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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

        /  _____    / ______________ THE___LEGEND___OF
       /__/    /   /  \   ¡¬-\ ||  /    \  _'\   \  \
              /   /   |   |_/|\||  |    | | \ |  / /\\
             /   /    |      |  |  |    | | | | / /__|\
            /   /     |   |-\|/||  |  /|| |_/ |/ / ""| \
          /    /      |...'--/ |/  '-/ ||   '//  \   /  \
        /     /-------/   /""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""
        """"""""""""""""""THE MINISH  CAP


Welcome to my first FAQ ever. This FAQ is meant for those of you who can't 
seem to be able to find all those bottles in The Legend of Zelda: the Minish 
Cap. I decided to write a small FAQ for this side-quest, because it's easier 
for you to look up here, than in one of those big FAQs. There are a total of 
four bottles to be found in Hyrule, just like in the more recent Zelda games. 
Most people are able to find one or two bottles, but finding all four of them 
can be a bit harder. 

So, why would you do all this trouble when you already have one bottle? Well, 
aside from the obvious reason that some people want to complete this game as 
much as possible, having more than one bottle can be very useful. Especially 
if you aren't as skilled a player as some are, you'll find it that the items 
you can use with bottles are very handy when you are running low on hearts. 
You can put Lon-Lon Milk in a bottle, some potions which you can buy at 
Syrup's Hut, some water (needed for some (side)quests) or a fairy. You can 
also buy some Pycolite from Beedle in Hyrule town, or put some of the three 
charms (gotten from Din, Farore and Nayru after they get their houses) in it. 

After I finished the FAQ, I decided to upgrade it and include all the items 
you can put in the bottles. I explained what their function is, where you can 
find them and how expensive they all are.

This FAQ is made with the European version of Legend of Zelda: the Minish Cap. 
It is possible that some things were added to the American version, because 
it got released about two later than in Europe. If that is the case, I'll add 
them as soon as possible. However, it's been a while now since the American 
version was released, and there have been no new findings. I think the FAQ is 
completely done now. I'll still keep an eye on the boards, because it isn't 
impossible for something to be discovered.


In here you can find the different areas of the walkthrough. Press ctrl+f to 
open the search box, then enter the code you see next to the chapter to get 
there faster.



Version History..............vrsn

Bottle 1.....................btt1

Bottle 2.....................btt2

Bottle 3.....................btt3

Bottle 4.....................btt4

Bottle Items.................bbti

Legal Disclaimer.............lgld

Special Thanks...............spcl

Version History

Version 1.0 - 12/9/2004
Wrote the whole FAQ and submitted it to Gamefaqs.

Version 1.1 - 12/21/2004
Improved the lay-out a bit, rewrote a small piece of the Introduction and 
improved on the way to get Bottle 1 and Bottle 4.

Version 2.0 - 12/23/2004
Big update! Added some small improvements, added the complete "Bottle Items" 
section and I added a Contents section (as the FAQ doubled in size). I also 
added my very first ASCII ever!! If I come across a better one, I'll put it up 
(not now, as I am very proud....)

Version 2.01 - 1/5/2005
Happy New Year! Anyway, minor update today, as I added the rumored Butter 
item, an explanation about this FAQ (it is about the European version of the 
game), improved (again) on the 4th bottle and I added "Bottle Items" to the 

Version 2.02 - 2/13/2005
Another small update. I added some info about butter, updated the Special 
Thanks section and the introduction. I think I'm done now with this FAQ.

Version 2.1 - 10/20/2005
More info about butter, and some info about Joy Butterflies. I also added a 
search function in the FAQ (in the Content section).

Bottle 1

The first bottle is pretty easy to find. You even need it in the game. Anyway, 
just make sure you have some rupees at your disposal and head over to Trilby 
Highlands (just take the west exit of Hyrule Town). Go down the stairs you see 
a bit to the south right after you exit Hyrule Town. To the left is a big 
block you can't move right now, but to the right is a wall with some cracks in 
it. Bomb it and enter the next chamber. Deflect the rocks the Deku Scrub 
shoots at you back at him. You can do this by standing right in front of him 
with your shield equipped. When you hit him with a rock, you can walk up to 
him and talk to him. He'll now sell you an empty bottle, for the price of 20 

Bottle 2

After you finished the second temple, go back to Hyrule Town. When you visit 
the store in the south of the town, you'll notice a bottle behind the counter. 
You obviously can't get to it like this, so head outside and go to the Inn. 
Use your Cane of Pacci on the blue vase and use the vase to shrink to Minish 
size. Now go up the small stairs at the back of the Inn and walk over the 
drawers towards the small hole in the upper left corner. Enter it to walk over 
some planks in the ceiling full with Minish people. Just keep walking untill 
you exit the Inn. Cross the plank between the two houses and enter the store 
(you'll need to cross another plank with some monsters on it). Once you're 
inside the store, use the upside-down vase to grow again. Now take the bottle. 
When you talk to Stockwell, he's willing to give you the bottle for free! 
There's only one catch...you'll have to feed his dog for him. Luckily he marks 
the location on your mark. Make your way to the house (just take the east exit 
out of town, go through the Lon-Lon farm and go north a bit when you enter 
Lake Hylia). Now enter the house and walk up to the food bucket of the dog. 
Check it and you'll pour his food into it. The second bottle is now yours to 

Bottle 3

It's now time to get the third bottle. Go to your house (in South Hyrule 
Field), and talk to your grandfather (Smith). You are able to fuse kinstones 
with him, so do that. After the fusion, a chest appears in the Eastern Hills. 
In it you'll find your third bottle! That was pretty easy, actually...

Bottle 4

The fourth and last bottle is pretty hard to get. You need to fuse with five 
different Walls and a person (this is also known as the Goron Quest). I don't 
think the order in which you fuse is important, so just do them when you get 
the right items (or are near them). However, I did receive an email from 
Jeffypop0, telling me it's important to fuse with the farmer first (like I 
described here), or else you'll be short one Goron in the end. I did not test 
this theory, but it's best to be sure and just do the farmer's fusion first.

The easiest is probably the fusion with the farmer. The farmer Eenie can be 
found in the Eastern Hills, just below Lon-Lon Farm; you should fuse with him. 
After the fusion, a Goron will break through a wall southeast of Lon-Lon Farm. 
Ignore him (or her?) for now.

While you are at the farm, just go to the west part to find an odd piece of 
wall. You can use your Mole Mitts there to enter a cave, which will lead you 
to a Mysterious Wall (in the upper-right corner). Do a Kinstone Fusion there 
to make another Goron appear. 

If you are still in the area, cross the bridge into the Minish Woods in the 
southeast corner of the Eastern Hills. Cross the small puddle of water 
directly above you and go as far to the east as possible (under the stairs 
leading to the Witch Syrup's hut). There you'll find another odd piece of 
wall. Once again, use your Mole Mitts there to enter a cave, which will lead 
you to a Mysterious Wall (again, in the upper-right corner). Just do a 
Kinstone Fusion there to make another Goron appear. 

The easiest way to get this fusion, is to equip your Ocarina of Wind and use 
it to summon the bird. Make it bring you to Mt. Crenel and make your way down 
the mountain until you reach a sign which points to "<- Crenel Wall". Climb 
the Crenel Wall (you also did this to reach the Crenel Hermit) and go to the 
upper ledge. Use your Mole Mitts on the odd piece of wall next to the cave 
where the Hermit lives and make your way to the upper-right part of the cave. 
You find another Mysterious Wall there with which you should fuse Kinstones. 
Guess what happens? Yep, another Goron appears!

Another fusion is located in Trilby Highlands. Just look for another one of 
those odd walls (it's located in the upper-left corner) and enter it using 
your Mole Mitts. There's another Mysterious Wall in the north part of the 
cave. Fuse with it to make yet another Goron appear.

One of the fusions is in Lake Hylia. Go there (walking or by bird) and look 
for another one of those odd walls (it's in the northern area; you'll need to 
have the Roc's Cape though). You can see the odd wall when you go down the 
stairs you see just south-east of the house where Stockwell's dog lives (where 
you needed to go to get the second bottle). South of the odd wall you can see 
a small, square island. Stand west from it (just above a ladder you can use, 
should you accidently fall into the water). Equip your Roc's Cape and jump on 
the island. Jump forward (to the east) once more to the next small island and 
look to the north-east. You'll notice another small island where you should 
jump to. After doing so, you'll see your target area. Simply use the Roc's 
Cape to glide over there (by holding the button down) and stand in front of 
the odd wall. Use your Mole Mitts again and dig your way to the left side of 
the cave. Fuse with another Mysterious Wall to make a Goron appear.

Once all six fusions are done, head over to Lon-Lon Farm and go the place 
where the Gorons appeared (the cave south-west of Lon-Lon Farm). It looks like 
you can't get in there, but looks deceive.

Go to the whirlwind at the right of the Goron-cave, but don't jump in yet. 
Notice the white flowers on the hill where you should jump in the whirlwind? 
They're also at the hill above the Goron-cave. Jump in the whirlwind and 
immediately press left and up on the GBA to float towards the hill. Make sure 
your shadow on the ground and the other white flowers are on the same 
imaginery line. If you've done it correct, you should flow up the hill. It's 
important to immediately press up and left when you're in the whirlwind. Just 
try it a few times, you'll get it eventually. When you're on the hill, drop 
down and enter the cave. Just follow the cave (open the chest you see on the 
way for some rupees) until you see the giant, blue chest. In it is the fourth 
and final bottle!

Bottle Items

Okay, so now we have four bottles. But what can we do with it? Well, I already 
told you in the introduction, you use bottles to put different kind of things 
in. In this section you can see what you can put in a bottle, what it looks 
like, as well as where to find it and how much you have to pay for it (if you 
have to pay, that is; some things are for free).

Item: a Fairy.
Description: They look like little, orange-haired girls flying around in a 
white dress. They also have a little staff in their hands and kinda spark. 
They're about the size of your hat.
Location: these little friends are all over Hyrule. You can find them by 
defeating some of the bigger enemies, breaking vases, by cutting grass or 
finding a cave where three of them fly around. Simply swing your bottle near 
them to catch them in your bottle.
Price: They're free, you only have to catch them.
Function: When you notice you are low on hearts, simply release one from your 
bottle. They will heal four hearts. The advantage of using fairies is the fact 
they also release themselves from your bottle when you die. This can be very 
useful in heavy battle.

Item: creamy, nutritious Lon Lon Milk.
Location: You can buy this milk from Malon in Hyrule Town. She's located near 
the giant bell in the north of the town. It's just below the library. If you 
can't find it, just look for a red-haired girl with a horse and carriage with 
two bottles of milk on it. Malon will only appear in Hyrule Town after you've 
completed the second dungeon and did the Lon Lon Ranch puzzle.
Price: A full bottle of milk will set you back 100 rupees.
Function: Use your bottle to drink the milk. When you drink from it, it'll 
fill up five hearts. But the best thing is, you've still got half a bottle 
left! That's right, you can use this item twice. Using it again has the same 

Item: Water.
Location: This is an item that can be found almost everywhere. When you see 
some water, just swing your bottle at it. It doesn't even have to be a big 
river; usually a small batch of water will do the trick.
Price: it's free. It's not Evian, you know?
Function: you can use this to put out fire (as in "fireplace"). You can also 
use it to make the blue beans at Mt. Crenel's Base grow. You'll need to do 
that to make it all the way to the top.

Item: Crenel Hot Spring Water
Location: You can find this only at Mt. Crenel's Base. After you've made the 
first bean grow, climb that bean, go up the first stairs you see and walk to 
the left. Go to the south and go east when you reach the cliff. Bomb the wall 
between the two small fences, enter the cave and go up the stairs you see. 
You'll see a big and a small cracked rock. Bomb the smal cracked rock, then 
use the big rock to shrink down. Make your way to the green water. Use your 
bottle to swing at it and you've got it!
Price: Water is still free...
Function:It's the same as water, but this time you can use it on the green 
beans at Mt. Crenel's Base. It's still essential to find it, if you want to 
climb the mountain.

Item: Blue Potion
Location: You can buy this from Syrup the Witch, she has a little house in the 
Minish Woods. You need to travel through the Lake Hylia area though. Just take 
the exit most south-east from Lon Lon Ranch and keep following that road. You 
need to go up a stairs to get to the house though. If you've already got the 
Flippers, you can also take the exit most north-east in Eastern Hills and go 
north through the water (right after you enter the Minish Woods). Then you can 
just follow the road again.
Price: One bottle costs 60 rupees.
Function: It fills up a whopping number of ten hearts!

Item: Red Potion
Location: You can find this in the same little house you can buy the Blue 
Potion in, so look above for descriptions. You will need to fuse kinstones 
with a Minish who you can find in the southwest corner of South Hyrule Field 
to make the Red Potion appear.
Price: This one's not cheap; Syrup asks 150 rupees for it.
Function: It replenishes all of your life-energy! It doesn't matter if you 
have four or twenty hearts, all will be filled. This one is best to be used 
when you have a lot of hearts.

Item: Din's, Farore's and Nayru's Charm
Location: Ever noticed the three girls in the Happy Heart Inn in the east of 
Hyrule Town? Well, they're named Din, Farore and Nayru. They want you to find 
a house for them, because they don't want to stay in the Inn all the time. 
When Ingo builds a house, you can talk to them and tell them a house is ready 
to live in. It doesn't matter which girl you pick. Once they have a house, you 
can visit them there to receive their charm. The effect of a charm lasts for 
one minute. There is one problem, however, as nobody has figured out how to 
get the third house yet. One of the girls will therefore remain homeless. 
Think about which Charm you'll use most before picking which girl you'll give 
a house. I suggest you pick Farore first, as she boosts both Power and 
Defense. The other girls only boost defense ór strength.
Price: Since you gave them a house, they give you their charm for free. You 
can keep coming back as often as you want for more charms.
Function: Din's Charm (your outfit becomes red) only boosts your strength, 
Farore's Charm (your outfit becomes purple) boosts your Power and your Guard, 
Nayru's Charm (your outfit becomes blue) only boosts your defense. All of 
these boosts only last a minute, so use them at the right time!

Item: Picolyte
Location: When you have the Gust Jar in the first Temple, go to Hyrule Town 
and go the Main Square. You'll notice one of the clothes, where usually 
salesmen are, is covered in dust and dirt. Use the Gust Jar to clean it up 
completely. Soon, Beedle will move in and sell you his Picolyte. In the 
beginning, he'll only sell three kinds of Picolytes, but there's a way to make 
him sell up to six different kinds. If you want more than three kinds, make 
sure you have some Lon Lon Milk, some Red Potion and some Crenel Hot Spring 
Water (Look above if you don't know how to find them). When you've got them 
all, go the the village in the Minish Woods (the big one, where you first met 
the Minish). Go to east of the village and enter the giant barrel. Now go to 
the place where you found the Jabbernut and talk twice to the Minish you see 
standing there. Give him the Lon Lon Milk and go wait outside for a while (t 
takes quite long actually). Once the yellow bud has blossomed, he's ready for 
the next item. Go talk to the Minish again, and give him the Crenel Hot Spring 
Water. Repeat the steps listed above and give him the Red Potion when he's 
Price: The price depends on which color of Picolyte you want. The green, white 
and red Picolyte all cost 100 rupees per bottle. The yellow and the blue 
Picolyte both costs 200 rupees and for the  Orange Picolyte you'll have to 
fork over 300 rupees.
Function: The white Picolyte helps you find Kinstones easier, the red Picolyte 
will help you find more hearts and the green kind will make it easier to find 
Mysterious Shells. If you buy yellow Picolyte, it'll be easier to find rupees, 
with the blue Picolyte you'll find find items quicker (such as an arrow or a 
bomb) and with the final, Orange Picolyte you'll find fairies easier. 

Item: Joy Butterfly
Location: You can't actually keep a Joy Butterfly in your bottle, and you 
don't even need one to catch, but since I thought you did need one at first,I 
decided to include it here. You can just walk around and get it, but why 
delete some extra information?
There are actually three Joy Butterflies. You can get them to appear by fusing 
kinstones with Din, Farore and Nayru. The first one flies around in Castor 
Wilds (somewhere in the middle), the second one will appear in the north-east 
part of the Royal Valley and the last one will be in the north part of the 
Wind Ruins. They will be marked on your map as a white egg with two yellow 
eyes in it (just as the golden monsters.
Price: Just catch them and they'll be yours. They don't appear in your 
inventory for some strange reason. 
Function: Once you've caught the first animal, you can dig faster with your 
Mole Mitts. The catch of the second one will grant you the power to swim 
faster. Once you've caught the third one, you'll notice you can shoot arrows 
much faster (the arrows go as fast as they usually go, but you can "reload" a 
lot faster).

Item: Butter
Location: There have been rumors around, that it was possible to obtain Butter 
in this game. I read on the boards that people have found the text for Butter 
in the cartridge (I don't know how, but read the butter-update below). As for 
now, it seems it doesn't exist. If someone happens to find it, I'll add it to 
the FAQ. However, it seems more likely that it was taken out at the last 
moment. So don't get your hopes up...
Price: Unknown
Function: Unknown

I recently received this email, pointing out the text for butter is available 
in the game, but I'm still a bit skeptical. No-one has found butter yet, so I 
think this is just proof that it was an item intended to be in the game, but 
scrapped due to time or money restraints. I'll just show you the mail (thanks 
to Heran Bago)

 Heran Bago  to Kaas.Bink 
  Show options   

Here's a clipping from the ASCII text used in the memmory of the cartridge:

You swapped for ..bombs..!.You bought a ..small shield..!...You got an
..empty bottle..!.Use it to store all sorts of things..Your Lon Lon
Milk turned into ..butter..!.It's very fresh and delicious!....You got
some ..Lon Lon Milk..!

so the message of recieving butter in the game would appear:

Your Lon Lon Milk turned into butter!

The special text displayed as periods are for color; the word "butter"
appears red in the actual game.

So yea, somehow it can get turned into butter. There's not a churn in
the game or anything is there?

Gotta love monoblocking text.
For reference, open a clean dump of the game in a hex editor and go to
offset $09B3D19

I received another email recently about butter, from Jeremy Sturdivant. He 
told me it was possible to get butter with gameshark codes. I have not tested 
this, as I do no own a gameshark, but I want to post them anyway, so you can 
try it out for yourselves. He included some more items than just butter, so 
check them out.

 Jeremy Sturdivant to me
A gameshark code can give you butter
82002B38 5555
82002AF6 XXYY
82002AF8 AABB
where AA, BB, XX or YY is 21
here is a cut and paste of where i got it from
82002B38 5555
82002AF6 XXYY
82002AF8 XXYY
*Each bottle is two digits, there are 4 Bottles. (XX would be one bottle, and 
YY would be another.)

Bottle Digits

21=A Bit of Yellow Stuff
23=Milk Half Drank
24=Red Liquid
25=Blue Liquid
27=Green Liquid
29=Red Drink That Makes You Sparkly.
2A=Another Sparkly Drink..
2B=Yellow Drink That Makes You Sparkly
2C=Green Drink That Makes You Sparkly
2D=Blue Drink That Makes You Sparkly
2E=White Drink That Makes You Sparkly
2F=Blue Liquid That Dyes Your Tunic Blue Momentarily
30=Green Liquid That Dyes Your Tunic Purple Momentarily
31=Red Liquid That Dyes Your Tunic Red Momentarily

Legal Disclaimer

This FAQ, and all it's content, is copyrighted 2004 by Jaap "Kaas" van Zon. 
This FAQ is only allowed on www.gamefaqs.com. No part of this guide can 
be used without proper quoting and/or recognition. Any person(s) found 
violating this copyright is/are punishable by law and will be to the fullest 
extent. If you see this walkthrough on another site, find some mistakes, or 
want to comment on this FAQ, e-mail me at Kaas.Bink(at)Gmail(dot)com. Please 
put Zelda in the Subject Line. 

Special Thanks

   First of all, I want to thank Nintendo for making another great Legend of 
Zelda game. 
   Secondly, I want to thank CJayC for hosting this FAQ on Gamefaqs, and 
taking the time to build this great site. 
   I would also like to thank the GameFaqs messageboard for Legend of Zelda: 
Minish Cap, as there are some very helpful people there and it's also the 
place where I found some useful information for this FAQ. It's also one of the 
reasons I wrote this FAQ; the so-called Goron Quest (the quest for the 4th 
bottle) was a pretty often-asked question.
   Thank you Heran Bago, for mailing me with some more information on butter.
   Thanks also goes to guudluuking12, Jeremy Sturdivant, jeffypop0, Misterioso 
and Esther Wong for information about Joy Butterflies, the fourth bottle and 
some more info about butter.
   Last but not least, I would like to thank Zharlock, for pointing out some 
small spelling and grammar errors.

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