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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

                             V.04 Updated  17/05/2001 

WELCOME to my horribly   simple, allegedly witty, and   occasionally long-winded
WALKTHROUGH to the LEGEND  OF ZELDA: ORACLE OF  AGES game. This walkthrough   is
designed  for  those  people  who  (like  me)  speak  ABSOLUTELY  NO    JAPANESE
WHATSOEVER. Its  so simple,  even Tony  Blair could  understand it! (No  offence
intended  Mr. Blair!)  It has  no discernable  format, no  obvious breaks,   and
absolutely no DUNGEON WALKTHROUGHS whatsoever. Go read a proper walkthrough   if
you wanna know how to  do the dungeons. This is  designed to be a good  read  as
well  as an  informative piece  of  literature.  If you  only read  it  for  the
occasional  laugh,  I  don't  care...   That's  what  I  wrote  it   for... This
walkthrough is copyright (c) DEMAJEN PRODUCTIONS 2001. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.



1. The Story
2. Controls
3. Here We Go
4. Items/Equipment
   Main Artefact
   Other Equipable Items
   Special Items
   Dungeon Keys
   Other Items
   Essences of Time
5. People
6. Trading Sequence
7. Bestiary
8. Thanks To....
9. Disclaimer


In the lands  of Hyrule,  a  lone boy rode  his horse along  a trail.  His  name
was Link, and  he  was   being  led  by  an   unseen force  to  Hyrule   Castle.
Inside the castle, upon  a  pedestal,  sat the  Triforce, a  beautiful  artefact
of great power. Link touched the  Triforce  and was engulfed in blinding  light.
In his   head sang a crystal voice... 

"Link... Link... The trials of the Triforce have begun!" 

...and then all faded to darkness. 

When Link  awoke, he  found himself  in an  unfamiliar forest.  Although he  had
travelled the length and breadth of Hyrule, he had never seen this place before.
He leapt to his feet and started walking down the path. As he rounded a bend  he
came across Impa. Link recognized her, but didn't understand what she was  doing
so far away from home. 

Impa  explained  that  she was  searching  for  a young  woman  called  Nayru, a
songstress. "Will you help me search for her?" 

Link  agreed, and  travelled further  into the  deep forest  searching for  this
singer of  songs whom  Impa wanted  to find.  In the  center of the forest, Link
found a clearing, from which the most beautiful melody he had ever heard flowed.
In the center of a clearing stood a beautiful young girl with striking blue hair
and a perfect voice. She was  surrounded by animals that seemed to  be entranced
by her song. 

Link  became  similarly entranced,  so  beautiful was  the  music, but  it   was
interrupted  by  Impa  laughing.  Everyone looked  towards  her  as  she started
shaking. Nayru's singing stopped. 

"Nayru! Sorceress of Time! My name is Veran, and your body will be mine!" 

Impa's form crumpled to the floor as a black mist rose from her eyes and  mouth,
coalescing into  a shadow  with two  huge evil  eyes. It  then solidified into a
beautiful but evil woman. 

"Now I have the power  of the Sorceress of Time,  I can return the world  to its
former glory over which I can rule; a time when the world is full of suffering!" 

The body  collapsed into  a shadow  again, which  hovered for  a second,  before
racing into the helpless  Nayru's body. Nayru shook  for a few seconds,  and her
skin took on an odd blueish tinge.  Nayru/Veran spread her arms, and on a  small
ledge overlooking the clearing a blue radiance swirled. The evil sorceress,  and
the body she inhabited, leapt up to the ledge. 

Link was unable  to reach her  in time, and  there was no  way he could  leap up
there. Nayru disappeared  in the  radiance  whilst Link watched  on  helplessly.
As she did so,  the  world started  to shake and   waver out the  corner of  his
eyes. Several of the animals in the clearing simply turned grey, then  vanished,
as  if they had never existed. 

Something had disrupted the order of nature - the flow of time - and Link didn't
have to think twice to know who was behind it. He had to stop the world becoming
a world of darkness, and the only way to do this was find and destroy Veran. 

Link headed down another  path, searching for a  way to rescue Nayru.  His trial
had begun... 


D-Pad - 	Move Link around the Main Screen
		Move the cursor in Menus.
		Swim faster with the Mermaid Suit on.

A Button - 	Use the item assigned to the A Button.
		Assign an item to the A Button in the Sub-Screen.
		Talk / Read / Look
		Scroll through on-screen text
		Dive while swimming.
		End Cutscene (usually - not always!)

B Button - 	Use the item assigned to the B Button.
		Assign an item to the B Button in the Sub-Screen.
		Scroll through text
		Dismount off Ricky, Moosh, and Demitri (if he's on land).
		Stroke faster while swimming using the Flippers.

Start - 	Pause game and open the Sub-Screen
		Hold with the Select button to open the Save Menu.
Select - 	View the Map
		Change the screen to any of 3 Sub-Menus
		Hold with the Start button to open the Save Menu.



Head up and left and push the block out of the way. Talk to all the animals, and
then the bear  again. Watch the  cutscene. Impa will  give you your  sword. Head
down to the village and  talk to Vasu the ring  appraiser to get a ring  box and
the Meeting Ring. Head to Maku Way and speak to the Maku tree. Head right and go
through the time portal after Ralph. Head  to the Tower of Darkness and get  the
shovel. Head back to Maku Way (now in the past). 

Fight the moblins attacking the Maku sprout. It will open the gate. Head through
the portal back to  the present. Talk to  the Maku tree and  when it asks you  a
question, choose the right  answer. You'll get a  fruit bag. Head down  a screen
and burn the bush with your new  fire fruit. Open the chest for 30  rupees, then
head straight to the shop and spend  them on a nice new shield. Head  right, out
of the village,  until you come  to a screen  with a sign,  a burnable bush, and
some rather sinister looking trees. Burn the bush. Welcome to the graveyard. 

Head down the nearest stairway, go left, down then right, and burn the bottom of
the two bushes. Go down the steps. Light the two torches for the Grave Key. 

Go back up  to the stairway  and head up,  opening the gate  with the key.  Head
right, then down several screens and enter the SPIRIT GRAVE. 

Dungeon Item:  		Power Bracelet
Sub-boss: 		Giant  Ghini
Boss:  			Pumpkinhead 
Dungeon Treasure: 	Eternal Spirit

From the grave, head up  and left. Lift the boulder  and talk to the ghost  with
the lantern. Push the grave  up and go down the  steps. Talk to him again.  Head
back up the steps. Talk to him again to receive the Poe Clock. 

Head back to the  village and carry on  right through to the  right, hefting the
rock out of the way  with the bracelet. Head down  and round till you reach  the
fairy maze.  Find all   3 fairies.  They'll dispel   the maze.  Head right   one
screen and the remains of the 2nd dungeon will collapse. 

Head to Impa's house,  which is right and  up of the animal  gathering where you
first met Nayru. Push the fairy statue to the left to uncover a secret stairway.
Head down to the basement and pick up the HARP OF TIME. Nayru will speak to  you
and teach you the SONG OF ECHO. This is the only time you get to see Nayru  play
her own harp! 

Utilise the warp point next to Impa's house by playing the Song of Echo and then
stepping into the  portal. Head to  where the collapsed  building would be.  You
find that you  can't get in.  So keep on  heading left. Engage  any pyromaniacal
fancies you  have and  burn every  bush in  sight. Eventually  you'll lift  some
boulders and  go down  some stairs.  Going clockwise  and heading  up some  more
stairs, then heading down  a screen will bring  you to a tree  with green fruit.
Whack the tree with your sword to collect the fruit, then try sprinkling some on
the owl statue and see what it says. 

Head back to the start of the forest. Ah, but you can't. A red-armoured  soldier
comes along and arrests you. Oh dear... BUSTED! 

Looks like you get to see the Queen, who would like some of the green fruit. You
don't get much choice but  to give her some, but  you do get some nice  BOMBS in
return. You are then led out of the castle. Head back to the 2nd dungeon,  where
you can now plant a bomb! Woohoo! Enter the DUNGEON OF WINGS 

Dungeon  Item: 		Roc's  Feather 
Sub-boss:  		Snubbull 
Boss:  			Roulette Thwomp  
Dungeon Treasure: 	Ancient Wood

Right, now  that's out  of the  way, head  towards the  Fire Fruit  tree in  the
village. From that screen go down and right, utilising the power of the  feather
to leap across the water.  Go and talk to the  guy in the house, then  head back
out and you'll  run into Ralph.  Leave him hanging  on the sentence  for a while
whilst you  update your  FAQ (*grin*)  and so  that you  can listen to his funky
"RALPH"  music... Head  back to  the present  via the  portal next  to the  Maku

Once you exit the portal, head back to the Graveyard, making your way past  that
bush that grows back  remarkably quickly (every time  you leave the screen  - as
opposed to the one OUTSIDE the Graveyard that never grows back... hmmm).  You'll
find Moosh the blue winged bear (that's a bear, that's blue, with wings; not   a
bear with  blue wings.  Please nobody  else tell  me that  he doesn't  have blue

Once you have rescued Moosh, head left  and up to the pits screen. Fly  over the
pits utilising your  new-found furry friend's  flying capability, and  push  the
gravestone out the way to reveal  some steps goin' down. Sadly, Moosh  won't fit
down them, so you'll have to leave him here. 

Avoid the Helmet Beetles and the Red  Gels and head up, right, and round  to the
lever. Pull it utilising  the bracelet till it  won't go back any  further. Then
run up the stairs to grab the FLIPPERS! 

With the flippers now firmly attached to your footsies, head into the water  and
round to the right of those stupid-looking bush things. Head left some, and pick
up the COIL  OF ROPE on  the ledge. Had  back up the  steps and you'll  discover
Moosh has deserted  you, the blighter.  Oh well, just  pick up the  rock to your
left, lob it carelessly somewhere, then jump over the pit. 

Burn down that bush (again), and head back to the PAST. 

Go and see Rafton. His (quite large) shack, is down from the mermaid statue  and
across the little  bridge that the  Chinese guy (whom  I'm informed is  actually
just an old  woman, but they  look like little  old Chinese guys  - they clearly
have moustaches -  so that's  what  I'll call them.)  Talk  to him  and give him
the rope (use the left of the  two  options if you are playing in  Japanese  and
don't understand a  word  of  it). He'll  tell  you  you need  a  special map to
navigate  with. Guess  what! You  don't have  it! Head  out and  up, and  you'll
encounter Ralph (and his funky music) again. 

Head, BACK TO THE  FUTURE... (I wonder whether  the Harp of Time  has a built-in

Head back to the Graveyard entrance  (don't have to burn the bush  this time...)
There should  be a  kangaroo there.  His name  is Ricky.  He makes an irritating
noise, and he's got a problem! He's lost his boxing gloves (!), and asks you  to
find them for him. This  is fairly easy. Head down  a screen, lop the bushes  in
half, and head through. Then down twice,  left once, and dig at the base  of the
tree. Quite how the gloves  ended up here are a  mystery to me, but go  back and
give them to Ricky. Rick  will now let  you ride  in his pouch, so make  use  of
his incredible (?) abilities and head down  again, left through the bushes,  and
LEAP up onto the   ledge... Head  round and   you'll meet  most people's   hated
enemy  TINGLE.  I happen  to like  him,  though,  so please  don't say  anything
nasty about him in my presence. 

Chop his balloon  down mercilessly and  talk to him.  He'll give you  - da da da
daaa - the Sea Map. Hurrah. Time to go back and see Rafton. 


Wahay, your raft is ready, and you have a map to (try to) navigate with. You can
have a play  around on the  open sea if  you desire. Just  try not to accidently
walk into any whirlpools or such like. Or, alternatively, head down, right,  and
up twice from Rafton's Raft Shop and find yourself IMPERILLED by bad weather! Oh
no... Wind, rain, lightning, and monkeys (!) get blown past. Go figure! 

When you wake  up, you'll discover  a bunch of  Tokagejin (that's lizardmen  for
anyone not   in the   know -   i.e.. just   about every   none-Japanese-speaking
person playing this game)  who are nicking  all your equipment.  The cads!  Head
down a screen and push  that green seed  thing right twice  so its at  the  base
of  the cleft in the  wall (this saves time later  - trust me). Carry on  right,
then down, and  grab your  shovel back.  (NB: If  you are  playing a  passworded
game,  the lizardman here gets  chased of by  Rosa the Orange  Subrosian  girl).
Head  north and into a cave to retrieve your sword. Head back up and left,  then
up the steps and right, down through  some bushes, and  talk to the  Deku to buy
a shield for 50 rupees). Down from  there, again save time by pushing the  green
thing to the base of the cleft in   the wall. The head  down, right, and up   3x
to the shop.  Here, swap your shovel for the power bracelet. 

Head back  to that  screen with  the pits  and steps  you just  came down.  Head
through that small gap to the right,  heft the boulder out the way, and  go down
the steps. Head through the cave and up the other steps to get your bombs  back!
Woohoo! Blast your way back, opening the chest for a Gasha seed if you want. 

Head back  towards the  shop place,  stopping to  bomb the  OBVIOUSLY-FAKE wall.
Enter and play the mini-game. You need the Power Bracelet to do so, so its  best
to get it out of the way. Tactics on playing this game? Sorry, none. Its  bloody
difficult. I've heard  the prizes get  better, but I  find it too  irritating to
play much.  Anyway, the  first one  is the  thing you  really want. Looks like a
pineapple. Can't remember its proper name at the moment... 

Anyways, head back  to the shop  and swap your  bracelet for the  Roc's Feather.
Head back to  those oft-mentioned pits.  Leap across and  head north to  another
OBVIOUSLY-FAKE™ wall.  Bomb it  and enter.  A little  leaping and bombing action
(and a little  talking to the  lizardman) later, and  you'll have your  flippers

Head back  to the  shop and  get your  bracelet back  (again). Head  back to the
watery cave and head to the top left corner, lifting the blocks and diving  down
the OBVIOUSLY-SUSPICIOUS™ deep water. Head round a watery route, up some  stairs
(hefting a rock out the way), and head left. Talk to the thieving lizardman   to
get your fruit pouch back. Take the  quick way down off the ledge (but  remember
to leave then reenter the screen to push that green seed back into place).  Head
up and  left, through  the bushes,  then turn  right at  the blue octoroks. Head
through the boulders and give the pineapple thing to the guy. 

Jump off the ledge to  the right and go see  the guy in the Barter  Store. He'll
trade you  some fruit  for the  Roc's Feather  back. Yay!  With both feather and
bracelet, head back  to the screen  left of the  pits and enter  the cave there.
Head through the fairly-straightforward underwater  bit, up the stairs, and  out
the door. There's the blighter with the Harp of Time. Give it back! 

By now, all but  the most unobservant of  you will have noticed  the time portal
next to the hut in the lizardman village. Go and use it. If you have the Bag  of
Scents from the trading sequence, the guy in the hut to the south of the  portal
wants it! Anyway,  utilising the power  of vines, make  your way round  to where
that  pineapple  got  planted. But  my  how  its grown!  Its  a  new fruit  type
everybody! Grab some!  They are Eltete  Fruit and they  act as bait  for enemies
which crowd around it if  they can. However, it has  a more immediate use -  the
guy in the shop would like some, and will gladly swap you your shovel for it! 


Take your shovel, your  bracelet, and your feather  back to where you  found the
harp of time. Head up,  left, and down from there,  dig your way to the  portal,
and activate it  using the HARP.  Ignore the time  portal to the  north and make
your way round. Time to enter the 3rd Dungeon. The MOONLIGHT SHRINE. 

Dungeon Item:  		Seed Shooter 
Sub-boss:  		Drill Moll  
Boss: 			Shadow  Poe Witch 
Dungeon Treasure: 	Echoing Howl

After you beat the dungeon, you'll  get a nice little cutscene showing  you that
that Tower is getting taller. After its  over, head down, left, and up to  where
two of those nasty Tokagejin are bullying Demitri the red dodongo. Talk to  them
and give them some fire fruit to  send 'em off an earn Demitri's thanks.  Hop on
his back and take a short journey north till you hit a familiar coast. Head into
the  cave to  the south  of Tingle   and do  the old  ricochet effect  with  the
peashooter that you've had plenty of opportunity to master in the last  dungeon.
Head up and talk to the koolah-lumpa (!) man and upgrade your seed bag!! 

Head back to the town, and here you have to make a choice. What's your  favorite
of the three animals? If its Demitri the Dodongo, head into the shop and buy the
horn  for   150  rupees.   If  its   Moosh,  don't   buy  the   horn.  If    its
Ricky...err...well actually I don't know how you get Ricky in AGES, and no   one
I've spoken to does, so that might just have been a cameo for him... 

Anyway, the next bit is fairly simple.  Head left out of town until you  see the
path leading up to the Happy Mask Shop. There should be a bridge to your  right,
and a switch. Hit the bush in front  of the switch with a pyro fruit (burn  baby
burn)  and then  hit the  switch to  make the  bridge extend  across the  water.
Hurrah. Head  across and  up. DON'T  hit the  green BUZZ  BLOBS with  your sword
unless you  want a  shock. You  might try  sprinkling different  fruits on  them

This next bit looks different depending on if you bought the horn or not. If you
wanted Demitri (and bought the horn),  this plateau is all watery. If  its Moosh
you want there  are lots of  pits to fly  over. If its  Ricky...well, as I  said

Anyway, go talk to the Head  Carpenter by the unfinished bridge. He'll  tell you
that his  3 apprentices/sons  have galavanted  off like  the camp  guys they are
(anyone remember how they run in the N64 games? hee hee! ahem, yes...anyway back
to the walkthrough).  You won't be  able to do  much, so head  back the way  you
came. You'll run into the blue Naughty  Fairy. He tells you that there seems  to
be a  problem in  the Fairy  Forest (probably).  So head  back there  and wander
around until you find your animal of  choice, who seems to have wandered in  and
got stuck in the Maze. 

Rescue him/her/it/whatever  and head  back to  the Plateau.  You'll get  (insert
animal's  name  here)'s  horn  too!   This  means  you  can  call him/her..etc..
whenever you wish. (Incidently, you can carry Demitri with the POWER BRACELET). 

Anyway, back on the Plateau, make your way round the obstacles and talk to   the
3 carpenters.  They're easy  enough to  find, but  they are  in different places
depending  on which  animal you  have. After  they've all  bounded off,  they'll
finish building the bridge across the river (denying the laws of physic as  they
do  so, but hey its only a game!) 


Yes, congratulations, you've  made it to  Volcano Town. Why's  it called volcano
town? Err...duh! Head left from the entrance to the town and you'll come  across
a  new kind  of Fruit  Tree. This   is a  Pyuu tree.  Its fruit  creates  little
whirlwinds that carry you to any other  fruit trees on the world map. You'll  be
using these A LOT!!! Also, to the left and right of the tree are bushes. Lop 'em
down to  uncover two  time portals.  Why are  there two  of them? I really don't
know, but I suspect it is something to do with keeping the balance of the  town,
a theme  which you  are about  to find  out is  very important.  Use one  of the
portals (doesn't matter which). 

Explore Volcano  Town for  a bit  (shouldn't take  too long,  there only being 5
buildings and  all), and  talk to  everybody  there.  The guy  in the  top-right
house should give  you something which  looks like a  mouldy red pepper.  You'll
need this in a bit. 

Head to  the opposite  side of  town and  exit down  and left, avoiding the blue
guards with spears. Head left a screen and up twice, avoiding the guards and the
evil Zora blasting you with fireballs. Do you see the OBVIOUSLY-SUSPICIOUS™  bit
of deep water out all  on its own? If not,  get your eyes tested or  retrace the
steps I've just said. Dive under the water.

Avoid,  the fish  things (cheep-cheeps  I think  they're called)  and exit  into
Touki's house. Stand on the nice green  tile and play Touki a song. He'll  be so
impressed that  he'll teach  you one  of his  own. After  a brief  burst of  the
"Frantic Music™" you'll get the SONG  OF FLOW! Those of you familiar  with Zelda
on the SNES  will understand if  I say MAGIC  MIRROR when citing  what this song
does. For the others of you, the song of flow opens a portal between times. Only
one of these portals can be open at any time, and the only way to shut it is  to
either step back through it or use the Song of Echo to use a time portal. 

For a piece of heart, go down one  screen, then left one screen and lurk in  the
bottom left whilst playing the song of  flow. Walk across to the right when  you
reach the present and pick up the heart piece. Head back to the past and  dawdle
on right, down, then left.  Stay to the bottom left  and again play the song  of
flow to transport yourself to the present. 

Down, right, down, left, down, right, and up the gap takes you to a screen  with
a boulder.  But hark,  what lurks  beneath said  hunk of  rock? Why, 'tis a time
portal. Use it! 

Head down a  screen and push  the green seed  to the right.  You should know how
this works  by now.  Then head  up and  into the  big ominous  cave. Head up the
stairs and turn right. Exit the door and push the red "thing" to the left.  This
diverts the flow of the water. Head back to the seeds screen and use the song of
flow to travel to the Present. 

Head up the vines on  the right and swim to  the right. Take the top-right  exit
off the water screen  and head up and  round. You'll find a  time portal sitting
atop the screen with the flow diverter. Use it. 

Head back round to the right. This time, when you hit the water take the  bottom
exit.  Continue  round, killin'  critters  that attack  you,  until you  find  a
climbing wall. Head  up the wall,  staying central unless  a boulder happens  to
bounce down directly above you,  and enter the cave at  the top. Why am I  doing
this? I  probably forgot  to mention  that this  is where  the REPAIR MAN lives.
Remember this  place for  other events  later on  (such as  getting the  level 2
sword. This is where you bring the BROKEN SWORD PARTS).

Head inside and talk to the bloke. Answer with the left answer to his questions,
then follow him  down the stairs.  Talk to him  and play a  little minigame. The
object of the game is to hit the purple helmet beetles into the pits before  the
minecart runs down the  MAGIC PEPPER THING... Trouble  is, the only way  you can
divert the track to avoid the PEPPER  is to stand on the button, and  when these
beetle things keep bumping into you, that's quite hard to do. It may take you  a
few times, but persevere. When you win, the guy will repair the PEPPER for  you.
Time to head back to VOLCANO TOWN. 

Head right from the repairman's cave and drop off the ledge. Head up the  stairs
and left to the  big Town Hall place.  Go in and place  the PEPPER on the  altar
which is just ahead of the  entrance. This will stop the volcano  erupting. Head
up to  where it  is and  use the  song of  flow to  warp forwards to a different
present - a present where Volcano Town has not been wiped out by the  eruptions.
Where the  volcano used  to be  now sits  a dungeon!!  Enter DUNGEON  4 -  SKULL

Dungeon Item:  		Switch Hook  (Lvl.1) 
Sub-boss:  		Armos Knight  
Boss: 			Patra 
Dungeon Treasure: 	Burning Flame

So, where to now? Back to the Maku... And yes, I did use Maka previously, but we
have official names now so I shall be using them... Why don't I go back and edit
the others? Because I don't want to... :P 

On your way, you  may want to stop  by the Happy Mask  Shop (to the left  of the
bridge, near the  switch) and swap  your Delicious Meat  (if you have  it) for a
Doggy Mask. Give this to Mamamu Yan in Rennu Town. Continue on to the Maku  Tree
and use the time portal to her right. Use the Song of Echo and go to the PAST 

Head across the pits, up, then left. Use the switch hook to get across the  gap,
then head left to the cave entrance. (NB. There is a soil patch hidden under the
bushes if  you are  interested.) Talk  to all  the Gorons  in the cave. They are
stuck and can't get  through to their main  caves. What to do?  Well, leave them
and go outside, then use the Song of Flow to travel BACK TO THE FUTURE.... 

Head straight   back into   the cave   and wonder   up the   steps in the bottom
right corner  of the  complex. The  head left   and up  the stairs on the raised
platform. Wander out  the door to  the south, watching  out for the  ugly moblin
things... When you are out  in the open, head  right  3 screens and pick up  the
suspicious rock. This  will  be the  SECOND  ROCK, not  the  first rock,   which
hides a  Hoarder underneath. If you are confused by what  I mean here, it  might
catch you  out... *grin* 

Under the rock is a Time Portal. Use it to head TO THE PAST 

Head back 3  screens to the  left and head  up the little  staircase. Head up  a
screen to the funky swirly tree which holds the PEGASUS FRUIT (official  name...
original Japanese was SASSA for anyone interested). These let you run fast for a
short period of  time. Coupled with  the Roc's Feather,  they allow you  to jump
further. Head  right a  screen and  use the  Song of  Flow to  warp BACK  TO THE

Enter the Purple Fortress via the left door. Use the PEGASUS FRUIT straight away
as you sprint round the passage.  The floor collapses behind you. Watch  out, it
might catch up... 

Head up the stairs and admire the rows of bomb flowers. Pity you can't pick 'em.
Head up the  stairs again... But  wait, what's this.  It seems this  fortress is
occupied by Wart...ahem...  I mean Boss  Brin, the Moblin  King (no relation  to
David Bowie, the Goblin King...although in a world called Labrynna you could  be

Time for a fairly  fun game (in which  you CAN die btw).  Pick up the big   bomb
Bowie throws at you  and hurl it back  just before it explodes  (otherwise he'll
pick it up  and hurl it  again), while avoiding  the bombs that  the two moblins
chuck... You'll need the  Power Bracelet equipped to  pick up the big  bomb, and
the Pegasus Fruit can help you avoid the little ones... 6 hits and he's a gonna!
The  Gorons  will  then come  and  thankyou  for freeing  them  from  the Moblin
hypocrisy. Their reward? A BOMB FLOWER! 

All you can do now is STEP BACK IN TIME... and go and see those Gorons near  the
cave entrance again. The bomb flower  might  help alleviate their work a  little
or OBLITERATE IT COMPLETELY!!! The Goron Elder, who I assume to be Darunia  from
previous Zelda games, is impressed, and gives you the Crown Key as a reward  for
clearing his caves... 

BACK TO THE  FUTURE for you.  Head to the  cave entrance that  was hidden behind
Fort de Bowie (that's Brin's Fort for  those of you who don't appreciate my  wit
shame on you!). Use Pegasus Fruits and Roc's Feather to clear the gaps,  heading
right and out the door in the bottom right. Head left a screen and behold;  'tis

Dungeon  Item:  	Cane  of  Somaria 
Sub-boss:  		Smasher  
Boss:  			Evil  Cloud 
Dungeon Treasure: 	Sacred Soil

Head right from the  Crown Dungeon and take  the right-hand cave entrance.  Work
your way through, avoiding the  keese, and go up the  stairs into a room with  a
curled-up goron and some blocks. Push the top one right, then the one underneath
it down into the pit. Ignore the next one, but push the right-hand one below  it
down, and the one to its left across into the pit. Head out of the door and head

Head up  and into  the cave  mouth ahead.  Go down  the steps,  kill the red Zol
waiting to leap on you,  then step on the button  to make the bridge. Avoid  the
moldorm, making your way along the top  of the screen, then down and out  of the
cave, back  into the  sunshine of  Labrynna. Head  down twice  (watching out for
Leevers and  the Like-Like),  then right  twice (watching  out for  octoroks and
like-likes, and  a hoarder  hidden in  a lone  bush near  the bottom left of the
screen. Burn the OBVIOUSLY  SUSPICIOUS™ bush if you  want. There's a little  old
git down there who takes some of your cash. 

Heading up, there are two caves. If you are low on health, go into the left  one
and pick up a fairy or two. Then head into the right-hand one. Head up and  play
the most frustrating  game in the  world - the  Goron Dancing Game.  You have to
follow the pattern then blue  goron sets out by tapping  the A and B buttons  in
time. This seems to be  kinda random, however, and in  some case you have to  be
spot on to the millisecond.  Still, when you've won (eventually)  you'll receive
the goron  mask/headband thing,  which lets  you access  the rest  of the  Goron
Mountains. Head down  and talk to  the guy napping  at the bottom  of the steps.
Head up the steps and left, using the switch hook to get you across the gaps. 

Head out of the cave mouth and go down. Watch out for the Rock Hoarder (he's the
southernmost  rock). There's  also a  soil patch  hidden under  a rock  on  this
screen. Go right and drop off the ledge. This puts you back outside the door  to
the dancing  game. Why  did I  make you  go that  way round? Well, remember that
screen with the sign and steps going up. That's the way to the Goron Bomb  Game.
Remember it!! 

Anyway, head left  from the entrance  and you'll come  to a screen  with a cave.
Don't bother going  in. Chop down  the bush and  uncover the Time  Portal hidden


Head right to  where the goron  dancing game entrance  would be...and still  is.
Talk to the guy at  the bottom of the steps  and get his to shift.  Then head up
the steps. Use Pegasus Fruit and the Roc's Feather to leap across the gaps. Head
up the steps. If you want some phat cash - and who doesn't - switch hook  across
to the chest and open it for a huge blue rupee worth 100. 

Head out of the cave  and down a screen. Whack  the three tektites and then  use
the switch hook to move that green vine seed to the cleft in the wall. Using the
Song of Flow, it's time to head... 


Head up the vine and to the  right. Pick up the topmost rock to  uncover another
time portal. You'll need this in  a bit. First though, enter the  Goron Minecart
game. The aim of the game is to destroy all the crystals with your peashooter as
you go past. A hint. Fire a shot up to destroy a crystal before you even get  in
the  cart. You  need to  hit ALL  12 crystals  to win  the Goron  Rug. It  takes
practice. Once you  have the rug,  you can play  again for the  boomerang if you
want. But that is VERY difficult... 

Head outside and use the time portal to... 


Head up into the Goron Swordball Game. Your aim here is to destroy white blocks,
not purple ones. POINTS FOR 


Your prize is the  Yougan Drink. Head outside  and drop off the  ledge, avoiding
the Grass Hoarder who comes rushing across at you. If you need some health, head
into the cave. Make sure you collect  the fruit on the Mystery Tree so  that you
can warp to this place again with Gale Fruit if you want. Drop of the ledge. 

You'll find yourself  outside the Goron  Dancing Game (again).  Use the Song  of
Flow to go... 


Head into the cave and give the nice goron at the bottom of the steps your Goron
Rug. He'll give you a nice Goron Pot in return. head back outside and step  back
through your temporary portal and 


Go into the Goron Dancing game and talk  to the nice Goron at the bottom of  the
steps. Give him your Goron Pot. In return you'll get his Tough Goron Award 2001.
Head outside and go...


Head into the Goron Dancing Game  (getting repetitive?!) and head up the  steps.
Head across the  gaps using the  switch hook and  up the stairs.  Then go up the
next set of stairs (next to the sign) Head up and talk to the goron there. He'll
see you  have the  Tough Goron  Award 2001  and challenge  you to his bomb game.
Accept and he'll show you the prize you are playing for - the MERMAID KEY, which
opens LEVEL 6 in the PRESENT. The key to this game is Pegasus Fruit. Use it  and
run round the outside of  the room in a circle.  Loads of bombs will be  chucked
in. You simply have to avoid being blown up by any of them. Its fairly simple...
(He says!)

From the bomb game, head up the stairs and out the doorway. Now you need to work
your way back to the entrance to the Dancing Game and 


Head up the  stairs in the  dancing game, leap  across the pits,  then go up the
stairs. You should be in a room where you got that huge blue rupee and there's a
lone goron  sitting on  the floor.  Go talk  to him.  It seems  that he's  quite
thirsty. He gives you  a book or something  in return for your  Yougan Drink. Go
back down the stairs, across the pits, and down the stairs again. Head up to the
dancing game. Beat the  game having chosen the  first option (this doesn't  mean
getting a perfect score btw) to receive the RED MERMAID KEY, which will open the
door to LEVEL 6 in THE PAST. Now you have both keys, time to head out to DUNGEON
6 which  is next  to the  warp point  a screen  to the  left of the Dancing Game
entrance in the  PRESENT, and under  the waterfall in  the same location  in the
PAST. Remember, if you  open up a new  room in the past  or present, it will  be
available in the other time zone. You  have to play through the dungeon in  BOTH
time periods to complete it... GOOD LUCK.......! 


Dungeon  Item:  	Mermaid Suit
Sub-boss:  		Vire
Boss:  			Big Octo
Dungeon Treasure: 	Lonely Peak

Hurrah. Another Essence gained, and you're one step closer to global domination.
No wait a bit, wrong game. Sorry. Now  you are in line to head back to  town and
go and see  what the commotion  is at the  castle. Warp back  to town using  the
Ember Tree and Gale Fruit. Then head up to the castle when HARK! 'tis the  funky
music de Ralph! Listen to his funky tune for a bit, or until you get sick of  it
(which may or may not be too  long depending on how enamoured you are  with your
Gameboy's amazing sound system, then head up after him into the castle.

Watch out for the remarkably Pokemonesque music as you enter Anbi's Castle. Now,
there are four things that you have to do here. One in each of the four diagonal
compass directions (NW,SW,NE,SE). It doesn't matter which order you do them, but
the basic idea is to avoid the  guards and press the button. It requires  timing
and skill, so if you are a  self-confessed gaming deity then you should have  no
problem here.

Once you have cleared the path, you should have figured out where to go. Head to
the  screen  to the  direct east  of the  entrance and  chop down  the bush that
allows you access to a secret stairway. I could tell you to go down it, but  you
may already have figured out that by yourself. *grin*

Down the stairs, dive underwater and  swim left using the somewhat difficult  to
get used to controls  for the merman suit.  There are no enemies  down here, but
there are some whirlpools. Get used to  avoiding these, you'll need to do a  lot
more of it in a bit.

Head up at the left hand side of the whirlpools and you find yourself inside the
castle proper. Push the  blocks out the way.  Be aware that any  guards that see
you will NOT automatically throw you out of the castle. You get to fight them if
you wish. Three to four hits sends 'em running off.

You'll want to be heading left two  screens and going up the steps, avoiding  or
hacking the guards as  you see fit. You'll  then want to head  right two screens
and  stock up  on goodies  from under  the shrubbery.  Then head  up to  face  a
familiar - or not so familiar - foe.

Yep, it's Nayru under Veran's evil  influence. Get ready to rumble. And  because
I'm feeling nice I'm even  gonna tell you how to  beat her. When she raises  her
arms  to  fire laser  blasts  at you,  fire  a Mystery  Fruit  at her  (use  the
peashooter of  simply dump  some on  her from  the seed  satchel). Then  Veran's
shadow will momentarily flee  the body. Use the  switch hook on it  and then hit
the shadow with your sword. Three hits and its outa commission for the moment.

Queen Anbi comes in  to congratulate you (I  think), but discovers to  her peril
that Veran is  not at all  dead. After taking  possession of Anbi's  body, Veran
summons the guards. Ralph comes rushing in, and Nayru quickly uses her sorceress
powers to transport you three through time and...


After a  brief conversation  with the  Maku Tree,  that little  kid who you felt
really sorry for right at the start - you know, the one who gets turned to stone
- returns to life, and the monkeys reappear. It seems that time has returned  to
normal now Nayru is safe. For rescuing her, Nayru will teach you the  incredibly
useful SONG OF TIME!!!!

Here enters an old man with a blue cane (cane of byrna from Z3 anyone?) who says
stuff to you. If you are playing a passworded game, Koume and Kotake appear here
instead. After some more chit-chat with Ralph, Nayru and the Maku Tree, you  are
free to carry on with your quest for the 8 Essences. Next stop, Zora's Domain...

Right, head back to where Rafton's House would have been if it survived into the
future. Its just down and across the bridge from the mermaid statue for those of
you who can't remember.  Jump into the sea  and swim left, down,  down, left and
you should come to a house. Utilise the power of the Harp of Ages and...


In the Past, head left twice and up the steps. Play the song of Time to head...


Dive underwater and head  out the top right  corner. Head down to  the bottom of
the screen and switch hook across the gap, then resurface. Once on dry land play
the Song of Time again to...


Head left two screens and down. Go  up the steps but NOT onto the next   screen.
Instead play the Song of Time just at  the top of the steps. then play the  Song
of Time to head...


Dive underwater and  head down, using  the switch hook  to cross the  icky slime
stuff. Head left and congratulations, you've reached Zora's Domain. The music is
quite nice and relaxing here, so you should enjoy your stay.

The first thing you'll want  to do is surface and  head up a screen to  the Gale
Tree. This ensures that you can warp to Zora's Domain whenever you wish  without
having to go through that tedious time-traveling sequence again.

Now dive underwater again and head up to Zora's Palace, where you will  discover
that the King is dead. This is  obviously not a good thing! But he  can't always
have been dead,  so there must  have been a  TIME when he  was alive. And  no, I
don't apologise for that blatantly poor pun. Head back to the Gale Tree and  use
the song of Time to...


Head up and dive down to see his Majesty, King Zora, who tells you he is ill. He
needs something to make him better.  Those of you who have played  Majora's Mask
will know the situation that Koume (or Kotake, I can never tell them apart)  was
in. Zora is in the same state - but his ailment can be cured by a Magic   Potion
from Syrup's shop. Time to go back to the town and use the Harp of Ages to go...


Head to the Graveyard (and yes, that infernal bush is back once again). Head  to
Syrup's shop and buy  a Magic Potion for  300 rupees. What? Not  enough cash? If
you are a little short on moolah there was a chest in Zora's palace with a giant
red rupee in which you may just have to borrow (well, steal - he doesn't ask for
it back!)

Once you have the Potion, head back to King Zora in the past using the powers of
Gale Fruit and the Harp of Ages...


When you reach Zora, talk  to him and choose the  first option to give him  your
Potion. He'll spout a load  of stuff at you, which  I assume is a thankyou.  Now
leave him and head...


Go and see  King Zora, still  alive after 400  years thanks to  you, and he will
give you the LIBRARY KEY! Hurrah.

Head out of the palace door and right three screens. Surface, then use the  Harp
of Ages to...


Use the Switch Hook to head left and enter the Octofairy's Cave. Why do we  call
her the Octofairy? Well, a) because  she doesn't yet have an official  name, and
b) because she has a problem - she's been turned into an Octorok! Obviously this
isn't a form she wishes to continue living in, so its your job to help her  out.
For this, you need to head right two screens from  her cave and use the  Library
Key to  open the LIBRARY... Don't bother  going in though, just use the Song  of
Time to head...


Head into the library and up a  screen. Talk to the wizened old geezer  in green
and borrow the book from him. Then head out and...


Now head into the  Library in the past  and up a screen.  Place the book on  the
pedestal and follow the directions set out  in it. These should take you to  the
next book. I  am unsure as  to whether the  directions are always  the same, but
nevertheless I have listed the directions I had to follow, which I wrote down as
I went. You always have  to read the book, even  if you know the directions.  To
judge the distance, note that the torches on the walls are spaced out evenly  in
a grid-like manner. This should be a BIG clue!

R.R.R.R.U.U.R.R. takes you to the second book.
U.U.L.U.U.R.U. takes you to the third book.
L.L.U.L.L.L. takes you to the fourth book.
D.L.L.L.U.L.L.L. takes you to the fifth book.
D.R.D.D.L.L.D.D.D. takes you to the sixth book.
R.D.R.R.U.R.U.R.R. takes you to the man in the center.

Speak to the  guy in the  center and he  will reward you  with an Orange Potion,
then warp you back  into the main library.  Head outside and left  twice, the go
into the Octofairy's  cave and give  her the potion.  She'll be dead  chuffed at
being turned back into a normal Great  Fairy, and will rid the seas of  Labrynna
from that nasty slime stuff.  Note that  she can also  heal you if you  go  back
to her, the same as normal Great Fairies.

Its now much easier to travel around  Zora's Domain. Go and see the King  in the
Past and see what he  has to say, then go  and see him in the  future. Then from
his palace, head down, left and up  twice to see Lord Jabu-Jabu. He'll open  his
mouth and allow you to enter Dungeon 7 - Lord Jabu-Jabu's Stomach.


Dungeon  Item:  	Lvl. 2 Long Hook
Sub-boss:  		Fat Angler
Boss:  			Giant Birii
Dungeon Treasure: 	Rolling Sea

After getting the Rolling Sea, you  will see a short cutscene showing  the Black
Tower is now finished.  Using her dark powers  Veran/Ambi messes up time  again.
Anyway, head to the nearby Gale Tree and use the Tune of Ages to...


Now skirt down and along the bottom of the map until you find a Zora all on  his
own outside Zora's Domain. Say hello to  him and he'll see that you have  a Zora
Scale. He'll then run off, allowing  you to surface in the confined  space above
the water level.  Swim around in  that area, and  run/swim into the  Pirate Ship
when you see it. Go and see the pirate captain onboard and pick the first answer
to his  question. He'll  give you  the Tokay  Eyeball in  exchange for your Zora
Scale. Then he'll drop you off on  land nearby. (NB. There's also a cave  hidden
underwater here with a chest with a RING inside).

Anyway, head back out  of the Storm Sea  to Crescent Island where  the fish idol
is. (Its where the Moonlight Shrine is in the Present.) Stick the eye in is  and
it'll open up its mouth. Head inside.

First Room: Kill all the Gibdos to show your power
Second Room: Avoid all the traps, use a couple of bombs, and leap over the
Beetles to show your courage.
Third Room: Use the Cane of Somaria to guide you in the dark to show your 

When you resurface, push the right Armos in line with the others, the follow
the maze ot the last dungeon - The Ancient Tomb.


Dungeon  Item:  	Power Gloves
Sub-boss:  		Grim Creeper
Boss:  			Rock Head
Dungeon Treasure: 	Falling Star

After you have retrieved the final Essence of Time, the Maku Tree thanks you
for healing her. She tells you to visit when you've grown up, so it's time to


Head back to Lynna City in the future and visit the Maku Tree. She will give you
a Huge Maku Seed. After a brief interlude with the Mysterious Cloaked Figure (or
Koume and Kotake in a Game of Continuation), I reccomend you head to the Yoll
Graveyard and buy a Magic Potion from Syrup. Then...


Head to the Black  Tower for the final  confrontation. The first few  floors are
easy. When you get to the turret, work your way through the sets of steps  until
you arrive on the  floor with lots of  steps and flames moving  around. Take the
set of steps one to the left of the bottom right corner. Head up onto the  Tower
top. Ignore all the enemies and head up to meet up with Ralph. After seeing  him
knocked back, ignore Veran's warning and go up to face her. Here's how to beat 

Veran/Ambi:         Shoot her with a Mystery Seed and then Long Hook the  Shadow
                    away from the body, then slash it with your sword. Repeat
                    three to four times and Veran will flee. Ambi will get up,
                    thank you, and leave.

With Ambi gone, Veran reveals her true form - a giant green winged "thing". To
beat her is quite difficult, so listen up.

Green Winged Veran: Basically, get the Shadow Links out of the way first so you
                    have freedom of movement, then keep slashing away at Veran
                    until she dies. You can also use the Seed Shooter on her,
                    but she moves very fast. She takes quite a few hit (around
                    twenty I think) to die.

You then leave the Tower...or try to! You are grabbed by a Wallmaster,  however,
and taken back to face Veran for  a final time. She's not actually as  hard this
time, but she takes a mass of hits. Here's how to beat each of her three  forms,
which she switches between at will.

Turtle Veran:       Use Pegasus Seeds to dodge out of her way when she tries to
                    land on you, then whack her head when she pokes it out.

Queen Bee Veran:    Avoid her poison  sting attacks and whack all the  bees that
                    fly at you,  spin attacking her  if you get  the chance.
                    Just  keep avoiding her attacks and getting the odd swing in

Spider Veran:       The  hardest of these  three forms. Can  only be injured  by
                    bombs to make her rear up. When she does so, then spin
                    attack her or just  slash away really quickly. If you run
                    out of bombs, the flower in the middle supplies them (but
                    never when you really need them!!)

And that is it. She is dead. You have saved Labrynna...now sit back and enjoy
the ending...


What? You're playing  a Game of  Continuation. In that  case, you have  a little
more work to do.  Its time to go  and face those troublesome  witches, Koume and
Kotake and stop their ritual  to return the King of  Evil to the world. You  are
transported to the Room of Rites, where you must stop Twinrova. (By the way, did
anyone noticed that  Nayru says you  have beaten Veran  and KNOX? As  opposed to
ONOX! There are quite a few spelling mistakes in these games...)

Head up from the portal. You have entered a Maze of Eyes. The way through is  to
head in the direction that none of  the eyes face when they settle. After  about
six rooms  (don't worry  about backtracking  through them  either...it's magic!)
you'll appear between a colum of statues. head on up for the FINAL 

Koume and Kotake:   Your basic aim is to hit the red fire at the blue witch, or
                    the blue ice at the red witch. Only takes about three hits,
                    but then they combine their powers to become...
Twinrova:           Basically, keep hitting both Icerova and Firerova until they
                    combine for a split second. Then hit the with the Seed
                    Shooter. repeat till they die. Untofrtunately, they can
                    sacrifice their own body to fulfill the rites, so guess who
                    you have to fight last of all.
Ganon:              Yep, old pig face himself. The only thing that can hurt
                    Ganon is a Spin Attack. You just have to hope you can take
                    some damage, because all of his attacks are really 
                    difficult to avoid. Watch out for when he turns the screen
                    blue, because all of your controls will then be reversed.
                    A few Spin Attacks later and the King of Evil is banished
                    back to the Dark World and both Labrynna and Holodrum are
                    safe. For now at least.




WOODEN SWORD:       The mark of a hero.
NOBLE SWORD:        A sacred blade.

WOODEN SHIELD:      A small shield.
IRON SHIELD:        A large shield.

BOOMERANG:          Always comes back to you.

SEED SHOOTER:       Used to bounce seeds around.

SWITCH HOOK:        

LONG HOOK:          Switches places from a distance.

BOMBS:              Very explosive.


HARP OF AGES:       A harp used to navigate time.
Tune of Echoes      Awakens time portals
Tune of Currents    Move from past to present
Tune of Ages        Moves freely through time


SEED SATCHEL:       A bag for carrying seeds.
   Ember Seeds      Fire burns within.
 Mystery Seeds      Producer of unknown effects.
   Scent Seeds      Aroma therapy?
 Pegasus Seeds      Legendary Speed.
    Gale Seeds      A windy trip.
SHOVEL:             A handy tool.

CANE OF SOMARIA:    Used to create blocks.

POWER BRACELET:     A strength booster.
POWER GLOVES:       Used to lift large objects.

RICKY'S FLUTE:      A flute for calling Ricky!
MOOSH'S FLUTE:      A flute for calling Moosh!
DIMITRI'S FLUTE:    A flute for calling Dimitri!

ROC'S FEATHER:      A nice lift.




MERMAID SUIT:       The skin of the mythical beast.


ISLAND CHART:       A sailor's trusted map.

GASHA SEED:         Plant them in soft soil.

Lvl-1 RING BOX:     Holds one seed ring.
Lvl-2 RING BOX:     Holds three seed rings.
Lvl-3 RING BOX:     Holds five seed rings.

MAGIC RINGS:        Take them to Vasu for appraisal.


GRAVEYARD KEY:      Key to a spirit's grave.

CROWN KEY:          A crown-shaped key.

MERMAID KEY:        A tiny, mermaid-shaped key.

OLD MERMAID KEY:    An ancient key.

LIBRARY KEY:        The key to vast knowledge.


MAKU SEED:          Evil-cleansing sacred seed.

SLATE:              One of four.

BROTHER EMBLEM:     A symbol of brotherhood.


Eternal Spirit -    It speaks across time to the heart.  
Ancient Wood -      It speaks only truth to closed ears.  
Echoing Howl -      It echoes far across the plains to speak to insolent hearts.
Burning Flame -     It reignites a hero's passion deep in wavering hearts.  
Sacred Soil -       Its warmth is known by all that rests in the earth.  
Lonely Peak -       A proud spirit that remains stalwart in trying times.  
Rolling Sea -       The song of the sea forms a wave that carries heroes into
                    the adventure.  
Falling Star -      Its eternal light acts as guide to the other essences.  






POE CLOCK           Give to Postman
LETTER SET          Give to The Claw
STINK BAG           Give to Young Tokay
TASTY MEAT™         Give to Happy Mask Man
DOG MASK            Give to Mamamu. Yan
DUMBELL             Give to Balance Man
CHEESY MOUSTACHE    Give to Thuber
BOW                 Give to Dekadin
TOUCHING BOOK       Give to Maple (flying around)
MAGICAL OAR         Give to Rafton
SEA UKELELE         Give to Old Zora
BROKEN SWORD        Give to Repair Man
NOBLE SWORD         Give to Link - you get to keep this






Me, Myself, I - It's all mine  I tell you; allllllllll mine!.... No, actually  I
have to be a little serious in this 	bit. I couldn't have put either this  
my website (from which most of  the info in this walkthrough is  taken) together
without the help of the following Zelda Deities....

ASTROBLUE - Without his knowledge of Japanese, I would never have completed  the
game, let alone put up a site with accurate content...

SHDWRLM3 - Again, this guy helped me out considerably when completing AGES. He's
also the guy that has a go at me for putting something stupid up on my site, and
is  usually  the  first  to  congratulate  me  on  my  latest  piece  of digital

MEOWTH346 - Without  Meowth's assistance I  wouldn't have been  able to get  the
RINGS pics for my website. The rings  info shall be appearing in a FAQ  near you
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