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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap: Inventory and monster guide
by monobrow


 ________________            THE LEGEND OF  
/ ____________  / 
|/           / / ____________ 
            / /  \   _______ | \¯¯¯/       \¯¯¯\      \¯¯\
           / /    | |       \|  | |         |   \      \  \
          / /     | |           | |         |    \     /   \
         / /      | |_______/|  | |         | |\  \   / /\  \
        / /       |  _______ |  | |         | | | |  / /__\  \
       / /        | |       \|  | |         | |/  / /  ____   \
      / /         | |           | |     /|  |    / /  /    \   \
     / /          | |_______/|  | |____/ |  |   / /  /      \   \
    / /          /___________| /_________| /___/ /___\      /____\
   / /         /|
  / /_________/ /          THE MINISH CAP

Legal Stuff: LEGCRAP
This guide is copyright. Posting this guide on your
website, or printing it off for anything other than personal use in not
allowed, doing so would be plagiarism and that will be against the law.
I am not endorsed by the manufacturer of this game, and neither is this
guide, it is written as a help/guide for people who visit gamefaqs.com 
and are stuck on this game, or just want a taster of what the game has to
offer. The only site allowed to use this guide is www.gamefaqs.com
Period. No other website will be considered, and if you use it anyway,
well, as I mentioned, that is plagiarism and is illegal. 

If you have any queries about this guide, suggestions, have noticed factual
errors, or have a general question about the game, then I'm sorry, it may
be difficult to contact me. Due to the flood of emails I recieved, I 
am going to have to remove my email address. I know a lot of people 
want to ask serious questions and have useful contributions, but as ever,
somebody always ruins the fun. If you are a gamefaqs member, you may
find another way, but sorry.

The Guide
In this guide, I will attempt to list every possible item, weapon and monster
on the game, as well as a little information about each one. The Weapon list
is meant to be in the order you can get them, but if you beg to differ, email
me and I would much appreciate it. Other than that, there is no particular
order. Lets get going:


Legal Stuff: LEGCRAP
Version History: VHIS
Weapons and Defensive Items: WEPDEF
Items: ITSEM
Monster Guide: MONSGID
Boss Guide: BOSS'D
Credits: CREDS

Version History: VHIS

Version 1.0 12/21/04: Finished Guide

Version 1.1 01/01/05:Added more to the legal stuff, made a contents, 
version history, corrections/ additions to the monster section and item 
section. Created the end of game boss section. 

Weapons/Defense: WEPDEF
This section contains all the items found items menu, with a short 
description of them, and how to obtain each one. I think they are in
the order you can get them.

Smith's Sword
This is your starting weapon, you are given it at the start of your quest
by the king of Hyrule. It holds little power but it does its job well.
It is however, soon replaced.                                    

Small Shield
This is also given to you at the start of your quest. Princess Zelda 
will hand it to you after she wins it in the town festival, this 
shield serves little purpose in the game (apart from for talking to
business scrubs and defeating a few enemies) and you will probably
replace it as soon as you get a new inventory.

Gust Jar
This is the 'special' item that you receive in Deepwood shrine. It can
be quite useful for killing certain enemies, and in some cases moving 
you around via lily pad or mushroom. The gust jar sucks in air, the
longer you hold the button, the faster the air goes, it sucks in pots 
etc. and then fires them out.

The boomerang can be bought from Stockwell's shop for 300 rupees. You
must have first bought the rupee purse from him first though. The 
boomerang temporarily  paralyzes an enemy (allowing you to attack it 
without the risk of being injured) and then returns to you. The 
boomerang is useful for killing some enemies that are invincible 
to any other means of attack.

As the name suggests, these are bombs. Drop them on the floor and wait 
a few seconds, and they blow up. They are very useful for blowing up 
walls and in some cases, killing enemies.

Cane of Pacci
This is the 'special' item you obtain in the cave of flames, on Mt.Crenel.
It can be used to turn things over (such as pots which allow you to 
shrink to minish size) and move energy into holes. Putting energy into
holes allows you to jump a bit higher. When you get this item, it seems
quite good, but it will soon be replaced by better inventory.

White Sword
You obtain the white sword from Melari on Mt.Crenel after completing 
the cave of flames and getting the fire element. It replaces the Smith's
Sword in your inventory and is significantly more powerful. After getting
an element, the white sword can be infused with its power. This means
you can split Link up into up to 3 people (allowing you to complete some
game tasks) before you lose this sword.

Pegsus Boots
You get this item from the shoe seller in Hyrule after the small side
quest. It allows you to run quickly and cross swamps that you usually 
couldn't get past. The Pegasus boots are required to get the bow, and
to enter wind ruins. It also allows you to learn the 'dash attackk'
sword technique.

This quite simply, is a bow. Collect it from a chest in the north-west
region of Castor Wilds. You can fire arrows to kill enemies with it, 
although I didn't use it much in the game (until later). It is however,
the only way of killing the Eyegore statues.

Mole Mitts
This is the 'special' item obtained in the wind ruins. The only real purpose 
it serves is to collect secrets (such as rupees, mysterious seashells and 
kinstone pieces). You can open the weird looking doors as well, but they 
can't be used for attacking or defending.

Ocarina of Wind
You will get this after finishing the wind ruins. It serves only one,
but a very useful purpose. Using the wind crests that you unveil through
the game, you can travel between them quickly. :)

Flame Lantern
The flame lantern is the 'special' item obtained in the temple of
droplets. It can be used to light up dark rooms, light candles and melt
blocks of solid ice. It cannot be used as a weapon (you can set flowers
on fire though).

Magical Boomerang
To get the magical boomerang, you must fuse kinstones with all four of
the tingles (see a walkthrough guide to find them) to open up for
trees in north Hyrule field. Enter the trees, collect the treasure and
stand on the switches. When all of the switches have been stood on, 
a ladder will appear in the centre of the field, and you can go down
and open the chest containing the magical boomerang. The only difference
between this and the standard boomerang, is that it can be controlled
(to an extent) when you throw it.

Remote Bombs
To get remote bombs, fuse kinstones with the elder in the minish village,
then return to the guy you originally got the bombs from and with no 
extra cost, he will upgrade you to remote bombs. If you wish to switch
back to standard bombs speak to him again. Remote bombs are set by 
pressing the button, then the explode when you press the button again.

Light Arrows
To obtain this, you must have first fused kinstones with the guy in the 
house on the left side of Hyrule, then entered the portal. Go to the top
floor and use the gust jar to suck away the ghost around the old man.
Later in the game, if you saved the old man, he will give you the light
arrows, if not, then you will never be able to get them again. The light
arrows are much more powerful than standard ones, and can be charged up
before you fire them.

Roc's Cape
This is the 'special' item obtained in the palace of winds. It allows you
to jump, which means you can obtain some secret items and learn the 
'down thrust' sword technique.

Four Sword
This is the white sword (it's been renamed) with all four elements infused 
into it. It is a little more powerful and when you do the spin attack, a 
silvery thingy is released (it apparently cures people of curses). The
most powerful sword.

Mirror Shield
You must first finish the game before you can get this. Go to the veil 
falls and speak to Biggoron the goron. He will eat your shield! Come back
later and he will give you the mirror shield in return (Note that you
will lose your shield for this period of time).

Items: ITSEM
This section contains a list of all the possible things that can be found
in the quest status menu (apart from the bottles, which are found in the item
menu, but is more suitable here.

Kinstone Bag

The kinstone bag (collected from the guy who is giving them out for free
at the start of the game). The kinstone back contains....shock horror....
Kinstones! There are nine normal kinstones, 3 red, 3 blue and 3 green. It
is also possible to get 8 gold kinstones, but they are used for puzzles in
the game.

Tiger Scrolls

Here is a list of the 8 tiger scrolls, and what the games says about them, 
don't ask about the inappropriate use of exclamation marks, I didn't do it:

Spin Attack
Press and hold your sword button. Charge and release!

Sword Beam
When your hearts are full, swing your sword!

Dash Attack
Equip your Pegasus Boots and sword, then dash away!

Peril Beam
When you have only one heart left, swing the sword!

Rock Breaker
Break post with your sword! That's all there is to it!

Roll Attack
Roll! Then swing your sword as you start to get up!

Down Thrust
Equip the Roc's Cape and the sword!! Jump and swing!

Great Spin Attack
Perform a Spin Attack...and hit the button repeatedly!

Mysterious Shells
These shells can be traded for figurines with the guy in the tree at the
south-west of Hyrule town. You can carry up to 999 at one time. The more 
you trade, the more shells required to get a figurine that you do not
already have.

Pieces of Heart
You can find pieces of heart all over the world. Getting 4 gives you a whole
new heart container!

Earth Element
The earth element collected from deepwood shrine.

Fire Element
The fire element collected from cave of flames.

Water Element
The water element collected from the temple of droplets.

Wind Element
Wind element collected from the Palace of Winds.

Grip Ring
Bought from the business scrub on Mt.Crenel for 40 rupees. It allows you to
climb walls which have the climbing things on (Only found on Mt.Crenel).

Power Bracelets
When you are minish size, you can enter the cave on the fountain. Defeat 
enemies in this small dungeon and you can open the chest containing the 
power bracelets. They allow you to push boxes etc. when you are small.

After returning all of the books to the library, speak the the elder on the
bookshelf to be thrown into another mini dungeon. Defeat any enemies etc. 
and open the chest containing the flippers. They allow you to swim.


There are 4 bottles you can get in the game. Bottles can be used to store 
various things to help you with your quest. It is required you have one 
bottle, but it is optional to get the others.

Bottle 1
In the Trilby highlands, there is a ladder just south of where you enter,
go down the ladder and use a bomb on the wall on the right. In the new room
is a business scrub who will sell you a bottle for 20 rupees.

Bottle 2: 
You'll notice eventually that there is a bottle behind the counter in
Stockwell's shop. I won't go into to detail, but basically, you must shrink
yourself and enter in the chimney (I think), then grow back to normal and
take the bottle. One problem, he tells you it is full of dog food, so you
must take it his house in Lake Hylia and feed his dog. After this, the 
bottle is yours to keep!

Bottle 3
Fuse kinstones with your grandfather and a chest will appear in Lon Lon 
Ranch. It contains bottle number 3.

Bottle 4
You've probably noticed the big guy hitting a wall in Lon Lon Ranch. Well,
to get bottle 4, you must send other gorons to help him. I will not go into
detail here, but basically you have to fuse kinstone's with 'mysterious
walls' that are scattered across the world. Eventually, when you have done
so five times, you get the last bottle. This side quest cannot be completed 
until quite late in the game.

What can you carry in the bottles?
Standard water can be put in the bottle. Use it to either grow beans, or
put out fires.

Mt.Crenel Spring Water
Mt.Crenel spring water can be used to put out fires, or make specific beans

Lon Lon Milk
Lon Lon milk can be bought from the girl in the middle of Hyrule (she does
not appear until a certain point) for 100 rupees. It can be used twice, and
restores 5 hearts each time.

Blue Potion
Buy this from Syrup the witch in the Minish Woods for 100 rupees. It restores
10 hearts, but can only be used once.

Red Potion
Buy this from Syrup the witch in the Minish Woods for 150 rupees. It restores
20 hearts, but can only be used once. Note that you have to fuse kinstones 
with a picori in the south-west part of south Hyrule Field for this to
become available.

If you are cruel, then you can trap fairies in the bottle. They can be used 
once and restore 4 hearts.

During a side quest, it is possibe to get 2 out of 3 charms from girls who
wish to find a house. It turns out that these are not one of items, you can
have as many as you want providing you have an empty bottle, the girls offer

Attack and Defense charm
Attack Charm
Defense Charm

Obviously you will want to choose the attack and defense one (pick the green
girl), but the other choice is down to you.

Purchase picolyte from (naked looking) man in Hyrule town, not available to
a certain point. To be honest, I don't really see the point in wasting
your bottles on this stuff. Go and fill it up with red potion instead.

Red Picolyte
Red picolyte makes it easier to find hearts for a limited period, it costs 
100 Rupees and you must have a free bottle.

Green Picolyte
Green Picolyte makes it easier to find Mysterious shells that can be traded
for figurines, again, it costs 100 rupees and you must have a free bottle.

Yellow Picolyte
Yellow Picolyte makes it easier to find rupees. This one costs 200 rupees 
and requires a free bottle.

White Picolyte
White picolyte makes it easier to find Kinstone pieces. It costs 100 rupees
and requires a free bottle.

Orange Picolyte
Orange Picolyte makes it easier to find faries (they restore 4 hearts). It
costs 300 rupees and requires a free bottle. DO NOT BUY THIS! It is a total
scam, red potion only cost 150 rupees and restores 20 hearts, or you can 
buy Lon Lon milk for 100 rupees. It costs 100 rupees and restores 5 hearts

Blue Picolyte
The blue stuff makes it easier to find items (such as bombs, rupees, arrows 
and other general suff, but nothing specific). It costs 200 rupees. 
I wouldn't by any of those picolyte's, they are a waste of money and a free
bottle, I hardly noticed the difference when I used them anyway!

Now, on with the monsters!:

Monsters: MONSGID
Here is a list of all the monsters, with a little information on each. I've
added some more to the list, and made some corrections since last time
but I'm sure there is more, email me if you notice any. Also, if you have
found any strategy for killing a particular boss or enemy, tell me and I'll 
add it, especially if it is for dark nut, red dark nut etc. Please, for the 
love of God don't send any for enemies such as slugga, that will not be funny.

In no particular order:


Traps look like small snakes. They dash at you when they see you, but pose
no serious threat. They go down easily and do little damage, although they
are quite quick, if you feel the need, take them out with the boomerang


The Chuchu looks a bit like a banana skin. It comes in various colours, each
which do different things. Silver ones turn into spiked balls when attacked, 
so use arrows or boomerangs to stop them. Blue ones sometimes have 
electricity passing through them, so avoid contact with your sword; 
again boomerang and arrows work well. Green one are the most common, 
just hit them with your sword. There are also red ones, but for the 
moment I can't remember what they do. Either way, they all move slowly and 
do little damage, so you should cope.


Like in previous Zelda games, wizzrobe's appear and disappear in different
places whilst firing balls of energy. They don't do much damage, but they
can be hard to deal with if they out-number you (they usually do!).

Fire Wizzrobe

Basically the same as normal wizzrobe's but they shoot fire instead. If you
get hit, you start running around madly. Same tactics apply, avoid getting 
in line with them and hit from the side.

Ice Wizzrobe

Same as Fire Wizzrobes, but with ice. If you are hit, you are temporarily
frozen. Mash to buttons to un-freeze yourself. 

Spear Moblin

These guys just rush at you, so move out of the way and hit from the side, 
my favorite way is to hit them with the boomerang first, then take them out.
They can block head on attacks, so avoid that. If you do get hit, it will 
cost you a whole heart, so avoid it, they are also quite quick.

Bow Moblin

These inferior Moblins attack with arrows instead of spears. They are much 
easier to kill as they are slow and cannot block attacks.


These are one of the first enemies you meet, and they are not tough at all. 
Slow, weak and go down easy. :) They do sometimes fall from the ceiling, so
watch out.

Eyegore Statue

These big statues are invincible to everything but arrows. Shoot them in the
eye once to trigger them off then keep hitting them. It takes 3 or 4 arrows
usually, but 1 charged light arrow will kill him straight off. They are
fairly easy since they are slow, but avoid getting hit by them as they do 
quite a bit of damage.

Spiked Beetle

To kill these guys you must first flip them over using a shield. After this 
just hack with your sword. They go down pretty easy and do little damage.
No real threat.

Business Scrub

These guys are not really enemies, but they can hurt you. They fire nuts
which you have to deflect back at them, after which they stop, and you 
can purchase some kind of item from them.

Door Mimic

These things look like doors, but they aren't. Instead they will fall on
you and do some damage. Despite what I did write previously, it is possible 
to kill them. When they try to fall on you, move out of the way and place a 
bomb by them, and they will die. Unfortunately, you cannot go through the
door that is left in their place. Note that remote bombs to the job best.

Floor Master

The giant hands will try and pick you up and bring you back to the start of
the dungeon. More of a nuisance than a danger, just avoid being grabbed. Hack
with your sword a few times and they'll go down.

Wall Master

Like floor masters, but these guys will fall from the roof and try and take 
you back to the beginning. Look out for shadows and move out of the way
before they land on you. Hack at them before they can return to the roof!


If you handle these correctly, they aren't a problem. They look like walking 
bombs, and if you hit them, they go crazy. 1 hit with an arrow or boomerang
will destroy them for good (without the crazieness).


Kind of like Bob-omb's, but they fly. If you hit them they explode, my advice;
just avoid them.


These cannot damage you, and are kinda lame. If you get touched by one you 
move slowly and can't use weapons for a while. 1 hit with a sword takes 
them out. They usually hide in grass and under rocks/pots.


Octorok's come in two (3 if you count gold ones) colours; red and blue. 
Normal ones are red, and are very  weak, they spit rocks which do a little 
damage, but just get up close and hit them. I believe the only difference 
between red and blue, is that blue are only found around water.

Rupee Like

Beware. These may look like rupees, but if try and collect them, you will 
become trapped in them, and they will suck your rupees away! If you
kill them (takes a few hits, but they won't damage you) you get the rupee 
which first appeared. The best way of avoiding them, is looking out for 
potential spots where they may hide. They usually appear in rooms with lots 
of normal rupees,  and will be the highest value one. For example a 3 by 3 
square of blue rupees with a red one in the center; the red one will most 
probably be a rupee like, so hit that rupee with the sword to check. 
You have been warned!

Ball and Chain Soldier

These ones are nasty. They swing there ball around, so keep your distance,
it is damaging. They only take a few hits to kill, but hitting them is a 
problem. My advice would be to stand still until you think he is about to 
throw the ball, then move out of the way, and quickly run in and mash him
with the sword before the ball retracts! Bombs seem to work well too, 
especially the remote ones. They are slow, and can't avoid the bombs when 
they are thrown, 2 or 3 bombs will kill them.


This is a sub-boss in the first dungeon, but becomes a rare, but normal enemy
later on. Hit him in the nose with your sword, and then run and hit him in
the tail before he goes crazy. A few blows will finish him. He is usually 
found in a room with spider webs, which are annoying, so use the gust jar 
to suck them away before engaging in battle. Later on, you will have to 
fight two of these in a dark room!


Leever's look like claws that come up from the ground. They do a little
damage but are no real threat. When they come to the surface, hit them 
quickly. Personally, I just ignore these guys, they are more trouble that 
it's worth.


These one eyed things jump around randomly. They do little damage but can be 
annoying when you are new to the game, just wait for them to land then 
smack 'em with the sword.


This bird will fly from trees and try and attack you whilst stealing your
rupees. I find they don't attack while you are facing them, so turn 
around and walk away, then as they fly towards you, turn around and hit them.


These guys don't appear until late in the game, and they can be very annoying.
They throw balls of electricity at you, and I find there is only one proper
way of disposing of them. Walk up to the cloud they are on, and they will 
duck and stop attacking. Place a bomb and walk away. By this point you should
have remote bombs, which make the task easy. Do try and avoid being hit, as 
they do a bit of damage and it takes a while to recover from being hit.


These are found in the very first dungeon, and may seem difficult to kill.
Answer: use your gust jar to suck them, and then attack normally. However,
puffstool's with red heads are invincible. They do little damage though, so
not to worry.


These are just bats that fly around in a random path, hit them once to kill 
them, no problem at all. :)


These look like foxes with knives, avoid being hit by them as they can steal
your rupees. Hit them twice and they will die, use a boomerang if you wish, 
as this will insure you lose none of your precious money.

Scissor Beetle

These guys usually come in groups of 2 or 3 and are quite difficult to beat.
They throw there mouth at you O_o and this does quite a bit of damage.
My advice would be to walk around the sides of them, then use your boomerang.
All that is left to do is walk up to them and mash the button. Easy. 


These robot guards are pretty easy. They are inactive until you touch them,
then you just hack with your sword. They are usually used to block your way,
and are 'turned off' so you must shrink yourself and go inside them. Flick 
the switch and grow again to kill them.


These look like mummies and don't appear to near the end of the game. Like
some of the other enemies, you may remember these from previous games. They 
are slow, but don't get too close, as they will grab you, and take off about
3 hearts! New information on this one; use your flame lantern to quickly
burn his clothes and he will turn into a blue stalfos, much easier to kill.

Dark Nut

These guys are very rare, but very tough. They do about 1 heart container
damage, but are hard to attack. The have a sword and shield, so will block
most attacks, and to make life worse, they are quick. Although it takes 
time, my advice would be to roll around and try to get behind him, then find 
hole in his defense. It won't be easy, but you'll take him down eventually.

Here is another useful contribution, by FireHawk13:

a REALLY nice way to kill Darknuts is to bomb them first! Timed bombs
work nice, and remote bombs (as usual) work best..anyways, just run around
in circles, letting them follow you, then drop a bomb..if you have remote
bombs, blow them when the darknuts are over the bomb, then QUICKLY turn
around and hit them..they don't have a very long dazed effect, so you gotta
be quick, but it DOES make them pretty easy...

Red Dark Nut

These guys are even rarer, and don't appear till the end of the game. They
are similar to dark nuts, but have more varied attacks and are quicker. I
would advise to use the same tactics as I previously mentioned.

Black Knight

These are probably the most difficult 'common' enemy in the game, probably
more difficult than most bosses. The standard sword swipe does little 
damage, their charge does 1 heart damage, but they also have an attack 
where a tornado comes from their sword, this does 3 hearts damage! They
also are very quick, and can't be hit from the front, it is almost impossible
to get behind them, or to the side as they are so quick. The best way is to
dispose of them is to roll around until you get some distance from them, then
allow him to start his charge, quickly move out of the way and run behind
him and attack. At most you will get 1 or 2 hits. At one point in the game,
you must fight one of these as well as 2 red dark nuts in the same room, oh
and it's timed!


These are like the ghosts from previous games. They are found in dark areas,
and are attracted to light. Hit them a few times with a sword to kill them, 
no real danger, but their attack is quite damaging.


These float around in the air, and are quite aggressive. They are invincible
until you steal their blade thing (use the boomerang or gust jar), they then
become sitting ducks. Not literally of course.


I'm really not sure about these guys, they look like the Hamburglar, but
go around in fives. They pop out of the ground, but you can usually see a 
head come up first. Hit them as soon as possible to avoid being out numbered. 
Not a real threat, but can be annoying.


These have metal helmets which stop them from being attacked from in front,
so you have 2 options, run behind them and attack, or use the gust jar to 
suck of the helmet. After this, just hit them. Easy pickings.

Like Like

Like the rupee like mentioned earlier, these are annoying. They aren't hidden
like the others, but still suck out rupees, and in some cases your shield.
Attack them as quickly as possible before these bastards inconvenience you.

Cloud Pirahna

These fish go around in clouds and jump up to attack you. You can just hit
them as they surface, but I prefer using the boomerang to disable them


No problem. Just hit them with your sword and that'll soon finish them off.
I didn't really start seeing them till near the end of the game, but who 


The wisp does pretty much the same as a beetle. The difference is they
have to be killed with a boomerang and are a little more persistant. They
look like little skulls which fly around the room. Blue ones move quicker
than red ones.


These beetles are quite rare, and look like a woodmouse. They have armor
and roll into a ball when you hit them. You can pick them up and throw them 
down holes etc. They can also be used to fill in holes so you can progress.


Like flies. They are red or blue and attack from the air. Red ones are easy
to deal with, just hit them when they come down to land, but blue ones drop
what I presume are bombs on you, which can be annoying, but you should cope
with just a sword.


These skeletons come in two forms, blue and red. The blue ones will try and
jump on you (for little damage) and the red ones throw their bones at you
(again, little damage). Either way, they are both pretty easy to kill, for 
the blue ones move out of the way when they jump, and hit him in the back
before he turns around.


These orange things move along walls and hurt you if you make contact. They
are easy to kill though, throw the boomerang at them and they die. You also
are guarenteed a fairy for killing them!

Golden Rope

This enemy can only be found if you fuse kinstones. They spawn out of nowhere
and can be quite annoying. They are like normal ropes, but much quicker and
more powerful, but you always get 100 rupees for killing one. :)

Golden Octorok

The same applies to these, they are like Octorok's but are more powerful
and can only be found via kinstone. They aren't as difficult as golden ropes
as they are still quite slow, but watch out. 100 rupee reward for killing 

Golden Tektite

Golden Tektite can also only be found via kinstone. They jump a bit quicker 
and deal a little more damage, but are not too much of a problem, you will
also get 100 rupees for killing them.

Bosses: BOSS'D

Here is a list of some the bosses, not the end of game ones though, no
spoilers here :p

This is not a detailed guide, there are good boss FAQ's for that but
if you are having real trouble, you can probably get ideas of what to 
do here:

Big Green Chu-chu

This guy is easy. He wobble around the room slowly and try and make contact
with you, which you can avoid by rolling. Use the gust jar to suck away the 
slime from underneath him, and he will eventually fall over, nows the time
to slash at him with your sword. Repeat the process until he dies.


This big dragon is found in the cave of flames. Fire the cane of pacci
at his shell to reveal a weak spot. Run over his neck and hit the spot
repeatedly. After a while he will die. His only nasty attack is where 
he sprays half of the room with fire. You can put out the fires with your
sword, but it can be dangerous. 


This robot thing shouldn't be too difficult. When his hands are
relaxed fire the bow at the spot until it is destroyed. Do this with 
both hands and then use the portal to shrink, then enter the robot and
hack away at the switches. Do this a three times to finally destroy him.
His only nasty attack makes you shrink down to minish size, so you will
have to use the portal to grow again.


This is like the normal Octorok's, but since you are small he looks really
big. At the start hit the rocks he spits back at him to move on. Now, try
and get behind him and use the lantern to burn his ass, this moves the 
battle on further. Back to the start now, deflect the rocks back at him a
few times, it's a little harder as he moves now. After that, its back to 
setting him on fire, again, a little more difficult because of new attacks 
and faster  movement. Last of all, you must deflect more rocks, harder this 
time as he makes the room dark (use the lantern) and runs around. This boss 
is  more difficult than previous ones, but with a tactics can be easily 

Gyorg Pair

This is actually two bosses, and they can be tough. The large red one must
be killed by used the tiles to split yourself into 3, according to which
eyes she opens. You will then swap over to the smaller blue one, who will
open one eye, which you have to smack a couple of times. Then back to the
red one, and back to blue, and so on. Each time it becomes a little more
tricky because of energy balls, and little Gyorg's. Persevere and you'll 
beat these.


I said I wouldn't do one of these, but I changed my mind. I have included
no spoilers what so ever, apart from the names. Enjoy. 
Vatti Reborn

I was confused when I first fought this guy, I found it difficult to injure
him, but when you know what to do, he is quite easy: First of all, two
rocks will be circling around his body, this is the only means to injure 
him at this point. Slash your sword at them until they are destroyed, now;
the eye you saw at the start of the battle will now be open, so you have 
gotta hit it. After this, its back to the circling rocks again, but now 
there will be 4, same applies though destroy them and attack his eye. After
this, you have to hit the rocks again, but this time they have shadows over
them, so suck them off will the gust jar, after this, its the same as last
time, with any luck you'll kill him. His attacks consist of fire balls, 
which can be avoided, and his other attack is where he fires a shadow at you, 
this will drain you of 3 hearts, so watch out. Making contact with the flying
rocks will damage you too.

Vatti Transfigured
This fight is a little more obvious; you must shoot arrows at 4 of 8 dark
blue circles that surround his body. 4 are real, 4 are fake, so keep going
until you find the right ones, they turn into eyes if they are real. After 
this, use the coloured tiles to split yourself up and attack the 4 eyes,
they will blow up and you should now hack away at his main body. After 
a few goes he will blow up. Each time it gets a little harder as he moves
faster and fires blue energy balls.

Vatti's Wrath

In my opinion, they have saved the easiest until last, this guy shouldn't
give you much trouble. At the start of the fight, run around a bit and 
avoid being hit by him, after a few seconds he will bury his arms in the 
floor and they will emerge. Use the cane of pacci to disable them, and then
use the block to shrink yourself into minish size. Go inside the arm (this 
is similar to the earlier robot boss) and attack the red eyed monster. 
The arm will blow up. Now do the same for the other arm, this time you will
need to use the lantern as it will be dark. Kill the monster and leave the
arm. Now you need to use the coloured tiles to split yourself up and attack 
the 4 eyes. After you slash at them, 4 balls of energy will be fired at you,
use your sword(s) to hit them back. After this slash away at the main body.
Do this a few times and you have beaten the last boss in the game. :)
                                 THE END

Credits          CREDS

Woot! The credits section:

Thank you to me, as ever for writing the guide, gamefaqs for hosting it 
(hopefully) and people who have already written general FAQ's which help
me beat the game in the first place!

Thanks but no thanks to the game developers for making another game to 
waste my life on.

FireHawk13 for a dark nut strategy.

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