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Zelda: FAQ and Walkthrough

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        The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess In-Depth Fishing Guide
                       A uthor: Invertmylateralus
                         Contact: See Conclusion
                           Started: 11/20/06
                     Latest Version: 2.00 (12/04/06)

Hope you all know the drill, to jump to a section just copy the keyword 
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<************************   Table of Contents   *****************************>

Section 1: Introduction / Legal Crap      {INTR}
Section 2: Version History                {HIST}
Section 3: Bobber Fishing                 {BOBR}
    Section 3a: Procedure                 {BPRO}
    Section 3b: Bait                      {BBAT}
    Section 3c: Hooks                     {BHOK}
    Section 3d: Catch List                {BCCH}
Section 4: Lure Fishing                   {LURE}
    Section 4a: Location                  {LLOC}
    Section 4b: Seasons                   {LSSN}
    Section 4c: Weather & Water Clarity   {LWTH}
    Section 4d: Layout                    {LLAY}
    Section 4e: Procedure                 {LPRO}
    Section 4f: Lures                     {LLUR}
    Section 4g: Catch List                {LCCH}
Section 5: THE HYLIAN LOACH               {LOACH}
Section 7: ROLL-GOAL 	                  {GDDMMIT}
Section 8: Cool little things             {COOL}
Section 10: Thanks                        {KSASS}
Section 11: Conclusion & Contact Info     {CONC}

<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 1: Introduction / Legal Crap {INTR} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This FAQ is intended to guide you through the various aspects of both the
bobber and lure fishing mini games found in The Legend of Zelda: Twilight
Princess. All information, unless otherwise noted, was gained from my own
experience playing the game. There will be spoilers in this guide.

This FAQ may only be hosted on the following site:

If it is found on another site, please let me know (contact information at
the bottom of the FAQ) so I can take the appropriate measures to CONSUME
THE SOUL OF THE INFIDEL!!!  You may use this FAQ for your own personal 
business.  You may not use this FAQ for any other purpose without my 
permission.  If you ask me, I'm sure I can help you with whatever request
you may have of my FAQ. Unless you are IGN. Stop asking me for my guides.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 2: Version History {HIST} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Version 1.0: 12/01/06
        The FAQ is Born.

Version 2.0 12/04/06
	Updated some easier worm locations I found.
	Added the BOBBER OF EVILS BANE section.
	Added some Roll-Goal info.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 3: Bobber Fishing {BOBR} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

General: In the very beginning of the game you are given a fishing rod
and an accompanying logbook by the swordsman’s wife. Fishing using this
rod is called "bobber fishing" due to the fact that it consists of a simple
hook and bobber attached to the line. Only fish caught while using this
method of fishing are recorded in your fishing logbook.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 3a: Procedure {BPRO} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Fishing with the bobber, while confusing at first, is actually quite easy.
First, equip the Rod to the "B" button, then position yourself near a body
of water (Preferably one with FISH! You can only catch fish that are actually
there so use the "C" button and inspect the area first!). Now simply press
"B" until you are in the mode where tilting the wiimote back and forth moves
the line. Once there, tilt the wiimote back so that the rod is vertical, then
snap your wrist forward to cast the hook. Now watch closely as the bobber
aligns itself vertically and then starts to sink. The bobber will submerge
most of the mass underwater. Now, to catch a fish, simply wait for the bobber
to be tugged down at least half its total length underwater, and then when
that happens, snap the wiimote back into a vertical position. If you wait too
long the fish will get away, but if you go to early you won’t set the hook.
Once the fish is hooked landing it is relatively simple, just hold the
wiimote in the vertical position until the fish is caught. NOTE: Unlike
previous Zelda games cannot be caught in bottles. Unless storyline related,
all caught fish are immediately released, after gaining an item (usually a
heart or rupee).

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 3b: Bait {BBAT} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

In order to increase the chance of fish biting you can use bait. There are
2 types of bait. To equip bait, set the Rod to the "B" button, then set the
desired bait to one of the D-Pad slots. Now in the main game screen press
the direction of the bait you want to apply. NOTE: Using bait while there
is already bait equipped to the rod will result in link consuming the bait.

1) Bee Larvae: To get bee larvae, just knock down any of those beehives
you see around Hyrule (there is on in Ordon village across from the shop
and one on the building in the fishing hole) and then scoop up the remains
in a bottle. Each scoop gets you ten (10) larvae.

2) Worm: To get the worm you have to kill one of those freaky land birds
that run away and crap bomb eggs in hyrule field. There are a couple of them
just outside Faron Woods. Upon it’s death it will drop a worm where it’s
corpse explodes. Also, if you search around in wolf form with your senses in
the lure fishing area, there are some shiny dig spots that contain worms. Like
the larvae, just walk over and scoop it up. Each scoop gets you one (1) Worm.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 3c: Hooks {BHOK} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

There are two hooks obtainable for the bobber rod.

1) Bone Hook: This hook comes with your rod, and is fairly standard, with no
added bonus.

2) Coral Earring: This hook is given to you by the young Zora prince during
the post-dungeon-quest for the 5th dungeon. It allows you to catch Reekfish,
and increases the bite rate of all other fish.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 3d: Catch List {BCCH} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

You are able to catch all 6 standard types of fish with the bobber rod, as
well as one special fish, and a few non-fish items. Here’s the list:

1) Gillfish: These guys are everywhere. If you just cast in some random spot,
you will most likely catch these guys. They are also tons of them in the
small pond at the lure fishing area. They are small and green and easily
distinguishable from other fish.

2) Reekfish: These guys are only located in the small lake at the base of
the waterfall in near Zora’s domain. There is a HUGE underwater pillar that
splits into 2 pillars right before it breaks the surface of the water. It's
called Mother & Child Rock (A cool little nod to WW) and it's (I think) the
only place you can catch a Reekfish. Also, you need to have the coral hook
from the Zora prince. BTW if you couldn’t tell by it’s name, this fish
stinks, so give it a sniff with your wolf form *BLATANT HINT*. These fish
are big and red, and like the Gillfish, fairly easy to distinguish from
other types of fish.

3) Ordon Catfish: These guys are found most easily in the lure fishing
area, right in the center of the lake, near the rock archway. Just cast
from the shore west of it and you should get one in no time. Also located
less frequently at the back of the stream in Ordon Village, near where the
monkey that stole the baby basket was. This fish and the Hylian Pike bear
a somewhat similar appearance from afar, but upon closer look it is
distinguishable by it’s broader nose area and whiskers.

4) Hylian Pike: These guys are also found very easily in the lure fishing
area, mostly toward the northern tip of the western bank. They are also
less frequently seen in rivers across hyrule and in the center of lake
hylia (where you fish the giant bug). This fish and the Ordon Catfish bear
a somewhat similar appearance from afar, but upon closer look it is
distinguishable by it’s pointier nose area and dorsal fins.

5) Hylian Bass: The staple fish from OoT is back, in all its irritating
glory. Like the two before it this fish is readily available in the lure
fishing area, and quite easy to spot at the east end of the south bank.
The bass is worlds apart from all the other fish and very easily recognizable.

6) Baby Hylian Loach: The smaller, much more manageable version of the OoT
fish of lore, it can be found infrequently at the lure fishing hole in the
same area as the pike. If you want better chances at catching one, head to
the Lake Hylia Skill Stone and dig into the grotto to the south of it
(Identifiable by the ring of grass surrounding it). There is an underground
pond there brimming with them, and also a beehive for good measure. The
loach looks rather pike-ish, with a little mix of barracuda thrown in there.
To me at least.

7) Skullfish: In the water temple there are these pirhana like fish that
try to eat you alive. Unfortunately for them, they will also try to eat
your hook alive, and so are easily caught. For the best results fish from
right outside the boss room door. (THANK YOU TO Maniacaly_Sane FOR THIS INFO!)

8) Bottle: The first time you fish in the small pond in the lure fishing
area, you may bring up an empty bottle. Score.

9) Bag O’ Rupees: There is a small chance you will bring up a bag of
rupees instead of a fish, and so far I've gotten 1-50 rupees from them.

10) Junk: Just that, junk. You will fish it up at various times.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 4: Lure Fishing {LURE} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

General: Lure fishing is accomplished by renting a rod from the fishing
area near the midpoint of Zora’s river. Its called Lure fishing because
you have a variety of different lure's at your disposal, all which have
individual traits. All fish caught lure fishing do not get recorded in
your notebook, they instead get put into the large fish tank in the house
where you rent the rod. If at anytime you have questions about fishing,
just press up on the D-pad while in the canoe.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 4a: Location {LLOC} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The fishing hole is avaliable after completing the 3rd tears of light quest.
It is in the small lake area you land in just after riding the giant bird.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 4b: Seasons {LSSN} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The first thing you should be aware of is the changing of the seasons in the
lake. Everytime you enter the lake the seasons go foreward in there natural
order (Winter>Spring>Summer>Fall). The signs of the seasons are as follows:

1) Winter: Lots of snow everywhere.
2) Spring: All the trees are covered in bright pink cherry blossoms.
3) Summer: Everything is VERY green and there are lillypads in the
northernmost cove.
4) Fall: Red, falling leaves.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 4c: Weather & Water Clarity {LWTH} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

The lure fishing area undergoes a set pattern of weather changes, which
have a drastic effect on the clarity of the water. In the morning the water
is crystal clear, just like the weather. As the day progresses the weather
gets foggier and foggier, which causes the water to get equally opaque. At
the end of the day it starts to rain, and make the water nearly impossible
to see through, where fish can be 2 inches in front of your lure and you
still can’t see ‘em. Once the rain clears though, it goes straight back to
perfect fishing conditions, clear skies, with even clearer waters.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 4d: Layout {LLAY} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

A good way to get a sense of the lakes layout is buy equipping the Zora’s
Armor and/or Metal Boots, and giving it a quick swim through. Take notice
of where the shallows are as some of the bigger fish like them more.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 4e: Procedure {LPRO} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Alright here's the good stuff. First off rent a rod and a canoe by entering
the cabin and speaking with the girl inside. It costs 20 rupees for a
standard day on the lake, 100 rupees if you want to hire a somewhat useless
yet charming guide (NOT). Once your on your way the controls are:

Analog Stick: Move the boat
"A" Button: Options (Go Back, Change Lure, Quit)
"B" Button: Enter cast mode.
D-Pad Up: General Info

Once in cast mode the controls are similar to before, except now you have
to hold "A" while you cast. To cast just hold "A", pull back, and snap your
wrist forward while letting go of "A" at the height of the snap. Once the
lure is out, wiggling the wiimote will cause the lure to hop around and
attract fish. Rotating the nunchuck like you would on a real fishing rod
win reel in the bobber. To attract fish you have to wiggle a couple of
times, then wait a couple secs, then wiggle some more. Wiggle too much
and they never bite, wiggle to little and they lose interest. This of course
doesn't apply to the sinking lure, since for some reason fish on the other
side of the lake will show up for that thing O_o;....

Okay now once a fish bites immediately snap the wiimote back like before
and look for the "Fish on" message. Once you see it, reel like crazy while
holding the wiimote vertically. If at any time the fish jumps out of the
water immediately push the wiimote forward to avoid breaking the line. If
the fish is being reeled parallel to the direction your canoe is facing,
tilt the wiimote a little to the left or right to get it to come kind of
parallel to the canoe, that way it will be easier to judge when to get ready
to land the fish. Just keep this up for a while and a soon as you see the
message to do so press "A" and "B" simultaneously to land the fish!

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 4f: Lures {LLUR} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

You start out with 3 lures and are able to obtain 2 more. Here’s the List:

Starting Lure: General lure nothing to special.

Popper: Use this one to get those deep water fish in the middle of the lake.

Spinner: Use this one to get those huge ones that hang out under the
waterfall during winter/fall.

Frog: Very good for catching the Loach since it loves frogs. To unlock
it you must beat the "Roll-Goal" game in the fishing shack. It's right
next to the door, just look at it with "C" to start. One thing about that
lure, you have to let the fish nibble on it for about 2.5 seconds before
you try to hook it, or the fish will get away.

Sinking Lure: The ULTIMATE lure. Fish will come to this thing from very
far away, even the mighty frog-lure-loving loach is brought to its
knee....er....fins before the mighty blinged-ness of the sinking lure.
Couple of notes: The window for hooking fish with this thing is veeery
small. Also it cant be wiggled with the wiimote, only reeled. To get it,
make sure you have caught a pike, bass, and catfish while LURE fishing.
Then go to the highest point on the West bank, or the easternmost point
on the South bank, and cast your bobber parallel with the cliff wall.
After a couple of tries you should get it. (Not sure if it matters but
when I got it I had already gotten the coral hook upgrade, and the season
was SPRING) NOTE: This lure is considered illegal so DO NOT EQUIPT IT
WHILE YOU HAVE A GUIDE!! Or she will beat you. With a giant tuna.
Repeatedly. Or maybe just take it away.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 4g: Catch List {LCCH} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Bass: its freaking everywhere, always getting in the way of the loach
grrrrr..... I’ve found they’re biggest in spring.

Pike: Hangs out near the waterfalls and near where you get the sinking lure.
Biggest in fall.

Catfish: Lots of them in the center of the lake near the archway. Biggest in

Piece of heart: There is a piece of heart located in the stone archway in the
center of the lake. Paddle out there and cast your lure on it to obtain it.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 5: THE HYLIAN LOACH {LOACH} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Oh yeah, the hardest thing to catch here baby (Which isn't really saying
much. Fishing was waaaaay harder in OOT). This rare specimen is only found
in summer, swimming among the lily pads and delicious frogs located in the
northernmost cove. He only responds to the frog and sinking lure, and only
during the animation when he comes up for air (That’s right, this fish way
to pimp for gills). If you're having trouble finding him just observe the
lily pads and look for a GI-FREAKING-NORMOUS splash (well maybe it’s not
THAT big..). That’s him. 

He is fairly easy to hook using the sinking lure, the only problem is every
other fish in a 5 mile radius will come nibbling on it too >_>............
Once you hook him be prepared for a good work out he is very hard to reel in.
My advice is to lure him as close as possible to the boat before you try to
get him to bite. Once he's close have your fingers ready because the window
to land him is MINISCULE.

Once you've caught the punk you get an extremely rare, extremely
valuable.........picture of yourself catching it. And unfortunately, you
won’t be represented accurately in the picture, so no blingin’ out with the
magic armor in the picture :-(. Aaanyway you also get to keep the loach this
time around, instead of having to let it go like in OOT. It gets placed in
the tank with the rest of the fish you caught....AND PROCEEDS TO DEVOUR THEM
HOORROO....no wait she sucks...YAYZ! Now that you’ve done that the only thing
left to do is aim for bigger fish and chat with the loach about Life, the
Universe, and Everything. Quite informed, that loach.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 6: Submitted Records {SBMT} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

This section allows people to compare the biggest fish they’ve caught. To
submit, just search for the "BIGGEST FISH RECORDS" Topic on the message board.
To enter your Record you must provide:

1) The length of your fish.
2) A picture of the fish being caught with the measurement being shown.
Also for your own benefit it would be good to include some sort of
identifying aspect to the photo, like holding up a piece of paper with your
name on it in the picture. This will for the most part stop someone from
claiming them as their own.
3) The name you wish to be credited to.

For the bobber fish just take a pic of your logbook screen.

Ordon Catfish:
Hylian Pike:
Hylian Bass:
Baby Hylian Loach:

Ordon Catfish:
Hylian Pike:
Hylian Bass:
Hylian Loach:

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 7: ROLL-GOAL {GDDMMIT} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Yeah I thought I’d add this cause it helped me out a bit. To access the game
simply use the “C" button to go into 1st person. Then glance at the game set
up near the door to start playing. To make Roll-Goal a little easier, try
securing the wiimote to a large flat surface (Like a piece of cardboard).
This made the game a little easier (for me at least). All you really have to
do is beat level 1-8 to get anything important, and as long as you take it
slow, the only thing that should give you trouble are the curved pieces,
which require a bit of momentum and finesse. If you have the time and/or
paitence, the game goes all the way up to level 8-8, and upon completion you
will recieve enough money to max out your wallet, and the option to play any
level of the game whenever you want, for free.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 8: Cool little things {COOL} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

In the building where you rent the rod, you can find out lots of info by
looking around in first person mode (By pressing the "C" button) you can:

1) Hear about the fishing spot owner from OoT by looking at his picture.
2) Play Roll-Goal by looking at the setup near the door.
3) Read about the Hylian Loach by looking at the book on the bottom left of
the bookshelf beneath the pictures.
4) Have a conversation about who you think is cuter, the shop owner or her
sister, by looking at their respective pictures repeatedly.
6) Learn about the existence of the sinking and frog lure by inspecting the
lure rack behind the storeowner.

<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 9: THE BOBBER ROD OF EVILS BANE!? {GNNPWN} >>>>>>>>>>>>> 

This is something kinda cool I found out yesterday while I was fighting
gannondorf. I was playing around with all the different items, tring to see if
anything hurts him, and when I finally got to the bobber rod, you can imagine
my suprise to find out that it actually does something! If you bring out your
bobber rod and cast it at gannondorf during the swordfight, he will stop for a
second and follow the hook with his eyes. While he does that he leaves his
defenses completely open, and you can draw your sword and quickly hack away.
Poor gannondorf. First it was the bottles in OoT, now a fishing rod.......

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 10: Thanks {KSASS} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

As always, I’d like to thank Jeff "CjayC" Veasey for creating this awesome

I’d like to thank my wife, for catching that freaking loach for me after it
got away like 10 times (destroying the use of my arm for a little bit in the
process...) Now after years of steady rehabilitation I am able to catch it on my

I’d like to thank Maniacally_Sane for the Skullfish info.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Section 11: Conclusion & Contact Info {CONC} >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Well, I hope this helps. I’ll keep this updated as much as possible with any
new info. Unfortunately, due to a high workload, I no longer post my E-mail
address for contact. If you have any urgent questions or something critical
that I missed, please contact me via AIM at "Invert1227" or via the message
board by including "INVERT" in the title. I check the boards as often as I
can so I’ll probably get to you.


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