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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games


             Legend of Zelda : Oracle of Seasons Walkthrough/FAQ
                             For Gameboy Color
                          By: AlaskaFox(Ronan Murphy)
                            Created: June 26, 2001
                       Date last Updated: August 09, 2001
                                 Version 1.4
                       Mail me at: frozenfox@hotmail.com
                      Home Page: http://www.delta-blue.net


This Game Guide / FAQ is created for personal use only. You must not use it 
for anything that gains profit. Specifically Magazines, Game Guides, 
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You're also not allowed to rip off part/s of this Game Guide / FAQ and put it
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You also cannot use this Game Guide / FAQ as a guide for you to make your own 
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or have others give info about your game and give them proper credit. You can
copy the layout though. 

You can put this Game Guide / FAQ on your non-commercial or non-profit web 
site provided that not a single character has been edited or removed and you 
MUST have permission from me in order to do so. You can also, print a copy of
the entire FAQ / Guide or a part of it, provided you only use it for personal 
purposes. Remember "You don't have to steal, just ask." - B.O.F.III

                                EMAIL NOTICE

If you wish to send me an email asking any questions, pointing out mistakes
or whatever: Make sure you put the words "Zelda" or "Oracle of Seasons" or
something that lets me know which game your email is about. I have many FAQs
and if you don't do this your email may be ignored.


                     i.     Disclaimer                      
                     ii.    Email Notice                   
                     I.     Updates/Revisions
                     II.    Controls
                     III.   Walkthrough
                            A.  North Horon 
                            B.  Horon Village
                            C.  Western Coast
                            D.  Hero's Cave
                            E.  Western Coast
                            F.  Horon Village
                            G.  North Horon
                            H.  Gnarled Root Dungeon
                            I.  North Horon
                            J.  Horon Village
                            K.  Eastern Suburbs
                            L.  Subrosia
                            M.  Eastern Subrosia
                            N.  Snake's Remains
                            O.  Eastern Suburbs
                            P.  Horon Village
                            Q.  North Horon/Holodrum Plain
                            R.  Subrosia
                            S.  Woods of Winter/Horon Village/North Horon
                            T.  Poison Moth's Lair
                            U.  Spool Swamp/North Horon
                            V.  Natzu Prairie
                            W.  Sunken City/Mt. Cucco
                            X.  Subrosia
                            Y.  Horon Village/Eastern Suburbs
                            Z.  Subrosia
                            AA. Mt. Cucco
                            AB. Dancing Dragon Dungeon
                            AC. Main Subquest One
                     IV.    Maps
                            A.  Hero's Cave
                            B.  Gnarled Root Dungeon
                            C.  Snake's Remains
                            D.  Floodgate Cave Puzzle
                            E.  Poison Moth's Lair
                            F.  Sunken City Cave
                            G.  Dancing Dragon Dungeon
                     V.     Hints/Tips
                     VI.    Frequently Asked Questions
                     VII.   Outro


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Version 1.4 (Started: August 09, 2001)

     - Walkthrough AC Added
     - Hints/Tips Added - 1 Tip Added
     - Frequently Asked Questions Added - 2 FAQs added
     - File Size: 66.8k

Version 1.3 (Started: July 11, 2001)

      - Walkthrough X-AB Added
      - Map G Added
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Version 1.2 (Started: July 09, 2001)

       - Walkthrough U-W Added
       - Sunken City Cave Map Added
       - Updated Controls
       - File Size: 50.3k

Version 1.1 (Started: July 04, 2001)

        - Walkthrough S-T Added
        - Map E and E-sub-maps Added
        - Hero's Cave In-Depth Maps Removed
        - Added Ascii Art at the bottom
        - File Size: 46.0k

Version 1.0 (Started: June 26, 2001)

        - Walkthrough A-R Added
        - Maps A-D Added
        - Hero's Cave In-Depth Maps Added
        - Controls Added
        - Disclaimer, Email Notice Added
        - Outro, Credits Added


Use the Item assigned to A
Hold to power-up item
Reads Signs
Initiate Talk

Use item assigned to B
Hold to power-up item
Gets off Ricky/Dmitri

Brings up Item Screen
Closes Item Screen
Start+Select together brings up Save Screen

Brings up Map
Changes Item Screens
Start+Select together brings up Save Screen

Moves Link
Selects options in screens


North Horon

Accept your quest, hero!
You fall, and a starnge woman approaches you. Next, you find yourself in an
area with 2 available exits, a cart and a sign which reads:
                    | /\ Spool Swamp   |
                    | -> Eyeglass Lake |
                    | \/ Horon Village |
Because both North and South routes are blocked, you must head east. Here
you'll meet a group of performers. One of them is Din, the girl who found
you, and another is Impa, a cook. After approaching Din, she makes you 
dance with her. She then notices a Triangular mark on your hand, which is
the sacred mark of Hyrule. Blue flashes light the area, and Onox laughs and
declares that he has found Din, Oracle of Seasons. Onox rids everyone in
a hurricane, including you. He then takes Din away to a castle. And tells her
that because he has removed her from Hyrule, the seasons will be thrown into
chaos. He then imprisons Din in a crystal and buries the Temple of Seasons.
Impa comes and tells you that she is not just a cook, but the nurse of 
Hyrule's Princess Zelda. And that Din is the Oracle of Seasons (which you
already have figured out) who controls the seasons. She also tells you that
Zelda knew that Din was in danger, and that Impa was bringing Din to
Hyrule in secret. You find out Impa is injured, and she asks you to help
Din. She tells you to go to Maku Tree in Horon Village.

Horon Village
Gasha Seeds
Ring Box
Friendship Ring

Go south into Horon Village, and talk to the girl at the entrance. She tells
you that the Maku Tree is to the east. I recommend you go one square West
first and talk to the Know-It-All birds in the building to find out game
basics. Keep going east you will come to the Mayor's home. If you talk
to Mayor Ruul, he will tell you about Gasha Seeds, and he will give you
one. Go two screens south and enter the ring shop. Here, Vasu will give you
a Ring Box and a Friendship Ring. When you try to go to the Maku Tree(to the
east), you will see that there is a gate blocking your path. In the Village
you can also go in to a house, and name Blossom's child. To go to the Hero's
Cave you must go back to the Know-it-all Birds' house and continue west. 

Western Coast

3 Octoroks

You should be able to pass the Octorok unharmed without any trouble.
Continue and go south and then east and into the cave with the markings at
the sides, which is Hero's Cave.

Hero's Cave
L-1 Wooden Sword

5 Gels
7 Keese

Once in the cave, go east, trying to avoid the Keese(bats to you and me).
When you enter the next room, the doors will lock, but if you push the stone
they will re-open. Now, go north and push the stone up. Follow the path and
push the left stone down, and the right one across. Continue into the next
room and step on the button to make a chest appear. The chest contains a small 
key. Go back out and this time, push the left block up, and continue back.
Back in this room, the block needs to be pushed again and enter the south
door this time. The key is used to open the east door. In the next room,
stand on the button to open the door, and go around and into the door. Go up
to the chest to get the wooden sword, whcih will be set to the 'B' button.
You'll now appear outside the cave.

Western Coast
30 rupees

7 Octoroks

Now go to the right, and continue on the upper ledge. Kill the 2 Octoroks and
cuts down the bush, fall down(south) into the hole to appear back in Hero's
Cave in front of a chest. Open it to get 30 rupees, and go left into the
room, push the block. Continue left and back out of the cave. Continue back
northwest into Horon Village again.

Horon Village
Any bought from Shop

Now the shop in the south-west of the village is open for business. Here you
can buy:  
          Item              Cost(Rupees)
           10 Bombs           20
           Wooden Shield      30
           3 Hearts Refill    10
You should purchase the Wooden Shield, now that you have enough money. It will
be assigned to the 'A' button. After your purchase head east to the Maku Tree,
press B at the gate, and Link will automatically destroy it. To wake the Maku
Tree, hit the bubble with your sword. The Maku Tree tells you that he sees
danger on the Northern Peak, where the Temple of Seasons was. He tells you
that you need the Eight Essences of Nature that lie in Holodrum to break the
Shadow Barrier to save Din. He gives you a Key and tells you to go to the
giant root near the lake up north. He then falls asleep. Go over to the right
to get the Gnarled Key. Then go north out of the village.

North Horon

Impa will tell you to be careful, and that the root is north. Keep going north
until you come to a junction. Go left over the bridge, and put the key into
the keyhole. Enter the tree.

Level 1 - Gnarled Root Dungeon
L-1 Map
10 Bombs
Small Key
20 Ember Seeds
Boss Key
Mystery Ring(Discovery)
Heart Container
Fertile Soil

8 Stalfos
4 Large Gels
5 Moblins
12 Keese
8 Traps
8 Floormasters
2 Bubbles(???)

Go through the first room. In the second the doors close automatically, push
the top-right block for them to open again. Go north and an old man will tell
you to "Return light to unlit torches". Go back down and push the block and
go east. When you kill the four Stalfos, a key will fall. Pick it up and go
back to the centre room. Use the key in the west door, and enter it. After
you kill the 4 Stalfos a chest will appear. Open it to get the dungeon map.
The north door will also be opened. Kill the Gels and get in the minecart.
After the cart-ride, kill the two Moblins. Go up the steps, hit the switch 
with your sword, get the compass from the chest and return to the room
where you killed the Moblins. Push the centre block to the left, and avoiding
the traps, enter the room. Here you can see 2 blocks sticking out. Push the
left one down, follow the path and push the next block you come to across, the
next one down, the left one across and go up to get a Gasha Seed from the
chest. Your path should look like this: (I hope you can understand this!)

      WW####--          KEY:
      -W---#--          ---
      -#-#---#          - : Open Path
      -#-####-          W : Wall
      #----#--          # : Blocks

Go back into the east room avoiding the traps, and get back in the minecart.
When you reach the end, go back left and get the 10 Bombs from the Chest. Go
back to where the cart finished and up one stairs and down the other, pass 
quickly infront of the Opponent(I think he's called a Bubble, send in the
answer) and keep going until you reach the centre of the room. Hit the switch
and open the chest to get a Key. Go back in the room with the mine cart, but
don't go down the steps. Head across and blow up the cracked section of wall
with a bomb. Enter the room, and avoid the first Trap "Metal Gear Solid"
style by ducking in the gaps while it passes. The next trap is more difficult
because you have to destroy a plant before you can duck in one of the gaps.
Make the next opponent follow, while you hide against the wall. Go around
and up, and avoiding the Trap go to the right. Destroy the plants and go up
to the door avoiding the 3 Traps. Here, there is 2 mini-bosses: the Goriyas.
You only have to defeat one to progress, though. To beat these stay over at
the left wall and keep hitting them with your sword. After they are defeated
a portal between the minecart room and here will appear. Go in the east door.
Avoid the 4 Traps and go around the back, push the middle block up, and go
down the stairs. Down here(the first sideways section of the game!) you will
get a Seed Satchel with 20 Ember Seeds. Go back up and push the block below
the one you pushed to get in. Go out of the room, and into the teleport. Kill
the Gels and light the torches with the Ember Seeds, and enter the door. Kill
the 3 Moblin(is the plural Moblin, or Moblins?) to get a chest to appear,
this contains the boss key. Go back into the cart room, go south and then
east. Push the upper-right block(again), and enter the east door. Be careful
of the hands, because if they get you, you will be back at the entrance of
the Dungeon. Defeat the hands and get the chest which contains a ring, which
becomes the Discovery Ring after Appraisal. Go up around the top, destroy the
hands and enter the Door. To kill the boss, Aquamentus just keep hitting its
horn, it shouldn't prove difficult at all.(I will cover this in-depth in my
Boss Section, coming soon...) Get the Heart Container, and go in the east
door to get Fertile Soil, your first Essence. You will re-appear outside
the dungeon.

North Horon

Maku Tree will now tell you that he feels stronger because of the Fertile
Soil. He also says that he saw the Temple of Seasons in a dream, and that
there is an item there that will help you. Go back across the east bridge,
and continue south into Horon Village.

Horon Village
Piece of Heart
Gasha Seed

If you planted a seed outisde the mayors house, it should have grown into a
Gasha Tree. Hit it with your sword to get it's item. Use a bomb in Mayor
Ruul's house at the crack beside him to get another Gasha Seed. Plant this
seed outside his house, where the old one was(you should always plant seeds!)
Go into Vasu's Jewellers to get your ring(s if you got one from a Gasha tree)
appraised. Also, go up the steps behind the Jewelers and use an Ember
Seed on the Sapling(tree) to get the Piece of Heart. You should also visit
the building in the South-Eastern most part of town, and light the lamp with
an Ember Seed, to get the Cuccodex. When you go to leave the village at the
East Side, Sokra will stop you and tell you that the Spirits in the Temple 
will help you. Use the Ember Seeds on the Saplings and exit the village.

Eastern Suburbs
2 Octoroks
1 PigMoblin
2 Peahat

Kill the two Octoroks in the first screen and go north. North again, and kill
the three enemies here. Continue east, and a woman will come and tell you that
a Temple fell into Subrosia. Follow her north, while avoiding her line of
sight, and north again. In the next screen, keep out of her way, but when she
goes off the screen, don't rush to follow her because she comes back to check
for stalkers ^_^ In the next screen, cut down the plants and jump in the

L-1 Boomerang
Rod of Seasons
(Winterry Chilled Rod)

Take the left path down, next go west past the mud bath(don't get in or you
will get hurt). Go south and down the steps. Talk to the Red Subrosian and tell
him/her you'd like to dance. Get the instructions: "Doo" is right, "Dah" is
left and "Dee" is A. In otherwords, when he goes left you go left, when he
goes right you do, and when he raises his hand you press A. But not straight
after he does them though! Do it when the other dancers are doing it, and
when you complete twelve(12) in-a-row, you'll recieve a L-1 Boomerang. It's
good, but it doesn't hurt people! Go back up to the junction, and take the
right path down this time. Go down to where there are 3 guys and go east.
Next go south and east again. Go down the steps and continue east along the
path. When the path cahnges to lead up, go up too. A voice will tell you that
this is the Temple of Seasons. The voices are the Spirits, and tell you to
get the Rod of Seasons and then to go talk to them in the four towers. Keep
going north until you come to a room with a podium, and get on the podium
to get the Rod of Seasons. Go down four screens and go west, and into the
Winter Tower. Hit the circular switch with the boomerang and cross the
bridge and go up the stairs. Go up another stairs and approach the Winter
Spirit. The Spirit bestows the power of winter upon the rod, so you can 
change the season to winter when standing on a stump. He also tells you to
help Din and visit the three other spirits. You can't visit them yet, so 
just exit the Winter Tower. The Maku Tree will talk to you and tell you that
he dreamt of woods in the east with an Essence in them. Now it is time to
leave Subrosia. Go left, down, left, left, left, up, left, up, up, and up to
leave Subrosia.

Eastern Subrosia
Mystery Seeds

13 Moblins
2 Leevers
1 Octorok
1 LikeLike

Cut the plants, and go east. Sokra will come talk to you and will tell you to
go atop the stump and to use the Rod of Seasons. Do as he says, and jump onto
the stump to change the season to winter. Get down, kill the Moblin and the
Octorok, and go east across the frozen lake. Kill the Moblin and continue
east. Watch out for the 2 Leevers and go south. Kill the 2 Moblins and go
east again. Cross the lake, and by-pass the brittle ice. Go north and kill
the 2 Moblins. Go north and kill 3 more Moblins here. North again, and you'll
come to a house, the house is closed now. But the sign reads:
                      |              |
                      |    Santa     |
                      |   Welcome    |
                      |              |
Go west and kill 2 more Moblins. Use the Rod of Seasons atop the stump. You
can't enter the cave yet, because you can't swim. Go up the steps to the
right and go right and down the chimney. You'll meet Holly, who notices you
aren't Santa. She gives you a Shovel to clear away her snow(I wish when I
went into people's house uninvited, they gave me stuff!). Go back to the
right and right again. Kill the 2 Moblins and the LikeLike. Go left and come
back, and the season will have changed. Enter the cave and get the 30 Rupees
from the chest. Come back out, and return to Holly's house and go south.
Take the left route and continue south. Go along the narrow path at the left
of the screen which leads south and west. Climb the stump and revert to
Winter. Go west, and then North and dig all the snow and continue east. Hit
the tree to get Mystery Seeds. Use the Mystery Seeds on the owl, who says:
            "Do not forget to give me Mystery Seeds".
Continue North, and then west. Cut down the plants and enter the cave.

Level 2 - Snake's Remains
Small Key(x 3)
235 Rupees
Power Bracelet
Dungeon Map
Boss Key
Heart Container
Gift of Time

4 Traps
9 Gels
25 Ropes
3 Moblins
2 Bumper Beetles
2 Large Traps
15 Keese
2 Stalfos
2 Sparks
4 Pols Voices

Use Ember Seeds in the torches to light the room and open the doors. Go west.
Here avoid the two Traps as you enter the room. Kill the three Gels and open
the chest to get 5 Rupees. Go north and kill the four Ropes(the snakes) to
get the Small Key from the centre of the room. Return South, and then east.
You'll now be back in the first room. Go north, killing the Gel and avoiding
the Torches which fire at you, and then east. Kill the four Ropes and push
the centre-right block to complete the circuit. Open the chest to get the
Compass. Go west and then north avoiding the torches again. Here, kill the
two Moblins and the three Ropes to re-open the doors. Notice an arrow-shape
that the blocks are making on the floor? Bomb the section of wall to which
the arrow points and enter the room. Here you will find 235 Rupees!(Thanks
to Sarxos for pointing this out to me, the money was a great help!) Go back
out and open the north door with the key and enter it. Hit the two Bumper
Beetles into the holes to open the doors. Go west and throw Bombs at the
Pig Warriors to kill them(It took me a while to figure that out). When you
kill them a chest will appear which contains the Power Bracelet. This is
used to lift pots and other items. Go back to the previous room,and use
the Power Bracelet to lift and break the pots to get the Dungeon Map.
Go south and then east. Here kill the three Ropes and the two Large Gels.
Next, move the centre-right block one square right to complete the pattern.
This will open the door. Run past the two Giant Traps and the two Keese, and
get the Key from the chest. Use the Power Bracelet on the cyclinder shaped
rollers to push them out of the way. Also kill the three Keese in this room
and climb the stairs. You are now back outside in the "Real World". Collect
the Gasha Seed from the chest and go left and down the other stairs. Kill
the two Ropes and the two Gels. You can buy 10 Bombs for 30 Rupees from
the plant on the left. Continue north and use bombs on the cracked rocks
to get the key from the chest before it dissapears. If it does, exit the
room and then re-enter to try again. Now, go south and back up the stairs.
Go east and down the other stairs. Push the cylinders again and go north.
Go right, avoiding the traps and kill the three Ropes through the wall.
Use a bomb on the cracked blocks and go down the stairs. Go to the edge
and wait for the Large Block to fall. Run over it to avoid the spikes
and continue left. To get past the other blocks just run under them and
go back up the ladder. Here kill the two Keese and the Gel, and get the
10 Rupees from the chest and continue west. Push the cylinder at the top
and walk down quickly over the cracked sections. Kill the three Keese.
Lift the pots out of the way and use the key in the locked door. Enter to
fight the mini-boss Facade(If you've played Zelda DX:Link's Awakening, 
you'll know this guy, and how to kill him). To defeat him, drop a bomb
on his face, and the another and another. After you beat him a teleport
will open between here and the entrance. Go east and kill the Moblin and
two Keese. Go east and use the key in the block. Kill the two Stalfos and 
avoid the two Sparks. Go east avoiding the two traps and kill the four
Ropes. Go south, and use the moving platforms to get to the right side of
the screen(while killing the three Keese on the way). Go north and get
the Boss Key, jump down the ledge and go left two screens. Lift the pots
and use a bomb on the cracked part of the wall. In here, kill the four
Pols Voices(the rabbits) with bombs to open the door. Go east and get on
the turntable to go south. Use mystery seeds on the owl for a boss hint.
Cross the hole and kill the two Ropes. Pick up the pots to get some hearts
if you need a refill, and go east into the bosses room. You'll notice him
if you've played Link's Awakening, it's Dodongo. To kill him, stand in 
front of him and when he opens his mouth, throw a bomb in it. Then, lift
him with the Power Bracelet and throw him on the spikes. Do this until he's
dead. Pick up the Heart Container and go south to get the Gift of Time.

Eastern Suburbs
Piece of Heart

3 Peahats
6 Moblins
8 Octoroks

Maku Tree tells you that he dreamt of Spool Swamp and that something
fishy is going on. Lift the stone to the left and go west. Kill the two
Peahats and the Moblin and take the north path. Here, use the Rod of
Seasons on the stump, and go south two screens. here, kill the Moblin
and take the path across the lake. Go west and kill the Moblin and the
Octorok. Go south, and south again killing the three Octoroks on the way.
South again, killing 2 Octoroks. Go west killing a Moblin and two Peahats.
Next go south, south again past the windmill. Kill the two Octoroks here
and go east. Kill the two Moblins and continue north. Go up the steps and
across the snow and into the cave to get a Piece of Heart. Exit the cave,
go right again, down and left re-killing the enemies on the way. Go west
and back into Horon Village.

Horon Village
20 Rupees

Go into the ring shop to get your rings appraised(if you have any, that is).
Also, go up to the mayor's house and get the Gasha Nut from the tree. 
Plant a seed if you have one. Also, go to the CuccoMan's house in the
South-East of the village, and bomb his east wall. Go outside to get 20
Rupees. In the shop you can buy a Strange Flute for 150 Rupees. I don't
know whta it does, so I didn't buy it. Go north and out of the Village.

North Horon/Holodrum Plain
Scent Seeds
Ricky's Gloves
Ricky's Flute
Pegasus Seeds
Floodgate key

3 Zoras
6 Octoroks
6 Peahats
5 BuzzBlobs
3 GrassHoarders
2 Ravens
6 Tektites
2 RockHoarders
4 Gels
2 Unknowns????
1 Pincer

Impa will tell you that Spool Swamp is north and west of her home. Go
north and collect a Gasha Nut from the tree. Watch out for the Zora and
the Octorok, though. Go east and the north cutting plants to pass through.
Lift the rocks out of the way and continue north. Kill the two Peahats and
go north again. Kill the two Octoroks but avoid the two BuzzBlobs. Go
north and get Scent Seeds from the tree. Go east and kill the two Peahats
and the GrassHoarder, go south to Blaino's Gym. Bet 10 Rupees that you 
will beat him, just keep pumelling the buttons to beat him. When you
win you'll get Ricky's Gloves. Go outside and the north, west and south.
Take the west route here this time and continue north. Kill the two
Peahats and go west. Go across the bridge, west and north to meet Ricky.
You'll give the gloves to him, and he gives you his flute. You'll then
get in his pouch.

Ricky's Controls:
A - Punch
Hold A - Tornado Attack
B- Get off

Go south two screens, Ricky will jump the hole and go south again. He'll
jump another hole, continue south. Kill the Octorok with Ricky's Punch
and the BuzzBlobs with his tornado. South again and kill them all with 
Ricky's Punch(I said to use the tornado the last time so you'll know how
yo use it when the time comes). Go west, but don't go in, there's no
point, there's a woman inside who is part of the trading sequence, but
you don't have her item yet. Go north and Ricky will jump up the cliff.
North again here, since it's the only way to go. The sign here says:
                    |                  |
                    | /\ Tarm Ruins    |
                    | <- Spool Swamp   |
                    |                  |
Kill the two Blue Birds(Ravens) and continue west(to Spool Swamp). Get
out of Ricky's Ppouch and slash the tree to get Pegasus Seeds. Get back
in, and go south, kill the two Tektites and avoid the RockHoarder. Go
north, and north again. Here go east, watch out as one of the three
rocks is a RockHoarder, to kill it use the Power Bracelet to take off
it's rock and slash it with your sword. Enter the house and the man
tells you he lost the key to the floodgates. Push the switch to find
the Floodgate Key. The puddle outside will have drained to reveal a
stairs. Go down the stairs. If you sprinkle Mystery Seeds on the owl
it will say:
"Blue seeds will give you speed"
Set the Pegasus Seeds to either Button and step on the switch. Use the
seeds to cross the bridge before it disappears. In the next room, push 
the top block and go up the stairs, go into the next room and return.
Lift the two rocks and push the bottom-left rock across. Push the one
above up to complete the path. Which should look like this:

  WWWWSWWW               Key:
  WWW--XWW               ----
  WW-----W               W: Wall
  WWOOX-O-               X: Immovable Blocks
  WS------               O: Movable Blocks(in final positions)
  W-O--OXW               -: Open Path

Go down the stairs. Kill the two Gels. Go left. Kill two more Gels and
lift the rocks. Go right, lift the two blocks and go up the stairs.
Kill the two GrassHoarders and go up the other stairs. You'll now be
back outside. Go south and then east. Talk to Sokra, he will tell you
that "A new Power of Seasons is needed and you must find a doorway to
the Subrosian Land, and go to the Temple of Seasons". Go west and south.
A plant will tell you that a Vortex is to the south, and it will offer
to sell a Shield for 50 Rupees(you already have a shield, what good is
a second one?). There is Gasha Soil under the rock in this screen also.
Go east. Put the key in the hole to open the floodgates. Go west, north
and east and fall down into the shallow water. Call Ricky and go south,
go south again. Kill the two Tektites and avoid the Spittin-plant-looking
enemy(send in it's name, please). Go south and kill the same two guys
again and avoid the other guy. Go west, go south and you'll see an
unreachable wormhole. Go north, and get Ricky to jump up the ledge. Go
west and then south, use Ricky's Tornado to destroy the plants and jump
the holes to go south. There is Gasha Soil under the rock and a Pincer
in the ground. Go north, and get off Ricky, lift the rock, and enter

Star-Shaped Ore
Piece of Heart(or any from Market)
Summer Day Rod of Seasons Power

Go left quickly to avoid the lava. One of the Subrosians here tells you
thats Rosa's Key can open any door in the temple. Looks like you'll be
needing her assistance, then. Another guy tells you that Rosa has lost
her Ribbon. You can get it from the Market in exchange for Star-Shaped
Ore. Go south, the guy here will tell you that Star-Shaped Ore can be
found on the beach. Go south and dig near the Subrosian to find the
Star-Shaped Ore. Go north and up the steps. Go north again and west.
Enter the market and swap the Star-Shaped Ore for the Ribbon.
Market Prices:
10 Ore Chunks from 20 Gale Seeds
2 Peaches(Hearts) from 10 Ore Chunks
10 Pegasus Seeds from 25 Ore Chunks
Rare Peach Stone(Piece of Heart) from 20 Ore Chunks and 10 Ember Seeds
Ribbon from Star-Shaped Ore
Exit the market after purchasing what you wanted, go east and south
two screens, back to the beach. Go east and south again. Give the
Ribbon to Rosa. Go north, west, north, north, west, north and get
Rosa to use the key in the door. Make your way through the cave and
out the other door. Go north and then east. Go south and east again
and down the steps. Go east two screens and north into the temple.
Go west and north two screens. Get Rosa to open the door to the
tower and go in. Take the centre path, lifting the blocks out of the
way, and climb the stairs. In here, climb another stairs and go north
to meet the Spirit of Summer. It gives you the Summer Day power for
the Rod of Seasons. Go down the two stairs and out of the building.
Go south two screens and go east. Go south, west, west, west, west,
north, west, north, north, west and north again and into the

Woods of Winter/Horon Village/North Horon
Lon Lon Egg
Pegasus Seeds

16 Octoroks
2 Moblins
1 PigMoblin
4 Peahats
3 BuzzBlobs
2 Zoras
2 Ravens
2 Tektites
1 RockHoarder

Go right and down two screens, and down again. Go left and down past
the windmill. Here, go left and into the village. Get the Gasha Nut
from the tree, and get any rings you have appraised. Go into Blossom's
house and lend her 50 Rupees, so she can see a doctor. After this, go
north and out of the village. Go west and north, and west and north
again. Enter the house, give the girl a cuccodex in exchange for a Lon
Lon Egg. Return south and east, and continue north to Spool Swamp. Go
north past two Peahats and into an area with two Octoroks and two
BuzzBlobs. Go west and then north. Go west three screens and then
south. Call Ricky to get over the hole and continue south. South
again, and west. Go north two screens and go west. Get the Pegasus
Seeds and go south. Go west and the north. Fall into the river and go
northwest. Get off Ricky and use the Rod of Seasons on the stump to
change the season to summer. Go north and climb the vines to enter
Dungeon 3.

Level 3 - Poison Moth's Lair
Small Key
10 Bombs
L3 Dungeon Map
Roc's Feather
Small Key
Gasha Seed
Boss Key
Heart Container
Bright Sun

5 Spiny Beetles
6 Moldorms
4 FloorMasters
5 Mimics
3 Bubbles
2 Pols Voices
6 Peahats
5 Gels
2 Bumper Beetles
2 Tektites
4 Keese
2 Traps

Go north. Use your shield on the Spiny Beetles to turn them over, so
you can kill them. This will open the north door, go through it. Kill
the two Moldorms and go right. Kill the two Spiny Beetles the same way
as the last time and continue right. Take the top route, and keep
going right. Here, lift the pots out of the way and kill the four
Floormasters. (It took me ages to figure out that you can push the 
pots!) Push the pot second from the right wall over and onto the
switch to open the door. Go south, kill the three Mimics and avoid the
Bubble. Go west, and then south. Use the Power Bracelet to push the
rollers. The first one is easy enough. For the second one, push it in
the middle for one square, and then push it at the bottom until it
touches the wall. Go up and around the block to advance. Push the next
one at the bottom and get the key from the chest. To exit this room,
you need to fall down a hole. Then go north and exit the room. Go
east and up the stairs. Bomb the two Pols Voices and push the top right
block up to leave. Go north and kill the two Moldorms to open a chest.
Get 10 Bombs from the chest and use a bomb on the third from left square
at the top of the room. Go in here. Get the map from the chest and 
return south. Go south again. Here, move the second from right block
down and go around it. Push the third from bottom-left block across and
the one below down. It should look like this:

    WW----O       Key:
    -OOOO--       ----
    -O---O-       O: Blocks
    -O-----       W: Wall
    -O--S--       P: Pots
    O------       S: Stairs
    ------P       -: Open Path

Go west. Another puzzle here, yo need the bottom wall to match with
the top wall. Since the two purple(is this right, my GBC Color was
a bit strange when I was doing this) blocks at the left are in the
right place(sounds strange that: "left in the right"), push them
down. Also, push the two correct Red ones down. It should now
look like this:

 --R-P-   R: Red, P: Purple, -: Open Space

Next, push the top red one across and the bottom across also. E.G.


Push the red one down and the purple one across and down into the
space. It should now look like the top wall. Go west avoiding the
four Peahats. West into the next room, killing two more Moldorms.
Go west again and then north. Kill the Gels and knock the Bumper
Beetles down the holes. Go down the stairs, avoid the enemies
here and get 30 Rupees from the chest. Go back upstairs. Use the
key in the door and enter it. Kill the two Mimics to make the
chest appear(which is no easy task). Get Roc's Feather from the
chest(which lets you jump) and go south. Use Roc's Feather to
jump on the moving platform and get off it at the other side,
and fall down the hole to the right. You'll appear downstairs,
go down the set of stairs to appear in a sideways-scrolling
section. Use Roc'S Feather to jump across the blocks. Here,
drop down onto the middle block and climb up onto the top block
and go up the ladders along the roof. And go right and back up
into the Dungeon. Jump on the blue square(which is a trampoline)
to go up, and get a compass from the chest. Go back down, and
push the trampoline onto the other purple square and jump up.
Go right, use the Power Bracelet to move the rollers and use
Roc's Feather to jump over the spikes. Go into the right and go
down the stairs. Here you have to move the trampoline to get to
the next room. Push it in the order shown in my ascii map:

  ---------WW    Key:
  --###-##---    ----
  #321B-#-4ES    #: Blocks
  -4#-###-3--    B: Beginning/Start
  -56789T12WW    E: End
  ---------WW    S: Stairs
                 W: Wall
Path of Trampoline: B,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,T,1,2,3,4,E

Hope you understand that map, it's not the easiest of things to
understand. Anyway on with your journey...
Jump up to a room with a Gel and a Small Key and then go back
down. Go down the stairs and go across the sideways section using
Roc's Feather. Back outside, go across the platform and go up and
right and into the Floormaster's room again. Push the pot onto the
button and go south, and then west. Jump over the button and go up
the steps. Use Roc's Feather to get over the conveyors and go 
east, go up and around and get a Gasha Seed from the chest. Go
back down and enter the locked room. Here, you'll meet the Mini-
Bosses, the Squidders. To kill them, pick them up with the Power
Bracelet and hit them once they are on dry land. After you defeat
them a stairs and a teleport will appear. Go up the stairs and go
left and up the steps. Jump over the second gap you come to(no
Roc's Feather needed, here), go down the steps and fall into the
hole. Run around avoiding the Large Trap. Push the fourth from
top block across and jump the hole to get the boss key. Jump back
across and push the bottom block and jump down. Go right and then
south and into the teleport. Go up the stairs and west and across
the first gap. Pick up the pots to get some hearts refreshed, and
enter the Boss Room. To beat the Boss, Mothulam jump onto one of
the centre platforms and keep hitting her with your sword. When
she flies at you dodge left and right. After you defeat her, get
the Heart Container and go down the stairs. Go north to get the
Bright Sun essence.

Spool Swamp/North Horon
Pegasus Seeds

2 Tektites
1 Rockhoarder
4 BuzzBlobs
2 Octoroks

Maku Tree will again tell you of his dreams, this time he dreamt of
the waterfall on the mountain north of Sunken City. Go east and up
the steps, go south 2 screens and then east. Go south 3 screens, and
go east. Go north 2 screens, and jump over the holes with either
Ricky or Roc's Feather and continue north. Jump more holes and north
again. Change of direction here, east this time. Get off Ricky(if you
are on him) to cross the bridge and go east into the next screen. Use
Roc'S Feather to jump the hole and go through the tree stump.

Natzu Prairie
9 LikeLikes
11 BuzzBlobs

Hit the switch to extend the bridge. Go up the stairs and go north.
Call Ricky, so you can jump ledges. Go east hitting the plants to
progress. East again and south. South again tornadoing the plants to
pass south. Jump up the ledge and kill the BuzzBlobs and go east. No
choice here but north, so north it is. Go around the trees and south
on the other side. South 2 screens and down the cliff. Four BuzzBlobs
to kill here and go north. Continue north and north again. Go east
here and east again. South in this screen and enter the Great Moblin's
Realm, but not for long. Go east into Sunken City

Sunken City/Mt. Cucco
Gale Seeds
Master's Plaque
Zora's Flippers

3 Pirahnas
5 Cheep-Cheeps
1 Tektite

Jump the deep water with Roc's Feather because Ricky went away because
of the smell. Go south and then east. Go north past the building and
slash the tree to get Gale Seeds. These can bring you to any Seed Tree
in the world. Go back south and west two screens. You will see three boys
attacking a "monster". Give the middle boy all your bombs and talk to the
monster. He will tell you he is Dmitri, and that he will help you.
     Dmitri's Controls:
      A - Chomp
      B - Get Off
He tells you that you can also carry him with the Power Bracelet and that
he can swim. Go north and then east. Go north again and go up the waterfall.
Go east and eat the plant to reveal Gasha Soil. Go back west and north up
the right waterfall and enter the cave. Talk to the Master Diver and go
across to get 50 Rupees from the chest. Exit the cave and enter the other
one. Get off Dmitri at the right and cross the bridge. Next, move the
statues like so:

 (1) ----D     (2) --B-D    Key:
     -B---         -----    ----
     ---C-         --A-C    1 : Starting Position
     A----         -----    2 : End Position
                            - : Empty square
                            A,B,C,D : Statues

Now, stand in the centre and cahrge up your sword. Jump across the water
and up the steps to get the Master's Plaque from the chest. Go back out of
the cave and back into the other one and talk to the Master Diver. Give
him the Plaque to pass his test. He will give you Zora's Flippers which let
you swim. He will tell you that there is a diving hole among the reefs
which leeds to Mt. Cucco. Exit the cave(you can now enter the house to the
east, if you want), and go south and down the waterfall. Go west and dive
around in the deep water. Follow the sideways section killing 5 Cheep-Cheeps
along the way. When you exit, go up the vines and go north(I met Maple here
and exchanged the LonLon Egg for a Ghastly Doll). Go east and then north up
the steps, hug the right wall and fall down into the wormhole.

Fool's Ore

Equip Roc's Feather and jump the lava. As you do so 2 Subrosians blow a
whistle and "swap" your Roc's Faether for a Fool's Ore. You better get
that feather back! Go west and into the house, go west and south to exit
the house. This bit is just like when you followed Rosa, except slightly
tougher. Use the tree to hide and go south. Use the 2 trees to hide and
go south. Use the 4 Rocks to hide, go west. Use the 'L' shape of Rocks
to hide and go north. Use the bottom tree here, and go north. And finally,
use the left and upper trees to hide. Go back south to see them hide your
feather in the red square of soil. Take out your shovel and dig it up, and
replace it with the Ore. Go back south, east, north, north and re-enter the
house. At the other side, go south, jump the lava and go south again. Enter
the house, and you'll find out that the captain has misplaced a bell. Go up
the stairs, talk to the right pirate to get a code: C,C,B,A,A,D,D,D. Go up
the other stairs and enter the wormhole. Flip the switch to extend the

Horon Village/Eastern Suburbs
Gasha Seed
Piece of Heart


You're now back in Horon Village. Go and get any Rings appraised and get
Gasha Nuts if there are any(You have planted them recently, have you??????).
Plant a seed if you like. Buy some bombs in the shop to replenish your stock.
Exit the village to the east. Go north, east, north, north, north, east, east,
south, up the other path, east, north, west, west, and north. Use the rod to
change the season to winter. Go east, east and enter the cave. Get a Gasha
Seed from the chest. Exit the cave, go east, south, south, south and cross the
water to get a Piece of Heart. Use a Gale Seed and go back to the tree in Horon
Village. Re-enter the wormhole and go back to Subrosia.

2 Gasha Seeds
Spring Dew(ROD)

Go down the stairs and exit the house. Go north and jump the lava. Go west 2
screens, and go north. Enter the house and get the Gasha Seed. Exit the house,
go south, jump the lava and go down the stairs. Cross the 3 platforms and go
down the second ladder. Get another Gasha Seed. Go up the other ladder and
you'll arrive in the temple. Enter the Spring Temple and jump across the
platforms to go north. Go up the stairs and talk to the spring spirit. You'll
now get the power of spring for your rod(Sping Dew). Exit the temple and go
down the stairs. Go back across the platforms and go up the ladder. Go west
and enter the wormhole.

Spring Banana
Mystery Ring
dragon key

1 Raven
10 keese
1 Tektite
3 LikeLikes
3 Moblin
3 GrassHoarder
6 Gels

Fall down the ledge and change the season to spring. Go east and talk to the
bear. He wants a Spring Banana. Go north and use the Power Bracelet to grab
the Cucco. Use the Cucco to get to the top ledge by pressing 'A' repeatedly.
Go north and into the cave. Equip Roc's Feather to jump the platforms. Go 
to the northwest of the cave and up the stairs. Slash the tree to get the
Spring Banana. Fall down the ledge and go south. Fall down the other ledge
and enter the cave. Push the button to drop a ring, get the ring and exit
the cave. Drop down the ledge, go south and give Moosh(the bear) the Spring
Banana. Moosh tells you of his hatred for water. Go west and west again.
Cross the bridge and go west two screens into the wintery area. Go north and
use Moosh to get the Dragon Key. Go back south and east. Go east three screens
and change the season to Spring. Walk three screens west and get on the
flower. Go north and then east, go east again and change the season to winter.
Go west 2 screens and up onto the snow and into the cave. Jump the holes,
lift the rocks and continue west. Go up the stairs. Cut all the shrubs and 
go up the stairs. Go east and grab the Cucco to fly across the chasm. Go
east and put the key in the hole to open the dungeon. Go back west. Fall
down the ledge and go east. Change the season to summer and enter the cave.

Level 4 - Dancing Dragon Dungeon
Small Key x5
10 Bombs
L4 Dungeon Map
Boos Key
Heart Container
Soothing Rain

Go north. Kill the 2 Skull Knights. Next, push the second from right blcok
down to get the bombs from the chest. Jump into the mine cart. See the crack
in the east wall? That's what the bombs are for. You have to put a pot on
all the buttons to get a key. Just pick up the 4 and 6 pots to push the
others around. i.e.


Push around the other pots onto the switches. Stand on the remaining button
for a key to fall. Go back west and jump into the mine cart. In the mine cart,
hit the switch to go west. Move the statue onto the button to open the door.
Go north. To get to the stairs, move the bottom-right block up, the bottom-
left up, and the middle block across. Like So:

   S--O   Key:
   ---O   -----
   O-OO   S: Stairs
   --O-   O: Block
          -: Open Path

Go down the stairs. Here avoid the WizzRobes and go down the right door. Avoid
the bubble and go east. Get the Dungeon Map from the chest. Go back west and
make your way the south-west corner of the room. Go down the stairs into the
sideways section. The first room shouldn't be too hard, but the second is a
nightmare! Just hold right and keep jumping and hopefully you'll get across.
Go up the ladder and light the torch. Jump the holes to get to the chest. If
you're like me, this will drive you insane.Now, the return journey. You could
just die, but if you don't like dying, I'll explain anyway. Go back down the
stairs, the sideways section isn't as hard this time. Go back up the ladder
and go north. Follow the maze and go up the stairs. Push the left block down,
the right one down and the middle across. Kill the Tektites(I call them
Tellytubbies, because ot gives me more reason to kill them!) to open the door.
Get in the minecart and hit the switch. Go south and into the first room. Use
one of the keys in the door to the east. Jump the spikes and avoid the Bubbles.
Bomb the east wall and go through. Kill the enemies here and push the block
across to reveal a chest. Get the compass from the chest, and return west.
Go north. Here, push B to dive under the rollers. Go north, jump over the
holes quickly to avoid the crumbling tiles, and get in the cart. Hit the switch
and get back in the cart straight-away. Kill the 2 LikeLikes and the Tektite to
reveal a key. Dive in the water to get it. Get back in the cart. Kill the two
Stalfos and use the key in the block. Kill the three Skull Knights for steps
to appear. Use the Pegasus Seeds combined with Roc's Feather to jump the gaps.
Go down the stairs. Push the bottom block to get out and get in the minecart.
After the minecart ride go to the northwest corner of the room to get another
key. Buy ember seeds from the plant, and go south. Use the feather to jump the
Spikes and go south into the mini-boss room to fight Agahnim. To beat them,
light the torches and avoid their fireballs, then hit one of them. Repeat
until finished. A teleport between here and the first room will open. Go
south. Kill the 3 Stalfos and jump in the mine-cart. Go south, use a key in
the west door and go through. Push the statue onto the button and use a
Pegasus Seed to run around to the chest. Get the Slingshot from the chest,
this is used to fire seeds. Fal down the ledge(not into the hole) and exit
the room. Go back north and get in the mine-cart. After the journey, get
back into it. Use the Slingshot to hit both switches in the middle room. If
done correctly you will end up on the most-right section of track. Go north,
then east. Use Pegasus Seeds combined with Roc's Feather to jump the gaps.
Use a key in the block and go north. It took me an age to figure out where
the Key was. Dive in the middle-right square of water to get the Boss Key.
Go south, and pick up the pots to jump the gap. Go west, south and jump in
the mine-cart. Go north, and jump in the teleport. Go east, north, north,
jump in the mine-cart, east, up the steps, west, down the stairs. Equip the
Slingshot with Ember Seeds and get in the mine-cart. Light the 3 torches
and a chest will appear. Go south, then east and up the steps. Go east again
and get the Small Key from the chest. Go west, south, south, south. Push the
third from left block down to block the trap. Hit the swicth with the Slingshot
and get in the mine-cart. Kill the 3 WizzRobes and go through the newly opened
door. Use the key in the block and go downstairs. Use the slingshot to light
the torches, which extends the bridge. Go east. Go north, and get on the
platform. Get off and open the Boss Door. Go east and in to fight Gohma. To
kill him, cut off his claw, and then, when he opens his eye, shoot at him
with the Slingshot. After you kill him, get the Heart Container and go east.
Get the fourth Essence, Soothing Rain.

Main Subquest One
Piece of Heart
L-2 Ring Box
Red Ring, Big Bomb Bag, Members Card(to buy)
Gasha Seed
Lava Soup
Goron Vase
Subrosian Ring
Wooden Bird
Engine Grease

Maku Tree says he had a vision of a lake shaped like eyeglasses. The way
he says "Hohhm" just reminds me of Ents in Lord of the Rings. Could this
be where Ninty got the idea for Maku Tree? Eyeglass Lake can be found to
the north of Horon Village, so we'll go there next. But first.....
a few sidequests. Drop down the ledge in front of the tree stump to get
a Piece of Heart. Drop down to the next ledge and go west. Go west 2
screens more and use the shovel to clear the snow. Go west and use a
bomb to destroy the door. Go in, and go up the stairs. Go east and up
the steps. Go into the cave and up more stairs. Go west and the south-east.
Cross the breidge and fall down the ledge. Enter the cave, talk to the Red
fellow and answer Yes to get a bigger Ring Box, which holds 3 rings. Go
back outside and use a Gale Seed to go to Horon Village. Go and get any 
Rings appraised with Vasu. Get any Gasha Nuts, also. Next, warp to Spool
Swamp(near Mrs. Ruul's Villa). From the Seed Tree, go east, south, south,
south, and into the house. Give her the Doll in exchange for the Iron Pot.
Next, warp to Woods of Winter. Go west, north, south, west, west, west,
and into the wormhole. From here, go south, south, east, south, east,
southwest(across the gap), west, west and into the market. Buy the Red
Ring, the Big Bomb Bag and the Members Card. Exit the market and go north,
go through the house and out the other side. Go north and then west across
the bridge. Go west again and up the stairs. Go up more stairs and go
west. Go across the bridge and south. Go into the cave and get a Gasha
Seed. Exit the cave and go south, fall down the ledge and go east. Enter
the house and get the Lava Soup instead of the Iron Pot. Exit the house
and go east, then north. North again, and into the wormhole. Use a Gale
Seed to warp to Sunken City, and go north, west and west. Dive in the
secret spot(in the reef) and go through the side-scrolling section.
Go up the ledge, go north, west, west and west into the winter section.
Dig the snow out of the way and go west. Go west and lift up the blocks
and enter the cave. Go to the north of the room and go up the stairs.
Jump over the lava and exit the cave to the south. Go up the long flight
of stairs to meet Biggoron. God, is he BIG??? Give him the soup to warm
him up, and get the Goron Vase in return. Use a Gale Seed to warp back
to Sunken City. Take the same route(north, west, west) again but don't
dive, enter the house this time. Give the Vase Collecter(the advertiser
of a certain Internet Search Engine, don't worry, you'll get it!) the
Goron Vase and get the Fish in return. Another Gale Seed to warp back
to Horon Village. Now, with the members card you can enter the Meber's
Section of the shop. For sale here:
Seed Bag     - 300
Gaha Seed    - 200
Treasure Map - 200
Also, get any rings you have appraised(Here, Vasu gave me the Slayer's
Ring). Now, we'll visit Maku. Because of the Essences he has changed,
the Hall of Secrets is now open and also a room with 2 life refills.
Exit the village to the north, go west and help to get the cat down
from the tree by giving the man the fish in exchange for the Megaphone.
Next, use a gale seed to warp back to Sunken City and enter the divers
secret spot again to go to Mt. Cucco. Go north and east and change the
season to Spring. Go west 3 screens and use the flower to boost you up
unto the ledge. Go north  and enter the cave. Talk to Talon and wake him
up with the Megaphone to get the Mushroom. Go around the back of the cave
and push the blocks east and south to get the Subrosian Ring from the chest.
Warp to the Sunken City, again! Go north and west and change the season
to winter. Go south, and south again and up onto the snowy section. Go
north and into the shop. Trade the mushroom for a wooden bird. She'll be
opening the shop soon, so exit and re-enter the if you want to buy a
Magic Potion. Use a Gale Seed and warp to Horon Village and enter the
Clock Shop. Give the clockmaker the bird to help him with his clock in
exchange for Engine Grease. Exit the shop, and leave the village to the
east. Enter the cave and go up the west stairs. Go up more stairs, and
talk to the windmiller(sounds good, eh?). Give him the Grease to increase
the speed of the windmill in exchange for his Phonograph. Re-enter Horon
Village and exit to the north. Go north, and east, north, east, and south.
Jump the hole and go south and east and into the wormhole.

To be continued.....


Please Note: These maps are very similar to Dallas' maps, but they are not
the same. I used the same style but not the same maps. I also recommend you
read his guide as well as my own, as you can't have too much information!

Hero's Cave
    A B C D E F 
   |#|#| | |#|#|3
   |#| | | |#|#|4
   |#|#| | |#|#|5

Entrance        A4-B4

Items Locations:
Small Key       D3
Wooden Sword    D4
30 Rupees       C4(Acessed from Outside Cave)

Enemy Locations:
4 Keese           B4
3 Keese           C5
3 Keese           D3
3 Gels            D3
5 Gels            D5

Level 1 - Gnarled Root Dungeon
    A B C D E F G H I
   |#|#|#| | |#|#|#|#|2
   |#|#|#|#| |#|#|#|#|3
   |#| | | | | | | |#|4
   |#|#| | | | | |#|#|5
   |#|#|#| | | |#|#|#|6
   |#|#|#|#| |#|#|#|#|7

Entrance        E8-E7

Item Locations:
Small Key       F6
L-1 Map         D6
Compass         E4
Gasha Seed      B4
10 Bombs        F4
Small Key       F4
Seed Satchel    D2
20 Ember Seeds  D2
Boss Key        C5
Mystery Ring    F5
Heart Container G4
Fertile Soil    H4

Enemy Locations:
4 Stalfos       F6
4 Stalfos       D6
4 Gels          D5
2 Moblins       C4
2 Traps         C4
5 Keese         E4
7 Keese         F4
1 Bubble        F4
4 Traps         E3
1 Bubble        E3
2 Goriyas       E2 - Mini-Bosses
4 Traps         D2
3 Moblins       C5
4 FloorMasters  F5
4 Floormasters  G5
Aquamentus      G4 - Boss

B-4 Map
This is contained in the walkthrough. I put it there before I got the
idea for a Map Section. This is the path you should have after pushing
the blocks in order.

      WW####--          KEY:
      -W---#--          ---
      -#-#---#          - : Open Path
      -#-####-          W : Wall
      #----#--          # : Blocks

Level 2 - Snake's Remains
    A B C D E F G H I
   |#|#| | |#|#|#|#|#|2
   |#|#|#| | | | |#|#|3
   |#|#|#|#| | | |#|#|4
   |#|#|#|#|#| | |#|#|5
   |#|#| | |#|#| |#|#|6
   |#| |#| | | | |#|#|7
   |#| | | | | |#|#|#|8
   |#|#| | |#|#|#|#|#|9

Entrance            D10-D9

Item Locations:
Small Key           C9
Compass             E8
235 Rupees          C7
Power Bracelet      C6
Dungeon Map         D6
Small Key           F7
Small Key           B7
Boss Key            G3
Heart Container     G5
Gift of Time        G6

Enemy Locations:
2 Traps             C9
3 Gels              C9
4 Ropes             C8
1 Gel               D8
4 Ropes             E8
2 Moblins           D7
3 Ropes             D7
2 Bumper Beetles    D6
2 Pig Warriors      C6
3 Ropes             E7
2 Gels              E7
2 Giant Traps       F7
2 Keese             F7
3 Keese             F8
2 Ropes             B8
2 Gels              B8
3 Ropes             G7
2 Keese             C2
1 Gel               C2
3 Keese             D2
Facade              D3 - Mini-Boss
1 Moblin            E3
2 Keese             E3
2 Stalfos           F3
2 Sparks            F3
2 Traps             G3
4 Ropes             G3
3 Keese             G4
4 Pols Voices       E4
2 Ropes             F5
Dodongo             G5 - Boss

B-7 Map
Bomb all the blocks marked "B" going around in an Anti-Clockwise direction.
The Square Marked "C" contains the chest with the Key. If you run out of
time exit the room, and restart. The squares marked # are immovable.


Floodgate Cave Puzzle
This is also explained in the walkthrough. It is the path after the Rock
Pushing and Rock Lifting.

  WWWWSWWW               Key:
  WWW--XWW               ----
  WW-----W               W: Wall
  WWOOX-O-               X: Immovable Blocks
  WS------               O: Movable Blocks(in final positions)
  W-O--OXW               -: Open Path

Level 3 - Poison Moth's Lair
1st Floor
    A B C D E F G
   |#|#| | | |#|#|2
   |#| |#|#|#| |#|3
   |#| |#| |#| |#|4
   |#| | | | | |#|5

    H I J K L M N
   |#|#| |#| |#|#|8
   |#|#|#| |#|#|#|9
   |#| | | | | |#|10
   |#| | | | | |#|11
   |#|#| |#| |#|#|12

Entrance          J13-J12

Item Locations:
Small Key         L12
10 Bombs          F4
L3 Dungeon Map    F3
Compass           C2
Roc's Feather     B3
Small Key         L8
Gasha Seed        L11
Boss Key          I11
Heart Container   D4
Bright Sun        K9

Enemy Loactions:
3 Squiddies       K11 - Mini-Bosses
Mothula           D4 - Boss

F-5 Map

    WW----O       Key:
    -OOOO--       ----
    -O---O-       O: Blocks
    -O-----       W: Wall
    -O--S--       P: Pots
    O------       S: Stairs
    ------P       -: Open Path

L-8 Map

  ---------WW    Key:
  --###-##---    ----
  #321B-#-4ES    #: Blocks
  -4#-###-3--    B: Beginning/Start
  -56789T12WW    E: End
  ---------WW    S: Stairs
                 W: Wall
Path of Trampoline: B,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,T,1,2,3,4,E

Sunken City Cave

 (1) ----D     (2) --B-D    Key:
     -B---         -----    ----
     ---C-         --A-C    1 : Starting Position
     A----         -----    2 : End Position
                            - : Empty square
                            A,B,C,D : Statues

Level 4 - Dancing Dragon Dungeon
2nd Floor
  A B C D E F G H
 |#|#|#| | | | |#|2
 |#| | | | |#|#|#|3
 |#| | | | |#|#|#|4
 |#|#|#| | | |#|#|5

1st Floor
  A B C D E F G H
 |#|#|#| | | |#|#|10
 |#| |#| |#|#|#|#|11
 |#| | | | | | |#|12
 |#|#| | | | |#|#|13
 |#|#|#|#| |#|#|#|14
 |#|#|#| | |#|#|#|15

  A B C D E F G H
 |#|#|#| | | |#|#|18
 |#|#| | |#|#|#|#|19

Entrance        D6-D5

Item Locations:
10 Bombs        D4
Small Key       D3
Dungeon Map     B11
Small key       G12
Compass         F5
Small key       D2
Small Key       D10
Slingshot       D15
Boss Key        F12
Small Key       E10
Heart Container E18
Soothing Rain   F18

Agahnim         D12
Gohma           E18

B-3 Map

   S--O   Key:
   ---O   -----
   O-OO   S: Stairs
   --O-   O: Block
          -: Open Path

More Maps Soon


Send in any helpful advice you have....

-------Underwater Weaponry-------
-------by AlaskaFox--------------

To use your sword underwater, equip it to the 'B' Button


Q1. I'm stuck in Dungeon 8(or somewhere my FAQ doesn't cover yet),
    what do I do?
A1. I recommend reading AstroBlue and Shdwrlm3's FAQ on gamefaqs.com

Q2. I can't seem to get the Boomerang, my fingers aren't nible enough.
A2. It took me ages to get it, so all I can say is: Keep Trying!


I really need help when I write Outro's, they usually end up less
than the size of a postage stamp. I hope you like my latest guide
and hope it gets you past the tricky parts of OoS. In the next
few updates I hope to finish the walkthrough and add Ring Lists,
Boss Tips, Item Lists and also more Maps. I'll end on an artistic
note: "Were cave men inspired when they figured out Inspiration?"

-AstroBlue for his helpful advice
-"A" Tadeo for the Layout and Disclaimer
-CJayC for putting this FAQ on his site 
-Nintendo and Capcom for this Game
-Microsoft for Windows and Notepad
-Packard Bell for my PC(If I put them here will I get a new one?)
-You for reading it

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