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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
Heart Piece FAQ
version Final
Last updated: 2 Mar. 2005

by: GameToWin
e-mail: game_to_win@hotmail.com

|--------------------------- TABLE OF CONTENTS ------------------------------|

1. FAQ Versions
2. Introduction
3. Heart Piece Locations
4. The Special Heart Container
5. Copyright & Publishing Info
6. Thanks & Contact

|---------------------------- 1.) FAQ Versions ------------------------------|

Version 1.0 (26 Nov. 2004)
Progress/Changes: Finished the FAQ as I want it to be. I only need a better 
description for Heart Piece #44.
Place in game: Finished!

Version 1.01 (1 Dec. 2004)
Progress/Changes: Asked by neoseeker.com if I would post their FAQs on their
site. I agreed.
Place in game: Finished!

Final (9 Dec. 2004)
Progress/Changes: Good description for #44!
Place in game: Finished!

|---------------------------- 2.) Introduction ------------------------------|

A plain Heart Piece FAQ for this awesome new Zelda game for the GBA. As 
always, you'll start off with 3 heart containers, but if you collect all 
Pieces of Heart, you'll end up with 20! That's nice! But with a total of 6 
dungeons there are just 9 Heart Containers in total that belong to the 
storyline, so it's up to you to seek out these remaining 44 Pieces of Heart. 
You'll even get one full heart container if you look carefully.
Also, I included this : [ ], so that you can check off the piece of heart 
that you found. Well: good luck!

|----------------------- 3.) Heart Piece locations --------------------------|

| a. Hyrule Town |

#1. [ ]
Go to the house to the right of the shop (the shop with the rupee on its 
roof). Flip the jar over and shrink. Exit the house via the small gate. Then 
walk north towards the stairs and climb up the vine there. Walk to the 
backside of the hotel and enter (by the small flowers). Inside you'll find a 
Piece of Heart.

#2 [ ]
When you can play the game inside the house with the purple ghost (after the 
3rd dungeon, I believe), go there and play the game. Kill all the monsters 
you have to fight to win a Piece of Heart.

#3 [ ]
Complete the chicken mini-game to get a Piece of Heart. The mini-game 
consists of something like 10 rounds!

#4 [ ]
Jump through the bell in the middle of town to knock out a Piece of Heart.

#5 [ ]
Shrink in the house with all the builders and walk towards the north through 
a couple of houses. Walk through the path with the 2 cats to reach the small 
fountain. Walk across the ledge and enter the hole. Walk a bit to the north 
and over the bridge. Jump with the Roc's Cape to reach the Piece of Heart.

#6 [ ]
When you can become with 4 Links, enter the school and shrink there. North of 
field the kids played on, is a small path for Minish Link. Enter it, and all 
the way to the end is a piece of heart.

#7 [ ]
Get all 130 Figurines (Thanks to John Chrapkowski for this number). Then go to
a person standing near the training house and the cafe, and he'll open up a 
house with all stuff lying around, including a Heart Piece.

| b. Minish Woods |

#8. [ ]
When you reach the very first stump you can use to shrink, don't and head 
west and north. Head a little more west towards the entrance of Deepwood 
Shrine to find this lying there.

#9. [ ]
Walk all the way north-east in Minish Village until you reach the house with 
the guy that blocks (blocked) your way towards Deepwood Shrine. Take the path 
to the right of this house and follow it to reach another Piece of Heart.

#10. [ ]
From the witch's house, go all the way southeast to reach this piece of heart 
lying by the water.

#11. [ ]
From where you exit Minish Village by the Elder, swim up and head left and 
the up again all the way. Take the left entrance. Now walk all the way across 
the tricky ice-path to find your Heart Piece waiting.

| c. Mt. Crenel |

#12. [ ]
After you crossed the gap using the two whirlwinds at Mt. Crenel's Base, head 
left and then all the way up. Bomb the wall there to find a piece of Heart 
plus two treasure chests.

#13. [ ]
Just after you reached Mt. Crenel after climbing the vine, head up and bomb 
the wall between the rocks to the right of the sign. Enter to find lost of 
faeries and a Piece of Heart.

#14. [ ]
Fuse Kinstones with Melari to make a giant plant grow on the top of the 
mountain. Climb this plant to reach a Piece of Heart.

#15. [ ]
Climb up the first wall you encounter at Mt. Crenel's Base. Then climb up 
another wall, walk past the mushroom and climb up another wall. Then, climb 
up the last wall and enter the cave. Use the cloning technique to stand at 
the two switches at the same time, and then head up and collect the heart 

#16. [ ]
Head towards the very top of the mountain (after climbing Crenel Wall), then 
head left and down the ladder. Dig through the wall there and follow the left 
path to reach a Piece of Heart.

| c. Hyrule Castle Garden |

#17 [ ]
In the south-east of the gardens, slash away the bushed to find a ladder. 
Climb down to find a trainer and a Piece of Heart.

#18 [ ]
Thanks to Osafune2:
When you fuse the boy on the right of the fountain in Hyrule Town (which is 
left of the stairs), you'll dry up the right pool. Go down the stairs to
reach the Piece of Heart.

| d. Eastern Hills |

#19 [ ]
In the very south-west corner of the Eastern hills, find the Minish living 
there. Kinfuse with him to make a plant grow just towards the north. Climb up 
the plant to reach the piece of heart.

| e. Western Wood |

#20 [ ]
By kinfusing with someone, you'll open up a tree here with a Piece of Heart 

| f. South Hyrule Field |

#21 [ ]
After fusing with the guy that introduces you to fusing, you'll open up a 
tree in South Hyrule Field. Enter it to find a Piece of Heart.

#22 [ ]
Go all the way south-west and ram the tree to find a stump. Shrink and jump 
into the water. Swim up and then right and enter the hole. Follow the path 
for a piece of heart.

| g. North Hyrule Field |

#23 [ ]
Take the north-west path and go down the ladder to find a Piece of Heart 
lying right in your path.

| h. Castor Wilds |

#24 [ ]
A bit to the north of the three statues, there's a big gravestone. Push this 
one away from the side and grab the Heart Piece lying by the trainer

#25 [ ]
Once you get a lillypad through fusing, shrink in the north-western corner of 
the Wilds. Step on the lillypad southwards (! Not the other one), walk 
through the tube. Then head south and east, walk through that tube. Keep on 
going south-east until you reach the water in which you can swim. Jump in and 
swim towards the hole and enter the cave. Take the second entrance from the 
right. Kill the enemies and push the stones away, until you finally reach 
your heart-piece.

#26 [ ]
Head all the way towards the far north-western corner of the swamp. Swim 
through the water there and enter the cave, then push away the blocks to 
reach your Piece of Heart.

| i. Wind Ruins |

#27 [ ]
Just left of the 3rd dungeon, you'll find a stump. Shrink and head left. 
Climb down a vine and then climb down the next vine. This time, climb down 
the middle vine and then enter the cave. Follow the tricky path and claim 
your Piece of Heart.

| j. Lon Lon Ranch |

#28 [ ]
In the garden of the farm, bump into the tree to unveil a stump. Shrink, the 
head right to enter the path as a Minish. Follow the path to find a Piece of 

| k. Lake Hylia |

#29 [ ]
From David Jr. (the white Tingle), head up the ladder and then west towards 
the house. Dive in the middle of the pool left of the house for this Piece of 

#30 [ ]
Swim south from the 4th dungeon to find this Heart Piece.

#31 [ ]
From the Temple of Droplets, swim south and then west and go back ashore. 
Enter tree here to find a trainer and a Piece of Heart.

#32 [ ]
When you've got Roc's Cape, head west from David Jr. (the white Tingle), and 
jump across the islands to find a very easy Piece of Heart.

#33 [ ]
From Heart Piece #32, keep on jumping to reach a wall. Dig through it, and 
now follow my instructions: Head left from the entrance, then take the right 
path. Follow this path until you can dig south. Do this and exit the cave. 
There's Heart Piece right in front of you!

#34 [ ]
Go to the same cave as Heart Piece #33, head right from the entrance and up 
the stairs. Head down the other stairs, follow the path and head up the next 
stairs. Climb up the plant here that you should've created by Kinfusing, to 
find another Piece of Heart.

| l. Royal Valley |

#35 [ ]
When you're through the maze, push the most north-western gravestone aside 
and enter the cave for another Piece of Heart.

| m. Veil Falls |

#36 [ ]
Head all the way north-west in Lon Lon Ranch and fill a hole with magic to 
jump. Head up to the Veil Falls, afterwards head right and grab the Piece of 

#37 [ ]
When you head all the way north-east in North Hyrule Field, you can access 
Veil Falls from there. Swim to the right to find this piece of heart.

#38 [ ]
By Kinfusing, right next to Heart Piece #37 you'll be able to dig through 
this wall there. Follow the path a little bit to reach the Piece of Heart.

#39 [ ]
Through Kinfusing again, you'll gain access to a waterfall in Veil Falls. 
Warp to Veil Falls and head west (through the cave) and swim north to find 
this waterfall. Inside there is a Piece of Heart.

| n. Dungeons |

#40 [ ]
Inside the first dungeon, head south after defeating the big caterpillar to 
find this Piece of Heart.

#41 [ ]
In the first dungeon, after sucking away the dust in the room right from the 
caterpillar, stand on the switch to activate the blue portal. Use this portal 
to reach the Heart Piece.

#42 [ ]
In the second dungeon, after you encounter the flipped train, walk right 
across the bridge and bomb the wall to the south. Walk through and get the 
Heart Piece.

#43 [ ]
In the first room of the third dungeon, take the second door from the right. 
Climb up to the second floor and shrink there. Then, go one room south and 
one room west. Drop down through the hole. Then head right through the tube 
to see the Heart Piece lying over there.

#44 [ ]
By Michael Jan (a.k.a. Mikal):
In the Wind Dungeon, after defeating the mini-boss you will enter the 
interior of the tower.
Go to the fourth floor, at the top left of the room, push the bricks from the 
right side, exit the door, walk the path and get the heart that's located 
outside the tower.

|-------------------- 4.) The Special Heart Container -----------------------|

#SHC [ ]
This is the special full heart container that you get from a Minish in Lake 
Hylia. Listen up: You must go to the very far northeastern corner of Minish 
Village, say, go to the location of Heart Piece #9. Now, jump in the water 
and swim towards the house and enter it. Now fuse with the Minish there. Exit 
the house, and enter again and fuse another time. This time, he'll make a 
hole in the ground very near to the Wind Crest in Lake Hylia.
Now, exit Minish Village and become big again and warp towards Lake Hylia. 
Shrink using the stump and enter the hole in the ground that you just made. 
By jumping the rolling pillars, make your way to the other side of the cave 
and head up the ladder. Head inside the house and talk to the Minish there to 
get a full Heart Container!

|-------------------- 5.) Copyright and Publishing Info ---------------------|

This file is copyright (c) Tim van Ark 2004. This file may not be copied,
used for profit, distributed, etc. Any violators will be dealt with to the
fullest extent of the law. This file is protected by the International 
Copyright Laws. 

If you have seen this file under somebody else his name, also contact me 

This file and all my other FAQs may only be found on the following sites: 

You will find the most updated version on GameFAQs, though.

If you'd like my FAQ on your site, you are allowed to mail me and I'll decide
if I'm going to post my FAQ on your site. DON'T DO IT WITHOUT PERMISSION!!! 
If you do, you know the consequences!

If you want to use a piece of this file for your own FAQ, e-mail me and I'll
think about. You've got a good chance I'll say yes.

If you, as a reader, see this file somewhere else than any of the sites above,
or under somebody elses name than GameToWin, e-mail me at

|--------------------------6.) Thanks and Contact ---------------------------|

My thanks, so far, go out to:

- Michael Jan (a.k.a. Mikal), for sending me the info on Heart Piece #44
- Osafune2, for telling me who to fuse with in Heart Piece #18
- Josh Gasienica, for correcting me on Heart Piece #43
- Nintendo and Capcom, for making such a wonderful game,
- Myself, for making this FAQ,
- The other FAQs, they were a great help in two Heart Pieces of couldn't find.
- and you, for reading it!

If you want to contact me, you can, but only for the following things:

Help with the game
Using of pieces of my FAQ for your own
Advises I could use for my FAQ
Just about anything else related to the game or my FAQ

And is you e-mail me, please choose as your topic: "The Minish Cap", so 
I know what your e-mail is about. And don't forget, my e-mail is: 

That is my FAQ (for now). I hope you enjoyed. I'll see you at my next FAQ ;).

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