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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games


THE LEGEND OF ZELDA: TWILIGHT PRINCESS--Enemy/battle strategy guide

By Dazuro Ghenari



Ctrl+f the name of whatever you need within _underscores_.

Contents: Well, um, you're reading it now.

Version History: Boring logs of what changed.  Check this if you wanna see
if there's anything new.

Introduction: An..er..introduction to the guide and what it's about.

Enemy List: A quick list of all enemies with brief descriptions to help you
find what you need help on more easily.

In-Depth: The meat of the guide.  Contains detailed information on every
enemy in the game, from its game of origin and a recommended arsenal to
strategies for beating them up.  Alphabetical order.

Minibosses: In-depth details on minibosses in order of when they appear.
[Under Construction]

Bosses: See above, drop the mini. [Under Construction]

FAQ: In theory, questions go here.  In practice, it's my place to vent about 
gullible people and name misuse.

Coming Soon: Planned modifications to the guide.

Legal-type Stuff: ..Yeah, like anyone wants to read that anyway.

Contact: How to get ahold of me if you have something to add or some such.


_Version History_

0.6: 1/5/07.  Began guide.  Has a few missing enemies that I have not yet 
identified.  Bosses and minibosses come later.  A few locations need checking.

0.7: 1/9/07.  Several enemies identified and locations found.  Added a few tips
received via email.  Started miniboss information.  Added FAQ and Contents.
New: Twilit Messenger, Twilit Parasite, Twilit Vermin, Poe.  New info on Armos,
Hylian Hornets, Toadpolis, Bubbles, Skullfish, Poison Mite.



Hi.  This is only my second FAQ, the first of which is long-lost, so I'm not 
completely sure what I'm doing here.. but hopefully I can provide some helpful 
information here anyhow.  So welcome to the guide.  Here I'll be describing 
each enemy, listing what items affect it and how, and then posting some 
detailed battle strategies and notes for those that deserve it, as well as 
what locations I can find/remember.  E-mail me if I missed any of those that 
you know of, please.

All enemies are listed in alphabetical order.  Bosses will be listed in order 
of temples they appear in.

On to the enemies!  I'll try to keep the descriptions spoiler-free, for the
sake of those that are reading this as they play through.

First off, a list of enemy names courtesy of PhantasmPlus, along with a brief
description of my own, to help you find what you're looking for--there's not 
much worse than desperately needing help with a battle but having no idea what 
to look up, after all.


_Enemy List_

Aeralfos: Winged lizardman.
Armos: Jumping statue with hammer.
Baba Serpent: Red piranha plant.
Baby Gohma: Tiny white spider.
Bari: Electric jellyfish.
Beamos: Tall rotating statues with one eye.
Big Baba: Giant piranha plant.
Bokoblin: Goblin.
Bombfish: Exploding piranha.
Bombling: Exploding spider.
Bomskit: Running bird that drops balls.
Bubble: Winged skull.
Bulblin: Small horned orcs.
Chilfos: Ice knights.
Chu: Amorphous slug.
Chu Worm: Bug in a bubble.
Darknut: Massive armored knight.
Deku Baba: Blue piranha plant.
Deku Like: Huge plant that eats Link.
Dodongo: Green lizard with red tail.
Dynalfos: Armored lizardman.
Freezard: Giant ice monster.
Ghoulrat: Invisible squeaking rat.
Guay: Small bird, comes in flocks.
Helmasaur: Tiny horned lizard with helmet.
Helmasaurus: Bigger helmasaur.
Hylian Hornet: Bees in beehives.
Imp Poe: Invisible grim reaper with lantern.
Kargaroc: Giant wattled ugly birds.
Keese: Demonic-looking bat with a tail.
Leever: Round spinning cacti.
Lizalfos: Lizardman.  Some wear skulls.
Mini Freezard: Tiny ice thing with bullseye.
Moldorm: Jumping clawed worms.
Peahat: Spinning floating plant.
Poe: Tall ghosts with creepy faces.
Poison Mite: Tiny black scarabs.
Puppet: Wooden leafy mannequin(sp?).
Pygmy Skulltula: A tiny skull-patterned spider.
Rat: .. A rat.
Redead Knight: Tall zombie with a huge sword.
Shell Blade: A razor-sharp clam.
Skullfish: Skeletal fish.
Skulltula: Spider with skull-pattern on back.
Stalfos: Tall armored skeleton knight.
Stalhound: Skeletal wolf.
Stalkin: Small skeleton with spear.
Staltroop: Ghostly zombies that appear with Stallord.
Tektite: Jumping spider.
Tile Worm: Millipede that lurks under floor tiles.
Toado: Cyclops tadpole.
Toadpoli: Aquatic or lava-dwelling rock-spitting frog.
Torch Slug: Flaming slug.
Twilit Baba: Shadowy piranha plant.
Twilit Bulblin: Shadowy infantry.
Twilit Kargaroc: Trumpeting shadow bird.
Twilit Keese: Shadowy bat.
Twilit Messenger: Reviving portal monsters.
Twilit Parasite: Teardrop-stealing bugs.
Twilit Vermin: Blobs of tentacles.
Walltula: Wall-climbing skulltula.
White Wolfos: Jumping white wolf.
Young Gohma: Furry tarantula with one eye.
Zant Mask: Exactly what it sounds like.
Zant's Hand: Glowing black and purple hand.



And now, for a closer look at the enemies.  Just ctrl+f their name from above 
to find what you need.


1. Aeralfos

Locations: City in the Sky (miniboss), Hyrule Castle, Cave of Ordeals 48th 

Description: Tall lizardman with a sword.  Basically a lizalfos, except that 
they have wings, and wield clawshot target designs on shields.  Those aren't 
just for looks. They fly around, occasionally performing dive attacks at you 
with their swords.  One appears as a miniboss, but he fights just like the 
rest aside from occasionally flying in and out of windows to throw you off.

Recommended weapons: Bow and Arrows, Clawshot, Master Sword.

Battle Strategy: You have to clawshot his shield to drag him down to earth, 
then attack him with your sword.  I recommend Shield Bash--Helm Splitter, as 
it keeps him stunned and allows you to damage him quite a bit before he can 
take off again.  Be careful not to clawshot him while he's on the ground--
you'll be dragged over and he'll slash you away immediately.  Try shooting
him with arrows while he's flying, and he'll raise his shield, making it 
easier to clawshot it.  For the miniboss, hold an arrow in place and spin 
around the room, waiting for him to appear, then let loose as soon as he pops 
in before he can dodge it.

Notes: Looks just like a Lizalfos from Ocarina of Time, oddly.  Even moreso
than the actual Lizalfos in this game do.  Go fig.

Origins: Twilight Princess original, but designed a lot like one from OoT.


2. Armos

Locations: Temple of Time, Cave of Ordeals 41st(?) floor.

Description: A large grey statue with a huge head.  It glows bright blue as
you approach it, then starts slamming around its hammer like crazy.  It has
a gem in its back.  You should know what that means by now.

Recommended Weapons: Bow and Arrows, Bombs, Master Sword.

Battle Strategy: Try to pick these off one at a time, because their hammers
hurt pretty bad.  Use the rolling back slash attack if you have it; if not,
just side-hop and run your way around to their backside and slash the rather
conveniently placed power gem weakpoint thing.  They can also be toppled by
bombs quite quickly and en masse if you accidentally activate more than one,
and arrows destroy the gems from a safe distance as well.  Watch out--when
they die, they hop around madly for a while, slamming their hammers around,
before exploding.  Also, if you're fast enough to get behind it, you can
kill them before they even "wake up"--but be careful not to awaken any
nearby ones in the process.

Notes: Anyone know if the explosion hurts you?  One would think it would,
but Dodongos usually explode for pain as well, and THEY don't in this one..

Origins: Legend of Zelda.

Addendum: Explosion does not deal damage.  Confirmed by Keptan.


3. Baba Serpent

Locations: Forest Temple, City in the Sky, Cave of Ordeals several floors.

Description: A red-bulbed deku baba (think Piranha Plants from Mario). 
Sometimes it straightens up and can be chopped from its roots, at which
point it leaps around in a snakelike manner, hence the name.  Some hang 
from the ceiling.

Recommended Weapons: Any ranged weapon, any sword.

Battle Strategy: If they're on the ceiling, shoot them with the clawshot,
bow and arrow, or ball and chain (slingshot lacks the power, however) to
make them stiffen up, then hit them again to knock them down.  They can
be stiffened when they're growing from the ground too.  Once they start
leaping around, slash the heck out of them while guarding against their
bites.  If it latches onto you, spin attack to get loose and also kill it.

Notes: None.

Origins: Twilight Princess original.  Might be based off an enemy from
ALttP, however.


4. Baby Gohma

Locations: Temple of Time.

Description: A small spider with one eye and a pearl-like back shell.  It
runs around in groups and often attacks from behind.

Recommended Weapons: Anything with attack power.

Battle Strategy: Just stab, shoot, slam, do whatever you need.  Spin attacks
wipe them out en masse, as does twirling the ball and chain.  They're weak,
but be careful not to get surrounded, because their damage will add up fast.

Notes: I thought they were baby skulltulas at first, judging from the shell,
but since the Armogohma spawns them, I guess the name is accurate after all.

Origins: Ocarina of Time.


5. Bari

Locations: Lakebed Temple.

Description: Floating jellyfish found in bodies of water.  They occasionally
pulse with electricity.  They electrocute you if you attack at this time.

Recommended Weapons: Clawshot.

Battle Strategy: Wait for the electric charge to subside, then fire your
clawshot.  You can fire it while swimming, unlike the hookshot from the older
games, making them easier to deal with.  No other weapons hurt them.

Notes: At least they don't split in two this time...

Origins: A Link to the Past.


6. Beamos

Locations: Goron Mines, Temple of Time, Cave of Ordeals unknown floor.

Description: Tall rotating casket-like statues on a round base with a
glowing pink 'eye'.  Others take the form of white statues with rotating
hemispheric tops, also with one pink eye.  They shoot burning laser 
trails nonstop once they see you, with limited range.

Recommended Weapons: Bow and Arrows, Hawkeye (optional), Dominion Rod.

Battle Strategy: If you can snipe these from afar, all the better.
Just shoot one arrow into the pink eye while staying out of range
of their painful lasers.  They can often be pushed after collapsing
to reveal secret doors or pathways to items.

Added tip from MrPotter: You can use the Dominion Rod and the giant
axe-wielding statue to destroy these in one hit.  I knew that, but
forgot to write it until he reminded me, so here you go.

Notes: None.

Origins: A Link to the Past.


7. Big Baba

Locations: Forest Temple, City in the Sky.

Description: A gigantic Deku Baba, usually surrounded by a few normal ones.
It just snaps around at you and tries to bite you.  They grow out of Deku
Likes and often hold keys.

Recommended Weapons: Any sword.

Battle Strategy: Use charged or uncharged Jump Strikes to hit him when
his vine is fully extended.  I don't know what else works, but that works
very well.  Normal sword slashes do it too, but not quite as fast.

Notes: None really, but if anyone knows of any other weapons that work,
let me know, please.

Origins: Twilight Princess original.


8. Bokoblin

Locations: Pretty much everywhere.

Description: Blue or purple-skinned goblins with white hair and swords.
Red ones have a ton of health, but they're all just basic grunts.

Recommended Weapons: Anything that does damage.

Battle Strategy: Just slash the heck out of them.  Red bokoblins are
far more durable than they look, but they're all ineffective attackers

Notes: Be careful not to use the Stab-thrust combo or spin attack too 
much on the red ones--it tends to knock them over, and they appear in 
large groups, so if you try to Finishing Blow them, you'll tend to get 
hit by his allies before you can get back up... but if you don't Finish 
them, your L-target will stay on him and you'll have trouble hitting the 
standing ones, while the grounded one is immune to normal strikes.

This really only happens much in the Cave of Ordeals and Hyrule Castle's
outside area, but it's something to watch out for nonetheless.  'Hold' 
targeting makes this a non-issue for the most part, though.

Origins: The Wind Waker.


9. Bombfish

Locations: Lakebed Temple.

Description: A piranha-like fish that, upon being hit, turns into a
Water Bomb.

Recommended Weapons: Clawshot.

Battle Strategy: Just shoot them with it and drop them wherever you
need explosives.  They're more helpful than harmful most of the time.

Notes: If you run out of bombs in the temple, these can save you a lot
of backtracking and grief in some places--but don't rely on them too
much, because they can't be Bomb-Arrowed, which is also required at

Origins: Twilight Princess original.


10. Bombling

Locations: Forest Temple, Barnes's Bombs, Malo Mart Castle Branch.

Description: Small round bug with spindly legs and a tiny head.  It
grows out of the ground in fissures, and turns into a bomb when hit.

Recommended Weapons: Gale Boomerang, any sword.

Battle Strategy: Like the bombfish, these are often helpful.  The
boomerang can be used to knock them straight into bombable walls
by targeting them, then targeting the wall.  They're your only
defense against Deku Likes until you get real bombs later on.

Notes: The second and third locations are shops where they can
later be purchased as useable items, oddly enough.  They don't
attack there.

Origins: Twilight Princess original.


11. Bomskit

Locations: Hyrule Field.

Description: A small round bird that runs around dropping balls
behind it.  I think the balls can trip Epona and knock you off, but
that might have been something else.

Recommended Weapons: Anything ranged, or Epona herself.

Battle Strategy: Just stay behind them and shoot.  If you try to
use your sword they'll usually run away too fast to hit them.  Epona
can run them over.

Notes: None.

Origins: Twilight Princess original.


12. Bubble

Locations: Arbiter's Grounds, Cave of Ordeals several floors.

Description: A floating Stalfos skull with bat wings.  Sometimes
they're on fire or, oddly, blue icey fire..  They just fly 
around in groups trying to ram you (or burn/freeze you).

Recommended Weapons: Ball and Chain, Master Sword, Bow and Arrows.

Battle Strategy: Spin attack or spin the ball and chain if a mob
of these surrounds you.  If they're individual, pick them off with
your bow.  They tend to get knocked over for Finishing really easily.

Notes: Thanks to Keptan for reminding me of Ice Bubbles.. >_>;

Origins: Legend of Zelda.


13. Bulblin

Locations: Bloody EVERYWHERE.

Description: Tiny masked orcs with horns and glowing red eyes.
They wield a variety of weapons, and sometimes ride giant boars.

Recommended Weapons: Bow and Arrow, Ball and Chain, any sword.

Battle Strategy: A single arrow kills any bulblin.  The ball and
chain can destroy their towers, killing any archers within.
Pick off archers ASAP--their fire arrows hurt pretty badly, and
disrupt your own attacks.  And make sure not to wear the Zora
Armor around archers--they're deadly as hell in that case.

For the swordsmen, just use the B+C or sword to spin and kill
them.  The back slash or charged jump strike can kill several
at a time.  Or just run away wit the bow out shooting behind
you, because it kills them faster than anything else.

Counter mounted bulblins with your horse, and shoot or slash
them off the boars.  You can take these boars for your own to
knock down barricades or even other bulblins if you wish.

Notes: Amusingly, they really suck at boar-riding.  They often
run straight into pillars at full speed and go flying off the
boars.  This happens a lot near Eldin Bridge if you want to 
see for yourself.

Also, no, these are NOT moblins.  Sorry, but there are no
moblins in this game.  The guides that call them that are wrong.

Origins: Twilight Princess original.  Based off Moblins from
LoZ, however.


14. Chilfos

Locations: Snowpeak Ruins, several floors of Cave of Ordeals.

Description: Tall knights made of ice with equally icy spears.
They stab long-range and can also throw them.  They hurt.  Bad.

Recommended Weapons: Ball and Chain, Bomb Arrows.

Battle Strategy: If you can lure one away (or encounter a single
one, you lucky soul), use the ball and chain to destroy it easily.
If they're in a group, well, put on the magic armor, swing like mad,
and pray.  I really have no strategy for these things.  They tend to
hit me with throws while I'm trying to swing the B+C at one of them, 
then I attack one of those while he rebuilds his spear, but the first 
one has by now already recreated his spear and now hits me again, 
repeat until I finally get in a lucky hit.. if anyone has a strategy 
for these that works, for the sake of sanity, PLEASE let me know.

If you have a lot of bombs and arrows and a ledge above them, four or 
so bomb-arrows can kill these from a safe distance, which is very 
helpful in the Cave of Ordeals.  Sadly, there are only one or two
places in the game that this works.

Notes: I hate these things.  I REALLY hate these things.  Moreso than
even the three Darknut combo in the CoO.

Origins: Twilight Princess original.  Might be based off an enemy from
ALttP, however.


15. Chu

Locations: Lake Hylia bridge, Cave of Ordeals several floors, Hyrule

Description: A slimy blob that splits in two and reforms.

Recommended Weapons: Clawshot or any sword.

Battle Strategy: There are two ways to go about this: the safe way,
and the jelly-collecting way.

You can sit back at a distance repeatedly stabbing them with your clawshot,
which will continue splitting them until eventually they die.  You have
little chance of reaching their Jelly this way, though.

You could also go in and just slash like mad, scooping up jelly whenever it
appears.  They have a bad tendency to slink behind you and smack you around
a bit with their blobby forms though, so unless you really want jelly, I'd
suggest just clawshotting them.

They're not very dangerous, by the way.  The clawshot is just easier.

Notes: Nintendo really can't decide what the heck a chu(chu) is.  First they
were their own enemies, then they were renamed Buzz Blobs, now they're renamed
Zols/Gels... Whatever.

Origins: Majora's Mask, although they act more like an enemy originating in
Legend of Zelda.


16. Chu Worm

Locations: Lakebed Temple, Cave of Ordeals unknown floor.

Description: Green bugs in giant bubbles.  They bounce around harmlessly.

Recommended Weapons: Bomb Arrows, Clawshot, then any sword.

Battle Strategy: When you first meet these, you'll have to bomb arrow their 
bubble, then slash them to death.  Later on you can pull them out of the bubble 
with the clawshot.

They really suck at attacking, by the way--nearly harmless.

Notes: Seriously, these guys are useless and pathetic...

Origins: Twilight Princess original, based off an enemy from Majora's Mask.


17. Darknut

Locations: Temple of Time (miniboss), Hyrule Castle, Cave of Ordeals 39th and
49th floors.

Description: Enormous, heavily armored knights with shields and large swords
or maces.  They have incredible AI for team work, with less armored ones hiding
behind their allies and jumping out to attack, then retreating.  They block
almost everything, have a formidable repertoire of offense themselves, and up
to four can appear at a time.  In short, they're a nightmare.

Recommended Weapons: Bombs, Bomb Arrows, Master Sword.

Battle Strategy: Hopefully by this time you have a bunch of sword skills.
Wait for them to attack, then sidestep or backslash to get behind them.  Once
they've been hit once, they're stunned briefly, so stab/thrust them repeatedly.
Each hit knocks off some armor--but they have a lot of it, and they're damn
good at using shields.  Bomb arrows aimed at their feet, or just well-timed
well-placed normal bombs, can knock off armor fairly easily.

Once you knock it all off, though, then things get tricky.  They throw their
mace/claymore at you--sidestep or roll to dodge this, as it hurts.  Then they
draw a longsword and get serious.  They block damn near anything--I don't think
even the backslice can hit them unless they just attacked, because they turn
and parry it in an instant.  If you have the chargeable jump strike, get FAR
away from them and use it--it stuns them every time, but if you're close, 
they'll do a dashing stab and knock you over.  Also remember that while they 
hide behind armored ones, if you disarm the other one they'll get even faster 
as well, so it's best to just cope with their cowardice and Jump Strike them.  
Once they're stunned, thrust as fast as you can.  Two or three combos of this 
can usually do the trick.

If 3 or 4 appear at once, use Magic Armor and abuse bomb arrows and jump strike
as best as you can.

Notes: Like the Bulblin, despite being similar to a previous enemy, these are 
NOT Iron Knuckles.  Heck, Darknuts precede those anyway (from the first game!).
Once you get the pattern down, these become fairly easy, but they're as bad as 
Chilfos mobs the first few times.

Origins: Legend of Zelda, modified like one from Ocarina of Time.


18. Deku Baba

Locations: Faron Woods, Forest Temple, City in the Sky.

Description: A blue-headed piranha plant.  Just like the Baba Serpent, but 
doesn't detach from its roots.

Recommended Weapons: Anything that deals damage.

Battle Strategy: Just slash it.  You can use ranged weapons to make them stand 
up to hit them more easily.

Notes: None.

Origins: Ocarina of Time.


19. Deku Like

Locations: Forest Temple, City in the Sky.

Description: A giant plant growing out of the ground with a toothy maw on top.  
If you jump over it, it sucks you in and spits you out for high damage.  
They're immune to most weapons.

Recommended Weapons: Wild Bomblings, Bombs once you get them.

Battle Strategy: Well-timed bombling attacks will provide you with the 
explosives needed to destroy these early in the game.  Be careful not to blow 
yourself up in the process, though.

Notes: Big Babas sometimes grow out of these, and they often hold keys or are
placed so that they block chests or paths.

Origins: Twilight Princess original, based loosely off one from Legend of Zelda.


20. Dodongo

Locations: Goron Mines, Cave of Ordeals several floors.

Description: Giant scaly green gecko with silver feet and a fat red tail.  They
spit fire and can walk on the ceiling.

Recommended Weapons: Bow and Arrows, Bombs, any sword.

Battle Strategy: One arrow to the tail can kill them if well-aimed.  They can 
also be fed bombs in classic dodongo style.  Or you can use backslash or 
sidesteps to get behind them and slash their red tails.  The Hylian Shield 
blocks their fire.

Notes: None.

Origins: Legend of Zelda.


21. Dynalfos

Locations: Temple of Time, Hyrule Castle, Cave of Ordeals several floors.

Description: Dragonlike Lizalfos covered in shiny silver armor with spears
on their tails and wielding hatchets instead of swords.  They block attacks
very effectively and get up far too fast to be Finisher'd.

Recommended Weapons: Bombs, Master Sword.

Battle Strategy: Use bombs unless you want a really annoying and intense duel 
with a cheap foe who blocks way too much.  Bombs do them in really quickly.  
Otherwise, Helm Splitter hits them more often than any other move in my 

Notes: They sure mauled the spelling.. these were Dinofols in Majora's Mask, 
and I know I've seen Dinolfos before, but Dynalfos?

Origins: Ocarina of Time.


22. Freezard

Locations: Snowpeak Ruins, Cave of Ordeals several floors

Description: Giant multiple-eyed ice beast that spits freezing breath.  Splits 
into four or so mini-freezards upon being shattered.

Recommended Weapons: Cannonballs, then Ball and Chain once you get it.

Battle Strategy: When you first find these only cannons can hurt them.  That's 
more of a puzzle than a fight, so I won't go into detail here.  The B+C you 
soon find will annihilate them, however.  Just stand by them and spin it until 
they shatter, then look down and keep spinning to break the babies.

Notes: These look a lot like Sheegoths from Metroid Prime... and attack the 
same way. Conspiracy?

Origins: Ocarina of Time.


23. Ghoulrat

Locations: Arbiter's Grounds, Cave of Ordeals several floors.

Description: Invisible rats.  They squeak.  Midna freaks out if they're 
attached to you. Only Wolf Senses can see them.  They don't do any damage, but 
they slow you down by latching onto your body, which is often confused for a 
glitch by new players.

Recommended Weapons: N/A.

Battle Strategy: Go into Wolf Form, hit Senses, then use Spin Attack.  That's 
all there is to them.

Notes: Seriously, it's ridiculous how many people automatically assume they're 
a glitch...

Origins: Twilight Princess original.


24. Guay

Locations: Hyrule Field.

Description: A small, somewhat prehistoric-looking bird.  They come in large 
flocks at a time.  They also drop mass rupees when flocks are destroyed.

Recommended Weapons: Bow and Arrow, Clawshot(?).

Battle Strategy: Shoot them down before they peck at you.  Just aim well and 
they're not much of a threat at all, aside from their ridiculous quantity.

Notes: Again, when the whole flock dies, lots of money appears.

Origins: Ocarina of Time, based off enemy from Adventure of Link.


25. Helmasaur

Locations: Lakebed Temple, Temple of Time, Cave of Ordeals unknown floor.

Description: A tiny plump dinosaur with a horn on his nose wearing a silver 

Recommended Weapons: Clawshot, any sword.

Battle Strategy: Clawshot to remove their helmets, making them helpless.  If 
you don't have it yet, just block their charge, then roll behind them and stab 
their unarmored rears.

Notes: The helmets can hold down switches or be thrown as weapons.

Origins: A Link to the Past.


26. Helmasaurus

Locations: City in the Sky.

Description: A bigger helmasaur with a different helmet and stripes on his back.

Recommended Weapon: Master Sword.

Battle Strategy: His mask is unremovable, so you'll have to roll or sidestep 
behind him and slash that way.  They attack in the same manner.

Notes: What a lame name.  They shoulda gone with the classic Helmasaur King...

Origins: Twilight Princess original, based off an enemy from ALttP.


27. Hylian Hornet

Locations: Ordon Village.

Description: Um.. a hornet?  A swarm appears when you knock down a beehive.

Recommended Weapon: I have no idea.

Battle Strategy: I don't even know if you can fight these.  I just ran, and 
they don't seem to respawn.  Anyone know more details?

Notes: None.

Origins: A Link to the Past.

Addendum: Keptan adds,

"You can't fight them. Just run away for five seconds, or jump into any 
nearby body of water. They should just be avoided unless you need bee 


28. Imp Poe

Locations: Almost every dungeon and plenty of other places too, but only at 

Description: A floating lantern.  Senses reveal a Jack Skellington-faced ghost 
carrying a large scythe and holding the lantern with its feet.  It flies around
slashing you with both the scythe and, oddly, the lantern.  They carry Poe 

Recommended Weapons: N/A.

Battle Strategy: Wolf form, senses, leap attack twice, Finish.  MrPotter tells
me you can also use Midna's charge attack to instantly knock them over for a 

If you don't Finish them, you can't steal their souls, and I don't think they'll
ever die for real.

Notes: Bigger Poes appear in Arbiter's Grounds as mini-minibosses of sorts.  
They take more hits, and you can latch on with A and bite them repeatedly.

Origins: Twilight Princess original, based off one from Ocarina of Time.


29. Kargaroc

Locations: Hyrule Field, Lake Hylia.

Description: Giant prehistoric-looking birds with big turkey wattles and funky
tails.  They sometimes drop bombs but usually just fly around pecking at you.

Recommended Weapons: Bow and Arrow, Clawshot, any sword.

Battle Strategy: You can either shoot these down with your bow, or clawshot to
stun them then slash them with your sword if you're stingy with arrows.  
They're not much of a threat.

Notes: At Lake Hylia, you can summon one of these to ride up to the Zora's 
Domain while in wolf form.  You also use this for a minigame with Plumm.

Origins: The Wind Waker.


30. Keese

Locations: All over the place.  Basically any dungeon or cave.

Description: More evil than the usual Keese design, these have hooked tails and
vicious faces.  They're just as pathetic, though.  They fly around aimlessly
and occasionally leap in to slash you while chirping to alert you to their

Recommended Weapons: Anything that deals damage.

Battle Strategy: Just kill them before they hit you with their tails--not hard
at all.

Notes: At least they aren't just generic bats painted blue this time.

Origins: The Legend of Zelda.


31. Leever

Locations: Gerudo Desert, Cave of Ordeals floor 29(?).

Description: Small yet plump cactus-like beasts with teeth on top.  They 
unburrow and swarm around Link, then close in to stab with their needles.

Recommended Weapons: Ball and Chain, Master Sword.

Battle Strategy: Like with all ground-based swarming enemies, B+C spinning or 
spin attacks with the sword do these in really quickly.

Notes: None.

Origins: The Legend of Zelda.


32. Lizalfos

Locations: Temple of Time, Hyrule Castle, Hyrule Field, Cave of Ordeals unknown 

Description: The lesser cousin to Dynalfos and Aeralfos.  Lightly-armored 
lizardmen with axeblades embedded in the tips of their tails.  They usually 
attack in pairs.

Recommended Weapons: Master Sword.

Battle Strategy: Back-slice + finisher or shield bash + helm splitter both take 
these down with no trouble at all.

Notes: None.  But I do miss their awesome voices from OoT.

Origins: Adventure of Link.


33. Mini Freezard

Locations: Snowpeak Ruins, Cave of Ordeals several floors.

Description: Tiny blobs of ice with a bullseye design on one side.  They 
rebound around the room endlessly once hit or blocked by a shield.

Recommended Weapons: Cannonballs or Ball and Chain.

Battle Strategy: Throw cannonballs at them to wipe them out easily in the 
beginning of the Ruins.  Once you get the B+C just look at the ground and spin 
it to shatter any that come near.  Fighting them with your sword is a terrible 
idea, but Mortal Draw can help if you're fast.

Notes: None.

Origins: Unknown.  Were these in OoT too?


34. Moldorm

Locations: Gerudo Desert, Arbiter's Grounds.

Description: A short angular worm with a toothy four-jawed maw at one end.  
They leap in and out of the desert sands to attempt to bite you.

Recommended Weapons: Clawshot, Master Sword.

Battle Strategy: Clawshot them out of the sand or block them with your shield 
once they jump.  Once you have one on the ground flopping around, stab it to 
death before it can re-burrow.

Notes: Like Darknuts, these are often confused for another previous enemy--this 
time the Lanmola.  There was a complicated series of name-switching between 
these two, so there's really no telling which name is correct overall.. but 
they're moldorms here, and that'sall that matters in this fight.

Origins: Legend of Zelda, but based more off a boss from ALttP.


35. Peahat

Locations: Gerudo Desert, City in the Sky.

Description: Floating balls of dirt and plant matter that fly around with 
propellor leaves.

Recommended Weapons: Clawshot.

Battle Strategy: These aren't really enemies.  In fact, they're helpful as 
heck. You can use them to cross gaps--and in many cases you HAVE to.  They also
are used to reach the boss of the City, and to reach the Cave of Ordeals and 
rescue the Eldin Bridge.

Notes: You can find some Peahat Trees in the Gerudo Desert.  They also drop 
soil when you latch onto them while flying.  Just a few neat details I found 

Origins: Legend of Zelda.


36. Poe

Locations: Arbiter's Grounds.

Description: Taller ghosts with lanterns in their hands, they steal the flames
of torches that seal a door (?!).  They're basically just bigger Poes in
fighting style, though.

Recommended Weapons: N/A.

Battle Strategy: Wait for them to turn solid (bright glowing blue), then hit
A to latch on and bite repeatedly.  Eventually they'll fall down and you
can Finish them--but be fast, because they'll get up more quickly than
Imp Poes.

Notes: Just like OoT.. Fourth dungeon starts off with four Poes stealing fire.
Go fig.

Origins: Ocarina of Time.


37. Poison Mite

Locations: Arbiter's Grounds.

Description: Tiny black scarabs that act just like Ghoulrats and slow you down 
majorly, often while crossing quicksand at a bad time.

Recommended Weapons: Master Sword, Lantern.

Battle Strategy: Spin attack to remove them.  Not much to these guys.

Notes: None.

Origins: Twilight Princess original (?).

Addendum: JL says,

"The poison mites from Arbiter's Grounds will avoid you if you've got the 
lantern out."

Good to know.


38. Puppet

Locations: Sacred Grove.

Description: Also known as "Deku Golems" to some authors, and for good reason. 
They're leafy mannequins that spawn nonstop and attack by spinning around.  
They can also hover over water, but not climb ledges.

Recommended Weapons: Any sword or wolf form charge attack.

Battle Strategy: Spin attack or use Midna's "field of dark energy" to wipe them
out quickly, but more will spawn endlessly until the Skull Kid is defeated.  
Avoid them by climbing to higher ground if you must.

Notes: I hate these things too.  They're just annoying. :<

Origins: Twilight Princess original.


39. Pygmy Skulltula

Locations: Forest Temple.

Description: A spider with a skull pattern on its back.  It can block attacks.

Recommended Weapons: Any sword.

Battle Strategy: Wait for it to rear back to attack, then use a thrust to knock 
it off guard. Then proceed to beat the stuffing out of it until it croaks.  
Remember, blue sparks mean it guarded the hit, red means you connected.  It can 
be hard to tell just from the sound and animations.

Notes: None.

Origins: Ocarina of Time, as normal Skulltulas.


40. Rat

Locations: Arbiter's Grounds, some caves, many parts of Cave of Ordeals.

Description: ... rats.  They run around, screeching and being annoying, and 
tend to attack en masse, making a huge laggy display of sparks as a dozen rats 
hit your shield at once.

Recommended Weapons: Anything that does damage.

Battle Strategy: Shoot the stragglers, spin attack the mobs, do whatever you 
want--they die really quickly no matter what they get hit by.

Origins: A Link to the Past.


41. Redead Knights

Locations: Arbiter's Grounds, Cave of Ordeals several floors.

Description: Big semi-mummified zombies wielding enormous claymores.  They emit 
a loud scream that paralyzes Link, then swing their blades at him.  Spin the 
control stick to regain control.

Recommended Weapons: Ball and Chain or Master Sword.

Battle Strategy: There are two ways to fight these.  Either get close and wait 
for the scream, break free and roll away.  Then Mortal Draw them before they 
can recover from the slash.  Otherwise, stay far away and throw your ball and 
chain.  It'll hit them on the way out, then kill them on the way back in, and 
it has longer range than their screams.

Notes: No, they are not Gibdos.  Same deal as Darknuts and Moldorms here, folks.

Origins: Twilight Princess original, but heavily based off one from Ocarina of 


42. Shell Blade

Locations: Lakebed Temple.

Description: A clam that flops around biting at you in the underwater cave 
portions of the temple.

Recommended Weapons: Ordon Sword.

Battle Strategys: While the Hookshot worked on these in OoT, it seems that the 
Clawshot is ineffective here.  Just Iron Boots down to the bottom and slash 
their viscera when they open their shell.

Notes: None.

Origins: Ocarina of Time.


43. Skullfish

Locations: Lakebed Temple.

Description: A skeletal fish.  They swim around and latch onto you.  They also 
seem to be immune to the clawshot, and nothing else can be used while swimming, 
so I don't think they can be killed.

Recommended Weapons: N/A.

Battle Strategy: N/A.

Notes: I wonder if they're related to Bago Bagos?

Origins: Majora's Mask, I think, but also based off one from AoL.

Addendum: Keptan says,

"These can be defeated by equipping the iron boots while
underwater and then slashing them with your sword when they come close. You
can alternately target them with the clawshot while on land to pull them to
you, and then slash them with your sword. There's usually not any real
reason to fight them, though."


44. Skulltula

Locations: Forest Temple, Temple of Time.

Description: A larger spider with a skull pattern on its back.  It can block 

Recommended Weapons: Any ranged weapon, then any sword.

Battle Strategy: Cut them down from the ceiling with the ranged attack of your 
choice.  Once it lands, Wait for it to rear back to attack, then use a thrust 
to knock it off guard.  Then proceed to beat the stuffing out of it until it 
croaks.  Remember, blue sparks mean it guarded the hit, red means you connected.
It can be hard to tell just from the sound and animations.

Notes: In the trailers, they wrapped Link in webbing and latched onto his face,
upon which time they would attempt to digest him.  Sadly, this awesome attack 
seems to have been removed.

Origins: Ocarina of Time, as Big Skulltulas.


45. Stalfos

Locations: Arbiter's Grounds, Cave of Ordeals several floors, random caves.

Description: A tall skeleton with a Bubble-like horned skull.  They wear 
shoulder pauldrons and wield shields along with either daggers or broadswords.  
After being destroyed, they'll rise again and again...

Recommended Weapons: Master Sword and Bombs, Ball and Chain once you get it.

Battle Strategy: Treat them like a Lizalfos or Darknut or something similar 
until they collapse, then plant a bomb on the pile of bones or else it will 
rise again.  You can later use the Ball and Chain to both collapse them in one 
hit and then destroy the rubble.

Notes: They sure are easier than in the last few games...

Origins: Legend of Zelda, though its current form originated in ALttP.


46. Stalhound

Locations: Hyrule Field, Arbiter's Grounds, Cave of Ordeals unknown floor.

Description: An undead skeletal zombie wolf thing.  Apparently the replacement 
for the Wolfos, although not a very good one.  They just circle you and 
occasionally lunge to bite.

Recommended Weapons: None, but sword can work if you don't want to use wolf 

Battle Strategy: Dark Energy Field (Midna's charge-b attack) instantly destroys 
tons of these at once.  Then hunt down the stragglers with the attacks of your 

Notes: None.

Origins: Twilight Princess original.


47. Stalkin

Locations: Arbiter's Grounds, Cave of Ordeals several floors.

Description: A short skeleton with a long spear.  They rise up out of the 
ground and attack in large groups by poking at you.

Recommended Weapons: Ball and Chain or Master Sword.

Battle Strategy: Same as all other mob-attacking encircling foes--spin either 
weapon to maul tons at a time.  The best part is that a LOT of Stalkin appear 
at once, and they drop rupees with very high propensity in the Cave of Ordeals, 
so one or two spin attacks will net tons of money.

Note: None.

Origins: Twilight Princess original, based off one from OoT.


48. Staltroop

Location: Arbiter's Grounds.

Description: A ghostly shade that appears from underground to block your 
attacks on Stallord.

Recommended Weapons: Spinner.

Battle Strategy: Leap off the outside edge on your spinner, head towards 
Stallord, and avoid these guys.  If one appears and you can't get out of the 
way, hit A to attack him and bounce off--try to land on the Spinner track again.
They're really nothing more than annoyances.

Notes: None.

Origins: Twilight Princess original.


49. Tektite

Location: Hyrule Field, Lakebed Temple, Cave of Ordeals unknown floor.

Description: Four-legged jumping cyclops spider.  It leaps around and tries to 
land on you or jump into you with its fangs or claws or something.

Recommended Weapons: Any sword or Ball and Chain.

Battle Strategy: When they appear in small groups, block their lunges then stab 
combo or backslash them.  Large groups can be dealt with in usual fashion--B+C 
or spinattack.

Notes: None.

Origins: Legend of Zelda.


50. Tile Worm

Location: Forest Temple, Goron Mines, Lakebed Temple (?), Hyrule Castle.

Description: A wobbly tile with a visible "something" underneath it.  It 
punches upwards to knock you away if you step on it.  When extracted from its 
hole, it wiggles around helplessly.

Recommended Weapons: Gale Boomerang or Clawshot (?).

Battle Strategy: Yank them out with the boomerang (I think the clawshot works 
too but I'm not 100% sure), then slash them before they recover.  Just make 
sure to get them ahead of time or you might step on another one by mistake.  
They hurt, and can really throw you off course, no pun intended.

Notes: None.

Origins: Twilight Princess original.


51. Toado

Location: Lakebed Temple.

Description: An eyeball-like tadpole.  Summoned by the miniboss in this dungeon,
they can also be found swimming around in a few other rooms.  They don't do 
much besides try to ram into you for minute damage.

Recommended Weapons: Anything that does damage.

Battle Strategy: Kill them fast to make the miniboss allow you to hurt him.  
In other battles, just ignore them, they really aren't very notable enemies.

Notes: None.

Origins: Twilight Princess original.


52. Toadpoli

Location: Goron Mines... and probably somewhere else, but I don't know where.

Description: Froggy things living in magma pools or normal lakes.  They spit 
rocks at you as you pass by.

Recommended Weapons: Not a clue.  The slingshot didn't do a thing and I was out 
of arrows, and I had no other ranged attacks at the time, so I have no idea 
what can hurt him.

Battle Strategy: See above.  I just ran by and climbed the ladder fast.

Notes: Since there's also a "water toadpoli" listed in Phantasm's unedited list,
it seems they appear elsewhere besides the single lava pool in the Mines, but 
I've yet to see any.

Sadly, these seem to be the replacement for octoroks this time around.  Damn 
shame, since before TP, they had never missed a single game.

Origins: Twilight Princess original, but based off an enemy from LoZ's 
incarnation in OoT, which was quite different.  That was confusing... oh well.

Addendum: Keptan says, 

"Both varieties can be killed with arrows. You can also L-target
them and use a shield attack to reflect their rocks back at them (make sure
to use the Hylian Shield if fighting a Fire Toadpoli)."


53. Torch Slug

Location: Goron Mines, Cave of Ordeals several floors.

Description: A reddish four-eyestalked slug with a burning body.  They can make 
a small flare-explosion come out of their body, but are harmless at a distance. 
They also hang from the ceiling at times.

Recommended Weapons: Bow and Arrow, any sword, or Clawshot.

Battle Strategy: Pick them off from afar with arrows or the clawshot, or stab 
them with Finish (which appears automatically)--just don't get too close before 
attacking, or else they'll send out their flare attack.

Notes: None.

Origins: Ocarina of Time.



Twilit Baba

Twilit Bulblin

Twilit Kargaroc

Twilit Keese

Locations: Same as their normal forms, while Twilight is on those areas.  They 
also appear in the Palace of the Twilight.

Description: Mutated black-and-purple forms of their classic versions.  
Kargarocs make telltale and amusing FRONK trumpet noises when nearby.

Recommended Weapons/Battle Strategies: Same as their light forms.

Notes: You can ride a Twilit Kargaroc before removing the Twilight from Lake 
Hylia. His FRONK! trumpet is available by pushing A! :D

Origins: Twilight Princess originals, but based mostly off classic enemies.


58. Twilit Messenger

Locations: At every warp zone.

Description: Black tentacled things with odd shield-like heads and red chests.
They march around on all fours and attack in groups.  If one is left alive,
he screams to revive the others.

Recommended Weapons: Master Sword, or N/A.

Battle Strategy: Much easier than they seem.  While they revive if only one
is left alive, they do NOT revive UNTIL that point.  Therefore, if there are
five of them, you can safely kill three individually.  Once you get two alone
together, use a spin attack (sword or wolf) to finish them off in one hit,
earning yourself a portal.

Notes: Sometimes one is hidden behind a "maze" of hologram walls.  Take it
out first, because it's harder to bunch with the others for a spin.

Origins: Twilight Princess originals.


59. Twilit Parasite

Locations: Any part of Twilit Hyrule.

Description: Invisible bugs that glow transparently with Sense.  Some burrow,
some fly, some crawl.  Some shoot electric bolts.

Recommended Weapons: N/A.

Battle Strategy: Once you've uncovered one, just lock on and bite until you
hit it.  They rarely attack, and for little damage--but there are a lot of
them in each area, and they can be hard to hit.

Notes: Called Shadow Insects by the spirits.  A large one is a miniboss, the
Twilit Bloat.

Origins: Twilight Princess Original.


60. Twilit Vermin

Locations: Hyrule Castle sewers, Palace of the Twilight (?).

Description: Small black bundles of tentacles that squirm around and flail
at you helplessly.  Basically like rats, but weirder looking.

Recommended Weapons: Anything that deals damage, N/A.

Battle Strategy: Just treat them like rats.  They go down quickly, but can
be a bit hard to spot at times.

Notes: None.

Origins: Twilight Princess Original.


61. Walltula

Locations: Ordon Village, Forest Temple, Temple of Time.

Description: A skull-patterned spider climbing on vines or ladders.  They can
knock you off if you don't kill them before climbing.

Recommended Weapons: Slingshot, Bow and Arrow, Clawshot, etc.

Battle Strategy: Just shoot them once with any ranged weapon you want to kill 
them and free up that climbable surface.

Notes: What happened to the "skull" part of their name from OoT? :o

Origins: Ocarina of Time, then called Skullwalltulas.


62. White Wolfos

Locations: Snowpeak, Snowpeak Ruins.

Description: A snow-white wolf that leaps in and out of the snowdrifts to 
attack you.

Recommended Weapons: None.

Battle Strategy: They usually appear in areas with deep snow Hylian Link 
can't walk in, so use Wolf form and lunge at them.  The Ball and Chain can 
defeat them rather easily if you insist on fighting as Link though.

Notes: I miss the classic Wolfos.  They were cooler.

Origins: Ocarina of Time, albeit in a very different form.


63. Young Gohma

Locations: Temple of Time.

Description: A furry brown tarantula with one eye.

Recommended Weapons: Good question.

Battle Strategy: I just stabbed the thing repeatedly.  After realizing it was a 
Gohma, I began to wonder if it was weak to an arrow to the eye, in traditional 
Gohma style.

Sadly, I never encountered another one in the game.  Anyone know?

Notes: None.

Origins: Legend of Zelda, in its adult form.


64. Zant Mask

Locations: Palace of the Twilight.

Description: A giant floating version of Zant's mask.  It hovers around, 
teleports, and shoots giant purple balls of energy.  Beat all of the ones in a 
room for a key.

Recommended Weapons: Bow and Arrow, Master Sword.

Battle Strategy: Shoot it if it teleports away, stab it if it comes close.  
Dodge the shots with sidesteps or rolls.  They can be really annoying if you 
run out of arrows, because they tend to teleport every time you try to slash 
them--so be thrifty.

Notes: None.

Origins: Twilight Princess original, though based off Wizzrobes from LoZ's 
incarnation in TWW.


65. Zant's Hand

Locations: Palace of the Twilight.

Description: A giant black hand with purple markings that hovers around.  It 
knocks you over and grabs your Sol orb, and if you don't stop it in time, 
you'll have to start that
part of the dungeon over.

Recommended Weapons: Bow and Arrows, Clawshot.

Battle Strategy: Slash it once to activate it, then run like hell.  Use the Sol 
to create stairs and such then clawshot it to you once you get to solid ground. 
If the Zant's Hand approaches the Sol, shoot it with your arrows (clawshot if 
you run out, but it's weaker and has shorter range) to stun it momentarily, 
giving you a chance to flee.  Sometimes it can be trapped behind walls, 

Notes: Sure seems a lot like a Twilit version of a Wallmaster...

Origins: Twilight Princess original, but based loosely off one from LoZ.



Details on each miniboss.  They're in order of the game, not alphabetical,
this time.


1. Ook

Location: Forest Temple.

Description: A baboon with something weird on his head.  He hops from pillar
to pillar, throws his boomerang at you, and summons Baba Snakes to attack.

Recommended Weapons: Somersault, Ordon Sword.

Battle Strategy: Roll into the pillar he's on.  He'll leap around, making it
a bit tricky to hit him sometimes.  Once you knock him down, slash him in 
his bright red buttocks until the parasite dislodges itself.

Notes: Why do you attack his butt, if the bug was on his head?  Seems kinda
mean to the poor now-innocent creature.

Origins: Twilight Princess original, but possibly inspired by Goriya from
LoZ and Kiki from ALttP.


2. Dangoro

Location: Goron Mines.

Description: A hulking, armored goron.  He pounds around the arena to try
to knock you off into the lava below.  Eventually, he'll punch, leaving
himself open.  Eventually he curls up and rolls around madly.

Recommended Weapons: Iron Boots, Ordon Sword.

Battle Strategy: Attach yourself to the floor and wait for him to raise his
arms.  Remove the boots and run over as fast as you can, then slash him. 
Get out of the way before he punches you.  Repeat this until he curls up 
for phase 2.

Once he starts rolling around, put on the Iron Boots, target him, and hold
A at the right time (like you did to catch the other Gorons before).  Then
throw him, trying to get him off the platform into the lava.  Three baths
in magma and he's history.

Notes: None.

Origins: Twilight Princess original.


3. Deku Toad

Location: Lakebed Temple.

Description: A massive and mutated frog covered in toados with a fat tongue.
It sends its tadpole minions after you, then jumps around the room.  Upon
landing, its tongue lolls out.

Recommended Weapons: Ordon Sword, Bombs.

Battle Strategy: Kill the toados fast, and he'll leap into the air.  When it
lands, its tongue flops out and it becomes weak to your sword.  Slash the
tongue until it withdraws, then prepare for another toado barrage.

Notes: None.

Origins: Twilight Princess original.

Addendum: MrPotter says,

"When it opens its mouth after you do a sword combo on its tongue, shoot a 
bomb arrow into its mouth. It swallows it, then there's a short pause, and 
the bomb blows up in its stomach, so you can get in another combo on the 
tongue.  It does that every time, so you only need to do the beginning 
part with slashing the tiny thingies once."


4. Death Sword

5. Darkhammer

6. Darknut

7. Aeralfos

8. King Bulblin

9. Phantom Zant

10. Skull Kid

11. Twilit Bloat

(Coming soon.)



Coming soon.  Sorry, but I wanna play through the game again first,
not rely entirely on outside information.

1. Diababa, Twilit Parasite

2. Fyrus, Twilit Igniter

3. Morpheel, Twilit Aquatic

4. Stallord, Twilit Fossil

5. Blizzetta, Twilit Ice Mass

6. Armogohma, Twilit Arachnid

7. Argorok, Twilit Dragon

8. Zant, Usurper King

9. Zelda, Ganon's Puppet

10. Ganon, Dark Beast

11. Ganondorf Chase

12. Ganondorf, Dark Lord



Q) Are you stupid?  Those are moblins.  The other guides say so.
A) The other guides are wrong.  Get over it.

Q) You sure?  They're just like moblins.
A) Except for being different in every way, you mean?

Q) No, ___ is a ____.
A) My names are correct.  They all come from official sources.  Unless you have
official proof that it was retconned, please do not try to convince me that
things are what they are not.  The only one that is questionable is the Redead,
and possibly Peahat.


_Coming Soon_

*Descriptions of those Twilit things I've never heard of

*Boss and further miniboss descriptions

*Corrections to any (?)-marked areas in the existing guide.



Thanks to PhantasmPlus for the list of enemy names and the inspiration to write 
this to begin with.

MrPotter for a few explanations of enemies I didn't know, and for a few tips 
and locations.

RoguePirate and MrPotter for helping edit the guide overall.

Keptan for a lot of help filling out some blanks.

JL for a helpful tip on mites.


_Legal-type Stuff_

Never written one of these before, so I'll just improvise and use a similar 
format to what I've seen in other guides and hope I do it right... Zelda series 
and all characters copyright Nintendo.  FAQ copyright Dazuro/Mort the Met.  
This guide is not permitted to be anywhere besides GameFAQs and Phazon 
Organization for the time being.  Contact me if for some weird reason you want 
a copy of your own for your site.  Um..guide must be free, etc.  Hope that
covers it...



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