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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

          /\	       The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks         /\
         /__\		         Treasure Guide			 /__\
        /\  /\         					        /\  /\    
       /__\/__\		 	By Pandiekins		       /__\/__\

			     _____            . o o o
		_______    __|[_]|__   ()< ____      o
		[_____(_  |[] [] [] |  ||  [[]]_n_n__][.
		oo    oo ' oo    oo ' oo ' oo 0000---oo\_

Table of Contents:

1: Introduction.........[INT]
2. Train Controls.......[CONT]
3: Train Sets...........[SETS]
4. Treasures............[TREA]
5. Mini Games...........[MINI]
6: Q&A..................[QA]
7: Closing..............[CLOS]
8: Legal Stuff..........[LEGA]

[INT] <3 Introduction <3    

Hey fellow Zelda fans! This is my first guide. And I'm a FEMALE GAMER O_O.
I really just wrote this up for myself to check off what parts I had. It
really came in handy because I can determine what treasure I need and don't
need, so I can sell some to buy more treasure!

This guide may have spoilers.

If you only want to print the sets to checkmark off, just select what you
want to print, go to file>print, and under print range, click Selection
and click ok. It may print two pages.

[CONT] <3 Train Controls <3

Note: If you don't see Train Controls, you are using a downloaded game. It's
      anti-piracy prevention. Buy the game, it's worth it.

 _____________________________________   1. Train Hearts. All light blue when
|  <3<3<3<3 (1)              (2)||    |     you're healthy, grayed out when
|                               []    |     hearts are lost.
|  /\ 100                       ||    |
|  \/                           ++    |  2. Train Whistle. Place your stylus
|     (6)                             |     here and move it down to pull it.
|                          (3)   ___  |
|                               | ^ | |  3. Train Controls. The two arrows
|                          Fast | ^ | |     symbolize the top control Fast.
|                               |---| |     Next is Slow with one arrow.
|                          Slow | ^ | |     Stop looks like 2 lines like a
|                               |---| |     pause button. Reverse looks like
|                          Stop | = | |     a sideways crescent moon.
|                               |---| |
|                       Reverse | v | |  4. Menu tab. Tap here to save or look
|                               |___| |     at your maps or collections.
|                                     |
|______                         ______|  5. Route. Tap here to bring up your
|Route | (5)               (4) | Menu |     map and move your stylus along the
---------------------------------------     tracks to where you want to go.

                                         6. Rupees. This shows how many rupees
                                            you have.

Cannon: To use the cannon, just tap where you want the cannonball to hit. If
        something is far away, try shooting a little higher.

Camera Angle: To change your camera view, hold the stylus on the screen and move
              the stylus back and forth without lifting it.

Track Change: When you come to an intersection, you can choose left or right
              with the bottom controls.

---Rules of the Road---

Only worry about these rules when you have a passenger because they get mad if
you don't and might leave your train. You can drive however you like when alone.

1. Speed Signs: The Slow sign is orange and the Fast sign is blue. The
   signs match the controls in your gearbox.

2. Whistle Sign: If you see a yellow sign of a train blowing smoke, you have to
   pull your train whistle.

3. Don't use reverse until you've come to a stop when you have a passenger.
   You'll do what's called emergency braking and they hate the sudden stop.

4. When arriving at a station, be sure to slow down and stop right in front
   of the red sign. This is especially key if you're doing a quest because
   you don't want to upset them when you've just arrived at your destination.
   Or do you? I guess they can be a little upset.. but don't push it!

5. Getting hit by enemies will upset passengers. Enemies such as snowmen,
   tektites, rocktites, snurgles, bulbins with/without riders, moinks if you
   get them mad.. but they don't show up anymore after you blow your whistle
   in the beginning to get it off the tracks. Don't forget the 3 tanks that
   appear to shoot at you, even in the ocean realm instead of tanks they have
   ships. Sometimes they come in a pirate ship that needs more than 2 hits.

   You'll get the normal game over screen when hitting demon trains with a
   passenger and go back to the station you started in. If you read what I
   had here last, it won't upset or kill them. I was just joking. Thanks to
   waycooler who pointed this out so I could clarify.

Side note: The Fantasy set (the one with the Stagecoach engine - this set
seems to have different names online) seems to keep passengers so calm that
nothing you do driving-wise bothers them. Thanks Inoctutalie for this info!

[SETS] <3 Train Sets <3

These are the different train sets you can obtain and which treasures you
need to get each piece of the set.

You can print this section or just put an x or slash in the box.

Wooden Set - 6 Hearts

[] Wooden Engine 
   Star Fragment 2, Wood Heart 2, Dark Pearl Loop 1.
[] Wooden Cannon
   Stalfos Skull 1, Wood Heart 2, Ruto Crown 1.
[] Wooden Passenger Car
   Bee Larvae 1, Wood Heart 1, Dragon Scale 1.
[] Wooden Freight Car
   Demon Fossil 2, Wood Heart 1, Pearl Necklace 1.

Steel Set - 6 Hearts

[] Steel Engine
   Pearl Necklace 2, Ruto Crown 1, Goron Amber 1.
[] Heavy Cannon
   Pearl Necklace 2, Dragon Scale 2, Mystic Jade 1.
[] Sturdy Passenger Car
   Pearl Necklace 2, Pirate Necklace 3, Ancient Gold Piece 1.
[] Efficient Freight Car
   Pearl Necklace 2, Dark Pearl Loop: 2, Goron Amber 1.

Skull Set - 6 Hearts

[] Skull Engine
   Stalfos Skull 4, Bee Larvae 3, Ruto Crown 2.
[] Skull Cannon
   Stalfos Skull 2, Demon Fossil 3, Dragon Scale 1.
[] Skull Passenger Car
   Stalfos Skull 3, Star Fragment 2, Pearl Necklace 1.
[] Skull Freight Car
   Stalfos Skull 2, Wood heart 4, Pirate Necklace 2.

Fantasy Set - 6 Hearts

[] Stagecoach Engine
   Ancient Gold Piece 1, Dragon Scale 3, Bee Larvae 8.
[] Tower Cannon
   Ancient Gold Piece 1, Dark Pearl Loop 3, Pirate Necklace 2.
[] Quaint Passenger Car
   Ancient Gold Piece 1, Ruto Crown 3, Star Fragment 5.
[] Garden Freight Car
   Ancient Gold Piece 1, Pearl Necklace 2, Stalfos Skull 7.

Dragon Set - 6 Hearts

[] Dragonhead Engine
   Pirate Necklace 2, Mystic Jade 1, Demon Fossil 12.
[] Dragon Cannon
   Pirate Necklace 2, Goron Amber 1, Wood Heart 9.
[] Dragon Passenger Car
   Pirate Necklace 1, Dark Pearl Loop 3, Demon Fossil 8.
[] Dragon Freight Car
   Pirate Necklace 2, Ruto Crown 2, Bee Larvae 6.

Sweet Set - 6 Hearts

[] Sweet Engine
   Palace Dish 1, Mystic jade 2, Ancient Gold Piece 1.
[] Honey Cannon
   Palace Dish 1, Pearl Necklace 5, Goron Amber 1.
[] Cake Passenger Car
   Palace Dish 1, Dragon Scale 3, Ruto Crown 4.
[] Pie Freight Car
   Palace Dish 1, Goron Amber 1, Dark Pearl Loop 3.

Gold Set - 8 Hearts

[] Golden Engine
   Alchemy Stone 1, Ancient Gold Piece 2, Mystic Jade 3.
[] Brawny Cannon
   Alchemy Stone 1, Palace Dish 3, Goron Amber 2.
[] Royal Passenger Car
   Regal Ring 1, Dragon Scale 4, Ancient Gold Piece 2.
[] Golden Freight Car
   Regal Ring 1, Pearl Necklace 4, Mystic Jade 1.


|Demon Fossil 25| Stalfos Skull      19| Star Fragment   9| Bee Larvae 18|
|Wood Heart   19| Dark Pearl Loop    12| Pearl Necklace 23| Ruto Crown 13|
|Dragon Scale 14| Pirate Necklace    14| Palace Dish     7| Goron Amber 7|
|Mystic Jade  8 | Ancient Gold Piece 10| Alchemy Stone   2| Regal Ring  2|

European Version Names for Treasures:

White Pearl Loop -> Pearl Necklace
Pirate's Necklace -> Pirate Necklace
Ancient Gold Coin - Ancient Gold Piece
Priceless Stone -> Alchemy Stone

European Version Names for Train Parts:

Steel Set
Steel Engine --> Refined Engine
Efficient Freight Car --> Unstoppable Wagon

Skull Set
Skull Cannon --> Ghoul Cannon
Skull Passenger Car --> Frankencar
Skull Freight Car --> Hover Wagon

Fantasy Set
Stagecoach Engine --> Stagecoach
Quaint Passenger Car --> Traditional Car
Garden Freight Car --> Flowery Veranda

Dragon Set
Dragon Engine --> Dragon's Head
Dragon Cannon --> Dragon Neck
Dragon Passenger Car --> Dragon's Lair
Dragon Freight Car --> Dragon's Tail

Sweet Set
Sweet Engine --> Cake Engine
Honey Cannon --> Choco-Cannon
Cake Passenger Car --> Fruity Car
Pie Freight Car --> Delectable Wagon

If a part is not mentioned then it is the same as US version. Golden set
needs to be confirmed if it is the same or different.

Thanks for this list goes to Helen-Louise (Baratron).

[TREA] <3 Treasures <3

If you need a specific treasure, refer to this guide to find out which
category the treasure you need is in. Then look in the guide or see what
treasure you get from the mini-game you're on if I don't mention it and
you'll always get the treasure from that category. It's just random. If
you really want to, remember you can always change the DS internal clock
to one day ahead for the daily stuff.

There are 4 Treasure Categories:

 ~ Common (50 Rupees) Demon Fossil, Stalfos Skull, Star Fragment, 
                      Bee Larvae, Wood Heart

 ~ Uncommon (150 Rupees) Dark Pearl Loop, Pearl Necklace, Ruto Crown,
                         Dragon Scale, Pirate Necklace

 ~ Rare (500 Rupees) Palace Dish, Goron Amber, Mystic Jade,
                     Ancient Gold Piece

 ~ Ultra Rare (2500 Rupees) Alchemy stone and Regal Ring


1. Blow the leaves in Whittleton (Mayscore).
2. Repeating Mini-games.
3. Hitting bee hives.
4. Beetle or some station's shops.
5. Dungeons either during or after defeating it.
6. Cute girl 3-day treasure in Papuchia
7. Break Steems Vessel and other repeatable trading games.
8. Post card prizes
9. Tag mode


1. Blow the leaves in Whittleton (Forest Realm) in the main area with the
   houses and in the area northeast from there. You can only get common
   treasures doing this but it's a good way to get all those demon fossils.
   Only down side to this is that you have to spend all this time blowing
   onto your DS like a fool.

2. You can do mini-games as many times as you want for treasure. With
   some mini-games, you'll get a heart piece the first time you complete it.
   Every time after that you'll get treasure. Please refer to my Mini-games
   section [MINI] for detailed instructions on each game.

3. Hitting Bee Hives. If you specifically want tons of bee larvae, you can
   hit the bee hives around and sometimes some will drop. I'd do it in Aboda,
   where you can run into a house close by to reset. If you don't make it
   indoors in time, go on your train and go back out to reset the bee hive.
   Using your whip is the quickest way to hit the hive and then grab the
   bee larvae with the whip. Get hearts from the grass if needed.

4. Shops selling treasure. Each shop can have a mixture of common to
   rare and they're always random. You can buy them from each shop
   daily. The shops on the map are the pointy huts. Papuchia and
   Goron Village have shops but don't sell treasure. If you change the ds
   date in the settings to skip ahead one day, the shops won't reset their
   treasures if you saved in the station. Try saving in a nearby station
   and just go back to see what treasures they have. Or chase down Beetle
   every time you change the date. Best places are Beetles shop or Castle
   town's shop but I will list them all for ya. Not many huh?

   a: Beetle's shop. His air balloon shop is always in the realm you're in.
      Pull the train whistle when he's nearby and a ! will appear by his
      head so you know he heard you and is landing. Then stop your train
      on the tracks near his balloon.
   b: Castle town shop. It's the right middle building. Sells 2 treasures.
   c: Whittleton shop sells 2 Common treasures. Cheaper to find under leaves.
   d: Snow sanctuary sells 1 treasure. 

5. Dungeons. You will find lots of treasure in the pots in every dungeon.
   Unfortunately you won't get to re-open the treasure chests. But the pots
   will always refill. Just get the treasure and go on your train, Don't
   choose a route, just hit the back arrow and it will all be reset to get
   again. Although you usually only find commons in pots.

6. In Papuchia Village there's a little girl in the northeast house. You can
   tell her she's cute once a day for 3 days and she will give you treasure.
   I got a Rare treasure from her last time so I think it's worth it.
   I thought she gave a daily treasure but I was mistaken. I can only recall
   her giving me treasure 3 separate times and I haven't been able to get
   any more from her even if I did skip ahead the ds date. She gives good
   treasure at least.

7. After you bring Steem (Snow Sanctuary) the Vessel (vase) from the
   Wise one in Papuchia, you can break Steem's Vessel (Vase) by "accident"
   and he will give you a rare or ultra-rare treasure IF you bring him
   another one. (Ultra-rare prize may be one time only.)

   You can also bring fish from Papuchia to Castle Town, Cuccos from Castle
   Town to the Sand Sanctuary, and Dark Ore to the Trading Post. These give
   either uncommons or rares.

8. Post card prizes. Once a day you can submit 20 postcards. You buy them
   from shops and deposit them in any mailbox. Check the large message
   boards in towns to see what you could win. You will know if you won by
   the next day when you check a mailbox. The postcards cost 100 rupees
   for 10 cards so you better have money to burn lol. I only really did
   this near the end of the game when I had 9999 rupees from getting so
   many regal rings in the lost at sea station. You can do what I did and
   just advance to the next day by changing the ds date in the settings so
   you get your prize right away so to speak. Yay impatience :D

   Also, the prize is determined WHEN you mail, not when you go to pick up
   your prize. So you can't reset and open the mail again to find a
   different prize.

   As for how many cards you should enter, it really doesn't matter. You
   can enter 1 card and win 1st prize, and you can enter 20 and win 3rd
   or nothing at all. It's completely random. There might just be a
   slightly better chance on getting 1st when you enter 20 cards. 2nd is
   the hardest to get though. I tried for several resets on getting a 2nd
   place prize and no matter how many cards I put in, I'd get 1st or 3rd.
   Good luck if this is the treasure-making choice for you.

9. You can trade wirelessly with Tag mode. You both need a copy of
   the game. Sadly it doesn't go online to trade. Anyway, you have to trade
   away one of your own treasures for theirs. Personally I would create a
   second file just for trading, so you can trade treasures without trading
   away your main game's treasures. The same for your trading partner. The
   only down side is that you have to play the game again to get the
   treasures you really want.

[MINI] <3 Mini Games <3

   I will list all the mini-games and their locations for you here! :D But
   I'm only going to list the games that involve giving you treasure and
   are repeatable. If you really want to know which game gives what type of
   treasure, just do the game once and see what treasure you get. It will
   always give you one in that category.

   1: Castle Town "Take 'em All On" Challenge in the southeast house after
      you finish the Forest Temple and have obtained the Whirlwind. You
      will get a heart the first time you do it, and get treasures after.
      You go 10 levels of normal monsters and then need to defeat a
      boss monster. They're in the order they come in the real temples.
      A new secret boss is at the end of it all.. Dark Link!

      I haven't been able to beat this game and probably won't since I have
      all train parts. I mention this because I don't know what treasure
      you might get in the end. I just hope it's good after all that. Don't
      be discouraged though. Even though no hearts drop from enemies, you're
      able to use potions and you get to replenish your hearts before going
      up against Dark Link.

      Level 1: 10 Rooms. Boss: Stagnox in room 10.
      Level 2: 14 Rooms. Bosses: Stagnox in room 6, Fraaz in room 10, Phytops
               in room 14.
      Level 3: 16 rooms. Bosses: Stagnox in room 11, Fraaz in room 12,
	       Phytops in room 13, Cragma in room 14, Skeldritch in room
	       15, then Dark Link in room 16.

   2: Slippery Station. After you deliver the vessel to Steem you will have
      access to this station. It is in the northeastern part of the Snow
      Realm. All you get here is treasure. You just have to run on the ice
      to the room before the door closes. The best way to do it is by
      rolling, especially on the floor patches. But you have to be careful.
      If you roll 4 times you will get dizzy. You roll by tapping the screen
      but be careful not to slash your sword while trying to roll as it will
      slow you down. I only did this station once and didn't write down what
      treasures I got, but I know they got increasingly better. Like it went
      common, uncommon, rare. Feel free to email to confirm!

   3: Whittleton Whip Race. You'll find this place northeast from the houses
      and at the northeastern part of that map. The best way to do this is
      by using your L or R buttons to quickly select the whip, and rolling
      to get past the land quickly. Careful of the thorny gateways and, you
      know, falling off the cliffs. Finishing with a time of 1:15 gives you
      a heart and anytime after you get that, you'll get a treasure.

      It usually took me 6 seconds to get across the last wood beams. So I
      would stop before then and wait if I needed to so I could get the
      type of treasure I wanted.

      In time finished:

      1. 0.00-15.00 = Rare or Heart first time
      2. 16.00-20.00 = Uncommon or Bomb Bag first time
      3. 21.00-50.00 = Common
      4. 50+ = No treasure

      Note: If you get a time of 5.00 and under, he will drop the price of
            the game from 50 to 25 rupees per play.

   4: Pirate Hideout. To unlock this you need to bring Mega Ice
      to the Fish Seller in Papuchia Village, after she asks you to. When
      you get there, you have to rescue a villager from there first. After
      that you can rescue a Goron repeatedly, getting treasure when you do.

      It's said to be one of the best mini-games since it's free to play and
      you have unlimited arrows. The downside is that you don't get any
      treasure if you haven't won the heart yet. Here are a few tips
      on getting higher scores:

      1. Don't miss. The more consecutive hits you get, the higher your
         score will be. Hitting 3 in a row gives you 30 points and 4+ in
         a row will give you 50 points per enemy.

      2. If you have the light bow, you can charge it and shoot multiple
         enemies in a row until the arrow hits the wall. This is best done
         when the enemies get in a nice straight line for you.

      3. Kill them quickly. The quicker you are, the faster more will spawn.

      Here is a chart so you can get the treasure you want by staying within
      its category's points range.

      |    Points      |           Prize                    |
      |  0001-2990     |           Common (50)              |
      |                |                                    |
      |  3000-3990     |   Quiver Upgrade or Uncommon (150) |
      |                |                                    |
      |  4000-4990     |    Heart Container or Rare (500)   |
      |                |                                    |
      |    5000+       |     Rare or Ultra-Rare  (2500)     |

      Note: You have to finish the game past the boss to get any treasure.

      Note 2: Ultra-rare prize may be one time only.

   5: Goron Target Range. Found near the Goron Village. You have to shoot
      the targets with your cannon and you don't have to worry about
      steering the train. You have to avoid the goron faces. You can hit
      the red targets 3 times. If you miss, remember you can change your
      view angle to see behind you. As for the treasure, it's always in
      the SMALL chest. The large chest only has rupees.

   6: Ends of the Earth Station. Northeast corner of the Fire Realm. There are
      several caves with random treasure (and a heart piece) when you
      complete the block puzzles. I'm sorry but I'm not going to describe how
      to solve these.

   7: Lost at Sea Station. It's at the southeast part of the Ocean Realm.

      There are 10 treasures total inside. All chests may contain a common
      or uncommon. I've had both come out of the same chest so I can't say
      what's in what chest but I can say they are commons and uncommons.
      Plus the one Ultra-rare you get at the end.

      Use the Song of Light to activate two light switches here that will
      point to a treasure chest.  You can also blow the leaves away here
      for common treasures. Play the Song of Birds when the bird is near
      and latch on with your whip to get over the cliff. If the bird gets
      stuck on the fence, go to the northeast or west side of the cliff where
      it opens so it can come back. The chickens will all follow you too lol.
      Anyway, once you're on the cliff, play the Song of Light at the switch
      and it will point to where you have to bomb the wall to create a cave
      opening. Enter the cave.
      When you get inside, fill up your hearts and bombs before you go in
      because it's harder to get bombs inside. You can get bombs from the
      Phantom Eye but it only drops 3 at a time and can take a while to get 
      enough. Anyway, play the Song of Awakening (blue orange) and the
      statue will let you in. Keep in mind the only way to exit this dungeon
      is to finish it or turn your game off and on (even if you save, you'll
      have the treasures you got in there up to that point). Another thing
      to mention is that you can't use your sword or arrows in here.

      Well good luck!

     Floor 1: Light all of the torches. There is a random treasure in a
      treasure chest in the west square. There are 3 pairs of torches to light.
      In the middle, northeast and northwest. The middle one is easy, just
      trace a path from the lit torch to the unlit torch. For the other pairs,
      stand near the statue that blows fire and use your boomerang and trace a
      path to the lit torch and then to the unlit torch. You can't light it
      with the fire from the statues.  

     Floor 2: Blow out all the lights. There are 13 torches to blow out. Use
      the whirlwind and walk around carefully avoiding the phantoms. Keep in
      mind the phantoms can see you when you're in the dark. You're allowed
      to write on the map where each torch is, in case you want to do this
      again. There's a treasure chest in the far east in the dark. If you
      can't find it, check out the map in the FAQs/maps section on GameFAqs
      by NeonOctopus.

     Floor 3. Pull the switches with the whip. Pulling the wrong switch
      results in having another Phantom Eye drop. The correct switches are as
      follows: Southwest right, Southeast right, Northwest left, Northeast
      right. There is a treasure chest in the northeast section.

     Floor 4: Break all the rocks. You need at least 14 bombs if you bomb two
      at a time by placing the bomb in the middle of two rocks. There is a
      treasure chest in the southwest corner and the northeast corner.
      Alternatively, you can use these Wrecker Phantoms to plow through them
      all if you feel like getting dangerous (ilu Darkwing).

     Floor 5: Open all the treasure chests. They know we like treasure don't
      they? In the southeast section, you need 4 bombs to bomb your way
      past the blocks, but you don't need to bomb them all. You should have
      6 bombs so it does leave you some to waste but not many. If you need
      bombs you can always go back up and kill Phantom Eyes in Floor 3. 
      Your progress in each room will be saved even if you leave. 
      Anyway, after bombing this section, open chest 1. To open the southwest
      section, light the torch near the north door with your boomerang. Open
      chest 2. Chest 3 is in the northeast section and free to enter. Pull the
      left switch to unlock the northwest section. The right switch will spawn
      a Phantom Eye right near the north door. Open chest 4 and the door will

     Floor 6. Finally! Open the big chest for a Regal Ring. You only need 2 of
      these in total so you can sell these for rupees to buy treasure from
      shops and such. Enter the blue light and you're done. You can do it
      again if you want, while you're here. Otherwise exit out and jump down
      the cliff from the right or left corner.

Note: I won't go into any detail but you can specifically get an Alchemy Stone
      from Snowdrift Station, Slippery Station and Disorientation Station.
      Likewise you can also specifically get a Regal ring from the Ends of
      the Earth Station and Lost at Sea Station.

[QA] <3 Q&A <3

---Train related questions---

Q: If I mix and match the train sets, do they give more hearts?
A: Well, you can't get more than 8 hearts and you can't get 7 either. But
   you can get 5. Say you have the spirit train and get your first part.
   Well if you add it on, you get 5 hearts instead of 4. It may not match
   the others but you'll have an extra heart. It doesn't matter if you mix
   2-3 more parts with one odd one out or if you use one part from each set.
   It will still give 5 hearts until you get a complete set.

Q: How do you unlock the Cannon?
A: Alfonzo gives it to you at Aboda Village after you grab the Snow Rail map
   from your second visit to the Tower of Spirits.

Q: How do you unlock the Freight Car?
A: You follow the story to Goron Village and you get it there.

Q: How do you get a passenger in your passenger car?
A: LOL you have to activate the quest and talk to them to get them to go in.
   Sorry but you can't just kidnap people ^_^

Q: How do I put something in my freight car?
A: You buy the item from the store and they put it in your car. Even cuccos
   are put in your car by the seller. Great service right? :D

Q: Where do you buy train parts?
A: You get them from Linebeck at the Trading post after you do his quest to
   fix the bridge with the Bridge Worker's help and then do the cave. In
   case you didn't know (I didn't at first, D'oh!) you buy train parts with
   treasure. (I was a noob and sold ALL my treasure before I knew that LOL.)

Q: Where are my train controls?
A: It's an anti-piracy glitch. You downloaded an unpatched pirated copy of
   the game. Buy the game, it's worth it.

Q: Where can I customize my train?
A: Alfonzo in Aboda Village will switch around your train cars for you
   for free. His house is right where the train tracks end, near the bee
   hive. You just gotta wait until he gets back home from Castle town.
   If you didn't already know, you can put your train part on right after
   you buy it from Linebeck. It's weird he can do this but can't switch
   around your parts. Oh well, Aboda isn't that far from the trading post
   anyways ^_^

Q: Where/when do I get those cool engineer clothes?
A: You get them when you get 15 stamps and talk to Niko. You can also
   talk to Niko from then on to change clothes.

Q: When do I get the Golden Train?
A: For me it showed up when I had 4 of each of the other parts. But others
   say that they never bought any other parts, or just one or two etc.
   Some say it showed up after they got the compass of light, some say
   it showed up after the forest temple. So it seems pretty random to me!

---Treasure related questions----

Q: How do I sell treasure?
A: You sell it at Linebeck's shop at the Trading Post. From his menu you
   either choose Train car, Treasure, or Nothing. To buy parts, pick
   Train cars, to sell treasure, pick treasure.

Q: How do I get the treasure on top of the Castle town buildings?
A: You need bombs to bomb the rocks in the northeast, and the Song of
   Birds to get the chicken you need to fly onto the buildings. To get
   the middle left chest, you need to fly your chicken across the lion

Q: Where can I see what treasure I have?
A: Tap Menu and Collection, then click the section below the trains
   that look like jewels. Here you can see what each treausre is called,
   how many rupees they cost, their description, and how many you have if
   you've collected them yet. The boxes will be blank if you haven't found
   at least one of that treasure.

Q: Can I find treasure behind rocks when driving the train?
A: No

Q: Can I find treasure from killing enemies?
A: Yes, you can get Stalfos Skulls from Stalfos occasionally. Not from any
   other enemies though, and not from enemies while driving the train.

Q: Where is the best place to get treasure?
A: I'd say the Whip race since you finish in under 2 mins, and you get the
   treasure you want depending on what time you finish.

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train or treasure related questions only. I'm sorry but if you need help with
something else, you should go to the General FAQs section that has
walkthroughs. Also feel free to email me about any typos or even suggestions
for improvement.

Thank you for using my guide and I hope it was very useful to you.

May the Force Gems be with you.

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