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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

// Version 1.1 - Completed
// By Ki Hiwatari 
// Start date: 07 December 2009
// Last Updated: 27 December 2009


Note: Use Ctrl-F on the phrases in square brackets to skip to the sections 
inside this walkthrough.  I am writing this as I play the game, so I may 
have skipped something.  If you would like to help contribute to this 
walkthough, please e-mail me at Ki.Hiwatari@gmail.com.  Credits will be 
given for all submissions.

This is the first time I write a walkthough, so please pardon my bad 
English/style of writing if you find any mistakes. And sorry for the 
inconsistency of using present and past tenses.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

[S0.0] System 
[S0.1] Story
[S1.0] Aboda Village
[S1.1] Meeting the princess 
[S1.2] Going to the Tower of Spirits 
[S1.3] The Tower of Spirits
[S2.0] Forest Realm 
[S2.1] Whittleton
[S2.2] The Forest Sanctuary
[S2.3] The Forest Temple
[S2.4] Tower of Spirits - Snow Map
[S3.0] Snow Realm
[S3.1] Alfonzo gives you a Cannon
[S3.2] Rabbit Town
[S3.3] To the North
[S3.4] Anouki Village
[S3.5] Snow Sanctuary
[S3.6] Wellspring Station
[S3.7] Snow Temple
[S3.8] Tower of Spirits - Ocean Map
[S4.0] Ocean Realm
[S4.1] Trading Post
[S4.2] Papuchia Village
[S4.3] Ocean Sanctuary
[S4.4] Going to the Ocean Temple
[S4.5] Ocean Temple
[S4.6] Extra
[S4.7] Tower of Spirits - Fire Map
[S5.0] Fire Realm
[S5.1] Goron Village
[S5.2] Freight Car & Extras
[S5.3] Fire Sanctuary
[S5.4] Going to the Fire Temple
[S5.5] Fire Temple
[S5.6] Goron Target Range
[S5.7] Tower of Spirits - Altar Level
[S5.8] Byrne & Cole
[S6.0] Sand Realm
[S6.1] Sand Sanctuary
[S6.2] The Three Trials
[S6.3] Sand Temple
[S6.4] After the Demon Train & Extras
[S6.5] Disorientation Station
[S6.6] Ends of the Earth Station
[S6.7] Slippery Station
[S6.8] Snowdrift Station
[S6.9] More extras
[S7.0] Tower of Spirits - Compass of Light
[S7.1] Last Minute Extras
[S7.2] Lost At Sea Station
[S7.3] Into Dark Realm
[S7.4] The Demon Train
[S7.5] Malladus
[S7.6] Final Battle

[A1.0] Heart Containers
[A2.0] Locations of Rabbits
[A3.0] Location of Teleport Stations
[A4.0] Location of Stamp Stations
[A5.0] Train Parts
[A6.0] Flute Tunes
[A7.0] Force Gem & Tracks Quests
[A8.0] Take em All On
[A9.0] Battle Mode & Tag Mode

[E1.0] Credits
[E2.0] Updates
[E3.0] Hosting Sites

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

The Legend of Zelda - Spirit Tracks (Zelda no Densetsu - Daichi no 
Kiteki) is played using the Nintendo DS/DSi system.  When you first start 
your game, you are to choose if you are left or right-handed, since the 
menu will be located at different spots depending on which hand you use 
to hold the stylus.

Basically this game is mainly played using the stylus and mic, so the 
buttons are not really needed.  However, you can use the buttons to 
control some of the game's functions.

Control pad "left" - Display Rail Map (in train)
Control pad "right" - Display Menu
Control pad "down" - Display Map
Select - Display collection screen
Start - pause, or skip a cinematic
Y button - Display Menu
B button - Display Map
A button - Advance text window, or display rail map (in train)
R/L button - shortcut to hold/use an item

* Walk/Run/Jump - touch the direction which you want Link to move on 
  your screen with your stylus.  For small gaps, Link automatically 
  jumps over.
* Roll - tap the screen two times for Link to roll towards the direction 
  you tap
* Talk - tap people to talk to them.  
* Read signs - tap signs, tablets or wall boards to read them
* Pick up/throw - tap rocks, pots, bombs to pick them up. Tap in the 
  direction you want to throw them
* Push/pull - tap on blocks you want to push.  Arrows will indicate 
  directions you can push/pull. Tap the arrows to move the blocks.

* Targeted attack - tap an enemy to attack them
* Side-slash - draw a line with the stylus between you and your enemy 
  to perform a side-slash.
* Spin attack - draw a circle around link to perform the spin attack
* Great spin attack - draw three circles around link

* Control phantoms - Collect three Tears of Light, or use the Lokomo 
  sword to slay phantoms at the back.  When possessed by Zelda, draw 
  paths with your stylus to move the phantom
* Switch control - switch control from Link to Zelda or vise versa 
  by tapping the head icon on the lower left of your screen
* Call phantom - when controlling Link, you can call Zelda to you by 
  tapping the call icon onthe lower left

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// SECTION 0.1 - Story
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

This is a tale from long ago. It's the tale of the first settlers of 
this land.

In the beginning the people followed the spirits of good, and all was 
peaceful. But that era of peace soon came to an end.

The evil Demon King rose to power, destroying everything in his path.  
The spirits of good had no choice but to face him to battle.

The war that ensued seemed to last an eternity, and much blood was shed.

Finally, the spirits subdued the Demon King, though they could not 
destroy him.  Their powers were greatly depleted.

With their remaining power, they buried the Demon King's spirit in 
the ground. They built shackles to imprison him, and a tower that 
acted as a lock.

These shackles cover the land to this day.


In a peaceful village in the countryside lives a young boy named Link.  
He is a apprentice about to become an official train engineer.

On the day of his graduation, he goes to the castle to receive his 
certificate from the kingdom's rules, Princess Zelda.  In a secret 
meeting after the ceremony, Zelda tells him of the sudden disappearance 
of the Spirit Tracks that line the kingdom, as well as other strance 
occurrences.  To get to the bottom of the mystery, she asks Link 
to take her to the Tower of Spirits.

On their way to the tower, they run into Chancellor Cole.  Using 
dark magic, Cole separates Zelda's body from her spirit and steals her 
body.  In spirit form now, Zelda, along with Link, eventually makes it 
to the tower.  Upon arriving, they meet the wise Lokomo Anjean, who 
tells them that if all the Spirit Tracks disappear, the imprisoned 
Demon King will be freed.

Now Zelda and Link must embark on a journey to retrieve Zelda's body 
and save the kingdom from ruin.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

The story of Spirit Tracks happens a few decades after Phantom Hourglass.  
This time, Link (you can use your own name, but the name I use is Link, 
you know why :D) is a train engineer.  You start the game in Niko's house, 
and it is the day of your engineer graduation ceremony.  You are told to 
go to the castle for your ceremony conducted by Princess Zelda. So first, 
get out of Niko's house and talk to everyone and familiarize yourself 
with the basic control of the game first :D

* Tap on a person to start a conversation!
* Tap on a stone to pick it up, tap anywhere to throw it towards that 

Outside the house to the west of the town there are some rocks blocking 
an entrance.  Talk to the girl standing next to it, help her clear all 
the rocks, talk to her again and you will gain 20 rupees!  Isn't that 
sweet? :D

Next, head up, there is a guy who will teach you how to roll on the 

* Double tap anywhere to roll towards that direction

He will ask you to roll into a tree with a beehive, so silly you will 
follow and bump onto the tree.  Heck, bees will follow you so run!  
Run towards the west side and jump into the water.  It costs you half 
a heart (HP points) but it is better than being stung by the bees. 
(Actually you can also run into any house...) The kid will then be 
standing near the train station at the north east.  Talk to him again 
and he will give you some treasure.

After some fun, it is time to get serious.  Walk up the stairs to the 
train station and your teacher - Alfonzo will come out of his house 
with a train.  He will let you drive his train to the castle.  Once 
you get control of the train, time to do some riding :D

You set off with the train... nothing happens for a few seconds, then 
Alfonzo will start to give you instructions.  

* Move the handle on the left to control the speed of your train:
  Top most: fastest speed going forward
  Second top: going forward
  Second bottom: stop (it takes around 2-3 seconds to get to a complete 
  Bottom most: Reverse gear
* Move the handle at the bottom of the screen to change to the left or 
  right   tracks at an intersection
* Pull the string on the top to sound the horn: for scaring away animals 
  on the tracks or spiders hanging from the trees

Beware of the two trains that are already running outside the castle.  
Don't hit them!  You are to arrive at Castle Town within 300 seconds, 
but that's more than enough time.

After a safe and fun journey, you have finally arrived at the castle 
and pass your last test with flying colours :D

Note: When you stop at the castle station, slow down when you are 
approaching and turn to stop gear when you almost reach the platform.  
Then you will stop exactly at the platform. However, if you don't want 
to pay so much attention, switch to reverse gear immediately at the 
station and you will get to an emergency braking :D

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

Welcome to Castle Town!  Run around and talk to people.  They 
will tell you that the tracks are vanishing... why?  You will also find 
a shop here.  A shield for 80 rupees!!  I don't have the money now, so 
I will save that for later.  There is also a place with a fierce woman 
and three doors behind... come back later for some challenges :D

And now, head up to the castle after you finish wandering around... 
Outside the gate of the castle you will meet Mr. Postman!!  I like the 
way he comes in and out of the screen... like he is doing some weird 
exercise :P  He will tell you about the post system and give you a 
welcoming letter.  Since players complain (not really) in the last 
Zelda game, now Mr. Postman will not read your letters to you.  You 
will have to read them yourself in menu -> collections.

Talk to the soldiers at the gate and they will let you inside. Walk 
around if you like, but talk to the solder at the centre.  He refuses 
to let you pass, but here comes someone who will help you - Chancellor 
Cole is here!  Wait... his face... is funny XD Follow him up and you 
will be able to see Princess Zelda.  She will conduct your graduation 
ceremony (with Chancellor Cole's interruption for a zillion times 
during the process), but anyways, you get your certificate, so aren't 
you happy? By the way, the Princess seems to have something to say to 
you, and secretly gave you a letter.  Don't let Chancellor Cole see.

After all the talk is gone and you are back to your own control, go to 
menu and click "Collections", on the right click on the letter icon and 
read the Princess' letter.  It seems that she wants to meet with you 
privately, and gave you a hint on how to get into her room without 
other soldiers knowing.  Having that, let's follow her order.

Go out from the door on the right and you will reach the part of the 
castle where the princess has marked an arrow on the letter.  Go 
straight up and follow the edge of the wall until you come to the 
place marked X, enter through there.  "Sneak" into the princess' room 
without anyone knowing.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

Zelda will talk to you about Chancellor Cole, and how he locks her 
inside the castle, blah blah blah...main point is that she wants Link 
to smuggle her out of the castle to the Tower of Spirits.  Due to story 
settings, you agreed.  Zelda gave you a soldier's uniform, and as you 
have expected, it is the familiar all-green standard Link suit you see 
in every Zelda game. I still like the engineer's outfit more, but anyways, 
you exited the princess' room to find that the castle is suddenly 
heavily guarded!

Talk to the soldiers to get their attention while Zelda passes from 
behind.  If a soldier notices her, you have to start again.  Exit the 
castle through the secret entrance you entered earlier.

* There will be a pink/yellow swirl thingie on Zelda.  Draw the path 
  which you want Zelda to walk from the swirl thingie.  

The front garden is now filled with guards (where did they come from?), 
but no worries!  Now that you are disguised as a solder and that the 
soldiers are dumb, talk to them and distract them while Zelda tries to 
sneak past.

Remember to distract the solders while she passes on the other side!  
The toughest soldier is the one on the lower right part (next to the 
middle guy).  He seems to be a bit smarter than the rest, so in order 
to get his attention, throw stones at him :D

Without another sweat you got Zelda smuggled out of the castle!!

Take her to the train, she will exchange a few words with Alfonzo, and 
you will all set off towards the Tower of Spirits.  But then suddenly 
the tracks disappeared and everyone got thrown off...

The sky became dark and the Tower of Spirits breaks up into five 
pieces.  Here comes the Chancellor and one of his men, Byrne.  His face 
turns horrible and his hats flew off, showing two horns... (Isn't the 
way his face is changing when he speaks a bit scary?) Alfonzo tried to 
protect Link & Zelda, but he was defeated, and Link was thrown off miles 
with one blow from the enemy (we suck... =_=) Zelda did nothing but 
scream, and at the end her body was taken away.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

When you wake up, you found Alfonzo and yourself lying in the medical 
room inside the castle.  Zelda and Chancellor Cole have disappeared.  
So walk around the castle and grab any treasure chests you can find :D  
Then again go up to Zelda's room...

There you will see her ghost flying around, follow her and she will soon 
realize that you are the only one that can see her.  She asks for your 
help, and you agreed (of course, or you will have no game to play) to go 
to the Tower of Spirits once again.  Before leaving, Zelda told you to 
take the Spirit Flute on her desk since she could not carry her herself. 

You are asked to leave by the back door of the castle because there 
should be a secret passage linking the Tower of Spirits to the castle 
somewhere there.  But then the guy on guard does not allow anyone without 
a sword to go through.  Go back to the training room (right top on first 
floor) and talk to the chief soldier to get a practice sword.  He will 
test you on the basic stab, slash and spin attack, which will be a piece 
of cake for all Zelda fans :D  Buy a shield out at the town if you feel 
like it and have 80 rupees, then off we go through the back entrance.

Slash everything in your way.  They are not tough at all.  Help that 
soldier who is surrounded by monsters. Go towards the north. Surely 
there are bomb flowers on the ground and a piece of wall at the far 
north... you know what to do :D

BANG~!!  Through the wall you go and you are now in the secret passage 
way between the castle and the Tower of Spirits.

Go up, to the right.  Push the block on the south east to the switch on 
the north.  The door on your right will open. Grab the key and open the 
locked door,  Head up.

Read the tablets as you move along and mark down the hints.  Grab the 
chest on the right. Head up.  Hit the switches according to the hints: 
right, top, bottom, left. Door will open.

Defeat the enemies in the next foor and head up into the Tower of Spirits.

Extra: After you get your train you can no longer pass through this secret 
passageway.  Large boulders which you cannot break will be blocking the 
last exit.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

You get into the Tower of Spirits, and there you find the guardian of 
the tower, Anjean.  She will tell you the way to restore the tower and 
to get back Zelda's body, and that is to restore the disappeared tracks 
by defeating the temples.  

But before you can do that you will need the rail map from the tower.  
Zelda asks you to help her with the quest, and you agrees.  Go up the 
stairs at the top.  On the first floor you will see a... phantom! The 
phantom sees you too so run!  

Back to where Anjean is, Zelda tells her about the phantoms.  Anjean 
tells you the phantoms may have been controlled by evil, and the only 
way to defeat them is to collect three Tears of Light and slash them 
from behind. Knowing this, head up again.

Similar to the Temple of the Ocean King in Phantom Hourglass, you will 
see the purple spots on the ground which are safe zones.  When you are 
standing on these spots the phantoms will not see you, and they cannot 
enter the zones.  So your job is to sneak around the phantom and collect 
the three Tears of Light, then slay the phantom from the back.

So first, grab the tear on the left, then the one on the north. Hit the 
switch on the right.  A bridge will appear so grab the last tear.  Now 
that you have three Tears of Light, go behind a phantom and strike it.

Nothing happened.  The Phantom is still alive!! O_O  As it is about 
to attack you, Zelda's spirit went into its body and it becomes Zeldom 
:D (LOL My lame naming)  Basically Zelda's spirit has possessed the 
phantom's body and now you can use it to pass through areas where Link 
can't, and you can use Zelda to distract other phantoms.

With the help of Zeldom, you can push the door open.

* Just draw a line from Zelda's swirl thingie towards the door until 
  you see a yellow indication, she will then push the door as Link 
  pushes on the other side.

Walk up the stairs.  Go right.  In the phantom's armour, Zelda can pass 
through the spikes and hit the switch on the other side for Link to pass.  
Head down.  Step on both switches (move Zelda onto the switch) to open 
the door. Walk towards the left. Zelda is afraid of mice!  So kill the 
mouse and block the mouse hole with the block available. Link cannot 
move further here, so have Zelda go up, pass the phantom and hit the 
switch.  Then have her talk to the phantom (draw a path for Zelda till 
a yellow indication is seen on the phantom) while Link passes beside 
them. Go up the stairs for the rail map.

Extra: After you have gotten bombs, go up from the left on the previous 
floor (not the rail map floor) and bomb the opening to get a valuable 

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

More tracks has appeared due to the new map you obtained, so let's do 
some exploring.  Stop by the little village south of Castle Town.  There 
you will gather information on how to pass the Lost Woods up ahead. What 
you have to do is to follow the direction where the trees point, but the 
fourth tree is telling a lie. 

Set off again and into the Lost Woods you go.  Remember to see where the 
trees are pointing!  The direction is right, tight, left, right.

There is a stamp station through the path on the right, but you can do 
nothing else until you get the stamp book, and you can only pass the 
gaps after you get the whip.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

You arrived at the Forest Sanctuary. First you go up, kill everything 
you can see, go right, up the stairs and you will see some bomb flowers 
on the ground.  Pick one up, go left and put it on the ground beside 
the switch (don't click the switch yet!). Run back and grab a second 
bomb flower.  The first bomb will go off and a bridge appears on the 
left.  Holding your second bomb, rush to the left side and throw it 
towards some cracked blocks blocking the way.  You have to do this 
quick because there is a timer on the bridge.

Going north you will see more crack blocks, but you cannot do anything 
on them now.  Wait after you get bombs. There is also a stamp station, 
but you cannot get any stamps till you get your stamp book. For more 
info on stamp station locations, refer to Appendix 4.0.

On the west side of the map you are given a puzzle. You have to draw a 
line linking the two faces that are facing each other. Link the one on 
the top left beside the entrance, and the one at the bottom right beside 
the stairs.

Once the door is unlocked, enter through the top.

You will meet the Lokomo Sage here, and he will teach you how to use 
the Spirit Flute.  He will also teach you a tune (orange, yellow, purple).  
Practise a bit and perform the tune with him to unlock the missing tracks.

After you get out of Sage's place and leaving the west side of the map, 
you will notice a rocket-shaped rock by the roadside.  Did you hear 
something?  Examine closer there are coloured dots floating out.  Follow 
the colours using your Spirit Flute and you learn the Song of Awakening! 
For more details on the songs visit Appendix 6.0.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

The tracks are now set, so get going to the temple.  At the entrance of 
the temple you will find another rocket-shaped rock.  Follow the colours 
with your flute you will learn the Song fo Healing!

Now let's kick some ass in the dungeon.

Enter the temple, walk up, right and up. Pick up one of those nut things 
on the left and throw it over the gap on the right to a switch.  A bridge 
will appear.  Walk across the bridge, ignore the top part first since 
you cannot clear the purple gas. Go down, defeat the monsters in the 
room, grab the treasure chest and head up the stairs. 

Walk up and don't touch the purple gas for now.  Defeat the monsters in 
the room to reveal a treasure chest, and you will get your first item - 

* Tap on the small icon at the top of the screen, use your stylus to 
  move towards the direction you want to shoot and blow into the mic to 
  shoot a whirlpool (or)
* Hold the L or R button, align with stylus and blow

Blow towards the windmill at the top part and the door on the left will 
open. Before you go to the left, head down and clear all the purple gas 
you passed by earlier.  You will find a treasure chest there.  

Now head left, clear the purple gas and go down the stairs. Blow the key 
at the centre to either up or down to get it.  Go right and step on the 
switch to open the door. Go right and blow away the purple gas to reveal 
a step-on switch and a stamp station.  You don't have the stamp book yet, 
so just step on the switch for a treasure chest. Go left, down and defeat 
the monsters in the room.  Then go left and up the stairs to 2/F.  Go up 
another stairs to 3/F. Blow the nut to the switch and grab the chest that 

Back to 2/F, head into the room at the centre to fight the mini boss.

Forest Temple - Mini Boss
Pretty simple for this one.  Notice that your sword nor Whirlwind can 
hurt it by attacking directly, so keep a safe distance from it and wait 
till it blows a skullfrom its mouth. Blow the skull back to the enemy 
to deal damage. 2 times will kill the mini boss.


Next head up the stairs. Go down and right.  Blow away all the purple 
gas to reveal two switches.  Step on the first switch to reveal a treasure 
chest.  Hit the purple switch to open up the door on the left.  Go left.  
Worms will fall from the ceiling.  When you strike them with your sword, 
they turn into bombs.  So wait for a worm to go near the top edge before 
striking it, and blow it towards the switch to open the room to the boss 

Go to get the boss key.  Remember to read the instructions at the far end 
of the room, and mark it down.  Follow the route to the boss key lock and 
insert the key.  Go up. 

Read the tablet and a blue light appears which can bring you back to 
the temple entrance. Save and when you are ready, head up.

Forest Temple - Boss: Stagnox
This boss looks tough, especially the giant pincers (?) in front, but 
obviously you know where its weak point is by one look.  Yeah, you are 
right, the purple/lilac colour behind it seems to be giving off some hint. 
You cannot match its turning speed if you try to run for its back, so wait 
for a stance, when it suddenly moves forward trying to hit you, evade and 
go to the back, blow away the purple gas on its arse and hit it repeatedly. 
After you hit it three times, it will become angry and fly.  Don't panick.  
Stay near the edge, and the boss will spit out worms.  Aren't they familiar?  
You have seen them inside the temple, so hit them to turn them into bombs.  
When the boss tries to fly low towards you, blow up the worm bomb.  The 
boss will fall down and you will strike it with your sword.  After three 
attempts the boss will die and you have defeated the Forest Temple.


After the boss is defeated, the tracks in the Forest map shines.  You get 
a heart container as a reward.  Step on the blue light to get back to the 
temple entrance.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

After you restore the tracks on the first map, you will need to go back 
to the Tower of Spirits for more rail maps.  When you get out of the 
temple you realized that the normal trains outside the castle are not 
moving.  As you go closer to them they suddenly become berserk!  They 
become crazy locos (my own naming which will be used from this point). 
The speed of the crazy locos is faster than yours at full gear, so make 
sure to evade them as much as possible rather than trying to outrun them.  
If you get hit by one of these, game over :D

Go back to the Tower of Spirits and talk to Anjean.  Another part of the 
temple becomes attached once again, and you have to go to this new floor 
to obtain the next map, so here we go.

Head for the first safe zone you can see, when the phantom is not 
looking, blow the Tear of Light all the way to the right side.  Even 
if the phantom sees it, it will not pick it up, so don't worry :D Grab 
the tear and rush up to get the second one on the top right. (Beware of 
the fire shooting statues along the way). Go left, wait for the phantom 
to block the last stream of fire before heading down for the tear.  Then 
with three Tears of Light, possess a phantom. 

Proceed to the east side of the map.  Have Zelda walk into the lava and 
stand beside the platform where Link can jump onto her shield.  Zelda 
will carry Link to the other side.  Link can jump off the shield and up 
the stairs to the next floor.

* To go across lava, move Zelda into the lava near the platform.  Tap 
  on Zelda once to have Link jump onto her shield.  To get off, tap the 
  ground twice.

Note:  You need to call Zelda to head up or down stairs.  You cannot 
leave on your own!

Go down, then left.  Across the lava, grab the chest on the left.  Kill 
the annoying bats if you like.  Blow the windmills on the northwest 
corner and northeast. Get out of the lava. Move to left side where 
there is an enemy who escapes as soon as it sees Link.  So have Zelda 
come and help corner it in order to kill it.  Grab the key it drops and 
go up, across the lava and up the stairs.

Extra: After you get the boomerang from the Snow Temple, you can explore 
to the top right area of the map. While standing on Zelda's shield in 
the lava, stand on the stars of the middle platform and throw your 
boomerang to hit the switch.  Adjust the height level with the stairs.  
Door on the right will open.  In the right room, have Zelda block the 
first and third streams of flames while Link pass from the lower path.  
Don't worry about the one in the middle since Link cannot reach it. 
Bomb the north wall to get a treasure (you need your own bombs, so 
that's why I will ask you to grab some from Beedle after Snow Temple 
- see Section 3.8 below).  Nothing can be done now by heading down, 
so go up the north stairs.

Two large monsters!  Have Zelda fight both of them from the front while 
Link attack them from the back.  After several rounds, they will die.  
Head down for loads of treasure :D

//End extra

So after you arrived at the next floor from before the extra, you will 
encounter an enemy similar to that from Phantom Hourglass, but this takes 
no damage from boomerang (sorry, I know you don't have it yet :D)  Have 
Zelda attack it from front, and Link hit it from the back while it is 
occupied by Zelda. A few hits will kill it. 

Head down, ignore that enemy standing on a moving statue, because you 
cannot reach it now. Have Zelda stand in front of the stream of flames 
and Link pass through.  Get on the platform in this room and jump onto 
Zelda's shield.  Now go back to the previous room and kill that enemy 
on the moving statue.  Go right and up and kill the other one of those 
enemies. Then go down and right,pass the flames (wait for the right 
time on the second stream to cross), blow the key off the platform and 
grab it.  Tap the ground twice to get off Zelda. Open the locked door 
and head up the stairs for the rail map. 

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

With your new map, you can explore more areas.  So Zelda will leave the 
Tower of Spirits with you, and as soon as you get out, you will be 
attacked by wild boars running around on the tracks!  Wished you have 
something to blast them off?  Don't worry, Zelda and you think alike.  
She suggests we look for Alfonzo for help.  Go back to Castle Town.

You get mail saying that Alfonzo is up and kicking, so go and fetch him 
in the castle medical room. He will talk to you for a bit and will wait 
for you at the train station.  You can finish whatever business you have 
in town before going to meet him.

One thing you may want to try out is in the house with the fierce woman 
and three doors behind her.  The right most door is unlocked, and for 50 
rupees you can challenge the tower of monsters inside.  It is still a bit 
tough with only the Whirlwind but you can actually get more than 50 rupees 
if you can stay alive for a while. So why not give it a try?  (For a 
complete guide on the monsters in this Challenge Game, visit Appendix 

Extra: After you get the boomerang from the Snow Temple, the first 
challenge will be easy as pie!  Storm through the levels with only the 
boomerang.  At the top of the challenge you need to rebeat the boss 
from the Forest Temple, so use Whirlwind and the same strategy.  The 
reward is a heart container :D

Meet Alfonzo at the train station. He will ask you to drive him back 
to Aboda Village.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

Once you are back to Aboda Village, Alfonzo will go back to his house 
and ask you to visit him later. Since the game will not progress if you 
don't do so, visit Niko's house and talk to him.  He will give you a 
stamp book which you can stamp whenever you see a stamp station. (This 
is a cool feature that marks the date in real time when you visit a 
place :D)  Thank him and go out of his house to find the first stamp 
station nearby by going right and up. Yay!  You get your first stamp!  
For more details on stamp locations, see Appendix 4.0 below.

Go back to the train station.  Alfonzo will come out with a new cannon 
installed on your train! Now, that's the thing you have been yearning 
for!  Nothing will be in your way anymore!!

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

Now you are ready to tackle the new map!  Before you leave the SW map 
you will pass another town...filled with rabbits, and a person who 
cosplayed (?) as a rabbit.  Talk to him, and answer yes to both his 
questions to unlock the rabbit-catching game.

So basically you receive a net.  While driving the train you will see 
rabbit shadows behind some rocks.  Blast the rock with your cannon and 
the rabbit-catching game begins.  Tap the screen on where you want the 
net to fall.  If the net falls on the rabbit, you catch it!  Catch as 
many rabbits as possible and bring them back to Rabbitland Rescue for 
your prize reward!

For rabbit locations and rabbit rewards, see appendix 2.0 below.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

After a while you are finally on the new map!  First thing you will see 
is there are only a portion of the tracks available and the Snow Temple 
is up ahead.  Before we rush to the temple (which you cannot as the 
tracks are not complete), let's stop by the only town you can access and 
collect more information.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

This village looks similar to the one in Phantom Hourglass, since they 
have the same creatures and the similar six homes on the map.  So talk 
to each one of them if you like, and talk to the chief in the house 
located at the highest part of the map.  He will give you a task to 
pair up all the anoukis. Go and talk to each one of them to see what 
their preferences are, and go back to the chief to tell him the results.

Below the chief's house you will see another rocket-shaped rock.  Here 
you will learn the Song of Discovery.  For tune information, visit 
Appendix 6.0 below.

To pair up the anoukis,  assuming the following is the layout of the 
1 2 3
4 5 6

1 - 6
2 - 4
3 - 5

Once you pair them all up, chief will tell you that is is dangerous to 
go to the Snow Sanctuary, and there is a horrible monster in the tunnel, 
but he opens the route up anyways.

Extra: Notice that there is a part in the north which you can bomb your 
way through.  Remember to come back after you get bombs (after you meet 
Beedle after beating Snow Temple).

So if you have bombs, bomb the opening (obviously) and go inside.  There 
is a treasure chest, but you need to solve a puzzle to get a block in the 
centre so that you can reach the chest.  So push the block up, right, up, 
left, down, right, down, left, up and you get 200 rupees from the chest! 
Now you are 200 rupees richer :D

// end extra

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

Leave Anouki Village and go north to the Snow Sanctuary.  When you pass 
the tunnel going north, you will encounter a large monster with an eye 
inside its mouth. The way to defeat it is to continuously fire at the eye 
in the month.  When it dies, you are done going through the tunnel.  Snow 
Sanctuary is basically the same thing as the Forest Sanctuary which you 
have to play another song to get the snow map to appear.  There is 
(strangely) a shop on the east of the map, and there is a heart container 
that sells only for 2000 rupees!!  Sweet deal!  I don't have the money 
now, so I will come back later.

Go along the only road and defeat all the wolves on the way.  You will 
arrive in an area with nine statues, a tablet and a button on the ground. 
Read the tablet first.  You are to walk to the north door within a certain 
time limit without being seen by the statues as soon as you step on the 
button.  So look around and see where the statues are facing, or just 
use the following :P

Step on the button, rush upward until you pass the second staue, turn 
right, go back down and pass below the second statue on the right, then 
go left and pass below the top right statue, and right of the centre top 
statue, then into the entrance.

And here you see the second Locomo, Steem.  You follow him and play the 
tune (white, green, white, blue) to unlock the rest of the snow tracks.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

Now that the tracks have appeared, let's go to the Snow Temple, but 
wait... there is a snow storm, and you cannot go further, so let us 
investigate the tracks in the east first.  And then... you will pass 
another town. Stop by at Wellspring Station. 

There is only one house in this area, and for the north part you cannot 
cross with the items you have now, so enter the house.  No one is there, 
but there is something on the table.  Read it.  It tells you that some 
photographer is out in either of the three locations marked. He may know 
something about how to pass the snow storm, so let's check these locations 
to find him.

Notice that there are some information boards at the back part of the 
room. The right most one shows... erm... an arc?  For teleportation!  
How cool!  You will see more of these as you go along.  For locations 
of teleport stations, see Appendix 3.0 below.

Suddenly the east tracks are filled with crazy locomotives again... so 
evade them while searching along the marked locations on the map earlier.  
You will see a person taking photos beside the rail, so stop beside him 
to get into a conversation.

He will tell you how excited he is to see the Spirit Train, blah blah 
blah, and finally comes to the main point where he will show you a map.  
Blow away the dust and copy down the route to the Snow Temple.  Bid 
goodbye to the man.  

Extra: If you would like to try out the teleport stations, you can go to 
the one south of Anouki village.  Hit the green triangle with your cannon, 
sound your horn as you pass through the arch, and you will be sent to... 
the place outside Castle Town with two crazy locos roaming around.  Run :P

Extra 2: Don't panic when a crazy loco is catching up with you.  Fire at 
it to slow it down :D

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

Follow the route you just copied to get to the Snow Temple.  Be careful 
because visibility is low in this area and those snowmen still pop out 
and throw their heads at you.  I met 4 of them and got hit once when I 
am driving at full speed... so just be careful :D

You get to the Snow Temple soon afterwards.

Inside the snow temple, go straight up.  You can cut the ice grass with 
your sword. Hit the bell at the centre 2 times after you sink the block 
into the marked hole, and the door to your right will open..  Push the 
block down, left, up, right, up to cross.  Go down to the next level.  
You will see an enemy spitting dynamite from its mouth.  Notice there is 
a switch to the left... so blow the dynamite to the switch to activate 
it. A bridge appears.  Head left.

In the next level, push the wooden block into the water.  Hop onto it.  
Using Whirlwind, blow towards the opposite direction to sail your wooden 
box. Blow towards the windmill on the right.  Head up. 

In the next room, similarly, push the wooden block into the water. Kill 
the enemies by blowing the dynamite they spit out towards them.  Head 
up and left.  Kill all enemies in this room to get the boomerang. Go 
back to the right and hit the two switches with your new item!  Head up. 

* To use the boomerang, hold down L/R and draw a path on the map that 
  you want your boomerang to go

There's a chest on your right.  Head left and read the score on the wall. 
Go down, hit the switch with your boomerang and the left door will open.  
Push the block with the bell down and left into the left room.  Then 
push it up, left, down, right, down, left, down into the hole. 

Using your boomerang, hit the larger bell once, smaller bell twice and 
the larger bell once (according to the score on the wall).  The left 
entrance on the south will open. Head through it.  Light the torches 
in the following way: top right, bottom right, top left, bottom left. 
Go downstairs. 

Use your boomerang on the ice torches to make paths of ice.  Beware 
that there is a time limit on the ice path you make, so make many paths 
repeatedly.  Grab a key from the treasure chect on the right. Go back 
on land and open the locked door on the left.  Inside the room, use the 
torches to help you defeat the enemies. The door to your right will 
open.  Use the flame torch to melt the ice cube on the windmill.  Make 
an ice path and blow the windmill on the north to open the door.  

Head up, kill the enemies.  There is a stamp station on the top right 
corner.  Go left and up the stairs. Go down to the south of the room to 
get the last score by melting the snow on the ground with the torch and 
booomerang.  Head back to the north room.  

Here, push the block up, right, down, left and up.  Make an ice path 
and step on the switch at the bottom to open the door.  Make another 
ice path in the centre to push the block with the bell all the way 
to the room on the right. Before leaving this room, head up for a 
treasure chest.

In the next room (the entrance room), light the top left torch with 
the ice torch from the previous room.  Also light the right torch to 
reveal a chest behind the door. Make an ice path and push the block 
down, left, down, left, up, right to set it in place. Then sound the 
bells with your boomerang in the following order: left, centre x2, 
right, centre. The north door will open.  Grab chest and head for the 
next floor.

Go down, right and see the board on the wall.  Then go back to the first 
room on the left when you entered this floor and light the torches 

Red        Blue
Red        Red

You have to light all the torches with one use of your boomerang.

Head right and defeat all monsters.  Head down, step on the switch to 
produce a bridge.  Blow the boss key towards the bridge and pick it up.  
Put it on the lock and get ready to fight the boss.

Snow Temple - Boss: Fraaz
More time is needed on this boss compared to the last.  First the boss 
has only one body.  When it is blue, use the boomerang and hit it with 
the red flames.  When it is red, hit it with the blue flames. After 
three hits, the boss will split up. 

On the top screen of your NDS you will see that one body is blue and 
one is red.  Hit the blue one with the red flame and the red one with 
blue flame.  If both of them collapse at the same time, you have defeated 
the second form of the boss.

Next the boss will break both torches, and combine into one body again.  
Be patient, wait till it blows either fire or ice out at you.  Use your 
boomerang and hit the boss with the fire/ice it blows out.  Flames hit 
blue boss and ice hit red boss.  After the boss splits and forms again 
(same technique to deal damage whether he has one body or two bodies) 
the boss will die.


You have defeated Snow Temple!  The Snow tracks are now shining and you 
are rewarded with another heart container.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

You have finally defeated the temple boss!  Now there is a new route 
back to the Tower of Spirits from the NW map.  You will also notice that 
some guy is wandering around the east map area... Wait... isn't he 
familiar?  It's Beedle!! (You will only find him familiar if you have 
played Phantom Houglass.  He is the same Beedle from that game)  

The crazy locos have suddenly moved from the east side to just outside 
the temple!  So avoid them and go to the east.  As you are close to 
Beedle's hot-air balloon (a cool shop this time!!) Sound the horn (I 
fired at him LOL) to get his attention.  He will come down and land 
next to you, and you can enter his shop.

There is something you must really get - the bomb bags (bombs included).  
It costs only 500 rupees, and you can always save the heart container for 
later XD  It is an extra 100 rupees to join the Beedle Club, which will 
give you discounts as you collect more points, so why not join?  Sadly 
you cannot use your card on this time because the card will come in the 
mail... so don't buy anything else until later :P  

Use the new track to go back to the temple.  You will pass through the 
Bridge Maker's house.  Head right and up.  There are four rocks 
surrounding a patch of ground.  Doesn't it look suspicious?  Play the 
Song of Discovery to get 100 rupees!  There is nothing else you can do 
at this place right now, but remember the bridge maker.  You will need 
to build a bridge later.

Back to the tower of spirits, as expected, you need to get another rail 
map.  Head up to the third level of the Tower of Spirits.

The floor is so dark!!

Use your boomerang to light the torches as you move on.  Pick up the 
bomb flower on the right and bomb the wall to the north to get some 
treasure.  Then head down.

You will see some ghosts floating around.  You cannot hurt them with 
anything in the dark, but they can hurt you, so stay in the light.  If 
you want to kill them, there is one way.  When one of those ghosts are 
near a torch, light the torch.  The ghost will regain its form and you 
can kill it with your sword :D

There is a tablet which is too dark to read.  Ignore it for now and head 
for the stairs.

On the next level you see two phantoms wandering around.  Don't freak out 
:D Go to the left and read the tablet (remember this info!)  Head up to 
the safe zone, up again and left to another safe zone. Go left and down 
to grab the first Tear of Light. 

Go back up and right (beware of where the phantoms are looking), sneak 
around them and grab the second Tear of Light.  Head right and top and 
blow to extinguish the top right torch.  You see some light, right?  
There is a bomb flower on the left (in the safe zone), but if you have 
your own bombs like me, bomb the crack and grab the last Tear of Light. 

Now back to the room and possess a phantom! You have a light in your 
hand!  Great~!! Now you can read the tablet on the previous floor, 
which says to bomb the wall on the right of the tablet and grab a 
treasure. Nothing else is here, so head back upstairs. 

Go towards left.  With Zelda's light you can see a narrow path in front.  
Walk carefully, take the first turn in the intersection down and left to 
a door.  Have Zelda light the torches and the door opens.

On the next floor, go right.  Have Link step on the first switch (stand 
in the light!) and Zelda go further right for the second switch. Enter 
after the door opened and read the tablet. (Be careful of the gaps in 
the foor and mice!) Head up for treasure, go right, down and right to 
the boss key.  Take note of the pattern on the floor (the tiles with 
different colour) as you go along.  If you didn't don't worry.  We have 
the answer if you read on.

You need to open a door with a symbol to get the boss key.  Basically it 
is the pattern on the floor, but if you did not take note, write "Z" on 
the door and it will open. 

Something is surrounding the boss key as you can see, so Link cannot pick 
it up or it will cost you hearts.  Zelda will take the key while Link will 
shield her from enemies...  the enemies are 
the most annoying ones I find 
in Zelda games (from the Oracle of Seasons/Oracle of Ages - perhaps older, 
but these are the first Zelda games I played) Those purple hands will try 
to grab the boss key from Zelda and return it to its original position, 
so be sure to use your sword and protect the key!  The sad fact is that 
the hands are neverending!!!  It shows three on the map, but I have slain 
7 =_=... and they can teleport out just anywhere on the ground.  Anyways, 
we can do nothing but keep slaying till Zelda inserts the key into the 

Then next is to fight the boss.  Not a tough opponent, just be careful of 
the gaps on the ground.  Have Zelda fight him in front while Link tackle 
the back.  Sometimes the boss will spit fire, so hide behind Zelda.  
Sooner or later you will find yourself the winner of the battle :D

Head to the next level to get the rail map and return to the entrance.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

A new route is added connecting the SW map to the SE map, so let's head 
there.  Before you leave the SW map, you will find that the bridge 
linking the two maps is gone, and there is another village before the 
bridge.  Stop by to see if there is anyone who can repair the bridge 
(doesn't it sound familiar?  Bridge maker... umm...)

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

There is only one house in this place, so go in.  Someone will come out.  
Wait... those clothes... it's Lineback from Phantom Hourglass, the 3rd 
generation.  He is now a treasure collector.  Link will talk to him about 
the bridge, and Lineback will ask you to go and find the Bridge Maker 
from the Snow Realm.  With no other choice you have to agree.

So ride your train back to the NW map.  The Bridge Maker's house is at 
the bottom right corner in case you have forgotten.  Talk to the bridge 
maker and he accepts the task. Before you meet him at the train, you will 
see the photographer outside his house (we actually meet again :D)  Talk 
to him to learn that the bridge maker is very picky with train drivers.  
You will have to follow all the signs, get hit and stop right at stations 
in order for him not to jump from the train and you start it over again. 

Thanks for the information anyways.  With the bridge maker on your train, 
head for the Trading Post. 

Back to where Lineback is.  You discovered that there seems to be some 
grudge between Lineback and the Bridge Maker because Lineback has not 
paid his bills.  This time the Bridge Maker is charging us 5000 rupees 
for fixing the bridge.  Where the heck do we have such a large sum of 
money? O_O (I only have 1000 rupees at this point)

Zelda suggests to talk to Lineback about it, so head back to his house.  
Lineback will tell you about a Regal Ring from his grandfather that 
worths a lot, and you agree to help him figure out a riddle to get the 
ring.  He opens the door to the west, so head through it.

1. To enter the hiding spot, sound the light and follow its beam
2. Inside, go 4 steps north and 6 steps west from where the light cross

You will see a sleeping statue on the way.  Play the Song of Awakening 
if you like, it only reminds you to use the Song fo Discovery.

Enter the cave. Beware of shield glomping monsters here!!  If they 
take your shield you will have to buy a new one.  To prevent this, 
faint them with your boomerang and strike them with your sword.  About 
5 times will do the job. 

There is a stamp station to the left where you have to bomb a block. 
(Another reason why you SHOULD get bombs from Beedle earlier).  There 
are 4 pots in front of a pile of stairs.  The ones on the left are real.  
There is a shield-glomping monster hiding in one of the right ones. 

Head up the stairs.  You will reach the place where the grave of 
Lineback's grandfather is.  To the right you will see a rocket-shaped 
rock and learn a new tune (purple, yellow, orange, blue, white) called 
the Song of Light (for all songs, see Appendix 6.0 below). After you play 
that tune, the rocket turns into a beacon and a light is emitted from it.  

Follow the light to the edge of the water.  Use your boomerang to hit the 
switch on the water where the light is pointing.  A bridge appears.  Grab 
a bomb flower, head across the bridge and bomb the entrance. 

Inside the cave, kill all enemies and light the two beacons.  Notice that 
there is a treasure chest at the far end. Do NOT touch it.  It is another 
shield-glomping monster.  From where the lights cross, walk up 4 steps and 
left 6 steps.  Play the Song of Discovery and you will get the Regal Ring.

Head back to Lineback's house and talk to him.  The Bridge Maker will 
appear and take his ring, and the bridge will be repaired. The Bridge 
Maker asks you to cross the bridge slowly, but I don't see anything wrong 
with crossing at full speed for now :D

Note: After this event Lineback will exchange train parts with you if 
you bring him treasures.  (For a list of treasure to exchange for train 
parts, see Appendix 5.0 below)

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

Now let's cross the water!  On the next map you can see there is only 
one place you can stop by, so let's do it.  

While you are navigating in the Ocean Realm, sometimes you will see 
yellow dolphins swimming around you.  Pull the horn to make them jump 
out of the water.  If all three dolphins (they swim in units of three) 
jump up, you will recover a heart!

Stop by Papuchia Village. Talking to the villagers you find that the men 
from this village have been kidnapped, and there is this so-called "Wise 
One" who everyone follows.  Let's pay the Wise One a visit in the largest 
house on the map.

She is basically an old woman who claims to be able to tell fortunes.  
She will tell a fortune for Link by asking you a few questions.  I 
answered "blah, blah and blah" and she can tell me something from that 
LOL After the interesting fortune telling, leave the house and walk 
around.  At the innermost place you can access there is a treasure chest.

Since there is nothing more in the village, let's go back to the map 
and drive further.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

Almost towards the end of the visible tracks you will pass the Ocean 
Sanctuary.  Stop there. Go into the cave in the north west corner.  Go 
right and down, pick up a bomb flower and throw it across the gap towards 
the cracked blocks.  Once they are gone, hit the switch with your 
boomerang.  A bridge will then appear.

Up the stairs, you will see six statues.  Mark down where they are 
looking at.  For the one on the far left, hit the switch on the island 
(where there are ball shooting enemies) with your boomerang for a bridge.  
For the one on the far right, go to the top right corner of the map, grab 
a cucoo and jump towards the south.  Step on the switch to make a bridge 
back to the middle land.  Before you throw the cucoo away, fly south 
again and grab the treasure in the chest. 

There is also a chest in the left top corner which we cannot get at 

In the red door at the centre, you are to draw a symbol according to 
where the statues are looking.  Draw two squares tilted 45 degrees 
connected in the middle in one stroke like shown below.


Once the door is open, head inside.  The lokomo Carben does not seem 
to be there, but he left a note.  Read the note and you will find that 
he is in Papuchia Village.  So head back by using the south east exit 
(instead of going all the way back). Step on the switch for a bridge 
back to the train.

In Papuchia Village, head down then right.  A scene will occur where you 
see Carben enjoying himself in the sky.  You can do nothing so go talk 
to the Wise One.  Answer her stupid questions with blah blahs :P and she 
will tell you that there is a hidden stone to call Carben.

Go back to where the tree is, play the Song of Discovery and a rocket-
shaped rock will appear.  Check it to learn the Song of Birds (more 
info on tunes see appendix 6.0).  Carben will come down and ask you 
to take him to the Ocean Sanctuary on your train.

Note: I tried the Song of Birds to try to get a bird, but then I guess 
you need something special to catch them (the snake whip perhaps :D I 
seem to like this item after I have seen it in the official art)

Go back to the train and take Carben to the Ocean Sanctuary.  On the 
way you will encounter pirates!  Lots of monsters are boarding your 
train.  You have to protect Carben at all costs!! In the end there is 
a large monster which you have to prevent from getting to Carben.  Hit 
him a zillion times (as much as possible I mean) and he will die.  If 
you are hit by his large club, rub the screen with your stylus.  Smaller 
monsters will keep coming on the train when the large monster is here, 
so be sure to protect Carben!

After a while you have defeated everything, so drive to the Ocean 
Sanctuary safely. Carben will give you a Force Gem as a reward and 
leave.  Find him in the cave you visited earlier.  There he will play 
a tune with you (blue, orange, purple).  This one is a bit harder since 
you skip a colour when you go from orange to purple.  After you are done, 
tracks will appear in the rail map.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

Before you leave, Carben will also give you a letter with instructions 
to get to the ocean floor.  Open it in your collections and make note 
of the order of the islands you have to visit.  First is the one directly 
below the building in the top right corner, next is the one west of it 
and the last one is a dead end in the middle of the ocean.

Head out from the Ocean Sanctuary.  On the first island that you pass 
on the east, you will see the photographer again.  He will tell you 
about sculptures on the sea that react to big noises.  What does he 

Anyways, continue to the island marked 1 on your map.  When you are 
almost at the island, you will see something red and silver on top of 
the island.  Sound your horn and it will turn blue.  Continue to the 
second island using the route around the top right building, and you 
will see a similar statue on your right near the entrance.  Sound the 
horn again.  Next go to the dead end marked 3. On your left you will 
see the last of the fish statues.  Sound your horn and it will turn 

When the three statues all turned blue, a fish will appear at the dead 
end.  Enter from its mouth and you will reach underwater.

There is still some way to go to get to the Ocean Temple. There are 
dynamites floating around and this annoying octopus thing that keeps 
jumping around.  Beware that it takes some reaction time for your cannon 
to reach its target underwater, so it takes some patience to finish the 
octopus thing. When you get near enough to the Ocean Temple and feeling 
happy, a crazy loco appears. Different from the crazy locos on land, this 
one comes after you (I died once thinking that it had moved to another 
track and was safe to go towards the temple - it just came back and 
smashed right into my train...). Therefore, pay close attention to the 
map on the top screen of your NDS indicating which direction it is heading.  
You can also fire at it to slow it down. 

It will be a little chasing game around the tracks behind the Ocean 
Temple.  But when you think the crazy loco cannot catch up with you and 
you are safe, a second one appears and coming right at you from the track 
on the right.  Take advantage of the two loops on the map and shake them 

After some running around, you will arrive at the Ocean Temple.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

Safely on board the Ocean Temple.  Head up and to the left.  Read the 
tablets and mark down their numbers.  Head up and right.  Just run across 
to the right since the arrows will never hit you if you run.  Go up the 
stairs at the north. 

You can crack a wall on the left, but you cannot pass there until you 
have gotten the Snake Whip.  So head south, jump onto the floating block.  
Have Link face up so he will automatically block the arrows that are shot 
at him with his shield. Go south and jump onto the second floating block.  
With your boomerang, hit the switches left, right, top and bottom.  The 
door will open, so head right. 

Using your boomerang, hit the switch you see above.  A hole will open 
on the ground in front of you and boulders will roll down into the hole.  
There is nothing to do on this floor right now, so go back where you 
came from to the main entrance.

Go to the right of the entrance, avoid the blocks falling from above 
and head north up the stairs. Go up the second staircase you can see 
on the top right. 

Go left and you will face a miniboss holding the thing you want - the 
snake-shaped Whip!

Ocean Temple - Miniboss

After some scene, you will find yourself caught in the mini boss' whip.  
Be patient and wait.  As the boss try to pull you towards itself, hit it 
as many times as possible.  Do this for three times and you can defeat 
the mini boss :D


In the chest, you get the Whip! Go back to the previous floor and head 
south.  Swing to the left with your whip and grab the treasure chest.

* To swing, hold R/L and tab the wooden stick on the screen.

Now go to the space west of the mini boss room, go up the stairs and 
head south. Pull the yellow handle you see sticking out of a statue with 
your whip.  Go to the centre of the map where you will see three narrow 
paths, pull the handle of the right most path.  A bridge appears below.  
Go down the stairs.

Go left, pull the blade from the left statue and insert it to the right. 
Grab the key from the chest, and go back to mini boss room.  Go north, 
right (carefully time the jump for the platform) and grab the treasure 
in the chest.  Back to the left, open the door and go up the stairs. 
Pull the yellow handle and the door will open in the south.  Don't head 
down yet.  Go to the right into the room at the south east corner, 
defeat the two enemies easily with your whip, head up the stairs.  You 
will see a vine which thorns can be picked off with your whip. Read the 

In the centre of this floor, defeat two mini bosses (now that you have 
the whip it is so much easier :D). On the narrow path to the left, pull 
out all the blades from the statues. More wooden rods will appear on the 
north, and now you can go up the next next floor from swing to the left 
on the north part of this floor. 

Swing to the right, hit switch (careful of timing of your last swing, 
the wooden rod is lower than the second last one). Go south and read 
the tablet. Mark down all the positions of the blades on this floor 
(if you don't we have the answer further down :D) On the left side of 
this floor you can pull out the thorns from another vine and grab the 
treasure chest there.

Back to the previous floor (you will notice that this floor looks similar 
to the other one), go to the far left, you will see that there is a 
handle sticking out from a different statue.  Pull the handle and grab 
the thing that flies with your whip.  The flying thing will take you down 
to the south part of the map.

* To use the flying wing-thing, hold L/R, tab the handle at the bottom 
  of the wings so that you catch it with your whip, keep your stylus on 
  your NDS screen.    Once you lose contact with your screen, Link will 
  drop down.

Go upstairs.  There is only one room here.  Pull the blade out from the 
statue and use it to kill the enemies.  A chest appears somewhere north 
east on the map. Go back down the stairs. 

Catch the flying wing back to the other side.  Head up the north west 
stairs. Grab a key from the chest that just appeared, and return 

Now you will have to use the position of the blades from the other floor 
that you have noted down.  Counting from the left side as 1, put the blades 
in the following order:

Left top path: 3,5
Right top path: 3,5
Left bottom path: take out all blades
Right bottom path: 1,3

The path on the south east is clear, so now open the locked door and 
head upstairs. Use another wing-thingie to land youself on the floating 
platform. Grab the boss key and step on the switch.  A bridge will lead 
you to the boss lock.  Beware of the annoying hands once again that will 
try to take your boss key and return back to the original position.  Kill 
as much as you can as you pick and throw the key closer to the lock.  

After you unlock the boss key lock, the hands will be all gone.  Head up 
and save.

Ocean Temple - Boss: Phytops

The boss is located at the top of what seems to ba a cliff.  Use your whip 
to swing towards the top.  On the way there will be some vine like thing 
with an eye.  Prick a thorn and throw it against the eye.

Once you have reached the top, the boss appears.

First the boss will put up two large vines on your left and right.  Pull 
out some thorns and throw it at the boss.  When it hits, the purple bubble-
thing on this face will disappear.  After two hits you will see an eye.  
Take another thorn and throw it at its eye.  Be careful of the purple 
liquid the boss spits out at you as you do the above.  It costs 1/2 
hearts to be hit.

When the boss is hit in the eye, it will move and fall near the edge of 
the pool. Run forward and continuously stab his eye with your sword.  
Repeat a few times and the boss will produce two more vines which will 
slam down at you.  Evade them and hit the boss with the same strategy 
until it dies.


After defeating the boss you are rewarded with another heart container.  
A path back to the Tower of Spirits from the Ocean Realm appears.

Extra: After you are back to the entrance from the blue light in the boss 
room, don't leave the temple yet.  There are still treasures to hunt.  Go 
back up the main entrance.  Swing to the left and pull the handle to get 
some treasure.  Up the path right of the entrance, there is another vine 
through which you can grab another treasure.

Remember the crack which you bombed on the second floor earlier? Go up 
the north stairs from the entrance floor. Through the left hole you 
bombed, you notice there is another opening on the right.  Go out and 
bomb the right wall.  At the far end of the path, hit the switch with 
your boomerang.  Go back to the left hole and swing all the way up.  
Pull the handle.  Swing onto the floating platform and you will reach 
the stamping station.

// end extra

// --------------------------------------------------------------------
// --------------------------------------------------------------------

From the new track, let's head back to the Tower of Spirits... no way :D 
Let's do some treasure hunting first now that you have the whip.  If you 
don't want any treasure, skip to the next section.

Go to the Ocean Sanctuary.  Next to the post box, play the Song of Birds 
and catch a bird with your whip.  It will fly up to the island you see on 
the map.  Grab the treasure in the chest.  Play the Song of Birds again to 
go back to the main ground.

On the second map accessed from the north east, grab a bird on the right 
of Carben's cave to fly up to the top for the stamp station.

On the left side of this map, call the birds again for a treasure chest 
on the north west island.

Go to Papuchia Village.  Beside the tree where you first found Carben, 
catch a bird to fly east.  Walk south to the next map.  Use the birds to 
go back and forth between these islands:
Top left island: nothing
Middle left island: treasure chest
Bottom left island: stamp station
Centre island: 100 rupees
Right islands: nothing

If you go to Castle Town, you will meet Zelda's teacher who wants to take 
a ride on your train to Anouki Village, but before that you may want to 
try out the second door in the challenge house.

This challenge is more difficult compared to the first.  There are more 
floors with more enemies and you have to rebeat the three bosses you have 
beaten before.  After you finished all your enemies, you will get a medium 
bomb bag which can carry 30 bombs! (For information about challenge levels, 
see Appendix 8.0 below)

Leave the challenge house, go to see the chief soldier in the castle and 
accept his training practice for 20 rupees.  If you manage to hit the 
three soldiers for 60+ stikes you get a heart container as a reward :D

// Strategy to beat the three soldiers
I don't think this is really needed, but this is what I did anyways.  
If you don't attack the soldiers, it seems they don't attack you as well... 
so random get a few strikes on a soldier.  Another one will turn his lance, 
which is a sign that he will strike at you and will cost you one of the 
three hit quotas you may take.  Once you see any soldier turning his lance, 
stike him.  Don't focus on continuously striking one soldier only.  Strike 
two to three times each time you see a soldier turn his lance and you will 
stop them from attacking while striking your blows

The last thing you can do in Castle is Town is to go the wast side of town 
where there are some stairs and some cracked blocks.  Bomb them apart.  Go 
south for a chest, go all the way from the top to the west side for the 
stamp station, and all the way downwards for another chest.

Go back to the train.  The teacher is already on board so you need to 
follow the signs for him to be happy.  Anyways, the quickest route is to 
go through the teleport station south of the castle (you can't use this 
if you had not activate this earlier near Anouki Village - if that is so, 
take the long route :D) 

You come to Anouki Village and drop down the teacher, and he will reward 
you with 300 rupees.  There is an anouki on the left side which will call 
out to you.  Hear him out and you will find that they are looking for 
someone to help them build a fence.  The only person that comes to mind 
is the Bridge Maker.

Since you are already at the Snow Realm, stop by Wellspring Station.  
Swing to the top right corner for 100 rupees.  Stand at the north west 
corner of the Bridge maker's house and use your boomerang and the ice 
torch to produce a path for access to the stamp station.

I also stopped by Snow Sanctuary to buy the heart container, and 
Rabbitland Rescue to get a heart container in exchange for 5 rabbits. 
Now I have two rows of hearts XD  The rabbit cosplay person told me I 
will receive another prize if I bring him 10 rabbits from the grass.

If you are not very eager to beat the Tower of Spirits and continue to 
Fire Realm, go to Trading Post and tell the bridge maker about his job.  
He will be glad to take it, and we have to drive him back to Anouki 
Village.  Also check out the new route you get on Forest Realm.  It 
is a dead end, but there is another teleport station which you can 
activate... to go to the station in the loop on the east side of Snow 

So you return to Anouki Village again, and there you will meet the 
second lokomo, Steem.  He wants to redecorate the Snow Sanctuary and 
ask for some vessel. We have to get a freight car first.  Also, talk to 
the anouki who asked you to find Bridge Maker.  He will reward you for 
your help with a treasure.  He will also talk about the need for some 
lumber and that we need a freight car. 

I don't think there is more to do right now, so let's go back to the 

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

Back to the Tower of Spirits, talk to Anjean again. You have to get yet 
another rail map from the tower, so head to the fouth floor.

Once you get in, you will notice some blue things that seems to be 
giving off signals on your map.  These are some kind of radar enemy 
which, when they catch you the phantoms will teleport to where you are 
to catch you.  The good thing is that you can still run to a safe zone, 
and the bad thing is that if you are unlucky, one strike from a phantom 
costs one heart.

These radar enemies can be killed, although they will reappear after some 
time.  There are two ways: the easier way is to faint them with your 
boomerang and strike with your sword; second method is to hit them twice 
with your whip.  Anyways, now you can kill them let's head to the right. 
First light the right torch with flames on the left.  A chest appears on 
the top part of the map.  Head up to the first safe zone for the Tear of 
Light.  Then head up to the safe zone on the north and hit the switch.  
A bridge will appear in the south west of the map.  Destroy the radar 
near you and grab a key from the chest. Next, go west.  Do this as fast 
as possible.  Kill the radar that is wandering on the left, go back to 
where you grab the key just now and go onto the platform.  Swing to the 
left as quick as possible before the radar reappears.  

Swing down, go right and swing up.  At this point it does not matter if 
the radar reappear because the next tear is in a safe zone.  Even if the 
radar is bugging you, they cannot enter the safe zone.  Grab the second 
tear.  Wait for everything to calm down (if you have alerted the radars 
and the phantoms) and head back (killing all radars in the process).  
Back to the platform with the stairs.  Go to the top part with three 
fish statues.  Take the blade from the middle one and put it in the 
right one.  A chest will appear in the south west.  Don't put anything 
in the left statue because a second phantom will appear.

Go to grab the second chest, which contains a key.  Open the locked door 
on the left side. There is a switch but nothing will happen for now even 
if you click it. Go back to the right side and open the other locked door.  
Head upstairs.

On this floor, there are three radar things and a phantom blocking the 
last tear. Don't worry about the radar at the bottom, head left, clean 
up the enemies.  When you are near the phantom, you discover that there 
is no way you can sneak past him, so plant a bomb somewhere in the paths 
on the left.  The phantom will be alerted and goes to check.  Taking 
this opportunity, grab the last tear, but do NOT leave yet. 

Note: If the phantom spots you the room to the last tear will be 
blocked, so don't let him know when you plant the bomb.

The phantom will go back to his original place, so slay him at the back 
and possess it.  Zelda will then tell you that the radar things are 
called Phantom Eyes, and the phantom you possess is a Warp Phantom.
Warp phantoms can teleport to anywhere with a Phantom Eye.

So the first thing is to teleport to the Phantom Eye at the bottom of 
the screen. Zelda can step on the switch to open the door.  Link will 
go all the way to her for a treasure chest.

Back to the previous floor.  With the platform on the left, jump onto 
Zelda'sshield.  Now you are tall enough to grab the wooden stick on 
the right.  Swing over to grab a treasure.

Next, teleport Zelda to the Phantom Eye on the north west.  Direct her 
to the switch at the bottom.  At the same time, Link should go all the 
way west and hit on the other switch in the room unlocked earlier.  If 
two switches are on at the same time, the door up ahead opens.  Go 

As you head south there will be some enemies popping out suddenly which 
look like they have some electrical sparks around them.  Link cannot 
defeat these, so have Zelda walk in front of you so she will automatically 
kill all the enemies as she walks.

At the bottom part you see a switch and a patch of sand next to it.  
Have Zelda stand on the switch since her armour is too heavy to pass 
sand.  Link will go to the right and step on the other switch to 
activate a bridge which Zelda can use to cross the sand. 

Zelda will pass the spikes and head to the top right pink patch.  There 
is a similar patch on the other side of the wall.  Link will go to the 
other patch and the two of them will switch places.  Zelda can then 
cross the spikes again and reunite with Link.  Grab the blade from the 
left statue and put it in the right statue to open door.  Head up the 

First, have Zelda walk to the yellow triangular patch at the south 
while Link stands on the left one to switch.  Link will go north and 
push the block onto one of the switches, then stand on the blue square 
patch. Zelda will stand on the south blue patch and switch. Zelda walk 
up to the other switch to deactivate the spikes so Link can enter and 
reunite with her. Together, open the door on the top right to get a 
key in the chest. 

Have Zelda stand on the switch again so that Link can go out of the 
spikes, then switch Zelda out and link can use the stairs and 
platform to get out. 

Go to the west side and you can hit a switch over the gap to produce a 
bridge on the sand.  Zelda can warp to where the leftmost Phantom Eye is, 
head down and switch Link inside with the pink patch.  Again, Zelda will 
warp to the Phantom Eye at the top, head down and step on the bottommost 
switch to deactivate the spikes so that Link can head up. 

Zelda can then head up to where the large boulders are falling and block 
them with her armour as Link pass from behind her.  Together step on the 
two switches on the right to have a bridge appear in the gap. 

Have Link head up and faint the Phantom Eye (do not kill it yet).  You 
will notice there is a sand patch on the north and two switches on the 
left, which means you need to step on both the switches but Zelda cannot 
pass the sand.  So using Whirlwind, blow the Phantom Eye to the left pass 
the sand patch, and switch it with Zelda.  Step on both switches to open 
the door at the centre. 

Teleport Zelda to the Phantom Eye at the centre.  Link can use the bridge 
to get back to the centre of the map.  Open the locked door and head up.

Read the tablet on the south.  It says "move from the green tile to the 
red tile".  Have Zelda warp to the right Phantom Eye and talk to the 
Phantom walking there.  He will tell you that there was a special meaning 
to the path he takes.  Note his path.

Warp Zelda to the left Phantom Eye.  Starting from the green tile, you 
are to draw a special symbol to the red tile on the bottom right.  The 
symbol should be drawn by observing how the Phantom on the right moves. 
So basically, go right to the end, diagonally to bottom left, up again, 
and diagonally to the red tile.  The door will open, so head up for the 
last rail map.

After you get the map, a scene will occur.  Byrne has found out that you 
two have been restoring the tracks.  As he was about to attack you, 
Anjean appeared and saved you.  She teleported you two back to the 
entrance of the Tower of Spirits and asked you to restore the remaining 

So, let's go.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

The Fire Realm is connected to the Snow Realm, so head out of the Tower 
of Spirits into the Snow Realm and go along the route to the right.  

When you are in the Fire Realm, a scene will occur and you will notice 
boulders hitting down on your track.  Fire at the boulders that are 
blocking your way.  You can fire at other boulders as well, since there 
will be hearts and rupees. 

You will see a cave and a village which you can access.  There is 
nothing you can do at the cave (Goron Target Range) right now, so visit 
Goron Village.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

Talk to the villagers at Goron Village.  You will see that lava is 
blocking the path up north, so head west into the next map.

On this map, be careful of the boulders falling from above.  Where they 
fall will be indicated by a shadow on the ground, so just avoid those 
spots.  First, head up the path beside the post box and you will find 
some treasure.

On the left most you will find a switch.  Hit it to produce a bridge 
on the north side.  As quick as possible, swing north and cross the 
bridge because there is a timer on the bridge.  Head north.

Here you will meet Kagoron, the person whom the villagers asked you to 
talk to.  He will ask you to wait for him at your train, so leave.  There 
is a sign pointing you towards a short-cut exit.  Head right and grab the 
chest.  Before you head all the way down, keep youself on the highest 
ground and walk left.  Jump down onto the platform in the middle of the 
map and grab another chest.  Exit to the right.

Another scene will occur when you meet the first adult goron.  Kagoron 
will return and suggested to give you a freight car.  He asks you to 
bring back some ice to cool down the lava.

So the first thing that comes to mind is the Snow Realm.  Visit Anouki 
Village for your next clue.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

In Anouki Village, you will meet the teacher at the station, but don't 
talk to him yet, or if you are talking to him, do not give him a ride 
until later (see below). Talk to the villagers and you will receive 
information that the Anouki who makes ice is living in the west of the 
village.  Go left and speak to the leftmost Anouki you can find.  He will 
tell you something about the best ice they make called Mega ice. He will 
ask you to take him to a spring so agree to his request. 

Further left, make an ice path from the ice torch and grab 100 rupees 
up ahead.

Take the Anouki to Wellspring Station.  He will say what a nice place, 
blah blah and left.  Head up and talk to him again to get a Force Gem 
with new Snow tracks. He will ask you to come back later, so let's go 
some extra stuff while you have the freight car and needs to wait.

If you do not want to do the extras, you can leave Wellspring Station, 
stop somewhere else and come back for ice to continue the storyline 
(see next section 5.3)

First go to the new Snow tracks you have received.  There is a new 
teleport station which you can hit and activate.  This will lead to 
the island east of Ocean Sanctuary.

Go back to Anouki Village and give the teacher a ride to Goron Village.  
He will reward you with 200 rupees.  

Next remember that some Anouki was talking about needing lumber? (If 
you have talked to the villagers earlier)  Go to Whittleton for the 
lumber.  It is sold for 100 rupees for 20 logs.  Also, talk to the 
villagers and you will find that the men are looking for women.  Carry 
the log back to Anouki village.  Be careful when you drive, the logs 
will decrease in number if you are attacked or stop suddenly, so the 
best way to get back is to use the portal outside Castle Town. The 
Anouki's only need 15 logs, so if you have 15+ logs when you arrive at 
the village it will be fine.  You will get a Force Gem and new Snow 

The go to Papuchia Village.  Talk to the woman in the house left of the 
Wise One. She is looking for a man and will give you some descriptions.  
Grab 20 fish for 50 rupees before you leave. Go to Castle Town and talk 
to the woman in the town square.  She will buy all your fish from you 
if you have 10+ fish.  

Leave Castle Town and go to Whittleton again.  Talk to the men and Zelda 
will suggest you some candidates for the woman.  Give the OLDEST man a 
ride (the one who lives in the north hut) to Papuchia village.  He will 
be the one the woman is looking for.  You will get a Force Gem and 
Forest tracks.

While you are in Papuchia Village, talk to the Wise One.  She will sell 
you a vessel for 50 rupees.  A sweet deal :D  Transport this vessel to 
Snow Sanctuary. Be careful while transporting this vessel because it 
will be gone if you get hit once.  The fastest method is to use the 
teleport station you activated earlier in the east of Ocean Sanctuary.  
Give the vessel to Steem in Snow Sanctuary and he will reward you with 
a Force Gem and Snow tracks.

After all this, you can return to Wellspring station to get your ice :D

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

The Mega ice is ready, so pick them up at Wellspring Station.  The first 
time you buy the ice it is 25 rupees for 20 blocks. The ice will melt 
over time anywhere on the map except in the Snow Realm, so be quick when 
you transport them.  Go back to Goron Village.

Extra: I am told that you can actually get the Mega Ice for free! (Yay 
for free stuff) All you have to do is to keep haggling the anouki and say 
it's too steep, ... , cheaper, cheaper, then he'll give it for free. 

When you enter the Fire Realm map, you will notice two crazy locos 
roaming around in the north part and one stationary outside the Goron 
Target Range.  Obviously if you go right by the shortest path to Goron 
Village the stationary crazy loco will come at you, so drive a loop all 
the way around the north and enter Goron Village by the other path.  
Just be quick and avoid the crazy locos roaming around. 

If you have 10+ ice blocks when you arrive at Goron Village you will be 
fine. Talk to Kagoron and the villagers will put out the first lava 
stream with the ice. He will ask you to meet the elder at the north 
most house, but you can talk to the villagers first if you like. 
Before visiting the elder, go right, up the stairs, left, across the 
bridge for some treasure.

Visit the elder.  A scene will occur where elder did not know who you 
were, but his grandson will appear and help you.  Elder will let you pass 
into a cave at the end.  Enter.

Walk along the only path and activate the button at the end for a bridge. 
Head to the right side.  You will see a lot of pots on the ground.  
Beware!  Three of them are shield-glomping monsters.  To be on the safe 
side, break the pots and grab the rupees/hearts with your whip.  The 
monsters will show themselves once you break the pots and you can 
continue to whip them :D

Turn left in front of the stairs for a chest, then go back and head up 
the stairs. Welcome to the Fire Sanctuary. 

In this map there will be boulders falling from above, so be careful. As 
you walk you will see some bomb flowers and some flower-like plants.  
Feed the plants with bombs to kill them.  You can use the bomb flowers 
on the first two. The rest of them will need the use of your own bombs 
since they may be a bit too far from the bomb flowers. 

On the right side, light ALL the torches to produce three bridges. Head 
up the stairs, cross the LEFT bridge and head up for some treasure.  Head 
all the way right for the stamp station.

Back to the stairs, cross the right bridge.  Read the tablet in the 
innermost area you can access.  Think about the riddle :D

So if you can't figure it out... stand on the right side of the centre 
right statue and play the Song of Light.  A beacon will appear and the 
door will open.

Enter to meet the lokomo Embrose.  Again you will have to play a tune 
with him (purple, yellow, purple, yellow, blue) to get the Fire tracks. 

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// ---------------------------------------------------------

The Fire Temple is locked by three keys which are stolen by three 
monsters, and you are told that the villagers would know more on this 
subject, so talk to the villagers and you will get the following two 

* The monsters don't like a certain noise: one short followed by one 
  long sound
* Do not do anything fancy - hit the monsters straight on!

Extra: On the right side of Goron Village there are still two streams 
of lava. Talk to the goron there and he will tell you that at least 10 
blocks of ice are needed to cool that down.  You can go back to 
Wellspring Station to buy another cart of ice for 50 rupees but you 
won't get anything in return aside from super thanks from that goron.  
Note that the price for the second cargo of ice has gone up!  The Anouki 
will say 100 rupees at first, but answer "Cheaper" twice to have him 
reduce the price to 50 rupees.  You can't reduce the price further so 
if you are not buying it, it is up to you :D

Head east to the Fire Temple.  On your map you will see three monsters 
on the tracks surrounding the temple.  These monsters have the keys you 
want, so now you are going to tackle them straight on.

Have you figure out the clues from the villagers earlier?  If not this 
is what you should do.  On your map you can see the direction the 
monsters are heading. Try to go in front of them and meet them directly.  
When the monster is in front of you, sound your horn, one short pull and 
one long pull.  The monster will cover its ears.  Fire at it to have it 
drop the key.  Grab the key and the monster will faint on the tracks 
behind you.  No matter how you fire, the monster will not be killed so 
leave once you have fainted it. 

Grab all three keys from the monsters.  Once they are done fainting 
they will be after you.  Sound the horn to have them cover their ears 
and fire at them to faint them for a while again. If not they will 
attack your train. You can directly go into the Fire Temple after you 
get all the keys.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// ---------------------------------------------------------

First head to the bottom of the left side by detouring from the top.  
Be careful of the rotating fire and the spikes.  You don't have to rush 
since no enemy will pop up from there.  In the room, defeat the three 
skulls (you can use the whip and hit them three times, then grab the head 
and throw it away without touching the enemies :D) Go south.  Avoid the 
black balls circulating around the edge of this room because they can 
cost you hearts while you cannot kill them.  Read tablet and note 
locations of the pits. Head up the stairs on the right.  Jump onto the 
cart and grab the chest at the end of the tracks. 

Return to the previous floor, head to the opening left of the staircase. 
Hit the switch on the other side to have a blue plate fall down.  Carry 
the plate all the way to the right and put it on the volcano to cross.  
Push the block up against the fire to advance. Go south.  Remember to 
mirror the pits from the other side.  Grab the chest at the bottom left 
for a red potion. Head up the stairs.

Jump into cart.  Hit the switch during your ride to change tracks.  Get 
off at the second exit for some treasure.  Go all the way to the end for 
a key.

Back to the floor below.  Unlock both doors at the main entrance.  Using 
your boomerang, hit both switches to open the door. Head up stairs.

Fire Temple: Miniboss

The turtle miniboss is not a difficult opponent. First attack it with 
anything you like.  It will crawl into its shell and come charging after 
you.  Evade its attacks so that the shell hits on the wall.  After a few 
hits on the wall the turtle will faint itself.  Hit it repeatedly with 
your sword. Repeat the same thing for three times and it will die.  You 
will obtain the bow and arrow from the chest.


Go right.  Shoot the eye on the north wall for a bridge and head down 
the stairs. You will see a blue arrow stand.  Shoot it to produce a 
bridge and grab some treasure. Pick up one of the arrow stands and 
throw it on the bottom platform to the left.

* Tap on an eye to shoot an arrow at it
* Tap on the arrrow stand to pick it up
* Tap on the platform to throw the stand

Hit the arrow stand with your boomerang so that it faces north.  Shoot 
an arrow at it to hit the eye on the north wall.  Another bridge appears. 
Place the arrow stand on the north platform facing west.  Shoot again 
for the last bridge.

Go to the level below.  Read the tablet and head down.  Defeat the 
skeletons to open the door (one arrow and hit the head with sword).  
Head down and shoot the arrow stand on the left. Quickly swing to the 
right with your whip since there is a timer on the shut down of the lava.  
Head up and jump over lava for some treasure.  Swing south and step on 
switch to open door. Be careful of the spikes and head down for some 

On the right side, use your boomerang and hit the fire bat to light 
the torches. A path will be created on the left.  Head up the stairs.  
In the room, defeat two minibosses (two arrows aimed at its head will 
kill it).  Grab chest for treasure and read the tablets.  Go down 

Head up.  Carry the blue arrow stand to the south and place it facing 
right on a spot east of the door and north of the switch.  Step on 
the switch to open the door.  Without moving away from the switch, 
shoot the arrow stand to hit the eye inside the room.  A blue plate 
will fall down.

Carry it up and put on the volcano.  Go back south, grab the arrow 
stand and get to the higher platform by standing on the blue plate 
and waiting for the lava to rise.  Put down the arrow stand on the 
right volcano facing left.  Hit the switch on the right.  Take the 
blue plate from the risen lava and place it on the left volcano.  
From the corner of the platform, bring the 45-degrees arrow stand 
and place it on top of the bottom volcano facing north east.

Stand on the blue plate, hit the switch beside the door with your 
boomerang. You and the two arrow stands will rise.  Shoot the 45-
degree stand at the bottom and shoot the eye to your right. If both 
eyes are shot at the same time, the door opens. Get a key from the 

Go back up to the previous floor, open the locked door on the left.  
Grab some arrows from the nut and jump onto the cart.  Hit the 
eyes at the north wall in the order 2,1,4,3 counting from left. 

There is a stamp station on this map on the left side.  You can access 
it when you cart is going in the reverse direction.  Hit the switch 
in the south west corner to align the tracks.

Head down the stairs. Take note of the map on the wall. Grab the bomb 
flower on the left to bomb the boulder on the right. Put the blue 
plate on the volcano to get onto the cart.  Hit the two marked 
switches from the map and read the tablet at the end of track.  If 
you fail to hit either one of the switches, you will fall into the 

Swing to the left for some treasure.  Go back to where the tablet is.  
Blow the boss key to the left into the cart.  Jump onto the other cart.  
The carts will move together towards the goal.  Hit the three marked 
switches from the map on the way.  (You can use an arrow to hit the 
last one before the cart with the boss key change tracks)

Insert the boss key into the lock. Save before proceeding.

Fire Temple: Boss - Cragma

This boss... look disgusting... but anyways, you only need arrows and 
your sword to defeat it.

First, shoot the glowing spot in its bottom body.  Meanwhile, the boss 
willrain down large and small boulders.  Some of the small boulders 
will become arrows, so grab them in case you need some.  Stand beside 
a large boulder. The boss will try to hit you with his hands, so leap 
aside when his hand is coming down.  He will smash the boulder into a 
blue plate.

It is advised to fill up all your arrows before you proceed to the next 

Take the blue plate and put it on the volcano on the right.  Jump onto 
the cart.  It will automatically circle up along the track.  Shoot at 
all the glowing parts on the boss.  One thing you should keep in mind 
is whenever the boss place his hands in front of you, shoot his hands 
first.  If you leave the glow on his hands, he can push you off the 
tracks.  Also, the glows on his hands will reappear after time, so 
whenever you see a glowing palm in front of you, shoot it.  

After you shoot every glowing part (try to get them with one hit to 
avoid running out of arrows) you will arrive at the top tracks where 
you need to shoor the boss' eye.  If you manage to shoot it, the boss 
will collapse.

Your cart will automatically fly off the tracks so that you will land 
on the ground below.  Rush forward and strike the head of the boss 
with your sword.

Repeat everything above again and the boss will die.  You will get a 
heart container as a reward.


You have defeated the Fire Temple!!

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// ---------------------------------------------------------


After you beat Fire Temple, the cave next to Goron Village will be opened. 
Drop by if you like to play a shooting game.  Basically you will be in a 
train that moves automatically and you have to shoot some targets on the 
way to earn points.  If you have enough points you will get a prize.

It is 20 rupees for each play and the rules are simple:
* Shoot a blue target to earn 10 points. Blue targets breaks with one 
* Shoot a red target to earn 30 points.  Red targets breaks with three 
  hits   (a total of 90 points)
* Shoot a Goron head and you will have -30 points.

Rack up your points to get a prize!

I have 880 points on first try and I get to choose a prize.  Don't 
choose the large chest since it is only 20 rupees.  Choose the small 
one and you will get some treasure.

Extra: If you go back to Goron Village after Fire Temple, there will 
be a Goron who wants to get a ride to Anouki Village.  Take him there 
for a Force Gem and new Snow tracks. There is also a quiver in the Goron 
shop that allows you to carry more arrows.  It costs 2000 rupees!! (I 
don't have money >_< )

Also, now that you have arrows, go to the left map, at the left most, 
swing up to the first platform, shoot the plant monsters on the other 
side before swinging across.  Shoot another two plant monsters on the 
left to kill them. There you can get your stamp for Goron Village.

There are also new tracks beside the Tower of Spirits on the Fire Map.  
It is a dead end, but there is another teleport portal you can activate 
that links to the path south of the island marked 2 in the Ocean Map.

// end extra

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// ---------------------------------------------------------


Back to the Tower of Spirits, a scene will occur and Zelda will ask you 
to go up to the last level.  Head all the way up the spiral stairs.

Since there are free bombs (and arrows) at the entrance, we don't have 
to care about running out.  Bomb away every single cracked block you 
can see :D Grab the Tear of Light on the bottom right.

At the top left corner, pull the first block to the left, pull the 
second block to the left and push it down to get through and step on 
the switch for a chest on the right.  Swing over to get a key from the 

You cannot access the middle part of the map yet, so unlock the door 
and head upstairs.  Go right, grab the blue arrow stand and head left, 
then down and put it down on the marked tile facing left.  Ignore all 
the enemies for now since you cannot reach them.  Stand on the switch 
and hit the other arrow stand inside the room with your boomerang so 
that it faces up.  Shoot the stand north of you to hit the eye inside 
the room. 

Cross the bridge on the right.  A phantom appears, so quickly run left 
and bomb open the safe zone. When the phantom is not looking, bomb the 
blocks for the Tear of Light. Head up left stairs.  

On this floor, bomb all the blocks on the bottom right to get the arrow 
stand.  Bomb two columns of blocks of the middle pile on the right (The 
rest is left for hiding purposes from the phantom). Push the black 
block from the south of the top right platform to the west of it.  Pick 
up the arrow stand and jump across the black block to the platform on 
the top left.  Place the arrow stand on the marked tile facing south. 

Stand on the switch on the top right platform and shoot the arrow stand 
to the left to hit the eye inside the north room.  Now grab the last 
Tear of Light and possess the phantom!

This phantom you possess is called a Wrecher Phantom.  Basically it can 
roll all over the place and smash things up.  Isn't it cool? :D 

Go back to the previous floor.  Draw a route for Zelda so that she rolls
over all the enemies and kill them. Also smash all the statues with 
spikes in the middle of the map. Have Link go to where Zelda is, stand 
on the platform and shoot the northeast arrow stand to hit the eye.  A 
chest appears. Grab some treasure from it.  Head downstairs.

On the top left, have Link move away the small block and Zelda push the 
large block onto the two switches.  On the bottom left, move away the 
large block and push the small block on the switch. On the bottom right, 
move away the large blocks and push the small block on the switch.  
Lastly on the top right, have Link and Zelda stand on both the switches 
to deactivate the spikes.  Grab a key from the chest.

Head back upstairs, unlock the door on the right and head up.

On the right side, have Zelda roll up to the top of the path where the 
boulders are coming out from.  Link will walk behind her AT THE SAME 
TIME as Zelda moves.  Click the switch on the left to stop the boulders. 
Go left.  For now Zelda cannot carry you across the lava, so break all 
the blocks and head south, right and up the stairs.

For convenience, first have Zelda clean up all the cracked blocks by 
rolling all over. Stand on both switches.  The door will close and four 
skeletons will appear.  Feed them each two arrows (or have Zelda roll 
all over :D). Three large monsters with shields and some mice will 
appear. Grab their shield with your whip and strike them with your 
sword (or have Zelda roll over them). Remember that Zelda is afraid 
of mice and she cannot fight if there are any around.  Eliminate them 
all :D Lastly four phantoms will appear and the door will open.  Have 
Link rush to the safe zone as fast as possible, or sacrifice a heart 
to get hit and reappear at the stairs on this floor.  Attack one 
phantom from the back and switch Zelda to this new armour.

Return to the previous floor.  Now you can cross lava with this armour. 
First jump onto Zelda from the platform and have her walk up to the edge 
of the platform.  There you can swing to the left and grab the arrow 
stand (as well as some arrows).  Have Zelda stand south of your platform.  
Link can jump onto her shield.  Place the arrow stand on the bottom right 
platform facing right.  Head left and grab the other arrow stand.  Place 
it on the left bottom stand. Again, Link will swing onto the top 
platform.  Zelda will go to the bottom left platform and hold up the 
arrow stand facing left.

First shoot the stand on the right.  The arrow will hit the eye and the 
door on the left will open.  As quickly as possible, shoot the stand on 
the left to hit the eye inside the room. (There is a timer on the room 

The door to the next level opens, so head up. Grab some stuff on the 
left and hearts on the right if you need. Head up to the next level.

Have Zelda go through the fire and grab the boss key.  Link can go pass 
the sand to where she is.  Once you pick up the boss key, the annoying 
hands will appear again, attempting to snatch the key.  Link will 
protect Zelda as she head all the way up and to the right.  You can 
kill the hands with your sword at reachable areas, and shoot arrows 
over to the other side.  Switch Zelda down with the pink patch at the 
right most corner. 

Zelda will go south and unlock the boss lock while Link shoots the hands 
going after her.

Head up.  Grab some hearts if you need and push open the door.  Before 
you go in, save your game.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// ---------------------------------------------------------


A scene will occur and Byrne will appear.  He said he would stop anyone 
attempting to interfere with Cole's actions.  Simply put, you have to 
fight him.

First Byrne will stay on top of the pole and sneak around like a ninja.  
You cannot attack him with anything right now, so be patient and avoid 
being hit by the blue light he sends down.  He will also attempt to 
shoot the catcher on his hand at you.  You will know when there is a 
lock-on icon on Link.  Run around so that the catcher will not land on 
you or Zelda when it launches.  If the catcher lands on Zelda, strike it 
with the sword to free her.  If it lands on the ground, have Zelda go 
and grab it and she will pull Bryne down from the poles.  Link can then 
go up and strike him with the sword.

After about three attempts, Byrne will come down to where you are and 
start fighting with you.  However, no matter how you strike him, it deals 
no damage. Wait for him until you see some red aura circling his arm.  
It's a sign before Bryhe dashes forward.  As he dashes, have Zelda go 
up to him and block his attack.  Link can go to the back and strike 
Byrne.  After a few hits Byrne will go down.

A scene will occur and Byrne leaves!  When the two happy people realized 
that Byrne was already gone you gain back control of the game. 

Save and head out of the hole that Byrne left earlier.  Go up the cliff 
and another scene will occur.  You will see Byrne talking to Cole... 

Link and Zelda are just a bit two late.  Cole is now resurrecting the 
Demon King, Malladus, into Zelda's body!  After Malladus is retrived, he 
nearly killed Byrne with one attack. A Demon Train appeared from the 
background which took Cole and Malladus away.  Anjean appears afterwards 
and everyone left for the Spirit train, taking Byrne with them. 

Extra: Before you leave the Tower of Spirits, there are still some 
treasure you have to take with you :D  Head back to the 18th floor, 
grab the three Tears of Light (everything should be opened now so it is 
pretty easy) and possess a phantom.  Switch it into a normal phantom in 
the top room and return to the floor where there is a platform with a 
switch on it.  Have Link stand on the switch.  Zelda will take the blue 
arrow stand and stand inside the room on the marked tile with the stand 
facing north. Link will shoot the stand that Zelda is holding to hit the 
eye inside the room.  A treasure chest will appear.

(Note: The above treasure chest is not included in the walkthrough 
because you need to have a normal phantom armour to hold the arrow 
stand, and it will be troublesome if you change to a normal phantom to 
get the treasure, then change back to a wrecher phantom to cross the 
rolling boulders on the next floor and again change to a normal phantom 
to cross the lava...)

Then switch back to a wrecher phantom on the same floor and head down. 
Have Zelda pull away the large block on the bottom left so that Link can 
grab another treasure chest.

// end extra

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// ---------------------------------------------------------


On the train, Anjean told you that you can only try to force the Demon 
King out of Zelda's body in order to defeat him, and to do so you need 
a weapon called the Bow of Light.  This Bow of Light can be found in 
the final Sand Temple.  Link and Zelda decide to get this bow, and Anjean 
gives you a Force Gem with new tracks to the Sand Realm.

The Sand Realm can be accessed from the Fire Sanctuary, so go along 
the map and enter this new map.  There are not many tracks, so have a 
look around.

In the Sand Realm, there are these shark enemies which swim in the sand 
and you cannot deal damage if you fire at them while they are 
underground.  So kill them when they try to attack your train and jump 
out of the ground.  Or you can sound the horn to lure them out of the 
ground, then blast!! Luckily one hit will kill them.  

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// ---------------------------------------------------------


As you go along the tracks, you will notice some large statues on the 
roadside. If you think they are decorations, you are wrong.  They are 
giving you some hints. *hint hint*  There are a total of four large 
statues.  Drive around to pay them a visit and mark down which 
directions they are looking at.

On the road to a dead end you see on your map, you will pass the Sand 
Sanctuary. Stop there.

There are two statues on two platforms, one tablet and some bomb flowers.  
Wake the two statues up for some hints on what to do, and read the tablet 
for the final instructions. 

So the tablet asks you to "Find me by blasting the area where the gazes 
of the big statues meet".  So it is talking about the statues you saw 
on the rail map earlier.  If you have taken my advice and marked down 
where they are looking at, you know where to bomb.  If not, see below.

Notice there is a rectangular patch of sand south of the left platform.  
Bomb somewhere near the north east corner of this patch to open a 

Head down the stairs.  It is fairly easy here since there is only one 
path and no enemies.  At the end of the path you will meet the lokomo 
Rael.  Once again he will teach you a tune (green, white, blue, white, 
blue, green).  This tune also skipped a tone to the last, but it is 
much easier than the previous one since there is a pause.  Perform 
with Rael to unlock the tracks to the Sand Temple.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// ---------------------------------------------------------


Before you leave Sand Sanctuary, Rael will tell you that in order to 
access Sand Temple, you will have to pass through three trials as 

First, you will encounter the big eye that looms in the shadows.
Then you will need to navigate the twisted tunnels
Finally you will face the impenetratable temple

They sound difficult, but actually they are not :D

Go by the right tracks leading up to the Fire Realm.  You will enter 
a tunnel to start your first trial. Once you get into this tunnel, 
"someone" will automatically help you drive your train, so turn your 
view to the back of the train.  You will see an eye following you, so 
obviously you have to shoot it.  The first trial involves a monster 
with an eye inside its mouth running after you.  All you have to do 
is to shoot the eye in its mouth, and when you see any explosives 
planted on the walls, shoot the explosives.

After some time you have beaten the monster, finished the first trial 
and got out of the tunnel.

In front of you lies the second tunnel.  As its name implies, the 
twisted tunnel are not what they seem to be on map.  Don't look at 
your map and try to navigate. It just doesn't make sense.  You can 
try on your own by taking notes of where you are going, or see the 
solution in the next paragraph.

After you are out from the first cave, switch to reverse gear and go 
back in (yes, into the save which you just exited). You will end up 
somewhere on the T-shape tracks on the map.  Again, back into the 
tunnel you just came out.  You will be somewhere on the right side of 
the map.  Turn right at the next intersection and you will be out of 
the twisted tunnels and passed the second trial. Isn't it simple? :D

In front of you, you will see the Sand Temple.  Why do you think the 
tracks go around the temple on your map?  You have to route around the 
temple and destroy every single cannon on the temple walls.  This is 
the last trial.  Just fire them away, two hits per cannon and the 
temple door will open.  

You have finished all three trials!  Congratulations!

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// ---------------------------------------------------------


Inside the Sand Temple, head right, avoid the boulders and head north.  
Shoot the eye on the north wall to open the door on the right.  Grab 1 
rupee from the chest. The door will be locked and skeletons will appear.  
Kill them all to open the door and grab a key from the real chest. Open 
the locked door and go upstairs.

Walk on top of that spike thing and jump down on right. Head down.  
Ignore the sand monsters for now since you cannot defeat them.  Head 
right and up (beware of spikes!) and up the stairs we go.

Go into the room, kill all the skeletons (using just the sword is fine).  
Go left, and up for the Sand Wand.

* To use the Sand Wand, hold L/R and tap any area with sand to raise 
  its profile. Tap on yourself to raise where you are standing

A scene will occur where you will hear a sound.  When you go back to 
the previous room, the exit is blocked!  The reason is that the game 
developers want you to use your new item.

Stand in front of the left platform, use the wand on where you are 
standing and you can get on the platform and walk all the way back out.  
Head down the stairs. South of you the three rotating spikes will be 
moving together.  Raise some sand to create a block to stop one of the 
spikes while you pass.  Use the wand to access the left platform and 
grab the chest for 20 rupees.  Then stop the right most spike and get 
on top of it to access the right platform for some treasure.

Head right.  The wall will close behind you, so you need to defeat the 
sand monsters. Hold down L/R button and continuous tap on the monsters 
(they will be running around).  You will notice that they will turn 
brown and harden.  Throw them a bomb to kill them after hardening.  
Kill both to open the door.

Go north.  The spike that is stationary just now is now rotating. Get 
onto the north platform, create a sand block to stop the spikes and 
head down the stairs.

In the centre of the map, create sand blocks to move the boulder onto 
the thrower. Hit the switch to send the boulder slaming on the wall and 
produce an entrance. Don't go in yet.  Head left. Push the large stone 
column thingie to the left by raising sand.  Also push the one on the 
platform north of you. (You can raise sand anywhere on the map, even 
if you are not standing on that level, as long as your stylus can tap 
it) Go left, get onto platform, swing to the right, head up, left.  
Shoot the 3 eyes (the ones at the sides are shot by raising yourself 
with sand.  Quickly jump down from sand and shoot the last one) to 
open the door. Enter.

Hide in the gap on the right and push the column downward.  Go up, get 
onto the platform on the left.  Move the column up to where the stairs 
are and go to the right.  Move column to the second pile of stairs and 
lead left. Kill both sand monsters for 20 rupees in chest. Read the 
board on the north wall. Think about the puzzle :D

On the left of the stairs on the centre of the map, go up the platforms 
for some treasure. On the right side, the boulders are now coming down 
together, so you can no longer avoid them as you run.  Use the right 
platform and go up all the way, turn left at the end of the path.  Use 
sand blocks to move the boulders on the other side of the gap and shoot 
the eye.

Door to your left is opened.  Go in and you will face some new enemies. 
To defeat them, use the Sand Wand on them when they are underground.  
They will be raised and fainted.  Raise yourself beside them and hit 
them with your sword.  Two hits will kill them.  After that, grab 20 
rupees from the chest on the left.

Have you figured out the puzzle earlier?  If not... here we go.

Use sand wand on the ground about five steps south of the chest you 
just got 20 rupees from. You will get a key! So the puzzle is to find 
the spot between one and three... eyes. 

With your key, head down the centre stairs. Use sand wand on the 
quicksand to make a path to cross.  Open the locked door. Harden 
both sand monsters and put them on both switches to open the door. 
(Timing is a key factor here, and the monsters are annoying as to 
run around and soften again if you are busy chasing another monster) 
Head up.  Use wand to cross the quicksand again.

Take the left path, up and right to access the stamp station.  Go 
right afterwards. You will see a dice with two blue faces where one 
face has a spike sticking out.  The objective is to insert this spike 
into the blue panel on the ground. 

* Roll the dice by using your sand wand in the OPPOSITE direction of 
  where you   want it to go.  Tap the end part of the dice to roll it!

Roll the dice down, right, down, left, up, right to put it in the 
hole and open the door.  Head down and step on the switch.  Move a 
boulder on the thrower and hit the purple switch with your boomerang.  
Then move a boulder onto the switch you were standing and head down.

On the left, push the left block down, right, down, left, up, right. 
Push the right block down, left, down.  Door to the left will open.  
Kill the skeletons for a treasure chest. On the north, stop the bottom 
spike to access the switch at the south. Go north and kill the enemies. 
 In the north most room, raise all the sand in the room for some 
rupees (there is a 100 rupee jewel!) and the boss key.

Back to the room in the centre of the map.  Roll the left dice up, 
left, down, down, right, right, down, left, up.  Roll the right dice 
up, right, down, down, left, up, up to open the pink door on the north.  
Insert the boss key into the lock.  Head up and save your game.

Sand Temple - Boss: Skeldritch

This is one annoying boss I should say. I wonder why its neck does not 
break... it is so thin...

Anyways.  You know you will need the sand wand, so get it ready.  The 
boss will fire boulders out from its lower body.  Block the boulders 
and move it onto the thrower.  Hit the switch to roll the boulder at 
the boss.  Two hits will break his lower bone.

For the next bone, throw a boulder from the front slightly from the 
right.For the third bone, throw a boulder from the back slightly from 
the right. You can run to the other side of the battleground (since the 
boss is always facing you) and shoot an arrow to activate the switch.
For the last bone, throw a boulder from the back slightly from the left.

While the number of bones of the boss decreases, he will fire boulders 
at a faster and faster pace.  Make sure you always have some sand blocks 
in front of you so that you won't get rolled over. You can take your 
time to put the boulders on the thrower, just don't get run over.  
Because for the fast boulders, getting run over by the first boulder 
means you will be run over by the second one as well... they come too 
fast that sometimes you don't have enough time to run.

Also be careful of the red beam that comes from the boss' mouth.  When 
the boss still has his first two lower bones, you can go near the boss 
to avoid being hit, but for the last two bones, his mouth beam will be 
following you around, and the time that it follows gets longer with the 
last bone. 

After his whole body is broken down, you will see that there is a 
crystal at the back of the skull. Build sand blocks everywhere possible 
to hinder its movements. 

* (I think I have forgotten to say this before) To make blocks fast, 
  just hold L/R button and draw on the screen like crazy. You don't 
  have to tap the locations   one by one.

The boss will attempt to eat the sand blocks, so just don't stop 
creating them. Raise yourself so that you can run to the back of his 
skull and hit the crystal with your sword. After a few hits, the boss 
will die and you will get your heart container.


Go down the stairs after beating the boss. Go to the end of the path 
and you will get the Bow of Light!!  Shoot the eye at the north wall 
for a bridge and a blue light back to the entrance.

Zelda and Link will be very eager to show this to Anjean, so they rushed 
back onto the train...

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// ---------------------------------------------------------


Back on the train, Anjean is happy for your achievement, but she could 
not tell you your next step. Byrne was suddenly awake (like he has ever 
fainted!) and told you that there was a way to find the Demon Train.  
Below the altar in the Tower of Spirits there is a hidden section of 
tracks.  Somewhere down there is the Compass of Light which can lead 
you to the Demon Train.

Zelda and Link decide to get this compass, so you have to return to the 
Tower of Spirits.  Anjean will also give you a new sword - the Lokomo 
Sword, filled with sacred energy from the spirits.

So, head back to the Tower of Spirits immediately and look at Section 
7.0  of this walkthrough if you are eager to finish the game.  If not, 
we will be treasure and side quest hunting again :D

Stop at any station and you will receive a letter from Niko asking you 
to go back to Aboda village.  Probably he wants to know how well we are 
doing on stamp collection.  With his letter he has sent us a map with 
two marked areas on Aboda Village. Let's mark them down on our map first.

Stop by anywhere else and you will receive a letter from Ferrus (if 
you don't know who he is, let's call him photographer or camera-man).  
He sends you a photo (obviously taken in the Snow Realm) and asks you 
to pay him a visit. Remember you have such a letter. We will work on 
this later.

Go back to Sand Sanctuary and you will see Rael at the station.  Talk 
to him to find that he is looking for some (namely 5) cucoos for a 
study.  On the sand, raise every corner with your sand wand to obtain 
some nice rupees (I got three 100-rupee jewels and many others :D)

Next, go to Goron Village.  Grab the quiver if you have 2000 rupees 
(just got mine - now you can hold up to 30 arrows).  Outside the 
elder's house you will meet the Goron grandson who wants to go to 
Castle Town.  Take him there. Goron grandson will leave your train, 
go north and talk to him.  He will go north again to the woman at the 
square.  Talk to him again for a Force Gem and Fire tracks.

By the way, the last door in the challenge house is open. You will have 
to fight around 10 levels (I didn't count) of monsters, and then all 5 
bosses from the temples consecutively.  After you beat Skeldritch, you 
will get a treasure from a chest.  Head down the stairs and refill your 
hearts from bottles on the right. Then head up into a room... where you 
have to fight a shadow clone of yourself! The spin attack is the monst 
efficient way here (and since I have collected all 20 stamps when I 
attempted this, the great spin attack is great! :D) When the shadow clone 
Link dies, you go back out and the woman will give you some valuable 
treausre (I got a Regal Ring... again).

Head to the left of town and enter the left most home.  The husband of 
this woman has gone missing and she wants to go and find him.  Agree to 
take her on a ride. To shorten our train riding time, let's do several 
things at once.  Go to the barn north of the woman's house and get 5 
cucoos for 50 rupees. Be careful when you drive since now you have to 
pay attention to the signs and don't let anyone hit you, or the cucoos 
will flee and the woman will get angry.  Anyways, the quickest way to 
get to Sand Sanctuary is through the Tower of Spirits and the Fire Realm.  

Give the cucoos to Rael and he will reward you with a Force Gem and new 
Fire tracks.  Don't leave yet.  Grab a cucoo and jump over the islands 
in the south east for the Sand Sanctuary stamp station.

Next, take the woman in your train to Rabbitland Rescue.  The quickest/
safest path is to go through the Tower of Spirits, then use the portal 
south of Castle Town to arrive south of Anouki Village, then head south 
for Rabbitland Rescue.  The woman will talk to her husband. Go and talk 
to her.  She will ask you to take her back to Castle Town.  Talk to her 
again outside the train, and she will decide to stay.  You will be given 
a Force Gem and new Forest tracks.

Go along the new tracks. There will be two rabbits on the way.  Arrive 
at Aboda Village and pay Niko a visit. Show him your stamp book and he 
will reward you. I have 18 stamps right now, so 10 stamps for a Shield 
of Antiquity and 15 stamps for Engineer's clothes.  I got both :D  
There are 20 stamp stations in total. Collect all of them for the 
last prize.  If you want to change back to your normal shield and 
soldier's clothes, visit Niko's house.

Outside Niko's house, play the Song of Discovery on the two spots 
marked on Niko's map for some treasure.  Talk to the guy north of Niko's 
house.  He wants 10 cucoos.  Mark this down first.

In front of the train station, a kid wants to go to a place where he can 
fly like a bird. Take him to Beedle's hot air balloon!!  He will reward 
you with a Force Gem and new Forest tracks.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// ---------------------------------------------------------


Now let's check out the new Fire tracks we got earlier.  First visit the 
ones north east of Goron Village.  There you will find a new stop - 
Disorientation Station. It looks really deserted, but hey!  There's a 
soldier on the top most part of the map.

First play the Song of Birds and catch a bird to the left platform for 
some treasure.  Grab the bird and fly to the right platform.  Swing to 
the right, head up and left.  Grab 20 rupees from the chest beside the 
stairs.  Up the stairs and the soldier tells you that they were looking 
for treasure under the cave when they met some plant monsters.  He fled 
but his friend was still inside.  He wants you to help him go in and find 
his friend.  Agree to his request.

The solder will tell you that the cave is like a maze and gives you a 
clue to get to the treasure.

"From a room that knows no south, follow the rocky trail north and 
north... there in the north lies the treasure, waiting to be discovered"

Before you go into the cave, head all the way right for 100 rupees in 
a chest.

Go down the cave. So you can now spend some time to think about the 
hint from the soldier, or just go right & up. (The room with no south 
is the room right and south, so north and north from it is the room right 
and north).  Defeat any monsters on the way.  Play the Song of Discovery 
on the stone tile in the top right for the treasure!

Leave the cave and talk to the soldier.  He will reward you with 100 

There is nothing more here, so let's leave. 

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// ---------------------------------------------------------


Notice there is a dead end to the east from the new tracks you got from 
two sections earlier.  Let's pay a visit.  At the dead end, you will 
arrive at another stop - Ends of the Earth Station.

What a unique name.  However, this place has nothing aside from block 
rolling games. There are three caves on the map.  The centre one is for 
Brainteaser Block Puzzle, left is for Braintwister Block Puzzle, and right 
is for Brainmasher Block Puzzle.

Start with the easy one.  Enter the centre cave.

What you have to do in these caves is to solve three block puzzles (like 
the blocks from the Sand Temple) to get a prize and 100 rupees in the 

Brainteaser Puzzles:

Note: The following may not be the fastest ways to solve the puzzles.  
They are just the ways I did it.

Room 1: Push block right, down, right, down, left, left, up

Room 2: Push block down, down, right, up, right, down, down

Room 3: Push the block down, right, up, left, down, left, up, right, down

Head north to get some treasure from the chest.  Right to exit.  Cross 
the bridge to get 100 rupees from the chest.


Braintwister Puzzles:

Room 1: Push the left block up, right, up, right, down, down, down, left
        Push the right block up, left, up, left, down, down, down, right

Room 2: Push the bottom block up, right, down, left, up, left
        Push the top block down, right, down, left, up, left

Room 3: Push the right block down, left, up, right, up, right
        Push the left block down, right, up, left, up, left
        Push the centre block down, left, up, right, down, down

Note: When two blocks are adjacent to each other, you may need to move 
away one block to move the other one. The steps to move away adjacent 
blocks are not included in the above.

Head north to get a heart container from the chest!  Right to exit.  
Cross the bridge to get 100 rupees from the chest.


Brainmasher Puzzles:

Room 1: Push the left block right, down, right, up, left, left, down
        Push the right block left, down, left, up, right, right, down
        Push the centre block left, down, right, up, right, down, left, 
        left, up, right, down

Room 2: Push the bottom block up, right, down, left, left
        Push the top block down, right, up, left, left, down, right, 
        right,         up, left, down, right

Note: When two blocks are adjacent to each other, you may need to move 
away one block to move the other one. The steps to move away adjacent 
blocks are not included in the above.

Room 3: Since space is so limited in this puzzle, you cannot move one 
        block without moving the others around, therefore, I will be 
        specifying all the intermediate moves as well.
        First, let's name the blocks L on the left, C in the centre and 
        R on         the right when you first enter the room.

        Push blocks as follows: (C) down, right, (R) left, (L) down, 
        (R) left,         (C) up, left, down, (R) right, right, (L) up, 
        (C) left, (L) right, down,         (C) up), (L) right, (R) left, 
        up, (L) up, (R) left, (L) down, (C) right,         down

Head north to get a very valuable treasure! (I am not sure if the 
treasures in all copies of the game are the same.  I got a regal ring 
worth 5000 rupees :D) Out and to the left get 100 rupees.


And that's all you do here.  Leave the station and never to come back :D

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// ---------------------------------------------------------


Let's check out the new snow tracks we got some time ago.  Go to the 
north east dead end of the Snow map.  While going there you will pass 
through a cave with a lot of spiders to kill, but I guess we will only 
go there for once, unless you wish to come back again.

At the dead end you will arrive at Slippery Station.  There is nothing 
here aside from a skating rink.  There are three levels, after which you 
can get some treasure. So what you have to do is to step on the button, 
run as fast as possible to the treasure chests before the door shuts 
itself from a timer.  

I did not manage to run quick enough even for the easiest level... but 
I guess the chests contain some nice treasures :D

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// ---------------------------------------------------------


Next, let's visit the dead end on the north west of the Snow map.  There 
you will arrive at Snowdrift Station.  Go all the way to the left and 
enter the cave.  Kill all the wolves on the way.

This place is like a mini dungeon.  You are to collect clues from the 
stairs at the four corners about the order to hit the switches in the 

Enter the stairs on the bottom left. Step on the switch and run as fast 
as you can before the door closes on the other side.  Read the tablet for 
the first clue.

"The first and last ones are on the ends"

Exit back to the entrance level.

Enter the stairs on the top left. Push the block right, up, left, down, 
right, up, right into the water.  Kill all the enemies with whirlwind, 
and blow your raft to the right.  Be careful of the arrows shooting down 
from the north.  Read the tablet.

"Second one the and fourth one are next to each other"

Exit back to the entrance level.

Enter the stairs on the bottom right. Make ice path and kill all enemies 
to open the door. (Make ice paths around the enemies to faint them, then 
hit them with your sword). Read the tablet.

"Second switch from the left is the third switch to hit"

Exit back to the entrance level.

Enter the stairs on the top right. It is dark in here!  But there are no 
enemies around.  Light your way with the ice torch and move by making 
ice paths, going left, up, right, up, left. Read the tablet.

"Don't hit the false one in the middle"

Exit back to the entrance level.

In the centre of the map, hit the switches in the following order, 
counting from the left: 1,4,2,5.  Don't touch the third one.  If you 
make a mistake, there will be spikes coming out from where you stand 
and decreases your hearts.

Head up to the north room.  Kill all enemies by bombing them.  Head 
up and get some nice treasure.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// ---------------------------------------------------------


Now you are in the Snow map outside Snowdrift Station, which means you 
are near the Snow Temple.  Remember the letter you received from Ferrus?  
Drive around the area outside Snow Temple to find him.  Beware of the 
crazy locos roaming around.  There is this blue bullet train similar to 
the ones you met outside Ocean Temple.  They come after you, so look out.  
I found Ferrus on the vertical path east of Snow Temple (I am not sure if 
every game is the same).  He wants to meet his hero - Alfonzo, so take 
him to Aboda Village.

Also, in the vertical path north east of Wellspring Station, there is a 
teleport portal that you can activate, bringing you to a path south east 
of the Fire Temple.

Back to Aboda Village, Ferrus will leave you.  Go into Alfonzo's house 
and talk with him.  He will give you a Force Gem and new Forest tracks.

Go to Papuchia village.  The woman who sells fish wants you to get her 
some ice. Go to the south map of Papuchia Village (access using the 
birds).  Go to the island on the top left corner.  Raise all the sand 
for several 20-rupee jewels :D

Next, teleport from east of Ocean Sanctuary back to Snow Realm.  Drop 
by Wellspring Station and get some ice.  Teleport back to Papuchia 
Village and give it to the woman to obtain a Force Gem and new Tracks.

Since it is near, let's explore the new tracks!  You will pass by a new 
stop - Pirate Hideout. The first thing to do is to play the Song of Birds, 
call a bird to take you up to the left platform for a stamp station.  Save 
before you enter the cave in the middle.

Once you enter the cave, game start!  You will see someone imprisoned 
on the other side.  Your job is to rescue him by shooting all the pirates 
(monsters) you see on screen with your arrows.  There are three parts.  
For the first part, the pirates will go horizontally across your top 
screen.  You just have to aim your bow and take them down.  For the 
second part, you and the man will be in a cart with pirates in carts 
behind you.  All you have to do is to shoot them all down. And for the 
last part there will be a troll at the exit, and pirates on both sides.  
Ignore the pirates on both sides and just concentrate all your shots on 
the troll.  After some time you and the man have fred the cave.  Take 
the man back to Papuchia Village for a Force Gem and new Ocean tracks.  
There is also a teleport portal east of the hideout which will lead you 
to the path heading south to Trading Post at the beginning of the game.

Extra: You can always come back to Pirate Hideout and play the game again.  
You will see a goron who says his friend is being captured, and you have 
to free him the same way you free the man.  Every pirate you kill is 
counted towards some points.  If you save the goron AND beat the 3000 
point mark, you will get an upgrade for your quiver!  Some people say 
you need to get a point range between 4000 & 4500 to get a heart 
container, but I think as long as it is over 4000 you will get the 
heart container, because I scored 4570 and I got it :D

Drop by Castle Town.  Grab some cucoos and bring them back to Aboda 
Village to the guy north of Niko's house for a Force Gem and new tracks.  
On the way you should drop by Whittleton and talk to the guy on the left.  
He will tell you that he wants some steel.

Some time around now you will get a letter from Ferrus asking you to pick 
him up. Included in the letter is a map.  If you cannot figure it out by 
one look, here's a hint: it is in the Fire Realm.  So the next thing is, 
head to Fire Realm.

Go to the north of Goron Target Range to pick Ferrus up. He will request 
to go to the Ocean Temple.  It is far, but you have no choice aside from 
bringing him there.  Drop him at the entrance of the temple (the one under 
water) and he will give you a Force Gem and new Fire tracks.

Go explore the Fire tracks in the east.  You will come to another stop - 
Dark Ore Mine. There is nothing here for now, unless you want to buy some 
dark ore. However, you should go into the centre cave and mark down the 
map on the wall. It will come in handy in a few seconds. 

Notice there are tracks going south from Dark Ore Mine to Ocean Realm.  
There is nothing aside from a cave where there is another of those big-
eye-in-its-mouth monsters that you have to continuously shoot, together 
with mini spiders and explosives...

If you are not going south, stop by Goron Village again since it is the 
closest place from Dark Ore mine (and Fire Realm is pretty easy to 
navigate since the enemies are lame :D)  If you are lucky like me, you 
will receive a letter from Kagoron with a map showing some treasure 
hidden inside Dark Ore Mine. So, let's go back to the mine, go inside 
the right cave and head all the way up to the dead end.  Play the song 
of Discovery to get some treasure. 

That's it for now.  Return to Goron Village and grab some steel from 
the Goron on the left map.  It costs 100 rupees for 20 beams.  Bring 
the steel back to Whittleton for a Force Gem and new Forest Track.

Good timing it would be if you would receive a letter from Ferrus now 
(like in my case).  He will attach with his letter a photo obviously 
taken inside the forest of Forest Realm and ask you to drop by.  And 
coincidentally you are now in the Forest Realm.  Head east into the 
forest and look for Ferrus (I found him just south of Forest Temple).  
He will give you some nice treasure (I got a Regal Ring :D)

Moreover, if you have one rabbit from each realm (Forest, Snow, Ocean, 
Fire, Sand), go to Rabbitland Rescue for some treasure.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// ---------------------------------------------------------


After all those extras, let's continue with the storyline. Back to the 
Tower of Spirits, Zelda reminded you that we should search under the 
altar, so go back to the alter floor. (Use the blue light outside the 
entrance of level 18).  Go all the way up to the top most place to find 
a stamp station!

Extra:  Now you have all 20 stamps! (If you have missed any, see Appendix 
4.0 below to get it)  You can go back to Niko to get the Swordman's 
Scroll which enables you to do the great spin attack!

* To do the great spin attack, draw three circles around link.  Be 
  prepared to feel dizzy after all that spinning! 

// end extra

Shoot the two eyes at the altar to reveal some stairs (you will have 
to hold your aim for a while for the light arrow to charge).  Enter 
the stairs and refill your arrows, bombs and hearts.  Head down again.  
Remember that now you can attack phantoms directly with your lokomo 
sword, so you don't have to collect Tears of Light anymore!

Go up the north stairs.  It is totally dark in here, but it is not very 
difficult to make your way through since you can only access the top left 
part for now.  Possess a phantom (the green ones on the map) and head 
back up.

Have Zelda pass the spikes and step on the switch to deactivate the 
spikes. Go over the lava.  Stand on the left side of the right stairs 
and hit both switches on the top and bottom with your boomerang.  (Be 
careful of where the phantom is looking when you hit).  The door will 
open, so head up.

Go up to the left to find a tablet that you can read.

"Sometimes darkness can open a path"

Without further ado, blow out all torches with your whirlwind (be 
careful of the ghosts monsters along the way) to open a door on the left.  
Possess a red phantom.  For convenience, you can light back up all the 
torches with the phantom... except for one.  There is one torch which is 
located around the left side of the centre of the whole map which you 
should not light, because it will call forth a warp phantom.  But if you 
have lit it (like what I have done...) don't worry... we just have to 
deal with it. 

If you did not light that torch, go left and shoot the eye.  If you have 
lit it, go left, lure the phantom out of his position (with a bomb or 
with yourself) and shoot the eye.  Go back up to the previous floor.

With Zelda in the red phantom armour, we go all the way back to the other 
side of the lava and go up the north stairs.  At the bottom left corner, 
light both torches to open the door. Head down.  Kill all the skeletons on 
this floor, then using your sand wand make a sand path for Zelda to walk 
across to the north platforms and light both torches.  Jump onto Zelda 
from the middle platform and go south. You will get some treasure on the 
left platform and a key on the right.

Return to the previous floor.  East of the door you will pass by a tablet 
that reads

"Only those without special powers know the secret"

Use Zelda to talk to the green phantoms.  They will give you a hint :D

And some kind soul has left you a bomb flower west of the tablet.  Grab 
one, run to the top left corner and bomb open it.  Enter and go upstairs. 

On this floor first go south, bomb the blocks for some treasure.  Raise 
some sand on yourself to jump onto Zelda and step on the switch on north 

Go back to the floor with phantoms, exit to the right, go across the lava 
and up again on the map where you possessed the red phantom just now.  
Head to the left side of the map and down.  You will find another flight 
of stairs. Exit through.

On this floor you will see three locked doors and some arrows/bombs 
reserve nuts.  Go through the left door. (I think it is fine whichever 
door you choose, but I have chosen left, and the walkthrough here will 
follow that :D)

On the floor you exit, first, kill the annoying Phantom Eye and step on 
the switch at the south to make a bridge for Zelda.  Raise some sand to 
jump onto her shield. Even if the Phantom Eye reappears, it will 
detect you on Zelda's shield since you guys are on a complete different 

Head south.  From the shield, swing over to the left and step on the 
switch for a bridge.  Going up, raise some sand to get on the right 
platform and possess the warp phantom.  When you are on sand, don't 
worry if the Phantom Eye detects you, since the phantom will sink in 
the sand when it tries to come after you :D

When the Phantom Eye hovers on top of the left platform, warp Zelda in. 
Have Zelda hold the arrow stand facing north.  Link will get onto the 
stairs on the right platform and shoot.  Two eyes down :D

Go back all the way to the previous floor. Head through top left (bombed 
place just now).  Have Link stand on the pink patch at the south and 
Zelda warped to the phantom eye at the south when it is hovering on top 
of the other pink patch.  Switch places.  When the phantom eye reappears, 
warp Zelda down when it is hovering above the ground on the right.  

Zelda will go through the spikes up and stand on the yellow patch.  Link 
will stand on the one below and switch places. Using Link, go all the 
way up, plant a bomb on the corner to get the phantom out, then rush to 
shoot the eye to open a door at the bottom.  Switch Link back out on the 
yellow platform.  Don't worry about the Phantom Eye.  Just stay on sand 

Jump onto Zelda from the patch of sand on the right.  Then head right 
and kill the enemy.  Also, strike the arrow stand on the left so it 
faces up and shoot it.

Door on the right will open.  Head up and possess the Wrecher phantom. 
Light the torch on the left to open the remaining two doors.  Beware of 
mice on this part of the map.  Kill them all in order to get Zelda to 
continue...  Shoot the eye at the north wall for a key.

Go back down the stairs again.  Zelda can roll around and clear all 
the cracked blocks and spikes (remember there are some in the centre 
of the map too).  Left of the stairs you will get a key from a chest 
after clearing all the garbage :D

Through the previous floor, go back to the bottom centre stairs, 
where the map with the three doors are.  You can now unlock the 
remaining two doors.  Take the right path (because you are in Wrecher 
armour now).

Zelda will go up where the boulders are rolling down with Link following 
behind.  Hit the switch to stop the boulders. Break all the blocks on the 
bottom left.  Head back to south of where the boulders rolled down and 
read the tablet. Mark the instructions down if needed.

Back to previous map, possess the red phantom and go through the 
second locked door from the three-door room (bottom centre stairs 
in case you have forgotten). Have Zelda light the top left torch.  
Link will use the boomerang to light the bottom right torch first, 
then the top right torch, and Zelda will light the bottom left torch.  
Go and shoot the eye.

Go back through the first locked door.  Possess the Warp phantom on 
the left. Warp Zelda to the Phantom Eye on the right and walk up to 
the pink patch. Link will go to the pink patch on his right and switch. 
Zelda will then walk up to the switch to hold the door down while Link 
shoots the eye. The centre door is now open.

Switch Link back out with the pink patch. Return to the passage 
through the second locked door. Now down the north stairs.

We have a lot of enemies in this room.  First there will be those 
bubble-like monsters with electricity around (sorry, I am bad with 
monsters' names), then we have skeletons and lastly those large 
monsters with shields and can blow fire.  Have Zelda help you kill 
them, or simply bomb every single one since there are free bombs on 
the left of the entrance.  When everything dies, exit to the right. 

Just as your hopes are getting high, we are yet on another floor... 
still... but don't worry!  From the look of it, I bet this is the last
floor.  First possess the red phantom and light the torches in the 
centre to open the door. Next, get a warp phantom.  Faint the Phantom 
Eye from the left side blow it across the sand patch.  Warp Zelda in 
and stand on the two switches to open the north door. Then, get a 
wrecher phantom and destroy all the spikes in front of the centre 
phantom. You can faint phantoms for a short while by rolling over them 
with a wrecher phantom.  Therefore, roll on top of them continuously 
while Link sneaks past :D Together, push open the large door and enter.  

Finally!! Grab the Compass of Light from the chest.  You also get some 
new tracks in the Forest Realm which leads you to the Dark Realm. Exit 
through the blue light.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

With the Compass of Light, we are finally able to chase after the Demon 
Train.  Since I am not sure if we are going to the final battle, let's 
finish up whatever extras we have not mentioned above (the ones I have 
forgotten earlier).

So first, head to Whittleton (you should have come here after you got 
the whip at Ocean Temple).  Head right and up to the next map.  Swing 
north for some treasure.  Swing east, go up and talk to the guy to play 
the Whip Race for 50 rupees. So what you have to do is to swing as fast 
as possible to the goal with your whip.  If you beat 1:30 mins, you get 
a larger bomb bag.  If you beat 1:15 mins, you get a heart container!  
The only thing you have to pay some attention to is the two sticks that 
are lower than the others (timing is the factor) and the last part where 
your view is not from the side.  Continuously tapping on the wooden sticks 
will get you to the goal.

Go to Castle Town.  You will meet teacher at the station who wants to get 
a ride to Aboda Village.  Take him there for 300 rupees.

While you are at Castle Town, if you have not gotten the treasure chests 
you can see on top of some of the buildings, now is the time to get them 
before going for the final boss.  Stand near the house south of the barn 
and play the Song of Birds to call down the only free cucoo.  Grab it and 
run up the castle wall to jump onto the roofs.
* Challenge House - jump from south
* Bottom left house - jump from south
* House right of the barn - (need help.  Credits will be given)

Next, stop at Trading Post and talk to Lineback.  Choose "Nothing" out 
of the three talk options. He will mention something about dark ores and 
will ask you to bring some back.  So head to Dark Ore Mine in Fire Realm.

Before buying the ore, make sure you have gone into the tunnel south of 
the Dark Mine at least once and have KILLED the eye-in-the-mouth monster.  
If not it will be a big hindrance in this mission. So, if that monster is 
dead, grab some dark ore from the mine for 200 rupees.  Goron will tell 
you that the ore will melt if put under the sun, so the only way you can 
go is to through the tunnel in the south (the ore will not melt in 
tunnels) to Ocean Realm, warp from the east gate to the west south of 
Sand Sanctuary, then warp from the portal south of where you exit to 
north-west of Trading Post.  There will be spiders inside the tunnel and 
sand sharks in Ocean Realm, so be careful since you can only afford ONE 
hit. I got 10 ores, did not get hit and arrive at Trading Post with 6 ores 
left with my train running at full gear for the whole journey.  Lineback 
requests 5 or more or else he will not give you the Force Gem and new 
Ocean tracks.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

After you finish this side quest, check out the new Ocean tracks on the 
south east of Ocean Realm. You will arrive at a new stop.

Welcome to the treasure-hunting station!  Play the Song of Light on the 
northeast and southwest beacons.  At where the lights cross, play the 
Song of Discovery for some treasure.  Call a bird and fly up to the 
centre platform.  Use the Song of Light to light the beacon on the right.  
From the left, grab a bomb flower and bomb the wall where the light is 
pointing at.  Enter the cave.

Use the Song of Awakening on the statue.  It will tell you that this is 
a duplicate of a temple somewhere and you can find a lot of treasure 
inside. The only thing is that you can use neither your sword nor your 
bow. Agree since it will not be difficult :D

Note: Be sure to stock up ALL your bombs (and arrows). You will need 
loads of bombs.

After you entered the temple, read the tablet on the left. These 
tablets will appear on every floor beside the stairs to tell you the way 
to clear the map. So the first one is "Light all of the torches".

Go to the left safe zone for some treasure.  Use your boomerang to light 
the torches in the centre of the map, then the two torches on the top 
left and right to open the door.  Head down.

Second tablet reads "Put out all the lights".  So go around and blow 
out all the torches with your whirlwind.  The map of this floor looks 
something like this for your reference.

____ EE ____
|       |   |  where EE are the stairs
|___    |   |
    |___|   |
____|   |___|
|  |        |
|__| EE ____|

The door at the south will open when all the torches are out.  Head 

Third tablet reads "In each pair, one switch is correct".  Head to the 
left side, faint the Phantom Eye and pull the right switch (pulling 
the left will add another Phantom Eye to the map).  Then head right 
and pull the right switch (pulling the left will add a second Phantom 
Eye).  Head up and grab some treasure.  Then at the top right corner 
pull the right switch (pulling left will again add a Phantom Eye).  
Swing to the safe zone on the left. On the top part, pull the left 
switch (pulling the right will add one more Phantom Eye to the map...) 
Swing from the centre stick to the open door. Head down.

The fourth tablet reads "Smash all the rocks".  There are a lot of 
Wrecher phantoms here, but nothing will happen as long as you bomb 
all the blocks without them seeing.  On the bottom left safe zone you 
will get some treasure. Also on the top right you will get some 
treasure. When every single block is bombed, the door will open.  
(Reminder: At least save 4 bombs for the next level) Head down.

The last tablet reads "Open all the treasure chests".  First, bomb 
the blocks to your right and grab the treasure.  Next head to the top 
right and grab the second treasure.  Pull the left switch to deactivate 
the spikes on the top left (pulling right rewards you with a Phantom 
Eye right at the door you need to exit to... like poor me...) If you 
got the Phantom Eye award, faint it to light the torch beside the door 
to deactivate the bottom left spikes. Grab both treasures to open the 
door.  Go in.

There is only a single treasure here (and it is Regal Ring for me 
again). Grab it and exit by the blue light. You will be out to where 
the sleeping statue is.

For more treasures, repeat the temple again and again and you will 
get rich with regal rings soon :D A side note is that when you get 
more and more regal rings, their price will drop from 5000 to 2500!!  
So sell one or two of your rings before getting new ones...

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

From the Forest Realm, head west of Aboda Village to arrive at the Dark 
Realm. The first reaction I had was OMG... I hate this map.  There are 
the super crazy locos (the bullet trains that follows you around) 
everywhere on the map.  There are also scattered Tears of Light on the 
tracks. Grab a Tear of Light to increase your train speed and become 
invincible temporary!  So obtain a Tear of Light and go smashing into 
the crazy locos until all of them fly out of the tracks!  

Notice some star-shaped black/red marks on your map, they are teleport 
stations to another of these marks on the map.  So with naming:
1  4   6
2  5   7
3      8

1,2,3 are the ones on the left, 6,7,8 are the ones on the right. 4 is 
the one on the top loop and 5 is the one on the track with a Force Gem 

The linking is:

First, grab the Force Gem in front of you when you enter and run into 
the first crazy loco you can see.  Do the same for the one in the centre 
bottom loop and the centre top loop.  Enter the warp station marked 8 
above to go to 2.  When you see the left top loco going downwards on 
the right track, grab the Force Gem and full gear ahead.  When you come 
out of 4, turn right and run into the loco.

The two locos on the top right are the most annoying.  Be patient.  Stop 
at the intersection south of the loop and watch their movements.  When 
both of them are in the bottom half of the loop (just pass mid-point 
would be nice), go straight a bit to lure them to follow you, then 
quickly grab the Force Gem and change to reverse gear to kick them off 
the tracks.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

Once all the crazy locos are gone, you will automatically switch to 
another dimension. There are four tracks on this map and some switching 
tracks in between.  The Demon Train will appear in front of you and 
starts moving in between two tracks.

Note: Although it seems the Demon Train is running in the space between 
the tracks, you cannot pass it if you are on the track left or right of 
the space it is running. You need to get across to the next track. (Or 
pay close attention to where it is moving from the top screen)

So catch up with the train.  In the second car, some compartments will 
open and push out barrels.  Fire at the barrels when they are still on 
the Demon Train to cause damage.  If the barrels land on your track, 
quickly fire at them before getting hit.

Occasionally the Demon Train will produce some red flames on the tracks. 
You cannot destroy these, so whenever you see a flame, avoid it by 
switching tracks.

When all compartments in the second car exploded, the car will detach 
from the Demon Train.  The train will warp into another dimension and you 
will automatically follow behind.

Note 2: Notice the meter on the right of the top screen.  It keeps track 
on how much the Demon Train has run until there are no more tracks.  You 
need to separate the second car from the Demon Train before the tracks 
ends or you will be game over-ed.

In the second map, once again you will be following the Demon Train 
from behind. The compartments will open again and some machine will shoot 
out laser beams. So the trick is not to be beside the Demon Train, but 
keep a close distance from behind and shoot at the laser machines.  If 
you destroy all the laser machines, the first car will detach.

Be very careful when the Demon Train change tracks.  And since you 
cannot switch to reverse gear (it becomes a slow-down gear), don't stay 
too close behind the Demon Train because it will suddenly slow down and 
if you don't have enough distance you will bump into its rear.

On the last map, you will be following the loco of the Demon Train.  
Catch up with him so that you will see something rotating on the outside.  
These gears will stop suddenly if you are approaching close enough, and 
five of them will shoot out laser beams at a time.  Fire at the gears that 
shoot the laser beams.  The Demon Train will be slowed down, so quickly 
go ahead of it and fire at the head (the face of the Demon Train in 
particular).  Do this repeatedly until the Demon Train goes down.

After this, you can save your progress :D

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

A scene will occur inside the train.  Anjean said she would accompany 
you to fight Malladus, and Byrne suggested to take her place.  In the 
end Zelda and Link decided to go without anyone's help (WTH!?) so you 
will be on your own to fight the last boss :D

Before we leave, Anjean gave us an armour.  Zelda will then ask you 
want you want to do after everything ends.  There are three choices: 
"Engineer", "Warrior" and "Don't know". I forgot to save on my first 
try and just skipped the scene in my second, but I think there is a 
different ending depending on which option you choose.

Link and Zelda climbed onto the top of the Demon Train.  Cole was 
standing at the very front.  We are a bit late because Malladus has 
totally resurrected!

So now we have to fight Malladus.  You will need to control Zelda to 
walk towards Malladus and to catch him.  Cole will be floating around 
sending spirit mice at you.  These mice will stop Zelda's movements so 
kill them whenever you see one. You will get arrows, bombs or hearts 
from them. However, you cannot damage Cole no matter what you use, so 
ignore him.

Malladus will be shooting a red beam towards you when you are getting 
near.  Link will take damage if hit, but Zelda's armour can block it, 
so have Zelda walk in front while Link follow, killing any mice on the 
way.  Occasionally Cole will shoot out some electric sparks and control 
Zelda like a puppet.  Zelda will swing her sword at you, so quickly run 
behind her to chop off the strings, or if you cannot run to the back, 
use your boomerang.

After Zelda catches Malladus they will be floating in mid-air, 
struggling in front of you.  Aim and shoot Malladus with one light 

Another scene will occur when the Demon Train is destroyed.

When you wake up, you find youself somewhere near the Tower of Spirits 
and Zelda's spirit is beside you.  Malladus is floating in the sky.  His 
soul suddenly left Zelda's body, so taking this opportunity, Zelda went 
to grab it.  However, Zelda could not get back into her body.  Malladus 
tried to possess Zelda's body again, but Byrne appeared and stopped him 
with the spirits' powers.

Finally Zelda got her body back, fell down and Link caught her. Malladus 
got Byrne and killed him.  He also ate Cole and grew into a gigantic 

In this battle, Zelda will be chanting some spell, and all you have to 
do is to protect her while she is doing that.  Malladus will be throwing 
boulders at Zelda, but you can deflect them with your sword (the spin 
attack works great again).  Be careful that the boulders do not come in 
a straight line.  Guard the sides as well!

After Zelda's chant is completed, she will glow yellow.  Then you will 
use your Spirit Flute and follow Zelda's song (orange, purple, yellow, 
green, blue <- hope I remembered them correctly).  The tune is kinda 
hard since it is not continuous. I guess Zelda need to do the chanting 
again if you fail the flute, but I am not really sure since I got it in 
one go :D  All the lokomos will join you in the song, and the seal on 
Malladus' back will react to the song.

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

Zelda will tell you that this is the final battle, and in this battle 
you have to control both Link and Zelda.  Zelda will be responsible for 
shooting the seal on Malladus' back with the Bow of Light, and Link will 
try to distract Malladus so Zelda can shoot. First, distract Malladus so 
that his back faces Zelda. (Continuously hitting him with the sword at 
the side will do).  You can see the signal for shooting on the top screen. 
There will be a yellow indication on Malladus' back. Tap the bow icon on 
the bottom of the lower screen to have Zelda shoot an arrow.

Link should be careful when Malladus tries to attack you. He will also 
occasionally throw boulders from his mouth.  Be smart and carry some 
potions with you so you don't have to worry too much if gotten hit :P

After eating three arrows, Malladus will fall down, and Link have to 
rush forward and strike his horn.  His horn will fall off after several 
hits, and Malladus will get up again.  Repeat the above to break his 
other horn.

Have Zelda shoot him once more after his horns are gone.  Link will go 
up and stab the sword into his head.  Zelda will come and help you.  What 
you have to do is to continuously rub on the screen like crazy. And then... 
Malladus finally dies!!

Yay! Anjean appears and Zelda felt sad for Byrne's death.  Anjean tells 
you that the spirit is persistent, and that Byrne will return as a lokomo 
in the future. She will also tell you that you no longer need the help of 
the spirits now, and all the lokomos accompany her as they rise to Heaven.

Next you watch the ending credits :D

Back in the castle, Zelda is working on her documents while looking at a 
photo taken of Link, the Spirit Train and her spirit (probably by Ferrus 


Congratulations on beating Zelda no Densetsu - Spirit Tracks!

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

Heart containers are by far the best thing in Zelda games (in my opinion).  
Grab one of these to have an extra heart (HP)!!  So where do we get them?

* When you start the game - 3 hearts by default
* Beat Forest Temple boss
* In Beedle's air balloon shop - become a gold member
* In the shop in Snow Sanctuary - 2000 rupees
* Beat Snow Temple boss
* Finish the first door of the challenge house at Castle Town
* Beat Ocean Temple boss
* Catch 5 rabbits and bring them back to Rabbitland Rescue
* Strike 60+ times on the soldier training inside castle
* Beat Fire Temple boss
* Beat Sand Temple boss
* Solve Braintwister puzzles in End of the Earth Station
* Pirate Hideout - beat the pirate game with score higher than 4000
* Whittleton - beat the whip game under 1:15 mins

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

* Catch 5 rabbits for a heart container
* Catch one rabbit from each realm for some treasure
* Catch 10 grass rabbits for some treasure
* Catch 10 snow rabbits for a prize (not there yet)

Forest Map
* Southwest of Rabbitland Rescue
* South of Forest Temple
* West of the teleport station located east of Aboda Village
* First path heading north when you leave Aboda Village
* Path heading north on east side of Trading Post
* Path north of Trading Post
* West of Castle Town
* North of Dark Realm entrance
* East of above
* Going east from Whittleton

Snow Map
* West of Anouki Village
* North east of Anouki Village
* East of Snow Temple
* South of Snow Temple
* South east of Snow Temple
* Further east of Snow Temple
* East of the intersection where you met the snow storm
* West of Wellspring Station
* North of Wellspring Station
* South of Snowdrift Station

Ocean Map
* East of Ocean Sanctuary
* Further east of Ocean Sanctuary
* West of the island you marked 1
* West of Ocean Temple (above water)
* North west of ocean floor entrance
* South of ocean floor entrance
* North of Papuchia Village
* South of Pirate Hideout
* West of ocean floor entrance
* West of Lost at Sea Station
* North west of Sand Sanctuary
* West of Sand Sanctuary
* South of Sand Sanctuary
* East of Sand Sanctuary
* East of Sand Temple
* West of Sand Temple

Fire Map
* South west corner of map
* West of Goron Target Range
* North of Goron Target Range
* East of above
* South west of Fire Temple
* North of Fire Temple
* North east of Fire Temple
* South east of Fire Temple
* East of Disorientation Station
* West of Ends of the Earth Station
* South of Goron Target Range
* South east of Goron Village
* East of above
* North east of above

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

Note: the first location listed is the one you have to activate the 
portal.  By activate, I mean strike the triangle with your cannon.

* NW map: on the route below Anouki village            
<------->  SW map: left route outside Castle Town

* SW map: dead end east of Aboda village               
<------->  NW map: the rightmost path in the area where Ferrus is

* SE map: east of Pirate Hideout                       
<------->  SW map: on new route towards the SE map

* NW map: path east of Anouki Village                  
<------->  SE map: on the first island east of the Ocean Sanctuary

* NE map: south west of map beside Tower of Spirits    
<------->  SE map: south of the island you marked 2

* NW map: path north of Wellspring Station (left side) 
<------->  NE map: East of Goron Village

* SW map: north west of Aboda Village                  
<------->  NE map: north west of Goron Village

* SE map: north east dead end of map                   
<------->  SE map: south west of Sand Sanctuary

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

* Aboda Village - somewhere at centre of map
* Whittleton - up the path on the right
* Forest Sanctuary - north near the three blocks where you can bomb
* Forest Temple - turn right after entrance, up and clear the fog of 
  poisonous gas
* Castle Town - on the castle wall
* Anouki Village - top right corner
* Snow Sanctuary - go left, up and right up the stairs
* Snow Temple - Floor B1, top right corner in the room where you need 
  to make a lot of ice paths (see walkthrough above)
* Wellspring Station - make an ice path to the north
* Trading Post - left side inside the cave on west of town
* Papuchia Village - bottom left island on the map south of the main map
* Ocean Sanctuary - on top of Carben's cave
* Ocean Temple - second floor, bomb through the wall (see walkthrough 
* Goron Village - top left of left map (see walkthrough above)
* Fire Sanctuary - path to where Embrose is (see walkthrough above)
* Fire Temple - B1 level left of map (see walkthrough above)
* Sand Sanctuary - south east island on map
* Sand Temple - Left side of the floor where you have to cross a lot of 
  quicksand (see walkthrough above)
* Pirate Hideout - Call a bird onto left platform
* Tower of Spirits - altar level

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

You can bring some treasure to Lineback in Trading Post (SE of Forest 
Realm) to exchange for train parts!!  Parts can be switched on your 
train by going to Alfonzo in Aboda Village.

Match a set of train parts to earn more heart containers for the train!!  
I have not tried out all combinations yet.  I need to get more treasures 
first :D

* Spirit Train (Set 0 below): 4 hearts
* Wooden train (Set 1 below): 6 hearts
* Steel Train (Set 2 below): 6 hearts
* Skull Train (Set 3 below): Coming later
* Structure Train (Set 4 below): Coming later
* Dragon Train (Set 5 below): Coming later
* Dessert Train (Set 6 below): Coming later
* Golden Train (Set 7 below): Coming later

* Train Car:
0. Spirit Engine - default

1. Wood Engine
   - Wood heart x2
   - Star fragment x2
   - Dark pearl loop x1

2. Steel Engine
   - Pearl necklace x2
   - Ruto crown x1
   - Goron amber x1

3. Skull Engine
   - Stalfos skull x4
   - Bee larvae x3
   - Ruto crown x2

4. Stagecoach Engine
   - Ancient gold piece x1
   - Dragon scale x3
   - Bee larvae x8

5. Dragonhead Engine
   - Pirate necklace x2
   - Mystic jade x1
   - Demon fossil x12

6. Sweet Engine
   - Palace dish x1
   - Mystic jade x2
   - Ancient gold piece x1

7a Golden Engine              
   - Alchemy Stone x1            
   - Ancient Gold Piece x2        
   - Mystic Jade x3 

7b Golden Engine
   - Alchemy stone x1 
   - Ancient gold piece x2
   - Dragon scale x4

* Cannon:
0. Practical Cannon - default

1. Wooden Cannon
   - Wood heart x2
   - Stalfos skull x1
   - Ruto crown x1

2. Heavy Cannon
   - Pearl necklace x2
   - Dragon scale x2
   - Mystic jade x1

3. Skull Cannon
   - Stalfos skull x2
   - Demon fossil x3
   - Dragon scale x1

4. Tower Cannon
   - Ancient gold piece x1
   - Dark pearl loop x3
   - Pirate necklace x2

5. Dragon Cannon
   - Pirate necklace x2
   - Goron amber x1
   - Wood heart x9

6. Honey Cannon
   - Palace dish x1
   - Pearl necklace x5
   - Goron amber x1
7a Brawney Cannon                   
   - Alchemy stone x1                
   - Palace dish x3                
   - Goron amber x2      

7b Brawney Cannon
   - Alchemy stone x1
   - Ancient gold piece x1
   - Mystic jade x2

* Trunk:
0. Solid Passenger Car - default

1. Wood Passenger Car
   - Wood heart x1
   - Bee larvae x1
   - Dragon scale x1

2. Sturdy Passenger Car
   - Pearl necklace x2
   - Pirate necklace x3
   - Ancient gold piece x1

3. Skull Passenger Car
   - Stalfis skull x3
   - Star fragment x2
   - Pearl necklace x1

4. Quaint Passenger Car
   - Ancient gold piec x1
   - Ruto crown x3
   - Star fragment x5

5. Dragon Passenger Car
   - Pirate necklace x1
   - Dark pearl loop x3
   - Demon fossil x8

6. Cake Passenger Car
   - Palace dish x1
   - Dragon scale x3
   - Ruto crown x4

7a Royal Passenger Car
   - Wood heart x1
   - Bee larvae x1
   - Dragin scale x1

7a Royal Passenger Car
   - Regal ring x1
   - Dragon scale x4
   - Ancient gold piece x2

* Freight:
0. Trusty Freight Car - default

1. Wooden Freight Car
   - Wood heart x1
   - Demon fossil x2
   - Pearl necklace x1

2. Efficient Freight Car
   - Pearl necklace x2
   - Dark pearl loop x2
   - Goron amber x1

3. Skull Freight Car
   - Stalfos skull x2
   - Wood heart x4
   - Pirate necklace x2

4. Garden Freight Car
   - Ancient gold piece x1
   - Pearl necklace x2
   - Stalfos skull x7

5. Dragon Freight Car
   - Pirate necklace x2
   - Ruto crown x2
   - Bee larvae x6

6. Pie Freight Car
   - Palace dish x1
   - Goron amber x1
   - Dark pearl loop x3

7a Golden Freight Car
   - Wood heart x1
   - Demon fossil x2
   - Pearl necklace x1

7b Golden Freight Car
   - Palace dish x2
   - Pearl necklace x1
   - Mystic jade x2

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------
* Song of awakening - blue, orange
  Wake statues and you can pay them for information

* Song of healing - green, white, green
  Play at any temples or Tower of Spirits to have your hearts refilled 
  for once

* Song fo Discovery - orange, yellow, orange, blue
  Play to reveal hidden treasures

* Song of Light - purple, yellow, orange, blue, white
  Play to activate beacons

* Song of Birds - purple, yellow, purple
  Power to call birds

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

Note: Some of these side quests may have been covered in the walkthrough 
above.  Collect Force Gems to unlock new tracks!

* Take Bridge Maker from home to fix bridge at Trading Post
  - mandatory to get to Ocean Realm (see walkthrough above)

* Take Anouki to Wellspring Station to make ice
  - mandatory to get to Fire Sanctuary (see walkthrough above)

* Get freight car from Goron Village
  - mandatory to get to Fire Sanctuary (see walkthrough above)

* Take Goron from Goron Village to Anouki Village
  - Optional for Force Gem & tracks

* Deliver ice to Goron Village
  - mandatory to get to Fire Sanctuary (see walkthrough above)

* Deliver wood from Wittleton
  - optional for Force Gem & tracks

* Take Bridge Maker from Trading Post to Anouki Village
  - optional for treasure

* Take woman at Castle Town to Rabbitland Rescue
  - optional for Force Gem & tracks

* Deliver steel to Whittleton
  - optional for Force Gem and tracks

* Take Goron's son from Goron Village to Castle Town
  - optional for Force Gem & tracks

* Deliver cucoos from Castle Town to Aboda Village
  - optional for Force Gem and tracks

* Deliver fish to woman at Castle Town
  - optional for Force Gem & tracks

* Deliver ice to woman who sells fish at Papuchia Village
  - optional for Force Gem & tracks (mandatory if you want all 20 stamps)

* Find husband for woman in Papuchia Village from Whittleton
  - optional for Force Gem & tracks

* Save a guy at Pirate Hideout and take him to Papuchia Village
  - optional for Force Gem & tracks

* See fortune teller for vessel and bring it to Snow Sanctuary
  - optional for Force Gem & tracks

* Take Ferrus to Aboda Village
  - optional for Force Gem & tracks

* Bring cucoos to Rael at Sand Sanctuary
  - optional for Force Gem, tracks (mandatory if you want all 20 stamps)

* Receive letter from Ferrus to take him from Fire Realm to Water Temple
  - optional for Force Gem, tracks and towards the great treasure!

* Receive letter from Ferrus to visit him inside Forest Realm
  - optional for valuable treasure

* Deliver dark ore from mine to trading post, at least 5 pieces
  - optional for Force Gem and tracks

* Take the kid outside train station in Aboda Village to a place he can 
  - optional for Force Gem & tracks

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

The Challenge house is located at the bottom right corner of Castle 
Town. There are three doors behind the woman, in which you have to fight 
levels of monsters to get a prize.

Note: I am not good with monsters' names... below are something I made 
up according to how they look :P

Note 2: The following are SUGGESTED ways of killing the enemies.  There 
are many other methods.

DOOR 1 (right)
Requirements: This door is open after you beat Forest Temple.

* Level 1: some orange/brown ball-like enemies
  - strike them with your sword

* Level 2: red enemies that blow steel balls from their mouths
  - strike them with your sword

* Level 3: mice and skulls with purple smoke
  - use sword on mice, and arrows for skulls (whirlwind & sword also 
    works well     on skulls)

* Level 4: red bubble-like enemies
  - strike them with sword

* Level 5: blue worms that turn into bombs when hit
  - bomb them all

* Level 6: bats
  - sword (or boomerang)

* Level 7: Forest Temple mini boss
  - one arrow kills it

* Level 8: orange/brown ball enemies & red enemies that blow steel balls
  - strike them with your sword

* Level 9: orange/brown ball enemies, red bubbles and red enemies that 
  blow steel balls
  - strike them with your sword

* Level 10: Boss - Stagnox
  - Forest Temple boss.  Same strategy as how you defeated it in the 
    Forest Temple, but you have no jars to refill your hearts.

What you will get: heart container

DOOR 2 (left)
Requirements: This door is open after you beat Ocean Temple.

* Level 1: orange/brown ball enemies & bats
  - strike them with sword

* Level 2: wolves
  - one spin attack finishes all four

* Level 3: ice monsters with thorns
  - boomerang to light them with flames, then strike with sword

* Level 4: ice bubble
  - arrows

* Level 5: green trolls with shield
  - grab their shield with whip and strike with sword

* Level 6: Boss - Stagnox
  - Forest Temple boss.  Same strategy as how you defeated it in the 
    Forest Temple, but you have no jars to refill your hearts.

* Level 7: Blue water enemies that blows dynamite
  - arrows (or whirlwind)

* Level 8: red troll with shield that blows fire
  - take their shield with whip and strike with sword

* Level 9: Boss - Fraaz
  - Snow Temple boss.  Same strategy as how you defeated it in the 
    Snow Temple. Just boomerang it away :D

* Level 10: Boss - Phytops
  - Ocean Temple boss.  Same strategy as how you defeated it in the 
    Ocean Temple.  Use the whip.
What you will get: larger bomb bag

DOOR 3 (centre)
Requirements: This door is open after you beat Sand Temple.

* Level 1: electric bubbles and armoured bubbles
  - bombs/arrows for electric bubbles, bombs & sword for armoured 

* Level 2: green ball-shaped enemies on ice
  - strike them with sword

* Level 3: skeletons
  - one arrow and strike skull with sword

* Level 4: fire and ice bats
  - boomerang them all

* Level 5: trolls with clubs
  - strike with sword, run when it raises club and let them hit 
    themselves. Repeat process till they die.

* Level 6: pirate skeletons
  - strike them with sword

* Level 7: sand-hardened monsters
  - harden them with sand wand and bomb them

* Level 8: under-sand monsters
  - sand wand to raise them up and strike with sword

* Level 9: turtle
  - (cannot use any item on this floor) Strike head with sword and let 
    them hit the red/black electric thing at the walls to faint them.  
    Strike them with sword to kill them.

* Level 10: ice monsters with spikes on ice
  - Random bombing, arrow shooting and sword striking will defeat them 

* Level 11: Boss - Stagnox
  - Forest Temple boss.  Same strategy as how you defeated it in the 
    Forest     Temple, but you have no jars to refill your hearts.

* Level 12: Boss - Fraaz
  - Snow Temple boss.  Same strategy as how you defeated it in the Snow 
    Temple.    Just boomerang it away :D

* Level 13: Boss - Phytops
  - Ocean Temple boss.  Same strategy as how you defeated it in the 
    Ocean Temple.  Use the whip.

* Level 14: Boss - Cragma
  - Fire Temple boss.  Same old trick.  Shoot him down!

* Level 15: Boss - Skeldritch
  - Sand Temple boss.  Feed it with sand.

What you will get: some treasure

* Final boss: A shadow clone of yourself!
  - Just hit it with the sword until it dies.  The spin attack works 
    well too,     but pay attention to its movements since it knows how 
    to use bombs and the spin attack too!

What you will get: some nice treasure

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

You can play with others by using the wireless communications function 
of the DS system.  You can play a multiplayer battle or exchange items 
using Tag mode.

You can play with up to three players in Battle Mode. Choose Battle from 
the mode-selection menu at the start of the game.

Option: Create a Group (DS Wireless Play)
- Host a battle for others to join.  When everyone has joined, tap Close 
Room, then tap the battle

Option: Join a Group (DS WIreless Play)
- Join a group hosted by others. Once you are connected you will see 
the names of the host.  Select your host.  The host will select the 
stage and the battle will begin.

Option: Player List
- View the stats of all the opponents you have battled

What you have to do in battle is to go around and collect as many Force 
Gems as possible.  The player who has the most Force Gems wins the round!  
However, you cannot use a sword or any weapons while getting the gems, 
and you need to pay attention not to get attacked by a phantom, attacked 
by other players or fall into a pit!

Tag mode is used for exchanging items with other players. Select Tag 
Mode on the screen, put the treasures you would like to exchange on the 
buckets (up to three each time) and trade.

Note: Please do not ask me anything about Battle or Tag mode.  I cannot 
even connect to Wi-Fi or Wireless play... =_=...

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// EXTRA 1.0 - Credits
// -------------------------------------------------------------------
Credits to the following people who have helped me:

Special thanks to LILJON725 who provides:
* Side Quests (see Appendix 7.0 above)
* Treasures for the Gold Train (see Appendix 5.0 above)
* Locations of rabbits & teleport stations (see Appendix 2.0 & 3.0 above)

Special thanks to POZEBY who provides:
* The way to get free Mega Ice!

Special thanks to THESOCK339 who provides:
* Getting the Fire Temple stamp
* Alternate way of killing sand sharks
* Dolphin healing trick
* More heart containers and stuff upgrade from mini-games!!

Special thanks to DOMOKUN who provides:
* Hint on the place where you can fly like a bird

If you have something to contribute, please e-mail me at 

// -------------------------------------------------------------------
// EXTRA 2.0 - Updates
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

07 December 2009 - Version 0.0
* Starting walkthrough... it is now heavily under construction.  
* More updates coming as I play.

09 December 2009 - Version 0.1
* Forest Temple walkthrough added
* Snow Temple walkthrough added
* Tower of Spirits floors 1-3 added
* More locations of teleport stations
* Song of Light
* Going on to the Ocean Realm

11 December 2009 - Version 0.2
* Ocean Realm
* Song of Birds
* More teleport stations, heart containers & stamp stations
* List of train parts & treasure needed

14 December 2009 - Version 0.3
* Treasure hunting after Ocean Temple
* More heart containers & teleport stations & stamp stations
* Walkthrough up until entrance of Fire Temple
* Deleted list of treasures (you will see that in train parts)
* Added locations of rabbits
* Freight car extras

15 December 2009 - Version 0.31
* Walkthrough up to Tower of Spirits alter & defeating Byrne
* Goron Target Game

18 December 2009 - Version 0.4
* Walkthough up to beating Sand Temple & some extras
* Disorientation Station
* Block Puzzles all up except for the last one
* Treasure Information on different Freight Cars
* Grammar & spelling mistakes edited (especially Byrne's name :P)

21 December 2009 - Version 0.45
* A hell load of extras!
* Last block puzzle at Ends of the Earth Station up
* All 20 stamp stations

23 December 2009 - Version 0.5
* Last levels of Tower of Spirits
* (Hopefully) Last bit of extras/side quests
* Treasure Island - Lost At Sea Station!
* Walkthrough to the entrance of Dark Realm

25 December 2009 - Version 1.0
* Walkthrough completed - Congratulations on beating the game XD
* Updates will be added by new revisions later for side stuff
* Story and more on system up (sorry, I copied and pasted from the 
  booklet inside the game box...)
* Tag Mode and Battle Mode
* # of hearts for different Train combinations - in progress

27 December 2009 - Version 1.1
* Suggested by Thesock339, Take em All On Info is up in Appendix 8.0
* Castle Tower treasure chests
* Train hearts for wood train
* Second round of play - Edited first few sections

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// EXTRA 3.0 - Hosting Sites
// -------------------------------------------------------------------

This walkthough is currently hosted on the following sites.  If you find 
it in some sites aside from the ones below, please let me know.  If you 
would like to host this walkthrough somewhere, let me know (I will most 
likely approve) and I will add your site to the list.

* IGN - http://www.ign.com/

* Neoseeker - http://www.neoseeker.com/

* GameFAQs - http://www.gamefaqs.com/

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