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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

                             THE LEGEND OF

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                    -----/  / 
                        /  /  |==== |    |===     /\
                       /  /   |     |    |   \   /  \
                      /  /    |===  |    |    | /====\
                     /  /     |     |    |   / /      \
                    /  /------|==== |====|=== /        \
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                              Oracle of Ages
                    For Game Boy Color/Game Boy Advance
                            Guide by Incoherent
                     email at: my_stupid_reed@yahoo.com
                               Version 2.11

Author's Note:  Ctrl-F is your friend!  Check the first entry under 
"Disclaimers and Notes" for more info on how to get to exactly what you want 
WITHOUT emailing me, posting on the board, or scrolling all day.

Table of Contents 
1.0  FAQ
2.0  Disclaimers and Notes
3.0  A Note on Maps
4.0  Major Characters
5.0  Items and Weapons
6.0  Trading Sequence
7.0  Walkthrough
   7.1.0  Intro/Forest of Time
   7.1.1  Path to Level 1
   7.1.2  Level 1: Spirit's Grave
   7.2.1  Path to Level 2
   7.2.2  Level 2: Wing Dungeon
   7.3.1  Path to Level 3
   7.3.2  Level 3: Moonlit Grotto
   7.4.1  Path to Level 4
   7.4.2  Level 4: Skull Dungeon
   7.5.1  Path to Level 5
   7.5.2  Level 5: Crown Dungeon
   7.6.1  Path to Level 6
   7.6.2  Level 6: Mermaid's Cave
   7.7.0  Ambi's Palace
   7.7.1  Path to Level 7
   7.7.2  Level 7: Jabu-Jabu's Belly
   7.8.1  Path to Level 8
   7.8.2  Level 8: Ancient Tomb
   7.9.1  The Black Tower
   7.9.2  Veran
8.0  Sequel Changes
   8.1    Secrets
   8.2    Story Changes
   8.3    Room of Rites/Ganon
9.0  Random Weird Stuff
   9.1    Name Discrepancies
   9.2    Fun with Cuccos
   9.3    Fun with the Hand in the Toilet
   9.4    The GBA Shop
10.0 Thanks and Legal Junk

Version History

v2.11- Am I ever going to be done with this?

v2.1- Put the FAQ up at the top.  You had better read it before you spam my  
inbox.  Also added "Fun with the Hand in the Toilet"... *rolls eyes* ... and 
on a more serious note, redid the line spacing so it's generally constant at 
78 characters per line.

v2.0- A bunch more FAQ questions, a few small corrections, etc...  I also 
completely redid the navigation (more Ctrl-F friendly), sorry about taking 
out the cute section titles.  Oh well.  Not to mention I doubled the version 
number to inflate my ego after spending too much time redoing all this for no 
good reason.

v1.0- Bah.  I'm too gosh-darned lazy to finish the Hero's Cave.  So I will 
take out the entire section and tell you to find the (very good) in-depth 
guide on the subject by Funkytoad.  But at least I'm at *trumpet fanfare* 
VERSION 1.0!!!

v0.95- Yay!  The walkthrough is done!  (Well, except for the Hero's Cave and 
Ganon...)  The FAQ portion exists, though some real questions would be nice.  
More Random Weird Stuff will be appreciated as well.  All that's left is the 
Sequel Changes section, and maybe some editing on the first part of the 
walkthrough...  Also, **NOTE** the email change.  I'm getting a real Internet 
connection on June 11th (finally) and the AOL address will no longer exist.

v0.4-  A little farther now, and I changed my name after COMPLETELY 
forgetting about it.  Some other small things got added/updated.  Level 6 is 
going to be a pain, since (small spoiler) there are two of them...

v0.25- OK, so I sent in three levels of the walkthrough and associated 
characters and items.  It's a start...

-- 1.0  FAQ --

Q. How do I use the coordinates, like B3 or E6?
A. Verbatim from section 3 below:
Coordinates are given with letters for horizontal and numbers for vertical, 
with A1 being the upper left corner and H8 (in dungeons) or N14 (overworld) 
being the lower right corner.  If there are multiple floors, I simply tack 
that onto the coordinate, e.g. 1-B2 on the first floor, B-B2 in the basement.

Q. How do I get out of Zora Village?  I need a Magic Potion.
A. If you surface (hit B) somewhere other than right outside Jabu-Jabu or the 
Zoras' Palace, you can find a Gale Seed tree at B13 on the map.  Use the Gale 
Seeds to warp out, then get your potion and warp back.  Easy.

Q. Speaking of potions, where do I get one?
A. Buy it at the witch's hut, which is past the gates to level 1 in the 
graveyard in the present.

Q. How do I marry the Maku Tree?
A. Sorry, in those 400 years the Maku Tree changed her mind.  Go marry Ruto 
from Ocarina of Time instead.

Q. What's the difference between a linked game and a Password game? 
A. One involves linking the two games with the Link Cable, the other involves    
typing in passwords.  Period.  The rest is the same.

Q. Where is the Blue Ring?
A. After you get the Power Glove, go out of Level 8 and to the right.  In a    
corner of the maze will be a tomb that you can lift up to find a (very  
useful) ring.

Q. How do I use my Switch Hook underwater? 
A. Make sure it's set to the A button.  Only the A button item can be used 

Q. Help!  My Mermaid Suit doesn't let me move! 
A. You have to tap (not press) the + pad to move.

Q. How do I get the other Mermaid Key?  I'm stuck in Level 6 in the    
A. Warp to the past from the Minecart Target Game and get 100 points in    
the Goron Shooting Gallery for the LAVA JUICE.  Then go back to the cave at 
N4 and go all the way through.  Right before you get to the exit (to M2), 
there will be a Goron there.  Show him your Lava Juice and Old Mermaid Key 
and he'll help you get the other one by giving you a LETTER OF INTRODUCTION.  
Take that to the Graceful Goron and he'll challenge you to a dance-off.  6 
out of 8 rounds will get the red MERMAID KEY.  Now swim through the waterfall 
at M4 and enter the past Level 6.
If you noticed, that's basically verbatim from the walkthrough below.

Q. Can I have passwords? 
A. If you want the password to the other game and you don't mind having the 
same character name and the same animal helper and the same name for Bipin 
and Blossom's kid, that can be arranged.  If you want any other secret 
passwords, they won't work unless you have the same for all three of those 
things.  The short answer is, NO.

Q. How do I get Ricky?
A. OK, this is confirmed now.  After level 3, as you pass through Lynna, warp 
back to the past, then play the Shooting Gallery game.  One of the 450 point 
prizes will be the Strange Flute, which later becomes Ricky's Flute.

Q. Help!  I got the (Sword/Shield/Seed/Bomb/Ring Box password upgrade)    
before I got the one in the game!  Am I stuck with the (Noble Sword/Iron 
Shield/50 Seeds/30 Bombs/L-2 Ring Box)?
A. If you get the upgrade in the game, it SHOULD give you the third-level    

A. ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US (Whoops, wrong game...)

Q. You have a couple of walls in Level 6 that you are supposed to blow up, 
but my bombs don't do anything!  Why not? 
A. As per my BIG HUGE MAJOR NOTE above the map, you can ONLY bomb those two 
walls in the past.

Q. How do I use passwords? 
A. Okay, time for a hypothetical example.  You have just beaten Seasons as 
your first game.  Take that password and start a game on Ages with it.    
Now, as you go through Ages, find certain people who will give you passwords 
(listed way below at "Password Locations").  Each person will tell you who to 
tell the password to in Seasons.  Find that person, tell them the password 
you got, and you should get a new item and another password.  Now go back 
into Ages and talk to Farore inside the Maku Tree-Present.  Tell her the new 
passwords from Seasons and you can get the same upgrades in your linked game.  
Be sure to get the Master Sword this way before fighting Ganon. (If you're 
playing Seasons linked, just swap Ages and Seasons in all of that 

Q. What is a pirate's favorite restaurant? 
A. Arrrrrrr-by's!  (Ummmm... yeah.)

-- 2.0  Disclaimers and Notes --
a) How to Navigate This FAQ (and many others)
Go to the table of contents.
Find the section number of the section you want to look at.  (e.g. 7.7.2)
Hold down the Ctrl key on your keyboard and press F.
In the dialog box that pops up, search for that section number.
You should be able to find the section number in a cool looking box (like the
one above) in only a couple of tries.

For those of you who don't like looking at the Table of Contents, the basic 
walkthrough section numbering is 7, then the level number, then either 1 for 
how to get to the level or 2 for the level itself.

b) All hit counts (including Veran) are with the Wooden Sword.  Don't use it 
against Veran, trust me...  The only exception is Ganon.  Even I'm not that 

c) I would appreciate feedback; my email address is
Please, please, please read through the FAQs and the walkthrough before going 
to the forums or emailing me about the game.  It will be a lot faster and 
will help me retain my sanity.

d) In my rush to get at least SOMETHING, I may have forgotten to tell you how 
to solve the garden-variety block puzzles.  This is a basic  Zelda-series 
skill, and I should hope that you know how to move through, for example, the 
*   *
If not, please find another Zelda game to play; that puzzle is the EASY one.  
Some of the new puzzles, like the colored block, WILL be covered at least 

e) I don't know and I don't care what the real names of the bosses are. I 
hope you like my pet names for them.

f) The following sites have permission to post this FAQ:
If you want to post it on your site, link to the page before this... you 
know, the one that has six full guides and a host of others.  Not only do you 
get this one, but you get all the rest of them, and CJayC (GameFAQs 
webmaster) won't get mad at you.

-- 3.0  A Note on Maps --
OK, so I did make maps for you.  Here's the map key for all the dungeon maps:
K = Small Key               * = Bombable wall
C = Compass                 |
b = Miniboss                - or -|- = Door (except minecart passages
B = Boss                    |                which aren't marked)
M = Dungeon Map             / or \ = The edges of the level (for clarity)
& = Boss Key                # = Room with no other labels (for clarity)
T = Essence of Time         ! = Dungeon treasure
E = Entrance
^ = Upward Stairs           v = Downward Stairs

Coordinates are given with letters for horizontal and numbers for vertical, 
with A1 being the upper left corner and H8 (in dungeons) or N14 (overworld) 
being the lower right corner.  If there are multiple floors, I simply tack 
that onto the coordinate, e.g. 1-B2 on the first floor, B-B2 in the basement.

-- 4.0  Major Characters --

Nayru- The best singer in Labrynna, and the Oracle of Time.

Ralph- Childhood friend and protector of Nayru.  He drops the occasional hint 
and acts tough when he shows up.

Impa- Zelda's nurse back in Hyrule, who somehow ends up in Labrynna.  (Did I 
miss that part?)

Zelda- Princess and sage from Hyrule.  Again, not sure how she comes into the 
story, but she gets captured as usual.  Twice.  (oops, that was a spoiler...)

Link- Hyrulean legend, holder of the Triforce.  (And, it seems, 

Veran- Sorceress of Shadows, bent on taking over Labrynna.  She uses Link and 
Queen Ambi to bring on an Age of Darkness.

Queen Ambi- Queen of Lynna in the past, who is building a tower to find her 
long-lost boyfriend.  Veran uses Nayru's power to help Ambi build her tower 
and to further her own ends.

Ganon- The Evil King, or sometimes just a big huge bad guy, depending on 
which Zelda game you're playing.

Twinrova- Evil witches who try to resurrect Ganon.  Too bad they don't have a 
funny death sequence like they did in Ocarina of Time...

Maku Tree- Wise talking tree who lives just outside Lynna.  She helps Link 
find the eight Essences of Time to save Nayru.

Moosh- A blue bear with wings.  He can fly (sort of) by tapping A *very* 
rapidly and can pound enemies from above by holding A or B while in the air.  
You get him if you don't buy the flute.

Ricky- A kangaroo with boxing gloves.  He can punch with A and charge up 
tornadoes.  His special ability is jumping up cliffs.  You get him if you win 
the flute from the Lynna Shooting Gallery.

Dimitri- A swimming Dodongo.  You can carry him with the Power Bracelet.  His 
attack is to eat enemies with A.  You get him if you buy the Strange Flute 
before you see the carpenter.

Patch- Expert fixer, who lives at the top of Restoration Wall in the past, at 
coordinates D3.  He fixes the Tuni Nut and the Broken Sword for you... if you 
can win his game, that is.

Tingle- Fairy wannabe.  I'm not sure why I put him here, since he is the most 
annoying person in Majora's Mask...  (Oh wait.  Based on that nintendo.com 
poll, most of you never finished Majora's Mask.  Sorry for that spoiler, for 
those of you who are still stuck in the first part.) 

-- 5.0  Items and Weapons --

- (L-1) Wooden Sword
Pretty self explanatory.  Get it from Impa after she recovers.

- (L-2) Noble Sword
It hits harder and it fires beams when you're at full health.  You get it at 
the end of the Trading Sequence (below).

- (L-3) Master Sword
Allows you to hit Ganon with a normal slash.  Password treasure.

- (L-4) Biggoron Sword
Password treasure.  Note that this does NOT replace the Master Sword.  The 
problem with this sword is that it requires both hands... I mean buttons. If 
you equip it, both items will go back into your Subscreen and you will only 
be able to swing the sword with both buttons.

- (L-1) Wooden Shield
Ditto.  Buy it for 30 Rupees before entering Level 2: Wing Dungeon.  When the 
Tokays take it or if a Like Like eats it, you'll have to buy it again. 
Bummer.  Thankfully, the Tokay Trading Post sells this and all shields for 10 
Scent Seeds (after level 3).

- (L-2) Iron Shield
I suppose it defends better...  Swim into the cave at J14 in the past and 
claim it from the Tokay in the cave.

- (L-3) Mirror Shield
Presumably reflects beams and other bad stuff.  Password treasure.

- Bombchu
Works just like it did in the N64 versions.  Password treasure.

- Shovel
Dig stuff up and clear piles of dirt.  Get it from the foreman in the Black 

- (L-1) Power Bracelet
Pick up heavy stuff.  Dungeon treasure of Level 1: Spirit's Grave.

- (L-2) Power Glove
Pick up really heavy stuff.  Dungeon treasure of Level 8: Ancient Tomb.

- Seed Satchel
Hold and drop seeds.  Get it from the Maku Tree after saving it in the past.  
You can raise your capacity to 50 of each seed if you see Tingle after 
getting at least three types of seeds and the Seed Shooter.  A second upgrade 
is a password treasure...

- Seed Shooter
Shoot seeds in eight directions.  Dungeon treasure of Level 3: Moonlit 

- Harp of Ages
Find it in the basement of Nayru's house.  You get the Tune of Echoes (open 
portals) right then.  To get the Tune of Currents (go forward in time), talk 
to Tokkey at the end of the tunnel in B1 in the past.  Nayru teaches you the 
Tune of Ages after you save her in Ambi's Palace, which allows you to go 
either direction from anywhere.

- Bombs
Blow up stuff.  (Yay!)  Ambi's prize when you bring her the Mystery Seeds. 
For a bigger capacity, throw a bomb into the pool in Talos Peaks that says 
"Do not throw anything into the water." and answer "A regular one".  An 
upgrade to 50 bombs is a password treasure.

- L-1 Ring Box
Holds one ring.  The jeweler gives it and the Friendship Ring to you when you 
first meet him.

- L-2 Ring Box
Holds three rings.  Buy it from the secret shop.  (Stand in the past above 
the left tree in I7, then warp to the present.)

- L-3 Ring Box
Holds five rings.  Password treasure.

- Boomerang
Stuns enemies (bah, humbug).  Get at least 400 points in the Goron Shooting 
Gallery (N2, past), or get another perfect score in the Target Carts game 
(N2, present).

- Zora's Flippers
Swim in shallow water (not in the sea).  In the cave in the graveyard.

- Mermaid Suit
Swim in deep water.  Dungeon treasure of Level 6: Mermaid's Cave.  For some 
reason, they made this really hard to control- you have to tap the + pad 
really fast to get anywhere.

- Gasha Seed
Plant it and neat stuff pops out.  It sprouts after you kill a certain number 
of enemies.

- Flute
Calls your animal pal.  If you buy it at the shop, it will eventually call 
Dimitri.  If you win it at the Lynna Shooting Gallery (past, I6), it calls 
Ricky.  If you get it from Moosh, it will call him instead.

- (L-1) Switch Hook
Switch places with enemies and diamond-shaped blocks.  Dungeon treasure of 
Level 4: Skull Dungeon.

- (L-2) Long Hook
Longer range than the other one.  Dungeon treasure of Level 7: Jabu-Jabu's

- Cane of Somaria
Make blocks.  Dungeon treasure of Level 5: Crown Dungeon.

- Magic Potion
Automatically revives you to full health when you run out of life.  Buy it at 
the witch's hut in the graveyard in the present.

-- 6.0  Trading Sequence --

- Poe Clock
Move the gravestone outside Level 1: Spirit's Grave and get this from the 
grateful ghost.

- Stationery
Give the Poe Clock to the Postman in Lynne in the past.

- Stink Bag
Give the Stationery to the guy in the Lynne Village toilet in the past. (What 
is it with Link and toilets?  First Majora's Mask, now this... Sheesh.)

- Fresh Meat
Give the Stink Bag to the Tokay in the hut to the south of the portal, in the 

- Doggie Mask
Give the Fresh Meat to the crazy guy in the Mask Shop (D6, present).

- Dumbbell
Give the Doggie Mask to Mamamu Yan in G7 in the present.

- Cheesy Mustache
Give the Dumbbell to the skinny guy in the basement of the Middle House in 
Symmetry City, past. (D2)

- Funny Joke
Give the Cheesy Mustache to the guy outside the house in G6, present.

- Touching Book
Tell the Funny Joke to the depressed guy in the house in G6, past.

- Magic Oar
Find Maple (kill a lot of enemies to make her appear) and bump into her to 
give her the Touching Book.  (Thanks to Greg Wells for mentioning this 

- Sea Ukulele
Give the Magic Oar to Rafton at H11 in the past.

- Broken Sword
Give the Sea Ukulele to the old Zora in the cave in K6 in the past.

- Noble Sword
Take the Broken Sword to Patch and finish his Restoration Ceremony, which has 
become harder.  Now there are 8 beetles to knock into the hole; after you get 
rid of one, another pops up until all 8 are either out or gone.  (Force2126 
shares a tip for this round: shoot Pegasus Seeds at the beetles to stun them, 
then shove them into the hole.)

-- 7.0  Walkthrough -- 
Yeah, so I only have one type of section heading now.  So what?  Just
remember, Ctrl-F is your friend.
-- 7.1.0 Intro/Forest of Time --
Link falls through a warp in time and ends up in Labrynna.  Walk north two 
screens to find Impa, who is being bothered by monsters.  You walk forward 
and she joins you to look for the singer Nayru.  Then walk north and west  
until you get to the Triforce rock.  You have the Triforce on your hand, so 
Impa asks you to move it.  Push it from either side and go north to the grove 
where Nayru is singing.  Talk to all the animals, leave, and return so that 
the teddy bear moves over and lets you listen to Nayru.  Ralph introduces 
himself, saying a bird told him of your arrival (guess which kind of bird?  
that annoying owl!).  Then Nayru talks to you and says that something bad is 
about to happen.  On cue, Impa reveals that she is really Veran, Sorceress of 
Shadows and that she was using you the whole time to get into the grove. She 
then proceeds to possess Nayru, transport herself to the past, and blow up 
stuff with lightning bolts.  Ralph runs off to save her while you talk to 
Impa, who gives you the WOODEN SWORD.  Now go south to the gates of Lynna 
-- 7.1.1  Path to Level 1 --
The first thing is to visit the Jeweler at I7 on the map and get the 
FRIENDSHIP RING and the L-1 RING BOX.  Then go north to the Maku Road and 
walk straight north through it.  Talk to the Maku Tree, who suddenly 
disappears, then walk east to the portal Veran opened earlier and enter the 

Walk south and west into the city, then find the Black Tower entrance at F8. 
Feel free to talk to the locals (among other things, you can get a  GASHA 
SEED from Pippin the gardener). Follow the path around and enter the 
construction zone.  Make your way around to the right until you find a guy 
with a notepad next to some holes.  Talk to him to get the SHOVEL, then dig 
your way right and down to exit the tower.  Get the Piece of Heart and make 
your way back to Maku Road at I5.  Go north, then push the block up one to 
open the next door. Next, move the block to the side, then go right and 
defeat the blobs. Go around to the right and press the button, then follow 
the narrow path all the way around to the SMALL KEY.  Backtrack two rooms and 
open the key door on your left. In the next room, stand to the right of the 
left-hand block formation and push the middle one left, the one above it up 
from there, and the middle block left to hit the button and open the door.  
In the next room, pick up the Heart Piece, kill the monsters, and push the 
lone block in any direction to find the path's exit in the next room.  
Outside, kill the monsters to save the Maku Tree sapling.  It promises to 
marry you and opens the gate; enter the time portal outside.  Back in the 
present, talk to the Maku Tree again to get the SEED SATCHEL and 20 EMBER 

The Maku Tree tells you to go to the Yoll Graveyard.  The entrance is at 
coordinates K7; you'll need 2 Ember Seeds to get in.  Go down and right to N9 
and burn the lower tree to find a cave.  Inside, light the two torches to get 
the GRAVEYARD KEY.  Now make your way to the gate at L6 and walk around the 
path to the dungeon at N9.

-- 7.1.2  Level 1: Spirit's Grave --
See Map Key, section 3.

     A   B   C   D   E
 1         | T |
 2     | # - B |
 3     | # - # | K |
 4 | # - b | # | K |
 5 | ! |   | # * C - K |
   |-|-|   \---\-|---|-|
 6 | # |       | # - # |
 7 | # - & - E - M |

Quick Reference:
C7  Entrance
C3  Gasha Seed
A5  L-1 Power Bracelet
A6,C5 Ring (C5 requires bombs)
B7  Boss Key
D5  Compass
D7  Map

You're going to start going right to D7.  Kill the blobs and move the block, 
then move the colored block up into the hole.  Make sure to go back around to 
D7 to get the MAP in the upper left.  Now proceed to D5, push the block up, 
and get the COMPASS.  Go around to E5 and kill the ghost to get a key, then 
use it on the north door in D5.  There's another key in D4.  In C3, ride the 
platform across the chasm to B3 and a GASHA SEED. Make your way around to B4, 
home of the Miniboss, CASPER THE UNFRIENDLY GHOST.  He isn't hard, just slash 
the red spirits away and hack at him until he dies.  The last key is in D3, 
where you push the left switch to make the chest appear and the right switch 
to make a platform appear. Ride the platform from the edges to get the last 
key.  Now, on to getting the Bracelet.  Make your way to A5.  There, loop 
around through A6 and light the torches to find the stairs to the POWER 
BRACELET (in a cave).  In A6, clear a path through the pots to a RING.  In 
A7, something new.  Push (don't throw or drop) the pot onto the switch, like 
a block.  The BOSS KEY is in a forest of pots in B7.  Now time for the boss.  
Save (Start, then Select twice, then go to SAVE) and go to B2.  Watch out for 
the Wallmasters and keep moving. 

Slash his body four times to make it disappear, then throw the head, 
preferably not straight away from you.  The reason is that when you slash the 
red spirit inside, it will make a beeline for the head, and you'll get hurt 
if it runs you over.  You have 3 hearts- you need to avoid damage. So throw 
it some other angle.  After you slash the red spirit 4 times, it dies and you 
can get the first Essence, ETERNAL SPIRIT.

-- 7.2.1  Path to Level 2 --
As you leave, the Maku Tree tells you to go to the woods.  As you leave, 
Maple the witch will appear and try to take your stuff.  Take her rupees and 
a Red Potion if it appears.  Go left from there and move the headstone for 
the Poe there.  He gives you the POE CLOCK.  As you pass through Lynna City 
on your way to the woods, buy a WOODEN SHIELD for 30 Rupees.  The woods 
entrance is at D8.  Find the big tree at C9 and the fairies will play hide 
and seek.  The map won't do you any good, so follow these directions from the 
big tree (go back every time) 
1) Up, right, down
2) Up, down, up
3) Up, down, up, down (or down from #2)
Go to the Ancient Cave at D9 and go in.  Wait, scratch that, it just 
collapsed on you.  Go to Nayru's House at K4, move the statue, and go back 
behind the curtain to find the HARP OF AGES and the TUNE OF ECHOES.  With 
this, you can easily go to the past.  So what are you waiting for?

When you warp back, you should go back to the woods.  Queen Ambi wants you to 
find some Mystery Seeds.  The cave leading to them is at B8.  Other points of 
interest are a GASHA SEED at C8 and a PIECE OF HEART at B10. When you get the 
Mystery Seeds, a guard will escort you to Queen Ambi, who will take the seeds 
and give you bombs, and out of the castle.  Go back to the woods to the 
Ancient Cave, bomb it open, and enter...

-- 7.2.2  Level 2: Wing Dungeon --
Again, check the Map Key, section 3.

     A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H       B   C   D   E   F

       /-------\       /-----------\   /-------------------\
       | b - v |       | # - B - T | 2 | # - ^ - K - # - # |
   /-----|---|-|   /---/-|---------/   \---\-|---------/---/ 
   | K - # - # |   | # - # - & |     3     | # - # - # |
   \-------\-|-\---/-|---|-----/           \-----------/
           | # * M - # | # |         4         
      1F   | # - # - C |             5         B1
               | E | # |             6
                       | K |         7

Quick Reference:
1-D6  Entrance
B-D3  Roc's Feather (in cave)
1-E5  Compass
1-E4  Gasha Seed
1-G3  Boss Key
1-D4  Map
1-B2  Miniboss: OWL'S REVENGE
1-G2  Boss: WHEEL O' BOSS

If you don't have a shield, you need one, because in D5 you'll have to flip 
the spiky enemies to kill them and open the left door.  The colored block 
puzzle in C5 is a little harder- to solve it, push the block right three 
spaces, up 1, left 1, down 1, and left into the hole.  As you pass through 
C4, bomb the wall on the right to get the MAP, and continue to A3, where you 
simply kill the enemies for a key.  Now go back to D5 and use the key on the 
right-side door.  First, bomb the bottom wall and enter the passageway to F7, 
where you'll find another key.  Back in E5, kill all of the snakes to make 
the block move, then move it out of the way and get the COMPASS.  Go on to D4 
and ride the minecart to B3, then go up to fight the Miniboss, OWL'S REVENGE.  
To beat him, run along the blue border until he flaps his wings fast, then 
move out of his way.  When he drills the ground, slash him.  After 6 hits he 
goes much faster and bounces 2-3 more times.  At 10 hits he dies.  Keep in 
mind that if you fall down a hole, you will end up in B-B2 below; simply go 
right one screen and up the stairs, then left into the miniboss room.  His 
life resets, though...

After beating him, exit the upper-right door and go down the stairs and down 
one screen.  This is B-C3.  Avoid the arrows and walk along the edges, then 
enter the cave in D3 and get the ROC'S FEATHER.  There are 30 Rupees in the 
narrow passage to your left; jump on the Thwomp to get them. Back in the 
room, jump over the tile (on the right) twice to change its color.  In E3, 
jump on the minecart, then slash the yellow switch as you pass by it.  You 
will stop in E2.  Then bomb the right wall and kill the enemies for a key.  
Go back a room and roll the block left, up, right, and up to raise the bar 
blocking the road.  Take the minecart into D2 and match the pattern on the 
floor by jumping the left two tiles once and the right two tiles twice.

Now, back to 1F, via the same stairs as before.  Unlock the key-rock and jump 
down to the other stairs.  Go down one screen and jump your way to the tile, 
then leap over it twice to clear the path.  Now go back to the other side of 
C2 via the miniboss room and take the minecart from there to E4.  You can get 
the GASHA SEED or go straight to E3.  In E3, kill all the enemies and clear 
out all but the upper right pot.  Then carefully push the pot onto the 
switch, using the Feather to get into position.  In the next room, go down a 
screen and move the statues to match the pattern on the left.  There's one 
catch- you can only move the statue whose color matches the tile at the top 
of the screen.  Advice- do the yellow statue first, then red, then blue.  
Next, go to G4.  These are crafty baddies- they change color to match the 
tiles below them.  You can't hit them unless they're the wrong color.  So 
change the color with the center tile, then smack them before they change 
again.  Luckily, they take one hit each.  This gets you the BOSS KEY.  Go 
left and up, then avoid the Wallmasters and enter the lair of...

This is actually a sidescrolling battle; go up the stairs to find the boss.  
Its only real attack is to throw fireballs and the occasional bomb refill out 
of its head.  If you're on the top corners, you can't be hit. Once there, get 
a running start and toss a bomb into the boss's head.  It will start spinning 
(thus the name), and depending on what you land on, different things happen: 
Purple- A rockslide starts.  Stand underneath the first rock ledge and watch 
your head. 
Blue- Little fireballs.  Stand on the second brick on the ground to avoid 
both layers of fireballs if they appear. 
Green- Big fireballs, like the ones the boss usually throws.  Go back to the 
top corner to avoid them. 
Red- You got a hit!  Grab the heart that the boss drops quickly.  Four of 
those and you get the ANCIENT WOOD.

-- 7.3.1  Path to Level 3 --
Start by finding Cheval's House at J9 in the past and talking to him.  As you 
leave, Ralph will show up and give you a hint about the graveyard.  Go there 
in the present.  At M7, three ghosts are tormenting Moosh.  Beat them up, and 
Moosh will offer his help.  Go left and up.  You have to tap A REALLY fast to 
fly. In the area with pits, fly right, then up, then left and push the stone 
to uncover a cave.  Inside the cave, follow the land  around to where there 
is a pull-cord puzzle.  This is nothing new to Zelda veterans; simply take 
the Bracelet, pull the cord all the way back, and run through the blocks and 
grab ZORA'S FLIPPERS! Now swim around the barrier and across the cave to find 
some CHEVAL ROPE. Leave the cave, ditch Moosh, and go back to the past.

Now find Rafton's house at H11 in the past.  Give him the Cheval Rope and he 
tells you to find a chart.  Our favorite fairy wannabe has it... So go back 
to the present and find Ricky standing at K7.  Find his gloves, which he 
lost, under a pile of dirt at I10 and return them to him.  Then climb up the 
cliffs to find Tingle at J8; he gives you an ISLAND CHART for free. Now 
return to Rafton's house and ride the raft! No matter what you do, nothing 
will happen until you go down two, right one, and up two screens to I11, at 
which point you will be shipwrecked and lose all of your stuff to these 
annoying green dudes...

When you recover, all of your stuff will be gone.  First, go down, right, and 
down to reclaim your SHOVEL.  Hey, it's a start.  Next, go up and into the 
cave.  Go all the way to the back of the cave, then push that block left, 
clear the dirt, and go south to get your SWORD back.  (Come back to this cave 
with the Feather for a GASHA SEED.)  Return to where you started (K11), then 
go up on the cliffs and go right, down, and right to find a Business Scrub; 
you can buy your shield back for 50 rupees.  

Now for some real fun.  Next, go down all the way to the beach and follow the 
beach around to a hut on the upper-right corner set off from the rest of the 
island (N11).  Inside this Trading Hut, trade your Shovel for the POWER 
BRACELET.  Backtrack to the beach steps, and go on top of the cliff to a cave 
(N13).  Make your way to the other steps and take your BOMBS from inside.  
Get the GASHA SEED on the way back.  Now return to the Trading Hut.  Trade 
for the ROC'S FEATHER, then go to the cave at L13. Inside, carefully bomb and 
jump your way to the FLIPPERS.  Exit, and trade for the Bracelet again.  
While you're over there, bomb the cave at N12 and play the Wild Tokay game 
for a SCENT SEEDLING.  Then go back to the cave at L13 and swim to the upper 
left corner, where you can lift up the rocks and dive under.  This will get 
you to your Seed Satchel.  After that, plant the seedling in the grove at 
M11.  Now return to the Trading Hut and *buy* your Roc's Feather.  Keep the 
Bracelet.  Enter the cave at L14, lift up the pots, swim through the 
passageway (two screens), and exit to recover the HARP OF AGES.  Before going 
back to the future, though, you need to push two vine seedlings into 
position.  One, in M13, goes in the upper left corner; the other, in K12, 
goes in the upper right.  Both locations are marked by an indentation in the 
cliff above.  Now go back to the hut at N13 and warp to the present.  There, 
go to the grove at M11 via the newly-grown vines at L12 and K12 and collect 
the Scent Seeds.   Warp back to the past and buy your Power Bracelet for 
good!  Finally, find the other portal at J14.  You'll need to go through the 
cave at L14 again. When you finally arrive at K12, you can enter...

-- 7.3.2  Level 3: Moonlit Grotto --
Map key is STILL section 3...

        1F                               B1

    A   B   C   D   E                 A   B   C   D   E
      /-------\                     /-----------\
      | ! - # |              1      | T - B - K |
      \---\-|-\---\                 \-------\-|-\---\
          | # - # |          2              | # - b |
          |-|---|-\---\                     |-|---|-\---\
          | # | # - K |      3              | # | # - & |
          |-|---|-----|                     |-|---|---|-|
          | v - # - K |      4              | ^ - # - # |
          |-|---|-/---/                     |-|---|-/---/
          | # - # |          5              | # - # |
  /-------/-|-/---/                     /---/-|-/---/
  | K - M - E |              6          |vC - # |
  \---------|-/                         \-------/

Quick Reference:
1-C6  Entrance
1-D4,B-D5 Gasha Seed (1-D4 after wheel falls)
1-B6  Map
B-B6  Compass
B-E3  Boss Key
B-D2  Miniboss: I AM THE MOLE 
1-B1  Seed Shooter

Start by getting the map.  Bomb the cracked block and move a block out of the 
way to get to B6 and the MAP by killing the Pols Voices (rabbit heads) with 
bombs. Then go right and up into C5 and kill the black worms to open the 
door.  Go right and take out the crystal, then go up into the Wheel Room 
(D4).  Take a ride right into E4.  There, throw bombs to break the cracked 
blocks, slash the crystal, and move the green statue into position in the 
corner for a key.  Then use the key on the keydoor in C5.  Jump down the big 
hole in the next room, kill the enemies, and go south to  B-C5.  Kill the 
worm, go down into the next room, kill the Pols Voices there, and go back up 
the other door.  Here you can do two things.  First, go down the far left 
door, bomb the switch, kill the statue with a bomb, get the COMPASS, and go 
down to A6.  There, move the three clustered blocks: 
  *   becomes
 * *          *   *
and get a key.  The other thing to do from the left side of C5 is to go to 
the upper-left door and go up those stairs, which will give you access to a 
crystal in 1-C4.  From 1-C4, take a ride on the wheel, then walk from D5 all 
the way to C4 and ride the wheel up to D3.  In E3, hit the switch to a nimate 
the statues, then kill them with bombs.  Now make your way to B1, including a 
U-turn through C2 and C3, and kill all the enemies for the SEED SHOOTER.  To 
open the door in C1, shoot the torch with an Ember Seed. Go back to D3, stand 
at the upper-left corner, and shoot an Ember Seed up and left to break the 
last crystal and drop the wheel into the basement. Get the GASHA SEED there, 
then go downstairs to B-D4.

From there, take the wheel down to D5, where there is an optional GASHA  
SEED.  To get it, push the three blocks on the right over the edge.  For the 
near torch, stand on the bottom row of tiles between the first and second 
tile, then shoot up and left.  For the far torch, stand on the third row of 
tiles on the one nearest to the edge, then shoot down and left.  Either way, 
take the left door back to C5 and loop back around to the wheel room.  Ride 
it to the upper door and walk to D2, home of the miniboss, I AM THE MOLE.  
Take your shovel and dig him up as he tunnels after you, then hack him with 
your sword.  At about 7 hits, he gets a lot faster, and 10 hits will kill 
him.  Move to C1 and push the lower-right block left one space to get a key.  
Then walk back to C4 through the wheel room and go past that room to C3.  
Walk to the upper left corner and arm yourself with Scent or Ember Seeds 
(preferably the former).  Hit the eyeball switch until the reflector looks 
like this \, then fire a seed at it and walk across the new walkway.  You can 
continue on for some Rupees, but for now just go through the door.  In C2, 
fire seeds at the eyeball until the reflector looks like \, fire a seed at 
it, and walk across. Then make the reflector look like / and fire another 
seed at it, and walk back to D4 through the miniboss room to your right.  
When you get back there, you should be able to ride the wheel to E4.  This 
one is different. Stepping on the button changes the orientation of the 
panels, and stepping off also changes them. Therefore, step on and off until 
the panels look like this //, then fire a seed up and right from the button 
(you should still be standing on it).  The next room has the BOSS KEY.  Make 
your way back to C1 and open the door to...

BOSS: SHADOWY CHARACTER This battle runs in a distinct cycle.  First, the 
boss splits into four and chases you.  Obviously, run.  Then, it rejoins and 
creates spiders for you to slash and get supplies.  While you are distracted 
with that, the boss sneaks up behind you.  If you turn to fire, it will dive 
under; just keep facing the other way and fire a Scent or Ember Seed at the 
opposite wall.  The boss repeats parts 2 and 3 and then starts all over 
again.  Six hits will win the battle and the ECHOING HOWL for you.

-- 7.4.1  Path to Level 4 --
Walk out of the dungeon to find Dimitri about to be eaten by two Tokays. Give 
them a couple of Ember Seeds and then ride Dimitri back to the beach. Go to 
the switch at E6.  Burn the bush with your new Seed Shooter and then hit the 
switch with another seed.  Walk across the bridge and talk to the carpenter 
at F3.  As you walk back, a fairy from the woods will talk to you at E4 and 
beg you to come get an animal that got lost in the forest. 
- If you bought the flute at the shop, the animal will be Dimitri.
- If you won the flute at the Target Shooting game in the past, it will be 
Ricky.  As I recall, it's a 450 point prize.
- If you did neither, it will be Moosh.  
So go back to the big tree in the woods at C9.  The animal, whoever it is, 
will be sleeping at the previous location of the second fairy, which is to go 
up, down, and up from the big tree.  Talk to him and the fairies will take 
you to D7.  Then you will get a flute to call them forever. Yay!

Then ride your new friend back to the carpenter, who will ask you to find the 
other lazy carpenters.  The terrain depends on who you chose- Moosh's 
involves flying over holes, while Dimitri will cause the area to be flooded, 
and Ricky's involves cliffs and holes.  I'm pretty sure the carpenters are 
always in the same places: for Dimitri, they were H4, H2, and G3.  Then the 
carpenters build a bridge to Symmetry City.

Of course, if the city is in ruins, nobody will be there.  Walk to D2 in the 
city center, where you can get GALE SEEDS and find a portal.  Open them with 
the Tune of Echoes and go back to the past.  There, you find out that the 
volcano is ERUPTING.  Uh-oh.  Go into either the house on your left (in C1) 
or the house on your right (in E1) and talk to the man.  After that, go to 
the other house (the one you weren't just at) and talk to that man to get the 
CRACKED TUNI NUT.  (Thanks to Kee)  Then exit the city in the lower left and 
go to B1.  Dive under in the upper right corner and talk to Tokkey. Then play 
the Tune of Echoes to get the TUNE OF CURRENTS for your Harp of Ages.  

Still in the past, go to A3 and stand in the lower left part of the screen, 
then play the Currents Tune.  In the present, walk to B6 and lift up the rock 
to find the portal back to the past.  There, go in the tunnel, exit to the 
right, and move the block to redirect the waterfall.  Leave the vine seedling 
as it is and go back to the present.  Climb up the vine and throw a bomb into 
the pool marked "Do not throw anything into the water."  Unless you have a 
deathwish, answer "A regular one" to triple your bomb capacity!  Take your 
new portal back to the past and move the vine seedling to the other side, 
then warp back to the present.  Climb up the vine and walk around to the top 
of the cliff in B5, then take the portal back to the past.  Walk all the way 
down past where the vine was and around to Restoration Wall.  Climb up, 
avoiding the rocks and climbing on the green vines only.  At the top (D3) is 
Patch, whose Restoration "Ceremony" is actually a pretty easy minigame.  Lure 
all of the beetles to any corner, then swat them all in at once.  If you 
start running out of time, stand on the button to make the cart go around 
again.  Then take the nut back to Symmetry City (go right one screen and up 
one) and place the Tuni Nut on the pedestal to stop the volcano!  Warp back 
to the present and enter the former volcano...

-- 7.4.2  Level 4: Skull Dungeon --
Note: Doors that you can only go through with minecarts are NOT marked!

    A   B   C   D   E   F   G       A   B   C   D   E
     1F   | # - # - K |         1           B1
      /---/-----------\---\       /---\           /---\
      | # - # | # | # - # |     2 | T |           | # |
  /---/-|-/---\---/---\-|-\---\   |-|-\---\   /---/-|-|
  | & | K |   | # |   | v - # | 3 | B - ^ |   | # - ^ |
  |-|-/---\---/-|-\---/---\-|-|   \---\-|-\---/-|-/---/
  | # |   | b - # - # |   | # | 4     | K - # - # |
  |-|-\---/-|-------|-\---/-|-|       \-----------/
  | # - # - v - ! | # - # - # | 5
      | C - # - # - # | M |     6
      | K |   | E |   | K |     7
      \---/   \---/   \---/

Quick Reference:
1-D7  Entrance
1-B6  Compass
1-F6  Map
1-D5  Switch Hook
1-C5  Miniboss: ARMOS
1-A3  Boss Key
B-A3  Boss: V EYE P

This level, more than any other, shows how much more difficult Oracle of Ages 
is than Link's Awakening.  Start by taking a left and going through 1-B5 to 
the COMPASS at B6.  In B7, push the block down 5, right 1, up 1, left 1, down 
1, and left 2 for a key.  Exit on the right and then go to F5.  Along the 
way, don't make the same mistake I did in E6.  The center block on the bottom 
row moves, making an awkward jump into an easy one. When you get to F5, 
switch the cart to the right-hand track to get the MAP in F6.  Then go back 
and switch the cart to the left-hand track.  As you pass through F6, hit the 
switch.  You will get off in F7, where you must ricochet a seed off the 
bottom wall to hit the moving eyeball switch for a key.  Go back up and 
right, then around to G4.  There, pull the switch all the way back to harden 
the lava, then run for the exit.  In F3, throw a bomb behind the crowd of 
beetles to push them all in before you jump. In F2, you have to match the 
color pattern to open the door.  The easiest way to do this one is to change 
one column at a time.  Proceed to E2, where a fairly simple colored block 
puzzle is complicated by those annoying Blade Traps that slide up and down.  
Trigger them going up and down, then quickly go behind the block and push it 
down 2 spaces.  Then quickly push it left 5 spaces, being careful of the weak 
floor.  This will allow you to take the minecart to D1.  There, take a right 
first.  For this key, you must ride the platform, then shoot a seed up and 
right when you are one square short of the top of the screen.  This should 
hit the eyeball switch and get the key for you.  Then go left to C1.  Unlock 
the color switch, then jump over it twice to raise the blocking bar.  Ride 
the minecart in D1 all the way to C2, where you must kill the jumping enemies 
with the Seed Shooter or your sword.  B2 has some pretty difficult jumps from 
moving platforms.  In the next room, match the pattern on the floor to unlock 
the key to a minecart from B2 to D4.

Now it's miniboss time.  The ARMOS brings his sword to life, and it chases 
after you.  So give him a taste of his own medicine- position yourself so 
that the sword smacks into the Armos and his shield.  After 3 hits the shield 
will crack and he will be vulnerable to your sword.  Hit him 5 more times to 
kill him.  Now take the catwalks to D6 and bomb open the wall. In D5 walk on 
all the tiles only once to get the SWITCH HOOK.  If you're having trouble, 
one solution is given in AstroBlue's GIF image (this is the first tile 
puzzle).  After getting your strange new weapon, walk back to D4 and get up 
on the catwalk to your left.  Walk up a room and use the Switch Hook on the 
diamond across the room.  Your first Switch Hook puzzle is in E4, but this 
one is pretty easy.  Once across the lava, stand on the button to open the 
door and switch with the diamond.  Walk to the stairs at F3 and descend.

Random copyright notice: this guide is copyright Incoherent 2001-02.  If 
someone else claims credit for this (meaning, they changed the name at the 
top and this is somewhere else I'm not aware of), I need to know about it at 
my_stupid_reed@yahoo.com.  Thanks for helping combat FAQ piracy!  Arr!

In B-E2 you have a more difficult switching puzzle.  Start by standing one 
square below the pot.  Switch with the diamond, then the pot.  Now go down to 
where the path to the left starts.  Move the diamond down to there by 
switching with it, then move five squares to its left and switch with it 
again.  Stand right next to it and switch places to get on the left side. Now 
move one square past the button and switch-hook the diamond.  Finally, stand 
on the button and switch to open the door.

Walk to D3 and switch-hook the pots to get across the lava, then kill another 
batch of chameleon-monsters in D4.  (They're no different from the ones in 
the Wing Dungeon...)  In B4 is the second tile puzzle.  Again, there are 
multiple solutions, and one solution is pictured in AstroBlue's other GIF 
image.  It would take me more time to explain to you textually, so I'm going 
to refer you there.  Anyway, there are upward stairs in B3; switch-hook the 
pots to get through the side-scroller stage.

Back in 1-C5, unlock the door and go to A5 via the catwalks.  More of the 
hardening lava is there; same strategy as before.  In A4, after hardening the 
lava, simply use your Switch Hook to go from pot to pot.  A3 contains the 
BOSS KEY: to get it, walk to the middle of the room and while standing on the 
blue tile, move the pot above you up one square, stand to its left, switch 
with the near pot, and push the far one onto the button for the key.  Now 
backtrack to the Boss Door at B3.

BOSS: V EYE P (I bet you don't get it- he has four "bodyguards"... OK, that's 
my bad pun for the day...)
Enough punning.  The boss is rather simple, in comparison to some others. He 
will try to ram you with his four orbiting eyes.  Use the Switch Hook on him 
to move him out of the way and slash him while he's stunned.  10 hits will 
kill him and net you the BURNING FLAME.

-- 7.5.1  Path to Level 5 --
Go back to the past and walk to the cliffs at I3.  Go inside and talk to the 
Gorons, then step outside and stand on the left side as you use the Tune of 
Currents to go to the present.  Go back in the cave, then walk through and 
take the stair in the lower right, then walk to the left and up those stairs 
to get on top of the ridge.  Take the portal at L2 back to the past, then 
find the Pegasus Seed Tree at I1.  Get the seeds and go back to the present.  
It appears the Great Moblin has moved in at J1.  Use a Pegasus Seed to escape 
the falling floor, then fight him.  Stand on the bottom row of tiles to 
escape the bombs, then take the Great Moblin's bombs and throw them back at 
him when they start flashing red.  Six hits will bring the house down- 
literally.  He runs off and a Goron gives you a Bomb Flower.  Take that back 
to the cave at I3 in the past to get the CROWN KEY from the Goron Elder.  Now 
go back to the present and enter the cave opened by the palace's destruction.  
When you enter the cave, you'll have to use the Pegasus Seeds and the Roc's 
Feather to jump the long gaps, but at the end will be Level 5.

-- 7.5.2  Level 5: Crown Dungeon --
Each staircase is marked, even if two are in the same room (e.g. B-E2).

    A   B   C   D   E   F   G         A   B   C   D   E   F
              /---\                         /-------\
              | v |      1F      1          | ^ - ^ |    B1
          /---/-|-\---\                 /---\-------/---\
          | # - # - v |          2      | ^&|       | ^^|
  /---\   \---\-|-/---/   /---\     /---\---/       \---/---\
  | v |       | # |       | ^C|  3  | ^ |               | K |
  |-|-\-------/-|-\-------/-|-|     |-|-|   /-------\   |-|-|
  | v - # - # - v - # - # - b |  4  | K^|   | ^ - ^ |   | ^ |
  |-|-/---\-|-/---\-|-/---\---|     \---/---\-------/---\---/
  | # |   | # |   | v |   | T |  5      | K^|       | ^^|
  |-|-\---/-|-\---/-|-\---/-|-|         \---/-------\---/
  | # - K | E | Kv- # - M - B |  6          | ! - ^ |
  \---------|-----------------/             \-------/

Quick Reference:
1-C6  Entrance
1-G3  Compass
1-F6  Map
B-B2  Boss Key
B-C1  50 Rupees
1-G4  Miniboss: BALL TOSSER
B-C6  Cane of Somaria
1-G6  Boss: PUZZLER

As you can see, there are a LOT of stairs here.  But don't worry about them 
yet.  First, walk through C4 and flip the switch as you walk to A4, then down 
the stairs to B-A4, where a key is just sitting out in the open. Now walk up 
a screen and up those stairs, then walk down from there to 1-A6.  Flip the 
eyeball switch with a long-range weapon (Seed Shooter or Switch Hook), walk 
to it, flip it again, and walk into 1-B6.  The object of this puzzle is to 
hit all three statues at once.  Stand one square up and one square right of 
the lower-left one, then shoot any seed down and left.  This should hit all 
three of them and get another key.  Now walk all the way back to the stairs 
at 1-D4, which go to B-D4; walk up the stairs from B-D3 to B-B5.  This room 
has an invisible floor; throw a bomb out before you to check for holes.  An 
approximate way to get there is to go 5 steps right, 4 steps down, 1 left, 1 
down, and left until you are below the chest.  Then use a Pegasus Seed to 
jump to the chest, take the key, step 1 square left, and switch-hook to the 
exit.  Now go to 1-F4, where you will have to use a Pegasus Seed to jump the 
gaps, and enter the miniboss lair.  BALL TOSSER looks familiar from Link's 
Awakening, but this time there's a twist- the ball disappears every few 
seconds and randomly drops somewhere on the floor.  Toss the ball at the 
miniboss 5 times to win.

Now make sure the eyeball switch in 1-C4 is red.  Walk down to E5, go up on 
the ledge, walk back to C4, and shoot a seed up and left to flip the switch.  
Go back and walk to F6 to pick up the MAP.  Now walk to D6 and go down the 
stairs.  Use the reflectors to light the four torches in B-D6, then, in B-C6, 
push the button to see the pattern and match it with the statues on the left.  
Thus you get the CANE OF SOMARIA.  Walk back to 1-D6.  Push three statues 
onto the buttons, and use the Cane on the fourth to pick up yet another key.  
Now go down the stairs at 1-E5 and through the other staircase passageway in 
B-E5.  In the side-scrolling section, use the Cane of Somaria to climb up the 
right half of the passage.  In B-F4, stand to the left and shoot the eye 
switch, walk around to the right, shoot the switch again, and walk through to 
B-F3.  Here, the two statues move in tandem, unless you block one of them 
with a block from the Cane of Somaria.  The easiest way is to push one statue 
onto the left-hand tile, then block it off to the right and push the other 
statue 4 squares to the right.  Now put a block above or below the statue 
that's on the tile (depending on which direction you're going) and push the 
other statue onto the tile for another key.

Had enough of finding keys?  There's only one more to get...  Start at 1-G3, 
in the room after the Miniboss.  Put a block on the button and walk across, 
then pick up the COMPASS in a chest and go down the stairs.  They go to B-E2.  
Take the other stairs there to 1-E2.  Stand on the lowered blue tiles and hit 
the eyeball with a long-range weapon, then walk around to 1-C2.  Hit the 
eyeball there, then go on top of the ledge in the lower right corner and hop 
onto the raised tiles.  Walk into D1 and go down the stairs.  There are 50 
Rupees in the chest in B-C1, but to continue on you have to go up the stairs 
to B-B2.  Here's another joined-statue puzzle. Start by pushing the two red 
statues into position in the center column. Then use them to lock the other 
two columns in position and get the BOSS KEY!  The boss is waiting in 1-G6.

There are four rounds to this battle.  In each, you have to use the Cane of 
Somaria to try to get the small clouds to collide, then slash the big cloud-
guy 3 times.  Two tricks may help you.  First, if you keep slashing one of 
the small clouds with your sword, they will move much slower; this allows you 
to hold a cloud in position for the other one to hit it. Second, occasionally 
two clouds will be two squares apart.  To get them across the gap, put a 
block nearer to the blocks they're orbiting, then wait for them to travel 
around it.  While they are on the block, quickly create another one right 
next to it.  If you did this right, they will now be across the gap.  Here's 
a hypothetical illustration... 

O = dark block  * = cloud  % = Cane of Somaria block

  O       O
*OOO  O  OOO*   Two clouds are orbiting.

  O*     *O
 OOO% O  OOO    Put a block next to one of the long sections.

  O *     O
 OOO% O *OOO    As the left cloud goes around your block...

  O *     O
 OOO %O *OOO    put another block right next to it...

  O   *   O
 OOO %O  OOO    so that the cloud starts orbiting the center block.

  O    *  O
 OOO  O%*OOO    Now put the block to the right so that the clouds will

It sounds complicated, but if you mess up, use the button in the upper left 
to reset each puzzle.  When you figure it out, you win the SACRED SOIL. 
(Thanks Okay134... only took you all seven months to find that one...)

-- 7.6.1  Path to Level 6 --
*NOTE*: There are two trading sequences going on here...

As you walk out of Level 5, a Goron walks up to you and tells you that games 
are all the rage!  Go right and into the new tunnel (the one on the right), 
which dumps you out in L2.  Go up and into the cave there, then down the 
stairs and across the gap (you just have to step on the button this time).  
This gets you to the bottom of the ridge.  Walk around to N4 and go in the 
right-hand cave.  (SPECIAL NOTE: If you burn the tree at N5 and go in, the 
old man charges you 100 Rupees to fix his door.  But if you come back in the 
past, the old man gives you 200 Rupees!)  In the cave will be a bunch of 
dancing Gorons.  Go up a screen and pay 10 rupees to dance.  The dance is 
pretty easy if you have any musical talent, and not too hard even if you 
don't.  Simply match the given pattern in rhythm after the whistle is blown.  
Winning 6 out of 8 rounds will get the BROTHER EMBLEM.  Now talk to the Goron 
guarding the stairs.  He lets you pass and you can go through the cave.  For 
now, don't go.  Walk outside and use the portal at M4.

Talk to the Goron guarding the same stairs, and use Pegasus Seeds to jump 
through the cave and out the exit at M2.  Go down and use your Switch Hook to 
put the vine seedling in the groove in the wall.  (Why does it break the seed 
when you drop it with the Power Bracelet, but not when you drop it using the 
Switch Hook?)  Use the Tune of Currents, and climb up the vine.  Go right one 
screen and play Target Carts for 10 rupees.  The hardest target is the one in 
the lower-right corner of the second screen- you'll have to diagonally shoot 
a seed for that one and probably for the next two.  A perfect score gets you 
a ROCK BRISKET.  Now take the nearby portal back to the past and play the 
Goron Shooting Gallery.  A mere 100 points will get you LAVA JUICE.

(Note on how to get the BOOMERANG:  You can either go back to Target Carts 
and play until it shows up as a random prize, or get 400 points at the Goron 
Shooting Gallery.  Target Carts has two different layouts that appear, while 
the Goron Shooting Gallery is the same ten layouts in different orders.)

Talk to the guard in the present and give him the Rock Brisket for the GORON 
VASE.  Warp back to the past and give the guard the Goron Vase, which he 
presumably passes down to his descendant, who gives it to you for some food, 
ad infinitum.  Not really.  The past guard gives you GORONADE, which you 
should take to the owner of the Big Bang Game.  To get there, go through the 
stairs behind the guard in the present, then through the gates in the middle 
of the cave at the end of the tunnel.  The Big Bang Game is not too hard.  
The premise is simple: don't blow up.  The best strategy is to run in circles 
and not to trap yourself in the corner.  (An email from "Foo-Byte" suggested 
using the Pegasus Seeds.  I'm surprised I never thought of that myself.)  It 
will take a few tries (hope you brought lots of Rupees), but eventually 
you'll win the blue OLD MERMAID KEY.

Now go back to the cave at N4 in the past and go all the way through. Right 
before you get to the exit (to M2), there will be a Goron there. Show him 
your Lava Juice and Old Mermaid Key and he'll help you get the other one by 
giving you a LETTER OF INTRODUCTION.  Take that to the Graceful Goron and 
he'll challenge you to a dance-off.  6 out of 8 rounds will get the red 

Now go into the waterfall at M4.  Just swim straight through it to enter a 
cave.  Use the red key on the door to enter Level 6. 

-- 7.6.2  Level 6: Mermaid's Cave --
BIG HUGE MAJOR NOTE:  There are two walls which can be bombed ONLY IN THE 
PAST!!!!  If you try to bomb them in the Present, nothing will happen. The 
two walls are the walls between B3 and B4 and between C7 and D7.


   A   B   C   D   E   F       A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H
                           1         | # - K |
 /-------\                   /-------/-|-/---/
 | B - T |    1F           2 | B | # - # |
 |-|-----|                   \---\-|-/---/
 | # - v |                 3     | ^ |
 \---\-*-\-------\               \---/       B1      /---\
     | # | # - K |         4                         | K |
     |-|---|-/---/                                   |-|-\---\
     | # - # |             5                         | # - v |
     |-----|-\-----------\                   /-------\-------/
     | C - # | M - # - v | 6                 | # - ^v|
     \---\-|-------|-/---/                   \-------/
         | E * # - # |     7


     A   B   C   D   E   F   G   H
 1         | b - ! |
 2 | K - # - # |
 3 | # - # |
   \---\-*-\-------\       /---\
 4     | # - # - K |       | & |
       |-*---|-/---/       |-|-\---\
 5     | M - # |           | # - v |
 6     | K | # - # - # - vC|
 7         | E * # - # |

Quick Reference:
If there is no floor number, it's Present, otherwise it's Past.
1-C7  Entrance (both)
1-B6  Past Compass
1-D6  Past Map
B5  Present Map
F6  Present Compass
G4  Boss Key
D1  Mermaid Suit
B-B2  30 Rupees
1-D7  Gasha Seed
G5  10 Rupees
C1  Miniboss: VIRE
1-A2,B-A2  Boss: GYORGOCTO

You knew it was going to happen.  Like the Spirit Temple before it, this 
Zelda game had to have a time-travel dungeon.  But the two dungeons have 
different Maps and Compasses, and different sets of Keys.  Start in the Past.

PAST- Start by bombing the right wall in the entrance room, then go through 
the wall.  Kill the enemies in 1-D7 for a Gasha Seed, then use a Ember Seed 
on the candles to blow them up and open the door to 1-E6.  Walk to F6 and 
light the torches in the following order, using a bank shot for the second 
1 2 4
This will move a wall and uncover a deep pool.  Ignore it and swim to 1-D6 
and pick up the PAST MAP.  Now walk all the way back to 1-B6 and kill the 
annoying chameleon enemies for the PAST COMPASS.  Kill the enemies in 1-D4 
for a key, then go to 1-B5.  Use the Cane of Somaria on the button on the 
right, then move the middle pot out of the formation on the right (that's the 
one that doesn't touch any walls) and onto the other button.  In 1-B4, kill 
the hands that pop out of the floor, then bomb the wall on the top. You've 
done basically all you can do, so go back to the present.

PRESENT- Go to B5 and pick up the PRESENT MAP.  Then go to C4 and use a 
Pegasus Seed to jump to D4, where you should drop a Scent Seed near the 
blocks to make the snakes jump off like so many lemmings.  This gets you a 
key.  Now go back to C4 and jump back to the lower exit.  Come back, then arm 
yourself with the Seed Shooter.  Aim up and left to hit the switch, then walk 
to the lower left part of the screen and shoot the  switch again.  Walk to 
the left-hand exit.  In B4, bomb the lower wall, then use the Switch Hook to 
get across and bomb the wall in the screen below that.  B6 is the toughest 
colored block puzzle in the game.  The object is to run over all three 
colored squares with that color side facing up.  Start with the lower left 
square, then the lower right and finally the top one.  I think these 
directions work: 

Down 1, left 2, right 2, up 1, left 1, down 1, right 1, up 1, left 1, down 1, 
right 3, left 3, up 1, right 1, up 2.

Someone please test that for me...  Anyway, this gets you a well-deserved 
key.  Now go all the way to the wheel room in B3.  Take the wheels up and up, 
then circle around to your left and back to B3.  After that, go up and jump 
down the ledge at B2, and back to B3.  Then go left and up and circle around 
again.  Dizzy yet?  Now you can go fight the miniboss at C1, VIRE. He 
introduces himself as one of Veran's henchmen, but he isn't hard.  Hit him 
with your sword when he charges, and slash the fireballs he shoots to make 
them disintegrate.  At 6 hits he yells "Bully!" and proceeds to not get any 
harder.  At 10 hits he turns into two Skull Keese, which you can slash once 
each to kill him.  Go to D1 and walk to the barrier on the right.  Pull out a 
bomb, then hold it until it just starts to flash, then throw it.  After 
several tries, you will be able to get the MERMAID SUIT. Now use the portal 
back to the entrance and go to the right.  Make your way to E7, then use the 
Switch Hook to go across.  Get the PRESENT COMPASS in F6, then jump down into 
the stairs.  They take you to H5; now walk to G4.  Keep pulling the same 
switch until you get the BOSS KEY.  Back to the past...

PAST- Walk to 1-F6 and dive down in the deep water.  Swim around to the 
passageway to B-H5.  Watch the whirlpools and swim around to G4, where you 
can kill the enemies for a key.  Walk all the way to 1-B3 and dive under, 
then swim to B-D1 and put all of the diamonds on the tiles in the top center 
for another key.  You can pick up 30 rupees in B-B2 along the way. Now 
resurface and go to 1-A3.  Step on and off the button in the lower left, then 
put a Cane of Somaria block on it to make the two reflectors look like this 
//.  (Argh, not another bug... Thanks to Cutoirexe...) Now stand 1 square to 
the left of the vertical barrier and fire a seed up and left.  That may sound 
confusing, but trial and error work as well. Walk across the platform to the 

BOSS: GYORGOCTO (so named because he acts like a cross between Gyorg from 
Majora's Mask and an Octorok) 
The question here is not how to hit him, but how to survive long enough. 
First, he will circle your platform in the center.  When he spins around to 
fire a rock, slash or shoot him in the back.  When he dives down (it will 
look like he's drowning), slash him in the back many times.  He takes 
approximately 20 hits, after which you'll get the LONELY PEAK (see Name 
Discrepancies below).

-- 7.7.0  Ambi's Palace --
You come out and the Maku Tree tells you the guard is down at Ambi's Palace.  
Go to G5, where Ralph will bump into you and tell you off.  You know better.  
Go into the palace.  Sneak past the guards to press the buttons at F2, F4, 
H2, and H4.  Pegasus Seeds help.  If you get caught (like Zelda's Castle in 
Ocarina of Time), you will get thrown out.  After all four buttons have been 
pressed, the entrance in H3 will open.  Go in, dive under, and enter the 

   A   B   C       A   B   C
      1F             2F         Quick Reference:
 /---\   /---\           /---\  1-C1  Ring (Gold Luck Ring)
 | # |   | # | 1         | B |  2-C1  Boss: VERAN/NAYRU
 |-|-\---/-|-|   /-------/-|-|
 | ^ - Ev- # | 2 | v - # - # |
 \-|---|---|-/   \-----------/
  F1   G1  H1  <-- Exits to outside- don't try it.

Avoid the guards as much as you can, but this time, if you get caught the 
guards will just attack.  They're pretty stupid, and they don't have  
shields.  On to the Boss, VERAN/NAYRU.  This first encounter with Veran is 
pretty harmless.  Wait for Nayru to become solid- she might move around some.  
Then shoot a Mystery Seed at her to put her to sleep.  Now use the Switch 
Hook on the black enemy-like thing.  Finally, take your sword and hit Veran.  
Repeat two more times to free Nayru.  (Yay!  The monkeys are back!)  Now 
Veran decides to possess Ambi.  Nayru takes you back to the present and 
teaches you the TUNE OF TIME...er, Ages.  Now it's time to use it...

-- 7.7.1  Path to Level 7 --
Go down to the ocean in the present and swim to F13.  Go onto the island and 
stand to the left of the house there, then use the Tune of Ages.  You will 
drop into the water; swim onto the island at D12 and warp to the present.  
Dive under with B and use the Switch Hook to make your way to the island at 
E12, then warp to the past.  Swim onto the island at C13 and go back to the 
present.  Dive under the surface and swim into the village; the entrance is 
at B14.  Go into the palace at B11 and talk to the Zoras, then go back to the 
present.  There is a Gale Seed tree at the surface in B13.  Go back to the 
king in the past and give him a Magic Potion.  What? You don't have one?  Go 
find Maple, or save up 300 rupees (the chest in the king's palace in the 
present has 100 rupees to start you off).  When you give the king the potion, 
warp back to the present and get the LIBRARY KEY from him.

Now swim to the right from the palace and onto the island at E11.  The 
keyhole has already been destroyed, so you'll have to warp back to the past 
at F11.  Use the Switch Hook to talk to the mutated Great Fairy at D11, then 
enter the library and search the podium in the back room with A. Warp back to 
the present and get the BOOK OF SEALS from the guy in the back room.  Now 
warp back to that room in the past and read the book while it is on the 
podium.  You'll have to go an exact number of steps, which are given in each 
successive book.  Walk up to them using the steps below and read the next 
book in sequence.  If you fall, read the first book to reset the puzzle. 

1st: right 4, up 2, right 2.
2nd: up 2, left 1, up 2, right 1, up 1.
3rd: left 2, up 1, left 3.
4th: down 1, left 3, up 1, left 3.
5th: down 1, right 1, down 2, left 2, down 3.
6th: right 1, down 1, right 2, up 1, right 1, up 1, right 2.

Now talk to the robed guy and get the FAIRY POWDER.  All the squares are 
solid now, so walk out of the library and give the powder to the fairy to 
magically clean the seas.  Now talk to King Zora in the present to get 
permission to enter Jabu-Jabu at A10.

-- 7.7.2  Level 7: Jabu-Jabu's Belly --
The map includes surfacing spots and caves, thus the insane number of ^'s and 
v's.  Any yellow squares in the level are spots at which you can surface.

   A   B   C   D       A   B   C   D   E   F       A   B   C   D
 /---------------\       /---------------\       /---------------\
 | Kv| ^v|^bv| v | 1     | # - ^ | ^!- # |     1 | # - # - # - & |
 |-|---|---|---|-|       |-|---|-------|-|       \---\-|---|-/---/
 | # - K - # - ^ | 2     | # - v | vv- # |     2     | # - # |
 \---\-|---|-/---/   /---/-|-----------|-\---\       |-|---|-|
     | ^K- C |     3 | K - v | T - B | v - K | 3     | v | v |
     |-|---|-|       \---\-|-------|---|-/---/       |-|---|-|
     | K - E |     4     | M - v - # - # |     4     | # | K |
     \-----|-/           \---------------/           \-------/
       1F                     2F                         3F

Quick Reference:
1-C4  Entrance
1-C3  Compass
2-B4  Map
1-B1  Ring (Like Like Ring)
1-C1,3-B1  Gasha Seed
3-D1  Boss Key
1-C1  Miniboss: FAT ANGLER (in cave to 1-D1)

OK, it's long, it's confusing, and the map doesn't make sense.  Don't worry 
about that.  Start by going left.  You can swim straight over the holes since 
the water completely covers them.  Put a diamond next to each of the four 
statues using the Switch Hook.  This gives you a key.  Now kill all the 
enemies in 1-C3 for the COMPASS.  Go to 1-B3 and surface at the yellow tiles.  
Get the MAP in 2-B4, then take the stairs up at 2-C1 and walk around 3-B3 and 
3-B4 to the Switch Room at 3-B2.  Hit the red button, walk back to 2-C2, and 
fall down the hole.  In 1-B1, use the Switch Hook to grab the pot, then go to 
the ring.  Get the key in 1-B2, then go right one and put a Cane of Somaria 
block on the button to open the way to the stairs at 1-D2.  In 2-E1, use the 
Switch Hook to get across the chasm, and, in 2-D1, Switch Hook yourself from 
diamond to diamond until you reach the stairs.  Now walk to 3-B2 again and 
step on the blue switch.  Dive under in 2-D2, then get the Gasha Seed and go 
down the stairs to find FAT ANGLER.  You can slash him while he's bouncing 
around, but it takes more hits that way.  A better way is to deflate him with 
a Scent Seed and then slash him for all you're worth.  15 slashes will do him 
in.  Make your way to 2-E3, swim to the right, then kill the enemies for a 
key.  Now backtrack to the cave with the dead miniboss and follow it to 1-D1 
and the LONG HOOK!

Now lower the water using the same method as above.  Go to 2-B3 and use the 
Long Hook to get across.  Fall down the hole in 2-C4 which leads to 1-B3.  
Stand on the left of the diamond, use the Long Hook on it, then put it and a 
Cane of Somaria block on the buttons to get a key. Go back to 3-B2 and set 
the water level back up.  Now use the Long Hook to get to 3-C1, and walk 
around to the other blue button in 3-B2.  Push the block down and walk past 
the red button, then down the stairs at 3-B3. Go to 2-A3 and use the Long 
Hook to go to the key.

(At this point my notes became completely unintelligible.  Something about 
"go down the stairs in 1-B1 and use the Long Hook to go across.")

You will eventually end up in 1-A1.  Kill all the enemies for a key (use the 
Long Hook on the flower).  Go to 2-C4 and use the Switch Hook to go from the 
upper-right pot to the lower-right pot, then swim around and to the right, 
then up to 3-C3.  In 3-C4, stand on the ledge, fire your Long Hook to the 
diamond on the left and then down, and pick up the key.  Go up and around and 
use your keys on the keyholes to eventually get to the BOSS KEY in 3-D1.  For 
lack of a better way to explain it, save and quit, then take the portal to 1-
C1 and surface in the blue tiles on the left. Now walk around to the boss 
door at 2-D4...

You'd think the second-to-last boss would be at least SORT OF hard.  After I 
figured this guy out, he wasn't hard at all.  Wait for him to fire a fireball 
at you, then use the Long Hook on him to switch places with him. This moves 
you out of danger and switches his color.  If he gets hit by a fireball of 
opposite color, he gets hit.  Six of those will kill him and get you the 
Rolling Sea.

-- 7.8.1  Path to Level 8 --
As you exit the dungeon, one of the two witches of Twinrova comes out and 
laughs at you.  Veran/Ambi climbs the tower and acquires the powers of 
darkness.  (Bad.)  People get turned to stone again, as well as some very 
unfortunate bunnies.  (NOOOOOOOO!!!)  And to make matters worse, the Maku 
Tree can't hear the last Essence.  (Wonderful.)  However, if you look at your 
map, the last area should be rather obvious.

** Note: If you're playing a password game, the next section has slightly 
different locations.  Find the second Zora at H14 in the present. **

Now for the good news.  As you exit Jabu-Jabu, a Zora runs up to you and 
gives you the ZORA SCALE, a symbol of heroism.  Warp back to the past and 
swim to G14.  Show the Zora Scale to the Zora guarding the Sea of No Return, 
then go find the pirate ship which is circling inside the sea. Just go up to 
it and speak to some pirates.  (Arrrr!)  If you give the Zora Scale to Cap'n 
Hook (or whatever his name is, Arrrr!), he gives you the TOKAY EYEBALL.  Go 
to the big Tokay statue in K12 in the past (site of Level 3 in the present), 
then give it its right eye back.  It opens to reveal a very short cave.

"Show your Courage, Wisdom, and Power.  The door to the past shall then 
open."  In the first room, kill the mummies.  In the second room, break the 
pot, then outrun the spinning trap, then bomb the block.  Dodge the Blade 
Traps, break the other pot, and bat the beetle away while running  for the 
exit.  In the third room, use your Cane of Somaria to find the path, or take 
this path: Stand in the middle of the visible path, walk one space right, 
jump over to the right (even with the rock), then walk up to the wall.  Jump 
to the right one square and walk right to the stairs. Swim around the 
passageway to the exit in M9.  Surface, and push the middle statue to the 
left to open the way to the Ancient Tomb Courtyard. Work your way around the 
pathway.  (Those devil-like characters are tough.) At the end is Level 8...

-- 7.8.2  Level 8: Ancient Tomb --

Oh, and S is for Ancient Slate.  Again, minecart-only doors are not marked on 
the map.

Watch the coordinates here... the floor is first, followed by the room. 

   A   B       A   B   C   D       A   B   C   D   E   F       A   B
 /-------\   /---------------\   /-------\       /-------\   /-------\
 | K * # | 1 | Kv- K - # - # | 1 | K - S |       | # | Sv| 1 | T - B |
 |-|---|-|   |-|---|---|---|-|   |-|---|-\-------/-|-----|   |-----|-|
 | v | E | 2 | v - # - # | # | 2 | # - ^ - # - b | # - # | 2 |^&^- v |
 \-----|-/   |-----|---|-----|   \---\---------|---|-/---/   \-------/
           3 | v - ^ - # - # | 3     | M^- # - # | v |
     1F      |-*---|---|---|-|       |-----|---------|         B3F
           4 | K | C - # | ! | 4     | ^ - v - # - ^ |
             \---------------/   /---/-|---|---|-----\---\
                               5 | # - # - v - v | # | S |
                    B1F          |-|---|-/-------\-|---|-|
                               6 | # - S |       | # - # |
                                 \-------/  B2F  \-------/

Quick Reference:
1-B2  Entrance
B2-B3 Map
B1-B4 Compass
B2-D2 Miniboss: AG-NOT-HIM
B3-A2 Boss Key
B1-A3, B2-E5 Gasha Seed
B3-B1 Boss: TOTEM

Pick up a fairy in the entrance room if you need it, then light the two 
torches in 1-B1.  Push the statue in the upper left and bomb the wall behind 
it, then bomb your way to the key and door in 1-A1.  In 1-A2, put the diamond 
on the upper-left button, a Cane of Somaria block on the lower left button, 
yourself on the lower right button, and an Ember Seed in the torch in the 
upper right (shoot up and right from where you're standing). This opens the 
stairs down to floor B1.

From there, go to B1-A2 and push the block any direction to open the stairs 
to the MAP in B2-B3.  Go back and pick up the key in B1-A1, then walk to B1-
C3.  Go down, then walk around and hit the eyeball switch at B1-B3.  Go to 
B1-B4 and pick up the COMPASS, then go back to the eyeball switch and hit it 
again.  Now walk through B1-B4 into A3 and pick up the key, then go back to 
B1-B3 and use the Long Hook to go across.  Walk around to B1-B2 and use the 
Long Hook across the gap to A2.  Go back around and up in B1-B2 and hit the 
button.  Now go to B1-B1 and kill the jumpy enemy for a key (it's pretty 
obvious which one).  Walk left through the wheel in B1-B2, then go around 
through the upper-left corner and take the wheel to the right.  Walk to C3 
and go right, eventually ending up in the tile puzzle in D4.  If you need 
help with this, again go to AstroBlue's GIF solution.  This gets you the 

Walk back to B1-C1, then lift up the big statue and hit the eyeball in D2. 
Walk on the red squares through D1 and walk straight left to the stairs at 
A1.  In floor B2, walk to the Miniboss, AG-NOT-HIM.  He may act like Agahnim 
from Link to the Past, but there's another twist.  (Oh no, not again...)  
Stand straight up or straight down from him (it's easier) and bat the round 
fireballs back at him.  When he becomes a Skull Keese, slash him.  It takes 
10 slashes to kill him.  After that, walk to B2-C5 and lift up the monolith 
in the lower left.  Go down those stairs and push the blocks away, then use 
the Long Hook to cross the gap and claim the BOSS KEY!

Now for the REALLY fun part.  Start in B2-E4, then go down the stairs and 
surface at the right.  Kill the enemies to open the door, then go up and 
around, using the current to go from E1 to the stable land at F2.  Take the 
stairs down.  Swim all the way to the bottom, then take the narrow passage to 
F1 and the FIRST SLATE.  Now backtrack to B2-B3.  Use the Long Hook to go up, 
then latch onto the many targets to make your way to A1. Dodge the spinning 
blades to get the key, then go to the right and pick up the SECOND SLATE.  
Walk to B2-B5, then go to A6, pull back the cord, and run to the right across 
the dry lava for the THIRD SLATE.  If you go from there to B2-B4 and then to 
the stairs, you can get a Gasha Seed.  For now, just go down the stairs that 
took you to the Boss Key and head right and up.  Push the block all the way 
down and one left to open the minecart. (Wow, didn't you expect the last 
colored block puzzle in the game to be a tad bit harder?)  Ride the minecart 
to E5 (there's a Gasha Seed here) and avoid the spinning tiles to open the 
door to E6.  Dodge more spinning blades and hit the button to open the 
passage to F6 and the FOURTH SLATE. Backtrack to B2-C4 and put the slates in 
the slots, then take the stairs down.  Slash the crystal, bomb the cracked 
block, shoot the torch, then lift up the statue to enter the Boss's Lair...

First form: hands are stone fists.  He'll shoot his hands at you.  Stand 
diagonal from him and slash up and left or up and right to hit the boss with 
his hands.  3 hits. 
Second form: hands are metal crushers.  Put something not-very-nice there (in 
other words: a bomb).  It helps to drop the bombs if you can get close 
enough.  Stand above the boss to lure him to the top of the screen, then run 
between his hands as he stops and place a bomb there.  3 more hits. 
Third form: hands are shields.  Frontal attacks will only cause him to stop 
his attack for a moment (potentially useful).  To hit him, shoot any seed (I 
prefer Scent Seeds) off the back wall and hit him in the back.  A change: 
this form takes *4* hits.  Wow. (sarcasm) 
Final form: hands are iron balls.  He'll fire one of them at you.  Use the 
Power Glove to pull back on the other one until it is all the way back (Link 
will move three times) and then release.  3 of those and he's dead. The final 
essence is the FALLING STAR.

-- 7.9.1  The Black Tower --
The Maku Tree asks for you to see her in the present.  Do so to get the MAKU 
SEED.  Twinrova shows up again and taunts you.  Don't worry about them unless 
it's a password game.

Now it's time to get prepared.  Fill up your Seed Satchel, especially Ember 
and Scent Seeds.  Buy a potion if you have the cash. Bring any of the 
following rings, if you have them: Any Light Ring (if you have the Noble or 
higher Sword) Blue Ring (in the courtyard to the Ancient Tomb) Any Armor Ring 
Make sure you have the Boomerang; it really helps in the stair maze.

Enough of that.  Go back to the past and enter the tower after talking to 
that foolish Ralph.  Impa and Nayru tell you that Ralph is Ambi's descendant 
and if she dies, he will never have existed.  (That's bad.)

The first section of the tower is nothing but fighting past a bunch of 
enemies.  Run past them unless you just want to fight.  Eventually you end up 
at three doors, which the Maku Seed reduces to one.  Time for the Black Tower 
Turret.  Here's a rough map. 
# = wall
letters A~H = stairs in order
^ or v = other stairs
1 = pots with fairies
2 = owl statue

       1F                 2F
###############     ###############
#C    #G#E  #^#     #C  #2#G#E   v#
###  ## ### # #     ### # # ### ###
#B  #^   F# # #     #B# #v# #F  ###
########### # #     # # ### #######
#A  #D   ^# #^#     #A#  D#H#v # v#
### #  #    ###     #### ##### #  #
#^# ###^#######     #v   # v #    #
# #           #     ######   ######
#^#   1 1    ^#     #v           v#
#######E#######     ###############

Simply follow the stairs from A to H.  The first floor is inhabited by the 
blue warriors (the Long Hook will save you some trouble).  The second floor 
is guarded by the red and blue wizards.  Slash them if they get in your way, 
otherwise just run straight through.

Now for the part that I just didn't get.  When you appear in this room, there 
are 24 staircases and four fireballs.  Watch the one directly behind you 
until it hits a wall somewhere.  Go in that stair. If you don't get it right, 
use the Boomerang to avoid battling until you get to the other stair and end 
up going out stair H above.  You don't have the hearts to fight, trust me.  
Once you get done, pick up the fairies and seeds and go outside.  Then walk 
around to the entrance north of the place you came out, where Ralph is about 
to fight his ancestor, Ambi... (Mucho thanks to Alex Zamba for finally 
telling me about this, you lazy emailing bums.)

-- 7.9.2  Veran --
Note: If you die too many times on Veran, you will begin to run out of seeds 
in a hurry.  Once they're gone, you will have to seriously consider going 
back down the tower.  Suggestion: Save once you reach the Black Tower Turret 
and select "Continue" when you die.  When you get low, simply turn the game 
off and back on. 

This is just like the battle with Veran/Nayru in Ambi's Palace.  This time 
you have a longer hook, though :-)  Watch for the spiders that Veran 
occasionally summons from the ceiling.  Still 3 hits.

Ambi comes to her senses and goes out of the tower in a hurry.  But Veran 
wants some revenge.  Get ready for... 

Well, it isn't that it's that difficult, it's more the hit count.  The four 
Dark Links are worth a heart each, if you need them.  You can hit Veran with 
your sword or with Scent or Ember Seeds.  (Mystery Seeds work *sometimes.*) 
Try to conserve your seeds and hearts, though; it is by no means over with 
this.  The hit count is somewhere in the 21-22 range.

After she bites the dust, you leave with Nayru and Ralph.  As you are  about 
to walk out the door, Veran sends a red hand out to bring you back. The fat 
lady ain't sang yet, and Veran wants you dead now.

Three forms; the hits are interchangeable.  Keep in mind that the flower in 
the center will give Bombs and Seeds if you run out.

- TURTLE FORM: The first one she'll show you, and the easiest to avoid. Run 
from side to side to get out of her way as she leaps, then slash her or shoot 
her with Scent or Ember Seeds when her eye opens. 
- SPIDER FORM: Run away until you can throw a bomb at or under her.  It will 
explode and stun her; take your sword and hack away for 2 or 3 hits per stun.  
Watch out for the tongue attack and when she leaps into the air. 
- BEE FORM: Shoot or slash her at any possible moment.  The corner is the 
safest place to be while she's circling.  When she leaves the screen, watch 
for the stingers.  Then she'll drop some little bees (free hearts if you can 
kill them in time as they run off).  Again, she is ALWAYS vulnerable, so rack 
up the hits here.

The hit count is something ridiculous like 50 with the Wooden Sword.  This 
shows why you need to have the Noble Sword for this... ((cough))

If this is the first game on your file, the game ends here.  The world 
returns to normal, and you get the Password to Holodrum.  Talk to people to 
see who wants a password, and check out your statues.  (You're a rock star 

If this is a continuation, you get to go to the Hero's Cave next... but that 
falls under the next section...

-- 8.0  Sequel Changes --
These are things that only appear when you play Oracle of Ages AFTER beating 
Oracle of Seasons.
-- 8.1  Secrets --
The secrets you have found will be compiled in Farore's list of secrets 
inside the Maku Tree.  These are in the order of the Book of Memory.  The 
giver of each secret will tell you who in Holodrum to give it to.  Here are 
the places to get the secrets, and what they get you:

- Ring Secret- Talk to the Red Snake in Vasu Jewelers.   
  Gives you all your rings from your Ages game.

- ClockShop Secret- Talk to the old lady next to the Ember Seed Tree in I8 in 
the present.
  Gives you the Master Sword.

- Smith Secret- Talk to the Subrosian next to the Mystery Seed Tree in N3 in 
the past. 
  Gives you the Mirror Shield.

- Pirate Secret- Talk to the girl standing by the shore in G10 in the past.
  Gives you a Bomb Bag upgrade.

- Deku Secret- Talk to the Deku Scrub in the forest in the past (A10). 
  Gives you the Seed Satchel upgrade.

- Ruul Secret- Talk to the old lady in Mayor Plen's house (H6, present). 
  Gives you the Ring Box upgrade.

- Graveyard Secret- Talk to the ghost near Syrup's Potion Shop (N6, present).   
  Unlocks the Heart Container minigame.

- Biggoron Secret- Talk to the Goron in the same location as the treasure 
digger, in L1 in the present. 
  Gives you the Biggoron Sword.

- Subrosian Secret- Talk to the Subrosian in the right-hand cave in N4 in the 
  Gives you Bombchu.

- Diver Secret- Talk to the Zora at A11 in the present. 
  Gives you the Swimmer's Ring.

- Temple Secret- After Level 3, talk to the fairy that appears over the ruins 
of the Wing Dungeon in the present.  (Do this on the way to rescuing your 
animal friend.) 
  Gives you the Heart Ring L-1.  You slowly recover hearts as you stand.

-- 8.2  Story Changes --
**Appearances of Twinrova**
- Intro: The two witches talk about General Onox (final boss of Oracle of 
Seasons) and how when the Flame of Sorrow is lighted, Ganon can be reborn. 
- After Level 7. 
- As the Maku Tree gives you the Maku Seed. 
- As you enter the Black Turret, where they sacrifice Zelda to light the 
Flame of Sorrow. 

**References to Holodrum**
- Impa, in the intro.
- The Great Moblin, before he starts fighting you.
- The pirates.

**Other Changes**
- Crescent Island: When you approach the Tokay who has your shovel, he runs 
off screaming that he doesn't know whose shovel it is.  Then you meet Rosa 
the Subrosian, who gives you your shovel at the same place as before.

- After returning from Crescent Island, Impa will be standing in front of the 
present Black Tower.  Talk to her to find that Zelda has come to Labrynna and 
immediately gotten captured.  Go inside the tower to find Vire, who laughs at 
you and goes up the stairs.  There, you'll find that you are in a game not 
unlike the original Donkey Kong.  Jump the fireballs (you can take maybe 2-3 
hits from them) and make your way up to the top. Take your time to avoid 
getting killed.  Once at the top, Vire will get mad at you and run off, and 
the newly rescued Zelda will go to Nayru's House with Impa.  Now talk to the 
head carpenter.

- Goron Caves: Rosa the Subrosian appears in the Graceful Goron's Cave (N4, 
present, left side) and remarks that the Subrosian Dance is so much cooler.  
(Yeah, right.)  Now come back in the past.  Two Subrosians are there, 
remarking that the Graceful Goron and the Goron Dance are cooler. And the 
Graceful Goron's followers are replaced with Subrosians, one of which says he 
will create a Subrosian Dance.  Hmmmmm... 

- Vire's intro text changes before you fight him in Level 6.

- After Level 7, the way to the pirates changes.  Swim underwater to H14 in 
the present, then pass by the Zora guard and find the pirates by going up and 
around to the right.

-- 8.3 Room of Rites/Ganon --
This doesn't even deserve a map.  Four rooms in a line, nothing too hard.

After you beat Veran, the ending has some major changes which I am too 
tired/lazy/bored to recount to you.  Rest assured that Ganon is back.  You 
end up in the Room of Rites.  You will need the following: 

Master Sword (not kidding)
50 Scent Seeds (99 optional, you really don't need that many)
Magic Potion (REALLY not kidding)
At least 13 heart containers (full, of course)
Blue Ring (REALLY REALLY not kidding)
  - The Blue Ring is under a statue near Level 8.

If you don't have these, get them and go back into the portal to the right of 
the Maku Tree.  When you do, you end up in the first room.  Walk up to find a 
bunch of statues.  The eyes wriggle about and finally stop facing one 
direction.  Find the direction that NONE of the statues are looking at, and 
go there five or six times until you make it to the end.  An unconscious 
Zelda is lying in the last room.  Twinrova sends you into an arena and starts 
the ritual resurrection of Ganon.  First, they decide to get rid of you, you 
pesky kid.

***THESE HIT COUNTS ARE WITH THE MASTER SWORD.***  Strongly recommended.

For anyone who played Ocarina of Time, this is easy.  It's half boss battle, 
half Shooting Gallery.  Take the energy ball fired by one witch and use your 
sword to deflect it at the other witch.  This takes exactly three hits.

Okay, so I hope you brought a potion.  With Firerova, be careful not to fall 
back into the lava.  With Icerova, keep slashing to deflect her attacks.  
After 4 slashes, Twinrova will stop.  That's your cue to fire a Scent Seed at 
her.  Five of those will kill her and... well, resurrect the REAL final boss. 

Wow, what a surprise.  He's just a tad bit uglier than in Ocarina of Time. 
Basically, if you have the Master Sword, slash like there's no tomorrow. If 
you don't, you'll have to use the Spin Attack.  (I *TOLD* you to get the 
Master Sword!)  Ganon has the following attacks, none of which do too much 
- Charge and Slash.  If you're hacking at him, you might just block his 
spear.  Otherwise, you shouldn't worry about it unless you're REALLY low on 
- Splitting Fireball.  Try to avoid it; if not, no big deal. - Multiple 
Fireball.  Ditto. 
- Pound and Fireball.  Try to jump as he hits the ground- he'll be a sitting 
duck for a few seconds.  At any rate, be far away from the walls. 
- Reverse Control.  If you don't know what this is, it can kill you.  The 
screen will flash and the floor will turn blue.  Your directional controls 
have just been reversed; don't panic and keep slashing.

When you slash Ganon 20 times, you get the REAL ending.  And the last screen 
has a way of backing up my position that Link's Awakening happened AFTER the 
Oracles games.  (Question to those who've seen it) Am I right or what?

-- 9.0  Random Weird Stuff --
Shouldn't there be some random blurb here?  I guess not...
-- 9.1  Name Discrepancies --
Certain things have two different names: one when you get them, and one on 
the Subscreen.

Long Switch --> Long Hook
Tune of Time --> Tune of Ages
Bereft Peak --> Lonely Peak

And General Onox from Oracle of Seasons is referred to as Knox in Ages. 
(Thanks to MagicManX for posting this in the forum)

-- 9.2  Fun with Cuccos --
Another Zelda tradition, I have attempted to find out what happens when you 
mess around with chickens.  Other submissions appreciated.

Weapons that make the big chickens flash and run away:
- Sword (and beams)
- Ember Seeds      \
- Scent Seeds       > when shot
- Pegasus Seeds    /
- Cane of Somaria (put a block directly on top of them- they don't run away)
- Switch Hook
- Boomerang
- Bombs (chicken momentarily freezes)

Other effects:
- Hit multiple times- lots of chickens come out of nowhere to attack you.
- Shoot or drop Mystery Seeds
    * on a big chicken- it becomes a small chicken.
    * on a small chicken (only drop)- it stops and jumps.
    * on one of the attacking chickens- it sometimes becomes GIANT CUCCO!!
- Shoot Gale Seeds- chicken is whisked away.
- Pick up with Power Bracelet- you can run around with a chicken above your 
head.  (I bet you thought that ACTUALLY did something.)

-- 9.3  Fun with the Hand in the Toilet --
This was recently brought to my attention by tigerschild... you can do things 
to the hand in the toilet in Lynna Village, past.  Good if you're REALLY, 
REALLY bored.

- Push the pot into the hole.  Response: "Nooooo!"
- Drop (don't shoot) an Ember Seed.  Response: "Ooo...hot!"
- Drop a Scent Seed.  Response: "Ewwww!"
- Drop a Mystery Seed.  Response: "Wh-what?!?"
- Throw a bomb in the hole.  Response: an explosion and "Koff!"

-- 9.4  The GBA Shop --
If you played the game on Game Boy Color, I'm sure you're wondering what's 
behind the locked door.  If you haven't already heard, it's the GBA Shop. The 
locked door is at I6 in the past.  Inside you can buy a Gasha Seed and two 
useless GBA rings for 100 rupees each.  Oh well, just a ploy to get you to 
buy GBA.

-- 10.0  Thanks and Legal Junk --
All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This guide may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for 
personal, private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise 
distributed publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on 
any other web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, 
and a violation of copyright.

Now that that's settled... here are some people I'd like to thank.
- Nintendo Power, for making their own maps for the first few levels- it 
helped me out a lot, especially for levels 4 and 5...
- CJayC, webmaster of GameFAQs and my personal idol. ::bows:: ::bows:: "I AM 
- AstroBlue, for saving me the trouble of writing a walkthrough of the tile 
- Funkytoad, for saving me the trouble of writing a walkthrough of Hero's 
- MagicManX, for posting the Onox/Knox thing.
- Greg Wells, for emailing me about my omission of the Touching Book.
- Cutoirexe, squasher of the typo in the Level 6 walkthrough.  (Toward the 
end, the // was pointed the wrong way.)
- Alex Zamba... see the section on the Black Tower at the end of the game.
- Kee, who pointed out something I didn't notice in Symmetry Village.
- Okay134, who commented that my bug finding people are lazy... see the end 
of Level 5...
- tigerschild, for bringing the hand in the toilet thing to my attention.
- Force2126 supplied a tip on the Restoration Ceremony, part 2.
- SuperMog, my friend who supplied the password.
- Waaaaaaaay too many people, for how to get Ricky.
- You, for reading this... it makes me feel special.  Drop me a line, 

This FAQ Copyright 2001-03 Incoherent/Adam Westall.  Now go play the game!!!
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