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The Legend of Zelda
Oracle of Seasons Text Dump
Dump and format by EvilGiegue (evilgiegue@hotmail.com)
Version 1.2 -Final- (Sept. 2002)


The text dump itself has not been changed since it's 1.1 version on the
Legends of Zelda website. The format of the document has been changed
to be considered acceptable by GameFAQs' standards. There will not be
any more revision of this document.

What is a text dump?

This is a text dump for the Gameboy Color game "The Legend of Zelda: 
Oracle of Seasons". This is ALL the dialogue in the whole game, ripped 
straight from the game's code. This is normally very simple to do for 
most games, but in the case of games like Oracle which use dictionary 
compression, it can be a lot more difficult and time consuming. It 
would take too long to explain dictionary compression in one paragraph, 
so instead here is a link to an excellent article on the subject: 
http://www.romhacking.org/articles/002.html. For those of you who are 
interrested, the dictionaries for the Oracle games are composed of over 
1000 words each. You can find the table used for this dump at 

What is it for? How do I use it?

This is mostly useful for people who like to debate about the Zelda 
storyline, and need a quote from the game to back up their argument. 
It's also good for people who want to learn more about the story, and 
want to be sure they haven't missed anything. Just use the search 
feature of your text editor to find the quotes relating to the subject 
you want information about.

Special thanks

The Legends of Zelda (http://loz.zeldalegends.net/), for hosting this 
document, motivating its creation in the first place, and for simply 
being the best reference for Zelda stuff.

GameFAQs, for obvious reasons.

Zophars Domain (http://www.zophar.net/index.phtml), for being such an 
excellent ressource for people interested in reverse engineering.

RomHacking.org (http://www.romhacking.org/index2.shtml) for the 
enlightening document on dictionary compression.

Necrosaro, for making Thingy, the incredibly neat utility used to make 
this file.

And YOU. People actually reading this make it all worthwhile.

The text dump

You got 1 Rupee! ... 
You got 5 Rupees! 
You got 10 Rupees! 
You got 20 Rupees! That's not bad. 
You got 30 Rupees! That's nice. 
You got 50 Rupees! How lucky! 
You got 100 Rupees! I bet you're thrilled! 
You got 150 Rupees! Way to go!!! 
You got 200 Rupees! That's pure bliss! 
The Rod of Seasons has been blessed with a wintry chill! Climb atop a 
stump to call forth winter! 
The Rod of Seasons has been blessed with a summer day! Climb atop a 
stump to call forth summer! 
The Rod of Seasons has been blessed with an autumn breeze! Climb atop a 
stump to call forth autumn! 
The Rod of Seasons has been blessed with a spring dew! Climb atop a 
stump to call forth spring! 
You got the Fertile Soil, an Essence of Nature! Seeds scattered across 
bountiful lands are nour- ished in this Fertile Soil! 
You got the Gift of Time, an Essence of Nature! Seeds sprout as seasons 
change with the Gift of Time! 
You got the Bright Sun, an Essence of Nature! Young shoots grow quickly 
under the warm rays of the Bright Sun! 
You got the Soothing Rain, an Essence of Nature! Bathed in drops of 
Soothing Rain, shoots grow into saplings! 
You got the Nurturing Warmth, an Essence of Nature! Balmy days build 
strong saplings with their Nurturing Warmth! 
You got the Blowing Wind, an Essence of Nature! Sweet fruit is born 
when pollen is carried by the Blowing Wind! 
You got the Seed of Life, an Essence of Nature! Life begins anew when 
birds carry this, the Seed of Life, to new lands! 
You got the Changing Seasons, an Essence of Nature! Scattered seeds 
sprout in spring, grow in summer, bear fruit in fall and sleep through 
winter. It is an endless cycle of life... the Changing Seasons! 
You got a Heart Container! 
You got a Piece of Heart! Collect four in all to get an extra Heart 
Container! Check them on the Subscreen. 
It's a Dungeon Map! Press SELECT to see it. The darkened rooms are ones 
you haven't been to yet. 
You found the Compass! Use it to track your position, locate chests and 
find keys. 
You found a Small Key! Use it to open a locked door or block in this 
You found the Boss Key! 
You got the Wooden Sword! This truly is a sign of courage! Hold A or B 
to power it up, then release it for a spin attack! 
You got the sacred Noble Sword! 
You got the legendary Master Sword! 
You got a Wooden Shield! 
You got an Iron Shield! 
You got the Mirror Shield! 
You got the Boomerang! Use it to stop enemies in their tracks! 
It's the Magical Boomerang! Press (control pad) while holding the 
button to control its flight path! 
You got four Pieces of Heart! That makes one Heart Container! 
You got the Shovel! Now start digging! 
You got the Power Bracelet! Hold the button and press (control pad) to 
lift heavy objects! 
You got Roc's Feather! You feel light as a feather! 
You got Roc's Cape! Press and hold the button to do a double jump! 
You got Scent Seeds! Their smell attracts monsters. Open your Seed 
Satchel to use them. 
You got Mystery Seeds! What they do is a mystery! Try them on many 
things! Open your Seed Satchel to use them. 
You got Pegasus Seeds! They'll make you as quick as the legendary 
steed! Open your Seed Satchel to use them. 
You got Gale Seeds! Their gust can take you where you want to go. Open 
your Seed Satchel to use them. 
You got a Seed Satchel! And it has 20 Ember Seeds! 
You got the Slingshot! Choose your seeds and take aim! 
You got the Hyper Slingshot! It shoots three seeds at a time! 
You got the Magnetic Gloves! Their magnetic might attracts and repels. 
Press the button to reverse polarity. 
You got Zora's Flippers! You can now go for a swim! Press A to swim, B 
to dive! 
You got Bombchu! Send them right to your enemies! 
You got a Huge Maku Seed! This should penetrate evil forces! 
You got a bigger Ring Box! It can hold more rings! 
Ouch! You can't carry them like that! 
You got Fool's Ore! But that's no good! Get your feather back! 
You got your feather back! Now return the ore. 
You got Ricky's Flute! Ricky will come to your aid when you play it. 
You got Dimitri's Flute! Dimitri will come to your aid when you play 
You got Moosh's Flute! Moosh will come to your aid when you play it! 
You got a Strange Flute! It sure looks rare! 
You got a Bomb Flower! Handle it with care!!! 
You got Hard Ore! 
You got Blue Ore! 
You got Red Ore! 
You found a Star-Shaped Ore! Maybe you can trade it for something 
You got a Ribbon! 
You got the Gnarled Key! 
You got the Floodgate Key! Now you can open the floodgates! 
You got the Dragon Key! 
You got a town shop Member's Card! 
You can now hold more Mystical Seeds than before! 
You got the Round Jewel 
You got the Square Jewel 
You got the X-Shaped Jewel 
You got the Pyramid Jewel 
You got a Gasha Seed! Plant it in a patch of soft soil! 
You got three Hearts! 
You got ten Bombs! 
You got ten Ore Chunks! 
You got four Ember Seeds! 
You got ten Pegasus Seeds! 
You recovered only one heart. 
Your Seed Satchel is full! 
Your hearts are full! 
You got a ring! Get it appraised later! 
You got the Rusty Bell! Will something this rusty do? 
You got the Pirate's Bell! GONG! 
You got a L-1 Ring Box! It can hold one ring! 
You got a L-2 Ring Box! It can hold three rings! 
You got a L-3 Ring Box! It can hold five rings! 
You got a Cuccodex! It's the result of many years of Cucco research! 
The (Cuccodex) turned into a Lon Lon Egg! It's a beauty aid?!? 
You traded (Lon Lon Egg) for a Ghastly Doll! Looking at it gives you 
The (Ghastly Doll) is now an Iron Pot. It looks... well-seasoned. 
Your Lava Soup is ready! It's molten hot! 
You got the Goron Vase as thanks for the (Lava Soup)! It's a very nice 
You got a Fish as thanks for the (Goron Vase)! It's market fresh! 
Your (Fish) is now a Megaphone! Give a shout! 
Your (Megaphone) is now a Mushroom! It smells weird. 
You traded the (Mushroom) for a Wooden Bird! It looks real! 
You got Engine Grease for your (Wooden Bird). 
You traded your (Engine Grease) for a Phonograph! What a tune! 
You got a Spring Banana! It sure smells sweet! 
You got Ricky's Gloves! 
You received Zelda's Ring! It's been sent to the Jeweler! 
The Strange Flute is Dimitri's Flute! Play it to call Dimitri! 
The Strange Flute is Moosh's Flute! Play it to call Moosh! 
You got 50 Ore Chunks! That's great! 
You got the Treasure Map! Press SELECT to see where the treasure is! 
You got a Magic Potion! It kicks in when you run out of hearts! 
You can now hold more Bombs than before! 
You got Biggoron's Sword! This two-handed sword is huge! 
You got the Master's Plaque! Take it to the master! 
You got the Rod of Seasons! With the powers of the Season Spirits, it 
can change the seasons! 
This is Subrosia Dance Hall. Good dancers get a prize. We're about to 
practice. Would you like to dance with us? -Yes -No 
We're about to start practice. Will you dance with us? -Yes -No 
Then join the circle. 
Come back if you feel the urge. 
You're terrible! Get outta here! 
Try to copy what I do. On "doo," step right. 
On "dah," step left. 
On "dee," hold a pose. 
Don't mess up or bump into the people near you. Got it? -Yes -Umm... 
OK! Let's dance! 
You're pretty good. You're our best dancer today! Here's your prize! 
Shh! We're starting! 
Don't talk! 
Today, I'll definitely win the prize! 
I'm gonna master the Subrosian Dance and impress Rosa! 
The Subrosian Dance is the traditional dance of Subrosia. 
The Subrosian Dance is a good workout, really! 
Right on "doo," left on "dah..." 
Press A to pose on "dee." Hmm... 
Something good might happen if you're voted best many times. 
...Then join the circle. 
Need instructions? -No -Yes 
Hero's Cave 
Level 1 Gnarled Root Dungeon 
Level 2 Snake's Remains 
Level 3 Poison Moth's Lair 
Level 4 Dancing Dragon Dungeon 
Level 5 Unicorn's Cave 
Level 6 Ancient Ruins 
Level 7 Explorer's Crypt 
Level 8 Sword & Shield Maze 
Onox's Castle 
Room of Rites 
-Warp -Don't 
-Reselect -Go back 
Northern Peak 
Temple Remains 
Goron Mountain 
Mt. Cucco 
Lost Woods 
Holodrum Plain 
Natzu Prairie 
Natzu River 
Natzu Wasteland 
Ruined Keep 
Moblin's Keep 
Sunken City 
Spool Swamp 
North Horon 
Eyeglass Lake 
Woods of Winter 
Western Coast 
Eastern Suburbs 
Eastern Coast 
Samasa Desert 
The Maku Tree 
Ingo's House 
Sunken City Gate 
Syrup's Potion Shop 
Floodgate Keeper's House 
Blaino's Gym 
Holly's House 
Mrs. Ruul's Villa 
Impa's Refuge 
Advance Shop & Know-It-All Birds' Hut 
Mayor Ruul's Residence 
Clock Shop 
Vasu Jewelers 
Bipin's & Blossom's House 
Biologist's Home 
Talon & Malon's House 
Horon Village 
Tarm Ruins 
Subrosian Volcanoes 
Temple of Seasons 
Subrosia Village 
Treasure Grove 
Subrosia Cemetery 
Subrosia Seaside 
Lava Lake 
Subrosian Wilds 
Tower of Spring 
Tower of Summer 
Tower of Autumn 
Tower of Winter 
Subrosia Market 
Subrosian Chef's Kitchen 
Subrosian Dance Hall 
Subrosian Smithy 
Great Furnace 
Strange Brothers' House 
House of Pirates 
Sign-Loving Subrosian's Home 
It's t-terrible, Link! Ze-ze-ze... Zelda has left the castle in Hyrule 
without any guard and is on her way here! This homing pigeon told me! 
Please try to find Zelda! Please! I'll look in town. You look up north. 
Link, did you find Zelda? Terrible things will happen if we don't find 
her soon! Zelda! Zelda! 
Such fine clothes... You must be a high-class girl! Rupees, jewels, 
everything! Give me your valuables! 
You... You're that boy! Don't tell me you followed me all the way from 
Labrynna to a place like this! You mean to stop me, don't you!?! I 
won't let you! I'll crush you this time! Take this! 
No!!! I'll remember this! 
Thank you for saving me from danger. My name is Zelda. You must be 
Link. I knew it at first glance. 
Princess Zelda! Thank goodness you're safe! What a mess! Why have you 
left the castle alone? 
I had a terrible dream. Link was attacked by a great shadow... I had to 
do something... Link, surely you can keep this for me. 
My goodness! It is too dangerous for you here. Let us go to my refuge. 
Welcome back, Link. 
You are tired. Close your eyes for a moment... 
Come back if you ever feel weary. 
Princess Zelda-- is she safe without hiding? She's always so careless. 
Ha-ahh... I wish I could marry Princess Zelda. 
Shh! I'm trying to hear Princess Zelda! 
As long as Zelda is here, the rules of the world will be followed, and 
this town, and even I, will be at ease! 
Get ahold of yourself! Or else I'll stop Onox! 
It may be irresponsible, but I'm counting on you. 
Princess Zelda is watching you! 
Link... The final trial has come. Head north to the Temple ruins 
shrouded in darkness... Onox's Castle is there! Please bring Din back 
safely. You understand the Essence of Seasons and Ages! May the 
protection of the Triforce be with you! 
I must rely on you, Link. We are all relying on you. 
Ow! Ow! Ow!!! Watch where you're goin'! You just hit Maple, the Great 
Witch Syrup's apprentice! Thanks to you, all the stuff fell out of my 
bag! The Great Witch will be mad! I can't find any Lon Lon Eggs, and 
now this... I'll just take the stuff you dropped, too! Finders keepers! 
You again? Thanks to you, everything in my bag flew out! You must be 
brave to hit Maple like this! I'll just take your stuff, too! Here 
O-U-C-H-!!! You--AGAIN? Do you have a grudge against me or what? Thanks 
to you, all the stuff flew out of my bag! Well, I'll just take your 
stuff, too! 
AH! All my stuff flew out of my bag! I'll just take what you dropped, 
too! This'll show you what happens when you make Maple mad! 
Ouch... Back again? The stuff flew out of my bag! I'll just have to 
take what you dropped, too! 
We meet again! You know the drill! Fastest one wins. Ready..? Go! 
Hah, ha, ha! Now you're sorry! I have more stuff than before! See ya! 
Augh! You..! I'll remember this! 
Hmm! Not bad! But that's all you get today. 
Ouch... Watch where you're goin'! You just hit Maple, the Great Witch 
Syrup's apprentice! Oh my! That's one of those Lon Lon Eggs that are 
all the rage with girls now! It's just what I'm looking for! You're a 
boy! You don't need it. I'll give you my doll for it! 
This makes up for your bumping into me! See ya! 
Ah! . . . . . . Bye!
You've finally come. When the temple was buried, I thought perhaps you 
wouldn't come to see me. 
This Temple of Seasons is where we four spirits reside. 
I've waited a long time for you. Do you like spring? Or summer? Fall, 
But no! You must love winter! Get the Rod of Seasons and visit us who 
wait in each of the four corner towers! 
Thank you for coming, child of the crested hand. The Spirit of Winter 
has been waiting for you. Din is our dear friend... Now, let me bestow 
the power of the Spirit of Winter on the rod you hold! When you swing 
the rod from atop a stump, the seasons shall change. In winter, the 
waters freeze and the snows pile up... Visit the other three spirits, 
You have come, adorable hero. I am the Spirit of Summer. In summer, 
vines grow tall and creeks dry up. Remember that. Ancient Hyrulean 
legends say the hero destined to overthrow evil has a (Triforce) on his 
left hand. Perhaps you are this hero. Now... I grant you the power of 
the Spirit of Summer! 
I am the Spirit of Spring. Rock-hard buds bloom in spring. It is a 
season of discovery. To think I can add to the power of the hero with 
the (Triforce) symbol! I loan you the power of the Spirit of Spring! 
I am the Spirit of Autumn. My turn has come! They say fall is lonely, 
but no! Pits are filled with fallen leaves and mushrooms are ripe for 
picking! When shadows fall on Hyrule, a hero shall appear... Is that 
hero you? Then I grant you autumn's power!  
Please hurry to Din's aid. 
Now the Rod of Seasons has the powers of all four seasons. This is all 
the help we can offer you. Oh, courageous youth... Din and all Holodrum 
are counting on you. 
Now bring the Rod of Seasons to us Season Spirits in the four towers! 
Bring the Rod of Seasons that is worshipped in the temple! 
Good luck! Only you can save Princess Zelda! 
Thank you! Your work has brought the seasons back to the land. 
Fertile Soil Scattered seeds are nourished. 
Gift of Time Seeds awaken as seasons change. 
Bright Sun Shoots grow under warm rays. 
Soothing Rain Shoots mature in its drops. 
Nurturing Warmth Balmy days build strong saplings. 
Blowing Wind Windblown pollen produces fruit. 
Seed of Life New life begins! 
Changing Seasons Scattered seeds sprout in spring, grow in summer, bear 
fruit in fall and sleep through winter. It's an endless cycle of life! 
Cuccodex The complete Cucco fact book. 
Lon Lon Egg A girl's best beauty aid. 
Ghastly Doll A creepy doll. 
Iron Pot A well-seasoned pot. 
Lava Soup Molten hot soup. 
Goron Vase A fine vase made by a Goron. 
Fish Market fresh. 
Megaphone Used to shout loudly. 
Mushroom Magically scented fungus. 
Wooden Bird A realistic carving. 
Engine Grease Best lubricant around. 
Phonograph What a tune! 
Maku Seed Evil-cleansing sacred seed. 
Gasha Seed Plant it in soil. 
Magic Ring Take it in for appraisal. 
Zora's Flippers Hit the beach. 
Magic Potion Fill your heart! 
Bomb Flower Use with care! 
Ricky's Gloves Take them to Ricky. 
Member's Card Opens the door! 
L-1 Ring Box Holds one seed ring. 
L-2 Ring Box Holds three seed rings. 
L-3 Ring Box Holds five seed rings. 
Wooden Shield A small shield. 
Iron Shield A large shield. 
Mirror Shield A reflective shield. 
Wooden Sword Mark of a hero. 
Noble Sword A sacred blade. 
Master Sword The blade of legends. 
Bombs Very explosive. 
Boomerang Always comes back to you. 
Biggoron's Sword A powerful, two- handed sword 
Bombchu An advanced homing bomb! 
Shovel A handy tool. 
Power Bracelet A strength booster. 
Roc's Feather A nice lift. 
Seed Satchel A bag for carrying seeds. 
Strange Flute A rare instrument. 
Ricky's Flute A flute for calling Ricky! 
Dimitri's Flute A flute for calling Dimitri! 
Moosh's Flute A flute for calling Moosh! 
Ember Seeds Fire burns within. 
Scent Seeds Aroma therapy? 
Pegasus Seeds Legendary speed. 
Gale Seeds A windy trip. 
Mystery Seeds A producer of unknown effects. 
Ember Seeds A burst of fire! 
Scent Seeds An aromatic blast! 
Pegasus Seeds Steals speed? 
Gale Seeds A mighty blow! 
Mystery Seeds A producer of mystery effects. 
Slingshot Used to shoot seeds. 
Hyper Slingshot Shoots in three directions. 
Roc's Cape A wind-riding cape. 
Traded Ore Not as useful as a feather. 
Magic Boomerang A remote-control weapon. 
Rod of Seasons Best used from atop a stump. 
Magnetic Gloves Magnetically attractive! 
Master's Plaque Proof for the master. 
Gnarled Key Key the Maku Tree gave you. 
Floodgate Key Opens the floodgates. 
Dragon Key A dragon-shaped key. 
Spring Banana A fruit with a sweet scent. 
Rusty Bell A rusted treasure. 
Pirate's Bell Rung to signal a departure. 
Treasure Map Shows treasure on your map. 
Jewel Treasure from a bygone age. 
Star-shaped Ore Ore used when bartering. 
Ribbon A big, beautiful red ribbon. 
Red Ore Valuable metal. 
Blue Ore Valuable metal. 
Hard Ore Used to forge something. 
Save Screen Go to the Save Screen. 
Pieces of Heart 4 make a Heart Container. 
Pieces of Heart 3 more make a Heart Container. 
Pieces of Heart 2 more make a Heart Container. 
Pieces of Heart 1 more makes a Heart Container. 
The season is spring. 
The season is summer. 
The season is fall. 
The season is winter. 
Be gone before the fires go out, or else... 
Trying to break my curse? Don't be silly! I won't let you! 
Not bad! But it won't go so well next time! 
So! You hope to break my curse? I'm tougher than my sister! I will stop 
Ugh... Next time I shall leave this Crypt... 
We meet again! Will you break our curse, or will we break you?!? Time 
will tell! 
Aaaahhhh!!! I don't wanna... 
No! Never... I'll come back to haunt you! 
Hmm... The light in here is too dim to read by. Can anyone light my 
Splendid! I can finally focus! Here! Take this Cuccodex! 
My books tell me a total of four golden beasts will appear in a 
particular place in a particular season... 
My books tell me a fellow named Ricky can jump small holes and cliffs 
in just a single bound. 
My books tell me a fellow named Ricky packs a powerful punch that 
unleashes twisters when charged up. 
My books tell me a fellow named Dimitri eats almost anything, even 
My books tell me a fellow named Dimitri is a strong swimmer, who can 
swim even upstream against powerful currents. 
My books tell me a fellow named Dimitri can be picked up, carried and 
even thrown about. 
My books tell me a fellow named Moosh can float in midair for short 
periods of time. They call that hovering. 
My books tell me a fellow named Moosh can also save energy while 
floating to hit the ground with great force! 
My books tell me you must use a shield to knock back the seed shot by a 
Deku Scrub in order to defeat it. 
My books tell me of a branch of Deku Scrubs that engages in trade. 
They're called Business Scrubs. 
My books tell me there is a beast called a Whisp that jinxes you when 
you touch it. You won't be able to draw your sword! 
My books tell me there have been sightings of a Deku Scrub that loves 
My books tell me there is a beast that eats shields. 
My dad, Talon, went to climb Mt. Cucco, so I have to care for our hens. 
But there's so much I don't know... 
Say! Is that a Cuccodex? That would be a big help... May I have it? -
Sure -Sorry 
Really? Thank you! Take this! It's a Lon Lon Egg. These eggs are all 
the rage with cute girls! 
I wonder if Dad is all right up there on Mt. Cucco... 
Oh... Sorry. I didn't mean to impose. 
Oh! Talon always falls asleep! 
I really caught it from Malon when I got back! 
Oh, it's so hot! Even sitting by my prized Soothing Pool doesn't help! 
I need something creepy to send chills down my spine... 
Oh, my! That doll! It's so ghastly it gives me chills! Let me have it! -
OK -No way 
Smart boy! Here! Take this fine Iron Pot! 
What? Wasn't my thanks enough? If you can swim, take a dip! 
Well! Aren't you a cheeky kid! 
If I had all the ingredients, I could treat you to a tasty soup. But 
not without a fine iron pot that's been well-seasoned... 
Hey! That (Iron Pot)! It's just what I need! A (Iron Pot) like that 
would make great soup! Leave it to me! -Sure -No way 
Yes! Leave it to me! Just wait! 
Tink! Clang! Plop! Blurp! 
That's it! The lava and iron create a harmony of flavors! 
Did you like my Lava Soup? 
Don't you trust my cooking..? 
Achoo! I'b all stuffed ub. It's so cold. Do you hab adyting dat cad 
warb a body up? 
Oh? Dat sbells good! Cad I hab dat soup? -Sure -No way 
Glug! Glug! It's a harmony of flavors! Thanks to you, I'm all better! 
Take this as a symbol of my gratitude! 
Goron or human, health is all that matters! 
Brrrrr... I'b so cold! 
Shooot! That Biggoron! No matter how often I ask, he won't give me his 
vase! I'd give my dinner for it-- Fish! 
Gasp! Tha-tha... That vase! Give me that vase, please! I'm begging 
you! -Sure -No way 
It goes right in my collection! In thanks, here! Take my dinner-- my 
last Fish! 
I love vases... I just don't understand how people can break them! 
Waah!?! How heartless! 
Scram! Don't touch my vases! I swear! 
Look! No matter how much I call her, my precious Mittens won't come 
down! If only I had her favorite treat-- Fish... 
Hey there! You have a Fish! It's Mittens' favorite food! Is that for 
her? -Of course -No 
Oh! Thank you so much! Mittens! Here, Mittens! 
Mittens! Oh, good kitty! Thank you! Oh! Yes! A reward... Here! Take 
this Megaphone! 
Mittens! Don't be so weckwess. 
I was a fool to think otherwise. 
ZZZ...the snow ...it blocks the...ZZZ... 
He doesn't seem to hear you... 
Wake him with the Megaphone? -Wake him -No 
Huh? What? Who? This won't do! I slept clean through winter! Now I 
can't get to the summit... Oh, well. I'll go back home to finishedalon. 
I'll take that Megaphone if you don't need it. Have a Mushroom instead! 
ZZZ...Malon... is waiting...ZZZ 
If Maple were here, I'd send her to Mt. Cucco for Mushrooms, but since 
she hasn't come back, I can't make my Magic Potion! 
Sniff, sniff!!! That scent!!! Ya've got a Mushroom! I'll trade my 
Wooden Bird! How about it? -OK -No way 
Ee, hee, hee! I can finally make my Magic Potion. Guess I'll open the 
shop soon. 
But where's that Maple wasting her time away? 
Hmph! Can't someone give me a Mushroom? 
I want to make a Cuckoo Clock better than any before, but I can't find 
a Wooden Bird that I like... One that's just breathtaking... 
You! That's an amazing bird you have! May I? -Sure -No way 
Breathtaking! Here! Take this! 
Everyone loves fiddling with engines! 
I don't mean to ask too much... 
Go around, go around! If I could just oil it, it would go around more 
Engine Grease? Will that make it go quickly? Sure -Maybe not 
Really? Take my Phonograph! 
Go around, go around! Is it going too fast? 
It's no good if it won't go! 
Doo, dee, dee Hrm! You won't play for me? Fine! 
Doo, dee, dee Dee? 
It's staring at your Phonograph. Play it -Don't 
Dee! What a tune! I love it! I'll teach you the way to my Secret Spot! 
If temperatures rise as you go far to the west, you'll find it! 
I want to forge a great sword like those the Gorons of old are known 
for. But I'll never be able to forge it properly without Biggoron's 
secret. Do you know it? -Yes -No 
Oh... Come back if you figure it out. 
Really? Please tell me! 
So! That's how you forge it! I think I'll try it now. Hang on! First, 
Goron Steel... 
You forgot it? 
That's it! The Goron's Great Sword is reforged! I'll call it Biggoron's 
Sword! You made this possible, so you get the first one! 
I'll teach the secret of Biggoron that will let you use Biggoron's 
Sword in Labrynna. (Secret) Hear it again? OK -No thanks 
Come back if you forget the secret. 
You're awake! Please! Relax-- Join our jovial troupe of performers for 
a bit! 
Din is a popular dancer. Just seeing her dance raises one's spirits! 
Din has been caring for you since she found you. She's strong-willed 
but very kindhearted. 
Ah... Din always looks so lovely! But she seems smitten with you. I'm 
Oh! Your eyes have opened! Are you all right? I am Impa, the troupe's 
cook. And you are? Link? I see. Din, the dancing girl, found you 
collapsed in the woods. She's cared for you through your nightmares. 
You've awakened! Good! I worried while you slept! You're Link, right? 
How do you do, Link? I am Din. I saw a red flash in the woods, and when 
I went to see what it was... You were lying there. Mystery surrounds 
you, Link. I'm just glad you're better! Come! Won't you dance with me? 
Don't be shy! Dancing will be fun! 
Hya, ha, ha! I've found you, Din, Oracle of Seasons! You hid yourself 
well but you cannot escape Onox, General of Darkness! 
Get out of my way, boy! 
That's just our guise. I can't say it too loud, but we're really Hylian 
I am on a secret mission under the orders of Princess Zelda. Seeing Din 
dance is so moving. I won't let any harm befall her! 
Din has been caring for you ever since she found you... She's strong- 
willed, but very kind. I must keep her from harm. 
The Oracle is a lovely dancer. 
Link! You have awakened! It's me, Impa... Zelda's nurse. Din, the 
dancing girl, found you collapsed on the forest floor. She cared for 
you through your nightmares. Are you better? Then listen, Link. When I 
returned to Hyrule, Zelda told me that in addition to Nayru, Din, the 
Oracle of Seasons, was also in danger. So, as she requested... We've 
posed as a traveling troupe so we can sneak Din into Hyrule. 
You've awakened! Good! I worried the whole time you slept! You're Link, 
right? How do you do, Link? I am Din. You're the one who saved Nayru, 
the Oracle of Ages, in Labrynna. I saw a red flash in the woods, and 
when I went to see what it was, you were lying there. I'm glad you're 
feeling better! Come! Won't you dance with me? 
Don't be shy! Dancing will ease your heart! 
Hya, ha, ha! I've found you, Din! You hid yourself well, but you cannot 
escape Onox, General of Darkness! 
So! You're the boy who defeated Veran, Sorceress of Shadows! I'll not 
fall as easily as she! 
HAAA! Link! 
Eee hee hee!!! Veran, Sorceress of Shadows! Twinrova will not let your 
deeds be wasted! Look, Veran! The troubles you caused now burn as the 
Flame of Sorrow! When the Flames of Destruction and Despair are lit, we 
will offer up our sacrifice, and the dark rites of the Gerudo will be 
complete! Then the Evil King shall return! 
Accept our quest, hero! 
That was fun! You're a good dancer! It's been some time since I had 
such fun! Hey! Your left hand! It has a (Triforce) on it. That is a 
sacred mark in Hyrule. If it's the true symbol, then you are a hero 
with a special fate, Link. A special fate! Link, I... Umm... Nothing! 
Let us dance! 
That was fun! You're a good dancer! It's been some time since I've had 
such fun! Hey! Your left hand has a (Triforce) on it! That is a sacred 
symbol in Hyrule. If it's the true symbol, then you are a hero with a 
special fate, Link. Like Nayru, I am also a target, but I refuse to 
fall, no matter the enemy! And my heart lifts when Link is beside me! 
Let us dance! 
I am the Great Witch Syrup and this is my Potion shop. Bring me what 
you want. 
Magic Potion 300 Rupees each. OK -No thanks
That's Syrup's magic ointment. Works great when your hearts run out. 
I hope you won't live to regret it! Hee, hee! 
One potion per customer! Come get more if you run out. 
Gasha Seed 300 Rupees each! OK -No thanks
It's a precious Gasha Seed. Just wait for it to bear fruit! 
You greedy kid! You can't carry any more. Sorry! 
I can't sell it to one with no Rupees. 
Stop! Thief! You can't get by me! 
Bombchu 5 for 100 Rupees OK -No thanks
We're closed! 
This new type of Bomb runs around after you set it. 
Welcome, sir! Bring me any item you wish to purchase. 
I'm sorry, sir. You cannot enter here without a Member's Card. Are you 
curious? What's back there is a secret! Heh heh heh! 
3 Hearts 10 Rupees OK -No thanks
Wooden Shield 30 Rupees OK -No thanks
10 Bombs 20 Rupees OK -No thanks
You have it. One more won't help. 
You don't have enough Rupees. 
Hey! Don't just take things! Thief! Give that back right now! 
Welcome, sir. You must like my shop. 
Big Seed Satchel 500 Rupees OK -No thanks
1 Gasha Seed 500 Rupees OK -No thanks
Treasure Map 200 Rupees OK -No thanks
I'm sorry, sir! Oh!?! That's a Member's Card! You're a member? Pardon 
me. You may continue to the rear. 
We ran out of goods, so we're in a new line of business now. 
Hello. One out of two chests will have treasure. You'll get a nice gift 
if you can open the right chest three times in a row! Each try costs 10 
Rupees. OK -No thanks 
OK! Begin! 
I hope you'll come again. 
Congratulations! OK! Double or nothing. If you do it again, you'll get 
a special gift! OK -No thanks 
Feeling lucky? Pick your chest! 
Oh? Then...
Jackpot! Congratulations! This is your final chance! If you get this 
right, you'll get an awesome gift! OK -No thanks 
Too bad. Will you try again? OK -No thanks 
This time will be harder. 
Sir! You haven't chosen yet! I'll warn you only once. 
Hurry up! 
Strange Flute 150 Rupees OK -No thanks
This satchel holds lots of seeds. It's 300 Rupees. OK -No thanks 
Gasha Seed 500 Rupees OK -No thanks 
Treasure Map It may be linked to the legendary ruins... 200 Rupees OK -
No thanks 
Your gift is a ring, but what kind of ring it is is a secret. 
Welcome, sir... to the 100 Rupee Advance Shop. I'm amazed you found us! 
We're found only on Game Boy Advance! Everything is 100 Rupees. Don't 
let our secret out! 
Oh! Is your life Advanced? My life's Advanced! From now on, it's 
1 Gasha Seed 100 Rupees OK -No thanks
Advance Ring 100 Rupees OK -No thanks
Thank you! Have the jeweler appraise it. 
Magical Ring. What kind of ring it is is a secret. 100 Rupees OK -No 
You've bought it all, so I'm closing shop. 
View it on the Map Screen. Sparkles mark hidden treasure. 
We're not open. Come back later. 
Iron Shield 50 Rupees OK -No thanks
Mirror Shield 80 Rupees OK -No thanks
The seasons are a mess! Winter goes straight into summer... What's 
going on? 
I saw an odd girl in strange garb carrying a Ribbon. She was east of 
town... I think. 
I hear some animals in the wild are used to people. Maybe you can make 
Maybe she's a princess from a foreign land. I told her it's dangerous 
beyond the village, but she left anyway. 
There are eight things called essences hidden across this land. What 
happens if they're brought together? 
How long will the seasons stay like this? It makes me so depressed. 
I feel a little better, thanks to Princess Zelda! 
Princess Zelda was taken away by some beast... What's going to happen 
I'm so glad the village is back to normal. But who changed the seasons 
around, and why? 
Do you know of the Hero's Cave near the Western Coast? The Hero's Sword 
is said to be hidden there, but no one has ever found it. 
There's a giant root north of town. I wonder what it's from. 
The area to the east is awash in green! I'd go paint it if I were 
I guess seeing scenery from all the seasons is kind of nice... 
I recently saw a beautiful girl I'd never seen before. Is she from this 
Up north is a place of strange power that stops any who would approach. 
But it was never there before. 
Before we knew it, our guardian grew so big... It's so strange. 
Zelda is with you. Everything will be fine now. 
It was my only wish, but with Zelda kidnapped, it's too late... 
The seasons seem to have returned to normal. It's another gift from the 
town's guardian! 
Our guardian, the Maku Tree, stands beyond the gate to the east of 
town. It's said a hero with a sword will come to speak with him. I 
wonder if it's true... 
The world seems so vast... Here in Horon Village, the seasons have all 
run amuck. I wonder if it's the same in other lands... 
Tales tell of a curious object carefully hidden deep within the 
Moblin's Keep. 
The clouds up north are moving in strange ways. It gives me a bad 
I knew something bad would happen... 
After troubles like that, you truly appreciate nature's gifts. 
It goes from hot to cold in a flash. The seasons are in utter chaos! 
What will it do to this year's harvest..? 
Do you know of this land's mystical rings? -Yes -No 
Really? Well, my grandpa's wedding ring is enough for me. 
Well... If you don't wear your rings, their powers won't help you. If 
you want to know more, go see the jeweler. 
To the north is a huge beast like none other. Have you seen it? 
No matter how much I till the field, my crops won't grow... 
I must work hard to prepare for the day Zelda returns. 
What will happen to this world? 
Life has returned to the land! Our harvest is saved! 
If you get onto the flower, you can shoot up the cliff, too! It works 
only in spring when flowers bloom, so I'm getting my fill of it! 
Now it's just a bud, but it'll be a huge flower in spring. If you climb 
on that flower... I can't wait! 
This flower is cool! In spring, it shoots you into the air! 
I'm tired of the flower. 
Hey! C'mon! Play with me! 
This is the house of the wise Know-It-All Birds. See them if you have 
The seasons here change like the wind. It's strange... 
Do you know of the Owl Stones? -Yes -No 
I knew it! That's common knowledge now. 
Ahem! Then I'll teach you. Owl Stones are mystic statues that give 
advice when a certain seed is placed on them! 
When I grow up, I'm gonna beat that Dark General guy to a pulp! 
They say a princess named Zelda lives far away. I hope to meet her. I 
wonder if she dances as well as Din does? 
Seeing Princess Zelda makes me happy somehow. 
Give him one for me, too! 
It's terrible! My dear Princess Zelda is gone! My dreams have all 
In the west part of town are the Know-It-All Birds. See them if you 
have a question. 
You can burn small saplings! Just be careful with the flame! 
Some trees bear Seeds other seasons, not just spring. 
I hope my sister is all right. She said she was looking for someone, 
but with the village as it is, I'm worried. 
My dog's name is Flash! He's good at fetching! 
They say a great one has come to the village! Who could it be? 
These adults are all shoutin' about somethin', but I don't know what! 
This is Horon Village! Hey! I've never seen you before. The Maku Tree? 
Head east. 
The seasons are all messed up. It's bad for my skin... 
Lands outside the village are filled with monsters! I'm too scared to 
go out alone! 
I have a Member's Card. That stuff is mind-boggling! 
My wish is for world peace. I don't want any more weird things to 
I have to see Princess Zelda! I'll never give up hope! 
It's just AWFUL! Princess Zelda was kidnapped! What do we do? 
This is Horon Village! Hey! I haven't seen you in a while! 
Hwaaa...... Wh-who's that? Did you wake me? Who are you? Hmm... What?!? 
Din was taken while I slept? There's no sign of the Temple of 
Seasons?!? This is awful!!! Guarding the oracle is my duty... Alas, how 
I've withered! 
What's to be done, Link? With the seasons in chaos, the land is robbed 
of the very essence of nature, draining all of my might! Can you save 
Din in my stead? It is all this Maku Tree has ever asked! I sense evil 
on the Northern Peak, where the Temple of Seasons rested! Onox has cast 
a shadow on the Northern Peak. I think you will find him there. You'll 
need the eight Essences of Nature that lie sleeping in Holodrum. 
Gathering all eight is the only option. The essences possess the sacred 
power of nature, with which you can break the shadow barrier and save 
Din. Shall I repeat it? -Yes -No 
Then I give you this key. Go to the Giant root near the lake up north! 
The first essence should be there, but I'd expect some resistance. Be 
careful! I'll just--ahhm, rest until--ohh, no energy...ZZZ 
Hwaaah... The Giant root! Be careful... Hohhm...ZZZ 
Hwaaah... It's me, the Maku Tree. Some of the Fertile Soil has come to 
me, too. I already feel stronger. Oh, in my dreams, I saw the Temple of 
Seasons in a strange land I do not know. There I saw a precious item 
that will aid you, Link. That is all I can see now... Hohm...hmm... 
Hwaah... The Temple of Seasons, Link. A precious item... It will aid 
Hwaah... Use the Rod of Seasons. Go to the Eastern Woods! Hohhm... 
Thank you, Link. I, too, received part of the Gift of Time! I just 
dreamt of Spool Swamp out west. Something is afoot there. But I can see 
no more... Hohhm... 
Hwaah... Spool Swamp out west--something is afoot...ZZZ 
Hwaah... Thank you, Link. I, too, feel the Bright Sun! I dreamt of the 
waterfall on the mountain north of Holodrum. Perhaps the next essence 
is near there... 
Hyaah... Hohhm...ZZZ... 
Oh, Link... Hohhm...ZZZ... 
Hwaah... Hohhm...ZZZ... 
Hwaah... Hohhm...ZZZ... 
Hwaah... Hohhm...ZZZ... 
Oh, Link... Hohhm...ZZZ... 
Hwaah... Hohhm...ZZZ... 
Hwaah... Hohhm...ZZZ... 
Hwaah... Thanks to you, my strength is returning! Good luck, Link! 
Link! Be wary! It's the final Essence of Nature! 
Link! You already have the eighth essence! The Changing Seasons have 
filled me with my former power! I have something to give you now, so 
come see me! 
Link! You've finally gathered all eight Essences of Nature. You've 
become a true hero who understands the Essences of Nature. You are hope 
for all that live! Take this seed! 
Link! Surely now you can defeat Onox, the General of Darkness, and free 
Din, Oracle of Seasons! 
Gwah, hah, hah! Some hero!!! 
Come if you dare, Link! If you are their so-called hero, then their 
hero is no match for my powers of darkness. Gwah, hah, hah! 
Thank you, Link! I, too, feel the Bright Sun! But the powers of 
darkness do not weaken... Instead, they grow stronger... How can this 
be? Link! I dreamt of the waterfall on the mountain north of Sunken 
City. Perhaps the next essence is near there... 
Something's not right on the mountain north of Sunken City. 
I, too, grow in might under the Soothing Rain. I had another vision 
just now. I saw a lake shaped like eyeglasses... 
I saw Eyeglass Lake in my dream... 
The Nurturing Warmth has brought me balmy weather, too! I dreamt of a 
huge waterfall in the mountains north of Sunken City. Something may be 
I dreamt of a huge waterfall in the mountains north of Sunken City. 
Something may be there... 
The Nurturing Warmth has brought me strength! I saw a dream of Link 
inside vast ruins. Perhaps an essence is hidden in some. 
I, too, grow mighty under the Soothing Rain! I just dreamt of Link 
looking through ruins. Perhaps one of the Essences is hidden in some. 
An essence ... in ruins... 
Say, Link! The Blowing Wind reaches me, too! I dreamt of a cemetery 
west of Holodrum. Could an essence lie there..? To get there, find a 
way across the sea. 
Could there be an essence in the cemetery? But how can you cross the 
Say, Link! The Seed of Life has given me new strength! Now for the last 
Essence of Nature! But this time, I saw no dreams... So I rely on you, 
Link. It is somewhere in Holodrum. Good luck! 
Say, Link! Now for the last Essence of Nature! I must rely on you, 
Link! It lies hidden in Holodrum. Good luck! 
Link, you must defeat Onox, General of Darkness, and save the Oracle of 
Seasons, Din! With Din's help, perhaps you can reach Twinrova! Good 
luck, Link! 
So the item was actually the Rod of Seasons. New roads will surely open 
with its power! I dreamt of woods in the east... There may be an 
essence there! Link, can you go for me? 
Hurry, Link! The powers of darkness are spilling forth! You should be 
able to reach the entrance to Twinrova's lair! Princess Zelda needs 
Link! You must not fall prey to Twinrova's trickery! We must not be not 
misled by an easy path! Hurry, Link! The powers of darkness grow ever 
stronger! The passage at my roots should take you to Twinrova! Good 
luck, Link! 
Hwaah... Say, Link! As peace returns to Holodrum, so I return to 
peaceful rest! 
My husband was a master diver! But now he's old, and he's hidden his 
diving gear and gone off somewhere. 
Have you seen my husband? I knew he'd like you. 
The city is so quiet lately... What happened? 
They say the Maku Tree in Horon Village produces magical seeds at 
times. What kind of seeds could they be? 
Great Maku Tree of Horon Village! Please, oh please, save Zelda! 
My husband finally came back home! 
My pop's a master diver! He had a secret diving spot, but he never told 
me where it was. Stingy guy... 
I'll find his secret spot someday! You don't know, do you? 
Pop finally approved my skills and let in on his secret! Now I can be 
the new master! 
Recently some monsters settled in the village. They just sit there 
mumbling, making Bombs... 
Just when my time comes, Princess Zelda gets kidnapped? I'm so worried, 
I can't swim! 
I'm gonna learn to hold my breath the way Pop did! 
I hear there's a creature that can swim up waterfalls! What kind of 
creature is it? 
I want a pet-- one that will always be at my side! 
I wonder where the monster that came to town came from? I hope we can 
be friends! 
They said a bad guy kidnapped Princess Zelda. If I'd been there, I'd 
have stopped it! 
Legends say some sort of treasure sleeps on the summit! It's a boy's 
dream! I think about it so much I can't sleep! 
The Mysterious tree on the edge of town bears Gale Seeds. They'll take 
you anywhere in a flash! They're a big help! 
They say there's a huge tree in Horon Village. Someday I'm gonna use 
Gale Seeds to go see it... 
I heard Twinrova kidnapped Princess Zelda, but what on earth for..? 
The whole city's flooded, but since I can't swim, I'm just here blowing 
What's essence? What's darkness? What's an evil king? It's so hard... 
Who's the oracle? Who's Din? Who's Onox? It's so deep... 
Can I still show this bubble to Princess Zelda? 
With the seasons out of order, the mountain snows melted suddenly, 
flooding town. I can't even leave the house! It's terrible! 
Delicious Spring Bananas! There's a tree on the top of Mt. Cucco, but 
with the seasons like this, there may be no fruit. 
It may just be a rumor, but they say there's a giant up in the 
mountains. He sounds scary, but I want to meet him! 
I'm thinking of moving out of town, but I don't know where to... 
It sounds like Princess Zelda was kidnapped. How frightful... 
I came here from Sunken City, but I can't get used to not having water 
What do you plan to do with me?!? 
As you know, if I imprison the Oracle of Seasons and bury the temple 
that houses the Season Spirits, the seasons of Holodrum will be cast 
into chaos, the bountiful gifts of nature will rot, and all living 
things perish!!! 
That is the world of darkness that I long for! 
No, Onox! No! 
Down, Temple of Seasons!!! Spring, summer, fall, winter... Fall into 
Then the Flame of Destruction shall burn with the Flame of Sorrow, and 
the Evil King shall return! 
Evil King? No! 
Hah, hah! You don't even know! 
I thank you for paying to fix my door. 
Don't do it again. 
...I'd like to say that, but I cannot take what you do not have.
Shh! Don't tell! 
If you want true power, then slay the four golden beasts that roam the 
land. Then I shall grant my power to you. So far, you've slain (Number 
of beasts slain). 
You have slain all four golden beasts! Sir, you are worthy of true 
power. Take it! 
How you use the power is up to you, but do not be tempted to abuse 
I have nothing more for you. 
I'm Ricky! Th-those are my gloves! You brought them back? Thank you! 
In exchange...
We made it! Spool Swamp is up ahead. I'm going home, so you can find me 
there! See ya! 
Ew! It smells like medicine... I can't stand it! See ya... 
Press A to punch, or save power to unleash a tornado. I can also jump 
small holes or cliffs. 
But if you beat Blaino, you must be tough. What's your name? Link? Cool 
name! I'm Ricky. Nice to meet ya! Here, Link, take this flute. If you 
need me, just play the flute. I'll try to find you. 
First, I'll take you to Spool Swamp. Get in my pouch! 
Link! Wow! To think we'd meet here! Spool Swamp is my backyard. If you 
go south from here, then around and back up, there it is. I'd go with 
you, but I can't do a thing without my gloves 
... A guy named Blaino took them when I lost a match to him. 
But if you beat Blaino, you must be strong!
If you move toward a hole, I'll just jump right over. I can clear one 
hole easy. Give it a try. 
A cliff like that is one leap. I'll jump if you move up to it, so give 
it a try. 
Bwee! I found somethin' weird! 
If we catch it and sell it, we'll be rich!!! 
And the Great Moblin will be very pleased!!! 
Dee! Dee! 
Bwee! Let it go? Then you can pay us for it! 50 Rupees! -OK -No way
You're smart! But 50 Rupees is too cheap! Give me 30 more! -OK -No way
Bwee! You'll regret it, kid! 
Bwee! Smart, kid! Thanks! 
Bwee-hee-hee! We're rich! 
Bwee-hee-hee! Very pleasing! 
You saved me! I'm Dimitri. What about you? Link? That's a weird name. 
But starting today, Link is my friend. If you play that Strange Flute, 
I'll try to come find you. 
We sold it! We're rich! 
The Great Moblin will be pleased! 
Hoh! I found something weird! 
It's a monster! It came to attack the city--it did! 
We must protect the city! Hah! Take that! 
We're protecting the city! But without weapons, we're helpless. 
There's nothing to fear now! Let's go out on patrol!!! 
What about the city's safety? 
Link! I've been trying to find you. We're friends! You help me... I 
help you, too. If you need me, play this flute. If I hear it, I'll 
We're the city's Safety Patrol! 
We shall protect the city! 
The monster went off somewhere. 
It got scared and ran off! 
And we were gonna let it join the Safety Patrol, too. 
Bwee! You don't have enough! 
Do you have Bombs? -Yes -No
I chomp when you press A. And I swim like a fish--even up waterfalls. 
You can also carry me using the Power Bracelet. 
Not that way! 
Get on my back. 
You saved me. I am Dimitri. You can't swim? I can even swim up 
waterfalls. You helped me, now I help you. 
You can carry and throw me when you use the Power Bracelet. Want to 
I even swim up waterfalls. Try it! 
Bwee! Give me that banana! 
The Great Moblin loves Spring Bananas! 
Bwee! Be a good kid and hand it over--or you'll meet a sad fate! 
Gmph, gmph, GULP! 
Bwee! He ate it! 
Get him! 
Bwee! Bwee-heee! 
Bwee-heee! He got me! 
This is one brazen bear! 
Bwee-heee! He got me! We'll avenge this! 
I am Moosh. I got startled when they asked for my banana. Are they OK? 
I'm kind of worried. 
Before we forget, we want our revenge! Get ready-- both of you! 
...Is it over? Bwee!!! We lost! Next time'll be different! Retreat!!! 
Thank you for helping me out. Tell me your name. Link... Umm! I 
remembered it! I can help you if you like. If I hear your Strange 
Flute, I'll come find you. 
Not so fast! We'll get you! 
Oh! Water, water everywhere! I must leave such a frightful place! Until 
next time... 
Sniff! Sniff! There's a Spring Banana tree up there. But until the Rock 
Flowers bloom in spring, I can't climb up to it... Can nothing be done? 
You brought me a Spring Banana! Is it for me? I happily accept! 
Tap A to hover, or hold it to save power for a ground pound. But water 
is my weakness. The shallow stuff is one thing, but I can't take deep 
water, so be careful. 
I'll give you a ride anywhere. 
Link! Why are you here? I find myself another banana, I run into 
Link... It's a busy day. 
Thank you for helping me. Link's always out and about. I can help you. 
If I hear your flute, I'll come find you. 
Gmph, gmph, GULP! So tasty! That was great. I am Moosh. You fed me, so 
I'll help you. 
Hold A to power up. If you build enough power and let it go, I'll pound 
the ground. Try it. 
I can float if you tap A. If you move as I float, you can float across 
pits. Try it. 
Gmph, gmph, GULP! Delicious! Link, let's go! 
I'm da legendary champ, Blaino! You want somt'in'? Den earn it in da 
ring! Will you bet 10 Rupees? -OK -Nah 
Hyuh, hyuh. Dat was smart. 
Hyuh, hyuh! You'll learn... Lissen up! We trade punches 'til one of us 
gets knocked outta da ring. And no items! If you break da rules once, 
da next match is for 20 Rupees. And no rings! Only fists! Got it? -Got 
it -No 
You ain't got enuff Rupees. Don't play tricks, kid. 
You ready? C'mon! C'mon! 
Hyuh!!! I lost! Yer fists are golden, kid! You da new champ! Here! Take 
If yer mad, tell it to yer fists!
What ugly form! Who's yer coach?
Yo, champ! You come to fight? Da purse is 30 Rupees. 
Hyuh! I lose. You're good! Well, here's yer 30 Rupees. 
Huh? Once more? -Yeah -No way 
Hyuh, hyuh! You'll learn... Lissen up! We trade punches 'til one of us 
gets knocked outta da ring. And no items! Dat means no rings, neither! 
You cheated, so the bet goes up to 20 Rupees. Got it? -Yep -Nope 
You want in the swamp? Well... Actually, I lost the key to open the 
Oh! That's where I left it! That should open the floodgates. You can 
get to the keyhole from that puddle outside. 
Did you open the floodgates? The vines there get so overgrown in 
Link! Are you all right? Actually, I am the nurse of Hyrule's Princess 
Zelda. And Din's no dancer either. She is actually the Oracle of 
Seasons who wields control over the forces of nature. Zelda has 
mystical powers that told of a curtain of shadow drawing around Din. I 
was instructed to take her to Hyrule in secret.
Link! Are you all right? That which Zelda foresaw has come to pass... 
Princess Zelda gave me this quest... But, ow! I've been wounded, and I 
won't be able to travel for some time... Link, I know not why you were 
lying in the woods, but... You and Din were fated to meet. If the 
(Triforce) on your left hand is real, then you may be the hero who will 
save the world. Please! Use your power to aid Din! 
Please take my message to the Maku Tree in Horon Village. The Maku Tree 
is the guardian of all Holodrum. Surely he can help. 
Go with caution! 
A gnarled root? Go straight from here. I am sure I saw one there.
The eastern woods? You mean the Woods of Winter, right? They lie east, 
then north, of the village.
A swamp? You mean Spool Swamp? Find it north then west of the village. 
It's filled with beasts stronger than any you've seen so far.
Sunken City... I've heard of a town in the east. Try there!
Ask others for aid if you must. People, even animals, may surprise you.
An eyeglass- shaped lake? I think it lies east of here. 
Hmm, ruins..? Perhaps Tarm Ruins? They lie far to the northwest. 
A desert? I know Samasa Desert extends east from town. 
But one essence remains! It will be difficult, but you can find it! 
Good luck!!! 
It is nearing completion! Good luck! 
I rue this day! Zelda has been taken and the villagers have been beaten 
into despair! Link! You are our only hope! Find Zelda, please! 
Where can the Temple of Seasons be hidden..? Does no one have a clue? 
First Labrynna, now Holodrum has come to an hour of tribulation! Link, 
I always come to you in need... But there is no one else I can count 
on! Please! Will you rescue Din? 
It's horrible! a "temple," like, fell into Subrosia! Umm, what's a 
Subrosia is a secret place. 
!! ! ! Someone's following me! 
Umm...I, like, lost something. I must return in secret, without being 
Everyone went to gather rocks at the "temple" up north. 
There are nice- sized rocks near the "temple" up north. 
Melt it down! These furnaces can melt any metal! 
Right now I'm melting and mixing two kinds of ore. 
You can get to the northern "temple" from here. 
We're gathering chunks of ore to melt in the furnaces. 
The ore is all in chunks. 
I want to break this ore-filled rock, but it's too hard. A Bomb Flower 
could break it, but they aren't in bloom. Some guy down south says he 
saw one, though. 
Oh! That's a Bomb Flower! Thanks! OK, let's break it! 
That was great! Now we have plenty, thanks to you. If you ever need any 
ore melted, come to the furnaces. 
You helped us before, so come see us if you need any ore melted. 
This furnace can melt any ore into liquid goo. 
I've seen a Bomb Flower. I saw it at Lava Lake down south. 
What's that? It's so weird. I'll trade you this ore for it! Thanks! 
Let's go bury some treasure. 
Make sure no one sees us. If anyone does, run! 
That's good! Come on! Let's go find more treasure! 
Doh! Someone's here! Run!!! 
Will anyone see us this time? 
We're OK. Let's go. 
They took your precious item? They're always up to no good! Those 
foolish pack rats are famous around here. I just saw them with a dirty 
feather. Who would want that? 
Two Subrosians? You mean those weirdos who collect Rupees and other 
trash? They live in the weird house to the west. 
That hole goes to the "temple." 
Who would want a dirty feather? 
Hard Ore is said to be the best. 
My name's Rosa. My favorite Ribbon floated out to sea... I, like, 
wanted to go explore the "temple," but I can't go out like this! 
What a cute Ribbon. Is it for me? -Yep -Nope 
Ohh! I, like, want a Ribbon! 
Wow! Like, thank you! 
Since you're so nice, I'll go on a date with you. Let's go look in that 
Do you wanna go on a date? -Sure -No way 
OK! I'll follow you. 
Hey! I want you to ask me out! 
I'll follow you anywhere. 
As long as we're together, I can unlock any door you want me to. 
Does this Ribbon look good on me? 
Where are you going? 
I'm gonna give Rosa something she likes so she'll date me. 
I heard Rosa lost her Ribbon. I'm looking for something else she'll 
You can find Star-Shaped Ore in the sands around here. 
I wish I could go on a date with Rosa just once... But how do I get her 
Rosa's key can open any door, even ones in the "temple." 
Rosa, the pop star, has been seen around here a lot lately. 
You went on a date with Rosa? Really??? I'm gonna give Rosa a present 
and get her to go on a date with me, too. 
Rosa has been so happy ever since some guy gave her a new Ribbon. But I 
heard he's a total dork. 
You can dig up treasure on this beach... Star-Shaped Ore! 
Rosa seems so sad lately... Is she waiting for someone? Don't tell me 
it's you..? 
If you mix Red Ore and Blue Ore, it makes Hard Ore. 
What? You're dating Rosa? What present did you give her? 
I'm so jealous! I want to date Rosa!!! 
You and Rosa? No way! You're not on a date, are you?!? 
I had so much fun. I hope you'll ask me out again. 
You have Red Ore and Blue Ore! Did you come to mix the two to create 
Hard Ore? -Yep -Nope 
Is that so? 
Then we'll get right on it. 
OK, here goes! 
Your Hard Ore is done. Watch out! It's hot. 
I'm workin' hard meltin' ore! 
A cute Ribbon I'll trade for Star-Shaped Ore. 
Rare Peach Stone I'll trade for Ore Chunks and 10 Ember Seeds. 
A Big Bomb Bag I'll trade for 10 Bombs and Ore Chunks. 
A seed ring I'll trade for Ore Chunks. 
Silver Seed I'll trade for Ore Chunks and 20 Scent Seeds. 
A cutting board? I'll trade for 5 Ember Seeds. 
3 Peaches I'll trade for Ore Chunks. 
10 Bombs I'll trade for Ore Chunks. 
10 Ore Chunks I'll trade for 20 Gale Seeds. 
4 Ember Seeds I'll trade for Ore Chunks. 
10 Pegasus Seeds I'll trade for Ore Chunks.  
How about it? -Sure -No 
Trading would be a waste, anyway. 
OK, pick up this Red Bomb. 
You can carry more Bombs now. Plus you get free Bombs. 
If you want something, we can trade. 
It's shiny and it has "Member's Card" on it. I don't know... I'll trade 
for Ore Chunks.
I traded away all my stuff. I'll have more later. Go home. 
You don't have enough to trade. 
AHH! ! ! You startled me! Winter sets in all of a sudden, then down my 
chimney comes... You're not Santa! You don't scare me! Now take this 
and clear the snow from my walkway! Keep the shovel when you're done. 
Can you shovel my walkway? 
You cleared the snow! Thanks! You can also use that shovel 
to dig up treasure. Try it every- where you go!!! 
Maku Tree Gate Show courage to gain passage! 
Vases wanted! Ingo, Collector 
Flying Cucco Flaps when held. Otherwise, it's dangerous. 
(Up) Spool Swamp (Right) Eyeglass Lake (Down) Horon Village 
(Up) Subrosian Hot Springs (Down) Subrosian Seaside 
(Right) Furnaces 
(Left) Subrosian Hot Springs (Down) Subrosian Dance Hall 
(Up) Tarm Ruins (Left) Spool Swamp 
Samasa Desert Ahead 
Temple of Seasons 
Santa Welcome!!! 
(Left) Spool Swamp Shortcut 
(Up) My Secret Read in summer when vines grow. 
Link... You're my best customer! Take this special gift. Vasu 
(Right) Winter Forest (Down) Horon Village 
We carry Treasure Maps. Horon Shop 
Now entering my domain! Great Moblin 
I've gone to train. Ricky 
(Up) Mayor Ruul's Residence (Right) The Maku Tree 
(Right) Horon Village (Left) Hero's Cave 
No shields!!! No deflecting seeds allowed! 
(Right) Danger! Like Likes! 
(Right) Far, far east- Sunken City It's far. Try to find a ride. 
The Black Beast rests here. 
(Right) Rock Mushrooms <$28>Petri Fungus<$29> Pick in fall only. 
(Up) -Sunken Falls- Headwaters in Sunken City 
Off to Labrynna! Bipin & Blossom 
(Left) Spool Swamp (Down) Blaino's Gym 
Growrrr! You cannot pass! 
My mightiest of swords and mightiest of shields shall crush you! 
Can you see through my power?!? 
NO! My mighty shield is broken... You'll pay for this!!! 
So, Link! You've finally reached the altar! Bother! We can't have you 
scampering about up here! So we've dragged you in here. 
The Flames of Sorrow, Destruction and Despair burn brightly. The return 
of the Evil King Ganon approaches. Our sacrifice of Zelda is all that 
remains! When we call Ganon's spirit into the vessel, it will be done! 
You can't stop us! Prepare to meet your doom! 
Oh hoh hoh! I did not think you would get so far... 
But I shall not fall like Onox and Veran! See my true power! 
We'll sacrifice you so the Evil King can return! 
Hoh hoh! Ganon's return was but a step away! Link! It is not over! Our 
rites have failed, but by sacrificing this body, Ganon will return! And 
you will be destroyed! Eee hee hee hee! 
Gwoh hoh hoh... Gwah hah hah... Destroy...all... Kill ALL!!! 
Gwoh hoh hoh! I am Ganon... The Evil King... 
I've got you! 
Nar har har! I am Vire, Onox's loyal henchman! Onox has ordered me to 
stop you! So, I've moved the Pyramid Stone high onto this cliff! Get it 
if you can! By the way, these falls flow from Sunken City. If you can't 
swim, you can't get down them! Gar har har! 
Gar har har! I am Vire, Onox's loyal henchman! I heard someone was 
trying to stop Onox, but it's just some kid! Fine! I can handle you! 
Gar har har har! Huh? No way! There's no way you could ever find my... 
...Ah, whatever! You got brains, but how about brawn? Come on! 
OUCH! Pesky kid! Take this! 
Bully! That's it! I'm serious! 
Fine! Goodbye! 
OUCH..! I paid for my overconfidence, but I'll report this to Onox! Gar 
har har! 
Im...impossible! Not once, but twice..! Veran, Onox... I'm sorry... 
3 Large, 2 Regular. 
I want a nice tropical vacation. 
Feel my cold, steely gaze!!! 
Huh? Did I say that? 
Really? I mean, I knew that! 
I wish I could go to a tropical southern island. 
I want to ride a plane. Anywhere is fine. 
I'm so sleepy. 
Do come in! I am Vasu, the jeweler. Is this your first time? Then let 
me explain jewelry.
Carrying a ring does nothing. Don't forget to open the Item Screen and 
wear it. 
I've appraised all your rings! 
Do come in! Welcome to Vasu Jewelers. What can I do? -Appraise -List -
Which one shall I appraise? 
It's 20 Rupees! -Appraise -Quit 
You don't have enough. Sorry. 
You have this one already, so I'll buy it for 30 Rupees. 
Rings do nothing unless worn! 
I am Red Snake. And you want to ask about rings? -Yes -No 
Appraisal or Ring Boxes... Which one? <$0C><$10>Appraisal -Box 
There are many magical rings in this land, but just finding one does 
not give you its powers. Until a ring has been appraised and its power 
understood, it cannot be used. Vasu does appraisals. Once appraised, 
pick from the List the ones you want in your Ring Box. And remember to 
wear the ring you will use. That is all.
To carry appraised rings, you must have a Ring Box. Pick your rings 
from the List and put them in your box. Then you can open the Item 
Screen at any time to wear a ring. Give it a try.
Take your pick. -Fortune -Link 
Fine... Use a Game Link cable to connect to another Game Boy Color. Now 
check to see if your friend is ready. OK! Now for your Fortune! On 
"Start," I'll go see your friend. On "Ready," you both choose. Ready -
I got stuck along the way. Is your cable connected? Please check it, 
then try again! 
Come back anytime. 
Appraise this? -Yes -No 
No! You can't leave until I appraise it! 
I'll appraise it for free this time, but after this, it will be 20 
Rupees per ring. If you get two of the same ring, I'll buy one for 30 
Rupees. Now, the List! Appraised rings get added to the List. When you 
want a ring, move it from your List to your box. Talk to me to see your 
List. Let's take a peek at it now. 
Oh! All your rings have been appraised. 
Oh! You don't have any rings in your List! 
Do you want to hear more? -Yes -No 
That's what that ring is. I'll add it to your List! 
I am Red Snake! I am keeper of ring secrets! Say a secret, or ask about 
a secret. Make your choice! -Say -Ask -Quit 
"All About Ring Secrets." -Read -Don't 
If you save the secret the Red Snake told you in an Oracle of Ages game 
you played, and tell it to the Red Snake here, you can bring rings 
found in your Oracle of Ages game here. In the same way, you can take 
rings from here to your Oracle of Ages game. Good news! With a Game 
Link cable and two Game Boy Color systems, you can bring rings here 
without saving your secret! -NOTE!!- If you haven't finished your quest 
or used a secret to visit Holodrum, your ring secret will not work. 
Oh, really?
Hmm... I see! I call this the (Ring name)! 
Listen well! (Ring Secret) Listen again? -Yes -No 
I don't know that secret. Come back after listening again to the secret 
you heard in Oracle of Ages. 
I am Blue Snake. I give Ring fortunes. Would you like a ring fortune? -
Yes -No 
"Ring Link Basics" -Read -Don't 
How can you do a friendship fortune by yourself? Try it with a friend. 
Your Fortune is finished. The ring represents your friendship. Do not 
be angry, no matter what. 
I am Blue Snake. I manage the Game Link cable. What shall I do? -
Fortune -Link -Nothing 
Pick a topic. -Fortune -Link -Nothing 
About Ring Links With a Game Link cable and two Game Boy Color systems, 
you can bring the rings you found in an Oracle of Ages game to Holodrum 
without saving your secret. Insert your Oracle of Ages Game Pak into 
another Game Boy Color, insert a Game Link cable, and turn the power 
ON, but don't press any buttons. Then, play Oracle of Seasons, talk to 
Blue Snake and choose Link to bring rings found in Oracle of Ages to 
here. In the same way, you can take rings found here to an Oracle of 
Ages game you are playing. --NOTE!!!-- If you haven't finished this 
quest before or come by secret to Holodrum, you cannot link. Read 
more? -Yes -No 
Hmm... OK. I have brought your rings from Labrynna, so see Vasu to 
check your List. 
OK. Link your Game Boy Color to the other. Insert a Game Pak into the 
other Game Boy Color. Turn the power ON. Choose Begin when ready! -
Which data will you use? 
I can't find Oracle of Ages data to link to! 
That file has no secrets! 
You're leaving? Come again. 
Do not remove the cable while I am working. 
Now linking! Don't remove the cable. 
The link failed! Is the Game Link cable connected? Is a Game Pak 
inserted in the other Game Boy Color? Is the power ON? Come back after 
you check that! 
Link complete! You may now remove the Game Link cable. 
Until you've had a ring appraised and its power revealed, you cannot 
wear it. Let's appraise it! 
Oh, my! You're amazing! 
Take this ring! 
You have slain 1000 monsters! 
You've collected 10,000 Rupees! 
You've had 100 rings appraised! Vasu appreciates your business!
You have saved the world! You are a true hero! 
Rings made from Mystical Seeds have very mystical powers. If you wear 
one, its mystical power will be passed to you. But you must keep it in 
your Ring Box. The mystical power will gradually weaken and you won't 
be able to use it. Understood? -Yes -No 
Oh! You don't have a Ring Box? I like you, so here! Take this Ring Box. 
What! Oh, no! 
Ring Fortunes Through a Ring Fortune you and a friend each get a ring 
as a sign of your friendship when you and a friend use a Game Link 
cable to link two Game Boy Color systems. Talk to Blue Snake after 
connecting your Game Boy Color systems to link. After checking your 
Fortune, he'll give you each a ring that suits your friendship. --
Warning-- You cannot do it alone. You must do it with a Game Pak a 
friend has played. Read others? -Read -Don't 
Good to see you! Welcome to Vasu Jewelers. 
Take this ring as a sign of our friendship. 
Friendship Ring 
Power Ring L-1 
Power Ring L-2 
Power Ring L-3 
Armor Ring L-1 
Armor Ring L-2 
Armor Ring L-3 
Red Ring 
Blue Ring 
Green Ring 
Cursed Ring 
Expert's Ring 
Blast Ring 
Rang Ring L-1 
GBA Time Ring 
Maple's Ring 
Steadfast Ring 
Pegasus Ring 
Toss Ring 
Heart Ring L-1 
Heart Ring L-2 
Swimmer's Ring 
Charge Ring 
Light Ring L-1 
Light Ring L-2 
Bomber's Ring 
Green Luck Ring 
Blue Luck Ring 
Gold Luck Ring 
Red Luck Ring 
Green Holy Ring 
Blue Holy Ring 
Red Holy Ring 
Snowshoe Ring 
Roc's Ring 
Quicksand Ring 
Red Joy Ring 
Blue Joy Ring 
Gold Joy Ring 
Green Joy Ring 
Discovery Ring 
Rang Ring L-2 
Octo Ring 
Moblin Ring 
Like Like Ring 
Subrosian Ring 
First Gen Ring 
Spin Ring 
Bombproof Ring 
Energy Ring 
Dbl. Edge Ring 
GBA Nature Ring 
Slayer's Ring 
Rupee Ring 
Victory Ring 
Sign Ring 
100th Ring 
Whisp Ring 
Gasha Ring 
Peace Ring 
Zora Ring 
Fist Ring 
Whimsical Ring 
Protection Ring 
Symbol of a meeting 
Sword damage (Up) Damage taken (Up) 
Sword damage (Up)(Up) Damage taken (Up)(Up) 
Sword damage (Up)(Up)(Up) Damage taken (Up)(Up)(Up) 
Damage taken (Down) Sword damage (Down) 
Damage taken (Down)(Down) Sword damage (Down)(Down) 
Damage taken (Down)(Down)(Down) Sword damage (Down)(Down)(Down) 
Sword damage x 2 
Damage taken 1/2 
Sword damage (Up) Damage taken (Down) 
1/2 Sword damage Damage taken x 2 
Punch when not equipped 
Bomb damage (Up) 
Boomerang damage (Up) 
Life Advanced! 
Maple meetings (Up) 
Get knocked back less 
Lengthen Pegasus Seed effect 
Throwing distance (Up) 
Slowly recover lost Hearts 
Recover lost Hearts 
Swimming speed (Up) 
Spin Attack charges quickly 
Sword beams at -2 Hearts 
Sword beams at -3 hearts 
Set two Bombs at once 
1/2 damage from traps 
1/2 damage from beams 
1/2 damage from falls 
1/2 damage from spiked floors 
No damage from electricity 
No damage from Zora's fire 
No damage from small rocks 
No sliding on ice 
Cracked floors don't crumble 
No sinking in quicksand 
Beasts drop double Rupees 
Beasts drop double Hearts 
Find double items 
Find double Ore Chunks 
Sense soft earth nearby 
Boomerang damage (Up)(Up) 
Become an Octorok 
Become a Moblin 
Become a Like Like 
Become a Subrosian 
Become something 
Double Spin Attack 
No damage from your own Bombs 
Beam replaces Spin Attack 
Sword damage (Up) but you get hurt 
1000 beasts slain 
10,000 Rupees collected 
The Evil King Ganon defeated 
100 signs broken 
100 rings appraised 
No effect from jinxes 
Grow great Gasha Trees 
No explosion if holding Bomb 
Dive without breathing 
Punch when not equipped 
Sword damage (Down) Sometimes deadly 
Damage taken is always one Heart  
I'm Ruul, mayor of Horon Village. Do you have any Gasha Seeds? If you 
plant one in soft earth, it will grow into a tree that bears nuts! 
Inside those nuts, you'll find all sorts of things! It's so fun I can't 
help myself. 
The mayor is fascinated with Gasha Nuts now. The place, planter and the 
planter's deeds affect what the nut produces. The mayor found a good 
place recently, so he is quite happy. 
Need anything? -Yes -No 
Sorry. I'm busy. 
??? That's odd! 
Goodness! It's a message from my friend in Labrynna! Thanks so much! 
I'll make it so you can carry even more rings! 
And I'll teach you the secret to carrying more rings in Labrynna, too. 
(Secret) Did you get it? -Yes -No 
Ask me again if you forget the secret. 
Let me see your Ring Box... Huh! Yah! Hah!!! ... ... ... ... How's 
You don't have a Ring Box? Then I'll have to give you a box! 
This is the mayor's home. 
You don't know about Gasha Seeds??? You're missing out! I'll give you 
my prized Gasha Seed to welcome you to town. 
There's some soft earth just outside. Plant it there. 
Want to learn a hero's skill? -Yes -Not really 
Want to learn shield tactics? -Yes -Not really 
Want to learn about the Mystical Seeds? -Yes -Not really 
Want to learn about Bombs? -Yes -Not really 
Want to learn about items? -Yes -Not really 
Want to learn about maps? -Yes -Not really 
Want to learn about saving? -Yes -Not really 
Want to learn about seasons? -Yes -Not really 
Want to learn about the Subscreens? -Yes -Not really 
Want to learn about essences? -Yes -Not really 
A skill for a courageous hero! Press and hold the sword button to save 
power, then release it to unleash a spin attack! 
Deflect enemy attacks while pressing the shield button. 
There are five kinds of Mystical Seeds. They appear in different 
seasons, and each seed type has a unique effect. You can't carry seeds 
without a satchel. 
After taking a Bomb out, press the button again to place it. Press 
(control pad) to throw a Bomb in that direction. Press the button again 
to pick up a placed Bomb. 
Set items to A or B on the Subscreen. The number of items like seeds 
and Bombs decrease with each use, so keep track of how many you have. 
Press SELECT to view the map. Move the cursor and press A to see place 
names. Dark regions are ones you have not yet visited. 
Open the Sub- screen and press SELECT twice to see the Essence Screen. 
Next, choose Save and press A to see the Save Screen. 
Holodrum has four seasons- spring, summer fall and winter. The world 
changes with the seasons. In spring, blast blooms can send you high in 
the air, summer reveals creek beds and lake bottoms. In fall, leaves 
open new paths and mushrooms are ready to be picked. In winter, snow 
blocks trails and lakes freeze. 
Press START to access the Subscreen, then press SELECT to scroll 
through screens. First is the Item Screen, then the Quest Status 
Screen, then the Essence Screen. On the Quest Status Screen, you can 
pick a ring to wear. 
Umm, even this Know-It-All Bird knows little of essences. 
Return light to unlit torches! 
What you seek is in the eye. 
This is the Hero's Cave. Continue on if you trust your skills. 
You've done well to make it this far, but there is a final trial for 
the true hero. It costs 60 Rupees. Will you try? -Yes -No 
Open the chests in the proper order. Their locations offer a clue. Look 
Then come again. 
Even a hero has need of money. Save up, then return. 
Incredible! You have met the challenge! 
I am the master diver! To become my pupil, go to the next cave and open 
all four eyes in a single stroke! And bring back proof that you have 
done so! 
Ohh!!! That's my Master's Plaque! You've passed my test! Very well, 
then! I accept you as my pupil! Take these Flippers! 
Are you sure you won't be my pupil? Really? There's no way? 
This text dump was done by EvilGiegue. This line is copy protection and 
isn't actually in the game, of course.
I heard that Zelda was kidnapped. What are we to do? 
I'll teach you my secret route to Mt. Cucco! There's a diving hole 
among the reefs in town. Use the Flippers I gave you. 
You can plant a Gasha Seed. -Plant -Don't 
You got a Gasha Nut! Check what's inside! 
Inside was a Piece of Heart! Check it on the Subscreen. 
A ring was inside!
A Potion was inside!
200 Rupees were inside!
5 hearts were inside!
A fairy was inside!
This soft earth is great for planting seeds. 
Your jewels fit perfectly! 
Soil, time, sun, rain, warmth... I await one who knows many essences... 
Oh keeper of the essences! I have awaited your arrival! I give you 
I have nothing more to give. Be on your way! 
Oww! Sorry! Will you forgive me if I teach you something? If you are 
lost in the woods, travel west, south, east, then north, taking each 
step in a warmer season than the last. 
Welcome to Goron Mountain. It's too cold to go outside, so I'm all out 
of shape. 
Do you know of the Goron Vase? All collectors want to have it! 
Biggoron is so big he can't fit in our cave. But it's so cold 
outside... The poor Goron. 
Goron Mountain has always had winter year- round, but ever since the 
Temple of Seasons sank, it's gotten even colder. You can catch cold 
just going outside. 
Biggoron is up above, but he has a cold, so be quiet. 
Lava, huh? I hate the cold. 
If I had the Goron Vase, I wouldn't trade it for 100 Fish. 
This year is so weird. No matter how long winter is, it's never been 
this cold... Something is very wrong. 
Good thing Biggoron is over his cold. 
It's so nice of you to come all the way here just to see me! Since you 
did, shall I make it so you can carry more rings? -Yes! -No 
Then let me see your box. Do this here... That there... OK! I'm done! 
Living alone is nice, but it can get lonely... 
Mind your own business... Is that your attitude..? 
...But you don't have a Ring Box. Come back when you have one. 
Forging the great sword is a huge task. Biggoron can't even do it if he 
isn't feeling his best. 
The weather is back to normal, but I still hate the cold. 
Bwee... Hoom... The poor Great Moblin. Having to make Bombs here... 
Bwee... We'll overcome these troubles and create a new tomorrow! 
Bwee... My great lair is in ruins! I have to start from scratch... But 
why did this happen to me?!? 
Bwee... How many more Bombs will it take to rebuild our Lair? After 
what just happened, I've lost all hope. 
Bwee-hee! So it was you! You'll pay!!! "An eye for an eye!" 
Bwee... I'm tired... I don't know how many Bombs I've made. We should 
be almost done... 
When the mouth opens, attack from within. Then super- human strength 
will prevail. 
A guarded body watches with unguarded eyes. 
Recall the order you slay the knights in. 
A silent watch may be needed. 
The magical ice freezes all. 
The weak shall not move the blue rollers. 
I shall be your guide. 
Do not forget to give me Mystery Seeds. 
In water, it is invincible... 
The source of the curse is hidden in darkness. 
Good defense is the best offense against spikes. 
Jumping up and on will send you even higher. 
Greater speed gives greater distance. 
Icy cores make piercing blades. 
Below me, red. My right, red. Only I shall shine blue. 
Blue seeds will give you speed. 
It was so stormy that Cap'n lost the bell he got from a special 
someone. That's a bit o' trouble... 
That bell he got from 'is special someone was so rusty. Aye... I'd be 
mad, too. 
Our ship got caught in a storm and sank. When we woke, 'ere we were. 
Where are we? It all looks so weird. 
Isn't this the afterlife? Aye, no wonder it looks so weird! Ore rollin' 
all 'round... 
With the Cap'n in such a state, we'll never get the ship out! 
That bell may look rusty, but it's a fine bit o' work. 
That bloke we sent lookin' for the bell 'asn't come back. I told 'im he 
oughtta search the ship... 
It takes real skill to get a bell back to its original condition once 
it's rusted. 
'Ave you seen our ship? It's over by the graveyard. We 'aven't fixed 
it, so it's in terrible shape. 
Cap'n got a special someone he can't forget. What's more, she's said to 
be the queen of some great land. 
Is he all right? That bloke's so forgetful... 
Are we gonna be all right? We're so forgetful... 
Now how'd that go? 
Aye, that's it. Nothin'! Forget it! Ar har har! 
It's so quiet downstairs... Ev'ryone's gone? We're the only ones 
Aye, I guess I'm used to life 'ere now. 
How long do they plan on staying here!?! 
Don't tell me you're gonna stay here now! 
I want to get back to all me mates and dig the ship free, but Cap'n 
said, "Don't come back 'til ya find me bell"! Can't someone take me 
You'll look for the bell?!? Then I can go back! Thank'ee! 
Aye, aye, sir! 
Now reporting, Cap'n! The ship's all fixed! We can set sail anytime! 
Useless fools! Can't someone find me bell? Aye? You..? 
Ar, har, har! Don't be silly! You ain't an experienced adventurer yet! 
If you 'aven't at least proven your adventurin' skills by seein' the 
inside o' some ruins, I've no use for you! 
Aye, I can see it in your eyes. You're a competent adventurer... OK! Go 
get it! Find me bell! I'll be waitin'! 
Eh? You brought me bell? Thank'ee! Let's take a gander! 
Oh! Surely this- Ar! This thing's rusted something awful! What are you 
pullin'? This won't do! Go get it polished! 
Ar! There's no mistakin' it! This bell is full o' memories--but that 
don't mean they're all good! Sniff! Now I'm all pensive. It's not like 
We're off, mateys! To sea! 
Ambi??? Nay, 'tis I that must be dreamin'!!! I never thought we'd meet 
again after so long! 
Even now, when I think of our parting, it pains my heart. Though many 
years 'ave gone by since then, you are as beautiful as ever... 
Ambi... I would stay 'ere with you if I could, but...sniff! 
Oh, Ambi! 
Ar! Set sail, mateys! 
To the ship! 
What a beautiful sound, that voice! Could it be? 
Cap'n! Am I dreaming? I've been on an eye-opening journey through time, 
but never did I expect to meet you again, especially here! 
Nay! You are unchanged! Every bit the man you were--if not a little 
You need not explain--I understand. You are a seafaring man and cannot 
live your life on land... So I shall be your port of call, waiting 
always for your return! 
Oh, Cap'n!!! 
You weren't s'posed to see me like this! 
If I'd known the secret to bein' lucky, the boat wouldn't 'ave sunk and 
I wouldn't 'ave been left behind. Do ya know the secret? -Yes -No 
If ya don't know, you'll meet with ill luck, too. 
Then yer a lucky bloke! Teach me! 
Thank'ee! Now I'm lucky! I'd like to give ya somethin' lucky in 
return... But yer luck seems to 'ave run out... What shall we do? Aye! 
I know! Get 777 Ore Chunks! Sounds lucky, don't it? Then I'll share my 
luck with ya! 
Yer Ore Chunks aren't so lucky. If ya get 777, ya'll be lucky! 
Ya've got 777 Ore Chunks! Wow! Yer so lucky! Let me give ya this lucky 
I'll teach ya the secret for bringin' yer luck with ya to Labrynna. 
(Secret) Got that? -Yes -No 
Come ask me again if ya forget the secret. 
Why, Link! What brings you here? I asked Nayru to send me on an eye- 
opening journey to different lands and different ages! Traveling alone 
is difficult, but it is one of a queen's many roles. However... 
This Holodrum is a strange place. The seasons here are so fickle. It 
must surely bring hardship to the people... 
But isn't Sunken City so elegant? Perhaps I shall make my palace 
sunken, too! 
As I stand here watching the sea, I recall him. Yes, that seafaring 
man. But a a child like you wouldn't understand my feelings. 
Welcome to the Subrosian Smithy! We do the finest work in the land, but 
we take on only jobs that interest us! The two in back are masters of 
the trade. I'm just a manager. 
Hmm? The Master speaks... 
Hmm... Is that so? 
He says you hold a bell of great value. He hasn't offered to polish it, 
but should he? -Please -Do it! 
"Please"--?!? Is that how you ask for a favor? Try again later! 
Try again later! 
Splendid answer! Straight and to the point! 
Master! Do it now! 
Sorry for the wait! This is why he's a master! The finest work in all 
the land! Take it! Treat it like an heirloom! 
Treat it like an heirloom! 
So what'll it be? -Make it fine! -Do whatever. 
"Fine!"--?!? You put too much value on your belongings! Try again 
"Do whatever"??? Say no more! 
Master! He says do whatever! 
Has anyone told you the secret for getting your shield forged? -Yes -No 
Then tell me! 
Play dumb if you like. 
Huh? Master says, "That's wrong!" Try again later! 
Hmm... Master says, "Close enough." We'll do it! 
But... You don't have a shield! Try again later! 
The Master misses nothing! That Hard Ore could make your cheap shield 
amazingly fine! 
The Master's eyes cannot be deceived! 
I'll teach you the secret to taking your forged shield to Labrynna. 
(Secret) Got it? -Yes -No 
If you forget the secret, just ask. 
This is no place for one with no shield to come! Try again later! 
This shoots off huge fireworks! 
You did it! Cool!!! 
Thank you, Link! I knew you could save me. Now that I am free again, 
the seasons should return to normal! 
The trials you faced to collect the Essences of Nature have made you a 
true hero! A new trial shall call you away soon, but we Oracles will 
always watch over you in secret, in hope that darkness is kept from the 
hearts of mankind. 
Let us return to Horon Village and meet the others! 
Kya, ha, ha! Link! Don't think this is the end... 
Onox has fallen, but the damage he has done to this land burns on in 
the Flame of Destruction! When this flame lights the dark, our wish 
shall be granted! Hya, ha, ha, ha! 
...Link! ...Has it ended? Thank you, Link. You halted the completion of 
the rites that would have revived Ganon! Since they could not sacrifice 
me in their final rite, the powers of darkness could only revive a 
mindless, raging Ganon. Your power, wisdom and courage were able to 
prevent Twinrova's plan to resurrect Ganon. Now hope and peace can 
return to the hearts of the people. Thank you! You are a true hero! Let 
us return to the others! 
You've done it, Link! I am very proud! But are you not weary? My power 
shall take you back to the village! 
See, Link? I have managed to help, too. 
Princess Zelda! I am glad to see you return safely! Link! You are all I 
expected! I always believed in you! 
I knew you would find a way, Link! Let us dance together again! 
Welcome back, Princess Zelda! Welcome back, Link! Now all is finished! 
Link... The three (Triforce) on your left hand symbolize power, wisdom 
and courage-- these are the mark of the hero who is fated to appear 
when peace crumbles in Hyrule. With the Essences of Nature and Time and 
the courage you possess, you have fought back the powers of evil! The 
guidance of the Triforce has made you into this legendary hero! Thank 
you, Link. 
Oh, no!!! The castle is crumbling now that the powers of shadow wane! 
We must get out of here! 
! ! ! What do we do..? 
You did it, Link. I'm so proud!!! Leave this to me! 
Good luck, Link. Only you can defeat Twinrova! Surely the powers of the 
eight essences will aid you! 
Link! You're safe! Thanks to you, peace has come to the land of 
Holodrum! Look! The people are happy! Let us dance together again, 
Link! By the way, Impa received a letter from a homing pigeon and 
immediately traveled on to Labrynna in haste. It sounded as if all is 
not well. What could be happening in Labrynna? I have a bad feeling 
about it. 
Din is such a powerful dancer! Just seeing her gives one hope. 
I still haven't been that way. What's there? 
Lately the lava temperature has been dropping. 
Things haven't been right ever since that "temple" fell. 
Whoa! A "temple" fell into the East Plaza. 
My! What strange clothes! Where did you find them? 
Ahhh... It feels good! 
Ever since the "temple" fell, the lava level has dropped. Soon, we 
won't have any to eat! 
Ahhh... What great lava! A lava bath is the best thing after practicing 
the Subrosian Dance! 
The volcanoes have been acting up because of the "temple." 
You can get a lot of good Ore Chunks around here. 
You can find Ore Chunks nearby. It's my secret spot, so don't tell 
Lava Soup is so delicious! One sip of that cures any cold! 
If you dig up the ground near here, you can get Ore Chunks. Some spots 
produce lots of Ore Chunks! 
If you can do the Subrosian Dance well, you can get a Boomerang. 
I'm quite busy! There're lots of good Ore Chunks at the "temple" in the 
Having Rupees doesn't do you any good. You need Ore Chunks! 
Volcano showers feel so great! 
Diggin' around for Ore Chunks Diggin' down for more chunks
I know there's treasure around here somewhere, and I'm gonna find it! 
I smell Ore Chunks nearby... 
Rumors tell of precious Red Ore and Blue Ore. If you mix the two, you 
get unbelievably hard ore! But it's a secret! 
Some weird guys called Piratians have settled down south. 
Lately, Subrosia Market has begun carrying lots of weird things. I 
think they get it all from the "temple." 
Grab items, hit switches and stun beasts from far away... Boomerangs 
are so useful! 
Rosa's mystical necklace opens locked doors. Celebrities get the best 
Simply divine! Impeccably fine! Gorgeous design! Notably kind! Signs!!! 
Have you broken any signs! Of course not! Who could? They're so lovely! 
You and I see eye to eye! 
You've broken (Number of signs broken) signs How could you be so 
You've broken (Number of signs broken) signs You'll pay if you keep it 
You've broken (Number of signs broken) signs Something awful will 
happen if you don't quit! 
You've broken (Number of signs broken) signs That's as far as you go! 
No more--or else! 
You've broken (Number of signs broken) signs I warned you, but now..! 
How could you be so cold! Prepare yourself! You'll pay! 
Surprised? You've learned your lesson now! You won't break any more 
signs. Take this ring to remind you of your mistake! 
Are you treating signs properly? 
Those two were hurrying home. I wonder if they found some other weird 
You! You, boy! This is the Great Moblin's realm! If you wish to get by 
alive, pay my toll! Hah, heh! 
Ah! You're back! Bombs away!!! 
You! You, boy! ...!!! You!?! Are you here to harass me again? But my 
power has grown! You'll never get inside my fortress! I shall get my 
revenge! Bombs away!!! 
So, the pesky kid has come! I won't let you stand up to me anymore! 
This time, victory will be mine! 
Hak! Hak! How could this child defeat me?!? Argh! I'll remember this! I 
shall get my revenge!!! 
You can't beat me this way! I cannot be defeated as long as I don't 
drop my Bomb behind me and start a fire! 
Oh! You have Red Ore and Blue Ore there! Shall I make Hard Ore? -Yes -
Oh, OK. 
Then I'll get on it right away! 
Here it goes! 
Here is your Hard Ore! It's hot, so be careful. 
I'm gonna melt ore all day! 
Let me ease your weariness. Close your eyes... 
This is the most chamber in the Temple of Seasons. Have you some 
errand? -Yes -No 
Then please depart. 
Ah, yes... I understand. Thank you, messenger from Labrynna. I give you 
this in thanks. 
Have the jeweler in Horon Village appraise it. 
Come see me whenever your quest has made you weary. 
I... I am called (Bipin and Blossom's son)
... ! ! ! ! ! ! Oops! I spoke to a stranger! 
You're Link? I'm (Bipin and Blossom's son)! No way! 
Are you strong? -Yes -No 
I'll be strong, too, so I can protect my mom and dad! 
Huh??? And it doesn't bother you?!? 
I can't wait to be a grown-up. 
I am Bipin, the expert arborist! I know plenty about trees. Now let me 
tell you somethin'! Blossom and I just had our first child! Yes! We 
did!!! Have a look! 
So, the name is decided! (Bipin and Blossom's son), it is! It's a fine 
name! I hope he grows to be a fine child! 
Hey, Link! My boy is ill, but still I have something to teach you. 
My boy is well, so I can rest! Today, I have more to teach! 
Hey, Link! (Bipin and Blossom's son) grows by the day, and today, I 
have more to teach! 
Link! It's been too long! I, too, have come to this village! It's nice 
to see a familiar face! 
Hey, Link! (Bipin and Blossom's son) is doing well! And I can teach you 
everything about trees! 
Hey, Link! (Bipin and Blossom's son) is all grown up and off on his 
own! I'll teach you everything about trees! 
The contents of a Gasha Nut depend on where the seed was planted. If 
you find a good spot, tell me! 
Inside a Gasha Nut? More than anything, you find Magic Rings, but 
sometimes you find Rupees or Hearts. 
I've heard that a nut's contents depend on the actions of the planter. 
The more he travels and the more beasts he slays, the better his nut 
will do! 
Finding new places to plant Gasha Seeds and finding secret stairways 
seems to be good for Gasha Nuts. 
And helping those in need is good for Gasha Nuts. 
Finding spots to plant Gasha Seeds is hard. Dig holes, move rocks. 
My experience holds that planting Gasha Seeds in strange spots produces 
more rare and unusual results! 
A traveler once told me the time it takes for a planted Gasha Seed 
to mature into a tree is related to how many monsters you slay. Could 
this be true? 
I am Blossom. This is my first child--A healthy baby boy! But I am 
having trouble choosing a name. Can you help me think of one? What 
would you call him? 
You would name him Link ? -Yes -Maybe not 
It's a fine name! That's what I'll call him! He seems happy to have it! 
Come visit us anytime. 
I hope Link will grow strong and healthy, like you. 
Yes, perhaps you should give it more thought. 
(Bipin and Blossom's son) looks a little strange. I want to take him to 
a doctor, but we have no Rupees... Could you please lend us some? -Yes -
Really? How much can you lend us? -150 -50 -10 -1 
Thank you, Link! You are a true samaritan! 
Thank you. This should be just enough. 
Thanks... I'll have to do something about the rest... 
Link! You are no rich man. Your sympathy will do fine. 
I understand... 
(Bipin and Blossom's son) has gotten better! Thank you! 
My baby never sleeps. Link, how can I get him to sleep? -Sing a song -
Play with him 
I like to sing! I'll try it! 
I see! If we play, he'll get all tired out. Thank you! 
Well? Isn't he a darling baby? 
See! Link has grown! 
Link! We meet again! Do you remember naming our son, (Bipin and 
Blossom's son)? He's quite well! 
(Bipin and Blossom's son)is so hyperactive! Were you a hyperactive 
child, Link? -Yes -No 
(Bipin and Blossom's son)is very shy. What kind of child were you, 
Link? An energetic one? -Yes -No 
(Bipin and Blossom's son) is such a curious child. What kind of child 
were you, Link? An energetic one? -Yes -No 
Oh? I bet you were quite a mischievous boy. 
Quiet, perhaps? -Yes -No 
Really? You must have been cute! 
Were you weird? -Yes -No 
You were? I never would have guessed... 
I guess it's hard to sum it up in a word. 
(Bipin and Blossom's son) is so hyperactive! 
(Bipin and Blossom's son) is too shy. 
(Bipin and Blossom's son) is a strange child, but he'll be a man of 
great deeds! 
Link! Do you remember naming our son, (Bipin and Blossom's son)? He's 
grown into a fine man! 
Link! Do you remember naming our son, (Bipin and Blossom's son)? He's a 
master arborist, too! 
Link! Do you remember naming our son, (Bipin and Blossom's son)? He's a 
famed musician now! 
(Bipin and Blossom's son)... He's grown up, but he idles his (Bipin and 
Blossom's son)away. What am I to do? 
(Bipin and Blossom's son), my son, heard of your deeds, and is now 
trying to become a hero, himself. 
That child has high hopes and big dreams!!! 
(Bipin and Blossom's son)said he is writing a song about your deeds! 
(Bipin and Blossom's son)... He's grown up, but he idles his (Bipin and 
Blossom's son)away. What am I to do? 
My son is now a great hero, too. 
(Bipin and Blossom's son) has followed in from ipin'sfootsteps. We're 
so happy! 
Have you heard (Bipin and Blossom's son)'s songs? They're quite nice. 
Thank you! Now I can take him to the doctor. 
It looks like you don't have enough Rupees. 
I surrender! In return, I offer my advice! If you are lost in the 
woods, travel west, then south, east and north, taking each step in a 
warmer season. 
I surrender! In return, here's a tip! On the summit of the mountain in 
the east are Spring Bananas! Many people will want them! 
Greetings! It's much nicer around here since that eye- sore of a bear 
left. I can now do business in peace! Now then...
I surrender! In return, I offer my advice! Even if you have a key, you 
still need a keyhole! Foolish brother! The keyhole is on the summit! 
I surrender! In return, I offer my advice! Even if you have a keyhole, 
you still need a key. Moronic brother! The key is in the valley in the 
Thank you! 
Then be gone! 
You don't have enough Rupees! 
You already have it! 
Greetings! Let me share my wisdom! South of the floodgates is a strange 
vortex! It seems to be linked to another world! I offered my wisdom, 
so... Buy something! A Shield for 100 Rupees? OK -No thanks 
Greetings! Since you came,
Greetings! Here's a deal! 10 Ember Seeds for 20 Rupees! OK -No thanks 
Greetings! Here's a deal! 10 Bombs for 30 Rupees! OK -No thanks 
I, Link, am writing a song to praise Link, the great hero! 
My song is almost finished! Say, which is more important, love or 
courage? -Love -Courage 
My song is almost complete! I think you'll like it. 
Finally! My song is now finished! Will you listen? -Yes -No 
How was it? 
Really..? Come listen anytime! 
I, Link, am writing a song to praise Link, the great hero! 
Where have you been, Link? Do you remember me? It's (Bipin and 
Blossom's son)! Mom and Dad are doing well, too! 
Do you have a girlfriend? -Yes -No 
...Actually, I have someone I like, too, but don't tell! 
...I guess you aren't ready. 
I can't wait to grow up! 
I, Link , have decided to take the same tree-lined path as my father! 
Someday I shall fill the world with my trees! I know! You can help me! 
With this, you can add to the greenery, too! 
Someday, I shall fill the world with my trees! 
You can ask me anything about trees. 
Mystery Seeds are funny! Sprinkle them on a cactus for a good laugh! 
Most enemies stop moving when you hit them with Pegasus Seeds, but not 
strong ones. 
Mystery Seeds are amazing! They can take the shock out of electrical 
I must dig holes to plant trees, but sometimes, I find Rupees! 
Have you heard of Gale Seeds? They usually bring up a twister, but you 
can use them to blow enemies far away, too! 
Mystery Seeds are funny! Sprinkle them on a cactus for a good laugh! 
Most monsters stop moving when you hit them with Pegasus Seeds, but not 
strong ones. 
Mystery Seeds are amazing! They can take the shock out of electrical 
My name is (Bipin and Blossom's son). Isn't it groovy? 
Hey! Link! Remember me? It's (Bipin and Blossom's son)! All right! We 
meet again! 
Which was first, the chicken or the egg? -Chicken -Egg 
Hmm... Then how did that chicken hatch? 
Hmm... Then who laid that egg? 
I can't wait to grow up! 
My name is (Bipin and Blossom's son). I am training every day to be a 
hero like you, Link! 
Some day I will travel the lands and save the world's peoples, like my 
hero, Link! So can you give me some advice? What will make me mightier? 
Training daily? -Yes -No 
Natural talent? -Yes -No 
A caring heart? -Yes -No 
Hmm... It's hard, isn't it? 
I see! I have learned a lot! 
With your help, I shall be a great hero! 
Here! I give you this in thanks! 
I will continue my training!!! 
My name is (Bipin and Blossom's son)! Isn't it a cool name? Yeah, dude! 
I'm gonna save my money and go out into the world! So can you make a 
contribution? -Yes -No 
How much can you contribute? -100 -50 -10 -1 
You're stingy, dude. 
Thanks, dude! I'll never forget this favor! 
That's it, dude? ...Uh, thanks!!! 
It's better than nothin'! Thanks! 
You're stingy, dude! Later! 
I can't buy anything, dude! Words are worth more! 
I wonder what's happenin' out there in the world... 
Link, what's up? I've been out in the world building character! Yeah, 
dude! Since you gave me a donation, here!!! 
Dude, from now on we're buds! 
Did you need me? -Yes -No 
Be gone if you have no errand. 
Oh! A message from the old hag in Labrynna... In that case, take my 
test. If you pass, I shall give your sword new power! Will you try? -
Yes -No 
I see... That's too bad. 
Then let me explain! In a moment, 12 beasts will appear. You must slay 
them all in 30 seconds, without being slain yourself, of course. Got 
it? -Yes -No 
Then begin!!! 
It took you (time)!!! 
That's too long... 
Try it again? -Yes -No 
The hag has chosen well! 
As promised, I'll give your sword new power! 
I'll teach you a secret that will give this power to your sword in 
Labrynna, too. (Secret)I can repeat it! Sure -No thanks 
Come back if you forget the secret. 
Are you ready to take my test? -Yes -No 
Dee-doo-doooo! Hey! Why are you in my bedroom? Are you on some errand? -
Yes -No 
If not, then keep out! 
What? What? An introduction from someone in Labrynna? You seem sure of 
your judgment! So why not take my test? If you do well, I'll increase 
your strength!
I don't undertand... 
Then the exit is right there! 
Will you try it? -Yes -No 
Then let me explain. Red and Blue copies of me will appear. Pay close 
attention. After they vanish, I will ask you which there were more of, 
red or blue. Answer correctly to pass. However, there are three tests 
in all, so don't let passing one go to your head. You got it? -Yes -No 
Here we go! 
Now then, which were there more of, red or blue? - Red -Blue 
Wrong! Were your eyes even open? Wanna try again? -Yes -No 
That's right! Now on we go! 
That's right! That's the end of the test, and the results show that you 
have a sharp eye! As promised, I shall make you stronger! Have a Heart 
I'll teach you a secret so you can get a Heart Container in Labrynna, 
too. (Secret) Got it? -Yes -No 
Come back if you forget it. Good eyes and a good memory are not the 
You wanted to say something? -Yes -No 
Really? My mistake... 
I can't understand you. 
Hohh... Hmm... ................ So he's doing well, huh? Thanks for the 
news! Say, could you do me one more favor? -Yes -No 
Oh... Come back if you change your mind. 
Can you cut all the grass in this room? ...With your Boomerang? ...In 
only three throws??? Can you do it? -Yes -No 
Come this way... 
OK! Go ahead. 
I'm a nice guy, so I'll give you another chance. How about it? -OK -
Maybe not 
I'm waiting! 
You didn't cut all the grass! What? There's still some left. 
Yeah! You cut all the grass!!! 
Since you did me a favor, here, take this! 
I'll teach you the secret to using Bombchu in Labrynna! (Secret) Got 
it? -Yes -No 
Come back if you forget the secret. 
Pupil! Do you need something? -Yes -No 
Oh, my mistake. 
Come back anytime. 
Hmph! ................ Labrynna, huh? He's my senior pupil. It's nice 
having pupils all over! I'm in a good mood, so I have a gift for you... 
If you can pass my test! Will you try? -OK -No 
I thought you'd do it for sure. Oh, well... 
OK. Here's how it works. 
First, go down the stairway I'm about to open. I put something way in 
the back. If you can get it before time runs out, you'll get a prize! 
OK -No thanks 
Head downstairs! 
You have 30 seconds. Ready? Set! Go! 
You took (time)! Too bad!!! Do you want to try it again? -Yes -No 
(time)!!! Way to go! 
Only my pupil could do it! Here's the prize I promised you! 
Don't forget to take it to the Jeweler in Horon Village... 
Will you take my challenge? -Yes -No 
You threw the Boomerang too many times! 
Just a second. 
I can't remember the last half of "Love the Seed," the hit secret among 
us Deku Scrubs. "Love, love the seed!" What's the next part? Do you 
know it? -Yes -No 
You're no help! Good-bye! 
Yes! Yes! That's it! It touches me everytime I hear it! In return, I'll 
make it so you can carry more seeds! Come back with your Seed Satchel 
full with all five kinds of seeds! 
Is your Seed Satchel full? Then I'll make it carry more! Hee-yah! 
And it's full of seeds! 
Now I'll teach you the secret to carrying more seeds in Labrynna. 
(Secret)I can repeat it! OK -No thanks 
If you forget the secret, ask! 
Don't you agree? -Yes -No 
Here's a human I understand! Let me fill your satchel for you! 
"Love, love the seed!" What a great song! 
Argh... The ship's bow is in the desert? That means... 
Ahoy! When I was searching the desert for the bell, I got caught in a 
sandstorm. I awoke like this! I can't go on to the afterlife... If ya 
pity me, help me find that bell! Me skull is rollin' out in the desert. 
Find that first. 
I been waitin', matey! Now let's find that bell. Carry me around. I'll 
tell ya if I think we're close. 
Argh! Be gentle! 
I took so long to reach the afterlife, I'm not sure I know how to... 
Pthh! I got sand in me mouth! 
That's it! No doubt about it! 
Uh-oh! That's Cap'n's bell, but I hope that'll do. It's awful rusty! 
................ Well, at least I can go on to the afterlife now! The 
rest is up to you! 
Snf! I got water up me nose! 
Argh! Ya dropped me! 
Aye! We're off, mateys! Anchors aweigh! 
Cap'n!!! Desert, dead ahead!!! 
Hold 'er steady! To sea, mateys! 
But it's... impossible... 
Fool! It's do or die! We'll make it if we give 'er all we got! 
A-Aye, aye, sir! 'Elp us all! 
We made it, Cap'n! The sea! 
By Jolly Roger! Aye! Go, mateys! This is it!!! 
Argh! The sea is truly me home! Me heart's come alive! Aye! Sound the 
Oooh... Uhhhhn... 
I don't feel so good... 
I been on land so long... I... I got seasick! 
Oooh... Uhhhhn... 
It's no use! Think about it! We ain't sailed since we died. 
You call your- selves pirates? Shameful fools! Getting sick the moment 
you set sail? It's... Oooh... Uhnn... It's no use! Put 'er ashore! 
Uhhn... Aye, aye, sir... 
Oooh... S-set anchor... 
Aye, we gotta get our sea legs. We'll rest here a bit. 
At least me ship is still at sea. I am a seafaring man, after all! 
Sittin' inside all the time made me sick! 
Why? I'm off the ship, but I'm still reelin'. 
It was too much. I can hear me body creakin'! 
Is it me, or is someone missin'? 
Uhhhn... If ya ask me, life ashore was better. 
Ahoy! Do ya remember me? Ya found the bell for me! Thank'ee! 
You keep the bell 'til we set sail again. If I give it to Cap'n, he may 
cry again. 
Twinrova called Onox and Veran forth from the darkness. Their mission 
was to send the Essences of Nature and Time into chaos, they were to 
hand to Twinrova the sorrow, depair and destruction of the people. But 
all has not ended yet. Twinrova has Zelda. Go to her, quickly! I sense 
a terrible evil...
The hour has come! 
Ho ho ho ho! The Flame of Despair burns! 
Thanks to Veran and Onox, the Flames of Sorrow and Destruction already 
flicker! And when we captured Zelda, the foolish humans gave us 
despair! Oh, Flames of Despair, Destruction and Sorrow, burn with the 
power of our evil deeds! 
Yee hee hee hee! Come! Come! Follow the light of the three flames! 
Emerge now from the darkest depths! Emerge Ganon, Gerudo King!!! 
I shall aid you! 
Oh, hero of the essences, do you remember Nayru, Oracle of Ages? You've 
beaten Onox, but Twinrova's plans have not failed! Hurry! The hour of 
the Evil King's return is near! 
The power of the Oracles will guide you to Princess Zelda! You must 
defeat Twinrova to prevent Ganon's revival! You will succeed, Link! You 
May the divine protection of the Triforce be with you, young hero of 
the Essences of Nature and Time! 
Your body is filled with a mystical power! 
Hee hee hee hee! Link... 
Know this, foolish boy! If you save Din, the world will be filled with 
destruction, sorrow and despair. Our great sacrifice will be offered, 
and the Evil King revived!!! Then people will know true pain, as 
darkness falls across the lands. Eee hee hee hee! Ho ho ho ho! 
All will be for naught! Ho ho ho ho! 
Are you shocked? We are Twinrova, Gerudo witches! Ho ho ho ho! 
Soon the Flame of Destruction shall burn, and when it does, no one can 
keep us from holding our rites! 
Despite your every effort, the Evil King shall return to spread 
darkness across the land! 
Eee hee hee hee! 
This is awful! Twinrova is behind Onox... Link!!! You must save Din! 
Eee hee hee hee! Despair, Link... Your struggles are fruitless! Decay, 
seasons! Steal the fruits of the ravaged lands of Holodrum! Raze the 
earth! Oh ho ho ho! 
Ho ho ho ho! The lands rot, and the Flame of Destruction burns! 
The Flames of Sorrow and Destruction are lit! Now, only the Flame of 
Despair remains! Eee hee hee hee! 
Our sacrifice will revive the Evil King and guide him to the light of 
the three flames! 
Oh ho ho ho! 
Zelda! No! 
Don't leave the refuge! Not now! 
Let go of me! I cannot stand by while the people live in fear of 
No matter how frightening it is, you must not lose hope! Hope is the 
one thing that can lead you to peace! 
Oh ho ho ho! Wandering about? Foolish Princess! 
Eee hee hee hee! We've found you, Princess Zelda! 
Hope for the people? We'll snuff it out! 
And you shall light the Flame of Despair! Eee hee hee hee! 
The sacrifice is in our grasp... 
When Zelda, the hope of the people, vanishes from Horon Village, this 
land will be stricken with despair. 
It is time! The Flames of Sorrow and Destruction and the great 
sacrifice are united! 
If we sacrifice Zelda, all will fall into despair... Ho ho ho ho! 
Alight, Flame of Despair! Awaken, Ganon, Evil King! Eee hee hee hee! 
The power of darkness won't let you go any further! 
The boy comes! I, Onox, General of Darkness, imprisoned Din and cast 
seasons into chaos. You flit before me like a fly! I'll crush you! 
Uhhnn... Don't think I've been beaten! Can you keep up this fight? 
Gwah hah hah! I was summoned from the Dark Realm by Twinrova. See my 
true form! Feel the might of a dark dragon! 
Gurrrgh... No... It's too late. My orders were to capture Din and 
deliver the destructive power of a seasonless land to Twinrova. Now, as 
the Flame of Destruction, that power is set to devour this land! Gah, 
hah, hah... 
It's too late, Link. Zelda--our sacrifice--is in our grasp. Soon no one 
will be able to stop the return of Ganon. Even you shall be destroyed-- 
by Onox! 
The Evil King Ganon returns!!! Ah, hah...Gurgh! 
Gah, hah, hah! Not bad at all! But I'm done toying with you! I will 
show you my true might!!! 
You need a key for this door! 
This keyhole is different! 
Huh? This block has a keyhole. 
Oof! It's heavy! 
Oof! It's heavy, like a rock! 
This block has cracks in it.
This wall is cracked. It looks like it could be broken! 
This torch needs lighting. 
Huh? This has a keyhole. 
Oof! It's too heavy to move! 
Your shield was eaten! 
Your flute'ssong fell flat. 
It won't open from this side! 
You can't read it from here! 
Your song just echoes... 
Wait, young traveler. I'm a wandering prophet, Sokra. Ahh...I feel it! 
Spring, summer, autumn, winter! The four spirits are calling you! Make 
no mistake! The Temple of Seasons is still hidden in this world! If you 
can find the temple, then pay a visit to the spirits who live there. 
Surely they can help. Farewell! 
If that Rod of Seasons held the powers of the it toeason Spirits, you 
could change the seasons! 
The seasons of Holodrum are all in disorder. Spring, summer-- what will 
come of it all? Even I cannot see... 
That's it! 
You have the Rod of Seasons! 
 But I see it has only the power of winter. Hmm... Swing the rod from 
atop that stump. Its power will be unleashed! Do you understand? -Yes -
Not really 
If the Temple of Seasons has sunk into some land called Subrosia, there 
must be other entrances to the Subrosian land! You must find them! 
Perhaps you will even go to the Temple of Seasons again. So we part! 
Just as I, Sokra, predicted, the time has come when a new Power of 
Seasons is needed. This means you must find a doorway to the Subrosian 
land and go to the Temple of Seasons. 
Princess Zelda Hope for all Alas! You've been taken!
I am traveling the lands under King Zora's orders to find a new domain, 
but no place exceeds Labrynna's seas. So will you hear my request? -
Yes -No 
I'd like you to tell this secret and my report to King Zora in 
Labrynna's seas. Understood? -Yes -No 
Here is the secret. (Secret) Understood? -Yes -No 
Thank you. 
No? That's very regrettable. 
I found you! You're Link? I saw the statue in Lynna, and I had to meet 
you. In honor of our meeting, I can teach you the happiness secret that 
the Fairies in Labrynna's Fairy's Woods taught me. What do you say? -
Yes -No 
This is just since you're so cool, Link! Here's the secret! (Secret) 
Got it? -Yes -No 
Now we can both be happy! 
What? It's OK. I don't mind. 
If you tell this happiness secret to the Fairies in Labrynna, you can 
be even happier! Got it? -Yes -No 
I am the senior pupil of Troy, Labrynna's biologist! Listen to my 
request! -OK -No way 
I'm very busy, so I want you to tell this secret to Dr. Troy up on 
Rolling Ridge in Labrynna! You got that? -Yes -No 
This is it! (Secret) Understand? -Yes -No 
I'm counting on you! 
Hey! Can I ask you a favor? -Yes -No 
Myor Plen in Labrynna's Lynna City has done so much for me! I want to 
thank him, but I'm too embarrassed to do it myself... Can you tell him 
this secret? -Yes -No 
The secret is: (Secret) Can you tell him? -Yes -No 
Thank you! 
I didn't think so... 
Can you hear my regret? -Yes -No 
I worked in Library in Labrynna long time ago. Just because I hear 
secret, I become this... To set it right, I want you to hear secret. 
Hear my secret! You understand? -Yes -No 
This was secret! (Secret) Understand? -Yes -No 
This very, very old story... 
Bwee! Link! I'm no enemy! I heard a rare secret. Do you want to hear 
it? -Yes -No 
This secret is related to the Tokay people in Labrynna! Understand? 
Yes -Once more 
This is it! (Secret) Understand? -Yes -No 
Waste of time! 
I'm the mother of Mamamu Yan, Labrynna's top dog breeder. This fellow's 
from Labrynna, too, but we met here by chance. Can you help me? -Yes -
Can you tell this secret to my daughter, Mamamu Yan, in Labrynna? -Yes -
The secret is: (Secret) OK? -OK -Not OK 
Please tell my daughter. 
I see... 
Link! Great timing! Can I ask a favor of you? -Yes -No 
There's a man named Tingle on the edge of Lynna Village who thinks he's 
a fairy. I want you to tell him a secret. Understand? -Yes -No 
This is it- (Secret)Understand? -Yes -No 
Don't forget! 
Oh. Really? 
My ancestor's diary says he came to Goron Mountain from Labrynna long 
ago. If I could meet him, I'd ask him the meaning of the secret in the 
diary. Could you research this? -Sure -Sorry 
The secret is: (Secret) Did you get it? -Yes -No 
Apparently, my ancestor was the Goron Elder. 
You have no sentimentality. 
Hi, Link! Can I ask some- thing of you? -Yes -No 
I want you to tell a touching secret to the authors of my favorite 
book. The authors are twins who lived in Labrynna's Symmetry City, but 
the book was written so long ago, they may be gone. OK? -Yes -No 
The secret is: (Secret) Understand? -Yes -No 
Thank you! 
Welcome, Link. I am Farore, Oracle of Secrets. This is the Hall of 
Secrets, where your secrets take form. 
At times and places, you will hear powerful secrets. At those times, 
come see me. I can give shape and form to your secrets! 
Do you know any secrets? -Yes -No 
Then come back after you have heard some. 
This is the secret you seek. 
Come back anytime. 
I can give shape to powerful secrets that I remember. Do you know the 
secret to moving through time? -Yes -No 
Really? Then come back anytime after you learn some secrets. 
Your secrets have called forth new power! Come again anytime. 
One secret has already been given shape. Go get it, then come tell me 
another secret. 
Tell that secret in Labrynna, not here. 
You told me this secret already. 
Save and quit? -No -Yes 
If you don't save, it will be as if you told me no secrets. Is this 
OK? -No -Yes 
Behind the Clock Shop 
Grave with no Spring Flowers 
To Guy Near Three Subrosian Volcanoes 
To Master Diver 
To the Master Smith 
Charm for the Unlucky Sailor 
 Season Spirit's Waterfall Room 
West Sunken City Deku's Song 
Advice for Biggoron 
To Mayor Ruul 
Do you want to know the secret to going to Labrynna? -Yes -No 
Farore's Memory Read this book? -Yes -No 
That secret is not in my memory, so I cannot give shape to it. 

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