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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

			=~=~=~=~THE LEGEND OF ZELDA=~=~=~=~=
				      Boss Guide

Introduction [.1]
Version History [.2]
How To and How Not To Use This Guide [.3]
E-Mail and My E-Mail Policies [.4]
About the Wii Version and the GameCube Version [.5]
Boss Tactics [.6]
Bosses [.7]
	Diababa [.01]
	Fyrus [.02]
	Morpheel [.03]
	Stallord [.04]
	Blizzeta [.05]
	Armogohma [.06]
	Argorok [.07]
	Zant [.08]
	Zelda [.09]
	Ganon [.010]
	[Horseback Ganon] [.011]
	Ganondorf [.012]
Mini-Bosses [.8]
	Forest Temple Mini-Boss [.001]
	Goron Mines Mini-Boss [.002]
	Lakebed Temple Mini-Boss [.003]
	Arbiter’s Grounds Mini-Boss [.004]
	Snowpeak Ruins Mini-Boss [.005]
	Temple of Time Mini-Boss [.006]
	City in the Sky Mini-Boss [.007]
King Bulblin Battles [.9]
	Hyrule Field Battle (Battle 1, Part 1) [.0001]
	Bridge of Eldin Battle (Battle 1, Part 2) [.0002]
	Great Bridge of Hylia Battle [.0003]
	Gerudo Desert Battle [.0004]
	Hyrule Castle Battle [.0005]
Other Battles [.10]
	Palace of Twilight Battles [.00001]
	Hyrule Castle Battles [.00002]
	Arbiter’s Grounds Poe Battles [.00003]
	Skull Kid Battles [.00004]
FAQ [.11]
	Questions [.000001]
	My Errors [.000002]
	People Who Insulted Me Because They Think It’s 
	Funny [.000003]
Special Thanks [.12]

To reach the different section of this guide easier, 
hold Ctrl and press F to bring up a small window. Type 
in .1 or .2 or something to bring you to everything 
that says whatever it is that you typed in.

Welcome to my boss guide.
	You are probably here for one of two reasons: a), 
you’re stuck at a tough boss, or b), you’re bored. 
Either reason is welcome.
	Be aware that this guide may contain spoilers, as 
reading up on the defeat of bosses or where their 
destruction leads to and even some of the final bosses 
will alert you to parts of the story you should 
otherwise discover yourself.
	How this guide will work is that first, you see 
the introduction--which, in fact, you are reading now--
that will tell you how the guide works and alert you of 
some things. Next will come version history for a 
reference tool for me. Next is how to and how not to 
use this guide, which will tell you if you can post 
this on your website or something, and after that 
section comes how to e-mail me and the guidelines for 
what will and what will not be posted. After that, I 
will tell you how the Wii version of the game is 
different from the GameCube version…go there for more 
details. After that comes the Boss Tactics, which will 
run down a list of strategies and tips to help keep you 
alive during boss battles. Following that up will be 
the actual bosses in chronological order. If you’re 
stuck at, say, the Lakebed Temple boss…well, that’s in 
the third dungeon, so look in the third boss on the 
list to find your boss. (If you know the boss’s name, 
you should be able to locate it easily, anyway). After 
all the boss battles will come mini-boss fights, which 
are all situated in the first seven dungeons. Following 
that will be the four battles with King Bulblin, and 
after that come any miscellaneous fights you should 
know about. When all those are done, the FAQ will come. 
Any questions you wanna ask me or errors you spotted in 
my guide? Submit them, and they will go under the 
appropriate FAQ categories. If you have an e-mail that 
violates any of my policies it won’t be posted, and if 
write an e-mail just to insult me, you will be placed 
under the “People Who Insulted Me Because They Think 
It’s Funny” section. I hope that category will remain 
empty. Following the FAQ will come those whom I shall 
thank; if you submitted an e-mail that was posted (but 
not in the People Who Insulted Me Because They Think 
It’s Funny category), your name will be listed here. 
Then, I will say goodbye.
	If you honestly gave a hoot enough to read this 
introduction, thank you! If not, who cares? Read on.

- #1 (.4 complete): (6/1/08) Completed the table of 
contents, introduction, “How To and How Not To Use This 
Guide” section, “E-Mail and My E-Mail Policies” 
section, “About the Wii Version and the GameCube 
Version” section, “Boss Tactics” section, and the 
Diababa and Fyrus subsections.
- #2 (.55 complete): (6/1/08) Later on the same day, I 
added more. I finished the Morpheel, Stallord, and 
Blizzeta boss fight subsections. I, uh, also made the 
title for the Armogohma subsection.
- #3 (.65 complete): (6/2/08) Completed the Armogohma, 
Argorok, Zant, Zelda, and Ganon subjections. Made a few 
minor adjustments.
- #4 (1.0 complete): (6/8/08) Hoh, gosh! I leaped from 
65% complete to 100% complete! I finished everything! 
(And it’s almost midnight, too. I’m tired.) I fixed a 
few tiny errors and some wording here and there, too. 
Doubtless, I will update more in the future.
 - #5 (2.0 complete): (6/18/08) I added that Armogohma 
can hurt you by stepping on you and that Blizzeta only 
shoots the ice enemies after bashing her three times. I 
also added a couple of battles to the “Other Battles” 
section: Arbiter’s Grounds Poe Battles and Skull Kid 
Battles. Felt like this guide needed ‘em.
 - #6 (3.0 complete): (6/20/08) Fixed quite a number of 
errors when a person called Jeremy Sanchez pointed them 
out for me. Many thanks, buddy, if you’re reading this.
 - #7 (4.0 complete): (6/24/08) Fixed a few small 
grammatical and spelling errors, and added 
supercheats.com to the special thanks section since 
they’re hosting my guide on their site.
 - #8 (4.1 complete): (8/30/08) Added Ted Edey’s e-mail 
to the FAQ section. My first ever question! Yayness!
 - #9 (4.11 complete): Changed “Bulbin” to “Bulblin”; 
it really is Bulblin.
 - #10 (4.21 complete): Added Jeff’s strategy about the 
Snowpeak Ruins mini-boss and put him in the Special 
Thanks section.
 - #11 (4.31 complete): Added Nick Binger’s bit of 
advice about the Morpheel fight.

This guide of mine is intended mainly for you to read 
it where it is. I’d prefer it if it were left here on 
GameFAQs, but if you honestly want to post it on your 
website, e-mail me, and I’ll decide if you can post it 
or not. If I decide that you cannot, then it is 
probably because of one or more of these reasons:
- I don’t like the particular website you want to post 
it to.
- Your reason for posting my guide is not to my liking.
- At the moment I feel particularly protective of my 
guide for whatever reasons I may have.
	But that aside, if you are given permission to 
post it and it has passed all three tests, you will be 
put in my special thanks section.
	If you find my guide posted somewhere that wasn’t 
listed in the special thanks section, please e-mail me 
about it.

Right off the bat, e-mail me at www.burtonfam6@att.net.
	That was hard to put the e-mail down, actually, 
since the computer automatically makes it a hyperlink 
to the site, and I DON’T WANT IT TO DO THAT.
	Make sure the subject of your e-mail is titled, 
“TP Boss Guide.”
	Now for the policies. Definitely e-mail me for 
these reasons:
- You have a question that was unanswered in the FAQ or 
it wasn’t clear enough for you to understand.
- You spotted an error in my guide, like something I 
said wrong or even grammatical errors (if me types like 
this, or something like that).
- You want to post even a small section of my guide to 
your website.
- If you have another strategy for defeating a boss.
	Do NOT e-mail me for these reasons.
- To flame me. What “flaming” is, is yelling at me and 
insulting me beyond what is tolerable. Even if the 
criticism is productive, insulting me isn’t going to 
help, and your e-mail will likely wind up in the 
PWIBTTIF section (I’m getting tired of writing the full 
- To praise me. This is nice, but it does nothing. It 
makes me feel good but does nothing for the sake of 
this guide. It will simply be deleted. Don’t take it as 
an insult if you try to congratulate me and it doesn’t 
get posted here.
- To prank me. If you type “jdunudheu” and expect it to 
get posted, fat chance.
- If you cuss in the e-mail or use vulgar language. 
“Sucks” is allowed, but not even the smallest bad word 
will be allowed. There will be no bad language in my 
- If you ask me a question that was clearly answered in 
If it was answered in the guide but you still don’t 
understand it, tell me that it was unclear to you.
- If you ask me a question completely unrelated to this 
guide, like, “How do you get past this room in the 
Lakebed Temple?” or something. That’s not the job of 
this guide. Read a walkthrough to answer that kind of 
	Thank you for your time.

This guide is made specifically for the GameCube 
version of the game. So if I say, “Press B to swing 
your sword,” don’t be surprised. In the Wii version, 
you may swing your Wii remote like crazy to attack, but 
on the GameCube, you press buttons.
	Also, the Wii version is completely mirrored from 
the GameCube version. On the Wii, notice Link holds his 
sword in his right hand. On the GameCube, Link’s got it 
in his left. Kakariko Village is to the west on the 
Wii, but it’s to the east on the GameCube version. 
Which means if I say “Go to the right,” or something, 
go to the left if you’re playing the Wii version of the 
	If you want a Wii version boss guide, see the 
appropriate guide here on GameFAQs.

If you keep dying on a boss, chances are you’re not 
using survival tactics. For that reason, I’ve composed 
a list of ways to stay alive. If you’re having trouble, 
please take the time to read this.
- #1: Lock on! If you lock onto a boss, the battle 
almost always goes easier (there are exceptions, 
though, and I’ll alert you to them when you read on the 
bosses and mini-bosses that have the exceptions). It 
not only allows you to always see the boss and follow 
its movements, but it automatically puts your shield up 
so you can block attacks. Not knowing where the boss is 
can kill you in critical situations, so make it a habit 
to lock on unless I say otherwise.
- #2: Bring health items along. If you find yourself in 
a pickle and low on health, you’re going to panic if 
you realize you have nothing to heal yourself with 
(although there are almost always objects that give you 
health when destroyed nearby). For this reason, pack 
along red potions, milk, and even obscure things like 
bee larva to restore health when necessary. I find that 
the pink fairies are the best--when you lose all your 
health, the fairies automatically bring you back to 
life and restore up to 10 of your hearts. They’re also 
handy in the Morpheel battle, since you can’t use 
bottles while underwater.
- #3: Practice your archery. Some bosses require you to 
shoot their weak points with arrows to stun them, but 
when the ground is shaking, they’re moving, and the 
weak point is fairly small, aiming can be tough. For 
this reason, when you see an opportunity out in the 
wild, draw out your bow and practice shooting on 
faraway and/or moving enemies until you’re up to my 
level of archery (or higher) where you can shoot a 
Keese with only a few arrows or less when it’s a 
hundred feet away.
- #4: Flip, hop, roll… These are all ways to avoid 
enemy attacks. Sometimes, the shield is not enough to 
stop a mighty blow, so learn when to back-flip away or 
side-jump their attacks. Rolling gives you a short 
boost of speed and minimizes the enemy’s chances of 
hitting you and sometimes lets you go under attacks. If 
you see a scarecrow like the one you used to show Malo, 
Talo, and Beth your Wooden Sword techniques, take some 
time and practice your swordsmanship on it.
- #5: Learn the hidden sword techniques. You may find 
some Howling Stones where you need to howl along with 
the wind’s song as a wolf. After howling, the Hero’s 
Spirit will appear in wolf form somewhere in the land 
of Hyrule. Find him, and he’ll teach you a hidden 
technique. He’s displayed on your map, so you will find 
him with ease. The hidden techniques don’t help at all 
with the first seven boss fights, but they will with 
the last few bosses and many mini-bosses, not to 
mention the ordinary enemy in the game.
- #6: Attack using jump attacks! Most bosses and mini-
bosses, when stunned, require what I call a 4-hit combo 
to hurt them and get them back up appropriately. The 
jump attack--hold L and press A--is twice as powerful 
as the ordinary sword hit. So if you do 4 jump attacks 
per beating session, you can finish the battle easily.

This section is dedicated to the twelve big boss fights 
you’ll be fighting. All but one will display the boss’s 
name and “explanatory title,” as I will call it, then 
launch you into the boss fight. All bosses are found at 
the end of dungeons, like the Arbiter’s Grounds or 
Palace of Twilight. A dungeon is simply a large place 
where you can obtain a dungeon map and compass, fight a 
mini-boss, and earn a new weapon like the Gale 
Boomerang or Spinner.
	You will have to defeat every boss but Zant and 
all the Ganondorf battles with the help of the new 
weapon you just obtained in the dungeon. You may 
realize that as you read this guide and play the game.
	To help you better understand what each 
difficulty score means, here’s a list.
- 1/10: Pathetically easy; no trouble at all
- 2/10: Pretty easy; few problems
- 3/10: Easy; a few more problems than usual
- 4/10: Fairly easy; the very start of a challenge
- 5/10: Very mildly easy; a little more of a challenge
- 6/10: Tough; pretty challenging
- 7/10: Pretty tough; you’ll need a strategy
- 8/10: Extremely tough; definitely need a strategy
- 9/10: Ridiculously tough; good luck on this one
- 10/10: Near impossible; prepare for real frustration
	No bosses are rated 10/10, so you know.
-~-~-~-~DIABABA [.01]~-~-~-~-
 -~Explanatory Title: Twilit Parasite
 -~Dungeon: Forest Temple
 -~Assisting Weapon: Gale Boomerang
 -~Reward: First Fused Shadow
 -~Possible Origins: An ordinary Deku Baba probably 
found and touched the Fused Shadow and transformed into 
a humungous monster. It’s also possible that two other 
Deku Babas were with it, thus explaining the three 
heads, but it may just be a mutation caused by the 
Fused Shadow.
 -~Health Restoration: The small boxes and the tall 
grass found towards the sides of the room yield hearts 
when destroyed.
 -~Phases: 2
 -~Difficulty (phase 1): 1/10
 -~Difficulty (phase 2): 2/10
 -~The Battle (phase 1): This first phase is very easy. 
The two giant heads that came up will attack one at a 
time with about a 15-20 second gap between each attack, 
and the attack is a simple lunge which is easily 
repelled by having your shield up. When one prepares to 
attack, it’ll start opening and closing its mouth 
excitedly. Now, see those three logs floating in the 
poisonous water (which will hurt you if you touch it)? 
See the explosive bugs on them? Lock onto a bug using 
the Gale Boomerang’s manual aiming, then lock onto a 
head and let it loose. (You can also make the bug 
return to you and wait for a head to attack, then throw 
the bug at it, but that’s longer and harder.) The head 
will be force-fed the bomb and will have it explode 
inside it. When you blow it up, it’ll sink down and 
won’t attack anymore. Do the same to the other head to 
end the phase. Your only real concern here is having a 
head attack while you throw the Gale Boomerang, as your 
shield is not up and you’re vulnerable to attack.
 -~The Battle (phase 2): Now all three heads will come 
up, with the humungous head in the middle being Diababa 
itself. The logs the bugs were on have sunk, so now 
there are no more bombs. Now what? …Hey, what’s that 
sound? Wait a few seconds after the second phase 
starts, and you’ll hear the cry of the mini-boss, who 
has returned to help. He’ll swing back and forth in 
front of Diababa, carrying a bug between his feet. Yay! 
Lock onto the bug, then onto Diababa’s closed-up face. 
If it manages to sock Diababa right in the small hole 
its eye is peeking out of, the two smaller heads will 
sink, and the big head will flop onto the land, 
exposing the eye. Beat the crap out of it with your 
sword. After four hits or harder, Diababa will go back 
up. It’ll then regurgitate repulsive purple acid to 
attack. Run! The attack lasts about seven or eight 
seconds, so survive by running to one end of the stage, 
running diagonally towards Diababa and towards the 
corner away from it, and roll under the acid spray when 
you’re far enough away. Repeat the process of blowing 
Diababa’s face up, then beating its eyeball one more 
time to end the fight.
	As a side note, you can destroy the two smaller 
heads with bombs, too, if you want to completely 
diminish attack (as the only things you’d get hurt from 
then are the poisonous water and blowing yourself up 
with a bomb).
	Having the Gale Boomerang take the bomb, then 
blowing it into Diababa’s face can take timing and 
sometimes a bit of luck, since if you throw the 
Boomerang at just the wrong time, the Gale Boomerang 
will arrive at the mini-boss just in time for it to 
turn around and swing back, and the Boomerang will have 
to chase it back across the stage. Also, Diababa’s head 
continuously looks at the ape, so the bomb might 
accidentally hit the side of its head.
-~-~-~-~FYRUS [.02]~-~-~-~-
 -~Explanatory Title: Twilit Igniter
 -~Dungeon: Goron Mines
 -~Assisting Weapon: Hero’s Bow/Iron Boots
 -~Reward: Second Fused Shadow
 -~Possible Origins: Actually, the origins of Fyrus 
aren’t “possible,” they’re known. Darbus, patriarch of 
the Gorons on Death Mountain, found and touched the 
second Fused Shadow and transformed into a huge 
creature called Fyrus. The Goron Elders managed to stop 
his mindless rampage and chain him up. There are three 
things wrong with this origin, however. #1: Just NOW, 
Darbus found the Fused Shadow? What about twenty years 
ago? #2: Fyrus snaps out of his chains like they were 
subduing him with wet toilet paper when Link arrives. 
He never broke out any other time? And #3: You’re 
telling me a bunch of old, wobbly Gorons subdued a huge 
colossus like Fyrus? …Well, whatever.
 -~Health Restoration: The jars found on the sides of 
the room give you hearts every other time you destroy 
them (the other times, they’ll give you arrows).
 -~Phases: 1
 -~Difficulty: 4/10
 -~The Battle: After Fyrus ignites himself and snaps 
out of his chains, he’ll start stomping towards you. 
Take out your Hero’s Bow and aim (this is one of the 
reasons I asked you to train up on your archery in the 
Boss Tactics section). I know aiming is hard when he’s 
rapidly advancing and the screen is shaking with every 
stomp he makes, but even if a few arrows miss, fire. 
You’re aiming for that shining red jewel on his 
forehead. To make it easier to aim but also easier to 
take damage, wait until he reaches you and prepares to 
attack. He’ll stop moving briefly, so the screen will 
stop shaking and allow you to aim better. Obviously, if 
you don’t fire quickly, you wind up looking like 
Fyrus’s fried eggs for breakfast, so if you’re not 
comfortable with that strategy, quit aiming and roll 
out of the way to the other side of the room when he 
reaches you. If you manage to shoot him in the 
forehead, he’ll go stomping around the room blindly. 
Run right up to his legs, then put on your Iron Boots. 
The handles to the chains on his legs should have 
reached you by the time you’ve got them on, so hold R 
to pick them up. Drag them in the opposite direction of 
Fyrus to have your magnetized Iron Boots hold steady, 
and Fyrus will trip and be stunned. Let go of the 
chains, take off your Iron Boots, run to his forehead, 
and beat the crap out of it until he goes back up and 
ignites himself again. Do this two more times to defeat 
him and revert him back to Darbus.
	Fyrus attacks by getting near you and swinging 
his chains, which is why when he arrives at your little 
feet you should either seize the opportunity to shoot 
him in the head or make a run for it. If you spend too 
much time away from him, he’ll build up energy, then 
release a wall of fire which covers the room. Stand 
back far enough or hide behind a pillar to remain safe.
	If you find yourself running out of arrows, every 
other pot on the sides of the room you break will have 
arrows in them.
-~-~-~-~MORPHEEL [.03]~-~-~-~-
 -~Explanatory Title: Twilit Aquatic
 -~Dungeon: Lakebed Temple
 -~Assisting Weapon: Clawshot/Iron Boots
 -~Reward: Third Fused Shadow
 -~Possible Origins: Some sort of eel, perhaps just a 
fish, must have touched the Fused Shadow. Simple as 
that. Where the two rather displaced eyes came from, I 
have no idea. You may notice during the battle that 
Morpheel’s name is similar to Morpha, boss of the Water 
Temple in Ocarina of Time, and that its attack pattern 
and how to kill it are similar in the first phase as 
 -~Health Restoration: The small bushes situated on the 
ground (not the tall weed plants) will give you hearts 
when destroyed.
 -~Phases: 2
 -~Difficulty (phase 1): 2/10
 -~Difficulty (phase 2): 1/10
 -~The Battle (phase 1): This battle is totally 
underwater, so you’ll need to put on your Zora Armor so 
you can breathe. If you don’t follow my strategy, the 
difficulty of this first phase can go up to nearly 7/10 
or 8/10. Put on your Iron Boots and KEEP YOUR DISTANCE 
AWAY FROM MORPHEEL. If you’re too close, Morpheel will 
have one of his whiskers (yes, those are whiskers) grab 
you, put you in his mouth, chomp on you, and spit you 
out. You’ll lose a whole heart by this attack, and it’s 
about 95% unavoidable, I’d say. It IS possible to dodge 
it, but EXTREMELY difficult. Either you take off your 
Iron Boots with very precise timing and swim away, or 
you get chomped on. I still say keep your distance. The 
whisker will even suck you into it, kinda. Stand where 
the little bushes that give you hearts are. From there, 
you’ll be able to rip Morpheel’s eyeball towards you 
(with limited range), and you’ll be just out of 
Morpheel’s whisker-grabbing range. When you’ve done 
that, use your Clawshot to latch onto Morpheel’s 
eyeball that floats around inside his whiskers and rip 
it to you, then beat it with your sword repeatedly. 
Lock onto the eyeball if you have the chance, but from 
where you are, you may have to manually aim--difficult, 
but it may be necessary. After beating the eye for one 
session, the eyeball will bounce back to Morpheel, and 
Morpheel will spit out a bunch of explosive fish that 
hang around it. The only thing these can do is hinder 
your progress if you accidentally lock onto or manually 
aim and latch onto it instead of the eyeball. Keep at 
it. When you latch onto the eyeball again--get rid of 
some of the fish if you need to--and beat it two more 
times to move onto phase 2.
 -~The Battle (phase 2): This battle is pathetically 
easy. Morpheel will take his entire, slender body out 
of the ground and swim around in the water--very big--
and will knock over pillars. The falling pillars 
themselves don’t hurt you. The only way Morpheel can 
attack is to inhale you in and chomp on you and make 
you lose a heart, and even then, to block that, just 
put on your Iron Boots. (Thanks to Nick Binger for that 
bit of advice.) He’ll stop moving and start to inhale 
when you get in front of his face, so avoid that spot. 
Take your Iron Boots off and press A repeatedly to swim 
fast. There’s an eyeball on top of Morpheel’s head, so 
keep swimming at it, lock onto it when you’re close 
enough, and use the Clawshot to pull yourself onto 
Morpheel and behind the eyeball, then press B 
repeatedly to stab Morpheel’s eye. Morpheel will shake 
you off. Repeat this two more times to end the battle.
	You should have no worries in this battle; rarely 
will you ever get in front of Morpheel’s big, fat face, 
and seeing as the only way it can attack is to inhale…
-~-~-~-~STALLORD [.04]~-~-~-~-
 -~Explanatory Title: Twilit Fossil
 -~Dungeon: Arbiter’s Grounds
 -~Assisting Weapon: Spinner
 -~Reward: Access to Mirror Chamber
 -~Possible Origins: Stallord’s skeletal remains lie in 
a sandy chamber. The origins of Stallord are rather 
puzzling, but my guess is that from its lack of 
animation before Zant brings it to life, it was a 
dragon that died in this room. Killed by something? Who 
 -~Health Restoration: There are jars on the sides of 
the room that give you health when broken. These jars, 
as far as I know, are inaccessible during the second 
phase of the battle.
 -~Phases: 2
 -~Difficulty (phase 1): 2/10
 -~Difficulty (phase 2): 3/10
 -~The Battle (phase 1): After Zant animates Stallord, 
you’ll do battle. If you fall in the sand, fear not; 
just walk back up the slope and climb back onto safe 
land. You’re not standing in quicksand. Get out your 
Spinner and whir onto the track clinging to the edges 
of the sand pit. Whenever you’re ready, press A to leap 
off into the sand pit. Stallord will raise up some 
skeleton dudes to block your progress, and if you hit 
one you’ll bounce off like it was a pinball machine. 
Press A to destroy the skeleton. You’ll still bounce 
off, but you kill the skeleton. Your goal here is to 
successfully make your way to Stallord’s spinal section 
sticking out of the sand and press A to shatter a piece 
when you hit it. Hit it three times to win. After you 
hit Stallord for the first time, he’ll release spinners 
with spikes on them to run along the track at a faster 
rate than your Spinner, so hop off when you see one 
gaining on you and enter the screen. If you get hit, 
you get knocked onto safe land. After each hit to 
Stallord, more skeletons will be raised up to block 
your progress, so after the second hit, it’ll be 
extremely difficult to hit Stallord without ricocheting 
	If you’ve lost a lot of speed on the Spinner, 
head back to the track and hop on again. Remember that 
you need to be on safe land to do it, not the sand.
	Stallord makes fruitless attacks that never hit 
you. About the only thing he’ll do is breathe fire 
that’s so far off the mark it’s hitting the wall 
opposite you.
 -~The Battle (phase 2): After the sand drains away and 
you raise the inner pillar up by rotating the Spinner 
in the gears, Stallord’s decapitated skeletal head will 
reanimate and float all on its own, then knock you off 
the pillar down to the ground below. Stallord will flee 
if you get your Spinner out and will peek around the 
corner and blast fireballs at you if you go on the 
ground. However, to kill him, you need to use the 
Spinner. Attach your Spinner to the track on the inner 
wall and keep riding until Stallord peeks around again. 
When he shoots a fireball at you, press A to leap to 
the track on the opposite wall. (Bear in mind that 
which each leap, you get lower and lower to the ground. 
If you wind up leaping too much, you’ll hit the ground, 
and Stallord will flee again.) In addition to getting 
lower to the ground, you also get closer to Stallord 
with each leap. When you’re right beside him, press A 
to leap off and knock Stallord to the ground. After the 
tiny cut-scene showing him fall, you’ll automatically 
drop off the Spinner and land next to Stallord. Press B 
repeatedly to slash the sword stuck in his head. You’re 
supposed to get in about 12 hits before he goes back 
up. Do this routine two more times to win. After the 
first beating session, spiny spinners will occasionally 
appear on the tracks of the inner wall, and since they 
go slower than your Spinner, you’ll ram into them and 
get knocked down to the ground if you don’t leap off 
(which may result in you getting closer to the ground). 
After the second beating session, the spinners will 
appear on both walls.
	If you ever wind up making it all the way up to 
the top of the pillar, you’ll be off the track and on 
the top of the pillar. If this happens, just glide on 
your Spinner off the pillar and hope to reattach to a 
-~-~-~-~BLIZZETA [.05]~-~-~-~-
 -~Explanatory Title: Twilit Ice Mass
 -~Dungeon: Snowpeak Ruins
 -~Assisting Items: Ball and Chain
 -~Reward: First Mirror Shard
 -~Possible Origins: Just like Fyrus, Blizzeta’s 
origins are not “possible,” they are known. Yeta, a 
perfectly innocent Yeti woman and owner of the Snowpeak 
Ruins along with her husband, Yeto, guided Link to the 
Mirror Shard he was looking for with the best of 
intentions, but after gazing into the mirror and 
calling it “pretty” a number of times, she twitches a 
bit and acts oddly, before her face transforms into a 
green, monstrous version and she summons ice from the 
cold outside to form a, well, an ice mass around her.
 -~Health Restoration: There happen to be more jars on 
the room’s sides that give you health.
 -~Phases: 2
 -~ Difficulty (phase 1): 4/10
 -~Difficulty (phase 2: 6/10
 -~The Battle (phase 1): This phase is very simple and 
pretty easy. Blizzeta will remain at the center of the 
room. Bash her with the Ball and Chain to chip off a 
chunk of her ice mass and send her sliding around the 
room like a hockey puck. Continue to bash her in the 
same way when you have the chance. Ample opportunities 
are when Blizzeta is sliding towards you. Since 
Blizzeta IS, you know, sliding here and there and 
everywhere, remember to lock on 24/7. Also, hold X/Y 
(whichever button the Ball and Chain is assigned to) to 
repeatedly swing the Ball and Chain around so that you 
can hurl the weapon faster. After taking about six or 
seven hits, this phase will be over.
	Blizzeta can only attack by sliding into you and 
by periodically releasing dozens of the icy enemies 
that slide around like Blizzeta that you’ve encountered 
earlier (although she only releases these after you‘ve 
bashed her three times). These can be difficult to 
avoid, as they’re sudden and move fast. If you move 
fast, you can put away your Ball and Chain and whip out 
your shield to block it. Otherwise, hope that the gap 
between each released enemy is enough to make the 
enemies go beside you, or at least that you twirling 
your Ball and Chain will destroy the enemy coming at 
 -~The Battle (phase 2): This phase is notably tougher. 
After having her cold casing destroyed, she creates 
another one. (Ever wonder why her ice cases are really 
elaborate when she’s just trying to kill you?) Not only 
that, but she creates 10 icy stalactites to try and 
crush you with. Right off the bat, run and don’t stop 
running. Blizzeta, hovering above you, will one-by-one 
drop the stalactites at you. Count the stalactites 
fallen. When all ten have fallen, quickly turn around 
and destroy a stalactite before they go back up. Put 
your Ball and Chain away once you have. If you haven’t, 
try a last-ditch strategy. When all stalactites go up 
and you see their reflection gathering around you, wait 
about a second after they completely congregate, then 
throw the Ball and Chain. When they land, the Ball and 
Chain should snap back and destroy one or more 
stalactites. Run and quickly press A to put your Ball 
and Chain away before Blizzeta crashes down where you 
were. Turn around and hurl the Ball and Chain at her. 
Do this two more times to beat her.
	So you may get the point. Run to avoid the 
falling stalactites, then destroy one so that there’s a 
gap in the circle of stalactites meant to trap you in. 
Run out and harm Blizzeta when she lands. That’s the 
goal in a nutshell.
	You can destroy as many stalactites as you like, 
but after bashing her, she’ll recreate them all.
-~-~-~-~ARMOGOHMA [.06]~-~-~-~-
 -~Explanatory Title: Twilit Arachnid
 -~Dungeon: Temple of Time
 -~Assisting Weapon: Dominion Rod/Hero’s Bow
 -~Reward: Second Mirror Shard
 -~Possible Origins: You’ve seen all the hairy, icky 
spiders in the Temple of Time, right? One must have 
touched, looked into, whatever, the Mirror Shard and 
transformed. Given that the eyeball is actually a 
smaller spider, the big, gigantic spider you see may 
actually just be a shell animated by the Mirror Shard. 
It’s also possible, however, that Armogohma is a 
distant relative of Queen Gohma, who was the first boss 
of Ocarina of Time. (You kill Armogohma in a vaguely 
similar way, too.)
 -~Health Restoration: Whenever Armogohma drops down 
baby spiders, you can kill them to get health and 
 -~Phases: 2
 -~Difficulty (phase 1): 4/10
 -~Difficulty (phase 2): 1/10
 -~The Battle (phase 1): If you are deathly afraid of 
spiders and cannot bear to look at one--I’m the same 
way--consider asking someone else to do this battle. 
This is, indeed, the creepiest, ugliest battle in the 
game. I can fight Armogohma without so much as cringing 
at the large arachnid, but if you can’t…
	That’s beside the point. If you’ve ever fought 
Queen Gohma from Ocarina of Time, you may know what to 
do right off the start. This is the second boss battle 
in which you should have trained up on your archery. 
Whip out your Hero’s Bow and aim at Armogohma crawling 
on the ceiling. It’ll go from light source to light 
source and will finally stop on one. When it stops, 
it’ll open its eye, which will turn red. Shoot it in 
the eye to knock it down, then run over to the giant 
statue in the corner nearest it and bring it to life 
with the Dominion Rod. Press Y/X (whichever button it’s 
assigned to) to make the statue flatten Armogohma’s 
underbelly. Do this three more times to win. After 
bashing Armogohma, it’ll go back up to the ceiling(its 
sharp legs can step on you and hurt you, so don‘t go 
too close), then drop little eggs that hatch into those 
ugly little spiders you saw earlier in the dungeon. 
Destroy these to get health and arrows. It’s best and 
easiest to destroy them by using the Spinner to mow 
them all down.
	Armogohma has only one attack, and that is to 
blast a steady stream of fire at you for about ten 
seconds. If you don’t shoot it in its eye quick enough, 
it’ll use this attack. If you dodge it only once, then 
stand still, the beam will circle around you. This beam 
can kill Armogohma’s spawned spiders, too.
 -~The Battle (phase 2): Just when you thought 
Armogohma was finished, the eyeball is remaining! The 
eyeball, however, sprouts legs and turns around, 
revealing itself to be another spider. A bunch of eggs 
hatch around it, and the spider flees. Three arrows, 
one bomb arrow, or one sword strike will kill it. The 
first and second options are obviously best, as getting 
near it can be tricky when a), it’s constantly moving, 
and b), the little spiders surround it constantly. 
Enjoy the goofy music and finish off Armogohma in this 
rather awkward second phase.
-~-~-~-~ARGOROK [.07]~-~-~-~-
 -~Explanatory Title: Twilit Dragon
 -~Dungeon: City in the Sky
 -~Assisting Weapon: Double Clawshots/Iron Boots
 -~Reward: Third Mirror Shard
 -~Possible Origins: Given the fact that Argorok has 
battle armor on it, someone must have sent Argorok to 
guard the third and final Mirror Shard…Zant? Through 
Ganondorf? Who knows?
 -~Health Restoration: There are skulls around the 
bottom of the arena that give you hearts.
 -~Phases: 2
 -~Difficulty (phase 1): 2/10
 -~Difficulty (phase 2): 3/10
 -~The Battle (phase 1): This battle is pretty easy. 
Your chances of getting hurt are pretty slim. Argorok 
will fly around the arena for a bit, giving you a 
chance to get into position. Whip out your Double 
Clawshots and latch onto one of the nearby pillars to 
pull yourself onto it. Turn around and latch higher up 
onto the pillar behind you. Keep going up until you’re 
almost at the top. Argorok should eventually swoop in 
and float in the center of the level. If you wait too 
long, he’ll breathe fire at you. See that little rung 
on his tail? If you aim at it with the Double 
Clawshots, a yellow icon should appear on it. Latch 
onto it, then put on your Iron Boots to pull Argorok 
down and slam him into the ground, knocking off some of 
his armor. Do this one more time to win. When he gets 
back up, he’ll blow strong gusts of wind in a lame 
attempt to blow you off the arena, but just keep 
running forward until it’s passed. Do the same latch-
onto-pillar routine and wait for Argorok to come again. 
This time, he’ll be a little higher up. Same routine. 
Latch onto his tail, drag him down. Move onto phase 2.
 -~The Battle (phase 2): Argorok has shaken off the 
rest of his armor to reveal his red, un-horned hide. 
You did see that shining orb on his back during the 
cut-scene, right? That’s his weak point. But how to get 
to it…? The floating plants (I believe they’re Peahats) 
have risen into the air but are too high to get to from 
the ground. Latch from pillar to pillar with your 
Double Clawshots until you reach the very, very top of 
one. Now latch onto a Peahat. Wait until Argorok flies 
up to your level. When he rears back his head, Hold L 
to lock onto the Peahat in front of you, then 
continuously Double Clawshot onto the next Peahat until 
you’re behind Argorok, then manually aim (it’s best) to 
latch onto his back. Just like with Morpheel’s eyeball, 
press B repeatedly to stab Argorok’s back. After 
bashing him four times, Argorok will fall to the 
ground, and you will hop off. All the while you’re 
latching from Peahat to Peahat, Argorok is breathing 
flame behind you, so don’t be too slow. Repeat the 
process two more times to win. After the second time 
you stab his back, he’ll change the direction he 
breathes fire in suddenly, so keep an eye out.
-~-~-~-~ZANT [.08]~-~-~-~-
 -~Explanatory Title: Usurper King
 -~Dungeon: Palace of Twilight
 -~Assisting Weapon: Gale Boomerang/Iron Boots/Double 
	Clawshots/Ball and Chain
 -~Reward: Fused Shadows
 -~Possible Origins: Another known origin for a boss. 
Zant was but a servant for the royal family of the 
Twilight Realm. He became a servant in hopes of being 
the next heir to the throne, but when he discovered 
Midna was the next heir, he was outraged. It was then 
that Ganondorf found him, pretended to be a god, gave 
Zant unimaginable power, and asked him to do one thing: 
“To merge light and shadow…and make darkness!” (I think 
I have that phrase wrong, so if someone can e-mail me 
on it, or if I rediscover it on my own, that’d be 
good.) So Zant stole the throne from Midna and 
pronounced himself king…hence his explanatory title.
 -~Health Restoration: Yes, there are the old health 
restoration things from the old boss rooms. (Many 
thanks to Jeremy Sanchez on this one.)
 -~Phases: 6
 -~Difficulty (phase 1): 2/10
 -~Difficulty (phase 2): 3/10
 -~Difficulty (phase 3): 4/10
 -~Difficulty (phase 4): 3/10 
 -~Difficulty (phase 5): 3/10
 -~Difficulty (phase 6: 6/10
 -~The Battle (phase 1): Zant is a total maniac. That 
is the first thing that will go through your head when 
you enter this battle. Zant warps you to Diababa’s old 
boss room and engages you in battle. He’ll teleport in 
the air, shoot about fifteen lasers at you, then 
teleport to a new location and repeat the process 
forever and ever. Throw your Gale Boomerang at him when 
you have the chance to knock him into the poisonous 
water. He’ll flop onto land and let you beat him up. Do 
this one more time to move onto phase 2. As a side 
note, don’t let your shield take too many lasers, or 
Link will gasp, back away, and expose himself to 
attack--more lasers. So sidestep some.
 -~The Battle (phase 2): Now you’re in the mini-boss’s 
room in the Goron Mines. Zant will stamp on the edge of 
the arena in an attempt to knock you off, fruitless as 
it is. After his stomp session, he’ll teleport to 
another side and stomp some more. After a few of these 
stomp sessions, he’ll shoot lasers at you again. When 
he’s all done, he’ll be tuckered out, so run up to him 
and beat him up. Do this one more time to move on. Zant 
will just repeat the process until you do. Don’t bother 
shooting arrows at him, as he’ll only teleport away.
 -~The Battle (phase 3): Now you’re in Morpheel’s 
ruined boss room. If you remember anything about the 
battle with Morpheel, you’ll know that it’s underwater, 
so PUT YOUR ZORA ARMOR ON. You’ll also need to equip 
your Iron Boots. A gigantic Zant will pop out of the 
sand in the middle of the room. Oh my gosh!!! …But it’s 
just a big machine. A normal-sized Zant (who can, 
apparently, breathe underwater) is inside. Stand in 
front of the Zant vessel and wait for the mouth part to 
open up (bubbles will come from the nose part). Zant 
will slowly shoot lasers at you, so you can sidestep 
them easily. If you get too close, Zant will close the 
machine. When he stops shooting, use your Double 
Clawshots to yank Zant out, then beat him up some more. 
If your Clawshot doesn’t make it, inch a little bit 
closer and try again. When you’ve damaged Zant the 
first time, the big vessel will sink under the sand, 
and FOUR giant vessels will appear around the middle. 
Stand in the middle and be alert. All four mouth parts 
will open up, but only one has Zant in it. Rotate the 
camera angle to see where he’s at, then run to the side 
from the lasers and wait for him to stop to yank him 
out again. Beat him up. Move onto phase 4.
 -~The Battle (phase 4): Zant has taken you to the 
mini-boss’s room in the Forest Temple and is comically 
hopping from pole to pole just like the mini-boss. 
Follow him around--don’t lock on, you can move faster 
without locking on--and wait until he stops and shoots 
lasers. If you were following him around, you should be 
close enough to where you can roll into the pole he’s 
on quickly enough to where his lasers don’t even come 
close to you. The first time you roll into it, Zant 
will be stunned. Roll into it a second time to knock 
him off. Beat him up. Do this one more time to move 
onto phase 5.
 -~The Battle (phase 5): Aaand you’re in Blizzeta’s 
boss room. Zant will grow insanely big and will follow 
you around from above, just like Blizzeta and her 
stalactites. Keep running and running until Zant 
attempts to flatten you. He should miss. He’ll continue 
to attempt to stomp you. Use your Ball and Chain to 
bash his foot. He’ll go hopping around the room 
cradling his poor little foot, shrinking as he does 
until he comes up to your knee. (I’m serious, you 
should see it.) Follow him and beat him to a pulp with 
your sword. Zant will super-size again and repeat the 
process. Do this one more time to move onto the final--
and hardest--phase.
 -~The Battle (phase 6): Suddenly, Zant teleports you 
to the southern entrance of Castle Town in Hyrule 
Field. Trapping you both in with a barrier that hurts 
when you touch it, Zant will create swords from both 
his arms and use them to battle. Zant attacks like a 
totally maniac here, either waddling towards you with 
both swords cutting up and down or spinning around like 
a tornado at you with swords outstretched. Keep a lock 
on him at all times, but with him rapidly teleporting, 
it can be hard. When he teleports, find him quickly and 
lock on again. You need your shield up at all times. If 
Zant hits your shield too much, Link will gasp and back 
away again, leaving him exposed. Also, try not to let 
Zant push you into the barrier with his attacks. Attack 
Zant when he gets worn out from his spinning-around 
attack and pauses. You can also sometimes get him when 
he’s just entered your range of attack and is swinging 
his swords up and down. After hitting him enough times, 
the battle is over.
	Try and stay away from the barrier. Remain 
towards the center of the arena at all times. It can be 
hard to move to the center when some nut is attacking 
you 24/7, but try not to be too close to the edge.
-~-~-~-~ZELDA [.09]~-~-~-~-
 -~Explanatory Title: Ganon’s Puppet
 -~Dungeon: Hyrule Castle
 -~Assisting Weapon: N/A
 -~Reward: The next boss fight
 -~Possible Origins: Zelda herself is princess of 
Hyrule and rules the land, but Ganondorf is possessing 
her in his ‘twilight particle form,’ as I’ll call it. 
Her skin is now a sickly green color and has twilight 
markings on it, and her eyes are yellow. She has much 
of Ganondorf’s power. Beware.
 -~Health Restoration: There are jars around the room 
that give you health and even pink fairies, I believe.
 -~Phases: 1
 -~The Difficulty: 4/10
 -~The Battle: Zelda is not a traitor. Zelda is 
possessed. This battle is much like the first part of 
the battle with Ganondorf in Ocarina of Time, only 
simpler. To win, all you must do is wait for Zelda to 
charge up energy in her sword. She’ll throw an electric 
ball at you. Hit this with your sword to smack it right 
back at her. She will probably smack it back. Continue 
this little game of deadly tennis until one of you gets 
hit--preferably Zelda. Hit her with three electric 
balls, and it’s over.
	Zelda’s only got three attacks, one of which is 
the electric ball. The other is to raise her sword, 
then swoop down at you with sword outstretched. Leap to 
the side when she does this while still locking on to 
her. (Locking on is important in this battle.) If you 
let her hit your shield, Link will gasp and step 
backwards like he usually does, and you will lose your 
lock-on. Her other attack is to create a large Triforce 
image on the ground, and after about two seconds of it 
appearing, blow it up with energy. Side-jump, then 
side-roll out of the way. (You can only side-roll if 
you’ve learned the third hidden technique, the Back 
Slice--surely by now you have.)
	Try to maintain a fairly long distance from 
Zelda. If you’re too close, her attacks may catch you 
off guard, and you won’t be able to successfully side-
jump-side-roll out of her Triforce attack, as you’ll 
just roll around her in a circle back to where you 
	Right after this battle, you’re engaged in the 
second Ganondorf battle.
-~-~-~-~GANON [.010]~-~-~-~-
 -~Explanatory Title: Dark Beast
 -~Dungeon: Hyrule Castle
 -~Assisting Weapon: Hero’s Bow (optional)
 -~Reward: The next boss fight
 -~Possible Origins: Ganondorf has retained the ability 
to transform into a ferocious beast ever since the 
first Zelda game. While in this form, he is simply 
known as ‘Ganon,’ although he has been called Ganon as 
kind of a nickname to shorten phrases and titles. In 
some games, Ganondorf only appeared as a monster. 
Unlike those games of the past, Ganon runs on four legs 
now instead of just two.
 -~Health Restoration: Those jars from the battle with 
Zelda are still there if you haven’t used them all 
 -~Phases: 1
 -~Difficulty: 3/10
 -~The Battle: Before I tell you how to get through the 
battle, let’s cover Ganon’s weak points and attacks. It 
will help you to understand how to beat him better, as 
he attacks very suddenly when the battle starts. You 
can use the Hero’s Bow for the first couple of beating 
sessions, but Ganon will evade your arrows after that. 
When he charges at you, if you’re using the Hero’s Bow, 
shoot him in the glowing white orb on his forehead to 
stun him. (He continues to slide forward on the ground 
for a bit due to his momentum, so roll out of the way.) 
The scar he gained during his failed execution is there 
on his belly, so run around to his belly and slash it 
silly. You can only go through two beating sessions 
with the Hero’s Bow before he leaps over them. From 
then on, you will be forced to transform into a wolf 
and stop the charging Ganon as you would a runaway goat 
from Ordon Village or a rolling Goron from Death 
Mountain. Press and hold A when Ganon is near to have 
Midna grab him with her ponytail, then push the control 
stick left or right to roll him over in that direction. 
Then, lock onto him and press A to leap onto his belly, 
then press A repeatedly to bite him again and again. 
All in all, Ganon requires four beating sessions to 
beat him. You can use this wolf method all four beating 
sessions if you like. The Hero’s Bow is only optional.
	Ganon has two main methods of attacking. The 
first is to either teleport or jump above you and 
attempt to land on you. You can see his shadow 
developing around you when this happens. For this 
reason, do not always have your Hero’s Bow in manual 
aiming mode. If you see the portals appearing (will be 
explained in a moment), bring your bow out, but only 
then. He also attacks by charging at you, which is what 
he’ll do when he comes out of a portal unless you shoot 
an arrow at him after the second beating session.
	Now then…just a few seconds after the battle 
starts, Ganon will charge forward. Either transform 
into a wolf or whip your Hero’s Bow out. Nail him 
quickly, and if you’re using the Hero’s Bow, roll to 
the side right after you fire. Beat him up. Ganon will 
recover, get back onto his feet, charge around the room 
destroying pillars, and transform into twilight 
particle matter. Now wait. If you see twilight portals 
appearing, get your Hero’s Bow out and aim (if you plan 
on using it). If you see a shadow developing above you, 
get out of the way!! Many twilight portals will appear 
one after the other nearby each other, fading away 
eventually. Should one turn blue, Ganon will charge out 
of it. Repeat this process until he is defeated…for 
this round. Two rounds left.
-~-~-~-~HORSEBACK GANON [.011]~-~-~-~-
 -~Explanatory Title: N/A
 -~Dungeon: N/A
 -~Assisting Weapon: N/A
 -~Reward: The next boss fight
 -~Possible Origins: Ganondorf’s black stallion horse 
was revealed in Ocarina of Time. Chronologically, 
Ocarina of Time is the first Zelda game, which means 
that Ganondorf’s had this stallion for awhile. The 
sword he wields is the one used in his failed 
execution. Where the ghostly horses come from, I have 
no idea.
 -~Health Restoration: N/A (as far as I know)
 -~Phases: 1
 -~Difficulty: 6/10
 -~The Battle: This battle has no little introduction, 
no name, no explanatory title. It’s also, in my 
opinion, the hardest of the four Ganondorf battles. 
You, Link, on Epona, battle Ganondorf, who is riding 
his black Gerudo stallion. Zelda is assisting you and 
is riding on the back of Epona. Before going into his 
attacks and strategies, let me explain how to defeat 
him for this round. Your job is to ride close to him 
and lock onto him. This is the only way you can stun 
him. When you lock on, Zelda will charge up energy in a 
light arrow (remember those from Ocarina of Time?). 
After a few seconds, she’ll fire. To minimize the 
chances of the arrow missing, try and align yourself 
with Ganondorf and follow his movements. If Zelda lands 
a hit, Ganondorf will slow down, stunned. Ride up 
beside him and beat the crap out of him--an on-horse 
spin attack does well here. Do this three times to win.
	Now for his attacks. If Ganondorf gets near you, 
he’ll swing his sword to knock you off Epona. If this 
happens, get back onto Epona and let the chase 
continue. (You might be able to hold R to block the 
attack, but I dunno. I’ll confirm this soon. If such is 
the case, the difficulty rating on this battle might go 
down a bit.) His other attack is to charge up a ball of 
white light, and, after a few seconds, release it, 
which will cause around 5 ghostly horse riders to 
charge at you if Zelda doesn’t shoot him in about the 
first two seconds the ball appears, quit locking on and 
swerve to the side. (Can you block this with R, too? 
I’ll find out.)
-~-~-~-~GANONDORF [.012]~-~-~-~-
 -~Explanatory Title: Dark Lord
 -~Dungeon: N/A
 -~Assisting Weapon: N/A
 -~Reward: The end of the game
 -~Possible Origins: Almost nothing is known of 
Ganondorf’s past. He only appears as a human in a 
select few games, in which he is known as Ganondorf, 
not Ganon. The sword he uses in this battle, just like 
the last Ganondorf battle, is the sword the sages in 
the Mirror Chamber tried to execute him with.
 -~Health Restoration: There are skulls on the edges of 
the enclosed arena. These give you hearts when 
 -~Phases: 1
 -~Difficulty: 4/10
 -~The Battle: This is the last battle of the entire 
game. You beat Ganondorf, you beat the game. I STRONGLY 
ENCOURAGE you to wait through the credits, as not only 
does it have excellent music and shows what happens to 
a few people, but at the almost-end of it, you go 
through a cut scene showing what happens to Midna.
	The credits aside, Ganondorf traps both you and 
him inside a barrier (if you touch the barrier, it 
hurts you). In an epic sword duel, you must defeat 
Ganondorf. There are a number of ways to hurt him. The 
first, which is the least practical and the most 
dangerous, is to have both of you stop and try to 
attack him just as he attacks you. Again, this is not 
practical and I wouldn’t advise you doing it. The 
second way is to perform a Back Slice and hit him in 
the back where he’s not blocking (he blocks all frontal 
attacks, period). Surely by now you have learned the 
Back Slice. The third way--and the way you are, in 
fact, supposed to do it, and the one that causes the 
most damage--is to wait for him to get close and stop. 
When he does, step back a bit. He should charge 
forward. Lock onto him and press A when it says to do 
so on the bottom of the screen. You will lock swords 
with Ganondorf. Press A repeatedly to push Ganondorf 
back. If you don’t press it fast enough, Ganondorf will 
slowly push you back until he shoves you, then gives 
you a WHOPPER of a hit. If you press A fast enough, and 
it’s not all that hard to do, then you’ll shove 
Ganondorf back. Give him the ole 4-hit combo to make 
him flip back. Do this two more times to beat the game. 
After the third time, ole Ganny will land on his back. 
Lock on and press A to perform the Ending Blow and kill 
Ganondorf. If, for whatever reason, you fail to perform 
it, you can just do it again when he gets back up. 
He’ll land on his back again. With enough ordinary hits 
and Back Slices, you can also knock Ganondorf on his 
	So…Ganondorf’s attacks are pretty 
straightforward. Get too close to him (like, touching 
him), and Ganondorf will kick at you. If you’ve got 
your shield up--and you should--then it will be blocked 
easily. If you perform a jump attack at him (hold L and 
press A), he’ll just leap to the side and stab at you. 
You can back flip away from this, though. If he stops 
near you and waits, he’ll stab at you as well. If you 
attempt to hit him a lot, he’ll leap up and attempt to 
land on top of you in a spinning attack. When he leaps 
up, stop locking on--you’ll stop locking on anyway--and 
roll forward, out of the way. And, of course, if he 
charges forward at you and you don’t avoid it or lock 
on and press A, he can smack you away as well. Not to 
mention if you fail the push-test, Ganondorf will get 
you a good one then.
	This is your opportunity to shine in the agility 
and impulse departments. I encourage you to back flip, 
side-step, side-jump, and Back Slice. Master these. And 
always remember to lock on!

Mini-bosses are just enemies that are tougher to beat. 
There are some significant points to a boss, though, 
which are:
 - Right after beating one, you get the item necessary 
to defeat the boss.
 - They are always found in dungeons.
 - There are only one per dungeon in the dungeons 
they’re found in.
 - The entrance you came into the mini-boss’s room from 
will always be sealed off until you beat the boss.
 - You will always need to use the item you just got 
from beating the mini-boss to get out of the mini-
boss’s room/continue through the dungeon right after 
leaving the room.
 - All mini-bosses are introduced by short cut scenes.
	There are only seven mini-bosses in the game, and 
they’re found in the first seven dungeons.
	Here are the mini-bosses.
 -~Reward: Gale Boomerang
 -~Difficulty: 2/10
 -~The Battle: The big, possessed ape itself is using 
the Gale Boomerang you are about to obtain, although 
the power of the boomerang is stopped by dark power, so 
no tornadoes in this battle. Right off the bat, the ape 
will throw the boomerang and sever the stems of two Bio 
Deku Babas. Kill these two nasty plants, then chase the 
ape around as he hops from totem pole to totem pole 
gathered around in a circle around a single totem pole. 
Do not lock on; you go faster and easier without it. 
When it stops to throw the boomerang at you, roll into 
the pole it’s standing on to stun it. The boomerang, 
instead of going back to its hand, will smack it and 
knock it off the pole. Run to its butt (weird) and 
smack it with your sword. When you’re done with your 4-
hit combo, the ape will go back up to the totem poles, 
sever the stems of two more Bio Deku Babas, and 
continue to jump around from pole to pole. Repeat the 
routine you did two more times to beat him.
	Remember, do not lock on. And follow the ape 
closely wherever it goes so you can roll into the pole 
easily and quickly. Kill the Bio Deku Babas first if 
they appear, because it REALLY STINKS to have one chomp 
down on you while you’re chasing the mini-boss.
-~-~-~-~GORON MINES MINI-BOSS [.002]~-~-~-~-
 -~Reward: Hero’s Bow
 -~Difficulty: 3/10
STINKIN’ GAME, this colossal, armored Goron adopts the 
“squash-first-ask-questions-later” attitude and 
automatically assumes you’re here to steal the Hero’s 
Bow, and thus fights you. The only way to convince him 
otherwise is to beat the crap out of him. The metallic 
island you’re on floats down in the lava, so there’s no 
escape. Remember those Gorons rolling down the path to 
you in Death Mountain, and how you took care of them? 
You’ll be defeating this big guy in a similar manner. 
You should put on your Iron Boots to be attached to the 
island, since the weight shifts to the side the big 
Goron mini-boss and you’ll wind up sliding around. You 
can wave, “Goodbye!!” to him as you slide pass. So put 
on your Iron Boots. Stand close to him--not so close 
that you’re touching him--and have him “charge up” his 
punch. Stab and slice his plushy belly with the 
standard 4-hit combo to make him curl up and start 
rolling at you. Now do you see how the Gorons of Death 
Mountain tie in? With your Iron Boots on, press and 
hold A with appropriate timing to grab onto the big 
Goron and throw him far behind you. If the mini-boss 
flies over the edge and into the lava, you’ve damaged 
the boss. After bouncing comically on the lava a bit, 
he’ll hop back onto the floating arena. Do this three 
more times to win. Try to be rather near to the edge so 
that when you throw the Goron behind you, he doesn’t 
just land somewhere on the arena. Don’t stand so close 
to the edge, though, that if you get hurt, you go PLOOP 
into the lava and must restart the fight with 2 less 
hearts of health.
-~-~-~-~LAKEBED TEMPLE MINI-BOSS [.003]~-~-~-~-
 -~Reward: Clawshot
 -~Difficulty: 3/10
 -~The Battle: Midna says she hates “pimply things like 
this,” and indeed it is, uh, pimply. When you enter the 
mini-boss’s room and the hatch behind you closes, look 
up at the ceiling to start the mini-boss fight. The 
huge, ugly toad will drop from the ceiling and shake 
off all its “eyeballs”--which are really just fish with 
oddly-colored bellies--which will waddle towards you in 
an attempt to hurt you with sheer numbers. Charge up a 
spin attack and release it when the fish get rather 
close. After destroying all of them, the toad will leap 
high up into the air and attempt to land on you. Run! 
Keep running as the shadow appears over you, and roll 
out of the way just in time for the toad to crash where 
you were. Its tongue hangs limp from its mouth now, so 
chop it up with your sword. Do this two more times to 
win. After each beating session of the tongue, more 
fish will come up, so kill them to repeat the whole 
process. Whenever the big ole toad roars (burps? Eew), 
you can throw a bomb in its mouth just like King 
Dodongo of, eh, Ocarina of Time, to stun it again. 
It’ll roar every time you beat its tongue up. (I myself 
didn’t discover this, long before I even thought of 
creating this guide I looked in ZFS’s guide on 
GameFAQs, so many thanks to you, buddy.)
-~-~-~-~ARBITER’S GROUNDS MINI-BOSS [.004]~-~-~-~-
 -~Reward: Spinner
 -~Difficulty: 4/10
 -~The Battle: This ugly, repulsive thing can only be 
seen as a wolf using your senses, so turn into a wolf 
and press X to activate your senses. The big ghost will 
hover around for a bit. When it prepares to attack, 
it’ll glow a much brighter glow. Lock onto it and press 
A to bite it and latch onto it. Repeatedly press A to 
bite the heck out of it. Continue this until the mini-
boss, big sword and all, becomes visible to the naked 
eye. Turn back into a human and shoot the thing with an 
arrow as it hovers around. It’ll soar around the edges 
of the room shrieking its head off, then land in front 
of you and try to attack. Attack it first using a 4-hit 
combo, and it’ll continue to float around. Repeat the 
process until it dies for good. If you fail to shoot it 
with an arrow fast enough (though you should have 
plenty of time), it’ll become invisible again. Go back 
to wolf form and repeat the process.
-~-~-~-~SNOWPEAK RUINS MINI-BOSS [.005]~-~-~-~-
 -~Reward: Ball and Chain
 -~Difficulty: 6/10
 -~The Battle: This boss confuses me to this very day. 
Midna says to use your Clawshot to get to the other 
side of it, but it’s hard to actually do that. Anyway, 
this boss wields the ball and chain you will take from 
it as a weapon. The boss is a lizard-type thing with 
full armor--or almost full. Its tail is vulnerable 
behind it, so you must get behind it. The room you’re 
in is pretty small and very narrow, and the mini-boss 
swinging the ball and chain around doesn’t help. 
Apparently, you shoot the Clawshot somewhere kinda over 
the mini-boss’s head. The mini-boss looks at you funny. 
You time it right and drop down through the swinging 
ball and chain, roll out of the way, and have the mini-
boss hurl the ball and chain at you. While it’s trying 
to get the ball and chain back, run behind it and smack 
its tail like crazy. Do this two more times to win. 
This mini-boss is kinda hard, and I’m still not 100% 
sure like I am with other bosses and mini-bosses how to 
effectively beat this guy.
     A person who calls himself Jeff alerted me to a 
strategy used to actually beat this moron.

“Regarding the Ball & Chain mini-boss. It confused the 
heck out of me as well until this last game. Let it 
come towards you, then as it gets closer, Clawshot to 
the ceiling far behind him and don’t move down or drop. 
Just turn to look at him. (farther is better, as you 
can see his movements better.) He’ll continue swinging 
for another second or two. When he prepares to throw it 
(you’ll know it) drop down from the ceiling. The ball 
should miss you, as he aimed high, and you now have 
time to run behind him and slash. After the fourth 
slice, get some space between you two. Lather, rinse, 
-~-~-~-~TEMPLE OF TIME MINI-BOSS [.006]~-~-~-~-
 -~Reward: Dominion Rod
 -~Difficulty: 2/10
 -~The Battle: This is one of the most fun mini-boss 
battles. When you approach the statue or hit the mini-
boss with a projectile, the boss will turn around and 
reveal itself to be a large man clad in armor. And the 
battle goes on. You’ll face more of this kind of enemy 
later on, especially in Hyrule Castle. The big shield 
this guy’s carrying around repels all frontal attacks, 
and somehow it manages to repel attacks from the rear, 
too. The way to get around this, however, is to leap to 
the side and simultaneously press B to swipe your sword 
while jumping. When done to the side of the armored 
enemy, these small swipes will hurt the big guy and 
open a window of attack for you. So, that one small 
swipe can allow another 4-hit combo. Keep up this 
routine. And always lock on to have your shield up, 
since one nasty hit from the mini-boss’s large sword 
can mean heavy damage. Repeat the process of jump-
swipe, 4-hit combo, until all the mini-boss’s armor is 
gone. (I’ve discovered that Back Slices rarely work, by 
the way, and Shield Attacks often fail as well unless 
you do the jump-swipe first.) The mini-boss will leap 
back, get rid of his big sword, and pull out a smaller 
one. The boss can now move freely and quickly, but he’s 
still a weenie. His dodges and attacks are oddly 
similar to Ganondorf’s final battle…anyway, he’ll parry 
most of your attacks easily, but a jump attack (which 
he’ll usually jump to the side to avoid) or a Back 
Slice will stun him for a bit, allowing you to beat him 
up. Continue until he is dead.
-~-~-~-~CITY IN THE SKY MINI-BOSS [.007]~-~-~-~-
 -~Reward: Double Clawshots
 -~Difficulty: 4/10
 -~The Battle: You’ll encounter more of this kind of 
enemy later on, too, although they’re in very-slightly 
weaker forms. This dragon-like creature wields a sword 
and shield, and even a helmet. It’ll fly in the air for 
a bit, looking at you the way a kid with a magnifying 
glass looks at an ant. When it puts its shield up and 
flaps its wings harder, it’s vulnerable. Lock on (you 
should be doing this at all times during this battle) 
and use your Clawshot to latch onto the shield and yank 
the lizard down. Beat it up with your sword with the 
common 4-hit combo to get it back onto its feet. It 
doesn’t fly back up just yet, so take this moment to 
beat up on it more. If you just swing your sword at it, 
it’ll block it with the shield or jump back, and if you 
try to latch onto it with the Clawshot, you’ll pull 
yourself to it, and it’ll beat you up. I find that the 
fourth hidden skill, the Helm Splitter, works extremely 
well. Works every time. After taking a beating, the 
dragon-like creature will fly out on of the three 
windows above and will reappear in one of them with its 
wings flapping hard and its shield up. Locate it 
quickly and latch onto it with your Clawshot to repeat 
the beat-up process. Continue until the thing is dead. 
(Kinda fun, eh?)

This green mass of muscle is the leader of those green 
goblin-like enemies, the Bulblins, you found so often 
earlier. You first see him towards the beginning of the 
game, where he investigates what his underlings have 
done, which is knock you, Ilia, and Colin out. (For 
some reason, they leave you there to rot.) You fight 
this enemy with a vengeance four times in the game.
 -~Difficulty: 4/10
 -~The Battle: Wow! The title was so long, I had to 
shorten the fancy “bookends.” Anyway, this very epic 
battle takes place in the part of Hyrule Field just 
north of Kakariko Village and south of the Bridge of 
Eldin. Colin, your good buddy, has been knocked 
unconscious and recaptured by King Bulblin. You follow 
him out to Hyrule Field on Epona. After blowing on his 
horn and calling many boar-riding Bulblins to aid him 
in this battle, the fight starts.
	Your biggest worry here would be the boar-riding 
Bulblins chasing you and pelting you with fiery arrows. 
King Bulblin himself cannot attack. Should the green 
lunatics ride close, charge up an on-horse spin attack 
and let it loose to knock many of the enemies down for 
awhile. You can hold R to have your shield up, but you 
can’t speed up Epona like this. Seize any opportunity 
the boar-riding Bulblins are away from you to beat up 
on King Bulblin. Ride right next to him and press B 
repeatedly to knock off his armor. Spin attacks work 
well, too. When you see fiery arrows fly past you, 
charge up another spin attack and kill some more of the 
Bulblins. Keep ripping off his armor until these phase 
is over. Technically, it’s still the same battle, but 
since it’s separated into two parts, I’ve separated the 
boss fights, so move on to the Bridge of Eldin!
	Oh, and if you need health, there’s the 
occasional pile of bones found around the place. Those 
bones only show up during this battle.
 -~Difficulty: 5/10
 -~The Battle: This title was even longer!
	So anyway, this is still part of the first battle 
with King Bulblin, but I figured I’d separate ‘em into 
two parts. After knocking all the armor off the big 
guy, he’ll leap over a pile of wood onto the Bridge of 
Eldin. You follow suit. You both are trapped in as an 
ordinary Bulblin ignites both piles of wood on the ends 
of the bridges, so no going back. This is a jousting 
contest. Your goal is to bean King Bulblin twice to 
knock him off the bridge without getting hit yourself. 
If the boar the big guy’s riding on rams into you, you 
instantly fly off the bridge, horse and all, lose a 
heart, and start the jousting contest over. So the 
trick is to ride kind towards each other. As you get 
closer, about one to one and a half seconds apart, ride 
towards the side. You should just be able to slip by 
King Bulblin. During that moment you slip by, attack. 
Spin attacks work wonders. When you pass by him, Epona 
won’t just turn around. She’ll have to rear on her hind 
legs to do it, so jam the control stick down to rear 
her back, then move it to the side to turn around. 
Slash the green creature one more time to end the first 
-~-~-~-~GREAT BRIDGE OF HYLIA BATTLE [.0003]~-~-~-~-
 -~Difficulty: 3/10
 -~The Battle: This is another jousting contest, only 
this is on the Great Bridge of Hylia over Lake Hylia, 
not the Bridge of Eldin. It’s also on a much smaller 
scale. Nobody’s been kidnapped or knocked unconscious. 
You are escorting Ilia (who has lost her memory) and 
Telma (owner of Telma’s Bar in Castle Town) to Kakariko 
Village when some rather cowardly soldiers of Hyrule 
would not.
	King Bulblin’s smartened up…somewhat. He’s got 
shields on his sides to prevent you from smacking him. 
What he doesn’t know, however, is that you got a nifty 
Hero’s Bow between the last time you fought him, and 
you’ll use it to knock him off the bridge…again. (Don’t 
think just because there are sides on this bridge that 
he can’t knock you over the edge, ‘cause he can.) 
Charge forward with Epona and ready your Hero’s Bow. 
Take careful aim at the approaching figure. Aim between 
the two shields and fire. Remember, after being shot, 
he can still knock you off the bridge. So, there are 
two ways to avoid a painful death. One is to shoot when 
Epona and his boar are practically nose-to-nose so that 
in the half-second “cut scene” which shows him getting 
shot, you ride right by him un-phased since you can’t 
get hurt during the scene. The second trick is to shoot 
him when he’s far away so you have lots of time to ride 
off to the side. I suppose you could shoot him twice in 
one go, but I haven’t tested it yet. (It takes 30 hours 
to beat a game file, you know, and this here is about 
10-15 hours into the game.)
	After you shoot him the first time, he’ll be 
zigzagging as he approaches you. He’s still easy to 
shoot. Nail him this time, and the battle’s done. You 
still need to finish escorting Ilia and Telma, though.
-~-~-~-~GERUDO DESERT BATTLE [.0004]~-~-~-~-
 -~Difficulty: 2/10
 -~The Battle: This is your first on-foot battle with 
King Bulblin. The guy’s locked you both in to duke it 
out for the third time in a row (boy, I’m sure he hates 
your guts by now). This battle takes place inside the 
Bulblin encampment in front of the Arbiter’s Grounds. 
The gates you need to open with a key have the little 
room where King Bulblin battles you in.
	This fight is pathetically easy. It takes about 
twenty seconds to beat him, and he can’t even lay a 
big, chubby finger on you. Sure, he’s got a huge axe 
that takes away 3 of your hearts if he lands a hit, but 
the thing is, he can’t. He reacts so slow, and you 
react so fast. The guy still doesn’t appear to be smart 
enough to avoid a conflict with you. Basically, he’s a 
big punching bag. Use lots and lots of Back Slices and 
beat him up at every chance. If he blocks the attack, 
use another Back Slice! The powerful Back Slice nails 
him twice in one go as well. A steady stream of attacks 
will leave him defenseless as he can’t even start to 
make one of his slow attacks.
-~-~-~-~HYRULE CASTLE BATTLE [.0005]~-~-~-~-
 -~Difficulty: 4/10
 -~The Battle: This battle is actually optional, since 
he has one of the two keys you need to get inside the 
castle, and you only need one key. If you go through 
the gate on the left from the entrance of Hyrule 
Castle, you’ll wind up meeting bozo here. This battle’s 
not too much different from the Gerudo Desert battle, 
since he’s got about the same amount of life and has 
the same punching bag feel to him. He’s got a few new 
tricks up his sleeve this time, however. For instance, 
after pummeling him for a bit, when he gets back onto 
his feet he’ll spin around with his axe and give you a 
throttle so big your shield won’t be able to block it, 
and you will lose 3 hearts. When he starts to get back 
up, back flip away! He can also twirl all around for a 
little bit with axe outstretched. Use lots of back 
flips here to avoid that gargantuan axe of his.

There are a few other fairly large enemies in the game 
that don’t even qualify for mini-boss status, as not 
only do you not get an item for beating them, but 
they’re a lot easier to beat and rarely introduced with 
an actual cut scene. For those minor battles…I have 
provided a little list for you. The enemies mentioned 
here are in the Palace of Twilight and Hyrule Castle.
-~-~-~-~PALACE OF TWILIGHT BATTLES [.00001]~-~-~-~-
 - There are two particular battles with holographic 
images of Zant that appear to try and delay you on your 
trip to him and prevent you from getting the Sol Orbs. 
These always appear in large, seemingly empty rooms 
with machine-like hands at the backs holding the Sol 
Orbs. (Those hands come to life in an effort to reclaim 
their lost Sol Orbs, but that’s for another guide.) The 
battles revolve around the Zant image teleporting 
around the room for awhile, then stopping and charging 
up a ball of energy that will release many twilit 
monsters, like Keese or Deku Babas that will hinder 
your progress. Listen carefully to the teleporting 
sounds. When two of the sounds are made, he’s going to 
teleport again. When only one is heard, he’s stopped 
and is going to charge up the ball. This is your 
opportunity to dash in and beat him up. I find that 
rolling, then pressing B to thrust your sword forward 
is very effective. I recommend you rotate your camera 
around the room and try to locate him with each 
teleport he makes. If he teleports right beside you, 
you can give him a slice or two before he teleports 
again. He has a lot of health, but he really can only 
attack in the form of sending out monsters to get you. 
A barrier surrounds the room during these fights, so no 
escaping until the job’s done.
 - As you near Zant’s boss room, lots of Twili will 
appear. You know, those ugly-looking things that you 
all needed to kill at the same time to create portals? 
These create no portals, but need to be destroyed to 
progress forward sometimes. If your Master Sword has 
been infused with light from the Sol Orbs already, you 
can kill these guys in one hit…but you still need to 
kill them so that one isn’t left standing.
-~-~-~-~HYRULE CASTLE BATTLES [.00002]~-~-~-~-
 - Remember the mini-boss from the Temple of Time? You 
face quite a number of those here. You even fight two 
of them at a time. One is guarding the boss door, the 
other is guarding the room with the three torches and 
oil cauldron, and two are in an optional room leading 
to the upper level of the outside. With the first two 
mentioned metal-clad foes, a barrier is created so you 
can’t escape. Here’s a tip for fighting two at a time, 
tough; nail one with a bomb arrow to make it come to 
you, but the other one stays put. Wait at the opposite 
end of the room from them until the first enemy comes 
over. Kill it, then run over and engage the other one. 
Simple enough.
 - When on the upper level of the outside, a dragon-
like creature like the mini-boss of the Temple of Time 
battles you in a barrier-enclosed space when you 
attempt to retrieve a treasure chest with a key in it 
(not the boss key). Use the same strategies as before 
here, only it doesn’t fly in and out of windows, and 
you have a smaller space.
 - In the optional room opposite the two metal-clad 
guys with big swords, there are Dynalfos (I believe 
that’s what they’re called), two of them, at the end of 
the room. You can go through either this room or the 
one with the metal-clad men. This room is easier, as 
Dynalfos are just ordinary enemies. Doing a Great Spin 
Attack--provided you have learned it, as it is the last 
hidden skill--from afar can kill them instantly. Also, 
remember these guys have a very short window of 
opportunity to land the Ending Blow on them, which can 
make them hard to finish off quickly.
-~-~-~-~ARBITER’S GROUNDS POE BATTLES [.00003]~-~-~-~-
 - In the big lobby-like area of the Arbiter’s Grounds, 
there are four Poes that steal the blue fire from the 
torches that activate the gate to the rest of the 
grounds. You must fight and kill all four Poes, but 
how? They’re like ordinary Poes, mostly. Since they all 
go in different rooms of the Arbiter’s Grounds, you 
only fight one at a time. Like any Poe, you must be in 
wolf form to kill these things. Lock onto one and wait 
until it glows a brilliant blue and prepares to attack. 
Press A to leap onto it, then press A repeatedly to 
chow on it repeatedly. Do that one more time to knock 
it down, then lock one and press A when prompted to do 
so to rip out the soul. If it gets back up before you 
can do it--which it takes quite a few seconds, so you 
should have plenty of time--then just repeat the 
process one more time and knock it down again.
 - The last Poe you’ll find will split into four 
illusionary forms, just like the last Poe of the Forest 
Temple in Ocarina of Time. Don’t lock on, but keep the 
camera angle at a good distance away from you to see 
all of them. When they stop circling around you, 
they’ll attack. The one that glows bright blue is the 
real one. Quickly lock on and bite it repeatedly. Do 
this one more time, knock it down, rip out its soul, 
blah blah blah, you know the drill.
-~-~-~-~SKULL KID BATTLES [.00004]~-~-~-~-
 - The first time you see the Skull Kid is when Zant 
has directly turned you into a wolf and you are looking 
for the Master Sword. It’s in the Sacred Grove (some 
people incorrectly call this the Sacred Realm; if you 
were in the Sacred Realm, you would probably be having 
tea with Din, Nayru, and Farore). After howling Zelda’s 
Lullaby from the howling stone, he will appear. It’s 
not so much a battle as it is a little game of hide-
and-seek. He will dash off to a certain room of the 
Sacred Grove, and you might find him. There will often 
be several choices of directions to go in per room. Go 
in the one that has the orange light flashing in it. 
Keep going into the rooms that have these lights until 
you hear the Skull Kid playing along to Saria’s Song on 
his horn. Find him in that room, then bite him. Do this 
sort of thing two more times to move onto another kind 
of phase. (All the while you’re doing this, little 
wooden puppet-like things will come down to attack you 
on the occasion. Ignore these or kill these, it really 
doesn’t matter.)
	You need to bean the Skull Kid three times here, 
too. You two will be in a circular room with rocks and 
pillars hanging around. The Skull Kid will appear on 
one and create a bunch of wooden puppets to attack you. 
Kill these in the meantime and wait for him to blow on 
his horn to summon more puppets. While he’s doing this, 
seize this opportunity to attack. Whether you’re 
climbing onto wherever he is or locking on and leaping 
from afar, whatever. Attack him. After each time you 
nail him, he’ll summon more puppets with each horn 
blow. Keep up the same strategy.
 - Use the same strategy for the next time you see the 
Skull Kid, which is as a human (although you could turn 
into a wolf at will, but you need to be human to attack 
him). Follow the rooms with the flashing lights, and 
when you hear the Skull Kid playing his horn, look 
around to try and find him. (Remember that sometimes 
he’s up high in the air, in which case you’ll need to 
shoot him with your Hero’s Bow.) After getting him the 
few necessary times, you’ll arrive in the same circular 
room and use the same basic strategy, only now you have 
to shoot him at any time you want with the Hero’s Bow. 
If you’re quick enough, you can shoot him before the 
puppets reach you. This time, instead of getting the 
Master Sword, you can go into the Temple of Time.

FAQ [.11]
Have any questions? Find any errors in my guide? Or do 
you downright hate my guts? (I’ve asked you before in 
this guide not to send in posts saying you hate my 
guts, so don’t.) Send in an e-mail, and I’ll answer 
your question, correct my errors, or put you in the 
PWIMBTTIF section (very long title, go see the table of 
contents to see what it is).
	My e-mail address and e-mail policies are in the 
appropriate section somewhere way, way above. Go see 
the table of contents to see where that section is.
	And remember, if you send in an e-mail and it 
gets posted here (so long as it’s not in the PWIMBTTIF 
section), you will get listed in the special thanks 
section, and you get to feel warm and fuzzy inside. If 
you got a question answered, that’s two birds with one 
-~-~-~-~QUESTIONS [.000001]~-~-~-~-
 -~Q: In the Temple of Time in Twilight Princess I got 
through it fine and put the statue on the space. Then I 
realised I'd forgotten the boss key. I know how to get 
it but I need the statue to weigh the scales down but 
now I have put the statue on the space and I cant take 
control of it, therefore I cannot complete the game and 
will have to start all over again! If you know an 
answer to it please say and even if there is a cheat to 
skip this dungeon please tell me.
  A: I almost didn’t accept this because I thought it 
was unrelated to the guide, but then again, it’s about 
the boss key and how, specifically, to get to the boss. 
Fortunately, the game’s designers didn’t outsmart 
themselves. You do not need the big statue to reach the 
boss key. Go back to the room with the giant scales. 
Notice any helmets lying around? Two of them equal 
Link’s weight, so put two of them on one scale and 
stand on the other to make the scales on level height 
with each other. (You can make your side higher if you 
want.) Creep forward and latch onto the target above, 
then continue to the room with the boss key. Make use 
of the five or six helmets lying around the room, since 
they contribute to the weight on the scales.
-~-~-~-~MY ERRORS [.000002]~-~-~-~-
 -~Jeremy Sanchez: Pointed out that “Illia” is actually 
spelled “Ilia.” I actually realized that recently, but 
forgot to edit this guide. I guess seeing the L 
sandwiched between the two I’s made it seem like 
“Illia.” Also pointed out that there IS health 
restoration in the battle with Zant, and pointed out a 
minor grammatical error.
			FUNNY [.000003]~-~-~-~-
This is empty, and I hope it shall remain empty.

I would like to thank:
 - Nintendo, for making the game, which rocks.
 - Shigeru Miyamoto, for first of all creating The 
Legend of Zelda series, and secondly for coming up with 
this game.
 - Me, for spending all this time to write the guide. 
(I’m not a narcissist, I’m just congratulating myself 
on a job well done.)
 - Jeremy Sanchez, who is the first ever person to add 
something to the “My Errors” section. Very special 
thanks go to him for helping me improve my guide.
 - Ted Edey for submitting an e-mail asking a question, 
making my first ever question.
 - Jeff for giving me an actual strategy on beating the 
mini-boss of the Snowpeak Ruins. FINALLY, A LITTLE 
ORDER!! Thank you, Jeff.
 - Nick Binger for giving a little advice on the 
Morpheel battle.
	Here are those people who have this guide on 
their websites:
 - www.supercheats.com

If you actually take the time to read this, good for 
	Remember, E-MAIL ME if you want this guide used 
on your website or some’n’. This is made by me, this is 
copyrighted by me, and I have the right to say whether 
or not you can use this and I also retain the right to, 
for any reason, ask you to take the guide down 
(although I doubt this will happen).
	I hoped you enjoyed this guide as much as I 
enjoyed writing it, perhaps even better. I also hope 
this was of much assistance to you, since that’s what 
the guide’s here for. If you have any questions 
unanswered in the guide or were unclear to you, e-mail 
me about it (be sure to say it was unclear to you if it 
was, indeed, unclear), and I will answer them for you.

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