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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

                    The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass

                            By MrShotgun of GameFAQs
                   Copyright Andrew Brown  October 4th 2007

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                                Author's Pledge

When Richard Taylor of New Zealand's Weta Workshop undertook the monumental
task of the production design for the Lord of the Rings films, he gave this
speech to his employees.  Recognizing the significance of this speech, I have
adopted it as my own pledge to the quality of my guides.  God, I'm a nerd.

"If you can't rise to the highest level of enthusiasm, passion, and
professionalism, and grasp this task as if it is the most important thing that
you have ever taken on in your life, you aren't worthy of the task.  We have
been blessed with this opportunity."  - Richard Taylor, Weta Workshop

-----zz----------zz-----                  Version Information
----zzzz--------zzzz----                        [0000]

FAQ/Walkthrough v0.1 - v0.3
October 02nd - 04th, 2007

v0.1 (October 02nd, 2007)
Walkthrough started, dragging me away from my precious WoW Guild.  I hope you
all appreciate that sacrifice.

v0.2 (October 03rd, 2007)
Walkthrough finished through the start of The Temple of Fire.  I'm slightly
ashamed of my progress on the guide (or lack thereof), but work has been
hectic, and I'm not picking a very good environment to write in.  Lots of
distractions.  I have Friday the 05th and Sunday the 07th off; expect huge
updates on those days.

v0.3 (October 04th, 2007)
Walkthrough finished through the end of The Temple of Fire.  I had hoped to be
MUCH farther along then this, but I spent most of the evening troubleshooting
my worthless computer.  My apologies.  I promise a huge update tomorrow; at
least two Temples.

-----zz----------zz-----                   Table of Contents
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Each chapter of the guide is further divided into smaller chapters, called
"Subchapters."  For Subchapter listings, see the beginning of each chapter.

[0000] Version Information
[0100] Table of Contents
[0200] Game Basics
[0300] Walkthrough

-----zz----------zz-----                      Game Basics
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-----zz----------zz-----              Walkthroughs and Sidequests
----zzzz--------zzzz----                        [0300]

[0301] Mercay Island
[0302] Temple of the Ocean King I
[0303] Isle of Ember
[0304] The Temple of Fire
[0305] Temple of the Ocean King II

      -----zz----------zz-----                  Mercay Island
      ----zzzz--------zzzz----                     [0301]

|Mercay Island - Southwest                               | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ A: Oshus' House    |
After the game's opening cutscene, take the opportunity  +--------------------+
to wander around the area and get used to using the Touch Screen instead of the
traditional D-pad.  This will be how you control Link through the majority
of the game.  When you touch the screen, the closer youtouch to Link, the
slower he'll move.  Touch on the edges of the touch screen to make him move at
his fastest.

Also take this opportunity to learn how to mark the Map.  Hit the Menu icon in
the lower-left of the touchscreen, and click the Map icon.  Making sure the
Memo icon is flashing, practice marking the screen, then removing the marks
with the Erase icon.  Once you've got the hang of that, look (on the map) just
across the bridge from where the game begins.  Mark the house on the other side
of this bridge with the letter A (POINT A).

Leave the Map screen (notice that it handily moves to the top screen, with your
Marks still in tact), and head for POINT A.  Go inside this house.

|Mercay Island - Oshus' House                            | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ A: Oshus' House    |
Run to the north end of the house and speak with Oshus.  | B: Broken Bridge   |
After a cutscene, you will be directed to speak with     | C: Mercay Port     |
Linebeck in the port to the east of Oshus' house (the    +--------------------+
port is readily visible  on the Map, with a large boat docked at it).  Mark the
Dock with POINT C, and also the bridge found between with POINT B, then leave
Oshus' House.

|Mercay Island - Southwest                               | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ A: Oshus' House    |
Start heading east, for the dock which you should have   | B: Broken Bridge   |
marked as POINT C.  On the way, the island will be       | C: Mercay Port     |
rocked by an earthquake.  More on this later.            | D: West House      |
                                                         | E: Secret Tree     |
When you reach POINT B: BROKEN BRIDGE, you'll find a -   | F: West Passage    |
surprise surprise - broken bridge.  The recent           +--------------------+
earthquake just smashed it.  Speak with the Mercay Resident who stands near the
wreckage of the bridge, and she'll mention a nearby cave which Link can use as
an alternate route to reach the Village.  But, of course, the cave is infested
with Monsters.  Look for the house west of POINT A: OSHUS' HOUSE.  Mark this
house with POINT D, then head there.

The earthquake littered the yard of this house with rocks.  Speak with the man
standing near the rocks, then destroy the rocks by tapping them, then tapping
where you want to throw them.  Destroy them all to earn a Green Rupee, and a
hot tip about a secret tree.  Mark the spot that the man indicates with MARK E.

Just north of POINT D: WEST HOUSE, there is a passage.  Mark this on the Map
with POINT F, then go through POINT F: WEST PASSAGE.

|Mercay Island - Northwest                               | Mark List          |
As soon as you enter the area, Red Chus will erupt from the ground.  Ciela will
immediately make Link turn around and return to the relative safety of the
island's southwest region.

|Mercay Island - Southwest                               | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ A: Oshus' House    |
Return to POINT A: OSHUS' HOUSE, and go inside.          +--------------------+

|Mercay Island - Oshus' House                            | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ A: Oshus' House    |
Speak with Oshus again, then leave again.                +--------------------+

|Mercay Island - Southwest                               | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ A: Oshus' House    |
Ciela will mention that Link needs a sword.  Unless      | G: Oshus'          |
you've never played a Zelda title before, this should be |       Storehouse   |
right at the top of the "no surprise sherlock" list.     +--------------------+
The sword in question is stored in the cave just northeast of POINT A: OSHUS'
HOUSE.  Mark this house with POINT G.  Before you enter POINT G: OSHUS'
STOREHOUSE, run around the beach area and count the number of palm trees you
find.  Once you know the number (okay, I'll give, it's seven), enter the cave.
Toss the barrels that block the way by tapping them, then throwing them aside
by tapping again.

|Mercay Island - Oshus' Storehouse                       | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+                    |
|New Equipment: Oshus' Sword                             |                    |
Head the north end of the cave, where you'll reach a large stone slab covered
with strange markings.  Ciela   will explain that Oshus always opened this door
by writing a number on the sign, that number being the number of Palm Trees on
the beach.  We already know that number is seven.  Tap the sign, then write the
number seven on it.  The more legibily you write, the better.  If you need to
start over, hit the Rewrite button on the lower-right corner of the screen.

Once the number seven is correctly drawn into Oshus' Sign, the door will open.
Go through the opening and across a bridge, open a chest on the other side to
get OSHUS' SWORD.  Read the book near the chest to learn how to use the Sword's
basic attacks.  Once you have the sword, leave Oshus' Storehouse through the
door you used to get in.

|Mercay Island - Oshus' House                            | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ F: West Passage    |
As soon as Link and Ciela emerge from the cave, they'll  +--------------------+
encounter a bemused Oshus.  He'll allow Link to keep the sword, on the
condition that he learn how to use it first (so much for timeline continuity).
You'll automatically appar in Oshus' House.  Speak with Oshus to begin the
training session.

For the first step of the Sword Training, simply position Link so that the
targets (the large logs) are visible onscreen, and touch them to destroy them.
The second type of attacking is much trickier, but with practice, can still be
used effectively.  Position Link within melee range of a target, and begin
rapidly brushing the stylus back and forth between Link and the target.  The
more times you brush back and forth, the more often Link will swing his weapon.
This is called a Side Slash.  The last attack is the Spin Attack; simply draw a
circle rapidly around Link to unleash his signature move.

Once you've successfully destroyed all of the targets using these three
different attacking methods, Oshus will allow you to leave with his weapon.
Leave the house, and head for POINT F: WEST PASSAGE.  Go back through this
passage into the area that Ciela insisted you leave before.

|Mercay Island - Northwest                               | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ F: West Passage    |
As soon as you enter the area, use your Map to follow    | H: Mercay Tunnel   |
this area's linear path, with a cave entrance at its     +--------------------+
other end.  Mark this cave with POINT H.  Start heading for this cave, using
Targeted Attacks to kill the Red Chus you'll spot on the way.  Also practice
Slash Attacks on the grass and thin trees in the area, possibly unearthing

Halfway to the cave, you'll spot a strange stone object.  Slash it, and after a
moment, it will instruct you on how to perform Somersaults.  This is tricky;
you must draw TINY circles on the EDGE of the screen as FAST as you possibly
can.  It helps to give yourself a good running start before you roll into your
target.  As with running, Slash Attacks and Spin Attacks, the more you perform
the required action on the touch screen, the more Link will perform it.

Roll into the tree just east of the Boing-Oing to reveal a valuable Red Rupee,
then continue on to POINT H: MERCAY TUNNEL.  Use Slash Attacks to remove the
thin trees that block the road.  When you reach the tunnel entrance, go inside.

|Mercay Island - Mercay Tunnel 1st Floor                 | Mark List          |
Start heading northeast into the cavern, tossing aside boulders that block
Link's path.  Just past the boulders, you'll find a large locked door.  Keep
going east from here, using Targeted Attacks on Chus who erupt from the ground.
Just past the Chus, on a dais, there is a chest.  Open it to get a SMALL KEY.
Backtrack to the locked door, and open it by tapping on it.

Defeat more Chus in this large area, then start looking around the room.  On
the north end of the room are several switches; pulling these in the wrong
order will result in bad things.  Go to the west side of the room, where there
is a stone block.  Tap the block, and two arrows will appear on either side of
the block.  Push the block to the left by pressing the left arrow, and holding
the stylus down until an opening appears on either side of the block.  Run
around it and check this small opening.

Bad Bats populate this small room.  They move very quickly, but you can still
use Targeted Attacks if you like.  Spin Attacks also work very well.  Once
they're all eliminated, read the stone tablet to learn that the first switch is
the second from the left.  Write this down somewhere on the Map, then head for
the opposite side of the area.

There is another stone block here.  Push it aside, and kill more Bad Bats on
the other side.  Open the chest on the north end of the area to get a red
rupee.  Read a second Stone Tablet just near the chest to learn that the Second
Lever is the first on the left, and last lever is the second on the right.
Write down this information somewhere, as well.

By the process of elimination, we now know the correct order to pull the
switches.  Using the door on the north end of the map as your center, activate
the switches in this order by tapping them, then pressing on the large arrow
which appears on the touch screen.

  2   1        4   3

Once the Levers are pulled in the correct order, a SMALL KEY appears in the
middle of the room (pulling them in the wrong order results in an army of Ropes
attacking; use rapid Spin Attacks and Targeted Attacks to kill them).  Pick it
up, and use it to open the door on the north end of the room. Go up the stairs
on the other side of this door.

|Mercay Island - Mercay Tunnel 2nd Floor                 | Mark List          |
Head north into the cavern.  You'll very quickly notice on the Map a Small Key
which appears to be running around as though it has grown legs.  An army of
Rats populates the area; kill them with Targeted Attacks.  The one Rat who
holds the Key is far smarter then his allies, however; he'll retreat into rat
holes when you draw near him.  On the far west side of the area, however, there
is a stone block.  Grab onto it, and slide it in front of the rat hole on the
west side of the cavern.  This won't be enough, however; the Rat still has
access to the other Rat Hole.

Retreat back to the stairs, and watch the Small Key on the Map to see when the
Rat emerges from the hole.  Once the Rat has reached the west side of the
cavern, run in to the small chokepoint the Rat must pass through to reach the
east Rat Hole.  Kill it as it runs by you to get the Small Key.  Use the Key to
open the locked door, just north of the stairs.

Follow the cave path east then south, killing Bad Bats and smashing Boulders on
the way to reveal precious Rupees.  At the end of the tunnel's south stretch,
you'll reach the tunnel exit.  Leave to return to Mercay Island's overworld.

|Mercay Island - Village                                 | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ C: Mercay Port     |
Take a look around town if you like, but there's nothing | I: Milk Bar        |
of much interest you can do here at the moment.  Head to +--------------------+
POINT C: MERCAY PORT, and speak with the man admiring Linebeck's ship.  He'll
mention that Linebeck is often see at Mercay Village's Milk Bar.  Head there
now; it's the largest building on the map.  Mark it with Point I, and go

|Mercay Island - Village: Milk Bar                       | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ J: Temple of the   |
Speak with the Bartender, and you'll learn that Linebeck |      Ocean King    |
traveled to the Temple of the Ocean King, on the north   +--------------------+
end of the island.  The Bartender will even helpfully point out the location on
your map, though you'd have to be blind to miss it.  Mark the Temple with Point
J anyway (just for convenience sake), then leave the Milk Bar.

|Mercay Island - Village                                 | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ I: Milk Bar        |
There is a tent-shaped building south of the POINT I:    +--------------------+
MILK BAR.  This is the town's Bazaar.  Go on inside.

|Mercay Island - Village: Bazaar                         | Mark List          |
|New Equipment: Wooden Shield                                                 |
Speak with the shopkeeper, and purchase the Wooden Shield for eighty rupees.
You should have enough cash for it, but if you don't, then return to the Tunnel
and smash Rocks and kill the enemies inside until you've got the money.  You
can buy some of the other goods here, as well, but it's not necessary at the
moment.  Link automatically equips the Wooden Shield when you first get it, and
will also use it automatically.  Simply face enemies, and do not attack with
any kind of weapon to block their attacks.  Note that not all kinds of attacks
can be blocked.

|Mercay Island - Village                                 | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ J: Temple of the   |
Open your Map and mark the passage on the north end of   |      Ocean King    |
town as POINT K.  Make your way here, and go north out   | K: East Passage    |
the Village.                                             +--------------------+

|Mercay Island - Northeast                               | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ E: Secret Tree     |
Before you went through the tunnel, a man may have       | J: Temple of the   |
shown you the location of a secret tree in this area.    |      Ocean King    |
I instructed you to mark this tree as Point E; if you    | K: East Passage    |
missed that, then it's on the second level of this area, +--------------------+
near the north coast of the island.

Make your way north and west through the area, killing Chus and watching out
for a pesky Crow who will try to steal your Rupees.  When you reach POINT E:
SECRET TREE, roll into the Tree to reveal a Big Rupee.  Take it for a free one
hundred rupees.  If you still haven't purchased the Wooden Shield in Mercay
Village, then head back there now to do so.

Back at POINT E: SECRET TREE, head west, then south, then west again into the
next area.

|Mercay Island - Outside the Temple of the Ocean King    | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ J: Temple of the   |
Head northwest until you meet a rough stone road, and    |      Ocean King    |
follow it to POINT J: TEMPLE OF THE OCEAN KING.  After   +--------------------+
the usual stock warning about curses, certain death, etc., go inside the

      -----zz----------zz-----           Temple of the Ocean King I
      ----zzzz--------zzzz----                     [0302]

|Temple of the Ocean King - Entrance                     | Mark List          |
Run north into the Temple.  If you like, you can stop and speak with the
spirits of the skeletons who lie around the room.  They'll make various cryptic
statements about the dungeon.  There is a door on the far north wall of the
room; go through this door.

|Temple of the Ocean King - First Floor                  | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ A: Floor Entrance  |
|New Quest Item: Sea Chart (southwest region)            | B: Trap Switch 1   |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ C: Trap Switch 2   |
As soon as you enter, mark where you enter as POINT A.   | D: Sea Chart       |
Head north into the room, and you'll meet Captain        | E: Trap Switch 3   |
Linebeck.  He has foolishly got himself trapped in the   +--------------------+
middle of the dungeon, and you'll have to free him.  Agree to do so when he
asks.  Pay particular attention to his advice about Safe Zones, which protect
Link from the poisonous fog that pervades the Temple.  These Safe Zones appear
as purple checkerboards on the map.

Near the middle of the dungeon, there are three of these Safe Zones clearly
marked on the map, all in a row.  Mark the left-most of these Safe Zones as
POINT B.  The switch to free Linebeck is located here at POINT B: TRAP SWITCH
1.  Move as quickly as you can to POINT B: TRAP SWITCH 1 so that you take as
little damage from the fog as possible.

The purple orb located at POINT B: TRAP SWITCH 1 is the Trap Switch.  Use a
Slash Attack on the orb to activate the switch, freeing Linebeck from the trap.
Return to POINT A: FLOOR ENTRANCE and speak with Captain Linebeck.  Run through
the Captain's former prison, which features a huge Safe Zone, to avoid taking
damage.  Smash the pots in the prison if you need Recovery Hearts.

After a brief cutscene, in which a character with actual depth and... well,
character is introduced to the series, Link will be charged with finding an
object in the Dungeon which will supposedly lead to the Ghost Ship, the last
known whereabouts of Tetra.  Linebeck will give Link a SMALL KEY; return to
POINT B: TRAP SWITCH 1 and use the Small Key to open the locked door located

Take this moment to make a few more marks on your Map.  There are three more
Safe Zones along the top of the map; mark these, from left to right, POINT C,
POINT D, AND POINT E.  POINT C: TRAP SWITCH 1 will be your first goal, POINT E:
TRAP SWITCH 3 will be your second, and POINT D: SEA CHART will be your final.
Head straight for POINT C: TRAP SWITCH 1 in the northwest corner, and activate
the Trap Switch there.  A series of spike traps to the east will be

Hugging the north wall whenever possible, start heading east to POINT E: TRAP
SWITCH 3.  Stay on the path; if you stray, you could potentially plummet to an
early grave through a trap door.  When you reach POINT E: TRAP SWITCH 3,
activate it to open the door leading to POINT D: SEA CHART.  Run there and open
a treaure chest to get the Sea Chart.

You can now leave the Temple the same way you entered.

|Mercay Island - Outside the Temple of the Ocean King    | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ C: Mercay Port     |
As Ciela noted on the way out, Linebeck didn't wait      | J: Temple of the   |
around for Link to find the treasure.  You'll meet him   |      Ocean King    |
just outside the Temple, a short ways south from the     +--------------------+
entrance.  After a brief cutscene with Linebeck, head for POINT C: MERCAY PORT
in Mercay Village.

|Mercay Island - Mercay Village                          | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ C: Mercay Port     |
At Mercay Port, you'll find Linebeck and Oshus waiting   | J: Temple of the   |
for you.  After another brief cutscene, Oshus will       |      Ocean King    |
present Link with the Sea Chart, asking him to rub it's  +--------------------+
flaky part.  This is the island in the southeast corner of the map; rub away
the green areas of the map to reveal an odd marking (Wind Waker players should
recognize it pretty quickly).  Link is quickly swept out onto the Ocean, his
goal: The Isle of Ember.

      -----zz----------zz-----                  Isle of Ember
      ----zzzz--------zzzz----                     [0303]

|The Ocean - Southwest Region                            | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ A: Mercay Island   |
There's a lot you can do on the Ocean (it's not nearly   | B: Isle of Ember   |
as redundant here as it was in Wind Waker), but I won't  +--------------------+
be getting into most of it for a while, yet.  Start by doing something that
should be old hat to you by now: marking the map.  Close the Navigation Screen
by hitting the Back button on the Touch Screen, then open the Map Screen in the
same way you would on land.  Mark Mercay Island (the northeast-most island) as
POINT A, and the Isle of Ember (the southeast-most island) as POINT B.  Reopen
the Navigation Screen (hit the Quill Icon on the Touch Screen), and chart a
course for the Isle of Ember by dragging a line from Linebeck's Ship to the
anchor near POINT B: ISLE OF EMBER.

The ship will automatically guide itself there; you can take a look around by
touching the edges of the touch screen.  Linebeck will also teach you how to
make the ship stop and go by activating its engines.  When you reach POINT B:
ISLE OF EMBER, you will automatically dock.

|Isle of Ember - West                                    | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ A: Isle of Ember   |
After another cutscene with Captain Linebeck, Mark your  |         Dock       |
landing spot as POINT A.  There are several houses       | B: Kayo's House    |
dotted around the island, as well.  The one closest to   +--------------------+
POINT A: ISLE OF EMBER DOCK contains nothing of any great interest.  The house
southeast of POINT A, however, contains something of interest.  Mark it as
POINT B, then head for that House.  Go inside.

|Isle of Ember - West: Kayo's House                      | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ B: Kayo's House    |
Read the book sitting on the table, and learn of a Torch | C: Kayo's Duty     |
which is "Kayo's Duty."  Check the east end of the Isle  +--------------------+
of Ember, where there is a tiny island.  Mark this as POINT C: KAYO'S DUTY.
Leave Kayo's House, and head east into the Isle of Ember - East area.

|Isle of Ember - East                                    | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ B: Kayo's House    |
Continue to the east end of the island, noting an        | C: Kayo's Duty     |
electrified barrier you'll pass on the way.  Mark this   | D: Electric        |
as POINT D, then continue east to POINT C: KAYO'S DUTY.  |       Barrier      |
Along the way, you'll encounter Tektites; use Targeted   | E: Astrid's House  |
Attacks to kill them easily.                             | F: The Final Torch |
When you reach POINT C: KAYO'S DUTY, Ciela will spot the corpse of a fallen
hero.  Run over to the corpse to trigger a cutscene with the ghost of Kayo.  He
will point out on Link's map which house is Astrid's.  After the cutscene, make
sure you mark this house as POINT E.

Astrid herself, however, is sealed inside her house.  Kayo mentions that the
torches on the island are the secret to breaking the seal.  You've already seen
two of them; one at POINT B: KAYO'S HOUSE, and another on the tiny island just
east of POINT C: KAYO'S DUTY.  The last torch is hidden on the northwest corner
of the island.  If you follow the perimeter of the island on the map, going
counter-clockwise, you'll eventually reach a gap with a large island in the
middle of it.  The east coast of this gap is where the final torch is; mark it

Just west of POINT C: KAYO'S DUTY, there is a small ramp which leads up to the
second tier of the island's four tiers.  Climb up this ramp, and start heading
counter-clockwise around the tier to POINT E: ASTRID'S HOUSE.  Along the way,
you'll encounter Red and Yellow Chus; the Yellow Chus are electrified.  Use a
targeted attack when they stand still and stopping flashing with energy to
defeat them.  Dodge them until you get the opportunity.  Go inside Astrid's
House when you reach it.

|Isle of Ember - West: Astrid's House                    | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ B: Kayo's House    |
Run around Astrid's Crystal Ball, and down the stairs    | C: Kayo's Duty     |
into her basement.  Link will promptly be locked inside  | D: Electric        |
with an army of Octoroks; use the Wooden Shield to block |       Barrier      |
their projectile attacks, and Targeted Attacks to kill   | E: Astrid's House  |
them.  Their large numbers and close quarters also makes | F: The Final Torch |
the Spin Attack effective.  Defeat them all to reopen    | G: The Temple      |
the basement door, and allow Link to solve the puzzle of |           of Fire  |
Astrid's Prison.                                         +--------------------+

Once all of the Octoroks are dead, head for the barrier in the northeast corner
of the basement.  Ciela will sense a presence on the other side of the barrier,
and ask Link to call out to the person.  Make a noise, any noise, loudly into
the DS' microphone to get the attention of the person on the other side (if
you're in a public place and don't want to feel stupid, then tapping the
microphone sharply with your forefinger works well).

After a brief conversation with Astrid, she'll ask you to free her.  Agree, and
touch the map on the wall near the door.  You'll be prompted to mark the
location of the island's three  torches.  As previously noted, these are
TORCH.  Mark these points on the touch screen to open the door.

With Astrid freed, she'll interrogate Link a bit.  Your answers don't
particularly matter (pick the first option in each question for best results).
After Astrid tells Link and Linebeck their fortunes, you'll have a new quest.

Open your map, and mark the building near the center of the island with POINT
G.  This is the Temple of Fire.  Leave Astrid's House and head back to POINT D:

|Isle of Ember - East                                    | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ D: Electric        |
With Astrid's blessing, Link can now open the Electric   |       Barrier      |
Barrier which leads to the summit of the Isle of Ember.  | G: The Temple      |
Run near the Barrier, and tap it to open as Ciela        |           of Fire  |
indicates.                                               +--------------------+

Start climbing to the summit of the mountain, watching out for more Chus and
Tektites.  When you're halfway to the summit of the mountain, it will begin to
erupt, spewing balls of fire onto the third and fourth tiers of the island.
Watch out for the circles that appear on the ground, indicating where a ball
will land.

When you reach POINT G: THE TEMPLE OF FIRE, you will find its entrance sealed
shut.  Stand in front of the two giant candles which flank the entrance to the
dungeon, face them, and blow into the microphone to snuff them.  Do this to
both candles to open the door to the dungeon.  Go on inside (if you like,
continue all the way to the summit, where you'll find a chest which contains a
red rupee on the west side of the volcano's crater).

      -----zz----------zz-----               The Temple of Fire
      ----zzzz--------zzzz----                     [0304]

|The Temple of Fire - First Floor                        | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ A: Central         |
|New Item: Boomerang                                     |       Staircase    |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ B: East Door       |
Almost as soon as you enter, Ciela will officially mark  | C: Diagram Room    |
herself as Navi's successors by stating the blatantly    +--------------------+
obvious: don't touch the walls of fire located in this

Head north into the dungeon, weaving through the fire barriers.  The hallway
quickly widens out into a large room; watch out for a long, spinning flame
barrier that patrols this room.  Mark the barrier on the north end of the room
as POINT A: CENTRAL STAIRCASE, then go east into another wide room.  Hug the
south wall to avoid the spinning fire.

In the next room, head to the north wall until you see a locked door.  Mark
this point as POINT B: EAST DOOR.  You're now going to learn how to jump (if
you haven't already discovered on your own).  Simply run bravely towards the
edge, to the opposite ledge in front of the locked door.  Link will
automatically jump when he reaches the gap.  Repeat to reach the far east side
of the room, and examine the drawing on the wall.

This drawing will show a detailed map of a safe path through the room in the
northeast corner of the room. Mark this room as POINT C: DIAGRAM ROOM, and copy
the route shown on the diagram as best you can to your own Map.

Head into the southeast room of the dungeon.  As soon as Link enters, he will
be locked inside, and several Bad Bats will appear.  Kill them with targeted
attacks to unseal the exit to the room.  A wall of fire will also disappear,
letting Link claim a chest.  Open it to get a SMALL KEY.

Backtrack to POINT B: EAST DOOR, and open it with your new Small Key.  Go
through the newly-opened passage to POINT C: DIAGRAM ROOM.  Follow your
carefully copied line safely through the room.  If you deviate from the path
described on the plaque just outside the room, then Link will plummet to an
early grave.

On the other end of the path of the Diagram Room, you'll find four Trap
Switches grouped closely together.  Stand in the center of these four Trap
Switches, and use a Spin Attack to activate them all simultaneously.  The door
back at POINT A: CENTRAL STAIRCASE will open.  Head back there, and go through
the newly opened door, and up a staircase.

|The Temple of Fire - Second Floor                       | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ A: Toggle Switch 1 |
As you enter the second floor, head counter-clockwise    | B: Boomerang Room  |
around the large stone block which dominates this large  | C: Boomerang       |
room.  Watch out for Chus on the way.  When you reach    |         Puzzle 2   |
the northwest corner of the block, you'll find a         +--------------------+
special Trap Switch.  This is a Toggle Switch; hitting it will make all Blue
Traps in the area deactivate, or activate if they are deactivated, and vice-
versa for Red Traps.  Mark this Toggle Switch as POINT A: TOGGLE SWITCH 1, then
activate it by attacking.

Continue running counter-clockwise around the stone block; when you reach the
northeast corner, go down the newly-opened path to the east.  Head to the east
wall, then south to a new room.  The door will immediately slam shut when you
enter, trapping Link inside with a small pack of Gels.  Gels can latch onto
Link, damaging him over time until he shakes them off.  Rub the Stylus rapidly
across Link to free him.  Kill the Gels with Targeted and Spin Attacks, and the
doors will unseal themselves.  A chest will also appear; open it to get the
Boomerang.  Mark this room as POINT B: BOOMERANG ROOM.

Head to the lava pit on the east end of the room, and follow Ciela's
instructions to use it.  First, click on the Boomerang's icon in the top-right
corner of the touchscreen, then draw a path on the touchscreen that crosses
over both of the Trap Switches in the pools of lava.  The screen will
automatically pan out as you draw so that you can see both of them.  Draw a
line to both trap switches, then remove the Stylus from the Touch Screen to
unleash the weapon.  It will automatically fly around, activating the switches.
Make a purposefully ridiculous and exaggerated path if you're feeling silly.

West of the chest where you picked up the Boomerang, there is a long tunnel
which leads to a room in the northwest corner of the floor.  Mark this room as
POINT C: BOOMERANG PUZZLE 2.  This room contains a nearly identical, but
mirrored, version of the puzzle you faced in the Boomerang Room.  The only
wrinkle are the two torches which will spit flames at Link.  Dodge one of the
flames, then immediately whip out the Boomerang, and toss it at the two Trap
Switches on the west side of the room.  Do it quickly; if a flame hits Link
while you are drawing the path, it will be cancelled.

Once both of the Trap Switches at POINT C: BOOMERANG PUZZLE 2 are solved, the
flames will snuff, and a stairwell on the east side of the room will open.  Go
down these stairs.

|The Temple of Fire - First Floor                        | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ D: Toggle Switch 2 |
Try out your new Boomerang on the Chus in this area, if  | E: Boomerang       |
you like.  Just draw a path that intersects them to hit  |         Puzzle 3   |
them.  Once the Chu is out of the way, mark this spot as | F: Southwest       |
POINT D: TOGGLE SWITCH 2.  Head for the northwest corner |        Staircase   |
of the room, where there are Red Traps visible in the    +--------------------+
floor.  Stand on the right side of these Traps, and draw a path to the Toggle
Switch which sits at the end of the tunnel on the other side of the Red Traps.
With the Red and Blue Traps switched, Link can now escape the room.

Head south to the next room, which you should mark as POINT E: BOOMERANG PUZZLE
3.  You should know the drill by now; equip the Boomerang, and draw a line
leading to the Trap Switch on the other end of the tunnel.  The wall of fire
behind Link will deactivate, letting you return to the early portions of the
dungeon, including the entrance/exit.

Head south to the next room, where Link will promptly be locked inside, and
pitted against two Red Bubbles.  You will only be able to hurt these guys if
you first stun them with the Boomerang.  The only wrinkle is actually hitting
them; they move quickly.  The best strategy is to not even attempt to target
them.  Instead, stand near the middle of the room, equip the Boomerang, and
quickly scribble a flightpath which travels in narrow circles around Link.
Keep going until you can no longer add to the flightpath, then release.  The
Boomerang will very likely collide with both of the Bubbles, extinguishing
their flame and causing them to bounce harmlessly around the room.  Use
Targeted Attacks to kill them before their flames recover.

Defeat both of the Bubbles to unseal the room, and open the southwest
staircase.  Mark this location as POINT F: SOUTHWEST STAIRCASE, then go up the

|The Temple of Fire - Second Floor                       | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ D: Switch Room     |
As soon as you arrive back at the Second Floor, mark     | E: Boomerang       |
this large room as POINT D: SWITCH ROOM.  Watching out   |         Puzzle 4   |
for whirling rods of flaming death, as well as new,      +--------------------+
deadly, Fire Keese, head for the southwest end of the room, then hugging the
south wall, head east until you spot a switch set into the wall.  Grab ahold of
this switch, and pull backwards to activate it.

The second switch in the room is clearly visible on the other side of a narrow
wall.  Head there by returning to the staircase, killing any Fire Keese you
meet on the way using the Random Path Boomerang Method you used on the Red
Bubbles previously.  When you reach the staircase, head east, jumping over a
gap in the floor onto a narrow platform.  Dodge more flaming rods, jumping east
again to the relative safety of the room's east side.  Defeat more Fire Keese
here.  If you've killed all of the Fire Keese, the dungeon's final chest will
appear.  Open it to get a Red Rupee, then head to the south end of the room.
The second switch is located here; activate it to open a sealed door near the

Backtrack to this sealed door, and stand right in the doorway of the room.  A
Rat in this room holds a Small Key you'll need to reach the dungeon's final
area, but you'll need to use some clever Boomerang Pathing to get it.  Wait for
the Rat to appear, spot you, then disappear into it's hole.  Immediately whip
out your Boomerang, and start making a flightpath which consists of tiny
circles in front of the hole the Rat disappeared into.  Continue until you run
out of flightpath juice, then release.  The Boomerang will hover in front of
the hole, killing the Rat as soon as it appears.  Take the Small Key it drops,
then return to the passage on the southeast end of POINT D: SWITCH ROOM.

Mark this newest room as POINT E: BOOMERANG PUZZLE 4.  On the south end of the
room, there is a narrow gap with a Toggle Switch on the other side of it.
Activate the Toggle Switch with the Boomerang, switching the Red and Blue traps
on the north side of the room.  Kill the Octorok located in the gap between the
Red and Blue Traps (use the Boomerang to stun it), then take up the Octorok's
former position.  Send the Boomerang back around the corner, and back onto the
Toggle Switch, toggling the traps once more.

You can now access to the stairwell on the southeast side of POINT E: BOOMERANG
PUZZLE 4.  Use your recently-acquired Small Key to open the door, then go up
the stairs on the other side.

|The Temple of Fire - Third Floor                        | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ A: East Room       |
As soon as you enter the third floor, mark your current  | B: Boomerang       |
location as POINT A: EAST ROOM.  Watch out for Gels in   |         Puzzle 5   |
this area, and head for the room's south end.  In a      | C: Boss Door       |
small nook here, there is a diagram on the wall, near a  +--------------------+
spinning fire rod.  Examine the diagram, and copy the numbers on it onto the
room in the northeast corner of the floor, then head back to POINT A: EAST

Go to the north end of POINT A: EAST ROOM.  There are two candles located here,
just like outside the Temple; face these candles, and blow into the microphone
to snuff them.

Link can now access the northeast room of this floor.  Mark it as POINT B:
BOOMERANG PUZZLE 5.  Run north into a platform that sits in the middle of the
room, then whip out your Boomerang.  Follow the numbers you got earlier from
the Diagram, in the south end of POINT A: EAST ROOM.  Make sure you draw
slowly, to ensure that you don't use up all your Flightpath Juice before you
can reach the fourth switch.

Once you activate all of the Trap Switches, a SMALL KEY appears on the north
end of the room.  Snag it by tapping it while you have the Boomerang equipped.
Backtrack to POINT A: EAST ROOM, and use the Small key to open the locked door
in the room's southwest corner.

On the other side of the door, you'll find a tunnel stretching west.  Go down
it, and Ciela will spot a strange looking door.  Zelda veterans will
immediately recognize this as a Boss Door.  Mark it as POINT C: BOSS DOOR, then
keep going west to the end of the hall.

As you enter the next room, the door will slam shut, locking you inside.
You'll now have to contend with two Yellow Chus, two Fire Keese, and a torch
that spews fire.  Run around in circles, dodging their attacks, eliminating the
Yellow Chus when their bodies stop crackling with electricity.  Once they're
out of the way, kill the Fire Keese using the Random Pathing Boomerang Method.
Once you've defeated all of the enemies, the doors will unseal themselves.

Head for the room to the north, marking it as POINT D: WEST ROOM.  This is a
large room, made into a looping square-shaped hallway patrolled by Red Bubbles.
Use the Boomerang and draw a path traveling clockwise around the hallway,
hopefully stunning the Red Bubbles on the way.  If you nail one, quickly run to
it and slash it before it recovers.  Defeat both of the Red Bubbles to remove
the Fire Traps around the room.

Go to the room north of POINT D: WEST ROOM.  Stand on the switch on the south
end of the room, igniting one of the torches in the room.  Whip out the
Boomerang, and draw a path which begins at the first, lit torch, and continues
to the other, unlit torches.  This will light the torches, removing a fire trap
near the north of the floor.  Back to POINT D: WEST ROOM.

Go to the southeast corner of POINT D: WEST ROOM, and stand on the left side of
the gap in the floor here.  Pull out the Boomerang, and draw a flightpath into
the room to the east.  There's a Trap Switch here; guide the Boomerang onto
this switch, then let it fly.  A trap door will shut, letting you cross into
the north-center of the dungeon.

Dodging a tripod of flame rods, head to the north end of the dungeon.  A chest
here contains the BOSS KEY.  Take it, and carry it to POINT C: BOSS DOOR.
You'll need to follow the clockwise path of the tripod flame trap to avoid
dropping the key.  When you get back to the Boss Door, throw the key into the
door to unlock it, and go up the stairs on the other side.

|The Temple of Fire - Fourth Floor                       | Mark List          |
Smash the pots in the room to get precious Recovery Hearts, and read the stone
tablets to open a warp point back to the Temple's entrance, as well as a clue
of the Temple's purpose.  Go up the stairs on the north side of the room when
you're done.

|BOSS: Blaaz, Master of Fire                             | Mark List          |
Run forward into this large, circular arena to begin the game's first boss
fight.  Blaaz will appear in a column of flame, and then split himself into
three.  If you look at the map, you'll notice that Blaaz's three separate parts
have a different number of spikes on them.  The object is to use the Boomerang
to grab each of these parts in number order (from one spike, to two spikes, to
three spikes).  This will combine all of them into Blaaz's complete form,
letting you damage him.  When Blaaz is in one form, a second attack from the
Boomerang will stun him, making combos much easier to perform.

While split into three, Blaaz will slowly hover the room, eventually coming to
a stop and slowly summoning tiny balls of flame.  After a long charging period,
Blaaz's three parts will hurl the flames at Link.  The charging period is
probably the best time to combine Blaaz's different sections; they will be
stationary, making it very easy to draw the line from Spike 1, to Spike 2, to
Spike 3.

While in his Complete Form, Blaaz will teleport around, occasionally summoning
balls of fire from the sky.  These are exactly like the balls that you dodged
while climbing to the summit of the Isle of Ember.  He will also attack
physically if you get too close; again, use the Boomerang to stun Blaaz before
approaching him.  Continue combining Blaaz's three parts, and damaging him in
his Complete form, until he succumbs.

Defeating Blaaz will introduce Link to Leaf, a Fairy similar to Ciela.  A chest
will also appear; open it to get a Heart Container, increasing your maximum
capacity.  Enter the blue portal that has also appeared behind the chest to
leave the dungeon.

|Isle of Ember - East                                    | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ A: Isle of Ember   |
As soon as you emerge from the Temple of Fire, return to |         Dock       |
Astrid's House.  After a cutscene, Link and Ciela will   | E: Astrid's House  |
be directed to return to the Temple of the Ocean King    +--------------------+
on Mercay Island.  He'll also receive a Power Gem -
these will be important later.

Return to POINT A: ISLE OF EMBER DOCK, and set sail for Mercay Island.  Once
there, head straight back into the Temple of the Ocean King.

      -----zz----------zz-----           Temple of the Ocean King II
      ----zzzz--------zzzz----                     [0305]

|Temple of the Ocean King - Entrance                     | Mark List          |
|New Quest Item: Phantom Hourglass                       |
Immediately after you enter, a cutscene will take place.  Linebeck once again
proves himself to be a terrific coward, but Oshus arrives in time to dispel the
situation.  Head to the north end of the room as Oshus instructs; use the
stairsets on the east or west ends of the room.  There, Link will recieve the
Phantom Hourglass in another cutscene.

Head back down the stairs, and through the door on the north end of the room's
first level.

|Temple of the Ocean King - First Floor                  | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ A: Floor Entrance  |
This time, when you enter the first floor of the Temple, | F: Door of Power   |
the Phantom Hourglass will flash onscreen, showing a ten +--------------------+
minute timer.  As Leaf will explain, this timer shows how much time you have
before the the cursed fog in the dungeon will begin to hurt you.  Leaf also
points out the Door of Power, north of POINT A: FLOOR ENTRANCE.  Mark this as
POINT F: DOOR OF POWER, and head for the Door.  Tap it on the Touch Screen to
open it, then go up the stairs on the other side.

|Temple of the Ocean King - Basement First Floor         | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ A: Floor Entrance  |
Mark where you enter as POINT A: FLOOR ENTRANCE.  Take a | B: Trap Switch 1   |
step forward, and a pair of Phantoms will appear.  Leaf  | C: Torch Puzzle    |
will explain; to add to his thoughts, you can sneak by   | D: Door Switch 1   |
the Phantoms by avoiding the yellow cone that represents +--------------------+
their field of vision.  And if one does happen to spot you, run as fast as you
can to the nearest safe zone.

Head for the safe zone to the east, and open up your Map.  Look at the
southeast corner of the map; there is a square-shaped hallway here, patrolled
by one of the Phantoms.  Draw a line around this hallway, representing the
Phantom's path.  Next, mark the northeast corner of the map as POINT B: TRAP
SWITCH 1.  Lastly, mark the south-central part of the dungeon as POINT C: TORCH

Wait for the Southeast Phantom to reach the southwest corner of his patrol
path, then quickly run to POINT B: TRAP SWITCH 1.  Strike the Trap Switch here,
and a torch will come to life near POINT C: TORCH PUZZLE.  Run as fast as you
can to this point; if you timed it properly, then the Southeast Phantom should
be nowhere near POINT C: TORCH PUZZLE.  Use the Boomerang to light the unlit
torch adjacent to the currently lit one.  Go quickly; Trap Switch 1 has a
limited timer.

Solving the Torch Puzzle will remove the fire trap in the southwest corner of
the dungeon.  Run here, and into the Safe Point at the dungeon's southwest
corner.  Open up your map to make a few more marks.  First, mark the path of
the West Phantom; he slowly patrols the entire west hallway, going north to
south.  Also, look for a small wall just to the west of POINT B: TRAP SWITCH 1.
Mark the west side of this wall as POINT D: DOOR SWITCH 1.

Now, wait for the West Phantom to reach the south point of his patrol path,
then start heading back north.  Follow slowly in his wake, running into the
Safe Point stashed on the west-center part of the map when the opportunity
arises.  Wait for the Phantom to return to the south end of his Patrol Path
again, then quickly run to POINT D: DOOR SWITCH 1.

Stand on the switch in the ground here to open the barrier on the northwest
side of the floor.  Run there, to find a SMALL KEY in a small Safe Zone.  Once
you have the SMALL KEY, return to POINT B: TRAP SWITCH 1, and go through the
locked door located there.  Use the same tactics you used to avoid the Phantoms

Once you've opened the locked door at POINT B, go down the stairs on the other

|Temple of the Ocean King - Basement Second Floor        | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ A: Floor Entrance  |
Mark where you enter as POINT A: FLOOR ENTRANCE.  There  | B: Phantom Puzzles |
is a Phantom just to the west of you; mark him as POINT  | C: Key Puzzle      |
B: PHANTOM PUZZLE.  The POINT B Phantom does not patrol; | D: Boomerang       |
he stands motionless at his post, gazing down the        |         Puzzle 1   |
hallways to his west, south and east.  Unfortunately,    +--------------------+
the Phantom is inconveniently posted directly in front of a Switch you need to

Wait until this Phantom is looking West or South, and then quickly run south
yourself.  On the south end of the wall here, there is a Trap Switch.  Activate
it to make a noise, attracting the attention of the Phantom.  He should run
south down the west side of the wall, so run north up the east side of the wall
to avoid him.  Run to his post and pull the lever before he returns.  Head back
to the Safe Zone after you have pulled the lever, and wait for the Phantoms on
the floor to calm down before continuing.

There's a second puzzle to be solved at POINT B: PHANTOM PUZZLES, this one
involving the Trap Switches.  There are two total; one you've already
activated, the other is at the northwest end of POINT B: PHANTOM PUZZLES.
Activate the same one you activated before, and then head for the second in
same manner you used to reach the switch the Phantom once guarded.  This makes
a SMALL KEY appear; mark this as POINT C: KEY PUZZLE.

The lever you pulled earllier opened a passage southwest of POINT B: PHANTOM
PUZZLE.  Mark that area as POINT D: BOOMERANG PUZZLE 1, and then quickly run
down into that area when the POINT B Phantom is looking away.

On the west end of POINT D: BOOMERANG PUZZLE 1, there is a red potion.  Break
it open near the Fire Trap to create a tiny Safe Zone.  Stand in this Safe
Zone, then whip out your Boomerang.  Draw a Flightpath south, across the Fire
Trap, and onto the Trap Switch on the other side.  The Fire Trap will

Go to the southwest corner of the room, where there is a Safe Zone.  Stand in
this Safe Zone, and watch the South Phantom to see his path.  He slowly patrols
the entire south hallway, going east and west, and also the southern half of
the east hallway, going north and south.  Draw this path for future reference.

Now, starting heading to the east part of the map, to POINT C: KEY PUZZLE.
Again, follow in the wake of the South Phantom, and duck into a safe zone near
POINT C when the opportunity arises.  Once the South Phantom is headed back to
the south end of the room, look for a Floor Switch at POINT C.  Stand on it to
lower a Spike Trap to the west; without leaving the Floor Switch, whip out the
Boomerang and draw a Flightpath over the spike trap, and onto the Small Key.
Release the Stylus to grab the Small Key.

Backtrack to POINT D: BOOMERANG PUZZLE 1, and use the Small Key to open the
locked door located there.  Go down the stairs you find on the other side.

|Temple of the Ocean King - Basement Third Floor         | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ A: Floor Entrance  |
Mark where you enter as POINT A: FLOOR ENTRANCE.  Next,  | B: Triforce Puzzle |
sketch out the patrol paths of the Phantoms; one circles | C: Force Gem 1     |
the looping hallway in the northwest, and the other the  | D: Force Gem 2     |
same in the southeast (apparently passing through two    | E: Force Gem 3     |
sets of Spike Traps; this is normal).  Northeast of      +--------------------+
where you enter, there is a huge Safe Zone; mark this as POINT B: TRIFORCE
PUZZLE.  Run up there to take a quick look now.

You'll find at POINT B a large diorama of the Triforce.  A nearby stone tablet
gives the solution to the puzzle: place the Force Gems onto the pedestals to
open the barrier.  There are three total, found in the small Safe Zones dotted
around the area.  The first is in the northwest corner; mark this as POINT C:
FORCE GEM 1.  The second is in the southeast corner; mark it as POIND D: FORCE
GEM 2.  The third, and last, is behind a door in the southwest corner.  Mark
this as POINT E: FORCE GEM 3.

Head for POINT C: FORCE GEM 1 first.  Inside a chest at POINT C, you'll find
the first Force Gem.  If you've played Battle Mode at all, then you'll know
what to do here, but otherwise, it'll take some explanation.  Return with the
Force Gem to POINT B: TRIFORCE PUZZLE, and toss it onto one of the triangle
pedestals located there.  As Leaf says, don't be a hero; if you're spotted by a
Phantom, dump the Gem and hoof if to the nearest Safe Zone.  Return to claim
the Force Gem once the coast is clear.

Once you've set Force Gem 1 into the Triforce Pedestals, head for POINT D:
FORCE GEM 2.  Don't go along the east wall; there are traps there which will
attract the attention of the patrolling Phantoms.  Instead, go to the south
wall, then east.  Take the Force Gem from the chest at POINT D, and return it

The third Force Gem is the trickiest.  It's behind a locked door at POINT E:
FORCE GEM 3, but one of the Phantoms carries the key (it's clearly visible on
the map).  Sneak up behind the Phantom, then nail it with the Boomerang.  After
a brief moment of alarm, the Phantom will return to its patrol, leaving the
SMALL KEY lying on the floor.  Pick it up, then head for POINT E: FORCE GEM 3.

Unlock the door at POINT E, open the chest to get the last Force Gem, then
carry it to POINT B.  With all three Force Gems placed at POINT B, the barrier
will open, revealing a door.  Go through this door.

|Temple of the Ocean King - The Door of Wisdom           | Mark List          |
+--------------------------------------------------------+ A: Door of Wisdom  |
|New Quest Item: Sea Chart (northwest region)            +--------------------+
Directly in front of you as you enter is the Door of Wisdom; you can probably
guess that since you don't have the Spirit of Wisdom, you won't be going
through this door any time soon.  Mark it as POINT A: DOOR OF WISDOM, then head
for the northwest corner of the room.  There's a chest here.  Open it to get
the Sea Chart of the  Northwest Region.  Take it, then enter the portal which
appears to return to the surface.

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one of my guides: Qtipdoom, Chris Paxton, Insanityrest, Superguy415, Al, Erik
Kwaakernat, Niek Rood, Matt, ChippyBlane, CyborgDragon, Diego Berdegja, Thomas
N/A, Jennings Jin, Corey Clark, The Croz, Andrew Kovalcik, Luise Felipe
Camarena R., Poe Tokoro, Living NightMare 185, RJ, Norman Lee, Dark Crono, Ben
Ritz, Scott M., Curtis Hunt, Daffy22853, Matt Steven, Atrimis, Les Labbauf,
Bart Van De Winkel, Sam Clements, Andrew Hintz, KyuubiKitsune19, WOLFMANCTL,
Devin Pierce, Aaron Ramsey, Patrick D'Aoust, Preston Sumner, Christopher Moore,
thehardencorpse, Mark Ehrhart, Parker Iller, Andrew Sprague, Jayson Jesposito

Specific thanks to Richard Taylor, whose quote I have adopted as my own
personal quality guarantee.

Specific thanks to Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, Amanda Tapping,
Christopher Judge, Don S. Davis, Joe Flanigan, Torri Higginson, David Hewlett,
Jason Momoa, Paul McGillion, Rachel Luttrell, Gary Jones, Teryl Rothery, Martin
Wood, Peter DeLuise, Robert C. Cooper and Brad Wright (and, to a lesser extent,
Rainbow Sun Francks, Ben Browder, Beau Bridges and Claudia Black).  To the
uninformed, those are the casts and significant crew members of Stargate SG-1
and Stargate Atlantis.  It may seem strange to thank the cast and crew of a
television show, but having reruns of old TV shows constantly running in the
background helps break the monotony of explaining exceedingly simple puzzles.
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