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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

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The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (GCN) (N64)          *
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time Master Quest (GCN)   *
Battle Strategies                                         *
An In-Depth FAQ by John Madden a.k.a. Fierce Deity16      *
Version 1.7 2/21/04                                      *
E-mail: WrestlemaniaX10@aol.com                           *
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Greetings All!! YO! This is my first FAQ of all time, and I hope it will be of
some use to some Zelda gamers out there who need help fighting certain enemies!
Due to the fact that this Battle Strategies guide is for the Nintendo Gamecube
version of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, but is NOT particularly used
for the Master Quest version of the game, it can be used by Nintendo 64 gamers
as well. On a side note, If you need help with non-battle strategies, which is
fine, please don't send questions about Master Quest, I'm sorry but I haven't
played it yet! I don't know when I will either. But I know what there is to
know about the original, so If you need help on THAT, feel free to mail me. If
you ever have any questions or comments, feel free to E-mail and/or IM me
(If I'm on, that is!) at WrestlemaniaX10@aol.com!

                              TABLE O' CONTENTS

1.Legal Stuff

2.Version History



5.What You'll Need

6.The Biggoron's Sword

7.Difficulty Rating

8.Enemy Strategies

9.Boss Strategies

10.Special Thanks/Credits


                              < < LEGAL STUFF > >

This FAQ was made completely by myself. 100% by moi!! This guide is Copyright
2003 John Madden and cannot be changed in any way shape or form by anyone! It
also cannot be put on any sites other than GameFAQs, Neoseeker, Cheats.de,
and Zeldaelements without my permission. If you wish to use it on your site,
please e-mail me and ask. I'll gladly let you post it if you ask me first.
Oh, and feel free to put info you found on my FAQ on your own if you want.
Just gimme credit for it.

Sites currently allowed to post my FAQ:

~ ~ GameFAQs.com ~ ~

~ ~ Neoseeker.com ~ ~

~ ~ Cheats.de ~ ~

~ ~ Zeldaelements.com ~ ~

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                  | All trademarks and copyrights in this  |
                  | document are owned by their respective |
                  |    trademark and copyright owners      |

                             < < VERSION HISTORY > >

Version 1.0 - I started my first FAQ and added pretty much everything.

Version 1.1 - My first update! I added a new strat for Bongo sent in by
bluepikachu252, who was added to the special thanks section.

Version 1.2 - Not very much, but now Neoseeker.com has authorization
to post my FAQ! I also fixed a couple of spelling errors.

Version 1.3 - This lack of mail is killing me. But bluepikachu252
contributed once more and I added a Biggoron Sword strat.

Version 1.4 - Goody! Another update! More'n'more people want me on their sites.
That's kool. Now Cheats.de has permission to post it. I made a couple other
minor changes as well.

Version 1.5 - Wow! I have a lot of mails, most of it actually worth posting
this time. Imbisle, luigimariokog@yahoo.com, supa_dupa_shane@hotmail.com, and
cjnasser@uwaterloo.ca all sent in somethin' useful. I also fixed a couple of
mistakes, and made some other minor changes.

Version 1.6 -  Sorry it took so long. Some weird site that asked to post my
FAQ never replied. I figured if they really wanted it they'd let me know. So
if you people are readin' this, YOU WANT MY GUIDE'ER'NOT!? Anywho, I got a
lot of mail from people telling me they like my FAQ. Thank you very much, guys.
'preciate it! I got stuff from INyCxT and me_tree_01@hotmail.com. But really
guys, don't send me any strats on the easy guys like Morpha and Dark Link.
If you can't use the strats I put up, you're too far t'be saved. I dunno if
I'll update again, but if I get anymore good additions, I sure will. See ya'

Version 1.7 - Though it took forever and a half, I've finally updated!! I
gotta nice little crapload of stuff, and thanks to all who sent in somethin'.
This will probably be my very last update, so lemme get this out first. If
you sent me somethin' and it isn't here, AND I told you I'd put it in,
please send it again, as there was a mix up over here and I may have lost
some data. Also, I'll be starting on my next FAQ soon!! It's not much of
a surprise, though...it's gonna be a battle strategies FAQ for Majora's
Mask, so look for it in the next month or so. Hopefully that one will be
as successful as this one was. Thank you very much to everyone who liked
it and complimented on it. I hope I was able to help you out in your many
battles in Ocarina of Time. Until next time, BYE!


                              < < INTRODUCTION > >

This is a Battle Strategies guide. Like the name implies, this FAQ was made to
give everyone the best ways (in my opinion) to defeat any and all enemies in 
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. Some of you will look through the guide
and see some of the strategies to be somewhat tedious. Just remember that I
didn't make these strategies to make sure you always win, but to make sure you
win, AND take the least amount of damage possible. I don't suggest that you run
around swinging your sword around like a maniac.

The best piece of advice is to keep your cool, and don't feel rushed like
"Oh, man! I'm gonna get Killed if I don't do somethin'!" Eventually, every 
time you approach an enemy, you'll be able to take it down without even
thinking. So, with that said, let's get into the FAQ!

                                  < < TERMS > >

These are terms I'll be using throughout the guide that may confuse some
beginners. I'll be using them a lot so listen up!

LOCK ON - This is L-Targeting. L-Targeting is when there is a small, colored
(green, blue, or yellow) arrow floating above something. At this point you
press L (Z on the N64) and Link will automatically "Lock on" to it. While
locked on, no matter where you go or what you do, you'll be looking at what
you're targeting. This is great for aiming your long range weapon at an enemy.
Remember, while locked on, you can't do things such as climb a ledge or even
jump off of one, so I suggest having the L-Targeting feature on the "hold"
option. This you can change in the main options menu. This way, you can just
let go of L to unlock during emergencies.

LONG RANGE - Simple. What I mean by a long range weapon is a weapon which you
can use on enemies that are far away. These include: slingshot, boomerang, bow,
Hookshot, and Longshot. Even though the Bombchu is somewhat long range, I did
not list it there because it's the most useless item in the game, next to
the Deku Nut, as it rarely becomes useful. (two or three times throughout the
entire game)

JUMP ATTACK - While you're locked on, and have your sword out, press A to do a
double damage jumping sword attack! NEVER tap the A button repeatedly or Link
will keep doing the move in only one direction, leaving you wide open. You
shouldn't do the attack unless you have a good amount of distance between you
and your opponent, and you have an open shot. Throughout the FAQ I will often
tell you to back up after doing a jump attack if you are to do another. The
reason is because when Link performs one, he jumps forward a good distance, so
back up a bit so you'll keep landing hits. This is, by far, the best move to
use in boss fights, though it isn't always recommended.

SIDESTEP AND BACKFLIP - These are moves performed while in L-Targeting. They
are used to dodge certain attacks very quickly. (Ex:Iron Knuckle Ax Swing)
Sometimes running out of the way just doesn't cut it. To sidestep, press left
or right, depending on where you want to sidestep, and the A button. To back
flip, press back (Link's back, not yours) and the A button. These are both
very useful moves that you should try to get used to. However, you don't HAVE
to, it's only recommended.

                          < < WHAT YOU'LL NEED > >

No, not what you'll need to play this game, what you'll need to win during all
of the harder fights. There are many things you NEED to take with you to a
place where you'll surely fight more than a couple enemies.

FAIRIES - In my difficulty rating system of 1-10, if the rating is 6/10 and
up, you should take a bottled fairy. Don't waste precious bottle space by
taking more than one! They are strictly insurance for IN CASE you die. You
should never take them because you THINK you'll die, that's why I made
this FAQ.

POTIONS - In a few of my strategies, I'll tell you to bring a bottled potion
with you. However, you should ALWAYS bring some Red Potion with you, boss or
no boss! It's invaluable in times of need. Here are some drinks you should
bring and where to get them at their lowest price.

Green Potion - Fills magic energy - Potion Shop - 30 rupees

Red Potion - Fills life energy - Potion Shop - 30 rupees

Blue potion - Fills life and magic energy - Witch's Potion Shop - 100 rupees

Lon Lon Milk - Fills 5 hearts per drink (two drinks per bottle) - Play Epona's
Song by any cow - Free

THE BIGGORON'S SWORD - The most important thing of all to bring with you, the
Biggoron's Sword is usually the #1 choice for bosses and mid-level bosses. The
only downside to this powerful weapon is that it's so heavy that Link needs
both hands to carry it, leaving him unable to use his shield. In the guide,
I'll tell you when, where, and how to use it. I've gotten mails from people
who say they use the Biggoron's Sword all the time. No offense, but keep
it to yourself. I happen to like the Master Sword better. Whatever fighting
style you're comfortable with is the style that's perfect, oki? But if you
are one of those people who would rather use the Biggoron's Sword, some of
this FAQ isn't for you. But hey, whatever floats your boat.

FULL STOCK - Before you head out to where you'll need to fight something
or someone, be sure to stock up on all the more useful items in the game.

Arrows - Buy them according to how big your quiver is. You should purchase them
at the Bazaar, it's much more convenient.

Bombs - Buy them at the Goron Shop only, they're cheaper there. Purchase them
according to the size of your bomb bag.

Slingshot Bullets - They're only in stock at the Kokiri Shop, so it's easier
to simply cut grass for them. Though if you're close by that area, go ahead
and buy some.

Magic Energy - Buy Green Potion at the Potion Shop to fill magic energy. You
also can find small jars of green potion by cutting grass and killing certain
enemies. ReDeads are a great source of magic jars.

Life Energy - Always go in with full health unless it's unavoidable. You
can get to full health using hearts from cutting grass, drinking potions,
and using fairies. The easiest way to fill both life and magic for free is
by visiting Great Fairy fountains.

                       < < THE BIGGORON'S SWORD > >

The strongest weapon in the game will take a long trading effort, but it's
well worth it. BEFORE YOU START!! Make sure you have at least one bottle of
blue fire, and also make sure to have planted magic beans in front of
Dodongo's Cavern. You'll have to beat the Forest Temple in order to go back
in time again. It is also required to have the Hookshot to do this.

KAKARIKO VILLAGE - Talk to the cucco girl to recieve the pocket cucco. She
wants you to keep it to get it in a good mood. Play the Sun's Song twice to
get the egg to hatch. Take it to the carpenter's house and wake up Talon,
then talk to him.

KAKARIKO VILLAGE - Give the newly hatched chicken to the cucco lady and in
return she'll give you the rare blue-feathered cucco, Cojiro. She says that
he doesn't crow much since her brother left.

LOST WOODS - If you venture into the Lost Woods, Cojiro will start crowing.
Take the first left upon entering the woods to find the cucco girl's brother.
If you give Cojiro to him, he'll give to you an odd mushroom to take to the
old witch's shop.

KAKARIKO VILLAGE - You have 3 minutes to take the mushroom to the old hag
before it spoils. Just use Epona and ride over to Kakariko. Go through the
left door inside the Potion Shop and climb the stairs to reach the witch's
shop. Give it to her and she'll make an odd potion for you to give to the

LOST WOODS - Upon returning to the Lost Woods, you won't find the weird bum,
but a small Kokiri girl. She'll demand the potion back, as it is made of
forest mushrooms. Return it to recieve the poacher's saw, which the guy
apparently left behind.

GERUDO VALLEY - Use Epona to leap over the valley, then give the saw to that
guy's dad, the carpenter. He says that he has nothing better to give you, so
he'll hand over a broken Biggoron's Sword.

DEATH MOUNTAIN - Take the long hike up death mountain, and try not to get hit
by any of the falling rocks as the volcano will erupt. When you reach the top,
Biggoron will want to fix the sword for you, but the eruption has left his
eyes irritated. He gives you a prescription for eyedrops from King Zora.

ZORA'S DOMAIN - Thaw out King Zora with Blue Fire and give him Biggoron's
prescription. He says he doesn't have the eyedrops, but he does have the
ingredients. He'll give you an eyeball frog to take to the doctor at the
Lake Hylia Lab.

LAKE HYLIA - You have 3 minutes to take this frog to Lake Hylia.
Here's the best route:

1.Leave Zora's Domain.

2.Go left through the passage to the Lost Woods.

3.Get out of the pool and go left to Kokiri Forest.

4.Go to the exit to Hyrule Field.

5.Get out of the narrow passage and call Epona. Get on her and go directly to
Lake Hylia. Jump over any and all fences that are in your path.

6.Stop by the lab and give the frog to the doc. At first He'll think it's for
dinner, but Link will stop him and the good doctor will make the eyedrops.

DEATH MOUNTAIN - You'll have to book-it in 4 minutes to reach Biggoron in time.
Here's the best way to go:

1.Jump on your horse and ride like the wind towards Kakariko Village, be sure
to jump the fences in your path, if you go around them, you'll waste time. If
she won't jump, just remember that she's not the one messing up, you are.

2.Go to the exit to Death Mountain.

3.Go to the entrance to Dodongo's Cavern and use the magic bean platform. Jump
off when it reaches the halfway point of the mountain.(above Goron city)

4.Dodge the rocks, kill the Skullwalltullas, dodge the Tektite, and climb the
rest of the way up to Biggoron.

5.Give the eyedrops to Biggoron, who'll use them right away. He'll thank you
and give you a claim check for the sword.

Here's an alternate way to transport the eyedrops sent in by
bluepikachu252 - 
Whenever I have the Eye Drops to go to Biggoron, here's what I do:

1. Ride Epona as far as the entrance to Kakariko Village.
2. Walk to Death Mountain Trail.
3. Ride the Bean Leaf towards Goron City.
4. Enter Goron City.
5. Go through Goron City and exit through the passage in Darunia's room.
6. DO NOT WEAR THE GORON TUNIC! In Death Mountain Crater, go right and 
   leave onto Death Mountain Trail once again (you'll have to pass a rock
   and climb a ladder on the way).
7.  Show the Eye Drops to Biggoron.

The reason you can't wear the Goron Tunic in step 6 is because the life 
timer overrides the spoilage timer, and the spoilage timer doesn't tick 
while the life timer's on the screen.

DEATH MOUNTAIN - No one is patient these days, so simply play the Sun's Song 6
times and give the check back to the gargantuan Goron. Take the massive sword
into your proud possesion, you've earned it! You can get this sword before
even entering the first temple, which is the idea that I strongly suggest.
There's really no reason you shouldn't.

                           < < DIFFICULTY RATING > >

This is my difficulty rating system. Beside each and every enemy, I tell you
their name, appearance, location, and difficulty rating. Some people may not
agree with me on some of these. Just remember that these ratings are for how
difficult they are for me, Oki? Also, enemies and bosses are on two different
systems. So just because the Iron Knuckle is a 7 and Bongo-Bongo is a 6, that
doesn't mean that ol' Knux is harder. And btw, sometimes I'll place a high
rating for a relatively easy opponent, because they're so strong. I didn't do
it for the Giant Moblin, because he's so easy that....it boggles the mind.

1 - So easy it gives me migraines thinkin' about it

2 - Freakishly Easy

3 - Mediocre

4 - Requires one to be awake

5 - Intermediate

6 - You'll get killed if you don't pay attention

7 - Better be at your best

8 - Ouch

9 - Quite painful

10 - Ridiculously evil!!

That's my rating system! Remember this is a rank of difficulty, not stength.
Just look at Morpha. A retarded one-armed dead baby could beat him.
I apologize to all the retarded one-armed dead babies out there who CAN'T
beat Morpha.

                         < < ENEMY STRATEGIES > >

YAHOO!! Now we can officially start on the strategies! I've tried to explain
to the best of my ability the best way to win fights while taking little
damage, if any at all. Please enjoy. If you have any questions or comments,
e-mail me at WrestlemaniaX10@aol.com.

Appearance - A weird Anubis looking thing with no legs.
Location - The Spirit Temple.
Rating - 3/10
Strat - This thing floats around inside the Spirit Temple. I suggest, when
you're an adult, to shoot it with a fire arrow. As a child, go to the
opposite side of the room as where the fire will appear (when you hit the
switch in the rooms these guys are in) and shoot the switch with your sling
shot. You can also use Din's Fire.

Appearance - Kinda like a horned bull statue with a small sword and shield.
Location - Dodongo's Cavern, Spirit Temple
Rating - 2/10
Strat - A simple little baddie, Every Armos is either alive or just a statue.
Run into it to see if it's hostile. As an adult, when it wakes up, hit it
with your sword but once to kill it. As a child, it's best to use bombs.
If you miss your attack, you'll risk being hit by it's crazy jump.

Appearance - A small light blue, no-legged version of a Dodongo.
Location - Dodongo's Cavern
Rating - 3/10
Strat - Much more annoying than it looks, these things will leap out at
you to hurt you. Lock on and block with your shield. Then let them attack.
They'll bounce off, giving you the chance to land a return strike. Two
hits is generally enough to destroy them.

Appearance - A floating jellyfish, basically.
Location - Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Rating - 2/10
Strat - These things are common enemies inside Jabu-Jabu's Belly. Just don't
run into it. Lock on and use your boomerang, simple.

Appearance - Two metal balls, a big one and a little one, on top of eachother.
The big one has a mouth on it and the little one has an eye on it.         
Location - Dodongo's Cavern, Inside the Well, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple,
Gerudo Training Ground, Ganon's Castle
Rating - 1/10
Strat - This thing will try to hurt you by shooting you with it's eye laser,
just stay a certain distance away and trow a bomb at it. The bomb must land
ON it.

Apperance - An extremely large Octorock.
Location - Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Rating - 5/10
Strat - Much easier than he looks, this mid-level boss is kinda annoying.
Quickly throw your boomerang at him. Back way off (almost to the other
side of the room) and wait til he starts spinning. When he has stopped
spinning, run after him. He'll run the opposite direction. If he runs at
you, repeat the same thing, only wait about one second before running. Lock
on and follow him, staying as close to the spikes as possible without being
hit. When you're close enough to hit him, (with your boomerang) do so. He'll
be stunned for a short time. Use this time to pull out your sword and do jump
attack. Just do that twice. Remember to stay away as you pull out your sword,
you want to hit him with a jump attack.

Sent in by jeffreychencan@hotmail.com - "You can kill the Bigocto with a Deku
Stick's jump attack at his ass in one hit."
(I haven't yet tried this, so if you're doubtful, try it yourself)

Appearance - A large Poe with a white coat that you see while riding Epona.
Location - 10 different spots in Hyrule Field
Rating 3/10
Strat - Not much else I can say except get good at your archery skills and
shoot them twice. If you bottle them all and take them back to the Ghost
Shop, you'll get the 4th bottle. Each one is worth 50 rupees.

Appearance - A bigger version of the Skulltulla.
Location - Kokiri Forest, Deku Tree, Zora's Fountain, Inside the Well,
Shadow Temple
Rating - 1/10
Strat - He'll drop from the ceiling and look less than menacing. As a child,
wait til it turns, then jump attack. As an adult, use your long range weapons.

Appearance - A bigger Bari that dosen't move.
Location - Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Rating - 1/10
Strat - Use your boomerang or avoid it.

Appearance - A skull with wings engulfed in blue fire.
Location - Forest Temple
Rating - 3/10
Strat - Use either of your long range weapons or hit it with your shield
to knock out the flames. After that hit it twice with your sword.

Appearance - Has a small blue body with a single red eye on it and four
long yellow legs.
Location - Hyrule Field, Zora's River, Zora's Fountain, Lake Hylia,
Water Temple
Rating - 4/10
Strat - Possibly the most persistant enemy, the sound of it hopping around
will drive you crazy!! Either Shoot it twice with arrows or lock on and
beat the crap out of it with your sword. If you kill it with a Light Arrow,
you'll get 50 rupees.

Appearance - Uh.....a ball of wood with limbs and green leaves for hair??
Location - Lost Woods, Goron City, Dodongo's Cavern, Death Mt. Crater,
Jabu-Jabu's Belly, Lake Hylia, Ganon's Castle
Rating - 1/10
Strat - Lock on and block an attack, (not with the Mirror Shield) or use a
long range weapon. Each one will sell you something for jacked-up prices.
One will even sell you a Piece of Heart for 10 rupees.

Appearance - A shadowy version of Link with red eyes.
Location - Water Temple
Rating - 4/10
Strat - This mid-level boss looks kinda hard but is actually very easy to
beat. Equip your Biggoron's Sword and lock on. Keep doing horizontal
slashes (left + A). Don't stop hitting him, you can't block. You'll have
to re-lock on when you hit him. I'm not tryin' to be mean, but if you have
a hard time beating Dark Link, you're really not that good a fighter. I'm
sorry, but using Din's Fire is a dumb idea. It takes forever and usually
gets you hurt. If you think I'm wrong, feel free to tell me so.

I like my strat better, but if you don't like mine or you can't
do it......God help you....this one works nicely.

Sent in by me_tree_01@hotmail.com - "Get the hammer. He won't even 
touch you. Hit him, then turn and hit him again. Repeat that."

Appearance - A weird looking zombie with a long neck and white skin.
Location - Inside the Well, Shadow Temple
Rating - 4/10
Strat - Easy. As a child, get grabbed by one of the hands, when the thing
comes out, mash on B to get out of the hand's grip. Move to the corner of
the room and wait for the Dead Hand to reach you. (have your sword out) When
it reaches you and lowers his head, do a jump attack. Repeat until he dies.
As an adult, do the same strategy, but instead of getting grabbed by a hand,
use the Lens of Truth to see where he is and bomb him. After you hit him a
couple times, he'll start to walk away, DON'T follow him, just wait until he
goes under ground.

Appearance - Hmmm...a purple Deku Nut with teeth attached to a green vine.
Location - Kokiri Forest, Deku Tree, Forest Temple, Inside the Well
Rating - 1/10
Strat - Lock on and shield til it attacks. When it does whack it once with
your sword, do that once more to get Deku Nuts. To get Deku Sticks, Back off
and wait til it attacks. While it's sprawled over the ground, slash it once.
It will screech up and straighten out. Attack it again.

Appearance - Like the Business scrub, only shorter, meaner, and it has no
Location - Deku Tree
Rating - 1/10
Strat - These things will repeatedly spit seeds at you. Lock on and block
one, it'll bounce back and hit him. Stay locked on and follow him as he runs.
Catch him to get a clue on how to continue through the Deku Tree.

Appearance - A dinosaur that wears armor and walks on two legs.
Location - Gerudo Training Ground, Ganon's Castle
Rating - 2/10
Strat - Almost just like Lizalfos, Dinalfos are easily defeated. Lock on and
use your jump attack. Sometimes they jump over you and attack. To avoid this,
simply block and move away a bit. When they land, keep attacking.

Appearance - A weird green dinosaur that has a single horn that points
backward. It only has two limbs.
Location - Dodongo's Cavern
Rating - 3/10
Strat - Easy. Use a bomb and a couple sword attacks on the tail. Or just
lock on and land some well-placed jump attacks. Remember to avoid it's
swinging tail attack right after you hit it.

Appearance - A keese on fire, basically.
Location - Dodnogo's Cavern, Fire Temple, Inside the Well, Shadow Temple,
Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle
Rating - 3/10
Strat - Pull out your slingshot or bow and follow them until they get
close enough to lock on. When they do, lock on and fire one shot. If
one that you didn't see coming is quite close to you, create some distance
and, when your at a safe distance, lock on and fire one shot. Block their
attacks if they're TOO close. They'll set you on fire if they hit you.

Appearance - It looks like a ball with no arms and tiny legs. Look's kinda
kool when it's on fire.
Location - Fire Temple
Rating - 4/10
Strat - These things are Hella weird. Equip your Biggoron's Sword. While
it's spinning in place, lock on and hookshot it. Just as it comes to
you, lock on (it'll unlock when you hookshot him) and jump attack. He'll
most likely run away, if he doesn't, that means he's going back in the fire
to re-light. If he runs, stay locked on and run to meet him at the other
side. If you're sure you can land it, do a jump attack, if you're even
slightly unsure, do normal attacks. When he comes out of the fire, just
repeat this process.

Sent in by Imbisle -  "Equip the biggy sword and your Megaton Hammer.
When you get them, hit them with the hammer first and it'll stun'em
temporarily. This only works the first time, though. Now chop away
with biggy sword. You'll get three or so hits instead of two before
it runs."

Appearance - A large grimy lookin' hand.
Location - Forest Temple, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple
Rating - 4/10
Strat - Wait until he turns green, when he does, block. Don't move, BLOCK.
When he's normal again, Hit him twice with your sword. Immediately after
the second hit, charge you spin attack, when he splits up (into three
little Floorlets), let those suckers have it. If one of them grabs you,
they'll turn into another big one. On many occasions throughout the game,
you won't be able to see this guy unless you use the Lens of Truth. I don't
advise even using the lens on him at all. While it's on, you can't use the
spin attack.

Appearance - It looks like a horned snowman made of transparent ice.
Location - Ice Cavern, Ganon's Castle
Rating - 2/10
Strat - This one will always get the cocky ones. AS SOON as you see him, hit
him three times. The Hook/Longshot will not only do one hit's damage, but
will also drag you closer to hit him a couple more times. He will not flinch
no matter what you hit him with, so he can attack even while being attacked
(much like the Iron Knuckle). He can also freeze you with his breath which
has surprisingly long range.

Appearance - A not too bad lookin' Gerudo woman holding two swords.
Location - Gerudo's Hideout
Rating - 3/10
Strat - Simply use that Biggoron's Sword like the knife happy elf that you
are!! Sometimes she rears back real slow. That's her BIG move. If it hits
you, you'll be put in jail. Don't let up on your assault, you can't defend
against any attacks.

Appearance - A big Deku Baba...duh...
Location - Kokiri Forest, Forest Temple
Rating - 1/10
Strat - Big version of a dumb baddie. Just block til it attacks then
retaliate. Repeat until you've killed it.

Appearance - A VERY big Moblin.
Location - Sacred Forest Meadow
Rating - 1/10
Strat - Often mistaken for something that slightly resembles difficult,
the over-sized dog looking pig thing is even easier than it's smaller
guard counterparts. I usually avoid this colossal moron but if you insist
on  fighting him here's the best way to take'em down. His club is extremely
easy to avoid,(anyone who thinks any different shouldn't be playing the game
at all) just run to the opposite side that his club is on. Example: He'll
start by swinging in the middle, move to the right. He'll swing right. Go
left, he'll swing left. I can't make it any clearer! See? You can simply
walk behind this idiot and watch him frantically pound away at nothing. It
takes 3 hits with the Master Sword to kill him. With his size you'd think
it'd be more, but it's really just three.

Appearance - Pretty much just a mummy.
Location - Inside the Well, Shadow Temple
Rating - 4/10
Strat - Exactly like the ReDead, go behind it and pound away with your sword.
If it looks directly at you, you'll be frozen. If it grabs you, tap buttons
to escape. Play the Sun's Song to freeze it in place.

Sent in by INyCxT - "You can kill Gibdos and Redeads as young Link in one hit.
Leap attack with a deku stick. The first hit takes off half their life and
somehow theres a bug or something, but it hits twice, effectively killing it.
But it seems to only work when its a full stick and the "middle part" of the
stick hits them and breaks."

Appearance - A gooey pinkish lookin' egg.
Location - Deku Tree
Rating - 1/10
Strat - A Gohma Larvae will come out if you let it. If you're quick enough,
you can kill it with your sword before it hatches.

Appearance - A weird, two-legged, black, buggish lookin', cycloptic frog.
Location - Deku Tree
Rating - 1/10
Strat - You let it hatch, didn't you? Whack it twice with your sword to
squish it. When it's eye is red, it's about to attack.

Appearance - A spikey, golden, Skullwalltulla.
Location - Every single place that has a name.(Minus the Temple of Time,
Ganon's Castle, Gerudo's Hideout, Gerudo Training Ground, shops, houses,
and fairy fountains)
Rating - 1/10
Strat - This thing has only two ways of hurting you: 1)You run into it,
thus causing damage to you, 2)The "scritcha-scritcha" noise it makes, if
heard for too long, will drive you mad, eventually leading to your grisly
demise. Killing it is so easy it will actually hurt. You can pretty much
kill it with anything that can cause harm to another individual.

Appearance - A skull with wings engulfed in green flame.
Location - Forest Temple, Inside the Well, Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle
Rating - 1/10
Strat - Kinda like the Blue Bubble like the fact that it's near invincible
when on fire. When the fire goes out, use your sword or long range weapon.
It usually swings around in circles, so don't be reckless and get hit.

Appearance - A crow with a very pointy beak.
Location - Lake Hylia, Lon Lon Ranch, Desert Colossus
Rating - 2/10
Strat - This is a stupid crow-like creature. Just lock on and use your bow
or slingshot. If it's too close for comfort, just move backward and fire.
Stay locked on while you do this, otherwise you'll stand the chance of being
hit by it.

Appearance - A Keese enveloped in...uh..that...stuff.
Location - Ice Cavern
Rating - 4/10
Strat - The EXACT same as the Fire Keese, with two exceptions. 1) You cannot
put out it's "blue wavy flameness" by blocking, and 2) if you get hit, you
won't catch fire, you'll get frozen! Kill it quickly to avoid damage.
Also, cjnasser@uwaterloo.ca sent in a good strat which you can use. See
"Keese" to find it.

Appearance - Gee...um....let's see. It looks like a...guy wearing a crap-load
of armor.
Location - Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle
Rating - 7/10
Strat - Possibly the funnest non-boss enemy you can fight, the Iron Knuckle
has crazy attack power. DO NOT GET HIT!!! It takes like 5-6 hearts per hit!
I've heard many people say to use Nayru's Love to avoid damage. Nonsense!!
The ONLY reason you get hit is NOT because he's hard, it's because you're
slow. Get faster! You'll waste useful magic energy by continuously doing
that same stupid spell. It's cheap and only wimps use it and you KNOW it!!
Lock on and get close. Right before he swings, back off, real quick-like.
If you're more comfortable doing so, use a backflip, it's faster. After he
swings,(if he swings horizontally, he swings twice) do a jump Attack. He
won't flinch in any sense of the word, allowing him to attack quickly. So
after your attack, back off again. Keep doing this until his armor falls
off. After that happens, he WILL flinch, so just stay on him and don't
stop. Or you could just do the same thing as before, only faster. If you're
an adult, use the Biggoron's Sword. With that thing you can hand his ass
to'im in just a couple seconds.

Appearance - It's the Hyrulean version of a bat.
Location - Dodongo's Cavern, Fire Temple, Graveyard, Ice Cavern, Water Temple,
Inside the Well, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple, Ganon's Castle
Rating - 3/10
Strat - Lock on and back off a bit, then shoot it with your bow or slingshot.
It's really not that different in any way from the other Keese and the Guay.

Sent in by cjnasser@uwaterloo.ca - "Lock on. DON'T shoot them,
just block. As soon as they hit your shield, whip out your sword
(no directional modifiers, or maybe forward). You've got a good
chance to kill them, and if you miss, you still have tons of
time to shoot them down.

Appearance - A plant creature that looks like a green cone with red jaws
on top.
Location - Haunted Wasteland, Desert Colossus
Rating - 4/10
Strat - This thing will come out of the ground and try to run into you. To
avoid it, when you see it coming out, run to one side. When it starts moving,
run to the other side. Simple. To kill it...well, just use your sword or
long range weapon. If you kill bunches of them, a really big one will
come out.

Appearance - A fun lookin' slug-terd-like piece of crap.
Location - Water Temple, Fire Temple, Inside the Well, Shadow Temple,
Spirit Temple, Gerudo
Training Ground, Ganon's Castle
Rating - 4/10
Strat - It will try to eat you if you get too close. It's mouth (the
top part) is the only spot that you can't attack. You can kill it with
pretty much anything you can think of, but a light arrow will reward
you with 50 ruppees.

Appearance - A lizard wearing armor and holding a sword.
Location - Dodongo's Cavern, Spirit Temple
Rating - 1/10
Strat - An annoying baddie wannabe, I only fight these idiots if I have
to. Just beat the living crap out of it. If it jumps over you and attacks,
block, and continue, if it lands a hit, take it as more insentive to
kill it.

Appearance - Just like a Deku Scrub but with red leaves for hair.
Location - Kokiri Forest, Sacred Forest Meadow
Rating - 1/10
Strat - Extremely easy to defeat. Lock on and run at it with your shield
up.(not the Mirror Shield) When you manage to deflect a seed that hits
it, run over and beat it with your sword. or build some distance and shoot
it with your long range weapon.

Appearance - An ugly pig-lookin'-guard-dog-thing.
Location - Sacred Forest Meadow
Rating - 2/10
Strat - This is easy, use your long range weapon, OR, if you're not
actually inside the corridor, but he's passing you by, use your sword. Hurts
like a sonuvagun if it hits you.

Appearance - An octopus with only 4 tentacles.
Location - Lake Hylia, Zora's River, Zora's Fountain, Jabu-Jabu's Belly,
Gerudo Valley
Rating - 3/10
Strat - A common enemy in the Zora region, it shoots rocks at you from a
distance. It's quicker to lock on and shield but it's not hard to do it
manually. If it needs to jump to hit you, back up and block to hit it. The
higher he's jumping, the farther back you need to go. You can also use a
long range weapon. Try Zora's River for practice.

Appearance - A big gooey tentacle hanging from the ceiling.
Location - Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Rating - 3/10
Strat - A wha? That's the thing that you have to kill in Jabu-Jabu. Lock on,
get close and throw your boomerang at it. It will hide in the ceiling. Stay
close and it'll come out. Throw it again. Keep doing that until it dies.

Appearance - A large plant creature that looks like a big yellowish-brownish
ball with leaves on top and razor sharp roots that let it hover over the
Location - Hyrule Field
Rating - 2/10
Strat - Just leave it alone, man. If you insist on killing it, lock on, and
when it turns so you can see it's small root,(at the bottom) fire six shots
with your slingshot. Some Peahats just hover high above ground and crap out
Peahat Larva. In this case, you must aim manually.

Appearance - A really small Peahat.
Location - Hyrule Field
Rating - 2/10
Strat - Block it. When it hits your shield it will die. It will also kill
itself if you just run away.

A GHOST!!! Big whoop. There are 4 different types of Poe in Hyrule, I'll
explain how to kill'em all.

Appearance - A ghostly figure that has black skin and carries a lantern.
Location - Graveyard
Rating - 1/10
Strat - Just beat the crap out of it with your sword. Bottle it and you
can sell it at the Poe Shop for 10 rupees. 

Appearance - They both have reddish blonde mustaches. Flat wears a blue coat
and Sharp wears a red one.
Location - Back of the Graveyard. Read the two smaller tombstones.
Rating - 2/10
Strat - Same strategy for the normal Poe. The only difference is that it
takes twice the amount of hits to kill it.

Appearance - Wears a gray coat and a red necklace.
Location - Hyrule Field
Rating - 3/10
Strat - It will go in circles around you and drop little fire balls. Your
shield can block them easily. Lock on and use your bow or don't use L-Targeting
and use your sword.

The mid-level bosses of the Forest Temple, the Poe Sisters are 4 Poes that each
wear a different color coat.

Appearance - Wears a red coat and holds a torch with orange fire.
Location - Forest Temple
Rating - 2/10
Strat - Find the painting she's in and shoot it with an arrow. Do this 3 times.
After that, shoot her with 4-5 arrows while she's visible. If you lock on,
she'll disappear.

Appearance - Wears a blue coat and holds a torch with blue fire.
Location - Forest Temple
Rating - 2/10
Strat - Same as Red.

Appearance - Wears a green coat and holds a torch with green fire.
Location - Forest Temple
Rating - 3/10
Strat - Shoot her panting. Now rub together a couple of brain cells and finish
the block puzzle. Then kill her like you would the Red and Blue Poes.

Appearance -Wears a purple coat and holds a torch with purple fire.
Location - Forest Temple
Rating - 2/10
Strat - There will be 4 Poes circling you. When they first appear, find the
one that spins around once. Shoot that one. Repeat until you kill her. Don't
stay in first person aiming mode after you've shot.

Appearance - A Gibdo without any wrappings. So basically...a zombie.
Location - Graveyard, Inside the Well, Shadow Temple, Ganon's Castle, Kakariko
Rating - 4/10
Strat - Exactly like the Gibdo. Play the Sun's Song to freeze it, but if it
lays it's eyes on you, you'll be frozen yourself! You should attack it from
behind. It takes 2 shots from the Biggoron's Sword, 4 from the Master Sword,
and a whopping 8 shots when Link is a child, so it's best to avoid them as
young Link.

Sent in by INyCxT - "You can kill Gibdos and ReDeads as young Link in one
hit. Leap attack with a deku stick. The first hit takes off half their life
and somehow theres a bug or something, but it hits twice, effectively
killing it. But it seems to only work when its a full stick and the "middle
part" of the stick hits them and breaks."

Appearance - A skull with wings engulfed in red flame.
Location - Death Mountain Crater, Fire Temple, Gerudo Training Ground, Shadow
Temple, Ganon's Castle
Rating - 3/10
Strat - When you hear that,"WERH-WERH-WERH-WERH", noise they make then you
know there's a Bubble in the room. Either use your shield to knock out the
flames and cut it to bits, or avoid it.

Appearance - Same as the Blue Tektite, only the blue part is red instead.
Location - Death Mountain
Rating - 2/10
Strat - Contrary to popular belief, these are not JUST different colored
versions of the Blue Tektite. It takes half as many to kill a red one. Though
you can still get a Purple Rupee by killing it with a Light Arrow.

Appearance - A bubble. No, not the skull thing, it's actually a BUBBLE.
Location - Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Rating - 1/10
Strat - Good lord. Use your boomerang or run into it. If it hits you, it dies.

Appearance - A rabid clamshell on steroids.
Location - Water Temple, Gerudo Training Ground
Rating - 3/10
Strat - Lock on, create some distance, and ready your Hook/Longshot. Get close
and, when it opens it's mouth, fire away. If you miss, it's because you're too
close, back up a bit and try again. If it starts to attack, shield quickly!

Appearance - Hmmm.....a child, with no face, wearing ragged clothes and a
staw hat. Slightly resembles a scarecrow.
Location - Lost Woods
Rating - 5/10
Strat - The only reason I don't slaughter these guys by the millions is the
fact that I liked them as a kid. The reason this guy is kinda hard is because
he's so fast. Lock on and pound away with your Biggoron's Sword. If you kill
him, you get a huge rupee, it's worth a whoppin' 200 rupees.

Appearance - A Spider with a body that looks like a skull.
Location - Deku Tree, Forest Temple, Zora's Fountain, Ganon's Castle
Rating - 1/10
Strat - The EXACT same as the Big Skulltulla!!!

Appearance - A really small Skulltulla hanging on the wall.
Location - Deku Tree, Death Mountain, Forest Temple, Dodongo's Cavern, Spirit
Rating - 1/10
Strat - Same as a Gold Skulltulla, mostly. Use your long range weapon. If you
are stupid and climb right in front of it, it'll attack.

Appearance - A silver ball with spikes.
Location - Water Temple
Rating - 2/10
Strat - This thing will make a weird noise and come after you. Block. It will
hit the shield and turn into a rock. Hit it with your sword or Hook/Longshot.

Appearance - A weird lookin' skeleton.
Location - Hyrule Field
Rating - 1/10
Strat - Two hits will kill it. Kill about 10-12 of'em to see a big one.

Appearance - A large skeleton with clothing and armor.
Location - Forest Temple, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple, Gerudo Training
Ground, Ganon's Castle
Rating - 5/10
Strat - Another fun enemy to fight, the Stalfos is pretty kool lookin'.
That laugh they have is creepy, too. Lock on to it and hold up your shield,
in case he attacks and you weren't ready. When he drops his guard, let him
have it! I like to back up a lot so he'll jump at me. If he does this, either
1) Sidestep (QUICKLY!!) and deliver an attack of your own, or 2) While he's
in mid-air, do a jump attack. If you get it right, you'll hit him while he's
in mid-jump. You must have excellent reaction timing to land this, as he will
jump very quickly, and without warning.

Appearance - Hell if I know what that is supposed t'look like! You'll know
it when you see it. On it's bottom is a red thing that looks like a shark
dorsal fin. Besides that, it's mostly blue.
Location - Jabu-Jabu's Belly, Water Temple
Rating - 3/10
Strat - These....things are rare and kinda annoying. In Jabu-Jabu's
Belly, they will be in the floor. Lock on and get in front of them, they'll
come out of the floor. Shoot it twice with your slingshot. Voila! As an adult,
they'll be in a pool of water, lock on and shoot them with an arrow. Voila!

Appearance - Oh, I don't know......deformed lobster claw with an electric
Location - Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Rating - 2/10
Strat - EXTREMELY rare, there are only 5 of these in the game! They've made
their mark as an annoying little...thing, too. Either avoid it or use your
boomerang to hit it's tail. It usually dies if it hits you.

Appearance - Exactly how it sounds: a slug set on fire.
Location - Fire Temple, Ganon's Castle
Rating - 2/10
Strat - Just beat the crap out of it. If it's about to attack... well, just
beat the crap out of it.

Appearance - The exact same as the Floormaster.
Location - Forest Temple, Inside the Well, Shadow Temple, Spirit Temple,
Gerudo Training Ground, Ganon's Castle
Rating - 3/10
Strat - When you see that circular shadow at your feet and you hear that
"WHOOOOOOH" sound, that's a Wallmaster. Keep moving until it lands. Whack
it a couple times to kill it before it jumps back up to the ceiling. If it
grabs you, it takes you back to the start of the dungeon.

Appearance - A skull with wings.
Location - Spirit Temple
Rating - 2/10
Strat - Very, very rare, there are only a handfull of these guys. When it
stops circling around the room, lock on and pound away with your sword or
long range weapon.

Appearance - A big bad white wolf.
Location - Ice Cavern, Gerudo Training Ground
Rating - 1/10
Strat - This is the rarest of'em all yall! There are only 2 of these guys.
Despite their rare appearance, they are extreme wimps. Lock on and let him
strike both times, back up so he'll miss. Then jump attack. Do that twice.

Appearance - A little bad gray wolf.
Location - Forest Temple, Sacred Forest Meadow, Gerudo Training Ground
Rating - 1/10
Strat - The exact same as the White Wolfos, but you only have to jump attack
him once.

                         < < BOSS STRATEGIES > >

Alright! Now that we're through all the enemies, we can get to the bosses,
the best fights in the game! (some of them...) Again, e'mail me if you don't
agree with me, you see a strat that sucks, you have a tip for me, you think
I'm  lying, you think I'm great, you had a baby, you went to the moon......
pretty much whatever you want to tell me. Whatever you do don't send stupid
e-mails like anything about something already mentioned in the FAQ, or like
anything that says I suck. I don't care if you say that a strat sucks, as
long as it's your opinion and not an insult. If you have a problem doin'
a strat, don't feel bad for asking, I'll help you out.

Appearance - A very big Gohma Larva with more limbs.
Location - Deku Tree
Rating - 1/10
Strat - I can't believe some people out there actually think you should use
Deku Nuts on Gohma. That's the most useless item of them all, followed closely
by Bombchu. When it starts, lock on and ready a Deku Seed in your slingshot.
When her eye turns red, fire. Repeatedly do jump attacks on her, remembering
to back up a bit after each jump. Stay close (to the point that you can still
see ALL of her at once) as she goes up the ceiling. When her eye turns red,
shoot her again. Do more jump attacks. See? That was easy. By the way, if she
goes up to the ceiling more than once, you're doing something wrong.

Appearance - A HUGE Dodongo with 4 legs.
Location - Dodongo's Cavern
Rating - 1/10
Strat - How easy can it get? Lock on and, when he opens his mouth, throw a
bomb inside. Pull out your sword. When the bomb goes off, he'll fall down. Do
a jump attack. He'll go crazy and start rolling. Go to the side of the lava
pit, the slightly tilted part. He'll roll right past you. Go the opposite
direction he's going. When you two meet up again, repeat the same process of
"bomb, jump attack, move." You only have to do it three times. Was that easy
or what?

Sent in by cjnasser@uwaterloo.ca - "After you hit him, instead of running
to the side, hide under your Hylian Shield. He'll roll right over you
without doing any damage. Much safer. Run after him, picking up a bomb
flower on the way."

Appearance - Figure it out for yourself....
Location - Jabu-Jabu's Belly
Rating - 3/10
Strat - Barinade, the hardest of the first three bosses, is a large...um...it's
a thing. A word to the not-so-fast, if you stop to aim manually when you use
your boomerang, you WILL get killed. If you manage to survive, you'll have very
little health left. Start by moving forward, locking on, and throwing your
boomerang at the 3 tentacles on top of the creature. Just circle around it and,
when the boomerang comes back to your hands, lock on another tentacle and fire
away. When they are all gone, the many Bari attached to the Barinade will start
circling around it. Stay near the edge and try to hit the Barinade with your
boomerang. This is a good time to aim manually. Just aim a little upwards, just
enough to miss the Bari. When you hit it, start throwing your boomerang at the
Bari, as they've stopped spinning. When you have 2-4 Bari left, they'll start
spinning again, so back off and repeat the process. Now when you kill them all,
the big creature will come out of the floor and start spinning, with more Bari.
Try not to get cornered. Hit it again with your boomerang.(If there's a lot of
space between you two, aim manually, otherwise, lock on.) When you hit it, it
will stop, along with the Bari, but now it will also be shooting at you, so
keep moving. Kill most of the Bari, then get out of the way, as it will start
spinning again. Repeat that process until all the Bari are dead. Now it'll
start spinning and shooting like it's frantically tryin' to kill you. Lock on
and circle around it, being careful not to get hit, land a hit with your
boomerang and pound away with jump attacks, when it's had enough, it'll drop
into the floor and start shooting at you, just get away until it comes out of
the floor. Sidestep, backflip, or do whatever you must to stay away from those
blasts. Now do that about 2-3 times and victory is yours!

Appearance - Ganondorf with a horned skull face.
Location - Forest Temple
Rating - 4/10
Strat - He'll start off by jumping into one of those paintings. Wait until he
comes out and shoot him with your bow. Two of them will come towards you, but
only one will come out. He'll always be slightly lighter than the other one.
When you shoot him, just aim towards the top middle of the room and fire. When
you've shot him 3 or 4 times, he'll get off his horse and start floating, equip
your Biggoron's Sword.(You should have gotten it before you even walked in the 
Forest Temple.) Lock on and, when he shoots, hit the blast with you sword to
deflect it. He'll bounce it back a number of times, depending on how close you
are. The closer you are, the bigger the chance you have to hit him. When he
falls, jump attack him til he gets up. If he does something that isn't what
he's been doing,(as in NOT shooting at you) that's his special, just move. Two
or three times of you attacking him as he lands is all he can take.

Sent in by cjnasser@uwaterloo.ca - "You can use your hookshot when he
jumps out of the painting. The timing is harder (shoot after he opens
the portal, but before he comes all the way out of the painting), but
it conserves ammo."

Sent in by falloutvegence@hotmail.com - "When fighting Phantom Ganon, the fake
Ganon is always on the right edge of the path, technically riding the shadows.
The real one is centered, on the dirt. I figure it's because the Phantom Ganon
needs the whole painting in order to turn."

Appearance - A really kool lookin' fire dragon.
Location - Fire Temple
Rating - 4/10
Strat - This boss is a lot easier than he looks. Equip your Biggoron's Sword
and wait until he comes out of one of his holes. When he does, lock on, go
over and whack him with the Megaton Hammer. He'll screech and fall over. While
he screeches, pull out your sword. Back up, and when he lands, jump attack him.
He'll crawl in his hole and then, shortly after, come out again. He'll start
blowing fire everyplace. To return the favor, lock on his head and fire arrows
at him. Get as many hits as you can before he goes back in. Now he'll come out
and make a bunch of rocks fall, just dodge them. When he comes out again, he'll
just pop out like he did the first time. Whack him with the hammer, then jump
attack him. If you keep landing JUMP attacks, you'll only have to do it twice.

Appearance - A stupid little ball of pinkish goop.
Location - Water Temple
Rating - 2/10
Strat - By FAR the easiest adult Link boss, this mediocre ball of gooey crap
isn't even worth the effort. Equip your Biggoron's Sword. It will start by
trying to look somewhat intimidating. When it finishes, jump to the outer
ledge. It'll try to grab you with it's large tentacle. You can dodge this
easily. When it's sprawled over land, shoot it with your Longshot. I don't
care how you aim, but if you aim manually, aim a little in front of it as
it's moving around. You may have to try a couple times. When you snag it,
beat the crap out of it with your sword. If you're confident in your aim,
use jump attacks. It'll eventually jump back in the water and try again.
It'll also try making two arms to grab you, but both of them together still
aren't hard to dodge. Do the strat of dodge, longshot, sword, 2-4 times to
beat it. If you think this thing is even remotely hard, remember, it's just
like the sad people who can't jump fences with Epona correctly, it's YOUR

Sent in by luigimariokog@yahoo.com - "This is a very easy way to defeat
Morpha. If you do it this way, you CANNOT be hit, making this boss the
easiest enemy in the game. It's pretty simple, actually. Just stand in
a corner. You'll beat it with no problems."

Appearance - I'll try...it looks like the upper torso of a human hung upside
down on the ceiling. It has no wrists and it's hands are floating in front of
it. Instead of a head, it has a single eye covered by a weird lookin' layer
of skin.
Location - Shadow Temple
Rating - 6/10
Strat - The first boss that requires some effort, Bongo-Bongo looks really
weird. A lot of what makes this fight hard isn't his attacks, the strategy
I use, or anything like that. It's the fact that during the entire fight,
you're bouncing up and down. When it starts, equip the Biggoron's Sword. Lock
on to one of his hands. He'll most likely move around behind you, so turn
toward him and hit L so you can keep your eyes on him at all times. When
you're locked on, fire an arrow. If you miss, keep trying. When you hit it,
hit the other one as well. Pull out your Lens of Truth. Lock on to his eye
and shoot it. MAKE SURE YOU'RE IN FRONT OF HIM!!! If you're even slightly to
the side, you'll miss his eye and have to try again! When you hit his eye,
he'll fall right down, pull out your sword and pound away with jump attacks.
Be sure to back up a bit before doin' the next one. Do that 2 or 3 times and
you've won! I've heard a lot of people say to have the Big Quiver for this but,
at most, you only need 12-18 arrows. Now if you're really horrible, and NEED
those 40-50 arrows, I can't help you. Try not to get grabbed or hit, it
causes mad damage.

Sent in by bluepikachu252 - "Equip the Ice Arrows (previously thought to be
useless) and fire them at one of the hands, much like a Longshot or regular
arrow. The Ice Arrow, however, freezes the hand. The other hand now tries
to break the first hand out of the ice. Now, take the Lens of Truth and
turn it on, then find the eye, which became visible to the Lens when the hand
got frozen. Shoot it with the Longshot (or Arrow), then, if you got a good
angle (sometimes you wind up behind Bongo Bongo when you do this), stab him
like normal. The eye doesn't even move towards you using this method."

Sent in by zachdavidtaylor@yahoo.com - "Equip the Hover boots to stop
bouncing and get better shots at him."
(though remarkabley short, it works just as well)

Sent in by black16@hotmail.com - "You can hit one of his hands until the other
one retaliates by trying to smack the ground and squish you. Hit one, dodge 
FAST, hit the other, then, without hitting the eye with an arrow or whatever,
just slash it. The 1st hit will be calculated as if it were an arrow. In other
words, the 1st hit will stun Bongo. Then hit it as hard as you possibly can
with your sword.(or anything for that matter)"

Sent in by falloutvegence@hotmail.com - "The easiest way to defeat Bongo Bongo
is to equip the hover boots. Then, when he hits his drum, the surface you stand
on will fall, but you'll float, unperturbed. When it comes back up, you likely
won't even notice. It's at most a stutter and as a result I found him the
easiest boss in the game."

Appearance - Two old ugly witches that fuse together to become a younger ugly
Location - Spirit Temple
Rating - 5/10
Strat - This boss, like the temple it's from, is very fun to fight. I strongly
suggest that you use the Master Sword, that way you can block and use your
sword without any trouble. The first part is the two witches. The fire or ice
hag will shoot at you. You'll need to use the Mirror Shield to deflect the ray
back at the other sister. You can do this manually or with L targeting, so I'll
explain both. For manual deflecting, face the witch that's shooting, and hope
the other one comes into view. Then move your shield over to hit the other
witch. When locking on, find the witch that's shooting, then move to the corner
of the platform opposite her. This way you have a wide range of vision, allowing
you to see both sisters. Lock on to the other sister (the one that isn't firing)
and hold your shield up. Hopefully, your shield will deflect the ray back at the
witch and cause damage. Keep doin' that to both sisters until they "get serious."
They'll fuse together to become Twinrova. Stand in the middle of the platform and
lock on to her. Hold your shield up and block the first blast. She'll shoot two
more of the same blast, block those, too. If you miss one, dodge the next 3 or 4
blasts until she shoots yours again. When you've deflected 3 ice or 3 fire, run
towards her with your shield up. When she gets hit, unlock and jump across the gap
and, when you land, attack her repeatedly with your sword. (It's best not to use
jump attacks, as you can fall easily.) When she gets up, go to the middle again
and repeat the process. It takes about 3-4 beatings to take her out.

Sent in by falloutvegence@hotmail.com - "For the first part, when they are 
two seperate entities, L targetting is basically useless. It's a lot more 
trouble to use L targetting then it is to just tilt your analog stick. You 
might think you need L targetting because "I hit Koume last time, I need to 
hit the other one"... you don't need to hit them in any kind of order, just 
four shots. Four to one, two to each one, whatever floats your island."

Appearance - A large Gerudo man with green skin and a hella long nose. He wears
a brownish outfit with kool designs and large, bulky, black armor. He also wears
a long red cape.
Location - Ganon's Castle
Rating - 10/10 (The reason I gave him 10 is because you need PERFECT timing to
knock his blast back combined with the limited amount of time you have to hit
him, not to mention the sheer power of his attacks!)
Strat - The koolest boss in my opinion, Ganondorf sets the standard for evil.
The point of the fight with Ganondorf is to use your sword to knock back his
attacks and hit him with them. I would like to give everyone a better reason
to knock his attacks back, besides winning the fight: They hurt so bad, your
brains will start seeping out of your ears if you get hit. So if you're not
in the correct position to deflect it back at him, and he's sending one your
way, MOVE! I like using the Master Sword, but you can use whatever. Be sure
to bring a Green Potion and try to have gotten the last Great Fairy's gift.
When it starts, quickly run to the wall, as he'll pound the floor and knock
away the blocks there. Stand at the side and face him. Pull out your sword.
When he throws a blast, strike it with your sword at the right time to deflect
it back at him. (A lot like the Phantom Ganon fight.) Again, he'll deflect it
back many times before you hit him. This time though, when you hit him, you
must (QUICKLY!!!) hit him with a Light Arrow. When you've hit him both times,
he'll fall down. You can either jump over or lock on and use your Longshot,
either way, you must get over there. When you're over there, keep doing jump
attacks or normal attacks, but with normal attacks, you'll be able to get in
more hits. Again, you pick. He'll start shaking eventually. That's your cue to
get back on the side wall before he pounds you into little keebler bits. After
a while of doing that, his cape will start to look torn in some places, this
means that he's getting weaker, in other words, you're winning. At some point
he'll start charging up a huge ball of powerful energy and then yell really
loud and throw 6 powerful beams at you. There are 3 things you can do:

1) Get the hell outta the way!

2)Shoot him with a Light Arrow before he throws it.

3)Charge a spin attack and release it when the beams reach you, causing them to
stun Ganondorf, allowing you to have a shot with your Light Arrows.(Complete
waste of time and magic, but kool lookin')

If you do the first step, just wait until he throws a normal attack and repeat
the first process I explained. If you did one of the other two, run forward and
attack him, then jump back and repeat. I don't exactly remember, but I think it
takes anywhere from 4-6 times of doin' that to beat him. If you fall into the
big gap, there are jars down there for if you run out of ammo or magic. When
you defeat him, you'll have beaten the hardest enemy in the game, so be proud!!

Appearance - Gee...A very large ram wearing Ganondorf-like clothing and holding
two HUGE knives.
Location - Ganon's Castle Ruins
Rating - 7/10 (Yeah, he's easy, but again, I gave him 7 for his crazy power.
Really, if you get hit it hurts more'n'hell!)
Strat - Ganondorf will transform and the kool song will play, then he'll knock
away your Master Sword, which just ruins the whole thing. Equip your Biggoron's
Sword then create some distance betwwen you two. Face him, then run right at
him, roll between his legs and lock on his tail. Jump attack it. He'll screech
to let you know you hit him. Back up again then repeat the run, roll, lock,
sword strat 5 or 6 times. He'll fall over and the fire wall around you will
drop. Find Zelda and go to her. Go to the Master Sword and touch it to pick it
up. Equip your Master Sword and run back to Ganon. Just repeat what you've been
doing, but be warned! He's faster now, so there's a bigger chance that you'll
be hit, which isn't fun at all. When he's had enough, Zelda will shoot him with
her magic, completely immobilizing him. Hit him with your Master Sword to kill
him. When you beat him, sit back and enjoy the kool ending cinema!!

                             < < SPECIAL THANKS/CREDITS > >

I'd like to thank Shigeru Miyamoto for creating Link and the game itself, and
also Nintendo for making and then, years later, re-releasing the greatest game
of all time. I'll put anyone who sends me anything useful (accent on USEFUL) in
this section. Please send me any thoughts, opinions, strats, or anything else
that may be a useful addition to the FAQ. But don't send me stuff that really
isn't BETTER THAN or AS GOOD AS any strat in here already. I've been getting
a lot of junk mail about people telling me how good they are and what not. If
you send me this junk then I won't even acknowledge you. The only things I
want to see are additions or opinions. If you think this FAQ sucks, tell me
why. And "it sucks" is not a reason, by the way. If you find a strat that you
like or dislike, tell me why, so I can see wether or not it needs changing.
Also, if you find a strat you found doesn't work, tell me so I can take it off.
Make sure you have "Zelda FAQ" as the subject of your mail, cause I usually
delete anythin' that isn't from anyone I know or has "Zelda" in it somewhere.

bluepikachu252 ~ Sent me a kool new strat for Bongo-Bongo and an alternate way
to do part of the Biggoron's Sword strat

supa_dupa_shane@hotmail.com ~ Told me that I forgot to say that Like-Likes are
Inside the Well.

Imbisle ~ Sent me another method for beating the Flare Dancers.

cjnasser@uwaterloo.ca ~ Gave me a couple new things about Keese, Phantom Ganon,
Twinrova, and King Dodongo.

INyCxT ~ Sent me a new strat for killing Gibdos and ReDeads as young Link.

me_tree_01@hotmail.com ~ Sent me another start for fighting Dark Link.

zachdavid taylor@yahoo.com ~ Sent me a strat for Bongo.

black16@hotmail.com ~ Sent me in yet another strat for Bongo.

falloutvegence@hotmail.com ~ Sent me some strats for Phantom Ganon,
Bongo(do you guys not like my strat??), and Twinrova.

jeffrechencan@hotmail ~ Sent me a new strat for fighting Bigocto.

Thanks oh-so bunches to everyone you sent in somethin'! Your contribution
is appreciated!! With that, I hope you enjoyed the FAQ!
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