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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

                Oracle of Ages Text Dump
                American Version

Dumped by David Butler (davogones@hotmail.com)
for The Legends of Zelda (http://loz.zeldalegends.net/)
Last Revision: 9/3/02

What is a text dump?
A text dump contains all the text in a video game, ripped
straight from the ROM. I use a script to convert the ROM code
into formatted, readable text, in either TXT or HTML format.
Why is this useful? It is often useful, when theorizing about
Zelda, to have exact quotes handy. These text dumps put all
the text in the Zelda games at one's fingertips.

A word of warning though: internally, the ROMs arrange the
quotes in essentially random order. There is a little bit of
structure: for example, though one person's dialogue may be
split up into separate quotes, these quotes will generally
be all together, in order. But if you wish to find a specific
quote from the game, you will have to already know a few words
from the quote so that you can search through the entire text
dump. Any decent text editor should have a Search function,
and you'll need to use it to find anything specific in the
text dumps.

Where can I get the latest version of your text dumps?
If you downloaded this file off of a site like GameFAQs.com,
you might have an out-of-date version. This is because I only
submitted the text dumps to FAQ sites once, just so people
would know that these text dumps exist. Updated versions can
be obtained at my web site (The Legends of Zelda -
http://loz.zeldalegends.net) in the Emulation section.
Compare the revision date at the top of this document with
the one in the files on my site to see if you have the latest

How do you make text dumps?
I include the following information for those who are curious.
If you don't understand any of it, just skip ahead.

The first step in making a text dump is to have a copy of the
ROM. Then, if you have a quote from the game, you can search
for the text. Newer games (like OoT, MM, and LA) use standard
ASCII values for raw text, so it is possible to find the text
using any common text editor. Older games (like LoZ, AoL, and
ALttP), unfortunately, don't use ASCII standards, so it's
necessary to do a relative search using a hex editor like
Thingy. Then you can make a translation table that will allow
Thingy to translate ROM text into standard ASCII text. (There
are many freeware utilities available that will help you do
relative searches and make translation tables.)

To make things even more difficult, some games compress, or
encrypt, the text. For example, in Oracle of Seasons the hex
value "02 0E" translates to "Twinrova." ALttP uses compression
and doesn't use standard ASCII values, so this is the most
difficult game to dump. OoS and OoA use ASCII standards but
have text compression. Fortunately, I already have TBL files
for both of these games, so dumping is not as difficult as it
could have been. ^_^

After you have found the text (and you're sure you've found
ALL the text), copy and paste all the text you can find into
a new file. This is what the DMP files on my site are: all the
text I could find, copied and pasted straight out of the ROM.
Once this is done, I wrote a PHP script to parse the DMP file
and translate everything into a readable format (TXT or HTML).
Making a program is the easiest thing to do in the long run
(though something more powerful than PHP is usually preferable),
because it takes a while to find out what all the codes in the
ROM translate to. Using the standard Find/Replace function of
a text editor is too much work if what you're searching for
constantly changes.

Further References / Acknowledgements
 • For more information on ROM hacking, and emulation in
general, here are some good sites to visit:

Zophar's Domain - http://www.zophar.net/
Romhacking.org - http://www.romhacking.org/

 • A special thanks to EvilGiegue (EvilGiegue@hotmail.com),
who helped me figure out how to hack ROMs. Without his
catalyzing influence, these text dumps probably wouldn't
be here today. Make sure to check out his text dumps as
well, which are available on my site and on GameFAQs.com.

        The Text Dump

You got 1 Rupee!

You got
5 Rupees!

You got
10 Rupees!

You got
20 Rupees!
That's not bad.

You got
30 Rupees!
That's nice.

You got
50 Rupees!
How lucky!

You got 100
Rupees! I bet
you're thrilled!

You got 150
Way to go!!!

You got 200
Rupees! That's
pure bliss!

You learned the
Currents Tune!
Play it to move
from the past to
the present!
Choose it when
you use the

You learned the
Tune of Time!
Play it to move
back and forth
between past
and present!
Choose it when
you use the

You got the
Brother Emblem!
Now you are a
Goron, too!

You got a Scent
Seedling! Maybe
it will produce
many seeds!

You got the
Eternal Spirit,
an Essence of
Even after life
ends, it speaks
across time to
the heart.

You got the
Ancient Wood, an
Essence of Time!
It whispers only
truth to closed
ears from out of
the stillness.

You got the
Echoing Howl, an
Essence of Time!
It echoes far
across the
plains to speak
to insolent

You got the
Burning Flame,
an Essence of
It reignites
wavering hearts
with a hero's

You got the
Sacred Soil, an
Essence of Time!
All that lies
sleeping in the
bosom of the
earth will know
the nourishing
warmth of the
Sacred Soil.

You got the
Bereft Peak, an
Essence of Time!
It is a proud,
lonely spirit
that remains
stalwart, even
in trying times.

You got the
Rolling Sea, an
Essence of Time!
The mystical
song of the sea
roars into a
crashing wave
that sweeps
heroes out into

You got the
Falling Star, an
Essence of Time!
The eternal
light of this
heavenly body
acts as guide
to the other

You got a
Heart Container!

You got a
Piece of
Collect four in
all to get an
extra Heart
Container! Check
them on the
Item Screen.

It's a Dungeon
Map! Press
SELECT to see
it. The darkened
rooms are ones
you haven't been
to yet.

You found the
Use it to track
your position,
locate chests
and find keys.

You found a
Small Key!
Use it to open a
locked door or
block in this

You found the
Boss Key!

You got a Hero's
Wooden Sword!
Hold ¸¹ or º» to
charge it up,
then release it
for a spin

You got the
sacred Noble

You got the
legendary Master

You got a
Wooden Shield!

You got an
Iron Shield!

You got the
Mirror Shield!

You got a
Use it to stop
enemies in their

You got the
Graveyard Key!

You got Bombs!
Use them to blow
open false
walls. Press ¸¹
or º» to set a
Bomb. If you
also press ,
you can throw
the Bomb.

You got the
Shovel! Now
start digging!

You got the
Power Bracelet!
Hold the button
and press 
to lift heavy

You got Roc's
Feather! You
feel light as a

You got the Long
Switch! Switch
places with
objects from a

You got Scent
Seeds! Their
smell attracts
monsters. Open
your Seed
Satchel to use

You got Mystery
Seeds! What they
do is a mystery!
Try them on
many things!
Open your Seed
Satchel to use

You got Pegasus
Seeds! They'll
make you as
quick as the
legendary steed!
Open your Seed
Satchel to use

You got Gale
Seeds! Their
gust can take
you where you
want to go.
Open your Seed
Satchel to
use them.

You got a Seed
Satchel! And it
has 20 Ember

You got the
Seed Shooter!
Pick your seeds,
fire, then watch
them ricochet.

You got the
Power Glove!
You can now lift
heavy objects.

You got the
Switch Hook!
Shoot at an
object to switch
places with it.

You got Zora's
Flippers! You
can now go for a
swim! Press ¸¹
to swim, º» to

You got Bombchu!
Send them right
to your enemies!

You got a Huge
Maku Seed! This
should penetrate
evil forces!

You got a bigger
Ring Box! It can
hold more rings!

Ouch! You can't
carry them like

You got a
Mermaid Suit!
Now you can swim
in deep waters.
Press  to swim,
º» to dive and
¸¹ to use items.

You got the
Tuni Nut!

You got Ricky's
Flute! Ricky
will come to
your aid when
you play it.

You got
Dimitri's Flute!
Dimitri will
come to your aid
when you play

You got Moosh's
Flute! Moosh
will come to
your aid when
you play it!

You got a
Strange Flute!
It sure looks

You got a Bomb
Flower! Handle
it with care!!!

You got the
Crown Key!

You got
Rock Brisket!

You got the
Goron Vase!

You got
Goronade! One
quick gulp will
keep you awake.

You got
Lava Juice!

You got the
Mermaid Key!

You got the Old
Mermaid Key!

You got the
Library Key!

You got a
town shop
Member's Card!

You can now hold
more Mystical
Seeds than

You got the
Zora Scale!

You got the
Slate! Ancient
words are
written on it.

You got four
Pieces of Heart!
That makes one
Heart Container!

You got a Letter
of Introduction!

You got a Gasha
Seed! Plant it
in soft soil!

You got three

You got ten

You got the
Book of Seals!

You got four
Ember Seeds!

You got ten
Pegasus Seeds!

You recovered
only one heart.

Your Seed
Satchel is full!

Your Life Energy
is full!

You got a ring!
Get it appraised

You got Fairy
Powder! It
removes curses.

You got the
Tokay Eyeball,
a treasure of
the deep!

You got a
L-1 Ring Box!
It can hold
one ring!

You got a
L-2 Ring Box!
It can hold
three rings!

You got a
L-3 Ring Box!
It can hold
five rings!

You got the 
Poe Clock!
It lightens the

You got 
Who will you
write to?

You traded 
for a  Stink
Bag! Eww...
It stinks!

You got 
Tasty Meat! It's
 the chef's

You got a 
Doggie Mask!
A dog-lover will
love it!

You got a 
But there's only

You got a 
Cheesy Mustache!
It's weird...

You learned a 
Funny Joke!
Will you be a
big hit?

You got a 
Touching Book!
It's a sad

You got the 
Magic Oar!
It cuts a mean

You got the 
Sea Ukulele!
It has a sweet,
sea scent!

You got the 
Broken Sword!
It's broken!

You got Ricky's
Gloves! Take
them to their

The Strange
Flute is Ricky's
Flute! Play it
to call Ricky!

The Strange
Flute is
Dimitri's Flute!
Play it to call

You got a Magic
Potion! It kicks
in when you run
out of hearts!

You can now hold
more Bombs than

You got
This two-handed
sword is huge!

You got the
Harp of Ages!

It's the Echo
Tune! It will
awaken sleeping
Time Portals!

You got the
Cane of Somaria!
Use it to create

You got your
Shovel back!

You got your
Wooden Sword

You got your
Bombs back!

You got your
Power Bracelet

You got the
Harp of Ages

You got
Roc's Feather

You got Zora's
Flippers back!

You got your
Seed Satchel

It's an Island
Chart! You can
now navigate
the seas!

You got Cheval
Rope! This
sturdy rope
won't rot when

You got
20 Bombs!

You caught the

Your Seed
Satchel can now
carry more


That was
I was suddenly
Thank you,
What is your
Link, is it?
I see a ˆ on the
back of your
left hand. That
is the sign of a
Hyrulean hero!
That must be why
the beasts fled.
I am Impa, nurse
to Hyrule's
Princess Zelda.

I am looking for
a singer named
Will you help me
look, Link?
I'd feel safer
with you nearby.

Zelda asked me
to find a singer
named Nayru.
Will you help me
look, Link?
I'd feel safer
with you nearby.

Oh! That's it!

This rock with
the ˆ is a sign!

Could you move
this rock for
me, Link?

I'll... um...
I'll just...

I can't do it...

Thank you...
Now let's go.

Where are you
- are you
Hurry up and
move this!

Oh! Link!
You saved me!
To think I was

That Veran lady
is frightening.
I was forced to
do her will, in
spite of myself.

Shadows were
surrounding the
Oracle of Ages,
so I came hoping
to take her to
Hyrule. I had no
idea this would
I have failed
She sensed an
evil shadow
drawing near
Nayru and asked
me to bring her
to Hyrule
We should not
have forgotten
you, the hero of
Look what has
happened now...
Veran said she'd
go back in time.
She must be
planning to use
Nayru's power to
launch some sort
of plan in the
past. Labrynna
already feels
the effects.
If it's true, we
must stop her...
Uhh! My limbs
feel so heavy
after what Veran
did. I can't
move them
very easily.
If the ˆ on your
left hand is
real, then you
may be the hero
who will save
this world.
Please help us!

Ah, yes! Zelda
entrusted this
sword to me.
You may use it.

Ah, yes! Zelda
entrusted this
shield to me.
Please use it.

can you go meet
the Maku Tree in
Lynna Village?
The Maku Tree is
the guardian of
Labrynna. Surely
she can help.
Nayru's House is
in the woods
east of here.
I'll be there.

Veran said she'd
go back in time.
She must hope
to use Nayru's
powers to launch
some plan in the
past. Labrynna
already feels
the effects.
First Holodrum,
now Labrynna
faces its doom.
I am sorry to
ask so much...
But we can rely
on no other!
Save Nayru!

Link, please
save Nayru!

Could there be
a hidden room
somewhere? I
have felt drafts
from above...

Hurry! You must
save Nayru!
The world is
falling apart!

Saving Nayru
doesn't seem to
have ended it...
Leave this to
me. You go back
in time and put
a stop to
Veran's plans!


Link, I was
researching the
past and found
something awful!
Ralph is a
descendant of
Queen Ambi!
Do you know
what this means?
Ralph lives now
because Ambi
lived in the
past. If Ambi is
slain, Ralph
will never
I came to try
to stop Ralph,
but I couldn't!

You're the only
one who can save
Ralph, and all
of us, Link!

Great timing!
This bird just
told me that
Zelda is on her
way to Lynna
So I came to
meet her, but...
Oh, what a mess!
A red monster
appeared right
before my eyes
and carried
Zelda off!
It flew toward
the tower...
What am I
to do?
Link, Zelda
is a symbol of
hope for the
world! If
anything happens
to her, all hope
will be lost!
You must save
Link, you
must find a way
to save Zelda!

You're safe! I
was so worried.
Why did you come
alone to such a
dangerous place?

Zelda must be at
the top of this
tower! Please,
Link, you
must find a way
to save her!

Link has taken
it, so there's
nothing to fear,
right, Zelda?
For now, we must
hide in Nayru's
House and await
word from
You were headed
to the mountains
in the north-
west? I heard
there's a trail
west of here.
Be careful.

What will happen
to the

Zelda's antics
frighten me so.
please save

Saving Nayru
doesn't seem to
have to been
enough. Please,
Link! We're
counting on you!

If Zelda were
here, everything
would be fine!

Ahhh! Zelda has
been kidnapped!
What are we to
do now? You must
do something,

It's terrible! 

Oh, Zelda!
Listen--just as
the petrified
townsfolk began
to get better,
Zelda and I
cheered up a
boy who was.
crying. Then

I was worried
about Nayru
being alone, so
I came along.

   Maku Road

 Level 1
  Spirit's Grave

 Level 2
  Wing Dungeon

 Level 3
  Moonlit Grotto

 Level 4
  Skull Dungeon

 Level 5
  Crown Dungeon

 Level 6
  Mermaid's Cave

 Level 7

 Level 8
  Ancient Tomb

  Black Tower

  Room of Rites

  Hero's Cave

 The Black Tower

 Warp Cancel

 Go back

Talus Peaks

Symmetry Village

Nuun Highlands

Rolling Ridge

Rolling Ridge

Lynna City

Forest of Time

Yoll Graveyard

Fairies' Woods

South Lynna

South Shore

Crescent Strait

Zora Village

Zora Seas

Sea of Storms

Crescent Island

The Black Tower

Ambi's Tower

Cheval's Grave

The Wild Tokay

Ruined Keep

Great Moblin's

Syrup's Potion

Nayru's House

Birds' Hut


Vasu Jewelers

Mask Shop

Tokay Cafe

Middle House

Ancient Adler's

Maku Tree

Maku Sprout

Advance Shop &
Shooting Gallery

Bipin's &
Blossom's House

Natzu Prairie

Natzu River

Natzu Wasteland

Talus Lake

Restoration Wall

Lynna Village

Northeast Lynna

West Lynna

Coast of No

Sea of No

Deku Forest

Ambi's Palace

Rafton's House

Cheval's House

Tokay Traders

Post Office


Mayor Plen's

Patch's Grotto

Eyeglass Island

Target Carts

Dr. Troy's House

Mamamu Yan's

Black Tower

Wild Tokay

Goron Shooting

Pippin's House

Dekadin's House

I hear an
essence echoing
in the Western
Woods. Can you
go check it out?

But be sure to
come back.

Maybe there's
something in
Nayru's House
that can help

Maybe you can
open time holes
with the Harp
of Ages and go
back in time.

I feel an
Essence of Time
on Crescent
Island in the
south sea!!!
But be careful
crossing the
sea, OK?

The Black Tower
of the past is
nearly complete.
Terrible things
will happen if
you don't hurry!
An essence
echoes near the
peak northwest
of Lynna City.
Can you go?

I think there's
a mountain north
of Nayru's House
that's related
to the essences.
Sorry! I just
don't remember!

Follow the Goron
legend. Maybe it
holds a clue.

Is this also
because Nayru
was taken?

Why do I still
sense an essence
near Rolling

I'm jealous that
you'd do so much
for another
girl, Link,
let alone the
Oracle of Ages!

Hurry to Ambi's

...An essence?
Inside a fish?

The last essence
must be hidden
somewhere in
Good luck!

Good luck,
Veran is atop
the Black Tower!

The Eye of
Deceit won't
affect you,
I'm sure of it!

Ahh... Peace is
nice. Now I can
think only of


I feel so weird.
I'm vanishing!
Something must
be happening to
me in the past!

Uhhn... It's
weird... It all
seems so foggy.
I'm forgetting
so much...

You... You're...

Why are you here
now? I've been
waiting so long
for you. Don't
you remember?
Hundreds of
years ago?
Link, you

"When I grow up,
I'll marry you!"
That's what you
said, Link.
Four hundred
years I waited.

I knew you
wouldn't forget
about me.
Our hearts are
bound across
time by a thread

What? That's not
why you're here?
Why won't you
listen to me?
Fine! You want
to talk about
Veran, right?

Maybe Veran is
using Queen Ambi
to raise the
tower to the
heavens. "If one
of impure heart
gains the powers
of shadow...

this world will
be covered in
That's what this
is about...

To know the past
is to know the
present. Veran
can do as she
pleases if she
finds dark power
in the past. All
will go dark!
Link! You must
stop Veran and
save Nayru!
Must I say it
  ›Yes ›No

I don't recall,
but I think you
need the eight
Essences of Time
hidden in
Labrynna to beat
The essences
hold the power
to see the
truth, and they
hold my memory!
You won't beat
Veran if you
can't see the

With the flow of
time disrupted,
my memory is

What will we do?
I'm at a loss...

But if you find
the essences,
I'll remember
And you'll be
able to stop
Please do this,

First, I want
you to go to
Yoll Graveyard
in the east.
I hear the first
essence there.

I can't do much,
but take this.

Welcome back,
You've finally
beaten Veran!
Link, I knew
you could!
And I knew you'd
come back...

Welcome back,
Now the world is
at peace! I knew
you could do it,
And I knew you'd
come back...

But Link,
Veran's still in
the past, right?
If she is, then
can't she still
create an age of
darkness that
would continue
to the present?

What's going on?
What does it
mean if they're
behind Veran's

Link, the
next essence...

That's weird!
An essence is
echoing from
inside a fish.

Twinrova is
behind Veran?!?
What did she
mean by Evil
King? What's
going on?
Link, this
gives me a very
bad feeling! You
must stop it!

But first, the
next essence,

You've collected
all eight
Essences of Time
and know their
Thanks to you,
time flows true
in me again, and
I remember all
I had forgotten!
I'm the guardian
of Nayru, Oracle
of Ages, and my
Maku Seed can
be used only by
a hero who knows
the powers of
the Essences of
The hero who
knows the
Essences of Time
sees unwavering
truth across
time and space.
If you can do
this, Link
you can stop
Take this!

it's Twinrova!
Who thought
the terrible
Gerudo Witch
Twinrova would
What could her
plan be...

I'm filled with
sorrow, just as
Twinrova hoped!
The world is
I shouldn't
say this, but...
A world of
sorrow is a
world doomed!

You must stop
Queen Ambi at
the Black Tower
and cast down
Veran! Please!

The Ember Seeds
in this Seed
Satchel will
offer light in
dark places and
burn small trees
from your path.

you did it! I
knew you could!
Leave this to

Pleased to meet
you, young hero.
I am the Maku
Tree, guardian
of Labrynna.
Veran, Sorceress
of Shadows, has
taken Nayru, the
Oracle of Ages.
She's disrupting
the flow of time
from the past.
She's trying to
flood this world
with the power
of sorrow. We
cannot give in
to one of impure
heart. You must
stop Veran--and
soon--but to
stop her, you'll
need some-

I hear the pure
sound of an
essence in the
Western Woods!
You should go!

I hear the pure
sound of an
essence in the
Western Woods!
You should go!

I hear the pure
sound of an
essence in the
Western Woods!
You should go!

Crescent Island
lies beyond the
sea! Perhaps
someone near the
town waterfront
knows more!

The Black Tower
is growing!
I have a very
bad feeling...

The Goron Elder
has been buried
alive! Link!
What's an Elder?

What? Link,
you were the
Goron hero?!?
I had no idea.
That's so cool!

It looks like
the Gorons are
all having fun!
I want to join
them, too!

I am very happy
to see you, but
please hurry up
and save Nayru.

The south sea
is polluted!
That won't do!
Go clean it up!

You've finally
come to the last
essence! I'm
behind you!

Please visit me
after you've
grown up! I'll
wait for you, no
matter how long!

Oh! My dearest!
I wondered if
we'd meet again!
Did I help you?
Veran is at the
very top of the
Black Tower!

Dearest! I'll be
a fine tree when
I grow up! Can
you wait for me?

Oh! My dearest!
I wondered if
we'd meet again!
Did I help you?
Veran is at the
very top of the
Black Tower!

I heard there's
a terrible trap
called the Eye
of Deceit...

It's me, the
Maku Tree! I
hear an essence
echoing in the
Western Woods.
Can you go

Link, are
you all right?
Now you can't
get inside! The
rock you blasted
was a support
stone that held
up the cave.
Too bad Nayru
can't give us
some advice...
Maybe there's
something in
Nayru's House
that can help!
Why don't you
go look?

Link, that's
the Harp of
Ages! Maybe you
can use it to
open Time
Portals and sail
through time!
The cave has
crumbled in this
age, but perhaps
in the past you
can find a way

Link! I
sense an Essence
of Time on the
south sea's
Crescent Island!
Find a way there
from the town's

Link! You have
the Echoing
Howl! But things
are not going
well. The Black
Tower is nearing
completion in
the past.
Terrible things
will happen if
you don't hurry.
I hear an
essence echoing
from the peaks
northwest of
Lynnna City.
Can you go?

I am remembering
more and more.
The ridge north
of Nayru's House
must be related
to the essences.

Link, your name
has appeared in
old Goron tales!
Their legends
tell of a great
hero who saved
the Gorons in
their hour of
need. What could
this mean?

Link! I
still hear an
essence echoing
near Rolling
Ridge. Huh? I
think someone's

Link! I have
great news!!!
Queen Ambi has
just left the
palace! Now is
your chance!
This may be your
only opportunity
to save Nayru!

Saving Nayru
isn't enough...
Veran's deeds
have changed
the world...
I cannot hear
the last essence
at all...
But it must be
somewhere in
I'm relying on
you, Link.

Thank you,
You've gathered
all the Essences
of Time! Now I
can create
something that
will aid you,
Please visit me
after you've
grown up! I'll
wait for you, no
matter how long!

Link did it.

Link did it.

No! Noooo!

Aaahh! Oh dear!
Get them!

Wow! You were so
daring and cool!

Th-thank you!
Who are you?
Link! What
a nice name. I'm
the Maku Tree.
You were brave!
They said the
Oracle of Ages
convinced Queen
Ambi to build a
Black Tower...
Maybe she made
them attack me.
Thank you for
rescuing me!
I will never,
ever forget it!
And I promise
I'll repay you
when I grow up!
This is about
all I can do...

When I grow up,
I'm going to be
your bride!
Ahh! I said it!

Ohh, Link...

I will repay you
when I grow up!
Be sure to come
see me.

Dearest! You did
it! This is
wonderful! Now
peace can return
to Labrynna!

I know it is
hard, but don't
give up. If you
maintain hope,
I am sure your
father will play
with you like he
used to.

Thank you for
rescuing me.
My name is
Zelda. You are
Link, right?
I knew it at
first glance.
Take this as
thanks for
rescuing me.

Shall we go

I'm sorry I made
you worry...
But I saw it...
A world filled
with sorrow and
Withering away!

the ˆ on your
left hand is the
mark of a hero.
We cannot let
Veran do as she
pleases! Only
you can thwart
and save the
Link, chase
the darkness
away with your
mighty hand and
protect this

I've caused you
much trouble.
But I can't
stand by as the
world falls into
Please rescue
Nayru as quickly
as you can!

The darkness has
not faded yet...
You must stop
Veran before the
darkness engulfs

I, too, ask for
your help.
All people, not
just those of
this age, will
meet with great
Nayru, Impa and
I will try to
give strength to
the people.
we're counting
on you.

I always hope
for your safe


I asked Nayru to
bring me here.
Impa tried to
stop me, but I
can't stand by
alone and do

Let me take care
of the
Link, you
must take care
of Veran and

Ow! Ow! Ow!!!
Watch where
you're goin'!
You just hit
Maple, the Great
Witch Syrup's
Thanks to you,
all the stuff
fell out of my
bag! The Great
Witch will be
And I have to
get that picture
book. Who could
have that 
Well, it's all
made me mad! So
I'm gonna take
your stuff, too!

You again?
Thanks to you,
everything in my
bag flew out!
You must be
brave to hit
Maple like this!
I'll just take
your stuff, too!
Here goes!

Do you have it
in for me or
what? Thanks to
you, all the
stuff flew out
of my bag! Well,
I'll just take
your stuff, too!

AH! All my stuff
flew out of my
bag! I'll just
take what you
dropped, too!
This'll show you
what happens
when you make
Maple mad!

Back again?
The stuff flew
out of my bag!
I'll just have
to take what you
dropped, too!

We meet again!
You know the
drill! Fastest
one wins.
Ready..? Go!

Ah ha ha ha! Now
you're sorry! I
have more stuff
than before!
See ya!

You little--
I'll remember

Hmm! Not bad!
But that's all
you get today.

Watch where
you're goin'!
You just hit
Maple, the Great
Witch Syrup's
Oh my!

This makes up
for your bumping
into me! See ya!

. . . . . . . .

Hey! That book!

That's the 
Touching Book
I need to take
to Syrup! Why do
you have it? Let
me read it!

Oh, my...
Ooo! ...........

How touching!

It was good...
Take this. It's
the first one I
made. Syrup
never gave me
any compliments
on it. I'll keep
this book.

Watch where
you're walkin'!
I came through
this weird
tunnel and was
flyin' happily
along when you
run into me! I'm
Maple, the Great
Witch Syrup's
Why does this
happen to me?
The Great Witch
is so mean. She
even took away
my picture book!
Doesn't anyone
have that 
Now you come
along and make
me drop all my
Anyway, it's all
got me mad!
I'm gonna take
your stuff, too!

Watch where
you're walkin'!
I came through
this weird
tunnel and was
flyin' happily
along... What
are you doin'
here anyway?
Well, I'm takin'
your stuff, too!

Need some target
practice? It's
only 10 Rupees!
  ›Yes ›No

Do you need an
  ›No ›Yes

Suit yourself...

You don't have
enough Rupees!

Swing your sword
to hit the balls
back at the
targets. Each
kind of target
has a different
point value.
Fairy   100 pts
Blue    30 pts
Red    -10 pts
Imp     -50 pts
Miss    -50 pts
The prize is
based on your
score after 10
Got that?
  ›Yes ›No

Then let's
start! Ready...

Zero points...
Too bad.

1 Blue...
That's 30 pts.

1 Fairy...
That's 100 pts.!

1 Red...
That's -10 pts.

1 Imp...
That's -50 pts.!

2 Blues...
That's 60 pts.

2 Reds...
That's -20 pts.

1 Red, 1 Blue...
30 - 10...
That's 20 pts.

1 Blue, 1 Fairy!
30 + 100...
That's 130 pts.!

1 Blue, 1 Imp...
30 - 50...
That's -20 pts.

1 Fairy, 1 Red!
100 - 10...
That's 90 pts.!

1 Fairy, 1 Imp!
100 - 50...
That's 50 pts.

1 Red, 1 Imp...
-10 -50...
That's -60 pts.!

Your total is

Your total is

350 pts. or more
earns a ring!

250 pts. or more
is a Gasha Seed!

150 pts. or more
wins 30 Rupees!

50 pts. or more
wins 1 Heart.

Less than 50?
Try again...

Try again for
10 Rupees?
 Sure No

You get a
special prize!

Strike! -50 pts!

Eternal Spirit
It speaks across
time to the

Ancient Wood
It speaks only
truth to closed

Echoing Howl
It echoes far
across plains
to speak to
insolent hearts.

Burning Flame
It reignites a
hero's passion
deep in wavering

Sacred Soil
Its warmth is
known by all
that rests
in the earth.

Lonely Peak
A proud spirit
that remains
stalwart in
trying times.

Rolling Sea
The song of the
sea forms a wave
that carries
heroes into

Falling Star
Its eternal
light acts as
guide to the
other essences.

Poe Clock
Lightens hearts?

Fine paper.

Stink Bag
Very stinky...

Tasty Meat
House specialty.

Doggie Mask
For a dog lover.

A single weight.

Cheesy Mustache
Kind of weird...

Funny Joke
Quite a hit.

Touching Book
A sad story.

Magic Oar
A racer's dream.

Sea Ukelele
Smells like
the sea.

Broken Sword
It's broken?

Maku Seed
sacred seed.

Gasha Seed
Plant it in

Magic Ring
Take it in for

Zora's Flippers
Hit the beach.

Magic Potion
Fill your heart!

Bomb Flower
Use with care!

Ricky's Gloves
Take them to

Member's Card
Opens the door!

L-1 Ring Box
Holds one
seed ring.

L-2 Ring Box
Holds three
seed rings.

L-3 Ring Box
Holds five
seed rings.

Wooden Shield
A small shield.

Iron Shield
A large shield.

Mirror Shield
A reflective

Wooden Sword
A hero's blade.

Noble Sword
A sacred blade.

Master Sword
The blade of

Very explosive.

Always comes
back to you.

Biggoron's Sword
A powerful, two-
handed sword.

An advanced
homing bomb!

A handy tool.

Power Bracelet
A strength

Roc's Feather
A nice lift.

Seed Satchel
A bag for
carrying seeds.

Strange Flute
A rare

Ricky's Flute
A flute for
calling Ricky!

Dimitri's Flute
A flute for
calling Dimitri!

Moosh's Flute
A flute for
calling Moosh!

Ember Seeds
A fiery burst.

Scent Seeds
Aroma therapy?

Pegasus Seeds
Legendary speed.

Gale Seeds
A windy trip.

Mystery Seeds
A producer of
unknown effects.

Ember Seeds
A burst of fire!

Scent Seeds
An aromatic

Pegasus Seeds
Steals speed?

Gale Seeds
A mighty blow!

Mystery Seeds
A producer of
unknown effects.

Cane of Somaria
Used to create

Switch Hook
User and target
trade places.

Long Hook
Switches places
from a distance.

Power Gloves
Used to lift
large objects.

Seed Shooter
Used to bounce
seeds around.

Harp of Ages
A harp used to
navigate time.

Tune of Echoes
Awakens Time

Tune of Currents
Moves from past
to present.

Tune of Ages
Moves freely
through time.

Mermaid Suit
The skin of the
mythical beast.

Cheval Rope

Island Chart
A sailor's
trusted map.

Scent Seedling
Bears fruit long
after planting.

Brother Emblem
A symbol of

Graveyard Key
Key to a
spirit's grave.

Tuni Nut
The nut that
balances all.

Crown Key
A crown-shaped

Rock Sirloin
A tasty treat.

Goron Vase
An heirloom.

Energy in a
single gulp!

Lava Juice
A hot, juicy

Mermaid Key
A tiny mermaid-
shaped key.

Old Mermaid Key
An ancient key.

Library Key
The key to vast

Zora Scale
A charm of the

One of four.

A letter to the
dancing Goron.

Cracked Tuni Nut
A nut in need of

Book of Seals
A true test
of courage.

Fairy Powder
powerful dust.

Tokay Eyeball
A treasure of
the deep!

Save Screen
Go to the
Save Screen.

Pieces of Heart
4 make a
Heart Container.

Pieces of Heart
3 more make a
Heart Container.

Pieces of Heart
2 more make a
Heart Container.

Pieces of Heart
1 more makes a
Heart Container.

The current age
is the present.

The current age
is the past.

¶I hab to cook
dinner por all
da Tokay, but
by dose is all
stubbed up. Ib I
cook, it will
taste awbul.

Give him the 
Stink Bag?
  ›Yes ›No

Huh? What's dat?



That smell!!!

¶What was that?
My nose stings!
That was stinky!
That smell! It
cleared up my
nose! Thanks!
That  bag did
it! I need it!
It's unbearable!
I'll trade you
something really
good for it!

¶Oops! I'm out of
dinner fixings!
Oh, well.

¶Oh, my nose...

¶I deed a super-
strog scet to
clear out by

¶I found this
by the sea. It
was next to a
Tokay with no
tail. Hey! You
don't have a
tail, either.
Is this...
Um, take this.
I... I don't
need it.

¶Hey! You're the
one who I...
Um, I'm glad you
came. I was
thinking maybe
I should hide--
I mean maybe I
should go give
this back to
you. Here!

¶That's all I
picked up, but
maybe other
Tokay took
stuff, too. But
maybe not. Maybe
you should look

¶I'm hungry!


¶Leave me alone!
I, I don't know
I mean, I'm
I don't know
whose Shovel
it is!

¶Welcome to the
Wild Tokay, the
game room for
all fit Tokay!
Today's prize

If you want it,
take the Wild
Tokay challenge!
It costs
10 Rupees.
  ›OK ›No thanks

If you want this
Want to hear
the rules?
  ›No ›Yes

Then let's get


Too bad!

Take the prize!

It's 10 Rupees
to try again!
  ›OK ›No thanks

I see...
Come again.

You don't have
enough Rupees!

¶This is the Wild
Tokay, game room
for all healthy
Tokay. You can't
play if you
can't lift meat.

¶This huge fish
washed ashore!
It looks fresh
and tasty!

¶Red fish has a
very exciting

¶We found this
red fish. We're
dying to savor
its exciting

¶Hey! What are
those red seeds
you have? Ember
Seeds? What an
exciting name!
Will you trade
Ember Seeds for
our fish?
  ›Sure ›No way

¶Then I guess
this red fish
will have to do.

¶It's a deal!
I can't wait to
taste it!

Munch, munch!

¶HOT!!! HOT!!!

Pass meat to
each Tokay that
runs by on the
left and right.
If you give meat
to each one, you
win! If you skip
even one, you
  ›Yes ›No

¶First give me
my hoop back.
Then you get
your Shovel.
  ›OK ›Not yet

Then here's

Then I'll keep

¶I found that
feather. You can
have it for 10
Mystery Seeds.

10 Mystery Seeds
  ›Trade ›Don't

You don't have
Mystery Seeds?
Then I'll trade
you for your
  ›Trade ›Don't


You don't have
enough seeds!

Come back if you
want to trade.

¶First give me my
feather back.
Then you get
your Shovel.
  ›OK ›Not yet

¶That's the hoop
I found. I'll
trade it for
10 ScentSeeds.

10 ScentSeeds
  ›Trade ›Don't

You don't have
Then I'll trade
you for your
  ›Trade ›Don't

You don't have
enough seeds!

¶I'll give you
your Shovel back
if you give me
my hoop back.
  ›OK ›Not yet

¶I'll give you
your Shovel back
if you give me
my feather back.
  ›OK ›Not yet

¶If you want
something, we
can trade.

¶I have nothing
left to trade.

¶I found this
strange board by
the coast.

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