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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

                Zelda 64 Text Dump
                American Version

Dumped by David Butler (davogones@hotmail.com)
for The Legends of Zelda (http://loz.zeldalegends.net/)
Last Revision: 2/8/02

What is a text dump?
A text dump contains all the text in a video game, ripped
straight from the ROM. I use a script to convert the ROM code
into formatted, readable text, in either TXT or HTML format.
Why is this useful? It is often useful, when theorizing about
Zelda, to have exact quotes handy. These text dumps put all
the text in the Zelda games at one's fingertips.

A word of warning though: internally, the ROMs arrange the
quotes in essentially random order. There is a little bit of
structure: for example, though one person's dialogue may be
split up into separate quotes, these quotes will generally
be all together, in order. But if you wish to find a specific
quote from the game, you will have to already know a few words
from the quote so that you can search through the entire text
dump. Any decent text editor should have a Search function,
and you'll need to use it to find anything specific in the
text dumps.

Where can I get the latest version of your text dumps?
If you downloaded this file off of a site like GameFAQs.com,
you might have an out-of-date version. This is because I only
submitted the text dumps to FAQ sites once, just so people
would know that these text dumps exist. Updated versions can
be obtained at my web site (The Legends of Zelda -
http://loz.zeldalegends.net) in the Emulation section.
Compare the revision date at the top of this document with
the one in the files on my site to see if you have the latest

How do you make text dumps?
I include the following information for those who are curious.
If you don't understand any of it, just skip ahead.

The first step in making a text dump is to have a copy of the
ROM. Then, if you have a quote from the game, you can search
for the text. Newer games (like OoT, MM, and LA) use standard
ASCII values for raw text, so it is possible to find the text
using any common text editor. Older games (like LoZ, AoL, and
ALttP), unfortunately, don't use ASCII standards, so it's
necessary to do a relative search using a hex editor like
Thingy. Then you can make a translation table that will allow
Thingy to translate ROM text into standard ASCII text. (There
are many freeware utilities available that will help you do
relative searches and make translation tables.)

To make things even more difficult, some games compress, or
encrypt, the text. For example, in Oracle of Seasons the hex
value "02 0E" translates to "Twinrova." ALttP uses compression
and doesn't use standard ASCII values, so this is the most
difficult game to dump. OoS and OoA use ASCII standards but
have text compression. Fortunately, I already have TBL files
for both of these games, so dumping is not as difficult as it
could have been. ^_^

After you have found the text (and you're sure you've found
ALL the text), copy and paste all the text you can find into
a new file. This is what the DMP files on my site are: all the
text I could find, copied and pasted straight out of the ROM.
Once this is done, I wrote a PHP script to parse the DMP file
and translate everything into a readable format (TXT or HTML).
Making a program is the easiest thing to do in the long run
(though something more powerful than PHP is usually preferable),
because it takes a while to find out what all the codes in the
ROM translate to. Using the standard Find/Replace function of
a text editor is too much work if what you're searching for
constantly changes.

Further References / Acknowledgements
 • For more information on ROM hacking, and emulation in
general, here are some good sites to visit:

Zophar's Domain - http://www.zophar.net/
Romhacking.org - http://www.romhacking.org/

 • A special thanks to EvilGiegue (EvilGiegue@hotmail.com),
who helped me figure out how to hack ROMs. Without his
catalyzing influence, these text dumps probably wouldn't
be here today. Make sure to check out his text dumps as
well, which are available on my site and on GameFAQs.com.

        The Text Dump

                (+) = Control Stick
                (>) = Right C Button
                (<) = Left C Button
                (^) = Up C Button
                (v) = Down C Button
                (C) = C Button
                (B) = B Button
                (A) = A Button
                (Z) = Z Trigger
                (R) = R Trigger
                (L) = L Trigger
                (t) = Current Hyrulian time

You borrowed a Pocket Egg!
A Pocket Cucco will hatch from
it overnight. Be sure to give it
back when you are done with it.

You returned the Pocket Cucco
and got Cojiro in return!
Unlike other Cuccos, Cojiro
rarely crows.

You got an Odd Mushroom!
A fresh mushroom like this is
sure to spoil quickly! Take it to
the Kakariko Potion Shop, quickly!

You received an Odd Potion!
It may be useful for something...
Hurry to the Lost Woods!

You returned the Odd Potion 
and got the Poacher's Saw!
The young punk guy must have
left this behind.

Bombs   20 Pieces   80 Rupees

Don't buy

You got a 
Deku Seeds Bullet Bag.
This bag can hold up to 40
slingshot bullets.

You traded the Poacher's Saw 
for a Broken Goron's Sword!
Visit Biggoron to get it repaired!

You checked in the Broken 
Goron's Sword and received a 
Go see King Zora!

The Biggoron's Sword...
You got a Claim Check for it!
You can't wait for the sword
to be completed!

You traded the Giant's Knife 
for the Biggoron's Sword!
This blade was forged by a 
master smith and won't break!

You handed in the Claim Check
and got the Biggoron's Sword!
This blade was forged by a 
master smith and won't break!

You used the Prescription and
received an Eyeball Frog!
Be quick and deliver it to Lake 
Hylia while it's cold!

You traded the Eyeball Frog 
for the World's Finest Eye Drops!
Hurry! Take them to Biggoron
before they go bad!


You borrowed a Skull Mask.
Wear it with (C) to show it off!
You feel like a monster while you
wear this mask !

You borrowed a Spooky Mask.
Wear it with (C) to show it
off! You can scare many people
with this mask!

You borrowed a Keaton Mask.
Wear it with (C) to show it
off! You'll be a popular guy with
this mask on!

You borrowed a Bunny Hood.
Wear it with (C) to show it
off! The hood's long ears are so

You borrowed a Goron Mask.
Wear it with (C) to show it
off! It will make your head look
big, though.

You borrowed a Zora Mask.
Wear it with (C) to show it
off! With this mask, you can
become one of the Zoras!

You borrowed a Gerudo Mask.
Wear it with (C) to show it off!
This mask will make you look
like...a girl?

You borrowed a Mask of Truth.
Wear it with (C) to show it
off! Show it to many people!

Welcome to our cutting-edge 
amusement center:
The Bombchu Bowling Alley!
Do you want to know what you 
can win? Well, it's a 

I can't tell you until you've
paid to play.
It's 30 Rupees per game.
Do you want to play?

Aim for the hole in the center 
and let Bombchu go!
You get ten tries. Ready...

Do you want to play again?


Oh, I almost forgot!
Here is what you can win!

Bombs   (20 pieces)   80 Rupees
Take it out with (C) and press 
(C) again to throw it. You can't
buy them without a bomb bag.

Bombs   (30 pieces)   120 Rupees
Take it out with (C) and press 
(C) again to throw it. You can't
buy them without a bomb bag.

Bombs   30 Pieces   120 Rupees

Don't buy

I'm so happy everyone is 
back to normal!

Please save my other brothers
too! I'm sure they will give you
something a lot better!
Will you do it?!

The curse has been broken!
Thank you!
Here's a reward for you!

Yeaaarrgh! I'm cursed!!

We'll be careful not to get
cursed again!

Since you've destroyed 
Spiders of the Curse, the curse
is starting to weaken!
Did the kids who returned to
normal give you any rewards?
You should know that the only
way to become very rich is to
destroy as many Spiders of the
Curse as possible!
There are some tricks to finding
them all! First of all, you'll have
to hunt at night. Secondly, keep in
mind that they love soft soil...
Pay close attention to your
Please, we're counting on you!

We look like this because of 
the spider's curse. But...

We all look like this because of
the spider's curse.
If every Spider of the Curse in
the entire world were destroyed,
the curse would be broken.
When you destroy a Spider of the 
Curse, a token will appear. Collect
it as proof of your achievement.
The number next to this icon on
the Quest Status Subscreen 
indicates how many Spiders of the 
Curse you have destroyed so far.
When this icon is displayed 
next to the name of the area on
the Map Subscreen, there are no
more Spiders in that area.

If you break the curse on my
family, we will make you very

Since you've destroyed  Spiders
of the Curse, the curse on me 
has been broken.
Thank you! Here is a token of my
appreciation! Please take it.

Thank you for saving my kids.
What? Me? Oh, that's OK...
You have already destroyed 
Spiders of the Curse so far, so...
that's fine...don't worry about me...

Bombchu   20 Pieces   180 Rupees

Don't buy

Do you want to play a game?
It's 20 Rupees per play.

You can't! You need a bow!

All right. You don't have to play
if you don't want to.

This is a game for grownups!
Hyrule's famous Shooting Gallery!
Take aim at the targets from that 
platform over there! Can you hit
ten targets? You get fifteen 
Draw your weapon with (B). 
Are you ready?
Go for a perfect score!
Good Luck!

You see a small mound of soft
soil here.

You found the Fairy Slingshot!
On the Select Item Subscreen,
you can set it to (<), (v) or (>).
Press (C) to take it out and hold
it. As you hold (C) you can aim 
with (+). Release (C) to unleash 
a Deku Seed.
If you want to shoot right 
away, when you first press (C), 
hold down (C) a little longer to 
get a seed ready.

You found the Fairy Bow!
On the Select Item Subscreen,
you can set it to (<), (v) or (>).
Press (C) to take it out
and hold it. As you hold down
(C) you can aim with (+). Release
(C) to let fly with an arrow.

You got Bombs!
On the Select Item Subscreen,
you can set it to (<), (v) or (>).
Use (C) to lift and place
it. Press (C) while running to
throw it. If you see something
suspicious, bomb it!

You got Bombchu!
On the Select Item Subscreen,
you can set it to (<), (v) or (>).
 Carry and place with (C).
This is a new type bomb that
can even crawl up walls.
Aim well and release it!

You got a Deku Nut!
On the Select Item Subscreen,
you can set it to (<), (v) or (>).
Set it to (C) and try 
throwing it! It will flash and 
stun the enemy!

You found the Boomerang!
On the Select Item Subscreen,
you can set it to (<), (v) or (>).
Press (C) to use it to 
attack distant enemies!

You found the Hookshot!
It's a spring-loaded chain that
you can cast out to hook things.
You can use it to drag
distant items toward you, or
you can use it to pull yourself
toward something.
While holding (C), you can
aim with (+). Shoot it by
releasing (C).

You got a Deku Stick!
On the Select Item Subscreen,
you can set it to (<), (v) or (>).
Set it to (C) and swing it
with (C)!
When you want to put it away, 
stand still and press (A). 
You can carry up to 10 sticks,
but don't waste them.

You found the Megaton Hammer!
Press (C) to smash and break 
junk! It's so heavy, you need to 
use two hands to swing it!

You found the Lens of Truth!
Set it to (C) and press (C) to 
look through it! Mysterious 
things are hidden everywhere!
Be sure to try to use it outside
of the well. Seeing the truth will
cost magic power, so press (C)
again to stop using it.

You found the Ocarina of Time!
This is the Royal Family's hidden 
treasure which Zelda left behind.
It glows with a mystical light...

You cast Farore's Wind!
Return to the Warp Point
Dispel the Warp Point

You received the Fire
Darunia awakens as a Sage and
adds his power to yours!

You received the Water
Ruto awakens as a Sage and
adds her power to yours!

You received the Forest
Saria awakens as a Sage and
adds her power to yours!

You received the Spirit
Nabooru awakens as a Sage and
adds her power to yours!

You received the Light
Rauru the Sage adds his power
to yours!

You received the Shadow
Impa awakens as a Sage and
adds her power to yours!

You got an Empty Bottle!
After you put something in this
bottle, set it to (C) when you
want to use the item inside.

You got a Red Potion!
On the Select Item Subscreen,
set it to (<), (v) or (>).
Drink it with (C) to recover
your life energy.
You carry this potion in one
of your bottles.

You got a Green Potion!
On the Select Item Subscreen,
set it to (<), (v) or (>).
Drink it with (C) to recover
your magic power.
You carry this potion in one
of your bottles.

You got a Blue Potion!
Drink it with (C) to recover
your life energy and magic power.

You caught a Fairy in a bottle!
On the Select Item Subscreen,
you can set it to (<), (v) or (>).
This tiny fairy is a reliable 
partner who will revive you
the moment you run out of life 
Once you set it to (C),
though, you can ask for its help

You got a Fish!
Use it with (C) and something 
might happen... It looks so 
fresh and delicious!
On the Select Item Subscreen,
you can set it to (<), (v)
or (>), and then press that
(C) to use it.

You got a Magic Bean!
Find a suitable spot for a garden
and plant it with (C). Then, wait
for something fun to happen!
On the Select Item Subscreen,
you can set it to (<), (v)
or (>), and then use that
(C) to plant it.

Sorry about that...OK, well...

You received the Fairy Ocarina!
This is a memento from Saria.
Set it to (C) and press (C)
to start playing it!
On the Select Item Subscreen,
you can set it to (<), (v)
or (>), and then use that
(C) to start playing it.
You can play different notes
with (A) and the four (C) Buttons. 
Press (B) to quit playing, or 
to start your song over again.

You got the Giant's Knife!
Hold it with both hands and use 
(B) to attack! It's so long, you
can't use it with a shield.

You got a Deku Shield!
Switch to the Equipment 
Subscreen and select the
shield. Press (A) to equip it.
Press (R) to crouch and
defend. If you press (R) while 
(Z) Targeting, you can move
while defending.

You got a Hylian Shield!
Switch to the Equipment 
Subscreen and select this
shield, then equip it with (A).

You found the Mirror Shield!
The shield's polished surface can
reflect light or energy. Press (R)
to use it.

You found the Longshot!
It's an upgraded Hookshot.
It extends twice as far!

You got a Goron Tunic!
This heat-resistant tunic is
adult size, so it won't fit a kid...
Going to a hot place? No worry!

You got a Zora Tunic!
This diving suit is adult size,
so it won't fit a kid. Wear it,
and you won't drown underwater.

You got a Magic Jar!
Your Magic Meter is filled!

You got the Iron Boots!
So heavy, you can't run.
So heavy, you can't float.

You got the Hover Boots!
With these mysterious boots
you can hover above the ground.
The downside? No traction!
You can even use these to
walk for short periods where 
there is no solid ground. Be brave
and trust in the boots!

You got a Recovery Heart!
Your life energy is recovered!

You upgraded your quiver to a
Big Quiver!
Now you can carry more arrows-
40 in total!

You upgraded your quiver to
the Biggest Quiver!
Now you can carry even more 
arrows, to a maximum of 50!

You found a Bomb Bag!
This bomb-holding bag is made 
from a Dodongo's stomach!
You found 20 Bombs inside!
Now you can set Bombs to (C)
and blow stuff up! What a lucky 

You got a Big Bomb Bag!
Now you can carry more 
Bombs, up to a maximum of 30!

You got the 
Biggest Bomb Bag!
Now, you can carry up to 
40 Bombs!

You found the Silver Gauntlets!
If you wore them, you would
feel power in your arms, the 
power to lift big things with (A)!
But, these gauntlets won't fit
a kid... Plus, you promised to give
them to Nabooru. You should keep
your word...

You found the Golden Gauntlets!
You can feel even more power 
coursing through your arms!
Grab with (A) and lift stuff up!

You put a Blue Fire
into the bottle!
This is a cool flame you can
use with (<), (v) or (>).

You got an Adult's Wallet!
Adults are allowed to carry a 
lot of money. Now you can hold 
up to 200 Rupees.

You got a Giant's Wallet!
What a huge wallet! Now 
you can carry up to 500 Rupees.

You found a Small Key!
This key will open a locked 
door. You can use it only
in this dungeon.

Bombchu  (20 pieces)  180 Rupees
This looks like a toy mouse, but
it's actually a self-propelled time

Red Potion   40 Rupees

Don't buy

Red Potion   50 Rupees

Don't buy

Red Potion   40 Rupees
If you drink this, you will
recover your life energy.
This is a single dose.

Red Potion   50 Rupees
If you drink this, you will
recover your life energy.
This is a single dose.

You found the Dungeon Map!
Press START to get into the 
Subscreens and look at the
Map Subscreen!
Blue chambers are places 
you have already visited. 
Your current location is 
the flashing room.
Move (+) up and down to 
select a floor to view.

You found the Compass!
Now you can see the locations
of many hidden things in the

You obtained the Stone of Agony!
If you equip a Rumble Pak, it
will react to nearby...secrets.

You received Zelda's Letter!
Wow! This letter has Princess
Zelda's autograph! Set it to (C)
and show it with (C).
On the Select Item Subscreen,
you can set it to (<), (v) or (>),
and then use that (C) to show it
to people.

Welcome! May I help you?

I want to shop
Just looking

Would you like to buy something

Your Deku Seeds Bullet Bag 
has become bigger!
Now you can carry more bullets!
This bag can hold 50 bullets!

Open the chest and...Surprise!
If you find a Key inside, you'll 
be able to advance. Left or
right--try your luck!
10 Rupees to play. Do you want 
to try it?

Great! You are a real gambler!

You got a Green Rupee!
That's one Rupee!

You got the Fire Arrow!
Set it to (C) and your arrows will
be powered up! If you hit
your target, it will catch fire.

You got the Ice Arrow!
Set it to (C) and your arrows will
be powered up! If you hit your 
target, it will freeze.
This arrow magic is granted
only to those who complete the 
difficult training of the Gerudos,
so use it with pride!

You got the Light Arrow!
Set it to (C) and your arrows will
be powered up! The light of
justice will smite evil!

You have learned the
Minuet of Forest!

You have learned the
Bolero of Fire!

You have learned the 
Serenade of Water!

You have learned the 
Requiem of Spirit!

You have learned the 
Nocturne of Shadow!

You have learned the 
Prelude of Light!

You got the Goron's Bracelet!
Now you can pull up Bomb 
Flowers. Stand next to one and
use (A) to pull it up!

You put a Bug in the bottle!
You can release it by pressing
(C). This kind of bug prefers to
live in small holes in the ground.

You obtained the Gerudo's 
Membership Card!
You can get into the Gerudo's
training ground in their hideout.

Bombs  10 pieces  50 Rupees

Don't buy

Arrows  50 pieces  90 Rupees

Don't buy

Fish   200 Rupees

Don't buy

Deku Nuts   5 Pieces   15 Rupees

Don't buy

You got the Kokiri's Emerald!
This is the Spiritual Stone of 
the Forest, now entrusted to 
you by the Great Deku Tree.

You obtained the Goron's Ruby!
This is the Spiritual Stone of 
Fire passed down by the Gorons!

You obtained Zora's Sapphire!
This is the Spiritual Stone of
Water passed down by the

Shop around by moving the 
(+) left or right.
Talk to the owner

Thanks a lot!

You don't have enough Rupees!

You can't get this now.

Deku Nuts   10 pieces  30 Rupees

Don't buy

Deku Stick  1 piece   10 Rupees

Don't buy

Deku Shield   40 Rupees

Don't buy

Arrow   10 pieces   20 Rupees

Don't buy

Bomb   5 pieces   25 Rupees

Don't buy

Bombchu  10 pieces   100 Rupees

Don't buy

You can't use a Big Poe here!
Sell it to the man at the Hyrule
Castle Town gate!

Red Potion   30 Rupees

Don't buy

Green Potion   30 Rupees

Don't buy

Now you can pick up 
many Deku Sticks!
You can carry up to 20 of them!

You can now pick up 
even more Deku Sticks!
You can carry up to 30 of them!

Hylian Shield   80 Rupees

Don't buy

Goron Tunic   200 Rupees

Don't buy

Zora Tunic   300 Rupees

Don't buy

Recovery Heart   10 Rupees

Don't buy

I'm sorry...I can't sell this to
you unless you have a bottle to 
put it in.

You caught a Poe in a bottle!
Something good might happen!

You got Lon Lon Milk!
This milk is very nutritious!
Use it with (C) to recover your 
life energy!
You will recover five hearts
per drink. There are two
drinks per bottle.
On the Select Item Subscreen,
you can set it to (<), (v) or (>),
and then use that (C) to take 
a drink.

You got an Empty Bottle!
Put something inside and 
press (C) to use it... What?
Something's already inside!?

You got a Weird Egg!
Feels like there's something
moving inside! Set it to (C) and 
see what happens!
On the Select Item Subscreen,
you can set it to (<), (v) or (>),
and then press (C) to use it.

Arrows   30 pieces   60 Rupees

Don't buy

My current hot seller is the 
Hylian Shield, but it might be too 
big for you, kid.

We moved here from the castle 
town. I know times are tough, but
I hope you will be a steady 
customer for us!


Deku Shield   40 Rupees
Once equipped, you can defend 
with (R). If set on fire, it will

Arrow   (10 pieces)   20 Rupees
You need a bow to shoot them.
You can't buy them unless you
have a bow.

Deku Stick  (1 piece)  10 Rupees
A long branch gathered from the
Great Deku Tree. You can use it
as a weapon, but it will break.

Deku Nuts  (10 pieces) 30 Rupees
Throw them to stun your enemies.
You can buy only the amount you
can actually carry.

Bombs   (5 pieces)   25 Rupees
Take it out with (C) and press 
(C) to throw it. You can buy them
only if you have a bomb bag.

You got the Kokiri Sword!
On the Equipment Subscreen,
select it with the cursor and
equip it with (A).
This is a hidden treasure of
the Kokiri, but you can borrow it
for a while. Be sure to practice 
with it before you really fight!

Red Potion   30 Rupees
Drink to recover your life energy.
This is just a single dose.

Green Potion   30 Rupees
Drink to recover your magic power.
This is just a single dose.

Now you can carry
many Deku Nuts!
You can hold up to 30 nuts!

You can now carry even
more Deku Nuts! You can carry
up to 40 nuts! 

Hylian Shield   80 Rupees
This is a big, heavy shield just 
like the ones Hylian Knights use.
It can stand up to flame attacks!

Goron Tunic   200 Rupees
A tunic made by Gorons. Adult
size. Protects you from heat

Zora Tunic   300 Rupees
A tunic made by Zoras. Adult size.
Prevents you from drowning

Recovery Heart   10 Rupees
This will instantly refill one
Heart Container.

You got Din's Fire!
Its fireball engulfs everything!
It's attack magic you can use
with (C).

You got Farore's Wind!
This is warp magic you can use 
with (C). Warp when you are in 
You will teleport to the Warp
Point. When you first use the
magic, you will create a Warp
When you use the magic 
again, you can either dispel
the Warp Point you created last
time or warp to that point.

You got Nayru's Love!
Cast this to create a powerful
protective barrier. It's defensive 
magic you can use with (C).

Arrows  (50 pieces)  90 Rupees
Shoot these with a bow. You can't
buy them unless you have a bow.

Bombs  (10 pieces)  50 Rupees
Take it out with (C) and press 
(C) again to throw it. You can't
buy them without a bomb bag.

Deku Nuts  (5 pieces)  15 Rupees
Throw them to stun your enemies.
You can carry only a limited 
amount of them.

Fish   200 Rupees
Just caught and so fresh!
You can keep it in a bottle.

You destroyed a Gold Skulltula.
You got a token proving you 
destroyed it!

You destroyed a Gold Skulltula.
You got a token proving you 
destroyed it!

Fairy's Spirit    50 Rupees

Don't buy

Fairy's Spirit   50 Rupees
You need an empty bottle to put
it in. Don't go into battle 
without it!

Blue Fire    300 Rupees

Don't buy

Blue Fire   300 Rupees
You need an empty bottle to put
this in. Use it to feel 
refreshing coolness.

Bottle Bug   50 Rupees

Don't buy

Bottle Bug    50 Rupees
You need an empty bottle to put
it in. It looks like just an
ordinary bug...

Bombchu  (10 pieces)  100 Rupees
This looks like a toy mouse, but
it's actually a self-propelled time

We're temporarily out of
stock on that item.

C'mon, man! You're too old for 
this game!

Huh? Wha--!
A customer!


Arrows   (30 pieces)   60 Rupees
You need a bow to shoot them.
Use them, and you'll run out.

You got a Piece of Heart!
Collect four pieces total to get
another Heart Container. More
containers mean more life energy!

You got a Piece of Heart!
So far, you've collected two 
pieces. With two more pieces, 
you will gain more life energy!

You got a Piece of Heart!
Now you've collected three 
pieces! With another piece, your 
life energy will be powered up!

You got a Piece of Heart!
You've completed another Heart
Container! Your maximum life
energy is increased!

You got a Heart Container!
Your maximum life energy is 
increased by one heart. Your life
energy will be totally filled.

You got the Boss Key!
Now you can get inside the 
chamber where the Boss lurks.

Nope, you don't have enough

All right, you're done!
Please wait outside while I set 
up your next challenge!

Bombs   5 pieces   35 Rupees

Don't buy

Bombs   (5 pieces)   35 Rupees
Take it out with (C) and press 
(C) again to throw it. You can't
buy them without a bomb bag.

You got a Blue Rupee!
That's five Rupees!

You got the Silver Scale!
Jump into the water and press 
(A). You can dive deeper than you
could before.

You got the Golden Scale!
Jump into the water and press 
(A). Now you can dive much
deeper than you could before!

It looks like this item doesn't 
work here...

It won't open!

You've learned Saria's Song!

You've learned Epona's Song!

You've learned the Sun's Song!

You've learned Zelda's Lullaby!

You've learned the Song of Time!

You've learned the Song of Storms!

Welcome Link!
I am the Great Fairy of Power!
I'm going to grant you a sword
Receive it now!

Welcome Link!
I am the Great Fairy of Wisdom!
I'm going to enhance your magic 
Receive it now!

Welcome Link!
I am the Great Fairy of Courage!
I'm going to enhance your 
defensive power.
Receive it now!

When you are weary of battle,
please come back to visit me!

Welcome Link!
I will soothe your wounds.

You got Deku Seeds!
These are small, hard seeds
that you can use as bullets
for your Slingshot.

You mastered the secret sword
technique of the Spin Attack!
Hold (B) to charge your weapon!
Release (B) to unleash a wave
of energy with your spin!
If you want to release energy
without charging your weapon, just 
rotate (+) once and press (B) for
a very effective quick spin!

Deku Seeds 30 pieces 30 Rupees

Don't buy

Deku Seed (30 pieces) 30 Rupees
You can use them as bullets for
your Slingshot. You can't buy 
them unless you have a Slingshot.

You want to talk to Saria, right?

Talk to Saria

Really? Then do you want to talk 
to me?

This is Saria. Can you hear me?

Do you want to talk to Saria

Your Magic Meter is enhanced!

Your defensive power is enhanced!

You got a bundle of arrows!

When you charge power for a Spin
Attack, magic power will be
consumed. Pay attention to your
green Magic Meter!
Hey, boy! You're a messenger of
the Royal Family, aren't you?
Next time you're in their
neighborhood, you should drop in
on a friend of mine who lives by
Hyrule Castle.
She'll surely grant you another
new power!

Your magic power has been 
enhanced! Now you have twice
as much Magic Power!

Your defensive power has been 
enhanced! Damage inflicted by 
enemies will be reduced by half.

Welcome Link!
I am the Great Fairy of Magic!
I will give you a magic spell.
Please take it.

I'm sorry, but you can't borrow
this mask yet.

You can use Din's Fire not only to
attack but also to burn things!

Remember, you can use Farore's
Wind only in dungeons that have
a dungeon map hidden inside, OK?

Nayru's Love is in effect for only
a limited time, so use it carefully.

When battle has made you weary,
please come back to see me.

You got a Red Rupee!
That's twenty Rupees!

You got a Purple Rupee!
That's fifty Rupees!

You got a Huge Rupee!
This Rupee is worth a whopping
two hundred Rupees!

You got a Door Key!
Use this key to continue to the
next room. Select a treasure 
chest and see how lucky you are!

You found only one Rupee.
You are not very lucky.

You found five Rupees.
Even so, you are not very lucky.

You found twenty Rupees.
Your last selection was a mistake,
wasn't it! How frustrating!

You found fifty Rupees.
You are a genuinely lucky guy!


You put a Big Poe in a bottle!
Let's sell it at the Ghost Shop!
Something good might happen!

You got a Piece of Heart!
Collect four pieces total to get
another Heart Container. More
containers mean more life energy!

You got a Piece of Heart!
So far, you've collected two 
pieces. With two more pieces, 
you will gain more life energy!

You got a Piece of Heart!
You've collected three pieces!
With another piece, your life 
energy will be powered up!

You got a Piece of Heart!
You've completed another Heart
Container! Your maximum life
energy is increased!

Look for them not only out in the
open, but also inside the dungeons.
Of course, this is just our dream...
You don't have to do it if you
don't want to...

What's that?

Look, look, Link!
You can see down below this web
using (^)!

Look at this wall! The vines
growing on it give it a rough
surface... Maybe you can climb 
it, Link!

You can open a door by standing
in front of it and pressing (A).
Pay attention to what the
Action Icon says.
That's the blue icon at the top of
the screen!

Look! Something is hanging up
there! It looks like an old ladder!

Isn't that the same design that's
on the Door of Time?

It looks like that torch was
burning not too long ago...

From here on, we'll be going
through some narrow passages!
If you take it slow, maybe you
can sneak up on some enemies.
Use (Z) Targeting to always look
in the proper direction. Set your
view so you can see down the next
corridor before you turn a corner.
Once your view is set, hold down
(Z) to sidestep around the corner.
That way you won't be surprised
by an enemy waiting in ambush.

Stand next to this block and grab
hold of it with (A). While holding
(A), you can push or pull it.
If you stand next to the block
and press (A) while pressing (+)
towards the block, you can climb
on top of it.
Pay attention to what the Action
Icon says!




After you get into the water, if
you hold down (A), you can dive!
I bet there are some interesting
things underwater!








Wow! Look at all those 
Bomb Flowers!
Is there any way you can set
them all off at once?

It looks like there are many lava
pits around here, so watch your

With that switch on, the moving
platform goes higher. Now you can
quickly reach the second floor!



You never know what will be 
around the corner in these narrow
Use (Z) Targeting to always look
in the proper direction. This is a
useful technique, isn't it?






Link, what are you 
looking at?





The Desert Colossus's face...it 
sure looks evil!


I can hear the spirits whispering 
in this room...
"Look for the eye of truth..."
That's what they are saying!


Here...I can hear the spirits
whispering in this room...
"Those who have sacred feet 
should let the wind guide them.
Then, they will be led to the 
hidden path."
That's what they are saying!

This wall...it says something here...
"Danger above..."
That's what it says.

This wall...it says something here...
"Danger below..."
That's what it says.

The water flowing out of this 
statue is flooding the entire floor.




Watch out, Link!
Electricity is running through
this green slimy thing!


Watch out Link!
Electricity is running through
this red slimy thing!

Watch out Link!
Electricity is running through
this blue slimy thing!

This switch...
It doesn't look like you can press
it down with your weight alone,




The red slimy thing is gone! 
That must be because you cut the
red tail! Will that work with 
the other ones too?


There's a switch beyond this 

It looks like there is something
up there on top of the platform!



Look at all those flags!
Can you figure out which ones are



The Great Deku Tree has 
summoned you!
Please come with me!

C'mon! Be brave!
Let's go into the 
Great Deku Tree!

The Great Deku Tree wanted us
to go to visit the princess at
Hyrule Castle.... Shouldn't we
get going?

The girl from the ranch asked us
to find her father...I wonder where
he is?

I wonder where we'll find the 
princess in this big old castle?

What would Saria say if we told
her we're going to save Hyrule?

Impa said that the Spiritual Stone
of Fire is somewhere on Death

Let's go inside the Dodongo's
Cavern using a Bomb Flower!

Darunia said that a fairy
lives on top of Death Mountain,
didn't he?

I wonder if Saria knows anything
about the other Spiritual Stone?

It seems Princess Ruto somehow 
got inside Jabu-Jabu's belly...

You collected three Spiritual
Stones! Let's go back to Hyrule

Those people on the white horse...
they were Zelda and Impa, weren't
they? It looked like they threw 
something into the moat!

Let's go check inside the 
Temple of Time.

Should we believe what Sheik said 
and go to Kakariko Village?


I wonder what's going on in the
forest right now... I'm worried
about Saria, too!

That cloud over Death Mountain...
there is something strange about 

An arctic wind is blowing from
Zora's River...do you feel it?

Those Iron Boots look like
they weigh a ton! If you wear
those boots, you may be able to
walk at the bottom of a lake.

Let's look for someone who might
know something about the other

That monster! It came out of the 
well in the village! Let's go 
check out the well!

I wonder who built the Spirit
Temple, and for what purpose?

Have you ever played the 
Nocturne of Shadow that Sheik
taught you?

The desert...that is where
Ganondorf the Evil King was born.
If we go there, we might find


Equip the Silver Gauntlets 
and try to move things you 
couldn't budge before!

The one who is waiting for us at
the Temple of Time...it could be...

We have to save Princess Zelda
from her imprisonment in Ganon's



Try to keep moving!!

I don't mind talking to you 
using the Ocarina's magic, but
I'd really like to talk to you

The forest is connected to many 
places! If you can hear my song,
you must be somewhere that is
connected to the forest!

I was so happy to hear that
Mr. Darunia loved my song so
I was even happier to find out
that it helped you on your quest,
Tee hee hee!

Are you collecting Spiritual
Stones? You have one more to
find? You mean the Spiritual 
Stone of Water, don't you?
The Great Deku Tree once told me
that King Zora, ruler of Zora's 
Domain, has it...

Are you collecting Spiritual
Stones? You have one more to
find? You mean the Spiritual 
Stone of Fire, don't you?
The Great Deku Tree once told me
that Mr. Darunia of the Gorons
has it...

I don't know what it is...
I have this feeling of dread...
The Castle...
Yes, something bad is happening
at the Castle!

What? Your ocarina sounds...
different somehow... 
Have you been practicing a lot,

Are you looking for a temple?
A mysterious bird once told me...
"Eyes that can see through 
darkness will open in a storm."
Do you have any idea what he 
meant by this?

Where are you, Link?
Are you looking for a temple?
I once heard a mysterious bird 
"Go, young man. Go to the
Desert Goddess with an ocarina."
Do you have any idea what he
may have meant by this?

Did you find all the temples yet?

Great! You're safe!
I knew I would hear from
you again!
I'm in the Forest Temple!
The forest spirits were calling
for help, so I went to check it
But it's full of evil monsters!
Help me, Link!

At first, I didn't want to become 
the Sage of the Forest....
But I'm glad now.
Because I am helping you to save
Hyrule, Link!
Yes, I am!

If all six Sages come together, 
we can imprison Ganondorf, the 
King of Evil, in the Sacred Realm.
But, in order to make a perfect
seal, we need the seventh 
Someone you know must be that
Sage, Link...
From now on, you must travel 
between past and future to
awaken the remaining Sages!
Keep up the good work,

We, the Six Sages, are channeling
our power to you!
The destiny of Hyrule depends 
upon you!



I can hear a voice from
It's saying:
"Collect five silver Rupees..."

This wall...it's saying something!
It says:
If you want to see a ferry to the
other world, come here...


If you want to ride that boat, be 
careful! It looks very old... Who
knows when it might sink?

There is a door over here... Is 
there any way to get across?


That red ice...it's so weird!



This blue fire...it doesn't seem
natural. Maybe you can use it for



The fires on the torches are gone.
Seems like the ghosts took them 

Look, Link! A torch
is lit! That's because
you beat a ghost, isn't it?!


There are arrows painted on the 

This corridor is all twisted!

Watch for the shadows of
monsters that hang from the

There's a treasure chest here.


This...this is the same torch we
saw at the entrance to the temple,
isn't it?

This torch is lit...that means...


This switch is frozen!

Link, watch out!
The ceiling is falling down!











Link, I hear Goron 
voices down below.


You can see down from here...
Isn't that the room where we saw


This statue...haven't we seen it
somewhere before?


This switch looks rusted.


Link! Be careful!
Don't get swallowed by the 







Hi! I'm a talking door!

Strange...this door doesn't open...

Strong iron bars are blocking the
door. You can't open them with
your hands!

You need a Key to open a door
that is locked and chained.

You need a special key
to open this door.

Be quiet!
It's only (t)!
I, Dampé the gravekeeper, am
in bed now!
Go away and play! Maybe you can
find a ghost in the daytime?

It's (t) now.
The Gravedigging Tour is over 
I, Dampé the gravekeeper, am
in bed!
Go away and play! Maybe you'll
find a ghost!

Happy Mask Shop
Please read this sign before you
use this shop.
How This Shop Works
We do not sell masks at this shop.
We just lend them to you.
You sell the loaned masks on your
You pay back the money for the
mask, and we will lend you a 
newer model.
You can borrow masks you have
already sold again; however, you 
can sell each model of mask only
Please try our shop!
--Happy Mask Shop Owner

Shadow Temple...
Here is gathered Hyrule's bloody 
history of greed and hatred...

What is hidden in the darkness...
Tricks full of ill will...
You can't see the way forward...

One who gains the eye of truth
will be able to see what is hidden
in the darkness.

Something strange is covering the
entrance. You must solve the
puzzle in this room to make the
entrance open.

Giant dead Dodongo...
when it sees red,
a new way to go 
will be open.

Treasure Chest Contest
Temporarily Closed
Open Tonight!

Medicine Shop
Closed until morning

Shooting Gallery
Open only during the day

Happy Mask Shop
Now hiring part-time
Apply during the day

Open only during the day

Show me the light!

One with the eye of truth shall
be guided to the Spirit Temple by
an inviting ghost.

Those who wish to open the path
sleeping at the bottom of the lake
must play the song passed down
by the Royal Family.

Those who wish to open the gate
on the far heights, play the song
passed down by the Royal Family.

Those who find a Small Key can
advance to the next room. Those
who don't can go home!

If you wish to speak to me,
do so from the platform.

Hi, Link!
Look this way!
Look over here with (Z), and talk 
to me with (A).

The current time is: (t).

Shine light on the living dead...

Those who break into the Royal 
Tomb will be obstructed by the
lurkers in the dark.

Hey, you! Young man, over there!
Look over here, inside the cell!

My little boy isn't here right 
I think he went to play in the 

Oh, my boy is asleep right now.
Please come back some other time
to play with him!

When water fills the lake, 
shoot for the morning light.

If you want to travel to the 
future, you should return here 
with the power of silver from the 

If you want to proceed to the 
past, you should return here
with the pure heart of a child.

This door is currently being

It looks like something used to
be set in this stand...

Make my beak face the
skull of truth.
The alternative is descent into
the deep darkness.

This is not the correct key...
The door won't open!

Granny's Potion Shop
Gone for Field Study
Please come again!

Who's there? What a bad kid,
trying to enter from the rear

Such a bad kid...

I have to tell you some juicy
The boss carpenter has a son...
He's the guy who sits under the
tree every night...
Don't tell the boss I told you 

Look at this!

Malon's gone to sleep!
I'm goin' to sleep now, too.
Come back again when it's
light out!

Link's Records!
Spiders squished: 
Largest fish caught:  pounds
Marathon time: 
Horse race time: 
Horseback archery:  points

The crest of the Royal Family of
Hyrule is inscribed here.

Here lie the souls of those who
swore fealty to the
Royal Family of Hyrule
The Sheikah, guardians of the
Royal Family and founders of
Kakariko, watch over these spirits
in their eternal slumber.

Sleepless Waterfall
The flow of this waterfall serves
the King of Hyrule. When the King
slumbers, so too do these falls.

Some frogs are looking at you
from underwater...

You're standing on a soft carpet
for guests...
It feels so plush under your feet!

If you can overcome the trials in
the chambers ahead, then and only
then will you be qualified to hold
our secret treasure!

If you desire to acquire our
hidden treasure, you must strive
to obtain the keys hidden in each

Defeat all the enemies in a limited

Collect the underwater gems!

Cross the sea of fire!

Find a secret passage in this

Blind the eyes of the statue!

One with silver hands shall move
a giant block!

Without the necessary items, one
will be confounded by impossible

Gather the jewels of white, while
avoiding traps and danger!

Fishing Pond
The fish are really biting today!


The Shadow will yield only to one
with the eye of truth, handed
down in Kakariko Village.

Hyrule Field

Hyrule Castle Town

The Temple of Time

Dead End

Kakariko Village
Death Mountain Trail
Starting Point

Kakariko Village Graveyard

Dark! Narrow! Scary!
Well of Three Features

Death Mountain
No passage without a
Royal Decree!

Death Mountain Trail

Dodongo's Cavern
Don't enter without permission!

Land of the Gorons
Goron City

Zora's River
Watch out for swift current 
and strong undertow.

The Shadow will yield only to one
with the eye of truth, handed
down in Kakariko Village.

Zora's Domain

Zora's Fountain
Don't disturb Lord Jabu-Jabu! 
--King Zora XVI

Forest Training Center
Don't recklessly cut signs--
read them carefully!

All those reckless enough to
venture into the desert--please
drop by our shop.
Carpet Merchant

Just ahead:
Great Deku Tree's Meadow

Forest Temple

The Lost Woods

Talon and Malon's
Lon Lon Ranch

The Great Ingo's
Ingo Ranch

Lake Hylia

Lakeside Laboratory
Daily trying to get to the bottom
of the mysteries of Lake Hylia!
--Lake Scientist

Gerudo Valley

Horseback Archery Range
Skilled players are welcome!
Current record:  Points

Gerudo Training Ground
Only registered members are

Haunted Wasteland
If you chase a mirage, the
desert will swallow you.
Only one path is true!

Spirit Temple

Kokiri Shop
We have original forest goods!

Link's House

Forest folk shall not
leave these woods.

Follow the trail along the edge of
the cliff and you will reach
Goron City, home of the Gorons.

Natural Wonder
Bomb Flower
Danger! Do not uproot!

Death Mountain Summit
Entrance to the crater ahead
Beware of intense heat!

King Zora's Throne Room
To hear the King's royal
proclamations, stand on the
platform and speak to him.

If you can stop my wild rolling,
you might get something great.
--Hot Rodder Goron

Only one with the eye of truth
will find the stone umbrella
that protects against the
rain of blades.

Only one who has sacred feet
can cross the valley of the dead.

The record time of those
who raced against me was:

--Dampé the Gravekeeper

Shooting Gallery  
20 Rupees for one play
There are 10 targets. You have 15
chances. Hit all 10 targets!
Hit 10 targets -- Perfect Prize
Hit 8 or more -- Free Retry
Hit less than 8 -- Game Over
Rules at this Shooting Gallery
Don't lean on the counter.
Don't disturb other customers.

Treasure Chest Shop
We don't necessarily sell them...

High Dive Practice Spot
Are you confident
in your diving skill?


Mountain Summit
Danger Ahead - Keep Out

Happy Mask Shop!
Now hiring happiness
delivery men!

Bombchu Bowling Alley
You can experience the
latest in Bomb technology!

We have a little of everything!

Potion Shop
We have the best quality

Goron Shop
Mountaineering Supplies!

Zora Shop
We have fresh fish!

Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour!
From 18:00 to 21:00 Hyrule Time
--Dampé the Gravekeeper

Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour!
Tours are cancelled until a new
gravekeeper is found. We
apologize for any inconvenience.

Thrust Attack Signs!
To thrust with your sword, press
(+) toward your target while 
(Z) Targeting, then press (B).

Hole of "Z"
Let's go through this small
Stand in front of the hole and
push (+) towards it. When the 
Action Icon shows "Enter," press
(A) to crawl into the hole.
Pay attention to what the Action
Icon says!

Cut Grass With Your Sword
If you just swing with (B), you'll 
cut horizontally. If you hold (Z) as 
you swing, you'll cut vertically.

Hyrule Castle
Lon Lon Ranch

You are here: Hyrule Castle
This way to Lon Lon Ranch

Just Ahead
King Zora's Chamber
Show the proper respect!

House of the Great Mido
Boss of the Kokiri

House of the Know-it-All Brothers

House of Twins

Saria's House

View Point with (Z) Targeting
When you have no object to look
at, you can just look forward
with (Z).
Stop moving and then change the
direction you are facing, or hold
down (Z) for a little while.
This can help you get oriented in
the direction you want to face.
It's quite convenient!
If you hold down (Z), you can
walk sideways while facing 
straight ahead.
Walking sideways can be a very
important technique in dungeon
corridors. Turn around and try
doing this right now.

Stepping Stones in the Pond
If you boldly go in the direction
you want to jump, you will leap
If you hop around on the stones,
you'll become happier!

No Diving Allowed
--It won't do you any good!

Switch Targeting
If you see a © icon above an 
object, you can target it with (Z).
In other words, if you press (Z) 
when you see © above an object,
you can lock on to it.
If you press (Z) again, the lock
will either release or it will
transfer to the next object with
the © above it.
When you have many enemies in
your field of view and you want
to escape, press (Z) while holding
back on (+) to cancel targeting.
You can target the stones next to
this sign for practice!

Forest Stage
We are waiting to see your
beautiful face!
Win fabulous prizes!

Visit the
House of the Know-it-All Brothers
to get answers to all your
item-related questions!

This is a Gossip Stone!

They say that you can swim faster
by continuously pressing (B).

They say that there is a secret 
near the lone tree which is not
far from the river in the 
northwest part of Hyrule Field.

They say that there is a secret
on the road that leads to Lake

They say that Biggoron's Sword is 
super sharp and will never break.

They say that Medigoron didn't 
really think about his own size, 
so his store is really cramped.

They say that Malon set the
original record in the obstacle
course of Lon Lon Ranch.

They say that Malon of Lon Lon 
Ranch hopes a knight in shining 
armor will come and sweep her off 
her feet someday.

They say that Ruto, the Zora 
Princess who is known for her 
selfish nature, likes a certain 

They say that players who select
the "HOLD" option for "Z 
TARGETING" are the real "Zelda

They say that there is a secret
near a tree in Kakariko Village.

They say that, contrary to her 
elegant image, Princess Zelda of 
Hyrule Castle is, in fact, a 

They say that Princess Zelda's 
nanny is actually one of the 
Sheikah, who many thought had 
died out.

They say that there is a man who
can always be found running
around in Hyrule Field.

They say that it is against the
rules to use glasses at the 
Treasure Chest Shop in Hyrule
Castle Town Market.

They say that the Chicken Lady 
goes to the Lakeside Laboratory 
to study how to breed pocket-
sized Cuccos.

They say that Gerudos sometimes
come to Hyrule Castle Town to
look for boyfriends.

They say that the thief named 
Nabooru, who haunts this area, is
a Gerudo.

They say that if you get close to a
butterfly while holding a Deku
Stick in your hands, something
good will happen.

They say that you may find
something new in dungeons that
you have already finished.

They say that Gerudos worship 
Ganondorf almost like a god.

They say that there is a secret 
around the entrance to Gerudo 

They say that the owl named
Kaepora Gaebora is the
reincarnation of an ancient Sage.

They say that strange owl,
Kaepora Gaebora, may look big and
heavy, but its character is rather 

They say that the horse
Ganondorf rides is a solid black
Gerudo stallion.

They say that Ganondorf is not 
satisfied with ruling only the
Gerudo and aims to conquer all
of Hyrule!

They say that the treasure you
can earn in the Gerudo's Training
Ground is not as great as you
would expect, given its difficulty!

They say that there is a switch 
that you can activate only by
using the Spin Attack.

They say that it's possible to find
a total of 100 Gold Skulltulas
throughout Hyrule.

They say that when non-fairy
folk enter the Lost Woods, they
become monsters!

They say that the small holes in
the ground that you can find all
over Hyrule make perfect breeding
ground for bugs.

They say that the Kokiri are 
always followed by small fairies.

They say that one Kokiri has left
the forest, but he is still


What's that?

It's one of the parasitic monsters
inside the Deku Tree! Its eye is
vulnerable when it's red!

Gohma Egg
When this egg hatches, a Gohma
Larva will be born.

Gohma Larva
Look out when it gets ready to

Its soft belly is its weak point!

Big Skulltula
Its soft belly is its weak point!

Its tail is its weak point!

Deku Baba
Hit it when it lunges at you, and 
it will stand upright. Cut it
quickly to get a Deku Stick!

Big Deku Baba
Hit it when it lunges at you, and 
it will stand upright. Cut it
quickly to get a Deku Stick!

Deku Baba
Though it looks withered, it will
hurt you if you touch it!

Deku Scrub
It will hide in the grass if you get
close to it. Bounce the nuts it 
spits back at it!


King Dodongo
This is a huge Dodongo that eats
anything! Give it a shock, and 
finish it off with your sword!

Watch out for its fiery breath!
Use (Z) Targeting techniques!

Baby Dodongo
Watch out for its leaping attack!
It will explode after it's defeated!

Use your shield well and fight 
with (Z) Targeting techniques!

Use your shield well and fight 
with (Z) Targeting techniques!

Fire Keese
Destroy it before it flies into
you! If you don't, its flames will
burn up your Deku Shield!

When you get close to it, use 
(Z) Targeting. Even if it flies
away, you can still target it.

Stop its movement and then
destroy it!

Many parasitic jellyfish swarm
around this monster. Aim for its
body, protected by jellyfish!

Parasitic Tentacle?
It seems that the narrow part is 
its weak point... You need a 
particular item to destroy it!

If you try to cut it, it will bounce
off your blade!

If you touch it, you will be

If you touch it, you will be 

Destroy it before it flies into you!

Phantom Ganon
It's an evil ghost of the Forest
Temple! He comes out of one of
the pictures.
Answer his magic attack with an
attack of your own!

Lure it close to you and watch its
movement carefully! Attack it when 
it drops its guard!

Blue Bubble
Guard against its blue flame with 
your shield!

White Bubble
Aim for it when it stops!

Green Bubble
Use your sword when its green
fire vanishes!

Be careful not to touch it!

Gold Skulltula
This is also known as a Spider of
the Curse. If you defeat it, you'll
get a token as proof!

It's the Boss of the Fire Temple,
revived by the Evil King. I don't
know its weak point...

Flare Dancer
Extinguish its flaming clothes 

Torch Slug
When the fire on its back is
extinguished, it will run away.
Destroy it before it relights!

Red Bubble
Guard against its attack with 
your shield!

Master of the Water Temple. It 
has absolute control of water. Pull
out its nucleus and attack it!

Dark Link
Conquer yourself!

Shell Blade
Its internal muscle is its 
weak point!

Aim for it when it retracts its

Bongo Bongo
Boss of the Shadow Temple, 
revived from the well. Look at it
with the eye of truth!

Its gaze will paralyze you. If it
bites you, tap any button to 

Phantom Ganon
Attack him when he comes out of
one of the pictures!
Watch out for the fake one!


Its gaze will paralyze you. If it
bites you, tap any button to

Dead Hand's Hands
If it grabs you, tap any button 
to escape!

Dead Hand
Watch out for its infinite hands!
Aim for its head!

Watch out for its shadow on the
floor. Destroy it before it goes
back up to the ceiling!

When it splits up, destroy all the
pieces before they reunite!

Twinrova Koume
Ganondorf's surrogate mother.
Sorceress of Flame. She seems
vulnerable to low temperature.

Twinrova Kotake
Ganondorf's surrogate mother.
Sorceress of Ice. She seems
vulnerable to high temperature.

Iron Knuckle
Something's strange...
This is not an ordinary enemy!

Iron Knuckle
Watch out for its ax attack! 
It hurts a lot! Strike when it
drops its guard!

Skull Kid
Is this what happens to kids who
wander into the forest? It looks
like he doesn't like grownups.

Like Like
An enemy that eats shields and
certain clothes. Beat it quickly
to get your gear back!


Watch out for its searching beam!
I bet it doesn't like smoke to
get in its eye!

It's vulnerable to fire!

Watch out for its freezing
breath! Destroy it completely
before it revives.


Ganondorf the Evil King
I have no idea what his weak
point is!

I really have no idea what his
weak point is!

Skull Kid
Is this what happens to kids who
get lost in the forest? He might
be our friend if we do something...

Skull Kid
Is this what happens to kids who
get lost in this forest? He seems
unhappy to have no face...

Skull Kid
Is this what happens to kids who
get lost in this forest? He looks
satisfied with his skull face.

Bounce back the rocks they spit
at you!

Poe of the graveyard?
If you stare at it with (Z) 
Targeting, it will disappear...

If you stare at it with (Z) 
Targeting, it will disappear...

Red Tektite
Lock on to it as it jumps with (Z)

Blue Tektite
It's hard to beat on the water.
Lure it onto the land!

Watch its movements closely and
let it go by!

Its weak point is its roots!

Peahat Larva
Defend with your shield!



Draw it close to you and watch 
its movement carefully! Attack it 
when it drops its guard!

Mad Scrub
If you get close to it, it will hide 
in the grass...

Business Scrub
If you get close to it, it will hide 
in the grass...

Dampé's Ghost
That's the ghost of the dead
gravekeeper! If you chase him,
he might give you his keepsake...

Meg - one of the Poe sisters
If she splits into multiple images,
you need to figure out which one 
is the real one. Is it this one?

Joelle - one of the Poe sisters
Aim for her when she appears!

Beth - one of the Poe sisters
Aim for her when she appears!

Amy - one of the Poe sisters
Aim for her when she appears!

Gerudo Thief
When she drops her guard,
attack! If you don't defeat her,
you'll be captured!

Don't be afraid of the Stalchild!
Just attack it repeatedly!

Ice Keese
Destroy it before it flies into

White Wolfos
Lure it close to you and watch 
its movement carefully! Attack it 
when it drops its guard!

Destroy it before it flies into

Attack it from behind!

Big Poe
This Poe won't disappear even
if you stare at it. It moves
fast despite its size!

This is the combined form of
Kotake and Koume. Turn their
magic attack back at them!

This Poe doesn't disappear even if
you stare at it. It doesn't spook
easily, does it...

Play using (A) and (C).

Play using (A) and (C); (B) to Stop.

Play the Minuet of Forest!

Play the Bolero of Fire!

Play the Serenade of Water!

Play the Requiem of Spirit!

Play the Nocturne of Shadow!

Play the Prelude of Light!

Follow along with Saria's Song!

OK? This is the Song...

Memorize this song...

Keep the Sun's Song in your heart.

This song opens the Door of Time...

I'll never forget this song!

Play using (A) and (C); (B) to Stop.


You can't warp here!

Warp to the Lost Woods?


Warp to the Death Mountain 

Warp to Lake Hylia?


Warp to the Desert Colossus?


Warp to the graveyard?


Warp to the Temple of Time?


You played the Minuet of Forest.

You played the Bolero of Fire.

You played the Serenade of Water.

You played the Requiem of Spirit.

Played the Nocturne of Shadow.

You played the Prelude of Light.

You played Saria's Song.

You played Epona's Song.

You played Zelda's Lullaby.

You played the Sun's Song.

You played the Song of Time.

You played the Song of Storms.

You played the Scarecrow's Song.

You finally woke up!
I'm Navi the fairy!
The Great Deku Tree asked
me to be your partner from
now on! Nice to meet you!

Yahoo! Hi, Link!

Wow! A fairy!!
Finally, a fairy came to you,

I'll wait for you here.
Get going! Go see the Great 
Deku Tree!

(A) by the stone, pick it up!
(A) by the stone, pick it up!
Mean old Mido...he made me pick 
up the rocks in front of his house.

Oh, you have a fairy now?!
That's great, Link!
You've been called by the
Great Deku Tree? What an honor!
He may give you a special gift!
Tee hee!
That's because the Great Deku 
Tree is our father, the forest
guardian, and he gave life to all 
of us Kokiri!

I wonder if the Great Deku Tree 
gave life to everything in the
forest, I mean in addition to us 

Hey, let's work on some moves!
To jump sideways while (Z) 
Targeting, press (A) as you move
right or left.
To do a backflip while (Z) 
Targeting, press (A) as you move
To do a roll attack while (Z) 
Targeting, press (A) as you move
forward. While you roll, you can
avoid damage.
If you have your sword ready while
(Z) Targeting, you can do a jump 
attack by pressing (A)! A jump 
attack does double damage!
You can use (Z) Targeting on the
stone next to me, so let's 

You're not allowed to leave the 

The Great Deku Tree said that if
a Kokiri leaves the woods, he or 
she will die!

That meanie, Mido, made me cut 
the grass at Saria's house.
Mido told Saria he would do it so
she would like him, but I'm the one
doing all the work!

You and Saria are close friends,
so will you help me cut the 
I'll let you keep anything that 
you find while cutting it.

Yes, yes! That's how you use a
It's so great that you finally have
a fairy partner!
I'll teach you how to talk to 
people using your fairy!

When a fairy flies near a person 
or thing, press (Z) to look in that
If you use (Z) Targeting, you can 
talk to people from a distance, 
like we're doing now.
When you have nothing that you
can target, you can press (Z) just
to look forward.
Try it!

Oh, a fairy finally came to you!
Now you have a lot to learn!

Wow! That's great news!
I'm so happy for you!
Now you're a true Kokiri,

Is that right? 
The Great Deku Tree has 
summoned you?
It's quite an honor to talk to the
Great Deku Tree!

Oh, you're leaving...

But that's OK, because we'll be
friends forever...
won't we?

I want you to have this Ocarina...
Please take good care of it.

When you play my Ocarina, I hope
you will think of me and come
back to the forest to visit.

Oh... Navi...
Thou hast returned...
Listen carefully to what I, the
Deku Tree, am about to tell thee...
Thy slumber these past moons 
must have been restless, and
full of nightmares...
As the servants of evil gain
strength, a vile climate pervades
the land and causes nightmares
to those sensitive to it...
Verily, thou hast felt it...
The time has come to test thy

I have been cursed...
I need you to break the curse
with your wisdom and courage.
Dost thou have courage enough
to undertake this task?

Then enter, brave 
Link, and thou too, 
Navi the fairy...  
Thou must aid Link...
And Link...When Navi 
speaks, use (^) to listen well 
to her words of wisdom...

Perhaps you do not yet have 
confidence in your abilities...
Return to the Kokiri Forest to
learn the skills of combat...
When thou art ready, return here 
and speak with me by using (Z)...

The best place to go to learn
some new skills is in the Forest 
Training Center. It's on the hill
just above here.

Ow-ow-ow! Forgive me, master!
If I give you a clue, will you let 
me go?
When you jump off a high cliff,
if you hold (+) forward, you will
roll on the ground when you land 
and won't get hurt from the fall.
I can't guarantee it will
work, though, if the cliff is really,
really high, heh heh!
Well, try it if you are feeling
Wah ha hah!

Hee hee!
Under that mask...aren't you that
Kokiri kid?

Quite an unusual mask you have
there. Hee hee! I like it! It may
make me look a little bit tougher.
Hey, why don't you give it to me?

No way

Doh! That's too bad for me...

Yowza! I'm gonna wear this 
all the time!

He just gave you 10 Rupees for 
this 20-Rupee mask! You lost 
money on that deal!
Go back to the Mask Shop 
and pay 20 Rupees for the 
mask. The difference will have to 
come out of your own pocket.

My buddies really want this mask!
Hee hee hee!

Oh, you're OK? You didn't leave 
the forest after all, did you?

Did you know that if you hold ©
forward when you jump off a cliff,
you'll roll when you land. This will
absorb the shock of your landing.
If you fall too far, though, you'll
still get hurt...

Saria said she's waiting at the
usual spot.

Well done, Link...

You have a cool Slingshot, huh?
You know what's cool about it?
You can aim while holding down
(C) and shoot by releasing the
button! How cool!
If you have the Slingshot ready,
you can use (Z) Targeting to 
shoot while moving.... Did you 
know that?

No, Link...
Thou must know my time is short...

Now...listen carefully...
A wicked man of the desert 
cast this dreadful curse upon me...

If you're looking for Saria, she's
in the Lost Woods, as usual.
Don't tell me you don't know 
where that is! The entrance is up
on the cliff overlooking the 
I know you'll get lost! Don't 
worry, you'll just end up back at
the entrance!

Thou must never allow the desert 
man in black armor to lay his 
hands on the sacred Triforce...
Thou must never suffer that man,
with his evil heart, to enter the 
Sacred Realm of legend...
That evil man who cast the death 
curse upon me and sapped my 
Because of that curse, my end is
Though your valiant efforts to 
break the curse were successful, 
I was doomed before you started...
Yes, I will pass away soon...
But do not grieve for me...
I have been able to tell you of 
these important matters...
This is Hyrule's final hope...

The future depends upon thee,
Thou art courageous...
Navi the fairy...
Help Link to carry out 
my will...

I entreat ye... Navi...


Let's go to Hyrule Castle,

Great Deku Tree...

Too bad...Heh heh!

Do you want to play some more?


Hey you! "Mr. No Fairy!"
What's your business with the
Great Deku Tree?
Without a fairy, you're not
even a real man!

If you want to pass through here,
you should at least equip a sword
and shield!

Mido won't let you go to see 
the Great Deku Tree?

You can buy a shield at the shop,
but there is only one sword
hidden somewhere in the forest.

If you want to see the 
Great Deku Tree, you should at 
least equip a sword and shield!

I, the great Mido, will never 
accept you as one of us!
Shoot! How did you get to be the
favorite of Saria and the Great
Deku Tree? Huh?!

I can teach you about the icons
at the top of the screen.
About the yellow icons
About the blue icon

The three yellow icons in the 
upper right are called (C) icons.
They display the things you can
use with the (<), (v) and 
(>) buttons.
Once you get a (C) Button item, 
go into the Select Item Subscreen 
and set it to one of the three
(C) Buttons.

The blue icon at the top of the
screen is called the Action Icon.
This Action Icon shows you 
what action you will perform
when you press (A).
Stop in many spots to see the
different things you can do.

If you want to learn about the
map and items, just ask me.
But don't ask unless you want
to hear a long explanation.
What do you want to know about?
About the map 
About items
Don't ask

There is a map displayed at the
bottom right of the screen.
The yellow arrow shows your 
current position and direction you
are facing. The red mark shows
where you entered the area from.
You can turn the map display on
and off with the (L).
If you want to see the name of a
place, press START.
You'll get into the Subscreens.
Select the Map Subscreen.
On the Map Subscreen, you can 
see a map of Hyrule.
Did you get all that?

There are three kinds of items:
Equipment items, (C) Button items
and Quest items.
Equipment items are things like 
the sword, shield and clothes 
that are effective when you equip
(C) Button items can be set to 
(<), (v), and (>), and
used by pressing those buttons.
Quest items are things you 
collect during your adventure. You
just carry them around.
If you want to change equipment
or just check on your inventory,
press START. 
You will get into the Subscreens.
Switch to one of the four 
different Subscreens with (Z) or
(R) and change or check items as
you please. Take a look around!
When you decide to equip an 
Equipment item, press (A). For
(C) Button items, press (<),
(v) or (>).
That was a pretty long explanation.
Did you understand everything?

Well, just remember this. If you
want to save, press START to get
into the Subscreens, then press

My sister took some Rupees and 
went shopping at the store
that has a red roof.
Tee hee!
Speaking of Rupees, a green one
is worth one, a blue one is worth
five and a red one is worth 
twenty. Hee hee!

This shop...It sells things you
can get in the forest for free!
Tee hee!
Do you know how to use the 
Deku Shield? Tee hee!
When you get the shield, press
START to get into the Subscreens.
Select the Equipment Subscreen
with (Z) or (R).
On the Equipment Subscreen, 
choose the item you want to equip
and press (A) to equip that item.
Once you equip it, hold it up
with (R) and change its angle
with (+). Tee hee!

Do you want to know how to use
the (^) Button?

If you press (^), you can
change your view.
In a place like this, it will switch
to a top-down view. Outdoors, in
a field for example, it will switch
to a first-person perspective.
Also, when "Navi" is displayed in
the upper right of your screen, 
Navi the fairy wants to talk to
you. Use (^) to listen to her!

Well, if you play around with it, 
you'll figure it out.

That's not quite Saria's Song...

Mido is very upset!
Did something happen to him?

What? Where are you going?!
To the castle?
Where is the castle?

We Kokiri will die if we leave the
You're not going to try to leave
the forest, are you?!

Hey, Link!
What did you do?!
The Great Deku Tree...did he...
How could you do a thing like 
that?! It's all your fault!!

What are you doing in my house?!

Link, you're safe!

Saria and Link will be
friends forever.

Did something happen to the 
Great Deku Tree?

Somehow, it seems that the air in
the forest has changed.

Link, are you going
to go away?

If you lose your shield, will
you come back?

All of the young Deku Scrub
brothers agree...you look exactly 
like our sacred forest totem!
As an offering from us, please
accept these Deku Sticks.
We will also enhance your
carrying skills!

Since the Great Deku Tree
withered...more meanies have 
been appearing in the forest...
I'm scared!

An evil wind is blowing from the 
direction of the Forest Temple.
Saria left, saying,
"I have to do something
about it!"

The Forest Temple is located 
in the Sacred Forest Meadow in
the far side of the Lost Woods.

Saria went to the temple and 
hasn't come back...

Hi, mister! You can't use a
Deku Shield! It's only for

Where's Saria? 
Do you know Saria, mister?
That's weird...

Where has Mido gone during such
an emergency?

I see. You didn't have any 
problems entering the forest, 
Did the meanies out there bother
you much? Before the Great Deku 
Tree died, you wouldn't see things
like that around here....

Since it's dangerous outside, I 
always stay inside my house. 
But I'm bored to death in here!

You can buy arrows at a shop 
only if you have a bow. Have you 
got one, mister?

Have you been travelling around
much, mister?
Have you ever met a boy named 
Mido said that the Great Deku 
Tree withered because that boy
did something wrong to it...
Only Saria defended 
Link--until she left.

Maybe we misunderstood....

Haven't I seen you somewhere
before, mister?

Mister, do you know a boy 
named Link?
He left the forest and never
came back...

I wonder if Link will 
ever return?

It would be awesome to be big 
like you, mister! I really want to
be big like you!
I want to be big and strong and 
beat up the Deku Scrubs, but...

We Kokiri won't ever get bigger 
for the rest of our lives...
What a bummer!

Why is that fairy following you 
around? You're not one of us!

What are you? Though you wear 
Kokirish clothing, you can't
fool me!

I promised Saria I would never
let anybody go through here.

Hi there! I'm the Deku Tree 
Because you and Saria broke the
curse on the Forest Temple, I 
can grow and flourish!
Thanks a lot!

Hey, have you seen your old
friends? None of them recognized
you with your grown-up body, did
That's because the Kokiri never
grow up! Even after seven years,
they're still kids!

You must be wondering why only
you have grown up!
Well, as you might have already 
guessed, you are not a Kokiri!
You are actually a Hylian!
I am happy to finally reveal this
secret to you!

Some time ago, before the King of
Hyrule unified this country, there
was a fierce war in our world.
One day, to escape from the fires
of the war, a Hylian mother and 
her baby boy entered this 
forbidden forest.
The mother was gravely injured...
Her only choice was to entrust
the child to the Deku Tree, the 
guardian spirit of the forest.
The Deku Tree could sense that
this was a child of destiny, whose
fate would affect the entire world,
so he took him into the forest.
After the mother passed away, 
the baby was raised as a Kokiri.
And now, finally, the day of 
destiny has come!

You are a Hylian, and were
always bound to leave this forest.
And now...
You have learned your own 
So you know what you must do...
That's right...
You must save the land of 
Now, Link, break the 
curses on all of the Temples,
and return peace to Hyrule!!

That melody?!
Saria plays that song all the 
You...Do you know Saria?
That song...
Saria taught that song only 
to her friends...

When I see you... 
I don't know why, but I remember...

I have you now!
In this gap between dreams and 
reality, soon all that will remain
of you will be your dead body!

Thank you...
Because of you, I could awaken as
a Sage...
I am Saria.
The Sage of the Forest Temple...

Saria will always be...
your friend...

The flow of time is always cruel...
Its speed seems different for
each person, but no one can 
change it...
A thing that doesn't change with
time is a memory of younger days...
In order to come back here again,
play the Minuet of Forest.

I'll see you again...

Saria hasn't come back yet...
But I know she'll return someday...

I trust you.

Oh...I see...
Saria won't ever come back...
But...I...I made a promise to 
If Link came back, I 
would be sure to tell him that 
Saria had been waiting for him...

Hey, you.
If you see him somewhere, please
let him know...

Teach me some fancy fencing!
All I've ever done is tap (B) all
my life!

I still think you really look like
somebody I've seen before, mister.

You're such a big, strong guy!
I really want to be like you 
someday even though I'll always be

Link... I wonder if he 
will come back...

I feel like I've known you for a
long time, mister!

Now that the Deku Tree's sprout
is growing in the Great Deku 
Tree's meadow, the forest has
returned to normal!

We'll all work together to protect
the forest!

Somehow, a fair wind has begun
to blow recently.

Since a fair wind started to 
blow, I'm sure Link 
will come back!

I wonder if Saria will come back...

I'm sure Link will 
return someday!

Great Deku Tree...
I'm back!

This evil man ceaselessly uses
his vile, sorcerous powers in his
search for the Sacred Realm that
is connected to Hyrule...
For it is in that Sacred Realm 
that one will find the divine
relic, the Triforce, which contains 
the essence of the gods...

Before time began, before spirits
and life existed...

Three golden goddesses descended
upon the chaos that was Hyrule...

Din, the goddess of power...

Nayru, the goddess of wisdom...

Farore, the goddess of courage...


With her strong flaming arms, she
cultivated the land and created
the red earth.


Poured her wisdom onto the earth
and gave the spirit of law to
the world.


With her rich soul, produced all
life forms who would uphold
the law.

The three great goddesses,
their labors completed,
departed for the heavens.

And golden sacred triangles
remained at the point where the
goddesses left the world.

Since then, the sacred triangles
have become the basis of our
world's providence.

And, the resting place of the
triangles has become the
Sacred Realm.

Hey kid, you did quite well...
It looks like you may be gaining
some slight skill...
But you have defeated only my
When you fight the real me, it 
won't be so easy!
What a worthless creation that 
ghost was! I will banish it to
the gap between dimensions!!

I always believed that you would 
come. Because I know you...
You don't have to explain
it to me...
Because it is destiny that you 
and I can't live in the same world.

I will stay here as the Forest
Sage and help you...
Now, please take this 

Thou hast verily demonstrated 
thy courage...
I knew that thou wouldst be able
to carry out my wishes...

Now, I have yet more to tell ye,
wouldst thou listen...

Go now to Hyrule Castle...
There, thou will surely meet
the Princess of Destiny...
Take this stone with you.
The stone that man wanted so
much, that he cast the curse on

I knew...
that you would leave the forest...
someday, Link...
Because you are different from
me and my friends....

Hello, Link!
Wake up!
The Great Deku Tree wants
to talk to you!
Link, get up!

Hey! C'mon!
Can Hyrule's destiny really depend
on such a lazy boy?

Jumping is going out of style now.
I'm crazy about doing backflips!
Can you do one?

The Great Deku Tree 
has summoned you!
So let's get going, right now!

Navi, where art thou?
Come hither....

Oh, Navi the fairy...
Listen to my words, the words of 
the Deku Tree...
Dost thou sense it?
The climate of evil descending 
upon this realm...
Malevolent forces even now are
mustering to attack our land
of Hyrule...
For so long, the Kokiri Forest, the
source of life, has stood as a 
barrier, deterring outsiders and 
maintaining the order of the world...
But...before this tremendous evil
power, even my power is as 
It seems the time has come for 
the boy without a fairy to begin 
his journey...
The youth whose destiny it is to
lead Hyrule to the path of 
justice and truth...
Navi...go now! Find our young
friend and guide him to me...
I do not have much time left.
Fly, Navi, fly! The fate of the
forest, nay, the world, depends
upon thee!

Please forgive me, master! I'll 
never do it again! If you spare 
me, I'll teach you something cool.
You will never beat my brothers 
up ahead unless you punish them 
in the proper order.
The order is...
2  3  1

Twenty-three is number one!
Do you think I'm a traitor?

How did you know our secret?!
How irritating!
It's so annoying that I'm going to
reveal the secret of Queen Gohma
to you!
In order to administer the coup de
grace to Queen Gohma, strike
with your sword while she's 
Oh, Queenie...
Sorry about that!

In the vast, deep forest of Hyrule...
Long have I served as the
guardian spirit...
I am known as the Deku Tree...

The children of the forest, the
Kokiri, live here with me.
Each Kokiri has his or her own
guardian fairy.

However, there is one boy who
does not have a fairy...

I surrender! In return, I will sell 
you Deku Nuts!
5 pieces   20 Rupees they are!

All right! You win! In return,
I will sell you Deku Sticks!
1 piece   15 Rupees they are!

All right! You win! In return for
sparing me, I will sell you a 
Piece of Heart!
1 piece   10 Rupees it is!

Let's make a deal!

No way

I'm going home then!

Not enough Rupees! 
Come back again!

You can't have this now!
Come back again!

Thank you very much!

I've been waiting for you,
This is the Sacred Forest Meadow.
It's my secret place!
I feel...
This place will be very 
important for both of us someday.
That's what I feel.
If you play the Ocarina here, you 
can talk with the spirits in the 

Would you like to play the 
Ocarina with me?
Don't do it

OK, try to follow along with the
melody I will play.
Are you ready?

How boring!
C'mon! Play along!

Great! Great!
Please don't forget this song!
Do you promise?

When you want to hear my voice,
play Saria's Song. You can talk 
with me anytime...

Are you taking good care of 
my Ocarina?

You're great!  You scored
three perfect bull's-eyes!
I have to give a neat present
to such a wonderful person!
Please take it!

Mido might know something about
Saria's whereabouts.
I think Mido is sulking in one of 
the houses around here.

No response. He's sleeping.

Cojiro?  Why?
Normally only a nice guy like me 
can tame you...
Which means...

You must be a nice guy!
Must be!
You must be!!
Please Mr. Nice Guy! Please!
Deliver this stuff to the old
hag in the potion shop in Kakariko

This will disappear if you take
too long, so you gotta hurry!
I can't

Oh, yeah. That's it!
You aren't a nice guy after all!!
Get away from me!

Saria wanted to see you...
Did she find you already?

Hurry up, nice guy!
Before it disappears, deliver it
to that old wench....

That guy isn't here anymore.
Anybody who comes into the 
forest will be lost.
Everybody will become a Stalfos.
Everybody, Stalfos.
So, he's not here anymore.
Only his saw is left. Hee hee.

That medicine is made of 
forest mushrooms. Give it back!

Heh heh heh.
Are you going to be... too?
Heh heh!

We sell shields, but not swords!

You know Saria's Song! We should
be friends! Here, take this!

Hi! Do you think my face is kind
of plain?
It's just not very unusual...

Let's play again sometime!

Follow along with our song on 
your Ocarina. We'll lead you 
into it.

That was quite a nice session.
As a token of our friendship, 
please take this.

Hey, over here!
Hoo hoo!
Link...Good to see you
again! Listen to this!
Hoot hoot....

After going through the Lost 
Woods, you will come upon the 
Sacred Forest Meadow.
That is a sacred place where few
people have ever walked.
Shhhh...What's that?
I can hear a mysterious tune...
You should listen for that tune
Hoo hoo ho!

Do you want to hear what I said

If you are courageous, you
will make it through the forest
just fine...
Just follow your ears and listen
to the sounds coming from the
Hoot hoot!

Hoo hoo!
Did you learn an Ocarina song
from Saria?
That melody seems to have some
mysterious power.
There may be some other 
mysterious songs like this that
you can learn in Hyrule.

If you hold the Ocarina with (C)
where a melody is necessary, a 
musical staff will appear.
I recommend that you play a song
you know.
I also suggest that you play even
when a score is not displayed. 
Just like this:
Hoo hoo hoo hoot hoot hoot!

Do you want to hear what I
said again?

Melodies you have learned 
will be recorded on the Quest 
Status Subscreen. You should 
memorize those melodies.

Ohh...That bum! I don't know why 
he's always so mean to everyone!
What he said is true, though.

The forest...strange things have
been happening here lately...
You need to be ready for anything.
You'd better find a weapon!

All right! You win! In return,
I will sell you Deku Seeds!
30 pieces   40 Rupees they are!

I give up! If you let me go,
I will sell you a Deku Shield! It's
50 Rupees!

I quit! If you let me go, I'll sell 
you some Bombs!
5 pieces   40 Rupees they are!

Knock it off! Leave me alone, and 
I will sell you Arrows!
30 pieces   70 Rupees they are!

All right! You win! If you spare 
me, I will sell you a Red Potion 
for 40 Rupees!

All right! You win! Spare me, and
I will sell you a Green Potion for 
40 Rupees!

What?! You've got a fairy?!
Say what? The Great Deku Tree
actually summoned you?

Why would he summon you and not 
the great Mido?
This isn't funny...
I don't believe it!
You aren't even fully equipped
How do you think you're going to 
help the Great Deku Tree without
both a sword and shield ready?
What? You're right, I don't have
my equipment ready, but...

Eh, what's that?!
Oh, you have a Deku Shield...
And what's THAT?!
Is that the Kokiri Sword?!

Well, even with all that stuff, 
a wimp is still a wimp, huh?

I lost! Now I'll sell you a Deku 
Stick for 15 Rupees.

I lost! Now I'll sell you Deku 
Nuts if you leave me alone.
5 pieces   20 Rupees they are.

And also...
I'm sorry for being mean to him.
Tell him that, too.

Hee hee hee!
You came all the way up here?
You're a real man!

Look! Isn't this view pretty?
Change your viewpoint with (^),
so you can look around the forest
with (+).

What did you do to the Great
Deku Tree?

If you want to go to the Lost 
Woods, you'd better equip the
right gear!
Hee hee!

All my young Deku Scrub brothers
You have a horrible face!
But don't worry! We will reward
you with many Deku Nuts.
Of course, we will also enable 
you to carry more of them!

I surrender!
To make your quest easier,
I can enable you to pick up more
Deku Sticks!
But, it'll cost you 40 Rupees!

I surrender!
To make your quest easier, I can
enable you to pick up more Deku
But, it'll cost you 40 Rupees!

So sorry!
You can't buy that right now!

That guy isn't here anymore.
Anybody who comes into the 
forest will be lost.
Everybody will become a Stalfos.
Everybody, Stalfos.
So, he's not here anymore.

Thank you very much for the 
other day... I haven't even asked
you your name yet...


That's what I thought!
You're the fairy boy from the
forest! That was years ago!
Do you remember me?
You do? I was sure it was you
because Epona remembered you!
Oh, I have to tell you about
Mr. Ingo...
He was afraid that the Evil King
might find out that Epona had
been taken away...It really upset
But one day, all of a sudden, he
went back to being a normal, nice
Now my dad is coming back...I
can't believe it, but peace is
returning to this ranch!
It's all because of you! I
owe you so much!
Thank you! Thank you,

How is Epona doing?
If you play Epona's Song with
your Ocarina, she will surely
come to you.
Please come back to the ranch
whenever you want to train 

Epona looks great!
It looks like you were able
to tame her, too!

How about trying your skill with
Epona on an obstacle course?
I'll time you for two laps.
It's pretty challenging. If you
miss jumping a fence in the 
proper order, you'll fail.
How about it?
Do you want to try? 
Let's go
Don't do it

Well, your time was .
You have to train harder!
Remember, you don't need to 
accelerate to jump over low 
fences, but you do need to go
fast to jump the high fences!

Link...can you hear me?
It's me, Zelda...

What a nice song...
It reminds me of the pasture...
That song makes me feel so good,
I can produce a lot of milk!

Have some of my refreshing and 
nutritious milk!

Link, when you hold
this Ocarina in your hand...
I won't be around anymore...
I wanted to wait for you, but I
couldn't delay any longer...
At least I could leave you the 
Ocarina and this melody...

Now, Link.
Play this melody in front of the
altar in the Temple of Time.
You must protect the Triforce!

Wha-ha-ha-hah! Do you think 
you're in disguise, Mr. Hero?
Is that a "Kee...something..."
character mask? I heard he's 
very popular recently?
He's my boy's favorite. That
"Kee...something..." mask...
If you don't mind...

Will you sell it to me?

No way

I won't give up! I have plenty of
patience. I have to for this 
job!  Hah hah hah!

Huh? Yeah, I'm awake!
Hey, it's you! Welcome!
Awww... That was rough!
Malon yelled at me for a long
You took care of us, so I'm proud 
to give you this milk! You can 
keep the bottle for yourself.

The road is closed beyond this
Can't you read the sign over 
Eh? Oh, I see. You're just a kid,
and you can't read yet. 
Ha ha hah!

I don't want that!

Oh, this is...
This is surely Princess Zelda's 
handwriting! Well, let's see...
Hmmm... OK...
"This is Link...
He is under my orders to save
Wah ha ha ha hah!
What kind of funny game has our
Princess come up with now?!
OK, OK, all right.  You can go 
now... Just be careful, Mr. Hero!

Wah hah ha ha hah!

Oh, Mr. Hero!
Thanks for all your hard work!

Wah ha ha hah

Wow! Great!
Your time was !
You and Epona are a great

Oh, that's too bad.
If you had something to put it in,
I could give some to you...

I am Ingo--Mr. Ingo to you.
I take care of these horses.
You're in my way, so scram,

By the way, Mr. Hero...
If you're going to climb 
Death Mountain, you should equip
a proper shield! It is an active
volcano, after all!
If you go back to Hyrule Castle
Town Market, you should check
out the Bazaar. They sell the
shield you need there.
Tell 'em I sent you and they
should give you a special 
If you think you're good to go
already, don't worry about it.
Now, I'd like to ask a favor of 
you. No, I don't expect you to do
it just because of the great tip I
just gave you! I'm just asking!
Have you been to the Happy
Mask Shop that just opened in
the Hyrule Castle Town Market?
Everyone is talking about it!
My little boy pesters me for a 
popular mask, but I don't have
time to go there...
So, could you go and get the
mask for me next time you are in
the Market? If you don't feel like
it, that's OK, but...
Well, I have no choice, this is my 

I wish I could go to the mask
shop in town to buy a present for
my kid...

Oh no... He's not breathing...


Arrrrgh! I lost her!

You, over there! 
Little kid!

Heh heh heh...

You want a piece of me?!
Very funny!
I like your attitude!

Pathetic little fool!
Do you realize who you are
dealing with?!

I am Ganondorf!
And soon, I will rule the world!

You must have seen the white
horse gallop past just now...
Which way did it go?!
Answer me!!

Tsk tsk...When your time is
up, I'll kick you out of here.

My boy will be very happy with 
this! You really are Mr. Hero!
Wha ha ha hah!

You sold the 10-Rupee mask for 
15 Rupees. You earned a little
Let's go to the Mask Shop and
pay back the mask price of 
10 Rupees.

Little kids can't go on the 
"Heart-Pounding Gravedigging
Tour" described on the sign.
Since I can't do that, I'm just 
imitating Dampé the gravekeeper 
all day.
But with my cute face, I'm not
heart-pounding at all, am I?

Gyaah! It's Dampé the 
Oh, it's just a mask. I get a 
different kind of fright from that
mask than I get from Dampé...
Will you give that mask to me?

No way

I really do have some money, you

Hey! Time's up, young man!
You only paid 10 Rupees!
You've played around long enough!

With this mask, I'll be just like 
Here's my money!

You sold the 30-Rupee mask to a
kid for full price?! 
And he didn't mind paying at all!
Let's go back to the mask shop to
pay 30 Rupees for the mask. 
You can get the new mask 
model, too.

I'm gonna dig and dig! 
Just like Dampé!!

In old times, I heard there were 
many wild rabbits in the land 
of Hyrule. Not anymore, though, 
because of excessive hunting.
I want to become a rabbit...
Listen to the wind with 
those ears, hop across the ground
with those legs...
Even if I can only pretend.

I bet with those long ears you 
can hear the voices... 
Oh, these are genuine rabbit
ears from the animal of legend!

I don't care how expensive it is!
Please sell it to me!
No way

That's not the answer I wanted to 

My long time dream! Returning to
the wild life! Finally, the actor, 
stage and prop have been united!

It's a 50-Rupee mask, but he paid
you a crazy amount of money for
it--more money than you can 
Go back to the Mask Shop and 
pay back just 50 Rupees of this

So, you think you can protect
them from me...
You've got guts, kid.

There are some people in Kakariko
spreading rumors that I cheated
Talon out of the ranch, but...
Don't be ridiculous!
That guy Talon was weak!
I, the hard-working Ingo, poured 
so much energy into this place!
I don't want any strangers like
you saying anything bad about me!
Listen. The great Ganondorf
recognized my obvious talents and
gave the ranch to me!
I will raise a fine horse and
win recognition from the great 
Say, young man, do you want
to ride one of my fine horses?

Pay me 10 Rupees and you can 
Don't ride

All right then, scram 
ya little punk!

You don't have enough!
Save your change and 
come back again!

Do you want to hear how to ride?

Don't listen

Approach the horse quietly and 
stand by its side. Press (A) to 
mount up.
Use the (+) to make it run. 
Once it starts running, press
(A) to tap it with the whip. 
It will speed up!
When you want to jump over a
fence, accelerate and hit it
head on!
If you try to jump over a fence 
at an angle, the horse won't like
it, and it won't jump.
After the horse comes to a 
complete stop, press (A) to 
dismount. Now, have fun!

If you use (Z) Targeting, you can 
talk to me from horseback.
Are you ready to go home so 
No, I want to ride.
Yes, I'm done.

When you want to dismount, stop 
and press (A).
Hey young man!
Do I know you? I just felt as 
though I've seen you
somewhere before...

You're getting better!
How about a little race with me?
One lap around the corral with
that horse.
Let's make a little wager, say
50 Rupees?
Do it
Don't do it

Hey hey... What's the matter?
Don't you have even 50 Rupees?!
I don't want to race with someone
so poor!

If the great Ganondorf found out
about this humiliation...
Hey, you!!  How about another
race!  If you win...
You can keep...the horse!!

What's up with that horse?!
Is that Epona?
How did you tame that wild horse
right under my nose?!
I was going to present that horse
to the great Ganondorf... But I bet
it on the race and lost! Shooot!

Hah ha hah!
As I promised, I'll give the 
horse to you...
I'll never let you leave this ranch!

Hee hee hee... Too bad for you!
I get your 50 Rupees.

Wah ha hah!
You're just a kid, after all!
Well, come back any time and we'll
have some more fun...

What?  What are you doing 
hanging around here?
You little weirdo!
I am Ingo and I mind the ranch.
I've been working at this ranch 
for a long time for that lazy
bum, Talon.
Today, for example, he's gone
somewhere for a delivery and he 
hasn't come back yet!
So, I'm doing all the work around

Oh well...It's tough to be a
working man.

Hey, your clothes! They're...
You're not from around here, 
are you?

Ohh... You're a fairy boy from 
the forest! My name is Malon!
My dad owns Lon Lon Ranch!

Dad went to the castle to deliver
some milk, and he hasn't come
back yet...

Are you going to the castle,
fairy boy?
Would you mind finding my dad?
He must have fallen asleep 
somewhere around the castle. 
What a thing for an adult to do!
Tee hee!
Oh yeah, if you'll look for him, I'll 
give this to you.
I've been incubating this
egg very carefully...
Tee hee!

Set the egg to (C) to incubate it.
Hee hee!
My dad is really troublesome,
for an adult, isn't he?!
Hee hee!

I can't believe that I, the great
Ingo, am working on this dump of
a ranch!
Because the owner is so lazy, I
always have to do all the work 
around here!

I, the hard-working Ingo, should be 
in charge, not that lazy bum, 

Oh, it's the fairy boy again!
I heard that you found my dad!
How did you like the castle? Did
you see the Princess? Hee hee!
Dad came home in a hurry after
you found him. Hee hee!
Oh yeah, I have to introduce you
to my friend, fairy boy!
She's this horse. Her name is
Epona. Isn't she cute?

It seems like Epona is afraid of 
you, fairy boy...

My mother composed this song.  
Isn't it nice?  Let's sing together.

Oh, Epona!  She's grown fond of
you, fairy boy.


Oh...a visitor!
It's been a long time since we've
had a visitor here...
Where did you come from?
Since Ganondorf came, people in
the Castle Town have gone, places
have been ruined, and monsters
are wandering everywhere.
Mr. Ingo is just using the ranch
to gain Ganondorf's favor...
Everyone seems to be turning evil...
But Dad...
He was kicked out of the ranch
by Mr. Ingo...
If I disobey Mr. Ingo, he will treat
the horses so badly...
There's nothing I can do...

I bet nobody is faster than I am 
now! But, I don't know if I 
should be happy or sad....

S-stop that song...I...I...
Mumble... mumble...

Take a good look at that 
mountain. That is Death Mountain,
home of the Gorons. They hold
the Spiritual Stone of Fire.

Please keep it secret from 
Mr. Ingo that I sing this song...

Do you know my mother's song?
Everyone really liked that song...
My dad... Even Mr. Ingo...
But...since Ganondorf appeared,
Mr. Ingo has changed completely.
I can remember the good old days
only while I sing the song. Also...

Epona really liked that song...
Only I could tame that horse...
Even Mr. Ingo had a hard time...
Hee hee hee!

This statue's one-eyed gaze 
pierces into your mind...

Responding to your mask, this 
strange stone statue talks to 
I overheard this...

I'm gonna turn over a new leaf 
and work real hard from now on.

Mr. Ingo... He must have been 
tempted by evil powers.
He's not really a bad person 
at all...

Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z...
Mumble... It's not easy to
be a working man...

It's been a while...
Do you want to race?

If you change your mind,
come back anytime!

All right then! Scram,
ya little punk!

Heh heh... Are you mad because 
you lost? If you're that upset,
how about another race?
Bet 50 Rupees and race again?

Don't race

Thank you so much. Heh heh!

If I give ya more free of charge,
Ingo will get mad at me. So I'd
better sell it to you for the
normal price.

Wanna buy milk for 30 Rupees?

Don't buy

Hi there, how are you?
I am Ingo. I feel so honored
to be allowed to work here.

You brave lad...
We must protect this beautiful
land of Hyrule!

Oh, cute ocarina!
Are you going to play this song
with that ocarina?

At the foot of Death Mountain
you will find my village, Kakariko.
That is where I was born and 
You should talk to some of the
villagers there before you go up
Death Mountain.

The song I just taught you has
some mysterious power. Only 
Royal Family members are allowed
to learn this song.
Remember, it will help to prove
your connection with the Royal 
The Princess is waiting for you to 
return to the castle with the
stones. All right. We're counting
on you!

Hoo hoot!
Look up here!
It appears that the time has 
finally come for you to start your 
You will encounter many hardships
ahead... That is your fate. Don't 
feel discouraged, even during the
toughest times!

Go straight this way and you will
see Hyrule Castle.
You will meet a princess there...
If you are lost and don't know 
which way to go, look at the 
The areas you have explored will 
be shown on the Map. Press 
START to enter the Subscreens
and (Z) or (R) to find the Map.
On the Map Subscreen, you will
also see a flashing dot showing
you which way you should go next.

Did you get all that?


All right then, I'll see you around!
Hoot hoot hoot ho!

Hey, Link! This way!
The princess is inside the castle 
just ahead. Be careful not to get 
caught by the guards!
Ho ho ho hoot!

On this ground, time flows 
But time stands still while you
are in Lon Lon Ranch or in a town.
If you want time to pass normally,
you'll need to leave town.
Well, well, which way are you 
going to go now?
Hoo hoo hoot!

Do you want to hear what I said 

Hoooo. You're a smart kid.
Good luck, then. Hoo hoo.

Hey, Link! 
Wait a second, friend!
Beyond this point you'll find 
Kakariko Village. Have you seen 
the Princess of Hyrule? If not, 
I suggest you go to the castle.

Hey, Link! 
Look over here!
Beyond this point you'll find
Kakariko Village. Watch your step!
Hoot hoo!

Link, you're the only
one who can complete the quest
You must do your best! Hoo!

Link! Wait up, buddy!
Hoo hoo!
Head south from here to reach
Lake Hylia's full, rich waters.
If you go west, you'll find 
Gerudo Valley. There's a hideout
of a gang of thieves on the other
side of the valley.
Well, you're free to go anywhere
you want!
Ho ho ho...hooo!

No matter how hard it is, just
don't get discouraged. Ho Ho Hoo!

Beyond this point lies Lake Hylia.
It is full of deep, pure water.
The Zoras, who live all the 
way upstream, guard the sunken
temple at the lake's bottom, as 
well as Zora's Fountain.
If you want to confirm its location 
on the map, press START to 
switch to the Subscreens and (Z) 
or (R) to find the Map.
All the places you have visited 
will be shown on the map. 
Ho hoo hoot!

OK, be careful and go!

What is your name?


Strange...it sounds somehow... 

OK then, Link...
I'm going to tell you the secret of
the Sacred Realm that has been
passed down by the Royal Family
of Hyrule.

The Ocarina of Time!

Did you understand well the story
I just told you?

I was spying through this window
just now...
The other element from my
dream...the dark clouds...
I believe they symbolize...
that man in there!
Will you look through the window
at him?

I told my father about my dream...
However, he didn't believe it was
a prophecy...
But...I can sense that man's evil

What Ganondorf is after must be 
nothing less than the Triforce 
of the Sacred Realm.
He must have come to Hyrule to
obtain it!
And, he wants to conquer Hyrule...
no, the entire world!

Link...now, we are the 
only ones who can protect Hyrule!

We must not let Ganondorf get
the Triforce!
I will protect the Ocarina of Time
with all my power! 
He shall not have it!
You go find the other two
Spiritual Stones!
Let's get the Triforce before
Ganondorf does, and then defeat 

One more thing...
Take this letter...
I'm sure it will be helpful to you.

Huh? I'm awake already!
Well I'll be! If it ain't the forest
kid from the other day!
By the way, thanks a lot for
waking me up!
It took some doing, but I finally 
got Malon back in a good mood.
So, what are you up to today?
Got some free time on your hands
you say?
Well how about a little game?
These three Cuccos I have here
are special Super Cuccos!
I'm going to throw these Cuccos
into that there gaggle of normal
If you can pick out these three 
special birds from among the
normal Cuccos within the time 
limit, I'll give you something good.
If you can't find them, I win.
It'll be 10 Rupees... Want to play?

I'm up! I'm up!
Hey, forest kid!
Got some free time?
Then c'mon and play!
I'm going to throw these three
Super Cuccos into that gaggle of
normal Cuccos.
If you can pick out these three 
special birds from among the
normal Cuccos within the time 
limit, I'll give you something good.
If you can't find them, I win.
It'll be 10 Rupees... Want to play?

You have 30 seconds!
All righty then, get ready.
Here go the Super Cuccos!

Time's up!
Too baaaaad!!
These are some great Cuccos
aren't they!
They're raking in money for me!
Come back to me, my babies!

That's one of 'em!
Keep it up! Keep it up!
Two more to find!

There's another!
All right, now, the moment of
truth! One more to find!

Golly! I'll be darned!
It's plum incredible!
That's the last one!
You've found them all!
Come on over here!

Want to try again?
A young man like you must have
a real fire in your belly!
Find three of them within
30 seconds.
Try again for 5 Rupees?


Hey, you!
You've got the talent to be one of
the world's best cowboys!
How'd you like to marry Malon?

Haw haw! I was just kidding! 
Just kidding! I think you're a little
young for that, aren't you?
Haw haw haw!
Oh...! I'm proud to present to
you a sample of our very own Lon
Lon Milk. You'll be energized
the moment you drink it!
After you drink it, you can 
bring back the bottle and buy a
refill, anytime you want!

Hey pardner, you have an honest 
When you grow up, why don't you
come to work here, on this 
ranch? That's a standing offer!
I'll be waiting for you.

Here you go! Take this super
fresh Lon Lon Milk!

Here you are! Take some super
fresh milk...
Oh? Too baaaaad!!
You don't have an empty bottle,
do you?

I'm awake!
Hey, Link!
If you're lookin' for Malon,
she's right outside. Did you 
come here to play?
Well then, how about playing the
Super Cucco-findin' game with me?
Or, do you want to buy some
Lon Lon Milk?
What'll it be?
Lon Lon Milk - 30 Rupees
Cucco-findin' game - 10 Rupees

You failed!
You have to jump over all the

One more lap!

Are you making sure to approach
the fences head on? If you 
approach at an angle, the horse
won't jump!
If you want to try again, mount
Epona and get ready!

You did it!
 is the new course record!
I have to give you a present to
commemorate your new record!
The present is a little too heavy
to give to you here, so I'll have it
delivered to your house. Bet you
can't wait to see it! Hee hee!

The record so far is 50 seconds.
Your best time is .
If you can beat the record, I'll
give you a present.
Give it your best shot, OK?
Let's get going!

Your best time is !
How fast can you go?!
C'mon, let's get started!

The current record is 50 seconds.
First, try to beat this record!
If you can beat the record, I'll
give you a present!
Give it your best shot, OK?
All right, let's get started!














You don't know what he means by
"Sworn Brothers," but you've 
collected two Spiritual Stones!
You have one more to find!

You don't know what he means by
"Sworn Brothers," but you've 
finally collected all three Stones!
Go back to see Princess Zelda!

I maaaade thissss...
Trrrrade for claimmm checkkk...

I giiiive thissss to yoooou forrr
a souvenirrrrr.

Kid, I like you!
How's about you and I become
Sworn Brothers?!
No, there's no big ceremony
involved! Just take this as a
token of our friendship!

You did great!

How 'bout a big Goron hug, 

Come on! Come on! Come on!
What a hot beat!

I am one of the Gorons,
the stone-eating people who live
on Death Mountain.
Look at that huge boulder over
It blocks the entrance to the
Dodongo's Cavern, which was once
a very important place for us
But one day, many Dodongos
suddenly appeared inside the 
cavern. It became a very 
dangerous place!
On top of that, a Gerudo in black
armor used his magic to seal the
entrance with that boulder!

I wish I could roll down the 
mountain like a rock, with a
Bomb Flower and...
If I could do that with a Bomb 
Flower, I could become a real man.

I'm standing here to shade the
Bomb Flowers from the sun.
Do you have a question for me?

Ask about Bomb Flowers
Ask about Dodongo's Cavern

Those plants growing over there 
are Bomb Flowers. They are
"mining plants" that grow only on
this mountain.
The flower's fruit is the raw 
material for bombs.
But a non-Goron amateur should 
never pick the Bomb Flowers' 
They usually grow only in dark 
places, so Bomb Flowers that grow
in a place like this are extremely

Those plants growing over there 
are Bomb Flowers. They are
"mining plants" that grow only on
this mountain.
They usually grow only in dark 
places, like caves, so Bomb 
Flowers that grow in a place like
this are extremely rare.
If you have the Goron's Bracelet,
even a little kid like you could
easily pick it with (A).

Did you see the cavern on your 
way here? That is the Dodongo's 
Because the light inside is very 
dim, the Bomb Flowers, a plant 
unique to this mountain, grow like
crazy in there!

We don't get many visitors way
up here. Where are you from?
The forest?
What's a "forest"?
It's where a lot of "trees" and 
"plants" grow?
Now I'm even more confused! 
Nothing grows around here besides
the Bomb Flowers...
We don't have "seeds" or "nuts"
around here either.
Even Deku Sticks are very scarce
around here!

I sealed the entrance because I
don't have much merchandise to
sell. But you're quite a persistent
customer, aren't you.

I'm sorry...
That Bomb is just for display. 
I'm sold out of real ones.

Why did you stop me?
Don't stop me here!
You can't stop my wild rolling!
This wild rolling is the only way
to relieve my stress!
Now stand in awe of my wild, wild

All right! I'll give you this
in praise of your courage!

Thank you! Let me express my joy
with more wild rolling!

Oh...I'm so hungry...
Everyone feels faint from hunger
because of the food shortage in 
this town. We are in danger of 
It's all because we can't enter
our quarry, the Dodongo's Cavern.
We Gorons live on a diet of 
And the most delicious and 
nutritious rocks around are found 
in the Dodongo's Cavern! But that 
seems like ancient history now...
We've become such gourmets that 
we can't stand to eat rocks from
anywhere else!

Sigh... I want to eat the top
sirloin rocks from the Dodongo's 

It's dangerous for a little kid like
you to come out here. You might 
fall down!
If I'm not mistaken, you came out
here to eat the red stone!
Well, too bad! It's not here!
What? That's not why you're
You're looking for a "Spiritual
Stone?" You must mean that 
delicious-looking red stone
that was once displayed here!
I was so hungry that I thought
it would be OK to just give it one
tiny little lick...so I snuck out
here. But, it was already gone!
I think Big Brother took it away.
He always says that everyone
is after that red stone!

Big Brother has shut himself up in
his room saying,
"I will wait in here for the 
Royal Family's messenger!"

I'm so hungry that I can't think
about anything but food!
Ask Big Brother about complicated
If he's in a bad mood, he'll 
probably get mad at you...it
can be pretty scary. But...
I know his SECRET.
He may not look like the type,
but Big Brother loves to dance!
If he gets in a rhythm, he'll surely...

I remember Big Brother used to
always listen to the music that
comes from the forest...
Ah yes, the good old days...
That music makes me feel
nostalgic, too...

What the heck! Who are you?!
When I heard the song of the
Royal Family, I expected their 
messenger had arrived, but...
you're just a little kid!
Has Darunia, the big boss of
the Gorons, really lost so much
status to be treated like this
by his Sworn Brother, the King?
Now, I'm REALLY angry!
Get out of my face, now!
Are you asking why I'm in such a
bad mood right now?
Ancient creatures have 
infested the Dodongo's Cavern!
We've had a poor harvest of our
special crop, Bomb Flowers!
Starvation and hunger because
of the rock shortage!

This is a Goron problem!
We don't need any help from

Heeey!! What a nice tune!
Just like that, my depression is
all gone! Something just came 
over me! I suddenly wanted to
dance like crazy!
I am Darunia!
I'm the big boss of the Gorons!
Was there something you wanted 
to ask me about?
You want the Spiritual Stone of
Fire, too?
The Spiritual Stone of Fire, also
known as the Goron's Ruby, is our
race's hidden treasure....
But hold on--I'm not going to give
it to you that easily.
If you want it so badly...
Why don't you go destroy the 
monsters inside of the Dodongo's 
Cavern and prove you're a real man?
That way, everybody will be 
happy again! If you do it, I 
will give you anything you want,
even the Spiritual Stone!
I have something for you. I'm not
really giving you this in
return for anything, but take it
If you wear this, even a little 
fella like you can pick a Bomb 
Flower using (A).

Destroy the monsters in the
Dodongo's Cavern and become a 
real man! Then, we can talk about
the Spiritual Stone!

Hey, Brother, play that tune
again sometime soon!

No matter how many times I hear 
that song, it doesn't get old!

Well, that's not quite what I 
was looking for...
I wanted to hear...a tune...
something...um...from outside 
the mountains...something...
That's the kind of music I want 
to hear...

Oh, now we can enter the cavern.
You're so smart!

I know a trick to conserve sticks!
If you light a stick on fire, it will 
burn to ashes. Press (A) to put it
away before it completely burns!
By the way, I hid a stick

It's me, Darunia!
Well done!
Thanks to you, we can once again
eat the delicious rocks from the
Dodongo's Cavern until our 
stomachs burst!

I'm so hungry that I can't think
about anything but food!
"Spiritual Stone?"
That red stone that was lighting
up our city?
Big Brother Darunia took it
away. Then, he shut himself up in
his room and won't come out.
Since then, it feels like all
the lights in the city have gone 
out... Everyone seems so...

I want you to bring fire from Big
Brother's room back here.

Oh, I see...
We should have thrown the 
Bomb from the cliff...

You are incredible, destroying 
the Dodongos! Do you mind if I 
call you Big Brother?

Thanks to you, we're all OK!
Why don't you buy some Bombs 

You know, I'm so grateful to you.
When I have a kid, I will name it
after you!

If you want to hear more Goron
gossip, head up to our city!
Goron City is just a little
way up the trail. It won't take
much longer to get there, even
on foot.

You pick the Bomb Flowers with 
(A). Press (A) again to set it.

When all the torches on this floor
are lit, Goron City is really lively!

Are you going to clear out the 
Dodongos? It's a Goron problem,
though. You're a nosey little kid,
aren't you?!
Well, of course we'll be happy if 
you fix it so we can get all the
Bombs we want, like we used to...
Just let me warn you, though...
Dodongos are scary creatures! 
They'll eat ANYTHING!!
So watch yourself, and don't 
get eaten!

I already told you!
We're out of Bombs!
Ohhh... I'm so hungry!

How was Big Brother?
I see...
By the way, do you know the
music coming from deep inside of
this tunnel? We all like this music!

I won't let you get me! 
You probably work for Ganondorf!

How could you do this to me?
You, you're Ganondorf's servant!
Hear my name and tremble!
I am Link! 
Hero of the Gorons!

Your name is also
Then you must be the legendary
Dodongo Buster and Hero, 
My dad is Darunia...
Do you remember him?
Dad named me Link
after you, because you're so 
It's a cool name!
I really like it!
Link, you're a hero to 
us Gorons! 
I'm so glad to meet you!
Please give me your autograph!
Sign it:
"To my friend, 
Link of the Gorons"
I guess it's not a good time
to ask you for this...
Please help everyone!
My dad, Darunia, went to the Fire
Temple. A dragon is inside!
If we don't hurry up, even my dad
will be eaten by the dragon!!

B-b-b-boooo hooooo!

You'd better try to calm him down
if you can...
Maybe he will calm down if you 
talk to him?
What do you want to ask him?

About the dragon
About the Gorons

A long time ago there was an
evil dragon named Volvagia living 
in this mountain.
That dragon was very scary!
He ate Gorons!
Using a huge hammer, the hero of
the Gorons... BOOOM!
Destroyed it just like that. This is 
a myth from long ago, but it's 
I know, because my dad is a
descendant of the hero!

Everybody was taken to the 
Fire Temple...
While my dad was out...
Ganondorf's followers came and
took them all away!
All of them will be eaten by
Dad said that Ganondorf has
revived Volvagia...
As a warning to those who might
oppose him, Ganondorf is going to
feed them all to Volvagia!
Dad went to the Fire Temple all
by himself to try to save 
Please help, Link!
I'll give you this heat-resistant

Dad told me not to let anybody 
follow him to the temple, but...
Only you, Link, can
save everyone!
I'm sure that the shop owner, who
is hiding somewhere right now, will
also help you!
Now, I'll tell you about the secret
passage to the Fire Temple!

Try to move the statue inside
Dad's room!

Who's there?  Is that you,
Oh, it really is Link!
You've grown so big since I last
saw you!
I want to have a man-to-man talk
with you, but now's not the time.
Ganondorf is causing trouble on
Death Mountain again!
He has revived the evil, ancient
dragon Volvagia!
On top of that, he is going to
feed my people to that evil dragon
as a warning to other races that
might resist him...
If that fire-breathing dragon
escapes from the mountain, all of
Hyrule will become a burning
I will go on ahead to try to seal
up the evil dragon...
I'm concerned, though, because I
don't have the legendary hammer...
But I have no choice.
Link...I'm asking you to
do this as my Sworn Brother...
While I'm trying to deal with the
dragon, please save my people!
The prisoners' cells are in the
opposite direction.
I'm counting on you, 

I'm saved!
Thank you!
Here, take this!

Link...Can't hold... 
anymore...I can't hold
it any longer...
Get out of here!!

Thank you, Brother!
I really appreciate what you
did. I thank you on behalf of
the entire Goron race!
You turned out to be a real man,
just as I thought you would!

Don't forget...
Now you and I are true Brothers!

It is something that grows over
time... a true friendship.
A feeling in the heart that 
becomes even stronger over time...
The passion of friendship will 
soon blossom into a righteous
power and through it, you will
know which way to go...
This song is dedicated to the 
power of the heart...
Listen to the Bolero of Fire...

Link...See you again...

Link, it's so hot in 
here! We can't stay here for

Brother Link!
Everybody has come back!
Dad and you destroyed the dragon
together, didn't you!

When I grow up, I want to be a
strong man like you, 

Thank you, Link!!

Thank you very much for
saving us!

By the way, I, the wild Darunia,
turned out to be the great 
Sage of Fire...
Isn't that funny, Brother?
Well, this must be what they call
Nothing has made me happier
than helping you seal the evil

Hey, Brother, take this!
This is a Medallion that contains
the power of the fire spirits--and
my friendship.

Big problem!
Everybody is gone!
But I'll keep my business open!

What a wild adventure! It will
make an incredible story...
I can't believe that the Dodongos
suddenly appeared in such great 
And that big rock blocking the 
All this trouble must have been
caused by that Gerudo thief, 
He said, 
"Give me the Spiritual Stone!
Only then will I open the cave 
for you!"
You, on the other hand, risked 
your life for us...

Tight fit...

I'm working on something really 
cool right now! But I think it's
going to take a while...

If you can wait five or six years,
it should be ready. OK?

I just completed a small weapon.
How about it...

How do you like the feel of it?

It looks like there is a problem 
with its durability...
But still...

How about buying this knife for 
200 Rupees?
Don't buy

All right. Come back again.

Please...Don't...Eat me...
If you eat something like me,
you'll get a stomach ache!
You'll be sorry!!

Oh, I see. Big Brother Darunia
asked you to rescue me.
I owe you big time!
Please help Big Brother!

My Brotherrrr...
Opened a new storrrre...
It's Medigoron's Blade
I am betterrrrrr at making
Hylian carpenterrrrrs praise
me forrrrrr my skillssssss.
I'm not lyinnnnng...

That broken knife is surely my 
I really want to repairrrrr it, but...
But because of yesterrrrrday's
errrrruption, my eyes are 
There are fine eyedrops in Zora's
Domain... You will find them if you
go to see Kinnnnnng Zorrrrrra...

Please go get the eyedrrrrrrops...


Awww nooooo... I'm finished...
My eyes arrrrrre so itchy...

Oh, no! Everybody's gone!
Only I was left behind!

I've been waiting forrrrr you,
with tearrrrrrs in my eyes...
Please say hello to Kinnng Zorrra!

Rrrrreally? You brrrrought the eye
drops? I'm so rrrrrelieved!  I'm
going to use them rrrrrright now!

This is stimulating! It's
worrrrrking grrrrreat!
Now I can get back to my blade
business! My worrrrrk is not 
verrrry consistent, so I'll give this 
to you so you won't forrrrrget.

Everybody has come back!
It's business as usual!

Afterrrr a few days...
Please returrrrrrn...
Wait, just wait patiently...

Not yet...
Hey you...
You arrrre impatient...

That sworrrrd is my finest 

Your shield is gone!

The tunic you were wearing is 

Your shield is gone!
The tunic you were wearing has
also been taken!

You've done well to come all the
way up here, Link. 
This is the summit of the sacred
Death Mountain! Hoot!
It is said that the clouds 
surrounding this peak reflect the
condition of Death Mountain. When
they look normal, it is at peace.
Climbing all the way up here
just proves how smart you are!
Now I want to see you make
another smart move...
The Great Fairy lives on this
mountaintop, and she will give
you a new skill! She is the leader
of the fairies, you know. Hoo!
I will perch here and wait for you.
When you're ready to go back
down, I can help you! 
Now, get going!

Hoo hoot!
Well, it looks like you've grown
up a little from the Great Fairy's
But you still don't really look like
the hero who will save Hyrule. At
least not yet!
If you are going back down the
mountain, I can lend you a wing.
Come here and grab my talons!
And hold on tight! Hoo hooooooot!

They say that a beautiful fairy
lives on top of Death Mountain!
Don't you want to see her?

They say that a fairy lives on top
of Death Mountain.
If you want to make it to the top,
you'd better take a big shield
with you...

Look! A chicken hatched from
the egg you were incubating!
It's the miracle of life!

Did you get the red stone?
Let me get one little lick!
No? Booooo!

Brother! You'll keep brushing up
on your skills as you travel,
won't you?
You should go see the Great Fairy
on top of Death Mountain! She
will power you up!
Hey, everybody! Let's see off our

I'll tell you a secret for
saving me!
In this temple, there are doors
that fall down when you try to 
open them. When one of these
doors starts to fall, move!
If you use a sample of the
Goron "special crop," you can
break it...

Let me tell you a secret as
a reward for releasing me!
When you are on fire, you can put
it out by swinging your sword, or
by rolling forward... Did you know

Here's a tip for rescuing me!
Somewhere in this temple, you're
sure to meet up with some 
creatures that dance as they
attack. Arrows won't hurt them!
Looks like you might need some of
the Goron "special crop!" That's
all I have to tell you!

I'll tell you a secret for
saving me!
There are switches in this temple
that you have to cut to activate.
But, you can also use the Goron
"special crop" to do the job.

I'll tell you a secret for
saving me!
If you find a place that you can
see on the map, but can't reach,
try playing your Ocarina!

I'll tell you a secret for
saving me!
In order to get into the room
where Darunia went, you have to
do something about the pillar
stuck in the ceiling.
Find a path that leads to a room
above the ceiling right away!

I'll tell you a secret for
saving me!
A door is hidden inside the statue
at the entrance to this temple.
But, the Goron "special crop" won't
work on it... Don't you have
anything stronger?

Here's a secret for saving me!
A wall that you can destroy with
the Goron's "special crop" will
sound different than a regular
wall if you hit it with your sword.

Are you releasing me?
Am I free to go?



These eyeballs are so delicious!
Tonight I will cook fried eyeballs 
for the first time in a long time!
Uhoy hoy hoo houy hoy!
Such great stuff! Please say 
thank you to King Zora!
Eh? What?

These are for making Biggoron's 
Eye Drops? Oh, how disappointing!
You should have said so in the 
first place!

This way!  Hoo hoo!
I wonder what Saria is doing now?
How about going back to the
forest sometime?

What are you doing? You've come 
a long way to get up here...
You should look at the Map 
Subscreen sometimes.
Link, this is a beautiful
lake full of pure, clear water.
At the lake bottom there is
a Water Temple used to worship 
the water spirits. The Zoras are
guardians of the temple. Hoo hoo.
The Zoras come from Zora's
Domain in northeast Hyrule. An
aquatic race, they are longtime
allies of Hyrule's Royal Family.
I heard that only the Royal Family
of Hyrule can enter Zora's Domain...
Hoo hoo!
I'm on my way back to the castle.
If you want to come with me, hold
on to my talons!

I'm on my way back to the castle.
If you want to come with me, hold
on to my talons!

It looks like there is something
already inside this bottle.
It's a letter:
"Help me.
I'm waiting for you inside
Lord Jabu-Jabu's belly.
PS: Don't tell my father!"

Who are you?
We are the Zoras, the proud
aquatic people!
So...you say you have some 
connection with Hyrule's Royal
Well, what do you want from us?

We are good at diving!
How about you?
If you want to be a master diver,
try the diving game at the top 
of the waterfall!
Have you tried it already?

Zora's Fountain is the 
source of the river.
Lord Jabu-Jabu lives in the 

Lord Jabu-Jabu is the patron deity
of the Zoras. Princess Ruto is in 
charge of preparing his meals, 
morning and night.

We Zoras all serve the great 
King Zora.

The great King Zora should be in
the Royal Chamber.

Have you seen Lord Jabu-Jabu?


According to the "Legend of Zora,"
the act of offering a fish to Lord 
Jabu-Jabu will make you happy.

Oh, that's not good.
Everybody who comes around here 
should see Lord Jabu-Jabu at 
least once!
Zora's Fountain is just beyond 
King Zora's throne. That is where
Lord Jabu-Jabu swims. But...
unless you have King Zora's
permission, you can't go to 
Zora's Fountain.

We haven't found Princess Ruto
even though some of us have 
searched as far as Lake Hylia....

If you find any clues to
Princess Ruto's whereabouts,
will you show them to King Zora?

All of the water in Hyrule flows
from Zora's Fountain.
That water flows through Zora's
River, which eventually reaches
Lake Hylia to the south.

Oh--I've come back to life!
Was it you who saved me?
Don't be nervous!
It looks like you have a hard time
breathing underwater.
As an expression of my gratitude,
I grant you this tunic. With this,
you won't choke underwater.

Princess Ruto has gone to the 
temple of Lake Hylia and has not
come back... I'm so worried...again!

This is... well... hmmm...
Hmmm... Eye drops...
You might say we have them,
you might say we don't...
We do have the ingredients.
If you take the ingredients to the
doctor at the lake laboratory, he
can make the drops for you.
But you need to deliver them

Can you make it before they

Then you think they'll spoil 
before you can get there?
It's not that far if you make the 
connection on horseback...

Hoot hoot!
Link, you look like 
you're getting more comfortable
in your role as adventurer.
I think Princess Zelda is 
waiting for you to visit her again.
You already have the Goron's Ruby,
don't you?

Hello there, son. I'm researching 
the process of making medicine by 
mixing Lake Hylia's water with 
various unusual compounds.
Perhaps you've met that old lady 
from the potion shop...she is like 
a student of mine...
Ho ho ho!

Oh, wow!
I haven't seen an Eyeball Frog 
like this since Zora's Domain froze

Oh, my dear, sweet Princess Ruto...
Where has she gone?
I'm so worried...

Ho, this letter! 
It's from Princess Ruto!!
Hmmm...Let's see...
She's inside Lord Jabu-Jabu?
That's not possible!
Our guardian god, Lord Jabu-Jabu,
would never eat my dear Princess
But since that stranger, Ganondorf,
came here, Lord Jabu-Jabu has 
been a little green around the
The evidence seems clear.
Of course, you'll go find Ruto.
You can pass through here to the 
altar of Lord Jabu-Jabu.
I'll keep this letter. You keep the 
bottle it was in. Take it 

Please find my dear Princess Ruto
immediately... Zora!

You can't breathe underwater!
If you start choking, take off
those boots!

Ooooh Noooooo!

Ohhh, I'm revived...
Was it you who saved me?
Don't be so nervous!
I will give you a Zora Tunic as
a token of my thanks. If you have
this, you can... What?!
You already have one? You're 
ready for anything, aren't you!
With my heartfelt thanks...how 
about a KISS?! What? You don't 
want it?! Oh well...
If you don't want my rewards, you
can listen to my troubles...

I am a Zora. Have you seen a 
pretty Zora girl around here?

I am a Zora. Have you seen
anything strange in the lake?
The river carries many things 
into this lake!

You...You're late!
What took you so long?
You're useless!
I was just lonely, that's all...
Just a little!!

I was scared...
A little! Just a little!!


You looked cool...cooler than I 
thought you would, anyway... 
Just a little!
Well, anyway, you saved me, so I 
guess I'll reward you.
What do you wish? Just tell me...

I want that Spiritual Stone.
Nothing really...

You mean the Spiritual Stone of
Water, Zora's Sapphire, don't you?

My mother gave it to me and said 
I should give it only to the man 
who will be my husband. You might
call it the Zora's Engagement Ring!
All right!
I'll give you my most precious
Zora's Sapphire!

Don't tell my father...

Heeheehee... Don't be shy.
I can tell what you're thinking...

I want to buy a fish, but they are
a little too expensive...
I have no choice but to catch one
of the fishes that's swimming
around out there.

Oh, Link!
So, you saved the Princess, eh?
I really appreciate it!

Did my most precious possession
help you in your quest? Heehee!

Oh, hi Link!
You're all Princess Ruto will talk
about lately!

Oh, it's you, Link!
Thanks to you, Lord Jabu-Jabu is
back to normal!

We Zoras all respect the great
King Zora! He has the dignity of
a king. Oh yeah, he does.
The grand King Zora has a 
Princess named Ruto. She's an
only child.
She's also a wild tomboy, and it
seems like she's always causing
the King a lot of trouble!

Here it is.
This medicine doesn't have any
preservatives in it. So it won't 
last long at this temperature.
Run as fast as you can to 
Death Mountain. You're young--
you can do it!

Hoo hoo! Looks like you've gotten
bigger and stronger already,
Just ahead lies Zora's Domain. 
The Zoras serve Hyrule's Royal 
Family by protecting this water 
Their door will not open for 
anyone except those who have
some connection with the Royal 
Let them hear the melody of the 
Royal Family!
Hooo hoo hoooot!

When you come back next time, 
don't forget to bring me a 

You found Princess Ruto!
Now King Zora will give you the 
Spiritual Stone of Water...
Well, maybe.

Her most precious possession?
You don't know what she's talking
about, but you've collected two 
Spiritual Stones! Only one to go!

Her most precious possession?
You don't know what she's talking
about, but you've finally collected
all three Spiritual Stones!!
Go back to see Princess Zelda!

We meet again, Link...

This ice is created by an evil
curse... The monster in the Water
Temple is the source of the curse.
Unless you shut off the source, 
this ice will never melt....
If you have courage enough to 
confront the danger and save 
the Zoras, I will teach you the 
melody that leads to the temple.

Time passes, people move....
Like a river's flow, it never ends...
A childish mind will turn to
noble ambition... Young love will
become deep affection... The clear 
water's surface reflects growth...
Now listen to the Serenade of 
Water to reflect upon yourself....

If you came here to meet the 
Zoras, you wasted your time...
This is all there is...
With one exception, the Zoras 
are now sealed under this thick 
ice sheet...
I managed to rescue the Zora
princess from under the ice, but... 
she left to head for the Water 

If you want to buy fish, you need
a container to put them in.

You say you want to buy a Zora
Tunic? That tunic is made of the
finest material, and is therefore
exceedingly expensive!
In fact, I'm afraid only that very
rich family in Kakariko Village can
afford this fine garment...



Oh...you... If I'm right...
You're Link, aren't
It's me, your fiancée, Ruto!
Princess of the Zoras!
I never forgot the vows we
made to each other seven years 
You're a terrible man to have 
kept me waiting for these seven
long years...
But now is not the time to talk 
about love...
I'm sure you've already seen it!
Zora's Domain--totally frozen!
A young man named Sheik saved 
me from under the ice...
But my father and the other 
Zoras have not

I want to save them all!
I want to save Zora's Domain!
You! You have to help me!
This is a request from me, the
woman who is going to be your
Link, you have to 
help me destroy the evil monster
in the Temple, OK?!
Inside the Water Temple, there are 
three places where you can 
change the water level.
I'll lead the way.
Follow me, quickly!!

Link! Look out!
That isn't normal water over 


I would have expected no less
from the man I chose to be my
Zora's Domain and its people
will eventually return to their
original state.

If you see Sheik, 
please give him my thanks, OK?

Did Ruto want to thank me?
I see....
We have to return peace to 
Hyrule for her sake, too. 
Don't we?


Ah, I see...
Princess Ruto went to the Water

As a reward...
I grant my eternal love to you.
Well, that's what I want to say, 
but I don't think I can offer that

Princess Zelda... She's alive. I can
sense it...so don't be discouraged.

What is this?! An octopus?!

I have to guard the Water 
Temple as the Sage of Water...
And you... You're searching for the
princess, Zelda?
You can't hide anything from me!

I can tell that nothing will stop
you in your quest for justice and 
peace... You must take this 
Medallion... Take it respectfully!

You! Who are you?!
I am Ruto, Princess of the Zoras.
Are you saying my father asked 
you to come here to save me?
I'd never ask anyone to do such a
"Letter in a Bottle?"  I have
no idea what you're talking about!
My father is worried about me?
I don't care!
Anyway, I can't go home right now.
And you... Get out of here!

Are you still hanging around here?
I told you to go away!
I'm OK. I've been going inside
Lord Jabu-Jabu's belly since I was
little, but...
Lord Jabu-Jabu is very strange 
There are electrified jellyfish and
strange holes around...
On top of that, my precious stone 
That's none of your business!
You! Go home now!

You're that worried about me?
Then I will give you the honor
of carrying me!
However...I won't leave until I 
find the thing I'm looking for.
You'd better believe me!

How inconsiderate!
How could you leave me behind?! 
If you're a man, act like one! 
Take responsibility!

That's it!
That's what I've been looking for!
Throw me up there! 
Onto the platform!

Princess Ruto got the 
Spiritual Stone!

 why Princess Ruto?

Oh my goodness!
I finally found... 
My mother's stone...
I got very upset when Lord Jabu-
Jabu swallowed it...
While I was feeding him, he
suddenly swallowed me! I was 
so surprised I dropped it inside...
But, now that I've found it, 
I don't need to be in here 

So, take me home, right now!

Diving Game   20 Rupees
Want to play?

Pick up all the Rupees I throw 
from here. You have only a limited
amount of time!
When you pick them all up, 
come back here! I'll give you
something very nice!

Hey!  Congratulations!
I've got something 
very nice for you!
Come and get it!

What a graceful dive!
Now, please take this!
This is a "scale" of our kind.
With this, you can dive much
deeper under the water.

As the water rises, the evil 
is vanishing from the lake...
Link, you did it!

I...believe that you are going to 
save this world...

Look at that, Link...
Together, you and Princess Ruto 
destroyed the evil monster!
Once again, the lake is filled with
pure water. All is as it was here.


Go over the falls for a shortcut.

Take as much as you want for 
20 Rupees.  Want to play?

Hey!  Congratulations!!

Chomp chomp chomp...
How about some Magic Beans?
They aren't selling very well...
How about...
10 Rupees for one piece?

Chomp chomp chomp...
How about some Magic Beans?
Well, they're not that popular yet.
How about...
20 Rupees for one piece?

Chomp chomp chomp...
How about some Magic Beans?
They are getting to be quite 
30 Rupees for one piece.
How about it?

Chomp chomp chomp...
How about some Magic Beans?
They're all the rage!
40 Rupees for one piece.


Chomp chomp chomp...
We have the popular Magic Beans!
You'll regret it if you don't buy 
them now!
50 Rupees for one piece.
(Just for now.)

Chomp chomp chomp...
These are the super-popular 
Magic Beans! In case you're 
wondering, they'll soon be sold out!
Super price!
60 Rupees for one piece!

Chomp chomp chomp...
We have the super-rare 
Magic Beans! This could be your
last chance!
Special price!
70 Rupees for one piece!

Chomp chomp chomp...
We have the legendary 
Magic Beans! I'll sell them only 
to you!
Super price!
80 Rupees for one piece!

Chomp chomp chomp...
Do you want...Magic Beans?! 
They aren't cheap, but...do you
still want them?
I can't let them go for less than
90 Rupees apiece!

Chomp chomp chomp...
We have...Magic Beans! 
Do you want them...huh? Huh?
100 Rupees for one piece!

Oh well...
Chomp chomp...

You don't have enough money.
I can't sell them to you.
Chomp chomp...

Set a bean to (C) and use it on
the dirt right here.

Oh, too bad! We're sold out!
Chomp chomp...What?
Oh, these beans are not for sale!

If you want to plant beans, go
around and look for soft soil.
Chomp chomp chomp.

You may not have noticed, but I've
been watching you. You dove 
1 meter just now. But I wouldn't 
call that a real dive.

You may not have noticed, but I've
been watching you. You dove 
2 meters just now. But I wouldn't 
call that a real dive.

You may not have noticed, but I've
been watching you. You dove 
3 meters just now. But I wouldn't 
call that a real dive.

You may not have noticed, but I've
been watching you. You dove 
4 meters just now. Still not 
deep enough!

You may not have noticed, but I've
been watching you. You dove 
5 meters just now. Still not 
deep enough!

You may not have noticed, but I've
been watching you. You dove 
6 meters just now. You should be
able to dive deeper!

You may not have noticed, but I've
been watching you. You dove 
7 meters just now. You should be
able to dive deeper!

You may not have noticed, but I've
been watching you. You touched 
the bottom just now.  Fantastic!
I'll give this to you!

Your diving is the best in the 
world. Why don't you dive to the 
bottom of Lake Hylia?

My name is Pierre, the wandering
scarecrow. Actually, I wish I could
wander to look for soul-moving
sounds, but I'm kind of stuck here.

Fantastic tune! It touches my 

If you come up with a nice song,
come back and let me hear it!

That song you played for me still
stays in my heart. Let's hear it

That song you played for me 
stays in my heart!

Well, do you want to go fishing 
for 20 Rupees?

Oh, no! You don't have a Rumble 
Pak! With a Rumble Pak, you can
feel the vibrations of a fish on
your hook.
This time, no rumble for you!

Wow! You have a Rumble Pak!
Today, you can feel the vibration,
young man!

Shucks! You don't have enough 

OK, listen up!
Walk up to the water's edge and
press (Z) to look at a fish.
While looking at a fish, you can 
cast your line with (B). Press (A)
to brake the line.
When the lure drops into the 
water, you can wiggle it with (+).
If you're a novice, you can also
use (B).
Reel in your lure with (A). Hold 
down (A) and (R) to reel it in 
If you feel a hit, press (A) and
(+) down to set the hook.
After that, reel it in with (A).
Do you understand?


I'm so generous, I'll let you fish
for as long as you want. However,
you can keep only one fish.
The biggest fish ever caught here
weighed  pounds.
After you cast, you can change
your view with (Z).
Let's fish!

Wah ha haah!
Did you set the hook by pressing
(A) and (+) down?

Hey, what happened?
You lost it!

Well, well...it's about  pounds. 
Do you want to keep it?

What do you want?
Weigh my fish.
Let's talk about something.
I want to quit.

Passion alone won't catch you 
many fish. I'm serious!

This fish is huge! It looks like a 
new record! It weighs at least 
 pounds! Seriously! 
OK, here is your prize!

What are you doing to me?!

Hey, young man! Don't you have 
anything important you should be
What? Are you saying it's more 
fun to play here?
I've seen many people ruin their
lives with that kind of attitude.
I'm serious!
Oh well...

The biggest fish ever caught in
this pond weighed  pounds.
The angler: Link

Do you want to continue fishing?


Well, it weighs  pounds...
Not bad, but there are bigger
fish in there!

Hey, c'mon! You don't have a fish!

You want to try another lure?
What are you talking about? Are
you so selfish?
Don't you know the old saying,
"A great fisherman never chooses
his own lure?"

What? Do you want to know some 
fishing secrets? I can't tell you
any. They are company secrets.

What? You want to know if I'm a 
good fisherman?
Of course I am! I'm an old pro!
Do you know what a pro is?
I'm telling you the truth!

Rules and Regulations
1. Don't use sinking lures.
2. Don't litter.
3. Walk quietly.
4. Don't cast at anyone.

Wow! This is a real lunker!
Let's see...it weighs
Do you want to keep it?


Come back when you get older!
The fish will be bigger, too...
Well, maybe.

Hey, mister! I remember you!
It's been a long time!
How many years has it been?
Seven years?! What have you
been doing all this time?!
You're my only customer. I'm 
almost out of business! Seriously!
On top of that, my hair...
Uh, I mean, never mind...
Well, do you want to go fishing?
It costs only 20 Rupees!

You want to go fishing in a 
different fishing pond?!
What are you talking about?
I'll go out of business if you go
somewhere else!
I'm serious!

You want to know why I'm 
scratching all the time?
What are you talking about?
Actually, I have no idea.
I'm serious!

Are you trying to tell me you
can't see the fish because the
water is cloudy?
What are you talking about?
This time of day makes for 
fishing at its finest!
You can hook a fish out of the
blue, when you least expect it.
Now that's exciting!
I'm serious.  Really, I am!

Hey, what are you doing?
I told you not to do that!
You're terrible!
Give me back my hat!

No way

What? Huh? Oh?
I think the fish you already
kept was bigger than this one...
Do you still want to keep it?

No, I don't want it
Yes, I want to keep it anyway

Gosh! That's a strange fish you
caught there! On top of that, it
weighs  pounds!
What do you want to do with it?

Keep it anyway
I don't want it

Is this what I think it is?
You snagged a sinking lure!
What do you want to do with it?

Use it now.
Get rid of it.

Well, well...
WOW! What a rare fish!
This is a Hyrule Loach!
For this fish, size doesn't 
matter. I'll give you this 

Recently, the number of these
fish has decreased tremendously,
so I'm going to release this one.

Rules and Regulations
1. Don't use sinking lures.
2. Don't litter.
3. Walk quietly.

Hey! Hey!
You can't take the rod out of
When you quit fishing, return 
the rod to the counter.
I'm serious!

Oh my gosh!
This fish is gigantic!!
A fish this big can't even fit
on the screen, and I can't weigh it
accurately, but it looks like it's
about  pounds!!
You'll want to keep this one,
Keep it
Don't keep it

Hey, baby!
I'm Bonooru, the scarecrow!
You've probably heard about my
fantastic memory!
If you have a new tune to play,
blow it!
This is the song you tooted last 
time, baby!
Hit it!

I am Bonooru, the scarecrow
musical genius!
I hear a song once, and I never
forget it, baby!

Play the usual tune to call
If he's nearby, he'll come out to
help you, baby!

Hey! Aren't you the fairy buddy I
met a long time ago?
Wow, you grew, dude!
Well, here's your song...
No, I never forget!
You, you're the one who forgot...
aren't you? If you have an 
Ocarina, play that song, baby!

Whoa! You have an ocarina!
Hey, why don't you lay a tune
on me with it, baby?!

Well...not bad!
I will remember it for you 
I don't mean I can remember only
eight notes, but let's just cut it
right there for now, baby!

Play it like that and you'll
never move this scarecrow's heart,

That's it, that's the tune!!
You rock!! I'm blown away!
Oh, no, no! I didn't forget the
song...I never forget anything!
But I just feel like rewarding
you, baby!
I have a good idea!
My buddy Pierre is wandering
around, so play that tune when
you want to call him!
I'll tell him to help you if he's
nearby and hears that song, baby!

Hey, it's the Ocarina!
Play that song with it,

Young lad, you play the Ocarina
well... Mmmmm...! That melody is 
so fine...ribbit! We all should
practice it, ribbit!
Take Rupees as a souvenir!
If you come up with another nice 
melody, please drop by and play
it...Ribbit ribbit!

Wow, that melody is so cool! 
Siiiiingin' in the raaaaaain,
Oh what a feeling! 
Please take this as a token of
our froggish gratitude, ribbit!
All right. See you, ribbit!

Look at us, we're all huge frogs!!
We are the world famous Fabulous
Five Froggish Tenors!!
Make us jump so we can eat the 
bugs flying above us, ribbit!
Then, ready, set, go!

Young boy, you did grrreat!
We are stuffed, ribbit!
Would you take this token of our

Oh well, I don't remember that 
song, baby.
Why? That's what I can't tell ya!
Good golly!

The biggest fish ever caught in
this pond weighed  pounds.
The angler: the pond owner

Do you want to fish with a 
different lure?
...Hey, what's that?
What? You just picked it up?
Usually, the rules says you can't
use one of those. I mean, usually. 
But, what the heck...

This is HUGE!! A new record!!
This...this weighs as much as...
Buuuuuuuut! That sinking lure is
in violation of the rules!
So, no prize for you.
Wah ha ha ha ha ha!

The biggest fish ever caught in
this pond weighed  pounds.
The angler: Link
(NOTE: With illegal sinking lure.)

You're a kind-hearted kid!
But don't tell anyone about this.

Why are you doing this to me?
What are you thinking?
I'm not going to let you get off
that easy! You have to pay me a 
50-Rupee fine!


You killed me!!

Huh? Oh, it's you.
Did you try to play the 
Sun's Song?
Like I told you before, with that 
song, you can turn day to night 
or night to day whenever you 
When you're in darkness, that 
song should bring the sun's light
to you. You should try it.

When I dug a hole, I found a 
treasure that stretches--BOING!
and shrinks--BOING! It's so fun, 
I'll never give it to anybody!

The gravekeeper's diary is here.
Do you want to read it?

Whoever reads this, please enter
my grave. I will let you have my
stretching, shrinking keepsake.
I'm waiting for you.

You decide not to read it...

You defeated Poe the ghost!
Do you want to catch it in 
a bottle?

You want to catch it but you 
don't have an empty bottle.

You let it go for now.

You caught a Poe!

The rising sun will eventually set,
A newborn's life will fade.
From sun to moon, moon to sun...
Give peaceful rest to
the living dead.
This is an interesting poem...

Restless souls wander
where they don't belong,
bring them calm with
the Sun's Song.

Something is inscribed on the 
It's the secret melody of the 
Composer Brothers!

Ultimate potion! How about
100 Rupees?
Don't buy

If you change your mind, come 
back and visit me...
Hee hee hee!

You don't have enough Rupees!
Hee hee hee!


Oh, what?
You're not one of Ganondorf's 
men, are you?
Because of my role as a ghost, I
had to act like that. I apologize.
Now then, let me introduce myself.

I am one of the ghostly composer 
brothers of Kakariko Village.
All the people in this village are
born to serve the Royal Family of
We brothers also served the Royal 
Family, and were assigned to 
study the hereditary mystic 
powers of the family.
Though we never could figure out 
the power of the Triforce,
we had almost completed our 
study of controlling time with the 
tones of ocarinas.
Uh, I mean...
Actually, we did complete that 
We would have been famous, if 
that hateful Ganondorf had not
tried to steal our results.
We could never let him reap the 
fruits of our research!
That's why we gave our lives to 
protect the secret.

Do you want to hear what I 
said again?



What? You again?
Somehow, you remind me of...
Princess Zelda...
Hmm... Since you may have some
connection with the Royal Family, I
will tell you a little more of our
Back then, people called us great
composers because of the many 
musical masterpieces we wrote.
But we brothers were not just 
We had a mission to analyze the
mysterious powers of Hyrule's
Royal Family.
Our names would be a part of 
Hyrule's history if we could 
complete our research!
We kept our study extremely 
secret until we completed it.



What? You again?
Somehow, you remind me of
Princess Zelda.
Since you seem to have some
connection with the Royal Family, I
will tell you a little more of our

To tell the truth, each of us
was studying a different song, one
to summon the sun and another to
summon the moon.
If you were really sent by a 
member of the Royal Family, I will
tell you about the results of our
We inscribed it on the royal
As a messenger of the Royal 
Family, you should show your
Royal credentials on top of the 
Triforce mark...

Z Z Z...
Malon...doing all right...
Sorry to make you worry...

Ingo took over Lon Lon Ranch and
they call it Ingo Ranch nowadays.
I was kicked out of there, and
look at me now! My girl, Malon, 
still works at the ranch...
I'm worried about her...

Did you save Malon? Thanks!
I'm goin' back to the ranch, then!

Hey kid!
Don't mess around with the 
I'm Dampé the Gravekeeper!
My face may be scary, but I'm not
a bad guy...
Let me give you an advertisement
for my side business...
Dampé the Gravekeeper's
Heart-Pounding Gravedigging Tour!
What's gonna come out?!
What's gonna come out?!
When I start digging,
we'll find out!

Do you want me to dig here?
10 Rupees for one hole.
Don't do it

Nope, nothing here!

Get back, Link!

A terrible thing has happened!
The evil shadow spirit has
been released!
Impa, the leader of Kakariko
Village, had sealed the evil shadow
spirit in the bottom of the well....
But the force of the evil spirit
got so strong, the seal of the
well broke, and it escaped into the

Let me take care of the village!
I'm counting on you,

Royal Composer Bros.
Sharp the Elder

Royal Composer Bros.
Flat the Younger

Royal Family's Tomb

This poem is dedicated to
the memory of the dearly departed
members of the Royal Family.

The boy with the noble Zelda's 
Ocarina...As I expected, 
you have come.
I am Impa, one of the Sheikah.
I am Princess Zelda's caretaker,
and I am also the Sage who
guards the Shadow Temple.

Please look out for the Princess!

Link, the hero!
Finally, all of us, the six Sages, 
have been awakened!
The time for the final showdown
with the King of Evil has come!
Before that, though, you should
meet the one who is waiting for
The one who is waiting for you at
the Temple of Time....

We Sheikah have served the 
royalty of Hyrule from generation
to generation as attendants.
On that day seven years ago,
Ganondorf suddenly attacked...
and Hyrule Castle surrendered
after a short time.
Ganondorf's target was one of
the keys to the Sacred Realm...the
hidden treasure of the Royal
Family...The Ocarina of Time!
My duty bound me to take Zelda 
out of Ganondorf's reach.
When last I saw you, as we made
our escape from the castle, you
were just a lad...
Now I see that you have become 
a fine hero...

I have to stay here... You go to 
Princess Zelda's side and protect 
her on my behalf.
Now I put my power, which should 
be helpful to you, into this

How is your Cucco? Is he happy?
Shall I check him out for you?

I am the boss of the carpenters
that Impa hired to improve this
village and make it into a true
But young men these days don't
have any ambition...
Do you know what I mean, kid?
My workers are just running
aimlessly around the village, and
they're not making any progress
at all...
Even my own son doesn't have a 
job, and he just wanders around
all day!

They're all worthless, I tell you!!

Look at that poor girl over there.
She works so hard taking care of 
her chickens, even though touching
them gives her goose bumps...
What a trooper! I would really 
like to help her! I've just been
feeling so charitable these days!
Don't you feel that way, too?

There's nothing to worry about...
The Princess is safe now.

Soon, you'll meet Princess Zelda
face-to-face, and she will explain
That is when we, the six Wise 
Ones, will seal up the Evil King
and return peace to Hyrule.

Hehehe, young man...
You were very quick to be able
to keep up with me! Hehehe!
As a reward, I'm going to give
you my treasure. It's called the
Its spring-loaded chain will pull
you to any spot where its hook
sticks. Doesn't that sound cool?
I'm sure it will help you!
I live here now, so come back
again sometime. I'll give you
something cool!
One more thing! Be careful on
your way back!

You're back, young man...
Was the present I gave to you
fun and useful?

The time of this race was

Looks like you're coming around...

I believe Impa has gone to the 
Shadow Temple to seal it again,
but...she will be in danger without 
any help!
Impa is one of the six Sages.
Destroy the evil shadow spirit and
save Impa!
There is an entrance to the 
Shadow Temple beneath the 
graveyard behind this village.
The only thing I can do for you is
teach you the melody that will
lead you to the Shadow Temple...
This is the melody that will draw
you into the infinite darkness 
that absorbs even time... Listen to 
this, the Nocturne of Shadow!!

Go around! Go around and around
and around! What fun! I'm so 
I'm a music man who loves
to go around and around!
Go around and around!!!
I'm trying to come up with a
musical theme inspired by this 
windmill...going around and
around and around!!!

Go around, go around, go around...
What? It's going way too fast!

I'll never forget what happened on
that day, seven years ago!
It's all that Ocarina kid's fault!
Next time he comes around here,
I'm gonna mess him up!

What?! You've got an ocarina!!
What the heck!
That reminds me of that time,
seven years ago!
Back then a mean kid came here 
and played a strange song. It 
messed up this windmill!

What should I do!?
My Cuccos have all flown away!
You, little boy, please!
Please help me bring them back to 
this pen!

My Cuccos have run away!
Please help me bring the other 
four back to this pen! Please!

My Cuccos have run away!
Please help me bring the other 
three back to this pen! Please!

My Cuccos have run away!
Please help me bring the other 
two back to this pen! Please!

My Cuccos have run away!
Please help me bring the last one
back to this pen! Please!

Thank you for finding my Cuccos.
I have allergies, so I get 
goose bumps when I touch them.
For helping me, I will give this
to you. It's fine glass, and should
be useful. Please take good
care of it!

Hey, what are you doing?!
Now go round them up or pay for 

Please don't tease my Cuccos!

I bred a new type of miniature 
Cucco! I call it the Pocket 
Cucco! I don't get goose bumps
from this baby.
Cuccos are very good at 
getting lazy, late-risers out of bed.
Haven't you heard of them 
It makes them very happy to crow:
especially when it wakes up a 
very heavy sleeper!
However, my Cucco is not entirely
happy right now...
You look like you're good at 
handling Cuccos.
Here, take this egg.
After the Cucco hatches, bring it 
back to me after a while, and I'll 
check out its mood.

What do you think? 
Will you try?

Oh, too bad...were you pecked by
a Cucco when you were little?

Heh heh heh, young man!
Are you fast on your feet?
I may not look like it, but I'm 
confident in my speed!
Let's have a race! 
Follow me if you dare!

Please make my Cucco happy!

Oh, your Cucco looks pretty 
happy! He must have awakened an
extremely lazy guy!
You're a good Cucco Keeper!
I'll give you a rare, valuable
Cucco, if you're interested...
Its name is Cojiro, and it used to
be my brother's Cucco. Its
blue body is quite charming.
It's so cute!
Since my brother has gone, 
it's strange, but Cojiro has 
stopped crowing.

Do you want to keep Cojiro?


It looks as if you really like that
other Cucco. OK, you can keep it
for a while.

An old witch runs the Potion Shop
behind this one. You can get to 
that shop through the door to the
left of the counter.

My brother must have been very 

I heard that the Lost Woods, 
where fairies live, is a strange
place with many mysterious smells.
I wish I could just once make 
medicine with some of the strange
things I might find there...
I may not be able to see very 
well anymore, but my nose still 
works fine!  Hehehe!

Sniff sniff sniff...
What a mysterious smell...
You must have something!

That bum! He had to go into the 

I see.

Hey, give it to me now!


How sad... I just need a little...

If you see that fool, give this to 
him. It is the strongest medicine
I have ever produced.
However, this potion will not
work on a monster...

Hey, kid! If you want to carry 
medicine, you need a container to
put it in!

They say that there is no 
medicine that can cure a fool...
I guess that's true...

I can't get down, so all I can do
is look at Death Mountain.

I can't get down, so all I can do 
is look at the stars.

Can you see it from there? 
Something is happening on Death 

Can you see it from there?
Death Mountain is back to normal!

I don't feel like getting down,
ever! Whatever happens, I'll keep
watching Death Mountain from 
up here.

Hey! Good to see you again! I'll
give you this as a memento.

To get a good view, use (^) and 
look around with (+).

Hey! Kid, do you always enter
other people's houses without 
permission? Didn't your parents 
teach you any manners?
Oh well.
Did you see a lady behind this 
house? She's going through hard 
Oh well.

If that lady asks you about 
chickens, you should listen to her.

Is visiting other people's houses 
at this late hour your idea of 
fun? You must not have had a 
good upbringing.
Oh well.

That lady takes care of chickens,
but she is, in fact, allergic to 
Oh well.

Hey! Young man! A grown boy
like you entering a person's house
without permission?! I want to
talk to your parents!
Oh well.
This isn't my house anyway.
This is the great Impa's house!
The great Impa has gone to the
graveyard to seal up the 
humongous creature there.
Since Ganondorf appeared, many 
monsters have been sighted 
around here.
Only the great Impa has kept 
peace in our village. You have to
remember that, young man!
Oh well.
Speaking of the great Impa, she
hasn't come back yet. I wonder 
what happened to her?

I heard that the ghost of the
gravekeeper often appears in the 
graveyard behind this village...
But, no big deal.

Hi, boy! Is this the first time
you've visited this village?
A great woman, Impa, opened up
this village to us poor folk.

Well, make yourself at home.
The food isn't ready yet, though.

The great Impa is not here. Did
something happen to her?

All people have hardships in 
their past that they would
rather no one found out about.

Look at the bearded man sleeping
over there. I bet even someone
like him has had his share of
troubles in the past...

That bearded guy went back to 
the ranch. He looked so happy!

Ding dong, ding dong!
I'm a clock soldier of Kakariko!
The current time is: (t).
Hello there, son.
Zelda's attendant, the great Impa,
opened this village to the common
We have only a small population 
now, but someday this place will 
be as lively as Hyrule Castle 
Town! Oh, yes! It will!
Climb up the stairs at the north
end of the village to find the trail
that leads up Death Mountain.
But you need the King's permission
to actually go up the mountain.

Ding dong, ding dong!
The current time is: (t).

Ding dong, ding dong!
The current time is: (t).
By the way, do you know what 
happened in the castle?

Hey, son, what are you doing 
wandering around this late at 
Oh, I get it. You're testing your
courage, aren't you? You must 
want to go to...a graveyard!
Wait a minute! What am I doing
talking to a kid? I've got work to
do! Work! Work!

Ding dong, ding dong!
The current time is: (t).
Head east and you'll find a
graveyard. Legends say you can 
calm the souls of the dead with
an old song of the Royal Family.

There's a strange guy living in the 
Windmill. Have you already met
him, Mr. Hero?

People are disgusting. 
My own father and mother are
You must be disgusting, too!

All day long, we are working on 
many construction projects in the
village. It's going to take awhile
before everything is done.
Our boss works us very hard!

I'm starving!
Let's eat dinner, right now!

Those guys each do the work of 
half a man, but they still want a
full man's portion!
They're lazy slackers, I tell you!

Poe   30 Rupees
This is a bottled ghost spirit. 
Sell it to someone who is crazy 
about weird things like this.

Poe  30 Rupees

Don't buy


My Cuccos have run away!
Please catch six more!

This ship is sinking!
Abandon ship!
Get onto a safe platform!

I'm still missing some Cuccos!
Please round up five more!

Don't cause trouble!
I'll tell Dampé!

Look at this, kid! My beautiful,
smooth hands are all worn out 
from working. Sob sob...

A job where you can make a lot
of money without much effort...
The only thing I can think of is
thievery... Is that a bad idea?

I heard that our boss's house is
just behind this house. He doesn't
want any of us to know, though.

Have you seen Mr. Dampé, who
lives in the graveyard up ahead?
It's (t) right now, so he's
probably asleep in his hut.
Why don't you go out onto the 
field and kill some time?

I'm starving!
Isn't dinner ready yet?
It's (t) already!

This used to be the great 
Impa's house, but she doesn't
live here any longer.
It is now open to all 
villagers. You are free to
go on in.

This village used to be a 
Shiekah village, but the 
great Impa opened it to 

I tell you, I saw him!
I saw the ghostly figure of Dampé

the gravekeeper sinking into
his grave. It looked like he was
holding some kind of treasure!

There he is! It's him!
He's the one who dropped from
the sky surrounded by a blue
Now do you believe me?

Nobody believes what I've been
telling them all these past 
seven years!

The fire almost consumed us all!
But together, we all were able to
put out the fire! Pretty good
work, don't you think?

Wah hah hah hah hah hah!
Look at this guy! Ever since
he escaped from Hyrule Castle
Town, he's become even more

Wah hah hah hah hah hah!
He must have been seeing things!
Wah hah hah hah hah hah!

Wah hah hah hah hah hah!
Those are some funny-looking
clothes, man!

Wah hah hah hah hah hah!
When times are tough, laughter is
the best medicine!
That's what my dad always said!

Look at me! I'm on top of the 
world! It really bothers me to see
anyone at a higher level than I
am! I have to be on top!

If I fall asleep up here, I'll
surely fall down...

The windmill draws water up from 
the depth of the well.
Now the well is dried up, though.

The lady here is really
generous. She even took care of
the carpenters when they were

A long time ago...
There was a man in this very
village who had an eye they said
could see the truth!
Now usually, you have to train
your mind's eye most strenuously
to actually see the truth...
But this fella, no, they say he
had a different way of doing
His house stood where the well is

Folks around here tell of a
fabulously rich family that once
lived in one of the houses in this
But they say that the entire
family was cursed due to their
Who knows what might happen to
those who are consumed by

What an annoying person,
interrupting us like this...
Don't you agree, my love?

Hee hee...
Violating our personal space!
He must have something better
to do...
Don't you agree, darling?

Look at him...the man with the
beard. I think he was fired from
his job at the ranch...

He's always just lazing around, 
morning, noon and night. 
He's an awfully carefree guy 
during such hard times.

That lazy man, he kind of 
reminded me of my little Richard...
What's that? You say you've
never heard of my little Richard?
He was such a famous puppy! You 
seriously haven't heard of him?

Oh, no! A storm again!!
You played the Ocarina again,
didn't you!!

You caught a Big Poe!
Sell it at the Ghost Shop for a
lot of money!

Halt! Stay where you are!

Hey, newcomer!

Hey, newcomer! Wait a second 
and I'll open the gate for you.

Don't take us so lightly!

I've seen your fine work. To get 
past the guards here, you must 
have good thieving skills.
I used to think that all men, 
besides the great Ganondorf, were 
useless...but now that I've seen
you, I don't think so anymore!
The exalted Nabooru, our leader, 
put me in charge of this fortress.
Nabooru is the second-in-command
to the great Ganondorf, King of 
the Gerudo Thieves.
Her headquarters are in the Spirit
Temple, which is at the end of the
Say, you must want to become 
one of us, eh?
All right, then!
You're in from now on!
Take this. With it, you will
have free access to all areas of
the fortress!

From now on, you're free to come
and go as you please through the 
gate to the desert.
You'll find the Spirit Temple, 
where the exalted Nabooru lives,
out there in the desert.

Stupid Kid!
Get in there and keep quiet!

I have no idea where you 
come from, but you must have a
lot of guts to make it past all
the guards around here!
All of my fellow carpenters
are imprisoned somewhere in here.
If you can get us out of here,
we'll repay the favor somehow!
But be careful! There're sure
to be Gerudo guards somewhere 

around here....

Woo! Watch out!

The Entrance to the Past

The Entrance to the Present

The Entrance to the Future

I'll be your guide on your way,
but coming back, I won't play!
I'll show you the only way to go,
so follow me and don't be slow!

Past, present, future...
The Master Sword is a ship with 
which you can sail upstream and
downstream through time's river...
The port for that ship is in the
Temple of Time...
To restore the Desert Colossus
and enter the Spirit Temple, you
must travel back through time's
Listen to this Requiem of Spirit...
This melody will lead a child back
to the desert.

I am the Gerudo master of 
horseback archery! On top of 
that, I'm the Gerudo master of
horseback riding!
Want to try horseback archery
for 20 Rupees?

You have guts--I like you. 
Follow me.

It's out of the question if you 
don't have a horse!

I won't have anything to do with a
coward like you!

Ah, you are not as good as you 
claim. Maybe next time.

You did well.
For today, I admit I lost. 
It seems I have a lot of room for 

This is the Gerudo's Training 
Nobody is allowed to enter 
without a membership card.

This is the Gerudo's Training
Membership card verified.
One try for 10 Rupees!

Don't try

All right, I'll take your 10 Rupees.
Give it your best shot!

You don't have enough money!
Come back again.

Hey, rookie!
Are you going into the desert?
I'll open this gate for you, but...
You can't cross the desert 
unless you pass the two trials.

The first trial is...the River of 
Sand! You can't walk across this
river! After you cross it, follow
the flags we placed there.
The second trial is...the Phantom
Those without eyes that can see
the truth will only find themselves
returning here.
You are going anyway, aren't you?
I won't stop you...
Go ahead!

Why did you come all the
way down here? What? You were
just about to ask me the same 

Well, now that you're down here, 
you may as well make the best of 

Good kid! Thanks!
I'm sorry that I can't give you
something as good in return, but...
take this anyway!


I haven't seen you around, kid...
What do you want?
To see the temple
Looking for the Sages
Nothing, really

You're just a kid! The temple is
no place for kids!

A Sage? I don't know anyone
like that.

You have nothing to do? What 
good timing! Can you do me a 
favor, kid?
Wait a second, I want to ask you
first--you wouldn't happen to be
one of Ganondorf's...
followers...would you?

What if I am?
I hate Ganondorf!

Don't try to act cool, kid.
I was just asking!
A kid like you could never be
one of Ganondorf's followers!
Well, let's cut to the chase...

You've got guts.
I think I like you.

First of all, let me introduce 
myself. I'm Nabooru of the Gerudo.
I'm a lone wolf thief.
But don't get me wrong!
Though we're both thieves, I'm 
completely different from
With his followers, he stole
from women and children, and he 
even killed people!
A kid like you may not know this, 
but the Gerudo race consists only
of women. Only one man is born
every hundred years...
Even though our laws say that
lone male Gerudo must become
King of the Gerudo, I'll never
bow to such an evil man!
By the way, what is your name, 
What kind of name is that?

I want to ask you a favor...
Will you go through this tiny hole
and get a treasure that's inside?
The treasure is the Silver
Gauntlets. If you equip them, you
can easily push and pull very 
heavy things!
No, no, no, kid! Don't even think
about taking this treasure for 
The Silver Gauntlets won't fit a
little kid like you if you try to 
equip them! I want you to be a 
good boy and give them to me!
Ganondorf and his minions are
using the Spirit Temple as a 
Only the Silver Gauntlets will 
allow me to sneak deep into the
Once there, I'm going to steal all
the treasure inside and mess up
their plans!
How about it? Will you do it?


Thanks, kid!
You and I, let's give Ganondorf
and his followers a big surprise,
shall we?

If you can successfully get the 
Silver Gauntlets...
I'll do something great for you!

Well, what did I expect?
After all, you're just a kid!

Hey! Where are you taking me?!

Ho ho ho!
Looks like someone is here, Koume.

Hee hee hee!
Looks like it, Kotake!

What an outrageous fellow he is,
to intrude so boldly into our 
Ho ho ho!

We should teach this outrageous
fellow a lesson!
Hee hee hee!

Oh, loyal minion...

Destroy this intruder on 
our behalf!

Great Ganondorf's...Enemy...
Must die...

Where am I...?

Well, well...
Looks like she's back to normal...

She's just a little girl,
but she commands a lot of 
respect among the Gerudo, Kotake...

Maybe we should make her work
for the great Ganondorf for
a little while longer!
Ho ho ho!

Then we should brainwash her
Hee hee hee!

Kid, let me thank you.
Heheheh...look what the little
kid has become in the past seven
years--a competent swordsman!

If only I knew you would become 
such a handsome man...
I should have kept the promise
I made back then...

Here, I'll give you this...
It's a very important thing to me.
Let's have a competition later!

Link...see you again!

By the way...
I really messed up...
I was brainwashed by those old
witches and used by Ganondorf to
do his evil will...
But isn't it funny? That a person
like me could turn out to be the
Sage of Spirit!
And now, I'm going to fight
them as one of the six Sages!
Heh heh...
I'm going to pay them back for
what they did to me!

Link, the Hero of Time!
Instead of keeping the promise I
made back then, I give you this
Take it!

Yeearggh! Let me go!!

You, you fiends!
Ganondorf's minions!

Get out of here! Now!

These witches! They're using
black magic on me!

Hey, newcomer! This is our 
horseback archery field.
After a lot of hard practice and
training, we finally have the skill
to hit the bull's-eye while riding
like the wind!
When you finally learn how to ride
a horse, you should come back
and try it. It's a dangerous sport,
but it's fun!

Hey newcomer, you have a fine 
I don't know where you stole 
it from, but...
OK, how about challenging this 
horseback archery?
Once the horse starts galloping,
shoot the targets with your
Let's see how many points you 
can score. You get 20 arrows.
If you can score 1,000 points, I
will give you something good!

Do you want to try again for
20 Rupees?

Hey, rookie!
You're looking good!
Show me your skill again!
You should set a new goal of
1,500 points and try again!

What? Do you want to try again?
Looks like you have some

I'll be darned! You are a true 
I will give you an item suitable
for a master.
This quiver is very important to 
me. I want you to have it.
Take good care of it, OK?

Wha-ha-ha! You have plenty of 
room for improvement!

You are the ultimate master!
I will give you this item.
Once you have this equipment, the
only thing left to improve is

Quite impressive!

Look at that stupid kid!
He came on his own to offer 
himself as a sacrifice to the
great Ganondorf...

With my flame, I will burn him to
the bone!

With my frost, I will freeze him to
his soul!

Shoot, what a fresh kid!
This time, we'll get serious,
right Kotake?

Hey, Koume, what is that above
your head?

I don't know, but you have one
over your head too, Kotake!

But I'm only 400 years old!

And I'm just 380 years old!

We're twins! Don't try to lie
about your age!

You must have gone senile!

Who are you calling senile?!
Is that how you treat your
older sister?

We are twins! 
How can you be older?

How heartless you are!

How can you be so ungrateful?

You're heartless!!

You ungrateful...

I'll come back to haunt you!

OK, let's get serious now, Kotake!

Oh, OK, Koume.
Kotake and Koume's
Double Dynamite Attack!

Did you come here to save me? 
Oh, that's just swell! I'm Ichiro
the carpenter.
We were really interested in 
joining their all-female group, but 
they locked us up like this just
because we're men!
We don't care about the Gerudo 
anymore! They're so rude!
Three of my fellows have also 
been captured, so please help 
them escape, too!

You're a cute kid! Thank you for
coming to save me! I'm Jiro, the 
These women are so scary! I'd
rather work as a carpenter than
join them!
I can't wait to say good-bye to
this place! Two of my buddies 
are still being held prisoner. Will
you please get them out, too?

Thanks, boy! You're fantastic!
I'm Sabooro, the carpenter.
Have you seen our boss, boy?
He's probably worried about me!
I have to get back to him 
One more of our workers is still
a prisoner. Please save him!

I was afraid you were going to 
forget about me! Now I'm free!
Thanks! I'm Shiro the carpenter.
For rescuing me, I'll tell you
something interesting about the
desert that I overheard the
Gerudos talking about.
They said, "In order to cross the
Haunted Wasteland, you'll need the
'eye of truth.' The Colossus is on
the far side of the wasteland..."
OK, now I'm going back to my
tent near Gerudo Valley, so, 
drop by sometime. You may find 
something helpful there! Byeee!

The leader of the gang of thieves
is Nabooru. She is experimenting 
in brainwashing many people at 
the ruins in the desert.

Oh, it was Ganondorf the Evil
King who was behind the gang of 

When Nabooru was a lone wolf 
thief, she never stole from 
the weak, but...

Now, Nabooru's gang of thieves 
stands for cruelty and brutality.
She claims to be a chivalrous 
robber, but...no way!

Like I suspected, Nabooru was 
brainwashed by Ganondorf's 

In Gerudo society, those who have
great skill in horseback riding and
archery are well respected.

How about trying horseback 
archery at the Gerudo's Fortress?
If you have a horse, a Gerudo 
from the fortress will set up 
your challenge.

You did so great, young man!

Now that we're all back together,
building a bridge over the valley
was a piece of cake.

Without the old witches, the gang
of thieves isn't all that scary!

The Gerudo's Fortress is located 
beyond this gate. A kid like you 
has no business there.

I am a master craftsman. Those
Gerudo thieves...they broke the
I want to fix it, but all of my 
workers are gone!
They said working as carpenters
isn't cool, and they went to the
Gerudo's Fortress to become 

Hey, you! If you're going to the 
fortress, would you mind finding
out what my workers are doing
over there?

Hey, I heard you saved my men.
When they returned, we built this
Look at this! 
Isn't it a fine bridge?
They may be wimpy carpenters, 
but once they all got together,
they got the job done.

Hey, that saw! It's mine!
But... I thought I left that saw
with my old lady... Oh well...

My Biggoron tool broke, so I was
going to Goron City to get it
Your coming here is great timing.
Will you give me my saw?

You're a dirty, rotten thief!

This is the Gerudo's Training 
Ground. Unqualified persons are 
not allowed.

This is the Gerudo's Training
Ground. You're qualified...
C'mon in and hone your skills
as much as you want.

This is the Gerudo's Training 
Ground. Even though you're 
qualified, don't hog all the 
treasure here for yourself!


Oh, that's too bad.
The mark that will lead you to the
Spirit Temple is the flag on
the left outside the shop.
If you change your mind, please
come back again!

Ohh, not enough Rupees.
No discounts, even a Rupee.

Heh heh.
You're already in the middle of 
something, aren't you.
If you want to challenge me, you
have to come here with a clear
mind. No other distractions!

Well Come!
I am selling stuff, strange and 
rare, from all over the world to 
Today's special is...
A dangerous, running object! 
I won't tell you what it is until 
I see the money....
How about 200 Rupees?

Don't buy

Thank you very much!
What I'm selling is...

The mark that will lead you to
the Spirit Temple is the flag on
the left outside the shop.
Be seeing you!

Hey, what's up, Link?
Surprised to see me?
A long time in this world is
almost nothing to you, is it?
How mysterious!
Even I thought that the tales of a
boy who could travel back and
forth through time was merely a
Link, you have fully 
matured as an adult.

From now on, the future of all the
people in Hyrule is on your 
Maybe it's not my time anymore. 
Here is my last advice.
Two witches inhabit this temple. In 
order to destroy them, turn their 
own magic power against them.
Hoo hoot!

Do you want to hear what I said

I will continue to watch you...
Hoo hoo hoo hoot!

I'm the wandering running man!
I've run all over this land in
search of true competitive spirit.
I beat all my challengers, man and
You're an athletic guy, and you
look like you might have a true
killer instinct, too.
Now that the bridge over Gerudo
Valley is complete, I'm looking for
a challenger to have a 
commemorative race against.

The best time to go from here to 
the bridge in the Lost Woods was
.  That's my record.
Will you challenge my record?


You go first.
I'll give you a headstart.
Go ahead.

Heh heh heh.
You'll never discover your
killer instinct with that
kind of attitude.

Well, not perfect, but you
have some guts! Unfortunately,
you never can beat me. Your
record is a thing of the past.
Your time was , wasn't it?
That was close, but I beat you
by one second!

Heh heh heh.
Go ahead.

Oh, looks like you quit the race.
Heh heh heh. I bet you had almost 
rediscovered your killer instinct!

Heh heh.
You don't have enough killer
instinct yet.
Just train harder.
Good-bye, then!


You did quite well!
But you couldn't beat me!
Your time was , but I
just beat you by one second!
You'll have to challenge me
again sometime!
Good-bye, then!

I'm the wandering running man!
I've run all over this land in 
search of competitors who have a
true killer instinct!
I came here to run through the 
Haunted Wasteland, but it doesn't
look like good timing for that.
Though I want to go back to 
Hyrule Field, the bridge is...well,
you can see it from here. So I'm
stuck here, inside this tent.
I don't think I can accept your
challenge right now.
Heh heh!










I can't catch that Cucco!

Huff huff! 
I'm late! I'm late!
For a very important date!

Welcome to Hyrule Castle Town.
It's a peaceful, prosperous town.

Kids shouldn't be wandering around
town at nighttime! Stay indoors
until morning!

Man, I am SO bored...
Things would sure be more
interesting if there were more...
troubles in the world...
Hey, that's just between you and
me, OK?
Anyway, maybe we can let off 
some steam by breaking these 
Stand near a jar and press (A) to
lift it. Press (A) again to toss it!

That's great!
I forgot to tell you...

There's a lot going on in the 
castle right now. I can't allow
even a dog to get into the 

Unnngh...are you the boy from 
the forest...?
I-I-I've finally met you...
I-I-I have something to t-t-tell
Ganondorf, the Gerudo King of
Thieves, betrayed our King...
Zelda's nanny, Impa, sensed danger
and escaped from the castle with
our Princess...
I tried to stop Ganondorf's men
from chasing them...but...
The Princess was...waiting for a
boy from the forest...that's you...
She wanted to give something to
the boy...
If you received it from the 
hurry...to the Temple of

He's not moving anymore....

Can you see the man with the 
evil eyes?
That is Ganondorf, the leader of 
the Gerudos. They hail from the 
desert far to the west.
Though he swears allegiance to my 
father, I am sure he is not 
The dark clouds that covered 
Hyrule in my dream...
They must symbolize that man!

Geh heh heh! Excellent work!
As I thought, you held the keys
to the Door of Time!
You have led me to the gates of
the Sacred Realm...
Yes, I owe it all to you, kid!

Please! If you don't hurry,
he'll be gone!

Please...with (C)...
Please sell me the contents of a
Please...with (C)...

What a strange shop! 
I wonder when it'll be open for
business. I read the sign there, 
but it still seems weird!

It seems like it's taking forever
for dawn to come...
The view of Hyrule Castle in 
the morning sun is so fantastic!

To save the forest girl, you need
another skill... 
Head to Kakariko Village!

It looks like you have the
skills you need... 
The forest girl is waiting for your

If you want potions, you'd better 
bring an empty bottle. Understand,
young man?

I'm sorry, but this is just a model. 
Because of the crisis in Goron 
City, we haven't received any 
shipments lately and we're out.

If you plan on scaling Death
Mountain, buy a Hylian Shield.
You can defend yourself against
falling rocks with that shield.
But it might be a little bit 
big for a kid....

I'm not dancing, you know...
My back itches! 
Ooh! Aaah! Ooh!

They say we Hylians have big ears
in order to hear the voices of the 
gods...but I've never heard them!

Kid, have you been to 
Lon Lon Ranch?
Their milk is delicious!
There are many horses there, and
the young daughter of the ranch
owner is cute!

To get to Lon Lon Ranch, after
you leave town, head due south
across the field. You should visit
the ranch at least once!

I wanted to see Princess Zelda!
I avoided the guards...
Swam through the moat...
I was almost there when they
caught me!

I found a small drain hole on the
right side of the castle that I
thought I could sneak into, but I
got stuck there.

Ahem! Hrrrm!
This beard is my pride and joy!
Doesn't it look luxuriant, kid?!

Ahem! Hrrrm!
This beard is my pride and joy!
Doesn't it look luxuriant, kid?!
You're looking for the guy from
Lon Lon Ranch?
Hmm, maybe...

I saw a guy with a shabby-looking
beard delivering some boxes to 
the castle.

Do you know about the Temple 
of Time that we have in the 
northeast part of town?

Legends say that the Temple of
Time is the entrance to the 
Sacred Realm...
Did you know that?

Wha-ha-ha! What a crazy guy!
Can you believe this guy was 
crazy enough to try to sneak into
the castle to see Princess Zelda?

All because of this idiot, they've 
tightened security at the castle.

I made a lot of money!
Maybe I should go look for
more things to sell!

I know! I should go to Lake Hylia!
Many things float down the river
and end up there!
Hah hah!

Hey, forest boy! This is the city
of Hyrule! Take your time and
enjoy the sights!

If you came here to see Hyrule
Castle, take the street on your
If you want to see the back 
alleys of the town, take the
street to the left.

You are...so handsome...
Just like the King of Hyrule...
Hee hee...

You are...
more beautiful...
than Princess Zelda...

Have you heard the legend of the
"Shadow Folk"?
They are the Sheikah...the shadows
of the Hylians.
They say they swore allegiance to
the King of Hyrule and guarded
the Royal Family.
But with the long peace, no one
has seen a Sheikah around here 
for a long time.

I heard there is one Sheikah 
woman living in the castle...

So you say you want to see
Princess Zelda, eh?
You probably heard about her in
town and decided you had to meet
her... Well...
Go home! Get out of here!
The Princess would never grant an
audience to the likes of you!

Z Z Z Z Z....
Mumble mumble...
Welcome...our ranch is so fun...
C'mon and look around...

What in tarnation?
Can't a person get a little shut-
eye around here?

Hello, and who might you be?
Yep, I'm Talon, the owner of Lon 
Lon Ranch.
I went to the castle to deliver
some milk, but I sat down here to
rest, and I guess I fell asleep...
Malon was looking for me?
I'm gonna catch it from her now!
I messed up bad, leaving Malon
behind to wait for me!
She's really gonna let me have it!

Hey you! Stop!
You, kid, over there!


Who are you?
How did you get past the guards?

Do you have it? 


Well, that's odd...
I thought you might be the one
from my dream...
You really don't have it?
Tell me the truth...

Just as I thought!

Please keep this a secret from

C'mon...don't be a blabber-mouth!

The legend goes like this...

The three goddesses hid the
Triforce containing the power of
the gods somewhere in Hyrule.
The power
to grant the wish of the one who
holds the Triforce in his hands.
If someone with a righteous heart
makes a wish, it will lead Hyrule
to a golden age of prosperity....
If someone with an evil mind has
his wish granted, the world will
be consumed by evil...That is what
has been told....
So, the ancient Sages built
the Temple of Time to protect the
Triforce from evil ones.

That's right... The Temple of Time
is the entrance through which you
can enter the Sacred Realm from
our world.
But the entrance is sealed with
a stone wall called the 
Door of Time.
And, in order to open the door,
it is said that you need to collect
three Spiritual Stones.
And another thing you need...is
the treasure that the Royal Family
keeps along with this legend...

Oh, I'm sorry. 
I'm not very good at storytelling...

What happened? Did he see you?
Don't worry.
He doesn't have any idea what
we're planning...yet!


I don't believe you.

Thank you!

My attendant will guide you out of
the castle. Don't be afraid to talk
to her.

The Spiritual Stone...
You finally found it!
It is said that the races that hold
the Spiritual Stones open their
minds only to one who knows the
melody of the Royal Family.
But you already know that, don't

Hey, have you heard that
Princess Zelda sees prophetic 
visions in her dreams?

Huh? What? Shoo, kid! Shoo!

There are three hollows and 
an inscription here....
Ye who owns 3 Spiritual Stones 
Stand with the Ocarina of Time
And play the Song of Time
That is how the inscription reads.

C'mon, can't you make it any

Hey, let go! It's mine!
I found it first!

Hey, who bumped me?!

We don't see a lot of Gerudos in
these parts...
Something fishy is going on!

Wasn't that Princess Zelda riding
on the white horse?!

I almost got kicked by that
black horse!

That guy riding on the black horse
must have been Ganondorf, who is
renowned as the Gerudo King of 

What happened?!

Look at that guy--he's so scared!
What a wimp!
Ha ha hah!

I have a feeling something
terrible is going to happen...
Maybe I should leave town soon.

Something happened in the castle!
Kid, you'd better be careful!

With that key, proceed to the 
room ahead. Go, go!

The one riding on the white horse
holding the little girl...
Wasn't that a legendary Sheikah?

Wake up...
Link, the chosen one...

I am Rauru, one of the ancient
Ages ago, we ancient Sages
built the Temple of Time to 
protect the entrance to the
Sacred Realm...
This is the Chamber of Sages, 
inside the Temple of Light...
The Temple of Light, situated in
the very center of the Sacred 
Realm, is the last stronghold 
against Ganondorf's evil forces.
The Master Sword--the evil-
destroying sword that you pulled
out of the Pedestal of Time--was 
the final key to the Sacred Realm.
Don't be alarmed...
Look at yourself...!

Look Link!
You're big now!!
You've grown up!

The Master Sword is a sacred
blade which evil ones may never
Only one worthy of the title of
"Hero of Time" can pull it from 
the Pedestal of Time....
However, you were too young to 
be the Hero of Time....
Therefore, your spirit was 
sealed here for seven years.
And now that you are old enough,
the time has come for you to
awaken as the Hero of Time!
Well, do you understand your 

Right, it looks like you are 
confused... Let me tell you 
again, from the beginning.

But, remember...
Though you opened the Door of 
Time in the name of peace...
Ganondorf, the Gerudo King of
Thieves, used it to enter this 
forbidden Sacred Realm!
He obtained the Triforce from
the Temple of Light, and with its 
power, he became the King of Evil...
His evil power radiated from the
temples of Hyrule, and in seven
short years, it transformed Hyrule
into a world of monsters.
My power now has only little 
influence, even in this Sacred
Namely, this Chamber of Sages.
But there is still hope...
The power of the Sages remains.
When the power of all the Sages
is awakened...
The Sages' Seals will contain
all the evil power in the void of 
the Realm...
I, Rauru, am one of the Sages...
Your power to fight together with
the Sages makes you the 
Hero of Time!
The Hero of Time, chosen by the
Master Sword!
Keep my spirit with you...
And, find the power of the other
Sages and add their might to your

Link...we're back in the
Temple of Time...
But have seven years really
It looks like you won't be
able to use some of the weapons
you found as a kid anymore...
Let's get out of here!

Heyyy, what...? 
What's wrong with loitering
around all day?
Huh, kid?

I've been waiting for you, 
Hero of Time...

When evil rules all, an awakening
voice from the Sacred Realm will
call those destined to be Sages,
who dwell in the five temples.
One in a deep forest...
One on a high mountain...
One under a vast lake...
One within the house of the dead...
One inside a goddess of the sand...
Together with the Hero of Time, 
the awakened ones will bind the
evil and return the light of peace
to the world...
This is the legend of the temples
passed down by my people, the

Oh, I'm sorry.
We're not open for business yet.
Please come back soon!

Use the Master Sword!
Destroy Ganon with the sacred

I have been waiting for you,

Link, the Hero of Time...
You have overcome many 
hardships and awakened six Sages.
And now you have a final
challenge, a showdown with 
Ganondorf, the King of Evil....

If you would seek the sacred
triangle, listen well...
The resting place of the sacred
triangle, the Sacred Realm, is a
mirror that reflects what is
in the heart...
the heart of one who enters it...
If an evil heart, the Realm will
become full of evil; if pure,
the Realm will become a paradise.
The Triforce...the sacred triangle...
it is a balance that weighs the
three forces:
Power, Wisdom and Courage.
If the heart of the one who holds
the sacred triangle has all three
forces in balance, that one will
gain the True Force to govern all.
But, if that one's heart is not in
balance, the Triforce will separate
into three parts:
Power, Wisdom and Courage.
Only one part will remain for the
one who touched the Triforce...the
part representing the force that
one most believes in.
If that one seeks the True Force,
that one must acquire the two
lost parts.
Those two parts will be held
within others chosen by destiny,
who will bear the Triforce mark
on the backs of their hands.

Seven years ago, Ganondorf, the 
King of Thieves, used the door 
you opened in the Temple of Time
and entered the Sacred Realm.
But when he laid his hands on the
Triforce, the legend came true.

The one who holds the Triforce 
of Courage is...
You, Link!

And the other, who holds the 
Triforce of Wisdom...
is the seventh Sage, who is
destined to be the leader of
them all...

It is I, the Princess of Hyrule,

I apologize for meeting you in 
disguise, but it was necessary to
hide from the King of Evil. 
Please forgive me...

I saw you as I was escaping 
from the castle with my 
attendant, Impa.

As long as you had the Ocarina 
in your possession, I thought 
Ganondorf could never enter the
Sacred Realm, but...
something I could never expect

That rumbling...It can't be!?

Princess Zelda...you foolish 
I commend you for avoiding my 
pursuit for seven long years.

If you want to rescue Zelda,
come to my castle!

Link...can you hear me?
It's Rauru, the Sage.
We six will gather our power to
create a bridge to the castle
where Ganondorf dwells...
The castle's keep, which is 
known as Ganon's Tower, is 
protected by six evil barriers.
Bring down the six barriers and
save Princess Zelda!!





Ancient Creators of Hyrule!
Now, open the sealed door
and send the Evil Incarnation of
Darkness into the void of the
Evil Realm!!

Finish him off with the sword of
time, the Master Sword!

Oh sealed door opened by the 
Sages... Close forever with 
the Evil Incarnation of Darkness

Thank you, Link...
Thanks to you, Ganondorf has
been sealed inside the Evil Realm!
Thus, peace will once again
reign in this world...for a time.

Thank you...

Do you really want to go through
this gate that much? Let me think
about it... OK, but in return...

Give me 10 Rupees...


Please believe me....
My prophecies have never been

You destroyed the wicked
creatures that haunted the temple
and awakened the Sage...
But there are still other Sages
who need your help.
In order to awaken all the other
Sages, you must become even
more powerful.
You must travel over
under water...
and even through time...

As long as you hold the Ocarina
of Time and the Master Sword,
you hold time itself in your
Link, we shall meet 

This is a new type of bomb!
It's available only in limited
quantities, and when I'm sold 
out, that's it!

I am Sheik.
Survivor of the Sheikahs...

As I see you standing there
holding the mythical Master 
Sword, you really do look like the 
legendary Hero of Time...

If you believe the legend, you
have no choice. You must look for
the five temples and awaken the
five Sages....

One Sage is waiting for the time
of awakening in the Forest Temple.
The Sage is a girl I am sure you
Because of the evil power in the
temple, she cannot hear the
awakening call from the Sacred
Unfortunately, equipped as you 
currently are, you cannot even
enter the temple...
But, if you believe what I'm saying,
you should head to Kakariko 
Do you understand, 

I thought I should entrust the
Ocarina to you... I thought that 
would be our best chance...

Before that...I have things I want 
to tell only to you. Please listen.
Another unknown legend of the 
Triforce passed down by the 
shadow folk, the Sheikahs....

The Triforce separated into three 
parts. Only the Triforce of Power
remained in Ganondorf's hand.

The strength of the Triforce of
Power enabled him to become a
mighty, evil king, but his dark
ambitions were not satisfied.

To gain complete mastery of the 
world, Ganondorf started looking
for those chosen by destiny to 
hold the two other Triforce parts.

On that day, seven years ago,
Ganondorf attacked Hyrule Castle.

After you opened the door of 
time, the Master Sword sealed you
away in the Sacred Realm...

Your spirit remained in the Sacred
Realm...and then the Triforce fell 
into Ganondorf's hands. He went
on to invade the Sacred Realm...
Ganondorf had become the Evil
King, and the Sacred Realm
became a world of evil. All of
this is an unfortunate coincidence.
I passed myself off as a Sheikah
and hoped that you would return.
I waited for seven years...

And...now you are back. The 
dark age ruled by Ganondorf the
Evil King will end!

The six Sages will open the sealed
door and lure Ganondorf back into
the Sacred Realm.
I will then seal the door to the 
Sacred Realm from this world.
Thus, Ganondorf the Evil King will
vanish from Hyrule.
In order to do this, I need your 
courage again. Please protect me
while I do my part.
And here is a weapon that can 
penetrate the Evil King's defenses...
The power given to the chosen 
The sacred Arrow of Light!!!

But you let your guard down...
I knew you would appear if I let
this kid wander around!

My only mistake was to slightly
underestimate the power of this

It was not the kid's power I
misjudged, it was the power of
the Triforce of Courage!
But, with the Triforce of Wisdom
that Zelda has...
When I obtain these two Triforces...
Then, I will become the true
ruler of the world!!

The Ocarina of Time opened the
door. The Hero of Time, with the
Master Sword, descended here.

It seems strange that packs of
dogs roam our streets at night...
Doesn't that seem weird to you?

Hey, sonny, I'll tell you something
I heard there is a mysterious 
fountain somewhere near the 

If you want to return to your
original time, return the Master 
Sword to the Pedestal of Time.
By doing this, you will travel back
in time seven years....

The time will come when you will
have to return here quickly...
I will teach this to you for when 
that time comes...
The song to return you to the 
Temple of Time...
The Prelude of Light...

I am Impa of the Sheikahs.
I am responsible for protecting
Princess Zelda. Everything is 
exactly as the Princess foretold.

If the castle soldiers find you,
there will be trouble. Let me 
lead you out of the castle.

Hey you! Don't cause any trouble!

You are a courageous boy...
You are heading out on a big, new 
adventure, aren't you?
My role in the Princess's dream
was to teach a melody to the one
from the forest.
This is an ancient melody passed 
down by the Royal Family.
I have played this song for 
Princess Zelda as a lullaby ever
since she was a baby...
There is mysterious power in 
these notes.
Now listen carefully...

All the tragedy that has befallen
Hyrule was my doing...
I was so young...I could not
comprehend the consequences of 
trying to control the Sacred Realm.
I dragged you into it, too.
Now it is time for me to make up 
for my mistakes...
You must lay the Master Sword to 
rest and close the Door of Time...

However, by doing this, the road
between times will be closed...

give the Ocarina to me...
As a Sage, I can return you
to your original time with it.

When peace returns to Hyrule...
It will be time for us to say 

Now, go home, Link.
Regain your lost time!
where you are supposed to be...
the way you are supposed to be...

Tsk Tsk.

Well, maybe that's too much
for a kid to pay.

OK, I'll let you pass,


Man, I am SO tired!
The night watch is so boring!
I wish some ghosts would come 
out or something...
Hey, I'm really interested in 
Studying them is a hobby of mine,
but you never know...the time
might come when that kind of
knowledge might be useful!

My precious little puppy's fur coat
is very special compared to the 
other mutts around here!

My precious puppy can run faster
than any of the other mutts
around here!

I can't find my puppy anywhere!
I need you to look for it! Please!

That is not my dog! 
How could you mix up my puppy
with a mutt like that?!

This is my little Richard!
Thank you! Thank you!
I'll give this to you as a

At night it's dangerous to go out
with all the wild dogs around...
No, I wasn't warning you! 
I'm worried about my puppy!

Welcome to the Happy Mask Shop!
We deal in masks that bring 
happiness to everyone!
How would you like to be a 
happiness salesman? I'll lend you
a mask. You sell the mask and 
bring the money back here.
If you want to read the fine 
print, take a look at the sign 
right over there.
After you've sold all the masks,
you will become happy yourself!
Have faith...

Select a mask with left or right
on (+).
Talk to the shop owner.
Don't borrow

A mask is a (C) Button item. Set
it to (C) and press (C) to wear it.
If you talk to someone with a 
mask on, you might get a reaction.
If anyone is interested in the
mask, he or she will ask you 
about it. Someone may want the 
Somewhere in the world, somebody
is waiting for these masks.
Just have faith...

I might have seen a cute little
girl around here...
Maybe she went to the castle?
Who knows?

Oh, great! You sold it!
Please pay back 10 Rupees for
the Keaton Mask now.

Oh! You haven't sold the newest
mask yet. Just have faith... Keep
trying a little longer.

Payment received!

You don't have my money?!
How dare you!
You'd better bring me my money...
or else!

Oh yeah!
Very well done!
All the masks are sold out.
I knew I could trust you!

As a reward...
I will lend you this special mask.
This is the Mask of Truth. It is a
mysterious mask passed down by 
the Sheikah.
With this mask you can see into 
other people's minds...
It's useful, but scary!
Why is it scary?
You may find out as you grow
older and discover the true 
meaning of life...
Ho ho ho!

From now on you can borrow any
mask you want.
Just have faith...

Which mask can I lend to you?

Choose a mask with left or right 
on (+).
Ask about Mask of Truth
Don't borrow a mask

This is the Mask of Truth. It is a
mysterious mask passed down by 
the Sheikah.
With this mask you can see into 
other people's minds. It's useful,
but scary!
Why is it scary?
You'll find out as you grow older!
Ho ho ho!

Mask of Truth -- Not for Sale
This mask has special powers.

Skull Mask -- Price 20 Rupees
A horned skull mask.

Spooky Mask -- Price 30 Rupees
A sad, wooden mask.

Keaton Mask -- Price 10 Rupees
Keaton stuff is hot, hot, hot!

Bunny Hood -- Price 50 Rupees
With swinging rabbit ears!

Skull Mask -- Free to Borrow
A horned skull mask.

Spooky Mask -- Free to Borrow
A sad, wooden mask.

Keaton Mask -- Free to Borrow
Keaton stuff is hot, hot, hot!

Bunny Hood -- Free to Borrow
With swinging rabbit ears!

Goron Mask -- Free to Borrow
This round face makes you 
a little happier!

Zora Mask -- Free to Borrow
You'll look cool while you're
swimming if you wear this mask!

Gerudo Mask -- Free to Borrow
With its charming eyes, it makes
a great lady's disguise.

Mask of Truth -- Free to Borrow
Mysterious mask to see into other
people's minds.

Do you want to borrow the Skull 

Do you want to borrow the 
Spooky Mask?

Do you want to borrow the 
Keaton Mask?

Do you want to borrow the 
Bunny Hood?

Do you want to borrow the 
Goron Mask?

Do you want to borrow the 
Zora Mask?

Do you want to borrow the 
Gerudo Mask?

Do you want to borrow the 
Mask of Truth?

Oh, great! You sold it!
Please pay me back 20 Rupees 
for the Skull Mask now.

Oh, great! You sold it!
Please pay me back 30 Rupees 
for the Spooky Mask now.

Oh, great! You sold it!
Please pay me back 50 Rupees 
for the Bunny Hood now.

Oh! You haven't sold the mask
yet. Just have faith for a 
little while longer.
Or, do you want to trade it
for another mask?

The Triforce parts are resonating...
They are combining into one again...

The two Triforce parts that I 
could not capture on that day
seven years ago...
I didn't expect they would be 
hidden within you two!

And now, finally, all the Triforce
parts have gathered here!

These toys are too much for you!

I command you to return them 
to me!

I can't help you!
Because of the waves of
darkness, I can't get close!
I'm sorry, Link!

The Great Evil King Ganondorf...
beaten by this kid?!


Ganondorf...pitiful man...
Without a strong, righteous mind,
he could not control the power of
the gods...and...

Link, listen to me!
This tower will collapse soon!
With his last breath, Ganondorf is
trying to crush us in the ruins of
the tower! We need to hurry and

Please follow me!

It's over...it's finally over...

I'm sorry I couldn't help you in the
battle before!

What is that sound?

There's no way he's going to hold
me back again!
This time, we fight together!

Link! The Master 
Sword is here! 
Hurry up!!

I'm using my power to hold the
Evil King! You use your sword and
deliver the final blow!

Six Sages...





When this seal is broken....
That is when I will exterminate
your descendants!!

As long as the Triforce of Power
is in my hand....

who are you?

The Forest Barrier is dispelled!
Hurry up, Link!

The Fire Barrier is dispelled!
Hurry up, brother!

The Water Barrier is dispelled!
Hurry up!

The Shadow Barrier is dispelled!
Please save the Princess!

The Spirit Barrier is dispelled!
Hurry up, kid!

The Light Barrier is dispelled!

Link, isn't that...?!

It's that legendary blade...

The Master Sword!!

Find the other Sages
and save Hyrule!

That scary-looking man took
off out of here really fast!

Oh so scary...
Oh so scary...

Hey, what do you want?
I don't have time to talk
to you!

Please...with (C)...
Please sell me something...
Please...with (C)...

That's not what I want...
I want something inside a bottle...
I didn't mean that thing...

I can't take that...
That's not what I want to buy...

Oh, that's Blue Fire!
I'll buy it for 150 Rupees!
All sales final, OK?

Oh, a Fish!
I'll buy it for 100 Rupees!
All sales final, OK?

Oh, it's a cute little Bug!
I'll buy it for 50 Rupees!
All sales final, OK?

Oh, a darling little Fairy!
I'll buy it for 25 Rupees!
All sales final, OK?

Oh...you are quite an energetic
young man. You're brave and
handsome, too.
Heh heh heh...your name is
Link, isn't it.
Heh heh he...don't be surprised.
I can read people's minds.
If I looked as good as you, I
could run a different kind of 
business...heh he heh...
My shop is the only Ghost Shop
in Hyrule.
Because of the great Ganondorf, 
it is a fine time for a business 
like this...heh heh heh...
Oh...I can only hope the world 
gets even worse!
The ghosts, called Poes, are 
spirits of concentrated hatred 
that appear in the fields and 
graveyard. They hate the world!
Young man, if you catch a Poe, I
will pay a lot of money for it...
Heh heh hee!

Hey, young man. What's happening 
today? If you have a Poe, I will 
buy it.
Your card now has  points.
Come back again!
Heh heh heh!

Oh, you brought a Poe today!


This is a normal Poe.
Here are your 10 Rupees.
Take them.
Heh heh.

Oh, you brought a Poe today!
Very interesting!
This is a Big Poe!
I'll buy it for 50 Rupees.
On top of that, I'll put 100
points on your card.
If you earn 1,000 points, you'll
be a happy man! Heh heh.

Wait a minute! WOW!
You have earned 1,000 points!
Young man, you are a genuine
Ghost Hunter!
Is that what you expected me to
say? Heh heh heh!
Because of you, I have extra
inventory of Big Poes, so this will
be the last time I can buy a 
You're thinking about what I 
promised would happen when you
earned 1,000 points. Heh heh.
Don't worry, I didn't forget.
Just take this.

Oh? What's that?

Is that...

a fairy?!
Then, are you...
Are you from the forest?

Then...then...you wouldn't happen to
have...the Spiritual Stone of the 
Forest, would you?! That green 
and shining stone...

I had a dream...In the dream,
dark storm clouds were billowing
over the land of Hyrule...
But suddenly, a ray of light shot
out of the forest, parted the
clouds and lit up the ground...
The light turned into a figure
holding a green and shining stone,
followed by a fairy...

I know this is a prophecy that
someone would come from the
Yes, I thought you might
be the one...

Oh, I'm sorry!
I got carried away with my story 
and didn't even properly introduce 

I am Zelda, Princess of Hyrule.

What? Have we met before?

Awww... That's so cute!
Could you tell me where you
found it?

Help me!

Uh...yeah? So what?

I hate foxes!

How irritating!

Hey, you look good!

YEEEAH! What's your problem?!

Oooh...is that a Zora?
Those cool eyes are really

Oh no! You're scary!
Don't come any closer!

Wow...how nostalgic! That
reminds me of when I was a
little kid.

That's kind of funny...it
makes me laugh!
Hee hee!

Uh-oh! I'm sorry, mom!
Oh...hey, it's you!
Don't scare me like

What a big head you have!

Oh, don't do that!
I'm shy...

Is there a mask competition
going on? 
I'm going to vote for you!

Oh! A rabbit!
Speaking of rabbits, I saw a 
strange man chasing rabbits 

Oooh, what a pretty lady!
But you're kind of short,
aren't you?

Well...I can't think of anything
funny to say...sorry, kid!

A mask... When I was a little 
kid, I also wore masks around...
What? You say you can't imagine
me doing that?

Ohhhh...I see...
It's an illusion...

Hey, kid, don't grow up to be
like me...

Wha-? A mask?
Why do you have a mask 
like that?!

Sorry, I'm busy right now.

Oh wow! It's Keaton!
Hi, Keaton!

How spooky!
There's a boy in Kakariko
Village who was looking for a
mask like that!

Hmm...well...don't you have any
other masks?

What a strange mask!
Hee hah haa!

Hey kid! Can't you see we're
busy?! Leave us alone!

I'm sorry. I don't even want to
look at any other woman!

Hee hee.
Don't pay any attention to that
kid, my dear... Just pretend we're
in our own, private little world...

Oh, please!
Go bother someone 

There's a rumor going around that
there is a Potion Shop that can
make the ultimate medicine!

I heard a rumor that there is a 
monster that eats Hylian Shields
somewhere out there in the world.
Have you ever seen it?

I came here to sell bombs...
Please buy some!

I...I am afraid...
I have a feeling that man is going
to destroy Hyrule.
He has such terrifying power!
But it's fortunate that you have 

What? If you want something,
just make it clear!

I'm busy! Get out of my way,
you bum!

Hey, you have some good,
quality wood there, kid!

Get out of my face!
You good for nothin'...

Whoops, I shouldn't scream like
that or the boss will yell at me!

Oh, sorry boss! 
I didn't mean to slack off!
I'll get busy!
Oh, that's not you, boss?

Gerudos are beautiful and brave...
They are just so fascinating!

Someday, when I have more skill,
I'll carve a mask like that one!

Oh, that's the mask
everyone is talking about!
Looks kind of strange...

How's business,
Mr. Hero?
Hah hah hah!

I'm on duty.

Hmm, well, I don't really know
what to say about that one...

Oh wow! Cute!
But Cuccos are much cuter!

Eh, what?
Are you sad?
I really can't tell...

I'm sorry, I'm not really
interested in that.

The little kid playing in the
graveyard was saying something
about his face...

I really am a good man.
Don't you believe me?

I thought you were that old hag!
Don't scare me like that!

I remember my father talking
about a swordsmith...but that
doesn't really matter to me

I'm not afraid of any forest 
monsters! Are you trying to
make fun of me?

What is that? I can't see it
very well from here...

Hi again! How are you today?

Everything's fine today!

Tired...I'm so tired...

I don't care about any

That's irritating!
It bothers my eyes!

That looks quite handsome!

What is wrong with you?
Do you have a bad attitude?

You idiot! 
When you talk to someone, you
should make eye contact!

You idiot!
When you talk to someone, you
shouldn't stare!

You idiot!
When you talk to someone, you
should take off your mask!

You idiot!
I don't know why I'm calling
you that, but...you are one!

Where did you get that?
It's a mask?

Uh, leave me alone...
Can't you see I'm in a groove
right now?

A mask is just like a musical 
instrument--it reflects the
character of its owner. I like
your originality, kid!

What a big head!
How'd you fit through that door?!

I HATE foxes, sonny!

Now if that isn't the most
irritating face I've seen in
all my days, I don't know what

Hey, that's a fine face
you got there, sonny!

Have you got any complaints?
Speak up, then!

Please quit playing around
and dispel our curse!

If I wore something like that...
I'd be a real Skulltula...

Please understand if I don't
laugh... It's hard to be happy
in this condition... 
Being cursed and all...

That's scary!
I know I'm scary, but...man!
That's really scary!

Huh?! Wha--!
Oh, it's just a kid.
Don't scare me like that!
I may not look like it, but I'm a
very sensitive guy!

Well, will you lookit the noggin on 
this kid! It's HUGE!
Mine is huge too, though...

Do you know what kind of
mask you're wearing...?
And you're still wearing it?

I'm on duty now... 
If you want me to dig, don't
bother me.

What is that? It's something
that hops around in a field...
I forgot what those things are

Hey! It's a Keaton Mask!!
I asked my daddy to get me one,

That's not very different from
Mr. Dampé, is it?

That doesn't look anything like
Mr. Dampé, huh?

Hey, cool mask...but a little
scary, don't you think?

Hey! That looks familiar...
I think I saw something like it
in the Lost Woods, no?

That makes me feel...happy...

That mask...
It makes me feel...sad...

Hah! That mask won't do you any
good! You're just afraid of me,
the great Mido...aren't you?!

Waaaaah! What?
Hey, I'm not scared of you!
Just don't come any closer,

Hey, that's a cool mask.
I want it!
I don't want that stupid mask!

Wah hah ha hah!
That really suits you!

I-I'm gonna tell Mido about 

I-I'm gonna tell Mido to beat
you up!

Are you some kind of forest

That's so cool!
Uh...don't tell Mido I said that!

You came back!
I can tell who you are, even
with that mask on!

I wonder what Mido would say if
he saw that?
I really would like to see his

I see...
You're going to scare Mido with
that mask, aren't you?!

Hah hah hah!
What a funny face!
I bet Saria would think it's
pretty funny, too!

Tee hee hee!
A mask made of wood?
It looks like you're wearing
a shield on your face!

What a weird face!
Speaking of weird faces, one of
the forest kids was complaining
about his face...

What an enormous head you have!

Tee hee!
Where did you get that?
Outside the forest?
No way! I don't believe it!

Hee hee!
Kind of funny, but it's not
really my style...

Right on! 
Wearing this mask makes me feel
really tough and scary!
Hee hee!

Hee hee!
There sure are a lot of different
people in the world!

Hee hee!
I don't need a new one...
I like the one I have, thanks!

Wow, that makes your head
look huge!
Hee hee!

What a cute little mouse!
Oh, it's not a mouse?

What are those floppy things
on your head?
Ears? That mask makes you look
like you have four ears!

It must be exciting to sneak
past the guards while wearing
that mask!

Hi, fairy boy!
You think you're in disguise?
But it's so obvious who you are!

What big eyes you have!
Gorons are so cute, aren't they!

Oh, I know that character!
It's Keaton!
He's very hot in Hyrule Castle
Town right now!

Oh, brother!
Boys will be boys!

I know who ya are...
Yer... Kin-ton!
Ain't that right?!

That's a scary one, ain't it?
Almost as scary as...Ingo!

Hey, that reminds me of my wife...
On second thought, it doesn't...
It doesn't look like her at all!

I'm kinda tired right now...
Show it to me later...

Scram, kid!
Can't you see I'm busy?!

It's fine to play like that when 
you're a kid, but just wait until
you grow up! Work, work, work!

Humph. It's just a mask...
Scram, kid! Get out of here!

Heh heh heh...
Well, that cheered me up a little,

Hmmm... Let's see...
Yes, I'm quite sure of it...
That was manufactured from a 
plank from a coffin. Yes, it was!

Ahhh...yes. Let's see...
Very fine craftsmanship.
But I don't think it would make
a good ingredient for my medicine.

Very interesting! A Goron!
Speaking of Gorons, I wonder
how my old friend, Biggoron of
Death Mountain, is doing?

Very unusual construction...
I don't think it's water soluble,
so it wouldn't make a good 
ingredient for my medicines...

Chomp chomp chomp...
OK, OK, a mask.
Do you want to buy some beans?

Chomp chomp chomp...
Nope, I don't want to buy it.

Chomp chomp chomp...
Nope, it's not my style.

Chomp chomp chomp...
Well...no, I don't think I 
want it.

What do you want?

You don't look like you can
swim very well...

Red hair...tan skin...
I've seen people like that before...

Yeah, right.
You look a little small for a

Ho ho ho!
You Hylians...you are such silly

That face...it gives me the chills...

Talk about a nostalgia trip!
That reminds me of my childhood
friend, Biggoron!

I don't think that's funny at all.
Are you mocking me?

You're a funny guy!

Your head--it's gigantic!

Don't do that...
It's embarrassing me!

All right! You actually decided
to become a Zora!
Are you actually ready to marry
me now?

My heart...started to beat 
so fast!

That's an unpleasant mask...

I don't know what to say.

You shouldn't be so picky about
what you eat! Do you eat all your
green rocks? If you don't, you 
won't grow up big and strong!

Leave me alone!

Are you trying to make me laugh?
Well, that's not that funny...

You're making me mad!

I hate Gerudos!!

Quit pestering me!
Go away!

Wah hah hah!
Do you think you're in disguise?
How funny!

Out of my way!
Get out of here!
You're asking for it, aren't you?

Hey, kid, you've got guts coming
around here wearing that!
Still, you can't fool us that

What is that?
What does it have to do with

Ha ha hah!
You've got guts to spare, don't
you kid? 
I like you!

C'mon! It's time to get serious!

That's odd...it kind of looks like
No...not really.  Not at all,
if you look at it closely.

Hmm. No, no, no!
The ears aren't right at all!
They should be, you know, longer!

Aren't you kind of scared, 
walking around in the middle of
the night looking like that?

Ha ha hah!
You really like those things,
don't you?!

I think I've seen a stone that
looks like that somewhere...
Now where was that?

Hurry up, Link!
Any second now, the tower is 
going to collapse!!

Watch out for falling rubble!

Help me!

The exit is just over there!

Thank you, Link.
Now, let's hurry!

Too bad!
Practice hard and come back!

Well...all right!
I'll let you try one more time for
This time, you gotta do it!

Here's a fantastic present!

Oh, no! Time's up!
The thing you were going to 
deliver has spoiled!
Let's try again!

The current time is: (t)!

You heard about us from the
guard at Death Mountain gate?
Well, I have to give
you a good deal then!
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