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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Copyright 2005-2006 Brian McPhee

Author: Brian McPhee (kirby021591)
E-mail: Kirby0215@aol.com
Most Recent Update: April 30, 2006
Originally Created: January 24, 2005
Version 1.2

---------------------------Table of Contents---------------------------

Section 1*


Section 2*

Deepwood Shrine*
Cave of Flames*
Fortress of Winds*
Temple of Droplets*
Palace of Winds*
Dark Hyrule Castle*

Section 3*

The Aftermath*
Equipment Upgrades*
Swordsman Newsletters*
Tiger Scrolls*
The Picolytes*
Kinstone Fusing*
Pieces of Heart*
Wind Crests*
Rupee Trick*
Zelda Timeline*

Section 4*

Credits and Legal Information*
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||----------------------------Section 1*-----------------------------||
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I’m back.  Yep, it’s time to write another guide, and I thought that 
the new Zelda game would be the perfect fit.  The Legend of Zelda has 
always been a new and revolutionary series.  They have tons of firsts, 
from game batteries to venturing into 3D when it was young and 
unexplored.  Now that they’ve done it all, it’s time to do something 
extremely different.

Yes, Minish Cap is a very unique Zelda title.  Although it takes place 
in Hyrule, Link has the majority of his encounters with tiny people 
that only appear every 100 years.  This game is also trying to 
resurrect Vaati, the new villain on the block.  Personally, I think 
Ganon was all that the Zelda world needed, but he did not fit into the 
new wind theme that they’re giving the games.  Here’s my review.

The Minish Cap is a breath of fresh air for Zelda players.  There have 
been a lot of the same items and puzzles in recent games, but The 
Minish Cap features bizarre weapons and a deeper storyline than quite a 
few other Zelda games.  At first, I saw the game and I knew I would buy 
it (it’s Zelda, people), but it looked a lot like the Wind Waker did 
before it was released – stupid.  However, I was dead wrong about the 
Wind Waker and dead wrong about this.  Looks can be deceiving.

As I said, this game is trying to explain more about Vaati, who has 
turned Princess Zelda into stone at the annual Picori Festival.  If 
you’ve ever played Four Swords or Four Swords Adventures, then you know 
the truth behind Vaati, but no one does here.  To make a long 
explanation short and sweet, this game rocks.

It will keep you playing after you beat it and it is a wonderful 
introduction for those new to The Legend of Zelda.  Sure, the graphics 
aren’t stunning (they’re still very good), but this is GBA.  You don’t 
really need them and you should not judge a game by its graphics.  Now 
then, to the rest of the guide.

Nintendo released the European version of Minish Cap first, and so 
there are slight differences between the European and North American 
versions – there are essentially two versions of the game.  The 
European version has poorer script translations.  Also, it only has two 
bomb bag upgrades, while the North American has a third one.  Aside 
from that, this guide helps everyone.

By the way, if you see this guide used on any site besides 
GameFaqs.com, please tell me.  With your help we can stop plagiarism to 
this walkthrough, which is illegal.


You may be wondering why I have placed asterisks by the titles of each 
section.  Well, they are pretty festive.  However, there’s a much 
better reason.  On your computer’s keyboard press CTRL and F to make a 
Find/Search box pop up.  If you have a Mac, it’s Apple and F.  Type in 
the section name and search for it.  It should take you to the Table of 
Contents and then to the next place it’s used.  I put asterisks up so 
that you are taken right to them, and not any other time that I might 
use a section title in text (navigation).


The storyline in this game is pretty obvious.  That is, you know what’s 
going to happen right off the bat, just not how it’s going to happen.  
Here’s the condensed version.

                      |    Storyline Summary    |

Long ago, on cataclysm’s eve, Hyrule was on the brink of destruction at 
the hands of evil spirits.  Legend has it that a tiny race called the 
Picori appeared from the skies and gave one human golden light and a 
sword.  With these weapons and his own courage, the man selected by the 
Picori fought valiantly and spared Hyrule from the darkness.  From then 
on, a festival was thrown every year to commemorate the Picori, until 
they vanished into legend…  Every one hundred years a mystic door opens 
between Hyrule and the world of the Picori, and the Picori Festival is 
unusually grand that year.  There is a sword-fighting tournament, and a 
man named Vaati has won with ease.  No one knows who he is, but he is 
the victor nonetheless.

                         |    Characters    |

Here are the characters.

Link: Link is the main character.  After all, you do control him.  
Link’s part in the story is that he must deliver a sword to the 
champion of the tournament as festival tradition.  He and Zelda are 
longtime friends.

Ezlo: This game’s Navi is Ezlo, a big mouthed bird-hat.  He gives 
advice to Link throughout the game and looks just like the cap that 
Link usually wears, save the beak and the eyes.

Princess Zelda: The princess of Hyrule always plays a big role in the 
game.  She’s the damsel in distress once again, but this time Link’s 
dealing with a much newer enemy.

Vaati: Vaati is the champion of the Picori Festival’s sword-fighting 
competition.  Little is known about him (nothing, really), but all of 
Hyrule is “abuzz with rumors about this shadowy figure.”

Now it’s time to get to the good part; we’re moving on to the 
walkthrough now.
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||----------------------------Section 2*-----------------------------||
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===========================Deepwood Shrine*============================

          |    The Picori Festival and the Small Shield    |

Princess Zelda is coming to pay Link a visit.  Link’s grandfather, 
Master Smith, is a blacksmith responsible for creating the sword for 
this year’s swords-master.  So, gramps wake up Link (still snoozing) 
and you get to take control of Link for the first time.

Go down the stairs (just walk into them) and then go through the door 
to the right.  After a nice invitation, you get Smith’s Sword.  As she 
leaves, go forward and open the chest in here (A) for 20 rupees.  Now 
follow her out.  Go over to Zelda.

When you see a ridge, you can jump down from it by walking into it.  Go 
left and do so.  Now talk to Zelda.  Follow her forward to the town of 
Hyrule.  Hyrule’s had a bit of a downgrade in recent games, I guess.  
Follow her to a storyteller who tells the legend of the Picori.  Keep 
following the hyper royal around until she wins the lottery drawing.

She can have either a Piece of Heart, a rupee, or a shield.  Zelda 
takes the shield and gives it to Link.  You got the Small Shield!  
After winning a shield, you must deliver your grandfather’s sword to 
the tournament winner.

                        |    Hyrule Castle    |

Now she follows you.  Go forward, under a bell, and you’ll soon reach 
the exit to Hyrule Town.  Continue forward to Hyrule Castle’s entrance.  
Blocking the path is a Deku Scrub, a Business Scrub to be precise.  
They attack people, but they are also merchants.  Hold up your shield 
to its Deku Nuts and you’ll deflect them at it.  Talk to him and he’ll 
say that it was all an accident.  He takes off and the path is opened.

Continue north past the drawbridge to enter the castle.  Keep going 
forward and you’ll see Potho, the minister of the kingdom.  He takes 
the blade and Zelda runs along.  Link gets to join in the ceremonies, 
though.  Four guards carry out a glowing sword in an altar.  It is the 
Picori Blade, and it (much like the Four Sword) is the lock to the 
chest (which contains evil).  The winner gets to touch the blade forged 
by the Picori.  The King of Hyrule, Daltus Hyrule, comes out and 
announces the commencement of the ceremony.

Vaati, the champion of the competition, steps forward to touch the 
blade.  He is a dark fellow, quite shady-looking.  He laughs and then 
he sees the Bound Chest with the Picori Blade sealing it.  The guards 
try to attack him as he seizes the blade, but it is in vain.  He casts 
a magic orb at the blade, freeing the evil in the chest.

They knock back the king, but Zelda uses her magic to defend herself.  
Vaati is very interested in her aura.  To prevent her from interfering, 
he turns Zelda to stone!  Vaati then strolls over to the chest when he 
finds that there’s nothing in there.  All the monsters escaped.  Seeing 
this, Vaati warps off.

                      |    Link’s Awakening    |

Link was knocked out when Zelda was turned to stone.  Move the control 
stick to wake him up and jump out of bed.  Exit the room via the 
southwest door and you’ll see the king, the minister, and Master Smith.  
The king, addressing the guards, speaks of a sorcerer named Vaati that 
turned his daughter to stone.

The Picori Blade is one of the few powers in Hyrule that can undo this, 
but Vaati shattered it when opening the Bound Chest.  The king’s plan 
is to forge a new sword just as powerful as the previous.  Daltus also 
reveals that the legendary Picori live in Minish Woods.  Potho’s first 
instinct is to dispatch the soldiers, but the Picori are very shy.  
They show themselves only to children.  Therefore, it is Link’s solemn 
duty to meet with them.

The few monsters that were in the Bound Chest are scattered over 
Hyrule, but Link must go nonetheless.  You got the Broken Picori Blade!  
Also, you got the Smith’s Sword!  It was intended for use by Vaati, but 
seeing as how he doesn’t want it, you can keep it.  The soldiers go out 
to search for Vaati, while it is your duty to find the Deepwood Shrine.  
That is where you shall begin your search.  Master Smith gives you a 
map to take with you.

                        |    Hyrule Field    |

Go south a screen and then head left.  Go down the hallway to a big 
door, which you should pass through.  Go down the stairs and go south 
to exit the castle and enter Hyrule Castle Gardens.  In here, go south 
some more to enter North Hyrule Field.  That music, my friend, is from 
A Link to the Past.  There are several enemies in the area called 
Octoroks.  They are old Zelda enemies that crawl around and shoot rocks 
at you, hence the name.

You’ll also see crow enemies here called Guays (they’re called Crows in 
this game).  Go right and down to hop over a ledge.  Slash the enemies, 
bushes, and grass here to find a green rupee and a recovery heart.  In 
almost every Zelda game these are items.  Rupees are the official 
currency of Hyrule and other lands, while hearts replenish the Heart 
Containers that make up your life meter found in the upper-left corner 
of the screen.

Unfortunately, Vaati causes debris to form in the path to Hyrule Town, 
which means that you’ll have to wait for the carpenters (the head 
carpenter is named Mutoh from Majora’s Mask) to clear things out.  From 
the carpenters, which are to the southwest of your current position, 
head northeast to find three sticks blocking a path.  Slash them down 
and take the path to Lon Lon Ranch.

             |    Lon Lon Ranch and the Eastern Hills    |

There are some strange mole-like enemies in the area.  They’re new to 
the Zelda scene.  Go further south to see some Octoroks.  Defeat or 
ignore them and advance further south to the Eastern Hills.  Go down 
the right set of stairs at the start and then follow this path down to 
a bridge.  Take it to finally find Minish Woods, the home of the 

                            |    Ezlo    |

Go right to some Octoroks and you’ll find yourself at a dead-end.  
Traverse the bridge here to advance.  If you use your map, you’ll see 
that we need to go south.  Do so and see a green creature that you 
might recognize materialize.  Two slashes of the sword will defeat a 
Chuchu, especially the green kind (the weakest type).  They’re in no 
short supply here.  Continue south and go left to a fork in the road.  
You cannot cross the bottom path due to the log, so go north.  As you 
go forward and defeat two new Chuchus, you hear a cry for help.

Return to where you crossed the bridge to see a green bird-thing being 
beat up by dual Octoroks.  Defeat them both with a single slash of the 
sword and it starts to ramble on.  After hearing a bit of your story, 
the bird says that it is also on a quest to break a curse of Vaati’s.  
Due to your mutual disliking of Vaati, Ezlo agrees to accompany you on 
your quest.

When he’s done talking go south and it will yell at you for going too 
fast.  After three times, it’s the last straw.  To keep up with you, 
you shall not wear Ezlo like a hat.  Traditionally, Link wears a green 
hat very similar to Ezlo to celebrate his Kokiri heritage, so boy is 
that convenient.

               |    Minish Woods and Minish Village    |

Return to where you were before Ezlo called and on the way you’ll see a 
stump.  Ezlo reveals that “Picori” is the human name for the race, 
while “Minish” is their name for themselves.  Ezlo says that this lowly 
stump is really a portal to transform.  Yes, Ezlo can do that.  Jump on 
it and press R.  Ezlo sings a little song and you drop down to a 

Link runs out and you’re tiny now.  To return to normal size, press R 
by it.  From here (as small Link), go left to the log.  Walk through 
the hollow center and you’ll see a puddle.  At this size, you will 
drown in such a puddle.  Jump onto the lily pad when it comes your way 
and take it north.  Go forward a bit more to enter the village of the 

Go forward a bit and you’ll see a huge acorn.  Pretty neat, huh?  
Continue forward to wind up in Minish Village.  After heading under the 
arches, Ezlo comments on the place.  Several Minish come out.  The 
first sentence you hear reveals why they must be called the Picori.  
They speak in a strange language and then run off.  Since we need a 
translator, Ezlo suggests looking around.  To find such a person, go 
left, turning at the first turn, and head north until you a moat around 
a castle.

Go right from here to see a fourth of the heart stone the lady who gave 
Zelda the Small Shield had.  Touch it to gain a Piece of Heart.  
Collect four to get a new Heart Container.  Go left out of that screen 
back to the castle.  Go forward on the bridge and a bit further to see 
a man on a throne.  Talk to him to find that he speaks English!  
Festari watches over the shrine and this abbey.  He tells you that the 
key to dissolving the language barrier lies in eating a Jabber Nut.

Doing this lets you understand and speak Minish.  Exit the castle and 
head right.  Take the path down to see a house made from a barrel.  
Take a bridge to it and you’ll find that the two Minish guards usually 
there are gone.  Take the ladder down to be inside and then head north.  
Push the crate aside and go to the upper-left.  There’s the Jabber Nut, 
just like Festari said.  Eat it and you’ll speak fluent Minish.  Return 
to the castle/abbey.

Talking to some of the Minish on the way reveals that Minish live in 
other places, too, like Hyrule Town.  Also, they secretly help out 
humans sometimes.  From the abbey, go left to a ladder.  Climb it and 
enter the house here.  That’s the elder of the village.  According to 
him, it takes four mystic elements to create the Picori Blade.

Each element represents an energy of the world.  The elder marks where 
all the elements can be found.  One’s right in Minish Woods.  It is the 
Earth Element.  Go back to the abbey and speak with Festari.  What 
seemed to be his seat is actually the path north to the shrine.  Go 
north three times to enter the shrine.

                       |    Deepwood Shrine    |

Ever since that accursed Vaati opened the Bound Chest, monsters have 
wandered into even the most sacred of place.  This shrine, once a 
meeting place of the Picori and Hylians (the people of Hyrule), is now 
a dungeon.  Dungeons have had different names over the years 
(labyrinths, palaces, dungeons, temples, and various other names), but 
dungeon has always been the favorite.  This is the first dungeon of the 

Each dungeon has a map, a compass (it shows treasure chest and boss 
locations), a new item, and a big boss that reigns supreme here.  Go 
forward and push aside the pedestal.  Go into the next room, which is 
illuminated by a spotlight.  Two swipes of Smith’s Sword will deal 
death to the slugs in here.  Step on the switches by the torches to 
make a chest appear.  Inside is a Small Key.  These are used to open 
most doors in dungeons.

Go forward and open the door with A.  Walking around this room causes 
slugs to fall.  Get to the northeast corner and Ezlo tells you about 
the lever.  Pull back on it to make a bridge appear in this room.  
Cross it to a mushroom.  Pull back to where the discolored tiles end 
and then switch to the opposite direction on the D-Pad to be flung 
across the water to the other side.  Note that you can lift pots by 
pressing R by them.  Press it again to throw them.  Now go north.

In this room is an invulnerable enemy that slightly resembles a 
mushroom.  Or, at least it’s invincible right now.  Enter the barrel 
via the entrance and roll through the opening to the upper-left.  Go 
down and to the left to see a ladder.  Head up and put the statue on 
the switch.  Press the other to light the torch.  You can push/grab 
objects by approaching them and pressing R.

Now, on the beginning side of the room, go up the right ladder and 
press the switch.  Burning the tendrils lets the barrel roll.  Get 
inside and roll toward the screen to make a doorway to the southwest.  
Go through and head to a new room through the door in this corner.  Go 
left and you’ll see a new enemy.  Three swipes of the sword does it in.  
Also on the left side of the room is a mushroom.  Pull back all the way 
to the second set of stretch marks and release to fly across the water.

Head up the ladder to the right and open the blue chest for the Dungeon 
Map.  Go down a bit, jump over the ledge, and return to the mushroom.  
Pull to the first stretch marks and fire to be brought over the first 
stream.  Go left to a new room.  In here, push the pot to the left to 
the switch to the right to make the bridge permanent.

Now go across to the next room.  Push either statue onto the switch and 
then push the other in far enough so that you can walk in the contained 
area.  Push it back onto the switch and open the chest for a Small Key.  
Now return to the room with the large barrel in it.  To get across the 
stream in one room, go through the vine door and push the block down.  
Use the Small Key on the locked door in the northeast corner.

In this room, fling yourself across the starting waters with the 
mushroom (remember, only pull as far as the stretch marks go) and cross 
the bridge to another mushroom.  Press the switch by it to make a 
bridge form (for easy crosses).  Pull back on this mushroom using the 
bridge you made form until Link’s face turns red.  Now release and 
cross the waters.

Go right to a new room.  Walk around the bottom part of the room, 
clearing out the enemies, and then pull the rightmost statue past the 
switch (out of the way).  Go around the stone again and push this 
statue onto the switch.  Now go north.  In here, defeat all the enemies 
(three slashes) and you’ll get a Small Key.  Go left to an old room.  
Head up the ladder and go forward.  Jump off and go through the vine 
door to the left.

Defeat the baddies and go north to B2.  To the right is a blue chest.  
Push the rightmost block down and the leftmost left.  Open the chest 
for the Compass.  Before you leave here, push the pot to in the corner 
onto the switch.  Now exit the room to the previous.  Go left to a new 
room.  On the left side of the room is a door with a lock on it; use 
your Small Key to open it.

                        Mini-Boss: Madderpillar

Yes, it’s a very corny name.  It’s a fairly peaceful creature, but it 
can get angry.  Slash the nose to make its tail open, revealing its 
vulnerable side.  Slash there as many times as you can and resume the 
process.  Enough hits cause it to explode and a chest to form.  Inside 
is the Gust Jar, this dungeon’s item!


Set the Gust Jar to A or B, depending on your sword preference.  
Practice using it by sucking up the spider web to the south.  In here, 
take the Piece of Heart, your second one.  Go to the room to the east 
by removing the spider web on the east wall and suck in the debris.  
Press the switches you uncover and open the chests for 20 Mysterious 
Seashells in total.  In this game, seashells can be traded for 
something that I’ll explain later.

The other switch causes a blue portal to appear.  It will be used later 
to get a Piece of Heart.  Now go south from here by pressing another 
switch and you’ll be back in the barrel room.  Roll around in it until 
you can suck off a cobweb covering a central door.  Now use that 
opening to fall to B2.  Suck the lily pad in with the Gust Jar and hop 
on.  Use the Gust Jar to steer the pad and ride down the waterfall.  
Exit this screen by the east.

In this room, get to the ladder and take it up.  Pick up some pots so 
that one is in a good position to push and then move it onto the 
switch.  Get back onto the lily pad and go north.  In this old room, go 
to the west side and open the chest.

If you didn’t listen to me earlier, push one of the pots in the 
northwest corner onto the switch to make a chest appear.  Inside is a 
Small Key.  Go up the stairs in here to be in another old room.  Suck 
up all the debris in here to find a switch.  Press it and open the 
chest that forms to have a total of 40 Mysterious Seashells.

Make your way back to the first room.  In it is a blue portal (if you 
followed all my directions earlier).  Step in to be taken to the room 
with the Piece of Heart.  Take it to have three in total.  Now return 
to the barrel room and fall through the center to be back in the lower 
basement.  This time, descend over the waterfall and use the lily pad 
to go to the northwest corner.  Open the locked door here and you’ll be 
in a room with a blue chest in it.

Use the first mushroom (pull back to the shallow water) to cross the 
watery gap.  Now use the Gust Jar to suck in (stand as close to the 
edge as you can) the mushroom.  Doing so launches you across the gap.  
Repeat this to go right again and go down.  Stand against the wall (in 
line with the mushroom) and reel it in with some wind.  Take it right 
to the chest.  It contains the Big Key!

This special key opens the boss doors.  It’s switched names often over 
past games (Boss Key, Nightmare Key, Big Key), but it has finally 
chosen one over the others.  Look to the lower-right of the chest to 
see a switch.  Press it and a red portal appears.  It takes you back to 
the first room.

It is my policy to get every chest in the dungeon, so this is optional.  
If you’d rather not do this (I don’t see why you wouldn’t), skip to 
when I tell you to go back to the first room.  Go to the barrel room.  
Note that you can defeat the flower-like enemies in here by sucking off 
their protective tops (courtesy of the ever-so-useful Gust Jar) and 
then attacking them.

Anyways, suck off the debris in the northwest corner to reveal a 
switch.  Press it and open the chest for 10 more Mysterious Shells, 
giving you a total of 50.  Now return to the first room.  You’ll notice 
spider webs on either side of the room.  These actually cover doors 
that lead to the first floor.  Suck in the left first and head up 
there.  Push aside the block in front of the chest for 20 rupees (red 
rupees are worth 20, blue 5, and green one).

Now go back to the previous room and take the right staircase up.  Suck 
the mushroom in from as far back as the Gust Jar allows and leap across 
the room.  Repeat this at the south side and you’ll see the Boss Door.  
Bust the pots around the door to refill any hearts you might’ve lost 
and go north to meet your destiny.

                   |    Boss: Big Green Chuchu    |

A Chuchu has wandered into the Deepwood Shrine.  As Minish Link, this 
common Chuchu is a titan.  Of course, the item we got in the shrine 
helps us kick tail in this bout.  Big Green Chuchu will roam around the 
room, jumping on you to deal damage.  Suck away the jelly at its base 
with the Gust Jar to make it too top-heavy.  It collapses on its side 
at this point, letting you slash it to your heart’s content.  In the 
meantime, take advantage of rolling to dodge its attacks.  To roll, 
press R while running.  R is just such a useful button.  Beating your 
gargantuan adversary earns you a new Heart Container.  It is a Zelda 
tradition broken only a few times that bosses give Heart Containers 
(Adventure of Link and Four Swords Adventures are the games that break 
the rule).  You know how weak the beat is depending on how hostile it 
is.  The weaker it becomes, the more jumps it uses.

When it explodes, you’ve cleared the shrine.  You got the Earth 
Element!  Huzzah!  It symbolizes the power of earth and life.  Take the 
Heart Container that appears and head into the green portal.  You came 
out smelling like a rose; you have an extra Heart Container and plus 
one weapon.

============================Cave of Flames*============================

                     |    The Elder’s Advice    |

Go to the elder and see what he has to say about your retrieval of the 
Earth Element.  He says that the next element can be found at Mount 
Crenel.  A Picori named Melari lives there.  He is a sword-smith with 
seven apprentices.  He opens some curtains to reveal a quick way out.  
Go left twice to be back in the forest.

                      |    Belari’s Bomb Bag    |

When back in Minish Woods, head into the house to the left to meet 
Belari.  He was inspired by the tales he heard of you and has invented 
something for you use to blow up the debris blocking Hyrule Town.  The 
Bomb Bag is a basic Zelda item found in nearly every game.  Plant a 
bomb to blow up weak objects and uncover secrets.  Now exit his house 
and go to the stump.  Press R by it to become big again and go north 
over the formerly impassable puddle.  See that stone?  Check it with A 
and it will explode.

This is a wind crest, but it comes in handy later.  Now go over the 
bridge to the left and go south.  Blow up the rocks with a bomb for a 
Mysterious Seashell and passage south.  Go down and head west to the 
Eastern Hills.  We’re ready to head back to Hyrule Town.

Go north and head left to see a part of the rock that looks like it is 
comprised of many small rocks.  Bomb it and enter the cave for 20 
Mysterious Shells.  The bats in here are called Keese.  Now exit and 
take the ladder north to another screen.  Go west to enter South Hyrule 
Field.  From here, go left to the entrance to Hyrule Town.

                      |    The Kinstone Bag    |

Go forward and a man with a group of school kids walks forward.  
Kinstones are mystic stones that have been split in two.  Fusing two 
parts earns you something, from sword techniques to Pieces of Hearts.  
The man here gives you a Kinstone Bag.  You may now carry Kinstone 
pieces.  Kinstone Fusion, he explains, is fitting pieces together.

He explains that people with heart thought bubbles are ready to fuse 
stones, and he even includes a free piece.  Press L in front of the man 
to view your Kinstone Screen.  You can fuse with the Hurdy-Gurdy Man 
right now.  Fusing together, the vines in South Hyrule Field covering a 
cave vanish.

                       |    The Spin Attack    |

Hyrule Town is a safe haven for you and it has quite a bit to offer.  
Left of the starting area is a school run by Swiftblade.  His 
possession training can teach you new moves.  Talk to him to learn the 
first technique he has to offer, the Spin Attack.

Hold the sword out and release when it glows to do it.  Completing this 
earns you a Tiger Scroll, proof of your training (that also serves as a 
reminder if you forget).  Unfortunately, you can learn no other moves 
at the current time.  Get a new sword, though, and you have a new 

                       |    The Big Wallet    |

Try to collect 80 rupees.  If you’ve been using my guide and you 
haven’t spend any of your earnings, you have at least 40 rupees from 
treasure chests.  You see, without a wallet you cannot hold more than 
100 rupees.  All rupees collected after having 100 are not counted 
toward your total.  To get the most out of your rupees, invest 80 
rupees now toward buying a wallet in Stockwell’s Shop.

It’s the first shop to the right when entering from South Hyrule Field.  
If you’re short on spare change, try defeating enemies in Hyrule Field.  
You can tell what type of wallet you have by looking at the color of 
the rupee by your rupee count.  Blue represents the Big Wallet, and 
green is the lowest level, presumably the Child’s Wallet.

                     |    South Hyrule’s Cave    |

That cave that you opened with the Kinstones in South Hyrule Field 
contains a Piece of Heart.  Check it out.  It makes for a brand new 
Heart Container when you have four.  It is found in the southeast 
corner of the screen.

                      |    Trilby Highlands    |

Cross the bridge to enter the west part of Hyrule Town.  The guard in 
the northwest corner will not let you pass because of the monsters 
outside.  If you’ve learned the Spin Attack from Swiftblade like I told 
you to, he’ll ask to see it.  Dazzle him with it to advance forward 
into the wild.

Go left to see a new enemy, what seems to be a sword-wielding fox.  If 
you attack it, it will charge at you.  Continue along the path to see a 
bridge.  Don’t take it.  Instead, go left over one bridge and you’ll 
see a second bridge leading north.  Go west again.

                         |    The Bottle    |

Go left all the way to see a vine.  Climb up it for a red rupee (worth 
20 green).  Before we try to climb the pile of rocks, as Ezlo puts it, 
bomb the fragile wall toward the right here to make a cave.  Inside is 
a Business Scrub.  Deflect its Deku Nut with your shield and talk to 
it.  It says that a friend of his has an item we’ll need to climb Mt. 
Crenel and that he lives in Trilby Highlands.

Go back over there and take the ladder near the beginning down.  On the 
right wall is a fragile piece of rock.  Bomb it and go through the cave 
to see a Business Scrub.  Beat him by deflecting his Deku Nut back at 
him (use the Small Shield).  Talk to him and he’ll offer to sell you a 
Bottle for 20 rupees.  You have 20 rupees already because I told you to 
get one in Mt. Crenel’s Base.  Buy it and you can now store items.

                      |    The Mineral Water    |

Go back to Mt. Crenel’s Base so that we can get on with the adventure.  
You may notice that to the south is a body of water.  Go down there and 
swipe the bottle to pick up some water.  Now pour it on the blue seed 
here.  A vine grows from the base that you can use to climb to the next 
tier.  Before you go up take another bottle of water.  Now climb up the 
vine.  Follow the path up to see some real old timers.  Tektites, 
appearing in the first game, The Legend of Zelda, take two hits and 
jump around the screen.

Boulders will also be falling from the summit.  From there go left to 
see more enemies and some barren trees.  Go south and note that you can 
use the Gust Jar to suck up the spikes.  When you reach the southern 
wall, head right to see a sign.  It prohibits blasting walls.  Well 
guess what.  We’re blasting the wall, right between the fence posts.  
Enter the cave you form and go up the stairs.  Notice the new variety 
of Chuchu in here.  They take two hits, just like the green type.

When you surface via the ladder you’ll see a rock.  It is a portal to 
the Minish world, too.  However, we’re going to blow up the cracked 
rock to the right of it before becoming tiny.  Blow it up using another 
bomb and then jump onto the rock.  Press R to assume Minish form and go 
around where the rock was to a small opening.

Stepping into it brings you to a pre-town screen.  Go forward, fighting 
off the microscopic monsters, and you’ll be taken to a pond.  Fill up 
on Mt. Crenel Mineral Water, which is needed later on.  Now return to 
the rock and become big again.

                      |    Mt. Crenel’s Base    |

Take the ladder down to the regular path and head west.  Remember that 
you can dispose of debris with the Gust Jar.  If you’re low on bombs, 
you’ll be able to purchase ten for thirty rupees at the Business Scrub 
in the westernmost cave.  If not, bomb the north wall in the gap 
between the rock walls and enter.  In here pull back on the mushroom to 
be flung over the gap.

Go up the stairs to see some new enemies.  Use the Gust Jar to pull off 
their masks and then attack their vulnerable faces twice to beat them.  
Defeat them as you go east and take the door at the end.  Go south and 
Ezlo suggests jumping into the whirlwind to the left.

Defeat the Red Chuchu here and hop into the whirlwind.  Ezlo will 
stretch out due to the wind and act as a parachute.  Float to the next 
whirlwind to pick yourself up and then float to the tier to the left.

Take the first ladder you see and go forward.  To the right is some 
debris.  Suck it up and you’ll unearth a hole.  South of it is some 
more rubble.  Suck it up to find yourself a boulder.  More importantly, 
this happens to be a Minish portal.  Become Minish Link and go to the 
hole that you uncovered.  Fall in and you’ll be in a Picori’s house.  
Open the chest for a Kinstone.  Now exit and take the lower path right 
to a vine.  Up it is a cave.

Go through it, defeating any flying monsters you encounter, and you’ll 
go through a stone door.  Avoid the spikes and cross the bridge for a 
Kinstone piece.  Now exit the cave.  Go left to see a green seed and 
step into the passage that leads to it.  Go forward to the seed and 
pick it up with R.  Carry it out of this screen to the world map 
screen.  Place it in the hole to the right and become big.  Pour some 
Mineral Water on the seed to make it grown.  Climb the vine to reach 
Mt. Crenel.

                        |    The Grip Ring    |

Head east to reach the slope that the boulders were rolling down 
earlier.  Near it is a bridge.  Traverse it to reach what would seem to 
be a pointless dead-end.  Bomb it to find a cave.  Once inside, you’ll 
notice a blue chest by Red Chuchus immediately.  Defeat the latter and 
pick up the pots to reach the former.

Inside the chest is a Kinstone piece.  The pots in here are loaded with 
treasure; pick them up with R and throw them against the wall.  Now go 
up the stairs.  In here is a new type of enemy, a Spiny Chuchu.  Attack 
it and it becomes a spike.  Spin attack it and it will die in one hit.  
Break the pots to gain more bombs.

Bomb both of the cracked blocks in here and push the right block up and 
the upper block forward.  Now go through the door to be back outside.  
Dispose of the Tektite and then jump into the whirlwind to the left.  
Take it to another one and take it to the next piece of elevated land.  
Take out a few Tektites more over here and read the sign.  Crenel Wall 
is to the east, while the mines (where the elder of the village in 
Minish Woods told us to go) are north.

Head up the stairs and you’ll reach another fork.  Go right, even 
though the sign says that it’s a shortcut to the bottom.  As you go 
right you’ll meet a new adversary, the Peahat.  It is very annoying and 
would just pass over it.  At the end you’ll see a fragile wall.  Bomb 
it and you’ll find the lair of a Business Scrub.

I don’t see how they’d do good business at all in a hidden cave on 
Mount Crenel.  Regardless, deflect its Deku Nut back at it with the 
shield and then talk to it.  For 40 rupees you can purchase the Grip 
Ring.  Do so and you’ll be better equipped for Crenel.

                         |    Crenel Wall    |

Slashing the bushes by the scrub gets you an abundance of bombs.  Exit 
the cave and you’ll see a cliff leading down (the path of the boulders 
that roll down to the base).  Climb down them to find yourself by a 
mushroom.  Fling yourself across the gap and jump into the whirlwind.  
Go left all the way on the tier you wind up on and jump down to the 
lower level from the ridge.  To the left is a cliff face that you can 
climb.  Do so to end up on a huge wall that probably gives this region 
its name.  Note that boulders roll down here frequently and that they 
do considerable damage.

Get to the top and you’ll be at the summit of the mountain.  To the 
right is a mushroom.  Use it to launch yourself across the gorge.  It 
immediately starts raining as you enter.  Go to the rock and transform 
to Minish Link.  Go down to a small gap leading east.  As Ezlo points 
out, the raindrops are like boulders here, only they occur more often.  
Avoid the shadows and head right.  At the end you’ll find a stone.  
Become normal Link and go left a bit.

Push the stone into the gap to make a nice shortcut for yourself.  Now 
you’ll see a stone of similar make south of the boulder you used to 
become big.  Push the stone left once, up twice, left once, up twice, 
left four times, down once, left ten times, up four times, and right 
once to push it into the hole.  Push the next stone over twice and go 
down the ladder.

                  |    The Road to Crenel Mines    |

Arm yourself with the Gust Jar here; there are quite a few of the 
masked enemies in these caves.  To the left is a block maze.  Only a 
few will budge when pushed in certain directions, making it a pretty 
simple puzzle.  Once you’ve navigated the maze, go south to the exit.  
Welcome back outside to the sunshine.  To defeat the Peahats in the 
area, simply use the Gust Jar to suck them in.  You can now shoot them 
like bullets in a straight path.

Head right and enter a new cave.  Defeat the masked monsters as they 
come and you’ll see a mushroom.  However, you cannot use it at the 
current time due to some pots blocking your way.  Suck them into the 
Gust Jar and then fling yourself right to the other side.  Take the 
flight of stairs down.

If you are short on bombs, push the two side blocks to the right up and 
then the central one to either side to reach pots filled with them.  
Now go south to see a bridge just a bit too short to be of use.  Throw 
a bomb to the switch on the other side.  Its explosion triggers the 
nearby bridge to form.

On the other side are a few Red Chuchus and a pot with twenty rupees in 
it.  Go in and out of the cave (the exit is to the south) breaking that 
pot and taking the red rupee in it until you have 300 (this comes in 
handy later).  When you do, exit the cave for a last time and go left 
to yet another one of the caves that makes up Mount Crenel.

Push the stone in here down, left twice, down twice, left three times, 
up once, left once, up again, and left one last time.  Now push the 
pedestal forward and take the stairs down.  The chest in here contains 
a Kinstone piece if you feel like navigating the blocks.

Exit this cave to the south to emerge outside again.  Shrink at this 
boulder and go left to a small passage in the rocks.  In here you’ll 
see many enemies.  Roll past them to avoid conflict and you’ll see a 
door leading south at the end.  Take it and you’ll be done with the 
better part of Mount Crenel.

                       |    Melari’s Mines    |

Chosen for its abundance of iron, these mines are home to the master 
Picori blacksmith Melari.  Go right and down the stairs.  All the doors 
along here lead to pretty much nothing, but feel free to explore.  Go 
around all the way to more stairs.  Take them down and make your way to 
the right where you’ll meet Melari.

Like the elder of the Minish Village said, he expected you and already 
knows your name.  Melari is glad to help you repair the Broken Picori 
Blade.  After all, it’s so dramatic and adventurous.  Link gives it to 
him and Melari, along with two of his seven apprentices, get to work on 

While they work on the blade, you need to find the missing elements to 
go into them.  Melari informs you that one of them is in a mine nearby 
that the humans dug.  Climb the stairs out of this (the lowest level) 
and talk to the apprentice/guard here.  He’ll move out of the way, 
letting you in to Mt. Crenel once more.  Notice the tombstone here.  
Break it by reading it and then head up the ladder to enter the mine.

                       |    Cave of Flames    |

The second dungeon is, like in many Zelda games, a fire-themed one.  
Just like Deepwood Shrine, this is a monster-infested little hole in 
the ground.  Let’s get to it.  In this first room you should head 
right.  In this room are walking bombs.  Slash them and they are start 
running around the room frantically before they explode.  Slash them 
again and they freeze.

It is possible to destroy the north wall’s center with them, but you 
can use a regular bomb if you need to.  Go north one and you’ll see 
some spiny enemies.  This yet another instance where Zelda’s Small 
Shield comes in handy.  When they dash into it they will be flipped 
over.  Attack their underbellies at this point (two strikes of Smith’s 
Sword) to beat both.  Doing so unlocks the door to the left and makes a 
chest containing the Compass form.  Take it and go left.  There is a 
wretched enemy in this room.

It is a Like Like, an enemy that was once voted second-most annoying 
enemy in a Zelda game.  They are pulsating tubes of flesh that suck 
away your rupees (and your shield if you’re not careful).  Collect the 
rupees in here carefully.  When that’s done, head north once more.  
These stairs lead to B1.

Attack the bomb in here twice and go through the left door.  On the 
other side is another walking bomb.  Deal with it and head up the 
stairs.  Go north and then right and down.  Notice the mine cart 
tracks.  This was once a human mine, remember.

Continue right through another door and then go up.  Keep the Gust Jar 
out for dealing with the masked enemies lurking in the room.  At the 
end is a mine cart.  Ezlo advises that you take it, and he’s never 
wrong.  Get it and you’ll hear Link screaming and the whole nine yards.  
When you reach the end, Ezlo tells you how stupid you are for not 
taking his advise.  Anyhow, go left twice more to Red Chuchus and 
walking bombs.

Strike the latter to make the room less dangerous and then blow up the 
barricade to the left.  Go through this door to see four of those 
masked menaces.  Defeat them by nabbing their masks (Gust Jar) and then 
slashing them.  You can also attack their uncovered backsides.  In any 
case, defeat all four to make a portal appear.  Make use of Ezlo once 
more to shrink.  Now go through the tunnel at the north end of the 

Why they built Picori tunnels in a human mine is beyond me.  The room 
you find yourself in has enemies that you cannot stand against as a 
shrimp.  Of course, they don’t notice you either.  Go right to a new 
room and then go through another tunnel leading east.  Go south twice 
and the room instantly fogs up.  Go left and jump off the ridge at the 
break in the rail.  Now pass by the flames to the portal.

Become full-size Link and go to the northeast corner of the room for 
the Dungeon Map.  South of the portal is a pool of lava with some rocks 
floating in it.  These rocks will stay solid only temporarily.  Run 
across the first four to the left as quickly as you can and take the 
treasure within the chest for another Kinstone piece.  Step on the 
switch south of the chest to open a door in here.

Take the islands back to solid ground to the right and then pass over 
to come pots.  It might be a good idea to clear the pots with the Gust 
Jar before trying to run across the platform.  Go south along the next 
platforms (note that you can extinguish fire with the Gust Jar) and go 
through the door leading left at the end.  Cross the lava using the 
platform before it crumbles.

In this room you’ll find several slugs.  Hitting them makes them curl 
into a defensive ball.  Use the sword to guide them into a hole in 
front of a chest (it contains 50 rupees).  A hole in front of some pots 
should be filled next.  Take the stairs behind them up and then hop 
into the whirlwind.

Ezlo’s earning his keep.  Take him around the rocks and go up the 
stairs to a switch.  Press it and the door opens.  Push the block 
sticking out up and push the pedestal holding the chest into the hole 
to the left.  In it is a Small Key.  Now go north.

Remember this room?  Yes, we did all that just for a key.  Go right 
twice to the mine cart and take it to the end.  There’s a locked door 
at the end.  Use the key here and walk along the track to a switch.  
Slash it so that the lever points to the left.  Go back to the mine 
cart and take it to another old room.  Go left in it and go right.  
There are objects in here, not really enemies, called Razor Traps.

Get into the hole to avoid them and hop out to get into the room.  Go 
right, using the track here as a bridge, and bomb the south wall when 
you reach that side.  Go through and take the Piece of Heart in here.  
Return to the previous room and then go north.  Jump the ridge to the 
left and immediately a group of Spiny Chuchus encircle you.  Spin 
attacking is quite effective here.

Defeating all of them (two slashes when they are not spiky) makes a 
chest form.  Open it for the dungeon’s prize, the Cane of Pacci!  
Another new item to the world of Zelda.  Its power flips over objects 
such as mine carts, pots, and tons of other things.  Although that 
doesn’t sound too cool, it is an invaluable item in Hyrule Town.

Anyways, go left and stand on the first platform in here.  Flip over 
the second platform from here with your new rod and quickly get onto 
stable ground.  Now use the Cane of Pacci on the hole here.  Jump in 
and you’ll be launched to the next tier.  Press the switch and a portal 

It’s a shortcut.  Go through the south door and go forward to avoid the 
Razor Traps.  Flip over the mine cart here and jump in.  You’re taken 
back to the room you were in.  Take the pedestal here and drag it into 
the hole.  Open the chest for the second Small Key.  It’s also the last 
Small Key.  Now take the cart back to where it was and go north.  Use 
your newly-acquired key on the door and go through it to B2.  In here 
is a portal.  Hop on  and press R to shrink.

Go left past some razor traps to a tunnel.  In the new room you should 
take the path made by the blocks to the portal.  Grow back to Link’s 
regular size and get out of the block maze.  Stand in the pockets along 
the path to avoid the enemies.  At the end, use the good old Cane of 
Pacci to flip over the mine cart and take it to the room you were in.  
Hit the switch and then take the cart again to a brand new room.

Slash each bug here and throw them into the four holes to the south.  
When this is done, use them to cross the gaps and pull the switch left 
five times, up six times, and left four more times to move the switch’s 
base into the hole.  Throw the switch and the statues blocking the path 
lower.  Take this path down and around to the stairs.  Take them up and 
go north.  In here, jump over the ridge.

Get out of the hole and use the Cane of Pacci on the next one.  Jump in 
and blast yourself to the treasure chest to the left (which holds a 
Kinstone piece).  When you have it, jump down and use the Cane of Pacci 
on the first hole.  Jump back to the start and hop over the north ridge 
to another chest containing yet another Kinstone piece.  Push the upper 
block forward to get out and then go right one room.

First, extinguish the fire in here with the Gust Jar.  Now, when it 
crosses paths with you, flip over the platform moving around in the 
lava.  Get onto the first stationary one and then onto the second 
moving one.  Flip the next platform before you reach it and then the 
next before it reaches you.  You’ll end up on the side of an island in 
the lava after this.

Use the Gust Jar to rid yourself of the pots to the right and then use 
the Cane of Pacci to flip the platform and ride to the formerly pot-
filled island.  Use the platforms to cross the lava and finally go 
north a room.  Go up the ladder and jump off the rail to the hole to 
the right.

Go right a bit further to see three razor traps and a chest.  Stand 
behind the central block until the timing is right.  Run out and grab 
the Kinstone piece inside the chest.  Now head back right to then 
previous screen.

Use the Cane of Pacci on the upper hole and jump up to the next tier.  
Hop the ridge to the left and use the Cane of Pacci on the hole.  Jump 
to the whirlwind and use Ezlo to reach the elevated land ahead.  Go 
right to another whirlwind that you must use to reach elevated land to 
the lower-left.  When on it, down the path to another whirlwind.  
Parachute to the south, refreshing Ezlo with another burst of wind, and 
in the corner is a chest with 100 rupees inside.

Now drop to the nearby hole, enchant it with the Cane of Pacci, and use 
it to reach the whirlwind.  Hover to the left and onto safe ground.  
Suck up the fire with the Gust Jar and jump from this hole to the next 
tier just like you’ve been doing.  Glide to the southwest corner, 
stopping at whirlwinds along the way, and you’ll find another chest 
with a Kisntone piece in it.

Now use the Cane of Pacci on the hole and activate Ezlo in the 
whirlwind.  This time around you want to float to the upper-right, 
hitting that whirlwind, and further in that direction to the platform 
on which the final chest sits.

Inside is the Big Key of the Cave of Flames.  Jump off the north ridge 
of this platform and vacuum up the fire with the Gust Jar.  Press the 
switch to activate the blue portal, a shortcut to this room, and use 
the Cane of Pacci on the platform to the left.  Ride it to the Boss 

                        |    Boss: Gleerok    |

Refill on hearts before dropping into the pit below.  Notice that one 
has a Fairy in it.  Bottling Fairies is important as they refill your 
life energy (all of it right now) when you die.  When you’ve 
replenished your health to satisfaction, drop into the pit.  Gleeok was 
the hardest boss in the first Zelda game ever, The Legend of Zelda.  
You fought it multiple times and each time it was a dragon with a 
varying number of heads, either two, three, or four.  Well, Gleerok is 
a rocky version of Gleeok, a boss that has made no return appearance 
since the first game.  Gleerok will start the battle by spitting fire 
balls at you.  Avoid these and get onto either side of him.  Use the 
Cane of Pacci to flip over its protective shell.  Since it obviously 
weighs a lot, it stuns Gleerok, causing it to lower its neck in pain.  
Use the neck as a bridge to the body, which is no longer protected.  
Gleerok had that shell for good reason; he has a swelling point on his 
back that is vulnerable.  Slash it as many times as you can manage and 
then get off the neck before it regains consciousness.  After a brief 
period of raining rocks, the battle resumes.  Gleerok persists in 
making the same mistakes, making him a very easy enemy.

Scoring enough hits causes it to explode and sink into the lava, which 
then hardens.  The Fire Element bring light to darkness and warmth to 
the cold.  Take the Heart Container above and step into the green 

==========================Fortress of Winds*===========================

                       |    The White Sword    |

It’s about time we got an upgrade in the sword department.  Go see 
Melari and you’ll see the White Sword.  It is the Picori Blade reborn.  
You’ll no longer be using Smith’s Sword, or even have the option of 
doing so.  However, it still has none of the elements to draw power 
from.  Melari tells you that only in the Elemental Sanctuary can you 
infuse the elements into this sword.

The Elemental Sanctuary is the door of legend that opens only every 
hundred years.  It is the void between the human and the Minish worlds.  
With the new White Sword in hand, we’re ready to continue on our quest 
to free Princess Zelda from the curse that wicked Vaati cast on her.

                      |    The Rock Breaker    |

After you’ve gotten the White Sword, exit Melari’s Mine and grow to be 
big again.  Jump off the ridge to the south and make your way down 
Mount Crenel.  Notice that Tektites only take one hit with your new 
sword.  Go through Trilby Highlands and you’ll eventually reach Hyrule 
Town.  That’s our destination, after all.  Go to Swiftblade’s School of 

You know, the guy who taught you the Spin Attack.  The Rock Breaker is 
the name of the new technique.  It lets you destroy pots and the like 
with your sword (finally!).  He uses his possession style to take over 
your body and break two pots.  When you regain control of Link, slash 
the lower pots and you’ll receive another Tiger Scroll.  He will only 
teach you another move when you’ve learned to run like the wind.

                        |    The Boomerang    |

Remember when I told you to get 300 rupees while we were in Mount 
Crenel?  There was one pot in a cave with twenty rupees inside and you 
could exit and reenter the cave as many times as you’d like, the red 
rupee reforming.  If you didn’t do that, go to that cave (see the sub-
section of the Cave of Flames called The Road to Crenel Mines) and 
repeat the trick until you have 300 rupees.

When you do, go to Stockwell’s Shop in Hyrule Town.  In place of the 
Big Wallet he is now selling the Boomerang for 300 rupees.  Buy this 
classic Zelda weapon, as it has quite a few uses.

                  |    Return to Hyrule Castle    |

Exit Hyrule Town through the north.  The carpenters are finally done 
clearing away the debris that Vaati created.  In North Hyrule Field, 
just go north to enter the castle.  Officially enter the castle by 
going north in here.  Inside, go to the left to a ladder and climb it 
to a set of stairs leading down.  Go north in here to reach the 
courtyard.  As Ezlo points out, the door ahead glows.  Enter it and 
you’ll be in the legendary doorway to the world of the Minish and the 

                |    The Power of the White Sword    |

Go north a room and step onto the altar.  Place the White Sword in it 
and the Earth Element and the Fire Element add their power to your 
sword.  It now has a red hilt.  Suddenly, a stone slab rises ahead.  
Ezlo reads it for you and then it’s up to you.  Hold B or A, whichever 
you keep your sword on, as if charging up for a Spin Attack.  Now walk 
across the flashing panels.  A phantom Link appears on the opposite 
panel and mimics you!

This doppelganger is your newest ability.  Go south and activate it on 
the four panels here.  Notice that you have a Magic Meter.  It fills 
when you step on the switch and it drains as your clone exists.  
Activate the second Link so that you can step on both switches at once.  
This opens the door.  Go south to exit the sanctuary.  Now that you 
have an even more powerful sword and a new ability to make duplicates 
of yourself, head for North Hyrule Field.

                     |    A Link to the Past    |

As you exit Hyrule Castle you hear a familiar snicker.  It’s Vaati!!!  
And he’s calling Link his master…  And making fun of his clothes…  And 
talking about cursing you.  Hey, wait a second.  He’s talking about 
Ezlo!  Apparently, Ezlo made some sort of cap that granted Vaati his 

As Vaati runs off and you chase him, an arena forms and two Moblins 
appear around you.  Moblins are an old enemy, but they’ve been made 
much more powerful in recent games.  The Boomerang is very useful here.  
Throw it at them to stun them and then charge a Spin Attack in their 

When they both die, the rocks that form the arena disappear.  Ezlo 
feels that he owes you an explanation.  He says that both he and Vaati 
are Minish.  Ezlo used to be a Minish sage and a famous craftsman.  
Vaati was his apprentice.  Vaati stole a hat made for the humans from 
Ezlo.  Using Minish magic, the hat could grant the wishes of its 
wearer.  Flashback!  When Vaati put it on, he did not even have to say 
a word.  He transformed into his current form, wicked and evil.  Vaati 
wanted to transform to his perfect form using the “light force.”

After revealing his plan, Vaati cursed Ezlo to become what he is today.  
The light force that came with the Picori Blade long ago has limitless 
magic power.  Vaati wants to become the ultimate power.  Now to search 
for the elements.

                    |    Preview of Veil Falls    |

In North Hyrule Field, go east to enter Lon Lon Ranch.  When you enter 
you’ll see a hole.  Enchant it with the Cane of Pacci and jump in.  Now 
you can go north to a new region.  Veil Falls is an intricate series of 
caves around a waterfall.  Go east in it on land for a Piece of Heart.  
Unfortunately for us, there’s nothing more we can do here.  Don’t 
worry, though.  We will return.  Go back to Lon Lon Ranch the way you 
came and look on the west side.  Blow up the rocks here.  You’ve made 
another shortcut to and from Hyrule Town, the hub of Hyrule.

                      |    Kinstone Trading    |

Go to the mayor’s house (northeast corner) and go through the east 
door.  His house is by a tombstone you should check.  Take the ladder 
down and open the first chest for a Kinstone piece.  Surface and talk 
to the mayor, who is now open for fusion.  Press L by him and you can 
fuse with Mayor Hagen.  Do this with the right pieces and a pool of 
water in Lon Lon Ranch dries up, revealing a set of stairs.

                       |    The Roll Attack    |

There are still quite a few techniques and Tiger Scrolls to get.  At 
this point in time, it is possible to get one more technique.  You see, 
Swiftblade isn’t the only master.  There are many other dojos around 
Hyrule.  Go to Mount Crenel now that you have the ability to split in 
two.  Specifically, go the Business Scrub that sold you the Grip Ring.  
You can do this very easily by scaling the cliffs on the right side of 
the mountain and its base.  When there, climb the cliff to the right 
and enter the cave here.

Split into two on these panels (create the second Link on the opposite 
panel) and step on the switches to open the door.  Take the Piece of 
Heart and then treasures from the chest in here (100 rupees in total).  
Now talk to Grayblade, the swordsman brother of Swiftblade.  He uses 
the same possession technique that Swiftblade does.  To perform the 
Roll Attack, simply release the sword as you are beginning or getting 
up from a roll.  It is quite useful.  Of course, you get a Tiger Scroll 
from the true master.

               |    Shortcut to North Hyrule Field    |

Although it serves little purpose, we are going to be connecting two 
parts of an out bridge in North Hyrule Field.  To do so, go Trilby 
Highlands and go north at the first bridge.  Head right here and 
enchant the hole to the north with the Cane of Pacci.  Jump in and hit 
the switch on the ledge.  This causes the bridge to fully form.

           |    The Pegasus Boots and the Bigger Wallet    |

Go to Trilby Highlands.  Specifically, go to the cave that you bought 
the bottle in from the Business Scrub.  Split into two at the glowing 
tiles and push the heavy block ahead of you forward.  Doing so lets you 
access a new ladder.  Climb it to the surface.  Bomb the north wall 
here enter.  Take the treasure from the chest to have a Kinstone piece.

Now exit and head south.  You’ll see a Moblin here.  You can either 
stun it with the Boomerang or you can attack its sides when it charges.  
Either way, continue south and turn right when you can.  Go north and 
push the stone into the hole for a shortcut later.  Now go south and 
you’ll enter Western Wood.

Meanwhile, Vaati appears in Hyrule Castle.  He appears before the king 
and takes control of him.  The controlled king demands that the guards 
find him the golden light of legend.  Now, uh, back to the search for 
the third element.

Go south a bit past the fox swordsmen and push the stone here right 
into a hole.  You can now access the Western Wood from South Hyrule 
Field.  Continue south to fight two Moblins.  Here at the fork in the 
road go left.  If you go north, you’ll enter Castor Wilds.  However, 
you need a certain item to get through here.  Return to Hyrule Town.  
There is one store with a shoe on top of it.

Enter and you’ll see Rem, the owner, collapse from fatigue while 
working on a pair of shoes.  Shrink at the portal to the left and climb 
the ladder on his desk.  Talk to the Minish here and they’ll tell you 
that the Pegasus Boots must be made by Rem, who’s currently snoozing.  
Syrup, a witch in the woods, has something that can wake him up, 
though.  Go to Lon Lon Ranch.

Talon, the owner of the ranch, has lost his key.  Use the stump behind 
his house to shrink and then enter the house by the tiny door.  Inside, 
grow using the pot portal and then slash the pots in the upper-right 
corner.  You got the Lon Lon Ranch Key!  Shrink, exit the house, and 
become normal Link again.  Talk to Talon and he’ll unlock his house.  
You can now use his house to cut through to Lake Hylia.  However, 
that’s only part of the plus.

Cut through the house and walk into the fields.  Remember when you 
traded with Mayor Hagen earlier?  If not, read that sub-section (this 
section, Kinstone Trading).  Walk into the dried pond and go down the 
stairs.  Inside is the Big Wallet, letting you hold more rupees.  Exit 
and go northwest (in the field) to a cave.  Inside, split into two and 
push the stone forward.

Open the chest for 50 rupees and climb the ladder.  Jump off the ledge 
and head east.  Turn north when you can and go west again to a hole.  
Push the stone into the hole to the left before you do anything.  Now 
enchant the hole with the Cane of Pacci and jump to the next tier.  Go 
forward to a stump and shrink.

Go east along the plank and fall into a hole for a Kinstone Piece.  
Grow again and jump into the whirlwind.  Head south to another elevated 
ledge and go right to another whirlwind.  Take it across the water to 
the south.  Now go east when you land to Lake Hylia.  Go south from 
here to access a part of Minish Woods not normally available to you.  
All that work to get here.  In real life, Link could just climb a tree.

Anyways, go to the southwest for a Piece of Heart.  From there, go 
north into the open and go right to a ladder.  Take it up and follow 
the path to Syrup the Witch’s Hut.  Get it?  In the Oracle Zelda games, 
the witch was named Maple.  Ha, ha.  Enter and Syrup will be selling 
both a Blue Potion (rip-off) and a Wake-Up Mushroom.  You want the 
mushroom.  Pay her 60 rupees for it (if you’ve been using the guide to 
get here you have more than enough) and exit the hut.  Go west and then 
north to be in Lake Hylia.

To make shortcuts for the future, take the lower route west and push 
the stone into the hole.  Note that Malon, Talon’s daughter, is selling 
Lon Lon Milk in Hyrule Town now.  Return to Rem’s Shoe Shop in Hyrule 
Town and press R when facing him.  Waking Rem up allows him to add the 
finishing touches to some shoes.  Now take them!  You finally got the 
Pegasus Boots!  They make you run extremely fast.

                       |    The Dash Attack    |

Before we go on to Castor Wilds let’s stop at Swiftblade’s School of 
Swordsmanship.  Train with him and he’ll teach you a new technique, the 
Dash Attack.  All you must do is have the Pegasus Boots and the sword 
out.  Use the boots and you’ll automatically extend your sword.  This 
is a terrific improvement to the Pegasus Boots.

Without this, you could just dash into an enemy and take damage.  You 
get a Tiger Scroll when you learn this.  The next technique requires of 
you the ability to jump farther than any other.  We can’t do that yet, 
so let’s just go on with our lives.

                      |    The Second Bottle    |

Go to the café left of Stockwell’s Shop.  Push the bookcase in here to 
the left and you’ll reveal a small staircase.  Now use the Cane of 
Pacci on the pot in here to flip it.  Shrink down to Minish Link and 
climb the ladder.

Head left on the plank and into the hole.  Welcome to a Minish secret 
area.  There all over the place in Hyrule Town.  Head right here to get 

Head over this plank into Stockwell’s Shop, which has the next bottle 
within.  There are a few enemies here and a chest with 10 Mysterious 
Seashells in it.  Regardless, go right until you can no longer and take 
the north stairs down.  Grow by the pot and Stockwell notices you.

Pick up the bottle on his back shelf and talk to him.  You see, his 
dead puppy dog Fifi needs the food in that bottle.  Say that you’ll 
take up his request and he’ll give you the bottle.

However, the bottle is no good to you when it’s full of dog food.  You 
must do a good deed and feed Stockwell’s pup.  It is in Lake Hylia, 
lucky for you, and it is easy to reach.  Go to Lon Lon Ranch and cut 
through Talon’s humble abode to the fields.  Go north and then east to 
Lake Hylia.  Follow the path here to the house where Fifi lives.  Face 
the bowl and press R to feed it.  Now you have two bottles.

                     |    The Biggest Wallet    |

As of now, you can hold only 500 rupees.  Head over to Eastern Hills 
and look to the left side for two farmers busy cropping their field.  
To the right of them is a hole.  Deploy the Cane of Pacci on it and 
jump to the next ledge.  Go east to enter Minish Woods.  Pass through 
the first door you see and go down the stairs inside.  Welcome to a 
Great Fairy Fountain.

Walk forward and the Great Fairy appears.  Great Fairies are ultra-
fairies that have been helping Link ever since his first adventure.  
They usually give you a reward or at least heal you.  This fairy, 
though, wants all your rupees.  Agree to give them her and keep saying 
“yes” to every question she asks.  Instead of taking your rupees, she 
gives you the Biggest Wallet. Now you can carry 999 rupees max.

                      |    The Big Bomb Bag    |

I know, you’re anxious to get to the next dungeon, but there is stuff 
to do to be prepared.  In The Legend of Zelda, the more items you have, 
the better prepared you are.  Even if an item is completely 
unnecessary, like the Boomerang, it’s worth getting.

The Boomerang actually was worth getting because it opened a spot for 
the Big Bomb Bag in Stockwell’s Shop.  It costs a total of six hundred 
rupees, which is quite a bit of cash.

If you got the Bigger Wallet like I told you to (there’s a Kinstone 
piece in the mayor’s basement; fuse it with his and open the chest in 
the cavern revealed in Lon Lon Ranch for it) and then you got the 
Biggest Wallet from the above section, you’ll be able to afford it.

Use the Mount Crenel rupee trick (read the sub-section in Cave of 
Flames entitled “The Road to Crenel Mines”) to amass the required rupee 
amount.  Buy the Big Bomb Bag from Stockwell for 600 rupees and you’ll 
be able to carry 30 bombs at a time, three times as many as before.

                        |    Castor Wilds    |

We’re finally venturing into the next region.  Just think how much 
better equipped you are, though.  Go to the sign we read before seeing 
Rem fall asleep (Western Wood) and go north from there.  Cross the 
bridge to the left to enter the swamp.  This being a swamp, you can 
walk in the water, but it is like quicksand.  You can’t stay under for 
too long.  Use the Pegasus Boots to dash across the water.

First go left.  Charge south and turn to go west onto new land.  Go 
left and you’ll see a serpent enemy native to this swamp.  Go up in 
this open area (remember that you can beat Peahats by sucking them into 
the Gust Jar) and enter the cave.  Break the pots and take the stairs 
down.  Head left and go north at the end.  Inside, step toward the 
chest and it disappears, a Dark Nut appearing in its place!

Dark Nuts are knights and they are the strongest common enemy in the 
game.  Still, they are not entirely challenging.  Attack its back when 
it charges and you’ll win in no time.  The Roll Attack is also 
effective.  When you win, open the chest for a gold Kinstone piece.

Exit the cave.  Climb the vine to the left of its entrance and take the 
upper bridge.  Climb down the vine here and go left to some murky 
water.  Dash across (avoiding the thorny vines, obviously) the water 
and shrink at the stump.  Go to the log to the left and go forward to a 
close-up screen.  Use the Gust Jar on the lily pad to move forward.

Get onto land at the north end and go forward.  Fall into the hole to 
find a cluster of monsters.  Slash them all to death and a chest 
appears.  Open it for the Bow!  Return to the other side of the water 
here.  Go to the upper-right to find a cave with a Business Scrub 
inside.  You can buy arrows from it should you run out.  Notice the 
statue, called an Eyegore Statue, to the left.

Shoot its eye to engage it.  Keep shooting the eye and it will die.  
Climb the vine it was guarding and jump into the whirlwind from the 
ledge.  Float south over some water to land.  South of here is a 
gravestone.  Push it forward to reveal a staircase.  Take it down to a 
Piece of Heart and a ghastly swordsman.  Although he is but a ghost, 
Swiftblade the First can teach you a new trick.  However, you need all 
seven Tiger Scrolls to train with him, so we’ll return.

Surface and dash across the water to the southwestern-most point of the 
swamp.  You can fuse Kinstone pieces using the gold piece you got 
earlier with the rightmost statue here.  Doing so makes it destroy a 
layer of rock.  Regardless, dash across the water to the right and 
you’ll see another Eyegore Statue.  Defeat it with arrows and push the 
stone to the north into the hole.

Check the gravestone here to make it explode.  This will come in handy 
later.  Climb the vine here and take the bridge to a whirlwind.  Hover 
to the southwest and push the stone into the hole to make a shortcut 
(if you ever want to return).  Now enter the cave.  Open the chest for 
a Kinstone piece.  Return to the three statues and fuse with the 
central one.  This causes the rock to be chipped a bit more.  We need 
to fuse with the final Mysterious Statue to continue.

Now dash across the water back land to the east.  Go north where the 
stone was and climb up the vine.  Take the lower bridge and defeat an 
Eyegore Statue on the ledge you end up on.  Take the upper bridge here 
and open the chest for a Kinstone piece (not the one we need, though).  
Beware the “red rupees” here.  They are actually Like Likes in 
disguise.  Now hop over the right ridge and climb the vine.  Take the 
upper bridge and then the next bridge.

Climb down the vine and defeat the Eyegore Statue.  Dash across the 
water to a cave to the upper-left.  Inside is a chest with the final 
gold Kinstone piece in it.  Exit, go south (pushing the stone down), 
and then go left to some water.  Climb the vine north of it, use the 
whirlwind to cross the water to the south, and then dash across the 
water to the southwest to the Mysterious Statues.  Fuse with the third 
one and the rock is completely destroyed.  Go south where it stood.

                         |    Wind Ruins    |

At the end of these ruins is the element we seek.  Go down and up the 
stairs.  Bomb the corner here and open the chest inside the cave you 
made for a Kinstone piece.  Now go down and you’ll see a new enemy 
called an Armos.  Slash it and it will come to life.  Attack it some 
more to beat it.  Now continue down the path to a stump.  Shrink and 
fall in the hole to the north.  Open the chest for a red Kinstone piece 
and surface.

Still small, walk into the Armos statue to the right.  Hit the switch 
inside it and it will activate.  Become big, fight it, and continue 
along this path.  Push the stone here left to make a shortcut and then 
go east.  Dispatch a few more Tektites and go north.

Defeat the trio here to make the barrier blocking the stairs vanish.  
Take them up to two more Tektites.  Climb up the stairs and beware a 
new enemy here, the Leever.  It usually hides in sand, but this is 
close enough.

Once you’ve climbed the stairs, head right.  Clear out the snakes 
(called Ropes in the first Zelda game) and become teeny tiny at the 
stump.  Follow the path (I don’t see why he can’t go in grass) to an 
Armos.  Flip the switch to light a torch, thus activating these Minish-
built Armos, and then become big.  Beat the Armos and go forward a bit.  
Defeat the Tektites and be sure to push the stone in.  Now go south.

There are four Armos here.  I suggest you deal with them one at a time.  
Defeating the first three grants you access to two treasure chests.  
Open each for 50 rupees and 50 Mysterious Shells.  The fourth Armos, on 
the other hand, is pretty hyper.  It will move straight to the passage 
to the next stretch of the ruins and plant itself there, preventing you 
from moving on.

Become Minish Link and turn it off.  Now continue normally.  At the end 
are two enemies beneath rocks.  Use the Rock Breaker technique 
Swiftblade taught you to break the rocks and then the enemies are easy 
targets.  Defeating both opens the next passage.  Go north and up the 
stairs to the third dungeon.

                      |    Fortress of Winds    |

Like I said, wind is the new trend in the Zelda world.  It used to be 
music, but now it’s wind (take Wind Waker, Four Swords, Four Swords 
Adventure, this game, etc., for example).  But seriously, this should 
be called the Fortress of Dirt.  Why?  Because the real theme is dirt 
and death.  Take the central door and go up the stairs in there.  The 
enemies here are called Stalfos.

Avoid their drop attacks and attack them while they’re getting up.  Now 
go to either side of the north wall to see an Eyegore Statue.  Four 
arrows to the eye does it in.  When you’ve beat it, go to the 
left/right and up the ladder.  Open the chest for the Dungeon Map.  As 
you can see, the second floor is shaped like a skull.  Now drop back 
down to the first floor, first room.

Go to the leftmost room and take the stairs up.  Go around the path, 
defeating Stalfos and Keese as you do, to a group of six skulls.  Two 
of them fly at you; defend with your shield.  Now, do you see the eye 
switch?  Shoot it and the door opens.  Go through and step into the 
center of the room to be ambushed by four Stalfos.  Defeat them with 
slashes of your sword and then go south.

Be aware that certain rupees in here are Like Likes.  Follow this path 
to a ladder.  Take it up and then follow the path to a Spiny Chuchu.  
Past it is a door.  Go through and you’ll see several platforms.  Get 
on the one moving across the room, left to right, and shoot both eye 
switches around the north door.  Stand on one of the inner panels and 
charge up the sword.

Move to the opposite outer panel to create a duplicate.  Now go down to 
the switches and stand on both at the same time.  This awakens the 
Eyegore Statues.  Press R to cancel out your doppelganger and then 
defeat both.  Note that Eyegore Statues are especially vulnerable when 
turning.  When both are defeated, a chest containing the Compass forms.  
Go to the previous room.  Shoot both eye switches on the east wall and 
go through that door.

Break the pots in the southwest corner and split into two on them.  
Push the block to the right over all the way and the one below it left 
once.  Now split in two horizontally and push the leftmost block up all 
the way.  Pull the lever here back and a key falls into the pit.  Fall 
in with it and collect your first Small Key in here.

Go back to the first room and enter the door one right of the start.  
Climb the stairs and work your way around the hole to the chest in 
here.  Inside is a Kinstone piece.  Now, defeat the Stalfos in the room 
and pull the right lever back to make a chest form.  Inside is a 
Kinstone piece.  Pull the other lever back and the south door opens.

Go through and immediately defeat the Spiny Chuchu.  Go around the 
mounds of dirt to a ladder.  Go to the door to the right up here and go 
left.  Defeat the active Armos and split into two on the two furthest 
panels.  Go right a room, still split, and stand on both switches.  Go 
through the door that opens and shrink down to Minish size.  Go down a 
room and left a room to the inactive Armos.

Activate it and then go to the portal to the left by passing through 
the small strip of land between the walls.  As big Link, push the block 
out and defeat the Armos.  Pull the lever it was guarding and a Small 
Key falls down the hole.  I love symmetrical dungeons.  Fall through 
and take it.  Now go back to the central room of 1F.

Take the stairs up to the room where you got the map.  Go north (the 
Eyegore Statues are still defeated) and open the left key door first.  
Wait for a tiled platform to come your way and use it to cross the gap.  
Move out of the way of the blocks to avoid being knocked off the edge.  
At the end, take the ladder west.

Beware the Wall Master in this room.  They are morbid hands that drop 
from the ceiling and take you back to the first room.  If you see a 
shadow, move and get ready to slash a hand.  When you’re done with it, 
shoot the eye switches across the gap.  Use the bridge to cross it and 
go through the door.

                          Mini-Boss: Dark Nut

Walk south as if leaving the room and a Dark Nut appears.  Dodge its 
sword when it lunges at you and then slash its sides or back.  After a 
few hits it dies, leaving a blue portal to this room behind.


Go south from here and stand in the doorway.  Wait for a pair of razor 
traps to pass you and run out.  Go around to the switch, press it, and 
then take the door south.  Go east to see a skull on three unusual 
tiles.  Bomb the wall they are against and go through the door.

The chest contains the Mole Mitts, this dungeon’s prize.  Try them out 
right now.  Dig your way to the chest with 100 rupees in it.  Now exit 
this room and go east once.  you can jump off a ledge after destroying 
dual skulls.  Now unlock the right door.

Pull the lever to the right out and a bridge forms.  Roll across it 
quickly (it disappears as the lever returns to its original position).  
Go up the east ladder to see three Floor Masters.  These relatives of 
Wall Masters are much easier to beat.  Slash each until they perish and 
a Minish portal opens.  Do not take it.

Go through the door to the right.  Go south to see some spiked 
cylinders.  Hide in the holes and let them roll over you, then make a 
run for the opening to the right.  You can also boomerang them and walk 
right through.  Now, see the statues?  Push them onto the switches 
(upper-left and lower-right).  Go north a bit to some flashing tiles.  
Stand on the uppermost one and charge up a clone.

Now go to the bottommost tile.  Carefully move through the blocks (your 
duplicate will fade away if it walks into a solid object) and stand on 
the diagonal switches to have all four pressed.  Take the Small Key 
that falls down and unlock the south door with it.  Before going 
through, go to the previous room and become small with the portal.

Go east, go through the tunnel, go down, and go through the door.  
You’re probably going to be hit by the spikes doing this, but you can 
make your way down slowly and reach the wall, then going through the 
door, to avoid them.  Go to the small door to the left and you’ll be in 
a hidden room.  Become big at the portal and step on the switch.  A 
Small Key fell into the room.  Dig your way to it without releasing any 
of the enemies.  Exit the room.

Jump off the ledge to a portal.  Become big and defeat the Floor 
Masters.  Now go right and south.  Dig to the enemies in this room 
(called Moldorms) and defeat each.  Now dig to the ladder.  Climb it 
and go north.

Fall through the right hole and open the chest for the Big Key.  Push 
the block aside and jump off.  Go left, up the stairs, off the ridge, 
down, and down the stairs.  Go south and dig to the leftmost corner of 
the room.

There’s a chest with a Kinstone piece in it here.  Now go through the 
leftmost door.  There are two enemies in here (along with torches that 
fire balls of magic at you) called Wizzrobes.  Slash them both when 
they appear and dodge their magic attacks to make a chest appear.  
Inside are 80 Mysterious Shells.  Exit the room and dig your way back 
to the central room of 1F.

Go up the stairs in here and go south.  Dig out a statue in here and 
push it onto the switch for a treasure chest containing a Kinstone.  
You can find two more Kinstone pieces in the room left or right of your 
current one and in the rooms above them.  Anyways, go up the ladder and 
dig your way north.  Push the block to the right aside to make the red 
portal form.  Now open the Boss Door.

                        |    Boss: Mazaal    |

Heal up in the pre-boss room.  Then go north to see the boss, Gohdan 
the Arbiter.  Err, Mazaal. You see, this is basically a more colorful 
version of Gohdan (god’s hand) from Wind Waker.  And as such, you need 
the Bow & Arrow to beat it.  First, shoot the eyes of the palms of each 
hand.  Then slash the hands until they start to smoke.  Yes, Mazaal is 
machine.  Use the portals in the room to become Minish Link and then 
enter Mazaal’s head.  Slash the pillar with the red ring around it 
until it explodes and you’ll be forced out of the head.  Become big 
again and repeat this process.  Mazaal’s attacks are all work around 
the hands.  It’s only non-hand attack is a shrink ray from the eyes 
that is really annoying, especially when attacking a hand.  It may ball 
them into fists and attack you, squeeze you, or it might smash the 
floor, bring down tiny spiders.  Defeat the spiders for arrows.  One 
trick Mazaal will use is covering the bases with dirt so you don’t know 
which pillar is vulnerable.  Use the Mole Mitts to get around that, 
though.  When you’ve landed a hit on Mazaal three times (destroy the 
pillars), it will explode.

Take the Heart Container and ascend the stairs.  Go forward to a stone 
slab.  Ezlo reads its writing.  It is from the Wind Tribe.  After 
reading them, a bird swoops down and drops an instrument.  It is the 
Ocarina of Wind (told you).  Pick it up and Ezlo realizes that the 
element wasn’t in the temple.  Instead, you must use it to reach the 
element.  Well, we’ll do that in the near future.  However, it won’t be 
until after another dungeon.

==========================Temple of Droplets*==========================

                       |    The Wind Crests    |

Play the Ocarina of Wind, which is normally called the Ocarina of Time, 
and you’ll be able to warp to any place you’ve activated a Wind Crest.  
You know, the tombstones that explode when you read them.  If you’ve 
been using this guide, you have one in Minish Woods, Mount Crenel, 
Hyrule Town, Castor Wilds, and in Lake Hylia.  There’s also one in 
South Hyrule Field by your house that I never mentioned.

For now, warp to Hyrule Town.  Zeffa, the wind deity (called Zephos in 
Wind Waker) picks you up on his cloud and takes you to the crest.  By 
the way, the tune the Ocarina plays is the same one the Flute made in 
The Legend of Zelda (the first game).

                |    The Mole Mitts in Hyrule Town    |

Toward the northeast corner of town is an arch with dirt in it.  Dig 
there and you’ll enter an intricate series of tunnels.  There are three 
chests with three separate red Kinstone pieces in them.  At the end you 
can take a ladder down.  Open the chest near where you appear for 100 
rupees.  Now push the stone to the right into a hole.  Now surface back 
to Hyrule Town.

                         |    The Quiver    |

Stockwell has decided to capitalize on your new need for arrows by 
selling them at his store.  For 600 rupees a brand new quiver can be 
yours.  You can use the rupee trick if you want, or you might just have 
enough normally.  You can now carry 50 arrows as opposed to 30, the 
original number.

                      |    The Third Bottle    |

Go to south Hyrule Field and activate the Wind Crest by your house.  It 
is to the upper-right.  Now enter the house and go up to Master Smith 
as if you were going to talk to him.  Notice that he has a Kinstone to 
trade.  Press L to trade.  He wants a common piece, your generic red 
pizza slice-shaped stone.  Trade him and a chest forms in Eastern Hills 
by the farmer’s pen.  Literally, it is just right of where you enter 
Eastern Hills from South Hyrule Field.  The reward is well-worth the 
Kinstone.  It’s the third bottle.

                         |    The Library    |

It’s time to go rough up some dead-beats that never returned there 
library books.  Seriously, though, we need to find some lost books that 
never found there way back to the shelf.  However, you must talk to 
certain people to get the library to open.  Play the Ocarina of Wind 
and go to Lake Hylia.  The only Minish to have ever entered the Temple 
of Droplets, the building in the lake, lives in semi-retirement in the 
town library.

Also, you can fuse rather easily with this Minish (in the house) to 
open a door in Western Wood.  In it is a Piece of Heart.  Regardless, 
play the Ocarina of Wind to go Hyrule Town and go left from where you 
appear to find the library.  Inside, go to a staircase leading up and 
take it the upper story.  Go outside and flip the pot with the Cane of 
Pacci.  As Minish Link, reenter the library using the tunnel.

Go to the books by the man with the cane and talk to the Minish here.  
Apparently, some books are needed to reach the elder on the upper 
shelf.  Exit here and become big.  Go to the first floor and talk to 
the girl on the left.  She tells you that a girl with a cat checked out 
an overdue book.

Go to Stockwell’s Shop and head right two houses.  The book is on the 
bookcase.  However, there’s no way for us to reach it right now.  Go to 
the river and fill a bottle with water.  Now go to the house left of 
where the book is.  Julietta is here, and she has a very common 
Kinstone piece to fuse with.  Doing so makes a chest appear in South 
Hyrule Field by the Wind Crest.

Warp there and open it for 200 Mysterious Shells.  Back on track, 
sprinkle water on the fireplace here to extinguish the fire.  Now flip 
the pot with the Cane of Pacci and head up the formerly lit fireplace.  
Go right to a chimney and fall in to the other house.  Go around the 
cat to the ladder by the bookcases and push the book off to the ground.

Go back to the pot, become big, and pick up the book called A Hyrulean 
Bestiary.  Return it to the librarian and now it is time to find the 
next overdue book.  It was taken by a rather absentminded scholar.  It 
is high time that I teach you how to access the southwest part of town, 
which could have been done a while ago.

Go to the café and use the Cane of Pacci to flip the pot.  Shrink down 
and exit this place using the tunnel leading south.  Go left to a ramp 
and take the plank across the river to the southwest part of town.  
Talk to the dog to the north (you can speak dog as a Minish) and he’ll 
move.  You can now access this area as a human.

Return as a human and try to enter the first blue house.  The resident 
lets you in and you see the loony Dr. Left.  He researches Picori, 
although he’s a bit past his childhood.  Go to the carpenters’ house to 
the south and shrink at the pot in there.

Enter his house by the tunnel (how ironic that he studies Picori and 
yet they live in his very home) and go to the first tunnel.  The Minish 
here tells you the legend that leads to a treasure that makes people 
strong.  You need it, so let’s go get it.

                     |    The Power Bracelet    |

Of course there’s a Power Bracelet!  What kind of portable Zelda game 
doesn’t have one?  Following the Minish’s clues, the treasure isn’t far 
off.  Exit the house and go right to the carpenters’.  Become big at 
the pot and take a bottle of water from the river.  In Dr. Left’s 
house, extinguish the flames in the fireplace and resume Minish form.  
Go back to Dr. Left’s and enter the chimney.

Go north over a plank to the mainland.  In the house, the Minish here 
has a really common piece.  It’s the most plentiful piece I have.  
Fusing the pieces causes a lily pad to form in Castor Wilds.  Take it 
to a nearby hole in there to find a chest with a Kinstone piece inside.  
Anyways, go through the tunnel leading into the foreigner’s house 
(upper-right) and go through the north tunnel.  Go down a bit and go 
over the river.

This is the first part of the rhyme.  The ferocious beasts are ahead.  
They are cats.  By the Minish standing here is the entrance to the 
yard.  Walk around them as best you can (they actually do scratch you) 
and you’ll reach a small arch.  Climb down the vine here and go around 
the fountain’s top to a cave.

Inside, defeat the monsters and go right a room.  Defeat these baddies 
and enchant the hole to the north with the Cane of Pacci.  Jump forward 
and go north.  Defeat these four monsters and a chest containing the 
Power Bracelets form.

These bracelets let you lift heavy objects and move them, too.  Make 
your way back to Dr. Left’s house and push both bookcases left starting 
from the left.  Climb the leftmost ladder here and go across the narrow 
trail to a door.  Apparently, the book has been misplaced due to some 
Minish.  Go to the southwest corner and suck away the dust (Gust Jar) 
to reveal flashing panels.

Create a duplicate and walk all the way right to see a Minish on a 
book.  Stand on it with your double to drop it below.  It will fall 
only when the mirror image is about to dissipate.  As a human, pick it 
up and deliver Legend of the Picori to the librarian in town.

                       |    The Final Book    |

Minish Cap sure does have some strange quests.  It’s amazing how much 
you have to do just to return three books.  Hagen has checked out the 
last book.  To get a clue as to where it might be, charge the north 
wall to lower the masks and then shrink at the pot (use Cane of Pacci 
here).  Enter the door at the top of the plank against the wall using 
the ladder and you’ll find two Picori.

Talk to one and he’ll mark on your map where the lakeside cabin is 
(apparently Hagen left it there).  Go to where you met Syrup, the witch 
who sold you the Wake-Up Mushroom for 60 rupees.  If don’t remember 
where she was, go to Lake Hylia from Lon Lon Ranch’s southern entrance.  
The stairs to the south are by a wall of dirt.  Dig through this wall 
with the Mole Mitts and enter the tunnels.  There’s one chest with a 
blue Kinstone piece near the start and the green rupee is a Like Like 
in disguise.

Go north from it to a ladder.  Take it up to Lake Hylia.  To the right 
of where you pop out is Hagen’s lakeside cabin.  North of it is a tree.  
Ram into it with the Pegasus Boots to uncover a stump.  Shrink there 
and go south to a lily pad.

Use the Gust Jar to go south into the cabin.  Take the lily pad inside 
across the water and go into the pocket between the two shelves.  Push 
the right one right and climb the ladder to the book.  Push it off and 
become big again to claim the book.

                        |    The Flippers    |

Return Hagen’s book, A History of Masks, to the librarian to have all 
overdue books back.  Sturgeon comes down and puts the books back in 
place.  Follow him up and go south.  Shrink at the pot and reenter the 

Go to the Minish screen and talk to the Picori in gold.  He’ll give you 
50 rupees for helping them out.  Climb up the ridges on the left book 
to another climbable book.  Go right when at the top and climb down to 
a book with a door in it.  Open it to see the elder of the town, 

Talk to him and he’ll put you past a test to see if you can make it to 
the Temple of Droplets.  Push the corner blocks out and go south to 
several slugs.  Defeat them and notice the mushroom.  Remember this 
trick from Deepwood Shrine?  Pull the mushroom to you with the Gust Jar 
and let it fling you over the stream of water.  Go west, defeat the 
monsters, and now go north.

Defeat the Scissors Beetles here by attacking them when they fire their 
boomerang-like mandibles.  Defeat both and open the chest that forms 
for the Flippers.  These FINALLY let you swim.  There was so much that 
we could not do because of a pool of water.

These are the same flippers that Librari used ages ago.  When in water, 
press A to swim faster.  Get into the water to the left and swim south 
for practice.  Press B to submerge.  Go south at the four-way 
intersection to be back in town.

                     |    Carlov the Sculptor    |

It is time to finally explain what Mysterious Shells do.  They are used 
for what is easily what provides the most replay value for this game.  
In the southwest part of town is a bush with an opening.  Enter and 
take the stairs down to see Carlov.  He is a sculptor who trades 
seashells for a chance at winning in his figurine lottery.

Figurines are images of certain characters, places, or things and they 
have blurbs about each.  There are 130 in all (for now, there are six 
more available later) and you can gamble multiple shells for better 
odds of winning.  At first, one shell will get you a 100 % chance of 
getting a new one.  After that it is 99 %, then 98 %, and so on.  This 
is how you can find out the names of certain enemies and characters.

If you haven’t seen a certain thing yet (take the boss of the fourth 
temple for example), you cannot earn its figurine.  However, if you 
wanted, say, the figurine of Mazaal, all you must do is beat him in 
battle and he will be one of the possible figurines.  Generally 
speaking, it is always a good idea to gamble only 1 shell at a time.

Gambling two does not double your chances of winning like it should 
(mathematically and logically).  It actually raises your chances of 
winning very slightly.  This is completely optional, but fun 
nonetheless.  Plus, if you get a figurine you already have, you can 
sell it back to him for five rupees.

                       |    The Peril Beam    |

It’s time to get another Tiger Scroll.  Go to Hagen’s lakeside cabin 
and shrink, then swim to the southwest to a tunnel.  Swim through to 
end up in Minish Woods.  Swim down here and go north at the opening to 
another tunnel.  Inside this cave, go north over the ice (make very 
slow movements and watch out for slugs) and then turn west to go 
through a door.

Go down the ice here to an opening that leads to a chest with a 
Kinstone piece in it at the end, a red piece.  Go back to the stump and 
become big again.  Swim left of the stump and grab a Piece of Heart 
along the way.  Swim left some more to land and go up the stairs.  Go 
around the bend to a tree with a cave opening.  Go down the stairs 
inside to the dojo, which has a Piece of Heart in it.

You need ten Heart Containers or more to learn this technique.  If you 
don’t have enough, see the Pieces of Heart section of this guide.  
Anyways, the technique lets you fire beams from your sword that do 
damage from a distance when you have one or less (three fourths, a 
half, a quarter) hearts left.  It isn’t that useful, but it may just 
come in handy for you.

                     |    The Bigger Bomb Bag    |

Although we’ve been able to enter the next temple for quite some time, 
we’re not going just yet.  Play the Ocarina of Wind to go to Hyrule 
Town and then go to Trilby Highlands.  Head into Mt. Crenel’s Base and 
climb the cliffs on the right side of the mountain to a mushroom.  Stop 
there and pull back on it.  This flings you across the gap.

Parachute with Ezlo in the whirlwinds to the left and continue left to 
a ridge.  Jump off and go left some more to Crenel Wall.  Go right as 
soon as you can to see a sign on a flat surface.  Bomb the wall the 
path leads to and enter to see a Great Fairy Fountain.  Throw a bomb 
into the pond and a Great Fairy appears.

She asks whether you threw a golden bomb or a silver bomb into the 
pond.  Answer “Neither.”  To reward your honesty, she gives you the 
Bigger Bomb Bag.  Now you can hold up to 50 bombs, five times more than 
you could when you first got the bombs from Belari so long ago.

                        |    To the Temple    |

If you go to Hagen’s lakeside cabin, swim to the northwest in Lake 
Hylia.  You’re looking for a hole in the ground surrounded by ice.  
Jump on it and shrink with Ezlo.  You’ll fall through the hole and into 
the temple.

                   |    The Temple of Droplets    |

They really outdid themselves here.  That is, they’ve made ice more 
slippery than I’ve ever seen it in a Zelda game.  Anyways, take the 
stairs south and you’ll see the Boss Door.  Unfortunately, we don’t 
have the Big Key or anything else yet.  So, go around the starting 
platform and push the ice blocks forward.  They slide off the edge.  
Now go north to the door.

For lack of ice, they put torches in the room that fire at you and pots 
that fly at you.  Just go east.  In here, notice the sunlight.  This is 
an old Zelda trick, but it has a new twist to it.  Go down a floor 
using the stairs and throw the switch you find.  This causes the light 
to pour into B2.  Note that you must push the lever.  Go back up the 
stairs and you’ll see a hole where the sunlight used to be blocked.

Fall in and you must push the block here south and then east.  The 
rocks let you do this.  As soon as the ice passes under the sunlight, 
it melts to give you a Small Key.  Push the block here to the right and 
then go back up the stairs to B1.  Go left in this room to the one with 
the torches and living pots.  Unlock the door to the west and go 
through.  In this room, fall through the hole.  The Big Key is here.

However, it is frozen in ice.  Go right to find three blocks, the Big 
Key in the center.  Here is how you must move them, and in what order.  
First, move the upper block left once.  Second, move the bottom block 
down and left.  Finally, move the central block left, up, left, down, 
left, up, and right.

Yes, we already have the Big Key and we can go face the boss whenever 
we feel up to it, right?  However, we can’t win just yet.  Even worse, 
the Big Key does not lead to the boss.  This is not a first in Zelda 
history by far, but it is unique in this game.

Save and quit and you’ll reappear at the start of the dungeon.  Go down 
and unlock the Boss Door.  Behind it is the element in a pile of ice, 
and the boss frozen to the south wall.  Ha-ha!  But for now, all we can 
do is go through the southwest door.  Go south through a rupee-filled 
corridor to a chest containing the Dungeon Map.

Now go back up to where you started.  In here, go forward into some 
water and dive under the cylinder.  Go left to a platform with a ladder 
leading south on it.  Take it up and start going east.  Go down here 
and you’ll reach land opposite a mushroom.  Use the Gust Jar to pull 
back the latter and fling across the gap.  Press the switch here to 
lower the bars covering the waterfall.

Swim down the falls and you’ll reappear in B2.  Swim south, diving to 
avoid the cylinder, and go left onto land.  Read the stone here, take 
notes, and then press down the switch to lower the gates to the right.  
Swim through and notice the pot-shape made by the stones.  Dive into it 
and you’ll get a Small Key.

Now swim back to the waterfall.  Use the Grip Ring to climb the rocky 
wall to the left of it.  Push the block forward and go forward.  Open 
the locked door here.  Go down and press the switch to lower the gates 
by a lily pad.  Get on and use the Gust Jar to steer it off the 
waterfall.  Carefully pass the log and go right a room.  Guide the lily 
pad past the log and use it to get onto the land here.  Press the 
switch to lower the gates.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can abandon the lily pad.  It is 
your primary source of transportation right now.  Let it drift right to 
a new room.  Hey, remember him?  Defeat the Madderpillar by slashing 
the nose and then the tail to gain access to a room to the north.  
Inside, open the chest for the Compass.

Go back to where you fought the Maderpillar and take the lily pad left, 
then north.  Use the Gust Jar to go north and press a switch to lower 
the gates.

This is the main room of B2, so to speak.  Notice that B1 and B2 are 
shaped like Octoroks.  Go forward to the main body of ice, which has 
several blocks on it.  Defeat all the monsters you can (to the north is 
a chest with 50 rupees in it) and go to the ice blocks.  Ultimately, 
you want to put an ice block on the switch here.

Move the northernmost block down.  Move the block it hit left.  Move 
the block above the switch left.  Move the lower block that is against 
the wall up against the other.  Now, push both the blocks right of the 
switch left (starting with the left one) so that one is on the switch.  
Now get on the lily pad and guide it past the gate.  Go north and exit 
this room (leaving the lily pad behind) to the northeast.  There are 
holes in the floor here and you have a very limited range of sight.

Go north by hugging the wall, which is safe.  In here, step onto the 
high ledge in here by taking the ladder and then go north, up the 
stairs, too.  There are three Scissors Beetles here and you must beat 
them to continue.  Three at a time is somewhat tough.

Attack them when their sharp mandibles are off, or you can slash the 
sides or back.  Choose one to defeat first and focus on it.  This makes 
the battle much easier, as you lower the enemies’ numbers by one much 
faster.  Winning makes a blue portal appear.

Go south and then west.  The lever here is far too fat to move with 
Link alone.  Luckily, there are two flashing tiles to the south.  Face 
west and stand on the upper one.  Charge up, move to the bottom, and 
then push the lever west with the help of your doppelganger.  This 
causes sunlight to flow into the boss room, thus melting the ice 
blocking the east side of the room.

Hop down, refill your hearts and supplies with the pots, and then go 
through the southwest door.  Go north in here to a new room.  Take the 
treasure from the chest, a Kinstone piece, and go right again.  In here 
are two flying enemies.  For safety reasons (you’re standing on ice) 
you should shoot both of them to death with the Bow.  Two arrows apiece 
does the trick.

Go down and follow the trail to the left to a chest with another 
Kinstone piece in it.  Get back onto the main path and go down to see a 
line of razor traps circling the platform.  It would be much more 
effective just to keep them stationary.

Regardless, get to the center of the icy platform they are on when you 
can run through the break in their line.  Go right if you want to break 
two pots, but go left if you want to take the southwest door.  In here, 
you can do nothing but go north.  Go north again to B2.

Take the stairs down and pull the lever.  This fills in the hole above.  
Take the stairs back to B2 and push the lever.  Go downstairs again and 
push the lever back to its rest position.  This melts the ice, letting 
you take the treasure in the chest, which is a Small Key.  Go up these 
stairs back to B1 and go south.  There’s the door you want to unlock.  
Enter it and push the lever.

                      Mini-Boss: Big Blue Chuchu

Guess how you beat him.  This is one of the stronger Chuchus as it is 
electrically charged and can emit electricity.  Beating it is the same 
as its green counterpart, though.  Use the Gust Jar to suck away the 
jelly at its base and cause it to become too top-heavy.  Note that you 
can suck from any direction, but I find it easiest from the south.  
Anyways, it eventually tips over.  Attack the head as much as you can 
and it will get back up.  Repeat the process until you’ve won.  Its 
attacks only include jumping on you and touching you, both of which can 
be avoided with rolls.  When it explodes, open the chest for the 
dungeon’s prize, the Flame Lantern!  It only seems like a lame weapon.


Go back to the previous room and melt the ice blocks with the Flame 
Lantern.  Go down the stairs.  See the treasure chest encased in ice?  
Burn it and open the former for 100 rupees.  Burn the blocks to the 
right and go east a room.  The room is dark, but the Flame Torch lights 
up the better part of it.  You have three Scissors Beetles to contend 
with.  When you’ve triumphed, go to the room to the right.

This room is a maze.  Go south and break the pot.  Light the torch and 
a tile appears to the north.  Go up that path and defeat a few of the 
flying enemies.  Go down at the end of the path to be brought to a 
chest with a red Kinstone piece inside.  Go back to where you went down 
and go right to a torch.  Light it and another block flattens.  Follow 
the path to more enemies.  Go down the first road if you need bombs.  
Go down the second to be led to a fragile wall.

Bomb it and you’ll be in a new room.  Defeat all the enemies in here 
and a Small Key falls to the center.  Take it and go to the previous 
room.  Follow the path to the first opening and take the upper-right 
path from it.  Follow this to a chest with a Kinstone piece in it and 
to a torch.  Light it and go back around to the upper-left path.  
Follow this to a third chest (Kinstone piece) and the next torch.  
Light it and go around to a locked door.

The next two rooms are filler rooms.  In this first one are chains of 
flames.  Rush to the left as quick as you can to avoid any damage.  
Navigate the icy road in here and go north.  Go through the door, 
follow the path, and go west.  Split into two vertically.  Move the 
upper block left twice.  Cancel out your counterpart and split 
horizontally.  Push the rightmost block down onto the flashing panels.

Still horizontal, push the leftmost block down once.  Split vertically 
and push the upper block over once.  Now go north.  Here’s an annoying 
room.  Push the leftmost ice block down and then left.  The other ice 
block is completely useless; push it right.  Now split on the flashing 
panels on the right side of the room by standing on the tops of either 
pair.  Very carefully (but quickly) get to the other side of the room 
and press the switches down.

Doing this opens the door to the south.  Go through.  Push the upper-
right block up to open the door and then go through.  First, defeat all 
the enemies you can.  Melt the ice in the northwest corner and you’ll 
uncover four flashing tiles.  Split vertically and push the block under 
the floor above out all the way.  Go through the opening where it was 
and go up the ladder to go west.  In this room, light each and every 
torch to open the door.  Go west again.

Dive underwater to avoid the cylinders and just run away from the 
Scissors Beetles here.  Make your way to the south and then go east.  
In here, stand on the switch in the corner.  This makes the red 
teleport appear.  Now defeat the enemies with your blade.

Bomb the north wall and go through the opening you forced.  Use the 
Flame Lantern in here to see yet another Madderpillar (actually, there 
are two).  Burn the web that blocks your entry and then defeat the 
monsters.  You know how – slash the nose and then the vulnerable tail.  
This opens the door leading east.  Go through and go north.  A bunch of 
slugs will fall on you, but that’s besides the point.

Go up the stairs here to B1.  Go up the ladder in this room and go 
south.  Follow the path east and you’ll be back in the element room.  
Like last time, double up with the flashing panels and push the lever 
west.  This causes more light to flood the room, freeing the element!  
However, this also frees the formerly frigid boss.  The Octorok sucks 
in the element and goes backward.  He’ll pay for that.  Follow it into 
the Boss Room.

Note: Before you fight the boss, you might want to get the two 
remaining treasure chests in the dungeon (so you never have to come 
back afterwards).  Go to the main room of B2 and burn the ice around 
one chest for 100 Mysterious Shells.  When you’ve lowered the gate to 
the west, take the lily pad through the opening and burn the chest here 
for a Kinstone piece.  From there you can easily reach the blue portal 
and go right to the boss.

                      |    Boss: Big Octorok    |

What would pose no threat at all to Link normally is now one of the 
tougher bosses in the game.  After being frozen for so long, its 
appetite is enormous and it wants to devour Link.  There are five 
different phases of the battle.  First, stand in front of it and slash 
your sword rapidly.  When it fires what are huge boulders to you, they 
will ricochet off the sword and hit the big guy.  Three hits in this 
manner makes him freeze the arena.

This is the second phase.  As it turns around trying to suck you in, 
light its tail on fire (really it’s just some vegetation growing on 
him) and after awhile all of him will be burning.  Avoid it as it runs 
into walls and such and the third phase begins.  This time it is a bit 
less easy.  He runs around, might suck you in, might shoot rocks at 
you, and so on.  You want him to shoot rocks.  Deflect them back at him 
like last time.  Three hits and it will begin the fourth phase.

This is easy, though.  When it turns around, light its tail on fire.  
When it’s done frantically charging against walls, the final phase 
begins.  This is the same as the third phase, but Big Octorok releases 
smoke from its beak to make the room dark.  Use the Flame Lantern to 
see and deflect three rocks back at it like last time.  It spins out of 
control and explodes, leaving a Heart Container behind.

Link automatically picks up the Water Element.  Water is the source of 
all life.  Take the Heart Container before you step into the green 
portal.  When you do you are taken to the entrance.  Step into the 
light here to go back to Lake Hylia.  Suddenly, the king of Hyrule 
appears before you!  Wait a sec, his name is Gustaf.  He was king of 
Hyrule, until he kicked the bucket.  There’s now a new mark on the map.  
Very strange…

===========================Palace of Winds*============================

                       |    The Sword Beam    |

Go to Hyrule Castle.  Ever since Vaati possessed the king and ordered 
guards to defend the entrance to the castle, most of it is cut off from 
you.  However, since two guards are needed to guard the double doors, 
you won’t find anyone guarding the right side of Hyrule Castle Gardens.

Go to the southeast corner in the gardens and cut the grass to find a 
ladder.  Grimblade, the true master of swordsmanship in Hyrule, runs 
his dojo here.  First take the Piece of Heart in here.  Light the 
torches with the Flame Lantern and train with him to learn the Sword 
Beam technique.  It is the opposite of the Peril Beam.

When you have full health you can swing your sword to release a beam of 
energy.  You earn another Tiger Scroll for this.  Soon we’ll be able to 
learn from Swiftblade the First in Castor Wilds (you need the other 
seven Tiger Scrolls).  You should have six now.

              |    The White Sword of Three Elements    |

As long as we’re here, let’s get the White Sword infused with another 
element.  However, Vaati is controlling the incumbent and the ignorant 
guards are preventing you from entering the castle directly.  One guard 
to the southwest got bored.  Go there and you’ll see a guard gone from 
the usual position.  Do not get caught by the guard walking around here 
or you’ll get thrown back to the start.  After him, you’ll see another 
guard to the north.

Bypass him when he’s heading right and go south.  The guard to the 
south turns around briefly.  Run down to the left when he does and wait 
behind the hedge.  When the next guard goes south, run north to 
freedom.  Slash the hedges here to reveal a ladder.  Take it down and 
head north.  Avoid snakes and do not stand on the cracked tiles (they 
crumble and create pits).

Go east, step on the switch, and go east again.  Now you’re inside the 
castle!  Go north to the courtyard and north again to the Elemental 
Sanctuary.  Inside, go north once more and drop the White Sword into 
the altar.  The White Sword now has a blue hilt and it is even more 
powerful.  That’s because you can split into three now on the flashing 
panels!  Exit south like last time.  Go get caught by a guard (or play 
the Ocarina of Wind).  The road to the dead is open.

                        |    Royal Valley    |

Go to North Hyrule Field.  To the west is water; get in and swim north.  
There are two chests around Hyrule Castle, one having 100 rupees, the 
other 100 Mysterious Shells.  Near there is a ladder.  Take it and then 
take the stairs down here for a Piece of Heart.  Take the stairs you 
came down by back up and now notice the flashing panels.  Split into 
three and push the block to the left.

Go up the ladder and then go to the northwest again to enter Royal 
Valley, the resting place of kings long passed.  The Flame Lantern 
helps here.  Go down the ladder to the south and you’ll see a Ghini.  
Ghinis were replaced by Poes in Ocarina of Time, but they first 
appeared as graveyard residents in the very first Zelda game, The 
Legend of Zelda.  Slash it three times to beat it.

Continue down this path and you’ll see a red Crow.  These enemies are 
called Takkuri.  A bit further to the west is a fork in the road.  You 
want to go north (south leads to Trilby Highlands).  In this labyrinth 
of darkness, you must go a certain combination of directions to exit.  
Go up, left, left, up, right, and up.

As you go, you’ll have to fend off a Ghini each time.  The Flame 
Lantern is crucial in here.  At the end (you’ll hear the chime) go up 
the right path that leads north and hug the north fence to be brought 
to Dampé’s hut.  Dampé has the lovely job of burying the deceased.  
Talking to him yields the Graveyard Key.

As soon as you exit, one of those pesky Takkuri flies by and steals the 
key!  Darn bird!  It first settles in a tree left of where you entered.  
Follow it there and flies to a tree to the right.  Charge that tree 
with the Pegasus Boots and then head north to the gate once you have 
the key back.  Talk to Dampé and he’ll open the gate.  Head into the 
graveyard and it lights up.

A friendly Ghini is to the left.  Its brother (the one who tries to be 
scary) lives in Hyrule Town.  The middle tombstone here can be pushed.  
Do so and you hear the secret chime.  The effect is not immediate, but 
it is necessary.  Go to the right and you’ll see a pile of rocks.  Pick 
them up to find some flickering tiles.  Split into three there and go 

Now that the grave is up, you can work your way around it to the 
switches above it.  Press all three down at once and the huge tombstone 
to the north moves back.  Before falling in, go to the left and push a 
lone gravestone here up to uncover stairs.  Go down, split into three, 
push the block, and take a Piece of Heart here.  Now go to the big 
grave and take the stairs down.

                         |    Royal Crypt    |

This, the tomb of King Gustaf Hyrule, is swarming with mummies called 
Gibdos.  Gibdos are real old timers in Zelda games.  Regardless, slash 
them repeatedly to beat them and take whatever they’re holding.  Gibdos 
do not react to pain (most enemies jump or are knocked back), making 
them tough.

You must move while fighting them if you want to avoid damage.  If one 
grabs onto you (they do massive damage), tap all buttons as fast as you 
can.  Beating the right one earns you a Small Key.

Go north and you’ll see three mushrooms.  Pull back on the leftmost one 
(the other two will launch you into a pit) until Link’s face becomes 
red.  Release and fly across the gap.  Now you’ll see three locked 
doors.  Only one of them is real, though.  Unlock the central one and 
take the stairs down.  As you can see ahead, you need two more Small 
Keys.  Start by going left.  See the flashing panels?  Divide into 
three on them and take the moving platform north.

Avoid the blocks and you’ll find three switches at the end.  Press them 
at the same time and a Small Key falls down.  Take it and then use the 
platform to get back onto the mainland.  Go right and you’ll see a 
similar setup.  There are three flashing panels and a bunch of blocks.

The razor trap here complicates the matter.  Split (as in, actually 
divide) as the razor trap reaches its southernmost position.  As you go 
north, you must go past the northernmost branch before the trap does.

If you come into contact with the trap, you will lose your duplicates.  
At the end, step on the switches and take the Small Key.  Unlock the 
key blocks to the left and head north.  Kill the snakes and head north 
through this hallway.

Light the four torches in the room with the Flame Lantern and two 
Gibdos appear as the final guardians of the king.  Defeat them like the 
last and avoid the fireballs of the magic torches.

Note that the Boomerang is extremely effective in this battle.  When 
you win go north to the good king Gustaf.  Notice that the pots are in 
the shape of the golden triangle, the Triforce.

It is a token to the mortals left by the gods when they ascended from 
the newly-created earth.  It has ultimate power, allowing anyone who 
touches it to have their deepest desires granted (the Triforce’s effect 
is a reflection of the soul).

Anyways, go to the large stone grave that the room centers around to 
see Gustaf.  The king gives you a Kinstone piece, the rare gold kind.  
It has a crown on the completed form.  Our time in Royal Valley is 
almost over.  There’s just one more thing to do.

                      |    The Large Quiver    |

Go to the entrance of Royal Valley and go down the first set of stairs.  
Notice the stakes to the right.  Bomb the wall in the middle of them 
and then enter the cave.  This is the third and final Great Fairy.  She 
also is the most curious.  Time to take a quiz on The Minish Cap.  Here 
are the questions.

Question: The first element you found was the Fire Element, was it not?
Answer: No.

Question: Your grandfather’s name is Smee, isn’t it?
Answer: No.

Question: Melari of Mount Crenel has seven apprentices, does he not?
Answer: Yes.

Question: The Blabber Nut gives one the ability to understand the 
Minish, does it not?
Answer: No.

Question: The robe of the current king of Hyrule, Daltus, is white, is 
it not?
Answer: No.

For telling her about your quest you get the Large Quiver.  It holds up 
to 70 arrows.  That’s quite a few.  We’re going to be getting several 
very good upgrades in the near future, and this will be important to 

                   |    The Mysterious Basement    |

Link and Zelda were taught at a school called Funday.  You see, at this 
point in time we shall be getting a few of the treasures and secrets 
around Hyrule before advancing on.  The kindergarten in town is finally 
accessible.  Enter and push the statue here (of what seems to be Potho, 
the minister of Hyrule) to reveal a staircase.  Go down and you’ll be 
in the basement of both the school and mayor Hagen (finally, we can do 

Bomb your way to the first treasure chest and open it for 100 rupees.  
Now exit the school and go to the mayor’s basement.  Remember that you 
must’ve done the event described in the sub-section called “The Mole 
Mitts in Hyrule” covered in the section Temple of Droplets to make this 
all work.  When you enter, split into three and push the block forward.  
Push the stone to the left and you’ll fill another gap in here.  Exit 
Mayor Hagen’s basement and go south of his house to the well.

Walk against the north side to fall in.  Go right when inside and then 
swim north to a chest containing 100 rupees.  Now go north and pull the 
statue here back until you can pull it left or right.  Pull the 
treasure chest ahead of here back into a hole.  Open it for 200 rupees.  
Now exit the basement.  We’re finally done here, having gotten every 

                |    Other Secrets in Hyrule Town    |

It’s time to do a few more things in town before we get new items.  Not 
counting Kinstone fusing, there are plenty of other secrets in town.  
We’ll start at the Funday School.  Right now, you cannot get the final 
treasure at the school (you need the third element), but you can get 
the other.  Go to the room right of the entrance to the basement and 
use the Cane of Pacci on the pot.  Shrink down and exit the school via 
the left tunnel.  Climb up the ladder here and grow at the pot.  Open 
the chest for a red Kinstone piece.

Enter the Inn, south of the kindergarten, by the southernmost entrance.  
Inside, take the stairs up and you’ll see two torches.  Light both with 
the Flame Lantern and a door to the balcony opens.  Go out and open the 
chest here for a Kinstone piece.

In the southwest corner of town is a girl named Anju.  She’s lost her 
Cuccos and needs them back in the pen.  This game earns you several 
good prizes, such as rupees, Mysterious Shells, red Kinstone pieces, 
and a Piece of Heart at the very end.  The Pegasus Boots are required 
for a few of the latter challenges.  Gold Cuccos are worth many rupees, 
while whites are worth ten.  A good way to hurry things up is to throw 
Cuccos you’re holding and then run to where they land.

Local bakers Wheaton and Pita have a bakery in town.  It’s a rip-off, 
but you can buy their baked good and you might find a Kinstone piece 

South of Wheaton & Pita’s is Borlov’s gaming shop.  Borlov is Carlov’s 
brother.  After hearing his anti-gamble rabble you can play the game.  
Open the right chest and you double what you bet (ten rupees).  Pick 
the wrong one and you lose your money.  It’s also a major rip-off.  
Finally, talking to a blonde lady by the café earns you a Kisntone 

In town there’s a market.  It’s the same one where Zelda won the Small 
Shield for you.  Use the Gust Jar to collect the dust on one of the 
mats and a Zelda secret chime goes off.  When you go there later, 
you’ll see a salesman named Beedle is set up.  He sells Picolyte, some 
of which are good, some of which are a major rip-off.  Buy it and for a 
very brief period of time you will have better chances of finding 
whatever you bought when you slash grass and the like.  Use it if you 
want, but it’s not that great.

The gaming shop is a dungeon simulation.  Pay ten rupees to play and 
fight off as many monsters as you can.  After some Like Likes, 
Tektites, and spiny monsters (flip them with the Cane of Pacci to make 
them vulnerable), you’ll face Moldorms, Like Likes in disguise, and 
Peahats.  After that, a chest forms.  Open it for a Piece of Heart.  
All future plays vary in prize.

You can find a Piece of Heart in the water by where you got the Power 
Bracelet.  You’ll also find a chest with 100 rupees inside in there.  
There’s a chest with 100 Mysterious Shells inside the area where you 
got the Flippers (just swim into the opening in the water as a Minish 
to reach it easily).  You must defrost it with the Flame Lantern, 
though.  Those are all the secrets that will be covered here.  For now, 
let’s be satisfied with this.

                |    The Minish Woods’ Mole Mitts    |

Go to Minish Woods and you’ll find a hole (not by Syrup’s hut, the 
other one).  Within are three Like Likes, 50 rupees, and a blue 
Kinstone piece.

                    |    The Magical Boomerang    |

This upgrade to the Boomerang is far better than the original.  It 
involved Kinstone trading.  If you’ve been using my guide, you have the 
right pieces.  First, go to South Hyrule Field.  To the right of the 
Wind Crest in the field is Tingle.  Yes, you heard correctly, Tingle.  
Tingle was introduced in Majora’s Mask as a mapmaker.  He’s made quite 
a few reappearances ever since, and a lot of people hate him.

To reach him, enchant the hole before him and jump to him.  Tingle and 
his brothers/slaves think that Kinstone fusing gives them a better 
chance of meeting fairies.  Having a fairy is Tingle’s obsession.  
Tingle has a pretty common piece.  Watch him dance on the fusing 
screen.  Fuse with him and a tree in North Hyrule Field gains an 
entrance.  Intriguing…

Tingle and his brethren each have a Kinstone piece.  Go to Trilby 
Highlands and dig at the dirt wall across the left bridge to a ladder.  
Take it up to one of Tingle’s brothers.  Fuse with him and another one 
of those trees in North Hyrule Field opens.  By the way, you can talk 
to this brother and he’ll tell you how many fusions you have left to 
do.  Knuckles wants a fairly common piece, anyways.  Now go to Lake 
Hylia.  Go to where you fed Fifi the dog when you got the third bottle 
and go south.

Here you’ll see David Jr., Tingle’s only non-relative servant.  He 
wants another easily-found green piece.  Again, a tree becomes a cave 
in North Hyrule Field.  Finally, head to Lon Lon Ranch.  Go to the 
fields and you’ll see a tree that sparkles when you go near it.  Ram it 
with the Pegasus Boots to uncover a stump.  Shrink, go right, and go 
into the tiny Minish road.

At the end is a Piece of Heart.  Become big again and enter the cave 
near that stump.  Push the block forward with the strength of three and 
then climb the ladder to the last Tingle brother.  Fuse pieces with 
Ankle and the final tree opens in North Hyrule Field.

Go to these trees and enter each.  Inside each, enter, take a ladder 
down, open the chests, and step on the switches.  You get 200 
Mysterious Shells and three red Kinstone pieces this way.  More 
importantly, though, a ladder drops through to the main chest in here.

That patch of dirt looked suspicious to me since the day we took Zelda 
to Hyrule Castle.  Take the ladder down and open the chest for the 
Magical Boomerang!  It goes almost the entire length of the screen, it 
can cut down bushes quickly and easily, and it stuns enemies.

                      |    The Remote Bombs    |

As long as we’re getting upgrades, let’s get upgrades to the bombs.  
Warp to Minish Woods using the Ocarina of Wind and enter Minish 
Village.  Gentari, the elder of the village, can fuse Kinstones.  He 
has an extremely (and seldom used) common piece to fuse with.  It’s the 
red E.

Fuse with him and Belari gets a spark of inspiration.  What if there 
was a bomb that went off only when you wanted?  Go to Belari’s house 
(Belari is the Minish who lives just outside the village.  He gave you 
the bombs) and talk to him.

You can trade all your bombs for the Remote Bombs.  Once you set it, it 
only explodes when you press A/B again.  If you want normal bombs again 
for whatever reason, just talk to Belari again.

                    |    The Biggest Bomb Bag    |

Note: For some reason, the European version of this game does not 
include this upgrade.  Sorry guys, but at least you got the game way 

You can fuse with Belari.  He wants a fairly rare piece, but you should 
have at least one.  Fuse with him and a chest appears in the Wind 
Ruins.  Warp to Castor Wilds and go to the ruins.  Right before the 
Fortress of Winds is the chest, which contains the largest Bomb Bag.  
It can hold up to 99 bombs, remote or regular.

                     |    The Biggest Quiver    |

As long as you’re in the Wind Ruins, go to the second Armos.  Southwest 
of it is a stump.  Shrink there and fall into the hole to the north.  
Talk to the forest Minish present and he’ll tell you that a bean he 
planted wouldn’t grow.  Fuse with him (it’s an E-shaped red) and that 
bean will grow into a beanstalk.

Climb the stalk, which is located in Wind Ruins, and you’ll reach a 
chest on the clouds.  Open it for the biggest quiver.  It holds 99 
arrows at a time.

                    |    The House in the Sky    |

Go to Hyrule Town and go to the Stranger.  He lives in the yellow house 
on the west side of town.  This man is from the Wind Tribe.  Fuse with 
him (he wants a zigzag red) and something appears in South Hyrule 
Field.  Head over to that thing.  It turns out to be a portal.  But to 
where?  Open the chests in this house for two green Kinstone pieces.

Exit this room and go to the next floor.  Go north a room in here and 
you’ll see Gregal, an older member of the Wind Tribe that is sick.  
Open the chest in here for a green Kinstone.  Now get out the Gust Jar.  
It is a ghost in here that is causing Gregal’s ailments.

Suck it up (you must move with it while sucking) and Gregal will be 
cured.  Talk to him for 100 Mysterious Shells.  This isn’t the only 
advantage to helping Gregal, though, as you will see.  This is but a 
glimpse at the Wind Tribe.

                  |    The Secret of Veil Falls    |

Remember when I showed you Veil Falls long ago?  It was right before 
going to the Fortress of Winds.  Go to North Hyrule Field and head over 
to the northeast corner.  Bomb these blocks and go east to Veil Falls.

This is the quicker route.  Jump over the ridge to the right and swim 
over to the Piece of Heart.  Swim back to the ladder, climb it, and go 
north over the bridge.

This door here is called Source of the Flow.  Fuse Kinstone pieces with 
it (the gold piece that King Gustaf gave you) and the door opens.  
Enter this cave.  Light the Flame Lantern so you can see in this dark 
cavern.  Kill the Keese and go up the stairs to go north.

Suck this Red Bubble into your Gust Jar to beat it.  If you don’t, you 
will be seriously disabled because you won’t be able to use any weapons 
for a little while.

Now bomb the north wall (between the rocks).  Go through the opening 
and open the chest for 50 Mysterious Shells.  Go up the stairs and get 
out the Flame Lantern.  Light the room, defeat the Ghini, and head up 
the stairs to the north.

Kill off the Leevers here and split into three.  Push the block down 
and exit the cave.  Open the chest for 100 Mysterious Shells.  Now go 
back to where you first bombed the wall and go south.  Return there by 
pushing the blocks in the previous room.

Outside, climb the rocky cliff up and read the inscription to the left.  
Yep, this is a Wind Crest.  Since we can warp back to it if we want, 
hop off the side and enter the cave.  Go forward (the first red rupee 
is a Rupee Like) and take the stairs up.  Bomb the wall to the right 
and go through to a blue chest.

Within is a bundle of 50 Mysterious Shells.  Exit here and go up the 
stairs.  Defeat the monsters in here and open the chest for 100 rupees.  
Exit via the right door and climb up the cliff outside.  This is Veil 
Springs.  That hump out there is Biggoron, a tremendous Goron the likes 
of which have never been seen before (except in a few other games).

Gorons are creatures that can withstand extreme temperatures in either 
direction.  They live off of the minerals in rocks alone.  They’ve been 
helping Link for ages.  However, we’re interested in going left.  Climb 
the ladder and step into the vortex.  The tornado sends Ezlo up to the 
Cloud Tops and you with him.

                         |    Cloud Tops    |

There’s a bit of confusion over whether you’re dead or not up here on 
the clouds.  This is the final frontier as far as the map is concerned.  
Go right and you’ll see a gold Kinstone piece.  Yes, you can trade with 
a cloud.

Enter the red whirlwind north of it and you’ll be taken high above.  
Use the Mole Mitts to dig through the fluff to the south.  To the right 
is a chest; open it for a gold Kinstone piece, the rarest of all types.

Unfortunately, this piece does not match with Mysterious Cloud.  So, 
fall through the hole to the north.  Walk north of here to see a shark 
in the cloud.  Don’t ask, I don’t know.  Step into the red whirlwind 
ahead of it and you’ll be taken up a region.

Dig through the fluff to the north and you’ll find a red Kinstone 
piece.  Fall through the hole to the left and you’ll meet another 
Mysterious Cloud.  Fuse with it and a tornado is shown on the Kinstone.  
Doing this makes one of the pinwheels near the start begin to spin.  Go 
back to the red whirlwind and take it back up.

With the white background here it’s a bit difficult to see, but there 
is a regular whirlwind to the south.  Get on and take the whirlwind to 
a second one and then to a vortex to the northwest.  When you land 
start digging through the fluff to go left.

Jump into that whirlwind and you’ll be taken to a platform with some 
more fluff on it.  From here, go further south.  When you see a 
platform with walls of fluff on it (you cannot get over them), go left 
to another cloud.  Dig the fluff on here to open the chest for 50 
Mysterious Shells.

Dig around the fluff to the south for a green Kinstone piece.  Now fall 
into the hole here.  Go right to another whirlwind and take it up.  
Fall into the hole to the right.  There’s nothing to do here, or so it 
would seem.

Defeat all the cloud sharks by slashing them when they jump at you.  
This disburses the parts of the cloud to the north, revealing a gold 
Kinstone piece and a vortex.  Take both and you’ll appear by a chest.  
Open it for 50 Mysterious Shells.  Take the whirlwind here south and 
dig around the fluff.  You’ll eventually uncover a hole.

Fall through and go right to another whirlwind.  Take it up to the 
corner of Cloud Tops.  Dig there for a blue Kinstone piece.  Go north 
and dig around this fluff for a green Kinstone piece.  Now fall into 
the hole to the left.  Fuse with the Mysterious Cloud here and another 
pinwheel starts turning.  Take the whirlwind back up to where you were.

Jump into the regular whirlwind to the north and float to the 
northeast.  You cannot land on the right cloud with walls; you must 
land on the leftmost cloud you can.  Dig a path through the fluff to 
the north to reach another whirlwind.  Stop on the north cloud and fall 
into the hole in it.

Again, it would seem that you’re stranded.  Defeat the enemies here and 
the cloud lump bursts.  Take the gold Kinstone piece and then take the 
whirlwind back up.  Make a turn (like a half-circle) in the air when 
using the regular whirlwind to find a chest with a gold Kinstone piece 
in it.  Dig to the north to find two treasure chests, each with 50 
Mysterious Shells in each.

Now get back to the whirlwind and sail to the south with Ezlo.  When 
you land, fall through the hole.  To the north is what would seem to be 
a Lakitu from Super Mario Bros., but it shoots balls of electricity at 
you.  Shoot it to death with arrows (alternately, use the Gust Jar or 
the Cane of Pacci and slash) and go north to a Mysterious Cloud.  Fuse 
with it and another pinwheel spins in the wind.  Go south and ascend to 
the cloud above using the vortex.

Now go south again to a chest we’ve already opened.  Yes, we have been 
here before, but this time things are different.  Drop into the hole 
and go north.  Shoot the Lakitu here three times or slash it after 
using the Gust Jar/Cane of Pacci and fuse with the Mysterious Cloud.  
The fourth pinwheel begins to spin.  Take the vortex to the right.  
Within this chest is the final gold Kinstone piece.

Dig in the fluff around here for a blue Kinstone piece.  Now play the 
Ocarina of Wind to go to Veil Falls.  Work your way back to Cloud Tops 
and fuse with the first Mysterious Cloud to the right.  With all five 
pinwheels turning, the cloud at the start disappears and a second huge 
tornado appears.

The two inhabitants of Cloud Tops take it up.  Take it up yourself and 
check the stone to the north.  This is the final Wind Crest.  Go 
further north to a house.

                |    The Wind Tribe’s Light Arrows    |

This is the mysterious house that we entered earlier by fusing with the 
Stranger.  In fact, the Stranger is one room to the north.  Take the 
stairs up and go north a room.  Remember helping Gregal?  Well, that 
was well-worth it.  It lets you upgrade your arrows (it’s an optional 
item) to the Light Arrows.

Traditionally, the Light Arrows replaced the Silver Arrows as Ganon’s 
(Link’s normal archenemy and Zelda’s usual abductor) only weakness, but 
now they’re just a cool item to have.  Hold B when firing an arrow and 
it will eventually start to sparkle.  This is an indication that is a 
Light Arrow.  Anyways, exit this room and go up a floor.  The third 
floor has even more Kinstone pieces than the previous floors.  Go north 
a room and open the chests for two blue and one red piece.

Now go to the fourth floor.  Go north and you’ll see the elder of the 
tribe.  Open the chests first (two red Kinstone pieces).  Now talk to 
him.  The way to the light force shall open when the sword is infused 
with all four elements.  Go south and talk to the girl here.  She tells 
you of a strange device in the palace that lets people fly.  Cool.  She 
then moves and lets you take the stairs to the roof.  Now go north and 
step into the wind.

                       |    Palace of Winds    |

It’s the ultimate test of Link’s valor.  Well, to be fair, we should 
have had this element a long time ago.  So, consider this dungeon a pop 
quiz.  Follow the carpet to the north.  See the colored orb?  Slash it 
to make the bridge extend.  Remember that you can beat Peahats by 
sucking them into the Gust Jar and then expelling them.  Go around the 
path and go down a second bridge.  Slash the orb here to lengthen the 
bridge and go left on it.

Push the middle block forward and one other to the side.  Slash the orb 
and traverse the bridge that formed.  Crush the skulls to find some 
flashing tiles.  However, you need a bridge.  Shoot an arrow at the orb 
to the right (or throw the Magical Boomerang) to make a bridge 
materialize.  Cross it, defeat the Stalfos when they drop, and then 
cross back to the flashing panels.  Become three and head right.  Push 
the block up and then go north.

Stand on the platform when it arrives and takes it across the gap 
(slash bombs and run around to avoid being stopped by blocks).  Go 
west.  There’s no room to be slow here.  Shoot the Stalfos from afar 
with Light Arrows and then run to the ladder.  Get on and follow the 
trail to the left to see some walking bombs and flame chains.

Avoid both if you can help it and follow this path (take either road at 
the fork) to the west once more.  Look down and you’ll see an orb.  
Boomerang it and use the bridge.  Step onto the platform once the spiky 
cylinder has rolled to the right.  Rush left, slash the orb, leave a 
bomb by it, and cross the bridge.

If you got the Remote Bombs as I instructed, make it explode now that 
you’ve crossed and the bridge to the north forms.  When you step 
forward, two Wizzrobes appear to beat you down.  The easiest way by far 
to beat the legions of wizards is to use the Magical Boomerang on them 
and then slash them to bits.

Once you’ve beaten all of them (there are lots of them), open the chest 
that forms and take from it Roc’s Cape!  Roc’s Feather is the normal 
jump item, but Roc’s Cape is much better.  Made from feathers, Roc’s 
Cape lets you soar through the air.  Fly to the east and onto a cloud.  
Jump your way up these clouds to 2F.  This is where the dungeon really 
starts.  The Chuchus here are blue.

Strike them with the Magical Boomerang and they freeze, ceasing to 
generate electricity.  Slash them twice after this and they’re beat.  
Fly off the east edge to another platform.  When the bombs are out of 
the way, jump with a running start to the east once more.  In the new 
room, push the left block down, the one that was diagonal to it up, and 
the one that diagonal to them over the edge.

Now push the rightmost block right.  Here, split into three using the 
lower panels and run south.  Slash and turn quickly to hit all four 
switches at once.  This causes two enemies to form.  Flip them with the 
Cane of Pacci and then attack their undersides.  This causes some gales 
to start up.

Go through the door and go north, hiding in the holes while the air is 
on.  Use the blocks as shield to the currents on the other side and 
work your way south.  When the wind stops, run into the hole by them.  
When it stops again, enchant the hole with the Cane of Pacci and jump 
to the next tier.  Go west to a new room.

See the square in the wire net?  Jump on it to fall through.  Go left 
and jump through another one.  Beware the Rupee Like below that one.  
Now go further left to see a platform that travels beneath the wire 
nets.  When the timing is right, jump through the square onto it.  Ride 
it to the left and jump up to a new wire net.  Go down the stairs and 
use Roc’s Cape to jump up the clouds to 3F.

This is my kind of dungeon.  There’s no backtracking or challenge 
involved at all.  This next part can be a tad tricky, though.  Jump off 
the cloud and be prepared to split (have two duplicates formed and be 
right about to step onto the third panel).  When a platform whizzes 
toward you, get on and stay on the left column of tiles.  Go down at 
the end and head west once more.  While still split, push the block up 
the stairs to the left.

Go down the stairs and down a room.  Push the blocks by the fancy tiles 
over the edge.  When a platform finally comes, get on and then fly to 
the other platform.  Fly back to the original when you’ve passed the 
first set of blocks and repeat this twice more.

Then fly south.  Jump through the square above and go right.  Jump 
through the square below to a platform and ride it to another square.  
Run right before the platform beneath you reaches the square and jump 
down to it.  Jump up through the last square here and go right.  Jump 
through the square and head north.

You’ll see several holes, a spiked rod, and a locked door ahead.  Get 
into a hole to avoid the spiked cylinder and enchant the rightmost pit 
with everyone’s favorite cane.  Pop out to go right.  Down the stairs 
are three flashing panels.  Form your clones on the upper-left and 
lower-left panels while you stand on the lower-right.

 The Spin Attack should hit all three switches, making a Minish portal 
appear.  Shrink and go through the tunnel leading south.  Push the 
first pot south over the edge and then push the next pot left.  Push 
the pot above you up, the one left of it up, the one to the left push 
left, upper pot up, lower pot down twice, one left of it down, and then 
the one blocking the tunnel up.

This should allow you into the tunnel.  Go through and then go north.  
Go through the tunnel to the north when the rod is rolling east.  Go up 
from where you come out and grow at the Minish portal you find.  Go 
south from here and use the Magical Boomerang (the arrows work, too) to 
hit the switch to the left.

This causes a Small Key to fall to you and the door to the right to 
open.  Go through and fly to the right.  Go down and head left up some 
stairs.  Jump the ridge into a hole and wait for the cylinder to cross 
over.  Go through the locked door.

Use Roc’s Cape to jump up these clouds to 4F.  Jump off at 4F and 
defeat the two Moblins here.  It’s fun to knock them off the edge…  
Anyways, go left when you’re done and stop.  Notice that there are 
vents releasing air here periodically.  Wait for them to finish and run 
across the bridge.  Fly over the gap and head over the remainder of the 
bridge to find a staircase.  Below is a block puzzle.

Push the upper-middle block left and the middle-right block right.  Go 
down and head right.  Skip over the Blue Chuchus and go down some 
stairs.  Stand against the wall where the air vent is and wait for it 
to start.  When it begins pushing you, jump and fly over a huge gap.  
At the end you should go north.  Stop at the stairs, push the middle 
block right, and go north to a new room.

Fly over the gaps here to go north.  Although there are Lakitus, I 
would pass them and keep going.  Take the stairs down in the new room 
and jump up the clouds here.  Start at the left side of the top one and 
then run across, jumping and flying over the gap below.

Go up the stairs to the south and defeat both the Bow Moblins here.  
Further to the right is a chest with a blue Kinstone inside.  Now get 
off this wire net and fly to the right to some clouds.  Get to the top 
and fly over the long gap like before.  Get on the clouds at the end to 
be taken to 5F.

Go south and defeat the Stalfos.  Go south again to see two soldiers 
with ball and chains.  They are not actually that tough.  Using Roc’s 
Cape is essential in this battle.  Steer clear of them when they are 
swinging them and wait for them to unleash them.  Fly over to them, 
slash one a few times, and retreat.  The Remote Bombs also help.  Drop 
one and leave it there.

When an enemy gets close, make it explode.  This is a quick and 
painless method of beating them.  They both drop large green rupees 
when you beat them.  Take the Small Key from beating both and unlock 
the door to the left.  Here’s where the place starts to become dungeon-
like.  Go left again and pick up the three pots touching the wall or 
edge.  Push the remaining one onto a switch and then split into three 
and stand on the other switches.

Go left and stand on the switch.  Jump into the air and fly across the 
gap.  As you try to go right, the door slams shut and two Moblins 
appear.  Boomerang them and then beat them up.  You’ll also have to 
face two Wizzrobes.  Beat them and then go right.  See the red Stalfos?  
Shoot them from afar and then jump across.

Jump across the gap and go right.  Press the switch, fly across the gap 
with the wind, and push the block before the chest to the left.  Open 
it for a Small Key.  Push the right corner blocks out and go right a 
room.  Go north and open the chest for the Big Key.  Go south and then 

Open the door to the south with the Big Key and hit the pots for some 
hearts.  Now go forward and fall down the pit.

                          Mini-Boss: Dark Nut

You must defeat a Dark Nut here.  This is a very difficult battle 
because you’re on such a small platform.  Wait for it to lunge at you 
with sword extended and then attack the side.  Your best bet is to 
knock if off the edge.  The bombs work well, too.  When you’ve won, the 
blue portal forms.  Step into the portal and go back to the starting 
point.  Eventually, in one of the earlier rooms before you got Roc’s 
Cape, you’ll see a square and a chest.  Jump through the square to the 
chest and open it for a red Kinstone piece.  Now go back to the blue 
portal where you fought the Dark Nut.


Go north on the bridge to a new room.  In here, go right and open the 
chest on the elevated platform for the Compass.  Avoid the Stalfos and 
Gibdos as you go left to some stairs.  Take them up to 2F.  You see, 
now you’re actually inside the palace.  Go north and then go right.  
Fall into the central pit in here to be back on 1F.  Open the chest and 
then hop off the ridge.

Go back up to 2F.  Go south and defeat each Peahat with the Gust Jar.  
Now destroy the pots in the northeast corner and split into three.  
Split at the ends of the row and in the middle.  Go down quickly to 
avoid falling and stand between the four switches.  Slash them all at 
the same time to open the door to the left.

Go through and fly over the spiked cylinders to a ladder.  Take it up 
to a chest containing a Small Key.  Go right and unlock the door 
leading east.  In here, fly to the whirlwind and navigate the airspace 
without hitting the bombs.  In my opinion, south is an easier path.  
Take it to a door leading north at the end.

In this room are two Gibdos to deal with.  Stun them with the Magical 
Boomerang and then slash them until both are defeated.  As a shortcut 
around the whirlwind room, if you need to come back, spin attack the 
switches to the north.  This way, you can just go around here instead 
of going through the whirlwind room, should the need arise.

Head up the stairs to 3F from the room after the whirlwind room and 
you’ll be back in an old room (remember shrinking on 3F much earlier?).  
Go north and slash the Blue Chuchus just as they appear to skip using 
the Boomerang.  Now go left.  When you step into the center of the room 
you’ll be ambushed by fire Wizzrobes.

Stun them with the Magical Boomerang and slash them silly.  Doing this 
wins you the Dungeon Map.  Take it and go left.  There are two Floor 
Masters here.  Use the Magical Boomerang to freeze them before 
attacking them if you’re a cautious player.  Pull the lever back and go 
south.  Take the stairs up here to 4F.

Go left and defeat two more Gibdos by deploying the Magical Boomerang.  
Push the blocks to the right into a pit and then fly across the pit to 
a door.  Go north and cross the bridge to a Piece of Heart.  From 
taking it, go south and fall in the pit.

Go south from here and take the stairs to 4F.  Look right and you’ll 
see a bomb traveling across a pit.  Use the Magical Boomerang to hit 
the bomb when it is next to the cracked blocks.  Fly across the gap and 
defeat the Gibdos here.  Go to the northeast and light both torches to 
make the red portal form.

Go down and unlock the locked door here with your last Small Key.  Up 
here on 5F, bomb the east wall and go outside.  Defeat the Stalfos and 
the fiery Wizzrobes.  Now bomb the northern part of the wall (tap the 
wall with your sword and see what part sounds different) and go through 
the opening.

Go through the north door and carefully walk around the bombs.  Push 
the block before the door forward and the one left of it up.  On the 
balcony outside, open the chest for a Small Key.  Now go back to the 
previous room.  Destroy the bombs if you’d like and go south.  Stand on 
the crumbling tiles and fall through to the locked door.  In here, fly 
over the spikes to the right and take the path (defeat enemies as you 
go) to the chest.

Push the block in front of it out and open the chest for a blue 
Kinstone piece.  Now navigate the path to some fancy tiles and push the 
block right.  Glide over there and glide to a platform ahead.  Jump up 
these clouds to 5F.  Go right to the great outdoors and open the chest 
for a red Kinstone piece.  Go back down to 4F and take the clouds here 
up to 5F.  Ahead is the Boss Door.  Enter.

Note: If you want every treasure chest in the dungeon, stop.  In the 
main room of 4F, go to the right side and into the southwest corner.  
Use the Magical Boomerang to hit the switch (you can control the path 
the boomerang takes with the control pad).  Now go around to the other 
side of the room and go through the door.  The chest contains 200 
rupees.  Now fall through the gap that the bomb circles around in the 
tiny passage that connect the two parts of the main room of 4F.  Defeat 
the Wizzrobes in here and open the chest for a red Kinstone piece.  
From here you can reach the third floor with Floor Masters to take you 
to the start.  Then take the red portal to 4F.

                      |    Boss: Gyorg Pair    |

Follow the path to a tornado.  You are fighting two manta ray-like 
creatures while riding on them thousands of feet above the earth in the 
stratosphere.  By the way, Gyorg was a very hard boss in Majora’s Mask, 
actually a fish.  You start out on the blue beast, the male.  When his 
lady-friend flies below you, jump onto its back and watch the three 
eyes form. Now split into three on the flashing panels of her back and 
slash each eye at once.  This causes her to open all her eyes, thus 
blinding the monster.  She is exploding while you’re riding her.  Jump 
onto the male manta when he swoops by.  The male opens its eye 
occasionally and swings it tail around its back to slice you.  Jump to 
avoid the latter and slash the former.  Eventually the male drops and 
the female rejoins the battle.  The male is spinning out of control 
ahead and complicates the battle.  Split into three on her back and 
attack all the eyes.  Keep attacking her until the eyes go bad.  Avoid 
the bubbles that the male launches or you will become one Link again.  
Once the female retreats again, jump to the blue one and repeat the old 
process.  This time, though, green miniatures fly across the screen.  
If you can manage to spin attack the eyes at the start and land one 
more hit to the eyes, though, you’ll make your encounter with him 
short.  Jump back to the pink manta ray and repeat the process of 
attacking the eyes.  This is even more difficult now due to the 
interference of the father.  When you blind her again, the male swoops 
in with the kids.  Jump onto its back and slash the eyes in a frenzy.  
Now the mother takes a stab at you.  This time, though the male is 
dead.  You can slash the kids to beat them.  Blinding her this time 
ends the titanic power struggle.  At the end you fall to the palace 
below, FINALLY getting the Wind Element.

Wind scatters seeds across the land and is the source of all weather.  
But really, who cares?  We’re taking the Heart Container and leaving 
this place.  These bosses lived up to the Gyorg name of difficulty 
(unlike a certain enemy in Wind Waker).  Step into the green portal to 
be back in the house of the Wind Tribe.  We can now restore the power 
of the Picori Blade.

==========================Dark Hyrule Castle*==========================

                       |    The Down Thrust    |

Go to Swiftblade’s School of Swordsmanship.  Now that we have Roc’s 
Cape, we can finally learn a new move.  Train with him and he’ll teach 
you the Down Thrust, a technique that was first introduced in Adventure 
of Link (in that game, you actually learned sword moves from knights in 
a slightly similar manner).  It’s really a simple and effective attack.

You jump and let the force of gravity deliver your sword into your 
enemy.  After possessing you, Swiftblade lets you try it for yourself.  
Jump and use the sword to perform it.  He gives you the Tiger Scroll.  
You now have seven!  That’s just enough to learn the final technique.

                    |    The Great Spin Attack    |

Go to Castor Wilds using the Ocarina of Wind.  Dash across the murky 
swamp water to the left and then dash north.  On this piece of land, 
look to the southwest for several shrubs.  If you did this earlier (by 
using my guide), you already know what to do.  Slash them to expose a 
grave and push it forward.

Now take the stairs down to see the ghost of Swiftblade the First, the 
ancestor of the Swiftblade that you know.  Take the Piece of Heart if 
you haven’t already done so.  You must have the other seven Tiger 
Scrolls to receive the training.  If you don’t have them, refer to the 
“Tiger Scrolls” section.

Train with the perished master and he will teach you the Great Spin 
Attack, called the Hurricane Spin in other games.  Using the Spooky 
Possession technique, he shows you exactly how to do it.  All you must 
do is perform a Spin Attack and then press the sword button repeatedly.  
Now you know every technique, but you have not perfected them yet.

           |    The Great Spin Attack Rotation Increase    |

Go to Waveblade in Lake Hylia.  Notice that you can fuse Kinstone 
pieces with him.  He wants a fairly common red piece.  Fusing with him 
opens a cave in North Hyrule Field.  Go there and take the cave that 
you’d enter to go to Royal Valley.

Take the stairs down and go out the cave to see the waterfall.  The 
cave lies within.  This man, almost the best swordsman in Hyrule, 
Greatblade, knows the secret to a trick you’ve already learned.  If 
you’ve already learned the Great Spin Attack, he will teach you to 
prolong it.

After giving a lovely visual description, the hack, err, great 
swordsman, lets you spin the sword a total of eight times in every 
Great Spin Attack.  Remember, if you can’t invent your own technique, 
just improve someone else’s.

               |    The Spin Attack Charge Upgrade    |

Go to Grayblade, the swords-master of Mount Crenel.  He wants one of 
the rarer pieces, the red zigzag.  Trading with him makes a waterfall 
in Castor Wilds open to reveal a cave.  Go north from here to see a 
cave (the one you fought your first Dark Nut for a gold Kinstone piece 
inside) and a vine by it.  Climb the latter and take the northern 

At the end, go down the vine and go right to a wall of dirt Dig here 
for treasure – 50 Mysterious Shells and a Kinstone piece.  Now climb 
the vine back up and take the bridge right.  Climb down the vine at the 
end and defeat the Eyegore Statue blocking the path leading north.  A 
single Light Arrow will kill it (once it’s been activated).  Now go 
north and swim first to the cave.  Push the upper and lower blocks on 
the right side left and then push the central one down or up.

Go left to the Piece of Heart.  Exit the cave and swim into the 
waterfall.  In this dojo lives the finest (or maybe the second-finest, 
he’s not sure) swordsman in Hyrule, Scarblade!  Unlike Greatblade, this 
guy’s pretty descent.  Although he has no possession technique, he 
teaches you how to do the Spin Attack very quickly.  In most Zelda 
games you start out able to do this that quickly, so this is a real 
advantage in battle.

                |    The Split Gauge Speed Upgrade    |

The final upgrade requires you to trade with Grimblade, the swordsman 
of Hyrule Castle Gardens.  Do so and a waterfall in Veil Falls is 
revealed to be the home to another trainer.  Grimblade wants to fuse 
with a pretty common piece, red, of course.  You must enter Veil Falls 
from Lon Lon Ranch to reach the cave.

To do this, enchant the hole in the northwest corner with the Cane of 
Pacci and hop to the next tier.  While you’re here, swim to the 
northeast, go on land, and dig in the hole to find two treasures – 
Mysterious Shells and rupees.  Now swim into the waterfall you opened.  
This is the final swordsman, Splitblade the nearly best of Hyrule.

Train with him and he’ll make it so that your Split Gauge (used when 
splitting on flashing panels) fills faster.  After a wonderful visual 
training session, you have learned a new technique.  It’s so late in 
the game that it isn’t that useful (especially since we already fought 
Gyorg Pair), but it is all part of our grand preparation session.  
Really, it is much faster.

                      |    The Fourth Bottle    |

The final bottle is gotten in a series of Kinstone fusions.  To start 
with, go to Eastern Hills.  Eenie, the farmer on the right, can be 
traded with.  He needs a really common blue piece (if you’ve been using 
my guide than you have it in surplus).  Fusing with him makes the Goron 
in Lon Lon Ranch stronger so that he opens a cave and enter it.  Now go 
to Crenel Wall.  Climb to the top and go left.  Climb down the ladder.

The cave to the right contains the Crenel hermit, but you don’t want to 
go in there.  See the dirt?  Dig through and at the very end of the 
path is Mysterious Wall.  Fuse Kinstone pieces with it (again, a very 
common blue piece) and the Goron that entered the cave will get a 
partner to help him bust a wall in the cave.  They are able to do it 
with the power of two.

Before you leave, take the Piece of Heart in here.  Now return to 
Eastern Hills.  Go to where the farmers live and look at the wall of 
dirt by them.  Dig in and you’ll find a red rupee and a Rupee Like 
(Like Likes that disguise themselves as rupees).

More importantly, though, is the Mysterious Wall here.  Fuse with it 
(the same common blue piece as Eenie needed) and a third Goron comes to 
help out the other two that are digging out the cave.

With the power of three, they still cannot break through.  Now go to 
Minish Woods.  Enter by Syrup’s hut (enter Lake Hylia by the southern 
entrance and then go south).  Dig the wall here to find another 
Mysterious Wall.  Fuse with it (common blue) and a fourth Goron is 
added to the group, which allows them to bust through the wall.

Four does the trick.  Now go to Trilby Highlands.  There’s a wall of 
dirt across the river to the north.  Use the bridge to reach it.  You 
can find two blue Kinstone pieces in chests here, but what you really 
want to do is fuse with the Mysterious Wall in here.  Doing so adds 
another Goron to help break down the solid wall.  To end it all, go to 
Lake Hylia.

Go to Fifi’s house and go south to see a platform to the right with a 
Piece of Heart on it.  Fly to it, take it, and then fly north to land 
using Roc’s Cape.  Dig here to find the most complex system of tunnels 
yet.  Inside are many treasures.

They are three red Kinstone pieces, two blue Kinstone pieces, 100 
Mysterious Shells, and a Piece of Heart (take a tunnel into Lon Lon 
Ranch).  The Mysterious Wall is in the southwest corner after a 
Moldorm.  It wants your average blue piece.  This trade makes a sixth 
Goron join the troop.  This finally lets them break through to the 
other side of the cave.

Go to Lon Lon Ranch when the grand trade is complete.  Go to the 
southeast area that leads to Lake Hylia and take the ladder here up.  
Jump off the ridge into a whirlwind and hover left to a new tier.  Jump 
south into the long closed-off area and push the stone into the hole to 
the right, should the need to come here again ever come.  Now enter the 

Go forward and open the chest here for 200 rupees.  Go further north to 
see a big blue chest.  Open it for the fourth bottle.  It is well-worth 
the effort we put into this and the time we had to wait.

                  |    The Charms of the Oracles    |

We’re out to get every upgrade available to us (we cannot get one item, 
yet) before we set out to de-curse Zelda.  In Hyrule Town, enter the 
Happy Hearth Inn (east side of town) via the northern entrance.  Here 
you will see (from the left to the right) Din, Nayru, and Farore.  
Named after the principle goddesses of Hyrule (the ones that are said 
to have created the world and the Triforce with it), they are oracles 
that played major roles in Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons (two 
Zelda games).

Nayru can control time to an extent, Din can control seasons to an 
extent, and Farore is between powers (although she knows quite a few 
secrets).  First, go to Din, the dancer from Holodrum.  Fuse Kinstone 
pieces with her and a man named Gorman comes to town.  He’s had the 
idea of renting out his house, which is normally empty.

Gorman was a horse-racer from Majora’s Mask.  His other brother, also 
named Gorman, was the band leader of the Gorman Troupe.  Regardless, 
trading with any three of them is now off limits (for the time being).  
Go down to Gorman and talk to him.  He wants to rent his house, but 
it’s too much of a hassle.  He wants you to find him a tenant.  Go back 
up to the oracles and talk to one.  Any one of them will do.

I chose Nayru because her hair matches the roof.  Anyways, talk to 
Nayru in her house and she’ll give you Nayru’s Charm, if your willing 
to give up a bottle.  Use Nayru’s Charm and your defense is increased.

Go to the town’s postal offices and talk to Bremor, a carpenter.  Fuse 
with him (he wants a zigzag red Kinstone) and Mutoh, the master 
carpenter, gets the idea to build a new house.  Go south and you’ll see 
a house being built over the home of a Minish that once lived there 
(hope you fused with him before this – otherwise you’ll have to see him 
in his new home).  Keep entering and exiting houses until it is 
completely built.

Now talk to Gorman.  He’s looking for another female, single tenant.  
He claims that he likes his tenants clean, but you never know with that 
slime-ball.  Now you can go talk Din or Farore into taking up a new 
house.  I chose Din; she has red hair and this is a red house.  Don’t 
ask.  Talk to Din in here new house and she’ll be able to make Din’s 
Charm.  This temporarily boosts your offensive abilities.

Note that using the charms turns your tunic to that color (red if you 
use Din’s Charm, blue if you use Nayru’s).  If you chose Farore instead 
of Din or Nayru, Farore’s Charm raises both defense and offense, but to 
a lesser degree.  Only two houses are built, which means that one of 
the oracles will remain in the Happy Hearth Inn.  Sorry, but that’s how 
it is.

                     |    The Joy Butterflies    |

You must have at least traded with the oracles once (to make Gorman 
appear) as described above.  They will now be able to fuse Kinstone 
pieces again.  Let’s do this fairly by alphabetizing them.  First, go 
to Din.  She is either in the Happy Hearth Inn or in one of the houses 
you had built above.

Din wants an E-shaped red piece.  Fusing with her makes a butterfly 
appear in the Wind Ruins (Mr. Shigeru Miyamoto, the creator of Link, 
Donkey Kong, Mario, and a host of other characters, always includes a 
secret that has to do with butterflies.  It’s his obsession).

Now go to Farore, the green-haired gossiper.  She wants a zigzagged 
red.  Fusing with her makes a butterfly appear in Castor Wilds.  
Finally, fuse with Nayru, the harpist from Labrynna.  She wants a 
wedge-shaped piece.  Fusing with her makes a butterfly appear in Royal 

First go to Castor Wilds, as it is the closest one.  Go north of the 
Wind Crest and you’ll see it.  It’s by a Peahat.  Touch the butterfly 
and you’ll collect it.  This particular Joy Butterfly, courtesy of 
Farore, allows you to dig with the Mole Mitts faster than before!  Try 
it some time; you dig much faster now.  Go to Wind Ruins now.  Just 
south of the starting point is the Joy Butterfly.

Touch this one, coming at you from Din, and you’ll be able to shoot 
arrows faster than you ever could before!  Like the Spin Attack, your 
arrows normally start out this fast, they just decided to make it an 
upgrade.  The final Joy Butterfly is in Royal Valley thanks to Nayru.  
By the way, when going to the north part (where the butterfly is), you 
normally have to through a maze.

If you go left three times and up four times, you’ll find one Ghini 
guarding a treasure chest.  Open it for 200 Mysterious Shells.  Go 
north again to be in the north part of the valley.  Take the Joy 
Butterfly here and you’ll be able to swim much faster, even while 
underwater.  Of course, this is the speed you start with in A Link to 
the Past.  Now we’re getting ready to go ahead to free Zelda.

                          |    Last Stop    |

The next quest leads to the next dungeon and you won’t be able to get 
out of it for a little while.  I suggest that you enter with all of the 
following items, the ones we’ve been getting in preparation lately: the 
Magical Boomerang, the Remote Bombs, the Light Arrows, four bottles 
(containing any charms you’d like.  Remember that there is a Fairy 
Fountain near the entrance to Western Wood in South Hyrule Field), 
faster Mole Mitts, faster swimming, faster arrows, all eight Tiger 
Scrolls, and plenty of Heart Containers.  If you don’t have all of 
these things, either look in Section 3 or read the above sections.  
Also, you want to be able to carry 999 rupees, 99 bombs, and 99 arrows.

                       |    The Four Sword    |

Play the Ocarina of Wind and go to Hyrule Town.  Talk to the guard near 
here and he tells you that Hyrule Castle is overrun with monsters!  Go 
to North Hyrule Town and then into Hyrule Castle.  Everything seems 
normal.  Go to the Elemental Sanctuary like before (dodge the guards in 
the west side of Hyrule Castle Gardens).  Drop the sword in the altar 
of the second room and the sword transforms from the White Sword to the 
ultimate blade, the Four Sword!

Link does a Spin Attack a beam is released at the stone slab ahead.  
Enter the room that opened, for surly it contains the light force that 
Vaati seeks.  How ironic that it was under his nose the whole time!  
Approach the stained glass and you see the opening cinema.  But there 
is one more scene.  It shows that Princess Zelda holds the power of the 
light force!!!!!  And there’s Vaati!!!!!  And I just used ten 
exclamation marks in two sentences!!!!!

Actually, Vaati is in the form of King Daltus.  Now he tries to put 
Ezlo down.  That’s it.  Well, not quite.  First he attacks Ezlo.  Ezlo 
wakes up a knocked-out Link a bit later and you learn the full extent 
of Vaati’s plan.  He knew the sanctuary was here and he waited for you 
to re-forge the blade so that he could learn where the light force was 
hidden.  Well played, my good sorcerer, but you forget that this is a 
Zelda game.  Link always wins.  Exit the sanctuary to find Hyrule 
Castle is shrouded in darkness.

                     |    Dark Hyrule Castle    |

Every guard and person is turned to stone.  In the courtyard are Potho 
and two guards. However, we can still save them.  Do a Spin Attack to 
free the first guard and then Potho.  Potho tells you that Vaati took 
Zelda to the roof.  He still doesn’t know how to extract the golden 
power.  Free the guard below you and he’ll plead that you free the real 
king, too.

Things do not look good for Hyrule.  Unfortunately, anything you didn’t 
do before will never be done because Hyrule Castle has been changed 
around into a dungeon.  Except this time, you cannot leave.  Go south 
and break the pots for supplies.  It’s time to start the dungeon.  
You’re going down, Vaati!

Go north and head left.  Climb the ladder and defeat the Moblin.  Even 
though this is the most powerful kind, the Four Sword is a much more 
powerful sword.  Use the Magical Boomerang to stun it and then kill it 
with two slashes.  Go north to see some flame chains.  Walk around them 
(if you’re set on fire, Link will run around and be harder to control.  
Go south after the big four-way chain and push this block down to make 
a shortcut for later. Now go north.

First, suck in the Red and Blue Bubbles with the Gust Jar.  Defeat the 
Stalfos and bomb the wall on the right.  Shrink to Minish size and go 
to the previous room.  Go south again and fall into the hole that the 
flame chain rotates over.  Go north and head through the tunnel here.  
Become big again and press the switch.  This opens the jail cells.  Go 
out and head into the right cell.  There’s King Daltus.

Free him from his stony curse with a Spin Attack beam and then talk to 
him.  All he can do to help is give you a Small Key.  Actually, this is 
a major contribution to our cause.  Go south and then west to a new 
room.  Go north and take the stairs up to B1.  Like when we made the 
not-so-permanent shortcut before, push the block to the south down and 
go south.  Open the locked door against the south wall and enter a new 

Go south into a hallway.  It is populated by Wizzrobes and a Stalfos.  
Take it south and you’ll see a door with stairs leading up in it.  
Instead of taking them, go right to see two Moldorms in a pit.  Best 
each of them and take the north stairs to a large chest.  Open it for 
the Dungeon Map.  Now go back to the stairs and take them to 1F.  You 
can go south in here if you want to exit the castle.  Everything’s 
normal outside.  So, if you want to go do something that you skipped 
earlier, now’s your chance.  Get onto the green carpet and go north.

Through the door is a hallway.  Defeat every enemy on the screen easily 
with the Great Spin Attack and then go left.  Go north and then forward 
to see four cannon shooting shots at you.  Wait for them to stop, 
charge up the Split Gauge, and then divide into four.  You may want to 
create each individual duplicate separately.  When you do, stand facing 
the cannons and swing the sword rapidly.  You’ll reflect their shots 
back at them, letting you advance.

When you go forward you’ll see some Floor Masters.  You only need to 
make contact twice with the Great Spin Attack to beat each of them.  
Now go right.  This room took me a while.  You must pass over the blue 
tiles in exactly the right way to make the door open.  If you need to, 
reset the tiles (they turn red when you walk on them) with the switch.

You want to stand on each tile (they had a lot of these puzzles in the 
Oracle games).  Go over twice, up twice, right once, down twice, right 
once, up three times, left all the way, up all the way, now over once, 
down once, over once, up once, over once, down once, and then go right.  
This opens the door, letting you go east.

Go south to a new room.  This is almost exactly the same as a puzzle we 
saw in Royal Crypt.  Split into four right when the razor trap here is 
heading toward the northernmost block.  Quickly go down, dodging the 
blocks that are extended, so that you beat the razor trap to the 
switches.  Stand on all four and a chest appears.  Open it for a Small 
Key.  Jump off the ridge here, go south, and then go left.

Go south to reenter the main room of 1F.  Open the locked door on the 
east side of the room and take the stairs down.  Go right and fend off 
some Wizzrobes and Stalfos.  Now go north twice.  Defeat the Stalfos on 
the flashing panels and then split.  Form one Link on the upper-left 
corner, one that is two down from the first, one on the lower-right 
corner, and one that is two above the first.  Now charge up a Spin 
Attack with your doubles.

Walk to the cannons and release it when they just fired to break them 
all.  Go north.  What a nightmare…  a whole legion of fox warriors!  
The safest way to dispatch them is with the Great Spin Attack.  That 
being done, tap the left wall with your sword.  When you find a 
peculiar noise, bomb the wall and go west.  Go north in here and climb 
the stairs.  Hooray, we’re back on 1F.  And if you use your map, you 
know that there are more fun-filled rooms yet to come.  Go north.

This, the throne of the king, seemingly, is a trap.  Walk forward and a 
Dark Nut appears.  Unfortunately for it, we have Remote Bombs.  Drop 
one on the arena, wait for him to go over there, and let it explode.  
This stuns it, leaving you plenty of opportunity to attack it.  Beating 
it opens the door to the right.  Go through and take the treasure, the 
Compass.  Wow, Vaati sure did use chests sparingly.  Now go left into 
the Dark Nut room.  Push the throne to the side and take the stairs 

Even though it’s dark, you don’t need to use the Flame Lantern.  Let 
the Magical Boomerang defeat the Keese and stun the Gibdos long enough 
for you to take victory.  Now right and then up the stairs.  Go right 
and you’ll find two Moldorms.  Go up the stairs to finally be in 2F.  
Go south and you’ll be outside.  Hmm, this didn’t used to be here…  Use 
Ezlo and the whirlwinds to float past the cannon and then south to a 
new screen.  Defeat the Moblins here and go left to the castle 

This room reminds me of Misery Mire from A Link to the Past.  There are 
four flashing panels to the north; split into four on them and be sure 
to do so when the flame chain below is turning right and be sure to 
have the physically real Link on the right side.  Run down and around 
the chain to a block.  Push it down when the flame chain is at its 
highest point and then go right to the great outdoors.  Defeat the 
foxes here (called Keatons) and go south to another series of 

Take them south (avoid the cannon fire, obviously.  Also, you can avoid 
taking the whirlwind south of the cannons; just keep going) to a new 
ledge.  Go south to a door.  Go left past it (as in, do not take it) to 
a screen with a Moblin and a Keaton in it.  Defeat both and hit the 
switch across the western gap with the Magical Boomerang (an arrow will 
also do) and take the bridge.  Defeat the Moblins here and go north 
into the castle.  Go north past some flashing panels and you’ll see 
several switches.

Stand in the exact center and spin attack them to make the door to the 
north open.  If you can’t do this, split into four and strike them.  
North, you’ll see two Ball & Chain Soldiers.  Remember that the best 
strategy is to use Remote Bombs.  Wait for them to walk into them and 
you’ve got them beat.  Light Arrows are also effective.  Beating them 
makes the red portal form.  Now go left.  Go north and you’ll be in a 
new room.

First, get on the white platform circulating around the room and jump 
through the square to the top of the wire net using Roc’s Cape.  Hit 
both switches to the left and right with the Magical Boomerang to open 
the north door.  To reach it, you’ll need to destroy the cracked blocks 
in front of it.  This is a pretty tough task using the Remote Bombs (it 
is one of the only cases when the originals are better).

However, there’s still an easy way around it.  Get on the moving 
platform and push against the blocks when (you know, push forward on 
the control pad) you cross paths with it.  When you see Link try to 
push it, press B or A, whichever you use for bombs, and then let it 
explode later.  When you’re done, go north once again to another room 
of 2F.

Go right in this room and then you’ll see a chain of Sparks, the 
electric enemies.  If you use the Magical Boomerang on them, they 
become Fairies (in case you’re low on health or bottled items).  Make 
sure that you do have some fairies bottled, as this will hurt.  Go 

                        Mini-Boss: Black Knight

They’re so original!  This is the third time they used this mini-boss.  
Well, this is a tough Black Knight, a rare type of Dark Nut, and he has 
a fairly small arena.  This is to his advantage (he can corner you 
easily).  However, it also helps you a lot.  Plant a Remote Bomb and 
let it explode in his face.  This leaves it vulnerable for a few 
seconds; slash it a few more times to add insult to injury.  Doing 
this, it is very easy to beat this otherwise difficult enemy.  If you 
find yourself cornered, use a Great Spin Attack to get yourself out of 
there.  It’ll be too busy defending against your attack to worry about 
whaling on you.  When you’ve won, a blue portal forms and it also makes 
a few of his buddies form.  I hope you have a lot of bombs.  If you run 
out, use the blue portal to return to the start so that you can re-
supply yourself.


Go south.  If you need to, boomerang the Sparks for fairies.  Now go 
right.  You must face two Dark Nuts at once in the most difficult 
battle yet!  Seriously, though, it’s easy.  Din’s Charm is great to use 
right now.  Of course, these are two grunt Dark Nuts; they are stunned 
longer and they are much weaker than the dark knight.  There is also a 
good chance that they’ll drop (a) Kinstone piece(s).  Go south once 
you’ve beaten them and jump up through the square onto the wire net.

Take this path south and jump over the ridge.  Go through the door here 
to find a red knight, formidable at best.  For a really easy victory, 
back it into a corner and bomb it continuously.  Each time it is 
stunned, slash a few times and repeat the process.  Beating it opens 
doors to the south and west.  Going west takes you to where you fought 
the Ball & Chain Soldiers.  From there, go left again to see the 
remaining pair of Dark Nuts.

Beat them like the last pair you fought and go south.  It’s another 
fantabulous tile room.  You must walk across them all, so please allow 
me to guide you.  Go straight down, go right once, go up once, go right 
twice, go down once, go right all the way, go up once, go left once, go 
up once, go left as far as you can, go up once, go left once, go up 
once, go right twice, go down once, go right twice more, go up, go 
right, and then follow the path out of the blocks.  This opens the door 
to the south.

Take it and a group of Ghinis appear.  Defeat them all and go south 
again to be outside.  Go left and take the door.  Go up the stairs and 
open the chest for a Small Key.  Take the stairs down twice in here and 
slash the pots for bombs and arrows.  Now go up once and backtrack back 
to where the red portal is.  Go right from here and then go south.  
Notice that flashing panels and the flame chains.  This has the 
potential to be a very aggravating room, but it isn’t.

Go south and spin attack all four of the switches at once (stand in the 
center).  Now go right.  Defeat the Fire Wizzrobes if you want and take 
the stairs north (press the switch in here to open the door).  Open the 
chest for a Small Key (you should have two now).  Return to the red 
portal, take it, and then take the blue portal.  Go south and then left 
to face the final Dark Nut.  Like before, the Remote Bombs are 
effective and the corner-tactic is, too.

That is, get it into the corner so that it can’t maneuver and then bomb 
it.  Go north when you win.  See the Stalfos?  Ignore them.  There are 
two Wall Masters in the room that take priority over them.  Defeat the 
latter first and then take out the Stalfos.

Now go north when the flame chain is just passing that way and shoot 
all of the eyes (left to right) before the leftmost one opens.  Doing 
this makes a door open.  Take it and push the upper two blocks over, 
the lower down.  Fall down the hole, defeat the Gibdos, and take the 
stairs up twice.  Open the treasure chest for a third Small Key.

Go back to where you fought the last Dark Nut and go right once to the 
Sparks.  Boomerang them to heal and then go right again.  Go north to 
see a tricky room.  You must light all the torches in here (Flame 
Lantern, obviously) as a flame chain rotates around the spike-filled 
room.  If you are lit on fire, you run faster (but lose control), which 
may help you if you’re having trouble lighting them in time.

Also, make sure to light in a counterclockwise fashion and to make sure 
to start when the flame chain passes the first torch.  Go north when 
you’ve been successful and you’ll find four Ghinis.  Defeat them and go 
right.  Take the stairs up to the final Small Key in the dungeon and in 
the game.  Go back to where the blue teleport formed and go north.

Open all four of the locked blocks here to make them disappear.  Now 
smash the pots to the right to uncover some flashing tiles.  Split into 
four and push the large block left.  Now take the stairs up to the 
chest containing the Big Key.

Go south, take the blue portal, and then take the red portal.  Make 
sure that you have four bottled fairies (unless you want to use another 
bottled item) and open the Boss Door to the north.

As soon as you go forward, you hear Vaati laugh.  In only three more 
chimes of the bell he will extract from Princess Zelda the light force 
and become a god among insects.  Run forward and fly over the Ball & 
Chain Soldier.  In the next room, the bell tolls.

Defeat the Keatons here and split into four.  Press the switch and go 
north.  Walk forward and the bell tolls again.  Ahead are three Dark 
Nuts, two red and one black.  This is our toughest battle yet as far as 
common enemies are concerned.  Remote Bomb them to bits and attack when 
they are stunned.  Now go north.

                         |    BOSS: VAATI    |

In but a few moments, Zelda will be nothing more than cold, dead stone.  
He has not taken all of the mysterious light force housed in her, but 
he is confident that what he has will be more than enough to crush you.  
He takes you and himself to an arena on the floor below.  Drawing from 
the power of the light force, Vaati transforms into a hideous beast, 
much like Majora’s Mask!  It is time to put an end to this once and for 

Vaati’s new form, called Vaati Reborn, has two small eyes orbiting 
around his tall body.  Slash both once and a huge eye is exposed on 
Vaati’s chest.  Slash it for as long as you can and eventually the 
battle starts over.  Vaati Reborn may cast fire on you, and each few 
this he forms new eyes to join his arsenal along with his previous 
ones.  They may shoot laser beams at you, so be careful when destroying 
them.  Similarly, Vaati Reborn can launch a dark orb at you that 
freezes you momentarily.  Fend it off with the shield (although it is a 
homing attack).  Finally, Vaati Reborn may warp around the room.  He’s 
really not that tough, though.  The pots in the corners reform every so 
often and may contain valuable items.  In the meantime, Vaati Reborn 
will be thinking up new strategies.  After the second series of hits, 
he covers them in black orbs.  Use the Gust Jar to suck off these 
coverings and you’ll find an eye inside.  Some more hit after that make 
the ground quake around you and the fiend.  Vaati warps you to a new 
arena where he’s better-suited to whoop you.

The new, monstrous form that Vaati takes is known only as Vaati 
Transfigured.  This is a somewhat harder battle that echoes Gyorg Pair.  
Shoot the orbs that surround him and you might just hit an eye.  There 
are four and they are Vaati’s weak point.  When all four of the eight 
eyes are exposed, split into four in a formation proper for slashing 
all four at once and then do so.  This causes Vaati Transfigured to 
take damage (keep hacking away at him).  Should you run out of arrows 
(they also contain hearts), slash the spiky rocks that Vaati throws 
around the playing field.  After four rounds, Vaati begins to tremble 
once more.  How could a peon like you even hurt him?  He has the power 
of the light force!

Vaati explodes, meaning that you’ve finally ended the madness.  Go 
north and walk forward to see Zelda.  Do a Spin Attack and the might of 
the Four Sword will revive Princess Zelda.  Hooray!  But suddenly, the 
castle begins to collapse.  This is a classic Zelda element.  The exit 
to the castle is blocked by rubble, though.  The only choice you have 
is to go to the Elemental Sanctuary for cover.  Zelda will follow 
behind you.  Go north and up the stairs to the left.  Go down these 
stairs to B1.  Follow the green path and go north.  Go down the stairs 
to the right and go right one more time.  Go south and break the pots 
here for two fairies and some supplies if you’re low.  Now, go north 
and into the sanctuary from the courtyard.  Before you can, though, 
Vaati appears.  With his last breath, Vaati is determined to kill you 
and Ezlo.  Now you will witness the true power of the light force.  
Feel Vaati’s Wrath!

Vaati’s final form, Vaati’s Wrath, is much like the former phase of 
battle, only with arms and a much more menacing look about him.  He is 
also bejeweled.  This is definitely a much tougher battle than before 
or before that.  Vaati’s Wrath uses many electricity attacks, so be 
forewarned.  Shortly into the battle, Vaati places one of his 
tremendous arms beneath the arena.  When it emerges, enchant it with 
the Cane of Pacci.  This freezes the arm in place.  Shrink at the 
pedestal to Minish Link and enter the arm by the hole where the 
bracelet is placed.  Inside are many tiny gold eyes.  Only one of them 
has a moving pupil, though.  Slash this particular eye and keep at it 
until the eye disintegrates.  Now exit the arm before it explodes.  
Repeat this process with his opposite arm (it is dark inside; light it 
with the Flame Lantern) and the mighty Vaati will open the four eyes 
before his main eye.  As normal Link, split into four and attack these 
eyes all at once as they are charging their electricity attacks.  I 
suggest that you charge the Split Gauge while waiting.  Stand a bit 
away from them so that you have some time to react.  Swing their 
electricity attacks back at them to stun his wrath.  Slash the eye as 
much as you can and soon Vaati will regain control of the battle.  
Repeat the electricity deflection tactic until Vaati is finally beaten.

After one final explosion, Vaati is defeated.  The cap that he wore 
falls to the ground before you.  With Vaati defeated, Ezlo transforms 
back into the wise Minish sage that he once was.  Ezlo is the master of 
sorcery in the Minish world.  Using the magic cap, Zelda’s just heart 
returns things to normal.  The light force returns to her, the castle 
is restored, and the people are revived.  The monsters that came from 
the Bound Chest disappear just as they were created.  The cap is 
destroyed by the wish, as well.  Suddenly, the Elemental Sanctuary’s 
entrance begins to rock.  The shaking indicates that the brief time 
every century that the door is open is ending.  Ezlo will miss you, so 
he gives you a green cap to remember him by.  Now The Minish Door fades 
away.  And let the credits roll…

CONGRATULATIONS!  You beat the game.  But don’t stop playing just yet.  
I know that you don’t have everything because it is impossible.  Yep, 
there’s more to be done in Hyrule.  Get ready.
  /                                                                 \
 /                                                                   \
||----------------------------Section 3*-----------------------------||
 \                                                                   /

============================The Aftermath*=============================

Once you’ve beaten the game, save to continue playing in your new, 
special file.  You see, everything is still troubling in Hyrule (you 
start out at the entrance of the final dungeon when you begin the file 
again), but a golden triangle called the Triforce is on your File 
Screen when you choose to start playing.  This means that you’ve beaten 
the game.  This lets you get several items that you couldn’t get 
without having beaten the game.  Six more figurines and the Mirror 
Shield require that you’ve beaten the game.  You might even find a few 
Pieces of Heart that weren’t available to you before.  There is no 
second quest, but there’s still plenty to do.  Hyrule forever!

==========================Equipment Upgrades*==========================

One of the best parts of any Zelda game is upgrading your items.  After 
all, you want to kick butt in style, not with some puny weapon, right?  
Well, the upgrades in this game are a dime a dozen.  Here I will 
compile them all, how to get them, and how to get other optional items 
that are still pretty useful.  Note that all of Section 3 has the 
potential to contain spoilers, so read at your own risk.  A spoiler is 
a piece of information that ruins the suspense for you when you are 
playing through the game, by the way.

Big Wallet

Obtain: The first specialty item that you can find at Stockwell’s Shop 
in Hyrule Town is the Big Wallet.  It costs 80 rupees and is a good 
deal.  Once you have the money, buy it.

Function: At first you can carry only up to 99 rupees, by this upgrade 
lets you hold up to 300.  It is very useful, especially considering 
that any rupees you would collect after 99 don’t count toward your 
rupee total.
Big Wallet

Obtain: Note that the name remains Big Wallet.  This is because you can 
get any of the wallets in any order (the same goes for arrow and bomb 
upgrades).  This wallet should be gotten after you have the Pegasus 
Boots.  Fuse Kinstones with Mayor Hagen (if you look in his basement, 
the first chest contains the one he needs) and a pond in Lon Lon Ranch 
dries up.  Enter and open the large chest here for the Big Wallet.

Function: The second Big Wallet that you get lets you hold a maximum of 
500 rupees.  In itself, this isn’t a particularly good upgrade.  You 
will never find an item that costs between 300 and 500 rupees at 
Stockwell’s, for instance.  However, it is handy in being able to get 
the next wallet upgrade, which lets you hold many more rupees.
Big Wallet

Obtain: You can get this before the previous wallet, but it is not 
quite as obvious.  Once you have the Cane of Pacci, go to the two 
farmers in Eastern Hills.  Right of them is a hole.  Enchant it with 
the Cane of Pacci and get in.  Jump up to the next ledge and head right 
into Minish Woods.  Enter the cave here and you’ll find yourself in a 
Great Fairy Fountain.  Answer yes to all of her questions and the Great 
Fairy awards you with this upgrade.

Function: You can hold at most 999 rupees at once when you have this 
upgrade.  This is very useful for obvious reasons.  You will actually 
need that capacity increase for buying certain items later on.
Big Bomb Bag

Obtain: Once you’ve bought the Boomerang from Stockwell’s Shop, this 
item is on sale for 600 rupees.  It’s a lot of money, but it pays off 
in the long run.

Function: The first upgrade lets you carry thirty bombs at a time.  
This is a huge advantage (at first, you can only carry ten a time), 
especially in certain areas where many bombs are required.  After all, 
you don’t want to stop playing through a dungeon just because you’re 
missing a few bombs, do you?
Big Bomb Bag

Obtain: Go to Crenel Wall in Mount Crenel.  As soon as you can, climb 
as far to the right as you can.  You’ll see a sign by a ledge and a 
path that leads to a dead-end.  Bomb that dead-end to reveal a cave.  
Enter to find the Great Fairy of the mountain.  When she asks whether 
you threw a gold or silver bomb into her pond, answer neither.  Since 
she likes an honest person, you receive this upgrade.

Function: This lets you carry up to 50 bombs at a time, which is pretty 
descent.  You will probably never use that many in one sitting without 
finding more, but it pays to be prepared.
Big Bomb Bag

Obtain: Belari is the Minish that lives outside Minish Village in 
Minish Woods.  Fuse with him after clearing the Temple of Droplets and 
a chest will form right before the Fortress of Winds in the Wind Ruins.  
Of course, it holds the bomb bag.

Function: This is one step up from the last upgrade.  Now you can lug 
99 bombs at a time around.  This is very nice to have; you never have 
to worry about being short a few explosives.  If you ever do, though, 
try digging around Mt. Crenel with the Mole Mitts.  Note that this 
upgrade is NOT found in the European version of the game.  Well, at 
least the game was released way earlier over there, right?
Large Quiver

Obtain: The first of the three quivers cost 600 rupees at Stockwell’s 
Shop.  It appears after you’ve beaten the boss of Fortress of Winds.  
It’s pretty expensive, and I’d say that the arrow upgrade series is the 
least important of the three capacity chains.  However, it is still 
good to have, especially later on in the game.

Function: The Large Quiver holds 50 arrows at a time.  The original 
quiver only held 30, making this a considerable upgrade.
Large Quiver

Obtain: Go to the second Armos (it is deactivated) in Wind Ruins.  Near 
it is a hole.  Use the nearby stump to shrink and then fall in.  Fuse 
Kinstones with this Picori and a beanstalk grows where it had planted a 
seed.  Climb this stalk to the clouds.  On the clouds is the upgrade.

Function: The new quiver on the block lets you take 70 arrows with you 
at all times.  I doubt that you’ll ever use this many, but I guess it’s 
good for all the archers out there.  Yes, there are archers.
Large Quiver

Obtain: Once you have access to Royal Valley, go down the first set of 
stairs and look to the right to see some stakes around one spot on the 
wall.  Bomb this spot and enter the cave that you formed.  Answer the 
Great Fairy’s questions in the following manner: no, no, yes, no, and 
no.  For relating your quest to her, you get this upgrade.

Function: The final quiver upgrade enables you to carry 99 arrows at a 
time.  This is useful in select situations.  The final boss comes to 
First Bottle

Obtain: The first bottle is needed to progress in the game.  All the 
other bottles are optional, but highly recommended, items.  When you 
first enter Trilby Highlands, take the ladder down to a cavern.  Bomb 
the right wall and enter this new room to find the lair of a Business 
Scrub.  Deflect a Deku Nut back at it with your shield and it will sell 
you the bottle for a mere 20 rupees.

Function: The bottle can hold a multitude of items.  Many have healing 
properties, making them especially useful.  The starter bottle is used 
to carry mineral water to plants, but it can be used unlimited times 
after that for storing fairies and the like.
Second Bottle

Obtain: Fuse Kinstones with Smith.  He’s Link’s grandfather, the 
blacksmith that lives in your house in South Hyrule Field.  A chest 
will appear in Eastern Hills; open it for the bottle.

Function: Like the first, the second can carry healing items and other 
items, from potions to dog food.  I highly recommend that you get them 
Third Bottle

Obtain: This is a bit less obvious.  First, you need to have gotten the 
Pegasus Boots.  Notice that Stockwell has a bottle behind the counter.  
To reach it, go to the café to the left of him and push the display 
case here to the left to uncover a ladder.  Use the Cane of Pacci to 
flip over the pot and shrink.  Climb the ladder and go through the 
door.  Follow the path here leading right until you enter the behind-
the-counter part of Stockwell’s Shop.  Talk to him as large Link and 
he’ll give you the bottle if you agree to feed its contents to his dog 
in Lake Hylia, Fifi.  Go to Lake Hylia using the Wind Crest and then go 
north to Stockwell’s house.  Inside is Fifi.  Press R by the food bowl 
and the bottle is yours to keep.  To think that Link drinks milk from 
the same bottles he keeps dog food in.

Function: The bottles can hold various items, all of which help you 
progress in the game.  Fairies are my personal favorite.  They revive 
you when you die.  Blue Potions, bought from Syrup, are also very good 
(but expensive).  Lon Lon Milk, bought from Malon in Hyrule Town once 
you’ve opened the path to Lake Hylia, is probably the best item, but it 
costs a lot.  There are many other items that can be stored, but I 
don’t care to list them all.  A lot of them are useless, anyways.
Fourth Bottle

Obtain: The last bottle is gotten through several fusions.  In the 
southernmost part of Lon Lon Ranch on the left is a Goron punching a 
wall.  To reach the Goron, go right, enchant the pit with the Cane of 
Pacci, jump to the above ledge, and then float by the whirlwind to the 
tier above the Goron (jump off).  To open the cave and clear out all 
the barriers within, you must do all of these trades (in this order): 
trade with the farmer on the right in Eastern Hills, get to the top of 
Crenel Wall and go to the Crenel Hermit’s cave (at the top, go left and 
take the stairs down); use the Mole Mitts to dig the wall by there and 
then fuse Kinstones with the Mysterious Wall within, fuse with another 
Mysterious Wall in the Mole Mitts tunnels by Syrup’s hut in Minish 
Woods, fuse with a third Mysterious Wall in the tunnels that require 
the Mole Mitts that are reached from the north bridge, fuse with 
another Mysterious Wall in the tunnels by the farmers in Eastern Hills, 
and fuse with a final Mysterious Wall in the tunnels on the north shore 
of Lake Hylia (use Roc’s Cape to reach the tunnel).  Needless to say, 
you must have cleared the Palace of Winds to get this bottle.  At the 
cave that I described earlier, Gorons will appear and break through to 
the end of the cave.  At the end are all the treasures, 200 rupees and 
the bottle.

Function: As always, the bottle should be gotten.  It lets you carry 
invaluable items, from charms to fairies to water.

Obtain: One of the earlier items at Stockwell’s Shop is the Boomerang.  
At the cost of 300 rupees, you’ll need any of the wallet upgrades to 
afford it.  Once you’ve bought the Big Wallet from Stockwell, you can 
purchase the Boomerang right afterward.

Function: The Boomerang is an extremely important weapon.  It makes 
dealing with Moblins, Gibdos, and other harder enemies a breeze.  
Although it has low range, hitting most enemies with it causes them to 
be stunned for a brief period, allowing you to reposition yourself, 
plant bombs, or to just slash them to bits.
Magical Boomerang

Obtain: You must fuse Kinstones with Tingle and company to get this.  
Tingle is found on the east side of South Hyrule Field, a friend in 
Trilby Highlands (the north end), another in Lake Hylia (south of 
Stockwell’s home), and one in Lon Lon Ranch on the ledge over the 
fields.  To reach the fourth one, go to the north end of the ranch, 
jump to the next tier with the Cane of Pacci, and use whirlwinds to go 
south.  Fusing with all of them makes four caves open in North Hyrule 
Field.  Enter each, pressing a switch (also, take the treasure.  You’ll 
get some Mysterious Shells and three red Kinstone pieces), to make a 
ladder appear in the center of North Hyrule Field.  Take it down to the 
chest containing the Magical Boomerang.

Function: The Magical Boomerang is a much-improved version of the 
original.  It flies farther, faster, and it can cut through lines of 
bushes.  It also stuns enemies, but it has much better range.
Remote Bombs

Obtain: Any time after the Temple of Droplets, Gentari (the Minish 
elder of the village in Minish Woods) is open for fusion.  Fuse 
Kinstone pieces with him and Belari is inspired to make a new type of 
bomb.  Talk to Belari, who lives just outside the village, and he’ll 
give you the Remote Bombs.  If you want to switch back to the regular 
type, just talk to him again.

Function: The Remote Bombs are not only a Zelda first, but they are 
very useful.  When you plant a bomb, it will not explode until you 
press the bomb button again.  This lets impatient people bypass a few 
seconds of waiting.  It also lets you place bombs in strategic 
positions while fighting.  It’s the easiest way to defeat a Dark Nut.
Light Arrows

Obtain: First, you need to have at the very least the Earth Element 
from Deepwood Shrine.  In Hyrule Town, on the west side of town, is a 
yellow-roofed house that is home to a stranger.  Fuse with him and a 
teleport appears in South Hyrule Field.  Take it to a house in the sky, 
home to the last members of the Wind Tribe.  In this house is a man 
named Gregal that is haunted by a ghost.  His family cannot see the 
ghost, which causes them to think that he’s merely ill.  Use the Gust 
Jar to capture the ghost (you must move with it as you do to keep your 
hold on it) and Gregal will be cured.  Much later on in the game – 
after you’ve beaten the Palace of Winds – talk to Gregal and he’ll 
reward you with the Light Arrows.

Function: Light Arrows are a more powerful version of the regular 
arrows.  They aren’t that much better, but they do have a new charge 
feature.  If you hold the bow button long enough, the arrow will start 
to sparkle.  Fire it and it will do approximately three times as much 
damage as a regular arrow (tests done on an Eyegore Statue).  A lot of 
people like the Bow (indeed, it is one of the best Zelda items in any 
game), which makes this a great item.  On a different note, Ganon 
(Link’s usual adversary) is weak to the Light Arrows.  The Light Arrows 
were originally called the Silver Arrows, and these projectiles are the 
most powerful of them all.  You do not need this to beat the game.
Mirror Shield

Obtain: This takes quite a bit of time to obtain.  First, you must have 
beaten the game and saved afterward.  Also, you must have gotten the 
fourth bottle (it’s an earlier entry in this section).  Talk to the 
Gorons on either side in the cave that you got the bottle in.  Notice 
that you can fuse with both.  Fuse with the one on the left and a Goron 
comes to Hyrule Town.  However, you should fuse with the one on the 
right to get this upgrade.  This awakens Biggoron up at Veil Springs.  
By the way, it’s Veil Springs because it is found in Veil Falls (get 
it?).  Warp there with the Ocarina of Wind and talk to this gargantuan 
Goron.  He wants to eat your shield (steel is a delicacy to Gorons, who 
survive by eating minerals alone).  Give it to him and he’ll eat it.  
At first, this seems to be a really bad trade.  However, if you talk to 
Biggoron after a while, he’ll repay you with the Mirror Shield.

Function: The Mirror Shield can deflect beams and other energy attacks 
that would normally break through the shield.  It is also larger, 
covering all your body.  It is a major upgrade to the Small Shield.
Din’s Charm, Nayru’s Charm, and Farore’s Charm

Obtain: This really isn’t an upgrade, but you should still be able to 
get it.  First, you need to have cleared the Fortress of Winds.  Doing 
this makes the Happy Hearth Inn open, and in it are three women.  They 
are Din, Nayru, and Farore (named after the three goddesses said to 
have created the world and the holy Triforce in Hylian myth).  They are 
from the Oracle of Ages/Seasons games.  Anyways, fuse with any one of 
them and Gorman comes to town.  He owns the blue house to the south 
that is never open.  Talk to him and he’ll say that he’s searching for 
a tenant.  Go talk to any one of the three women and tell them that 
you’ve found a house for them.  They’ll move into that blue house.  Now 
Bremor, one of the carpenters, will stand by the post office.  Fuse 
Kinstones with him and Gorman will build another house.  Talk to any of 
the oracles and they will move into the house.  The third person will 
remain in the Happy Hearth Inn (meaning that you cannot get one of the 
charms).  Talk to either of the oracles in their homes and they’ll 
offer to fill one of your bottles with a charm.  Say yes to take it.

Function: Just like the Links from Four Swords Adventures, your tunic 
will turn red, blue, or purple depending on which charm you take.  With 
this change in fashion you also receive a new strength.  Din’s Charm 
makes you red and gives you an attack increase.  Nayru’s Charm 
increases defense and makes you blue.  Farore’s Charm, purple Link, 
raises both offense and defense.  You cannot have all three charms 
available to you, so choose wisely who you move in.  Each charm lasts 
for only a minute.

Obtain: This is not an upgrade in the least, but it can help you, and 
so I list it.  Once you have the Gust Jar, use it to clear off the dust 
on the matt where Zelda won Link the Small Shield at the beginning of 
the game.  Later on, a salesman named Beedle (he owned a ship shop, or 
is it a shop ship, in Wind Waker) comes to Hyrule Town.  You can buy 
his products, colored Picolytes, for 200 rupees apiece.  See “The 
Picolytes” for details on unlocking each type of Picolyte.

Function: This is mostly a rip-off.  Picolyte raises your luck.  That 
is, it is easier to find certain items for a brief, brief period of 
time (like hearts, rupees, and green Kinstone pieces) when you slash 
grass and the like.  The best is the Yellow Picolyte.  Go to very 
grassy areas, like the southern end of Trilby Highlands, and use arrows 
or the great spin attack to uncover tons of red rupees.  The Picolyte 
costs 100/200/300 rupees, but you can stand to make some money doing 
this.  The Kinstone one might also work out.  Do not buy the others!
Joy Butterflies

Obtain: First, you must have made Gorman move to Hyrule Town (read the 
charm entry, two above this one).  Then you must clear Royal Crypt.  At 
that point, you can fuse with Din, Nayru, and Farore a second time.  
Fusing with each make Joy Butterflies appear in (respectively) the Wind 
Ruins, Royal Valley, and in Castor Wilds.  Simply touch the butterflies 
to catch them.  Each has a different effect.

Function: The butterfly in Wind Ruins allows you to shoot arrows more 
quickly.  Without this upgrade, you shoot them at the speed of slug.  
The butterfly in Royal Valley lets you swim faster (submerged, too).  
This is about the pace that you swim in A Link to the Past.  The 
butterfly in Castor Wilds makes you dig faster using the Mole Mitts.
Swordsman Newsletters

Obtain: These aren’t upgrades, but they do help you and are completely 
optional.  First, fuse with the postman to make Marcy, a postal worker, 
appear in the post office.  She will sell you a new issue of 
Swiftblade’s magazine at the cost of 200 rupees.  They help you if you 
didn’t have a guide, but you do, now don’t you?  She sells a new issue 
each time you get a new Tiger Scroll.  There are eight issues in all, 
and I don’t recommend that you buy a single one.

Function: Read these to be informed about beating certain monsters, 
using certain items effectively, and to hear rumors about legendary 
items (like the Remote Bombs, for example).  However, it’s not worth 
1,600 rupees.  To save you money, I included the text in a newsletter 
section below.
Sound Test

Obtain: Not really an upgrade, but it is very nice.  When you have the 
Carlov Medal (get it by collecting all 136 figurines), talk to the man 
outside of Mama’s Café.  He will open the house north of it, which 
contains a Piece of Heart and the sound test.

Function: Listen to your favorite music, of course!

And there you have it.  To have a truly complete game, try to collect 
each upgrade and optional item.  I would exclude the Picolyte, if I 
were you, though.

========================Swordsman Newsletters*=========================

When you fuse Kinstone pieces with the postman, a worker named Marcy 
appears in the post office to sell issues of Swiftblade’s seriously 
overpriced magazine, the Swordsman Newsletters.  There are eight in 
all, each costing 200 rupees – yes, that’s 1,600 rupees in all!  Each 
time you get a Tiger Scroll (see below section), a new one becomes 
available.  The letters themselves are just lists of tips and rumors 
that could potentially help you in the game.  Because I’ve gotten some 
questions on it, and also because I don’t want you to waste your rupees 
on this, I decided to add this section for the April 30, 2006, update.  
Here, I’ll just display the text and comment as I see fit.

The structure is always the same.  First, there’s a general tip section 
unique to each issue.  Then there’s the ‘Teach Us, Teacher!’ section, 
which always discusses enemies.  The third section, ‘Swiftblade’s 
Gossip Column,’ discusses either incredible items or incredible enemies 
linked to items.  All the rumors are true, although Swiftblade says the 
contrary in each.  The fourth section, ‘Swiftblade, Signing Off!’ is 
just Swiftblade’s closing comments.  He sometimes includes answers to 
reader mail there.  Alright now, here goes nothing...

                  |    Swordsman Newsletter # 1    |

                         Some Walls Go Boom...

It may look like a regular wall, but it may be something you can blow 
up.  There’s actually an easy way to tell.  And I’m here to teach you!  
Build up the power in your sword and start stabbing the wall.  If you 
pay attention, you’ll find that some spots make a different sound!  

                          Teach Us, Teacher!

Monsters got you?  Don’t give up!  Start mashing buttons!  You might be 
able to escape quickly!  

                      Swiftblade’s Gossip Column

The Magical Boomerang...  Somewhere in Hyrule, you can find an 
incredibly handy boomerang.  It’s designed so you can change its 
direction after you throw it!  Or so I’ve been told.  But it’s just a 

                      Swiftblade, Signing Off!

That’s it for our first issue!  We plan to bring you helpful questing 
hints every week, rain or shine.  Be sure to check with your local post 
office for future issues!  See you in issue 2.  Until next time, 

Comments: The first section refers to an old Zelda trick in determining 
whether a wall is weak or not.  Hold the sword’s button and then walk 
into walls to tap them.  If the clink has an unusual sound, it can be 
bombed open.  In the second section, the meaning is that you can press 
buttons rapidly to escape from a monster’s grip, as in a Like Like.  
The third column is about the Magical Boomerang, a real weapon.  For 
details, see the Upgrade section.  And last, Swiftblade advertises the 
next issue.  

                  |    Swordsman Newsletter # 2    |

                      This Year’s Must-Have Item!

Have you seen those sparks that move along walls?  Your sword doesn’t 
work, so maybe you’ve just given up fighting them.  But have you tried 
ALL your items?  Like...what about your boomerang?  Give that a shot!  
You might be surprised at the results!

                          Teach Us, Teacher!

Monster took your shield?  Well, don’t get all down about it.  All hope 
is not lost.  Beat him up quickly, and you might just get it back!  

                      Swiftblade’s Gossip Column

The Mirror Shield...  A beautiful, glimmering shield capable of 
reflecting monsters’ shots.  You can use it to turn their attacks back 
at them.  Or so they say...  But it’s just a rumor...

                      Swiftblade, Signing Off!

Issue 2 is out the door!  We’ve got our first reader letter!  Let’s 
answer it now!  “Hey, Swiftblade, what’s your best feature?”  That 
would be my eyebrows!  I spend a lot of time grooming these suckers!  
See you in issue 3!  Until next time, warriors!

Comments: The first section refers to enemies called Sparks that patrol 
the perimeter of an object, like a wall.  If you boomerang them, they 
disappear and release a fairy.  The second section talks about Like 
Likes: they can steal your shield, but you can take it back by killing 
them quickly afterwards.  The third section is about a real item, the 
Mirror Shield (see the upgrade section).  The fourth section is 
Swiftblade signing off and bragging about his eyebrows...  I wish I had 
half the eyebrow Swiftblade has...

                  |    Swordsman Newsletter # 3    |

                          Got a Bone to Pick?

You’re sure to run into more than a few skeletons on your journey.  
That’s why this week’s newsletter is dedicated to all you bone-
breakers!  A good, solid whack to the head should do the trick.  That’s 
their weak spot!  Try smacking them with a beam from your Cane of 
Pacci.  You should also try your Gust Jar.  That head should just pop 
right off!  They go all to pieces once they lose their head.

                          Teach Us, Teacher!

Those darn Bob-ombs!  If you hit them with your sword, they’ll run all 
over the place and explode!  But don’t worry.  This newsletter’s here 
to teach you how to cope!  Your best bet is arrows!  One shot can take 
them down!  You can fire from a safe distance, too!  There’s also your 
Gust Jar...  Draw them in and shoot them out, and they’ll even blow up 
whatever they hit!

                      Swiftblade’s Gossip Column

Light Arrows are amazing...  They go through grass!  They fell a 
monster with one strike!  They’re handy!  They’re dandy!  They’re a 
super-duper-ultra-item!  Or so it seems...  Bust it’s just a rumor...

                      Swiftblade, Signing Off!

We’ve got more reader mail this week!  “Hey, Swiftblade!  How many 
siblings do you have?”  There are nine of us, not counting the ghost of 
Swiftblade the First.  I’m the oldest, but again, that’s if you don’t 
count Swiftblade the First!  See you in issue 4!  Until next time, 

Comments: The first two sections give solid advice on Stalfos and Bob-
ombs, respectively.  It’s pretty straightforward, so I really don’t 
need to elaborate.  Section 3 discusses a real item, the Light Arrows, 
and you can learn more in the Upgrades section above.  The fourth 
section reveals that there are other dojo leaders to seek out, each of 
whom helps you in some way.  This is discussed in the Tiger Scrolls 

                  |    Swordsman Newsletter # 4    |

                         Seek Out the Strong!

Have you ever seen a golden monster?  When you fuse Kinstone pieces, 
you might get the rare chance to meet one.  They’re much stronger than 
the regular version of that monster.  Of course, if you beat one of 
‘em, you’ll get something REALLY good!  If you see one, go fight it 
instantly!  Just drop everything and go!

                          Teach Us, Teacher!
                   -Coping with a Thorny Situation-

Those thorny little thorn monsters!  Your sword doesn’t hurt ‘em at 
all!  But if you bump ‘em with your shield up, they’ll totally flip!  
There are other ways, though.  Flip ‘em with a bomb!  Or your Cane of 
Pacci!  Or with a well-placed Down Thrust!  How’s that for options?  
Your head must be swimming at the possibilities!

                      Swiftblade’s Gossip Column

Remote Bombs...  Here’s a secret: you can blow them up whenever you 
want!  How cool is that?!  Or so it seems... But it’s just a rumor...

                      Swiftblade, Signing Off!

I went to Lon Lon Ranch the other day.  I saw the ghost of Swiftblade 
the First defeat a cow with his bare hands!  It was kind of sad, 
really...  See you in issue 5!  Until next time, warriors!!!!


Comments: The first section talks about golden monsters.  After certain 
Kinstone fusions, they’ll appear in a particular screen.  Octoroks, 
Ropes, and Tektites can all be golden.  Each takes many more hits than 
usual, but they drop varying huge amounts of rupees when defeated.  The 
second section gives a strategy for Spiked Beetle enemies.  Flip them 
and then attack their underbellies, as the passage describes.  The 
gossip this week is about the Remote Bombs, which once again do exist; 
see the Upgrades section for details.  Finally, Swiftblade signs out.

                  |    Swordsman Newsletter # 5    |

                      Fire Up That Chilly Chump!

Have you seen a sorcerer who throws cold curses at you?  Yeah, the one 
who keeps disappearing!  That’s him!  Well, next time he shows up, 
whack him with your lantern!  Fire against ice!  It’s the law of 

                          Teach Us, Teacher!

Those pig-faced Moblins...  You see them around the Minish Woods, 
right?  They’re big and dumb?  Well, they’re also rich!  Beat one up 
for some quick cash!

                      Swiftblade’s Gossip Column

A tidbit about amulets...  I hear that there’s a mysterious amulet that 
raises your abilities if you use it!  Well, that’s what I heard, 
anyway...  But it’s just a rumor...

                      Swiftblade, Signing Off!

I went to Smith’s the other day.  The old guy’s still looking pretty 
good. ... ...But I AM a little concerned about the guy in green tights 
on the hill there...  See you in issue 6!  Until next time, 

Comments: The first article gives advice on Ice Wizzrobes, while the 
second talks about Moblins and their extensive rupee drops.  Thirdly, 
Swiftblade discusses “amulets;” he’s referring to Din’s, Nayru’s, and 
Farore’s Charms (see “Upgrades” for details).  Last, he signs out after 
giving a nod to Tingle in South Hyrule Field.

                  |    Swordsman Newsletter # 6    |

                          Here’s What You Do!

Have you seen a monster wrapped in bandages?  It tries to grab you?  
Well, here’s a pro tip: bandages burn easily, especially on a mummy!  I 
don’t have to spell this out, do I?  Yeah, you know what I’m about to 
say!  That’s right, it’s time to light up their world!  FWOOOSH!

                          Teach Us, Teacher!

Those heavy-handed Floor Masters... And their irritating friends, the 
Wall Masters...  They’re really annoying, but if you beat one, they say 
you’ll be rich!!  But it’s just a rumor... Don’t complain to me if it 
turns out to be wrong.

                      Swiftblade’s Gossip Column

Rupee-stealing nasties...  Those rupee-camouflaged creeps have been 
ripping a lot of you off lately.  I’ve heard that you greedy 
adventurers are getting soaked!  In fact, I hear that the greedier you 
are, the more it takes!  Or so it seems... But it’s just a rumor...

                      Swiftblade, Signing Off!

We’ve got reader mail again!  “Hey, Swiftblade, do you have a hobby?”  
Training!  See you in issue 7.  Until next time, warriors!!!!

Comments: First, Swiftblade suggests you burn Gibdos, the mummy enemy 
in the game.  Then he advises you kill Floor/Wall Masters for major 
dough, and after that he warns against Rupee Likes, Like Likes 
initially disguised as rupees.  You walk up to them and then you’re 
inside them, having your money stolen all the while.  The more they 
appear to be worth, the more you lose.  Finally, he signs off after a 
nearly rhetorical reader letter.

                  |    Swordsman Newsletter # 7    |

                        For Real Swordsmen Only

You know the Roll Attack, right?  Yeah, the one you do midroll!  I bet 
Grayblade told you to attack just as you fish the roll, right?  Well, 
actually, you can do it just as you start the roll, too!  But the 
timing is very tricky! You can do it!  Hone your skill!  The journey of 
a thousand miles begins with a single step!  Or...something!

                          Teach Us, Teacher!

Camouflaged shell-shockers...  These fiends festoon themselves with 
grass and rocks to deceive your eyes.  But you can remove their camo 
without trying to pick them up, you know!  Hit them with that Cane of 
Pacci!  Suck them with the Gust Jar!  How do you like that!?  Now 
you’re a camo-buster!

                      Swiftblade’s Gossip Column

Those short-fused Bob-ombs...  I told you about them in issue 3, but 
here’s another thing...  Apparently they drop bombs at a higher rate 
than other enemies!  Or so it seems...  But it’s just a rumor...

                      Swiftblade, Signing Off!

The next one is our last issue!  After that, it’ll be time for me to 
put down my pen.  As much as I like writing, I’m a teacher at heart.  
But I know you’ll miss me when I’m gone.  I’m like a star!  A 
superstar!  Issue 8, the last one, is coming soon!  Hope you’re looking 
forward to it!  Until next time, warriors!!!!

Comments: Swiftblade reveals here that you can begin a roll attack 
early or late into a roll attack.  Also, he gives tips on revealing 
Spiny Beetles, enemies that hide under rocks or shrubs.  He says that 
Bob-ombs drop bombs at a higher frequency than other foes, and that 
issue 8, the final magazine in the series, will be released next.

                  |    Swordsman Newsletter # 8    |

                      The Way to the Sacred Blade

Have you ever wished you could unleash your Spin attack a little 
faster?  Or perhaps split faster?  Or maybe you wanted a longer Great 
Spin Attack?  It’s only natural to want these things.  Every warrior 
wants to be his best!  So now for some good news!  I haven’t confirmed 
it, but there MAY be a way!  All of these things could be yours if you 
only figure out how to do it!

                          Teach Us, Teacher!

The one-eyed statue Eyegore...  You have to shoot him with an arrow to 
make him move...  But if you beat him, he almost always drops spare 
arrows for you!  So don’t worry about running out of arrows once you’ve 
beaten him!  Just fire away!

                      Swiftblade’s Gossip Column

Armos, fabled creations of the Minish.  I hear that they drop Kinstone 
pieces when you beat them!  Or so it seems...  But it’s just a rumor...

                      Swiftblade, Signing Off!

That’s all the news for you!  If you get lonely, just come over and 
spar for a while!  And thanks for reading!  I hope you’ve enjoyed it as 
much as I have.  And now, let me sign off one final time with that oh-
so-familiar farewell...  Until next time, warriors!!!!

Comments: First, Swiftblade says it’s possible to improve certain 
techniques of yours, but he doesn’t say how.  In truth, you can by 
visiting the lesser brothers of Swiftblade.  They do not teach you a 
new technique but merely improve existing ones.  See the Tiger Scrolls 
section for details.  Then he teaches about Eyegore Statues, which drop 
arrows abundantly.  He says Armos drop Kinstone pieces, which is true, 
and then he says good-bye once and for all.  Just like me (or am I like 
he?), Swiftblade signs off with a signature farewell phrase.  Until 
next time indeed, Teacher (by the way, you can NOT spar with 
Swiftblade!).  And there they are: all eight issues of the short-lived 
Swordsman Newsletters.  Worth every rupee!

============================Tiger Scrolls*=============================

The first game in which you could learn new sword techniques was The 
Adventure of Link, the second Zelda game ever.  In it, you could find 
two knights and they would teach you the upward cleave as well as the 
downward thrust.  This tradition of learning new sword techniques 
continued, but it was not nearly as big an aspect of the game as it is 
in Minish Cap.  Tiger Scrolls are given to students that learn a 
technique.  I will now list all the Tiger Scrolls, how to get them, and 
how to get the three hidden upgrades in the game.

Tiger Scroll # 1
The Spin Attack

Obtain: Swiftblade truly is the great swordsman of the Blade Brothers 
(they all, except for three, claim to be the best).  He teaches you 
four different moves, this being the first.  Once you have the Earth 
Element, go to his dojo in Hyrule Town.  Train under him to learn this 

Technique: The Spin Attack is easy to perform.  It is also the only 
Tiger Scroll that you have to get.  Hold your sword out until it 
sparkles and then release the B button to do a 360-degree spin with 
sword extended.  This has been Link’s signature attack ever since his 
third game.
Tiger Scroll # 2
The Sword Beam

Obtain: Once you have the Flame Lantern, go to Hyrule Castle Gardens.  
The guards to the right should be gone; enter the east side of the 
gardens and slash the bushes in the southern corner.  This reveals a 
ladder.  Take it down and go north to the dojo.  Light the place up 
with the Flame Lantern (kindle a flame in each torch).  You can then 
train under the master here, Grimblade.

Technique: When your hearts are full, press B or A (the sword button) 
to unleash a beam that acts as a projectile.  It is pretty useful, and 
it has been a Zelda classic since the age of NES.
Tiger Scroll # 3
The Dash Attack

Obtain: This is really quite simple; I don’t see why Link couldn’t have 
thought of it by himself.  When you have the Pegasus Boots, pay 
Swiftblade a visit.  He will use his possession technique to teach you 
the move, which is not half-bad.

Technique: Although you won’t use it often, this lets you stick your 
sword out in front of you when dashing (if both the Pegasus Boots and 
the sword are selected items).  It is a great improvement to the 
Pegasus Boots.  Without it, you’d run blindly into monsters.
Tiger Scroll # 4
The Peril Beam

Obtain: When you have the Flippers, swim left of Mayor Hagen’s cabana 
in Lake Hylia.  Take the stairs that you find north and go around to a 
cave within a tree.  This is the dojo of Waveblade, one of the Blade 
Brothers.  If you have ten or more Heart Containers, he will teach you 
this move.

Technique: If you have either one heart, three fourths of a heart, half 
a heart, or a quarter of a heart remaining, swing your sword to release 
a beam similar to the Sword Beam.  Unlike the previous tiger scrolls, 
this is a Zelda first.  It is a move of desperation, and you should 
hope that you never have to resort to it.
Tiger Scroll # 5
The Rock Breaker

Obtain: Once you’ve gotten the White Sword from Melari, go visit 
Swiftblade in Hyrule Town.  He will teach you this technique and give 
you a Tiger Scroll to show for it.

Technique: This is a fundamental and very useful move.  It lets you 
slash rocks and pots to break them, which is a major time-saver.
Tiger Scroll # 6
The Roll Attack

Obtain: This is taught to you by Grayblade, a swordsman that lives up 
on Mount Crenel.  When you have the White Sword infused with two 
elements, go to the cave that you bought the Grip Ring in.  To the 
right of it is a wall.  Climb it and enter the cave at the top.  Before 
you can go north, split into two and press both switches.  Now talk to 
Grayblade to learn his technique.

Technique: This is quite a handy move to master.  Press the sword 
button at the end or beginning of a roll (roll by running and pressing 
R) to lunge forward quickly with an outreached blade.  This is useful 
when dealing with many enemies or if you want to destroy several pots 
at once.
Tiger Scroll # 7
The Down Thrust

Obtain: This is the last technique that Swiftblade can teach you.  Talk 
to him when you have Roc’s Cape and he’ll let you train under him for 
the last time.

Technique: This is an okay attack.  When you jump, press the sword 
button to come crashing down on those below.  Its shockwaves can also 
damage enemies.
Tiger Scroll # 8
The Great Spin Attack

Obtain: The condition is simple – you must have all the other Tiger 
Scrolls.  When you do, go to Castor Wilds.  North of the three statues 
that you fuse gold Kinstone pieces with is a piece of land with hedges 
on it.  Slash them all to uncover a ladder.  Take it down and go north 
to the dojo of Swiftblade the First.  This is the ghost of the first 
Swiftblade, possibly the father of the Blade Brothers.  Train under him 
to learn the ultimate technique.

Technique: This move was called the Hurricane Spin in Wind Waker and 
the re-release of A Link to the Past.  When you have charged a Spin 
Attack, release and press the sword button repeatedly to do multiple 
attacks at once.  This is very useful, especially in the final dungeon.
Technique Upgrade
The Great Spin Attack Upgrade

Obtain: Three of the Blade Brothers did not invent a technique, but 
instead perfected one.  You can only get these upgrades after you’ve 
gotten through the Palace of Winds.  Go to Waveblade, the master that 
taught you the Peril Beam, and fuse with him.  This opens a cave in a 
waterfall in North Hyrule Field.  Swim into the cave and you can learn 
the technique here from Greatblade if you have the Great Spin Attack.

Technique: Greatblade’s improvement to the Great Spin Attack lets you 
rotate more times while doing it.  That is, you can prolong the attack, 
making it even more effective.
Technique Upgrade
The Spin Attack Upgrade

Obtain: Fuse Kinstone pieces with Grayblade, the warrior that lives on 
Mount Crenel.  Doing so makes a cave appear in the waterfall in Castor 
Wilds in the northeast corner.  Inside is Scarblade, who will teach you 
the upgrade.

Technique: He shows you how to charge your sword for a Spin Attack 
faster.  This game has lots of really slow actions (like swimming, 
digging, and shooting arrows) for the sole purpose of letting you 
upgrade them later.
Technique Upgrade
The Split Gauge Upgrade

Obtain: Fuse Kinstones with Grimblade, the Blade Brother dwelling in 
Hyrule Castle Gardens.  This opens a cave within a waterfall in Veil 
Falls.  Enter it and you’ll find Splitblade, the last of the Blade 
Brothers.  After a lovely visual description, he gives you one good 
upgrade.  He’s all right with me.

Technique: Splitblade teaches you how to fill the Split Gauge (when it 
fills, you are able to divide into multiple Links on the flashing 
panels) much faster.  It is very useful when engaging final boss.

Those are all the techniques and upgrades in the game.  Upgrades do not 
appear on the Tiger Scrolls list, though.  You can check the list any 
time you want from the Quest Status start screen.

============================The Picolytes*=============================

No seriously, this guide, as of December 17, 2005, includes a section 
on obtaining and using Beedle’s Picolytes (if this isn’t evidence of 
the decline of Western civilization, I don’t know what is).  To begin 
with, several people helped me along in learning of Picolytes, as I 
sincerely hate them, and so I thank these people for all they’ve 
contributed to Picolyte research: 

- kenpokarateboy2, for telling me of utilizing Yellow Picolyte.
- pinhao1, for discovering the Pico Bloom side quest.
- shen-kara, who also told me how to best utilize Yellow Picolyte.
- sivart0, for a tip on using White Picolyte.
- jack.tootles, for correcting the rupee amounts.

Now then, let’s get on with the show...  First of all, what are these 
“Picolytes” that the Kirbs hates so much?  You’ll see, you’ll see...

                    |    What’s in a Picolyte?    |

A “Picolyte” is magical elixir or essence, named for its Picori 
origins, and it increases your luck.  One salesman in Hyrule Town, 
Beedle, advocates its healthful properties and collects them; he’s 
found three types so far.  The different colors indicate that they 
increase your luck in different ways.  For instance, Yellow Picolyte 
increases your luck to find more rupees under shrubs and grass, but it 
only works for a short period of time.  Furthermore, they’re pretty 
expensive, one bottle weighing in at 100 (green/red/white), 200 
(yellow/blue), and 300 (orange) rupees.  Most are a major rip-off, but 
some can be useful if handled with care.

“But how do I get Picolyte?” you ask yourself aloud.  As a disclaimer 
so that you don’t sue me, I’m telling you here and now that Picolyte is 
not something you want to get your hands into.  There are far better 
ways to spend your money, and it’s only a short increase in luck.  
Plus, it’s addicting; just look at Beedle!  I hate to say it, but 
“Picolyte” was probably inspired by some very real-life substances...  
Just remember, you’ve been warned.

Now, you remember that mat where Zelda won you the Small Shield at the 
beginning of the game, right?  Well, ever since the Picori Festival, 
it’s been ridden with dirt-dust.  Once you’ve gotten the Gust Jar from 
Deepwood Shrine, suck all that dust up.  You’ll hear the “unlocked 
secret chime” of Zelda, but nothing happens immediately.  Ah, but just 
you wait, you’ve opened the Pandora’s Box of Minish Cap.

In time, a shirtless man named Beedle will set up shop on that mat.  
You may remember him from Wind Waker; he ran a line of shop ships in 
Wind Waker that sold practical merchandise like Bait and/or Bombs.  
Well no more, as now he’s a collector of Picolytes, and he’s convinced 
that you need to buy some of it for 200 rupees per Picolyte.  He has 
six bottles, but three are empty; he hasn’t found any Picolyte to fill 
them with.  Ugh, he’s just inviting us to track down some new 
products...  Link is such a sap.

                       |    The Pico Blooms    |

You may have noticed four plants growing in the barrel of Minish 
Village (the same barrel where you got the Jabber Nut), which a Minish 
standing nearby is “studying.”  To reach him, you’ll have to push the 
crate blocking your way either left or right.  As it turns out, Pico 
Blooms produce different fruits by being exposed to different liquids.  
The Picori here wants Lon Lon Milk first.  So leave him and track down 
Malon and Epona (this needs to be after you’ve unlocked their house in 
Lon Lon Ranch, a step in the Pegasus Boots quest) in Hyrule Town.  For 
just 100 rupees their milk can be yours.  If you care that much, buy 
some.  You’ll need an empty bottle for this to work, though.

Now that you’ve gotten Lon Lon Milk, return to Minish Village and give 
the milk to the Minish studying Pico Blooms.  He “waters” the flowers 
and instructs you to leave while it blossoms.  Note that passing time 
is measured by movement (how much you walk), not by the actual number 
of minutes that pass by.  When enough “time” elapses, return to him and 
approach the Minish.  The line of flowers left of the Picori will 
suddenly yield Yellow Picolyte, and making it into a Yellow Pico Bloom.  
Although you can’t take any from here, Beedle will now start to carry 
it at his store.

With that step completed, the Minish needs Mt. Crenel Mineral Water in 
order to continue improving the Pico Blooms.  Go off and get some of 
that mineral water like you did so long ago...  When this is done, take 
it back to the Forest Minish, let him have it, and then waste some time 
so that the Pico Bloom can develop.  With this, another row matures.  
It is blue, making Blue Picolyte a new product at Beedle’s shop.

This time the Minish needs Red Potion to grow the Pico Blooms.  Go see 
the good witch Syrup and pick some up for 150 rupees (this quest has 
cost you 250 so far...  Is it really worth it?).  Now deliver it to the 
gardener and wait out the slow growth process.  When you return, they 
grow.  Behold, Orange Picolyte is now in stock!  And with that, the 
Pico Bloom side quest is over; you can stop wasting your money on it.  

                      |    The Six Picolytes    |

You know, six is a fairly unlucky number...  Just sayin’...  So, now 
that all six types of Picolyte are available, what do these suckers do?  
Well, here – specifically – is what each helps you to do.  The first 
three are on the left of Beedle, the second three on the right, going 

Red Picolyte: MAJOR RIP-OFF ALERT!  This makes it easy to find hearts 
for a short while.  And guess what?  It only costs 100 rupees!  
Seriously, it’d be cheaper to walk a little ways south, enter the South 
Hyrule Field fairy fountain, and heal that way then buy this stuff.  
Just say no to Red Picolyte.

Green Picolyte: You know what this needs?  A “Buyer Beware” sticker, 
‘cause this isn’t that great.  For 100 rupees, finding more Mysterious 
Shells can be yours (for a few seconds).  Even so, it is better to just 
play the game (using this guide, you can get plenty of Mysterious 
Shells) or buy from Stockwell the Mysterious Shells.  It is useful if 
used in fields with the Great Spin Attack, I suppose, just like I 
advise for the Yellow and White Picolytes, but you probably won’t have 

Blue Picolyte: Another rip-off, this one helps you to find items 
(bombs, arrows, etc.).  I only suggest using this if you’re completely 
empty on arrows AND bombs (that way, you can collect them 
simultaneously).  Use them in Trilby Highlands as described below this 
list of Picolytes.  Again, it costs 100 big ones.

White Picolyte: Perhaps the only other worthwhile Picolyte (the other 
being Yellow), this type increases the number of Kinstone pieces you 
can find... and it’s certainly cheaper than buying individual Kinstone 
pieces from the Goron merchant who sets up shop above Beedle.  Since 
one green Kinstone alone costs 100 rupees, and 200 and 300 for blue and 
red respectively from him, Beedle’s White Picolyte can’t be wasted 
unless you don’t even try to slash grass/shrubs/stones.  I should point 
out, however, that there are plenty of Kinstone pieces to go around, 
and it’s pretty easy to get them in Simon’s Simulations and by 
following the guide...  In the end, this is a waste of money, too, 
because of cheaper alternatives.

Yellow Picolyte: For once in his life Beedle tells the truth!  This 
stuff really does pay for itself; if used properly, you can get a 
boatload of rupees with it.  You may spend 200 rupees, but you’ll have 
little trouble turning a profit.  See the next sub-section for a tip on 
utilizing this and other types of Picolyte.

Orange Picolyte: Why would anyone want Red Picolyte when you could get 
this?  Well, aside from the 200 rupee difference?  This makes fairies 
appear more often, but it’s useless as ever.  Just go to South Hyrule 
Field or to any other location with a fairy fountain.  Trust me, it’ll 
save you a lot of money.

Now that you know the intended purpose of each Picolyte, I’ll tell you 
the best way to use them.

            |    Using Picolyte to its Full Potential    |

Picolyte is pretty overpriced and useless stuff, but you can use them 
effectively in Trilby Highlands (I recommend only using Yellow, White, 
and possibly Green Picolyte); specifically, go to the area near the 
grass hut that Percy the poet stayed in (southwest Trilby Highlands).  
Defeat the Moblins, Octoroks, and Keatons in the area first, and then 
enter and exit the grass hut.  Now all the grass in the area is 
restored, but the monsters are eliminated.

Now use your Picolyte and run out into the field, slashing every bit of 
grass in sight.  Whatever your Picolyte is good for, it should appear 
in droves.  If you have the Great Spin Attack, now’s the time to use 
it.  In this way, Picolytes of the mentioned colors can actually help 
you in your quest.

THERE!  That’s all there is to know regarding Picolyte, so let it never 
be asked of in e-mails again!  The end.

===========================Kinstone Fusing*============================

Of the many huge parts of the game, this is one big chunk.  When you’ve 
beaten Deepwood Shrine and you enter Hyrule Town, the Hurdy-Gurdy Man, 
a Kinstone enthusiast, walks up to you and gives you the Kinstone Bag.  
He also fuses with you.  Well, there are 100 fusions to make, and they 
each reward you in different ways.  You see, Kinstones are medallions 
(that’s what they look like to me) that have been split into two parts.

If the parts are fit together, something good happens.  Kinstone fusing 
makes people happy, and it is the only time you’ll ever use the L 
button in the game aside from on the Start Screen.  When you are 
standing by someone so that you can talk to them, wait and see if a 
thought bubble appears by them.  If it does, press L to fuse with them.  
Fusions do many things, such as opening pathways, creating objects, 
influencing characters, etc.  However, they never directly give you 

Finding Kinstone pieces is a breeze.  First, I cover how to get the 
majority of them in my guide.  They are found in abundance in dungeons 
and in secret areas.  If you’re really desperate for Kinstone pieces, 
highlight Section 2 and press CTRL (Apple if you have a Mac) and F at 
the same time and then search for “Kinstone.”  However, there are other 
ways to get Kinstone pieces.  First, green pieces are found most often 
in grass or from beating enemies.  Moblins and Armos usually have green 
pieces in them.  You can also find green pieces by slashing rocks and 
the like.

All four of the colors can be found in chests in dungeons or secret 
areas.  If you perform a fusion with the Goron on the left side of the 
cave (read “Equipment Upgrades” and read about the fourth bottle and 
then the Mirror Shield) of the Goron cave, a salesman comes to Hyrule 
Town to sell the three basic colors – green, blue, and red.  You can 
find pieces inside the baked goods at Wheaton & Pita’s in Hyrule Town 
(it’s their entire marketing campaign), too.  There are many ways to 
find Kinstone pieces, but none of them are hard.  If you use my guide, 
you will have every piece that you’ll need as far as red and blue is 

The fourth Kinstone color is gold.  Gold pieces are used strictly for 
advancing in the game.  All gold Kinstone pieces must be traded.  All 
others, though, except for the one you fuse with the Hurdy-Gurdy Man, 
are optional.  Each Kinstone piece is a reward in and of itself, but 
you get a different prize for completing all 100 fusions.  Talk to 
Tingle in South Hyrule Field and he’ll give you the Tingle Trophy when 
you’ve fused with everyone.  Of course, fusions are linked to every 
other part of the game.

Getting items, getting to places, collecting all the figurines, getting 
Pieces of Hearts, getting technique upgrades – all of these revolve 
around Kinstone fusing.  Since different people want different stones, 
I’ll try to make pictures below that resemble the pieces.  In my list, 
I list the color’s initial and then the nickname’s initial.

For instance, RZ stands for the red zigzag piece because that’s what it 
looks like.  It may be a good idea to write down what my codes mean 
before using the list.  Here are my pictures.  They are shown in the 
order that they appear in my Kinstone Bag, but that may not be the 
order that they appear in yours.

-Blue Pieces-

       __         _
      |  /       | |
      | |        | |__
      |  \       |    |
      |___\      |____|

       BS          BCH

-Red Pieces-

        __         ____       _
       |  \       |  __|     | \
       |   \      | |__      |  \
       |   /      |  __|     |  / 
       |  /       | |__      |  \
       |_/        |____|     |__/

        RP          RE        RZ

-Green Pieces-

         ___      ___       ___
        |   |    |  _|     |   |
        |  /     | |       |  /
        |  \     | |_      | |
        |___|    |___|     |_|

         GB       GC        GT

Since the gold pieces are so rare, I won’t bother making pictures for 
them.  My code name for a gold piece will be “Gold.”  Before I make the 
list, I should explain one more thing.  You cannot fuse with everyone 
at once.  After certain events in the game (I will tell you what they 
are, don’t worry), more fusions become available.  Sometimes, people 
who want green pieces do not want them suddenly.  Do a few more fusions 
and check on them each time.

Eventually they’ll want the piece again.  Finally, it is possible to do 
every fusion and it is impossible to make it so that you cannot perform 
all 100 fusions.  In reality, there are more than 100 fusions possible, 
but once you hit 100, you stop.  Certain game events move characters 
around, so it’s just a matter of finding them.

Also note that not all characters can fuse at all (except for a few 
characters that can never be seen again.  I don’t list any of these 
characters, though.  All my fusions can be done at the end of the 
game).  Some characters can fuse multiple times.  The best example is 
the Crenel Hermit, who fuses five times.  Now it is time to make my 
list.  Below is the setup for each entry.

#) Location


Piece Required: 


Now to really make the list.  If you don’t know how many you have left 
to fuse, consult Tingle in South Hyrule Field (to the right of the Wind 
Crest).  You can also check with his brothers or David Jr.

Note: Some results and pieces that are required change from person to 
person.  The first 22 fusions can and probably will change around a 
lot.  I’m just listing who I fused with and what I used, although it 
will most likely be different for you.  The other 78 are set in stone, 

So, if your game doesn’t match my first 22 fusion descriptions, I’m not 
wrong and your game is not defective.  These are just very mobile 
fusions.  If someone that I say is not available, either you already 
fused with them, or they don’t feel like it.  Exit the building they’re 
in (or enter one, depending on their location) and then reenter to see 
if they do again.  Many people are fickle, especially Tina, the purple-
haired schoolteacher.

Note: Also, be aware of this fact.  In my game, I didn’t do most 
fusions until the very end of the game (so that I could cover this 
section better).  As a result, many fusions are not possible for me to 
make (the guards force many people in their homes in Hyrule Town near 
the end of the game).

However, eighteen characters that can be fused with alternate.  That 
is, once you fuse enough times, it doesn’t matter who with, everyone in 
that group stops fusing.  As a result, my first section “After Deepwood 
Shrine” has a few alternative fusions.

                     After Deepwood Shrine
1) Hyrule Town

Person: Hurdy-Gurdy Man (as soon as you enter Hyrule Town, the Hurdy-
Gurdy Man approaches you to fuse.  He provides you with both the 
Kinstone piece and your own Kinstone Bag)

Piece Required: BS

Result: This fusion opens a cave in South Hyrule Field.  Go inside to 
get a Piece of Heart.
2) Hyrule Town

Person: Stranger (lives in a yellow-roofed house on the west side of 

Piece Required: RZ

Result: A teleport appears in South Hyrule Field.  You can take it up 
to a house in skies where the Wind Tribe lives.  From here, you can 
save Gregal so that you can get the Light Arrows later on in the game.
3) Hyrule Town

Person: Anton (boy that stands either in or outside Borlov’s Mini-Game 

Piece Required: GC

Result: A chest appears in Minish Woods.  You’ll be able to get it 
later on in the game.  Open it for a blue Kinstone piece.
4) Hyrule Town

Person: Hurdy-Gurdy Man (man with the organ box in Mama’s Café)

Piece Required: GB

Result: A chest appears in a Minish Road in Hyrule Town.  Much later in 
the game (when you can enter the Funday School), go to the playground 
that the kids play in while tiny (shrink in the pot in the school).  Go 
to the flower bed to reach the road.  The chest contains a red Kinstone 
5) Hyrule Town

Person: Baris (the man drinking coffee in Mama’s Café)

Piece Required: GT

Result: A chest appears on a Minish road in Lon Lon Ranch.  Once you 
have access to the field, shrink at the stump in the northwest corner 
and go right to a road.  The chest in here contains a red Kinstone 
6) Hyrule Town

Person: Rolf (Romio’s dog.  You can talk to him when shrunk using the 
pot in the house)

Piece Required: GB

Result: A treasure chest appears in Minish Woods, right of the entrance 
to Deepwood Shrine.  Open it for a red Kinstone piece.
7) Hyrule Town

Person: Lolly (a kid that stands in front of the fountain)

Piece Required: BS

Result: A cave opens in North Hyrule Field.  Inside are three fairies, 
making this a Fairy Fountain.
8) Hyrule Town

Person: Mayor Hagen

Piece Required: RE

Result: A pond drains in Lon Lon Ranch, allowing you to take some 
stairs down to a chest.  In it is a Big Wallet.
9) Hyrule Town

Person: Julietta (a girl that lives in the blue house to the south)

Piece Required: GT

Result: A chest will appear in South Hyrule Field.  Inside is a bundle 
of 200 rupees.
10) Mt. Crenel

Person: Crenel Hermit (climb to the top of Crenel Wall and go left down 
a ladder.  The cave to the right is home to a hermit that lives on the 

Piece Required: GT

Result: A Golden Rope appears in Eastern Hills.  It is a rare enemy 
(all gold enemies are) and it can be defeated (it is much more powerful 
and takes many more hits) for a ton of rupees.
11) Mt. Crenel

Person: Crenel Hermit

Piece Required: GT

Result: A Golden Octorok appears in Minish Woods.  Like the Golden 
Rope, it can be defeated for many rupees, even though it takes a lot of 
damage to beat it.
12) Mt. Crenel

Person: Crenel Hermit

Piece Required: GB

Result: A chest appears on the road to Minish Village in Minish Woods.  
It contains 200 rupees.
13) Mt. Crenel

Person: Crenel Hermit

Piece Required: GB

Result: A Golden Rope appears in Hyrule Castle Gardens.  Defeat it for 
a heap of riches.
14) Mt. Crenel

Person: Crenel Hermit

Piece Required: GT

Result: A pond drains in South Hyrule Field.  Go down the stairs here 
for a plethora of rupees.
15) Hyrule Town

Person: Bindle (man in the Happy Hearth Inn with Candy)

Piece Required: GC

Result: A chest forms in Lon Lon Ranch.  However, you must enter from 
Veil Falls.  The chest contains 200 rupees.
16) Hyrule Town

Person: Satchel (a man sitting down in Happy Hearth Inn)

Piece Required: GB

Result: A chest forms in North Hyrule Field.  When you have access to 
Royal Valley, take the ladder there up to the chest, which contains 200 
Mysterious Shells.
17) Hyrule Town

Person: Joel (a kid in Happy Hearth Inn)

Piece Required: RP

Result: A fountain in Hyrule Castle Gardens dries up to reveal some 
stairs.  Follow the steps down to a Piece of Heart.
18) Hyrule Town

Person: Scratcher (Julietta’s cat.  To reach it, shrink in Romio’s 
house and go up the fireplace, provided that you already used a bottle 
of water to extinguish the flames.  Go right on the plank and take the 
chimney here down to the house, where you can speak and fuse with the 
cat.  The trouble is getting to it without being scratched)

Piece Required: GB

Result: Another fountain in Hyrule Castle Gardens drains.  This 
requires that you get past the guards, though.  The reward is gotten a 
bit later on in the game.  Down those stairs is a Fairy Fountain.
19) Mt. Crenel’s Base

Person: Business Scrub (cave in the southwest corner)

Piece Required: GC

Result: A chest appears in Minish Woods, just south of where you teamed 
up with Ezlo for the first time.  Inside is a red Kinstone.
20) Hyrule Town

Person: Town Minish (inside the carpenters’ house.  Climb the ladder 
and enter the opening to find it)

Piece Required: GC

Result: A chest appears at the very start of Minish Woods.  Minish 
Woods is just a magnet for fusion rewards.  Regardless, this chest 
contains 200 rupees.
21) Minish Woods

Person: Festari (the Minish that runs the abbey)

Piece Required: GC

Result: A hole appears in the ground in Minish Woods, right before 
Minish Village (to the right of the lily pads on the pond).  Fall in 
and open the chest inside for a blue Kinstone piece.
22) Mt. Crenel

Person: Mountain Minish (lower-right room)

Piece Required: GB

Result: A golden Tektite appears in the southern region of Mt. Crenel.  
It is abnormally strong and it takes many more hits, but it leaves 
behind one hundred rupees.
                     After Visiting Castor Wilds
23) Castor Wilds

Person: Mysterious Statue

Piece Required: Gold

Result: The rock blocking the path to the Wind Ruins in the southwest 
corner of Castor Wilds is cracked.
24) Castor Wilds

Person: Mysterious Statue

Piece Required: Gold

Result: The rock blocking the path to the Wind Ruins in the southwest 
corner of Castor Wild is cracked further.
25) Castor Wilds

Person: Mysterious Statue

Piece Required: Gold

Result: The rock in the southwest corner of Castor Wilds is destroyed, 
provided that you did the two above fusions as well.
26) Trilby Highlands

Person: Percy (man that lives in a cave on the west side)

Piece Required: RE

Result: The tree in Western Wood that blocks the path to Percy’s home 
is unbent.  If you enter his house, use the Flame Lantern to light the 
torches around the stranger within and a Moblin appears!  It bribes you 
with 50 rupees on the condition that you won’t tell anyone.  Percy then 
kicks it out.  Talk to him and he’ll give you 100 Mysterious Shells.
27) South Hyrule Field

Person: Smith

Piece Required: RP

Result: A chest appears in Eastern Hills.  Inside is an empty bottle.
28) South Hyrule Field

Person: Smith

Piece Required: GT

Result: A chest appears in the northern part of Trilby Highlands.  
Inside is a red Kinstone piece.
29) Castor wilds

Person: Business Scrub (there are several caves on the north wall of 
the wild.  One contains a Business Scrub that sells arrows.  He can 
fuse, surprisingly)

Piece Required: BCH

Result: A cave-tree in Minish Woods opens.  Inside is a Business Scrub 
that sells Kinstone pieces.
30) Lon Lon Ranch

Person: Ankle (a strange man that wears tights and is Tingle’s brother)

Piece Required: GB

Result: A cave opens in North Hyrule Field.  It is one of four (this 
particular one contains a red Kinstone piece) that has switches in it.  
Pressing all four of the switches in the caves creates a path down to 
the Magical Boomerang.  You need to fuse with Tingle’s other brothers, 
first, though.
31) Mt. Crenel

Person: Mountain Minish (the first of the two diggers in the mines)

Piece Required: GT

Result: A chest appears on Mt. Crenel’s Base.  It is on the Minish road 
that leads to the hot springs water.  Inside you’ll find a blue 
Kinstone piece.
32) Mt. Crenel

Person: Mountain Minish (the one right by the exit to Cave of Flames)

Piece Required: GB

Result: A chest appears in Minish Woods.  It is right by the exit to 
Minish Village (the Wind Crest).  Within is a blue Kinstone piece.
33) Mt. Crenel

Person: Melari (he can be found in one of the rooms in the mines)

Piece Required: RP

Result: A beanstalk grows on the top of Crenel Wall.  Climb it up to 
the clouds where you’ll find many red rupees and a Piece of Heart.
34) Mt. Crenel

Person: Mountain Minish (standing on the east side of Melari’s Mines)

Piece Required: GC

Result: In the Minish road where it is constantly raining here on Mt. 
Crenel forms a treasure chest.  Within is a blue Kinstone piece.
35) Mt. Crenel’s Base

Person: Forest Minish (lives in a hole in the ground near where you 
pick up the big seed and water it to enter Mt. Crenel.  To enter, suck 
the debris to the south up with the Gust Jar to reveal a stone that you 
can shrink at.  You can figure things out from there)

Piece Required: GC

Result: A chest appears in Mt. Crenel’s Base, quite close to where you 
fused.  It is to the left, near the “entrance” to Mt. Crenel.  It holds 
200 rupees within.
36) Hyrule Town

Person: Postman

Piece Required: BCH

Result: Stamp, a postal worker, is inspired to start up a newsletter 
run by Swiftblade to help adventurers.  However, he needs Marcy to help 
him.  From now on, you can buy the Swordsman Newsletters for 200 rupees 
apiece from Marcy.  A new one appears each time you get a new Tiger 
37) Hyrule Town

Person: Candy (the blonde girl with the pigtails in Happy Hearth Inn)

Piece Required: BCH

Result: A platform appears on the river in Trilby Highlands.  When you 
have the Flippers, swim to the tunnel and dig the wall of dirt.  On the 
other side is a Fairy Fountain and a red Kinstone piece.
38) Eastern Hills

Person: Eenie (farmer on the right)

Piece Required: GC

Result: The Goron in Lon Lon Ranch punching the cave wall becomes 
strong enough to break through into the cave.  This is part of a long 
trading sequence used to get the fourth and final empty bottle.
39) Eastern Hills

Person: Meenie (farmer on the left)

Piece Required: GC

Result: A chest appears on Crenel Wall.  It contains a blue Kinstone 
40) Lake Hylia

Person: Fifi (Stockwell’s dog)

Piece Required: GT

Result: A chest appears on a Minish road in Lake Hylia (above Mayor 
Hagen’s getaway).  It contains, of course, a blue Kinstone piece, which 
are overflowing from the bag by this time.
41) Lon Lon Ranch

Person: Goron (in the cave)

Piece Required: BS

Result: A Goron merchant with a huge backpack comes to Hyrule Town.  He 
sells Kinstone pieces of all types.  They are costly, but it is one of 
the easiest ways to get rarer stones.
42) South Hyrule Field

Person: Tingle (right of the Wind Crest)

Piece Required: GT

Result: A cave opens in North Hyrule Field.  Inside is a switch and a 
red Kinstone piece.  If you press all four of the switches in this 
area, a path to the Magical Boomerang opens.  You need to fuse with 
Tingle’s minions first, though.
43) Lake Hylia

Person: David Jr. (south of Fifi’s house)

Piece Required: GT

Result: A cave opens in North Hyrule Field.  It contains a switch and 
200 Mysterious Shells.  Pressing all four of these switches makes a 
ladder appear that leads to the Magical Boomerang.  You need to fuse 
with Tingle’s remaining brothers, though.  David Jr. is not Tingle’s 
biological brother.  He just awoke one day with Tingle and his bros. 
after a shipwreck.
                   After Beating Fortress of Winds
44) Minish Woods

Person: Business Scrub (discussed in # 29)

Piece Required: GB

Result: A golden Octorok appears in Western Wood.  It takes many hits, 
but it drops one huge rupee when it’s beat.
45) Trilby Highlands

Person: Knuckle (Tingle’s brother, northern end of Trilby Highlands.  
Use the Mole Mitts to dig through a tunnel and reach a ladder that you 
take up to him)

Piece Required: GC

Result: One of the four caves in North Hyrule Field opens.  Inside is a 
switch and a red Kinstone piece.  If you press all four of the switches 
(fuse with all four of the Tingle Siblings), a ladder leads you to the 
Magical Boomerang.
46) South Hyrule Field

Person: Tingle (right of the Wind Crest.  Use the Cane of Pacci to 
reach him)

Piece Required: RZ

Result: You must have already gotten the Magical Boomerang to get this.  
Tingle’s second fusion makes a Golden Tektie appear on Mt. Crenel.  It 
is super-fast and it takes many hits, but beating it earns you two 
hundred rupees.
47) Lake Hylia

Person: David Jr.

Piece Required: GC

Result: A treasure chest forms on a Minish road leading to Melari’s 
Mines on Mt. Crenel.  It contains 200 Mysterious Shells.
48) Eastern Hills

Person: Forest Minish (go to the southernmost end of Eastern Hills.  
Pull the mushroom on the right side to be flung right.  Bomb the rocks 
above to make a shortcut if you want to return and then shrink at the 
stump.  Enter the house and you’ll find it)

Piece Required: BS

Result: A beanstalk grows in Eastern Hills.  Notice that, in the 
cinema, the wall to the south is shown as solid, even if you’ve already 
blown it up.  Climb this beanstalk to get a Piece of Heart, 200 
Mysterious Shells, and 200 rupees.  That’s a pretty nice reward.
49) Western Wood

Person: Forest Minish (southwestern corner in a house)

Piece Required: BCH

Result: A beanstalk just outside the house grows.  Climb it up to the 
cloud tops.  Aside from a total of 320 rupees in red rupees, a chest 
here contains a red Kinstone piece.
50) Hyrule Castle

Person: Forest Minish (in the gardens, ram into the tree on the right 
side using the Pegasus Boots.  Shrink with the stump you unveil and 
fall into a hole in the ground to the northeast)

Piece Required: BCH

Result: A tree in Western Wood is unbent, allowing you to dig the patch 
of dirt there (Mole Mitts) for rupees.
51) Minish Woods

Person: Forest Minish (in Minish Village, living in a vase south of the 
elder’s home)

Piece Required: GT

Result: A lily pad appears in Castor Wilds.  Go there and shrink at the 
stump.  Then take the lily pad across the water to a hole in the 
ground.  Within the chest here is a red Kinstone piece.
52) Minish Woods

Person: Forest Minish (same one as # 51)

Piece Required: GB

Result: A lily pad appears in Castor Wilds.  That Picori has a knack 
for that kind of thing.  Shrink at the stump by where the lily pad 
formed in # 51.  Take the lily pad south and go through the log’s 
hollow center.  Go southeast (even if you don’t have the Flippers, it 
can be done without entering the water) to the new lily pad.  Ride it 
to a vine and climb it to a house.  Take it to a hole that contains a 
red Kinstone piece.
53) Minish Woods

Person: Business Scrub (from # 44)

Piece Required: GT

Result: A hole forms in Castor Wilds, by the hole where you got the 
Bow.  The chest holds a red Kinstone piece.  Joy.
54) Hyrule Town

Person: Din/Nayru/Farore (any of them, but only one once.  They are 
found in Happy Hearth Inn)

Piece Required: RE

Result: Gorman moves into town and is willing to rent his home, the 
blue one to the south.  He wants to sell it to a clean, quiet tenant.  
Talk to either Din, Nayru, or Farore and tell them that you’ve got a 
house for them.  They will move in.  Talk to them in their new house 
and they’ll give you either Din’s Charm, Nayru’s Charm, or Farore’s 
Charm (depending on who you moved in).  They raise attack, defense, and 
both, respectively.
55) Hyrule Town

Person: Mama (blonde in Mama’s Café)

Piece Required: GC

Result: A platform forms in Lake Hylia.  Use it to reach some tunnels 
that you can enter using the Mole Mitts.  Inside is a chest containing 
50 rupees.
56) Mt. Crenel

Person: Mysterious Wall (dig the dirt wall that is left of the cave 
that houses the Crenel Hermit.  Against one of the walls here is a mark 
that is the wall)

Piece Required: BS

Result: A second Goron arrives at the Goron cave in Lon Lon Ranch, 
allowing the duo to bypass a stone barrier.  This is one portion of the 
fourth bottle side quest.  You must have fused in # 38 of this section 
before doing this, though.
57) Eastern Hills

Person: Mysterious Wall (dig the tunnel by Eenie and Meenie, the 

Piece Required: BCH

Result: A Goron is added to the pair that are trying to reach the end 
of a cave in Lon Lon Ranch.  This is all part of the trade sequence 
involved in getting the fourth bottle.  You must have done the above 
fusion to do this one.
58) Minish Woods

Person: Mysterious Wall (enter Minish Woods from Lake Hylia, which you 
should enter from the southern entrance in Lon Lon Ranch.  This takes 
you to the northern region of the woods, where Syrup lives.  By the 
stairs that lead to the next ledge is dirt that you can dig to find the 

Piece Required: BS

Result: A fourth Goron is added to the trio that is punching their way 
through rocky boulders to reach the end of a cave in Lon Lon Ranch.  
You must have done the above fusion to do this one.  This is part of 
the fourth bottle side quest.
59) Trilby Highlands

Person: Mysterious Wall (this time, the tunnel that you need the Mole 
Mitts to dig into is north of the entrance to Mt. Crenel’s Base)

Piece Required: BCH

Result: A fifth Goron comes to the four existing ones at the cave in 
Lon Lon Ranch.  The rocks on the other side of the boulders are their 
motivation, mind you.  Ultimately, the reward for all these fusions is 
the fourth bottle.  You must do the above mission first, though.
60) North Hyrule Field

Person: Forest Minish (go to the east section and charge a tree with 
the Pegasus Boots that sparkles when you walk by it.  Shrink at the 
stump that you revealed and go to the northeast, climbing up a vine and 
falling into a hole.  There’s your man.  To enter, you must have broken 
the rock over the crack earlier)

Piece Required: GT

Result: A chest materializes in the Wind Ruins.  It holds 200 
Mysterious Shells within its wooden frame.
61) Hyrule Town

Person: Bremor (the carpenter standing by the post office)

Piece Required: RZ

Result: The carpenters build a new house, if you already had the first 
one rented out in fusion # 54.  You can have Din, Nayru, or Farore, not 
counting the one that already moved into town, move into this new 
house.  Talk to them in their new home for Din’s Charm, Nayru’s Charm, 
or Farore’s Charm, depending on who you had move in.  They raise 
offense, defense, or both, respectively.
62) Wind Ruins

Person: Forest Minish (in the hole by the second Armos)

Piece Required: RE

Result: A beanstalk grows in the ruins.  Climb them to a chest 
containing the Large Quiver.
63) Lake Hylia

Person: Forest Minish (in the house by the Wind Crest)

Piece Required: RZ

Result: A cave opens in Western Wood.  The prize inside is a Piece of 
64) Hyrule Town

Person: Town Minish (go to the Carpenters’ and shrink.  Exit to the 
north and enter Dr. Left’s house.  Inside, go up the chimney and take 
the plank north.  If the second house is not built, which is from 
fusion # 61, go to the Minish house here and fuse.  If the house is 
built, you’ll need the Power Bracelet.  Push the shelves here to the 
left, starting with the left, and climb the ladder to reach the 
Minish’s new home)

Piece Required: RZ

Result: A lily pad forms in Castor Wilds.  Ride it to a hole, inside of 
which is a Kinstone piece.
65) Hyrule Town/Lake Hylia

Person: Librari (the town elder.  He is found first in the library.  
However, at the end of the game the library is inaccessible.  This 
means that you need to relocate him.  He moves to Lake Hylia after 
fusion # 99 in this section.  Do that before this if it’s too late for 

Piece Required: GT

Result: A Golden Octorok is created in the Wind Ruins.  Defeat it for 
more than a few rupees.
66) Tribly Highlands

Person: Forest Minish (go to where Knuckle is.  He is up a ladder found 
in a tunnel north of the entrance to Mt. Crenel’s Base.  When there, 
shrink at the stump to his left and go north up a vine and into a 
house.  Inside, fuse with the Picori.

Piece Required: GB

Result: A pond in Tribly Highlands, which that Forest Minish was 
referring to earlier, dries up.  Inside are lots of blue rupees.
67) South Hyrule Field

Person: Forest Minish (across a bridge in the southwest corner of South 
Hyrule Field is a sparkling tree.  Ram it with the Pegasus Boots and a 
stump is yours to shrink by.  Go north to a house with the Minish 

Piece Required: RP

Result: Syrup, the witch in Minish Woods, gets a spark of inspiration.  
She finally figures out how to finish her Red Potion, which she then 
adds to her merchandise lineup.  Buy it if you’d like.
                  Once You’ve Procured the Flippers
68) Lake Hylia

Person: Forest Minish (go to Mayor Hagen’s lakeside cabin and shrink at 
the stump north of it.  Now get into the water and swim north to a 
vine.  Climb it to a hole, inside of which lives a Picori.

Piece Required: BCH

Result: A beanstalk grows in Lake Hylia.  To reach it, though, you’ll 
need Roc’s Cape from Palace of Winds.  When you do have it, go to 
Stockwell’s house and go down the ladder.  Fly across the islands to 
the right and then to the northernmost shore, on which is a wall of 
dirt.  Dig into it with the Mole Mitts.  After a lot of navigating, 
you’ll be led to the beanstalk after three ladders.  Climb it for a 
Piece of Heart, 200 rupees, and 200 Mysterious Shells.  I’ll take it.
                  After Clearing Temple of Droplets
69) Minish Woods

Person: Gentari (the elder of Minish Village)

Piece Required: RE

Result: Belari, the Picori that made the bombs for you, gets the idea 
to make the Remote Bombs.  Talk to him and he’ll exchange your regular 
bombs for the Remote Bombs, which only explode once you’ve pressed the 
bomb button after they’ve been placed.  This is very useful if you want 
to set them in strategic places in battle and such.  If you want the 
old bombs back, just talk to Belari again.
70) Minish Woods

Person: Belari (Minish that made the bombs for you.  He lives outside 
of Minish Village)

Piece Required: RZ

Result: A treasure chest appears before the Fortress of Winds in the 
Wind Ruins.  Open it for a Big Bomb Bag.
                          After Royal Crypt
71) Hyrule Town

Person: Din (Happy Hearth Inn, or a house if you moved them in 

Piece Required: RE

Result: A Joy Butterfly appears in the Wind Ruins.  Touch it to catch 
it.  Catching it makes you shoot arrows faster.  To do this and the 
next two fusions, you must have performed fusion # 54.
72) Hyrule Town

Person: Nayru (Happy Hearth Inn, or a house if you moved them in 

Piece Required: RP

Result: A Joy Butterfly appears in Royal Valley.  Catch it and you’ll 
be able to swim faster.
73) Hyrule Town

Person: Farore (Happy Hearth Inn, or a house if you moved them in 

Piece Required: RZ

Result: A Joy Butterfly appears in Castor Wilds.  Catch it and you’ll 
be able to dig faster with the Mole Mitts.
74) Royal Valley

Person: Dampé (the gravekeeper)

Piece Required: BS

Result: The upper-right gravestone in the northern reaches of Royal 
Valley is pushed forward, revealing a staircase.  Take it down to find 
a pink Ghini named Gina and a chest containing 100 Mysterious Shells.
75) Royal Valley

Person: Dampé

Piece Required: GB

Result: A crack in the ground forms in the Wind Ruins.  Take it down to 
find a red Kinstone piece.
76) Royal Valley

Person: Gina (see # 74)

Piece Required: GB

Result: A cave forms in the waterfall of the river in Hyrule Town.  
Swim into the opening and nab the treasure in the chest – 200 
Mysterious Shells.
77) Royal Valley

Person: Gina (see # 74)

Piece Required: BG

Result: A bent tree in Western Wood is straightened, allowing you to 
open a chest that was behind it.  The treasure is 100 Mysterious 
78) Royal Valley

Person: Spookter (ghost wearing the blue hat in the graveyard)

Piece Required: BS

Result: Borlov, the brother of Carlov and the owner of a gaming shop in 
which you must choose between two chests (one contains nothing, one 
contains twenty rupees), thinks up a new element of risk to the game.  
This new level of difficulty makes it more fun, I guess…
79)) Royal Valley

Person: Spookter (ghost wearing the blue hat in the graveyard)

Piece Required: BCH

Result: Spekter, the troublesome prankster ghost that lives in Hyrule 
Town (he’s also Spookter’s brother), passes on to the next life (that’s 
two references to Christianity in this game so far).  Why is this good 
for you?  He’s no longer blocking the way to Anju’s house, so you 
shrink and get in (shrink at Romio’s house and exit via the southern 
tunnel).  The many Cucco chicks beat you up in here.  All you can do is 
go on the roof using the chimney, which is really kind of pointless.  
Earlier in the game you could’ve talked to the Cucco, but now that it 
is gone, what’s the use?
80) Cloud Tops

Person: Gale (go to South Hyrule Field after performing fusion # 2.  
Warp to the house in the sky and fuse with the first lady in this room.  
Note that Gale is outside on the lower region of Cloud Tops until 
you’ve made all the pinwheels near the start spin)

Piece Required: RP

Result: A cave opens in Veil Falls.  Swim into the waterfall for a 
Piece of Heart.
81) Cloud Tops

Person: Caprice (woman on the second floor in Gregal’s room)

Piece Required: GT

Result: A treasure chest appears near the Wind Crest in Veil Falls.  
Inside is a blue Kinstone piece.
82) Cloud Tops

Person: Flurris (woman on the third floor)

Piece Required: GC

Result: A Golden Rope appears in Castor Wilds.  Like all golden 
enemies, defeat them for a huge increase in rupees.
83) Cloud Tops

Person: Flurris (woman on the third floor)

Piece Required: GC

Result: A toppled tree in Western Wood straightens up, allowing you to 
dig a patch of dirt beyond it for many rupees.
84) Cloud Tops

Person: Hailey (girl on the fourth floor.  She’ll be near the beginning 
of Cloud Tops if you are unable to enter it from the skies themselves)

Piece Required: GC

Result: A Golden Tektite appears in the mountainous Veil Falls region.  
Defeat it to amass a considerable amount of rupees.
85) Cloud Tops

Person: Siroc (leader of the Wind Tribe)

Piece Required: GB

Result: A chest appears in the northern sector of Royal Valley.  It 
contains a red Kinstone piece, as if you needed it.
86) Cloud Tops

Person: Siroc

Piece Required: GC

Result: Another treasure chests forms in the graveyard part of Royal 
Valley.  And, just like the last one, it contains a red Kinstone piece.
87) Veil Falls

Person: Source of the Flow (door that needs half of the gold piece you 
got from King Gustaf)

Piece Required: Gold

Result: The path to Veil Springs is opened, which ultimately takes you 
to Palace of Winds.
88) Cloud Tops

Person: Mysterious Cloud

Piece Required: Gold

Result: One of the pinwheels near the beginning of Cloud Tops start to 
rotate.  When all are spinning, a tornado leading to the house in the 
sky is made.  The gold pieces are found in Cloud Tops.
89) Cloud Tops

Person: Mysterious Cloud

Piece Required: Gold

Result: One of the pinwheels near the beginning of Cloud Tops start to 
rotate.  When all are spinning, a tornado leading to the house in the 
sky is made.  The gold pieces are found in Cloud Tops.
90) Cloud Tops

Person: Mysterious Cloud

Piece Required: Gold

Result: One of the pinwheels near the beginning of Cloud Tops start to 
rotate.  When all are spinning, a tornado leading to the house in the 
sky is made.  The gold pieces are found in Cloud Tops.
91) Cloud Tops

Person: Mysterious Cloud

Piece Required: Gold

Result: One of the pinwheels near the beginning of Cloud Tops start to 
rotate.  When all are spinning, a tornado leading to the house in the 
sky is made.  The gold pieces are found in Cloud Tops.
92) Cloud Tops

Person: Mysterious Cloud

Piece Required: Gold

Result: One of the pinwheels near the beginning of Cloud Tops start to 
rotate.  When all are spinning, a tornado leading to the house in the 
sky is made.  The gold pieces are found in Cloud Tops.
93) Hyrule Town

Person: Tina (purple-haired teacher)

Piece Required: GT

Result: Note that Tina is a very fickle character.  She hardly ever 
wants to fuse.  Keep entering and exiting the school.  Each time you 
reenter, check to see if she wants to fuse.  Fusing makes a chest 
appear near the beginning of Trilby Highlands.  It contains a red 
Kinstone piece.
                        After Palace of Winds
94) Lake Hylia

Person: Mysterious Wall (take the stairs south from Stockwell’s house 
and fly across the platforms to the right using Roc’s Cape.  Dig the 
wall to the north)

Piece Required: BS

Result: The sixth and final Goron goes to the Goron cave (provided that 
you did fusion # 59).  This lets them break through the rock barrier, 
letting you open chests for 200 rupees and the fourth bottle.
95) Lake Hylia

Person: Waveblade (swordsman that lives west of Hagen’s cabin)

Piece Required: RP

Result: A waterfall in North Hyrule Field opens.  If you swim into it, 
you’ll enter the dojo of Greatblade.  He teaches you how to swing your 
sword more times when performing the Great Spin Attack (if you already 
learned it).
96) Mt. Crenel

Person: Grayblade (climb the wall right of where you bought the Grip 
Ring to find the cave he lives in)

Piece Required: RZ

Result: A waterfall in Castor Wilds opens to the world.  A swordsman 
named Scarblade that lives there teaches you how to speed up your Spin 
Attack by making you wait for less time when charging it.
97) Hyrule Castle

Person: Grimblade (swordsman living in the gardens.  Slash the bushes 
in the southeast corner to find the ladder leading to him)

Piece Required: RE

Result: A waterfall opens in Veil Falls.  If you swim in, a master 
named Splitblade will teach you how to speed up the division process on 
flash panels.
                   When Hyrule Castle Becomes Dark
98) Minish Woods

Person: Forest Minish (living in Minish Village.  Go to the abbey and 
go right a screen to find a Piece of Heart.  Get in the water and swim 
to the right to a house with a Minish in it)

Piece Required: RE

Result: A platform appears before a dirt wall in Veil Falls.  You’ll 
find a Piece of Heart and 50 Mysterious Shells in here.
99) Minish Woods

Person: Forest Minish (described in above entry)

Piece Required: RZ

Result: A crack appears in the ground near the Wind Crest in Lake 
Hylia.  When you enter, get in the water and dive to avoid the rolling 
spiked cylinder.  Do this to avoid the spikes until you reach a hole 
(use the Gust Jar to suck in the debris).  Repeat this until you reach 
a ladder.  Note that you can jump over the spiked cylinders with Roc’s 
Cape.  Take the ladder to a house where a Picori lives.  Yes, it’s 
Librari.  Talk to him for a full Heart Container.  That’s a sweet deal.  
You can also perform fusion # 65 with him.
100) Lon Lon Ranch

Person: Goron (far right in the cave after performing fusion # 94)

Piece Required: RZ

Result: Biggoron awakens in Veil Falls.  After you beat the game, talk 
to him and he’ll eat your shield.  Come back later and he’ll spit out a 
new one, the Mirror Shield.

Once you’ve fused with everyone, talk to Tingle twice.  To reach him, 
warp to South Hyrule Field and use the Cane of Pacci on the hole to the 
right.  The Tingle Trophy takes the place of the Kinstone Bag.  The 
Tingle Trophy makes fairies appear more often.  From then on, you 
cannot fuse Kinstone pieces.  Congratulations!

===========================Pieces of Heart*============================

It’s time to put that algebra to use.  You start with three hearts and 
you get five Heart Containers from bosses.  That means that we have 
eight in total if we get no Pieces of Heart.  You see, every four 
Pieces of Heart that you get adds a heart to your arsenal, meaning more 
health for you.  In The Legend of Zelda and Adventure of Link, the two 
NES titles, you got full Heart Containers (even though Adventure of 
Link had a Life Meter instead of hearts).

In A Link to the Past, though, Pieces of Heart were introduced.  This 
makes for many side quests, so I thought I’d explain them here.  First, 
how many are there?  Well, if x is the number of Pieces of Hearts, then 
8 + x/4 = 20.  Therefore, there are forty-four Pieces of Heart in the 
game, plus one complete hidden Heart Container.  I list them first by 
location and then by when you can get them.  Quite a few heart pieces 
are tied into Kinstone fusions.  Here’s the setup.

#) Checkpoint (what you need to be passed or have)


Let the games begin.

                             Hyrule Town
1) Cane of Pacci

Description: Go to Mama’s Café and shrink at the pot.  Go south through 
the tunnel and go south to the bridge over the entrance from South 
Hyrule Field.  Take it right and go to the northeast to the hotel.  
Climb a vine here and go forward.  Enter the Happy Hearth Inn by the 
flowery path and you’ll find a pot and a Piece of Heart.  Grow at the 
former and then take the ladder.
2) Pegasus Boots (optional)

Description: This is rather difficult and you almost need the Pegasus 
Boots to do it.  Anju is a girl to the right of the southern entrance 
that has lost her Cuccos.  She times you to see how many you can 
retrieve.  If you meet her conditions and beat every challenge, you get 
a Piece of Heart.  The Cuccos get progressively further away and the 
time limit is pretty stiff, but if you memorize where the closest 
Cuccos are, you’ll beat the time.  I think that the 50-second 5 Cucco 
challenge is the hardest, so the last ones are easier.  If you want to 
catch gold Cuccos (they’re worth more rupees), make sure you throw them 
periodically so they rush forward.  This is both a time-saver and a 
safety measure; gold Cuccos can fly out of your hands.  The final 
challenge has you catching three in fifty-five seconds, which is still 
very easy.  The Cuccos are all gold, but the throwing method discussed 
earlier still works.  The Flippers help here, too.
3) Fortress of Winds

Description: Go to the gaming shop, which should be open by now.  Pay 
Simon the rupees he wants to play a dungeon simulation.  After many a 
monster battle, you’ll get a Piece of Heart.
4) Flippers

Description: Go to where you get the Power Bracelet.  In the first 
chamber, swim from the out bridge to the left and take the Piece of 
5) Roc’s Cape

Description: Jump into the bell and it will ring, dropping down a Piece 
of Heart.
6) Four Sword

Description: Go to the Funday School and shrink at the pot in the 
second room.  Go into the playground using the right tunnel leading 
south and go right to a Minish road between the flowers.  Go forward 
and split into four at the flashing panel.  Push the block forward and 
open the chests for three red Kinstone pieces.  You’ll also find a 
Piece of Heart.
7) 136 Figurines

Description: When you have every figurine in the game (see the next 
section), talk to the man sitting out in front of Mama’s Café.  For 
giving him viewing rights of your complete set of figurines, he lets 
you take whatever you want from his house (he claims that’s because 
he’s rich).  His house, which is usually locked, is to the north.  
Inside is a Piece of Heart, 600 rupees, and the Sound Test (check the 
                          North Hyrule Field
8) Smith’s Sword

Description: Go to the northwest and take the stairs down.  Go down 
again and you’ll find a Piece of Heart.
                            Hyrule Castle
9) Access to Western Wood

Description: Once Vaati has taken over the king, two guards stationed 
on the right side of Hyrule Castle Gardens are repositioned to the 
doors.  This lets you go to the southeast corner.  Slash there to find 
a ladder.  Take it down to Grimblade’s dojo, which has a Piece of Heart 
in it.
10) Fusion # 17

Description: Fusing with Joel, the kid in the Happy Hearth Inn in 
Hyrule Town, makes a fountain dry up in Hyrule Castle Gardens.  Take 
the steps down to a Piece of Heart.
                            Lon Lon Ranch
11) Access to Lake Hylia

Description: Once you’re in the fields, go north to see a tree that 
sparkles when you near it.  Charge it with the Pegasus Boots to reveal 
a stump.  Shrink down and go right to a Minish road.  Go forward to the 
end to find a Piece of Heart.
                            Eastern Hills
12) Fusion # 48

Description: After fusing with the Forest Minish in the southwest 
corner of Eastern Hills, a beanstalk grows to the north.  Climb it to 
find the Piece of Heart in question.
                             Minish Woods
13) Smith’s Sword

Description: Go down the normal path until you reach the first stump 
that you can shrink at.  Do not shrink.  Instead, go left to a fork in 
the road.  Follow the path north to the entrance of Deepwood Shrine and 
a Piece of Heart to boot.
14) Ezlo

Description: When inside Minish Village, go to the abbey where Festari 
lives and go right a screen.  A Piece of Heart is lying there in plain 
15) Access to Lake Hylia

Description: Enter Minish Woods by Lake Hylia (so that you’re in the 
north region and you’re able to visit Syrup).  When you do, go to the 
southwest to find the Piece of Heart.  If you have the Flippers, just 
swim north at the pond to the heart piece.
16) Flippers

Description: Exit Minish Village from Gentari’s (the elder) house.  Go 
left over the bridge and go north to see three different caves.  One 
contains a blue Kinstone piece, another a blue Kinstone piece, and the 
left one contains a Piece of Heart at the end of an icy path as well as 
a red Kinstone piece.
                           Deepwood Shrine
17) Gust Jar

Description: When you beat Madderpillar, suck in the web to the south 
(in that room) to create a path to a Piece of Heart to the south.
18) Gust Jar

Description: Before the mini-boss (one room to the right) is a ton of 
debris.  Capture it with the Gust Jar to find a switch.  Pressing it 
makes a blue portal appear.  If you step into that teleport from the 
first room, you’ll be taken to the tier with the Piece of Heart on it.
                          South Hyrule Field
19) Earth Element

Description: When you enter Hyrule Town after beating Deepwood Shrine, 
the Hurdy-Gurdy Man forces you into performing fusion # 1.  If you 
enter the cave that was opened as a result of it, you’ll find a Piece 
of Heart.
20) Flippers

Description: In the southwest corner of South Hyrule Field is a tree.  
Charge it with the Pegasus Boots and shrink at the stump to become 
Minish Link.  Hop the ridge to the right and swim north to a small cave 
in the water.  Upon entrance, go north to a Piece of Heart.
                              Mt. Crenel
21) Bombs

Description: In Mt. Crenel’s Base, go past the two whirlwinds and then 
go left all the way.  Go north to a dead-end in Mt. Crenel.  Bomb here 
to open a cave.  Bomb the blocks here for a blue Kinstone piece, 50 
rupees, and a Piece of Heart.
22) Bombs

Description: Enter Mt. Crenel by the vine from Mt. Crenel’s Base.  Head 
up the stairs to the left and you’ll see a bit of wall between two 
rocks.  Bomb the wall here to find a Fairy Fountain and a Piece of 
23) White Sword

Description: Go right of the cave where you bought the Grip Ring and 
climb the cliff wall to the right.  This lets you reach a cave.  Step 
on both switches in here after splitting in two and then go north to 
Grimblade’s dojo.  Take the Piece of Heart to the left.
24) Fusion # 33

Description: Fuse with Melari after stepping foot in Castor Wilds for 
the first time.  A beanstalk grows on the mountain, leading to a Piece 
of Heart in the skies.
25) Mole Mitts

Description: Get to the top of Crenel Wall and go left.  Take the 
ladder down and dig the wall of dirt here to be in some tunnels.  
You’ll find a Piece of Heart in it.
                            Cave of Flames
26) Cane of Pacci

Description: At the start, take the blue portal and enchant the hole to 
the south.  Jump up and go south.  Use the track as a bridge and bomb 
the wall the pots surround.  Doing so makes a path to the Piece of 
                             Western Wood
27) Fusion # 63

Description: A tree in Western Wood straightens after you fuse with the 
Forest Minish living in the house by the Wind Crest.  Behind it is a 
Piece of Heart.
                             Castor Wilds
28) Bow

Description: North of the three statues that you must fuse gold 
Kinstone pieces with is a group of hedges.  Slash them away and push 
the gravestone here forward to make a stairway.  Go down and take the 
Piece of Heart.  This is the dojo of Swiftblade the First.
29) Flippers

Description: In the northeast corner of Castor Wilds is a cave.  To 
reach it, you’ll have to shoot down an Eyegore Statue.  Inside, push 
the blocks to the right to reach the Piece of Heart.
30) Fusion # 51, Flippers

Description: In a vase in Minish Woods is a Picori that you can fuse 
with.  Doing so makes a lily pad appear in Castor Wilds.  Shrink at the 
stump and take it south.  Now go to the southeast to find a log that 
you can walk through.  Do so and go further southeast to some water 
that you can swim in.  Hug the north wall and enter a watery cave.  
There’s a Kinstone piece in the first room.  Go north and defeat the 
enemies here.  Push the right blocks to find a Piece of Heart.
                              Wind Ruins
31) Bow

Description: When in Wind Ruins, get to the second stump.  Shrink there 
and go left.  Head down the vine (the crack contains a red Kinstone) 
and then take the middle vine down in the new screen.  From there, 
enter the cave.  Navigate the narrow walkways while avoiding/defeating 
the Pestos to reach a Piece of Heart.
                          Fortress of Winds
32) Bow

Description: Take the first door to the right and then go up the 
stairs.  Go south and up the ladder.  Go north and shrink at the Minish 
portal.  Go left twice and fall in the hole.  You should fall to a room 
in 1F.  Go right through the tiny tunnel and grow at the portal.  Now 
take the Piece of Heart.
                              Lake Hylia
33) Flippers

Description: By Stockwell’s house is a pond.  Get it and dive down in 
there for a Piece of Heart.
34) Flippers

Description: South of the Temple of Droplets and west of Mayor Hagen’s 
cabin is a Piece of Heart on land.  Take the ladder up to it.
35) Flippers

Description: Swim west of Mayor Hagen’s waterfront cabin and get on 
land using a ladder leading north.  From there, enter the cave-tree to 
find Waveblade’s dojo.  There’s a Piece of Heart within.
36) Roc’s Cape

Description: Right of Stockwell’s house is a chain of islands.  Jump 
across them to find a Piece of Heart rather easily.
37) Roc’s Cape

Description: Fly forward to the north shore of the lake from # 36.  Dig 
here and go left.  When you can, dig south and go down to find a Piece 
of Heart in Lon Lon Ranch.  Yes, technically it’s in Lon Lon Ranch, but 
I don’t think it belongs there.
38) Fusion # 68, Roc’s Cape

Description: In the tunnel mentioned in # 37 are three ladders that 
you’ll have to use to reach a seemingly pointless pond.  But, if you 
performed fusion # 68 with a Forest Minish living north of Mayor 
Hagen’s house, a beanstalk is to be climbed here.  A Piece of Heart is 
at the top.
                             Royal Valley
39) White Sword (Three Elements)

Description: When in Royal Valley, go to the northern graveyard 
section.  Push the upper-left grave forward and take the stairs down to 
a Piece of Heart.
                              Veil Falls
40) Cane of Pacci

Description: Go to the north end of Lon Lon Ranch and enchant the hole 
there with the rod.  Jump to the next level from there and follow the 
path down to a Piece of Heart.
41) Flippers

Description: Enter Veil Falls from northeast North Hyrule Field and 
jump off the ridge to the right to swim to the Piece of Heart.
42) Fusion # 98

Description: A platform appears before a dirt wall in the water.  Dig 
into it and go forward to a Piece of Heart.
43) Fusion # 80

Description: A waterfall opens when you perform the correct fusion.  
Swim into it to find a Piece of Heart sitting there in the watery cave.
                           Palace of Winds
44) Roc’s Cape

Description: Go to the central room of 4F on the map.  In here, push 
some blocks in the northwest corner into a pit and fall in to be drop 
down to a walkway much earlier in the dungeon.  Go forward to the Piece 
of Heart.
                        Hidden Heart Container
45-48) Fusion # 99

Description: By fusing with the correct Forest Minish once you have the 
Four Sword, a crack appears in the ground by the Wind Crest in Lake 
Hylia.  Fall in as Minish Link and go right, jumping over the spiked 
cylinders with Roc’s Cape.  Take the ladder at the end up to Librari.  
Talk to him for a whole Heart Container.  Thanks elder Librari!

And there you have it – every single last one.  If you want to 
challenge yourself, try to get through the game without picking up a 
single Piece of Heart or Heart Container (boss-inclusive).  That’s an 
old Zelda challenge called the Three-Heart Challenge.  Happy hunting.


So, you’re probably wondering why you keep collecting Mysterious 
Shells.  This is an element of play from The Legend of Zelda: Link’s 
Awakening.  The only difference is that in Link’s Awakening you got a 
sword for collecting Mysterious Shells.  In this game, you bet them in 
a slot machine sort of game.  On the west side of town is a cave-tree 
home to Carlov, a sculptor of figurines (remember him from Wind 

Figurines are not only fun, but they have a use.  If you get them all 
(136 in total), you get the Carlov Medal.  Talk to the man sitting in 
front of Mama’s Café in Hyrule Town with it and he’ll open his house to 
the north of it, letting you get a Piece of Heart, 600 rupees, and a 
phonograph that lets you listen to the game’s music (sound test).

However, there is a bit of strategy and a lot of luck involved in 
getting figurines.  Each time you play you have a certain chance of 
getting a new figurine.  You start with a 100 % chance of getting a new 
one, and it slowly dwindles down to 0 %.  The more Mysterious Shells 
you bet (you can hold 999 at a time), the more likely you are to win.  
However, betting two shells does not double your chances of winning, as 
it should by the basic laws of probability.  Instead, it raises your 
chance of winning by 1 %.

So, you should only bet more than one Mysterious Shell when you have a 
1 % chance of getting a new figurine.  After all, with a 2 % chance of 
winning, you’d have to play fifty times to get a new one (at most).  
But if you wanted a surefire new figurine, you’d have to bet 99 
Mysterious Shells, forty-nine more than you’d normally have to.  If you 
don’t have the patience for this, you can bet more shells more often.

You might even restart the game each time you don’t get a new figurine.  
Note that each time you play, each figurine has assigned to it a 
certain percentage.  That is, if you play and bet enough shells to get 
an 80 % chance of winning, you get a figurine, and you reset it, then 
you will get that same figurine if you bet enough to have an 80 % 
chance.  Just an observation.

Finally, you don’t have the opportunity to get all 136 figurines at any 
given time.  Carlov makes new figurines that he puts into the dispenser 
as you meet new characters.  For instance, if you have not fought 
Mazaal, it is impossible to get his figurine.  At first you’ll only 
have 130 slots (as if there are a total of 130 figurines).  Beating the 
game adds six new slots to the holding machine (so you can get a total 
of 136 unique figurines).  Below is a list of characters that you must 
fuse to unlock (their figurines cannot be gotten without doing the 
proper fusion).

# 10 – Marcy (fuse with the postman)
# 36 – Joy Butterfly (fuse with either Nayru, Farore, or Din twice)
# 37 – Gina (fuse with Dampé)
# 45 – Goron (get the fourth bottle in the long trade sequence)
# 66 – Goron Merchant (fuse with Goron on far left in Goron cave)
# 111 – Golden Octorok (fuse with Crenel Hermit)
# 112 – Golden Tektite (fuse with Mountain Minish in # 22)
# 113 – Golden Rope (fuse with Crenel Hermit)

Now for the list.  I include the game script that Carlov writes with 
each figurine.  More often than not, Carlov gives lousy descriptions of 
characters.  Nonetheless, he does sometimes reveal new information.  
The game lists the figurines in pretty weird order, too.  I personally 
think that the figurines in Wind Waker were better.  Also, the Carlov 
Medal is kind of creepy.

#) Name


Above is the setup of each entry.  I think it’s rather self-

1) Capless Link

Script: A young boy who lives in Hyrule.  He is close friends with 
Princess Zelda.
2) Ezlo and Link

Script: A young boy on a quest with Ezlo to restore the Four Sword.  
With the sword’s power, he hopes to remove the curse on Princess Zelda.
3) Princess Zelda

Script: A bright and cheery princess from Hyrule’s royal family.  She 
loves to sneak out of the castle to visit her good friend, Link.
4) Ezlo (Cap)

Script: A strange creature that looks at first like a cap.  He speaks 
roughly and treats Link like a child, but he actually really likes 
5) Sorcerer Vaati

Script: When the young Minish donned Ezlo’s magic cap, he took this 
evil form.  Now, he searches for the light force in his quest to become 
6) King Daltus

Script: The king of Hyrule.  Reported to have been a fine swordsman, he 
appeared in the Picori Festival tournament as a youth and fought to a 
draw with Smith.
7) Minister Potho

Script: The supporting pillar of Hyrule.  He is also in charge of 
Princess Zelda’s education, so when she goes missing, he gets 
8) Smith

Script: The finest swordsmith in Hyrule.  As a young man, he was a 
great swordsman.  He and King Daltus are friends and enjoyed a pleasant 
rivalry as youths.
9) Mayor Hagen

Script: The mayor of the town of Hyrule.  He’s a big collector of odd 
masks.  He’s built a shelter into his garden just in case monsters ever 
attack Hyrule.
10) Marcy

Script: Second in command at Hyrule’s post office.  She’s mellow and 
laid-back, entirely unlike the high-strung and easily excitable Stamp.
11) Stamp

Script: A busy, hardworking postal employee, although he can be a touch 
edgy.  The stamp he uses is his own personal one, so please don’t 
borrow it.  Thanks.
12) Rem

Script: The proprietor of Rem’s Shoe Store.  Using his “secret 
technique,” he makes shoes in his sleep.  Princess Zelda is his single 
biggest source of income.
13) Dr. Left

Script: A gruff-talking academic type who is obsessed with studying the 
Picori.  He doesn’t seem to be aware that they are actually living in 
his own house.
14) Carlov

Script: A sculptor of finely crafted figurines.  Many consider him the 
best sculptor in all of Hyrule.  He enjoys collecting Mysterious 
15) Borlov

Script: Owner of the Chest Mini-Game Shop.  Carlov’s younger brother.  
He detests gambling, but he has the made the biggest gamble of all: 
16) Stockwell

Script: This handy neighborhood gear seller, also called Stockwell the 
Well-Stocked.  He complains that he’s been too busy lately to see his 
dog, Fifi.
17) Simon

Script: His mysterious dungeon-simulation game is very popular in 
Hyrule.  It gives players the illusion of fighting real monsters in 
real dungeons.
18) Gorman

Script: He wants to rent out his house in town, but he’s too 
overbearing to attract a tenant.  He doesn’t even seem to realize what 
the problem is…
19) Anju

Script: This young woman tends to her cuccos in Hyrule Town.  If you 
help her gather her loose cuccos, she’ll give you a reward.
20) Brocco

Script: Hyrule’s vegetable vendor.  He sells fine produce.  He also 
argues constantly with the fruit vendor, Pina, over the health benefits 
of vegetables.
21) Pina

Script: Hyrule’s fruit vendor.  She hates vegetables, so she won’t even 
sell tomatoes, even though they technically ARE fruits.  Freak.
22) Beedle

Script: Though he is an adult, he is very good at finding Picolyte made 
by the Minish.  And he is very, VERY convincing about their healthful 
23) Postman

Script: A very serious deliveryman.  He continues to make every 
delivery right on time every day.
24) Crenel Hermit

Script: A hermit who lives on Mount Crenel.  He has lots of Kinstone 
pieces.  He brags that he won the festival tournament when he was 
25) Monster Lady

Script: A weird old lady living in Percy’s house without his 
permission.  She doesn’t want you to turn on the lights.  She might 
actually be a…
26) Dampé

Script: The gravedigger at the cemetery.  They say he has the power to 
speak with the dead.  He fuses the Kinstones he digs up with the local 
27) Gustaf, Royal Spirit

Script: The spirit of an ancient king of Hyrule who wishes to secure 
peace in his land from beyond the grave.  He was very fond of the 
people of the Wind Tribe.
28) Syrup

Script: A wizard who lives in the Minish Woods.  She sells magic items 
with odd powers.  She’s looking for an apprentice to whom she can teach 
her mystic spells.
29) Great Butterfly Fairy

Script: The Great Butterfly Fairy of Minish Woods.  She provides you 
with a larger wallet, allowing you to carry more Rupees with you.
30) Great Mayfly Fairy

Script: The Great Mayfly Fairy of Mount Crenel.  She provides you with 
a larger bomb bag, allowing you to carry more bombs with you.
31) Great Dragonfly Fairy

Script: The Great Dragonfly Fairy of Royal Valley.  She gives you a 
larger quiver, allowing you to carry more arrows with you.
32) Percy

Script: A poet who lives in Western Wood.  He comes home from a long 
journey to find his house occupied by an unwanted guest.  Poor guy…
33) Nayru

Script: She’s looking for a house in Hyrule to move into.  She is 
descended from a line of oracles in the land of Labrynna.
34) Farore

Script: She’s looking for a house in Hyrule to move into.  She’s a very 
helpful person, but people take advantage of her nature.  This really 
bothers her.
35) Din

Script: She’s looking for a house in Hyrule to move into.  She is a 
famous dancer from the land of Holodrum.
36) Joy Butterfly

Script: A rare butterfly said to bring happiness to those who catch it.  
If you see one on your journeys, try to grab it!
37) Gina

Script: A strange Ghini who wants to fuse Kinstone pieces, which is 
somewhat peculiar for a monster.  She has a lot of pieces, so keep on 
38) Festari

Script: A Minish living in Minish Village.  He speaks some human 
languages.  He sees that Link is human with one look.  He’s a bit of a 
human enthusiast.
39) Gentari

Script: The elder of the Forest Minish.  He has lived among humans for 
a long time.  He knows where the four elements are.  He has a twin 
brother in Hyrule’s library.
40) Forest Picori

Script: Not visible to the eyes of adults, they delight in making 
humans happy by hiding helpful items and Rupees under grass and rocks 
all over the world.
41) Librari

Script: The Town Minish elder is Gentari’s twin brother.  Those large 
wings that he is so proud of are trophies from a duel with a cucco as a 
young Minish.
42) Town Picori

Script: These Minish like humans so much that they moved from Minish 
Village into Hyrule itself!  They try to make humans happy, but it 
sometimes backfires.
43) Melari

Script: He lives without his seven apprentices in Mount Crenel, which 
contains all the mineral riches they will ever need.  He seems gruff, 
but he’s trustworthy.
44) Mountain Picori

Script: These seven students followed Melari from Minish Village to 
Mount Crenel.  Their song is actually a sign that they are full-fledged 
Mountain Minish now.
45) Goron

Script: These rock- and iron-eaters once lived on Mount Crenel in 
Western Hyrule.  Now their numbers are few, and they live quietly in a 
46) Minish Vaati

Script: Before he became a sorcerer, he was a simple Minish.  He had 
always been entranced by the evil that lives in the hearts of men…
47) Vassals

Script: These vassals serve the king of Hyrule. They are loyal and 
diligent.  Like the king himself, they are courteous yet frank.
48) Library

Script: The Royal Hyrule Library.  Although the library is well loved, 
many forget to return their books, causing no end of trouble for the 
49) Blade Brothers

Script: All of these self-trained swordsmen have won the fighting 
tournament at the Picori Festival before.  They see great potential in 
50) Wheaton & Pita

Script: This couple bakes bread in Hyrule.  Their tasty pastries hold a 
secret…  If you’re extra lucky, there’ll be a helpful item hidden 
51) Funday School

Script: This is where all the children of Hyrule learn.  Link and 
Princess Zelda studied here, too.  The two teachers are twins named 
Tina and Dina.
52) Mama’s Cafe

Script: This is the best place in town to relax.  You can also pick up 
some good tips, from the latest gossip to observations about the world.
53) Happy Hearth Inn

Script: This generous inn gives a gift to every guest who stays the 
night.  Guests can unwind in the lobby on the second floor.
54) Zill and Friends

Script: Zill’s the one with the drippy nose.  He likes to wander around 
town with his friends.  He knows a lot about Hyrule, and he might even 
give you some tips!
55) The Carpenters

Script: These carpenters may be rough around the edges, but they do 
good work.  They may seem tough, but they’re in touch with their 
feminine side.
56) Young Couple

Script: Romio and Julietta grew up next door to one another.  They’re 
dating now,, but they plan to marry once they get their pet’s approval.
57) Peaceful Hyrule 1

Script: Carlov’s Peaceful Hyrule Scenery Series No. 1
58) Peaceful Hyrule 2

Script: Carlov’s Peaceful Hyrule Scenery Series No. 2
59) Peaceful Hyrule 3

Script: Carlov’s Peaceful Hyrule Scenery Series No. 3
60) Cucco!

Script: With a boisterous crow and a cute crest, these feathered 
friends are the most popular pets in Hyrule.  The baby chicks like 
small bugs.
61) At Lon Lon Ranch

Script: This small ranch lies just outside Hyrule Town.  Father-and-
daughter team Talon and Malon run it, and they sell the finest milk in 
62) The Wind Tribe

Script: The people who built the Wind Ruins.  They now live above the 
clouds, suspended by their own magic ability to control the wind.
63) Gregal & the Ghost

Script: An old man plagued by an evil spirit.  Coming to his aid will 
bring you benefit in the end, so if you meet him, you must find a way 
to help him.
64) Tingle Siblings?

Script: Tingle (in green) and his twin younger brother Ankle (in 
purple) and Knuckle (in blue).  They believe fusing Kinstones will help 
them meet fairies, so they are recording Kinstone data on their maps.  
David Jr. is not technically a relative.
65) Eenie & Meenie

Script: The Hyrulean vegetables grown in their fields are exquisitely 
delicious.  Apparently, Brocco sells the best of their crops.
66) Goron Merchant

Script: This Goron appears when you successfully fuse certain Kinstone 
pieces.  He will sell you expensive, but rare, Kinstone pieces.
67) Spookter & Spekter

Script: Ghosts from Royal Valley.  The one in the blue cap is Spookter, 
and the one in the red cap is Spekter.  Spookter tries to be scary, but 
he’s just not.
68) Sluggula

Script: Appears in Minish dungeons.  They drop from the ceiling 
unexpectedly.  They are slow, so take your time, and defeat them one by 
69) Scissors Beetle

Script: Appears in Minish roads & dungeons.  These monsters have sharp 
mandibles.  Hit them when they shoot these away.  Avoid their attacks 
to get in close.
70) Moldworm

Script: Appears in Minish roads.  They come out of the ground when they 
sense prey.  If you get swallow, you’ll take damage and get all dirty.  
Watch out, because when you’re all dirty, Pestos will come after you.
71) Spiked Beetle

Script: Appears in dungeons. Covered in hard, spiny shells. Few attacks 
work on them.  You have to flip them over to hurt them.
72) Eyegore Statue

Script: Appears in Castor Wilds.  They move when you put an arrow in 
their eye.  No other attacks work.  You can always just let them pass…
73) Business Scrub

Script: Appears in caves, etc.  Normally stay underground.  They’ll pop 
out and spit seeds at you, but if you get to know ‘em, they’re not so 
74) Armos

Script: Appears in the Wind Ruins.  Built by the Minish for the Wind 
Tribe long ago.  They look like stone statues, but if you get too 
close, they move!
75) Keese

Script: Appears in various areas.  These bats live in dungeons and 
caves.  Their movement is unpredictable, so use ranged weapons from a 
safe distance.
76) Keaton

Script: Appears in various areas.  This thieving fox preys upon 
travelers and merchants.  He may not be strong, but he will attack very 
quickly, so be careful.
77) Ghini

Script: Appears in Royal Valley, etc.  These dark beasties are 
attracted to light, and if they attack you, they may suck your life 
78) Gibdo

Script: Appears in the Palace of Winds.  These mummies keep coming at 
you when you attack.  It’s better to fight from a distance if you want 
to avoid damage.
79) Rollobite

Script: Appears in dungeons.  His hard shells protects him from swords, 
but once he rolls into a ball, you can use the Gust Jar to draw them 
80) Spark

Script: Appears in dungeons.  They cling to walls and move quickly.  
Normal attacks may not work, but the boomerang is pretty effective.
81) Dark Nut

Script: Appears in Castor Wilds.  These armor-clad soldiers are tough.  
Use your shield and rolling skills to find an opening in their 
82) Red Dark Nut

Script: Appears in the Palace of Winds.  These Dark Nut commanders are 
strong, but if you relaz and wait for your opening, you can still 
defeat them.
83) Chaser

Script: Appears in dungeons.  They move quickly to chase you once they 
spot you.  Your shield will block them, but keep on your toes!
84) Rock Chuchu

Script: Appears in Veil Falls.  These tough Chuchus wear rocks on their 
heads.  The rocks protect them from damage, so you’ll have to find a 
way to knock the rocks off before you’ll be able to destroy them.
85) Moldorm

Script: Appears in various areas.  These guys move quickly and 
randomly.  Trap them in a corner and take them out quickly.
86) Door Mimic

Script: Appears in Royal Crypt.  They look like doors, but they’re 
really traps!  If you get too close to one, it will fall down on you!
87) Peahat

Script: Appears on Mount Crenel, etc.  These strange beasts hover on 
propeller-like leaves.  You can pull them out of the sky with your Gust 
88) Helmasaur

Script: Appears in various areas.  Their fronts are protected with 
metal masks, but their backsides aren’t!  Pop off that mask for an easy 
89) Wall Master

Script: Appears in dungeons.  If these guys grab you, they’ll send you 
back to the start of the dungeon.  Dodge them as they fall, then 
90) Floor Master

Script: Appears in dungeons.  If these guys grab you, they’ll send you 
back to the start of the dungeon.  Watch out when he attacks with 
91) Acro-Bandits

Script: Appears in Eastern Hills, etc.  Five of them pop out at once.  
If you smack each one as they pop out of the ground, they’re a piece of 
92) Bob-omb

Script: Appears in dungeons.  They often gather in groups in narrow 
areas.  Once activated, they go a little crazy.  Take them out with 
93) Bombarossa

Script: Appears in dungeons.  They float in the air and explode when 
touched.  Walk carefully, and you may escape unhurt.
94) Like Like

Script: Appears in caves, dungeons, etc.  Don’t let them grab you: 
they’ll eat your shield if they hold you long enough.  Swing your sword 
you escape.
95) Rupee Like

Script: Appears in caves, dungeons, etc.  This Rupee Like has a Rupee 
dangling from its head stalk.  This clever lure attracts greedy and 
delicious heroes.
96) Rope

Script: Appears in various areas.  They’ll come straight for you if 
they spot you.  Just swing your sword when they charge at you.
97) Boulder

Script: Appears on Mount Crenel, etc.  These huge boulders come 
crashing down from cliff walls.  They fall in a random pattern, so 
watch your step!
98) Ball & Chain Soldier

Script: Appears in the Palce of Winds.  They’re not fast, but that iron 
ball is a bruiser!  Try to hit them after they swing the ball.
99) Spiny Beetle

Script: Appears in various areas.  They hide under common rocks and 
grass.  Be careful, because they can pop out when you least expect it!
100) Spear Moblin

Script: Appears in Minish Woods, etc.  They rush you on sight.  They 
also block head-on attacks with their spears, so circle around to 
101) Bow Moblin

Script: Appears in various areas. They fire arrows at you on sight.  
Block these with your shield and then close in to attack.
102) Cloud Piranha

Script: Appears in the sky.  They swim through clouds like fish in 
water.  Attack them in that brief moment they pop out!
103) Mulldozer

Script: Appears in Minish roads, dungeons, etc.  There are red and blue 
ones.  They may look small and weak, but their hard shells make them 
104) Pesto

Script: Appears in Minish roads, dungeons, etc.  There are red and blue 
ones.  The blue ones are stronger and throw things down on your head.
105) Puffstool

Script: Appears in Deepwood Shrine.  These mushroom beasties scatter 
spores all over dungeons.  When their caps are red, they are 
106) Wizzrobe

Script: Appears in the Palace of Winds, etc.  They fire magic bolts 
from afar.  Hit them when they appear so they don’t cast another spell!
107) Fire Wizzrobe

Script: Appears in the Palace of Winds.  They wield fire magic.  Hit 
them when they appear so that they don’t cast another spell!
108) Ice Wizzrobe

Script: Appears in the Palace of Winds.  They wield ice magic.  They’re 
weak against fire, so attack with fire for a quick battle!
109) Wisp

Script: Appears in dungeons.  They float in midair.  They won’t hurt 
you, but if you touch them, you won’t be able to use your sword for a 
110) Octorok

Script: Appears in various areas.  There are red and blue ones.  
They’ve appeared in every Zelda game to date.  They spit rocks, so be 
111) Golden Octorok

Script: Appears in…  Well, we’re not sure!  The legendary Golden 
Octorok.  It can’t be confirmed, but they are said to shoot chunks of 
pure gold…
112) Golden Tektite

Script: Appears in…  Well, we’re not sure!  The legendary Golden 
Tektite.  Its basic attacks is the same, but it has much more power.
113) Golden Rope

Script: Appears in…  Well, we’re not sure!  The legendary Golden Rope.  
It’s much more aggressive than the normal ones: it will attack you on 
114) Crow & Takkuri

Script: Appears in various areas.  The black one is Crow.  If you touch 
Takkuri, he will steal Rupees from you, so be careful!
115) Lakitu

Script: Appears in the sky.  They float on clouds.  They don’t move, 
but they do throw lightning bolts.  Steal their clouds with the Gust 
116) Stalfos

Script: Appears in dungeons.  Blue ones jump, and red ones throw bones.  
See what happens when you remove their heads with the Gust Jar.
117) Beetle

Script: Appears in various areas.  They appear under rocks and grass.  
If they grab you, you won’t be able to move.  Swing your sword to get 
118) Chuchu

Script: Appears in various areas.  Chuchus come in many colors.  Each 
color is a little different, but ranged weapons work well against all.
119) Tektite

Script: Appears on Mount Crenel, etc.  They move by jumping long 
distances.  Their movement can be unpredictable, so attack them when 
they are still.
120) Trap

Script: Appears in various areas.  A trap with sharp blades.  Some are 
triggered by nearby intruders, while others follow a set path.
121) Leever

Script: Appears in Wind Ruins, Veil Falls.  These baddies move freely 
underground when attacking.  You never know where they will pop up, so 
keep your shield raised and at the ready!
122) Maderpillar

Script: Appears in Deepwood Shrine, etc.  This caterpillar moves in a 
zigzag pattern.  If you hit him on the nose, he gets upset and starts 
running around.
123) Spiny Chuchu

Script: Appears in various areas.  These Chuchus project spikes from 
their bodies at the first sign of danger.  Try a well-placed bomb.
124) Big Octorok

Script: Appears in the Temple of Droplets.  Frozen solid by the power 
of the Water Element.  He’s been frozen so long that his hunger is 
125) Gyorg Pair

Script: Appears in Palace of Winds.  Females are larger than males.  
They fly around the Palace of Winds preying on adventurers.
126) Biggoron

Script: This is a legendary Goron with a body bigger than a mountain.  
This Goron is so big, in fact, that no one has ever seen all of it at 
127) Big Green Chuchu

Script: Appears in Deepwood Shrine.  A perfectly ordinary Chuchu.  
Though not much of an enemy usually, they are terrifying to anyone 
128) Gleerok

Script: Appears in the Cave of Flames.  A Gleerok with a hard, rocky 
shell found in Mount Crenel.  Hiding in lava, this beast spews fire on 
everything it sees.
129) Mazaal

Script: Appears in the Wind Ruins.  Constructed by the Wind Tribe to 
repel intruders, this study machine cannot be destroyed by any external 
130) Big Blue Chuchu

Script: Appears in the Temple of Droplets.  An ordinary blue Chuchu.  
Fighting him while Minish-sized in daunting, but just try to avoid that 
electric attack.
131) Zelda & Link

Script: These two became fast friends because of Smith and the king of 
Hyrule.  Zelda wishes that sometimes unreliable Link were just a wee 
bit stronger.
132) Minish Ezlo

Script: The Minish Ezlo, before he was cursed by Vaati.  HE is a famous 
Minish sage.  Even among Minish inventors, he was renowned for his 
amazing creations.
133) Black Knight

Script: Appears in Dark Hyrule Castle.  This is the strongest Dark Nut, 
with a good balance of attack and defense.  They will do anything to 
stop you.
134) Vaati Reborn

Script: The sorcerer Vaati took this form after draining the power of 
the light force from Princess Zelda.  The evil beams from his eyes are 
135) Vaati Transfigured

Script: Once Vaati’s body has been shattered, this dark form rises up, 
all that remains of the evil sorcerer.  Only the sacred Four Sword can 
defeat him.
136) Vaati’s Wrath

Script: This is the embodiment of purest evil, the final form of the 
power-mad Vaati.  Its mind is consumed with a hunger for destruction.  
Find its weakness.

That is each and every figurine there is.  Like I said, use the Carlov 
Medal that you receive from getting all of them to talk to the figurine 
collector outside Mama’s Café.  He’ll let you into his house to the 
north, which contains 600 rupees, a Piece of Heart, and the Sound Test.

=============================Wind Crests*==============================

Once you’ve beaten Mazaal in Fortress of Winds, you receive the Ocarina 
of Winds.  You can use it to warp to Wind Crests that you’ve activated.  
To help you make shortcuts for yourself, I’ll list where to find them 
all, just in case.

Hyrule Town: Right by the Funday School in the northeast corner.  This 
is probably the most useful of the crests.

South Hyrule Field: Right of Link’s house is a Wind Crest.  It is 
convenient for going to Link’s house in a hurry.  You can rest in the 
bed on the second floor, which restores all your health.

Minish Woods: Once you exit Minish Village from the house of Gentari 
the elder, you’ll find the corresponding crest rather easily.

Mount Crenel: Left of Melari’s Mines and south of Cave of Flames is 
another Wind Crest.  It is in quite a good location.

Castor Wilds: East of the three Mysterious Statues in the southwest 
corner lies a Wind Crest.  It is also a useful shortcut to Wind Ruins.

Lake Hylia: This comes ready with the Ocarina of Wind.  It is the only 
way to get on that ledge.

Veil Falls: Outside, before the cave that leads to Veil Springs, is a 
Wind Crest.  Once you have the warp to Cloud Tops, this is a less 
useful crest.

Cloud Tops: The last Wind Crest lies here.  It is right before the 
house of the Wind Tribe, making it easy to enter.  You can also fall 
down the hole here for quicker access to Veil Springs.

In almost every Zelda game there is a musical instrument.  Four Swords 
Adventures is the exception.  Ocarinas have gained favor in the Zelda 
world.  However, the Ocarina of Wind holds true to its roots as a 
simple flute.  In the first game, The Legend of Zelda, the Flute played 
the same tune that this instrument does.  It took you to the different 
dungeons that you’ve cleared.  Also, Nintendo recycled that The Legend 
of Zelda flute tune for Super Mario Bros. 3, earning another Zelda game 
another Mario cameo.

=============================Rupee Trick*==============================

There are many easy ways to make rupees.  Anju’s Cucco mini-game is a 
good example.  Kinstone fusing is the best.  However, if you want 
guaranteed rupees, there’s one shining trick to use.  I first 
discovered it in Wind Waker, although it is present in games as early 
as A Link to the Past.  If a pot in a certain room contains a rupee, it 
will contain the same rupee each time you enter.  That is, if you take 
a rupee from under a pot, exit, and then reenter, the rupee will be 
there.  The best place to practice this trick is in Mt. Crenel.  One 
particular cave has you throw a bomb across a gap to hit a switch, 
which makes a bridge form.  The southern part of that cave should have 
two pots, one of which contains a red rupee (worth 20).  Keep exiting 
and entering the cave, taking the rupee each time.  Even with the 
biggest wallet, it’s only 50 trips (which is lessened by the presence 
of rupees in the left pot).

justinmarkbrown sends in this alternate tip: “Go to South Hyrule Field, 
to Smith’s house.  Stand right in front of the door (outside of his 
house) and turn left without moving.  Dig right there with the Mole 
Mitts and there will be 20 rupees every time.  If you dig around the 
rest of the front yard you will probably find 40+ rupees.  I think this 
is easier because it’s not as far out of the way as Mt. Crenel.  You 
can also enter and exit Smith’s house more quickly than you can the 

If you like Picolyte and you have the Great Spin Attack, then 
kenpokarateboy2 has this trick for you: “First, buy yellow picolyte 
(the one that makes it easy to find rupees).  Second, go west from the 
town, then head south over the rock that you pushed in the hole.  Go 
down the steps, past the secret bomb cave, and kill all these monsters.  
Then go west as soon as possible.  You will be in a field of solid 
grass.  Kill all the monsters, then enter and leave a cave to revive 
any grass that you cut.  Stand in the middle of the field and use the 
Yellow Picolyte.  Then Great Spin Attack all the grass, and you will 
find about 17-25 red rupees, making back much more than what you spent 
on the [Yellow] Picolyte.  I also use this trick with the [White] 
Kinstone Picolyte if I run short.”

Also, I suppose I’ll list the rupee conversions here.

Green Rupee – 1
Blue Rupee – 5
Red Rupee – 20
Big Green – 50
Big Blue – 100
Big Red – 200

I hope this trick serves you well.  One more thing, though.  Certain 
Kinstone fusions make golden enemies appear.  There are Golden Ropes, 
Golden Octoroks, and Golden Tektites.  Golden Ropes are much faster and 
they have more health.  Golden Octoroks shoot many rocks in succession, 
and also take many hits.  Golden Tektites jump around at high speeds 
and take many hits (they’re the hardest to beat).  Well, beating these 
nine enemies always results in a big rupee.  Which one depends on which 
you beat.

============================Zelda Timeline*============================

Note: Reading this might spoil the endings for a few of the Zelda 
games.  Read only if you know what happens in each, because I need to 
draw from important game events to make the timeline.  Read at your own 

The Legend of Zelda is a series of twelve separate games at the present 
time.  Since these games were not released in an order that made sense, 
many people argue with one another about just how it should be 
organized.  That’s what this timeline is here for – to express my views 
on the subject.  I think that the series in bad need of better 
organizing.  Many timelines are awful and don’t make sense.  The 
timeline must abide by certain rules.  But before that, here’s a list 
of every Zelda game that either was new when it was released or had 
something new on it.

The Legend of Zelda
1987 for the NES
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
1988 for the NES
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
1991 for the SNES
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
1993 for the GB
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
1998 for the N64
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
2000 for the N64
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of the Ages
2001 for the GBC
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of the Seasons
2001 for the GBC
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Four Swords
2002 for the GBA
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest
2003 for the GCN
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
2003 for the GCN
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
2004 for the GCN
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
2005 for the GBA

Note that these release years are all North American.  First, notice 
that A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time are listed twice.  This is 
because those games had a new game on them when they were re-released.  
Ocarina of Time had Master Quest, which was a harder version.  Master 
Quest has the same events in it as Ocarina of Time, so it will not be 
counted.  A Link to the Past was re-released with a multi-player game 
called Four Swords.  It is an actual game, and it shall be counted.

As I said, there are a few rules one must follow when making their 
timeline.  Here are common errors people make.  First, what Link or 
anyone else looks like has nothing to do with the chronological scheme 
of things.  Wind Waker Link was a very popular look so Nintendo showed 
him that way in a few extra games.  This doesn’t make Link different.  
Secondly, items (unless they are extremely important, like the Master 
Sword) do not determine anything.  That is, whether Ganon used his 
trident in one battle or not does not give us a good timeline.  Third, 
there is only one timeline.

Many people think that there are two (the Alternate Timeline Theory) 
because Link time-traveled in Ocarina of Time.  If you think about it, 
this is a really stupid theory.  After all, at the end of Ocarina of 
Time, Zelda sends Link back to relive the seven years of his childhood 
that he lost (to quote Zelda exactly, “Link, give the Ocarina to me…  
As a sage, I can return you to your original time with it.”).  It is as 
if the latter part of Ocarina of Time never happened.  Fourth, there 
will be no dates.

Many people try to use dates in their timeline and that is completely 
false.  Fifth, comic books have no bearing on the timeline.  Sixth and 
foremost, if it’s not in the game or the manual, then it is speculation 
and it doesn’t count.  For instance, one could add tons of different 
events that weren’t in the games or manuals and connect things together 
(like Ganon revivals, descendants, and other “events”).

Now we can truly start.  This is quite anticipated because everyone 
wants to know how Minish Cap is placed on the timeline.  Remember that 
the timeline tries to string the games together in an order that makes 
sense for the existing games only.  It will be modified should a new 
game be released.

Note: In my timeline, it is very important to remember that Link did 
not have the Triforce piece of Courage at the end of Ocarina of Time.  
He had it when he was an adult, but Zelda sent him back to the past “to 
regain his lost years.”  Even if you do disagree with this for whatever 
reason, it wouldn’t matter (if he did, Link would lose the Triforce of 
Courage in Majora’s Mask due to what the King of Red Lions says in Wind 
Waker).  Also, the timeline focuses a lot on Ganon.  Ganon is the only 
character that is completely unique (that there are no descendants of) 
and he has different conditions in each game.

Ocarina of Time is obviously the first game.  This is a universally 
accepted fact and it should not be argued with.  Then comes Majora’s 
Mask.  Again, this is universally accepted.  The best reason for 
Majora’s Mask coming next is that Link has the Ocarina of Time in it, 
although there are many more.  Now here’s where my timeline becomes 
unique.  Now, recall that I said earlier that the adult part of Ocarina 
of Time didn’t matter.

Well, it basically never happened as far as the timeline is concerned 
because Link was sent back to his past to relive his childhood.  Ganon 
is, therefore, trapped in the Sacred Realm/Dark World whatever you want 
to call it at the end of Majora’s Mask.  There are only a few games 
that start out with Ganon in the Dark World.  Four Swords could come 
next (although it really can’t, as I will explain later) and Four 
Swords Adventures would follow.

This cannot be because the Four Sword, which is used in both those 
games, is broken and you must restore it in the re-release of A Link to 
the Past in an optional side quest.  Yes, it seems like a cheap shot, 
but it is how things happened.  The only other game in which Ganon 
starts out imprisoned is A Link to the Past.  Therefore, it is the only 
game that actually can come next logically.

This presents a new problem.  At the end of A Link to the Past, it 
would seem that Ganon is dead.  Yes, one might think that Ganon really 
is dead, but in truth, he is not.  Again, this is a very random 
observation, but in the credits of A Link to the Past (by completing 
different events you can see different credits) they show Link’s uncle 
and the king of Hyrule.  This is important because both of these people 
were dead earlier in the game.

Also, in one scene of the credits (“The Bully Makes a Friend”), they 
show two characters on Death Mountain that would normally be in the 
Dark World in the Light World.  This means that, when Link’s wish was 
granted by the Triforce, he wished those that died as a result of Ganon 
back to life and that all those in the Dark World be transported to the 
Light World.  Well, this includes Ganon, which means that Ganon is 
alive again and he’s in the Light World.  There are only two games like 
this at the beginning and Wind Waker cannot come yet (if it did, 
Adventure of Link would later and this is impossible).  Therefore, the 
original The Legend of Zelda has to come next.

Ganon dies at the end of The Legend of Zelda.  Even more importantly, 
he dies leaving a pile of ashes behind at the end of The Legend of 
Zelda.  This is very important.  There are only two games in which 
Ganon is dead throughout the entire game.  These games are Link’s 
Awakening and Adventure of Link.  Now, all games in which Ganon is dead 
in must be consecutive, right?  If you disagree with me, think about it 
for a second and you’ll realize what I mean.  So, this leaves us to put 
Link’s Awakening and Adventure of Link in the right order.

At first glance, it seems like it doesn’t matter, but it actually has a 
huge bearing on the timeline.  Remember that in Wind Waker the King of 
Red Lions tells us that the legendary hero of ages long past left the 
land of Hyrule and lost the Triforce by doing so (the guidebook of 
Link’s Awakening says that Link traveled to many different lands to 
seek enlightenment)?  Well, Link gets the Triforce piece of Courage in 
Adventure of Link.  If Adventure of Link came first, Link would lose 
the Triforce piece in the very next game.

Besides, the next two games in the timeline (the games in which Ganon 
is resurrected) has Link using his piece of the Triforce at the very 
beginning.  Even though the instruction booklet of Adventure of Link 
says that Link never left Hyrule after The Legend of Zelda and before 
Adventure of Link.  However, we know that Link MUST have the Triforce 
piece in the game after these two, and that Link’s Awakening must come 
either before or after this one.  So, Link’s Awakening comes first 
(Link would not lose the Triforce piece in this scenario) and then 
comes Adventure of Link.  Easy.

Now, we are out of games in which Ganon is dead, and that means that he 
must be resurrected in the next game.  However, it takes two games to 
revive Ganon.  These games are the Oracle of Ages and the Oracle of 
Seasons.  In the secret ending in a Beowulf-like plot, Kotake and Koume 
(Ganon’s surrogate mothers) revive their son after trying to kill Link.

After another defeat by Link, Ganon is sent back to the Dark World 
right after being revived.  There are few games remaining, and they are 
rather easily sorted.  First, Four Swords comes before Four Swords 
Adventures.  The proof for this is rather obvious.  The Four Swords 
Adventures manual refers to three separate occasions in which Vaati 
appeared (Four Swords, Four Swords Adventures, and a very long time 

Well, this means that Four Swords comes next and then comes Four Swords 
Adventures.  Now we’re left with two games, The Minish Cap and Wind 
Waker.  The Four Sword was forged in The Minish Cap, but it was used in 
Four Swords (Adventures, too).  This means that Wind Waker comes next.  
So far, I have only covered the previous eleven games.  Now I’ll give 
Minish Cap a home on the timeline.

There are three proofs of my theory.  I’ll list them in order of their 
obviousness.  First, the Four Sword was created in Minish Cap.  It is 
later used in Four Swords.  Therefore, Minish Cap must come before Four 
Swords.  However, the Four Sword also made a brief appearance in the 
re-release of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, which means that 
Minish Cap comes before ALttP.  However, since Zelda had a piece of the 
Triforce in Minish Cap (that’s what the light force is, obviously), 
then Minish Cap must come BEFORE Ocarina of Time.  If Minish Cap came 
after Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask, then Ganon would not have the 
complete Triforce in A Link to the Past, which he does.  That is proof 
Proof two and three are a bit smaller and not as effective, but they 
get the job done.  First, Vaati appeared as a black eye-like creature 
in Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures.  Well, a figurine in Minish 
Cap (# 135.  To quote it exactly, “Once Vaati’s body has been 
shattered, this dark form rises up, all that remains of the evil 

Only the sacred Four Sword can defeat him.”) says that Vaati’s human 
body had been shattered.  This means that Vaati appeared in FS and FSA 
the way he did because something happened to him before.  The 
instruction manual of FSA makes reference to a boy who split into four 
to beat Vaati before even Four Swords.  This just supports what I said 
earlier, although this proof alone cannot move this before Ocarina of 

The third “proof” is implied.  At the end of Minish Cap, Ezlo returns 
to his Minish-sage form and he gives Link a green hat, a token to 
remember him by.  This seems to imply that this is the first time Link 
ever wore such a hat, and it became a tradition afterward for heroes of 
Hyrule.  That’s a bit of a stretch, though.  Why would the Kokiri have 
adopted it?  Like I said, proof one up here is the best answer to the 
placement question.

Below I have a list made of where the games in the timeline go 
according to my theory.  Notice that Oracle of Ages comes before Oracle 
of Seasons.  I decided to alphabetize them.

The Minish Cap
Ocarina of Time
Majora’s Mask
A Link to the Past
The Legend of Zelda
Link’s Awakening
The Adventure of Link
Oracle of Ages
Oracle of Seasons
Four Swords
Four Swords Adventures
The Wind Waker

Now I will try to clarify things by explaining a few items mentioned 

                            |    Notes    |

---------------------------The Picori Blade----------------------------

A lot of people would consider the Picori Blade and the Four Sword the 
same weapon.  Well, newsflash people, they aren’t.  First off, “Four 
Sword” and “Picori Blade” are definitely human names.  That is, these 
are the titles of the swords as declared by the Hylians.  Why, 
therefore, would these titles be different?  And, if you think about 
it, the broken Picori Blade is mended by Melari using two elements.  
This makes it the White Sword.  Well, the Picori Blade must not contain 
any elements at all.  So, these two swords are different, which keeps 
my timeline in check.  By the way, if you think that Four Sword is the 
Minish name for the Picori Blade, you’re wrong.  After all, it is 
referred to as the Four Sword by many humans.

----------------------The Light Force = Triforce-----------------------

Vaati and the guards of Hyrule make several references to the light 
force.”  This is the Triforce, but to be specific, it is the Triforce 
piece of Wisdom.  We find out that Zelda contains the light force near 
the end of the game.  They show stained glass that details the legends 
of the Picori in the Elemental Sanctuary.  Since they show Zelda 
holding one golden triangle, we can safely assume that this is her part 
of the Triforce.  By the way, Vaati does take some of the Triforce from 
Zelda, but she gains it back when she wishes on the Minish cap at the 

-------------The Adventure of Link/Link’s Awakening Theory-------------

It’s not uncommon for people to say that Link’s Awakening, which we 
find out is a dream, happened during the raft ride in The Adventure of 
Link (when you have to raft from western Hyrule to the east).  Well, 
this can be easily disproved.  Who could forget the opening cinema in 
Link’s Awakening.  Remember Link, journeying on his ship into the 
storm.  Well, ships and rafts are two different vessels.  I think that 
that is a very important difference made in his journey across the sea.  
It doesn’t affect the timeline that much, but it is a storyline flaw in 
many a timeline.

------------------------The Wind Waker Theories------------------------

Many people think that the timeline should start with OOT, MM, and then 
go to WW.  At first, I could not disprove this theory.  But now I can.  
In WW, Ganon died.  Since it’s the last game in my timeline, this makes 
no difference.  However, it does in the proposed theory.  You see, if 
this were true, than Adventure of Link would have to come after Wind 
Waker.  In Wind Waker, recall that all knowledge of Hyrule was lost.  
Adventure of Link had towns named after characters from Hylian myth 
(the sages of Ocarina of Time, plus Mido and someone named Kasuto).  If 
all knowledge of Hyrule was lost, how could they regain it?  Clearly, 
Wind Waker comes last in the series.

----------------------The Nature of the Triforce-----------------------

The King of Red Lions and Sheik, collectively, told us a lot about how 
the Triforce works.  First, the Triforce does one of two things when a 
person touches it.  But first, I should explain that the Triforce is 
divided into three equal parts, each representing the goddesses that 
created the world.  There is Wisdom (Zelda), Power (Ganon), and Courage 
(Link).  When there is an imbalance of virtue in the person that 
touches it (that is, they believe in one of these forces more than the 
others), that person receives the one that they believe in most.  The 
other two pieces are placed in other “chosen ones.”

The person who touched it must gather the pieces to get a wish granted.  
You see, the Triforce grants a wish that reflects a person’s soul.  
Regardless, there is another possibility.  If someone with balance in 
the virtues touches the Triforce, their wish is granted automatically.  
However, the Triforce has another strange property, revealed to us by 
the King of Red Lions in Wind Waker.  If a person that harbors a piece 
leaves the land of Hyrule, then they lose their piece.  This is very 
important to know in understanding the order I placed the games in.

Note that the Triforce piece of Courage is used by Link in the 
beginning of Oracle of Ages.  I hope this clarifies things – why Link’s 
Awakening must come before Adventure of Link.  In AoL, Link gets the 
Triforce piece of Courage.  If he got it in that game and Link’s 
Awakening came next, he would lose it right away.  And since Ganon’s 
revival has to come next, he would have no Triforce piece in Oracle of 
Ages, which we know that Link does.

------------------------A Re-Release Side Quest------------------------

I mentioned that the re-release of A Link to the Past allowed me to 
safely determine the placement of Minish Cap.  I think, personally, 
that this is pretty under-the-belt, but in A Link to the Past’s remake, 
they included a side quest that involved the Four Sword.  Since it was 
forged in Minish Cap, Minish Cap must come before.  Since Zelda has her 
Triforce piece in Minish Cap but not in Ocarina of Time or Majora’s 
Mask, Minish Cap comes first.  If I didn’t explain things well above, 
here it is in simplified form.

These are the most common e-mail objections I get, so I disproved them 
in full for you above.  If you want to argue with me, please read all 
the notes above and consider how your theory affects the timeline as a 
whole.  I’ll be happy to disprove you, but you could lessen my e-mail 
load that way.  You can write to me at Kirby0215@aol.com.


It’s interrogation time!  I put down a question that I get often (FAQ 
stands for Frequently Asked Questions) so I don’t get it in e-mail.  
Please read every question before e-mailing me.

Question: Where do I find the swordsmen?
Answer: Look in “Tiger Scrolls.”  I write these sections for a reason.

Question: I need help in ______.
Answer: Good for you.  You have a guide.  I cannot help you if you 
cannot read, so just use the section appointed to each dungeon.  I’d 
like to think that I’m very specific in my guides, but I guess I may 
slip up every now and then.  Once you’ve read through the section 
carefully (and I mean actually read it.  It’s frustrating when you get 
the same question over and over because people are too lazy to actually 
read the guide), then you can e-mail me.  I will investigate, should 
your problem be significant.

Question: How do I make the stupid dog move in the west side of Hyrule 
Answer: Once you have the Cane of Pacci, go to Mama’s Café and shrink 
at the pot.  Exit to the south and go over the plank to the left to be 
on the west side.  Talk to the dog (Minish can speak animal) and he 
will move quite politely.

Question: Do I have to collect the figurines?  What do you get for it?
Answer: No, you do not have to collect them (although I think it’s 
pretty fun).  If you collect all 136 figurines, Carlov gives you the 
Carlov Medal.  Talk to the man outside Mama’s Café and he’ll let you 
into his house to the north.  Inside you’ll find a Piece of Heart, 600 
rupees, and the Sound Test.  Hooray.

Question: What?  136 figurines?  I only have 130!
Answer: Once you beat the game, six new figurines are added to the lot.  
Note that you cannot get figurines if you haven’t seen a character.

Question: How do you get the Tingle Trophy?
Answer: Complete all 100 fusions.  You can check on your progress with 
Tingle on the right side of South Hyrule Field.

Question: What does the Tingle Trophy do?
Answer: It makes fairies appear more often when you slash bushes, kill 
monsters, etc.

Question: Is this game worth getting?
Answer: Did you read my introduction?  Of course it is!  I don’t write 
guides for games I dislike, my friend.  The Legend of Zelda appears to 
everyone because it is the core of so many other games.  If you’ve ever 
played a game with a bird’s eye view, if you’ve ever played an RPG, or 
if you’ve ever play a game that has a save feature, then you’ve played 
something invented in The Legend of Zelda.  It’s innovative format is 
the basis of tons of games, much more than I could ever list.  The 
Zelda title alone should tip you off; this game is worth buying.

Question: Who is Link?  You keep talking about him in the walkthrough.
Answer: Although you can name your character in Zelda games, his real 
name is Link.  Please, note that the main character is not Zelda (some 
people still think that).

Question: Can I use your guide on my site?
Answer: No.  Absolutely not.  My guides only appear on GameFaqs.com and 
no other site.  Mainly, extra e-mail due to slow updating is my 
concern, although there are many other legal problems involved with 
having everyone and their brother host my guides.  I do not want it 
translated, reformatted, or any of that.  So, to answer your question 
(I know I will still get e-mail about this, though), no, no, no, no, 
and NEVER!

Question: What other games have you written guides for?
Answer: This is my twentieth guide.  Pretty cool, huh?  I know what 
you’re thinking.  Anyways, I’ve written guides for the following games 
(in this order): The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, Harvest 
Moon: A Wonderful Life, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 1, Sonic Heroes, Mario 
Kart: Double Dash, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of 
Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind 
Waker, Super Smash Bros. Melee, The Legend of Zelda: The Adventure of 
Link, Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, The Legend of Zelda, Super 
Mario 64, Super Mario 64 DS, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Sonic 
Adventure 2 Battle, Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine, and then for 
Minish Cap, the one you’re reading.  They’re all pretty neat-o, I must 

Question: How can I contact you?
Answer: I have a new IM/e-mail policy: none.  First, all questions 
should be asked in e-mail.  I might, and that's one huge might, answer 
your IM, but you'd better be armed with rabbit's feet and four-leaf 
clovers, my friend, because I do not respond to IM's often, especially 
since I'm away a lot.  My e-mail address is given purely for asking 
questions, not for socializing.  When you e-mail me, please do so at 
kirby0215@aol.com.  It's more helpful to you to include "Minish Cap" in 
the title, and you should try to be as specific as possible.  For 
example, asking me how to get the one thing at the place gives me 
hardly any chance of answering you correctly.  Finally, please talk in 
readable script.  I understand a good deal of type slang, but don't try 
to test me on it.  Follow these guidelines and you can get the most 
help out of me.

Those are all the questions for now.  Follow the guidelines in the 
above question when e-mailing me.  Now time for the best part…  the 
legal section!  Woo!
  /                                                                 \
 /                                                                   \
||----------------------------Section 4*-----------------------------||
 \                                                                   /

====================Credits and Legal Information*=====================

I know that all of you just skipped down here.  It’s the best section 
in the guide, right?  First, though, we list the credits.  After all, 
those who help me get credit here.  Hence the name.  Lets-a get 
started, hmm?

                           |    Credits    |

First, I’d like to thank myself.  Why?  Because shameless self-
promotion is doing wonders for my reputation.  Plus, I wrote this 
gigantic thing, I played the game, and I answer e-mail.  The man!  The 
myth!  The legend!

Second, a huge round of applause to Nintendo.  They rule and you know 
it.  After all, there would be no guide without the big N.

Third, I’d like to thank GameFaqs for giving me such a convenient way 
to post my walkthroughs.

Now that the cliché boilerplate credits are over, let’s thank the 
individuals who have helped me lately.

- justinmarkbrown, who sent in tips on bomb gathering and rupee-

- blackdakkon, for reminding me that The Legend of Zelda’s Flute tune, 
which is used in this game for the Ocarina of Wind, is also the tune of 
the whistle in Super Mario Bros. 3.

- shen-kara, for sending me a tip on how to best utilize Yellow 
Picolyte, as well as kenpokarateboy2 for reinforcing that for the 
“Rupee Trick” section.  Also, thanks to sivart0 for telling me how to 
best use White Picolyte, which helps one get Kinstone pieces.

- pinhao1, for telling me all about Pico Blooms.  See “The Picolytes” 
to learn of these secret side quest.

- laurellien, for correcting an inaccurate strategy for the fourth 

- the_master1789, who corrected a typo in which I said “shield” instead 
of “bottle” under the “Cave of Flames” section.  Woops...

- auron106, for correcting a mistake in Fortress of Winds in which I 
said you have to get hit by spikes in the process of reaching a door, 
when in fact you can slowly maneuver past them.

- Stars099, for telling me that the Lakitu enemies in Cloud Top can be 
beaten via Cane of Pacci and sword.

- jack.tootles, for telling me that you can perform the roll attack at 
the beginning of the roll, and for correcting the rupee amounts for 
Picolyte and Goron Kinstone pieces.

- Master Jaken, who corrected two statements I made that weren’t true 
(the first about the new home of the Town Minish whose home is built 
on, the second exiting Dark Hyrule Castle).

- meatwadrulze, who corrected a mistake in which I said “shield” 
instead of “sword.”

- bhanna, who sent in a tip regarding spiked cylinders: boomerang them 
and walk right through to avoid damage.

That’s it for now, but I’m sure the list will grow.  Now for the best 
part...  That’s right; the legal section is next!  It’s about as fun as 
watching a slow-motion, foreign-language, three-hour movie about the 
process of making tofu products.

                      |    Legal Information    |

First of all, I take no credit for the creation, distribution, 
productions, idealizing, or in any way making this game.  That honor 
goes to Nintendo, not me, and I do not deny this.

Second, this document is Copyright 2005-2006 Brian McPhee.

Third, this may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or 
otherwise distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use 
of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any public display 
is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

To phrase that first item legally, all trademarks and copyrights 
contained in
this document are owned by their respective trademark and copyright 

To make it clear for those of you who might having problems absorbing
information, no one but the website GameFaqs may use my guides on their
sites, books, magazines, etc.

I know I shouldn’t keep on the edge of your seat like that, but I can’t 
help myself sometimes.  I must say, playing this game has been 
completely and utterly awesome.  It has been a blast, truly.  I can’t 
wait until I write another one.  Now, you will experience something 
beyond compare, beyond time itself.  Yep, it’s time to make my great 
escape, my signature move, my catch phrase, if you will.  Drum roll, 
please...  See ya later.
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