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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages

Copyright 2005-2006 Brian McPhee

Author: Brian McPhee (Kirby021591)
E-mail: Kirby0215@aol.com
Most Recent Update: April 30, 2006
Originally Created: September 6, 2005
Version 1.0

---------------------------Table of Contents---------------------------

Section 1*


Section 2*

Spirit’s Grave*
Wing Dungeon*
Moonlight Grotto*
Skull Dungeon*
Crown Dungeon*
Mermaid’s Cave*
Jabu-Jabu’s Belly*
Ancient Tomb*
The Black Tower*

Section 3*

Linked Games & Changes*
Linked Secrets*
Hero’s Cave*
Room of Rites*

Section 4*

Pieces of Heart*
Gasha Seeds*
Magical Rings*
Bipin & Blossom*
The Trading Sequence*
Equipment & Upgrades*
Enemy Index*
The Zelda Timeline*

Section 5*

Credits and Legal Information*
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||----------------------------Section 1*-----------------------------||
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Finally!  Yes, I have had a very long period of... inactivity.  No, I 
was doing all sorts of stuff since February 13, 2005.  I had every 
intention of writing a guide for the Oracle Zelda games starting the 
next day.  But, things got a little out of hand.  Considering a long 
Mario binge, as well as taking a month to reformat all of my old guides, 
I had to put off writing for the Zelda series for quite some time.  But, 
today, on July 17, 2005, I am finally finishing what I started and 
writing this guide!  As for the Oracle of Seasons, I plan to release 
that guide on the same day as this.  After all, I need to use them to 
write the connectivity sections, now don’t I?  Now, enough of my 
ramblings.  Let’s get down to the review.

Oracle of Ages was released during the Game Boy Color’s last days 
alongside Oracle of Seasons.  After the success of Link’s Awakening, 
the other portable game in the Zelda series, the oracle games had to 
live up to their predecessor.  I think that they did.  Oracle of Ages 
takes place in the land of Labrynna.  It is there that a famous singer 
named Nayru was abducted by an evil sorceress named Veran.  Unbeknownst 
to the others, Nayru is actually the Oracle of Ages.  As such, she can 
control time within Labrynna.  Veran plans to use her to change the 
past so that she can rule the present.  But, using a strange harp that 
Link finds, he can travel between the present day and the past to save 
Nayru and defeat Veran.

Many Zelda games work with two main elements that Link must manipulate 
to beat the game.  In A Link to the Past, there was the Light/Dark 
World.  In Ocarina of Time, there was childhood and adulthood.  
Majora’s Mask actually had four different forms Link could assume.  
Minish Cap had size – miniature or regular.  Oracle of Ages has the 
past and present, and it works out very well.  Actions in the past 
affect the present, and items gained in the present age can be used in 
the past.

Similarly, the game changes with animals.  You can pick any of three 
partners to help you at certain times in your adventure.  Some are 
definitely better than others, but the game changes depending on which 
you take (certain screens will change to require certain animals).

The other innovation in this game lies in its counterpart, Oracle of 
Seasons.  If you connect the two games, you can exchange passwords to 
unlock new things and unlock a new ending that ties together the two 
stories.  In password games, you can get new rings – equip-able items 
that have specified effects on you – as well as other, better items.

In my opinion, Oracle of Ages is a harder game than its counterpart.  
This is a very puzzle-oriented Zelda game with lots of action, but 
puzzles take priority.  If you like the post-Game Boy era of Zelda 
games (those after Link’s Awakening), this is really your cup of tea.  
Unlike Seasons, Ages focuses on 

All and all, though, this game is so complex and long that it’ll take 
you quite some time to finish it, which is never a bad thing.  It’s 
another Zelda game.  Need I say more?

By the by, should you see this guide on any site other than GameFaqs 
and its affiliates, please contact me at the address listed at the top 
of the screen.  With your help, we can end plagiarism... to this guide.  
Thanks a million, my friend!


This guide is pretty big, and navigating it can be a hassle.  For that 
reason, a navigation system is implemented.  If you press CTRL and F at 
the same time on your keyboard (it’s Apple and F on a Mac), you’ll 
bring up a Find/Search box.  Type in the name of the section, asterisk 
(*) and all, and click Find/Search.  You’ll be taken first to the Table 
of Contents.  Click it again to go to the beginning of that section.  
Easy, right?  The asterisks are there to distinguish the titles of 
sections from times I might say the names of sections in text.  After 
all, heaven forbid I say navigation to disrupt your navigation in 
reaching the section entitled navigation.


Although I kind of revealed it in the Introduction, here’s the 
storyline of Oracle of Ages, in my own words.

                      |    Storyline Summary    |

Link was summoned to the Triforce one day, which he had assembled in 
Hyrule Castle.  It transported him to a strange land, and he awoke in a 
forest.  Ahead of him, a group of monsters were attacking a woman.  The 
monsters fled as Link approached, and he found the woman to be Impa, 
the nursemaid of Princess Zelda of Hyrule.  Impa stated that she was 
attacked while searching for a young singer named Nayru.

They continued through the forest to find a large stone bearing the 
mark of the Triforce.  Impa did not touch it; she instead asked Link to 
move it for her.  Link did not hesitate, and he moved it for her with 
ease.  Beyond it was Nayru, the singer they were looking for.  As she 
sang, a group of animals had gathered by them to hear her beautiful 
voice.  But, it was disrupted by a peculiar laugh.  It was from Impa.  
Impa’s body was engulfed in a shadowy aura.  The darkness rose from her 

What came was Veran, Sorceress of Shadows.  After referring to Nayru as 
“Oracle of Ages,” Veran lunged at her and was assimilated by the young 
singer.  A brilliant flash of light marked their union.  Veran was in 
control of Nayru’s body.  Veran cackled again and claimed that she 
could now travel through time as she pleased.  She vanished shortly 
afterward, and left Link and Ralph, Nayru’s childhood friend, alone in 
the forest.

The Oracle of Ages could control time within Labrynna, and Veran now 
had control of the oracle – the unwitting Nayru.  Veran would go to the 
past to change the present and bring about an “age of shadows” in 
Labrynna, the land that Link had been taken to.  Clearly, the Triforce 
had taken Link here to stop Veran, and so begins a new chapter in The 
Legend of Zelda.

I was on the edge of my seat!  Okay, calm down...  Now that we know 
what happens, let’s go over the important characters, listed in order 
that the manual lists them.  Of course, I will leave out some 
“important” characters that the manual lists, like Bipin & Blossom.

                    |    Important Characters    |

Link: A young hero from the land of Hyrule, the Triforce transported 
him to the mysterious land of Labyrnna.  There, it has become clear 
that he must rescue a young singer named Nayru from a sorceress named 
Veran.  But, does this new adventure have any significance to Hyrule or 
the sacred Triforce?  Perhaps young Link does not realize the gravity 
of his mission.

Nayru: In Hylian myth (which is actually their religion in Hyrule), 
three goddesses created the world and left behind a mark of their visit 
before ascending to the heavens, the Triforce.  The goddesses were 
named Nayru, Din, and Farore.  In Labrynna, a young singer named after 
the first goddess is in fact the Oracle of Ages.  The oracle can 
control the currents of time in Labrynna, an envious power that can 
change history.  Little did she know that an evil sorceress named Veran 
would attempt to take this ability from her.

Ralph: The childhood friend of Nayru, he is loyal and hot-tempered.  
Though he is an unlikely and hasty hero, Ralph has determined that he 
will rescue Nayru from Veran.

Veran: The self-proclaimed “Sorceress of Shadows,” she has possessed 
the Oracle of Ages.  Now she can travel to the past and change the 
course of history to make herself all-powerful in the present.  But, 
perhaps she has other ulterior motives that we are unaware of...

Ambi: Queen Ambi is an ancient ruler of Labrynna long since dead.  In 
the past, she was responsible for building Ambi’s Tower, a great 
monument to her reign.  But more recently, the people have begun to 
refer to it as the Black Tower.  What has become of her once kind 
nature?  Is it connected to Veran’s recent intrusion into the past?

Impa: The nursemaid and protector of Princess Zelda of Hyrule, Impa was 
sent to bring Nayru back to Hyrule to protect her.  Zelda had a 
premonition of evil, shadows surrounding Nayru, but Impa arrived too 
late.  Her body was possessed by Veran, and the possessed Impa used 
Link to gain access to Nayru.  After abandoning Impa’s body, Veran took 
Nayru’s.  Afterward, Impa aided Link by giving him the Hero’s Wooden 

Maple: Hardly an important character, but Maple is a young witch.  As 
an apprentice to her grandmother (named Syrup, who runs a shop in Yoll 
Graveyard in Labrynna), she often sneaks out to hone her flying skills.  
If she flies into Link, their items would be scattered all over the 
place.  In the game, a Maple appearance is triggered by Link defeating 
30 enemies and then entering an appropriate screen.

Maku Tree: The guardian and symbol of Labrynna is a giant tree with a 
feminine personality.  She seems to like Link for something he did in 
the past.  In Holodrum, there is a male version of the Maku Tree.  And 
obviously, the Maku Tree’s name is based off of the Deku Tree, a wise 
guardian of Kokiri Forest from Ocarina of Time.

And there you have it – the important characters.  Now, let’s get to 
the good stuff – the walkthrough.  May the way of the hero lead to the 
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||----------------------------Section 2*-----------------------------||
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============================Spirit’s Grave*============================

                 |    The Oracle of Ages & Veran    |

Walk north twice after landing from your fall.  You’ll hear someone cry 
for help before coming to Impa.  Three enemies around her flee as you 
come, and she notices your hand.  It bears the mark of the Triforce...  
She realizes that you’re a Hyrulean hero!  She is looking for a singer 
named Nayru, and she joins you for safety.  Go north again and then 
head west once.  You’ll come to a stone bearing the mark of the 
Triforce.  She doesn’t want to touch it, but she’ll have you push it 
aside.  Do so by stranding to a side and walking against it.  Now go 
north with her.  The music changes in this screen; go north again.  If 
you try to talk to the animals here by pressing A by them, they’ll be 
absorbed in the song.

Talk to the bear twice and it moves to let you join in.  Do so and a 
short cinema breaks out showing Link listening to Nayru sing.  The boy 
to the right, named Ralph, realizes that you are messengers from Hyrule 
– Impa and Link.  Apparently, Zelda had a dream that terrible things 
would happen in Labrynna, and Nayru has been concerned.  As they finish 
conversing, Impa steps forward and starts cackling.  A shadowy figure 
rises from Impa’s body and assumes the form of Veran, Sorceress of 
Shadows.  She thanks Link for dispelling the barrier – the stone that 
we pushed that she could not touch.

She then reassumes shadow form and launches herself into Nayru, now 
possessed by Veran.  Ralph draws his blade to attack Veran, but he 
cannot; it is still Nayru within.  Veran reveals that Nayru is in fact 
the Oracle of Ages, one who can control time!  And now that Veran has 
possessed her, she can now manipulate time.  She casts a spell to 
create a portal to the past and enters it.  She will do as she pleases!

Ralph always knew that Nayru was the Oracle of Ages.  But he has failed 
to protect her.  He vows that he will save her in the past, and he 
takes off hurriedly.  Perhaps this is why Link was brought to Labrynna.

                      |    The Wooden Sword    |

Link goes to examine Impa, collapsed since Veran’s possession ended.  
Impa came to bring Nayru back to Hyrule because shadows were 
surrounding her, but now this has happened.  Noticing the mark of the 
Triforce on your hand, Impa gives you the Hero’s Wooden Sword.  To use 
it, press Start to reach a sub-screen.  Assign the sword to either A or 
B and then press A or B on the action screen.  I prefer using the B 
Button for the sword myself, but it’s your choice.  If you hold the 
sword button until it flashes and then release it, you’ll do a spin 
attack as strong as two normal slashes of the sword.

Impa inquires if you know the Maku Tree in Lynna Village.  The Maku 
Tree is the guardian of Labrynna, this land we’re in.  She can help.  
For now, Impa will leave for Nayru’s House to the east.

                         |    Lynna City    |

Go south twice the way you came to reach the barrier stone.  Go south 
past it to reach a dead-end screen full of shrubs and grass.  If you 
slash either, you may be rewarded with rupees, the official currency of 
Labrynna and other lands.  Now slash the three shrubs to the left to 
create an opening to Lynna Village, the village that the Maku Tree can 
be found in.  Of course, the first man in the village calls it Lynna 
City.  Whatever...

Enter the shop.  They are selling a shield for 30 rupees and recovery 
hearts for 10 rupees.  Recovery Hearts fills your heart meter, your 
life force in Zelda games.  It is found in the upper-right corner of 
the screen.  You lose hearts when you take damage.  Lose them all and 
you get lose your life.  Currently, we cannot afford any; leave the 
shop.  Go west and then north.  The man here says that people have been 
vanishing or turning to stone lately.  Quite odd.  Enter the house to 
meet Plen, the mayor of Lynna City.  In ancient times, it was called 
Lynna Village.  I see.  Exit the house and go west again.  In this 
house, the lady’s grandson has turned to stone.  And outside, they’re 
telling awful jokes.

If you go south, a woman tells you that they’re building a tower across 
the river.  Do not enter the water; you’ll be hurt and lose half a 
heart.  Go north and west twice now.  Here’s the hut of a few smart 
birds.  Talk to them to learn some hints about the game.  North of here 
is the home of Troy.  He studies animals and monsters, and he knows 
quite a bit about them.  Go east twice from there to reach a house.  
This is the home of Bipin & Blossom.  Bipin is an “expert arborist” who 
plants Gasha Seeds.  But, he recently had his first child.  If you talk 
to his wife, she’ll ask you what name you’d give the child.  After 
coming up with a name, give it to the baby boy, mind you.  Naming the 
child helps the game generate codes for your game.

Exit the house and go east again.  Here, a man says that the Maku Tree 
is beyond this cave, Maku Path.  Before we enter, let’s go south.  Here 
is the home of Vasu, a jeweler.  He explains that rings made from 
Mystical Seeds have mystical powers.  Wearing them gives you powers.  
But, you must keep it in your Ring Box, and rings’ powers gradually 
weaken to the point that you can’t wear them.  Vasu sees that you have 
no Ring Box, and so he gives you one.  It’s L-1.  It can hold one ring, 
and Vasu gives you a ring for it to hold.  You must get rings appraised 
by Vasu to reveal their power.  This is the Friendship Ring.  It is the 
symbol of a meeting and has no powers outside of that.  Since you’re a 
n00b, he’ll appraise this one for free, but all after it cost 20 rupees, 
and he’ll pay you 30 rupees if it’s a duplicate ring.  Furthermore, you 
have a list of rings that Vasu keeps for you.  Talk to him to access it 
and move rings from your list to your box and vice versa.  There are a 
total of 64 rings to collect.  You can also talk to Red and Blue Snake 
or read their books to learn more.

                          |    Maku Tree    |

Exit and go north to Maku Path, which is actually named Maku Road.  
Naming discrepancies aside, go north inside to a new screen.  Continue 
north past the rock to another new screen.  Go north again and take the 
stairs up to reach another flight of stairs.  They lead out to the Make 
Tree, a female tree guardian of Labrynna.  She explains that you must 
stop Veran from spreading sorrow across the land, and quickly.  But, in 
order to stop her, you’ll need... huh?  The Maku Tree is vanishing!  
Something is happening to her in the past!  When she has left, go right 
to find Ralph.  He says that Veran must be responsible.  Veran just 
leapt through this Time Portal, and we can use it to enter the past.

The man here in the past sees you come.  Ever since Nayru came, weird 
things have been happening.  Follow him south and then go west into 
Lynna Village.  Everything is... old.  A man here says that lots of 
rubble has been around since they started working on Queen Ambi’s Tower 
a while ago.  You’ll need a Shovel to get around here...  Here’s a 
building with a shop and a mini-game in it.  The shop is only open to 
you if you’re playing on the Game Boy Advance (this was released very 
late in the Game Boy Color’s lifespan).  Go west to find a girl who 
explains that Ambi’s Tower is being built as a lookout of sorts.  The 
queen’s boyfriend sailed away one day and never returned, and she wants 
to use the tower to search for her lost love.

If you go west thrice (three times) more and then south, you’ll find 
the entrance to Ambi’s Tower.  Go south twice and then east to find a 
man in front of the entrance.  A cinema shows that this tower was 
originally built to guide Ambi’s love safely back from sea.  But when 
Nayru came, the sun never sets and they must work forever.  The 
disgruntled workers have begun calling it the Black Tower, but you may 
enter if you’d like.  He moves aside to let you in.  Go north and enter 
the tower.  Inside, go east twice and then north.  Now go west once.  
Here, go left to a guard and go down to find a supervisor.  Talk to him 
and he’ll give you a Shovel to help you work.  Dig the dirt to the 
right and then go south, digging it there, too.  Go south now to exit 
the tower.

Go south and dig the dirt to the right to get a Piece of Heart.  If you 
collect four, you can add a Heart Container to your meter, making you 
harder to defeat.  Now exit the tower area and go north three times to 
reach a house where a farmer lives (named Pippin, the ancient ancestor 
of Bipin).  Talk to him and he’ll give you a spare Gasha Seed.  If you 
plant these in soft soil, they’ll grow.  Go south after exiting his 
house and press A by the square-shaped soil here to plant it.  Now go 
north again and then east.  Here, two guards won’t let you into Queen 
Ambi’s Palace unless you have a rare item to give her as tribute.  Head 
east again, go south, east, and then north to reach the Maku Road 
entrance screen.  Dig up all the dirt here to enter.

You’ll find things were much tougher in the olden days.  Go north to a 
new room.  Here, the door is locked.  Push the block forward (just walk 
into it from the south) and the door will open.  Now go through it.  
Here, push the block aside.  You’ll find bat enemies in this room 
called Keese.  If they fly near you, you can defeat them by slashing 
them with your sword.  You’ll find that they leave good spoils – items 
after being defeated.  The door to the west is locked and requires a 
key; go through the eastern opening.  You’ll find small gel enemies 
called a Gel.  Slash it to defeat it (otherwise, it jumps onto you to 
slow you down).  Defeat them to go north.

Push the block here forward and go right.  Follow the path, avoiding 
pits (falling in one will lose you half a heart and return you to the 
door), to reach two blocks.  Push the left one forward and the right 
one right.  Walk onto the switch to the left now to make a chest form.  
Return to the start of the room, follow the path left, and you’ll reach 
the chest.  Open it for a Small Key.  These can be used to open locked 
doors within this mini-dungeon.  Now return to the door and exit it.  
Return to the room with the locked door we saw earlier.  In this room, 
walk up to the left arrangement of blocks, push the middle block on the 
right side left, push the one above it up, and push the block to the 
left over.  Step on the switch and go north.

In here, you’ll encounter two new enemies.  Both are Stalfos, skeletal 
knights.  They will try to jump on you; just slash them once to defeat 
them.  Now push the lower-left block in the upper-left corner forward, 
the block next to it left, and take the Piece of Heart.  Now push the 
lone block to the right over to open the door.  Go through it to the 
right.  Take the stairs up here twice to reach where the Maku Tree 

Gasp!  The Maku Tree is but a little sprout now, and two enemies, 
called Moblins, are trying to rough it up!  They were ordered by Veran 
to take care of the infant Maku Tree so that it could not help Link in 
the future.  We must stop these Moblins from attacking!  Walk up to 
them and they come forward.  Slash them once to defeat them and the 
Maku Tree is happy.  Being a little girl, she finds you very cool.  She 
introduces herself as the Maku Tree, and commends you for your mad 
skill.  She says that the Oracle of Ages convinced Queen Ambi to build 
the Black Tower.  The young tree suspects that’s who made them attack 
her.  She’ll never forget you rescuing her, though!  When she grows up, 
she’ll repay you.  For now, all she can do is open the gate to give you 
easy access to her.  Come see her when she’s older!  Now go south.  As 
you leave, she claims that some day, she’ll be your bride!  Link really 
has a way with the ladies.  Go south to find a time portal here.  Enter 
to go back to the future.

Now in present-time, go north to see the adult Maku Tree.  She seems to 
have lost quite a bit of her memory, but she remembers you.  After all, 
she’s only had a few hundred years to think about you...  Kind of 
creepy, really.  She seems to recall Link saying “When I grow up, I’ll 
marry you,” which he certainly did not.  She’s been waiting for 400 
years!  Link hates to break her heart, but he’s not here for that.  
Veran can do what she wants now if she gains power in the past.  The 
Maku Tree asserts that we must stop Veran and save Nayru.  Will do.  
Her memory is a little foggy, but she thinks that you need the eight 
Essences of Time hidden in Labrynna to defeat Veran.  The essences let 
one see the truth, and the Maku Tree needs them to restore her memory.  
To learn how to beat Veran, we must find the essences.  First, she asks 
us to go to Yoll Graveyard to the east.  She thinks the first essence 
is there.

Also, before you go, she drops down an item – the Seed Satchel!  In the 
Oracle games, seeds are used to do a variety of things.  The satchel 
lets us carry them.  Right now, we only have Ember Seeds, but we can 
find more.  Ember Seeds can illuminate the darkness and burn small 
trees.  Pick up the satchel and be proud.  Right now, you have 20 Ember 
Seeds.  Thanks, bride to be... I mean, Maku Tree!

             |    Yoll Graveyard – the Graveyard Key    |

Go right of the Maku Tree and flip over the ledge.  When you see a 
ledge or ridge, you can walk against it to jump over it to the lower 
level.  However, it does not work in reverse.  For now, go south down 
the left path twice to the Triforce-marked stone.  Go east from there 
and then south once more to reach a sign.  It says that Yoll Graveyard 
is to the east.  Set the Ember Seeds to either button your sword isn’t 
using and press it by the tree to burn it down.  Now go right into the 

Burn down the next tree and go east.  Then head south and west.  You’ll 
reach three boys daring each other to enter the grave beneath the tree.  
After they chicken out and run away, go south on the bridge.  Then go 
west to find two small trees.  Burn the lower one to uncover a 
staircase.  Take it down to the grave...

It’s dark in here, but it’s of no concern.  Walk forward so that you’re 
aligned with the torch ahead of you and then walk up to it.  Use an 
Ember Seed there to light the room.  Now head right across a bridge to 
another torch; use an Ember Seed on it, too.  Now that the room is lit, 
a key falls to the left.  Take it for the Graveyard Key!  It’s used to 
unlock a lock in Yoll Graveyard.  Now exit this grave from the 
staircase you came by.

Go west to the bridge, head north across it, go east, go north twice, 
and you’ll reach a lock.  Press B against it to use the Graveyard Key 
and unlock it.  Now go right a screen, down another, and you’ll reach 
enemies called Crow (sometimes called Takkuri as well).  If you 
approach their trees, they will fly at you.  Just avoid them and go 
south again.  Now take the bridge down to a new part of the screen with 
the grave beneath the tree in it.  Go around the bend and enter the 
strange structure here.

                       |    Spirit’s Grave    |

This is Level 1, and it is indeed a dungeon.  So, what’s a dungeon?  
Those loyal to the Zelda series would know that dungeons are the 
primary scenes of action in Zelda games.  Link must clear all of them, 
each of which have a boss at the end and a new item within, to get an 
item at the end like an essence, in this game’s case.  There are many 
locked doors, and those can be opened using Small Keys.  There are also 
a few generic dungeon items found in each.  Dungeon Maps show the 
layout of the rooms in the dungeon.  Compasses show the location of 
treasure chests and the boss chamber.  They also make a chime when you 
enter a room with a Small Key in it.  Boss Keys open the door before 
the boss.  In some Zelda games, which includes this one, there are also 
mini-bosses.  Your goal is to reach the boss, defeat it, and claim one 
of the eight Essences of Time.  Good luck.

Start by going right to a new room.  Here, you’ll encounter enemies 
called Zols.  They are large versions of Gels, but they don’t cling 
onto you.  They hit you.  Slash them and they turn into Gels.  If you 
use a spin attack, you can defeat them without having them leave Gels.  
When you’ve defeat them all, push the block to the right over and go 
north.  Here’s a block.  Push it forward into the hole.  Now go left, 
take the ladder south, and you’ll come to a treasure chest.  Open it to 
get the Dungeon Map.  Just like the map of Labrynna, you can access it 
by pressing Select.  Dark rooms are ones you haven’t visited yet.

Jump off the ledge below you and push the block to the right aside.  Go 
north back into this room and push the block here forward to a hole.  
The torches will light blue and open the door to the right and north.  
Go through the north opening to a +-shaped room.  Push the block ahead 
forward.  Now go left to a chest.  Open it for the Compass.  Now that 
we have it, return south.  Go south again, jump off the ledge, push the 
block to the right over, go north, push the block forward into a hole, 
and the door to the right will open.  Take it.  Here, go north after 
defeating a few common enemies to reach another new room.  To the left 
is a Ghini, ghost enemies.  Slash it a few times and it will die, um, 
again, and a Small Key falls down.  Score!  Take it and go left.

We’re back at the hub room.  Push the block to the left to the left and 
then go north to a locked door.  Take it.  Up!  The Compass chimed, 
meaning a treasure is present here.  Defeat the Keese here if they get 
in your way and push the block to the right down.  Go up to a chest, 
open it for a Small Key, and push the next block down.  Let’s go left a 
room now.  Push the lower block over, the one above it up, and go left 
through the narrow passage.  At the end, go right past a doorway to a 
new room.  Follow the path here and go north to another new room.  In 
here, push the blocks that can be pushed to form two paths to the left 
and right.  Go right, step on a switch, and repeat this to the left.  
Now board the moving platform for and take it to a chest with a Small 
Key in it.

Take the platform down and exit the room.  Go left to a new room and 
then go north.  To the left is a slowly moving platform.  Step onto it, 
let it rise, and get onto the upper-right path.  Push the block to the 
right here and follow the newly formed path to a switch.  Press it to 
make a chest appear.  Open it for a Gasha Seed.  Now go around to the 
switch and head left.  Jump off the ledge to the moving platform.  Get 
on it and cross the pit, going left a room when it is lined up.  Slash 
the shrubs here and head through the locked door to the left.

                        Mini-Boss: Giant Ghini

This is an... interesting battle.  Basically, you have a gigantic ghost 
that creates smaller duplicates of itself.  These duplicates act like 
Gels; they slowly get onto you to slow you down.  Giant Ghini then 
charges at you to hit you.  And while the smaller ghosts are latched 
onto you, you can’t draw your sword.  So, to beat this thing, you must 
slash it repeatedly.  After being slashes, it opens its mouth and tries 
to tackle you again.  Avoid it at this point and continue attacking.  
When it creates its smaller counterparts, just slash them once to 
destroy them.  Note that Giant Ghini keeps them in supply and may use 
them as shields.  Just try to stay away from corners and you’ll do fine.  
When you’ve hit it enough times, it explodes.  It leaves behind two 
things – a fairy and a portal.  The fairy will heal you completely, and 
the portal is a shortcut to the mini-boss room that connects the first 
room with this room.  Now exit this room to the left.


There are two boomerang-wielding Moblins in this room.  Defeat them 
with two swipes of the sword.  Now use the key to take the door to the 
lower-left.  Now go down to a block arrangement.  Push the two side 
blocks and then the middle block to the left or right.  Now go south.  
Defeat these initial Stalfos and go right to a few more.  Slash them 
and go north.  Beat them as well.  See the torches here?  Light them 
with Ember Seeds and a staircase forms.  Trek down it.  It’s a 2D 
screen!  Gasp!  Head down the ladder and go right to another one.  
Climb it and go left to take the... Power Bracelet!  It’s the dungeon’s 
prize.  Select it with A or B and press those buttons in front of a 
stone or a pot to lift them.  Yes, Link is too weak to lift them on his 

Take the ladder back up to the overhead view.  Lift the jars around you 
for rupees, recovery hearts, what have you, and then go south.  Lift 
the pots here, too, to reach a treasure chest.  Open it for a ring.  
Remember, we’ll have to get it appraised by Vasu before we can use it.  
Now head south to a new room.  Here, jump over the ledge to find a pot.  
Do not lift it.  Instead, push it right twice onto a switch to keep it 
pressed.  Then go right through the door there.  Lift a pot, chuck it 
at one of those jump-happy Stalfos, and pick up the pot in front of the 
treasure chest here.  Open it for the Boss Key!  With it, we can open 
the Boss Door.  Go right one more screen to appear in the starting 

Yes, we traveled in a complete circle.  Step into the portal to be 
transported to the mini-boss room.  From here, go north into an old 
room.  Slash the shrubs ahead of you and take the door to the north.  
Beware!  This room is not as innocent as it looks.  It is actually home 
to a Wall Master, morbid hand monsters that drop down and take you back 
to the entrance of the dungeon.  No matter how many times you defeat 
them, they reappear.  To prevent them from taking you, just keep moving 
(for the record, they take two hits and leave pretty good rupees).  Now 
go right through the Boss Door...

                     |    Boss: Pumpkin Head    |

In the Zelda tradition of beheading bosses, started by Gleeok in the 
first game but continued in many later games, this is a gigantic ghost 
with a clothed body and a giant pumpkin for its head.  Although I admit 
that it’s terrifying, it’s pretty easy to beat.  Pumpkin Head has two 
attacks.  It walks around and jumps on you, and it sends fireballs at 
you.  Either way, it makes little difference.  Approach Pumpkin Head 
with a charged sword for a spin attack and unleash it.  It’ll be hit.  
Continue this and its head will drop.  Pick up the pumpkin and a small 
ghost (the actual boss) flees.  From here, you have two options for 
defeating it.  Either slash the ghost, a Mini-Ghini from our battle 
with Giant Ghini, a few times, trying to prevent it from returning to 
its head, or lift the pumpkin and toss it at the ghost (which takes two 
hits.  I prefer it).

When it explodes, a large heart remains.  This is called a Heart 
Container.  Pick it up to add one heart to your meter.  Now go north to 
the essence room.  Walk up to it and it drops to you.  This Essence of 
Time is the Eternal Spirit.  “Even after life ends, it speaks across 
time to the heart.”  You appear at the entrance of the dungeon and the 
Maku Tree contacts you.  She hears an essence echoing in the Western 
Woods this time.  That must be where the second dungeon is.  Well, 
judging by our experience in Spirit’s Grave, we’ll come out of that 
dungeon smelling like a rose, too, with one more Heart Container and 
item to boot.

=============================Wing Dungeon*=============================

                    |    Yoll Graveyard Items    |

As long as we’re here, let’s finish up in the graveyard by collecting 
as many items as we can here.  Go north of the dungeon.  Here, you’ll 
have your first run-in with Maple, the Great Witch Syrup’s Apprentice.  
Maple is looking for a picture book, and she will crash into you on her 
broom (she’s quite inexperienced), causing your items to be scattered.  
Pick up as many as you can (mostly rupees).  If you see a red bottle, 
nab it quickly.  It’s a fairly rare Magic Potion, and it revives you if 
you lose all your hearts.  You can tell by Maple’s response whether you 
gained or lost items.  From now on, Maple’s appearances will be random.

 and then go left to find a ghost.  Lift the stone here with the Power 
Bracelet and talk to it.  A gravestone is blocking his way to the 
afterlife (you’re talking to an illusion, the real ghost is below the 
headstone), and he’d like you to move it for him.  He disappears, 
letting you push the gravestone forward.  A staircase!  Take it down to 
find him within.  Talk to the ghost and he’s excited that you moved it.  
Now he can ascend to the afterworld.  Surface and talk to him.  He’s 
moving on now and has no need for it, and so he gives you the Poe Clock.  
It lightens hearts, I guess.  It’s actually a trade item.  It is 
interesting that they refer to the clock as that of a “Poe,” the N64 
name for ghosts, even though ghosts are called “Ghini,” the traditional 
name for ghosts, in this Zelda game.

Lift the rock to the right and go east, then north.  Avoid the Crows 
here and go north again.  Head west now, and follow that up by going 
south twice.  Head west again to reach soft soil.  Plant the Gasha Seed 
we got in Spirit’s Grave here.  Now go south.  Lift the rock to the 
left up to reach a Piece of Heart.  We haven’t gotten everything in 
Yoll Graveyard, but we’ve gotten all that we’re going to get now.  So, 
leave the graveyard and head for Lynna City (from the graveyard’s exit 
screen, north, west, south, west).

                      |    The Wooden Shield    |

While in the dungeon and in getting to it, you’ve probably amassed 
quite a few rupees.  Well, it’s high time we purchased a shield from 
the shop in Lynna City.  It costs 30 rupees, chump change in this game.  
To buy it, walk up to it, press A or B, bring it to the cash register, 
and press A.  Now say “OK” and you seal the deal.  The Wooden Shield is 
pretty good for certain situations.  Not only does it match your sword, 
but it can also block enemy attacks.  Hold it with whichever button you 
assign it and you can walk facing a certain direction with your shield 
covering the front of your body.  It can also deflect certain 
projectiles.  It’s well-worth the price.  However, it can be eaten by 
one type of monster – a Like Like.  For this reason, you may have to 
buy another later on (they keep them in stock).

While you’re in town, you can do a few new things.  First, go to Vasu.  
For 20 rupees, you can appraise any rings you came by.  The ring from 
the dungeon is the Discovery Ring, and it senses soft earth.  It’s far 
better than that useless Friendship Ring; why not put it on?  If you go 
north of Vasu to the Maku Road entrance, you can burn a tree to the 
right.  Take this path to a chest containing 30 rupees (in case you 
were short any).  Now, on with the show!  Go west as far as you can to 
the screen that you can enter the Black Tower area by.  Go left from 
here to enter the Nuun Highlands.

                       |    Fairies’ Woods   |

Pick up the rock here and chuck it at the enemy here, an Octorok.  
These enemies, which have appeared in every Zelda game to date, shoot 
rocks at you.  Slash them once to beat them.  Now go left and south to 
Fairies’ Woods, an annoying place to say the least.  Defeat the 
Octoroks and go right.  Take down a Moblin and the Octoroks with it to 
go south.  Now head west and south.  A fork in the road!  Let’s try 
going west and north.  Hey look!  It’s our good friends, a group of 
fairies.  They’re Majora’s Mask-styled, too.  It’s their playground, 
they say, and they want to play Hide n’ Seek with you.  If you don’t 
win, you can’t go on!  Drat.  It’s kindergarten all over again.

You know what I think?  I think IT’S GO TIME!!!  IT’S ON!!  The forest 
is jumbled up, meaning that you should just wander around aimlessly to 
find the screens that they’re on.  One screen has six shrubs arranged 
in a diamond shape.  When you find that screen, slash the bushes here 
and you’ll uncover one of them.  One screen has a treasure chest 
against the water.  Slash the shrubs there to uncover another.  The 
last one is a bit hard to find.  You want to look for one with two 
mounds in it and a rock that you need to lift to uncover the third.

The disappointed fairies decide to put the forest back in order.  For 
now, let’s head right to find a sign by the Ancient Cave.  The sign 
warns that it crumbles easily, and it does when you lift the rock.  At 
this point, the Maku Tree contacts you.  The stone we lifted was a 
support rock; the cave has crumbled.  Unfortunately, that was the 
dungeon containing the second Essence.  We can’t get in now.  She 
wonders what Nayru would do if she was here...  Let’s go see her house 
to see if she had any notes about this sort of thing.

                      |    The Harp of Ages    |

To Nayru’s House!  First, we must exit the forest.  Go north from the 
Ancient Cave screen and then north again to Nuun Highlands.  Go right 
of it twice to return to Lynna City.  From there, go to the Maku Tree 
(don’t go on Maku Road; go through the gate she opened in the past).  
Now go right of her to hop down to where you first met Nayru.  From 
here, go south, east, and north.  This is Nayru’s House.  Enter to find 
Impa staring at the fairy statue.  She suspects that there’s a hidden 
room in here.  She felt drafts from above.  Push the statue to the left 
and take the stairs up.  Now head down the next flight and you’ll come 
to a secret room.  Touch the glowing object to claim the... Harp of 

Nayru appears before you to explain it.  She, as you know, is the 
Oracle of Ages.  And it is not a coincidence that you possess the Harp 
of Ages.  You are a hero “chosen by the currents of time.”  She is not 
in this age any longer, and so she hid her harp here in case this would 
happen.  She entrusts the harp to you.  By playing certain tunes on 
this mystic Harp of Ages, you can travel through time as though you 
were the oracle.  She will now teach you the Tune of Echoes!  She plays 
the song for you.  If you play that song, you will unlock the power of 
Time Portals across Labrynna.  Step into a Time Portal to travel back 
in time, 400 years into the past.  As you continue your travels, you’ll 
learn new tunes.  Good luck, chosen hero.

                  |    Ancient Cave in the Past    |

Exit Nayru’s House and the Maku Tree contacts you.  She says that the 
Ancient Cave containing the second essence has crumbled in this age, 
but it is sturdy in the past.  That in mind, head over to Lynna City.  
Go to the Maku Tree and go right to find a circular symbol.  This is a 
sleeping Time Portal.  Play the Tune of Echoes on it with the Harp of 
Ages to awaken it, transporting you to the past.  Head south and go 
left to enter Lynna Village.  Go west to where you planted the Gasha 
Seed earlier.  It’s grown into a tree!  Slash it for a Gasha Nut.  
Within this one is a ring.  Now go south to find two rocks.  Lift them 
and go left to West Lynna.  Head left and then south after that.

Welcome to Deku Forest!  In the past, this was a haven for Deku Scrubs, 
a race of forest-dwellers.  Go east through the lower route and you’ll 
find an old man.  Her husband is off working at the Black Tower, even 
though he paid tribute to Queen Ambi.  Remember those guards we met 
earlier who said that Ambi needed something rare as tribute to let us 
in?  Well, it’s in this very forest.  Go south now, and then head west 
once.  A man here thinks there’s treasure in the cave, but it can’t be 
opened.  If only he could blast it away.  Funny, the man to the east 
said that Ambi had bombs.  Go west once again to find a boy and an old 
man.  There are mystical seeds in here that make statues move!  Follow 
the path to the old man and then go right of him to go north.

Here, lift the rocks to the left and take the staircase down.  First, 
defeat the Zol to the right.  Now push the block to the left down.  To 
the right is a cluster of rocks, correct?  Push the first one aside and 
the next one down.  Now, two blob-like enemies are pursuing you.  They 
are called Hardhat Beetles, and they can be defeated only by knocking 
them into a pit.  Slash them so that they’re knocked into one, and then 
proceed left.  Follow this path to another block, which you should push 
down.  Then push the one right of it down.  Tada!  You can now open the 
chest.  Do so for a Gasha Seed.  Now exit this cavern and go south.  
This time, go north to the left.  The soldier warns that beasts are 
ahead.  Go left a screen.

Here we see Moblins throwing/shooting arrows/spears.  Slash them twice 
and head south twice.  Burn the small tree to the left and take the 
stairs down.  Go right from here one screen to find a Piece of Heart.  
Now exit this cave through the staircase you came from.  Go left one 
screen.  A Moblin is here, as well as a Business Scrub, Deku Scrubs 
that sell items (for this one, a Wooden Shield for 50 rupees.  No one 
said they were cheap).  Burn the small tree right of it and go north 
through that passage.  Then go east and north once more.  Here’s 
another Business Scrub, this one selling its shields for 30 rupees 
apiece.  Continue going north to find a Moblin behind two stones.  Lift 
a stone, hurl it at the Moblin, and take the stairs down.

Lift the rock to the left to access a chest containing 30 rupees.  In 
case you didn’t get the shield when I advised you to earlier, use these 
30 rupees to buy a Wooden Shield from that Business Scrub I pointed out 
earlier (only if you didn’t buy one from the shop at Lynna City).  Now 
go left to a few plants.  Clear them with your sword and go down, 
defeating the enemy there, too.  Now go left, lifting the rock as you 
go, one screen.  Take the stairs here to the surface.  Go south once to 
find... a tree!  In the shape of a question mark!  Slash it to receive 
its seeds – the Mystery Seeds.  You get 18 at first.  Try these on many 
things for varied effects.  Basically, they’re this game’s Magic Powder 
(if you play Zelda games, you’ll know what I mean).  Use them on owl 
statues to make them give you hints.

Go north to the stairs; take them down.  Go right, around the turns, 
and take these stairs up as well.  Now go south once to the Business 
Scrub.  As you do, a soldier approaches you.  Those are the Mystery 
Seeds Queen Ambi has been demanding!  He takes you to Ambi’s Palace to 
reward you, and they take to the queen.  She’s outside standing there, 
and the guard transfers your Mystery Seeds to her.  Nayru wanted 
these...  To reward you, she gives you ten Bombs!  The guard then 
rushes you out of the palace, your guide through it.

We then cut to a scene with Ambi.  She asks if you’ll be able to return, 
and a guard answers that you will.  Then Nayru, who we know to be 
tainted by Veran, steps forward.  Nayru laughs.  First Link let her 
through the barrier, and now he’s brought her Mystery Seeds!  She seems 
to dislike the Mystery Seeds...  Let’s keep note of that.  Nayru then 
speaks to Queen Ambi.  With her powers, she can make a day that never 
ends so that the people will never stop working on the tower.  The 
tower will reach the heavens, and Ambi will be the greatest queen ever 
(I don’t really see the connection...).  When the guard hears this, he 
rushes south to explain it to the others.  Ambi then leaves, and Nayru 
talks to herself.  The Age of Shadows is closer, but still a ways off.  
The Black Tower must first reach the heavens...  And at its highest 
turret, Veran will rain down sorrow.  That’s right!  Cackle all you 
want, Veran, but we’re going to stop you!  Wait, am I typing this?

Regardless, we’re back in Lynna Village.  Plant your Gasha Seed in the 
soft soil by the house to the southwest (that is, if you already took 
the Gasha Nut of the old one).  Now, return to Deku Forest.  Take the 
lower route east and go south.  To explore, go south again, then west 
until you must stop, then north, and then east to reach the Ancient 
Cave, not so ancient in the past.  Note that you’ll need Mystical Seeds 
before entering.  Even though Ambi took them, we still have a spot for 
them in our Seed Satchel.  Walk around, slashing shrubs, to find 
Mystical Seeds (take many – maybe 20 to be safe).  Now, go to the 
Ancient Cave and set a bomb in front of its opening (to set a bomb, 
press the bomb button again after lifting it out of your Bomb Bag).  
Step away from the bomb and it will explode, opening the path to Level 

                        |    Wing Dungeon    |

Our second dungeon isn’t that tough.  In the first Zelda game on the 
NES, all dungeons were shaped like some object (an eagle, a moon, a 
manji, etc.).  This is shaped like two wings.  You’re going to want to 
have the Wooden Shield, by the way (it’s why the Business Scrubs were 
pushing it on you).  Go north one room to see new enemies – Spiked 
Beetles.  They charge at you.  As the owl in the first room said, 
defend with your shield.  They’ll be flipped over.  Now your chance to 
slash them!  Defeat all three in this manner to open the door to the 
left.  In here, we must push the block into the hole so that the red 
side shows.  Push it right three times, down once, left once, up once, 
and then left to the hole.  Now go north.

Hop over the ledge ahead of you to find a bunch of snake enemies called 
Ropes.  They move vertically slowly, but can charge you quickly.  
Luckily, they take only one hit.  Afterwards, go north.  Here, we must 
go left.  In this room, you’ll meet an annoying new enemy – the Spark.  
They just move about the edge of whatever object they’re on (for this 
one, the blocks and wall) to hit you.  Move out of their way and go 
left to a new room.  Here, you’ll see a Moblin with a sword.  In fact, 
you’ll find two.  Having a sword doesn’t make them any stronger, though.  
Slash each once (the same goes for the two Keese in here) to beat them.  
A Small Key falls down when we’re done.  Take it and return to an 
earlier room, the one with the Ropes in it.  Climb the stairs onto the 
ledge here and then go right.  See the wall?  It’s weak to the right.  
Bomb it there to create an entrance to the room to the right, which 
contains a chest.  Open it for the Dungeon Map.  See?  It’s shaped like 
a bird’s wings.  Also, it’s the first dungeon to have two floors.

Return to the second room, the one with the Spiked Beetles in it (to 
bypass the block arrangement in the Rope room, push the two side blocks 
down and the middle one over).  Once there, defeat the enemies if 
they’ve respawned and then use the Small Key on the door to the right.  
Welcome to the real Rope room!  Aside from all the pits, it’s a breeze.  
Stand in one column/row with an extended sword and wait for the Ropes 
to come to you.  They’ll slide right into your blade’s edge.  Now, go 
right along the southern wall.  Bomb it where it’s weak (if you really 
can’t tell, nudge the wall with your sword.  Where you hear a different 
sound is where it can be bombed).  This creates an opening; go through.  
Here we have a few arrow-throwing Moblins and some Zols that release 
Gels.  Defeat them all to take a staircase down.

It’s a 2D screen!  Defeat Keese if you can throughout.  Climb right on 
these ladders and drop to the main platform to the right.  Wait for the 
next one to come to you and take it across the gap.  From there, go 
right to another section of the screen.  Go right to see a Thwomp, a 
Mario enemy in a Zelda game (of course, the Zelda type have one eye).  
Drop near it, but not under it, and it crashes down.  As it rises, walk 
right under it.  Now take this rising platform up to the ladder, which 
you should take up.  Defeat all the Ropes in this room that ambush you 
to make a chest appear.  Open it for a Small Key.  Now return to that 
room full of Ropes we saw earlier, the one with all the pits.  Push the 
lower block aside and go up to a chest.  Open it for the Compass.  Only 
three chests left already!  Great.  Now go north.  Defeat two sword-
wielding Moblins to go left to a locked door; use your Small Key on it.

To the right is a mine cart.  Hop in and you’ll start riding down the 
tracks through several rooms.  Hit enemies as you go and you’ll stop at 
the Spark room.  Go north from it to the mini-boss room.

                           Mini-Boss: Swoop

Swoop is pretty confident for a giant bird, but he’s quite easy.  It 
says that you can’t win because you have no wings, and promptly rises 
into the air.  Walk away from it and keep moving, avoiding Swoop’s 
shadow.  It will eventually lunge in at you and drop, hoping to crush 
you.  Slash it a few times while it’s on the ground and continue the 
process (I recommend storing up a spin attack to hit it with).  Note 
that it leaves holes in the floor, and falling in them will make you 
battle through a few rooms to reach Swoop again.  As the battle 
progresses, Swoop gets faster and may bounce after landing to try to 
hit you.  It will stop when you hit it, though, which makes it a wasted 
effort on Swoop’s part. When you’ve beaten it, take the Fairy, note the 
teleport, and take the upper of the two doors to the right.


Use the stairs and you’ll appear in a room with new enemies – Whisps – 
in it.  Whisps are like Sparks but they bounce around the room.  Also, 
hitting them will leave you unable to draw your sword for a while.  
There is also a Stalfos in here, the hooded variety that throws/shoots 
spears/arrows.  Either way, go south.  Use your shield to block any 
arrows that might hit you as you walk around this path.  At the end, go 
right a room.  Here, defeat two Stalfos to reach a staircase.  Take it 
to a side-scrolling area.  Go right, defeating Keese as you go, to see 
a Thwomp.  Get near it so that it drops, and then walk right under it 
as it rises.  You’ll come to the blue feather.  You got Roc’s Feather!  
Using it, you can jump (in all Zelda games, Link cannot jump until he 
gets one of these (or reaches a ledge).  And in some games (not this 
one, though), Link can get Roc’s Cape, an almost flying item.  Note 
that a roc is a monstrous bird in Arab mythology.

Go left a screen to the Thwomp.  Let if fall, jump up the steps, and 
exit (note that you can ride the Thwomp up to a 30-rupee bundle).  Back 
in this old room, get onto the yellow tile.  Jump at the red block, 
jump back to the yellow one.  It turns blue.  Repeat this and it turns 
red, opening the door.  Now go through it.  Jump right, upward, right, 
down three times, and then wrap around the bend to a mine cart.  Jump 
in.  Hit the switch as you go to raise a bar and change the tracks, 
letting you get off in this room.  Defeat any enemies present and go to 
the block.  Push it forward so that it’s red.  Now push it left once, 
down once, right once, and up once to make it blue.  This raises the 
bar, letting you advance along the tracks.  But first, go to the right 
side of the room and bomb the wall there.  This leads to a hidden room.  
Here, defeat the Stalfos Knights and the Keese to make a chest form.  
Open it for a Small Key.  Now go left to the old room.

Jump into the mine cart and you’ll be ejected in a new room.  In here 
are two Peahats, old Zelda enemies.  Slash them when they stop moving 
to defeat them.  In here, you must make the tiles match the blocks.  
For the left two tiles, jump on and off of them to make both yellow.  
For the right two, do the same to make them blue.  That way, they’ll 
match the blocks to the left.  This makes a Small Key fall; take it.  
Now go left to the old Whisp room.  Go through it to the left and take 
the staircase.  When you emerge, use your Small Key on the key block to 
the right.  Now we can use a new mine cart, but trying to take it only 
leads to a bar and a dead-end.  So, let’s go back a bit and change this.  
Jump off the lower ledge on the raised platform here and go south.  
Jump across the platforms here to reach the tracks.  From it, jump left 
to a red tile.  Jump from it to the blocks below to it to the blocks 
below to it.  This changes it from red to blue, thus raising the bar 
for you.

Jump back to go north, go left to the mini-boss room, go right through 
the upper door, and go further right to the mine cart.  You’ll exit in 
a new room.  Go right, jump across the pit, take down two Moblins, and 
open the chest for a Gasha Seed.  Now then, let’s jump north to a new 
room.  First things first.  Take out the trash by defeating the enemies 
– Moblins and Peahats, two each.  This clears the way for moving a pot 
onto that switch.  Now jump to the entrance of the room.  Lift the 
first pot and then push the one above it forward five spaces.  Jump 
over the pit and push the pot right three times.  Now jump above it and 
push it down twice.  Jump left of the pot and push it right thrice 
(three times) onto the switch.  Finally!  Go right through the now-open 

Go south to a tile puzzle.  First, clear out the enemies.  It does not 
involve much jumping, though.  Instead, see the statues?  You must push 
them so that they match the statue arrangement to the left.  However, 
you can only push statues when the tile by the torch matches their 
color.  So, jump from that tile and back to it to change the color, and 
then push the statues accordingly to make them match.  Now take the 
Small Key that falls and go north.  We’re going to spend our first key 
to go east.  Welcome to a strange room.  Everything is colored red, and 
there are several color-changing Gels camouflaged here.  And while they 
match the tiles, they’re invincible.  So, jump onto the central tile 
and the color changes.  Quickly attack the Gels before they change 
color.  Repeat until you’ve beaten them all.  A chest forms – the last 
one – containing the Boss Key.  Take it!

Exit this room to the previous and use your last Small Key on the door 
in the northwest corner.  All you have to do is get through here taking 
as little damage as possible.  Stand on the left side of the square-
arranged blocks and wait for two Sparks to pass the door.  Follow the 
second one through the room, defeating Keese as you go, to reach the 
Boss Door.  Use the Boss Key here.  Before continuing, lift the pots 
for bombs and a Fairy.  The owl statue hints at defeating the boss.  
But, where is it?  Take the stairs and find out.  Boss battle in 2-D!

                      |    Boss: Head Thwomp    |

Really, it’s bad enough having Thwomps, Mario series enemies, in a 
Zelda game, but it is terrible making one a boss!  Head Thwomp launches 
fireballs that resemble Podoboos, also from the Mario series, from his 
crown, and it switches faces to attack.  Quickly take the ladder up and 
go left to another one.  Climb to the top and stay there.  Head Thwomp 
launches fireballs from side to side as its primary attack.  When it’s 
not attacking, pick up a bomb and run forward.  Chuck it into its crown 
and a roulette face-wheel of sorts starts up.  If it stops on the red 
face, Head Thwomp takes damage.  If it lands on the blue face, you’re 
in trouble.  Get dead below Head Thwomp to avoid it.  If it lands on 
the purple face, Head Thwomp crashes down and causes rocks to start 
falling.  Avoid them by staying under one of the platforms to the side 
of the ladders.  If it lands on the green face, don’t move from the top 
of the ladder.  Should you run out of bombs, wait for Head Thwomp to 
launch them out with his normal fireballs.  The same goes if you’re low 
on hearts (it drops them after being hit).  After hitting Head Thwomp 
on the red face four times, you win the bout.

It drops, explodes, and leaves behind a Heart Container.  Take it and 
climb down the ladder to the right.  Now go right a room to find the 
Ancient Wood, the second Essence of Time.  “It whispers only truth to 
closed ears from out of the stillness.”  When you appear outside 
Ancient Cave, a.k.a. the Wing Dungeon, the Maku Tree tells you that she 
senses an essence on the south sea’s Crescent Island.  We can find a 
way there from Lynna Village/City’s coast.

===========================Moonlight Grotto*===========================

                  |    The Trade Sequence Begins    |

Exit the forest (east, north, west, north, east, east) to Lynna Village.  
The Gasha Seed I instructed you to plant before going off to Deku 
Forest should be grown; slash it for a Gasha Nut.  This one’s a ring.  
Go north and then return south to plant the Gasha Seed we got in Wing 
Dungeon there.  Now, go north of the mermaid statue and enter the house 
to find the postman.  With the day never ending, he can’t know when to 
deliver mail.  Show him the Poe Clock we got earlier in Yoll Graveyard 
and he’ll reward you with Stationery.

Perhaps someone else could use this.  Go west twice and enter the house.  
It’s an outhouse, I guess, in which a ghastly hand named “???” lives 
(it’s a character from Majora’s Mask, and not one I’d expect to see out 
of the Stock Pot Inn, let alone in a different game).  It needs – ahem 
– paper for some reason, and so give it the Stationery.  It gives you 
a... Stink Bag.  I can’t believe this is in a Zelda game!  Perhaps we 
could find someone who could put this Stink Bag to good use.

The Trade Sequence has a purpose for later in the game.  But for now, 
let’s move on.

                       |    The South Shore    |

Go south of where you met the postman to a mermaid statue.  Continue 
south of it until to reach an old woman.  Cross a bridge here and 
continue south from there to reach water and a house.  Enter it and 
talk to the man here.  His name is Rafton, and his dreams is to build a 
raft.  However, rope decays in water, and he cannot find suitable rope 
to build his raft.  Cheval, a man living on the east side, is working 
on it, but he won’t finish for a long time.  Exit the house and go 
north to the old woman.  Cross the bridge and go south, this time 
turning east to a new screen.  Go north to find an Ember Seed tree, and 
then return south.  Go east.

A sign here states that Cheval’s house is to the east.  Use Roc’s 
Feather to jump across the watery gap here and go north.  This is the 
house of Cheval the inventor.  He is busy working on items that work in 
water.  Before he dies, he must complete two projects – rope that does 
not decay in water and flippers used for swimming.  Unfortunately, we 
don’t have enough time to wait for him to invent these things.  Exit 
his house.  Hey!  It’s Ralph, Nayru’s friend who vowed to save her.  He 
asks what we’re looking for, which is Cheval Rope.  He’s heard that 
name before... yeah!  There’s a grave in the present age of a guy named 
Cheval.  But, he’s busy, he declares, and with that he rushes off.  
Thank you, Ralph.  You’ve just given us the clue to finding Cheval’s 
greatest inventions.

                         |    Meet Moosh    |

In Labrynna, Link has no Epona to ride (she’s still in Hyrule).  Here, 
he must find a new animal to take him around the land.  But, there are 
three “pets” available to you.  Depending on how you get a special 
flute, you’ll get a certain animal partner.  The default pet is a 
flying bear named Moosh.  He is a lazy bear with wings whose only 
attack is stomping the ground.  In my opinion, he’s the worst of the 
possible pets, and the hardest to use.  Then you have a kangaroo named 
Ricky.  With boxing gloves to fight enemies and a pouch to carry Link 
in, he can get around with a great jump.  Also, consider the third 
option, Dimitri.  He looks like a red Dodongo and will swim through 
water with Link on his back.  Whoever you choose, note the different 
ways to get them.  For now, though, we will be meeting the first 
candidate (you’ll meet all of them before you have to choose), and 
that’s Moosh.

From Cheval’s house, go south, jump across the water, and go north 
until you reach the people playing ball.  Then go west into Lynna 
Village.  Play the Tune of Echoes on the Time Portal to go the future.  
Now go south to Vasu Jewelers.  Appraise your rings if you’d like and 
continue south to the shop.  They now sell bombs there for 20 rupees.  
Regardless, exit Lynna City in this screen to the east.  Go north, east, 
and south.  Enter Yoll Graveyard here, burn down the tree with an Ember 
Seed, and go right one screen.  That’s Moosh, sucking his paw as three 
Ghinis harass him.  Link’s Awakening-style mini-boss music starts 
playing, and you must defeat the Ghinis.  Slash them up and talk to 
Moosh.  He explains that he can float if you tap A repeatedly.  Hold A 
to release him for a shockwave-emitting slam.

Go left a screen and then head north.  Here are pits we could never 
cross on our own.  Tap A repeatedly and move around to hover over these 
pits.  I’ll say, this is hard.  If you mess up, you reappear at the 
beginning of the screen and have to do it all over again.  When you get 
it (it’s all about fast-paced A Button mashing), hop off Moosh with B 
and lift the rock to the left.  Now you can take a shortcut by jumping 
over the first gap.  Then push the headstone forward to reveal a 
staircase.  This is Cheval’s grave!

Go north once and then head right, south, and south all the way.  Jump 
over the water here to the ground to the right.  Repeat this to reach a 
sign.  Cheval made it.  He will entrust his invention only to one with 
light feet and might.  Lucky for us, we have both.  Hop over the water 
to the left and bust out the Power Bracelet.  Pull the switch here back 
to cause two blocks blocking the flippers to the right to separate.  
Press Start and exchange the Power Bracelet for Roc’s Feather once 
you’ve pulled it all the way out, and then jump right to the staircase.  
Rush up it before the blocks close and grab the item here.  You got the 
Zora’s Flippers!  Now you can swim in shallow water.  In water, press A 
to swim forward and B to submerge.  Jump into the water to the left, 
swim north a screen, swim right around the object here in the water, 
swim around the bend, go left, and you’ll reach stairs.  Climb them and 
you’ll reach Cheval Rope!  It’s one rope that won’t decay in water, 
letting you build a raft.

                          |    The Raft    |

Exit the grave and go south.  Moosh wishes you well and takes off.  
Return to Lynna City and go to the past (the time portal is one screen 
right of the Maku Tree).  Go southwest to Lynna Village and go to 
Rafton’s house (he’s a few screen south of the mermaid statue).  Give 
him the Cheval Rope and he gets excited.  He can finish his raft!  
Since you provided, he’ll let you test it out.  But, we’ll need an 
Island Chart if we want to go rafting.  He’ll be constructing the raft 
while we get a chart.  Otherwise, we’d have no way to navigate the high 
seas, now would we?

Go north and you’ll find Ralph.  Well, if it isn’t Ralph!  He comes to 
see what we’re doing (dawdling he calls it).  Looking for an Island 
Chart?  Well, Ralph’s heard that that weird guy has sea charts to the 
secret isle in the present age.  But, he’s too busy saving Nayru to 
help you.  He leaves, and we have our hint.  Go to Lynna Village and 
use the time portal before the Maku Tree to return to the present age.  
Go to Yoll Graveyard’s entrance.

It’s Ricky!  He’s a kangaroo and a potential pet.  Normally, he can 
clear cliffs and pits with the greatest of ease, but he’s not in a good 
mood.  He lost his gloves on the beach...  Where could they be?  He 
left them by the tree.  Go south and slash the bushes to the left to go 
west.  Now go south, jumping over the pit, to go south again.  Now go 
left to a tree on the beach.  Bring out the Shovel and start digging.  
Ricky’s Gloves are under one of the piles of sand.

Return to Ricky and give him Ricky’s Gloves.  Now in his pouch, he 
shows you around.  Press A to punch or build up power to unleash a 
tornado.  Also, he jumps if you move him around.  Go south, punch 
through the shrubs, and go west.  Ricky will jump up the cliff if you 
get near it, he says.  Do so and he leaps up.  Now head south, 
following the path.  Approach the pit to clear it, and then hop up the 
cliff.  Here’s the strange chart-drawing weirdo we’re supposed to meet.  
Hop out of Ricky’s pouch (B) and jump with Roc’s Feather.  In the air, 
slash your sword to pop his balloon.  The green-clothed cartographer 
falls to the stump.  Green clothes?  You must be smitten with forest 

This is Tingle, the fairy-obsessed, 35-year-old, map-drawing weirdo.  
His first appearance was in Majora’s Mask in which he drew maps from 
his lofty aerial position and sold them to Link.  In this game, Tingle 
is alienated from Lynna City.  He will be your friend if you want.  
Accept him and he is so happy that he gives you the Island Chart.  
Tingle, Tingle!  Kooloo-Limpah!

Ricky can’t stand Tingle, and he’s leaving.  Hop down the cliff as well, 
take the stairs down, lift the rock to the right, jump across it, and 
continue to Lynna City.  Warp to the past and head for Rafton’s place.  
What took you so long?  He’s set up the raft and everything.  Exit 
through the right door and step onto the raft.  Explore if you want, 
but we’re going straight to Crescent Island in the guide.  Sail south 
twice, then east, north, and north again.  A storm starts!  The wind 
pins Link against a wall, and lightning destroys his raft.  When he 
awakens, he’s on Crescent Island, a bunch of weird things steal your 

                       |    Crescent Island    |

The Tokay are a reptilian race of creatures residing on Crescent Island.  
And they have no moral problems with robbing you blind, as several did 
when you washed up on the island.  It’s like when we met Impa, only now 
we can press Start.  Climb the stairs to the right and talk to the 
Tokay here.  Clearly, they don’t get many visitors.  It asks if Link is 
a long-eared Tokay.  Since you have no weapons, I hope you brought a 
good ring with you.  We need our sword or the monsters here will rip us 
to shreds.  Jump off the cliff below and go right.  Enter the cave you 
come to.  A Tokay is hiding here with our Wooden Sword.  But, we’ll 
need our Shovel to reach it.

Exit the cave and go south.  Aha!  The Tokay with our Shovel is hiding 
here!  Talk to it and it claims to have found it by a Tokay with no 
tail.  Likely story...  He realizes that was you and gives it to you.  
Maybe other Tokay have your stuff, too, he says.  Go north and enter 
the cave.  Walk to the north wall and push the block here to the left.  
Dig through the dirt here and go down to talk to the Tokay with your 
sword.  For now, let’s exit the cave.  The sword will protect us for 
now, though.  Go left and north to a staircase.  Climb it and go east.

Here you’ll find two Octoroks and a new enemy – a Leever.  Defeat the 
Octoroks as you normally would and then take on the Leever.  These 
annoying creatures shift through the sands to hit you when you least 
expect it.  Slash them twice to beat them.  Now go east.  We’re going 
to need the Power Bracelet to reach that Tokay...  Go west and south.  
Slash the shrubs to the right and go right to a new screen.  A Business 
Scrub here is willing to sell a Wooden Shield to us for 50 rupees.  If 
you want it now, spend an extra 50 rupees and take it instead of 
waiting to return to Lynna City to buy it for 20 rupees left.  Go south 
twice now to a set of stairs.  Take them down and go right.  Here, talk 
to the Tokay.  He says that their guardian is at the center of the 
island, but you can’t reach him when the sun is high.

Go north repeatedly until you reach a tent in the water.  A Tokay here 
made off with both our Power Bracelet and our Roc’s Feather.   He’ll 
trade you one of the items for one of yours.  For now, give him your 
shovel for the “hoop,” a.k.a. your Power Bracelet.  Now that we have it, 
much of the island is open for exploration.  Go south to the water’s 
edge, and then go west.  Climb the stairs and go east along a narrow 
path.  Follow it to a stone; lift it with the Power Bracelet.  Enter 
the cave here.  Right now, we don’t have our bombs to use on the blocks 
here, but we can push the lower one and the one to the upper-right of 
it over to reach another staircase.  Take it to the chicken tent.  Go 
left, take the Bombs back, and take the stairs back.  Bomb the cracked 
blocks here for a Gasha Seed in the chest.  Now exit the cave.

Go south, west, and north.  Lift the rocks to the left and go west.  To 
the north is a weak wall; slash the shrubs and bomb it.  Enter the cave 
to see a Tokay with your Zora’s Flippers.  We can’t reach it, though; 
exit the cave.  Go right a screen, lift the rocks, and go north to a 
Business Scrub.  Go left from there and then north.  Head right a 
screen, lift a rock, and talk to the Tokay.  If he had a Scent Seedling, 
he could grow a Scent Tree...

That in mind, jump off the ledge to the right and go right.  Enter the 
tent and exchange the Power Bracelet for Roc’s Feather.  Now go south 
as far as you can and west.  Take the stairs up, jump over the pits, 
and go west.  Then head north; enter the cave.  Chuck a bomb across the 
water to blow up the blocks, hop across the water, hop right, throw a 
bomb to the south, hop there, and then go around to find the Tokay with 
your Zora’s Flippers.  Now that we have them, go to the screen with the 
tent that you exchange items in.  Give him Roc’s Feather back and take 
the Power Bracelet.

Go south of it and climb the stairs to reach a weak wall.  Blow it up 
and enter to play the Wild Tokay.  Fit Tokay, like this yellow one, can 
play.  Today’s prize is the Scent Seedling!  That’s what the one at the 
Tree Nursery wanted.  Pay 10 rupees (if you don’t have enough, dig 
around for them with the Shovel) and let’s play.  The object of the 
game is to throw a hunk of meat to each Tokay that passes by in the 
right and left lanes.  Feed each one and you win.  It’s actually pretty 
easy if you have a good strategy.  Pick up the meat as it comes and 
throw it at the slow-moving Tokay to either side.  The key is to throw 
it at them from the center of the room where the meet falls.  When the 
red one takes his, you’ve won.  Now that we have the Scent Seedling, 
give it to the Tokay in the Tree Nursery.  He plants it, but it’ll take 
a few hundred years to grow into a tree.

Now that we’re done planning for the future, go to the cave we got the 
Flippers in.  With the Power Bracelet and Flippers, we can reach a new 
area.  Swim to the northwest corner, lift the rocks, and dive in the 
deep water there to enter a 2D screen.  Swim down, go right, and take 
the ladders up to another cave segment.  Lift the rocks and take the 
other set of stairs up.  On the surface, go left to the Tokay.  Talk to 
him and he’ll return your Seed Satchel.  Yes!  Now we can finish this 
scavenger hunt up.

Go to the Tokay Trader tent and trade 10 Mystery Seeds for Roc’s 
Feather.  Now that we have both Roc’s Feather and the Power Bracelet at 
once, we can get our remaining missing items (note that we’ll have to 
leave the Shovel with him – for now).  Go to the cave where you got the 
Flippers, but do not enter.  Instead, go south.  Enter the cave here 
and lift the pot here to take the stairs down.  Drop into the water, 
swim left a screen, and climb the ladder.  Jump to the moving platform 
and then jump up the steps to a ladder.  Take it up and go outside the 
cave at the end.  Talk to the Tokay here for your Harp of Ages back.  
Excellent!  Now we can finish up this chain of events.  Go north, west, 
and south.  A Time Portal is here, but we need the Shovel.  Let’s keep 
note of this.

Before we go back to the future, we need to set up a few shortcuts.  Go 
to the screen you were first shipwrecked in.  Go south and push the 
vine sprout here right twice.  Then go north, east, south, east, and 
south.  Push the vine sprout here up twice and left four times.  Now go 
south, east, and then north.  Use the Harp of Ages at the Time Portal 
to warp to the present age.  All of those vine sprouts we left (well, 
both of them) have grown into vines for shortcuts.  For now, go north.  
The Wild Tokay game is now a museum to the sport (although it looks 
like the same Tokay is host, or at least its descendant).  If you go 
north and west, you’ll see that the Scent Seedling is now a Scent Tree.  
And we can trade that Tokay ten of those seeds to get our Shovel back, 
and thus reach that Time Portal we saw on the west side of the island.  
Let’s go.

Go east and then south twice.  In here is a Tokay with a cold.  I know!  
Let’s give him the Stink Bag to clear his nose!  Do so and it starts 
hopping around madly.  It trades you Tasty Meat for your Stink Bag.  A 
good trade, no?  Now exit the house and go west.  Head north twice, go 
west, and climb down the vine.  The Tokay warns you that it takes a 
long time to grow that; you could wreck it.  Now go west and climb the 
vine here.  Head east a few times to reach the Scent Tree.  Now we’ve 
added Scent Seeds, which attract monsters, to our repertoire of seeds.  
Huzzah!  Hop the cliff and go right.  Head south to a Time Portal; use 
it to return to the past age.

Go north a few times to find the Shovel in the Tokay Trader’s tent.  
Give it ten Scent Seeds for access to your digging device (first give 
him the Power Bracelet back, and then give it the seeds for it).  We 
now have all of our old items back, and new seeds!  Score!  Return to 
the Tokay we got the Harp of Ages back from.  Go north, west, and south.  
Dig your way to the Time Portal, play the Tune of Echoes, and we’ll 
reach the present age on the west side.

Start by going north, east, and south.  Enter the cave, a Fairy 
Fountain, and be healed.  Now go north and west.  Defeat the crabs (one 
slash), go north twice, east once, and go south.  Follow the winding 
path down into Level 3, within the guardian of Crescent Island.

                       |    Moonlit Grotto    |

Go to the northwest corner and push the block aside (the one beneath 
the upper cracked one).  Now go west.  Here, you’ll find monsters 
called Pols Voices.  With their sensitive ears, just play the Tune of 
Echoes and they explode.  Collect their drops and open the chest for a 
Dungeon Map.  Just like the second dungeon of The Legend of Zelda, the 
first game in the Zelda series, this is shaped like a moon in the 
crescent phase.  So is the basement floor.

Go right to the first room, bomb the block, push it aside, and go north 
to a new room.  Here are two worm enemies called Mini-Moldorms, but 
I’ll just call them “Moldorms” from now on.  Defeat both with four hits 
and the door to the right opens.  Go through to a new room.  Here are 
new enemies as well, called Iron Masks.  They are invulnerable to 
frontal attacks, but they’re rears are wide open to your sword.  Now 
defeat both.  See that Blue Crystal (1)?  Slash it.  The floor rumbles 
and you hear something far-off loosen.  Now go north.

Welcome to the dial, the turntable of the dungeon.  Step into the dial 
(it will turn right due to the arrow pointing) to go right.  Now go 
right a room.  Here, walk around the path to the northeast corner.  
Bomb the block to the lower-left and then throw a block left of where 
it was into the aisle it was blocking.  Now go there, push the block 
down, and get in front of the aisle.  Throw the bomb here down it to 
blow up a cracked block near the crystal.  Now go around to the 
southwest corner; push the block to the lower-left of the block forward 
and you’ll be able to reach the Blue Crystal (2).  Slash it.  Two down, 
four to go.  Push the block that was next to it forward.  Now push the 
statue here over to the middle tile.  Push it up twice, push it left 
once, and push it down once.  A Small Key falls; take it.  Return to 
the previous room, the turntable.

Turn in it and go south, then west.  You’re in the Moldorm room.  Use 
the Small Key on the door to the north.  Here, drop into the pit.  You 
are surrounded by Zols and Tektites, jumping spider-like enemies.  Now 
that we’ve cleared them out, head south.  A Moldorm...  I don’t like 
its face.  Slash it!  Get behind the rail and defeat it.  The door to 
the lower-left opens.  Head through the opening to the lower-right and 
play the Tune of Echoes on the Harp of Ages.  On the north wall now, go 
through the left door.  We must defeat the Moldorm again.  Throw two 
bombs into the relative center to hit it twice.  Now go through the 
lower-left door.  Take the left door now.

Go to the south wall.  See that switch?  We must hit it.  Stand in line 
with the tile, lift a bomb, wait one second, and throw it forward to 
hit it.  This brings the Armos, a statue to the north, to life.  This 
one can’t be beaten with a sword; you must let it be caught in a bomb 
explosion.  This makes a chest containing the Compass appear.  Take it.  
Now go to the northwest and use the stairs.  Here, go west to a small 
room.  Push the upper block up and the ones to its side left and right 
against the wall so that the room is symmetric.  A Small Key falls down 
to you.  Grab it.  Now go east and take the stairs again.  Bomb the 
block, push the other one forward, and go east.  Now go north twice to 
another staircase.  Take it and go forward to hit a Blue Crystal (3).  
Now push the block to the right.  Defeat the Zols and go right a screen.

Enter the dial.  It will turn you right.  Good...  Go to the Moldorm 
room and go north, then east.  Enter the dial again and you’ll be 
emitted to the north.  Go north to find new enemies.  These are the 
dreaded Like Likes I name-dropped earlier.  These enemies eat shields.  
Beat them carefully with sword slashes.  Now go to the left side of the 
room.  Here’s the final Blue Crystal, but we can’t hit it yet.  So, 
let’s go east through the exit there.  Press the switch in the 
northeast corner and the Armos statues come to life.  To beat them, lay 
bombs in their path and hope they get hit.  To get a good head start of 
sorts, leave one bomb by them before you hit the switch and press the 
switch just before the bomb explodes.  If you run out of bombs, leave 
the screen and restock at the shrubs.  When you defeat all of them, a 
Small Key drops.  Take it and go left a room.  Now go north.

Here, the tiles start flying at you.  Quickly defeat the Zols and then 
get out your Wooden Shield.  If you have it for the A Button, stand in 
the southwest corner.  If B, the southeast.  Let all fly and crash into 
your shield and the door to the west opens.  Take it.  Beware monsters 
under the bushes and go south.  Raze down the bushes here, conscious of 
monsters, and go north on the left side of the room.  Repeat the bush 
process here and climb the stairs.  Go south here, open the chest for 
30 rupees, and go north.  Take the stairs to the left down and use the 
Small Key to go north.

Go west now to the tip of the crescent on the map.  Here, you must 
defeat several enemies.  One is the Arm-Mimic, an enemy that moves 
opposite you.  Defeat it with sword slashes, and then take on the 
Moldorms.  Afterwards, a chest forms in the center of the room.  Open 
it for this dungeon’s prize – the Seed Shooter!  With it, you can 
launch seeds as projectiles.  They ricochet all over the room.  Go east 
and use the Seed Shooter to launch an Ember Seed into the torch.  Now 
go south.  Take the stairs up, jump over the ledge to the right, and go 
right.  Get through the tiles here and go south.  Now, to take down the 
final Blue Crystal (4).  Stand against the rail there that touches the 
wall, point the Seed Shooter right, and let a seed fly into the crystal, 
busting it open.  It sounds as though something fell below...

Go south to find a Gasha Seed in the chest here.  Now go left.  Fall 
into the pit here, take down those sorry Tektites and Zols, and go 
right a screen.  The turntable fell!  Walk into it and go south.  
Defeat the Iron Masks and go to the lower-right corner.  Push the two 
upper blocks into the pit.  Stand in the upper one and aim the Seed 
Shooter down.  Shoot an Ember Seed and it should light the far torch.  
Stand down and aim it up to light the close one.  Take the treasure 
that appears – a Gasha Nut.  Now go west, north, and east.  Enter the 
dial and go north.  Defeat the Peahats here and go north.

                         Mini-Boss: Subterror

While our last mini-boss was airborne, this one fights underground.  
Subterror is a mole, and his attack pattern would be: burrow to you, 
poke you with spiky nose, repeat.  However, it’s quite easy to avoid 
and beat.  One of the only bosses you’ll ever use a Shovel against, dig 
him up and rush him.  Slash as many times as you can as Subterror 
crawls about until he starts burrowing again.  Repeat the process until 
you’ve beaten it.  As you go, it increases speed, but it’s all very 
simple.  When you’ve won, take the Fairy and note the portal.  Go west.


Go north and defeat the Moldorms.  Now push the lower-right block left 
to make a Small Key fall down.  Take it and go southeast to the mini-
boos room.  Go south twice.  The turntable should be blue.  Go north 
twice now to the mini-boss room and teleport back to the start of the 
dungeon.  Go north twice from here and fall down that hole.  Go east to 
the dial and enter it to go south.  Now go west.  The dial is set well; 
go through the process to reach the stairs to the left in here (go 
south) and take it.  Go east to the first room now, enter the portal, 
and go south twice.  Take the dial to go east.  In this room, go right 
to a switch.  Press it so that the boards here point toward the switch 
diagonally and shoot a seed with the Seed Shooter from the switch, 
pointing it diagonally to the right, and launch it.  It will hit the 
switch, opening the door to the north.  Walk forward in it to find the 
Boss Key.  Take it.

Jump left off the ledge and go west.  Go south, step into the dial and 
go west to a pack of enemies.  Go north now to the bridge room.  Use 
the Seed Shooter to hit the switch to the right to make a bridge form.  
Cross it and then shoot the switch across from you to make a board 
ahead of you turn.  Shoot a seed into it when it is pointed diagonally 
to the upper-left and lower-right to hit the switch again.  Cross the 
bridge and stop.  If you change the board with the switch to the right 
and shoot the switch again, you can go down a bit to open a chest for 
20 rupees.  Now go north over the bridge and use your Small Key here.  
Shoot the switch across from you and then shoot board to hit the switch.  
Cross the bridge, hit the switch until the board is pointed correctly, 
shoot a seed at it, and cross the next bridge.  Go north to the Boss 
Door.  Open it.

                      |    Boss: Shadow Hag    |

This is the toughest boss yet, but not hard if you know what you’re 
doing.  Shadow Hag will disappear if you look at her, forming into four 
shadows.  Avoid these shadows as well as you can (Roc’s Feather can be 
used here) until they form into one.  Rush the dark butterflies that 
are emitted and slash them up.  Do not turn around.  Shadow Hag will 
try to tackle you now that you’re distracted by the butterflies.  You 
have to hit her with a seed when she’s materialized and trying to 
tackle you.  Repeat this until you win.  I find it easier to stand away 
from the butterflies, on second thought, facing away from them until 
she appears, then launching the seed (and moving out of her way in case 
you miss).

When she finally explodes, take the Heart Container and go west.  Take 
this Essence of Time, Echoing Howl.  “It echoes far across the plains 
to speak to insolent hearts.”  Now you reappear in front of the dungeon.  
Suddenly, we see a new scene.  Ambi’s Tower will soon be completed, a 
monument to Ambi.  The Maku Tree contacts you to say that the Black 
Tower is near completion and hears an essence northwest of Lynna City.

============================Skull Dungeon*=============================

                 |    To South Shore with Dimitri    |

Go south, west, north twice, and you’ll find a Tokay.  A huge fish 
washed ashore, it says.  The Tokay here is so excited to eat it.  Talk 
to the one left of the fish and it asks you for ten Ember Seeds.  
They’re red and must have an exciting flavor, right?  When they eat it, 
they go running due to the heat.  Now talk to the “fish.”  It 
introduces itself as Dimitri.  Going somewhere?  It can give you a ride.  
Press A to chomp and swallow enemies, and he can swim like a fish – 
even up waterfalls.  If you swim right through Crescent Strait, you’ll 
reach a few shrubs that cover soft soil for to plant a Gasha Seed 
(there are other, more convenient places, though).  Now swim west to 
South Shore.  When you reach land, Dimitri deposits you and swims off.  
Now that you’ve sampled each pet, which would you like?  Moosh, Ricky, 
or Dimitri?

                      |    Tingle’s Upgrade    |

As long as we’re in the South Shore area, go to see Tingle.  Just go 
north of the screen you landed on with Dimitri and enter the cave you 
find.  Here, use the Seed Shooter to hit the crystal switch to the 
lower-left.  This makes a bridge form; cross it to reach a staircase.  
Here, talk to Tingle (burst his balloon first, though).  Using his 
magic, Tingle can increase the number of seeds you can carry.  After 
casting a spell, you can now carry 50 seeds at once, 30 more than 
before!  Now that we have that, return to Lynna City.  Tingle, Tingle, 

                        |    The Decision    |

You’ve met Moosh in Yoll Graveyard.  You met Ricky in South Shore.  You 
met Dimitri on Crescent Island.  Who did you like the best?  Your 
choice will change the very map of Labrynna (literally, the map changes 
slightly depending on who you choose to make it easy for your animal 
partner to get through it).  To make your choice, you need to obtain 
that animal’s flute.  Each is gotten in a different way.

Moosh’s Flute: You find Moosh in Fairies’ Woods and he gives it to you.

Ricky’s Flute: You just have to win at the shooting gallery mini-game 
in the past age in Lynna Village.  It’s north of where the present age 
shop is built.  It can be done.  You need to hit the ball with your 
sword into the blue blocks or Fairy blocks to get a score over 200.

Dimitri’s Flute: This one is quite obvious.  In the shop in the present 
age of Lynna City, the three recovery hearts has been replaced by this 
flute.  However, it costs 150 rupees.  Pretty steep, but it makes 
things very easy.

Moosh is the default partner, and therefore I am forced to get him for 
the purposes of this guide.  But, be aware that you can still get the 

                        |    Getting Moosh    |

Exit Lynna City to the southwest and go west and south to enter 
Fairies’ Woods.  If you go east and south in here, you can use Roc’s 
Feather to jump to the chest in here for 50 rupees.  Now return to the 
screen just west of Lynna City (from the forest entrance, north and 
east).  Go up the stairs here and go west to find a man that resembles 
the Happy Mask Salesman in Majora’s Mask/Ocarina of Time.  He’s very 
hungry, and you have Tasty Meat from Crescent Island.  Trade it for a 
Doggie Mask.  This will come in handy somewhere...  Now exit the house 
and go east.

Bust out the Seed Shooter, equip it to Ember Seeds, and shoot the small 
tree across the water.  Then shoot the switch to make the bridge 
complete.  Cross it and go north.  These are Buzz Blobs, and you can’t 
defeat them with your sword or you’ll electrocuted.  For now, use the 
Seed Shooter.  Go west and north, avoiding the fireballs of the aquatic 
Zolas here, and go east a few times.  We come to a few holes.  Jump 
across them to go east, north, and west to a bridge where you’ll see a 
man standing shaking his head.  Talk to him.  He’s building a bridge to 
Symmetry City Ruins, but his workers ran off.  Yep, that’s the head 
carpenter from Ocarina of Time, among other games.  And he’s right.  We 
can’t navigate this terrain.  Head south and return to Lynna City.

On your way there, a fairy catches up with you.  It’s been wanting a 
rematch of Hide n’ Seek ever since you won.  No, that’s not it.  
Apparently, they have an intruder in the forest – your animal friend – 
that can’t get out.  She’ll be waiting at the forest entrance for you 
to come and haul it out.  The fairy guides you south.  Go south and 
west to find the fairies gathered in one spot.  The forest is jumbled, 
and so just go north and south randomly until you come to a screen with 
your animal character, in this case Moosh, in it.  The fairies 
transport both of you out and Moosh is very grateful for you helping 
him twice.  To repay you, he gives you Moosh’s Flute.  Play it when you 
want him to come.  Now, return to Nuun Highlands.  Specifically, return 
to the head carpenter... with Moosh.

                       |    Nuun Highlands    |

NOTE: Because Moosh is the default animal partner, this guide will 
cover the path through Nuun Highlands with him.  However, if you choose 
to get Dimitri or Ricky, the path does not change next.  Only this 
section will be different for you if you choose to get Ricky or Dimitri.  
After that, it’s all the same for the rest of the game.  Note that if 
you decided not to get Moosh, it will be Ricky or Dimitri in Fairies’ 
Woods, not Moosh.

The highlands are filled with holes, and we must use Moosh to cover 
them (if you use Ricky, you just jump around to find the slackers; if 
you use Dimitri, you just have to swim to look for them).  From where 
you got Moosh, go east, north, across the bridge, north, west, north, 
east three times, north once, and then west.  We’re back at the head 
carpenter.  Talk to him and he’ll ask you to find those slackers for 
him.  Agree to do so and he’ll have you catch all three of them.  Then 
he can get back to work on this bridge.

Go east and slash the bush.  Hover across these pits to the stairs; 
land on the steps.  Now fly across this hook-shaped pit, pressing A 
quickly to do so, and go north.  Dismount and talk to the carpenter 
here.  When you talk to him, he jumps over the ledge to join his boss 
(who does no work and complains all the time, he says).  One down, two 
to go.

Go south, fly over the pits, and go east a screen.  Here, we see a 
carpenter, but it will be a long while before we reach him.  Get up to 
the first pit and fly over it two spaces.  Then fly forward for three 
after that.  Here, fly down and around the rock to land on safe ground.  
Slash the bushes below and go south.  Fly over these first few pits and 
then fly left over another three.  Fly over the next one and go west.  
Fly up the stairs, go east (wary of Leevers) and then north to find the 
carpenter.  Talk to the disgruntled employee and he’ll hop over cliff 
to rejoin his co-workers and boss.  Just one more left.

On your way back down past all those pits, be sure to enter the cave to 
find a ring for appraisal.  Then exit it, get back on Moosh, and fly 
north.  Get through this mess of holes to go left a screen, and then 
head north.  Fly to the staircase and go north from there.  Peahats...  
Go east.  Take the stairs down and go left to the cave.  Enter it, a 
Fairy Fountain, to be healed.  Now exit it and east, then south.  
There’s the last carpenter.  They’re pretty athletic to get all the way 
over there.  Use the Seed Shooter to launch an Ember Seed across the 
gap and at the bush to burn it down.  Now fly over the pits, dismount, 
cut down the bushes to the right, and talk to the last carpenter.  He 
stops “hanging out” and jumps back to work.

Now that all three are there, and they get to work with no breaks until 
the bridge is done.  They finish it in a few seconds before leaving for 
the next job.  A carpenter’s work is never done...  Take the bridge to 
Symmetry Village Ruins.

                   |    Symmetry Village Ruins    |

Here you’ll find two Kanalet Soldiers, basically harder versions of 
Moblins.  Slash them a few times and they’ll die.  Now go north to the 
real ruins.  The only inhabitants of this village are monsters 
(Podoboos-Geldarm mixes?).  Go west to see... a tree!  Hit it for new 
seeds – Gale Seeds.  Using them, we can transport ourselves around the 
map!  Neat-o!  Slash the bushes on either side of the Gale Tree to 
reveal Time Portals.  We shall use it to return to the past when 
Symmetry Village was at the peak of its power!

                      |    Tuni Nut Mending    |

Play the Tune of Echoes to awaken the portal.  Well, it would seem that 
the village has always been volcanic.  It periodically rumbles.  Enter 
this house and talk to either girl here.  It seems that the Tuni Nut is 
broken.  Without it, the city falls out of balance and the volcano will 
erupt.  The laws of Symmetry City (oh, not a village, make up your mind) 
state that left and right must be in perfect balance, thus making 
everything symmetrical.  But the Tuni Nut is broken!  The eruptions of 
the volcano will destroy us all!  Her husband went to see Patch atop 
Restoration Wall to mend the nut, but he can’t climb it.

Explore the city, but you’ll eventually have to go to the upper-right 
corner house.  Talk to the man within.  This is Symmetry City, and he 
can’t move unless his brother does.  His brother, though, was hit by a 
rock during an eruption from the volcano, and he can’t move, which 
means this brother can’t either.  He’ll give you the Tuni Nut to take 
to Patch in his stead.  After all, Link isn’t a citizen, and he can 
ignore the rules.  Take it to Restoration Wall to the south where Patch 
lives, and from there we’ll set it on the pedestal in the central house.  
Got it!

Go to the lower-left corner of the city and go south from there.  Here 
you’ll find blue Kanalet Soldiers.  Their blue-colored armor makes them 
require even more hits than usual.  Afterwards, go west and then north 
twice.  You’ll run into a few minor enemies along the way, but it’s all 
quite plain.  Here, swim right to some shallow water.  Walk along it to 
the corner patch of water and dive down to a 2-D screen.  Here is a 
Cheep-Cheep, old Mario enemies.  Swim past it and go right a screen.  
Slash the next one with your sword and climb the ladder.

It’s Tokkey!  He researches time, and he thinks he’s one step away from 
perfecting a tune that lets the user move forward in time, but not 
backward.  He has “Echoes produce waves...” but he’s not sure what it 
all means.  Pull out the Harp of Ages and treat him to a session of 
Tune of Echoes.  Due to his bad hearing, you’ll have to play on the 
tile.  He is inspired, and he plays you his now complete song.  It’s 
the Tune of Currents!  Play it to move from anywhere in the past to the 

Now we can fix the Tuni Nut.  Exit this screen to the south and go west.  
Stand low here in the left part of the screen and play the Tune of 
Echoes to warp to the future.  Go right, pick up the Piece of Heart, 
and go left.  Return to your portal to go back to the past.  Return to 
the screen just south of Symmetry City and go west three times.  Here’s 
a Time Portal, but it’s useless.  Go south of it to the lower-left 
corner and play the Tune of Currents there.  Go south from that point.  
Defeat/avoid the Tektite and go right once, then down the stairs.  Go 
west now to fight two sword-wielding Moblins and dual Tektites.  Beat 
the lot of them and go south twice down these steps.  Now go right a 

Climb the vine here on Talus Peaks.  Armos statues are flooded here...  
Take it down and go north with the stairs.  Lift the rock here to 
reveal a Time Portal.  Use it with Tune of Echoes.  Now go north and 
enter the cave.  Take the stairs and exit with the left cave.  Push the 
block to the left here and the water changes sides.  Now go down to the 
cave and play the Tune of Currents when you emerge.  Go south now and 
climb the vine to the left.  Go left and read the sign.  Don’t drop 
anything in there.  Throw a bomb in and approach the water.  A fairy 
appears to ask if you dropped a golden or silver bomb into the water.  
Answer “A regular one” honestly.  She likes honesty, and will reward 
you with a bomb bag upgrade.  You can now carry 30 bombs instead of 10.  

Go right, enter the portal to return to the past, and push the vine 
sprout to the right below the eastern cliff.  Play Tune of Currents now 
and travel north up the vine in the present age.  Swim right, head up 
the stairs, and go north again.  Defeat the Tektites, go west, and head 
down the stairs.  Play the Tune of Echoes on this Time Portal and go 
north in the past.  Head east after that and then travel south twice.  
Swim left to a staircase, walk down the steps, and you’ll reach a new 
area.  Walk right, go north, and you’ll have finally reached 
Restoration Wall.

Start climbing and boulders will begin to roll down the vine wall.  
Avoid them if you can and you’ll reach a cave at the end.  Enter it to 
find Patch, the fixer.  Let the restoration guru take the Tuni Nut.  He 
suggests a restoration ceremony.  Follow him down to the basement.  
Talk to him and he welcomes you to Patch’s Crazy Cart.  Choose to 
participate.  Basically, all you must do is knock a ton of monsters 
into a hole while he chants the ceremony’s various verses.  But, the 
Tuni Nut is on the tracks.  As long as you stand on the switch, the 
cart won’t hit it.  Venture off of it, though, and the nut is destroyed.  
You need to win!  The fate of Symmetry City rests in your hands.

It’s really quite difficult.  Stand on the switch as it starts and 
charge up a spin attack.  Let it hit the first Hardhat Beetle and 
hopefully hit it to a hole.  The key is to press the switch when the 
cart is about to hit the Tuni Nut.  This lets it travel away from the 
Tuni Nut, buying you more time.  Try to knock a bunch of them into the 
hole at once.  When you finally win, he gives you the mended Tuni Nut.  
Refer to him for any future fixes, he says.  Yeah right...

                       |    Opening Level 4    |

Exit Patch’s cave and play the Tune of Currents (just to get this space 
on our maps).  Then return to the past and go right a screen.  Drop 
down over the ledge and take the stairs up to Symmetry City.  Here, go 
left and enter the house.  Place the Tuni Nut on the pedestal.  The 
volcano should calm down now that balance has been restored to the city.  
Now that we’ve stopped the volcano in the past, Symmetry Village won’t 
suffer in the present age.  Use the Tune of Currents to return to the 
modern era.  Yep.  The lava has been replaced by water (also, there are 
no longer Symmetry Village Ruins; the village exists in modern times).  
Enter the watery cave that was buried by the lava of the volcano to 
reach Level 4.

                        |    Skull Dungeon    |

Pretty good music for a dungeon.  Go north to see that the lava truly 
is flowing.  Go west to find a few Stalfos to rough up.  Defeat all 
three and go left a room.  Shoot Gale Seeds at the Stalfos across the 
lava to carry them out of here and then jump across the lava to go 
north.  You’ll find a Spark in this room.  Wait against a wall that 
it’s not on right now for it to pass and then follow it out of the room.  
Go south at the end.  Here, push the block down to reach a treasure 
chest.  Open it for the Compass.  Now go south.

Defeat the Zols and Stalfos to clear the room.  Now we have another 
block puzzle on our hands.  Jump over the lava to get behind the block.  
Push it down four times, right once, down once, left once, up once, and 
left twice.  Open the chest that appears for a Small Key.  Now go right 
up the steps and north.  Hop off of the ledge here, go east two rooms, 
and then go east once again to a new room this time.

Note that if you need to kill a Fire Keese, use a jumping attack with 
Roc’s Feather.  Jump right onto the floor, jump down, walk right, jump 
up, right, head up, jump left onto the platform there, jump in-and-out 
of the blocks, and you’ll be under the middle block.  Push the one to 
the side over and go north to a locked door.  Deploy your Small Key on 
it and pass through.  Here, a Whisp is bouncing around by a few Stalfos.  
Carefully pass through here, defeating the skeletal knights and 
avoiding the Whisp, to reach the door.  Defeat the Zol at the end and 
pass through the opening.

Hit the switch here and jump into the mine cart.  You’ll be taken to 
the far side of the room and pass through a one-way door to a secret 
area.  Here, jump left and open the chest for the Dungeon Map.  Yes, it 
is shaped like a skull.  Now take the cart back to the previous room.  
Throw the switch again and enter the cart again.  You’ll end up in a 
new room this time by a Moldorm.  Use the Seed Shooter to send four 
Scent Seeds into the Moldorm, thus killing it.  Now use the Seed 
Shooter to hit the moving crystal switch.  Stand in one place, aim 
diagonally, and hope for the best.  If you hit it, a chest containing a 
Small Key forms.  Take it and ride north on the mine cart.  Hit the 
switch along the way and you’ll be deposited in this room.

Head to the lower-right, defeating any Stalfos in your way, to reach a 
locked door.  Spend a Small Key on it and pass through it.  Here, go 
east.  You can’t tell due to the limited view, but there are monsters 
on the other side of that stream of lava.  Shoot them up with the Seed 
Shooter if you want.  Now, do you see those blue objects between the 
blocks?  These are Razor Traps, and they’re quite bothersome.  Get used 
to them.  Walk up to the line between them to trigger them.  They rush 
in on you; move out of the way.  As they slowly recoil, pass by them 
and jump over the lava stream.  Take care of any lingering enemies and 
go north to a new room.

There’s no floor to walk on here.  Go forward, defeating any Keese 
(they’ll wait for you to be pulling something to attack), and pull the 
lever ahead back all the way.  This cools the lava into rock for the 
time being.  Quickly rush across it to the northwest exit.  Shortly 
afterward, it will revert to lava.  For future shortcuts, push the 
block sticking out to the left down.  Now go north.  We just have to 
defeat a few Stalfos.  This type can throw bones, by the way.  Spin 
attack them (they require two hits) and head west.  A few Hardhat 
Beetles are assembled to intercept you.  It’s pretty easy, though.  
Throw a bomb past them and it will explode, knocking them into the lava.  
Jump over the stream and go north to a new puzzle.

It’s simple, though.  We need to change the tile colors so that they 
match the blocks to the right.  Walk up to a tile and jump onto it to 
change color (red -> yellow -> blue -> red, etc.).  When they all match, 
the door to the west opens.  Head through it and jump immediately to 
avoid a razor trap.  Defeat the Stalfos and then walk to the block in 
the northeast corner.  Stand below it and step forward to trigger the 
Razor Traps.  Quickly jump in and push the block down twice.  Now 
position yourself over the weak floor when the Razor Traps are 
retracting and push it forward twice.  Push it left four times more now 
and down twice to make the light green.  Jump into the mine cart and 
you’ll end up in a room of Ropes.  Defeat them and go east one room.

Defeat any Keese that get in your way and jump onto the moving platform.  
Get out the Seed Shooter and aim it to the upper-right (stand on the 
upper end of the platform).  When the platform nears the wall, shoot.  
The seed should ricochet into the crystal switch, making a Small Key 
chest form.  Take its contents and go west twice.  Use your key on the 
block here, and then jump onto the tile to change it from red to blue.  
Double back to the previous room, get in the lower cart, and you’ll 
wind up in a room of Stalfos.  Get ready for target practice; pull out 
the Seed Shooter.  As you ride, you must shoot the three Stalfos ahead 
of you.  Each takes one seed to beat.  When you’ve beaten all three, 
the cart stops.  Go west from here.

This room can be tough.  Jump to the first platform, then to the second, 
to the third, and to safe ground.  Move south a room.  Here, defeat the 
Peahats if necessary.  Then jump to the red tile to the left.  Jump to 
the second from there, and alternate between them until the second is 
blue and the first is red.  Then jump to the third until it is blue.  A 
Small Key falls down for you to take.  Do so and exit north.  Use your 
key on the locked block here and jump into the mine cart.  Enjoy the 
ride.  You’ll be dropped off in a room with a Gibdo in it.  Gibdos are 
mummies in Zelda games, and they took several hits to defeat.  What 
makes them “difficult” is that they don’t react to being hit; they 
don’t get knocked back like we’re used to.  After testing my statements 
on the Gibdo, head west.

                       Mini-Boss: Armos Warrior

Much like the Armos Knights in A Link to the Past, this is an Armos 
Warrior.  The difference?  I suppose this warrior has better weapons 
(he calls them mighty a few times), as you can’t really hurt it 
directly.  He throws his mighty sword at you and it begins to chase you.  
It will make one dive at you, stay in place for a while, and attack 
again.  For this part of the battle, just walk behind Armos Warrior 
without touching him.  And by “behind,” I mean on the yellow tiles.  
The sword should dive at you and hit Armos Warrior instead of you.  He 
speeds up; lure the sword to him again, and again!  Three hits of this 
break the mighty sword and shield.  Now he’s mad.  He’ll charge at you.  
Dodge him and he hits a wall.  He’ll be stunned for about a second; 
slash him or spin attack him.  Repeat this until he explodes.  Now take 
the Fairy, use the warp portal here if you die later, and be proud.  
Who’s mighty now, huh?


Go south to a room of Stalfos and Moldorm.  Defeat them all and go 
south again.  Here, cross the bridge to a weak wall.  Bomb it and pass 
through this opening.  Welcome... to the room of fancy footwork!  Each 
tile you step on lights.  You might reach the center of the room, 
lighting each tile, without ever stepping on another one.  Ah, don’t 
worry.  You have a guide, remember?  From the starting tile, go one 
left, one up, three right, one down, all the way right, two up, two 
left, one down, two left, one up, one right, one up, two right, one up, 
one right, all the way up, two left, two down, one left, two up, two 
left, one down, one right, one down, three left, two up, one left, down 
as far as you can go without stepping red, two right, one up, and one 
right.  This makes a chest form.

Open it for the Switch Hook!  It is like the Hookshot, but this 
switches places with the object you shoot it at and you.  Go west and 
test it out on the diamond across the gap.  Afterward, go down the 
stairs and go north to the mini-boss room.  Go right from here and 
climb the steps you come to.  Walk north, switch with the diamond 
across the gap.  Defeat the Stalfos here and go south.  Kill the Gibdo 
if you’d like and pass through the doorway to the east.  Here, switch 
with the diamond across the lava, defeat the Zol and Stalfos, and 
follow the path to a switch.  Stand on it, switch with the diamond, and 
go up the stairs to go south.  Now go east a few times, then north a 
few, and then west.  Here is the staircase to the basement.

Go north of these Gibdos to a room with Ropes in it.  Defeat them and 
then go stand between the blocks in the lava (that is, stand below 
them).  Launch the Switch Hook from here to switch with a diamond.  Now 
switch with the pot to the right.  Now walk down the path to the 
diamond.  Switch again with it and walk all the way left so that you’re 
left of the switch.  Switch with the diamond now and go left to stand 
on the switch.  Switch once again so that the diamond is on the switch 
and then go south and west.

Beat the Keese and Moldorm here and go down the steps.  Switch with a 
pot to the left, first of all.  Then switch with the pot left of it.  
Switch with the jar to the south next, and then once more to the east.  
Now you can go south to a colored tile room.  But, we’ve done this 
before.  Jump onto the central tile to change color.  Then slash the 
Gels before they change color.  Repeat until you’ve beaten them all and 
go west.  Take care of the Peahats here and jump over the lava stream.  
Jump over the next few razor traps and go west to another fancy 
footwork room.

This time, from the starting tile, go one left, one down, one right, 
all the way down, left twice, up five, right twice, one up, one left, 
one up, one right, one up, left twice, down once, left once, up once, 
left all the way, twice down, right, down three times, one left, three 
down, once right, up twice, right, down twice, right seven times, up 
twice, left twice, down once, left once, up once, left once, left once, 
up once, left once, up once, left once, up three times, right once, up 
once, right once, down once, right twice, up once, right twice, down 
once, right once, down once, left six times, down once, right once, 
down once, right once, up once, right four times, down once, and left 
twice.  Open the chest that appears for a Small Key.  Now go north.

Here, jump onto a moving platform and use the Switch Hook to switch 
with the diamond.  Now jump/step onto the next platform.  When the 
Hardhat Beetle isn’t in the opening, jump to it.  Now knock the beetle 
into its fiery grave, and then hike up the stairs.  It’s a 2-D screen.  
Jump up the steps and get onto the platform.  Ride it up, switch with 
the next two jars, and jump to the ladder.  Take it up to the first 
floor.  Switch the diamonds ahead here twice and go west.  Take the 
stairs down here and pull the lever with the Power Bracelet.  Walk 
across the floor, using Roc’s Feather toward the end if needed, and go 
north.  Defeat the Keese and go forward to a lever.  Do not push the 
block to the right out; the Spark will prey on you if you do.  Pull the 
lever back and run onto the lava.  Use the Power Bracelet to lift the 
first pot and get onto its ground.  Now Switch Hook your way to a point 
that you can jump north from to a new room.

Step up the stairs and jump right across the lava.  Switch Hook the pot 
and then Switch Hook the one to the right after that.  Go right a bit, 
Switch Hook the pot north of you, and then push the pot north of you 
against the wall.  Then switch with the pot to the left of it, push the 
next pot to the left onto the switch, and then switch with the pot you 
pushed earlier to the right.  Open the chest for the Boss Key.  Now go 
right, hop over the ledge, and go south twice.  Go east now, switch 
twice with the diamonds, and go right to a staircase.  Switch with the 
next two pots here in 2-D and then jump your way to the ladder.  Take 
it down.  Lift the pots to recover any lost health.  The Boss Door is 
to the left.  Unlock it.

                        |    Boss: Eyesoar    |

I got to hand it to Nintendo; only they could come up with such a great 
pun.  However, they didn’t come up with a hard boss for this LONG 
dungeon, which is actually quite nice for us.  Eyesoar is sort of like 
Patra, old enemies from the first Zelda game.  He has four miniatures 
of himself fly around him as a shield and projectiles.  Switch Hook 
them to beat them instantly.  You want to keep using the Switch Hook 
until you switch with Eyesoar itself.  It’ll be confused and the 
miniatures scattered.  Run up to it and slash away.  Whenever Eyesoar 
is open, Switch Hook with it and slash.  It’s quite easy to switch 
several times in a row, and soon Eyesoar will explode.

Take your Heart Container and go north take the fourth Essence of Time, 
Burning Flame.  “It reignites wavering hearts with a hero’s burning 
passion.”  And the Maku Tree chimes in to say that her memory is 
improving and that the ridge north of Nayru’s House must be related to 
the essences.  Thanks for the tip, Maku Tree!

============================Crown Dungeon*=============================

                       |    The Great Trade    |

With the Switch Hook added to our inventory, we are now able to 
complete the trade sequence we started with the ghost in Yoll Graveyard 
so long ago.  First, let us return to Lynna City.  Rather than walking 
like suckers, let’s use a Gale Seed.  Sprinkle it from your Seed 
Satchel and you can use one.  It lets you warp to any seed-bearing tree 
we’ve seen (so far, an Ember Seed one south of Lynna City, a Scent 
Seed-bearing one in Crescent Island, a Gale Seed one in Symmetry 
Village, and a Mystery Seed-bearing one in Deku Forest in the past).  
Go north into the village and let the trade begin!  For those just 
tuning in, I’ll list all the steps of the trade here, even though we’ve 
already done a few in the guide.

1) Go to Yoll Graveyard in the present age, northwest of Spirit’s Grave 
(Level 1).  Here, lift the rock and talk to the ghost.  You’re speaking 
to an illusion; the real ghost is under the grave.  It is trapped there 
and cannot go to the afterworld, and so it would like you to push its 
grave open.  It disappears, letting you push the grave over and take 
the stairs down.  Talk to the ghost and it happily exits the grave.  
Before departing for the afterworld, it lets you have its one material 
possession – the Poe Clock.  After all, it won’t need it in the 
afterlife, now will it?

2) In the past age, go to the home of the postman.  Because Veran has 
made a never-ending day to erect Ambi’s Tower, he can’t tell what time 
it is and can’t tell when you to deliver the mail.  Give him the Poe 
Clock and he’ll be ecstatic.  He rewards you with Stationery.

3) Go west to a shack in the past ages marked “Toilet” on the map.  
Enter and a strange hand emerges from a hole in the ground.  That’s how 
it was done in the old days, after all.  It asks for paper, and so give 
it the Stationery.  It returns a little later with a Stink Bag.  Hooray!

4) On Crescent Island (use Gale Seeds to go there if need be) in the 
present age in the southeast corner in a tent is a Tokay chef with a 
cold.  It cannot cook well if it can’t taste.  Let him have a whiff of 
the Stink Bag and his nose is cleared immediately.  To thank you and 
take the Stink Bag off your hands for future colds, it gives you Tasty 
Meat, just like in the Wild Tokay game.

5) West of the bridge you made in Nuun Highlands using Ember Seeds is a 
house.  Enter and meet the Happy Mask Salesman, a demented freak 
obsessed with masks.  He’s hungry at the moment, though; let him chow 
down on the Tasty Meat.  Surprised that you’re so greedy as to ask for 
something in return, he gives you the Doggie Mask, the worst one.  
Normally, I would be outraged and send a firm but polite letter to him, 
but we haven’t the time.  Just take it.

6) Near the river in Lynna City, present-day, is a house.  It is home 
to Mamamu Yan, the resident dog-breeder of the city, and her shy pooch.  
The dog is so shy that it won’t show its face in public.  Give the 
Doggie Mask to trick it into thinking it’s hidden.  You get his dog toy 
back – a Dumbbell.  Now the dog runs all over.

7) Use a Gale Seed to go to Symmetry City.  Yes, the past.  Enter the 
building the Tuni Nut is in and go downstairs to see a thin man 
practicing weight training with only one dumbbell.  Why not use two to 
make those sways really count?  Plus, now he can abide by the laws of 
symmetry here.  Now that he’s working out, he should rip off his 
mustache.  He does so and you get a... Cheesy Mustache.  Now he’s going 
to be a real ladies’ man!

8) While he lost it to get girls, someone could use it for laughs.  In 
the screen with a bridge across a river in it in Lynna City, that is, 
the present age, are two comics.  They have lame jokes like “What kind 
of candy is always late?  Choco-late!”  Needless to say, he’s washed up.  
Give him the Cheesy Mustache, though, and he puts it on.  It’s 
hilarious!  A real riot!  If only he knew it came off of someone who 
lived 400 years ago in a basement.  He teaches us his funniest gag and 
gives us a bowtie called Funny Joke.  Will we be a big hit?

9) I bet that joke would perk up a depressed person.  Go to the past 
age in Lynna Village and find a house with a darkened room and a 
depressed kid in it named Dekadin.  Tell him the Funny Joke and Link 
does a bizarre skit for him.  He doesn’t get it at first, but then he 
realizes.  It was so funny he forgot to laugh.  You can take any of his 
books.  Let’s take the Touching Book.  What that means exactly, I’m not 
sure.  A Nintendo DS manual?  OK, bad joke.  It’s probably just written 
in brail.  And it’s said to be a sad story.

10) You need to run into Maple, the witch that appears semi-randomly.  
To trigger a meeting, defeat 30 enemies and go to a screen Maple can 
appear in.  This time, when she bumps into you, the Touching Book pops 
out.  She reads it quickly and sniffles.  How touching...  She gives 
you the Magic Oar in return.  It’s the first one she made, but Syrup 
never gave her any compliments on it.  She’s keeping the book, though.  
Take that, Syrup!

11) Rafton likes aquatic things.  Go to him on South Shore in the past 
and he tells you that he’s been considering entering rafting races, but 
hasn’t been able to find a descent oar.  Well, Rafton, you’re in luck!  
Give him the Magic Oar in exchange for the Sea Ukulele.  He says that 
lazily playing guitar while gazing at the moon is great.  Who could 
want this?  It has a sweet sea smell...

12) Exit Lynna Village and go east (in the past).  Now go south.  
Switch Hook across the gap and go south.  Enter the cave to meet an old 
Zora elder.  He misses the smell and sound of the sea.  Give him the 
Sea Ukulele, which he says has the spirit of the sea.  He sees you’re 
on an adventure, and so he gives you the Hero’s Sword that a hero gave 
his ancestors long ago.  You got the Broken Sword!  If only we could 
fix it...

The trade is over, but this quest isn’t done yet.  It’s time to mend 
the ancient Hero’s Sword so that it might punish evil ones once again.

                       |    The Noble Sword    |

Know who can fix things?  Patch.  As crazy as he is and as tough as it 
is to navigate your way through Talus Peaks to Restoration Wall, it’s 
worthy of the effort.  Warp to Symmetry Village (in the future, and 
then go to the past).  Now work your way back to Restoration Wall.  
Climb it and go to see Patch in his home.  Play his Restoration 
Ceremony game and follow him to the basement.  It’s Patch’s Crazy Cart!  
It’s almost the same as last time.  But now, new monsters appear as 
time goes on.  The longer you take, the harder it gets.  The key is to 
gather them into one group and then slash them all into the same pit at 
once.  Then a second group appears.  All the while, you must go to the 
switch to press it when the mine cart is about to hit the Broken Sword.

When you succeed in destroying the second group, you get the Hero’s 
Sword fixed.  You got the sacred Noble Sword!  It’s the L-2 blade, and 
it’s one and a half times as strong as the Wooden Sword.  And not only 
is it much stronger, but it can send sword beams for long distances as 
projectile weapons when Link has full health.  It will make the rest of 
our quest much simpler.  Thanks, Patch!  And be sure to see him for all 
future fixing needs.  Now, onto the next dungeon.

Note: In a main-linked game, the Noble Sword becomes the Master Sword, 
a stronger blade from A Link to the Past.  In a return linked game, you 
get the Biggoron’s Sword, the strongest of them all.  I will assume you 
have the Noble Sword for the rest of the guide, though.

                   |    The Rolling Ridge Base    |

Go to Nayru’s House and play the Tune of Echoes at the Time Portal to 
return to the past.  Go left, jump the pits, and go right a screen.  
Now go north and west.  Switch Hook across the gap and go west; enter 
the cave (note that a bush here conceals soft soil to plant a Gasha 
Seed in it).  Gorons!  These creatures, introduced in Ocarina of Time, 
have been successes since.  But, two things are wrong.  First, the 
Goron Elder is buried alive under a pile of rocks.  Second, they have 
no Bomb Flowers, the traditional crop of the Goron race.  We can’t save 
them in this time, but perhaps we could in the present age.  Exit the 
cave and use the Tune of Currents.  Now enter the cave to the north.

Walk around the be and go right to see two staircases to the north and 
south.  Take the southern steps and go left to take some steps up.  A 
Goron near here says that someone called the Great Moblin built a 
strange structure here that in their way.  Take the stairs to the right.  
Climb the stairs to the left, go around the bend, and blow up a wall 
near the Goron to make a cave.  Go through, take the Piece of Heart, 
and exit to the south.  There are some Moblins below; go east.  Take 
the stairs north to the Great Moblin’s Palace.  Let storm the tower!

                    |    Great Moblin’s Palace    |

As you go forward, the floor starts to crumble.  You can’t escape it; 
you fall down to a 2-D screen.  Defeat a few Keese and go right to a 
ladder.  Climb it, moving from ladder to ladder and in between them to 
avoid flames.  Now go right to a ladder.  Climb it and go right to a 
moving platform.  Jump on, get onto the floating block, jump onto the 
top of the platform, jump right into the water, and head right to a 
ladder.  Take it up to a room with a ring in the chest.  Now head back 
down the stairs and swim down to go right.  Swim up and go right to a 
ladder.  Jump to it and take it up.  Here, blast your way to a ladder.  
Take it up and out of there.  Obviously, we can’t do anything in there 

                      |    The Pegasus Seeds    |

From the tower, go south and east as far as you can.  Enter the cave 
here to be healed at a Fairy Fountain.  Now exit and lift the rock 
outside to reveal a Time Portal.  Play the Tune of Echoes there and go 
west as far as you can.  Then go north once to a new tree type.  Slash 
it to get Pegasus Seeds!  They increase your speed for running.  Also, 
we can now warp to this tree using Gale Seeds.  You can explore if you 
want to, but we can’t do much else right now.

As long as we’re exploring, return to the present age and go south of 
where the Pegasus Tree would be.  Take the stairs here down, press the 
switch, and cross the bridge to take another flight down.  Here, go 
south a bit to open a chest for 30 rupees.  Now go right to the 
staircase.  Take it down and, when you emerge, go around the bend to go 
east a screen.  Take these stairs, go west, and open the chest for 50 
rupees.  Now, let us return to Great Moblin’s Palace.  This time, we’re 
seeing the Great Moblin himself.

                      |    The Great Moblin    |

Enter the palace and use a Pegasus Seed on yourself immediately.  Run 
up the path and the floor begins to crumble.  Keep running and you’ll 
reach the staircase before the floor catches up with you.  Now take the 
next set of stairs up to the big pig himself.  He admits to collecting 
the Bomb Flowers (he stole them to have a monopoly on the market), and 
he’s determined to stop you, pilfering thief!

The battle begins.  He throws a large bomb at you.  Pick it up with the 
Power Bracelet and wait for it to begin turning red to throw it at 
Great Moblin.  This deals damage.  Do it five times to send the pig 
packing.  The keep explodes, revealing a cave it was blocking, and the 
Moblins run away.  A group of Gorons then come to thank you for driving 
the wretch off the ridge and then give you a Bomb Flower, the prized 
crop of the Gorons.  Now we can save the elder.  They scatter and the 
Maku Tree contacts you.  Apparently, your name appears in old Goron 
tales as a great hero who saved the Gorons in their hour of need.  In 
any case, we have an elder to save.

                        |    The Crown Key    |

Go south of where the palace once stood and hop off the ledge to a 
lower level.  Now hop right and go east and south to Nayru’s House.  
Use the Time Portal here to return to the past.  Now go west, south, 
east, north, and west twice to reach the entrance to the ridge.  Enter 
the cave and go over to the rocks the Goron Elder is buried beneath.  A 
Goron will take the Bomb Flower from you and he sets it by the rocks, 
causing them to crumble.  Talk to the elder, who looks strangely like 
Darunia (related?), and he rewards you with a shiny key he found on 
Northern Peak.  It’s the Crown Key.  We’ll have to use it access some 
dungeon in the future...

Return to the present age.  Enter the cave that was uncovered from 
blasting Great Moblin’s Palace to oblivion.  Here, use the Pegasus 
Seeds on yourself and jump forward.  You’ll go much farther when 
jumping now.  Work your way up and go right a screen.  Jump across the 
platforms on the lower level to go right to the cave’s exit.  Leave 
this place behind, go left, and use the key to enter Level 5.

                        |    Crown Dungeon    |

Go north of the starting room to one with three Moblins in it.  Take 
care of them to go north again.  Defeat two Moblin swordsmen here and 
go west without hitting the crystal switch.  Here, you’ll meet a Beamos, 
enemies that rotate about and shoot lasers at you when their eye spots 
you.  Go west again and defeat two Moblin swordsmen.  Now go north to 
fight off four Moblins to make a staircase appear.  Take it.  Hop over 
the gap here, defeat the Moblins, and then switch yourself with the 
diamond to get it across the gap.  Now jump over the gap again and move 
down to the switch to the lower-right.  Use the Switch Hook to force 
the diamond onto the switch and keep the door to the south open.  And 
now, go south.

As of right now, the chest here is inaccessible.  We’ll be back, though.  
Take the stairs out of here to be surrounded by blue blocks.  Go south 
across a narrow bridge and then go south once again.  Here is a crystal 
switch.  As you may know, hitting these makes the red and blue blocks 
rise or fall.  When it’s blue, the blue blocks are up and the red are 
down.  When red, the opposite is true.  Hit it and go east to three eye 
statues.  You just have to open all their eyes at once.  Shoot a seed 
(using the Seed Shooter) between the bottom two horizontally, and then 
quickly turn north and shoot it to make a chest form.  Open it for a 
Small Key.

Go west twice to the crystal switch.  Hit it and go north of it.  Stand 
north of the red tiles and use the Seed Shooter to hit the crystal 
switch across them.  Then go north and traverse the blue-tiled bridge 
to the right.  After crossing it, go north.  To the west is a staircase 
leading to the basement; take it.  The chest is no longer surrounded by 
blocks, and we can open it for a Small Key.  Take the stairs back up 
and go east twice to the crystal switch room.  Use the Seed Shooter to 
hit the switch.  Now go through the northeast exit.  The stairs are 
open; take them down to the basement.  Here we see a few Keese and 
three rows of red and blue blocks.  Stand on the red row, hit the 
switch, go left to the blue row, hit the switch, and go left to be off 
the blocks completely.  Take the western route out of here.

This is a Ball & Chain Soldier.  It’s pretty strong, and there’s also a 
Like Like in here.  Hug the wall and walk north, then west, to reach a 
staircase.  Take it to escape your enemies.  Jump across the platforms 
and you’ll emerge in a new room of the basement.  A pair of Moblins are 
walking around the pit!  Ah, so there are tiles... they’re just 
invisible.  For now, let us count the width of Link’s body one “space.”  
Stand in the lower-right corner and go right three spaces and down four 
spaces.  If at any time you can Switch Hook the Moblins to reach the 
chest, do so.  Now, go down a bit more until you’re about two spaces 
below the chest’s level.  Then go left so that you’re about two spaces 
to the right of the chest’s level.  Now use a Pegasus Seed on yourself 
and leap left to the chest.  From there, try to switch with the diamond 
by the stairs and take them back to the Ball & Chain Soldier room.

Go east, pass the three block rows, and take the stairs up to the first 
floor.  Run past the Beamos and dual Zols here to go east once again.  
Here, actually run with Pegasus Seeds to bound over the pits.  At the 
end, slash a few Keese and use a Small Key at the door to find the...

                          Mini-Boss: Smasher

Those who have played Link’s Awakening, the first portable Zelda game, 
would know that this loser is not an original mini-boss.  He was first 
a mini-boss in Face Shrine (although he was based on another mini-boss 
named Rolling Bones from the first dungeon).  Well, they’ve brought him 
back from the games of the past to fight you here.  Only Smasher has 
improved quite a bit now.  Its strategy consists of lifting a giant 
metal orb, pelting you with it, and then picking it back up to repeat 
the process.  Let’s give it a taste of its own medicine!  Use the Power 
Bracelet to lift up its ball and then chase after.  Throw it back at it 
and it takes a hit.  However, I said earlier that Smasher improved from 
his first appearance in Face Shrine, and I did not lie.  Although his 
ball is lighter than it was in Link’s Awakening (you had to use a L-2 
Power Bracelet, the worst dungeon prize in the history of Zelda games), 
but he can magically warp the ball around the room every so often.  He 
throws it, you pick it up, and it warps out of your hands to let 
Smasher reclaim it.  It’s particularly frustrating when you throw it at 
him and it’s about to hit when he warps it.  Nonetheless, keep trying.  
His warps are often very bad and are easy for you to pick them up first.  
After several hits, Smasher explodes.  Take the fairy to heal yourself.


Enter the portal to return to the first room.  Go north twice and hit 
the crystal switch so that it is red and the blue blocks are down.  
Take the southeast path and go east until you can go south.  Continue 
south to see a locked door to the west.  Unlock it and enter.  While we 
can’t solve this puzzle just yet, we can get the means to do so shortly.  
Take the stairs down to a new room.  This is a relatively simple puzzle 
(but kill off the Zols before attempting it).  Stand in the center of 
the room and face down with the Seed Shooter out and using Ember Seeds 
as ammo.  Let the boards change, fire at them to light the torches on 
either side (fire when the boards are positioned diagonally), and then 
turn around and repeat this to the north.  The door to the west opens; 
head through.

If we press the switch, a pattern of tiles appears that looks like so:

                                 | Y |
                                      | B |
                            +---+     +---+
                            | Y |     | R |
                            +---+     +---+
                            | R |
                                 | B |

Where Y is yellow, R is red, and B is blue.  Now hop the gap to the 
left.  Arrange the blocks like that (to do it, push the right yellow 
block left and up, the lower-right block right, the right blue block up, 
push the right red block up and left, push the left blue block right, 
push the left yellow block down, and push the left blue block down 
twice) and a chest forms.  Open it for this dungeon’s prize – the Cane 
of Somaria!  It is used to create blocks.  Now go west and up the steps.

Here, we must press down all four switches at once.  Push the three 
statues here onto switches and press the last one with the Cane of 
Somaria’s red block.  Open the chest that forms for a Small Key.  Go 
east twice to find the Dungeon Map within a chest.  This has been quite 
a prosperous paragraph.  The dungeon is shaped like a crown, of course.  
And to the right is the Boss Door.  Too bad we don’t have the key yet.  
Trust me, we still need some more practice with our new cane.  Go west 
and then north.  Climb the small set of stairs and hop off the ledge to 
the right past the red block barrier.  Use the stairs.

Quickly run left and lift the pot to get into a safe hiding place from 
the Beamos.  Lift the next pot and stand where it was (you’re still 
safe from laser fire).  Wait for it to miss you and quickly run into 
the stairwell to the left.  Go right down these ladders to reach a jump 
you can’t make.  Use the Cane of Somaria to leave a block here and use 
it to jump right a screen.  Jump right, use the block to make the jump, 
and take the ladder up and out of here.  Lower the red blocks to the 
right by using the Seed Shooter to hit the crystal switch above.  Go 
right to a few pots, restock on seeds here, and shoot the switch again 
to lower the blue blocks.  Go north.

Now here’s a puzzle!  The two blocks here move as one and must be 
placed on the red tiles.  Use the Cane of Somaria to plant a block 
right of the upper statue, and then push the lower one right four times.  
Now push it left twice.  Place a block one space above the upper block 
and push the lower block up once.  Place a block below the right one 
and push the other one down once.  They should now both be on the tiles.  
Open the chest that forms for a Small Key.

Go to the first room of the dungeon now and warp to Smasher’s old lair.  
Let the cane create a block on the switch here.  Now cross the bridge 
and switch yourself with the diamond to reach the chest here containing 
the Compass.  Of course, this far into the dungeon it does little for 
us.  Only two chests remain unopened.  Hop across the platforms in this 
2-D screen and take a ladder down at the end.  Decimate the archers and 
swordsmen in here if you so desire, and then go north to a staircase.  
Take it up to the tip of the crown on the map.

Hit the switch here to lower the blue blocks to the left and go west 
out of the room.  Follow the path south here to a room with a Whisp.  
To the right is a short set of stairs leading to the elevated tier of 
the room.  Take them up and go north, then east.  Defeat the Kanalet 
Soldier here and then use the Seed Shooter to hit the crystal switch 
from this point.  Return to the Whisp room to the southwest.  Use a 
Small Key to unlock the locked block to the left and then go north 
through that opening.  Go west along the depressed red blocks and spend 
another Small Key in the new room you come to at the locked block.  Hit 
it now so that the red blocks rise.  Take the stairs to the lower-right 
up and then jump onto the raised red blocks.  Go north from there onto 
the blue tiles and then into a new room.

Ignore the Beamos and Kanalet Soldier to take the northeast stairs down.  
Defeat two Zols and Keese before standing left on the blue row of 
blocks.  Shoot a seed at the switch to the right, then fall right and 
shoot again.  Go west to a new room using your final Small Key.

A Ball & Chain Soldier is present to make life difficult (the same goes 
for the Whisp).  Run past them to the northwest corner.  Take the 
stairs down (note that if you want it, you could have shot a seed at 
the switch in the previous room again to access a chest containing 50 
rupees, and then gone right again to shoot it once more to reach the 
stairs).  In this 2-D screen, create a block with the Cane of Somaria 
one space away from the tip of the tip of the platform here.  Jump onto 
the block, wait for the Spark to fall, and run right, jumping to the 
ladder to avoid the Spark at the last second.  Take the ladder up to 
the last room of the basement.

Jump south to the main platform.  Here, we must move all the statues 
around the owl statue.  Push any red block up now.  All move at once.  
Now push the upper red block right so that it’s directly above the owl 
statue.  Now push the lower red statue down.  Then push the yellow 
blocks to the left until they are all on a block.  Place a cane block 
above the upper red statue and push the lower red one up.  Now the 
right and middle columns are filled with statues.  Now go left to the 
blue statue group.  Push it down once and then go left to the leftmost 
blue statue.  Push it right until all of them are lined up on that row.  
At the end, you should have:

                                 B R Y
                                 B O Y
                                 B Y R

Of course, B = Blue, R = Red, O = Owl Statue, and Y = Yellow.  Open the 
chest that forms for the Boss Key.  Excellent.  Return to the first 
room and go north twice.  In case you’re wondering, yes, we are going 
to the room with the map.  From here, hit the switch so that the blue 
blocks are lowered.  Go right through the southeast corner and go east, 
south, south, and east.  Use the Boss Key at the Boss Door...

                         |    Boss: Smog    |

I’ll say, we’ve had some original bosses in this game, totally unlike 
normal Zelda bosses.  This guy takes the cake, though.  We’re going to 
play a “little game” with him.  He splits apart and you have to force 
him back together and blow him away.  Do so and it ends.  Note that if 
at any time you want to restart, you can step on the switch in the 
northwest corner.  Note that the entire time, the little Smog parts 
will be spitting fireballs at you.

Phase 1) Let the battle commence!  There are two block arrangements 
this time, and it’s quite simple.  Place a block in between them (in 
the center) so that they collide.  Slash the new Smog without touching 
it and the second phase begins.

Phase 2) A bit more complicated, but still simple enough.  Place a 
block on the right side of the leftmost arrangement.  When the Smog 
miniature is on the block, create another block right next to it so 
that the Smog boards the middle arrangement.  Repeat this to the right 
(only do it to the left) and they will collide into one giant Smog.  
Attack it until it explodes.

Phase 3) But the game must go on.  This one’s easier.  There are two 
miniatures.  Push the lowest block forward to make a central block pair, 
and then use blocks to lead the miniatures to it.  When there, they’ll 
combine into Smog.  Quickly slash it and it’ll vanish for a moment 
before placing you into the starting point of the final round.

Phase 4) The last and toughest round has come.  Go to the right and lay 
a cane block in the missing slot in the diagonal line of blocks to 
combine the two Smogs there.  It is so big that it will transfer to 
various blocks as it moves, and it will soon combine with the third 
miniature.  Defeat Smog with three more slashes and he fades away 

Take the Heart Container that results and go north.  This is the fifth 
Essence of Time, Sacred Soil.  “All that lies sleeping in the bosom of 
the earth will know the nourishing warmth of the Sacred Soil.”  This is 
probably a nod to Oracle of Seasons.  And of course, the Maku Tree 
contacts you after that lethal battle.  She still hears an essence near 
Rolling Ridge, she says.  Two in one place?  A Goron comes to find you.  
While digging a new tunnel, he ended up here.  What are you doing here?  
Don’t you know?  Games are the new fad on Rolling Ridge!  With new 
tunnels completed, the Gorons have new dwellings and thus new shops.  
Forget the sixth essence!  It’s game time!

============================Mermaid’s Cave*============================

                    |    The New Rolling Ridge    |

Go east of the Crown Dungeon’s entrance and take the right cave – the 
new tunnel.  Walk right past the Keese and take the stairs down.  Now 
push the blocks aside or into holes and exit the cave to the south.  A 
whole new region is now open to us (as if the ridge wasn’t confusing 
enough).  Go right a screen and then north.  First, go west along the 
bridge.  The cave here is residence; nothing’s inside.  But, outside, 
lift the rocks to reveal a Time Portal.  Play the Tune of Echoes there 
and enter the cave.  The Goron here asks for 20 Bombs and 20 Ember 
Seeds to find treasure.  Let him have them and exit.  Go west and dig 
between the bushes to reveal soft soil.  Now go east and check in with 
the Goron.  He might be done by now, and he’ll let you pick a chest.  
Either way, take one and exit the cave.  We’re done in the past for now.

Play the Tune of Currents in front of the cave.  Now go east.  Enter 
the cave, which leads to the base of Rolling Ridge, and take the stairs 
down.  Press the switch to the left and a bridge materializes.  Cross 
it and go southwest out of there.  Apparently, a new Goron Dance is all 
the rage to the east.  Follow the path south for several screens, then 
east, and then north to a Like Like by two cave entrances.  Note that 
there are Leevers all the way through.  To the north is the Goron Dance 
Hall.  The blue-green one is Graceful Goron, the fifth generation of 
graceful dancers.  If you dance well, you get the Symbol of Brotherhood.  
Play his dancing game and show him the moves!

It can be hard.  You need to press the buttons in the right order at 
the right times to imitate Graceful Goron.  The short chimes have you 
press B, the long ones A.  Keep at it (it costs 10 rupees per go) and 
you’ll get it.  You are allowed to make two mistakes out of the eight 
rounds.  Many rounds, if you’re lucky, are simple combinations you can 
do easily like B -> B -> A.  If you get six, you become a brother to 
the Gorons and receive the Brother’s Emblem.  The emblem lets you 
access the upper story.  Talk to the Goron guarding the stairs, which 
his family has done for years, and he lets you through.  But, he’s very 
hungry, if you could help him (he can’t leave his post.  Go upstairs 
and Switch Hook your way to a chest containing 10 Bombs.  Then Switch 
Hook across the pit to take the stairs to the south up.

Here, you can either take the stairs up to the Big Bang Game owner (who 
is tired and needs an Energy Drink, if we ever come by one) or another 
route entirely to the Crazy Cart game.  If you take the stairs in here 
up and then take the next set up, hop right and open the chest for a 
Gasha Seed.  Then exit the cave to the south and go west.  We’re back 
on Rolling Ridge in familiar surroundings.  Remember when we went 
outside to Rolling Ridge Base?  Before going to the Goron Dance Hall?  
Go there and go left of the cave that leads to the Goron Dance Hall to 
Dry Falls.  Right now, we can’t do anything inside.  But outside is a 
Time Portal beneath the shrub.  Why not take it to the past.  Play that 
Tune of Echoes!

                |    The Mermaid Keys – Old & New    |

Back to the past age already.  Go left and then north to find a cave 
door.  Enter (it looks similar to how it did in the present age) and go 
to the northwest corner.  Use Bombs to reach the chest, which contains 
a Gasha Seed.  Now go right here.  Switch Hook across the gap and go 
down.  Switch Hook back across it to reach a chest.  Take the treasure, 
switch back over the gap, and take the stairs to the north.

Exit the cave to the south to be in the great outdoors here on Rolling 
Ridge.  Go right to the upper-right corner of the map and set a Bomb in 
front of the Goron’s face.  Enter to find 100 rupees in the treasure 
chest.  Now exit and go west, then south, and over the ledge you go.  
Enter the cave here and the Goron says that he’s a friend of the 
Graceful Goron (the first), and that he wants Lava Juice because G.G. 
uses it to get energy to dance.  In any case, switch with the bush to 
the right to reach the chest for another 100 rupees.  Now take the 
stairs down.  Here’s the Goron Elder, determined as ever to plant Bomb 
Flowers all over the place.

Use a Pegasus Seed and jump right over the gaps to reach a staircase.  
Take it downstairs and talk to the Goron.  Since you have the Symbol of 
Brotherhood, you may pass.  But, he has a problem.  He needs an 
heirloom that will teach his descendants the value of life.  He wants 
something unique.  OK, we have many favors to do now.  To the north is 
Graceful Goron, the first generation, if you want to play a dancing 
game.  Exit the cave to the south and go south one screen.  If you burn 
the tree here, you’ll meet an old man.  He gives you many rupees.  
Oddly, if you do this in the future, he makes you pay for his “door.”  
Time made him sour (he’s much like the old man in The Legend of Zelda).

Return to that friend of Graceful Goron you met earlier.  Exit the cave 
and go south.  Here, we need to move the vine sprout beneath the cliff.  
Kill the Tektites and get out the Switch Hook.  Switch with the sprout 
to get it into position.  Go right to see a Mystery Seed-bearing tree.  
Now we can warp here using Gale Seeds if we ever need to.  Then go left 
and use the Tune of Currents to return to the present age.  The sprout 
has grown into a real vine.  Climb it and enter this cave.  The Goron 
here says that his grandfather ran a different shop a long time ago.  
Great.  Now go right.  Lift the rock to find a Time Portal.  We won’t 
be using it yet, though.

Welcome to Target Carts!  Use your Seed Shooter to hit targets as you 
travel in a cart.  It costs 10 rupees to play, and you get 20 rupees if 
you win.  You can miss up to three, but no more than that.  The prize 
this time is... Rock Brisket.  But that’s only if you hit all 12.  Wait 
to be right up to the gem to shoot.  For the last three, hit them in 
succession as you pass by shooting diagonally after passing them.  If 
you miss, you won’t be able to shoot until the seed stops ricocheting, 
meaning you’ll miss many.  Once you get a perfect score, take your Rock 
Brisket and exit the cave.  Play the Tune of Echoes on the Time Portal 
to go to the past.

The store is now the Goron Gallery, a copy of a similar mini-game in 
Lynna City.  If you get an excellent score, they’ll give you Lava Juice.  
It’s pretty simple.  A ball is thrown at you and you need to hit it 
with your sword into various blocks.  Fairy Blocks are worth 100 points.  
Blue Blocks are worth 30, but Red Blocks take away 10 points.  Miss the 
ball or hit an Imp Block and you lose 50 points.  You have ten balls to 
hit.  Basically, if you want to hit a ball to the left, stand to the 
far right and hold your sword out so that it hits the tip.  The same 
goes for hitting it to the right, only reverse the directions.  To hit 
it straight forward, stand directly in front of the ball-shooter with 
and slash when it comes to you.  To hit it to the far right and left 
(that is, the lowest blocks in the game), you’ll have to turn in that 
direction to hit the ball.  If you get 100 points or more at the end of 
ten rounds, you win the Lava Juice.

Jump over the ledge south of Goron Gallery to reach the Mystery Seed 
tree.  Slash it, enter the cave, a Fairy Fountain, and go south again 
to the cave entrance to Goron Dance Hall.  Play the Tune of Currents 
and enter.  Give the Goron guard here your prime Rock Brisket and he 
gives you his ancestral Goron Vase.  Exit the cave and enter the portal 
you created with the Tune of Currents to return to the past.  Enter the 
cave and talk to the Goron guard who wants a family heirloom.  Exchange 
it for Goronade, an energy drink (clearly a pun on Gatorade).

Now we have several items to hand out.  Return to the present age via 
Tune of Currents.  Enter the cave and take the stairs up.  Switch Hook 
left and take another set of stairs up.  Take these stairs up to reach 
the Big Bang Game owner.  Give him Goronade and he perks right up.  
He’ll even let you play for free!  The game entails dropping bombs on 
you and you avoiding them through the game.  It can get difficult 
toward the end, though.  Roc’s Feather is very good to use to dodge 
them.  If you win, you get the Old Mermaid Key.  It is used to access 
the next dungeon, but we still have another key to get.

Go to the past and go to see the friend of Graceful Goron that wanted 
the Lava Juice.  Give it to him and he’ll give you the Letter of 
Introduction.  If we show it to Graceful Goron, he might give us the 
key he has that’s similar to our Old Mermaid Key.  Go to Graceful Goron 
and give it to him.  If you have a dance-off and you can match him 
move-for-move, you’ll win the Mermaid Key.

Get ready!  It’s basically the same as a normal dance game only you’ve 
the Mermaid Key on the line.  Lucky for you, you play on the Silver 
level, making it very easy.  If you win, you get the Mermaid Key.  Why 
two?  Because... the next dungeon is beaten both in the past and the 
present!  Oh, I so cackled after I typed that.  But, I’m not lying.  
Let’s get ready for some unpleasantness.

Make it the present age and go left of the cave that leads to Goron 
Dance Hall to find a waterfall (in the present age, it’s called Dry 
Falls).  Swim forward, dive under it B), and you’ll come to a secret 
cave.  Use the Mermaid Key to enter Level 6...

                        |    The Boomerang    |

Yes, I realize that Mermaid’s Cave should start here, but there is an 
item we can get now.  In the present age, return to the Target Carts 
mini-game and win with a perfect game.  You’ll be rewarded with a new 
item – the Boomerang.  They’ve changed the rupee locations, and the 
Boomerang won’t always be the prize, but you might get it eventually.  
To use it, throw the Boomerang forward.  It will go forth a bit, then 
return to you.  If it hits an enemy, the enemy will either by stunned 
(immobile for a few seconds) or be destroyed (in the case of really 
weak enemies like Keese).

                    |    Mermaid’s Cave – Past    |

Fortunately, this place is pretty small (since you’ll be exploring it 
twice), and it’s really a relatively easy dungeon.  We can tell by the 
eye blocks here that this is the main dungeon, in the past, although 
the present one will be used to get certain things.  We’ll be defeating 
the boss in the past, not the present.  This is the “real” dungeon, 
like the Spirit Temple in Ocarina of Time (only in that game, the 
future had the boss).

First, bomb the wall to the east.  You’ll meet new enemies, classics, 
too.  They are Wizzrobes, sometimes spelled with one ‘z’ and sometimes 
with two.  They magically teleport around the room, appear, and cast 
spells at you.  To defeat them, anticipate where they will appear and 
slash them when they do.  Defeat all three and a chest forms.  Open it 
for a Gasha Seed.  Go east once again.  Here you’ll see new enemies, 
not just the first time we’ve seen them but their first appearance in a 
Zelda game.  They are Candleheads, and they’re beaten as you’d expect.  
Light their wicks with an Ember Seed shot from the Seed Shooter and 
they frantically run about until they explode.  Defeat the trio and 
exit north.

Ah, a Stalfos Knight to our left.  Jump in, the water’s fine, and swim 
west a screen past the Whisps to a chest.  Open it for the Dungeon Map.  
Not too big, and that’s a good thing.  Swim east, diving under Whisps 
if they approach, and you’ll come to a dead-end screen with three 
torches in it.  Use the Seed Shooter (Ember Seed ammo) to light them in 
the correct order.  First, light the leftmost one.  Then stand in line 
with the leftmost torch in the middle of the strip of land and shoot a 
seed to the lower-right.  It will ricochet to the middle torch.  Then 
light the lower torch, followed by lighting the last torch, the far-
right one.  Like in A Link to the Past, this makes the wall to the 
right pull back.  It’s a puddle of dark water, the kind we can’t swim 
in.  We’ve already reached a dead end.

Return to the first room and go north, then west.  It’s a color-
changing room with Gels.  Jump onto the central tile, quickly kill the 
un-camouflaged Gels, and open the chest that appears for the Compass.  
Now go east and north twice.  In here, you’ll face off against a few 
Candleheahds.  Light their wicks to defeat them and go east.  Knock 
these enemies into the pit or defeat them normally and a chest forms.  
Open it for a Small Key.  Now go west, south, and west with the Small 
Key.  Here, use the Cane of Somaria to drop a block on the right switch.  
Then go to the northwest corner, lift all the blocks but the one that 
touches no walls, and push it onto the left switch.  This opens the 
door; jump to it and go north.  Here, defeat three Floor Masters and a 
Wizzrobe.  Then blow up blocks to the north wall.  Bomb it to make an 
entry.  This entry is important to beating the dungeon in the present 
age.  We’re done here.

We can’t go on in the dungeon due to a lack of the dungeon prize.  
Maybe it will be different in the present age.  Exit the cave and play 
Tune of Currents.  Enter the cave door here in Dry Falls and use the 
Mermaid Key to enter the cave.

                  |    Mermaid’s Cave – Present    |

Maybe we’ll have better luck here.  Notice the eye blocks are broken, 
bashed in by the looked of things.  We must’ve really trashed this 
place in the past.  And of course, it has its own Dungeon Map and the 
like.  It’s not going to be fun...

Go north and several Ropes fall down to you.  Slash them or ignore them 
(note that the torches send fireballs at you as well) and go north.  
Avoid the enemies here and head west.  Deploy the Switch Hook on the 
diamond to the left and open the chest above for the Dungeon Map.  
Return to the previous room.  Defeat the Ropes and Wizzrobes if you 
really hate them and go down the steps to the right.  Head into the 
water and swim onto dry land to walk north.  Here, we can change the 
floor by shooting the crystal switch to the left.  Do so, walk across 
the new strip of floor, and shoot it again at the end from the right of 
it.  This lets you take the eastern exit out of here.

We must defeat the Ropes to the right, but can’t do it with our weapons.  
Remember long ago when we got the Scent Seeds on Crescent Island?  The 
game said that their smell attracts monsters.  Lay one down and the 
Ropes are attracted to it, so much so that they fall off a ledge trying 
to reach it.  Defeating the monsters earns you a Small Key.  Return to 
the previous room.  Get against the north wall and shoot the crystal 
switch.  From there, cross the strip of floor and go to the southwest 
corner.  Shoot the switch from there and the floor expands.  Take the 
western route out of here.

We encountered Wall Masters briefly in the room before we fought 
Pumpkin Head in the first dungeon.  However, these are Floor Masters.  
They appear from the floor, come to you, and then pick you up; they 
don’t fall from the ceiling.  Now set a bomb to the south between the 
blocks.  Switch across the pit and you’ll reach another wall to bomb.  
Do so and go south again to a block puzzle.  We must push it onto each 
color of tile.  Push it down once and left twice to cover the red tile.  
Now we must hit yellow.  Push the block right twice, up once, left once, 
down once, left once, right twice, up once, left once, down once, and 
right three times to the yellow tile.  Push the block left twice, up 
once, right once, down once, left once, and up three times to the blue 
tile.  Huzzah!  Take the Small Key that results with you to the first 
room of the dungeon.

Go east to three Candleheads.  Set them afire, watch the fireworks, and 
the eastern door opens; head through it.  Here you’ll see a few giant 
Razor Traps.  After they pass you, go down the bottom route, wait below 
the block here for the next to pass you, and go north to a locked door.  
Open it using one of your two Small Keys.  Use the Switch Hook to cross 
the gap (switch with a jar).  Once across, head right to find a 
treasure chest containing the Compass.  Only three treasures remain.

Flip off the ledge south of you and enter the stairwell.  2-D!  Jump 
across the blocks, keeping sure not to let any Keese knock you down 
(don’t look down; there are spikes below), and you’ll come to a second 
screen.  Jump to the block here, ride it right, and climb the ladder 
here out of the 2-D screen.  Defeat any Wizzrobes that irritate you and 
travel west (not using the key yet) past a Beamos to find a chest with 
10 rupees inside.  Now return east.  Use your Small Key on the locked 
block.  Now saunter left past Wizzrobes and Gibdos to reach a passage 
north.  Head that way, of course.

Like in the Sanctuary in A Link to the Past, there are two levers here.  
Pulling one leads to misfortune, the other brings good luck.  Pull one 
and a bunch of Ropes fall down.  Slay them all.  Repeat this for a few 
rounds of snakes until a chest appears.  Open it for the Boss Key.  
It’s used in the past version of this dungeon.

Double back to the first room of the dungeon.  From it, go north three 
times and west once.  We never really explored this area.  If you blew 
up the wall to the north in the past, it will be open now.  Head north 
through it to a crazy double dial room.  Pass through each and go north.  
Follow the path, hop off at the end, and go right.  Enter the dial 
again and curl around again.  Repeat this until you exit the dial to 
the south.  Go west from there, head north a few times to reach the 
treasure chest; open it for a Small Key.  Hop off the platform and go 
south, then east to the dial.  You’ll turn north; jump off the platform 
and go south.  Enter the dial and repeat the cycle until the eastern 
dial turns you east.  Go north along this path, head east, turn around 
the bend, and use the Small Key at the locked door.

                            Mini-Boss: Vire

This is Vire, Veran’s loyal henchman.  He heard someone was trying to 
stop Veran, but it’s just a kid!  He’ll kill you anyways.  Vire is not 
an original enemy.  In The Legend of Zelda, the first Zelda game made, 
Vire was a common enemy.  When slashed, it released Keese.  It 
reappeared as a tough enemy in Link’s Awakening in a few rooms of 
Turtle Rock.  This is its first reappearance since.  He’s pretty much a 
coward.  Stand in the center of the room and let him come to you.  
He’ll flee if you try to chase him (Vire can fly over the walls).  
Charge up a spin attack, move around to avoid the blasts it fires at 
you, and spin attack it when it comes at you.  For the last few attack, 
it circles around and fires fireballs at you.  Keep attacking (Scent 
Seeds might attract it) until Vire splits into two Keese.  Kill them 
both with one slash and Vire reappears.  He paid for his overconfidence, 
and he’ll report this to Veran!  He takes off, leaves a Fairy, and a 
portal appears.


Go right a room to the last one of Mermaid’s Cave (Present).  Defeat 
the Wizzrobes and stand one space away from the rails in the center of 
the room.  Pick up a bomb, hold it for about two seconds, throw it 
right, and, if your timing was good, the block explodes.  Switch with 
the diamond and go north to a chest.  Open it for the Mermaid Suit!  
It’s the prize of the dungeon.  You can use A for items, B to dive, and 
swim with the control stick, even in deep waters.  Although it seems a 
little lame, it is really quite useful.  Remember: a game can make any 
item as useful or unusable as they want.

We’ve explored the dungeon, which slightly resembles a mermaid, and 
we’ve taken all its treasures, including the prize and the Boss Key to 
use in the past.  Exit the cave and enter the deep water in the cave 
outside Mermaid’s Cave.  Swim to the chest and open it for a ring.  Now 
exit this cave to the outside.

              |    Mermaid’s Cave – Past Completion    |

Now that we have all the dungeon items, there’s nothing left to do but 
reach the Boss Door.  However, reaching it isn’t that easy.  Return to 
the large lake that spans three rooms (from the first screen, go east, 
east, and north), and swim to the eastern side.  Dive in the dark water.  
Welcome to the basement!  Swim left a room and swim down, then east.  
Continue east (if you must, slash jellyfish when they are not 
electrically charged) to a staircase.  Take it, swim right (avoiding 
Whisps) to reach a ladder.  Take it up and swim left, avoiding holes, 
to go west a screen.  Now go up a bit and take the doorway north.  
Defeat these underwater Ropes (the sword must be equipped to A) and a 
chest forms.  Open it for a Small Key.

Return to the first room of the dungeon.  Go north twice and then west 
through the door we unlocked earlier.  Here, lay a cane block on the 
right switch, push a jar onto the left switch, and jump your way to the 
north door.  Defeat the enemies here and blast your way north through 
the barrier.  Welcome to the dial room!  It’s pretty simple, though.  
Go through it three times to exit to the right.  First, lift the pots 
here for recovery items.  Then go left and enter the deep water to 
reach a new region of the basement.

Swim north through the left exit, open the chest ahead for 30 rupees, 
return south to the previous room, take the right exit, and swim east 
once.  Use the conveyor belts to swim north.  Here, swim to the 
northwest wall and quickly swim right (after destroying the Ropes) past 
a few auto-archers to reach a new screen.  This is a simple puzzle.  
You must assemble all six diamonds here on the six tiles to the north.  
Just switch with them, moving the upper row onto the uppermost row and 
the bottom the bottom.  Open the chest that appears for a Small Key.  
Return to the upper floor and use the Small Key to go west.

Here, use a Small Key on the lock block to the left.  Let the Cane of 
Somaria cover the switch here, pull out the Seed Shooter, and shoot the 
crystal switch by aiming diagonally and shooting through the boards.  
This forms a bridge across the pit.  Cross it, lift the jars for extra 
health if you need it, and pass through the Boss Door.

                        |    Boss: Octogon    |

You need your sword set to A.  Stand in the center of the room.  The 
jars to your left and right prevent Octogon, a monstrous octopus mixed 
with an Octorok, from firing at you from the side.  When it comes below 
or above you to shoot, slash its face several times.  Your shield 
should block the rocks it fires at you.  Also, if you want to hit it as 
its moving around the platform, you can use the Seed Shooter to land 
even more hits.  Eventually, it submerges below the water.  Dive down 
yourself using the Mermaid Suit and slash its face, not its hard shell, 
until it surfaces.  When underwater, it can fire a bubble at you to 
force you to surface.  Repeat until you win, making this one of the 
easier boss battles in the game.

After many slashes, Octogon explodes, leaving behind a Heart Container 
on the central space of the strip of land in the water.  Swim west to 
the room with the essences to find the sixth, Bereft Peak.  “It is a 
proud, lonely spirit that remains stalwart, even in trying times.”  Now 
the Maku Tree contacts you, this time using different leaves than 
normal (since it’s a child, even though they used the adult leaves 
after we went to Ancient Cave).  Great news!  Queen Ambi just left her 
palace.  Now’s our chance to find Veran and take her out!  Now, to save 
Nayru!  If only Ralph were here to help us in our battle...

==========================Jabu-Jabu’s Belly*===========================

                        |    Ambi’s Palace    |

Warp to Lynna Village and go to where the guards normally stand to bar 
off entrance to Ambi’s Palace.  It’s Ralph!  He insists that if anyone 
is going to save Nayru, it’s him.  He won’t let you beat him to it!  
There should be a hidden entrance from the palace garden...  He’ll 
enter through there.  “I’m coming, Nayru!” he says, and with that he’s 
off.  Let’s enter, too, to a mini-dungeon.

Enter and go north all the way.  No use... the guards throw us out.  
Reenter and go north, then west.  Here, slash the Scent Seed tree so 
that it’s on our list of warp locations.  Then go south to see two 
guards and a blue switch.  When they are both on the left side of the 
screen walking north, run down and press it (1).  A statue moves 
somewhere in the palace gardens.  Return north, careful not to be 
caught by the guards.

Go north twice of the last switch now to see two more guards and 
another blue switch.  When the left guard is walking down at first, 
quickly run to the left side of the screen, walk up, and then turn to 
press the switch (2).  You’ll probably be caught after that.

From the Scent Seed tree, go east twice.  These are the statues we’ve 
been seeing.  Go south now and quickly run down through the gaps to the 
south wall.  When the guards aren’t looking your way, run right onto 
the third blue switch (3).  Another statue moves, up this time.

Go north two screens from the last switch to see the fourth and final 
one.  From the start, run up through the left opening to get against 
the north wall and run right to the step on the final switch.

Now go south to the statues.  Pass through the opening they’ve made and 
slash the shrubs to reveal a staircase.  Take it down and walk right 
into a pool of water.  Submerge to be in an underwater tunnel.  Swim 
left, avoiding whirlpools as you go, to reach a dead-end.  Surface here 
and take the stairs up and into the palace itself.

Push the middle block below you down and the block to the left over.  
Now go east.  If a guard sees you, they will chase you and attack until 
you die.  They cannot be defeated.  Go north of this room to see 
another pair of guards patrolling about a rectangular block arrangement.  
Go west, following the guard here until you can slip into the opening.  
Take the ring from the chest and hide behind it.  When you see a guard 
to the south reach the southwest corner, quickly run out of the 
rectangle and follow the guard to the right out of here.  After going 
south (you can go south again, but there’s nothing important there), go 
east into the main room.

Go west this time.  Quickly run down the southwestern path to another 
rectangle within the blocks.  Before taking the stairs, go north.  Here, 
heal up with the Fairies and slash the shrubs for seeds and whatnot.  
Then head south and use the staircase.  Go down and right along the 
lower route.  When the guard ahead turns to the south, rise up and go 
east.  Here, just avoid two walking guards and a centrally turning 
guard to go east again.  The red carpet room!  Slash the bushes for 
health you may’ve lost and go north.

                        |    Nayru – Veran    |

It’s Nayru, possessed by Veran!  She’s amazed you’ve come this far.  
Link stands against her, but Veran rises from Nayru.  Do you mean to 
turn your sword against Nayru?  That’s her human shield, the perfect 
one.  But, we must ignore it!  Veran must be stopped!

Remember earlier when we brought Queen Ambi that which she desired?  
They were Mystery Seeds and Nayru didn’t like the smell or feel of them.  
This is her weakness.  Let’s take full advantage of it.  But first, we 
need an opportunity to hit this hyper oracle.  Her only attack is to 
warp around the room, have an orb appear above her, and release several 
small fireballs in every direction.  Note that if you are too close to 
her warp point, she warps to another position.  She stands still while 
releasing the fireballs; it’s your only chance.  Equip the Seed Shooter 
with Mystery Seeds and shoot!  Veran’s spirit rises from Nayru’s body, 
but she’s still within Nayru.  Not for long.  Use the Switch Hook to 
displace the Sorceress of Shadows, and then run in to slash her.  After 
one hit, she’ll return to Nayru’s collapsed body to begin the cycle 
again.  After several hits, Veran commends you for defeating her, but 
just wait until next time!

Link stands before Nayru and she awakens.  Queen Ambi enters the room 
to ask what all this commotion is about.  Veran darts into the queen’s 
body and threatens you with... being petrified – turned to stone like 
the others!  Six of her elite guard enter the room, and so does Ralph.  
Nayru!  Is it really you?  Before the guards could attack, Nayru casts 
a spell to return the trio to their own age before the adult Maku Tree.  
Huzzah!  Now all the strange things that have been happening should 
come to an end.  Veran is confined to the past, and she can’t do much 
more harm.  Those turned to stone return to their normal states, those 
who disappeared exit again.  But, if Veran is still in the past, she 
might cause something to happen that affects the present...  A 400-year 
age of darkness?  Ralph apologizes to Link; you did all the saving and 
he did the running.  But, know that Ralph, not Link, will stop Veran!  
Nayru will help in what ways she can.  For now, let her teach you the 
true power of the Harp of Ages by teaching you the Tune of Ages!  It 
can be used to warp anywhere between past and present!  HUZZAH!

What the...?  Someone calls Link a fool and suddenly appears before the 
Maku Tree.  Hmm, she seems familiar.  Veran has filled the past age 
with sorrow, she says, extending the reach of the Dark Realm just as 
they wanted.  Spread sorrow she says!  Hey, I know who that is.  That 
was Twinrova from Ocarina of Time...  Ralph rushes off to stop Veran, 
and Nayru returns to her house for the time being.  The Maku Tree is 
concerned.  What does it mean if that person is behind all these evil 
acts?  In the mean time, she hears the next essence... from inside a 
fish?  Where in Labrynna could that be?

                       |    The Secret Shop    |

With the Tune of Ages added to our list of songs (okay, we could’ve 
done this with the Tune of Currents, too), we can access a new shop.  
In the past age, if you go to the screen that corresponds with the shop 
in the present age (north of the Ember Seed tree) and play the Tune of 
Ages one space north of the edge of the left tree here so that you 
appear within the fenced-in area in the present age.  Enter the shop 
now, go through the door and down the stairs, and you’ll find a secret 
shop!  Here, you can buy the L-2 Ring Box, which lets you hold three 
rings at a time, for 300 rupees.  You can buy Gasha Seeds here for 300 
rupees (then 500), and a Piece of Heart for 500.  After you buy the 
Piece of Heart, it is replaced by a ring that can be bought for 300.  
The L-2 Ring Box is really useful, trust me.  After buying everything, 
a chest game appears in which you can win a prize by picking the 
correct chest between two three times in a row.

                           |    The Sea    |

We’ve explored almost all the map, except for the southwest corner.  
That is where the sea lies, and we’ve never been able to swim in it.  
That’s all changed with the addition of the Mermaid Suit to our 
inventory.  Go to South Shore and take a dip (in the past age, of 
course).  Swim around, add to your map, and explore.  Note that you can 
submerge to look around, too.  But, when ready to continue with the 
guide, go to a place on your map called the “Sea of Storms.”  It is a 
large rectangular area filled to the brim with whirlpools.

Swim to the southwestern screen of the Sea of Storms and go west.  
Dead-end.  Go north and then west (be on the surface) to see a house.  
Climb the steps and enter.  The resident says that her family has been 
fishing these seas (you’re in Zora Seas right now) since her grandpa’s 
days.  But, it used to be farther east; it’s drifting west as the years 
go by.  While this would be a great opportunity to go into a boring 
lecture about how the earth is always changing, I’ll just keep writing 
the guide.  Play the Tune of Ages outside the house.  It’s true.  The 
house is slightly more to the east than before.  Enter and talk to the 
grandpa.  Wait a second...  How can three generations live over 400 

Exit the house and swim left.  A sign on the seabed says that Zora 
Village is west of here.  Continue west and stop.  It’s a dead-end 
anyways.  Swim north along the surface and step onto the island.  Play 
the Tune of Ages on it.  Dive down to the seabed when you reappear and 
swim north.  To the east is a diamond; Switch Hook with it.  Now 
surface.  Climb up the steps here, play the Tune of Ages, and swim west 
until you must go south.  Then climb the steps and play the Tune of 
Ages on the steps themselves.  When you reappear in the present age, 
dive down and swim south along the floor of the sea.  Use the Switch 
Hook on the diamond across from you and swim left into Zora Village.

                        |    Zora Village    |

First, we need a quick warp point.  Surface and swim around to find a 
Mystery Seed tree.  Hooray!  Then dive down in that screen and go west 
once.  A chest is across those lampposts.  Surface, climb over them on 
land, and dive down to open the chest for a Gasha Seed.  Now surface, 
head over the land, dive down, and go east.  Head north to reach a fork 
in the road.  To the west is a path that leads to Jabu-Jabu’s Shrine 
(Jabu-Jabu is the local deity, and a gargantuan fish).  If you go to 
see him, surface and go on land.  Bomb the wall here to find strange 
coffins.  Very odd...  Now go north in the water.  We’re in Fairies’ 
Woods!  Swim east and open the chest for a ring.  Remember seeing that 
all that time ago?  Then swim south a few spaces, dive, and go north.

This is King Zora’s Palace.  Open the chest to the left for 200 rupees 
and go right.  The Zora here says that this was the palace of King Zora 
long ago, but he fell very ill.  Of the many responsibilities of the 
king, one was to look after the key to the Eyeglass Isle Library.  It 
was lost when King Zora became sick.  Ever since, the Zoras of Labrynna 
have had no king.  Swim left and take the stairs up.  Sure enough, the 
throne is empty.  Exit the palace, go south, surface, go north, and 
play the Tune of Ages on land.  Enter Zora Village in the past.

Things aren’t as good around here as they used to be, err, are going to 
be.  The water is filthy.  Go north to King Zora’s Palace.  All of the 
Zoras are worried about the king’s condition.  King Zora has no 
successor, and if this illness claims him, it will be the end of the 
royal line.  Some Zoras say that only a Magic Potion could heal him now, 
but where could they find a magician to create such medicine?  It’s up 
to you now.  Let’s heal that king!

                          |    Dr. Link    |

Before leaving Zora Village, surface and explore the top of the water.  
There’s a Mysterious Seed tree you’ll want to slash to get on your warp 
register, and soft soil in the southwest corner (we’ve now been to 
every corner of the map).  Now, use a Gale Seed to warp to Lynna 
Village.  Make it the present age, first of all.  Then exit and go to 
Yoll Graveyard.  From the starting screen go east, north, and east.  
Swim across the river and enter the house.  This is the Great Witch 
Syrup, Maple’s grandmother.  She sells Magic Potions for 300 rupees 
(and you thought you got lucky finding that 200-rupee treasure chest!  
Ha!).  Unless you already have one from a Gasha Nut or Maple, buy the 
Magic Potion.  Now warp to Zora Village, play the Tune of Ages, and 
drop into the murky waters.

Swim north into King Zora’s Palace.  Take the stairs up and talk to the 
pained King Zora.  Give him the Magic Potion and he guzzles it down.  
Yuck!  It’s awful.  But, it has healed him!  The royal line is saved!  
First he thanks you.  Then he decides that the filthy water that flowed 
in from the east did this to him.  When King Zora asks what Link would 
like, he is surprised to hear “a big fish.”  Do you mean... Jabu-Jabu?  
That fish is the guardian of the Zoras.  Watch your language (calling 
him “fish” is insulting)!  Well, at least we saved his life.

                    |    Eyeglass Isle Library    |

Swim east a few screens of King Zora’s Palace and surface at a dead-end.  
Take the steps up and go east.  The library door is locked.  Go west 
and Switch Hook across the gap.  Now go west to a cave.  Inside is an 
Octorok.  Slash it!  Wait, it says it’s the Queen Fairy.  Veran made 
her this way, and Veran poisoned the seas to kill all living things in 
the waters.  But, if we find Fairy Powder and use it on her, she can 
put an end to this.  We’ll keep that in mind.  Exit and play the Tune 
of Ages.  Sure enough, there is no Queen Fairy in the cave.  Jump into 
the water and swim west to King Zora’s Palace.

King Zora is still alive after 400 years!  And he calls you “great 
healer.”  He asks what you want, but does not permit you to enter Jabu-
Jabu.  The filthy seawater has left him near death.  If we must enter 
Jabu-Jabu, sacred guardian of the Zoras, we must first find a way to 
clean the water.  Accept the quest and King Zora gives you the Library 
Key.  Now we can enter Eyeglass Isle Library.  Swim east to the library 
and play the Tune of Ages to return to the past.  Unlock it and enter.  
It’s a bunch of old men.  If you talk to the one to the back, he says 
that the Fairy Powder is stored in the back, but you need the Book of 
Seals to reach it.

Exit the library and warp to the present age.  Go to the north room and 
talk to the old man here.  He says that this Book of Seals was once 
part of a set, but how they were used is an eternal puzzle.  When Link 
suggests that he could solve the riddle, the man laughs.  This should 
be interesting.  Exit the library, make it the past age, and reenter it.  
Go north and set the Book of Seals on the podium.  It gives directions.  
Follow them, moving that many spaces in those directions, to reach 
another book.  Read it and follow its instructions.  If you’re very 
cautious, you can use the Cane of Somaria to see where gaps are.  
Continue this to reach an old man guarding the Magic Powder.  The Old 
Man acknowledges your courage, commends you for reaching him, and gives 
you the Fairy Powder.  Hooray!

Exit the library and go west.  Switch Hook across the gap and go west 
again.  Enter the cave and talk to the Octorok, err, Queen Fairy.  
Sprinkle Fairy Powder on her and she cleanses the seas of evil.  Now 
all the jelly puddles are gone, meaning you can swim quite easily 
through the screens now!  Plus, we have fulfilled our promise to King 
Zora.  We can now enter the Jabu-Jabu.  Go see King Zora in the present 
age and he dubs you Zora Hero.  You may now enter Jabu-Jabu as you 

Go south of King Zora’s Palace, then west, and finish off with taking 
north twice.  Jabu-Jabu opens his mouth.  Enter Level 7, courageous 
Zora Hero.

                       |    The Iron Shield    |

As a quick side quest before trying to tame this beast they call a 
dungeon, let’s go to Rafton’s house.  From it, get into the water and 
go south twice, east, north, east, south twice, and submerge to the 
seabed.  Swim right under the rocks (not there underwater) and then 
surface.  Enter the cave and swim around to find... it’s that Tokay 
that stole our Wooden Shield all that time ago!  Now we can truly say 
that we’ve gotten all our items back.  But, polishing it for so long 
has made it better.  It’s the Iron Shield!  Now it’s bigger and better, 
L-2.  Hooray!  Now, sorry to distract you; enter that fish’s belly.

                      |    Jabu-Jabu’s Belly    |

Get ready for the worst dungeon in the game.  It is underwater, 
difficult, and unlikely that such an expansive dungeon could exist in 
the belly of a fish.  Veran’s cursed water made the dungeon grow with 
him, but this is ridiculous.  You must drain or pump water to make it 
certain areas accessible.  I like the old-fashioned dungeons a lot 
better.  Remember Spirit’s Grave?  That was so easy.  This is not.

Head west a screen.  All you must do is arrange the diamonds so that 
they touch the yellow statues.  Remember, you can swim over pits, but 
the diamonds cannot fall into them.  When four diamonds touch four 
statues, a Small Key falls.  Take it and go north a room.  Remember 
that while underwater, only the Sword and Hook Shot are of any use to 
you.  Go east of here to find a few Crabs, which are basically aquatic 
Ropes.  Defeat both of them, as well as a Like Like to the south, and a 
chest appears.  Open it for the Compass.  Obviously, we still have many 
left to go.

Go west and swim to the yellow square.  Press B to surface to the dry 
floor, the second floor.  Go west a room to find a chest among two 
Crabs.  Defeat the crustaceans and open the chest for the Dungeon Map.  
Things are going smoothly, right?  Don’t mind the fact there are three 
floors to this dungeon!  I guess the middle one very, very loosely 
resembles Jabu-Jabu, if the side rooms were fins, but none of these 
look like much of anything aside from a T.

Go north to a lake in the room.  You can dive hear to the lower level, 
but that’s not in our best interesting right now.  Swim across the 
water, avoiding the fire of the torches, and go north.  We have two 
Iron Masks and a Like Like to destroy.  Note that you can use the 
Switch Hook to de-mask the Iron Masks and then slash their bodies.  Go 
north to a room full of Pincers.  Just avoid them and go right to a 
pair of blocks.  Push one forward and the other up.  Afterwards, go 
east.  Here, trigger these blade traps and run down, turning right at 
the corner.  Use the Small Key on the locked block and take the stairs 
up to the third floor.

Defeat the Moldorm here and travel south.  Walk around the pit, defeat 
the Like Like and Iron Masks, and go north twice.  Here, hit the red 
switch.  A gushing sound is made.  The water is drained from the 
dungeon!  The effects aren’t visible yet, though.  Exit to the second 
floor and go to the room that had the large lake.  Drop into the hole 
and go east.  Here, push the block forward.  Then go right and push 
another block to access a chest.  Open it for a Small Key.  Go east and 
switch with the diamond.  Use the Cane of Somaria to press the switch 
down and go right through the door.  Swim forward, take the steps up, 
and go left to some stairs.  Take them up, too.

Go north and then along the east path to go north.  Climb up the steps 
here when the Sparks are away and Switch Hook left to the jar.  Now go 
west a room.  Here, Switch Hook several diamonds to pass the spikes and 
reach a staircase.  Take it to the third floor.  Here, avoid the Whisp 
and go north.  Use your Small Key to go west.  Welcome to the flooding 
and draining room!  This time, step on the blue switch to flood the 
first floor.

Go east, south, and down the stairs.  Now go east out of here using the 
Hook Switch.  Go south again here, also utilizing the Hook Switch, and 
head north this time.  Here, swim around the block to a chest 
containing a Gasha Seed.  Then take the staircase down to a 2-D screen.  
Defeat the Cheep-Cheeps, go right past the ladders, and go right a 

                        Mini-Boss: Angler Fish

Angler was the boss of his own dungeon in Link’s Awakening.  In fact, 
it was even named after him (Level 4 – Angler’s Tunnel).  That boss 
fight was easy, and so is this.  Angler is a fish out of water, and it 
bounces around trying to hit you.  Keep Roc’s Feather handy to dodge it.  
Angler Fish also releases bubbles to hit you, but they are so slow and 
obvious that you’ll have no trouble dodging them.  Just remember that 
they do bounce back to hit you if they hit walls.  To hurt the fish, 
get out the Scent Seeds and Seed Shooter.  Shoot Angler Fish as it 
bounces and it’ll deflate, falling to the ground.  Hack it with your 
sword until it revives.  Continue this until Angler Fish explodes, 
releasing a Fairy and letting you take the ladder up.


Switch Hook south and take the stairs to the left.  Swim across the 
water to go east a room.  Defeat both Moldorms here for a Small Key.  
Then return to the room after the mini-boss (go west, north, west, in 
the water, down the stairs, through the 2-D screen, and up the ladder).  
Unlock the locked block to the left and open the chest for the Long 
Switch!  It’s much longer than the Switch Hook!  Now, go to drain the 
water in the first floor at the red switch.  Now go to the first room.  
Go north and west to a room that we can now complete.

NOTE: You can now get a ring on the first floor.  If you go to the 
golden stairway on the second floor that leads to the red switch and go 
south of it, you’ll see a pit along the east side.  Fall in to be in a 
lower room.  Long Switch the pot to the left, then repeat this, and 
open the chest for a ring.

Go to the left side of the room, Long Switch the diamond, switch with 
the jar ahead of you, switch with the diamond to get it onto a switch, 
press the other with the Cane of Somaria, and open the chest that 
results for a Small Key.  Now go east and north.  Use the Cane of 
Somaria on the switch, take the right opening east, and take the stairs 
up.  Go north, north (through the eastern exit), west, up the stairs, 
and north.

Here, use the Long Switch to cross the gap and go north.  Use a Small 
Key on the block to the left and go west, then south.  Press the switch 
here to add water to the dungeon.  Now go down to the first room.  Go 
north, west, and north twice.  Take the staircase here and swim left, 
defeating Cheep-Cheeps as you go, until you can rise up.  Go right from 
there, climb the ladder, and go left.  Long Switch across the gap and 
swim down, left a bit, and up out of this side-scrolling screen.

Here, shoot the flower to the south with the Long Switch, slash the 
Rope, and defeat the jellyfish.  Now take the Small Key that falls and 
go south.  Now go to the first room, use the portal to transport 
yourself to another room, and take the stairs down here.  Get through 
the 2-D screen like usual and switch south.  Take the stairs, go north 
twice, cross through the Spark room to the west, use the Long Switch to 
switch with the diamond across the rail, take the stairs, go north, 
head west, and press the blue switch.  Now go east and south twice.  
Long Switch with the diamond to the left, switch with the diamond to 
the south, and walk around the bend to a chest.  Open it for a Small 

Go north and take the stairs down.  Swim right a small bit, Long Switch 
over the spikes, and go east, then south.  Here, go south again past 
the Whisps and take the stairs down.  Hop over the ledge and go west.  
Here, Long Switch with the diamond to go west again.  Then go south and 
press B in the yellow tile to go up a floor.  Swim west, north, and 
west.  Here, switch with the diamond a bit to the south and swim left 
to a chest.  Open it for a Small Key.

Go to the screen west of the switch room.  Long Switch across the gap, 
go north, go west twice, and use a Small Key on the door to go east.  
Open the chest for a Gasha Seed.  Now go east again, using another 
Small Key.  Go right again, using your last Small Key, and you’ll reach 
the treasure room we’ve been hunting for so long.  Open the chest for... 
the Boss Key!  Huzzah!  Now to find the boss!

Go to the first room and use the mini-boss warp.  Swim left to blue 
tiles.  Press B to surface there.  Take the stairs to the south and go 
east, south twice, and west along this path.  Open the Boss Door.

                      |    Boss: Plasmarine    |

It took me a little while, but, once you figure out to hurt Plasmarine, 
it’s easy to beat.  Equip the Switch Hook to A.  The giant jellyfish 
appears and uses two attacks.  It will lunge in at you and electrocute 
you (swim to avoid this) and fire a projectile attack.  When it does 
the latter, use the Long Switch to switch places with it so that its 
own energy orb hits it!  After six tastes of its own medicine, 
Plasmarine explodes.

Take the Heart Container and go west.  Claim the seventh Essence of 
Time, Rolling Seas.  “The mystical song of the sea roars into a 
crashing wave that sweeps heroes out into adventure.”  When you exit 
Jabu-Jabu’s Belly, Twinrova comes to great you. The Black Tower has 
already reached the heavens!  And at the top is Queen Ambi, possessed 
by Veran.  She calls into the skies for power, and she receives it.  
Now, even without Nayru, she can stop time (how this happens exactly 
I’m not sure).  She then says that she will light her Flame of Sorrow.  
The people turn to stone, and dread spreads across Labrynna.  The Maku 
Tree contacts Link.  Saving Nayru isn’t enough.  The Maku Tree cannot 
hear the last essence at all, but it is somewhere in Labrynna.  
Everyone’s counting on you, Link!

=============================Ancient Tomb*=============================

                      |    The Sea of Storms    |

Swim out of Jabu-Jabu’s Belly and go south a screen.  A Zora approaches 
you.  You’ve done so much for the Zoras!  Their seas are clean, their 
king well, and their guardian healed from the inside-out.  They give 
you a symbol of heroism – the Zora Scale.  Now that you have the Long 
Shot, if you go to the house we saw earlier, make it the past, and dive 
down, you’ll find a cave.  Long Switch with the diamond to the right 
and swim to the chest for a ring.  Now travel to the southernmost row 
on the map.  Here you’ll see a Zora guarding the entrance to the Sea of 
Storms.  It’s too dangerous for a mermaid like you to handle.  When he 
sees you have the Zora Scale, though, he lets you pass.  Surface and go 
right, then north into the Sea of Storms...

Dive down and look for a cave.  Enter and open the chest for a ring.  
Now surface.  Look for a pirate ship sailing through here.  Touch it to 
climb aboard.  They’re skeletal pirates!  Talk to the captain and he 
asks you for the Zora Scale to quell the Sea o’ Storms.  Now that he 
has it, they’re off to ‘Olodrum, the land o’ seasons.  As a sign of 
thanks, the pirate captain gives you a jewel called the Tokay Eyeball.  
It’s said to be the thing that opens the way to the ancient tomb.  
Thank him and leave Sea of Storms (he has, so why not we?).  Go to 
Crescent Island, to the small island that the large “guardian” head is 
on.  It is the entrance to Moonlit Grotto in the present age.  Put the 
Tokay Eyeball into the socket and the mouth opens.  Enter.

Note: In case you didn’t understand from meeting him, Cap’n, the leader 
of the pirates, is Queen Ambi’s long lost lover.  He sailed off, got 
caught in the Sea of Storms, and never returned.  If he hadn’t gotten 
lost, the Black Tower would’ve never been built.  In any case, this is 
greatly implied by what one underling pirate says in Oracle of Seasons 
– “Cap'n got a special someone he can't forget.  What's more, she's 
said to be the queen of some great land.”

           |    The Test of Courage, Wisdom, and Power    |

A voice announces that only by proving his courage, wisdom, and power 
can Link continue to the past.  Link has more tests of these three 
virtues than I care to count...  First, defeat the several Gibdos in 
here.  If you want, you can burn the Gibdos with Ember Seeds to make 
them into Stalfos.  Now go east once.  The wisdom test is easier, but 
probably more dangerous.  Smash the pot and trigger this trap.  Run 
past it (you may want to leave a block behind as a shield with the Cane 
of Somaria) and blow up the block at the end.  Then go down a bit.  
Trigger the razor trap, run right as it retracts, and go east despite 
the Hardhat Beetles to the courage test.

This is the hardest.  We must use the Cane of Somaria to find our way 
through.  To get through here most easily, jump right a space from the 
start and go north to the wall (using the Cane of Somaria to be sure 
that you don’t fall off).  At the end, use a Pegasus Seed and jump 
right to the staircase.  Go through this empty 2-D screen and you’ll 
find three Armos.  Push the right one into the line and go north out 
into the Sea of No Return, which is actually an elaborate maze.

                    |    Into the Ancient Tomb    |

So, this is what Yoll Graveyard looked like 400 years ago.  Here, 
you’ll meet fierce new enemies – Lynels.  They were the strongest in 
the first Zelda game, and they return as super-monsters for this game.  
Let’s get to the next dungeon (safety!) as soon as possible.  Go north 
and west.  Defeat this Kanalet Soldier as quickly as possible.  Now 
head south and north, defeating two Kanalet Soldiers along the way.  Go 
north again and then east.  Go east, south, and west.  Then go down a 
bit, east, and south.  This is your first Lynel fight.  Don’t stand in 
front of it or you might be hit by its piercing arrows.  Slash it 
thrice with the Noble Sword, that’s three times, to defeat it.  Now go 
north to fight a blue Lynel, basically a monster on steroids.  Give it 
four quick slashes and it dies.  Go north again and then west.  This is 
the entrance to Level 8...

                        |    Ancient Tomb    |

Although it isn’t particularly challenging, it is the largest dungeon 
in the game with its four floors.  However, it’s all length, not much 
challenge (if you’re using a guide.  It can be quite a maze if you’re 
not).  Lift the jars in the first room to recover any lost health.  Go 

In here, use Ember Seeds to light the torches to give light to the 
darkness.  Now defeat the Ghinis.  Push the statue in the northwest 
corner up once.  Bomb the wall it was guarding and pass west.  Wait 
here and defeat three Floor Masters.  Then bomb the cracked blocks to 
reach a chest; open it for a Small Key.  Then bomb the other blocks to 
reach the locked door leading south.  Unlock it.  Here, use the Long 
Switch to move the diamond onto the switch.  Now go right.  Light the 
torch using the Seed Shooter (ricochet an Ember Seed at it).  Then go 
south of the diamond.  Set a block of the Cane of Somaria here.  Then 
step on the other switch.  A staircase forms.  Take it to the first 
basement level.

Go north to a dial room.  Enter it and go west afterward.  Here, defeat 
a few Ghinis and go north.  Open the chest here for a Small Key.  Now 
return south.  Push the block here to make a staircase form.  Take them 
down and open the chest for the Dungeon Map.  The tomb is quite large.  
Like Level 9 in The Legend of Zelda (the original), it tries to derive 
challenge from the pure size and complexity of the dungeon itself.  Go 
back upstairs and go east.  Enter the dial, go south, and use the key 
to go east.

Here, enter another dial and go south.  Defeat the Ghinis if you want 
and go west.  Then go north along the red tiles.  Follow it up with a 
west to two Kanalet Soldiers.  Defeat them and bomb the south wall.  
Quickly get out Pegasus Seed and run south past the Razor Traps.  Then 
go right, dashing past the blade trap, to a chest.  Open it for a Small 
Key (they’re just giving these away).  Go to the left side of the room, 
recover lost health with the jar contents, and go north.

Go east a screen, south a screen, and east a screen.  Now go north and 
west to the crystal switch.  Hit it to make the red blocks rise; go 
east, south, and west.  Open the chest here for the Compass, the last 
one in the game.  Now exit this room to go through the previous dial.  
Then go west and north through the other dial.  Now go west, then north, 
then east.  Defeat the Stalfos here and one drops a Small Key.  Take it 
and go south.  Climb the steps and press the switch.  There are now two 
ways to enter the dial.  Alternate between them to manipulate the dial 
into depositing you to the east.  When you do, go east.  Here, defeat 
the Ghinis and unlock the door to the north.  Head through it.

All is not well here, though.  We’ll need something to the south.  
Return south and go south again to a dial.  Manipulate it to go east 
and you’ll come to a room with a Beamos and a few Ropes in it.  Defeat 
them and go south.  Here, from the first space, go right once, down 
twice, left twice, up twice, left once, down three times, right five 
times, up twice, left once, up once, right three times, down twice, 
left once, down once, right once, down once, three left, down once, 
twice right, down once, right once, down once, three left, up once, 
left once, up once, left once, up once, left twice, down twice, right 
twice, one down, left five times, up once, right twice, up once, once 
left, up once, once left, up once, once right, up once, right once, up 
once, twice left, and one up into the corner.  Open the chest that 
results for the Power Glove.  Now you can lift very heavy objects!

Go north of this room and then go west through the dial.  Then head 
north twice through the door we unlocked earlier.  Now go west and 
south.  Go right, hit the crystal switch to lower the red blocks, move 
onto the red blocks, and hit the switch.  Now you should be walking 
along the raised blocks.  Walk along it, following the path and jumping 
at the break, and you’ll reach the end of it.  Drop left and go west a 
screen.  Walk west past these red blocks and you’ll eventually reach a 
chest we opened earlier and a staircase.  Take it down to the second 
basement level.

Defeat the Gibdos and travel east a room to a new room (they’re all new, 
of course).  Go forward and slash the jars in hopes of finding usable 
items.  Then go right a room.

                       Mini-Boss: Death Stalfos

LET’S ROCK!!!  We’re up against a Grim Reaper-impersonating Stalfos.  
It sends energy attacks at you that revert you to an infant (baby Link?  
A diapered Link crawls around to avoid the scythe).  Let’s give him a 
taste of his own medicine!  This boss fights much like Agahnim in A 
Link to the Past.  Aside from its orb attack, it has a scatter attack 
that is sent at you.  If it hits your sword, it splits into six blasts 
in separate directions.  Never slash one of these attacks; just dodge 
it.  To beat Death Stalfos, slash its age orb back at it.  Death 
Stalfos turns into a bat (his infant form).  Now run up to that bat and 
teach it some manners!  Give the old one-two slice!  If you hit him 
enough, he can be killed in the first transformation to a bat.  If not, 
repeat the process until Death Stalfos explodes, releasing a fairy and 
creating a portal.  Congrats; you’ve beaten the last mini-boss of the 


Go south to a room chockfull of Wizzrobes.  Defeat them or skip them 
and go west again.  Head west again and defeat two Kanalet Soldiers.  
Now Long Switch across the rail and go up the steps and go north.  Then 
head west.  Take the path around here, defeating Gibdos and hitting the 
jar, to reach a dead-end.  Switch with the diamond to the right and 
then go around to the steps and go north a room.  Here, get through the 
passages by triggering the traps and hiding in the alcoves in the block 
path.  Remember that you can use the Cane of Somaria to stop them in 
their tracks.  At the top, open a chest for a Small Key, and then go 
east.  Now open the chest here for a Slate (1).  What do these do?  
Either way, hit the jars in the southwest corner for recovery items and 
go south.  Now go back east to the Spark room.

Go east, south, west, and south to another stairway room.  Place a 
Slate in the hole and two fires light up.  We must light all four using 
the Slates!  Head south of here and pick up one of the coffins to 
reveal a staircase.  Then push the lower block left and the next block 
up.  Now go left, Long Switch across the gap, and open the chest for 
the Boss Key.  Yes, we already have it!  However, we aren’t anywhere 
close to the boss itself.  Now go right along this path to another 
staircase.  Take it up to another room on B2F (basement floor two).  
Here, push the block down to the pit and then left.  Now hop the pit 
and jump into the mine cart.  Here, get against the door, hold your 
Iron Shield up to defend yourself, and open the chest to the north for 
a Gasha Seed.  Then go south.

Immediately run left into the slot here to avoid a blade trap.  Make 
your way through, avoiding traps or using the Cane of Somaria to stop 
them, and press the switch in the northeast corner.  This opens the 
wall; go right through the opening.  It’s an icy room and you must 
fight a Ball & Chain Soldier (which is pretty tough).  The best 
strategy is to use a Pegasus Seed, circle the soldier, and slash it 
from behind afterward.  Go north from there and open the chest for a 
Slate (2).

Take the mine cart to the left and take the next one to the left to the 
old block room.  Go left from there to a previous room.  Go north of 
here and place a Slate in a slot.  Go west and defeat the Ropes.  Now 
go south to a lava room.  Use a Small Key on the locked block and pull 
the lever back (also, smash the pots before doing this).  Use a Pegasus 
Seed and run right into the gray floor.  Run down it and go north.  
Long Switch with the diamond to the left and take the stairs upstairs.  
Push the block right and take the stairs down.  Defeat the Kanalet 
Soldiers and lift the coffin to reach a chest containing a Gasha Seed.

Take the stairs back down back down, flip over the ledge, and go south.  
Head west and slash the pots to recover lost items/health.  Then go 
south and pull the lever back.  Use a Pegasus Seed to dash right at the 
end to a new room.  Open the chest here for a Slate (3).  Afterwards, 
go north, east, and north to the slate room.  Place this one in a slot.  
Only one remains now.

Go south of the slate room, the atrium of B2F, and jump over the pit to 
go right.  Go north here to a bunch of Candleheads.  Light them afire 
and wait for them to explode.  Then go right a room.  Defeat the Gibdos 
if you want and take the stairs down to an underwater screen.  Jump 
swim right and swim up.  It’s official.  We’re underwater.  Long Switch 
the enemies and go north to exit this room.  Go north again and turn 
around into the watery conveyor belts.  Weave in and out of the pits to 
go south.  Swim east right off the bat and continue right one screen to 
reach a staircase.  Take it down.  First, swim left and surface.  Press 
the switch to the left to form a staircase shortcut here.  Now take the 
staircase back down and swim all the way right before surfacing.  Go 
north and open the chest – the last in the dungeon – to obtain the 
final Slate (4).  Huzzah!  Return to the slate room utilizing that 
shortcut we made just a little earlier (from that shortcut room, go 
west and south).

Insert this slate (and the others if you haven’t) into the four slots 
along this central tier.  The slab is cut in half and the way to the 
fourth basement level, B3F.  Take the stairs down.  Take the ladder 
down to the floor level.  Since we already have the Boss Key, all 
that’s left to do is go for the boss.  Go east a screen.  Slash the 
crystals, bomb the block, and light the torch to the left.  This 
creates a bridge.  Lift the coffin and use the Boss Key on the Boss 
Door.  Head north.

                        |    Boss: Ramrock    |

This guy isn’t that hard, but it’s no walk in the park.  Like Smog, 
there are four phases to this battle.  Ramrock itself is a floating 
rock sculpted in the shape of a screw, and he summons two hands that 
float by his body to use in the battle.  Yeah, well, this is going to 
be your ancient tomb, Ramrock!  Oh, I was saving that one.

Phase 1) Not terribly difficult, but Ramrock will hover over a pit 
against the north wall and hurl his hands at you.  Use your sword to 
cast them back at him.  Like in the Goron Gallery game, you can kind of 
determine their direction by hitting them from different angles, 
although it’s easiest just to hit them straight forward.  If one hits 
him, he takes damage.  Three hits and Ramrock changes tactics.

Phase 2) New hands drop down to Ramrock, and these are studded with 
spikes.  You’ll need bombs for this phase; if you run out, slash the 
bushes to the left and right to restock.  He floats up to you and tries 
to crush you between his spiked hands.  To damage him, throw a bomb 
between his hands before he crushes them together.  It’s not that hard.  
Try luring Ramrock to the north and coming back south so that Ramrock 
is north of you, making it easier to land bombs between those hands.  
After three hits, the rock changes strategies.

Phase 3) His hands are now long, narrow, and red, like a shield.  He 
moves them in front of his face to protect himself, but his back is 
vulnerable.  Get out the Seed Shooter and equip Ember Seeds (again, if 
you run out, use the plants).  If you shoot an Ember Seed north, hope 
that it hits him in the ricochet.  And if you’re a really talented 
shooter, you could shoot a seed diagonally so that it bounces against 
the wall and into his back.  Either way, each hit to the back causes 
damage.  Three to four hits convince Ramrock that his game plan isn’t 
as solid as he thought.  But, in the meantime, his new attacks include 
sending homing orbs at you and laser eyes (just move against the east 
or west wall to avoid lasers).

Phase 4) Ramrock is getting physical for this round of the match.  Two 
new hands fall down – giant cannonballs attached to elastic chains.  He 
will launch them at you.  Dodge them and let them fully extend.  
They’ll be stuck there for a second; pick up the sphere close to his 
body with the Power Glove, stretch it back to the wall, and release it.  
It’ll spring right back and hit Ramrock square in the face.  This 
counts as a hit, and three hits will bring Ramrock down.  But, Ramrock 
has no new plan of attack this time.  He explodes.

Take the Heart Container that appears afterwards and go west.  Go left 
and take the eighth and final Essence of Time, the Falling Star.  “The 
eternal light of this heavenly body acts as guide to the other 
essences.”  The Maku Tree contacts us to say that you’ve collected all 
the Essences of Time.  Now she can create something that will aid you.  
Please visit her in a while.  For now, let’s just warp out of this 

===========================The Black Tower*============================

                        |    The Maku Seed    |

Return to the present age.  First, go to Mayor Plen’s house.  In it, 
Long Switch with a jar and open the chest there for a ring.  Now exit 
the mayor’s house and see the Maku Tree.

You’ve collected all eight Essences of Time and know their power.  The 
Maku Tree remembers all that she had forgotten.  She is the guardian of 
Nayru, and her Maku Seed can be used only by a hero who knows the 
powers of the Essences of Time.  That hero sees unwavering truth across 
time and space.  If you can take the Maku Seed, then you can stop Veran.  
The seed falls down.  You got a Huge Maku Seed!  This can penetrate 
evil forces, letting us enter the Black Tower.  Suddenly, a witch 
appears.  Twinrova!  She tells you that your efforts are wasted.  They 
are the Gerudo witches, Kotake and Koume, Twinrova!  No matter how we 
struggle, the Dark Rites will soon begin.  Remember their name as if it 
were sorrow.  Twinrova!  They fly off and leave the Maku Tree 
whimpering.  Who thought she would appear?  What is her plan in this, 
and why does she care so?  We can’t give in!  We must scale the Black 
Tower and stop Queen Ambi, and thus Veran, from spreading sorrow across 

                          |    Pit Stop    |

In many games, the last boss is very easy.  This has plagued Zelda 
games, each and every one of them before this, for a long time.  This 
is not an exception, but, while not being hard, you may die during the 
long battle.  You’ll want insurance for the upcoming battles; bring a 
Magic Potion with you.  Remember that you can get Magic Potions from 
Syrup’s shop in Yoll Graveyard, from Gasha Nuts, and from Maple.  
Because...  “It pays to expect the worse.”  And I stole that line from 
the admirable Kammy Koopa of Paper Mario (N64).

                       |    The Black Tower    |

Return to the past.  In the southwest corner of Lynna Village is the 
entrance to the Black Tower.  Go south to find Ralph.  He’s about to go 
in... to destroy Queen Ambi and Veran!  Don’t forget him, he asks.  He 
considers you a friend...  Well, he takes off to the tower.  Go south a 
bit and two voices call you.  It’s Nayru and Impa!  While researching 
the past, Impa discovered something awful!  Ralph is a descendant of 
Queen Ambi!  If he kills her, Ralph will vanish.  Nayru asks you to 
stop the tragic hero...  Ambi mustn’t die!  You are the only one who 
can save Ralph and the people of Labrynna.  With that motivational pep 
talk, go south, east, and north.  Enter Ambi’s Tower... the Black Tower.

A worker here says that it’s dangerous past this point.  Beasts are 
roaming about, and it’s a maze toward the top.  What’s happening?  Go 
east a room past several Zols.  Go north to meet a few Octoroks 
(monsters will get progressively harder here).  Now go west and defeat 
two Ropes along the way.  Go west again to defeat a group of Tektites.  
Defeat the Moblin swordsmen here to take the stairs up a floor.

Defeat the Stalfos Knights and go north.  Pass the Beamos and go east 
again.  Past the Gibdos, go east once more.  This room is full of Like 
Likes.  Go south, avoiding them or engaging them all the way, and 
you’ll find a few Kanalet Soldiers, the archer type.  Pass them and 
take the stairs up.

There are more Kanalet Soldiers here, but they have swords instead of 
arrows.  Travel north of them to find more Kanalet Soldiers, only blue 
archers.  Pass them to the west; destroy these Wizzrobes to go west.  
Here, we fight a few sword-wielding Kanalet Soldiers with blue armor.  
Go south of them to fend against a duo of red Wizzrobes.  Then go east 
to three doors.  Link uses the Maku Seed and the Essences of Time to 
dispel the barrier here and show him the true path.  Take the door here 
to the Black Tower Turret.

It is a maze of staircases that can be quite frustrating.  You’re quite 
lucky to have a guide for this.  Here’s how we’re going to get through 

1) Take the staircase to the far west.

2) You’re only option is the stairwell above you.

3) Fight off the Kanalet Soldier and use the stairs in the northwest 

4) Head south here, defeating the Wizzrobes along the way, and take the 
eastern stairs down.

5) Go right three spaces to take these steps up a floor.

6) There’s only one staircase available from here; go east and take it.

7) Defeat the Kanalet Soldier and go north to the set of stairs here.

8) Use the stairs to the lower-left.

9) Take the north staircase up.

10) Go straight south and take this staircase out of this maze.

We arrive at a new maze of staircases.  All but one of these 32 
staircases lead to a room full of enemies that loops back here.  When 
the flames scatter, go to the south wall.  Take the second set of 
stairs from the right.  In other words, take the staircase left of the 
staircase in the southeast corner.  You’ll arrive at the top of the 
room of Lynels I was talking about.  Slash the pots for a Fairy and 
Mystery Seeds.  Now go north, up the stairs, to the highest room of the 
tower.  I suggest saving the game.  Take the steps down and go left or 
right to a screen of Lynels.  Ignore them and go north to see a Ball & 
Chain Soldier.  Just avoid it and go east/west, depending on which 
direction you took, and then go north.

It’s Ralph and Ambi/Veran!  Ralph has his sword up to her body.  She 
toys with the idea of Ralph fighting her.  Fool!  This is the body of 
his ancestor, and slaying her would do the same to him.  But, if Ambi 
kills Ralph, nothing happens to her...  Ralph has nothing to lose, 
while Veran stands to lose everything in this fight, if she loses.  
Ralph makes a speech about how he will not live for nothing!  He will 
destroy you and save the people of Labrynna!  He charges Ambi with 
sword drawn and is cast down.  With a bolt of lightning, it seems, 
Veran knocked the would-be hero out of commission.  She then notices 
Link.  Out of kindness, she has spared this fool (actually, she kept 
him for insurance so that Link won’t try to kill her host).  But, if 
you intend to fight Ambi, Ralph will vanish permanently!  She warps out 
of the room and leaves Ralph there.  He’s failed.  You have to stop her.  
Go north.  Veran is there, and is surprised that you are, too.  Do you 
not value the life of your friend, or are you a mere fool?  Regardless, 
she will show you no mercy.  You cannot stop Veran, Sorceress of 

                         |    BOSS: VERAN    |

This is basically the same fight as the one we had with possessed Nayru, 
but with a few differences.  Aside from being slightly faster in Queen 
Ambi’s body, Veran can also summon spiders down to attack you as she 
warps around the room.  She also can use the same scatter orb attack 
that she used last time.  But, your strategy should be the same as 
before.  Nail her with a Mystery Seed from the Seed Shooter and then 
Long Switch with Veran to drag her out of the body.  Then go buck wild 
on Veran, slashing her relentlessly.  It’s quite annoying the way she 
teleports behind pillars, and the spiders really complicate things.  
But, after three hits, Veran vanishes.  She never expected to be beaten 
by this boy...  Queen Ambi awakens.  She feels as though pure evil had 
inhabited her body.  She must leave at once.  She exits and Veran 
appears.  She assumes her true form.  She will try to possess you now, 
and start by beating you down.  You’ll regret making her show her true 
form.  Get ready for Round 2!

Veran is pretty easy right now.  She appears as a butterfly (she will 
fight as an insect now) and summons four clones of you – Dark Links – 
to the fight.  The Dark Links move opposite you, just like the Arm-
Mimic enemies we fought in a few earlier dungeons.  They are there to 
limit your movement.  First and foremost, move into a corner and walk 
into it so that all the Dark Links gather into the same spot.  Now it’s 
like having only one Dark Link to contend with, not four.  Then 
approach the gathered Dark Links and use a spin attack and an 
additional slash to defeat them all at once (they leave behind recovery 
hearts, too).  Now you can focus on Veran.  For this fight, she acts 
much like Vire.  She skits into the room from over the walls, launches 
a fireball, and leaves.  As she comes near, slash her.  Twelve hits 
from the Noble Sword will defeat her.  If she stops near you, make sure 
to hit her as much as possible.  Avoid the walls (stay in the center of 
the room to more easily dodge fireballs), watch out for her scatter 
attacks, and Veran will go down easily.  This should not have happened 
to her.

She explodes, finally, and the world is saved!  Nayru comes in and asks 
if you’re alright.  Ralph comes in too to congratulate you.  He’s going 
to train so that he can protect her from now on.  The chaotic flow of 
time shall end, and they shall return to Lynna Village.  As you leave, 
Veran shouts out that it’s not over.  The tower begins to crumble and a 
red hand appears to grab you.  You reappear in a dark room and Veran’s 
face appears before you.  How cold of you to leave her all alone.  But, 
you are a courageous one.  You’ve spoiled her plans... and she will 
make you suffer for it.  She did not want to expose this vile shape to 
you, but you leave her with no other options.  Now you shall taste 
despair... and the fear of death!

Veran is more insect-like than ever.  She comes in three separate forms 
as an insect – Beetle, Bee, and Spider Veran.  She will switch between 
them as she pleases, and each is hurt in a different way.

Beetle: In this form, the easiest of the three, Veran will jump into 
the air and come crashing down, inflicting damage on you if you are in 
the vicinity.  After landing, she reveals her face to check to see if 
you are injured.  That is your chance to rush in and slash her.  Do it 
anywhere from one to three times and then retreat to avoid further 
crushing.  After being hit, she may transform into another insect 

Bee: This is a harder form, but probably average.  She flies around 
with several attacks.  She can launch stingers at you, usually 
vertically, and you must move to avoid these.  She will more often fly 
up to charge.  However, she is very easy to hit in this form.  She 
flies around and is vulnerable to sword swipes on any part of her bee’s 
body.  Also, you use the Seed Shooter to launch seeds around the room 
to hit her from a distance.  Again, she’ll probably change shape after 
a few hits.

Spider: This is the hardest of her forms.  She shoots webs around the 
room and will often scurry to your position to tackle you.  If you get 
caught by a web sling, she’ll retract it and then slam you into the 
ground for massive amounts of damage.  She can also use webs to sling 
up onto the roof and drop onto you.  Hurting her can be a hassle, too.  
Throw a bomb at her and hope it explodes in her face.  She winces and 
drags her body upward; slash now to deal damage.

After many hits in her various forms (hits don’t have to be distributed 
equally between the forms), Veran will speak.  She may wither, but you 
are too late.  Her role was to disrupt the currents of time and to 
flood humanity with sorrow.  Despair has already passed through this 
tower and onto Twinrova.  She sees it... burning blue... the Flame of 
Sorrow!!  She dies laughing, and we win... or do we?

Link exits the tower, now sealed off by rubble, using bombs.  Nayru is 
glad you’re safe, and Ralph congratulates you on beating Veran.  He 
hears that Queen Ambi saw you get shut in and ran.  When you exit, 
Queen Ambi is assembled outside with her guards.  Ralph approaches to 
fight her, but Ambi speaks.  She’s glad you’re safe; she was just 
calling in her knights to help show Veran what-for.  Thanks to you, 
Link, everything and everyone is back to normal.  Those in stone are 
once again alive, and Ralph congratulates you on outdoing him.  Then 
Queen Ambi sees that Ralph is her grandson’s grandson’s grandson.  You, 
Ralph, shall be the pride of the people.  Nayru is reluctant to part, 
but we must return to our own age.  You’ll never be forgotten, Link.  
But, Twinrova is watching... through a blue flame.  Does it truly end 
here?  The troubles Veran caused fill the land... the Flame of Sorrow 
is ignited.  Now to light the Flame of Destruction!

They reappear in the present age before the Maku Tree.  There’s a 
statue of Link here, and Ralph gets jealous.  Nayru sings before the 
animals (and Maple), and Link trains Ralph the art of swordsmanship.  
Another statue of Link is built in Ambi’s Palace (it’s the same one, 
actually, built for the Maku Tree), and the credits roll.

CONGRATULATIONS!  You beat the game.  But, you haven’t truly beaten the 
game until you foil Twinrova’s plot, and there are still many items to 
collect.  As the game says: “To be continued in The Legend of Zelda: 
Oracle of Seasons.”
  /                                                                 \
 /                                                                   \
||----------------------------Section 3*-----------------------------||
 \                                                                   /

========================Linked Games & Changes*========================

One of the big things in the Oracle games is their connectivity; you 
can use passwords from one in the other to unlock secret events, items, 
and an alternate ending.  To really experience Oracle of Ages, you have 
to do it with passwords.  It greatly enhances the game with many useful 
items and interesting side quests.  As you may know, defeating Veran in 
the final battle unlocks the Holodrum Secret to make a linked game.  
Well, defeating General Onox, the antagonist of Oracle of Seasons, 
unlocks the Labrynna Secret.  Using it when you make your file, you can 
continue your original quest from Holodrum.  This changes the game 
quite a bit, for the best, really.  Here are the differences in a 
password game.

        |    Differences Between Linked & Non-Linked Games    |

- You’ll start off with the same name as you had in Oracle of Seasons.  
Also, you start out with the sword; Impa gives you the Wooden Shield 
this time.  Also, you start with four hearts instead of three.

- The name you gave to Bipin & Blossom’s child will be the same.  The 
child will now be a man with a certain career.

- You will get the same animal as you had in Oracle of Seasons, 
regardless of how you play the game.

- A few scenes are changed so that the shrouded Twinrova figure is now 
Kotake and Koume.  The intro is now changed so that it includes the 
Gerudo witches, and so is the cinema after you use the Maku Seed in the 
Black Tower.

- Maple now flies on a flying saucer, making her faster.

- Several new characters have appeared to give passwords.

- Rosa, the Subrosian pop star Link “dated” in Oracle of Seasons, 
appears throughout the game in multiple places.  She actually gives you 
the Shovel instead of one Tokay who stole it.  Subrosians also appear 
in the Goron Dance Hall.

- The Zora guarding the Sea of Storms has been moved to the present, 
and so has the pirate ship.  The past chest now contains a Gasha Seed 
instead of a ring; the future one contains a ring ready for appraisal.

- There is now a Hero’s Cave by the entrance to the Maku Tree.  It’s a 
super-tough mini-dungeon full of puzzles with a pretty great prize at 
the end.

- There is now an alternate ending.  If you see the Maku Tree after 
beating Veran in the final fight, you’ll be transported to the Room of 
Rites to fight the final boss...

- If you enter the Black Tower after Moonlit Grotto, you’ll see 
Princess Zelda.  You can rescue her from Vire in a Donkey Kong setting 
for the Blue Joy Ring.  Just use Roc’s Feather to jump over his 
fireballs and reach Zelda.  Ladders aren’t always safe to use; 
fireballs sometimes travel down them.  It’s a cool mini-game, but it 
can be dangerous.

- If you beat a Linked Game, you will get the Hero’s Secret at the end 
instead of the Holodrum Secret.  If you use it to start a file, the 
only difference is that you start with four hearts instead of three 
(and that you begin with the Victory Ring).

And there you have it – the differences between playing a password game 
and playing a normal game.  It really should be tried if possible; the 
alternate ending is great.

============================Linked Secrets*============================

Aside from the passwords, there are also many individual passwords.  
When you play a password game, new characters appear in places they 
previously were not.  Talk to them and they will give you a password.  
Then, in the other game, you can give it to Farore, Oracle of Secrets 
(living inside the Maku Tree in the present age; take the door), or 
other recipients, to trigger events or receive items.  In more detail, 
the cycle works like so (assuming you’re taking secrets to a Seasons 

1) Beat Veran in the final boss fight and you’ll receive the Holodrum 

2) In Oracle of Seasons, start up a new file and select “Secrets.”  
Input the Holodrum Secret.  You will now begin a file with the same 
name as you had in the Oracle of Ages (see the above section for a list 
of those differences).

3) There will be several new characters in the Seasons games that 
aren’t normally there.  Talk to them and they’ll give you secrets 
directed at someone in Oracle of Ages.

4) Return to Oracle of Ages and talk to the person that the passwords 
were meant for.  Give it to them and they’ll give you a new item.  
After receiving the item, talk to them again for another secret.

5) Take the new secret back to your Oracle of Seasons file and give the 
new password to Farore, Oracle of Secrets, inside the Maku Tree (use 
the door in its trunk to find her).  She will give you the upgrade/item 
that your other file got.  You cannot transfer rings this way, though.  
To transfer rings, talk to the Red Snake at Vasu Jewelers and use that 
secret to transfer the ring.  Also, note that it works in reverse, too.

And that’s how the password system works, but below I’ll outline how 
each individual password works – who to get it from, who to give it to, 
and what you get from it.  Password names come directly from the game.  
There are two ways to get each upgrade/item from secrets – from the 
characters (step # 4) or by using the return secret (step #5).  I’ll 
list the fourth step first, and then list the other secrets for # 5.

                  |    Direct Secret-Collecting    |

Name of Secret

Received From (Ages/Seasons): 

Given To (Ages/Seasons): 

Reward & Process: 

Above is the setup to this section, and below is the actual list.  In 
this section, I cover what secrets can be gotten in the Seasons game, 
how they’re used in Ages, and then tell you to use a return secret to 
transfer the upgrade to your Seasons file.  It’s the main method for 
obtaining upgrades in Ages, but an alternate method in Seasons.

Labrynna Secret

Received From (Seasons): Once you have finally rescued Din from Onox, 
General of Darkness, the credits play and all is good.  At the end, 
you’ll see this secret displayed.

Given To (Ages): Once more, nobody receives this secret.  Instead, you 
must enter it when making a file.  Select the secret option and fill 
out the long script.  When done, pick “OK.”

Reward & Process: You begin a linked game, which differs from normal 
ones in several ways.  Check out “Linked Secrets” to learn exactly how 
it differs.  But, the thing to remember is that you’re continuing your 
quest in Labrynna, and residents of Holodrum/Subrosia might pop in from 
time to time.  Well, mostly Subrosia.  Also, for your information, this 
has no return secret, although you need to it to collect many secrets 
as it is.
Hero’s Secret

Received From (Ages/Seasons): You don’t receive this from any person, 
but instead by beating the final boss in a linked game of either game.  
They’ll show it after the credits.

Given To (Ages/Seasons): Actually, this can be used in Ages or Seasons.  
It’s used to start a new file (called a “main-linked” game), in which 
Link has four hearts instead of three (only difference).  Use it in the 
password option when creating a new file.

Reward & Process: Like I said, you use this to start a new file in 
which Link has four hearts instead of three.  Also, you begin with the 
Victory Ring, a sign of having beaten the final boss (the true final 
Ring Secret

Received From (Seasons): Talk to Red Snake, who lives in the red vase 
in Vasu Jewelers (Horon Village).  Let him recite this little number to 
get the secret.

Given To (Ages): Talk to Red Snake, who lives in the red vase in Vasu 
Jewelers (Lynna City, present).  He’ll perform a most valuable service 
for you after listening the code.

Reward & Process: This secret enables you to trade rings between your 
Oracle games.  Without it, you could never get such rings as the 
Subrosian Ring, the Red Ring, or the Sign Ring, to name a few.
K Zora Secret

Received From (Seasons): While most would think that a not single Zora 
inhabits Holodrum, there is one to be found in Hero’s Cave of a linked 
game.  The Zora is in one room of Hero’s Cave reachable after Level 3.  
He’s searching for a new domain, but has not yet found one exceeding 
Labrynna’s seas.  The secret he gives you serves as his report.

Given To (Ages): Let King Zora (Zora Village, present) hear this report.  
He’ll thank you for relaying it to him and reward you with a nice prize.

Reward & Process: He decides to sharpen your sword!  It becomes the 
Master Sword, L-3, two and a half times as strong as the Wooden Sword!  
Note that if you did not have the Noble Sword at the time, you’ll only 
be rewarded with the Noble Sword.  But, the Broken Sword in the trade 
sequence will become the Master Sword in its place.  King Zora will 
also teach you the secret to sharpening your blade in Holodrum, a 
return secret.
Library Secret

Received From (Seasons): A ghost gives this to you from within the 
house north of the Piratian’s ship in Western Coast, the one that’s 
normally uninhabited that leads to the stump in the coast.  The ghost 
appears as soon as you can reach the house.

Given To (Ages): This is for the mysterious Old Man in the Eyeglass 
Isle Library that gives you the Fairy Powder (past), the one you need 
the Book of Seals to reach.  It’s a bit of a hassle reaching him, but 
that’s how it goes.

Reward & Process: The Old Man bribes you to keep that secret quiet by 
giving you the L-3 shield, the Mirror Shield!  The ghost says that he 
worked in Labrynna’s library long ago, and since he heard the secret, 
he has become this...  Did the Old Man whack him?  Regardless, we got 
the Mirror Shield through blackmail.  Huzzah!  The Mirror Shield can 
block many more attacks than the Iron Shield, such as the lasers of 
Beamos.  It even matches your Master Sword.  You can use a return 
secret to get it in Seasons, too.  Remember that if you only had the 
Wooden Shield when you used the secret, you’ll only get the Iron Shield.  
But, the Tokay who would normally give you the Iron Shield will give 
you the Mirror Shield instead.
Troy Secret

Received From (Seasons): After taking the third Essence of Nature from 
Poison Moth’s Lair, a man appears in Eastern Suburbs by Guru-Guru (the 
organ man).  Talk to him, the senior pupil of Dr. Troy in Labrynna, and 
he’ll request that you send this report to his teacher.

Given To (Ages): Dr. Troy left his home in Lynna City to study the 
Gorons in Rolling Ridge.  Let him hear the report and he’ll be pleased 
that his pupil is studying biology in Holodrum.  He’ll even reward you.

Reward & Process: But he won’t let you get this prize that easily.  
He’ll force you to play Target Carts until you hit all twelve targets 
in one game with the Seed Shooter.  It can be difficult, but you’ll 
accomplish it with a bit of practice.  Just remember not to shoot 
unless you’re sure you’ll make a hit, as you can’t shoot two seeds at 
once, and seeds take a while to disappear if you miss.  After proving 
yourself a worthy gamer, Dr. Troy rewards you with a nifty little 
device called the Bombchu!  Plus, he gives you a return secret to get 
it in Holodrum.  Bombchus, which first appeared as items in Ocarina of 
Time, are rat-like, mobile bombs that keep going after you fire them, 
making them a tad unpredictable.  Plus, they’re really pricy.  It’s 20 
rupees per Bombchu, sold at Syrup’s Potion Shop in Yoll Graveyard.
Tingle Secret

Received From (Seasons): There is a cave in the Woods of Winter, right 
of Snake’s Remains, that’s normally empty.  In a linked game, there’s a 
fairy inside once you’ve beaten Snake’s Remains.  She wants you to tell 
a secret to a man who thinks he’s a fairy in Labrynna.

Given To (Ages): Give this to Tingle, the man who gives you the Island 
Chart on the rim of Lynna Village (north of South Shore).  When he 
hears your secret, he decides that you must be way cooler than him, and 
so he decides to give you a nice reward.  After all, only select people 
are cooler than Tingle.

Reward & Process: The fairy-obsessed Tingle lets you carry many seeds – 
up to 99 of each!  He also lets you transfer them to your Seasons game 
with a return secret.  Note that if you did not get the previous Seed 
Satchel upgrade (also from Tingle), you’ll only be raised to 50 seeds, 
but the next upgrade you get from him goes up to 99.
Symmetry Secret

Received From (Seasons): In a linked game, you’ll find a girl in 
Holly’s House who isn’t normally there.  She appears after you’ve 
cleared out Snake’s Remains.

Given To (Ages): The authors of her favorite book were two twins who 
lived in Symmetry City ages ago, and she wants to tell them a touching 
secret, but she fears that they’re dead by now.  Go to Symmetry City 
(past age) and enter the central house, the one housing the Tuni Nut.  
Talk to the girls here and they’ll be amazed that others know the 
strength of symmetry, too.

Reward & Process: For letting her know that secret, she readjusts your 
ring box to hold five rings!  Now you have the L-3 Ring Box!  If you 
don’t have a ring box, she gives you the L-1, and if you only have the 
L-1, she gives you the L-2.  However, if this does happen, the other 
upgrades can be gotten from the secret shop beneath the Lynna City 
(present) shop and from talking to Vasu.  Of course, they also give you 
a return secret.
Fairy Secret

Received From (Seasons): Pay a visit to the woman at the fountain south 
of the Clock Shop in Horon Village.  She saw your statue in Lynna City 
and just had to meet you.  To commemorate this occasion, she teaches 
you the secret to happiness, the same one she learned from the three 
fairies in Fairies’ Woods in Labrynna.  Note that the woman appears 
after you’ve met with the Maku Tree.

Given To (Ages): To become even happier, she recommends you tell it to 
the fairies in the woods (present age).  Head over there and track down 
the blue fairy.  She (for I assume it’s a she) will make you happy, too.

Reward & Process: You get a Heart Container!  Now that’s happiness in a 
nutshell!  And you can use a return secret to carry it over to Oracle 
of Seasons.  Happiness all around!
Elder Secret

Received From (Seasons): After giving Biggoron his Lava Soup, a red 
Goron appears in Goron Mountain, right outside the entrance to the cave.  
As it turns out, this Goron is descended from the Goron Elder, one that 
watched over Rolling Ridge long ago.  While reading his diary, this red 
Goron learns that he came to Goron Mountain from Rolling Ridge many 
years ago to begin the Goron population there.  There’s a series of 
symbols in his diary, and he wants to know what the secret is.  He’d 
like you to research its meaning.

Given To (Ages): Go to see the Goron Elder in the past age (on Rolling 
Ridge).  He’s all over the place in that game, planting Bomb Flowers 
supposedly, but you’ll find him in the Goron Gallery (sword baseball 
kind of mini-game in the past age, where Target Carts is in the 
present).  Give him the secret and he’ll thank you.  It’s a secret that 
he will pass down through Goron generations.  What could it be?

Reward & Process: In thanks, he’ll give you Biggoron’s Sword... at a 
price.  You being a weak Hyrulean, you might be not strong enough to 
wield the blade.  To test you, he has you play the Goron Gallery mini-
game.  Get 300 points and the sword is yours.  If your Fairies are 
lined up correctly, this can be done with relative ease, but it may 
take you several tries.  Either way, the Biggoron’s Sword must be 
wielded with two hands (meaning you can’t use any other item while 
using it), and it’s very powerful with a wide range.  But, the Master 
Sword is better, in my opinion.  Either way, you can transfer this to 
Holodrum with the return secret he gives you.
Tokay Secret

Received From (Seasons): After defeating the Great Moblin at his keep 
in Natzu Prairie, head on over to Sunken City.  Visit Great Moblin in 
the usually abandoned house in the southeast corner (you can even bomb 
the pile of bombs they’re making to forcefully evict them from the 
house, but be sure to run out of the house before it explodes).  After 
doing this, a Moblin appears in the Ruined Keep.

Given To (Ages): The Moblin heard a rare secret in connection to the 
Tokay, the race of creatures residing on Crescent Island in Labrynna.  
Go to Crescent Island (present age) and enter the Wild Tokay Museum, 
the cave where the Wild Tokay mini-game is located in the past age.  
And that’s the legendary Wild Tokay secret!  He wants you to help 
resurrect the game so that Tokay of today’s generation can play it, too!

Reward & Process: And to do that, you’ll be the first person to play 
the game in many, many years.  You must win the Wild Tokay mini-game, 
throwing the meat to Tokay on both sides.  It’s pretty simple, and you 
can try again if you lose.  Upon winning, you receive the bigger Bomb 
Bag, which can hold up to 50 Bombs at once!  If you didn’t have the 
upgrade to hold 30 yet, you’ll receive it instead (but you can still 
get the 50 bag from the fairy in Talus Peaks).
Plen Secret

Received From (Seasons): After you’ve added the blessing of an autumn 
breeze to the Rod of Seasons, a golden Subrosian appears in Lava Lake.  
Mayor Plen of Lynna City has done so much for him, but he’s too 
embarrassed to thank him in person.  Could you tell him the secret?

Given To (Ages): Go see Mayor Plen in Lynna City (present age).  The 
secret comes from the oddly dressed out-of-towner who came there.  Out 
of gratitude for relaying the message to him, Plen decides to give you 
a small present.

Reward & Process: It’s a ring!  When appraised, it turns out to be the 
Spin Ring, letting you use your spin attack twice in a row.  It’s quite 
handy against bosses, and it can be handy in Holodrum, too, if you make 
use of the Ring Secret; he gives no return secret.
Mamamu Secret

Received From (Seasons): On your way out of Spool Swamp after beating 
Poison Moth’s Lair, go to the Floodgate Keeper’s house.  A woman is now 
there.  It is the mother of Mamamu Yan, the top dog breeder in Lynna 
City.  The Floodgate Keeper is also from Labrynna, don’t you know?  She 
wants you to tell her daughter a secret.

Given To (Ages): Head over to Mamamu Yan in Lynna City (present age).  
After hearing about her young-at-heart mother wandering around Holodrum, 
her thoughts return to her missing pooch.  Will you help her?

Reward & Process: You just have to find her dog.  Search all over Lynna 
City (he appears randomly; keep looking and you’ll eventually run into 
him) to find the puppy, and then lift it with your Power Bracelet.  
Back in Mamamu Yan’s house, she’s so overcome with joy that she gives 
you the reward posted for her dog – a ring.  Appraise it at Vasu 
Jewelers to learn that it is the Snowshoe Ring, which prevent sliding 
on icy surfaces.  She gives no return secret, but you can use the Ring 
Secret to acquire the ring.

And that’s all there is to know about getting secrets in Oracle of 
Seasons and using them in Oracle of Ages.  Moving on, there is one 
other way to get these upgrades, some the only way to get them, and 
that’s through return secrets in Oracle of Seasons.

                  |    Return Secret-Collecting    |

Name of Secret

Received From (Ages/Seasons): 

Given To (Ages/Seasons): 

Reward & Process: 

Above is the setup to this section, and below is the actual list.  In 
this section, I cover what secrets can be gotten in the Ages game, how 
they’re used in Seasons, and then tell you to use a return secret to 
transfer the upgrade to your Ages file.  It’s the main method for 
obtaining upgrades in Seasons, but an alternate method in Ages.

Holodrum Secret

Received From (Ages): Nobody, really.  You get this after defeating 
Veran in the final battle in the highest chamber of the Black Tower.  
You’ll have to sit through the credits, though.

Given To (Seasons): Again, not a soul.  Enter this at the beginning of 
the game, when making your file.  You have to enter this under the 
secret option when creating a new file, and it cannot be given to 
Farore or anyone else.

Reward & Process: This time you play through Oracle of Seasons, it’s in 
a linked game.  It’s the first step toward getting passwords, and 
you’ll find a lot of info about this secret in particular in “Linked 
Secrets” of my guide for Oracle of Seasons.  This secret cannot be 
transferred back to Ages.
Hero’s Secret

Received From (Ages/Seasons): You don’t receive this from any person, 
but instead by beating the final boss in a linked game of either game.  
They’ll show it after the credits.

Given To (Ages/Seasons): Actually, this can be used in Ages or Seasons.  
It’s used to start a new file (called a “main-linked” game), in which 
Link has four hearts instead of three (only difference).  Use it in the 
password option when creating a new file.

Reward & Process: Like I said, you use this to start a new file in 
which Link has four hearts instead of three.
Ring Secret

Received From (Ages): Talk to Red Snake, who lives in the red vase in 
Vasu Jewelers (Lynna City, present).  He’ll give you this useful secret 
if you request it.

Given To (Seasons): Talk to Red Snake, who lives in the red vase in 
Vasu Jewelers (Horon Village).  Let him hear this little number to get 
the reward.

Reward & Process: This secret enables you to trade rings between your 
Oracle games.  Without it, you could never get such rings as the First 
Gen Ring, the Blue Ring, or the Armor Ring L-3, to name a few.
Clockshop Secret

Received From (Ages): An old woman shows up by the Ember Seed-bearing 
tree south of Lynna City (present age) after you’ve cleared the Skull 
Dungeon; she tells you to give the secret she’s about to tell you to a 
friend of hers beneath the clock shop in Horon Village.

Given To (Seasons): Use the Shovel to dig behind the Clock Shop in 
Horon Village to uncover a flight of stairs.  There’s an Old Man down 
there; he will take the secret given to you from the “old hag.”  In 
that case, you may take his test...

Reward & Process: Agree to be tested and 12 beasts appear.  Slay them 
all in 30 seconds without being slain yourself and you shall prove your 
strength.  It should be pretty easy to do, and you may try again if you 
fail to meet the time limit.  He decides that the old hag has chosen 
well, and he decides to aid you in your quest by strengthening your 
sword.  You get the Master Sword (L-3 Sword)!  With its legendary power, 
your sword is two and a half times stronger than the Wooden Sword.  The 
Old Man also gives you a return secret to transfer the upgrade to 
Oracle of Ages.  By the way, if you only had the Wooden Sword when you 
did this, you’ll only get the Noble Sword.  But, the trade sequence 
upgrade will be replaced by the Master Sword; it all equals out in the 
Smith Secret

Received From (Ages): Once you’ve beaten Smog in the Crown Dungeon in a 
linked game, a Subrosian standing by the Mystery Seed-bearing tree in 
Rolling Ridge comes out (past age).  Talk to it; the Subrosian says 
that the best defense is a good offense, and he’d like to share with 
you the one thing you must know to survive.  He’d also like you to tell 
it to the master at the Subrosian Smithy.  Send the master his regards!

Given To (Seasons): Tell the secret to the master at the Subrosian 
Smithy and he’ll say “Close enough.”  They decide to help you out in 
terms of defense, but they don’t abide by the “the best defense is a 
good offense” line of thought.

Reward & Process: They give you the Mirror Shield!  It’s the best 
shield in the game (L-3), and it blocks many attacks, including lasers 
from Beamos.  The master also gives you a return secret to transfer the 
amazingly fine shield to Labrynna.  Note that you can’t get this if you 
have no shield at the time.  If you only have the Wooden Shield when 
getting this, you’ll receive the Iron Shield instead.  But, you’ll get 
the Mirror Shield from Hard Ore shield-forging.
Pirate Secret

Received From (Ages): There’s a girl in South Shore, south of Black 
Tower and northwest of Rafton’s house, you should talk to after nabbing 
the Essence of Time in the Wing Dungeon.  She wants to share the secret 
of luck with an unlucky guy who went to Holodrum.  His luck is so bad 
that he could end up a bag of bones.

Given To (Seasons): When Cap’n left the House of Pirates, he left two 
sailors on the upper floor behind accidentally.  One sailor blames his 
own bad luck for the ship sinking and being left behind.  If only he 
had known the secret to good luck...  Let him in on the secret and 
he’ll be ecstatic.

Reward & Process: But then again, by telling him the secret to luck, it 
seems that your luck has run out.  Prove that you’re still lucky by, oh, 
I don’t know, collecting 777 Ore Chunks!  Dig around until you get just 
that many (if you go over, buy something from the Subrosia Market), and 
then talk to the formerly unlucky sailor.  Yep, you’ve still got it, 
and he thanks you for reversing his fortunes by giving you a Bomb Bag 
upgrade!  You can now carry 50 bombs instead of 30.  And with the 
return secret, you can be lucky in Labrynna, too!  If you had the 
beginning Bomb Bag, the one that can only carry 10, when you got this, 
you’ll only get the 30-bomb upgrade.  But, the best upgrade can still 
be gotten from what’s normally the middle one – buying it in Subrosia 
Deku Secret

Received From (Ages): When you’ve cleared Spirit’s Grave, a Deku Scrub 
that isn’t normally in Deku Forest appears (he’s against the west side 
of the map).  The Deku Scrub just loves the newest, hippest song: “Love 
the Seed!”  It’s just so good!  He’ll tell you the next part if you’d 
like, and request that you let a Deku Scrub living near Sunken City 
know about it.  He would just love it!

Given To (Seasons): In Natzu Prairie is a Deku Scrub in a cave.  It 
can’t remember the ending to its favorite song.  It goes “Love, love 
the seed!”, but what comes after that?  Tell it the secret and it all 
comes rushing back.  Love, love the seed!

Reward & Process: First, the Deku Scrub wants you to return to it with 
your Seed Satchel full with each type of seed (50 Ember Seeds, 50 
Mystery Seeds, etc.).  Then talk to it to increase the number of seeds 
you can carry; it rises all the way to 99!  Yeah, that’s what I’m 
talking about!  You can also transfer the upgrade.  If you haven’t 
already bought the bigger Seed Satchel from the secret shop beneath 
Horon Village, you’ll only be able to carry 50 seeds.
Ruul Secret

Received From (Ages): Right after you’ve beaten the Wing Dungeon, Mayor 
Plen’s kindly old mother (or at least it looks that way) moves in with 
him.  Ha, ha!  He lives with his mom!  Anyways, she’s glad she ran into 
the savior of Holodrum, and it’d be great if you could run over to 
Horon Village and tell the mayor there, named Ruul, the secret she 
tells you.

Given To (Seasons): Our target?  Mayor Ruul, the resident Gasha fanatic 
of Horon Village (he’s giving Bipin a run for his money).  He’s happy 
to hear from his old Labrynnian friend, so much so that he feels like 
resizing your ring box.

Reward & Process: He makes it so that you can carry even more rings!  
It’s the L-3 Ring Box!  It can hold up to five rings at once.  If you 
didn’t have the L-1 Ring Box, he gives it to you instead.  Didn’t have 
the L-2 Ring Box and he gives it to you in its place.  This makes the 
other ring box upgrades (from Vasu and the isolated red Goron in Goron 
Mountain) move up in number of rings they give you.  Oh, and don’t 
forget the return secret he tells you.  It’s the key to carrying more 
rings with you in Labrynna.  The L-3 Ring Box – for the hero on the go!
Graveyard Secret

Received From (Ages): A Ghini appears outside Syrup’s Potion Shop in 
Yoll Graveyard once you’ve taken the first Essence of Time from 
Spirit’s Grave.  First, he asks if you believe what you see.  Answer 
“Yes” (the ghost IS right there, right?) to learn a secret.  There is a 
Graveyard in Holodrum...  In it is a single grave with no flowers...  
Tell the one within the secret he will shortly tell you...  And I will 
stop talking like this...

Given To (Seasons): South one screen of Explorer’s Crypt, dig in front 
of the grave with no flowers to unearth a staircase.  Descend down it 
and speak with the Ghini here.  He will give you the life he no longer 
has... if you can pass a test.  After all, you seem sure of your 
judgment, claiming that some Ghini from Labrynna sent you...

Reward & Process: Red and blue copies of the Ghini will appear and then 
disappear.  It’s up to you to count them and then say which there were 
more of – red or blue.  If you’re able to pass the test three times, 
you’ll be rewarded with another Heart Container!  Now that was easy!  
Better yet, you can transfer it to Oracle of Seasons with a return 
secret!  It’s like a two-for-one special for crying out loud!
Biggoron Secret

Received From (Ages): Along the northern edge of the Labrynnian map, 
there’s an abandoned cave atop Rolling Ridge.  Once you’ve beaten Crown 
Dungeon, it becomes occupied by a Goron.  He says that it takes a 
skilled Goron to forge the legendary two-handed sword.  It is said that 
such a Goron, as big as a mountain, exists in Holodrum.  Affirm that 
this is true and he’ll ask you to take a secret to the giant.

Given To (Seasons): Biggoron watches over Goron Mountain.  Once you’ve 
given him Lava Soup, talk to him.  He’ll take your secret, as he’s 
always wanted to know how to forge the legendary sword, and he’ll get 
started right away.  First, Goron Steel...

Reward & Process: Huzzah!  The Goron’s Great Sword is finished!  It was 
created in the same way that the Gorons of old forged their swords.  In 
any case, it’s a very powerful weapon that must be held with both hands 
(in other words, you cannot hold two items at once).  He also lets you 
in on another secret – a return secret.  With it, you can use the 
Biggoron’s Sword in Labrynna, too.
Subrosian Secret

Received From (Ages): Once you’ve beaten Crown Dungeon, a Subrosian 
moves into Rolling Ridge.  It inhabits a cave one screen east of the 
Target Carts game (present).  Talk to him and he’ll feel as though he 
must help you as best he can.  He claims that his brother is a 
Subrosian living in the Subrosian Volcanoes region of Subrosia, and 
that furthermore you should tell him the secret he’s about to give you 
if you’d like a nice reward.

Given To (Seasons): From the Woods of Winter portal to Subrosia, go 
south once and west next to find a cave.  Enter to find a golden 
Subrosian in a grassy cave.  Let him hear the secret report and he’ll 
make small chat about his brother doing well in Rolling Ridge.  Then he 
challenges you to a little game.

Reward & Process: He wants you to cut all the grass in the room, but he 
wants you to do it with your Magical Boomerang, and in only three 
throws.  Now, he’s a nice guy, and he will give you a second chance if 
you fail, but you want to win eventually.  It can be tough, but I 
suggest shooting the boomerang forward along the edge, moving right a 
bit and cutting down a row of grass at least two spaces to the right, 
and then coming back to cover the middle.  Tough indeed, but you’ll 
eventually win, and winning earns you Bombchus!  Now don’t get me wrong, 
I think they’re alright, but Syrup sells them for a really high price.  
You shouldn’t buy much.  Back on track, they cost 20 rupees per Bombchu, 
which is pretty steep.  They are simply mobile bombs based off rats, 
and aren’t worth it, really.
Diver Secret

Received From (Ages): You’ll find a diver on the surface of Zora 
Village (present age).  He’s the senior pupil of the Master Diver in 
Sunken City, and he’d like you to relay his secret to your mutual 

Given To (Seasons): To Master Diver!  Talk to the old coot in his house 
(right at the entrance of Sunken City) and let him hear the progress 
report.  Isn’t it great having pupils scattered all around the world?  
But, to the matter at hand.  He’s in a good mood, and so he’s devised a 
test for you to take.  Simply swim through his obstacle course in under 
30 seconds.  To get this prize, you must prove your pupil-hood.

Reward & Process: Take the stairs down and get through this obstacle 
course as quickly as you can.  Beat a time of 30 seconds and you’ll end 
up getting a nice prize... a ring.  Get it appraised at Vasu Jewelers; 
it’s a Swimmer’s Ring.  It makes you swim faster, but a pupil of the 
Master Diver barely needs it.  It cannot be transferred with a return 
secret, but you can always use the Ring Secret if you want it in Oracle 
of Ages.
Temple Secret

Received From (Ages): Upon defeating the boss of Wing Dungeon and 
claiming the Essence of Time there as your own, a Great Fairy appears 
over the rubble that was Ancient Cave (which is the present age name 
for what used to be the Wing Dungeon).  She is intrigued that you’ve 
come to Labrynna, and would like you to tell her friend a secret.  She 
lives behind a waterfall in the Temple of Seasons.  Thanks in advance.

Given To (Seasons): Go to the chamber of the Temple of Seasons that the 
Season Spirits gave you the Rod of Seasons in.  See that waterfall?  
Walk right into it.  You’ll pass through to a new room, one that 
another Great Fairy inhabits.  She listens to the secret and then 
thanks you in the only way Zelda characters can – with goods.

Reward & Process: She gives you a Magical Ring and suggests that you 
appraise it at Vasu Jewelers.  It turns out to be the Heart Ring L-1, 
which slowly restores your health as you walk.  Pretty nice, hmm?  Well, 
you could do better, really.  Since there’s no return secret, you’ll 
have to use a Ring Secret if you have any hopes of using this in Oracle 
of Ages.

And that’s it!  Now that you know how to do everything secretive, let’s 
move on with this.  Next stop?  Explaining Hero’s Cave.

=============================Hero’s Cave*==============================

In linked games, there is a cave opposite Maku Road known as “Hero’s 
Cave.”  It is a nightmarish puzzler of a mini-dungeon, but it is 
optional.  Your incentive?  There’s a worthwhile ring hidden at the end 
of the dungeon, and you might want to get it (or challenge yourself).  
Hero’s Cave is a fairly linear two-floor dungeon in which you must 
advance through each room to find the way to the next room.  In any 
case, you can attempt this dungeon any time after beating Level 7.  
Still, here’s a list of equipment you will need.

- Sword (as upgraded as possible)
- Shield (as upgraded as possible)
- Seed Satchel (as upgraded as possible)
- Power Bracelet (or Power Glove)
- Bombs (as upgraded as possible)
- Roc’s Feather
- Seed Shooter
- Long Hook (L-2)
- Cane of Somalia
- Boomerang
- Mermaid Suit

If you’re lacking any of those items (by the way, the Noble Sword and 
Iron Shield at least are recommended; I also suggest that you get the 
maximum seed and bomb upgrades to carry 99 and 50 of each, 
respectively).  If you run out of supplies, you won’t have much luck at 
finding them within Hero’s Cave, and so it pays to come well-supplied.  
Also, gather up all the Heart Containers you can muster, as well as a 
Magic Potion in reserves and possibly the Blue Ring (with that 
combination, it’s like you have four lives).  You probably won’t need 
it all, but you know what they say: “All’s fair in love and war.”  Also, 
they occasionally say: “Better safe than sorry.”  Keeping these 
principles in mind, enter... Hero’s Cave!

                         |    Hero’s Cave    |

The cave is opposite Maku Road’s opening in the present age.  I feel I 
should mention that, even though this is Hero’s Cave, the map of the 
level calls it “L-8: Ancient Tomb.”  Now, let’s get on with the show.  
The first room has three jars in it by two torches.  Lift the former 
and light the latter using the Power Bracelet and Ember Seeds, 
respectively.  The door opens to the north; take it.  Here, walk to the 
left and then up to another pot.  Push it right and then walk up where 
it was to a block.  Push that block up to make a narrow passage leading 
to the switch.  Now push that pot left once, up three times, right 
three times, and up once onto the switch.  Moving on, return to the 
door (don’t take it) and go right to find another switch by a pot.  
Disregard the pot, though.  Use the Cane of Somaria on the switch and a 
chest forms.  Open it for a Small Key, and use it on the door to the 

Use a Pegasus Seed on yourself and leap over the pit.  Now, to the 
right are two jars.  Below them is a block that you want to push right.  
Now bust through those pots and push the rightmost block down.  Then 
return to the other side and push the block that was next to it to the 
right, forming a nice path for you to take.  Walk along it to a pit.  
Take out a bomb, hold it for about two seconds, and throw it at the 
cracked block.  It should explode before it falls into the pit.  Now 
walk back around, push the block to the upper-right of the blue statue 
down, and then push the statue onto the switch.  A chest containing a 
Small Key results; use it to go north.

This room is a bit tricky.  First, dispose of the Tektites and Moldorm 
(you can hit the switch to destroy the bridge they’re standing on if 
you want).  Now, to get the contents of the treasure chest.  First, 
make sure the switch is hit so that it points right (meaning the upper 
bridge is made).  Then stand left two spaces from the first space of 
the bridge, face left, and shoot a seed (Mystery Seeds and especially 
Gale Seeds are disposable ones in here) to the lower-left.  Now, 
immediately use a Pegasus Seed on yourself and run across the bridge.  
If done correctly, you’ll cross the bridge before your seed bounces 
into the switch.  Now take the next bridge down to a chest.  Open it 
for a Small Key!  After taking it, push the block to the left and go 

Obviously, the first thing to do here is defeat the Like Likes and 
Spiked Beetles.  I suggest drawing the Spiked Beetles toward you to 
kill them first.  Once they’re all dead, we can turn our attention to 
the formidable puzzle in this room.  Set your two items to Seed Satchel 
and Seed Shooter, shooter set to a disposable seed (Mystery or Gale), 
satchel set to Ember Seeds.  Stand left of the uppermost statue and 
point the Seed Shooter to the lower-left.  When you shoot, the seed 
will ricochet off the lower three statues.  Before it’s done, turn to 
the right and use a seed on this statue with your satchel.  All four 
eyes are open and a chest appears.  Inside is a Gasha Seed.  More 
importantly, a mini-boss-style warp cloud appears.  Walk into it to 
appear in a new room.

First of all, there are a few Stalfos to be dealt with.  Once they’re 
out of the way, notice the statues to the left.  They’re arranged in a 
colored formation around a block.  And that means we must mimic it.  
Here are the steps involved in solving the puzzle.

1) For starters, push the blue statue in the upper-right corner down 
three times.

2) Jump right of the locked door and push the yellow statue here down 
twice and right three times.

3) Push the remaining yellow statue left once, down twice, and right 

4) Push the leftmost red statue up twice, and right all the way against 
the wall.

5) Go to the now leftmost right statue and push it up four times.  
After that, push it right once.

6) Let’s just push the lowermost red statue right once and up four 

7) Finally, jump down one space of the block to the far-left.  From 
there, push the lower-right blue statue in the original formation right 
six times.  A chest forms containing a Small Key; open the chest and go 
north using its prize.

In this new room, walk left around the path here to reach two pots by a 
switch.  Push the left pot down once.  Then Long Switch with the pot to 
the right of you.  Now walk right of the switch and push the lower 
block left, the upper up.  Step on the switch and a chest will form.  
Long Switch with the pot to the left and you’ll be able to reach the 
chest, which contains 200 rupees, by the way.  Now that we’re done with 
that room, go east.

First, note the presence of Fire Keese in this room.  You’ll want to 
jump and hit the high-flying bats using Roc’s Feather.  Afterwards, 
leap across the gap with a Pegasus Seed and the aforementioned feather.  
Now, walk into the lower-right corner of the room.  Long Switch with 
the diamond there and long switch again with the diamond to the left.  
Then walk right of the blue space and long switch with the two diamonds 
again to get back into the main part of the room.  From there, walk to 
the lower-left corner and push the blue statue onto the panel.  From 
there, stand left of the other blue statue.  Long Switch to the south 
to switch with a diamond, and then Long Switch to the right.  Walk back 
to the other statue, switch with it so that it’s to the upper-right 
(two spaces up) of the statue, and then walk to the northeast corner.  
Switch with the diamond so that it’s in the upper-right corner.  Push 
the blue statue up once and right all the way to the wall.  Now switch 
back with the diamond so that you’re above the statue; push it down 
twice.  A Small Key falls to you, and you want to use it go north.

First off, defeat the Tektites.  Then walk to the upper-left of the 
western switch.  Push the blocks above it down (the left and right ones) 
and over (the middle one).  Now press that switch to make a bridge 
materialize.  Now stand below the other switch and push the block there 
up.  Use the Cane of Somaria to place a block on the switch (the cane 
extends past the block, you see), making appear.  Walk across the 
bridge and use a Pegasus Seed plus Roc’s Feather to jump in and out of 
the blocks and reach the chest, which holds a Gasha Seed.  Note that a 
portal has formed for shortcut purposes.  Now that we’ve gotten our 
seed and shortcut, advance west into a tile room.

It’s a bit less complex than others, and we only have a few Arm-Mimics 
to contend with, too.  Go down four times, left to the corner, up to 
the corner, and right to another corner.  From there, go down three 
times to have made a complete rectangle.  Go left, down four times, 
left ten times, up six times, and right once.  Go down four times, 
right once, up twice, right once, down twice, right once, up to be 
between the Armos and yellow tile, left once, up once, left once, up 
once again, right twice, and down once.  Go right twice, up once, right 
once, down once, right once, up once, right twice, down once, left once, 
down once, left once, down once, right once, down twice, left once, up 
once, left once, down once, left once, up once, left once, up once, and 
right twice.  Use the Cane of Somaria on the last blue tile to make a 
chest form.  Open it for a Small Key and use it on the locked door to 
the north.

Step into the water and dive down to the basement.  Swim left past the 
jellyfish and surface on the blue tiles.  Slash the crystal switch at 
the top, push the jar right once, up twice, and down three times, go up 
past the blue block, and then slash the crystal switch again to raise 
the blue block.  Now stand on the red tile to the right and get out a 
bomb.  Toss it left so that it lands near the crystal switch.  Walk 
over the red tile before it explodes and the blue should be down.  Head 
right to the switch, press it, and a chest appears.  Long Switch with 
the jar to the left.  Long Switch back to the left with the other jar, 
and slash the crystal switch to reach the chest.  It contains a Small 

Use the key on the locked block to the lower-right.  Enter the water 
and dive down into the basement.  First, destroy the jellyfish in here.  
Next, Long Switch with the diamond ahead and then with the diamond to 
the left.  Swim left from there, attacking any other jellyfish that 
stand in your way, to reach a diamond puzzle.  Here, I’ll number the 
diamonds like so:

                                 1 S 2
                                 S   S
                                 3 S 4

Where S is a switch and the numbers are diamonds.  First, switch with 1 
from atop the uppermost switch.  Then swim down into the corridor below 
and switch with # 1 again.  Now switch # 2 onto the northern switch.  
Switch # 3 and # 4 onto the side switches, and then get onto the 
southern switch and hook # 1 to the south.  This makes a chest form; 
open it for a Small Key.  Use it on the locked block above, surface to 
the first floor, and walk left into a warp portal.

Now here’s a challenging room.  Note that if you mess up, you’ll have 
to warp back and forth (not to mention that you’ll do it automatically 
if you fall into lava), making this one annoying room.  You must pull a 
lever back with the Power Bracelet to make the floor solid, and then 
push a block (for speed reasons, use Pegasus Seeds before acting) 
around an otherwise lava-filled room to land on three colored panels.  
Here’s how it’s done.  The numbers represent each pulling of the lever.  
Note that if you or the cube fall into lava, you’ll have to start all 
over again.

1) Right x 2
2) Left x 2, Up x 1
3) Left x 1, Up x 1
4) Up x 3, Right x 1
5) Down x 2
6) Right x 6, Up x 2, Down x 4
7) Bomb the Cracked Blocks
8) Right x 3
9) Up x 1, Left x 1
10) Left x 1, Up x 4
11) Right x 2
12) Up x 1

A staircase will form; take it to a 2-D screen.  First, defeat the 
Spark with the Boomerang.  Then get onto the strangely shaped block 
formation.  Jump off of the tip, pull back on the control pad, and you 
should land in the hole on the right side.  From there, Long Switch 
with the blue vase ahead.  In the next part, you can reach the red 
rupee by setting your items to Roc’s Feather and the Cane of Somaria.  
Jump in the middle of the opening, use the Cane of Somaria below you, 
and a red block forms as a stepping stool right beneath your feet.  
Jump to the red rupee to get an extra 200 big ones, and then climb the 
ladder to the right to reach a new room.

Hop into the mine cart and ride it to reach three Gibdos and a chest 
holding a Gasha Seed.  Now step back into the mine cart.  When you hop 
out, pull out a bomb and jump back in.  When you reach the turn in the 
tracks, throw the bomb forward to blow up the cracked block ahead.  Now 
ride it back and Long Switch with the diamond to the south.  Now walk 
right around the block and hop the pit.  Here, jump in a half-square 
motion around the block to reach ground.  Next up is the difficult part.  
Use a Pegasus Seed on yourself and jump across the gap.  After that, 
wait for the Pegasus Seed to wear off.  Now jump in that hook-shaped 
fashion around the next few blocks.  You’ll reach a portal at the end.

The portal leads to the last room of the dungeon.  First, note that 
this is a Wall Master room; they can drop down on you at any time and 
take you to the first room of the dungeon.  Of course, this being a 
portal room, that’s not too threatening.  Then there are Wizzrobes and 
Kanalet Soldiers; just defeat them all.  After destroying them all (two 
Wall Masters in total), a staircase forms leading to the chest in this 
room.  It is a ring.  If you appraise it at Vasu Jewelers, it’ll turn 
out to be the Armor Ring L-3!  It seriously reduces the damage you deal, 
but also seriously reduces the amount of damage you take.  It’s very 
nice, but not worth it once you’ve gotten the Blue Ring, which doesn’t 
reduce damage quite as much but doesn’t have the nasty side effect of 
making your sword puny.

CONGRATULATIONS!  You beat Hero’s Cave, one of the toughest mini-
dungeons in Zelda history.  Hopefully, the Armor Ring L-3 will aid you 
in the future, and it might just come in handy in the...

============================Room of Rites*=============================

Anyone who pays any attention at all to the cinemas in this game will 
realize that there’s more to the story than we hear.  Throughout the 
game, a shrouded figure (alternately in linked games, Twinrova as two 
witches) appears and speaks ill of Link’s quest.  Well, as some 
might’ve guessed, Veran (and Onox) is merely a side quest in the true 
adventure.  Below is a summary of events in the linked game.

After freeing Din in Holodrum, Link journeyed to Labrynna.  Nayru was 
abducted by Veran, Sorceress of Shadows...  After much struggle, Link 
killed her, and he greeted Nayru, Ralph, and Ambi in Lynna Village 
after his success.  At first, all seemed well, but then Impa arrived.  
Zelda had been kidnapped!  While comforting a boy outside the village 
whose father had been turned to stone by Veran’s dark magic, lightning 
rained from the skies and the Gerudo witches, Kotake & Koume Twinrova, 
flew in.  They kidnapped Princess Zelda, and then they escaped to the 
“Dark Realm.”  You must rescue the princess, as she is a symbol of hope 
for not only Hyrule, but all the lands of the world!  Din and Nayru 
combine their powers to deliver you to the place that Zelda has been 
taken to, into the Room of Rites within the Dark Realm...

But meanwhile, the plot thickens.  Twinrova used Onox and Veran as 
their instruments of destruction and sorrow.  Onox unleashed 
destruction upon Holodrum, and Veran spread sorrow throughout Labrynna.  
And by abducting Princess Zelda, Twinrova has brought forth despair.  
Even though their pawns, Onox and Veran, are now dead, their deaths 
were not in vain.  Their Dark Rites are nearly complete.  Onox lit the 
Flame of Destruction, Veran ignited the Flame of Sorrow, and now the 
Flame of Despair burns bright because of Twinrova.  And now all that 
remains is the sacrifice of a legendary figure, and then the Evil King 
Ganon can emerge from the depths of the Dark Realm where he had been 
cast in his death...  They plan to revive Ganon, Great King of Evil.  
That is why Vire kidnapped Zelda earlier... and it is for all this that 
Link has ventured into the Room of Rites.  Zelda mustn’t be sacrificed, 
and Ganon cannot return...

“May the divine protection of the Triforce be with the hero of the 
Essences of Time and Nature!”

                        |    Room of Rites    |

You warp to the Room of Rites via a portal by the Maku Tree.  In the 
first room, go north once.  The room is filled with statues, their eyes 
spinning madly.  This puzzle, the Eye of Deceit, is a bit complicated.  
They eventually stop moving and focus their eyes on one direction.  
They will look in three different directions (either north, south, east, 
or west).  Whichever direction no statue is looking in, take it.  Do 
this seven times to reach the third room.  In here, simply go north 

The torches!  And Zelda!  There they are... the Flame of Destruction is 
red to the southwest.  The Flame of Sorrow is blue to the southeast.  
And the Flame of Despair is white to the north.  Walk toward Zelda’s 
collapsed body.  You become dizzy, and you are dropped to a new room.  
A voice sounds.  You’ve finally reached the altar, but they won’t let 
you continue.  So they’ve isolated you here.  The three Flames burn 
bright now, and the Evil King Ganon approaches.  The Holy Sacrifice, 
Princess Zelda, is all that remains for the resurrection to be 
completed.  Ganon’s spirit shall soon move into its vessel, it will all 
be over...  There is nothing you can do to stop them.  Prepare to meet 
your doom.  En garde!

                       |    Boss: Twinrova    |

Kotake Twinrova, the Gerudo witch of ice, and Koume Twinrova, the 
Gerudo witch of fire, are the great puppeteers in this insidious play.  
Together, they are the surrogate mothers of Ganondorf Dragmire, the 
King of the Gerudo, a tribe of thieves dwelling in the deserts of 
Hyrule.  And they’re now out to kill you before their son returns from 
the darkness that is death.

However, these twin sisters are weak to each other.  Fire is hurt by 
ice and ice is hurt by fire.  So, to apply this to the current 
situation, you need to use your sword to knock the attacks of the fire 
witch, Koume, and the ice witch, Kotake, into the other (you can tell 
by their coloring).  All this games at the Lynna Village targeting 
games have really paid off, eh?  If you have the Mirror Shield, you can 
block their attacks, by the way.  After a measly three to four hits, 
the witches go down.  You know what they say: “Divided we fall, united 
we stand.”  Well, Twinrova abides by this proverb in the fight.  After 
claiming not to be defeated like Knox (this is the second time they 
misspelled his name) and Veran, they merge into their true form – 
Twinrova.  Combined, the witches are a half-ice, half-fire fury.  
They’ve decided to sacrifice you!

Combined, Twinrova is a lot stronger than before.  There are three 
forms to this phase of the fight.  First, there is Twinrova, a balance 
of ice and fire.  Then there is the fire-dominated version, which makes 
use of fire only.  Then there’s the ice-dominated version, and it uses 
ice attacks.  Now, let’s discuss the forms.

Note that lava fills the room when the fire form is active.  Since 
getting hit will often knock you into it, the Steadfast Ring can come 
in handy here.  First, the fire type attacks by firing embers at you.  
If they miss you initially, they will hit the wall and split into three 
attacks.  Either dodge them by walking between the fire or jump over 
them.  The fire form also has the irritating habit of summoning Fire 
Keese.  They will dive at you once (fortunately for you, they don’t 
return).  In any case, you need to attack Twinrova with sword attacks.  
Yep, that’s it.  She floats around the room, and sometimes she’ll move 
into you, but you’ll have to make that sacrifice if you want to score 
damage.  After taking enough of it, she’ll revert to the ice form.

The floor is covered by a sheet of ice, making it harder to move.  I 
suggest keeping Roc’s Feather out for easy maneuvering.  You have to 
slash her in this state, too, but she has a new set of attacks.  First, 
she fires ice crystals around the room.  They slide on the floor and 
bounce off the wall, but can be deflected with your sword.  Jump to 
avoid them (or slash them).  Note that she fires three when very weak.  
Then, because this game does not include Ice Keese, Twinrova can also 
fire an orb of icy energy at you.  Defend against it with your blade.  
After enough hits in either form, she’ll revert to the balanced form, 
the normal Twinrova.  That’s when she’s weak.  Shoot her (if the floor 
is of ice, use an Ember Seed.  If it’s lava-filled, shoot a Mystery 
Seed.  But, you can use Scent Seeds more effectively in either case) 
while she’s vulnerable to deal damage.

After many hits, Twinrova will admit defeat.  They cannot destroy you, 
and thus their rites have failed, but there is still an alternative...  
They will sacrifice their own body in place of Zelda’s!  The power of 
the Flames of Destruction, Sorrow, and Despair gather into their body, 
and it ignites into a blue fire.  And from it comes Ganon, King of Evil.  
What’s on the agenda today?  “Destroy... all...  Kill ALL!”

                         |    BOSS: GANON    |

Yes, Ganon is a gigantic pig (much like a Moblin, only more sinister).  
And he is one of the hardest bosses in the game.  First off, let me say 
that only the Master Sword (see “Linked Secrets”) can harm Ganon.  If 
you have the Wooden Sword (good luck...) or the Noble Sword (still bad 
chances), you’ll be forced to use a ton of spin attacks to hurt Ganon.  
And no, the Biggoron’s Sword can’t hurt the fiend.  But, that’s the 
trick – hurting Ganon.  He warps all around the room, and so it can be 
a challenge.  On the other hand, Ganon sure does have many ways to hurt 
you.  Ganon loves two things – energy attacks and using the Magic 
Trident against you.

First, there’s his triple energy blast attack.  He appears, fires one 
ball straight down slowly, and then releases two quick balls to the 
lower-right and left.  Block them with your Mirror Shield, or just 
physically dodge them.  He will also pound the ground to stun you and 
then launch a huge energy attack to take advantage of your immobility.  
Jump before he slams his fist into the ground, but be prepared for the 
giant energy attack that follows.  Lastly, Ganon sometimes turns the 
screen blue to disorient you.  The controls will be reversed (up is 
down, left is right, etc.), probably causing you to slip up, but Ganon 
is really vulnerable right here to multiple attacks.  Then, Ganon will 
combine his Magic Trident with his energy attacks.  When it is 
surrounded by four small energy orbs, get ready for a circular release 
of twelve tiny energy spheres.  The other attack Ganon uses, which 
might be his most frequent, uses the Magic Trident.  He appears, holds 
it back, and then drives it forward into you.  Block it by jumping back 
(I recommend keeping Roc’s Feather equipped throughout the bout to 
avoid attacks and move more quickly) or putting forward your sword.

And, needless to say, all of these attacks do a lot of damage (which is 
why I suggest you keep the Blue Ring equipped).  But, after many, many 
spin attacks or Master Sword slashes, Ganon will be defeated.  The 
screen flashes white as he disappears in an explosion, and a staircase 
forms.  Take it up to the altar.  Approach Zelda and she speaks.  She 
is glad that you’ve halted the completion of the rites.  Without 
sacrificing Zelda, Ganon was brought back mindless and raging.  With 
power, wisdom, and courage, you sealed him back in the Dark Realm and 
prevented Twinrova’s planned resurrection.  Now peace shall return to 
the hearts of all the people.  You are a true hero!  Ah, but the Room 
of Rites begins to quake.  It is crumbling because the powers of shadow 
begin to wane.  They must get out of there.  Suddenly, the Maku Tree 
calls to you.  She knew you’d succeed!  Leave the rescue to her.  She 
brings you out of the Dark Realm and welcomes you back.

Nayru is glad to see all of you back safely, and Din offers to dance 
with you!  Meanwhile, Impa congratulates you and thanks you deeply.  
And Zelda reveals that the symbol on the back of your hand is the mark 
of the hero whose fate it is to appear when peace crumbles in Hyrule.  
With the Essences of Time and Nature, as well as the virtues of the 
Triforce, you have fought off the powers of evil!  Link gets a kiss 
from Zelda and the credits roll!

In some strange place (Hyrule?), we see Nayru and Din.  Moosh has his 
Spring Bananas, Dimitri rolls in to greet you, and Ricky gives you a 
good-spirited punch.  And Zelda looks over her kingdom from Hyrule 
Castle’s balcony.  Once the credits are done with, you see the Triforce 
in the sky above.  And Link is sailing away from Holodrum and Labrynna 
to his home in Hyrule.  It is The End.  You receive the Hero’s Secret 
as your reward.

CONGRATULATIONS!  You’ve truly beaten the game!  Now, you can use the 
Hero’s Secret to start a new quest in Holodrum or Labrynna!  Check out 
“Linked Secrets” to learn more.  May the way of the Hero lead to the 
  /                                                                 \
 /                                                                   \
||----------------------------Section 4*-----------------------------||
 \                                                                   /

===========================Pieces of Heart*============================

You can get a total of 14 hearts in your life meter.  You start with 
three, get eight from defeating bosses, and that leaves three hearts 
left to get.

Ever since A Link to the Past, Link could collect Pieces of Heart, 
quarters of Heart Containers.  When you collect four Pieces of Heart, 
you add one heart to your meter.  So, using our advanced mathematical 
skills, three times four equals twelve.  Yep, there are 12 Pieces of 
Hearts scattered about Labrynna, and you might want to start collecting 
some.  Here, I’ll list where to find them.

#) Location


Above is the setup, and below is the actual list.

1) Black Tower (Past Age)

Notes: After getting the Shovel from one of the workers in the Black 
Tower, go outside.  One screen south of the entrance, you can dig your 
way to a Piece of Heart in plain sight to the right.  It is very likely 
that this is your first piece.
2) Maku Road (Past Age)

Notes: If you go to see the Maku Tree, take the stairs down and go west 
from the room you come down to.  This room has two Stalfos in it and a 
block arrangement in the northwest corner.  Push lower-left block up 
and the lower-right block left to access the Piece of Heart.
3) Yoll Graveyard (Present Age)

Notes: After getting the Power Bracelet, return to the entrance of the 
graveyard.  Go east, south, west, and south.  Now lift the rock here 
and take the Piece of Heart.
4) Deku Forest (Past Age)

Notes: This is fairly easy to get.  If you go left two screens and 
south one of the Ancient Cave housing the Wing Dungeon in it (in Deku 
Forest), you’ll find a small tree that can be burnt down with Ember 
Seeds.  Do so and take the stairs that you uncover down to a cave.  Go 
right until you reach the previously tantalizing Piece of Heart.
5) Talus Peaks (Past Age)

Notes: Let’s start at the screen containing the entrance to Maku Road.  
Go south twice, west five times, and pull out Roc’s Feather.  Use it to 
jump a gap and go north.  Now go north again up a few steps to reach a 
cave.  Enter it.  Jump across the platforms here, lifting the pots if 
you’d like, and you’ll jump right to a Piece of Heart.  You can exit 
the cave by jumping south, lifting the pot, and jumping right to the 
6) Talus Peaks (Present Age)

Notes: Make it the past age and go to Symmetry Village.  From the house 
that contains the Tuni Nut, go west, south, west, north, and west.  
Stand in the southwest corner of the screen and play the Tune of 
Currents/Ages.  Go right a screen from here, now in the present age, to 
find the Piece of Heart in question.
7) Lynna City (Present Age)

Notes: Go north of the Ember Seed tree.  Make sure it’s the past age.  
Stand so that you’re touching the upper-left corner of the leftmost 
tree and play the Tune of Currents/Ages.  You’ll reappear in the 
fenced-in part of the shop in the present age.  Enter, go north again, 
and take the stairs down.  Welcome to the secret shop!  You can buy a 
Piece of Heart here for 500 rupees (as well as other good items, like a 
L-2 Ring Box).
8) Rolling Ridge (Present Age)

Notes: Go south once of the Pegasus Seed tree on Rolling Ridge in the 
past and play the Tune of Currents/Ages.  Enter the cave here and take 
the steps up.  Walk around the path here to reach a Goron; blow up the 
wall by it.  Go through the opening you forced into existence and 
you’ll uncover yet another Piece of Heart.
9) Rolling Ridge (Present Age)

Notes: Go to Crown Dungeon in the present age (having beaten it) and go 
right once.  Take the cave to the right to its end.  When you exit, go 
right, north, and right.  Play the Tune of Ages south of the cave 
entrance here.  Now slash the bushes to reach the corner of the map.  
Play the Tune of Ages again to warp back to the present age where 
you’ll pick up a Piece of Heart.  
10) Crescent Island (Present Age)

Notes: Go one screen north of the island guardian (the entrance to 
Moonlit Grotto) so that you’re in the water.  Dive down and swim right 
once, north once, right again, and south twice.  Welcome to the 
Crescent Island underwater maze!  It’s just another one of the many 
secrets of the island.  From this intersection, go south, west, south, 
west, north twice, and into the cave.  In this cave, beneath Moonlit 
Grotto, open the chest for a Piece of Heart.
11) Random

Notes: This one pops out of Gasha Nuts.  Remember, you can plant Gasha 
Seeds in soft soil, return a little while later, and slash the nut to 
get the content.  The Gasha Ring, as well as advancing in the game and 
defeating enemies, greatly increases your chances of getting this Piece 
of Heart.  Good luck.
12) Random

Notes: Maple will drop a Piece of Heart randomly when you bump into her 
in screens she appears in.  This can be past or present.  To increase 
the likelihood of running into Maple, and thus of her dropping this, 
try wearing the Maple’s Ring or play for a very long time.  Remember, 
Maple appears every 30 enemies you defeat in appropriate screens.

But, don’t stop yet.  There are actually two more Heart Containers you 
can get.  It is possible to get a total of 16 (only 15 if you use no 
password to start your game), if you use the right moves.  Here’s how.

            |    16 Heart Containers – Non-Linked Game    |

- You start out with 4 Heart Containers if you use Hero’s Secret to 
start a game (otherwise, you can only get 15 Heart Containers).
- You can collect 8 Heart Containers through dungeon bosses.
- 12 Pieces of Heart provide you with 3 more Heart Containers.
- The last Heart Container is gotten through the Graveyard Secret (use 
a return secret; see “Linked Secrets”).

              |    16 Heart Containers – Linked Game    |

- You start with 4 Heart Containers.
- You earn an additional 8 Heart Containers from dungeon bosses.
- Three Heart Containers are obtained through Pieces of Heart.
- Get the Fairy Secret in an Oracle of Seasons file and use the code to 
earn another Heart Container.

And there you have it – how to collect all 15/16 Heart Containers.  May 
they serve you well, grasshopper.

=============================Gasha Seeds*==============================

Not an integral part of the game, but Gasha Seeds do have their place 
in Link’s inventory.  As we have seen, Labrynna is more than a little 
seed-obsessed, and the most plentiful seeds are Gasha Seeds, which have 
been planted by farmers for centuries in Labrynna.  When planted in 
soft soil spots, Gasha Seeds developed into Gasha Trees that bear Gasha 
Nuts, and inside is a reward item.  Wearing the Gasha Ring, defeating 
many monsters, continuing in your quest, and helping people all 
increase the chances of your reward being a good one.

This is not a guide to getting all 30 of the hidden Gasha Seeds 
(because you can easily win them at mini-games an infinite number of 
times and they really aren’t that hard to come by) in chests and the 
like, but actually a guide to the soft soil locations where you can 
plant them.  There are sixteen such spots, and you are encouraged by 
the game to plant them in all the hard-to-reach places.  This section 
is largely a result of the Discovery Ring, a useful ring that chimes 
(like the Compass does for a key) when you enter a screen that has soft 
soil in it.

#) Location


Above is the self-explanatory setup, and below is the list.  Let’s get 
to it.

1) Lynna Village (Past Age)

Notes: One screen south of Pippin’s house, by the Toilet.  It’s in 
plain sight.
2) Yoll Graveyard (Present Age)

Notes: From the entrance of the graveyard, head east, south, and west.  
Again, the soft soil is not concealed.
3) Fairies’ Forest (Present Age)

Notes: In the southwestern corner of Deku Forest, play the Tune of 
Currents/Ages to warp to the present day, where a bush is all that 
stands between you and soft soil.
4) South Shore (Past Age)

Notes: Go north and west from Rafton’s house.  Go left, jumping over 
the pits, and head west again.  Now swim across the water here and dig 
in the space surrounded by dirt piles.
5) Crescent Island (Past Age)

Notes: Go south a screen of the guardian – the entrance to Moonlit 
Grotto in the present age, a road to the Sea of No Return in the past 
age – and dig around to find the soft soil.
6) Crescent Island (Present Age)

Notes: The Tokay Traders hut becomes a pile of bushes over 400 years.  
Reach it by swimming through Crescent Straight and cut down the bushes 
there to uncover the soft soil.
7) Crescent Island (Present Age)

Notes: In the present age, in the same screen (but on the other side of 
the coconuts) as a Fairy Fountain on the west side of the island, you 
can climb a few vines and go right to two rocks and two bushes.  Lift a 
rock to unearth the soft soil.
8) Nuun Highlands (Present Age)

Notes: In the northwest corner of the highlands, you can dig for this 
one using the Shovel.
9) Talus Peaks (Past Age)

Notes: From soft soil spot # 1, go west twice and jump the pits to go 
north.  Go east, north twice, and you’ll reach four rocks.  Lift one 
and dig in the center to uncover this soft soil.
10) Talus Peaks (Present Age)

Notes: In the past age, go to the screen with the Owl statue that is 
the dead-end (the owl statue has a Time Portal by it; it’s one screen 
south and three screens west of the southwest corner of Symmetry City).  
Play the Tune of Ages to be able to go south in the present age.  Now 
play the Tune of Ages here to return to the past.  You want to do it so 
that you land on top of the ledge here.  Slash the bushes to reveal 
soft soil.
11) Talus Lake (Past Age)

Notes: In the present age, to the northernmost two screens outside of 
Symmetry Village.  In the east one, play the Tune of Ages in the 
northwestern corner to appear on a high ledge in the past.  Lift the 
rock here to uncover the soft soil.
12) Rolling Ridge Base (Past Age)

Notes: Right outside the main entrance of Rolling Ridge (the one that 
leads to where the Goron Elder was trapped under a pile of rocks) are a 
few bushes; slash them to reveal this soft soil.
13) Rolling Ridge (Past Age)

Notes: This is in the screen that Crown Dungeon is in the present age.  
To reach it, either use Tune of Ages or (after beating Crown Dungeon) 
use the cave to reach the dungeon, take the cave right of the one you 
exit by, and use the Time Portal under the stone to go to the past.  
Then go west.  Either way, it’s you’ll find the soft soil between the 
three bushes here.
14) Rolling Ridge (Present Age)

Notes: In the screen you need to grow a vine in to reach the Goron 
Gallery, lift the rocks to find this little number, a patch of soft 
15) Zora Village (Past Age)

Notes: In the southwest corner of the map, right by a few trees is a 
group of shrubs.  Trim the hedges to discover soil, soft soil.
16) Sea of Storms (Present Age)

Notes: In password games only can you access the central screen of the 
Sea of Storms.  If you do, you can reach a tempting bit of soft soil on 
an island there.

And that’s where you can plant your Gasha Seeds.  Although the soft 
soil patches are evenly spread out between the ages, chances are that 
your game will have the majority of them in the past due to the 
inaccessibility of the Sea of Storms in the present age.

============================Magical Rings*=============================

There are 64 different rings in the game (64 is Nintendo’s lucky number 
ever since the Nintendo 64 came out), and many have beneficial effects 
(that’s not to say that all do, however).

Rings do not come with name and effect ready from the chest.  First, 
you must appraise them for a 20-rupee fee.  And you can do that at Vasu 
Jewelers, one screen south of Maku Road in the present age.  Talk to 
Vasu and you can appraise any rings you have, and then access your list 
of rings.  You must talk to Vasu to even be able to collect rings.  He 
gives you the L-1 Ring Box, capable of holding one ring in it as you 
travel, and he gives you the Friendship Ring to start out your 
collection.  You can get many more rings as well as two upgrades to 
your ring box over the course of the game.

There are essentially four ways to get rings.  First, you can get rings 
from Gasha Nuts.  Second, rings often scatter after you run into Maple.  
Third, you can often find rings in treasure chests or by completing 
certain events.  Fourth and finally, you can exchange rings via 
passwords using the Ring Secret (see “Linked Secrets”).

Unfortunately, most rings are gotten through Maple or Gasha Nuts (note 
that rings acquired through the chest mini-game in the secret shop are 
all able to be gotten through Gasha Seeds and Maple as well), and some 
rings aren’t available to you unless you trade them over from Oracle of 
Seasons.  Still, I’ll guide you to each of the rings, numbering them as 
the game does.  Let’s get this started.

#) Name of Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes/No


Above is the setup, and below lies the list.  And, go!

1) Friendship Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: Simply go to talk to Vasu at his store, Vasu Jewelers.  He’ll 
give you a L-1 Ring Box and this ring, the symbol of a meeting, to go 
along with it.  The Friendship Ring has no effect, however.
2) Power Ring L-1

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This ring is not available in Oracle of Ages; you’ll have to use 
the Ring Secret to get one.  If you do get it, it raises the damage you 
deal a bit but also raises the amount of damage dealt to you as well.
3) Power Ring L-2

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: This is simply an amplified version of Power Ring L-1; it 
doubles the effects of that ring by increasing the damage you deal but 
also lowering your defense twice as much as your offense gains.
4) Power Ring L-3

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This ring does not appear in Oracle of Ages, which means that 
the Ring Secret is necessary for it to see Labrynnian soil.
5) Armor Ring L-1

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This is in the basement of the Great Moblin’s Palace.  Either 
fall through the floor when it’s there or take the stairs down after 
blowing it up.  After a long 2-D section, you’ll reach a room with a 
chest in it.  Open the chest for this ring.  You will lose attack power 
but will take slightly less damage from enemies.
6) Armor Ring L-2

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This ring will not appear in an Ages game.  Only the Ring Secret 
will allow you to add this one to your ring list.  Anyways, if worn, 
you will decrease your attack power but up your defense twice as much 
as Armor Ring L-1 does.
7) Armor Ring L-3

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This is inside Hero’s Cave (please see that section for details).  
Use it to weaken your attack power but increase your defense.  In fact, 
your defense is increases triple the amount it is from Armor Ring L-1.
8) Red Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: For some reason, it was decided that offensive rings were for 
Seasons, and defensive for Ages.  To obtain this one, you’ll need to 
use the Ring Secret.  This handy ring doubles attack power, no strings 
attached.  The Red Ring is originally from The Legend of Zelda.  In 
that NES classic, Link’s defense power was quadrupled and his clothes 
were turned red when he wore this, but now the Red Ring doubles attack 
power, which makes more sense to me.
9) Blue Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This great ring, which halves the damage that you take, is in a 
tough spot to reach.  From Ancient Tomb (Level 8), jump off the ledge 
to the lower level, go right, south, left, right (lower route), and 
lift the sarcophagus to reveal a chest.  Open it for this.  Half damage 
is great news in my book.  In its first appearance in The Legend of 
Zelda, the Blue Ring played the same role – doubling defense - and 
turned Link’s mail blue.  It would’ve been cool if Link’s tunic could 
change color in this game, but alas, it cannot.
10) Green Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: Increases your offensive power 1.5 times and you take only .75 
times the damage you normally would.  It’s a mix of the Red Ring and 
Blue Ring to make the perfect color for Link – green.  The Green Ring 
was probably supposed to be the “banner ring” of the third Oracle title, 
but that game was cancelled because the password process would’ve been 
too complicated between three games.
11) Cursed Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: Attack is halved and damage is doubled.  It’s really quite a 
terrible ring, like the reverse of Green Ring only worse.  It is cursed 
I tell you!
12) Expert’s Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: Link can punch forward when no item is equipped to the buttons 
you press (for example, press B when nothing is equipped to A or B to 
let Link punch).  These blows are stronger than those of the Fist Ring, 
making this is a sort of Fist Ring L-2.
13) Blast Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This cannot be gotten in Ages.  Only with the Ring Secret can 
you hope to ever wear it.  Using the Blast Ring increases the strength 
of your bombs so that they inflict more damage on enemies.
14) Rang Ring L-1

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: For a reason unknown, only a Seasons game can have this.  Ring 
Secret could let you have this almost useless ring, though.  It is used 
to strengthen the Boomerang, but the ‘rang will still be too weak to 
damage the majority of enemies.
15) GBA Time Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: If you are playing Oracle of Ages on a Game Boy Advance (like I 
said, this was released late in the Game Boy Color lifespan), then the 
door next to the Lynna Village mini-game will be open.  Inside is the 
Advance Shop, in which everything costs 100 rupees.  Buy a ring there 
and appraise it for this ring.  It does nothing but take up a slot on 
the list.
16) Maple’s Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: Normally, you’d have to kill 30 enemies in order to make Maple 
appear.  With this ring on, that number drops to 15.  This ring is 
great to use for collecting other rings.
17) Steadfast Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This cannot be gotten in Ages without using the Ring Secret.  
Its effect makes Link rather Gibdo-like.  Link isn’t pushed back as far 
from being hit by enemies.  Also, no kickback when you slash things.
18) Pegasus Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This ring doubles the length of time that the Pegasus Seed 
effect lasts.  It is found in the Sea of Storms in a cave (past age for 
most games, but present age and in a different chest in password games).
19) Toss Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: This can be gotten underwater (dive in the deep water outside 
Mermaid’s Cave in the present age).  This doubles the distance you can 
throw objects, such as bombs and rocks.
20) Heart Ring L-1

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This recovers hearts as you walk.  It can be gotten through 
“return linking,” or giving Farore a password you used in Seasons.  For 
this particular one, use the password that the Great Fairy in the 
Temple of Seasons (in Oracle of Seasons) gives you if you’re playing in 
a password game (in Seasons).
21) Heart Ring L-2

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: This ring recovers hearts over time, but rather slowly.
22) Swimmer’s Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This can be gotten through return linking (see # 20).  This 
password comes from the mini-game played in Sunken City.  It lets you 
swim faster than normal.
23) Charge Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: Spin attacks charge much more quickly than normal.  It’s almost 
24) Light Ring L-1

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This is gotten in a cave in Nuun Highlands.  It lets you shoot 
sword beams even at -2 hearts (whereas normally you have to have the 
meter full to shoot beams).  This only works with the Noble Sword or 
Master Sword.
25) Light Ring L-2

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This is won in the sword mini-game in Lynna Village.  This lets 
you fire sword beams when you draw your Noble/Master Sword as low as -3 
hearts instead of keeping your meter full.
26) Bomber’s Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This lets you set two bombs at once.  It can be won through 
Goron Dancing.
27) Green Luck Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This can be gotten in Mayor Plen’s House.  It halves the damage 
you take from traps, but it isn’t all that useful once you have the 
fix-all Blue Ring.
28) Blue Luck Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: You take half damage from the lasers, mostly those of Beamos 
(but there are other enemies that fire lasers, like Ramrock).  Aside 
from rings with no effects, this must be up there are one of the most 
useless rings.
29) Gold Luck Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This is gotten in Queen Ambi’s Palace.  Please see “Jabu-Jabu’s 
Belly” for details on that.  This halves the damage from falls so that 
you lose only a quarter of a heart from them.  Not exactly the most 
useful thing around.
30) Red Luck Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: This is gotten in the sword baseball mini-game in Lynna Village.  
This halves the damage you take from spikes, but spikes are pretty rare 
anyways.  Again, the luck rings aren’t all that useful.
31) Green Holy Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: This is most easily gotten in Zora Seas.  It prevents damage 
from electricity, which only two enemies – Buzz Blobs and jellyfish – 
can produce.  No, it’s not a very useful ring.
32) Blue Holy Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: This ring isn’t the best either; you’ll take no damage from 
Zora’s fireballs.  River Zoras are pretty rare as it is, and this would 
seldom be useful.
33) Red Holy Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: This prevents damage from small rocks (like those that Octoroks 
fire).  Yep, it’s pretty useless.  But, you can also get it in Zora 
Seas (past age) if you don’t want to try Maple or a Gasha Nut.
34) Snowshoe Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This can be gotten through the Mamamu Secret.  See “Linked 
Secrets” for details on that.  This makes you lose no traction on ice.  
Unlike A Link to the Past, which had a whole dungeon devoted to ice, 
this game has very few instances where the floors are covered by ice.  
But, it could be used in the Room of Rites as well (you’ll know what I 
mean when you’re there).
35) Roc’s Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: You could find this useful, I guess.  Cracked floors don’t 
crumble when you wear this.  Cracked floors are very rarely a problem 
in this game, though.  Still, not too good.
36) Quicksand Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: You can also win this in the Big Bang game on Rolling Ridge 
(present).  This prevents sinking in quicksand.  In other words, it is 
pretty much worthless in Oracle of Ages.
37) Red Joy Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: When you defeat enemies, they drop double the normal amount of 
rupees.  It can be used for making money if you aren’t any good at 
38) Blue Joy Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This can be gotten in password games only.  If you enter the 
Black Tower after Level 3, you’ll fight Vire to save Princess Zelda in 
a Donkey Kong-style “boss fight.”  She rewards you with this ring, 
which doubles the hearts that enemies drop.  If you don’t have the Blue 
Ring, use this, I guess.
39) Gold Joy Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This doubles all items that you find.  Double your seeds and 
bombs!  This is found in an interesting way.  Here’s how it’s done.  Go 
to the entrance of Rolling Ridge (the one the Goron Elder was trapped 
in) during the present age.  Walk forward, go east, and take the lower 
staircase.  Now bomb the center of the wall to the right to reveal a 
hidden opening.  Go through it and open the chest for a ring.  Appraise 
it to get the Gold Joy Ring.
40) Green Joy Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This isn’t available in Oracle of Ages.  Use the Ring Secret 
with an Oracle of Seasons game to obtain it.  It lets you find double 
Ore Chunks, which aren’t even in Oracle of Ages anyways.  In case you 
were interested, Ore Chunks are the currency of Subrosia, a secret 
world beneath Holodrum in Oracle of Seasons.
41) Discovery Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This ring can be gotten from a chest in Spirit’s Grave.  It 
chimes like the Compass when you come to a screen with soft soil in it, 
which makes it useful to find soft soil (if you don’t use this guide), 
but useless after you’ve found it all.
42) Rang Ring L-2

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: Since the Boomerang is so weak already in Oracle of Ages, this 
is an almost useless ring.  It strengthens your Boomerang, you see, but 
it’s still too weak to damage most enemies.
43) Octo Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: It turns Link into an Octorok (kind of cheaply, though.  He 
turns back into Link as he walks through doors).  As such, Link only 
looks like one, and he can use no items or do anything an Octorok can 
but scuttle around.  However, he is immune to Like Likes in this form.  
You can also win this at the Lynna Village mini-game.
44) Moblin Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: Link is a Moblin!  As a Moblin, you have no attacks or anything 
like that.  But, if attacked by a Like Like, nothing happens to Link.  
This is just a novelty ring.
45) Like Like Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: This can also be gotten in a chest in Jabu-Jabu’s Belly.  Why 
anyone would want to parade about as a shield-eating Like Like is 
beyond me, but this form does make you resistant to other Like Likes 
shield-eating habits.
46) Subrosian Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This cool ring isn’t in Oracle of Ages, but Ring Secret can fix 
that.  It makes Link look like Subrosians, the hooded figures that live 
in Subrosia in Oracle of Seasons.
47) First Gen Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: Just barely beating out the Subrosian Ring, this little number 
turns your character’s sprite into that of Link from The Legend of 
Zelda in 1986 on the NES!  It’s 8-bit goodness.
48) Spin Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This can be gotten in Oracle of Ages, but only through 
considerable difficulty.  You need to use the Plen Secret to get it.  
This lets you use a spin attack twice in a row, which is very useful 
against bosses.
49) Bombproof Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: You can win this in the Goron Dance Hall (present) if you get a 
perfect score in the Gold difficulty, too.  It makes you invulnerable 
to the explosions of your own bombs.  It can be used against Armos, but 
they’re rare as it is.
50) Energy Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: You can fire a sword beam instead of using the spin attack.  Now, 
why would you want to use a sword beam that is weaker than a normal 
attack when you could use an attack twice as powerful as a normal slash?  
If you want to use it, though, be my guest.
51) Dbl. Edge Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: Your sword is very strong, but it consumes an entire heart per 
drain.  It could be useful if used for limited times in boss fights, 
but I prefer other rings, like the Red Ring.
52) GBA Nature Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This ring can’t be gotten in Oracle of Ages unless you use the 
Ring Secret.  It is useless, anyways, having no effect.
53) Slayer’s Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: Vasu gives this to you once he sees that you’ve killed a total 
of 1000 monsters.  It does nothing, but it might strike fear into the 
hearts of your enemies.
54) Rupee Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: After getting a total of 10,000 rupees, talk to Vasu.  This ring 
is proof that you’re a tycoon.  It has no use, though.
55) Victory Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: You automatically obtain it when playing a new game with the 
Hero’s Secret.  It is proof of your victory over [the final boss; see 
“Room of Rites”], and has no use aside from that.
56) Sign Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This ring cannot be gotten in an Ages game through normal 
circumstances, though it can be gotten using the Ring Secret.  It does 
mark the occasion of having destroyed 100 signs, though.
57) 100th Ring

Gasha/Maple: No

Notes: This ring is given to you after you’ve had 100 rings appraised.  
Just think of how many rupees you’ve spent appraising and collecting 
rings.  It has no use aside from that, though.
58) Whisp Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: Jinxes, which don’t let you draw your sword, no longer affect 
you.  This isn’t a great ring.
59) Gasha Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: It increases the likelihood of getting good items from Gasha 
nuts.  I suggest using it while trying to get the Gasha Seed-related 
Piece of Heart.
60) Peace Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: Don’t you hate it when a bomb explodes in your hands?  Wouldn’t 
it be great if you had more time to position your bombs?  Well get this!  
New, from Vasu, the Peace Ring!  It prevents bombs from exploding until 
set on the ground!  Now defeating Armos statue is fun for the whole 
family!  Order today!
61) Zora Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: With this, you can dive (B) underwater indefinitely.  It might 
help you out in Mermaid’s Cave, but you might as well use the Blue Holy 
Ring for every other enemy but Water Tektites.  What I want to know is 
how Link can stay underwater on the seafloor forever but he can’t dive 
in rivers for more than a few seconds.
62) Fist Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: If you don’t have an item equipped to A or B, press the vacant 
button to throw a punch.  This is nice, but it’s replaced once you have 
the Expert’s Ring, a stronger version of this.  It’s close range, 
though, and you might want to stick with the sword.
63) Whimsical Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: I don’t suggest using this.  The attack power of your sword 
drops a lot, but you sometimes inflict critical damage on enemies.  The 
cons outweigh the pros, though, as most of the time you attack like a 
64) Protection Ring

Gasha/Maple: Yes

Notes: With this, damage taken is always one heart.  While this could 
be useful against very powerful enemies/bosses, it also gives weak 
enemies a chance to beat you down.  Since most enemies can’t inflict 
more than two hearts damage anyways, you might as well just wear the 
Blue Ring.

And if you get two of the same ring, Vasu will buy it from you for 30 
rings.  Those are all the rings, 64 in all, but I can tell you which is 
the best right off the bat.  The Blue Ring is the best in Ages, and the 
Red Ring in Seasons.  Notice that the official color of Oracle of Ages 
is blue, while Seasons is red.  Well, onto the next section.

===========================Bipin & Blossom*============================

In present-day Lynna City, there lives a farmer.  He is a simple man in 
a long line of farmers, and he is descended from Pippin.  His name is 
Bipin, his wife Blossom, and these two have just recently had a son.

You can influence their son greatly by talking to Blossom at different 
times in the game.  How you answer her questions determines what career 
he will take up, and how he is raised will earn you a reward.  It’s 
time to put those parenting skills to the test and see if you’ve got 
what it takes to raise Bipin & Blossom’s son.  You stoked?  You should 

                          |    The Name    |

When you first enter Lynna City, look around to find the home of Bipin 
& Blossom (east of Dr. Troy’s house), and the home of their new son.  
Blossom is quite excited, but she can’t think of a new name for her 
baby boy.  She asks you for advice and you get to enter a name you’d 
like to give the baby.  You can name it anything you want, whether you 
name it Pippin after their ancestor (of course, due to the five-letter 
limit, you can’t fit in the extra “p”), Mistake as a cruel joke (really, 
you can’t fit that many letters, but you can put in Error), or some 
other name (mine is Kafei).  The name’s not important, as a son by any 
other name still has the same text.

                         |    The Ailment    |

After beating Level 2, the son will become sick.  Blossom needs money 
to take him to the doctor, and it’s up to you to make a kind donation.  
Give her either 1, 10, 50, or 150.  This choice, like the others, will 
affect the son’s career.

                        |    The Insomnia    |

Blossom’s baby boy won’t fall asleep, and she needs answers.  This 
occurs after beating the Level 4, by the way.  You have to choose 
whether Blossom should play with him, to wear him down, or sing him to 
sleep.  What you do affects who he will be.

                           |    The Kid    |

The son will have a miraculous growth spurt, transforming into a kid.  
Depending on how you answered questions will determine what he looks 
like and asks you.  Note that this occurs after Level 1 in a linked 
game (Bipin & Blossom move after you beat the game, which is why their 
house is empty).

- If you told Blossom to play with him, he’ll be energetic.  He’s 
curious as to whether or not you have a girlfriend, and how you answer 
this question will determine his future.

- If you gave Blossom 1 or 10 rupees and told her to sing to the baby, 
he’ll be a curious child with rosy cheeks and a smile.  He asks, in 
confusion, which came first, the chicken or the egg.

- If you pampered the baby with 50 or 150 rupees and got her to sing to 
him, he’ll become a shy kid (who runs from you) wearing glasses.  He 
wants to know if you’re strong or not because he wants to defend his 
family (from what?  Link?).

And no matter which kid it is – hyper, smiling, or shy – Blossom will 
ask you a series of questions.  She asks if you were energetic.  If you 
say yes, she stops.  Say no and she asks if you were quiet.  Say yes, 
and she stops asking.  Say no and she asks if you were weird.  Say yes 
to end the occasion, or say no for a “none of the above” answer.

                         |    The Novice    |

Depending on how you many rupees you gave, how you told Blossom to cure 
his insomnia, how you answered the boy’s questions, and how you 
answered Blossom’s string of questions, the youngster will take up a 
profession.  He’ll be a man by the time you’ve beaten the third dungeon 
in a linked game.  While he’s only a rookie, he’s got lots of questions 
for Link that will not influence his career path but instead determine 
what reward he gives you.  Below are the various careers he could have, 
as well as how you need to answer the questions to make him take up 
these careers.  The below chart is the setup for all questions.

 | Path # | Rupees | Play/Sing | Link’s Personality | Son’s Question |
 |        |        |           |                    |                |
 |        |        |           |                    |                |
 |        |        |           |                    |                |
 |        |        |           |                    |                |
 |        |        |           |                    |                |
 |        |        |           |                    |                |
 |        |        |           |                    |                |
 |        |        |           |                    |                |

- There are multiple ways to earn each career, and each is numbered 
(hence the Path #).

- Rupees determines how many rupees you can give to the boy to treat 
his sickness.

- Play/Sing shows how you should answer that question to put him to 
sleep, and then we get to the kid’s questions.

- Link’s Personality is what Blossom asks you about your personality.  
It is answered with either “Energetic,” “Quiet,” “Weird,” or None of 
the Above.

- Finally, we have the son’s question.  If you have the energetic kid, 
answer him with “Girlfriend,” or “No Girlfriend.”  The curious boy will 
want to hear “Egg” or “Chicken.”  The shy boy will ask if you’re strong; 
answer “Strong” or “Not Strong.”

- Note that “Either” or “Any” means that it does not matter which is 

The right combination turns him into a farmer, a hero, a singer, or a 
slacker.  After answering their questions, beat another dungeon and 
return to get a reward based on how you answered.

                         |    The Farmer    |

If you want Bipin’s boy to take up farming, he’ll be a pro on all 
things Gasha and make his old man proud.  If you want to continue the 
family tradition, answer questions like so:

 | Path # | Rupees | Play/Sing | Link’s Personality | Son’s Question |
 |   1    |   50   |   Play    |     Energetic      |   Girlfriend   |
 |   2    |  150   |   Play    |     Energetic      |     Either     |
 |   3    |  150   |   Play    |       Quiet        |   Girlfriend   |
 |   4    |  150   |   Sing    |     Energetic      |     Strong     |

Oddly, the farmer career path is the hardest to achieve, and it has the 
fewest ways to do it.  As a farmer, the son wants to cover the world in 
greenery.  He gives you a Gasha Seed to help him accomplish this goal.  
It may not be the best reward, but at least it continues the tradition.  
Also, if you talk to him from then on, he’ll give you advice pertaining 
to Gasha Seeds.

                          |    The Hero    |

If you answer the questions correctly, he’ll have dreams of becoming a 
legendary hero, just like Link!  He wants to travel the world’s lands 
and save the world’s people.  But, if that’s ever to happen, you’ll 
have to answer the questions like so:

 | Path # | Rupees | Play/Sing | Link’s Personality | Son’s Question |
 |   1    |   1    |   Play    |     Energetic      | No Girlfriend  |
 |   2    |   10   |   Play    |     Energetic      |     Either     |
 |   3    |   10   |   Play    |       Quiet        |   Girlfriend   |
 |   4    |   50   |   Play    |     Energetic      | No Girlfriend  |
 |   5    |   50   |   Play    |       Quiet        |     Either     |
 |   6    |   50   |   Play    |       Weird        |   Girlfriend   |
 |   7    |  150   |   Play    |       Quiet        | No Girlfriend  |
 |   8    |  150   |   Play    |        None        |   Girlfriend   |

The little soldier wants advice on how he can become mighty (from the 
expert, of course).  If you tell him “Daily Training,” he’ll later 
reward you with 100 rupees.  Say “Natural Talent” and he’ll refill one 
of your hearts (one of the worst rewards).  Answer “A Caring Heart” for 
one full heart meter refill.  Lastly, answer “No” to all of them to get 
one measly rupee.  As we can see, it’s all about the daily training.

                         |    The Singer    |

The baby you knew becomes a guitarist, who does his own vocals, if you 
answer the questions in certain ways.  The singer career is okay in 
terms of reward, but you could do better.  To make him a musical 
superstar, answer like so:

 | Path # | Rupees | Play/Sing | Link’s Personality | Son’s Question |
 |   1    |   1    |   Sing    |        Any         |      Egg       |
 |   2    |   1    |   Sing    |       Weird        |    Chicken     |
 |   3    |   1    |   Sing    |        None        |    Chicken     |
 |   4    |   10   |   Sing    |       Quiet        |      Egg       |
 |   5    |   10   |   Sing    |       Weird        |     Either     |
 |   6    |   10   |   Sing    |        None        |     Either     |
 |   7    |   50   |   Sing    |        Any         |   Not Strong   |
 |   8    |   50   |   Sing    |       Weird        |     Either     |
 |   9    |   50   |   Sing    |        None        |     Either     |
 |   10   |  150   |   Sing    |       Quiet        |   Not Strong   |
 |   11   |  150   |   Sing    |       Weird        |     Either     |
 |   12   |  150   |   Sing    |        None        |     Either     |

He’s busy writing his first song, one of praise for Link, the great 
hero.  He wants to know what’s more important, love or courage.  Of 
course, Link would answer “Courage,” but it’s your choice.  No matter 
how you answer, the reward is the same.  Every time you go to see him 
after that, he plays his song and fills all your hearts, as if it was a 
Fairy Fountain.  However, depending upon which answer you pick, the 
song is different.

                         |    The Slacker    |

Unfortunately, the easiest “career” path is that of the slacker.  This 
guy never grew out of his childhood, and he idles the days away 
listening to music, wearing shades, and saying “dude” and other words 
those cool kids say.  Unless you want him to be like this, try not to 
answer questions like so:

 | Path # | Rupees | Play/Sing | Link’s Personality | Son’s Question |
 |   1    |   1    |   Play    |  Any Minus Energy  |   Girlfriend   |
 |   2    |   1    |   Sing    |     Energetic      |    Chicken     |
 |   3    |   1    |   Sing    |       Quiet        |    Chicken     |
 |   4    |   10   |   Play    |       Quiet        | No Girlfriend  |
 |   5    |   10   |   Play    |       Weird        |     Either     |
 |   6    |   10   |   Play    |        None        |     Either     |
 |   7    |   10   |   Sing    |     Energetic      |      Egg       |
 |   8    |   10   |   Sing    |       Quiet        |    Chicken     |
 |   9    |   50   |   Play    |       Weird        | No Girlfriend  |
 |   10   |   50   |   Play    |        None        |     Either     |
 |   11   |   50   |   Sing    |     Energetic      |     Strong     |
 |   12   |   50   |   Sing    |       Quiet        |     Strong     |
 |   13   |  150   |   Play    |       Weird        | No Girlfriend  |
 |   14   |  150   |   Play    |       None         | No Girlfriend  |
 |   15   |  150   |   Sing    |     Energetic      |   Not Strong   |
 |   16   |  150   |   Sing    |       Quiet        |     Strong     |

He may be a slacker in the workplace, but this slacking son wants to go 
out and see the world.  He’s saving up money to do it, and he’d like 
you to chip in.  Give him 100 to refill your Seed Satchel.  50 earns 
you 200 rupees in return, while 10 gets you a Gasha Seed.  If you give 
him only one rupee, he’ll never earn enough money to venture outside 
Lynna City/Horon Village, and he’ll wonder what could have been.

                       |    The Final Word    |

So, now that you’ve raised the kid (what did Blossom ever do?) and 
reaped the rewards, sit back and give yourself a pat on the back.  It 
wasn’t easy (well, it probably was, really), but at least you have 
something to remember it by, whether it be your own theme song or one 
rupee.  If you’re a money-hungry player, though, you’ll find the best 
reward comes from a slacker.  If you use a 1-rupee option and give the 
slacker 50 rupees, he’ll reward you with 200.  That’s a net profit of 
149 rupees.  But, there are other ways to earn money.  Personally, I 
prefer the farmer route because it continues the tradition started so 
long ago.  Pippin would be proud.

=========================The Trading Sequence*=========================

Like almost any Zelda game released after A Link to the Past, there is 
a trade sequence in Oracle of Ages.  The reward is quite nice, and I’ll 
post the process here instead of forcing you to look through the guide.  
I recommend completing this trade after beating the Skull Dungeon.

                       |    The Great Trade    |

With the Switch Hook added to our inventory, we are now able to 
complete the trade sequence we started with the ghost in Yoll Graveyard 
so long ago.  First, let us return to Lynna City.  Rather than walking 
like suckers, let’s use a Gale Seed.  Sprinkle it from your Seed 
Satchel and you can use one.  It lets you warp to any seed-bearing tree 
we’ve seen (so far, an Ember Seed one south of Lynna City, a Scent 
Seed-bearing one in Crescent Island, a Gale Seed one in Symmetry 
Village, and a Mystery Seed-bearing one in Deku Forest in the past).  
Go north into the village and let the trade begin!  For those just 
tuning in, I’ll list all the steps of the trade here, even though we’ve 
already done a few in the guide.

1) Go to Yoll Graveyard in the present age, northwest of Spirit’s Grave 
(Level 1).  Here, lift the rock and talk to the ghost.  You’re speaking 
to an illusion; the real ghost is under the grave.  It is trapped there 
and cannot go to the afterworld, and so it would like you to push its 
grave open.  It disappears, letting you push the grave over and take 
the stairs down.  Talk to the ghost and it happily exits the grave.  
Before departing for the afterworld, it lets you have its one material 
possession – the Poe Clock.  After all, it won’t need it in the 
afterlife, now will it?

2) In the past age, go to the home of the postman.  Because Veran has 
made a never-ending day to erect Ambi’s Tower, he can’t tell what time 
it is and can’t tell when you to deliver the mail.  Give him the Poe 
Clock and he’ll be ecstatic.  He rewards you with Stationery.

3) Go west to a shack in the past ages marked “Toilet” on the map.  
Enter and a strange hand emerges from a hole in the ground.  That’s how 
it was done in the old days, after all.  It asks for paper, and so give 
it the Stationery.  It returns a little later with a Stink Bag.  Hooray!

4) On Crescent Island (use Gale Seeds to go there if need be) in the 
present age in the southeast corner in a tent is a Tokay chef with a 
cold.  It cannot cook well if it can’t taste.  Let him have a whiff of 
the Stink Bag and his nose is cleared immediately.  To thank you and 
take the Stink Bag off your hands for future colds, it gives you Tasty 
Meat, just like in the Wild Tokay game.

5) West of the bridge you made in Nuun Highlands using Ember Seeds is a 
house.  Enter and meet the Happy Mask Salesman, a demented freak 
obsessed with masks.  He’s hungry at the moment, though; let him chow 
down on the Tasty Meat.  Surprised that you’re so greedy as to ask for 
something in return, he gives you the Doggie Mask, the worst one.  
Normally, I would be outraged and send a firm but polite letter to him, 
but we haven’t the time.  Just take it.

6) Near the river in Lynna City, present-day, is a house.  It is home 
to Mamamu Yan, the resident dog-breeder of the city, and her shy pooch.  
The dog is so shy that it won’t show its face in public.  Give the 
Doggie Mask to trick it into thinking it’s hidden.  You get his dog toy 
back – a Dumbbell.  Now the dog runs all over.

7) Use a Gale Seed to go to Symmetry City.  Yes, the past.  Enter the 
building the Tuni Nut is in and go downstairs to see a thin man 
practicing weight training with only one dumbbell.  Why not use two to 
make those sways really count?  Plus, now he can abide by the laws of 
symmetry here.  Now that he’s working out, he should rip off his 
mustache.  He does so and you get a... Cheesy Mustache.  Now he’s going 
to be a real ladies’ man!

8) While he lost it to get girls, someone could use it for laughs.  In 
the screen with a bridge across a river in it in Lynna City, that is, 
the present age, are two comics.  They have lame jokes like “What kind 
of candy is always late?  Choco-late!”  Needless to say, he’s washed up.  
Give him the Cheesy Mustache, though, and he puts it on.  It’s 
hilarious!  A real riot!  If only he knew it came off of someone who 
lived 400 years ago in a basement.  He teaches us his funniest gag and 
gives us a bowtie called Funny Joke.  Will we be a big hit?

9) I bet that joke would perk up a depressed person.  Go to the past 
age in Lynna Village and find a house with a darkened room and a 
depressed kid in it named Dekadin.  Tell him the Funny Joke and Link 
does a bizarre skit for him.  He doesn’t get it at first, but then he 
realizes.  It was so funny he forgot to laugh.  You can take any of his 
books.  Let’s take the Touching Book.  What that means exactly, I’m not 
sure.  A Nintendo DS manual?  OK, bad joke.  It’s probably just written 
in brail.  And it’s said to be a sad story.

10) You need to run into Maple, the witch that appears randomly.  Try 
it in Yoll Graveyard, which we planted a Gasha Seed in long ago (make 
sure it’s present age).  She reads it quickly and sniffles.  How 
touching...  She gives you the Magic Oar in return.  It’s the first one 
she made, but Syrup never gave her any compliments on it.  She’s 
keeping the book, though.  Take that, Syrup!

11) Rafton likes aquatic things.  Go to him on South Shore in the past 
and he tells you that he’s been considering entering rafting races, but 
hasn’t been able to find a descent oar.  Well, Rafton, you’re in luck!  
Give him the Magic Oar in exchange for the Sea Ukulele.  He says that 
lazily playing guitar while gazing at the moon is great.  Who could 
want this?  It has a sweet sea smell...

12) Exit Lynna Village and go east (in the past).  Now go south.  
Switch Hook across the gap and go south.  Enter the cave to meet an old 
Zora elder.  He misses the smell and sound of the sea.  Give him the 
Sea Ukulele, which he says has the spirit of the sea.  He sees you’re 
on an adventure, and so he gives you the Hero’s Sword that a hero gave 
his ancestors long ago.  You got the Broken Sword!  If only we could 
fix it...

The trade is over, but this quest isn’t done yet.  It’s time to mend 
the ancient Hero’s Sword so that it might punish evil ones once again.

                       |    The Noble Sword    |

Know who can fix things?  Patch.  As crazy as he is and as tough as it 
is to navigate your way through Talus Peaks to Restoration Wall, it’s 
worthy of the effort.  Warp to Symmetry Village (in the future, and 
then go to the past).  Now work your way back to Restoration Wall.  
Climb it and go to see Patch in his home.  Play his Restoration 
Ceremony game and follow him to the basement.  It’s Patch’s Crazy Cart!  
It’s almost the same as last time.  But now, new monsters appear as 
time goes on.  The longer you take, the harder it gets.  The key is to 
gather them into one group and then slash them all into the same pit at 
once.  Then a second group appears.  All the while, you must go to the 
switch to press it when the mine cart is about to hit the Broken Sword.

When you succeed in destroying the second group, you get the Hero’s 
Sword fixed.  You got the sacred Noble Sword!  It’s the L-2 blade, and 
it’s one and a half times stronger than the Wooden Sword.  And not only 
is it much stronger, but it can send sword beams for long distances as 
projectile weapons when Link has full health.  It will make the rest of 
our quest much simpler.  Thanks, Patch!  And be sure to see him for all 
future fixing needs.

Note: In a main-linked game, the Noble Sword becomes the Master Sword, 
a stronger blade from A Link to the Past.  In a return linked game, you 
get the Biggoron’s Sword, which is on par with the Master Sword.  I 
will assume you have the Noble Sword for the rest of the guide, though.

Have fun with your new blade...

=========================Equipment & Upgrades*=========================

A good deal of items and equipment is optional in Oracle of Ages, which 
is why I decided to make this section.  Many come from secrets, and so 
I will direct you to the “Linked Secrets” section for details on 
acquiring those items/upgrades.  Now, for a list of all weapons, the 
items on the first screen when you press Start!

Name of Item


Above is the setup, and below is the list.  Note that I’ve included 
Zora’s Flippers here.  Now, on with the show...

                       |    Basic Equipment    |

Wooden Sword (L-1)

Notes: This is given to you by Impa after Veran abducts Nayru at the 
beginning of the game (in linked games, you start with it).  The sword 
is your primary weapon, and you can slash it once or hold it out to 
perform a spin attack (strong as two slashes).  The sword can slash 
bushes and also pick up items like bombs, rupees, seeds, etc.

Notes: The Shovel is given to you by a work supervisor in the Black 
Tower, past age, because he thinks you’ll use it to help the cause of 
building the tower.  It is actually used to dig up dirt, revealing 
expendable items or enemies, and to clear mounds of dirt.  It is needed 
to access Maku Road.
Seed Satchel

Notes: This is given to you by the Maku Tree in the past.  It can carry 
seeds.  It must have multiple pouches in it, or the seeds would be 
mixed together.  There are five types of seeds, listed below, and the 
satchel can carry 20 seeds of any type at a time.  There are two 
capacity upgrades, though.
Ember Seed

Notes: These are used to burn small trees and light torches.  The Maku 
Tree gives them to you with the Seed Satchel.
Mystery Seed

Notes: Queen Ambi likes these rare seeds and will trade them for Bombs.  
They can also be used to sprinkle on Owl statues, which then give you 
hints.  They are found on a tree in Deku Forest (past).  If used from 
the Seed Shooter, Mystery Seeds have random effects.
Scent Seed

Notes: These seeds’ smell appeals to monsters, and the aroma is needed 
for one puzzle in Mermaid’s Cave.  Aside from that, these are good ammo 
for the Seed Shooter.  They are found on a tree in Crescent Island 
Gale Seed

Notes: Found in the ruins of Symmetry City, these seeds create a 
tornado when used that transport Link to other seed-bearing trees as a 
warp system (it can also blow away enemies).  Here’s a list of where 
trees, your warp points, can be found.

- South Shore (Past/Present)
- Crescent Island (Present)
- Symmetry Village (Present)
- Above Zora Village (Past/Present)
- Deku Forest (Past)
- Western Rolling Ridge (Past)
- Eastern Rolling Ridge (Past)
- Queen Ambi’s Palace (Past)
Pegasus Seed

Notes: This is found on a tree in western Rolling Ridge (past age).  As 
a substitute for the Pegasus Boots, these are used to give you a burst 
of speed for a short period of time.  If you use Roc’s Feather while 
running with them, you can jump over two spaces, not just one.
Power Bracelet (L-1)

Notes: This is the prize of Spirit’s Grave.  It can be used to lift 
rocks and jars, as well as pull levers and the like.  Despite being a 
hero, Link doesn’t have enough upper body strength to lift a pot by 
himself.  It must be because he carries around all this equipment with 
him everywhere.
Wooden Shield (L-1)

Notes: This is bought in the shop in Lynna City (present) for 30 rupees 
or from Business Scrubs for varying amounts.  It is used to block 
attacks, to flip over Spiked Beetles, and on occasion deflect 
projectiles.  In linked games, Impa gives this to you.  If you lose it 
to a Like Like, you can always buy another one.
Harp of Ages

Notes: This is the legendary instrument of the Oracle of Ages, hidden 
in the home of Nayru.  You can get it after Spirit’s Grave.  Using its 
songs, Link can travel through time to find new items, clear dungeons, 
reach new places, grow plants... the list goes on and on.  Without it, 
it is impossible to beat the game.  There are three tunes on the Harp 
of Ages, and they are listed below.
Tune of Echoes

Notes: Nayru teaches this to you when you first get the Harp of Ages.  
It lets you warp between the ages on Time Portals.
Tune of Currents

Notes: You learn this from Tokkey in Talus Lake (past).  It lets you 
warp from the past to the present from any location, but it’s a one-way 
Tune of Ages

Notes: This song, taught to you by Nayru after you rescue her from 
Ambi’s Palace, can be used to pass from past to present and vice versa, 
like a two-way version of the Tune of Currents.  It make the other 
tunes obsolete in record time.

Notes: This is given to you as a reward from Queen Ambi herself for 
find that which she desires (a.k.a. Mystery Seeds).  Bombs are used to 
blow up weak walls, fragile blocks, and hurt some enemies only weak to 
explosives.  At first, you can only carry ten, but there are capacity 
upgrades for bomb-holding.  When you take out a bomb, you must then set 
it down or run and throw it.
Roc’s Feather

Notes: A roc is a monstrous bird in Arab mythology, and this feather 
makes you as light as it.  In other words, you can now jump.  This is 
useful in many places, for clearing gaps to hopping up steps in 2-D 
screens to avoiding enemy attacks.  Too bad there’s no Downward Thrust 
attack in this game...
Zora’s Flippers

Notes: Found in the grave of Cheval, a scientist from the past age 
interested in items that work in water, these let you swim through 
water, as long as it isn’t deep.  Press A to swim forward quickly and B 
to dive underwater for a short period of time.
Strange Flute

Notes: The flute, obtainable either by buying it from the Shop (present 
age, Lynna City) for Dimitri, won at the gallery game in the past age 
for Ricky, or none of the above for the default Moosh’s Flute, summons 
one of the three animal partners to your aid.  They are only needed for 
Nuun Highlands, though.
Seed Shooter

Notes: The prize of Moonlit Grotto is a great one.  The Seed Shooter 
launches seeds around the room, ricocheting off walls and objects, 
until it hits a target, enemy, or disintegrates.  This shoots all types 
of seeds and can be aimed in eight directions.
Switch Hook (L-1)

Notes: This is the ever-so-useful prize of Skull Dungeon.  It switches 
you with whatever you launch it at, whether that’s an enemy, a diamond, 
a jar, or a bush.  It is the replacement for the Hookshot, and I must 
say I like it.

Notes: After winning the Rock Brisket at the Target Carts mini-game, 
keep playing.  The rupees change positions and it will take practice 
and several tries, but you’ll eventually be able to win this item.  It 
is sometimes the prize for hitting 12 out of 12 rupees, a perfect game.  
The Boomerang is thrown forward as a projectile that returns to you 
after reaching a certain point.  It’s pretty slow and can’t defeat most 
enemies, but it can stun enemies to keep them in place for a thrashing.
Cane of Somaria

Notes: This seldom-used cane first appeared in A Link to the Past, and 
it’s been making steady reappearances ever since.  When used, it forms 
a red block that can be pushed in any direction as many times as you 
want.  It can be used as a quick shield against traps, a heavy object 
to keep switches pressed down, or as a handy tool for you to use on 
invisible roads to see if there is safe ground ahead of you or not.  
Unfortunately, the block does not burst into flames when you create a 
new block like in A Link to the Past.

                          |    Upgrades    |

Noble Sword (L-2)

Notes: This is gotten through a long series of trades.  See “The 
Trading Sequence” for details on getting it.  The Noble Sword is 1.5 
times as powerful as the Wooden Sword, making your entire quest far 
easier.  It can be gotten any time after the Skull Dungeon.  Using it, 
you can shatter jars with but a swipe of your sword, or shoot sword 
beams when your heart meter is full.
Master Sword (L-3)

Notes: This is gotten at the end of the trade sequence if you’re in a 
linked game.  Alternately, it’s gotten through the K Zora Secret.  It’s 
even stronger than the Noble Sword, and it’s almost the strongest blade 
in the game.
Biggoron’s Sword

Notes: From Ocarina of Time, this powerful weapon must be wielding with 
two hands (therefore, with A and B).  One slash takes a while, but it 
covers a large distance and will kill almost anything instantly.  It’s 
gotten from the Elder Secret.
Seed Capacity Upgrade 1

Notes: This is gotten by talking to Tingle after beating Moonlit Grotto 
(Tingle is the fairy-obsessed freak in South Shore, the one who gave 
you the Island Chart).  Using his magic, Tingle will raise the number 
of seeds you can carry from 20 to 50.  Tingle, Tingle! Kooloo-Limpah!
Seed Capacity Upgrade 2

Notes: To carry 99 of all seeds, you must use the Tingle Secret.  But 
really, is 50 seeds that limiting?  Honestly, is 20?
Power Glove (L-2)

Notes: This is the prize of Level 8, Ancient Tomb.  I always thought a 
L-2 Power Bracelet was sort of pathetic, and it isn’t all that useful 
outside of Ancient Tomb.  It can be used to lift the heaviest of 
objects.  That is, it can lift the sarcophaguses in Ancient Tomb and a 
cave above Zora Village.
Iron Shield (L-2)

Notes: This can be gotten after you’ve obtained the Mermaid’s Suit.  
Swim down the west side of Crescent Island in the past age and you’ll 
come to a pile of rocks blocking a cave.  Dive down, swim under the 
rocks, and surface.  Now enter the cave.  Swim through here to find a 
Tokay with your shield!  We finally caught that wily thief!  He’s been 
polishing it for at least three dungeons (if you left Mermaid’s Cave 
without beating it), and it’s now the Iron Shield.  It’s bigger and 
therefore better (it can now defend more of your body at once).  If a 
Like Like gives into its shield-eating appetite with your Iron Shield 
as the main course, you can buy one at shops and from Business Scrubs 
to replace it.
Mirror Shield (L-3)

Notes: This can be gotten using the Smith Secret.  Note that if you 
only have the Wooden Shield, the Smith Secret will yield the Iron 
Shield (in which case the Iron Shield-bearing Tokay will have this).  
This shield can block lasers and is the largest.  Need I say more?
Bomb Capacity Upgrade 1

Notes: This is on Talus Peaks.  Remember the part of Talus Peaks in the 
past that has the vine sprout that you must move to make a vine grow in 
the future to allow you to move on?  Rather than push it to the right, 
push it under the left ledge.  Play the Tune of Currents and climb the 
vine, now grown, to reach a small pond by two blue Armos statues (this 
only works if water is flooding the eastern side of the peaks).  A sign 
here asks you not to throw anything into the pond.  Toss a bomb in and 
a fairy appears.  She asks if you threw in a golden or silver bomb.  
Answer “A regular bomb” and she’ll reward your honesty by letting you 
carry 30 bombs instead of 10.
Bomb Capacity Upgrade 2

Notes: After getting a bomb upgrade in Seasons, return a new password 
gotten by using the Pirate Secret to Farore in Oracle of Ages.  You’ll 
transfer the upgrade to this game, which lets you carry 50 bombs at 
once.  If you don’t have this upgrade, then use Bomb Capacity Upgrade 1 
to reach 50.

Notes: This is gotten by using the Subrosian Secret.  Also from Ocarina 
of Time, these are bombs modeled after rats.  They scroll around the 
screen and then explode.  While somewhat fun to use, they are expensive.  
Syrup will sell them if you need to restock, but each Bombchu has a 
value of 20 rupees.  That’s steep...
Mermaid’s Suit

Notes: The prize of Mermaid’s Cave, this can be used to swim in all 
types of water.  In the sea, you can even dive down to explore the 
seabed.  While underwater, you can use an A Button item.  B is reserved 
for surfacing.
Long Hook (L-2)

Notes: The chain of the Switch Hook is extended, making this better, I 
guess.  Aside from farther read, there is no difference between this 
and the Switch Hook.  It’s like the Longshot from Ocarina of Time.
L-1 Ring Box

Notes: This is gotten by talking to Vasu.  It can hold one ring at a 
L-2 Ring Box

Notes: This is sold to you in the secret shop.  To reach it, go north 
of the Ember Seed tree in South Shore, and do so in the past.  Stand so 
that you’re touching the upper-left corner of the leftmost tree and 
play the Tune of Currents/Ages.  You’ll reappear in the fenced-in part 
of the shop in the present age.  Walk through the door, go north again, 
and take the stairs down.  Here, in the secret shop, you can buy this 
upgrade for 300 rupees.  It’s worth it, as we can now carry three rings 
with us at once.
L-3 Ring Box

Notes: Using the Ruul Secret, you can carry 5 rings at once!  It’s 
great, as you can now carry an arsenal of rings with you for many 

And that’s a wrap.  Now, onto the enemy listings.

=============================Enemy Index*==============================

I commend Oracle of Ages for including many enemies, but I am a bit 
disappointed that they are so thinly spread across Labrynna.  It lets 
you face new challenges constantly, I suppose, but I like facing the 
same batch of enemies repeatedly rather than face different ones with 
essentially the same attack pattern all the time, or at least face more 
of these enemies.  Well, here goes.

Enemy Name



Above is the setup, and below is the list.  All names are official or 
from previous games; do not e-mail me about the names of enemies.  Note 
that Hero’s Cave enemies aren’t listed.  I want to surprise you...


Location: Moonlit Grotto

Notes: At least it was included, even though this enemy is extremely 
rare.  They mimic your movements by walking opposite the direction you 
walk in, but can be beaten with a simple slash.

Location: Skull Dungeon

Notes: Armos are pretty rare in this game.  They are statues of 
soldiers that come to life when triggered.  They can be defeated 
primarily via bomb, but the Boomerang will also work on some.  Of 
course, you really can’t have the Boomerang in Skull Dungeon unless you 
went back into it...  Why would you do such a thing?
Ball & Chain Soldier

Location: Crown Dungeon, Ancient Tomb, Black Tower

Notes: A rare but powerful foe, it swings a ball & chain about and then 
casts it at you to hit you.  It’s easy enough to dodge, but getting in 
close to hit it can be a challenge.  It’s very weak to attacks from 
behind, and a skilled marksman could even shoot a seed at its 
vulnerable backside.  If you attack in a fury of sword slashes, you can 
knock its ball attack back at it and hit its lower-left side.

Location: Jabu-Jabu’s Belly

Notes: These are jellyfish enemies, and they have electric charges 
periodically.  Slash them when the electricity is down and they’ll 
divide into smaller jellyfish, Biris.  Slash them to finish the job.  
You can also use the Switch/Long Hook on it/them.

Location: Various

Notes: These are laser turrets that rotate about and shoot you with 
their blue laser with surprising speed when they see you.  Either dodge 
it quickly or block with the Mirror Shield.  Note that blocks and 
physical obstacles can block the lasers.  They cannot be defeated.

Location: Various

Notes: Beetles can be dug up from the ground using the Shovel.  They 
also appear from under bushes and rocks (this type is sometimes called 
a Spiny Beetle), coming at you from their disguised positions.  The 
rock ones are tough; you must lift their rock before you can attack 
them (or use the Switch Hook).  The bush ones only have the element of 
surprise; a simple slash will do them in.  There are also very large 
Beetles that Veran summons in the final fight.  They take many hits, 
and they are very annoying.
Buzz Blob

Location: Nuun Highlands

Notes: Rare enemies though they are, be careful around the green blobs 
in the plateau.  Slash them and you’ll be electrocuted.  Try shooting 
them or stunning them and then burning them.  Or, you could always use 
a Mystery Seed on them...

Location: Mermaid’s Cave, Ancient Tomb

Notes: These are small candles with face that walk around the room.  
Send an Ember Seed their way with the Seed Shooter to light them afire; 
when it burns down their wick (they’ll be running around frantically as 
they burn), they will explode.  A brand new enemy, this one is.

Location: 2-D Water

Notes: These fish enemies hail from Super Mario Bros., and they can be 
taken out with a single slash of the sword.  Yeah, they’re pretty tough 

Location: Crescent Island

Notes: These are the crabs that scuttle about the island.  One hit and 
they’re down.  Sadly, Crab is actually in many Zelda games...

Location: Nuun Highlands

Notes: If you sprinkle a Mystery Seed on a Buzz Blob, it turns into 
these strange creatures.  They babble about random stuff and can be 
defeated with a single hit.
Dark Link

Location: Black Tower

Notes: In the final fight with Veran, four dark duplicates of Link are 
created.  They mimic your movements, but you can defeat them rather 
easily.  Gather them into a corner so that they all move as one, and 
then move so that they near you and slash them until they all die at 
once.  Now you can shift your attention to Veran.
Floor Master

Location: Mermaid’s Cave, Ancient Tomb

Notes: These are Wall Masters that rise from the floor and grab you to 
return you to the first room of the dungeon.  However, these do not 
come endlessly like Wall Masters.  Slash them until they die.  They’re 
quite easy, really.

Location: Yoll Graveyard, Spirit’s Grave, Ancient Tomb

Notes: These are the ghosts of Zelda portable games.  Slash them a few 
times and they are defeated.  Simple as that.

Location: Various

Notes: These are mummies in Zelda games.  They do not have kickback; 
they are not pushed back by sword slashes.  This makes them tougher and 
a bit unpredictable because you can’t control them with your attacks, 
but they still only take a few hits.  Gibdos can be burnt with Ember 
Seeds to turn them into jumping Stalfos.
Goponga Flower

Location: Jabu-Jabu’s Belly

Notes: Inhabiting one room of Level 7, these are plant enemies that 
shoot fireballs at you (not only are they plants, but they shoot 
fireballs underwater.  It makes no sense at all).  To defeat the one 
Goponga Flower of the game, simply Long Hook it.

Location: Ambi’s Palace

Notes: The royal guard of Queen Ambi in the past age, these knights 
patrol the palace grounds to stop intruders.  The ones in the gardens 
will throw you out if they catch you, but the ones inside with rush you 
and attack swiftly when they notice you.  A few good slashes can get 
them to retreat, but I recommend avoiding them as much as possible.
Hardhat Beetle

Location: Various

Notes: These monsters will come at you quickly.  Their shells prevent 
them from taking damage, and you must fend them off with your sword and 
force them into a hole/lava.  It’s the only way to destroy them.
Iron Mask

Location: Moonlit Grotto, Jabu-Jabu’s Belly

Notes: These enemies have metal masks protecting their soft bodies.  
Either slash their unprotected backs or Switch Hook their masks off and 
give them a taste of your steel.
Kanalet Soldier

Location: Various

Notes: Named for their appearance in Link’s Awakening, Kanalet Soldiers 
are armored knights carrying swords or bows.  Block arrows with your 
shield and then crush them with your blade, or go toe-to-toe with the 
swordsmen (pretty easy, really.  Just stick your sword out and let them 
run into it).  The blue type take more hits.

Location: Various

Notes: These bats have appeared in almost every Zelda game.  They fly 
around just waiting to be hit by just about anything (although the 
sword works the best).  They can be frustrating in 2-D screens, though.  
There are also high-flying Fire Keese, which do more damage and can 
evade your blows by flying high up.  To defeat Fire Keese, either jump 
to their level with Roc’s Feather and deal them death or wait for them 
to dive.  Fire Keese only appear in Skull Dungeon, though.  Keese are 
probably the most abundant enemy in the game.

Location: Sandy Terrain

Notes: Leevers are classic Zelda enemies that emerge from the sand, 
attack you (by bumping you), and then retreat beneath the ground.  They 
can be defeated with a slash while they’re up, but you can often just 
avoid them.
Like Like

Location: Various

Notes: NO!!!!  These losers are in this game?  Like Likes are “Shield 
Eaters” in the Zelda series.  They are those white tubes of flesh you 
occasionally see roaming about in search of shields.  They will absorb 
you in the center of their bodies and absorb your shield.  If you lose 
it to them, you’ll have to buy another one.  Like Likes can be defeated 
through slashes and projectiles.

Location: Sea of No Return, Black Tower

Notes: As you can see by their locations, these are the most advanced 
of the enemies.  They hail from The Legend of Zelda, and this is their 
first comeback since a brief reappearance in A Link to the Past.  They 
are red and blue creatures that shoot what would appear to be arrows 
that fly straight through walls and do lots of damage to you.  If you 
can, avoid them.  It’s easy to do in the Sea of No Return (the maze 
that leads to Ancient Tomb), and equally so in the Black Tower.  If you 
must attack, the red take two hits, the blue three, of the Noble Sword.

Location: Various

Notes: Black worm-like creatures that mindlessly spin and slither about 
pretty accurately describes these things.  They are mini because they 
are based off Moldorm, a boss from A Link to the Past (and other Zelda 
games).  Slash them and the head is knocked backward for a second.  
Then they continue slithering around.  Slash them a few times and 
they’ll be defeated easily (four hits of an L-1 Sword).

Location: Various

Notes: Having appeared in almost every Zelda game to date, Moblins are 
the grunt soldiers of Ganon’s army (Ganon is Link’s normal nemesis).  
They are pig-like creatures, and they attack with boomerangs, spears, 
or swords.  They also come in two shapes – white with ears and red with 
rounded heads.  Still, they attack in the same ways.  Just slash them 
to defeat them.  In Labrynna, Moblins are the servants of the 
enterprising Great Moblin, who is considered a boss and thus does not 
get an entry in the index.

Location: Overworld, Black Tower

Notes: This enemy has appeared in every Zelda game ever released.  It 
is an amphibious creature that shoots rocks from its “beak,” and those 
rocks can be blocked with sword or shield (also, they are strictly land 
animals in this game).  They take two hits at best.  Not really the 
strongest enemy, but it is a Zelda regular (it’s appeared in more games 
than Zelda has).

Location: Level 2-4, Nuun Highlands

Notes: Another classic Zelda foe, and an annoying one at that.  The 
Peahat is a flower sort of creature with a propeller at the top of its 
body.  It spins the propeller to fly around the screen for a while, and 
it’s invincible while airborne.  Eventually, it runs out of steam and 
stops.  That’s your chance to slash it (twice).  Fortunately, they only 
appear early on in the game (probably because they’d be so pathetic 
when you have the Noble Sword).

Location: Jabu-Jabu’s Belly

Notes: Found in one room of Level 7, these enemies from Ukuku Prairie 
in Link’s Awakening are found in holes (in this case, water).  They 
stick their eyes out and then spring into you.  They can be slashed if 
you’re aggressive, but it’s best to avoid them.

Location: Symmetry Village (Present)

Notes: Officially classified as Pokeys, the desert-dwelling cacti from 
Super Mario Bros. 2 (USA), these are the enemies found in the ruins of 
Symmetry City in the present.  They rise up, spit fireballs, and then 
wait for a while to fire another one.  A few slashes will do the trick, 
and they disappear entirely after you save Symmetry City in the past.
Pols Voice

Location: Moonlit Grotto

Notes: These are strange spirits of the dead manifested into physical 
form (as bunny ears) that first appeared in The Legend of Zelda (NES).  
In this game, two of them are in one room of the grotto.  Play the Tune 
of Echoes and their sensitive ears will burst, leaving these enemies 
Razor Trap

Location: Various

Notes: Razor Traps... gotta love ‘em.  Also old Zelda “enemies,” these 
are motion-sensitive traps left against walls (usually).  When you 
approach them, they launch at you, hit you, and then slowly retract to 
their origin point.  Trigger them, step back, and walk past them while 
they’re retracting.  Also, similar traps are what I call “blade traps,” 
but they are classified here.  When triggered, they follow you, their 
blades spinning, down a narrow path until they pass you or you get so 
far ahead that they stop.  You can stop them easily with the Cane of 
Somaria; use a block to separate you from it.

Location: Various

Notes: The snakes of the Zelda world, these green menaces are easily 
defeated.  They slither slowly when they don’t see you, but 
horizontally and vertically like lightning when they do, and they will 
move in such a way (up/down to your position, then left/right into you, 
or vice versa) to hit you.  If they charge you, hold out your sword and 
let them kill themselves.  In Mermaid’s Cave, there are three Ropes 
that you cannot reach.  Use a Scent Seed and they’ll charge at it, but 
will drop into a hole instead.

Location: Level 2, 4, 5, 7, 8

Notes: Bright yellow balls of electricity with black eyes...  They 
coast along a perimeter, usually the walls or a series of blocks, and 
will hurt if they hit you.  While they can’t be beaten by most methods 
of attack, you might just want to heal yourself with a Fairy by hitting 
them with the Boomerang...
Spiked Beetle

Location: Wing Dungeon

Notes: Only in one room of Level 2 do these monsters appear, although 
they were quite popular in Link’s Awakening.  They have spiky tops and 
will move slowly, but they charge vertically and horizontally very 
quickly when they see you (just like Ropes).  Hold out your shield, 
most likely the Wooden Shield, and they’ll flip themselves over by 
running into it, exposing their vulnerable undersides.  One more swing 
of the sword and they’re through.

Location: Various

Notes: These skeletal knights come in several varieties, but there are 
two basic types.  You have the jump-happy Stalfos that reveal their 
skulls, and then you have “Shrouded Stalfos,” the kind that wear blue 
hoods.  Shrouded Stalfos behave just like a Kanalet Soldier would.  The 
only difference is that the shrouded skeleton takes less hits.  The 
other type of Stalfos can jump, and it may try to leap onto you.  Cut 
it down to destroy that type.  More advance jumping Stalfos can even 
throw bones.  Interestingly, if you burn Gibdos with Ember Seeds, a 
jumping Stalfos comes out.
Takkuri & Crow



Location: Talus Peaks, Rolling Ridge, Moonlit Grotto, Black Tower

Notes: The versatile jumping monster returns for another round of pain 
in Oracle of Ages.  These enemies jump around mountainous areas, 
usually in groups, and require only a slash or two to beat.

Location: Wing Dungeon

Notes: These are one-eyed blocks that drop down on you from the ceiling 
in 2-D screens.  They cannot be defeated, but you can jump on top of 
them and ride them like elevators.  And for the unaware, Thwomps 
debuted in Super Mario Bros. 3.  Making Mario enemies Zelda foes is one 
thing, but wait until you see the boss of Level 2.
Wall Master

Location: Spirit’s Grave

Notes: Of course, these enemies did not miss out on an opportunity to 
aggravate us, although they are almost absent from the title altogether.  
In the last room of Level 1 only, this gruesome hand may drop down, 
lift you, and return you to the first room of the dungeon.  What a jerk!  
You can defeat it by slashing it twice (with the L-1 Sword), but it 
comes endlessly even if you do defeat it once.  Watch for a shadow to 
appear below you and then move away from it to dodge this falling 
Water Tektite

Location: Mermaid’s Cave

Notes: These are aquatic versions of the Tektite, minus the jump.  They 
skid across the water in a water bug fashion.  Since you’ll probably be 
in water when they are a threat, your best bet is to dive to avoid them.  
If you really hate them, though, the sword works wonders from out of 
the water.

Location: Various

Notes: There are two types of Whisp.  There is the common type, often 
referred to as “Bubble” or “Anit-Fairy,” that bounces around the room 
as an obstacle like the Spark, and there is the rare type.  The rare 
type looks intentionally pixilated and will jinx you if you touch it.  
While jinxed, you can’t use your sword for a very short period of time.  
The Whisp Ring will prevent curses, but they’re rare and short.  
Perhaps a blow by the Boomerang could make them disappear (that is, the 
normal type, not the jinxing type).

Location: Mermaid’s Cave, Ancient Tomb, Black Tower

Notes: Only in the later dungeons of the game, these are sorcerer 
enemies.  They warp around the room, materialize, and cast a magic wave 
at you as an attack.  Stand by them when they materialize and slash the 
daylights out of them.  They come in two basic types – those that are 
invisible while warping, and those that you can see as they move about 
the room.
Zol & Gel

Location: Various

Notes: Common jelly enemies that change names a lot during the Zelda 
series (ChuChu, Bot & Bit).  Zols are larger blobs that jump at you.  
They take one hit, but some will divide into smaller enemies called 
Gels.  Slash them to defeat them.  Gels have the annoying tactic of 
jumping on you to slow them down.  Slash them and don’t let it happen.


Notes: Commonly known as a “River Zora,” Zolas are violent, female 
Zoras banished from their homes (in this case, Zora Village) for their 
aggressive behavior.  They appear, always from water near land, and 
spit what’s known as Zora’s Fire at you.  Dodge it and continue; 
they’re not worth your time.  If you do want to take revenge on them, 
though, you can use projectiles (including the Switch/Long Hook) or 
slash them if they’re near the shore.

Presto!  There’s the enemy list...  Well, I haven’t got much to say, 
really, but I don’t want this section to end in some awkward silence...

==========================The Zelda Timeline*==========================

Now, prepare yourself for the new and improved timeline.  Sure, it has 
the same order of games as usual, and the writing is mostly the same, 
but I’ve added in quite a few things in Notes.  Get ready for generic 
timeline fun!

Note: Reading this might spoil the endings for a few of the Zelda games.  
Read only if you know what happens in each, because I need to draw from 
important game events to make the timeline.  Read at your own risk.

Second only to the argument of whether Zelda is an RPG or not, there is 
one aspect of the Zelda series debated by many.

The Legend of Zelda is a series of twelve separate games at the present 
time.  Since these games were not released in an order that made sense, 
many people argue with one another about just how it should be 
organized.  That’s what this timeline is here for – to express my views 
on the subject.  I think that the series in bad need of better 
organizing.  Many timelines are awful and don’t make sense.  The 
timeline must abide by certain rules.  But before that, here’s a list 
of every Zelda game that either was new when it was released or had 
something new on it.

The Legend of Zelda
1987 for the NES
Zelda II: The Adventure of Link
1988 for the NES
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
1991 for the SNES
The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening
1993 for the GB
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
1998 for the N64
The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask
2000 for the N64
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of the Ages
2001 for the GBC
The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of the Seasons
2001 for the GBC
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past/Four Swords
2002 for the GBA
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time/Master Quest
2003 for the GCN
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker
2003 for the GCN
The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures
2004 for the GCN
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
2005 for the GBA

Note that these release years are all North American.  First, notice 
that A Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time are listed twice.  This is 
because those games had a new game on them when they were re-released.  
Ocarina of Time had Master Quest, which was a harder version.  Master 
Quest has the same events in it as Ocarina of Time, so it will not be 
counted.  A Link to the Past was re-released with a multi-player game 
called Four Swords.  Link’s Awakening DX does not count because it only 
included an extra dungeon.  It is an actual game, and it shall be 

As I said, there are a few rules one must follow when making their 
timeline.  Here are common errors people make.  First, what Link or 
anyone else looks like has nothing to do with the chronological scheme 
of things.  Wind Waker Link was a very popular look so Nintendo showed 
him that way in a few extra games.  This doesn’t make Link different.  
Secondly, items (unless they are extremely important, like the Master 
Sword) do not determine anything.  That is, whether Ganon used his 
trident in one battle or not does not give us a good timeline.  Third, 
there is only one timeline.

Many people think that there are two (the Alternate Timeline Theory) 
because Link time-traveled in Ocarina of Time.  If you think about it, 
this is a really stupid theory.  After all, at the end of Ocarina of 
Time, Zelda sends Link back to relive the seven years of his childhood 
that he lost (to quote Zelda exactly, “Link, give the Ocarina to me…  
As a sage, I can return you to your original time with it.”).  It is as 
if the latter part of Ocarina of Time never happened.

Fourth, there will be no dates.  Many people try to use dates in their 
timeline and that is completely false.  Fifth, comic books have no 
bearing on the timeline.  Sixth and foremost, if it’s not in the game 
or the manual, then it is speculation and it doesn’t count.  For 
instance, one could add tons of different events that weren’t in the 
games or manuals and connect things together (like Ganon revivals, 
descendants, and other “events”).

Now we can truly start.  This is quite anticipated because everyone 
wants to know how Minish Cap is placed on the timeline.  Remember that 
the timeline tries to string the games together in an order that makes 
sense for the existing games only.  It will be modified should a new 
game be released.

Note: In my timeline, it is very important to remember that Link did 
not have the Triforce piece of Courage at the end of Ocarina of Time, 
nor Zelda or Ganon theirs.  He had it when he was an adult, but Zelda 
sent him back to the past “to regain his lost years.”  Even if you do 
disagree with this for whatever reason, it wouldn’t matter (if he did, 
Link would lose the Triforce of Courage in Majora’s Mask due to what 
the King of Red Lions says in Wind Waker).  Also, the timeline focuses 
a lot on Ganon.  Ganon is the only character that is completely unique 
(that there are no descendants of) and he has different conditions in 
each game.

Ocarina of Time is obviously the first game.  This is a universally 
accepted fact and it should not be argued with.  Then comes Majora’s 
Mask.  Again, this is universally accepted.  The best reason for 
Majora’s Mask coming next is that Link has the Ocarina of Time in it, 
although there are many more.  Now here’s where my timeline becomes 
unique.  Now, recall that I said earlier that the adult part of Ocarina 
of Time didn’t matter.

Well, it basically never happened as far as the timeline is concerned 
because Link was sent back to his past to relive his childhood.  Ganon 
is, therefore, trapped in the Sacred Realm/Dark World whatever you want 
to call it at the end of Majora’s Mask.  There are only a few games 
that start out with Ganon in the Dark World.  Four Swords could come 
next (although it really can’t, as I will explain later) and Four 
Swords Adventures would follow.

This cannot be because the Four Sword, which is used in both those 
games, is broken and you must restore it in the re-release of A Link to 
the Past in an optional side quest.  Yes, it seems like a cheap shot, 
but it is how things happened.  The only other game in which Ganon 
starts out imprisoned is A Link to the Past.  Therefore, it is the only 
game that actually can come next logically.

This presents a new problem.  At the end of A Link to the Past, it 
would seem that Ganon is dead.  Yes, one might think that Ganon really 
is dead, but in truth, he is not.  Again, this is a very random 
observation, but in the credits of A Link to the Past (by completing 
different events you can see different credits) they show Link’s uncle 
and the king of Hyrule.  This is important because both of these people 
were dead earlier in the game.  Also, in one scene of the credits (“The 
Bully Makes a Friend”), they show two characters on Death Mountain that 
would normally be in the Dark World in the Light World.

This means that, when Link’s wish was granted by the Triforce, he 
wished those that died as a result of Ganon back to life and that all 
those in the Dark World be transported to the Light World.  Well, this 
includes Ganon, which means that Ganon is alive again and he’s in the 
Light World.  There are only two games like this at the beginning and 
Wind Waker cannot come yet (if it did, Adventure of Link would later 
and this is impossible).  Therefore, the original The Legend of Zelda 
has to come next.

Ganon dies at the end of The Legend of Zelda.  Even more importantly, 
he dies leaving a pile of ashes behind at the end of The Legend of 
Zelda.  This is very important.  There are only two games in which 
Ganon is dead throughout the entire game.  These games are Link’s 
Awakening and Adventure of Link.  Now, all games in which Ganon is dead 
in must be consecutive, right?  If you disagree with me, think about it 
for a second and you’ll realize what I mean.  So, this leaves us to put 
Link’s Awakening and Adventure of Link in the right order.  At first 
glance, it seems like it doesn’t matter, but it actually has a huge 
bearing on the timeline.

Remember that in Wind Waker the King of Red Lions tells us that the 
legendary hero of ages long past left the land of Hyrule and lost the 
Triforce by doing so (the guidebook of Link’s Awakening says that Link 
traveled to many different lands to seek enlightenment)?  Well, Link 
gets the Triforce piece of Courage in Adventure of Link.  If Adventure 
of Link came first, Link would lose the Triforce piece in the very next 
game.  Besides, the next two games in the timeline (the games in which 
Ganon is resurrected) have Link using his piece of the Triforce at the 
very beginning.

Even though the instruction booklet of Adventure of Link says that Link 
never left Hyrule after The Legend of Zelda and before Adventure of 
Link, he has to.  However, we know that Link MUST have the Triforce 
piece in the game after these two, and that Link’s Awakening must come 
either before or after this one.  So, Link’s Awakening comes first 
(Link would not lose the Triforce piece in this scenario) and then 
comes Adventure of Link.  Easy.

Now, we are out of games in which Ganon is dead, and that means that he 
must be resurrected in the next game.  However, it takes two games to 
revive Ganon.  These games are Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons.  
In the secret ending in a Beowulf-like plot, Kotake and Koume (Ganon’s 
surrogate mothers) revive their son after trying to kill Link.

After another defeat by Link, Ganon is sent back to the Dark World 
right after being revived.  There are few games remaining, and they are 
rather easily sorted.  First, Four Swords comes before Four Swords 
Adventures.  The proof for this is rather obvious.  The Four Swords 
Adventures manual refers to three separate occasions in which Vaati 
appeared (Four Swords, Four Swords Adventures, and a very long time 

Well, this means that Four Swords comes next and then comes Four Swords 
Adventures.  Now we’re left with two games, The Minish Cap and Wind 
Waker.  The Four Sword was forged in The Minish Cap, but it was used in 
Four Swords (Adventures, too).  This means that Wind Waker comes next.  
So far, I have only covered the previous eleven games.  Now I’ll give 
Minish Cap a home on the timeline.

There are three proofs of my theory.  I’ll list them in order of their 
obviousness.  First, the Four Sword was created in Minish Cap.  It is 
later used in Four Swords.  Therefore, Minish Cap must come before Four 
Swords.  However, the Four Sword also made a brief appearance in the 
re-release of The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, which means that 
Minish Cap comes before ALttP.  However, since Zelda had a piece of the 
Triforce in Minish Cap (that’s what the light force is, obviously), 
then Minish Cap must come BEFORE Ocarina of Time.  If Minish Cap came 
after Ocarina of Time or Majora’s Mask, then Ganon would not have the 
complete Triforce in A Link to the Past, which he does.  That is proof 

Proof two and three are a bit smaller and not as effective, but they 
get the job done.  First, Vaati appeared as a black eye-like creature 
in Four Swords and Four Swords Adventures.  Well, a figurine in Minish 
Cap (# 135.  To quote it exactly, “Once Vaati’s body has been shattered, 
this dark form rises up, all that remains of the evil sorcerer.  Only 
the sacred Four Sword can defeat him.”) says that Vaati’s human body 
had been shattered.  This means that Vaati appeared in FS and FSA the 
way he did because something happened to him before.  The instruction 
manual of FSA makes reference to a boy who split into four to beat 
Vaati before even Four Swords.  This just supports what I said earlier, 
although this proof alone cannot move this before Ocarina of Time.

The third “proof” is implied.  At the end of Minish Cap, Ezlo returns 
to his Minish-sage form and he gives Link a green hat, a token to 
remember him by.  This seems to imply that this is the first time Link 
ever wore such a hat, and it became a tradition afterward for heroes of 
Hyrule.  That’s a bit of a stretch, though.  Why would the Kokiri have 
adopted it?  Like I said, proof one up here is the best answer to the 
placement question.

And to reinforce these points and to counter the entire Sacred Realm 
argument some people have tried to use against the placement of Minish 
Cap, please see “The Imprisoning War” in the Notes section.

Below I have a list made of where the games in the timeline go 
according to my theory.  Notice that Oracle of Ages comes before Oracle 
of Seasons.  I decided to alphabetize them, even though Oracle of Ages 
should come first for a few reasons, mainly due to the Triforce stone 
being pushed.

The Minish Cap
Ocarina of Time
Majora’s Mask
A Link to the Past
The Legend of Zelda
Link’s Awakening
The Adventure of Link
Oracle of Ages
Oracle of Seasons
Four Swords
Four Swords Adventures
The Wind Waker

Now I will try to clarify things by explaining a few items mentioned 


                     |    The Imprisoning War    |

This is the center of so much confusion, but I’ve finally cracked it.  
Many verses of the Book of Mudora, as well as other Hylian myth, depict 
a terrible war between the forces of good and evil, centuries later 
named the Imprisoning War by historians.  I’ve been challenged a lot 
lately about my placement of Minish Cap at the beginning of the 
timeline.  This helps make things possible.  Prepare to delve deep into 
the heart of Zelda mythos, as described in the manual of A Link to the 

Three goddesses created the Triforce, and with it the world.  The 
hiding place of the Triforce became known as the Golden Land, and the 
location of the gates to this land was unknown, as the knowledge had 
been lost over the centuries.  But, by chance, one man – Ganondorf 
Dragmire, King of Thieves, skilled in the black arts, came upon an 
opening to the Golden Land.  He fought and killed his fellows to reach 
the opening, and he held the Triforce in that land, and his wishes were 
granted.  From that day forth, Ganondorf became Mandrag Ganon, Ganon of 
the Enchanted Thieves (though no one says “Mandrag” anymore).

Evil began to flow from the Golden Land, mercenaries joining the ranks 
of Ganon’s army, and soon the darkness beset Hyrule itself.  The lord 
of Hyrule ordered seven sages and the Knights of Hyrule to seal the 
entrance.  But before that happened, the people began to suspect the 
truth.  Ganon’s evil power must come from the Triforce.  And so the 
people forged a blade that could even repel the magic of the gods, and 
it became known as the blade of evil’s bane, the Master Sword.  Only 
one strong of body and pure of heart could wield it, and the sages 
searched for one who could...

But war inched closer until it eventually broke out.  Ganon’s forces 
surged from the Golden Land before it was sealed to wage war on Hyrule, 
the battlefield Hyrule Castle.  But the valiant Knights of Hyrule 
fought courageously against them.  Many died in the battle, but the 
sages were able to seal Ganon away in his tainted Golden Land.  There 
was peace.

Now, many people would say that this describes Ocarina of Time.  Really, 
it works out pretty nicely.  Ganondorf enters the Sacred Realm through 
the Temple of Time, he uses the Triforce to invade Hyrule, and he is 
sealed away by seven sages and the descendant of a Knight of Hyrule 
(Sahasrahla says Link is descended from them in A Link to the Past, and 
so I assume all Links are).  There are a few problems with this, and 
the biggest one is obvious: It says that the Master Sword was forged 
after Ganondorf entered the Sacred Realm.  As we all know, the Master 
Sword was already legendary and forged in Ocarina of Time.  The 
Imprisoning War is not Ocarina of Time.

What does this mean for the timeline?  Let’s investigate further by 
quoting a few verses from Minish Cap.

“A long, long time ago...when the world was on the verge of being 
swallowed by shadow...The tiny Picori appeared from the sky, bringing 
the hero of men a sword and a golden light.  With wisdom and courage, 
the hero drove out the darkness.  When peace had been restored, the 
people enshrined that blade with care.  And the force of the golden 
light, embodied in Hyrule's princess, shone forth upon the lands.”

And during this first cinema, they show Link, without a hat, holding 
the Triforce of Courage AND a sword with a blue hilt.  The sword with 
the blue hilt is the Wind Waker-style depiction of the Master Sword.  
Yes, the Master Sword was forged by the Picori.  Furthermore, this is 
NOT the Picori Blade.  The Picori Blade has a purple hilt.  I admit, 
they do show the Master Sword in a pedestal, what would appear to be 
the Bound Chest, but that means that the Master Sword was removed from 
it at some point (because it was the Picori Blade in Minish Cap).  
Either that or they colored the hilt incorrectly, although the sword is 
exactly like the Master Sword, Wind Waker style.

And do you know what that means?  Examine the second quote, the one 
said by Vaati.

“The princess who holds the power of light... That mysterious power is 
said to flow in the veins of every royal lady in your family ever since 
that day when it was gifted to your people. If I leave you now, you'll 
only cause me trouble later. That will never do.”

The Triforce has not been locked up in the Sacred Realm until Ocarina 
of Time.  On the contrary, there is overwhelming evidence that the 
Triforce has been divided and possessed since the Imprisoning War!  It 
says that the mysterious force – the Triforce of Wisdom – has been in 
Zelda’s family for ages!  This makes sense, since Ganon would’ve only 
gotten the Triforce of Power after his wish was granted.  And the line 
in the first quote, how the hero drove out the darkness “With wisdom 
and courage” shows this well.  All three pieces of the Triforce were in 
possession of their destined owners long, long before Ocarina of Time 
took place.

And therefore, the evidence suggests VERY strongly that Minish Cap 
comes before Ocarina of Time.  There, I proved it in full!

Unfortunately, this has a few negative side effects on the timeline 
(they would’ve happened anyways; these are just plot contradictions 
within the Zelda series itself, not just my timeline).  Now that I’ve 
proved that the Triforce was NOT in the Sacred Realm until Ocarina of 
Time, several new questions arise.

- This problem cannot be avoided in any Zelda timeline; it is in itself 
a Zelda continuity inconsistency, not because of my timeline but 
because of the series itself.  After being imprisoned in the Golden 
Land, we must wonder: How did Ganon, and everyone else, lose their 
piece of the Triforce?  Obviously, Ganon escaped the Sacred Realm over 
time, just like he did in Wind Waker, but how did everyone lose their 
piece?  It’s the last remaining mystery of the timeline, although this 
is bound to happen to any timeline, not just mine.

- At the end of the Imprisoning War, Ganon was imprisoned within the 
Golden Land with his piece of the Triforce.  The question would be, 
then, how does Ganon get the other pieces of the Triforce into the 
Golden Land to set the stage for A Link to the Past.  Never fear, I 
have answers.  First of all, the Dark World is a reflection of Ganon’s 
wish from a long time ago – during the Imprisoning War.  Ganon is 
locked in the Golden Land/Sacred Realm from Ocarina of Time, and it is 
still tainted from long ago.  Link ventures into Termina, which makes 
him lose his piece of the Triforce, in Majora’s Mask.  Zelda is 
abducted by Agahnim, which gives Ganon plenty of time to extract her 
piece of the Triforce.  By the time Link fights Ganon at the end of the 
game, Ganon has all three.

- If you don’t think my above explanation of Link losing his piece of 
the Triforce is true, then it could work out another way.  If you are a 
believer that Link did not have the Triforce at the end of Ocarina of 
Time, then consider this alternate reason.  If Link did not have the 
Triforce at the end of Ocarina of Time, then he would have it all the 
way through A Link to the Past.  That means that when he defeated Ganon, 
who had Zelda’s piece from when he abducted her, his piece of the 
Triforce joined the two that Ganon had, making it appear as though 
Ganon had the Triforce complete.  After all, they never specifically 
say that Ganon used the Triforce from the time that A Link to the Past 
begins to the time it ends.  He just wanted to break the seal so that 
he could use the Triforce.

                 |    The Nature of the Triforce    |

The King of Red Lions and Sheik, collectively, told us a lot about how 
the Triforce works.  First, the Triforce does one of two things when a 
person touches it.  But first, I should explain that the Triforce is 
divided into three equal parts, each representing the goddesses that 
created the world.  There is Wisdom (Zelda), Power (Ganon), and Courage 
(Link).  When there is an imbalance of virtue in the person that 
touches it (that is, they believe in one of these forces more than the 
others), that person receives the one that they believe in most.  The 
other two pieces are placed in other “chosen ones.”

The person who touched it must gather the pieces to get a wish granted.  
You see, the Triforce grants a wish that reflects a person’s soul.  
Regardless, there is another possibility.  If someone with balance in 
the virtues touches the Triforce, their wish is granted automatically 
(they receive the “True Force”).  However, the Triforce has another 
strange property, revealed to us by the King of Red Lions in Wind Waker.

If a person that harbors a piece leaves the land of Hyrule, then they 
lose their piece.  This is very important to know in understanding the 
order I placed the games in.  Note that the Triforce piece of Courage 
is used by Link in the beginning of Oracle of Ages.  I hope this 
clarifies things – why Link’s Awakening must come before Adventure of 
Link.  In AoL, Link gets the Triforce piece of Courage.  If he got it 
in that game and Link’s Awakening came next, he would lose it right 
away.  And since Ganon’s revival has to come next, he would have no 
Triforce piece in Oracle of Ages, which we know that Link does.

                       |    The Dark Rites    |

Here, I’ll discuss Ganon’s resurrection in the Oracle games in more 

As we know, Ganon died in The Legend of Zelda.  While the Evil King was 
dead, Link went on other adventures – Adventure of Link and Link’s 
Awakening.  But, Ganon’s surrogate mothers, Kotake & Koume Twinrova, 
were busy at work trying to revive Ganon.  They were trying throughout 
Adventure of Link (or, at least, it was being tried, not necessarily by 
them).  But, they failed to sprinkle Link’s blood upon the ashes of 
Ganon.  So, they turned to an alternate method, the Dark Rites.  In the 
Dark Rites, Twinrova must light three fires – the Flame of Destruction, 
the Flame of Sorrow, and the Flame of Despair – and sacrifice a 
legendary figure to bring Ganon back into the living world.  They got 
to work at once.

To light the flames, they must flood the world with what they represent.  
The blue flame, the Flame of Destruction, was lit by Onox when he threw 
the seasons of Holodrum into chaos.  The red flame, the Flame of Sorrow, 
was lit by Veran when she erased many elements of the present age by 
tampering with the past.  And the white flame, the Flame of Despair, 
was lit when Zelda, a symbol of hope for the people, was abducted by 
Twinrova.  The Gerudo Witches intended to sacrifice Zelda, who was 
acting as the “Holy Sacrifice,” on the altar around the three torches, 
but Link arrived before that could happen with the help of Din and 
Nayru, the Oracle of Seasons and Ages, respectively.

He fought Twinrova and emerged victorious, but it was not over.  
Although they could not sacrifice Princess Zelda, or Link for that 
matter, Twinrova would revive Ganon, even if it meant destroying 
herself.  Twinrova sacrificed her own body.  Now, had Zelda been 
sacrificed, Ganon’s resurrection would have been complete.  But, 
because Twinrova was the incorrect Holy Sacrifice, the revival did not 
work out quite as well.  Ganon’s spirit was renewed, but his body was 
not.  So, Ganon’s spirit was placed within an empty vessel (according 
to Twinrova), and the result was a mindless and raging Ganon.  Link 
fought valiantly to destroy Ganon, and he succeeded.  The fell beast 
explodes in a white flash of light.

So, wouldn’t that mean Ganon is dead again?  No, it does not.  For you 
see, Link destroyed the vessel that Twinrova created to house Ganon’s 
spirit.  Ganon’s spirit was successfully brought back.  And remember, 
the Room of Rites is within the Dark Realm (one of the many alternate 
names for the Sacred Realm, but this runs more along the lines of the 
Dark World).  When Ganon’s vessel was destroyed, the white flash was 
the release of his spirit.  So, Ganon was in fact resurrected, just not 
his body.

So, this raises the question: how did Ganon get his body back for Four 
Swords Adventures?  Well, I think it’s probably thanks to Vaati, who 
was also imprisoned within an alternate realm, and who was working with 
Ganon from the beginning of Four Swords Adventures at least, probably 
even before that.  I’m really quite surprised I never received e-mail 
objections about this.

                      |    The Picori Blade    |

A lot of people would consider the Picori Blade and the Four Sword the 
same weapon.  Well, newsflash people, they aren’t.  First off, “Four 
Sword” and “Picori Blade” are definitely human names.  That is, these 
are the titles of the swords as declared by the Hylians/Hyruleans.  Why, 
therefore, would these titles be different?  And, if you think about it, 
the broken Picori Blade is mended by Melari using two elements.  This 
makes it the White Sword.  Well, the Picori Blade must not contain any 
elements at all.  So, these two swords are different, which keeps my 
timeline in check.  By the way, if you think that Four Sword is the 
Minish name for the Picori Blade, you’re wrong.  After all, it is 
referred to as the Four Sword by many humans (Borlov is a good example).

                 |    The Light Force = Triforce    |

Vaati and the guards of Hyrule make several references to the “light 
force.”  This is the Triforce, but to be specific, it is the Triforce 
piece of Wisdom.  We find out that Zelda contains the light force near 
the end of the game.  They show stained glass that details the legends 
of the Picori in the Elemental Sanctuary.  Since they show Zelda 
holding one golden triangle, we can safely assume that this is her part 
of the Triforce.  By the way, Vaati does take some of the Triforce from 
Zelda, but she gains it back when she wishes on the Minish Cap at the 

        |    The Adventure of Link/Link’s Awakening Theory    |

It’s not uncommon for people to say that Link’s Awakening, which we 
find out is a dream, happened during the raft ride in The Adventure of 
Link (when you have to raft from western Hyrule to the east).  Well, 
this can be easily disproved.  Who could forget the opening cinema in 
Link’s Awakening?  Remember Link, journeying on his ship into the storm.  
Well, ships and rafts are two different vessels.  I think that that is 
a very important difference made in his journey across the sea.  It 
doesn’t affect the timeline that much, but it is a storyline flaw in 
many a timeline.

                   |    The Wind Waker Theories    |

Many people think that the timeline should start with OOT, MM, and then 
go to WW.  At first, I could not disprove this theory.  But now I can.  
In WW, Ganon died.  Since it’s the last game in my timeline, this makes 
no difference.  However, it does in the proposed theory.  You see, if 
this were true, than Adventure of Link would have to come after Wind 
Waker.  In Wind Waker, recall that all knowledge of Hyrule was lost.  
Adventure of Link had towns named after characters from Hylian myth 
(the sages of Ocarina of Time, plus Mido and someone named Kasuto).  If 
all knowledge of Hyrule was lost, how could they regain it?  Clearly, 
Wind Waker comes last in the series.

                     |    The Losers of Zelda    |

A company called Phillips released three hugely unsuccessful games – 
Link: Faces of Evil, The Legend of Zelda: The Wand of Gamelon, and The 
Legend of Zelda: Zelda’s Adventure.  Well, these games were AWFUL.  I 
have never played them personally, but I’ve seen screenshots, examples, 
etc. enough to know.  First, they were made by Phillips using a system 
that was a complete and utter flop called the CD-i.  These games were 
all very corny.  For instance, two of these games use Zelda instead of 
Link and they take place in different lands (one land is called Tolemac, 
which is Camelot backwards).

Also, Ganon kidnapped (but didn’t kill, for some reason) Link in two of 
these games, as well as the King of Hyrule in one of them.  From what 
I’ve heard, all three of these games were not good, actually terrible, 
and that Zelda’s Adventure was the best.  Well, that’s all well and 
good, but why I am writing this?  Simply put, these three games are not 
counted in the timeline.

They are not, after all, Zelda games.  Maybe they are legally, but I 
will never consider these games to be a part of it.  After all, they 
were not made by Nintendo, and the makers were obviously uneducated 
when it comes to Zelda (for example, they call Ganon the “dark king of 
the underworld”).  Also, Soul Caliber 2 and the Super Smash Bros. 
series do not count (they’re fighting games where people get to use 
different characters from different series).

                   |    A Re-Release Side Quest    |

I mentioned that the re-release of A Link to the Past allowed me to 
safely determine the placement of Minish Cap.  I think, personally, 
that this is pretty under-the-belt, but in A Link to the Past’s remake, 
they included a side quest that involved the Four Sword.  Since it was 
forged in Minish Cap, Minish Cap must come before.  Since Zelda has her 
Triforce piece in Minish Cap but not in Ocarina of Time or Majora’s 
Mask, Minish Cap comes first.  If I didn’t explain things well above, 
here it is in simplified form.

                    |    Agahnim and the Blaze    |

An interesting note was brought to my attention by Steven Zoeller.  It 
is speculative, but it is very interesting all the same.  Of course, we 
do not take it into account if it is speculation, but I still thought 
it intriguing enough to get a note.  First, let’s recall that A Link to 
the Past was re-released for the Game Boy Advance eleven years after 
the original’s re-release.  Of course, the new version should have an 
instruction manual.  As it turns out, some of the storyline for A Link 
to the Past was changed in the manual of the re-release.  Here’s how.

-The newer storyline does not include any information about Ganon, the 
Imprisoning War, and it does not mention a number of other minor 

-In the original, a series of natural disasters, among them pestilence 
and drought, had struck Hyrule.  Agahnim gained favor with the king by 
quelling them with a form of magic previously unseen.  In the new 
version, it states that Agahnim gained fame by extinguishing a blaze of 
unknown origin.

These are the important differences.  The first point is rather 
interesting.  Is Nintendo trying to blot out the original, rather 
complicating storyline of the original?  Or is it trying to rewrite 
Zelda history because they hit a debilitating snag?  Either way, it 
would seem that Nintendo wants to change the storyline of the original.  
Furthermore, the second point is even more intriguing.  This is where 
Steven made the connection that most would overlook.  If you remember 
Ocarina of Time, the new Deku Tree tells Link that his mother delivered 
him to safety in Kokiri Woods after a fire broke out during a skirmish 
before she died.

However, because of the way the young Deku Tree phrases this statement 
(“Some time ago, before the King of Hyrule unified this country, there 
was a fierce war in our world.  One day, to escape from the fires of 
the war, a Hylian mother and her baby boy entered this forbidden 
forest.”), it could be interpreted that fire was being used 
metaphorically.  But, if this was the mysterious blaze that Agahnim had 
extinguished, then it is conceivable that Ocarina of Time happened in 
the same lifetime of the A Link to the Past Link, and so it could be 
proved that every game in the timeline from Ocarina of Time to Four 
Swords Adventures happened with the same Link.  However, because this 
is only speculation, as the manual never directly says that it was 
Agahnim who extinguished (or started) the blaze, I put it here as notes.

These are the most common e-mail objections I get, and so I disproved 
them in full for you above.  If you want to argue with me, please read 
all the notes above and consider how your theory affects the timeline 
as a whole.  I’ll be happy to disprove you, but you could lessen my e-
mail load that way.  You can write to me at Kirby0215@aol.com.

And I’m back!  Now that we’re reaching a close, it is time to read the 
FAQ.  Read slow, my friend, read slow... for it’s all over soon... too 
soon.  Oh, I’m going to cry, I know it!


FAQ stands for Frequently Asked Questions.  In other words, read this 
section before e-mailing me a question to cut down on the e-mail I have 
to answer.  Got it?  Good...  Now, the show must go on.

Question: Can I get another animal partner aside from Moosh?
Answer: Certainly.  To get Ricky, win the mini-game in Lynna Village 
(the sword baseball game, past age).  To get Dimitri, buy the flute in 
the shop in Lynna City (present age).  Moosh is the default partner.  
Note that you can only have one animal partner in this game.

Question: Seriously, Moosh can’t fly as far as I need him to.  Is there 
some secret to using him?
Answer: Moosh can be frustrating, but he actually *can* fly the whole 
length of the screen.  If you tap A very rapidly, you can keep Moosh in 
flight.  It’s all about button mashing, my friend.

Question: I think my game is screwed up!  I try to use the Mermaid’s 
Key on the lock but it doesn’t work.  Help!!!
Answer: Alright, calm down...  There are two Mermaid’s Keys (a new and 
old one).  See “Mermaid’s Cave” for details.

Question: What’s that door on the side of the Maku Tree (present)?
Answer: That leads to the Hall of Secrets, in which Farore, Oracle of 
Secrets, will take passwords (check out Section 3 to learn about 
passwords).  Also, the Maku Tree has Gasha Seeds appear in the grassy 
area atop her after every few dungeons, as well as Fairy Fountains.

Question: How do I open the door right of the Lynna Village mini-game 
south of the Maku Tree?
Answer: It is only open to you if you’re playing on a Game Boy Advance 
(like I said, though this is for GBC, it was released near the end of 
the Color’s run).  There, you can buy a few items for 100 rupees apiece, 
but then they run out of items to sell.

Question: Where is the secret shop?
Answer: Once you get the Tune of Currents, go north of the Ember Seed 
tree in South Shore to enter Lynna Village (past).  Play the Tune of 
Currents north of the left tree and you can get behind the fence in the 
present age.  Enter the shop from the left door, take the door and 
stairs down, and welcome to the secret shop.  Here, you can buy two 
Gasha Seeds (the first for 300, the second for 500), a Piece of Heart 
for 500 rupees, a ring for 300, and the L-2 Ring Box for 300 rupees.  
Once they’re sold out, it is converted to a chest game.  Pick a chest 
correctly three times to get a prize (you have a 1 in 8 chance of 

Question: Vasu says rings lose power over time.  Is this true?
Answer: Not really.  Rings will never lose power in your game.  He’s 
speaking generally about rings either not in your Ring Box or kept with 
him.  So, relax!  Your rings will never lose abilities.

Question: When I try to get to the top of the Black Tower, I can’t get 
past three doors!  Help!
Answer: You need to collect all of the Essences of Time, eight in total, 
to open the door.  You also need one other item; visit the Maku Tree 
after collecting the essences.

Question: Where does “Gahsa” come from?
Answer: Okay, I admit no one asked this, but I was interested in the 
origin of the name myself.  I typed “Gasha” into a Google search and 
eventually learned that “Gasha” comes from the Japanese word 
“Gashapon.”  In Japan, Gashapon machines are little ball dispensers 
that you put money into to receive a ball.  They contain a little toy 
or another prize; the fun lies in opening it to see what’s inside.  
Toys are often video game-related (there are several Zelda ones, for 
instance), but seem to come from a variety of sources.  Gashapon 
machines are the equivalent of toy dispensers in the USA, the ones that 
make you put in a quarter to get a random prize at grocery stores.

Question: Is there a way to get better Gasha Nuts?
Answer: Of course!  The contents of a Gasha Nut are determined by your 
actions.  Slaying many monsters, helping people (trade sequence), 
advancing in your quest to defeat Veran, planting Gasha Seeds in far-
off places, and wearing the Gasha Ring all increase your chances of 
getting a better prize from the nuts.  You’ll want to try doing as many 
of these things as possible to get the elusive Piece of Heart hidden in 
one Gasha Nut.

Question: How can I tell when Maple is coming?
Answer: If you slay 30 monsters and enter an appropriate screen, a 
Maple run-in will take place.  While wearing Maple’s Ring, though, it 
takes but a mere 15 kills.

Question: Which is better, Ages of Seasons?
Answer: I prefer Oracle of Ages, myself.  Ages is more puzzle-oriented, 
and Seasons is more action-oriented.  It comes down to personal 
preference.  An advantage to Seasons is that it features lots of old 
bosses and secrets you never thought you’d see again (like Aquamentus) 
from older Zelda games (Ages has its fair share, like Angler Fish or 
Smasher, but not nearly as many).  Really, it’s nothing like Pokémon, 
in which Red and Blue are basically the same game with a different name.  
Seasons and Ages are much different with similar plots, and I recommend 
playing both if possible.

Question: a/s/l?
Answer: I do not take personal questions.  Do not ask.

Question: Can I use any of your guides on my web site?
Answer: No.  Please read my legal section for details.

Question: What games do you have guides for?
Answer: This is my thirty-eighth.  Yes, I know what you're thinking.  
I have guides for all of these games, written in this order: 

The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventures, Harvest Moon: A Wonderful 
Life, Sonic the Hedgehog 2 and 1, Sonic Heroes, Mario Kart: Double 
Dash!!, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, The Legend of Zelda: 
Ocarina of Time/Master Quest, The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker, 
Super Smash Bros. Melee, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Paper Mario: 
The Thousand-Year Door, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario 64, Super 
Mario 64 DS, The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask, Sonic Adventure 2 
Battle, Luigi's Mansion, Super Mario Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda: The 
Minish Cap, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, The Legend of 
Zelda: Link's Awakening, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX, 
Mario Power Tennis, Mario Party 6, Paper Mario, Super Mario RPG, Super 
Mario Bros., Super Mario Land, Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros. 2 
(Japan), Super Mario Bros. 2 (American), Star Wars Episode III: Revenge 
of the Sith (DS), Super Mario Bros. 3, Super Mario All-Stars, Super 
Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World, Mario Kart 64, and now The Legend 
of Zelda: Oracle of Ages.  But, this guide is to be released alongside 
its companion guide for The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons.

But, for an up-to-date list of games I have guides for, use the below 


Question: How can I contact you?
Answer: Not asked nearly enough, this question.  I accept only e-mails 
as my new policy.  No spam, flames, chain letters, "tags," or personal 
questions will be replied to.  I do not respond to IM's, either.  
Please put "Oracle of Ages" in the subject line so that I know which 
game you need help with, and please be as specific as possible in your 
questions.  Try to spell things correctly if you can.  And please read 
the entire guide before contacting me.  This saves you and I both some 

And that’s a wrap.  Now, to the real reason I wrote this guide... the 
legal section!  Hooray!

====================Credits and Legal Information*=====================

It’s that time of year again.  Yes, I am referring to my incredible 
legal section.  But, to keep you in suspense, I’m going to ramble about 
who helped me make this guide in a little section I like to call the 
suspense-before-the-legal-section-section, but most people call Credits.

                           |    Credits    |

First, I really need to thank Kirby021591, a.k.a. me.  He wrote this 
guide, and we couldn’t have done it without him.  He also enjoys 
talking about himself in third-person.  What a guy...

Second, let’s give it up for Nintendo!  Buy their products!  Nintendo 
made another fantastic Zelda title, and two of them at once, when they 
released this, and for that they deserve this little blurb here.

Third, many thanks to GameFAQs, the only site my guides can be found on.  
They’re the best video game site on the Internet, end of discussion.  
Support the site by clicking on ads every now and then.

Lately, some other people have helped me in some small ways.  Here’s 
who they are and what they did.

- jedimastar_piden, who showed me where I omitted the word “left.”

That’s all for now, but I’ll hear about something I got wrong 
eventually, I’m sure.  Now, let’s skip this junk and get straight to 
the part you’ve all been waiting for – the legal section!  Let the 
excitement commence!

                      |    The Legal Section    |

First of all, I take no credit for the creation, distribution, 
production, idealizing, or in any way making this game.  That honor 
goes to Nintendo, not me, and I do not deny this.

Second, this document is Copyright 2005-2006 Brian McPhee.

Third, this may not be reproduced in part of in full under any 
circumstances except for personal, private use. It may not be placed on 
any web site or otherwise distributed publicly without advance written 
permission. Use of this guide on any other web site or as a part of any 
public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation of copyright.

To phrase that first item legally, all trademarks and copyrights 
contained in this document are owned by their respective trademark and 
copyright holders.

To make it clear for those of you who might having problems absorbing 
information, no one but the website GameFaqs may use my guides on their 
sites, books, magazines, etc.

Is it over already?  Ah, shoot.  Well, it’s so long for now.  But, 
although it may slow down, my FAQ writing will not stop in the future, 
despite your best efforts to stop me.  Well, we’re almost at the end, 
and I can feel a catchphrase coming on...  The kind that I’ve got to 
end every guide with...  The coolest, most awesome, the most “wicked 
tight” signature you’ve ever seen.  Step back, brace yourself, and get 
ready for disappointment.

See ya later.
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