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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

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                                   -:.-:`         -::.

The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Enemy FAQ
 /Introduction       01     /

Yay for you! An enemy FAQ! Can't figure out how to defeat those naughty little 
octorocks, maybe a stalfos? Then read on! It's... My... First FAQ. So, it may 
not be the best, but at least it'll be good!

 /Version History    02     /

Version 1.1 -- Baby Dodongos added, Wizzrobe times fixed, and Moldorms and 

Version 1 -- Enemies, bosses, and thought-to-be's added.

 /Table of Contents  03     /

Use the magical search to find what you need. CTRL+F, then enter whatever 
number you need. Hit enter twice, and voila! The... Whatever you happen to 

01. Introduction
02. Version History
03. Table of Contents
04. Enemies
    04.01. Armos Statue
    04.02. Baby Dodongo
    04.03. Battleship
    04.04. Beamos
    04.05. Bee
    04.06. Blade Trap
    04.07. Bombclops
    04.08. Bubble
    04.09. ChuChu
    04.10. Gel
    04.11. Gyorg
    04.12. Hardhat Beetle
    04.13. Jolene
    04.14. Keese
    04.15. Like Like
    04.16. Mine
    04.17. Miniblin
    04.18. Moldorm
    04.19. Moldworm
    04.20. Octorock
    04.21. Patra
    04.22. Phantom
    04.23. Phantom Eye
    04.24. Poe
    04.25. Pols Voice
    04.26. Rat
    04.27. Reapling
    04.28. Rope
    04.29. Rupee Like
    04.30. Skulltula
    04.31. Stalfos
    04.32. Takkuri
    04.33. Tektite
    04.34. Wizzrobe
    04.35. Yook
    04.36. Zol
    04.37. Zola Warrior
05. Bosses
    05.01. Blaaz
    05.02. Cyclock
    05.03. Crayk
    05.04. Diabolical Cubus Sisters
    05.05. Dongorongo
    05.06. Gleeok
    05.07. Eox
    05.08. Bellum
06. Thought-To-Be's
    06.01. Cucco
    06.02. Golden Frog
    06.03. Biri
    06.04. Seagull
07. FAQ
08. Sites
09. Contact
10. Credits

 /Enemies            04     /

The list is from A-Z. It includes their name, a description, where they're 
found, weapons needed, how to kill them, and how much damage they take away. 
Rather like this:

Weapons Required: 
Damage Taken: 

|Armos Statue 04.01|
Description: These are large statues, often found by pressure switches.
Where: Goron Temple
Weapons Required: Bombs
Guide: Armos Statues look like the normal statues in the dungeon. When you 
approach, they suddenly come to life and attack! Touching one hurts you, as the 
spikes around the base are... Spiky. Simply avoid them and throw a bomb. Unlike 
most other games, they don't go berserk or blow up, but simply lose the life. 
You can then push them around without fear, as they don't come back to life.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

|Baby Dodongo 04.02|
Description: Little one-eyed snakes.
Where: Goron Temple
Weapons Required: Bombchus, Bombs, Sword
Guide: These guys will simply slither around. Hit them with a bombchu, bomb, or 
sword to swiftly get rid of them.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

|Battleship 04.03|
Description: These are boats with cannons on them.
Where: The Great Sea
Weapons Required: Cannon
Guide: These boats will follow you as long as you sail away from them. They 
shoot cannons, although they don't always have the greatest aim. Just shoot 
your own cannon at them. Also, they may be grouped with a larger boat. The 
larger boat sometimes leaves treasure.
Damage Taken: 1 Ship Heart

|Beamos 04.04|
Description: Beamos are big statues with gems that shoot lasers if they see 
Where: Temple of Courage, Goron Temple
Weapons Required: Arrows, Bombs
Guide: Beamos... Are annoying, and technically invincible. You can shoot an 
arrow at the 'eye' (glowing gem up top), or throw a bomb at it to stun it. 
It'll come back, though. It's hard to avoid their lasers.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

|Bee 04.05|
Description: Black-and-yellow striped bees. Make loud buzzing noises.
Where: Cannon Island
Weapons Required: Sword
Guide: Truthfully, any weapon is nice, but the one time you really need to see 
them, you don't really have anything but a sword. A quick spin attack should 
kill them.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

|Blade Trap 04.06|
Description: Silver, bladed traps that usually go on a path, but may be motion-
Where: Temple of Courage, Temple of Ice
Weapons Required: N/A
Guide: Blade Traps are invincible, and can't be killed. If they're on a set 
path, simply watch the path and move when it's safe. If they're sitting there, 
run quickly past them. You'll pass with ease.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

|Bombclops 04.07|
Description: Big, blue cyclopses.
Where: Goron Temple, Dee Ess Island
Weapons Required: Arrows, Sword
Guide: Watch out! Get too close and they'll simply hit you across the room. Get 
too far, and they'll throw bombs. They're easy to kill, however. Shoot an arrow 
into their eye, then run up and hack 'em up with your sword.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

|Bubble 04.08|
Description: Flying skulls. One variety is surrounded by fire. The other is 
surrounded by blue smoke.
Where: Temple of Fire, Temple of Ice, Goron Temple
Weapons Required: Sword, Arrows, Boomerang, Bombs, etc
Guide: There are two varieties of Bubbles, and the way to kill them is only 
slightly different: 
  Fire: Anything can be used against these guys, but your shield doesn't
        protect you from its attacks.
  Ice: Try not to use your sword against them. Instead,
       use a ranged attack, then your sword.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart (fire bubble goes through your shield)

|ChuChu 04.09|
Description: They're bell-shaped jelly blobs. They range in the colors green, 
red, gold, and blue.
Where: Just about everywhere
Weapons Required: Anything (green/red), Boomerang, Arrows
Guide: There are four types of ChuChus, all easy to beat.
  Red: They're weak. Just... Use your sword and put the poor thing out of its
  Green: They're weak, like the Red ChuChu, but these guys will hide. Use a
         thrust (draw a line towards the Green ChuChu with your stylus) when
         they're in their puddle form.
  Blue: These guys are surrounded by a dangerous electrical field. Use your
        boomerang or arrows to stun it, then your sword. They don't jump.
  Gold: Same as the blue, except they DO jump.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart (blue and gold scramble your upper-screen map)

|Gel 04.10|
Description: Tiny green blobs.
Where: Temple of Fire, Temple of Courage, Temple of Ice
Weapons Required: Anything
Guide: These guys are annoying if you're near some REAL enemies. They don't 
attack, and anything can kill them in a single hit. However, if they latch onto 
you, you're stuck until you get them off (rub your stylus left-and-right).
Damage Taken: 0 hearts

|Gyorg 04.11|
Description: Purple sharks, that normally appear in groups of two or three.
Where: The Great Sea
Weapons Required: Cannon
Guide: These guys are annoying. In groups of three, you usually have to 
constantly turn the camera. If they jump in the air, go cannon-crazy at them. 
If they're in the water, they're safe. They'll ram your boat. Jump when they do 
so. If you land on their tail, the game will count that as having jumped 
completely over them.
Damage Taken: 1 Ship Heart

|Hardhat Beetle 04.12|
Description: These are enemies hidden in big, green shells.
Where: Mutoh's Temple
Weapons Required: Hammer, Sword
Guide: These don't show up too much. Just use your hammer to flip them over, 
then attack with your sword. Or hammer again.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

|Hiploop 04.13|
Description: These are beetles hidden behind masks.
Where: Temple of Ice
Weapons Required: Sword, Grappling Hook
Guide: Get them to charge at you, then move behind them and attack them there. 
When you get it, you can grapple their masks, then attack with your sword.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

|Jolene 04.14|
Description: She's a wacky pirate, who shares with you her hatred for Linebeck. 
She arrives on her ship.
Where: The Great Sea
Weapons Required: Sword
Guide: When she arrives, you can avoid her, or head towards her. Avoiding her 
will result in her shooting torpedoes at you. Jump to avoid. Heading towards 
her will result in ambush. In this, avoid her attacks simply by moving around. 
When she pulls her sword back (along with a nice, 'haaaaaaa...' grunt), get 
ready. When she unleashes, hit her quickly with your sword.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

|Keese 04.15|
Description: Bats. One kind is normal, another surrounded by flame, and the 
last surrounded by blue smoke.
Where: Just about every temple
Weapons Required: Anything (normal/fire), Arrows, Boomerang
Guide: Umm... Poking could probably defeat a normal one, although Link doesn't 
understand that concept. Any attack could kill normal and fire keese (though 
the fire keese can attack even if they hit your shield). The ice 
ones need to be attacked by a ranged weapon, though, or you'll get frozen.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

|Like Like 04.16|
Description: Big, red-brown things with big, gaping holes for mouths
Where: Goron Island, Goron Temple
Weapons Required: Sword, Bombs, Arrows, Grappling Hook
Guide: Scary things, these are. If you're bold and don't mind losing just a 
touch of health, run up with a bomb, or just attack with your sword. If you're 
like me, and have hated Like Likes since Ocarina of Time, use Arrows, or your 
grappling hook. Three shots/swipes/booms will suffice, more for the grappling 
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

|Mine 04.17|
Description: These are spiked, black things. Some move, some stationary. 
Stationary ones have green eyes, moving ones have yellow.
Where: Salvage Mini-Game
Weapons Required: N/A
Guide: You're supposed to avoid them when salvaging. Take it slow. You'll 
probably hit one or two per salvage, but don't break your salvage arm.
Damage Taken: 1 Salvage Arm Heart per hit

|Miniblin 04.18|
Description: Noisy little things with pitchfork-type weapons. Make a 
distinctive cry. Also, monsters that look like these... But have fins, are in 
fact Miniblins.
Where: Almost everywhere
Weapons Required: Anything
Guide: They wait for the pack. They attack in huge groups, and will never 
attack alone like they did in Wind Waker. Doesn't matter. Tap and destroy.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

|Moldorm 04.19|
Description: Blue caterpillars with pink tails
Where: Temple of Courage, Temple of the Ocean King
Weapons Required: Arrows, Sword
Guide: Moldorms move in circles, randomly moving to make some more circles. Hit 
its pink tail a few times with arrows or your sword to beat 'em.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart 

|Moldworm 04.20|
Description: Big, yellow worms that don't like noise.
Where: Isle of Gust, Temple of Wind
Weapons Required: Bombs
Guide: Invincible. Walking too quickly will attract them, and they're faster 
than Link. Get off the sand. Of course, tossing a bomb will distract them, as 
they're louder than Link. Take advantage of that and move when you throw a 
bomb. If they get you, rub the stylus back-and-forth.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart, another 1/2 heart if you're too slow

|Octorock 04.21|
Description: The sea Octorock has a spiked head, and spits bombs. The other, 
red Octorock, spits rocks.
Where: The Great Sea, Astrid's Home, various caves
Weapons Required: Cannon, Sword, Boomerang, Arrows
Guide: Obviously, you're going to use your Cannon on the sea Octorocks. Tap the 
spiky head and you'll almost always hit it. As for the red ones, use your 
sword. If they're shooting rocks rapid-fire, use your boomerang or arrows to 
stop them.
Damage Taken: Sea Octorock: 1 Ship Heart
              Red Octorock: 1/2 heart

|Patra 04.22|
Description: Flying eyeballs that make a distinctive flapping sound.
Where: The Great Sea
Weapons Required: Cannon
Guide: Err... Hit with cannon. They're terribly slow, and it takes forever to 
reach you. Sometimes, they fly right over you.
Damage Taken: 1 Ship Heart

|Phantom 04.23|
Description: The big, armored enemies in the Temple of the Ocean King. Blue 
ones are Phantom Guards, red are Swift Phantoms, and the gold ones are Warp 
Where: Temple of the Ocean King
Weapons Required: Phantom Sword, Arrows
Guide: Arrows stun. Avoid. They go on certain paths. Phantom Guards are pretty 
standard. Swift Phantoms are faster, and can pick up and hold keys and 
crystals. Warp Phantoms are really slow, but if you're seen, they'll warp to 
you. On your last visit to the Temple, make some noise when a Phantom nears to 
lure them in, and when they turn around, hit them in the back. Environmental 
hazards can get rid of 'em, too.
Damage Taken: 1 full heart and -15/-30 seconds from your Phantom Hourglass 
(time varies)

|Phantom Eye 04.24|
Description: Blue things with tentacles.
Where: Temple of the Ocean King
Weapons Required: Sword, Arrows, Boomerang, Bombchu
Guide: Don't get close, or it'll alert the Phantoms on the floor, and stop you 
by sticking to you! Use arrows, your boomerang then sword, or a bombchu.
Damage Taken: 0 hearts

|Poe 04.25|
Description: These are dark ghosts. Resemble Wizzrobes.
Where: Ghost Ship
Weapons Required: Arrows
Guide: When they appear, hit them with arrows. They don't stay very long, and 
they can shoot blue fire at you.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

|Pols Voice 04.26|
Description: Yellow thing... With big bunny ears!
Where: Temple of Courage
Weapons Required: Noise, Sword
Guide: Yay for Pols Voice! In old games, you would play your instrument or 
throw bombs or whatever. For this, blow into the mic and then use your sword.
Damage Taken: 1 heart

|Rat 04.27|
Description: Purple rats.
Where: Everywhere just about
Weapons Required: Anything
Guide: They're quick, but just use your sword, and they'll die. Sometimes carry 
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

|Reapling 04.28|
Description: Ghosts with sickles. Spooooky!
Where: Ghost Ship
Weapons Required: N/A
Guide: Invincible again. They're Phantoms, except better. They see and can move 
through walls. Other than that, same deal. Avoid and shoot arrows. The Cubus 
Sisters' cry will alert them.
Damage Taken: 1 heart

|Rope 04.29|
Description: Purple snakes.
Where: Almost everywhere
Weapons Required: Anything
Guide: The only problem is that they charge if you're adjacent to them. Other 
than that, a simple sword swipe will do the job.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart 

|Rupee Like 04.30|
Description: Like Likes with an antenna. Rupee (green, blue, red) attached at 
Where: Isle of the Dead, Isle of Ruin, Mutoh's Temple
Weapons Required: Sword, Bombs, Arrows, Grappling Hook
Guide: Tricksters! They appear as red, blue, or green rupees, and when you 
near, they pop up and suck you up and eat your rupees! If you're bold and don't 
mind losing just a touch of health, run up with a bomb, or just attack with 
your sword. If you're like me, and have hated Like Likes since Ocarina of Time, 
use Arrows, or your grappling hook. Three shots/swipes/booms will suffice, more 
for the grappling hook.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

|Skulltula 04.31|
Description: Spiders with skulls on them
Where: Ghost Ship
Weapons Required: Boomerang, Arrows, Sword
Guide: Recognize 'em? Not hard to kill. However, they respawn very quickly, and 
the Cubus Sisters are afraid of them. They scream, and that'll attract Reapers. 
So kill 'em with arrows when a Sister is following you.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

|Stalfos 04.32|
Description: These are cool skeleton guys. They can be Stalfos or Stalfos 
Where: Isle of the Dead, Isle of Ruin
Weapons Required: Sword, Grappling Hook, Hammer
Guide: There's no real difference between Stalfos or Stalfos Knights other than 
looks and attacks. Stalfos throws bones at you, and jump from your attacks. 
Stalfos Knights jump too, but they use their sword to attack. You can either 
use your sword, grapple their skulls, or crush them with your hammer.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

|Takkuri 04.33|
Description: These are blue-black birds that rest on trees.
Where: Various islands
Weapons Required: Sword
Guide: Only your sword. Once Takkuri swoops, you've gotta be quick. When they 
near you, quickly slash 'em! Or else they'll take a rupee.
Damage Taken: 1 heart

|Tektite 04.34|
Description: These are one-eyed, four-legged blue or red spiders.
Where: Isle of Ember
Weapons Required: Sword
Guide: These guys jump. Everywhere. But they're easy to beat. Just use your 
sword, and they'll go down easy.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

|Wizzrobe 04.35|
Description: Invisible. But when they're not, they're orange.
Where: Temple of the Ocean King
Weapons Required: Boomerang, Sword, Arrows
Guide: These guys take time! Literally! Lure them towards you by leaving your 
safe zone and turning your back to them. When they near, spin around a kill 
them! You even get +30 seconds for your Phantom Hourglass time!
Damage Taken: -15 seconds

|Yook 04.36|
Description: White or brown monkey things. You'll get a good look before you 
need to fight one.
Where: Isle of Frost, Temple of Ice
Weapons Required: Bombs, sword
Guide: When a Yook inhales, toss a bomb into their mouth. It'll stun him. Take 
the chance and hack at him with your sword.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

|Zol 04.37|
Description: Big gels. Also green.
Where: Temple of Fire, Temple of Courage, Temple of Ice
Weapons Required: Anything
Guide: These guys are simple to beat, much like gels. Simply use your sword. 
Keep in mind, it'll split into two gels.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

|Zola Warrior 04.38|
Description: Big, aqua warriors with wooden shields and big swords.
Where: Various caves
Weapons Required: Sword, Boomerang
Guide: Fire-spitting, sword-swinging enemies. Sweet. Simple keep on the move. 
When they use their sword, get behind them and slash them. Or use your 
boomerang and hit their back, then use your sword.
Damage Taken: 1/2 heart

 /Bosses             05     /

Here rest the bosses. They are in the order they're fought in. It includes 
their name, title, what dungeon they're in, a guide, and prizes.


|Blaaz 05.01|
Title: Master of Fire
Dungeon: Temple of Fire
Guide: This guy is easy... Well, he is the first boss. Look at your top screen 
when he splits apart. You'll notice three black skulls, each with a different 
amount of horns, numbering one through three. Whip out your boomerang and 
target the three poes, in order of horns. The one with one horn, then two 
horns, then three. They'll slam into each other and combine to form Blaaz. Run 
up and slash at him, nonstop, until he raises his arms to the air. Keep moving, 
as large boulders will fall. Then continue slicing him until he separates. 
Repeat twice, and he's a goner!
Prizes: Sand of Hours (unofficially), Heart Container, Leaf (Spirit of Power)

|Cyclock 05.02|
Title: Stirrer of Winds
Dungeon: Temple of Wind
Guide: This is one of my favorite boss battles. Cyclock will rise into the air 
on a tornado. Whip out a bomb and head towards a grounded cyclone. When the big 
octorock flies over it, throw the bomb. It'll fly up and hit him, sending him 
crashing to the ground. Run over and attack with your sword. Eventually, he may 
begin to charge at you. Simply keep on the move to avoid. He may also spit 
cyclones at you. Just keep moving.
Prizes: Sand of Hours, Heart Container, Neri (Spirit of Wisdom)

|Crayk 05.03|
Title: Bane of Courage
Dungeon: Temple of Courage
Guide: Are you afraid something's wrong? No, that weird top screen is supposed 
to be there, for YOUR advantage. Crayk is invisible, but you can see if he's 
facing you or not with that screen. As it's the Temple of Courage, pull out 
your bow and wait. When you see yourself in the top screen, and you're getting 
closer, Crayk is. Shoot the arrow and run over when he's withdrawn, throwing 
bombs at the purple bumps in his shell, or using your sword. If he grabs you, 
rub the stylus to free yourself. Soon, Crayk's shell will come off. Face him 
and shoot arrows to stun him, then run behind him and hack away at his tail.
Prizes: Sand of Hours, Heart Container, half of Ciala's spirit

|Diabolical Cubus Sisters 05.04|
Title: Diabolical Cubus Sisters
Dungeon: Ghost Ship
Guide: Classic fight, right here. One by one, a sister will fire an electrical 
attack at you. Swing your sword to deflect it. After a while, they'll start to 
fall. Keep in mind that soon, they start passing it amongst themselves to try 
to confuse you. When you get down to the last sister, she'll send out three 
energy balls. The one that doesn't match is the one you want to hit. After the 
fourth sister is defeated, move on!
Prizes: Heart Container, Ghost Key

|Dongorongo 05.05|
Title: Armored Lizard
Dungeon: Goron Temple
Guide: Gongoron is back! As him, tap Dongorongo so Gongoron attacks him, 
flipping him onto his back. Switch to Link and aim a bombchu at Dongorongo. 
After a while, you'll have 'beaten' him. A bridge will appear and Gongoron will 
leave, saying he'll grab the Crimsonine for you. Smash the pots for health then 
cross the bridge. It'll sink, and Dongorongo will get up. When he inhales, 
throw a normal bomb into his mouth. It'll stun him. Attack the blue gem on his 
back. After three rounds of this, he really will be defeated.
Prizes: Sand of Hours, Heart Container, Crimsonine

|Gleeok 05.06|
Title: Two-Headed Dragon
Dungeon: Temple of Ice
Guide: The left dragon is fire, the right is ice. When the right dragon draws 
its head back, use your grappling hook and connect the upper-right and lower-
left pegs. As the left dragon comes to destroy the rope, the icy ball will hit 
it. When the left dragon draws its head back, use your grappling hook and 
connect the upper-left and lower-right pegs. As the right dragon comes to 
destroy the rope, the fiery ball will hit it. Jump on a peg and wait. When 
chunks of ice fall, jump off and duck behind a peg. Repeat this one more time, 
and Gleeok's mask will break. When the tongue rests on the platform, grapple 
hook it and slash at it with your sword. Repeat for other head.
Prizes: Sand of Hours, Heart Container, Azurine

|Eox 05.07|
Title: Ancient Stone Soldier
Dungeon: Mutoh's Temple
Guide: This guy is BIG. He takes up both screens! When Eox slams his fist onto 
the ground, launch yourself in the air using your hammer on a seesaw. Rapidly 
tap the red dots on Eox to destroy parts of him (they'll take a few hits to 
destroy), and keep this process up until he's wood. This time, you need to hit 
the dots in one jump. After that, he'll just be a head. Lure him towards a 
seesaw, then launch up and land on his head. Hammer/slice away at the gem to 
beat him.
Prizes: Sand of Hours, Heart Container, Aquanine

|Bellum 05.08|
Title: Evil Phantom
Dungeon: Temple of the Ocean King, Ghost Ship
Guide: Phase 1: He sure is evil! Bellum will dive into the purple 
water. Use your grappling hook to take off the spores. When they're 
gone, use your grappling hook to pull Bellum towards you, then slash. 
He'll move away, so bring him back. Soon he'll rise up a floor. Climb 
the stairs after him. Shoot arrows at the eyes when they're yellow, and 
keep moving to avoid anything that may attack you. When all the eyes 
are purple, Bellum will fall into the water. Repeat both parts of 
Bellum's first phase, but keep in mind that he can close his eyes in 
the arrow part. Hurray! Ciela's memory has returned! She'll inform you 
how to stop time. Hit the sphere icon on the screen and wait until 
Bellum nears, then quickly draw an '8' starting at the top. Then run 
and slash his eye. Repeat until Bellum falls...

Phase 2: Attack of the Ghost Ship! Linebeck will guide the ship. Simply 
fire your cannon. Make sure to shoot the pink balls. Yes, shoot them, 
as it's quicker than jumping, and keeps you ready to fire on the Ship. 
Soon there will only be spores on the deck of the ship. When they're 
gone, the Ship will be destroyed. Save as prompted...

Phase 3: Not Linebeck. Oh no. Avoid Bellum until Ciela creates a Phantom 
Sphere. Collect it, and use it. Go to Bellum's back and hit the closed eye. 
Ciela will fly behind Bellum, but will be grabbed. Attack Bellum, cornering 
him. If he sidesteps, run away (down and right from his sword). After a while 
you'll be prompted to rub. Do so, then strike Bellum. Collect the Phantom 
sphere and wait for the eye to open, then use it and hack away. Repeat. Soon 
Bellum will become a tornado. Keep moving to avoid it. Soon, his eye will 
remain open. Just keep it up, and you'll eventually beat him for good!
Prizes: Victory
 /Thought-To-Be's    06     /

These are the enemies that can be mistaken for enemies. There's the 
description, where they're found, and why they may be mistaken for enemies.


|Cucco 06.01|
Description: Chicken-like birds
Where: Mercay Island, Molida Island, Zauz's Island
Explanation: These guys are so cute, and dangerous to harm. Why? Well, try 
using a bomb, hammer, arrows, boomerang, grappling hook, sword, etc on them. 
And run. All those red cuccos will hurt!

|Golden Frog 06.02|
Description: Golden frogs
Where: The Great Sea
Explanation: Hopping out of the water, just like any attacking attacker. 
However, hit them with a cannon when you have the Slate and they'll give you a 
symbol for the slate so you can warp.

|Biri 06.03|
Description: Purple jellyfish with a bright pink eye
Where: The Great Sea
Explanation: You just know it's going to shoot at you... Only it's green 
rupees. For every cannonball that hits the biri, you get a green rupee, 
and for every few hits, it duplicates itself.

|Seagull 06.04|
Description: White birds with brown-tipped wings
Where: The Great Sea
Explanation: These birds follow you everywhere! Try shooting one. It's fun. But 
then they all fly out of range.
 /FAQ                07     /

Q: This is cool! Can I post it on my site?
A: If you ask, maybe. Send me the URL to your site. I'll most likely say yes. 
Just be sure to ask, and I'd be happy to.

Q: Can I be under credits?
A: Sure, if you help me in some way with the FAQ.
 /Sites              08     /

These are the sites that can currently host my FAQ.

 /Contact            09     /

Questions? Comments? Info? E-mail me at wolfehmaster@hotmail. You can IM me at 
silverishwings, although I probably won't reply. Sorry. I just have homework 
and stuff...
 /Credits            10     /

http://zeldawiki.org/ -- Your enemy list is wonderful! I used this site to help 
me with locations and the names of enemies I wasn't sure about.

Nintendo -- For making Zelda, and especially Phantom Hourglass.

Bat178 -- For helping me during the night and day before submission. He listed 
enemies I had missed in my list, and helped me remember some locations. And 
listing the last 20 or so enemies for damage.

the_fine_player -- Informing me about the Wizzrobe time error.

Kirin -- Told me about the grappling hook trick for the Like Likes and reminded 
me about the Hiploops in the Temple of Ice.
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