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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
Items Walkthrough
Latest Version: 1.1
Written by Matthew J. Dyl (TakerVersion1)
Copyright© TakerVersion1 2006


This document was written entirely by me; hence I own all rights to it. If 
anyone wishes to reproduce this document please contact me. 
(mjd111989@aol.com) If permission is given, by me and only me, I request the 
entirety of the walkthrough and this disclaimer remain intact. Since I am the 
creator and owner I can withdraw permission or request it be taken down, NO 


Version 1.0: 5-4-06: Completed the FAQ.

Version 1.1: 5-8-06: Added in the locations for various items.

Table of Contents                       [*TAG*]

     1: Introduction                    [INTRO]

     2: The Items                       [ITEM2]
        2a: Weapons                     [2WEPA]
        2b: Key Items                   [2KEIB]
        2c: Swap-Quest Items            [2SWQC]

     3: Frequently Asked Questions      [LFAQS]

     4: Contact Information             [4CONT]

     5: Credits                         [CREDT]

1: Introduction                         [INTRO]

Thank you for reading my FAQ! This isn’t my first FAQ, but it’s one of the 
simplest I’ve ever written. Now then I will cover weapons, items you pick up 
such as Rupees, key items and of course the aggravating swap chain items. To 
jump right to a section simply highlight the tag. Then hit Ctrl + F and then 
paste the tag in. Hit enter until you’ve gotten to the stop you wanted.

2: Items                                [ITEM2]

     ***** Weapons *****                [2WEPA]
|Wooden Sword|
Location: The Hero’s Cave

This is the starting weapon Link finds in the Hero’s Cave west of the 
village. One thing that made the Wooden Sword better in this game was that it 
was earned, but in Ages, Impa gives it to you. It can be used to kill 
enemies, cut bushes, pick items up and even hit the crystal switches in many 
dungeons. Link can also use his Hylian powers to charge up and unleash a 
powerful Spin Attack.

|Noble Sword|
Location: The Lost Woods or Man in Basement - Link System

This sword is much more powerful than the Wooden Sword. In Seasons, Link 
finds it deep in the Lost Woods near the Tarm Ruins. This can cut signs and 
pots, kill enemies in less blows, and if Link has full energy he can shoot a 
beam out of the tip. Unlike in Ages you do not have to complete the Swap-
Quest to get this, but it makes it more worthwhile.

|Master Sword|
Location: Man in Basement - Link System OR The Lost Woods

The legendary, evil banishing blade, the Master Sword. This is even more 
powerful than the Nobel Sword, however to obtain it you must do a linked game 
with Ages. This sword can hurt Ganon without having to spin attack. *Note: If 
you do not have the Noble Sword when you would get the Master Sword then you 
will get it instead. You will get the Master Sword from the Noble Sword’s 

|Biggoron Sword|
Location: Mount Goron – Link System

Like the Master Sword you need to get a password to obtain the strongest 
sword in the game. This has a large slash range because it is a large two-
handed sword. Because of this Link can only equip this and nothing else, so 
it’s kind of bad to use in the wrong situation.

|Wooden Shield|
Location: Holodrum Village Shop

This is the shield that Link can start with. You must purchase it in the 
village for 30 rupees, or sometimes you can find it from random chests or in 
Gasha Nuts. The shield protects from rocks and arrows mainly.

|Iron Shield|
Location: Subrosian Smithy – Hard Ore OR Link System

This is the second shield you can get in this game. Once you get the Magnetic 
Gloves you must gather the two Ores in Subrosia, smelt them in Hard Ore, then 
have the smiths there make the shield. It provides more protection than the 
Wooden Shield and matches well with the Noble Sword. However if Like-Likes 
eat this then it will cost more than the Wooden Shield did to buy back from 
the Holodrum Shop.

|Mirror Shield|
Location: Subrosian Smithy – Link System OR Hard Ore

This is the third and final shield in the game and you get it by the 
same means of getting the Master Sword. This large shield can block 
almost every projectile attack but is the same size as the Iron Shield. 
This shield matches with the Master Sword, and it will cost a lot of 
money to buy if Like-Likes take it. *Note: Like the Master Sword, this 
will be the Iron Shield if you do not have that when you do the link. 
You can then get this by doing what’s needed for the Iron Shield.*

|Rod of Seasons|
Location: Subrosia - Temple of the Seasons

This is the mystical item that can control all the seasons of Holodrum. This 
item is found in the Temple of the Seasons in Subrosia. However it’s power is 
gone and it must be powered by the Four Season Spirits. With the Rod you can 
change the season from atop a stump, but you can only change to the seasons 
of the Spirits you’ve met before. Once you get all four as you change it will 
go in the proper cycle starting with Spring (Spring is the real season in the 
game): Spring – Summer – Fall – Winter. This cycle continues over and over in 
case you slip up and skip the season you desire.

|Seed Satchel|
Location: Level 1 – The Gnarled Root

This bag allows Link to carry a variety of seeds he may need to use 
throughout the journey, it is found in the Gnarled Root. You can find seeds 
on Seed Trees, but some will only grow seeds at certain times of the year. 
There are 5 seeds in all:

*	Ember Seeds   = These seeds come with the bag. When Link throws them 
they will ignite bushes, signs, torches and even monsters.
*	Mystery Seeds = These seeds will activate the Owl Statues, they can 
also set enemies on fire, send them away or tornados are just hurt 
*	Scent Seeds   = These seeds can do two things. First off is hurt 
enemies by shooting them with the seeds, or if you toss them on the 
ground most enemies will be attracted to them.
*	Pegasus Seeds = Like the name hints, these seeds give Link more speed 
that lasts for a few seconds. If shot at enemies they will simply hurt 
*	Gale Seeds    = These seeds are used to transport Link to any Seed 
Trees he’s seen throughout the game. They can also send most enemies 
away in a tornado if used on them.

Location: The Subrosian Dance Hall

The legendary Zelda boomerang can be found in the land of Subrosia in the 
Dance Hall. It is needed to visit the Spirit of Winter. It can also grab 
distant items and paralyze enemies.

|Magical Boomerang|
Location: Level 6 - The Ancient Ruins

This boomerang is not only stronger than the original one, but by 
holding down the proper button you can control it’s path. This 
boomerang also has more range and can go across an entire screen. This 
is found in the Ancient Ruins and is needed to kill the boss there.

Location: Level 1 – The Gnarled Root OR Holodrum Village Shop

The bombs are another returning Zelda item. These can blow up walls, open up 
hidden caves and of course hurt enemies. You can only hold a few at first, 
but by finding hidden characters and a certain password you can get up to 99 

Location: Subrosian Grass Cave – Link System

These are timed like real bombs, however they will either scurry in a 
straight line or go after a nearby enemy. These can only be acquired through 
the link system.

|Power Bracelet|
Location: Level 2 – Snakes Remains

This item allows Link to lift up pots, rocks and other heavy objects. 
You will find it in Snake Remains and it is needed to kill Dodongo. 
*Note: In Ages this levels up to a glove, there is no level up in 

|Roc’s Feather|
Location: Level 3 – The Poison Moth’s Lair

This nifty item can be located in the Poison Moth’s Lair, level 3. This lets 
Link jumps over small holes, and when used with Pegasus Seeds he can 
sometimes clear two squares. In side-scrolling areas Link can jump up one 

|Roc’s Cape|
Location: Level 7 – The Explorers Crypt

This is the level 2 version of Roc’s Feather. This is found in the Explorer’s 
Crypt. First jump, then if you continue to hold the button you will glide two 
more squares over a hole. Link the Feather, use this with the Pegasus Seeds 
if you might not or cannot make it over a hole. *Note: This item cannot be 
found in Ages, remember this if you play Ages after this game.*

Location: Level 7 – Dancing Dragon Dungeon

In this game the Slingshot is used like the Bow from past Zelda games. 
However your ammo is the seeds you can gather and place into your Satchel. 
They have slightly the same effects. Please note that Scent Seeds will hurt 
enemies, Gale Seeds will send them off in a tornado, Pegasus Seeds will 
freeze them and Mystery Seeds are randomized. This item can be used to kill 
enemies at great distance and is needed to kill Gohma in the Dancing Dragon 

|Hyper Slingshot|
Location: Level 8 – The Sword & Shield Maze

This is the leveled up version of the Slingshot. It does the same thing 
but actually fires three seeds at the cost of one. This is found in 
Level 8, the Sword and Shield Dungeon. *Note: This is the last item you 
find before you battle Onox.*

|Magnetic Gloves|
Location: Level 5 – The Unicorn’s Dungeon

There are in fact two gloves, but they alternate. So use the Red Glove 
(north polarity) and when you finish it becomes the Blue Glove (south 
polarity). These gloves are used to attract to repel Link from various 
objects in the game, and it is needed to kill the boss in the Unicorn’s 
Cave. Objects to push and pull include, N-Balls, S-Posts, masks, ect.

Location: Holly’s House – Woods of Winter

This item can be found in the Wood’s of Winter. Holly will give it to 
you if you get to her house in Winter, in return you must shovel your 
path out. This can dig up piles of snow and dig up ground where you can 
find various items.

|Strange Flute|
Location: Holodrum Village Shop, Subrosian Dance Hall OR from Ricky

This is the first form of the Flute you get in the game. There are three ways 
to get it and each way changes the game slightly. If you win in the Dancing 
Game it becomes Dimitri’s Flute, if you buy in Holodrum it becomes Moosh’s 
Flute, and if you miss it will be given by Ricky, and it becomes Ricky’s 
Flute. The different Flute’s change an area of the game to fit each animals 
own abilities, nothing more. *Note: If you play Ages first you will get the 
same animal this time around.*
|Dimitri’s Flute|
Location: Subrosian Dance Hall THEN from Dimitri Spool Swamp

This flute will summon Dimitri to aid you in water areas. He will take you to 
the areas in the Swamp if you get his flute and he will also help you through 
the River area. (It is a River if you get him.) To get his flute win the 
flute in the Subrosia Dance Hall before going to the northern areas after 
Level 2.

|Moosh’s Flute|
Location: Holodrum Village Shop THEN from Moosh in Spool Swamp

This flute will summon Moosh to help you in areas with many large gaps to 
cross. If you get this than Moosh will take you to through the swamp and 
he’ll take you through the Wasteland area. (It is a Wasteland if you get 
him.) To get this flute buy it in Holodrum before going to the northern areas 
after Level 2.

|Ricky’s Flute|
Location: From Ricky in North Horon

This flute summons Ricky to help you in area’s with cliffs and small gaps. If 
you get Ricky then he takes you to and through the swamp and also through the 
Plains area. (It is a Plains if you get him.) To get Ricky simply do not own 
the Strange Flute before heading north of Holodrum Village after Level 2, 
Ricky will give you the flute.

     ***** Key-Items *****          [2KEIB]
|Magic Potion|
Location: Buy from the Syrup Witch in the Sunken City

This item works just like the Red Potion from the Legend of Zelda. If Link 
runs out of Hearts this potion will bring him back to life, much like a 
fairy. You can get these from Maple or buy them from the Syrup Witch for a 
sum of 300 rupees.

|Ring Box|
Location: The Ring Store in Holodrum Village

This item allows Link to carry an assortment of rings to wear, however the 
Lv1 box can only carry one Magical Ring. Once Link gets the Lv2 box he can 
carry three, and if you can link and get the Lv3 Box Link can carry up to 
five rings.

|Magical Rings|
Location: Various

These rings are found all across Holodrum. In chests, nuts, everywhere. 
However you cannot use them until you get them appraised for 20 rupees. 
If you find a double of a ring you own already then you will get 30 
rupees back, making 10 in the process. Some rings, like the Red Ring, 
are good and others, like the Cursed Ring, can be bad.

|Gasha Seeds|
Location: Various

These Seeds can be found almost anywhere and they must be planted in 
soft soil. Once they grow into a Tree, open the Nut to get a semi-
random item based on the number of enemies you killed. This can include 
rings, Potions and at one point, a Heart Piece.

|Heart Containers & Pieces|
Location: Various

These large hearts are scattered all around Holodrum. There are two 
types, Containers and Pieces. Containers are found after defeating a 
dungeon boss and they instantly refill Link’s life and give him another 
heart of health. However Pieces are found in random places, and you 
need four of them to get more life. I believe that there are 18 total, 
however in the Linked game you can get 20 and in the first half of a 
Linked game you can get 19.

|Gnarled Key|
Location: The Maku Tree after the Hero’s Cave – Holodrum Village

This key goes into the rock west of where you meet Din. You will 
receive it from the Maku Tree after getting the Wooden Sword from the 
Hero’s Cave. This Key unlocks Level 1, the Gnarled Root.

|Floodgate Key|
Location: The Gatekeepers House – Spool Swamp

This key opens up the floodgates in Spool Swamp. You will get it from 
the Floodgate Keeper’s house. This lets you head south into the swamp, 
where one of the three animals will take you to the a Subrosia gate. 
After these events you can get to Level 3.

|Dragon Key|
Location: Goron Mountain w/ Moosh’s help

This key stops the part of the waterfall, allowing entrance into Level 
4, the Dancing Dragon Dungeon. You will find this on Goron Mountain 
with help from Moosh; you must then take it to the other mountain and 
find the keyhole.

|Zora Flippers|
Location: Master’s Waterfall – Sunken City

You find these flippers in the Sunken City with help from Dimitri. They 
allow Link to swim in water. Press B to submerge and tap A to swim 
faster. These will help you reach the mountains just north of the 

|Master’s Plaque|
Location: The Other Waterfall – Sunken City

You will find this item in the waterfall caves in the north of the 
Sunken City. Once you give this to the man in the other waterfall he 
will reward you with the Flippers.

|Members Card|
Location: Subrosian Shop

This special card allows you to enter the basement of the Horon Village 
Shop, where you can buy a Heart Piece, the Treasure Map and Gasha Seed. 
You must purchase it from the “special item” spot in the Subrosia 
Market for 5 Ore.

|Treasure Map|
Location: Holodrum Secret Shop

This map is bought in the Horon Basement Shop for the sum of 200 
rupees. However it reveals the location of the 4 Jewels needed to enter 
the Tarm Ruins, where Link will find Level 6, the Ancient Tower.

   Circle: Wise Old Man’s House – North Horon
   Square: Cave in Southern Spool Swamp *Winter*
   Triangle: Water near Level 4 – Mount Cucco
   X-Shape: Mysterious Island – Western Coast

There are four jewels in all and Link needs them to enter the Tarm 
Ruins. They are a Pyramid, a Square, a Circle and an X-Shape, but are 
for the most part, easy to come by. *Note: In the Linked Game the 
Jewels will be in different locations.*

|Ricky’s Gloves|
Location: Biano’s Gym – North Horon

You can find these gloves in Baino’s Gym, but first you must beat him 
in a boxing match. Once you get them bring them to Ricky and he’ll take 
you to Spool Swamp, and if you don’t have the Strange Flute, you’ll get 
that too.

|Star-Shaped Ore|
Location: Buried in the Subrosian Sea Side

This special Ore can be found on Subrosian Seaside. Once you find this 
Ore give it to the shop keeping in the Subrosian Market to get the 

Location: Subrosian Shop

This lovely Pink Ribbon can be given to Rosa, the big celebrity of 
Subrosia. If you notice she is the one you follow to the first portal 
you found. Anyway with her you can unlock the various locked doors in 
Subrosia, including the door into the Tower of Summer in the Temple of 
Seasons, where you will meet the Summer Spirit.

|Spring Bananas|
Location: Mount Cucco

You can find these bananas on Mount Cocco after visiting Subrosia and 
meeting the Spring Spirit. Give them to Moosh so you can ride him and 
go get the Dragon Key. *Note: Even if you have Moosh’s Flute you need 
to get the Bananas for him.*

|Bomb Flower|
Location: Subrosian Lava Pits

This is stronger than the average bomb, and can only be found in 
Subrosia. You take this to the Tower of Fall in the Temple of Seasons 
to blow up the path for yourself, and to help some smiths gather ore. 
This allows you to fully power up the Rod of Seasons by meeting the 
Fall Spirit.

|Rusty Bell|
Location: Cave in Samasa Desert

You will find this bell in the Samasa Desert with help from the Dead 
Pirate Skull. By finding this his spirit can rest. Give it to the 
Subrosian Smithy and they’ll polish it up for you.

|Pirate Bell|
Location: Subrosian Smithy *Need Rusty Bell*

Once you clean up the Rusty Bell give this to the Captain. The Pirates 
will take off and land on the Western Coast, making a bridge between 
the two sides of the shore, letting you reach the Explorer’s Crypt.

|Red Ore|
Location: Cave near the Subrosian Furnace

This is a special Ore needed for Hard Ore. Once you get the Blue too, 
give it to the Furnace Chief near the lava fields in Subrosia. This can 
be found in eastern Subrosia, you need the Magnetic Gloves and maybe 
Roc’s Feather/Cape.

|Blue Ore|
Location: Subrosian Woods

This is a special Ore needed for Hard Ore. Once you get the Red too, 
give it to the Furnace Chief near the lava fields in Subrosia. This can 
be found in western Subrosia, you need the Magnetic Gloves and maybe 
Roc’s Feather/Cape.

|Hard Ore|
Location: Subrosian Furnace – Smelted from Red & Blue Ore

This is made from Red and Blue Ore. When you get it bring it to the 
Subrosian Smithy and they’ll forge you the Iron Shield.

|Essences of Season|
Location: Dungeons 1 - 8

These Eight Essences are hidden in the dungeons throughout Holodrum. 
They hold the Maku Trees strength and are needed so he can regrow the 
Maku Seed. When combined with the Essences of Time then can create a 
portal to the Room of Rites, where Twinvora hide.

|Maku Seed|
Location: The Maku Tree – After Level 8

This giant seed is given to Link after he gets the Eight Essences of 
Season. This Seed can break the Dark Barrier around Onox’s Castle. This 
is also needed along with the Maku Seed from Lybranna to open the Room 
of Rites in a linked game.

***** Swap-Quest Items *****        [2SWQC]
Location: Left’s House – Holodrum Village

This is the first item for the Swap-Quest. You will get it by lighting the 
torches in Mr. Lefts house. Give this to Malon in her house in North Horon, 
near where you met Din.

|LonLon Egg|
Location: Malon – Malon’s House

You will get this Egg by giving Malon the Cuccodex. Once you get this Egg run 
into Maple, you will not have the usual item scramble, she’ll take the Egg 
and give you the Ghastly Doll in return.

|Ghastly Doll|
Location: Maple - Varies

You will get this Doll by giving Maple the LonLon Egg. Give this Doll to Mrs. 
Ruul in Holodrum Plain. This is the area east of North Horon near Spool 
Swamp, near where you meet Ricky.

|Iron Pot|
Location: Mrs. Ruul – North Horon

Mrs. Ruul will give you this pot. Once you get it head to Subrosia, you must 
talk to Rosa then walk with her, it’s easier to find the building this way. 
Give it to the guy in the northwest corner of Subrosia.

|Lava Soup|
Location: Subrosian Soup Kitchen

Once you get the Iron Pot the guy will make you this Soup. Climb to the top 
of Goron Mountain later in the game and give it to Biggoron. He’ll eat 
everything (bowl included) but give you the Goron Vase in return.

|Goron Vase|
Location: Biggoron – Goron Mountain

Head to the Sunken City and give this to Ingo, he lives in the northwest 
corner. He collects these pots and in return you’ll receive the Fish.

Location: Mr. Ingo’s House – Sunken City

Once you get the Fish head towered Impa’s House. One screen to the east from 
this is an old man trying to get his cat. Give him the Fish and his cat, 
Mittens will hop down.

Location: Old Man with Cat – North Horon

When you get the Megaphone from the old man head to Mount Cucco. Find the 
cave with Malon’s father, Talon in it and use the Megaphone to walk him up.

Location: Talon’s Cave – Mount Cucco

When you get this from Talon head to the Sunken City. Make it Winter and head 
up to the Syrup Witch’s Hut. Give her this Mushroom to get the next item on 
our list, which is a Wooden Bird.

|Wooden Bird|
Location: The Syrup Witch – Sunken City

Make your way to Horon Village with the Wooden Bird you got from the Witch. 
Head into the semi-useless Clock Shop and trade it to the man there to get 
the Engine Grease.

|Engine Grease|
Location: The Clock Owner – Holodrum Village

Give this to Mr. Guru in the Woods of Winter. He is atop the large cliff 
you’ll see right next to the entrance to Horon Village and the Eastern Coast. 
Get through the cave and give it to Mr. Guru, you’re almost done.

Location: Mr. Guru – Woods of Winter

When you get this from Mr. Guru head to the Tarm Ruins. Find the Deku Scrub 
south near the entrance to the Lost Woods. Play the Phonograph to learn the 
root to the Noble Sword. Enter the Lost Woods, make it Winter then head left. 
Change it to Fall then head left again. Next make it Spring and head left, 
then do Summer and head left. Grab the Noble Sword and the Swap-Quest is 
done. Remember, if you already have the Noble Sword via password system than 
this sword will be the Master Sword.

3: Frequently Asked Questions           [LFAQS]

***No questions have been sent, please e-mail me any questions!***

4: Contact Information                  [4CONT]

If you have any questions or wish to contribute to this walkthrough 
please feel free to e-mail me at mjd111989@aol.com. Please do not send 
me any complaints or hate mail, because I will not take kindly to it. 
If you provide anything I may have missed for this Walkthrough please 
give me a name so I can mention you in the credits.

5: Credits                               [CRED]

Myself – for writing this FAQ.

Google – for providing a map of Holodrum, I cannot actually find this game 
but I retained a lot of knowledge, I just don’t know the names of places.

CJayC & GameFAQs – you know, for having this site and junk.
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