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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

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				             Hero's Cave Guide Version 1.0
						    By Funkytoad

Welcome to Funkytoad's guide through the Hero's Cave in The Legend of Zelda:Oracle of Ages.
I decided to write a guide for this, because it took me a while to beat (a week, on and off).
It seems like a simple dungeon, because the whole layout is straightforward, but getting
through some of the rooms is rather mind-wracking, so I thought I'd help those who are stuck in it ^_^.
First of all, you need to be in a password game for this cave to even exist.

Items needed:Power Glove
	     Mermaid Suit
	     Seed Shooter
	     Ember Seeds(the more you have, the more times you can mess up without having to restart)
	     Pegasus Seeds
	     Bombs(bring plenty)
	     Staff of Somalia
	     Long SwitchHook
             Roc's Feather
Ok, now you're ready, so enter the dungeon. It's the cave that's on the opposite side
of Maku Path.
Room 1:Get rid of the pots and light the two torches with ember seeds. Proceed up.
Room 2:Push the left-most pot to the right once.Go up from there and push the red block up.
       Now push the block left once, then up 3 times. Walk to the left side of the pot, and
       push it right 3 times.Now go below and push it up once. It shouold be on the switch now.
       now go to the right side of the room, get rid of the other pot, and use the Staff of
       Somalia to cover the other button. Pick up the key from the chest, and proceed right.
Room 3:Kills the bats to make your life easier.Now stand beside the left pot, and move down to
       push a red block down. Now break the pots, go beside the right wall, and move down to
       push another red block down. Now go where the first red block that you pushed was, and
       push to the right, giving yourself a new path. Now, go beside the gap, across from the
       and make a carefully timed bomb toss, to destroy the cracked block. Now push the red
       block above where the cracked one was down, and push the statue onto the switch. Grab
       the key and proceed up.
Room 4:Kill the enemies. Now go stand on the very left end of the bridge that exists (if it
       doesn't exist, hit the switch). Now you have to shoot a seed at an angle down and to
       hit the switch. Have the pegasus seeds ready on the other button. As soon as you
       shoot the seed, activate the pegasus seed and run across the bridge. If you hit the
       switch, the other bridge will be created and you can get the key. Proceed left.
Room 5:Kill all of the enemies. Now this room is a toughie. Have you seed shooter, and
       seed satchel out. Have them both set to Ember Seeds. Now, stand below the top statue
       and hit the left statue. If you do it right, it should riccochet and hit the bottom
       and right statues as well. While the seed is flying, you need to use an ember seed from
       your satchel on the top statue. If you did it right, a chest will appear, as well as
       a warp. Open the chest, then go through the warp.
Room 6:Kill the skeletons first. Now move the right-most blue statue down 3 times. Move the
       left yellow statue(of the 2 yellow statues sitting beside each other) and move it
       down 2 times, and right 3 times. Now take the other yellow statue and move it right,
       down, left, down. Now take the red statue in the middle of the room and move it right
       2 times, up 2 times, and right 3 times. Now move the left red statue (in the pair) up
       4 times, and right twice. Now take the other red statue and move it left once, up 4
       times, and right once. Now move the left-most blue statue from the completed square of
       statues, and move it right 6 times. Take the key, and proceed up.
Room 7:Kill the enemies first. Now move the left-most pot down once. SwitchHook to the other pot.
       Now move the red block that's just to the right and below the switch to the right. Now
       move the block above it up. Step on the switch. Now SwitchHook to the pot on the left.
       Grab the chest, and proceed to the right.
Room 8:Kill the enemies. This one is long, so I'l just tell you how many spaces to move, and what
       to SwitchHook. U=up D=down R=right L=left
       Start:2 spaces above the left-most diamond.
       -SwitchHook the left-most diamond.
       -SwitchHook the right-most diamond.
       -SwitchHook the diamond below you.
       -SwitchHook the diamond above you.
       -SwitchHook the diamond on your left.
       -SwitchHook the diamond below you.
       -SwitchHook the diamond on your left.
       -Push the statue R,R,R,U,R,R,R
       -SwitchHook the diamond on your right.
       -Push the statue D,D
       -SwitchHook the diamond above you.
       -SwitchHook the diamond to you right.
       -SwitchHook the diamond below you.
       -SwitchHook the diamond above you.
       -SwitchHook the diamond on your left.
       -Push the statue R,R
       -Grab the chest, then proceed up.
Room 9: Push the blocks above the left switch down and to the side (a block pushing pattern that's
        frequesntly used). Step on the switch. Now push the block below the other switch up, and use
        the Cane of Somalia to put a block on the switch. You can now get the Gasha seed from the chest.
        Thanks to raijinz@hotmail.com for the solution.
        Proceed left.
Room 10:The directions are:
        -Now use the Staff of Somalia to cover the last tile. Collect the key and proceed up.
Room 11:Walk into the water, then dive. Swim to the left, then surface at the surfacing tiles.
        Hit the switch, the walk past the blue square, and hit the switch again. Go to the very
        top right corner, move down one square and move the red block to the left. Step on the
        button. Now fall down the hole, and make your way back to the chest. Grab the chest and
        proceed to the bottom right corner and dive. Use the SwitchHook on the diamond above you.
        Now go up and use the SwitchHook on the other diamond. Now go to the right where there are
        4 diamonds.
        |   |   |   |
        |   |   |   |
        |   |   |   |
            |   |
            |10 |
	Use the numbers above for reference. I'll be writing formulae for the next portion.
        S=Shoot your switch hook
        G=Go to

        G 8 & S L
        G 4 & S U
        G 2 & S R
        G 6 & S D
        G 9 & S L
        G 5 & S R
        G 6 & S D
        G 10 & S U
        G 8 & S D

        Now collect the key from the chest, unlock the block, and surface. Now step in the warp on the
Room 12:Have your feather and your power glove equipped. I'll tell you the directions to push the colored cube
        each time that you pull the chain out(eliminating the lava).
        7:Bomb the first cracked block
        8:bomb the second cracked block

        Now go down the stairs that appear.
Basement:Take out your bommerang and kill the spark.

         |  ___|
            |  |

       Sorry for the crude drawing. You need to get onto the hole marked A by jumping off and into it.
       Now SwitchHook to the pot on your right. In order to get the Rupee, you have to stand under the
       hole, jump up and use the staff of somalia to place a block beneath your feet. Proceed up the
       ladder on the right.
Room 13:Put your bomb on either button. Now bring out a bomb and quickly jump on the mine cart. As
        you ride, toss the bomb at the cracked block and blow it up. Now kill the gibdos, and collect
        the Gasha seed. Hop in the minecart to get a ride back. Now SwitchHook to the diamond. Now
        you need Roc's Feather and pegasus seeds out. Activate a pegasus seed, and jump all of the gaps,
        and make your way to the warp. Go in the warp.
Room 14:Kill all of the enemies, and collect the ring from the chest.

Congratulations! You've now beaten the Hero's Cave, as well as gotten a rather useful ring.

Disclaimer:The only thing that I own is this guide. Everything else belongs to Nintendo/Capcom.
If you steal this guide I will beat you with your own limbs.....seriously. If you want to put it on your site,
email me at funkytoad@yahoo.com. I don't see any reason why I wouldn't let anyone, so don't be afraid to ask ^_^

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