser.
 -> "Appears in dungeons. They move quickly to chase you once they spot you. If
    you attack, they'll stop. Use that to your advantage!"
084. Rock Chuchu.
 -> "Appears in various areas. These tough Chuchus have rocky heads. It will be
    hard to damage them until you can knock that rock off."
085. Moldorm.
 -> "Appears in various areas. These guys move quickly and randomly. Trap them
    in a corner and take them out quickly."
086. Door Mimic.
 -> "Appears in the Royal Valley & Dark Hyrule Castle. They look like doors,
    but they're really traps! If you get too close to one, it will fall down
    on you!"
087. Peahat.
 -> "Appears on Mount Crenel, etc. These strange beasts hover on propeller-
    like leaves. You can pull them out of the sky with your Gust Jar."
088. Helmasaur.
 -> "Appears in various areas. Their fronts are protected with metal masks, but
    their backside aren't! Pop off that maso for an easy battle."
089. Wall Master.
 -> "Appears in dungeons. If these guys grab you, they'll send you back to the
    start of the dungeon. Dodge them as they fall, then attack."
090. Floor Master.
 -> "Appears in dungeons. If these guys grab you, they'll send you back to the
    start of the dungeon. Watch out when he attacks with others."
091. Acro-Bandits.
 -> "Appears in the Eastern Hills, etc. Five of them pop out at once. If you
    smack each one as they pop out of the ground, they're a piece of cake."
092. Bob-omb.
 -> "Appears in dungeons. They ofter gather in groups in narrow areas. Once
    activated, they go a little crazy. Take them out with arrows."
093. Bombarossa.
 -> "Appears in dungeons. They float in the air and explode when touched. Walk
    carefully, and you may escape unhurt..."
094. Like Like.
 -> "Appears in caves, dungeons, etc. Don't let them grab you, they'll eat your
    shield if they hold you long enough. Swing your sword to escape."
095. Rupee Like.
 -> "Appears in caves, dungeons, etc. This Rupee Like has a Rupee dangling
    from its head stalk. This clever lure attracts greedy and delicious
096. Rope.
 -> "Appears in various areas. They'll come straight for you if they spot you.
    Just swing your sword when they charge at you."
097. Boulder.
 -> "Appears on Mount Crenel, etc. These huge boulders come crashing down from
    cliff walls. They fall in a random pattern, so watch your step!"
098. Ball & Chain Soldier.
 -> "Appears in the Palace of Winds and Dark Hyrule Castle. They're not fast,
    but that iron ball is a bruiser! Try to hit them after they swing the
099. Spiny Beetle.
 -> "Appears in various areas. They hide under common rocks and grass. Be
    careful, because they can pop out when you least expect it!"
100. Spear Moblin.
 -> "Appears in Minish Woods, etc. They rush you on sight. They also block
    head-on attacks with their spears, so circle around to attack."
101. Bow Moblin.
 -> "Appears in various areas. They fire arrows at you on sight. Block these
    with your shield and then close in to attack."
102. Cloud Piranha.
 -> "Appears in the sky. They swim through clouds like fish in water. Attack
    them in that brief moment when they pop out!"
103. Mulldozer.
 -> "Appears in Minish roads, dungeons, etc. There are red and blue ones. They
    may look small and weak, but their hard shells make them formidable."
104. Pesto.
 -> "Appears in Minish roads, dungeons, etc. There are red and blue ones. The
    blue ones are stronger and throw things down on your head."
105. Puffstool.
 -> "Appears in Deepwood Shrine. These mushroom beasties scatter spores all
    over dungeons. When their caps are red, they are invincible."
106. Wizzrobe.
 -> "Appears in the Palace of Winds & Dark Hyrule Castle. They fire magic bolts
    from afar. Hit them when they appear so they don't cast another spell!"
107. Fire Wizzrobe.
 -> "Appears in the Palace of Winds & Dark Hyrule Castle. They wield fire
    magic. Hit them when they appear so they don't cast another spell!"
108. Ice Wizzrobe.
 -> "Appears in the Palace of Winds & Dark Hyrule Castle. They wield ice magic.
    They're weak against fire, so hit them with your Fire Rod!" (Fire Rod?)
109. Wisp.
 -> "Appears in dungeons. They float in midair. They won't hurt you, but if you
    touch them, you won't be able to use your sword for a while."
110. Octorok.
 -> "Appears in various areas. There are red and blue ones. They've appeared in
    every Zelda game to date. They spit rocks, so be careful!"
111. Golden Octorok.
 -> "Appears in... Well, we're not sure! The legendary Golden Octorok. It can't
    be confirmed, but they are said to shoot chunks of pure gold..."
112. Golden Tektite.
 -> "Appears in... Well, we're not sure! The legendary Golden Tektite. It has
    much more power."
113. Golden Rope.
 -> "Appears in... Well, we're not sure! The legendary Golden Rope. It's much
    more aggressive that the normal ones: it will attack you on sight."
114. Crow & Takkuri.
 -> "Appears in various areas. The black one is Crow. If you touch Takkuri, he
    will steal Rupees from you, so be careful!"
115. Lakitu.
 -> "Appears in the sky. They gloat on clouds. They don't move, but they do
    throw lightning bolts. Steal their clouds with the Gust Jar."
116. Stalfos.
 -> "Appears in dungeons. Blue ones jump, and red ones throw bones. See what
    happens when you remove their heads with the Gust Jar."
117. Beetle.
 -> "Appears in various areas. They appear under rocks and grass. If they grab
    you, you won't be able to move. Swing your sword to get away."
118. ChuChu.
 -> "Appears in various areas. Chuchus come in many colors. Each color is a
    little different, but ranged weapons work well against all."
119. Tektite.
 -> "Appears on Mount Crenel, etc. They move by jumping long distances. Their
    movement can be unpredictable, so attack them when they are still."
120. Trap.
 -> "Appears in various areas. A trap with sharp blades. Some are triggered by
    nearby intruders, while others follor a set path."
121. Leever.
 -> "Appears in Castor Wilds, Mount Crenel, etc. These baddies move freely
    underground and pop out for a surprise attack. Keep your shield up!"
122. Madderpillar.
 -> "Appears in Deepwood Shrine, etc. This catrpillar moves in a zigzag
    pattern. If you hit them on the nose, he gets upset and starts running
123. Spiny Chuchu.
 -> "Appears in various areas. These Chuchus project spikes from their bodies
    at the first sign of danger. Try a well-placed bomb."
124. Octorok. (Should have left the original giant there...)
 -> "Appears in the Temple of Droplets. Frozen solid by the power of the Water
    Element. He's been frozen so long that his hunger is unbearable."
125. Gyorg Pair.
 -> "Appears in Palace of Winds. Females are larger than males. They fly around
    the Palace of Winds, preying on adventurers."
126. Biggoron.
 -> "This is a legendary Goron with a body bigger than a mountain. It is so
    big, in fact, that no one has ever seen it all at once.
127. Big Green Chuchu.
 -> "Appears in Deepwood Shrine. A perfectly ordinary Chuchu. Though not much
    of an enemy usually, they are terrifying to anyone Minish-sized."
128. Gleerok.
 -> "Appears in the Cave of Flames. A Gleeok with a hard, rocky shell found in
    Mount Crenel. Hiding in lava, this beast spews fire on everything it
    sees." (Notice the name is Gleerok but in the info it says Gleeok?)
129. Mazaal.
 -> "Appears in the Palace of Winds. Constructed by the Wind Tribe to repel
    intruders, this sturdy machine cannot be destroyed by any external force."
130. Big Blue Chuchu.
 -> "Appears in the Temple of Droplets. An ordinary blue Chuchu. Fighting him
    while Minish-sized is daunting, but just try to aviud that electric
131. Zelda and Link. (Switch Link with the name you entered on the file)
 -> "Those two became fast friends because of Smith and the king of Hyrule.
    Zelda wishes that the sometimes unreliable Link were just a wee bit
132. Minish Ezlo. (I liked Ezero more...)
 -> "The Minish Ezlo, before he was cursed by Vatii. He is a famous Minish
    sage. Even among Minish inventors, he was renowned for his amazing
133. Black Knight.
 -> "Appears in Dark Hyrule Castle. This is the strongest Dark Nut, with a good
    balance of attack and defense. They will do anything to stop you."
134. Vatii Reborn.
 -> "The sorcered VAtii took this form after draining the power of the light
    force from Princess Zelda. The evil beams from his eyes are devastating."
135. Vatii Transfigured.
 -> "Once Vatii's body has been shattered, this dark form rises up, all that
    remains from the evil sorcered. Only the sacred Four Sword can defeat him."
136. Vatii's Wrath.
 -> "This is the embodiment of purest evil, the final form of the power-mad
    Vatii. Its mind is comsumed with a hunger for destruction. Find its
[009]----------------------------09. Sidequests--------------------------------
House Building:
 -> If you speak to Goman after he appears in town, he will mention he has a
    house that he would like to rent to someone, but needs a girl... Go figure.
    Go to the Inn and speak to any of the 3 ex-godesses to place her in the
    After a while, Gorman will move to the north-west part of town, near a
    Minish Hut. At this point walk towards the post office. You should see one
    of the carpenters there, Kinfuse with him and later Gorman will have
    yet another house. You can place another ex-Goddess here.
    The third house however is still a mystery however. All we know is that
    should be where the cat pen is (You know, the place you go through as
    Minish for the Bracelets), but so far, the answer of how to is still
     Effects of the Charms:
     -> Din's: Doubles Strenght for a while.
     -> Nayru's: Doubles Defense for a while.
     -> Farore's: Raises Strenght and Defense slightly for a while.

Minish Seed: (Mentioned to me by Yudy) (Information completed by Chris
 -> Go to the Minish Town in the Woods and to the room where you found the
    Blabber Nut. The Minish on the right upper side will ask for some Milk,
    Crenel Hot Spring Water and some Red Potion in that order and one at a
    time. Take some time between each one and per each you turn in, the guy
    in the lower right section of the Market in Town will sell three more
    Picolytes. The first ones are Red, Green and White. The rest will appear
    as you progress this quest.
    -> Red: Increases odds of finding hearts. (100 Rupeers)
    -> Green: Increases odds of finding Mysterious Shells. (200 Rupees)
    -> White: Increases odds of finding Kinstones. (100 Rupees)
    -> Blue: Increases odds of finding items such as bombs/arrows. (200 Rupees)
    -> Yellow: Increases odds of finding Rupees. (200 Rupees)
    -> Orange: Increases odds of finding stray faeries. (300 Rupees)

Goron Digging and the Mirror Shield:
 -> Ok, first, refer to the Kinfusion List and search for "Wall Device"; there
    are 5 of them. Kinfuse with those things and do so with the top farmer in
    the farm below the Ranch as well to get all 6 Gorons. Once you are done
    with that and you get your bottle, Kinfuse with one of those Gorons to make
    the Bigoron show up. AFTER you finish the game, he will take your Shield.
    Go travel a while, finish Kinfusing, get Heart Pieces or what not and then
    come back to get your Mirror Shield.
[010]---------------------------10. Conclusion---------------------------------
So yeah, this is basically a clossure to the guide.
In other words, hope you enjoyed the guide, because well, you know, this
kinda takes a while to finish.

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[101]----------------------------10.01. Thanks---------------------------------
So far, thanks to:
 -> Nintendo and Capcom for this great game.
 -> Naomi Frosdick  for the ASCII art up top.
 -> Arjen Voogt  for... Well, let's just
    say he saved me a lot of work with a savestate he had... Not to mention he
    has helped me with some heart pieces and viceversa. Neat stuff.
 -> Paul Handog  for correcting me on the name of the Wind
    Ruins, in which I mistakenly read wrong a mora and thus screwed the whole
    name. So thank you.
 -> Philip Crociata  for telling me that the butterflies
    affect some stuff, like swiming, shooting and digging! I had no idea >.<
 -> Cr4zyBr4dy  for pointing out a hidden hole with a
    Picori inside that also led me to find another Kinfusion.
 -> Gareth Hill  for a correction of a typo I had made.
 -> Mathieu Sivade  for pointing me to the last
    Bow upgrade and mentioning that I made a mistake with the bomb upgrades.
 -> Kenneth Chan  for correcting a Heart Piece and I
    listed a fuse wrongly in the Fuse List section as compared to the Tiger
    Scroll one.
 -> Yudy  for mentioning me the Minish Seed sidequest.
 -> Chris Moeller  for completing the information for the
    Minish Seed sidequest. Many sent this information, but he was the first.
 -> Klara , for a detail with the Lost Woods part.

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