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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

Frequently Asked Questions, codes, maps and alkthroughs of Zelda games

Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess FAQ/walkthrough
By Jonny Humphries
version 1.8
Last updated January 4, 2007
NOTICE: This walkthrough CAN be used for the GC version. Just swap 
east/west and left/right in terms of directions.

Table of Contents
-Intro [intr]
-Controls [cont]
-General Information [gene]
-Walkthrough [walk]
 -Part 1: Dawn of Darkness [par1]
 -Forest Temple [fore]
 -Part 2: Out of the Twilight, Into the Fire [par2]
 -Goron Mines [goro]
 -Part 3: Mandatory Impossible Water Dungeon [par3]
 -Lakebed Temple [lake]
 -Part 4: Reflection in the Sands [par4]
 -Arbiter's Grounds [arbi]
 -Part 5: Snowboarding and Superb Soup [par5]
 -Snowpeak Ruins [snow]
 -Part 6: Walking on Sacred Ground [par6]
 -Temple of Time [temp]
 -Part 7: City in the Sky- Beautiful, Breezy, UNPLEASANT! [par7]
 -City in the Sky [city]
 -Part 8: Showdown in the Palace of Twilight [par8]
 -Palace of Twilight [pala]
 -Part 9: Hyrule Castle Reclamation: Denouement [par9]
 -Hyrule Castle [hyru]
-Heart Piece List [hear]
-Golden Bug List [gold]
-Hidden Skills List [hidd]
-Version History [vers]
-Copyright Information [copy]
-Contact Information [cont]
-Special Thanks [spec]
-About Me [abou]

Intro [intr]
Hello, everyone! Jonny here! Much has already been written and discussed about 
Twilight Princess. I was excited as any Zelda fanboy/girl about this game, and 
I wasn't disappointed. Hell, that game was a system-seller, and I can see why. 
I now actually like Twilight Princess more than Ocarina of Time. Hence, this 
walkthrough. My first attempt at a guide(for Fire Emblem Path of Radiance for 
the Gamecube) met with pretty good success, so I decided to throw another 
proverbial rock into the fray of online walkthroughs. I would have started 
this way sooner, but I wanted to play through the game at least once so I knew 
what to do already, rather than do it on the first playthrough and constantly 
pause and correct myself. Hopefully, you find it useful. This walkthrough does 
contain what could be CONSIDERED spoilers, but I reveal nothing ahead of time. 
It's best if you watch the cutscenes and then read the walkthrough itself at 
any particular point if you're using it. And as always, I make some comments 
of my own as the story progresses.

So, enough preamble. Enjoy! And one final warning before you continue: this 
FAQ, much like the game it is based on, is aimed towards a teenage(13+) 
audience. Here we go...

Controls [cont]
*Note: This list assumes you have the Nunchuk already attached to the 

Control Stick -move Link around
              -move your horse around while riding. Push forward to gallop,  
               left and right to change direction, and down to stop and 
               turn 180 degrees
              -move viewpoint around in first person view
              -swap between selections on menus

Control Pad -assign items to B button with left, right, and down
            -activate wolf senses when in wolf form with left and right
            -dig holes in wolf form with down
            -talk to Midna with up. Also transform into wolf and warp once the 
             latter two options are gained

Wii Remote -swing back and forth to swing sword
           -attack enemies while in wolf form
           -aim with certain weapons
           -other assorted functions in minigames

Nunchuk -shake to perform a spin attack
        -flick forwards to do a Shield Attack once the move has been gained

A button -action button. Performs any number of situational tasks
         -jump attack while sword is drawn or in wolf mode(continue to press A 
           to maul opponents)
         -use certain other sword techniques
         -zoom in on map screen

B button -use equipped weapon
         -hold and release to use energy attack in wolf form
         -zoom out on map screen

C button -swap in and out of first person mode

Z button -both defend with your shield and target your closest opponent at    
            once(known as Z-targeting)

- button -bring up item selection sub-screen

+ button -bring up collection sub-screen

1 button -bring up map sub-screen

2 button -swap between hiding and showing mini-map display

General Information [gene]
This section is a small primer for those who are COMPLETELY new to the Legend 
of Zelda universe, to get you all up to speed.

~Heads-Up Display~
basically, this is all the extra icons and such you see on your screen. The 
red hearts in the upper left represent how much life Link has. Once you run 
outta those, it's game over! You can increase the amount of life you have by 
either collecting Heart Pieces(5 of which make a new Heart Container), or 
earning a whole one by defeating the boss of a dungeon.

The control pad icon in the top right corner of the screen shows what items 
you have equipped at the moment. The one on the B button icon can be used 
immediately, but if you press a direction on the control pad, the 
corresponding item will be set to your B button. Some items won't require 
setting to your B button, those will be pointed out to you by the game as you 
collect them. 

Pressing up on your control pad will let you talk to your friend Midna. She'll 
always have a good bit of advice regarding your progress in the game, so talk 
to her if you're stuck and you need a refresher.

The lower left corner of the screen contains your map display. Helpful if you 
need some quick directions, not much else to say about that...
And the lower right counter displays the number of rupees(the game's currency) 
you have collected. They're very prevalent in this game, so no need to worry 
about cash flow.

~Basics of Exploration~
The game is ALL about exploring. The game world is massive- bigger than any 
other adventure game I've played, and I've played a lot. As you run around the 
overworld, towns, dungeons and the like, always pay attention to your 
surroundings. Look for unusual or suspicious parts of the environment- rocks 
you can blow up, Clawshot targets, switches- things of that nature. 

"Be vigilant" is the biggest piece of advice I can give if you want to beat 
this game without a hand-holding guide. Keep your eyes and ears open for 
everything. Even take notes at home if you see something odd or unreachable. 
Come back to it later when your inventory is bigger, and you never know what 
you might find.

And of course, experiment with your weapons and items. Almost all of them have 
more than one use, so see what else you can uncover.

You'll encounter many enemies in this game, some harder than others. Sometimes 
you'll have to pull out your sword and give a little ass-whipping, lest you 
take one yourself. Hold down the Z button to lock onto the nearest enemy, and 
use the Wii remote to attack your enemies just by swinging it around. Jump 
attacks(using the A button) do double damage, so make good use of them.

Some enemies will require the use of a specific weapon, item, or skill to 
defeat. Try everything until you find something that works! Naturally, I'll 
detail how to kill certain enemies as you encounter them in the walkthrough.

Lastly, there are a small number of TOUGH enemies- bosses and minibosses that 
guard key items or the end of dungeons. These ones will really require more 
strategy than force to kill. Always pay attention to your surroundings, and 
use recently acquired items- they almost always work like a charm. And if 
you're really stuck, Midna will always be there to give you a hint in the 
right direction.

~Link's wolf form~
Almost every Zelda game since Link to the Past has had some sort of major 
transformation for Link. Ocarina of Time had child/adult Link, Majora's Mask 
had the Deku/Goron/Zora masks, Minish Cap had Link's shrinking ability, and 
Twilight Princess has a new form for Link: a wolf. For the early part of the 
game, you transform into a wolf whenever you enter the Twilight Realm. Your 
abilities are drastically altered when you're in wolf mode. For one thing, you 
can't use any of your weapons or items. For another, you can't talk to human 
characters but you can talk to animals. Also, you cannot open most doors as a 
wolf(opposable thumb issue- or lack thereof). Later in the game, however, you 
gain the ability to shift back and forth from wolf to human. You can only 
shift back and forth when nobody's watching, though.

The rest... well, you'll figure it out as you go along. ;)

Walkthrough [walk]
This is it, the meat of this FAQ. Here, you'll find everything you need to do 
to beat this game, in order. I hope everyone finds my directions clear enough 
to follow well, and I apologize in advance if the writing styles of different 
sections don't "mesh" together as well as you'd expect. That's what I get for 
writing some parts of this thing at three in the morning. Nonetheless, I hope 
everyone finds it useful. In the walkthrough, I will periodically point out 
collectables like Heart Pieces, Golden Bugs, Howl Stones, and the locations of 
the Golden Wolf as I came across them. Those paragraphs are strictly optional, 
but I HIGHLY suggest you pick them up. They'll make the game more enjoyable. I 
was going to put in a list of the regular items, but decided against it. I 
mean, you get stuff like the Clawshot or Iron Boots as the story progresses 
anyway. That sort of list would only be a waste of space... you know. 

Also, for the upgrades such as the additional Bomb Bags, quivers, and the big 
wallet(I have not yet found the next wallet size) are in the walkthrough 
rather than having a separate section. The same goes for the bosses. I mean no 
offense to anyone when I say this, but when people write walkthroughs and put 
all the bosses in a separate section near the end and leave them out of the 
main walkthrough, it just feels broken. Everyone's style is their own, but if 
you need help with a boss, just scroll through the walkthrough section. I have 
the boss strategies easily sectioned off and noticeable. I point out all the 
big upgrades and bosses anyway, so if you need one particular item or such, 
just scroll through until you find the appropriate heading.

I can't think of anything more to say here, so enjoy the game, and my guide!

-Part 1: Dawn of Darkness [par1]
First off, once the game starts, you get to name your character and your 
horse. For simplicity's sake, I'm sticking with their respective original 
names, Link and Epona.

~Ordon Village~
After watching the opening scenes, talk to Fado(your goat herder buddy) once 
you gain control of Link. Take some time to get used to the Wii's control 
scheme, then when you're comfortable, leave and go north to the Ordon Woods.

~Ordon Woods~
Head north then east to get to the spring, where you meet Epona and Ilia(who 
you can tell totally has the hots for Link). Watch the scene, then go the 
nearby patch of horse grass. Play, you magic elf, play us a song! That grass 
is basically this game's Epona's Song. Climb on top of Epona, and head south 
to the main part of Ordon Village.

~Ordon Village~
To be honest, this is a small and boring place(well, only boring for now). 
Just head straight south to Fado's ranch. 

~Ordon Ranch~
Talk to Fado in the middle of the field. He'll get you to herd all the goats 
into the barn while riding Epona. Come to think of it, this is great practice 
for riding Epona anyway, and since you have no time limit, feel free to mess 
around. For actually herding them, try and "lead" them away from you and press 
A to shout and scare them away even more. Once they're all put away, Fado will 
put up some fences so you can practice jumping with Epona. Once you're done, 
jump the fence and head back north. 

~Ordon Village~
Next morning, a few of Link's little buddies will wake him up. Go outside and 
talk to Talo(the kid with the red bandana), Malo(the androgynous toddler), and 
Beth(the freckle-faced girl). You want that Slingshot they're talking about, 
you know you do... But if you go to the general store, you'll see that the 
owner is in no mood to sell anything. Her cat has gone missing... hmm...
As you leave the store, head to Link's right. A guy will talk to you from on 
top of a rock and point out that same cat. We're gonna have to lure it back to 
the store.

First off, go to the top of that rock and pick a piece of hawk grass. Whistle 
with it like you did with the horse grass and a hawk will come down to meet 
you. You can aim him with the Remote and release him, so release him on the 
bee's nest above Fado's house. It'll come crashing to the ground. You know, 
those bee larva would make great fishing bait...

Go to the river and talk to Uli, Rusl's wife(she's the pregnant lady with the 
red and white shirt). She's stressing over a cradle... Go back up to where you 
called the hawk, and leap onto the store's roof. Jump from there across 
several more rocks to one last rock spire in the middle of the pond. There'll 
be another patch of hawk grass, so call your bird buddy again and look off 
into the distance. There should be a monkey off in the center of the lake on 
top of a rock. Aim well, and loose the hawk on the monkey. If you aimed 
correctly, he should snatch the cradle right out of the monkey's arms and 
deliver it right into your hands! Bring it back to Uli and follow her back 
to her house. She'll give you a FISHING ROD as thanks! We're gonna bait that 
cat now...

Head to the stream where the cat is. It's behind the house with the paddle 
wheel. You can NOT catch that cat yourself, so don't even try. You'll have to 
catch a fish to coerce it. So, equip that rod to B and cast it into the water. 
You won't be able to acquire any bait yet, so just wait things out and once 
you catch a fish, flip it out of the water. I find the best time to catch one 
on the hook would be RIGHT when the bobber dips all the way into the water. 
This is probably the most annoying part of the game, honestly, so it's good 
we're getting it out of the way. Regardless, once you get a fish on the line, 
flip it out of the water. The cat should grab it and take it straight down to 
the shop. Return to the shop and talk to the owner to receive a nice reward: a 
BOTTLE! ...with milk. Now, the milk is decent, but it's the bottle that's the 
real prize. It can be reused indefinitely to store just about anything. Also, 
the store owner will start selling her wares.

Now you can buy that Slingshot. Run around town and scrounge up 30 rupees. You 
can climb to the top of that tree the bee nest was in to get 15 rupees, but 
the rest you'll just have to find wherever. Busting open pumpkins is the best 
way. :P Once you have enough, buy the SLINGSHOT, then head north to Link's 
house. Those kids will be thrilled about the Slingshot, so you can do some 
target practice with the targets set up outside of Link's house. It's a good 
idea to get aiming down pat now, too, because you'll need to hit targets under 
a lot more pressure later on. Once you finish the display for the kids, head 
up into Link's house. However, there's a Skulltula lurking on Link's ladder. 
Use the Slingshot to knock it off, then climb up into your house. Open the 
chest placed there by Rusl and grab the WOODEN SWORD. It's your first main 
weapon in the game. Sweet! Once you leave your house, talk to the kids again 
and they'll give you a brief tutorial on how to use your sword. Once that's 
over, a monkey will appear... follow it! Keep heading north until you get 

~Faron Woods~
You're gonna have to call Epona here to leap over the gate. Once you do, keep 
going north, then northwest until you come across a cottage with a guy 
outside. This is Coro, your friendly neighborhood lantern expert. Talk to him, 
and he'll tell you about the dangers of dark caves up ahead... even better, 
he'll give you the LANTERN! Take it out in dark areas to illuminate things, 
but be careful of the oil level(represented with a yellow meter). You can 
refill the Lantern by using oil stored in a bottle, coming back here, or 
finding it in basins in certain dungeons. In any case, laugh at the bird's 
nest in his hair, then go back to that cave you passed up earlier to the 
northeast. There will be a Deku Baba in front of the gate, so slice it up. 
Once it dies, you can grab the nut it produces, and throw it to gain seeds for 
your Slingshot. Into the cave now... 

It's dark in there, so you'll have to whip out your Lantern to see your way 
around. Light the torches as you go, and you can even find a chest with 10 
rupees in it. Burn away the webs by swinging your lantern with B, and exit to 
the north.

<3 Heart Piece!!!<3
Once you emerge into the forest again, head to the northwest. You'll come 
across another small cave. Kill the Bokoblin inside, and open the chest for a 
small key. But that's not all... light the two torches in here, and a chest 
will appear on the upper ledge. Open it for your first HEART PIECE! Then get 
out of that cave and head southeast, carving up all who stand in your way. 
Open the gate in the southeast, and keep going.
CURRENT TOTAL: 3 hearts, 1 piece

Head north in this new area. You're just outside the Forest Temple, but you 
won't be getting in there for a little while. Also, take note of the large 
bridge that seems to have been dumped off here... remember it for later... 
Head north, and you'll see Talo and the monkey trapped in a cage. Kill the 
Bokoblins guarding it, then cut the cage to open it. After that, you'll see a 
nice wrap-up moment with Link returning the kids back to Ordon Village. The 
story automatically cuts to the next morning. 

~Ordon Ranch~
Now you get to herd some more goats. Same as before, but this time there's 
more- 20 instead of 10. Once you finish, head back into the main village.

~Ordon Village~
You'll see another scene here. Talk to the mayor again for a rather humorous 
sequence... a goat will get loose from the ranch, and you'll have to plant 
your feet with A and grab it by the horns. Keep in mind, you'll have to do 
this again later in the game. Once that's done, head north to the Ordon Woods 

~Ordon Woods~
The gate to the spring is closed because Ilia's pissed at Link, so search to 
the southeastern wall for a crawlspace. Enter it with A and emerge in the 
spring. After some dialogue, Link, Ilia, and the kids will be captured by a 
group of orc-like Moblins.

~Hyrule Castle- Twilight~
Once Link regains consciousness, you'll see you're chained up inside a cell. 
There's nothing you can do but wait, and eventually a strange little humanoid 
will come to talk to you. This little creature is Midna, and she'll be your 
ally for the rest of the game. She'll free you from your chain, but you'll 
have to get out of the cell at your own accord. Z-target so you're facing the 
pile of wood in the corner of your cell, and press A to charge and break it. 
Dig out of your cell, then head southeast to the exit. Midna will ride on your 
back, and she'll help you whenever she can(like pulling on that switch with A 
to open up the grating). Get used to your new wolf body, then head onward!

Make your way through the sewers. There's really no way to get lost, but go 
northwest towards the circular room. As you go, there are several little 
alcoves to the west and south. Pull the switch along the way to lower the 
water level so you can continue, than the one to the south to raise the water 
level again so you can pass over the spikes to the north. In short, you want 
to make sure the flood gate on the west dead end is open, then swim across the 
spikes and go to the northeast dead end. Open that gate up to drain the water, 
then go immediately west from there. Midna will be waiting on the other side 
of a grating, but there will be a small hole you can crawl through. 

On the other side, you'll come across a large spiral staircase. Work your way 
up it, and you'll see another new technique- a Midna-assisted Long Jump! When 
you try to jump to the next edge, it'll crumble, but go back up to it, and 
Midna will alert you. Answer her with Up and she'll warp to the next ledge. Z-
target her and press A to jump towards her. You'll often do this several times 
in quick succession, so be sure you're comfortable with it here. You'll also 
come across tightropes you can only cross in wolf form. 

Once you get to the top of the stairs, stand on the bit of rubble on the 
floor, and do another series of long jumps to the top of the tower. Head 
outside, and move along the roof to the north. There are no surprises here, 
but edges of the roof will crumble if you stay on them too long, so watch it. 
You'll also have to push a crate with A to continue on. Once you reach the 
slanted roof at the end, climb up top into another tower. Go up the stairs and 
into the room to see Princess Zelda for the first time in this game, as well 
as a flashback detailing the first appearance of the pure evil that is the 
Twilight King.

Once that's all over, leave down the stairs for another scene. We'll be going 
back to Ordon Woods... but you'll still be stuck in wolf form. Midna will also 
disappear into your shadow, as she is unable to take physical form outside of 
the Twilight Realm. For now, head south to Ordon Village. Looks like we're 
going to have to find a new sword and shield...

~Ordon Village~
As you go south from Link's house, a squirrel will talk to you. Yeah, you can 
talk to animals as a wolf, so use this to your advantage. Go south in the 
village and you'll see the mayor and Rusl talking about a shield... hmm... if 
you try to get closer, they'll leave, so you'll have to sneak up on them. Go 
into the lake, climb out where you caught the fish earlier, then stand JUST 
inside the torchlight and listen in on them. You'll learn the whereabouts of 
both the shield and sword you want.

For the shield, you'll have to get into the waterwheel house from the roof. 
Stand on the rock in front of the shop, you can do a long jump up to the roof. 
Be CAREFUL, though. There's a guy on top of a nearby rock, and if he sees you 
in the nearby torchlight, he'll summon a hawk to attack you. You actually have 
to get him to see you once, I think, so once that happens, leave the area and 
come back. Then, you'll be able to do that long jump to the roof. Sneak up 
behind the guy, that'll scare him away. Then do another long jump series into 
the house. Once inside, climb onto the table, do a long jump the nearby ledge, 
then dash into the wall a couple of times to knock the ORDON SHIELD off the 
wall. Leave via the nearby open window.

The sword is a good deal easier. Remember Rusl's house? It's in the far east 
of the village. Go to the back corner of the house, but be sure not to get 
spotted by Rusl carrying the torch. Turn on your wolf sense to find a dig 
spot, and dig in it to get inside the house. Grab the sword from the sofa and 
leave the way you came. Now we're heading back to Faron Woods... where the 
Twilight realm has taken over.

~Ordon Woods~
Go back to the spring. After a short scene, a Twilight monster will appear. 
Kill it quickly! If you use your Jump Attack as a wolf, you can latch onto 
your opponents and bite them repeatedly with A. After this, you'll be briefed 
on what's going on by Ordona, the Light Spirit. Continue north to the Twilight 
Realm and enter...

~Faron Woods- Twilight~
Head north, and you'll be trapped by several more Ing-esque(if anyone's played 
Metroid Prime 2) Twilight monsters. You now have to take on three at once, but 
you'll quickly learn about fighting them three on one. You kill two, the last 
one revives them. What you'll have to do, once Midna points it out, is hold 
the B button to use your energy field attack and take 2 or all 3 out at once. 
You'll have to do this a lot over the game, so make sure you're comfortable 
with that too. Once you've killed them all, continue north to a spring not far 
from here. Check it to talk to the light spirit there: Faron. Looks like you 
have a new mission: to kill all the evil electrical bugs in the woods and 
gather the tears they drop.

This part isn't too hard. The bugs all show up on your map as white dots, but 
you'll need your wolf sense to see them. Bugs one and two are right down the 
path from where you start. Head to Coro's cabin to find number three on the 
side of said cabin. Dash into the wall to dislodge it, kill it, and climb up 
and Long Jump into the house. Use your senses to see Coro cowering in the 
corner, and bugs four and five will be revealed. Kill them too, then leave the 
way you came. 

Go back to the entrance to the dark cave. The door is locked, but you can get 
around that by digging below it. Kill bugs number six and seven here, then 
continue through the cave. Luckily, it's pretty bright in here. Nothing 
special in here, just exit to the north. An insidious purple fog now covers 
most of the ground here. Bugs eight and nine are on the wall to the left, and 
once you've killed them, go to the edge of the fog on the left wall to start 
another Long Jump sequence. Head towards the overhanging cliff and two more 
rocky spires, then Long Jump across them onto the platform in the center of 
the area. Bugs ten, eleven, and twelve are all on this center platform. After 
taking them all, go to the east edge of the platform for four(!!!) more Long 
Jump sequences in a row. Once you reach the end, there'll be bugs thirteen and 
fourteen in the ground. These ones, you'll have to dig up. Head east to the 
entrance to the Forest Temple.

Once you change areas, you'll find more Twilight monsters. Kill them like 
before, then continue towards the entrance of the Forest Temple. Bugs fifteen 
and sixteen are in plain sight here(in a manner of speaking). Once you've 
killed them both and collected all the tears, you'll be transported back to 
the spring, brought back to your human form(with some absolutely BADASS new 
clothing), and the Twilight Realm will be gone! ...for now.

~Faron Woods~
Once you regain control of Link, head straight to Coro's shack. He'll give you 
the small key needed to open the gate to the north Faron Woods. He'll also 
have a new offer, a BOTTLE full of lantern oil for 100 rupees. If you have the 
cash now, drop it for the bottle. If not, it's safe to wait until after the 
Forest Temple to do it. But the bottle is definitely worth it. If you don't 
have enough to buy the bottle, at least get a refill, because you'll need it 
in a moment.

In any case, head through the dark cave towards the north. The evil fog is 
still there, however, but you can get it out of your way by swiping your 
lantern. You won't get that chance, though, because as you head towards it, a 
monkey will steal your lantern! Basically, just follow her through the fog, 
killing any enemies that happen to show up, and once you reach the end, you'll 
get your lantern back, empty of oil. If you didn't buy the bottle, I hope you 
have some extra oil, because you'll need it to get into the Forest Temple. 
Even if you have none, there's a small store run by a sentient(?) bird near 
the Forest Temple. Fill your bottle with Lantern Oil if you need it, but you 
better pay him, lest you get pecked to death. When you're prepared, go north 
to the entrance to the Forest Temple...

On your way, however, you'll come across a mysterious Golden Wolf. After a 
scene with him, you'll learn your first Hidden Skill: the ENDING BLOW! 
Basically, you use it on enemies who have fallen to the ground to kill them 
instantly. Use it often, use it well. Continue north and burn away the web 
with your Lantern to enter the...

Forest Temple [fore]
OVERVIEW: The Forest Temple is the first dungeon, only has one floor, and is 
fairly easy. Monkeys are your friends in this one, but to uncover everything, 
you'll need to harness the power of wind, free all the poor imprisoned 
primates, and deal with some rotating bridges and hungry plants.

WALKTHROUGH: Head north into the first room, and dispose of the assorted 
baddies lurking within(Keese, the Zelda universe equivalent to bats, and more 
Bokoblins). Once they're cleared out, cut the monkey's cage to free her. Go 
back and climb the ivy on the west wall to reach a chest containing 10 rupees, 
and head north into the next room.

Keep heading north, pausing to slaughter a Big Skulltula. On the ground floor, 
there is a Bomb Spider that turns into an explosive device once you hit it 
with your sword. Use it to blow up the nearby rock and gain access to a 20 
rupee chest(don't worry about the one hanging from the ceiling... we'll be 
back for that later). Light the four torches in the center platform to raise a 
staircase, then grab the DUNGEON MAP from the chest to the left and move north 
into the next room.

You're now outside. All looks well... until an evil monkey appears and uses 
some sort of tornado-generating boomerang to destroy the bridge! Oh well, 
we'll have to try another route for the time being. Go back to the previous 

I'm actually going to call this room with the four torches and the hanging 
chest the "main room", for reference's sake. Your monkey friend will move onto 
a tightrope and start swinging, allowing you to swing across with her help. 
Time it right and let go to cross to the platform to the west, and head into 
the next room.

Here, head to the right and use another Bomb Spider to blast away another 
rock. Smash one of the jars here to meet Ooccoo, a VERY creepy-looking warping 
chicken... ever see that South Park episode where Stan stays with PETA, and 
there are those human/animal hybrids? That's what she reminds me of... but I 
digress. You can use her to warp out of dungeons, say, to gather supplies, 
then warp right back to where you left, but you should never need to do that. 
Head to the main part of the room, and leap across the platforms to the north 
end of the room. If you care, you can make a detour into the water, then swim 
southwest to find a small cave with 10 rupees. Head through the northern door.

Keep going across the bridge here, but be careful: the bridge is affected by 
the wind here and will periodically spin 90 degrees, rendering it inaccessible 
until it spins back into place again. Tread across and head through the 
northern door.

All you need to do here is grab the small key out of the nearby chest and 
leave the way you came. Go two rooms back.

Go west in the water room and unlock the door. In this room, you'll see an 
imprisoned monkey. We're gonna have to free him, but as soon as you cross the 
bridge here, it'll break on you. Roll into the totem pole atop which the cage 
sits several times to send it tumbling down and free the monkey. Once you do, 
several Bokoblins will appear. Kill them, and leave the way you came. This 
time, you can use the monkeys to swing across the gap where the bridge used to 
be. Head back into the main room, but go east this time.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
First thing you'll want to do here is kill the evil Red Deku Babas. If they 
latch onto you, just Spin Attack to dislodge/damage them. Once they're dead, 
head up the stairs, taking note of the hungry, toothy flower halfway up. As 
you go, you'll see a Bomb Spider. Hit it, then throw it over the nearby ledge 
into the flower's mouth. It'll eat it, and... BOOM! Once it's gone, kill the 
Skulltulas crawling across the ivy, jump the gap and climb up on the same ivy. 
Don't go through the door yet, though! Hit the nearby Bomb Spider, then drop 
it down the nearby ledge to kill another hungry flower. Once that one's clear, 
jump down and open the chest to receive the HEART PIECE it was blocking. 
Circle back upstairs, then go through that door to the south.
CURRENT TOTAL: 3 hearts, 2 pieces

You'll see another imprisoned monkey, but this one's under lock and key. The 
key is on the ground, but it gets quickly eaten by a large, angry plant. You 
know what to do! Move in close, then as it lowers its head to ram you, move 
back and Jump Attack it. Once the head dies, locate a nearby Bomb Spider and 
throw it into the body's gaping mouth to deal with it for good. Pick up the 
emerging small key(it's probably all sticky and covered with plant guts, I do 
NOT envy Link in these cases) and unlock the monkey's cage with it. Go back to 
the previous room and head east from there. You'll have to use a Bomb Spider 
to blow away a rock before you enter.

We're now in the easternmost room in the dungeon. Roll into one of the totem 
poles here to knock down a chest containing a small key, then move across the 
tile bridge. Be careful, though! There are worm enemies lurking under some 
tiles, and they'll pop you one good if you stand on them. You can't kill 
them(yet), so just avoid them. Light the two unlit torches here to raise a 
couple of ledges that form a staircase, then climb up and unlock your fourth 
monkey. Oh, and climb the ivy on the north end of the room to reach 20 rupees, 
if you care. Nevertheless, bring your emancipated primate back to the main 
room and head north to the outdoor bridge room.

Clever little fellas that they are, you can now cross where the bridge was 
destroyed earlier. Swing across with their help and enter the door ahead. Time 
for your first miniboss fight!

The first thing he will do is use that boomerang of his to knock down a bunch 
of Red Deku Babas. Deal with them first, then focus your attention on the Boss 
Monkey himself. He will constantly leap from totem pole to totem pole, 
throwing his boomerang from time to time. The trick here is to NOT Z-target 
him, and follow him as he leaps from pole to pole. Wait until he pauses and 
throws his boomerang, then roll into the pole to throw him off balance. When 
the boomerang comes back, it'll knock him down and stun him. Take out your 
sword and hack away at that giant red butt of his. There's not much else to 
this fight, after two or three rounds of attacking, the mind-controlling 
insect will fall off his head, and all will be well. Plus you receive his 
weapon: the GALE BOOMERANG!

Before I continue, here's how to use the Gale Boomerang effectively: when you 
use it with B, you aim with it like the slingshot. At any time while aiming, 
you can press Z to lock onto a target, up to five in a row. Once you throw the 
boomerang, it'll hit all the targets you locked onto, in order. The tornado it 
stirs up will be helpful in moving things around and hitting those propeller 
switches, like the ones on top of the bridges we saw earlier. You'll have to 
use it right away to open the door out of the miniboss room, just give the 
switch a few good winds and you're good to go.

Once you emerge from the miniboss room, use the Gale Boomerang on the bridge 
immediately to your left. Cross it, kill the Bokoblin there, and use the GB 
again to free another monkey. He'll leave for now, but you'll see him again 
later. We have some collecting to do.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Head back to the far east room of the dungeon, the one with the tile worms 
where you freed the fourth monkey. Use the GB to chew up the floor and remove 
all the tiles, then kill those worm enemies. Then, use it to put out all four 
torches in the room, and grab the HEART PIECE from the chest under the now 
descended wooden stairs. Head back to the main room, and Gale down the hanging 
chest to get the COMPASS, which in this dungeon shows us the locations of all 
the remaining un-freed monkeys. Head immediately west from the main room.
CURRENT TOTAL: 3 hearts, 3 pieces

We're back in the water room. In the southwest corner of the room, there's a 
chest hidden behind a wooden gate. There are four poles in front of it, each 
with a propeller on top. If you look at the floor, there is a Z-shaped pattern 
on the floor, so mark each of the props accordingly, going along the Z. If you 
hit them in the right order, the gate will open and you can claim the BIG KEY. 
Now, all we have to do is free those last three monkeys. Go north two rooms, 
back to where you found the first small key.

There's a lot more to do here now that you have the GB. Hit the propeller 
switch on the bridge so you can access it, then again so you can enter the 
eastern room. You'll have to kill some more Bokoblins along the way, but 
they're as easy as ever(bonus points if you can knock one off the bridge!).

For this next monkey, you'll have to fall through one of the holes in the 
floor to reach the platform on which his cage sits. Deal with a couple of 
Skulltulas first, then find the hole ahead and to the left of the room's 
entrance. Burn the web away, then fall through and break him out. Go back to 
the previous room, then north.

The boss room is across from here, but you still need two more monkeys to help 
Link out. Go east, deal with a Bokoblin and a few Small Skulltulas, then climb 
the ivy up to the eastern door.

This room is very interesting. Dispose of the Red Deku Babas, then take a look 
around. To get the treasure chest off to the south, you need to lock onto and 
retrieve a Bomb Spider with the GB, then throw it at the hungry plant in front 
of the chest. Once the way is clear, hop on over and take the small key. We 
still have a monkey to free in here, though: lock onto a Bomb Spider again, 
then the big rock on the above ledge to the east. The GB will carry the spider 
right towards the rock and demolish it for you. Climb up, then retrieve one 
more bomb Spider with your GB. Destroy on last rock barrier, and the second-
to-last monkey will be free! Head back two rooms, to the one with the rotating 
bridge, and open the locked door to the west.

Begin here by opening fire with your GB and slaughtering all the tile worms 
within range. Once they're cleared out, look in the back corner of the room 
for a small tunnel. Run through it, kill some assorted Skulltulas at the end, 
and climb up the ivy to arrive right in front of the last monkey cage. 
Activate the two propellers to open the cage and free him, and grab the red 
rupee on the scaffolding on your way out. Head east, then north to the large 
room where all the monkeys have gathered.

All the monkeys will then form a chain, which you can use to swing across to 
the boss room. Enter...

Diababa starts out with two large Deku Baba heads emerging from a purple pool 
of water. There are several Bomb Spiders on platforms in the pool, too. Lock 
onto one of the spiders, then one of the Deku Baba heads with your GB to send 
the Bomb Spider into their mouth and destroy the heads. Be quick, or they'll 
try to take a chomp out of you! 

Once both side heads are destroyed, the central head and two new side heads 
will emerge. There are no more Bomb Spiders handy, but help arrives- in the 
form of the Boss Monkey! He'll be sliding across a rope with Bomb Spiders of 
his own, so move to the back of the room and ready your GB again. Lock onto 
the Boss Monkey, then one of the heads to retrieve a Bomb Spider than deliver 
it to one of Diababa's mouths. Once the two side heads are down, you'll have a 
clear shot at the center head. Send a bomb over to it, same as before, and the 
center head will collapse onto the floor. Rush in, then deliver Jump Attack 
after Jump attack for some heavy damage. When the head gets back up, it will 
spew some lethal-looking purple gunk at you. Just keep moving back and forth 
to avoid it, rolling under the spray if necessary. Repeat this strategy 2-3 
times to finish Diababa off for good.

Victory is yours, and you receive a HEART CONTAINER(you get one after every 
major boss battle) and your first FUSED SHADOW. Midna tells you that she needs 
all three Fused Shadows, but she won't say what for... no matter, we're done 
here. You just beat your first dungeon in the game, congratulations!

-Part 2: Out of the Twilight, Into the Fire [par2]
~Faron Woods~
You emerge at the spring here. Your next mission is to head west to the Eldin 
province. Go north to Coro's shack, then continue north to...

~Hyrule Field~
There is no larger area in the game than Hyrule Field. It connects all the 
major areas of the game, and spans several provinces. For now, just head west 
to Kakariko Gorge. As you go, you'll meet an EXTREMELY freaky man known as the 
Postman. He'll hand off a letter to you(you'll meet him again as you get more 
letters) which you can look at in your Collection sub-screen.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
If you look at your map, you should see a small pond in the middle of your 
current area separated by a bridge. At the southern end of that bridge is a 
cluster of trees. Look up at the branches, one of them has a HEART PIECE 
resting in the boughs. Use your Gale Boomerang to acquire it. Afterwards, head 
to the west end of this section of Hyrule Field, and enter the Twilight Realm 
CURRENT TOTAL: 4 hearts, 4 pieces

**Golden Bug!!!**
In the same area where you got your Heart Piece(last paragraph), go southeast
of the bridge. Look on the side of one of the trees there for your first Golden
Bug: a MALE BEETLE! You can just grab him right off the trunk of the tree. He 
is the first of many Golden Bugs. I will keep pointing them out as you can get 
them, but keep your eyes open nonetheless.

**Golden Bug!!!**
In the same area of Hyrule Field, check north of the entrance to Kakariko Gorge
(BEFORE you go into the Twilight Realmn!!!). Directly north of that entrance, 
there is an inaccessible ledge with a row of trees on top. Check the tree that 
is the furthest north... the FEMALE BEETLE is on the side of that tree. Use 
your Gale Boomerang to get it down.

~Kakariko Gorge- Twilight~
Continue west here until you come across your old broken Wooden Sword. Turn 
on your senses, than sniff it to learn the YOUTHS' SCENT. You'll learn several 
scents like this over the course of the game, but you can only remember one at 
a time. Keep your senses on and follow the scent trail, but your search is cut 
short when you stumble across a trio of Twilight monsters. Kill them all, and 
you'll notice something else... the bridge is gone! Midna will show you your 
map and explain that whenever you kill a group of Twilight monsters, the warp 
point they used will stay open, allowing you to use it whenever you like in 
wolf form. Now where did we see a loose bridge before...? Warp to the north 
portal in Faron Woods.

~Faron Woods~
Approach the loose bridge and answer Midna's alert to get her to warp it back 
into place in the gorge.

~Kakariko Gorge- Twilight~
Just keep going along the scent trail until you arrive at a gruesomely 
bloodstained gate. Dig through it, kill the Twilight Bokoblins on the other 
side, than enter...

~Kakariko Village- Twilight~
the first thing you'll see here is another Twilight monster trio. Waste them 
to establish a warp point here, then head to the nearby spring. We're gonna 
have to go on another dark insect hunt.

Starting from the southwest and going up, here are the locations of the dark 

1, 2, and 3: Long Jump up to the top of the first house you come across. 
You'll fall through the roof and see a scene. Looks like the kids are closer 
than you think... anyways, once it's over, grab the stick in front of you, 
light it on the nearby flame, then jump across the platforms to light up four 
torches and open the route to the basement. Three of them are downstairs. Take 
them out, grab the tears, then Long jump out of the north end of the basement.

4: You'll emerge in the graveyard. Insect #4 is right in front of you, but 
you'll have to dig it up. Kill it, then head back into the main town.

5: Keep going north until you get to Barnes' Bomb shop(it has the sign in the 
front. Climb up the storage shed to the right of the shop, then leap through 
the window and inside. Go upstairs and dash into the cabinet to release insect 
#5. After you're done, leave via the second floor window.

6, 7, and 8: climb across the balcony to the land above and behind the shop. 
You'll see insect #6 crawl into a nearby building. Go through the crawlspace 
and inside, and light the fireplace inside. Sparks will fly, so GET OUT OF 
THERE IMMEDIATELY. The storage shed will explode, leaving the tears from bugs 
6, 7, and 8 all at once. Sweet!

9: While you're up here, move up the winding pathway nearby. Follow it along 
the rock wall and along the scaffolding, then dig at the side of the house to 
enter. Smash some jars in the corner to reveal insect #9.

10: Not far from the destroyed storage shed, there is a small wooden platform 
on the edge of a cliff. Drop off of it to the roof below, and fall through to 
get inside the house. Insect #10 is underneath a crate. Push it to coax the 
bug out, then kill it and leave with a Long Jump.

11: On the right side of the town, go to the general store(the southernmost 
building) and get inside through a crawlspace. Climb up the shelves and break 
one of the crates to get bug #11.

12 and 13: Go up the hill to the right of the general store, jump across the 
balcony and enter the inn. Drop to the ground floor and use the stick and 
torch to start a fire in the fireplace. You won't burn down the building this 
time, but you'll find bug #12. After that, go into the next room and kill the 
Twilight Moblins hanging around in there. Go up to the second floor and ram 
the nearby wall to shake bug #13 loose. The remaining three are on Death 
Mountain. Go back outside and leave town via the northwest exit.

~Death Mountain- Twilight~
14: Long jump up the first impassible barrier and continue up the mountain. 
Once you come across the steam vents, dig around for bug #14.

0o Howl Stone!!! o0
The first HOWL STONE is in plain sight among the steam vents. The wind will 
play a sort of melody, and you have to match it by holding A to howl and use 
the control stick to change your pitch to match that of the wind. Get it 
right, and you'll warp to this odd, ethereal plane where you have to repeat 
the song once more. Once you do, the Golden Wolf will appear again, and his 
position will show up on your map. He should be right in front of the spring 
of the Ordon Woods. We'll be tracking him down later.

15 and 16: Keep going up the mountain until you come across a circular 
clearing. Once you arrive, another group of Twilight monsters will appear. Due 
to the structure of the wall, you'll have to kill the enclosed one first, than 
the other three at once. Once the warp is formed, dash into the nearby steel 
grating to dislodge and kill bug #15. Do a Long jump up the grating, continue 
down the path, and do another Long jump to go even further up. Once you come 
across the Goron spirit up here, jump down into the hot springs and kill bug 
#16. You'll then be warped back to Kakariko Village and the Twilight will be 
gone from here.

~Kakariko Village~
After the conversation with the light spirit Eldin, you'll see a scene where 
you meet up with the kids again, and meet Renado, the village shaman, his 
daughter Luda, and Barnes the bomb maker. Take a moment to enjoy this very 
cool remix of the Kakariko Village theme, then go back up Death Mountain.

~Death Mountain~
the ladder is still broken, but you can still climb the metal grate. However, 
you won't be able to progress much further due to the Goron guard rolling into 
you. You can try to wrangle him like you did to the goat, but he'll knock you 
down anyway. Damn. Leave here for now, but as soon as you do, Renado will talk 
to you and discuss a possible plan to get up there... well, time to head back 
to Ordon Village! But before you leave the village, something very unexpected 

Epona's back, baby! But she's completely freaking out, so you have to restrain 
her. While riding her, just move the control stick in the indicated direction 
to slow her down, press A to seize her when prompted, and eventually you'll 
gain full control of her again. Now that you have your trusty steed back, head 
back to Ordon Village.

**Golden Bug!!!**
Since you're relatively free to go now, you can check things out in town if 
you want. But before you leave, go to the house just to the left of Barnes's 
Bomb Shop. Check on the floor for a FEMALE ANT.

<3Heart Piece!!! <3
While you go through Kakariko Gorge, go as far east as you can. You should see 
a rock spire with a round metal target on the side. On the top of that is a 
HEART PIECE, so use your Gale Boomerang to retrieve it.

0oGolden Wolf!!!o0
As you go through Ordon Woods, you'll see the Golden Wolf again near the 
spring. This time, he'll teach you the SHIELD ATTACK! You can only use this 
move on certain foes when the notice pops up on the bottom of the screen, and 
although it doesn't damage them, it leaves them open to other attacks. It can 
also be used to bounce projectile attacks back at enemies. Cool!

~Ordon Village~
Talk to the mayor to start a scene. You'll learn the secret to earning the 
Gorons' respect: Sumo wrestling! The mayor will teach you how to fight like a 
Goron. You step forward and push your opponent back with A, swing the remote 
around to slap them and leave them open to pushing, and move the control stick 
left and right to circle your opponent. If you start getting pushed yourself, 
mash the A button to escape your foe's grip. Practice by defeating the mayor 
twice, and he'll give you the IRON BOOTS. Those boots are the only thing that 
can make the Gorons respect your authoritah! Once you're done here, go back to 
Death Mountain.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
While you're in Ordon Village, head over to the ranch and talk to Fado. He'll 
have another goat-herding job for you, and once you get them all in, you'll 
get another HEART PIECE!
CURRENT TOTAL: 5 hearts, 1 piece

~Kakariko Village~
As soon as you enter the village, you'll see a scene. Looks like we won't be 
going up the mountain right away. We have to save Colin! Leave town through 
the northeast exit and chase down that gang of Moblins!

~Hyrule Field~
You'll be doing a massive horseback battle. You're probably not used to 
fighting on horseback yet, so ignore his minions and go after the King Moblin! 
You can use your sword while riding Epona, so keep up with him by dashing and 
slice him up. He moves as fast as you do, so you'll have to dash to keep up. 
Follow his movements closely, and Spin Attack to shake of his henchmen if you 
get surrounded. Damage the King Moblin enough, and you'll take the fight to 
the Bridge of Eldin, where you get to take him on in a good old fashioned 
jousting match!

You'll basically be charging at each other. If he hits you, you'll get knocked 
into the gorge, so what you wanna do is charge him, but stay SLIGHTLY to one 
side. Hack away as you pass him(he'll try to swerve to hit you; you'll have to 
swerve more). If you hit him, great! If not, try again next pass. After you 
slice him twice, he'll tumble off into the gorge and Colin will be free! Enjoy 
that incredible victory pose while you celebrate. You can now head up Death 
Mountain distraction-free. 

<>Hylian Shield!!!<>
Before you go, however, I STRONGLY suggest you go to the shop(which is now run 
by Malo- how a toddler can run a store is beyond me) and buy the HYLIAN 
SHIELD. That Ordon Shield you have now is wood, and you're heading up a 
volcano, so you need a good metal shield. It costs 200 rupees, which you 
should have by now. Once you're prepared, head up Death Mountain.

~Death Mountain~
Climb up the mountain like before, except now when the Goron sentry tries to 
charge you, put on your Iron Boots and wrangle him like the goats! He'll be 
out of your way, so you can progress up the mountain. Every so often as you 
go, another Goron will come rolling down, divert them the same as the 
sentry(the way Link dusts off his hands after shoving one is funny ^_^). When 
you get to the area with the steam vents, there will be Bokoblins on the 
cliffs above shooting fire arrows at you. You don't yet have a bow, so you'll 
have to improvise. Look for a patch of hawk grass and use your feathered 
raptor ally to knock out the offending Bokoblins. They all must have graduated 
from the Stormtrooper School of Marksmanship or something, because they won't 
be able to hit you unless you're like six feet away from them.

Once you arrive at the Goron settlement at the end of the trail, the Gorons 
here will still give you grief. Most of them will try to punch you, but if you 
guard then hit them with your sword(or Shield Attack them), they'll go off 
balance and curl up. You can then climb on their backs and get a boost upwards 
from them as they uncurl. Use this trick to get to the top of the area. It's 
all pretty straightforward, and if you get too hurt from the Gorons, you can 
rest in the nearby hot spring. Oddly enough, the Gorons resting there will not 
attack, indeed, they'll welcome you. Perhaps soaking in the hot water has 
cooled(?) them down? Oh, almost forgot: those steam vents won't hurt you, but 
they'll push you around. Unless you walk through them with your Iron Boots, in 
which case they won't even budge you(the heat will probably make Link sweat, 
and his tunic'll get all smelly and gross and all the NPC's will hate his body 
odor, but that's no business of ours).

Once you get to the top of the mountain, go on inside. Link, tactful man that 
he is, will inadvertently make tense race relations even tenser... until the 
elder, Cor Goron, decides to test whether or not Link has balls of brass in a 
you'll never win. Once you do, all will be well and you'll get access to 

Goron Mines [goro]
OVERVIEW: The Goron Mines is sacred ground to the rocky mountain folk, and as 
such, the elders live in here. You must seek all three out to gain access to 
the boss room, as well as use your Iron Boots to walk on the walls and 
ceilings here. The item you gain in here will be your second most valuable 
weapon in the game, after your sword of course.

WALKTHROUGH: Start off by jumping across the platforms on the lava. If you 
fall in, you lose 2 hearts as penalty, so be careful! Time your jumps from 
platform to platform to avoid the shooting lava plumes. As you move north, 
you'll come across a powerful stream of fire shooting out of the wall. Step on 
the nearby switch(you'll have to use your Iron Boots to trip it as well as all 
switches like it in here), then run past. Do this again with a second fire 
stream, then make a u-turn and move along the outside of the caged area you 
were in. Climb to the top of the cage, then jump across to the east ledge and 
head to the right. You'll come across a switch. Kill the nearby Torch 
Slugs(one is farther towards the fire stream- they're easy to kill off, one 
hit with just about anything), trip the switch, then run north past a third 
fire stream. Jump onto the nearby platform-like switch jutting out of the 
wall, and put on your Iron Boots again. The switch will go all the way down, 
allowing you to progress into the next room.

This large and impressive-looking room contains two large electro-magnets to 
which you can cling with your Iron Boots(you know, magnetism and all that). 
They need to be activated, though, but we'll get to that soon. First, jump 
down to the left platform below you and get the drop on a group of Moblins. 
Kill them, and take the small key from the nearby chest. Go up the ramp and 
continue on that general path, jumping over the rotating platforms. Leave 
through the locked door to the east.

Here, move down the ramp here and meet another old enemy: a fire-breathing 
gecko-like creature called a Dodongo. Attack its tail to kill it, but beware 
the nasty fire breath. Move across the platforms and get to the solid ground 
in the northeast. Demolish the other Dodongo here, then grab onto the nearby 
handle and chain and give it a hearty pull(you don't hold A with this, you 
press A to grab on, then press it again to release the handle)! This will move 
back the wall to which it's attached, so you have to move around, jumping 
across more of those platforms, and get through before the wall closes on you. 
You have to time this well, so the lava spouts don't keep you waiting. They 
all rise and fall at the same time, so use the ones you can see as a guide to 
your timing. Once you make it, head through the door past the moveable wall.

In this water-filled room, you'll have to do some underwater exploring. Put on 
your Iron Boots and sink to the floor. A blue meter will show up to show how 
much air you have left, so don't let it run out or it's game over for you! 
Trip the switch underwater, and a magnetic current will pull you out of the 
water and onto a shimmering blue magnetic surface. It's kind of disorienting 
to control Link on those surfaces, but you'll get used to it(try going into 
first person view, it's totally wild!). Go through the nearby door.

In here, you'll find one of the Goron elders, Gor Amoto. Talk to him to gain 
the first KEY SHARD. Laugh at his funny volcano head, then open the chest here 
for the DUNGEON MAP and second one for 20 rupees. Climb up to the second 
floor, then smash one of the jars up there to find Ooccoo again. Leave through 
the second floor door.

On the second floor of that water room, you'll have to walk along the walls 
with your Iron Boots. Actually, it helps if you tilt your Nunchuk to match 
Link's orientation when he's on the wall, it helps you get used to the 
controls more. Take out the Torch Slugs as you go, and continue to the next 

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
On the second floor here, hit the switch right in front of you and you'll be 
drawn to the ceiling. Head northeast along the ceiling, and you'll eventually 
come across a right-side-up chest with a HEART PIECE inside. Take it, then 
continue on to the second floor exit on the west side.
CURRENT TOTAL: 5 hearts, 2 pieces

We're back in the large electro-magnet room. Head on over to the center, 
murderize the group of Moblins, then hit the switch to start up the first 
electro-magnet. Go under it when it stops and put on your Iron Boots to stick 
to it, and ride it to the platform to the north. Let go to drop onto it, then 
hit the next switch to activate magnet #2. If you're quick, you'll stick to it 
before the Moblins nearby can get to you. So long, losers!!! Drop down to the 
north again, then go through the door.

We're in another water room. Kill all the crab/spider-like Tektites jumping 
towards you, then drop down to the bottom of the pool and grab a small key 
from the chest to the west(that rhymes and you KNOW it rhymes!). Go to the 
east part of the room, outside of the caged off area, then drop down again. 
Push the block out of the way, then rise to the surface within. Hit the switch 
to start another electric current, then use it to go up to the ceiling. Drop 
down over the metal scaffolding, then hit another switch. Drop down to get 
caught by the sideways magnetic current, then move along the wall and drop 
down to the floor again. Open the chest for a red rupee, and hit the crystal 
switch to open up the gate below you. It only stays open for a few seconds, so 
hurry up! 

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Once you're through, kill the waiting Moblins and walk up the east wall. You 
can go north or south, go south to find HEART PIECE in a chest. Go north to 
get to a rope holding up a gate. Slice the ropes to gain access to the locked 
door below you, then go through it. Oh, and those blocky statues that shoot 
lasers at you are called Beamos. You can't kill them yet, but their uppance 
shall come!
CURRENT TOTAL: 5 hearts, 3 pieces

You're outside again, and NOT in a good spot. North of your position are fire 
arrow-slinging Moblins waiting to tear you a nice new glory hole or two if you 
stand still for too long, so run your ass off to the east. You'll find a chest 
with a small key under the watchful eye of another Beamos, so just take it and 
run to the western locked door. Enter it.

Jump across the rotating platforms to find a single long rotating platform 
with several magnetic spots on one side. Wait until they are on top, then run 
across and attach yourself with your Iron Boots before it tips over again. 
Enter the door on the far end of the platform.

Here, you can talk to Gor Ebizo, the second Goron elder, and get the second 
KEY SHARD off of him. Open the nearby chest for a yellow rupee, then climb to 
the second floor and leave.

Go along the magnetic trail on the top floor here and drop down at the end to 
find the miniboss...

This battle is very similar to shoving the Gorons aside as you went up Death 
Mountain, except a bit more involved. He'll start shaking the platform you're 
on, but the Iron Boots will keep you firmly in place. You'll have to keep your 
Iron Boots on for this whole battle, and my strategy assumes you do. He'll 
eventually give you that "bring it on" hand motion that's so popular in pop 
culture nowadays, so go up to him and he'll prepare to punch you. His stomach 
is unguarded during the windup before his punch, so attack it with your sword 
to get him to curl up and roll around. He'll go right for you, so break your 
Z-target and roll out of the way yourself, causing him to change direction and 
come at you again. Hold A to brace yourself and push against him. You'll throw 
him aside, hopefully into the magma below. Three dips in the magma will cause 
him to give up and allow you access to their great treasure. 

Move into the room south of here to receive the HERO'S BOW, quite possibly the 
most overall useful weapon in the game. Congratulations, your Slingshot is now 
completely obsolete! You'll have to use your new Bow here to sever the rope 
holding up the nearby bridge and enter the next part of this room. Once you're 
there(mind the Torch Slug on the ceiling), approach the southernmost Beamos to 
make them ALL spring to life and start shooting their lasers at you. Find a 
safe spot(the dead center of the room is good), take aim and fire at their 
eyes to kill them one by one. Once they're dead, grab hold and pull them back 
to reveal both the COMPASS and passage into the room to the west.

Here, talk to the unnamed black Goron elder and get the final KEY SHARD. The 
BOSS KEY is complete now, so we're off to the boss room! Before you go, grab 
the purple rupee in the chest here. That probably belongs to the Goron elder, 
but he wouldn't have left it lying around if he didn't mean for you to take it 
right? Keep telling yourself that... THIEF(I salute your Zelda knowledge if 
you get the reference)! For now, go back into the Beamos room and head south.

There is no better room in the dungeon in which to practice your aim than this 
one. Whip out your Bow and fire at the Torch Slugs hanging on the 
stalactites(and the Dodongos), then roll into the grating blocking your 
passage to break it down. Jump across the platforms and go past the gate to 
find a switch. Hit it with your Iron Boots to get drawn up to the ceiling, 
then move around so you can hit the crystal switch above the gate. Drop down 
to the floor and go through the door.

We're back in the electro-magnet room again. Raid the nearby chest for another 
purple rupee, then leap down onto the platform below you in a vertigo-inducing 
plunge(how Link does not break an ankle or something when he does that is 
beyond my reckoning). From where you are now, head all the way back to that 
outdoor room to the north where the Moblins were shooting fire arrows at you.

Now you can remove the aforementioned Moblins from their short mortal coils by 
firing back at them. You could go to the center of the room to get a closer 
shot, but c'mon! Be a badass and snipe them from the entrance. It's a nice 
challenge(and deceptively easy if you have a decently steady hand like me), 
and think how impressed your friends will be! Actually, they probably won't 
care, but do you live your life to please them? No? Didn't think so. Once 
they're gone, go over to the east and kill off that Beamos close to that small 
key chest you found earlier. Pull it out of the wall to find a hidden path up 
to the top of the room. Keep going, but be CAREFUL here! Those barrels along 
the way that are marked with a white X- those are explosive, and if the 
Moblins hit them with a fire arrow... well, stay back and snipe them down. 
They even have a TNT barrel hidden behind them! Aim for that instead for 
amusing results. Once the coast is clear, continue to find a switch that 
activates the nearby electro-magnet. Ride it over to the nearby bridge gate, 
then arrow the rope to drop it. Drop down from the magnet onto the bridge and 
enter the next room.

As soon as you get a clear view in this room, open fire and slaughter every 
Moblin you see. Once they're clear, fire an arrow to drop the next bridge 
gate. This releases a small army of more Moblins. Go Keanu Reeves on their 
asses, then enter the boss room.

As with many bosses in the Zelda series, Fyrus only LOOKS intimidating... 
until you figure out how to kill him, then he becomes very easy indeed. You'll 
need both the Iron Boots and your Bow for this fight. As the battle starts, 
he'll try to whip you with his chains. Get as far away from him as possible, 
and take aim with your Bow. Fire at the Eye of Sauron-like gem on his 
forehead, and he'll be momentarily stunned. Take the opportunity to grab the 
handle on the end of either of the chains on his ankles, and put on your Iron 
Boots. Pull him around, and eventually he'll trip, fall, and lose the fire 
covering his body. Make a bad trip/fall one-liner("have a nice TRIP!" or "see 
you next FALL!" will do), then take off your boots, let go of the handle, run 
up to him and attack his head to cause damage. 

You don't need to worry too much about his attacks, just stay away, be 
prepared to shoot before he can charge you, and get ready to roll out of the 
way if he draws his arm back to whip you. Repeat for about 3 rounds of damage, 
and that should do the trick. By the way... anyone think he resembles the Cave 
Troll from Fellowship of the Ring(I know, I was in a Lord of the Rings mood 
when I wrote this part of the guide)?

Chief Darbus is now back to normal, although he doesn't remember a damn thing. 
Grab the HEART CONTAINER and the second FUSED SHADOW, and Midna will tell you 
more of her story. And reveal to Link the true name of the Twilight King: 
Zant. Best to get out of this place for now.

-Part 3: Mandatory Impossible Water Dungeon [par3]
~Kakariko Village~
You return to the spring here. Looks like we have to head north to the Lanayru 
province, but we have some item collecting to do in and around Kakariko 
Village. First, make sure you have at least 220 rupees, then go to Barnes's 
bomb shop and buy the BOMBS. The first Bomb Bag costs 120 rupees. Barnes will 
also tell you about a combo you can do with your Bow and Bombs. Just go into 
the item selection screen and press Z when you go over the Bombs to create 
explosive arrows. Each one you shoot costs both 1 arrow and 1 Bomb, so use 
them sparingly. Now we have some Heart Pieces to get.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Go back to the spring and look up and to the left. On top of the rock wall, 
you should see a small cluster of boulders and a single tree. Use a Bomb arrow 
to blast away the rocks and the Gale Boomerang to get the HEART PIECE that is 
CURRENT TOTAL: 6 hearts, 4 pieces

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Right where you got the previous Heart Piece, look at ground level for another 
destructible rock. Blast it away, then go through the cave and to the back of 
the spring. Jump in, put on your Iron Boots, and sink all the way to the 
bottom. There's a chest at the bottom containing another HEART PIECE! Finding 
two so close to one another... very rare, that...

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Talk to the Goron in front of Barnes's bomb shop to get a boost to the roof. 
Go up the trail and scaffolding ahead, and talk to the Goron there. Get 
ANOTHER boost, climb up to the roof of the house, and talk to Talo. He'll 
marvel at your new Bow and offer you the chance to do a demonstration. The 
first two targets are easy enough, but the third... well, you'll see for 
yourself once you do it. If you hit all three, Malo will give you another 
HEART PIECE, but don't feel bad if you can't hit that third target(I managed 
to pull it off even though it cost me almost a whole quiver of arrows).
CURRENT TOTAL: 7 hearts, 1 piece

Once you complete that target test, go back to Malo's shop and buy the 
HAWKEYE, which costs 100 rupees. You can combine it with your bow in the same 
fashion as the Bombs, but it offers a zoom function instead. This is only 
available after you get the Heart Piece from the archery test. Did anyone 
say... Bow sniping?

**Golden Bug!!!**
Head west into the Graveyard and inspect one of the trees up the stairs. There 
is a tiny golden insect crawling around: a MALE ANT! Once we get to Hyrule 
Castle Town, we can trade him in for something, but just keep him for now.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Head back to Kakariko Gorge and go south until you see a conspicuous-looking 
bomb-able rock. Blow it away and enter the maze-like cave. Use your lantern to 
find your way around and get to the end for a HEART PIECE! You'll have to 
light two torches to get it to appear, though.
CURRENT TOTAL: 7 hearts, 2 pieces

**Golden Bug!!!**
Check Kakariko Gorge out while you're here for the MALE PILL BUG. check near 
the bridge. The Pill Bug is just on the ground on the southeast side of the 
bridge, just off the side of the path, and isn't hiding under or near anything. 
It blends into the ground well, but you'll find it if you look close enough.

**Golden Bug!!!**
While facing the entrance to Kakariko Village, go off to the left and follow
the rock wall to a ptch of grass and flowers. Cut down the flowers to reveal
the FEMALE PILL BUG, then grab her off the ground.

~Hyrule Field~
Once you've collected all that cool junk, leave Kakariko Village through the 
northeast and head out into the Eldin Province. Our destination is to the 
north, but we have one small detour to make...

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
As soon as you exit Kakariko Village, you should find a destructible rock 
blocking a rocky ramp on the left side of the trail. Clear the way, and climb 
up the ramp. Climb up the ivy, make a couple more jumps, and use a Bomb arrow 
to clear out another rock. Jump over, climb that ivy, and jump down two more 
platforms to Link's left. Down a bit from there is another HEART PIECE!
CURRENT TOTAL: 7 hearts, 3 pieces

**Golden Bug!!!**
In the Eldin province, look in the grass-less brown area northwest of the exit 
from Kakariko village for a MALE GRASSHOPPER. It jumps around a lot, making it 
difficult to catch, so you'll have to Gale Boomerang it to stun it and bring 
it close enough to catch.

**Golden Bug!!!**
In the same area where you get the Male Grasshopper(previous paragraph), check 
the very oppositeend of the field for the FEMALE GRASSHOPPER. That is, the 
northeast area of the field. You'll get used to male-female pairs of insects
being in the same general area. Seems to happen a lot... In any case, the female
hops around a lot, same as the male, so Gale Boomerang her to subdue her and 
make her easy to catch.

**Golden Bug!!!**
Go north from Kakariko Village to the Bridge of Eldin. Check the inside of the
arch structure at the south end of the bridge. The MALE PHASMID rests up there,
use your Gale Boomerang to get him down.

Now that's out of the way, so head to the northwest and run across the Bridge 
of Eldin to the far end. Blow away the rocks blocking the path past the far 
end, but before you can go any further, a portal will appear, take away the 
middle of the bridge, and spawn three Twilight monsters! Go back and take them 
out(to kill them all at once as human Link, use a well-placed Spin Attack), 
and continue northeast into the Twilight Realm once more...

There is something else I have to point out here: a potentially GAME-ENDING 
GLITCH!!! If you save and quit AFTER the bridge disappears but BEFORE you 
enter the Twilight Realm, once you resume your game, you'll be back at the 
entrance near Kakariko Village and unable to proceed. If you must save and 
quit at this point, just go into the Twilight Realm and then save, and you 
should be fine.

~Hyrule Field- Twilight~
Once you're in, follow the path until you see the satchel on the ground. Check 
it to learn the SCENT OF ILIA! Follow the scent trail all the way to...

~Hyrule Castle Town- Twilight~
Keep following the scent through the town, until you reach an underground 
tavern known as Telma's Bar. Head on inside and look at the spirits nearby to 
see Ilia again, Telma, Telma's chest, and a Zora prince. Then go to the back 
room and listen in on the guards, and inspect the map on the table to see 
where they were headed. Looks like we have to check out the Spirit Spring in 
Lake Hylia next. Leave Hyrule Castle town through the east gate and head east, 
then south from here. 

~Hyrule Field- Twilight~
You'll come across the Great Bridge of Hylia, so head across it. Notice 
anything funny? All that odd liquid on the surface... you'll see a scene with 
a Twilight Moblin. Oh no... ooooooh nooooo...! FIRE!!! He'll start an oil fire 
from both ends of the bridge, so QUICKLY push that crate in front of you to 
the side and use it to jump off the side of the bridge, and fall into...

~Lake Hylia- Twilight~
The firs thing you'll notice about the lake is that the water level is 
dangerously low. If you use your wolf senses and listen to the Zoras here, 
you'll get a pretty good idea of what happened to the lake... looks like we 
have to check the Spirit Spring first, but the river is completely dried up, 
rendering it unreachable due to low water levels. The first thing we have to 
do is check the house nearby. Listen to the guy here, and he'll mistake a 
Twilight Moblin for a customer. Head north across the dried-up "river" to deal 
with him, and he'll mount a Twilight bird and attack you. Just jump around 
while circling him to dodge his fire arrows, and Jump Attack him when he moves 
close to the ground. You can latch onto him and do heavy damage. Once he bites 
the dust, Midna will corral the bird and score you a ride up the river.

~Zora's River- Twilight~
This part is a minigame of sorts. You'll be riding the bird, and all you have 
to do is aim the remote to steer the bird and press A to speed up. Don't hit 
the walls or obstacles too much, and if you fall, you'll have to start over. 
Pretty easy. Eventually, you'll arrive at...

~Upper Zora's River- Twilight~
You'll be dropped off near the boat rental cabin, not that you'll be able to 
make much use of it now. Drop down to the river bottom and head east to...

~Zora's Domain- Twilight~
Head north here, and take a Long Jump up the ice spires(where the waterfall 
would normally be). If any chunks of ice fall in your way, use your B button 
energy attack to get them out of your way. Do two more Long Jump sequences to 
move in the Zoras' throne room.

There's a trio of Twilight monsters waiting for you in the throne room. Kill 
them to establish another warp point. We're gonna have to use this to thaw out 
the Zoras and the river. Where can we get something really, really hot...? 
Warp to Death Mountain.

~Death Mountain~
Remember when we came here, and the large half-molten rock flew out of the 
volcano? Warp here, and get Midna to bring it back to Zora's Domain.

~Zora's Domain- Twilight~
Everything will now be halfway back to normal after the river gets thawed out. 
Leave here, but before you do, a scene will occur with the spirit of the dead 
Zora Queen, Rutela. She gives us a new mission: to save her son, Ralis. We'll 
get to him soon enough, but for now, go swimming back to Lake Hylia.

~Lake Hylia- Twilight~
You'll end up right in front of the Spirit spring. Go inside and talk with the 
last Light Spirit, Lanayru. We're going on one last bug hunt. Here are the 

1: Follow it up the bridge as you leave the spring, and that's one down 

2: Go back to the floating wooden island northeast of the spring for bug #2.

3: Head back towards the spring to come across another Twilight monster trio. 
Kill them to form another warp point, yeah, yeah, yeah. You know the drill by 
now. Climb up the rock area(it's a maze, I know) to get to bug #3.

4: Bug #4 is over on a remote little island to the west. Easy to find, easy to 

5, 6, 7, and 8: where you killed bug #4, howl at the patch of hawk grass to 
summon that bird to take you up Zora's River again. Take the ride, but keep 
your wolf sense activated the whole time. The bugs will be flying around along 
the way, Z-target them and charge into them with A to kill them and collect 
the tears in one fell swoop. You can get four bugs on the ride.

9: Once you get dropped off from the bird ride, listen to the lady with the 
big Afro in front of the boat house. Bug #9 will appear.

0o Howl Stone!!! o0
While you're in front of the Canoe Rental Cabin, go to the north riverbank and 
towards the top of an overhanging cliff. There is a HOWL STONE at the top, 
repeat the melody like before(Zelda fans will recognize it as the Nocturne of 
Shadow from Ocarina of Time) and the Golden Wolf will appear just east of 
Hyrule Castle. We'll get to him in as soon as you've cleared the Twilight out.

10: Warp back to Zora's Domain. Bug #10 is hanging out on a wall. Dash into it 
to dislodge him. Kill him, then leave here for now.

11, 12, 13, and 14: bugs #11 and #12 can be found on the odd lily pads in the 
pool at the bottom of the waterfall outside of Zora's Domain. #13 is on a 
strip of land a bit above water level. Do some Long Jumps to scale the 
waterfall, and move to its west side to find a chest with a red rupee. Jump 
down here to find it. Bug #14 is farther up the waterfall. Keep Long jumping 
until you find a trail of green rupees off to the side follow it, jump off the 
ledge, and follow that trail to bug 14.

15: I was stuck FOREVER on this one on my first playthrough, so listen up and 
learn from my shame. Outside of the boathouse, there will be the spirits of 
two Zora guards. Listen to them, and follow them in the stream moving 
southwest. You'll emerge in Hyrule Field, so head back into the Castle Town. 
ANOTHER Twilight trio will appear, so make another warp portal out of them. Go 
right outside of Telma's Bar(follow the Ilia Scent if you don't remember where 
that is). When you're outside, break open a few nearby crates with a Spin 
Attack and bug #15 will be revealed! Kill him, and there's one left... but it 
may be easier to find than you think. Midna will point it out on your map. 
This one's gonna be a doozy! Warp back to Lake Hylia.

16: In the middle of Lake Hylia... swim over to the white dot on your map, and 
you'll come across the biggest friggin' dark insect you've ever seen! Luckily, 
she's not difficult to defeat. To dodge her, just choose one platform to stand 
on. Stay far off to one side, and move to the other side of the platform as 
she swoops down on you. Wait until she stops emitting electricity, then jump 
onto her and bite her repeatedly. After a few rounds of attacking, she'll go 
belly up in the water. Jump on to her abdomen and use your energy attack to 
strike all her abdominal tentacles at once. With this battle done, you will 
NEVER have to collect the tears from any dark insects again! (Scattered 

~Lake Hylia~
No more Twilight!!! Yay!!! Talking with Lanayru the Light Spirit gives you a 
most interesting scene on the subject of the residents of the Twilight Realm, 
as well as a VERY creepy moment with a false Ilia... Once Link snaps out of 
it, head on over to floating island and talk to Fyer(he's the clown-like 
fellow with the gut). Pay him 10 rupees to launch you out of Lake Hylia for 

<3Heart Piece!!! <3
When you land from getting launched, head inside the nearby building and talk 
to Falbi, the puffy-panted clown up here. Pay him 20 rupees to play his game. 
Grab a chicken and use it to glide down to the platforms down on the surface 
of the water. Land on the second platform from the top(including the high 
rotating one) to get a HEART PIECE from the treasure chest.
CURRENT TOTAL: 7 hearts, 4 pieces

Once you're done with chickens and cannons and clowns(oh my!), launch back up 
again and go back to Hyrule Castle Town. As you enter, you'll get some letters 
from the Postman. One of them is from Barnes; he has a new type of bomb in 
stock! We'll have to come by and check it out later. For now, enter the town.
Actually before you, I'll tell you how to get a couple more Golden Bugs.
Sorry if that disrupts the flow. 

0o Golden Wolf!!! o0
On your way in through the east entrance, climb up a rocky platform to meet 
the Golden Wolf again. This time, he teaches you the BACK SLICE! To use it, Z-
target an enemy, jump to the side twice to roll around to its backside, then 
swing your Remote to slice them from behind. This technique is a godsend in 
later battles!

**Golden Bug!!!**
One you're close to Hyrule Castle Town, go a bit southeast of the entrance and 
look for a patch of pink flowers. A MALE BUTTERFLY is among them.

**Golden Bug!!!**
Now that you can cross the Great Bridge of Hylia while not in wolf form, do so.
Check the north end of the bridge(near the pillars) VERY closely and you'll 
see a MALE MANTIS flying around here. Use your Gale Boomerang to get it.
Thanks to Mario Di Teodoro for pointing this out.

**Golden Bug!!!**
Go south of the Bridge of Hylia until you see a rocky arch with Chus(those 
jelly slug-like enemies) dropping down. Check a nearby wall for the FEMALE
MANTIS. Use your Gale Boomerang to get it down. Thanks to Mario Di Teodoro
for pointing this one out, too! As a side note, I feel sorry for that poor
Male Mantis once you deliver them to Agitha. do you know what the female
mantis(in real life) DOES to the male during mating? Look it up!

~Hyrule Castle Town~
There is quite a bit of interesting stuff to do here, but we can't access most 
of it yet. Here's what we CAN get:

<>Big Wallet!!!<>
When you enter from the east, head immediately south and enter the first 
building you see(not the tent, we'll get to that later). Try not to get put 
off by the creepy cradle music, and talk to the perky little Insect Goth girl 
inside. This is Agitha, and she has to be the most unhealthily obsessed 
entomologist/nut case in all of Hyrule. Maybe her parents didn't give her 
enough love when she was a(younger) child... Regardless, she gives you cool 
stuff, so I guess she's okay in my book. Give her any one of the insects you 
found earlier, and she'll return the favor by giving you a BIG WALLET! Now you 
can hold 600 rupees instead of just 300. If you picked up the female ant too, 
she will express her gratitude by giving you 100 rupees! We'll give your 
wallet a workout in the next paragraph...

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Near the east entrance to the town, there is a priest(?) In a green robe that 
asks for donations. You can give rupees in increments of 30 or 50. Once you 
give a total of 1000 rupees, he'll give you a HEART PIECE. You probably don't 
have 1000 rupees to urinate away now, so just give what you can and save at 
least 100 rupees for Barnes later. Come back here whenever you get some spare 
cash and you'll have the Heart Piece before you know it.

Once you're done playing around, go to Telma's Bar to meet Telma in the, uh... 
flesh, so to speak... hey! Hey!!! Her face is up there, buddy. You'll also 
meet Ralis, the currently dying Zora prince and be united with Ilia. She won't 
remember you, though, as she has currently lost her memory. Link and Telma 
will get to talking, and you'll be conscripted to escort Ilia, Telma, and 
Prince Ralis to Kakariko Village.

~Hyrule Field- Wagon Escort~
Remember when I said that bobber fishing was the most annoying part of the 
game? Well, I lied. THIS part is the most annoying. You have to follow their 
wagon as it goes, and kill any enemies along the way that might threaten it. 
There will be Moblins, and yes, they WILL have fire arrows. If the wagon 
catches on fire, Z-target it and use your Gale Boomerang to put out the 
flames. Do it quickly, too! The wagon has a health meter, and if it stays on 
fire for too long, you gotta try again. Just kill the enemies as they come and 
stay close to the wagon so you can react to anything.

As you go across the Great Bridge of Hylia, you'll face off against the Moblin 
King again! He does not know when to quit... it'll be the same as before, but 
your sword will be useless against those new twin shields of his... approach 
slowly this time, and pull out your Bow instead. Fire off a shot at him(if you 
miss and run out of ammo, Telma will give you more), then swerve to dodge his 
attack. Once he takes another plunge, you'll continue on. 

As you continue on the trail, you'll come across Moblins on boar mounts, as 
well as evil birds. Stay close to the wagon and Spin Attack them all if things 
get too hairy. Remember, protecting the wagon should be a higher priority than 
killing the enemies. Do the Gale Boomerang trick I mentioned earlier, and 
you'll reach Kakariko without it being TOO hard...

~Kakariko Village~
Good news! Ralis will recover in due time. ^_^ He doesn't yet know about his 
mother's death, though... Regardless, after you finish talking with Renado, 
Colin, and Telma, Rutela's ghost will appear again. Follow her to the 
Graveyard(you'll have to go through the crawlspace at the back after that 
tombstone disappears- again, keen Zelda fans will notice the Zora's Sapphire 
design on it) and talk to her again in the beautiful pool in the back. After 
some more dialogue, she will cross over, but not before giving you the ZORA 

Apart from making Link look like a real dork out of water, it allows you to 
swim freely and have unlimited air underwater. The catch-22 is that you are 
more vulnerable to fire and ice attacks, but as long as you don't wear the 
armor when you don't need it, there's no danger of that. While underwater, you 
can use your Iron Boots to walk around like usual without fear of losing air. 
You can use your sword underwater, too.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Head up the Death Mountain trail from the village and talk to the second Goron 
you meet up the way. He'll offer to launch you up the cliff here; take his 
offer but instead aim to the right. You'll grab onto an otherwise inaccessible 
ledge. Follow the upper path here until you find a small cave on the right. 
Drop down here and get the HEART PIECE out of the chest.
CURRENT TOTAL: 8 hearts, 1 piece

While we're here, go over to Barnes's Bomb shop and buy some WATER BOMBS. 
These are identical to regular bombs, but work underwater. The thing is, you 
can only carry 15 in your bag and you still only have one bomb bag. 
Regardless, you'll have to sell back your regular bombs to make room. If 
you're still short on cash after buying them, just go to the spring and test 
them out on some underwater rocks. You may uncover a purple rupee or two. 
Buy as many as you can, then head aaaaall the way back to Lake Hylia. Call 
Epona and ride, postman, RIDE!

Actually, we're not gonna be able to go STRAIGHT to Lake Hylia. Go north of 
Hyrule Castle and go as far north as you can from there. At the northernmost 
point in Hyrule Field, you should find a rock barrier. Blast it down and you 
should end up in Zora's Domain. 

~Zora's Domain~
We can pick up a few things before heading to the Lakebed Temple. Here, go 
south to the Upper Zora's River area and check out the two businesses here: 
the canoe rides and the fishing spot!

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Go to the fishing spot, and go, well, fishing(Link's face upon entering the 
hut is hilarious). Meet Hena, the owner of the fishing hole, and she'll 
explain everything. You can get some cool fish here, but the real prize is 
much better. There is a rock sticking out of the middle of the pond with a 
HEART PIECE in plain sight. Use your fishing rod to catch it. The aiming is 
tricky, so it may take a few tries. You can fish if you like, but there's 
nothing else interesting here.
CURRENT TOTAL: 8 hearts, 2 pieces

!!! Empty Bottle !!!
While you're in the Fishing Spot, go off to the west until you see a sign
warning against littering(can fish really cry?). Use your Fishing Rod in the
small pool nearby(on the outside of the bridge) and you'll eventually fish up
an EMPTY BOTTLE! and since it's a bottle, you put stuff in it. Dance and sing,
Merry Christmas, it's a Bottle! Woo hoo! Those Red Chus will never know what
hit them!

**Golden Bug!!!**
Well, not exactly. There is the FEMALE DRAGONFLY you can catch just outside of 
the canoe rental place. It's flying above the water, so you'll have to use the 
Gale Boomerang to get it to you.

!!! Bomb Bag !!!
Also, while you're here, wander around to fight a Twilight monster trio and 
form a convenient warp point. The owner of the canoe rides, Foxy Cleopatra, 
er, I mean Iza, will be impressed with your fighting prowess and invite you 
inside. Offer to help clear the rocks from the river and Iza will lend you 
some regular bombs. Use them as Bomb arrows and clear the rocks from inside 
the cavern, and you'll go on a little white water canoe ride! Just go down the 
river, whistle along with the nice music here, using your bomb arrows to clear 
out debris here as you go(you have unlimited arrows and bombs for the ride). 
Once you get about halfway, you'll see an unnamed female Zora who will show 
you the blockage up ahead. Blast it away, follow her to the end, and you'll 
end up back in Lake Hylia. You also get to keep the extra BOMB BAG when you're 
done! I suggest using one for regular Bombs and another for Water Bombs.

~Lake Hylia~
We're almost ready to go to the Lakebed Temple, but we have just one more 
thing to collect in Lake Hylia first.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Climb up the rocky structures in the south of the lake, until you get to a 
ladder. Climb up it, and you'll see a Howl Stone off to the side. You couldn't 
have gotten this as a wolf, but we'll return for it after the Lakebed Temple. 
Instead, blast open a nearby cave. Navigate through it with your Lantern until 
you get to the end and receive a HEART PIECE. This is a long cavern, however, 
but you can replenish your Lantern oil by killing the Yellow Chus(those yellow 
slug-like jelly enemies) and scooping up the puddles of stuff they leave in 
your bottle.
CURRENT TOTAL: 8 hearts, 3 pieces

Now that you're back in Lake Hylia, you can test out your Zora Armor even 
further.  Swim down to the bottom of the lake towards that dungeon marker on 
your map. Another fair warning: you're going to HAVE to use your Iron Boots a 
lot here, and you'll need to use them in order to use your Water Bombs 

You're going to need Water Bombs to blow open the entrance to the dungeon, but 
don't worry if you didn't get them from Barnes or just ran out while playing 
with them: There's a Zora just outside of the dungeon who will sell you some 
more if you need them. Go up to the entrance and you'll see it's sealed off 
with a boulder. Take out those Water Bombs and destroy that rock-like circle 
on the lake floor in front of the temple. That'll start up a current, drop 
another Water Bomb to carry it up and, with proper timing, destroy the boulder 
blocking the entrance. Take off your iron boots and swim on in.

Lakebed Temple [lake]
OVERVIEW: Every Zelda game has one hideously difficult dungeon; if memory 
serves me correctly, this isn't the first time it's been the water level. This 
temple follows the tradition of the Watergate Dungeon from Link to the Past, 
the notorious Water Temple from OoT, and the Great Bay Temple from Majora's 
Mask. This temple was, at least for me, the hardest overall in the game. Once 
you get the new weapon here, you can scale to new heights! And I apologize in 
advance if the directions seem too confusing, that's just the nature of the 
temple. I hope you don't get too lost.

WALKTHROUGH: As you swim in, you'll meet two returning faces to the Zelda 
series: Shell Blades and Baris. Shell blades are the angry-looking clams, 
slice them with your sword(yup, you can use your sword underwater, but only 
when wearing your Iron Boots) and hit the muscle in between their "jaws". The 
Baris are the electric jellyfish, and they can't be killed until you get this 
dungeon's big treasure. Just avoid them all for now and swim through the 
tunnel up to the temple proper.

Once you arrive in the first room, open the chest at the back to get 10 Water 
Bombs(in case you ran out earlier trying to blow up the rock blocking the 
entrance, I guess) and go up the nearby stairs. Jump off the ledge to grab the 
hanging golden handle, and Link's weight will pull the switch down and open 
the gate to the next room. While you're here, use a spare bottle to grab some 
red Chu jelly from the Red Chus here. It restores 8 hearts if you drink it, 
and a spare pick-me-up is always nice in a dungeon. Don't bother with the 
Purple Chu jelly, I drank it once and it brought me down to just a QUARTER OF 

Terrence Ray writes of the first room. Apparently, there are Blue Chus in 
here as well: "They are pretty valuable for people with over 8 hearts and its 
a good way to come back and get some blue chu jelly. At the beginning of the 
cave, after you distinguish blue from purple you can get the blue jelly that 
completely heals Link". Ha, guess I missed them my first time through. You 
have to act quickly to get them(or the Red Chus too), because if you don't, 
the Purple Chus will absorb the rest you'll just be left with one large 
Purple Chu... you don't want that.

The first thing you want to do in the next room is open fire with your Bow 
and shoot down every stalactite here. You'll have to use Bomb arrows, just 
use your regular Bombs and don't waste Water Bombs. Once they're all down, 
climb up them and go to the northwest corner of the room. Open the chest 
there for 10 Bombs. As for the enemies here, you've already faced Tektites 
before, and the fat little reptiles with the iron masks are called, 
appropriately, Iron Masks(I think- I've been giving enemies names based on 
similarities to enemies in past games, anyway). Just jump aside if they 
charge you and attack their backsides to kill them, but they're not a dire 
threat. Once you're done here, continue north into the next room.

You'll see a camera pan of this room just to see how vast the temple is, and 
you'll get attacked by a Lizalfos waiting here for you. This humanoid lizard 
is pretty easy to kill, but later incarnations will have more armor, so be 
warned! Once you finish him off(do the Ending Blow for a crotch-stab!), keep 
going north.

This next room is MASSIVE and connects every other main area in the temple. 
The staircase in the middle is rotate-able, you can use those hanging switches 
for that. If you jump and hang off of one, the top of the staircase will turn 
to match the switch you just pulled. On the lower floor, the bottom of the 
stairs will turn to meet you instead. The first thing you want to do is go 
down the stairs and circle around to the south side of the lower floor. Jump 
and pull down the switch there to rotate the bottom towards you, then climb up 
the stairs. Circle around west to a dead end; smash the jar here to meet Oocoo 
again. She's actually useful in this dungeon seeing as you can leave to get 
more Water Bombs if you run out. But it should never come to that. While 
you're on the top floor, pull the switch to the east to move the stairs again 
and go down them to the west. Head right and open the chest for the DUNGEON 
MAP. Go through the nearby door to the west.

In here, take out your Bow and shoot a Bomb arrow at the stalactite to stop a 
water spout below. Head through the tunnel to your right to the lower floor. 
Move across the ivy-covered rock pillar in the middle of the room until you 
end up on the west side of it. You should see another water spout nearby. Bomb 
arrow the stalactite above it to create a rising and falling platform, and use 
it to get to the chest containing a small key. With the key, head back to the 
main room with the rotating staircase.

Now that you're back here(I'm going to call the rotating staircase room the 
"main room" in this dungeon), go to the western door on the top floor. Unlock 
it and go in.

After going through a small hallway, you'll emerge in a small part of a 
circular room. It looks like both ways here are sealed... but look up and to 
the right. Stalactites. Bomb arrow them both and climb on the ivy(getting the 
little height boost you need from the fallen rock). Drop on top of the wall 
and pull the switch down from the ceiling to open the gate below(we'll need it 
open later). Continue to circle around northwest and blow up the rock ahead of 
you. Keep going, kill the Iron Masks here, and enter the door to the west.

As you enter this room, a little grasshopper-like enemy will enter a large 
bubble of water and start jumping at you. Use a bomb to blow away the water 
and kill him off the grasshopper like any other enemy. Once he's gone, leave 
via the eastern door(the one to the south- there are two doors here, leading 
to separate halves of the room to the east).

Once you leave, jump down and kill the Chus and Keese roaming around here. 
Open the nearby chest for a small key, than enter the door to the middle of 
this circular room.

Jump on top of the large gear here and battle the Lizalfos. Don't fall down! 
You'll have to loop all the way back here if you do. And I HATE backtracking. 
Once he dies, leave to the north.

We're back in the outside of the circle again. Enter the northern door to the 
west and unlock the locked door in there(confused yet?). Jump down to the 
bottom of the room here and climb the ivy on the north wall of the pit you're 
now in. Once you get to the top of the ivy, run all the way up the spiraling 
pathway and open the chest for 10 Bombs. But the important thing here is to 
use the ladder to climb to the top of the nearby archway. Jump and pull the 
switch to open a floodgate above you and get a stream of water going. Go down 
the Super Happy Fun Slide to the now filled water pool at the bottom. Pull the 
switch at the small island in the middle of the pool to open another floodgate 
and get the water moving even further. Go back into the middle of the circular 
room with the giant gear and drop down to the lower floor.

The stream of water got the paddle wheel turning in the floor above, as you 
saw, and that means the platforms here are moving. Ride one of the platforms
to the platform to the north, and enter the door there.

In here, go slightly ahead, then to the left down a short pathway. Open the 
chest for a small key, then go back into the room with the rotating gear and 
hanging platforms and go through the west door this time.

Unlock the door in here and swim through the water-filled tunnel. Don your 
Iron Boots at the end and drop to the bottom, and use a Water Bomb on the rock 
covering part of that white webbing. Swim onward and upward to the surface at 
the end. Once you climb out of the deep water, the hole in floor you swam 
through will close up. Kill the two little tadpole enemies, then... look up. 
Surprise! You're in the miniboss room! And she's none too happy about what you 
did to her children...

This large amphibian will drop down from the ceiling and send a large swarm of 
tadpoles to attack. Keep your shield up and stay back against the wall. Try to 
take out as many as you can with a Spin Attack, and when they're all dead, the 
Giant Frog will leap in the air and try to land on you. Keep moving and watch 
her shadow so that she doesn't land on you. When she does land, Z-target her 
tongue and slice it up. Repeat this for three rounds or so, and that should be 
it. It's an easy enough battle, and the tadpoles sometimes drop hearts when 
they die, so it's very difficult to get killed here.

Once the Giant Frog burps up a chest and dies, open it and you'll get this 
dungeon's big treasure: the CLAWSHOT! This sort of new weapon takes the place 
of the Hookshot from previous games. You can use it to attach to those red and 
gold Clawshot targets you may have seen in the dungeon before. Once you 
grapple on to anything, you can raise and lower the chain(if the target is on 
the ceiling) or cling to it and drop with A(if the target is on the wall).

Now that we have the Clawshot, use it on the target here to exit the room. 
Once you hook onto the target, it'll pull down like a switch and open the gate 
here. Leave to the south and head back to the temple's main room.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
In the main room, there's a chandelier in the very top of the room. Clawshot 
up to it from the top floor and open the chest up there for a HEART PIECE!
CURRENT TOTAL: 8 hearts, 4 pieces

Once you get the Heart Piece, jump back down to the top floor and go to the 
west door(with the water coming out of it). Clawshot up to the target there, 
which acts in place of those handle switches to move the stairs. The stairs 
now act as a water slide, sending the water down to the east wing of the 
dungeon. Go down the stairs and head into the previously inaccessible east 
side of the lower floor.

The next room is a bottomless pit with several large gears and many Clawshot 
targets. Try your new gadget out on the Keese here, it'll blow them away in a 
single hit! For now, just Clawshot onto the nearest target on top of one of 
the gears, and lower yourself to a platform with 10 Water Bombs in a chest. 
Clawshot from there onto the nearby ivy, then aim upwards to grapple onto a 
higher patch of ivy. From there, grapple to one more patch of ivy on the wall 
and go through the nearby door to the northwest.

Out here, you'll be faced by another grasshopper in a water balloon. Pull him 
out with your Clawshot and hack him to death. Then pull out your bomb arrows 
and knock down a stalactite above a conveniently placed water stream. Use the 
makeshift platform to get through the upper gap in the wall, and take 
advantage of the Clawshot switch on the other side. It'll lower the gate here, 
but for now, head to the eastern door.

Kill two more grasshoppers-in-bubbles here, then Clawshot onto the ivy on the 
ceiling. Move hand-over-hand over the wall, then Clawshot over to the other 
side of the pool(ivy again) and go up the water ramp. As you go, experiment 
with the Clawshot on enemies. Use it on the Iron Masks to pull their masks 
off! You can even throw the mask at them to hurt them! I find such a tactic 
hilarious but not as good as the sword. Once you get to the top, open the 
chest for 10 Bombs, then Clawshot up to an upper ledge to get the COMPASS! 
Once that's done, climb up the arch and grab the hanging switch like before to 
start another waterfall. Slide back down and swim to the switch in the center 
of the pool at the bottom. Mind the evil little fish, though! If you move 
quickly, they won't get to you in time. Pull the switch down to open a 
floodgate here. Follow the water stream and go into the room with the several 
large gears.

Grapple back down the ivy patches and Clawshot onto one of the targets on the 
 west gear's underside. Once you pass over a platform, drop down and Clawshot 
onto the east gear. Drop down once you get close to the east door, and head 
through it. We activated both the waterfalls,; all we need to do now is get 
the Big Key. And we're on the way to doing just that.

We'll arrive in a water-filled maze-like room. Jump in and swim around, 
explore as much of it as you can. It's a difficult maze to describe, the 
best advice I can give here is just look for spots you can use Water Bombs 
on. Try using the clawshot underwater, you can use it while freely swimming,
without the Iron Boots! Try hitting a Bari with it, and you'll pull out its 
brain and kill it instantly. Don't do it while it's emitting electricity, 
though: you'll just get a nasty shock if you do that. As for the maze, try 
to make your way to roughly the middle of the room and look for a bombable 
rock. There will actually be live(?) Water Bombs swimming around close to it,
so put on your Iron Boots and strike one with your sword to start their 
countdown. Just use one of them to blow away the rock, then swim on in. Drop 
to the bottom again, and look for another destructible rock. Blow it up, then 
swim to the surface for a gap you can climb through to get to dry land. Go 
through the door there to the south.

After killing another bubble grasshopper here, look around a bit. There's a 
Clawshot switch on the ceiling. It only stays activated as long as you hang 
from it, though, so rather than drop into the hole below, lower yourself 
through it to the platform below. Open the chest on front of you for the BIG 
KEY! Celebrate your find by killing the Piranhas in the water below, then 
leave through the underwater door. Head back to the main room.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
The water level is high enough now for you to go into the middle of the main 
room and go into the boss room, but we have one more thing to get. Rotate the 
stairs once more so that the water flowing from the east side of the dungeon 
flows to the bottom floor on the west. Go west on the bottom floor into the 
room with the one large gear, where you got the first small key here. The 
water level in this room will rise, taking a floating bridge with it. Go 
across that bridge and stand on the switch on the far end to open up a gate. 
Kill the Lizalfos that emerge, then stand on the switch to open the gate 
again. Clawshot into the closed-off area, and get the HEART PIECE waiting for 
you. Finally, Clawshot your way back out.

Now that you've got everything you need, head back to the main room and open 
the boss door. Put on your Iron boots and drop to the very bottom of the 

Morpheel starts out as a mouth poking out of the sand surrounded by tentacles. 
If you played Ocarina of Time(and who hasn't?), the first part of the battle 
is very similar to Morpha, the boss of the Water Temple. To hurt Morpheel in 
the first part of the battle, take out your Clawshot and Z-target the eye 
moving through the tentacles. Pull it out and attack it with your sword. Once 
you damage it, it'll release some swimming Water Bombs, so deal with them 
before returning to damaging Morpheel. If you get too close, it'll grab you 
with a tentacle and eat(!!!) you(not a game over, it'll spit you back out). 
After 3 hits or so, the... rest... of its body will emerge from the sand and 
the REAL fight will begin!

Is this thing not THE BIGGEST BOSS YOU HAVE EVER SEEN?!?!?!? It'll start 
swimming around the lair, so take off your Iron Boots and swim alongside it. 
Z-target the single eye on the top of its head and Clawshot yourself towards 
it when you're close enough. You'll straddle its back, so wave the Remote back 
and forth to carve up its eyeball before you get thrown off. Repeat the 
process maybe twice more to turn it into sushi, and the battle will be over 
before you know it.

The last FUSED SHADOW and another HEART CONTAINER will be yours. Midna will 
hint that Zant... is a false king... hmm... In any case, leave here for now.

-Part 4: Reflection in the Sand [par4]
~Lake Hylia~
As soon as you leave the Lakebed Temple, get ready for a rather interesting 
and unpleasant surprise. I don't mind admitting I TOTALLY jumped while 
watching that scene. You just get to see how evil and powerful Zant really 
is... In the process, you'll be warped back to the northernmost are of Hyrule

Once the scene is over, you'll be stuck in wolf form again, and Midna will be 
stuck in physical form in the light world. Basically, she's dying... you need 
to seek help for her, and FAST! Go back to Hyrule Castle, posthaste!

~Hyrule Castle Town~
You can't exactly get in there through the front door in your current state, 
so head over to Telma's bar. Try to go in, and you'll promptly be thrown out. 
Leave here, but Telma's cat Louise will talk to you and give you some advice. 
You can sneak in from above and go through the old waterway to the castle. 
Push the loose crate over to the others and climb in the window.

Once inside, climb over the tightropes, but step lightly. If you fall, you'll 
be quickly ejected from the premises again and have to start over. As you go, 
press A while above people to listen in on various thoughts of people inside, 
including Telma and her band of friends. Get to the end and you'll emerge in 
the treasure-packed house of a man named Jovani. He'll give you the job of 
killing the souls of 20 Poes, ghosts that haunt different areas of Hyrule at 
night. But for now, he'll open the way to the underground waterway.

~Hyrule Castle Waterway~
You've actually been here before. It's where you first met Midna in the 
Twilight Realm. Bite the hanging handle above the north gate, then swim on 
through. Once you reach the end of this path, kill the Skulltulas lurking 
around and grab a stick off the ground. Light on fire with a nearby torch then 
use it to burn through the web. Take it with you and light more torches along 
the way for a more permanent fire source. Burn through several more webs and 
climb up the ledges and continue north/west. Once you get to what looks like a 
dead end, turn on your wolf sense and dig in the patch of dirt.

This place look more familiar now? Go through the short tunnel ahead of you, 
then go up the spiral staircase. There are Moblins shooting fire arrows here, 
so be prepared to fight them off. Continue upwards like you did before, and go 
outside when you reach the top.

You're back on the roof. Head towards the end like at the beginning of the 
game. Apart from the enemies, there are no surprises here. Once you get near 
the part where you had to do the Long Jump, run across the banner nearby as it 
flaps in the breeze. Show up in Zelda's room again for another scene. Yes!!! 
we get to recover the Master Sword!!! After all is said and done, Midna will 
be healthy again(and able to survive outside of the Twilight Realm) and you'll 
know where to go. However, once you leave the castle, it will be surrounded by 
a yellow pyramid-like barrier! This must be Zant's work! We have more 
immediate concerns to worry about, though. Warp back to Faron Woods.

~Faron Woods~
head up towards the Forest Temple, but as you go, one of your monkey friends 
will show up, assaulted by several puppet enemies. Kill the Puppets, and the 
monkey will point out where you need to go. Go up to a bit of high ground and 
do a Long Jump past the Forest Temple and off to the side until you arrive at 
another forested area. Go past the rotating bridges and tightrope walk across 
where the tethered logs are swinging around. Careful not to get hit by those, 

0o Howl Stone!!! o0
Once you get past the swinging logs, there is a HOWL STONE right ahead of you 
in plain sight. Repeat the song(sounds just like the Prelude of Light from 
OoT), and the Golden Wolf will appear just south of Hyrule Castle. We'll get 
to him after the Master Sword.

Keep going down the path until you enter the...

~Sacred Grove~
This area is very weird. You have no automap, and the whole place mostly looks 
the same, which can be very confusing. In the beginning here, search left for 
a Howl Stone(not one that calls the Golden Wolf), and copy the song(Zelda's 
Lullaby) to summon the Skull Kid. He will call up a bunch of Puppets, open a 
pathway for himself, then disappear down it. Chase him as best you can, and 
look around for him. Listen carefully for the horn the Skull Kid is playing to 
find him, then hit him to make him retreat further into the forest. Keep 
chasing him down like this, and eventually he will come to a clearing where he 
keep summoning Puppets and jumping from trees stump to tree stump. Take out 
the Puppets first, then Jump Attack him to eventually defeat him. Once you do, 
go through the passage that opens up.

We are now in the heart of the Sacred Grove, among some nice-looking ruins. Go 
up to the Triforce symbol on the ground and howl that same Zelda's Lullaby-
esque music. The statues here will come to life and present you with a puzzle. 
You have to return them to the indicated tiles. The trick is, one will always 
face and move in the same direction as you, and one will always move opposite 
you. If they end up colliding, they will bounce back to where they stood 
before and not move, even though you did. And if one collides with you, well, 
you gotta try again. It took me FOREVER to get this part right and it looks 
like a lot of other people have trouble with it too, but if you're REALLY 
stuck, the quickest solution circulating so far is:

Down, up, left, up, right, down, down, down, up, up, left, up, up, right, 

Once the statues are back into place, go into the now open door ahead of you 
and grab the MASTER SWORD!!! As a side effect of getting so close to it, the 
evil spell Zant placed on Link will be lifted and he will be brought back into 
human form. Midna will take out that... thing Zant placed in you and keep it. 
Now, you can transform to and from your wolf form at any time. Just talk to 
Midna to do it. 

Midna then gets all buddy-buddy with Link and asks him to find something 
called the "Mirror of Twilight", the only thing left that can help them defeat 
Zant. Well, onwards! We gotta get out of here. There are a ton of things you 
can collect with the Clawshot and your wolf form, and the first two things are 
here in the Sacred Grove.

**Golden Bug!!!**
Once you get back into the courtyard(where you did the statue-moving puzzle),
check the southwest corner of the ruins. You'll know your close when you see
a broken treasure chest. Listen for the telltale glistening sound and look up
in a dark corner for the MALE SNAIL. Use your Gale Boomerang to get it down.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Go back to the clearing where you fought the Skull Kid, and blow up the rock 
in the middle of it. A Poe will come out of the destroyed rock, kill it and 
dig where the rock used to be to find a hidden cave. Kill all the Red Deku 
Babas in there to make a chest with a HEART PIECE appear.
CURRENT TOTAL: 10 hearts, 1 piece

We have a lot of collecting to do now. I'm just going to put different 
paragraphs for the items instead of listing them by area. Be warned: You are
about to collect a LOT of bugs now that you have the Clawshot and the ability
to warp!

0o Golden Wolf!!! o0
You'll find him outside the south entrance to Hyrule Castle Town. Talk to him 
here to learn the HELM SPLITTER! When you fight a heavily armed opponent, do a 
 Shield Bash to knock them off balance, then press A to flip over them and 
bust their head. This will be a life-saver in the sixth dungeon and beyond!

**Golden Bug!!!**
Check just south on the southern entrance to Hyrule castle. While still on the
stone steps leading to town, look on the east side for the FEMALE LADYBUG. It
flies around a lot, so it's difficult to catch with your Gale Boomerang. I 
just wait until it rests on a wall or whatever, than walk up and grab it.

**Golden Bug!!!**
In the area south of Hyrule Castle Town, go west until you find a Deku Baba
and a Red Deku Baba beside a natural stone pillar with ivy on one side. Deal
with the Babas, and look closely here. The MALE LADYBUG is flying around close
to the ground. There are no big tricks in getting it, just pick it up as it 
gets close to you.

>>-<> Big Quiver!!! <>-<<
Go to the circus tent close to the east entrance to Hyrule Castle Town. Pay 10 
rupees to play the STAR game(Worst. Acronym. Ever!). Use your Clawshot to 
climb back and forth in the cage and collect all the spheres before time runs 
out. If you win, you'll receive the BIG QUIVER! Now you can hold 60 arrows 
instead of 30. You can do another version of this game once you complete the 
seventh dungeon, but it's actually easier than this one. Go figure.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Warp back to Lake Hylia and go inside the Spirit Spring. There's a patch of 
ivy at the back; Clawshot to it and enter the door. Light the two torches to 
get to another HEART PIECE.
CURRENT TOTAL: 10 hearts, 2 pieces

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Go to any of the patches of Hawk Grass in Lake Hylia and talk to Plumm(the odd 
parrot bird) as Wolf Link. She'll challenge you to a balloon-collecting mini-
game. Despite the point values of the balloons(greens are worth 1, oranges are 
3, reds are worth 10), it's very easy to score 10000 points if you just grab 
the chain of red ones early on. Once you get 10000 points or more, she gives 
CURRENT TOTAL: 10 hearts, 3 pieces

0o Howl Stone!!! o0
While you're still in Lake Hylia, you can find that Howl Stone we had to pass 
up earlier. It's on the cluster of land to the south. Copy the song and this 
time the Golden Wolf will appear in the as-yet unmarked eastern portion of 
your map. We'll be there soon enough, no worries.

!!!Bomb Bag!!!
Warp to Zora's Domain. Come back in human form and use your Iron Boots to sink 
all the way to the bottom. Use a Water Bomb to blow up the rock and free a 
Goron! Listen to how he got there, and he'll give you a third BOMB BAG! In 
theory you could fill each one with a different type of bomb, but Water bombs 
are too costly and Bomblings just aren't worth it. So, yeah! You should never 
run out of bombs anymore now! But you gotta wonder: How will that Goron get 
out of there?

Warp to Upper Zora's River and check out Iza's canoe rental cabin. If you pay
20 rupees, you can try a target shooting game. you ride down in the canoe like
before, but you can use Bomb arrows to blow up the jar targets strewn 
throughout the course. Green jars are worth 1 point, red ones are worth 2.
If the canoe hits anything, you get penalized 1 point. The best advice I can 
give is, don't get caught up in aiming too much. You don't want lose points
unneccesarily. Take things slow, too, as there's no time limit. The targets 
are pretty easy to hit overall. If you get 25 points, you get the GIANT BOMB
BAG! Now you can hold twice as many Bombs in all three Bomb Bags. Sweet!

**Golden Bug!!!**
Warp to Hyrule Castle and in the area east of the castle town, Clawshot up 
onto the ivy hanging over a nearby cliff. Check up there for a FEMALE 

**Golden Bug!!!**
Go to the north area in the Lanayru province(north of Hyrule Castle), and look 
on one of the trees. You should find a MALE STAG BEETLE on the side of one. 
Search closer to the east entrance to this area.

**Golden Bug!!!** 
In the same area where you got the Male Stag Beetle, Check the rocky area to
the north(that is, north of the river flowing here). Look for an area up the 
path with a shabby wooden fence and a Lizalfos roaming around. Kill the 
Lizalfos, then look up a nearby rock wall for The FEMALE STAG BEETLE. Use 
your Gale Boomerang to get it down. 

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
I know this isn't on the way to anything, but go to the north area of Hyrule 
Field and circle around to the north end of the Bridge of Eldin. There should 
be a cliff on a nearby rock wall, Clawshot up to the top using the target. 
Enter the cave there and go through it(use your Iron Boots and watch the 
magma) to get a HEART PIECE at the end. 
CURRENT TOTAL: 10 hearts, 4 pieces

**Golden Bug!!!**
On that same ledge close to the Bridge of Eldin, there is a FEMALE PHASMID on 
the rock wall. It blends in with the wall very well during the day, so you 
have to either look closely or wait until night time.

BIG NOTICE: There is another Heart Piece you can potentially collect now as a 
reward for a small side-quest starting in Kakariko Village. I won't cover it 
now, because you have to go to Malo Mart and donate 1000 rupees to restore the 
bridge west of Hyrule Castle Town first. I suggest you go and drop off as much 
money as you can afford at the moment. I'll cover how to get it in full after 
the next dungeon.

~Hyrule Castle Town~
Now! Once you're done all that collecting, warp back to Hyrule Castle and go 
back To Telma's bar. Sometimes you just have to go where everybody knows your 
name... Enter the bar(Link: "Hey everyone." Everyone: "LINK!!!" Telma: "how's 
life treating you, honey?" Link: "Pour." Telma: "Oh, I'm sorry to hear that." 
Link: "No, just pour me a beer." :P) and talk to Telma. She'll introduce you 
to the gang(who should get their own spinoff game in time, not that annoying 
Tingle): Shad, the bookwormy nerd of the bunch and Ashei, an unintentionally 
rude but good-hearted Emo/Goth warrior girl. And you'll also meet up with Rusl 
again! Awesome! After talking to everyone here and checking the map on the 
table, you'll get a pretty good idea of what you need to do next: We have to 
go meet Auru, the fourth member of the group, back at Lake Hylia. Leave town 
and warp there.

~Lake Hylia~
Go back up that nearby ladder and past the Howl Stone, you should come across 
a thin stone tower(if you can't find it, check the red target on your map). 
Climb to the top to introduce yourself to Auru. He'll show you a view of the 
Gerudo Desert to the east, as well as share the story of the prison there. He 
speaks of a mirror... perhaps it's the Mirror of Twilight? Only one way to 
find out! Before you leave, Auru gives you a memo to give to Fyer, that clown 
who operates the cannon. Go to Fyer's island cabin and show him the memo by 
equipping and using it. After a short conversation with Fyer, he'll agree to 
launch you out of the cannon(for free- this one time only) to...

~Gerudo Desert~
Once you arrive here, Midna will explain some more about the Fused Shadows to 
you... and just how dangerous they can really be. And what happened to those 
who used them last, as well as the origin of the Twilight Realm... a sobering 
story. When Zant took control, Midna- a descendant of the original denizens of 
the Twilight Realm- was banished to the world of light. I honestly think that 
this is a great source of pathos for Midna, but we must press on anyway.

The Desert itself is, truth be told, a large and boring place, but there are 
two big points of interest. The first is to the far southeast. As you go, 
beware the little worm enemies that constantly burrow and leap out of the 
sand, move quickly to avoid them and roll out of their way if they annoy you.
Once you get to the southeast, look for a large impossible-to-miss rocky 
structure. Clawshot up to a tree, then to a Peahat(a flying plant-like 
creature) to get to the top of the rock. Once you do, another group of 
Twilight Monsters will appear on you. It's easy to kill them all at once in 
such close quarters, but don't take too much damage here. When they die, take 
a look at this HUGE ASS structure on top? Look familiar? It's the missing 
middle part of the Bridge of Eldin! Turn into a wolf and answer Midna's hail 
to warp it back to the rest of the Bridge of Eldin(the little yell she gives 
while psychically lifting heavy objects is adorable). Once that's done, head 
back north in the Desert.

I should also point out that there is a cave you revealed by warping that 
chunk of the bridge back to its proper place. That's the Cave of Ordeals, an 
optional 50-floor endurance dungeon. You can't get to the end right now, so 
don't worry about yet. It's best to wait until after the next three dungeons 
or so until you can get all the way down.

**Golden Bug!!!**
In the middle south area of the desert, look for a MALE DAYFLY flying around. 
Ironically, it's much easier to spot at night.

**Golden Bug!!!**
From where you find the Male Dayfly, keep heading east. you'll come across 
some stone ruins with a treasure chest on top. keep going northeast from 
there to come across a gully in the sand(that is, a sort of trench). the 
FEMALE DAYFLY is flying around in one of them. Like the male, she's MUCH 
easier to spot at night.

Head to the northeast and you'll come across a Moblin settlement. You know 
what to do... kill as many as you can, and when you're free of distractions, 
take and ride one of their boars. Press A to charge and break through their 
wooden walls and structures, revealing countless treasure chests with rupees. 
Ride a boar further north, and break through the walls to gain access to the 
furthest north area here.

0o Golden Wolf!!! o0
On your way north, you'll come across the Golden Wolf again. This time he 
teaches you my personal favorite skill: The MORTAL DRAW! To use it, do NOT Z-
target your opponent, sheathe your sword, and let an enemy get close to you. 
Then, press A at JUST the right time to attack with a quick draw! I love this 

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Press on north into another Moblin encampment. This is a pretty 
straightforward area, just run through and kill every Moblin that attacks you. 
In the northwest corner of the fort, there is a boar roasting on a spit. Carve 
it with your sword to get a HEART PIECE out of it. Was it the boar's actual 
heart? Sadly, we as an audience may never know. Also grab the small key next 
to the spit.
CURRENT TOTAL: 11 hearts

Use the small key to get to the middle area of the settlement, and guess who 
shows up for round three? The King Moblin! Dammit, you can NOT kill this guy! 
Well, we beat him twice before, we can do it again. This time you fight him on 
foot. Backflip or jump to the sides to dodge his heavy axe blows(they really 
do hurt a lot!). The Back Slice technique works best against him, and you can 
use the Mortal Draw to get in a cheap shot or two. Once you beat him, he will 
retreat again and you can ride the boar hanging around in here. But wait! As 
he leaves, his henchmen will set fire to the place, so mount the boar(no 
jokes, please) and charge out of this room! You'll automatically bash through 
a series of gates and end up at the Arbiter's Grounds. No surprises out here 
or anything, just go in.

Arbiter's Grounds [arbi]
OVERVIEW: This place gives off the image of an ancient Egyptian tomb. This is 
the first time you'll have to switch between human and wolf form to 
successfully complete the dungeon, as you'll need to track down several Poes- 
ghost enemies- with your wolf senses. Once you get the treasure in here, 
however, this whole place becomes one giant skate park!!!

WALKTHROUGH: Go down the stairs and arrive in the first room. You get your 
first taste of what this dungeon will be like. Lots and lots of sand! In any 
case, Clawshot over to the platform to the right(you could roll over the sand, 
as long as you start the roll on the platform, you won't sink in right away). 
I should point out here that the sand in this dungeon acts like quicksand. You 
stay in it too long, you'll sink and be returned to the entrance of the room 
with less health. Also, if the sand worms here give you too much grief, you 
can pull them towards you with your Clawshot and kill them with your sword. 
With that in mind, jump across a couple of platforms to the northwest section 
of this room(the caged-off area). You'll have to roll across the sand to get 
to it, but you should just make it. Once you get there, take note of the pull 
switch there. If you go into the sand, you'll sink before you can pull it all 
the way, so pull it to you on land with your Clawshot and use it to open the 
gate to the north. Go on through. The door to the north is locked, but a quick 
jaunt through a short hallway to the east will produce a small key easily 
enough. Go on north.

This room is dark, so best take out your Lantern for this next part. The light 
will reveal the truth: Little skeletons advancing on you, with sand pits 
everywhere. Kill them all(one sword hit will suffice; a Spin Attack will take 
out entire groups), and light the two torches to the north to open the door. 
Go north through this door.

This room here is the "main room" of the dungeon. Approach the middle of it, 
and four Poes will steal the flames on the torches in the middle of the room. 
Three out of the four will leave for hiding places elsewhere, but the fourth 
one will stay and fight you. Turn into a wolf and activate your senses to see 
him. Wait until he turns slightly brighter in color, then Jump Attack and maul 
him. When he falls to the ground press A(kind of like the Ending Blow) to rip 
out his soul. One down, three to go! Before you leave, inspect the empty robe 
to learn the POES' SCENT! We'll be using it to track 'em down, but you won't 
need to follow your nose if you're reading this, right? :P 

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
This one couldn't be easier to get. While still in the main room, look in the 
northeast corner. There will be a treasure chest across a small pit of sand. 
Clawshot over and grab the HEART PIECE out of it. While you're here, look on 
the other side of the room for the DUNGEON MAP.
CURRENT TOTAL: 11 hearts, 1 piece

Okay, time to find our first Poe. Check the scent trails with your senses, one 
will lead straight into the floor of this room. Dig in the sand where the 
scent trail disappears into the floor to find a pull switch. Pull it to reveal 
a nearby staircase. Go down it and enter the door below.

Kill the flying skull down here, than take notice of the pillar in the middle 
of the room. Grab the bar sticking out of it and give a big push clockwise. 
Doing this will do several things: it'll open a trapdoor in the ceiling above, 
reveal a treasure chest and a Redead here, and block the door you used to 
enter here. First, kill the Redead- his scream will paralyze you, however, so 
try to get behind him. If you get frozen, jam on the A button to free 
yourself. Once he dies(again- he IS undead, after all), open the chest here 
for a small key! Then, Clawshot up through the ceiling trapdoor I mentioned 
earlier. The pillar extends to the upper floor, Clawshot to a target on the 
side of it.

Up here, head through the exposed north door. The room will appear to be 
empty, but put on your wolf senses- the Poe was trying to hide beside the wall 
and pull a fast one on you! Kill him like before, and you're already half 
done. Go back one room, jump down to the bottom floor, and push the pillar 
counter-clockwise back to where it was before. Go back upstairs to the main 
room and go west through there. Go back through the pillar room and unlock the 
western door there.

This room introduces a new trap for this dungeon: spikes. They'll pop out of 
the sand and block your passage. If you stick to the north wall, they won't 
hit you. Climb up the platforms here and search around until you find a cage-
like block. Pull it back from its spot, then push it to the right from there 
into the alcove. Climb up to just above where you pushed it to find a pull 
switch. Pull it all the way back to raise a nearby chandelier(you'll go across 
the block while doing so- that's why you needed to get it there), then let it 
go and run under the chandelier before it falls back down. Run past it, and go 
upstairs to the south.

Once you get in this room, go to the south alcove and open the chest for the 
COMPASS! Grab the side of the statue in the middle of the room and push it 
counter-clockwise to open up the way both west and east. Go west for a Redead 
and a chest with a small key. Go east to unlock the door, and go through it.

Just circle around then go north in here. There are a lot of small skeletons 
and a couple of Redeads here. Once they're all dead, turn into a wolf and 
check the scent trails here. One of them leads into the floor again, dig at 
that spot to uncover another pull switch. Pull it and a wall will slide back, 
revealing Poe #3! Kill him, then head into the room north of here.

There's nothing here but for a small key. Jump down to the floor, then open 
the chest for it. Once you leave, though, the lights will go out. Once you 
move around, Link will start moving slowly. Transforming into a wolf and 
checking your senses will reveal the truth: Little ghost rats clinging to you. 
Spin Attack to shake them off, then jump across to the locked door and go 
into the next room.

You're in the second floor of the main room now. Just move across the 
chandelier and go east into the next room.

In this room, go left and down until you find another cage block. Push it 
forward as far as it will go until it locks into place, allowing you access to 
the pull switch above it. Go to the right for a red rupee in a chest, then go 
up to the pull switch and pull it out to raise another chandelier here. 
Instead of rushing past it to the chest on the other side(which just contains 
another red rupee), go into the middle of where the chandelier would drop. 
Once it does, climb up the inside of it and jump east to the door and head on 

Use your sword to remove the wood blocking the entrance here, but when you try 
to leave to the south, a Stalfos- an animated skeleton warrior- will come to 
life and attack you. Just defeat him like any sword-wielding opponent, but 
when he "dies" and collapses, lay a bomb nearby to destroy his remains. If you 
don't, he'll just keep coming back. Once he's dead, search around here for 
some Bombs and Water Bombs(what good will THOSE do here???). Leave via the 
southern exit.

Here is an interesting puzzle. There are five torches in a row, plus one extra 
in front of them. You have to light one of the five torches in a row, then the 
lone one to open the exit to the west. For me, it was the far right torch, but 
it might be random. If the far right one doesn't work, just go with trial and 
error. Once it works, go west.

This room has tons of blue lanterns on the wall. Turn into a wolf and seek out 
the Poe hiding here. This one will do something a little different: he will 
split up into four. Three Poes are illusions, one is real. After circling you 
for a while, they'll all disappear except for the real one. QUICKLY target and 
Jump Attack him, and after maybe two rounds of attacking, he'll give up the 
ghost(so to speak). That should be all of them! Head back to the main room.

Now that you killed all the Poes, we're ready to move on with the latter half 
of the dungeon. Move north to the next room.

In here, you'll notice a gear-shaped slot in the floor, along with some more 
gears. Don't worry about those for now, instead go west into the small but 
deep room there.

In this room with the spiraling pillar in the middle, drop all the way down to 
the bottom. The floor here is move-able. Pushing the bar on the pillar 
counter-clockwise will move the floor up, pushing clockwise will move it down. 
First, move it up twice to get to a small key(you'll have to loop around from 
another passage, as spikes will pop up in front of the chest. After you get 
the key, push it down as far as it will go and unlock the door at the bottom. 
Go on in!

In this next room, stay in wolf mode. You'll need to sense and kill a lot more 
rat ghosts. Head to the south end of the room. It's difficult for me to tell 
you exactly how to get past the spikes that pop up, but just take things slow 
and you'll be fine. Once you get to the south end, go into the southwest 
corner and pull the switch to move the wall attached to it. You'll have to go 
around to go through the opening, but spikes will pop up and more ghost rats 
will show up to slow you down too. Make a practice run so you know where to 
go(and kill all the ghost rats), then go for real and slip past the wall. Once 
you're past it, head east. Be careful and slip past the spinning blades on the 
walls. If any of those insect swarms latches onto you, do a Spin Attack to 
dislodge and kill them. Go through the door facing north.

You'll be greeted in the next room by a swinging pole studded with spikes. 
Roll under it and go north from it until you meet a group of three Stalfos. 
Kill them all, and a gate west of that swinging spiked trap will open. Go back 
and head west and up the path from there. You'll pass over quicksand and more 
of those little black clingy insects before jumping across a long gap. If you 
get a good running start, you'll just make it. Go into the nearby door to the 

This menacing sword-wielding phantom is the first mini-boss you have to use 
your wolf form on. Take out your sword and try to cut the ropes holding the 
sword to make him appear. For the first part of the battle, go into wolf form 
and use your senses to see him. Move back and forth to dodge as he swings his 
sword straight down. Once he does, Jump Attack and maul him. After that, he'll 
make himself visible and start floating around, so turn into a human and aim 
an arrow at his head. Once you hit him with the arrow, he'll sink back down to 
the ground and try to cut you up again. Just dodge his swing and he'll keel 
over. That's when you take your sword out and hack at his empty calcareous 
head! Seems like all the enemies here are freakin' undead, where does it all 
END??? Just repeat the arrow-sword attack sequence a few more times(he won't 
go back invisible anymore), and he'll die for the (presumably) second time.

After Death Sword is gone, go through the now open gate ahead of you. Jump 
down and open the chest ahead for the SPINNER! The Spinner is a large 
mechanical platform resembling a giant gear top. You hop on with B and get off 
with A. While riding it, you can press B again to attack with it by lashing 
out with the gear teeth. But its most useful function is riding along the 
rails in the wall, which we'll need to go to get out of here. While riding 
along the rails, press B to jump off onto an opposite rail(if there is one), 
and A to put it away and drop down.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Outside of Death Sword's room, use the Spinner to get into the room up east. 
This room is a MAJOR opportunity to practice your Spinner skills. Just follow 
the tracks and you'll come across a HEART PIECE in a chest close to a spiky 
swinging pole in here. Continue up the track and you'll come across a large 
"half-pipe" with two more Stalfos and a chest with a yellow rupee. Climb up to 
the top of the half pipe and use the track up there. Use the dual track there, 
you'll have to jump back and forth to avoid the spiky sliders already in 
place. Once you get to the far end, go through the door.
CURRENT TOTAL: 11 hearts, 2 pieces

As you emerge from the track room, you'll see the chest with the BIG KEY right 
in front of you. Grab it, then go along the track to find yourself back in the 
room with the gears in the floor. Take out your Spinner and move over that 
gear slot to fit it in. Press B repeatedly to move the wall on the outside 
edge of the room around and open the area to the north. Go in there and ride 
up the track along the wall, and jump off onto the platform in the middle. 
Slot the Spinner in this platform too and raise another track. Go up this new 
track to end up right in front of the boss room.

When you first show up in the boss room, Zant will appear and taunt you again. 
He will then shove his sword into the skull of that massive pile of bones, 
which will come to life! Don't worry, although Stallord is not particularly 

You fight this giant skeleton in a pit of sand with a Spinner track on the 
outside rim. Stallord will be in the middle, breathing toxic gas and swiping 
at you. So get on the Spinner and ride the track! There will also be spiky 
spinners going along the track so prepare to jump when you see one coming. As 
you go around, he will spawn smaller, human-sized skeleton corpses from the 
pit. Try to avoid those. They can be taken out with a single hit from the 
Spinner(you'll have to press B for the hit to count). When the coast is clear, 
jump off of the track and ride the Spinner towards Stallord. Aim for the base 
of his spine and run into it with the Spinner. Attack his spine with B to 
damage him, and after three hits, it will all be over.

Once Stallord collapses, the sand will drain from the room. Head to the middle 
of the platform and slot your Spinner into the space in the middle. Raise the 
platform by doing so, and... wait! It's not over yet!!! Stallord's head will 
come back to life(in a manner of speaking) and push you off the platform into 
the bottom floor below. He disrespected us, so we gotta pay him back!!! Whip 
out the Spinner again and race along the track on the inside wall. Stallord 
will be floating ahead of you(no pun intended) spitting energy balls at you. 
When he shoots one off, jump with B onto the track on the outside wall and 
continue your chase. Once you're close to him, jump off and collide with him 
to knock him to the ground and stun him. Now's your chance! Take out your 
sword and attack the sword Zant left in his forehead. Once he gets back up, 
follow him up the track again. On the second trip, spiky spinners will be 
going along the inside track, and the outside track as well during the third 
trip. Repeat the process about 3 times to destroy that sword and finish him 
off for good.

~Arbiter's Grounds- Aftermath~
In a rare move for a Zelda game, you don't get anything for beating this 
dungeon but a HEART CONTAINER. Finishing it just moves the plot along. Head 
outside and you'll be on the top of the Arbiter's Grounds. Head up to the very 
top to enter the Mirror Chamber.

Once you're there, a group of five Twilight monsters will appear. I find it 
best here to kill all but two of them, then transform into a wolf and use your 
Energy Attack to kill the remaining two. Once they're gone, you can warp up 
here too. Take out your Spinner and ride up the statue , then use it on the 
gear spot on top. The Twilight Mirror will be revealed. But it's broken!!! a 
group of ancient sages will appear and tell you the story of a dark entity 
that lurks in the Twilight... one who stole the power of the Mirror and 
shattered it... Ganondorf. You knew he'd be in the game sooner or later! After 
the scene is over, your next objective seems clear: to gather the pieces of 
the Mirror of Twilight and piece it back together! Only then can you reach 
Zant in the Twilight Realm and defeat him. 

Well, we're done here, so warp out anywhere. We have a bit of collecting to do 
first. Oh, you'll notice I didn't find Ooccoo in there, but like you'll ever 
really need her, right?

-Part 5: Snowboarding and Superb Soup [par5]
~Gerudo Desert~
You can go back to Telma's Bar and advance the plot whenever you choose, but 
there are a couple of Heart Pieces we can get with the Spinner.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Warp to the Bridge of Eldin and head north, then northeast from there. A long 
ways down the path, you'll come to a wooden bridge. On the far side, there's a 
Spinner track. Go down the track, turn into a wolf, and dig in the middle of a 
grass circle. You'll end up in a cave. Kill the three Stalfos inside the cave 
to get a HEART PIECE!
CURRENT TOTAL: 12 hearts, 3 pieces

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Warp to Hyrule Castle and check your map. You'll see that in this area, 
there's a stretch of pathway northeast of the castle town that we haven't 
explored yet. Go through it(you'll have to Bomb either side open), and look 
around in here. On the north end of the trail, you'll see the beginnings of a 
Spinner track. Go up the track(you'll have to jump back and forth between the 
two rock walls) and at the end, you'll get a HEART PIECE for your trouble.
CURRENT TOTAL: 12 hearts, 4 pieces

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Remember how I mentioned restoring the bridge west of Hyrule Castle? You have 
to start this side-quest by donating 1000 rupees to rebuild the bridge. You 
can talk to the Goron elder within the store in Kakariko Village to donate. 
Once you reach the 1000 rupee mark, go to the now accessible west entrance to 
Hyrule Castle Town and talk to the Goron there. He's too tired to move, and he 
wants spring water to revitalize him. Warp back to Kakariko village and talk 
to the other elder meditating outside. He'll give you a barrel of the stuff to 
deliver to the Goron outside of Hyrule Castle Town. You have to carry it 
manually, so that means going across Hyrule Field to do it- on foot. It's not 
difficult, just stick to the edge of the field and hope most of the enemies 
don't notice you. Once you get to the end, throw the barrel on the tired Goron 
and he'll roll off. Mere seconds later, he comes back to drop off a HEART 
PIECE as a reward.
CURRENT TOTAL: 13 hearts

<><> Magic Armor!!! <><>
Now, see, this part is pretty weird. If you did the bridge repair side quest 
at Malo Mart(where you donated 1000 rupees to repair the bridge), Malo will be 
looking to open a new branch of his store in Hyrule Castle Town. Go back to 
Kakariko Village and donate up to 2000(!) rupees to get them to open up the 
store. HOWEVER! If you deliver the spring water to the Goron west of Hyrule 
Castle Town, they'll only be 200 rupees short of their goal. Pay him off, 
then go straight back to the center square of Hyrule Castle Town to find 
the new store. Check it out(the parallel with Wal-Mart is eerie to say the 
least) and you can buy the MAGIC ARMOR for 598 rupees. If your wallet is 
hurting from the donations, just hand off some Golden Bugs to Agitha again or 
something. The Magic Armor itself keeps you invincible by "making rupees 
magical". This means that it keeps you invincible, but drains 1 rupee for 
every second that you wear it and drains 10 rupees or so every time you would 
normally take damage. If you run out of rupees, it stops protecting you and 
weighs you down like Iron Boots. Your choice... but be smart and buy at Malo 
Mart! ;)

~Hyrule Castle Town~
Once you've collected all you want/need to get, warp back to Hyrule Castle 
Town and go to Telma's Bar. Talk to everyone there as before. Telma will 
mention that Ashei has gone exploring on the northern mountain. Check the map 
on the table for her location. Well, then! We're off to Zora's Domain. Warp 

~Zora's Domain~
Go to that red target on your map at the base of the waterfall. This part as 
blocked by ice before, but it's open now. Talk to the guard nearby to hear 
rumors of a beast exploring here lately... hmm... in any case, head east 
through that nearby tunnel to arrive at...

This is the end of the earth. Colder than anywhere else in Hyrule, and just as 
bleak... the white-robed figure up ahead is Ashei. Talk to her and she'll 
bring you up to speed. She'll tell you more about the beast on the mountain, 
and how he's been seen in Zora's Domain lately searching for his favorite 
fish. She'll hand off a sketch of the beast for you to show around. You could 
show it to all of the Zoras here, but none of them have a damn clue. Hmm... 
where is there another Zora...? Would a certain Zora prince know anything 
about this?

~Kakariko Village~
Warp back here and check out the graveyard. More specifically, check out Queen 
Rutela's grave at the back of the graveyard. Prince Ralis is still there. Show 
him Ashei's sketch and he'll immediately recognize it. He'll tell you about 
the Reekfish- a certain fish that only lives in Zora's Domain. He'll also tell 
you where to find it: close to the Mother and Child Rocks. He will also give 
you the only bit of bait that can catch it: the CORAL EARRING! And he decides 
to return to Zora's Domain and take his rightful place as ruler. Sweet! We got 
a new lead! Go back to Zora's Domain.

~Zora's Domain~
Go to the base of the waterfall and look for a twin rock spire with one spire 
smaller than the other. It's just across from the entrance to Snowpeak. Those 
are the Mother and Child Rocks that Ralis mentioned. So head on over to that 
side of the basin, whip out your Fishing Rod for the first time in what seems 
like ages, and go fishing. It's the same as the beginning of the game. Pull 
the Remote back as SOON as you see the bob sink a ways down, and you should 
catch one almost immediately. Once you catch a Reekfish, quickly transform 
into a wolf and learn its scent. Yummay... Check the scent trail starting from 
here and follow your nose!

**Golden Bug!!!**
Before you go, check off to the side of the Mother and Child Rocks on land. 
You'll see an a MALE DRAGONFLY flying around, pick it up before you head off 
to Snowpeak.

Follow the scent to and through Snowpeak. Once you arrive, Ashei will already 
be gone... This whole area is pretty straightforward. Stay as a wolf for this 
part, as you will sink into the snow in human form(not to the point of dying, 
you'll just be slowed down a great deal). Jump across the ice floes and keep 
heading up the mountain and kill any enemies that may get in your way. 
Returning are the White Wolfos, dog-like enemies that drift in and out of the 
snow. They are best fought in wolf form. 

As you go, a blizzard will limit your visibility. This can be countered by 
staying in sensing mode as a wolf. If the scent just goes straight up a cliff, 
look to the sides for hills or an extra path. Once you get to what looks like 
a dead end(a cliff with some snow hanging over it), headbutt the wall to bring 
the snow down and clear a path.

0o Howl Stone!!! o0
As you follow the scent past that snow overhang, look at the edge of a cliff 
you pass by. There is the second-to-last HOWL STONE here. Copy the song and 
the Golden Wolf will appear at the Kakariko Graveyard. We COULD go see him 
now, but that would mean backtracking like hell. I suggest you wait until just 
a couple of minutes from now when you can warp back to Snowpeak.

In any case, continue up the mountain until the scent trail comes to a dead 
end... or DOES it? Dig where it ends to find yourself in a short cavern. Do 
NOT touch that ice! It'll freeze you solid and do some nice damage to boot. 
Climb up the ladder and keep going. You'll also have to deal with Ice Keese 
here, which are bats enchanted with cold magic. If they hit you, you'll be 
frozen, which is VERY annoying. Kill them as you go. Open the circular hand-
printed door at the end and you'll emerge at the peak of the mountain!

Out here, advance a bit and a Twilight monster trio will show up. Aren't you 
getting tired of these mother****ers? Once you get the warp portal from these 
guys, you could go back and check the Graveyard for the Golden Wolf. I will 
assume you did.

0o Golden Wolf!!! o0
Once you can warp back up to the top of Snowpeak, warp back to Kakariko 
Village and check there to find the Golden Wolf. We're almost done with him 
now... for your penultimate technique, he shows you the JUMP STRIKE! This one 
is more effective against multiple enemies. It works like a Jump Attack, but 
you hold A to charge power before releasing it. One more skill to go... we'll 
get it before the seventh dungeon. Warp back to Snowpeak.

When you're back, go up to that hulking white-furred fellow near the tree. 
Yup, they included a Yeti in this game! Sweet! I just love this guy! After 
introducing yourself, he'll invite you to his house at the bottom of the 
slope. Roll into the tree to produce an ice slab, then get on and show off 
your mad SSX moves! There are no real tricks or surprises here, but if you 
make some jumps on the tops of trees, you can get some rupees for your 

Once you reach the bottom, head inside his nice-looking mansion...

Snowpeak Ruins [snow]
OVERVIEW: Welcome to the Yetis' humble home. They obviously have forgotten to 
check for pests here, as enemies run rampant. They have some odd stuff that no 
other married couple could have... the wife is sick at the moment, so we have 
to help her on order to get the Mirror Shard at the end.

WALKTHROUGH: There are no surprises in the first room except for a Poe. Kill 
it and take its soul(you have been doing that as you find them, right?) and 
enter the north door.

In the living room here, talk to the wife. She has a cold or something, but 
she tells you about the Mirror Shard she found and how she became sick not 
long after finding it. She asks you to find the key to the, er, bedroom on the 
third floor and gives you the DUNGEON MAP. She also points out a possible 
location for the key in red on your map. We're heading there first. Head west 
into the kitchen.

You'll see the husband here, and he's cooking some soup. Grab some with your 
bottle to get SIMPLE SOUP. It only replenishes 2 hearts per bottle. Kinda 
pathetic, but it'll get better later. Look into one of the jars to the 
southwest to reunite with Ooccoo, and go north from here.

Looks like we have ourselves a good old-fashioned block pushing 
puzzle(something this game has casually avoided up until this point). Push the 
southeast block west, then the northwest block east, south, west, than south 
in that order. It'll keep the switch down and allow you to go through the door 
in the east.

This thin room is just part of the courtyard. Dig under the wall and emerge 
outside. Once you emerge, you'll get a visual of the bedroom door up on the 
third floor. For now, deal with the White wolfos here and dig up a treasure 
chest in an obvious spot for a small key. Go through the door to the west.

The upper part of this room introduces you to Freezards. These cuddly little 
ice chunks will slide along most surfaces like hockey pucks, freezing you if 
they hit you. It's best to avoid them for now, but Spin Attacks work well to 
kill them quickly. Go through the locked door to the north.

Nothing fancy in this room, just kill the three Freezards here and go through 
the door to the west.

As you enter this room, you get a visual of the tempting treasure chest just 
one room over. Head towards the southern door, but it locks in front of your 
face! Two Ice Soldiers appear. Once you get this dungeon's big treasure, these 
guys are total paper compared to you, but for now they're a royal pain in the 
ass! Give them a one-two punch of a Shield Attack and a Helm Splitter to down 
them quickly, and use the Mortal Draw to get in a sucker shot or two once they 
lose their spears. Once you've killed them off, the doors will unlock and you 
can get to that chest. Open it for... an ORDON PUMPKIN??? What the hell? 
...well, we can still use this, so bring it back to the husband Yeti.

Back in the kitchen, talk to the husband. He'll shove you down and take your 
pumpkin(jeez, Link's having a bad day... he COULD have just asked nicely!). he 
will then add it to his recipe to create GOOD SOUP. This one tastes like 
pumpkin and replenishes 4 hearts instead. Go into the next room and talk to 
the wife again. She'll tell you where her next hunch for the key is... all the 
way north on the first floor. She'll open another door, one leading north into 
the courtyard. Keep on going!

You're now in the other half of the courtyard. Deal with the White Wolfos, 
then go through the north door to the east. There's not much we can do here... 

This maze-like skating rink is crawling(sliding?) with Freezards. Take the 
conveniently placed cannonball and throw it into them to kill them instantly. 
Take the cannonball with you and head to the cannon in the northeast corner of 
the room. To load it, place the cannonball inside it and to fire it, place a 
bomb in after it. You can also push it from side to side to aim it. Fire it 
west to open a path to a chest with Bombs, then fire it south to open a path 
to the door down there. Take the door south.

The floorboards are almost completely out here, so tread carefully. Especially 
beware the slippery, slanted parts, as you'll slide down them into oblivion if 
you're not careful. Use your Clawshot to send the Freezards down into the 
abyss, then cross the floorboards when the coast is clear to acquire the 
COMPASS in the southwest. Leave here the way you came. Thankfully, you can 
Clawshot back to the door. Head back to the courtyard.

Now that you have the compass, you can dig in the snow here! Dig where the 
treasure chest show up on your map. One of them will be a small key; use it on 
the door just to the east. It leads you into a side room with several 
cannonballs. We can use these for the cannon outside, but we have to take them 
out of the room first. See the apparatus on the wall next to the door. To 
bring a cannonball into the next room, pull the switch on it down, then place 
a cannonball in the tray. Go through the door to the other side and pull the 
switch again to send the cannonball into the other room. We only need one for 
now, so bring in into the main room and use the cannon to clear out that 
Sheegoth-looking(if you're a Metroid Prime player) ice monster to the north. 
Go through the door it was blocking. 

FAIR WARNING: you are about to fight the mini-boss if this dungeon. He deals a 
TON of damage, so make sure your health is full when you enter the room. Go 
back and fill up on soup if you feel you need to, and when you're ready, go 
through the north door in the courtyard.

This room may not look like much, just two suits of armor idly standing 
around... head to the north door, but wait! Surprise! One of them comes to 
life to fight you, typical Zelda style! Time to kick some shiny metal ass!
This guy wields a ball and chain. A powerful one, too! He's immune to front 
attacks, so look up. Use the ceiling(there are targets, but you can use the 
whole ceiling) to Clawshot up behind him. Get behind him using your Clawshot 
and attack his tail(what is he under that armor? A Lizalfos? I'm not quite 
sure on this). As for his attacks, his only move is to whip the ball and chain 
around and throw it at you. It takes practice, but you CAN deduce the timing 
of his throws. If you're bold, you can forego the Clawshot strategy and roll 
to one side JUST as he throws. That'll give you the valuable opening you need 
to move around and attack him from behind. This miniboss is actually pretty 
challenging, so good luck!

Once you destroy him, you can take his weapon: the BALL AND CHAIN, one of the 
coolest weapons in the game, in my opinion. When you use it, you aim like the 
Clawshot, but it's a more powerful bashing weapon. You can power through just 
about ANY enemy in the game with this baby! The only catch is that Link moves 
slowly while he has it out, so become adept at putting it away when you're not 
using it(where Link stuffs it when he puts it away, I do not know. He still 
stores it on his person, but he is not slowed. It's these thoughts that keep 
me up at night wondering). Once you're done playing with your new weapon, go 
through the door to the north.

In here, you can use the Ball and Chain to power through the ice in here. If 
you use it on one of suits of armor, you can release an Ice Bubble(the flying 
skull). Kill it for an orange rupee, worth 100(!!!). Anyways, get the chest in 
here for a wheel of delicious ORDON GOAT CHEESE. You know what to do with it.

Once the husband yeti uses it in his soup(why does he need to shove Link like 
that???), you get a SUPERB SOUP that would put even TV cook/hottie Rachael Ray 
to shame(I just thought of something else. It can NOT be sanitary to store 
lantern oil, bee larva, Chu jelly, AND soup in the same bottle). Bottle some 
of it, then talk to the wife yeti again. She points out a room on the second 
floor this time. Well, off we go! Take the freshly unlocked door to the east 
of here.

Don't do anything in here yet. Go north into that side courtyard room and push 
the nearby block into the hole. Then go back in and bash the ice out of the 
way. There is another ice monster in a cage close to here, roll to dodge its 
breath as you make your way up. If you get an opening, you can kill it with 
your Ball and Chain. Do the same thing with the second ice monster further up. 
When you get to the upper floor, bust away the ice for a cannon, but we're not 
going to use it just yet. Go through the northern door.

As soon as you enter, you'll be assaulted by another Ice Soldier throwing 
spears at you. Don't take any crap from him, bust out your Ball and blow away 
his entire upper body with it. Once he's gone, smash the ice here for a 
Clawshot target. You'll need it in a moment. Lastly, turn your attention to 
the hanging chandelier. Hit it with your ball and chain to start it swinging. 
Ride it over to the other side and open the chest for a small key. Bring it 
back to the previous room with the ice monsters and the cannon. Use the key to 
unlock the southwest door.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
We're now in the second floor of the foyer. Hit the ice away for a Clawshot 
target, then hit the chandelier to start it swinging. Go over to the other 
side and kill the Ice Soldier before he can be a further threat to you, then 
go back on the chandelier. Wait for it to stop swinging, then hit the next 
one. Go across the three chandeliers in sequence to get to the south end of 
the room. Open the chest on the end platform for a HEART PIECE! Afterwards, go 
back to the first chandelier and head through the west door.
CURRENT TOTAL: 13 hearts, 1 piece

There is a whole gang of Freezards waiting for you here. You can mash them all 
up with your Ball and Chain, and once you do, destroy the ice here too for a 
Poe. Kill it and collect its soul, then leave here to the north.

We're back in the room with the block puzzle, so take the block up on this 
floor and push it downstairs. Follow it down and bash away both the block of 
ice in the middle and the ice covering a third push-able block. Facing north:

1. Push the left block up and the top right block left. 

2. Push the bottom block up, then the upper left block down. 

3. Push the top block right, then down, then left, than up. 

I hope the directions are easy to follow. That should hit the switch in the 
middle of the room. Climb back up to the top floor(using that block you pushed 
down earlier) and exit through the top floor on the east side.

We're on the second floor of the courtyard now. Before you do anything, TAKE 
NOTE OF THE CANNON ON THE NEARBY PLATFORM. We'll be able to transport some 
cannonballs up to it in a while. For now, jump to the top of the nearby wall 
and take on the Ice Soldier. Kill him, then kill his two comrades to the 
north. Once they're all gone, Clawshot through the gap in the wall, than go 
through the door to the left.

Hit the ice here for another Clawshot target in case you screw up. Hit the 
chandeliers one by one to get across them, and reach the treasure chest to the 
south. Open it for a small key. I know just where to use it. Go through the 
nearby door to the south, then south again to the room with all the Freezards. 
Open the locked door to the east from there, and go on in.

<3Heart PIECE!!!<3
There are two big ice monsters in here. Kill them both, then focus your 
attention to the nearby blocks in the eastern wall. Push them both in to 
create access to the room where those two ice monsters were in the cages. Go 
to the south here, and use your Ball and Chain to smash through the 
floorboards in the corner of the room. Open the chest in the floor below for a 
HEART PIECE, then Clawshot back up.
CURRENT TOTAL: 13 hearts, 2 pieces

Well! Now that we opened a way into the second floor from here, we're able to 
use the cannon on the second floor of the courtyard. Go back to the courtyard 
on the first floor from this room and grab a cannonball. Take it through the 
wall transporting thing and carry it up to the second floor of that cage room. 
Load and fire it to the west onto the ledge above the blocks. Transport the 
cannonball to the next room through the wall device, then again north into the 
courtyard's second floor. Turn the cannon so that it faces towards the ice 
monster in the northeast, then load and fire to destroy it. Jump down to the 
ground floor, then climb up the ladder in front of where it used to be. Take 
the door to the east.

You are now in some sort of chapel. The doors will immediately lock behind 
you, so you know you're in for some fun. The icicles hanging from the ceiling 
will become Ice Soldiers and drop down if you get too close, so try and bust 
them from as far away as possible. If they do drop to the ground and form, 
take them out! Just don't let them gang up on you. Once they're all dead, you 
can access the final item here: the amusingly-shaped BEDROOM KEY! Bring it 
back to the wife yeti.

Actually, as you emerge from that room, she will be waiting for you! Follow 
her up to the bedroom and unlock it. Anyone feeling seduced by that yeti wife 
yet? Hopefully husband yeti doesn't know she's a player. ;)

Once you're in the bedroom, the wife yeti will show you the Mirror Shard. 
Strangely enough, she will get possessed by it and scare the crap out of the 
average player!
Blizzeta goes through many phases, most of them pretty aggressive, but you can 
easily counter them by being equally aggressive. First off, she IS just a mass 
of ice, so take out your Ball and Chain and smack her around. After taking a 
few good hits, she'll spawn a TON of Freezards. Curiously, most of them will 
dissolve. Now smaller, she will begin to try and ram you, so time your Ball 
and Chain attacks well! Keep hitting her, and eventually she will have to form 
a new body of ice. 

Now, for her third big form! She will be floating above ground and trying to 
land her ice spires on you. The camera angle will change so you can see her 
above you(that is, her reflection on the floor). Just keep moving and they 
won't hit you. Once they land, break up as many as you can with your Ball and 
Chain. There are nine ice spires to start out, count how many fall so you 
know when it's safe to stop moving and attack them. Sometimes, she'll try to 
trap you in a circle, if you have already broken some of the ice spires, you 
shouldn't have a problem escaping her trap. Once the last of the ice spires 
aregone, she'll still try to land on you. Move out of the way, and bash her 
again with your Ball and Chain. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO DESTROY ALL THE ICE SPIRES 
TO HURT HER. It just makes getting a clear shot at her easier. After every 
hit, though, she'll create more new spires.

Actually, the best strategy is as follows: move around and let her drop all 
her ice spires. Destroy one or two to create a gap when she forms a circle. 
Watch the reflection and move out of the circle through the gap as she drops. 
When she's on the ground, smack her with the Ball and Chain. Just repeat this 
simplified version of my strategy, and you'll be fine.

Once you deliver the final blow, the yeti wife will return to normal. You 
receive the second TWILIGHT MIRROR SHARD, the husband yeti will run in and 
see his wife lying prone on the ground, and a heartwarming moment immediately 
follows. Grab the HEART CONTAINER they, uh, produce, and get out of here. 
Hehe... yetis need their sleep. ;)

-Part 6: Walking on Sacred Ground [par6]
~Hyrule Castle Town~
You can go back to Telma's Bar again to immediately further the plot, but 
there are just a couple of Heart Pieces we can get, one with the Ball and 
Chain, as well as a new Bottle. I'll cover those now.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Go back to Hyrule Castle Town and go directly north of Hyrule Castle. In the 
rock area in the extreme north of Hyrule Field, you will find a rock in a 
wall. Bomb it to enter a cave, then use your Ball and Chain to crack open the 
ice blocking your path inside. Solve three block-pushing puzzles in a row to 
gain another HEART PIECE!
CURRENT TOTAL: 14 hearts, 3 pieces

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Warp back to the top of Snowpeak and head back to that tree to meet the yetis 
again. They're so happy to see you, they'll challenge you to a snowboarding 
match to celebrate! Race the husband, then the wife, and you get a HEART PIECE 
once you beat them both.
CURRENT TOTAL: 14 hearts, 4 pieces

!!!Empty Bottle!!!
By now, you'll certainly have noticed the Poes that appear at night time. You
know, those scythe-wielding ghosts you can only see with your wolf senses and
only appear at night. Basically, you beat them to submission in your wolf 
form, and rip out their heart the same way you use the Ending Blow as a
human. You likely already know this, and if you've been roaming around Hyrule
at night a lot, you should easily have 20 Poe souls by now. Go back to Hyrule
Castle Town and talk to Jovani again. His house is in the southern area of 
town(the one with all the cats outside of it), and you'll have to dig inside
as a wolf. You can do this at any point after getting 20 Poe souls, and once
youi do, he will give you a BOTTLE! the title of this paragraph is a bit of
a misnomer, as the bottle is filled with valuable Great Fairy's Tears. This
nifty concoction will recover all you rhearts and boost your attack power
for a while. If you plan on going into the Cave of Ordeals, I recommend
you save the Tears until then.

~Hyrule Castle Town~
Once you're done with all that, head back to Telma's Bar and talk with the 
gang again. You'll quickly learn that Rusl has left to look for the Sacred 
grove back in Faron Woods! Leave and warp to the North Faron Woods.

~North Faron Woods~
go slightly north to the red mark on your map and talk to Rusl. He'll outline 
his plan, so agree to cross the gorge and find this "ancient power" he's 
talking about. Looks like we're going to be returning to the Sacred Grove! 
Rusl will summon the Golden Chicken of Destiny to assist you! Use the Chicken 
to glide from platform to platform instead of using the Long Jump like last 
time. Once you cross the platforms and get to the rotating bridge, put down 
the chicken and use your Gale Boomerang to align the bridge. Rotate it again 
to continue forth, and time a jump past the two swinging logs. Enter the 
Sacred Grove again.

~Sacred Grove~
The Skull Kid will appear in here again, so destroy the Puppets he summons and 
go after him. Keep running through the forest until you hear him playing his 
horn. Strike him and he will run again, so keep following him to the end. If 
he appears out of sword range, use your bow. Once you get to the end, you will 
have to "fight" him again. Since you're not stuck in wolf form this time, fire 
arrows at him whenever he appears. Once he gives up, he'll open an alternate 
path further into the grove. Take it.

Once you arrive here, push the block in front of you down into the gap. Jump 
down after it and continue north up to where you found the Master Sword 

Once you arrive at the exact spot where you found the Master Sword, press A to 
place it back in the pedestal. Once you do, a door will open back where you 
entered the area. Once you leave, five Twilight monsters will be dropped off 
for you to deal with. You know the drill. Once they're gone, climb back up and 
enter the door that was previously blocked off by a statue. Open it for a 
strange but cool black and white effect.

Once you're in... does the music sound familiar? It's the Freaking Temple of 
Freaking Time!!! Go north to the pedestal and press A to strike your sword 
into the Pedestal here. A stairway of light will form, go up it to enter the 
actual dungeon. However, there are still a few more things to get in here.

**Golden Bug!!!**
Once you go through the doors(to this area, not the dungeon proper), check 
the left side at the bottom of the stairs. The FEMALE SNAIL will be resting 
there. Grab it before you go into the dungeon. How a snail managed to get 
through a magically concealed door to the Temple of Time is beyond me, though.

If you've been following my guide up until this point, you should have all 24 
Golden Bugs by now. If you do, you should take them all back to Agitha. Once
you've handed them all in, she'll give you the GIANT WALLET, which holds 1000
rupees! It's optional, I know. Most people would rather wait until after the 
Temple of Time, but you do get a lot of rupees in the dungeons. Personally,
I think it's worth it to go back and get it now. Hyrule Castle Town is little 
more than a warp away anyways, and besides, who can resist gaining honorary
citizenship in the insect kingdom? ;)

In any case, once you get the Giant Wallet and everything, go on in.

Temple of Time [temp]
OVERVIEW: The Temple of Time is long but linear, one of the few dungeons where 
it's hard to get lost. There are a LOT of floors, but they don't cover a lot 
of ground. The action is mostly going from floor to floor rather than room to 
room, so the dungeon's not as expansive as it seems.

WALKTHROUGH: Go into the center room and take notice of the statue to the side 
of the northern door. It looks lonely without a partner... turn into a wolf to 
see the "after-image" of a statue on the right side. I knew it! That's going 
to be our main objective here, looking for that other statue. For now, take a 
jar or small statue, or whatever, over to the switch nearby to hold it down 
and raise a platform to the east. Climb up it and circle around to the west. 
Light the two torches there for a chest containing a small key. Continue up 
the stairs to the southern door. As you go, you'll meet Ooccoo again. Use your 
key on the southern door to continue.

This part can be a little tricky if you don't know exactly what to do. Kill 
the one-eyed spider-like Gohma here, then look around a bit. You want to get a 
jar from off to the side and use it to weigh down the switch in the middle of 
the room. Doing so will open gates to the west and south, as well as close off 
your exit back north. Go into the southern alcove for a chest with a bundle of 
arrows(that was SO unnecessary), then go west and kill the Gohma on the 
stairs. There is still a gate closed up here, so take out your Clawshot and 
smash the jar holding the switch down. The door in front of you will close but 
the one behind you will open, allowing you to progress up the stairs.

As you go, you'll be attacked by a Lizalfos. These guys are old news now, so 
toy with him for a bit before killing him. Continue up the stairs for this 
next room. Here, there will be an entire group of Lizalfos waiting for you. 
The Jump Strike works wonders here. Once you're free of distractions, hit the 
statue in the corner to make it come to life. This would be an Armos, another 
staple enemy in the series. Smack him with your Ball and Chain to stun him, 
then hit him from behind to destroy him. Once he's gone, a chest with the 
DUNGEON MAP will appear. Use the two statues on a nearby ledge(open the chest 
between them for a red rupee!) to weigh down the two switches, then progress 
north then east through the door.

This large circular room has a lot to do, but we're not going to worry about 
all of it just yet.  For now, kill the group Lizalfos roaming around here and 
go up the stairs. You'll come across a spinner track along the wall, so go up 
that and go to the circular platform structure in the middle.

We'll be using this thing a lot later, but for now, circle around to the west 
of the structure and look for one of those small hollow statues. Take it into 
the middle with you and set it down. To move the platform, give the gear a 
clockwise push to bring it down. A counter-clockwise push will bring it back 
up. Bring it all the way down and get that second small statue down here. 
Bring them both up one level and over to the south end of the floor. Mind the 
spiky spinners along the way! Put them both on the switches to the south to 
raise part of the floor and grant you access to the door above.

As soon as you go into this room, the door will lock behind you. You'll have 
to kill the two Armos statues here, so use your Ball and Chain to stun them 
like before. Once they're both dead, a chest with a small key will appear. 
Grab it and go. REMEMBER THIS ROOM for later. You'll be coming back here to 
collect a Heart Piece later on. Once you leave, just go across the same floor 
to the north and open the locked door to the north.

Once you get in here, take note of the green crystal switch. Kill the Beamos 
here by shooting its eye like before, then go right next to it and shoot the 
crystal switch. The wall will slide over, so go into the middle part of the 
room. Hit the switch with an arrow or your clawshot again to move the walls a 
second time, then kill the Beamos and go past it for a chest containing the 
COMPASS. Fire one more arrow at the switch to move the walls one last time. Go 
northeast, then south into the next room.

This is another area with switch-activated moving walls. Kill the Lizalfos 
here, then arrow the switch to move the walls for the first time. Go into the 
middle of the room, kill the two Lizalfos in the middle(the Helm Splitter 
works great on the heavily armored one), then hit the switch again to move the 
walls a second time. Head to the south end of the room, kill another armored 
Lizalfos, then hit the switch again to move the walls and allow you access to 
the southern passage. Head on through to the next floor.

This room contains a large set of scales that we'll have to use in a moment. 
Kill all the enemies here to open a chest with a purple rupee(nice!), then go 
up the stairs and onto the scales. Step onto the right scale to tip it to the 
right, then grab the statue on there with you and throw it onto the left scale 
to even things out. Climb up off the left scale and head to the southern door. 
There's more we can do here, but it's best to wait until after you get the 
dungeon's big treasure, which is coming up soon. Leave through that southern 

In here, kill the Beamos directly in front of you and slip past the spiky 
spinners up the stairs to the west. Once you get to the top of the stairs, 
kill the group of Lizalfos waiting in ambush. Slip past the spiky rollers and 
bladed pendulum to grab a small key from a nearby chest. Go to the northwest 
corner of the room and take the small statue there. Bring it over to the 
nearby switch to deactivate the arcing electricity blocking your way north. Go 
on up the stairs.

Up here, kill all the baby spiders to form a chest with a purple rupee. Then 
kill the Armos to open the gate to the east. Climb on up and unlock the door 
to the east. You might be wondering what that bell-shaped device is for, and 
you'll find out in just a moment...

This room is the top room of the dungeon. You'll immediately see the statue 
you were looking for! Approach it and...
This armored warrior is my second favorite fight in this game after Stallord. 
Once you start fighting, you'll see there is NO real trick to beating him. All 
it takes is quick sword fighting skills and good use of the Hidden Skills you 
learned along the way. Just make good use of them, and you'll easily beat him 
without much difficulty. Use the Back Slice to great effect here. Try to loop 
around and hit him, and throw him off balance with a Shield attack whenever 
possible. He is also vulnerable when he does a vertical attack(before he lifts 
his sword back up).

As he loses his armor, he'll also ditch his shield and start parrying your 
attacks with a thinner sword. Use the Back Slice to throw him off balance, and 
continue your assault to finish him off. Also, Shield Attack will not shove 
him off balance easily, but Jump Attacks will. If you do one from far away, he 
will jump aside and put you in a world of hurt. But if you DO Shield Bash him 
and let him block that, he won't react to the Jump Attack in time. Try it!

Once you've kicked the Darknut in his dark... well, you get the idea... you'll 
get the DOMINION ROD! This awesome tool allows you to take control of several 
different kinds of statues found in here and in the overworld. Aim and 
activate it with B, and once the statue comes to life, it'll follow your 
movements. Also, if applicable, press B to "attack" with your Dominion Rod and 
have the statue mimic your attack. Press A to break the control over the 

Now that you have the Dominion Rod, use it on the statue on the ledge above. 
Move it under the bell structure here to transport it to the next room. Follow 
it along.

Have the statue attack with B to break the gates in the way. After that, put a 
jar on the floor switch to lower part of the floor. Move the statue onto that 
part, then move/destroy the jar to raise it again and continue onwards.

In the room with the rollers and pendulum, move the statue ahead of you to 
deactivate the electricity. Move it through here, and if you attack the 
rollers with the statue, you'll destroy them! Move back down east.

Destroy the Beamos in here(again, with the statue) to reveal a floor 
switch. Use the Dominion Rod on a small statue on top of the nearby pillar 
to bring it down. Move the large statue to the floor in front of the bell 
device, then send the small statue on the floor switch to bring it up. Send 
the large statue through the bell, then go back north.

We're back in the scale room. The first thing you have to do is take control 
of the big statue and place it on the left scale. The rest goes as follows: 

1.Cross the scales and look up in the wall. There is a ledge with three small 
statues sitting in a row. Use your Dominion Rod to bring them all down. 

2. Go look in the southeastern corner of the room; you should find a Clawshot 
target on the wall. Grapple on over and take the small statue there. Bring it 
back with the other small statues, and put them all on the right scale. 

3.Stand on the right scale too to balance everything out. Take control of the 
big statue and bring it onto the right scale, then throw all the small statues 
onto the left scale to balance things out again. 

4.Take control of the statue one more time and send it down the stairs and 
through the bell teleporter. 

Sorry for all the description. There are other ways to solve the puzzle, but 
that one requires the least moving around. While we're in the same room, raise 
one of the scales a bit to gain access to another Clawshot target on the 
ceiling. Let go and you'll see a Spinner track on the wall. Ride it along to 
the door leading west. Go on in.

The door will lock behind you here. Kill the Iron Masks and Armos here, then 
Clawshot up the higher ledge. Open the chest for a red rupee, then place the 
three statues on three of the switches(you'll have to use the Dominion Rod to 
bring one down from a shelf). You need something to weight the last switch 
down, so take one of the iron masks(left over from the dead enemies) and get 
it up here with your Clawshot. Once all four switches are down, you can jump 
down and get the now accessible BIG KEY! Go back into the scale room and 
continue down the stairs.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
Once you get back into the room with the moving walls, take control of the 
statue again and move it north, but don't bother with hitting the switch 
anymore. Just have the statue attack to destroy the walls! Once you get to a 
floor switch, leave the statue on top of it to deactivate the electric barrier 
in the room. Go past it and open the chest for a HEART PIECE! Once you have 
that, move the statue down the stairs.
CURRENT TOTAL: 15 hearts

Good news! You can bust the moving walls in here too! Just have the statue 
bash them to destroy them. Send it to the next room, then follow it.

You're in the room with the rotating up-and-down platform, with the statue 
appearing at the top. Grab hold of the platform's mechanism and bring it all 
the way to the top. Get the statue on the platform and bring it all the way 
down. At the bottom, kill all the little spiders to deactivate an electric 
current, allowing you to pass to the outside of the room. Bring the statue to 
the outside of the room, and send it down one more floor.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
While still in the rotating platform room, go to the middle floor. Bring two 
small statues with you, and go to the south room(on the fifth floor on your 
map) the same way you went there to get the second small key earlier. When 
you're in there, use the Dominion Rod to guide two small statues along 
separate pathways and onto their respective switches. The resulting treasure 
chest has a HEART PIECE within.
CURRENT TOTAL: 15 hearts, 1 piece

Go down to the bottom floor in the platform room and go west to find the 
statue again. Clawshot over the gate and bring the statue downstairs. Have it 
destroy any gates in the way and move it into this last bell to bring it down 
to the first floor. FINALLY! Head back down to the first room.

Now that the statue is back, move it alongside its twin to the empty side of 
the door to open it up. Go on in and run through this obstacle course of spiky 
sliders, rollers, pendulums, and Beamos to the boss door. It only looks 
daunting, but if you just run through and time your jumps well, you'll emerge 
intact easily. About halfway down the corridor is a small statue hiding behind 
a pillar. Bring it with you and place it on the switch to open the front gate 
ahead but close the back gate. Go through the front gate and hit the small 
statue with the Dominion Rod. Move it off the switch, opening the back gate, 
and head straight to the boss room.

This impressively large spider is probably the hardest boss in terms of 
figuring out how to kill it. You'll need to use both your Bow and the Dominion 
Rod to defeat it. The best thing to do is stand in the middle of the room and 
pull out your bow. Keep a bead drawn on Armogohma's eye at all times, and when 
it stops over a beam of light from the ceiling, fire an arrow at its open eye. 
Be quick in shooting it, however. If you don't , it'll fire a concentrated 
heat beam at you that is very difficult to dodge. Once you hit it, it'll fall 
to the ground, stunned. Run over to Armogohma, then use your Dominion Rod to 
take control of the statue in front of it. Press B to make the statue swing 
its hammer, which will hit Armogohma's vulnerable underside and do damage. 
Once it recovers, Armogohma will spawn a bunch of eggs that will hatch into 
those white baby Spiders. Spin attack to take a ton of them out at once, and 
use your bow or Clawshot to take care of any stray little spiders. Once you're 
done with them, return your attention to Armogohma. Lather, rinse, and repeat. 
The fight shouldn't last more than three rounds of attacking.

After three smashes to the belly, a victory scene will play out... but 
Armogohma's not dead yet!!! The eye still survives in the form of a smaller 
spider. Amusing music will start to play, so just take out your bow and hit 
the big red eye spider three times to win the fight for real. Congrats, 
another temple is under your belt! Only one more Mirror Shard to go! Take the 

-Part 7: City in the Sky: Beautiful, Breezy, UNPLEASANT! [par7]
~Sacred Grove~
You emerge back in here after beating the Temple of Time. As usual, to 
immediately get your next objective, you can head back to Telma's Bar, but 
there is ONE more thing we can get here.

<3Heart Piece!!! <3
When you get to the steps leading out of the Temple of Time area, look to the 
sides of the steps. There are two owl-like statues, one on each side of the 
steps. Use your Dominion Rod to remove the one on the right from its alcove. 
Go inside for a HEART PIECE!
CURRENT TOTAL: 16 hearts, 2 pieces

As soon as you leave the Temple of Time, you'll meet Ooccoo again. She'll talk 
to you about returning to the sky and how the Dominion rod has lost is power, 
blah blah blah... so the next temple is in the sk- DOMINION ROD LOST ITS 
POWER?!?!? WHAT??? You're going to have to make sense of this anyway, so go 
back to Hyrule Castle town.

~Hyrule Castle Town~
As you enter, you'll get an important letter from the Postman. Looks like 
Renado has something important to tell you about Ilia's memory... we'll get 
there in a bit. For now, go back to Telma's Bar. Telma will tell you that Shad 
is back in Kakariko Village too, so you'll have to go back there anyway.

~Kakariko Village~
Go into Renado's house, and you'll see Chief Darbus, Cor Goron, Renado, and 
Ilia. Talk to Renado and he'll update you. Apparently, Shad is in the basement 
looking for clues about the city in the sky. He also mentions that Ilia knew 
something about a "rod of the heavens" before she lost her memory. Could it be 
the Dominion Rod? He will give you a letter to show to Telma in order to start 
this search. Before you leave, go downstairs and talk to Shad. You'll learn 
about the possibility that the "rod of the heavens", Ilia's memory, and those 
strange statues all have something in common... In any case, leave for Hyrule 
Castle Town again.

~Hyrule Castle Town~
Go back to Telma's Bar and show her the letter. She'll suggest you go see the 
doctor on the west side of town. She'll also give you an INVOICE for the 
doctor's tab at the bar. Go to the west side of the town and talk to the 
doctor. Show him the Invoice to scare him into submission. He'll say something 
about a wooden statue that Ilia had... bastard wanted to sell it! He mentions 
he spilled medicine on it, and it got stolen after that. He will then go back 
to his work. Check in the back of his office for a moveable crate. Push it 
back to find an odd green cloud. Turn into a wolf(don't worry, the doctor 
won't notice) and learn the MEDICINE SCENT. Follow it outside and through 
town, not worrying at all about the mass panic in the streets caused by a wolf 
and a little monkey-like freak such as Midna! Once you get to the end of the 
scent trail, you'll find Louise the cat. Talk to her and she'll tell you 
exactly what happened to the wooden statue. Some evil skeleton-like dogs took 
it, and they lurk outside of Hyrule Castle Town, to the south. But only at 
night. Run around town to cause more terror and get a good laugh, then when 
you're done, leave town to the south.

~Hyrule Field~
Once you're south of town, wait until night time. Once night rolls around, 
you'll be attacked by the large pack of skeleton dogs that Louise told you 
about. Kill them all and you'll get Ilia's WOODEN STATUE back. You know what 
to do with this!

~Kakariko Village~
Go back to Renado's house and show the statue to Ilia. She will get a little 
bit of her memory back, but she won't remember where she was imprisoned. Cor 
Goron, however, will! He tells you about the Hidden Village north of the 
Bridge of Eldin. The entrance was blocked by a rockslide a while back, but 
Darbus will volunteer his services to clear out the blockage. Cor Goron will 
mark the location of the Hidden Village on your map, so call Epona and go 

~Hyrule Field~
Go north of Kakariko to the Bridge of Eldin, and continue past that until you 
get to the red mark on your Map. The tunnel will be open, so go on in.

~Hidden Village~
You'll quickly see Darbus already at work in here, and he'll finish up as you 
go through the tunnel. Before he leaves, Darbus tells you about a group of 
Moblins that have overrun this ghost town, and you have to kill them all to 
save whoever's left in here! Looks like we got ourselves a showdown!!! Enjoy 
the best background music in the game as you on a psychopathic Moblin killing 

You have to kill them before they spot you, so whip out your Bow and Hawkeye, 
and snipe down as many Moblins as you can see from close to the entrance. You 
should be able to get seven or so of them form the entrance. Some of them are 
wandering the street, but many are up on balconies and such. Look through the 
windows, too! You CAN shoot an arrow through the windows! Just keep a sharp 
eye, and once you can't see any more, head on through the village. This part 
isn't difficult as Darbus would have you believe, so just go through the 
village and check inside and behind the houses and you should find and kill 
them all with little difficulty. Remember, you can kill them even if you only 
hit them in the arm, so look very carefully.

Once they're all dead, you'll meet Impaz, the sweet old lady who is the sole 
resident of this village. After some conversation, she'll give you ILIA'S 
CHARM to take back to her. Show Impaz the Dominion Rod before you go, and 
she'll also give you the ANCIENT SKY BOOK. For now, you can head back to 
Kakariko Village, but there are some things to get here first.

0o Howl Stone!!! o0
Check behind the houses on the west side of the Hidden Village for the last 
HOWL STONE. Copy the song and your main man the Golden Wolf will appear right 
in front of Hyrule Castle. You can go to him now, but better to get this next 
Heart Piece first.

0o Golden Wolf!!! o0
Go back to Hyrule Castle Town and go right to the front of the castle- the 
Golden Wolf will be waiting for you. He teaches you the last technique: the 
GREAT SPIN! It works just like a normal Spin Attack, but the power of the 
attack is greatly increased when your life meter is completely full. 
Congratulations, you now have all seven Hidden Skills! The Wolf leaves you for 
the last time... but how he referred to Link... could he really be...?!

~Kakariko Village~
Go back to Ilia and show her the charm. She will then remember everything, and 
give the charm back to you as the HORSE CALL. It's kind of obsolete now 
because of those warp portals, but sure! Why not? Now we still have business 
with Shad. Go back downstairs and show him the Ancient Sky Book. He'll try 
reading the book, but nothing will happen... right away. But he has a clue: he 
marks off the owl statues in the overworld on your map. He will then leave, 
but that writing DID do something: your Dominion Rod will get its power back! 
We gotta go check out those statues! Check your map for the locations, then 
call Epona and off we go! There is one more Heart Piece to collect first,
so head on back to the Hidden Village.

~Hidden Village~
<3Heart Piece!!! <3
Once you've restored Ilia's memory, talk to the chicken in the west side 
of the Hidden Village(while as a wolf, of course). He'll challenge you to 
a contest where you have to talk to all the cats in town- all twenty of 
them. This is not difficult at all, but keep an eye out for places where 
you can Clawshot to balconies- this is the only way to get to some of them.
Once you find all twenty, go back and talk to the chicken to receive a HEART 
PIECE!I had a small problem with this one, as I forgot thaT you had to 
restore Ilia's memory to get the chicken to start the game. Thanks to 
Jeremy Spring for pointing this out.
CURRENT TOTAL: 16 hearts, 3 pieces

~Hyrule Field~
The first statue is in Kakariko Gorge. Once you get to the it, bring it to 
life and move it out of its spot. You'll see a glowing spot where it was, step 
on it to find a "sky character". One letter will be added to that Ancient Sky 
Book. After finding them all, you have to bring the book back to Shad. While 
you're still here, maneuver the owl statue so you can pass across the strip of 
land above and get a chest with 100 rupees. I suggest you take them, we'll 
need a lot of money in a little while.

~Faron Woods~
The next statue is, of course, in Faron Woods. As before, check your map in 
the Faron Province, and you'll see it's not too far from Coro's Lantern shop. 
You'll have to bomb a rock out of the way, though. Move the owl statue out of 
the way and get another sky character.

<3Heart Piece!!!<3
You can put the owl statue in Faron Woods to good use. Guide it into the 
shallow hole nearby, then climb onto the rock. Do a small Long Jump series,
and follow the path at the end to a HEART PIECE.
CURRENT TOTAL: 16 hearts, 4 pieces

~Gerudo Desert~
The next owl statue is not far off from the Gerudo Mesa where you appear when 
you warp. Head a bit west for the owl statue and a small bit of ruins. Bring 
the statue down, then use it to get to the next sky character. You can also 
get 100 rupees here, take them if you have room in your wallet.

~Hyrule Field~
The next two owl statues aren't too far off from each other. Warp to Hyrule 
Castle and go south to find another one. You'll find it amongst some stone 
ruins. Bring it down and use it as a makeshift platform for both another sky 
character and 100 rupees. 

The next one is at the north end of the Great Bridge of Hylia. Position it 
under the hanging ivy, and Clawshot on top of it to reach the next sky 
character. You can also get another 100 rupees here if you need it.

For the last one, warp to the Bridge of Eldin. Go to the north end, and 
displace the owl statue there to find the last sky character! The book is now 
complete, so go back to Kakariko Village and show it to Shad.

<3 Heart Piece!!! <3
You can still use the last owl statue on the north end of the Bridge of
Eldin, however. Bring it all the way to the south end of the bridge and use
it as a platform to reach a HEART PIECE at the top!
CURRENT TOTAL: 17 hearts

~Kakariko Village~
Go to the basement of Renado's house and show the Ancient Sky Book to Shad. 
He'll repeat the same passage from it, and the statue in front of you will be 
able to be moved now. Get it out of the way, then check the room behind it to 
find the ancient Sky Cannon. Go towards it and Midna will suggest warping it 
out of here... but Shad is in there with you. Talk to him and he'll leave you 
to work. Who do we know who's a cannon expert...? Warp the cannon to Lake 

~Lake Hylia~
Go to Fyer's cabin in the middle of the lake. Talk to him for a special 
repairs option, and cough up 300 rupees for repairs(that's why I told you to 
get those chests earlier). After a quick fixing montage, it'll be good as new! 
Clawshot into the back of the cannon to load yourself into it, and you'll be
shot up to...

City in the Sky [city]
OVERVIEW: This city acts like a dungeon. You don't even get a new weapon in 
this level, just a copy of an old one. But that still allows you to scale 
even greater heights! In here, pay very careful attention to walls and 
ceilings, as you can use many things as Clawshot targets. You'll also have
to deal with winds, rotating propellers you can use as Clawshot targets,
and more Clawshot sequences that will make your stomach churn. Just don't
look down...

WALKTHROUGH: As soon as you enter, you land in a pool of water. A large 
menacing dragon will fly overhead, a harbinger of things to come... If you're 
a bit short on rupees after paying for the cannon, drop down into the pool and 
grab some cash from the underwater chests. If you want, you could stop over at 
a shop to the west, but you never NEED to buy anything from them. If not, go 
north and hit the crystal switch above the door to gain access.(you can also
find Ooccoo in the shop, but do you really need her by now?)

In the first room, there's nothing to worry about but the lighter floor tiles 
that will sink away(and Link with them) if you stand on them. Grab an 
Oocca(the same species as Ooccoo) and fly to the middle of the room. Dispose 
of the Iron Mask, then clawshot up to the ivy-covered pillar. Grab the Oocca 
off the wall and use him/her/it to fly to the north, then leave.

The next room will introduce you to another Zelda series veteran: The 
Helmasaur! These angry dinosaurs have armored heads that are impervious, but 
their uncovered backsides are vulnerable. The Back Slice is great for taking 
them out. Once you're eliminated him, use another Oocca to get to the eastern 

You're back outside now. Go immediately right and Clawshot across the gap to 
get to a Spinner slot. Turn the gears to open a bridge heading east. Clawshot 
across the gap again and head across the bridge to the east.

In here, you'll notice a treasure chest that is fenced off. There's a Clawshot 
target above it, so grapple up and let go to land right in front of it. Take 
the small key from it, then head west as far as you can go. As you go, that 
dragon you saw earlier will demolish the bridge you had extended. Dammit! 
Well, there's nothing you can do about it at the moment.

You'll eventually be outside, but to the west of where you encountered the 
Helmasaur. Go immediately left as you appear outside, and after passing some 
Red Deku Babas you will come across another Spinner slot. Extend the bridge, 
then open the locked door west.

The first thing you'll notice in this room is the fan. It emits a powerful 
wind, but there is one you can deactivate. Go around to the left to see a 
crystal switch. Clawshot it to deactivate a fan blocking your passage to the 
south. So go across the gauntlet of other fans(you'll have to use a 
combination of Iron Boots and the Clawshot to cross them all) and go through 
the east door.

Nothing in here to do but get the DUNGEON MAP! Go back west and through the 
southern door past that fan you deactivated earlier.

This room with the vertical currents and tile worms looks pretty packed, but 
all you have to do is leap across to the door leading south in the southwest 
corner. Just time your jumps so that you don't get thrown off by a wind 
current, and use your Gale Boomerang to deal with the tile worms.

Once you reach that southwest room, the doors will lock and you'll be 
confronted with two armored Lizalfos. Down them like you always have(it's 
easier to push them off the ledge rather than kill them- your attacks will 
typically knock them back), and once they're gone a gate high up on the south 
wall will unlock. Clawshot up there and take note of the globe on the roof. 
You can use that as a Clawshot target too, but it's a switch as well. Grapple 
onto it, and Link will weigh it down, which will open up a current in the 
middle of the room. Grab an Oocca and glide to the north door on the upper 
floor of this room. Go through it.

Just above you in this room, there will be a globe switch. Trip it, then grab 
the Oocca nearby and float to the opened alcove, which has a chest with 20 
rupees. Keep going around and over the wall to the northeast of the room. 
There is another globe switch there, hit it to create an air current going up 
in the northwest. Go over there and use it to get to the northwest door. Take 
it into the room to the north.

This room with the Ooccas, currents, Clawshot targets, Keese, and Deku Babas 
is only as difficult as you make it for yourself. Keep going down the room, 
using the Ooccas and Clawshot targets as necessary to reach the bottom. Once 
you do, go through the door on the west side.

There is a fan blasting air currents here, but you can stop that. Clawshot up 
to the globe switch on the ceiling and put on your Iron Boots to trip it. Drop 
down below the fan.

This bloodthirsty fellow should have invested in a better shield, or at least 
one that Link couldn't have used as a Clawshot target. Because that's just 
what you have to do to defeat him. Just keep him Z-targeted and your Clawshot 
at the ready. Let him circle you but stay close enough, and when he puts up 
his shield and prepares to attack, fire off your Clawshot to drag him down 
towards you and hack away at him. Once he comes to his senses and dances 
around on the floor, do NOT try and pull him towards you. Instead, you will be 
drawn towards him, or, more accurately, his waiting sword. Just wait until he 
takes to the air again, and repeat the process. 

Eventually, he will leave the room through the gaps in the upper wall and show 
up randomly through another. He will be poised to attack right away, so you 
have to be quick in locating him and pulling him down again. Just run in a 
circle until you see him, then quickly Z-target him and Clawshot him down to 

Once he gets sent to that big miniboss room in Lizalfos heaven, a grate will 
open up in the wall. Clawshot on in and grab a second Clawshot. Now you can 
wield DOUBLE CLAWSHOTS! In a word: SWEEEEEEEEEET!!! basically, this entails 
using your second Clawshot while already clinging to or hanging from another 
target. Like Spider-man, only slightly slower. Use them to leave this room the 
way you came.

Now you're back in the room with all that crazy crap in it. Grapple up to the 
very top of the room(with your new Double Clawshots, it should be easier than 
Paris Hilton). Latch onto the globe switch at the top to open a gate about 
halfway down the room. Lower yourself to the gate than Clawshot on in.

Next, you'll see some pillars hanging from the ceiling with more Clawshot 
targets on the sides. You need to use them to grapple across to the east, but 
you have to be fast, lest the sections with the targets on them sink from your 
weight. You can Z-target the, er, targets, so it's not going to be a pain in 
the ass to aim, anyway. So swiftly grapple to the eastern platform and open 
the chest for the COMPASS. Go through the waiting door.

You're back outside! Check the bridge above you, that's the underside of the 
one you extended earlier. Hit the Red Deku Babas down into the abyss so they 
don't interfere with your grappling, then go on across to the top of the 
bridge. You're back outside the main room again, so go to the east where the 
dragon knocked out the bridge.

Since the bridge is out, you'll have to use the flying plant-like Peahats to 
cross the gap, a feat only possible with Double Clawshots. Go across to the 
other side then through the door to the east.

You're back in the room where you got your first key. Either Clawshot or jump 
down to the lower floor in this room, then go across another sequence of 
falling Clawshot targets. Once you get to the last one, just let it fall and 
you'll be dumped onto solid ground. Take aim at the next target in plain view 
and go across. Go from target to target and eventually to the grating, and 
jump across to the next platform. Clawshot down from there onto the wall 
grating, then drop onto the platform below that. Take aim at the ceiling above 
you to take down those two Red Deku Babas, then grapple onto the target they 
occupied previously. Lower yourself so that you are in plain view of the gate 
nearby and the crystal switch on the opposite side. Hit the switch then 
grapple through the open gate, then onto the grating above, then a target, 
than another target on the ceiling. Drop down after that long sequence, and go 
through the door to the north. You should be on the first floor.(sorry if the
directions were confusing, but just make sure you're headed into a round room
on the first floor).

<3 Heart Piece!!! <3
In here is another evil hungry plant the likes of which we have not seen since 
the Forest Temple. We've come so far, haven't we? Ah, the memories... well, 
let's get to killing him, just like before! Get your Bombs out! Once you've 
exterminated him, start scaling the room. When you reach the very thin wall, 
it's best to grab it by the edge and shimmy across rather than trying to walk 
very slowly across it. Once you get to the end of the first part, open the 
chest for a HEART PIECE, then continue up the room. Once you get to the top, 
Clawshot to the middle of the ceiling, then drop in on the waiting Lizalfos. 
He's difficult to defeat in close quarters, so you might want to run past 
him... just this once. Whatever you choose, go through the door past him.
CURRENT TOTAL: 17 hearts, 1 piece

<3 Heart Piece!!! <3
We're outside again. Check around here for some Red Deku Babas and kill them 
off. Scan the skies for a Peahat, then grab onto it with the Clawshot. Ride it 
over the wall to the south, then drop down. Look for another Peahat, then ride 
it further south. Drop off again and look for a third Peahat going north and 
south, this time over a wall with a tiny gap in it. Take that Peahat and lower 
yourself so that your Clawshot chain passes through the gap, and ride it 
north. As it passes to the north side of the gap wall, hitch a ride on ANOTHER 
Peahat. Position yourself so you pass right through the hole it passes over, 
then get off to the north. Drop off that one and take the north door leading 
west. Out here, take the chain of Peahats leading to the southern door and go 
on through. Open the chest in front of you for a HEART PIECE.
CURRENT TOTAL: 17 hearts, 2 pieces

Now, go back out to the room with the chain of Peahats. Take it all the way 
west and go through the door.

We're almost at the end of the dungeon. Clawshot onto the ivy on the outer 
wall of this room. Snipe the birds out here, then move across the tightropes 
to reach the top floor door leading inside the area here. Go into the room in 
the very center of this area(check the map, you'll see what I mean. Sorry if I 
didn't describe it well).

Inside, you'll come across a pair of Helmasaurs and a vertical wind tunnel. I 
know space is limited, but kill them as best you can. Once they're gone, 
grapple onto a conveniently placed circle grate on the ceiling, then onto a 
globe switch. Use your Iron Boots to weigh it down and stop the air current. 
You are now free to acquire the BIG KEY from the treasure chest in here. Once 
you have it, drop down one floor(where the actual fan is) and Clawshot onto 
the grating above you. Lower yourself down through the fan and into the "main 
room" of the dungeon. DO NOT DROP DOWN YET!!!!!

as you lower yourself, Take note of one more globe switch you have to trip, 
in the ceiling to the north of where you lowered yourself down. Put on your 
Iron Boots to trip this one as well(that extra weight can NOT be good for 
Link's shoulder), and the fan outside to the north will activate. Drop down
and go outside to the north.

Look ahead of you. There will be some slow-moving fans ahead with textured 
surfaces on one side, you can Clawshot across these and go through the door
at the north end of the fan sequence. Just be sure to kill the birds first.

Once you get into this room, two more Winged Lizalfos will attack you. Deal 
with them both as before, then focus your attention onto the slow fans when 
you're done. In this final sequence, Clawshot up all the fans to the very top 
floor. Once you get to the first fan, hit the crystal switch above the wall 
fan to start it moving and allow you access to the other fans. There are no 
more dangers or surprises here, just reach the top. You'll have to hit one 
more crystal switch to get the very top fan rotating and allow you access to 
the boss room... which is actually outside.

Once you go through the boss door, you actually have to Clawshot up to the 
top of the platform where you fight...
There's always a dragon boss. Our first order of business is getting his armor 
off. Watch as Argorok circles the arena, and as he swoops in on you, wear your 
Iron Boots so you're not pushed off the edge from the resulting wind. As 
Argorok hovers and flaps his wings to push you off the edge of the arena, don 
your Iron Boots again and Clawshot onto his tail. This should drag him down to 
the ground and rattle free most of his armor. Repeat this process, only the 
second time will require you to Clawshot up the textured pillars a little bit 
to get at him. Once you bring him to the ground a second time, his armor will 
be taken off completely, and a bunch of Peahats will uproot themselves and 
encircle the arena from above. Now begins the very fun part two of the fight.

Clawshot your way up the pillars and get onto those Peahats. Grapple your way 
along them, and try to get behind Argorok. He won't make it easy, what with 
his incredibly bad breath of fire. Just be quick and he shouldn't hit you. 
It's actually better to stay in one place for a while and let him prepare a 
blast of flames. He will rear his head back, so there's your chance to 
actually get behind him. Once you do, Clawshot onto his back(you may have to 
aim manually for this) and wave your Remote back and forth to repeatedly stab 
the weak spot on his back, sort of like when you fought Morpheel. As you 
damage him, Argorok will start to move faster and fire flames ahead of you, so 
keep on your toes(such as it were) and continue your attack.

Once Argorok finally falls, another HEART CONTAINER and the last MIRROR SHARD 
will finally be yours! We're in the home stretch! Midna also mentions why Zant 
could not shatter the mirror completely. Only the true ruler could do that, 
which is proof of his false kingship. Now we have to go straight for the 
Mirror Chamber at the top of the Arbiter's Grounds. Leave here and head back 
to Earth.

-Part 8: Showdown in the Palace of Twilight [par8]
~Hyrule Field~
There are still just two more things you can get to make your life easier 
for the last two dungeons.

<3Heart Piece!!! <3
There's still one more to get! Go to Kakariko Gorge, and look for the rock 
spire with the Clawshot target on it to the east. Use your Double Clawshots to 
get to the bottom of the spire and get a HEART PIECE out of the chest below. 
Congratulations, you now have all of the Heart Pieces in the overworld! The 
last two are in the next dungeon.
CURRENT TOTAL: 18 hearts, 3 pieces

>>-<> Giant Quiver!!! <>-<<
Go to Hyrule Castle Town and play round two of the STAR game. If you forgot, 
it's the big blue circus tent. Since you have the Double Clawshots, you can 
now basically move anywhere within the cage, so getting all the spheres is a 
snap compared to last time. Dominate in round two(try your best to ignore the 
screams of the teenage girls) to win the GIANT QUIVER! Now you can hold up to 
100 arrows!

~Arbiter's Grounds~
Once you've gotten everything you need, warp back to the Mirror Chamber at the 
top of the Arbiter's Grounds. The Mirror Shards will be drawn back into place 
and a portal to the Twilight Realm will appear. After a heartfelt speech from 
Midna, as well as a few choice flashbacks, you can enter...

Palace of Twilight [pala]
OVERVIEW: For a dungeon so late in the game, the Twilight Palace is pretty 
easy. It's the boss fight that makes it so hard. To reach him, you must dispel 
the darkness and help Midna save her people!

WALKTHROUGH: As soon as you enter, head north. You'll come across what looks 
like a Twilight monster, but it will not attack. Midna will explain that they 
are just warped Twili. There are three ways to go here: northwest, straight 
north, or northeast. The only way accessible at the moment is northeast, so go 
through that door first.

In the first room of the east wing, you'll have to take on Keese, Deku Babas, 
and these floating heads that look like Zant's helmet. Kill them all, then 
open the resulting chest for a small key. Clawshot to the door leading north.

This room has an insidiously evil black fog that will revert you to your wolf 
form. No matter: Just kill the floating Zant head in here to reveal two 
treasure chests. One has the COMPASS, the other has a small key.  Clawshot to 
the north again and unlock the door.

In this far northeast room, the camera will zoom in on a "hand" clutching a 
glowing white ball. This ball is called a "Sol", and you need to bring it back 
to the first room of the dungeon. As you approach it, though, you get blocked 
off rom it! Yup, it's not a Zelda game without fighting a phantom version of 
the main villain! The shadow Zant will create a vortex from which he spawns a 
ton of enemies. Just kill as many as you can with a Spin Attack or something, 
then concentrate on attacking the shadow Zant himself. He will constantly 
appear and disappear, so track him constantly and attack him if he doesn't 
warp again. This is not a difficult battle at all. Once shadow Zant dies, he 
will leave a cloud of that evil fog behind. Go up to the Sol orb and attack 
the hand to free it. Take it to the middle of the room(the Sol orb will repel 
that evil fog) and place it in the shallow socket in the floor to open up a 
staircase out of the room. Beware! The hand that was holding it will come to 
life and chase you across the rooms here, so run up the stairs and Clawshot 
the Sol orb to get it back. Go back into the previous room.

As you enter this room again, you'll realize that the hand will follow you 
form room to room. Take the Sol orb and place it in the socket in the middle 
of the floor here to open up a spiraling staircase. This part's a bit 
trickier. It's best to watch where the top of the staircase forms, than place 
the Sol orb and run to the top of the staircase before it forms. If this is 
not possible, just try to get on the closest part of the staircase so that you 
don't have to go all the way up. Once you're up top, Clawshot the orb to get 
it back and go south again.

<3 Heart Piece!!! <3
Before you do the stairway thing in this room, take the Sol orb into the 
eastern alcove in this room to dispel the evil fog within. As a human, you are 
then free to grapple up to a ledge with a chest containing a HEART PIECE! Only 
one more to go... once you're done with that, you're free to just leave to the 
CURRENT TOTAL: 18 hearts, 4 pieces

Once you're back in the entrance room, you'll see the effect of the Sol orb on 
the transformed Twili. Bring it to one of the sockets in the middle of the 
room and slot it in to make a platform of light appear. Ride it to the west 
wing of the dungeon.

This room has some evil fog in the bottom. Use your Clawshotting and platform 
jumping skills to reach the northern exit. Kill the floating Zant head to make 
a chest with a small key appear. Go on through to the north.

In this room, drop down to the bottom and kill the three Twilight monsters and 
the four(!) floating Zant heads to make a treasure chest appear. Clawshot to 
an alcove in the east and open it for the DUNGEON MAP. Then open the one in 
the west alcove for a small key. Take it to the north door and open it.

You'll be in a room with another Sol orb. Approach it and another shadow Zant 
will appear. Kill him the same way as you did in the east wing. Once he dies, 
you're free to take the Sol orb with you. Use it to dispel the evil fog in 
here, then make the steps appear same as in the east wing. Clawshot the Sol 
orb to take it with you, and head back south.

This room is kind of tricky. You have to socket the orb into the floor, then 
stand on what will become the top part of the staircase before it rises. Test 
it once to see what I mean, then do it again to get up top. Once you do, 
grapple the orb back to you and continue south.

The room with the platforms isn't difficult at all. Just leap across with the 
Sol orb until you get to the south end. Leave here to go back to the main 
room. Bring the orb into the presence of two crystal balls at the end of the 
sequence to create a platform that will taker you all the way back to the 

We're now back in the entrance room. Take the Sol orb to the middle of the 
room and slot it next to your other one to fill the Master Sword with a golden 
light! Now you can use it to swipe that evil black fog away. You're supposed 
to head north now, but a short detour is in order. Go back to the first room 
of the west wing.

<3 Heart Piece!!! <3
In the first room of the west wing(the one with the fog and platforms), use 
your newly light-imbued Master Sword to chase away the fog. A platform will 
appear in the west part of the room, take it up to an alcove enarby. Open the 
chest for your last HEART PIECE!!! If you followed my guide thus far, you 
should have nineteen heart containers! We only have one more to go, and guess 
who we get it from...
CURRENT TOTAL: 19 hearts

Once you get that last Heart Piece, go back into the main room and head 
directly north. There will be a waterfall of fog, a "fog-fall", if you will, 
blocking your path. Use your light-infused Master Sword to clear it out, then 
head straight north.

Next, use your sword to dispel more fog in the middle wing of the dungeon. 
Take the non-lighted Sol orbs and place them in the sockets previously covered 
by the for. Once both are in place, go up the formed staircase to find another 
light-activated crystal orb. Hit it with your sword to make a platform appear 
beneath you; ride it over to the east side of the room with three crystal orbs 
and four floating Zant heads. Dispose of the Zant heads to make a chest with a 
small key appear. Grab it, then move in the middle of the crystal orbs and 
Spin Attack to activate them all at once. Another platform will appear and 
take you to the exit to the east.

You'll end up outside. The Big Key is out here, so listen up to learn how to 
get it. This was another part that took me FOREVER to figure out... Spin 
attack to dissipate the shadow curtain in the middle of the room, than jump 
behind it. Clawshot up and up to get to a ledge with the BIG KEY in a chest. 
Jump back down and get on the other side of the shadow curtain, we're not 
done here yet. Clear out all the enemies you can, then go to the edge of the 
balcony and Spin attack to light up the two crystal orbs. Ride the platform to 
the lone area to the south, and kill the Zant head there. Killing that single 
head will make three more appear on the main balcony, so go back there and 
kill them off too. Once they're all dead, a chest with a small key will 
appear. Grab it and immediately use it on the north door leading west.

Once you get into the next room, guess what? Twilight monsters! If you're 
lucky, you can take them out with a single Spin Attack(or Great Spin if you're 
lucky enough to have full health). Once you've killed the group for the 
zillionth time, slice through the fog to get at a group of four crystal 
switches. Spin attack to activate them all and send a platform upwards- with 
you on it. As it rises, several more platforms will appear around you. Go on 
the one to the east and ride it forward. Take the north(left) one, then ride 
it upwards. Clawshot onto a nearby platform, then take the platform next to 
that. Once yo get in range, hit the Clawshot target on the ceiling and drop 
onto the next platform as it passes beneath you. Jump down to a nearby solid 
platform to the west and kill the Zant head there. Clawshot back to the 
ceiling target and go to the other solid platform to the east. Kill the Zant 
head there to make a chest appear; open it for a small key. Lastly, jump onto 
the platform closest to the chest and ride it up to the locked door at the 
top. Go through it and get out of this crazy room...

This last room before the boss has you fighting group after group of Twilight 
monsters. Take them out one after the other and eventually you'll be free to 
head north into the boss room...

Zant lets out another one of his creepy screams as you approach him. There's 
some more dialogue as Midna acts all tough on Zant, and Zant taunts both her 
and Link. Eventually, the long-awaited brawl between you and him begins!
Before I start this strategy, I must point out one thing: Zant is literally 
INSANE! He fights like an absolute nut case! Pay attention, Nintendo: This is 
how main villains SHOULD be!!! But, as for how to defeat him: Zant goes 
through a large number of forms, each loosely mimicking a boss you fought 
previously. The big trick is: USE THE WEAPON YOU USED ON THE BOSS THAT HE 
MIMICS. I will split up this fight into separate paragraphs:

You're back in the Forest Temple where you fought Diababa. Zant will start by 
floating over the water and launching rapid-fire blasts of dark energy at you. 
Despite what Midna may lead you to believe, do not try to reflect them with 
your sword. You will only take damage if you try that. Just think back: what 
weapon did you use to defeat Diababa? Whip out your Gale Boomerang and launch 
it at Zant to bring him down to the ground. He'll start leaping around, but 
use the chance to attack him with your sword. After enough rounds of 
attacking, onto form two.

We're in the miniboss room of the Goron Mines. Zant will jump up and down on 
the platform, so use your Iron Boots to steady yourself. Just keep him 
targeted and block his dark blasts with your shield. Eventually, he will stop 
and catch his breath. That's when you take off your Iron Boots, then move in 
and attack. After this...

You take him on in Morpheel's room now. Put on your Zora Armor and Iron Boots, 
then whip out your Clawshot. Several large Zant helmets will pop out of the 
sand, and one will open to reveal Zant himself. Quickly use your Clawshot to 
pull him out of the big helmet once you get an opening between volleys of dark 
blasts, then continue carving him up. He will even try swimming away! C'mon, 
he has to give you more credit than that! Next...

For some reason, we're back in the Forest Temple. Do what you did with the 
Boss Monkey, just roll into the totem pole he stops on a couple of times to 
knock him down. Attack his... butt... okay, Zant just totally lost his air of 
demented menace there. You could practically hear it disappear. Regardless, 
continue your attack until...

This one is really weird. Zant will grow to enormous proportions, then float 
above you. The camera angle will change so you can see his reflection in the 
ice. Dodge him as best you can as he tries to stomp on you, then take out your 
Ball and Chain and smack Zant in the foot. He will shrink to about half his 
normal height and start jumping around, so intercept him and slice him up. 
Once you do this enough times...

You'll now be outside of Hyrule Castle. Zant, having nowhere else to go, will 
take out twin swords and go crazy on you. He'll spin like a top, do a one-two 
slice on you, and use a sort of blind "I'm-going-to-run-around-while-flailing-
my-swords-and-if-you-get-hit-it's-your-own-fault" attack. Every time you hit 
him, he'll teleport away only to appear next to you on your unguarded side. 
Whenever you do hit him, roll away immediately so that he doesn't hit you, and 
continue your assault. Whenever Zant spins to attack you, jump to the side to 
avoid it, lest you get knocked up against the barrier at the edge of the arena 
here and take a lot of damage. Whenever he finishes his spin attack, he will 
get dizzy and become vulnerable. There's your chance! Beyond what I outlined, 
the rest is up to you. You got this far, he shouldn't be too hard at all.

Once Zant FINALLY dies(I find his ultimate death absolutely hilarious!), grab 
the last HEART CONTAINER in the game. Congratulations, you now have all twenty 
Heart Containers! You are now more than ready to take on Hyrule Castle. Leave 
this place- and the Twilight Realm- for good. 
-Part 9: Hyrule Castle Reclamation: Denouement [par9]
~Hyrule Castle Town~
If you skipped over anything like Heart Pieces or any other upgrades, go back 
and do it now. Get a fairy in a bottle or a couple of Blue Potions, and when 
you're sure you're ready, go right in front of the barrier surrounding Hyrule 
Castle. Midna will use the Fused Shadows to complete her helmet, then... well, 
see for yourself. Once she's done, the barrier will be gone. Go on in for... 
the final dungeon.

Hyrule Castle [hyru]
OVERVIEW: The castle itself is surprisingly short and easy for a final 
dungeon. Perhaps the game is trying to lull you into a false sense of 

WALKTHROUGH: As soon as you enter the level, you'll be in the courtyard of the 
castle. The middle door to the north is locked at the moment, so you have a 
choice of either east or west. I picked east first, so here we go. As you move 
towards the northeast, you'll be trapped in an odd orange barrier. Once 
trapped, a series of Bokoblins will attack you. The fools... they have no idea 
how powerful you are by now! Once they're all gone, the barrier will disappear 
and you can go northeast.

Once you go through the northeast door, advance a bit and you'll be trapped 
again. More Bokoblins will emerge and assault you, so take them all out. Head 
to the top of this area, using the pull switch to open the gate. Once you get 
to the very north end, a very familiar foe shows up again... you've faced him 
before, so I'm not even going to bother with a strategy for him. Just do your 
own thing in killing him. Once you win, he will surrender and hand over a 
small key. You know, he just might not be so bad after all... Ah well, go back 
to the courtyard and head northwest this time(you'll be trapped again on your 
way there, but it's nothing you can't handle).

Open up the northwest courtyard area by breaking out your Bow and slaughtering 
all the fire arrow-shooting Moblins up on the towers. Once they're clear, move 
around here until you find one of their boars. You'll still have to fight a 
few Bokoblins hanging around, though. Ride their boar mount and bash through 
the wooden walls with it to gain access to the outer rim of this area. Once 
you get to the far northeast, you'll see a caged-off room with some propeller 
towers in front of it. There is also a patch of ground with some leaves 
covering it. Turn into a wolf and dig them away to see an odd pattern on the 
ground. This gives you the order in which to hit those propellers with your 
Gale Boomerang. Start from the farthest one and work your way forward. Once 
the door opens, check the chest for the DUNGEON MAP! If you want, you can 
climb the ladder in here and get some rupees, but why bother by now? Go back 
to the main courtyard and head directly north.

As soon as you enter the foyer, you'll be trapped and forced to fend off some 
more Bokoblins- and some Lizalfos... Carve them all up, then turn your sights 
to the new treasure chest that appears on a top balcony. Clawshot up there, as 
you can use the chandeliers as Clawshot targets. Open the chest for the 
COMPASS. Then, Clawshot across two more chandeliers to get to a door leading 

As soon as you get in here, you'll have to fight another Darknut. He is 
completely unchanged from his Temple of time brother, so take him out with the 
Back Slice and Helm Splitter like before. Once you've shown him who's boss(and 
then killed him), take note of the torches here. The creators of the game try 
to play a nasty little trick on you here. If you light the two torches off to 
the side, parts of the floor will raise as if to allow you access to the ledge 
above, but you still won't be able to reach. And if you take aim at the lone 
torch with the Gale Boomerang and put it out, another platform will raise. But 
it will still be too high to climb up! What you wanna do(once you light the 
lone torch to put the platform back down if you need to) is stand next to 
where the platform will rise. Take aim and put out the lone torch with your 
Gale Boomerang, then quickly move onto where the platform will rise and ride 
it up. The chest contains nothing of worth(I forgot what it was, some sum of 
rupees), but you are now allowed access to the halls east and west of here. 
You'll only need to check out the west one.

This is a dark area, so you'll need to pull out your Lantern. A swarm of Keese 
will attack you, so eliminate them. Then focus your attention on the four 
torches here. You have to light them all to open the door ahead, but each one 
will only stay lit for a certain time, some longer than others. The trick is 
to test each of them and see how long each one stays lit. You need them to all 
be lit up at once, so hit the one that stays lit the longest, then the second-
longest, and so on in that fashion. Don't worry if you run out of oil, just 
return to the room where you fought the Darknut for a basin of oil. Once 
they're all lit, the door head of you will be unlocked. Go through.

You'll emerge in front of two armored Lizalfos. Teach them a lesson in pain, 
then continue through the door leading outside once you're done.

Once you're outside, go straight ahead. You'll be trapped, and a Flying 
Lizalfos will appear to do battle with you. Deal with him the same way you did 
in the City in the Sky. Once he dies and the way is clear, continue on your 
merry way to get a small key from the chest inside the turret. If you check 
your map, there is one more chest. Go into the turret on the east side and get 
it too. Once it's in sight, the door ahead will open, but wait! WAY too many 
enemies are in your way. You're doomed! ...or ARE you? If you think you are, 
you've got some attitude, mister. Once the scene is over(yeah, I've revealed 
too much already), continue to the BIG KEY, then double back to get into the 
locked door up here.

This is the last leg of the dungeon... can you feel the electricity in the 
air?!?!? You'd do well to take this room on in wolf form. Ghost rats will 
cling to you, so turn on your senses and Spin Attack to shake them off. Once 
that's done, take notice of the ghost soldiers in here. They only appear when 
your senses are active. The tiles in this room will sink into a bottomless 
pit(even though the foyer is one floor below?), taking you with them. It's 
best to suspend disbelief for now, and follow the gazes of the ghost soldiers. 
They face in the right directions where none of the tiles will fall, so follow 
the direction the first one is facing straight to the next one, and so on to 
the stairs.

Just go up the stairs from here. Parts of the stairs will have been knocked 
away, so you'll have to jump across at some points. You'll get to a room with 
two Lizalfos, so open up a Bottle of whoop-ass on them. Keep going, and 
Clawshot up to the wall torch on the left side of the wall. Alternate between 
Clawshotting to the torches on the two sides of the wall. Once you get to the 
end of the Clawshot sequence, you'll fight two more Lizalfos. I swear, when 
will the bad guys hire quality enemies, like more Darknuts? Once the Lizalfos 
are gone, whip out your Spinner and race along the track on the wall. There 
are spiky spinners here, so jump from wall to wall accordingly.

Speaking of Darknuts, there is just ONE more to take down before you can enter 
the boss room. You are beyond walkthroughs for the likes of him now. Prove 
your worth. Once he falls to you, savor the moment. Reflect on what a crazy 
adventure you've had and how far you've gotten, then open that boss door... 
this is gonna be a BARN-BURNER!!!

You are now at the very top of Hyrule Castle. Go up the stairs to find an old 
foe... after some dialogue the likes of which I will not reveal, your old 
rival Ganondorf will use some strange new Twilight powers to possess Zelda! 
For the first time in a Zelda game, you must *gulp* fight Zelda!
This first form of Ganondorf is not as hard as the plot or previous games in 
the series would have you believe. Zelda floats beyond the reach of your melee 
weapons, and any ranged weapons will be quickly dodged. But remember... in 
every battle with Ganondorf, there is always some time where you have to 
return his magic! This is that time. I must warn you, however: In addition to 
the magic I mentioned, Zelda has some other nasty tricks up her sleeve. 

Eventually, Zelda will raise her sword, create a ball of magic energy, and 
fling it towards you. Swing your sword to swat it back at her. She won't make 
it easy for you though, so you'll probably end up batting it back and forth 
like a bright deadly ping-pong ball before it hits her. This is the key to the 
fight, make every effort to hit her with her own magic. Other than that, she 
will occasionally raise her sword and create a triangle of light on the 
ground. You can look forward to losing a whole heart if that happens, so keep 
moving and quickly jump to the side if she uses that attack. Sometimes, she 
will dive at you sword-first. This attack is negligible and easy to dodge. 
Basically, hit three energy balls back to Zelda to free her from Ganondorf's 
control. Then it's onto form two...

Ganondorf takes on his Twilight form here, akin to Link's wolf form: A giant 
boar-like creature. This part of the fight will be done in two stages. For the 
most part, Ganon will run around the room tearing stuff up. Just stay out of 
his way for the time being. Once he disappears into a portal, that's when you 
have to take notice. Several exit portals will appear around the room. Watch 
them, eventually, one will be left over and turn blue. When you see the right 
one, take out your Bow! Ganon will come charging out of the portal right 
towards you. Take aim and fire at the jewel on his forehead, then roll out of 
the way as he collapses with some forward momentum. While he is stunned and 
vulnerable, take out your sword and slash the odd glowing gash on his stomach. 
Watch out at all times, though! He may appear over you and deliberately land 
on top of you. Just repeat the process for a few hits.

Eventually, he will wise up to your arrow tactic and simply disappear if you 
aim at him. If you try to hit him with an arrow a few more times, Midna will 
point out a new strategy: Match sacred beast against evil beast! Turn into 
your wolf form and take his next charge head on! Z-target Ganon and Midna will 
ready her hair(yes, I KNOW it sounds silly) to stop his charge. Hold A(you 
have to have VERY good timing for this) to stop him, and move the Control 
Stick either left or right to shove him to the side. Once you do that, you'll 
be free to attack his stomach again. After a round or two of this, he will be 
defeated- or WILL he? Dun dun duuuuuuuun!!!! 

Watch the scene- this time, it's MIDNA who does the ass-whipping! Hoo-rah! 
Very satisfying and cool to watch. After this, you'll be teleported to Hyrule 
Field. Watch the destruction take place, and the subsequent events that 
unfold. Now, you and Zelda will double team him! On horseback!!!

I hope you've been brushing up on your cavalier skills, because you'll be 
needing them here! Both you and Zelda will be riding on Epona for this battle. 
There are two big things to note here: 

1) Stay close to Ganondorf, but NOT TOO CLOSE. There will be points where you 
have to charge him, but swerve to dodge his attack. You will likely have to 
dodge him several times in a row. If you get within range of him, he WILL 
attack you and possibly knock you off Epona if he hits. If you get knocked 
down, you'll be at a HUGE disadvantage. So, um, try not to do that.

2) KEEP GANONDORF Z-TARGETED. You have to be at medium to close range for 
this, and as long as you have Ganondorf Z-targeted, Zelda will keep firing 
Light Arrows at him. This is the only way do make Ganondorf vulnerable.

Your job is basically to trail behind Ganondorf and keep up with him, dashing 
as necessary to keep up. Ganondorf will release ghost horsemen behind you if 
he gets far enough ahead, so if he does that try to go between them or swerve 
around them entirely. Trail him as long as you can until Zelda scores a hit. 
Once she does, dash up to him, and slice him with your Master Sword. after a 
few sword hits on him, the final confrontation will commence.

This is it... the FINAL final battle! Link and Ganondorf, mano a mano. He's 
big and has a lot of physical power on his side, but Link is faster and more 
agile. All in all, this is actually a pretty even fight. Seriously, I find it 
both hard and easy at the same time. It's kind of difficult to describe...

First, I have to tell you about Ganondorf's attacks. He will use all manner of 
melee attacks with both his sword and various limbs(I've seen him kick Link 
off balance, as well as elbow him). Sometimes, he will disappear, reappear on 
Link's vulnerable side, and do his own version of a Spin Attack. If he 
disappears, roll away to avoid his Spin Attack. Don't try to Shield Attack 
him, he will just kick Link and throw him off balance instead.

He will also raise his sword and charge at you from time to time. This it the 
time to attack: When he does this, a command will appear at the bottom of the 
screen. QUICKLY press A to "chance", or lock your blade against his. The two 
of you will push against each other in a cool standoff; mash the A button to 
press back his attack. If you are successful, he will lose balance and become 
vulnerable. Take the opportunity and cut him up. Using mostly the chance 
tactic is the honest way of defeating him.

Now, here's the cheater way: Just cheese him to death by using the Back Slice 
and similar surprise moves. Either way, just use your best judgement and 
hopefully quick reflexes to get the job done. And yes: You CAN use the Mortal 
Draw to surprise him a few times and make him vulnerable. Keep in mind you 
leave yourself open to a world of hurt if you do so, so use that trick at your 
own risk.

Eventually after damaging him enough, you'll get him down on the ground. You 
know what to do here: When you see the command, press A to do the Ending Blow 
and finish off Ganondorf... once... and... for... all.

Congratulations, you have just beaten The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess! 
Watch the ending for some nice wrap-up moments, then go downstairs and have a 
granola bar or something. You've earned it. Good job.

Heart Piece List [hear]
Here I have compiled a complete list of quick blurbs on how to get all 45 
Heart Pieces in the game, as well as where they are found. This is also the 
rough order in which you can get them. It is not like Ocarina of Time where 
you can get 95% of the Heart Pieces before the fourth dungeon. They're far 
more evenly spaced in this game.

1. Faron Woods
There is a cave with the small key in the northwest corner of the woods. Use 
your Lantern to light the two torches here to make the treasure chest appear 
on a ledge. Climb up the ledge for your prize.

2. Forest Temple
There is a room to the east of the main room(northeast of the entrance) with a 
lot of evil hungry plants. Drop a Bomb Spider down one's throat to reveal a 
chest behind it.

3. Forest Temple
In the far east of the temple, there is a room with lots of Tile Worms and 
four torches. Use your Gale Boomerang to blow out all four torches and lower 
the steps to reveal the chest.

4. Hyrule Field
In the area of Hyrule Field just north of the Faron Woods, there is a bridge 
over a pond. Check the southern end to find a Heart Piece resting in the 
branches, use the Gale Boomerang to bring it down.

5. Hyrule Field- Kakariko Gorge
Go to the far east of the Gorge to find a rock spire rising out of it. A Heart 
Piece is visible up top, Gale Boomerang it down.

6. Ordon Ranch
Once you've cleared the Twilight Realm from Kakariko Village, go back to the 
ranch in Ordon Village and do some goat herding. Once you're done, Fado will 
give you a Heart Piece as a reward.

7. Goron Mines
After talking to Gor Amoto, use your Iron Boots to walk back several rooms 
along the walls and ceiling. Go to the northeast end of the room where you 
walk along the ceiling to find your prize.

8. Goron Mines
In the room past the crystal switch, you'll find two Beamos and a magnetic 
wall. Go up the magnetic wall to the south platform to find the Heart Piece.

9. Kakariko Village
When facing the spring, look up and left to see a cluster of rocks on a cliff 
above. Use a Bomb arrow to clear your view, then use the Gale Boomerang to 
take the piece.

10. Kakariko Village
Right where you got the previous Heart Piece, at ground level, there is a rock 
you can blow up. Take the path behind it to get to the back of the spring. 
Sink down with your Iron Boots to get the treasure below.

11. Kakariko Village
Once you complete the Goron Mines, get to the top of the village to find Talo. 
Talk to him and he'll challenge you to an archery test. Hit all three targets 
to claim your prize.

12. Hyrule Field- Kakariko Gorge
Once you have Bombs, go to the gorge and look to the far south to find a bomb-
able wall. Go inside and use your Lantern to find your way through the cavern. 
A Heart Piece lies at the end. You'll have to light two torches to get the 
chest to appear.

13. Hyrule Field
Exit Kakariko Village to the northeast. You'll find a destructible rock on the 
left side of the trail. Blow it up, climb up the path, use a Bomb arrow to 
blow up the rock above the ivy, climb up the ivy and jump down to the left for 
another Heart Piece.

14. Lake Hylia
Launch up from Fyer's cabin to end up next to Falbi's cabin at the top of the 
cliff. Pay him 20 rupees to play his game. Grab a chicken and glide down to 
the platforms on the lake's surface. The second one from the top contains a 
Heart Piece.

15. Hyrule Castle Town
Near the east entrance to town, there is a man in a green robe who will ask 
for donations of rupees. You can pay in increments of 30 or 50, and once 
you've given him 1000 total, he will give you a Heart Piece.

16. Death Mountain
Head up the Death Mountain trail from Kakariko Village. Talk to the second 
Goron up the trail and have him launch you up. Aim to the right to grab onto a 
high ledge, and walk along the path. Drop ito a cave to the right to end up 
next to a treasure chest.

17. Zora's River- Fishing Spot
Head on into the Fishing Spot and go out fishing. There is a Heart Piece on 
the rock in the middle of the lake, use your fishing rod to retrieve it. It 
can be difficult to aim the rod, but repeated tries will eventually get it.

18. Lake Hylia
Climb the rocky structures to the south to find a bomb-able wall. Go inside 
for another long dark cavern, use your Lantern to reach the end and get the 
Heart Piece by lighting two torches at the end.

19. Lakebed Temple
In the main room, there is a chandelier hanging from the ceiling. Use your 
Clawshot to get up there and acquire it.

20. Lakebed Temple
Once the water level is to the top of the main room, move the stairs so that 
it flows into the west wing of the dungeon. This will raise a bridge in one of 
the west rooms. Go across that bridge and stand on a switch at the far end. 
Clawshot into the opened area to get the Heart Piece, but kill the Lizalfos in 
there first.

21. Sacred Grove
In the clearing where you fight the Skull Kid, Bomb the rock away and dig in 
its place. You'll come across a hidden grotto. In the grotto, kill all the Red 
Deku Babas in there and you receive a nice reward.

22. Lake Hylia
Go inside the Spirit Spring here and look for some ivy in the back. Clawshot 
to it, climb up it, and check the room in the back. Light the two torches in 
here to make a chest appear. In it... well, you know.

23. Lake Hylia
As a wolf, go to any of the hawk grass patches in Lake Hylia and talk to 
Plumm, the bird that appears there. Complete her balloon-busting mini-game and 
score over 10000 points to win a Heart Piece(but not because she likes you or 

24. Hyrule Field- Bridge of Eldin
Near the north end of the bridge, there is a Clawshot target on top of a 
ledge. Go inside and make your way to the bottom of the cave using your wits, 
Iron Boots, and another vertigo-inducing drop(not necessarily in that order) 
for a Heart Piece.

25. Gerudo Desert- Moblin encampment
In the northwest section of the Moblin camp, there is a delicious-looking boar 
roasting on a spit. Carve it up with your sword, wipe the drool off your lips, 
then grab the Heart Piece from its remains.

26. Arbiter's Grounds
Once you get to the room where the Poes steal the four blue flames, 
Clawshot over to the northwest corner of the room. You'll land right next to a 
chest. Three guesses what's in it.

27. Arbiter's Grounds
Right after you get the spinner, you'll end up in a huge room with a ton of 
Spinner tracks. Once you end up past a spiky spinning bar, open the chest near 
it for a Heart Piece.

28. Hyrule Field
Head north of the Bridge of Eldin until you get to a small wooden bridge. On 
the far end is a Spinner track, take it down to a ledge halfway down the 
gorge. Dig in the center of the circle of grass to find a secret cave, then 
kill all the Stalfos inside for a Heart Piece.

29. Hyrule Field
There is a stretch of pathway northeast of Hyrule Castle Town that houses a 
series of Spinner tracks. Go up the tracks and open the chest at the end for a 
sweet reward.

30. Kakariko Village/Hyrule Field
Donate 1000 rupees at Malo Mart in Kakariko Village to repair the bridge west 
of Hyrule Castle Town. Check the new bridge out to find a tired Goron there. 
He wants spring water to revitalize him, so go back to Kakariko Village and 
talk to the meditating Goron elder in front of Malo Mart. He'll give you a 
barrelful of spring water to take across the field back to the tired Goron. 
Once you get there, dump it on the Goron to rejuvenate him! He will roll away 
to gather some supplies, then return seconds later to drop off a reward for 
your trouble.

31. Snowpeak Ruins
Once you get the Ball and Chain, go to the second floor of the foyer and use 
it to send the chandeliers swinging. Go south across several of them to a 
platform just above the entrance to the dungeon. A treasure chest rests there, 
a Heart Piece lies within.

32. Snowpeak Ruins
Once you get to the room to the east with the two ice monsters in the 
cages, head to the second floor of that room. Use your Ball and Chain to break 
through the floorboards in the corner, and open the chest below.

33. Hyrule Field
Straight North of Hyrule Castle, in the rocky area of the field, there is a 
cave hidden by a bomb-able rock. Go into the cave, clear out the ice with your 
Ball and Chain, and figure out three block-pushing puzzles in a row to get to 
the end... and a Heart Piece!

34. Snowpeak
Once you've cleared Snowpeak Ruins, warp back to the top of the mountain. 
Talk to the husband and wife yetis and challenge them to a snowboarding race. 
Defeat the husband, then the wife for a Heart Piece.

35. Temple of Time
In the room with the moving walls, use the statue to bust through those move-
able walls. Have it rest on a switch to deactivate an electric barrier, 
allowing you to get a chest with a Heart Piece.

36. Temple of Time
On the fifth floor of the dungeon on your way down after getting the Dominion 
Rod and the statue, look in the southern room. Use the Dominion Rod to 
maneuver two small statues along their paths to two switches. You will have to 
throw one up onto the ledge. Once both have weighed down the switches, a chest 
with a Heart Piece will appear.

37. Sacred Grove
this one is JUST outside the Temple of Time. When facing the steps out of 
here, check the owl statue to the right. Use the Dominion Rod to get it out of 
its alcove and access the Heart Piece behind it.

38: Hidden Village
Once you've done everything(story-wise) you need to do in the Hidden Village
and restored Ilia's memory, talk to the chicken on the west side of town 
while as a wolf. He will challenge you to a mini-game where you have to find
and talk to all twenty cats in town. Once you find them all, talk to the 
chicken again and he'll give you exact instructions on how to get your prize
(he leaves it in front of Impaz's house).

39: Faron Woods
Northeast of Coro's shack, there is an owl statue you can move with the 
Dominion Rod. Move it into the shallow hole nearby, which allows you to do a 
Long Jump sequence. The sequence deposits you in front of a chest. Open it up 
for a super fun mystery prize!

40. Bridge of Eldin
Take control of the owl statue on the north end of the bridge. Bring it all 
the way to the south end and use it to get across to a ladder. Take it to the 
top of the bridge to get a Heart Piece!

41. City in the Sky
Eventually in the dungeon, you will come across a giant evil hungry plant. 
Kill it off, and climb up the room. You'll have to grab a couple of ledges and 
shimmy across along the way. The chest with the Heart Piece should be right on 
the way.

42. City in the Sky
when you end up outside just after the previous Heart Piece, you'll eventually 
end up having to Clawshot across a series of flying Peahats. Instead of going 
straight across the gap, Clawshot to the one on the left and follow them to 
the previous room. Open the chest there for a pulsing crystalline life essence 

43: Hyrule Field- Kakariko Gorge
remember where you got Heart Piece #5? Go there and use your Double clawshots 
to descend the spire and cliff wall. Get onto the ivy below and climb over to 
the other side of the small spire for a Heart Piece.

44: Palace of Twilight
Once you get the first Sol orb, return with it to the first room of the east 
wing. On the east side of the room is an alcove with evil fog, use the Sol orb 
to pass through it and Clawshot up to the ledge here to get your prize.

45: Palace of Twilight
In the west wing, there is a room with moving platforms. Come back in here 
after you've infused the Master Sword with the light energy. Use your 
energized sword to dispel the fog on the floor and reveal a platform. Take it 
up to get to the last Heart Piece in the game.

Golden Bug List [gold]
This part's finally done! When I got some time off for Christmas, I went on
a massive bug hunt and found the rest. Note that I do NOT claim originality
for this part, as I checked a FAQ to figure out some of the ones I missed
before. Again, they are listed roughly in the order in which you can get 

What do you get out of finding these bugs? When you give them to Agitha
(she lives in Hyrule Castle Town), she will hand over a Big Wallet(which
holds 600 rupees) for the first one. For every subsequent insect you give 
her, she will give you 50 more rupees, UNLESS you give her one that completes 
a male/female pair. In that case, she would give you 100 rupees instead. Once 
you have given her all 24, she will give you the largest wallet size, which 
holds 1000 rupees.

1. Male Beetle- Hyrule Field, Faron province
In the middle of the area directly north of Faron Woods, there is a bridge 
spanning a shallow pond. Look southeast of it for some trees. On the trunk of
one of them is a Male Beetle. you can grab him right off the trunk.

2. Female Beetle- Hyrule Field, Faron Province
Just north of the entrance to Kakariko Gorge, there is an inaccessible ledge
with a series of trees on top of it. Check the tree on northern end of the 
ledge. The Female Beetle rests there; Gale Boomerang her down. 

3. Female Ant- Kakariko Village
In the empty house to the left of Barnes's Bomb shop, check on the floor. The 
female ant is right in the middle of the floor.

4. Male Ant- Kakariko Village
Check the trees in the back end of the Graveyard. A Male Ant will be sitting 
on the bottom of one of them.

5. Male Pill Bug- Hyrule Field, Kakariko Gorge
Check just off the path near the southeast side of the bridge in Kakariko Gorge.
It's on the ground in plain sight.

6. Female Pill Bug- Hyrule Field, Kakariko Gorge
While facing the entrance to Kakariko Village, go off to the left and follow
the rock wall to a ptch of grass and flowers. Cut down the flowers to reveal
the Female Pill Bug, then grab her off the ground.

7. Male Grasshopper- Hyrule Field, Eldin Province
Exit Kakariko Village to the northeast, then head northwest as you enter 
Hyrule Field. There is a large brown grass-free expanse of land here, the Male 
Grasshopper is hopping around here. You'll likely have to bring him to you 
with the Gale Boomerang.

8. Female Grasshopper- Hyrule Field, Eldin province
In the same field where the Bridge of Eldin lies(and the same place you got the
Male Grasshopper), check the northeast end of the field to find the female
grasshopper. Like the male, she hops around a lot, so use the Gale Boomerang
to make her dizzy(do insects get dizzy?) and easier to catch.

9. Male Phasmid- Hyrule Field, Bridge of Eldin
Look inside the arch on the south side of the Bridge of Eldin. He's taking a
siesta out of the sunlight. Bring him down with your Gale Boomerang(or your
Clawshot if you're enough of a slacker to wait until after the Lakebed 

10. Male Butterfly- Hyrule Field, Lanayru province
Leave Hyrule Castle Town via the east entrance and go a little bit southeast. 
You'll find a patch of pink flowers, the Male Butterfly is in there. He's 
probably just having breakfast or something...

11. Male Mantis- Hyrule Field, Lanayru province
Check the north end of the Great Bridge of Hylia. he's flying around and
enjoying the sunlight. Use your Gale Boomerang to get him.(Thanks to
Mario Di Teodoro for this one)

12. Female Mantis- Hyrule Field, Lanayru province
Check a rocky arch south of the Great Bridge of Hylia(where the Chus drop 
from). She is on a wall near there, so gale Boomerang her down.

13. Female Dragonfly- Zora's River
This one is right in front of the canoe rental cabin. You can't miss it, but 
you will have to use your Gale Boomerang or Clawshot to get it close to you 
and pick it up.

14. Female Ladybug- Hyrule field, Lanayru province
Look on the east side of the steps just outside of Hyrule Castle Town to the
south. It flies around a lot, so you'll have to wait until it rest on a wall
or something to catch it.

15. Male Ladybug- Hyrule Field, Lanayru province
In the area south of Hyrule Castle Town, go west until you find a Deku Baba
and a Red Deku Baba beside a natural stone pillar with ivy on one side. Deal
with the Babas, and look closely here. The MALE LADYBUG is flying around close
to the ground. There are no big tricks in getting it, just pick it up as it 
gets close to you.

16. Female Butterfly- Hyrule Field, Lanayru province
Warp to Hyrule Castle Town and check the same area as where you got the Male 
Butterfly(east of the castle). There is a bit of ivy hanging over a small 
cliff, Clawshot up to it and get the Female Butterfly.

17. Male Stag Beetle- Hyrule Field, Lanayru province
Go to the area of Hyrule Field directly north of Hyrule Castle. Check a tree 
near the east entrance to this area for the Male Stag Beetle. You'll have to 
Clawshot it down. More often than not, he will fly off the tree if there's 
too much commotion, but he won't go far.

18. Female Stag Beetle- Hyrule Field, Lanayru province
You can find the Female Stag Beetle in the same area as the male- in the area
directly north of Hyrule Castle. Go up the rocky paths in the north here until
you find a shabby wooden fence with a Lizalfos roaming nearby. Kill the 
Lizalfos, then look up a nearby rock wall. The Female Stag Beetle is hanging
around up there and is pretty easy to spot. Bring her down with your Gale

19. Female Phasmid- Hyrule Field, Bridge of Eldin
Check the ledge north of the Bridge of Eldin(the one that leads to the magma-
filled cave). Clawshot up to it and check the wall for the Female Phasmid.

20. Male Dayfly- Gerudo Desert
Look in the middle south area of the desert. A Male Dayfly is flying around. 
You can Clawshot or Gale Boomerang it down.

21. Female Dayfly- Gerudo Desert
In the southeast area of Gerudo Desert between the Cave of Ordeals and the 
small bit of ruins with the treasure chest on top, there are several trenches
in the sand. the Female Dayfly is flying around in one of them.

22. Male Dragonfly- Zora's Domain
At the bottom of the waterfall, just a little bit south of the Mother and 
Child Rocks, the Male dragonfly is hanging around.

23. Male(or possibly female) Snail- Sacred Grove
During your second trip to the Sacred Grove, when you push the block down to 
gain access back the where the Master Sword was, check to the left of where 
the block fell. The Male Snail should be on the wall in a dark little corner.

24. Female(or possibly male) Snail- Sacred Grove
Once you go into the Temple of Time(but before you enter the dungeon proper), 
check the left side of the stairs for the Female Snail.

Hidden Skills List [hidd]
These are the cool sword skills you gain as you progress. As a wolf, you must 
find each of the "Howl Stones" located around Hyrule. Once you do, listen to 
the music playing and copy the song by holding A to howl and using the Control 
Stick to adjust your pitch from high to middle to low. Once you copy it 
correctly, you'll be brought to a strange dimension where you must do the song 
once more(the musical staff will outline the exact song, so you won't have to 
guess again). Once you get the song right a second time, the Golden Wolf will 
appear somewhere in the world. Find him as a human to gain a new sword skill.

The important thing to know, however, is this: THE PLACES HE APPEARS DEPENDS 
IN THE SAME ORDER. So, although his appearances depend on the order you get 
the Howl Stones, you cannot learn, say, the Mortal draw before the Shield 
Attack. So, here are the locations of the stones, where they make the Golden 
Wolf appear, and(in a separate list) the techniques you learn, in order.

1. Faron Woods(just Golden Wolf)
There is no Howl Stone for the first technique. Just before you enter the 
Forest Temple, the Golden Wolf will be waiting to teach you the Ending Blow. 
You need this move to defeat the final boss, so you get it as part of the 

2. Death Mountain
This one is in plain sight among the steam vents as you move up the Death 
Mountain trail. Be sure you get it as a wolf when you're clearing the Twilight 
Realm from Kakariko Village, otherwise you'll have to wait until after you've 
collected the Master Sword.
Golden Wolf appears: In Ordon Woods, beside the spring.

3. Zora's River
There is one on a cliff overlooking the river right in front of the Canoe 
Rental Cabin and the Fishing Spot. Be sure you get this one while clearing the 
Twilight Realm from the Lanayru Province, or you'll have to wait until after 
you get the Master Sword.
Golden Wolf appears: Just east of Hyrule Castle town, on top of a climbable 

4. Faron Woods
The stone is right along the path to the Sacred Grove, after the swinging 
logs. You can't miss it.
Golden Wolf appears: Outside of the southern entrance to Hyrule Castle Town.

5. Lake Hylia
Once you get the Master Sword and gain the ability to turn into your wolf form 
at will, go back to Lake Hylia. To the south in the rocky platform area, the 
Howl Stone is on the platform just on top of the ladder.
Golden Wolf appears: On the far north end of the Gerudo Desert, before you 
enter the Moblin Encampment.

6. Snowpeak
As you follow the reekfish's scent up the mountain, you'll see a Howl Stone 
along the way. It is on the very edge of an overhanging cliff.
Golden Wolf appears: In the back of Kakariko Graveyard. Once you get the warp 
point just past the Howl Stone, you can go and find him almost immediately.

7. Hidden Village
In the west side of the Hidden Village, behind one of the buildings, the Howl 
Stone is close to the chicken wandering around.
Golden Wolf appears: Right in front of Hyrule Castle.

1. Ending Blow
How to use: Once you get an enemy down, Z-target him/her/it use A to lunge 
down on them and kill them instantly.
My comments: This can make a normally hardy foe an easy kill. You can't use it 
in quick succession to kill multiple downed opponents, though, as the rest get 
up quickly after you kill the one you target.

2. Shield Attack
How to use: While Z-targeting, shove the Nunchuk forward.
My comments: Useful to throw opponents off balance and leave them open, but 
even more useful to set up the Helm Splitter.

3. Back Slice
How to use: Side jump(press a while Z-targeting and moving to the side) twice 
in a row to roll behind opponents, and wave the remote to slash their 
unguarded backside.
My comments: This is likely the one you'll be using the most often later in 
the game, especially against Darknuts and the final boss.

4. Helm Splitter
How to use: Do a Shield Attack to throw your opponent off balance then press A 
to vault over them and bust their head with your sword.
My comments: This attack looks like it's supposed to stun enemies, but instead 
it does straight-up damage. It works best, as you would expect, against 
heavily armored foes.

5. Mortal Draw
How to use: Put away your sword and do NOT Z-target your intended target. Let 
them get close to you, then press A to do a quick draw that will at least 
knock them down and do heavy damage if not kill them outright.
My comments: I LOVE this move, but don't use it on the same opponent too much. 
They'll eventually wise up and start blocking it.

6. Jump Strike
How to use: Hold A while Z-targeting to charge up a Jump Attack, and when the 
gleam goes to the tip of your sword, release A to do a sort of combination of 
a Jump Attack but with the range of a Spin Attack.
My comments: This is probably the skill you'll use the least. It leaves you 
too vulnerable and is only really effective against large groups of enemies.

7. Great Spin
How to use: Do a regular Spin Attack with full health. Damage and range will 
be greatly increased.
My comments: This is an extremely powerful skill, use it as often as you can. 
The only trick is constantly having full health near the end of the game!

Version History [vers]
1.0- submitted December 4, 2006- contains the walkthrough up until just after 
the Arbiter's Grounds, and also the controls and game basics. You know, the 
early stuff.
1.5- submitted December 11, 2006- I finished up the walkthrough, and added the 
Heart Piece list, as well as all the Golden Bugs I could find so far, and the 
Hidden Skills(and where to find them). Added pretty well everything else to 
make this FAQ actually count as complete. Anything else comes up, it will be 
added in time.
1.6- submitted December 15, 2006- I fixed a lot of admittedly boneheaded 
spelling errors and poorly worded sections I missed the first time around. 
Also added information on the Blue Chus(thanks to Terrence Ray) and the 
Male and Female Mantises(thanks to Mario Di Teodoro).
1.7- submitted December 26, 2006- Fixed some more missed spelling errors and
such, as well as added current Heart Container status on every Heart Piece
paragraph(as per Visser's suggestion). Also added info on how to get the
third Empty Bottle. Finally added all the Golden Bugs I missed before.
1.8- submitted January 4, 2007- just corrected how to get the Heart Piece
in the Hidden Village. Thanks to Jeremy Spring for correcting me.

Copyright Information [copy]
This document is created by Jonny Humphries, copyright 2006-7, except in 
areas otherwise noted. I do not own Nintendo, Zelda, or any other Nintendo 
characters or concepts. Yes, this guide is totally unofficial, or "non-canon". 
If anyone wants to use segments of this guide or post it on any site, PLEASE 
ask me first and I will likely say yes. I honestly enjoy getting my work out 
and having it appreciated by anyone. All I ask is that you please respect my 

Contact Information [cont]
You can reach me at the e-mail address: ultimate_jonny_2(at)hotmail(dot)com. 
Typically, I won't take along with responding unless I am busy, but university 
is a harsh mistress, and I usually do a lot of other writing projects at once 
other than the ones you see on websites. You MAY e-mail me for:
-general comments about the guide itself
-constructive criticism(suggestions for improvement)
-alternate strategies for anything
-additions or things I may have missed. Once I find them of my own accord, I 
WILL add them, but if you find them before I do, feel free to enlighten me.
-questions that are not answered in the walkthrough. I might have missed 
something, as I am not perfect... :(

Please do NOT e-mail me with:
-bland, groundless, insulting criticism
-messages with poor spelling, grammar, too many abbreviations or anything     
otherwise difficult to read
-asking questions that are already answered in the walkthrough. Please, look 
through all relevant sections
-hate mail or anything like that. This is not a problem so far, but I'm not   
about to take any chances. You just waste my time and yours, and you'll    
likely provide me with a laugh at best, and just look like an idiot at worst. 
I believe in the best of human nature. Please make a good impression. Also, 
if you DO hate mail me, you run the risk of me publicly humiliating you. 
You have been fairly warned. :P

Special Thanks [spec]
- First, to Gamefaqs and CJayC for allowing me to post this guide. There would 
not be a guide without this site, and that's no joke.
- To you, the reader, for making my effort worthwhile
- To me, for writing this thing. I owe myself a lot more sleep...
- To Dan McNicoll, one of my best friends, for helping with the formatting
- To Terrence Ray for sending me the information about the Blue Chus
- TO Mario Di Teodoro for pointing out the locations of the Male and Female
- To Visser, for that pretty nice suggestion about the current totals for the
Heart Pieces
- To the rest of my friends and family, for putting up with my reclusiveness 
for about 2+ weeks while I wrote this guide.
- To my Wii, which graciously withstood seven or eight straight hours of 
constant playing at times
- To Nintendo. They all did an EXCELLENT effort for the next great Zelda game

About Me [abou]
Hello again, everyone! I am Jonny Humphries, a 19-year old(at the time of this 
writing) student at Laurentian University in Sudbury, Ontario. Yes, I am 
Canadian. While not writing FAQs or playing video games, I am majoring in 
English Literature(with, hopefully next year, a minor in Film Studies). I also 
enjoy reading, various types of music, and various forms of bar-hopping and 
picking up ladies with my friends.

If you like, this time my book suggestions are George R. R. Martin's A Song Of 
Ice And Fire series(A Game of Thrones, A Clash Of Kings, A Storm of Swords and 
A Feast For Crows), as well as the scientific trivia books Why Do Men Have 
Nipples? and Why Do Men Fall Asleep After Sex? by Mark Leyner and Billy 
Goldberg. Thanks for reading! Now I'm taking a break to play Trauma Center.

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