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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

                     Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages (GBC) 
                        Boss FAQ: v1.00 - June 16, 2001 
                     by Dallas Scott (sdallas19@yahoo.com) 
              http://www.dallasmac.com - http://www.gamefaqs.com 
  This is a guide with boss strategies for the new GameBoy Color game, Legend 
of Zelda: Oracle of Ages.  You will find nothing but boss strategies here, so  
if you're in search of other help, check out my FAQ (or one of the others) for 
the game at gamefaqs.com.  Major thanks go out to Shdwrlm3, who provided me  
with the official names for all the bosses. 
  This document is Copyright 2001 Dallas Scott (sdallas19@yahoo.com) and may 
not be reproduced nor retransmitted in any form without prior consent from the 
author.  It may not be sold, edited, altered, given as an incentive to buy, 
published, etc. without advance permission from the author.  If you want to 
post this FAQ on your web site, please contact me first.  Zelda: Oracle of Ages  
is Copyright 2001 Nintendo/Capcom.  This document is not official nor is it 
affiliated with any company.  If the above terms are violated, legal action  
will take place. 
MINI-BOSS: Giant Ghini (Level 1) 
Giant Ghini has two attacks, which consist of charging at you and sending three 
smaller Ghini after you.  When the smaller Ghini are deployed, kill them  
quickly then go after Giant Ghini.  After enough attacks, he'll die and the  
warp portal will appear. 
BOSS: Pumpkin Head (Level 1) 
Items: Heart Container 
The pumpkin head is actually a disguise the ghost is using to hide from you. 
It has two attacks: spitting energy orbs at you and jumping up and down.  Hit 
it with your sword about five times and the body will disappear.  Use your 
power bracelet to pick up the head, thus revealing the ghost.  Toss the head 
across the room then slash the ghost with your sword.  Repeat this method until 
it's defeated and you'll get a HEART CONTAINER. 
MINI-BOSS: Swoop (Level 2) 
The only real difficult thing about this battle are the holes Swoop makes in 
the ground when he lands.  First, run around and wait for him to flap his wings 
really fast.  When he does this, he's about to jump on you, so move out of the 
way quickly when he does so.  When he lands, attack him with your sword. 
Everytime he lands, he'll make a hole in the floor, so be careful, because if 
you go through the hole, the battle starts all over. 
Continue attacking in this method and after about 6 hits, he'll start bouncing 
after he lands, so watch out.  After you hit him ten times, he'll be defeated 
and the warp portal will open up leading from this room to the first room of 
the dungeon. 
BOSS: Head Thwomp (Level 2) 
Items: Heart Container 
If you don't know what you're doing, this boss can be very tough to defeat. 
You must throw bombs from the tops of the ladders into the Thwomp's head and 
he'll start spinning like a slot machine (only horizontal) if he lands on red, 
he'll take damage; if he lands on blue, he'll send a spinning orb of fireballs 
after you; if he lands on purple, he'll crash into the ground causing rocks to 
fall on you from above; if he lands on green, he'll spit fireballs at you from 
the top of his head. 
You can avoid the fireballs by standing on the top platform; avoid the rocks 
by hiding under one of the immobile platforms next to the ladders and avoid the 
spinning fireball orb by going to the bottom of the ladder.  For the entire 
battle, you should stay at the top of the ladder except when he spits out 
bombs, hearts or lands on the blue face.  After you get a red face four times, 
he'll be defeated and you'll get another HEART CONTAINER. 
MINI-BOSS: Subterror (Level 3) 
Make sure you have your sword and shovel equipped then go over to where you 
see the Subterror burrowing and dig him up with your shovel.  Once he's out of 
the ground, slash him as many times as you can with your sword before he 
burrows back again.  As you deal out damage, he'll start moving faster and 
faster, but you should have no trouble defeating him.  If he catches you, he'll 
come up from the ground with a spike, causing damage.  Once he's defeated, 
the warp portal will be activated. 
BOSS: Shadow Hag (Level 3) 
Items: Heart Container 
This battle will be much tougher than the mini-boss fight.  Equip your Seed 
Shooter and Roc's Feather and get ready for one heck of a fight.  The Shadow 
Hag splits up into four different shadows then runs around the room.  If you 
get hit by any of these shadows, you lose energy, so jump over them with 
Roc's Feather.  When the shadows combine, some butterflies will be released. 
Shortly after, the hag will appear.  Face away from her and fire a seed into 
the wall.  It'll reflect back on her, dealing damage.  Repeat this until she's 
defeated then pick up the HEART CONTAINER. 
MINI-BOSS: Armos Warrior (Level 4) 
This battle isn't overly difficult, but you may have some trouble.  The Armos 
Warrior will toss his magical sword up and it'll begin chasing after you.  The 
goal is to make the sword accidentally hit the Armos Warrior instead of you. 
To do so, follow him around the room, but make sure you keep some distance to 
avoid taking damage.  After three hits from his sword, the Armos Warrior's 
shield will break and he'll start charging after you in anger.  To defeat him, 
simply wait for him to charge, then move out of the way and let him crash into 
the wall, stunning him for a second -- this is when you attack.  After a few 
slashes from Link's sword, he'll be defeated and the warp portal will be 
BOSS: Eyesoar (Level 4) 
Items: Heart Container 
Eyesoar isn't really a difficult boss to beat, so as long as you have a full 
(or close to full) energy meter.  First, get rid of one or two of the four 
mini-eyesoars then use your Switch Hook to grab Eyesoar, causing the remaining 
mini-eyesoars to scatter.  Run up to Eyesoar and slash it with your sword. 
Repeat this until it's defeated then pick up the HEART CONTAINER from the 
center of the room. 
BOSS: Moblin (Rolling Ridge) 
Items: Bomb Flower 
Moblin can be pretty tough if you're low on health.  All damage dealt in this 
fight is done with bombs: Moblin tosses big bombs down at you while his two 
minions throw normal bombs at you at the same time.  To dodge the normal bombs, 
just stand still and wait for them to throw it, then move out of the way.  The 
goal is to pick up the large bombs and throw them back at Moblin just as they 
are about to detonate to ensure he doesn't throw it back in your face.  After 
six hits from the large bombs, Moblin will be defeated and the Gorons will 
thank you by giving you a BOMB FLOWER of your very own. 
MINI-BOSS: Smasher (Level 5) 
Yet another easy mini-boss battle.  You may remember Smasher from Link's 
Awakening (those who've played it) -- he's the one who looks like a stingray 
and carries around a large, metallic ball.  His only attack is throwing this 
ball at you (but if you run into him, you'll take damage as well, as with 
all bosses in this game) and the only attack you can use on him is throwing 
the ball back at him.  When it throws it, it will teleport and land -- grab 
it with your Power Bracelet and throw it at him.  Continue this until he's 
defeated, thus activating the warp portal. 
BOSS: Smog (Level 5) 
Items: Heart Container 
This boss fight is pretty difficult, so pay attention.  Smog will break up 
into parts and you must get them to recombine by placing a block from the Cane 
of Somaria in between them.  Once they combine, slash Smog as many times as 
possible.  There are four different phases of blocks, starting with... the 
first phase has two sets of three blocks, one on top and one on bottom (both 
the same pattern.)  Use your Cane of Somaria to place a block on the top of 
the bottom set of blocks to combine the pieces of Smog, then slash him with 
your sword to start the second phase. 
                                                   |      | 
                                                   |      | 
          ______               ______       +------|______| 
         |      |             |      |      |  S1  |      | 
         |      |             |      |      |      |      | 
         |______|             |______|------+------|______| 
         |      |             |      |  S4  | 
         |      |             |      |      | 
         |______|------+------|______|------+      S1 --  First Cane Block 
         |      |  S2  |  S3  |      |             S2 --  Second Cane Block 
         |      |      |      |      |             S3 --  Third Cane Block 
         |______|------+------|______|             S4 --  Fourth Cane Block 
Phase two consists of three sets of blocks.  On the right side of the room, 
place a block in between the far-right set of blocks and the set of blocks 
in the center (S1).  If the pieces of Smog won't combine, slash one of them to 
make it stop while the other comes along.  Remember to watch out for the clouds 
the pieces spit at you (they can be destroyed with your sword.)  Once the 
first two pieces are combined, place a block on the left side between the two 
three-set blocks (S2) then wait for the smog piece to land on it.  Immediately 
place one next to the S2 block (S3) and it'll change its course.  Finally, 
place a block in between the right and center sets (S4) and slash the small 
one until they combine -- slash Smog three more times to bring on phase three. 
For the third phase, you must first get the piece from the left over to the 
center.  To do so, place a block to the left of the far left set then when 
the smog piece goes on top of it, place one directly next to it and it'll 
change it's course to the middle set of blocks.  Now, to get them combined, 
simply place a block to the right of the two center blocks and slash to stall 
one of them utnil they combine.  Slash the combined form of Smog three times to 
move on to the last phase! 
The final phase consists of several groups of blocks.  First, get the two 
pieces on the right combined, then go over to the left and slowly get it to 
move over to the center by placing blocks in its path.  Once they combine, 
slash it three times to win.  Some random tips for this battle: watch out for 
the lightning the combined form of Smog spits at you as well as the clouds 
the mini-smogs spit at you.  If you step on the switch in the corner of the 
room, you can start all over on phase one.  Once he's defeated, collect the 
MINI-BOSS: Vire (Level 6) 
Vire is a bat who serves another evil being, Veran.  To deal damage, use your 
sword to slash him when he charges at you.  While it may be tempting to just 
run after him and slash away, it's best to just stay put in the center of the 
room and wait for him to come to you, as he'll run away really fast if you 
try to go after him.  Beware of his fireballs, as they can do damage if you 
don't slash them out of your way.  Once he's been hit enough times, he'll 
split into two smaller bats -- kill them both to end the fight and activate 
the warp portal. 
BOSS: Octogon (Level 6) 
Items: Heart Container 
This is one of the easier bosses in the game, as all you really need is your 
sword.  Stand on the platforms in the center of the room and wait for Octogon 
to come near, then slash him with your sword as many times as possible.  When 
he ducks his head under water, dive down (B) (make sure you sword is set on A, 
or you'll surface when pressing B) and slash him some more until he returns to 
the surface.  Get back on the platforms and continue attacking until he's dead. 
BOSS: Nayru [Veran] (Ambi's Palace) 
This battle will be just as easy as Octogon was in the sixth dungeon.  First, 
you must equip your Seed Shooter with Mystery Seeds and wait for Nayru (Veran) 
to land.  Once landed, run over and shoot a Mystery Seed at Nayru to make her 
fall asleep then use the Switch Hook to pull Veran out of her body.  Quickly 
equip your sword then slash Veran as many times as possible before she takes 
over Nayru's body again.  The only attack Veran has is throwing fireballs at 
you, but if you make Nayru fall asleep quickly enough, you can avoid these all 
together.  Once Veran's had enough, the battle will be over. 
MINI-BOSS: Angler Fish (Level 7) 
The Angler Fish really isn't that difficult, as he only has two attacks: 
jumping on top of you and spitting bubbles at you. He'll bounce all around 
the room, so look out.  The easiest way to defeat his is by using your Seed 
Shooter to first bring him down to the ground then slash him multiple times 
with your sword before he gets back up.  After enough slashes, he'll be dead 
and the path will be clear. 
BOSS: Plasmarine (Level 7) 
Items: Heart Container 
Yet another simple boss fight.  This giant electric boss, Plasmarine, has about 
three attacks: charging at Link, shooting energy balls at Link and charge 
himself with electricity.  Equip your Long Switch and when he charges at you, 
simply dodge by swimming out of the way.  Once he shoots an energy ball at you, 
use your Long Switch on him to switch places, meaning the energy ball will hit 
him instead.  When he charges himself with eletricity, don't attack or you'll 
take damage.  After enough hits, he'll be defeated and you'll be rewarded with 
MINI-BOSS: Blue Stalfos (Level 8) 
The Blue Stalfos may look tough, but he really isn't that difficult to defeat. 
He'll throw two types of energy balls at you: round ones and star-shaped ones. 
The round ones can be hit back at him with your sword while the star-shaped 
ones just explode and cause damage.  Hit a round one back at him with your 
sword and he'll turn into a bat - slash the bat as many times as possible 
before he returns to his original form.  If you get hit by a round energy 
ball, you'll turn into a baby, slowing you down and he'll start slashing at 
you with his scythe.  After enough hits, he'll be defeated and the warp portal 
will be activated. 
BOSS: Ramrock (Level 8) 
Items: Heart Container 
Phase 1 - Ramrock will throw his hands at you while moving back and forth. 
          Hit his hands back at him and hope one hits him.  After three hits 
          from his hands, Ramrock will change his method of attack.  Time for 
          the second phase! 
Phase 2 - In this phase, Ramrock will move around the room and try to smash 
          you with his hands.  It's not too hard to avoid being smashes 
          because he stops before crushing you.  The goal is to throw a bomb 
          in between his hands right before he closes them.  If you run out 
          of bombs, get more from the re-growing bushes.  After three bomb 
          crushes, you'll move on to the third phase. 
Phase 3 - This phase is a bit more challenging, as you'll have to attack 
          Ramrock from behind.  He'll be moving back and forth guarding his 
          face with his hands.  Equip your Seed Shooter and fire a seed at 
          the north wall just as he's about to pass and hope it hits his back. 
          He has two attacks here: shooting a large energy orb at you and 
          using his laser vision - run to avoid both.  After 3-4 hits, you'll 
          move on to the final phase. 
Phase 4 - Not a very difficult last phase, but challenging enough.  Ramrock 
          now has large spheres for hands.  He'll (for the most part) stay near 
          the top of the room and launch one of them at you.  When he does so, 
          run up and grab the other one with your Power Glove and pull it all 
          the way back.  When he throws his other hand at you again, release 
          it and it'll come slamming back in his face.  Repeat this two more 
          times to defeat him and pick up the HEART CONTAINER. 
Phase 1 - This will be just like the previous battle you had with Veran when 
          she possessed Nayru's body.  Equip your Mystery Seeds on one button 
          and the Long Switch on the other then follow Ambi/Veran to every 
          spot they warp to.  Once they land, quickly use a Mystery Seed on 
          Ambi to put her to sleep then use the Long Switch on Veran (shadow) 
          to pull her out of the way.  Quickly equip your sword and slash 
          away until she returns to Ambi's body.  Continue this until the first 
          phase is over and watch out for the fire orbs / spiders from above. 
Phase 2 - Veran's second phase is much more difficult than the previous, as you 
          really can't defend yourself against her attacks.  This time she'll 
          be in the form of a fairy and will fly around the room, attacking 
          you with energy orbs and by running into you.  To make matters more 
          complicated, you'll also have four dark links (that act like Mimics) 
          in your way.  I suggest taking out the dark links first (as you can 
          get one heart for each) then slash Veran when she comes near.  Be 
          prepared to take some damage, but avoid it as best as possible. 
          After a ton of hits, you'll move on to the third phase. 
Phase 3 - Just when you thought it was over, Veran will send a wallmaster after 
          you as Nayru, Ralph and Link are leaving.  Since she didn't plan on 
          revealing these next forms of herself, Veran will make you pay for 
          her humiliation with your life (so she says.)  She has three forms: a  
          turtle, bee and a spider.  Strategies are as follows: 
            Turtle: This form is really easy to avoid and attack.  She will 
                    jump up and down on top of you.  Just stand and wait for 
                    her to jump, then use Roc's Feather to jump/move out of 
                    the way as she comes down.  Continue dodging the jump 
                    attacks until she pokes her head out -- slash away! 
            Bee:    She will first fly around the room - this is when you 
                    attack.  Slash her with your sword whenever she comes near 
                    but watch out when she goes off-screen, as she'll quickly 
                    return and shoot stingers at you.  She will also randomly 
                    protect herself with smaller bees, which you can slash for 
                    items.  Just keep slashing to deal damge. 
            Spider: Equip your bombs and toss one at her to make her vulnerable 
                    to your sword.  After the bomb, slash away to deal damage. 
                    Beware of the web she spits at you.  After you've dealt 
                    enough damage to her (overall) the battle will end and 
                    that's that - for the time being anyway. 
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