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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

Trains Guide                              *********
Version 0.70 as of Jan 11, 2010             ***********
FAQ started Jan 2, 2010                       *********

 ______________________________          _______        |######|
/XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX\        /_______\       |######|
|=/+++++++++\=======/+++++++++\=|           ||==|       |######|
|=+         +=======+         +=|           ||==|)       \####/
|=+         +=======+         +=|           ||==|         |##|   _
|=+         +=======+         +=|           ||==|   ||    |##|  / |
|=+         +=======+         +=|           ||==|__/==\___|##|_/  |
|=+         +=======+         +=|           |====XXXXXX###########\
|=\+++++++++/=======\+++++++++/=|           |=TRAIN=XXX###########|
|======THE LEGEND OF ZELDA======|     _____/==GUIDE=XXX###########|
|====_____SPIRIT TRACKS_____====|    |===________________#########/
|__//\\ //\\_________//\\ //\\__|--==|==/\\ //\    /\\ //\########_)
===(-- o --)=========(-- o --)==========(-- o --)  (-- o /=)___)===============
\   \//_\\//\    /\   \//_\\//\    /\   \==============//  /\    /\    /\    /\
  \/    \/    \/    \/    \/    \/    \/    \/    \/    \/    \/    \/    \/
|                                                                       |
|                           \Introduction/                              |
|                                                                       |
|Hello, I am Inoctutalie. This is my first FAQ, so if you have any      |
|advice you would like to give me, or anything to add to the FAQ, that  |
|would be greatly appreciated. Please see my e-mail at the bottom of the|
|introduction.                                                          |
|                                                                       |
|Anyways, I decided to write this FAQ when I saw that there wasn't a    |
|train guide in the FAQ section of GameFAQs, nor any in the walkthroughs|
|provided by other users. I thought, hey, that's weird. An entire       |
|section of the game, completely ignored! Someone should make a FAQ for |
|that! Then I thought, well, why not me? Thus, I started the Train Guide|
|for Spirit Tracks.                                                     |
|                                                                       |
|My e-mail: inoctutalie@yahoo.com                                       |
|                                                                       |

!!! - - - Lack of Information - - - !!!
If you see an area of this FAQ that lacks
necessary information, please contact
me if you have that information.
I will gladly give you credit.

1 Basics of Engineering-------------- [1BOE]
1a ---General------------------------ [1AGN]
---------Rules of the Rails
---------Spirit Train
---------Alfronzo's Garage
---------Linebeck Trading Post
1b ---Train Cars--------------------- [1BTC]
2 Train Sets------------------------- [2TSO]
2a ---Wooden Set--------------------- [2AWS]
2b ---Steel Set---------------------- [2BSS]
2c ---Skull Set---------------------- [2CSS]
2d ---Old Fashioned Set-------------- [2DES]
2e ---Dragon Set--------------------- [2EDS]
2f ---Dessert Set-------------------- [2FDS]
2g ---Golden Set--------------------- [2GGS]
2h ---Flavour Text------------------- [2HFT]
2i ---European Car Names------------- [2IEN]
3 Treasure--------------------------- [3TRL]
3a ---Price List--------------------- [3APL]
3b ---Locations (incomplete)--------- [3BTL]
3c ---Flavour Text------------------- [3CFT]

Legal-------------------------------- [LEGL]
Credits/Thanks----------------------- [CRDT]

\\\\\\\\More to come////////

Enemies List
Gate Locations
Goron Minigame
Pirate Minigame

------------------------------ [1BOE] -----------------------------------------

   Basic Control

Controlling your train is very easy. When you are in your train, you have a
speed box, a train whistle, and vitality hearts. Route control and a menu
box are located on the bottom corners.

   --Speed Box

The speed box lever is moved up and down by tapping and dragging the lever
either up or down, whichever you want. The speed box has four positions: 
faster, fast, stop, and reverse. The most common method of travel is the
faster position. The stop position is used to slow down the train, and to
come to a complete stop. Reverse is, of course, reverse. Reverse can be used
as an emergency brake to stop quickly, but live cargo and passengers don't
like sudden stops.

   --Train Whistle

The whistle is used by tapping and dragging the rope hanging in the upper right
hand corner of the screen in the down direction. This whistle can be used to
scare animals off the tracks, scare certain enemies, cause Ferrus to jump 
up and down,and to activate certain switches.

   --Vitality Hearts

These are, of course, your train's vitality. Your first train, the Spirit
Train, has a vitality of 4 hearts. When you use at least two train cars from a
set other than the Spirit set, your vitality will increase to 5 hearts. When 
you use a complete set of cars from a set other than the Spirit set, your 
vitality will increase to 6 hearts. If you manage to get the entire gold set,
your vitality will increase to 8 hearts.


   Rules of the Rails

These rules come from the wall at Ferrus's house. Feel free to break these
rules when you're alone, but they apply to when you have a passenger in your
passenger car. If you accidently break one, your passenger's mood will
diminish. If you upset your passenger too much, they might just get up and
leave you, just like that (although how they get back home, I just don't

1. If you see a whislte sign, pull your train whistle before you pass the sign.
And put some real feeling into it!

2. When you see a slow-down sign, check your speed and drive in the lower gear.
When you've passed the slow-down sign, shift back into higher gear as before.
Do this smoothly. It should be like second nature.

3. When pulling into a station, don't stop beyond the stop zone. You don't want
your passengers to panic and think you forgot their stop. That would be
inexcusable! Give them a first-class experience.

4. You'll scare and endanger your passengers if you reverse suddenly. Transport
them delicately, as if they were glasses of water filled to the brim...
Because what is done cannot be undone.

Note: If you get hit by an enemy, your passenger will be upset. Be careful.

Summary of the Rules: Follow the signs, don't get hit, and drive safe.

   Spirit Train

Anjean gives you the Spirit Train when you complete the first level of the
Tower of Spirits.  It is the most basic train, for now only having two
cars, the engine and the passenger car. The other two cars, the cannon
and the freight car, are obtained later in the game. This FAQ assumes
you already have these cars, and have already visited the Linebeck 
Trading Post.
   Alfronzo's Garage  o o

Alfronzo, according to some (meaning Ferrus), is a legendary engineer. After
you acquire the Spirit Train, and have gotton at least one extra car from
Linebeck's Trading Post, you can stop by Alfronzo's place in Aboda village
(It's located to the left of the station), and he will switch out any car you
have on your train for any car you have purchased.

   Linebeck Trading Post |

This trading post is located at the bottom right hand corner of the
Forest Realm, on the tracks leading to the Ocean realm. Once you have
completed the dilemma of the bridge and have paid for it, you may visit
this outpost anytime to trade treasure for rupees, or more importantly,
trade treasure for train cars.

               ___   ___   ___            ___   ___   ___
=============.|___|.|___|.|___|Train Cars|___|.|___|.|___|.====================
               o o   o o   o o            o o   o o   o o

You start your adventure with only two cars: the engine and a passenger car.
The passenger car is used to transport people from place to place, and it has
room for only one passenger at a time. Later in the game, after you have
completed the Forest temple, you get the cannon from Alfronzo. This can be
used by tapping wherever you want to fire, when you're in your train, of
course. The fourth and last car you get is the freight car. You don't get it
until you reach the Goron village in the Fire Realm. The freight car allows 
you to haul animals and other cargo to places.

   Train Sets

There are seven sets of trains. If you collect the entire set and use
it as your train, your train's vitality will increase to six hearts,
instead of the usual five.

                             Wood Set
The wood set is the most basic set apart from the Spirit set. The items needed
to purchase it are very common, most of them found in jars and under leaves.

_______________________________ _______________________________
|       Wooden Engine         | |        Wooden Cannon        |
=========Item============Amount =========Item============Amount
|Wood heart               | 2 | | Wood Heart              | 2 |
|Star Fragment            | 2 | | Stalfos Skull           | 1 |
|Dark Pearl Loop          | 1 | | Ruto Crown              | 1 |
------------------------------- -------------------------------

_______________________________ _______________________________
|     Wood Passenger Car      | |     Wooden Freight Car      |
=========Item============Amount =========Item============Amount
| Wood Heart              | 1 | | Wood Heart              | 1 |
| Bee Larvae              | 1 | | Demon Fossil            | 2 |
| Dragon Scale            | 1 | | Pearl Necklace          | 1 |
------------------------------- -------------------------------

                             Steel Set
The Steel set is also a very basic set. Made out of pure steel, it is indeed
a menacing sight on the tracks. The items needed to purchase it recquire some
not-so-common items, such as Mystic Jade and an Ancient Gold Piece.

_______________________________ _______________________________
|       Steel Engine          | |         Heavy Cannon        |
=========Item============Amount =========Item============Amount
| Pearl Necklace          | 2 | | Pearl Necklace          | 2 |
| Ruto Crown              | 1 | | Dragon Scale            | 2 |
| Goron Amber             | 1 | | Mystic Jade             | 1 |
------------------------------- -------------------------------

_______________________________ _______________________________
|    Sturdy Passenger Car     | |    Efficient Freight Car    |
=========Item============Amount =========Item============Amount
| Pearl Necklace          | 2 | | Pearl Necklace          | 2 |
| Pirate Necklace         | 3 | | Dark Pearl Loop         | 2 |
| Ancient Gold Piece      | 1 | | Goron Amber             | 1 |
------------------------------- -------------------------------

                           Skull Set
Perhaps the most eerie train, the Skull set is a fright to see on the
tracks. It recquires some of the more gruesome items for purchase.

_______________________________ _______________________________
|       Skull Engine          | |        Skull Cannon         |
=========Item============Amount =========Item============Amount
| Stalfos Skull           | 4 | | Stalfos Skull           | 3 |
| Bee Larvae              | 3 | | Demon Fossil            | 3 |
| Ruto Crown              | 2 | | Dragon Scale            | 1 |
------------------------------- -------------------------------

_______________________________ _______________________________
|     Skull Passenger Car     | |      Skull Freight Car      |
=========Item============Amount =========Item============Amount
| Stalfos Skull           | 3 | | Stalfos Skull           | 2 |
| Star Fragment           | 2 | | Wood Heart              | 4 |
| Pearl Necklace          | 1 | | Pirate Necklace         | 2 |
------------------------------- -------------------------------

                          Elegant Set
This set harks from the olden days. Its serene look appeals to passengers,
almost assuring them a peaceful and mostly unevenful trip.** The items it
recquires are relatively easy to find, although the four Gold Pieces make it a

**Disclaimer: This train does'nt have any effect on the passenger's mood during
the trip. Just so ya know.

_______________________________ _______________________________
|     Stagecoach Engine       | |        Tower Cannon         |
=========Item============Amount =========Item============Amount
| Ancient Gold Piece      | 2 | | Ancient Gold Piece      | 1 |
| Dragon Scale            | 3 | | Dark Pearl Loop         | 3 |
| Bee Larvae              | 8 | | Pirate Necklace         | 2 |
------------------------------- -------------------------------

_______________________________ _______________________________
|    Quaint Passenger Car     | |    Garden Freight Car       |
=========Item============Amount =========Item============Amount
| Ancient Gold Piece      | 1 | | Ancient Gold Piece      | 1 |
| Ruto Crown              | 3 | | Pearl Necklace          | 2 |
| Star Fragment           | 5 | | Stalfos Skull           | 7 |
------------------------------  ------------------------------

                           Dragon Set
This dragon on the move is a fearsome sight. Its entire set is a dragon, from
the Dragonhead Engine to the tail, which serves as the freight car. This set
recquires a lot of items, so be prepared for a lot of treasure hunting if you
really want this set.

_______________________________ _______________________________
|     Dragonhead Engine       | |        Dragon Cannon        |
=========Item============Amount =========Item============Amount
| Pirate Necklace         | 2 | | Pirate Necklace         | 2 |
| Mystic Jade             | 1 | | Goron Amber             | 1 |
| Demon Fossil            | 12| | Wood Heart              | 9 |
------------------------------- -------------------------------

_______________________________ _______________________________
|    Dragon Passenger Car     | |      Dragon Freight Car     |
=========Item============Amount =========Item============Amount
| Pirate Necklace         | 1 | | Pirate Necklace         | 2 |
| Dark Pearl Loop         | 3 | | Ruto Crown              | 2 |
| Demon Fossil            | 8 | | Bee Larvae              | 6 |
------------------------------- -------------------------------

                           Desserts Set
This set makes me a bit hungry... Though it looks boring, this sweet deal has 
a hidden drawback: 4 Palace Dishes. For some, it's a piece of cake. But for
others, it's devil's food.

_______________________________ _______________________________
|       Sweet Engine          | |        Honey Cannon         |
=========Item============Amount =========Item============Amount
| Palace Dish             | 1 | | Palace Dish             | 1 |
| Mystic Jade             | 2 | | Pearl Necklace          | 5 |
| Ancient Gold Piece      | 1 | | Goron Amber             | 1 |
------------------------------- -------------------------------

_______________________________ _______________________________
|     Cake Passenger Car      | |       Pie Freight Car       |
=========Item============Amount =========Item============Amount
| Palace Dish             | 1 | | Palace Dish             | 1 |
| Dragon Scale            | 3 | | Goron Amber             | 1 |
| Ruto Crown              | 4 | | Dark Pearl Loop         | 3 |
------------------------------- -------------------------------

                            Gold Set
Made completely from gold. This is the hardest set to complete.  The fact that
it recquires the two hardest treasures to find, the Alchemy Stone and the Regal
Ring, deters most. But only adventurers willing to take the challenge complete
this set, and get their just reward: a whopping 8 heart stamina.

_______________________________ _______________________________
|        Golden Engine        | |        Brawny Cannon        |
=========Item============Amount =========Item============Amount
| Alchemy Stone           | 1 | | Alchemy Stone           | 1 |  
| Ancient Gold            | 2 | | Palace Dish             | 3 |
| Mystic Jade             | 3 | | Goron Amber             | 2 |
------------------------------- -------------------------------

_______________________________ _______________________________
| Royal Passenger Car         | | Golden Freight Car          |
=========Item============Amount =========Item============Amount
| Regal Ring              | 1 | | Regal Ring              | 1 |
| Dragon Scale            | 4 | | Pearl Necklace          | 4 |
| Ancient Gold Piece      | 2 | | Mystic Jade             | 1 |
------------------------------- -------------------------------

Flavour Text

This section contains the flavour text for all of the above car sets.

==Spirit Set==

-Spirit Engine-
This esteemed train has a 
long history of keeping 
evil at bay.

-Practical Cannon-
You can be sure that any 
shot fired from this 
cannon will hit home.

-Solid Passenger Car-
Whoever crafted this 
well-made carraige must 
have been a true master.

-Trusty Freight Car-
There's no need to worry 
about damaged goods 
with this car.

==Wood Set==

-Wooden Engine-
The retro style of this 
train is popular with the 
younger crowd.

-Wooden Cannon-
This wooden cannon 
resembles a stately tree.

-Wood Passenger Car-
The natural wood of this 
carriage puts passengers 
at ease.

-Wooden Freight Car-
This wooden car catches 
your eye, but it's easy on 
the wallet.

==Steel Set==

-Steel Engine-
This steam train appeals
to strong, silent types

-Heavy Cannon-
This steel cannon has
unmatched accuracy. Its
only hurdle is its weight.

-Sturdy Passenger Car-
There may not be much
room in this carriage, but
it's incredibly safe.

-Efficient Freight Car-
The sleek, black luster
is reminiscent of trains
from the good old days.

==Skull Set==

-Skull Engine-
Created by a gearhead, 
it's unclear whether it 
can even go underground.

-Skull Cannon-
This cannon might be 
brightly colored, but it 
packs quite a punch.

-Skull Passenger Car-
This car has all the bells 
and whistles technology 
experts could cram in.

-Skull Freight Car-
It's not clear how this car 
floats. Maybe there's a 
magic carpet inside?

==Elegant Set==

-Stagecoach Engine-
This train is sure to get 
people's attention.

-Tower Cannon-
This extra-tall cannon 
resembles a soaring 

-Quaint Passenger Car-
Passengers like this 
carriage for its homey 

-Garden Freight Car-
While very pretty, this 
mobile garden might not 
be the best for hauling.

==Dragon Set==

-Dragonhead Engine-
This train was created in 
the far past and seems to 
harbor a great spirit.

-Dragon Cannon-
It's hard to tell which 
part of the dragon this 
comes from. The chest?

-Dragon Passenger Car-
The strange design of this 
carriage is appealing, 
but would you ride it?

-Dragon Freight Car-
Mythical beasts are 
great--especially when 
they haul your stuff.

==Desserts Set==

-Sweet Engine-
This train looks good 
enough to eat! But that 
would be a bad idea.

-Honey Cannon-
Even if you can't eat it, 
this cannon is sure to 

-Cake Passenger Car-
Anybody would be happy 
to ride in a car this 

-Pie Freight Car-
This car is designed to 
make train enthusiasts 

==Golden set==

-Golden Engine-
Even the smoke on this
spectacular wonder seems
to have some gold in it.

-Brawny Cannon-
This cannon might look 
fancy, but it's strong 
enough for heavy jobs!

-Royal Passenger Car-
This car is opulent 
enough for a king!

-Golden Freight Car-
This freight car can 
double as an extravagant 

European Names

European Version Names for Train Parts:

Wooden Set
 Wooden Engine
 Wooden Cannon
 Wooden Car
 Wooden Wagon

Steel Set
 Refined Engine
Heavy Cannon
Sturdy Car
 Unstoppable Wagon

Skull Set
 Skull Engine
 Ghoul Cannon
 Hover Wagon

Elegant Set
 Tower Cannon
 Traditional Car
 Flowery Veranda

Dragon Set
 Dragon's Head
 Dragon Neck
 Dragon's Lair
 Dragon's Tail

Desserts Set
 Cake Engine
 Fruity Car
 Delectable Wagon

============================Treasure List [3TRL]==============================

All throughout your adventure, you'll encounter treasure. Lots of it. What do
you do with all of these goodies, you ask? You can either a) make money off 
of 'em, or b) exchange them for train cars. Both of these options recquire you 
to go to Linebeck's Trading Post.
$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Price List$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ [3APL]

Item Name                Rarity               Price
Demon Fossil             Common                50
Stalfos Skull            Common                50
Star Fragement           Common                50
Bee Larvae               Common                50
Wood Heart               Common                50
Dark Pearl Loop          Uncommon              150
Pearl Necklace           Uncommon              150
Ruto Crown               Uncommon              150
Dragon Scale             Uncommon              150
Pirate Necklace          Uncommon              150
Palace Dish              Rare                  500
Goron Amber              Rare                  500
Mystic Jade              Rare                  500
Ancient Gold Piece       Rare                  500
Alchemy Stone            Super Rare            2500
Regal Ring               Super Rare            2500

Treasure Locations

Here is a list of general locations of treasure items. It would be very hard
to give exact locations of each, since they are scattered all over the place.
The best advice: Common items can be found anywhere. Uncommon must be bought
or found. Rare items can be found, given or earned in a minigame. Super Rare
items are only in a select few locations, described below.

Note: By favors, I mean doing things for other people, like taking them
somewhere, or bringing them something. They'll usually repay you with treasure.
By minigames I mean the Goron Minigame, located in the Fire Realm.

--Demon Fossil - Jars, chests, under leaves, minigames, shops.
--Stalfos Skull - Jars, chests, under leaves, minigames, shops.
--Star Fragment - Jars, chests, under leaves, minigames, shops.
--Bee Larvae - Jars, bee hives, chests, under leaves, minigames, shops.
--Wood Heart - Jars, chests, under leaves, minigames, shops.

--Dark Pearl Loop - Chests, shops, favors, minigames.
--Pearl Necklace - Chests, shops, favors, minigames.
--Ruto Crown - Chests, shops, favors, minigames.
--Dragon Scale - Chests, shops, favors, minigames.
--Pirate Necklace - Chests, shops, favors, minigames.

--Palace Dish - Chests, favors, Beedle's shop, minigames.
--Goron Amber - Chests, favors, Beedle's shop, minigames.
--Mystic Jade - Chests, favors, Beedle's shop, minigames.
--Ancient Gold Piece - Chests, favors, Beedle's shop, minigames.

Super Rare

  --Alchemy Stone - 
-Snowdrift Station (Snow Realm) - Once you unlock the tracks to the west of the
Snow Temple, you can go there. If you manage to complete the puzzle there,
you'll get it.

-Disorientation Station (Fire Realm) - Once you unlock the tracks above the
lava pits in the east side of the fire realm, you can go there. The odd 
dilemma waiting for you is two guards searching for treasure. They were
attacked by a plant monster. One made it outside, but doesn't know if his
friend is all right. He wants you to go in the cave and find out what happened
to his friend, and to find the treasure, which is the Alchemy Stone.

-Slippery Station ()- If you managet to beat the champion course, you will get
an Alchemy stone.

-Mail Contest: You can get an Alchemy Stone by entering the mail contest. The
prizes follow as such:
1st: Rare or Super Rare
2nd: Uncommon
3rd: Common

-Pirate Minigame - unknown
-Goron Minigame - unknown
-Sword Training - unknown

  --Regal Ring - 
-Lost at Sea Station (Ocean Realm) - unknown

-Mail Contest: You can get an Regal Ring by entering the mail contest. The
prizes follow as such:
1st: Rare or Super Rare
2nd: Uncommon
3rd: Common

-Pirate Minigame - unknown
-Goron Minigame - unknown
-Sword Training - unknown

+++Flavour Text+++

-Demon Fossil-
Fossil of an ancient demon.
Sounds rare, but it turns up
all over the place.

-Stalfos Skull-
This artifact's eerie aura
makes it the ultimate
collector's item.

-Star Fragment-
A sparkly stone that fell
from the sky. It's said to
be a piece of a star.

-Bee Larvae-
Readily found in beehives.
These energizing larvae
sell for quite a bit.

-Wood Heart-
Whether this acorn is a 
treasure is debatable, but
it does have its fans.

-Dark Pearl Loop-
Rare dark pearls, strung
together into a stunning

-Pearl Necklace-
Pure white pearls, strung
together into a luminous

-Ruto Crown-
Some say this regal crown
was worn by generations of
Zora pricessess.

-Dragon Scale-
It's said that this scale
came from a dragon, but no
one really knows its origins.

-Pirate Necklace-
Once worn by a pirate
captain who raided the
seas. It has an evil aura.

-Palace Dish-
Priceless dish used by past
royalty for eating dessert.

-Goron Amber-
This tasty Goron treat is
valuable because it
contains a bug!

-Mystic Jade-
Captivating and very
valuable because of its
beautiful form and color.

-Ancient Gold Piece-
This ancient artifact makes
you fell like you've
stepped back in time.

-Alchemy stone-
Desired by many, this
artifact is said to bring
riches to its owner.

-Regal Ring-
A princely ring handed
down by royalty for

Version History

v0.70 Jan 11 2010 - Completed Flavour Text for cars.
vo.69 Jan 10 2010 - Added partial list of European Car Names
vo.68 Jan 8 2010 - Added partial list of Flavour Text for cars/treasure.
v0.66 Jan 7 2010 - Fixed minor errors, updated treasure list.
v0.65 Jan 6 2010 - Added Treasure List, Alfronzo's Garage,
v0.61 Jan 5 2010 - Added Rules of the Rails
v0.54 Jan 5 2010 - Finsished set list. Finsished set descriptions.
v0.43 Jan 4 2010 - Almost finished set list. Started treasure price list.
v0.36 Jan 3 2010 - Started basic guide, introduction, index, and legal.
v0.25 Jan 3 2010 - Finished price list draft. Started refined set draft.
v0.15 Jan 2 2010 - Started FAQ. Added ASCII art, started set price list draft.


helen-louise (baratron) - European Car Names list

LoZ_FANatic - Mail Contest information

shadowater - Flavour Text List for cars

NFITC1 - Information pertaining to Slippery Station for Alchemy Stone.

jekoln - Parts list, additional information pertaining to general information
         about the train sets

silvernomiko - Alfronzo's Garage idea/information.


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