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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

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                          O R A C L E S  S E R I E S

                 The Legend of Zelda: Oracles of Ages/Seasons
                                 Changes FAQ
                              Version 1.0 FINAL
                        Last Updated: October 13, 2001
                      By ShdwRlm3  (shdwrlm3@yahoo.com)

Table of Contents

     1. Introduction (And you're doing this, why?)
     2. People (Haven't I seen you somewhere?)
     3. Places (This isn't Hyrule...)
     4. Items (I want my Hookshot!)
     5. Rings (Are these real diamonds?)
     6. Big Changes (One Goron, Two Gorons, Red Goron, Green... Green?!)
     7. Credits / Verstion History (Stuff you won't read)
     8. Copyright Info (More stuff you won't read)

NOTE: This document contains Shift-JIS.  You must have a web browser capable
of displaying Japanese characters, or else you obviously will not be able to
view the Japanese characters.  Otherwise, you can download a Japanese Word
Processor, such as JWPce (available at:
http://www.physics.ucla.edu/~grosenth/jwpce.html ) to view the Japanese

1. Introduction (And you're doing this, why?)

     Konichiwa!  Welcome to my Random Insanity FAQ, also known as the Changes
FAQ, for the Legend of Zelda:Oracle of Ages/Seasons.  Hard to believe, but
it's true-- my FAQ writing (while always in-depth and absolutely helpful :^) )
can be rather static and lifeless.  So, as with my recent Maple FAQ, you must
turn down your maturity level and make sure your funny bone is working
correctly (or otherwise be drunk) to fully enjoy this FAQ.  Please enjoy your
stay and come again.

     The purpose of this FAQ is to have a resource for hardcore (id est,
obsessive) gamers like myself to see exactly what has been changed during the
translation and localization of Ages and Seasons (I also want to improve my
Japanese reading skills).  If you want help in actually playing the games,
this isn't the place for it.  Why don't you check out our
FAQ/Walkthroughs and other guides for both Ages and Zelda (available at
GameFAQs.com) for help in beating them?

     Oh yes, by no means do I claim to be a master at Japanese.  In fact, I'm
barely a beginner.  However, my Kana table and Kanji dictionaries should be
enough for mostly accurate stuff.  If you do speak/read Japanese and see any
problems, please tell me so I can fix them.  I'm pretty sure a lot of the
Kanji may be wrong since apparently they have different readings based on
where they are placed.

2. People (Haven't I seen you somewhere?)


No. |English         |Romaji           |Rough Translation |Kana/Kanji
1   |Adlar           |Aadara           |Ardala            |ƒA[ƒ_ƒ‰
2   |Bipin           |Pekku            |Peck              |ƒyƒbƒN
3   |Cheval          |Shibaaru         |Cheval            |ƒVƒo[ƒ‹
4   |Graceful Goron  |Karisuma Goron   |Charisma Goron    |ƒJƒŠƒXƒ}ƒSƒƒ“
5   |Dekadin         |Dekadan          |Dekadan           |ƒfƒJƒ_ƒ“
6   |Forest Fairy    |Mori no Yousei   |Forest Fairy      |X‚Ì—d¸
7   |King Zora       |Kingu Zoora      |King Zora         |ƒLƒ“ƒOƒ][ƒ‰
8   |Lord Jabu Jabu  |Jabu-Jabu-Sama   |Lord Jabu Jabu    |ƒWƒƒƒuƒWƒƒƒu‚³‚Ü
9   |Maku Tree       |Maka no Ki       |Maka Tree         |ƒ}ƒJ‚Ì–Ø
10  |Mamamu Yan      |Mamamu Yan       |Mamamu Yan        |ƒ}ƒ}ƒ€@ƒ„ƒ“
11  |Mayor Plen      |Puren Chouchou   |Mayor Plen        |ƒvƒŒƒ“’¬’·
12  |Nayru           |Neeru            |Nayru             |ƒl[ƒ‹
13  |Patch           |Repaa            |Repair            |ƒŠƒyƒA
14  |Queen Ambi      |Anbi Joou        |Queen Ambi        |ƒAƒ“ƒr—‰¤
15  |Rafton          |Rafuton          |Rafton            |ƒ‰ƒtƒgƒ“
16  |Ralph           |Rarufu           |Ralph             |ƒ‰ƒ‹ƒt
17  |Tingle          |Chinkuru         |Tinkle            |ƒ`ƒ“ƒNƒ‹
18  |Tokay           |Tokegejin        |Lizardman         |ƒgƒJƒQl
19  |Tokkey          |Tokkii           |Tokkey            |ƒgƒbƒL[
20  |Troy            |Toroi            |Troy              |ƒgƒƒC
21  |Veran           |Beran            |Veran             |ƒxƒ‰ƒ“
22  |Zora            |Zoura            |Zora              |ƒ][ƒ‰
23  |N/A             |Omenoku          |Mask Dealer       |‚¨–ʉ®
24  |N/A             |Aikata           |Sidekick          |‘Š•û
25  |N/A             |Beruda           |Builder           |ƒrƒ‹ƒ_
26  |N/A             |Daiku Oyakata    |Master Carpenter  |‘åHe•û
27  |N/A             |Suuberu          |Thuber            |ƒX[ƒxƒ‹
28  |N/A             |Te               |Hand              |Žè
29  |N/A             |Koufu            |Workers           |H•v

1. I'm not exactly sure how to translate it, but I do know Adlar is slighty
incorrect.  A double "a" can be sounded out like "are" or the "-er" in
builder.  As such, it probably should've been Ardara, Ardra, Ardala or left
alone as Aadara.

2. I honestly don't know how they got Bipin out of Peck.  In fact, they seem
to have confused Bipin and his great great great great (you get the idea)
grandfather, Pippin, who, as you will see, was named Beck in the Japanese
version.  Strange that Peck becomes Bipin and Beck becomes Pippin...

3. Mr. Horse certainly has a strange name.  Cheval probably is a good
translation of Shibaaru, but did the original Japanese team intend to name
him after the French word for horse?

4. The dancing Goron has received a name change.  Graceful is probably better
suited to the dancing Goron than Charisma was anyway.

7. Good translation, but I find it weird that the Japanese used the American
word for King (in Katakana form).

10. Mamamu Yan confuses me a lot, but maybe it's just her real name and not
some sort of title?

14. When 'n' is placed before a b or p, it's sounded as 'm.'

18. I actually prefer Tokey over Lizardman.  It just fits in more with the
names of the Zelda races.

23-29. For some reason, these weren't named in the English versions.


No. |English         |Romaji           |Rough Translation |Kana/Kanji
1   |Biggoron        |Daigoron         |Biggoron          |ƒ_ƒCƒSƒƒ“
2   |Blaino          |Maito            |Might             |ƒ}ƒCƒg
3   |Din             |Din              |Din               |ƒfƒBƒ“
4   |Holly           |Hoorii           |Holly             |ƒz[ƒŠ[
5   |Ingo            |Ingoo            |Ingo              |ƒCƒ“ƒS[
6   |Maku Tree       |Maka no Ki       |Maka Tree         |ƒ}ƒJ‚Ì–Ø
7   |Malon           |Maron            |Malon             |ƒ}ƒƒ“
8   |Mayor Ruul      |Ruuru Sonchou    |Mayor Rule        |ƒ‹[ƒ‹‘º’·
9   |Mittens         |Chimimi          |Chimimi           |ƒ`ƒ~ƒ~
10  |Mrs. Ruul       |Zaamasu Fujin    |Madame Zarmas     |ƒU[ƒ}ƒX•vl
11  |Onox            |Gorugon          |Gorgon            |ƒSƒ‹ƒSƒ“
12  |Sokra           |Sokura           |Sokra             |ƒ\ƒNƒ‰
13  |Subrosian       |Uura             |Woola             |ƒE[ƒ‰
14  |Talon           |Taron            |Talon             |ƒ^ƒƒ“
15  |N/A             |Guru-Guru        |Geru-Geru         |ƒOƒ‹EƒOƒ‹
16  |N/A             |Ojii             |Grandfather       |‚¨‚¶‚¢
17  |N/A             |Refuto Kyouju    |Professor Left    |ƒŒƒtƒg‹³Žö
18  |N/A             |Chiku Taku       |Tick Tock         |ƒ`ƒNƒ^ƒN

6. A very strange translation.  Don't pronounce it as Mak-ooh, but rather,

11. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!  Why the heck did they choose Onox over Gorgon?!!?!
Interestingly enough, Oracles previews in Nintendo Power did refer to him as
Gorgon once.  Also interesting is that in Oracle of Ages they sometimes refer
to him as Knox.  It's as if two different translating teams worked on the

13. This is honestly even worse than the Onox thing.  It's like calling the
Gorons Mountainosians or the Zoras Unerwaterosians.  Uura or Woola would've
fit into the naming moreso than the horrid Subrosian...

15-18. For some reason, these weren't named in the English versions.

17. Actually a semi-reference to Zelda DX, which had a Professor Write

18. There is no sound for Ti, so Chi is used instead.

Ages & Seasons

No. |English         |Romaji           |Rough Translation |Kana/Kanji
1   |Blossom         |Ramin            |Ramin             |ƒ‰ƒ~ƒ“
2   |Cap'n           |Kaizoku Senchou  |Pirate Captain    |ŠC‘¯‘D’·
3   |Dimitri         |UiUi             |WiWi              |ƒEƒBƒEƒB
4   |Farore          |Furoru           |Furoru            |ƒtƒƒ‹
5   |Goron           |Goron            |Goron             |ƒSƒƒ“
6   |Great Moblin    |Bosu Burin       |Boss Blin         |ƒ{ƒXƒuƒŠƒ“
7   |Impa            |Inpa             |Impa              |ƒCƒ“ƒp
8   |Maple           |Meipuru          |Maple             |ƒƒCƒvƒ‹
9   |Moosh           |Musshu           |Mushu             |ƒ€ƒbƒVƒ…
10  |Pippin          |Bekku            |Beck              |ƒxƒbƒN
11  |Princess Zelda  |Zeruda Hime      |Princess Zelda    |ƒ[ƒ‹ƒ_•P
12  |Ricky           |Rikkii           |Ricky             |ƒŠƒbƒL[
13  |Shop Keeper     |Ten no Oujin     |Shop's Ruler      |“X‚̉¤l
14  |Syrup           |Shiroppu         |Syrup             |ƒVƒƒbƒv
15  |Vasu            |Kaano            |Karno             |ƒJ[ƒm
16  |Vire            |Baia             |Vire              |ƒoƒCƒA
17  |N/A             |Kobun Son        |Loyal Henchmen    |Žq•ª‚»‚ñ
18  |Twinrova        |Tsuinroba        |Twinrova          |ƒcƒCƒ“ƒ[ƒo
19  |Ganon           |Ganon            |Ganon             |ƒKƒmƒ“

3. How they got Dimitri from Wiwi is beyond me.

4. This actually still confuses me.  Dan Owsen did a great job of translating
OoT, but Farore I thought would have a much different sound than Furoru.

7. When 'n' is placed before a b or p, it's sounded as 'm.'

15. Another tragedy.  There is absolutely no way you can get Vasu from Kaano.

18. There's no Japanese sound for Tu, so Tsu is used instead.  Additionally,
there's no Wi, so a U in front of I is sounded like Wi.

3. Places (This isn't Hyrule...)


No.|English         |Romaji           |Rough Trans.     |Kana/Kanji
1  |Advance Shop    |Shoppu Adobansu  |Advance Shop     |ƒVƒ‡ƒbƒvƒAƒhƒoƒ“ƒX
2  |Ambi's Palace   |Ambi no Kyuuden  |Ambi's Palace    |ƒAƒ“ƒr‚«‚イ‚Å‚ñ
3  |Ancient Adlar's |Chourou Aadara no|Elder Aadara's   |‚¿‚傤‚낤ƒA[ƒ_ƒ‰‚Ì
   | House          | Ie              | House           | ‚¢‚¦
4  |Ancient Tomb    |Inishie no Haka  |Ancient Grave    |‚¢‚É‚µ‚¦‚Ì ‚Í‚©
5  |Bipin's and     |Pekku to Ramin no|Peck and Ramin's |ƒyƒbƒN‚ƃ‰ƒ~ƒ“‚Ì‚¢‚¦
   | Blossom's House| Ie              | House           |
6  |Black Tower, The|Ankoku no Tou    |Tower of Darkness|ˆÃ•‚Ì“ƒ
7  |Black Tower     |Ankoku no Tou    |Tower of Darkness|ˆÃ•‚Ì“ƒ “üŒû
   | Entrance       | Irikuchi        | Entrance        |
8  |Cheval's House  |Shibaaru no Ie   |Cheval's House   |ƒVƒo[ƒ‹‚Ì‚¢‚¦
9  |Cheval's Grave  |Shibaaru no Haka |Cheval's Grave   |ƒVƒo[ƒ‹‚Ì‚Í‚©
10 |Coast of No     |N/A              |N/A              |N/A
   | Return         |                 |                 |
11 |Crescent Island |Mikajiki Shima   |Crescent Moon    |ƒ~ƒJƒdƒL‚µ‚Ü
   |                |                 | Island          |
12 |Crescent Strait |Mikajiki Umi Kyou|Crescent Moon    |ƒ~ƒJƒdƒLŠCƒLƒ‡ƒE
   |                |                 | Strait          |
13 |Crown Dungeon   |Oukan no Danjon  |Crown Dungeon    |‰¤‚©‚ñ‚̃_ƒ“ƒWƒ‡ƒ“
   |                |                 |                 |‰¤Š¥‚̃_ƒ“ƒWƒ‡ƒ“
14 |Dekadin's House |Dekadan no Ie    |Dekadan's House  |ƒfƒJƒ_ƒ“‚Ì‚¢‚¦
15 |Deku Forest     |Dekunattsu no    |Deku Nut's Forest|ƒfƒNƒiƒbƒc‚Ì‚à‚è
   |                | Mori            |                 |
16 |Dr. Troy's House|Doubutsugakusha  |Zoologist Troy's |‚Ç‚¤‚Ԃ‚ª‚­‚µ‚á
   |                | Toroi no Ie     | House           | ƒgƒƒC‚Ì‚¢‚¦
17 |Eyeglass Island |Megane Shima     |Eyeglass Island  |ƒƒKƒl‚µ‚Ü ‚Æ‚µ‚å‚©‚ñ
   | Library        | Toshokan        |Library          |
18 |Fairies' Woods  |Yousei no Mori   |Fairy's Forest   |‚悤‚¹‚¢‚Ì‚à‚è
19 |Forest of Time  |Ji no Mori       |Forest of Time   |Žž‚Ì‚à‚è
20 |Goron Shooting  |Goron no Mato    |Goron's Target   |ƒSƒƒ“‚́@ƒ}ƒg‚ ‚Ä‚â
   | Gallery        | Ateya           | Aim             |
21 |Hero's Cave     |Yuusha no        |Hero's Cave      |—EŽÒ‚Ì ‚Ç‚¤‚­‚Â
   |                | Doukutsu        |                 |
22 |Jabu-Jabu's     |Jabu-Jabu-Sama   |Lord Jabu Jabu's |ƒWƒƒƒuƒWƒƒƒu‚³‚Ü‚Ì
   | Belly          | no Anaka        | Belly           | ‚¨‚È‚©
   |                |                 |                 |ƒWƒƒƒuƒWƒƒƒu—l‚Ì‚¨
23 |Know-It-All     |Monoshiri Baado  |Know Already     |‚à‚Ì‚µ‚èƒo[ƒh‚Ì
   | Birds' Hut     | no Yakata       | Bird's Hut      | ‚â‚©‚½
24 |Labrynna        |Raburennu        |Labrennu         |ƒ‰ƒuƒŒƒ“ƒk
25 |Lynna City      |Rennu no Machi   |Lennu Town       |ƒŒƒ“ƒk‚Ì‚Ü‚¿
26 |Lynna Village   |Rennu no Mura    |Lennu Village    |ƒŒƒ“ƒk‘º
27 |Maku Road/Path  |Maka no Michi    |Maka Way         |ƒ}ƒJ‚Ì ‚Ý‚¿
   |                |                 |                 |ƒ}ƒJ‚Ì“¹
28 |Mamamu Yan's    |Mamamu Yan no Ie |Mamamu Yan's     |ƒ}ƒ}ƒ€@ƒ„ƒ“‚Ì‚¢‚¦
   | House          |                 | House           |
29 |Mask Shop       |Omenyasan        |Mask Shop        |‚¨‚ß‚ñ‚₳‚ñ
30 |Mayor Plen's    |Puren Chouchou no|Mayor Plen's     |ƒvƒŒƒ“‚¿‚傤‚¿‚傤‚Ì
   | House          | Ie              | House           | ‚¢‚¦
31 |Mermaid's Cave  |Kongyo no        |Mermaid's Cave   |‚É‚ñ‚¬‚å‚Ì ‚Ç‚¤‚­‚Â
   |                | Doukutsu        |                 |l‹›‚Ì “´‚­‚Â
32 |Middle House    |Mannaka no Ie    |Middle House     |‚Ü‚ñ‚È‚©‚Ì‚¢‚¦
33 |Moblin Keep     |Bosu Burin Yousai|Boss Blin's Fort |ƒ{ƒXƒuƒŠƒ“‚悤‚³‚¢
34 |Moonlit Grotto  |Tsukikage no     |Moonlight Shrine |‚‚«‚©‚°‚Ì ‚Ù‚±‚ç
   |                | Hokora          |                 |ŒŽ‰e‚Ì‚Ù‚±‚ç
35 |Nayru's House   |Neeru-sama no Ie |Nayru's House    |ƒl[ƒ‹‚³‚Ü‚Ì‚¢‚¦
36 |Northeast Lynna |Rennu Hokutou    |Northeast Rennu  |ƒŒƒ“ƒk–k“Œ
37 |Nuun Highlands  |Nuun Kougen      |Noon Plateau     |ƒk[ƒ“‚±‚¤‚°‚ñ
38 |Pippin's House  |Bekku no Ie      |Beck's House     |ƒxƒbƒN‚Ì‚¢‚¦
39 |Post Office     |Posutoman        |Postman Post     |ƒ|ƒXƒgƒ}ƒ“
   |                | Yuubinkyoku     | Office          | ‚䂤‚Ñ‚ñ‚«‚å‚­
40 |Rafton's House  |Rafuton no Ie    |Rafton's House   |ƒ‰ƒtƒgƒ“‚Ì‚¢‚¦
41 |Restoration Wall|Fukuken no Kabe  |Restoration Wall |‚Ó‚­‚°‚ñ‚̃Jƒx
42 |Rolling Ridge   |GoroGoro Yama    |GoroGoro Mountain|ƒSƒƒSƒŽR
43 |Rolling Ridge   |GoroGoro Yama    |GoroGoro Mountain|ƒSƒƒSƒŽR‚Ó‚à‚Æ
   | Base           | Fumoto          | Base            |
44 |Room of Rites   |Gishiki no Aida  |Ceremony Interval|‹VŽ®‚ÌŠÔ
45 |Ruined Keep     |Bosu Burin Yousai|Boss Blin's Fort |ƒ{ƒXƒuƒŠƒ“ƒ“‚悤‚³‚¢
   |                | Ato             | Ruins           | ‚ ‚Æ
46 |Sea of No Return|Kaerazu no Umi   |Sea of No Return |‚©‚¦‚炸‚ÌŠC
47 |Sea of Storms   |Arashi no Umi    |Storm Sea        |‚ ‚炵‚ÌŠC
48 |Shop            |Shoppu           |Shop             |ƒVƒ‡ƒbƒv
49 |Shooting Gallery|Mato Ateya       |Target Aim       |ƒ}ƒg‚ ‚Ä‚â
50 |Skull Dungeon   |Dokuro Danjon    |Skull Dungeon    |‚Ç‚­‚ëƒ_ƒ“ƒWƒ‡ƒ“
51 |South Lynna     |Rennu Nan        |South Lennu      |ƒŒƒ“ƒk“ì
52 |South Shore     |Nan no Umi Gan   |South Sea Shore  |“ì‚ÌŠC‚ª‚ñ
53 |Spirit's Grave  |Tamashii no Haka |Spirit's Grave   |‚½‚Ü‚µ‚¢‚Ì ‚Í‚©
   |                |                 |                 |°‚Ì•æ
54 |Symmetry Village|Shimetori no Mura|Symmetry Village |ƒVƒƒgƒŠ‘º
55 |Syrup's Potion  |Dai Mahoutsukai  |Great Witch      |‘å‚Ü‚Ù‚¤‚‚©‚¢
   | Shop           | Shiroppu no Mise| Syrup's Shop    | ƒVƒƒbƒv‚Ì‚Ý‚¹
56 |Talus Lake      |Toroiwa Ko       |Troywa Lake      |ƒgƒƒCƒ‚±
57 |Talus Peaks     |Toroiwa Sanchi   |Troywa Mountain  |ƒgƒƒCƒŽR’n
   |                |                 | District        |
58 |Target Carts    |Torokko          |Truck Rifle Range|ƒgƒƒbƒR
   |                | Shatekijou      |                 | ‚µ‚á‚Ä‚«‚¶‚傤
59 |Toilet          |Toire            |Toilet           |ƒgƒCƒŒ
60 |Tokay Traders   |Tokege Koukaya   |Lizard Barter    |ƒgƒJƒQ‚±‚¤‚©‚â
61 |Vasu Jewelers   |Kaano no Ubiwa   |Karno Ring       |ƒJ[ƒm‚Ì
   |                | Kanteiya        | Appraisal       |‚ä‚Ñ‚í‚©‚ñ‚Ä‚¢‚â
62 |Wing Dungeon    |Tsubasa no Danjon|Dungeon of Wings |‚‚΂³‚Ì ƒ_ƒ“ƒWƒ‡ƒ“
63 |West Lynna      |Rennu Nishi      |West Lennu       |ƒŒƒ“ƒk¼
64 |Yoll Graveyard  |Yooru Bochi      |Yoll Graverard   |ƒˆ[ƒ‹‚Ú‚¿
65 |Zora Seas       |Zoora Umi        |Zora Sea         |ƒ][ƒ‰ŠC
66 |Zora Village    |Zoora no Sato    |Zora Village     |ƒ][ƒ‰‚Ì‚³‚Æ

10. Interestingly enough, the "Coast of No Return" is never actually named in
the Japanese version.

42. Rolling Ridge... NOOO!!!  How they got that from Goro Goro Yama just
astounds me.  Goro Goro Ridge would've made much more sense.


No.|English         |Romaji           |Rough Trans.     |Kana/Kanji
1  |Advance Shop    |Shoppu Adobansu  |Advance Shop     |ƒVƒ‡ƒbƒvƒAƒhƒoòAƒX
2  |Ancient Ruins   |Kodai no Iseki   |Ancient Ruins    |‚±‚¾‚¢‚́@‚¢‚¹‚«
3  |Biggoron        |Daigoron         |Biggoron         |ƒ_ƒCƒSƒƒ“
4  |Biologist's Home|Doubutsukusha no |Zoologist's House|‚Ç‚¤‚Ԃ‚ª‚­‚µ‚á‚Ì
   |                | Ie              |                 |
5  |Bipin's and     |Pekku to Ramin no|Peck and Ramin's |ƒyƒbƒN‚ƃ‰ƒ~òA‚Ì‚¢‚¦
   | Blossom's House| Ie              | House           |
6  |Blaino's Gym    |Maito Panchi no  |Might Punch's Gym|ƒ}ƒCƒgƒpƒ“ƒ`‚̃Wƒ€
   |                | Jimu            |                 |
7  |Clock Shop      |Tokeiya          |Watch Shop       |‚Æ‚¯‚¢‚â
8  |Dancing Dragon  |Ryuu no Mau      |Dragon Dance     |‚è‚イ‚́@‚Ü‚¤
   | Dungeon        | Danjon          | Dungeon         | ƒ_ƒ“ƒWƒ‡ƒ“
9  |Eastern Coast   |Tou no Umigan    |East Coast       |“Œ‚ÌŠC‚ª‚ñ
10 |Eastern Suburbs |Son no Tou       |East Village     |‘º‚Ì“Œ
11 |Eyeglass Lake   |Megane Chi       |Spectacle Pond   |ƒƒKƒl’r
12 |Explorer's Crypt|Boukensha no Haka|Adventurer's Tomb|‚Ú‚¤‚¯‚ñŽÒ‚́@‚Í‚©
13 |Floodgate       |Suimon Kanrijin  |Floodgate Contro-|…–å‚©‚ñ‚èl‚Ì‚¢‚¦
   | Keeper's House |                 | ller's House    |
14 |Gnarled Root    |Nekko no Danjon  |Root Dungeon     |‚Ë‚Á‚±‚̃_ƒWƒ‡ƒ“
   | Dungeon        |                 |                 |
15 |Goron Mountain  |Goron Yama       |Goron Mountain   |ƒSƒƒ“ŽR
16 |Graveyard       |Bochi            |Graveyard        |‚Ú‚¿
17 |Great Furnace   |Youkouro         |Blast Furnace    |ƒˆƒEƒRƒEƒ
18 |Hero's Cave     |Yuusha no        |Hero's Cave      |—EŽÒ‚Ì ‚Ç‚¤‚­‚Â
   |                | Doukutsu        |                 |
19 |Holly's House   |Hoorii no Ie     |Holly's House    |ƒz[ƒŠ[‚Ì‚¢‚¦
20 |Holodrum        |Horodoramu       |Holodrum         |ƒzƒƒhƒ‰ƒ€
21 |Holodrum Plain  |Horodoramu Heigen|Holodrum Plain   |ƒzƒƒhƒ‰ƒ€‚Ö‚¢‚°‚ñ
22 |Horon Village   |Horon Mura       |Holon Village    |ƒzƒƒ“‘º
23 |House of Pirates|Umizoku no Iruie |House of Pirates |ŠC‚¼‚­‚Ì‚¢‚é‚¢‚¦
24 |Impa's Refuge   |Inpa no Kakurega |Impa's Hideout   |ƒCƒ“ƒp‚Ì‚©‚­‚ꂪ
25 |Ingo's House    |Ingoo no Ie      |Ingo's House     |ƒCƒ“ƒS[‚Ì‚¢‚¦
26 |Know-It-All     |Monoshiri Baado  |Know Already     |‚à‚Ì‚µ‚èƒo[ƒh‚Ì
   | Birds' Hut     | no Yakata       | Bird's Hut      | ‚â‚©‚½
27 |Lava Lake       |Yougon Ike       |Lava Pond        |ƒˆ[ƒSƒ“’r
28 |Lost Woods      |Mayoi no Mori    |Lost Woods       |‚Ü‚æ‚¢‚Ì‚à‚è
29 |Mayor Ruul's    |Ruuru Mura Chou  |Mayor Rule's     |ƒ‹[ƒ‹‘º‚¿‚傤‚Ì‚¢‚¦
   | Residence      | no Ie           | House           |
30 |Moblin Keep     |Bosu Burin Yousai|Boss Blin's Fort |ƒ{ƒXƒuƒŠòA‚悤‚³‚¢
31 |Mrs. Ruul's     |Mura Chou Fujin  |Mayor's Wife's   |‘º‚¿‚傤‚Ó‚¶‚ñ‚Ì
   | Villa          | no Bessou       | Villa           | ‚ׂÁ‚»‚¤
32 |Mt. Cucco       |Kokko Yama       |Cucco Mountain   |ƒRƒbƒRŽR
33 |Natzu           |Nattsu           |Nattsu           |ƒiƒbƒc
 34| Prairie        | Heigen          | Prairie         | ‚Ö‚¢‚°‚ñ
 35| River          | Taiga           | River           | ‚½‚¢‚ª
 36| Wasteland      | Kouya           | Wasteland       | ‚±‚¤‚â
37 |North Horon     |Horon Mura Hoku  |North Horon      |ƒzƒƒ“‘º–k
   |                |                 | Village         |
38 |Northern Peak   |Hoku no Yama     |North Mountain   |–k‚ÌŽR
39 |Onox's Castle   |Gorugon Jou      |Gorgon's Castle  |ƒSƒ‹ƒS‚¶‚傤
40 |Poison Moth's   |Dokuga no Suana  |Poison Fang      |‚Ç‚­‚ª‚́@‚·‚ ‚È
   | Lair           |                 | Cave            |
41 |Ruined Keep     |Bosu Burin Yousai|Boss Blin's Fort |ƒ{ƒXƒuƒŠòAòA‚悤‚³‚¢
   |                | Ato             | Ruins           | ‚ ‚Æ
42 |Samasa Desert   |Samasa Sabaku    |Samasa Desert    |ƒTƒ}ƒT‚³‚΂­
43 |Shop            |Shoppu           |Shop             |ƒVƒ‡ƒbƒv
44 |Sign-Loving     |Kanban Uura no Ie|Sign Woola's     |‚©‚ñ‚΂ñƒE[ƒ‰‚Ì‚¢‚¦
   | Subrosian's    |                 | House           |
   |  House         |                 |                 |
45 |Snake's Remains |Hebi no Nakigara |Snake's Remains  |ƒw‚Ñ‚Ì‚È‚«‚ª‚ç
46 |Spool Swamp     |Supooru Numa     |Spool Swamp      |ƒXƒv[ƒ‹‚Ê‚Ü
47 |Strange         |Henna Kyoudai no |Strange Brothers'|ƒwƒ“‚È‚«‚傤‚¾‚¢‚Ì
   | Brothers' House| Ie              | House           | ‚¢‚¦
48 |Subrosia        |N/A              |N/A              |N/A
49 |Subrosia        |Uura Bochi       |Woola Cemetery   |ƒE[ƒ‰‚Ú‚¿
   | Cemetery       |                 |                 |
50 |Subrosia Market |Uura Maaketto    |Woola Market     |ƒE[ƒ‰ƒ}[ƒPƒbƒg
51 |Subrosia Seaside|Uura Umigan      |Woola Coast      |ƒE[ƒ‰ŠC‚ª‚ñ
52 |Subrosia Village|Uura Mura        |Woola Village    |ƒE[ƒ‰‘º
53 |Subrosian Chef's|Uura Ryourijin no|Woola Chef's     |ƒE[ƒ‰‚è‚傤‚èl‚Ì
   | Kitchen        | Ie              | House           | ‚¢‚¦
54 |Subrosian Dance |Uura Dansu       |Woola Dance      |ƒE[ƒ‰ƒ_ƒ“ƒX
   | Hall           | Renshuujou      | Practice Ground | ‚ê‚ñ‚µ‚イ‚¶‚傤
55 |Subrosian Smithy|Uura Kokuhou no  |Woola Blacksmith |ƒE[ƒ‰ƒRƒNƒzƒE‚Ì
   |                | Kazaya          |                 | ‚ª‚¶‚á
56 |Subrosian       |Uura Kazan Chitai|Woola Volcano    |ƒE[ƒ‰‰ÎŽR‚¿‚½‚¢
   | Volcanoes      |                 | Zone            |
57 |Subrosian Wilds |Uura Shigemi     |Woola Thicket    |ƒE[ƒ‰‚µ‚°‚Ý
58 |Sunken City     |Suibitashi no    |Water ??? Village|…‚Ñ‚½‚µ‚Ì‘º
   |                | Mura            |                 |
59 |Sunken City Gate|Suibitashi no    |Water ??? Village|…‚Ñ‚½‚µ‚Ì‘º@“üŒû
   |                | Mura Irikuchi   | Entrance        |
60 |Sword and Shield|Ken to Tate no   |Sword and Shield |Œ•‚Ɓ@‚½‚Ä‚Ì
   | Dungeon/Maze   | Danjon          | Dungeon         | ƒ_ƒ“ƒWƒ‡ƒ“
61 |Syrup's Potion  |Dai Mahoutsukai  |Great Witch      |‘å‚Ü‚Ù‚¤‚‚©‚¢
   | Shop           | Shiroppu no Mise| Syrup's Shop    | ƒVƒƒbƒv‚Ì‚Ý‚¹
62 |Talon and       |Taron to Maron no|Talon and Malon's|ƒ^ƒƒ“‚ƃ}ƒƒ“‚Ì‚¢‚¦
   | Malon's House  | Ie              | House           |
63 |Tarm Ruins      |Taamu Iseki      |Tarm Ruins       |ƒ^[ƒ€‚¢‚¹‚«
64 |Temple of       |Shiki no Shinden |Temple of Four   |Žl‹G‚Ì‚µ‚ñ‚Å‚ñ
   | Seasons        |                 | Seasons         |
65 |Tower of        |Tou no           |Tower of         |“ƒ‚Ì
 66| Autumn         | Aki             | Autumn          | H
 67| Spring         | Haru            | Spring          | t
 68| Summer         | Natsu           | Summer          | ‰Ä
 69| Winter         | Fuyu            | Winter          | “~
70 |Treasure Grove  |Otakara no Mori  |Treasure Forest  |ƒIƒ^ƒJƒ‰‚Ì‚à‚è
71 |Unicorn's Cave  |Ikkakujuu no     |Unicorn's Cave   |‚¢‚Á‚©‚­‚¶‚イ‚Ì
   |                | Doukutsu        |                 | ‚Ç‚¤‚­‚Â
72 |Vasy Jewelers   |Kaano no Ubiwa   |Karno Ring       |ƒJ[ƒm‚Ì
   |                | Kanteiya        | Appraisal       |‚ä‚Ñ‚í‚©‚ñ‚Ä‚¢‚â
73 |Western Coast   |Sei no Umigan    |West Coast       |¼‚ÌŠC‚ª‚ñ
74 |Woods of Winter |Uinta no Mori    |Winter Forest    |ƒEƒCƒ“ƒ^‚Ì‚à‚è

4. Items (I want my Hookshot!)

Ages and Seasons Items

No.|English         |Romaji           |Rough Trans.     |Kana/Kanji
1  |Biggoron's Sword|Daigoron Tou     |Biggoron's Sword |ƒ_ƒCƒSƒƒ“‚Æ‚¤
2  |Bombchu         |Bomuchuu         |Bombchu          |ƒ{ƒ€ƒ`ƒ…ƒE
3  |Bombs           |Bakudan          |Bombs            |ƒoƒNƒ_òA
4  |Boomerang       |Buumeran         |Boomerang        |ƒu[ƒƒ‰ƒ“
5  |Dimitri's Flute |Ui Ui no Fue     |Wi Wi's Flute    |ƒEƒBƒEƒB‚Ì‚Ó‚¦
6  |Ember Seeds     |Achichi no Mi    |Achichi Nut      |ƒAƒ`ƒ`‚ÌŽÀ
7  |Gale Seeds      |Pyuu no Mi       |Pyuu Nut         |ƒsƒ…[‚ÌŽÀ
8  |Iron Shield     |Tetsu no Tate    |Iron Shield      |"S‚Ì‚½‚Ä
9  |Master Sword    |Masutaa Soodo    |Master Sword     |ƒ}ƒXƒ^[ƒ\[ƒh
10 |Mirror Shield   |Kagami no Tate   |Mirror Shield    |‚©‚ª‚Ý‚Ì‚½‚Ä
11 |Moosh's Flute   |Musshu no Fue    |Mushu's Flute    |ƒ€ƒbƒVƒ…‚Ì‚Ó‚¦
12 |Mystery Seeds   |Hatena no Mi     |Hatena Nut       |ƒnƒeƒi‚ÌŽÀ
13 |Noble Sword     |Huwaito Soodo    |White Sword      |ƒzƒƒCƒgƒ\[ƒh
14 |Pegasus Seeds   |Sassa no Mi      |Quick Nut        |ƒTƒbƒT‚ÌŽÀ
15 |Power Bracelet  |Pawaa Buresuretto|Power Bracelet   |ƒpƒ[ƒuƒŒƒXƒŒƒbƒg
16 |Roc's Feather   |Rokku-chou no    |Roc's Feather    |ƒƒbƒN‚¿‚傤‚̃nƒl
   |                | Hane            |                 |
17 |Scent Seeds     |Itete no Mi      |Itete Nut        |ƒCƒeƒe‚ÌŽÀ
18 |Seed Satchel    |Ki no Mi Baku    |Nut Bag          |–Ø‚ÌŽÀ‚Ô‚­
19 |Shovel          |Sukoppu          |Scoop            |ƒXƒRƒbƒv
20 |Strange Flute   |Henna Fue        |Strange Flute    |ƒwƒ“‚È‚Ó‚¦
21 |Wooden Shield   |Ki no Tate       |Tree Shield      |–Ø‚Ì‚½‚Ä
22 |Wooden Sword    |Uddo Soodo       |Wood Sword       |ƒEƒbƒhƒ\[ƒh

Ages Items

No.|English         |Romaji           |Rough Trans.     |Kana/Kanji
1  |Cane of Somaria |Somaria no Tsue  |Cane of Somaria  |ƒ\ƒ}ƒŠƒA‚̂‚¦
2  |Harp of Ages    |Ji no Tategoto   |Harp of Time     |Žž‚Ì‚½‚Ä‚²‚Æ
3  |Long Hook       |Rongu Irakae     |Long Switch Hook |ƒƒ“ƒO‚¢‚ê‚©‚¦ƒtƒbƒN
   |                | Hukku           |                 |
4  |Power Glove     |Pawafuru Guroobu |Powerful Glove   |ƒpƒƒtƒ‹ƒOƒ[ƒu
5  |Seed Shooter    |Mamedeppou       |Pea Shooter      |‚Ü‚ß‚Å‚Á‚Û‚¤
6  |Switch Hook     |Irakae Hukku     |Switch Hook      |‚¢‚ê‚©‚¦ƒtƒbƒN
7  |Tune of Ages    |Toki no Shirabe  |Preparation of   |‚Æ‚«‚Ì‚µ‚ç‚×
   |                |                 | Time            |
8  |Tune of Currents|Nagare no        |Preparation of   |‚È‚ª‚ê‚Ì‚µ‚ç‚×
   |                | Shirabe         | Currents        |
9  |Tune of Echoes  |Yamabiko no      |Preparation of   |‚â‚Ü‚Ñ‚±‚Ì‚µ‚ç‚×
   |                | Shirabe         | Echo            |

Seasons Items

No.|English         |Romaji           |Rough Trans.     |Kana/Kanji
1  |Hyper Slingshot |Haipaa Pachinko  |Hyper Slingshot  |ƒnƒCƒp[ƒpƒ`ƒ“ƒR
2  |Magic Boomerang |Majikaru         |Magical Boomerang|ƒ}ƒWƒJƒ‹ƒu[ƒƒ‰ƒ“
   |                | Buumeran        |                 |
3  |Magnetic Gloves |Magne Guroobu    |Magna Glove      |ƒ}ƒOƒlƒOƒ[ƒu
4  |Roc's Cape      |Hane Manto       |Winged Cape      |ƒnƒlƒ}ƒ“ƒg
5  |Rod of Seasons  |Shiki no Roddo   |Rod of 4 Seasons |Žl‹G‚̃ƒbƒh
6  |Slingshot       |Pachinko         |Slingshot        |ƒpƒ`ƒ“ƒR

Swim Gear

1  |Zora's Flippers |Suikaki          |Flippers         |…‚©‚«
2  |Mermaid Suit    |Ningyo Suutsu    |Mermaid Suit     |‚É‚ñ‚¬‚åƒX[ƒc

Ages Special Items

No.|English         |Romaji           |Rough Trans.     |Kana/Kanji
1  |Bomb Flower     |Bakudan Hana     |Bomb Flower      |ƒoƒNƒ_ƒ“‰Ô
2  |Book of Seals   |Fuuin no Hon     |Book of Seals    |‚Ó‚¤‚¢‚ñ‚Ì–{
3  |Brother Emblem  |Kyoudai no Akashi|Proof of         |ƒLƒ‡[ƒ_ƒC‚Ì‚ ‚©‚µ
   |                |                 | Brotherhood     |
4  |Cheval's Rope   |Shibaaru no Roppu|Cheval's Rope    |ƒVƒo[ƒ‹ƒ[ƒv
5  |Cracked Tuni Nut|Wareta Minomu no |Broken Minomu Nut|‚í‚ꂽƒ~ƒmƒ€‚ÌŽÀ
   |                | Mi              |                 |
6  |Crown Key       |Oukan no Kagi    |Crown Key        |‰¤‚©‚ñ‚̃JƒM
7  |Fairy Powder    |Yousei no Kona   |Fairy Powder     |‚Ü‚Ù‚¤‚̃NƒXƒŠ
8  |Gasha Seed      |Gacha no Tane    |Gacha Seed       |ƒKƒ`ƒƒ‚̃^ƒl
9  |Goron Vase      |Goron Tsubo      |Goron Vase       |ƒSƒƒ“‚‚Ú
10 |Goronade        |Tafu Goron 2001  |Tough Goron 2001 |ƒ^ƒtƒSƒƒ“2001
11 |Graveyard Key   |Hakaba no Kagi   |Grave Key        |‚Í‚©‚΂̃JƒM
12 |Island Chart    |Mikajiki Shima no|Crescent Moon    |ƒ~ƒJƒWƒL‚¶‚Ü‚ÌŠC}
   |                | Umizu           | Island Sea Map  |
13 |Lava Juice      |Yougan Dorinku   |Lava Drink       |ƒˆ[ƒKƒ“ƒhƒŠƒ“ƒN
14 |Letter of       |Shoukai Jou      |Introduction     |‚µ‚傤‚©‚¢‚¶‚傤
   | Introduction   |                 | Letter          |
15 |Library Key     |Toshokan no Kagi |Library Key      |‚Æ‚µ‚å‚©‚ñ‚̃JƒM
16 |Magic Potion    |Mahou no Kusuri  |Magic Medicine   |‚Ü‚Ù‚¤‚̃NƒXƒŠ
17 |Magic Ring      |Mikantei no      |Unidentified Ring|‚Ý‚©‚ñ‚Ä‚¢‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
   |                | Yubiwa          |                 |
18 |Maku Seed       |Maka no Mi       |Maka Nut         |ƒ}ƒJ‚ÌŽÀ
19 |Mermaid Key     |Ningyo no Kagi   |Mermaid Key      |‚É‚ñ‚¬‚å‚̃JƒM
20 |Old Mermaid Key |Furi Ningyo no   |Old Mermaid Key  |‚Ó‚é‚¢‚É‚ñ‚¬‚å‚̃JƒM
   |                | Kagi            |                 |
21 |Ricky's Gloves  |Rikkii Guroobu   |Ricky's Glove    |ƒŠƒbƒL[ƒOƒ[ƒu
22 |Rock Brisket    |Karubi no Iwa    |Club Rock        |ƒJƒ‹ƒr‚¢‚í
   | (Rock Sirloin) |                 |                 |
23 |Scent Seedling  |Itete no Naeki   |Itete Seedling   |ƒCƒeƒe‚Ì‚È‚¦–Ø
24 |Slate           |Sekiban          |Lithograph       |‚¹‚«‚΂ñ
25 |Tokay Eyeball   |Tokage no Medama |Lizard Eyeball   |ƒgƒJƒQ‚Ì‚ß‚¾‚Ü
26 |Tuni Nut        |Minomu no mi     |Minomu Nut       |ƒ~ƒmƒ€‚ÌŽÀ
27 |Zora Scale      |Zoora no Uroko   |Zora Scale       |ƒ][ƒ‰‚Ì‚¤‚낱

27. The Japanese appear to have a strange way of forming palindromes.

Seasons Special Items

No.|English         |Romaji           |Rough Trans.     |Kana/Kanji
1  |Blue Ore        |Aoi Tetsu        |Blue Iron        |‚ ‚¨‚¢“S
2  |Bomb Flower     |Bakudan Hana     |Bomb Flower      |ƒoƒNƒ_òA‰Ô
3  |Dragon Key      |Ryuu no Kagi     |Dragon Key       |ƒŠƒ…ƒE‚̃JƒM
4  |Floodgate Key   |Suiman no Kagi   |Floodgate Key    |…–å‚̃JƒM
5  |Gasha Seed      |Gacha no Tane    |Gacha Seed       |ƒKƒ`ƒƒ‚̃^ƒl
6  |Gnarled Key     |Nekko no Kagu    |Root Key         |‚Ë‚Á‚±‚̃JƒM
7  |Hard Ore        |Katai Tetsu      |Hard Iron        |ƒJƒ^ƒC“S
8  |Jewels          |Houseki          |Jewels           |‚Ù‚¤‚¹‚«
9  |Magic Potion    |Mahou no Kusuri  |Magic Medicine   |‚Ü‚Ù‚¤‚̃NƒXƒŠ
10 |Magic Ring      |Mikantei no      |Unidentified Ring|‚Ý‚©‚ñ‚Ä‚¢‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
   |                | Yubiwa          |                 |
11 |Maku Seed       |Maka no Mi       |Maka Nut         |ƒ}ƒJ‚ÌŽÀ
12 |Master's Plaque |Goukaku no Akashi|Proof of Success |‚²‚¤‚©‚­‚Ì‚ ‚©‚µ
13 |Member's Card   |Menbaazu Kaado   |Member's Card    |ƒƒ“ƒo[ƒYƒJ[ƒh
15 |Pirate's Bell   |Umizoku no Dora  |Pirate Gong      |ŠC‚¼‚­‚̃hƒ‰
16 |Red Ore         |Akai Tetsu       |Red Iron         |‚ ‚©‚¢“S
17 |Ribbon          |Ribon            |Ribbon           |ƒŠƒ{ƒ“
18 |Ricky's Gloves  |Rikkii Guroobu   |Ricky's Glove    |ƒŠƒbƒL[ƒOƒ[ƒu
19 |Rusty Bell      |Sabi te Dora     |Rusty Bell       |ƒTƒr‚½ƒhƒ‰
20 |Spring Banana   |Shun Banene      |Spring Banana    |tƒoƒiƒi
21 |Star-Shaped Ore |Hoshi no Tetsu   |Iron Star        |ƒzƒV‚Ì“S
22 |Treasure Map    |Takara no Chizu  |Treasure Map     |ƒ^ƒJƒ‰‚Ì’n}

Ages Trading Sequence

No.|English         |Romaji           |Rough Trans.     |Kana/Kanji
1  |Poe Clock       |Pou no Tokei     |Poe Clock        |ƒ|ƒD‚Ì‚Æ‚¯‚¢
2  |Stationery      |Retaa Setto      |Letter Set       |ƒŒƒ^[ƒZƒbƒg
3  |Stink Bag       |Nioi Bakuro      |Scent Bag        |ƒjƒIƒC‚Ô‚­‚ë
4  |Tasty Meat      |Derishosu Oniku  |Delicious Meat   |ƒfƒŠƒVƒƒƒX‚¨‚É‚­
5  |Doggie's Mask   |Wanko no Omen    |Dog              |‚í‚ñ‚±‚Ì‚¨‚ß‚ñ
6  |Dumbbell        |Tetsu Arei       |Iron Dumbbell    |“SƒAƒŒƒC
7  |Cheesy Mustache |Gehin Hige       |Coarse Mustache  |‚°‚ЂñƒqƒQ
8  |Funny Joke      |Dai Uke Suru Neta|Do a Great Joke  |‘åƒEƒP‚·‚éƒlƒ^
9  |Touching Book   |Osenti Ehon      |Sentimental      |‚¨ƒZƒ“ƒ`‚¦‚Ù‚ñ
   |                |                 | Picture Book    |
10 |Magic Oar       |Mahou no Ooru    |Magic Oar        |‚Ü‚Ù‚¤‚̃I[ƒ‹
11 |Sea Ukulele     |Umi no Ukerere   |Sea Ukulele      |ŠC‚̃EƒNƒŒƒŒ
12 |Broken Sword    |Oreta Ken        |Broken Sword     |‚¨‚ꂽŒ•

Seasons Trading Sequence

No.|English         |Romaji           |Rough Trans.     |Kana/Kanji
1  |Cuccodex        |Kokko Zukan      |Cucco Picture    |ƒRƒbƒR‚¸‚©‚ñ
   |                |                 | Book            |
2  |Lon Lon Egg     |Ron Ron Tamago   |Lon Lon Egg      |ƒƒ“ƒƒ“‚½‚Ü‚²
3  |Ghastly Doll    |Bukimi Dooru     |Ghastly Doll     |ƒuƒLƒ~ƒh[ƒ‹
4  |Iron Pot        |Tetsu no Nabe    |Iron Pot         |“S‚̃iƒx
5  |Lava Soup       |Yougan Suupu     |Lava Soup        |ƒˆ[ƒKƒ“ƒX[ƒv
6  |Goron Vase      |Goron Tsubo      |Goron Vase       |ƒSƒƒ“‚‚Ú
7  |Fish            |Sakana           |Fish             |ƒTƒJƒi
8  |Megaphone       |Megahon          |Megaphone        |ƒƒKƒzƒ“
9  |Mushroom        |Kinoko           |Mushroom         |ƒLƒmƒR
10 |Wooden Bird     |Kibori no Hato   |Wooden Dove      |–Ø‚Ú‚è‚̃nƒg
11 |Engine Grease   |Kikai Abura      |Machine Oil      |ƒLƒJƒC‚ ‚Ô‚ç
12 |Phonograph      |Chikuonki        |Gramophone       |‚¿‚­‚¨‚ñ‚«

Ages Essences of Time

No.|English         |Romaji           |Rough Trans.     |Kana/Kanji
1  |Eternal Spirit  |Tamashii no Kioku|Soul of Memory   |‚½‚Ü‚µ‚¢‚Ì‚«‚¨‚­
2  |Ancient Wood    |Mori no Kioku    |Forest of Memory |‚à‚è‚Ì‚«‚¨‚­
3  |Echoing Howl    |Kemono no Kioku  |Beast of Memory  |‚¯‚à‚Ì‚Ì‚«‚¨‚­
4  |Burning Flame   |Honoo no Kioku   |Flame of Memory  |‚Ù‚Ì‚¨‚Ì‚«‚¨‚­
5  |Sacred Soil     |Tsuchi no Kioku  |Soil of Memory   |‚‚¿‚Ì‚«‚¨‚­
6  |Lonely Peak     |Yama no Kioku    |Mountain of      |ŽR‚Ì‚«‚¨‚­
   |Bereft Peak     |                 | Memory          |
7  |Rolling Sea     |Umi no Kioku     |Sea of Memory    |ŠC‚Ì‚«‚¨‚­
8  |Falling Star    |Hoshi no Kioku   |Star of Memory   |‚Ù‚µ‚Ì‚«‚¨‚­

Seasons Essences of Nature

No.|English         |Romaji           |Rough Trans.     |Kana/Kanji
1  |Fertile Soil    |Tsuchi no Megumi |Soil of Blessing |‚‚¿‚ÌŒb‚Ý
2  |Gift of Time    |Toki no Megumi   |Hour of Blessing |‚Æ‚«‚ÌŒb‚Ý
3  |Bright Sun      |Taiyou no Megumi |Sun of Blessing  |‚½‚¢‚悤‚ÌŒb‚Ý
4  |Soothing Rain   |Ame no Megumi    |Rain of Blessing |‚ ‚ß‚ÌŒb‚Ý
5  |Nurturing Warmth|Nukumori no      |Warmth of        |‚Ê‚­‚à‚è‚ÌŒb‚Ý
   |                | Megumi          | Blessing        |
6  |Blowing Wind    |Kaze no Megumi   |Wind of Blessing |‚©‚º‚ÌŒb‚Ý
7  |Seed of Life    |Mi no Megumi     |Fruit of Blessing|ŽÀ‚ÌŒb‚Ý
8  |Changing Seasons|Shiki no Megumi  |Seasons of       |Žl‹G‚ÌŒb‚Ý
   |                |                 | Blessing        |


No.|English         |Romaji           |Rough Trans.     |Kana/Kanji
1  |Piece of Heart  |Haato no Kakera  |Piece of Heart   |ƒn[ƒg‚Ì‚©‚¯‚ç
2  |Heart Container |Haato no Utsuwa  |Heart Container  |ƒn[ƒg‚Ì‚¤‚‚í
3  |Small Key       |Chiisana Kagi    |Small Key        |¬‚³‚ȃJƒM
4  |Dungeon Map     |Danjon no Mappu  |Dungeon Map      |ƒ_ƒWƒ‡ƒ“ƒ}ƒbƒv
5  |Compass         |Conpasu          |Compass          |ƒRƒ“ƒpƒX
6  |Boss Key        |Bosu Beya no Kagi|Boss Key         |ƒ{ƒX‚ׂâ‚̃JƒM

5. Rings (Are these real diamonds?)

Thanks to Meowth346.  Without his extraordinary hacking skills we
would not have access to all 64 Rings, and therefore this List would
not be a reality.  Make sure to check out his website located at:


To save space, Ring will be abbreviated as "R"  Yubiwa, which is Japanese for
Ring, will be abbreviated "Y

No.|English     |Romaji           |Rough Trans.   |Kana/Kanji
1  |Friendship R|Deai no Y        |Meeting R      |‚Å‚ ‚¢‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
2  |Power R L-1 |Chikara no Y L-1 |Power R L-1    |—Í‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚íL-1
3  |Power R L-2 |Chikara no Y L-2 |Power R L-2    |—Í‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚íL-2
4  |Power R L-3 |Chikara no Y L-3 |Power R L-3    |—Í‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚íL-3
5  |Armor R L-1 |Mamori no Y L-1  |Defense R L-1  |‚Ü‚à‚è‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚íL-1
6  |Armor R L-2 |Mamori no Y L-2  |Defense R L-2  |‚Ü‚à‚è‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚íL-1
7  |Armor R L-3 |Mamori no Y L-3  |Defense R L-3  |‚Ü‚à‚è‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚íL-1
8  |Red R       |Akai Y           |Red R          |‚ ‚©‚¢‚ä‚Ñ‚í
9  |Blue R      |Aoi Y            |Blue R         |‚ ‚¨‚¢‚ä‚Ñ‚í
10 |Green R     |Midori no Y      |Green R        |‚Ý‚Ç‚è‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
11 |Cursed R    |Akuma no Y       |Demon R        |‚ ‚­‚Ü‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
12 |Expert's R  |Tatsujin no Y    |Expert R       |‚½‚‚¶‚ñ‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
13 |Blast R     |Ka Yaku no Y     |Fire Enhancer R|‰Îƒ„ƒN‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
14 |Rang R L-1  |Buumeran no Y L-1|Boomerang R L-1|ƒu[ƒƒ‰ƒ“‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚íL-1
15 |GBA Time R  |Adobansu Y Ji Kuu|Advance R      |ƒAƒhƒoƒ“ƒX‚ä‚Ñ‚íuŽž‹óv
   |            |                 | [Space/Time]  |
16 |Maple's R   |Meipuru no Y     |Maple R        |ƒƒCƒvƒ‹‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
17 |Steadfast R |Funbari Y        |Brace R        |‚Ó‚ñ‚΂è‚ä‚Ñ‚í
18 |Pegasus R   |Sassa no Y       |Quick R        |ƒTƒbƒT‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
19 |Toss R      |Poi Poi Y        |Poy Poy R      |ƒ|ƒCƒ|ƒC‚ä‚Ñ‚í
20 |Heart R L-1 |Haato no Y L-1   |Heart R L-1    |ƒn[ƒg‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚íL-1
21 |Heart R L-2 |Haato no Y L-2   |Heart R L-2    |ƒn[ƒg‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚íL-2
22 |Swimmer's R |Sui Sui Y        |Swi Swi Ring   |ƒXƒCƒXƒC‚ä‚Ñ‚í
23 |Charge R    |Hayate no Y      |Swift Ring     |‚Í‚â‚Ä‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
24 |Light R L-1 |Hikari no Y L-1  |Light R L-1    |‚Ђ©‚è‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚íL-1
25 |Light R L-2 |Hikari no Y L-2  |Light R L-2    |‚Ђ©‚è‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚íL-2
26 |Bomber's R  |Daburu Bomu Y    |Double Bomb R  |ƒ_ƒuƒ‹ƒ{ƒ€‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
27 |Green Luck R|Yasuragi no Y    |Peace R Green  |‚â‚·‚炬‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚íE‚Ý‚Ç‚è
   |            | Midori          |               |
28 |Blue Luck R |Yasuragi no Y Ao |Peace R Blue   |‚â‚·‚炬‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚íE‚ ‚¨
29 |Gold Luck R |Yasuragi no Y    |Peace R Yellow |‚â‚·‚炬‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚íE‚«‚¢‚ë
   |            | Kiiro           |               |
30 |Red Luck R  |Yasuragi no Y Aka|Peace R Red    |‚â‚·‚炬‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚íE‚ ‚©
31 |Green Holy R|Sei Naru Y Midori|Become Sage R  |¹‚È‚é‚ä‚Ñ‚íE‚Ý‚Ç‚è
   |            |                 | Green         |
32 |Blue Holy R |Sei Naru Y Ao    |Become Sage R  |¹‚È‚é‚ä‚Ñ‚íE‚ ‚¨
   |            |                 | Blue          |
33 |Red Holy R  |Sei Naru Y Aka   |Become Sage R  |¹‚È‚é‚ä‚Ñ‚íE‚ ‚©
   |            |                 | Red           |
34 |Snowshoe R  |Kanjiki Y        |???            |ƒJƒ“ƒWƒL‚ä‚Ñ‚í
35 |Roc's R     |Rokku-chou no Y  |Roc Ring       |ƒƒbƒN‚¿‚傤‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
36 |Quicksand R |Ryuusa no Y      |???            |‚è‚イ‚³‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
37 |Red Joy R   |Shiawase no Y Aka|Luck R Red     |‚µ‚ ‚킹‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚íE‚ ‚©
38 |Blue Joy R  |Shiawase no Y Ao |Luck R Blue    |‚µ‚ ‚킹‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚íE‚ ‚¨
39 |Gold Joy R  |Shiawase no Y    |Luck R Yellow  |‚µ‚ ‚킹‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚íE‚«‚¢‚ë
   |            | Kiiro           |               |
40 |Green Joy R |Shiawase no Y    |Luck R Green   |‚µ‚ ‚킹‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚íE‚Ý‚Ç‚è
   |            | Midori          |               |
41 |Discovery R |Hakken no Y      |Discovery R    |‚Í‚Á‚¯‚ñ‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
42 |Rang R L-2  |Buumeran no Y L-2|Boomerang R L-2|ƒu[ƒƒ‰ƒ“‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚íL-2
43 |Octo R      |Okuta no Y       |Octo R         |ƒIƒNƒ^‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
44 |Moblin R    |Moburin no Y     |Moblin R       |ƒ‚ƒuƒŠƒ“‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
45 |Like Like R |Raiku no Y       |Like R         |ƒ‰ƒCƒN‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
46 |Subrosian R |Uura no Y        |Woola R        |ƒE[ƒ‰‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
47 |First Gen R |Shiddai no Y     |First Gen R    |‚µ‚傾‚¢‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
48 |Spin R      |Ken Sei no Y     |Sacred Sword R |Œ•¹‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
49 |Bombproof R |Hanabi no Y      |Fireworks R    |‰Ô‰Î‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
50 |Energy R    |Bimu no Y        |Beam R         |ƒr[ƒ€‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
51 |Razor R     |Moroha no Y      |Double-Edged R |‚à‚ë‚Í‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
52 |GBA Nature R|Adubansu Y Daichi|Advance R      |ƒAƒhƒoƒ“ƒX‚ä‚Ñ‚íu‘å’nv
   |            |                 | [Earth]       |
53 |Slayer's R  |Mamono Kiraa Y   |Goblin Killer R|‚Ü‚à‚̃Lƒ‰[‚ä‚Ñ‚í
54 |Wealth R    |Daifogou no Y    |Great Fortune R|‚¾‚¢‚Ó‚²‚¤‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
55 |Victory R   |Kuria no Y       |Clear R        |ƒNƒŠƒA‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
56 |Sign R      |Kanban no Y      |Sign R         |‚©‚ñ‚΂ñ‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
57 |100th R     |Kantei 100 Y     |100 Appraisal R|‚©‚ñ‚Ä‚¢‚P‚O‚O‚ä‚Ñ‚í
58 |Whisp R     |Uisupu no Y      |Whisp R        |ƒEƒBƒXƒv‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
59 |Gasha R     |Gacha no Y       |Gacha R        |ƒKƒ`ƒƒ‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
60 |Peace R     |Anshin no Y      |Peace R        |ƒKƒ`ƒƒ‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
61 |Zora R      |Zoora no Y       |Zora R         |ƒ][ƒ‰‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
62 |Fist R      |Kobushi no Y     |Fist R         |ƒRƒuƒV‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
63 |Whimsical R |Kimagure no Y    |Mood R         |‚«‚Ü‚®‚ê‚Ì‚ä‚Ñ‚í
64 |Protection R|1 Dameeji Y      |1-Damage R     |1ƒ_ƒ[ƒW‚ä‚Ñ‚í

6. Big Changes (One Goron, Two Gorons, Red Goron, Green Goro... Green?!)

     While most of the localization involved translating the names, Nintendo
of America actually added a few things that were not present in the Japanese
games.  These changes are relatively few and don't affect the gameplay (much).

The biggest change by far is the inclusion of the Green Clairvoyant Goron in
Rolling Ridge.  Apparently NoA thought Americans were too stupid to figure
out what to do in Rolling Ridge, so they added the Clairvoyant Goron to help
them on their way to finding the Mermaid Keys.  Looks like it didn't work
cause I still get way too many e-mails on the Mermaid Keys...

A relatively minor change is the inclusion of a new screen after beating a
NON-linked game.  The screen tells you that the adventure continues in the
other game.  If I remember correctly, that screen was absent from the
Japanese versions.

7. Credits / Version History (Stuff you won't read)

This FAQ could not have been possible were it not for the workings of these
higher beings:

AstroBlue- For helping with tons of translations.

Nintendo/Capcom- For making not only one, but TWO new Zelda games!

CJayC- For posting our stuff, as always, at GameFAQs.

JWpce/eDict- For helping with translations.

Mike- For correcting some Kana.

Nobuo Uematsu- The Opera scene in Final Fantasy VI truly got me hooked on
RPGs, and it wouldn't have been possible were it not for the heavenly music.
Psy-yai-yai.  Thank goodness the news wasn't true, and Uematsu is alive and
well.  I'm still wondering who would've found that cruel joke funny...

Version History

V 0.1- June 26, 2001- Yet another new FAQ from us :)  Everything new.

V 0.1a- June 27, 2001- Updated with more stuff.  The news I saw of Uematsu's
       death was apparently some cruel joke.  Sigh, rumors of being able to
       get the Triforce in Zelda 64 were funny, but stuff like this is just

V 0.2- July 2, 2001- Huge update.  Ring section redone to include English
       names and Romaji.  Lots of Seasons stuff added this time around, though
       it may be a while before I get the Romaji and Kana/Kanji for them.  I
       also realized some of my Romaji was incorrect.  Somehow I feel that I
       put down offensive Japanese by accident.  If you know how to read
       Japanese, please tell me if I put anything wrong down!

V 0.3- July 14, 2001- Another huge update.  I've finished all the necessary
       tables.  I'm missing an item in Seasons, but no one should really care
       about that ;)

V 1.0 Final- October 13, 2001- Uggh, SOOOO many Kanji wrong!  I hope I fixed
      most of it, but I'm sure there are still some mistakes.  Unfortunately
      my free time is extremely limited nowadays so I've decided to delete
      some unfinished sections.  This will be the final update.

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8. Copyright Info (More stuff you won't read)

This FAQ is Copyright © 2001 to Shdwrlm3.  This file is for non-profit use
only.  Do not print it out and sell it or use it to profit in any way.  You
may keep a copy of this file on your hard drive and you may print it out for
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