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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

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          The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass FAQ/Walkthrough   

Written by Scott M. Vrooman II, aka shadow1515
Version 1.00

Table of Contents

[0001]    Legal Information
[0002]    Version History
[0003]    Introduction
[0004]    Common Problems
[W001]    Beginning: Mercay Island
[W002]    Mountain Passage
[W003]    Mercay Island Port
[W004]    Temple of the Ocean King 1
[W005]    Out to Sea
[W006]    Isle of Ember
[W007]    Temple of Fire
[W008]    Temple of the Ocean King 2
[W009]    Cannon Island
[W010]    Molida Island
[W011]    Isle of Gusts
[W012]    Temple of Wind
[W013]    Temple of the Ocean King 3
[W014]    In Search of Sunken Treasure
[W015]    Molida Island: The Sun Door
[W016]    Temple of Courage
[W017]    Thar be pirates!
[W018]    The Ghost Ship
[W019]    The Plight of the Ocean king
[W020]    Temple of the Ocean King 4
[W021]    Goron Island
[W022]    Goron Temple
[W023]    Isle of Frost
[W024]    Temple of Ice
[W025]    Isle of the Dead
[W026]    Isle of Ruins
[W027]    Muthoh's Temple
[W028]    A Blade to Banish Evil
[W029]    Temple of the Ocean King - One More Time
[W030]    The Final Battle?
-------Sidequests and Secrets-------
[1000]    Spirit Gems
[1001]    Treasure Maps
[1002]    Transport Cyclones
[1003]    Temple of the Ocean King Speed Guide
-------Et Cetera-------
[1004]    Contact Information
[1005]    Acknowledgements

[0001] Legal Information

You all know the drill.  I wrote this, it's mine.  You may use it and print it 
all you want, but don't sell it, and do not post it on your site unless your 
site happens to be GameFAQs.  If anyone sees someone using this FAQ illegally,
let me know and I'll take care of it.  And just to make it all official:

This guide is copyright 2007, 2008 Scott Vrooman 

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their 
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This guide may only appear legally on http://www.gamefaqs.com

[0002] Version History

11/6/2007  - Version 0.5.  This is the very first version of this FAQ.  
             It covers up through the Ghost Ship, roughly half the game.

11/7/2007  - Version 0.6.  A small update, but large at the same time.  The
             only additional area covered in the walkthrough is the next trip
             into the Temple of the Ocean King, but it's a doozy, as you find
             the other two sea charts on this trip.  That's the whole other
             half of the game opened up!  Also, I added the "common problems"
             section (which will probably eventually turn into an FAQ section
             if I get some more questions to put there) and slightly modified
             the search indexing feature to make it easier for me to add new
             sections in the future.

11/10/2007 - Version 0.7.  Added the Goron Temple, and up to the entrance of
             the Temple of Ice.  Also fixed an embarassing dislexic typo in
             the very beginning.  In the Mountain Passage section, I had
             accidentally transposed the 3 and 4 when I was labelling the
             switches that need to be pulled in a certain order.  Oops!

11/15/2007 - Version 0.8.  Added the Ice Temple.

11/30/2007 - Version 0.95.  Added Mutoh's Temple and acquiring the Phantom
             Sword.  Now, the walkthrough portion of this guide is nearly
             complete.  All that remains is to add a speed walkthrough for the
             Temple of the Ocean King, taking into account all items, and then
             guides for the final bosses.  I've got finals coming up, so that
             may be a week or two, but it'll get done before too long.

01/06/2008 - Version 1.00.  The main walkthrough is finally complete.  Also
             added the Temple of the Ocean King Speed Guide.

[0003] Introduction

This is the game we've been waiting for.  Why, you ask?  Because it's a Zelda 
game, that's why.  And for anyone who is stuck, here's a walkthrough to help 
you out.  I'm sure you're familiar with this type of thing, but for the 
uninitiated, here's how the table of contents works:  If you want to get to a 
specific section, simply type the number to the left of the section name, such 
as [0003], into a search box in your browser, usually accessed by pressing 
Ctrl+F.  If you have any questions or suggestions, go to my contact section and 
see if your e-mail will be welcome, and then feel free to e-mail me.  I guess 
that's all for now, let's get into the game!

[0004] Common Problems

Here I address common issues that many players seem to have with certain

--Temple of the Ocean King - Room with the Sun Seal--

Q: How am I supposed to transfer the seal to my sea chart?

A: You simply open your map of the Southwestern Sea on the bottom screen,
close your DS (yes, close it) and then open it.  Puzzle solved.

--Ghost Ship - B3 (with the levers)--

Q: What does this string of numbers even mean?  I've tried everything!

A: It seems like the solution to this puzzle is really counterintuitive,
because a lot of people (including me) seem to have had trouble with it.  Just
write the numbers from the hint (24513) above the levers from left to right.
Then pull the lever with the 1 above it first, the one with the 2 above it
second, and so on.

--Goron Island - Northern area--

Q: It's a dead end, there are no more cracked walls to bomb.  Where do I go?

A: Look around and notice that on the far side of the northwestern most
cracked wall is a strange symbol on the floor.  Walk to the west a little bit
(by "little" I mean like five steps) and you'll see that same symbol again.
Bomb the wall here to open the passage forward.


[W001] Beginning: Mercay Island
Once you've watched or skipped (press Start) the opening story scene, go into 
the hut straight up the path from you (just touch the screen to walk or run) 
to talk to Ciela's grandfather, Oshus (a fairy descended from a man?  doesn't 
that kind of thing usually go the other way?).  Oshus will point you to the 
port on the other side of the island, but when you leave there's an earthquake 
that knocks out the bridge!  

If you talk to Oshus again, he will forbid you from even trying the path to the 
north.  Well, go ahead and try it anyway, that old geezer isn't your boss.  
Turns out he IS right though; there are monsters and small trees blocking your 
path, so go back and try the other cave entrance near his house.  Tap the 
barrel in your way to pick it up, then tap anywhere else to throw it and head 
inside.  As a side note, you can generally pick up and break any pots, rocks, 
or barrels that you see, so do this whenever you're low on health, items, or 
rupees (which are the currency of the Zelda world).       

When you get inside, you'll find a solid door with an apparently blank sign in 
front of it.  When you "read" the sign, you find a message from Oshus warning 
you to keep your hands off of his stuff.  Are you going to take that?  Run 
back to the old man's house and give him a piece of your mind.  He sounds like 
a broken record, telling you again not to go north, but when you leave his 
house in frustration Ciela gets a bit mischievous and suggests that you try to 
find a way anyway.  Head back to the "empty" sign and she'll tell you that you 
need to write the number of palm trees on the beach.  You can run out and 
count them, but I'll tell you right now that the answer is 7.  After the door 
opens, run forward and claim your weapon!  Swipe the screen perpendicular to 
the direction Link is facing to slash, make a motion forward to stab, and draw 
a big wide circle to do a spin attack.  If there are enemies around, simply 
tap one to attack it.  There are some pots to the left of the treasure chest 
for you to practice on.  Also, now that you have a sword, you can get money 
and items from grass as well.  Cool.  Read the book if you want some 
instruction on sword basics, but it won't tell you anything I haven't, and 
then head back outside.

Busted!  Oshus is waiting for you.  But he's not mad, just complete his basic 
sword training course and you're free to take the north path with your sword.  
Before you head north you may want to check out the other house that you can 
reach right now.  The guy standing in front of it calls you over and teaches 
you how to talk to people (tap on them) and asks for some help picking up 
rocks.  Go ahead, you'll probably find some rupees for your trouble.  You can 
check out his house, but all that's in it is his boring wife.  So head north 
and find some action!

Here you'll see the most common enemy of the game: red chus.  They alsom come 
in yellow and blue varieties, but we'll get to those later.  Just tap them to 
kill them.  The stone right before the path bends to the right is another 
common fixture of Phantom Hourglass.  Whenever you see one of these, just 
whack it with your sword and it will tell you something useful.  This one 
teaches you how to somersault.  Do it into that tree and you'll get a red 
rupee for your trouble.  Cut down those small trees that blocked your way 
before, and dive into your first cave, Mountain Passage.

[W002] Mountain Passage

Just follow the path, tossing the rocks out of your way, to reach a locked 
door.  Continue on to get ambushed by red chus.  Dispatch them and grab the 
key from the chest, then head back and unlock the door by tapping on it.  In 
the next room you'll see some more chus and a locked door flanked on each 
side by two switches.  Ignore those for now, and head to your left, where 
you'll see a gravestone-like thing.  These also give you good information, so 
read them whenever possible.  This one teaches you how to pull blocks, so pull 
the blocks out of your way on the left and right and read the stones.  When 
the text is on screen, you can push down or the B button to open your map.  
The text will move to the top screen and on the touch screen you will be able 
to make notes.  This is invaluable for the future, so remember it.  Also, next 
to the stone down the right passage is a chest with 20 rupees in it.  Now go 
and pull the levers in the correct order.  If you mess up enemies will fall.  
If you just want the solution, here is what I wrote on my map (the numbers are 
the order in which you should pull the levers):

             2       1        Door       4        3  
Do that to make the key fall, then unlock the door and head upstairs.

Here, kill all the rats you can easily get to.  They will run back and forth 
between two holes in the wall, and one is carrying a key.  To kill him, simply 
push and pull the block near the left hole until it is blocked.  Then go wait 
by the locked door and watch your map.  When you see the key come out of one 
hole and go over to the other side, run after it.  The rat will not be able to 
escape because the hole is blocked, so he'll run back towards you; an easy 
kill.  Claim the key and unlock the door.  Then just kill some bats as you 
make your way out of the cave and into the main town of Mercay Island.

[W003] Mercay Island Port

Feel free to explore town, but there isn't really much to do at the moment.  
You should, however, stop in and buy a shield from the shop (the lower left 
building, a teepee on your map) as soon as you have 80 rupees.  When you're 
sick of chatting up the locals, head to the port (if you didn't mark it on 
your map, it's the only place with a boat).  You'll meet a man admiring a 
ship, but the captain, Linebeck, is nowhere to be found.  Head to the milk bar 
to see if you can gather some intel.  Talk to the owner to find your next 
destination: the Temple of the Ocean King.  One minor detail though; it's been 
cursed!  Should be interesting.  Head north to meet your destiny!  

The path to the temple is really straightforward.  You'll meet a new enemy, a 
crow that flies out of trees to peck at you.  If you time it right you can 
whack him with your sword just before he gets you, or you can simply try to 
outrun him.  On the way to the temple you may see a mostly-shattered box and a 
wall with a crack in it.  As any Zelda veteran will know, you can't do a thing 
with these until you have a bomb bag, so just ignore them for now.  Continue 
along the path to see the colossus that is the Temple of the Ocean King, and 
run inside with reckless abandon.

[W004] Temple of the Ocean King 1

The first thing you'll notice is a skeleton on the ground.  These are yet 
another source of useful information, usually telling you how to solve puzzles.
Apparently the souls of unfortunate adventurers linger by their remains to help 
anyone else as stupid as they were.  These ones aren't particularly useful, 
but you should get into the habit of "talking" to any skeleton you find.  

Anyway, run through the big door into the first room of the temple.  You'll 
see purple areas on the map.  These are safe zones.  Anytime that you are not 
standing in a safe zone, you will slowly die, so make sure and sprint between 
them as fast as you possibly can.  Also, each safe zone contains a pot or two, 
so break those to get some hearts if you're running low.  Walk forward a bit 
to see Linebeck, trapped behind some spikes.  Well, it looks like you'll have 
to brave the life-sapping dungeon to save him.  Sprint to the fisrt safe zone 
on the left, then the one on the upper left, and hit the switch there to free 
Linebeck.  There is a big white treasure chest in the upper right safe zone, 
but it's empty.  Go talk to Linebeck to hear him yak on about how he got 
trapped here, and also to hear my favorite track from the soundtrack of this 
game.  You'll discover that you now need to find a sea chart, and Linebeck 
will give you the key to the door at the upper left safe zone.  Go unlock it.  

Now you want to go to the right, but where the path branches take the high 
path because the low one has a false floor that will cause you to fall into a 
pit, and you do not need to lose any more hearts right now.  Just be careful 
to time your trip across the spikes carefully so you don't get hit.  Hit the 
switch here to drop the spikes, then sprint back to the other side of the room.
Here, take the low path so you don't need to worry about the spikes and hit 
the switch in the upper left safe zone before the time runs out.  This will 
open the central door, and you can go grab the Southwestern Sea Chart.  Head 
back to the entrance and...Linebeck is gone!  What a loser.  Exit the temple 
to get another taste of Linebeck's jerkiness (or does that  mean he's like 
dried spiced meet?  meh) as he takes your sea chart.  

[W005] Out to Sea

Head back to the dock to meet Linebeck and Oshus.  You'll have to solve the 
puzzle of the map.  This is pretty easy, actually.  Just rub around it with 
the stylus until you find a place that scratches off to reveal a symbol.  If 
you're impatient, it's the lower right island.  This marks your next 
destination, the Isle of Ember.  Set sail!  The game will tell you how to 
pilot the boat, so I won't.  One thing that's useful is that if you tap the 
anchor icon by an island, you can see the island's name.  That helps if you 
get lost, but for now you know exactly where to go.  Draw a line to it and 
head for the second island of the game.  You may see a golden frog jumping 
out of the water on the way.  It would be a good idea to mark that location 
on your map, but you can't do anything about it right now.

[W006] Isle of Ember

You'll notice that the three houses here are empty.  But in the upper one, try 
going downstairs to a room of octoroks.  Kill them all and examine the door in 
this room to see that stuck is stuck back there!  You'll have to shout (or 
just blow) into the microphone to get their attention and learn that you've 
found Astrid, the famous fortune-teller (looks like she's not all THAT psychic
if she got trapped down here...).  

Now you've got to go around and mark the locations of all three torches on the 
island.  I'll tell you where they are, but you can go see for yourself if you 
want.  If you checked all the empty houses, you may have noticed that the one 
on the right had a torch in it.  Continue across the bridge and start exploring
the rest of the island.  If you visit the far right, you'll find a pile of 
bones that turn out to be the remains of Kayo, Astrid's assistant, and another 
torch right next to them on a tiny island (the farthest east piece of land on 
your map).  You'll also meet tektites (spiders) and yellow chus, which will 
periodically be electrified.  When they are electrified, don't attack or 
you'll get hurt.  The third torch is the farthest left that you can go before 
you run into water.  You can see this spot on your map in the northwest of the 
island.  Whether you foud them for yourself or took my word for it, examine 
the map on the wall next to the door of the room where Astrid is and mark the 
locations of the torches to free her.  

She meets with Link, Ciela, and Linebeck upstairs and tells you that your next 
destination is the temple on the summit of the island, and of course Linebeck 
runs off scared again.  You may have noticed an electrified door to the east 
of the area with the dock when you were looking for torches.  Now that door is 
no longer electrified, so just tap it to proceed up the mountain.  The path is 
very straightforward.  You'll have to watch out for falling rocks, but just 
stay out of the shadows and you'll be fine.  When you get to the temple 
entrance, stand in front of each candle and blow into the micropohone to blow 
them out and open the door.  If you continue up past the door you can find a 
chest with 20 rupees and a stone tablet telling you how to get in if you 
didn't read this guide or figure it out for yourself.  Anyway, go on inside 
when you're ready.

[W007] Temple of Fire                                    Item found: Boomerang

1F: Try not to run into the flames that are perpetually burning all over the 
place.  Head forward to the first big room and you'll see a rotating arm of 
fire very reminiscent of the castles from Super Mario Brothers.  You also may 
notice that your map shows you where there are flames, so you know without 
exploring that you cannot go left, and you'll see that the door at the top of 
the room is blocked off right now.  So head into the room on the right, 
avoiding the arm of flame.  Hop across the lava and past the locked door and 
read the panel on the wall.  Note this path on your map, because it will lead 
you safely through the area depicted, which is riddled with false floors.  But 
you can't go there until you have a key, so head south to the next room.  

You'll notice as you walk in that there is a bar on the floor separating the 
two rooms.  This indicates that the room you are entering will lock you in and 
fill with enemies, so learn to prepare for a battle whenever you see it.  In 
this case it's just a few bats, so swat them down with your sword and grab the 
key in the chest.  Now you can go into that room to the north.  Just follow the 
path you plotted, grabbing the 20 rupees in the chest on the way, and do a 
spin attack in the middle of the four switches to hit them all at once.  This 
opens the door in the central room, so head back there and go upstairs.

2F: Here you'll see some red pegs blocking your way.  Notice that you can see 
the locations of red and blue pegs on your map, and also which are up and which
are down (the black outline indicates that the pegs are up and thus in your
way).  Whenever you see these pegs, you know that there is also a switch
somewhere that will switch them.  There's only one path you can take right
now, so follow it to the switch and smack it and you can be on your way,
taking out red and yellow chus as you go.  The next room is a battle room witt
green blobby things that split when you hit them.  Just take them out and grab
the chest to get your first subweapon, the boomerang, a mainstay of the Zelda
series.  it's especially cool on this game because you can draw its path on
the touch screen to make it follow any course you want.  Test it out by
hitting the switch to the right of the room to lower the flames blocking your
progress.  You can also use it to smash the pot and collect whatever item it
drops.  Anyway, continue down the hall and you'll run into some torches firing
flames at you.  On the left side of this room are two switches.  For each
switch you hit, one of the torches will be extinguished.  When you hit both
torches, another wall of flames disappears and you can go back downstairs.  

1F: More pegs, and a stone statue that will tell you where the treasure chests 
are on this floor...for a fee.  You should already have them all at this point 
(he'll tell you if you do), but these guys can be useful just to see if you've 
found everything yet.  You'll notice that there are blue pegs blocking your 
progress.  If you run up and hit the switch, then the red pegs will trap you 
there.  The solution is to stand on the side of the red pegs nearer to the 
statue, and draw a path with your boomerang to the switch, thus safely hitting 
it from afar.  Now you can proceed south.  To the left of the room is a switch 
that you can reach with your boomerang to lower the flames on the other side 
of the room.  This provides a shortcut to get back to here if you save and 
quit or die and come back later.  Pretty handy.  Anyway, head south to another 
battle room amd fight some flaming skulls.  The best way to kill these guys is 
to hit them with your boomerang to put out their flames, then just slash them 
with your sword to finish them off.  Now you can go back upstairs.

2F: A room with two flame arms and some fire bats.  No big deal.  Head to the 
bottom of the room.  On the left is another statue that will tell you where 
the treasure chests on this floor are, and to the right is a switch you can 
pull.  Do so and...nothing happens.  If you look, you'll see another switch 
right on the other side of that wall to your right.  Go back up to the top of 
the room and jump across to the other side, avoiding the flame arm on the 
middle platform.  Here you can kill the third fire bat to make the last 
treasure chest on this floor appear.  Head down and pull the other switch to 
open the door back on the other side of the room.  Don't actually enter the 
room.  Stand just below where the door used to be, and draw a path up with 
your boomerang.  Try and time it so you get the rat when he comes out of one 
of the holes in the wall (he will always exit from the last hole he entered...
they are apparently not connected).  You can draw circles and your boomerang 
will just sort of hover around the area for a while, so your timing doesn't 
need to be exact at all.  Once you kill the rat, grab the key and head back to 
the other side of the room again.  Try and get to the stairs that are in the 
lower right corner of the map and your path will be blocked by red pegs.  
Below there, you can throw your boomerang across the gap to hit the switch.  
Take out the octorok, stand next to the blue pegs and loop your boomerang from 
here back to the switch to lower the blue pegs and get through.  Unlock the 
door and head upstairs.

3F: Here you'll meet some of those green blobby things, so watch out.  If you 
blow the two candles you'll open the way to the upper area, but first head to 
the lower area with the flame arm (this one spins faster!) and read the tablet
on the wall.  It tells you which order you need to hit the switches above, so
just copy those numbers to your map and now head to the upper area.  Draw a
path for your boomerang that hits each of the four switches in the order
indicated on the map you read, and a key will drop above you.  Draw a path to
it with your boomerang and it will grab it for you.  Now you can head through
the door to the lower left of the first room.  Continuing on, you'll see a
huge locked door.  You need the boss key for that, so let's go get it.  The
next room is a battle room with flame bats and yellow chus.  Here you can use
another cool feature of your boomerang: hit an electrified chu with the
boomerang and it will become stunned and safe to attack.  No more waiting!
Head north and take out the two flame skulls to lower the flame walls, and
then go north into the next room.  Here, step on the switch to light one torch,
then to light the other two, trace a path with your boomerang that hits first
the lit torch, then the other two.  

If you try to get to where the flames dissapeared you'll reach a gap you can't
cross.  It's ok, just "explore" the other side with your boomerang by drawing
paths over there.  Right above the short floorless hallway is a switch, which
will make a floor appear if you hit it with the boomerang.  Now you can make
your way past the fire arm and finally get the boss key.  Carry it all the way
back to the boss door, throwing it ahead of you if you want to go faster, and
tap on the boss door to unlock it.  When you run inside, read the stone tablet
on the left to make a blue light appear.  This will carry you safely back to
the temple entrance if you would like.  You'll find these before every boss
battle.  Now head up the stairs again...

Boss: Blaaz, Master of Fire

As per Zelda tradition, you'll need the weapon that you gained in this dungeon 
to defeat the boss.  Blaaz will split into three separate parts.  If you look 
on your map on the upper screen, you'll see that one has one peak on the top 
of his hat, one has two, and one has three.  The trick is to use your 
boomerang to hit all three of them in one throw so you can consolidate them 
into a single entity that you can them pummel with your sword.  But you have 
to hit them in the correct order.  Just use the map to help you hit first the 
one with one peak, then the one with two, then the one with three.  If you did 
it right, Blaaz will be made whole again and you can whack him a bit.  Just 
repeat this a few times and he'll go down.  If you get into trouble with 
health, there are pots around the edges of the room that contain hearts.  
After the battle you get the Spirit of Power.  It looks suspiciously
similar to Ciela...hmmm.  Anyway, grab the heart container from the chest and 
step into the blue light to get out of here.  

[W008] Temple of the Ocean King 2

Go talk to Astrid to learn that you'll also need to find the Spirits of 
Courage and Wisdom (who saw that coming, eh?) and you'll get your first spirit
gem.  I won't always mention these in the main guide, so check out the Spirit 
Gems section for more information on them.  Head back to the Temple of the
Ocean King like Astrid suggested to continue on your quest.

After you walk inside, Oshus and Linebeck will show up and you'll be asked to
go grab an item from the area above the door to the room where you rescued
Linebeck.  Make your way up there to receive the titular item of the game,
the Phantom Hourglass.  The problem of the temple's life-sapping properties is
no longer of any concern to you, as this hourglass will protect you...until
your time runs out, that is.  Don't worry, you have plenty of time to do
anything that you need to do, and the timer will stop if you're standing in a
safe zone or certain rooms.  You'll find out that your next task is to search
the temple for another sea chart to lead you to your next destination.  If you
haven't realized it by now, it will probably now occur that you are looking at
a new feature in the Zelda series: a "master dungeon" that you will be
returning to after every "regular dungeon."  Don't worry, each time you kill
a boss more time will be added to the hourglass to allow you to go deeper.  So
without any further delay, go ahead and dive right in.

Just a quick word of advice for your travels in the temple.  It may not make
sense now, but it will pay off later.  Whenever you encounter a red or gold
jar in the temple, mark it on your map (I use a G or an R) so that you can
easily locate it again.  This will make future forays into the temple simpler
and quicker.

In the room where you found Linebeck, just run straight ahead and tap the door
with the symbol of power on it to open it up and go down to B1.

B1: The moment you step off the safe zone you'll be introduced to phantoms.
These enemies are, for all intents and purposes, invincible, so don't even try
to attack them.  The map on your upper screen will show you their location and
vision cone, so it won't be too difficult to avoid them.  If a phantom should
happen to see you, just get to a safe zone and they will lose interest.  If
you are caught, you'll lose some time and some life, but it's not the end of
the world.  In the upper right corner of the room is a locked door.  Right near
that is a switch.  Watch the phantom patrolling the bottom right of the room
until he is walking away from you with his back to the locked door.  He will
round the corner, and as soon as he reaches the safe zone at the bottom of the
map, hit the switch and run down there.  If he's not out of the way by the
time you get there, just wait a second or two until he is.  Using your
boomerang and the torch lit by hitting the switch, light the other one (as you
did in the Fire Temple) to make the wall of flames disappear.  Now run to the
safe zone in the lower left corner.  When the phantom patrolling this hallway
is walking away from you and passes the center safe zone, run to that.  Now
when he walks back to the bottom of the room, sprint up to where you can see
the key on your map.  To the right of this you will see a skeleton flanked by
two red pots.  If you throw one of these, it will create a small safe zone
wherever it lands.  These are extremely useful.  Farther to the right there is
a switch that will open the door leading to the key.  Just wait until the
phantom is walking away and grab the key.  "Leapfrog" safe zones (you can make
this a bit easier by creating some of your own with the red pots) all the way
back to the locked door and continue to B2.

B2: Here you'll see one phantom patrolling the bottom of the room, and one
near where you are.  The one nearest you doesn't move, just looks in different
directions.  He can't see through the walls here, so use them to hide as you
run around and scope out the area.  You'll find that there is an orb in the
upper left of this room, and in the lower right.  You'll need to hit both of
those quickly to make the key appear.  Use your boomerang to hit these, since
the sound of your sword will attract the phantom.  I suggest hiding behind the
left wall and whacking the switch in the upper left, then running down somewhat
(but still not out from behind the cover of the wall) and drawing a curved path
to hit the other switch.  Now you just need to get rid of those flames, and...
the switch is directly behind the phantom!  Get his attention on the left side
of the room (whack him with your boomerand, smack a wall with your sword, etc.)
and he will come to investigate.  Meanwhile, you run around the other side of
the wall and pull the switch.  He may get back and see you before you can hide.
That's ok, just high-tail it to the safe zone.  Now that the flames are gone, 
you can continue forward.

The alcove in the left wall of the room contains a red pot if you want it.
To lower the flames here, simply hit the switch on the other side of them with
your boomerang, then run down to the safe zone in the lower left of the room.
When it's safe, go to the area between the blue and red pegs and wait for the
guard to walk past going to the left side of the room.  Run up to where the key
is.  If you stand on the switch, the spikes will lower, but if you step off of
it they will raise again.  Simply use your boomerang while standing on the
switch to grab the key.  Then, when it's safe, you can go to where you hid
earlier and hit the switch to lower the red pegs, giving you a shortcut to the

B3: This room is tricky, because you need to collect force gems.  You can only
carry one at a time, and you need to get all three of them to the big central
safe zone.  Also, you move slowly while carrying them.  Ouch.  Look on the map
directly above where you enter this room.  There is another door there that you
can't reach yet, but right beneath it you will find a gold pot (not on the map,
you need to go there).  These contain extra time for your hourglass, in case
you're running low.  

As soon as it's safe, run to the upper left safe zone.  There you'll find a
chest with a force gem in it.  The guards move slowly enough that it should be
fairly easy to get it to the large safe zone.  Just tap one of the triangles
to toss it in there.  If you exit that area to the right and turn downwards,
but don't jump off the ledge yet, you can hit an orb with your boomerang that
make the spikes below stop for good.  When it's safe, go to the lower right
safe zone.  There's another force gem here, but don't grab it just yet.
Instead, when the coast is clear, run all the way across to the lower left
corner of the room and pull the switch there.  Now go up the stairs that the
flames were blocking.  Each switch will open a hole in the floor.  Test them
out to see where the holes open, and when the phantom with the key is standing
over one of the trap doors, step on the switch to get rid of him.  He will drop
the key, too!  Now it should be easy to get the next two force gems to the big
safe zone.  You just saw one of the chests in the lower right corner, and the
other is behind the locked door.  Hop to it!

Once all three force gems are in place, walk trough the door to a special room
where the hourglass does not count down.  You'll see a door that you can't
open yet, and you'll also find the Northwestern Sea Chart and a blue light that
will return you to the temple entrance.  Since you can't do anything else here
at the moment, step into the light and go find Linebeck at the dock.

[W009] Cannon Island

The guy that was admiring Linebeck's ship will ask if your ship has a cannon.
It doesn't.  How sad.  Anyway, show your shiny new sea chart to Linebeck.
Actually, it's not so shiny.  In fact, the chart is dusty!  Just blow into the
microphone until it's clean enough to read.  Try to head straight north and 
you'll get tossed back by a cyclone.  If you try to go to the other side of the
rock wall, Linebeck will inform you that you can't possibly blast through it
without a cannon.  Looks like we need to get one of those.  Plot a course for
Cannon Island.  Also, you may see your first sea trap right about now.  Just
hit the jump button at the bottom of the screen at the right time and you'll be

On Cannon Island you'll meet the postman.  Nothing special about that now, but
he'll bring you some cool stuff later.  Walk inside to meet Fuzo, assistant to
Eddo, the guy who will be building your cannon.  Unfortunately, you need to
walk all the way around the island just to get to the other side of this tiny
house!  Oh well, off we go.

Just follow the path.  Along the way you'll find your first treasure map.
These point out sunken treasure that you can eventually salvage.  Eddo will
help you with that too, but later.  For now keep going, killing some bees if
they bother you.  Enter the cave when you get to it.  Here, use the bomb
flowers to destroy the cracked blocks and walls that you find.  After the first
two cracked blocks, carry a bomb flower down to the cracked wall to get to a
chest with a power gem inside.  Toss another one over the fence to break the
block there, then push the other block into the fenced area to get inside it.
Now pull the next block back as far as you can, and then to the left to get it
out of your way.  Run up the narrow passage you pulled it down and pull the
other block as far to the right as it will go, then pull it up to open the way
through.  Sprint with a bomb flower to the cracked block here and exit the

In the next area, just use bomb flowers as needed to proceed.  Be careful of
slashing at the rats if they are near bomb flowers, because if your sword hits
one it will explode, injuring you as well.  If you keep going, you'll reach
a place where your progress is blocked by cracked blocks and there do not
appear to be any bomb flowers nearby.  Au contraire!  Backtrack to the nearest
bomb flowers, and get ready to run.  Grab one, jump off the ledge and run to
the right.  Toss it over the fence to where the cracked blocks are to break
them.  Now go on ahead and you can finally meet Eddo.  He'll sell you the
cannon for the astronomical price of...50 rupees.  Cough it up and head
outside to get your first letter from the postmaster, sign your name, and ship

[W010] Molida Island

Plot a course for the break in the rock wall.  Linebeck will teach you how to
use your new cannon.  Sometimes it can be tricky to aim if you're on the move
(or if the camera is on the move) but just practice a bit and you'll get the
hang of it.  None of the sea-borne enemies you'll have to face are very tough,
and they'll generally go down in one hit until you get a bit farther in the
game.  You can even shoot the seagulls that fly near your ship.  Kinda fun.
Anyway, when you reach the "gap" in the wall, blast those rocks away so nobody
can call your sea chart a liar, and head to the north.  

You'll run into the ghost ship, and some pea-soup fog!  Follow the ship as best
as you can, but the fog will send you back where you came from every time you
attempt to get out of that area that's dotted with rocks.  Well, that idea was
a bust.  The only place you haven't been yet is Molida Island, which is pretty
much directly south of where the fog dropped you off.  Go there to figure out
your next course of action.  You may see another golden frog on the way.  Now
you are able to shoot it, but again, just note its location for later.  Also,
somewhere offshore is a traveller's boat.  There is one in each corner of the
sea.  If you board this one, you'll find that you're not the first to do so.
Take out the monsters, and the poor guy will be very grateful.  From now on,
he'll grab a new piece of treasure for you every day (according to your DS's
internal clock).  He'll hold it for as long as you wait to return as far as I
know, so you don't need to come back very often.  But do come back, because
you want to collect all of that free loot!

Practically as soon as you set foot on Molida Island, you'll see the first of
four tablets called "Wayfarer's Words."  Go ahead and read them, but more
importantly, mark the location of each one on your map when you find it.  Now
just explore the island, getting to know the inhabitants a bit.  A statue here
will inform you that there is a small island in the middle of three rocks to
the south.  There sure is, but there's no need to go there until you have at
least 10 of any one spirit gem.  For more on that, visit the spirit gem or
sidequests sections.  One of the houses contains a treasure chest with some
treasure in it.  That can be sold to the treasure-teller on Mercay Island,
among other things, but it doesn't concern you now.  You'll find that you're
not allowed to enter the cave, but we'll fix that.  

Enter the house near the woman who stops you and talk to the guy inside.
Answer "Yes!" and get yelled at.  As you leave, he'll yell for you to come
back.  Go talk to him again, and now his mother will let you pass.  Follow the
path until a large enemy jumps out of the water at you.  Kill him by waiting
for a big sword attack, then sidestepping it and running in behind him to slash
away.  A door will open, giving you access to a new hallway.  After walking
through that, you'll have access to bomb flowers.  You can blow a hole in the
wall and create a shortcut back to the entrance.  Do both of these, and then
go into the room through the hole in the wall.  A chest in here will give you
the shovel, which will be useful very soon.  In fact, you can dig right in
front of the chest to get 100 rupees!  Also, read Romanos' diary to find the
secret to his...er...secret.  You need to draw lines between his four tablets.
Now aren't you glad that you marked the locations of the first two?  Go back
outside this room, head down and left and run up the stairs to get back
outside.  Go left to find a chest with some treasure in it, then head back
around to the right to find the last two tablets.  

Now that you've marked all of their locations, connect them with straight
lines.  Don't worry if you have shaky hands or something, the spot is pretty
easy to find anyway.  About halfway along the path between the mailbox and the
house by the cave entrance, there is a palm tree directly above the path.  Dig
in the spot directly beneath the palm tree to find the Wayfarer's secret 
hideout (number 2).  

You can go left, but don't yet.  First read the framed map on the wall, and
trace that path onto your Nortwestern Sea Chart because it's the secret to
getting through the fog.  The chest contains a treasure map, and the book
whines.  Now head left, taking out the yellow chus with the help of your
trusty boomerang.  You'll see a sun door, but you can't open it yet.  You may
want to mark this island with that symbol on your sea chart so you remember it
later, but you don't need to because I'll remember it for for you.  Keep going
to get back to the main cave, and then you can exit this area and head north,
armed with the knowledge you need to get through the fog!

[W011] Isle of Gusts
Go back to the Northwest Sea and plot a course through the fog to match the one
you read off of the Wayfarer's map.  Be careful, because enemies may be
difficult or impossible to see in the fog.  If one is stalking you, make sure
to take it out as soon as possible to avoid taking damage.  Also keep an eye
out for explosive barrels, because you won't have much warning to take them
out.  Once you make it through the fog, you could head to the Isle of Gust,
but there's something else you should do first.  The traveler's ship in this
area contains an absolutely weird guy who thinks (wishes?) he was Link.  Talk
him if you want.  Where you're really headed is to the east of the Isle of
Gust.  Look at the wall of rocks on the east side of your sea chart.  Where it
comes down from the cross-shaped island it is vertical, but the it turns to the
east.  Right in that corner is an island, but it's not on your map.  Sail that
direction until you can see it.  When it's close enough it will automatically
be added to your chart.

When you land on Uncharted Island you'll notice something weird: your map is
entirely blank!  The very first thing you should do here is walk around the
edge of the island, drawing the shape of the shore as best as you can on your
map.  As you go, you will find statues.  It wouldn't be a bad idea to mark
those, too.  When you're done, your map should look like a rough drawing of
a whale with a spout of water coming out of its blowhole.  There will be a
statue on its tail, near its flipper, in the spout of water, and where its eye
is.  There will also be one other statue near where the fin is.  Smack that one
to hear the riddle that you need to solve.  You need to hit the other four
statues in a certain order: "rudder", spray, "paddle", eye.  So go hit the one
on the tail , then the one on the spray, then the one way out on the flipper
and then the one by the eye.  Each one will tell you some fact about those
golden frogs you may have been seeing.  When you hit the last one, a bridge
appears near the middle of the island allowing you to enter the cave there.
Just run all the way straight ahead to talk to a giant golden frog, Golden
Chief Cylos.  He'll give you the Cyclone Slate.  From now on, whenever you see
a golden frog, try and hit it with your cannon.  If you miss and it gets away,
just go a little ways and come back to make it appear again.  Each frog you
hit will show you a symbol.  Draw it on your map near that spot.  Now whenever
you draw that symbol on the slate, a cyclone will take you there, dramatically
reducing travel time later in the game.

NOW you can go to the Isle of Gust.  This place kind of sucks, but you're
almost to the next temple so hang in there.  You'll be using your shovel
extensively here.  Run forward to the plain of windblown sand.  One thing you
will have to deal with here is that periodic gusts of wind will try to knock
you into the sea, and if you aren't ready they very well may succeed.  Just
run against the wind whenever it blows and you'll be fine.  From the first
area, head down and to the right.  To jump along the small islands at the
bottom here, you'll need to wait until the wind stops to make it.  When you
reach the area with the bomb flowers, blow a hole in the cracked wall to
access a cave with a courage gem and a map.  The map shows you the locations
of two islands that are not marked on your map.  Well, if you followed this
guide you've already been to one of them, but the other is new.  The arrow
points to where the Wayfarer is right now, searching for a mermaid.

To continue on your way, use the stairs to return to the upper area.  The gaps
to your left are too large to jump normally, but if you use the wind and time
it correctly, the strong gusts can help to carry you across.  Do that to reach
the next area.  Here you will see cracked patches of earth.  Each one you dig
up with your shovel will net you a red rupee.  If you enter the cave here you
will find a wisdom gem in one chest, and killing the enemies will make another
chest appear with a treasure map in it.  Continue on through the cave.  You
may have noticed stairs to your left before you entered the cave, but don't
bother going back to explore.  They're just a shortcut back to the island
entrance area.  

On the other side of the cave, step onto the air jet to ride it up, and then
use the gusts to jump across and take the stairs down to the next area.  If
you try to go straight ahead you'll be stopped by horizontal wind jets, and a
map that shows you where you need to go next.  So instead, take the jet up and
continue forward.  Here, the cracked patches of dirt look different.  If you
dig them up they will turn into air jets, and if you use your shovel on an
existing air jet it will turn into a cracked patch of ground.  In the west end
of the area you can uncover a jet that will take you to a power gem.  Slightly
north you can uncover another jet to continue on.

Here, uncover the jet on the left to head upwards, and then cover the next jet
to walk past it.  Ride up again, and then once more to get to the spot that
you may have marked on your map earlier.  Here read another map, and MAKE SURE
to mark where it tells you to.  There are a bunch of windmills ahead, and you
need to activate only a very specific three of them to continue.  Jump back
down and cover some vents so you can move on to where the windmills are.

This next area is why I don't like this island.  You need to walk very slowly,
or else the scary underground creatures will come and eat you.  Just hold the
stylus barely in front of Link to tiptoe through the sand.  When you reach the
first raised platform, you'll find some bomb flowers.  If you throw these down
the creatures will eat them and die (for a while), making it easier for you to
progress.  Between bomb flowers and running, you'll make it to the first
windmill (to the lower right of this area) in no time.  Blow into the mic
while standing in front of it to set it going.  Don't worry, there's no time
limit on these.  Head west, utilizing bomb flowers as needed, to find the
remaining two windmills.  Exit this area to the south and then jump down to
your right and you can finally enter the Temple of Wind.

[W012] Temple of Wind                                     Item Found: Bomb Bag

1F: You haven't escaped the gusts, even though you're indoors.  Time your
advances to get across the first room, and throw the bomb flower so it lands
on the square across the gap right between the two rows of bomb flowers.  This
will activate both switches simultaneously and make bridges for you to cross.
(does this remind anyone of the second dungeon in a certain other Zelda game?)
Cross the bridges and head to the right, pushing the block with you to block
the wind vent.  With the block guarding you, run behind it and whack the
switch to shut these two vents off.  Head up the stairs, across the bridge,
down the stairs, and then tap the door to the south to open it.  Hit the
switch here to create a shortcut to the entrance.  Then head up the stairs and
cross the bridge, this time watching out for the keese and wind vents.  The
next room is a battle room with four snakes.  They're easy to kill, so get to
it.  The next room is a gift, full of rupees and pots with hearts.  Push the
block out of the way to enter the next room.  Take out some more snakes and
head left.  The vent here is mobile, like any other block.  Push it along the
path of tiles and use it to jump across the large gap.  Hit the switch for
another shortcut and go downstairs.

B1: A battle room right away.  The enemies seem to be absent...but look at
your map or walk near some of the rocks to see that there are indeed enemies
here.  If you disturb a rock with an enemy under it, a small rock will break
out and walk after you.  If you hit it with a bomb you can reveal it for what
it is: a red chu.  Smack it down and continue on your way.  

In the next big area, look on the right side of the middle raised section to
find a switch.  Step on it to open a door to the south.  Walk up the stairs
and ride the vents across to a courage gem.  Now jump down and go back to
where you were before.  Push the block so that it covers the third vent from
the bottom, and then ride the vents.  You will land on the block, so simply
run to the right to reach the stairs.

B2: Blow a hole in the wall.  More of the underground enemies here.  Not that
if you stand on the path, they cannot get to you.  Make your way to the
central raised area and take a look at the map on the wall.  Copy all of the
X marks to your own map.  Each one represents an air vent that you have to go
and dig up.  On the left side of the room is a chest with a power gem.  When
you've uncovered all four vents, two doors will open for you.  Each door leads
to a different part of the upper area of B1.  Go through each in turn, pushing
the statues so the vent blows the windmills to make a key drop.  Grab it and
head back to B2 and unlock the door in the upper right of the area. Here you
will get the bomb bag from a big white chest.  Now blow open the cracked wall
in the upper left.  Toss a bomb onto the vent so it blows up the cracked block
and then ride it up and head back to B1 again.

B1: This is pretty cool.  Toss a bomb on this vent and run to the right.
Watch the row of bomb flowers go off and hit the switch, then run through the
door.  Along the wall here, you will see a tile.  Set a bomb on it to make a
hole that you can walk through.  Continue to another door that you can tap to
open and head up to 1F.

1F: In this room the tile is on the other side of the north wall.  Look for it
and blow out that section of well with a bomb.  Continue on until you see the
rows of bomb flowers.  Set a bomb on each of the two different tiles to open
the door ahead of you.  Run forward to claim the boss key and jump the ledge
to the large area.  Use bombs on the vents to make a way forward and ride
them up to the door with your key.  Ride the vents up, make your blue light
and run ahead to fight another boss.

Boss: Cyclok, Stirrer of Winds
This is kind of cool.  You're on the bottom screen and he's waaayyy up on the
top.  There are areas on the floor here that may potentially have cyclones on
them, so avoid standing on those.  Wait until the bosses shadow passes over a
cyclone, and then toss a bomb into it.  It will be carried up and hit him, and
he'll fall so you can attack with your sword.  Do this a few times and you'll
win easily.  As far as the boss's attacks, he will swoop down over the field.
Just run out of the way to avoid taking damage.  He can also send small
cyclones down after you, but these are easily avoided as well.  If you run low
on bombs or health, there are bomb flowers and pots around the edge of the
area.  Once Cyclok is dead, you'll get some time added to your hourglass and
free the Spirit of Wisdom.  Grab your heart container and step into the blue
light and return to Mercay Island.

[W013] Temple of the Ocean King 3

Now that Cyclok has been taken care of, you can head straight south to return
to Mercay Island.  You know what to do when you get there.  On the way to the
Temple of the Ocean King you can now blow up the cracked blocks that were
blocking some stairs (do it from the top, not the bottom) to make a more
direct route, and you can bomb a cracked wall that you may have noticed near
the entrance to the temple to reach a cave where there is a power gem, but not
much else at the moment.  Head into the temple and let's explore some more.

1F: Same as before, just head down the stairs.

B1: Now that you have bombs, a useful shortcut is open to you.  Run up to
where you hit the orb to light the torch at the bottom of the room and blow up
the cracked boxes.  Now you can just run ahead, get the key, and run back to
the locked door.  Sweet!

B2: There's a shorcut here too.  Run straight down from the door and notice
that there's a crack on the other side of the wall.  Bomb it to create a path
straight to where the key will be.  Hit the orb switches as usual to make the
key appear and then head down to B3 the way you did before.

B3: Here you can go up instead of down where you hit the orb with the
boomerang to find a golden jar behind some cracked blocks and replenish some
of your health.  You no longer need to pull the switch to get rid of the wall
of flames either, because you can dig up an air vent to ride straigh up to the
area with the trap door switches.  Otherwise, solve the room as you did before
and continue on to the safe room.

Here, tap the door you couldn't get through before (after grabbing the gold
jar down the hall to your left) and head down the stairs.

B4: Beautiful, more wind vents.  And what are those eyes on your map?  THOSE,
my green-kilted friend, are your new worst enemy.  If they see you, they will
alert any phantoms in the room to your presence, and will sometimes even cause
another phantom to appear! (and he will NOT leave when the alarm dies down)
The good news is that, unlike the phantoms, these buggers can be killed, and
fairly easily at that.  The key is that their movement patterns are entirely
predictable.  Pick out to kill and wait until you know where he'll be and when.
Then draw a path with your boomerang that will intercept his path, and let
loose to stun him.  In this state he can't see anything, so run out and give
him a taste steel.    Just make sure nothing else can see you do it.

Run over to the first safe zone you can reach (on the middle right side of the
map).  Go farther down the hall until a vent blocks your progress, and hit the
orb beyond it with your boomerang to turn off the air.  This phantom eye is
particularly easy to kill because it's imobile.  Stun it from around the
corner with your boomerang and use your sword to finish it off.  Watch out
because a phantom patrols the hall ahead of you.  When it's safe, make your
way along the only path not blocked by air vents towards the top of the room.
Watch out for the phantom eye around the corner; wait for him to come close
and finish him off like you did the other one.  There's a red jar ahead that
you can use if you feel the need.  Either way, head down to the middle left
safe zone and wait for the last phantom eye to pass by.  You know the drill;
show no mercy.  Killing the last eye will make a chest appear in the first
safe zone you used.  Ignore that for now.  Near the bottom left corner you can
dig up a vent to get to an orb that will shut off the rest of the air vents in
the room, and in the area above that you can blow a hole in the wall to reach
another orb that will drop the spikes blocking the room with the key.  The
skeleton here will promise you a cool trick if you come back later.  Sweet.
Now would be a good time to grab that chest (a power gem) and use your
boomerang to grab a golden jar from the lower right corner of the room before
heading through the door to the next level.

B5: Head left and hit the orb across the chasm to lower the spikes, then go to
the right area for a golden jar.  Otherwise, continue ahead for a battle room.
Yellow chus should be no problem for a seasoned adventurer like yourself, so
whack them all, grab your golden jar, and be on your way.  Kill the enemies in
the next battle room, grab the jar again, and go forward.  Hit the orb to your
right, get the potion from the chest, and go down the stairs (boring floor,
wasn't it?).

B6: This floor basically requires you to run around and learn what "crest" to
draw to continue, but you're reading a guide so I can make this really easy on
you.  If you want to enjoy the room for yourself, go right ahead.  Just make
your way around to the different safe zones, reading the stones and collecting
information.  The tablets will just tell you what order they go in.  The top
left one is first, the top right is second, the bottom left is third, and the
bottom right is fourth.  Write the numbers on them if you want, so you don't
forget later.  There are switches near each air vent that will turn it off to
make getting around easier.  Killing both phantom eyes will lower some spikes,
giving you access to a gold jar.  

To progress, you need to go to the door in the center of the room.  You will
be asked to draw a crest.  Pretend that the numbers you wrote on your map are
on the door and play connect the dots, connecting "4" to "1" at the end.  You
should have drawn an hourglass if you did it correctly, and the door will
open for you.  

Sun Crest room: This is probably the coolest puzzle in the entire game.  Tap
the big sun crest on the wall to look at it, then tap the sea chart icon to
open it up.  Notice that the map on your top screen looks an awful lot like
the Southwestern Sea?  Tap that quadrant to open it up, and you'll see that it
IS the Southwestern Sea, but upside-down.  To transfer the crest to your map,
you need only to close your DS, pressing the two maps together.  Open it back
up and the symbol will be transferred to your sea chart.  Super cool!  Step
into the blue light and go back to Linebeck.

[W014] In Search of Sunken Treasure

On your way back through the town, you may notice that the Treasure Teller is
open now.  Try selling some of the trasure you've been collecting.  The prices
are random for each game, so keep checking back whenever you get a new one
until you find out which one(s) sell for 1500.  Later, you can trade items
online to dump off your useless ones and get some valuable ones in return.

Head to the mailbox and you'll get a letter from Eddo anouncing the completion
of his latest and greatest part for your ship, the salvage arm!  Head out to
sea again and let's get that upgrade.  You can stop by where the crest is on
your sea chart, but for now it's just open ocean.  Also, you should try to hit
the golden from between Mercay Island and Cannon Island with your cannon to
unlock the cyclone warp point there.  It can only make things easier for you
later.  Just make sure to write the symbol he shows you on your sea chart, or
else you'll have to hit him again to see it again.  Now you can return here in
a hurry, which is good because as you've probably guessed, you'll be coming
back to Mercay Island after pretty much every dungeon.

Luckily, the door in Eddo's shop is now unlocked so you don't need to run all
the way around the island to get to him this time.  Talk to Eddo, and he'll
tell you to let him know how much you want the salvage arm.  The price is
based on how much noise you make.  The best ways I've found to be loud are to
rub your thumb across the mic, or to blow into it.  Note that I was doing this
on a DS Lite, and I'm not sure if the mic on a regular DS will work exactly
the same way.  Anyway, it shouldn't be too hard to get the price down to 200
rupees, and it may go lower but I don't think so.  Shell out the cash and head
to the crest on your sea chart.

Now you get your first experience with the salvage minigame.  Just set a
course that will put you directly on top of the mark on your map.  You'll get
there and see nothing, but since you have a salvage arm you'll be able to
search for treasure far beneath the waves!  Hit the menu button and select
"salvage" to get a little tutorial on salvaging.  There are hazards to avoid
and rupees to grab, so just experiment, getting the hang of it as best you can.
Your salvage arm has five health points (which are represented as diamond
shapes for some reason) and the only way to refill them is to visit the shop
next to the dock on Mercay Island and pay to have it repaired.  Make sure that
when you reach the bottom you don't miss the chest, because if you do you need
to start all over!  On the way back up it's more likely that you'll need to
drag up or down to increase or decrease the speed and avoid moving hazards.
Reach the top without breaking your salvage arm to get the Sun Key.  Get used
to this, it's how you're going to get any treasure pointed out by the treasure
maps that you probably have a few of by now.

[W015] Molida Island: The Sun Door

Where have you seen something that looks exactly like that key before?  If you
are a diligent cartographer, you may have drawn a similar symbol on your map.
If not, I'll tell you that you saw it on Molida Island, in the second hideout
of the Wayfarer.  Go there.  When you get close, however, you'll be attacked!

Sea Boss: Giant Poison Sea Flower

If you can't tell, I made the name up, so if you call him that among other
Zelda players, they will probably have no clue what you're talking about.  I
guess he may also be some kind of mutated octorok.  *shrug*

The first thing you'll want to do is plot a nice, long course so you don't
need to think about where you're going while you fight this thing.  Just draw
a bunch of half circles around the boss, but make sure that they're close
enough to keep you within cannon range (though not too close for comfort!).

As you sail back and forth around the boss, try to hit its eye with a cannon
ball.  It will retract its eye and start firing poisonous spores at you.
Shoot them down with more cannonballs until his eye is revealed again.  Repeat
this three or four more times and he'll die.


Ok, now you can dock at Molida Island.  You probably noticed that temple above
the town last time you were here.  Now you're going to try to get there.
Return to the Wayfarer's second hideout (dig under the palm tree east of the
mailbox) and head for the sun door.  Unlock it and run through to go up some
stairs and end up outside.  As soon as you set foor outdoors you'll notice a
small patch of discolored ground in front of you.  Dig it up to open another
hole, and fall through to get to a chest with a wisdom gem.  Just run off the
ledge and back up the stairs to continue.

Follow the path forward to reach the (sealed) entrance to the temple.  On the
way you'll see a statue telling you about some treasure near Oshus's house.
Make sure to remember that so you can pick it up next time you're on Mercay
Island.  Otherwise, read the tablet in front of the temple doors for a hint
about what you need to do next.  You may have seen a large statue above you on
your way up the path.  Each of these can shoot a beam of light out of the gem
above its eyes, and you need to activate all three to open the gates.

Continue east past the temple entrance and you'll find the first statue in
plain site.  Smack it with your sword to activate the beam of light, and tap
it again to turn it.  Turn it until the light is pointing right at the temple
door, using the map on the top screen to figure out when to stop.  Continue on
to a wide open area.  Uh-oh, this can't be good.  

You'll be ambushed by not one, but two large armored fellows like the one you
fought in the cave last time you were on Molida Island.  Kill them the same
way you did before, doing your best to avoid their fireballs and lunges.  The
touch controls can make it difficult to maneuver effectively, but keep at it
and you'll win.  After they are both dead, another statue will rise out of the
patch of dirt.  Turn him on and point him at the door, then run off the ledge
to your left.  This place looks familiar.  Run up the stairs, but then go
stand on the edge of the ledge to your left.  Take out your boomerang and draw
a path over to that inaccessible statue that you might have seen on your way
through here the first time.  When it hits him, he'll activate as well, and
the entrance to the temple will open.  Run inside, and let's get that last

[W016] Temple of Courage                                      Item Found: Bow

1F: Just head along the only path there is until you see a rolling log with
spikes protruding from it.  It would probably be a good idea not to let that
touch you, so wait until it's as far away as it's going to get, then run
forward and hide in the alcove.  When it passes you going the other direction,
run forward again, but not too far because there is another one right there.
As a general rule, if you stand on the tiles (as opposed to the cobble floor)
you'll be safe.  Wait for the next one to roll far away and run to the next
safe place.  Here the coast may look clear, but don't be fooled.  If you wait,
another spiky log will come rolling towards you.  Follow it as it rolls away
and veer off downwards to get away from it.  You may see a treasure chest in a
small hallway above where the last spiky log is.  If you detonate a bomb just
where the hallway ends you'll open up the path to the chest, but it's tough to
time because the log will push the bomb.  Just work until you get it and you
will get a treasure for your troubles.

Don't just go rashly running forward because the logs are gone, though.  Your
progress forward is impeded by two blocks with something that resembles a
Ninja throwing-star between them.  Run across its path above it to trick it
into coming out, then run through the gap.  Don't let down your guard on the
other side, because it can attack in the other direction as well.  Hit the
switch to open up a shortcut to the entrance.  Grab some of the pots there if
you need some health, but otherwise continue up the stairs to a chest with a
small key.

Jump off to the right and avoid the razor thing and the log as you run up to
the locked door.  Run ahead to a battle room with some centipede-type
creatures.  Wait until the last, red segment of their tail is exposed and hit
that three times to kill them.  When they're dead, head downstairs.

B1: Step on the moving platform to ride across to the center area.  Smack the
enemy around with your sword to push it off and out of your way.  Ride the
next two platforms acorss to another set of stairs.  Either from where the
stairs are or while on the platforms, hit the red switch with your boomerang
to turn it blue, then head upstairs.

1F: Here, take out the green blobs and avoid the electric worm.  You can't do
anything to it, so don't even try.  Make your way up and you'll be glad that
you hit that switch, because now your way is not blocked by red pegs.  Read
the two tablets in the next room to get a hint about the temple.  Remember the
sequence, because it is the solution to some puzzles later on.  Blow a hole in
the wall between the tablets to get some treasure and a power gem.  You'll
also see a map on the wall.  Read it, then open your map and switch it to B1
and MAKE SURE YOU COPY THIS DOWN.  If not, a part a little bit later will
be extremely difficult and frustrating.  Go back to the room with the tablets
and continue on, blowing the cracked blocks out of your way.

In this next area you'll encounter green chus that "duck" to avoid your sword
attacks.  You can get them with your sword if you're persistent, but bombs
work well if you have planty to spare.  At the bottom of the area you can open
another shortcut to the entrance.  You may want to go there to heal, then come
back and go up the stairs by the switch.  A giant, demented rabbit-type enemy
will drop down.  It can be kind of tough to kill because it takes a lot of
hits, but bombs will help you strike from a distance, and if you need a break
you can head down the stairs and it can't follow you.  Once it's dead, grab
the key it drops and go through the locked door at the top of the room.

2F: In this area, you need to avoid the electric worms and the beamos statues.
If they see you, they'll fire a laser, so either don't let them see you or
take the out (temporarily) with a bomb.  This is where the hint you read on
the tablet on 1F will come in handy.  There are four switches here, and you
need to pull them in the following order: top, bottom, right, left.  Once you
have done that, a chest will appear in the middle of the room.  Grab the
square crystal from it and go back downstairs.

1F: Go down and right, then up the stairs and put the square crystal in the
square pedestal (makes sense, right?).  Then head down the newly-accessible

B1: This is where that path you copied will come in handy.  The statue will
hint at where to find it in case you haven't already found it.  If you are one
of those people, and don't want to backtrack, I've been nice and tried to
reproduce the map here.  It indicates the location of an invisible path that
will allow you to reach the door in the upper left of this room.

  goal     .    .    .    .    |stairs|  .    .    .    . 
   ____        ____            |      |
  |    |   .  | .  | .    .    |from  |  .    .    .    . 
  |____|______|    |           |  F1  |__________
           .    .  | .    .    |______|  .    .  | .    .
                   |_____                        |
           .    .    .  | .    .    .    .    .  | .    .
           .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .    .      

Along the way you'll encounter some more of those beetle-type enemies.  Just
knock them off while trying to stay on the path, which will be extra difficult
because it's invisible.  Also, you may want to use the map to figure out where
you are rather than the game screen, because the 3D aspect of the pillars is
not that great here, and it can look like you're not as far down as you think
you are, causing you to run off the edge into oblivion instead of onto the
next segment of invisible walkway.

When you get to the other side of the room, you'll get the bow from a treasure
chest.  Just activate it and point to shoot.  Hold the stylus on the screen to
look farther ahead and aim more accurately.  If you're a Zelda veteran, then
you know exactly what to do next.  Put an arrow through the eye on the wall to
make a bridge.  Here, kill the centipede enemy and whack the arrow until it
points to the right.  Shoot it, and it will relay your arrow to another arrow,
which will direct it into the red/blue switch.  Make sure the switch is blue,
then go upstairs.

1F: Run forward, killing the centipedes and green chu.  There is a raised
platform with another square pedestal on it.  Run forward and hit the eye on
the far wall to create yet another shortcut, and grab the square crystal to
bring it back to the newly-discovered pedestal.  Drop it in to open up some
more stairs, and take them up.

2F: This room is loaded with octoroks.  Use your sword to kill the ones you
can reach and your bow to kill the ones you can't.  When they're all gone, a
bridge will appear to span the large gap.  There is a statue that will show
you where the treasure chests are on this floor, but otherwise continue on.

Here, you need to ride along a series of moving platforms and hit some eye
switches.  There are keese flying around this room, so be sure to get rid of
them with your sword or bow before they knock you off your platform.  Hitting
the switches in the two side alcoves will make a chest containing a power gem
appear in the middle alcove.  Otherwise, continue across to the other side.

Here, avoid the two razor enemies and  when you get to the room with the
beamos, jump across the gap right near the entrance.  Blow up the cracked
block (there are bombs in the jars by the beamos if you're out) and then run
back and get out of the way, because you just set a razor enemy loose!  When
it is going back away from you, run forward and push the block into the other
alcove to create a place to hide, and finish crossing the hallway when the
coast is clear.  Get some treasure from the chest and head back downstairs.

1F: More electric worms.  Watch out for the bottleneck in the middle, as there
is nowhere to hide if you're standing there and they converge on you.  Go
forward, step on the switch for another shortcut, and head downstairs again.

B1: Ride across to the lower right area, and then ride the next moving
platform upwards.  As you go, use your boomerang and the one lit torch to
light the rest, which will lower the spikes ahead of you.  In this area, push
the two enemies off the side and smack the arrow off to the right with your
boomerang until it points to the right.  Hit it with one of your arrows to
lower the red pegs blocking your way.  Run forward and up the stairs.

1F: You get to fight another crazy yellow rabbit thing.  This time you have
the bow, so you can make things a lot easier on yourself.  Just stand in the
narrow hallway near the stairs and fire arrows until he's dead or you run out.
This way he will almost certainly not hit you.  When he's dead, unlock the
door with the key he drops and head upstairs to the last area of floor 2.

2F: This place is kind of cool.  Stand on the platform to the left, and you
can control where it goes by drawing a line on your map.  Remember the order
of the dungeon?  Those four blocks are all eye switches, hit them in the
following order to make the chest with the boss key appear back where you
started: top, bottom, right, left.  Grab the key, then ride the platform over
to the boss door.

3F: Make your blue light, grab hearts and arrows from the pots, and blow up
the wall behind the stairs for a courage gem.  Head up to the boss.

Boss: Crayk, Bane of Courage

This is possibly the coolest boss fight on any DS game currently out.  Crayk
is invisible, but the top screen lets you see through his eyes.  Aim an arrow
until it's pointing straight into the boss's face and let it fly.  He will
withdraw into his shell and spin around.  Now you need to shoot the colored
orbs embedded in the shell.  Just keep doing this until they are all gone, and
the shell will burst.  Now he is no longer invisible.  If you shoot an arrow
at him he will guard his face with his claws, staying immobile long enough for
you to get behind him and smack the blue thing on his tail.  Keep doing this
until he dies.

If Crayk grabs you, you'll need to rub the screen until you can shake free.
There are little crabs running around, and pots, that you can kill/break if
you need more arrows or hearts.

After Crayk is dead, you'll get some more sand for your hourglass.  You'll
gain the Spirit of Courage, who looks suspiciously like Ciela.  Maybe Oshus
can tell you what's going on.  Grab your heart container and step into the
light to get back to Molida Island.

[W017] Thar be pirates!

Before you go anywhere, check out Romanos' house.  He's decided to become a
wayfarer like his father.  To finance his journey, he's started a shooting
game right in his home.  This is an extremely frustrating minigame, but if
you're good at it you can win a heart container and a bigger quiver.  Try it
out if you want.

If you head back to the dock you'll meet Oshu.  This is a huge story segment,
so I won't spoil anything for you.  Suffice it to say, you learn the true
identity of the Spirit of Courage (if you hadn't guessed it already) and get
another call for help from Tetra.  Now it's time to chase down that ghost ship.
Head for where the fog was and the three spirits will help you track it down.

Before you can go anywhere, you'll get ambushed by a pirate named Jolene.
Linebeck seems to know who she is, and you'll learn more about that later.
For now, ignore the coward.  It's tough to outrun Jolene's ship, and you'll
probablt take damage from torpedoes if you try.  Whenver you see her, just
charge her ship.  She'll board your ship and you can fight her like a man.
Just fight her like you did the large armored lizard creatures back on Molida
Island.  Wait until she charges you, step aside, and hit her in the back.
Eventually your swords will clash, and you just need to rub the screen to
disarm her.  After she leaves, approach the crate to get a tip from Linebeck
and continue on your way.  This tip gets larger every time you fight Jolene,
and from now on her ship will appear randomly around where you are.  So if
you're in need of a little cash, just seek her out and pick a fight.

After your battle with Jolene, head straight north, back into the fog.

[W018] The Ghost Ship

When you reach the Northwestern Sea, start heading north and your ship will
break down!  Luckily for you, Linebeck will fix the engine quickly, and you
can continue your search.  You get to steer the ship directly now, instead of
drawing a path.  Touch left or right to steer, and listen to the blinking of
the fairi-er, spirits.  The closer you are to pointing in the right direction,
the higher-pitched and faster-paced the blinking of the fairies will be.  Just
keep searching and you'll find it before long.  Both times I've played it's
been to the north of the field of rocks, but I don't know if that's always the
case.  When you find the ship, Linebeck chickens out AGAIN, so just run down
the stairs and do this yourself.

B1: Look out in this dungeon, because skulltulas can randomly fall from the
ceiling.  Well, they're all in fixed spots, but it will seem random until you
know where they are.  Their shadow will appear and grow larger right before
they come down, so just watch for that, and slash them when you get the
the chance.  There are also enemies that can turn invisible and shoot
projectiles at you.  I call them ghomas, because they seem to be based on that
enemy from Ocarina of Time, but who knows if that's correct?

Also note that, as soon as you enter B1, you should head down and to the right
where you can jump a small gap and grab some treasure.

Anyway, head to the first area on your left for a battle against some ghomas.
If you happen to be near them when they materialize you can take them out with
your sword, but the best way is to use arrows, as suggested by the contents of
the pots in the upper right corner of the battle room.  Just ready your bow
and let fly with an arrow the moment one of them appears.  Voila, dead enemy.
Go talk to the scared girl, who will ask you to rescue the other three Cubus
sisters, enticing you by suggesting that Tetra may be with one of them.  She's
pretty creepy, but it's your only lead, so you'll have to play along.  She
also mentions that her siblings are guarded by enemies called Reaplings.  That
doesn't sound good.

Make your way forward along the narrow path until your way is blocked by a
wall of spikes.  There's an orb above you that will lower them.  The way is
narrow, but you can squeeze your boomerang through to hit it.  Make your way
across the next area, avoiding the spinning black flame arm and the ghoma.
You'll reach another spike wall.  These ones, however, lower periodically.
Hit the switch above them and they'll go down for good.  

In the next area, your way seems to be blocked by a flame wall.  Just head
down instead, and hop the small gap.  Spikes block the area to your right, but
if you work your way down and around, counterclockwise, you'll be able to go
up into that area by crossing two sets of spikes that lower periodically.
Here grab the triangle crystal from the chest and hit the orb to lower the
spikes that blocked your way before.  Don't go talk to the Cubus sister yet,
instead take the triangle crystal to the pedestal above the flames at the top
of the room (you can jump back over that small gap while holding the crystal).

Now you can get the second sister, and lead her back using the path that you
just cleared by getting rid of the flames.  Whenever one of the sisters is
following you, a skulltula dropping from the ceiling or even just running too
far ahead will cause her to freeze and shiver on the spot.  Don't worry, she
can't get hurt, but you will need to go back and get her to bring her to
safety.  Rather than talking to her every time, just get nearby and make some
noise (blowing on the mic works well, and it's less conspicuous if you happen
to be playing in a public place).  After leading the purple sister back across
the top path, make your way back over to the stairs downward, which are no
longer blocked by spikes.

B2: Here, you'll start in a safe zone.  Uh-oh.  Step out of it to see what
a Reapling is.  It's not quite as scary as it sounded at first: it's not any
more than a phantom, but with one catch: it can see (and travel) through
walls!  It's not so bad; I didn't even know it could do that until my second
time through the game, simply because it had never happened to  me.

Head to the right and wait for the spikes to drop so you can run up to the next
safe zone.  The boss door already?  Don't worry about it too much, you won't
be finding that key for a while yet.  Make your way across the large area,
timing your runs across the spikes so that you don't take damage.  You should
be a veteran at dodging phantoms by now, so it shouldn't be too difficult.
Before taking the sister, hit the switch to give yourself access to the two
chests.  Do not take the left chest!  It contains a rupoor, which causes you
to lose 10 rupees, and also makes another Reapling appear.  The one on the
right, however, contains a gold potion.  You'll find a use for that sometime,
I'm sure, so take it.  

Talk to the third sister and lead her back across the room to the stairs going
up.  When you leave the safe zone, she will instruct you to pick the chest on
the left.  Since you already listened to my advice and avoided it, you should
be able to resist the temptation now.  Maybe there really is something to the
creepiness of these girls...whatever, there's not much else to do here, right?
On your way across the room, don't worry about leaving the girl in the path of
a Reapling, either.  They don't seem to have a problem with them.  Hmm...
And ALSO, if the brat sees a skulltula, she'll scream, attracting the
attention of any Reaplings around.  Geez, these girls sure are a hassle.

After you reunite the yellow creep with her sisters, they'll send you back for
the fourth one.  Back on B2, grab the chest in the middle of the room (now
accessible since you lowered the spikes when you hit the switch by the sister
you found here) and get the round crystal.  Drop it in the pedestal upstairs
to create a shortcut, but otherwise head to the far left of B2 and take the
stairs down to...

B3: Kill the ghoma (it seems it can't see you if you're in the safe zone, use
that to your advantage) and the skulltula and head to the right, ignoring the
switches for now.  I could just tell you the order to hit them in, but you
need to go fight the battle room to the right anyway so you might as well.
Kill the skulltulas and head up.  DO NOT hit the switch in the first safe zone.
It will lower some spikes that only lead to a trap door, and it will make a
Reapling appear.  In the NEXT safe zone, read the tablet to be given the
"order" in which to pull the switches.  

This puzzle has caused a slight stir among Zelda players because, frankly,
it's counterintuitive.  The "order" is 24513.  This may make you think that
you should first pull the second switch from the left, then the fourth, and
so on.  When that doesn't work, you may try counting from the right.  Still
lost, maybe you will now try both of those backwards (I know I did).  After
you just get frustrated and check GameFAQs, you'll learn that what you really
need to do is write those numbers above the switches, starting on the left.
Then, pull switch with the 1 above it first, then the 2, and so on.  That will
lower the spikes leading into the room with the barrels from the top, where
the tablet with the crappy hint was.  Walk in and trash barrels until you see
the switch, then step on it to lower the wall of flames farther down the hall.

Run down the hallway (thanking me every step for warning you about that switch
so that there is no Reapling in your way), grabbing the purple potion from the
chest on the way.  This one is nice because it works like fairies in other
Zelda games, meaning that you don't need to actually use it; it will simply
revive you if you die.  When you get to the end, life the shaking barrel to
find the last Cubus sister.  She'll warn you not to shoot arrows into the
backs of Reaplings.  Actually, this is a good thing to do.  It stuns them,
allowing you to pass, and it works on phantoms too.  You'll have to try that
next time you're in the Temple of the Ocean King.  You still can't kill them, 
but hey, it's better than nothing.

Take greenie back upstairs, and any suspicions you may have had about the
sisters will be confirmed.

Boss: Diabolical Cubus Sisters

"Dead man's volley" will be very familiar to long-time Zelda fans.  When one
of the sisters launches an energy orb at you, swat it back at her with your
sword, while avoiding the beams fired by the others.  Two hits from an orb
will kill a sister, leaving one less to fire energy beams at you.  If you let
an orb hit the wall behind you, it will split into three smaller ones.  You
cannot volley these, just avoid them.  After one sister is dead, they'll start
volleying a successful return among themselves before firing it back at you.
The good news is that any sister who participates in the volley will quit
firing her energy beam.  When only two sisters remain, the volleys get longer
and the returns get faster.  The touch screen controls can make it difficult
to respond quickly and accurately, but if you stand right between the two
sisters you should have enough time to get to wherever the orb is headed to
smack it back at them before it hits the wall.  When only one sister is left,
she'll start spewing three orbs at a time, and some will be a swirling
tetramer instead of the usual single blob.  Don't try to return these; you'll
only get hurt.  The lone sister will no longer return the orb straight ahead,
it may go off to the side as well.  Just keep at it until she's dead.  It
seems that the orb will rebound straight ahead no matter what angle you strike
it at, as long as your sword makes contact, so don't worry about it missing.
Just make a hit and you're fine.  This knowledge can help when it gets thrown
off at weird angles near the end of the fight.


Grab the heart container and the Ghost Key, and step into the blue light.  Run
back to B2 and what looked kind of like a boss door.  You may notice that the
Reaplings are gone now.  Unlock the door and head upstairs to find Tetra!

[W019] The Plight of the Ocean King

Wow, lots of story here.  And it looks like you've got your work cut out for
you.  The tribal-looking paper cutout pictures here are pretty creepy.  Nice
touch.  It looks as if the same monster who deposed the Ocean King has also
stolen Tetra's life force.  With some motivation, Linebeck even gets excited
about the new quest.  Back on the Isle of Gusts, you may have made a note of
two uncharted islands indicated on a map left by the Wayfarer.  I made you go
to one of them already, but the north one is home to the great blacksmith
Zauz.  It's time to go pay him a visit.

Zauz's island is pretty much directly east of where you are, so it shouldn't
take you long to get there.  When you land you'll probably get a misdirected
leter from Jolene to her sister, Joanne.  If you want to meet Joanne, you can
visit Bannan Island to the east, but it's not part of the main quest so I
won't cover it here.  Head up to the platform with the house and grab a Cucco.
Any Zelda veteran will know what to do next: jump off to the east, and you can
glide to the raised area with the chest for a wisdom gem.  Also, if you run
around and mark the locations of the four stone tiles on your map, then
connect the two west ones and the two east ones with lines, you can extend the
lines to make a big X on your map.  Right where the lines intersect, dig to
find a treasure map.  It can be difficult to draw a straight line on the DS
screen, so to help you localize your search, the correct spot is slightly to
the south and west of the corner in the path.

When you're done screwing around outside, go into the house and talk to Zauz.
Is it just me, or does he look a lot like Ganondorf? You'll learn that you
need to collect three pure metals before Zauz can forge the Phantom Sword that
you need to defeat Bellum.  Check the picture on his wall to learn what crest
you'll need, and head off to Mercay Island.  I hope you got the cyclone
transport point near there, because otherwise you'll have to sail all the way.

[W020] Temple of the Ocean King 4

You'll get a letter from Linebeck (?) thanking you and giving you a ship part.
Also, you can buy a treasure map from the guy standing by the treasure teller.
Remember that cave near the entrance to the Temple of the Ocean King?  Go back
there now, and you can hit an eye switch to extend a bridge across the water.
Take it down, fight the lizard guy (or not) for 20 rupees, and head through
the door to the outside.  Read the tablet if you want, but it won't tell you
anything that I won't very soon.  Run up the stairs and turn around.  Aim an
arrow at the eye switch to make a statue come out of the ground.  Ignore it
for now and run around the corner to get a ship part and a big green rupee.

Return to the statue and point it straight north, then one turn to the left.
This is parallel with a line drawn from the tavern to the entrance to the
temple.  Go and bomb the wall of the cliff where the beam touches it to get
to a new cave.  Cross the long bridge to come out on Freedle's island.  Here
you can hit a switch to make a shortcut back to the mainland, and find a
wisdom gem in a chest.  You'll also meet Freedle, who will allow you to trade
treasure and ship parts you don't want with other players.

Now that you've explored Mercay Island some more, head back to the Temple of
the Ocean King.  You'll experience another earthquake, but don't worry about
it.  Just head inside and let's find another sea chart!

This time through the temple, you'll unlock a sort of "half-way point," so I
hope you marked the locations of red and gold jars to save as much time as
possible.  Once you reach the spot (a yellow light, as opposed to the usual
blue) you'll be able to return there from the beginning of the temple, using
whatever amount of time it took you to get there.  If you don't do so well,
don't worry because you can set a new time by starting at the beginning and
doing it again (if you do this later when you have more items, you can have
a time of 0:00), but try and do well anyway.

Also, note that now that you have the bow, you can stun phantoms by shooting
them in the back.  This can be useful.

B1: The phantoms on this floor (and elsewhere, you'll soon find) have been
replaced by a red variety called "swift phantoms."  They can chase you a bit
faster, but it's not anything to worry about.  Just be careful as always.
Clear the room like you did last time.

B2: Nothing new here, just a repeat of last time.

B3: Same as before.  When you're on the platform with the trap-door switches,
you can shoot an eye switch to make a white chest appear to the left of where
the force gems go.

B4: To the right of the entrance, look across the chasm to shoot an eye switch
that will turn off all of the air vents.  Otherwise, solve the room as usual.
If you talk to the skeleton in the room with the key, he'll tell you what you
already know: an arrow to the back will stop a phantom in its tracks.

B5: Ho-hum. Same as before.

B6: Here you can really skip ahead.  You can just go straight to the red door
and draw the new crest (the triforce) to continue.  You may want to grab the
gold jar in this room first, though, and also draw the last crest to get the
gold jar from that room.  Then just run back out and tap the door again to
draw the new crest.  In case you have trouble drawing the triforce in one
stroke, here's how:
     /       /       /        /          /           /           /  \
    /  -->  /  -->  /.  -->  /.__. -->  /.__.  -->  /.__.  -->  /.__.\
   /       /__     /__\     /__\       /__\/       /__\/__     /__\/__\

If it's hard to get it right, just keep trying.

In this room you get a midway point.  You have to actually step into the light
to save your time, so make sure and do that right now.  You can manage a time
under two minutes even with the items you have now, but even if it took you as
many as seven minutes you should be fine.  Just tap the door with the courage
crest on it to continue.

B7: Ride the moving platforms to continue, making sure to face the holes in
the wall, which will fire arrows at you.  When you get back on solid ground,
you'll be greeted with a brand new hazard: a noise floor.  It will make noise
if you run on it, but if you walk you'll be fine.  Just be careful when there
is a phantom nearby, or make sure that you're not far from a safe zone.  You
can only really go one way right now, so head to the bottom of the room and
down the stairs.

B8: Just sit tight in the safe zone for a moment.  If you wait for the red
phantom in the area where you are to walk around to the middle right, he'll
turn and walk straight across the chasm!  Make sure to note his path on your
map (not too hard, it's a straight line) and then run across yourself when the
coast is clear (there is no need to go to the area above you right now).  Over
here you'll see two safe zones along the right wall.  The upper one is a trap,
so don't step on it (the skeleton lying in front will warn you about this).
In fact, don't go to either of those safe zones.  Just run upstairs for now.

B7: In the upper right limit of where you can go, right before the flame wall,
is a red jar.  Run the long way around the circle (watching the red phantom
above, who will come down here occasionally) and grab the red jar, then toss
it right above the stationary blue phantom.  Stand in the new safe zone and
wait until the red phantom leaves this area.  Then use your boomerang to hit
the orb behind the blue phantom, which will temporarily lower the flame wall
in the upper left, allowing you access to a set of moving platforms.  Ride
these, again turning to guard yourself from the arrow traps, and exit first to
the left to get a gold jar and a chest containing the round crystal.  Now wait
for the platform to come back and use it as a bridge over to the safe zone.
Now just make your way back down to the stairs, but you have to go the long
way since you can't ride the platforms back.  Holding the crystal makes you
automatically walk too slowly to make noise, so don't worry about that.  If
you drop it and a phantom finds it, however, you'll need to peg him in the
back with an arrow to get it back.

B8: Make your way back across the invisible bridge.  NOW go up to that upper
area that I told you to ignore earlier.  There's a safety zone down a small
hallway where you'll find the circle pedestal.  Drop the crystal in to open
a new door, and step on the switch to turn on a vent.  You don't need that yet
so just head down the new stairs.

B9:  Grab the triangle crystal and go back upstairs.

B8: NOW you need the vent.  Ride the vent up and walk straight ahead.  There
is a gap between you and the noise floor.  Now you'll have to wait until the
coast is clear (there is a red phantom patrolling over there), but when it's
safe just jump off towards the noise floor.  You'll find that there is an
invisible bridge that will get you across safely.  Run to the area below the
square of yellow boxes on your map and the phantom will not be able to see you.

Bomb the block in front of what is now obviously the triangle pedestal.  The
square right in front of it is a safe zone, which is good.  Drop the crystal
in to lower the nearby spikes and make a white chest appear back on the
invisible bridge.  Before you go to claim the courage gem inside, go grab the
red jar by the large safe zone to the right and carry it with you.  You're
likely to get cornered on the way, but not if you can make a safe zone any
time and place you choose.  Run back to where the spikes lowered and hit the
orb to open a door to some more stairs downward.

B9: Mysterious skull symbols will appear on your map.  These are ghosts that
will attack you and steal time from your hourglass!  The upside is that, if
you kill them, they drop more time.  They are invisible, so use the map to aim
at them from far away and you'll be fine.  When you kill all four in the room,
a chest with a wisdom gem will appear.

Across from the lower right safe zone you'll see another of those arrows that
redirects your arrows when you shoot it.  Hit it with the boomerang so it
points up, then stand with your back to the eye above it as much as you can,
so that it stays open, and shoot the arrow to hit it.  This will lower some
spikes blocking an area across the room.  You can blow up some cracked blocks
to the north to open up another safe zone and some jars with hearts.

In the area that you opened by lowering the spikes, there's a trap door
switch.  You know what to do.  Take out the phantom to get him to drop the
square crystal and make a chest with a ship part appear.  Go put the crystal
in the pedestal (watch out for the ghost nearby) and then head upstairs.

B8: Now you need to take both of the other crystals downstairs.  The round
one is nearby, so do that first.  When you take it, your way back is blocked,
but the air vent remains active, so simply ride it up and jump back into the
area with the stairs.  Drop this in the large upper safe zone and continue on
and back upstairs through the stairs on the other side of the room.

This is REALLY easy.  Just walk over, grab the triangle crystal, and go back

B9: Now, take the triangle crystal and the square crystal to the same area
where you dropped the round one.  Set the crystals into their pedestals in the
following order: square, round, triangle.  Then go through the door.

Here you'll get the Southeastern Sea Chart and a blue light back to the
entrance, but if you have a decent amount of time left (six or seven minutes
should be ok) then you can save yourself a trip back here later and get the
next chart right now.  Putting the crystals in their pedestals in the right
order caused the room to sink down a level, as Ciela noted.  Run back out the
door (after grabbing the gold jar in this room) to be greeted by a new room.

You may want to save right now.  Then if you find you're running out of time,
you can just reset and you'll still have the chart you already got.

B10: New phantoms here.  They can teleport to your location once alerted to
your presence.  That's ok, we're going to take one of them out.  In the upper
left corner of the room, you can run up to a safe zone and a boulder.  Watch
for the gold phantom to approach you from the hallway below, and run down to
get his attention and lure him to the other side of the spikes.  Then retreat
and push the boulder down to kill him and get the key.

On the other side of the room, this is impossible because you don't have the
item that you need to reach the boulder just yet.  That's ok, because these
spikes retract.  Wait until it's safe and run to the safe zone on the other
side, then hit the orb to lower the spikes permanently.  There's a gold jar
in the corner here (use your boomerang to get the goods), but more importantly
there is a strange tile in front of the wall.  Set a bomb on it to blow a way

Inside the walled-off area, there are a lot of phantom eyes and a red jar that
you can use to create a safe spot to kill them from.  The orb on this side
lowers the spikes on the other side of the room.  If you hadn't killed the
phantom over there by luring him out, you could have gone this way first and
then made the job easy on yourself.  The orb you want, though, is on the other
side of the room.  You can hit it with your boomerang from the safety of the
nearby safety zone if you want.  Now with the spikes lowered back on the other
side of the room, you've got a clear shot at the locked door, and you should
have the key from killing the phantom that patrolled the left side of the
outer area.  Head on down.

B11: Don't bother going down the stairs that are currently open to you,
because there's nothing you can do here right now.  You can use that safety
zone, though, and the one you start in to take out as many of the phantom eyes
as you can without having to waste time sneaking around outside a safe zone.

On the left edge of the small chasm at the bottom of the screen, dig up an air
vent.  This next part is tricky and can take some practice.  There is an orb
in the lower right corner of the room.  Watch the patterns of the phantoms
until you know when it's safe, and then hit the orb with the boomerang from as
far away as you can, then sprint to the air vent.  Ride it up and run across
the bridge to your left before it disappears, then step on the switch here.
Then ride the vent back up, go across the permanent bridge to the right, and
hit that switch as well.

Now you need to venture farther from the safe zones.  Along each side of the
wall you will notice three small indentations.  In the middle one of each of
these sets is a red jar.  Kill the immobil phantom eye on the left side and
drop the red jar near him somewhere a little up and to the right of there.
This should be a perfect spot from which to take out the phantom eye that
patrols this area of the room, if you haven't already.  Pull the switch and
grab the gold jar to the north of here.  Then make your way to the upper right
corner of the room and grab the gold jar and pull the switch here as well.  If
you killed all four phantom eyes, the safe zone will contain a chest with a
treasure.  Under the central raised platform is another air vent you can dig
up.  Ride it up, and use the bridges you created by pulling the switches to
step on the other two switches.  Now the locked door will open and you can go

B12: Almost there! If you have at least three minutes left (less may work)
then you should be fine.  Pull the switch in front of you to lower the spikes
ahead and grab the gold jar for some relief if the time limit is hurting you.
Your first order of business is to ambush that phantom eye with your boomerang
and kill it.  It's best to hide behind a corner and draw a hooked path to get
it before it sees you.

Now head to the safe zone at the top of the next large room, but DO NOT open
the chest yet.  There is a red jar in the upper left corner of this area.  I
suggest you place it in the upper left corner of the large central area below
you, where the phantom is patrolling.  Now go back and open the chest.  A
phantom will appear below you.  Drop the force gem you just got and wait until
his back is facing you and whack him in the back with an arrow.  Now grab the
force gem and run to the middle area.  If you dropped the red jar here you can
hide there until it is convenient to make a break for the large central safe
zone.  Otherwise, just be stealthy and you'll make it, if you timed things
correctly.  Make sure you take into account how slowly you move while carrying
a force gem.  Don't put it in a slot yet, just drop it here for safekeeping.

If you put the gem in a slot, as you head to the lower right corner of the room
you'll notice that an invisible ghost has appeared.  It's better to try to kill
that and the phantom eye before you do anything else.  To get the ghost to
approach you, just stand outside a safe zone with your back to it.  Turn
around to freeze it before it gets too close and feed it an arrow.

In the upper right of the right area, you'll find another red jar.  Place this
somewhere near the lower right of the large central area.  You can't lower the
spikes blocking the quick way back, because you don't have the proper item
just yet.

Head back to the upper right area and grab the force gem from the chest here.
You won't even need to stun this phantom to get safely across the room,
because he wanders around.  Just wait until the coast is clear and make a
break for the safe zone along the right wall.  If you screw up and he sees you
it's better to drop the gem and make a run for it.  You can always hit him in
the back with an arrow to get it back, but if he catches you, you'll lose 30
seconds of valuable time.  Return this gem and place it to cause another
ghost to appear (or don't place it yet, then the ghost won't appear).

Now you just need to get the gem from the last phantom.  Shoot him in the back
and grab it, then make a run for the big safe zone (or hide in a small one
that you've placed nearby until things cool down).  Once all of the
force gems are in place, head downstairs.

B13: For now, just run into the large open area and grab the Northeastern Sea
Chart from the big white chest.  Now you have all of the sea charts!  Step
into the blue light to return to the surface.  Whew, that was a lot of work.

F1: A skeleton here will offer to sell you secrets, but it's nothing that you
don't already know, so save your rupees and just head back to your ship.

If you have managed to collect several ship parts from one set by now, go
ahead and install them to increase your health, because you'll be running into
stronger enemies at sea.

[W021] Goron Island

Head straight to the east to start exploring the areas of the sea that you
just got charts for.  Now, you can technically go anywhere from here, but the
closest island to you right now is Goron Island, so let's go there. On the way
there, you may run into some new enemies, like sharks, and groups of pirate
ships.  Just use your cannon to take these threats down.  If you kill the lead
ship of a squad of pirates, a red X will appear on your map, and you can dig
up treasure as if you had a treasure map.  Do it before you dock or leave the
area though, or else the treasure will dissapear.

When you approach Goron Island, a cyclone displaces you.  That's not so bad.
But then you get attacked!

Sea Boss: Big Flying...Thing

Here, you don't need to worry at all about plotting a course, you just need to
fire the cannon with deadeye accuracy (well, not even deadeye).  The boss will
shoot big yellow orbs at you.  Shoot them down to avoid damage.  Sometimes,
they will even drop hearts, so make sure you always hit them.  Other than that
just fire at the eyes on the side of the boss to make them change colors and
then close.  You don't need to change all the eyes once before you can hit one
twice; you can finish off the eyes one at a time if you want.  Eventually the
boss will start firing those flying enemies that you may have experienced in
this area (though probably not yet because it didn't take very long to get
here from the edge).  Just shoot them down as well.  Sometimes he will dive
at you very low.  I don't know if there's any way to avoid damage here, but
between the times that he does this there will be plenty of projectiles to get
hearts from.  Once you make all six eyes close, you'll vanquish the boss and
be free to dock on Goron Island.


When you first step onto this island and look at your map, you'll probably
notice two very obvious things: first, there do not appear to be any houses
other than the shop to the west.  Second, there is what looks like a temple at
the top of the island!  That's what we're trying to get to.

I'm going to give you some advice, and if you follow it now you'll have a much
easier time of things later.  Run around and explore the entire island,
talking to every single inhabitant, even the ones in the caves (which are this
island's stand-in for houses).  Furthermore, mark the location of every cave
entrance and every goron you talk to, finding some way to distinguish between
children and adults, and those who are inside or outside.  I used C and A for
child and adult, and just drew the letter gorons who were indoors very close
to the mark for their cave (just a small circle on the map).  Just use
whatever system works best for you.

The first goron on the island (a child) even hints at this when he tells you
to "make yourself known to each and every Goron first."  If you can't seem to
find them all, I'll help you out.  The first area, where you dock, has two
gorons.  After going up the stairs, you should find four more in the next
area.  If you go up the next set of the stairs to the right, you'll find one
in a cave and one more in the screen to the left.  It seems like the game
didn't register that I'd talked to this one until I helped him out.  Just dig
up the air vent and ride it up, then kill the yellow chus with your bow and
talk to him again.  Then it should count.

When you walk down to the edge and see a small goron on the other side, you
should heed the advice of the child in the cave that you probably just talked
to.  Make some noise (again, blowing into the mic works just fine) and he'll
make a bridge for you.  Make sure to still talk to him, because "real" talking
doesn't count.  In this area, you should talk to two more adult gorons.  If
you go up the stairs, the chief's house will be right up the path, but go
right towards the path to the temple instead.  Talk to the guard here.  Then
go back to the chief's house and talk to the child, then the chief.

Now to earn membership in the tribe, you'll need to take a test.  This is
where writing down the locations of adults and children and caves will pay
off.  The questions about homes and population include Biggoron's house.
Even if you didn't write stuff down, don't worry, because I've made a list of
the questions and their correct answers here.  I played the game several times
to try to get every single question, but I still may be missing some.  Let me
know if you've been asked a question that isn't listed here.  You will also
get one Gorohint, which will eliminate one of the incorrect answers, but you
shouldn't need it.

Here is the list of questions and answers:

"How many Gorons live on this island?"  14

"How many Goron children live on this island?"  6

"How many homes are there on this island?"  6

"How many Gorons are in their homes right now?"  7

"How many Gorons are outside right now?"  7

"Of those Gorons outside, how many are adults?"  4

"The Goron at this spot!  What is he staring at?"  Ship

"What color were the odd creatures on the cliff?"  Yellow

"How many rocks are there in this home?"  3

"What is on this spot?"  Chest

"Easy one, stranger!  What number question is this?!"  4 (he only asks this as
                                                          the fourth question)

"How many Rupees have you won so far?  Easy!"  46 (you win rupees in this
                                                   order: 1, 5, 20, 20, 100,
                                                   but he seems to only ask
                                                   this as the fifth question)

After you answer all of the questions correctly, you'll gain membership in the
Goron family, and win a wisdom gem.  He will also charge you dues, equal to
exactly the amount of rupees you just won.  What a jerk!  Oh well, now you'll
be granted free passage to the temple to the north.  Talk to Gongoron, who
seems to be just about as nice as his father.  He'll run out and you need to
find him.  The best way is to talk to the child goron who made the bridge for
you.  Other gorons will vaguely mention a direction, but this helpful little
guy will point out exactly where Gongoron is on your map.  Just go find him
on the other side of town (you don't need to get onto that raised platform,
just enter the same screen as him) and then he'll run to the guard that
blocked your way earlier.  Go back there and he'll run ahead, so you'll need
to find your way to the temple by yourself after all.

There's nothing difficult here.  Just bomb away the cracked walls (you don't
even need your own bombs because there are bomb flowers everywhere) and take
out enemies (the rock-coated red chus make a return here) as you explore the
area.  Blowing up a wall will not remove it on your map, so I suggest making
dashes on your map whereever you blow a hole in a wall so that you can
remember where there are actually passages and where there is solid wall.

Take the left path from the beginning of this area.  At the fork, go straight
instead of down.  There's nothing to do there until you get the special item
from the temple.  When you reach a dead end, just hit the switch to lower some
spikes in front of a treasure chest.  You'll encounter more of the boulder
coated red chus, and a new enemy, the blue chu.  These are always electrified,
and once stunned, take two hits of your sword to kill instead of one.  Anyway,
head through the right crack in the wall at the beginning of the area and you
will eventually reach a dead end and a chest with 100 rupees in it.  Don't
worry, it's not really a dead end.  Well, this hall is.  Backtrack a bit.
Notice how, on the far side of the northwestern-most cracked wall, there was
an elaborate marking on the floor?  Just to the west of that, going towards
the long dead end hallway, you should look for that symbol on the other side
of the wall.  Bomb the wall here even though there is no crack, and you'll
have your way out.

Grab that chest that you saw earlier when you hit the switch for a power gem.
Back in the open area, you'll meet a new enemy: the like-like.  Wait for it
to try to suck you in, and when it's done run up and beat it do death with
your sword.  If it eats you you'll need to rub the screen to escape, while it
sucks items out of you.  To avoid even the possibility of this happening, you
can defeat it with bombs or arrows, but that's a waste when your sword works
just as well.  Anyway, once it's dead the spikes will lower and you can reach
the temple entrance.  Hit the switch to create a shortcut bypassing the area
that you just came through, and head inside.

[W022] Goron Temple                                       Item Found: Bombchus

1F: No sign of Gongoron.  I guess you'll have to find him.  A tablet here will
warn you to stay out of the quicksand.  That's good advice to follow, as
stepping in the quicksand is the same as falling off into the abyss.  You can
only go to the right, so go ahead that way.  Watch out for the beamos statues
and blue chus as you make your way through this area.  You can disable the
beamos with bombs if you want, but it's not too hard to just run past them
with minimal damage.  When you find a switch and an armos (a statue that
DOESN'T shoot at you) push and pull the armos so it covers the switch to let
you continue.  Continue past the blocked door and approach the armos.  Whoops,
this one is alive!  Use the nearby bomb flower or your own bombs to hit it and
make it go back to acting the way statues are supposed to act, then push it
onto the switch above to open the blocked door you just passed.  Another armos
awaits you here.  Just do as before: kill it, put it on the switch, and then
dig up the air vent to get to the upper area.  Run across the bridge you just
made and jump down to fight two armos at once.  Once they're both immobile,
the door will open.  Hit the switch here for a shortcut back to the entrance.
From the right side of this area, you can hit an eye switch to make a chest
with 20 rupees appear.  Head down the hallway to the right and bomb the
cracked wall.  If you run through the new entrance you'll find...a dead end!
But see how there is a door coming from the room you just came from, slightly
to the right?  Run back out and bomb the wall between the first set of pillars
on the right to open that door up.  Now you can reach the stairs.

B1: You start this floor off right, with a battle room against two beamos and
two flame skulls.  I suggest bombing the beamos first, then boomerang and
slash the flame skulls as usual to continue.  Run forward along the only path
until you see Gongoron standing across a pit of quicksand.  Tell him you'll
help him, even though he's a brat, and he'll warn you that a cyclops monster
has just ambushed you.  Just plant an arrow in its eye and slash away.  If it
doesn't die the first time, fire another arrow and slash some more.

Now an icon will appear on the top of the screen.  Tap it to switch between
controlling Gongoron and Link.  Right now you want to be Gongoron.  Control
him the same as Link: tap to move, tap to attack.  Don't let the different
style of movement (he rolls) and attack (he jumps on things) confuse you, it's
all exactly the same as what you're used to.  In fact, it's cooler because
Gongoron can roll straight through rocks.  You'll have plenty of time to test
out that feature in the next room.  Roll around the room, discovering and
killing all the rock-dwelling red chus by tapping on them, and when they're
all dead Link's way forward will be cleared.

Run ahead and lay the hurt down on those like-likes to drop the spikes in
front of Gongoron.  The raised platform has some jars with hearts and a statue
that will help you solve the next easy puzzle if you need help.  Put Link on
the switch and switch to Gongoron.

Get a running (or rolling) start to jump the gap, then stand on the switch
over here.  When both switches are pressed, a chest will appear.  Switch back
to Link to go grab it.

A Zelda favorite since Ocarina of Time, the bombchus are now yours!  Also,
Gongoron's path is no longer blocked by spikes.  There's nowhere new for Link
to go right now, so switch again.

Kill all the enemies in here by jumping on them to open a blocked door back
on Link's side.

Jump off the ledge to get to the new path more quickly.  Kill the enemies in
this room to make a chest with some treasure appear, and open it to lower the
spikes in the walled-off sandy area.  Now you get to put those bombchus to
good use!  When you are plotting a course for one, draw on the map on the
bottom screen and see exactly where it's going on the top screen.  Send one
through the hole to hit the switch (quicksand is no problem for bombchus) to
lower the spikes.  Gongoron will run off again.  Go upstairs first and send a
bombchu through the hole to hit the switch and make another shortcut.  Then
go back and head down to B2.

B2: Here, kill the like-like and rocky red chus.  Now this next part can be
somewhat tricky.  There is a switch in the walled-off sandy area and another
one near the top of the room.  You need to hit them both at once to continue.
Go stand right in front of the switch that you can reach.  Now send a bombchu
down and around (they can travel pretty far!) so that it will hit the other
switch.  After the bombchu starts moving, tap the lower screen to regain
control of Link.  Just as the bombchu hits its switch, smack the one that
you're near with your sword.  Down by the whole that you need to send the
bombchu through is an unlimited supply of bombchus, so don't worry too much
about wasting any.  Once you succeed, just head downstairs.

B3: Move forward, killing the enemies and watching out for posessed jars.
When all of the enemies are dead a chest with 20 rupees will appear.  When
you reach the orb controlling the pegs, hit it to lower the red pegs.  Send
a bombchu through the hole in the wall, drawing a path right through the now-
raised blue pegs.  As soon as it passes the red pegs, hit the orb again to
lower the blue pegs so that the bombchu can reach the switch.

In the next area, subdue the four armos statues and place them on the four
switches to continue.  Head down the hall and you'll find the boss door.  No
key yet, so just head back upstairs.

B2: Another switch, another shortcut.  Head right for a battle room against
two cyclops creatures.  It may be easier to stun them both even though you
can only slash at one at a time, just to keep the other off your back.  In the
next area, the orb near the beginning will lower the spikes at the top
temporarily.  Just stand near the spikes and send a bombchu down to the switch
to get through.  In the next area you'll find an infinite supply of bombchus.
Take out as many of the sand worm enemies as you can with your bow, then go
exploring with your bombchus.  On your map, you'll see two non-quicksand areas
in the quicksand.  Each one has an orb that you need to hit with a bombchu.
Once that's done, the chest with the boss key will appear.  You'll need to use
another bombchu to get back to the other side of the room.  Head down the
stairs you came up to get back to the boss door.

B3: The statue isn't lying.  Just head downstairs, make your blue light, and
go face the boss.

Boss: Dongorongo, Armored Lizard

If you're a Zelda veteran, the name will immediately conjure memories of the
great Dodongo, and that coupled with the fact of this dungeon's special item
will suggest the solution to this boss: feed him bombs.  That is absolutely
correct, but you need to do it in sort of a unique way.  First of all, in this
battle you will be controlling both Link and Gongoron.  When one is under
attack you'll need to switch, take care of the threat, then switch back and
continue what you were doing.  Those sand worm enemies will swarm the arena,
giving you something to worry about.  

As Gongoron, your job is to wait until Dongorongo's side is exposed (like
after he charges you, though this is certainly not required) and then start
tapping against his side to gradually knock him over.  While he's stunned, use
Link to send a bombchu right into his mouth.  Don't worry, time pauses while
you're "aiming," so nothing will attack you.  The sand worms may, however,
get in the way of your bombchu, so be careful.  You'll know you've properly
targeted his mouth when the end of the line you're drawing turns into a yellow
cartoon explosion symbol (you'll see what I mean).  After three hits, the
boss will fall, a bridge will rise out of the sand, and Gongoron will run
into the next room.

No way it was THAT easy.  Try to cross and the bridge will disappear, the door
will close, and the boss will wake up.  Now you get to "feed" him in the more
conventional, more classic, manner.  Between breaths of fire, he will try to
inhale you.  Toss a bomb or bomb flower into his mouth to make him fall over,
then go to town on the blue orb on his back.  Repeat until he's dead.  You
can use the jars or sand worms (who are still spawning) for health or bombs
if needed.

More sand for your hourglass, yay!  If you've been following my advice then
you've already reached the bottom of the Temple of the Ocean King anyway, but
what the heck, it's not going to hurt anything to have more time.  Grab your
hear container and run through the door to get your first piece of pure metal,
the Crimsonine.  Step into the blue light and return to Biggoron to get a
refund of your entrance dues and then some.  It's time to head off in search
of some more pure metal!

[W023] Isle of Frost

There's only one other island that you can see right now, with a big white
ring around it, so head that way.  If you travel along the southern edge of
the map you may see an island off to the south shaped like a big DS.  Go and
explore it if you want, but there's not much to do there at the moment.  You
also may encounter another golden frog on your way.  Make sure and shoot it if
you see it.  The traveler's ship in this area contains members of the Ho-Ho
tribe.  The main one (standing up) will buy a different treasure from you each
time you visit him, at a higher price than the treasure teller offers.  It can
be worth it to check these guys out every once in a while.

Once you reach the island, you'll realize that there's nowhere to dock!  It's
surrounded by chunks of ice.  Just plot a course that takes you in a few
circles around the island and alternate cannon fire between the ice and the
flying enemies that will attack you until the island is free and you can dock
there.  Note that each slab of ice will take more than one cannonball to sink.

Step off your ship and into the village of the Anouki.  Go talk to their chief
in the eastern-most hut in the first area, and he'll be blunt: you can have
the Azurine, their pure metal, if you identify the Yook that is impersonating
a Yanouki.  Head up to Yanouki Estates to the north to begin your search.

There are six Yanouki living in six houses, each house labelled with the name
of its resident.  You're told that Yanouki always tell the truth, and Yooks
always lie.  This is going to make things easy.  Just go around and talk to
each of the six "Yanouki."  If they tell you that someone else is telling the
truth, then you know that they are a Yanouki, and so is the one that they
identified, because if they were lying then they would be a liar and so would
the one they named, but there is only one Yook.  So just cross out the house
of everyone that you know is a Yanouki and eventually there will only be one
house left.

If you just want the quick answer, the Yook is Aroo, who lives in the middle
house in the top row.  You need to talk to all six before you can accuse
anybody anyway, so once you've done that, go back and talk to Aroo again.  He
gets indignant, but don't back down.  Report back to the chief and he'll open
the cave that leads to the other side of the island.  Talk to the Yanouki
blocking the way and run inside.

Run through the cave and smash the jars by the tablet to get bombs, which
you're going to need shortly.  Outside there are six Yook, who you'll have to
defeat to open the path forward.  If you managed to kill Dongorongo then these
will be a joke.  Just wait until they inhale, toss a bomb or bomb flower, and
smack them around with your sword.  Once all six are dead, head to the next
area.  Here you'll need to fight one more Yook, but this one is black.  I have
no idea if he causes more damage because he never hit me, but he certainly
doesn't take any more hits to kill.  Dispatch him to melt some more monstrous
icicles, and run into the temple after perhaps the shortest and easiet of all
the pre-dungeon sequences in the game.

[W024] Temple of Ice                                Item Found: Grappling Hook

1F: Pretty standard by now.  Hit the orb to turn it blue, then go stand on the
far side of the red pegs and hit it again with your boomerang to continue.
Look out for blue chus coming out of the ground at you.  The red pegs block
your way for now, so carefully cross the ice bridge, avoiding the razors.
On the other side, hit the switch to open the way back to the entrance.  Now
go back to the bridge.  Start to cross it, but as soon as you reach the far
side of the blue pegs, turn around and send a bombchu back to the orb to turn
it red.  Finish crossing the bridge and use the stairs that you can now reach.
Note that if you came here before the Goron Temple, you can still pass this part
by placing a regular bomb and running to make it before the bomb goes off.

2F: You can literally just run straight ahead.  How boring.

3F: Watch out for the icy floors here (and watch out for any floors that look
like this from now on).  Run to the bottom of the area and tap the post to
stand on top of it.  From here you can hit the orb with an arrow, lowering the
icicles at the top of the stairs.  Head up those and across to the other side.

In this next large area, there are insect-like enemies.  They are invincible
from the front (for now) but you can kill them with a hit to the back, or just
avoid them.  To the right of the four levers is a narrow pathway that leads to
a chest containing 100 rupees.  To learn the proper order to pull the levers,
you could run around reading the different tablets to piece it together.  To
save you the trouble, I'll just tell you right now.  Number the levers, from
left to right, 1432.  Then just pull them in that order (1 first, 2 second,
et cetera).  A door will open to the south.  Go run up the stairs and to the
upper area of this room.

As you continue forward on the ice, your way will be blocked by blue pegs.
Take the bridge up instead, watching out for the ice keese and ice bubble.  If
they touch you, you'll become encased in ice for a while.  Continue around on
the bridges, killing the enemies and ignoring the orbs (they need to be hit
simultaneously; we're getting there), until the game makes a sound like Link
just got a bright idea and shows you the blue orb.  Toss a bomb over the fence
to hit it.  Jump off right here to get a wisdom gem from a newly-accessible
chest, then head back to the upper area and across the bridge that was blocked
by the blue pegs before.  If you stand on the tile here, you can hit all four
orbs in one sweep of the boomerang.  The tablet explains what to do, but I'll
tell you too.  You need to hit the orbs in this order:

                                  2           1


                                  3           4

A small key will drop on a raised platform to your right.  From where you're
standing you can grab it with the boomerang, so do that, and then make your
way back across the bridges to the locked door on the north wall of the upper
area to go downstairs.

2F: Battle room!  You know how to kill Yooks by now, so kill all two of them
to get this dungeon's item, the grappling hook!  You can use this to connect
two posts to make a tightrope that you can walk across (just target them
both like you do with the boomerang) or you can latch directly onto certain
things (posts, chests, torches, etc) to pull yourself straight to them.  You
can also, of course, drag items to yourself, but usually the boomerang is a
better tool for this task.  Use your grappling hook on the torch on the far
side of the room and head downstairs.

1F: Now you can kill those armored ants.  Just grapple their helmets off and
then they're as vulnerable as a red chu.  You may notice that the middle
tongue statue is the only one that doesn't have its tongue stuck all the way
out.  Stand by the wall opposite it and use your grappling hook on the tongue
to pull it out and melt the ice blocking your way.  Use the post on the other
side to grapple across and step on the switch to open a shortcut back to the
entrance.  Yet again you need to use something in the first room of the
dungeon to progress.  Pull out the tongues of both of the statues to melt some
more ice in the room you just came from.  Now that you can, go downstairs.

B1: This is one of the last rooms of the dungeon, but there's plenty to do.
First, bomb the cracked wall and step on the switch in the new room to make a
chest appear on the other side of the chasm.  Grapple onto it to get over
there.  Grab your 200 rupees from the chest and step on the switch to make a
bridge back across the gap.  Also, notice that on the other side of the wall
here is a differently-colored tile.  Bomb right where that is to make a
shortcut that you'll be using later.  Don't go there yet, though.  Run down
and up some stairs to see another of those tiles, now on your side of the
wall.  Bomb it and run through.

On the right of the statue here, target both the peg on your side of the gap
and the one on the other side at once with your grappling hook, then let it
go.  Now tap the peg to jump on top and you can walk across the tightrope
that you just made, all the way to the other side.  Now you can go down or to
the right.  Go right for now.  Look at the wall behind the first torch you
come across.  Grapple the switch there to make a treasure chest appear.  Head
on forward, killing the armored ants, until you reach a locked door and a
tongue statue.  Stand as far as you can from the tongue (against the barrier)
to get maximum length, then grapple it.  Now you're timed, and you need to
get back to that fork and run down and up the stairs before the icicles come
back.  If you stood as far away as possible when you grappled the tongue, you
should be fine.  Grab the key from the chest, then push the block forward and
step on the switch to get back to the icy area, and go unlock the door near
the tongue statue.  In here, grab the wisdom gem from the chest, hit the red
orb, and head back to the central area of the room.

Make a tightrope across the pegs to the left of the statue and walk out into
the middle of it.  You should be right in front of some icicles.  Use your
boomerang to hit all four of the orbs above you at once (you can only do this
if you're standing on the tightrope) to melt the ice, and then shoot an arrow
into the eye switch.

Now this all comes together.  Do you see where the red pegs lowered, pretty
much just to the north of the room with the eye statue where you first bombed
a wall when you entered B1?  Try grappling to the post there (no need for
tightropes now) and make your way around, up to the closed door in the north
of the room, killing all of the ice keese you see along the way.  Now that
you know this path, run back to the first area of B1.  Stand against the south
wall, facing the tongue statue that is now clear because the eye switch melted
the ice that was blocking it.  Grapple the tongue from way back here to give
yourself plenty of time.  Once the switch is pulled out all the way, run along
the path that you just learned, using that shortcut you made by bombing the
wall earlier.  You should have plenty of time to make it to the now unblocked
door.  If you have trouble, notice that after the "island" with the lowered
red pegs, you don't need to go to the next one to the north.  You can grapple
directly to the one to the northeast with the two torches on it.  That should
save some time.  Once you do make it, just head downstairs.

B2: Go to the left and up, crossing the pit by grappling to the torch on the
other side.  You can't reach that red rupee ahead (for now), so don't bother.
To your right is a battle room against a Yook and a green slime.  Tightrope
across the gap, being careful of the razor.  Tightrope again, watching out for
the ice keese.

This next part is pretty cool.  Stand between the two pegs, but to the left,
nearer to the edge.  Now create a tightrope between them and run against it
until Link turns around and faces out across the gap.  Then just lift your
stylus from the screen, and you'll be catapulted across.  On this side, kill
the ice bubble, then run up onto the raised area with the four orbs.  Stand in
the middle of them and spin attack to hit them all at once.  This makes a
chest with the boss key appear, but there are still icicles blocking it, so
make your way back to the beginning of the area and the door that also opened.
You can grapple from the bottom of the stairs leading to the orbs straing to
one of the pegs that you used to cross the gap with the razor, if you want a
small shortcut.

Run to the far right of this area, by the locked door, to find a rock-capped
red chu enemy.  Now that you have the grappling hook, you can waste him
without wasting any of your bombs.  Just grapple the rock right off of his
head.  Make a tightrope between the two torches to the left of the locked door
and use it to launch yourself up onto the raised platform.  Watch out, because
it's icy and you may slide off the other side if you're not careful.  Now just
use the torches on the next two raised platforms to grapple yourself to them.
On the second one with a torch, don't jump down yet!  Shoot the eye switch to
the north to open the door, then jump down.  Step on the switch to make a
bridge back across, then run through the door.

This puzzle is stupid.  Easily the worst puzzle in the whole game.  The eye
switches here will only open when your back is to them.  So jump to the middle
strip of floor, stand near the wall with the eyes on it, then make a tightrope
between the two pegs.  Here's the stupid part: shoot an arrow at the tightrope
and IT WILL BOUNCE BACK.  Come on, I know it's a video game, but a rope
reflecting an arrow?  Anyway, use that to hit the eyes, as you can keep your
back to them while shooting.  The chest with the small key will appear.
Return to the locked door and...well, unlock it.

Defeat the Yook and two ice keese in the battle room to get 200 rupees and
open the closed door nearby.  Run through that, and when the game shows you a
peg, grapple to it.  Now stand on top of it and grapple to the one to the
north of you.  Repeat this again to reach the switch.  Now that you can reach
it, walk onto the narrow ice bridge.  Be careful, because it's easy to fall
off here.  If the ant enemy wanders out, think twice before grappling its
helmet off, because the inertia may through you off the bridge too.  Anyway,
once you reach the room at the end, hit the switch to melt some more ice and
you can finally head back to the beginning of the area and get your boss key.
You don't have to re-cross the ice bridge, just grapple to a torch on the
other side of the chasm.

B1: Unlock the boss door, make your blue light, and run ahead to fight the
boss of the temple.

Boss: Gleeok, Two-Headed Dragon

If you've played the original Legend of Zelda, then Gleeok will be a familiar
face(s), and luckily for you, it is easier to defeat in this incarnation.
This boss is awesome.  So awesome, in fact, that it makes up for the awful
puzzle earlier.  The boss has two dragon heads.  The one on the left will
spit fire at you, and the one on the right will spit ice.  You probably
guessed immediately that you need to reflect the attacks from one boss at the
other.  To do that, you'll need to use your grappling hook and the four posts
forming a square around you.  To reflect at the ice head, make a tight rope
between the upper left and lower right posts, and do the reverse to reflect
things at the fire head.  Whenever one head shoots something at you, simply
make the appropriate tight rope to score a hit on the other.  Just make sure
that you're standing on the far side of the rope!  If you miss, the next shot
will be fired by the same head so go ahead and draw the rope ahead of time.  

I realize that this is just as weird, if not weirder, than the rope reflecting
arrows, but there's a reason I don't care this time.  When you first get the
grappling hook, the game leads you to believe that it is attached to an
ordinary rope (it never says this, but it never says otherwise, so it seems
safe to assume).  After you realize that arrows bounce off of it, it's obvious
that it is actually a magical rope, possibly crafted by elves or advanced
polymer chemists.  So now it's ok.

After each hit, a head will bend down to bite you.  Just run off to the side
to dodge.  After four hits, the heads will dive and flood the area temporarily
so just dodge the icebergs that come floating towards you.  If you want, you
can draw a tight rope and walk across it to dodge the ice (you can move
slightly faster this way) but you should be fine just wading through the
water also.  If you're on the tight rope, you can slash at the icebergs with
your sword to shatter them, but it may not be worth the risk.

After the dragons' helmets break, they will break two of the posts and start
frantically chomping at you.  Then one of the dragons will flop its tongue out
onto the platform that you're standing on.  Use your grappling hook to connect
the tip of its tongue to one of the posts and it will be stunned, then you can
run up and slash at it with your sword.  Just do this twice per head and the
dragons will die.

Grab your heart container, run across the bridge and tap the door, then run in
and get the Azurine.  Only one more pure metal left to find!  Step into the
blue light to get back to the entrance, and hop in your boat to head for the
Northeastern Sea, the last unexplored quadrant of the game!  On the way out,
if you stop by the mail box, you'll get a letter from Gongoron informing you
that he's opened a game on Dee Ess island.  The letter also contains a courage

[W025] Isle of the Dead

**Note** If you do not have the Northeastern Sea Chart, then you have not been
following this FAQ the entire time you've been playing.  That's perfectly fine
and I encourage it.  Just go to section [W020] - Temple of the Ocean King 4 to
see how to get it.  There are some shortcuts that will be open to you now and
were not before, but following those steps will still get you to where you
need to be.

On your way north, you may find another golden frog.  You know what to do.
In the Northeastern Sea, you'll see two islands, each surrounded by rocks.
One has the only break in the rocks blocked by a cyclone, so head for the one
to the east.  If you board the traveler's ship here, you'll have to fight off
some octoroks and a lizalfos.  These guys are old news by now, so get to it.
After you vanquish the baddies, try to leave and a creepy guy will come down
the stairs.  Talk to the Man of Smiles a few times and he'll give you the
Hero's New Clothes (which are...invisible?) and a treasure map.  Just continue
on to the east island, the Isle of the Dead.

If this is the first time you've been to a mailbox since you beat the Temple
of Ice, you'll get a Wisdom Gem from Aroo.  So get that, or not, and head
into the cave.  There are some hints here, but they're pretty much useless,
so don't worry about them too much.  Just leave by the other opening.  You'll
run into some like-likes here, and you'll also find some stalfos, a pile of
bones that will assemble and attack you.  It will jump away if you swing your
sword at it, but if you corner it or catch it just as it assembles you'll kill
it.  Also, bombs will finish it off quickly because it's not smart enough to
dodge them.

Up the stairs, you'll find a door that you can't open right now, so just
continue to the east, killing stalfos as you go.  It looks like there's a lot
to do here, but not right now.  Just make your way up to the pyramid and run
inside.  Now, you can make a choice: either read the solution, or go find it
yourself.  Either way, I'll guide you through it.  If you just want the answer
then skip the next paragraph, otherwise keep reading.  

Read the tablet on the right to learn that you need to go west 13 and north 7
from the tree on the king's chin.  If you hadn't noticed, this island looks a
lot like a king's head in profile.  Head to the chin (the southeast corner)
and step onto the path just to the west of the tree.  Walk 13 squares to the
west and 7 squares to the north (you won't be on the path at this point, but
it will be right next to you, so still use it to measure).  Now dig right
where you're standing to make a hole in the ground.  Hop in and bomb the wall
to get to a room.  This is the reason I suggested you go here: the room is
full of rupees, jars with arrows and hearts, and a chest containing a power
gem.  Also, the tablet here will tell you to shoot an arrow to the west of the
king's eye.  Exit this room and follow the path, avoiding the rolling boulders
to find the stairs back to the surface.  Aim an arrow off the west side of
this area to see an orb, then shoot the orb to open the door that you couldn't
access earlier.  Go back that and read the gravestones.  Some of them will
tell you that they are the first, second, etc. sage and tell you a direction.
Write these down in order, then run back to the pyramid.

Whether you skipped here or not, you need to do the same thing.  In the
pyramid, you need to exit each room through the correct door to continue.
The order is: north, east, east, north, north.  If you mess up, just go south
to exit and start over.  When you reach the goal, walk up the big red slab and
talk to the giant ghost that appears.  He is Brant, the fourth knight of the 
once-powerful Cobble Kingdom, which used to be on another island.  He'll
open the door behind him so you can run through and get the Regal Necklace.
Holding this will let you pass through the cyclone guarding the other island,
the Isle of Ruins.  Now that you can, you should go there.  Don't be afraid
of the cyclone, just sail right up to it and it will disappear for you.

[W026] Isle of Ruins

If you didn't notice it from the sea, you'll notice it now: this island is
home to no less than four pyramids, and you'll need to enter all of them
before you're finished here.  The only thing you can do right now is enter the
cave, and run on ahead.  You'll get a battle room against a lizalfos.  Just
kill him to make a bridge appear and keep going until you come out on a ridge
above where your ship is docked.  In this next area, just keep jumping the
small gaps until you can find your way across the area.  There are many dead
ends, so just keep trying until you find the correct path.  You'll also find
quite a few rupees.  Before you get too close to any of them, try to collect
it with your boomerang.  Some of them are actually like-likes in disguise, and
this will reveal them for what they are.

In the next area, kill the stalfos and run up the stairs to the north.  Follow
the path to the west and carefully make your way through the rolling rocks
until you can run up some stairs to safety.  Now run along the narrow path
to reach the northwest pyramid, home to Bremeur, the third knight.  Run past
the giant obelisk with the keyhole to find Bremeur.  Talk to him and exit the
temple to see a new bridge form.

If you roll into the skinny tree straight across the bridge, you'll get 200
rupees.  If you don't care, or if you never really could figure out how to
roll reliably in this game, just head down the stairs and kill some enemies to
be on your way.  Across the next bridge, you can either go north or east.  Go
east for now.  There will be some stalfos lobbing bones at you as you cross
the bridges here.  You can avoid the projectiles, block them with your shield,
or try to take out the stalfos with your long-range weapons.  It's entirely up
to you.  Once you get to the far east, just head north into the northeastern

Work your way through the traps here.  There are boulders to avoid, then
arrows firing from holes in the wall, and then a trap door in the floor.  Stay
sharp and you should get through with minimal damage.  Head up the stairs and
across the bridge to fight a couple of stalfos, then go up the stairs to the
next floor.  Here you can get some rupees and hearts from the jars, and then
approach the altar to speak with Doylan, the second knight.  You'll get the
King's Key, and instructions to take it back to Bremeur's tomb.  Remember the
obelisk with the keyhole in it?  You've got to go aaallll the way back there

At least it won't be too hard.  Once you get back to where I told you to go
east instead of north, go north (because that's the only other way now) and
you'll be able to take the path along the north of the map back to Bremeur's
tomb, fairly painlessly.  Tap the big obelisk to activate it, and then run
outside to see that the water has been drained from the island.  Time to go
find the first knight, Max!  By the way, wtf is up with that?  You have King
Mutoh of the Cobble Kingdom, with his loyal knights Brant, Bremeur, Doylan,
and...Max?  Whatever.

The island looks quite a bit different now.  You'll notice that the area with
the oddly-shaped pieces of land that you jumped across when you first arrived
is now revelealed to be a maze.  You could go there and run around reading the
tablets to get the solution to the next puzzle, but you could also completely
ignore it if you're reading this guide.  I'm going to assume you ignored it,
because there is nothing of value there besides a spirit gem, and you can just
find that by reading the appropriate section of my walkthrough.

Our goal now is the southern pyramid.  Head back along the path toward Doylan,
but jump off of the first bridge you cross to get to a new area.  Down here,
try to travel southeast until a cracked boulder blocks your way.  You can't
blow it up, but you can push it.  Muscle it out of your way, then run a couple
of sets of stairs and push another boulder down the stairs to make it smash
yet another boulder in the area you just came from.  Go down there and pick up
the tiny rock to fully open this passage, and head south.  In this whole next
area, watch out for piles of bones, because they are everywhere and may or may
not be stalfos.  

On the next raised platform, you have two choices: push the boulder to the
south, or push it to the east.  Go east first.  Make sure you push it north
once before you send it rolling down the stairs, because otherwise it won't
line up correctly.  Take the new passage to a wisdom gem, then return to the
previous area and this time push the boulder to the south to open the way
forward.  Go up the stairs just to the south to hit a switch and make a bridge
back to the beginning of the level.  Now if you need to save and quit, you
don't have to cross the whole island again next time you play.  Now run
clockwise around this area, fighting or avoiding the stalfos, until you can
enter Max's Temple.  Break some jars if you need the hearts and approach the

Max (I can't get over how awful of a name that is for a knight) will say
something about a riddle.  Don't worry about that.  If you already visisted
the maze area on the island, you've probably already solved the riddle.  If
not, don't worry, because I'm just going to tell you the answer anyway.  Go
through the door that Max opened to the east and run forward to the red door.
This is where the riddle comes in.  Just draw this crest to continue:
                               |      |
                               |      | 
                               |  /\  |
                               | /  \ |
                               |/    \|

The only catch is that you need to start in the upper left corner, draw the
top first, and then just continue on, finishing again in the upper left

Make your way down the hall, killing the stalfos, and then in the next area
cross the bridge to start a fight with two lizalfos.  Fighting two of these at
once can be difficult, especialy in such close quarters.  With some patience,
persistence, and a little luck, you will eventually triumph, and then you'll
be able to run ahead into the last pyramid.

[W027] Mutoh's Temple                                       Item Found: Hammer

1F: The two stone tablets here contain hints to help you solve the puzzles of
this room, but you can ignore them because you have this guide.  Your first
order of business here is to run straight ahead until you can't anymore, and
then take the path to th right until you reach a dead end.  There is a
blatantly obvious section of flat flooring amid the cobblestones, so bomb the
wall there to create a shortcut that you'll be using shortly.  You may want to
run forward through the hole (not too far!) to reveal a trap door in the floor
so that you can mark it on your map and avoid it.  Head back to the entrance
and place a bomb by the orb on the right, then sprint back to where you just
bombed the wall.  When the bomb explodes, a bridge will appear just to the
north of the hole in the way.  Carefully make your way around the trap door to
cross the bridge, and then take the path to the north for a battle room with
two stalfos.  Cross the bridge that appears when they're dead and step on the
switch to light the torch, then make your way back to the entrance.  The
bridge you crossed is permanent now, but you can also return using the other
path, stepping on a switch to open the closed door on the way.

Now, leave that other orb alone for now and take the path on the left, across
the moving platforms.  Kill the two keese, and mark the location of the trap
door in the floor.  Now go back to the other orb.  You're going to place a
bomb by the orb and hurry across the moving platforms to where another bridge
will appear, but you've got to time it right or you'll run out of time waiting
for a platform to come and pick you up.  Watch the platform in the second
chasm, the lone one that travels along a rectangular path.  Try tossing your
bomb when it reaches the center of the bottom side of the rectangle.  The way
that you aim your bomb throws in this game can be imprecise, so you may have a
few frustrating occurences where the explosion doesn't even hit the orb, or
where the bomb hits the orb and blows up right away, but keep at it and you'll
make it.  Once you've crossed the bridge, run forward for another battle room,
again with two stalfos.  Kill them and press the switch as you did on the
other side of the room.  The spikes will lower and clear the way to the stairs
to B1.  You could return to the entrance now to make another shortcut, but
there's really no point, so just run down the stairs.

B1: This room is massive.  You'll see a stalfos right away, so take him out
first.  Head to the left for some jars with hearts and items, then go back and
take the path south.  Kill the stalfos on the way, and then run across the
spiked log (don't worry, the spikes are all on the sides).  Actually, it may
be a spinal column.  I don't have a clue, so I'm just calling it a spiked log.
You'll reach a set of stairs back to 1F, so head on up.

1F: There are turtle enemies here that you can't really do anything about
right now, so avoid them and head up the next set of stairs.

2F: Tap the door to get to a rupee maze.  Some of those rupees are like-likes,
so scout ahead with your boomerang.  It can travel right over the walls of the
maze, but the like-like's can't, so this is a good way to pinpoint their
locations.  You can even kill them from a distance by hurling bombs or firing
arrows over the walls, but they're easy enough to take out with your sword.
In fact, if you can lure one of them right up close to a wall opposite you,
you can swipe your sword at it right over the wall.  Anyway, this "maze" is
more to make it difficult for you to run from like-likes than to be difficult
to navigate, so you should easily be able to get to the chest for some
treasure, and then take the stairs up, jump off the ledge, and run up some
more stairs.  Ciela will point out one of those crushed-looking switches you
may have noticed here and in the Temple of the Ocean King.  You'll get to
smash those things like there's no tomorrow in no time at all, so just hang in

3F: Battle room against two stalfos and a like-like.  Defeat them to make a
chest appear, and grab the hammer!  This is the most powerful item to be found
in the entire game.  You can smash anything that is on the screen and not
separated from Link by a wall.  Test it out in this room to get an idea for
just how powerful of a weapon it is.  You can also hold down the stylus before
releasing to charge it up and release an extra powerful blow, but it will
obliterate most enemies in the game without charging up, so I don't do that
very often.  Head back downstairs and let's see about that switch.

2F: Just use your shiny new hammer on the switch to open the door.  In here,
you'll see something that may look familiar from the Temple of the Ocean King.
Stand on the footprints and smash the knob to fling yourself up to the next
level.  Do this a couple more times to reach an area with three of those
tutrle enemies.  Now they're a piece of cake, instead of invincible.  Smash
them with the hammer; once to flip them over and once more to finish them off.
Get some stuff from the jars if you want, then jump down and head back down
the stairs.

1F: Use your hammer to kill the turtles and hit the switch, then head down the
new stairs.

B1: Push the boulder on the raised platform down the stairs to the right so it
breaks the other boulder, then run across the next two spiked logs for a
battle room against two stalfos.  The hammer is a one hit kill on these guys,
so it should be over in a matter of seconds.  Go through the top door and down
the stairs.

B2: Hit both switches with the hammer to start the spiked log rolling.  As it
is rolling away from you, follow it until you can step into the area to the
south and wait for the platform to come.  As you ride it, use your hammer to
pound all of the stalfos and switches, and transfer to the next platform when
you can.  There will be a spiked log preventing you from disembarking, but
if you hit all of the switches it will move out of your way.  Make sure you
don't miss the last switch, just to your right after the second platform
reaches the end of the line.  At the south end of this area is a chest with a
courage gem.  Head up the stairs, grab the key from the chest, and then up the
stairs again.

B1: Step on the switch to open the door.  This place should look familiar.
Walk across the first spiked log and then unlock the door.  Tap the floating
pyramid here to invert it and lower the water level.  Run back out and jump
down.  Don't worry if you get on the "wrong" side of one of those spiked logs
which are now lying on the floor.  It's hard to tell, but they are actually
laying flat on the floor and you can walk right over them.  Run to the left
and kill a stalfos.  Here you'll see what is pretty much the only type of
puzzle for the rest of the dungeon.  If you hit a square, it and every square
touching it (diagonal counts) will flip to the opposite of what it is (there
are red circles or blue crosses, and diagonal counts for "touching").  If you
are standing on a square, it will not flip.  This is an easy puzzle; just hit
the middle square to solve it and open the door to the south, then run on
through it.

Here, run up the stairs on the left and use the springboard to fling yourself
to the upper area.  There's a "regenerating" jar here that will give you an
infinite supply of arrows.  Take the hint and start aiming around with your
bow.  To the southeast is another pyramid switch.  Hit it with an arrow to
raise the water level, then run across the spiked log to the south.  For this
puzzle, just stand on the middle square and hit that same square (for some
reason, the hammer can hit the square Link is standing on, but not Link
himself...that's helpful!).  Run through the doorway and across the spiked log
to the other side.  Now run up against the fence to the west and aim your bow.
You'll be able to hit the pyramid switch again, so do it.  Now jump down from
here and go downstairs.

B2: There's another puzzle here, and this one is bigger.  I've provided a
solution for you here, but I'm positive that there is a more efficient way to
do it.  This way, however, definitely works, and the logic is simple enough
that you'll probably pick up on what's going on and be able to correct any
mistakes that you may make.

Label the squares on the puzzle as follows:

1 2 3 4
5 6 7 8
9 A B C

Stand on 6 and pound the same square.
Stand on 1 and pound 6.
Stand on 9 and pound 6.
Stand on C and pound 8.
Stand on B and pound 8.
Stand on 3 and pound 8.
Step off of the puzzle and pound 5.

When you solve the puzzle, a bridge will form to the east, so walk across and
back upstairs.

B1: Run forward to the next big area.  There is another puzzle board that you
can see, but you can't reach it.  Make note of the positions of all the
squares.  In case you don't want to try to write it on your map, here's what
it looks like:


Now use the two springboards to fling yourself up to another raised platform
with infinite arrows.  Get out your boomerang and draw a path straight across
the gap to the right, until you see one of those arrows that will redirect
your arrows.  Hit it once with your boomerang to make it point downwards, then
shoot it with your bow to hit another pyramid switch and raise the water level
yet again.  Walk across the spiked logged to reach another puzzle board.  This
one you CAN reach, and your goal is to make it look like the other one.  Note
that the other board is now covered by water, so if you want to see it again
you'll have to shoot the switch again, but I copied what it looked like above
so you shouldn't need to do that.

To solve this puzzle, follow my directions (there may be a faster way, but
this one works just fine):
Stand on the upper right square and pound the center square.
Stand on the middle left square and pound the center square.
Stand on the lower right square and pound the center square.
Stand on the middle right square and pound the center square.
Now just step off of the puzzle and pound the center square one more time.

Now shoot the arrow to lower the water again and head through the door that
just opened (on the platform that the first springboard sends you to).

Proceed forward through this area.  In the lower left of the next largish area
is a chest with 100 rupees.  Keep going until you get to some stairs with a
boulder at the top.  Just push the boulder to the left until it's on the feet
marks on the spring board.  Pound the peg to fling the boulder to the top of
some stairs, then push it down to break another boulder.  Run down the small
stairs to grab a chest with a small key, and then use the springboard to
continue.  This is where you were when you first set foot in B1.  So what was
the point of all that?  Well, now the water is drained.  Go all the way to the
right side of this area and you can jump down to a place that you haven't been
before.  Make your way forward and unlock the door, then continue until you
can launch a boulder from a springboard.  Note that you can see some stairs to
B2 now, but ignore them for now.  Follow the boulder up, and launch it again.
Keep launching it and following it until there are no more springboards, and
then push it down the stairs to break another boulder.  Run forward to find
the chest with the boss key, and then go back to those stairs that I just told
you to ignore and bring the boss key down them.  You'll have to jump down to
in front of where you unlocked the door, and proceed from there.

B2: Step onto the platform, but then set the key down (tap somewhere right
next to you) and get out your hammer.  Take out the stalfos along the sides of
the room as you move, or their projectiles may knock you off the platform.  If
they do, don't worry, the key will stay right where you left it.  Just get
back on and try again.  At the other side, unlock the boss door and run
through.  Use the series of springboards to reach the top and go down the
stairs.  Run down the hall, smash the jars for hearts, make your blue light,
and run forward and through the door to fight the boss.

Boss: Eox, Ancient Stone Soldier

This boss is so cool.  He's a massive golem that barely fits on both screens.
Arrows will fire out of his body at you, so make sure you keep moving so that
you don't get hit.  He'll also smash his fists on the floor to crush you, so
keep an eye out for that and start running when you see him wind up.  The
trick to defeating this boss is to get onto one of the springboards and launch
yourself into the air, then while you're in the air, tap on one of the red
circles on his body as much as you can to smash at it with the hammer.  There
are spots on his chest, arms, legs, hips, shoulders, head, and back.  When you
start smashing at a piece, his stone body will crack, and when you destroy it,
his metal skeleton will be revealed.  You'll need to run around to launch at
him from different directions to hit all of the pieces.  For example, to get
at his back, keep running around the room in a circle until you get behind
him.  He'll pause and look around in confusion for a while, giving you a
chance to launch and smash some spots on his backside.  Another way to get
behind him, if you're brave, is to simply run between his legs.

Once all of the stone parts are gone, there will be five more spots on the
front of Eox's body.  Launch yourself and smash all of them to make the body
collapse.  Now you're just dealing with his head, and it will hop around and
fire arrows at you.  If you hadn't noticed the blinking blue beacon on the top
of his head, you should notice it now, because that's your next target.  Now,
run around avoiding the arrows but letting him follow you, so that you can
lure him to a spot right in front of one of the springboards.  When he's in
position, launch yourself and you'll land on top of his head.  Start beating
on the blue gem with your sword or hammer until he eventually shakes you off,
and then lure him back into position and jump up there and do it again.  It
won't be long before Eox succumbs to your assauly and disintegrates into more
sand for the Phantom Hourglass.  Grab your heart container and run down the
new stairs, and approach the altar to speak with King Mutoh himself!  He will
reward you with the Aquanine.  Grab it, then step into the blue light to get
back out into the fresh air.

[W028] A Blade to Banish Evil

Now that you have the three pure metals, it's time to pay another visit to
Zauz.  There's a shortcut in the northwest of the area with the southern
pyramid that will make your trip back to your ship much easier.  I really hope
that you found at least some of those golden frogs, because the Northwest Sea
is a looooong trip otherwise.  You can't just sail off to the west to get
there, due to a wall of rocks blocking your way...you'll need to sail all the
way around.  However you get there, just get to Zauz's Island.

Run into Zauz's workshop; this is the moment you've been waiting for!  Talk to
Zauz, and...he'll tell you to wait while he forges your blade.  It looks like
you're going to have to find some way to pass the time.  Luckily for you, just
such an opportunity is about to present itself.  Head back outside and you'll
notice that you have mail.  Approach the mailbox to get a letter from Jolene
challenging you to a duel.  That should be a good time-killer.  Linebeck will,
of course, try to chicken out, but ignore him and take to the seas in search
of your prey.  When you spot her ship, chase it down to initiate the last

The battle is the same as it's always been, just a little harder.  When you
knock the sword out of her hand once, she'll pick it back up and start
attacking even harder.  Just hit her once more, and you'll defeat her for
good, and learn the story of how Linebeck knows Jolene.  Surely enough time
has passed by now for Zauz to have finished your blade, so head back to his
island.  Sure enough, the Phantom Blade is finally complete! (looks an awful
lot like the Master Sword, don't you think?)  Only...it still need a handle.
Oh well, the Ocean King will have one for you, so head back to Mercay Island

Run into Oshus' house, and you'll learn that you've had the handle all along.
He'll combine the Phantom Hourglass with the blade to complete the Phantom
Sword.  This is awesome, because now you can actually kill the phantoms in the
Temple of the Ocean King, as long as you hit them in the back.  Head off to
your last journey into the Temple of the Ocean King, and the epic battle with

[W029] Temple of the Ocean King - One More Time

Make sure you've got plenty of bombchus and arrows, then return to Mercay
Island and set out for the Temple of the Ocean King.  On the way, you'll see a
sort of touching scene with Linebeck.  Choke back the tears and head into the
temple.  Now, you have two options.  You can just go back to section [W020] - 
Temple of the Ocean King 4 and use the guide there, or you can go to [1003] -
Temple of the Ocean King Speed Guide to find your way to the bottom of the
temple.  I could have reproduced either here, but I figured it would be sort
of a waste of space.

Anyway, after you run through the door on B13, you'll be in a cavern with a
bridge and some stairs.  Run across one and up the other, or stop and use the
blue light if you want.  Now it's time for...

[W030] The Final Battle?

Boss: Bellum, Evil Phantom

Phase 1:

Bellum starts by spitting purple blobs at you that turn into eyes.  Just keep
on the move to avoid these.  You'll notice some stairs if you keep running
around the circular area.  These lead to the two higher levels of the arena,
but the time to use them is not now.  Instead, equip your grappling hook.
Your goal is to hook those purple pieces of smoke on Bellum's body.  Once they
have all been removed, hook the purple smoke hanging out of his mouth like
drool to pull him towards you, and have some fun with your sword.  After you
get in a few slashes, he may float to another edge of the pool.  Just run over
there and continue the good work until he goes back to the center.  Repeat
this routine until he sinks...

Phase 2:

...and then rises again.  Crap!  He'll float up to the second level, so equip
your bow and use the stairs to follow him.  Your new job is to hit the eyes
on his tentacles that will be exposed across from you.  Keep running around
the circle until you've hit all of the eyes.  After this happens, he will
fall back into the pool.  Now just do a repeat of phase 1, except he spits
three eyes at once.  This can be a good thing, because they drop hearts and
arrows occasionally, in case you're in need of a refill.  When he sinks again,
he'll go back to the second level.  Now the eyes will open and close, so
you'll sometimes need to wait to shoot a certain eye.  Don't just sit there,
though, because now Bellum will smack at you with his tentacles.  Again, use
the eyes he spits at you for heart and arrow refills.  After you shoot all of
the eyes, he'll float up to the third level.  Up here, you just do the same
thing as before with shooting the eyes, only he will spit three eyes at a time
and smack you three times in a row with his tentacles, so there is more to
watch out for.  Shoot all the eyes once more to enter...

Phase 3:

After a brief cutscene, return to the bottom level where Bellum is floating
around like a spaz.  Guess you won't be needing those stairs anymore...
Now there's a cool way that you go about killing this guy.  Whenever a glowing
orb appears, grab it and an hourglass icon will appear on the bottom of the
screen.  When you tap that and draw a figure 8 on the screen, time will stop
briefly and you can go and attack Bellum as much as you please.  The trick is
to time it so that you stop time when Bellum is low enough to the ground for
you to hit him, and also close enough that you don't waste time getting to
him.  This can be tough, especially because sometimes you need to draw the
figure 8 a few times before the game registers it.  Just keep at it and you'll
get the hang of the timing.  Whack his eye enough times, and he'll sink below
the surface of that ugly purple stuff for good.

Now you get to watch a well-deserved and pretty cool cutscene.  But it turns
out that, after all that hard work, all you've really earned yourself is
another boss battle!

Sea Boss: Bellum, Evil Phantom (rematch)

All you can do is helplessly watch as Bellum retreats and possesses the Ghost
Ship.  I hope you're good with that cannon.

The Ghost Ship has now sprouted Bellum eyes all over the place, and they are
happily shooting evil purple clouds at your ship.  Blasting those out of the
sky should be your first priority, and whenever you're not defending yourself
you should be gunning for those eyes.  Just be persistent, and most
importantly, stay on your guard, and you'll be able to take them all down
without dying.  If you mess up and get hit, don't worry too much, because the
clouds will sometimes drop hearts when you shoot them down.  Also, the eyes
seem to regenerate a certain number of times, but that number is limited, so
don't worry if you see an eye where you thought you had destroyed it: hit it
a few more times and it will eventually go down for good.  Once you've blasted
all of the eyes into oblivion, the evil Bellum will go down for good, and
you'll be asked if you want to save.  You just cleared the Temple of the Ocean
King and two bosses in a row, so I'd suggest that you do it.

Now you can finally board the ship and find...wha...?  GAHHH!!!  Not again!

Boss: Possessed Linebeck, or Bellum, Evil Phantom (re-rematch)

Ok, so Linebeck has turned into a giant armored fiend.  This should be fun.
Just stay one step ahead of Linebeck, which shouldn't be very hard because the
armor makes him move so slowly, until Ciela drops you another phantom sphere.
Freeze time and run around back to find that Bellum's eye is shut and covered
with armor!  That's ok, Ciela will fly around behind him so that you can see
the eye on the top screen.  Now you need to wait for another phantom orb and
use it when the eye is open so you can get behind and damage it.  The only
problem is, Bellum has captured Ciela so she can't actually give you another
phantom orb.

All is not lost.  If you hadn't noticed, that guy is really heavy.  Let's see
if we can turn that to our advantage.  Run up and start swinging your sword at
Bellumbeck.  If nothing happens in three or four swings, get ready to dodge an
attack from him and try again.  Eventually, you'll be rubbing swords with him
like you did with Jolene.  Just rub the touch screen like mad to throw him off
balance and slash him one more time to free Ciela just long enough for her to
drop a phantom orb.  You can (and should) collect several of these in a row
without using them, because since you haven't hit Bellum yet, his attacks are
more tame.  Whenever you're ready to use a phantom orb, wait until the eye is
open on the top screen, then freeze time as you did before and run around to
the eye to attack it.  When he's taken quite a bit of damage, he'll start
doing a spin attack.  To counter this, either avoid it (mostly requires luck)
or use your own spin attack right before he hits you.  If you counter with a
spin attack of your own, you'll throw him off balance so you can hit him and
get another phantom orb.  He may do this attack several times before his eye
opens up, so you could end up with quite a surplus of phantom orbs.

Once you've hit Linebeck/Bellum enough, Linebeck will be freed and Bellum will
finally be gone!  Enjoy the ending, you've earned it.

                             Sidequests and Secrets
[1000] Spirit Gems

As you collect power gems, you can upgrade the spirits that you gain from
beating each of the first three dungeons to give you special abilities.  To
gain the benefits of these spirits, go to Spirit Isle, an uncharted island in
the middle of three rocks in the southwest corner of the Southwest Sea.

This will probably be the last section to be completed because, well, I need
to find them all first!  Just hang in there.

Power Gems

-You get one from Astrid after beating the Fire Temple

-Behind a cracked wall in the small cave area on Cannon Island.

-In the area with several wind jets on the Isle of Gusts, one can be uncovered
on the west side that will take you to a chest containing the gem.

-In the open sand area in the Temple of Wind, on the left wall in a chest.

-In a chest in the cave behind a cracked wall near the Temple of the Ocean
King on Mercay Island.

-On B4 of the Temple of the Ocean King, kill all of the phantom eyes to make
the treasure chest appear.

-In the room in the upper left of 1F in the Temple of Courage.  Just bomb the
wall between the two stone tablets to open the way to the chest.

-In the room on 2F of the Temple of Courage where you need to ride platforms
across a keese-infested room, hit the eye switches in each alcove with arrows
to make the chest appear.

-On B3 of the Temple of the Ocean King, shoot an eye switch from the raised
area with the trap-door switches to make a white chest appear in the side-area
to the left of where you need to take the force gems.  It's on a timer, but it
is very easy to get there on time (especially if you first killed the phantom
that patrols this area of the room).

-On Goron Island, in the northern area.  First, take the left path until you
find a switch.  This will lower the spikes in front of a chest that you can't
reach from here.  Then go back and take the right path.  When you come out,
just head straight south and you'll see a place to reenter the labyrinth.
Do so to reach the chest that you made accessible by pushing the switch.

-On the Isle of the Dead, find the tree in the southeast corner.  Now, using
the path leading away to the east to count, go 13 squares to the west and 7
squares to the north and dig.  If you counted correctly, you'll open a secret
passage.  Jump in and bomb the wall to find a room.  The chest in here
contains your power gem.

-After you drain the water on the Isle of Ruins, you can find this in a chest
in the very northeast corner of the maze area.

-Received from King Mutoh in the mail after you get the Phantom Sword.

Courage Gems

-In a cave behind a cracked wall on the Isle of Gust.

-Ride some vents over to it on B1 of the Temple of Wind.

-Behind the stairs leading to the boss in the Temple of Courage, bomb a crack
in the wall to reach the chest.

-On B8 of the Temple of the Ocean King.  Set the triangle crystal into its
pedestal to make this chest appear on an invisible bridge.

-Get it in the mail from Gongoron after you finish the Ice Temple.

-Allow yourself to be boarded by a pirate ship and kill the attackers.
Approach the crate to free Linebeck and he'll give you the gem as a reward.

-On B2 of Mutoh's Temple.  It's in the south area of the room where you ride
two moving platforms across a chasm while pounding switches with your hammer
(the first room of B2 that you enter your first time through the temple).

Wisdom Gems

-In a cave on the Isle of Gusts.

-Go through the sun door on Molida Island and up the stairs.  As soon as you
step outside you'll see some discolored ground.  Dig it up to reveal a hole.
Drop through to reach a chest with the wisdom gem inside.

-On Zauz's Island, ride a Cucco across from the raised area with his house to
the raised area just to the east.  It's in the chest.

-On Freedle's island at Mercay Island.  Bomb the cracked wall near the
entrance to the Temple of the Ocean King and hit the eye switch in that cave
with an arrow to make a bridge.  In the new outside area, run up the stairs
and turn around to hit the eye with an arrow.  Go to the statue that appeared
and point it straight north, then one turn to the left.  Bomb the cliff face
where the light hits it and go through this cave to reach Freedle.  The chest
is on the top teir.

-B9 of the Temple of the Ocean King.  Kill all four of the invisible ghost
enemies on this floor to make the chest appear.

-Pass the initiaion test on Goron Island to receive a wisdom gem as a gift
from Biggoron.  The answers to the questions can be found in [W021].

-Temple of Ice, 3F.  Once you hit the orb to lower the blue pegs, simply jump
off the bridge that you just came across and the chest is right there.

-Temple of Ice, B1.  It's in the chest straight in front of you when you
unlock the door in the upper right of the room.

-You'll get this from Aroo in the mail after you finish the Temple of Ice.

-After you drain the water on the Isle of Ruins, a cave becomes accessible
right across the bridge that formed when you first spoke with Bremeur.  The
gem is in here, along with some rupees for your trouble.

-After you drain the water on the Isle of Ruins, start along the path to the
southern pyramid until you reach a point where you can push a boulder down one
of two sets of stairs, one to the east and one to the south (this spot is near
the center of the map).  Push the boulder north once, and then down the east
set of stairs to open a narrow path of land that you can follow to the chest.

[1001] Treasure Maps

-On Cannon Island, go along the path that you need to follow to meet Eddo for
the first time.  Where you first see bees, just head to the right and there is
a treasure chest right there in the middle of a clearing.

-In a chest in the secret hideout on Molida Island where you find the guide to
getting through the fog (dig under the palm tree above the path between the
mailbox and Romanos' house).

-In a cave on the Isle of Gusts.  Kill all the enemies in the room to make the
chest appear.

-On Zauz's Island.  Draw lines on your map connecting the locations of the two
west and two east stone tiles, and then dig at the intersection of the
extended lines.  It can be hard to do right, so as a hint, it's slightly below
and to the west of the corner in the path.

-Bought for 50 rupees from the guy near the treasure teller after beating the
Ghost Ship.

-Received from a child goron on Goron Island if you kill the yellow chus in
the area above him.  Uncover an air vent with your shovel and kill them with
your bow from the place that you ride to.

-Board the Traveler's Ship in the Northeast Sea and kill the enemies on board.
After you're done, try to leave and the Man of Smiles will come downstairs.
Talk to him a few times and he will give you the map. (it doesn't matter
whether you pick Mysterious or Normal, he will give you both things)

[1002] Transport Cyclones

You can find the aptly named Uncharted Island in the Northwestern Sea.  When  
you land on Uncharted Island you'll notice something weird: your map is
entirely blank!  

The very first thing you should do here is walk around the edge of the island,
drawing the shape of the shore as best as you can on your map.  As you go, you
will find statues.  It wouldn't be a bad idea to mark those, too.  When you're
done, your map should look like a rough drawing of a whale with a spout of
water coming out of its blowhole.  There will be a statue on its tail, near
its flipper, in the spout of water, and where its eye is.  There will also be
one other statue near where the fin is.  Smack that one to hear the riddle that
you need to solve.  You need to hit the other four statues in a certain order:
"rudder", spray, "paddle", eye.  So go hit the one on the tail , then the one
on the spray, then the one way out on the flipper and then the one by the eye.
Each one will tell you some fact about those golden frogs you may have been

When you hit the last one, a bridge appears near the middle of the island
allowing you to enter the cave there.  Just run all the way straight ahead to
talk to a giant golden frog, Golden Chief Cylos.  He'll give you the Cyclone
Slate.  From now on, whenever you see a golden frog, try and hit it with your
cannon.  If you miss and it gets away, just go a little ways and come back to
make it appear again.

Each frog you hit will show you a symbol.  Draw it on your map near that spot.
This is a wonderful thing because it will greatly reduce your travel time.
HomiWan's excellent map on GameFAQs shows the location of every frog, and the
symbols they give you in case you forget to write them down.  I suggest using
that to find them all.

[1003] Temple of the Ocean King Speed Guide

This isn't really a secret or a sidequest, but just a guide that should help
you make it to the bottom of the temple in as little time as possible.  It
assumes that you're already familiar with the temple and that you have
completed all of the dungeons and obtained the Phantom Sword.  Familiarity
with the temple means that if I say, "The orb to the south," you should
remember hitting that orb on a previous visit and know what I'm talking about
without much further explanation.  It's pretty straightforward, so you
shouldn't have any problems following the guide.

Also, there is one technique you must understand to follow this guide:
hammer-baiting.  This is where you stand in a safe zone and hit the ground in
front of you with your hammer while a phantom is within earshot.  He will run
over to investigate.  When he turns his back, slash him with your sword and he
will die and be out of your way.  Sweet, huh?  You may need to bait him a few
times to get him close enough.  If he gets too far away, just bait again and
retry until you get it.  This is nice because it clears obstacles without
wasting any time.

1F: Just run straight ahead.  There's not much else to do.

B1: See the yellow wall at the north of the map?  Send a bombchu to destroy it
without even leaving the safe zone by the stairs.  Smash your hammer on the
floor to attract the nearby phantom.  When he turns his back, slash his back
with the Phantom Sword to kill him.  Now just run through where you destroyed
the wall, grab the key, and unlock the door to go downstairs.

B2: Now we can finally deal with that annoying blue phantom.  Smash your
hammer on the floor to lure him over, then slash his back.  You don't even
need to leave the safe zone to kill him!  Send a bombchu directly south to
destroy the cracked wall there.  Now send another bombchu to the west alcove
along the north wall to activate the orb there, and quickly use your boomerang
or another bombchu to activate the orb in the alcove to the south.  Now that
the key has appeared, run through the hole you made to the south and stand on
the switch, then grab the key with your boomerang.  If red phantom bothers you
you can always hammer-bait and kill him.  Run to the door and unlock it.  Now
stand in the safe zone and send a bombchu west and into the north wall (there
is an odd floor panel to mark the spot) to blow a hole in the wall.  Send your
boomerang through (still standing in the safe zone) to get a golden jar.  Now
you can go downstairs.

B3: You can hammer-bait and kill both phantoms here without leaving the safe
zone by the stairs if you're patient.  Make sure to grab the key that one of
them drops.  Now, select your grappling hook.  Head to the spot directly north
of you and get the golden jar here, then use the torches and grappling hook
to launch yourself to the door above.

In the safe zone, ignore the golden jar for now and head to B4.

B4: Kill the phantom that patrols the hallway in front of you (you know how by
now: hammer-bait and slash).  See the hole in the north wall of the boxed-off
area to the southeast?  Send a bombchu through that and hit the orb in that
room to lower the spikes in front of the key.  You should take out the phantom
eye patrolling that area as well (also with a bombchu).  

Now equip your bow, run east, and shoot the eye to turn off all of the air
vents, and run straight to the key.  There's another phantom patrolling near
you, so take him out from the safe zone where the key was.  Now, run back to
the door you entered through and grab the gold pot that I had you ignore
earlier.  Carry it with you back to B4, and run all the way to the northwest
of the room (right below the wall of spikes).  You'll see a red jar.  Break
that and the golden jar you are carrying, and collect your time and stand in
the safe zone.  Right on the other side of the spikes, there is a hole that
you can send a bombchu through.  Go ahead and do that, and have it go east
and through another hole to hit an orb and lower the spikes.  Unlock the door
and go downstairs.

B5: This is why you came through a different door.  Just run east, using the
wind to help you across the large gap, to get to the stairs.

B6: You can take out both phantoms and one phantom eye in this room from the
stairs, so do that to make things easier.  Now just run south, step on the
switch to turn off the wind, and approach the red door.

First, draw the hourglass crest, go in, get the golden jar, and leave.  Now
draw the triforce and enter.  DO NOT use the yellow light, or you will lose
the extra key that you're carrying, which will save you time later.  Just
head down the stairs.

B7: Now ride the moving platforms, but step off to the safe zone to the east
when you reach the end of the line.  Boomerang the golden pot to the east,
then use the grappling hook on the chest.  Take the round gem from the chest
and continue to the east (you need to wait for the platform to come to act as
a bridge), unlock the door, and go downstairs, taking the gem with you.  If
you do not have a key for the door, you did not follow the guide earlier.

B8: Drop the gem and get the golden jar, then remember to pick up the gem
before jumping down.  Now drop it again and break the red pot with your
boomerang, and stand in the new safe zone.  Now, look at the central walled
off area, and notice the hole in the south wall.  Send a bombchu through that
hole, and then to the right to hit an orb and open a door.  Take the round gem
and run through that door and down the stairs.

B9: Take the gem to the large central safe zone and drop it there.  Kill
wizzrobes and the phantom at your leisure.  When you kill the phantom, bring
the square gem he was carrying to northwest of the room and drop it in the
pedestal there.  Now grab the triangle gem from the chest and take it to the
central safe zone, and return for the square gem and bring it as well.  Put
the gems in their pedestals in this order: square, round, triangle and head
through the door to the safe room.  Pick up the golden pot and carry it with
you as you exit through the same door.

B10: Select your grappling hook.  Run east to the pole, break the pot to get
the time, then use the poles and grappling hook to get to the safe zone.  Wait
for the phantom to be below you, then push the boulder into him to kill him.
Run south to the safe zone, and use the boomerang to get the golden pot in the
lower right corner of the room.  Run south and west to the next safe zone.
When the patrolling phantom has its back to you, shoot it with an arrow to
make it drop the key and use the boomerang to grab it.

Now use a bombchu on the oddly-colored wall to the east to get inside the maze
area.  Run all the way around to the left side to hit an orb below a safe zone
and then back to the other side to where the spikes were lowered, making sure
to take out phantom eyes as needed on the way.  Now the path to the door is
clear, so go unlock it and go downstairs.

B11: Just go east to the door that is unlocked to head to B12.

B12: Use your hammer to jump over the wall, and kill the patrolling phantom.
Leave the force gem there for now.  Run to the northeast of this central area
and hit the switch on the other side with your hammer, then run to the safe
zone at the north of this area.  Grab the force gem from the chest, then drop
it to kill the phantom that appeared.  Now bring this gem to the central safe
zone and put it in its hole to release a wizzrobe.

Head to the safe zone in the middle of the northwest area and open the chest
here.  Kill the phantom that appears, and take the force gem to the central
safe zone.  On the way, the wizzrobe will stalk you so drop the gem and kill
whenever you need to, making sure to grab the extra time.  Put this gem into a
hole to release another wizzrobe.  Now go grab the gem from the first phantom
you killed, again killing the wizzrobe on the way, and place it in a hole.
The door opens, so head on down the stairs to the last room!

B13: Ignore the golden jar for now.  Grab the red one to the east, head back
west until you see a hole in the fence to the south, and then jump down, throw
the jar, and get inside the safe zone before any of the phantoms catch you.
Now just kill all 9 of them (more appear to replace their fallen comrades).
Hammer-bait and slash, and you never even need to step outside of your safe
zone.  If you do it right, you can get the phantoms to run right THROUGH you,
making a cheap shot at their back really easy.  When the door finally opens,
run back to the upper level to grab the golden jar, then jump back down and
through the jar right at the door.  This way you can collect the time at
nearly the exact moment you run through the door.

Congratulations, you have completed the Temple of the Ocean King!

[1004] Contact Information

You can e-mail me at scottmv (at) gmail (dot) com.

You may e-mail me with questions so that I can make an FAQ section, or if you
noticed that I have incorrect information in my guide.  

DO NOT e-mail me with any other contributions, please.  If something is
missing from an existing section, I will be adding it eventually.  You may
suggest sections that you would like to see in future versions, just don't
send me information to add to existing ones.

To make sure that your e-mail doesn't get deleted, include PH FAQ in the

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