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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

                   “A long, long time ago…
   When the world was on the verge of being swallowed by shadow…
The tiny Picori appeared from the sky, bringing the hero of men a sword   
                     and a golden light.
    With wisdom and courage, the hero drove out the darkness.
 When peace had been restored, the people enshrined that blade with 

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap WALKTHROUGH
By: Jason Rappaport (GoldenChaos)

v1.1 - Not JUST a walkthrough anymore!

I. Table of Contents
I. Table of Contents

II. About this walkthrough.

III. Walkthrough.
      1.) Waking up and the Picori Festival!
      2.) The Minish Woods and the Minish Village
      3.) Dungeon #1 – Deepwood Shrine
      4.) Deepwood Shrine boss – Big Green ChuChu
      5.) Return to Minish Village
      6.) Of Bombs, Hyrule, and Kinstone
      7.) To Mount Crenel
      8.) Mount Crenel
      9.) Mine of Magnificent Melari!
      10.) Dungeon #2 – Cave of Flames
      11.) Cave of Flames boss – Gleerok
      12.) It sparkles! It’s… a new sword!
      13.) The Sanctuary of Elements
      14.) Sleep, shoes, and syrup.
      15.) On our way to the third element!
      16.) Dungeon #3 – Fortress of Winds
      17.) Fortress of Winds boss – Mazaal
      18.) The Library and Beyond!
      19.) Dungeon #4 – Temple of Droplets
      20.) Temple of Droplets boss – Big Octorok
      21.) Haunted…
      22.) “Source of the Flow”
      23.) Pure of Heart
      24.) Dungeon #5 – Palace of Winds
      25.) Palace of Winds boss – Gyorg Pair
      26.) Birth of the Four Sword
      27.) Dungeon #6 – The Final Dungeon: Dark Hyrule Castle
      28.) The Final Battle – Vaati vs. Link

      FAQ-01: General Non-Gaming Questions
      FAQ-02: Important/Game Help Questions

VI. Legal Stuff.

II. About this walkthrough.
This walkthrough has finally been finished as of January 16th, 2005. 
Even without a fancy ASCII logo, this walkthrough will hopefully stand 
as one of the good, accurate, specific guides out there. Someone had 
said that my guide was so specific, a five-year old could complete The 
Minish Cap with this.

This guide is being made specifically for zeldauniverse.net, so there 
might be a slim chance of having me approve of other site use of this 
guide. However, if you wish to use this guide on your site, please, 
PLEASE do not just take it, ask for my permission to use it by e-
mailing me at goldenchaos@zeldauniverse.net. This guide is the result 
of hours and hours of work by me, and while some people may think "only 
hours?", that opinion tends to change when you are in the position of 
working for those "only a couple of hours." And that is couple of 
hours, per day ;). Of course, printing it out and passing it on to your 
friends who needs help with this game, is completely encouaged :).

This walkthrough is finished! It covers the entire game, so if you do 
not wish to have anything in The Minish Cap spoiled for you, please do 
not read my walkthrough. I can't be held responsible if you read my 
work and found out something you didn't want to know, kay? ^_^.

I hope this walkthrough helps you. If you feel I am missing any 
important part in what is already written, please email me. I 
appreciate all help on this walkthrough that I can get, because I just 
can't make it perfect alone! Also, remember, no version is final!

I also apologize for any and all typos in this guide. My typing style 
is not... normal, so don't be surprised if you find quite a few typos 
here and there. But worry not, as I am constantly spotting new typos 
and fixing them! If you find anything that bothers you in this guide, 
typo or not, you can email me and notify me of this using the email 
provided above.

This is a GUIDE ONLY! There are no extras in here, no heart piece 
locations, figurine list, anything! It is just a pure guide and FAQ! If 
you were looking for heart pieces, kinstone fusions, etc., go to 
www.zeldauniverse.net or somewhere else. However, you WILL find some 
other tidbits and quests in the game located in the FAQ, due to tons 
and tons of e-mails.

Hmm... You are probably bored of reading this. On to the walkthrough, 

III. Walkthrough.
1.) Waking up and the Picori Festival!
Alright, it’s time for Link to awaken once again, and in a brand new 
game, The Minish Cap! You probably knew that though, or else you 
wouldn’t be reading this!

First things first, we must do. Create a new file, with whatever name 
you see fit. The game starts with a nice intro. Read it, enjoy it, and 
pay attention, because this is the story of the game we’re talking 
here… if you forgot to read it, it is referenced above.

Now, let’s begin Link’s adventure, shall we?

Ah, a nice peaceful village. And look, it’s Princess Zelda! Here is the 
beginning scene, and Link is asleep! You’d probably wonder how he does 
that with Master Smith clanging on the newly made sword. Apparently 
he’d been up late the night before helping out. We’d better get him up. 
Read through the dialogue and, when the time comes, wake him up and 
walk Link down the stairs, and then go to the right to get into Master 
Smith’s room. More dialogue shall begin here, explaining about the 
Picori Festival. Apparently, Zelda would like to go with you, and how 
can you refuse? After the conversation ends, you shall receive the very 
sword Master Smith was working on, the Smith’s Sword.

Make sure you don’t lose this extremely important delivery!

Now, Zelda will leave, and open the front door. Follow her out the 
door, and continue following her until you reach the festival. Once you 
are there, she will say that this place looks fun, and run off. Follow 
her still, and talk to her. She will get distracted and run off again, 
keep following and talking to her until she reaches a stand with three 
green tables…

She is the big winner of the drawing! There are three prizes to choose 
from, a heart container, a large red rupee, and a teeny tiny shield. 
But, unfortunately, you don’t get to pick. If you’ve played Zelda 
before, you can probably already guess what Zelda will pick. If not, 
then I doubt you’ll be surprised by this one.

Have fun with your teeny tiny shield! Princess Zelda gave you this 
Small Shield! Hold the button to protect yourself… it IS a little 
embarrassing, though. It’s so tiny!

Now, go run off and take Master Smith’s Sword to the castle. Zelda will 
follow you. On the next screen, she will run ahead of you. Follow her 
yet again. To find her, just follow the tile path – she will be getting 
pelted with nuts from a Business Scrub. Now it’s time to put your new 
Small Shield to work. When you are able to, stand in front of the Scrub 
and hold your shield out to deflect the nut. If you get hit, don’t 
worry, it doesn’t hurt you. When deflected, this will send the nut 
hurtling back at the scrub. He will complain about his little disorder, 
and run back to his cave. Now, get moving to the castle. Continue to 
follow the tile path. When you reach the castle, make your way to the 
entrance, and speak with the Minister, Potho. He will take the Smith’s 
Sword, and Zelda will go, because she must prepare for the award 

A fade out, and a fade in, and now the award ceremony begin! A 
sparkling blade is being brought, with the blade shoved in what looks 
like a large chest. Contrary to what you may be thinking – this is not 
the Master Sword. It is the Picori Blade, the sacred blade given to the 
hero who drove away the evil. Learn more about the Blade… and read the 

Out comes the king of Hyrule, and Zelda. And enter in Vaati, the winner 
of the Sword Fighting Tournament. He has earned the right to touch the 
blade… but he does something much more. Tossing the guards aside with 
ease, he attacks the blade, breaks it in two, and opens the locked 
chest, sending monsters and evil into Hyrule! Zelda will try to talk 
with Vaati, but she is turned to stone! Too bad, too, your teeny tiny 
shield just wasn’t strong enough.

Vaati will look in the chest, and to everyone’s amazement, it is empty! 
And so, Vaati leaves, leaving Hyrule scattered with monsters.

2.) The Minish Woods and the Minish Village
Link is asleep again? Well, let’s wake him up… again. You are inside 
Hyrule castle now, and you can walk out the door to your left. You are 
now in the King’s room, and a nice long dialogue will begin from here. 
They need a person to fix that broken Picori Blade. The Picori are not 
just a myth after all, and they need to send someone to get the Picori 
to repair the sword. The Picori live within the Minish Woods, and 
conveniently, only children can see the Picori. You will get part of 
the Picori Blade! This is part of the sword needed to re-forge the 
sacred blade – don’t lose it! Also, you will be given… the Smith’s 
Sword! It’s a sharp blade made by your grandfather, Master Smith. And 
on top of that, you also get a map of Hyrule! Now you can’t complain 
when you get lost, because you’ll never get lost!

Dialogue over… now you can walk out the door below you. Go around the 
large middle structure in the next room, it does not matter which way 
you go, either way, you end up at the front door. Go out of the castle 
after walking through one more room, but this room doesn’t need any 
directions. There is no possible way you don’t know how to get through 
this last room.

Now, you are once again in the Hyrule Castle Garden. Leave this garden 
by going through the southern exit, and out into North Hyrule Field. 
But watch out, because this time around there are monsters roaming the 
land. Mostly octoroks, which take only one slash of your sword to kill. 
If you feel unsafe, you can always use your shield to deflect their 
attacks. Go south, and keep going south. You will reach some workers, 
who are trying to repair the area that became damaged in the 
earthquake. If you see fit, talk to them. When you are done, make your 
way east. Slash at the small trees to open up a path to Lon Lon Ranch.

Lon Lon looks pretty beat up. Make your way south, killing or avoiding 
any enemies that may get in your way. Watch out for the groundhogs that 
jump out of the ground in groups of six. They will all stand on top of 
one another, so slashing the bottom one will bring them all crashing 
down – from then on, they are easy to kill. But one may fall on you. 
Once you are done enemy-bashing, continue south. You may have seen the 
stump near one of the houses at Lon Lon – we’ll come back to that 
later. You will learn more about these stumps soon.

You are now in the Eastern Hills. Though, you are not going east, you 
are still going south. Go down the steps, kill the octorok if you wish, 
and then go down until you come across a bridge. This is the entrance 
to the Minish Woods, so, enter!

The Minish Woods seem to be a nice, dark place. There are still enemies 
scattered about, and a new one to introduce – so be on your guard. Walk 
all the way to the right of the screen, crossing the narrow bridge on 
the upper right. Now we make our way south, once again.

This area gets a bit foggy, and also has a new enemy to introduce! 
Those little green blobs with eyes are ChuChus, and they are made of 
what seems to be a jelly substance. They take two hits each, feel free 
to have fun with them and/or use them as punching bags. Oh, and they 
can flatten themselves out before springing up to attack you – so watch 
out if you see a small moving green puddle just ahead of you. Upon 
leaving the foggy area, you will see a stump similar to the one you may 
have seen back at Lon Lon Ranch… you will come back to this one quite 
soon. Walk to your left. You can’t go through the log yet, so walk up 
through the shallow water, kill the two ChuChus, and head towards the 
white structure until you hear a cry for help, which should happen when 
you are standing in the middle of a shallow puddle.

If you know this game at all from the Official Art you may have seen, 
that thing screaming for help is none other then the Minish Cap itself. 
Of course, it does have a real name, but we’ll get to that in a moment. 
Right now, just get your little green butt back the way you came, though 
the foggy area to save him!

This won’t be a hard battle, just kill the two octoks. Minish Cap over 
there will then say he could have done it on his own. Don’t we feel 
good for saving him, though? Dialogue will once again take over your 
gaming experience, read it… and pay attention… Apparently, he is also 
on a curse to break a curse of Vaati’s, quote him. He wants to see the 
sacred blade break this curse, so he’s going to follow you.

And the cap has a name! His name is Ezlo.

Walk in whichever direction you wish, it’s going to be hard to get 
around with Ezlo trying to follow you without legs. He will stop you 
three times for walking too fast. On the third, he will just slam 
himself in Link’s face, make himself comfortable, and you can be on 
your way! Now you can’t possibly leave him behind. He will turn into a 
regular green hat… but if you ever want to hear him talk to you, press 
Select. Personally, I enjoyed it when I talked to him three seconds 
after he told me this. He has “superior intuitive sense”!

Make your way back to that old stump we saw earlier. Ezlo will explain 
all about these stumps to you. The Minish people are very small… of 
course, Link only knows them as the Picori. The Picori’s true names are 
the Minish. These magical stumps shrink you down to Minish Size: just 
jump on one and press R. To go back to normal size, stand next to a 
stump and press R.

Jump on the stump and press R to have Ezlo sing you a little Hylian 
song, and shrink you down. Now you are just a tiny spec! Also, you can 
walk through that log that you couldn’t before, so do so.

You will come to a large lake. Yes, this is no longer a puddle to you – 
you are Minish-size. You can fall in this water, though it will not 
hurt you, it will send you back to where you started. Hop the one of 
the clovers and take a ride to the pathway that leads to the Minish 
Village. Once there, make your way through the path, and into the 

“Pico picori!”? I think we now know how these fellows got their names 
that the humans call them. You can’t understand a word they are saying!

A huge hint is given by Ezlo to you, that there is someone in this 
village who understands your language. You can’t go in any houses or 
buildings yet, not until you do this first:

Go to the right and north into the path of clovers. At the fork, take a 
right again and go up the narrowest path. You will come to a dock, and 
a large blue building. Enter this building, it’s the only one you can 
at this point. Talk to the old Minish man blocking the northern door – 
he is Festari, and also the only one in the village who understands 
your language. Listen to what he has to say, because he will tell you 
where to get the item that allows you to understand Minish speech.

The barrel south of where you are now, go quickly, with the speed of 
someone smaller then a clover! You still can’t go into any buildings, 
except for that barrel. Better get that Jabber Nut Festari told you 

Go back through the narrow path, go right, and go north along the new 
path. Cross the bridge that leads to the top of the barrel, and go down 
the ladder. There is a simple puzzle to solve here: if you don’t know 
how to move blocks, it is very simple. Just walk up to one, stand on 
the side you want to push it, and walk in the direction you want the 
block to go. It will move. In this case, you want to make it go right 
or left, so you can go get that Nut.

Grab the nut. You will automatically eat it. Now you can understand the 
language of the Minish.

All houses are open to you now, feel free to explore the village and 
talk to Minish folk and such. When you are done with your fun in the 
village, make your way back to that blue building, so we can have a 
nice talk with Festari once again. Minish people now seem to be 
scattered throughout the town…

You need to talk to the elder now about the Picori Blade. He’s not hard 
to find – directly to your left, along the wide path, is a yellow-
roofed house. Inside is the elder. Have a talk with him about the 
broken Picori Blade. To repair the sword, you need the four elements – 
and they are scattered about the world. The Elder will mark on your map 
where these Elements reside. Look! One is right where you are, how 

Do as the Elder told you now, and speak with Festari once again. He 
will step away from the door, allowing you to enter Dungeon #1, 
Deepwood Shrine.

3.) Dungeon #1 – Deepwood Shrine
Walk out the now open door and back into the Minish Woods. There is 
only one place you can go, and that’s north from here. And what do you 
know? You are now back at the strange white structure you saw earlier 
before rescuing Ezlo. On your way, you will see a heart piece, but you 
can’t get that when you are your size. Just enter the white building, 
because that is the Deepwood Shrine. As you get close to the entrance, 
everything will appear large again. Enter the dungeon, and beware of 

In the first room, you will see two spider webs on either side of you. 
Don’t attempt to break them, because it cannot be done. Just go towards 
the next room. But wait, a statue blocks your way! If you remember how 
to push blocks from before, this works quite the same way, just move 
the statue and be on your way to the next room.

Its dark in this room… kill the slugs as a first priority. They can get 
annoying if you just leave them there. You’ll notice that the door to 
the north is locked, so we need to get a key. All you have to do is 
step on the switches next to each fire pit, and they will spark to life 
and light up the room. Once all four are lit, a treasure chest will 
appear in the center of the room. Open it to get a small key. Use it to 
open locked doors and blocks. It can be used only in the Deepwood 
Shrine dungeon.

To open the locked door, simply walk up to it and press A. The door 
will open for you. Now, continue on to the next room…

Watch out for falling slugs here. If you hear a dropping noise and see 
a shadow, get ready to dodge. Kill them once they fall so they don’t 
make an annoyance of this room. You can see a mushroom in the middle of 
the room – that is where Link needs to be. In order to get there, 
though, you’ll have to make a bridge. Walk up to the top right of the 
room to find a pulley. To pull the pulley, stand in front of it, hold R 
down, and walk backwards. When it is completely pulled, the bridge will 
create itself.

Now, the mushroom is something very important in this dungeon: They are 
your human slingshots. They will be used to fling Link across things 
such as water or gaps. To fling Link with a mushroom, grab hold of the 
mushroom with R, and walk back just like you did with the pulley. When 
you feel you are far enough back to be launched far enough to make the 
leap over the water, let go of the D-Pad completely. Link should fly 
across. It is generally a good idea at this point, to only pull up to 
where the tracks end. Later on, the tracks will get longer and there 
will be different distances you have to pull, so it would be a good 
idea to master this little technique.

Once you have successfully tossed Link over the water, go north to the 
next door. Watch out for yet another falling slug!

This room is probably one of the most important ones: It is your portal 
to many different rooms around the dungeon, by use of the large barrel 
in the center of the room. But as it is, that barrel is tied securely, 
so Link has to disconnect it. Go to your right, and avoid the little 
sand monster. They cannot be killed, so don’t go off attacking one. 
Walk up the stairs, and press the switch to light the fire. Some leaves 
holding the barrel to the wall will burn, and break. You’ve released 
half of the vines! Now you need to go to the other side of the room and 
do the same thing. Make your way down the stair, and go into the 

The barrel won’t budge as it is, still. So walk to the upper left of 
the barrel and go through. Walk to your left, avoiding once again those 
little sand monsters. Now, the stairs are not on the north side of the 
wall, so you don’t even need to touch those spots of sand. Go south, 
through the narrow passageway, around and up the stairs. This one is a 
bit different from the last burning. You need to have both switches 
being pressed at the same time, but Link is only one person! Well, 
conveniently placed is another statue, so push it on to the top switch 
if you will. Let Link stand on the bottom switch. Watch the pretty 
lights as the vines burn, and now, the barrel is completely 
disconnected from the wall, and will spin freely.

Go back around, past the sand monsters, and back into the barrel. Whoa! 
It spins when you move! We are going to go to the bottom left exit of 
the barrel. Position link on the left side of the barrel, and run 
downwards! Just keep running until Link exits out the bottom left exit. 
It will happen, and quickly. Once you are out of the barrel, go through 
the door to your left.

You will encounter a new enemy in this room: Those red bugs will attack 
you with a charge, so you’d better start slashing. They take three 
hits. Once it is dead, continue on to the left side of this room. 
You’ll see another mushroom, but this time it has two tracks on it! 
What to do? First, make Link pull it all the way back, and far as it 
can go, and make the leap. Break the vases if you desire for rupees and 
such, but what you really want is in the large chest. You will get a 
Dungeon Map! Lighter rooms are ones you have visited, the blinking room 
if your current location. Press up or down on the D-Pad to check 
different floors of the dungeon. Check this on your map screen, located 
on the start menu. This first dungeon is quite small – it has only 
three floors. Now, see that Heart Piece to the right of you? You’ll get 
it later. You can’t get it now.

Walk back down south to the end of the structure, and jump off but 
simply moving off the edge. Grab hold of the mushroom once again, and 
this time, only pull up to half way (the end of the first marking), 
before releasing. Go through the door to your left.

More falling slugs! Kill them now, because you have another new enemy 
coming your way. It will fly at you, but it isn’t much. Slash it with 
your sword until it dies. It takes two hits. Once all the enemies in 
this room are dead, you will notice a switch lying in the upper right 
hand corner of the room. In the upper left corner, you will see a vase. 
Now, don’t follow your instinct on this one: Do not break the vase. 
Instead, push it like you would a statue, until it rests on the switch. 
Behold! Another bridge has been created. Walk across it, and into the 
southern room.

Now, push the two statues on the switched to reveal a treasure chest. 
Take note of what Ezlo tells you: To push or pull something (usually 
you pull with this), grab it with R, and move backwards like you do the 
mushroom. You will use this now to get the treasure chest. Pull one of 
the statues out, walk inside the barricade, and pull the statue back on 
its switch to get the chest, which contains another Small Key. Exit 
this room by pushing your way out of the barricade of blocks, and going 
back to the northern room.

The bridge still remains intact here, so just go back across it and 
into the other room that you had come from.

Go through the door on your right, and walk south. Push the block out 
of the way so that you may get passed, and make your way back to the 
Barrel Room.

Enter the barrel again. This time, we want to go to the upper right 
exit. Position Link on the right side of the barrel, and run upwards! 
Do this until he has gone out of the upper right exit, which should 
happen quickly. You have a Small Key now – use it to open the locked 
door to your right, and enter.

You may be unsure of where to go in this room first. Use the mushrooms 
before walking up the stairs. Pull back on the first one up to the edge 
of the tracks, and release. Walk to your left to find a switch you can 
step on. This will create a bridge for easy access to that second 
mushroom. Now, use this second mushroom to launch Link across the gap. 
Break the vases if you feel like it, and then walk into the room on 
your right.

Watch out for falling slugs! Kill them all before continuing, they are 
more then an annoyance here. Now, you can rack your brain forever or 
for five minutes trying to figure this little puzzle out, and I highly 
suggest you do, because it is a bit fun to have a little challenge on 
the first dungeon. But if you can not seem to figure it out, this is 
what you do to get the statue on the switch, with Link able to go into 
the door: First, move the statue on the right one square to the right. 
Then, walk back around to the left statue, and place it on the switch. 
There, that was simple, no? Enter the door above you.

A mini-boss battle! It is you versus three of those red enemies that 
charge at you, so be careful. Use your shield if you need to. Once they 
are defeated, a small key will drop from the ceiling; grab it, and walk 
through the open door to your left.

Just a reminder: If you haven’t been saving at this point, I highly 
advise you do, unless you feel like doing this all over again.

We are back in the room that you probably had a hard time deciding 
where to go. Well, now you know that you can just run up the stairs 
from here. Do so, and drop down off the ledge to your right. Break the 
vases if you wish, you may find a heart, which you might need if your 
health is low from fighting. Restoring your health now would be a good 
idea, because you have more of those red enemies to face soon. Walk 
through the door to your left.

Immediately, before anything else, kill those red enemies before they 
go crazy. Once you are done, enter the northern room. This will take 
you down a flight of stairs. In his room, you will see another one of 
those flying bugs, which you should kill off right away, and a switch 
surrounded by vases. Don’t break the vases; just push one onto the 
switch. This will manifest another treasure chest, but it is facing 
away from you, you can’t get it yet. This chest won’t stay here for 
now, but I instructed you to do that just so you know there is a chest 
to get there later, which you will need.

Now, your main objective in this room is to reach that large treasure 
chest. To get to it, push the rightmost block up, and the left block to 
the left. This should open up a path for you to go in and open that 
chest. You will get a Compass! Use it to find the locations of hidden 
items. Check the map screen to see.

Exit this room for now and go back up the stairs. This time, enter the 
western room instead of the northern room. We want to open a door right 
now for later use. Watch out, because those little sand enemies will 
appear, four of them to be exact. They will appear on that first patch 
of sand. Anyways, when you get to it, hit the switch to open the bottom 
door. You need not use it now. Anyways, still avoiding the sand 
enemies, make your way through to the leftmost doors on the screen. If 
you tried to go through the unlocked door, and found yourself bound by 
a spider web, don’t worry, because remember: You have a small key! Make 
sure you go through the locked door, unlock it to open it.

Now, you fight your first true mini-boss. It’s pretty simple: First, 
hit the worm’s nose. Once you have hit the nose and it turns fully 
grey, slash at its swollen red tail. Do this as many times as you need 
to before the worm is dead, and don’t hesitate to slash like a maniac 
here. Once dead, the worm will explode, leaving you a green rupee and 
another large treasure chest! Inside this treasure chest is the Gust 
Jar. Hold the button to draw things in, and release it to fire them 
out! Set it to A or B in the items screen, and test it out. Try using 
it on the spider webs around the room, or how about on that door to the 

By all means, use the Gust Jar on the door, go through, and get the 
heart piece that you couldn’t before. Now, you’ll also be happy to know 
that this jar can be used to suck up sand, and even enemies! Also, the 
longer you hold down the button, the stronger the suction becomes, and 
the blast will also be stronger when you release.

Now, go back to the room full of sand. What do you do with the Gust Jar 
here? Suck up the sand! This will reveal a few switches, two to be 
exact; the switches are located on the left side of the room. Step on 
them to manifest two treasure chests, each containing ten Mysterious 
Shells! You don’t know what they are for, yet.

Now, find yet another switch in the sand: The square of sand on the 
other side of the wall that the rightmost switch in the room is. It 
should be above the southern door that you opened earlier. Stepping on 
this switch will create a warp pad on top of the ledge.

Also, now you can kill those annoying sand monsters! Just use the 
suction power of your Gust Jar to suck them until they turn grey and 
dizzy, and then slash them once with your sword.

Once you are completely finished here, exit to the room on your right. 
We are going to do a bit more dust cleaning with the Jar. Suck up all 
the sand in this room, all that surrounds the fire pits. It should 
reveal a switch. Step on the switch to reveal a treasure chest, and 
open then chest to receive 20 more mysterious shells! There is nothing 
hiding under the sand on the right side of the room, so you can just 
ignore it.

Go back out the left door, and then go south from there, avoiding the 
newly spawned sand enemies. You should now be back in the main barrel 
room. Push the block to your left to the left, and kill all sand 
enemies you see right away, sucking up the sand. In the center, you’ll 
find yet another switch. Step on it to reveal a chest containing 10 
more mysterious shells.

Time to go back in the barrel. Before we go and break the spider web in 
the barrel, we want to make our way back to the beginning of the 
dungeon. So, exit out the bottom right, and go south. In this room, 
watch out for the falling slug, and make your way east. When you hit a 
pair of blocks, push the top one to the right, and the bottom one into 
the water. Walk south, out of this room. Continue going south, avoiding 
the slugs in the next room. Now, you should be back in the first room 
of the dungeon, push the right statue aside so you can walk into the 
room, and what is there? A warp panel! Step on it, and nab the heart 
piece that it takes you to. Go back in the warp panel. Time to suck up 
some spider webs: suck up the left one first. Go down the stairs. Push 
the block that is below the chest to the right, and open the chest 
which contains a red rupee, worth 20 rupees. Go back up the stairs.

We’re not quite ready to face the boss yet. Step on the warp pad and 
teleport again. Jump down off the ledge and make your way back to the 
Barrel Room. Push the block aside, and enter the barrel again. Now, we 
are going to suck up that spider web.

Once that is done, a hole in the barrel will be created. You need to 
fall through this hole. Spin the barrel around, not running too fast, 
until you can see the hole open. Get Link to fall down the hole.

You need to find a way to travel by water, says Ezlo. So, what better 
way then by getting that lily pad to you? Suck it towards you with your 
Gust Jar. Now, once on the lily pad, use gusts of air to push the lily 
pad where you want it to go. In your case, get it to go down the 
waterfall. Continue to push it all the way to the right, and then 
making it go north. Kill any enemies that get in your way.

First, we want to take the path that goes to the right. Dock your lily 
where it needs to be, and walk up the stairs. You need to get a jar on 
that switch. Toss aside all jars except for the third one on the right 
of the middle row. Now, push that vase on the switch, opening the gate 
to the north. Go north.

Kill the enemy in this room if it is there, otherwise, dock your lily 
on the rightmost part of the land, and place a vase on the switch. Now 
is when you can get that chest. You wanted that one bad, didn’t you? 
Well, ride your lily over and open it, because inside is the much 
sought after… Small Key!

Just as an advisory: If you haven’t been frequently saving, I suggest 
you do so now. You wouldn’t want to do this all over again, would you?

Alright. Now, lead your lily back south, and then go west until you 
reach that main river room.

Now, we want to take the northern path here with out lily. Go north, 
and then go to the left, and pump your Gust Jar hard because slugs will 
try and fall on you! Anyways, once you get to the end, open the locked 
door with your newly received Small Key. Go in.

You are now in a room with yet another large chest, and multiple 
mushrooms and such. Pull back on the first mushroom, and launch 
yourself north. Now, you may be thinking, “How can I move now? I am on 
an area completely surrounded by water.” Well, fear not, because you 
have the Gust Jar! Suck on the mushroom to the right of you, pulling 
towards you, and once it reaches you it will automatically fling you.

Do this same process for the next mushroom to your right. Now, for this 
next mushroom, you should stand a bit farther away. Suck the mushroom 
to your left from a distance, get flung across the water, and open the 
large chest to get none other then the Big Key! Use it to open big 
doors! This will get you into the boss’s room.

Anyways, step on the nearby switch to reveal a red portal. Go in. You 
should now be back in the first room of the dungeon again, no? Well, 
now we need to take the stairs to the right. Suck up the spider web 
there, and go up the stairs.

You know what to do with that mushroom here – from a distance, suck it 
up with your jar, and then let it fling you. Walk around to the bottom 
of the room, do not stand on the shallow water, but stand far away, and 
repeat the process. You should now be in front of the boss’s room, time 
to fight. I recommend saving here, if you feel that you might die. For 
health reasons, each vase next to the boss room door has a heart in it. 
More then enough to make you full health again. Now, enter the room!

4.) Deepwood Shrine boss – Big Green ChuChu
Actually, it is a regular size ChuChu, you are just really tiny! 
Apparently, the ChuChu decided to make its home right on top of the 
dungeon, and now you have to fight it. For your convenience, there are 
four jars in the room, each containing one heart.

To kill this oversized green blob, suck on his base support with your 
Jar – it will steadily grow smaller. Once small enough, the ChuChu will 
wobble, and eventually fall. But, it will try to fall on you! So try 
and avoid this, and once it is down on the floor, slash at it with 
everything you’ve got. The ChuChu will also jump – so don’t let it land 
on you. Repeat this as many times as it takes to kill him. Also, take 
note that as he gets closer to death, he will jump more, making it more 
tedious and hard to get his base down to size.

Once defeated, the ChuChu will explode, with his eyes going crazy, and 
in front of you will appear one of the four Elements! You have just 
gotten the Earth Element! The power of the earth is the source of all 
living things. The Earth Element is the embodiment of that power.

Now, grab the heart container, and get out of that dungeon using the 
green warp provided!

5.) Return to Minish Village
Whew! That was quite a fight. Now that you have been teleported back to 
the beginning of the Deepwood Shrine, you can simply make your way out 
the front door and back into the Minish Woods, you’ve done everything 
you can do here.

Walk past the heart piece… you still can’t get it! You will later, 

Go south until you reach the Minish Village, and enter. Remember when 
the Elder said to come back and talk to him after getting the Element? 
Well, you are now doing this. Make your way west to the elder’s yellow-
roofed house and have a chat with him. He will give you an important 
tip: Where you are to head next, while also complimenting you on your 

6.) Of Bombs, Hyrule, and Kinstone
Your newest destination is Mount Crenel. There, you are to talk to a 
man named Melari. This man is a Minish, and supposedly, according to 
the Elder, there is no Minish better to repair your broken Picori 
Blade. The Elder will send a word to Melari, and wish you luck and bon 

But wait, there’s more! He will open a door for you on your left – one 
that will get you out of the forest quickly. Take it. Walk through the 
second room, and out the next door. You should be standing outside of 
the Elder’s home, on a path that leads to the forest. Go in. Before you 
do anything else, have a talk with the Minish in the nearby teeny tiny 
house: His name is Belari, and he is an inventor and researcher. He 
will give you a helpful item that will allow you to clear away debris 
on your way out of the forest.

Behold the glorious Bomb Bag! Now you can blow up lots of stuff! Now 
you can leave the house.

Link is still tiny! We’ll have to fix this. Press R while standing next 
to the stump to enlarge yourself. Ah, it’s good to be big again! Walk 
north and examine that tombstone-like object: it will grant you the 
power of the wind, and disappear. I wonder what this could mean? 
Anyways, leave it there for now, and cross the bride to the west. Going 
north here will get you nowhere, because those holes are Minish size. 
So, we are going south. But something blocks our way, something that 
can be blown up. Blow up the tan colored cracked stones with your 

Walk south and cross the bridge to your left, it will take you back to 
the eastern hills. Watch out for some new enemies in here – those 
turtles hide in the grass and will pop out and attack you. They take 
two hits each, so they should be no threat. Now, grab hold of the 
mushroom to your left, and pull back, then launch yourself over the 
crevice. It’s time to get tiny again, so jump on the stump and press R 
to shrink Link to Minish size.

Walk into the nearby Minish house to learn about a very important item, 
the Kinstones. There’s nothing you can do about it now, but remember 
where this little guy is, because he wants you to come see him when you 
get Kinstones. Be on the lookout for them.

Go out the door and enlarge yourself with the stump. First things 
first, blow up one of those cracked rocks with a Bomb and walk through. 
Go through the northern path created, and now we see a nice big crack 
in the wall. Any guesses on what to do here? Yes, bomb the wall and 
break it open. Walk inside to find a new enemy, Keese, which you should 
kill off right away (1 hit each, but they get annoying), and a blue 
treasure chest, which contains 20 Mysterious Shells! Leave this room.

Walk to your left and go up the stairs, killing any enemies that may 
get in your way. We have also, another new enemy to introduce – 
Peahats. And you can’t hurt them, no matter how many times you slash 
your sword at them. To kill them, take out your Gust jar and fire a 
puff of air at them, which will knock them down, leaving them 
vulnerable. From then on, they take two hits. You can also suck them 
into your Jar, and fire them to kill them.

When you have finished disposing of the Peahats, follow the dirt path 
north. First thing you want to have Link do here is blow up the rocks 
with a Bomb. The path back to the entrance of the Minish Woods is open, 
and we can do something that you may have wanted to do for a while. If 
you feel like getting that heart piece, follow the next paragraph. If 
not, skip it.

Enter the Minish Woods and make your way east, across the narrow 
bridge, down the foggy area, go east past the stump, and now take the 
north path through the puddle. Follow the path you took just before you 
met Ezlo – it should lead you right to the Deepwood Shrine. Look how 
small it is! Kill any ChuChus that get in your way, and nab the heart 
piece. Leave the Minish Woods out the way you came.

Now that you’re back at the Eastern Hills, let’s make our way north. Go 
up, following the path. Oh, but you can’t go any further! Mutoh, the 
head carpenter, is blocking your way with his workers. We’ll have to 
find another way around. Go back south.

You blew up the cracked rocks already, so walk through that path you 
created before. In this area, those groundhogs will sprout up in packs 
of six again. If you wish, kill them. If not, continue west.

In South Hyrule Field, go south, and then east along the path to reach 
Link’s house. Just to the right of Link’s house is yet another one of 
those strange tombstone-like objects, just like the one you saw in the 
Minish Woods. It will grant you the power of the wins, again, and 
disappear! Now, cut the small tree’s to gain access to Link’s house. If 
you need to, you can take a rest at Links house to refill your health 
meter. You can also visit Master Smith, and a chest filled with 20 
rupees. Now, from Link’s house, head north to reach the entrance to 
Hyrule, killing any enemies that get in your way.

And what is this? Upon entering Hyrule, we hear of the Kinstones – a 
man in blue, with three children following him, will tell you to see 
how many you can collect. This is the Hurdy-Gurdy Man. You see, 
Kinstones are not whole stones alone; they must be fused together by 
finding matching pieces. This is not a game, though; Hurdy-Gurdy Man is 
here to offer you a free Kinstone Bag! Take it and cherish it. You can 
now carry Kinstone pieces with you. Press Start to view its contents 
from the Quest Status screen. Listen to the blue mans explanation about 
Kinstones. Fusing Kinstones is called, obviously, Kinstone Fusion. 
Supposedly when you fuse two matching Kinstone together, great 
happiness comes to you! When people want to fuse Kinstones with you, 
they will have the Heart floating above their head, as Hurdy-Gurdy does 

Press L in front of a person to fuse Kinstones. The Kinstone Screen 
will pop up, showing your Kinstone, and the other persons Kinstone.

Press A to fuse the Kinstones at the demonstration screen shown to you 
by Hurdy Gurdy. Amazing! They fit! Now, something will appear in South 
Hyrule Field that you can go get now. Follow the map shown to you: it 
will lead you to the now open tree.

We are going to get this little bit of happiness now. Leave Hyrule Town 
for now, and go south until you reach Links house. Stop for a rest if 
you want to, and then continue east. Enter the tree, which shouldn’t be 
hard to find (it is located in the very bottom right corner of South 
Hyrule Field), and nab the Piece of Heart! Now, a nice surprise, if you 
have been following this guide correctly, you will get an extra heart 
on your life meter. Exit the tree, and go back north to Hyrule Town.

Another advisory: If you don’t feel like doing this all over again, 
please you’re your game now… aren’t you glad there are reminders?

There are several things you can do in Hyrule Town. To make some money, 
there is a Cucco catching game, brought to you by the woman in the 
bottom right corner of town. Just near the entrance of town, to the 
right, is the town shop, where you can buy bombs, a larger Money Bag, 
and another Small Shield. I recommend getting the Money Bag and more 
bombs, because he will not allow you to get another Shield. If you need 
money, play the Cucco catching game for rupees. Also, when you buy 
things, he will stock his store with more expensive items, such as the 
Boomerang, which sells for 300 rupees. Unless you’ve been out rupee-
collecting, you can’t buy these things yet.

In the bottom left corner, there is a man named Swiftblade, who you can 
train your sword skills with. Train with Swiftblade to learn new 
techniques. They will be very helpful to you in the future. First, he 
will teach you the Spin Attack. It is easy to learn and master – just 
pres and hold the button for your sword until you gather enough energy, 
and release. You will do a 360 degree spin with your sword. On top of 
that, he will give you a scroll, so that you can look at information 
about this technique. When you get your new sword, you will come back 
to learn another technique from him. For now, leave his house.

Now, make your way a northeast of the Town Shop, following the path up 
a flight of stairs. You should reach a small, yellow-roofed bricked 
house, with a ladder going underground to the right of it. Enter this 
house to meet Hagen, the mayor of this fine city. He, apparently, loves 
masks. But you don’t care much for that now; just remember that he 
loves masks. Exit out his house to the right, and go underground using 
the latter. Open the treasure chest to reveal a red Kinstone Piece! 
Exit the underground area, go back through the mayor’s house, and make 
your way now to Hyrule Castle. Most other buildings around the town are 
not open yet, so there is no real point in exploring them. Other 
buildings include the Library, Game Room, Post Office, etc… you’ll 
notice what they are from the unique statue each building has above 
it’s roof.

So, you’ve reached the path to the castle. Anyways, you apparently 
cannot enter. The Guard will not let you pass, so we’ll observe a bit. 
Notice another tombstone-like statue next to the castle. Check it, and 
it will grant you the power of the wind again, and disappear… again.

Since we can’t go in the castle, we may as well exit the town. Walk 
southwest from where you are now, going back to the 4-way intersection, 
and take the west path across the bride. Continue west until you meet 
up with another Guard – he won’t let you pass either! He demands you 
show him a Spin Attack, just to make sure you will be safe out there. 
Show him the Spin Attack you learned, and he will open the path to the 
Trilby Highlands.

7.) To Mount Crenel
Alright, with the path to the Trilby Highlands open, we can get to 
Mount Crenel. Enter the Highlands, and go north. When you hit an 
intersection between a bridge and the normal dirt path, take the dirt 
path west. Continue following the path until you reach a second bridge. 
Cross it, and then go west to the next screen. Do not go north on 
another bridge you may see.

Link has just entered Mt. Crenel’s base. If you are starving for 
rupees, go east and climb the tall vine that leads to a red rupee. 
Otherwise, blow up that wall you see as you enter the Base with a 
bomb. Hopefully you restocked when you were at Hyrule Town. When you 
enter the cave, equip your shield and prepare to deflect a nut from 
that scrub. When you hit him, he will explain to you that a friend of 
his south of the Trilby Highlands has something you can use to climb 
Mt. Crenel. So, off we go.

Re-enter the Trilby Highlands. Walk back the way you entered, but do 
not go back to Hyrule Town – continue south, until you see a ladder 
that goes underground. Take this ladder down.

Now, by looking at this room you may find it completely useless to you 
– but look at the right wall. In between the two fire pits is a cracked 
wall you can bomb up. Bomb it, and walk in. Prepare to defend yourself 
once again against nuts. Once you have defeated the Scrub, talk to him. 
He will do you a favor and give you a super deluxe item for a mere 
twenty rupees…

If you bought it, of which you have no choice but to do if you want to 
continue forward, this item is none other then an Empty Bottle! Use it 
to store all sorts of things.

Exit the cave completely, and walk back north through the highlands. 
Make your way back to Mt. Crenel’s Base… but on your way stop at the 
steps that lead into the water. Do not go into the water, but do equip 
your newly received Empty Bottle. Press the button you assigned it to, 
and scoop up some water. Now, continue to Mt. Crenel’s Base.

You know that little tiny green seed at the base? If you don’t it 
should be right in front of you. Sprinkle that water on it, and let it 
grow. Now, you can climb it the mountain. Climb the vine, and head 
north up the stairs. Here you will find something very unique to this 
area – green water. And it will be needed for many things here, so keep 
that Empty Bottle of yours handy.

On this screen, watch out for the jumping spiders. They… obviously 
enough, jump. They take two hits each, so once again, this should be no 
problem for you. Along the top wall of this area you will see boulders 
falling… try your best to avoid them. After you have gone far enough, 
you should start to see a crowd of trees. Hidden, or not so hidden, 
behind these trees is a breakable wall. Bomb it and enter.

This is probably your first encounter with a room like this: This is a 
Fairy Spring. Here you can replenish your heath with one of those 
fairies, or you can catch a fairy in a bottle and save it for later, to 
use it when you’d like, or for it to revive you when you die. Later in 
the game, it is often wise to have a spare fairy or two in bottles, 
which you will get more of.

Now that you are done in there, exit. When you come to a fork in the 
path, take the path to your right, and continue south from there. After 
going as far south as you can go, you should come to another fork. Take 
the left path this time, killing any spiders you may see. Now, if you 
see a wall to bomb, don’t blow it up just yet – continue on your merry 
way going left, until you reach an open door leading into the mountain.

Prepare, once again, to defend yourself against the Shrub. When you 
defeat it, he will sell you bombs for 30 rupees per ten bombs, which, 
if you are anything like me, may have accidentally used a few too many 
along the way. If not, then do not accept the bombs from him.

Leave this room, make a right, and then go north, heading to the wall 
you saw before. It’s quite bomb-able, so blow it up now. Enter the 
cave. The first thing you want to do is kill the Keese, as they can 
become annoying if you leave them alive. When they have been disposed 
of, grab hold of the nearby red mushroom, and drag yourself back quite 
a distance. Launch Link across the gap, and go down the stairs to the 

New enemy! These iron-masked enemies shouldn’t be much of a problem. 
That is, until you pull of that mask they have on. To do so, arm your 
Gust Jar, and vacuum up the masks of the birds. Once the mask is 
successfully pulled off, proceed to slash at them with your sword. They 
take two hits from here. Now, once that is over, continue to move right 
across the room, killing off of these little iron birds as you go. When 
you get to the exit… well, exit.

A new enemy approaches! You’ve seen ones like these before, but this 
one is a different color. This is a Red ChuChu. It is no tougher then a 
Green ChuChu, but it’s red. Therefore, you must know about it, and it’s 
newness to you. Move on now towards the whirlwind – Ezlo will tell you 
to jump into it. Follow his instinct, because once you do, you will flu 
up into the air, using him as sort of a parachute. When you are 
launched into the air, try and make your way to the left of the screen, 
where the other whirlwind resides. Land on the other whirlwind first to 
give yourself another boost into the air, and then land safely on the 

Continue to head to your left, until you can not go any further. From 
here, head north, across the bridge, to the next screen. Bomb the area 
in between the two trees, to open up a path to a room. In this room 
there are three pink, cracked blocks. Bomb them, and collect the Heart 
Piece, 50 rupees in the right chest, and a blue Kinstone Piece in the 
left chest. You must be pretty happy now! Leave this area, walking out 
of the entrance, back south, and east until you reach a ladder to 
climb. Climb it.

Kill off any enemies in your way, if there are any. Suck up all the 
grey blocks you see around you. Examine this entire ledge – leave not 
one spot unsearched. To the right of the ledge, a small crack should be 
found on the ground. And down near the lower part of the area you 
should find something much better then a crack.

Uncover the large Rock. Use this rock to shrink yourself – they will be 
the new Stumps. Shrink down to Minish Size, and run over to that crack 
you uncovered a bit earlier. Fall down into it. It is a Minish house! 
Nab the Kinstone Piece inside the treasure chest when you first enter. 
Also, for a hint, talk to the Minish standing near you. He will tell 
you what specific kinds of plants like certain types of water: Blue 
Crenel Beans like normal water, while green beans like the special Hot 
Spring Water (Or Mineral Water, if you are playing the American 
version.). This Hot Spring Water is colored green – and you saw it 
near the entrance of Crenel.

Anyways, you are done in this house, so you may leave it. Climb up the 
latter and walk down along the path east to the vine. Climb up, and 
enter the cave. Navigate your way through the simple maze – it really 
is that simple, since there is only one path to take. Be careful not to 
fall off while also killing the bugs around you. When you get to the 
door at the end of this treacherous path, enter it.

Here you will see some moving spikes – try to avoid them at all costs, 
walk around them, whatever you need to do to continue heading north. 
Once you get past this easy obstacle, walk across the bridge, and open 
the chest to get yet another Kinstone Piece! Now, go back the way you 
came, past the spikes, and back through the maze.

You no longer need be Minish Size anymore. Make your way back to the 
stone, and enlarge yourself by pressing R next to the rock. Walk to the 
west, and leave this little area by going down the ladder.

You heard what the Minish said – the hot spring is located near the 
base of Crenel’s Base. So now that we are off that area, let’s go east, 
shall we? When you hit the end of the area and get to the ledge, take 
the south drop area and jump down off. Walk east from here killing any 
enemies you may encounter, until you get to a wall surrounded by two 
large stone blocks and a fence-type object on the inside of the blocks. 
You should see just enough opening in between the fences and the blocks 
for a door to be there, and there is. Bomb the open area! A door shall 
appear, enter.

In this room, there should be three red ChuChus. Kill them off. Climb 
up the ladder to get up on the plateau above you.

The first thing you’ll want to do here is ignore the Minish Portal (We 
will call these rocks/stumps/etc. that shrink you to Minish size Minish 
Portals from this point on.), and bomb the broken stone you see. Now, 
using your awesome Minish shrinking powers, shrink yourself on that 
portal over to your left. You are getting closer to the hot spring 
water, but not there quite yet. Follow the path to your right, and 
enter the even smaller path it leads to. You should now be in full view 
of link, not a two pixel view any more.

Walk along this path, killing any enemies you may see. Watch out for 
small boulders that will fall off ledges above you. Now, you come to a 
large green spring at the end. You still have you empty bottle, so take 
it out and fill your bottle with Crenel Hot Spring Water. It’s piping 
hot! Go back through this path and leave this area – we are done with 
the hot spring. Obviously, now, you will want to enlarge yourself with 
the Minish Portal. Do so, and jump off the ledge to your left to go 

Continue south, then west from here, going back to the cave with the 
mushroom. If you do not remember what cave this is, it is to the west, 
and at the fork take the northern path to the cave that resides in 
between whirlwinds. Use the mushroom to once again fling yourself 
across, walk down the steps, avoid the enemies, because you don’t have 
to kill them, and exit out the eastern exit. Walk south, jump on the 
whirlwind, and glide west as you did before. Now, continue west, and 
climb the ladder that leads to the Minish Portal you had used long 
before. Use this Minish Portal again, shrink yourself.

Make your way left to the path which leads to the large green seed. 
Enter the path and walk along it as you did the path to the Hot Spring 
Water – kill/avoid any enemies in your way until you reach the seed. 
When you get to the Green Crenel Seed, don’t pour your hot spring water 
on it just yet – it’s not going to grow just sitting there like that. 
Pick it up and carry the thing, Link is strong enough! Carry it right 
out of the pathway and into the hole in the ground located just to the 
right of the path.

Now, with the seed resting safely in the hole, go back to the Minish 
Portal and make yourself large again. Now, walk over to the seed, and 
sprinkle your Hot Spring Water on it, and watch it grow. Climb up, and 
welcome to Mount Crenel!

8.) Mount Crenel
You’ve finally made it to the real Crenel. Here, you will see two paths 
to take, one up a ladder and one that leads to your right. You cannot 
take the path up the ladder, which leads to Crenel Wall, because you 
cannot climb the wall yet! The first thing, then, we must do is get the 
tool that will allow you to climb that wall.

Take the path to your right; it is the only way you can go currently. 
Watch out for those two stones you come across soon – they are enemies. 
Those turtle guys have found another way to hide themselves, and it’s 
under rocks. To defeat them, suck the rock off of them with your gust 
jar, and then just throw their own stone back at them. They’ll die 
instantly. Continue to move to the right… until you reach a bridge 
(From now on, when crossing paths, assume you should kill or avoid 
every enemy in your way.). Take the bridge north, and bomb the wall you 
come up to in order to open a door.

Inside, throw the vases aside, or at the two ChuChus if you wish to get 
rid of them. Open the chest you see before you to get another Kinstone 
Piece! Now, leave this room, going up the steps to your left.

Here we have a new type of ChuChu: Black ChuChus. Unlike Red and Green 
ones, these actually have a specific power of their own. When you try 
and strike them, they become large and spiky, and invulnerable to 
attacks. But when they get small again, they are yours to slash at – 
two hits. When you have killed it, kill the Red ChuChu beside it, and 
bomb up the pink blocks. Move the rightmost block up, and the top one 
up. Kill the second Black ChuChu in the room, and be on your merry way 
south to the next screen.

Here we see something nice – a whirlwind! You should know what to do 
with these. Jump into the first one you see, and glide over the second 
one. Land in it, and then glide onto the ledge west of it. Climb the 
ladder to the north of Link.

On this screen, walk all the way to the right until you find a door you 
can blast open with your bombs, which should be just to the left of a 
sign that reads “Shortcut to bottom.” Be prepares to defend yourself – 
another Deku Scrub is here, so have your shield out and ready. He will 
sell you something called the Grip Ring… accept. Now you can easily 
climb cliffs that you could not scale before. You can climb walls that 
look like climbing walls – they should look bumpy, and darker compared 
to other, normal cliff walls.

Walk out of here, and go back to your left. When you reach the ladder 
you came from, climb down. You’ll want to jump back down to Crenel Wall 
from here, so go to the left, and jump down the ledge. Make your way 
left still, until you reach a tall climbing wall. Begin to climb, and 
be very careful to watch for falling boulders.

Just avoid the boulders here. They don’t knock you off, but they do 
hurt your health. When you begin to climb, hang to the right and 
continue moving to the right, until you see a platform with a sign on 
it you can land on. The sign reads “No bomb throwing.” Naturally, you 
are going to want to take out your bombs, and blow up the wall to your 
right. It is the only wall not guarded by fencing. A door will appear – 
enter it.

It is a Great Fairy Spring! To awaken this great Fairy, you will have 
to defy the sign yet again. Throw a bomb right into the spring. The 
Great Fairy will then ask you a question… Did you throw a Golden Bomb 
or a Silver Bomb into the spring? Answer “Neither.” And she will reward 
your kindness with a bigger bomb bag. You can now carry thirty bombs! 
Exit the spring and continue your climb up Crenel Wall. At this point, 
it does not matter which path you take to reach the top.

When you reach the top, you will find a new type of spider, which have 
blue tops instead of red. These take three hits each, unlike the red, 
which take two. Before you head north and to your right, to the 
mushroom, to the left until you see a ladder to climb down. Go down it, 
and then go into the door to your right. This man is the Crenel Hermit. 
And he will give you information: When you see strange patterns on a 
wall, bomb it. You may now leave this area, climb back up the ladder, 
and walk northeast until you get to a mushroom.

Pull as far back as you can, and launch yourself! My, my… what is this? 
Has it begun to rain? It has! And a nice music change, as well. 
Anyways, you’ll want to step on that Minish Portal you see right now, 
and shrink yourself. Walk south until you reach a small path that can 
be taken by Minish Link. In here, you’ll want to watch out for 
raindrops – they can be quite deadly when you are only a two pixel 

Once you have gotten to the end of the treacherous raindrop path, 
enlarge yourself using the nearby Minish Portal. To your left, you will 
see a boulder resting next to an empty hole. Push it in. Then, make 
your way back right top find another boulder, Navigate the boulder 
around the rocks in a way that will allow you to bring the boulder to 
the left, and over the other boulder you had pushed into the empty 
hole. From there, push it right then up, until you get it to the point 
where it can be pushed into a second empty hole. At this point, walk 
over it, and push the third boulder out of your way so you can climb 
down underground using the ladder.

Make your way south in this room, and go left. Only one of each block 
will move. You have to find that block. The first block is the 
uppermost block – push it in and walk by. The second block is the 
bottommost block, push it and go. The third is a combination of two 
blocks – the bottom block pushed to the right, and the middle block 
pushed upwards. The fourth block should be the bottommost block on the 
right side.

The fifth is quite tricky. Push the rightmost block down, the top block 
right, block below that down, block next to that one right, and then be 
on your merry way out of here.

Whew! It seems like it stopped raining!

Make your way all the way to the right and enter the door. Before you 
launch yourself with that mushroom, suck the vases away from the other 
side of the gap, to they don’t stop you from landing. Then, launch, and 
walk down the steps. You can ignore the vases here, and the blocks, 
because they don’t do a thing but have some bombs and a rupee inside. 
If you need bombs, get them, because you need one for this next part.

When you reach an unfinished bridge, with a switch on the other end, 
take out a bomb. Pick it up with R, and throw it across the gap at the 
switch. When it explodes, the switch will activate, and the bridge will 
complete itself. Make your way south out of this screen.

Walk around the path and into the next door to your left. Whoopee.

You’ll need to push the boulder in here into that empty hole. To get it 
there push it in this order: Down, left, left, down, down, left, left, 
left, up, left, up, left. It will land in the hole, a tune will play, 
and you can push that statue out of your way. Go down the steps.

A treasure chest! Let’s get it, shall we?  Push the bottommost block 
left, and then the one above it up. Continue to your left and push the 
block blocking your path to the chest left. Open the chest to find 
another blue Kinstone Piece! You can now exit this room.

It’s time to get tiny. So, shrink yourself with the nearby Minish 
Portal, and walk west to go into the Minish sized path. Whew, lots of 
bugs here. Kill them off if you wish, but make your way to the end of 
this path and out the door to the south. You should now be in an area 
called Melari’s Mines.

9.) Mine of Magnificent Melari!
It sure was a pain getting here, eh? You can now finally meet up with 
Melari, who supposedly knows more about fixing up your sword.

It’s all perfectly safe from here. So, if you want, converse with the 
Minish people here. If you just want to meet Melari, go right until you 
find stairs to walk down. Go down them, and continue south. Ignore the 
door, and walk west until you reach another flight of stairs you can 
walk down. Do so and go down. Walk north, ignoring the Minish man 
blocking another door – you don’t need to go through this yet. It leads 
to outside.

Go down the steps to the north. You are now on the bottom floor, and 
should see a large Minish person standing in front of you, with two 
small ones behind him. Talk to him, for this man is none other then the 
Melari you seek! He is the Master Smith around here. Link will show him 
the broken Blade, and he will fix it up into…

Nothing yet! Repairing this sword takes time – and so, you have time to 
go get another element. Walk west, up the stairs, and talk to the 
Minish blocking the door. He will allow you to pass, and enter the 
Mine. Leave through the exit, and enlarge yourself with the Minish 
Portal. To your right, you should see another tombstone statue thing! 
Check it, and make it disappear.

Walk up the stairs, and enter Dungeon #2, Cave of Flames.

10.) Dungeon #2 – Cave of Flames
When you first enter, take the door to your right, not the one above 
you, as it leads to a blocked path. On this screen, kill off the Bomb 
enemies, which take only one hit, but will run around after you hit 
them until they decide to explode, so watch out. Once those guys are 
dead, bomb the door to the north open, and walk through.

These turtles in this room are dangerous unless you know how to work 
with them. You sword, bombs, and gust jar will not work for this. You 
need your shield. Take it out and defend yourself when one attacks you 
– after it hits you, it will flip over. Proceed to then slash it with 
your sword, it takes two hits. Kill off the second one, and a large 
blue chest will appear in the center. Open it to reveal a…

Compass! Use it to find locations of hidden items, like you did in 
Deepwood Shrine. Now, walk through the open door to your left.

In this room, try collecting the rupees. You will be surprised when it 
is revealed that one of them is not a rupee, but an enemy called a 
Like-Like! These enemies will grab you and trap you, and you must tap B 
to get yourself out. They take an enormous amount of hits. Just slash 
at them all you can if you absolutely have to. When you are done, walk 
down the steps to the north.

Nothing to do in this room. Go southwest into the next room.

Kill the bomb guy and go up the stairs, then head north. From here, 
continue east, and then south. Go east until you find an open door that 
leads to a room filled with iron-masked birds. Ignore them, and listen 
to Ezlo: Hop in that mine cart! You will go pretty fast, and open a 
wooden door into a room far west.

Continue west, killing all enemies in your way, until you reach a wall 
that can be blasted open with a bomb. Do so, and walk in.

In this room, you have no choice but to kill all five iron-masked 
birds. Kill them off, and a Minish Portal will appear in the center of 
the room! Jump on it and shrink yourself. What is this? No fun 
animation? Oh well, once you are shrunk, walk north, and find the small 
hole with an arrow above it. Walk through.

Those are some pretty big spiky turtles! You probably want to avoid 
them at all costs. Walk across the room with caution and go through the 
door to your right. Continue right in the next room, and go through the 
small Minish door.

You can’t get that heart piece yet! Ignore it for now – we’ll come back 
and get it later. For now, walk south through the Minish door. Continue 
south in the next room, again, through another Minish door, to enter a 
very misty room.

You can’t climb down the stairs, so walk left, and then go south to 
find a small opening in the ledge barricade that you can jump down 
through. Navigate your way around the fire to get to the Minish Portal, 
and enlarge yourself. Now, make your way south across the red stones – 
move fast, as they sink – and nab the Kinstone Piece inside the chest. 
Also, press the switch to open the door below. Make your way back 
across the sinking stones, navigate around the Portal and go up the 
stairs. Open up the big treasure chest to get your Dungeon Map! Now you 
can never get lost!

Go back south and cross two of the red stones south, onto the third 
non-sinking one. Before you step on the sinking stone to your right, 
use your gust jar to rid yourself of the vases on the other side. Then, 
make your merry way across the next few stones and east into the next 

The enemies in this room can actually be rolled up into balls! Just 
point your gust jar at them and hit them with a gust of air. They will 
curl up – but don’t push them into the lava, or they will be lost! Pick 
one of the balled enemies up, and throw it into the hole in front of 
the treasure chest in the room. Open the chest and claim 50 rupees for 
yourself! Then, grab another balled enemy and throw it into the hole in 
front of the vases blocking your exit. Toss the vases aside, and walk 
up the stairs. The door is closed though, and there is a switch next to 
a treasure chest that you need to hit. Jump into the whirlwind and fly 
south to the next whirlwind. Once you have hit that, fly north around 
the rock barrier and land safely on the ground. You can’t get this 
chest yet – just hit the switch and we will then get the chest.

Once you hit the switch, the door will open. Push the extruding block 
up or down, and then push the treasure chest to the west, and only to 
the west, until it drops in the hole. Open it to get a Small Key! Go 
north through the door, and then east through the next room. Toss the 
vases aside, and continue east. Get in the Mine Cart again, and ride 
back to the iron-masked bird filled room.

You have a small key – open that door to your left! Walk through, and 
across the track bridge. Slash the switch with your sword, and walk 
back across the bridge. Get back in the cart and ride it. You will go 
through many doors, and past the heart piece! You will get it soon, but 
first we need to continue through the door to your left. Have your 
shield ready.

Kill the two spiked turtles, and go through the northern door.

Watch out for those blades on the side of the room – when you pass in 
between them, they will strike. The empty hole will protect you, 
though, because you will fall into it and they are above you. Jump out 
of the hole. Anyways, that mine cart is overturned, you cannot ride it. 
So you will have to make your way across the bridge on your own. Be 
careful, as there are keese flying around.

When you reach the other end, it’s time to get that much wanted Piece 
of Heart. Bomb the door to your south and go through, nab the heart 
piece when you get there. Collect two more to increase your life 
energy! Once you have it, go back north. Head north again through the 
next door.

Prepare yourself for a mini boss battle! Go north and drop down – eight 
Black ChuChus will attack you. Kill them off as quickly as you can. It 
shouldn’t be too hard of a battle. Now, open the large chest that 
appears to get a whole new item…

The Cane of Pacci! This mystical rod has the power to flip things over. 
Use it to charge up energy in holes and then flip up on out of it!

Continue on west though the next room, and equip your newly acquired 
Cane of Pacci. Break the vases if you wish, and the walk onto the first 
sinking stone. Fire your Cane of Pacci at the next stone, which is 
flipped upside down. It will flip right side up, and you can walk 
across it. When you have crossed, Ezlo will tell you to fire your Pacci 
into the hole south of you. Do so, and then jump in! You will spin a 
few times, and then be launched upwards. Step on the switch to open the 
door, and create a Blue Warp Pad down below you that leads back to the 
beginning of the dungeon.

I suggest you save now – I know you don’t want to do all of this over 

Anyways, now that you are all saved, go south. Make sure you don’t let 
the blades hit you, and use the Cane of Pacci to flip the cart over. 
Jump in the cart and take a ride. When you have gotten off, walk south 
to the treasure chest. Push it north, and then into the hole. Open it 
to receive a Small Key.

Jump back in the mine cart, and head north again. Head north from that 
room, avoiding the blades again, and jump down the ledge. Use your 
newly gotten Small Key to open the door above you.

In this new room, do not hit the switch that changes the railroad track 
path – go straight to the Minish Portal and shrink yourself. Now we 
have the dangerous part: making your way through the path of moving 
blades without getting hurt! There are places you can stop in between 
the blades, so this shouldn’t be too hard, but be careful. Head west 
and cross the path of blades to get to the Minish door.

In this next screen, you don’t have to fear those little red guys – 
they don’t move yet. Make your way through the maze of red blocks 
(Which you can’t really call a maze since there is only one path…), and 
get to the Minish Portal to enlarge yourself. Now you have to fear the 
little red blades buys.

These blades will move in the only direction available to them when you 
walk in front of them, but they move slow, giving you time to escape. 
They do increase in speed as time goes on, if you let them spin too 
long. Don’t let one hit you! Make your way back through the almost-maze 
of red blocks, and try to avoid the spinning red blades as much as 

When you reach the end, flip the nearby cart over with your Pacci 
Powers! You can now ride this cart. So… do so. When you are flung off, 
hit the switch with your sword to change the tack position, and 
immediately get back on the cart. In this next room, do whatever you 
need to do to turn the four enemies into balls. Pick them up, one by 
one, and throw them into the holes in the southeast corner of the room. 
Fill up all four holes, and then grab the pink platform that a switch 
lays on with R. Drag the switch back with R, and then push it north, 
into the hole in the northwest corner. Proceed to then hit the switch, 
and the gates will lower.

Walk up the steps, and jump down the northernmost ledge on the screen 
you see after walking north. A treasure chest should be right in front 
of you. Open it to get a blue Kinstone Piece! You may then push the top 
block to the right to get out. Head south from here, and fire your 
Pacci at the hole. Get in the hole and fire yourself upward to get what 
is in the second treasure chest… a green Kinstone Piece! You can then 
head east to the next screen.

Fire! Blow it out with your Gust Jar. Here you now have a few sinking 
stones that are turned upside down, and one that is not. Stand on the 
one that is not upside down, and fire your Pacci at the upside down 
stone as it passes you by. Ride it north with your gust jar equipped, 
and step on the area that heads east, not the one that goes to the boss 
room. Blow out the fire in your way, and step on the switch to reveal a 
Red Warp Pad that leads to the beginning of this dungeon.

Now, you have to flip that same stone over again, so do so, and then 
ride it back to the beginning of this room. You will then have to flip 
it over again, because it sunk. Once you have it flipped, ride it 
south, and flip the other one quickly. Get on that one. Flip the next 
one in the series, and get on that. Flip all that you need to so that 
you can go east, and then take the northern path. Get to the end of 
that path, and flip another stone. Before you get on it, however, suck 
up those vases with your gust jar. Then ride the stone across and get 
off on the safe area.

This part is pretty tricky, and you might have to time it. You also 
must be quick doing this, so I would read what you have to do before 
going and doing it.

First, get on the first sinking stone. In the middle, when you can, 
flip the stone over. Wait until it passes you again to get on it, these 
stones will sink much slower then other ones you’ve gotten on. Repeat 
the process for the next few stones, getting on and flipping the next 
one over, waiting and getting on again, until you get to the last 
stone, which you are to ride north and exit this screen.

Walk up the stairs to your left, and jump down one of the ledges to 
your right. Proceed to walk to your right until you come to a screen 
with three moving blades. Maneuver yourself past them, it won’t matter 
much if you get hit once or twice, and open the treasure chest to get a 
green Kinstone Piece! Make your way back to the left, trying your 
hardest not to get hurt.

Use your Pacci on the topmost empty hole, and jump into it to launch 
yourself onto the ledge. Go a little bit south, and jump off the ledge 
to Link’s left, the one with a whirlwind hovering above it. Use your 
Pacci on this hole as well, and fling yourself into the whirlwind. Make 
your way north and land on the ledge, and then go east until you reach 
another whirlwind. From here, jump into the whirlwind and go southwest 
– this will bring you to another ledge. Make your way east, then south 
to the next screen.

Another whirlwind! Jump in it and navigate your way south to the next 
whirlwind, which you should also jump into. Go south still, until you 
reach a ledge with a treasure chest. Open that chest to gain an 
astounding 100 rupees! Jump north, off this ledge, and use your Pacci 
magic on the empty hole. Launch yourself into the whirlwind and head 
east to land on the center platform. Jump south, into the next 
whirlwind, follow that one west into the next one, go southwest to the 
next whirlwind, and a sharp southwest to land on the safe area in the 
corner of the room. Open that chest to gain yet another green Kinstone 

Use your Pacci magic on the empty hole just north of you to launch 
yourself into the whirlwind above. Head northeast into the next 
whirlwind from here, and then northeast again, onto the center 
platform. Open the large chest to receive none other then…

The Big Key! Use it to open big doors! Now you can get into the Boss’s 
Chamber. Jump off the ledge to the north of Link, flip the stone to 
your left over, and ride it to the boss’s chamber.

11.) Cave of Flames boss - Gleerok
First, go into the boss room and collect all the hearts you need to 
refill your life. Also, it would be very wise to catch a Fairy in your 
bottle at this moment, as you may die in this fight. When you are 
ready, fall down the large hole in the center of the screen.

This boss is fairly easy, make sure you have your sword and Cane of 
Pacci equipped.

Gleerok will appear out of the lava and attempt to shoot you with 
fireballs. Run around until you can find enough time in between 
fireballs to stop and hit him with a shot of your Pacci magic. You 
cannot hit his neck/head, so you must hit him on his side or back. His 
black shell will then break, and his neck and head will fall down, 
giving you time to go to his neck, walk across it, and slash as much as 
you can at that yellow spike on his body. His head/neck/body will then 
sink into the lava (possibly with you still on it), and the room will 
crumble for a moment. Stones and rocks falling from the ceiling might 
hurt you, so be careful and try to dodge them. He will then rise up 
from the lava again, and shoot fireballs at a more rapid pace. It will 
also be harder to get to his backside to fire a Pacci shot, so you have 
to be quick.

After the second series of hits you give him, the lava 
pool will enlarge to near the edge of the screen when the room 
crumbles. It will then quickly return to normal size, and Gleerok will 
pop out of the lava again for more. On the third and fourth run-
throughs, he will rapidly spit fireballs at one side of the small 
square you have to run around in, covering it with fireballs, though, 
even with all that happening, this shouldn’t be much of a fight.

Repeat this until he blows up and dies. All the fire will disappear and 
the lava in the center will harden. And from the sky will fall none 
other then…

The Fire Element! Flames bring light to darkness and warmth to all. The 
Fire Element is the embodiment of that power.

Head north from where you stand, nab the Heart Container, and go in the 
Green Warp Pad to bring yourself back to the beginning of the dungeon.

12.) It sparkles! It’s… a new sword!
You went through all that trouble of getting another element just to 
pass the time of Melari’s sword making! Well, now that you have 
finished this time passing, you can go get your new sword. Climb down 
the ladder and into the Minish Portal to shrink Link down to Minish 
size, and then walk east into Melari’s Mines.

The clang of Melari pounding on your sword seems to have stopped, 
so go down the stairs to your right and talk to him. You will see a 
nice new green blade sitting on the table beside Melari… that is your 
new sword. Talk to him and he will give you the White Sword! Its 
beautiful white blade sparkles with light! You can put away your 
grandfather’s sword now.

Melari will then continue on that you need the rest of the four 
elements to revive the swords power. Contrary to what he says, the 
Minish Elder did not tell you about the Elemental Sanctuary, hidden in 
Hyrule Castle. You are to go here next, so once he is done talking, 
make your way out of the mines and enlarge yourself again.

Jump down the ledge below you, into the empty hole. Get out of the hole 
and walk south down the ladder. Just walk east… all the way across the 
screen until you reach a point where there are two mountain walls you 
can climb – one that goes up, and one that goes down. Go on the one 
that goes down, and make your way… down! One you hit the bottom; go 
down the next wall below you. Once you hit that bottom, do the same 
thing and go down one more wall below you.

Walk south, down the ladder, then down the vine. Make your way east out 
of Crenel. You should now be back at the Trilby Highlands. You know 
this area, so just go east, then south until you get back to Hyrule 

13.) The Sanctuary of Elements
The first thing that you are going to want to do when reaching Hyrule 
Town is go to Swiftblade’s house, to learn a new technique: the Rock 
Breaker. All this does it allow you to break pots with your sword, 
which is a more handy technique then you may think! So, go to south 
Hyrule Town, into the bottom left corner, and into the man’s log cabin. 
Get the tiger scroll after learning this technique and get out of his 
house, then head north to Hyrule Castle.

Go through North Hyrule Field, and into the Castle Gardens. Enter 
Hyrule Castle.

When you are in, go north, but then go west. Take the stairs that you 
see up to a platform, and go down the stairs to your north. Head east, 
and then north. Go through the door you come to, north through the 
completely empty gardens, and into the big glowing door. Ezlo will make 
a comment about this, could this perhaps be the Sanctuary? Well, if it 
wasn’t the sanctuary, I wouldn’t have led you to it, would I? Enter the 
Elemental Sanctuary.

Head north through this first room, there is nothing to do here. In the 
next room, however, the door will shut behind you! Ezlo will lead you 
do the place where you can infuse your blade with the power of the two 
elements you have – that slot right in the middle of the room. Walk to 
that slot, and press A. Your two elements will come out, and force 
newfound power into your blade, turning it red! The powers of Earth and 
Fire Elements have infused your blade!

Now, a large stone tablet will appear behind you. You have the power to 
separate Link into multiple Links… step on one of the glowing pads, and 
charge up a spin attack. Now, you will have to hold that charge until 
the green line in the corner of your screen fills up, and then you will 
also have to walk on the other glowing platform to complete the 
splitting. Ezlo will also make a comment on this, after you are 
finished. Also, your clone will not be there forever – when your charge 
runs out, the clone disappears.

To leave the room, you will have to practice your new cloning 
abilities. But you can only make two clones at this point, and you need 
to hit both switches at the same time. So, charge up your sword, step 
on the rightmost glowing pad of the left set of pads, and the leftmost 
glowing pad on the right set of pads to clone yourself at just enough 
distance to step on both switches. Press R to get rid of the clone, and 
walk out of this room.

Walk back through the empty garden, and into the castle. Go south, back 
up the stairs you came through, and leave the castle. Take Link through 
the castle gardens, and back through North Hyrule Field. You get a 
little surprise here – who is that laughing at you? Why, it seems like 
Vaati! And he mutters something that his old master was the last person 
he expected to see here. Who is his master? Certainly not Link… wait a 
minute, is it Ezlo who is talking back to him? Ezlo seems to have 
created a cap that can grant the wishes of its wearer. And he also 
seems to be on a curse. Vaati has this cap now. And, as thanks to Ezlo 
for making him this cap, he will give you a boss battle with two 

Moblins are pig-like creatures that carry blades with them, so be 
careful. You cannot attack their front, and they will charge at you. 
They take three hits, and do plenty of damage, so be on your guard. 
Once they are dead and rotting, a dialogue will ensue…

It turns out that both Vaati and Ezlo are Minish. Ezlo was once a 
renowned Minish craftsman, and Vaati was his apprentice! Vaati became 
engulfed by evil, and took the cap that was made for Humans only: it 
grants the wishes of the wearer. A flashback will take place, allowing 
you to see exactly what happened first hand. And then, you learn 
something very important about gifts from the Picori/Minish: The Picori 
Blade was one of those gifts, but the Light Force, a source of 
limitless power, was the second. Vaati wants this power.

Anyways, dialogue over! Make your way back into Hyrule Town from here.

14.) Sleep, shoes, and syrup.
Just a quick footnote before beginning: Kinstones now are as random as 
rupees and Mysterious Shells. They can be found in the grass, and in 
vases. It might be a good idea to begin slashing around for some, 
because they will not be said of in this guide.

Alright, once in Hyrule Town, make your way to the four way 
intersection in the middle of town. From there, go east across the 
bridge, and out to Trilby Highlands. Go south, until you see a ladder 
that you can climb down underground into. Remember this? It's where you 
bought your Empty Bottle from the scrub.

Once inside, you will see glowing pads. You have a new sword now, so 
these pads mean something to you. Charge up your blade, just like you 
did in the Sanctuary, and make a vertical column of two Links. Push the 
large block to the west as far as it can go, until you cannot push it 
further. From there, climb the nearby ladder.

Welcome to the swamp. There are moblins, blue octoroks, the whole works. 
Anyways, in this first screen, head southward, killing off Moblins etc. 
as you go. When you come to an intersection, giving you a choice of 
right or left, go to the rightmost path. Continue right until you meet 
up with the dirt road, and from there, follow it south.

You will enter and area called the Western Wood, and at this point a 
short scene will begin. Look, it’s Vaati! In the King’s castle? What 
could he be doing there… watch the scene to see him take over the Kings 
body, and order all forces to begin search for the Light Force. This is 
bad... you'd better return to Hyrule Town. But before we go, there is 
something we need to do first.

Head south through the Western Wood. Along the eastern wall, you should 
see a small boulder resting next to an empty hole. This boulder can be 
pushed into the hole to gain easy access to Hyrule Town and the Western 
Wood later one. Push the boulder into the empty hole, and then head west.

Continue west until you see a sign. The sign will say, "^ Castor Wilds; 
Danger! Don't forget your Pegasus Boots!" You don't have the Pegasus 
Boots yet, but you will soon. Follow the arrow on the sign, and go 
north. When you reach a bridge to the west, cross it.

This is the Castor Wilds! Ezlo will say something about the muck, and 
then you can try to cross it. You can't cross the muck without sinking 
under. Because you cannot go anywhere, we are done here for now. Leave 
via the bridge to the east.

Head south now, back to where you came from, and when you reach the 
Castor Wilds sign go east. Continue east until you reach the boulder 
you pushed in the empty hole earlier, and leave east to the next 
screen. You should be back in South Hyrule Field.

In South Hyrule Field, just go straight east until you reach the 
familiar entrance to Hyrule Town. Enter Hyrule Town, and go north until 
you hit the square that is the marker area. To your left should be a 
building with a large shoe on top… it is the third in a series of three 
buildings. Walk into it; you will notice the man working on his shoes. 
But suddenly, as you continue on, he will fall asleep, and also knock a 
pair of shoes of his desk.

Shrink yourself. If you didn’t notice already, the vase in the top left 
corner of the store is actually a Minish Portal. Shrink yourself, and 
walk to the small ladder that resides on the shoemaker’s desk…

On his desk are Minish! Who would have thought? Speak to them, one will 
tell you that Rem, the shoemaker, needs to be woken up. To clear your 
path, you need the Pegasus Boots. Of course, these Minish folk have 
them, but Rem needs to put the finishing touches on those shoes.

Syrup lives in the Minish Woods, finding Syrup’s hut is your next task. 
Syrup has something that you could use to wake up Rem. The spot where 
Syrup lies will be marked on your map with a red checkmark, so you’d 
now best be off to that spot. Walk out of the Minish area, enlarge 
yourself, and get out of this shoe store…

You might want to walk into the inn, now. It is the rather large 
building that was previously closed. It is located to the east of where 
you are, has two stories and a green roof. Enter the bottom floor, and 
walk up to the counter. Pay for a 50 rupee room, and when you awake, a 
treasure chest shall appear. Inside the chest will be a green Kinstone 
Piece! Once you are done, exit the room. We won’t pay for the next few 
nights right now: Come back when we need another healing. For now, exit 
this place.

Head south, and exit Hyrule Town. Take the quick route and just head 
straight east until you reach the Eastern Hills. Head towards the 
bridge that enters the Minish Woods, but do not go in. Instead, go 
north. When you see a pair of octoroks, just head to your right, you 
will see an empty hole. Get out your Pacci, and charge the hole for 
jumping. Get in, and launch. From here, you may walk east.

What a surprise! Link has entered the Minish Woods, but there is only 
one way to go: Inside the tree. Enter the tree. Once in the first room, 
go down the steps and you will be in the room of none other then…

The Great Fairy! She will ask you to do something completely 
outrageous, and dump all of your rupees in the Adventurer’s Spring! 
Answer “Sure,” and she will ask if you really want to do this. Of 
course, say “Yes.” She will reward your kindness now, with…

A Big Wallet! Now you can carry more rupees! Alright, leave this room, 
and exit the tree, and exit the Minish Woods! Head north even further, 
and go to Lon Lon Ranch. Head north until you reach Malon, and her 
worried Father. Her father has lost the key to the house, so it is your 
job to get it. Shrink yourself using the nearby Minish Portal above 
you, and enter the house via the Minish Door next to the human size 
door. In this room is a vase Minish Portal, so use it to enlarge Link.

Now, the Key is hidden in this room. The upper right corner of vases 
holds the key; just break them with your sword to find it. You can also 
now operate the ranch door.

Shrink yourself, and exit the house. Enlarge yourself by going to the 
Minish Portal around the back of the house, and then talk to Malon’s 
frantic father. He will thank you lots for finding the key, so you are 
now also welcome to use the area of the farm behind his house. Enter 
his house. Walk into the next room of the house, east, and out the 

The first thing you probably want to do here is head northwest, to 
find a cave. In here, charge your sword and stand on two glowing pads 
horizontal to each other. Push the large block with both Links, and 
grab the 50 rupees in the chest. Exit this cave, and head east.

Continue east until the screen shifts to a new one, and then take the 
dirt path north. Heading west, and when you get to it push the boulder 
into the empty hole, which is just west of another empty hole. Now that 
this boulder has been pushed in, go to the second hole and use your 
Pacci on it, then launch yourself upward. Here, make good use of the 
Minish Portal nearby you, and shrink yourself down to size.

Head to the right, across the Minish size bridge. Fall down the 
hole/crack you find at the end of this bridge, and open the chest 
inside that room for a red Kinstone Piece! Exit this room, go back 
across the bridge, and enlarge Link.

See that whirlwind just south of you? Well, make use of it! It’s time 
to jump onto that whirlwind and just head straight south. From here, on 
this new platform, go to your right Continue east, and hop into the 
next whirlwind you see. Again, head south, and go over the small area 
of water that was blocking your way before. Take the path east.

You should now be in Lake Hylia, so follow the darker path down the 
screen. Take the exit to your left – and head left through Lon Lon 
until you find a boulder to push into and empty hole. Push it in, and 
then go back into Lake Hylia. Take the path south into the next screen.

Head south once more, and then go up the stairs to your right. Head 
east, and when you reach a vibrant looking pink hut, enter it.

This is Syrup the Witch’s Hut. She makes potions, and has a mushroom! 
You can always buy a bottle of Blue Potion from her for 60 rupees; you 
may need some later on. But for now, we want that mushroom sitting on 
the floor. Grab it with A, and talk to Syrup, who is stirring a potion 
in the northern part of the room.

This item is a wake-up mushroom! One whiff and you’re wide awake, its 
stench chases away those nasty sleepies, so it’s perfect for waking up 
the shoe maker, Rem. Pay Syrup 60 rupees to get the mushroom, and be on 
your merry way out of here, and back down the stairs from whence you 

Before heading north to the exit, head west. All the way west, and take 
the path south to find a Piece of Heart! If you have been following 
this guide correctly, you should have three pieces of heart right now. 
Now head back north, and out of the Minish Woods. Enter Lon Lon Ranch 
from the next screen.

Go up the stairs and hop into the whirlwind to your left. Glide 
northwest from here, until you land on a platform. Jump down to the 
south, and push the boulder into the empty hole nearby. If you wish to 
speak to the creature punching the cliff next to you, called a Goron, 
you may, but all he states is that he needs more friends to help bust 
up the wall. So now, having that job done, exit this tiny area and head 

You want another heart on your life, don’t you? Its sure been a while, 
so let’s fill in that last empty space in our heart pieces… on the most 
northern part of Lon Lon Ranch, following the dirt path north, is an 
empty hole. Shoot it with your Pacci and launch yourself up. Head north 
to the next screen.

Welcome to Veil Falls! Here, head north, then down the steps to your 
right. Continue east until you find the heart piece. Whew, we finally 
have a nice new heart container finished off! Go back the way you came, 
and out of Veil Falls, and into Lon Lon Ranch once again.

Head south, along the dirt path, killing all annoying enemies in your 
way. When you see a vertical line of cracked rocks to your left, blow 
them up. Enter that screen. This is a nice little shortcut back to 
Hyrule Town.

Once back in town, head south down the steps, and then head to the left 
to get back to the Shoe Store. Once inside, talk to the sleeping Rem 
with A, and Link will pull out the ever-trusty wake-up mushroom. 
Grateful to you for waking him up, he will tell you that you may have 
some shoes from him. He will add the finishing touches on the Pegasus 
Boots, and give them to you. Hold the button to run faster then the 
wind! Now that we have these, we can successfully make our way through 
the Swamp, so we’re on our way to the third element!

15.) On our way to the third element!
Alright, head toward the four way intersection at the north part of 
Hyrule Town. When you reach the four-way intersection, head west, and 
out into the Trilby highlands.

In the Trilby Highlands, head south, and climb down the ladder that 
leads underground. This is the same area where you purchased the empty 
bottle from the shrub, only now you know what those glowing pads are 
for. Charge up your White Sword, and then make two Links, going in a 
vertical line. Push the large stone to your left to the left, until it 
cannot be pushed further. Exit to your north by climbing the ladder.

The new or not so new enemy around this area is Blue octoroks. They are 
nothing special, seeing as they are the exact same as Red ones. Kill 
them with one hit. When you are done with the slashing fun, bomb the 
area to your north and enter the door you created. You should come upon 
a nice treasure chest, which comes complete with a red Kinstone Piece!

Exit this room via the south exit, and head south through the field. 
You should come upon a Moblin, so kill it off fast. When Link comes to 
an intersection, take the right path, and then go north up the stairs, 
killing all enemies in your way. Push the boulder into the empty hole, 
opening an easy path back to Hyrule Town when you need it.

Head south until you get to the next screen. You should once again be 
in the Western Wood, where you first saw Vaati take over the King’s 
body. Head south from here. You will encounter a new enemy here: The 
raven. They are nothing, so when they fly at you, slash at them and 
kill them. When you reach an intersection on the southern area of the 
screen, take the path that goes right. You need the Pegasus Boots for 
this path, which you just received. When you get to a sign, go north 
until you reach a bridge. Take the bridge west.

You are now back in the Castor Wilds. This is the swampland, and that 
green stuff isn’t water, it is muck. You can walk into it as you once 
did, but staying in too long causes you to sink and drown as you know. 
Luckily, we have out Pegasus Boots! Jog across the muck east, after 
heading a bit north and having Ezlo explain things to you.

From here, take the muck south, and then before you sink completely, 
turn to your left and start up the boots. Here, we encounter a new 
enemy: Snakes. They aren’t hard, and take two hits. But they will run 
fast at you. Make your way now, up the northwest path. Ignore the 
peahat, and enter the cave above you.

In this room, go down the steps. From here, just head east, killing all 
snakes in your way, until you reach another door to your north. Enter, 
and go up to the nearby treasure chest. It will disappear! And in its 
place will be your newest of foes: The Darknut.

Darknuts can be a pain to defeat, but you might want to get used to 
killing them, because you’ll be doing quite a bit of it later in the 
game. The trick is, after the swing at you, run around to their back 
and hit their cape. After a multitude of hits, it will die, and the 
treasure chest will reappear. Inside it is the miraculous Golden 
Kinstone Piece! Look at the sparkles…

Anyways, you can leave this area now. Head back out of the cave, and to 
your left you should see a vine. Slash away whatever blocks your path, 
and climb the vine. Take the northern bridge, which heads northeast. 
When you get to the end, climb down the vine below Link. Take Link 
northwest from here, under the bridge.

To your right, we have a nice little lake of muck. Continuing right, 
across this muck, are various objects you could bump into, and finally 
a Minish Portal, in the forum of a stump. You need to get to that 
stump, so using your Pegasus Boots, get across that muck any way you 
can. Shrink yourself using the Minish Portal, and head west through the 
hollow log, until Link enters a path.

Another Lily Pad! You might remember this from Deepwood, it’s the same 
concept. Get out your gust jar and begin to force the lily across the 
path. There are three large flowers in your path, a Red one, a Blue 
one, and a Yellow one, but you can just ignore them, they do nothing. 
You just have to maneuver around them. When you reach the end, exit 
this place. Fall down the nearby crack/hole that you see.

Blue beetles! And they are running fast! Kill them off as fast as you 
can. They take two hits each, so it shouldn’t be too much of a problem. 
But when you get anywhere near these, they will spin and charge at you, 
hurting you, so be careful. When all are defeated a large blue chest 
shall appear in the center of the room, containing…

A Bow! Now you can take out enemies from afar!

This is your newest weapon, and you will need it plenty of times here. 
But of course, to use a Bow you need Arrows, and lucky you, you are 
already stocked full! You can, at this point, carry up to 30 arrows. 
Exit this area, make your way back through the river path, and enlarge 
yourself with the portal.

Make your way back across the muck, and then focus your attention on 
the large statue with one eye. Upon shooting these statues with your 
arrows, it will awaken, but you must shoot the eye. After they awaken, 
they must be shot in the eye three more times before they are 
destroyed. Practice your bow and arrow skills on this monster, and then 
climb up the vine that was uncovered.

Note: If you ever need more arrows, there is a cave just northeast from 
the statue you just killed. There will be a Deku you must defeat, and 
he will then sell extra arrows to you for 30 rupees, of course for a 
full quiver.

Alright, you climbed up the vine, now go to the whirlwind. Hop in, and 
glide south, when you reach the blue water, try to turn left so that 
you land on land. Once you’ve landed, head west and then south. You 
will come to a nice, large lake of muck. Equip your Pegasus Boots.

Now, enter the muck and head south, and make a turn west so that you 
are now standing in front of thee large statues. These three statues 
have a purpose: To fuse Golden Kinstone Pieces with you. You already 
have one of them, so walk up to the rightmost statue, and press L to 
start the fusion. Select the correct Kinstone piece to fuse with the 
statue, of which there should only be one selection possible because 
you only have one Golden Kinstone.

The statue will jump, and the rock just below you will start to crack. 
We need to get the other two Golden Kinstone Pieces! Now, glide across 
the muck all the ways east, make no turns. You will come across one of 
the gravestone type objects, which you should look at and let 
disappear. Also, there will be a boulder to your north that you can 
push into an empty hole, so do so. Now, prepare to fight another 

Awaken the statue nearby you, and get rid of it quickly. Then, climb up 
the vine that was uncovered. Head across the only bridge available to 
you, and then hop into the whirlwind you see. Using the same maneuver 
you did before, going south and then making a turn, you will get to 
another patch of land, which is actually right next to the vine! Cut 
the grass and push the boulder into the empty hole for easy access now 
back to where you came.

Enter the cave, and open the chest for your second Golden Kinstone 
Piece! Make your way now out of this area and back west, making no 
turns along the muck. Position yourself in front of the middle statue 
now, and press L to fuse Kinstones. Select the only Golden Kinstone 
Piece you have, and fuse. The statue will jump, and the rock will break 
even more!

One more Kinstone to go, so let’s head back east. Head north, through 
the path that you had created earlier by pushing a boulder into an 
empty hole. Climb the vine, and walk south across the bridge. Here you 
will see another statue, so prepare for a fight. This one might be a 
bit harder then other, since you will have to do it sideways, and there 
are also borders on this platform that can hurt you, so proceed to 
awaken with caution.

After killing, walk across the bride and open the chest to receive a 
Blue Kinstone Piece! Sorry, it’s not the Golden one just yet. Also, if 
you see any red rupees, they are Like-Likes. Kill them if you wish, 
they take many hits, though.

Walk back across the bridge, and now go across the northern bridge, 
which actually should be the only one you can take. From here, do not 
go down the vine, but go across the next bridge to your left, or above 
you. Here, also do not go down the vine, and take the bridge above 
you/to your right.

No going down the vine! Take the bridge to your right and then head 
down the vine there. Be prepared, though, to awaken another statue. 
Once dead, use you Pegasus Boots to go across the muck north of you, 
and the head east. Continue, heading northeast, until you reach a cave. 

A treasure chest! Open it for the final Golden Kinstone Piece. Exit the 

From here, just head south until you hit a patch of grass blocking a 
boulder and an empty hole. Slash away the grass, and push the boulder 
in. Now, cross over and make your way northeast, under the bridge. Kill 
the statue northeast of you again, and climb the vine, again. Jump into 
the whirlwind, and head southwest like you did once before.

Now, head south until you reach a large tombstone surrounded by grass. 
Slash away the grass, and get in front of the tombstone. Push it 
forward to reveal a staircase! Go down these steps.

The first thing to do in this room is grab the heart piece that is 
right next to you. Now, walk up to who looks to be Swiftblade…

It is Swiftblade the First, Spirit of the Swordsman! If you train with 
him, he will teach you amazing skills. But you cannot train with him 
yet – you need all seven tiger scrolls! You only have two, so leave 
this place.

Okay, head across the muck pond south, to reach the three statues yet 
again. Go to the leftmost statue, and press L to fuse Kinstones. Select 
the only Golden Kinstone Piece you have. The Mysterious Statue will 
turn happy, and he will crumble up the stone completely for you! Walk 
south past where the large stone used to be.

Welcome to the Wind Ruins! Walk up the stairs and south, and you will 
notice your newest foe: A weird pink thing? Wait, upon closer 
examination this is no pink thing… it is a soldier! These soldiers are 
called Iron Automata (But that’s a lot to type every time you see one! 
So, we’ll just call them IA from here.). When awakened, slash it with 
your sword or shoot it with arrows. It takes four hits. When it is 
killed, head north, and then south, down the steps.

You will see a Minish Portal, so use it and shrink yourself. Head north 
to the crack/hole in the ground and fall through to enter a Minish 
house. Open the chest inside this house to get a Red Kinstone Piece! 
Talk to the Minish if you want, and he will reveal why the IA were 
built and that there is also a switch inside that turns them on or off…

But that can’t be, there is no switch in this house. Get out of the 
house, and head straight for the IA nearest you, to your right! If the 
switch is inside… then it is in the only inside we can get to – it’s 
head. Climb up the tiny ladder the rests on the IA’s shield, and enter 
its head to find a switch. Slash the switch with your sword to turn on 
the IA, which will begin to glow and make sounds.

Enlarge yourself now and prepare for a fight with an IA. It shouldn’t 
be too hard, now that you know how it works. When dead, head north, 
then around the wall and head south. If you see an enemy that comes out 
of the ground, kill it, it takes two hits. These types of burrowing 
enemies are common in water areas.

Also, push the boulder to your left into the empty hole, for easy 
access later on. Now, head east onto the next screen.

Nothing to do here, so kill the spiders and go up the ladder to the 
next screen.

Here, your path is blocked by some sort of small statue! All you have 
to do is kill the spiders – no big deal, and the pathway will open. 
Head north, and up the stairs, and then east to the next screen.

Here is a Minish Portal! Shrink yourself, and head back a screen, west. 
From here, continue west and jump down the ledge as Minish Link, and 
then continue south. You may think there is no way to go, but on the 
far west side of the screen is a vine in between the wall and a large 
stone ruin. Climb down it.

Now, on this screen, you will see three vines that are possible for you 
to climb down. Climb down the middle vine. You will land on an area 
that leads right to a small Minish opening, so walk west and enter.

In here, kill the bugs that get in your way, and head west into the 
next room. Here is yet another maze that you cannot fail to get across 
on because there is only one path, so make your way across and head 
east to the next room.

Kill off the bug, and head east yet again, into the next room. In here, 
head north, and go into the room on your left. Look, a Piece of Heart! 
Nab it, and get out of here, going back the way you came. If you have 
been following this guide correctly, you should only need two more 
heart pieces before getting a full container.

Now that you are outside the cave, assuming you went back the way you 
came as was said, climb back up the vine to your right, and from this 
screen, climb up the vine to your far left. Here, you might not see it 
at first, but there is a vine to climb up on the far right of the 
screen, just next to the steps. Climb up it, and go around to the next 
screen and enlarge yourself with the Minish Portal.

In here, head south, killing any and all snakes you see. Once all 
snakes have been killed, shrink yourself again using the Minish Portal. 
Also, slash away any tall grass that gets in the way of your path to 
the IA. Now, head for the IA as Minish Link, and climb up the IA’s 
shield again. Slash the switch and turn it on.

Head out, enlarge Link with the Minish Portal to the north of you, and 
go kill the IA. Once dead, head north and push the nearby boulder into 
the empty hole, for easy access later on. Head south from here, to be 
in an area with four IAs!

One of them will awaken right away, and move to block a southern route. 
But the other three are active and ready for a fight – so kill them 
all, and it will open an area that holds two treasure chests to your 
right. One chest contains 100 rupees, and the other contains 50 
Mysterious Shells!

Anyways, head now for the Minish Portal nearby you. Shrink Link, and 
head for the IA, which is now no longer blocking the southern route. 
Enter the IA’s head, and slash the switch to turn it off. Now, enlarge 

Head to the southern pathway, killing all enemies in your path. Slash 
all rocks, because some of them are those turtle enemies that love to 
disguise themselves. Though, no foes here should be much of a problem 
for you, and once all are killed, a path to the north will open. Head 
through it, onto the next screen.

Kill off the enemies here if you want, but you want to go north again, 
up the stairs, into Dungeon #3 – Fortress of Winds.

16.) Dungeon #3 – Fortress of Winds
Welcome to the Fortress! As soon as you walk in, you already have a 
choice of three doors to go through. Just go through the one straight 
ahead of you, the middle door.

Break the skulls open for hearts if you wish, and walk down the steps. 
New enemies! These are Skeletons, jumping ones too! They take two hits, 
so kill them off while you can. You need arrows now… so equip your bow. 
If you need more arrows, break the skeletons resting at the bottom of 
this room. Head upwards, and face one of the two statues in this room, 
it does not matter which. Kill it with arrows, and be on you merry way 
around and up the stairs to your right or left.

You will get the dungeon map when you open this chest! As the norm; 
lighter rooms are ones you have visited, the blinking room is where you 
are. Now that you have the map, go back up the stairs of this room, 
since you cannot go any further here.

Exit out of this room as well, and head left following the path to a 
new room. Slash the skulls for hearts if you wish, then walk down the 
stairs. Here are some Keese, and some Jumping Skeletons. Kill them off, 
and try not to fall down the hole, which will bring you back to the 
room below, which you just left!

Head north now, and focus your attention not on the eye on the left 
wall, but on the skulls on the right wall. They will attack you, since 
they are a trap, so be ready. Kill them off, and collect the loot 
inside, then focus your attention on the eye hanging on the left wall. 
It is surrounded by little stubs that will not let you pass by and get 
near the eye! So, you have your arrows equipped: shoot the eye from a 
distance, meaning shoot it from the right. It will close, unlocking the 
nearby door. Go through it.

A mini boss battle! Well, not exactly, but it is four Skeletons. It 
should not be too hard a battle, you can just blindly swing your sword 
and they will die. The door to the south will then open, so go through 

Just south of Link is a nice patch of green rupees – but beware, one is 
a green rupee LikeLike, which as you might know takes one rupee at a 
time from you if caught, and takes plenty of hits. Kill it if you wish 
to receive a five rupee prize, and then continue south. You will see a 
small enemy traveling with an electric current around it, so be careful 
to not let it shock you. Continue now east, and grabbing the rupees 
along the way, but be careful about the red rupee – it is a red rupee 
LikeLike, which also takes rupees from you, more then one I might add. 
Kill it as fast as you can.

Go towards the ladder south of Link, and head upwards. You cannot do 
anything in this room, so go west and into the room above you.

Moving platforms, hurray! You need to shoot both eyes on the northern 
wall, but there is a catch – if you shoot one, you must shoot the other 
before it opens again, or that door to the north will not unlock. Use 
the platform that only moves side to side to complete this task, and 
time your shots well. If successful, the door will open. Enter.

There are two sleeping statues here, but they won’t awaken until you 
press both of those round switches at the same time. Above you are some 
of the glowing pads… charge up your blade and step on the leftmost pad 
of the right group of pads. Walk under and around the leftmost statue 
and then step on the leftmost pad of the leftmost group of pads. You 
should now be just the right distance for you and the Link close to hit 
the switches at the same time, so do so. The statues will awaken, so be 
ready! Once you have killed both statues, a large chest will appear, 
containing the Compass! Now you can find all the treasure in this 
dungeon easily. There happen to be six left here.

Exit the room and get on the platform that moves side to side. Make 
your way east across the room and transfer over to a platform moving 
vertically. Again, you will see two eyes on the eastern wall. Shoot 
them, just like you did the last eyes, and the door to the right of you 
will open. Enter.

Killing off the snakes is your first task here, and getting rid of the 
skulls that rest on top of the glowing pads is your second. Charge up 
your blade and make a vertical column of Links. Head to your right, and 
push the top large block as far as it can go. If you run out of power, 
charge up your blade again and make another vertical column of Links. 
This time, head to the right again, and move down just a bit, so that 
you may push the bottom large block to the left. This will clear a path 
for you to make a horizontal row of Links. Charge up your blade, and 
make one, then head to the right and push the large block upwards, all 
the way.

There is a lever here. Pull it with R, downwards. A key will fall down 
a floor… two floors! Fall down yourself, and get that key. Then, head 
south out of this room.

Head all the way east from here, until you reach the rightmost door. 
Walk in, and head up the stairs, ignoring the tiny Minish Door to your 
right. In this room, you will see a treasure chest on the left side. 
Break the skulls and open it, avoiding the electric enemy, to get a 
blue Kinstone Piece! Walk south, and pull the lever up with R. The door 
at the bottom of the room should open, but you don’t want to leave yet. 
Walk over to the right side of the room, breaking the skulls, etc. Pull 
the lever here, to make a treasure chest appear. Inside is another blue 
Kinstone Piece! Now you may head south out of this room.

Head down south through this room, and go up the ladder. You can’t get 
this chest just yet.

You can’t get the chest in this room, either, so just hurry north 
through the door. There are two switches in this room that must be 
pressed at the same time. Conveniently places in the room to Link’s 
left are some glowing pads, which from now on will be called a Four 
Area (FA), and one glowing pad will be an FP (Four Pad). The reason 
behind this naming is partially because typing up glowing pads every 
time doesn't make too much sense, as you will se later in the game. You 
will see the reason behind the name I gave it later.

Anyways, move into the room on your left. There are three skulls 
sitting on the Four Area! Two of them which will attack you. Kill them 
off, and then proceed to kill the IA next to it. Once all enemies are 
dead (Ignore the second IA, it is off.), charge up your sword, and step 
on the leftmost Four Pad. Walk around the other FP’s, and step on the 
rightmost FP. Now you have two Link’s, the perfect distance apart from 
each other. Make your way back into the rightmost room and hit the 
switches to open the door.

In here is a Minish portal! So, shrink Link, and walk back south, and 
then back west. Continue west through the room and make your way to the 
IA. Walk up its shield, and turn the IA on. Make your way now, a bit 
south, and go through a small opening in the barricade that blocks the 
path to the Minish portal in this room. Enlarge yourself, and push the 
block under you to the right to make your way out of this walled area. 
Proceed to fight, and kill, the IA, revealing a lever. Pull the lever 
to see yet another key fall. Follow it! Fall down.

You got the small key, but we are not done here just yet. Head back 
north up the stairs, and get back to the room where you had to hit the 
two switches. Go north and shrink yourself in the Minish portal, and 
then fall down the hole that you just jumped down about two seconds 
ago! As Minish Link, head through the Minish door to your right.

In here is yet another Minish portal. Enlarge yourself, and nab the 
Piece of Heart! If you have been following the guide correctly, you 
should have three heart pieces now.

Caution: Save! Save with all your might, because you would hate to do 
this entire dungeon over again, right? …It rhymes, too, so you just 
have to save!

Alright. Now, we need to get out of this room enlarged, don’t we? Head 
toward the left side of the room, and push downward on the second south 
most block. This should open a path for you to exit the room.

Now, make your way west to the central door we went through when we 
first got to this dungeon. If you can’t find the door, it is located 
right in front of the dungeon entrance. Head down the steps, and then 
head around the center structure to the north part of this room.

Look! Two doors and they each need a key! You have two keys! Use them 
both; just open the doors for now. We are going to head through the 
door to the left for now.

Ride the moving platform north, dodging all blocks that could push you 
off. When you make it to the other side, head west. In here, there is a 
new type of enemy, similar to a Floor Master, which you will learn 
about soon. This enemy takes four hits, and is a giant hand. However, 
this one is red, and tried to pound its giant hand on you. This 
qualifies it to be what is known as a Wall Master. When you see a 
shadow, quickly get away from it. Slash the hand when it falls.

Now, you need your arrows. Shoot the two eyes across the large pit to 
the west. The bridge will form, and you can walk across it into the 
next room.

Hmm… this place looks like a boss room, but there is no boss! I wonder 
why? Make your way to the southern exit of this room and – whoa! Here 
is the boss, and it is a Darknut! It takes around four hits, but they 
are not easy hits. Equip your shield, and when it tries to take a swing 
at you, block it. It will freeze, giving you time to run around and 
slash at it’s back. When it is dead, a Blue Portal will appear! This 
portal will take you have to the entrance of the dungeon.

You might want to save now, having gotten that portal.

Head south now, and then go east. Don’t go too far, though, because you 
will see three strange patterns on the floor. Bomb the wall that they 
rest against! This will lead you to a secret room, where a large blue 
chest lays. Open it to get this dungeons featured item: The Mole Mitts! 
Dig, dig, dig to your heart’s content! You can use these to slash 
through piled of sedimentary rock. Speaking of which, there is some 
next to you, so why not equip these nice new gloves and slash your way 
east to a treasure chest, containing 100 rupees?

Once you have gotten the rupees, head out of this room and continue 
east. This is the end of this place! Drop down, but do not enter the 
door to the right! Instead, head south, around once again the central 
figure, and up the stairs. Head west, very west. Use your Mole Mitts to 
dig through the rock layers east, until you get to the wall. On the top 
corner of this all is a chest containing a blue Kinstone Piece, so get 
rid of all rock surrounding the chest. Once done, enter the door to 
your right. Be prepared for a battle.

A mini boss battle! These are wizzrobes, and are quite powerful. They 
don’t take too many hits, but they can teleport and cast spells. On top 
of there being two of them, you also have the fire pits turning against 
you, shooting at you! Once the two magicians are dead, a treasure chest 
will appear in the center containing 80 Mysterious Shells!

Walk out of this room. If you desire a bunch of rupees, make your way 
all the way east, to the other side of the room. In a spot that was 
equal to the treasure chest, a large rupee will be waiting there fore 
you. Get it if you wish. Once done, head to the door that is one 
position to the left of the central door (the door that is in front of 
the entrance).

Enter, and make your way north. Continue north, and go into the room on 
your left. Exit south. Make your way back through this room, heading 
east, and going up the ladder.

Here, you see a switch. Dig it out, and press it. A treasure chest will 
appear, but its front is blocked by rock! Dig it away and open the 
chest for a red Kinstone Piece! Make your way back down, and out of 
this room, and back into the entrance area of the dungeon where the 
five doors lay. Enter the door that is one position to the right of the 
central door, and make your way up the stairs.

Go south, through this room, and come out of the other end. Here, you 
will see a black chuchu, and a treasure chest. Work your way around the 
chuchu, and get to the chest. Dig, and open for a red Kinstone Piece! 
Climb up the ladder, where you will see another chest encaged in rock. 
Dig away the surrounding rock, avoiding the electric enemy, and open 
the chest for yet another red Kinstone Piece! Head into the northern 
room, and then make your way into the west room. Fall down the hole in 
the middle.

Now, head out of here and head back to the central door, the one in 
front of the entrance. Go up the steps, around the center structure, 
and now we are going to enter the door to the right.

Here you see a lever. Pull it, hold it for a while, and a bridge will 
appear, but not for long. Hold the lever a bit, even after the bridge 
has formed, and you will get extra time to get across the bridge. Get 
across that bridge as fast as you can by rolling with R. If you don’t 
know how to roll, you just run and press R. Keep tapping R until you 
are all the way across, and Ezlo will tell you about how scared he was.

Head up the stairs to your right. Here we have a new enemy: Floor 
Masters. There nasty hands will try to pick you up and drag you back to 
the bottom floor, so don’t let them grab you, or you will have to come 
all the way back! They take four hits each, so tread with caution. Once 
the floor masters have been disposed of (which might take a few tries), 
you will get plenty of rupees and… a Minish portal! But you are not 
going to use it just yet. Walk through the door to your right and make 
your way south, killing the flying skulls in your way. Be careful now, 
you have to get in between those two moving spiked rollers, and you 
have to dodge any empty holes on your way east. So, get in between them 
when they move to you, and make your way easy, doing what was mentioned 

Exit north, and move the statues. Move the rightmost statue onto the 
bottom right switch, and a leftmost statue onto the upper left switch. 
Now, continue north until you see a four area. Kill off the snakes 
first, and then charge your blade. Step on the bottom most and the 
topmost four pads (Top and bottom including both sets of pads, so this 
is the top and bottom pad saying that both lines of pads are just one 
line.). You should now have two Links that are diagonal from each 

Navigate your way through the small black path south, which should not 
be too hard because you moved the statues. Hit the switches, and 
another key will fall! Nab it, and head for the door to the south by 
going back through the rollers. Open the door, and then walk north.

We are going to go now into the Minish portal that you uncovered after 
defeating the Floor Masters. Shrink yourself, and take Link back into 
the room you were just in to your right. Do no go down, instead, go 
through the Minish size door to your right. Head south from here, being 
careful to avoid the snakes. When you reach the rollers, get in between 
them, dodging all empty holes along the way west. When you get to the 
door that was recently opened by you, head through it.

Now, go west. You should see a Minish door on the wall, so go in. In 
here is a Minish portal, so we want Link large again. Enlarge him, and 
step on the switch! A small key will fall from the ceiling, into a 
hole. You now need to use your Mole Mitts to reach the key and grab it. 
Do so, but be careful. There are enemies in some holes! You can avoid 
them by simply going across the very bottom of the rock, and then 
heading north when you cannot go east any further. Now that you have 
the key, head back and shrink yourself, then leave this room via the 
exit to the south.

To your right is a small opening that you can jump down through. Do so, 
and head to your left to find a Minish portal. Enlarge Link, and kill 
off those horrible Floor Masters. Once dead, head southeast through the 

You now need to have your newly received Mole Mitts equipped and ready. 
Slash your way through all the rubble and get to the ladder to the 
south. If you run into a worm, they take four hits. Climb up the ladder 
when you reach it, and head north through the door.

Some skulls will fly at you, and some Skeletons will be here, but it’s 
not much of a problem. Kill all the enemies you see, and head to the 
not-so-distant locked door to the north of Link. Unlock it with your 
key! Head north.

In here, you can only fall down one hole. Fall down the hole to the 
right. In front of you now will be a large chest, open it to get the 
Big Key! Now you can go to the boss room!

Push the block to your left, to the left, and fall down. Make your way 
west, up the stairs, and even more west until you get to the point 
where you may jump off the ledge. Head south, through the room, and go 
through the door to the south.

In here, you are going to want to get rid of the rock around the statue 
with your Mitts and push it onto the switch above it to make a treasure 
chest appear. Inside will be a blue Kinstone Piece! Now head up the 

In here, dig away the rock blocking your path to the door, and enter 
in. Push the top right block to the right to make a red portal appear!

I suggest you save right now, as you are about to fight the boss!

In the next room, you will see skulls with electrical enemies moving 
around them. Inside the skulls are hearts and arrows (which you will 
need for the upcoming boss battle), grab them if you wish, and head 
north to the boss room. Save if you wish, and enter the room.

17.) Fortress of Winds boss – Mazaal
Have your bow equipped and ready! The first thing you must do here is 
go for the eyes on his hands. You must shoot the eyes on his hands with 
your arrows. One hand will not be moving at a time, but the other hand 
will be trying to smash you!

Once you have shot the eye, run up to it and slash it with your sword 
until it is destroyed.

Mazaal’s remaining hand may move across the screen and attempt to grab 
you, but don’t let that happen! It is a powerful, painful combo of 
hits. When the hand rests, shoot it with an arrow and destroy the eye. 
Mazaal will then fall down, and be still. You must run to one of the 
two Minish portals at the top of the room, shrink yourself, and enter 
through the small hole in Mazaal’s mouth.

In here, walk up to the statue that has an eye on it, it will also have 
some glowing things underneath it. Slash it, and destroy it! A drone 
will then proceed to pull you out of Mazaal’s head.

Hurry now to the Minish portal! He is active, and he won’t stop now 
even if you are Minish size. So, enlarge yourself and repeat the 
process of shooting the eyes on the hands. The hands will move more 
often now, so be careful.

When you enter his head again after shrinking, you have to dig with 
your Mole Mitts to find the correct statue to slash! It should glow 
like the last one did, but find it quickly! Slash it as soon as you 
find it. Make sure it is completely destroyed.

Now it might get a bit tough. Mazaal will fire beams at you from his 
mouth: it might turn you Minish size, or it might electrocute you. 
These beams might be a bit of a pain when you are attempting to destroy 
on eye. Eventually, you will get it done, and it is time to reenter 
Mazaal’s head.

The same thing again: dig! Dig though all the rock and such until you 
find the correct statue to slash. Once it is found, destroy it, and 
along with it will go Mazaal. You will be taken outside of Mazaal’s 
head, and you also get to watch him explode!

A door behind Mazaal will open, and a Heart Container will form just 
ahead of you. Grab the heart container first, and then make your way up 
the stairs north of Link.

Wow, this is a nice place! Head north, ignoring birds and such. Focus 
your attention on the large green stone tablet. Read it, for a little 
lecture about the Tribe of the Winds. They are masters of the wind, and 
have been for as long as they can remember. For you to grasp their 
power, you must learn the… notes of Zeffa? That is strange… but not 
strange for long, because a bird will fly fourth, dropping an Ocarina 
on the ground. Pick it up and you will receive…

The Ocarina of Wind! North, south, east, and west are all just a breath 

Ezlo will then continue to talk, telling you that the Wind Element is 
out of reach for now. You will then be transported out of the dungeon.

18.) The Library and Beyond
Okay, you’ve finally gotten out of that awful Fortress of Winds; have a 
magical Ocarina that can take you anywhere you want, so where do you 
go? Use the Ocarina. You will now discover that you can only fly to 
area that you have uncovered Wind Crests. Wind Crests are those symbols 
that you uncovered by making the tombstone shaped objects disappear. 
Your first destination is, surprisingly, the first Wind Crest you 
revealed. Head to the Crest in Lake Hylia. If you don’t know where that 
is, it is the crest to the far right on the map, just above the Minish 

Ezlo will give you a short speech, and then you can shrink yourself 
with the Minish Portal nearby. Head in the Minish house north of Link.

Speak to the Minish inside, and he will be very surprised that you have 
been able to find him. Apparently, to find the entrance to the Temple 
of Droplets, you must speak to the elder Librari, who is currently 
retired and resides in the Hyrule Town library. So, enlarge yourself 
with the Portal and head to the Wind Crest in Hyrule Town!

From here, head east until you reach the town library. It is a two 
story building with a green roof. Enter.

From here, ignore the people and just head northwest up the stairs. You 
will see some Minish footprints! Speak to the man and he will say that 
he isn’t crazy – those books move on their own! Head south, now, out 
the door. To your left you will notice a vase… equip your Pacci and 
flip it. You can now shrink yourself, so do so and head back into the 
top floor of the library via the Minish door nest to the regular door.

Head toward the Minish footprints, and you will enter a little book 
world. Speak to the Minish draped in yellow, and he will complain that 
a book is missing. This book was initially the ladder that allowed you 
to go see Elder Librari, so you need to find that book! Supposedly, one 
of the Librarians has it…

Enlarge yourself using the vase just outside. Re-enter the Library and 
go down the steps. Remember when you entered, there were two people 
sitting at desks? Talk to the one on the left, and she will help you. 
The book you need to find is A Hyrulian Bestiary, which is currently 
checked out by a girl with a cat. This house is south from the library. 
Actually, quite a ways south. Head to the four-way intersection, and go 
south through the market area. From here, head east until you see a 
house with a purple roof and a house with a blue roof, connected at the 
top by a small wooden plank.

The house with the book is the blue roofed one – enter to hear Ezlo 
talk about the book. Now, you are presented with one problem: How do 
you get the book from the top of the shelf? First of all, read the 
letter. The girl who owns the book is next door, so enter the house 
with the purple roof. You will see two fireplaces, one flaming and one 
burnt out. You need to burn out the flaming one, so it’s time to fill a 
bottle with water. Exit the house and head west, until you reach the 
river. Fill your bottle and head back to the house, and douse the fire.

Now, you will see yet another blue vase. Flip it over with some Pacci 
magic and enter the fireplace that you just burnt out. You will be 
taken up the chimney and onto the roof. Head across the small wooden 
plank and into the fireplace of the blue house. Ezlo will make 
statements about how scary everything is. Just make your way over to 
the Minish ladder on the opposite side of the room, avoiding the cat at 
all costs. When you walk up the ladder, head to the right, and push the 
book down off the shelf. Head out of the house and enlarge yourself.

Now that you are normal size again, head to the blue roofed house and 
get the book you pushed off the shelf. Now that you have the missing 
book, head back to the library. If you forget where the library is, it 
is northwest (very northwest) of where you are now. In the library, 
speak to the librarian on the left again, and she will praise you for 
getting the first book she needs.

Now you must get another. The book is titled Legend of the Picori, 
checked out by an absentminded scholar. You must go find the infamous 
Dr. Left! All you have to do is head south once again, and near the 
entrance of Hyrule Town you should see a yellow-roofed building to the 
left, which should be a café. Inside the café is yet another blue vase… 
flip it and turn it into a Minish portal. Shrink yourself, and head to 
the opposite side of the room where a Minish door resides, and exit the 

Head west, across the bride, using the small wooden plank as a Minish 
size bridge. Continue west, and when you need to head north. His is the 
house with a purple roof – enter via the Minish door. You should see 
Dr. Left doing work in the center of the room, and two Minish doors at 
the back of the house. You can only enter one at the moment, so enter 
the bottom one to find yourself in a Minish house.

Speak to the Minish man in blue to hear of clues to a treasure… Cross 
the bridge that spans the rapid flow… through the land of the fearsome 
beast… until you reach the misty falls… the treasure sleeps on the 
other side of the secret entrance there…

Also, the hunt starts at this very house! You can exit the house now, 
though, and enter through the back of the log cabin just south of Dr. 
Left’s house. In here is a Minish portal, which you can use to enlarge 
yourself. Exit out the southern door, and head to Dr. Left’s house. As 
you approach the door, he will tell you he has the book. Enter the 

He has the book, but he hasn’t seen it in days! You should put out that 
fire with some water and explore the chimney; it did you lots of good 
last time you did it. Head out of the house, and go to the nearby river 
to fill your bottle with water. Re-enter the house and douse the fire.

Go back to the carpenter’s house, the log cabin, and shrink yourself. 
Head out the back way, and go to Dr. Left’s house once again. Enter his 
chimney – you will be taken up top the roof. Use the wooden plank as a 
bridge; make your way north, into a house with a yellow roof via 
another Minish door.

In here, you will see a man and Minish man standing. Ignore the man, 
and possibly even the Minish man, just head north through this house, 
and out the back way. Now, outside the house, loop around by heading to 
the right, and then south. It’s time to follow the other Minish’s 

First: Cross the bridge that spans the rapid flow. Well, you see a 
small plank, don’t you? It spans across the river. Cross it. You’ve 
just completed step one… which wasn’t hard at all.

Step Two: Through the land of the fearsome beast. From where you are, 
you should head north. You will pass by a small caged area with two 
cats wandering back and fourth, which would be the “fearsome beasts.” 
At the northwest corner of the area is an entrance you can walk 
through, so do so. Make your way south, maneuvering carefully around 
the cats. When you get to the end – hopefully you didn’t lose too many 
hearts on the second cat – head down the vine, and walk around the 
fountain to enter the Minish door. That was both step three and four: 
Until you reach the misty falls… the treasure sleeps on the other side 
of the secret entrance there.

Ezlo will seem surprised! Who knew this was behind the town’s water 
pump? I guess you did, since you followed the Minish’s clues. Now, we 
have to find that treasure. Head to the room to your right.

You should be familiar with all the enemies in here. Just kill them 
off, and use your Cane of Pacci to charge the hole in the northern area 
of the room. Enter the hole and launch yourself up. Head through the 

Oh no! I mini boss battle! Kill off the blue beetles… they shouldn’t be 
too much trouble. They take four hits each, and once dead you will get 
the much sought after treasure! This treasure turns out to be the Power 
Bracelets! You’re filled with strength, even while tiny! This stays 
equipped always, just like the Grip Ring you found at Corel.

You can head out of here now. Back through all the paths… the cat area, 
the small bridge, and any Minish you speak with will be amazed and 
congratulate you on your feat. You can ignore them, and just make your 
way back down Dr. Left’s chimney. Now that you are a strong little 
Minish, you can push those cabinets! Go in between the two, and push 
the left cabinet to the left. Then, go around and push the rightmost 
cabinet to the left as well, until you have created a walk able path to 
the Minish door on the wall. Head up the ladder and into the door.

You will see a large open book and a Minish in blue reading it. Ignore 
him, and concentrate on the Minish in green to his left. He complains 
about the dust everywhere in the room, so equip your Gust Jar and get 
rid of the dust below him. Not only will he be satisfied, but you will 
be to, because there is a four area here! Make a vertical column of two 
Link’s, and head east, making sure to not let the clone Link hit 
anything on the way to… a large green book wobbling on the edge of a 
wood beam? This Minish wants to return that book, and he needs your 
help to make it fall off. Get both Link’s to stand on the edge of the 
book until both Link and the book fall.

You need to be full size, don’t you? Head out of Dr. Left’s house and 
back into the log cabin to enlarge Link. Head into Dr. Left’s house 
once again, and nab the book. Now you have two! Though, you need be 
Minish size again to get back across the bridge, so head back into the 
carpenter’s house and re-shrink yourself. Head out the back way, and 
cross the bridge to the south. Head east, back into the café… enlarge 
Link, and head north to the Library to return the second book.

Speak to the lady once again, and she will be so grateful of you that 
she thinks you deserve a medal! Anyways, the last book is entitled A 
History of Masks, and it was checked out by Mayor Hagen. Head directly 
east to get to his house. You will need to go just a bit south, but not 
too much. His house has a yellow roof.

Speak to Hagen, and he will tell you his name, and that he did indeed 
check out that book. But he is not sure of it, so it’s up to you to get 
it from him. First, you need to knock the masks off the shelf on the 
wall. Do this by using your Pegasus Boots, and ramming Link against the 
wall to knock one or two masks over at a time. On the far left, a 
Minish door will appear behind that last mask. Now, you see that vase 
to your left? Flip it with some Pacci magic, and shrink yourself.

Climb up the Minish size ladder on the right side of the room, and head 
left into the door. Speak with the Minish people, and they will mark a 
spot on your map. This spot is Hagen’s Lake Hylia Cabin, and he left 
the book there by accident! I guess we have to take a trip to Lake 
Hylia, then.

Exit the room, and head back to the Minish portal to enlarge yourself. 
Exit the house, and use your Ocarina to fly to Lake Hylia, just as you 
did before. We’re not staying in Hylia for long, though, so jump down 
from the platform and exit out to Lon Lon Ranch. In here, you will need 
to head north, and walk around the platform west until you reach an 
empty hole. You’ve done this all before – take your Pacci and shoot the 
hole, launch yourself upward, and head eat. Hop in the whirlwind and 
head south. Head a bit east, hop in the next whirlwind and head south 
across the patch of water. Now you can exit into the Minish Woods, and 
you should be near Syrup the Witch’s Hut. You are one screen away, so 
just head south.

Just near the stairs leading to Syrup’s hut is a door. You were never 
able to break these… before the Mole Mitts, at least. Well, now you can 
simply dig through these doors, so test out your Mitts on that door to 
open a cave entrance. In the cave there is an abundance of sedimentary 
rock… dig through it with your Mitts. Head west for a treasure chest 
containing a blue Kinstone Piece!

Head north from here, and ignore that conveniently placed green rupee – 
it is a likelike. Continue heading north, and go up the ladder. Head 
east, and you will see Hagen’s cabin, but you don’t need to go in just 
yet. He’s left only a message for you there: “If you can’t solve a 
problem, ram your head right into it!” Well, you are about to do just 
that. Head around the house on the right side, and you will see a tree. 
Upon ramming the tree with your Pegasus Boots, a Minish Portal will be 
uncovered! Use it to shrink Link, and enter the Minish path just below.

It’s just too easy. There are no obstacles, enemies, or anything in 
this path. Just Link and his lily pad. Equip your Gust Jar, and 
continue straight south until you hit the dock at the other end. When 
you leave the path, you will find Link to be in the Hylia Cabin… to 
reach the book, hop onto a clover and ride it around the pool of water. 
Head over to the cabinets on the opposite side of the room. Push the 
rightmost cabinet to the right, and it will uncover a ladder. Climb up 
and head east to the book. Push it down off the fireplace.

Head back through the Minish path. This time, however, there are 
enemies, so be ready. It’s nothing terrible, though, just a swarm of 
bugs, which are not hard to destroy. When you have made your way out of 
the path, enlarge Link and head around to the front entrance of the 
cabin so you may enter and nab the third and final book.

Now that you have the last book, fly back to Hyrule Town and get to the 
library. Give the last book to the librarian, who will call Sturgeon 
down to bring them back to the bookshelf. Now you can safely go to the 
second floor, shrink yourself, and enter the Minish book world.

Talk to the Minish in yellow, and he will reward you with a prize of 50 
rupees! Climb the blue book to your left now, and then climb the next 
set of book after that. Head east, and then head down one book. You 
should see a large green book with a clover symbol on it and a door on 
its spine. Enter to meet Elder Librari.

Librari will tell you how to enter… but first you must go through his 
little adventure. He will send (Well… more like trick.) you down into 
an area where you must find the item you need to get into the temple. 
So first, you need to get out of this caged area.

Push the bottom left corners blocks out. The top one to the left, the 
bottom block down, so that you may exit. Head south to the next screen, 
and kill off all the slugs here. Take out your Gust jar, and pull the 
mushroom at your left towards you to launch you across the water. Head 
to the next screen.

Here, kill off the slugs and head through the door. Simple as that.

Another mini boss battle! These bugs have large claws on their mouths, 
which they can send hurtling at you like boomerangs. On top of that, 
they take quite a few hits as well, around eight or so. And you have to 
fight two of them, so be ready! You can hit them anywhere that the blue 
claws are not. When defeated, a large blue chest will appear. Open it 
to receive…

The Flippers! Press A to glide through the water and B to dive!

Anyways, they are another permanent equip, like the Power Bracelets, so 
you may always dive safely into water now. Do so to try them out – head 
into the nearby river and head south. At the next screen, just continue 
south to exit the mini dungeon.

Welcome back to Hyrule Town! Head east to get back to the library and 
enlarge yourself. Do it quickly, because it is now time for Dungeon #4 
– Temple of Droplets.

You are done in Hyrule Town, so get out your Ocarina and fly to Lake 
Hylia! From there, jump off the ledge and head north, crossing the 
bridge. When you see a house with a small pond next to it, get into the 
pond via the steps. Swim to the center and press B to dive and you will 
get a Piece of Heart! If you have been following the guide correctly, 
you now have a whole new heart container.

Continue around the house east, and go down the steps when you get to 
them. Dive into the lake. Now, you might see the dungeon just near you, 
it looks like a little white circle of ice, but you cannot get to it 
yet. In fact, you have to swim all the way around the lake clockwise to 
reach it, all because it is blocked off by stones! So, get swimming, 
and try to avoid enemies shooting at you. Don’t try to get the heart 
piece either, you can’t. When you reach the dungeon.

Jump into the circle. It is actually a Minish portal! Shrink yourself 
and head on in!

19.) Dungeon #4 – Temple of Droplets
If you ever want to leave this dungeon, you can do so by stepping on 
the platform you landed on upon falling in.

Ezlo will argue about how cold he is, and tell you to hurry up. Better 
listen! Anyways, just in front of you, down the steps, should be the 
door to the boss room. But you can’t go there yet, as you probably 

The floor in this room is ice, and you need to make your way to the 
back of the large central structure via this ice. However, it is quite 
slippery – so be careful. You might end up moving too fast, and fall 
off. Move slowly, and when you need to push ice blocks out of the way. 
It does not matter if you head left or right from the Boss Door, they 
both are the same length, shape, etc., and get to the same spot. When 
you reach the door, head in north.

Vases attack! Don’t get hit by them! Also, the firepots will be 
shooting at you as well, so it seems everything in this dungeon really 
is against you! Just go quickly through this room, and head east out 
the door.

Three red bugs. Just kill them off and head down the stairs.

There is a lever here. Push it by standing to the right of it and 
pushing left. This will open a hole in the room above, that you saw the 
light shining on. Well, the light is down here now, and you can also 
head back to that room and jump down the hole. So, head back up the 
stairs why doncha?

Fall down the giant hole in the center. There is no possible way you 
can miss this huge, gaping hole right in the center of the room. You 
will head down it. You will land on ice. And you will be happy.

Yay, we are happy! You landed on the ice, and Ezlo will tell you to 
check out that block of ice upon moving near it. You need to melt that 
block so you can get the Small Key inside. Stand behind it, and push it 
south so that it hits the stone below. Then, stand to the left of it, 
and push it to the right, right into the light! It will melt quickly 
and you may run and grab your new Small Key! Exit the icy area by 
heading to the southeast corner, and pushing the block to the right. 
Head north, up the stairs, and then make your way one more room to the 
west where the vases attacked you earlier.

In here, open the locked door, hopefully without getting hurt too much, 
and head in.

There are some blue spinning bugs in here, so get rid of them. There is 
nothing else to do here, so fall down the gaping hole in the center of 
the room. Don’t worry, you’ll find it. You can’t miss it. Really.

Walk to your left. You will see something you never expected to find so 
soon: The Big Key! Oh, but it is frozen in ice, along with two other 
ice blocks! The Big Key is the center ice block, and there is one above 
it, and one below it. There are three stones to the left on the three 
blocks, meaning all three can be pushed to the left safely. Push the 
top block to the left, and the push the Big Key to the right as well. 
Leave the bottom block alone for now. From here, push the big key up 
and then once again to the left. The top block is no longer needed, so 
just ignore it. Now, it is time to move the bottom block. Push it to 
the left, and then down. Push it once more to the left. Head around the 
top block and get to the Big Key, and push it down. From there, push 
the Key to the left, then up, and then to the right – it will land 
right in the sunshine. Whew, that was quite a hassle for just a key!

From here, stand below the lever and push up on it, to close off the 
sunshine. The hole above you will also be closed, so you can head up 
the nearby stairs to your north, and head back east out of this room! 
In the next room, avoid the flying pottery and the fireballs, and make 
your way south back to the room where you entered the dungeon.

Continue back around the central structure south, and make your way to 
the Boss Door, which you will use the Big Key on. This was a short 
dungeon, wasn’t it?

If you want to get the hearts in the vases, be careful of flying vases, 
which are just near the ones where hearts lay.

Anyways, walk forward to find a large chunk of ice – with the element 
sitting in it! Ezlo will explain to you that you cannot touch it while 
it is in that condition, so it looks like you will need a new item to 
solve this problem. Head south, ignoring the Big octorok, and head left. 
Watch out for more flying vases, and head through the door.

It seems your dungeon quest is not yet over. The Boss Room sure is big! 
Actually, it’s not the boss room quite yet. You still have a whole 
dungeon ahead of you, so let’s get moving! Save if you wish to.

In this new room, head south through a door/tunnel. You will get some 
rupees on the way, but when you reach the end you will get something 
even better: The Dungeon Map! Now you can’t get lost!

Now head back north. Continue north until you reach a small river area, 
with a spiked roller moving across! You have to practice your diving 
skills, so be ready. Enter the water, and when the roller comes in you 
direction, press B. You will dive underwater, and can swim safely away 
from the roller. Head west.

Leave the water when you get to dry land, and head up the steps. Head 
east from here, back into the water, and into the next screen east. 
Head south from here and you will have to face two flying bugs. 
Unfortunately, you must be on land to fight them, so get on some and 
kill them off, then head south to the next screen.

Equip your gust jar, because you will need it to suck up that mushroom 
across the river so you can hit that switch! Do what was just said, and 
hit the square switch to open a path down the waterfall. Reenter the 
water, and fall down.

Swim south, and beware of the roller. Dive under it, just like you did 
the last one, and continue south. When you reach the end of the river, 
head west to find a tombstone-like object. Read it, and it will say… 
“The way forward is hidden in the bottom of the pot.” I wonder what 
this could mean… Well, we will find out soon, but for now, hit the 
switch below the tombstone.

Head east into the next room and you will find a series of walls 
organized to form a shape. A shape that looks sort of like… a pot. 
Remember the saying? Put it to use here, and swim to the bottom of the 
pot. You should see a little area of waves, a square of them, near the 
bottom of this pot – dive there to retrieve a Small Key. Head back out 
of this room, north past the roller, and up the wall that needs your 
Grip Ring to climb.

Push the block in front of you up, so you may get past, and head north 
until you see a door that can be unlocked with a key. Unlock it with 
your newly acquired small key, and head through the short tunnel. Head 
south from here to find a switch, which upon finding you should press. 
This will open the gate next to you. Now that that is done, hop on the 
lily pad. You can just swim to it.

Take out your gust jar. Now, navigate your lily north, then back to the 
waterfall, which lies east to the next screen, and then south, south 
all the way south… fall down the waterfall, lily and all.

Head south with your lily, attempting to avoid the roller. The lily pad 
will go under it, but you won’t. If you are quick enough, dive. If you 
are not, then just get hurt once or twice until you can make your way 
under. No serious damage done. When you reach the wall, head east back 
to the room with the pot. Navigate around the pot east to the platform 
with a switch on it. You can get off the lily now, and press the switch 
to lower the water gates.

Make your way east to the next screen on you lily pad. Do not swim. You 
should come to a familiar enemy – remember fighting one of these in the 
first dungeon? Well, it’s a bit harder on ice. Just try not to get hurt 
too much, and when you have the chance, suck up the cobwebs on the 
walls with your Gust Jar, because they will frequently bounce you back 
into this horrible worm. When defeated the door to the north will open. 
Head in.

Open the big chest to get the Compass! Now you know where all the 
goodies in this dungeon are, and if you have been following the guide 
correctly, there are eleven treasure chests left to get! Let’s get all 
of them, shall we?

It would be wise to save now. You wouldn’t want to do this entire 
dungeon over again, would you?

Head back south, and hop on your lily pad again. Push it west, and then 
head north to the next screen.

In here, park your lily next to a path of ice to your left, and get 
off. Swim around the path of ice, and head east above the gate. Get out 
of the water, and hit the square witch to lower the water gate. You 
will need to move your lily past this point soon, but not yet. Head 
north and step on the large area of ice, upon which bugs are running 

Go north to the very end of this ice area to find a treasure chest with 
50 rupees in it (Woo, one chest down!), and then head back south to an 
area with ice block scattered all about. You need to get one of those 
blocks to stay on the switch.

There are many blocks… how can you make one stay on the switch? Well, 
find the uppermost block, and push it down. From there, push it to the 
left. It will hit the purple wall and stay. Push the block to the right 
of the block you just pushed (this block should also be to Link’s 
right), to the left. It should stack in front of the other block. Now, 
find the bottommost block on the left side. Push it upwards, to have it 
collide and stack up onto the block you just pushed. It should have 
connected just below the block. You should have two blocks left to 
push, one closest to the switch, and one below that one. Take the block 
closest to the switch and push it left, and then up onto the switch. 
The water gate will drop. Give yourself a pat on the back.

Head back to your lily pad. Navigate it west along the water pathway, 
and make it go north. Do not take the intersection left just yet. When 
you have gone north, take a turn to the right and continue until you 
reach a door. There is nothing special in the vases; you aren’t leaving 
anything behind, so walk in the door.

It’s dark in here! You can’t see a thing, but luckily this room is 
tiny: just walk diagonal, following where the fire pot is. To the north 
you should make it to a door, enter.

There is nothing to do in this room yet, so just head up the stairs, 
across the platform killing off slugs, and through the door up the 

Mini boss battle! You’ve fought these guys before, so use the same 
tactics. It is highly recommended that you get out your shield, to 
protect yourself from when they fire their pinchers or whatever you 
wish to call them. When they are clawless, slash them as much as you 
can. They will die… and in the middle of the room a blue portal will 
appear. This blue portal will take you back to the beginning of the 
dungeon, as always.

Exit through the southern door, and head west. The next screen after 
this should show you a large lever, and just below you should see two 
four pads. There is only one way you can clone yourself, so do so and 
stand next the lever (if you are clueless, on the rightmost side of the 
lever), and push it to the left. This will open up an area of sunlight, 
a large area in fact, and will melt the chunk of ice blocking the path 
to the right. Ezlo will talk, and when he is finished, jump down off 
the ledge.

Head south, and make a right, going through the door that was just made 
newly available to you.

In here, head north through the door. That’s all you can do for now in 
here. In this northern room, grab the Blue Kinstone Piece in the 
treasure chest, and then head right. Be careful here, don’t fall off 
the ledge. When you get far enough, you should see another treasure 
chest. Head south across the narrow path of ice, which isn’t too hard 
since it is against the wall, and grab the Blue Kinstone Piece.

Head back around the ice and go south down the second path. You should 
see a group of green blades, moving around in a line, blocking your 
path. But there is an opening, so wait for it to come. When it does 
come, run quickly into the circle of blades and stop yourself before 
hitting the blade opposite you. There are now two paths to take, to the 
left and to the right. Going to the right will lead you to a dead end 
with two vases. The left pathway will take you out of here. Go left.

In this new room, all you can do is go north. You don’t have a small 
key yet, and you can’t melt the ice. So go north.

Head down the steps in this room. This room should look familiar to 
you, but never mind that. Just go down.

In here, head down once again. You will enter a room with a frozen 
treasure chest and a lever. Push the lever, and you will hear a noise 
telling you that some type of door has opened, revealing sunlight. It 
was actually the opposite. You closed one of the light holes above you, 
so head up.

Walk across the now closed hole, and push on the lever to reveal 
sunlight. Head back downstairs, and push the lever down there to open 
up the second light hole and unfreeze the chest, containing a small 
key! Head up the stairs, twice, and then head south out of the familiar 
room, and into the room that had a locked door. Open the door with your 
small key, and walk in.

It’s a room, a nice, big, empty room. A gate will pop up behind you. 
Head south and push on the lever… a hole will open up above, revealing 
sunlight and something new: Drops of water? Or wait… no! It’s a Giant 
Blue ChuChu! This is not the boss of the dungeon, but it does put up 
quite a fight. Get out your gust jar.

You cannot suck its base while it is surrounded by electricity. Wait 
until the current of electricity stops, and then use the Jar. Other 
then that, it is the exact same fight as the boss of Deepwood Shrine, 
nothing new. It does, however, take a few more hits, so be careful and 
don’t expect too little of this fight. If you keep hitting it 
constantly when it falls down, it should take around four slash rounds 
to kill it.

After the ChuChu explodes, a large chest will appear in the center of 
the room. I wonder what I could be…

A Flame Lantern! This handy item lights up the night! Press the button 
to turn it on or off. This lantern will not only light up dark areas, 
it will also melt ice chunks (some containing treasure), and light fire 
pits! With this in your hands, head out of the room.

First and foremost, melt the ice to your left with your new Lantern. 
You also might want to scavenge the vases for hearts, if your health is 
low from the battle. When done, head down the stairs nearby.

Get the treasure chest out of the ice with your Lantern, and you will 
receive 100 rupees! Melt the other ice blocks, and head east, into the 
next room.

Another mini boss battle, and this time it is in darkness. Luckily, 
there are four unlit fire pits around you, so you can light those with 
your Lantern. Note that they will only stay lit for a limited amount of 
time, and you can relight them simply by touching them if you have your 
Lantern equipped. You shouldn’t need your shield for this battle, so 
keep the Lantern equipped at all times as you fight these three 
familiar monsters.

When all is over, exit the room to your right. You are inside another 
dark room, this time a labyrinth of sorts. Head straight east, and 
destroy the vase blocking the fire pit. Light the pit with your 
Lantern, destroying a block. Walk back around and pass the block, 
heading north. You will see a chest, but you can’t get it just yet. So, 
head a bit further north until you see an accessible fire pit – light 
it, and another block blocking your path will be destroyed. Before you 
advance, however, you might want to head a bit west first, and enter 
the area where the treasure chest is held. It contains a red Kinstone 
Piece. Now, you may head back to where the block disappeared. If you 
cannot find it, it is marked by a symbol on the floor. Head north from 
there. When you then head west a bit, you will see two ways to go down. 
The first way leads to a dead end, with a vase containing bombs. The 
second path is the one you probably wish to take. From here, head west 
until you reach a wall that is obviously able to be blown up by a bomb. 
Equip your bombs momentarily and set one down, back away, and then 
reequip your Lantern. When the bomb explodes, enter the door.

The room is filled with scattering beetles… kill them off. When all are 
dead, you shall receive a small key! Head out of this room, there is 
nothing left to do here.

Head east, the north. When given an option to go left or right, head 
right. Continue right, the north until you reach a treasure chest, 
which contains a red Kinstone Piece! Head south from there, across 
another part of the maze, until you reach a fire pit. Light it to make 
another block disappear. Head back to where you came from, and this 
time take the left path. Head north, killing all enemies, and when 
given the choice to go up or down, go down. You will see a treasure 
chest, containing a red Kinstone Piece yet again, and a fire pit to 
light. Light the pit, and head back around, going up now. Unlock the 
locked door with your small key, and head on in.

It is highly recommended that you save now… I know as well as you do 
that you don’t want to die and do this all over again!

In this new room, you will see fires – lines of them – and they move! 
They are very dangerous, so steer clear of them. The trouble is, it is 
a small room filled with blocks, and you are on ice! My suggestion is 
to quickly run to the other side of this room, taking the risk of 
getting hurt, because one you are on fire you cannot attack in any way, 
shape, or form. When you reach the other side, head into the next dark 

In here, there are ledges you can fall off of, so be careful. Just walk 
around the path, and then north through the door.

Whew, it feels good to be in the light again! Head through the door 
that leads under the platform, north, and then make a left to exit out 
the path. You will get a few rupees along the way. Enter the door when 
you come to it.

Woo, a puzzle! Simple, but a puzzle.  You have two four areas, and 
three large blocks. We want to first concentrate on the top right 
block. You should see an accessible FA, so head to it and make a column 
of vertical Links. Push the top right block over to the left, until you 
cannot anymore. Now, head back to the FA, but this time make a 
horizontal row of Links, and push the bottom right block downwards, 
covering the first four area.

Make you way now to the second four area, and create another horizontal 
row of Links. Push the top left block (the only one you have not yet 
moved) downwards. Do not cover the four area at all. You will need it 
in a moment. Only push this large block down one move, not two like the 
other two blocks.

Head back to the uncovered four area, and make a vertical column of 
Links. Head to the left side of the top right block, and push it to the 
right just enough that you can head north through the door. Do so.

You are now in a long room where, at the left end, rest three switches 
that must be pressed simultaneously. You see two sets of four pads, 
each with two four pads per set. You also see two ice blocks, 
obviously, one for each switch, and Link on the third switch. But that 
is incorrect. You also will notice a continuation of large blocks 
throughout the room.

First, move the first ice block you see to the left. Push it so that it 
is not blocking any paths at all. Next, head over to the left end of 
the room until you see a second ice block. Push it downwards, then walk 
around and push it to the left, right onto the switch. Head back now to 
the four pads.

You want two Links that are two pads apart, meaning you will have to 
step on the top or bottom pad of each set, which also means you will 
have to do a bit of walking in between pads. Step on the top pad of the 
bottom four pad set, and then walk around so you can step on the top 
pad of the top four pad set. Your Links are now far enough apart that 
they can maneuver around the large blocks without running into them.

Head east, and then south, then east again, then north. From here on, 
just run quickly east until both Links land on the two switches and the 
door below you opens. Walk through.

The flame lines here only move around the edges of the room, so if you 
can get past the walls you are safe. Look around the room: There is a 
central block, and four surrounding blocks. Which block does not match 
the others? The top right one is that one. Push the top right block 
upwards, and the door to your left shall open Walk through it.

Melt the ice chunk that rests on top of the four area. Make a vertical 
column of Links, and head south. Push the block to the right, and head 
south. Ignore the second four area, and head up the stairs.

This room is much harder then it looks. To open the door, you must 
light all fire pits at once. There are nine, sorted in a three by three 
array. It’s harder then it sounds, though it helps that you are on ice. 
My suggestion is to light as many as you can the first time around the 
ice, and keep lighting unlit ones until you catch up the ones that keep 
getting burnt out. Eventually, you will get all of them lit, and can go 
through the door to your left.

Whoa, that’s a lot of rollers! You don’t need to dive for the first 
few, though. Just swim past them, attempting not to get hit, until you 
reach the one that is after the first land roller: You will need to 
dive for this one to get over to the other side, onto dry land. Here, 
you will see a group of large bugs, very familiar bugs, bugs that you 
don’t have to fight if you simply head south, then east through the 

In here, there are three bugs with bombs to drop. Run around, and let 
them drop their bombs. When they have dropped the bombs, kill them off, 
and then destroy the vases if you wish. In the bottom right corner of a 
room is a switch, step on it to create a red portal. This portal, as 
you probably already know, takes you back to the beginning of the 
dungeon. But you don’t need to go there right now – equip your bombs 
and blow up the obvious door in the northern area of the room. Enter.

Two worms… wow! Didn’t you already fight one of these? Well, 
fortunately for you it’s not on ice this time. But your Lantern can 
prove especially useful here: Use it to burn the cobwebs, instead of 
wasting time using your Gust Jar. When you are ready, fight and kill 
the giant worms just like you have done before.

When the door is opened, head through it. In the new room you should 
see a treasure chest, but you can’t get it yet. We’ll get it in a 
moment, just for sheer completion of the dungeon this walkthrough will 
get you all the treasure chests marked on the map, and some that 
aren’t. So, ignore that for now, and head through the door to the 
north, up the stairs.

In here, quickly run across the bridge. There is no real threat, 
besides falling slugs, but there is also nothing special about this 
room. So move across the bridge quickly, if you feel like it, then go 
up the stairs to the north.

Kill off the blue beetles here, and walk up the stairs. Exit south, and 
in this room just head east. You should now be near the second large 
lever you have seen in this dungeon, so you should know partially or 
completely what to do. Make a vertical row of Links, and push the 
lever. The rays of light just below will finish what they started, and 
increase in size, melting the ice around the element. Ezlo will talk… 
you can finally get the element… but wait, what’s this? The octorok is 
unfreezing! It will suck up the element, and run off with it. Now, if 
this were a guide that cared not about completion, then it would tell 
you to go and fight the boss right now. But there are a few stray 
treasure chests…

Head south, and go through the leftmost door. Head under the roller, 
like you remember, and make your way to the familiar lily pad up the 
steps. Get on it, and use your gust jar to move it east, then south 
around the central structure. Fall down the waterfall, and make your 
way south, past the roller, and east into the room with the “pot.”

Head east until you reach the familiar fork. Head north with your lily.

Head straight north with your lily from here, and dock it at the 
shallow water. Get off, and use your Lantern to melt the ice chunk that 
encases a treasure chest. Open the chest to get 100 mysterious shells!

Get back on your lily pad, equip your gust jar, and head west, then 
north when you must turn. Instead of heading east this time, we are 
going to take the fork left… you should enter an annex that you have 
seen before; Equip your Lantern and melt the ice around the chest. Open 
it to gain a red Kinstone Piece!

Time to head back; you’ve gotten all chests on the map. Equip your Gust 
Jar, and push the lily out of this annex. Head east from here, avoiding 
the bombing bugs, and enter into the dark room to the east. Walk north, 
making sure not to fall off the edge, and exit the dark room.

Walk up the stair here, onto the platform, and then up the stairs into 
the next room. In this room, simply step on the blue portal to 
transport yourself back to the beginning of the dungeon.

It is very, very strongly recommended you save now, as you are about to 
fight the boss.

So, with all that done, head south into the main room that leads to the 
boss room. Refill your health if you wish using the vases on the top 
corners of the room, and when you feel you are ready, head south 
through the large opening into the boss room.

20.) Temple of Droplets boss – Big Octorok
A gate will pop up behind you! I suppose there is no escaping this one.

The first thing you need to do is get rid of your sword. You won’t bee 
needing it for this fight. Replace your sword with your Pegasus Boots, 
and replace whatever you have set to A with your shield for now. At 
first, the octorok will fire large stones at you. Deflect them with 
your shield three times, and they will bounce back and hit him three 

The hard pert comes now: Everything will freeze over, making it hard 
for you to control your running. On top of that, the octorok will now 
suck up anything that runs near its mouth, and spit it out. What’s 
worse, if you are caught, it does an entire heart full of damage! And 
even more so on top of that, he can also spray an icy blast: this will 
freeze poor Link. If you are frozen, press all the buttons until you 
break free!

Even worse then that, though, is the octorok’s agility. During all of 
this, it will spin faster than you can catch up with its flower, which 
you have to hit with your Lantern. Now is when you need to replace the 
shield you have equipped for your Lantern. Use the Pegasus Boots you 
equipped earlier to catch up with this octoroks flower… and when you 
reach the flower, burn it.

When you burn the flower, the octorok will run around and smash into the 
wall – watch out for falling stones! Soon after, the room will unfreeze 
again, allowing you to repeat the process again.

The second time through, getting the boulders to hit the octorok is a 
bit tougher. It will alternate from sucking Link up and throwing him 
(which again, causes a whole heart of damage), to spitting out 
boulders. Make sure you deflect the boulders as often as you can. After 
three hits, everything will freeze over again.

Equip your Pegasus Boots again. If you are lucky enough, you can get to 
the flower before the octorok starts moving, because if you don’t you 
will have a hard time killing this boss. It moves even faster on the 
second run-through, making it incredibly hard to reach the flower.

Again, once the flower is burnt, watch out for falling stones!

The third time around is even tougher! Not only will it suck you up, 
but now it can make the room dark at will. This is where your Lantern 
comes in handy: Light up the room so you can see where the octorok is. 
It will ram into the wall during the darkness confusion, dropping 
stones, and lots of them, in Link’s general area. It would be nice if 
you could see the stones. The darkness, after a while, will fade away. 
Whenever you get the chance, deflect a boulder back at the octorok. 
Thankfully, when it isn’t sucking you up, or making the room dark and 
unleashing falling stones at you, it generally spits out two to three 
boulders at a time, giving you ample opportunity to hit it.

Once this is done, the room does not freeze over. The octorok explodes, 
revealing the wonderful element inside. The computer will walk over and 
grab the element for you.

It is the Water Element! Water quenches thirst, ends draught, and 
nourishes life. The Water Element is the embodiment of that power.

A heart container will appear above you, and a green portal to the 
beginning of the dungeon will appear below you. Of course, nab that 
heart container first! Then, walk into the green portal. Exit the 
dungeon from here.

21.) Haunted…
After exiting the dungeon, Ezlo will complain about almost freezing in 
that place. But something odd is about to happen, the entire area 
becomes dark! And what’s this…? A figure above the dungeon entrance?

It is the old King of Hyrule, Gustaf! He only comes for a short while, 
but he marks an important spot on your map. Once this is over, it is 
time to head to the Elemental Sanctuary to infuse your blade with the 
Water Element you just got. So, get out your Ocarina, and fly to the 
Wind Crest in Hyrule Town, which shouldn’t be a hard crest to find.

Head now north to Hyrule Castle. Make your way quickly through Hyrule 
Field, since nothing is really there, and enter the castle gardens, and 
finally the castle itself. But wait, you cannot go into the castle! The 
King, as you might remember, was possessed by Vaati, and he doesn’t 
want anyone in the castle. So, from here you’ll have to enter the 
Garden. Head east into the garden, since a guard currently blocks the 
other path.

Head east until you hit a wall, and then head south. You will see a 
large patch of bushes that you can slash away, or you can even light 
just one bush on fire with your Lantern and watch the rest burst into 
flames after that. No matter how you get rid of that patch of bushes, 
though, a hidden ladder will appear, and you will climb down it.

Head north through the door. The room is semi-dark, so you can plainly 
see the there is a piece of heart right next to you! Nab it right away, 
and then continue even further north.

Talk to this familiar looking man, and he will call himself Grimblade! 
There are actually multiple trainers like these men throughout Hyrule, 
so it would be wise to keep a lookout for these guys. He wants to train 
you, but the room is too dark! So, get out your Lantern and light the 
two fire pits on Grimblade’s left and right, then talk to him again.

You are about to learn the Sword Beam, an attack plenty powerful. It 
actually shoots a beam out of your sword when all of your hearts are 
full, giving you the ability to hit enemies from a distance. Take the 
Tiger Scroll, and keep it safe.

Leave the room and head up the ladder. Head a west from here, and leave 
this area of the garden. Continue west, heading around the flower 
patches, and enter the left side of the garden. Here, guards roam 
freely, and if one spots you they will take you back to the beginning 
of the garden and tell you to be gone! You need to sneak behind them, 
when they are either not looking, have their backs turned, or you can 
slip into an area were they will not see you.

The only way you can go is north, past the guard, so try not to get 
caught. When you get through that one head east, avoiding yet another 
guard by waiting in the safe area until he moves to the far right. From 
here you can move south, and if you want take a break in a small pocket 
of safety. Getting past the next guard is tough, because he has a large 
visual range and there are two guards as well. When he heads to the 
left, walk under the long bush and hide until he begins to walk the 
other way. Quickly run north, and keep hidden in the corner until the 
second guard heads south past you. Run north, out of the garden, until 
you hit a patch of bushes. Slash it away to reveal another ladder, 
which you will then climb down.

This room has a very definite path, seeing as there is only one you can 
actually take. Head north, then east, and step on the switch when you 
get to it. Also, it would be wise to prepare for fights with snakes…

When you walk through the door at the end of the pathway you will end 
up inside Hyrule Castle. All you need to do is head north from here, 
and out the door. Continue north and enter the Elemental Sanctuary.

Continue even further north, through the room, and through the next 
room when the door closes behind you. Walk onto the area where the 
element lay and set your sword down on the stand. The Water Element 
will infuse in your blade! Look, it’s so blue! You can also now, 
instead of split into two Links, split into three!

You now must create three Links when you step on a four area. So, head 
down the steps, off the elemental area, and onto the pads. Charge up 
your blade, and step on the rightmost pad of the left set, and leftmost 
pad of the right set, and the rightmost pad of the right set to make 
three Links. Only two, however, can step on the switches and open the 
door. Head through the door.

Go back through the castle and reach the door that you first came out 
of, that leads to the pathway that leads to a ladder that leads to 
outside… whew, that’s a mouthful. Anyways, head back through the 
pathway, which is easy both said and done since, if you killed the 
snakes, there will be none there, and climb the ladder at the end. 
Then, make your way out of the garden by either getting caught, or just 
walking back through trying not to get caught (Which is kind of 
pointless, but hey, you can play how you want.).

Head back to Hyrule Town, through Hyrule Field. There is an item that 
is pretty useful here, though optional, it may seem familiar to many of 
you… head south, all the way to the southern end of town, and enter 
Stockwell’s Shop, which has a large rupee on its roof. Grab the red 
object that rests on the back shelf, and bring it up to Stockwell to 
pay for it. It costs 300 rupees, but I assure you that it is well worth 
the price, and you should have 300 rupees by now, with all the dungeons 

The Boomerang – This will-crafted weapon returns when thrown! It is 
good for hitting enemies long distance, much like your Sword Beam, but 
always available. Some enemies will not be damaged by this Boomerang, 
but will only be stunned – but that still gives you the opportunity to 
hit them.

We’re almost done in Hyrule Town, there is one last thing to take care 
of, and that is a new lesson from Swiftblade. So, head to the southwest 
corner of town and enter Swiftblade’s log cabin. Speak to him: You can 
learn a new attack! It is called the Dash Attack, and allows you to 
dash with your Pegasus Boots, and hold your sword out at the same time. 
But, you must have both your Sword and your Pegasus Boots equipped. 
Once you have the Tiger Scroll, head out of Swiftblade’s house and 
prepare to leave Hyrule town.

We’re done in Hyrule Town, so go back into North Hyrule Field, with 
Bombs equipped and ready. Head northwest, following the dirt path, 
until you reach a broken bridge. Fall off of it, even if you may think 
it wrong to do. Swim north and get off at the dock, and enter the cave. 
Right in front of you should be a heart piece! If you have been 
following this guide correctly, you only need two more pieces of heart 
to get a heart container.

Head north, up the stairs, and you will be in a room with a large 
block, and a set of six four pads. Make a vertical row of three Links, 
and push the large block to the right, until you cannot anymore. Head 
up the ladder, and jump off the ledge to your right. Yes, jump off, and 
swim north.

You are now in the Hyrule Castle area… and you are swimming in the 
moat! Swim north, around the rocks, until you can reach a new screen. 
In this screen will be a treasure chest, which contains 200 rupees! 
What a way to make up for the boomerang you just bought, eh? But it’s 
not over yet, head back south, and from here, swim west along the path, 
and enter another screen to the north. Yet another chest lies here, 
which contains 100 mysterious shells! You are now done with the 
treasure collecting, so leave this area and swim back south until you 
reach a cave you can enter.

The room looks very familiar, because it is the same room you were in 
not too long ago. Repeat the process: Make a vertical row of Links, and 
push the large block as far to the left as it can go. Walk around it, 
and up the ladder.

Head south from here, following the path. Jump off the ledge when you 
need to, and slash the lever with your sword. Viola! The bridge is now 
repaired. Walk onto that bridge and jump off of it, why don’t you? Swim 
again north, into the same cave, walk up the same stairs and repeat the 
process for the third time, of which now I will just copy and paste: 
Make a vertical row of Links, and push the large block as far to the 
left as it can go. Walk around it, and up the ladder.

Now head north up the stairs, and go to the next screen west. You will 
enter the newest area: the Royal Valley. Ezlo is scared, but he won’t 
admit it. This is a good time to get out your Lantern and light the 
area up a bit. In this area roam Ghini’s – ghost-like creatures that 
will grab you and lick your health away, literally. They take three 
hits, but can become incredibly annoying.

Before anything, head down the steps and make a quick right: You should 
see two fence-like objects that are about a door’s width apart. Blast 
them with bombs to open a door… to a great fairy spring. Walk up to the 
spring, and when she asks you to tell her of your adventure, say Yes. 
Now, any incorrect answer will lead her to punish you by reducing your 
arrows to zero, so answer this way: She will ask you if the Fire 
Element was the first Element you got: say No. Is your grandfather’s 
name Smee? No. Melari has seven apprentices? Yes. The Blabber Nut gives 
a person the ability to understand Minish? No. The robe of the current 
King of Hyrule is white? No.

Upon answering all these questions right, she will give you a valuable 
item: a large quiver! Now, you can carry more arrows! The number has 
been increased to 50. Exit this room now.

You’ll want to follow the pathway, which is very clear. Do not head 
south when given the option, only go south around the trees and then 
turn north, into the next screen.

This screen is a maze, and is actually quite easy. However, the 
directions in each game are shuffled, so there is no single path that 
can be recorded. All you need if a semi-good memory – follow the signs, 
going whatever direction they tell you to go. is actually quite easy. 
However, the directions in each game are shuffled, so there is no 
single path that can be recorded. All you need if a semi-good memory – 
follow the signs, going whatever direction they tell you to go. You may 
also more then likely run across signs that say “Same as before” or 
“Same as two before.” Recall the sign that you saw two screens or one 
screen ago. The same applies for the “Same as beginning” sign. Recall 
the direction that the sign gave you when you entered the maze. The 
final sign will always say “Up.” Exit the maze when you get there.

Head north, taking the rightmost path. The left path leads to a dead 
end. Continue north, and then make a turn to go east when you reach a 
large locked door. When you come to a fork, take the upper path, and 
continue east until you reach a house. Everything will turn light 
again, and you can walk into the house.

Speak to the man: His name is Dampe, and he is the gravedigger here. 
After telling him of the King who contacted you, he will give you the 
Graveyard Key! Use this to gain entrance into the graveyard. You can 
exit the house… but something is about to happen.

After leaving the house, one of those awful crows will swoop down and 
knock they key away from you! A second crow will then take the key! You 
need to get it back… so, equip your Pegasus Boots instead of your 
sword, and walk around the area, looking for signs of the crow who took 
your key in one of the trees. If you spot the crow, ram the tree with 
your Boots, and the key will fall. However, if you get too close to the 
bird, it will fly to another tree. Try to spot the crow as far away 
from it as you can.

Once you have gotten the key back, you can gain entrance to the 
graveyard. Walk up to the large locked door from wherever you may be 
standing, and talk to Dampe, who is next to it. He will open the door 
for you, and then you may head inside.

In the graveyard, head east until you see a group of stones lying on 
the ground. If your sword is not equipped, equip it and slash all of 
the stones away. This will uncover a four area – with three pads! 
Charge your blade and step on the only three pads available. It is 
recommended that the original Link (you) be the one on the far left, up 
top. This makes it a bit easier to maneuver the other two links around 
the tombstone. The one you must work around is the one just above you: 
So, have the top left Link (hopefully you) move between the two 
gravestones, and then quickly shift that Link to the left. Continue on 
by walking upwards, and all three Links should have gotten past safely. 
Now, all you need to do is head west, and step on all three switches at 
once, and the King’s tombstone will shift backwards, revealing a hidden 
staircase. Enter.

As soon as you go into the Royal Crypt, you will see two mummies, each 
carrying items. One of them has a small key. These mummies are 
incredibly dangerous, and take a whole mess of hits. Instead of 
counting, I would just suggest trying to survive by slashing them out 
of existence as fast as humanly possible. If you wish to have a very 
easy way of defeating these mummies, take out your Lantern and burn 
them. They will turn into normal jumping Skeletons! If you do not do 
this, they will remain dangerous. When they capture you, they suck out 
your health – very fast. So get rid of them – very fast. Get the small 
key, too. Once done, advance to the north.

Three mushrooms to choose from… hmm… there is only one that will lead 
you across safely. Pick the one to the far left, and launch yourself. 
Now, you have three doors to choose from! Two of them will hurt you 
upon going near them, the final one will open for you – and it is the 
middle door. Walk up to it and use your small key on it. Enter the 

You will see two ways to go: Left and right. The entrances to the left 
and right areas are just north of where Link is standing, so first we 
will take the left path. Walk north, and then around through the 
opening to the left area of the room, and head south again.

You will see two moving platforms with various blocks in between them. 
On the northern side of this chasm rest three switches – you must make 
three Links in the sequence they are on the four pads that should be 
just nearby. There is only one way to organize your Links, and you need 
to then get on the platforms and maneuver your Links safely across, 
which is surprisingly easier done then said. Once at the other end, 
step on the switches and a small key will appear in front of you. Once 
you have the key, ride back south on one of the platforms and exit the 
left side of the room.

Head a bit north from there and you will see two blocks. There is only 
one thing different about these blocks that you have not seen before: 
They have a key hole. Walk up to the first block and press A to make 
the block disappear. Now, it’s time to get the second key for the 
second block – on to the rightmost side of the room.

This side might be a big harder. The stones are set in the same way, 
but now you do now have the safety of leaning up against the wall so 
calmly. There is a Trap (those moving blades) circling around the 
middle structure of blocks. The formation of Links is the same, and the 
blocks extrude in the same way. All you have to worry about is avoiding 
the Trap. When you make it to the top, step on the switches just like 
before, and the small key will appear.

Take it back to the final block, and unlock the block. Head north and 
through the door. Right away, you will have to fight off snakes, so be 
prepared for some slashing action. Continue north through the narrow 
room, and enter through the door at the end.

The northern huge door will close! That’s not something you have seen 
before, normally the door behind you would close, and the door in front 
of you would close… but anyways, with you having really no where to go 
but this room, you may as well take out your Lantern and light the four 
fire pits in the corners of the room. Behold! Two mummies! You know how 
deadly these guys can be already, so try to kill them very, very 
quickly. What makes things even worse is that the fire pits you lit 
will turn against you, and shoot fireballs at you! But if all goes 
well, and you slash fast enough, you should be fine. The door to the 
north will open, and you are free to walk through it.

You made it! This is the room where Gustaf resides. Head north and up 
the stairs, and the King will automatically appear and talk to you.

He will give you a Golden Kinstone Piece! You must seek “the source of 
the flow,” apparently, with this Kinstone Piece. Afterwards, you will 
be taken outside the King’s tomb, and into the graveyard.

22.) “Source of the Flow”
Now that you are done in the graveyard, fly to Hyrule Town with your 
Ocarina. If you need to, head to the inn to refill your health. If not, 
then head north into Hyrule Field.

Head east, following the dirt path into Lon Lon Ranch. Just nearby you 
should see an empty hole, which you have been in before – use your 
Pacci and shoot into the hole, then launch yourself up. Head 

You are now in Veil Falls, where you got a heart piece a while back. Go 
north, and then down the steps. Now that you have the flippers, you can 
go north through the water, which you could not do before. So, swim 
northeast through the water and get back on land.

Here, beware of Pseudo Rupees, the Like-Like creatures that imitate a 
rupee and then pop up as a Like-Like (See, I am learning enemy names, 
hooray!). Just continue north, being prepared for the Like-Likes… and 
when you reach it, there will be a cave entrance that requires you to 
equip your Mole Mitts. Dig through the door, and right away you will 
see a Blue ChuChu.

As you remember (At least, I hope you remember…), Blue ChuChus generate 
electricity. Well, this one isn’t going to stop generating it unless 
you paralyze it, which is where your boomerang comes in. Hit it with 
your boomerang to stun it, and then slash it with your sword.

Dig west from here, to find two treasure chests. Open them to receive 
50 rupees and 50 mysterious shells! We’re done in this area now, 
though, so you can pack your things and leave Veil Falls… for now. You 
will be re-entering in a second. Swim back across the water, up the 
stairs, and out to Lon Lon Ranch. Exit out into Hyrule Field.

Head west, until you are no longer below the ledge of the rest of 
Hyrule field (Basically, where you entered Hyrule Field.), and then 
north. Very north, or northeast if you want it put that way. Head 
northeast until you can’t go northeast anymore because the pathway is 
blocked! You need bombs, so get them out and blow up the two rocks in 
your way, then head west onto the next screen.

Welcome back to Veil Falls! That was quick, wasn’t it? Anyways, just 
near you should be a bridge; upon stepping on it Ezlo will say 
something about the waterfall. Before doing so, there is a heart piece 
in your midst, and we want it. Instead of heading up the bridge, go 
south down the ladder and into the water. Swim north until you reach a 
dock, and get out of the water. Nab the heart piece here, and be on 
your way back to the bridge. Now, you need to just concentrate on the 
small tombstone-shaped wall in front of you at the end of the bridge. 
Walk up to it, and press R to fuse Kinstones. Select your matching 
Golden Kinstone, which you received from Gustaf. Look, it even makes a 
crown symbol! The stone door will split open, giving you an entrance. 
Ezlo will talk, and then you will walk inside.

Make sure you have your Lantern on, because it is pitch black in here! 
Just head east, avoiding cracks, and head up the steps when you get to 

A new enemy, of which the name is known! This is an Anti-Faerie, which 
are believed to be made of darkness. They are not completely invincible 
like the Traps, though, and can be killed ONLY by using your boomerang. 
If you decide to kill it, do so and then quickly head out the southern 

Welcome to the outside, and now that you are back, head east! There are 
some Red ChuChus covered in stone, just hit them once to break the 
stone, and then kill them. You should reach a large rock wall that is 
climbable… so climb it. When you reach the top, look to your left. 
Another Wind Crest is there, so check it and make the tombstone thing 
disappear and gain a crest. Then head north, and through the door when 
you get to it.

There are three ways you can go in this room: Up a ladder, up stairs, 
or down stairs. Head west, then south to reach the ladder. Go up.

Head north through the door. In this room there is a treasure chest 
right in front of you, so open it to receive 100 rupees! Head east from 
here, and take the bottom path when given a choice. Head out the door 
to the south.

There is a wall just by you; Climb it. It should take you now to Veil 
Springs… and what is that thing sticking out from behind the mountain? 
Well, ignore it for now… and continue west. When you see stairs, and a 
large whirlwind, head for the whirlwind. Ezlo will say something about 
it, but ignore him, this is no dead end. Jump into the whirlwind to be 
shot upwards, into the Cloud Tops.

23.) Pure of Heart
The Cloud Tops are an area where only people pure of heart can live, so 
feel proud you are able to stand! After all of Ezlo’s comments, head 
northeast into a small red whirlwind. Ignore the golden Kinstone Piece 
resting on a cloud for now… it just wants to fuse with you.

In this area, head east until you find a treasure chest. Open it to 
receive something very special – a golden Kinstone Piece! 
Unfortunately, it will not match the one that was resting in the cloud, 
so fall down into the clouds through the rightmost hole, not the one 
you came up through.

Be careful of the cloud shark here! It cannot be hurt while swimming. 
Anyways, head north, and enter the red whirlwind when you get to it.

It’s time to practice a new skill: digging through clouds! Well, 
perhaps it isn’t new… but it’s something you haven’t seen before. Just 
use your Mole Mitts to dig through the cloud-stone and head west. Fall 
down the first hole you see…

Right nearby is another cloud with a golden Kinstone in it. Press R to 
fuse with it… your piece matches! And look, the symbol is a whirlwind… 
after fusing one of the windmills you saw at the beginning of the cloud 
tops will start to spin.

Now, head back up, and jump into the whirlwind that is south of Link. 
Notice how extra fast you go with your hat-parachute on the cloud tops? 
Well, you won’t need those other whirlwinds to get across west. Fall 
down the next hole you see…

You will have to kill the cloud shark in order to get what is inside 
that bulge of clouds. Whenever it jumps up out of the clouds, hit it 
with your sword. It takes two hits. Once it is dead, a red whirlwind 
will appear, as well as a Golden Kinstone Piece under the cloud bulge. 
Head back up.

Use your Mitts once again to head east, and then south. You will see a 
whirlwind, jump into it. Go just a tiny bit southwest from here, 
emphasis on the west part, until you reach a closed area with a 
treasure chest. Inside the treasure chest in another golden Kinstone 
Piece! Now, dig you way north though the cloud-stone, and go even 
further north, and dig through the cloud-stone on the wall to find two 
treasure chests. In the left chest lies 50 mysterious shells, and in 
the right chest also lies 50 more mysterious shells. Now, head south to 
a whirlwind, jump in, and head directly south. Jump down the next hole 
you see.

In here, there is a red whirlwind next to you, some cloud-stone, and a 
pathway leading north. But an enemy blocks the path. No worries, 
though, because it goes into hiding if you get near it. Use your 
Pegasus Boots to get away from it fast, and go north to find yet 
another Mysterious Cloud to fuse Kinstone with… luckily, one of the 
ones you have fits perfectly.

Another windmill will begin to spin. Head back now, up the red 
whirlwind. Head south and hop onto another normal whirlwind, and head 
directly south, going just a tiny bit west. You should land on an area 
where a treasure chest is surrounded by cloud-stone. Dig out the chest 
to find that it contains 50 mysterious shells! Then, fall down the hole 
to your right.

In here, don’t bother killing the cloud sharks… just head east, and 
then north, running right past the enemy that hides when you go near 
it. You should find another Mysterious Cloud, of which your last Golden 
Kinstone matches. Another windmill will begin to spin, leaving only two 
more to go. Head up the red whirlwind that is right next to you.

There is a treasure chest right there, open it for another golden 
Kinstone Piece! Feel free to fall back down the hole now. Head past the 
enemy by either rolling or with Pegasus Boots, and ride the red 
whirlwind closest to you when you get out of the small pathway (which 
should be the rightmost whirlwind).

There is nothing to do here but fall down the hole on the right side of 
this platform. Do so.

Here, you must kill both cloud sharks to find out what lies in the 
cloud bulge. They shouldn’t be too hard to kill, and once dead the 
fifth and final golden Kinstone Piece will be revealed, as well as a 
red whirlwind! Nab the Kinstone Piece, and hop on the whirlwind.

There is another treasure chest right by you, open it to obtain yet 
another 50 mysterious shells! Once obtained head back south and hop on 
the whirlwind. Head south from here, ignoring the cloud area to the 
right, and focusing on the left one. Here is what appears to be only 
cloud-stone. Upon further investigation, though, digging through will 
reveal an area to fall down.

In here, just head east and hop on the red whirlwind to be taken 
upwards. Walk north, and fall down the next hole. There will be a 
Mysterious Cloud you can fuse with… so do it. The fourth windmill will 
begin to spin… which means the only one left to fuse is back on that 
first cloud island you were on. Hop on the red whirlwind just nearby 

Back at this area… head north, and hop on the whirlwind. From here, fly 
west until you can land safely on a northern cloud area. It’s a very 
definite path. From there, head north and dig through the cloud-stone, 
heading west. Jump into the whirlwind when you reach it, and head 
north, landing just to the left of a familiar patch of cloud-stone. Dig 
your way to the right back through the cloud-stone, and jump on the 
whirlwind when you see it.

Make your way southeast, onto another area of clouds that should seem 
familiar (If you have not yet noticed, you are going back the way you 
came…), and you should be able to land this time in a spot where you 
won’t have to dig through cloud-stone. Head south and fall down the 

Head south from here, and jump into the red whirlwind, which will take 
you up into another familiar area. Head west, and fall into the hole 
which will take you back to the cloud island you began on originally.

Just near you should be the final Mysterious Cloud: Fuse Kinstones with 
it right away! Now, the cloud bulge with disappear… and in its place 
will be another giant whirlwind! What are you waiting for, head for it 
and fly upwards!

Just in front of you is a Wind Crest: check it and get it marked. Then, 
head for the giant house. Ezlo will mention something… then walk 

First, go straight forward into the northern room. There are two 
chests, each containing a green Kinstone piece. You are done in here, 
so leave this room and head up the stairs.

In here, there is also a plain room. Head west to go into it, and open 
the chest inside the room to gain another green Kinstone piece. Leave 
the room, and head up the stairs.

Talk to the person on this floor: They will tell you why all you’ve 
been getting from the chests in here are Kinstone pieces – they are of 
the Wind Tribe, and are skilled at gathering Kinstone pieces. They have 
more then they can handle, so it is up to you to take some of the 
Kinstones from them! Isn’t that wonderful? Enter the room on this floor 
to gain three more Kinstone pieces from the treasure chests, a blue 
one, another blue one, and a red one. Leave the room, and head up the 
stairs one last time.

Enter the room on this floor; because that is the only place you can 
go. The next flight of stairs leads to the roof, and a person is 
blocking that area. Anyways, in this room open the two treasure chests 
to gain two red Kinstones, and then talk to the lady in the center of 
the room.

She will give you all the information you need. They are the Wind 
Tribe, they know of Vaati, and most importantly… the final element lies 
in the Palace above her. So, do as the person requested, and head up 
one last flight of stairs, after talking to the person blocking the 
stairs of course.

In this fancy area, head east and then north, following the definite 
path to a large stairway. The vases on either side of the stairway 
contain fairies, if you wish to capture one in a bottle or heal your 
health. When you are ready, enter into the giant whirlwind atop the 
staircase, and enter Dungeon #5 – Palace of Winds.

24.) Dungeon #5 – Palace of Winds
The first thing that will happen upon your arrival at the Palace will 
be Ezlo, complaining about the height. He sure loves to complain about 
almost everything, doesn’t he?

Anyways, head east, and then north into the next screen. Make sure you 
steer clear of the edges of the pathway – you CAN fall off them, and 
hurt yourself.

Here, you will see a small red orb in front of you, and an unfinished 
bridge… these are switches. Hit them with your sword to activate them 
and turn them blue. Upon activating this switch, the bridge will 
complete itself. Head up, and around the platform, the down the bridge 
to your left. When you have gone south enough, you will see another 
switch, and an uncompleted bridge. Switch the switch with your sword 
from red to blue, to complete a bridge to the west.

Walk across. There is another switch to the north, encased in blocks. 
Move the middle block up, and the left or right block off the platform, 
and slash the switch with your sword to complete a bridge to the north, 
and head across.

You see the two fire pits, and the block in between them? Push that 
block south, and off the platform to you can stand in between the fire 
pits. Equip the boomerang you bought earlier, and launch it at the 
switch below. A bridge will appear to the east, so cross it.

If you have no boomerang because you never bought it, you can simply 
use your bow and arrow to hit the switch.

A large block blocks your way! So, it’s time to go back to the four 
area you saw earlier just west of here. Make a horizontal row of Links 
and walk across the bridge back to the block, and push the block to the 
north. Head through the pathway north from here, onto the next screen.

This can get tricky: You must ride the large platform, around several 
obstacles. It’s not incredibly challenging, but you’d best be prepared 
to move on your trip north. At one point, you will have to move off the 
large moving platform completely, and onto a pathway on the left side. 
You will then have to catch back up with the platform by heading north, 
and get back on. Beware of bombs, and have a safe ride… when you reach 
the end, head west.

Ignore the jumping Skeleton here, and just walk quickly across the 
cracks – they break and leave a hole if you stand on them too long. 
Head up the stairs to your left, and prepare to avoid fire worm things… 
and this time, they don’t just stay on the edge of the bridge/wall. 
They will be all over. Head east through the bridge, and when given a 
choice of two ways to go upward, it does not matter which one you 
choose, they go to the same place. So, head north, and then head east 
until you make it to the next screen.

Ah, fluffy floating clouds… Ezlo will comment on these, but you can’t 
climb them yet. Head just south, until you are able to see an orb-
switch just across a gap. Use your Boomerang/Arrows to turn it from red 
to blue, and create a bridge across the gap just to your right. Cross 

Beware of the roller as you make your way to the other side of the 
platform. Along the way, hit the same switch you just threw your 
boomerang/arrow at with your sword to create a bridge to the west. 
Then, set a bomb next to the very same switch, and run across the 
bridge. After the bomb explodes, a new bridge to the north shall form. 
Prepare for a battle.

You don’t really need anything more then your sword for this battle. 
You might want more then half your hearts full, though. You need to 
fight twelve wizzrobes, not all at once, which you will be thankful for. 
These guys can shoot blasts at you to hurt you, and take three to four 
hits (You will probably be too busy slashing to count properly, as I 
was.). As said, you will not fight all twelve at once. First will be a 
round of two wizzrobes, then a round of four, and finally it all ends 
with a huge group of six wizzrobes for you to kill at once. When this 
battle is over, a completely unexpected large chest will appear in the 
center of the room… what could be in it?

Why, it’s Roc’s Cape! Jump with the greatest of ease! Hold the button 
to jump farther. Basically, if you just press the button, you will jump 
normally, and not very high when not moving, and not very far when not 
moving. When you hold the button down, you will jump very high if not 
moving, and very far when moving. There are times when you will need to 
jump a short distance, and there will be times when you need to jump 
long distances, so keep that in mind.

With that settled, equip your Cape and head to your right and jump 
across the large gap (Hint on large, so hold the button down.). Head 
back, up the stairs and go one screen to the right. On the wiring, head 
north, as north as you can go. You will see a panel, and all will be 
explained. All you need to do is jump on the panel with your cape, and 
you will fall under the panel. If you are under the panel, jump to get 
over the panel, it’s as simple as that. Open the treasure chest now 
nearby you to gain a red Kinstone Piece. Head back to the screen to the 
right, where the large stack of floating clouds was. Stand below the 
floating clouds, and jump, holding the button you set the Cape to. 
Continue jumping high up again and again until you reach the second 

Move east, jumping across the gap to get to land, and then across the 
first large gap (If, from now on, you need to hold the button to get 
over the gap, it will be considered large. If not, then it is small.) 
Jump again over the next large gap. Don’t worry, the moving bombs 
cannot hurt you, you will jump over them. Head onto the next screen.

Simple puzzle time! To solve this, push the top leftmost block up, then 
go to the right and push the next block up, and continue on until there 
are no more blocks to push up. The final black will be pushed off the 
ledge all together. Then, push one last block to the right and head 
down to see a pyramid-shaped four area. Step on the bottom three pads 
to create a horizontal row of links, each one square apart from each 
other. Walk south, through the gate, until you see four switches. These 
switches can be turned on by a weapon, so have your Links stand in 
between the switches and slash your sword. The switches will light up 
yellow, and two new enemies will face you.

These spinning spiky turtles can be easily flipped over with your 
sword. Unless flipped, they are invulnerable to any attack you throw at 
it. When they spin and speed at you, get out your shield and deflect 
it. From there on, they take two hits. Easy kill. When both of the two 
are defeated, the door to the east will open.

In this room, a fan is whirling on and off on the left wall. Try to 
sneak past it without getting blown away. If you get caught in the 
wind, you will be blown off the platform and fall. Make your way north 
around the three fans, attempting to not get blown away, and moving 
around the multiple empty holes you see. From there, head around to a 
new platform by making the long jump east, and head south from there, 
still avoiding the fan’s wind. When you reach the bottom, head west 
until you find an empty hole underneath a fan. Shoot it with your 
Pacci, and run into the hole as quickly as possible. Launch yourself 
upward and head west onto the next screen.

Move west, until you reach a panel in the wiring. Ezlo will explain 
everything: If you stomp hard enough, you will fall through the panel. 
All you have to do is jump, and not a big jump, just a little jump. So, 
jump down the panel and head west a bit more, and beware of the red 
rupee, because it is a pseudo rupee. After a few steps, you will reach 
another panel. Jump another small jump to go up the panel and get back 
on the wiring. Move west a bit more to find another panel, with a 
moving platform under it. When the moving platform gets under the 
panel, jump and fall through. It will move you west, and when you are 
under the next panel in the series, jump up. Head north from here and 
you will go down stairs. Here you will find a series of clouds to jump 
up onto, so do so, just like how you did when you go to the second 

Walk to the right, and you will see a four area, with six pads. There 
is a fast moving platform coming your way, also. Make a vertical column 
of three Links, but only complete the column right when the platform is 
next to you, and rush onto the platform. Keep to the right of the 
platform the whole ride, and empty out south when you reach the end. 
Move quickly northwest, up the stairs, and push the large block as far 
to the left as it can go. You may have to repeat the process once or 
twice before you get it done. When you have moved the block, head down 
and out the screen.

In this screen, you should see three markings on the floor that are 
placed next to each other. Under these three marking are three blocks. 
Push those three blocks down and off the ledge, and prepare for some 
jumping practice. When the long moving platform comes near you, hop on 
it. From there, jump to the leftmost moving platform. This gap is a 
large gap. Run back after passing the row of bricks and jump to the 
rightmost large platform again. Continue this back and fourth jumping 
motion all the way south, until you jump back to the rightmost platform 
and need to jump across a large gap to the south. From there, jump 
above a panel, and head east out the screen.

In here, there is a panel to your right. There is also a moving 
platform below. It’s quite simple really… jump onto the moving 
platform, when you reach another panel, jump above it. Follow the 
moving platform as it goes, and jump under another panel when you need 
to. Ride the platform all the way east, and jump above a panel when you 
come to it. Exit out the screen to the right.

Jump down the panel on this screen. Walk north until you reach a closed 
area with a roller and a locked door to your left. Equip your Pacci and 
run into the roller area, and fire your Pacci at the empty hole located 
below the ledge you need to jump on, all the way to the right. Launch 
yourself upwards, and head down the stairs.

There is a four area made up of seven panel here, in the shape of a 
backwards C. There are also three switches nearby, forming an L shape. 
Charge your blade, then step on the top left pad, the bottom left pad, 
and finally the bottom right pad. The swing of the blades when the 
Links are cloned will hit all three switches at once, and a Minish 
portal will appear! Shrink yourself down to Minish size, and go through 
the Minish door south of the portal.

A pattern of vases? Well, push that first vase down, and off the ledge. 
Go to your west, and push the next vase to the left. Push the vase just 
above the vase you just pushed also over to the left. Head straight up 
from the position you are now in, and push that vase up until it hits 
the wall. Head directly west from here, and push the next vase to the 
left. Head up one vase, and push that vase to the left as well. Push 
the vase you pushed just before this one downwards until it cannot go 
further. Then proceed to push the vase blocking the Minish door 
upwards. Enter the door.

You will be back in the path that leads to the roller. Go to the area 
with the roller, and head north through that area until you find a 
Minish door. Go north through it.

Go north in this room, and into the next screen north. Enlarge yourself 
using the nearby Minish portal. Head back south…

In here, you should see a switch that can be hit with your 
boomerang/arrows. Shoot the switch with whatever you please, and the 
door to your right shall open, and out of the sky will fall a small 
key! Go through the door.

In here, jump over the large gap and move southward. Go back up the 
stairs and back into the roller area… unlock the door that is locked 
there, and go through. In the new room, jump up the clouds just as you 
have done twice before.

Go north through this room, and prepare for Moblin fights. There isn’t 
anything to do here… so just exit out to the left. In the new room, 
attempt to jump across the gap without being blown off the small bridge 
by the fans. A good strategy to use here is go wait until the first two 
fans are not blowing, and quickly jump across the large gap, letting 
the rest of the fans carry you over. When done, head up the stairs.

Another puzzle of sorts, so let’s get moving! Push the center top block 
to the left, and then the rightmost middle block to the right. Go down, 
and then east, jumping over the patches of spikes, and bewaring of blue 
ChuChus. When you reach the stairs, head down a flight of stairs and 
you will see a fan blowing west. This is a great time to test out a new 
skill: Using fans to jump farther. When the fan stops, jump in front of 
it and attempt to jump over the large gap. You won’t make it on your 
own, but the fan is here to help you. Instead of falling and killing 
yourself, you’ll fly swiftly and quickly across the gap. Head north 
from here, past the stairs and onto the next screen.

In this room, your jumping skills are needed. Jump from platform to 
platform. That seems easy, doesn’t it? Not when there are enemies at 
each platform shooting at you. But don’t worry, there are only two 
platforms, and the many, many cracks on the platforms should not bother 
you much at all if you are moving and jumping quickly. When you reach 
the stairway, go north to the next screen.

You need to find a way to jump incredibly long distances within the 
next few seconds. And how convenient, you have one! There are three 
clouds to your north, jump on top of the highest cloud, and jump across 
the large gap east. Head south, up the stairs, and go further east to 
reach two bow and arrow-bearing Moblins, and a treasure chest 
containing a blue Kinstone piece. Head back west, and down the steps. 
Jump across the large gap, and then jump up on top of the four levels 
of clouds. Ignore the heart piece – you probably want it really badly, 
but you can’t get it right now. When on top of the stack of clouds, 
jump east across the very large gap. Make your way then up the clouds 
to the fifth floor.

Move south into the next room, after killing the Skeletons if you wish 

There are two Ball and Chain Soldiers here (We’ll just call them BCs 
for now). They do a lot of damage, and are basically impossible to 
reach while they swing their mace. You will want your shield equipped 
for this battle, because as easy as it may look, it is quite tough. The 
BCs will some times, if you defend from them long enough, launch their 
ball and chain at you. They will freeze for a period of time, but wait 
until they have retracted the ball completely before slashing them. 
They will then take the ball and chain out again, and swing it as they 
did. Just slash them and defend for your life, and they will eventually 
die. A small key will appear in the center of the room. Grab it. Use 
this key to open the door to your left.

In this room, you cannot get the treasure chest. Ignore it and go to 
the next room.

Kill off the Skeleton, first of all. Then, with your extended blade, 
chop away at three of the four vases down at the bottom of your screen 
in one of the corners. Keep the vase that rests in the corner sticking 
out, away from a wall of the ledge. Any vase in a corner, on a wall, or 
on the ledge has got to go. Push this vase onto one of the switches 
above, and then charge up your blade. Place your Links in an order that 
suits where you placed the vase, and step on the switches to open the 
door to the next room. Enter.

The fan in here doesn’t activate until you press the switch. Go to the 
opposite side of the room and step on the switch, and then head back to 
the fan. Jump a long jump into the fans wind, going straight, and it 
will take you to the other side of the long gap. Don’t be intimidated 
if it takes you a couple tries, or even if you die trying. When you get 
to the other side, enter the door to the right.

Oh no! You cannot enter the door… because there is a battle! There are 
two Ice wizzrobes, and two Spear Moblins. Kill them off quickly. Once 
dead, the door to the right will open. Now you can enter safely.

Jump across the gap. These Skeletons are a bit new to you, and do more 
then just jump – they also throw bones at you. Be careful around them. 
When you are ready, go into the next room.

It’s another room just like before. This fan will activate when you 
press the switch, which then you will have to ride the gust all the way 
north, into a very familiar room with a chest you couldn’t get before.

In this room, push the block blocking the chest to the left, and open 
the chest to get a Small Key! Move over to the right side of this 
enclosed area, and push the rightmost block to the right, and the block 
above it up, to get yourself out. Go north, and unlock the door. Enter.

There is a large treasure chest in here… open it. You will get the Big 
Key! Exit this room south, and go through the rightmost door in this 
room to get back into the hallway. Move south until you reach the Big 
Key Door. Open it and head on in.

Slash the skulls for hearts if you want, because there is about to be a 
battle. Follow the arrow, and what Ezlo tells you, and jump down off 
the ledge for a fight.

This fight is with a Mighty Darknut. They are like normal Darknuts… 
only Mighty. It moves much faster then a normal Darknut, meaning it 
will be hard to get around to its back and slash at it. Occasionally, 
the Mighty Darknut will charge his blade and launch a powerful attack. 
This attack in generally slow, and leaves his back completely 
unguarded. That is really your only change to hit this Mighty Darknut. 
Once in a while, you may be able to hit it after it swings its sword 
normally, but take his charge attacks to your advantage. This mini boss 
takes around seven or so hits. When defeated, a heart (not a heart 
container) will appear, along with a blue warp pad to the beginning of 
the dungeon, and a bridge to the north.

It is highly recommended you save now, if you have not already. You 
wouldn’t want to do this all over again, would you?

Go north, and cross the bridge into the next screen. Enter the door at 
the northern area of the screen.

It’s dark in here, so equip your lantern. Head directly east from here 
until you spot some stairs. Climb the stairs to find a large treasure 
chest that contains the compass! There are, if you have been following 
the guide correctly, 9 treasure chests left in this dungeon to get.

Head back west, and continue past the middle hallway west. You should 
come to a door/stairwell. Go up the stairs.

Loop around west and go north through this room, avoiding the blue 
ChuChus. Do not go through the southern door. In here will be a few 
Skeletons, take them out if you wish. Go through the door to the east.

In here, you’ll want to fall down that hole in the center of the room. 
Ignore the rest of the enemies and the fire thing. Open the chest when 
you fall down to receive a Small Key! Jump off the ledge and go back up 
the stairs southwest of where you stand.

Instead of looping around north again, this time enter the door just 
south of where you are. In that room, open the nearby locked door with 
your key.

There are bombs floating around this entire room, so be very careful 
not to hit one. If you do, you will have to start all over again. The 
path is basically a counterclockwise circle of whirlwinds, which 
shouldn’t be too hard to navigate through. To enter the first whirlwind 
though, you will have to make a long jump. Don’t sacrifice hearts 
making the mistake of a short jump or no jump at all. After that, the 
rest is fairly easy. You should land on a platform to the northeast 
when you reach the end. Enter the door.

Darned Mummies… don’t bother to kill them off if you don’t need to. 
Just go up the stairs.

This is also a familiar room to you. Go east and north through this 
room to the next screen, and enter the door to your left. There is a 
mini boss battle here, consisting of three Fire wizzrobes. If you get 
hit, you will run around fast, and will probably end up falling down 
the holes in the corner of the room. This will take you all the way 
down to the dark room you were in not too long ago, and you will have 
to climb all the way back up, so be careful. This can be an incredibly 
tough fight if you aren’t very careful. A good bet is to use your 
shield and block the fire attacks, so you don’t get burned and fall 
down the holes. When all three have been defeated, a large chest will 
appear in the room. Open it to receive the Dungeon Map! Go west into 
the next room.

There are two Floor Masters here, so you must still be careful not to 
get picked up. They take, in case you forgot, four hits each, so good 
luck. When defeated, go ahead and pull down on that lever in the 
northern area of the room. The door to the south will open, and you can 
go through it.

Head east quickly thought this room, it doesn’t really mean anything. 
Head up the stairs.

Watch out for Mummies and all different Skeletons. Kill off anything 
that gets in your way. Head directly east and you will see a Bomb 
circling around a hole. You will also see, on the rightmost side of the 
hole, two cracked stones. Get out your arrows, because when that bomb 
gets near those two cracked stones, shoot it and blow the stones up. 
That will leave you free to jump across this large gap.

In here, go north to see a treasure chest that is blocked off. There is 
a switch, though, next to it. Shoot the switch with your 
boomerang/arrows, and the door leading to the chest shall unlock. Head 
back south, across the gap, and north. Go through the door you just 
unlocked, and open the chest for 200 rupees!

Go back across the gap again by heading out the door and going south. 
This time, instead of going north, go east, and continue until you have 
to turn north. Try to avoid or kill off the Mummies, as they can get 
annoying and painful. At the top of the pathway north, there should be 
two fire pits that need lighting. Light them to reveal a red warp pad 
to the beginning of the dungeon.

Go back to the large gap you keep crossing over. This time, instead of 
crossing it, fall down into it. Fall into the next hole you see once 
you have landed. There will be a battle in here, between Link, an Ice 
wizzrobe, and a Throwing Star wizzrobe. They are not hard at all to kill, 
so get rid of them quickly, and collect the loot: a treasure chest 
containing a red Kinstone Piece. Exit out this room to the left.

Go through the southern door in this room; you have been here before. 
In the southern room, kill as many Peahats as you can with your Gust 
Jar by sucking them up and spiting them out. Then, get rid of all the 
vases on the wall of the room to reveal a row of four pads, five to be 
exact. Order your Links like so: one Link on the far left panel, 
another Link on the middle panel, and the final Link on the rightmost 
panel. Two panels should be empty, and they are located in between 

Maneuver your Links across the crack ridden floor, and around the 
statues to get to the four switches. Position your Links in between the 
switches, and swing your sword to active all four and open the door to 
your left. Enter.

There are rollers in here, and the only way to get past them is to jump 
over them. It’s not hard at all, so work your way around the rollers by 
jumping over them, and going north through the room. Climb up the 
stairs when you get to them, and open up the treasure chest for a Small 
Key! Exit out this room via the exit to your right.

Fall down the ledge and go out the door to the north. From here, exit 
through the door to the right and go up the stairs. Go north through 
the room, and enter the room from here where you got the Dungeon Map. 
This time, there are no wizzrobes, so walk safely through the room. 
There are still Floor Masters in the next room, though, so kill them 
off. Enter the next room south, and walk east and up the stairs like 
you have done before.

Now, back in here, you want to go to the left. Beware of Mummies, kill 
them off quickly and go north through the room. You will see a column 
of blocks blocking the path between you and a door. You can push these 
blocks to the right, off the ledge, opening the area for you to jump 
the large gap and land by the door. Go through the door, and head 
upward to the next screen. There, you will get that long desired Heart 
Piece! If you have been following the guide correctly, you now have a 
full new heart container!

It is strongly recommended you save now. You just got a new Heart 
Container, after all.

Head back down, and through the door. You will have to fall down the 
hole, but it is no big deal. Fall down, and go through the door to the 
south. Make your way once again through this room, and up the stairs.

Jump across that same old large gap again, and walk east. But this 
time, you have a small key, so stop at the door that is locked when you 
get to it, and unlock it. Walk up the stairs.

Kill off the Mummies as a first priority, and then bomb the obviously 
cracked wall nearby on the rightmost wall. Enter the door you have just 

There is nothing special in this room, though it might be to your 
advantage to kill the enemies off. The only things you need to do here 
are head north, and bomb the wall that is to the left of the top row of 
statues. This will open a door to the room to the left. Enter.

Bomb the two cracked stones you see, and enter the nearby door.

You do not want that switch in the center of the room turned on. For 
that very same reason, you do not want to hit any of the bombs, which 
form a pathway in the room. If you do hit a bomb, it will trigger a 
chain reaction that will turn the switch on, and close the door that 
leads out of the room. You will have to go back and start over. Do not, 
and it is being repeated, do not touch any of the bombs. Work around 
them, and be careful. Watch every move you make. The path is very 
definite and set, so you should have no trouble navigating. When you 
reach the end, push the block up, and the one next to it to the left. 
Go through the door.

There is a chest right in front of you. Open it to receive a Small Key! 
Head back to the room below. Slash away the bombs to open a path for 
you to go back to where you came from. Exit via the southern exit and 
in the room stand on the cracked floor, and fall down.

Open the locked door in here, and enter. Move east, jumping over the 
spikes, and then going north to find a treasure chest. Move the block 
aside and open the chest to obtain a blue Kinstone Piece! The rest of 
this maze is fairly simple and the path is definite. However, near the 
end, when given a choice (after zigzagging around so much) to go up or 
right, go right. Also, a few steps after that, when given the choice to 
go right or down, go down. There will be markings on the floor, of 
which the blocks to the right of the markings can be pushed off of the 
ledge. Jump the gap between where you stand and the small platform to 
the right, and go north from there. Do not climb the clouds you see 
when you get there. Instead, jump the large gap just to the east of 
that cloud stack, and climb that one.

In this room, go east through the door. There will be a treasure chest 
in here, containing a red Kinstone Piece! Head back through the door 
and down the cloud stack by falling.

Now, it is time to fight the boss. Jump the gap to your left and head 
up the cloud stack. Open the Boss Door with your Big Key, and prepare 
for a fight.

25.) Palace of Winds boss – Gyorg Pair
After entering the Boss Door, you can destroy the various skulls around 
this area for hearts and rupees, which are especially nice if your 
health is low. When you are ready, climb the pyramid and step into the 
large whirlwind to fight the boss.

The Gyorgs are a pair, hence their name. You will end up jumping from 
one to another in due time, and the first one you land on is the 
smaller of the Gyorg pair, the blue one. The red Gyorg will then push 
you off, or if it does not succeed in that then you jumped onto it. You 
will now be on the red Gyorg.

The red one is defeated by forming your Links in the pattern it has its 
three eyes open in. There is a four area located on the red Gyorg, and 
that is used to mimic that pattern of it’s eyes. Once mimicked, run up 
and slash the eyes until it is destroyed. While it is blowing up, jump 
onto the blue Gyorg when it flies over to you.

The blue Gyorg is defeated by slashing the correct eye when it opens. 
After the eye has been hit, its tail will swing around and try to hurt 
you. This tail can be avoided by simply jumping over it. Continue 
following this pattern of slashing the eye and jumping over the tail, 
and soon the blue Gyorg will begin to flow up, too. Jump onto the red 
one when it flies over you.

It gets a bit harder on the second try. The blue Gyorg now fires 
fireballs at you as you try and duplicate yourself to fit the pattern 
of the eyes, so if you get hit you basically have to start all over 
again. Continue trying until you are able to run up and quickly slash 
the red Gyorgs eyes. Eventually, after enough tries, the red Gyorg will 
explode, and you can jump once again onto the blue one.

It also gets tougher the second time around on the blue Gyorg. On top 
of dodging the tail that swings around at you, and having to slash the 
eyes as they open, you now have mini-gyorgs flying at you, which can 
hurt you and knock you off the blue Gyorg. Eventually, it will die and 
explode, and you will jump back to the red Gyorg once again.

It is a bit harder now. The blue Gyorg fires fireballs at you in groups 
of two now, so you have to be twice as careful not to get hit by one. 
There will, though, be long pauses between the firings, giving you 
ample time to slash at the red Gyorgs eyes. Again, after a few tried, 
the red Gyorgs eyes will explode and you will jump to the blue one 

Now, on top of everything that has been going on already with the blue 
Gyorg, you are moving in zigzags. The good thing is, you have no real 
need to jump, because the tail does not attack you anymore, so the 
zigzagging will not affect you much. This round is probably one of the 
easiest, as compared to the last one you did with this thing. When 
destroyed, jump over to the red Gyorg again.

The fourth time might possibly be the most annoying one yet. Now the 
blue Gyorg isn’t there to shoot fireballs at you, but you have the red 
Gyorg letting out its horrible mini-Gyorgs. These will go in groups, 
and generally do little to no harm to you but stop your copying. This 
can get incredibly annoying at times. Fortunately, once you’ve made a 
successful copying and make it up to the eyes, the red Gyorg dies out 
incredibly quickly.

After which it will explode one final time, and you will be dropped 
down to the ground again. Something will appear on the top of the 
pyramid… what could it be? The computer will grab it for you.

It is the Wind Element! The wind carries the seeds of flowers, 
scattering life across the land. The Wind Element is the embodiment of 
that power. Congratulations! You got the fourth and final element!

A Heart Container and a green warp pad will appear just below. 
Obviously, grab that Heart Container first to refill your life and add 
a whole new heart onto it, then step onto the green pad to be warped to 
the outside of the dungeon.

Ezlo will talk to you, and tell you that it is now time to revive the 
sacred blade. It sure is time… you have probably been waiting not-so-
patiently for this moment, so lets head off to the Elemental Sanctuary 
one last time!

26.) Birth of the Four Sword
Now that you are out of that awful dungeon, make your way south back 
into the building and continue down the flights of stairs until you can 
exit. Once outside, use your Ocarina and fly back to Hyrule Town.

In Hyrule Town, before we exit there is something that must be done. Go 
to the southwest corner of town, which is Swiftblade’s house. You can 
earn a new Tiger Scroll! This technique is the Down Thrust – when you 
have your Cape equipped, jump. During the jump, swing your sword to 
perform a powerful stab downwards. That’s all there is to it. Note that 
this attack can only be preformed while doing a short jump, not a long 

Leave Swiftblade’s house, and go to the large bell in the middle of 
town before you leave. Jump into the bell and ring it to get a Piece of 
Heart! Then, exit Hyrule Town completely into North Hyrule Field. Make 
your way still north into the Hyrule Castle Garden area.

Guards still block the path into the castle, so be careful. Enter the 
garden to the left, an entrance which should be just nearby as you 
enter, and avoid the guards just like you did before. It is actually 
the same guards, going the same way, so getting passed them shouldn’t 
be much trouble since you have it memorized. Once you’ve gotten 
through, climb down the ladder to enter the pathway into the castle.

The pathways, again, is very definite and defined, so there are no 
navigation problems. Head north, then to the next screen east, and out 
the door into Hyrule Castle that you have already unlocked. Head north 
in this room and out the first door you see, and then continue north 
from there into the Elemental Sanctuary.

Go north through this room, and into the main Sanctuary room. Step up 
onto the platform and place your sword into the slot. The Wind Element 
will leave you and rest on its platform, and your blade will become 
infused with all four Elements power. The blade is now the Four Sword! 
This is the most powerful blade in the game, congratulations on 
obtaining it! Also, you can not split Link into four copies! Even 
better, after you charge your blade up for a spin attack, you will 
release a powerful shot from your blade.

A shot so powerful that it actually took out the large tombstone object 
and opened a door just for you! Follow Ezlo’s instructions and enter 
the door. Head down the steps in this new room and walk up to the 
stained glass.

A story shall begin… you have seen this before, at the very, very 
beginning of your adventure with Link.

                     “A long, long time ago…
     When the world was on the verge of being swallowed by shadow…
The tiny Picori appeared from the sky, bringing the hero of men a sword 
                       and a golden light.
       With wisdom and courage, the hero drove out the darkness.
  When peace had been restored, the people enshrined that blade with 

But now… a new part of the story unfolds.

  “And the force of the golden light, embodied in Hyrule’s princess, 
                  shone fourth upon the lands.”

A voice will laugh. At this point, you can probably guess who it is – 
it’s Vaati. He says he now has no use for Ezlo! He will shoot you with 
an energy ball and leave you lying there, and escape. Moments later, 
Link shall awaken, and you need to get out of here. GO south out of 
the Elemental Sanctuary. Leave completely. At one point, you will have 
to step on two switches to leave. Just step on all four pads.

Everything is dark… head south. There are people here turned to stone, 
and you need to free them. Face them, and charge up your blade. Release 
it to have a beam hit one of them and free them of their stone prison. 
Release all three people trapped in stone to gain entrance to the 

27.) Dungeon #6 – The Final Dungeon: Dark Hyrule Castle
As soon as you walk in Ezlo will tell you that Vaati’s power has grown. 
In fact, it is powerful enough now to change the entire Hyrule Castle! 
There are three floors and two basements to this castle, good luck.

First, move right onto the next screen. Walk up the stairs and prepare 
for a Moblin fight. Though they may be a new color, they are no 
different from normal Moblins, so don’t worry. Walk now north into the 
next screen.

Spinning fire wheels… if you get hit by them, you will get burned, 
which as you may or may not know makes you run faster then normal. Work 
your way first east, moving with the fire wheels, and then go clockwise 
around the next fire wheel, attempting not to fall down the very large 
hole in the center of the room. When you finish, exit the screen north.

There are anti-fairies here, so be careful. Do not head down the stairs 
yet – to your right you will see a wall that can be blown up with 
bombs. Do so and blow it up, then enter the door that is created. In 
this new room, there should be a Minish portal. Go ahead and shrink 
yourself. Exit the room through the door you came in.

Go back south one room to the room with the spinning fire wheels. Now 
it is time to fall down the hole in the center. Upon falling down, you 
should land on a green mat. Go east, maneuvering your way around the 
electric enemy, and go north to the next screen.

Just nearby north of where you stand you should see a Minish door that 
leads into the jail cells. Go through the Minish door to find a Minish 
Portal. Enlarge Link, and step on the nearby switch to open the cell 
doors. Leave this cell, and go east into the cell where, amazingly, the 
King of Hyrule is stored. But he is stone! Save him by launching a beam 
at him with your new Four Sword. When he is back to normal, talk to 
him. He will say that, because you have the sacred blade, everything is 
up to you. He will also give you a Small key! Use it wisely.

Leave the cell now and go back west, and instead of going south at the 
intersection, go north and up the stairs. In this room, it is true that 
you now have a small key, but do not use it on the door in this room. 
That door is a fake, and will attack you, so leave this room to the 

In order to get out of this room easier, upon heading a bit south you 
shall find a four area! Step on all four pads and push the large block 
south. Make sure the original Link is at the front pushing the block. 
Once done, leave this room via the southern exit.

There are two locked doors in this room, what to do? Well, one of them 
is a fake, and that is the one on the left wall. Walk to the locked 
door on the southern wall and unlock it, then go on in.

South, lots of south in here, and a few Throwing Star wizzrobes to 
boot. When you have gone as far as you can go, and see a door leading 
up stairs, don’t take the door. Instead go just a bit more east, down 
some stairs, into a little area with two worms. These are easy fights, 
so you should have no trouble killing them off quickly. When that’s 
over, go up the stairs to your north to find a large chest containing 
the Dungeon Map! Now you can’t get lost!

When you are done with that, go back down the stairs and up the stairs 
to the west. Go up the doorway/stairs, and you should arrive on the 
first floor of the dungeon. There now is a way to exit Hyrule Castle! 
Simply go down the stairs and out the large doorway to the south.

But we’re not leaving just yet! Go north instead of south through this 
room, and up the large stairs, and through the large door, which should 
bring you to a room with two Moblins, and a bunch of Keese. Kill them 
off or ignore them, but in any case leave this room via the left exit.

There is nothing in here, so just exit north. In this room, continue 
north. But wait! There are cannon balls flying at you! Dodge them and 
make it up to the four area to find out that those strange statues are 
firing cannon balls at you.  They are firing them at the exact spots 
where the four pads lay, which makes it a bit easier to defeat them. To 
kill the statues off, you cannot just reflect one ball back to one 
statue and wish it dead. No, you have to make four Links, and reflect 
four balls back at all four statues at the same time! Then they will be 
killed, and the gate to the north shall open. Walk up the stairs and 
onto the next screen.

Floor Masters! Be very careful not to be hit. With your new sword, they 
only take three hits. Also, beware of all the vases on the western 
wall, which will fly and attack you. When ready, leave this room 
through the door in the northeast corner.

The switch in this room does something, but hopefully you won’t need 
it. To open the door, you must use the large floor of panels in the 
middle of the room. As you step on a blue panel, it will turn red, and 
if you press on a red one twice the puzzle will stop. The goal here is 
to make every panel red, which is easier then you may think at first. 
If you mess up, press the switch to reset the floor. Enter the floor of 
panels, and simply zigzag through horizontal lines to turn the first 
few rows red. Upon reaching the row where the exit (to your right) is 
located, just go straight up. You should now be in the upper left 
corner of the floor, if not then you have done something wrong. Instead 
of zigzagging horizontally, switch to a vertical zigzag and go up and 
down until you go out the exit. Upon doing so, the door will open. Go 

There is nothing to do here, so leave south.  In this new room, there 
is a four area, and central structure, and a Trap running around the 
central structure. There are also four switches at the end of this 
path. Your objective is to make it down and around the central 
structure of stones without getting hit by the trap, and being 
successfully able to step on all four switches. This will give you a 
treasure chest containing a Small Key, good luck! When you obtain the 
key, jump down the ledge to the south, and exit out the screen.

Leave through the western exit in this screen, since there is nothing 
to do here, and in the next room go through the big door.

Go down the stairs, and move southeast. You should find stairs to go up 
on the rightmost side of the room, similar to the stairs you went down 
on the left side of the room. There is also a locked door on this new 
platform you walked on; Open it and go down.

There are a few Throwing Star wizzrobes in here, but nothing too serious 
besides that. Al you need to do is go north and through the door when 
you reach it.

There are more annoying Keese in this room. Ignore them and leave the 
screen via the north exit.

Four Skeletons lay over the four area in this room, so get rid of them 
quickly and set your eyes on the statues blowing cannon balls just 
above you. There is a certain way you must organize your Links on this 
four area, and it might be a bit tricky to describe in words, so excuse 
me for this. Place one link on the bottom right pad, another Link on 
the pad two above that one. Now, with your blade still charged, move 
over to the left side of the square of pads and step on the top left 
pad. Continue downwards and step on the pad two below the top left pad. 
You should now have a zigzag form of four Links. Charge up a spin 
attack, and head into the mess of cannon balls. Just as the statues 
launch the balls again, release the spin attack and it will deflect the 
next set, destroying the statues and opening the gate north. Go to the 
next screen.

To make life easy, kill off the enemies in here. The group of them 
might look intimidating, but they are really a piece of cake, seeing as 
they take one hit each. Once destroyed, there is nothing left to do in 
this room but place a bomb on the lower part of the western wall, which 
will create a door to the west.

My, this room looks familiar! Be sure to dodge the moving fire as you 
make your way north out of this room. In the next room, get past the 
Traps and go up the stairs. Go north out the door in the next room.

A room with a chair! Upon walking toward the chair you will realize 
that this is no safe room, there is a Mighty Darknut in here! Defeat it 
with the best of your abilities, just like you did in the Palace of 
Winds. After it is dead, the chair will wobble and both doors will 
open. Leave via the rightmost door.

Right in front of you will be a large chest. Open it to receive the 
Compass! There are only four chests in this dungeon from here, and they 
are all on the third floor, where the boss resides, except for one on 
the second floor. Leave this room and go back to where you came from.

Remember the wobbling chair? Well, get on its rightmost side and push 
the chair to the left to open a hidden passage! Walk down the stairs.

It’s a bit dark in here, so take out your Lantern.  Kill the Keese and 
the Mummy, and be on your way east. In there, kill off the two mummies 
and go up the stairs to the north.

There is nothing to do in this room, so exit out east. In the next 
room, there is also nothing, so climb the stairs to the north.

Avoiding the electric enemy in this room, make your way south and out 
the door.

The outside of the castle is very grim… and full of obstacles. This 
will give you even more practice with gliding skills, so hop into that 
first whirlwind. Right away you have a choice of whether to go left or 
right, so take the rightmost path. From here, circle around the 
platform that has the two statues shooting cannons, using the available 
whirlwinds. Continue following the definite path of whirlwinds until 
you reach a southern platform, and can exit south out the screen.

There are two Moblins here, but you need not kill them. Just go through 
the door.

This part is also tricky, like many other things in this dungeon. With 
a horizontal row of four Links, you need to get past the spinning fire, 
and move counterclockwise around it until you reach a large block, 
which you will then push southward until you cannot anymore. There is a 
small safe spot just next to the large block that you can use to hide 
from the fire until it passes by. Once all of this is completed, you 
are free to head through the door to your right.

Exit south on this next screen, there is nothing here. But the next 
screen offers more whirlwind trickiness. Hop into the first whirlwind 
and move south into the second. You will then be given a choice, left 
or right. Go right, and move around the platform of shooting statues 
just like before. Continue following the definite path of whirlwinds 
around until you land. Do not attempt to land on the castle roof!

Head south, and then east. Do not enter the tower, because there is 
nothing there and your path will be blocked. Leave the screen via the 
eastern exit, and continue on east from here. There is a switch across 
a gap here. You can make it across the gap with your Cape, or you can 
shoot the switch with your arrows to create a bridge. Either is fine. 
Once across, enter the door to the north.

In this room, don’t be confused by how large the four area is. Walk 
north to find f9our switches, arranged quite nicely. All you have to do 
is arrange your Links to match the formation of the switches, then walk 
up and slash the switches to open the door. Simple as that. Then, walk 

In this room there are two BCs… be prepared for a fight, and make sure 
you have your shield out. Once defeated, you will have obtained a huge 
amount of rupees, the two doors on either side of the room will open, 
and a red portal to the beginning of the dungeon will appear in the 
center of the room. Take the door to the left out of the room.

There is nothing to do in here, so take the door north. In that room, 
the first thing you want to do is bomb the cracked blocks to the north. 
But you cannot throw bombs! At least, expecting them to land anywhere 
anyways. You’ll need to use your Gust Jar, and suck up the moving bomb 
enemies on your left and right and then launch them at the stones to 
blow them up. From there, get on the moving platform, and ride it until 
Link is under a panel. Using your Cape, jump above the panel, and hit 
the nearby switch with your boomerang/arrows. Walk to the other side of 
the wiring and hit the second switch with your boomerang/arrows to open 
the door below. Wait now for the moving platform to come to you, and 
jump under the panel and onto the platform. Ride it to the passage that 
leads you to the door to the north, and exit.

You can’t do much of anything in this room, so leave via the only open 

In the next room, ignore the chain of electric enemies and go through 
the door to the north. Prepare for a fight with a black Mighty Darknut, 
and have your shield ready! Kill it off just like any other Darknut. 
This one is faster then any other Darknut you have face, though, so be 
careful. Once defeated, a blue warp pad to the beginning of the dungeon 
will be created! Also, another Darknut will appear in the dungeon… and 
then two more! And two more after that! And another! Wow, that’s a lot 
of Darknuts!

Leave the room you are in via the southern exit, not the large door 
above you. In the room with the chain of electric enemies, take the 
rightmost door out. You will come to a room with two Darknuts. Both of 
these Darknuts are normal ones, meaning they are generally slow and 
will be fairly easy to defeat. Once dead, the large door to the north 
will open, as will all other doors. Go through the northern door.

Here is another tricky spot in the dungeon. You will have to run around 
the room, with the fire wheel, and light all of the fire pits with your 
Lantern. It’s not as easy as it sounds, and you will probably get burnt 
a few times. But once it is all done, it feels very rewarding… probably 
because the door to the north has opened! Walk through it.

There are some Ghini’s in here, and the door to the east is locked, so 
kill only one Ghini to open the door, the rest will disappear upon only 
one dying. Exit the room. There is nothing to do in the next room but 
go up the stairs. In this room, the only thing to do is nab the Small 
Key in the chest, and be on your way.

Go back to the room where you killed the two Darknuts, and this time, 
instead of going north (Because you were just there.), take the 
southern door. In there, use your Cape to jump up above the panel to 
your left, and walk south across the room. When you get to the end, 
jump off the ledge to your right. Exit through the southern door.

A Mighty Darknut! Fight it and kill it. Once it is dead, all doors in 
the room will open, just like the other fights. Take the southern large 

In this room, all that must be done is activate the four switches at 
the bottom of the room at once. They are in a diamond formation, and it 
does not really matter how you group your four Links. A square of four 
might suit you best, but it doesn’t matter as long as they are bunched 
together somehow. Walk south with your bunched Links, and find the 
switches. Walk inside of the switched, and charge a spin attack, then 
release. The switches will all turn yellow, and door to your right 
shall open. Walk through.

In this room, kill off the Fire wizzrobes as a first priority. When 
defeated, you are free to press the switch in the bottom right corner 
of the room, opening the door leading upstairs. Walk up the stairs, and 
grab the Small Key in the chest. Head back down. Go back through the 
last two rooms and enter the room where you killed that last Mighty 

Now, take the door to the west. This will bring you to the room with 
the red warp pad to the beginning of the dungeon, but we’re going to 
walk right past it. Take the door west once again.

This is another fight with two normal Darknuts. Kill them off to have 
all doors open, just like the other fights, and take the southern door.

This is another puzzle like the one you have completed already, but a 
bit harder this time. To complete the puzzle, first head straight down 
the floor of pads. From there, go right, hitting the stone, and then 
up hitting another stone. Continue right until you hit yet another 
block, and then down. Again, move right until you hit a block. Head up 
one pad, and then to the left one pad. Head upwards one more pad, and 
then walk to the left until you hit a block. From here, go up one pad, 
then to the left one pad, then up until you hit the wall. Continue to 
the right until you cannot go further, then go down one pad, to the 
right two pads, and up one pad. Go to the right one pad, and then down 
through the rest of the blue pads and exit east. The door shall open, 
and you shall walk through it.

Kill only one Ghini to open the door, and then go through. You will be 
back outside the castle, and the only way to go from here is west, so 
exit the screen that way. Enter the tower you see on the next screen 
and go up the stairs to find a chest containing a third Small Key! 
There is nothing really in the room downstairs, so don’t waste your 
time going downstairs. Instead, just leave the tower and get back to 
the outside of the castle.

Head once again back to where you fought those last two Darknuts. Now 
take the door to the north, and cross over the moving platform and 
through the door to the north again. In this room is the final Mighty 
Darknut battle! Kill it off to have, once again, all doors open. Take 
the northern large door north when it opens.

Kill everything in this room, including the Red Skeletons and the Wall 
Masters. Go north, past the fire wheel, to find four eyes that are all 
open. You need to shoot them with your bow, without getting hit by 
fire. The best strategy is to catch up and run behind one leg of the 
wheel of fire, and then shoot as soon as you get to the first eye. 
Continue moving east, shooting the yes, until you hit the fourth one. 
Whether or not you catch on fire at this point does not matter: the 
door to the west is open. Go through it into the next room.

Don’t attempt to move the blocks to get to the staircase. Instead, move 
the vertical row of blocks so you can go south. Move the middle block 
to the left, and the bottom block downwards, and fall down the large 
hole in the center of the room. In this new, dark room, kill the 
Mummies and go up the stairs. You should be back in the same room you 
were just in, so press the square switch just below you to open the 
door to the south. Walk around the blocks and through the southern 

There isn’t much here but two vases, each filled with one heart. This 
is helpful if your health is low, because now you can leave and come 
back to the vases whenever you need more health. Re-enter the castle, 
and back to the area where the switch is, and walk up the stairs. Open 
the treasure chest here to gain the final Small Key! Now it’s time to 
take it to the room where we can get the Big Key.

Go back down the steps, and in this room push the middle block to the 
right and the bottom block downward. Leave this room, and make your way 
south back through the next room to reach the area where you fought the 
Mighty Darknut.

This time, take the door to the east. In the room with the chain of 
electric enemies, go north through the door. Go north once again 
through the room with the blue warp pad, and you should come to a room 
with four locked blocks. This is why you have been gathering Small 
Keys. Unlock all four blocks to make them disappear. Now, in the top 
right corner of the room are four vases, lined up vertically. Destroy 
them to reveal a four area. Charge up your blade, and step on every 
pad. Push the large block as far to the left as it can go, and walk up 
to the large treasure chest resting on the platform.

You did it! You got the final Big Key of the game. Head south now to 
exit the room. To make things easy and get to the Boss Door faster, 
step on the blue warp pad and then transfer over to the red warp pad. 
You should be standing right in front of the Big Key Door.

It is EXTREMEMLY recommended you save right now. This is the final 
boss, so there is no turning back. You really do not wish to die here.

Alright… with that over with, it is time to open the final Boss Door, 
and finish off the game.

28.) The Final Battle – Vaati vs. Link
A quick footnote: Before doing this fight, it is wise to have all your 
empty bottles filled. If you never went out and collected them (they 
were not placed in this guide), you should do so now, as you will need 
them for health reasons. Also, it might be wise to go out and fuse 
Kinstones with multiple people to gain Pieces of Heart that were not 
mentioned during the course of this guide, if you need more heart life.

Enter the Boss Room. Now there is no turning back – Vaati will speak to 
you, and give you information. You are being timed. And this isn’t some 
“hurry up, but nothing will actually happen if you are late” timing. Oh 
no, you are really timed. When the bell rings three times, Zelda will 
die and Vaati will get the Light Force, so hurry up through this first 
room. You don’t even need to kill that BC.

In this next room, the first bell shall toll. You must act quickly, and 
kill every enemy in this room before stepping on the four pads to hit 
the switches. This will make running across the room faster, and you 
won’t get hit by an enemy and have to start over. When you are done, 
charge up your blade and make the four Links, then run up to the top of 
the room and step on the switches. Go through the door to the north.

Another bell shall toll… hurry up! In this room you will have to fight 
two Mighty Darknuts, AND a black Mighty Darknut! This battle is very 
tough. You will probably be running around for a good minute slashing 
at them, trying to get one dead. Your best bet is to go for the normal 
Mighty Darknuts first, and save the black one for last, as it is the 
hardest, and you don’t need the other two around to make it harder. A 
good strategy (And thank you Lars [Who runs Zelda Universe] for this 
tip, hehe…), is to use your Cape to jump over them, instead of using 
your shield to defend. This allows you to get behind them very quickly, 
especially when they swing, which puts you at a great advantage. When 
all three fall, the door to the balcony, and to Vaati, will open… walk 
to the balcony to start the true final battle.

Vaati will not be able to complete the ceremony, but with what he has 
he will attempt to kill you with. He will drop you back down into the 
room you were just in, and you shall face his first form…

Vaati: Sorcerer Form

You have had no time to heal for this battle, so you’d better plan 
right. This will take a lot of strategy to finish him off without 
dying. Vaati will right away transform into his Sorcerer Form, and the 
large on his torso will shut.

He will launch out a nice loop of four eyes around himself, and you 
need to destroy those eyes, which take two hits each. But this battle 
is far harder then it seems – Vaati is also equipped with fireballs and 
dark energy balls to boot. After a while of slashing at the eyes, Vaati 
will retract them back into himself and launch a dark energy ball at 
you, which homes onto Link. Run away from it until it explodes, upon 
which Vaati will take the remaining eyes back out of his body. Destroy 
the remaining eyes, and the large one on his torso shall open up. Slash 
it to death until it closes again.

In comes another round. Now the eyes get dangerous, as they shoot laser 
beams at you! Luckily, they are enough distance apart that you can 
stand in between them. You’ll want to destroy as many as you can during 
the first time he lets them out. On top of that, he will also teleport 
around the room – you might end up chasing him. He will shoot a Dark 
Ball at you, which you will want to avoid. Continue this process until 
his eye open up, at which point you will want to chase him until you 
can hit the eye.

The third round is harder, much harder. He now had Dark Energy Balls 
surrounding his eyes, meaning you cannot hit them. On top of that, he 
is throwing fireballs at you. And even on top of that, the eyes still 
shoot lasers! Even further on top of that, he will teleport around the 
room faster!

The key to hitting the eyes is your Gust Jar. Use the Jar to suck the 
energy shield off the eyes, so you can slash at them. They will still 
shoot lasers, however, do be careful. When all eyes have been 
destroyed, Vaati will teleport around the room like mad with the eye on 
his torso open. It ends up becoming incredibly hard to hit him, because 
you must be at the right spot or he teleports away from you. A good 
strategy is to just wait in the center of the room for him to pop up 
there, and then slash at him. Eventually, you will get him and he will 
close the eye up once again.

The fourth round is basically the exact same as the third round. Suck 
the shields off the eyes, and avoid lasers and fireballs. The only true 
difference is that now Vaati teleports much more often. Eventually, you 
will destroy this set of eyes, and he will begin to fly around the 
room. With the torso eye open. When you are able to hit him, do so, and 
this time he will fall.

Vaati: Wind Mage Form

Even though he has fallen, he still has some fight left in him. He will 
make a second transformation! This is his Wind Mage form, and don’t be 
intimidated, because it is much easier then the Sorcerer form.

Get out your Bow and Arrows. Your goal here is to shoot the balls 
around his body – once shot they will change to red and open up. But 
Vaati has even more tricks up his sleeve. He will also shoot electrical 
energy balls at you, toss black things around the room that end up 
becoming points in the room that can hurt you, and stomp on the floor, 
which releases stones from the ceiling. Note that when you shoot the 
eyes, only four will turn red, and the rest will be blue. Once you have 
uncovered the four red ones, do not waste time and arrows shooting the 
other eyes! There is a four area below, assume the position of the eyes 
and slash at him, just like you did for the Gyorg Pair.

After slashing at his eyes, they will be destroyed, leaving his body 
susceptible to normal sword hits from any Link. Continue slashing at 
his body until the eye closes.

Note: If at any time you run out of arrows, the black bricks that have 
been scattered around by Vaati will sometimes contain arrows.

The second round should actually be a bit easier since you know exactly 
what to do. Nothing is much faster, and nothing is very hard to avoid. 
Uncover the four eyes quickly, and slash at them. Then slash at his 
susceptible body with any of the Links until his eye closes.

The third round is again, easy and the same. There is nothing really 
new – uncover the four eyes once again, assume the correct position, 
and slash at him until his body is able to be hit by a normal sword 
attack. He might let stones fall a bit more often in this round, and he 
also moves around a bit faster, but nothing that should affect the way 
you kill him.

The fourth round is a bit harder. Now he moves fast, which is really 
the only downside, because he is moving in a circle. The best times to 
uncover an eye with your arrows are when he stops to launch electric 
energy balls and drop rocks on you. The rest is all the same, when all 
four eyes are uncovered, assume the correct position and destroy the 
eyes surrounding his body. Then proceed to slashing at the main body 
until the eyes come back.

The fifth round is even harder then the fourth. He will launch those 
dark things around the room that can hurt you more often, and he will 
circle the room faster. Besides that, it is not much harder. The same 
drill applies as last time; uncover the four eyes, and slash at them 
with the correct formation. Then, all you need to do is slash Vaati a 
couple more times, and he will seemingly fall with a gigantic 

A Break In Between

With Vaati out of the picture, you have a chance to stop and rest. And 
also save Zelda! The door to the balcony will open, and you will walk 
up. Walk to Princess Zelda, and have Ezlo tell you to break the curse 
on her. Do so, and she will wake up…

After she thanks you for saving her, the castle will begin to break 
down! They will look for the exit, but the exit will be blocked. You 
need to head for the sanctuary, and Zelda will follow you a la Pikachu 
in Pokemon Yellow.

Head northwest, up the stairs onto the platform and down the 
door/stairway. In this new room head east and then north, and then out 
the door to the north. From there, make your way down the steps and 
head east. When you come to the door leading to the Sanctuary, do not 
go through it. Instead, head south to find another door, and enter that 
room. This room is filled with bombs, arrows, a most importantly – 
fairies. Trap some in your bottle, or bottles if you have more then 
one. Then, head north to the Sanctuary.

Walk north until you reach the true door to the Elemental Sanctuary. 
Unfortunately, you cannot go through to the Sanctuary because Vaati 
will stop you! He is still alive… it is time for the even more true 
final battle.

Vaati: Final Form

Claiming to be the master of this world, he will attack with no mercy. 
Get out your Cane of Pacci, and prepare to shoot at his claws. After a 
moment or so he will dig one of his claws into the ground. Within 
moments, the claw will then pop up out of the ground. Shoot the arm 
that popped out of the ground with your Pacci, and it will flip a bit. 
You should now be able to see a doorway on the arm at the bottom… it is 
very small, but there. Head north to find a Minish portal that you can 
use to shrink yourself. After you are Minish size, head into the arm.

Your objective in the arm is to find the one eye that is not looking 
directly forward. It is probably looking to one side, so find that one 
eye and slash it until it is destroyed. Once destroyed, the other eyes 
shall fall too, which means it is time to get out of this arm. When you 
leave the arm, the arm will explode.

Now is your chance to go back to the Minish portal and enlarge 
yourself. He will dig his remaining arm into the ground, and it will 
pop up again. Once again, shoot it with your Pacci to have it flip and 
reveal a Minish doorway. Go quickly to the Minish portal and shrink 
yourself, then head into the arm.

It is pitch black in here! Get out your Flame Lantern now, and use it 
to light the room. You are again looking for that one eye that is 
looking in a different direction then the others. It can be looking in 
any direction except straight. When you find it, repeat the same 
process you did before; slash at it until it dies, then exit the arm.

This is your chance to enlarge yourself with the Minish portal.

Vaati, now armless, will grow wings. It is time to make use of the four 
area at the bottom of the screen. Split yourself into four Links, and 
watch out. Vaati will shoot a large amount of electric energy balls at 
once and not directly at you, but in most directions around the screen. 
The good thing is, he never shoots them randomly, meaning you can dodge 
them easily.

After he is done shooting the electric energy balls, get DIRECTLY in 
front of the four tiny eyes. They will shoot four energy balls at the 
same exact time, and your four Links have to reflect them back to the 
eyes and destroy them. Once the eyes have been destroyed, his central 
body will be susceptible to normal slash attacks. Slash him insanely, 
and do not miss one hit.

After the first large amount of hits you strike at Vaati, he will begin 
to move around faster then before and still go through the same process 
of shooting electric energy balls that are scattered, and then shooting 
concurrent energy balls out the four eyes. Continue to make sets of 
four Links until you are able to once again deflect the concurrent 
beams and slash at his now susceptible main body. Slash like crazy.

This process will repeat over and over, and eventually Vaati will fall 
for the final time. If you managed to defeat him, congratulations! You 
have successfully cleared The Minish Cap and saved Hyrule (and possibly 
the rest of the world)! Give yourself a large pat on the back, do a 
little dance, and watch the awesome ending scene which I will not spoil 
for you. You deserve it.

…that’s the end of the walkthrough. Why are you still reading? Shoo!HI!


Here are a list of questions people will probably ask me or have 
already asked me about the walkthrough or about The Minish Cap. If you 
are thinking of sending me an email, you might want to read through 
this first to see if your question is answered.

FAQ-01: General Non-Gaming Questions

Q: Can I use your guide on my site?
A: Of course, just email me at goldenchaos@zeldauniverse.net asking about it. 
Title the email properly, of course.

A: Not if you email me with that kind of topic. Please, no emails with 
titles like these. If you do send me an email regarding The Minish Cap 
and you need help, send an email titled "Help on The Minish Cap?" or 
"Minish Cap help," etc. Nothing consiting of AIM language or n00bish 
content will even get a glance from me.

Q: Your guide is missing a lot of things. Why?
A: Well, I am no complete Zelda expert, and I played the game to the 
best of my abilities. If you think something is missing from the guide 
and you would like it added, email me!

Q: You are awesome! Do your hands hurt?
A: I am awesome? O_o. And yes, they hurt terribly.

Q: What did you use to write this guide?
A: Notepad, Microsoft Word, and Wordpad. I also used a ROM of The 
Minish Cap game, with a computer game controller. Of course, I do own 
the game, but I found it easier to play it on the computer for quick 
switching between the game and Word.

A: Hello! Why did you message me again? O_o...

Q: AIM? MSN? Yahoo? IRC you commonly visit? Any way I can talk to you?!
A: I am a very frequent visitor to #zelda, on irc.zeldauniverse.net. 
Though, due to frequent messages from way, way too many people, I 
cannot continue to give out my instant messenger handles anymore. I 
hope you all can understand this! It is very hard to handle six IMs at 
once... ^^;.

Q: Something in your guide looks just like something I saw somewhere 
else! Did you take it from somewhere else?
A: All of the content in this guide is my own writing, and is taken 
from nowhere else. However, if you think something looks strangely 
similar to another guide or piece of writing, feel free to tell me 
about it through email. I will have a look at what you have to say.

FAQ-02: Important/Game Help Questions
Q: Can you help me get the Mirror Shield?
A: Of course.

You will have to complete the Goron Quest, which is also 
a bit famous for getting you the Mirror Shield. There are five 
Mysterious Walls and one other fusion you need to complete. The 
Mysterious Walls are located in caves throughout Hyrule, and the only 
way go get in those caves is by digging the strange looking door open 
with your Mole Mitts. If you don't have the Moll Mitts yet, don't even 

Also, please note that you cannot obtain the Mirror Shield until AFTER 
you have CLEARED THE GAME. Yes, you must beat Vaati first. If you have 
not done so and still ache to have the Mirror Sheild, you are out of 

First, you need to fuse with the farmer Eenie. He is located in the 
Eastern Hills, just under Lon Lon Ranch. One you fuse with him, the 
first Goron will become magically strong and break through the first 
door in the cave.

From there, you must fuse with the five Mysterious Walls. For each 
mysterious wall you fuse with, a new Goron will appear in the cave at 
Lon Lon Ranch. Their locations are as follows:

-> Eenie's Farm. (It will be right near you! Fuse with the wall in the 
cave. The Mysterious Walls as you will find often are hiding behind 
some stone, so you'll have to dig them out.)

-> Lake Hylia. (I believe you will need the Roc's Cape for this. I'm 
not entirely sure. Jump from island to island, going north, until you 
reach the strange door that you can dig open.)

-> Minish Woods. (Located just near Syrup's Hut. You will find a 
strange looking door just near the stairs that lead to the path to her 

-> Trilby Highlands. (Located on the far west side of the Highlands 
across a bridge that leads north. This bridge is a bit hard to miss, as 
it is in an intersection between the bridge west to Crenel.)

-> Mount Crenel. (On Crenel Wall, next to the Hermit's house.)

Once all the Gorons have come to aid the original Goron (Making six 
Gorons total), you will be able to fuse with the sixth goron (all the 
way to the rightmost side) to wake up Biggoron, who lives up on Veil 
Springs. There is no possible way you can miss Biggoron, because he is 
so huge! Anyways, if you go and talk to him (After beating Vaati, of 
course!) he will ask to eat your sheild.

Give him your Shield. Now, you have to be extrememly patient and 
willing to be Shieldless for quite a while. Warp around to a few 
places, sped some time killing enemies, and then go back to Biggoron. 
He will give you back your Sheild, but it will be slightly mutilated. 
Of course, this is exactly what you want... your old Shield is now the 
Mirror Shield!

Q: What about the sword trainers? I can't find them, or I need x number 
of Tiger Scrolls!
A: Thanks to Talontwelve, I can now tell you all where the trainers are 
located! I'm not to keep about the names just yet, but I am off to find 
them myself and confirm all of this information.

The trainers can be found in the following locations:

Swiftblade - Required to meet him. He is located in the southwest 
corner of Hyrule Town, near the southern entrance. He lives in a log 
cabin, which is hard to miss among all the other houses.

Greyblade - On the Eastern side of the mountain, go up four of the rock 
walls that need the Grip ring. There should be a door reminiscient of a 
mine shaft there. Enter the cave, use the White Sword (Two Elements) to 
press the switches, then go into the north room and talk to the 

Waveblade - In Lake Hylia, swim to the west of Mayor Hagen's cabin 
until you reach a dock that goes north. There will be a tree with an 
open door to its inside. Enter the tree and talk to Waveblade.

Grimblade - In Hyrule Castle Garden, move towards the far right corner 
of the area to find, in the bottom right corner, a patch of bushes. Cut 
the bushes to reveal a ladder that leads underground. This ladder leads 
to Grimblade.

Swiftblade the First - In the Castor Wilds, there is a large tombstone 
located just above the statues you fused with to enter the Wind Ruins. 
Push the tombstone to the north to reveal a staircase that leads to 
Swiftblade the First's dojo.

Scarblade - Fuse kinstones with Greyblade in Mount Crenel to open a 
waterfall in the northeast corner of the Castor Wilds. Enter the 
waterfall to find Scarblade.

Greatblade - Fuse kinstones with Waveblade in Lake Hylia to open a  
waterfall in North Hyrule Feild. Enter the waterfall to find 

Splitblade - Fuse kinstones with Grimblade in Hyrule Castle Garden to 
open a waterfall in the southern area of Veil Falls. Enter the 
waterfall to find Scarblade.

Now, you probably want to know the Tiger Scrolls as well! All of these 
with the exception of the last three on the list are tiger scrolls.

1 -> Spin Attack - Smith's Sword needed.
Description: Hold your sword button. Charge and release!
Trainer: Swiftblade

2 -> Sword Beam - Lantern needed.
Description: When your hearts are full, swing your sword!
Trainer: Grimblade

3 -> Dash Attack - Pegasus Boots needed.
Description: Equip your pegasus boots and sword, then dash away!
Trainer: Swiftblade

4 -> Peril Beam - Sword needed.
Description: When you only have one heart left, swing the sword!
Trainer: Waveblade

5 -> Rock Breaker - White Sword (2 Elements) needed.
Description: Break pots with your sword! That's all there is to it!
Trainer: Swiftblade

6 -> Roll Attack - Smith's Sword needed.
Description: Roll! Swing your sword as you start to get up!
Trainer: Greyblade

7 -> Down Thrust - Roc's Cape needed.
Description: Equip the Roc's Cape and the sword!! Jump and swing!
Trainer: Swiftblade

8 -> Great Spin Attack - All 7 Tiger Scrolls needed.
Description: Perform a Spin Attack...and hit the button repeatedly! 
Trainer: Swiftblade the First

-> Spin Attack Charge Upgrade - Kinstone fusion.
Description: Spin Attack charges faster!
Trainer: Scarblade

-> Great Spin Time Upgrade - Kinstone fusion.
Description: Great Spin Attack lasts longer!
Trainer: Greatblade

-> Spirit Gauge Charge Upgrade - Kinstone fusion.
Description: Spirit Gauge fills faster!
Trainer: Splitblade

Q: How do I get the Light Arrows?
A: I've got just the answer.

you have passed that point in the game, don't even try to get the light 

Early in the game, go to northwest Hyrule Town, just near the entrance 
to the Trilby Highlands, to find a yellow house. Inside this house will 
reside a man... fuse with him. He is Stranger. Upon fusing with him, a 
warp will open in South Hyrule Field, just above Link's house.

This warp will lead you to a house. You'll come back here later in the 
game. In the house, you will find a man in bed, with a ghost haunting 
him. Get out your Gust jar and power it up, and rid the man of the 

When you reach the house later on in the game, the man will give you 
Light Arrows as a reqard for relieving him.

Q: Are there any other bottles? Some of my slots are still empty...
A: There are four empty bottles total in The Minish Cap, one of which 
is mandatory to recieve. The other three you must get yourself.

There is no specific order to getting these bottles, save Bottle 1. 
They can be gotten in any order you like.

Bottle 1: You'll buy this from a Deku Scrub in a cave in Trilby 
Highlands. You MUST buy this bottle to move forward in the game.

Bottle 2: Fuse with Link's grandfather, Smith, who resides in Link's 
house in South Hyrule Field. A chest will appear in Eastern Hills just 
below Eenie and Meenie's farm that contains the second bottle.

Bottle 3: Shrink Link down to Minish size and enter Stockwell's shop in 
southern Hyrule Town from the back. Use the vase in his shop to return 
to normal size, and he'll wonder who is there. When he notices you, you 
will automatically be assumed to want the bottle just behind you. 
However, the bottle is filled with dog food.

Deliver the dog food to Stockwell's dog in his house at Lake Hylia, and 
the empty bottle that remains shall be yours.

Bottle 4: Complete the Goron Quest, which is described above. After 
fusing with all the walls and Eenie, enter the Goron's cave, and 
continue going further back into the cave until you pass the six gorons 
and find a large chest. Inside the chest will be the final bottle.

If other questions arrise that are commonly asked, they will be added 
to this FAQ. Thank you, and happy playing!

V. Legal Stuff.
This guide is Copyright (c) 2004-2005 Jason Rappaport (GoldenChaos), 
and is not to be reproduced or sold for cash. This guide was written 
exclusively for www.zeldauniverse.net, and can only be used by anyone 
else with my permission by emailing me or otheriwse. The Legend of 
Zelda and all of its characters are trademarks of Nintendo.
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