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                                             Hero's Cave Guide Version 1.0
                                                    By Funkytoad

Welcome to Funkytoad's guide through the Hero's Cave in The Legend of Zelda:Oracle of Seasons.
I decided to write a guide for this, because it took me a while to beat (an hour or so).
It seems like a simple dungeon, because the whole layout is straightforward, but getting
through some of the rooms is rather mind-wracking, so I thought I'd help those who are stuck in it ^_^.
First of all, you need to be in a password game for this cave to even exist.

Items needed:Seeds
             Power Bracelet
             Hyper Slingshot
             Magic Boomerang
             Roc's Cape
             Zora Flippers
             Blue Holy Ring
             Magnetic Gloves
Ok, now enter the dungeon. It's the one on the beach to the left of Horon VIllage.
Room 1:Proceed up.
Room 2:Kill the enemies first. Now head up, and destroy the first four pots. Go
       left and destroy three, and push the last one 1 space to the right. Destroy
       the next six, and push the next one right twice and down once. Now destroy 
       the other two pots. Stand where the upper one was and push the block up.
       Move 2 spaces to the right and push another block up. Now push the middle
       block to the left. Push the remaining pot down 4 times and right once. Proceed
Room 3:Make your way through by pushing the large blue things, destroying the pots as
       you go. When you get to the last 2 pots, push the top one left once, and the
       bottom one left 3 times, then right 2 times. Proceed down.
Room 4:Push the first pot down 4 times. Kill the enemy. Now push the top-most pot
       right once, and the pot below it down once. Now push the left-most pot right
       once, and the last pot right 2 times. Go across the bridge and grab the chest.
       Now proceed up into the warp.
Room 5:Kill the enemies. Proceed left.
Room 6:Make your way to the left, and step on the switch. Now go up the stairs and around
       to grab the key. Now go left and across the hopping area and back into room 5.
Room 5:Talk to the Zora for a password.
Room 6:Proceed up.
Room 7:Make your way to the switches in the 4 corners while avoiding the Wallmaster.
       Proceed right.
Room 8:Push the large blue thing all the way to the right while avoiding the cracked
       floor tiles. Step on the switch, and grab the chest. Proceed right, into the portal.
Room 9:Put on the Blue Holy Ring. You don't need it, but it makes it easier. Push 
       the block below the purple space down. Now light the torch in the corner, and
       grab the chest. Proceed down.
Room 10:Go right and up. Push the first block right, the next block right.
        Now go around the other way. Push the first block right, and the next one up.
        Now go back around the other way, and push the bottom-right block down, and
        the one beside it left. Now push the final block down onto the hole and go down.
        Unlock the block, and light the 2 torches. Now proceed left.
Room 11:Simple kill all of the enemies. This could take a while. Just be patient and wait
        for them to come to you. Grab the key and proceed up.
Room 12:Bomb the first block on your right, then the next block to your right. Go up
        and push a block up. Now bomb the block in the way of the torch, and then light
        both torches. Grab the chest, then go through the portal.
Room 13:Oy...I hate these magnet things. I can't really help you here......go to the 
        bottom-middle one, then to the bottom-right one, then from there make a transfer
        to the top-right one(good luck =P). Now go to the visible land. Proceed right.
Room 14:Go to the one to your right, then the one below you. Then propel yourself all 
        the way to the right, and land on the land. Proceed down.
Room 15:Kill the enemies. Now you must make all of the switches red. I recommend focusing
        on the top 5 with the boomerang, and then getting the rest with the sword. Proceed
Room 16:Kill the Lynels first. Now use the magnet gloves to bring the ball to you. Now you
        must place it on the switch in the top-right while standing outside for the blocks
        that surround it. Grab the chest and go through the warp in the top-left.
Room 17:Go down and destroy the pot on the bottom left, and leave the other alone. Go where
        the switches are, and push a block into a hole(kinda vague, but I can't really 
        describe locations well...). Now push the 2 pots on to their respective switches.
        Go left and destroy the top and bottom pots. Now push the blocks that are beside
        them into the hole. Now push the block beside the middle pot up. Push that middle pot
        up onto either switch. Now make your way back down to the pot in the bottom-left.
        Push the block up and to the right of it(up and to the side, just like the other pattern).
        Now push the pot up and onto the last switch. Proceed up.
Room 18:Ugh. This way just annoying. Step on every switch and kill every enemy. Grab the key and
        proceed right.
Room 19:Kill the bats first.......this could be a while. You need to maneuver the Magic Boomerang
        through the blocks to hit the switch......good luck...took me about 20 minutes.Grab the 
        key and proceed down.
Room 20:You need to take the old man's test. Accept the challenge from him. You need to open the 
        chests in the right order. They're positioned according to where the dungeons were. I'll 
        make a map, just in case you don't remember.

          8     4
              5 2
        There, simple! Proceed through the warp.
Room 21:Grab the Power Ring Level 3!

Congratulations! You've now beaten the Hero's Cave, as well as gotten a rather useful ring.

Disclaimer:The only thing that I own is this guide. Everything else belongs to Nintendo/Capcom.
If you steal this guide I will beat you with your own limbs.....seriously. If you want to put it on your site, 
email me at funkytoad@yahoo.com. I don't see any reason why I wouldn't let anyone, so don't be afraid to ask ^_^

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