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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

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##%%%%%%  ####    ####%%%%%%##       ##       ####          THE  LEGEND  OF     
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      ####%%%%%%%%########            #############      ORACLE  OF  SEASONS    
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      ####################                                    WALKTHROUGH       

	Being a Walkthrough to The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
		Last Updated: 23rd May 2001  Version: 0.4

Hello and welcome back to another FAQ by  me. This is my second FAQ, and I  hope
it will  be a  little easier  to read  than my  one for  Oracle of Ages - mainly
because I am using an English copy of the game to write it with. Hurrah! Much of
the information found in this document  is also available, with pictures, on  my
Zelda: Oracles website, the Temple of 4 Seasons, at


Please visit it. You might be surprised...

And now for the obligatory legal stuff.

This FAQ is copyrighted (C) Demajen Productions. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. I will not
tolerate anyone using  it without my  permission. Secondly, The  Legend of Zelda
and all associated names, characters, locations etc. are trademarks of  Nintendo
and  are used  here without  permission. This  is not  an afront  to Nintendo's
ownership of  trademark status;  nor should  I in  any way  be assosciated  with
Nintendo or its affiliates.

And now, let us begin...

Version History
v0.4:               Completed game walkthrough. Items section finished for a
                    none-password game. Added Piece of Heart locations, soil
                    patch locations and lots of other stuff.
v0.3:               Complete up to the end of dungeon 6. Trading Sequence
                    finished. Items sections updated.
v0.2:               Got my action head on now. Added People, Trading Sequence
                    sections. Finished dungeon 3.
v0.1:               Basics sorted out. Walkthrough up to after lvl.2 (I think)

1.  The Story
2.  Controls
3.  Here We Go
4.  Items/Equipment
5.  People
6.  Trading Sequence
7.  Heart Piece Locations
8.  Soft Soil Locations
9.  My Secret to Labrynna
10. Secrets
11. Thanks To....
12. Disclaimer

1 - The Story

Although I now have a copy of the official story, straight from the manual, I am
still going to use my original version of the story. I'm not saying its any
better, but I like it more...

In the lands of Hyrule,  a lone boy rode his  horse along a trail. His  name was
Link, and  he was  being led  by an  unseen force  to Hyrule  Castle. Inside the
castle, upon a pedestal, sat the Triforce, a beautiful artefact of great  power.
Link touched the Triforce and was engulfed in blinding light. In his head sang a
crystal voice... 

"Link... Link... The trials of the Triforce have begun!" 

...and then all faded to darkness. 

When Link  awoke, he  found himself  in an  unfamiliar forest.  Although he  had
travelled the length and breadth of Hyrule, he had never seen this place before.
Yet it  was obviously  inhabited, for  strains of  music could  be heard echoing
through the boughs, and  the sounds of laughter  too. Intrigued, the young  hero
followed the sounds until he discovered a small clearing. 

In the centre of  the clearing were a  travelling troupe and their  wagon. There
was  music and  laughter from  all, but  everyone's eyes  were not  on the  new
arrival, but the girl dancing in the middle of the circle. Flaming red hair  and
streaming ribbons whirled in a mesmerising dance. 

"You've awakened. Good! I worried the whole time you slept! You're Link,  right?
How do you do Link? I am Din. I saw a red flash in the woods and when I went  to
see what it  was, you were  lying there. I'm  glad you're feeling  better! Come!
Won't you dance with me?"

Link looked into the dancer's eyes and blushed as the girl reached out her hand
towards him. 

"Don't be shy. Dancing will ease your heart! "

After a moment of consideration and bashfulness, Link began to dance.

They danced for a short while, the Din spoke again. "That was fun! You're a good
dancer! It's been some time  since I've had such fun  Hey! Your left hand has  a
triforce on  it! That  is a sacred symbol  in Hyrule.  If it's  the true symbol,
then you are a hero with a special fate, Link."

And then she  lead the dance  again, more difficult  this time. He  struggled to
keep up with the swirls and tumbles, but the dance did not last long, for it was
interrupted by a darkening of the sky and a roll of thunder. Clouds covered  the
sun, and a booming voice shouted down from the lightning-filled sky. 

Hya, ha, ha! I've found you, Din!  You hid yourself well, but you cannot  escape
Onox, General of Darkness! 

With no more explanation  that this, a huge  and unnatural whirlwind swept  into
the clearing. Lightning  flashed from the  sky, destroying the  wagon. The winds
swallowed the members of the travelling  troupe, who were flung wide across  the
world. Din held out her hand to Link  as she was swept away, and the young  hero
stepped forwards to challenge this unnatural force. 

The  whirlwind  bashed into  Link,  sweeping him  round  and throwing  him  back
violently. He skidded to a painful halt,  but that wasn't going to stop him.  He
charged headlong at the whirlwind, but was once again repelled - this time  more
forcefully. Link hit the ground hard and blacked out. The whirlwind  disappeared
into the forest. 

Link was awoken by an old woman who introduced herself as Impa. Link thought  he
recognised her, but as he contemplated this  - and what to do next -  it started

But, hadn't it been springtime a moment ago? It had been warm and sunny, but now
it was  freezing! Seconds  later the  weather changed  again, the leaves falling
brown from the  trees. With Din,  the Earth Sorceress  gone from the  world, the
seasons had been thrown into chaos. 


Far  away in  his dark  castle, Onox  chained Din  to a  large rock  by crystal
manacles. With her locked away from the world, his plans to turn the land into a
place of darkness could be carried out. 

"What do you plan to do with me?!?" Din pleaded.

"As you  know, if  I imprison  the Oracle  of Seasons  and bury  the temple that
houses the   Season  Spirits,  the  seasons   of Holodrum   will  be  cast  into
chaos, the bountiful gifts of nature  will rot, and all living things  perish!!!
That is  the world of darkness that I long for!"

"No, Onox! No!"


Calling once again upon his dark power  he encased Din in a giant crystal  which
cut her off completely from the world. 

"Down,  Temple  of  Seasons!!!  Spring,  summer,  autumn,  winter...  Fall  into
chaos! GWAH, HAH, HAH!"

Without this connection to Din, and impelled by Onox's dark might, the Temple of
Seasons sank below the ground, furthering the chaos in the land.


Link picked  himself up  off the  floor and  headed out  in the direction of the
whirlwind. He  had to  stop this  world falling  into ruin  and stop  this Demon
General.  But first  he had  to gather  his own  power, for  all his  items and
equipment had been stripped from him when he touched the Triforce. 

Link's trial had begun... 



D-Pad - 	Move Link around the Main Screen
		Move the cursor in Menus.

A Button - 	Use the item assigned to the A Button.
		Assign an item to the A Button in the Sub-Screen.
		Talk / Read / Look
		Scroll through on-screen text
		Dive while swimming.
		End Cutscene (usually - not always!)

B Button - 	Use the item assigned to the B Button.
		Assign an item to the B Button in the Sub-Screen.
		Scroll through text
		Dismount off Ricky, Moosh, and Demitri (if he's on land).
		Stroke faster while swimming using the Flippers.

Start - 	Pause game and open the Sub-Screen
		Hold with the Select button to open the Save Menu.
Select - 	View the Map
		Change the screen to any of 3 Sub-Menus
		Hold with the Start button to open the Save Menu.


3 - Here We Go...

Okay. From where you  find yourself standing next  to the wagon, head  right and
talk to Din. Then talk to everyone else in the clearing (in which you learn  why
Impa is here amongst other things. NB. If you are playing a game of continuation
then the information presented here  is conbsiderably different!) then speak  to
Din again. You'll  dance with her,  then Onox will  show up and  kidnap her. The
fiend! Anyway, there's very little you can do but watch, and get flung away.

When  you awaken,  Impa will  be standing  over you.  She will  ask if  you are
alright, which you are, and she will tell  you to go and talk to the MAKU  TREE.
He is found in Horon Village which is just south of where you now stand.

Head south, then blatantly ignore Impa's advice and head west, past the  Know-It
-All Birds' house, and out onto the  beach. Jump off the ledge or walk  round at
your option, and  make your way  down to the  cave on the  beach. This is HERO'S
CAVE, and working through its meager rooms will reward you with your first item:
THE WOODEN  SWORD. This  is the  level 1  sword that  you'll be  using for a few
dungeons until you  can get your  hands on a  more noble weapon  (*grin* - sorry
about that!)

Now head back up the beach and into Horon Village. Head to Vasu's Jewellers  and
speak to the guy - Vasu -  iside. He'll explain the properties of RINGS  to you,
and give you a free LVL.1 RING BOX and the MEETING RING. Note that rings have no
power unless they are worn.

Now head up to Maku Gate and hit it with the Wooden Sword. It will crumble. Head
inside and speak to the  Maku Tree, who will explain  that he has lost a  lot of
power with Din  gone. He asks  you to go  and look for  her. Agree and  you will
receive the GNARLED KEY. Now  you can either head up  north to get on with  your
quest, or explore Horon Village. If you decide to explore the village, here  are
a few things to do. Either way I reccomend you at least go to the shop and  pick
up a shield.


Mayor Ruul's House - This is where the mayor of Horon Village lives. Seems  he's
a bit of a Gasha fanatic. He'll give you your first Gasha Seed and explain about
Gash Nuts and Trees.

Clock Shop -  The old man  who runs this  shop is looking  to make the  greatest
cuckoo clock ever. Maybe you can help him out later in your quest.

Vasu's Jewellers -  If you ever  have any rings  to appraise, you'll  want to be
coming back  here. Also  come here  to swap  the ring(s)  in your  Ring Box  for

Bippin and Blossom's House - Blossom has just given birth to a strong child, but
is having difficulty naming him/her. Maybe you can help them out.

The Painting  Man -  The Painting  Man offers  helpful advice  about where to go
next. Those of you who played Link's Awakening may find him awfully familiar.

The Shop - Like all good villages, Horon Village has a shop. It has a variety of
items for sale,  and a secret  back area that  you'll need a  membership card to
enter. The first thing  you should buy from  here is a WOODEN  SHIELD. This will
help you out considerably until you have enough hearts to bear the brunt of afew
enemy attacks.

Heart-Piece -  There is  a heart  piece on  a ridge  near the Mayor's House. You
won't be able to reach it until after the Gnarled Root Dungeon, but remember its

Ember Tree - There is an ember tree at the south portion of Horon Village.  This
will come in most useful later.

The Biologist - This guy  is sitting in a darkened  hut. You can cheer him  up a
bit later using some Ember Seeds. You'll get a Cuccodex for your kindness.


Right, head up out of Horon Village, through the snow and bushes, until you come
to the screen with some rocks straight ahead, and three bushes to your left. Hit
down a bush and walk through. You'll find yourself on a little island. There  is
a stump here, and a  keyhole which you just happen  to have the key for.  Use it
and  the Gnarled  Root Dungeon  will arise  from the  ground. Enter  and defeat
Aquamentus to get the SEED SATCHEL and the FERTILE SOIL.

Dungeon Item:	SEED SATCHEL


Heading back to  Horon Village, you  now have a  bit more freedom,  so explore a
bit, completing some of the fire-related  quests I mentioned above now that  you
have the burning  capability of the  Ember Seeds you  got in your  Seed Satchel.
When you have finished exploring, head to the bottom right of Horon Village  and
walk up to the bushes. The Prophet, Sokra, will awaken and tell you he sees dark
times ahead. Various people around here will also tell you they say a mysterious
shrouded figure out this way. Burn down the shrub using Ember Seeds and head out
into the Eastern Suburbs and the Woods of Winter.


The Eastern Suburbs aren't very big. There is only one building in them and that
is the windmill  with Guru-Guru on  top. Feel free  to talk to  him now, but  he
isn't really important till later on when you have the ENGINE GREASE.

Head North and you'll bump into Rosa, an orange-cowled figure who is complaining
that a Temple  seems to have  dropped into "Subrosia".  To find out  who she is,
what Subrosia is, and what this Temple is, you have to follow her through  three
screens without  her catching  you in  her line  of sight.  This is fairly easy,
though watch out on the third screen because she walks back on to double  check.
Wait a  moment or  two, hiding  behind the  tree, then  follow her after she has
reexitted the screen.

Rosa will walk  through some bushes  and disappear. Where  has she gone?  You'll
have to destroy the local flora to find out I'm afraid. Those of you with  moral
ethos against destroying plants are going to have a hard time getting over this;
but you're gonna have to,  'cos a lot of plants  have to be burned or  hacked to
pieces in this game.  Head into the blue  swrily portal that you  find under the
top left bush, and enter a strange land of volcanoes and lava - Subrosia.


Ah Subrosia. The  sweet smell of  sulphur and lava.  How refreshing. Of  course,
some   people  will   immediately  think   "Subrosia",  that   must  come   from
"subterranean". I  on the  other hand  thought immediately  of custard  and rice
pudding. You may  need to be  British to understand  that. Anyway, what  can one
find in Subrosia that is interesting to do?

The Subrosian Dancing Game - This will be your first point of call. Here you can
win many prizes,  including a flute,  but more importantly  the boomerang, which
you will need very shortly.

The Temple of Seasons - Yes, the temple Rosa refers to is the Temple of Seasons,
the home of the Season Spirits. After obtaining the boomerang, this will be your
next point of call.

The Subrosian Smithy  - You'll find  yourself coming here  a lot throughout  the
game, for these smiths are experts and bothy forging and fixing anything metal.

The Pumping Station  - You won't  be able to  reach here till  much later in the
game, but it is an essential part of the quest for the Iron Shield, and there is
a Bomb Flower nearby, as well as the Subrosian Sign Collector's house.

The Subrosian Chef - This guy  is also important for the trading  sequence. Come
back later.

The Subrosian Market - Buy the Membership Card for Horon Village shop here, plus
other items such as rings, hearts and Gasha Seeds.

Anyway, from  the warp  portal, head  down the  left set  of steps,  head left a
screen, and follow the sign down to the Subrosian Dance Hall.

Talk to the Red Subrosian and join the dance practice. Ask him for  instructions
if this is  you first time  playing, since otherwise  you won't know  what to do
(duh!). Then join the  dance. If you fail  you can always try  again. Eventually
you'll succed and get the BOOMERANG as your prize. Hurrah. Right, now onwards to
the Temple.  From the  warp portal,  head down  the right  set of steps and down
again into Subrosia Village.  Then head right, up  , right, up, down  the steps,
down twice, right twice, and up the green path. here is the Temple.


This is a place  you will visit several  times in the game.  You get the ROD  OF
SEASONS here, and you need  to open up the four  corner towers to imbue the  Rod
with the power of the Seasons Spirits. From the gate, head up twice and into the
main Temple.  Head up  a screen  and stand  on the  raised platform.  The Season
Spirits will give you the Rod of Seasons.

Now head out and head to the bottom right corner of the Temple. This is the only
tower accesible to  you at the  moment - the  Winter Tower. Head  in and hit the
Crystal Switch (thats that orb thing in  the center - you'll meet a lot  of them
in the game) with the Boomerang. A bridge will appear so you can cross the lava.
Head up the steps, down and up the  second set of steps, and walk up to  the big
statue. The Spirit of Winter will appear and beg you to save Din, and visit  the
other three Spirits. Then  it will imbue the  Rod of Seasons with  the a "wintry
chill". By climbing atop  a tree stump you  can now change the  season to Winter
when you wish. This is cool (ouch...sorry, BAD pun!!!)

Head out of the Tower of Winter and  the Maku Tree gives you a hint on  where to
go to get the next Essence - the woods to the East. Obviously these are not  the
woods of Subrosia, so it is time to head back to the surface. Head back and  use
the warp portal.


Okay, you  are back  in the  Woods of  Winter, Head  right and you will discover
Sokra, the main competitor to Talon for the "Laziest Person in Holodrum"  award.
He is asleep. Again! Try and sneak  past him and he will wake up  (light sleeper
obviously) and tell you about the power of the Rod of Seasons. Do as he says and
use the Rod atop the treestump on which Sokra was sleeping to change the  season
to winter.


Okay, so what changes  in Winter? Well, for  those of you interested,  here is a
short list.

1) The bushes  turn a rather  nice shade of  blue.
2) The  trees are covered  in snow.
3) The  patches of dirt  on the ground  turn into snow  drifts.
4) Certain trees  lose their  leaves and  leave a  gap for  you to  get through
5) Large snowdrifts which you can walk upon form in various places.
6) Water freezes over(though it can be thin in some places and will crumble if 
you stand on it.)

Okay, so its Winter. Head right, across the frozen lake. Head down twice, either
avoiding of killing the Moblins (the dog-faced things) and the Leevers (the  red
or blue things that  come out of the  ground). Note that your  shield can defend
against the spears the Moblins throw, so use it. Take the bottom right exit  and
slip through the gap. Head right (past a treestump - take note of this one)  and
then up. On the screen with two moblins and several shrubs, the leftmost one  at
the top has some stairs hidden underneath  it. Either ignore them or go down  to
have some of your cash taken by the guy inside. Not a difficult decision really.
Anyway, head up a screen (between the wooden posts), to get to Holly's House.


It seems that Holly's door is  locked. The sign says "Santa Welcome"  though, so
you may feel  a cunning plan  sneaking upon you.  Head left. And  lo and behold,
'tis a handy treestump. Use the Rod of Seasons, then head up the stairs to  your
right. Head right a screen and over the snowdrift, heading down Holly's chimney.

After half scaring Holly to death, she'll realise you are not Santa (well  nah!)
and order you to clear the snow from the front of her house. You do get to  keep
the SHOVEL she gives you, which is  an extremely handy item. Head out the  house
and clear the snow away. Now head  back down through the Woods of Winter  to the
treestump and use the Rod of Seasons to turn it to winter again

Head left through the gap, and up  the right hand side of the screen.  With your
new shovel, dig the snow away and head right. Here you will find a MYSTERY  TREE
which (surprise  surprise) bears  MYSTERY SEEDS.  Hit the  tree with  the Wooden
Sword to collect some. Try some on the owl stone next to the tree to see one  of
their effects. Now head up, the left (killing the moblin on the way) and  you'll
see a strange cave surrounded by bushes. This is DUNGEON 2 - The Snake's Remains

Sub-boss:	FACADE

With the Gift of Time collected, the  Maku Tree thanks you again. He also  gives
you your next clue - he has  just dreamt about SPOOL SWAMP and something  "being
afoot" there. Hmmm... I think our mighty Hero of Time should check it out!

Head left, hefting the rock out  the way with your bracelet. Chances  are you'll
run  into Maple  again here.  Left of  this screen  is a  Great Fairy  Fountain.
remember it for when you  are hurt badly and are  in the vicinity, for she  will
heal all of the damage you have taken.


To get to Spool Swamp is gonna take some effort, so bear with us. First head  up
from the screen next to the Fairy Fountain and change the season to Winter. Then
head back  across the  little pond  (now frozen)  and all  the way back to Horon
Village. If you haven't done so already, I suggest you go and see the  Biologist
(his house  is East  of the  Ember Tree  and "light  his fire" with Ember Seeds.
He'll give you a CUCCODEX, which will come in handy in a second.

Now head north out  of Horon Village, past  Impa's House, to where  you took the
left exit to get to the Gnarled Root Dungeon. Head right and up a screen to  get
to Malon's House. Malon  loves Cuccos, but complains  that there is so  much she
doesn't know about them. Give her  your Cuccodex and you will receive  a LON-LON
EGG in  return. These  eggs are  apparently all  the rage  with cute girls. This
strike anyone else as  odd? Anyway, the next  time you see Maple,  make sure you
bump into her to get the next item in this exciting trading sequence.

Head out Malon's  House, left, and  then up, lifting  the blocks out  of the way
with your Bracelet. Head up twice to find a SCENT TREE. This holds SCENT  SEEDS,
which attract enemies and can be  shot (later on) from the Slingshot  with great
effect. Now head back down a screen and left, then up and round to the left.
Cross the bridge and head left then up to meet Ricky the Kangaroo.


Right, this is important. As you have no doubt heard there are 3 special animals
in the Oracles games: Ricky the Kangaroo, Moosh the Polar Bear, and Dimitri  the
Dodongo. The decision you make now WILL affect your game. You can only hold  the
FLUTE of one animal, so listen up on how to get the flute of the animal of  your

MOOSH - There is a flute in  Horon Village shop. But it before talking  to Ricky
and you will meet Moosh later and get his flute.

DIMITRI - Perhaps the most  difficult flute to get. Go  all the way back to  the
Subrosia warp and head to the  Dancing Hall. Play the Dancing Game  repetitively
until you win the flute as a prize. Then you are free to talk to Ricky, safe  in
the knowledge that when you meet Dimitri later on, you will have his flute ready.

RICKY - If you want Ricky's Flute, just talk to him now. He'll help you out here
in any case, but if you have no  other flute on you you'll get his flute  so you
can summon him  at will. For  the powers of  each animal (which  you may want to
consult in advance) see the section below...

Anyway, talk to  Ricky and he'll  tell you how  to get to  Spool Swamp. You will
need his help to get there, though, but he can't do anything without his gloves.
To find them, you need to find Blaino (a familiar face to those of you who  have
played Zelda: Link's Awakening). Head down, right, right, down, right, up, right
and down. Watch out  for the Grass Hoarder  lurking in the bushes  on the screen
with the two Peahats and the signpost. Enter Blaino's Boxing Gym.

Blaino will challenge  you to a  fight. Just knock  him towards the  edge of the
ring. You don't actually take any damage, so keep pummeling away until he  backs
out. He'll be surprised he lost, but give you Ricky's Gloves as a prize. Now  to
head back to Ricky. Remember to re-equip your items as well...

Right. Upon returning Ricky's gloves to him, you can now head to Spool Swamp,
which is just round the corner.


Head down, use Ricky to leap over the pits, and keep on going down until you hit
a wall with  some steps. Don't  go down the  steps, but head  left instead. Take
note of Mrs. Ruul's Villa  - you'll need to come  back here to complete more  of
the Trading Sequence later on.

Head up and leap up the cliff. I seem to recall that Ricky leaves after  leaping
up here if you don't have his flute, but I may be wrong and I can't be  bothered
to check - sorry. Either way,  head up through this Autumnal paradise,  and left
at  the sign  pointing to  either Tarm  Ruins or  Spool Swamp.  You'll run  into
another Seed Tree. This  one is a PEGASUS  TREE which bears the  speed-enhancing
PEGASUS SEED. Harvest some, then head down.

From here, head  left and up.  You can see  the Floodgate on  your way past, and
Sokra seems to  be - surprise  surprise - taking  a nap across  the gap. Keep on
heading up, then head  right when you hit  the cliff and you  find the FLOODGATE

Enter the house and  speak to the Floodgate  Controller, who will tell  you he's
lost the key to the gates. Its  not far away however. Flick the switch  to drain
the pool of water in the room and you will find the FLOODGATE KEY sitting at the
bottom. The  Controller tells  you that  you can  reach the  key from the puddle
outside, so do as the man says.

Aha, a simple puzzle. The cryptic ow says "Blue seeds will give you speed." Note
that when you step off the button, the bridge collapses quite quickly. But is it
fast enough for a speedy Link to cross. Use the power of Pegasus Seeds and run
across the bridge.

And now a block-pushing puzzle. Push the right green block up and then hurl  the
liftable rock out the way. Push the  closest green block down and lift the  next
boulder and  chuck it.  Then push  the bottom  of the  two blocks right, and the
upper one up, and go up the stairs. Well done! Head left, round the pool of deep
water, and up the  next set of stairs.  Watch out for Grass  Hoarders (there are
two) and head up another set of stairs which takes you back into the fresh air.

Head down and right and talk to Sokra for  a clue as to what to do in a  minute.
Then head back left and down. Kill  the two Gold Tektites and the Grass  Hoarder
lurking in the bushes, and lift the rock to uncover some Soft Soil. The Deku can
offer you some help if you want it, and a shield if you still haven't got one or
lost  it to  a Like-Like.  Head right  and use  the Floodgate  Key to  open the
Floodgates, draining the water into the Swamp.  Right, now its time to go get  a
new Power of Seasons. As the Deku said, there is a vortex nearby!!


Head back round  to where Sokra  is and leap  off the ledge.  Head down into the
Swamp proper,  killing the  Water Tektites  as you  go, and  avoiding the  Swamp
Flowers which shoot fireballs at you (as plants tend to do...!)

Head down past the flowers  and left if you have  Ricky's flute. Jump up on  the
ledge and work your way round

If you have the flute from Horon Shop, go left and up. Here you will find  Moosh
being attacked by Moblins. You have  to fight them, then you get  Moosh's flute.
Then you can cross over the pits on the screen with the second Swamp Flower.  If
you have the  Subrosian prize flute,  head right and  up and here  you will find
Dimitri. Give them cash and they will  leave and Dimitri will give you his  horn
as thanks. With Dimitri  you can head down  through the water and  work your way
round. Either way you'll end up on  a screen with a rock (under which  lies some
Soft Soil) and a concealed pit which holds nothing but trouble - a Pincer.  Head
up the top right of this screen and you should see a Subrosian Vortex. Use it.


Right,  you're  back  in  Subrosia.  Heading to  the  left  and  talking  to the
Subrosians reveals that Rosa, the girl  you saw earlier, has been around  here a
lot lately. She is also  a popstar, but don't let  that idol worship go to  your
head. From those two Subrosians, head down to the Subrosian Seaside.


Ah, the thrills of the sand  and the...red...water lapping at you feet.  Its the
seaside, and while there are no ice  cream vendors, its is still a fun  day out.
Anyway, what do  you normally do  on the beach  (apart from eye  up the women in
bikinis). That's right, dig in the  sand. So get digging, for two  reasons. One,
because you should find plenty of Ore Chunks buried around, and you'll need them
in a bit. Two,  because somewhere on the  beach there's a pretty  something Star
-Shaped Ore around here somewhere. You should find it on the second screen  down
of the beach, quite near the Subrosian who says he wants to date Rosa.

Explore the rest  of the beach,  talking to everyone,  and you should  get hints
about what to  do next -  Rosa has lost  her ribbon, and  the Star-shaped Ore is
great for bartering. Wonder what there will be available in the Subrosian Market?


Head up from the beach, left a screen, and up again. You should find the
Subrosian Market. This has lots of neato stuff in it. Currently available:

A Ribbon            Star-Shaped Ore
Rare Peach Stone 
 (Piece of Heart)   20 Ore Chunks and 10 Ember Seeds
3 Peaches (Hearts)  10 Ore Chunks
10 Pegasus Seeds    25 Ore Chunks
10 Ore Chunks       25 Gale Seeds

Other Stocked Items

Big Bomb Bag        10 Bombs and 50 Ore Chunks
Seed Ring           30 Ore Chunks

What you want today though is that ribbon. Head back to the Seaside with it  and
talk to Rosa, who is in the bottom right corner. Give her the Ribbon and  she'll
go on a date with you. You'll get some funky music, and Rosa will now follow you
around. She says that you should go have a look around that "temple", so let's go.


Head up from the  beach and past the  Subrosian Market. Head through  the locked
door, round through the  underground cavern, and out  the other side. From  here
head right twice and  down the steps. Head  into the Temple of  Seasons. Head to
the top-left corner of the Temple and  open the locked door to enter the  Summer
Tower. Heft the blocks out of the way and head up the sets of stairs to meet the
Summer Spirit who calls you an "adorable hero" (hehheh!) She will bless the  Rod
of Seasons with  the power of  a SUMMER DAY.  Climb atop a  stump to call  forth
summer to make vines grow  and creeks dry up. Leave  the temple and head to  the
northern Vortex where you first entered Subrosia. Rosa will stay behind, but you
can go and talk to her again  later if you want. You have more  important things
to do, though, like  getting another Essence of  Nature. To do this  ist back to
Spool Swamp for you.

Chances are you may bump into Maple on your way back to Spool Swamp (I did!)  If
you have the  Lon-Lon Egg, it  is the only  thing you will  drop, and Maple will
give you her GHASTLY DOLL for it.  It gives you the chills looking at  it. Also,
on your  way back  through Horon  Village, it  might be  worth checking out that
Gasha Tree that  you planted near  Mayor Ruul's house.  By now it  should have a
Gasha Nut on it... Wonder what's inside.

With the help of your animal friends,  make your way round to Mrs. Ruul's  Villa
and give her the Ghastly Doll. She'll give you a fine Iron Pot. The head up  and
round to the Floodgate and leap off into the shallow water. Head up and left  to
a treestump and use the Rod of Seasons  on it to make it Summer. Then head  up a
screen and up the vines to enter Dungeon 3: Poison Moth's Lair.

Dungeon Item:	ROC'S FEATHER

Upon collecting the Bright Sun, the Maku Tree has another dream, of the
waterfall north of Sunken City. Looks like you'll be heading there next.


Okay, now this bit is the odd bit.  Make your way round form Spool Swamp to  the
Scent Tree north of  Horon Village (there's only  one, so you can't  go wrong!).
Head right then up a screen. Welcome to  Natzu _?_ Why do I say _?_? Well,  it's
because this place changed depending on which animal you have. Its Natzu Prairie
with Ricky, so thats what I'm gonna call it for the moment.

Anyway, the first thing you want to do is find the screen with the switch on and
a tree trunk heading down a screen. Flick the switch which makes a bridge across
the river. This will be useful later on.

Those of you with Ricky, rejoice at the simplicity of the Prairie. First time  I
played this  (on the  Japanese version)  was with  Moosh and  its so infuriating
trying to fly over all those holes. Leaping ledges is easy...

Anyway, I digress. head to  the right of the Prairie  and get shouted at by  the
Great Moblin as you  pass. Ignore his threats  (though watch out for  the bombs)
and carry on right into Sunken City.


How this ever achieved "City" status I don't know! Its tiny. There are five
houses here, and one of them is unoccupied (for now. Come back later!)

   Things To Do

Ingo's House:       You can visit Ingo. He collects vases. He's rather
protective of them. Apparently Biggoron has a vase he wants but won't give
it to him. Considering how polite Ingo is that doesn't surprise me...!

Dive Master's House: The Dive Master isn't here any more. Maybe you'll bump
into him later *grin*

Abandoned House:    Nobody here... How odd...

Syrup's Potion Shop: Sells potions of all kinds...usually...

Gale Tree:          Thats what you really want. Gale Seeds enable you to warp to
any other of the Seed Trees that you have seen. They are arguably the most
useful seed in the game...

After you have collected  some Gale Seeds, head  back towards the entrance  and
you will find  Dimitri being tormented  by some small  children. It seems  that
they are the City Safety Patrol, but they fear for their own afety because they
haven't any weapons. Give them some bombs though and they'll leave Dimitri

Leap on Dimitri's back and head up the nearest waterfall. Carry one up a  screen
and up the right hand waterfall. Open the chest for 30 rupees then speak to  the
Master Diver (told you you'd run into him). The head out and up the left
waterfall to fulfill his request.

The answer to his riddle is quite simple. Push the statues so that they form a
square with one space between each of them like this...

OOO             Statues are X's

Then stand in the center and use a  Spin Attack. Leap over the water and up  the
steps that appear  Open the chest for the Master's Plaque. Head out and back  up
the right waterfall to talk to the Dive Master again. He will give you a pair of
ZORA'S FLIPPERS as a reward for becoming his pupil. Now you can go for a swim!

The  Master also  tells you  a secret  route to  Mt. Cucco.  Sounds interesting
doesn't it. Maybe we should check it out! Head to the reef next to Ingo's  House
and dive down in the water,  swimming up. Avoid the Cheep-Cheeps and  surface at
the other side of the tunnel. Head up the vines and you have made it to Mt.


Ah, the wondrous Mt. Cucco. Why is it called that? Errr... Don't know  actually.
The only thing I can think of is that it is where the Blue Cucco (who may or may
not be  called Cojiro)  lives. Moosh  the Polar  Bear is  also here, waiting for
Spring so that he can get some Spring Banannas. Unfortunately, its not gonna  be
Spring here unless you make it so!!  But you don't yet have the Power  of Spring
for the Rod of Seasons, so I think it's probably about time we got it!

From where Moosh  is, head left  and turn the  season to Winter.  Then head up a
screen and up the  steps. Fall off the  right-hand open ledge straight  into the
blu eVortex. Its time to enter Subrosia once again...


Ah, that sweet sulphuic air again.  Leap over the pit and head  nort...hey wait.
Who blew that whistle. It seems two Subrosian's have taken a fancy to your Roc's
Feather. But you need that! Looks like you're gonna have to go after them.  Head
left a screen and into the house there. The two Subrosians are planning to  bury
some treasure - which  you can assume is  your feather. But they  are gonna make
sure they're not seen. Remember what Rosa did when you first saw her? This  time
its a little more difficult 'cos there  are two of them. Use trees and  rocks as
cover to stop the two little blighters spotting you. It is almost worth  letting
them catch you to see them say  "D'oh! Someone's here!" but not quite, 'cos  you
have to  start all  over again.  Once your  little chase  is over  it should  be
BLATANTLY OBVIOUS where they have hidden the Roc's Feather. Get your shovel  out
and dig up  the SUSPICIOUS PLOT  OF DIRT. Because  you're such a  nice chap, you
leave the ore in the Feather's place too. Boy will they get a surprise.

With your  feather back  you can  explore this  area of  Subrosia. Stuff  nearby
includes a treasure field, the Skull Pirates  cave, and a hole that goes to  the
Temple of Seasons.

Head to the Pirate's Cave first for some useful info. First talk to everyone  on
the ground floor and learn two things: That the pirates are looking for their
lost bell, and that the Cap'n is/was the boyfriend of Queen Ambi of Labrynna (!)

On the  second floor,  talk to  the Pirate  on the  right and memorise (or write
down) the pattern that he gives:

Cx2 Bx1 Ax2 D4x3 (ie. push the third ? twice, first ? once etc...) This will be
important later...

head up the  stairs again and  step into the  vortex. Hitting the  switch in the
cave extends  the bridge.  This cave  comes out  next to  the treestump in Horon
Village. If you have any rings you need apprasing or suchlike, go and do it  now
if you want. Otherwise, step back through the vortex into Subrosia. Explore  the
cemetry, discovering the ship  and talking to the  guy inside. Whatever you  do,
don't try and figure out the physics of  how a ship with its prow buried in  the
sand has it sticking out of the sand in the desert. We've tried. We can't figure
out a logical answer!!

Head back up into Subrosia Village and down the hole to the right of the  vortex
you got to  this part of  Subrosia originally by.  Head across the  pits, timing
your jumps  on the  moving platforms,  and go  up the  first ladder. You'll find
yourself in the Tower of Spring. Jump across the lava and head up to talk to the
Spirit of Spring. It will seem quite chuffed to help you out, and imbue the  Rod
of Seasons with a "spring dew". Head out and down the steps. Take the ladder  to
the right for  a Gasha Seed,  then leave the  tunnel out into  Subrosia Village.
That's about all you can do round  here, so head through the vortex to  take you
back to Mt. Cucco.

Back on Mt. Cucco, Moosh is still very hungry. You can help him out now  though.
Leap off the ledge and use the stump to change the season to Spring. Then   head
right and chop down the flowers, heading up the screen to see the Flying   Cucco
who is apparently "dangerous" when not held. I couldn't find evidence of   this.
Anyway, grab onto him with the  Power Bracelet and keep on rapidly  tapping  the
button to get the Cucco to fly higher.  He'll lift you to a ledge. Head up   off
the top of the screeen. Enter the cave, kill the keese (bats) and jump round  to
the steps. Head up and  hit the tree for a  Spring Bananna for Moosh. Drop   off
the ledge, entering  the cave for  a Magic Ring  if you desire  (if not you can
always get it later).

Give the bananna  to Moosh. He'll  be very greatful.  Then leap on  his back and
head left. Keep on heading left until it suddenly becomes Winter. You should  be
on a screen where snow blocks the path to the left, but you can go up. So go up!
Here we have  to fly Moosh  over the pits.  Those of you  who have Moosh's flute
will know the hell of not tapping the button often enough, so basically you have
to tap the  button like crazy  to keep the  fat bear aloft  long enough to  work
round the pits. Pick up the Dragon Key at the end...

Head all the  way back to  the treestump and  change the season  back to Spring.
Then  head  left till  you  see the  orange  Deku Flower.  Leap  in it  and  get
catapulted up the the ledge above.

Head up a screen and kill all the enemies. The cave holds the sleeping figure of
Talon (Malon's father) but there is no  need to enter just now. Come back  later
with something to wake the lazy git  up with. Instead head right 'til you  reach
the screen with a stump. Dive in the  water in the top left to get a  head start
on a  much later  quest and  pick up  the Pyramid  Jewel. It  will save you time
later. Anyway, change the season to Winter and head left back to the screen with
Talon's Cave.  You can't  get in  there any  more because  it is  covered with a
snowdrift, but you  can walk across  that snowdrift to  get into a  cave further
along, so do so.

Head up through the cave network to  the steps, avoiding the Zols and the  Grass
Hoarders (which  still get  me every  time, despite  how often  I've played this
bit).Head round, again  avoiding the Zols,  and up the  next set of  steps. Then
once moore use the  Power Bracelet and the  handy Flying Cucco to  flap over the
huge gap. Head right a screen and  use the Dragon Key to stop the  waterfall and
reveal a cave entrance. Drop off the ledge and head right, then use the stump to
change the season to Summer and enter Dungeon 4: Dancing Dragon Dungeon  (which,
incidently,  has  some of  the  funkiest music  in  the games  short  of Ralph's

Dungeon Item:	SLINGSHOT
Sub-boss:	SORCERER
Boss:		GOHMA

Congratulations. You  have got  the Soothing  Rain. As  you leave Dancing Dragon
Dungeon, the Maku Tree reveals to you once again that he has had a vision,  this
time of a lake shaped like an eyeglass. Eyeglass lake? Isn't that right next  to
Horon Village? Why yes, I  think it is! But before  we go back there, its  about
time we got a new ring box!

The Blue (L2) Ring Box

Head down and left to Mount Goron. Break through the snow with your shovel, then
bomb the cave entrance on the next screen, watching out for Leevers that pop out
of the ground as you do so. Head up and round, then up the steps. Go right,  the
up the steps, then left and into  the cave. Head up through this next  cave full
of Grass Hoarders (yes, they caught me out again!) and exit up the stairs.  Head
round to the right. Don't try and  take on the lynells - they'll kick  your ass.
Just avoid them and make your way round. drop off the ledge and enter the  cave.
Talk to the red Goron and say "yes" when he asks if you want to him to allow you
to carry more rings. This gets you the L-2 Ring box!! This can hold up to 3 seed


Head back to Horon Village using the Gale Seeds, then head out into the  Suburbs
and round to  the first warp  you ever used  is (you know,  the one Rosa  showed
you!) Head down the  steps to the right,  and down again. The  left twice, down,
left and leap up across the lava. Enter the hut on the next screen. Talk to  the
Subrosian Chef and you'll get some Lava Soup if you show him your Iron Pan. It's
so hot, it's molten!!

Head back to the warp  and get back into Holodrum.  Then go right, and up,  then
use the Rod of Seasons to change the season to Spring and use the Deku Flower to
boost yourself onto the ledge. Head up and right into Sunken City, then use  the
Dive Master's secret route to get back up to Cucco Mountain. Head left,  through
the snow, and enter Goron Mountain  by lifting up those boulders again.  Head up
the two flights of stairs, leap over the lava, and head out of the cave. Head up
the steps to where  Biggoron is feeling rather  miserable. Seems he has  a cold.
Give him  some lava  soup to  warm him  up and  you'll get  that Goron Vase that
everyone has been raving about (if you bother speaking to people) in return.

You know one person that wants that Vase more than anyting. Warp back to  Sunken
City using the  Gale Fruit and  go and see  Ingo. Give Ingo  the Goron Vase  and
he'll "Yahoo!" (which he gets top marks for - thats Capcom taking a leaf out  of
Dan Hibiki's book!!), then give you his Fish!

Warp back to Horon Village, exit north  and go talk to the Old Man  with Mittens
stuck up in  the tree. It  seems that Mittens  is hungry. Give  the Old Man your
Fish and it will  entice Mittens out of  the tree. The man  will be so happy  he
gives you his Megaphone in return.

Warp back to Sunken  City and once again  use the Dive Master's  secret route to
Mt. Cucco. Head up and right and  use the stump to change the season  to Spring.
Then head left and use the nearby Deku Flower to boost yourself onto the  ledge.
Head  up and  into the  cave where  Talon is  snoring soundly.  Think it's  time
somebody woke him  up! Talon will  realise that it  is Spring (He's  slept clear
through Winter!! So that gives him  bonus points in the Laziest Man  Competition
with Sokra -  don't think the  Prophet has slept  through a whole  SEASON!!) and
will take your  Megaphine back home  to Malon with  him. He'll leave  you with a
Mushroom instead. There's  also a chest  in the cave  which holds the  Subrosian
Ring which lets you disguise yourself as a Subrosian. When I find a use for  it,
I'll tell everyone...

Warp, again, to Sunken City and head up and left to the stump. Change the season
to Winter. Head down to screens and up the snow bridge to get to Syrup's  Potion
Shop. Go inside and  talk to Syrup, who  complains that she can't  open the shop
because she doesn't have any mushrooms. You  do, though, so trade her one for  a
Wooden Bird. You might want to buy a Magic Potion if you have the rupees spare.

Anyway, warp back to  Horon Village and find  the Clockshop. Talk to  the owner,
who  is  looking to  make  the best  Cuckoo  Clock ever.  He  is looking  for  a
magnificent bird to finish it off, and  you just happen to have one. Give  it to
him and you will get some Engine Grease.

Head down  and right  twice to  enter the  Suburbs, and  enter the cave. Head up
inside what I call  Windmill Rock and take  the left stairs up  to Guru-Guru. It
seems his phonograph is  a bit rusty. Needs  some oil, and Engine  Grease is the
best lubricant around. Use  some and he will  give you a phonograph.  You are at
the end of the  Trading Sequence, but have  not yet reaped the  rewards. To do
so, read on...


Yep, we  are finally  going to  Eyeglass Lake.  Take the  north exit  from Horon
Village, and head up  to the crossroads next  to the Gnarled Root  Dungeon. Head
right, then down to Eyeglass Lake. Head right and down and you'll find a vortex.
Step through it.


Yeah, back to Subrosia. Noticable in this area are three things:

Furnaces        :   These guys melt ores. Come back here with the Red and Blue
                    special ores.

Sign House:         This guy is wierd. He's fascinated with signs and tells you
                    off for being cruel and destroying them. Come and visit him
                    again when you have destroyed 100. He tells you how many,
                    so you don't have to keep track.
Lava Lake:          This is what you are after. Head down from the Smelters.

Work your way around  Lava Lake avoiding the  chain Podobos. You'll find  a Bomb
Flower growing in the ground. Use your Power Bracelet to pick it. Then head back
round to the Sign House.  From here head left and  up. Heft the rock out  of the
way and use Pegasus Seeds to give you the necessary speed to leap the gap.  Head
left and up, down the steps and right to the Temple of Seasons. Head to the  top
right corner   and talk   to the   Furnace Chief   (he's the   blue guy with the
funkyheadband). He'll use  the bomb flower  to blast clear  the entrance to  the
Tower Of Autumn (yes, I'm British -   I use "autumn", not "fall"  - get  used to
it!).  the Autumn Spirit will bless the Rod of Seasons with an "autumn  breeze".
Now the Rod is at its full strength, you have the ability to change the  seasons
to  whatever you like.

While you are in Subrosia, head to  the Market and buy two items if  you haven't
done so already - The  Town Shop Member's Card and  the Big Bomb Bag which  lets
you carry up to 30  bombs. The head back to  Horon Village. Enter the Town  Shop
and the Shopkeeper will now let you into the back 'cos you have a Member's Card.
Head  down and  buy the  Treasure Map  for 200  rupees. Now,  using your  select
screen, head to  the sparkly places  on the map.  There should only  be 3 if you
picked up the Pyramid Jewel earlier.

The second treasure (the first being the Pyramid Jewel) is hidden on the Western
Coast, the beach just down from Horon Village. Make your way down to the sea and
shoot an  Ember Seed  at the  candle. A  bridge will  extend. Cross  it onto the
little isle. Shoot  or sprinkle Mystery  Seeds at the  big ? and  fight the mini
-moldorm that comes to  life. Open the chest  that appears after it  is dead for
the X-Shaped Jewel.

Head out  of Horon  Village by  the north  entrance and  turn right back towards
Eyeglass Lake. Head down, right, and up to the treestump. Use the Rod of Seasons
to make  it Autumn.  The head  up (noting  the OBVIOUSLY  SUSPICIOUS pattern  of
bushes which hide a Soft Soil  patch between them) then right, lifting  the Rock
Mushrooms to enter Dungeon 5: Unicorn's Cave.


With the Nurturing Warmth under your  belt, you are over half way  there! Wahay!
The Maku Tree shares his latest vision of you in an ancient ruin. I have another
vision for you first though - a new sword!! Its time to get those other two

Head  back to  the Gnarled  Root crossroads  and head  down the  steps from  the
Granled Root Dungeon. Swim left and down  from the bottom of the steps and  head
into the little cave there. Talk to the  man, who gives you - the keeper of  the
essences - the Round Jewel.

Head left from that cave using the Spool Swamp Shortcut (that's what it says  on
the sign!!). Stop  off in the  little watery cave  and grab a  Magic Ring to get
appraised in a bit. Head up to the stump near the Poison Moth's Lair and  change
the season to  Winter. Then head  back down to  the screen below  the shortcut's
entrance to the swamp and shift the snow, then blow open the rubble wall with  a
bomb. Inside the cave is a chest with the Square Jewel.

---------- Use Gale Seeds to warp  to  the Pegasus Tree (or  just walk there  if
you  are not being lazy  like me) and head right   a screen, then up. Place  the
four  jewels in the correct hole (they fit perfectly!) Walk up. Use the stump to
change the season  to Summer and  head up the  vines. Ignore the  Knights unless
they charge you and head  left. Go down the vines  and push the Armos Statue  to
the left, making a set of steps appear. Now head back up the vines and round  to
the stump again. Change  the season to Winter  and head left through  the gap in
the trees. Climb up on the snowdrift and use the steps up.

Push the middle Armos Statue to the right, then use the stump on that screen  to
change the  season to  Spring. Head  up, using  the sunked  armos as  a stepping
stone.  On  the next  screen  change the  season  to Autumn  and  lift the  Rock
Mushrooms out of the way so that you can get through.

Welcome to the Lost Woods. This  place is infested by Like-Likes, so  be careful
and make  sure you  don't lose  your shield  (like I  did when  writing this FAQ
*sigh*. Bomb the wall  in the north wall  for a Great Fairy  Fountain, then head
south twice. Burn the  little bush and head  down into the Deku's  Cave. Talk to
the Deku, who wants you  to play your Phonograph. Do  so and he'll tell you  the
way to his Secret Spot: "If temperatures rise as you go far to the west, you'll
find it!"

Head out the cave and left, then up a screen. Here beginneth the maze. First  of
all, let's get that new sword. Stand on the stump and turn the season to Winter.
Head left, stand on the stump and turn the season to Autumn. Head left, stand on
the stump and turn the season to  Spring. Head left, stand on the stump  and use
the Rod to turn the season to Summer. Then head left into the Secret Spot.  Here
you get to pretend to be King Arthur and draw the sword from the stone. This is
the sacred NOBLE SWORD.

Head left, get back  on the stump, and  change the season to  Winter. Head left,
change the season to Autumn. Head down, change the season to Spring. Head right,
change the Season to Summer. Head up  and you should be in Tarm Ruins  between a
row of statues. If not, head right and work your way back round again.

This area of Tarm  Ruins is fortunately not  swathed in Like-Likes, but  it does
have its fair  share of nasty  guardians. Try not  to get to  close to the Armos
Statues because some of them do come to life. Head up to find a Gale Tree  which
you can warp back to  if you need to come  here again. If you are  short on Gale
Seeds, there is a tree stump on the screen to the right. Change it to Summer and
head back to  pick up some  more seeds. Go  back to the  stump and change  it to
Winter, then  head down,  right (noting  the hidden  Soil Patch  if you have the
Discovery Ring  active (like  me!), then  head up  and use  the snowdrift to get
higher. Go up a screen and head  left. Push the bottom of the two  Armos Statues
to the right. Don't worry, neither of them bite.

Drop off  the ledge  and change  the season  to Spring,  then use Deku Flower to
catapult yourself back up onto the ledge. Cut down the flower and head left. You
are stopped by an ominous and mocking  voice. The fact that it refers to  itself
as a they could give somebody a clue. The cakle might also help...

Either way, you are on a sreen with a big, ominous-looking tower. Time to enter
Dungeon 6: Ancient Ruins

Sub-boss:	VIRE

Hurrah! You have 6 of the essences. The Maku Tree once again gets in touch  with
Link via the Makucom. He dreams of an Ancient Grave to the West of Horon Village
 Think we need to go there next? Hohm...zzzzz...
Anyway, we have a few  things to do before we  get there, such as getting  you a
better shield and other stuff like that. So let's go. First of all warp back  to
Horon Village and take  the Subrosia Vortex near  the treestump (its down  those
steps) and enter the lava-filled landscape once again.

In Subrosia, head up three times, left once, up again, left once then down once.
Using your Magnetic Gloves, work your way to the right. Open the chest on the
next screen for the BLUE ORE.

Now head back into the Subrosian  Village. From the Market head right  twice and
use the  Magnetic Gloves  to get  over the  pits. Head  down, and use the gloves
again to enter the cave. Go up the stairs and collect the RED ORE from the chest.

From there head  right, up, and  left and you  should be at  the Furnaces. Ouch!
This place  be hot!!!  Head inside.  Talk to  the guy  with the kewl bandana and
he'll ask you  whether you have  come to make  some Hard Ore.  The answer is, of
course, yes! They will put your red and blue ores in the Furnace and do a  magic
dance (?!?) to bond the two ores together. Hurrah, some HARD ORE...

Head outside with your hard  ore and make your way  to the Smithy. For those  of
you with short memories  this is up through  the cave north of  the Market, then
head left. Talk to the guy in the Smithy and the Master Smith will speak. He has
noted your Hard Ore and says that  it could be made to upgrade your  rather poor
shield. Don't tell him to "make it fine" however. You have a shield. You are not
that bothered. Just tell him to "do whatever"! This will inspire him and he will
craft you a fine IRON SHIELD. Yay!  Remember, if you lose your shield to  a Like
-Like (like I did shortlyy before writing this sentence) then you can always buy
another from Horon Village Shop.

Next  stop, the  home of  the Great  Moblin, no  relation to  any spiky-haired,
popstar-turned-actors from Jim Henson films.  Warp to one of two  places: either
Sunken City or North  Horon, and make your  way round to the  bottom entrance to
the Moblin's Keep. Avoid the  big cannons and enter. Go  up a screen or two  and
enter the Keep proper. Defeat the two pig moblins and go up the stairs. Here you
will meet the Goblin...I mean MOBLIN King. Defeat him by throwing his bombs back
at him using the Power Bracelet. Your reward? The keep destroyed and a Piece of

There is just  one thing to  do before you  enter the Desert,  your next port of
call, and that is go and talk to the Pirate Captain in Subrosia again. With this
done, you can now talk to the  guy guarding the desert gate and he  will scamper
off. Enter  the passcode  that you  got from  the pirate  on the second floor of
Pirate's Cave earlier (its up in the walkthrough somewhere if you have
forgotten). Then enter the desert.

Head right three screens from the entrance and you'll find the other end of  the
Pirate Ship. Once again,  don't try and work  out the logistics of  how this end
sticks out this way up, but the  end in Subrosia also sticks out this  way up...
Enter and talk to the Pirate inside, who had a slight accident with a sandstorm.
He tells you that his skull may be quite helpful. To find it, exit the ship  and
go right, then keep on going up until you hit a little oasis. Here you will find
the skull, with his bandana still on, who insists on calling you "Matey".  Aaar!
Pick him up, or bomb the not particularly convincing fake wall for a small fairy
fountain.  The reason for this fountain wll become apparent soon enough, so dont
gobble up all the fairies just yet.

Right, pick up the skull. You target here is to carry him around the desert near
to every  whirlpool until  his teeth  start chattering.  Sounds easy huh! Wrong.
Whilst you have him in your hands, you can't use a weapon (except him - you  can
chuck him at stuff though he'll complain about getting sand in his mouth if  you

Once his teeth start  chattering, drop down that  whirlpool. You'll end up  in a
small cave and he will bounce off yer bonce. But sitting in the cave will be the
RUSTY BELL. Hurrah. But will this do? Only one way to find out. Pick up the bell
and head back to Subrosia.

Aaar me hearties. Talk  to the Cap'n and  he'll tell you that  it most certainly
WON'T do. Time to  take a trip to  the Subrosia Smithy. Once  again the Master's
eyes cannot be deceived, and once again  you have to give a straight and  to-the
-point answer. After a  short wait (remember, that's  why he's a Master,  finest
smith in all the land) your Rusty Bell will become the PIRATE'S BELL - *GONG!*

Head back to the  Cap'n and show him  your nicely polished Pirate's  Bell. He'll
immediately call for the Skull Pirates to sail once more. After a rather comical
scene with the  Pirates getting somewhat  seasick, head out  the hatch and  head
left off the gangplank.

Head up twice  from the ship  and enter the  small hut. Open  the chest for  ten
bombs. Wonder why they are here? Oh, wait. What about that OBVIOUSLY FAKE  wall?
Bomb it, and step through, exitting the house. Stand on the stump and change the
season to Summer, then go back through and head down and left till you reach the
bottom left corner of the  map. It has a Soft  Soil patch on it, and  some vines
which you can climb. So do so.

Here is the graveyard, a dark  and forboding place filled with tombstones  that,
when touches, release a ghini (or they might be called poes in this game, but  I
won't dwell on that point). Head up twice and you'll see the entrance to Dungeon
7: The Explorer's Crypt.

Dungeon Item:	ROC'S CAPE
Sub-boss:	POES

Hurrah, another essence of nature collected. This makes 7, only one more to  go.
The Maku  Tree will  thank you  (quite repetitively  actually) for  finding this
seventh essence, but he has  had no dreams to tell  you where the final one  is.
Fortunately I, the Oracle of Secrets,  know... Heheh! Ahem, yes anyway, you  may
well have noticed the Piece of Heart to the right of dungeon 7. You now have the
means to get it. If you head back down to the hut with the treestump and  change
the seasons to Autumn, then head up into the cave you pass on the way, then  you
should find yourself back in the  graveyard with the Rock Mushrooms now  ripe so
you can shift 'em and get the Piece of Heart.

Looking at your map  you should see that  there are very few  places you haven't
been.  The most  conspicuous of  these is  the large  grey block  of unexplored
terrain next to the Goron Mountains. Maybe you'll fnd something there...

Head to the Scent Tree  in North Horon, then go  down, left, up and through  the
log door. This should  place you next to  the switch that extends  the bridge in
Natzu Prairie. Head left from here, then up, and enter the tree door thingie.

This area,  as well  as having  reasonably funky  music, is  the remains  of the
Temple of Seasons. There is a Soft  Soil patch hidden on this first screen  with
the  two  Darknights  if  anyone  is  interested.  Head  up  a  screen, slashing
repeatedly at the Ball-and-Chain Trooper to kill him, then leap over the pits to
the right. Head up  and right through the  tektite-infested ruins. Stand on  the
stump and change the  seasons to Autumn. Then  head left twice and  up, over the
pits which have been filled in with  leaves. Then head down to the second  stump
and  turn the  season back  to Winter.  Head up,  over the  pits, and  use the
snowdrift to head down. Step in the Subrosian Vortex.

Ow its hot here, but fortunately Link's tunic seems to be more than able to keep
out the heat  of active volcanoes.  He's obviously upgraded  it since his  first
outing  as Hero  of Time  (see Ocarina  of Time  if you  have no  idea what  I'm
waffling about). Head up the steps and into the cave, where you find a blue-clad
Subrosian chucking stuff into a small pool of lava. You'll notice that he chucks
in stuff  that you  can collect  throughout the  game: iron-shaped ore, shields,
swords, fish, plus  other stuff. The  most perplexing item  I saw him  chuck in,
however, was a BLUE BOXING GLOVE. Has anyone found a blue boxing glove in  their
game? If so, what  does it do? Anyway,  chuck a bomb into  the pool of lava  and
you'll set  the volcanoes  flaring. This  will kinda  destroy the Temple Remains
even more, but it will allow you to continue on with your quest... Head out  the
cave and back through the Vortex.

Head up a screen and  bomb the wall for an  easy Piece of Heart, then  head out,
right, and down to the stump. Turn  the season to Summer and head right,  either
avoiding the Lyonells (if you still have the Wooden Sword) or chop them to  bits
(if you have the Noble Sword) and  climb the vines. Jump over the lava  and head
left, then up into  the doorway. Use the  Magnetic Gloves to work  your way over
the pits, then head up the stairs. Unusually, there are no Grass Hoarders hiding
around. Up the stairs, push the  right boulder down, the top left  boulder left,
and  the bottom-left  boulder down,  then cross  the catwalk.  Push the  bottom
boulder you see next up,  then head round to the  left and push the top  boulder
right. head up the steps.

The screen you emerge on has two  lyonells on it. Either kill or avoid  them and
head left, going down the next set of steps. Avoid the Grass Hoarder (knew there
had to be one hiding somewhere) and make your way up to the steps by taking  the
top route  round the  pits. Go  up the  steps and  carry on  left. You'll find a
little tower with two fairies in  it (useful if the Lyonells kicked  your butt),
and a Vortex. Step into it.

Back in scorching Subrosia, head up two screens to face the final proper dungeon
in the game and collect the eighth Essence of Nature. Welcome to Dungeon 8 - The
Sword and  Shield Maze.  Incidently, before  you enter  you may  want to spend a
couple of seconds playing with the dungeon's eyes, which follow you. The  appeal
of this quickly wears off, but I thought I'd mention it!

Sub-boss:	FRYPOLAR

With the final Essence of Nature collected, the Maku Tree returns to his  former
power. Exit Subrosia via the Vortex, then use Gale Fruit to warp back to Horon
Village. Go and see the Maku Tree and he will give you the Huge Maku Seed.

It's time to go and face Onox, but before you do I recommend two things.
1) Head to Sunken City with 300 rupees and buy a Magic Potion from Syrup's
Potion Shop
2) Collect all the Pieces of Heart you can find and get all 14 Heart
Containers. You will find a list below.

When you think you  are ready, warp to  North Horon's Scent Tree  and head down,
left, up, up, left, up  and left. This should place  you on the screen with  the
two darknights and  the soft soil.  From there head  up, left, and  up. The Maku
Seed will dispel  the darkness, and  that strange cowled  figure will apear  and
tell you all is for  naught. Then it will turn  into Twinrova. They give Link  a
warning that the Flame of Destruction will soon be lit, and that this rite  will
return the Evil King  to the world. The  Maku Tree will contact  you briefly and
urge you all the more to save  Din, now that the evil behind her  kidnapping has
become more apparent.

Head up, avoiding the Lyonells, and enter Onox's Castle.

Onox's Castle is fairly straightforwards. It consists of one long chain of rooms
that hold enemies. From the first,  enemy-less room, head up and defeat  all the
wizzrobes in the room. When you hear a chime, head up. Kill the floormasters and
the darknights in  this room. When  you hear the  chime, head up.  Here you will
find  our  old friend  Facade,  who has  obviously  received a  promotion  frmom
guarding the Snake's Remains. Kill her in the usual way (bombs) and collect  the
fairy that she drops. Then head up after the chime.

The next room has no enemies and a lot of green pots. Break the pots to stock
up on everything, then head up through the door for the final encounter.

Here you  wil find  Din, still  encased in  crystal. This  crystal proves  to be
naught but an illusion however, and you  almost avoid being hit by a big  flail.
And I do mean BIG!! It is Onox! He  says he is going to crush you like a  fly. I
think not!

Onox has a big spiky flail which he swings around like a Ball-and-Chain Trooper.
Avoid it 'cos it does a lot of  damage. Charge up a Spin Attack (you can't  hurt
him with normal sword slashes) and when he throws the ball at you, dodge out  of
the way  then nip  in and  release the  Spin Attack.  He'll also pound the floor
which  will drop  rocks from  the ceiling  (surely compromising  the structural
integrity  of his  castle, but  I won't  linger on  that point...).  Unlike the
pounding that Gleeok does, you are safe to stay on the floor when Onox lands.

After several hits, Onox will flash and make the "dead boss" noise. He is not
dead of course. He will summon Din's crystal, which will then spin round him.

Don't hit the  crystal with Din  in. You'll get  a shock (literally)  if you do.
Instead whip out the Rod  of Seasons and bat the  crystal away, then do the  old
Spin Attack thing again. Four or five good hits will see him off. Din's  crystal
will be left. Walk up to it to rescue... no wait... the floor is collapsing...

There is no point trying to  avoid falling down the holes. Leap  heroically down
the nearest one to  face Onox again... How  is he still alive  after the pasting
you've just give  him. You're about  to find out...  It seems that  Twinrova has
summoned Onox from the  Dark Realm where the  Evil King is imprisoned.  He is in
fact a Dark Dragon. This is gonna be tough... But you are the Hero of Time...

This fight is tough so I hope your Magic Medicine hasn't been used up yet. If it
has I recommend getting some more  or retrying. Onox the Dragon's weak  point is
that crystal on  his head. You  have to beat  him by leaping  on his hands  then
leaping across at holding  up while slashing with  your sword. Don't try  a Spin
Attack because you don't have time to  charge it. When you are on the  floor you
have four attacks to contend with:
1) Onox will try and crush you with his claw. Leap out of the way then leap on
the claw so that you can reach his forehead.
2) Blue Fire: Onox aims  blue fire at you and  spits it from his mouth.  Stay in
one place as he does this then move aside at the last second so the flame misses
you. He will spit flame four or five times depending on how he feels.
3) Claw Rush: This is nasty. Onox will swoop to the side of the screen then rush
one claw across the rake evrything in its path. You just have to stay in the
opposite corner where you should be safe.
4) Red Fire: Onox spits lots of nasty red fire from his mouth. Its hard to
avoid and causes quite a bit of damage, so just get out of its way as best you

Several hits to the head later and  Onox finally crumbles to the floor, but  not
before he tells you that you are too late. The Flame of Destruction has been

You have managed to rescue Din though, and she descends from the ceiling in  her
blue crystal. Walk up to her and she will burst free, thanking you for rescuing
her. You are now a true hero. Sit back and watch the endgame sequence...



Items so far:

Wooden Sword:       Mark of a hero.
Noble Sword:        A sacred blade.

Wooden Shield:      A small shield.
Iron Shield:        A large shield.

Seed Satchel:       A bag for carrying seeds.
   Ember Seeds      Fire burns within.
 Mystery Seeds      Producer of unknown effects.
   Scent Seeds      Aroma therapy?
 Pegasus Seeds      Legendary Speed.
    Gale Seeds      A windy trip!
Bombs:              Very explosive!

Boomerang:          Always comes back to you.
Magical Boomerang:  A remote-control weapon.

Rod of Seasons:     Best used from atop a stump.

Shovel:             A handy tool.

Power Bracelet:     A strength booster.

Ricky's Flute:      A flute for calling Ricky!
Moosh's Flute:      A flute for calling Moosh!
Dimitri's Flute:    A flute for calling Dimitri!

Roc's Feather:      A nice lift.
Roc's Cape:         A wind-riding cape.

Master's Plaque:    Proof for the Master.

Magic Potion:       Fill your heart!

Gnarled Key:        Key the Maku Tree gave you.

Floodgate Key:      Opens the floodgates.

Spring Bananna:     A fruit with a sweet smell.

Dragon Key:         A dragon-shaped key.

Jewel:              Treasure from a bygone age.

Slingshot:          Used to shoot seeds.
Hyper Slingshot:    Shoots in three direction.

Bomb Flower:        Use with care.

Treasure Map:       Shows treasure on your map.

Magnetic Gloves:    Magnetically attractive!

Blue Ore:           Valuable metal.

Red Ore:            Valuable metal

Hard Ore:           Used to forge something.

Rusty Bell:         A rusted treasure.

Pirate's Bell:      Rung to signal a departure.

Maku Seed:          Evil-cleansing sacred seed.



People you should have met so far:

Link:               The Hero of Time. You get to name his what you will.

Maple:              The trainee witch. You bump into her (quite literally)
                    throughout the game.

Din:                The Oracle of Seasons has been kidnapped by General Onox.

Onox:               The General of Darkness. He has kidnapped Din. You need to
                    find him.

Bippin and Blossom: They have just had their first child, and live in Horon

Mayor Ruul:         The Gasha fanatic and head of Horon Village

Mrs. Ruul:          Lives in a Villa near Spool Swamp.

Sokra:	            The laziest man alive?

Holly:              The cute, green-haired girl in the Forest of Winter

Seasons Spirits:    These four spirits can imbue the Rod of Seasons with their

Biologist:          Lives in a house in Horon Village. Knows a lot about animals

Malon:              Lives just east of the Gnarled Root Dungeon. Since Talon
                    has gone wondering off, she has to look after the cuccos.

Impa:	            Messenger from Hyrule, she is a familiar face for Link.

Rosa:	            The mysterious Subrosian girl. She shows you the way to

Dive Master:        Lives in Sunken City.

Ingo:               A collector of vases.

Biggoron:           A giant Goron and master bladesmith.

Syrup:              Maple's tutor and owner of Syrup's Potion shop in Sunken
                    City, where you can buy Magic Potions and Gasha Seeds for
                    300 rupees each.
Guru-Guru:          The Windmill Musicbox Man, playing a familiar theme.



For helping the Biologist out you get:

CUCCODEX:           The complete cucco fact book.

Take this to Malon and you will get:

LON-LON EGG:        A girl's best beauty aid.

Give this to Maple and you will get:

GHASTLY DOLL:       A creepy doll.

Give this to Mrs. Ruul and you will get:

IRON POT:           A well-seasoned pot.

Show this to the Subrosian Chef and you will get:

LAVA SOUP:          Molten hot soup.

Give this to Biggoron and he will give you:

GORON VASE:         A fine vase made by a Goron.

Give this to Ingo and he will give you:

FISH:               Market Fresh.

Give this to Grandpa and he will give you:

MEGAPHONE:          Used to shout loudly.

Use this to wake Talon and he will give you:

MUSHROOM:           Magically scented fungus.

Give this to Syrup the Witch and she will give you:

WOODEN BIRD:        A realistic carving.

Give this to Clockshop Man and he gives you:

ENGINE GREASE:      Best lubricant around.

Give this to Guru-Guru and he gives you:

PHONOGRAPH:         What a tune!

Play this for the Deku in the Forest Maze and he tells you
a big secret!!! This is the end of the Trading Sequence!

These are merely map co-ordinates. Just look at your maps screen. Letters go
across, numbers go down... It's that simple...

1)   I-14 (Horon Village)
2)   L-10 (Woods of Winter)
3)   P-11 (Woods of Winter)
4)   F-5  (Subrosia Market)
5)   K-11 (Eyeglass Lake)
6)   L-6  (Ruined Keep)
7)   B-12 (Spool Swamp)
8)   N-3  (Mt. Cucco)
9)   B-14 (Graveyard)
10)  F-2  (Temple Remains)
11)  Maple has it (random location)
12)  Gasha Tree (random location)



Again, follow the map co-ordinate system...

1)   P-2  (Mt. Cucco)
2)   C-3  (Tarm Ruins)
3)   I-4  (Goron Mountain)
4)   L-4  (Mt. Cucco)
5)   P-5  (Sunken City)
6)   E-5  (Temple Remains)
7)   F-8  (Holodrum Plain)
8)   A-9  (Spool Swamp)
9)   J-9  (Eyeglass Lake)
10)  F-10 (Holodrum Plain)
11)  G-11 (North Horon)
12)  M-11 (Woods of Winter)
13)  A-13 (Spool Swamp)
14)  I-13 (Horon Village)
15)  P-15 (Samasa Desert)
16)  A-16 (Western Coast)


Here is the password I got for completing the game. Use this as your SECRET to
start Oracle of Ages and play as me!!!

W  >  T S  {   3  j  y  @  8
n [] () {  q   7  =  M  3  <

{  = left arrow
[] = square
() = heart


These are noted down like this:

/Secret Giver/Location (Labrynna)/ Secret Receiver/Location (Holodrum)/Reward

Ring Secret
/Red Snake/Vasu's Jewellers/Red Snake/Vasu's Jewellers/Rings transferred

Clockshop Secret
/Old Woman/Lynna Village/A man/Underneath the Clockshop/Master Sword

Smith Secret
/Subrosian/Cave near Mystery Tree/Subrosian Smiths/Smithy/Mirror Shield

Pirate Secret
/A girl/South of Black Tower/A Skull Pirate/Pirate's Cave (SB)/Bombchu

Deku Secret
/A Deku/Deku Forest (PAST)/A Deku/Near Ruined Keep/Seed Satchel Upgrade

Rull Secret
/Old Woman/Plen's House/Mayor Plen/Horon Village/Lvl-3 Ring Box

Graveyard Secret
/A Ghini/Yoll Graveyard/Ghini/Near Adventurer's Crypt/Heart Container

Biggoron Secret
/A Goron/Rolling Ridge/Biggoron/Top of Goron Mountain/Biggoron's Sword

Subrosian Secret
/A Subrosian/Rolling Ridge/Gold Subrosian/Grass Cave (SB)/Bombchu

Diver Secret
/Dive Master/Zora Village/Dive Master/Sunken City/Swimmer's Ring

Temple Secret
/Great Fairy/Wing Dungeon Ruins/Great Fairy/Temple of Seasons/A Ring



DEMAJEN - That's  me. I am  the Oracle of  Secrets, and I  reside in the  humble
confines of the Maku Tree. No, actually   I have to be a little serious  in this
bit. I couldn't  have put either  this  or my  website (from which  most of  the
info in this walkthrough is  taken)  together without the help of the  following
Zelda Deities....

ASTROBLUE -  Known quite  rightly as  the Oracle  of Seasons,  Astro is  my main
source of anything Seasons related.  Also, without his knowledge of  Japanese, I
would never have completed  the game, let alone put up a site with accurate 

SHDWRLM3 - Known as the Oracle of Ages, this guy helped me out considerably when
completing AGES. He's  also the guy  that has a  go at me  for putting something
stupid up on my site, and is  usually  the  first  to  congratulate  me  on   my
latest  piece  of digital creativity...

MEOWTH346 - Without  Meowth's assistance I  wouldn't have been  able to get  the
RINGS pics for my website. The rings  info shall be appearing in a FAQ  near you
(hopefully this one, but  no doubt someone will  steal it and claim  it as their
own...) some time soooooon!

RLEE/MARSHMALLOW - for the ZELDA bit of the ASCII logo...

GAMEFAQS.COM -  Special thanks  go out  to everyone  on the GAMEFAQS.COM Oracles
Messageboards. These  courageous individuals  helped out  this inferior  website
designer with little thought for  themselves... Such selfless kindness should 
be rewarded, and eventually I'll get round to making a full list of your names...

CAPCOM/FLAGSHIP/NINTENDO - They made the game, and its traditional to thank  the
guys who made the game you right the FAQ about...



And now the legal stuff:-

1)  I am  in NO  WAY affiliated  with Nintendo  or its  affiliates, nor  anyone
involved in making this game. All names, characters, items, places etc. named in
this FAQ are owned by Nintendo and its affiliates (unless they are really  badly

2) I am, unfortunately, responsible for the slew of bad jokes in this  document.
My apologies. I couldn't help myself at some points...

3) This FAQ is copyright (c)  DEMAJEN PRODUCTIONS 2001. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.  So
if you steal from it, I sue you... You got this??!!

4) If you want  to use bits from  this FAQ - ASK  ME!! I might let  you, I might
not... Don't just  steal it because  that is a  very naughty thing  to do, and I
will let Zanzibar the Sheep on you if you do so.... BAAAAAAAA!

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