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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games


                         T H E    L E G E N D    O F
              Z E L D A :   M U G E N   N O   S U N A D O K E I


                                Version 1.0
                            By MetalGearOnAcid
                        Date Started: June 24, 2007
		           Copyright 2007 MetalGearOnAcid


This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.



Please note this is a walkthrough for the Japanese version of the game. I doubt
much of the game itself will change for the US release, but I'm pointing out
the language because it will affect how you go about doing things in the game.
For example, since you and I can't read most of the text in the game, solving
puzzles is a bit different than it would be if we could read what was going on.
Many times I'll be forced to say "Here is the solution" and you'll wonder why.
I'll do my best to try and explain why the solutions are what they are, but
for the most part you'll just have to do as I say, whether it makes sense at
the time or not. Since the game is in Japanese, I will also provide menu
translations and things of that nature.


			    Concerning Spoilers

Warning to anyone reading this guide: If you want a spoiler-free walkthrough,
this is not it. Although most of my guide goes over gameplay, I do mention when
something happens in a cutscene here and there. I don't understand all the
Japanese so I won't be explaining big plot points, but if something happens
in the game and I can tell what's going on, I usually mention it. Also, this is
a very indepth walkthrough. If you just want to know where to go next, then
either read the part you need and ignore the rest, or don't read it at all. I
go through elaborate explanations of each dungeon, and what to do between them.
As I'm guiding my readers through the game, I point out what enemies are coming
and what items are in each location. If you want to figure this stuff out on
your own, then as I said above: skim the section you need just to see where to
go next, or read at your own risk. Just a disclaimer so that no one is 
surprised by any information in here.


0. Frequently Asked Questions
1. Menu Translations
2. Controls
3. Walkthrough
	3.01 - Arriving on the Beach
	3.02 - Practice Cave
	3.03 - Hourglass Castle
	3.04 - Sailing the Ocean Blue
	3.05 - Volcano Mt. Temple
	3.06 - Boss 1: Sorceress
	3.07 - Moving on
	3.08 - Back home
	3.09 - Hourglass Castle Challenge 1
	3.10 - Let's Hightail It Outta Here
	3.11 - Getting the Cannon
	3.12 - Now We're Sailing With Power!
	3.13 - Getting the Shovel
	3.14 - Into the Fog
	3.15 - Island of the Second Temple
	3.16 - Wind Temple
	3.17 - Boss 2: Vicious Vortex
	3.18 - On the Road Again
	3.19 - Hourglass Castle Challenge 2
	3.20 - Getting the Crane
	3.21 - At the Bottom of the Sea
	3.22 - Sun Temple
	3.23 - Boss 3: Crusty Crab
	3.24 - A Minor Setback
	3.25 - Ghost Ship Temple
	3.26 - Boss 4: Phantom Four
	3.27 - Almost There
	3.28 - Hourglass Castle Challenge 3
	3.29 - A Whole New World
	3.30 - Goron Island
	3.31 - Goron Temple
	3.32 - Boss 5: Dodongo
	3.33 - Moving Along
	3.34 - Ice Temple
	3.35 - Boss 6: Sea Dragons
	3.36 - Hourglass Castle Challenge 4
	3.37 - The Four Corners of the Earth
	3.38 - Oasis Island
	3.39 - Pyramid Island
	3.40 - Sand Temple
	3.41 - Boss 7: Stone Golem
	3.42 - Getting the Hourglass Sword
	3.43 - Hourglass Castle Challenge 5
	3.44 - Boss 8: Eye Plant
	3.45 - Boss 9: Possessed Pirate
4. Special Thanks

0. Frequently Asked Questions

This section is pretty appropriately named, since I keep getting the same 
questions over and over in my email.

Q: "I just thought you'd like to know this so you can fix it..."

A: I don't care. No to be rude, by I created this guide as a step by step
   process on how to reach the end of the game. I have personally beaten
   this game, so I know for a fact everything in this guide will work. I
   could care less if my translations are off or I left side quests out. I
   have removed my email address from this walkthrough because I am done
   with this guide and have nothing more to add. Please don't contact me.

Q: Can I host your walkthrough on my site?

A: I'm flattered, but I want to keep things simple and host my guide on just
   one site. So sorry, no. Please don't even bother emailing me and asking
   politely or trying to strike a deal. I'm fine with just the one.

Q: When will your walkthrough be finished?

A: I don't know. I think I've gotten pretty far considering I just started
   working on it. I pretty much haven't done anything but work on it, so
   I'd say it's coming along faster than most guides usually do. I'll probably
   be done putting up the main quest shortly. After that, I don't know if I'll
   be doing sidequests, secrets, etc. I never planned for this to be an amazing
   guide. I was just bored one day and no one else seemed to be making a guide
   for this game, so I decided to start one. The game has just been released
   in Japan, so it's still pretty new. Once things have died down, tons of
   guides will pop up and mine will seem alot less important. Right now mine
   is the only major walkthrough for this game that I'm aware of, but if that
   changes soon then I'll probably put less focus on this guide.

Q: You said in your guide that [ insert puzzle solution ] is what you do at
   that part, but you didn't even explain why. The real reason you use that
   solution is [ yadda yadda.] 

A: As I warned at the beginning of my guide, I can't read all the Japanese
   text in the game, so if I know the solution to a puzzle, I'm not going to
   hold out on my readers just because I don't know exactly why that's the
   solution. If I did that, this guide would never get done. Besides, once the
   American release comes out, all the names and quests and solutions will be
   easy to understand and my guide will actually look kind of inacruate and
   sad. This walkthrough is just for people trying to make it through the
   Japanese game. It'll probably become obsolete soon.

Q: Hey. Can you help me? I'm stuck on the island where you gotta get into this
   cave. I think I need an item or something.

A: Check the guide. If it's not in there, I don't know. The whole point of this
   guide is so that people don't need to ask questions, they can just look 
   here. If you can't find it, accept that I must not know the answer.

Q: Can you put my name in your guide?

A: If I feel you've helped me, then chances are your name is already in here.
   If you've helped me with one particular detail, I'll credit you after the
   NOTE of that detail. If you've just helped me in general, then your name is
   likely in the Special Thanks section.

Q: I found you guide on a site other than Gamefaqs. Did you give them per-

A: No. Give me their name so I can kill them.

Q: Where did you get the names of the islands/bosses/chapters?

A: I made them up.

1. Menu Translations

The first menu you will see when turning on the game has two large green boxes.

|                            |
|1          File 1           |
|                            |

|                            |
|2          File 2           |
|                            |

      |                |
      |  Wifi Settings |

Choose a file. The next menu that comes up I won't even bother translating. It
is simply the name input. Your DS user name comes up as the default here. 
Change it if need be, The bottom right button is proceed.

It will then ask you three questions after your name. No idea what any of this
is. I just chose the top option for all three. Now go ahead and select your

I won't bother drawing out this menu, but once your game file is selected,
the bottom options are ad follows: Back, Copy, Delete, Begin. Select Begin.
You'll be greeted with this:

|                            |
|1     MetalGearOnAcid       |
|                            |

      |                |
      |   Story Mode   |
      |                |
      |   Wifi Mode    |

Choose story mode. You are now in the game. I won't get into the Wifi menus
because I don't have Wifi. Aha.

2. Controls

This game is completely stylus controlled as far as movement goes. I will
explain all of the basic moves and how to do them with the stylus.

Move - To move Link, simply drag the stylus in the direction you wish to go.

Roll - Drag the stylus to the edge of the screen, and then do a quick zigzag.

Slash - Tap the object you want to attack.

Thrust - Put the stylus on Link and swipe it towards the object to attack.

Spin slash - Draw a quick circle around Link when near the object to attack.

Save - To save, tap the green menu in the bottom left corner. Then tap the
       orange menu that appears. Choose the top option.

3. Walkthrough

After watching the Picasso-like opening scenes, you will witness the beginning
of the story in the graphics you'll be seeing for the rest of the game. Pretty
nice. This game actually takes place sort of after Wind Waker, so it begins
with Link and the pirates aboard a ship. Link awakes to see the sky out at sea
get dark and covered with fog. A ghost-like ship appears. Tetra jumps aboard it
and Link tries to follow. He slips and gets knocked off the side into the sea.
And so begins your tale.

3.01 - Arriving on the Beach

You don't have a sword yet, so trying out some of those moves you read about
will have to wait. Take a second and get used to the stylus controls though.
Once you're good, head up toward the little house directly north of where you
landed. There's an old man with a staff inside. Tap him to talk to him. When
he's finished, tap him once more and he'll point out the dock on your map.

Leave the house and you'll notice two barrels on the right. Tap them to pick
them up. Toss them by sliding the stylus away from Link. As you approach the
cave on the right, the ground will quake. Remove the barrel by the enterance
and head into the cave. Read the sign up by the door. Damn, we're stuck. Go
back outside and head towards the west side of the island. If you head up the
north path, Navi will point out the enemies and warn Link that he doesn't have
a sword. Go back down and talk to the man standing over by the west house.
Yadda yadda. Also go to the right side of the map (as far as you can go) and
someone will show you that the bridge is out. Phooey. Return to the first
house we went to and talk to the Old Man again.

Now head back to the cave and approach the sign. This time Naivi will say
something and the screen will zoom in on the sign. This is the first puzzle,
and ironically it's not one you could do. Basically the riddle was ho many
trees there were on the island,  but you'd have no way of knowing that. ^_^
Draw a 7 on the sign starting from the top left. Yay, the door opens. Open
the treasure chest for a sword. Also check out the book over on the table.

Upon leaving the cave, the Old Man will stop you. Apparently he has some things
he wishes to teach you. Tap him and the training begins. 4 logs sprout out of
the ground, and you have to use the move the Old Man tells you to destory them.
Keep in mind you have to destory them in this order: Top right, bottom right,
bottom left, top left. If you use the incorrect move, or break the wrong log,
the Old Man gets pissed.

The first move is the slash. As I said in the Controls section, simply tap the
object you want to attack, which in this case is the logs. After slashing all
4, the Old Man will tell you the next attack.

Second is the thrust. Just put the stylus on Link, and quickly jab it forward
toward the object you wish to hit. Link will step forward and stab it.

The last move is the spin slash. Stand close enough to the log and quickly draw
a circle around Link. After that you're free to go.

Now guess where we can go? That's right. Up north to fight some baddies. Head
north and take out the ChuChus. When you reach some large trees, use your sword
to clear the path. Head into the cave. This is not a dungeon, but you'll have
to solve some puzzles here.

3.02 - Practice Cave

Remove the boulders that are in your way and you'll see a locked door. Get used
to seeing these. -_- Keep going right and you'll reach a chest with a key in
it. That was easy. Unlock the door by tapping it. There are statues around this
area that each give you clues as to the solution of this next puzzle, but you
can't read Japanese so I'll just tell you the answer. Before you solve it, head
over to the right and pull or push the block by tapping it and then tapping one
of the arrows that appears. In the alcove on the right is a chest with a Red
Rupee. Now head back to the main room and prepare to pull the switches.

Pull the switches in the order 2 1 4 3 and a key will drop from the ceiling.
Use it on the north door. This next room is infested with rats. And one of them
has a key! He's too fast for us though, so head to the left and pull the block
up so it's blocking the hole in the wall. Now hide in a corner and wait for the
rat to come by. When he sees that the hole is blocked, he'll turn around. That
is when you attack him. Use that key on the east door.

Follow the path and you'll eventually be outside agian. But now you're on the
east side of the map. Head over to the docks on the right, and talk to the man.
Damn, can't leave yet. Head back left and enter the largest building. It's a
bar. Talk to the people there. They'll point out a large building on your map.
Guess we have to go there. There's a path to the north, so head there. Then
head north west, as the stairs to the west are blocked by, well, blocks. In
the next area, climb up the stairs and enter the large castle. 

3.03 - Hourglass Castle

Upon entering, you'll see some skeletons on the floor. Don't worry, they won't
come to life and attack you. They're people who have died in the castle, and
their spirits remain. Head up north and through the door. You'll immediately
notice this room is encased in purple fog. Navi also noticed someone's in here.
It's a pirate, and he's gotten himself stuck behind a boobytrap of spikes. I
guess we have to save him. He'll ask if you'll help, choose the top option.
He'll give you a lecture and then choose the top option again. Now start
running through this area, as the longer you stay in the purple fog, the more
health you lose. There are small sections will tile flooring. These areas
don't contain the fog, and are safe resting stops.

There is one such area up to the top right. It has a treasure chest. That's
weird, there was nothing in there? Hop on over to the top left section and
you'll see there's a little glass ball. That's what switches look like in this
game. Whack it with your sword and the spikes will go down, freeing the pirate.
Go back down to the enterance and talk to him. He shakes Link and makes him
all dizzy, which is pretty funny. Link will pull out a key. 

Run back up through the fog to the northwest door, which you can now unlock. 
In this new part of the map, run to the top left corner and hit the switch. It
will lower the spikes, but it's on a timer. You must quickly run past them all
the way to the top right corner of the map and hit that switch as well, before
the timer runs out. Just note that when you're doing this, take the northern
path to get to the righthand switch, as the bottom path has a trapdoor. If you
sucessfully hit both switches, the blue door opens. Behind the blue door is a 
chest with Sea Chart 1 in it. You can now see the bottom left hand corner of 
the sea. 

Now that we have the Sea Chart 1, we can leave. Outside you'll be greeted by
the Pirate. Head all the way back down to the docks and talk to the Pirate,
who is talking to the Old Man from earlier. You'll whip out your Sea Chart,
but hmm... where should you be heading to? Rub the stylus on the southeastern
most island. You'll reveal a crest, Crest 1. Now we know where we're going.
If you're ready to leave, choose the top options.

3.04 - Sailing the Ocean Blue

Okay, this is our first time sailing, so I'll go over the basics. To plot our
course, you simply draw a line from our ship to wherever you want to go. In
this case, it's the anchor down on that southeastern island. Choose GO! Once
you're sailing, there's a few things you can do. The two boxes on the right
are go and stop. The feather in the bottom right corner means draw a new route.
And the botton in the center at the bottom is jump. You'll need that to avoid
rocks or enemies. You can drag the screen with the stylus to look around you.
Right now we have no weapons, but enemies shouldn't be a problem here. When you
reach the island, you'll dock. This island contains the first real temple. When
you arrive, select the first option the Pirate gives you, and you're free to
look around. I suggest you do so and get a feel for the island. While you're
at it, this is a great time to start practicing a nice feature in this game,
which is writing on your map. You can make notes of important things on your

Run around the island and explore a bit. As you approach the far right of the
island, you'll see another one of those skeletons. Go talk to its ghost. He'll
point out one of the houses on your map. Choose the top option he gives you.
He'll also show you the torch behind him. These are important, so whenever you
see one, jot it down on your map. To do this, tap the green menu in the bottom
left of the screenn. Then tap the yellow chart. This will bring up your map. 
Wherever you see a torch, draw a little symbol or mark on your map in that
spot. The locations of the torches are:

-the southernmost house
-the northernmost part of the island to the right of the little floating chunk
 of land
-the little floating chunk of land on the far right

One you've got those down, head over to the house he marked on your map. It's
the 2nd house. Head into the basement and the door will close behind you. Hey,
there's someone behind that door! We have to get them out. Go over to the sign
on the wall by the door and tap it. Once you've noticed it's a map of the
island, blow into the microphone on the DS. Select the first option the woman
gives you. Head over to the map and tap it again. This time it stays open. 
Draw on the map in the 3 locations that you found the torches in. If you don't
remember them, you can look on the top screen. It shows your jotted notes. If
you get them right, circles appear around them. The door now opens.

Now that the woman is free, she yacks to you for a while. I just chose the top
option for everything she asked me. You'll end up upstairs with the Pirate
and the woman. She'll look into her crystal ball. Select the first option. When
the pirate leaves, talk to the woman again. She'll mark a place down on your
map. We should head there now. The door that was once flowing with electricity
is now acessable. Go up to it and open it. Beyond the door, you'll meet an
enemy that you don't want to get too close to: the electric chuchu. If you
touch it or even whack it with your sword, you'll get shocked. We'll deal with
them later. Head up the stairs and you'll see a volcano exploding. Get to it
by going up and around from the left side and then back down the right side. At
the enterance of the volcano are two candles. Stand close to them and blow into
the mic to put them out, thus opening the door.

3.05 - Volcano Mt. Temple

Floor 1

This is the first real temple. You'll be solving alot of puzzles in here. Walk
through the entryway avoiding the fire. In the central room, there is a large
wand of fireballs spinning. (Reminds you of the castles in Mario 1, no?) Follow
it over to the right and attack the chuchu in your way. Hop over the lava to
the platform by the door, and then hop again to the right. If you examine the
sign on the wall, it shows you the correct path to get through the maze behind
the door. Jot it down on your map.

Down south in the next room, the door will close and you'll be attacked by 4
Keese. Kill them and open the chest. Yay, a key. Head back up and open the door
we passed a moment ago. Glancing at the map on the top screen, run through this
area following the path you drew. It's pretty hard to screw up since the floor
will open up trapdoors if you head in the wrong area. Grab a red rupee in a
chest along the way. When you get to the end, stand in the center of all 4
switches and do a spin attack. Head all the way back to the center room with
the firestick and up the newly opened stairs.

Floor 2

Avoid the electric chuchu in the way and head up and to the left to a switch.
Activate it to switch the height of the blocks in your path. Follow the path
to the right and down into a room. The door closes and this time you have to
fight some slime. Door opens yadda yadda. The real prize is the Boomerang you
find in the chest. Now we can fight those nasty electric chuchus. Head over to
the right side of the room and notice a switch sitting on a distant pedistal.
Face it and tap the boomerang icon on the top right corner of the screen. When
in boomerang mode, simply draw a line to determine the path of the boomerang.
In this case, draw a line to the switch. This will put out the fire in the left
side of the room.

Head down the hall and in this section, two evil torches will spit fireballs at
you. There are switches in the top left and bottom left sides of the room, each
controlling a torch. Run into the room and quickly switch to boomerang mode.
Aim for one of the switches and hopefully it'll activate before you get hit by
a fireball. Run out of the room and wait for the other torch to shoot a fire-
ball, and then run back in and hit the other switch. This puts out the fire in
the top right. Go down the newly opened stairs.

Floor 1

Now we can practice taking out an electric chuchu. Aim the boomerang at him and
fire away. Once he's dizzy, you can use regular sword attacks. There's a switch
over in the left end of the passageway, but hitting it will block you in. So
instead, stand to the right of the red blocks in the ground, and throw your
boomerang around the corner to hit the switch. Now the blue path is opened to
the south. Head south into the room and the door closes yet again. Now you must
fight 2 flaming skulls. Use your boomerang to stun them, and then attack with
your sword. Go up the stairs.

Floor 2

In this room, use your boomerang to kill the flaming keese. In the bottom right
corner is a switch. Pull it. Then avoiding the flame stick, hop over to the 
right platform. Avoid the flame stick there and continue to the right. Kill the
 last flame keese and a chest will appear with a red rupee. Down below, pull
the other switch. This opens the door back on the left side, so hop back over
there. There's another rat with a key in here, and once again he's too fast
for us. Use your boomerang from outside the doorway to take him by surprise.
Yay, a key.

Now head back over to the right side of the area. Continue down the path and
you'll see an Octorok pathetically spitting repeatedly at a wall of blocks. Go
down and shoot your boomerang at the switch to lower the red blocks. Kill the
Octorok and then aim your boomerang back down around the corner to hit the
switch again. Unlock the door here and go up the stairs.

Floor 3

Head down to the lower part of this area past the fire stick and to the left.
You'll notice a sign on the wall. Read it to see the solution to the next 
puzzle. Jot it down on your map. (It's showing the room on the top right) Head
back up north and blow out the 2 candles in this area to put out the fire. In
the room above, shoot your boomerang so that it hits the switches in the order
you drew on your map: bottom left, top right, top left, bottom right. A key
will drop down. Use your boomerang to get it. Now head to the south west of the
area and unlock the door. 

You'll pass by a door with a giant lock on it and an eyeball. This is the boss
door. Head left and the door will close. The room will be filled with all sorts
of enemies. Defeat them all. Up on the next path, defeat the two flaming skulls
with the boomerang to put out the fire. Step on the switch in the room above
and the left most torch will come on. Take out your boomerang, and draw a path
through the flame of the first torch and then to the other 2 torches. This 
should light them all. This puts out the fire in the room to the right.

Head down the path and toward the right and you'll see a big gap in the floor.
Use your boomerang to hit the switch in the room that's over the gap. This will
make the gap get filled in so you can pass. Up in the northern part of that
room is a chest with the boss key. In this game, you actually have to carry
boss keys to the boss door. It's not that hard this time. Simply walk the key
back to where you first passed that boss door, carefully avoiding the spinning
tri-flame sticks. If you're ever in a hurry to get away from an enemy or some-
thing, you can always toss the key and go pick it up. Once you get to the boss
door, it will unlock

Floor 4

Read both of the stones in this room. A blue portal will appear on the left. 
This lets you warp back to the beginning of the dungeon. Head up the stairs.

3.06 - Boss 1: Sorceress

Oh no. It's some psychotic looking sorceror who looks like a monkey. Looks like
a girl to me so we'll call it a she. She immediately starts by splitting into
3 copies. This is actually pretty easy. Look above at the top screen. Each copy
of the boss will be represented by a little purple icon. However if you look
closely, they each have a different number of horns. This represents the order
you must hit them in. So hunt down the girl onscreen who has the 1 horn icon
above. That's the one we're going to start with. Now look at where the 2 and 3
horned icons are in relation to her. You must draw a boomerang path that starts
off by hitting the 1 horned icon's sorceror, and then passes through the 2nd
and then the 3rd all in one move. If you do it correctly, the 3 figures will be
dragged along by the boomerang's path and ultimately forced together.

It's not as easy as all that though. Once they are brought together, they will
immediately split if you don't give it one more whack with the boomerang. So
quickly pull it back out and toss it at her once she's combined. If it works,
she'll be knocked out and you have a few seconds to whack away with your sword.
Do this process 3 times and she'll die. Open the teasure chest for a heart
container, then step on the blue panel to warp back to the enterance.

3.07 - Moving on

Back on the island, head into the large building where you met the crystal ball
woman. You'll get a red tear shaped crest. Head outside and talk to the pirate
by the dock. If you're read to leave, choose the top option. Once back out at
sea, plot a course back to the island you started on. It's always nice to 
remember your roots, right? Once again there should be no enemies on your way

3.08 - Back home

You might remember that while you were in Hourglass Castle, there was a door
with a crest on it that we couldn't really do anything with. Well now we can.
Hourglass Castle has many floor, each with a door and a crest. One by one,
when we get the crests, we'll come back here and get to the next floor to see
what goodies we can find. If you don't remember how to get there, you go up
the north path on the east side of the island and then hook around the top to
the left.

Upon entering, the Old Man will come and tell you about the Phantom Hourglass.
Yay, treasure! Let's go steal it. Head up the left or right stairs and walk up
to the Hourglass. In a dramatic cinema, you take the Hourglass and do a little
dance. Hop back down and enter the north door.

3.09 - Hourglass Castle Challenge 1

Okay, this place is pretty annoying. But I'll try to keep it as easy as 
possible. As soon as you enter the door, the Phantom Hourglass will turn, thus
giving you a 10 minute time limit. It doesn't always count down though, only
when you're in the purple fog. Basically, anytime you're in the fog, you lose
time off your timer. Once the timer hits 0, you go back to getting hurt by the
fog, in which case you'd die in a few seconds. *gulp* Better do this right then
huh. As before, sections with tile flooring are safe spots. So in the first
room, run through the fog to the door in the center of the north part of the
room and open the door with the crest. Head down the stairs.

Basement 1

This is the first floor of puzzles.It's not too bad once you know what to do.
The biggest annoyance is the two guards patrolling the area. If they see you,
it goes into alert mode, and if they manage to hit you, you lose a big chunk
of time off your Hourglass countdown. So avoid getting hit at all costs. When
Navi and the red fairy give you their speech about the guards, choose the top
option and head on your way. Since the guards appear on the top left and bottom
right ends of the area, head down the center aisle to the right and go up.
You'll see a switch by a door. Hit the switch. This makes a torch down at the
botom of the area light up. Pay close attention to where the southern guard
is and where he's headed, and run down to the southern end of the area as quick
as possible. The switch is timed, which is why we need to hurry. You should be
able to head straight down and to the left, as the guard should be starting to
head north.

When you get to the lit torch, pull out your boomerang and send it through the
lit torch and then through the other torch on the left. This will remove the
fire over in the southwest corner. This will likely alert the guard who's over
there, so hide until you see him heading back up. Once he's moving north, run
behind him and take a breather on the left section of floor tiles. Quickly
run up past the guard, (it's ok even if he sees you) and turn right at the top
hallway. You'll see a red pot. Smash it qickly and stand on the glowing circle
that appears in its place. This is an invisibility spot. The guards can't see
you when you're on it. The guard will shrug and head back down. Keep going to
the right and step on the switch. This opens the path in the top left corner
leading to a key. Go grab it. The guard should still be walking down the hall-
way. Follow him as before, and hide in the spots on the sides of the wall. If
you press tightly against the side of the tiled area wall, the guard won't even
see you on his way back up.

Quickly run down one he passes you and head towards the 2 torches. For me, the
other guard was on the right side of the hall, heading down. So I went up the
middle row and then down the right aisle. Turn up and head back up to the door
that has the lock. Use the key. At this point I had about 8:49 left, but if you
have less don't worry about it yet. Enter the door and go down the stairs.

Basement 2

This room is a bit harder. Still the same basic issues though. Still 2 guards
patrolling the area. There's a guard standing in front of a switch, so we'll
need toget him to move. Head straight down and smack the glass switch. You
won't be able to tell, but this alerted the guard up above. He'll come running
down to investigate, so quickly backtrack up the RIGHT aisle (the left one 
will lead you right face to face with the guard!) and pull the lever at the
top. This puts out the fire down below. Continue to the left and stop to hit
another switch. This one drops a key. You can't get it yet though. Move south
through the area that was previously blocked by the fire.

The guards will be hot on your tail now, so quickly turn left and run all the
way to the end of the hall. Smash the red pot and stand on the circle to be
invisible once more. Once the guards are gone, stand infron of the fire block-
ing your path. It looks like you're stuck, but pull out your boomerang and toss
it over the fire and to the left to hit a switch. This turns off the fire. 
There's another guard down here, so watch out. Wait until the guard heads all
the way over to the right and then up, then quickly follow him and make your
way to the small alcove in the bottom right hand corner. Smash the red pot and
stand on the circle. When the guard comes back down and heads to the left, run
up north. 

When you stand on the switch in this section, the spikes will go down, but only
as long as you are on it. So use your boomerang to grab the key. Head back down
and stand on the invisible circle in the bottom right corner again. Once the 
guard comes by and heads up, run to the center area and head up over the blue
blocks. Hit the switch there to raise the blue blocks and lower the red ones.
Then head up and unlock the door with your newfound key. You should have over
6:00 left, but once again, if you don't, don't sweat it. Head down the stairs.

Basement 3

The 3rd and final room. This one's a little bit different. You still have the
guards patrolling the area, but we're on a little bit of a fetch quest here. 
A guard is coming your way, so quickly run down and to the right, then up and
towards the skeleton. Run all the way down the hall to the left and you'll see
a chest. Open it to get a Triforce Shard. We have to carry these damn things
like we did with the boss key. The guard should be on the bottom hallway moving
to the right, so head down the left path behind him. You should be just behind
the two guards as one of them heads up and the other heads right. Go up the
small stairs to the triforce room and tap one of the 3 slots to drop your Shard

Now for the 2nd Shard. Paying attention to where the guards are, head down to
the bottom left corner of the map. There's a lever there. Pull it and it will
stop some fire over on the right side of the map. Head over there and enter the
newly opened area. There's a floor switch. Wait until you see one of the guards
coming, and shortly after he passes over the spikes, stand on the switch to
open a trapdoor in the floor. The guard will fall and he'll drop a key for you.
Go back down into the main area and carefully cross over the spikes when they
go down and grab the key. In the southwestern part of the map is where the
locked door is. Go and open it to reveal a chest with the 2nd Triforce Shard.
Bring it back to the triforce room like you did before.

The last Shard is very easy. It's in a chest in the bottom right hand corner of
the map. The guard is gone so just run down there and get it, and bring it back
to the triforce room. Phew. Glad that's done. Head north down the stairs. There
is a crest door here, but as I said before, you can't open it yet. Head left
and up the stairs to open a chest containing... Sea Chart 2! Yum. A blue portal
will appear over to the right. Go step on it. 

3.10 - Let's Hightail It Outta Here

We have no more business here, so head back to the docks. Talk to the pirate
and he'll see that you have the Sea Chart 2. But it's all dirty. :(
Blow on the mic to blow the dust off of the chart. Hey, the next crest. That's
where we're headed. Since we're ready to go, select the top option.

3.11 - Getting the Cannon

We want to get to that crest, but first we need some weapons. From now on there
are going to be enemies in the water. How will we fight them without weapons?
Plot a course to the island southwest of the island we just left. This island
is very small, but there's still some stuff to do here. Head up the stairs and
you'll be greeted by a little winged guy in a toga. It's the mailman! After he
flies off, head into the building. Talk to the orange haired man and he'll open
the gate for you. Head back outside and through the gate.  

Follow the path along, killing the chuchus along the way. I hope you've been
collecting rupees and not just ingoring them, as you'll need some soon. I had
about 140 at this point, but you don't need that many. Once you head up the
little stairs, follow the path down and you'll notice some bees buzzing around
the trees. They can actually hurt you so head south past the first intersection
and you'll eventually reach a cave. In the cave you'll see some bomb plants.
Pick one up and toss it at the boilders blocking your path. In the next room,
there's a boulder blocking, well, a block. So go back and grab another bomb
plant, run back over here and toss it over the fence. Now you can push the
block out of the way. Before we leave, head back and grab one more bomb. This
time, run all the way to the right, very quickly, and toss it at the crack in
the wall. There's a chest with a red tear shaped crest.

Go back over to the fence and head up. Push the first block down all the way.
When it stops, go around the left side of it and pull to the left. Now go up
and pull the 2nd block upward. You can now enter the top area. Oh, but there's
a boulder in the way. Go back down and grab the bomb plant. Run back up and 
toss it at the boulder. Head up the stairs. Once outside, use any of the bomb
plants on the boulders. Down the road there'll be two more. Do the same. In
this next section, grab a bomb plant, drop down off the ledge to the north and
chuck the bomb at the boulders blocking the path. Run back around back up to
where you just were by heading right, down, and then left up the stairs. Once
you're standing at the top of the ledge again, take the one bomb plant that is
kind of by itself, drop down off the ledge to the north again, and this time
run to the right through where the boulders had just been. Quickly toss it
over the fence and blow up the 3 rocks on the other side. You should barely
be able to make it. Now head left, up, and then right to enter the path you
just opened. Enter the strange looking building.

There's a man in bandages. Select the first option he gives you. Then select
the first option again and you get the Cannon! It costs some rupees though, so
say bye bye to some of your cash. Exit this building via the left door and
you're back in the gatekeepers house. We have a cannon now, so head back to
your ship. The mailman stops you on your way. He asks for your signature, so
give it to him. The left button is OK, the right button is Start Over. Talk to
the pirate and choose the first option to leave.

3.12 - Now We're Sailing With Power!

Now we have the cannon. To use it, simply tap the screen where you want to 
fire. Yay. To get to the top portion of the map, we must first go through the
line of rocks on the left. There's a spot on your map where it looks like there
is a gap in the rocks. There's actually some boulders there right now, but the
map doesn't show that. Head over that way but be sure you don't plot your 
course to actually go through that area, or you'll hit the boulders and lose
some ship heath. Along your way, you'll encounter some enemies now. They 
usually jump out of the water, and you'll have a moment to tap them to hit them
with the cannon.

About a third of the way there, the ship will stop and you'll see some little
blockades sitting in the water. Start your ship on its path again and press
the jump button at the bottom of the screen to leap over these obstructions.
When you get near the boulders, tap them to blow them up. Now we can chart a
course beyond this area.

3.13 - Getting the Shovel

Once you get a little ways in, you'll be stopped. Hey! It's that ghostlike
ship we saw earlier. We better follow it! Chart a course to follow the ghost 
ship and it will begin moving north. Man it's gotten foggy. Try to follow the
ship up north and eventually you'll get lost and be kicked back south. Hmm. 
This sucks. We need to find a way through that fog. Head south for now so we
can do some exploring.

Plot a course for the only island you see here. This island's pretty small so
this should be simple. There's a feather in the 2nd house. The rest of the
island is filled with different family members. Talk to each of them. They 
won't seem to let you in the northern cave. Go around the island talking to
all of the family members and eventually they'll let you pass. Follow the paths
in the cave, going left, then hopping over all the platforms to the right.
Before you reach the top, someone will jump out of the water and attack. Use 
your boomerang to go behind him and hit his back, then attack him repeatedly.
When he dies, the blue door will open.

In the next area, follow the path until you reach a bomb plant. Bomb the crack
in the wall and enter. Read the book, and open the chest for a shovel! To use
the shovel, press the orange menu on the bottom right corner of the screen, and
switch it from boomerang to shovel. You can test it out on the little dirt
patch in this room. Head outside and to the left for a chest containing a crown

Now that we have the shovel, wander around the island a bit and any time you
see one of those stone tablets in the ground, pull out your map and mark it
down. Once you have all of them marked, you'll see it makes an X shape. Go to
the center of that X and there'll be a palm tree. Use the shovel to dig below
that tree, and you'll discover a hole. Hop down in there. Here, read the book
on the table. Open the chest and a red X will get added to your Sea Charts.
Most importantly, read the picture on the wall. It shows the top left quadrent
of your Sea Chart with some arrows written on it. Pull out that part of your
chart and copy it down. We'll need this in a bit. Ok, we got what we came here
for. Let's blow this popcicle stand. Follow the path to the right, ignoring
the door and hop down into the other part of the cave. Exit and you're back up
on the surface.  Head back to your boat.

3.14 - Into the Fog
Head back up north now that we know the route through the fog. When you reach
the foggy area, you can see on your map though that were are a series of rocks
you must navigate around. If you try to just rush straight through the center 
of the fog, you'll get lost and wind up back at the beginning. Now is when you 
pull out that twisty arrow we just wrote down from the island with the shovel. 
It's the route to get through the fog.

It is as follows:

  /  * \
 |   __ \   *
 |  /  \ \____---->  
 \ | * |
  \|__/  ___  
   | *  /   \
   \___/  * |
   *   /   *

There are alot of enemies along the way, so make sure to pay attention and lay
the smack down on them with the cannon. Note that you can't blow up the rocks
with your cannon, so don't get too close to them or you'll take damage. Also
note that when you get to the very last rock, if you're aimed too far south 
when you exit, you'll be taken back to the beginning. Once you're clear of the
fog, head to the anchor on the island with the blue crest.

3.15 - Island of the Second Temple

As soon as you land, you'll see you have some mail in the mailbox up a little
ways. Check it and the postman will do his thing. Walk up the stairs and you
will notice what's annoying about this town. The wind is very strong and makes
it harder for you to walk. Fight or avoid the enemies here and move to the 
right. You have to hop across a series of gaps, making sure that the wind is
not blowing when you jump, or you will be dropped into the water. This area is
pretty straightforward, jumping from place to place until you get to the right
side of the island and go up to a sign. 

Down the stairs, fight the enemies here. Then grab a bomb plant and toss it at
the crack in the northern wall. Be sure the wind is not blowing as you throw
the bomb or it will get swept away. Enter this area and open the chest in the
next room to get a green tear shaped crest. Read the book on the table. Then
notice a sign on the wall. Read it and it will show you a map. Call up the 
north western section of your Sea Chart and copy down what's on the map.

Go back outside and return up the stairs. Stop at the sign. This time, we want
to wait for a strong gust of wind, and then run to the left so that our jump
is stronger and we land on the ledge to the right of the door we just came out
of. Once you're up there, jump again to the left in another gust of wind and
we're now in a new section. Head up to the left and enter the door. In this
cave, head to the right and you'll eventually  notice some statues on the wall
spitting out gusts of air. Wait until they stop and quickly run past them.
There'll be two sets of these and then a single one.

Down in this area, defeat all the enemies and a chest will appear containing a
sea chart with an X on it. The chest below it contains a blue tear shaped crest
for you. Exit out the south door.

Outside, there's a hole in the ground shooting out air. Ride in upward, and
when you reach the top, jump to the left during a strong wind gust to land on
the western platoform. Head up one screen and check out the sign on the wall
there. Copy the X down onto your map. You'll notice the door to the Wind 
Temeple is here, but we can't enter it yet due to the gusts of wind. Head back
down and ride the little air stream up. The next area has a blue door that's
closed, so head down to the left. 

In this area, there's a bunch of piles of dirt on the ground. You can dig them
up with the shovel. The one on the far left takes you to a chest with a red
tear shaped crest. The one in the center of the northern part lets you continue
on. On the next screen, dig up the left pile and float up. Use the shovel on
the next air spout you see to cover it up, allowing you to walk across. Ride
the next one up. Now you'll come to 4 air spouts. Ride one up onto the platform
and you'll see a sign on a wall. Examine it and it will show you 3 mark on your
map. Copy them down. Go back down and cover up the two lower of the four air 
spouts and remove the boulder.

In the next area, there is a giant worm under the dirt, so run as fast as you
can. If it eats you, rub the stylus back and forth and it will spit you out.
Grab a bomb plant when you come to them and feed it to the worm to kill it.
You'll see that there's actually a few of them. Kill them or avoid them. Now
do you remember those 3 swirl marks we just jotted down? Those are the location
of the propellors we need to turn on. There are a bunch of steps leading to
propellors in this sandy area, we need to start the 3 we marked down. Glancing
at your map above, run to each of the spots marked by a swirl. When you reach
each propellor, blow into the mic for a few seconds to keep it going. After 
you've started the 3 propellors we marked down, the blue doors will open and
the wind blocking the Temple door will shut off. Head back down to where the 
Temple enterance was and go on in.

3.16 - Wind Temple

Head in and you'll see a pit on the left and air blowing on the right. Wait
till the air stops and run across. Do this again on the left side. Now you'll
stop and see a bomb plant, with a bunch of bomb plants lining some switches.
We saw a puzzle almost exactly like this in Ocarina of Time. Pick up the one
lone bomb and toss it right in the center of the group of bomb plants. The
explosions will make bridges appear. Cross one of them and move on. In the next
area, you must push the block to the right and stop it infront of the first
airstream. Then hit the switch to stop the 2nd airstream and run across. Open
the lower door here and step on the floor switch to creare access to this area

Climb the stairs to the right and wait for the airstream to pause, then run
across. Do the same with the next 2. Hop over the pits and run down the stair-
way to enter the north room. The door will close and all you have to fight are
a few purple snakes. Keep moving to the left until you reach a block. Push it
to the left and enter the sandy room. Ignore the airspouts for now and move on
to the left. Grab the air statue and pull it downward and to the left so that
it lines up with the ledge in the next room. Run with the wind and leap over 
the pit. Step on the floor switch to open the light blue door and head down the
north stairs.

Basement 1

The door will close behind you. Huh? But I don't see any enemies? There are 3
armored chuchus hiding under the boulders. Toss bomb plants at them and then
attack with your sword. When you're done, the doors will open. Take the one on
the right. In the center of the next sandy area there is a floor switch. Step
on it to open a blue door in the southeast. Head over that way. In a chest in
the far lower right hand corner is a ring. Back track to the stairs above where
the blue door opened and head north. Ride the airspouts to the top for a chest
containing a green tear shaped crest.

Go back around to the stairs above the blue door again and this time push the
box over the 2nd to last airspout. Ride the first few airspouts until you land
on the box. Walk off to the right to land in an enclosed area. Follow it around
to a staircase and take it down.

Basement 2

Use a bomb plant to blow up the crack in the wall. Damn, there's more of those
giant worms out there. Head to the stone island in the center of the map. Read
the sign on the wall and you'll see four x's. Mark them down as usual. These 
are the spots you'll have to dig. So, go do so. It's a pain avoiding all the
worms, because they come back even if you kill them. The chest over on the left
side of the room contains a red tear shaped crest if you want it. Once you have
all four spots dug, the four torches will be lit and two blue doors will open.
Take the bottom left blue door and follow the path until you come to an air
statue. Pull it to the left until it sits on the mark on the floor. It's making
the propellor spin. Cool.

Head back around and go through the blue door on the north wall this time. Use
a bomb plant to destroy the blocks and head north up the stairs.

Basement 1

Once again, simply move the air statue to the left so it sits on the marking.
Not hard. A key will drop. So should you. Hop down and get it. Go back up the
stairs in the bottom right hand corner and float onto the block again. Go right
once more and down the stairs again.

Basement 2

Run north past the worms and unlock the door in the top right corner. Open the
chest to get... your own bombs! Now you don't need those stupid plants. So head
back out of here and over to the top left corner of the worm room where you'll
see a crack in the wall. Blow it up with your new bombs. 

In the next room, it's a puzzle we've seen in Twilight Princess. Toss a bomb
onto the airspout and it will rise and blow up the block that's in your way.
Ride the spout up and head up the stairs.

Basement 1

In a combination of the first bomb puzzle we saw earlier and the one we just
did now, we now have to toss a bomb on an airspout so it sets off a chain
reaction and hits the switch. Head through the now open door. This is a timed
switch though so make it fast. In this next area, there are a bunch of armored
chuchus hiding. Kill them and then place a bomb on the lone floor tile to find
a path into the upper area. Follow the path until you reach a door. Open it
and head up the stairs.

Floor 1

Once again there are hiding armored chuchus. Take them out. Once again there
is also a lone floortile. But this time it's on the other side of the wall.
Look for it and place a bomb on the tile below that one on your side of the
wall. Head north and then west and you'll come across the same puzzle for the
third time. Toss a bomb in the center of the bomb plants blah blah. This time
you need to use two bombs. Big whoop. Run down through the door and open the
chest for... the boss key! Drop to the area on the left and set the key down
somewhere safe. Place a bomb on the aircurrents to have it rise and blow up
the blocks. Then grab the key and head on up there. 

3.17 - Boss 2: Vicious Vortex

This boss looks like a blue Octorock in a whirlwind. Don't waste your own bombs
here. Use the bomb plants. Toss one into a vortex as his shadow passes over it
and the bomb will be tossed into the air and hit him. If it's a direct hit, 
he'll drop to the bottom screen where you can whail on him with your sword. You
 guessed it. Do this four or five times and he's history. A very easy fight. 
His only real attacks are sending some extra whirlwinds down at you, and some-
times coming down himself and trying to plow you over. Both of these are easy
to avoid. After you've finished him off, get the heart from the chest as usual
and step on the glowing panel. 

3.18 - On the Road Again

Head back to your ship when you're ready to go and choose the first option to
set sail. If you haven't figured it out yet, you need to return to Hourglass
Castle after each temple. We don't have to go all the way trough the fog again
though, so just head south. Once you dock back on the first island, just head
straight to the Hourglass Castle. Nothing new or strange about getting there.
You can bomb a few areas on your way there now that you have your own bombs if
you want to create some shortcuts or pick up a red tear shaped crest.

NOTE: I realized at this point that this Zelda game doesn't start you off with
a small sized wallet like most Zelda games do. Already this early in the game
I had 1038 rupees. o_O

When you get to the Hourglass Castle, enter as usual. When you walk through the
next door, the hourglas will flip, only this time you have 12 minutes.

3.19 - Hourglass Castle Challenge 2

To get to the second challenge, you have to go through the first challenge 
again. I'm not going to bother writing anything about it since it's identical
to the first time. There are a few shortcuts here and there thanks to your new
shovel and bombs, but otherwise it's the same. Try and go as fast as you can
since whatever time you have leftover will be how much time you get to complete
the second challenge.

I had about 8 and a half minutes when I got there. The second challenge begins 
when you complete all three floors of the first challenge again and reach the
crest door that we couldn't get past last time. Now we can. Enter the crest
door and head down the stairs.

Basement 4

Oh boy. Those little blue things you see on the map are alarms. So in addition
to guards patrolling the area, we have alarms. You can't get past any of the 
three airstreams blocking your immediate paths, so head to the right and then
down. Stop above the bottom airstream and shoot your boomerang below it to hit
a switch that turns it off. As soon as you do, hit the blue thing with your
boomerang to knock it out cold and then attack it. We don't want any alarms 
going off, do we? Head down and to the left, then up the aisle and to the left
some more. Another blue thing! Daze it, attack it. Continue left and turn down
the left most aisle and you'll see the last blue thing. Boomerang it and kill
it and a treasure chest will appear on the right side of the map.

Continue down to the bottom of the map and you'll see a patch of dirt. Use
your shovel on it and ride the aircurrent up to reach the switch. This turns
off all the airstreams on the map. Nice. In the center of the left area of the
map you'll come across a crack on the wall. Bomb it and enter to find a switch.
This switch lowers the spikes on the right side of the map, allowing you to go
nab a key. Do so. The locked door is on the bottom of the map dead center. Go
there and down the stairs.

Basement 5

Run across the spikes on the left when they go down. Head up the next passage
and into the room and the door will close behind you. Defeat the four electric
chuchus and you'll be rewarded with the doors opening and a gold pot that adds
seconds to your time limit. Head over to the right. The door closes behind you
once more. Defeat the enemies. The doors open, and you get another gold pot.
Head up and toss your boomerang to the right over the pit to hit the switch.
A chest will appear containing a red bottle. Head left past where the airstream
had just been and head down the stairs.

Basement 6

Wait in the doorway and when the blue thing comes around the corner, whack it
with your boomerang and kill it. This room contains 6 large stones. You can
go up to each one and read what's on them, but since there's purple gas every-
where and time is counting down, I'll save you the trouble. Near the bottom of
the map a little right of the center is a floor switch. Step on it to stop the
air currents and approach the big red door. Tap it to zoom in. It represents
the layout of the room. The large stones in the room were laid out like this:

   1   2
   x   x
   3   4

So draw an hourglass shape on the door, starting from point one, going to two,
and then down to three and across to four, then back up to 1. The door should
open. In the next room, approach the large sunlike object. It will zoom in on
a map. Open your Sea Chart and select the south west quadrent that resembles
this map, only upside down. Close the DS. When you reopen it, the circle on
their map will have transferred to yours.  Hop on the blue panel that appears
and we're outta here.

3.20 - Getting the Crane

Okay, so now we know where's something deep in the ocean. But how do we get it?
Time to make a little pit stop. Where do we go when we want new stuff? The 
small island where we got the Cannon of course. Head back to the dock and set
sail for that island. Upon arriving, you'll get mail once more. Enter the house
and enter the small door into the second room where you met the man in the cast
and bandages. Talk to him and select the first option. A few lines of text will
go by, and there will be a pause, as if he's done talking. He's not. At this
point, blow deeply into the mic. Keep this up until he speaks again. He'll 
offer you the crane, but if you blew correctly, he'll drop the price down from
1,000 rupees to 200. Quite a deal. Accept. Now you have the crane! We don't
need anything else from these guys so head back to your ship and set sail for
that green spot on your map.

3.21 - At the Bottom of the Sea

Once you're over the green spot, tap the green icon in the bottom left hand
corner to bring up the menu, and then press the treasure icon. Use the sliding
scale at the bottom of the screen to lower the crane beneath the surface of
the water. Watch out for mines and other obsticles. Once you lock on to the
box at the ocean floor, you have to bring it back up carefully. Move the slider
left and ride to avoid hitting things, and pull it up or down to speed up or
slow down the rate of the crane's rise. Once you've pulled it back up to the
ship, you'll open it to find... the sun key!

Okay, now we have to head back to the island where we got the shovel. Plotting
a course there sounds easy enough right? It seems like it until you get near
the island. You suddenly get attacked by a giant sea plant. It will spit sets
of three green things at you. Hit them with your cannon or move to avoid them.
When his yellow eye gets revealed, hit it with the cannon. He'll close it
and go back to shooting green things at you. Wait for him to open his eye
again and attack it. Repeat this about five times until it dies. 

NOTE: TX-7410 has pointed out, that if you simply sit and wait, he will not 
open his eye. You must move your ship or else he'll just continue to spit at

Phew. Now we can dock at the island.

Once there, head to that hole we made last time we were here. Jump down the 
hole and head toward the door we skipped last time. We can now open the sun
door. Up the staircase, you'll end up outside. If you dig on the funnylooking
green patch, you can hop down another hole for a blue tear shaped crest. Head
back up the stairs and continue to the left. Along the way, you should see a
strange stone head sticking out of the ground up on a grassy ledge. Climb up
the stairs across from it so you are level with the ledge and toss your 
bommerang over to hit the head. It will shoot a blue beam out of its mouth.
Follow this rather linear path until you reach the temple. We can't get in yet
though. Head down to the right and whack the strange head statue. Tap it and
turn it to the left a few times so it's aimed at the temple door. Now head
down to the left and you'll get ambushed by two large creatures. Use your
boomerang to hit them from behind and then whail on them with your sword. Once
they are dead, another stone head will rise out of the ground. Whack that one
too. Spin it so it also faces the temple door.

The temple door will open once all three head's beams are aimed at it. So go
back and enter the temple. 

3.22 - Sun Temple

When you enter the temple, head north along the set path until you see a 
rolling log with spikes moving back and forth. Follow it and tuck yourself in
on the east wall so it will pass you by. The little yellow floortiles are safe
spots. Keep moving further down the hallway avoiding the spiked logs. When you
get to the last one, go down and you'll see a little yellow thing with blue
blades on it. It reacts to movement, so quickly run infront of in and then hop
out of the way. It takes a second for it to return to its original spot, so
sneak behind it and make your way down. Once you're past it, hit the floor
switch to open the blue door. Then head up the staircase to find a treasure
chest containing a key.

Head back around through the rolling spike logs again, but this time, when you
reach the last one, you should notice a small discoloration on the wall behind
it. Use a bomb to reveal a new path. Open the chest in this new path to get...
coral? Head back down and to the right and use the key on the door. Follow the
path until you reach a door that closes behind you. To defeat the catterpillar
creatures, attack the red spot on their butt. Go down the staircase beyond the
blue door.

Basement 1

Ride the moving block over to the left. On the second platform, knock the blue
creature into the pit. Take the next moving block further left. Move down onto
the passing block which is going right. It will stop and then head further 
left. On your way to the left, be sure to toss your boomerang at the switch up
above. Once the block reachest the furthest platform, move up the stairs. 

Floor 1

Avoid the electric ball snake here and head north and over the blocks which are
now down thanks to that switch. Place a bomb in the center of the northern wall
here to reveal a room with some important stuff. A new part for your boat, a 
red tear shaped crest, and a picture on the wall. Examine the picture. Open up
your B1 map and copy down the arrow. Head back into the main room. Toss a bomb
at the bricks to the right and kill the green chuchu. In the area to the right,
head down the left aisle and climb up the large platform. A giant yellow Pols 
Voice will drop down. Blow deeply into the mic and the Pols Voice will shrink 
in fear. Then attack it. It drops a key. Step on the floor switch down here to 
open up the path for later, then head back up north and use the key on the 
north door. Head up the staircase.

Floor 2

The puzzle solution for this room is something you'd never get, once again
because a gossip stone tells you the answer in Japanese. So I'll just tell you
now. You must pull the switches in the order: north, south, east, west. Avoid
the statues with the laserbeam eyes and the electric ball snakes. Pull the
levers in the proper order and a treasure chest will appear in the center of
the room. Go open it to find a square shaped crystal. Carry it to the door and
back down the stairs.

Floor 1

Go to the small platform in the center of the area and place the crystal in the
square on the floor. A door opens up north, so head there. 

Basement 1

This room looks like a giant pit. Glance up at the top screen at your map and 
you will understand what the arrow you drew is. It's a hidden path. Carefully
follow the invisible path along according to how it's written on your map. You
may see some enemies floating in the air towards you. Attack them quickly so 
they don't knock you into oblivion. When you reach the end of the hidden path,
you'll come off at a platform with a treasure chest. You got the bow and arrow!
Use your new item on the eyeball on the north wall to create a bridge. Follow 
the bridge down. Hit the weird light blue thing so it's facing to the right. 
Shoot an arrow at it and it will send the arrow to a switch. Head up the 

Floor 1

Defeat the enemies here and then shoot an arrow at the eyeball on the right. 
This opens the door right above you. So take it up north. Go back to where you
placed the crystal in the ground and take it back out. The door will close, but
now you will have the crystal again. Bring it back down through the door you 
just came out of and place the crystal in the second floor slot in the bottom 
left corner of the map. Head up the newly opened stairs.

Floor 2

In this room, use your bow to shoot the far off octorocks. Kill the ones on the 
center platform with your sword. Once they're all dead, a bridge will appear. 
Cross it. In the next area, ride the first black down. Get on the second block,
but turn and aim north. Pull out your bow and shoot the first eye. Cross to the
middle block and then the right block. Turn north and shoot another arrow at 
this eye. A chest will appear in the center of the north wall. Go back to the 
center block and ride it forward to get the chest. It's a red tear shaped 
crest. Now hop back on the center block and then the right one. Take the last 
block up and step off to the right. Avoid the spikey things and the laser eye
in the next room.

Head to the bottom left section of this little room and hop over the gap in the
floor.  Lay a bomb by the brown block to blow it up. Head back up into the room
and this time jump over the gap in the south east side. When the spikey enemey 
is on the right side of the screen, push the block down. Now head back into the
room around to the left side again. Push the block to the right. Head up and 
open the chest for a necklace. Then go down the stairs.

Floor 1

Avoid the electric ball snakes and hop over the gap on the left. Step on the 
floor switch to open the door and head down the stairs. Ride the block across 
to the right, and then step on the block moving north. Pull out your boomerang
and set its path to go through the first torch on the right and then through 
the remaining unlit torches on both sides. This will lower the spikes up north.
Jump onto the northern platform and take out the enemies here. Shoot your 
boomerang at the light blue thing in the air until it faces west. Then shoot an
arrow at it to hit a switch. Now you can head up north.

Through the door, you'll see another Pols Voice. Blow into the mic as you did 
before and kill it. He'll drop a key which you can use right on the door there.
Go up the stairs.

Floor 2

This room contains a funky little puzzle. The blue block you see is magic. It
follows whatever path you draw for it on your map. So pull out your map and 
draw a large path around the room, to get a feel for it and where the eyes are
that you must hit with your arrows. They're on the poles that you can see on 
your map. Lead the block in a circle around the room passing by each pole and
hitting the eye on each one as you go by. The only trick is that you have to 
hit them in the same order you pulled the levers earlier: north, south, east,
west. Once you're finished, lead it back to the starting point to open the 
chest with the Boss Key in it. Take the key and lead the block to the southwest
end of the room. Open the door and head on in.

3.23 - Boss 3: Crusty Crab

What do we have this time...? A giant enemy crab. Flip it over and attack its 
weak point for massive damage! Just kidding. Okay, for the first part of this 
fight, it goes invisible. The freaky part is that the top screen shows things
from the crab's perspective. This helps you out. Pick a spot and hold your 
ground. Pull out your bow and ready your arrow. When the crab sees you, it'll
come rushing towards you. When he does, turn yourself so that you're facing the
camera on the top screen. In other words, if on the top screen Link is looking
back at you, it means the crab is right infront of Link. Which means we know 
where he is. Which means we can shoot him. So right before the crab reaches 
you, let loose an arrow in his face. 

Now the crab's perspective will no longer be viewable, but you'll see a map 
like usual. It's too hard to find the front of the crab and shoot it though. So
fart around for a while and he'll go invisible again. His perspective returns 
to the top screen. Attack him the same way you did before. This time his shell 
will start to crack. Run up to him and hit him with your sword to help it 
along... Now he'll be naked. He has a blue thing on his tail. Run around back
of him and attack the end of his tail. If you're having trouble getting around
to the back of him, shoot an arrow at his face and he'll put his claws up for a
while. This gives you enough time to sneak around back. Hit his tail a few 
times and you're done.

Grab the heart in the chest as usual and head to the portal.

3.24 - A Minor Setback

Now we can head back to the docks. Just as we get there, the postman comes. And
this time, we actually care. Because someone sent us a present! A new part for 
our ship. How thoughtful. I'd like to know how he fit that in his toga. Anyway,
just as you get to the ship, you'll see the Old Man from the first island. He 
talks to Navi, and Link pulls out another Navi. The two Navis combine into a
new yellow Navi. Yay! Red and Blue will come out to play too. Now we can board
our ship, but we're not going straight home like normally. The Old Man says we
need to make a pit stop. 

As you set sail however, you spot another ship nearby with a woman standing on
it. She fires a warning shot at your ship. Fire one back at it and it will pull
up beside you. You'll board her ship. Down in her cabin, she'll come downstairs
and begin a fight with you. Don't bother trying to use arrows or bombs on her.
She's pretty good with that sword. Wait until she uses a thrust move where she
dashes forward and yells, then hit her back while she's vulernable. Do this 
three times to win. The pirate guy from your team pops out of a crate and you
get a blue rupee. Now you're back on your ship and free to sail.

UPDATE: This above event has actually happened to me more than once, so I am
assuming it is not part of the mandatory storyline, but rather something you
can come across while at sea.

Instead of heading home, we need to hunt down that ghost ship from earlier. If
you remember, when we were going throug those winding rocks, the ghost ship was
heading north. You don't have to go through the fog again to get there. You can
just go north from wherever you are on the lower map, and then on the top map
head northwest until you're above the rocks. You'll enter your ship. Talk to 
the pirate and he'll send you outside to steer.

Your Navis will come outside and join you. They will beep when you are getting
closer to the ghost ship. If Navi starts to beep quicker, you're really close.
If the beeping slows down, turn the steering wheel until you're close again.
Once you find the ship, you'll get on board.

3.25 - Ghost Ship Temple

Head left into the next room. Head left again and the door will close behind
you. Defeat the three ghosts. When you do, the doors will open. Continue left
and talk to the lady. Choose the first option. Head up north and you'll be
blocked by some spikes. Toss your boomerang up and to the left to hit the
swtich. Watch out for annoying Skultulas that try and knock you into the pit.
Hit the seconds switch on your way past and continue down the path. When you
reach the fire blocking your path, hop over the pit to the platform down south.
Run over the two sets of spikes over on the right as the go down. Open the
chest to get a triangle piece. Walk the piece back over the spikes and into the
area you came from. Carefully toss the piece over the pit and onto the northern
section of land. Hop over and pick up the piece, and set it in the triangle
base. This puts out the blue flames.

Go back to where you got the triangle piece, and this time hit the switch. Head
up north and talk to the lady. She'll join you. Lead her out into the open area
and down the newly opened stairs. 

Basement 2

If you get attacked, the stupid girl screams and alerts the spectral guard. So
try to kill enemies before they hit you. If she screams, you have to tap her to
talk to her before she'll continue following you. There's one spectral guard
patrolling the north area. Just lead the girl around the retractible spikes and
head towards the top left corner of the map. Also note, if you run too far 
ahead, the girl also gets scared and stops following you.

When you reach the top left corner, hit the switch and open the chests for a
yellow bottle and a silver rupee which brings another guard. Carefully avoid
the guards and lead her to the center of the room where you see a treasure
chest. Open it to find a square crystal. We need to bring this back upstairs,
so head back up the staircase in the center of the southern wall.

Basement 1

Once upstairs, place the crystal in the slot. The blue fire will go out. Follow
the linear path and lead the blue cloaked girl to the red cloaked girl. Looks 
like we need more. Head back to where you put the square crystal in the slot
and head back down the stairs.

Basement 2

If you'll notice, there is now a yellow cloaked girl icon in the top left
corner of the map. Head up there (which should be easy without a girl following
you) by avoiding the guard and talk to her. Leading her up to the other girls
is basically exactly what you just did with the last one, so it shouldn't be
anything new. Just retrace the same path you just used. It's pretty simple.
Looks like we're still not done yet though. Head back downstairs.

Basement 2

This time we wanna head to the bottom left hand corner of the map. There's a
staircase there. Once again this should be easy without a girl following you
around. Make your way down the stairs.

Basement 3

Down here, run all the way to the right and enter the far room. The door will
close. Kill the 5 Skultulas and the door will open and the fire will go out.
Go up a little and to the left to find a switch. Hit it. This lowers some 
spikes but also calls a guard. Avoid the guard and head further to the right
to see a stone in an alcove. Read it and it will say 2 4 5 1 3. Ok. Now head
back to where you saw the spikes open. Unfortunately there's a trapdoor right
beyond where the spikes were, so we can't just walk across. Luckily we have
the puzzle solution.

The numbers here don't refer to the switch numbers to hit, though. Instead they
refer to which switch you should hit first second third and so on. For example,
2 4 5 1 3 doesn't mean pull the 2nd switch then the 4th switch and so on. Don't
read it from left to right. Instead, see how the 4th number is a 1? That means
hit the 4th switch first. Get it? So if you assign the switch numbers to the
puzzle solution, it'd look like this:

switch:  1  2  3  4  5
puzzle:  2  4  5  1  3

So hit the 4th switch, then the 1st, then the 5th, then the 2nd, then the 3rd.
Once you do this, some spikes will go down. Run up and around to the left to
reach that area. In the room you can now access, you'll see tons of barrels. 
Remove the ones on the west wall and you'll see a floor switch. Step on it to
put out the last blue fire. Head up and around to where the blue fire was, and
you'll come to a dead end. One of the barrels is shaking however. Pick it up
to reveal a green cloaked girl under it. Time to lead her back.

Making it through this first room isn't too hard. Just be careful that all the
Skultulas that drop down don't scare her. Make your way to the staircase.

Basement 2

From here it's just more of the same. Lead her around by following behind the
path of the Spectral Guard. There's 1 or 2 Skultulas along the way. Make your
way to the central stairs and head up.

Basement 1

Nothing new here. Just lead her to the left and bring her to the others. Yay!
We finally got them all. But what's this? They turn into ghosts. They attack
you and a fight begins.

3.26 - Boss 4: Phantom Four

They will immediately begin floating around and shooting lasers down at you.
These lasers are pretty much constant so you have to move around alot to avoid
them. When they start shooting balls of light down at you, hit the balls with
your sword to knock them back up. (Phantom Gannon fight from Ocarina of Time,
anyone?) Do this twice and the red one will be defeated. The blue one will try
shooting the balls of light now. When you knock them back now, they won't just
hit the ghosts and hurt them. They will get knocked back to you, and you will
have to hit them back a 2nd time. Sometimes it will bounce back and forth
between them also. That gives you a breather for a moment, then when it comes
back down just hit it again. One by one the ghosts will die if you keep doing
this pattern. When there's one ghost left, it will shoot 3 energy balls out,
but only one of them is solid. The other two are swirly. The swirly ones can
not be knocked back, and they will hurt you. They also split apart into 4 small
energy balls if you don't hit them when they hit the edge of the ship, so be

Once you defeat the last ghost, you will receive the Phantom Key! A chest will
also appear with a heart container. When you're done, step on the blue light.

Before we leave, we have to go use this key. Do you remember a little skull
icon on your map that we haven't done anything with? That's where you go. So
head down to B2 and in the upper right corner you'll see the door. Use the
key. There'll be a cutscene where you see that Tetra has been turned to stone.
The Old Man appears and gives you a big long story. When it's finished, talk to
the pirate and you'll be on your way.

3.27 - Almost There

Ok. Now take a look at your Sea Chart. A while back we saw a map that had some
X's on it, so we copied them down. Well, let's go see what all that fuss is 
about. Sail a little east of where the pirate ship just was until you reach the
X you drew on your map a while back. You'll come to a small round shaped 
island. When you arrive, you'll immediately see that you have mail. Yay, a new
boat part. Head over to the only house on the entire island. From the look of 
it, it's a blacksmith. Talk to him. Then check out the picture on the back wall
to see that we need to draw a triforce symbol on the door in the Hourglass 
Castle. Now we can proceed.

First, let's make a stop though since it's on the way. We may as well check out
the other X we marked down on our maps before. So get back on your ship and 
head to the X we drew under the rocks south east of here. You'll spot another
island and dock there. When you land, you'll notice this place has no map. How
annoying. Anyway, there's a bunch of gossip stones on this island. We need to
hit them in a certain order. Since this island is shaped like a whale, we'll 
call the locations: Center, Tail, Spray, Fin, Eye. It sounds weird but the
locations will be totally obvious to you as you look around. Once you've hit
them in the right order, a bridge will apear leading to a cave. Head in there.

Go down into the next door and a Giant Gold Frog will give you a chalkboard.
This will eventually let us warp places on the sea, so yay for us. Now we can
finally get back on track. Head to your ship and set sail for the island with
the Hourglass Castle.

3.28 - Hourglass Castle Challenge 3

Once you're back at the Castle, there will be a loud rumbling and the ground
will shake. Enter the Castle and take a moment to smash the pots in the entry
room to stock up on arrows and bombs. We don't want to have to leave the
challenge because we're out. When you're ready, walk through the door. You'll
notice we get 14 minutes this time, but since we're going further down this
time we'll need them. Run through the first area and down the stairs.

Basement 1

Uh oh. Looks like we won't be rushing through this again after all. The guards
are now glowing red. That's not a good sign. Never the less, carry on as you
normally would and try to get the key to the door as quickly as possible. We
have done this several times now so it should be pretty easy. Try to use less
than a minute. 

Basement 2

Same thing for the next room. You know what to do, so do it as quickly as
possible. I'd say under a minute again. So by now you should still have 12
minutes left. 

Basement 3

This one takes a little bit longer than a minute. I had around 10:50 left.

Basement 4

Yadda yadda keep going. There's a pot here with +30 seconds in it if you want

Basement 5

Almost there.

Basement 6

Finally. Get to one of the floor switches to stop the air currents. Head to
the red door. This time, we're going to draw a triforce, remember? It must be
drawn like this:

1        /        5      /
        /               /
       /               /
      /               /______
     /               / \    /
    /               /   \  /
   /               /_____\/

2        /        6      /
        /               /
       /               /
      /               /______
     /               / \    /
    /               /   \  /
   /_____          /_____\/_____ 

3        /        7      /\
        /               /  \
       /               /    \
      /               /______\
     / \             / \    / \
    /   \           /   \  /   \
   /_____\         /_____\/_____\

4        /
     / \    
    /   \  

In the next room, there's a few nifty things. Talk to the skeleton on the left
and he'll open up a yellow portal. The yellow portal lets you warap to this 
floor of the Castle. That's right. We NEVER need to do these first 6 floors
again. Whew. There's also some pots to break, and a crest door. We want to move
on through the door.

Basement 7

You'll notice there's no ground. Lovely. Wait for a platform to slide in front
of the door and step forward onto it. Ride it to the left and then shift to the
next platform. Some arrows will shoot out of the left wall, so avoid them. Take
the last platform up and step off to the west.

The skeleton will talk to you. You'll notice that whenever you step through
the water, it makes a noise. Annoying. Run down to the bottom of the map and
when the guard isn't looking, head down the stairs.

Basement 8

When you get here, if you wait and watch your map, you'll notice a guard 
walking over what appears to be the pit on your map. How can this be? Wait till
he's out of the way and then head over to where you saw him walking. Step onto
the air and you'll see there's an invisible bridge. Take it across to the right
side of the room and head up the stairs.

Basement 7

The switch we need to hit in this room is in the bottom right hand corner, but
there's a guard watching over it. Head around the door you came out of clock-
wise and smash the red pot. Stand in it and wait for the coast to be clear. 
Move down the hall south a bit and dip into the space in the wall. Pull out the
boomerang and draw its path down and behind the guard to hit the switch. Once 
the switch is activated, quickly run to the fire that was just put out and hop
on the platform. Ride the platform up north. Switch to the second platform and
avoid the arrows. Get off on the left when you reach the end. In the chest is
a circle crystal. Step across the platform to the area on the right. Head south
to the lower part of the room now that the fire is gone. Step on the invisible
spot if you need to hide from the guard. Go to the very bottom and head in the

Basement 8

Carry the circle crystal across the invisible bridge and make your way 
carefully up to the hall in the top left corner of the map. Avoiding the guards
there, place the crystal in the circle crystal slot in the floor. The spikes
right above you will drop down, so head into that room. Step on the floor
switch which activates an air stream. Head north into the door.

Basement 9

Open the chest for the triangle crystal. There's fire in the way here, so head
back up the stairs.

Basement 8

The triangle crystal needs to go in the area thats in the yellow squares on the
map. It's in the top right section of the room. Carefully walk the crystal down
to the southern part of this floor. Walk across the invisible bridge once again
and make your way back to that red pot. Set your crystal down to re-smash the
pot and then grab your crystal and stand in the invisible spot. When the guard
passes by heading south, run to the west and set the crystal down. Quickly bomb
the block infront of the yellow squares, and set the crystal in its place. The
spikes to the south will lower, so head over there. Hit the switch in there to
open the door to the north. Then head to that door.

Basement 9

The last crystal we need is being held by one of the guards. Watch out for the
ghsot enemies that randomly come out of the walls. If they hit you you'll lose
time off your clock, but if you hit them you'll gain time. Make your way down
the right side of the map and then turn left near the bottom. You'll see one
of those light blue arrow devices. Use your boomerang to flip it so it's facing
left and then shoot an arrow in it. The arrow will kill one of the ghosts,
giving you some time. Flip the device again so it's facing north, and then time
an arrow so it hits the eye to the north when it's open. This will lower the
spikes to a small area on the left. Head over there and you'll see a floor
switch. Press it once to see what trapdoor it activates. When the guard with
the crystal walks over that area, step on the switch. Now go grab the crystal.

This last crystal just goes in the top left hand corner of this room, so walk
it there and set it in place. The fire will go out and you can leave via the

Basement 8

What we need to do now is get all three crystals and place them by the big door
on B9. Great. The first one's easy. Walk a little south and turn right and you
can take the crystal. The spikes go back up, so head to the left and then down.
There's a little airstream on the right, so ride it up to the wall and walk 
around until you're near the top. Then hop down by the door. Go down the stairs
to B9.

Basement 9

Put the crystal in its slot in front of the huge door at the center of the 
north wall. Then hightail it back upstairs, this time via the door on the right
side of the room.

Basement 8

Wait till the guard is out of the way, then grab the crystal and bring it back

Basement 9

Do I really need to say anything at this point? Once you get the crystal in,
you can grab the last crystal which is right here in the top left corner. Get
it and put it in its place. The door will open and you can head in. Open the
chest to get... the Sea Chart 3! This place was really long and annoying, so
let's get outta here. Take the blue portal.

3.29 - A Whole New World

Now that we have the East map, we should head over to that quadrent. As you
will probably notice, we'll be passing right over a red X on our map. So take
a moment to drop the crane down there if you want a boat part. Otherwise move 
on toward the east. When you appear on the next sea map, head toward the low
island closest to you. I got attacked by pirates at this point, but again, I
think this is random.

As you get near the island, a vortex will spin you around and the sky will grow
dark. Remember that one eyed plant we fought outside of the island with the
shovel? This is like that. Except it's an ugly black flying whale thing. Yea.
He has three glowing eyes on each side of his body. You want to aim for these
with your cannon. I'm pretty sure you're a sitting duck during this fight,
meaning you can't move. Just hit three of the eyes on one side and he'll twirll
over. Hit the other three while avoiding the enemies and electricity balls he
shoots at you. You can knock the electricity balls away with your cannonballs.
Once he's dead, dock at the island.

3.30 - Goron Island

There's a bunch of Gorons outside here. Talk to each of them along the way,
including the ones inside the caves. (Which are actually their houses...) 
There's a shop in the bottom left hand corner of the island if you need it. 
Make your way over to the left, then up, then right. You'll reach a sign, and
the screen will pan down to reveal that there's a little Goron a little south 
of you standing by a switch. We want to get him to hit the switch for us. So 
position yourself at the edge of the landmass facing towards him and yell into 
the mic. He steps on the switch and a bridge appears for you. Before crossing,
head north to talk to a Goron in a cave and a Goron to the left. The one on
the left will complain about the electric chuchus in the area. Go back down
and cross the bridge. 

Talk to the Goron who stepped on the switch, along with the one in the far east
cave, and the one blocking the path to the north. There's also one between the
bridge and the cave. He will point out a spot on your map. So head up north and
enter the door. Talk to the Goron chief and his son. When you're done, head 
back to the Goron who was complaining about the chuchus. Use the shovel to dig
up the dirtpatch and ride the airstream to the high platform. Use your bow to 
shoot the chuchus from across the gap. The little Goron will give you a map, 
marking a red X on your 3rd sea chart. No good deed goes unrewarded. Now head
back to the chief. (You'll know you've talked to every Goron when Navi pulls
you aside)

First he'll charge you 20 rupees. Accept by choosing the top choice. He will
then ask you 6 questions. The questions are always the same, but the order
is random. So I'll list them by the choices he gives you: 

If the choices are:                     Then the answer is:

4, 5, 6  				6

12, 13, 14  				14

12, 14 					14

3, 4, 5 				4

5, 6, 7 				6

7, 6, 5 				7

6, 7 					6

36, 46, 56				46

Different Japanese symbols		Top option

3, 4, Japanese symbol			3

(Thanks to Heeroryu for figuring out the solution to that last question.)

As you can see, there are more than 6 questions he might as, but he'll only
choose 6 of them. There may even be more than the ones I have listed here. If
anyone comes across any others, please e-mail me and let me know.

When you're finished, he'll scare you by getting a mean look on his face like
you failed, but then he'll smile and throw confetti. Yay. Talk to the son and
he'll go run off. Go talk to the Goron who stepped on the switch for you. He'll
highlight a spot on your map to the left. Go to that spot. You'll see him but 
he'll disappear again. Talk to the switch boy again to find his new location. 
It's by the blocked path on the east. Head to that place next. The gatekeeper
will let you through. Head north.

Ooooo... a maze. It's not really much of a maze. Just blow up all the cracks
in the walls. You'll find a floor switch in the center which lowers the spikes
so you can reach a chest in a bit. The only "hard" part about the maze is that
you'll be stuck in there forever if cracks are the only thing you're looking
for. You'll notice that whenever there's a crack, the floor on the otherside
of the wall will have a swirly marking on the floor. There's one spot near the
left side of the maze where the floor up to the north has the swirly marking,
but there's no crack on the wall. Bomb the wall anyway and it'll create an
opening just like the cracked areas do. Proceed. Head down and to the right
once you're out of the maze if you want the chest with a red tear shaped crest.

Kill the creature in the sand with some bombs and the spikes will go down. Step 
on the floor switch to connect this area back to the front of the island so we
can get back easier. Then enter the building.

3.31 - Goron Temple

Okay. When you enter, there will be a few things to note around you. There's 
some pots of hearts up north. There's some quicksand to the northeast. Touching
it at all will make you sink. You can't wade in and out of it like in Twilight
Princess. Head over to the southeast, avoiding the statue with the laser eye.
Go up and around to the left avoiding another laser eye and step on the floor
switch. This lowers the spikes up north. Unfortunately, they go back up as soon
as you step off. So head up a little ways and tap the statue to begin dragging
it down. Pull it along the path on the floor and rest it on the switch. Now you
can pass.

Moving up you'll see a big gate. Continue past that for now until you reach a
statue that will begin hopping towards you when you get near it. Pull out a 
bomb and toss it at the statue to make it stop. Drag it up the path and rest it
on the switch to get that gate door we saw to open. Head back to the right and
up through where the gate was. This room has another one of the statue guys in
it, so bomb him and drag him to the left to open a bridge up north. Pull out
your shovel and dig up the dirt patch at the top of this room. Ride the current

As you probably noticed earlier, there was a switch underneath where the bridge
just appeared. So take the bomb plant in this area and toss it down under the
bridge. Then make sure you're over by the little square on the east part of the
floor to open the chest that will appear for two or three seconds before it
disappears. It contains a map with a red x on it.

Run along to the left and pass over the bridge. Hop down into the room on the
left and toss a bomb between the two statues that leap at you. The south gate
will open. Move down into the next room and step on the floor switch to lower
the spikes. Now stand over on the east edge of this area and shoot an arrow to
the right at the eye in the distance. It will make a chest appear with a red

Head over to the left. You'll see a crack in the wall. Bomb it and enter the
hole to see that you're blocked in by quicksand. You can tell from in here
though that there is another door immediately to the east. So leave the room
and this time bomb two wall sections to the right of where the crack was. Enter
the hole. Go down the stairs at the north end.

Basement 1

The door will close behind you and you'll have to fight two flaming skulls. 
Don't run recklessly into the room though since there are some laser eyes here.
Once the skulls are defeated, the door will reopen and some spikes to the south
west will lower. Head down there. Work your way along the path until you get to
an item plant. Link will notice the little Goron trapped over on the right. 
Select "OK" when you're given a choice. A blue creature with one eye will 
appear right next to you. Use your arrows to hit his eye, then attack with your
sword when he's dazed. After you defeat him, the little Goron will speak again.
Choos the first option. Press the new icon at the top of your screen to switch
to the little Goron.

Take a second to get use to controlling the little Goron. Tap him and move
around and he will roll. You can break rocks and kill enemies this way. Have
him roll over all the armored chuchus that are hiding in the area and the
spikes by Link will lower. Switch back to Link and head south. There are some
sand LikeLikes here, so feed them bombs. Stepping on the floorswitch here
doesn't look like it does much, but step on it anyway and then switch back to
little Goron. The spikes in his area are now lowered. Roll him fast and he'll
leap over the pit to the left. Stand him on the switch and swap back to Link.

Have Link open the new treasure chest for... Bombchus! Sweet. The spikes below
little Goron will go down, so switch back to him. Have him roll over all the
enemies in this area to open the gate. Switch back to Link and have him back-
track to the left and down the now-open gate. Defeat the enemies here for a
chest. You got a yellow... thing!... with a ... bug in.. it? Ok. The spikes
to the east will lower. Take out your newly aquired bombchus and send one in
the little hole. You do this by drawing a line of where you want it to go on
the map. Have it go through the hole and around the corner down to the switch.
This will lower the spikes on the left. Little Goron heads into the hole over
on his side, so don't worry about him. Head through the left hall. Head down
the north stairs above.

Floor 1

Send a bombchu through the hole to hit the switch on the left. This makes a 
bridge leading back to the exit. Now go back down the stairs.

Basement 1

This time head down the lower staircase.

Basement 2

Kill the Like Like and head up to the top. Kill the armored chuchu hiding in
this area and the position yourself near the switch. Pull out a bombchu and
plot its course to go down, up through the hole in the wall, up through the
next hole and to the switch. When the bombchu reaches the switch, have Link
attack the switch he's standing next to. If you hit them both at the same time,
the spikes to the left will go down. Head down the new stairs. 

Basement 3

Defeat all the enemies here for a chest with a red rupee. Hit the red switch
to turn it blue which lowers the red blocks up above. Send a bombchu through
the hole, and as it passes over the red blocks, have Link hit the switch again
so the bombchu can pass over the blue blocks. It should hit the switch to lower
the spikes to the north east of you. In that area, toss bombs at the hopping
statues and drag them onto each of the floor switches. After you get all 4,
the spikes to the south east will go down. Follow the pathway and you'll see
there's a boss door here. Go up the stairs for now.

Basement 2

Step on the floor switch to the left to make a bridge appear, making a shortcut
here for later. Head through the door and it will close behind you. Defeat the
two cyclops creatures the way you did before. Exit to the upper left when 
you're finished. Along this path you'll see a switch. Don't bother hitting it 
now. Kill the enemies in this area and head up to the spikes in the upper left 
region. Send a bombchu down to hit the timed switch. Run over the spikes when
they go down. In the next room, wait for the snakes to come attack you and kill
them. Some of them probably won't notice you, so use bombchus to kill the ones
that are far off in the quicksand. Killing them all earns you a chest with 
another yellow bug-filled thing. Yay. Send two bombchus to the far corners of 
the quicksand to hit the switches, making a big chest appear. Head back to 
where the spikes are blocking you and send a bombchu down to the left to hit 
the switch. Run across and go claim your chest. As expected, it's the boss key.
Take the key back down to B3.

Unlock the boss door. Head through the cave and stock up on hearts. Go down the

Basement 4

Stock up on Bombchus and then head through the door.

3.32 - Boss 5: Dodongo

At the start of the battle, little Goron will come out of a hole at the north
end of the stadium. You'll be given control of him. To switch back to Link,
use the botton at the top of the screen as before. For the most part we want
to use little Goron for now. Roll repeatedly into the Dodongo's side, and he 
will eventually fall over and be "knocked out." If you just try to control 
little Goron by dragging the stylus, you will just keep getting repelled off
Dodongo because of the armor plating. You have to repeatedly double-tap the 
Dodongo for little Goron to do a powerful roll which will be strong enough to
start tipping him. So it's tap tap, quick pause, tap tap, quick pause. Once 
he's knocked out, quickly switch to Link and send a bombchu over to Dodongo's
mouth. Also pay attention during this entire ordeal to each character's icon at
the top of the screen. If it says Danger! switch to that character and get rid
of the snakes that are usually the cause. After Dodongo eats three bombs, he 
will collapse and the door will open. Little Goron will leave and a bridge will

But wait, there's more! The bridge diappears and Dodongo wakes up. Now Link
must fight this battle alone. You'll notice he now has a big blue thing on his
back. Interesting. Avoid the large spray of flames that he'll start off with.
Then avoid the fireballs he spits. When he begins sucking in, you'll see a
little whirwind infront of him. Toss one of the bombplants into the vortex and
he'll accidentally eat it. When he collapses, hit the blue ball on his back
with your sword as many times as you can. Repeat this entire process three or
four times. In between each time you're waiting for him to inhale, watch out
for his attacks, especially his flamethrower attack since it has the longest
range. Once you've hit him enough times, he'll die, this time for real.

Open the chest to claim your heart. This time there's no portal, so head north
through the door. Head up to the stairs and take the red crystals. Little 
Goron will leave and now you're portal will appear.

This time, we don't head right off to our boat. Instead, report back to the
chief Goron. He'll applaud you for saving his son. You'll get some rupees as
a reward. Now you can leave. Head to the boat and we're on our way.

3.33 - Moving Along

Once at sea, plot a course for the other major island in this quadrent, in the
top right corner. You should be able to get there without any problems. Once
you arrive, some flying enemies will appear. They respawn, so take them out if
they're in your way, otherwise ignore them. You'll notice we can't actually
dock here since the island is covered in ice. So plot a course in a circle
around the island and shoot at the sections of ice with your cannon. Make sure
to hit each section, and eventually the island underneath will be revealed.
Dock at the southwestern corner and head onto the island.

This island is home to some strange penguin like creatures with antlers. Head
to the third house and speak to the one with the beard. Choose the first option
he gives you three times. Now head out and go up to the top of the island where
there are 6 houses. Enter each house and speak to its inhabitant. After you've
visited all 6, head back into the one in the middle of the top row. Speak to
the penguin creature again and choose the first option twice. He'll reveal that
he's not really one of them, he is a yeti.  

Go back to the chief's house and report to him what you've discovered. Now head
to the east side of the island where a penguin creature is blocking your path
to the cave entrance. Choose the first option, and he'll let you pass. Head 
through the cave and out the other end.

In this inclosed area, there are several yetis. Kill them by tossing a bomb at
them when they are sucking in air, and then whailing on them when they're dizzy
from eating the bomb. There are bomb plants, but I prefer using my own bombs
so that I don't have to worry about them blowing up early. After you defeat the
entire group, the ice spikes to the north east will melt. Head up there now.

The spikes will rise up behind you and the yeti from the village will attack.
Kill him the same way you fought the others. He doesn't even take any more hits
than they did. Head up to enter the ice temple.

3.34 - Ice Temple
Walk into the temple and head north. This first section is nothing you haven't
done before. Hit the switch to lower the blocks. Step over the first set and
then boomerang the switch to lower the second set of blocks. Walk over the ice
bridge avoiding the spikey enemies. Head to the left and step on the floor
switch to open the door. Head back up the ice bridge. Standing at the top, send
a bombchu down over the bridge (carefully) and into the main room to hit the
switch. Take the staircase.

Floor 2

Take the staircase.

Floor 3

Some more simple puzzles. Head to the bottom of the room and cross the ice 
bridge. Hop up onto the post and toss your boomerang north to hit the switch.
Head over to where the spikes melted and cross the ice bridge. There are hints
to the order you must pull the levers in this room, but they're in Japanese, so
I'll provide the answers. Pull the levers in this order: 1, 4, 3, 2. This will
open the staircase just south of you. Head over there and climb the stairs so
you're on the higher level of this room. Take the ice bridge up north. Kill the
skulls up here and take the ice bridge left. Kill more skulls here and take the
ice bridge south. Toss a bomb over the edge of the wall to the west and have it
hit the switch down below. This will switch the red blocks to the up position
but lower the blue blocks.

Head back around to where you first climbed up on to the higher level of this
floor and walk left across the newly-opened ice bridge. From this little island
you are capable of hitting all 4 switches on the higher floor in one boomerang
path. So draw a line with your boomerang hitting the switches in this order:

  2      1

  3      4

A key will drop. Use the boomerang to snatch it. Head back to the right and
then up to unlock the door. Take the stairs down.

Floor 2

The door will close behind you and you will have to face two yetis. They're
just as easy to take out as before. Open the chest that appears to get... the
hookshot! You're able to use this on all those polls you've hopped on to in
the past. So take out your new toy and hookshot over to the pole in the upper
left corner. Climb down the south stairs.

Floor 1

Kill the enemies here. Now stand a little ways infront of the center statue
on the north wall, and use your hookshot. The statue will now match the other
two and the ice spikes will melt. Hookshot over to the post in the southeast
side of the pit. Step on the floor switch to open the door. We're back in the
main hall! Now that we have the hookshot we can lower both statues. Do so. The
ice spikes in the left room will melt, so head down the stairs. 

Basement 1

Bomb the crack in the wall. Step on the floor switch to make a chest appear.
Go back down and hookshot across the pit by locking onto the chest. Open it
for a red rupee, then step on the floor switch to create a bridge. Bomb the
wall north of the chest and head up. Use your boomerang to hit all 4 switches
in a circle, which will melt the spikes. Draw a hookshot line from one of the
posts to the one across the pit. It will form a tightrope. Walk to the center
of the tightrope and shoot an arrow north at the eye. This will melt the spikes
back in the far left room. Continue to the right and move along the path until
you see another statue in the top right corner. Pull out your hookshot and keep
as far away from the statue as possible, then lock it on. You'll pull the
tongue out real far This will melt the spikes in the bottom area temporarily.
Run as fast as you can to the area the spikes were in and cross over them to
get a key from the chest. Push the block up north out of your way.

Step on the floor switch to make a bridge and head back to the left. Go back
up to where the statue was and unlock the door. Stand outside the doorway and
shoot your boomerang in to hit the switch. With the red blocks down, you can
now hookshot your way to a post in the west side of the room. No point in doing
that yet since the door is locked. So tightrope your way back to the west side,
and head back to the area next to the staircase. Wind your hookshot for a few
seconds once again as farth south as you can go, and hookshot the statue. You 
now have a few seconds to get all the way to the north door. Hoo boy.

This should be fun. Quickly run over the bridge and head north. Hookshot the
post on the ice island in the nortwest. Walk to the north edge of the island
and hookshot the post on the island north of here. Run to the east edge of
this island and hookshot to the post to the east. Keep doing this until you
reach the door. When you make it, ignore the boss door and head to the right.
Go down the stairs. 

Basement 2

In this room, head to the upper left hand corner. Hookshot to the torch across
the pit. Move along to the right and the door will close behind you. You'll 
have to fight another yeti. The ice spikes melt, revealing a post. Use your
hookshot to make a tightrope. Cross it carefully. Kill the skull to the north
first and then make another tightrope. Once you've crossed that, make a new
tightrope on the two posts. Don't jump on it though, instead move around to
the left side of it and walk to the right. You'll lean back on it like a 
slingshot and shoot yourself over to the west island. Head up the stairs and
hit the switches with a spin attack. 

Hookshot back over to the post on the right. Work your way back to the southern
room. You'll see a new chest has appeared but there's spikes in the way. So
move along to the right where a new door has opened. Create a tightrope on the
two torches and shoot yourself onto the ice above. Then hookshor yourself left
and then up, until you see an eye. Fire an arrow at it. Hope down and enter the

Hop to the line in the center of the room and stand at the north end. Create a
tightrope across the two posts. Then, facing south, shoot an arrow down at the
rope. It should bounce back and hit the eye. Do this for both eyes. Open the
chest that appears for a key. Head south and then east and step on the floor
switch to create a bridge. Unlock the door in the east. Head into the next
room and the door closes. Kill the yeti and the skulls. Leave this room and
enter the now open door on the right. Hookshot to the south end of the room
and then hop on the post. Hookshot to the post slightly north. Hop onto that
post and hookshot to the highest one. Step on the floor switch to melt some 
spikes a little to the west. Hop down and enter the new area.

Carefully follow this thin ice path until you reach a floor switch. This melts
the ice spikes blocking the treasure chest. Finally. By now you should be
praying that the treasure is the boss key. Luckily it is. Take it up the stairs
and unlock the boss door.

3.35 - Boss 6: Sea Dragons
I originally said here that this boss was hard to get back to if you died, but
as Peter Butler has pointed out, if you tap the gravestone looking thing on the
right just before the boss then it opens a warp to allow a teleport from the 
start of the dungeon to the boss. So there ya go.

Okay, this is pretty easy. There's two dragon heads on the top screen. On the
lower screen Link is standing on a platform with 4 posts. As usual, we have to
use our new toy. Basically what we do is create a tightrope that causes the
enemie's projectiles to bounce back and hit his partner. So if these are the

    1      2
    3      4

then I can use numbers to describe how to make each tightrope. If the left head
shoots a fireball at you, create a tightrope from 1 to 4. If the right head
shoots a fireball at you, create a tightrope from 3 to 2. After their fireball
bounces back and hits the other dragon, one of them will lunge forward and bite
your tightrope to destroy it. They come down pretty far so stand as far back
as you can. They may also lunge foward a second time to try and bite you. Avoid
this as well.

After hitting them 2 or 3 times, they'll sink into the water. As soon as they
do, hop up onto one of the four posts. A tidal wave will wash over the screen,
but Link will be protected. Some chunks of ice will then fall and float down
towards you. Hop down and avoid them. The dragons will come back and you'll
have to repeat the first process. This time, their masks should come off. Hop
on a post again as the next tidal wave comes.

After avoiding the ice chunks again, the dragons will rise once more. This time
they will keep lunging forward and trying to bite you. With their masks off,
you can now see that their tongues have a hook on the end. After they come in 
to try and bite you, they'll move back and stick their tongues out. Attach your
hookshot to one of the 2 remaining posts, and then lock the other end onto one
of the dragon's tongues. There'll be a little glowing mark when you're success-
ful. The dragon will collapse on the platform and you're free to whail away at
him with your sword. Do this 2 or 3 times and they'll dive under water again.
Time for another tidal wave and more ice chunks.

This part is pretty easy, because if you stand far enough back on the platform
the dragons actually can't reach you. So keep doing this until you've killed
both heads. When you're done, get the heart from the chest and move forward
since there's no portal. Go up the stairs and take the blue crystals. Your
portal will appear, so you may now go step on it.

We now have everything we need to visit the Hourglass Castle again.... oh joy.
Luckily we have that yellow warp that will let us skip the first 6 floors. The
routine is the same, so I'll assume you can make your way back to the castle
from here. If you take the southern route back, you'll probably come across a
golden frog. It's just a little south of the center of this quadrent. Hit him
and he'll show you the Omega symbol. 

    /    \
   |      |
   |      |
  __\    /__

Now we have this as a warp point. Continue on to the Hourglass Castle.

3.36 - Hourglass Castle Challenge 4

When you enter, step on the yellow panel to warp to the 6th floor. (Or go redo
floors 1-6 again, if you want to.) You'll lose whatever time it took you to get
there last time off of your counter. The hourglass gives you 18 minutes total
this time, so it'll subtract it from that. Head down the stairs to B7. We have
to do floors B7-9 again, with a slightly different twist at the end. So if you
need your memory refreshed, go back up to the Hourglass Castle Challenge 3 part
of this guide. Follow it until you get to the large door in B9. This time, when
putting the crystals in the slots, do it in this order: square, circle, 
triangle. Head through the door. The screen will shake. Collect the items from
the pots and then head back out of the room. You should have about 9 and a half
minutes left at this point. (including the +30 you get from the pot in this
room) You are now magically on the 10th basement floor. 

Basement 10

The guards on this floor can teleport. Great. From the doorway, use your
bombchus to take out 2 of the blue alarm things through the hole. Then use a
bombchu to hit the switch where the blue alarm thing on the right was. This
will lower the spikes on the left hallway. Head over to the top left corner of
the room and you'll see a boulder. Stand north of it and push it downward. It
will roll and kill the guard holding a key in that aisle. Head down a steal the
key he drops. Run back up the aisle and head to the right side of the map when
the guard on that side is heading south. Step on the post you see at the north
wall and hookshot to the next post. Stand on that post and hookshot to the last
post. Push the rock up here south to kill the 2nd guard. This makes a chest
appear back on the left side, but inside the walls where we can't reach.

Head down south to the bottom of the map and you'll see a section of the wall
that you can bomb. Move along inside these walls and you eventually come around
to the chest. It contains a large rupee. Use your shovel to dig up the dirt
patch to create an airstream. Hit the switch below you to lower the spikes on
the right side of this inner area. Head around to that side and enter the next
layer. Kill the last blue alarm thing and a chest will appear. Head around to
the left and you'll see a floor switch down south. Step on it to lower the left
set of spikes. If you want the chest, you'll have to exit out to the outter-
most area and stand on the post at the south end of the map. Then you have to
hookshot to the treasure chest. I wouldn't bother since it's just another large
green rupee. Unlock the door in the center of the maze.

Basement 11

Hoo. There's a lot of stuff going on in this room. Try to kill as many of the
blue alarm things as you can from the doorway with your boomerang. Carefully 
head up and around to the northeastern corner of the map. Pull the level to
make a bridge extend. Killing the blue alarms along the way and avoiding the
guards, make your way to the top left corner and pull the lever there too. Now
head just south of where you pulled the right lever and you'll see a dirt patch
on the floor. Dig it up and ride the aircurrent onto the higher platform. Step
on the floor switch on the right, and then head down the bridges to step on
the floor switch on the left. Hop back down and head to the very south wall,
coming at it from the left. There will be another dirt patch. Dig it up and
ride the aircurrent up. Step on the floor switch here.

Now for the hardest part. We need to hit the switch in the very bottom right
hand corner of the map to make the last bridge appear, but this one's on a 
short timer. So position youself in the very center of the aisle that has the
three doors and send a bombchu over to hit the switch. As soon as it's on its
way, run to the left and down and ride the aircurrent up to the next level.
Just as you get up there the bombchu should be hitting the switch, so the
bridge will appear. Quickly run to the left and cross the bridge, and step on
the floor switch. This is the last one so the blue door on the left will open.
Drop down and enter it.

Basement 12

Pull the lever here to lower the spikes. Head around the corner up north, kill-
ing the blue alarm thing. Run to the very top left corner of the map and smash
the red pot to make an invisible spot. Open the chest at the top of this room
for a Triforce Shard. Doing this will make a new guard appear. Use the 
invisible spot as needed and carefully walk the Shard to the room in the center
of the north area. The floor to the south is all covered in water, so walk
slowly. Avoid the guard down here and head to the south east. Kill the blue
alarm thing. Head north to the top area and break the red pot. Same deal here.
Triforce Shard in the chest. Guard appears. Yadda yadda. Walk this shard all
the way around avoiding the guard in the center of the room and place it in its

The last shard is held by the guard. Use your hookshot to snatch it, and put it
in the last slot. The door will open, so head down the stairs.

Basement 13

Open the chest to receieve... Sea Chart 4! A blue portal will appear in the
top left corner, so let's mosey on out of here.
3.37 - The Four Corners of the Earth

Head to your boat and set sail as usual. Move to south east quadrent of the 
map, and then plot a course for the new north east quadrent. When you get there
you'll notice two major islands. One blocked off by a rocks and a whirwind and 
the other surrounded by just rocks. Head to the second one. Watch out for
sharks in this area. If you take the southern route here, which I don't see
why you wouldn't, you'll probably come across another golden frog. It's by the
three rocks in the south east. He'll show you this symbol:
    / |
   /  |

We now have this as a warp point. Continuing on, there seems to be an abundance
of pirates and sharks in this area. So be really careful. When you make it to
the island, dock and enter.

3.38 - Oasis Island

Enter the cave and read the book on the center table. Then read each of the 
books on the tables along the north wall. Now head to the exit to the left. 
Outside, kill the two rupee LikeLikes with bombs. Watch out for the skeletons
along the path, as these ones aren't the friendly spirits you've seen around.
Attack them once and their heads fall to the ground. Then attack their head to
kill them. Head to the tree in the very bottom right hand corner of the island.
Standing on the last little tile on the ground, move thirteen floortiles to the
left and then seven floortiles up. Dig on the grass to find a hole. Jump down
in it.

Bomb the crack and head in the opening. Get the rupees and the chest here and
head back out. Follow the path along avoiding the boulders and keese and head
up the stairs. Ontop this high platform, shoot your boomerang at the switch to
the left to open the graveyard door. You can also get a treasure map in a chest
up here to the right. Hop down and enter the graveyard. 

Make your way to the north east corner and enter the pyramid. Kill the 
skeletons here and read the gravestones. They give you the order for the 
pyramid puzzle. So head out of here and make your way to the north east corner
of the island and enter the pyramid. This place is like the Lost Woods. Go the
wrong way and it just keeps repeating. The correct path is north, east, south,
east, east, north, north. You'll end up in a room with 4 pillars. Head up and
talk to the spirit. Choose the top option and he'll open the door. Head on in.

Open the chest up here for a pendant. The spirit will come out here and yack
some more. Choose the top option. Now we can leave. Hop down and head to your
boat. This pendant will help us get through the whirlwind blocking the other
island in this quadrent. So head there now. Once again, be careful of sharks
and pirates.

If you want to speed things alot, we can practice warping right now. Tap the 
green icon on your map and then tap the chalkboard. Draw the symbol we learned
recently on the chalkboard. You'll be teleported to where the frog was on this
quadrent. Nice. So head a little further to the left and try to enter the
island. The whirlwind will shrink and you are free to dock.

3.39 - Pyramid Island

Upon landing, head north into the cave. Go around the path and the door will 
close behind you. An enemy will leap out of the water and you'll have to fight
him. When you defeat him, a bridge appears, so cross it. Leave the cave. Out-
side, you'll begin a "maze." It's actually pretty easy, so I won't bother to
write out directions. Just watch out for the LikeLikes hidden all over the
paths. When you finish, head up the stairs and hop off the platform to the
right. Kill the skeletons and follow the tiles on the floor around. Avoid the
boulders and keep climbing the stairs and following the grass until you reach
the pyramid in the top left corner of the map. Exmaine the large object with
the keyhole on it and then move to the back of the pyramid and talk to the
spirit. Pick the top option both times. Now head back out.

As you leave, a bridge will extend. Take this new bridge and once again follow
the tiles on the floor. Ignore everything along the way and head to the right
and then up to the pyramid in the north east corner. Avoid the boulders and
arrows, and watch out for the trapdoor before the stairs. Continue till the
end and speak with the spirit here. He'll give you a gold key. Exit the room.
You can just hop off here to get to the exit door.

Now that we have the key, head back to the north west pyarmid again and use the
key on the lock. This will cause the water level to drop. Go outside and move
to the east side of the island. Only this time, head south once you're there. 
Roll the boulder on the right out of your way so you can pass. Climb up the 
stairs and roll the other boulder to the left so it smashes another boulder to
the left. Hop down and enter the new area. Defeat the skeletons here and then
stand south of the boulder. Push it up once, and then roll it to the right. It
should roll across the bridge and smash another boulder. Head up and open the
chest for a blue tear shaped crest. This time, push the first boulder to the
right once, and then push it down. It will smash a boulder to the south letting
you continue. 

Climb the stairs to the left and step on the floor switch to connect the 
islands. Then head around the back (north) end of the pyramid and hook around
to the front. Enter. Speak to the spirit here and he'll open the blue door
outside. Leave the pyramid and head through where the blue door was. The 
tablets on this island tell you what to draw on the red door at the end. I'll
provide it here:
start ---->

     |  o  |
     | / \ |
     |/   \|
     o     o       

The door should open. Head up and kill the skeletons. When you get to a bridge,
2 large enemies will jump out. Hit them from behind and kill them. The blue
door to the north opens. You may now enter the temple.

3.40 - Sand Temple

This temple is full of boobytraps, so be careful. When you enter, you'll see
two switches to the north. Head up to the left and step onto the moving blocks. 
While standing on the left block, pull out your boomerang and have it go around
the corner to hit the left switch. Immediately run to the left (against the
north wall so you don't fall in the trapdoor) and pray that the moving block is
close enough to you that you can hop on it and ride it to the right. If not 
then just repeat the process. Once you get on the platform to the right, run up
the bridge before it disappears.

Then up and enter the room up north and the door will close behind you. Kill 
the two skeletons and a bridge will be made. Take it up and step on the floor 
switch to light the torch. Leave this area by going back down and this time 
walk all the way around the hall to the left and step on the floor switch to
open the door and connect the areas. Follow it back to the starting area. This
time, head to the north east and set a bomb on the discolored floor tile to 
create a hole. Go back down and stand between the hole and the switch on the 
right. Send your boomerang down to hit the switch, and then run up through the
door but watch out for the trapdoor. Cross the bridge and head down to the
right. Step on the floor switch to make a shortcut, then head back up and go
through the door. It will close behind you. Once again defeat the skeletons. 
Take the new bridge up and step on the floor switch to light the other torch.
The spikes will drop and you can proceed down the stairs.

Basement 1

Kill or ignore the skeletons and head south. Cross the bone bridge and head up
the stairs.

Floor 1

You can't do anything here yet so avoid the shells and head up the stairs.

Floor 2

Open the door and follow the path through the maze. There are lots of Rupee
LikeLikes hiding here so be careful. There's a chest with some coral(?) on the
left. Take the east side down to find the stairs to exit. There's yet another
switch you can't seem to hit yet so head up the stairs.

Floor 3

The door will close behind you and you'll be faced with some skeletons and a
Rupee LikeLike hiding on the right side. Defeat them and a chest will appear.
Open it to receive... the hammer! I bet I know what we can do now. Head back
down the stairs.

Floor 2

Whip out your new massive hammer and hit the floor switch to open the blue door
to the north. It's funny how you use it. Your fairy actually holds it for you
so Link doesn't even need to be near the object you want to smash. Heh. Anyway,
in the next room, use it on the button on the floor, but hold the stylus on the
hammer for a second before you smash it down and it will get larger, making the
attack stronger. You'll flip over into the next room. Keep using it on the
buttons you see until you're up on a platform with more shells. You can use the
hammer on them to flip them and then kill them. Hope down to the right and go
back down the stairs.

Floor 1

Kill the shells here and pound the switch to open the door. Head down the 

Basement 1

Head up the stairs on the very left and push the boulder to the right. It will
smash the other boulder, so cross the bone bridge, then over the left one. Pass
through the door and it will close. Kill the two skeletons. Head down the

Basement 2

Pound both switches to get the spiked log moving. Head down to the pit. Wait
for the moving block and then step on it. Have your hammer out and pound on all
the switches off to the left and right, along with the skeletons. Switch to the
second moving platform when it reaches you. When you hit the last switch, the 
spike log at the bottom of the area should move out of your way. There's a
green tear shaped crest down in the bottom left corner if you want it. Head up
the little stairs here and open the chest for a key. Take the stairs up.

Basement 1

Step on the floor switch to open the door to the north. Cross the bone bridge
up above and unlock the door with your new key. Hit the pyramid in this room
to flip it and lower the water level. Hop down onto the brown tiles and head to
the left. Head west until you see a bunch of red and blue tiles with X's and 
O'son them. The tablet here says we need to get them to all be O's. When you
hit one tile, it inverts that tile and the ones around it. So hit the tile in
the center will your hammer and all 9 will flip to O's. That was easy.

Head south and up the stairs. Hit the button with your hammer to flip yourself
onto the higher platform. Shoot the pyramid across the gap with an arrow to
raise the water level. Take the bone bridge down to another tile puzzle. This
one's a bit harder. I don't have an exact solution down. Just use your head and
keep hitting them logically until you get a grouping that you can easily flip
to make all O's. Like two rows of X's and a row of O's:

x x x
x x x
o o o

Now if you hit the middle x in the top row, they'll all become O's. Anyway,
once you do that, shoot an arrow at the pyramid to drain the water again. Head
to the right and hop down. Go down the stairs.

Basement 2

Yay, another tile puzzle. One thing I realized which makes these puzzles easier
is that you can actually hit the grey tiles outside of the puzzle area, and it
will flip just the puzzle tiles touching the gray tile. In other words, if you
get it so that it looks like this:

o o o o
o o o o
o o o x

You can actually hit the gray floor tile to the south east of the x and it will
flip just the x, as opposed to hitting the x itself and ending up flipping the 
three o's around to it. This should make things a little easier. Solve the
puzzle and a bridge appears to the right. Take note of the boss door up north.
Head up the stairs.

Basement 1

In this room, head up the stairs and catapult yourself up twice, until you're
standing on a gray tile. Turn to the right shoot your boomerang at the light
blue device to turn it downward. Now fire an arrow at it so it hits the pyramid
to the south. Cross the bone bridge and we're off to solve another tile puzzle.
This time it's a bit different. The goal isn't to get them all to be O's. The
tablet says we need to "copy an earlier pattern." This refers to the pattern
on the puzzle just south of this platform. Lower the water level again if you
need to be refreshed on what it looked like. This one is pretty easy if you
use the trick I mentioned. Get it right and the blue door opens. Make sure the
water's drained and head over to the left into the new area.

Head up. Push the boulder onto the catapult and hit the button. Climb the 
stairs and push the boulder to the right. Grab the key in the chest below and
then catapult yourself up to the next platform. Ignore the stairs up here and 
walk around the north east hall until you come down south to a locked door.
Unlock it and you'll see a boulder on a catapult. Hit the button to shoot the
boulder up. Now shoot yourself up. Launch the boulder again. Climb the stairs
and launch the boulder once more. Climb these stairs and do it one last time.
Catapult up and push the boulder to the left. Go climb the stairs and open the
chest for the boss key. Drop down and walk the key around to the staircast in
the south west.

Basement 2

Set down the key here and ride the platform along first, killing the skeletons
with your hammer. Then ride it back and grab the key. Step off at the end and
unlock the boss door. Use the catapults to reach the north door and enter it.

3.41 - Boss 7: Stone Golem

Read the tablet before you head through the final door. This creates a portal
so you don't have to redo half the dungeon if you die.

The first part of this boss is very simple. Head to the nearest catapult while
dodging the golem's arrows and fists. Position yourself on th catapult and have
your fairy hammer it to send you into the air. For the few seconds you're in
flight, repeatedly tap any of the red circles you see on the golem's body.
These will break away the outer parts of his rock body. Doing his chest and leg
buttons is pretty easy. Getting his upper arms and back is a little more
challenging, but not by much.

To reach them, you'll have to move in a little bit closer to the center of the
circle platform. This is a little bit dangerous, but as long as you keep moving
you should be fine. Run around the back of the golem and he will slowly try to
spin around too. We're alot faster than he is though so eventually you should
be facing his back. Spring up off a catapult and attack the circles on his arms
and back. The one on his head should take the most tries, because it's so high
up that it only ends up on the bottom DS screen for a split second. You'll have
to hit it once and then spring up again and hit it a second time, etc etc.

Finally once you've broken off all his outer rock parts, he'll reveal some more
red buttons on his mechanical body. Time to hit those. He's moving alot faster
now though. Catapult into the air and hit all the red buttons. (He has less now
so you can actually hit them all in one shot through the air.) He'll collapse
and only his head will remain. We can't simply catapult into the air now and
attack him at any time. His head has to be close enough to a catapult that you
can land on it and attack the gem on his head. Run around avoiding the arrows
he shoots and wait for him to get near a catapult. When he does, spring into
the air and aim for his head. You'll land on it, where you can whail away at
the gem. Do this whole process twice and he should be destroyed.

Claim your usual heart and head down the staircase with the railing. Speak to
the pharaoh and then go take the green crystals. Then head south to the blue 
portal. That's one more dungeon under our belt.

3.42 - Getting the Hourglass Sword

Much like collecting the elements to fuse our sword with power in Zelda the
Minish Cap, we need to get a more powerful sword with all these colored 
crystals we've been collecting. And who makes swords? The blacksmith. So head
back to the blacksmith's. If you don't recall how to get there, it's in the 
north west quadrent of your sea charts. We can't simply go left from here, 
since there'll be a path of rocks blocking us on the next section, so instead
pull out your chalkboard and draw the omega symbol to warp to the south east 
sea chart quadrent. The head to the left to the next quadrent, and then move up
to reach the top left quadrent. It's the island directly in the center of the 
north area. 

Once you arrive, dock and head into the blacksmith's house. Speak to him and
you'll hand over the crystals. He'll begin working on your new sword. Head out
and walk towards your ship. As you pass the mailbox, you'll get a letter. It's
from the female pirate you've probably run into at least once. Board your boat
and head out to sea. Look for the icon of the girl on your map and head to it.

When you get close to her ship, you'll enter it and you must fight with her
(as usual.) Wait until she yells something that sounds like "ahh hight" and 
then slash her back. Do this a few times and you'll knock her sword out of her
hand. She grabs her sword and gives it one last go. Just hit her once more. 
Speak to your pirate friend who is hiding in the box. You'll have a long chat.
Then head back up to the blacksmith's island to see if your sword is done. 

Dock and enter his house. Sure enough, he's putting the finishing touches on
the blade. He gives it to you, but you don't have a handle. Hop back on your
ship and head south to the island with the Hourglass Castle in the south west
quadrent. Dock at the island and head left over the bridge. Enter the Old Man's
house and speak to him. In a funny scene, Link will go to dramatically take
out the Hourglass (like when he normally takes an item out of a chest) but the
Old Man grabs it from him and the music cuts off. The hourglass fuses with the
blade and you now have received the Hourglass Sword. This means we can enter
the Hourglass Castle for the last time. So head there.

3.43 - Hourglass Castle Challenge 5

On your way to the castle, you'll see the pirate. Talk to him and then continue
on. When you enter the castle, step on the portal to skip the first few floors.
Now we have to get back to basement 10 like last time by putting the shape 
crystals in their slots in the order square, circle, triangle. The best part
about this is that your new Hourglass Sword can finally kill the guards. You
just have to hit the eye on their backs. Don't alert them with noise or walk
in front of them. Attack them from behind and they'll be gone. This should save
you loaaaaads of time because you won't have to constantly be waiting for them
to pass.

Once you've made it back down to the large door, insert the crystals and head
into the room. You'll hear a rumbling again and when you exit you'll be on
basement 10 once again. Continue redoing this area until you've made it back to
basement 13. If you don't recall how, see the earlier part of this guide.

Okay, once you've made it to basement 13 (which should be simple now that you
can dispose of all the guards) three guards will appear in the center of the 
room. Go to the north east corner of the room and pick up the red pot. Carry it
down to the lower level of the room in the center section. Smash the pot 
somewhere in this area. Stand on the spot you made with the pot to hide, and 
use your hammer to make noise so the guards come to investigate. When they get 
close, slash their back to kill them. After killing all three, three red guards
will appear. Do the same to them. Three yellow guards will appear. Repeat the
process one last time. Once all three sets of guards are gone, a door will open
directly north. Enter it.

The bridge will drop behind you. Choose the top option the faries give you and
a portal will appear. Head up the long staircase to the north. 

3.44 - Boss 8: Eye Plant

This fight takes place on three floors. For the first part of the battle, the
plant will float in the little pool in the center of the first floor. Use your
hookshot to pull off the little purple clouds of dust protecting the plant. He
will spit out purple gooey enemies, get used to this. Attack them when they
get too close to you, otherwise keep pulling off the purple clouds. When you've
removed them all, use the hookshot to pull the plant to you and then whail away
on him. He'll eventually get pushed away, so just hookshot him again and attack
some more. After about two or three times of doing this, he'll climb up to the
next level.

Take the stairs up to the second floor. Here the plant will expose his armlike
vines with eyes on the ends. Pull out your bow and arrow and shoot each of the
eyes. The plant will ocassionally try to smack you with its vines, and more of
the purple enemies will drip from the ceiling. Kill them if they get close and
finish shooting all the eyes. Once you do, the plant will drop back down to the
first floor. Head back down and repeat the first process. Once you've cleared
the purple clouds and hookshotted him, attack him and he'll head back up to the
second floor.

Follo him up the stairs and repeat the arrow shooting process. Only this time
he will close his eyes and only open them briefly every now and then. Try to
kill off the gooey enemies quickly and then aim at an eye even if it's closed.
As soon as it opens, shoot it. If at any point you run out of arrows, kill some
of the gooey enemies and you should eventually get some. Once you've shot all
of the eyes, a cutscene will take place. 

For this last part, you will be given the power of the Hourglass. Run all the
way back down to the lowest floor again and the stairs will break away. The
plant will begin circling the room. Tap the hourglass icon on the bottom of the
screen to create a yellow viewfinder on your screen. Use the stylus to draw an
hourglass in this viewfinder, like this:

\        /
 \      /
  \    /
   \  /
   /  \
  /    \
 /      \

Once you do, time will freeze. Run to the front of the plant and attack the eye
on his head repeatedly. After a few moments, time will unfreeze and you'll lose
the hourglass ability for a brief moment. Wait until it returns and then repeat
this process. Two or three times through and the plant will die. After this 
there will be a cutscene and Tetra will be revived.... then taken. This isn't 
over yet.

You'll sail your ship alongside the demon ship, which is now covered in purple
eyes. Pretty much its only attack is the ocassional orbs of energy it shoots at
you. Destroy those with a cannonball before they hit you and keep attacking the
eyes on the ship. You'll circle it a few times, just continue shooting at it
and once all the eyes are gone, you'll get another cutscene.

3.45 - Boss 9: Possessed Pirate

Now we're given the Hourglass power again. Tap it to bring up the viewfinder,
then draw the hourglass. Time freezes, but unfortunately there's nowhere to
hit on the enemy. Once time returns to normal, he'll grab your fairy. 

Now our hourglass is out of power, but we don't have a fairy to refill it. So
lure the enemy into a corner if you can and attack with your sword several 
times. The reason he needs to be in a corner is that if you try to duke it out
in the center of the platform, he will leap to your side and attack you. So try
to lure him into a corner. His side attack can technically be avoided if you
quickly tap him when he jumps beside you, but why risk it? Once he's in a 
corner, attack him with your sword a few times and you'll get the little "rub 
your stylus back and forth" bubble you get when you're swalled by a LikeLike or
swordfighting a pirate, so do as your told and rub the stylus back and forth. 
You'll catch the enemy offguard, and now you can get a quick hit in. When you
get your free hit, your fairy will refill your hourglass power.

The only trick now is not wasting it. The top screen shows the back view of the
enemy. Tap the hourglass icon to bring up the viewfinder, but don't draw the
hourglass symbol unless the eye on his back is open on the top screen. When it
is, draw the hourglass to freeze time, then whail on the eye on his back. When
time returns to normal, you'll have to go back to cornering him and repeating
the earlier process to refill your hourglass magic.

Continue filling your hourglass, freezing time, and attacking the eye on his
back. After a few sessions of this, he'll go down. If at any point you die and
have to redo this fight, you can press start and tap the arrow to skip the
cutscenes and get right to the battle. Anyway, once you're done, you've 
successfully finished the Japanese version of Zelda Phantom Hourglass.

4. Special Thanks

Special thanks to:

    DarthLoaded - For giving me the space to host the guide (Geocities sucks.)

    t3h butt3rs - For random help here and there.

    Nintendo - For making the game.

    Keitaro Urashima - For pointing out a Goron question I missed

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