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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

The Legend of Zelda: Oracles of Ages/Seasons
Maple FAQ
Version 1.0 FINAL
Last Updated: October 13, 2001
By ShdwRlm3 (shdwrlm3@yahoo.com)

              ####~~~~#                           __  ___          __
              ##~~XX###############              /  |/  /__ ____  / /__
              ######XXXXXXXXXXXXX####           / /|_/ / _ `/ _ \/ / -_)
            ####XXXXXX#########XXXX##          /_/  /_/\_,_/ .__/_/\__/
          ##XXXX#################XX##                     /_/
        ##XX###############~~######                   _______  ____
       #XX######~~#########~~####                    / __/ _ |/ __ \
       #XX######~~##~~~~~##~~##                     / _// __ / /_/ /
       ###########~~~~~~~##~~~~##                  /_/ /_/ |_\___\_\

Many thanks to E-mail Effects and the Figlet system for the ASCII Art!

Table of Contents

     1. An Introduction to Maple
     2. How to catch a flying witch
     3. Piece of Heart, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the flying
     4. Brooms are so five minutes ago
     5. So you want Seeds instead of Rupees?
     6. And now, what we've all been waiting for... Hardcore Cheating!
     7. Ewww, and I was just about to ask you on a date
     8. I humbly thank... myself!
     9. Stuff you don't care about
     10. Stuff lawyers make you put in

1. An Introduction to Maple

     Maple, Meipuru, Thief, Witch, Bitc...  Whatever you call her, one can't
deny that Maple has become a classic character in the Zelda mythos.  Making
her first appearance(s) in The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages/Seasons, she
has catapulted her way to fame.  Granddaughter of Witch Syrup as well as her
apprentice, she flies around on her magical broom for who knows what reason.
On her voyages, she often crashes into Link, causing both of their belongings
to fly everywhere.  So begins a race to collect the best goods and end up with
more than you had before!

     Without further ado, onto the FAQ!  Please set your sense of humor to
high and maturity to low before proceeding.

2. How to catch a Flying Witch

     You'll know when Maple's coming, cause you'll hear her theme music and
see her shadow flying above.  Just wait on the screen until she flies down,
then run into her!  Some of your items will fly out, and now you've gotta
collect them (and hopefully some of hers) before she reaches them first.
You won't be able to leave the screen until all of the items are collected
(though it's possible to use the Harp of Ages or Gale Seeds to exit).
     Maple's appearances do seem quite random and mysterious, that is, until
you figure out there's a method to her madness.  You see, Maple's appearances
are based on the number of enemies that you slay.  For every 30 enemies
killed, she'll appear, which explains why she usually appears right after
you've beaten a dungeon.  However, with the Maple Ring equipped, that number
is halved, so you only have to kill 15 enemies to have an encounter with
Maple!  Does all this mean Maple has some sort of hidden bloodlust that
attracts her to bloodthirsty killers, with the Maple Ring quenching some of
her thirst allowing Link to kill less enemies to make her appear?  My sources
say yes.

     Also interesting to note is that Maple sometimes flies a bit erratically.
Don't her friends tell her never to fly drunk?  Her grandmother ain't raising
her right.  Anywho, it's unknown why Maple sometimes flies in perfect zigzag
patterns and sometimes in some random meandering course.  Demajen thinks
it involves the "magic" in the Magic Potion she's always carrying.

     Please check out my GIFs available at GameFAQs for a map of Maple
Appearance Locations.  GIFs for Seasons and Ages (Past and Present) are now
available at gamefaqs.com!  Note that Maple NEVER appears two screens in a
row!  Also note that the locations are correct only if you have the default
animal (in Ages, Moosh; Seasons, Ricky)!  If you have a different animal, some
of the locations in Nuun Highlands/Natzu Prairie will be different.

3. Piece of Heart, or how I learned to stop worrying and love the flying witch

     Maple has a wide selection of goods for you to take, including: Rupees,
Seeds, and Bombs.  Ocasionally, she'll drop Gasha Seeds, rare (as well as
random) Magical Rings, and free Magic Potion!  If you're really lucky, she'll
even drop a Piece of Heart!  Note that the little witch only has one Piece of
Heart, so once you get one from her that's all you'll ever get from her.  Also
note that whatever items Maple carries is apparently random, so you'll never
know when that Piece of Heart will appear (which means you can spend days
killing enemies and tracking her down only to end up with nothing but
frustration and a sudden urge to hurt other people...ahem).

     Try not to let Maple take your Seeds.  Rupees and Hearts are easy to
find, and so are Seeds to a certain extent, but if you don't keep a watch on
how many Seeds you have, you could enter a dungeon unprepared.

     Some idio, err, "smart-challenged" people seem to think that Maple steals
your Gasha Seeds, Rings, and other important stuff.  Well, whenever you bump
into Maple, all that Link can drop are Hearts (not Pieces of Hearts you dolt,
but life recovery Hearts), Seeds, Bombs and Rupees--- basically common stuff.
Maple CAN NOT make Link drop good stuff; only Maple can drop good stuff!

NOTE: My partner, Astroblue, has informed me that he's been told that Maple
actually can take Gasha Seeds.  HOWEVER, after extensive testing of my own, I
have concluded that Maple CANNOT take Gasha Seeds!  I also checked to make
sure, and she absolutely CANNOT take Pieces of Heart, Rings or Magic Potions
either, so there :P

     While Maple does drop random rings, she does not carry all 64 Rings.  She
only has a couple of them.  One must ponder where Maple gets all of her Rings.
Well, my theory is she's been playin them fellas for it.  She's not only a
thief, but a gold-digger!  Check out my Oracle of Ages FAQ/Walkthrough for
Ring Locations.

     And NO, I've been doing a lot of testing, and exactly how you bump into
Maple DOES NOT affect what items you get!

4. Brooms are so five minutes ago

     Now, you may be asking, "What does Maple do with all that stuff she stole
from me?"  You mean you're not wondering that?  Well, mister, perhaps you
SHOULD be pondering what happens to your lost possessions!  Not everyone is
is rich enough to not worry about stolen goods!  Anywho, theoretically the
Rupees you let her "borrow" allows her to upgrade her flying equipment.
Eventually, in a "non-Linked Game," Maple will fly around on her shiny new
Vacuum Cleaner (if you define new as a 1940s Vacuum).  In a password "Linked
Game," she'll ride around on a brand-spanking new, state-of-the-art Flying
Saucer!  One wonders why she can't just walk like the rest of us.

     As Maple upgrades her witch equipment, she'll also gain speed.  She's a
bit faster on her Vacuum, but on her Flying Saucer even Pegasus Seeds wouldn't
be enough to reach her.  Okay, so that's just an exaggeration, but you'll want
to get that Piece of Heart before she upgrades!

5. So you want Seeds instead of Rupees?

     Maple values some things over others, so it's best to know which items
you should stea... "borrow" first.  Maple ALWAYS goes for the good stuff
first, meaning she never goes to what's closest, but rather what's most
valuable.  That means you best get your Pegasus Seeds ready if you're trying
to get that Piece of Heart!  Pieces of Heart always come first, followed by
Magic Potion, Rings, and Gasha Seeds.  Rupees, Seeds, Hearts, and Bombs are of
lesser importance, so she'll go after those last.  Naturally, if she drops
something good, go for it first before she gets it.  If she drop the cra, err,
normal stuff, I'd go for the Rupees first and worry about the other stuff

     After doing some research, here are the items, listed in descending order
by importance, that Maple will go after:

1. Piece of Heart - Maple likes them Heart Pieces, perhaps to make a stew out

2. Gasha Seeds - Exactly where does she get these?  Perhaps she's stealing
                 from poor ol' Granny!  Maple, you got some 'splainin to do!

3. Rings - Personally, I'd go after the Rings rather than Gasha Seeds, but
           Maple prefers it the other way around.

4. Magic Potion - These rare and expensive concoctions are of lesser
                  importance to Maple, but I'm sure Link would appreciate one!

5. Seeds - From my experiences, Maple only steals Ember and Scent Seeds.  This
           girl sure has discriminating tastes!  NEW!  Further testing has
           revealed that Maple will steal any of your Seeds!

6. Bombs - This lady sure enjoys explosions, as Bombs are 6th on her list.
           What is she planning on doing with them?

7. Hearts - No, not Pieces of Heart you dolt, but Recovery Hearts.  Perhaps
            she wants them because she sold hers long ago...

8. Rupees - Last on her list are Rupees.  Naturally, she goes for the Red
            Rupees before the Green Rupees.

     And just in case you didn't read it the first time (likely due to
laziness), Link can never drop any good stuff!  Maple will never be able to
get your precious Gasha Seeds, Rings, Magic Potions, or Piece of Heart!!!  Of
course, if you didn't read it the first time, why would you bother reading it
now?  Now you've just wasted both of our time.

     Also, Pegasus Seeds are highly recommended for getting those rare items
before Maple can reach them!

Astroblue adds these tips: When you hear Maple's music, quickly equip the
Switch Hook and Pegasus Seeds.  Just before impact with Maple use the Pegasus
Seeds.  Quickly equip you Sword instead of the Pegasus Seeds.  Now you can
run around really fast and either sweep up the items with your Sword or
collect items from far distances with your Switch Hook.  Also try equipping
Biggoron's Sword after impact to REALLY sweep up some items.

Neo Zero adds even more tips:
     Seasons: Enter, then exit Vasu's shop.  Head over to the Samasa Desert,
and kill enough enemies to make Maple appear (wear Maple's Ring to make it
go faster).  Use a Gale Seed to warp back to Horon, then save your game.  Head
North one screen, and Maple will show up.  If she doesn't drop anything that
you want, simply reset the game.  You'll be put outside Vasu's Shop, and Maple
will show up right away.  Repeat as desired.  (Master's Note: Vasu's place is
good because you'll re-appear there if you save and reset, but it might be
better to find a place that's more open). 
Ages: Warp to the Pegasus Seed Tree in the past.  Kill Tektites (go in a cave
and come back out to make them come back) until it's enough to make Maple
appear (again, use Maple's Ring).  Walk into the cave where the Moblin's Keep
would be in the Present (it's one screen east of the Pegasus Seed tree).  Exit
the cave and save.  Head West one screen to the Pegasus Seed tree, then south.
Maple will show up.  If she doesn't drop anything you want, reset the game,
you'll be back outside the cave east of the tree.

     Of course, Astro forgets that the Shi, err, Switch Hook is not present
in Oracle of Seasons.  If you're playing Seasons, you can use the Boomerang
to do the same job.  (Yes, I know the Boomerang is in Ages- I was pointing out
an alternative for Seasons since it doesn't have a Switch Hook).

6. And now, what we've all been waiting for... Hardcore Cheating!

     And now, for the first time ever, Gameshark Codes that will allow you to
meet Maple whenever you want!  Of course, back in mah day we actually had to
play the game to win, or at least use Game Genies with 14 character codes.  We
didn't have none of these new-fangled Gameshark thingies with their 8
character codes that seem to be all the rage nowadays.  Ah well, I too know
how annoying it is to wait for that little bitc... darling to drop that Piece
of Heart, so at least these will allow you to meet her w/o having to defeat
any enemies.  Remember to check my GIFs at gamefaqs.com for Maple Locations.

(Note that if you're using the code, Maple does not appear two screens in a
row, so she won't always appear in all the locations I have marked.  This
glitch only seems to appear in Seasons.  However, sometimes in Ages Maple will
will not appear in the areas I have marked.  Just enter and exit a building
to fix this).

DO NOT steal these, please!

Use the 15 enemies killed codes only if you have the Maple Ring equipped!
Otherwise, use the 30 enemies killed code.  Hopefully these will satisfy her

Note: These were created and tested on a V 3.1 Gameshark.  They should work
on 2.1-3.0, but there are no guarantees!  Also, I've had some trouble with
Gameshark on both the games, with the games sometimes freezing even when the
GS is turned off, so use these at your own risk!

Ages:                           Seasons:

15 enemies killed- 910F41C6     15 enemies killed- 910F3EC6
30 enemies killed- 911E41C6     30 enemies killed- 911E3EC6

7. Ewww, and I was just about to ask you on a date

There are many mysterious things about Maple that go unanswered, and this is
the section for needless filler material, umm, important discussions on the
Mysteries of Maple.

First, exactly how old is this girl?  In Oracle of Ages, she appears in both
the Present AND the Past, which are 400 years apart!  Sure, her Grandmother
looks ancient, but Maple doesn't look a day over 200!  So, what explains this
phenomenon?  Do witches actually live that long, or does she follow Link
through those Time Portals so she can steal even more stuff from him?  The
world may never know...

NEW!  Takotchi pointed out that the first few times you bump into Maple in
the past, she'll mention that she was "flying through a tunnel" and next thing
she knows she bumps into Link.  So, basically, she did follow Link through
the Time Portals.  I still prefer my 400 year-old explanation, though :P
Also, as Takotchi points out as well, Nintendo's official guide mentions
Maple is a teenager.

Why does Maple suddenly become invulnerable after you've bumbed into her?
It seems as if she never misses you when she's flying, but after she bumps
into you, you can't even touch her (and not in that way, you sick, perverted

Does a band follow Maple around?  If not, then where the heck is her music
coming from?

Speaking of music, Maple apparently enjoys it.  She'll stop at any time to
hear Nayru's sweet voice.  Oddly enough, she seems to show more control of
her vehicle around Nayru than around Link (though not around the Maku Tree).

Though Maple is certainly not the only one, her sprite varies greatly from
her official art.  She looks more like the conniving thief she really is in
her art.

Maple appears to be extremely lazy.  In Holodrum, Link must get the Mushroom
for Witch Syrup that Maple was supposed to get.  Kids these days...

Moonlit Dragonfly points out these oddities:

I think she had some serious issues with her makeup.  I mean, just look at
her- she looks like a chipmunk with green hair, green eyeshadow, and flamingo
cheeks.  Who does she think she is?  Britney Spears?  And what's with that
whole evil mastermind look anyway?  Speaking of which, where WOULD she get her
makeup from anyway?  I don't think she can just waltz right into a shop on her
vaccuum cleaner and buy Cover Girl that easily...

Where are her parents?  Did they up and decide that they'd rather live in
Australia than boring Labrynna?  Why is she living with her grandmother, of
all people?  Of course, if her situation is anything like Neville Longbottom
from the Harry Potter books, that would not be very funny.  Maybe I should
just shut up now...

8. I humbly thank... myself!

This FAQ could not have been possible were it not for the workings of these
higher beings:


My GameFAQs Contributor Recognition page.  Check it out to find all of my
other masterpieces.

Email Effects and Figlet- For making ASCII art easier for us

God- The one and only.

Nintendo/Capcom- For making not one, but TWO new Zelda games!  Strange that it
took years to make OoT after LttP, and then we get two at the same time...
And who knew Flagship could create stories not involving Zombies?

CJayC- For posting my stuff, as always, at GameFAQs.

Da Masta-For telling me about the formal form of Watashi.

Takotchi-For info on Maple's age.

Astroblue-For Maple tips.

Neo Zero-For more Maple tips.

Moonlit Dragonfly-For more Maple questions to ponder over.

9. Stuff you don't care about

V 0.1- June 16, 2001- Created in a drunken stupor (Okay, a sugar-high),
       Version 0.1, or 1/10 or 1:10 is actually pretty complete.  Perhaps more
       revisions with other stuff later.

V 0.2- June 18, 2001- Fixed things here and there, as well as added Demajen's
       site to the List of sites that can post this.  I had part of his site's
       name up last version, but sometimes I get distracted and don't fini

V 0.3- June 21, 2001- Lots of stuff added!  Extensive research done and
       findings added.  New Ages GIFs posted and Seasons GIF updated!  Thank
       God finals are over!

V 0.4- June 26, 2001- A few corrections and additions.

V 1.0 Final- October 13, 2001- A few contributions added.

Well, that's all.  I've had tons of fun, but this thing's finished!  Let's
just hope our beloved Maple shows up in future games!

Currently Listening to: Dance Dance Revolution 5th MIX
                             B4U ~glorious style~

10. Stuff lawyers make you put in

Alright, so I don't have any lawyers, but I worked darn hard on this so you
best not steal anything!

This FAQ is Copyright © 2001 to Shdwrlm3.  This file is for non-profit use
only.  Do not print it out and sell it or use it to profit in any way.  You
may keep a copy of this file on your hard drive and you may print it out for
personal use.  Do not use information from this FAQ that is not general
knowledge without asking for permission first.

This is an EXCLUSIVE FAQ for the following sites ONLY:

GameFAQs- http://www.gamefaqs.com
Temple of Four Seasons- http://to4s.cjb.net

The latest versions will always be found at the above sites.

If you see this FAQ anywhere else, please e-mail me the URL of the site or
the name and e-mail address of the magazine/publication.

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